P. R. Williams Funeral Home 1893-1910

P. R. WILLIAMS AND SONS  Funeral Home Index 
St. Thomas, Ontario 1893 – 1910

Volume 1


Philip Richard “Dick” Williams was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England on May 27, 1852, the son of Richard and Mary (Reeves) Williams.  In 1871 he married Mary James of Helston, Cornwall and they came to Canada in 1872.  The Williams family came directly to St. Thomas and for a few years Dick worked for the Michigan Central Railroad in the car department.  He developed an interest in the undertaking business, which was just starting to become a science.  He left the MCR and joined with Joseph Strong and Frank Bennett who were undertakers in St. Thomas.  In 1893, Dick Williams decided to enter business for himself, opening parlours at 492 Talbot Street, at the Free Library Building.  By late 1905 the business had outgrown its location and in 1906, was moved to 519 -521 Talbot Street.  The building had been built for his Undertaking business.  Advertisements of the time mentioned that P.R. Williams & Son Undertakers and Embalmers were the only scientific embalmers in the city, had 32 years experience and they employed “Lady Assistants.”  The business continued to flourish and grow until in 1929, once again the establishment was moved, this time to 45 Elgin Street.  John T. Finlay was the architect.  Mr. Williams, who was always ahead of his time, wanted a “homelike atmosphere” for his Funeral Home and used the services of many St. Thomas businesses to complete and furnish the building.  The dedication service was held in the evening of October 11, 1929 with many dignitaries present.  Ven. Archdeacon J.W.J. Andrew offered the Dedication Prayer.  After the service, the building was opened to the public for inspection.

Mr. Williams and his sons, Ernest and Arthur, operated this service for many years.  Ernest died in 1920, Arthur in 1961 and Philip “Dick” Williams on 21 April 1931.  All are interred in St. Thomas Cemetery.


