STTJ 1934 Mar-Apr

St. Thomas Times Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

March thru April 1934

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 March 1934

Page 2

c1    Retirement –   James B. Grieves, 65 years

c1    Died –   Harry S. Nemo, 38 years, Feb 28

c3    Died –   Dawson D. Healy, 86th year, Feb 24, husband of Mrs Pamelia Healy, nee Ford

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Lucinda Reynolds, 70th year, Feb 28, widow of Michael Reynolds and Ira French

c2    Birthday –   Mrs Eliza Maria Kilbank, 98th

c5    Died –   Mrs Allan Maguire, Feb 28

c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Longfield, nee Smith, 47th year, wife of Herbert E. Longfield; mother of Mrs John Dye and 3 sons

Page 7

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Edward Haggitt of Newbury, 50th

c4    Died –   Charles Morrissee, Feb 24

c8    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Calder, 71 years, Feb 28, wife of James W. Calder; mother of James R. and Clarence Calder

Page 8

c3    Married –   Howard Landress McAtee to Ruby Irene Gorvett

c3    Engagement –   Maurice Sales, son of John & Lettie Sales to Margaret Deleta McAfrey, daughter of M. McAfrey

c3    Married –   John A. Hoyle, son of Charles Hoyle to Marian Christena Howell, daughter of Harry Lyons

Page 9

c5    Article –   Wesley Stewart; Louis Brooks; Mildred Stewart

Page 10

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. O. Lumley of Iona, 53rd

c3    Died –   Mrs Jennie Preston, nee McCallum, 83rd year, Feb 18, mother of Dr M. J. Preston, W. Z., J. W. and Janie Preston; sister of Mrs Moore, Christie McCallum and Mrs Henderson

c3    Died –   George Bartlett, 76th year, father of Ernest and Roy Bartlett and Mrs W. Johnston; brother of Edward and John Bartlett and Mrs O. Banks

c3    Died –   Morley Tribe, brother of Mrs Ed Robertson

Page 14

c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Calder, Feb 28, wife of James W. Calder


2 March 1934

Page 3

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Emma Rolling

Page 6

c1    Birthday –   L. C. Barber, 87th

c1    Funeral –   Mrs George Arthur Boughner, Feb 28

c3    Died –   Dr W. Logan Silcox

c3    Died –   Mrs Grace D. Clanahan, 53rd year, Feb 23, daughter of Walter H. & Elizabeth Edwards; widow of James H. Clanahan

c4    Article –   Edison relic at Vienna

c6    Birthday –   Mrs Charles Rock of Windham Centre, 85th

c6    Married –   Edward D. Warner to Mrs Ceres Scoley Baker

Page 7

c2    Died –   Miss Molly Gray, 72 years, Mar 1, sister of John and Thomas Gray

c2    Married –   William Alvin Edward Jacklin, son of William J. Jacklin to Hazel Evelyn Hepburn, daughter of Albert Hepburn

c8    Died –   Molly Gray, 72nd year, Mar 1

Page 8

c4    Married –   Martinus Cornelis VandenBerg, son of Henderikus Antoon VandenBerg to Jannetje Timmens, daughter of Gerardes Timmens

c4    Married –   Douglas Nancekivell, son of Reuben Nancekivell to Mildred Luella Couch, daughter of F. Couch

Page 12

c2    Died –   Mrs Francis Boughner, nee Beemer, 76 years, Feb 26, daughter of William Beemer; widow of George Arthur Boughner; mother of George and Delbert Boughner, Mrs J. A. Huson and Mrs William Brewer

c2    Died –   Mrs Frank Lawson, nee Maude Seburn, 60 years, daughter of James Seburn; sister of Mrs C. S. Macnair, Mrs C. N. Galloway, Mrs W. H. Albright and J. E. Seburn


3 March 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Mrs Sarah Blanche King, nee Barrett, Mar 3, daughter of William & Catherine Barrett, nee Fitzsimmons; widow of William H. King

Page 2

c7    Died –   K. Belanger, 65 years, Feb 28

Page 3

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Henry Johnson of Avon, 50th

c4    Married –   Dr John F. Curtis to Patricia Dowler, daughter of J. Dowler

c4    Married –   Stanley George Redding, son of Henry Redding to Beatrice Alice Clarridge, daughter of A. H. Clarridge

c4    Married –   Gordon Murray Roswell, son of Edward Roswell to E. Grace Savage, daughter of Edwin Savage

c4    Married –   Wilfred Thomas Delooze, son of Wilfred C. Delooze to Elsie M. Woodward, daughter of James Woodward

Page 6

c1    Shower –   Mrs William Palmerston, nee Irene Davis, daughter of Bert Davis

c2    Born –   Stillborn daughter of Frank & Mary Littleproud, Feb 28

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Kathleen Littleproud, nee Ross, 32 years, Mar 2, daughter of William Ross; wife of Frank Littleproud; mother of Earl Littleproud; sister of Mrs Stanley Tripp, Mrs Albert Murray and John Ross

c2    Shower –   Mrs Alvin Jacklin, nee Hazel Hepburn

c4    Died –   Mrs Jane Rosenberger, 92 years, Jan 28, widow of Jeremiah H. Rosenberger; mother of Mrs Herb Williams, Mrs C. E. Summers and John H. Rosenberger

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Findlay, nee Stalker, Mar 2, daughter of James Stalker; widow of John Findlay and Rev Neil McDiarmid; mother of Dr Oliver and James McDiarmid; sister of Rev Dr. Stalker, Mrs Flora Campbell, Mrs Catherine S. Simpson, Mrs Belle Currie, Mrs D. Hyndman and Mrs Peter Broadfoot

c3    Died –   Robert Woodend, 55 years, Mar 2, father of James and Lavina Woodend

c7    Born –   Verna Marie Cook, daughter of James A. Cook, Feb 20

c7    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Howkins, 87 years, Mar 3

c7    Died –   Mrs Sarah Blanche King, Mar 3

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Miss Molly Gray

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Mior J. Parker, nee Sophia Davis of Alberta, 50th

c3    Funeral –   D. D. Healy

c5    Died –   Mrs Charles Brown, nee Mildred Procunier, 44th year, Mar 1

c6    Birthday –   Daniel Ferguson, 89th


5 March 1934

Page 1

c2    Article –   Died –   Deputy Fire Chief Stanley Scruby and Lt. Arthur Hartop, Mar 3

c2    Died –   Clarence Henderson, 29 years, Mar 4, son of E. A. Henderson; husband of Mrs Josephine Henderson

c2    Died –   Mrs Josephine Henderson, nee Renke, Mar 4, wife of Clarence Henderson

c2    Died –   George Locke, 30 years, son of Charles Locke; cousin of Clarence Henderson

c4    Died –   George E. Woodford, Mar 3, husband of Mrs Barbara Woodford, nee Anderson

Page 2

c2    Died –   Mrs Ethel Adele Symons, nee Goldring, 41st year, daughter of Frank Goldring; wife of D. Watson Symons; sister of William J. and Rev Arthur Goldring and Mrs C. M. Depew; step-mother of Robert Symons

c8    Died –   James Ruckle, husband of Mrs Alice Ruckle

Page 6

c1    Died –   William Lavis Gay, 59 years, son of William & Harriet Gay; husband of Mrs Addie Gay, nee Cook

c3    Died –   Raymond Howard Campbell, 5 years, son of Murray D. & Kathleen Campbell, nee Simpson; brother of Lorne, Ross and Eileen Campbell

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W. H. Johnson of Avon, 50th

c3    Died –   Mrs Barbara Scott, 74 years, daughter of John Hitzel; widow of J. E. Scott; mother of Mrs McGregor and William Scott

c3    Died –   Mrs Wilhelmina Adams, nee Gamble; widow of James C. Adams; mother of Mrs S. Wilkinson, Mrs S. Duke, Mrs W. McFadden, Mrs H. Buttle and Clifford J. Adams; sister of James Gamble

c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Calder

c4    Died –   Mrs Lucinda Reynolds, widow of Michael Reynolds

Page 7

c1    Died –   Joseph Dutton, 86th year, father of Arthur and E. J. Dutton and Mrs Reuben Nancekivell

c2    Died –   Mrs Hannah Beatty, 82nd year, daughter of George & Mary Waerbury; widow of James Beatty

c3    Died –   Mrs Barbara Saunders, 63rd year, Mar 3, wife of William Saunders; mother of David, Eugene, Marjorie, Kate, Barbara, John and Guy Saunders

c6    Died –   James Baker, 63rd year

c8    Born –   Daughter of George Brazier, Mar 3

c8    Died –   Miss Mary Curtis, 85 years, Mar 3

c8    Died –   Mrs Mercy Ann MacDonald, nee Boughner, 80 years, Mar 4, mother of Mrs Norman Cole; sister of Mrs A. VanPatter, Mrs F. Bradley, Mrs D. L. Gilbert and Mahlon Boughner

c8    Died –   George Edward Woodford, Mar 3, husband of Mrs Barbara Woodford, nee Anderson

c8    Died –   Mrs Jean Chalklen, nee Morgan, 48 years, Mar 4, daughter of Mrs Sarah Morgan; wife of Christopher Chalklen

Page 8

c4    Died –   Mrs Annie Taylor, 84th year, widow of John Taylor

c8    Died –   Stewart Hagerman, 9 years, son of Howard Hagerman; brother of Glenford Hagerman; grandson of George Hagerman and J. Zoller

Page 12

c1    Died –   Archibald Thompson, 59 years

c3    Died –   Mrs Jean Chalklen, 48th year, wife of Christopher Chalklen

c4    Died –   Mrs Mercy Ann MacDonald, nee Boughner, 80 years, widow of Archibald MacDonald – Photo

c5    Died –   Miss Mary Curtis, daughter of Salathiel & Mary Ann Ann Curtis


6 March 1934

Page 1

c5    Died –   Miss Clara G. Edmonds, sister of Annie, Mable, Arthur S. and Roy H. Edmonds and Mrs C. V. Johnston and the late Eben Edmonds

Page 2

c4    Died –   Samuel E. Lindsay, Mar 5, father of Howard and Fred Lindsay

c4    Died –   Murna Heeney, 2 years, Mar 5, daughter of Carl Heeney

Page 6

c2    Died –   Stanley Scruby and Arthur Hartop

c3    Died –   William Milen Hepburn, 39 years, brother of Ross Hepburn

c8    Died –   Mrs Margaret McCallum, nee O’Neil, Mar 6, widow of Obedia McCallum; mother of William J. McCallum; sister of Mrs John Schneckenburger and Thomas O’Neil

Page 7

c2    Died –   Samuel Wylie, 70 years, father of james, John, William, Samuel and Thomas Wylie, Mrs J. Higson, Mrs A. Wilson, Mrs J. Gibson and Mrs F. Nicholls

c2    Died –   Mrs Eliza McCammon, nee Kirkby, 57 years, Mar 4, daughter of Mrs Amy Kirkby; siter of Mrs John Simon and William Kirkby

c8    Born –   Daughter of Ed & Edna League, nee Baguley

c8    Born –   Twin daughters of Frank Grinnell, Feb 23

c8    Born –   Betty Joan Goodlet, daughter of A. Gordon Goodlet, Feb 21

c8    Born –   Daughter of Conrad C. Rokeby, Feb 26

c8    Born –   Daughter of John A. Wilson, Feb 20

c8    Born –   Daughter of Ralph Whitehead, Feb 19

c8    Born –   Son  of O. Perry, Feb 23

c8    Born –   Daughter of Peter Poettker, Feb 21

c8    Born –   Twin daughters of Charles Mudford, Feb 25

c8    Born –   Son of Frank Tobias, Feb 15

c8    Born –   Son of William Jarrold, Feb 22

c8    Born –   Son of Joseph Mountenay, Feb 19

c8    Born –   Son of Wray Prouse, Feb 24

c8    Born –   Daughter of Clifford Boomer, Feb 17

c8    Born –   Son of Kenneth Roloson, Feb 22

c8    Born –   Son of Thomas Overholt, Feb 25

c8    Born –   Son of Adolphen Beauseart, Feb 27

c8    Born –   Daughter of Wilfred Wellman, Feb 28

c8    Died –   Mrs Janet Follick, 85 years, Mar 5, sister of Mrs F. W. Miller, Mrs Leitch and Mrs Chisholm

c8    Died –   William Milne Hepburn, 39 years, Mar 5

Page 8

c2    Engagement –   Miles Carlton to Anne Layfield

c2    Engagement –   William Alfred Williams, son of J. E. Williams to Joan Clarice Whitling, daughter of William John Whitling

Page 10

c1    Died –   Daniel Norris, 71st year, Mar 3, father of Lawrence Norris; grandfather of Margaret Norris; brother of William and Albert Norris and Mrs Potter

c2    Married –   Helen Agnes Robertson, daughter of Donald Robertson to Claude Alexander Shannon, son of Mrs James B. Scott and Joseph S. Shannon

c2    Died –   Murna Heeney, 2 years, Mar 5, daughter of Carl Heeney

c2    Funeral –   Leo Cloes

c2    Died –   Miss Mary Curtis, aunt of Mrs George Campbell, and Mrs Ayearst

c3    Died –   Miss Annie Elizabeth Benstead, 65 years, daughter of John & Jane Benstead

c5    Died –   Mrs Littleproud

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Runells

c7    Funeral –   Miss Mollie Grey

c7    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Howkins

c7    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah Blanche King

c7    Funeral Robert Woodend

Page 11

c8    Article –   natives of Canada buried in Detroit – Phyllis Dundas, 74 years; Joseph Oullen, 73 years; Mrs Clara Burns, 58 years

Page 14

c1    Died –   Daniel Joseph O’Hearn, Mar 3, son of Daniel O’Hearn

c2    Died –   Rev Eli Wigle, 92nd year, widow of Mrs Wigle, nee Woodiwiss; father of Burns and Herbert Wigle; brother of Darius Wigle

c3    Died –   Mrs Sarah Waters, nee McCubbin, daughter of Daniel & Agnes McCubbin; widow of William Waters; mother of Mrs (Dr) S. A. McGregor, Dr Donald Waters, Mrs Alfred Gandier, Mrs (Dr) J. W. Keithley, William G. Waters, Mrs Aleck Leitch and Margaret Waters; sister of John McCubbin, Mrs Margaret Powell, Mrs Archie McLeish and Mrs Edward McDonald

c6    Died –   Mrs Janet Follick, nee McFarlane, Mar 5, daughter of Andrew & Jane McFarlane


7 March 1934

Page 3

c8    Died –   Mrs Samuel Cundy, nee Ethel Walker; sister of Albert Walker

Page 5

c2    Died –   Mrs Sherman Parr, nee Gladys Aiken, daughter of James Aiken; mother of Gloria Parr; sister of Mrs Shaw, Margaret, Minto and William Aiken

