STTJ 1931 Jan-Mar

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

January through March 1931

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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2 January 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – Alexander Cook, Dec 31 1930, father of Mrs Roy M. Walker


Page 5

c4        Died – Nathaniel Mills, 86 years, Dec 31, son of John Mills

c4        Died – Mrs Sarah Ward, 88 years, Dec 28, widow of Benjamin Ward; mother of Andrew & Roy Ward, Mrs O. Lee and Mrs Zenas Watson

c4        Died – Mrs Albert Walters, nee Elizabeth Bivins, Dec 31

c4        Died – Mrs Adeline Jacques, Jan 2, daughter of John Hawgood; widow of Jabez Jacques

c4        Funeral – Charles VanLoon, 73 years, Jan 2

c4        Funeral – Mrs Eber Ward, nee Sarah Shepley, 80 years, Dec 30, mother of Andrew & Roy Ward, Mrs Lee and Mrs Taylor


Page 6

c1        Died – Wallace Hyndman, 76th year, Dec 29, son of Archibald Hyndman; husband of Mrs Adelia Hyndman, nee Jeffrey

c5        Died – W. R. Loney, Dec 31, son of Mrs Anna Loney


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs Honor Buckingham, 98th year, Jan 1, widow of James Buckingham

c6        Died – Mrs Annie Robinson, nee Lamb, 61 years, Jan 2, widow of Thomas Robinson; mother of William Thomas, John, Stanley, Albert & Alexander Robinson; sister of Mrs Nelms, John & Joseph Lamb

c6        Funeral – Alexander McIndoe, Dec 31, father of Mrs J. W. Wardle


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mahlon Chute, Dec 31

c2        Died – Leonard Davies, 18 years, Jan 1

c7        Died – Mrs Sarah J. Honsinger, nee Hunt, 74th year, Jan 1, daughter of Isaac Hunt; wife of P. Honsinger; mother of Oscar Honsinger; sister of Mrs William Parkhill; Aunt of Arthur Hardwick

c8        Died – Miss Celia Eliza Brooks, 75th year, Dec 31, daughter of John W. Brooks


Page 9

c1        Funeral – Mrs Hal Donly, nee Emma Brooks, Jan 2

c1        Died – Mrs Ernestine Frost, Dec 31, 86th year, widow of Carl Frost; mother of August Frost, Mrs Frank Snyder, Mrs Charles Leonard, Mrs Lena Gerth and Mrs Edward Bearinger

c1        Died – Robert Henkel, 70 years, Dec 30

c2        Died – Joseph Gowans, 67 years, Dec 30

c3        Funeral – Frederick A. Johnson, Jan 1

c3        Funeral – Mrs Susan Luton, Jan 1

c3        Funeral – Mrs Jane Clow, Dec 31

c4        Died – Archie McLeish, 82nd year, Jan 1

c8        Born – Virginia Jayce Cornell, daughter of Winnifred Cornell, Dec 20

c8        Born – Daughter of Julius Derrick, Dec 25

c8        Died – William Knowles, 34 years, Dec 30, son of William Knowles; husband of Mrs Susan Knowles

c8        Died – Mrs Annie Robinson, nee Lamb, 61 years, Jan 2

c8        Died – Miss Celia Eliza Brooks, 75th year, Dec 31

c8        Died – Haddo F. Black, Jan 2, brother of Walter R. Black, Mrs D. N. Hunter, Mrs C. S. Wood, Mrs J. E. Lawrence, Mrs L. McEwen, Glair Black and Mrs A. D. Baird

c8        Died – Alec Cook, Jan 1

c8        Memoriam – Mrs John Waite, Jan 2 1929, by daughter Mrs John May 

Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James W. Macfie of Appin, 59th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E. D. White of St Thomas, 39th

c3        Died – Mrs Jane Carruthers, Dec 31, widow of Thomas Carruthers

c3        Died – Mrs S. L. Mitchell, nee Hannah Myrtle Martin, Dec 21

c4        Married – Norman D. S. Hooper, son of D. H. Hooper to Edith Louise Christmas, daughter of John D. Christmas

c4        Married – Robert Murray Merritt, son of Alfred Merritt to Margaret Marion MacEachren, daughter of Neil MacEachren

c5        Married – Archibald Reid Kesson to Hazel Pearl Nicholson

c5        Married – Nicol Martin to Emma Mary Hubbs, daughter of F. S. Hubbs


3 January 1931

Page 1

c3        Photo – Dr A. R. Post of St Thomas


Page 7

c1        Born – New Year’s Baby, St Thomas – to Mr & Mrs John Proctor, the 15th child

c7        Born – Son of A. W. Bixel, Dec 30

c7        Born – Son of Earle McCurdy, Dec 21

c7        Born – Daughter of John D. McQuarrie, Dec 26

c7        Born – Thomas Eugene Irwin, son of A. Irwin, Jan 2

c7        Born – Daughter of Windeline Schneckenburger, Dec 28

c7        Born – Son of William Loder, Dec 22

c7        Born – Daughter of Roy Haviland, dec 25

c7        Born – Twin sons of Whitney Chislett, Dec 29

c7        Born – Son of Clark McTaggart, Dec 19

c7        Born – Daughter of William Granger, Dec 19

c7        Memoriam – Doris Vera Sims, Jan 3 1929

c7        Memoriam – Philip Ham Finlay, Jan 4 1928

c7        Memoriam – John Martin, Jan 4 1917


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Dick of London, 50th

c2        Engagement – Russell Lott to Vera Lillian Treffry, daughter of Charles Treffry

c2        Married – Jacob Mann Stuchen, son of S. Stuchen to Betty Rae Kasler, daughter of Jay Kasler – Photo

c4        Died – Miss Alice Caroline Freeman, 61 years, Jan 1, sister of Charles and Thomas Freeman, Mrs Minnie E. Austin and Mrs William Hopkins

c5        Married – William Herbert Hodkinson, son of A. Hodkinson to Jean Eileen Saunders, daughter of Fred Saunders

c5        Married – Frederick J. Guyitt, son of Herbert Guyitt to Kathryn Elizabeth Deverell, daughter of N. W. Deverell

c5        Married – William L. Warren to Larna Jean Petch, daughter of Lawrence Petch

c5        Married – Amiel Randolph Collins, son of John W. Collins to Lillian Markham, daughter of Sidney Markhan

c6        Married – Rev Ralph Willson to Marian Pickford

c6        Marrried – Clifford H. Lawton, son of B. T. Lawton to Pearl Turner, daughter of Harry Turner

c6        Married – Stewart H. Cross to Marguerite McLean, daughter of John McLean

c6        Married – Alexander Keith to Ada Gadke, daughter of Fred Gadke

c6        Died – Mrs Mathew Ingram, nee Ellen Anderson, Dec 31


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Mrs Hoag, Jan 5

c2        Died – Gottleib Fisher, 62 years

c2        Funeral – James H. Plain, Jan 2

c2        Funeral – Miss Margaret Fothergill, Dec 31

c4        Engagement – Willard Brydges, son of G. W. Brydges to Maida Cleone Woodley, daughter of Mrs Inez Woodley

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Dobie, 92nd year, Dec 28, widow of John A. Dobie


3 January 1931

Second Section

Page 11

c3        Photo – W. T. Bell, Deputy Reeve of Port Stanley


Page 14

c2        Photo – Louis A. Maguire, Reeve of Houghton Township

c5        Died – John Kippen, 45 years, jan 2


Page 20

c2        Photo – Barbara Mell Thompson, daughter of C. D. Thompson of Walkerville

c2        Photo – Mrs William H. Hodkinson, nee Jean Eileen Saunders of St Thomas


5 January 1931

Page 1

c3        Died – Alex Cook, Jan 1 – Photo


Page 3

c1        Died – Alfred James Ferguson, Jan 3, son of Duncan K. Ferguson

c3        Died – Dr William E. Procunier, 56th year, Jan 3

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Waite of Iona, 5thc5        Died – Miss Lavinia Naylor, Jan 3

c5        Died – Malcolm C. Elliott, Jan 4 

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Joseph S. Brant, Dec 31, sister of Thomas Hammond

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah Ferguson, 79th year, Jan 4, mother of Norman Ferguson, Mrs George Wilcox and Mrs Harry Nigh; sister of Martha, Katherine, Levis and Rev Dr E. Stillwell

c2        Anniversary – Rev & Mrs C. C. Garnett of Tillsonburg, 64th

c2        Died – Dr William J. Saunders, Dec 24, brother of Fred Saunders and Mrs Mina Cochrane


Page 7

c2        Funeral – William Knowles, Jan 3

c2        Funeral – Miss Celia Eliza Brooks, Jan 4

c8        Born – Sheila Elizabeth Cook, daughter of Charles Cook, Jan 2

c8        Died – Mrs Theresa V. Carter, 78th year, Jan 4, wife of Joseph Carter


Page 8

c1        Married – Victor Blundell to Helen K. Guthrie, daughter of Hugh Guthrie

c2        Married – Trevor R. Johnson to Doris Hope Hankinson, daughter of C. H. Hankinson

c2        Engagement – Mervin Monroe to Eleanor Josephine Grimshaw, daughter of George W. Grimshaw

c6        Married – Johnson – Hankinson


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Isabella Buttrey, Jan 3, widow of Henry E. Buttrey

c3        Died – Mrs Theresa V. Carter, 78th year, Jan 4

c4        Funeral – Haddow F. Black, Jan 3, son of Robert M. Black


6 January 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – Charles W. Dyer, 64 years, Jan 6 – Photo


Page 3

c1        Funeral – Mrs William Dodge, nee Emily Kinnee, 52nd year


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Josephine Honsinger, Jan 5, widow of Peter Honsinger


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Howard R. Kratz, nee Mary Woodbridge, 66th year

c5        Funeral – Mrs Annie Robinson, Jan 5

c8        Born – Son of Reid Hamilton, Jan 4

c8        Died – Mrs Joseph S. Carter, 78th year, Jan 4

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Eliza Barnett, Jan 6 1929

c8        Memoriam – Roy F. Winter, Jan 6 1930


Page 8

c4        Married – Henry Drake VanGils, son of I. J. VanGils to Eugenie Evangeline Denomy, daughter of Alexander J. Denomy


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Alice Hillis, nee Crawford, Jan 1, daughter of Sam Crawford


7 January 1931

Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Ethel Isabel Board, Jan 5, daughter of Thomas Kennedy; widow of Joseph W. Board

c3        Died – Mrs Archibald MacNeill, nee Christine MCDonald, 85 years, Jan 6

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. A. Silcox of Shedden, 15th


Page 8

c1        Memoriam – Lydia Taylor Brown, Jan 7 1929

c2        Died – John Lowrie, Dec 31, widow of Mrs Janet Lowrie, nee McMillan

c5        Funeral – Mrs Joseph Lisvey, Jan 3


Page 9

c1        Funeral – Mrs Charles Clarke, Jan 7, sister of Donald Miller

c2        Died – Son Freeman, 5 weeks, Jan 7, infant son of Arthur Freeman; grandson of F. B. Freeman and Mrs M. Anger

c1        Died – John G. Anderson, Jan 6

c3        Funeral – Mrs Elmira Dawson, nee Dale, 85th year, Jan 5

c4        Funeral – John Lassow, 88th year, Jan 5, father of William Lassow, Mrs A. J. Voege, and Mrs Miller

c8        Born – Son of Beverley Monk

c8        Died – Charles W. Dyer, Jan 6, husband of Mrs Catherine Dyer, nee Rallis

c8        Died – Richard Alva Freeman, Jan 6, infant son of Arthur Freeman

c8        Memoriam – Victor Edward Richardson, Jan 7 1930, by sister Mrs George E. Rand


Page 10

c2        Married – Alfred Boughner, son of George Boughner to Edith Tuckey, daughter of C. V. Tuckey

c2        Birthday – Mrs Richard Dundas of Dorchester, 74th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F. W. Darby of Guelph, 56th

c3        Married – Walter A. Schnaurr, son of John H. Schnaurr to Sarah Louise Bickel, daughter of John & Christina Bickel

c3        Married – Charles Stocker to Sadie Boose


8 January 1931

Page 1

c3        Birthday – Rev Dr W. T. McMullen of Woodstock, 100th


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Andrew Smart of Fullarton, 50th

c2        Photo – Bobby Peler, age 13 years of London

c3        Died – Wallace Hyndman, 75th year, son of Archibald & Lucinda Hyndman

c5        Funeral – Mrs Alverna Cairns, nee Crone, Jan 8

c5        Died – Alexander Grieve, 74 years, Jan 7

c5        Funeral – Mrs Esther Ellen Cyster, nee Comber, 65 years, Jan 7, wife of John Cyster


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Dr William E. Procunier, Jan 6

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Freeman Green of Ridgetown, 56th

c4        Died – Mrs John S. Clark, 50 years, daughter of Malcolm & Bell Campbell, nee Graham; sister of John M, William and Archie M. Campbell, Mrs Margaret McTavish and Mrs Archie Crawford

c4        Died – William Whitelock, 82 years, Jan 3, husband of Mrs Lizzie Whitelock, nee McBride


Page 9

c2        Died – Charles W. Dyer, Jan 6

c5        Died – Arthur Watson, 73 years, Jan 7, father of Mrs Neil Gilchrist, Robert & John Watson

c6        Died – Mrs Elsie Bartley, 80 years, Jan 7, widow of A. N. Bartley

c6        Died – Mrs Austin Miller, nee Mary Isabella Roddy, Jan 7

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. J. Church, nee Esther Pitman of Waterford, 66th

c6        Funeral – Mrs Theresa Victoria Carter, Jan 7

c8        Born – Blanche Geraldine Wickett, daughter of Stanley L. Wickett, Jan 4

c8        Born – Stillborn son of Morley Dellar, Dec 25

c8        Born – William Arthur Kesser, son of A. W. & Hattie Kesser, nee Groves, Dec 23


9 January 1931

Page 1

c7        Photo – J. W. Peart of St Thomas Hydro


Page 3

c2        Trial – Harry E. Burrows in St Thomas

c3        Funeral – William A. N. Dunford, 30 years, Jan 6, son of Mrs Joseph Howe; brother of Mrs Charles Smith, Mrs Ernest Smith and Miss Gladys Dunford


Page 8

c1        Died – Jesse A. Gore, Nov 28 1930, 48 years, husband of Mrs Lillian Gore, nee Branion

c1        Died – Alfred Henry Corbin, 31 years, son of Henry Corbin; husband of Mrs Bessie Corbin, nee Rixon; brother of Frederick, Charles and Eustace Corbin and Mrs W. Saunders

c4        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Ferguson, Jan 6

c6        Died – James D. Campbell, 87th year, Jan 8, descendant of Dugal & Nancy Campbell; husband of Mrs Bernice Campbell, nee Swisher; father of Neil A. Campbell


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs George Haddow, nee Christine McCurdy, 97th year, Jan 8

c2        Engagement – Clarence W. G. Fuller, son of Albert Fuller to Mildred Evelyn Morgan, daughter of W. A. Morgan

c7        Funeral – Alvah Freeman, Jan 8


10 January 1929

Page 2

c6        Died – George Grice, 77th year, Jan 10, son of George & Rebecca Grice, nee Troyer; widow of Mrs Rebecca Grice, nee Holt; father of Mrs Edwin Connor and Mrs William Jamieson; brother of Mrs McDermott


Page 3

c3        Married – Albert Beal to Mrs Mary Audrey Passfield


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Rev & Mrs J. H. Bennett of Aylmer, 50th

c1        Married – Nelson Orwell Gilbert, son of H. J. Gilbert to Verla Marie Baker, daughter of Mrs Mary Baker

c1        Funeral – Charles W. Dyer, Jan 9

c2        Died – Henry George Mills, 62 years, Jan 10, husband of Mrs Mary E. Mills, nee Norton