Abarrow, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, G-064

Abbott, Wallace Henry, m.  Fidler, St. Thomas, K-116

Ackford, William, , Talbotville, C-010

Adams, Margaret Ann, f. Jones, St. Thomas, F-105

Adams, Walton E., m. Rushton, St. Thomas, E-078

Adcock, Gertrude Porter, , Old English Church, L-078

Agar, Frederick Ernest, m. Laws, St. Thomas, L-113

Agie, William, , Alton, ON, G-093

Aitchison, Maggie, , Hamilton, ON, F-062

Aldis, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, G-024

Algie, Matthew Wallace, , St. Thomas, N-022

Allan, Jane, , St. Thomas, J-077

Allan, Thomas, , St. Thomas, D-022

Allan, Walter, , St. Thomas, A-101

Allen, Amy Irene, , Brantford, ON, F-017

Allen, George C., , St. Thomas, A-074

Allen, Roger, , Fingal, A-031

Alworth, Alfred, , St. Thomas, B-118

Anderson, Allan, , St. Thomas, E-010

Anderson, Catherine, , St. Thomas, M-006

Anderson, David, , St. Thomas, F-083

Anderson, Henry A., , St. Thomas, E-121

Anderson, Margaret, , St. Thomas, A-111

Andrews, Albert Edward, m. McLarty, St. Thomas, N-151

Andrews, George Hallett, , St. Thomas, B-038

Andrews, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, N-074

Angle, John, m. Dewar, Fingal, I-051

Antoine, Elsie, , Oneida, G-027

Archibald, Ethel Irene, m. Dunn, *St. Thomas, M-002

Archibald, Infant daughter, m. Allan, *St. Thomas, M-033

Arlein, Infant, , Holy Angels, L-098

Armstrong, Agnes F., f. Beatty, St. Thomas, K-001

Armstrong, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, M-071

Armstrong, Flossie, m. Beattie, Holy Angels, N-014

Armstrong, George, , St. Thomas, L-071

Armstrong, Hazel Irene, , St. Thomas, A-097

Armstrong , James, , St. Thomas, G-098

Armstrong, James W., , St. Thomas, A-068

Armstrong, Mrs. James, , St. Thomas, E-019

Armstrong, Susannah, , St. Thomas, N-081

Armstrong, Thomas Alanson, , St. Thomas, I-114

Armstrong, William, , St. Thomas, G-035

Arnold, Eliza, , St. Thomas, A-167

Arnold, Emma, , St. Thomas, A-127

Arnold, Infant son, m. Stokes, St. Thomas, L-097

Arnum, Benjamin, , St. Thomas, I-067

Arnum, Florence Ellen, , St. Thomas, C-060

Ashbury, Myrtle B., , St. Thomas, B-015

Atkins, Thomas, , St. Thomas, M-075

Atkinson, Clarence, , St. Thomas, B-107

Atkinson, George, , St. Thomas, C-056

Auckland, Gordon E., , Talbotville, C-068

Augustine, Helen Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, K-058

Austin, Frederick, , St. Thomas, L-074

Austin, Jane, , St. Thomas, I-015

Austin, Joseph, , St. Thomas, A-073

Axford, Leota Jewell, , St. Thomas, F-065

Ayers, Charlotte, f. Chalmers, St. Thomas, F-013

Babcock, Henry B., , St. Thomas, N-039

Bacon, Mereda Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, H-004

Bailey, Clarence, , St. Thomas, F-098

Bailey, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, L-079

Bailey, Infant son, m. Reid, *St. Thomas, E-048

Bailey, John P., , St. Thomas, M-041

Bailey, Thomas Edmund, , St. Thomas, E-112

Bainard, Cecil H., , Old English Church, M-013

Bainard, Walter, , St. Thomas, H-002

Baird, James Robert, , St. Thomas, E-109

Baird, Robert, , St. Thomas, B-081

Baird, Robert, , St. Thomas, D-001

Baker, Ann, , St. Thomas, H-102

Baker, Helen Marie, m. Fairbrother, St. Thomas, L-125

Baker, Jeheil Clark, m. Tickner, St. Thomas, M-132

Baker, Mary Jane, m. Miller, St. Thomas, J-061

Baker, Murray Chamberlain, m. Chamberlain, St. Thomas, K-023

Balcomb, Minnie Bell, , Union, B-172

Baldwin, Irene, m. Andrews, St. Thomas, H-100

Balkwell, Charlotte M. C. , , St. Thomas, B-198

Balkwell, Isaac, , Union, K-081

Balkwell, William, , Union, A-081

Ball, Jane Anne, , Hespeler, ON, K-113

Ballagh, James, , Wingham, ON, N-109

Balsden, Joseph, , Shedden, L-075

Banks, Mildred Laura, , St. Thomas, E-110

Barbour, Joseph, , St. Thomas, K-073

Barclay, Mary Agnes, , St. Thomas, F-092

Barclay, William, , St. Thomas, F-090

Bareford, Gertrude, , St. Thomas, G-084

Barfeet, Clara Ann, , Fingal, A-159

Barker, Addison S., , Rockford, IL. USA, E-106

Barkwell, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-175

Barnes, Amy, , St. Thomas, L-082

Barratt, Thomas H., , St. Johns, Woodhouse, A-071

Barrett, Charles E., , St. Thomas, H-077

Barrett, George A., , St. Thomas, I-033

Barry, Hattie, f. Munce, Holy Angels, L-095

Bartridge, Jean, , Aylmer, L-073

Bates, Bella, , St. Thomas, A-191

Bath, Joseph, , St. Thomas, H-103

Batiste, Rachel, , St. Thomas, A-136

Batzold, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, M-001

Batzold, Frederick J. M., , St. Thomas, C-026

Baver, Henry John, m. Wilson, *St. Thomas, N-124

Bawden, Joseph Henry, , St. Thomas, K-064

Baxter, Ethel Mary, , *St. Thomas, L-118

Beal, Edna T., , St. Thomas, B-067

Beam, Geraldine, , St. Thomas, D-104

Beam, Gertie, , St. Thomas, A-125

Bean, LeRoy Clinton, , St. Thomas, D-097

Beasley, John L., , Union, C-044

Beatty, Alexander, , Malone, NY. USA, E-004

Beckett, Caroline, f. Page, Ridgetown, ON, L-014

Bedell, Frederick, m. Mulholland, St. Thomas, M-018

Bedford, Cassie, f. Hough, McBraynes, L-016

Bedford, Inez, m. Hough, McBraynes, L-022

Beech, Sarah Frances, , St. Thomas, L-057

Belbin, Maggie Fern, , St. Thomas, D-106

Belmore, Thomas, , South Dorchester, E-045

Bennett, Eva Muriel, m. Roberts, St. Thomas, N-010

Bennett, James G., , St. Thomas, L-006

Bennett, Thomas, , St. Thomas, E-119

Bentley, James, , St. Thomas, B-130

Benton, Rosmona Ruth, , St. Thomas, I-066

Beresford, Helen, m. McCarthy, Cowal, K-098

Bernath, Hattie Verna, , St. Thomas, M-094

Berry, Edwin Yorke, , Union, H-041

Berry, John, , St. Thomas, F-014

Berry, John, , McBraynes, J-046

Berry, John, m. Stacey, Union, N-145

Berry, Mabel Irene, , St. Thomas, B-059

Berry, Sarah, , Union, J-045

Berry, W. M., , Union, B-274

Berry, William Charles, m. LeCourtis, St. Thomas, K-006

Berryman, Maud, , *St. Thomas, B-258

Berryman, Warren, , *St. Thomas, D-058

Best, Jas, , Fingal, E-093

Betterley, George, m. Taylor, Mapleton, M-145

Betts, Sarah, f. Daughty, Lucan, ON, N-065

Billings, Eleanor, , Old English Church, L-004

Birdsall, Joseph, , St. Thomas, B-288

Birdsay, Fred W., , *St. Thomas, J-078

Birdsey, Leaota Rose, m. Sachs, *St. Thomas, J-024

Black, James, m. Ryan, Holy Angels, M-016

Blackwell, Richard Edward, m. Austin, St. Thomas, L-130

Blaydon, William, , St. Thomas, B-206

Blough, Hannah, f. Cressman, St. Thomas, M-081

Bloye, Thomas Gillard, , St. Thomas, A-130

Bockus, E. Beulah, , St. Thomas, B-229

Bockus, Gertie M., , St. Thomas, F-059

Bodell, Knox Laverne, m. Couch, St. Thomas, M-130

Boucher, George, , Woodlawn, Detroit, MI, N-127

Boughner, Infant son, , Talbotville, B-104

Boughner, Philip Henry, , Talbotville, K-009

Boughner, Rachel, , Talbotville, D-021

Bourn, Jalcez J., , St. Thomas , J-086

Bourne, Elizabeth, f. Parish, St. Thomas, N-024

Bourne, Wilbur J.D., , St. Thomas, J-130

Bowden, Winnifred Emily, , St. Thomas, B-103

Bowery, Emma, , St. Thomas, B-023

Bowlby, Catherine, f. Webb, Talbotville, M-047

Bowlby, Roy Nelson, , St. Thomas, C-024

Bowlby, Samuel, , St. Thomas, L-064

Bowling, Leslie, , St. Thomas, I-113

Bowman, Benjamin, , St. Thomas, E-111

Boyer, Olive, m. Martin, St. Thomas, N-100

Boyes, Margaret, f. Desson, Holy Angels, N-019

Braadbent, Infant son, m. Dooley, *St. Thomas, M-023

Braddon, Anthony, , Union, B-036

Bradley, Charles, , Aylmer, A-195

Bradshaw, George, , St. Thomas, F-029

Brady, Dr. John, , Holy Angels, H-015

Bragg, Infant daughter, , Chatham, ON, F-078

Branston, James, , St. Thomas, K-044

Branton, James, , St. Thomas, J-016

Brazier, Gwendoline, , St. Thomas, B-145

Brebner, Nellie May, , St. Thomas, D-086

Breen, John, , Holy Angels, K-053

Brewer, Frederick James, , St. Thomas, K-016

Brimacombe, Samuel, , Old English Church, B-281

Brinker, Hugh, , St. Thomas, F-054

Britt, Annie, , St. Thomas, K-104

Broadbent, Marvell Norean, m. Hollway, St. Thomas, I-110

Brook, James Henry, , St. Thomas, K-083

Brook, William George, , St. Thomas, L-060

Brooks, Benjamin, , St. Thomas, G-009

Brooks, Frederick R.D., m. Dean, *St. Thomas, M-061

Brooks, Jane, , St. Thomas, E-115

Brooks, John W., , Fingal, B-006

Brooks, Lavilla Ann, f. Waters, Fingal, F-076

Brooks, Sarah T., , Fingal, D-088

Brown, Annie Alberta, m. Gillispie, St. Thomas, L-128

Brown, Charles Frederick, , St. Thomas, D-077

Brown, Elizabeth, f. Jones, London, ON, D-030

Brown, Elsie Irene, , Union, B-060

Brown, Emma, f. Stacey, Union, M-015

Brown, Emma Jane, , St. Thomas, B-233

Brown, Eve, f. Suttcliffe, St. Thomas, J-071

Brown, Frank J., , St. Thomas, J-135

Brown, George, m. Blanchard, St. Thomas, J-100

Brown, Glen Edward, , Union, D-084

Brown, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, J-112

Brown, Infant twins, , St. Thomas, A-077

Brown, Jessie, f. McKenzie, St. Thomas, L-175

Brown, John, , St. Thomas, H-061

Brown, Lauretta, f. Gardner, St. Thomas, E-007

Brown, Lena May, , Union, B-268

Brown, Maggie, , St. Thomas, M-112

Brown, Margaret, , Iona, D-023

Brown, Marianne Liah, , Delmer, Brownsville, L-024

Brown, Maud M., , St. Thomas, E-095

Brown, Robert, , St. Thomas, F-087

Brown, Tina, , Union, A-035

Brown, Walter Hoy, , Delmer, Brownsville, K-031

Brown, William Henry, , Holy Angels, F-097

Brown, Wm. H., , Union, A-018

Bruce, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, A-137

Bruce, Jessie Murray, , St. Thomas, E-035

Brumpton, Jabez, , Putnam, ON, J-068

Brunst, Rudolph, , St. Thomas, A-196

Buchner, William, , St. Thomas, K-070

Buck, Infant, , Mapleton, H-095

Buffey, Mark E., , *St. Thomas, M-151

Bunce, Maud Elmer, m. Stonehouse, *St. Thomas, J-055

Burdette, George, , St. Thomas, N-144

Burger, George, , St. Thomas, E-016

Burgess, William B., , Tyrconnell, C-032

Burke, Charles Edward, , St. Thomas, H-084

Burke, Ellen, m. DeCeureey, Holy Angels, N-146

Burkholder, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, J-124

Burkholder, Infant daughters, , *St. Thomas, B-272

Burley, Margaret, F.Ostrander, Bethel, Tillsonburg, N-116

Burney, Grace Annie, m. Campbell, *St. Thomas, G-057

Burnie, Minnie, f. Campbell, St. Thomas, K-108

Burns, Ellen, , Holy Angels, B-251

Burridge, Charlotte, , *St. Thomas, J-095

Burtch, Herbert C., , St. Thomas, J-094

Burton, Robert Lyman, , Fingal, B-257

Burwell, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, B-273

Burwell, James, , *St. Thomas, H-135

Burwell, Mary, , Union, A-036

Bush, George S., , St. Thomas, I-124

Bush, Infant son, m. Fuke, St. Thomas, L-151

Bush, John, , Holy Angels, B-047

Bush, Lewis Vernon, m. Fuke, St. Thomas, M-063

Butler, Infant, , Aylmer, B-228

Butler, Infant son, , St. Thomas, B-209

Cable, Mary E., , *St. Thomas, M-136

Cade, Annie Margaret, , Windsor, ON, N-125

Calvert, Alma J., , St. Thomas, H-067

Calvert, Frederick, , St. Thomas, K-075

Campbell, Annie, , St. Thomas, B-121

Campbell, Annie, , Whites, C-040

Campbell, Annie, f. Forbes, St. Thomas, C-085

Campbell, Donald N. (see D-041), , Cleveland, OH USA, E-097

Campbell, Donald N.(see E-097), , St. Thomas, D-041

Campbell, Dugald Franklin, , St. Thomas, L-117

Campbell, Duncan Munro, , St. Thomas, G-045

Campbell, Frederick Elbert, , Courtland, ON, B-199

Campbell, Grace Elizabeth, , *St. Thomas, B-079

Campbell, Harriet Ann, , Union, L-032

Campbell, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, A-198

Campbell, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, B-071

Campbell, Infant son, , St. Thomas, B-247

Campbell, Infant son, m. Christie, St. Thomas, K-089

Campbell, Jeanette, , St. Thomas, I-115

Campbell, Margaret, , Cowal, J-107

Campbell, Margaret Mildred, , St. Thomas, D-009

Campbell, Martha E., , St. Thomas, F-047

Campbell, Mary, , Lyndoch, Tillsonburg, B-046

Campbell, Milton D., , St. Thomas, A-075

Campbell, Neil, , St. Thomas, J-004

Campbell, Sarah, f. McLarty, Mapleton Disciples, M-031

Campbell, Sarah Ann, , McArthur, B-149

Campbell, William, m. Martin, St. Thomas, G-038

Canatsy, Daisy D., f. Ewing, Memphis Missouri, N-078

Cantelo, Frank, , St. Thomas, G-044

Carl, Infant, , St. Thomas, N-149

Carl, Violet May, , *St. Thomas, N-104

Carr, Arthur William, , St. Thomas, B-119

Carruthers, Chas. E., m. Skimmerho, Straffordville, I-105

Cartwright, John, , Woodstock, A-054

Caruso, Sanatore, , Holy Angels, K-056

Caruso, William, m. Oelling, Holy Angels, M-087

Casscaddan, Morley S., m. Silcox, St. Thomas, K-032

Caughell, James, , Old English Church, I-012

Caves, George, , Alvinston, ON, J-064

Chalmers, Soloman, , St. Thomas, B-126

Chalut, John O., m. Massaeau, Holy Angels, M-089

Chambers, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, B-012

Chambers, Thelma May, m. Wilson, *St. Thomas, L-129

Chambers, William, , Woodlawn, London, C-020

Chandler, Sarah Jane, m. Shain, Union, N-057

Chandler, William Marsh, m. Scott, Christ Church, N-015