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs S. Reynolds

c4    Died –   George Locke

c7    Died –   Benjamin Copeman, Feb 27

Page 7

c1    Funeral –   Stanley Scruby and Arthur Hartop

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Kathleen (Frank) Littleproud

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Mercy Ann MacDonald

c6    Funeral –   Miss Mary Curtis

c6    Funeral –   George Woodford

c8    Born –   William Richard Gimby, son of Wendell e. & Agatha Gimby, nee Acey, Mar 6

c8    Born –   James Colin Siple, son of Colin A. & Helen L. Siple, nee Campbell, Mar 4

c8    Born –   Son of William Webber Williams

c8    Died –   William K. Parkes, 83 years, Mar 7, husband of Mrs Mary Parkes [Parks – CVH]

c8    Died –   John Sharp, 32nd year, Mar 6, son of John Sharp; husband of Mrs Beatrice Sharp, nee Gilbert

Page 10

c1    Married –   Leslie George Hinge, son of H. E. Hinge to Olive Marie Robbins, daughter of A. H. Robbins

c1    Married –   George R. McColl to E. May Bundy, daughter of John Bundy

c3    Funeral –   Mrs W. H. King

c3    Engagement –   John Gerald Alan Stevenson, son of A. F. Stevenson to Grace Margaret Ely, daughter of Dr Ely

c2    Died –   Daniel E. Norris71 years, Mar 3, husband of Mrs Catharine Norris, nee Winter; father of Lawrence Norris; brother of Mrs Agnes Potter, Mrs A. J. Kemp, Mrs Robert McHugh, William, John and Albert Norris

c3    Died –   Mrs Barbara Saunders, nee McMillan; wife of William Saunders; sister of Mrs (Dr) Wenz, Jane, Kate and Flora McMillan

c3    Died –   Susan Blake, 73 years, Mar 4, daughter of John & Mary Blake, nee Galvin; sister of John, Dr James, Daniel and Harry Blake

c3    Died –   Simon Bertrand, 43 years

Page 14

c2    Died –   William Gray Webster, 88 years, father of Mrs Oscar H. Davis; brother of A. F. Webster

c3    Died –   Mrs Annie E. Schields, nee Morgan, wife of Frederick C. Schields; mother of Kenneth, Clifford and Eva Schields and Mrs R. O. Hills; sister of William A. and Ira Morgan, Mrs Austin Carrothers, Mrs Frank Hull, Mrs Walter Bowley and Mrs Andrew Kerr

c3    Died –   Edward O’Flaherty, 81st year, father of Frank and Edward O’Flaherty, Mrs J. J. Griffin and Mrs Frank McAuliffe

c3    Died –   Alfred James Clark, 61st year, son of James Clark; father of Howard, Delmer, Dorothy and Ila Clark; brother of Francis Wilbert and Fred Clark, Mrs Ethel Kestle, Mrs Clara Bret and Mrs Ettie Hudson

c6    Died –   John Sharp

c7    Died –   William K. Parkes

c8    Died –   James Collins, 66 years


8 March 1934

Page 3

c3    Died –   Mrs James Connor, nee Maggie Lindsay, Mar 7, daughter of William Lindsay

c3    Died –   Harry Busteed, father of Mrs William Fluelling, Harry and Thomas Busteed

Page 7

c2    Died –   Wesley Dingman

c8    Funeral –   William H. Hepburn

Page 8

c1    Married –   William Bell to Miss Lily Valhory Vigint

c2    Anniversary –   Rev & Mrs William Spencer of Waterford

c2    Article –   Mrs Arthur Harold, nee Mima Eddie

Page 10

c2    Funeral –   Rev C. W. Bristol, Mar 2

c5    Married –   William Steward to Dora Walsh, daughter of Lewis Walsh

c5    Died –   George L. Johnston, 37 years, husband of Mrs Sadie Maud Johnston, nee Booth; brothr of Mrs H. Gibbons and Mrs Louise Bell

Page 14

c2    Died –   Ambro Williams, father of Louise, Shirley, Harold, Harry and Lyle Williams

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Janet Follick

c3    funeral –   Alfred David Misner

c3    Funeral –   Clara G. Edmonds

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Jean Chalkling [Chalklen – CVH]


9 March 1934

Page 3

c2    Died –   Clendon S. Stuart, 60th year, Mar 4, son of James & Irene Jane Stuart; widow of Mrs Maggie Stuart, nee Erwin; husband of Mrs Hulda Stuart

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Nancy Alice Hill, 76th year, Mar 8, mother of Mrs G. Tribe; sister of Mrs Herbert Herendeen, William and John Thayer and Charles Fishleigh

c1    Funeral –   John Sharp

Page 7

c1    Born –   Donald Charles Porter, son of Cecil & Edna Porter, nee McGaw

c1    Born –   Son of Gordon Cowell, Mar 5

c1    Born –   Daughter of Lloyd McKenney, Mar 5

c1    Born –   Daughter of Roger Wilkinson, Mar 7

c1    Born –   Son of James Long, Mar 1

c4    Died –   Rt. Rev. William Woodcock Hough, 74 years, Mar 9

c8    Born –   Son of William Hart, Mar 6

c8    Born –   Son of Leo Boughner, Mar 6

c8    Born –   Son of R. Adair & Margaret Bayne, nee McDonald, Mar 2

c8    Born –   Virginia Lucille Woods, daughter of William Woods, Feb 28

c8    Died –   George Burse, 78th year, Mar 9

Page 8

c2    Married –   Borden Wesley Wardell, son of Wesley Wardell to Mary Evelyn Daniels, daughter of Minor Daniels

c2    Married –   Milo Brooker Reid, son of Lewis & Ida Reid to Doris Mae Jennings, daughter of Clifton Jennings

Page 9

c3    Engagement –   Edward T. Whiteley, son of Capt. William H. Whiteley to Virginia Gundy, daughter of J. Fletcher Gundy

c4    Article –   Mrs E. V. Docker of Wallacetown

Page 12

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Boyes, 88 years, mother of Mrs Edward Harvey, William, Irving, Ledson and John Boyes

c3    Died –   William C. Swan, Mar 6, husband of Mrs Bessie Swan, nee Priddle; father of John Swan

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Fallick

c4    Died –   Miss Margaret Ogilvie, daughter of James & Mary Ogilvie

c4    Died –   Benjamin Rowbottom, 61 years, Mar 6, father of Richard, John, Thomas, George and Lorraine Rowbottom, Mrs Watkins, Mrs David Evans, Mrs William Bowens

c5    Died –   Mrs Elvira Malcolm, nee Foster, 80th year, daughter of Alonzo Foster; widow of Edgar Malcolm

c5    Died –   William Innes, 86th year, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Innes, nee King; father of Charles Innes, Mrs W. C. Gillies, Mrs J. A. Johnston and Mrs A. R. Gillett; sister of Mary Burchiel

c6    Died –   Mrs Rhoda Smith, 79 years, widow of George Longley and Russell B. Smith; mother of Ralph Longley and Mrs William Tillman

Page 13

c5    Funeral –   Charles Grandow

Page 14

c1    Died –   James E. Stable

c1    Died –   George Burse, father of Fred L. Burse

c2    Died –   James Scott, 79th year

c2    Died –   Donald Robertson McArthur, 64 years


10 March 1934

Page 1

c2    Article –   Margaret Weir of St Thomas Collegiate Institute

c8    Died –   Lt. Col. Thomas R. Mayberry, 80 years

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Findlay, nee Stalker, widow of Rev Neil McDiarmid and John Findlay

Page 3

c8    Funeral –   William K. Parkes

c8    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret McCallum, 80 years, widow of Obadiah McCallum

Page 7

c4    Died –   Mr Burse, 78 years, Mar 9, father of Frederick Burse; brother of Mrs Jennie Moore and Mrs William Parker

c8    Born –   Agnes Margaret Brown, daughter of Col Walter James Brown, Mar 6

Page 8

c1    Died –   Mrs H. W. Paddell

10 March 1934

    Second Section

Page 9

c3    Died –   Walker Mills Eberle, 61 years, Mar 8, step-son of Walter Harris; step-brothr of Fred Harris and Mrs Sarah Eberle

c8    Article –   Wesley Stewart of Springfield

Page 10

c5    Died –   Rev Broderick George MacBeth

Page 12

c2    Died –   D. Dulmage, 85 years, Mar 7, son of Jonathon Dulmage; husband of Mrs Jane Dulmage, nee Henry; father of Mrs Hugh McEwing, Mrs J. M. Dickson and Margaret Dulmage


12 March 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Charles Frederick Alexander Trennery, 23 years, husband of Mrs Gladys Eveleen Trennery, nee McBain; foster son of Herbert W. Tucker – Photo

Page 3

c4    Died –   Henry F. Wilson, 45 years

c4    Died –   William Alfred Church, 63 years, father of Sumner and Kenneth Church; brother of John, George and Charles Church, Mrs Nora Howick, Mrs Amelia Howick and Mrs Elsie Wheeler

c4    Died –   Joseph G. Hibbert, 72 years, widow of Mrs Emma Hibbert, nee Ellis; husband of mrs Jennie Hibbert, nee Miller; father of W. Leslie, Norman C., Grant C. Hibbert, Mrs james harkley; brother of Nellie Hibbert

c6    Died –   Mrs McGillivray, nee Harris, 56 years, Mar 4, mother of Mrs Andrus Harris, Harris and Ralph McGillivray; sister of Herbert F. and William C. Harris

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Jane Mitchell Dickson, 70 years, Mar 12, widow of Arthur Dickson; mother of John O. Dickson and Mrs MacMillan

c2    Died –   James Beal, 63 years, Mar 12, father of Orlando Beal

c8    Born –   William Arthur Pettit, son of A. L. Pettit, Mar 10

c8    Born –   Son of W. J. Sanderson, Mar 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of James Tait, Mar 4

c8    Born –   Barbara Fae Shay, daughter of Gordon Shay, Mar 3

c8    Born –   Stillborn son of Alvin Willsey, Mar 5

c8    Died –   James Beal, Mar 12

c8    Died –   Chalres Frederick Alexander Trennery, 23 years, Mar 11

c8    Died –   Jane Mitchell Dickson, nee Foubister, 70 years, Mar 12, widow of Arthur Dickson

Page 8

c2    Born –   Son of Reginald & Marjorie Hignett, nee Mulock

c3    Engagement –   Charles S. Hadley to Jeanne McKiggan, daughter of W. H. McKiggan

c3    Married –   Arthur D. Calbeck, son of R. M. Calbeck to Ethel Ritchie, daughter of R. Ritchie

Page 12

c1    Died –   Rev James T. Daley

c2    Died –   Mrs Percy V. Watson, daughter of A. K. Jones; mother of Horace and Bruce Watson

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Albert Lainchburg of Kingsville, 50th

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs D. N. Lindsay of Zorra, 60th

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Charlton, nee Burchell, 33 years, daughter of Abe Burchell; wife of Rev H. K. L. Charlton

c3    Died –   Alexander ‘Sandy’ Thompson, 83 years, Mar 10, widow of Mrs Annie Thompson; father of Mrs Thompson Robinson, Mrs H. J. Fowler, Mrs J. B. Fowler, Mrs George Wakeling, Mrs Peter Watt and I. Thompson

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs P. A. Mabee of Picton, 71st


13 March 1934

Page 1

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs P. A. Mabee of Bloomfield, 71st

Page 3

c4    Died –   Leslie Samuel Hall, son of John H. & Tricena Hall

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Susannah Benner, Mar 12, widow of Jacob Benner

c3    Died –   Mrs Alice Hill

c4    Birthday –   Mrs S. K. Smith, 68th

c5    Died –   Walker M. Eberle

Page 7

c1    Died –   William James Bond, father of Mrs L. Kellett and Mrs L. Wheatly

c2    Died –   Alexander Russell, 74 years, Mar 12, son of Samuel & Mary Russell; father of Mrs Frank Gray

c2    Died –   William B. Duncan, 86 years, father of William J. and George Duncan, Mrs J. H. Sharpe, Mrs Harvey Evans, P. J. and Mrs E. Holmes

c8    Born –   Daughter of Edward Matthews, Mar 5

c8    Died –   Charles Frederick Alexander Trennery, Mar 11

Page 8

c2    Married –   James Lundy Bennett Jr., son of J. L. Bennett to Margaret Alice Wilson, daughter of Ernest George Wilson

Page 9

c7    Died –   John E. Ratz [Batz], 81st year

Page 12

c1    Funeral –   Col. T. R. Mayberry

c1    Died –   Mrs Glenn Stecker


14 March 1934

Page 1

c1    Died –   Donald Rutherford Miller – Photo

c1    Died –   William Baird – Photo

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Hiepleh, 75 years, widow of Anton Hiepleh

c2    Died –   Mrs Harriet Davidson, nee Godby, 83rd year, Mar 13, wife of Richard Davison

c2    Died –   Mrs Ella Carroll, 67 years, mother of William, Ernest, James and Charles Carroll; sister of Ernest and Edward Welt, Mrs E. Ramsay, Mrs Fred Burgess, Mrs William Hanson

Page 7

c2    Died –   James McIntyre, 61 years, son of John & Lulu McIntyre; husband of Mrs Lettie McIntyre, nee Sells

c3    Died –   Andrew Dell Misener, 58 years, brother of Mrs J. G. Kent and Mrs Leola Overbaugh

c4    Died –   Donald Rutherford Miller, Mar 14, husband of Mrs Jane Miller, nee Powell; father of mrs John Cotton and Warren C. Miller; brother of Rev William and Robert Miller

c4    Died –   William Baird, 73 years, Mar 14, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Baird, nee Rowe

c8    Born –   Stillborn so of Lewis Underhill, Mar 9

c8    Died –   William Baird, 73 years

c8    Died –   Donald Rutherford Miller

Page 8

c1    Died –   William Townsend, 73 years, brother of Emma and Mark Townsend

c1    Died –   Mrs Annie Bannister, nee Butler, sister of William Butler

c3    Died –   Mrs Darius Slingerland, nee Katherine Ross, 88 years, Mar 11, widow of Maurice Brown and Darius Slingerland; mother of William and Leonard Brown

c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Wood, nee Lundy, widow of T. R. Wood; brother of E. Lundy

Page 10

c2    Engagement –   Dr Robert E. Smart to Miss Dorothen Jowsey

Page 14

c7    Died –   Mrs Thomas Fraser, 101 years, mother of Mrs Alex McKillop, Mrs George Griffin, Mrs J. Ferry, Mrs J. Bennie, Emma, Alex and William Fraser


