STTJ 1942 Mar

St. Thomas Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

March 1942

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
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2 March 1942

Page 2
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Edward Garton of Tillsonburg, 50th

Page 3
4    Photo –   Erle Burgess of St Thomas

Page 6
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Calvert, 90th year, Mar 1, daughter of Peter & Jane Honsinger; sister of George Honsinger, aunt of June Honsinger
c1    Died –   Ronald Walker, 94 years, Mar 2, uncle of Arthur Johnson
c2    Died –   John R. Clark, 91st year, Feb 28
c4    Died –   Mrs David McMackon, nee Susan Adelaide Stone, Feb 28, daughter of William Stone

Page 7
c8    Born –   Son of J. Duncan & Beth McCartney, nee Ness-Jack, Mar 1
c8    Born –   Barbara Anne Clinton, daughter of Lewis E. & Genevieve Clinton, nee Coleman, Mar 1
c8    Died –   James D. McIntyre, 78th year, Feb 28, son of Dugald & Mary McIntyre; uncle of Mrs R. Hunter
c8    Memoriam –   Alfred A. Tapsell, Mar 3 1940

Page 8
c2    Married –   Raymond William Zimmerman, son of Elmer Zimmerman to Myrtle Arlene Shantz, daughter of Nelson G. Shantz
c2    Married –   Gordon A. Martin, son of Archie Martin to Marion Ruth Doig, daughter of Paul L. Doig
c2    Married –   Martin Boundy, son of Martin Boundy to Shirley Valentine Smith, daughter of Ralph S. Smith
c2    Married –   Ralph Weir Salmon, son of D. Salmon to Verna Elizabeth McCauley, daughter of C. E. McCauley
c3    Married –   Robert Harry Kay, son of Dr Leonard DeWolfe Kay and Dr Jeannette A. Kay to Ada Gertrude Colgrove, daughter of Rev W. G. Colgrove
c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George W. Dennis of St Thomas, 50th

Page 14
c2    Died –   James D. McIntyre, 77 years, Feb 28


3 March 1942

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs Eveline Brodie, 65 years, Mar 3, daughter of John & Nancy Claus; wife of B. F. Brodie
c2    Funeral –   Richard Benjamin Bolton, Mar 2
c2    Funeral –   Archibald J. McColl, Feb 28
c6    Died –   Ernest H. Shaw, 71st year, Mar 1, son of Henry Anson and Margaret Jane Shaw
c8    Born –   Daughter of Harold Styles, Feb 28
c8    Born –   Son of Clarence Garten, Feb 5 [Garton]
c8    Born –   Donald Alan Freeman Herd, son of Dr R.D. H. heard, Feb 7
c8    Born –   Son of C. & Verna Lovelock, nee Purvis, Feb 28
c8    Died –   James D. McIntyre, 78th year, Feb 28
c8    Died –   Mrs Evelina Brodie, 65 years, Mar 3, wife of B. F. Brodie
c8    Died –   John Alexander McKie, 75th year, Mar 2, husband of Mrs Alice Jane McKie, nee McDowell
c8    Memoriam –   Harry Everett, Mar 3 1941
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Elizabeth Howkins, Mar 3 1934, by daughter Mrs J. Clarke
c8    Memoriam –   Mr Howkins, August 1904, by daughter Mrs J. Clarke

Page 8
c1    Married –   Edward R. Walton, son of R. Q. M. S. Walton to Erma Beatty, daughter of Mrs Helen Moore
c1    Married –   Roy Emerson Degraw, brother of James Degraw to Evelyn Mabel Busby, sister of Ruth J. Bradford
c1    Married –   Victor Betts, son of Fred Betts to Annie Ilene Jenner, daughter of LeRoy C. Jenner
c1    Married –   Wesley Ryckman to Margaret Clark

Page 11
c1    Died –   Percy Roy Yeager, 58 years, Mar 1, son of William & Augusta Yeager; husband of Mrs Minnie Yeager, nee Kellam; father of Kenneth, Olive, Lorene and Dorlene Yeager; grandfather of Annette Yeager; brother of Cecil A. Yeager
c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs David Pettinger, nee Sarah Sweet of Courtland, 50th; son of John & Ellen Pettinger, nee Blighten; daughter of Samuel & Caroline Sweet, nee Cowell
c2    Died –   Mrs Hester McIntyre, 80th year, Mar 2, widow of Lachlin McIntyre
c2    Died –   Miss Martha Lindenman, Feb 28, daughter of Fred Lindenman
c3    Died –   Mrs William Livingston, 65 years, Feb 28, daughter of John Hammond; mother of Helen, Alexander, Stanley, Norman and James Livingston
c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Main, 70 years, Mar 1, daughter of Angus Gray; widow of Freeman Main; mother of Isabel Main; sister of Daniel and Etta Main [note: paper should say Gray – CVH]

Page 14
c6    Funeral –   Rev John Dearnley, Mar 2


4 March 1942

Page 6
c2    Died –   John W. Procure, 64th year, Mar 3, brother of Lewis Procure and Mrs John Wood
c2    Funeral –   John Clark, Mar 3
c4    Died –   William Ford, 96 years, Feb 28, son of James & Maria Ford; widow of Mrs Lavina Ford, nee Orton and Mrs Cecilia Leach
c5    Died –   Nicholas Short, 91st year, Mar 2
c7    Birthday –   Peter McMillan of Belmont, 92nd
c7    Birthday –   Mrs Rachel Craig of Belmont, 88th

Page 7
c8    Born –   Son of Michael VanWynskerghe, Feb 27
c8    Born –   Son of Wray Mitchener, Feb 21
c8    Born –   Daughter of Stanley Cornwall, Feb 28
c8    Died –   William H. Hall, 88th year, Mar 3, husband of Mrs Rosanna Hall, nee Hawley; father of Mrs Jessie McIntosh