Chaplow, Mary Eliza, f. Locke, St. Thomas, N-096

Chapman, James, , Bowmanville, ON, C-057

Charbineau, Elizabeth, m. Laskey, St. Thomas, M-084

Charlton, John, , St. Thomas, F-027

Charlton, Maggie, f. Rolls, St. Thomas, L-138

Charlton, Mary Eleanor, , St. Thomas, J-142

Charlton, William Henry, , *St. Thomas, B-158

Cheeseborough, Charles, , St. Thomas, L-010

Cheeseborough, Charles Burkley, , St. Thomas, F-052

Cheeseborough, Frederick, , St. Thomas, G-014

Cheeseborough, Lavinia, f. Healey, St. Thomas, M-135

Cherry, Infant, , Port Stanley, B-231

Cherry, Oliver P., , Port Stanley, G-040

Chesley, Albert F., , Elmdale, Barrie, ON, B-249

Christie, Bernice May, , *St. Thomas, A-160

Christmas, Harry Wm., , St. Thomas, J-049

Clappe, Lorenzo H., , Holy Angels, N-013

Clargo, Elijah, , St. Thomas, E-065

Clark, Alice, , St. Thomas, A-053

Clark, Augustus, , St. Thomas, J-110

Clark, David, , Fingal, A-011

Clark, Donald, m. Jennings, *St. Thomas, K-105

Clark, Eugene Clyde, m. Oke, St. Thomas, N-095

Clark, Eva Irene, , St. Thomas, I-009

Clark, Infant, m. Nicholls, Union, K-033

Clark, Infant daughter, m. Williams, *St. Thomas, G-090

Clark, Infant daughter, m. Williams, *St. Thomas, E-122

Clark, John C., , St. Thomas, E-075

Clark, Lulu Gwendlyne, , St. Thomas, H-112

Clark, Maria, f. Kilroy, St. Thomas, F-075

Clarke, Hazel Dell, , St. Thomas, B-011

Clarke, Mary, , Woodlawn, London, D-055

Clarkson, Wm., m. Ward, St. Thomas, N-068

Clarridge, Eathan J. M., , St. Thomas, J-036

Clarridge, Sarah Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, B-155

Claydon, Annie, , St. Thomas, K-103

Claydon, Isabella, f. Johnston, St. Thomas, G-043

Claydon, John Woodward, , St. Thomas, M-050

Clayton, Ellen Bell, , Streetsville, ON, D-056

Clayton, George Edward, , St. Thomas, F-053

Clayton, John William, , Streetsville, ON, D-060

Clebford, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, H-109

Clements, John, m. Sheatfield, *St. Thomas, N-108

Cline, Adnah, , Tillsonburg, ON, K-051

Cline, Albert Crysler, , Tillsonburg, ON, H-107

Cline, Frederick, , Tillsonburg, ON, H-078

Cline, Henry, , Tillsonburg, ON, B-284

Cline, Rosaline, , Holy Angels, C-038

Clouse, Kenneth, , *St. Thomas, B-013

Cochrane, Peter, , *St. Thomas, A-100

Cohen, Willie, , Hamilton, ON, I-028

Cole, Charles A., , Buffalo, NY USA, I-126

Cole, Elisha, , St. Thomas, D-003

Cole, Grace Gloin, , St. Thomas, M-128

Cole, Jennie May, , Talbotville, B-040

Cole, Mary, f. McPherson, St. Thomas, D-059

Cole, Samuel, , St. Thomas, I-023

Cole, Wilhemina Gertrude, f. Anderson, Pond Mills, London, I-010

Cole, William, , St. Thomas, A-115

Coleman, Elizabeth Jane, f. Baker, St. Thomas, K-014

Coleman, Gerald Douglas, m. Reilly, St. Thomas, K-035

Coleman, Infant son, m. Riley, St. Thomas, M-004

Coleman, James, , Holy Angels, D-100

Coleman, Mrs. T., , Holy Angels, D-031

Colethurst, Emma, , Orwell, B-078

Colledge, Alfred Eldine, m. Clark, St. Thomas, L-147

Colledge, Bertha Harriett, , St. Thomas, E-039

Colledge, Clarence Winifred, m. Clark, St. Thomas, L-153

Colledge, Edward, m. Kyte, St. Thomas, M-083

Colledge, George, , St. Thomas, N-064

Colledge, George, , St. Thomas, L-166

Colledge, Walter, , St. Thomas, B-260

Collignon, Iva, , *St. Thomas, A-132

Colwell, Elijah, , St. Thomas, D-043

Compton, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, A-027

Compton, Jessie, , St. Thomas, G-102

Conlon, James, , St. Thomas, K-100

Conlon, T.R.C., , St. Thomas, J-114

Connell, Adaline, , Holy Angels, B-279

Connell, James, , Holy Angels, I-052

Connell, Nicholas, , Holy Angels, H-119

Connor, Peter, , St. Thomas, H-110

Connoy, Angula, , Holy Angels, B-088

Conrad, Nelson, , St. Thomas, B-173

Cook, Allan Urzzill, , Springfield, H-034

Cook, Annie Elizabeth, f. Jewell, St. Thomas, N-093

Cook, Hiram, , Union, M-131

Cook, Infant daughter, m. Jewell, St. Thomas, I-074

Cook, Infant Son, m. Jewell, St. Thomas, M-068

Cook, John, , St. Thomas, G-052

Cook, Joseph, , St. Thomas, G-086

Cook, McDonald, m. Hill, *St. Thomas, N-121

Cook, Susan, , St. Thomas, H-029

Cook, Vernon Whitfield, , Springfield, B-049

Cook, Wesley, , St. Thomas, D-073

Cooper, Annie E., f. Lowther, St. Thomas, N-075

Cooper, John, , London, ON, M-019

Cooper, Vivian Pullen, , St. Thomas, B-032

Cooper, Wilfred George, m. Lowther, St. Thomas, N-001

Cope, Margaret, , Union, H-011

Copeman, John, , Orwell, J-026

Copeman, Sarah Jane, , Orwell, M-160

Cornelius, Elias, , Oneida, I-125

Cornick, Nina, , St. Thomas, D-070

Cornick, Sarah, , St. Thomas, B-058

Cosens, John Edmund, , St. Thomas, A-181

Couch, James, , St. Thomas, I-038

Coughlin, Clara, , Holy Angels, D-033

Coughlin, Edith May, , St. Thomas, M-021

Coughlin, Johanna, , Holy Angels, E-056

Coughlin, John Timothy, , St. Thomas, F-039

Coulter, Elizabeth, f. Storey, Courtright, ON, I-071

Courinis, Christina, , Nider, G-017

Courtney, David Francis, , St. Thomas, L-054

Courtney, John W., m. Cook, St. Thomas, M-125

Courtney, Margaret O., , St. Thomas, A-110

Couse, Dr. George, , St. Thomas, I-094

Cowan, David, , St. Thomas, J-027

Cowles, Jennie, , Leamington, ON, J-134

Cowley, Gertrude Phoebe, , St. Thomas, A-163

Cowley, Thomas, , Windsor, ON, N-066

Cox, John, , St. Thomas, A-079

Cox, Russell Henry, , St. Thomas, C-081

Crack, Alice Elizabeth, m. Ford, St. Thomas, I-001

Crack, Sarah Maria, , St. Thomas, C-025

Craig, Hugh, , McIntyre, F-104

Craig, James Andrew, , St. Thomas, B-182

Craig, William Hamilton, , St. Thomas, B-055

Crandall, Ambrose Tifton, m. Reynolds, St. Thomas, N-060

Crandall, Ethel R., , Walsingham, ON, F-060

Crandall, Mildred Olevia, , St. Thomas, J-060

Crandle, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, H-012

Crane, Charles, m. Cutter, Orwell, N-154

Crane, Edwin Ruthlin, , Orwell, H-044

Crane, Minnie, , Orwell, D-013

Crawford, John, , Stewarts, Belmont, G-095

Crawford, Norman W., , St. Thomas, E-118

Crisp, Mary Jane, f. Loury, St. Thomas, L-141

Crocker, Elmore Henry, , Fingal, A-213

Croker, Ella Grace, m. McClelland, St. Thomas, N-040

Crosby, Daniel Perry, , Burlington, ON, I-031

Cross, William, , St. Thomas, G-026

Crouse, Ira D., , Howell, MI. USA, F-088

Crowder, Kenneth Fraser, m. St. John, *St. Thomas, M-035

Culver, Edward, , Fingal, A-116

Curnin, John Thomas, m. O’Shea, Holy Angels, I-062

Curnin, Margaret Ann, f. O’Shea, Holy Angels, N-050

Curry, Annie, , St. Thomas, E-061

Cutter, Harold Wilfred, m. Hilliker, St. Thomas, J-076

Cutter, Thomas Charles, , St. Thomas, H-021

Dack, Anna May, , St. Thomas, F-009

Dack, John H. , , St. Thomas, H-131

Dadson, Alice Reta, , Braynes, M-119

Dadson, Charles Wesley, , Union, D-110

Daglianis, Joannis, f. Vasilike, Holy Angels, N-083

Dake, Charles, , Unknown, G-037

Daniel, Infant daughter, , McBraynes, A-209

Darby, George, , Fonthill, ON, A-033

Daugharty, Annie Matilda, , Frome, B-207

Daugharty, Harvey, , Frome, B-263

Daugharty, John, m. Ellis, Frome, M-025

Daugharty, Rosa, , Frome, B-254

Davenport, Infant, , St. Thomas, K-057

Davey, Ethel May, m. Sullivan, St. Thomas, I-016

David, Henry Bostie, m. Cole, St. Thomas, M-026

Davidson, Gladys Greer, , St. Thomas, B-277

Davidson, Helen Gertrude, m. McPherson, St. Thomas, G-050

Davis, Eliza, , St. Thomas, G-007

Davis, Frederick, , Malone, NY. USA, N-140

Davis, Frederick, , St. Thomas, K-110

Davis, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, A-051

Davis, Infant son, , Old English Church, B-125

Davis, Margaret Lydia, m. McKenny, St. Thomas, N-111

Davis, Melissa L., , Hunt’s, Lambeth, G-028

Davis, Myrtle E., , *St. Thomas, B-239

Davis, Nellie, , Fingal, I-069

Davis, William Benjamin, m. Tozier, St. Thomas, N-030

Dawe, William, , Stratford, ON, E-087

Dean, John, , St. Thomas, N-118

Dear, Lucy, , Eden, C-079

DeGruchey, Louise, f. Gard, St. Thomas, M-137

DeLavergn, Ruth, , St. Thomas, B-062

Dell, Hiram, , Thorold, ON, J-069

Dennece, Grace Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, A-179

Dennee, Mary Edith Claire, , St. Thomas, A-193

Dennetry, John, , Detroit, MI. USA, A-105

Dennis, Annie, f. McIntyre, Fingal, D-049

Deo, Hannah, , Mapleton, A-070

Deo, Jacob, , Orwell, H-028

Deo, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, N-006

Derby, Wm. R., , St. Thomas, A-099

Desmond, Daniel, m. Sullivan, Holy Angels, M-153

Desmond, Margarette, m. Coleman, Holy Angels, M-107

Device, William George, , St. Thomas, H-108

Devlin, Willard Rufus, , St. Thomas, I-095

Dewar, Infant son, m. Munro, St. Thomas, H-051

Dewar, Jane, f. Campbell, St. Thomas, L-059

Dewar, Margaret Donalda, m. Munro, St. Thomas, I-053

Dick, Infant daughter, m. McColl, St. Thomas, H-099

Dick, William A., , *St. Thomas, B-108

Dickson, Edith C., , St. Thomas, C-050

Dickson, Lillie May C., , St. Thomas, H-003

Diggins, Walter James, , Union, N-061

Dill, Leonard, , Victoria, ON, A-005

Dilts, James, m. Jennings, St. Thomas, N-020

Dilts, Maude, f. Williams, St. Thomas, E-062

Dilts, Richard, , St. Thomas, K-069

Dimbleby, Albert Ernest, , St. Thomas, B-236

Dingman, Mary Louise, , St. Thomas, B-133

Doan, Joseph A., m. Lutzes, Fingal, L-154

Doggett, William Kenneth, m. Axford, St. Thomas, M-120

Doherty, Jane, , St. Thomas, G-004

Donahue, Jeremiah, , Holy Angels, N-129

Donahue, Margaret, , Holy Angels, E-044

Doolittle, Ira Scott, , Union, A-108

Down, Erwin, m. Styles, St. Thomas, L-178

Downer, Emma Mary, f. Williams, St. Thomas, M-046

Downer, William Holbin, m. Williams, St. Thomas, M-057

Doxater, Sarah, , Unknown, G-030

Drake, Christina, , Old English Church, N-036

Drake, Daniel McQueen, , Old English Church, J-009

Duncombe, Dr. Truman W., , St. Thomas, E-103

Dunn, Stephen Stanley, , Union, K-087

Dunn, William Garfield, , Courtright, ON, L-056

Dunsford, Infant son, , St. Thomas, B-223

Dunton, Thomas C., , St. Thomas, I-037

Duval, Roch W., , Holy Angels, M-127

Dyer, Emanuel, , St. Thomas, E-081

Dyker, Infant son, , St. Thomas, E-047

Earhart, Eveline, m. Freeman, St. Thomas, M-051

Ecker, Joseph A., , St. Thomas, H-089

Edgeworth, Homer Edward, , Aylmer, L-050

Edmonds, Harriett, , St. Thomas, B-144

Edmunds, Irene Mary, , St. Thomas, B-083

Edwards, Charles Wesley, , St. Thomas, N-139

Edwards, Homer William, , St. Thomas, B-034

Edwards, John Harold, , St. Thomas, L-072

Edwards, Thomas Stephen, , Lobo, ON, A-221

Elce / Elsie, Elsie, , Fingal, F-010

Elliott, Andrew, , Union, B-051

Elliott, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, H-049

Elliott, Francis, , St. Thomas, B-020

Elliott, Maria, , Union, C-014

Elliott, Mrs. E., , St. Thomas, G-013

Elliott, Wm., , Fingal, M-072

Ellwood, Charles, , St. Thomas, E-050

Ellwood, Gerrad, , St. Thomas, A-113

Ellwood, Harvey, , St. Thomas, N-012

Elm, Infant son, , Unknown, M-066

Else, Alf, , St. Thomas, G-109

Else, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, C-076

Emery, Jessie R., f. Hardie, St. Thomas, N-086

Erwin, George Harold, , St. Thomas, J-098

Esseltine, Jane, , St. Thomas, G-047

Estick, Mary, , Purcells, A-003

Evans, Frederick, , St. Thomas, E-046

Evans, James, m. Garland, St. Thomas, N-029

Evans, John Thomas, , St. Thomas, H-117

Eveland, Annie, , Union, A-173

Eveland, Miss, , Union, E-038

Evely, John, , St. Thomas, M-142

Fairbrother, Albert Edward, m. Baker, St. Thomas, I-086

Fake, Harry, , St. Thomas, A-014

Farley, William Claydon, , St. Thomas, I-022

Farr, Edward, , St. Thomas, D-017

Fearnley, Sarah, f. Worsford, Strathroy, F-086

Fenwick, Elizabeth, m. Colliton, Mount Brydges, ON, L-161

Ferguson, Donald, , St. Thomas, C-019

Ferguson, Duncan E., , St. Thomas, K-091

Ferguson, Jane, , Orwell, L-110

Ferguson, John, , St. Thomas, J-028

Ferguson, Margaret, , St. Thomas, H-006

Ferguson, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, J-103

Fewings, James Angell, , St. Thomas, K-111

Ficke, Mary, , *St. Thomas, A-192

Fillmore, Herbert Stanley, , St. Thomas, H-069

Finch, Emma Jane, f. Venning, Mapleton, M-138

Finch, Frank, , Lambeth, ON, N-123

Finlay, Elizabeth, f. Simons, Windsor, ON, N-005

Fishback, Effie, f. Taylor, Stewarts, Belmont, L-061

Fitch, Charles Edward, , St. Thomas, E-113

Fitzpatrick, Michael, , Holy Angels, M-020

Fitzsimmons, Gordon Carl, , St. Thomas, B-219

Flaherty, William H., , *St. Thomas, E-057

Fletcher, Neil, , Poplar Hill, ON, M-155

Flexen, Amy, f. Baker, St. Thomas, M-085

Flint, David Truman, , *St. Thomas, J-003

Flint, Walter Leman, , St. Thomas, J-056

Flomerfelt, Zackariah, , St. Thomas, E-028

Flowers, Edith Vasta, , St. Thomas, A-218

Flowers, Harry, , St. Thomas, L-012

Foley, James, , Holy Angels, L-173

Folick, Russel, , St. Thomas, B-250

Folinsbee, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, H-064

Folland, Mary Hannah, f. Pembroke, Holy Angels, M-076