10 January 1931

Second Section

Page 12

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Donald McIntrye, nee Jennie Mitchell of Lyons, 35th , parent of Leslie, Ivan, Wallace, Marion and Agnes

c4        Died – Mrs Helen Sills, 93 years, widow of Donald Cameron & James Sills

c4        Died – Joseph Truax, 73 years

c4        Died – Mrs R. H. Read, nee Hager, Jan7

c4        Died – John S. Morrison, 69 years, Jan 8

c4        Died – Leopold G. VonEgmond, 79th year, son of A. G. Von Egmond


Page 14

c2        Photo – Miss Blanch Fox and Miss Margaret McInnis of St Thomas

c5        Photo – Marilyn Millyard, daughter of Carman Millyard

c5        Married – Charles R. J. Addy, son of Frank Addy to Gladys Irene Fletcher, daughter of Rev Fletcher


Page 15

c2        Died – William James Little, 65 years, Jan 4, brother of Mrs Eli Bruso, Thomas & H. O. Little

c7        Born – Son of E. Cummings, Jan 7

c7        Died – Henry George Mills, 62 years, Jan 10

c7        Died – Archibald Whalley, 79th year, Jan 9, father of Mrs L. H. Mattis and Wilfred Whalley

c8        Born – Donna Jean Robbins, daughter of David A. & Catherine Robbins, nee Graham, Jan 2

c8        Born – Daughter of W. J. Roulston, Jan 8

c8        Born – Robert & John Laur, twin sons of Den Laur, Dec 29


Page 18

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. B. Smith of Petrolia, 40th


12 January 1931

Page 1

c7        Died – Wilfred L. Grant, 34 years, Jan 12, son of Mrs Isabelle Grant; brother of Mrs Reginald Rolland, George & Angus C. Grant


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Beverley Anderson, nee Marian Kathleen Smith, 27th year, Jan 10, daughter of John S. Smith

c2        Died – Milo A. Hogan, father of Leonard and Rev Milo Hogan and Mrs Alfred Draper

c3        Funeral – Mrs Meda Robins, Jan 12, daughter of Thomas Irwin


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of George A. Morrow, Jan 8

c8        Died – Mrs Bessie Edith Burke, nee Munn, Jan 11, wife of Thomas Burke

c8        Died – Mrs Charles Dorrity, nee Sadie A. Clark, Jan 12, daughter of Mrs Chloe Clark; mother of Grace, Carl, Muriel, Margaret and Gertrude Dorrity; sister of Mrs Rena McGuigan

c8        Memoriam – Thomas Hornby, Jan 11 1924


Page 8

c2        Engagement – W. Edward Blake, son of Rev W. G. Blake to Faith Baxter, daughter of Edwy Sutherland Baxter

c2        Engagement – Howard Hudson, son of John J. Hudson to Marie Bennett, daughter of George Bennett

c5        Married – Mr Ledyard, son of Henry Ledyard to Miss Edwards, daughter of Allen F. Edwards

c5        Married – George Kirkpatrick to Mary E. McDermid


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Bessie Edith Burke, nee Munn, Jan 11, wife of Thomas Burke

c3        Died – Mrs Mahalah Sloggett, 87 years, Jan 12, wife of Richard Sloggett

c5        Died – Albert Henry Macklin, 57 years, Jan 11


13 January 1931

Page 1

c5        Will – Estate of Mahlon G. Burwell of Port Burwell


Page 6

c2        Article – R. H. Dowler of St Thomas

c4        Died – Mrs Elvinda Robins, 84 years, Jan 12, daughter of Eli Smith


Page 7

c2        Died – Darius H. Palmer, 61 years, Jan 12, father of Mrs John Taylor

c8        Born – Marie Rena Dawdy, daughter of E. Dawdy, Jan 7

c8        Born – Stillborn daughter of C. L. Franklin, Jan 6

c8        Died – Mrs Bessie Edith Burke, nee Munn, Jan 11, wife of Thomas Burke

c8        Died – Darius H. Palmer, 61 years, Jan 12, husband of Mrs Florence Palmer


Page 8

c1        Married – Arthur Price to Annie Bell Secord, daughter of Louis Secord

c2        Married – Dr John A. McDonald, son of John McDonald to Mary Scott, daughter of John Scott

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Stiltz of Caradoc township, 55th

c4        Anniversary – Rev & Mrs Robert Hicks of Wallaceburg, 25th


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Austin Miller, mother of Warren Miller

c1        Died – Mrs George Hayward, Jan 8

c1        Funeral – Neil Swartz, Jan 12

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Kimpel of Preston, 51st

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs David Lindsay, nee Mary E. Gladstone of Hagersville, 59th

c2        Birthday – Thomas Sage of Wroxeter, 99th

c7        Died – John Phippen, 81st year, Jan 12, brother of Stephen Phippen and Mrs John Scott


Page 14

c2        Died – Reginald Rothwell, son of J. E. P. Rothwell;widow of Mrs Ina Rothwell, nee Anderson; father of Thomas F. Rothwell; brother of Mrs J. W. Kaufman, Mrs Donald Gill and Mrs Dan McKay

c5        Funeral – Henry George Mills, Jan 12


14 January 1931

Page 1

c3        Photo – C. D. Coyle, Reeve of Bayham Township

c4        Anniversary – Alma College, 50th


Page 3

c1        Died – Richard Frank, 40 years, Jan 13


Page 5

c4        Photo – Dr Wray C. W. Lloyd of St Thomas


Page 6

c3        Died – Miss Ida Baxter, 61st year, Jan 13, daughter of John & Mary Baxter

c4        Died – Samuel J. Cochrane, 57th year, Jan 14, father of Robert Donald Cochrane; brother of Thomas L. Cochrane, Mrs A. M. Anderson, Mrs George Smith, Mrs James Crawford and Jean Cochrane


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Morley Shepherd, Jan 11

c8        Died – Mrs Bessie Edith Burke, nee Munn, Jan 11


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. H. Ellman of London, 50th

c2        Engagement – Harry hare to Maxine Richardson, daughter of W. B. Richardson


Page 9

c2        Photo – 4 generations – Mrs Sarah McDowell, nee Manary age 96 years, her daughter Mrs Hugh Ross, her son Wesley Ross and his son

c3        Died – John Raymond Carnie, 26 years, Jan 12


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Rose Ann Morross, 90th year, daughter of Antoine Beaubien; widow of Joseph A. Morross


15 January 1931

Page 1

c3        Photo – Charles S. Bridgeman, Deputy Reeve of Aylmer


Page 3

c1        Died – W. J. Carter, Jan 13

c6        Died – Eugene Carroll, 82nd year, Jan 14


Page 9

c8        Born – Daughter of P. J. Bancroft, Jan 10

c8        Born – Eleanor Jean Gilmour, daughter of T. J. Gilmour, Jan 12

c8        Born – Theresa Loreen Hagen, daughter of Edwin & Ethel Hagen, nee O’Connor, Jan 14

c8        Memoriam – Elsie Beatrice Stevenson, Jan 15 1930


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Oliver Proteau to Bessie Brown, daughter of L. H. Brown

c3        Married – Basil Armstrong Myers to Mary Evelyn Dodds, daughter of R. J. Dodds

c3        Married – Charles C. Stewart, son of G. A. Stewart to Marie Isabelle McLean, daughter of J. A. McLean


Page 16

c3        Died – Mrs Elizabeth (Dundas) Wastie, 83rd year, Jan 14, wife of William Wastie,

c7        Died – Mrs Beverley Anderson, nee Marion Kathleen Smith, Jan 15


16 January 1931

Page 2

c2        Funeral – R. M. Taylor, Jan 15


Page 3

c3        Photo – Wilson H. Mills of Sparta; Charles E. Raven of West Elgin; Dr H. J. Davis of Aylmer


Page 5

c1        Died – Miss Susan Lamont, 89th year, Jan 16

c6        Funeral – Darius H. Palmer, Jan 15

c6        Funeral – Wilfred Laurier Grant, Jan 14

c7        Funeral – Mrs Thomas B. Burke, Jan 15

c8        Funeral – Mrs Elvinda Robins, Jan 14

c8        Funeral – Samuel J. Cochrane, Jan 15

Page 6

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Boughner of Vittoria, 32nd

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. H. Ellman of London, 50th


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs John Griffin, Jan 11

c6        Died – Archibald McNabb, 80th year, Jan 16


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah Margaret Becker, Jan 16, widow of J. L. Becker

c7        Born – Daughter of T. E. Hobb, Jan 9

c7        Born – Lillian Irene Green, daughter of Richard J. Green, Dec 20

c7        Born – Daughter of Frank Sutton, Jan 7

c7        Born – Daughter of Peter McMillan, Jan 7

c7        Born – Daughter of William McKillop, Jan 12

c7        Born – Daughter of John Murray, Jan 13

c7        Born – Daughter of William Dolan, Jan 7

c7        Born – Daughter of John Murray, Jan 13

c7        Born – Daughter of William Dolan, Jan 7

c7        Born – Son of Harry Howick, Jan 9

c7        Born – Son of Clifford Haskell, Jan 10

c7        Born – Daughter of Alec Simon, Jan 2

c7        Born – Daughter of William Bowen, Jan 12

c7        Born – Daughter of B. A. Cheek, Jan 1

c7        Born – Son of Frederick J. Cyre, Dec 31

c7        Born – Daughter of Charles H. Hurst, Jan 11

c7        Born – Daughter of A. Frank Smith, Jan 10

c7        Born – Daughter of Peter McMillan, Jan 7

c7        Born – Daughter of William Jones, Jan 14

c7        Died – Archibald McNabb, 80th year, Jan 16

c7        Died – Mrs Sarah Margaret Becker, Jan 15

c7        Died – Mr William Wastie, 83rd year, Jan 14

c8        Memoriam – James W. Ross, Jan 16 1930

c8        Memoriam – Frederick W. Williams, Jan 16 1928


Page 10

c2        Married – Oliver J. Proteau, son of Jean B. Proteau to Bessie Brown, daughter of Luke H. Brown

c2        Engagement – Archibald D. McTavish, son of D. G. McTavish to Vanalda Grace Smith, daughter of George A. Smith


Page 12

c2        Died – Edward M. Counsell, 58 years, Jan 13


17 January 1931

Page 2

c3        Died – John Hughes, 68 years, Jan 15


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Joseph Stringham, Jan 16

c2        Died – Samuel Bolton, Jan 16

c2        Died – T. B. Shillington, 79 years, Jan 16

c3        Died – George Maynard Sr., 48 years, Jan 16, son of William Maynard

c3        Died – Mrs Isabelle Kelly, nee Cochrane, 59 years, wife of Arthur E. Kelly

c3        Died – Hugh E. Burns, 74 years

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Porter, nee Menzies, 61 years, wife of James A. Porter


17 January 1931

Second Section

Page 11

c5        Died – Mrs Joseph S. Stringham, 55 years, Jan 16, daughter of H. MacDonald

c5        Died – Dr William Procunier, 56th year, son of Robert Procunier


Page 12

c1        Married – Charles R. J. Addy, son of F. Addy to Gladys Irene Fletcher, daughter of Rev J. A. Fletcher

c1        Married – Walter Frederick Schwegler to Mary Margaret Babcock, daughter of J. H. Babcock


Page 15

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Kivell, nee Mary Gillies of Rodney, 50th , daughter of Angus & Nancy Gillies; son of James Kivell

c8        Born – Robert Ellis Benners, son of W. L. Benner, Jan 7

c8        Born – Son of Wallace E. Loucks, Jan 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Bruce Cowan, Jan 12

c8        Born – Ruth Mary Monk, daughter of B. F. Monk, Dec 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Lonzo Allan, Jan 13

c8        Died – Archibald McNabb, 80th year, Jan 16

c8        Memoriam – Frank Berry, Jan 17 1923

c8        Memoriam – Alfred Frederick Chambers, Jan 17 1926


Page 18

c1        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Margaret Becker, Jan 18


19 January 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – Rev William Hinde, 90th year, Jan 18, father of Mrs Fanny Young and Mrs Lillian Harmer


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Stephen Hartley, Jan 18

c1        Funeral – Miss Ida Baxter, Jan 16

c2        Died – Mrs Lloyd Vaughn, 24 years, Jan 17, daughter of Mrs Ida Tribe

c4        Died – Mrs Louis Fisher, 76th year, Jan 17

c4        Died – Mrs Jhn Maddie, nee Elizabeth McCracken, 50th year, Jan 17

c5        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth (Dundas) Wastie, Jan 17


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Angus Mitchell, Jan 18

c6        Died – Dougald Campbell, 74th year, Jan 18

c8        Memoriam – Mrs James B. Brooks, Jan 19 1929


Page 8

c2        Engagement – James Albert Barnett, son of Herbert Barnett to Agnes Evelyn Gowanlock, daughter of Mrs Minnie E. Gowanlock

c2        Married – William Edward Blake, son of Rev W. G. Blake to Faith Baxter, daughter of Edwy Sutherland Baxter

c3        Engagement – Henry Hare to Maxine Richardson, daughter of W. B. Richardson

c6        Married – Howard Hudson, son of John J. Hudson to Marie Bennett, daughter of George Bennett

c6        Married – Hugh Francis Labbatt, son of John Labbatt to Angela Margaret Pierce, daughter of Lawrence Pierce


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Mrs Edith Maud Wood, 64th year, Jan 17, daughter of James & Caroline Gustin, nee Nelles; wife of Edward C. F. Wood


Page 12

c1        Died – George Clissold, Jan 17, Uncle of Mrs Charles Wright

c1        Died – Dave Basseau, brother-in-law of Fred Coll


20 January 1931

Page 5

c6        Funeral – Archibald McNabb, Jan 19


Page 6

c1        Died – Nathaniel Herendeen, 71st year, Jan 18

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Kivell of Rodney, 50th – Photo

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah B. Evely, 83rd year, Jan 19


Page 7

c4        Died – George Wardle, 64 years, Jan 16, husband of Christina Wardle; brother of Robert J. & Jenny Wardle

c8        Born – Daughter of James & Florence Watson, nee Smith

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah B. Evely, 83rd year, Jan 19, widow of John Evely

c8        Memoriam – Harrie G. Hall, Jan 20 1917

c8        Memoriam – Percie J. Hall, Feb 19 1924


Page 8

c2        Married – P. A. Gahan to Dora Saxton

c3        Married – Norman Peter McDermid to Marie Macapline Heatly, daughter of George W. Heatly

c3        Married – James Bryden Kirkland to Lena May Pym, daughter of Sam Pym

c3        Married – William Edward Blake to Faith Rose Baxter


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Stephen Harley, 77 years, Jan 18

c3        Died – Miss Margaret R. Dickenson, 28th year, daughter of E. U. Dickenson

c3        Died – Marvin Nicholls, 37th year, Jan 18, son of E. Nicholls

c5        Died – Fred H. Elsele, 76 years, stepson of Mr Roman


21 January 1931

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Lloyd Vaughn, Jan 19

c2        Died – Nathaniel Herendeen, Jan 18, father of Seth & William Herendeen and Mrs Robert Robertson

c2        Died – Malcolm Sharpe, 50 years, Jan 20, husband of Mrs Mabel Sharpe, nee Trim

c2        Birthday – John Lennox of Weston, 97th

c4        Died – Miss Etta A. Patterson, 55 years, Jan 21, daughter of Oliver Patterson


Page 7

c1        Died – Doris Norma Hobbs, 5 days, Jan 21, daughter of Thomas E. Hobbs

c3        Died – James Hannigan, 69 years, Jan 21, brother of Thomas & William Hannigan and Mrs Robert Ford

c3        Died – Mrs Mary McLaughlin, nee Gordon, Jan 20, wife of George W. McLaughlin

c8        Died – Joseph Dawson, 72 years, son of Thomas Dawson

c8        Born – Daughter of W. McKillop, Jan 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Wilcox, Jan 16

c8        Born – Son of John West, Jan 19

c8        Born – Son of John Douglas, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of W. Edward Loucks, Jan 12


Page 8

c2        Married – Alexander Paxton Kirby to Gertrude Miller, daughter of A. E. Miller