15 March 1934

Page 2

c7    Died –   Mrs Cornelia Calvert, nee Sutherland, widow of William S. Calvert; mother of Mrs J. B. Hunter, Mrs G. S. Stewart, Mrs Dennis Jordan, Mrs H. Scott Ritchie and Gordon Calvert

Page 3

c5    Article –   J. B. Jack Woodhouse, by Teddy Oke

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Treenor, nee Peal Loop, Mar 10, sister of Mrs Joseph Holmes

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Jacob Zoller of West Lorne, 50th

Page 7

c2    Died –   Dougal MacArthur, 80 years, Mar 15

c3    Died –   Mrs Jane M. Dickson, Mar 14

c3    Died –   James Beal, Mar 12

c3    Died –   Charles Frederick A. Trennery, Mar 11

c7    Funeral –   Donald Miller, Mar 16

c8    Born –   Son of George Roberts, Mar 10

c8    Died –   A. Dell Misener, 58 years, Mar 14

Page 8

c1    Died –   Mrs Gordon Chambers, nee Edna Trout, 28 years

c1    Married –   Ernest Harold Jones, son of Alfred Ernest Jones to Ethel Mildred Patrick, daughter of William S. Patrick

c1    Married –   Loyal Pickle, son of Gordon & Elizabeth Pickle to Esther Genevieve Barnier, daughter of Regis Barnier

c1    Married –   Sidney Emerson, son of Archie Emerson to Doris Esther Whittle, daughter of Ezra Whittle

c2    Engagement –   Arthur F. Tilden, son of William Tilden to Eva May Lanyon, daughter of William Lanyon

c2    Engagement –   Gordon Nicholson, son of W. G. Nicholson to Mabel Thelma Anderson, daughter of James R. Anderson

Page 9

c5    Died –   Zipporah Edwards, 98th year, Mar 15

Page 10

c2    Died –   Culver Adam Decoe, Feb 18, husband of Mrs Addie Decoe, nee Tisdale; father of Darold D. Decoe; brother of Mrs Isabelle Wilkinson, Mrs Alice Smith and Mrs Elsie Lewis

c3    Died –   Mrs Lillian Letherdale, nee McConnell, wife of Stanley Letherdale; mother of Donna and Dorothy Letherdale; sister of Ralph and Lyle McConnell

Page 14

c1    Died –   C. McIntyre, Mar 14

c1    Died –   William Baird, Mar 14

c2    Funeral –   A. Dell Misener

c2    Died –   Peter M. Stover, 87th year, Mar 13, son of Jacob & Ann Stover, nee Vrooman

c3    Died –   Walter A. Johnson, 49 years, Mar 15, son of Frederick & Theresa Johnson


16 March 1934

Page ?

c3    Died –   James Amm, 87 years, Mar 15, brother of Jennie and Margaret Amm and Mrs Charlotte Blodget

Page ?

c4    Died –   Harry Howard Benner, 54 years, Mar 15

Page 6

c1    Married –   Leon E. Carter, son of Maynard Carter to Lela Garnham, daughter of G. S. Garnham

Page 7

c6    Died –   Walter A. Johnson, 50th year, Mar 15

Page 8

c1    Married –   Stephen Murray Conlin to Mary Georgina McAlmont, daughter of Mrs Rose McAlmont

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Arthur Britton, 50th

c3    Engagement –   Harry M. Ferguson, son of Angus Ferguson to Reathe M. Weir, daughter of Lewis Weir

c3    Married –   John G. Hungerford, son of Walter F. Hungerford to Persis Seagram

Page 10

c1    Died –   Died –   Mrs Martha Ann Bannister, nee Butler, 67th year, Mar 11, widow of Charles Oscar Bannister; mother of Claude and Harold Bannister and Mrs Evan Cross; sister of David, Charles Wesley and Will Butler,  Mrs Albert Gorton and Mrs Joseph Roberts

c2    Died –   Henry Schnekenburger, 81 years, Mar 15, husband of Mrs Lena Schnekenburger, nee Ludy

c2    Died –   Miss Mary Buchanan

c2    Died –   Mr Littleproud, father of F. Littleproud

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. Zoller of Aldborough, 50th

Page 14

c3    Died –   Mrs Flora McGregor, nee Love, Mar 15, widow of Alex McGregor; mother of Alex and Neil McGregor


17 March 1934

Page 2

c2    Died –   Mrs William Lumley, 71st year, daughter of Nathan Clark

c5    Funeral –   Andrew Dell Misener

c5    Funeral –   Donald R. Miller

Page 3

c6    Married –   Claude Alexander Shannon, son of Mrs J. B. Scott and late Joseph S. Shannon to Helen Agnes Robertson, daughter of Mrs D. R. Robertson and late Donald S. Robertson

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Susannah Benner, Mar 15

Page 7

c1    Died –   Miss Frances Ethel Steer, Mar 16, daughter of William & Mary Steer

c2    Died –   Jacob Stoltz, 98 years

c4    Died –   Mrs Lucinda Depew, 72nd year, Mar 16, widow of J. D. Depew

c6    Funeral –   William Baird

c8    Born –   William Neil McAuley, Mar 15

Page 8

c1    Article –   150th Anniversary of Port Ryerse – Coming of the United Empire Loyalists to Norfolk County

c1    Died –   Gordon C. Chase, Mar 16

17 March 1934

    Second Section

Page 9

c2    Article –   Capt. Geoffrey R. Turner was with Lawrence in Arabia – Photo

Page 10

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W. R. Minor of Payne’s Mills, 57th

Page 12

c1    Article –   Local Militia News


19 March 1934

Page 3

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Cynthia Elizabeth Bell, nee Smith, 90th, widow of Isaac S. Bell

c1    Died –   William Perry, 39 years, Mar 17, son of Frank & Hulda Perry; father of Dresda and Kenneth Perry

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Charles Lewis

c7    Funeral –   Walter Johnson

c7    Funeral –   James McIntyre

Page 6

c1    Died –   George Edgar Thayer, Mar 17, husband of Mrs Anna Thayer, nee Moore

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Richard Davidson

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Hiepleh

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Michael Kwasek, nee Sophia Nozen, 41 years, Mar 17, daughter of Mathew & Mary Nozen; mother of John, Teddy, Walter, Reginald, Mary, Josephine, Stella and Wanda Kwasek; sister of Joseph Nozen

c2    Died –   Mrs Clara Brandow, Mar 19

c8    Born –   Daughter of O. N. & Elizabeth Riley, nee Palmer, Mar 18

c8    Born –   Son of William King, Mar 17

c8    Born –   Daughter of J. L. & Edith Harris, nee Hunt, Mar 16

c8    Born –   Son of Murdock Young, Mar 17

c8    Died –   Mrs Sophia Kwasek, 42nd year, Mar 17, wife of Michael Kwasek

Page 8

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs G. Drewitt, 50th

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Smibert, 25th

c3    Married –   Myles Charlton, son of Amos Charlton to Anne Mary Layfield, daughter of George Layfield

c3    Married –   Chalres Sylvester Hadley, son of William McArthur Hadley to Dorothy Jean McKiggan, daughter of William Henry McKiggan

c3    Married –   Hugh Lochlin McCulloch, son of Lt. Col. Dr. McCulloch to Bernice Alzetta Martin, daughter of Fred A. Martin

c3    Married –   Walter Bridge, son of George Bridge to Izetta May Smith, daughter of Horace & Bertha Smith

c3    Died –   Henry Bulmer, 76th year

Page 12

c1    Died –   William Robb, 73 years, Mar 17, husband of Mrs Caroline Robb, nee Thompson


20 March 1934

Page 3

c3    Died –   Percy Hall, 72 years, Mar 19

c4    Funeral –   Miss Mary Buchanan

c6    Funeral –   R. Davidson, uncle of Mrs Harold Wilcox

Page 6

c1    Died –   Peter R. Honsinger, 78th year, Mar 20

c1    Died –   Wesley Misner, 75 years, Mar 19, widow of Mrs Misner, nee Hutchison and Mrs Misner, nee Swartz

c6    Died –   Andrew Douglas Bowlby, 74 years, Mar 19

Page 7

c1    Funeral –   Clara Brandow, Mar 21

c8    Born –   William Gene Cayton Thompson, son of Max & Marjorie Thompson, nee Cayton, Mar 20

c8    Died –   Mrs Jean Willow, nee Buston, 37 year, Mar 19, daughter of James O. Buston; wife of Frederick Willow

c8    Died –   Mrs Clara Brandow, nee Zinn, 50th year, Mar 19, daughter of John Zinn

Page 8

c2    Engagement –   George Gibson Burtch to Violet Loraine Widdifield

c6    Article –   Mrs Richard Wilson, nee Clarinda Smith

Page 12

c1    Died –   George H. Palmer, 33rd year

c1    Died –   Miss Mabel Kerr, daughter of James Kerr; sister of Prudence and late Maud Kerr

c1    Died –   Rev Canon J. S. TenEyck, 73 years, Mar 19

c1    Died –   Mrs John Reith, 75th year, Mar 10


21 March 1934

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   George Edgar Thayer

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Sophia Kwasek

Page 9

c2    Died –   Mrs George McMillan, nee Mary Emma Sharon, Mar 13, daughter of Sturgeon Sharon; sister of M. W. and A. E. Sharon and Mrs T. J. Boyd

c2    Died –   Died –   Mrs Annie Louise Lackie, nee Lewis; wife of N. W. Lackie; sister of Mrs Frank Sheldrick, Mrs John Cockburn, William, Alex and Frank Lewis

c2    Died –   Mrs Esther Ann Fordyce, nee Hunter, 86 years, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Hunter; widow of Orlando Fordyce

c8    Born –   Son of Harry Marr Luton, Mar 17

Page 10

c2    Married –   Carman Sutton to Grace Venning, daughter of E. Venning

c3    Died –   Mrs Samuel Boville, nee Price, mother of Frank Boville and Mrs James Johnson; sister of Mrs S. Copeland, Leonard, Dr J. C. and R. N. Price

Page 11

c2    Died –   Robert Heal, 60th year, Mar 16, brother of John Heal

c4    Died –   Jerry Chapman, Mar 21, father of Mrs Roy Mercer; brother of Ross Chapman and Mrs Alexander Butcher

c7    Funeral –   Henry Schneckenburger, 81 years

Page 14

c2    Died –   Died –   David MacLellan; father of John P. MacLellan


22 March 1934

Page 1

c4    Died –   Thomas J. Anderson

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   James McLennan, 75 years, son of Donald McLennan; brother of Alexander McLennan, Mrs McLean, Mrs B. Acker and Mary McLennan

Page 7

c8    Born –   Son of Alex Duff, Mar 20

c8    Born –   Daughter of Frank Stroud, Mar 20

c8    Died –   James Cobban, 64th year, Mar 19

c8    Died –   Mrs Esther Ann Fordyce, Mar 20

Page 8

c2    Article –   Miss Annie M. McIntyre, teacher of St Thomas

c2    Engagement –   Stanley Betts to Kathleen Margaret McIntyre, daughter of Mrs Jessie McIntyre

c2    Engagement –   Lynal Wallace Robinson, son of W. H. Robinson to Bertha May Squire, daughter of Walter Squire

c2    Married –   Clarence Jacques to Hazel O’Neill

c2    Engagement –   Albert Carl Jennings to Helen Mavis Marshall, daughter of John Marshall

c2    Funeral –   Wesley Misner

c2    Funeral –   Clara Brandow

Page 9

c4    Birthday –   Mrs Mary A. Dunn, 78th; recounts Fenian Raids to 4 generations of family

Page 10

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs James Heeney of Zorra, 67th

c3    Married –   Bruce Sandham to Miss Clark, daughter of W. J. Clark

c3    Died –   Roy Buck, 37th year, Mar 21, son of James Buck

Page 12

c5    Died –   Hermann Doescher; London Tecumseh’s Baseball Champions 1877

Page 14

c2    Article –   21st Battalion club, St Thomas

c2    Died –   George Williamson, 77th year, Mar 21, son of George & Mary Williamson; father of Mrs S. K. Detweiler and Mrs D. A. Nelles; brother of Mrs J. A. Martin


23 March 1934

Page 6

c4    Died –   Archibald Graham, 22 years

c4    Died –   Mrs E. D. Bradley, 60 years

c4    Died –   Mrs Margaret Matthews, 64 years

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Henry Poole of Norwich, 50th

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Richard Davidson

c6    Funeral –   G. Edgar Thayer

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   G. E. Thayer

Page 9

c1    Died –   Edwin John Bull, Mar 13, brother of Mrs J. H. Barnes

c8    Born –   Elva May Chambers, daughter of George R. Chambers, Mar 22

c8    Born –   Twins of Mr & Mrs Melchior, Mar 16

c8    Born –   Miriam Comrie McDonald, daughter of Edgar McDonald, Mar 1

Page 10

c1    Married –   Walter Whitelaw, son of Nelson Whitelaw to Helen Beatrice Grass, daughter of Mrs Henry Weston

c2    Engagement –   John Angus McQueen to Sarah Ethel Watson, daughter of Wallace Watson

Page 16

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Sarah Leitch of Dunwich, 87th

c1    Died –   Hiram Wallace, 103 years, son of Benjamin N. Wallace; father of Mrs T. Sherwood, Jane and George Wallace


24 March 1934

Page 1

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William Smith, nee Caroline Howard of St Marys, 71st

Page 2

c3    Died –   George Naylor, 57th year, father of Arthur, Ruth, Jean and Dorothy Naylor

Page 3

c4    Died –   Mrs Isaac S. Bell, nee Cynthia E. Smith, 90 years, daughter of Edward and Ann Smith, nee Early; mother of Wheeler R. Bell

c5    Married –   John Durand Clark, son of Ernest J. Clark to Irene Helen Robins, daughter of W. H. Robbins

Page 6

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Joseph I. Bradt, 50th

c2    Funeral –   George Williamson

c2    Divorce –   Niels Christian Ackerland vs Margaret Ackerland

c2    Divorce –   Mary Cambridge vs Harry Cambridge

c2    Divorce –   Howard Gordon Simpson vs Betty May Simpson

c2    Divorce –   Mary Trotter vs Daniel Trotter

c2    Divorce –   Estelle May Cole vs Harry P. Cole

Page 7

c8    Born –   Son of S. Draper, Mar 22

c8    Born –   Daughter of Gordon Jones, Mar 15

c8    Born –   Son of John McAlister, Mar 18

c8    Born –   Daughter of Roy McNeil, Mar 19

c8    Born –   Barbara Stobie, daughter of James H. Stobie, Mar 22

Page 8

c1    Died –   W. Adams

24 March 1934

    Second Section

Page 9

c1    Article –   Official Photos of Canadian Troops in the Great War

Page 10

c2    Anniversary –   First United Church, 100th

c2    Photo –   Rev Robert Martin of First United Church

Page 13

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Upham, 68 years, wife of Rev Clement Upham

c2    Funeral –   James Cobban

c3    Died –   Charles Reach, 67 years, Mar 22, father of Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Hoskins