Fonger, Alice Deo, , St. Thomas, L-033

Foote, Amanda, , St. Thomas, E-006

Forbes, Alex, , Lambeth, ON, B-090

Forbes, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, B-159

Forbes, Mary, , Toronto, ON, H-033

Forbes, Norman, , St. Thomas, A-118

Ford, Mary Margaret, , Holy Angels, K-046

Forest, Aggie, , St. Thomas, L-172

Forest, Thomas, , St. Thomas, A-095

Forrest, John Lane, , St. Thomas, A-129

Forster, Sarah Jane, f. Sawyer, *St. Thomas, N-126

Fowler, Arthur, , Wallaceburg, ON, K-050

Fowler, Catherine M., , Ingersoll, ON, F-044

Fowler, Mary, , Ingersoll, ON, I-131

Francis, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, L-067

Francis, John Russel, , Niagara Falls, ON, A-156

Francis, Sarah, , Shedden, A-060

Francis, Susan S., , Orwell, H-037

Francis, Thomas, , Orwell, H-068

Frankland, R. J., , St. Thomas, H-055

Frankland, W. E., , St. Thomas, H-055

Franklin, Harriett, , St. Thomas, C-036

Franklin, Mabel, , St. Thomas, A-225

Fraser, Donald, , St. Thomas, F-085

Fraser, Martha, , Fingal???, B-084

Frazer, Clara Pearl, , St. Thomas, A-093

Frederick, Mary Jane, , St. Thomas, B-150

Freele, Zelda Eileen, m. Betts, St. Thomas, L-106

Freeman, Charles, , St. Thomas, A-174

Freeman, Cornelia, , St. Thomas, B-175

Freeman, Joseph F, , St. Thomas, B-005

Frezell, Wm., , London, On, J-126

Fryfogel, Thomas, , St. Thomas, I-116

Fuller, Hugh, , St. Thomas, N-021

Furguson, Edward, , St. Thomas, D-050

Furguson, Emery, , Unknown, E-022

Furguson, Mabel Blanche, , St. Thomas, D-027

Furguson, Mary Amelia, , St. Thomas, B-224

Gagnon, Arthur, , Montreal, PQ, G-021

Gagnon, Eli Joseph, , Holy Angels, D-082

Gaines, Hiram, , Seminary, M-065

Galbraith, Robert Alexander, , St. Johns, Simcoe, ON, B-087

Galbraith, Sam E.J., , Simcoe, ON, A-061

Gale, Herman, , Holy Angels, K-088

Gall, Arthur Fletcher, , St. Thomas, B-113

Gall, Edith Mary, , St. Thomas, B-106

Gall, Robert Archibald, , St. Thomas, E-052

Gallagher, Lottie, , St. Thomas, G-082

Gant, Catherine Elfrida, m. Quirk, Holy Angels, L-140

Ganter, Joseph, , Niagara Falls, ON, H-007

Ganter, Mary A., , Niagara Falls, ON, H-016

Gantor, Elizabeth, , Niagara Falls, On, H-065

Gardner, John Charles, , St. Thomas, A-038

Gardner, Minnie E., , St. Thomas, B-134

Gardner, Robert A., , St. Thomas, B-095

Garlick, Elizabeth, , Union, B-237

Gaskins, Mrs. (Mary A.), , St. Thomas, L-051

Gaudiche, Joseph, , St. Thomas, C-087

Gaukel, Ruth Leon, m. McKay, St. Thomas, M-116

Gay, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, N-043

Geary, James, , St. Thomas, D-067

Geary, James, m. Taylor, St. Thomas, M-039

Geary, Mary Jane, , St. Thomas, J-105

Geen, Alf. H., , St. Thomas, I-084

Gidley, Alfred Charles, m. Geen, St. Thomas, N-137

Gidley, Frederick Henry, m. Davis, St. Thomas, L-160

Gilbert, Edwin, m. Newton, Talbotville, M-088

Gilbert, Gladys Irene, , St. Thomas, I-056

Gilbert, Jacob, , St. Thomas, F-091

Gilbert, Louie, , St. Thoms, A-220

Gilbert, Thomas, , St. Thomas, G-011

Gilchrist, Peter, , McIntyre, C-047

Giles, Frederick William, , St. Thomas, B-085

Giles, Robert James, , St. Thomas, M-017

Gillan, Lena, , *St. Thomas, B-069

Gillard, Elizabeth, , Ingersoll, ON, A-182

Gillespie, James, , Hagersville, ON, J-106

Ginley, Mary, , St. Thomas, K-049

Glenn, William, , Glanworth, ON, A-004

Gloin, Adeline, , St. Thomas, N-023

Gloin, Frances, , St. Thomas, E-036

Goodchild, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, A-052

Gooden, Elizabeth, , Union, D-089

Goodhue, Arthur, , Union, J-080

Goodhue, Charles Edward, , Union, E-043

Goodhue, George, , Union, N-157

Goodhue, Laura A., , Union, B-183

Goodhue, Phoebe Elizabeth, , Union, I-024

Goodwin, Thomas, , Otterville, ON, D-085

Gordon, Agnes, , Glenallen, Peel Co., E-096

Gossman, George, , New York City, NY, I-008

Gott, Charles Hilbert, , Amherstburg, ON, J-048

Gough, Eliza, , McBraynes, I-091

Gough, Joseph, , McBraynes, C-062

Gough, William H., , Braynes, E-015

Gowman, Kate & Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-058

Grace, Maggie B., , Holy Angels, E-032

Graham, Ada, , London, ON, A-152

Graham, Dorothy, , St. Thomas, H-118

Graham, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, M-044

Graham, Infant daughter, m. Reid, St. Thomas, I-073

Graham, Infant daughter, m. Reid, St. Thomas, L-145

Graham, Thomas, , Cowal, E-073

Graham, Thomas W., , St. Thomas, B-202

Grant, Christina, , St. Thomas, H-053

Grant, Donald, , St. Thomas, J-038

Grant, Marguerite Helen, , St. Thomas, J-093

Grantham, Harold F., , St. Thomas, D-068

Grantham, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, N-148

Grantham, William, m. Leney, St. Thomas, G-060

Graves, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, A-044

Gray, Annie, f. Heinz, Norwich, ON, I-035

Graydon, Martha, , Courtland, ON, I-132

Green, Eliza Louise, , St. Thomas, B-065

Green, Sarah, f. Bemish, St. Thomas, L-123

Green, Walker, , Union, B-033

Greenwood, Gladys May, , St. Thomas, L-094

Grice, Frederick T., , St. Thomas, B-278

Griffin, Elsie L., , St. Thomas, A-203

Griffin, John Jenatius, , Holy Angels, C-061

Grose, Emma, , St. Thomas, I-020

Guest, Catherine, , St. Thomas, J-138

Gundy, Catherine B., , Exeter, ON, N-107

Gurd, Mary Saunders, , London, ON, K-093

Gustafson, Margaret Sophia, , St. Thomas, I-092

Hackwell, Frederick James, , Frome, B-122

Haddon, Florence Kathlene, m. Size, St. Thomas, K-121

Haddon, Gordon LeRoy, m. Size, St. Thomas, K-047

Haddon, Helen, , St. Thomas, F-071

Haddon, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, E-001

Haggett, Arthur, , St. Thomas, B-136

Hague, James M., , St. Thomas, C-030

Hague, William W., , St. Thomas, C-031

Haines, Harriett Amelia, , *St. Thomas, A-223

Hair, Wm., , St. Thomas, F-016

Hall, Dora Francis, , St. Thomas, A-190

Hall, Lewis P., , St. Thomas, H-024

Hall, William Thomas, m. Reekie, St. Thomas, N-136

Haller, Elizabeth, , Stratford, ON, M-108

Halligan, Roy, m. Giles, St. Thomas, M-158

Hamilton, Mary Elizabeth, f. Jones, St. Thomas, D-105

Hamilton, Mary Jane, , Iona, D-076

Hamilton, Mrs. Fred, , St. Thomas, C-011

Hamilton, Thomas, , Iona, F-019

Hammond, Anna Louise, f. McQueen, St. Thomas, K-005

Hammond, Cordelia Jane, , St. Thomas, N-017

Hammond, Florence Jane, , *St. Thomas, H-071

Hammond, John Y., , St. Thomas, I-037

Handford, George, , St. Thomas, C-021

Handford, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, A-072

Handford, William, , St. Thomas, A-082

Hanes, George J. , , Bertie, Welland Co., E-099

Haney, Hazel Eva, , Aylmer, B-096

Haney, Williamina Eva, , Aylmer, B-091

Hankinson, Caleb Hines, , St. Thomas, E-017

Hanna, Lecisinda, , Uxbridge, ON, M-045

Hannon, Charles, , St. Thomas, L-017

Hannon, Mary, f. Murphy, Stratford, ON, K-012

Hannon, Mary Margaret, , St. Thomas, E-102

Hanson, Janis P., , Fairmount, ND. USA, J-141

Hare, Hugh, , St. Thomas, B-253

Hare, Mabel Gertrude, , St. Thomas, H-114

Hare, Mary, , St. Thomas, F-034

Harkness, Thomas, , St. Thomas, K-045

Harpin, Alvira Amelia, , St. Thomas, B-014

Harris, Clara B., m. Nunney, St. Thomas, M-059

Harris, Estinia, , St. Thomas, A-176

Harris, George, , St. Thomas, L-157

Harris, Thomas, , St. Thomas, K-106

Harris, Thomas, , St. Thomas, M-035

Harris, Walter Thomas, , St. Thomas, J-029

Harrison, Isabella Maud, , St. Thomas, H-138

Harshaw, Jane, , Frome, E-094

Harshaw, Mary, f. Rafferty, Frome, M-114

Hart, Euphemia G., f. Hinds, St. Thomas, N-051

Hart, Henry A., , St. Thomas, E-100

Hart, Violet Virene, m. Garnet, *St. Thomas, L-125

Hartsell, George Shannon, , Union, K-010

Harvey, Anne, f. Wilson, Watford, ON, M-073

Harvey, L. McKinnon, , St. Thomas, L-087

Haskett, Elizabeth, , Union, G-067

Haslam, James Bracklebunk, , St. Thomas, E-071

Haslam, Mary Ann, , Brantford, ON, A-015

Hastings, Harry Norman, m. Buchner, St. Thomas, N-089

Hatch, Thelma, , St. Thomas, H-001

Hathaway, Infant son, , Union, F-089

Haugh, Larena, f. Osbourne, St. Thomas, L-171

Hausley, Alfred, , St. Thomas, N-155

Hausley, Hannah, f. Stitch, St. Thomas, H-079

Havell, Arthur O., , St. Thomas, J-025

Hawke, Samuel Launt, , Union, K-060

Hawkins, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, C-029

Hawkins, Infant grandson, , London, ON, I-032

Hayden, Robert James, , St. Thomas, B-154

Hayden, Satah C., f. Corliss, St. Thomas, L-062

Hayes, Elizabeth, f. Carter, Aylmer, N-034

Hayes, Leonard Wm., m. Carter, Aylmer, N-159

Haywood, John A., , St. Thomas, D-034

Healy, Alva Evaline, , St. Thomas, L-037

Heard, Hannah, f. Jackson, St. Thomas, H-120

Heard, Infant daughter, m. Egan, St. Thomas, H-076

Heardman, George, , Corinth, B-238

Hemphill, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, C-052

Hemphill, George, , St. Thomas, J-081

Henderson, Emma, , St. Thomas, B-105

Hepburn, Andrew, , Union, G-085

Herr, Infant Daughter, , St. Thomas, J-118

Herr, Philip Jacob, , *St. Thomas, A-183

Hibard, Jessie matilda, , Comber, ON, L-013

Hicken, Mary Lily, , St. Thomas, B-022

Hickin, Infant twins, , St. Thomas, A-094

Hill, Infant son, , St. Thomas, A-087

Hill, Jennie, , Shedden, J-082

Hill, Mary, f. Johnston, St. Thomas, N-063

Hill, Priscilla, , Delhi, ON, N-009

Hilton, Charles, , St. Thomas, B-097

Hilton, Sarah Maria, , St. Thomas, C-073

Hind, Frederick James, , St. Thomas, J-084

Hind, Helen Irene, , St. Thomas, L-156

Hind, John, , St. Thomas, I-014

Hinde, Mary Hannah, , Thamesville, ON, C-086

Hines, Roy, , Union, M-149

Hitch, Douglas, , St. Thomas, L-001

Hitsman, Margaret, , Talbotville, A-056

Hoag, Gilbert, m. Page, Marshall, MI. USA, M-105

Hoare, Clara, , *St. Thomas, B-235

Hobbs, Sarah, f. Misner, St. Thomas, N-004

Hobson, Mary Maud, , Dunboyne, J-137

Hodgson, Norma Pearl, m. White, St. Thomas, K-024

Hoffman, Jane, f. Peters, St. Thomas, I-118

Hoffman, Maude, , St. Thomas, G-025

Hogan, Patrick, , Holy angels, A-039

Hogbin, George, , St. Thomas, A-040

Hogbin, Mary, , St. Thomas, B-064

Holborn, Barbara, , *St. Thomas, L-134

Holden, Horace, , Fingal, A-059

Hollern, Michael, m. Kelly, Holy Angels, L-177

Hollway, Thomas, , St. Thomas, A-080

Holmes, Cynthia, f. Canfield, Selkirk, ON, G-105

Holmes, Frank Alex, , St. Thomas, B-266

Holmes, Jane, , Mapleton, A-148

Holmes, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, A-217

Holt, Kathleen Marion, m. Barker, Toronto, ON, L-167

Honsinger, Frank W., , St. Thomas, A-210

Hood, Charles, , Bismark, ON, G-089

Hook, Emily, , St. Thomas, C-006

Hooley, Michael Joseph, , Holy Angels, J-047

Hooper, Phyllis E., , *St. Thomas, L-092

Hooper, William J., , *St. Thomas, A-170

Hopkins, Mary, f. McDonald, Glanworth, ON, M-048

Hopkins, Thomas, , St. Thomas, E-021

Hopkins, Walter Innis, , Aylmer, G-083

Hortop, Elizabeth, f. Issacs, St. Thomas, N-097

Hortop, Mary Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, F-103

Hortop, Thomas, m. Issacs, St. Thomas, N-106

Hossack, Infant, , Aylmer, A-008

Hough, Alice, f. Goodhue, McBraynes, J-053

House, Ivon Hartley, m. Darch, Fingal, M-009

House, Mary Ann, , Fingal, H-094

Housel, Carl W., , St. Thomas, A-106

Hovey, Matthais, , St. Thomas, G-078

Howard, Elizabeth, , Niagara on the Lake, ON, C-065

Howarth, Infant, , Shedden, B-213

Howarth, Mary, , Fingal, A-021

Howarth, Mary Ann, , Fingal, E-013

Howe, Christina, f. Dewar, St. Thomas, I-081

Howe, Effie Jane, , St. Thomas, A-140

Howell, Walter Clyde, , St. Thomas, F-033

Howlett, Harold, m. Dunworth, Holy Angels, M-042

Hubert, Burton Pearson, , St. Thomas, K-068

Hubert, Norman Pearson, m. Stewart, St. Thomas, L-176

Hughson, Bridget, f. Quinn, Holy Angels, M-150

Hulbert, Harry D., , St. Thomas, L-101

Humphrey, Stephen F., , St. Thomas, B-147

Humphries, Elizabeth Jane, , St. Thomas, B-080

Humphries, John, , St. Thomas, B-112

Humphries, Thomas, , Fingal, C-001

Hunsberry, Douglas Elliott, , St. Thomas, E-080

Hunter, Desie G., , St. Thomas, B-174

Hunter, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-023

Hunter, Infant son (Wm.), , St. Thomas, B-246

Hunter, Letieta, , Dunboyne, A-186

Hunter, Thomas H., m. Brown, St. Thomas, N-114

Hunter, William John, , St. Thomas, D-019

Hunter, Wm., , Jarvis, ON, F-006

Hurkett, Marilla, , London, ON, G-068

Hutchinson, Gertrude Victoria, m. Gilbert, St. Thomas, N-073

Hutchinson, Richard Clinton, , *St. Thomas, L-120

Hynd, William, , St. Thomas, B-190

Ingarmill, Charles, , St. Thomas, B-024

Ingarmill, Mary, , St. Thomas, A-122

Iredom, Edward, , *St. Thomas, J-059

Iredon, Mary Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, L-143

Irish, Mahlon W., , Cowal, J-032

Jackson, Edward Henry, , *St. Thomas, J-122

Jackson, Infant daughter, m. Munro, Fingal, F-107

Jagoe, Mary, , Niagara Falls, ON, I-134

Jagoe, Mary Margaret, , St. Thomas, G-020

Jagoe, Thomas Edgar, , St. Thomas, N-092

Jameson, Franklin LeRoy, , St. Thomas, C-080