Page 10

c1        Died – George Bruce Anderson, 82nd year, Jan 19

c4        Birthday – Mrs Maria Crawford of Woodstock, 94th


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Marguerite Louise Hagey, nee Perry, Jan 18, wife of Charles Ralph Hagey

c2        Died – Mrs Mary McAlpine, 68 years, Jan 20, wife of Duncan McAlpine

c3        Died – Richard Cusack, 84 years


22 January 1931

Page 1

c3        Died – Mrs Eva Shellenberger, 71st year


Page 2

c6        Funeral – Mrs Sarah B. Evely, Jan 21


Page 6

c2        Died – John Benson Sage, 65th year, Jan 21

c3        Died – Mrs Rebecca Boomer, 92nd year, Jan 21, widow of J. E. Boomer

c3        Died – J. H. McIntyre, 77 years, Jan 21, husband of Mrs McIntyre, nee Morrish

c3        Died – James D. Mills, 76th year, Jan 21

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Angus Kivell of Rodney, 50th


Page 10

c1        Birthday – Thomas Hammond of Aylmer, 85th

c3        Funeral – Nathaniel Herendeen, Jan 21


Page 11

c3        Funeral – Richard Cusack, Jan 21

c6        Died – Fred W. Birch, 36 years, Jan 19, brother-in-law of R. H. Kitchenham and C. Lundy

c7        Born – Gary Trump, son of N. F. Trump, Jan 21

c7        Born – Daughter of Fred & Aileen Blaney, nee Youmans, Jan 18

c7        Born – George Eric Disbrowe Jr., son of George Eric Disbrowe, Jan 10

c7        Died – Mrs Mary McLaughlin, Jan 20

c7        Died – Mrs Mary McAlpine, nee Timewell, Jan 20


Page 18

c2        Died – Clyde Harvey Dunbar, husband of Mrs Dorothy Dunbar, nee Salmon; nephew of Wm Paddon and Miss E. Paddon


23 January 1929

Page 6

c5        Died – Ola Johnson, Jan 21, widow of Mrs T. Johnson, nee Edge; husband of Mrs M. Johnson, nee Hogson; father of Mrs L. Shephard, Mrs Oscar Rhame, Frank & George Johnson

c4        Died – Mrs Margaret Waugh, 78 years, Jan 20, daughter of James Sutherland; widow of James Waugh; sister of W., James and John Sommerville

c4        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Jackson, Jan 24, widow of Webb Jackson


Page 8

c5        Birthday – Mrs Joseph Pearson of Corinth, 50th


Page 9

c8        Memoriam – Edward Fleuelling, Jan 23 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Catherine Jordan, Jan 22 1930


Page 10

c2        Birthday – Rev W. Fansher of Aylmer, 90th

c3        Engagement – Henry Courtnay Carey, son of William & Nancy Carey to Elizabeth Ann Grant, daughter of Joseph S. Grant

c3        Married – Archie D. McTavish, son of D. G. McTavish to Vanelda Grace Smith, daughter of George A. Smith

c3        Married – Norman Peter McDermid to Marie MacAlpine, daughter of George W. Heatly


Page 16

c3        Died – Mrs Harold Swick, nee Charlotte Jane Spencer, 55 years, Jan 21, sister of Arthur & George Spencer, Mrs W. Burrwell, Mrs George Cousins and Mrs J. Bird


24 January 1931

Page 2

c5        Article – A. S. Paragus – Recite Number of Interesting Sidelights of Pioneer Days – Mr and Mrs A. F. Malcolm of Tillsonburg, Survivors of Families Which Played Leading Part in Early Life of Community – Photo of Mr & Mrs A. F. Malcolm


Page 6

c4        Died – George Hamilton Jr., Jan 24

c4        Died – Mrs George Westcott, nee Emily May O’Loane, 50th year, Jan 22

c5        Died – John B. Walters, 61st year, Jan 22


24 January 1931

Second Section

Page 7

c2        Photo – Angus McCrimmon of St Thomas

c5        Photo – Mrs Jennie Brown, nee Balkwill of Dutton and family


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. H. Ellman of London, 50th

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alfred Rogers of Kerwood, 50th

c2        Married – William E. Blake to Faith Baxter – Photo

c3        Died – Rev William H. Fisher, brother of F. C. Fisher, Alfred T. Fisher and Mrs Louise Epardand


Page 12

c1        Died – William Baden, 75 years, Jan 23, son of James Baden

c1        Funeral – J. B. Sage, Jan 23

c4        Funeral – James D. Mills, Jan 23


Page 14

c3        Birthday – Miss Patsy Dowler, 21st, daughter of J. Dowler

c3        Married – Edwin Henry Genge to Nancy Kennedy, daughter of William Kennedy

c4        Engagement – Frank Kennedy to Isobel Barbara Matheson, sister of Harry Matheson – Photo


Page 15

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary McAlpine, Jan 23

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary McLaughlin, Jan 23


c8        Born – Lewis Harold Yeo, son of Lewis Yeo, Jan 19

c8        Born – Son of W. Armstrong, Jan 14

c8        Born – Daughter of Cyril Pedley, Jan 22

c8        Born – Son of E. & Edith Loucks, nee McCord, Jan 12

c8        Born – Betty Janet Bauslaugh, daughter of Leslie Bauslaugh, Jan 14

c8        Born – Daughter of Orland E. Edwards, Jan 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Wark, Jan 17

c8        Born – Daughter of Harry Belbeck, Jan 17

c8        Born – Alick Carneie Innes, son of William C. Innes, Jan 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Harvey Volmes, Jan 20

c8        Memoriam – Edward A. Campbell, Jan 24 1927

c8        Memoriam – Delbert S. Smith, Jan 24 1926

c8        Memoriam – Lloyd Hitch, Jan 25 1929, son of T. Hitch; brother of Queenie and Don Hitch


26 January 1931

Page 3

c1        Died – Mrs Willliam Hueston, Jan 24, daughter of William Harrison


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Robert L. Platt, nee Madeline Pringle, Jan 24, granddaughter of W. J. White; half-sister of Mrs Basil Bevan; step-daughter of Frank Ermatinger

c8        Born – Rachel Dinne Knowles, daughter of Byron A. Knowles, Jan 23

c8        Born – Betty Ann Lawrence, daughter of G. W. & Ann Lawrence, nee Tanner, Jan 22


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Absalom Gilbert of St Thomas – 85th

c3        Engagement – Victor Teal to Edith Hutchison, daughter of Peter Hutchison

c3        Married – Neil McDougall to Emma Jean Taylor, daughter of George Taylor


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Robert Sutherland Jan 29, uncle of John Munro


27 January 1931

Page 3

c2        Died – E. S. Allen, 66th year, Jan 26

c3        Died – William G. Bartram, 54 years, Jan 27, son of W. H. Bartram; husband of Mrs Ethel Northcote Bartram, nee Lindop

c5        Died – Freeman Foster, 66th year, Jan 25, husband of Mrs Artie Foster, nee Franklin

c5        Died – Mary Ilene McNeil, 15 months, Jan 27, daughter of Hugh McNeil; sister of Doris, Ronald & Russell McNeil


Page 5

c4        Funeral – Mrs William Elwood, Jan 26


Page 6

c3        Died – Granville Morford Haight, 36 years, Jan 26, son of Granville & Agnes Haight; brother of Mrs Harold Youell

c3        Died – Richard Renwick Lowthian, Jan 1931


Page 7

c1        Died – John Hillman, brother of Mrs Fred Bailey

c2        Funeral – Mrs Robert L. Pratt, nee Madeline Pringle, 32 years, daughter of William Pringle

c8        Born – Son of N. Newton, Jan 22

c8        Died – Mrs Madeline Isabella Platt, Jan 24, wife of Robert Keggatt Platt

c8        Memoriam – Emma Clarke, Jan 27 1930


Page 8

c2        Married – Telford Atchison, son of George Atchison to Helen D. Anderson, daughter of Joel Anderson – Photo

c5        Married – Thomas J. Dolan, son of T. J. Dolan to Alice R. Goforth, daughter of James E. Goforth

c5        Married – Julius Moyaert to Zarina Vansteelandt

c5        Married – Alphonse DeSutter to Herman


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Infant son of Clarence Liddle, Jan 26

c2        Funeral – Frederick Burch (Birch), Jan 29


28 January 1931

Page 1

c2        Photo – Bishop Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, age 73 years

c4        Photo – Paul Larson of Yarmouth Heights

c4        Died – Walter R. Gilby, 55 years, Jan 27, husband of Mrs Katherine Gilby, nee Munn

c7        Photo – H. G. Taylor, Reeve of South Dorchester


Page 6

c2        Died – Eileen McNeil, infant daughter of Hugh McNeil


Page 7

c8        Memoriam – Elizabeth Barrett, Jan 28 1929

c8        Memoriam – Charles Lloyd Marr, Jan 28 1930

c8        Memoriam – C. L. Marr, Jan 28 1930

c8        Memoriam – J. H. Tracey, Jan 28 1930

c8        Died – Walter R. Bilby, Jan 27

c8        Died – Mrs Madeline Isabella Platt, Jan 24


Page 8

c1        Married – Charles Edward Mills to Margaret Lillian Kastner, daughter of Gideon Kastner

c1        Married – James Nelson Wride, son of John Wride to Mary Edith Talmon, daughter of Dugald Talmon

c1        Photo – Miss Mary May of St Thomas


Page 9

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Emanuel Baker of Ridgeway, 50th

c1        Died – Ernest Wallace Keats, 67 years, Jan 26, husband of Mrs Bertha Keats, nee Dizner

c2        Died – Mrs Flora Holland, 59 years, Jan 27, widow of George Holland, mother of Queta, Birdie & Clifford Holland

c2        Died – Robert B. Murray, Jan 28, husband of Mrs Harriotte Murray, nee Smith


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Gertrude Isabelle Tillson, nee Campbell, 67th year, Jan 27, widow of George W. Tillson

c2        Died – Mrs Janet Thomson, nee Ward, 78th year, Jan 27, widow of James Thomson


29 January 1931

Page 1

c7        Photo – Henry Roe of St Thomas


Page 6

c2        Funeral – John Clark, 84 years, Jan 29, father of Mrs R. F. Miners, Mrs B. Jacobs, Mrs Regg, Mrs Kerslake, George, John & William Clark


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Effie J. Howard, Jan 28, daughter of Duncan & Mary Ann Holmes; wife of Joseph M. Howard; mother of Catherine Howard; sister of Robert, James and Burton Holmes, Mrs R. McNeil and Mrs A. Hayter

c1        Funeral – G. Morford Haight, Jan 28

c1        Died – Fred Lewis Willson, UE, 72 years, Jan 27


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs A. D. Bowlby, nee Edith Ellen Adams, 67 years, Jan 29

c8        Born – Son of A. G. McColl

c8        Born – Son of David E. Carroll

c8        Died – Walter R. Gilby, Jan 27

c8        Died – Frederick Birch, Jan 18, husband of Mrs Edith Birch, nee Shirley

c8        Memoriam – Mary Bell, Jan 29 1927, by daughters Ada, Fannie and Laura


Page 10

c3        Married – Allan O. MacKay, son of George B. MacKay to Ruth Cowans, daughter of Percy P. Cowans


Page 16

c1        Died – Burgess McDougall, Jan 27, cousin of J. C. Hookwith

c3        Funeral – W. G. R. Bartram, Jan 28


30 January 1931

Page 1

c7        Photo – J. Harry Wismer, Norfolk County Warden


Page 10

c4        Died – Mrs Millie Samis, nee Coulton, Jan 12, daughter of C. A. Coulton; wife of R. D. Samis


Page 11

c4        Died – Thomas Lees, Jan 30

c6        Born – James Maurice Wardell, son of J. Wardell, Jan 21

c6        Married – Harry Charles Harris to Stella Reta Pursley

c6        Died – Mrs Lois Marie Tiller Thorne, 85 years, Jan 29, widow of Albert Tiller and George Thorne


Page 12

c2        Birthday – Mrs Thirza Taylor of St Thomas, 76th, widow of George Taylor; grandmother of Mrs J. W. Iredom

c3        Married – Dr Archibald McCausland, son of John McCausland to Nora Olden Martin, daughter of William C. Martin


Page 17

c1        Died – Mrs Hamilton Smith, Jan 24

c2        Died – Mrs Lois Marie Tiller, 85 years, Jan 29

c2        Funeral – Alexander Orlando Nelles, son of Simon Peter & Nancy Nelles, nee Anderson

c5        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Fulmer, nee Dawson, 75 years, Jan 28, widow of Michael Fulmer

c6        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Johnson, Jan 29, widow of Samuel Johnson, mother of Mrs Jack Carr; sister of Joseph


31 January 1931

Page 6

c1        Died – Lester Hill, 51 years, Jan 26, husband of Mrs Luella Hill, nee Leeson; brother of Charles G. Hill and Mrs Charles Cross; cousin of Edgar Hill

c2        Funeral – Mrs Harriett Abbott, Jan 27, mother of Mrs Ezra Johnson

c1        Died – Bruce Beaman, 26 years, Jan 30

c1        Died – Miss Estheretta Silverthorne, 64th year

c2        Funeral – Duncan McKellar, Jan 31

c5        Died – F. G. Wilcox, Jan 29, father of Dr George Wilcox

c5        Funeral – Freeman Foster, Jan 28


31 January 1931

Second Section

Page 10

c1        Married – James Verner Douglas, son of George Douglas to Edna Piggott, daughter of W. J. Piggott

c1        Married – A. C. Roberts, son of A. C. E. Roberts to Mary Elizabeth Backus, daughter of F. F. Backus of Hamilton

c6        Funeral – Frederick Birch, Jan 29


Page 12

c3        Funeral – Mrs R. L. Platt, Jan 29

Page 14

c4        Birthday – R. T. Pincombe of St Thomas, 72nd

c5        Engagement – George Herbert Blake Stevenson, son of Mrs May Stevenson to Hazel Irene Metier, daughter of Mrs Annie L. Metier

c5        Engagement – Charles Dyson, son of H. Dyson to Dorothy Jessie Robinson, daughter of Mrs Laura Robinson

c6        Engagement – Frank Orland Hicks, son of William Hicks to Margaret Luella Campbell, daughter of Mrs Omer Westfell and the late Duncan W. Campbell

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Hertel of Kitchener, 50th


Page 15

c2        Funeral – Walter R. Gilby, Jan 30

c7        Born – Daughter of Norman McNichol, Jan 17

c7        Born – William Roland Everett, son of Roland Everett Jr, Jan 27

c7        Born – Thomas William Scott, son of W. F. & Daris Scott, nee Blachford, Dec 17 1930

c7        Born – Ross Milton Finch, son of W. M. Finch, Jan 26

c7        Born – Margaret Anne Kirk, daughter of George Kirk, Jan 16

c7        Born – Daughter of Thomas Girling, Jan 23

c7        Born – Daughter of Peter Dierx, Jan 24

c7        Died – Bruce Beaman, 26 years, Jan 30, son of Mrs Isaac Beaman

c7        Died – Thomas Lees, Jan 30

c7        Died – William Morgan Ruse, Jan 31, husband of Mrs Mary Emma Ruse, nee McCance


Page 18

c2        Funeral – Thomas Lees, Feb 2

c5        Died – William Morgan Ruse, 68th year, Jan 31, brother of R. E. and Fred Ruse, Miss Jennie Ruse and Mrs Grace Nicholls; brother-in-law of Mrs J. A. McCance


2 February 1931

Page 2

c2        Died – Joseph E. Armstrong, 67 years, Jan 31, husband of Mrs Margaret J. Armstrong, nee Phipps


Page 3

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Archie A. Taylor of Belmont, 50th


Page 7

c2        Died – Miss Mary E. Lewis, Feb 1, daughter of Robert & Jane Lewis; sister of Mrs R. C. Symonds; Aunt of Mrs Violet Henderson, E. C. & Bruce Symonds; cousin of S. J. Hutton

c2        Died – Roy Sanders, 52 years, Feb 1, husband of Mrs Flora Sanders, nee Buchanan

c6        Died – Charles Cater, 94th year

c8        Died – Miss Mary E. Lewis, Feb 1

c8        Died – Roy Sanders, 52 years, Feb 1


Page 8

c3        Married – Henry Walsham Hare, son of Dr Henry Walsham Hare to Maxine Compeau, daughter of W. B. Richardson