Page 8
c1    Married –   Donald Francis Doan, son of Harvey Doan to Shirley Anne Lucas, daughter of Richard Lucas
c1    Married –   George Wilson Eames, son of Charles & Gertrude Eames to Frances Pauline Walker, daughter of H. M. Walker
c1    Married –   Darrel David Cowley, son of John Cowley to Grace Uldene Gray, daughter of Charles Gray
c1    Married –   Gordon James Brooks, son of George Brooks to Ella Margaret Pickering, daughter of Warren Pickering

Page 11
c4    Died –   Mrs Sarah Jane Bearss, nee Laur, 87 years, Mar 2, daughter of George Laur; widow of Benjamin Bearss
c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs James Humphries of West Lorne, 25th
c5    Died –   Malcolm McRae, 59 years, Mar 3, son of Duncan McRae; husband of Mrs May McRae, nee Kennedy; brother of Mrs W. C. Franks, Mrs Emerson Winters, John, Christopher and Dan McRae
c6    Funeral –   Jeremiah Overholt, 86 years, Mar 3
c6    Funeral –   William Overholt, 76 years, Mar 3

Page 14
c3    Photo –   Giovanni & Mario Monaco, sons of Luigi Monaco of Port Burwell
c5    Died –   William H. Hall, 85 years, Mar 3


5 March 1942

Page 1
c1    Died –   John William Parkinson, 63 years, husband of Mrs Alice M. Parkinson

Page 8
c1    Married –   Ross Eugene Cook to Flossie Elizabeth Pressey
c1    Married –   George Arthur Perry to Edith Wall

Page 9
c8    Funeral –   James D. McIntyre, Mar 4
c8    Born –   Ronald George Atkey, son of O. L. G. Atkey, Feb 15
c8    Born –   Son of Stewart Kinsey, Feb 24
c8    Died –   Mrs Edith Smith Patrick, Mar 4, widow of William Smith and John Patrick; mother of Mrs Sidney P. Hyne and Mrs Harvey Lintott
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Harold Dewar, Mar 5 1941
c8    Memoriam –   William Gale, Mar 5 1936
c8    Memoriam –   Helen Potts, Mar 5 1935

Page 10
c2    Married –   Clifford Barber, son of Roy Barber to Frances Jennett Hoople, daughter of Frank Hoople – Photo
c5    Engagement –   LeRoy Theodore Howarth, son of William Howarth to Ruth Marie Doan, daughter of Harvey Doan
c6    Married –   Thornton Beverley Ketchen, son of Rev Dr Beverley Ketchen to Marjorie Anne Black, daughter of W. D. Black
c6    Married –   Thomas Basil Atchison to Eunice Sylvia King, daughter of John King
c6    Married –   Calvin Fisher, son of Ernest Fisher to Deborah Lucille Horn, daughter  of John Horn
c7    Married –   William McAdam, son of W. McAdam to Christina MacFarlane, daughter of A. E. MacFarlane

Page 11
c4    Married –   William Louis Hayman, son of Frederick Hayman to Marie Hawley, daughter of Lennie Hawley
c4    Married –   George Pruss, son of H. Pruss to Dorothy Bailey, daughter of E. Bailey
c4    Married –   Eugene Albert Blume, son of A. E. Blume to Doris Firth, daughter of C. H. Firth
c4    Married –   Francis McLean, son of Finlay McLean to Catherine Anne Maher, daughter of Michael & Margaret Maher
c4    Married –   R. Keith Aylesworth, son of L. H. Aylesworth to Hazel Irene Swartz, daughter of Arthur Swartz

Page 13
c2    Died –   Harvey M. Duchene, 60 years, son of Michael & Eleanor Duchene; husband of Mrs Cora Duchene, nee McLean
c2    Died –   Mrs Augustus R. McKnight, nee Alice Maud Glynn, 72nd year, Mar 4

Page 16
c3    Died –   Mrs John Patrick, 80 years, Mar 4, widow of William L. Smith
c3    Married –   John J. McCarty to Ruth Kennedy, daughter of W. B. Kennedy


6 March 1942

Page 3
c3    Funeral –   William H. Hall, Mar 5
c3    Funeral –   Ronald Walker, Mar 4
c3    Funeral –   Percy R. Yeager, Mar 4
c3    Funeral –   John Precure, Mar 6 [Procure]
c4    Article –   Plane Crash near Aylmer – Bell P-39 on Mar 4 on farm of Frank Stafford
c4    Died –   Charles A. Kinzie, 22 years, Mar 4

Page 8
c1    Died –   Henry A. Raymond, 66 years, Mar 6
c5    Died –   Arthur M. Hare, 71st year, Mar 6
c5    Died –   Mrs James T. Compeau, nee Florence E. Cooper, 67th year, Mar 4
c5    Died –   Stephen Mayoresha, 43rd year, Mar 5

Page 9
c1    Funeral –   Frank Fuzer, Mar 5
c1    Funeral –   John William Parkinson, Mar 7
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Benjamin Brodie, Mar 6
c7    Died –   John William Parkinson, 63 years, Mar 5
c8    Memoriam –   Mahlon Bearss, Mar 6 1941
c8    Memoriam –   Clara M. Hutchinson, Mar 6 1941

Page 13
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Matheson, 86th year, Mar 5, daughter of Donald & Mary Matheson; widow of Donald Matheson; mother of Mrs Philip McCrae and John Matheson


7 March 1942

Page 1
c6    Died –   Clifford Durk, 29 years, Mar 7

Page 3
c3    Article –   Sailing Ship visits Port Burwell – Azariah Vaughan

Page 6
c1    Died –   Arthur Ferris, 69 years,  Mar 6, son of James & Hannah Ferris
7 March 1942
Second Section