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Andrew & Isabelle Newell, 48th

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George & Elva Lindsay, 48th

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Reith, 74 years, wife of John Reith; mother of Mrs F. Dear, Levi Chester, John A., Duncan C. and Daniel W. Reith

c8    Funeral –   Mrs Esther Fordyce

c8    Funeral –   Peter Honsinger

Page 14

c4    Article –   Amateur Wrestling, local YMCA – Photo


26 March 1934

Page 2

c4    Died –   Sam Galbraith, 47 years

c7    Article –   150th Anniversary of arrival of Loyalists’ in Canada

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Bromifield, sister of Miss Alice Gustin

c3    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Cruise, nee Collings, daughter of John & Elizabeth Collings; mother of Mrs E. S. Johnston, Mrs Thomas Howick, Winona, George Arthur and Dr William Cruise

c3    Died –   Mrs Alice Maude Miller, nee Smith, 54th year, Mar 24, wife of James Miller Sr., mother of James Miller, Mrs Austin Noad and Mrs Peter Paton

c5    Died –   Audrey Isobel Johnson, Mar 21, daughter of J. D. Johnson; sister of Donald Johnson; granddaughter of Donald Johnson and Mr & Mrs Nichols

c7    Died –   Mrs Annie Munroe, nee Chittick, 74th year, Mar 24, daughter of Frank & Elizabeth Chittick;  widow of Daniel Munroe; mother of William and Charles Munroe and Mrs Christina Walmsley

c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Harvey, nee Anderson, 80th year, widow of Duncan Harvey; siseter of Margaret and John Anderson

Page 8

c1    Married –   Edward Thompson Whiteley, son of Capt. William H. Whiteley to Virginia Gundy, daughter of F. Fletcher Gundy

c2    Engagement –   Melvin James Pettit, son of James R. Pettit to Clara Isabelle Ferguson, daughter of  Neil & Mary E. Ferguson

c2    Engagement –   F. Hugh Thompson, son of Rev H. V. Thompson to Margaret McK. Jones, daughter of Charles F. Jones

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. Parker, nee Sophia Davis of Twining, Alberta, 50th

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Andrew S. Newell, nee Isabel Moore, 48th

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George R. Lindsay, 48th

c6    Died –   Mrs Isaac S. Bell, nee Cynthia E. Smith, 90 years

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Oliver Hepinstall, nee Hutchinson, Jan 27, daughter of Dr Hutchinson; sister of Mrs Willard

c1    Died –   Thomas Thompson, 70 years

c1    Died –   Mrs Christina Lewis, Mar 25, wife of Alexander Lewis; sister of Mrs John Munro

c2    Died –   Lt. Col. William J. Bentley, Mar 25, son of Mrs Helen A. Bentley; brother of John R. Bentley


27 March 1934

Page 1

c4    Died –   John Wesley Aiken, 76th year, Mar 27, father of Mrs W. C. Daniel, Lorne and Elden Aiken; brother of Mrs Joseph Oddy

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs J. E. Prowse, nee Lulu Pressey, Mar 19, daughter of James & Mary Pressey

Page 7

c4    Died –   Mrs Alice Elizabeth Ferguson, Mar 27, widow of John Ferguson; mother of Frederick S. and Albert Ferguson

c8    Died –   Ernest Parr

c8    Born –   Son of Earl Winters, Mar 23

c8    Born –   Son of A. Pimlatt, Mar 24

Page 8

c3    Married –   Frank Richardson to Dorothy W. Johnson, daughter of William Johnson

c8    Funeral –   Robert Holmes, 81st year

Page 9

c1    Died –   Mrs Gladys Dell, nee Marn, 27 years, Mar 25, wife of John Dell; mother of Douglas Dell; sister of Margaret, Francis and Joseph Marn

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Smibert, 25th

c1    Died –   Mrs Martha Wilson, 77th year, Mar 21, widow of Jonathan Wilson; mother of George, Lemuel and Louis Wilson, Mrs T. D. Wilson, Mrs Misner, Mrs D. VanSickle and Mrs D. Mullholland

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. Bradt, 50th

c3    Died –   Wellwood L. Beury, Mar 24

c4    Died –   Mother Jane Frances (Annie McConnell), age 34 years, daughter of Frank McConnell; sister of Mother Alfred, Mother Marion and Veronica McConnell

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs William Cappling, sister of Mrs F. Hamilton

c2    Died –   Mrs Eleanor Maynard, widow of William Maynard; mother of Frank M., William S. and Dr John C. Maynard

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Mahaffy Blain, widow of Judge J. T. Blain; mother of Mrs Helen Straight, Mrs P. M. Anderson and W. M. Blain


28 March 1934

Page 1

c1    Died –   John Coughlan, 84th year, son of Timothy Coughlan

c3    Died –   Lorenzo Dow Marlatt, son of James & Lydia Marlatt UE

Page 6

c2    Trousseau Tea –   Virginia Pearl Sidenius, daughter of Mrs R. C. Sidenius and Wilfred E. Cholerton

c4    Funeral –   Mr Taylor, father of Mrs M. Knowles

Page 8

c5    Died –   Anna Benjamin Carr, nee Calcutt, 58th year, daughter of Benjamin & Maria Calcutt; wife of Allison Carr

Page 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of George Chambers

c8    Died –   Lorenzo Dow Marlatt, Mar 28

c8    Died –   Mrs Alice Elizabeth Ferguson, Mar 27, widow of John Ferguson; sister of Mrs R. H. Burtch and Dr A. B. Welford

Page 10

c4    Died –   Lorenzo Dow Marlatt, husband of Mrs Emma V. Marlatt, nee Miller

c5    Died –   Mrs Susan Cowan, nee Blackwood, 81st year, daughter of Robert Blackwood; wife of Col. J. Laing Cowan; mother of Mabel and Roy Cowan

Page 14

c2    Died –   Sydney Lee, 84 years, father of Mrs Cora McGregor, Mrs Norman Ford and Archie Lee

c3    Died –   Mrs Cornelia Calvert, nee Sutherland, daughter of James G. & Christina Sutherlnad, nee McLean; widow of William S. Calvert

c4    Died –   James H. P. Hodges, Mar 25

c4    Died –   Mrs Martha Wilson, 77th year, Mar 28

c4    Died –   Mrs Anna Bertha Sowerby, nee Wakefield, 90th year, Mar 25, daughter of David & Ann Wakefield; widow of Thomas Sowerby

c5    Died –   Wilbert H. Hawley, 62nd year, husband of Mrs Lettie Hawley, nee Snider

Page 16

c2    Died –   Mrs Alice Elizabeth Ferguson, widow of John Ferguson

c2    Died –   Mrs Christina L. Lewis, nee McCrea, 66th year, Mar 25, wife of Alex Lewis; mother of Donna Lewis; sister of Mrs John Munroe, Mrs Andrew Tunks, Mrs Thomas Johnston and Willaim McCrea


29 March 1934

Page 1

c6    Article –   Iva Brisseau, daughter of Mrs F. Matthews – Photo

Page 2

c1    Died –   William John Cruise, 83 years, son of William & Jane Cruise, nee Alexander

c3    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Upham, 68 years, wife of Rev Clement Upham; mother of Mrs Harris

c3    Died –   Mrs Christina Forbes, nee Holmes, 80 years, widow of James Forbes; mother of Mrs Peter Ross, Mrs Graham Reid, Robert H. and D. G. P. Forbes

c4    Died –   Milton Edward Wees, husband of Mrs Marianne Wees, nee Maitland; father of Mrs McAlannery, Edward and Earle Wees

Page 6

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Ralph Chambers of Aylmer, 88th

Page 7

c2    Died –   George V. Bosworth, 27 years, Mar 28, son of Mrs Margaret A. Bosworth and late Edward E. Bosworth; brother of Gladys Bosworth and Mrs L. H. Smith

c8    Died –   Mrs Alice Elizabeth Ferguson, nee Welford, Mar 27, widow of John Ferguson

c8    Died –   George Vincent Bosworth, Mar 29

Page 8

c3    Married –   John S. Lind to Margaret Warnick McHugh

c4    Married –   Robert James Wilcox, son of Charles L. Wilcox to Ruby Edna Brown, daughter of Frank B. Brown

c5    Birthday –   Squire William Backus, 95th

Page 10

c1    Died –   Mrs Evelyn Ferris, nee Butterwick, wife of Joseph Ferris

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Martha V. Clay, nee Lily, Mar 26, wife of Henry Clay; sister of Mrs Sara Hunter, Mrs Wallace and Alice Lily [Lilley – CVH]

Page 14

c2    Died –   Henry Schott, 79th year, husband of Mrs Eliza Jane Schott; father of Russell G., Percy T., Harvey L., Clifford H., Wilbert F. H. and Earl D. Schott; brother of George and John Schott

c2    Died –   Mrs Emily Dores, nee Rose, 77th year, wife of George G. Dores; mother of Herbert Dores and late Mrs W. D. Love; sister of  Mrs C. H. Baker, R. E. and John Richards

c3    Died –   Sidney Lee, 83 years


31 March 1934

Page 2

c4    Died –   Stephen Springer

c4    Died –   James W. Young, 72 years, husband of Mrs Alfretta Young

c5    Engagement –   W. Irwin Stafford, son of Rev George Stafford to Kathryne Ferguson, daughter of Peter A. Ferguson

c6    Died –   Duncan L. McArthur, 57th year, Mar 31, brother of Angus McArthur, Mrs McArthur and Amelia McArthur

c8    Married –   George Gibson Burtch to Violet Lorraine Widdifield

c8    Married –   Roy Daniel Spring, son of D. J. Spring to Roberta Florence Clark, daughter of Edward Clark

Page 3

c5    Married –   Basil Allan Howey to Ila Verda Armstrong

c5    Married –   George Gibson Burtch to Violet Loraine Widdifield

c5    Married –   Melvin James Pettit to Clara Isabelle Ferguson

Page 6

c1    Died –   Dr J. W. Will, Mar 27, brother of Mrs William Nesbitt

c2    Died –   Miss Jennie Campbell, 78 years, Mar 28, daughter of Peter Campbell

c3    Funeral –   Sidney Lee, 83 years

c4    Died –   Mrs Annie Elizabeth Ostrander, nee Culp, 62nd year, Mar 29, daughter of Samuel Culp; widow of Elmer Ostrander

c4    Died –   V. R. Briscoe, 90 years, Fenian Raid Veteran

c4    Died –   Moses C. Miller, Mar 26, son of Adam & Jane Miller, nee Case; husband of Mrs Emma Miller, nee Stickles; father of Herschel Miller; grandfather of Florence Miller; brother of Lemuel Miller

c4    Died –   Mrs Rhoda Miles, nee Beam, 74th year, Mar 21, daughter of Peter Beam; widow of John Miles

c4    Died –   Mrs Margaret Bauslaugh Rutherford, nee Bates, 76 years, Mar 24, daughter of George Bates; widow of Dennis Bauslaugh and Mr Rutherford; sister of Wesley Bates

c4    Died –   Mrs Martha Wilson, 77th year, Mar 22, widow of Johnathan Wilson

31 March 1934

    Second Section

Page 9

c1    Canada’s Soldier’s – Photos

Page 10

c1    School Report –   St Thomas Collegiate Institute

Page 12

c1    Died –   Miss Sarah Zoller, 74 years, daughter of George Zoller

c4    Died –   Mrs Robert Muir, Mar 28

c4    Funeral –   Miss Sarah Zoller

c5    Died –   Mrs Anna Cassidy, nee Lancaster, 66th year, wife of James Cassidy; mother of Mrs John Anscombe, Mostyn and Lawrence Cassidy

Page 14

c4    Married –   Ella Edgar

c5    Engagement –   Ross Summers, son of George Hamilton & Mary E. Summers to Iva May Hewer, daughter of Josiah Hewer

c5    Shower –   Ella Edgar

c5    Engagement –   Reginald Willson to Blanche Mailing

c5    Married –   Arthur F. Tilden to Eva Lanyon

c7    Married –   Eaton Burden, son of C. E. Burden to Isabel Thompson, daughter of E. Blake Thompson

c8    Married –   Dr R. E. Smart, son of Edwin Smart to Dorothea Jowsey, daughter of R. J. Jowsey

Page 15

c4    Married –   Clarence Schweitzer to Ella Edgar, daughter of Andrew Edgar

c8    Born –   Daughter of Roy Cleave, Mar 25

c8    Born –   Son of Alfred Langs, Mar 28

c8    Born –   Son of Charles Edgeworth Jr., Mar 18

c8    Died –   Mrs May McKenzie, nee Skinner, 87th year, Mar 29, mother of R. C. McKenzie; sister of Mrs (Dr) J. H. Cummington, Mrs Charlotte Taylor and W. F. Skinner

Page 18

c1    Died –   Joseph Ward, 76th year, Mar 29

c1    Died –   Godfrey Kischell

c2    Died –   Thomas R. Weldon, son of William & Emma F. Weldon



2 April 1934


c3    Died –   Milton Stover, 73 years, son of David & Rachel Stover, nee Gainer; brother of Jacob Stover

c5    Married –   Thomas Alexander Gordon, son of Alexander B. Gordon to Jane Aiken, daughter of J. Mauns Aiken

c5    Married –   Clare VanHorne, son of Fred VanHorne to Hazel Warner, daughter of George Warner

Page 3

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Henry Poole, 50th

c2    School Report –   Springfield; West Lorne

Page 6

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Chiverton of Aylmer, 82nd; also Laura Chiverton