Page 10

c5        Died – Mrs Lulu Ward, nee Wilbur, Jan 29, daughter of John Wilbur


Page 14

c3        Died – Howard Batten, 19 years, Jan 31

c3        Died – Knowles Seward, 17 years, Jan 31

c3        Died – Albert Nichuck, 18 years, Jan 31


3 February 1931

Page 3

c3        Died – John E. Avey, 54th year, Feb 1


Page 6

c1        Died – Clarence Baker, 4 years, Feb 2

c2        Photo – Fred Hotston of Lions Club

c3        Died – Mrs Mary D. McIntyre, Feb 2, wife of Peter B. McIntyre


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs James Butler, Feb 2, sister of Charles Weiner

c8        Born – Barbara Elaine Binns, daughter of Albert & Catherine Binns, nee Metcalfe, Jan 31

c8        Born – Son of Mr & Ann Lawranson, nee Blair, Jan 29


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs Spencer Smith of Ridgetown, 87th

c4        Married – Sewell Boyd to Mrs Eleanor Crandall


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs George Westcott, nee O’Loane, 50 years, Feb 2

c2        Funeral – Estheretta Stevenson, Feb 2

c2        Funeral – Thomas Lees, Feb 2

c2        Funeral – Bruce Beaman, Feb 2

c2        Funeral – William M. Ruse, Feb 2

c4        Died – Andrew Taylor, 68 years, Feb 3, son of John Taylor; husband of Mrs Rebecca Taylor, nee Jones


4 February 1931

Page 6

c1        Birthday – Mrs Margaret Caldwell of St Williams, 94th , daughter of Richard L. Johnston


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Clifton Moore, Jan 30

c8        Born – Son of J. Evans, Feb 1

c8        Died – Andrew Taylor, 68th year, Feb 3

c8        Memoriam – Arthur Barons, Feb 4 1928, by wife Mrs Gladys Barons and sons Bernard & Harry Barons


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs Charles Benedict of Fingal, 71st

c3        Married – Elmer McLean, son of James McLean to Nora McKenney, daughter of H. McKenney

c3        Married – Edgar Bowman to Fern Holmes


Page 9

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Wesley McCain of Port Colborne, 68th

c1        Died – Mrs Sarah Reynolds, Feb 3, widow of Henry Reynolds; mother of Mrs W. Gordon (Cora) Swart, Clayton & Raymond Reynolds; sister of Miss Lydia Pearson

c2        Funeral – Mrs Harriet Randal, 80th year, Feb 4

c2        Died – William S. Russell, 88th year, father of Robert, Charles & Fred Russell


Page 14

c1        Married – Neil McDougall to Emma Jean Taylor, daughter of George Taylor

c2        Died – Samuel Richard Stewart, 72 years, father of Mrs John Thurlow and Mrs Lyle Kelly; brother of Joseph Stewart


5 February 1931

Page 1

c6        Died – George Matthews, 58 years, Feb 4, brother of John & Wesley Matthews


Page 3

c3        Article – William Jaques, 83 years of Simcoe – May be Heir to Millions


Page 6

c1        Divorce – Lovina Doroth Schneck vs Norman William Schneck

c1        Divorce – Gladys Boyd vs William E. Boyd

c1        Divorce – Reva Cosby vs Erie Cosby

c1        Divorce – Robert Hunter vs Bessie Hunter

c1        Divorce – Agnes Celest vs Albert A. Celest

c1        Divorce – Edith Kate Saunders vs Thomas R. Saunders

c1        Died – Rev Thomas B. McCorkindale, Feb 4

c1        Died – Henry Benoit, 70 years, son of Francis Benoit

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Axham, 53 years, widow of Dr Frederick Axham

c3        Died – Mrs Millie Samis, daughter of C. A. Coulton

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Archibald A. Taylor of Belmont, 50th


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs Eliza Riddell, 68th year, Feb 3, widow of William Riddell; mother of James, Percy & Euphemia Riddell


Page 9

c1        Died – Angus Sinclair, Feb 4, father of Orville W., George E., Douglas G., Percy V., Laughelin, Stanlye J. and Walker J. Sinclair, Mrs W. T. Battersby, Mrs C. H. Pichette, Mrs M. W. Nelson, Retta, Olive, Edith and Lillian Sinclair; brother of Mrs M. J. Robinson, Mrs D. B. Armstrong, Mrs Albert Bull, James, John, Albert and Daniel Sinclair

c4        Died – Mrs Bessie Cross, Feb 4, widow of Warren Cross

c8        Born – Daughter of Clarence Honsberger, Feb 3

c8        Died – Andrew Taylor, 68th year, Feb 3

c8        Memoriam – Pauline Enza Nunn, daughter of Arthur Nunn, Feb 5 1925

c8        Memoriam – Sarah Anne McCloy, Feb 5 1928


Page 10

c2        Engagement – William Gordon Boughner, son of W. F. Boughner and nephew of Mrs George C. Carrie to Gertrude Isabel Screaton, daughter of Fred H. Screaton

c2        Engagement – Ralph C. Robinson, son of Ira Robinson to Laura May Ripley, daughter of Inglis W. Ripley


Page 16

c1        Died – James Aylward, 70 years, Feb 4, brother of Rt Rev Mons J. T. Aylward

c3        Funeral – Miss Mary E. Lewis, Feb 3

c3        Funeral – Roy Sanders, Feb 4

c5        Died – Mrs Ida Minerva Bancroft, nee Irish, 71st year, Feb 3, wife of David Bancroft

c5        Funeral – William Edward Phillips, 10 months, Feb 5, infant son of Edward Phillips


6 February 1931

Page 5

c2        Died – Mrs Bessie Couse, Feb 3, wife of Warren Couse

c2        Died – Archibald Gillies, 52 years, Feb 5. brother of Peter and Miss Mary Gillies

c2        Died – Mrs Alem Barnes, nee Nancy Maklem, daughter of George & Margaret Maklem

c4        Died – William L. Hutchinson, 65 years, Jan 3, grandson of J. J. Hutchinson, UE


Page 6

c4        Married – James E. Jenkins, son of Joseph Jenkins to Olive Evelyn Burch, daughter of Elmer E. Burch


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Ernest Goudreau, Feb 6, sister-in-law of Mrs G. Masterman

c2        Died – James R. Leitch, 77th year, Feb 5, husband of Mrs Mary Leitch, nee Galbraith; father of John Leitch, Mrs Duncan McCallum, Mrs Dave Frazer and Miss Margaret Leitch

c2        Died – Myron G. McBride, 63 years, Feb 4, son of Alexander McBride; father of Mrs Cecil Clifford, Priscilla and Embree McBride; brother of Mrs J. A. McCance

c3        Died – Richard Prout, 85 years

c3        Died – Mrs William Revell, widow of Dr Revell; sister-in-law of James C. Revell

c4        Died – Austin J. Fitzmaurice, husband or Mrs Marie Fitzmaurice, nee Morel

c8        Born – Marjorie Joyce Bowen, daughter of Bernice Bowen, Jan 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Orloff Brown, Jan 31

c8        Born – Daughter of Harvey & Marguerite Vokes, nee Johnson, Jan 20

c8        Born – Daughter of Clarence Honsberger, Feb 3

c8        Memoriam – Ellen Brown, Feb 6 1928

c8        Memoriam – John Charles Alexander, Feb 6 1917


Page 8

c3        Birthday – Mrs Leonard Anger of Aylmer, 91st , mother of J. L. Anger


Page 10

c2        Died – F. G. Wilcox, son of George Wilcox; father of George Wilcox; brother of William and Albert Wilcox

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Clark, nee Cocks, 54 years, Jan 21, daughter of Rev Henry & Jennie Cocks, nee Shearer; wife of Theron Clark

c5        Died – Mrs Annie McLean, 80 years, daughter of Jesse & Eliza Thorne; widow of Alexander McLean


7 February 1931

Second Section

Page 7

c2        Photo – Daniel Ferguson, formerly of St Thomas

c2        Anniversary – St Thomas Public Library, 25th – Photo


Page 14

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs O. T. Ball of Ayr, 47th


Page 15

c8        Born – Son of Clifford Reid, Feb 4

c8        Born – Daughter of John Atkinson, Feb 5

c8        Born – Son of M. A. McAlpine, Feb 5

c8        Born – Son of Mr & Mrs DeCourte, Feb 6

c8        Died – Mrs Elizabeth McLennan, nee Arnott, Feb 6, wife of J. C. McLennan

c8        Memoriam – Emma Jane Buckler, Feb 7 1927, by nephew Murray Buckler


Page 18

c7        Funeral – Andrew Taylor, Feb 5


9 February 1931

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Richard England, Feb 4, mother of Grover, Bruce and Harrison

c1        Funeral – George Mathews, Feb 7


Page 7

c2        Died – W. Arthur Mitchell, Feb 7

c8        Born – Roslyn Elizabeth Stone, daughter of Charles R. Stone, Feb 8


Page 8

c8        Married – William Stark to Minnie Johnston

c8        Married – James Alybert Barnett, son of Herbert Barnett to Agnes Evelyn Gowanlock, daughter of Mrs Minnie Gowanlock


Page 9

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Crabb of Detroit, 50th

c4        Died – Cyril A. Avery, 49 years, son of Frederick & Agnes Avery


Page 12

c1        Died – Robert James McCully, Feb 7, infant son of Frederick A. McCully


10 February 1931

Page 1

c6        Birthday – Thomas A. Edison, 84th


Page 6

c3        Died – James Cooper, 57 years, Feb 8

c5        Died – Morris Inwood, 90th year


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Ann Jane Lang, Feb 9, daughter of Samuel & Ann Graham, nee Wilson; wife of Daniel Lang

c8        Died – Alfred Ward, 83 years, Feb 10 at Port Stanley, son of Rev Robert Grant Ward and Marion Turriff of Clapham, Quebec; father of Mrs Herbert A. Short, Mrs (Dr) E. G. Henry, Mrs U. A. Vaudry and R. G. Ward


Page 8

c1        Married – Benjamin H. Webber, son of Tillman Webber to Jean C. Roberts


Page 10

c1        Died – Alfred Ward, 83 years, Feb 10

c3        Died – Lewis Watterworth, Feb 8, husband of Mrs Agnes Watterworth; father of James L. Watterworth, Mrs E. Zimmerman and Mrs Kay

c4        Funeral – Joseph Vanduselar, Feb 6

c4        Funeral – Bernard Brinker, Feb 6

c5        Died – Mrs Elizabeth McLenna, nee Arnott, 74 years, Feb 8, wife of John C. McLennan

c7        Died – Mrs Bessie Couse, nee McLean, Feb 4, widow of Charles Couse


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs John C. Hawkins, nee Maria Elizabeth Langlis, Feb 8

c2        Died – Mrs Andrew Tilley, 81 years, Feb 2, daughter of John Leggett

c2        Died – Christopher Stratford, 84 years, Feb 9


11 February 1931

Page 7

c2        Died – Frank Donley, 72 years, Feb 4, son of James Donley, brother of Thomas, Leo & John Donley

c8        Born – George Frederick Shaw, son of H. J. Shaw, Feb 1

c8        Born – Son of John Eaton, Feb 8

c8        Born – Son of Frank & Jean Purcell, nee McIvor, Feb 8

c8        Born – Daughter of William Rose, Feb 9

c8        Memoriam – James Hardy, Feb 11 1930


Page 8

c2        Engagement – C. H. Ruttan, son of George Ruttan to Estelle Elson, daughter of Frank Elson


Page 10

c2        Died – Albert Tobias, 81 years

c2        Died – James M. Ross, 71 years, Feb 10

c5        Died – Francis Dougal Fleming, 1 month, Feb 9, son of Frank Fleming; brother of Donna, Mildred, John and Anderson Fleming; grandson of John Fleming


Page 14

c3        Funeral – Elijah Newcombe, 55th year, Feb 10


12 February 1931

Page 1

c6        Died – Bishop Joseph F. Berry, 74 years, Feb 11, son of Rev Francis & Ann Berry; husband of Mrs Olive J. Berry, nee Johnson; brother of Dr H. G. Berry


Page 6

c7        Died – Mrs L. L. Pound, nee Stewart, formerly of Belmont


Page 7

c3        Died – Richard Pettit, 84 years, widow or Mrs Nancy Pettit, nee Lamon

c7        Died – Mrs Edward A. Cramp or Kramp, nee Eva Grace Anderson, 32 years, Jan 20, daughter of Peter Anderson; mother of Betty and Baby Cramp; sister of James & Mary Anderson and Mrs James D. McLean


Page 9

c4        Photo – Orlaf Searle of St Thomas

c8        Funeral – Mrs Ann Jane Lang, Feb 11

c8        Born – Jean Isabelle Connor, daughter of Ted Connor, Feb 5

c8        Born – Son of Herbert Thayer, Feb 10

c8        Died – Vivian Arlein Spry, 5 months, Feb 10, daughter of Frank & Marguerite Spry, nee Clinton; granddaughter of John H. Spry


Page 10

c1        Married – Albert Holmes Smith to Sarah Fern Lucas, daughter of William Lucas

c1        Married – Henry Courtney Carey, son of William & Nancy Carey to Elizabeth Ann Grant, daughter of J. S. Grant

c1        Married – Wilfred Gordon Ure to Corinne Agnes Glenny

c2        Birthday – Lewis R. Cloes of St Thomas, 85th


13 February 1931

Page 6

c2        Died – Samuel D/ Cronk, Feb 12, father of Frank S. and S. C. Cronk and Mrs Phillip Case

c2        Died – Mrs Eliza J. Purdy Butler, 77 years, Feb 13, wife of Marcus H. Butler


Page 7

c5        Died – Jesse Louis Fluelling, 37 years, Feb 13, son of Herbert Fluelling; husband of Mrs Mae Irene Fluelling, nee Black

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Adams, Feb 7

c8        Died – Jesse Louis Fluelling, 37 years, Feb 13


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Jos N. Metcalfe, nee Roddick of Petrolia, 43rd

c5        Married – Phillip Anthony DuMoulin, son of Phillip DuMoulin to Agnes May Duffield, daughter of J. C. Duffield

c5        Married – Harold Mills, son of Mrs J. Mills to Ida May Muth, daughter of J. E. Muth

c5        Married – Wilfred Wellman to Alice Becker, daughter of Chelsea Becker

c6        Married – A. Fraser Ross, son of Donald A. Ross to Florence Alberta Allen, daughter of Lucas R. Allen

c6        Married – George Thompson, son of Arthur Thompson to Flora Burn, daughter of W. C. Burn


Page 10

c2        Died – John Williamson, 77 years, son of John Williamson

c2        Funeral – Mrs H. Wibberley, nee Flora Elizabeth Owen, Jan 12

c2        Died – Mrs Miles Harris, 85th year, Feb 12, mother of Rueben, Elmore & Robert Harris

c3        Married – Mr & Mrs Benjamin Webber of Glencolin

c4        Died – Frederick Arthur Welesley, 86 years, son of Henry Wellesley


14 February 1931

Page 1

c5        Died – John Jemp, Feb 14

c6        Died – Sperrin Chant, 77 years, Feb 14, father of Sperrin Chant, Mrs Alfred M. McIntyre and Olevia Chant; brother of Mrs Burgess, Mrs Ellen Leuchary, Mrs L. Lindsay, John & Thomas Chant – Photo


Page 2

c1        Died – Joseph E. Johnson, 48 years, Feb 13, father of Wilbur, John, Edwin and Lois Johnson

c3        Funeral – Vivian Arlein Spry, 5 months, Feb 13, daughter of Frances A. & Marguerite Spry, nee Clinton


Page 3

c7        Married – Edward William Griffin, son of T. Griffin to Clara Madeline Millman, daughter of Albert Millman

c7        Married – George Herbert Blake Stevenson, son of H. E. & May Stevenson to Hazel Irene Metler, daughter of W. W. & Annie L. Metler

c7        Married – Donald Harold Forsyth, son of Thomas Forsyth of Sparta to Marion Keith McCallum, daughter of John A. McCallum of Iona Station