Page 7
c5    Article –   Les Clibborn of St Thomas

Page 10
c5    Married –   Russel Earl Sherk, son of Earl W. Sherk to Anna Leona Minor, daughter of Kennard Minor
c5    Married –   Sheldon LeRoy Laur, son of Murray Laur to Edna Violet Hoshal, daughter of G. H. Hoshal
c5    Married –   J. Frank Cody, son of Arthur J. Cody to Olive M. Moore, daughter of Richard Moore

Page 14
c4    Married –   W. A. ‘Bill’ Hawley – Photo
c5    Engagement –   Harold Malcolm Grigg, son of J. E. Grigg to Doris Elizabeth Tripp, daughter of Albert Tripp
c5    Married –   John C. Ewart to Betty Roe
c8    Photo –   Margaret O. MacGregor, daughter of Mrs John R. MacGregor of St Thomas
c8    Engagement –   John Greenwood, son of Thomas Greenwood to Marion Ruth Morgan, daughter of Basil Morgan

Page 15
c5    Died –   Thomas McLeod, 75th year, Mar 7
c5    Funeral –   John Alexander McKie, Mar 4
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Main, Mar 4
c5    Funeral –   Hester McIntyre, Mar 5
c5    Funeral –   Malcolm McRae, Mar 6
c7    Born –   Robert Owen Willows, son of Owen & Retta Willows, nee Liddle, Feb 27
c7    Memoriam –   Charles A. Parker, Mar 8 19412, by wife Mrs Eliza E. Parker
c8    Died –   Mrs Duncan Houston, nee Thomas Ina [?Thomasina] Walker, 56 years, Mar 6; mother of Mrs Isabel Stuart and John Houston; sister of Mrs E. Barrie, Mrs W. Grant, Mrs M. Miller, John and James Walker
c8    Died –   Henry A. Raymond, 67th year, Mar 6
c8    Died –   Thomas George Woodford, 3 days, Mar 6, infant son of Robert B. Woodford
c8    Died –   Thomas McLeod, 75th year, Mar 7

Page 18
c1    Died –   George F. Chesley, 66th year, Feb 26, son of William Chesley; brother of Edwin Chesley
c1    Died –   Mrs Thomas Ina Houston, nee Walker, 56 years, Mar 6
c2    Photo –   Macaulay J. Higgins and Roy A. Higgins, sons of Roy Higgins of St Thomas


9 March 1942

Page 6
c7    Birthday –   Mrs Herbert Potter of Port Burwell, 94th
c8    Died –   Mrs Agnes Stephenson, nee Lynn, 89 years, Feb 19, daughter of Hugh Lynn; widow of W. H. Stephenson; mother of William L., Hugh L., Samuel G. and Walter Stephenson, Mrs Helen Guthrie and Mrs Blanche Wells sister of Walter J. S. Lynn

Page 8
c1    Died –   Oliver Henry Rohrer, 82 years, Mar 7

Page 9
c3    Died –   Finlay Bruce Freeman, 80 years, Mar 9
c6    Funeral –   John W. Parkinson, Mar 7
c6    Funeral –   Mrs John Patrick, Mar 7
c8    Born –   Victor Wayon Palmer, son of W. L. & Patricia Palmer, nee Dunn, Mar 8
c8    Born –   Son of Donald Burwell, Feb 23
c8    Born –   Daughter of Walter Chilcott, Feb 24
c8    Born –   Linda Kay Tolen, daughter of C. J. & Kathleen Tolen, nee Lamb, Mar 8
c8    Died –   Finlay Bruce Freeman, 80th year, Mar 9
c8    Memoriam –   Bruce Claypole, Mar 9 1939
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Carrie Millard, Mar 9 1939
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Elizabeth Rattray, Mar 9 1941

Page 10
c2    Married –   G. Leonard Marler, son of Herbert Marler to Miss Coleman, daughter of J. H. Coleman – Photo
c2    Engagement –   Frederick Charles Hickson, son of W. F. Hickson to Muriel Edna Collyer, daughter of Mrs M. E. Hall and George Collyer
c2    Engagement –    Cyril Lawrence Brennan, son of J. L. Brennan to Marguerite Isabelle Croucher, daughter of Sidney Croucher
c5    Married –   George Duncan Norris, son of Mrs Alverna Norris to Agnes Marie Moore, daughter of James Moore
c5    Married –   Harvey I. McLeod, son of Harvey McLeod to Florence Tyner, daughter of Henry R. Tyner
c5    Married –   Murray Davidson Scott, son of George James Scott to Reina Isabel Faed, daughter of Mrs H. R. Faed
c8    Died –   John G. McKillop, 83 years, Mar 8, son of Duncan McKillop; brother of Mrs Ainsworth

Page 16
c1    Died –   Mrs Agnes Patterson, Mar 8, mother of R. D. Patterson, R. J. Irvine and W. T. Irvine
c1    Died –   Alexander Mercer, 76th year, Mar 8, cousin of Mrs P. N. Blair
c1    Died –   Mrs Harry Kettle, nee Viola Thibaudeau, mother of Orville Kettle
c1    Married –   Dave Shepherd, nephew of Sam Shepherd
c2    Photo –   Thomas Dixon Erwin, son of T. R. Erwin of St Thomas
c3    Photo –   Dr Roy F. Jolliffe, son of Alfred Jolliffe of St Thomas


10 March 1942

Page 5
c1    Photo –   Aylmer Flying School – H. b. Lipsitt; Esther Granger; Ruth White; Betty Adam; Kay Smith

Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Thomas McLeod, Mar 9
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Duncan Houston, Mar 9