Jameson, Infant son, , St. Thomas, G-002

Jameson, James, , St. Thomas, A-042

Jansen, Eva Alice, , Sherkstone, ON, J-115

Jay, Austin A., , Union, K-097

Jeffery, Thomas Lorne, m. Bullard, St. Thomas, N-052

Jeffrey, John, , Old English Church, B-135

Jenkins, Stella Louise, , *Holy Angels, B-001

Jennings, Joseph, , St. Thomas , A-046

Jennings, Joseph Garnet, , Union, F-077

Jerden, Loraetta, , *St. Thomas, B-092

Jessop, Erie Iva Geraldine, m. Curtis, St. Thomas, M-003

Jewell, Catherine, , St. Thomas, F-021

Jewell, Chester, , Union, I-075

Jewell, Emma Lena, , St. Thomas, J-120

Jewell, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, A-155

Jewell, William John, , St. Thomas, D-026

Johns, Nellie May, , London, ON, L-045

Johnson, Benjamin, , St. Thomas, B-143

Johnston, Alda, , St. Thomas, E-034

Johnston, Alice Myrtle, , Seminary, E-104

Johnston, Annie, , St. Thomas, A-034

Johnston, Harry Francis, m. Lawson, St. Thomas, N-102

Johnston, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, F-022

Johnston, Infant son, m. Losson, *St. Thomas, L-103

Johnston, Lloyd, m. Black, Fairview, Dutton, H-087

Johnston, Mary, , Stevensville, C-005

Johnston, Mary, f. Stevenson, St. Thomas, I-127

Johnston, Robt., , St. Thomas, H-073

Jolley, Lilia Pearl, , St. Thomas, J-041

Jolly, Joseph, , St. Thomas, B-164

Jones, Alma, f. Parker, Union, E-054

Jones, Clara Amelia, , Union, B-036

Jones, Edward Charles, m. Moody, St. Thomas, E-088

Jones, Edward Keith, , Union, A-098

Jones, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, L-065

Jones, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, B-137

Jones, Joseph Sidney, , Rodney, ON, K-043

Jones, Thomas Roger, , *St. Thomas, B-162

Jones, William C., , St. Thomas, B-214

Jones, Wm. H., , St. Thomas, I-103

Jordon, Ann, , St. Thomas, G-094

Jordon, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, A-041

Jordon, Infant, , St. Thomas, B-151

Jordon, James, , St. Thomas, F-036

Jordon, Thomas, , St. Thomas, A-096

Kane, Emma, , St. Thomas, E-107

Karns, Franklin, , St. Thomas, I-107

Kealon, Michael, m. Slatterry, Holy Angels, M-103

Keilor, William T., , Iona, B-220

Keith, William, , St. Thomas, D-018

Kelly, Catherine, , St. Thomas, L-047

Kelly, Clyde B.D., , St. Thomas, F-056

Kelly , Frances, , Holy Angels, B-089

Kelly, Infant spon, , *St. Thomas, E-082

Kelly, Maggie, , Holy Angels, K-017

Kelly, Mary A., , St. Thomas, J-063

Kelly, Wm. M., , Chatham, ON, I-097

Kelso, Hugh Digby, , St. Thomas, B-212

Kemp, Harry Orville, , Delhi, On, H-052

Kennedy, Audrey Merril, , St. Thomas, H-042

Kennedy, Esther, , St. Thomas, J-030

Kennedy, John Truman, , St. Thomas, H-048

Kennedy, Minnie, f. Pettit, St. Thomas, I-057

Kerr, David Stewart, , St. Thomas, F-003

Kerr, Mary, , Paisley, ON, H-126

Ketchabaw, Mary Isabella, , St. Thomas, E-066

Kew, Albert Edward, , Union, H-075

Kew, Gladys Madeline, m. Elsie, St. Thomas, M-102

Kew, Mary Ann, , Union, G-006

Kimball, Sarah Jane, m. Aikens, Delhi, ON, D-103

Kimbel, William A., , St. Thomas, C-059

Kinsman, Muriel Beatrice, , St. Thomas, B-116

Kitchen, R. Grant, , St. Thomas, F-101

Kitchen, Robert, , St. Thomas , J-085

Knight, Adenijah, , Union, C-049

Knight, Earl Byron, m. Andrews, St. Thomas, I-042

Knight, Elizabeth, , Talbotville, E-009

Knight, Samuel, , Talbotville, H-127

Knight, William H., , Old English Church, D-101

Kondal, Donald A., m. Roberts, St. Thomas, L-130

Lacey, Joseph, , Dutton, ON, N-007

Laing, Catherine Emily, m. Loury, St. Thomas, F-082

LaLonde, Frances, f. Milligan, St. Thomas, N-048

Lamont, James, , Kintyre, A-030

Lang, Francis D., m. Loury, St. Thomas, H-090

Lang, Louise, , St. Thomas, B-141

Lang, William Francis, , St. Thomas, H-085

Langs, Myron St. Clair, , Waterford, ON, H-047

LaRue, Larisa, , St. Thomas, M-005

Laur, Mary Catherine, , Union, G-096

Laurance, William Harold, , St. Thomas, B-077

Lawson, Mary Ellen, m. Kernes, Holy Angels, N-101

Lea, Clara Jane, , *St. Thomas, B-070

Leach, Phoebe A, , Waterford, ON, J-111

Learment, Alice, , Brampton, ON, D-005

Learn, Elizabeth Jane, , Mapleton, ON, F-058

Learn, Llewllyn, , Mapleton, ON, I-098

Learn, Minnie, , Cowal, J-129

Lee, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, C-003

Lee, John Albert, , St. Thomas, B-127

Lee, Madeline Herr, , *St. Thomas, A-088

Lee, Robert, m. Grey, Hamilton, ON, M-032

Lee, Sarah, f. Stanbury, St. Thomas, F-084

Lee, Vera Alma, m. Mann, St. Thomas, G-054

Leek, William, , Holy Angels, K-085

Leighton, Margaret, , Union, A-165

Leitch, Jane, , St. Thomas, N-028

Lemon, Sarah Jane, f. Keys, St. Thomas, L-148

Leslie, Caroline, , St. Thomas, H-086

Leslie, Frances, , St. Thomas, K-052

Lethbridge, Elsie May, , Frome, I-101

Lewis, John W., , St. Thomas, J-140

Lewis, John Winford, m. Tatham, St. Thomas, N-079

Lewis, Maggie, , St. Thomas, K-071

Lewis, Margaret, , Fort Erie, ON, A-207

Lewis, Mary Agnes Louise, , Fort Erie, ON, B-276

Lewis, Mary Emma, , St. Thomas, K-107

Liddamore, Robert James, , St. Thomas, M-154

Limmert, Maria, , St. Thomas, M-022

Lindley, Charlotte, f. Stover, Avon, ON, J-050

Lindley, Harriet, , Avon, ON, J-109

Lindley, Infant daughter, m. Fuke, St. Thomas, E-083

Lindley, Rachel, f. Riley, St. Thomas, N-027

Little, Infant son, m. McKay, Rodney, ON, I-047

Little, Issabella, f. McKay, Rodney, I-036

Lizmore, Infant son, m. Johnston, *St. Thomas, N-115

Lock, John, , St. Thomas, B-068

Lock, Watson H., , St. Thomas, E-025

Locke, William J., , St. Thomas, F-094

Lockwood, Clifford James, , Longwood, Melbourne, J-035

Lodge, Adrian, , St. Thomas, F-030

Lodge, George Wm., m. Foote, St. Thomas, M-117

Lodge, Jane, , Holy Angels, A-091

Loftus, Alice, , St. Thomas, B-009

Logan, Earl, , St. Thomas, F-041

Logan, Infant son, , St. Thomas, F-063

Long, Annie Elizabeth, , Union, A-037

Long, Frederick, , Union, H-096

Long, Frederick C., m. Rudolph, Union, N-122

Long, George J., , Union, H-025

Long, Sarah, f. Gough, Union, L-090

Lossing, Albert Edward, , St. Thomas, K-015

Louch, Elroy, , Houghton, K-072

Loupe, Warren F., , St. Thomas, C-066

Loury, David H., , St. Thomas, B-002

Love, Eva May, , St. Thomas, D-083

Love, John J., , St. Thomas, B-194

Love, Mary, , St. Thomas, D-038

Love, Neil, , St. Thomas, D-040

Love, William H., , St. Thomas, H-116

Lowe, Gordon Cecil, m. Keith, St. Thomas, I-026

Lowe, Infant daughter, m. McNearnie, St. Thomas, M-080

Lowe, Mary, , St. Thomas, E-072

Lowe, William Frederick, , St. Thomas, K-059

Lowry, Catherine, m. McCallum, St. Thomas, I-080

Lumley, Euphemia, , Fingal, A-119

Lumley, Moses, , Burwell Park, Iona, M-074

Lund, John, , Mount Pleasant, M-052

Lundil, Robert James, m. Hood, *St. Thomas, M-054

Luscombe, Alberta Oxley, , St. Thomas, D-061

Luscombe, Emily, m. Alford, St. Thomas, M-104

Lyons, Infant, , St. Thomas, F-038

MacDonald, John P., , Holy Angels, C-078

MacKay, Elizabeth, f. Alexander, St. Thomas, K-101

MacKenzie, John W., , St. Thomas, N-082

Madagan, Beatrice Lorine, , St. Thomas, G-079

Madden, Helen, m. Francis, St. Thomas, I-004

Madden, Infant son, m. Francis, St. Thomas, M-096

Madden, John Francis, m. Francis, St. Thomas, J-097

Madden, Maurine, m. Francis, St. Thomas, I-005

Madden, Susannah, , St. Thomas, K-076

Madigan, John, , Holy Angels, N-045

Maher, Joseph, , Holy Angels, B-017

Mahoney, Jeremiah, , Holy Angels, J-043

Mahoney, John Maxwell, , St. Thomas, J-088

Mailing, Tressa, , *St. Thomas, A-157

Malcolm, Mary, f. Duncan, McArthurs, G-097

Manchen, Walter Edwin, , *St. Thomas, N-072

Mann, Arthur Wellington, , St. Thomas, I-117

Mann, Charles, m. Woodworth, St. Thomas, M-095

Mann, Daniel A., , St. Thomas, K-017

Mann, Elizabeth, f. Parker, St. Thomas, K-021

Mann, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, B-252

Mann, Fedelia, f. Parker, West Lorne, ON, N-025

Mann, Frederick Carrell, , St. Thomas, L-039

Mann, Jehiel, , St. Thomas, K-011

Mann, John W., , Orwell, I-019

Mann, Lucy Ann, f. Trigger, St. Thomas, L-031

Mann, Lyman, , St. Thomas, G-015

Mann, Mary Ellen, , Union, B-139

Mann, Susan, f. Yoder, St. Thomas, L-152

Manser, Florence Maud Rowe, f. Rowe, Woodstock, ON, L-066

Mapson, Jane, , St. Thomas, N-056

Marine, Sadie, , St. Thomas, C-007

Markell, Ethel May, , Talbotville, F-051

Marlatt, Patience, , St. Thomas, C-002

Marlatt, Pholhoebe, , St. Thomas, F-061

Marple, George Nelson, , St. Thomas, D-054

Marr, John W., , Talbotville, C-071

Marriott, Jane, , Hamilton, ON, F-007

Marsaw, Moses, , Simcoe, ON, L-112

Marsden, Hazel May, , St. Thomas, A-178

Marsh, Robert (Teddy), , St. Thomas, M-092

Marshall, Hadley, , St. Thomas, L-021

Marshall, James Henry, m. Ferris, Vittoria, ON, N-049

Marshall, Margaret May, m. Mettashed, St. Thomas, N-105

Martin, Alice, f. Jones, St. Thomas, K-029

Martin, Elizabeth, f. Nethercott, St. Thomas, D-032

Martin, Elizabeth, m. Pinfold, St. Thomas, M-007

Martin, Elizabeth McIntyre, f. McIntyre, St. Thomas, N-085

Martin, Helen Isabella, , St. Thomas, L-145

Martin, Hugh, , St. Thomas, E-018

Martin, John, , McBraynes, B-222

Martin, Mary, , St. Thomas, A-062

Martin, Robert, , Braynes, E-014

Martin, Samuel W., , St. Thomas, I-013

Martin, Sidney, , St. Thomas, I-079

Martindale, Featherstone, , St. Thomas, A-069

Martindale, Hannah, , St. Thomas, A-141

Mason, Wm., , St. Thomas, F-004

Masterman, Edward, , Holy Angels, L-132

Masterman, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, A-024

Mattis, Mrs. Nelson, , St. Thomas, A-222

May, George, , St. Thomas, L-069

May, John, m. Zavitz, St. Thomas, L-084

May, Minnie Maude, f. Zavitz, St. Thomas, N-076

McAlpine, Elizabeth, m. Henshick, St. Thomas, N-069

McAlpine, Mary, , Blacks, Dutton, ON, J-022

McAlpine, Peter, , Bismark, ON, E-064

McArthur, Jessie, , *St. Thomas, A-188

McArthur, Susan, f. McColl, Fingal, G-088

McAteer, Bernard, , Holy Angels, N-130

McBain, Duncan, , St. Thomas, H-063

McBrayden, John, , St. Thomas, J-007

McBride, Margaret, , St. Thomas, L-003

McBride, William, , Holy Angels, C-016

McCallum, Angus, , St. Thomas, F-008

McCallum, Angus A., , St. Thomas, N-026

McCallum, Annie Louise, f. Jolliffe, St. Thomas, J-013

McCallum, Duncan J., m. McArthur, St. Thomas, L-150

McCandless, Dr. J.E., , Union, D-028

McCandless, John, , Union, A-126

McCarthy, Edith Ellen, , Holy Angels, B-086

McCarthy, Ellis, , Colchester, ON, J-128

McCarthy, Ellis Melbern, , Essex, ON, N-067

McCarthy, Emily, f. Hubert, St. Thomas, J-067

McCarthy, George, , St. Thomas, J-119

McCarthy, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, N-018

McCarthy, Joseph D., , St. Thomas, I-055

McCarthy, Thomas F., , St. Thomas, D-051

McClennan, Edith, f. Montgomery, St. Thomas, M-059

McClennan, Infant daughter, m. Montgomery, St. Thomas, M-038

McClure, Matilda, , St. Thomas, M-029

McColl, Dr. Hugh, , St. Thomas, L-086

McCord, Eliza, , Kilmary, Belmont, ON, I-088

McCoy, Michael, , Holy Angels, H-027

McCoy, Susan, , *St. Thomas, A-185

McCrae, Dorothy, , Ingersoll, ON, I-133

McCready, Claude, , St. Thomas, M-058

McCready, Ida Malow, , St. Thomas, F-002

McCrimmon, Edward A., , St. Thomas, B-165

McCutcheon, Frances Isabel, m. McDonald, Petrolia, ON, J-054

McCutcheon, Sarah J.G., , *St. Thomas, B-148

McDonald, Alexander, , St. Thomas, B-037

McDonald, Allan, , St. Thomas, I-100

McDonald, Ambrose, , Holy Angels, J-051

McDonald, Angus D., , St. Thomas, B-191

McDonald, Daniel, m. Kelly, Holy Angels, M-040

McDonald, Daniel, , Holy Angels, B-066

McDonald, Everell Marwood, m. Thomas, St. Thomas, L-142

McDonald, George Edmund, , St. Thomas, D-109

McDonald, Harry, , St. Thomas, F-028

McDonald, Harry Edwin, , St. Thomas, B-171

McDonald, Infant daughter, m. Williams, St. Thomas, K-092

McDonald, Infant daughter, m. Williams, St. Thomas, H-046

McDonald, Infant son, , St. Thomas, A-197

McDonald, Irvine Arnold, , Mount Elgin, ON, I-129

McDonald, Janet, , Holy Angels, I-054

McDonald, Jessie, , Dumphries, B-283

McDonald, Julia, , Holy Angels, H-066

McDonald, Margaret, , St. Thomas, A-228

McDonald, Maria, , St. Thomas, F-093

McDonald, Mary, , Holy Angels, G-072

McDonald, Maud, f. Reneau, Amherstburg, ON, K-109

McDonald, Norman, , St. Thomas, A-202

McDonald, Patrick Emmett, m. Neaton, Holy Angels, N-134

McDonald, Richard Henry, , Palmerston, ON, I-017

McDonald, Wallace George, m. Williams, St. Thomas, G-056

McDonogh, William John, , *St. Thomas, B-217

McFarlane, Jane, f. McTavish, Cowal, N-098

McGhee, Gordon, , St. Thomas, K-013

McGill, Alexander, , St. Thomas, D-074

McGill, John A., , St. Thomas, F-026

McGregor, Elizabeth, f. Rogers, St. Thomas, N-094

McGregor, Margaret, , St. Thomas, A-168

McGugan, Addie, m. Thomas, St. Thomas, L-029

McGugan, Annie Margaret, m. Ray, *St. Thomas, N-128

McGugan, Jennette Pearl, , *St. Thomas, C-072