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Annie Elizabeth Ostrander, nee Culp, widow of Elmer Ostrander

c2    Died –   Daniel Roy Parish, Apr 1

c2    Died –   Mrs Dora Lucas, nee Perry, 59th year, daughter of William Perry; wife of Daniel Lucas

c3    Died –   Mrs Adeline Putnam, 63 years, Mar 31, wife of William H. Putnam

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs Susan Macgee, wife of James Macgee; mother of Allen Macgee, Mrs Charles McDonald and Mrs Henry T. Skinner

c3    Died –   Mrs Jane Plain, nee Laur, 69 years, Apr 2, daughter of W. B. & Sarah J. Laur; mother of W. R. and A. J. Plain

c8    Born –   Daughter of Sherman Dawdy, Mar 31

c8    Died –   Daniel Roy Parish, Apr 1

c8    Died –   Mrs Adeline Putnam, 63rd year, Mar 31, wife of William H. Putnam

c8    Died –   Mrs Jane Plain, Apr 2

c8    Funeral –   Ada Putnam

Page 12

c1    Died –   Theresa Lodato, infant daughter of Mrs Lois Lodato

c1    Died –   Wellington Lucas, 65 years, son of George Lucas

c1    Died –   Frederick Hebart, 67 years, Mar 31, father of Mrs W. J. Secker Jr., Helen, Olive, Ione and  Elmer Hebart

c5    Funeral –   George V. Bosworth

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Alice E. Ferguson

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Elton H. Zavitz

c5    Funeral –   Thomas McNamara


3 April 1934

Page 2

c9    Funeral –   Mrs Daniel Lucas

Page 7

c2    Funeral –   Mrs May McKenzie, nee Skinner, widow of Angus McKenzie

c8    Born –   Son of Clarence Garton, Mar 28

c8    Died –   Daniel Roy Parish, Apr 1

Page 8

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Batiste – Photo

c3    Funeral –   Frederick Hebard [?Hebart]

c4    Married –   Algeron A. Muth, son of George Muth to Jessie May Howes, daughter of Alfred Howes

c4    Married –   Andrew J. Lozon to Mae G. Faulkner

c4    Married –   Leonard McClure, son of W. J. McClure to Muriel Wilson, daughter of Fred J. Wilson

c4    Married –   Fred Leroy Williams, son of Charles Williams to mary Irene Swance, daughter of Ben Swance

c4    Married –   Kenneth George Cowell, son of George Cowell to Leone Ferne Symington, daughter of J. A. Symington

c4    Married –   Ross Moot to Helen Laderton

c5    Married –   James Jackson Lewis to Mrs Ethel Waterhouse

c5    Married –   Arthur F. Tilden, son of William Tilden to Eva May Lanyon, daughter of William Lanyon

Page 9

c2    School Reports

c4    Died –   Thomas McNamara, father of Thomas McNamara; brother of Mrs Mary Donovan and David McNamara

c4    Funeral –   Douglas Crook, son of James Crook

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Alice J. V. Brearly, nee Long, wife of Fred Brearly; mother of Ella and Lee Brearly

c4    Died –   Miss Alice Alberta Shaw, 70 years, Apr 1, sister of James Shaw

c4    Died –   Moses C. Miller, 78th year

c5    Funeral –   William John Cruise

c5    Funeral –   Emerson M. C. Bowerman, 41st year, Mar 28

c6    Died –   Sister Gerald, nee Miss Helen Mulligan

c6    Died –   Miss Gertrude Murray, Apr 2, daughter of John Murray

c6    Died –   Harriet Buckle, 81 years, Apr 2, sister of W. D. Buckle

c6    Died –   Mrs Jane Burdick, wife of George Burdick

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William Somers, 40th

Page 12

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George W. Doan, 40th

c2    Article –   Smith Family Bible 1793 – 1819

c2    Anniversary –   Rev & Mrs D. B. Cohoe, 60th

c3    Died –   Mrs Annie Elizabeth Ostrander, nee Culp, 62nd year

c3    Died –   Mrs Ernest Elliott, nee Dodman, 38th year, Mar 29, daughter of Eugene Dodman; mother of Eugene, Charles, Clarence, William, John, James and Daisy Elliott; sister of Wilson Dodman, Mrs Leo Summerhayes and Mrs W. J. Muir

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Ellen Hughes, nee Brown, Mar 23, daughter of Dougald Brown; widow of George Hughes


4 April 1934

Page 1

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Henry Poole of Norwich, 50th

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Thomas Poole, 50th

Page 2

c5    Died –   Mrs Sarah M. Kerr, nee Henderson, 67th year, widow of Robert Kerr; mother of Erwood and Annie Kerr; sister of William Henderson and Mrs King Houston

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Sanders Parker, nee King, 22nd year, daughter of John Sanders & Elizabeth King, nee Waugh; wife of George Henry Parker

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Christina L. Louis, nee McCrae, wife of Alex Louis

c4    Died –   Tom ‘Tim’ McMahon, son of Frank McMahon

Page 7

c2    Died –   Angus McIntyre, 72 years, Apr 4, son of Neil McIntyre; husband of Mrs Margaret McIntyre, nee MacPherson; brother of Mrs Margaret Bayne and Annie McIntyre

c8    Born –   Son of Charles Bonner, Apr 1

c8    Born –   Daughter of Duncan Gilchrist, Apr 2

c8    Born –   Son of Charles Edgeworth, Mar 18

c8    Born –   Son of David Purdham, Mar 25

c8    Born –   Son of Morgan Hill, Mar 29

c8    Born –   Daughter of Glenn Ryerse, Mar 17

c8    Born –   Son of Jack Pitman, Mar 25

c8    Born –   Daughter of Clarence Partridge, Mar 27

c8    Born –   John Laverne Tindale, son of Harold Tindale, Mar 18

c8    Born –   Daughter of Alfred Garnham, Mar 26

c8    Born –   Son of Mitchell Shearing, Mar 22

c8    Born –   Daughter of Fred E. Pratt at Brownsville, Mar 29

c8    Died –   Ernest Shallcross, 46 years, Apr 3, husband of Mrs Annie Shallcross, nee Hulme; father of Edith Shallcross; brother of Mrs Isaac Blackhurst, Thomas, Frederick and Albert Shallcross

Page 8

c5    Married –   Bruce Dewar Nimmo, son of Andrew Reid Nimmo to Margaret Templeton Sibbitt, daughter of Robert A. Sibbitt

c5    Married –   James Miller, son of J. H. Miller to Bessie Watson, daughter of George Watson

Page 10

c2    Funeral –   Duncan L. McArthur, Apr 2

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Adeline Putnam

Page 11

c1    Died –   James A. Burwash, 90th year, son of Col. John & Elizabeth Burwash, nee McMartin; widow of Mrs Isabella Burwash, nee Smith; father of John C. Burwash, Mrs Henry Urquhart and late James Burwash

c4    Died –   Peter A. Bauslaugh, Mar 31, son of Peter Bauslaugh; brother of Foster and Minnie Bauslaugh

c4    Died –   Edward Gould, son of William Gould; father of Mrs J. Smith and Mait Gould; brother of William Gould

Page 14

c5    Died –   Ernest Shallcross, 46 years, Apr 3

c5    Died –   Nelson Clarke, 99th year, Apr 1, son of W. Clarke


5 April 1934

Page 3

c1    Died –   Miss Norene Roney, 21st year, daughter of John J. & Elizabeth Roney; sister of Rev Austin and Frank Roney

c1    Died –   J. Lauer Stauft, Mar 2, husband of Mrs Stauft, nee Flora McDonald

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Jane Plain

Page 5

c2    School reports

c2    Died –   Mrs Peter Fick, mother of Mrs Rickwood, Mrs Fred Gable, Mrs J. F. Hazen and James Fick

c4    Died –   David Overbaugh, Mar 30, widow of Mrs Arminta Overbaugh, nee Wolven; husband of Mrs Josephine Overbaugh, nee Hazen

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret Hicks, 79th year, mother of Mrs Fred Sealey

c2    Funeral –   Mrs (Dr) Mayer, aunt of Muriel Glass

c3    Died –   Dr A. B. MacCallum, Apr 5, father of Dr A. Bruce, E. N. and A. D. MacCallum

Page 9

c3    Died –   Andrew Russell, Apr 5

c3    Died –   James W. Warmington, Apr 4, son of Robert & Elizabeth Warmington, nee Neish

c3    Died –   Mrs Amelia Catton, 77th year, Apr 5, widow of Henry Catton

c5    Funeral –   Daniel Roy Parish

c8    Born –   John Edward Bates, son of Tom Bates, Apr 1

c8    Born –   Son of Lancelot Howard, Mar 28

c8    Born –   Daughter of Gordon McWilliam, Mar 30

c8    Died –   Angus McIntyre, Apr 4, husband of Mrs Margaret McIntyre, nee MacPherson

c8    Died –   James W. Warmington, 58th year, Apr 4, husband of Mrs Jennie Warmington, nee Nichol; father of Mrs William McEachran; brother of Mrs George Haylock and Hugh Warmington

c8    Funeral –   E. Shallcross

Page 10

c2    Married –   Rev William Harold Young, son of Rev Dr W. R. Young to Jean Elizabeth Walker, daughter of William Walker

c4    Married –   Stanley Thomas Betts, son of Horace Betts to Kathleen Margaret McIntyre, daughter of J. D. McIntyre

Page 16

c2    Died –   Hubert Thorne, 71 years, father of Gordon Thorne; brother of Richard, John E. and William H. Thorne, Mrs William Levy and Mrs Robert Chowen

c2    Died –   Mrs J. Garnet Arthur, nee Wright, Apr 3, daughter of Richard P. Wright; sister of Richard Wright and Mrs W. H. Stallard


6 April 1934

Page 1

c6    Article –   James William Speight, son of John Speight

c6    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Acker, 104th year, Apr 5

Page 6

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Jane Keeler, nee Tunks, 77th year, widow of R. W. Keeler; mother of Fred W. and George N. Keeler and Mrs R. C. Winders; sister of Charles, James and Fred W. Tunks, Mrs Charles W. Harris, Mrs N. J. White, Mrs Charles Slanker and Caroline Tunks

Page 7

c1    Died –   Philip Abbott, father of Mrs John Shackleton, Mrs Lorne Shackleton and Louis Abbott

Page 8

c2    Died –   Mrs Albert Hicks, nee Macklem, 78 years, Mar 31, daughter of Abram Macklem; mother of Mrs Fred Sealey and Mrs Archie Moore; sister of Alston and Fred Hicks

c3    Died –   Mrs J. B. Little, nee Agnes Cecelia Miles, 82 years, Apr 3, sister of Mrs Carrie Chunerearo and George Miles

c3    Funeral –   Nelson Clark, Apr 4

c3    Funeral –   P. Schmidt

Page 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of L. Scotland, Apr 4

c8    Born –   Daughter of Fred Blayney, Mar 28

c8    Born –   Daughter of Hewitt Bridgeman, Mar 26

c8    Born –   Stillborn son of Murray Abbott, Mar 28

c2    Born –   Daughter of Fred Martin, Apr 2

c8    Born –   Son of Jack Bell, Apr 1

c8    Born –   Daughter of Charles W. Casselton, Mar 27

c8    Born –   David Albert Russell, son of A. E. & Queenie Winifred Russell, nee Moulton, Apr 1

c8    Born –   Son of Todd Robbins, Apr 2

c8    Born –   Son of Cleo Hammond, Apr 1

c8    Born –   Son of Carl Harvey, Apr 3

c8    Born –   Daughter of Walter Leibert, Apr 2

c8    Died –   Mrs Amelia Catton, 77 years, Apr 5

c8    Died –   Andrew Russell, 76 years, Apr 5

Page 10

c2    Married –   Wallace Rose, son of Charles Rose to Sarah Margaret Purcell, daughter of A. C. Purcell

c2    Married –   Hugh R. Hodgson, son of Mrs W. J. Ostrander to Ila Kathleen Kenney, daughter of F. H. Kenney

c2    Married –   Harold M. Wenn to Laura E. Mannell, daughter of Charles Mannell

c2    Married –   James Burton Stonefish, son of Chief Fred Stonefish to Daisy Agnes Katherine Tobias, daughter of Albert Tobias Sr.

c3    Shower –   Miss Sarah M. Purcell

c7    Married –   Wilbert J. Longhead to Ethel May Boyle

Page 14

c5    Died –   Duncan McArthur, 58th year, Mar 31, brother of Angus T. McArthur, Mrs McArthur and Amelia McArthur

c6    Died –   John A. Purcell, Apr 5

c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs C. A. Kent of Alberta, 25th

Page 16

c1    Funeral –   Andrew Russell, Apr 7

c4    Died –   Emerson Bowerman, 72 years, son of George R. & Emma Bowerman, nee Croft; father of Rose, Hattie, Herbert and George Bowerman; brother of Charles, Thomas, Robert and Asa Bowerman and Mrs Dickie


7 April 1934

Page 2

c4    Funeral –   Ernest Shallcross

c4    Funeral –   Angus McIntyre

c4    Funeral –   William Robert Major, infant son of William J. Major

Page 3

c4    Birthday –   Mrs Mary Smith of Lynedoch, 83rd

Page 6

c4    Died –   Mrs Judson Weaver, nee Ada Pelton?, 73rd year, Apr 2

c4    Died –   Mrs William John Kelly, nee Sarah Elizabeth Sifton, 82nd year, daughter of Joseph & Mary Jane Sifton, nee Sharon

c5    Died –   David Stewart, 67th year, husband of Mrs Annie Stewart, nee Wills; father of Edith, Bertha, Mrs C. A. Rumball, David, George and late Mae Stewart

c6    Died –   Mrs Gannsle, sister of Mrs Jeschleihauf

c6    School reports

c8    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Upham, 68 years

Page 7

c2    Died –   Duncan McLachlan, 95 years

c3    Died –   W. A. Brown, son of William Brown

c3    Funeral –   James W. Warmington

c7    Born –   Son of Emerson Ramey, Apr 1

c7    Born –   Eva May Chambers, daughter of George R. Chambers, Mar 22

Page 8

c1    Died –   Miss Marion Bair, sister of William Bair

c2    Article –   Rev B. Cumming of Sparta

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Charles R. Garnham, 50th

c2    Died –   Arthur C. Douglas, 53rd year, father of Lorrain Douglas; brother of Mrs Walter J. Scott and Mrs Donald A. Young; nephew of Miss Gilmore

c3    Died –   Beatrice Tofflemire, Apr 2, daughter of Joseph Tofflemire

c3    Died –   Hugh Murray Shaw, 57 years, Apr 3, husband of Mrs Annie Isabel Shaw, nee Warren

7 April 1934

    Second Section

Page 9

c5    Article –   Baroness DeHueck in St Thomas

c5    Died –   Mrs Anna McQuarrie, 96th year

c8    Article –   King George sends congratulations to St Thomas Cadets in Honor List

