Funeral Home Records

Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Funeral Home Records in Elgin County

Elgin OGS has records from various funeral homes and undertakers throughout Elgin County in their holdings. Because the records sometimes contain private information, Elgin OGS is prevented from publishing or reproducing exact copies of these documents.

However, we can provide an extraction of genealogical information from these records, which will not include the cause of death or any financial details. We cannot provide photocopies of the original record.

The extent and type of information varies with each funeral home. The usual information expected would be date of death, date of burial, age, date of birth, place of birth and death, place of burial and sometimes parents’ names and names of survivors.

Elgin OGS has compiled an index to these records, and will provide an extraction of genealogical information at a cost of $5 per name.

Do not send any payment until we assess your request. In some cases where there is very little information contained in the record, the fee may be waived.

Please quote the name of the funeral home and the person’s name and year of death (if given in the index) in your request.

The funeral homes / undertakers records from which we can provide lookups are:

Atkinson, Barnum, Hughson, Peirce and Kebbel,  Aylmer (1928 – 1949)

Evenden Funeral Home, St. Thomas (c1873-1880)

George A. Allen Funeral Home, Aylmer (1920-1950)

Moedinger Funeral Home, Sparta (c1899-1911)

P. R. Williams Funeral Home (1893 – 1910)

P. R. Williams Funeral Home (1911 – 1920)

P. R. Williams Funeral Home (1921 – 1927)

P. R. Williams Funeral Home (1928 – 1935)

Towers Funeral Home, St. Thomas (1909-1940)

In addition to these records, we have a large collection of newspaper obituaries from various Aylmer funeral homes up to the 1960s. These are in binders in our OGS collection. Our lookup policy outlined above will also pertain to this collection. If requesting a copy of an obituary from this collection, please quote “Aylmer obituary” in your request.

Index of Obituaries from Aylmer Funeral Homes