McGuggan, Elizabeth, f. McLean, St. Thomas, M-053

McIntosh, Sarah, , St. Thomas, B-163

McIntyre, Alexander, , St. Thomas, B-208

McIntyre, Angus, , St. Thomas, L-048

McIntyre, Archibald A., , McIntyre, H-070

McIntyre, Catherine, , St. Thomas, C-039

McIntyre, Donald, , St. Thomas, B-184

McIntyre, Hugh, , St. Thomas, G-003

McIntyre, John K., , St. Thomas, H-088

McKally, William Christopher, , *Holy Angels, G-033

McKay, Mary, , St. Thomas, D-065

McKay, Neil, m. Fuller, St. Thomas, M-078

McKee, John, , St. Thomas, K-036

McKee, Mary, , St. Thomas, F-045

McKellar, Duncan, , St. Thomas, B-189

McKenzie, Andrew, , *St. Thomas, B-156

McKenzie, Henrietta, , Union, E-117

McKenzie, Ida, , St. Thomas, G-012

McKenzie, James C., m. Chisholm, St. Thomas, M-121

McKenzie, William A., , Union, B-287

McKillop, A.J., , McIntyre, N-120

McKillop, Mrs. John, , St. Thomas, A-029

McKillop, Neil, , McIntyre, K-066

McKinney, John Wesley, , Corinth, E-105

McKroy, Henry James, , St. Thomas, A-153

McLean, Dan, , St. Thomas, I-007

McLean, Harold, , St. Thomas, D-069

McLean, Laura, f. Stanley, St. Thomas, H-056

McLean, Mary Jane, f. Daugherty, Frome, N-084

McLean, Nancy, , St. Thomas, K-119

McLean, Sarah, , St. Thomas, B-203

McLearn, Wm., , Glencoe, ON, I-048

McLeod, Annie, , *St. Thomas, D-008

McManus, James B., , Holy Angels, D-057

McMullen, John, , Holy Angels, C-009

McMullen, Margaret, , Holy Angels, G-106

McNabb, Margaret, , St. Thomas, A-076

McNabb, Wm. D., , St. Thomas, B-018

McNally , Infant daughter, , Holy Angels, D-062

McNames, Alex, , St. Thomas, F-005

McNary, Infant, , Holy Angels, D-107

McNary, John, , Holy Angels, G-055

McNary, Joseph, , Holy Angels, K-082

McNea, Infant son, m. Dawdy, *St. Thomas, K-030

McNea, William James, , St. Thomas, L-088

McNearney, Ella, , St. Thomas, B-093

McNearnie, Agnes, , St. Thomas, B-140

McNearnie, Mary, , Holy Angels, A-139

McNearnie, Muriel, , *St. Thomas, A-057

McNearnie, Tom, , Holy Angels, L-077

McNicol, Mary Ann, , Shakespeare, ON, D-095

McNiece, Helen, m. Hill, St. Thomas, I-102

McNiece, Maud Amey, , St. Thomas, A-149

McNight, Margaret, , Union, A-112

McPherson, Eliza, f. Hurly, Alvinston, ON, M-100

McPherson, Hector, , Fingal, B-256

McPherson, Mary, , St. Thomas, F-048

McQueen, Helen Louise, , St. Thomas, I-061

McTaggart, Stewart LeRoy, m. Scott, St. Thomas, N-113

McVey, Henry, , Holy Angels, B-061

McWhirter, Lillian Ann Buckma, , St. Thomas, G-001

McWilliams, Fanny, f. Merritt, St. Thomas, N-103

Meadows, Dottie may, m. Tanner, St. Thomas, N-143

Meadows, Mildred Irene, m. Tanner, St. Thomas, J-001

Meadows, Theressa, , Glanworth, ON, K-063

Mellon, William B., , *St. Thomas, E-077

Meredith, Beatrice, m. Pottruff, St. Thomas, N-132

Meredith, Garbut Ward, , St. Thomas, H-091

Meredith, Gordon Roy, , St. Thomas, B-181

Meredith, Infant son, , St. Thomas, A-064

Mero, Vivian Catherine, m. Williams, St. Thomas, M-008

Merrill, Thomas P., , Talbotville, A-123

Merritt, Alexander, , St. Thomas, D-038

Metcalf, Clarence Francis, m. Norton, *St. Thomas, N-156

Metcalf, Samuel, , Barrie, ON, K-095

Metsata, Infant twins, , *St. Thomas, J-037

Midforth, John, , St. Thomas, B-117

Midforth, John Flinton, , St. Thomas, H-036

Mihell, James Dyke, , Old English Church, A-049

Mill, John, , Fingal, H-104

Mill, Wm. Frederick, m. Smale, St. Thomas, N-062

Millard, Infant twins, , *St. Thomas, A-002

Miller, Andrew, , St. Thomas, A-001

Miller, Annie, , St. Thomas, A-164

Miller, Dorothy, , St. Thomas, B-099

Miller, Edwin Horatio, m. Madden, St. Thomas, M-037

Miller, Francis, , *St. Thomas, B-029

Miller, James L., , St. Thomas, B-142

Miller, Marion A., , St. Thomas, N-088

Miller, Mrs. Chas., , St. Thomas, N-002

Miller, Robert, , St. Thomas, I-085

Milligan, Alex, , St. Thomas, L-155

Milligan, Edward, , St. Thomas, G-039

Milligan, Garfield Walter, , Dutton, ON, K-067

Millman, Albert Edward, , Union, D-025

Millman, Cecilia Mae, , Union, D-010

Millman, Maria, , Union, B-259

Millman, William M., , Union, C-060

Mills, Edna Viola, m. Walters, St. Thomas, E-005

Mills, George William, m. Walters, St. Thomas, F-072

Mills, Henry, , St. Thomas, J-023

Mills, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, D-037

Milne, Helen, , St. Thomas, G-065

Milne, James, , St. Thomas, C-037

Milton, Catherine, , Talbotville, K-028

Milton, Edward, , Talbotville, E-090

Minard, David, , St. Thomas, M-152

Minard, Sarah A., , St. Thomas, K-039

Minhinnick, Sarah Jane, f. Hunter, Union, I-003

Minor, Charles Earl, , *St. Thomas, D-081

Minor, Martha E., , Union, F-020

Minor, Rosemond Irene, m. Parish, Union, G-087

Minor, Thema Annie, m. Tanner, St. Thomas, J-002

Mitchell, Charles George, , St. Thomas, M-134

Mitchell, George L., , St. Thomas, A-092

Mitchell, Sarah Catherine, , Old English Church, H-105

Mitchener, Harry, , St. Thomas, G-049

Moffatt, George, , St. Thomas, J-138

Monteith, Archibald William, , St. Thomas, J-042

Montgomery, George, , St. Thomas, L-099

Montgomery, George Washington, , Union, B-176

Montgomery, Levi, , Union, B-242

Montgomery, Mary, , Plains, A-066

Montgomery, Vila May, , Union, B-157

Montgomery, William Maynard, m. Haskett, Union, G-069

Montross, Levi, , St. Thomas, B-188

Moodie, John Wilson, , St. Thomas, H-019

Moody, Sophia V., , St. Thomas, M-141

Moore, Christopher Clyde, , St. Thomas, F-079

Moore, Dasie Elfrida, , St. Thomas, G-061

Moore, Garrett, , Arthur, I-045

Moore, George, , Richmond, A-143

Moore, George H., , Union, M-110

Moore, Hannah Mary, f. Brown, St. Thomas, M-060

Moore, Jane Elizabeth, , Union, M-156

Moore, Ruth, , St. Thomas, G-108

Moore, Ruth Hilda, , St. Thomas, E-070

More, Margarett, , *St. Thomas, C-042

Morrell, Wm. Henry, , St. Thomas, L-076

Morrison, Florence, , St. Thomas, I-104

Morrisson, Mary, , Union, A-189

Mott, Elie, f. Ferguson, St. Thomas, F-025

Mott, Infant son, m. Furguson, *St. Thomas, E-108

Muir, Annie, , St. Thomas, K-099

Muirson, Isabella, , St. Thomas, B-041

Muirson, James, , West Lorne, ON, L-136

Mulvenna, James, , Philadelphia, PA, USA, L-133

Mummery, Charles, , St. Thomas, D-078

Munce, Grace, m. Haggblom, St. Thomas, N-147

Munce, Wm. Henry, , Lyndock, ON, K-077

Murdock, Isabella, , St. Thomas, D-064

Murphy, Alice Isabella, m. Stoner, St. Thomas, J-005

Murphy, Christina May, f. Frank, West Lorne, ON, L-041

Murphy, Infant, , Holy Angels, L-038

Murphy, Margaret, , Hautrey, H-074

Murphy, Marnard, , St. Thomas, F-057

Murphy, Patrick, , Holy Angels, M-144

Murphy, Timothy, , Holy Angels, L-115

Murray, Gracie & Gertie, , *St. Thomas, B-050

Murray, Jas. Lorne, m. Couch, St. Thomas, L-068

Nattrass, Alice Margaruette, , St. Thomas, L-109

Nedicott, Infant, , Frome, F-050

Neil, Infant son, m. Purcell, St. Thomas, L-162

Neish, Wm., , St. Thomas, L-018

Newman, Joseph, , Port Stanley, N-153

Newsome, Arthur, m. Cook, St. Thomas, H-082

Newsome, Joseph, , Fingal, C-033

Newsome, May, m. Cook, St. Thomas, H-092

Nicherson, Eluid W., , Union, B-044

Nicholas, Charles E., , Union, K-086

Nicholas, Samuel C., , Union, C-008

Nicholson, Emma Jane, , St. Thomas, H-072

Nicholson, Joseph H., , Mitchell, ON, E-084

Nicholson, Manassah, m. Wilson, St. Thomas, M-070

Nicholson, Rhoda, , St. Thomas, H-010

Ninham, Catherine Thomas, , Southwold, F-080

Nolan, John, , Holy Angels, M-067

Nolan, John Elijah, , St. Thomas, A-216

Noonan, Ellen, , Holy Angels, B-187

Norman, Harry Edson, m. Stillwell, St. Thomas, L-124

Norris, Charles, , St. Thomas, J-099

North, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, J-052

North, Infant son, m. Gasney, Unknown, J-021

Norton, Ida, , Union, I-077

Norton, Lewis, , St. Thomas, K-074

Norton, Mrs. R.C., , Lambeth, ON, M-086

Noury, Thomas Isaac, , *St. Thomas, B-077

Nunn, Ruby, , St. Thomas, M-082

Nunney, Grace Helena, , St. Thomas, C-048

O’Brien, Hannah, , Hyde Park, ON, A-007

O’Brien, Michael, , Holy Angels, E-053

O’Brien, Susan, , Holy Angels, C-012

O’Brien, Thomas, , Holy Angels, E-069

O’Donnell, Edward Gilson, , St. Thomas, J-044

O’Hare, Infant, m. Hillis, St. Thomas, K-008

O’Rourke, Jhn, , Holy Angels, N-046

Oakes, Alice Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, C-070

Oakes, Chas. Duncombe, m. Long, St. Thomas, M-113

Oakes, Elmore Cleveland, , St. Thomas, G-031

Oakes, Harry P., , St. Thomas, G-107

Oakes, Juliet, , St. Thomas, H-040

Oatman, Clara Frances, , Springfield, B-048

Oatman, Clarissia, , Springfield, B-008

Oatridge, Infant son, m. Saunder, *St. Thomas, J-074

Odell, Infant, , Cowal, L-107

Oke, Thomas, , St. Thomas, J-015

Okes, Ann, , *St. Thomas, J-073

Oldreive, Mary Jane, f. Clarke, St. Thomas, K-007

Oldreive, William, , St. Thomas, H-083

Oliver, Charlotte Elizabeth, f. Stover, Springfield, I-072

Oliver, Frank Ellen, m. Staple, St. Thomas, N-059

Oliver, George, , St. Thomas, E-055

Oliver, Gordon Samuel John, , St. Thomas, G-018

Oliver, Infant daughter, m. Pringle, St. Thomas, L-015

Oliver, John, , St. Thomas, K-041

Oliver, Joseph William, , St. Thomas, I-111

Oliver, Margaret Anne, , St. Thomas, B-054

Oliver, Mariam, f. Cheeseworth, St. Thomas, G-019

Oliver, Stephenson, m. Stephenson, St. Thomas, N-055

Ollett, William, , Mount Brydges, ON, B-027

Olmstead, Lafayette, m. Heath, St. Thomas, M-091

Omerod, Infant son, , St. Thomas, N-058

Ormerod, Infant son, m. McKillop, *St. Thomas, M-109

Ormerod, John McAlpine, m. McAlpine, *St. Thomas, L-159

Orr, Eliza Kathleen, m. McConnell, St. Thomas, G-073

Orr, Infant daughter, m. Charlton, St. Thomas, K-061

Osborne, Leola Cona, m. Satchell, *St. Thomas, N-047

Osborne, Rockwell, , St. Thomas, F-023

Ostrander, Infant son, m. Huntley, St. Thomas, M-079

Oxford, Myrtle, , St. Thomas, L-091

Paddon, Arthur W. , m. Conrad, St. Thomas, J-101

Paddon, George Wm., , St. Thomas, G-029

Paddon, Oswald Oliver, , St. Thomas, D-066

Page, Ann, f. Davis, St. Thomas, N-087

Palmer, Annis Lura, m. Cavley, *St. Thomas, G-063

Palmer, Chas., , St. Thomas, I-078

Palmer, Edith Maud, , Aylmer, B-230

Palmer, Harley Newton, , St. Thomas, A-103

Palmer, Hiriam C., , St. Thomas, F-074

Palmer, John Stanley, , Port Stanley, D-015

Palmer, Josiah Earl, , St.Thomas, B-285

Palmer, Nellie, , Blenheim, ON, M-140

Parker, Cecil Jackson, , Union, I-050

Parker, Marion, , Seminary, I-065

Parker, Minnie Hazel, , Union, B-180

Parker, Nelson, , Seminary, E-011

Parker, Wm. H., , Seminary, K-112

Parsons, Eliza Ann, , St. Thomas, L-131

Parsons, Thomas Alfred, , St. Thomas, D-102

Passfield, Dorothy Lillian, m. Park, *St. Thomas, M-118

Passfume, Cameron, , St. Thomas, J-040

Paterson, John, , St. Thomas, B-129

Paterson, Roberts, , Union, B-123

Patrick, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, B-016

Patrick, Harold, m. Upton, *St. Thomas, H-032

Pattenden, Martha Helen, m. Davidson, St. Thomas, M-101

Patterson, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, B-168

Patterson, James, , St. Thomas, A-177

Payne, Alfred, , Union, B-280

Payne, Herbert M., , Union, J-117

Payne, James, , Union, B-211

Payne, James Harvey, , Union, H-121

Payson, Roxalina, , St. Thomas, I-089

Payson, Thomas A., , St. Thomas, A-172

Peacock, Infant daughter, m. Williams, St. Thomas, L-116

Peacock, Janet, , St. Thomas, K-114

Peacock, John, , St. Thomas, B-153

Pearce, Elizabeth, f. Williams, St. Thomas, G-086

Pearce, Harold Franklin, , St. Thomas , L-111

Pearce, Marinda, f. Williams, St. Thomas, J-033

Pearce, Mary Helen, , St. Thomas, B-131

Pearson, Chas. Del, , St. Thomas, N-008

Pellow, Thomas Charles, , St. Thomas, D-045

Pells, Robt., , Unknown, Chatham, ON, H-136

Pembroke, Henry Daniel, m. Kavanugh, Holy Angels, M-098

Pembroke, Walter, , Holy Angels, B-120

Penhale, Infant son, , St. Thomas, B-075

Penhale, Louise, w. Grant, St. Thomas, D-007

Penhale, Mathew, , St. Thomas, E-024

Penhale, Minnie E., m. Watson, Bayfield, ON, N-141

Penhale, Ruby Aleane, m. Gillette, St. Thomas, K-027

Penhale, Susannah, , St. Thomas, A-084

Penhale, Thomas, , St. Thomas, J-116

Pennefather, Desmond, , St. Thomas, E-041

Pepper, Edward H., , St. Thomas, N-016

Perrin, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, H-054

Perry, Infant, , St. Thomas, J-143

Perry, Infant son, , St. Thomas, A-194

Peters, Abraham, , St. Thomas, F-040

Peters, Charles Gustin, , St. Thomas, A-128

Peters, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, E-042

Peters, Peter, , St. Thomas, K-055

Peters, Roy, , St. Thomas, B-132

Peterson, Clara, , St. Thomas, A-227

Pettit, William Roy, , *St. Thomas, C-035

Phelps, Hannah, , Springfield, D-004

Philips, Eliza Ann, f. Mandeville, St. Thomas, L-121

Philips, William, , St. Thomas, J-083

Pim, Wm. H., , St. Thomas, J-070

Pinfeld, Rebeckah, , St. Thomas, B-102

Pinfeld, Thomas, , St. Thomas, I-100