Page 6

c2        Article – A. S. Paragus – Tillsonburg Veteran Finds Decorating Art Advanced – Horace Weatherwax is Daddy of the Trade and Comments on the Gaudy Colourings and Paper of the Past


14 February 1931

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Died – David Pennington, son of Thomas & Ann Pennington; husband of Mrs Annie Pennington, nee Anderson

c4        Died – Julius Tuck, 62nd year

c4        Died – D. A. McDonald, 56 years, husband of Mrs Olive McDonald, nee Fisher

c4        Died – Elijah Newcombe, Feb 7, brother of Mrs Mary Scarfe, Jabez, John and Alva Newcombe


Page 14

c5        Birthday – Eleanor Green, 21st, daughter of William J. Green of St Thomas

c7        Married – Herbert Winch, son of Herbert W. Winch to Laura Mae Grieve, daughter of Hector Grieve


Page 15

c7        Born – Son of George Chesney, Feb 10

c7        Born – Son of M. Davis, Feb 10

c7        Born – Frederick Edward William James, son of Victor James, Feb 3

c7        Born – Son of Clifford Reid, Feb 4

c7        Born – Son of Herbert Campbell, Feb 8

c7        Died – Jesse Louis Fluelling, 37 years, Feb 13

c7        Died – Sperrin Chant, 77 years, Feb 14

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Sarah Henderson, Feb 14 1929

c7        Memoriam – William Pennington, Feb 15 1930


Page 18

c2        Died – Mrs Jessie Smith, nee Panton, daughter of Rev E. W. Panton; wife of Angus Smith


16 February 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – William Thomas Venning, 66 years, Feb 16 – Photo


Page 6

c2        Died – Noble Ellsworth, 79th year, Feb 14

c2        Died – John Gent, 50 years, Feb 14, husband of Mrs Rachel Gent, nee Smith

c3        Died – Ross Wilson, 19 years, Feb 14


Page 7

c1        Died – Norbert McDonald, 27th year, Feb 16, son of John McDonald; brother of Donald, Angela & Gabriel McDonald

c2        Died – Mrs Harriet A. Rossiter, nee Hopkins, 70 years, Feb 14, widow of Stephen Rossiter

c8        Born – Son of Edward Waite, Feb 2

c8        Died – Norbert McDonald, 27th year, Feb 16

c8        Died – William Thomas Venning, 66 years, Feb 16

c8        Died – Mrs Edith Mary Gleeson, 52 years, Feb 14, wife of William H. Gleeson

c8        Died – Mrs Harriet A. Rossiter, 70 years, Feb 14

c8        Memoriam – William Young, Feb 16 1930, by sister Mrs M. Reed


Page 8

c2        Engagement – F. Willard Cleary, son of Dr N. W. Cleary to Peggy Robertson, daughter of George Robertson

c3        Engagement – Leroy Page, son o Alexander L. Page to Lillian Cynthia Mills, daughter of Edwin Mills

c3        Married – Dr Robert M. Stringer to Ruth Covey, daughter of Harry W. Bawden

c3        Engagement – Ronald George Lees, son of Herbert S. Lees to Katharine Nicholson, daughter of Charles James Nicholson

c4        Married – Albert E. Silverwood to Nora McPherson


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Edith Mary Gleeson, 52 years, Feb 14, mother of William H. Gleeson; sister of Sister Pulcharia and Mrs W. M. Baldwin

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Paulin, nee Norsworthy, Feb 14, widow of F. C. Paulin

c3        Died – Mrs Anna Staton Scrase, 87 years, Feb 16, widow of Amos Armitage and Charles Scrase; mother of Mrs A. C. Pink, Amos, Harvey & Charles Armitage; step-mother of Mrs Claude Tinlin, Charles, Frederick and John Scrase


17 February 1931

Page 6

c1        Died – Marcus Butler, Feb 14, step-father of L. O. Purdy

c1        Funeral – Mrs Eliza J. Purdy Butler, Feb 16

c2        Died – Thomas Urquhart, 73 years, Feb 16, brother of Daniel Urquhart


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs William H. Gleeson, Feb 17

c8        Died – Norbert McDonald, 27th year, Feb 16

c8        Died – Mrs Anna Staton Scrase, 87 years, Feb 16

c8        Died – William Thomas Venning, 66 years, Feb 16

c8        Memoriam – George Williams, Feb 17 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Harry Graham Feb 17 1928

c8        Memoriam – Emily Carroll, Feb 17 1927


Page 8

c1        Married – James Howard Sage, son of J. E. Sage to Georgina Rhea Archibald, daughter of A. E. Archibald

c2        Married – Frederick M. Culp to Bertha Amelia Shearer, daughter of Mrs E. Barton

c2        Birthday – H. Elliott of St Thomas, 82 years

c2        Birthday – W. H. Elliott of New Sarum, 88 years


Page 10

c4        Funeral – Mrs Simon Leslie, 67th year, Feb 16


Page 14

c2        Funeral – Jesse Louis Fluelling, Feb 16

c3        Funeral – Sperrin Chant, Feb 16


18 February 1931

Page 2

c4        Died – Charles Franklin Price, 56 years, Feb 14


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Noble Ellsworth, Feb 17

c2        Died – Adam Bunn, 27 years, Feb 13, son of Japhet Bunn; brother of Asa Bunn

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah Gates, 84th year, Feb 12, mother of Mrs C. H. Pattison, Clarke D. & John Gates


Page 7

c6        Died – Mrs George M. Wrong, nee Sophia Hume Blake, 73rd year, Feb 17, daughter of Edward Blake

c8        Funeral – Norbert McDonald, Feb 17

c8        Born – Daughter of Vernon Fife

c8        Died – Joseph Allen Small, 58 years, Feb 18, husband of Mrs Fannie Small, nee Pugsley; father of William Edward Small


Page 8

c3        Married – Ralph C. Robinson, son of Ira Robinson to Laura May Ripley, daughter of I. W. Ripley


Page 10

c2        Died – Joseph W. Copeland, Feb 17, son of James Copeland; father of Mrs Grenville Gloin, Mrs Ernest Inch, Mrs Andrew Beattie, Mrs George Manning; brother of Mrs James and Alonzo Copeland

c2        Birthday – Mrs James Amoss of Corinth, 83rd

c3        Died – Mrs Elva Adlington, Feb 17, daughter of Charles Lee; wife of Thomas W. Adlington


Page 14

c2        Birthday – William H. Holman of St Thomas, 70th – Photo

c3        Funeral – John Gent, Feb 17

c3        Died – Joseph Allen Small, 58 years, Feb 18; brother of Mrs William Brown, Mrs George Rohdfritsch William and John Walter Small


19 February 1931

Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Mahlon Johnson, Feb 2, mother of William & Reginald Johnson


Page 10

c1        Died – Rev Elijah D. Pound, 51st year, Feb 11, son of John K. & Rhoda Pound; father of Alberta, Ernestine, John Henry and Norman Elijah Pound; nephew of Mrs A. Chambers and Mrs S. Stevens

c2        Died – John Campbell, 75 years

c3        Died – Mrs G. A. Johnson, nee Ida Bryning

c3        Died – Mrs Nellie McCallum, 57th year, Feb 19, daughter of E. R. Gibbs; wife of Solomon W. McCallum; mother of Leota & Bernice McCallum; sister of Mrs Bennett

c4        Died – Thomas Agnew Reid, Feb 18, husband of Mrs Amy Harriet Reid, nee Hustel; father of Dorothy & Constance Reid; brother of George A. & Adam Reid, Mrs Wellington Finlay, Mrs John Halpenny and Mrs Shields


Page 11

c2        Funeral – William T. Venning, Feb 18

c2        Funeral – Mrs Harriet A. Rossiter, Feb 17

c8        Born – Daughter of C. Cable, Feb 14

c8        Born – Marjory Isabel Elson, daughter of C. R. Elson, Feb 18

c8        Died – Joseph Allen Small, 58 years, Feb 18


Page 14

c7        Died – Mrs Anna Sexton, nee O’Brien, Feb 16, mother of John J., Frank J. Andrew P. and William N. and Margery C. Sexton


20 February 1931

Page 3

c2        Died – Floyd McCain, 34 years, Feb 18, son of John E. McCain; brother of Harold, Russell & Harvey McCain

c2        Funeral – William Ridley, Feb 18

c2        Died – Mrs Ida Jane Park, Feb 19, daughter of George Montgomery; wife of James D. Park

c4        Died – Mrs George Light, Feb 17


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs Anna Station Scrase, Feb 16


Page 8

c2        Died – George Lawr, 75 years, Feb 20, son of J. C. & Sarah Lawr

c5        Funeral – William West, 75th year, Feb 18


Page 9

c7        Born – Daughter of Gordon Saul, Feb 17

c7        Born – Son of George Pierce, Feb 13

c7        Born – Son of Rev B. L. Walden, Feb 14

c7        Born – Daughter of George Martin, Feb 14

c7        Born – Son of E. Davis, Feb 10

c7        Born – Son of Alois DeSerano, Feb 12

c7        Born – Daughter of Roy Schell, Feb 6

c7        Born – Charles Robert Roloson, son of Alonzo Roloson, Feb 3

c7        Born – Daughter of Russell & Evelyn Lee, nee Smoke, Feb 19

c7        Died – Mrs Lillian Effie Christmas, 56 years, Feb 19, wife of Andrew J. Christmas; mother of Beulah Christmas and Mrs Raymond Near


Page 10

c1        Married – Charles E. Dyson, son of Edward Dyson to Dorothy Jessie Robinson, daughter of William & Laura Robinson


Page 12

c4        Birthday – Charles J. Sihler of Simcoe, 98th – Photo

c6        Died – John L. Brown, 77th year


Page 16

c4        Died – Mrs S. Barfoot, nee Leila Hambly, 32 years, daughter of George Hambly


21 February 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – Frank Connelly, 52 years, Feb 21

c3        Photo – J. Harold Becker, son of W. A. Becker of St Thomas


Page 2

c2        Funeral – Mathew Henry Bennett, Feb 20

c2        Funeral – Miss Thelma Parker, Feb 20

c2        Died – Malcolm McMillan, 58 years, Feb 19


Page 6

c2        Died – John C. Locke, 75th years, Feb 20

c3        Died – James Whiting, 64th year, Feb 20m father of Percy & Robert Whiting, Mrs William Calvert, Mrs Charles Scherer and Mildred Whiting


21 February 1931

Second Section

Page 10

c1        Married – Reginald Hammond to Wealtha Daniels, daughter of Charles Daniels

c1        Married – Frederick Gliddon Wiseman to Mary Ellen McNernie, daughter of Peter McNernie


Page 14

c2        Birthday – Thomas A. Edison, 84th and Mrs Edison – Photo

c6        Married – Roy Mitchell, son of Sherman Mitchell to Mildred Warren, daughter of William Warren

c6        Engagement – George Victor Makins, son of George Makins to Eunice Evelyn Clayton, daughter of Joseph Clayton

c6        Married – Ford A. Murphy, son of Rev R. J. Murphy to Jean Eva Marie McRae, daughter of J. A. McRae


Page 15

c2        Funeral – Joseph Allen Small, Feb 20

c8        Born – Jack William Winter, son of Ed Winter, Feb 19

c8        Memoriam – Charles F. Reiser, Feb 22 1930

c8        Memoriam – Mrs John Acton, Feb 21 1927


23 February 1931

Page 1

c6        Died – Right Rev Michael Fallon, Feb 22


Page 6

c7        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Pratt, 97 years, daughter of William & Mary Richardson, nee Utter; widow of George Pratt


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Andrew Christmas, Feb 21

c8        Died – Miss Priscilla Elizabeth Batzold, 68 years, Feb 22

c8        Died – Mrs Amy Jane Bennett, Feb 21, widow of Edwin Bennett

c8        Died – John R. Taylor, Feb 22, husband of Mrs Christena Taylor, nee Smith


Page 8

c1        Married – Angus Sweedland, son of Frank Sweedland to Dorothy Irene Stanley, daughter of George Stanley

c1        Married – Lloyd Pearson, son of John Pearson to Dora Grace Fitzpatrick, daughter of S. G. Fitzpatrick

c3        Engagement – Elmer Lawson, son of Joseph Lawson to Alberta Venner, sister of Mrs Garfield McIntyre


Page 10

c1        Died – John G. Smith, 74th year, Feb 22

c1        Died – Mrs Emma VanPatter, 75th year, Feb 22, widow of Willard VanPatter

c2        Funeral – Mrs S. W. McCallum, Feb 21, sister of E. S. Dibb and Mrs W. E. Bennett

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Hobbs, 89th year, Feb 20, widow of Richard Hobbs

c4        Died – Mrs Raymond Cattel, nee Maud Harrison, 23rd year, mother of Billy Cattel

c5        Died – Mrs George Martin, , nee Clara A. Strickler, Feb 21

c5        Died – John R. Taylor, 70 years, Feb 22, son of Archibald Y. Taylor


Page 14

c2        Died – Walter Steer, son of Stephen & Sarah Steer; husband of Mrs Annie E. Steer, nee Wilkinson

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. J. Wilson, nee Sparling of Prospect Hill, 25th

c4        Died – Mrs Amy Jane Bennett, Feb 21, widow of Edwin Bennett; sister of Mrs M. Baby, Mrs Kate Clark and Olo, Harry, George, Fred and Charles Dale

c4        Died – Miss Priscilla Elizabeth Batzold, 60 years, Feb 22


24 February 1931

Page 1

c5        Died – Mrs Thomas E. Lilly, 77 years, Feb 23, sister of Andrew McIntyre

c6        Divorce – George Hoshal vs Georgina Taylor and Frank Slaght


Page 6

c2        Birthday – Samuel Staley of Malahide, 87th


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Paul Schwager, nee Geraldine Hamilton, 42 years, cousin of Mrs Adolph Irwin

c8        Born – Son of Charles & Helen Newman, nee Devitt, Feb 21

c8        Born – Billie Harris Jr, son of William Harris, Feb 21

c8        Died – Miss Priscilla Elizabeth Batzold, 60 years, Feb 22


c8        Memoriam – Maude Acheson McLeod, Feb 24 1922


Page 8

c1        Married – Alexander F. Capern, son of Percy Capern to Samantha Irene Hyatt, daughter of Fred Hyatt

c1        Married – Norman Evans to Gladys Nelson, daughter of George Nelson

c2        Married – Charles H. Ruttan, son of G. Ruttan to Estelle Elson, daughter of Frank Elson

c2        Married – W. H. Grice, son of Frank L. Grice to Jean M. Smith, daughter of Albert Smith

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas Haylock of Norwich, 43rd


Page 10

c4        Died – Miss Lorena Millard, Feb 20, sister of Leslie & Lundy Millard

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Byron Marsh of Gladstone, 25th


25 February 1931

Page 3

c4        Funeral – Mrs Amy Jane Bennett, Feb 24


Page 6

c1        Funeral – George Lawr, Feb 23

c1        Funeral – Mrs William VanPatter, Feb 24

c2        Funeral – Howard Young, Feb 22, cousin of Skene & James Smith

c2        Died – M. Rueben Bythell, Feb 23, father of Rev J. R. Bythell

c4        Funeral – Floyd McCain, Feb 20


Page 7

c2        Died – George Robert McMillan, 68th year

c2        Died – Mrs Grant Harris, Feb 24

c7        Funeral – John G. Smith, Feb 24

c8        Born – Bobby Greenaway, son of r. O. Greenaway, Feb 21


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs Julia Rogers of Kingsmill, 90th , mother of Russell Rogers


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs P. R. Langill, Feb 23, wife of Rev Langill

c4        Died – Mrs Ellen Campbell, nee Summers, 82nd year, Feb 24, widow of John G. Campbell

c5        Died – Marjorie D. Davis, 16 years, daughter of Rev J. F. Davis

c5        Died – Mrs Clara Jones, 72nd year


Page 12

c3        Photo – H. A. Skinner of London


26 February 1931

Page 2

c1        Died – Mrs Caroline Amilia Gale, 69th year, widow of Eber Gale


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs Catherine Bartlett, Feb 20, widow of Asil Bartlett