Page 7
c8    Born –   Sandra Vivian Swanson, daughter of B. c. & Vivian Swanson, nee Benn, Mar 6
c8    Born –   Victory Wayon Palmer, son of W. L. & Patricia Palmer, nee Dun, Mar 8
c8    Born –   Son of Edward Allen, Mar 2
c8    Born –   Son of Robert Bannister, Feb 27
c8    Born –   Son of Roy Boughner, Feb 27
c8    Born –   Daughter of Harold Brisseau, Mar 4
c8    Born –   Son of Kenneth Baird, Mar 1
c8    Born –   Daughter of T. R. Freure, Feb 27
c8    Born –   Daughter of Raymond Finch, Feb 26
c8    Born –   Daughter of Gordon Gray, Mar 3
c8    Born –   Daughter of Arthur Martyn, Mar 5
c8    Born –   Daughter of Howard Palmer, Mar 4
c8    Born –   Daughter of Kenneth Roloson, Mar 1
c8    Born –   Daughter of Arthur Glasier, Mar 6
c8    Born –   Daughter of William Gee, Feb 27
c8    Born –   Son of Earl Lewis, Feb 27
c8    Died –   Mrs Anne Horton, nee MacSween, 34 years, Mar 9, daughter of Angus MacSween; wife of Edward A. Horton Jr; mother of Ishbel Anne Horton
c8    Died –   John Edward Clark, 78 years, Mar 9
c8    Died –   Finlay Bruce Freeman, 80th year, Mar 9

Page 8
c2    Married –   James Richard McHale to Nora Youell, daughter of H. B. Youell
c2    Engagement –   John K. Michalson, son of A. S. Michalson to Charlotte Chamberlain, daughter of A. Chamberlain
c2    Engagement –   Stanley Daugharty to Maxine Paddon, daughter of Harold Paddon
c2    Engagement –   Chester L. Campbell to Pauline Marguerite Mills, daughter of Armond Mills
c4    Died –   Mrs Anne Horton, nee MacSween, 34 years, Mar 9, daughter of Angus MacSween; wife of Edward A. Horton Jr – Photo
c6    Married –   Theodore LeRoy Howarth, son of William Howarth to Ruth Marie Doan, daughter of Harvey Doan
c6    Married –   James Edward Withenshaw, son of James Withenshaw to Virginia Ruth Freeman, daughter of Fred H. Freeman
c6    Married –   William Anderson Cowan, son of D. J. Cowan to Sheila Meikle Scott, daughter of George Greenshields Scott
c6    Married –   R. W. Kimmerly, son of Mrs Roy E. Loach and grandson of Mrs J. E. Ainsworth to Lillian Maner, daughter of Mrs Henrietta Maner
c6    Married –   Albert Joseph Pottleberg to Myrtle Kathaleen Ball
c6    Married –   John Rowell MacDonald, son of Dan MacDonald to Christena Evelyn Campbell, daughter of Mrs Duncan Reid and the late Donald Campbell

Page 11
c2    Died –   Rev J. Wesley Bean, 69th year, Mar 8, son of Daniel & Margaret Bean, nee Heiler; husband of Mrs Florence Bean, nee Smith; father of Mrs Margaret (R.) Kerman, Helen and Daniel N. Bean; grandfather of Bonnie Rose Bean; brother of Mrs R. B. Dickert, Mrs E. M. Haist, Mrs A. C. Bender, Rev E. H. Bean and S. U. Bean; half-brother of L. H. Wagner
c2    Died –   Mrs Elva Dee Higley, Mar 7, daughter of William D. Johnston; wife of Dr Clarence Edward Higley; sister of Aldean, Audrey, Osmer and Leonard Johnston
c3    Funeral –   Arthur Ferris, Mar 9, uncle of Charles and George Anger

Page 14
c3    Died –   John Edward Clark, 78 years, Mar 9
c8    Funeral –   Mrs James E. Compeau, Mar 7


11 March 1942

Page 2
c2    Divorce –   Gladys Oldham vs James Alex Oldham
c2    Divorce –   Clara L. Misener vs Murray Misener
c2    Will –   Estate of Charles W. Glasgow of St Thomas

Page 7
c6    Funeral –   John Harvey Chalk, Feb 25
c6    Funeral –   Henry Allison Raymond, Mar 9
c6    Funeral –   Arthur Ferris, Mar 9
c8    Died –   James Hooley, 84th year, Mar 11
c8    Died –   William Henry Martin, 56th year, Mar 10, brother of Mrs Norah Coward and Sidney John Martin

Page 8
c2    Married –   Alvin E. Sprague to Mildred Ostrander – Photo
c4    Married –   C. J. Leslie Bradt, son of John Bradt to Margaret Jean DeClute, daughter of Delmar DeClute
c4    Married –   Robert Douglas Buchanan, son of J. D. Buchanan to Eleanor Irene Taylor, daughter of R. C. Taylor
c7    Engagement –   Harley J. Ashton, son of Murray Ashton to Kathleen Hawkins, daughter of Fred Hawkins
c7    Engagement –   George Richard Fricke, son of George Fricke to Catherine Isobel Nichol, daughter of Rev Walter L. Nichol

Page 9
c4    Retirement –   Adolphus Irwin of St Thomas

Page 11
c2    Article –   Jack Ball, 28 years, of Port Burwell missing at sea, son of Jack Ball
c6    Died –   James Hooley, 83 years, Mar 11, son of John & Margaret Hooley; uncle of Miss Margaret Collins
c6    Died –   Mrs James Drake, 71st year, Mar 11, daughter of Joel & Martha Overbaugh

Page 14
c1    Died –   Mrs Alfred Ryerse, 88th year, Mar 10, mother of Mrs Henry Wing and Lulu Ryerse
c2    Died –   Alexander Mercer, Mar 8, husband of Mrs Alice Mercer, nee Nicol
c2    Died –   William Henry Martin, 56 years, Mar 10, son of William & Mary Martin, nee Hortop