Page 10

c2    Article –   Rev E. H. Riggs of Broderick Memorial Church, St Thomas

Page 11

c1    Photo –   War photos

Page 12

c1    Article –   89% of Elgin Land Cleared

Page 14

c7    Article –   Capt. Aubrey Bingham & Earl Bingham

Page 15

c8    Legal –   Estate of Mary A. Rockey

c8    Legal –   Estate of Edward Amanuel Adderman

c8    Legal –   Estate of Thomas Bryant

c8    Legal –   Estate of David James Caughell

c8    Legal –   Estate of Frederick Clark

Page 16

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Henry Redding, 50th – Photo

c4    Trousseau Tea –   Miss Blanche Mailing

c5    Engagement –   Francis A. Carr to Beryl Jewell

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Batiste, 50th

c6    Died –   Mrs Jack Karns, Apr 7


9 April 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   John S. Townsend, 62nd year, son of George Townsend; husband of Mrs Isobel Townsend, nee Wilson

c2    Died –   Mrs K. Seldon, Apr 8, mother of Walter and Clifford Seldon, Mrs Wray Pratten and Mrs Dean Fairbrother

Page 2

c2    Article –   Harold Franklin, 21 years, kidnapped

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Henry S. Krug, 50th

c3    Died –   Joseph Harkins, 48 years

Page 3

c3    Married –   Reginald Edward Pearce Willson, son of Arthur E. Willson to Blanche Geraldine Mailing, daughter of Fredrick A. Mailing

c3    Married –   Eaton Kingsmill Gale Burden, son of C. E. Burden to Mary Isabel Thompson, daughter of E. Blake Thompson

c3    Married –   Donald Allen Grey, son of Joseph Grey to Edna Jean Zoller, daughter of Fred Zoller

c3    Married –   Morris james Bishop, son of John Bishop to Jessie Lorreta Catton, daughter of Alfred Catton

c3    Married –   Daniel Holmes, son of George & Louise Holmes to Mary Elizabeth Garrod, daughter of Simon Garrod

Page 6

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Louis Barber, 64th

c3    Died –   Mrs Lois Georgeson, nee Reid, Apr 3, daughter of John Reid

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Robert Plain

c4    Married –   Mr Robinson to Bertha Squire, sister of Mrs Thompson Howe

c6    Died –   James C. Laing

c6    Funeral –   Andrew Russell

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Amelia Catton

c6    Funeral –   James Stewart, 70 years

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Josephine Oatman, 80th year, Apr 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of Elmore House, Apr 5

c8    Died –   John Gray, 62 years, Apr 8, husband of Mrs Nettie Gray, nee Stewart; father of Stewart Gray; brother of Alexander, Dougald, Angus, Duncan, Joseph and Danielle Gray

Page 8

c5    Article –   Vimy Anniversary marked by Vets

c6    Article –   Sergeants Dinner

Page 12

c1    Died –   Francis Monaca Ford, infant daughter of William J. Ford

c2    Funeral –   Dr A. M. MacAllum

c3    Died –   Harry Taylor, 19 years

c3    Died –   John Gray, 62 years, Apr 8

c3    Died –   Doris Emily Harris, 28 years, daughter of Charles Harris


10 April 1934

Page 1

c6    Article –   Dr Wray Lloyd Research

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Irene Millard

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Acker, Apr 7

c2    Funeral –   Duncan McLachlan, son of Archibald McLachlan

c3    Article –   former Methodist Church, 60th Anniversary

c6    Article –   Tillsonburg Legion Commemorates Vimy Ridge

c7    Died –   James Lindsay, Apr 7, father of Mrs (Dr) Archibald

c7    Died –   Earl Bailey, 42nd year, Apr 7, son of Albert Bailey; husband of Mrs Pearl Bailey, nee Stewart; father of Kenneth Bailey; brother of Mrs Jack Huff, Lorne and Wilfred Bailey

c8    Died –   Mrs George V. Murray

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs Margaret Wilson, 82nd year, widow of James Wilson; mother of Mrs John Kearney, Mrs Robert Moorhead and Mrs W. R. Callejas; sister of Mrs J. W. Hilborn and Mrs J. E. Knight

c2    Article –   Slides of Old West Elgin Houses; Norman Morris speaker at Historical Society

c3    Article –   German Officers at Legion gathering in London

c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Albert Doan, 26th

c8    Born –   Son of Gordon Smith, Apr 8

c8    Died –   Mrs Louise E. Gram, 53rd year, Apr 10, wife of Henry A. Gram

c8    Died –   Mrs Josephine Oatman, Apr 9, widow of Nelson Oatman; Mrs Lee and Talbot Oatman survive

c8    Memoriam –   Marcus A. Swisher, Apr 10 1923

Page 8

c2    Engagement –   Bailey Owen Currin, son of T. G. Currin to Katherine Elizabeth Boles, daughter of Judge Boles

c4    Married –   Arnold Alexander Hislop to Muriel Dorothy Fife, daughter of James Fife

c4    Married –   Lorne Wilson, son of J. W. Wilson to Edna Corbett, daughter of Emerson Corbett

c4    Married –   Ernest Wardle, son of William Wardle to Audrey Purkis, daughter of Ernest A. Purkiss

Page 9

c2    Married –   Burden – Thompson,  Photo

Page 11

c8    Legal –   Estate of Mary Elizabeth Horton

Page 12

c2    Died –   William Henry Newman, 61 years

c2    Died –   John P. Walsh, son of Patrick Walsh

c2    Died –   Hugh R. McKenzie, 73 years, husband of Mrs Henrietta McKenzie; father of Mrs Florence Weyer

c3    Died –   William A. Brown, Apr 8

c3    Funeral –   Mrs (Rev) H. Wilkins

c3    Funeral –   Nelson Clark


11 April 1934

Page 6

c2    Article –   Elgin Regiment

Page 7

c3    Funeral –   Frances Misako Ford, infant daugther of W. J. Ford

c3    Funeral –   John Gray

c8    Born –   Son of John Coates, Apr 6

c8    Born –   Daughter of Leslie Jones, Apr 8

c8    Died –   Mrs Louise E. Gram, Apr 10, wife of Henry A. Gram

Page 14

c1    Died –   Mrs George Henderson, nee Maud Brooks

c1    Died –   Dr Robert Y. Ferguson, 63 years, husband of Mrs Eda a. Ferguson, nee Gould

c1    Died –   John D. Hutchcroft, 66th year

c3    Died –   Joseph W. Hardy, 73rd year, Apr 11, husband of Mrs Emma Hardy; father of Robert, Charles Reginald, Leonard and Harold Hardy, Mrs J. McPhee, Mrs Earl Glixby and Mrs Annie Johnston

c4    Died –   Mrs Louise E. Gram

c5    Married –   Earl Theodore Thomas, son of David Thomas to Mildred Gertrude Zavitz, daughte rof Charles Zavitz

c5    Married –   John Wright Russell, son of Alexander Russell to Velma Gertrude McKeen, daughter of William Albert McKeen


12 April 1934

Page 1

c3    Article –   Capt. Alan Inness Taylor

Page 2

c3    Died –   Mrs Jane M. Marsh, nee Millard, widow of Elbridge G. Marsh; sister of David Millard; aunt of Etta Haney, Mrs Virgil Morrison, Lionel Haney, Lavonzo and Wellington Millard

c3    Died –   William C. Stone, 65 years, Apr 11, father of Trueman Stone; brother of Mrs Leona Kidd, Mrs Vera Tomlinson, Joseph, Wesley, John and Edgar Stone and Mrs Robert Kent

c3    Died –   Capt. George Price UE, 88 years, Fenian Raid Veteran

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Agnes Tait, nee Kirkwood, 75th year, Apr 9, widow of James C. Tait

Page 12

c1    Funeral –   Mrs C. J. Brown, cousin of R. McTaggart, Lee Griffin, Grace Griffin

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Millard

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Lizzie Acker

c4    Died –   Mrs Frances Jane Bennett, nee Delbridge, 77th year, daughter of George Delbridge; widow of William J. Bennett; mother of Mrs C. L. Kinney and Mrs J. F. Farrington, W. Leon, Ralph D. an dJ. Webber Bennett; sister of Mrs J. G. Donaldson, C. C., W. B. and W. W. Delbridge

c5    Died –   W. Robert Harris, 87th year, son of Thomas Harris; father of Mrs Robert Johnson, Mrs William Smelzer, Hibbert, Roy and Deanne Harris

Page 16

c4    Died –   Mrs Morley White, 68 years

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Josephine Oatman, widow of Nelson Oatman


13 April 1934

Page 1

c7    Died –   John Joseph VanDorresteyn, 8 years, son of John VanDorresteyn

Page 3

c1    Funeral –   Alexander Colvin

c1    Funeral –   Allan Bauslaugh, husband of Mrs Bell Bauslaugh, nee Buchanan; brothr of Foster, Thomas, John, Frank and Minnie Bauslaugh and Mrs Alex Edmondson

c5    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Roy Spring

Page 5

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Garnham, 50th

Page 7

c3    Died –   William Craig

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Irene Millard

Page 9

c2    Died –   Mrs Margaret Katherine Beam, 85 years, Apr 12, widow of Cella Beam; mother of Lewis and Roy Beam

c2    Died –   Mrs Catherine Jane Stafford, nee Francis, widow of Wesley A. Stafford

c7    Died –   Mrs Margaret Katherine Beam, Apr 12

c7    Died –   Mrs Catherine Jane Stafford

c7    Memoriam –   Ada Graham, Apr 13 1933

c8    Born –   Daughter of Ervine Woolley, Apr 2

c8    Born –   Daughter of Floyd Lefler, Apr 8

c8    Born –   Daughter of Clayton Duesling, Apr 1

Page 10

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Angus Taylor of Port Talbot, 55th

c2    Birthday –   Mrs Murdock, 90th

c3    Married –   William S. Noyes, son of Rev William D. Noyes to Rhea McCoubrey, daughter of James W. McCoubrey

c4    Married –   John Kuli, son of Joe Kuli to Margaret Irene Bonyai, daughter of Andy Bonyai

c4    Married –   Steve Berni Kuli, son of Joe Kuli to Mary Sepejak, daughter of Aleck Sepejak

c4    Married –   Ralph Scott Misener, son of Capt. R. S. Misener to Eleanor Jean MacDougall, daughter of Angus MacDougall

Page 11

c2    Died –   Robert A. Simpson, 68 years

Page 12

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Robert Garnham of Straffordville, 50th

Page 13

c3    Died –   Mrs A. J. Kirkwood, Apr 11

c6    Funeral –   E. R. Cole, son of Mrs Katherine Cole


14 April 1934

Page 2

c4    Died –   Joseph H. Hodge, 89 years, Apr 14, father of William Hodge, Mrs John Symons, Mrs J. Pollock, Mrs J. B. Lunt and Mrs Annie Moffat

Page 6

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Charles Garnham, 50th

c1    Married –   Mr & Mrs Ray Courtney

c2    Died –   Thomas H. DeCew, 92st year, husband of Mrs Valdora DeCew, nee Beemer; father of Judson and Mark DeCew and Mrs R.E. Popham

c2    Died –   Mrs Clark, mother of Mrs F. E. Coyne

c4    Died –   Nelson Parker, 25 years

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Louise E. Gram, wife of Henry A. Gram

c8    Funeral –   James C. Laing

c8    Died –   Mrs Ada Trugeon, 55 years

Page 7

c1    Died –   George Chamberlain, Apr 1

c3    Funeral –   John D. Townsend

c8    Memoriam –   Matilda Freeman, Apr 15 1928

c8    Memoriam –   Leta L. Jewell, Apr 14 1933

Page 8

c3    Died –   C. M. Learn

c4    Anniversary –   Dr & Mrs Ernest Bannister, 25th

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret H. Egan, nee Ridge, daughter of Charles Ridge; wife of James Egan; sister of William J. Ridge and Mrs Edward Downs

14 April 1934

    Second Section

Page 11

c1    Photos of World War 1

Page 13

c6    Died –   Mrs Ida Merrill, nee Leitch, daughter of Malcolm Leitch; wife of Leroy Merrill

c8    Funeral –   Duncan McLachlin


16 April 1934

Page 1

c1    Died –   Grace Witherall, 28 years, Apr 16 – Photo

c1    Died –   Stella Witherall, 11 years, Apr 16 – Photo

c1    Died –   Dorothy Witherall, 8 years, Apr 16 – Photo

c6    Inquest –   Fire victims Grace, Stella and Dorothy Witherall of Aylmer

Page 2

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret Catherine Beam

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Frances Jane Bennett

c5    Funeral –   Capt. George Price

Page 6

c2    Article –   Mrs Grace Witherall, nee Wall, daughter of John Wall; wife of Albert Witherall

c4    Died –   Samuel M. Douglas, 70th year, father of William, Samuel Jr., Fred and Mrs Gordon Payne; brother of W. W. Douglas

Page 7

c1    Birthday –   William Stark, 71st

c1    Died –   Richard Alexander Burr, Apr 15, son of Alexander Burr; husband of Mrs Mary Burr, nee Ellwood; father of Alex, Marion and Gretta Burr; brother of Mrs Edith Love, Mrs Fred Bell, Mrs Allan McDonald, Leonard and William Burr

c2    Died –   Miss Elspeth Reekie, Apr 15, daughter of William & Katherine Reekie, nee Plederleith; sister of T. Hall and Robert P. Reekie

c2    Died –   John Robb Sr., 88 years, son of Squire George & Elizabeth Robb, nee Watson; widow of Mrs Nancy Robb, nee Campbell

c2    Died –   James McIntosh, 78 years, Apr 16

c3    Died –   John Joseph Birmingham, 79 years, Apr 14, father of John L. and Edward J. Birmingham; brother of Luke, James, William and Richard Birmingham

c3    Died –   Mrs Rachel Johanna Davis, nee Jones, 53 years, Apr 12, wife of John Davis; mother of Alexander, Frank, Bessie and Dorothy Davis, Mrs Groves and Mrs Mayo; sister of Thomas, Frank, George and William Jones, Mrs h. Jones, Mrs B. Loucks and Mrs J. Hurley; step-daughter of Mrs Thomas Jones

c3    Died –   Frederick Dunsford, 90 years, Apr 16, father of Mrs L. A Doan and Frederick P. Dunsford

c5    Died –   Mrs John Bull, 40 years

c8    Born –   Son of Roy Kellestine, Apr 3

c8    Born –   Mary Isabelle Snelgrove, daughter of Milton Snelgrove, Apr 8

c8    Born –   Roberta Jane Ann Ford, daughter of David Ford, Mar 29

c8    Born –   Daughter of Alan Morris, Apr 4

c8    Born –   Son of Lloyd Vanderburg, Mar 28

c8    Born –   Daughter of Clarence Wilson, Apr 4

c8    Born –   Son of James H. Humphrey, Apr 8

c8    Born –   Daughter of Fred Tomlinson, Apr 10

c8    Born –   Son of Camiel Nuyens, Apr 11

c8    Born –   Daughter of Frank Davis, Apr 4

c8    Born –   Robert Glen Abbott, stillborn son of Murray Abbott, Mar 28

c8    Born –   Margaret Eleanor Roblin, daughter of Rev L. Roblin, Apr 6

c8    Born –   Son of Harry Bartlett, Apr 5

c8    Died –   John L. Birmingham, 79 years, Apr 14

c8    Died –   Miss Elspith M. Reekie, Apr 15

c8    Died –   Henry Frederick Dunsford, 90 years, Apr 16

Page 8

c1    Married –   William Alfred Williams, son of J. B. Williams to Joan Clarice Whitling, daughter of William John Whitling