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of J. D. & Betty MacDonald, nee Smith, Feb 20

c8        Memoriam – William Lawrence, Feb 26 1924

c8        Memoriam – Leone Jaennet Rapson, Feb 26 1926


Page 10

c1        Married – Donimick Keely, son of Patrick J. Keely to Mary Callaghan, daughter of Thomas Callaghan

c2        Married – Claire Johnson to Eulalie Elizabeth Sauve, daughter of Mrs L. Roberts


Page 12

c2        Funeral – George Albert Fisher, Feb 25, infant son of C. Wilber Fisher


27 February 1931

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Marie Hancock, Feb 26

c1        Died – Mrs Milton Pollard, nee Montelena Smith, 55th year

c2        Died – Thomas W. Ford, 52nd year, Feb 26, son of William Ford

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Horace J. Gilbert of Dereham Centre, 35th

c4        Died – Henry Sing, 83rd year, Feb 26

c4        Died – Mrs Miriam Teskey Smith, 89th year

c5        Funeral – John R. Taylor, Feb 25


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Campbell, Feb 26

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E. J. Fearnley of Port Burwell, 24th

c4        Died – Rev George H. Johnson, 86 years, Feb 26, father of Mrs David McKay, Gladys, LeRoy H. and Rupert C. Johnson


Page 9

c2        Died – Hugh Henry Payne, 47 years, Feb 27, husband of Mrs Ethel Anna Payne, nee Diller

c8        Born – Daughter of Norman Carnie, Feb 21

c8        Died – Hugh Henry Payne, 47 years, Feb 27

c8        Memoriam – Elizabeth Styles Elsie, Feb 27 1920, by daughter Mrs Maude Holderbaum


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Ezra Pollard, son of John Pollard to Katie Alexandria McLaughlin, daughter of Eli McLaughlin

c2        Engagement – Richard Tinning Wilson, son of John Arthur Wilson to Mary Haldane Baird, daughter of James Baird

c2        Engagement – William Gordon Boughner, son of W. F. Boughner to Gertrude Isabel Screaton, daughter of Fred Screaton

c3        Married – George W. Randall, son of James W. Randall to Romelda Stevens, daughter of Fred Stevens

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. A. Barons of Belmont, 39th

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F. R. Taylor of Belmont, 15th


28 February 1931

Page 1

c7        Photo – Thomas J. Nicol, son of Thomas J. Nicol of St Thomas; grandson of Mrs W. H. Swift


Page 6

c4        Died – Leslie Zavitz, 15 years, Feb 27


28 February 1931

Second Section

Page 10

c3        Married – Wesley Burch to Adeline McIntyre, daughter of James McIntyre

c3        Married – Frank Edward Blaine, son of A. D. Blaine to Margaret Wilhelmine Spettigue, daughter of H. E. Spettigue

c4        Died – Francis Arthur Wilcox, 67 years, husband of Alice Wilcox; father of Charles Wilcox

c4        Died – Mrs Margaret M. Minnis, nee Emery, Feb 22, daughter of Nathan B. Emery


Page 15

c2        Died – Miss Mary A. Lowe, Feb 28, daughter of Edward E. & Annetta Lowe

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William E. Clark, nee Carruth of Dutton, 50th – Photo

c7        Born – George Lee Fick, son of earl Fick, Feb 15

c7        Born – Son of Clarence F. Reynolds, Feb 22

c7        Born – Daughter of Ben Okun, Feb 20

c7        Born – Son of Cecil Laine, Feb 25

c7        Died – Hugh Henry Payne, 47 years, Feb 27

c7        Died – Mary A. Lwe, Feb 28

c8        Memoriam – W. Vaughan, Mar 1 1929

c8        Memoriam – Alice Axford, Feb 28 1930

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Thomas Dancey, Feb 28 1930


Page 18

c1        Died – R. R. Scott, 94th year, widow of Mrs Agnes Scott, nee Hicks; father of John & Thomas Scott and Mrs Edward Sutherland


2 March 1931

Page 1

c3        Photo – Roger S. Black of St Thomas


Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs Mary A. Mitchell, 74 years, Feb 28, widow of James Mitchell


Page 6

c3        Died – Gordon Simpson, 80 years, Feb 28

c4        Died – Raymond Victor Cunningham, 13 years, son of William J. Cunningham

c4        Died – Peter Tracey, 60 years, Mar 1

c5        Died – John Alton, 76 years, father of Mrs Ayearst Stilwell and Lorne Alton

c6        Died – Mrs Louisa Ann Durdle, nee Allin, Feb 28, widow of William John Durdle\


Page 7

c2        Died – Ernest James Sparling, 55 years, son of Robert W. & Martha Sparling

c8        Born – Samuel Stanford Morris, son of Samuel H. Morris, Feb 25

c8        Born – Son of James Muth, Feb 26

c8        Died – Mrs Letitia Westaway, 81 years, Feb 28, widow of Henry J. Westaway; mother of Henry Westaway and Mrs Stanfield


Page 8

c4        Married – Wallace H. Best to Frances Gertrude Balderston


Page 9

c2        Died – Whitaker Denby Dixon, 86th year, Feb 27

c4        Died – Edward Mudford, 78 years, widow of Mrs Nancy Mudford, nee Moore and Mrs Jennie Mudford, nee Robinson


3 March 1931

Page 1

c3        Anniversary – St Thomas City, 50th


Page 3

c1        Died – Thomas Adlington Sr., Mar 1, father of Mrs A. Balcom, Stanley and Thomas


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Rev George H. Johnson, Mar 2


Page 7

c3        Died – George Creber, 61 years, Mar 3

c4        Died – Miss Fannie Evely, 73rd year, Mar 2, daughter of William & Grace Evely; sister of Mrs William Seburn

c5        Funeral – Hugh H. Payne, Mar 2

c5        Funeral – Miss Mary A. Lowe, Mar 2

c6        Died – J. Leamon Harris, 78th year, Mar 2

c8        Born – Lettie Patricia Wall, daughter of J. R. Wall, Feb 24

c8        Born – Son of Melvin Claus, Mar 1

c8        Born – Cyril James Lane, son of Cecil J. Lane, Feb 24

c8        Died – George Creber, 61 years, Mar 3, husband of Mrs Thurza Creber

c8        Died – Miss Fannie Evely, 73rd year, Mar 2

c8        Died – Louis Francis Gould, 72 years, Mar 2, husband of Mrs Edith Gould; father of Mrs John Orr, Ina, Frank, Lorne, Morley and Harry Gould


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Arthur Fellows, son of W. R. Fellows to Bella Grierson, daughter of William Grierson

c3        Engagement – David Cecil Duff to Alice Muriel Barbara Smith, daughter of Dr John Currie Smith

c4        Died – Mrs Alex Sutherland, nee Ellen Steer, 77 years, Mar 1


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Elsbrie, nee Gillard, 77th year, Mar 2, wife of James Elsbrie

c1        Died – Mrs Rachel Hunter, 85th year, Mar 2, widow of Henry Hunter

c1        Died – Thomas Patterson, 81 years, Mar 2

c1        Died – Funeral – Mrs Richard Wilson, 68 years, Mar 3

c2        Funeral – Mrs William Munroe, nee Janet Young, 75th year

c2        Funeral – Mrs William Paisley, nee Isabelle Marie Price, 88th year

c3        Died – Mrs Isaiah Brown, 79th year, Mar 1

c4        Funeral – Robert H. Brumpton, 70 years, Mar 4

c5        Died – J. Leaman Harris, 78th year, Mar 2


Page 14

c1        Died – John Nelson Carswell, 60th year, husband of Mrs Elsie Carswell, nee Willets

c4        Died – Louis Francis Gould, 72 years, Mar 2


4 March 1931

Page 5

c2        Funeral – Mrs Letitia Westaway, Mar 3


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G. R. Christie of Aylmer, 55th


Page 7

c6        Died – George C. Learn, 81 years, Mar 3

c6        Died – James Kerr, Mar 3, brother of Mrs W. J. Stewart

c8        Born – Ronald James Cabot, son of William Cabot, Feb 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Harry Kivell, Feb 25

c8        Died – George Creber, 61 years, Mar 3

c8        Died – Louis Francis Gould, 72 years, Mar 2

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Pearl Waite, Mar 4 1923, by daughter Mrs Charles H. Bond 

Page 10

c1        Died – Hugh Matheson, 82 years, father of Mrs Robert McPherson

c1        Died – Lorne Duff Marshall, Mar 1

c6        Funeral – Mrs M. Pollard, Mar 4


5 March 1931

Page 1

c2        Birthday – Mrs Margaret McCallum of Dutton, 99th , mother of Archie, Donald, Hugh, Dougald & Miles McCallum

c3        Photo – Ian D. Cameron of St Thomas

c6        Photo – Dr Frederick Guest, formerly of St Thomas


Page 6

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Parker of Sparta, 25th


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Minnie Stewart, nee McColl, 62 years, wife of Dr A. D. McColl

c2        Died – Mrs Peter Bowlby, nee Frances A. Griffin, 88 years, daughter of Alexander & Rachel Bowlby

c2        Died – Mrs Angus Boughner, nee Euphemia Stewart, 76th year, Mar 3

c2        Died – George Baslaugh, Mar 3, father of Mrs Leo Smith; brother-in-law of Mrs James Addison

c2        Died – Bertly Youmans, Mar 1, son of Lewis & Emma Youmans

c2        Died – Mrs Edward Knight, nee Saran Ann Field, 77th year, Mar 2, daughter of James D. & Maria Field


Page 11

c2        Died – Fred W. Parker, son of R. W. Parker; widow of Mrs Mary Parker, nee Gordon

c3        Funeral – Miss Fannie Evely, Mar 4

c7        Died – Mrs James Blake, nee Rebecca Elizabeth Smith, 63 years, Mar 4

c7        Died – Mrs Thomas H. Ford, nee Agnes Annie Taylor, 63rd year, Mar 3

c7        Died – Mrs George Williams, 93rd year

c8        Born – Shirley Agnes Travers, daughter of W. W. & Agnes Travers, nee Jennings, Mar 3

c8        Died – George C. Learn, 81st year, Mar 3, husband of Mrs Hannah Learn, nee Appleford

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Pearl Waite, Mar 4 1923, by daughter Mrs Charles H. Brock


Page 12

c1        Married – Hugh Farquharson Osler to Embrie McBride, daughter of Myron McBride and niece of Mrs J. A. McCance

c1        Married – Masson William Foster, son of Albert Foster to Reata Audrey Lenore Hough, daughter of W. Hought

c1        Married – Clifford Graham to Evelyn McIntyre, daughter of B. McIntyre

c1        Married – Albert Franklin Westabrook, son of A. E. Westabrook to Mary Albina Swales, daughter of J. H. Swales

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G. R. Christie of Aylmer, 55th

c2        Engagement – Ezra Pollard, son of John Pollard to Katie Alexandria McLaughlin, daughter of Eli McLaughlin

c2        Engagement – Ralph Llewellyn Wernham, son of Joseph Wernham to Mary Georgina Matthews, daughter of George D. Matthews


Page 17

c2        Birthday – Daniel Ferguson, formerly of St Thomas, 86th , father of Kenneth, Bessie, Grace & Marjorie Ferguson


Page 18

c1        Funeral – George C. Learn, Mar 6

c1        Died – Robert Green, 77 years, Mar 4

c4        Married – Floyd Delmar Oliver, son of Mrs Mary Oliver to Adeline Elizabeth McRitchie, daughter of George A. McRitchie

c6        Died – Mrs Jennie McAllister, 76th year, Mar 4, mother of Mrs George Boyce, Edward, Charles & Aaron McAllister


6 March 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – Thomas McDonald, 58 years, Mar 6, brother of Joseph, William & John McDonald, Mrs Murphy, Mrs A. Cousens, Mrs J. Taylor, Mrs Frank Monaghan and Pete McDonald (deceased)

c3        Photo – Adam Harkness of Belmont


Page 6

c1        Died – John Alexander Buchanan, 75 years, Mar 3

c2        Died – Mrs Nancy Ann Clarke, nee Cornwall, 87 years, Mar 5, widow of Henry A. Clarke

c3        Died – Mrs Myra Jane Best, 64 years, Mar 4

c3        Died – John Charles Griffiths, 89 years, Mar 6, son of Thomas Griffiths

c3        Died – Malcolm McIntyre, 74th year

c4        Died – Robert Clare, 68 years


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Henry Couse, nee Nancy Margaret Rapelje, 82 years, Mar 5

c4        Died – William Strong, 79 years

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Henry Golding of Mitchell, 64th


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of Lawrence Mason, Feb 26

c8        Married – Victor Jones to Delia Chloe Brown

c8        Died – Mrs Henry Couse, nee Nancy Margaret Rapelje, 82 years, Mar 5

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Annie Knight, Mar 6 1929


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Lorne Edgar Simpson, son of George Simpson to Eva Mae Galbraith, daughter of Hector Galbraith


Page 12

c1        Died – W. J. Smith, 81st year, Mar 2

c4        Funeral – Mrs Swan, daughter of Levi Oke

c7        Died – Gilbert Hyndman, Mar 5


Page 14

c3        Photo – Cecil Farr and C. C. Trull of St Thomas


7 March 1931

Page 1

c6        Died – Thomas Hammond, 85 years, Mar 7 – Photo


Page 6

c1        Died – Dr Mary L. Agar, 74 years, Mar 6

c1        Died – Miss Emma Bailey, Mar 6, daughter of Daniel Bailey

c4        Died – Charles Milton Huffman, 47 years, Mar 6, husband of Mrs Ella Huffman, nee Koucher

c5        Died – Mrs George Williams, Mar 5, mother of Gordon & Harris Williams


7 March 1931

Second Section

Page 10

c3        Married – Wallace H. Best, son of T. J. Best to Francis Gertrude Balderston

c4        Dedication – St John’s Anglican Church, St Thomas – Vestry Window


Page 12

c1        Died – C. L. Messecar, Mar 7

c2        Died – Thomas Dunn, 88 years, Mar 7

c3        Funeral – Mrs James H. Marsh, 76 years, Feb 6, daughter of Archibald Duncanson

c8        Died – Mrs Catherine Campbell, 85 years, Mar 6, daughter of Joseph & Philena Brickley; widow of Malcolm Campbell


Page 14

c5        Engagement – Earle Spry, son of John Spry to Eva Pullen, daughter of James Pullen

c5        Engagement – Herbert Brown, son of Mrs D. McIntyre and the late F. Brown to Betty Imrie, daughter of Alex Imrie

c5        Engagement – Robert Curtis Brown, son of Harry Brown to Phyllis Gwendolyn Barned, daughter of Mrs Alice Barned

c5        Engagement – Joseph Lyon Sanderson, son of Dr Hermon Harvey Sanderson to Catherine Virginia Reeve, daughter of William S. Reeve

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs R. J. Knight of St Thomas, 15th


Page 15

c1        Died – Ivan Allen Hyndman, Mar 7, son of Clarence Hyndman

c2        Funeral – James Kerr, Mar 5, brother of Mrs W. J. Stewart

c7        Memoriam – Andrew Mills, Mar 7 1923

c8        Died – Mrs Catherine Campbell, 85th year, Mar 6, widow of Malcolm Campbell