12 March 1942

Page 1
c6    Died –   Cameron Eugene Watson, 17 years, Mar 12, son of William Watson; brother of Elinore, Dorothy, Ruth, Marjorie, Calvin, Raymond and Ralph Watson
c8    Died –   Alex Douglas Blakey, Mar 9, son of Herbert D. Blakey; brother of Mrs Chanzye (Thomas) Robertson, Mrs Lina (Kenneth) Orr, Mrs Alma (David) MacPherson, Stuart and Margaret Blakey

Page 8
c1    Died –   Miss Ella Miles, Mar 5, sister of Mrs J. B. Hambidge
c2    Died –   Mrs Anna L. Chambers, 88th year, Mar 10, daughter of Daniel & Lydia Pound; widow of Nelson Chambers
c3    Photo –   W. W. Godby of Aylmer
c5    Funeral –   John Edward Clark, Mar 11 – Photo
c5    Funeral –   Mrs E A. Horton Jr., Mar 11
c5    Funeral –   Finlay Bruce Freeman, Mar 11
c5    Funeral –   Oliver Rohrer, Mar 10
c6    Died –   John Howard Misener, 68 years, Mar 9
c6    Died –   Hiram Gilbert Stover, 86th year, Mar 10 [Stoner – CVH]

Page 9
c6    Funeral –   A. M. Hare, Mar 9
c6    Funeral –   Stephen Mayorcsak, Mar 9
c8    Born –   David Eugene Burgin, son fo F. J. & Edith Burgin, nee Acton, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Daughter of Ellison & Dorothy Randal, nee Spencer, Mar 9
c8    Died –   Cameron Eugene Watson, 18th years, Mar 12
c8    Memoriam –   Lillian & Dorothy Catchpole, Mar 12 1915
c8    Memoriam –   Alex A. Rose, Mar 12 1935
c8    Memoriam –   Robert McCrae Wright, Mar 12 1932

Page 10
c4    Photo –   Mary Lou Luton, daughter of C. O. Luton of Belmont
c4    Married –   John Cossar Ewart, son of J. Albert Ewart to Betty Roe, daughter of Henry Roe
c5    Married –   Robert Douglas Buchanan to Eleanor Irene Taylor
c5    Married –   William Earl Jeffery to Violet Emily Sambell, daughter of Francis Sambell
c5    Married –   Woodward Stewart McKeough, son of G. Grant McKeough to Dorothy Patricia Lapp, daughter of Charles W. Lapp
c5    Married –   Alexander Robert Morrison, son of Mrs F. B. Morrison to Willena Jeanette Kannawin, daughter of Dr W. M. Kannawin
c5    Married –   George Francis Mooney, son of Thomas Mooney to Patricia Constance Banghart, daughter of Dr P. C. Banghart
c5    Married –   Chris Botter, son of A. Botter to Virginia Youmans, daughter of Oscar Youmans


13 March 1942

Page 8
c4    Died –   William Walker, 77 years, Mar 13, father of Mrs Clayton Bull, E. J.,  William L. & M. C. Walker; brother of Charles Walker; grandfather of Charles Walker, Mrs R. Lay, Miss M. Ball, Irene Walker, Hazel Walker, Cyril Walker, Margaret Walker and Gerald Walker
c5    Died –   Mrs Elsie Wallace, nee Gastrell, 52 years, wife of Rev W. Harris Wallace
c8    Funeral –   William Henry Martin, Mar 12
c8    Funeral –   Henry Raymond, Mar 9

Page 9
c2    Died –   Mrs Pauline Lunn, 86th year, Mar 12, widow of Walter Harris Lunn
c8    Died –   Mrs Pauline Lunn, 86th year, Mar 12, widow of Walter Harris Lunn
c8    Died –   Cameron Eugene Watson, 17 years, Mar 12,

Page 10
c3    Married –   George Ross Bartram, son of Harry Bartram to Alice Adeline Brooks, daughter of Harry Brooks
c3    Married –   Edward Miller, son of Joseph Miler to Doreen Risk
c3    Married –   Erfill McKenzie, son of Mrs Sarah McKenzie to Marguerite Alice Miler, daughter of Fred L. Miller
c4    Engagement –   Howard Campbell Sinclair, son of David Sinclair to Kathleen Munro McLean, daughter of J. D. McLean

Page 13
c5    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Bennett, 78 years, Mar 12, wife of Gordon Bennett
c6    Died –   Mrs Daniel W. Campbell, nee Mary Jane McArthur, 84th year, Mar 13
c6    Died –   John E. Milne, 51st year, Mar 11, son of William Milne
c6    Birthday –   Mrs William Henry Misener, nee Nancy Ann Clouse of Townsend, 80th
c8    Article –   Harding Smith of Sparta

Page 16
c6    Died –   Mrs J. E. Smith, nee Orpha Gray, 74th year, daughter of William Gray


14 March 1942

Page 6
c6    Funeral –   Donald Elson Potts, Mar 13, infant son of Dr E. B. Potts
c6    Funeral –   Hiram Gilbert Stover, Mar 13 [Stoner]
c6    Funeral –   Mrs James Drake, Mar 13
c7    Died –   William Ferguson, Mar 12

Page 7
c2    Married –   John Cossar Ewart, son of John Albert Ewart to Laura Elizabeth Roe, daughter of Henry Roe
c5    Funeral –   Rev J. W. Bean, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Joanne Millicent Fox, daughter of J. F. Fox, Mar 9
c8    Born –   James Arthur Lankin, son of Roy E. & Lillian Lankin, nee Robilliard, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Daughter of Gordon E. and Eleanor Thomas, nee Woodward, Mar 10
c8    Died –   William Walker, 76 years, Mar 13, husband of Mrs Rose Walker; brother of Eliza Walker, Mrs John Marks and Charles Walker
c8    Memoriam –   Percy L. Glover, Mar 14 1940
c8    Memoriam –   Guy Ostrander, Mar 14 1941
14 March 1942
Second Section