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Albert Ham, 50th

Page 9

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Carrie Woolley

c2    Married –   James Burke to Leda Franklin, daughter of Mrs Salem Franklin

c3    Died –   Francis Jackson, 90th year, Apr 16, father of Anthony Jackson and Mrs William Vollette

c3    Funeral –   Angus McIntyre

Page 11

c4    School reports

c5    Article –   C. P. Dunsmore


17 April 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Alfred Ernest Hookway, 62 years, Apr 17 

c5    Article –   Aylmer fire Apr 16

c5    Article –   A. S. Rennie of S. Oxford

c5    Died –   Louie Franklin Heyd, 78 years, Apr 17

Page 5

c1    Died –   Capt. George Price, Apr 11

c3    Died –   John Joseph Birmingham, Apr 15

Page 8

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Charlie Garnham, 50th

c6    Article –   Dedication of New United Church, West Lorne

c7    Died –   James Alexander Tuckey, 68 years

Page 9

c3    Died –   Mrs Keziah Seldon

c8    Born –   Daughter of Fred Tomlinson, Apr 10

c8    Born –   Daughter of Harry Bartlett, May 5

c8    Born –   Son of Nelson Ward, Apr 14 at Straffordville

c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Clara Robertson, Apr 17 1933

c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Elizabeth Harris, Apr 16 1913

Page 10

c2    Married –   Leslie Hollinger, son of Walter Hollinger to Mary Helen Judd, twin daughter of William Judd

c2    Married –   William Hollinger, son of Walter Hollinger to Elizabeth Ruth Judd, twin daughter of William Judd

c5    Married –   Leonard Phenix, son of Frank Phenix to Josephine Howell, daughter of Sidney Howell

c5    Married –   Wilfred J. Harper, son of Samuel B. Harper to Florence Louise Cunningham, daughter of Joseph Cunningham

c5    Married –   Wilfred Walker Thompson, son of Chester Thompson to Nellie Joyce Greenaway, daughter of Daniel Greenaway

c5    Married –   Albert E. Carless, son of Thomas Carless to Clare E. Walker, daughter of George & Harriet Walker

c5    Married –   Kenneth L. Crockett, son of E. L. Crockett to Helen M. Williamson, daughter of B. A. Williamson

c6    Married –   Arthur E. Allison, son of Charles Allison to Francis Mary Glover, daugther of George Glover

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Susan Cameron, nee Battran, Apr 13

c1    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Ray Courtney

c2    Died –   Mrs Ida Hathaway, nee Baldwin, 75th year, widow of Harry Hathaway; mother of Edward, Ruth and late Kenneth Hathaway

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Catherine J. Stafford

c6    Retirement –   Thomas Tocker, Apr 1

c6    Married –   James Burke to Leda Franklin

c7    Died –   Mrs Viola L. Arnup, nee Card, wife of S. C. Arnup; mother of Leroy Arnup

c7    Died –   Mrs William Martin, Apr 15, mother of Emerson and Edward Bartlett, Mrs Perry and Mrs l. Lester

Page 15

c8    Legal –   Estate of Mary Elizabeth Horton

Page 16

c2    Died –   Bernice Olive Augusta Hazen, daughter of Edwin Hazen


18 April 1934

Page 1

c5    Article –   Aylmer Fire Investigation

Page 2

c1    Article –   Rev R. B. Cumming

Page 3

c3    Died –   Brothers Harry and Earl Hamel, drown

Page 4

c2    Died –   A. E. Hookway

Page 8

c1    Birthday –   Miss Charlotte Jackson, 83rd

c1    Died –   Mrs Minnie Maud Thompson, nee Ryckman, 72nd year, Apr 18, widow of Edmond Thompson

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Frank Travis, 37th

c3    Funeral –   Francis Jackson

c4    Died –   Mrs Jennie Kirkpatrick, 91st year, Apr 18, sister of Carrie

c5    Born –   Daughter of Maxie Williams

Page 9

c1    Died –   Mrs Cecelia Moore, wife of Richard Moore

c8    Died –   Mrs Nellie Elliott, nee Sumner, 36 years, Apr 17, wife of George Elliott; mother of Shirley Skelly, Winnifred and Marjorie Elliott; sister of Mrs Daniel Reith, Thomas and John Sumner

c8    Died –   Albert Ernest Hookway, 62 years, Apr 17

c8    Memoriam –   Elizabeth Harris, Apr 16 1913

Page 10

c1    Married –   George Girardin to Hilda Brush, daughter of Orville Brush

c2    Married –   Theodore Minshall to Annie E. E. Powers

c2    Birthday –   Mrs D. Leeson of Frome, 80th

c2    Birthday –   Morley Parker

c6    Died –   Mrs Nellie Elliott, 36 years, Apr 17, wife of George Elliott

Page 12

c2    Died –   Robert Morrow, 65 years

c3    School Reports

c6    Died –   Miss Bessie J. Frank; sister of J. Bartram and Julie E. Frank

Page 13

c1    Died –   Annie Robbins, 7 years, Apr 18, daughter of Jack Robbins

c1    Died –   Mrs Agnes McDonald, 83rd year, Apr 15, widow of Calvin McDonald

c4    Died –   Miss Isabella Buller, 70th year, Apr 15

Page 16

c1    Died –   John Penhale, 78th year

c2    Funeral –   Alfred Ernest Hookway

c3    Died –   George Webb, Apr 17, father of George Webb, Mrs James Elgie, Mrs Edward Horlor, Elizabeth and Kathleen Webb; brother of Mrs Ellen Jones and James Webb


19 April 1934

Page 5

c1    Died –   George Scatcherd, 100th year, son of John & Ann Scatcherd; father of Ann Farley Scatcherd

Page 8

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Grace Witherall and daughters Stella and Dorothy

Page 9

c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Burgdorf, nee McPherson, 69th year, widow of Rev J. W. Burgdorf

c4    Died –   Mrs Lillian Weekes, nee Watterworth, 52 years, Apr 17, daughter of James Waterworth; widow of George E. Weekes; mother of Muriel J. Weekes

c8    Died –   Mrs Philena Kulp, nee Kilmer, Apr 18, wife of George Kulp

c8    Died –   Thomas William Munford, 78th year, Apr 18

Page 10

c2    Funeral –   A. E. Hookway

c2    Shower –   Miss Beryl Jewell

c2    Engagement –   John D. Gilchrist, son of Neil Gilchrist to Annie Belle Carmichael, daughter of James Carmichael

c2    Married –   James Farnsworth, son of Argyle Farnsworth to Elsie Belle Bice, daughter of P. E. Bice

c3    Married –   Harold Pulley, son of W. C. Pulley to Dorothy Gertrude Anscombe, daughter of Mrs M. Anscombe

Page 11

c6    Article –   Ruth Nickerson of Simcoe

Page 12

c2    Died –   William Gibson, 65 years

c2    Died –   Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Crouch, 71st year, Apr 17, widow of Edwin William Crouch; mother of Frank, Richard and Lorraine Crouch

c3    Article –   Investigation into death of William Gibson

c3    Died –   Mrs Chancey Brown

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Ida Merrill, nee Leitch, Apr 21, wife of George Merrill

c7    Funeral –   James McIntosh

c7    Funeral –   Henry F. Dunsford

c7    Funeral –   Miss Elspith Reekie

Page 14

c4    Died –   Earl Hamel, 24 years and brother Harry Hamel, 23 years – Photo

Page 16

c1    Died –   Louis J. Siple, son of Mrs J. Siple; brother of William and Steven Siple and Mrs Charles Pike

c4    Died –   John A. Rose, 87th year, Apr 18, father of Mrs F. R. Pearson, Mrs W. D. Purdy and harry Rose; brother of George Rose and Mrs Lindsay

c5    Died –   Thomas William Munford, Apr 18

c6    Died –   Alex Brown, 48th year, son of Walter Brown; father of Robert and Durward Brown; brother of Meta Brown


20 April 1934

Page 4

c2    Died –   Charles S. Bridgman, Apr 19

Page 6

c1    Died –   Miss Blanche Fansher, Apr 15, daughter of F. S. Fansher; sister of Dwight and John Fansher

Page 7

c3    Died –   George W. McLaughlin, 80th year, Apr 20

c7    Born –   Gloria Teresa Reybroek, daughter of William Ray Reybroek, Apr 10

c7    Born –   Son of George Hutchinson, Apr 7

c7    Born –   Daughter of Harrison Clarke, Apr 15

c7    Born –   Daughter of Harry Hammond, Apr 8

c7    Born –   Stillborn son of K. S. Wilson, Apr 17

c7    Born –   Daughter of Ed & Claria Joyner, nee Pettman, Mar 23

c7    Born –   Son of Roy Empey, Apr 14

c7    Born –   Son of Clarence Haycock, Apr 15

c7    Born –   Daughter of Charles Masschaele, Apr 18

c7    Memoriam –   John Erskine, Apr 20 1929

Page 8

c1    Married –   Lloyd Frederick Canning, son of John James Canning to Margaret Grace Skillings, daughter of Allan Skillings

c2    Shower –   Miss Beryl Jewell

c2    Anniversary –   Dr & Mrs J. A. Drummond of Petrolia, 25th

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Jamieson, 50th

c2    Married –   Dr Fred K. Lenfesty to Ethel May Shovell, daughter of William Shovell

c2    Married –   Kenneth Burke to Reta Franklin, daughter of Salem T. Franklin

c2    Married –   Wilfred Thompson, son of Chester Thompson to Nellie Greenaway, daughter of David Greenaway

c2    Married –   Ralph McConnell, son of Arthur McConnell to Mary Angela Want, daughter of Albert Want

c3    Married –   Frederick Arthur Brown, son of B. F. Brown to Dorothy Mae Parry, daughter of George W. Parry

c3    Died –   Mrs Iva May Sands, nee Langton; daughter of Reginald Langton; husband of D. R. Sands; sister of Fred, Norman, Victor, Harold and Mary Langton

Page 9

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs D. W. Logan of Mosa, 25th

Page 10

c1    Born –   Daughter of Frank Martin

c2    Died –   Thomas Towers, 72nd year, Apr 17, father of Mrs Herbert Moore and Stanley G. Towers; brother of Benjamin, James, Margaret and Mary Towers, Mrs Olde, Mrs William Henry, Mrs James Bowey and Mrs Robert Bowey

c3    Funeral –   Miss Isabella Buller

c3    School Reports

c5    Died –   Nancy June Karn, 6 years, daughter of Wilfrid C. Karn

Page 11

c1    Died –   Mrs Charlotte Thompson, nee Palframan

c5    Funeral –   Bernice Hagen, 8 months

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Nellie Elliott

c7    Funeral –   Charles S. Bridgman

Page 14

c1    Died –   James Henry Doidge, 57 years


21 April 1934

Page 1

c6    Article –   Elgin Symphony Orchestra wins at Stratford Festival

c7    Article –   Malcolm Ferguson wins Fellowship

Page 2

c3    Died –   Mrs Tony Szqaykiebicz

c3    Died –   William J. Ogg, 26 years

Page 3

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs R. A. Walter, 50th

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Louisa Georgeson, nee Reid, daughter of John Reid; wife of James Georgeson

c2    Died –   Mrs William Vowlett, nee Jackson, 53rd year, Apr 21, daughter of Francis Jackson; sister of Anthony Jackson

c2    Article –   Mrs Wallace R. Campbell of Walkerville

c3    Died –   Mrs Charles Addison

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Lennertz Prior, nee Thomas, 87th year, Mar 21, daughter of William & Mary Thomas, nee Douglas; widow of William George Prior; mother of William G. Prior, Augustus Lennertz, Mrs Duncan Campbell and Mrs Florence Lawson

c2    Died –   Norman Lackie, 30 years, husband of Mrs Norma Lackie, nee Thomson

c3    Died –   Capt. Henry H. Reid, Apr 21, son of Capt. James Reid; brother of Thomas and Walter Reid

c4    Died –   John E. Brown, 81 years, Apr 21

c7    Born –   Daughter of William Reybrook, Apr 10

c7    Born –   Ruth Joanne Langdon, daughter of R. Watson Langdon, Apr 14

c7    Died –   George McLaughlin, 81st year, Apr 20

c7    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Lennertz Prior, 87th year, Apr 20

Page 8

c1    Died –   Cara Cutten, 77 years

c2    Funeral –   Mathew G. Collins, 76 years

c4    Married –   William S. Noyes, son of Rev William D. Noyes to Rhea McCoubrey, daughter of James W. McCoubrey

c4    Married –   Roscoe John Logan, son of William Logan to Norma Marguerite Coulter, daughter of John O. Coulter

c4    Married –   Harry Walter Dedrick, son fo Elgin Dedrick to Myrtle France Bouck, daughter of John Wesley Bouck

c5    Funeral –   Elizabeth Burgdorf

c5    Funeral –   Alfred Ernest Hookway

21 April 1934

Page 10

c7    Article –   George Tillsonburg, founder of Tillsonburg in 1825

Page 12

c1    Article –   St Thomas Baseball Club

Page 16

c5    Engagement –   Lawrence W. Bogart, son of George Bogart to Lela Dorothea Tapsell, daughter of  Alfred Tapsell

c6    Engagement –   Tullis Carter, son of William Henry Carter to Margaret Wilmont, daughter of George Wilmot

c6    Article –   Bertha Smith


23 April 1934

Page 2

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Wallace, 87th year

Page 7

c2    Died –   John N. Taylor, 69 years, Sept 22, son of Neil & Flora Taylor; brother of Angus Taylor

c5    Died –   Mrs Laurette M. VanAmburgh, 74 years, Apr 21, widow of Luther Elliott VanAmburgh

c8    Born –   Joseph Gibbons Hibbert, son of Norman C. Hibbert, Apr 14

c8    Died –   John N. Taylor, 69th year, Apr 22, son of Neil Taylor

Page 8

c1    Married –   Emery A. Messecar, son of James Messecar to Winifred Eddy, daughter of A. W. Eddy

c1    Married –   Warren Philps, son of Albert Philps to Alice Kellestien, daughter of Dan Kellistien

c1    Married –   Stanley Nelson Brisseau, son of Nelson L. Brisseau to Dorothy Beatrice Coombes, daughter of S. Coombes

c2    Married –   John Girdlestone Hungerford to Persis Stephanie Seagram, daughter of Norman Seagram