Page 18

c2        Died – Mrs Emily Ann Paton, 66 years, Mar 6, wife of George Paton


9 March 1931

Page 1

c3        Fire – Port Burwell


Page 3

c1        Funeral – John A. Buchanan, Mar 6


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Isaiah Brown, sister of Mrs Lovena McGregor

c1        Funeral – Stewart Ross, 31 years, son of Mrs William Leeson and the late John Ross

c2        Funeral – George C. Learn to Mapleton Cemetery


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Rachael Berney, Mar 7, widow of John Berney

c2        Died – Thomas Worden, 96th year

c8        Born – Sarah Marguerite Parsons, daughter of W. V. Parsons, Mar 8

c8        Born – Daughter of C. Freeman, Mar 4

c8        Born – Son of James E. Muth, Feb 26

c8        Born – Samuel Stanford Morris, son of Sam H. Morris, Feb 25

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Barker, Feb 28

c8        Born – Son of Bruce Gerhard, Feb 27


Page 8

c1        Birthday – Mrs Grace Isaacs of London, 100th , widow of John Isaacs; mother of Phillip, Charles, Anson Isaacs, Mrs David Clarke, Mrs W. H. Perkins

c3        Married – George Deline, son of William Deline to Elsie Farnsworth, daughter of Thomas Farnsworth

c3        Married – Harold Dean, son of Mrs E. Dean to Reta Switzer, daughter of Samuel Switzer


Page 9

c3        Died – William Ruddick, 54th years, Mar 8

c4        Died – Richard Doherty, 88 years

c4        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Cruise Murphy, 74th year, Aunt of Mrs Lorne Eedy

c4        Died – Edward Charles Haack, 73 years

c6        Died – J. C. McNiven, Mar 9, husband of Mrs Ida McNiven


10 March 1931

Page 2

c2        Died – Adam Foster, 83rd year


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Charles Milton Huffman, Mar 9

c3        Died – Mrs Harry Bate, nee Lovell, 65 years, Mar 7, mother of Mrs S. Watson


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs Catherine Campbell, Mar 9


Page 8

c1        Married – Bert Moody, son of W. H. Moody to Evelyn Wheeler, daughter of John Wheeler

c1        Married – Ezra Pollard, son of John Pollard to Katie Alexandria McLaughlin, daughter of Eli McLaughlin

c1        Married – Joseph E. deacon, son of Richard Deacon to Jessie Marie Manning, daughter of Joseph H. Manning

c2        Engagement – Charles Drynan, son of W. R. Drynan to Sibylla Jean Moodie, daughter of James Moodie

c3        Engagement – William James Moffat to Helen Florence Cuthbert, daughter of William Richmond Cuthbert


Page 9

c3        Died – Dugald Leitch, 82nd year, Mar 9

c4        Funeral – Mrs Nancy M. Couse, Mar 7

c4        Funeral – James Kerr, Mar 5

c4        Died – Mrs William Gillies, nee Grace Steele, 77 years, daughter of Thomas Steele

c5        Died – Thomas Taite, 86th year, Mar 7

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Timpany of Calton, 30th


11 March 1931

Page 1

c6        Died — Charles Harrison Gibbons, Mar 10


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Thomas Hammond, Mar 10

c2        Funeral – George Godby, Mar 11, brother-in-law of C. Fishbach

c8        Funeral – George C. Learn, Mar 6


Page 7

c8        Born – Geraldine Lang, daughter of George D. Lang, Mar 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Campbell & Irene Rindlfeisch, nee Caughell, Mar 10

c8        Born – Willliam Vincent Vair Jr, son of W. R. Vair

c8        Memoriam – William Blake, Mar 11 1917


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Charles W. Young, nee Caroline Carthew, 79 years


Page 10

c3        Died – Elmer Ryerse, 71 year, Mar 7

c4        Died – Mrs Charles Hicks, 73 years

c6        Died – Mrs Nina Westlake, 34 years, Mar 10, daughter of Homer Plato; wife of Edward Westlake


12 March 1931

Page 1

c3        Photo – William Jackson of Port Stanley


Page 6

c2        Died – John Carroll, 85th years, Mar 11

c4        Died – James Harvey Shepherd, 13 years, Mar 11, son of Arthur Shepherd

c5        Died – Leo Abraham Jackson, 56 years, Mar 11, son of Morris & Fanny Jackson


Page 10

c2        Died – O. Clare Sweers, 19 years

c2        Funeral – Mr & Mrs Thomas B. Statham, Mar 11


Page 11

c8        Born – William Benson Vair Jr, son of W. B. Vair

c8        Died – John Carroll, 85th years, Mar 11

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Harriett Gay, Mar 12 1930

c8        Memoriam – Lillian & Dorothy Catchpole, Mar 12 1915


Page 12

c5        Engagement – Arthur Harold Scarff, son of Harold Arthur & M. Louisa Scarff to Pauline Fletcher, daughter of W. D. Ellis

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Garton, nee Edith Jenkins of Belmont, 21st


Page 18

c1        Died – Mrs Alice Hayes, nee Cook, sister of Mrs D. H.. Young and William Cook


13 March 1931

Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs George Williams, nee Minnie Harries, Mar 5


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Herbert Yokom, Mar 9


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Catherine O’Neil, nee Barnes, 90 years, Mar 13, widow of William Smith and Bartholomew O’Neil

c4        Died – Mrs Mealesse Binks, 82 years, Mar 12, widow of George Binks; mother of Mrs E. Witherden, Mrs McGregor, Mrs W. Depew, Nellie, Abbot and Ashton Binks

c8        Born – Son of Rueben Kriter, Mar 1

c8        Born – Son of Sidney cousins, Mar 12

c8        Born – Daughter of David E. Kelly, Mar 5

c8        Born – Son of Peter Potter, Mar 7

c8        Born – Daughter of William Ottler, Mar 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Tylor Helmer, Mar 10

c8        Died – Mrs Catherine O’Neil, nee Barnes, 90 years, Mar 13


Page 10

c3        Married – Herman Edward Brown, son of Frederick Brown to Elizabeth Jean Imrie, daughter of Alex Imrie

c3        Married – Lloyd C. Campbell to Doris Virginia Dalton


14 March 1931

Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of John & Mary Ann Farquhar; widow of Walter H. Edwards

c3        Birthday – Rev H. Wood of Springfield, 96th – Photo


Page 6

c3        Died – Miss Mary Gentleman, 87th year, Mar 12, sister of Mrs Isabel Kellock; Aunt of Lizzie Gentleman, Mrs Minnie Murray, Mrs John McKellar, Mrs Duncan Johnson, Mrs Robert Campbell, Mrs W. M. Dale, David, James and Robert

c3        Died – Mrs Louisea Flexen or Flaxen, 74 years, Mar 11, mother of Thomas Edward Flexen and Maple Flexen; sister of Job & George Fisher and Mrs Caroline Timothy


14 March 1931

Second Section

Page 7

c2        Article – G. H. H. Tate, formerly of St Thomas


Page 8

c2        Article – Thomas Hammond of Aylmer


Page 12

c5        Died – Mrs Annie Sanders, Mar 13, wife of Richard H. Sanders


Page 12

c6        Birthday – Mrs Christina Logan of St. Thomas, 80th , mother of Mrs D. B. Fisher


Page 15

c5        Died – Charles Simms, 63 years, Mar 12, brother of Harry & Frederick Simms

c6        Funeral – John Carroll, Mar 13

c7        Memoriam – Thomas Hague, Mar 15 1929

c7        Memoriam – Ruth Amelia Collins, Mar 15 1926, by Vera, Wilbur, Edna & Hubert

c7        Memoriam – Charlotte Lawson, Mar 15 1924, by daughters Nina and Annie

c8        Born – Daughter of W. McLandress

c8        Born – Joyce Elaine Sears daughter of William Sears, Mar 4

c8        Born – Daughter of Murray Dawdy, Mar 11

c8        Born – Son of Julien Crevits, Mar 6

c8        Born – Son of Edmond VonVlierbergh, Mar 7

c8        Born – Son of Ray Walker, Mar 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Francis Becker, Mar 4

c8        Born – Son of W. J. Ridgewell, Mar 1

c8        Born – Stillborn son of Clinton Kennedy, Feb 28

c8        Born – Son of Albert Hollingshead, Mar 6

c8        Died – Mrs Catherine O’Neil, nee Barnes, Mar 13


16 March 1931

Page 1

c3        Died – J. Alexander Killingsworth, Mar 15 – Photo


Page 6

c1        Engagement – Allan Shaw to Sadie McPhail, sister of Mrs Ross Roher (Rohrer)


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of W. Doan, Mar 12

c8        Born – Son of Archie McMillan, Mar 12

c8        Died – Emery O. Tyler, 82 years, Mar 14

c8        Died – Joseph Alexander Killingsworth, Mar 15

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Jane McMillen, 93rd years, Mar 16, mother of Harford, Wesley and William McMillen, Mrs Fred Abbott, Mrs Frank Abbot and Mrs Follon Beal

c8        Memoriam – Hugh Buck, Mar 16 1930

c8        Memoriam – David M. Marr, Mar 16 1930


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William E. Clark of Stacey’s Corners, 50th


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Allan Bogue Tunks, 65 years, Mar 16, father of Owen, James, Stanley and Gladys Tunks; brother of Richard Tunks and Mrs C. Clayton

c3        Died – Silas Zavitz, 80 years, Mar 11, husband of Mrs Louisa Zavitz, nee Hambly; son-in-law of Rueben Hambly; father of Mrs Dougald L. Graham and Mrs Malcolm Brooks


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Isaac Baker, Mar 13, Aunt of H. E. Baker

c2        Died – James Rodgers (Rogers), 89th year, Mar 14, son of Arthur Rodgers

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Jane McMillen, 93rd years, Mar 16, widow of Charles McMillen

c3        Died – John Hunter, 68 years, Mar 15

c3        Died – Emery O. Tyler, 82 years, Mar 14, father of William, Charles & Glen Tyler

c4        Died – Mrs Flora McGregor, Mar 16, mother of Mrs McBride, Mrs James Ross, Mrs Flater, William, John and David McGregor

c5        Died – Mrs Meallese Binks, 83rd year, Mar 15, widow of George Binks


17 March 1931

Page 1

c3        Photo – George L. Gray of St Thomas


Page 5

c1        Article – Port Burwell, by J. J. O’Connor


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Sarah A. Zaff, 79th year, Mar 17, widow of Peter Zaff


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of William B. Ayearst, Mar 17

c8        Born – Floyd Albert Stinchcombe, son of Albert Stinchcombe, Mar 10

c8        Died – Joseph Alexander Killingsworth, Mar 15

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Jane McMillen, 93rd years, Mar 16

c8        Died – John W. Hunter, 74 years, Mar 16

c8        Memoriam – Agnes Brown MacMillan, Mar 17 1929, by Henry & Charlotte MacMillan

c8        Memoriam – Russell Goold, Mar 17 1927, by parents Evelyn and Walter


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Ross McKay, son of Angus McKay to Jessie Davis, daughter of Bidwell N. Davis

c2        Engagement – Hugh Sampson, son of R. A. Sampson to Alice Janet McIntosh, daughter of George H. McIntosh

c3        Married – Bruce Alexander Robinson, son of Samuel Robinson to Thelma Belle Carpenter, daughter of Joseph Carpenter

c3        Married – Carl Cruder to Evelyn Dewhirst, daughter of Alfred Dewhirst

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John A. Cookburn of Guelph, 50th

c4        Married – Clarence Barr Munn, son of Alex Munn to Edith Mary Appleyard, daughter of Arthur Appleyard


Page 10

c2        Died – James B. Smith, Mar 15, son of James Smith

c2        Funeral – Mrs George Innis, nee Mary Jane Mitchell, 72 years, Mar 17

c3        Died – Mrs Jessie Lawson, 93 years, Mar 14

c5        Died – Dr James Gilbert Bice, 54th year, Mar 17


Page 14

c2        Funeral – Mrs Catherine O’Neil, Mar 16


18 March 1931

Page 3

c1        Died – William Squires, 72 years, Mar 17


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Sarah A. Zaff, 79th year, Mar 17, daughter of Erastus Colburne; widow of Peter Zaff


Page 7

c1        Died – Gordon Roloson, Mar 18, son of W. H. Roloson

c2        Died – Miss Mary McArthur, 83 years, Mar 17, daughter of Duncan McArthur

c2        Funeral – William Dykes, 88th year, Mar 18

c4        Died – Thomas Stanfield, 76 years, Mar 17

c8        Born – Dan Wolland Gayner, son of Rev Dan D. & Irene Gayner, nee Wolland, Mar 16

c8        Born – Son of John Kaufman, Mar 13

c8        Born – Edward Clarence Hayes, son of Clarence Hayes, Mar 15

c8        Born – Rose Elizabeth Grace Carter, daughter of Lionel & Rose Carter, nee Hopkins, Mar 14

c8        Born – Daughter of W. J. Erwin, Mar 18


Page 8

c1        Married – Frank Durst Raymond, son of George Raymond to Winifred Mary Laird, daughter of J. O. Laird

c3        Engagement – S. Ernest Ross, son of Charles Ross to Edna May MacRobert, daughter of O. E. MacRobert

c3        Engagement – Charles Robson, son of Reid Robson to Olive Marshall, daughter of Frank Marshall


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Mrs R. D. McDonald, nee Ewart, 70th year, Mar 18

c2        Funeral – Mrs John A. Anderson, nee Agnes McIntyre, 78th year, Mar 17

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary A. Harris, Mar 18, grandmother of Dr H. J. Davis, Ray Davis, E. Davis, Robert Ferguson

c4        Died – George Blazzer, May 13, husband of Mrs Charlotte Blazzer, nee Ravin


19 March 1931

Page 3

c1        Funeral – John W. Hunter, Mar 18

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Jane McMillan, Mar 18


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs David Aiking, nee Mary Conn, 82nd year, Mar 16

c2        Died – Mrs John Prouse, nee Ann Newton, Mar 18

c5        Died – Jacob Ketchabaw, 91st year, Mar 14


Page 8

c1        Funeral – James Rodgers, Mar 17

c1        Married – Burns A. Forsythe of Kingsmill to Irene Esseltine of Sparta


Page 9

c2        Died – Gordon David Roloson, 27 years, Mar 18, son of William H. Roloson; widow of Mrs Helen Roloson, nee Chiverton

c3        Died – Dr Hugh McIntyre, 75 years, Mar 18

c5        Funeral – William Murdoch, Mar 19

c5        Funeral – Reuben Martin, Mar 19

c6        Funeral – Joseph Alex Killingsworth, Mar 18

c8        Born – Son of George A. Brown, Mar 13

c8        Born – Son of Victor Stokes, Mar 17

c8        Born – Son of W. & Nancy Lowes, nee Gardiner, Mar 14

c8        Born – Daughter of Wesley Staddon, Mar 15

c8        Died – Gordon David Roloson, 27 years, Mar 18

c8        Memoriam – Alice C. Claridge, Mar 19 1928, by Ivy, Reg & Len

c8        Memoriam – Mrs A. H. Claridge

c8        Memoriam – Mamie E. Lee, Mar 19 1930, by daughter Helen E. Lee


Page 10

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alfred Hales of Guelph, 50th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Harry Hayden of Guelph, 25th

c2        Married – John William Freeman, son of Richard Freeman to Annie Smith, daughter of James Smith

c2        Married – Harold Edmond Brush, son of E. Brucsh to Alberta May Buckler, daughter of John Buckler

c3        Married – Paul W. Rhame, son of Dr W. F. Rhame to Della St Clair Foster, daughter of Henry Foster


20 March 1931

Page 3

c4        Died – Mrs Phoebe Ann Hunt, 80th year, Mar 19, widow of Zenas Hunt


Page 6

c3        Died – W. J. Potts, 83 years, brother of Mrs Peter Smith, Mrs Charles Anderson and Sylvester Potts

c3        Died – Humphrey Johnson, 91st year, Mar 19, father of John Johnson; grandfather of Mrs Basil Anderson


Page 7

c2        Died – Thomas Frank Jackson, Mar 15, brother of Hector Jackson and Mrs Gordon Bunting; cousin of Dr Walter A. Burns and Mabel Burns


Page 9

c2        Died – William Bolt, 85 years, Mar 19, brother-in-law of Mrs Patterson

c2        Died – Mrs Jennie Finlay, Mar 20, widow of T. D. Finlay

c8        Born – Child of Bruce Snively, Mar 16

c8        Born – Son of H. Townsend

c8        Born – So of Charles Ramsey, Mar 19

c8        Died – William Bolt, 85 years, Mar 19

c8        Died – Mrs Jennie Finlay, Mar 20

c8        Memoriam – Edward John Wadley, Mar 20 1919, by daughter Mrs Frank Hatch, Detroit