Page 9
c4    Photo –   Aylmer Flying School Graduates – Charles W. Kusair; Sten Torkelson Lundberg; Robert c. Hayes; Alexander J. McDonald; Commander Irwin; Thomas O. Fraser; Patrick J. McCann; Samuel Kinnear; Charles Hamilton Davis; Jorge Luis Guzman; Harold Henry Miller; William J. Smith; Lawrence B. Smith

Page 11
c3    Married –   T. D. Newton, son of B. Newton to Elspeth Mary Cameron, daughter of D. Lorne Cameron
c3    Married –   William Franklin Cooper to Mrs Sarah Jane House
c3    Married –   Russel Earl Sherk, son of Earl W. Sherk to Anna Leone Minor, daughter of Kennard Minor
c3    Married –   George M. Gilbert, son of F. Gilbert to Gladys Taylor, daughter of F. Taylor

Page 12
c1    Photo –   St Thomas YMCA Basketball Team – R. Bailey; O. Russell; H. Land; Ab Humphreys; R. Barnes; J. Armstrong; Bill Cunningham; Jack Reeves; E. Currah; Len Barnes

Page 13
c2    Died –   Mrs Homer Rogers, nee Skinner, Mar 13, daughter of Charles Skinner; sister of George and Gordon Skinner and Mrs Gordon Carrothers

Page 16
c5    Engagement –   James M. Galloway, son of William Galloway to Jennie Tales, daughter of William Tales
c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George William Clinton, nee Wilhelmine Zelpha Heard of Talbotville, 25th
c5    Shower –   Mrs Roy Abbott, nee Shirley Davis
c5    Married –   Jack Scarcliff, son of W. H. Scarcliff to Betty Duff, daughter of Robert G. Duff
c5    Married –   Keith Aylesworth to Hazel Swartz
c8    Engagement –   Peter Donald McGregor, son of W. J. McGregor to Elizabeth May Porter, daughter of Watson H. Porter


16 March 1942

Page 1
c3    Photo –   Geoffrey H. Yates and daughters Patricia & Sheilah Anne Yates of St Thomas

Page 6
c6    Died –   Mrs Branton E. Cull, nee Stella Marion Wilson, 27th year, Mar 14, daughter of Edgar Wilson
c6    Died –   Robert J. Young, 85th year, Mar 15
c7    Funeral –   Mrs Pauline Lunn, Mar 14

Page 7
c7    Funeral –   Cameron Watson, Mar 14
c8    Born –   Daughter of John Milner, Mar 10
c8    Died –   Mrs Rachel Staniforth, Mar 16, wife of Benjamin Staniforth Sr.
c8    Died –   Mrs Charity Ann Moore, 86th year, Mar 15, widow of William Moore; mother of Mrs W. H. Paterson; sister of Alfred Irwin; grandmother of Marian, Harold & Irwin Moore
c8    Died –   William Elgin Tripp, Mar 16, father of Stanley Tripp and Mrs E. O. Elliott; brother of Mrs Wesley Smith and Bertley Tripp
c8    Memoriam –   David M. Marr, Jan 28 1920

Page 8
c5    Married –   John K. Michalson, son of A. S. Michalson to Charlotte Ponsford Chamberlain, daughter of Arthur Chamberlain
c5    Married –   David Nicholson Sneddon Robertson, son of John Robertson to Dorothy Vie Brady, daughter of Mrs Isaac Ilsley and Charles Steward Brady
c5    Married –   Wiliam Henry Hooper to Helen Louise Marston
c5    Married –   Hector James Jeffrey, son of Alfred Jeffrey to Helen Audrey Jean Wright, daughter of George Wright
c6    Married –   Gordon Bell-Irving to Marjorie Mary McDonald
c6    Married –   John Alexander Sproule, son of A. B. Sproule to Margaret Olive Kerrigan, daughter of Ernest C. Kerrigan

Page 11
c5    Died –   William Elgin Tripp, 81 years, Mar 16, son of Calvin & Prudence Tripp
c8    Died –   Mrs Charity Ann Moore, 86th year, Mar 15, daughter of Thomas & Mary Irwin; widow of William Moore
c8    Died –   Mrs Maude E. Cooper, 59th year, Mar 14, daughter of Arrand Gill; widow of James Herbert Cooper

Page 14
c1    Died –   Glenis Mary Johns, 6 weeks, Mar 15, infant daughter of Kenneth M. Johns; granddaughter of Mrs Mary Jordan and Thomas Evans Johns
c3    Photo –   Fingal Graduates – Jack D. Hawkins; Hugh Hawkins and Madeleine Hawkins of Clinton
c6    Died –   Mrs Rachel Staniforth, 58 years, Mar 16, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Nuttal; wife of Benjamin Staniforth


17 March 1942

Page 2
c3    Died –   Mrs George Gray, nee Laura Bell Gilroy, 61 years, Mar 16, daughter of Stevens Gilroy

Page 8
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Anna Chambers, Mar 14
c1    Died –   Mrs W. Milroy, nee Lulu White, Nov 1941, daughter of W. W. White; sister of G. W. White
c1    Died –   Hodgen Wilson, 75 years, Mar 17, father of Adrah Wilson; brother of Henry & John Wilson, Mrs J. H. Mussell, Mrs R. W. Fox and Mrs T. J. Fisher
c2    Will –   Estate of Anthony Meteer of Dunwich
c2    Died –   Mrs Jessie Bailey, nee Fishback, Mar 17, wife of Arthur Bailey [Fishbach]
c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret Wade, nee Horton, 77 years, daughter of Joseph & Mary Horton; widow of Byron J. Wade
c8    Funeral –   Mrs Annie L. Chambers, Mar 14