Page 9

c3    Died –   Mrs Richard Louch Sr., nee Alice Maude Mary Farr, 75 years, Apr 21, daughter of Peter & Jemima Farr; mother of Harry, John, Richard and Aley Louch, Mrs R. A. Baxter, Mrs Cameron Lampshire, Mrs H. Ditz, Mrs J. Miller and Mrs Arthur Rooke; sister of Mrs J. O’Hare and Mrs C. Kniffer and Mr Farr

c6    Died –   Mrs Alice Hill, nee Sharp, 60th year, Apr 21, widow of Roland G. Hill; mother of Mrs Kenneth Graydon

Page 12

c3    Died –   Thomas H. Nickle, Apr 22, father of Mrs D. White, Mrs W. R. Eberte and W. R. Nickle

c3    Died –   Conlin M. Duffield, 43 years, Apr 22, husband of Mrs Geraldine E. Duffield

c3    Died –   Mrs Maggie Addison, 50 years, Apr 15, daughter of Rev and Mrs Francis Kennedy; wife of Charles Addison

c8    Funeral –   Thomas W. Munford

24 April 1934

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Nancy Belle Wilcox, nee Lindsay, 56th year, Apr 21, daughter of James & Hannah Lindsay; widow of Clarence Wilcox; mother of Mrs Elgin Rouse and Mary Wilcox; sister of Mrs Alfred Misner, Mrs Archie Hogarth, John, Joseph and James Lindsay

c1    Died –   Mrs O. S. Duvall, nee Margaret Stewart, Apr 20, sister of William Stewart

c8    Died –   Rynard Potts, 98 years, Apr 22, father of Mrs D. B. Freeland and Bertha Potts

c8    Funeral –   Arthur E. Graham, 48 years, son of A. A. Graham; father of Mrs Stanley Tehring, Murl and Jack Graham

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Kirkpatrick, Apr 21

c2    Died –   Miss Caroline Beemer, 89 years, Apr 23, daughter of John & Mary Beemer; sister of Mrs Kirkpatrick

c2    Died –   Charles S. Bridgman

c6    Shower –   Mr & Mrs James Miller

Page 9

c2    Funeral –   Colin M. Duffield

c4    Died –   Dr J. C. Price, 64 years, Apr 22, father of William, Robert and James Price; brother of Leonard C. Price and Mrs S. Copeland

c4    Died –   Mrs W. McKim, nee Ida Luscombe, Apr 21

c5    Funeral –   George W. McLaughlin

c8    Born –   Son of George F. & Esther E. ‘Daisy’ Arrand, nee Kairns, Apr 23

c8    Died –   Thomas Evans Lindop, brother of Elizabeth and Edith Lindop

Page 10

c2    Married –   Mr & Mrs J. G. Hungerford, nee Persis Stephanie Seagram – Photo

c2    Engagement –   Henry Kingsley Thorn, son of J. O. Thorn to Eleanor Ottillia Kennedy, daughter of R. D. Kennedy

c2    Engagement –   Howard William Johnson, son of William Johnston to Ruth Audrey Collinson, daughter of George F. Collinson

c2    Engagement –   Edward Newton Nourse, son of Rev F. A. Nourse to Mary Gladys Barrie, daughter of Robert Barrie

c2    Birthday –   Miss Mary Jane Adams, 87th

Page 11

c4    Funeral –   Alexander Brown

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Minnie M. Thompson

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Jennie Kirkpatrick

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Lennertz Prior

25 April 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Frank O. Shillington, 35 years, Dec 15 1898, son of Frances Alice Shillington and R. J. Shillington; brother of Jack, Allan, Robert, Dorothy and Ruth Shillington, Mrs Detwiller and Mrs W. A. Black

Page 3

c3    Funeral –   John N. Taylor

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah Vollette, wife of William Vollette

c3    Funeral –   John Robb Sr.

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Elsie Barclay, nee McDonald, 79th year, daughter of Alexander & Isabelle McDonald, nee Smith; mother of Mrs Robert Clarke and Lawson Barclay; sister of late Mrs David Kelly

c2    School Reports

c3    Died –   Mrs William Waugh, nee Gourley, 78th year, wife of Ernest Waugh; sister of John, Peter, Alex and Miss J. Gourley, Mrs W. Manson and Mrs Murdollico

c4    Died –   Frank O. Shillington

Page 11

c4    Died –   Helen Brown-Bishop, 26 years, Apr 23, daughter of Dr A. J. Brown; wife of J. D. Bishop; granddaughter of Mrs James Brown

Page 12

c2    Shower –   Miss Iva May Hewer

c8    Married –   Roy McClatchey, son of Robert McClatchey to Gladys Marion Leslie, daughter of Henry Leslie

Page 16

c2    Birthday –   Mrs William Knott, 94th, sister of John Apthorp and Mrs Michael Broadbent

26 April 1934

Page 1

c2    Mendelssohn Choir, Alma College Choral Society, St Thomas & St Paul’s Church Choir of Aylmer win at Stratford Music Festival

Page 6

c5    Married –   Francis Carr to Beryl Jewell, daughter of Fred Jewell

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Alice Maud Mary Louch, nee Farr, widow of Richard Louch

c5    Died –   Dorothy Jean Kennedy, Apr 24, infant daughter of Charles Kennedy at Oneida

Page 9

c3    Died –   Michael Kwasek, 42 years

c8    Born –   Arthur Henry Dubber, son of Harry Dubber, Apr 21

c8    Died –   Dorothy Jean Kennedy, age 1 month, Apr 24

Page 10

c2    Married –   Engagement –   Dorothea Bengough, daughter of Alvin John Bengough

c3    Married –   Fred Sterling Smith, son of C. S. Smith to Bertha Jean Weaver, daughter of Frank Weaver

Page 11

c3    Died –   Mrs F. C. Burroughes, nee Lucy Eleanor Struthers, 81st year, aunt of Mrs (Dr) D. R. Nethercott

Page 12

c1    Birthday –   C. L. VonGunten, 74 years

c2    Funeral –   Mrs George Kulp, 54 years, daughter of Abram Kilmer

c3    School Reports

c3    Died –   Edgar P. Bagley, 77th year, Apr 22, survived by Mary Middleton and daughter Essie

c4    Died –   Mrs Kate Branston, nee Deadman, 86th year, mother fo Mrs James Laurie, Albert, Norman, Harry and Fred Branston

c4    Died –   Roland Pizzey, 58th year, father of Roland and George Pizzey, Mrs Charles Strange and Mrs Gordon Kew; brother of George, Hewmin, Samuel, Joseph, Robert and John Pizzey, Mrs C. Secord, Mrs A. Lefebvre and Mrs H. Burtch

c4    Died –   Mrs Florence Ellen Milner, nee Garment, 25 years, Apr 22, daughter of Horace H. & Elizabeth Garment

c5    Funeral –   Charles S. Bridgman

Page 16

c1    Died –   Mrs George Ruppel, Apr 25, sister of Mrs S. H. Eby

c1    Died –   Mrs Lucy Eleanor Burroughes, Apr 23, widow of F. C. Burroughes; mother of Bert C. and C. Roy Burroughs

c2    Died –   George E. Copeland, 83 years, husband of Mrs Mary M. Copeland; father of F. L. and Gertrude Copeland and Mrs R. V. Carter; brother of Frank Copeland

c3    Funeral –   Colin M. Duffield

c4    Died –   William James Coates, 69th year, Apr 25, husband of Mrs Ethel Coates; uncle of William L. Longfield; brother of Eldon Coates; half-brother of Gardner and Robert Myrick

27 April 1934

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   George McLachlan

c1    Died –   H. B. Brigham

c2    Anniversary –  Mr & Mrs L. C. McConnell, of Aylmer, 50th

c2    Funeral –   Miss Caroline Beemer

c2    Funeral –   Thomas E. Lindop

c3    Died –   Mrs Maria Finch, 81 years, Apr 17, wife of John W. Finch

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. W. James of Courtright, 36th

c4    Died –   Mrs Chalres A. Abraham

Page 9

c1    Died –   Frank W. Esson, 78 years, Apr 26, father of John A., James B. and William F. Esson; brother of Charles and Thomas Esson; grandfather of Vaughn Esson

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Hannan, nee Lockwood, 83rd year, Apr 26, widow of D. G. Hannan

c7    Died –   Frank W. Esson, Apr 25

c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Hannan, Apr 26

c8    Born –   Son of Harry Cain, Apr 20

c8    Born –   Son of James Humphrey, Apr 8

c8    Born –   Daughter of Cecil Hooker, Apr 11

c8    Born –   Son of Thomas Starkey, Apr 22

c8    Born –   Daughter of Wallace Stroud, Apr 19

c8    Born –   Son of Arthur Seghers, Apr 3

c8    Born –   Son of John McFarlane, Apr 20

c8    Born –   Donald Andrews Waldie, son of Rev John R. Waldie, Apr 23

c8    Memoriam –   Jackie Parkinson, Apr 27 1932

c8    Memoriam –   Alonzo P. Youngs, Apr 27 1931

Page 10

c1    Died –   Miss Mary Cullum, 75th year, Apr 26, sister of Eva Hyslip, David and William J. Cullum

c1    Married –   Keith Richardson Burke, son of Alex J. Burke to Leda Maude Franklin, daughter of T. Franklin

c3    Engagement –   Gerald Lynn Bradfield, son of W. H. Bradfield to Freda Myrtle Sage, daughter of Fred Sage

c3    Birthday –   Mrs Ann Fletcher of Strathroy, 80th

c3    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Horace Weeks

c3    Married –   Howard Stanley Griffin, son of Dr H. S. Griffin to Margery E. Thompson, daughter of Maurice G. Thompson

c4    Died –   Frank A. Chatson, 53 years, Apr 26

Page 11

c3    Birthday –   William H. Koyl, 84th

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William H. Koyl, nee Emma Ashcraft, 50th

Page 12

c2    Died –   Samuel H. Sternaman, 72 years, Apr 22

c4    Funeral –   Edgar F. Panter, 88 years, Fenian Raid Veteran

c4    Died –   Miss Mary Mercer Wilson, 89 years, daughter of Mercer Wilson

Page 16

c5    Died –   Miss Margaret Martha Harrington, 18 years, daughter of James W. Harrington; sister of James Herrington Jr.

28 April 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Eli Ernest Albert ‘Pete’ Birdsall, 67 years, Apr 28, husband of Mrs Theresa Birdsall, nee Buckhart

Page 5

c7    Died –   Garrie C. Laing, 74 years

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs W. Daniels, mother of C. Daniels

c2    Died –   Mrs Delilah Robinson, nee Butcher, 69th year, Apr 26, widow of Luke Robinson; mother of Fred Robinson, Mrs L. Killen, Mrs T. Balcombe, Mrs H. Shoe felt, Ethel and Mabel Robinson; sister of Mrs H. Quick, Mrs Harry Priest, William and Henry Butcher

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Monica Quinlan, nee Lenfesty, 34th year, daughter of Henry & Helen Lenfesty, nee Lomar; wife of Frederick C. Quinlan; mother of Gerald, Kathleen, Dorothy, Helen and Jean Quinlan

Page 7

c6    Born –   Sheila Vivian Bell, daughter of George & Sylvia Bell, nee Caswell, Apr 27

c6    Memoriam –   Mary Elsie Keith, Apr 29 1933

c6    Memoriam –   Mrs Kate Taylor, Mar 29 1929

28 April 1934

    Second Section

Page 11

c1 –   Photos of the Great War

Page 16

c5    Engagement –   Orville Cecil Johnson, son of Herbert E. Johnson to Eloise Yvonne Stevenson, daughter of William E. Stevenson

c5    Engagement –   Frank Merton Gorham, son of Frank Gorham to Marion Grace Cosens, daughter of a. B. Cosens

c5    Engagement –   Harold A. Campbell, son of James Campbell to Georgina Margaret Jewell, daughter of Ross E. Jewell

c7    Engagement –   William Alexander Beattie, son of William Beattie to Pauline Grace, daughter of Thomas Grace

c7    Engagement –   Alexander McLean Haig, son of Andrew Haig to Helen Jean Morton, daughter of Mrs L. H. Morton

c8    Married –   Philip Courey, son of Joseph Courey to Pauline Michael, daughter of Anthony Michael

c8    Married –   Lawrence W. Bogart to Lela Dorothea Tapsell

c8    Married –   George Eric McCuaig, son of Clarence J. McCuaig to Mrs Clara Dingman Freeman, daughter of George W. Dingman


30 April 1934

Page 1

c1    Died –   Gilbert Roche missing

c1    Died –   Rev Dr T. Z. Fowler

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Emma Jane Corless, nee Houghston, 87th year Apr 18, widow of Lyman Corless

c3    Died –   Henry A. Little, 64 years, Apr 29, father of James Sutherland Little and A. Ross Little

c4    Funeral –   Gilbert Roche, 77 years

c6    Died –   Rev Thomas Lewis Fowler, 83 years, Apr 30, son of Thomas & Eliza Fowler, nee Doolittle

Page 7

c2    Funeral –   Michael Kwasek

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Hannan

c4    Funeral –   Frank Esson

c4    Died –   Rev T. Z. Fowler

c8    Born –   Son of Arthur P. Kent, Apr 24

c8    Born –   Son of Thomas Gardner, Apr 20

c8    Born –   Daughter of George E. Smith, Apr 23

c8    Born –   Son of Earl Smith, Apr 19

c8    Born –   Daughter of Sidney Casselton, Apr 19

c8    Born –   Daughter of Harry Hammond, Apr 8

c8    Born –   Daughter of Oliver Clifford, Apr 19

c8    Born –   Son of Bruce Mitchell, Apr 11

c8    Died –   Rev Thomas Lewis Fowler, 82 years, Apr 30

c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Kate Taylor, Apr 29 1929

Page 8

c2    Married –   Earlton R. Campbell, son of J. S. Campbell to Audrey Marguerite Henderson, daughter of W. A. Henderson

c3    Birthday –   Mr Catherine Hobbs, widow of William Hobbs, 88th

Page 9

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs L. C. McConnell of Aylmer, 50th

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Holliday, cousin of Mrs G. J. Kaiser and Mrs C. Sifton

c8    Died –   Rynard Potts, 98th year, Apr 29, father of Mrs D. B. Freeland

Page 11

c5    Article –   Jumbo – William Snyder died, age 70 years, of the Barnum & Bailey Circus

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c1    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Maud Dawson, 73rd year, sister of George and F. Dawson and Mrs M. Rooney