Page 10

c4        Married – Frederick Truman Smith, son of F. E. Smith to Flora Grace Irish, daughter of C. E. Irish


21 March 1931

Page 1

c5        Died – Mrs Thomas Campbell, nee Martha Williams, Mar 17, daughter of Thomas Williams


Page 2

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel Smale of St Thomas, 50th – Photo

c4        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Mahoney, Mar 20, widow of Thomas W. Mahoney

c5        Died – John Borland, 60 years, Mar 21


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs Sara Ann Lasenby, 86 years, Mar 20, widow of Henry Lasenby; mother of Mrs Samuel Sherlock, Mrs Arthur Haight, Francis, Frederick and Charles Lasenby

c4        Article – A. S. Paragus – Principal of Tillsonburg School Thirty Nine Years – James H. Wilson, Likes his Greek, but Advises Youth to Learn Spanish; Revels in Irish History – Photo


21 March 1931

Second Section

Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs Eliza Gilpin, nee Bowman, 74 years, wife of Rev Mr Gilpin


Page 10

c1        Married – Earl Spry, son of John Spry to Eva Pullen, daughter of J. Pullen

c2        Photo – 4 Generations – Mr & Mrs William Styles of St Thomas, their daughter Mrs J. E. Bradley and her daughter Mrs Gordon J. Hill and her son Harold Leslie Hill


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs Florence Hamlet, 55th year, Mar 20, wife of Alfred Hamlet

c2        Died – George D. MacKay, 58 years, Mar 20

c2        Died – Mrs Ellen Young, nee Garvey, Mar 20


Page 14

c2        Engagement – James D. Varey to Mary Mildred Turner – Photo

c5        Engagement – Peter Lindores to Georgina Murray, daughter of James Murray

c5        Engagement – James D. Varey, son of Wilmot Varey to Mary Mildred Turner, daughter of Dugald Turner


Page 15

c2        Funeral – Dr Hugh McIntyre, Mar 20

c5        Funeral – Mrs Flora Jane McGregor, Mar 21

c5        Funeral – Gordon David Roloson, Mar 20

c7        Born – Daughter of George T. Stewart, Mar 20

c7        Born – Robert Ira Mann, son of A. E. Mann, Mar 19

c7        Born – Son of A. & Pearl McMillan, nee Templeton, Mar 12

c7        Born – Daughter of Frank Chambers, Mar 17

c8        Died – William Bolt, 85 years, Mar 19

c8        Died – Mrs Jennie Finlay, Mar 20

c8        Died – Mrs Sara Ann Lasenby, 86 years, Mar 20

c8        Memoriam – Jonas E. Axford, Mar 22 1929


23 March 1931

Page 1

c4        Died – Miss Annie Ross, 69 years, Mar 20, sister of Mrs Harry Masters Braemar, Mrs W. G. Sanders, Mrs John Esseltine, John and Hector Ross

c6        Died – John Walker Stewart, 69 years, Mar 22, husband of Mrs Laura Armstrong; brother of Etta M. & Walter E. Stewart – Photo


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Humphrey Johnson, Mar 21

c1        Funeral – Mrs Phoebe Ann Hunt, Mar 21

c2        Photo – Rev D. D. Gaynor of Port Burwell


Page 7

c3        Died – Miss Isabella Waters, Mar 23, daughter of R. W. Waters

c7        Memoriam – Ansel Henry, Mar 23 1928

c7        Memoriam – Matilde Orrell, Mar 23 1928

c8        Born – Reta Louisa Brown, daughter of Elmore Brown

c8        Born – Donald Percy Harris, son of Percy Harris, Mar 21

c8        Born – Betty Ann Kitchenham, daughter of Harry & Elsie Kitchenham, nee Kew, Mar 22

c8        Died – John Walker Stewart, 69 years, Mar 22

c8        Died – Miss Isabella Waters, Mar 23


Page 8

c1        Married – Gordon Demaray to Amelia Tate McColl, daughter of John McColl

c1        Married – Frank Loggins, son of John Loggins to Evelyn Moffatt, daughter of Thomas Moffatt

c1        Married – Victor Woods to Julia Craig

c1        Married – Clarence Emery McKenzie Cole, son of Emery Cole to Lottie May Copeman, daughter of Justus Copeman

c1        Married – Arthur Brooks to Muriel Elizabeth Rhame, daughter of John Rhame


Page 10

c3        Birthday – Mrs Lyman Corless of Harrietsville, 83rd

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Catharine Baker, nee Murphy, 66 years, Mar 22, widow of Dan Baker

c5        Died – Mrs Christina Brodie, nee Campbell, 100 years, Mar 22, widow of John Brodie

c6        Died – Twin infant sons of Orrie Lackie, Mar 19

c8        Died – George Shaw, 83rd year


Page 14

c4        Died – Mrs Louie Morrish, Mar 16, daughter of Abram Sells; mother of Dr Ray Morrish; sister of Mrs G. E. Kirkley; Aunt of Neil Sells


24 March 1931

Page 1

c4        Died – Ernest Dart, 55 years, Mar 23


Page 6

c1        Died – John Paterson, 80 years, Mar 21, father of Mrs M. Benedict and P. R. Paterson; brother of A. C., Tl. L., and James Paterson, Mrs H. Harwell and Mrs William Fleetham


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Jane Finlay, Mar 23

c7        Funeral – William Bolt, Mar 23

c8        Born – Dennis Freeman Leeson, son of Russell Leeson, Mar 11

c8        Born – Daughter of A. Livingstone, Mar 20

c8        Died – Miss Isabella Waters, Mar 23

c8        Died – Robert Simpson, 71 years, Mar 23, husband of Mrs Emma Simpson, nee Cosford; father of Mrs John Maloney

c8        Died – John Walker Stewart, 69 years, Mar 22


Page 8

c1        Married – Lorne Edgar Simpson, son of F. George Simpson to Eva Mae Galbraith, daughter of Hector Galbraith

c2        Married – Charles Guest to Mabel Irene Dann, daughter of William Dann

c2        Married – Ulysses Bruce McMurtry, son of W. J. McMurtry to Kathdeen Marie Fallis, daugther of T. G. Fallis

c2        Married – Norman L. C. Mather Jr to Naomi Elizabeth Molson, daughter of Herbert Molson

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Andrew McKay of Zorra, 50th


Page 9

c1        Died – Miss Nellie O’Brien, Mar 23, sister of Mrs William Beattie and Thomas O’Brien; aunt of Vernon O’Brien

c3        Died – Fred Mason, 57 years, Mar 23

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mac Learn, Mar 24, mother of Grace & Gordon Learn

c3        Died – Mrs George H. Bury, nee Mary Hastings, 65th year, Mar 23


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Cornell, Mar 22, wife of Dr E. A. Cornell

c4        Died – Robert Simpson, 71 years, Mar 23


25 March 1931

Page 1

c2        Died – Frank Laurence, 68 years, July 3 1930


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Ira Houghton, Mar 23

c8        Born – Maureen Monaghan, daughter of Leo Monaghan, Mar 22

c8        Born – Son of William Downing, Mar 21

c8        Died – Robert Simpson, 71 years, Mar 23

c8        Memoriam – James Foote, Mar 25 1922


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Harold M. Wilcox, son of Thomas Wilcox to Margaret Marie Buchanan, daughter of J. D. Buchanan

c2        Married – Rev A. G. Hetherington, son of Mrs Mary A. Hetherington to Hazel Victoria Havens, daughter of John Havens

c2        Engagement – W. Bruce M. Armstrong, son of Dr M. A. V. Armstrong to Reita Helena Keller, daughter of William Keller

c3        Married – Grange Kingsmill, son of Charles Kingsmill to Mary Patricia Fosberry, daughter of Ernest Fosberry

c3        Died – Norman Grieve, 23 years, Mar 24, son of John Grieve


Page 14

c2        Died – Lorenz Christopher Roegel of Stratford


26 March 1931

Page 3

c3        Photo – Herbert Gunson, Chief of St Thomas Police


Page 8

c1        Funeral – John W. Stewart, Mar 25


Page 9

c3        Died – William Campbell, 97 years, Mar 25, son of James Campbell

c5        Died – Mrs Marilla Backus, nee Williams, 85 years, Mar 18, widow of Alex B. Backus

c6        Funeral – Miss Isabella Waters, Mar 25

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Smith, Mar 22

c8        Memoriam – D. A. McCallum, Mar 26 1928


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel Calhoun of Alvinston, 50th

c2        Birthday – Mrs Diana Caskey of St Thomas, 97th, mother of Mrs George Rourke

c2        Died – Mrs Donald MacPherson, Mar 26, mother of Mrs J. N. Gould and Mrs J. L. Donaldson

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Garfield Edwards


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Andrew Learn, nee Grace Ethel Marsh, Mar 23


Page 16

c2        Funeral – John Walker Stewart, Mar 25


27 March 1931

Page 1

c6        Died – Philip Samuel Minshall, 61 years, Mar 27, son of John B. & Sarah Minshall, nee Decou – Photo


Page 8

c1        Birthday – Mrs Ralph Chambers of Aylmer, 85th


Page 9

c1        Died – Samuel McDowell, 75 years, Mar 27, brother of Mrs Nicholas

c5        Funeral – Robert Simpson, Mar 26

c6        Died – William Martin, 93 years, Mar 25

c6        Died – Mrs Eliza Sweedland, 78 years, Mar 27, widow of George Sweedland

c6        Died – George Peter Alward, 80 years, Mar 27

c8        Born – William Roscoe Hoag, son of Floyd F. & Ola Hoag, nee Loucks, Mar 26

c8        Memoriam – Bertha Gable, Mar 27 1924

c8        Memoriam – William F. Barfett, Mar 27 1927


Page 10

c1        Married – William Blakeley, son of James Blakeley to Hilda Mary Griffin, daughter of John Griffin

c2        Funeral – Neil F. Milligan, cousin of Mrs D. J. McBride and Mrs J. McCance

c2        Married – Melville James Lumley, son of Melville Lumley to Annie Mildred Cooke, daughter of Alvie Cooke

c2        Married – Victor Wood to Julia Beatrice Craig, daughter of Alvin Craig

c2        Engagement – Clare J. Appleford, son of James Appleford to Ruby Gertrude Holmes, daughter of Miles Holmes

c3        Married – Wellington Dark, son of Thomas Dark to Phyllis MacGregor, daughter of Alex MacGregor

c3        Married – George Lundy Morick to Wealthy Hotchkiss


Page 16

c1        Divorce – Samuel Morrison vs Georgina Morrison


28 March 1931

Page 1

c5        Photo – W. F Thomas of St Thomas

c5        Died – George Greenwood, 29 years, Mar 27

c5        Died – Mrs Joseph Deacon, nee Mary Bishop, 73rd year, mother of Frank, William, Henry and Fred Deacon, Mrs Eva (William) Stepharnoff, Mrs Carrie (Gordon) Renaud


28 March 1931

Second Section

Page 12

c5        Fire – Springfield Blacksmith Shop


Page 14

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John J. Hodder of Dutton, 50th


Page 15

c1        Will – Estate of J. A. Small of St Thomas, husband of Mrs Fannie Small

c1        Funeral – Philip Samuel Minshall, Mar 30

c4        Died – Archibald McGeachie, 77th year, Mar 28, son of Archibald & Janet McGeachie, nee Paton

c4        Died – Stella Ruth Keillor, 3 months, Mar 27, daughter of Harvey Keillor

c6        Died – Philip Samuel Minshall, 61st year, Mar 30, husband of Mrs Ida McLen

c6        Died – Samuel McDowell, 75 years, Mar 27

c6        Died – Mrs Eliza Sweedland, 78 years, Mar 27

c7        Memoriam – Mrs A. L. McCormack, Mar 28 1930

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Annie McCormack, Mar 28 1930

c8        Born – Twin daughters of Ross Stokes, Mar 27

c8        Born – Dorothy Eugenia Kidder, daughter of Earl Kidder, Mar 18

c8        Born – Son of A. C. & Helen Metcalf, nee Taylor, Mar 24


Page 18

c1        Divorce – Mrs Georgina Robinson vs William J. Robinson

c2        Funeral – Samuel McDowell, Mar 30

c2        Birthday – Mrs Amanda Johnson of Waterford, 80th

c4        Died – Mrs Thomas Marlatt, nee Catherine Hay, 92nd year, Mar 27; mother of William, Dr H. G., Charles, Thomas & Nellie Marlatt


30 March 1931

Page 3

c1        Died – Charles Ross Somerville, 75 years, Mar 28


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Florence Moore, 67 years, Mar 29, wife of Walter Moore

c2        Died – Donald Joseph Cowan, 57 years, Mar 30, husband of Mrs Mary Cowan, nee Rudy; father of Lauretta Cowan

c2        Died – Dr Daniel McTavish, Mar 28

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Rushton, nee Perry, 49 years, Mar 29, wife of Horace Rushton

c3        Died – Mrs Donald MacPherson, 76 years, Mar 26, daughter of John Ritter

c8        Born – Robert Wallace Southern, son of Wallace H. & Nellie Southern, nee North, Mar 29

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Rushton, 49 years, Mar 29

c8        Died – Mrs Florence Moore, 67 years, Mar 29

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Julia Groves, Mar 29 1924


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. Robertson of St Thomas, 25th

c2        Engagement – Carlton B. Laramie, son of Francis A. Laramie to Marion Isobel McEwen, daughter of Alexander M. McEwen

c3        Engagement – Thomas Clair Sullivan, son of J. F. Sullivan to Mary Kathleen White, daughter of P. J. White

c3        Married – J. Brinley George, son of Joseph George to Dorothy May Evans, daughter of Robert B. Evans

c4        Married – William Blakeley, son of James Blakeley to Hilda Mary Griffin, daughter of John Griffen

c4        Married – George T. Candy to Ethyl Leone Rowe, daughter of J. T. Rowe

c5        Died – Mrs Charles Forrester, nee Jessie Magee, Mar 28


Page 9

c1        Divorce – Mrs Gladys Weld vs Stanley Weld


Page 12

c4        Died – Mrs John Mair, nee Agnes Kirk, 70 years, Mar 29, mother of A. K. Mair

c6        Funeral – Stella Ruth Keillor, Mar 29


31 March 1931

Page 6

c1        Married – Clarence C. Howe, son of James Howe to Stella Maude Balderson, daughter of Arthur Balderson

c2        Birthday – Edith Backus of Aylmer, 12th

c5        Funeral – Mrs Eliza Sweedland, Mar 30

c5        Funeral – Samuel McDowell, Mar 30

c5        Funeral – George Peter Alward, Mar 29


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Philip S. Minshall, Mar 30

c7        Born – Shirley Mae Mashinter, daugther of Elmer Mashinter, Mar 15

c7        Memoriam – Charles William Harris, mar 31 1926

c7        Memoriam – William Sims, Mar 31 1927, by daughter Mrs William John Parker

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Rushton, 49 years, Mar 29

c8        Died – David Joseph Cowan, 57 years, Mar 30

c8        Died – Mrs John A. Richardson, nee Wilhelmina Maxwell Reilly, 77 years, Mar 18


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Smale of St Thomas, 50th

c1        Married – Frederick Willard Cleary, son of Dr N. W. Cleary to Peggy Robertson, daughter of Mrs J. Robertson

c1        Married – S. Ernest Ross, son of Charles Ross to Edna MacRobert, daughter of O. E. MacRobert

c1        Married – Clarence C. Howe, son of James Howe to Stella Maude Balderston, daughter of Arthur Balderston

c2        Funeral – Mrs John A. Richardson, mother of M. A. Richardson

c5        Died – Mrs Rosaline Morse, 80 years, Mar 31, widow of William Austin Morse

c5        Died – William Lucier, 49 years, husband of Mrs Chloe Lucier; father of Russell Lucier and Mrs Madalyne Palmer