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St. Thomas Times-Journal Index

St. Thomas, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

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It is with deep regret we announce the loss of one of our most valued members.
  A dedicated volunteer and master indexer.
Carol Anne Ward Van Harn died 2020

St. Thomas Times-Journal
Issues Indexed

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STTJ 1960-1969

1963  Jan – Feb Mar – Apr  May – June  July – Aug  Sept – Oct  Nov – Dec

1962  Jan – Feb  Mar – Apr  May – June  July- Aug  Sept – Oct  Nov – Dec

1961  Jan – Feb  Mar -Apr  May – June  July -Aug  Sep – Oct  Nov – Dec

1960  Jan – Feb  Mar – Apr  May – June  July  Aug – Sep  Oct  Nov – Dec

STTJ 1910-1919

1919    Jan – Mar  April – June  July – Sept  Oct – Dec

St. Thomas Times-Journal (Journal) and St. Thomas Times (Times)

1918   Journal:  Jan – Apr  May – Aug  Sept – Oct  Nov – Dec

Daily Times:  May – June

Times Journal:  July – Sept  Oct – Dec

NOTE: the Daily Times and the Journal amalgamated July 1918 to become the St. Thomas Times-Journal


Journal: Jan-Apr  May-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec

Daily Times Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July  Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov – Dec


Journal: Jan-Mar  Apr-June  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec

Times: Jan-June  July-Dec


Journal: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July- Aug  Sept – Oct  Nov – Dec

Daily Times: Jan-Feb  March  Apr-June July-Sept Oct-Dec


Journal: May-June  July-Aug  Nov-Dec

Daily Times: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July-Aug Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec 16  Dec 17-31


Journal: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec

Times: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec


Journal: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-Jun  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec

St. Thomas Daily Times, January to April 1912

Times: Jan – Feb  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec


Journal: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec ( 2 books)

The St. Thomas Daily Times, January to March 1911

The St. Thomas Daily Times, April to June 1911

Daily Times: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec


Journal: Jan – Feb  Mar – Apr  May – June  July – Aug  Sept – Oct  Nov – Dec

The St. Thomas Daily Times, January to March 1910

The St. Thomas Daily Times, April to June 1910

Times: Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-June  July-Aug  Sept-Oct  Nov-Dec

(Please check back regularly for updates as we continue to transcribe the above papers)

Elgin OGS began a very ambitious project in 2004 to create a genealogical index of those issues of the St. Thomas Times-Journal which exist in duplicate. Early in 2004, the Elgin County Archives acquired the bound copies of back issues of St. Thomas newspapers housed in the basement of the Times-Journal office. Together with a large quantity of the same already held by the Elgin County Library /Archives, (which had been used for microfilming purposes), it was found that nearly a complete duplicate set existed for a significant time period. Under the supervision of Archivist Brian Masschaele, volunteers from Elgin OGS created an inventory of what newspapers exist in duplicate and selected the best copy for preservation at the Elgin County Archives. Elgin OGS acquired the discarded copies and began dispersing them to volunteers’ homes to be indexed.

Prior to 1918, two newspapers existed in St. Thomas, the Daily Times and the Journal. In 1918 a merger occurred creating the St. Thomas Times-Journal. This newspaper continues to be Elgin County’s only daily paper.

For a more detailed description of these newspapers, their microfilm number, and earlier St. Thomas newspapers, please refer to Discovering Your Roots In Elgin found on this website.

Microfilmed copies of the Journal, the Times, and the Times-Journal are available for research at the St. Thomas Public Library.

The index has been created primarily to record births, deaths, marriages, engagements, anniversaries and birthdays. Some local history items have been included at the discretion of the transcriber. Only a limited amount of information has been extracted for the index. It is the responsibility of the researcher to view the newspaper on microfilm to see the entire article. Sometimes a person’s death appeared more than once in the same issue, and a funeral notice may follow a few issues later. The researcher is advised to record all these references.

The volunteers who are currently working on this project are: Carol Van Harn, Gina Coady, Rhonda Brindley, Jim McCallum, Jean Griffin, Pat Temple, Jean Bircham, Patricia Griffin, Fred Prong, Sharon Sanders, Janet Jones Bruce Johnson and Donna Longhurst.

If a lookup is required, please note our lookup policy or visit the website of the St. Thomas Public Library