Pink, Margerette, m. Davis, St. Thomas, G-081

Piper, John Edwin, , Hunt’s Lambeth, ON, E-076

Plunkett, John Charles, , St. Thomas, M-028

Pollock, John P., , Union, B-074

Ponsford, Annie, , St. Thomas, B-042

Pook, George Ernest, , St. Thomas, G-080

Pook, Harry, , London, ON, L-164

Pook, Margarette Isabell, , St. Thomas, G-077

Pook, Thelma Madeline, m. Smith, St. Thomas, M-010

Porter, James Roy, , Woodlawn, London, L-052

Porter, Mary Ann, , Talbotville, A-048

Powell, James, , St. Thomas, H-133

Powers, Lottie, , Aylmer, J-113

Prance, Tabitha, f. Harris, Fingal, I-083

Pratt, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-012

Pratt, Martha, , St. Thomas, G-070

Preffer, Catherine, f. Pettett, Seminary, N-119

Preffer, Orlando, , Seminary, F-032

Pressey, Dylia, , *St. Thomas, N-150

Pretty, Alvira, , St. Thomas, G-062

Price, Infant, , Unknown, D-016

Price, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, C-064

Price, Mary, , Corinth, C-058

Price, Myron Llewllyn, , St. Thomas, A-078

Pringle, Caroline H, f. Smith, St. Thomas, N-042

Pringle, Francis B., , St. Thomas, L-096

Pritchard, Elgin, , St. Thomas, H-008

Pritchard, Rhyall, , St. Thomas, B-193

Proctor, Infant daughter, m. Root, St. Thomas, N-054

Proctor, Sarah Ellen, , *St. Thomas, L-122

Puddicombe, Samuel James, , St. Thomas, I-044

Pullen, Henry Lee, , St. Thomas, I-058

Pullen, John Tyson, , St. Thomas, A-151

Purkess, Ethel, , St. Thomas, J-072

Purkess, Henry John, , St. Thomas, K-037

Purkess, Henry John, , St. Thomas, J-062

Putnam, Robert, , St. Thomas, I-027

Quaid, John, , St. Thomas, D-046

Queen, Bertha, f. Perry, St. Thomas, N-032

Queen, Nancy, , Holy Angels, K-094

Queen, Pearl Marguerite, f. Dake, St. Thomas, G-101

Quick, Jane, , St. Thomas, J-091

Quick, John, , Dunwich, A-102

Quinn, George Wesley, , *St. Thomas, A-184

Rapelge, Mary Celisty, m. Wakefield, St. Thomas, H-039

Rapelje, Jennetta, , Old English Church, E-068

Rapelje, Wm. J., , St. Thomas, L-083

Rapley, Infant son, m. Whiting, *St. Thomas, F-099

Ray, Mary A., , St. Thomas, K-034

Ray, Robert, , St. Thomas, I-128

Rea, Sarah, f. Leadbeater, Union, H-137

Redmond, Edward J., , Holy Angels, E-003

Reece, Barney, , Wellandport, ON, A-063

Reeves, Edith Ethel, , St. Thomas, E-008

Reilly, Jane, , St. Thomas, L-026

Renaud, James, , Holy Angels, H-060

Renaud, James, m. Hinds, Holy Angels, E-120

Reynolds, Eva Maud, n. Neive, St. Thomas, N-110

Reynolds, Nellie, , Plains, I-059

Reynoldson, Fannie, , St. Thomas, B-192

Rice, John H., , St. Thomas, G-071

Rice, Olive, f. Oakes, St. Thomas, L-012

Rich, Elizabeth McMullen, f. McMullen, Holy Angels, G-100

Rich, William, , St. Thomas, B-201

Richardson, William, , St. Thomas, J-008

Ridley, Anita, , St. Thomas, L-035

Ridley, T. W., , St. Thomas, D-091

Rieger, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-019

Robb, Frederick Andrew, , St. Thomas, A-158

Roberts, Charles Stanley, , St. Thomas, A-199

Roberts, George, , Fairchilds, B-056

Roberts, James Henry, m. Snell, St. Thomas, M-129

Roberts, John Madaver, , St. Thomas, B-243

Roberts, Mary, f. Barnicott, St. Thomas, D-080

Roberts, Vera Blanche, , St. Thomas, G-099

Robillard, Isaac, , St. Thomas, E-079

Robins, Adam, , St. Thomas, K-004

Robins, Adam, , St. Thomas, E-089

Robinson, Ella, , Dunboyne, A-208

Robinson, Ella, , St. Thomas, B-025

Robinson, Flora McDonald, , Holy Angels, A-032

Robinson, Lewis Jessie, m. Thody, St. Thomas, G-091

Robinson, Marian Elda, , St. Thomas, B-110

Rock, James R., m. Bourne, *St. Thomas, N-070

Rockery, Bert, , St. Thomas, B-255

Rogers, Amos, , Sparta, J-145

Rogers, Isabella J., , Mascouche, Montreal, L-008

Rolling, George, , St. Thomas, J-090

Rolling, Mary, , St. Thomas, K-062

Rorke, Michael, , Union, F-106

Rose, Infant, , Holy Angels, N-037

Ross, Christopher, , Union, A-131

Ross, Robert, , Talbotville, C-034

Ross, Victor Erne Adams, m. Adams, St. Thomas, L-100

Ross, William, , St. Thomas, B-226

Rourke, John, , Holy Angels, I-109

Rowe, John, , St. Thomas, B-264

Rowland, Elizabeth, f. Penwarden, Old English Church, N-112

Royce, James Henry, , St. Thomas, L-053

Ruff, John, , *St. Thomas, I-096

Rumble, Daniel F., , St. Thomas, J-136

Runnings, Georgina, f. Anderson, St. Thomas, K-080

Ruse, Helen, f. Forbes, St. Thomas, H-013

Rushton, James W., , St. Thomas, D-087

Russell, Luther B., , Niagara Falls, ON, E-051

Ruthven, Douglas, , Dutton, ON, K-084

Ruthven, Isabella, , Dutton, ON, N-077

Ryan, John, , St. Thomas, F-035

Ryan, Judith, , Holy Angels, D-090

Ryan, Nelson, , St. Thomas, L-030

Ryan, Pauline, f. Walrath, St. Thomas, C-077

Rychard, Lydia, , St. Thomas, B-178

Ryckman, Infant son, m. Yago, St. Thomas, E-060

Ryckman, Joseph E., m. Bradden, St. Thomas, N-033

Rycroft, Agnes Belle, , St. Thomas, A-017

Rycroft, Infant, , St. Thomas, A-020

Sache, Nellie, , *St. Thomas, A-215

Saltzberry, Fred, , Waterford, ON, I-029

Sampey, Abraham K., , St. Thomas, A-171

Sampey, Ann, , St. Thomas, A-124

Sandall, Fisher, , St. Thomas, H-026

Sanders, Mary T., , St. Thomas, B-227

Sanders, Violet Pearl, , *St. Thomas, A-187

Sanders, William, , St. Thomas, A-169

Sanderson, George H., , St. Thomas, E-067

Sanderson, Mary, , Union, E-101

Sandham, Agnes Jane, , St. Thomas, D-047

Sandham, Eva M., , St. Thomas, C-004

Sandham, Marguerite, , Niagara on the Lake, ON, A-135

Savage, Benjamin Albert, , St. Thomas, F-037

Schlechauf, Infant son, , West Lorne, ON, N-003

Schmidt, Leander C., , Holy Angels, B-197

Schooley, Eliher M., , St. Thomas, A-016

Schultz, Henry, , St. Thomas, M-157

Scott, Florence Kathleen, , St. Thomas, H-045

Scott, James, , St. Thomas, J-132

Scott, Janet, , St. Thomas, B-035

Scott, William, , McBraynes, D-053

Scrase, Charlotte, , St. Thomas, B-010

Scrase, Harriet, f. Hill, St. Thomas, L-028

Scrase, John, , St. Thomas, F-024

Screenan, John H., , Holy Angels,H-132

Screenan, Michael, , Holy Angels, I-090

Seale, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, K-115

Searff, Eliza Jane, f. Hutchinson, St. Thomas, C-082

Searls, Margaret, , St. Thomas, B-200

Seburn, Infant son, m. Gilbert, *St. Thomas, M-027

Seburn, Thomas James, , St. Thomas, G-034

Seburn, William Lloyd, , *St. Thomas, D-108

Seburn, Wm. Theodore, , St. Thomas, J-133

Secord, George P., , St. Thomas, E-029

Secord, Letitia May, f. Potticary, St. Thomas, H-106

Sells, Fred, , Frome, H-022

Sells, Myrtle, m. McAlpine, Frome, J-125

Sexton, Mary Ann, , McBraynes, B-100

Sexton, Philip, , McBraynes, A-142

Shafer, Clara Elizabeth, m. Elliott, St. Thomas, L-127

Shamill, Nicholas, , Union, A-145

Shanklin, Charles, , *St. Thomas, F-066

Shaper, Infant, , *St. Thomas, L-042

Sharp, Christina, , Cowal, A-214

Sharp, Ellen L., , St. Thomas, B-003

Sharp, Infant, , *St. Thomas, L-144

Sharp, Infant daughter, m. Whitney, St. Thomas, E-098

Sharp, Joseph H., , St. Thomas, H-058

Sharp, Merrell, m. Hazellen, St. Thomas, J-017

Sharpe, Charles R., , St. Thomas, C-067

Sharpe, George, , St. Thomas, B-265

Sharpe, James, m. Campbell, St. Thomas, M-090

Shaw, Andrew A., m. Dick, St. Thomas, M-093

Shaw, June, , Fergus, ON, B-216

Shaw, Maggie J., f. McKee, St. Thomas, C-083

Shaw, Mary Adeline, f. Anderson, St. Thomas, K-078

Shearing, Ida Belle, , St. Thomas, L-114

Shearing, Thos., , St. Thomas, I-122

Shelton, Gracie Pearl, , St. Thomas, H-130

Shephard, Anthony, , St. Thomas, J-034

Sheppard, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-166

Sherk, John Norman, , St. Thomas, L-023

Sherman, John Lewis, , St. Thomas, A-144

Shields, Gennetta A., , St. Thomas, B-045

Shields, William G., , St. Thomas, B-031

Shine, Douglas Rowe, , St. Thomas, B-195

Shipway, George, , Cayuga, ON, H-057

Shipway, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, H-020

Shipway, Mary E., , Cayuga, ON, A-212

Shore, Wm. , m. Rose, White Oak, N-131

Shores, Mabel Catherine, m. Midcalf, *St. Thomas, J-104

Shriner, John A., , St. Thomas, K-079

Silcox, Mary, , Frome, N-044

Simons, Charles A. L., , St. Thomas, C-043

Simons, Charles Walter, , Union, G-005

Simons, Edward Descom, , Union, H-115

Simons, Infant daughter, m. Atkinson, *St. Thomas, N-090

Simons, Martha A., , Union, L-149

Simpson, Agnes Boa, , Sarnia, ON, L-040

Singer, Sarah Nellie, , Ridgetown, On, B-039

Singular, Wm. , , St. Thomas, F-055

Size, Cyril R., m. McKee, St. Thomas, M-062

Skelding, James, , *St. Thomas, G-032

Skinner, Bella, , Sarnia, ON, B-098

Skinner, Clara Frances, f. Alexander, St. Thomas, E-012

Skinner, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, B-152

Slater, Sarah A., , St. Thomas, L-063

Slaughter, Emma Cora, f. Weeden, St. Thomas, M-056

Slaughter, Infant son, m. Trump, St. Thomas, I-082

Slaughter, Soloma Dinah, m. Weeden, St. Thomas, M-012

Sloggett, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, E-091

Sloggett, William, , St. Thomas, I-064

Small, Richard, , St. Thomas, A-090

Small, Richard Henry, , St. Thomas, B-076

Small, William H., , St. Thomas, F-064

Smalldon, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, J-057

Smiley, Maggie Jane, , St. Thomas, A-224

Smiley, Mary Jane, , St. Thomas, J-131

Smiley, Samuel, , Sparta, C-045

Smith, Alma, , St. Thomas, N-133

Smith, Clinton M., , Lambeth, ON, K-003

Smith, Edith Pearl, , *St. Thomas, A-180

Smith, Edward, , St. Thomas, D-006

Smith, Eliza B., s.f. Parker, St. Thomas, L-104

Smith, Elizabeth, , McIntyres, B-169

Smith, Elizabeth Jane, , Woodlawn, London, I-011

Smith, Etta Irene, , St. Thomas, G-008

Smith, Fanny, , St. Thomas, A-089

Smith, Felix J., , Union, E-086

Smith, George, , St. Thomas, N-138

Smith, Georgina, , Talbotville, H-038

Smith, Hazel Irene, , Union, D-072

Smith, Infant, , St. Thomas, J-144

Smith, Infant, , St. Thomas, B-271

Smith, Infant, , St. Thomas, B-103

Smith, Isaac H., , St. Thomas, H-031

Smith, James, , St. Thomas, I-040

Smith, James, , St. Thomas, A-055

Smith, James, , St. Thomas, I-021

Smith, James L.F., , St. Thomas, B-210

Smith, Jennie E., , *St. Thomas, B-196

Smith, John C., , Stratford, ON, K-042

Smith, Lottie F., , St. Thomas, A-133

Smith, Margaret Ann, , Cowal, B-240

Smith, Marguretta E., , *St. Thomas, L-105

Smith, Mattie Irene, , St. Thomas, B-094

Smith, Pelma, , St. Thomas, G-016

Smith, Richard Isaac, , St. Thomas, A-138

Smith, Robert D., , Union, I-063

Smith, Robert George, , St. Thomas, M-064

Smith, Robt. M., , St. Thomas, B-248

Smith, Thomas, , St. Thomas, C-054

Smith, William Alvin, , St. Thomas, B-101

Smith, William H., , St. Thomas, B-161

Smith, William H., , St. Thomas, G-022

Smithson, Elizabeth, , Woodstock, ON, B-275

Smuck, Peter, , Fingal, H-138

Snderham, Frederick Charles, m. Ditrick, South Cayuga, ON, N-135

Snider, Stephen, , St. Thomas, B-052

Snyder, Albert Lloyd Sutton, , Fingal, B-244

Snyder, Norman Guy, , St. Thomas, F-001

Snyder, Robert A.A., , St. Thomas, M-122

Soper, Richard, , St. Thomas, B-218

Sprague, Alice Evelyn, , Union, J-127

Sprague, Harriett, , Union, B-028

Sprague, Isaac, , Union, F-015

Sprague, Mary, m. George, Snydertown?, M-139

Squire, Infant daughter, m. Earhart, *St. Thomas, J-030

Stacey, Arthur, , St. Thomas, L-158

Stacey, Emily, , Union, E-116

Stacey, Floyd Herbert, , St. Thomas, B-082

Stacey, Hazel, , *St. Thomas, B-109

Stacey, Ila May, , St. Thomas, B-111

Stacey, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, A-085

Stacey, Infant son, m. Stinson, St. Thomas, K-102

Stacey, Philip, , Union, M-030

Stanbury, William, , St. Thomas, I-049

Stanfield, Infant son & daughter, , Holy Angels, B-021

Stanton, Corinne, , McBraynes, B-262

Stanton, George Stanley, , McBraynes, B-004

Stanton, Gwen, , Union, D-099

Stanton, Infant daughter, , McBraynes, B-073

Staples, Elizabeth, f. Peters, St. Thomas, F-096

Stark, Ethel, , Holy Angels, E-092

Starkey, Mary Agnes, f. Coughlin, Holy Angels, L-020

Steele, Charlotte, , St. Thomas, F-011

Steele, Clarence, , St. Thomas, B-053

Steele, Emery J., , Union, C-084

Steele, Emiline, , Union, K-117

Steele, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, D-048

Stein, Infant Son, , St. Thomas, D-029

Stein, John Alexander, , St. Thomas, D-002

Stein, Norell Edward Wm., , St. Thomas, G-051

Sterling, Octavia, f. Grece, St. Thomas, H-080

Stevens, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, F-081

Stevenson, John, , Strathroy, ON, G-041

Stevenson, Wm. H., , St. Thomas, L-119

Stewart, Angus, , St. Thomas, K-018

Stewart, Fannie Burness, , St. Thomas, D-079

Stewart, James, , St. Thomas, H-101

Stidwell, Theodore Russell E., , St. Thomas, D-071

Still, James H., , St. Thomas, F-046

Stinson, Gordon Archibald, m. Crimmon, St. Thomas, L-081

Stockton, Margaret A., , Union, E-033

Stokes, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-006

Stone, Thomas Henry Lewis, , St. Thomas, J-123