Page 9
c2    Died –   George Edward Double, 88 years, Mar 16, husband of Mrs Hattie M. Double
c6    Funeral –   William Walker, Mar 16
c8    Born –   Sharon Lee Vowel, daughter of G. Vowel; sister of Gary & Betty Lou
c8    Born –   Robert Campbell, son of Glenn Campbell, Mar 12
c8    Born –   Barbara Elizabeth Lampman, daughter of Earl & Emma Lampman, nee Ford, Mar 12
c8    Born –   Robert Douglas Carr, son of A. E. Carr, Feb 28
c8    Born –   James Donald Willsie, son of Donald A. & Dorothy Willsie, nee Dougherty, Mar 16
c8    Died –   Mrs Rachel Staniforth, Mar 16, wife of Benjamin Staniforth Sr
c8    Died –   William Elgin Tripp, Mar 16
c8    Died –   George Alfred Lang, 66th year, Mar 17, husband of Mrs Bertha Lang, nee Ross; father of Virgil, Robert and Isaac Lang, Mrs F. D. Price and Mrs Lloyd Chiberton [Chiverton]
c8    Died –   Mrs Arthur Bailey, nee Jessie Fishbach, Mar 17
c8    Died –   George Edward Double, 88 years, Mar 16
c8    Memoriam –   Edward Rowe, Mar 17 1936

Page 10
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Robert Fowler of St Thomas, 353rd
c3    Married –   Graham E. crapper, son of f. Crapper to Kathleen Joan Skilton, daughter of R. Skilton
c3    Married –   Stanley Graves, son of I. W. & Mary Graves to Mrs Bessie Harding, daughter of J. Wrung

Page 13
c2    Died –   Mrs John McFarlane, nee Janet Vincent, 78 years, mother of Blanche McFarlane and Mrs Edward M. Pennington; grandmother of Teddy Pennington; sister of James Vincent
c3    Died –   Miss Ida Conlin, 81st year, daughter of Edward Conlin
c3    Engagement –   Douglas Harris to Erie Hornby
c5    Died –   George Alfred Lang, 68 years, Mar 17

Page 16
c2    Divorce –   Mrs Gladys Oldham vs James Alexander Oldham and Margaret Robbins; custody of 2 children
c2    Divorce –   Mrs Clara Misener vs Murray Misener


18 March 1942

Page 6
c3    Died –   Patricia Ann Tanner, 3 years, Mar 18, daughter of George E. Tanner
c3    Died –   Alexander M. Best, 66 years, Mar 19
c3    Died –   Mrs Sadie Hornby, nee Struthers, 36 years, Mar 18, wife of George Hornby

Page 7
c6    Funeral –   Glenis Mary Johns, Mar 17, infant daughter of Kenneth M. Johns
c8    Born –   Daughter of C. Dunn, Mar 16
c8    Died –   Alexander M. Best, Mar 18
c8    Died –   Mrs Sadie Hornby, Mar 18, wife of George Hornby
c8    Died –   Patricia Ann Tanner, 3 years, Mar 18, daughter of George E. Tanner
c8    Died –   Mrs Margaret Wade, nee Horton, 77 years

Page 8
c2    Engagement –   Archie John Carter, son of Ernest carter to Edna Marie Rodgers, daughter of Isaac Rodgers
c3    Birthday –   Mrs Amy Winger of Wardsville, 97th
c5    Married –   Leo William Hammond. son of Ernest Hammond to Vera Davis, daughter of Frank Davis
c5    Married –   John Bradley Scarcliff to Elizabeth May Duff
c5    Married –   William Garland Maund, son of William H. Maund to Jean Murray Broadfoot, daughter of S. Rupert Broadfoot

Page 11
c4    Died –   Dr Charles Zavitz, 78 years, Mar 17
c6    Died –   H. Allan Swart, 65th year, Mar 17
c6    Died –   Solon Kipp, 79th year, Mar 17

Page 14
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret Wade, nee Horton, Mar 19
c1    Divorce –   Mrs Clara L. Misener vs Murray LaVerne Misener and Velma Hart


19 March 1942

Page 8
c5    Funeral –   George e. Double, Mar 18
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Benjamin Staniforth, Mar 18

Page 9
c8    Died –   Mrs Sadie Hornby, 36th year, Mar 16, wife of George Hornby
c8    Died –   Patricia Ann Tanner, 3 years, Mar 18, infant daughter of George E. Tanner
c8    Died –   Alexander M. Best, 66 years, Mar 18
c8    Died –   William Alfred Gough, 53rd year, Mar 18, husband of Mrs Rose Marie Gough, nee Wener
c8    Memoriam –   Martin D. Berdan, Mar 19 1941
c8    Memoriam –   Eliza Dawdy, Mar 19 1935
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Mary Ross, Mar 19 1940

Page 10
c5    Engagement –   Wallace Lyons, son of Roy Lyons to Ethel May Latimer, daughter of Edmund Latimer
c6    Married –   Harold Malcolm Grigg, son of J. E. Grigg to Doris Elizabeth Tripp, daughter of Mrs Albert Tripp
c6    Married –   Gordon Robert Brodie, son of Norris Brodie to Elizabeth Rebecca Dunbar, daughter of Thomas Dunbar
c6    Married –   James Richard McHale, son of J. J. McHale to Nora Haight, daughter of Mrs Harold Youell
c8    Married –   John Walter Parkinson, son of Walter Parkinson to Lillian Ada Salmon, daughter of D. Salmon