Stonehouse, Durssilla, f. Barnes, St. Thomas, J-010

Stonehouse, Edward, , St. Thomas, K-118

Stonehouse, Gladys Irene, m. Huffman, St. Thomas, J-096

Stonehouse, Infant daughter, m. Hoffman, St. Thomas, L-046

Stoner, Charles Henry, , St. Thomas, A-047

Stoner, Helen Irene, , St. Thomas, I-112

Stoner, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, L-080

Storey, Millia, , Union, B-286

Stott, John, , Bowmanville, ON, J-031

Strand, William, , St. Thomas, L-168

Strange, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, F-042

Streeks, George F., , St. Thomas, I-087

Strong, Infant son, , St. Thomas, E-026

Strong, Kenneth Murray, m. Balsden, St. Thomas, H-081

Stuart, Fannie Hooker, f. Hooker, St. Thomas, M-049

Stuart, Thomas, , St. Thomas, K-026

Stuart, Wm C., m. McIntosh, St. Thomas, L-174

Stubbs, Ezra, , St. Thomas, M-069

Stutt, Mary, , Burwells Corners, A-065

Styles, Frank S., , Frome, H-097

Sullivan, Adora, , Holy Angels, I-018

Sullivan, Anges Marie, , Holy Angels, C-015

Sullivan, John O., , *St. Thomas, A-043

Summer, Roy Chester, , Byron, ON, H-129

Sumner, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, A-206

Surgent, Glen Garfield, , St. Thomas, L-102

Surgent, James Wm., , Petrolia, ON, J-006

Surgent, Vincent Cecil, , St. Thomas, E-002

Sutherland, Charles Ethelbert, , St. Thomas, H-124

Sutherland, Infant daughter, , *St. Thomas, A-025

Sutherland, Jennie Frances, m. Waters, Fingal, M-024

Sutton, Alanson, , Fingal, L-051

Sutton, Alicia Catherine, , *St. Thomas, B-063

Sutton, Amy, , *St. Thomas, B-204

Sutton, Chas., , St. Thomas, D-096

Sutton, Everet Stanley, , Fingal, G-058

Sutton, Harold, , *St. Thomas, A-010

Sutton, Samuel, , Unknown, C-018

Sutton, Wilfred Earl, , St. Thomas, H-009

Swins, Infant daughter, , Talbotville, B-124

Swisher, Joseph, , St. Thomas, C-074

Swisher, Sarah, , St. Thomas, D-042

Switzer, Louis E., , Niagara Falls, NY, J-075

Tabraham, Annie, , Corinth, ON, H-123

Tailby, Ether Martha, m. Molyaus, St. Thomas, M-111

Tanner, Iva Irene May, m. Holden, St. Thomas, H-005

Tanner, Mildred, m. Clayton, St. Thomas, N-035

Tansley, Margaret Jane, f. Learn, St. Thomas, L-034

Tansley, Martin W., m. Martin, St. Thomas, L-005

Taramina, Tom, , Holy Angels, G-059

Tasker, Jean, , St. Thomas, D-092

Taylor, Alleen, , St. Thomas, E-063

Taylor, Christina, f. McLean, St. Thomas, H-035

Taylor, Corneilus, , St. Thomas, L-009

Taylor, Flora, , Stewarts, C-075

Taylor, George, , Stratford, ON, E-031

Taylor, Margaret, , Holy Angels, L-019

Taylor, Margaret Irene, , St. Thomas, B-030

Taylor, Martha W., , St. Thomas, H-125

Taylor, Mary Ann, m. Porter, St. Thomas, M-077

Taylor, Mary Genevieve, m. McDonald, Holy Angels, J-079

Taylor, Minnie, , Woodlawn, London, On, E-040

Taylor, Wm. H., , St. Thomas, N-091

Tebby, Matilda, , St. Thomas, M-124

Telford, Infant, , *St. Thomas, A-013

Telford, Mary Jane, , *St. Thomas, A-134

Thayer, Elicta, , Plains, I-006

Thayer, Simeon, , Plains, J-121

Theabold, Mabel, , Hamilton, ON, F-049

Thomas, Erastus Freeman, , St. Thomas, B-026

Thomas, Harry A., m. Morrison, Union, M-148

Thomas, Lillie t., , Union, C-027

Thompson, Annie Evaline, , St. Thomas, A-114

Thompson, Earl, m. McCallum, St. Thomas, F-100

Thompson, Eda, f. Schooley, Delhi, ON, N-142

Thompson, Eleanor Rosetta, m. Gallagher, *St. Thomas, M-097

Thompson, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, A-028

Thompson, Isaac William, , St. Thomas, M-115

Thompson, John, , Pond Mills, London, ON, L-007

Thompson, John, , Glanworth, ON, H-050

Thompson, Mary Jane, f. Tanner, St. Thomas, M-043

Thomson, Charles, , St. Thomas, A-086

Thorne, George, , Union, C-017

Tillerington, Edward C., , St. Thomas, L-036

Tinline, Mary Jane, , Highgate, ON, H-134

Tisdale, Verne Sherwood, , Paisley, ON, H-062

Titchener, Elizabeth, f. Todd, St. Thomas, L-179

Todd, David, , Bentick, C-013

Tompkins, Irene, , Orwell, J-020

Toohill, Annie, f. Still, St. Thomas, H-111

Toovey, Flossie Maud, , St. Thomas, A-147

Townsend, Mary Ann, , Holy Angels, K-038

Tozer, Edward Cecil Lewis, m. Lewis, *St. Thomas, M-055

Trembley, Iva Ellicee, , St. Thomas, J-019

Trenaman, John, , St. Thomas, F-095

Tricker, Liliah M., , Aylmer, C-041

Trimmer, David M., , Hagersville, ON, B-232

Trimmer, Della, f. Jennings, St. Thomas, H-014

Trimmer, William Alvin, , St. Thomas, B-115

Tripp, Grant, m. Ryan, *St. Thomas, I-076

Truan, Mrs. Joseph, , Old English Church, M-146

Truesdale, Gladys Eleanor P, , Dunboyne, D-075

Truman, Robert, , Union, G-104

Trummon, John William, , St. Thomas, I-002

Tucker, Elizabeth Ellen, , Markdale, ON, F-031

Tuckett, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, D-044

Tuckett, Thomas B., , London, ON, B-234

Turnbull, Helen, , Galt, ON, E-085

Turner, Vesta, f. Boughner, Talbotville, ON, I-130

Tweedale, Frances Margaret, , St. Thomas, L-044

Tyler, Anna, , St. Thomas, N-152

Unknown , Male, , Union, G-092

Upton, Infant son, m. Clark, *St. Thomas, I-068

Upton, Mrs. Chas, , St. Thomas, K-002

Urguhart, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, D-024

Ussher, George Beauchamp, , Lundys Lane, ON, I-119

Valentine, David, , St. Thomas, F-012

VanHorn, Sarah J., , Union, N-117

Vann, Thomas, , St. Thomas, H-018

VanPatter, Harvey, m. Harvey, St. Thomas, M-143

Vansickle, Elizabeth Jane, f. Anderson, Union, L-163

Vansickle, Isaac, , Union, A-162

VanTuyl, Thomas Walter, , Petrolia, ON, G-076

Vaughan, Infant daughter, m. McMahon, *St. Thomas, L-089

Vaughan, Infant son, m. McMahon, *St. Thomas, M-099

Vaughan, Rebecka, , St. Thomas, C-022

Veitch, William, , Montreal QB, N-158

Viner, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, J-018

Vogt, Wilfred, , Holy Angels, B-138

Vogt, William Henry, , Holy Angels, B-221

Waddell, Maggie, , St. Thomas, N-071

Wade, Amy C., m. Horton, Frome, G-074

Wadsworth, Ann, , Clifton, D-035

Wagner, Valma, m. Johnston, St. Thomas, L-085

Wainright, George, , St. Thomas, E-020

Wait, Wait, , Putnam, ON, L-025

Waite, John, , St. Thomas, H-122

Walker, Blanche Eloria, , *St. Thomas, A-204

Walker, Daniel, , St. Thomas, B-267

Walker, Elizabeth Jane, f. Roberts, St. Thomas, M-126

Walker, Infant son, , St. Thomas, K-048

Walker, Janet, , St. Thomas, J-087

Walker, John, , St. Thomas, B-025

Walker, John, , St. Thomas, A-009

Walker, John J., , Tillsonburg, ON, L-002

Walker, Margaret, , St. Thomas, B-241

Wallace, Lizzie May, f. Cole, St. Thomas, F-069

Wallis, Jesse, , St. Thomas, L-049

Walmsley, Richard, , St. Thomas, D-012

Walrath, Judah, , Waterford, ON, C-046

Walters, Averilda, , St. Thomas, C-028

Wamsley, Ellen, , St. Thomas, D-098

Ward, Kathleen Jane, m. Woodford, St. Thomas, L-137

Ward, Walter Harvey, , St. Thomas, B-166

Warney, Wheathy, , St. Thomas, A-200

Warren, Richard, , St. Thomas, B-177

Warttig, Eva Maggie, , St. Thomas, B-225

Washbourne, Fay, , St. Thomas, F-073

Waters, John Warren, , Fingal, G-036

Watmough, Mrs. Wm., , St. Thomas, J-058

Watson, Alexander, , St. Thomas, L-058

Watson, Earl, m. Rushton, St. Thomas, H-093

Watson, Edna Anita, m. Rushton, St. Thomas, K-025

Watson, Harold, Elijah, St. Thomas, A-117

Watson, Hector, , St. Thomas, F-043

Watson, Infant, m. Rushton, St. Thomas, N-031

Watson, Janet, , St. Thomas, I-060

Watson, Lena, , *St. Thomas, A-067

Watters, John Halls, m. Halls, St. Thomas, I-043

Watts, Emma, , St. Thomas, L-027

Waugh, Charles, , Frome, K-065

Webb, Christina, , St. Thomas, B-235

Webb, Ida May, m. Welter, St. Thomas, M-123

Webb, Lilley, , St. Thomas, A-120

Webb, Mary Agnes, f. McCabe, St. Thomas, H-113

Webb, Mary Jane , , Talbotville, D-063

Webb, Roy, , St. Thomas, A-154

Welbourne, Lucy Alice, m. Voisiy, *St. Thomas, L-135

Weldon, Getia M. , , 5th Conc Westminister, E-074

Wells, Infant, , St. Thomas, A-022

Welter, Alice L., f. Baskett, St. Thomas, L-169

Welter, Martha, , St. Thomas, C-053

West, Sanford, , *St. Thomas, G-023

West, Sarah Ann, , St. Thomas, H-023

Westlake, John H., , St. Thomas, E-114

Westlake, Mary A., f. Stubbs, St. Thomas, L-043

Whalls, Charles, , St. Thomas, A-211

Whalls, Charlotte, , St. Thomas, F-070

Whalls, Edward Wesley, , Fingal, L-070

Whalls, Ernest Alfred, m. Hall, St. Thomas, N-041

Whalls, Infant son, m. Matthews, St. Thomas, N-099

Whalls, Louise, , St. Thomas, B-167

Whalls, Maude, m. Davis, Fingal, G-048

Wheattey, Frederick James, , St. Thomas, A-205

Wheeler, Frank, , St. Thomas, N-038

Wheeler, George Henry, , St. Thomas, K-090

Wheeler, Margaret Catherine, , St. Thomas, K-022

Whitcombe, Margaret P., , Old English Church, M-159

White, Effice Jane, , *St. Thomas, I-034

White, George H., , Simcoe, ON, D-011

White, George M., , St. Thomas, E-023

White, Infant son, m. McIntyre, *St. Thomas, I-030

White, James, , Glanworth, ON, J-011

White , John, , Orwell, G-042

White, Kate Stover, f. Stover, St. Thomas, L-108

White, Mary, , Orwell, G-046

White, Samuel C., , St. Thomas, I-123

White, Walter Dawson, , St. Thomas, L-055

Whiting, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, B-043

Whiting, Harrett Ann, , St. Thomas, B-072

Whiting, Helen Beatrice, , St. Thomas, F-102

Whiting, Infant daughter, , St. Thomas, N-053

Whitlock, Clarence, , St. Thomas, B-160

Whitmore, John Roy, m. Screenan, Holy Angels, I-105

Widdis, Hattie Louise, , Walkerton, ON, D-014

Wigle, Nathan Jack, m. Axford, St. Thomas, H-098

Wilcox, Jacob, , Orwell, D-093

Wilcox, Satire, f. Oakes, St. Thomas, N-011

Wiley, John E., , St. Thomas, B-215

Wiley, Malem Alexander, , St. Thomas, J-089

Wilkie, Sarah Sutton, , Blacks, Dutton, ON, I-070

Wilkinson, Eliza, , St. Thomas, K-019

Wilkinson, Infant son, , St. Thomas, E-058

Wilkinson, William G.C., , St. Thomas, G-075

Williams, Albert Henry, , Union, I-099

Williams, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, E-049

Williams, Ermina, , St. Thomas, E-059

Williams, Frederick, , St. Thomas, A-104

Williams, Infant son, , St. Thomas, A-226

Williams, James, , St. Thomas, B-185

Williams, James, , St. Thomas, B-128

Williams, John, , Fingal, D-094

Williams, Melvin Eugene, , St. Thomas, J-102

Williams, Roxey Luella Irene, , McArthur, G-010

Williams, Samuel, , St. Thomas, A-045

Williams, Sarah Jane, , St. Thomas, D-020

Williamson, James R., , Woodmere, Detroit, MI, B-146

Williamson, Libbie H., , Union, B-170

Willison, John, m. Harris, St. Thomas, M-147

Willows, Mary Ann, , Hunts, Lambeth, On, I-041

Willsie, Norman Edgar, m. Else, St. Thomas, I-121

Willsie, Thelma Gertrude, , St. Thomas, I-120

Willson, Harold Morley, , Union, L-170

Wilson, Caroline, , *St. Thomas, I-025

Wilson, Elizabeth, , *St. Thomas, A-201

Wilson, George, m. Groves, St. Thomas, G-053

Wilson, Infant daughter, m. Cook, *St. Thomas, I-046

Wilson, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, A-083

Wilson, Joseph, , Windsor, ON, F-068

Wilson, Lavera May, f. Dawdy, McArthur, M-133

Wilson, Lois, , St. Thomas, L-093

Wilson, Mabel Emma, , St. Thomas, B-179

Wilson, Mary Jane, , St. Thomas, B-282

Wilson, Richard, , St. Thomas, K-122

Wilson, William R., , St. Thomas, F-018

Wilton, Eliza, f. Robinson, St. Thomas, M-034

Wilton, Muriel Hattie, m. Harvey, St. Thomas, N-080

Wilton, William, , St. Thomas, E-030

Wilton, William, , *St. Thomas, A-161

Wimbush, Norman George, , St. Thomas, J-092

Winslow, John, , House of Industry, A-050

Winter, Infant son, m. Ladds, St. Thomas, M-014

Wise, Elizabeth, , Union, K-054

Wise, John, , Union, A-121

Wise, Mary Ann, , Union, A-107

Wolfe, Lewis, , St. Thomas, I-039

Wonnacott, George, , Aylmer, J-108

Wood, Marilla, f. Wetherell, St. Thomas, M-106

Wood, William, , St. Thomas, B-268

Wood, William, , St. Thomas, C-069

Woodford, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, A-026

Woodford, Oswald, m. Palmer, St. Thomas, J-012

Woodford, Phoebe, , St. Thomas, E-027

Woodrow, Mary Corlis, f. Corlis, St. Thomas, J-014

Woods, Emily, , St. Thomas, B-186

Woods, Emily Beatrice, , St. Thomas, C-023

Woods, Infant son, , *St. Thomas, B-019

Woollen, Everett, , St. Thomas, D-052

Worden, Infant son, m. Loury, St. Thomas, H-043

Worley, Infant daughter, m. Tomlinson, *St. Thomas, K-020

Worth, Elizabeth, , St. Thomas, E-037

Worth, William, , St. Thomas, B-270

Worth, Wm., , St. Thomas, H-128

Wright, Gertrude Agnes, , St. Thomas, B-114

Wright, Grace maria, , St. Thomas, M-011

Wright, Kenneth Lamont, , Kintore, B-057

Wright, Thomas Brock, , St. Thomas, K-096

Wright, Wesley Berryman, , St. Thomas, A-219

Yarwood, Harriett Eleanor, , St. Thomas, H-030

Yates, Frank Oswald, m. Hunsberry, St. Thomas, F-067

Yates, Mary Ann, , St. Thomas, K-040

Yelland, G.B., , Sparta, J-066

Yeo, Flossie, , *St. Thomas, B-261

Yokom, J.A., , Brownsville, ON, A-150

Young, Annie, f. Gee, Springfield, ON, L-165

Young, Elizabeth, , Bloomsburg, ON, I-093

Young, Sarah, , Union, A-109