Page 15
c5    Died –   James McAlpine, 18 years, Mar 19, son of Bruce & Helen McAlpine
c5    Died –   James R. Poole, 63rd year, son of Frank J. Poole
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Minnie McLaughlin, nee Woodley; widow of Robert McLaughlin
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Leon Welsh, 47 years, daughter of Joseph Anderson

Page 18
c2    Photo –   William Miles Smith, son of Norman Smith of St Thomas
c2    Died –   William Alfred Gough, Mar 18, son of William H. & Annie May Gough, nee Paul; husband of Mrs Rose Marie Gough, nee Winer


20 March 1942

Page 1
c8    Died –   Walter S. Glasgow, 93 years, Mar 19 – Photo

Page 6
c1    Photo –   Irene & Cecile Johnston of St Thomas

Page 8
c5    Funeral –   Robert J. Young, Mar 18
c5    Funeral –   Thomas Solon Kipp, Mar 19

Page 9
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret Wade, Mar 19
c4    Funeral –   James McAlpine, Mar 19
c7    Died –   Walter Scott Glasgow, 94th year, Mar 19

Page 10
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William Johnston, nee Christie Hillman of Rodney – Photo; parents of George and Stanley Johnston, Mrs Lorne Dempster and Mrs Charles Murray
c3    Engagement –   John Young, son of Alex Young to Alma Edith Newell, daughter of Mrs Ruth Newell
c3    Engagement –   Harry Hamilton, son of S Hamilton to Louella Black, daughter of Wallace Black
c6    Married –   Frank Zito, son of Roco Zito of Helen Graham, daughter of Robert Burgess – Photo
c6    Married –   Harry Bench to Ellen Edith Furlonger, daughter of Mrs Peter Schram
c7    Married –   Clifford Nairn Ackland to Elizabeth Joan Brockie, daughter of George K. Brockie

Page 12
c1    Photo –   St Thomas Juvenile Hellcats Basketball Team – Bob Hooper; Trout Caldwell; Stewart Fenwick; Donald Hanley; John Smith; Bill Demo; Bill McCallum

Page 13
c3    Died –   Mrs Blanche Maud Tupper, 72nd year, Mar 18, widow of James Tupper; mother of Mrs Hattie Travis and F. W. Tupper; grandmother of Gerald Travis
c4    Photo –   Sons of Abraham Spiegelman of Toronto – Sam, Rubin, Seymour, Jack and Edward

Page 16
c3    Died –   Mrs Ethel E. Hutchinson, 27th year, Mar 18, daughter of Frank W. Phillips; wife of Roger Orland Hutchinson; sister of Charles A. and Harold R. Phillips; granddaughter of Mrs Richard Storms
c3    Died –   Arthur Coyne, 74 years, nephew of Dr James H. Coyne
c3    Died –   Robert James Burton, 47 years, Mar 20, son of Alfred Burton; husband of Mrs Vera Burton; brother of Charles, Alexander and Kate Burton and Mrs William Periga


21 March 1942

Page 3
c3    Article –   Fred White of Springwater Mill – Photo

Page 6
c2    Died –   Neil Brown, 90 years, Mar 19, son of Dougald & Mary Brown
c5    Funeral –   Alexander M. Best, Mar 20
c5    Funeral –   George Alfred Langs, Mar 19
c5    Funeral –   Patricia Ann Tanner, Mar 20
c5    Funeral –   William Elgin Tripp, Mar 18
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Charity Ann Moore, Mar 16
c6    Died –   Joseph Wray, 83 years, husband of Mrs Agnes Wray, nee Wellman
c6    Died –   John Little, 75th year, husband of Mrs Flora Ann Little, nee Warren; brother of Mrs Phemie Cryderman
c7    Article –   St Thomas Cemetery Company Plot owners – Uriah & Josiah Corlis; James Carey; Samuel Fraine; F. H. March; james Lawson; William Ashmore; Robert Currie; Mrs Joseph Ainley; Sam Cole; E. G. Crook; Arscott Lock; Alfred Larman; Long; Mrs A. E. Shaw; C. O. learn; D. McConnell; J. W. Shupe; Mrs J. Sutton; R. Stacey; D. A. Stinson; Mary E. Doan; James Dewar; E. M. Yarwood; William White and William Rennie; E. H. Phillips; J. M. Ridley; Reynolds; Mrs John McKay; Thomas Whalls; Harriett & Elijah Welter; James White; Alice Reynolds; James McGregor; Ed Machett; Fred Marlow; Leslie Pearce; Richard Penhale; Thomas Pennington; Thomas Pennington; John Sutton; John Porter; William Davis; William Davis; James Davidson; Ronson Dexter; James Dodd; Nelson Conrad; W. M. Cameron; Thomas Clement; William Bladen; Edward Burke; Mrs Thomas Britton; Robert Baden; Henry Brown; A. F. Butler; Thomas Medcalfe; Isabella Munroe; R. B. Mill; George L. ?Ackerman; Sarah Black and Henry Mills; George Bennett; Crawford Armitage; Janet Armstrong; Frank Anderson; Dellerygn Merritt; George McCarter; John McLean; J. McBride and S. Thompson; John McKellar; Duncan McGregor; Jonathan Wilkinson; John White; W. W. Walbourne; W. B. Watkins; D. A. Whitwam; James Van Sickle; George W. Vail; Dr Tweedale; Sarah Jane Thayer; Thomas McCully John McKenzie; Colin McDougall; Henry Mandeville; A. J. Allworth; J. and J. McGregor; W. McVey; George Axford; Richard Cusack
21 March 1942
Second Section

Page 10
c3    Married –   Gordon Thomas Joceylin Cox, son of Thomas Cox to Alice Mae Walker, daughter of Roy Walker
c3    Married –   Ernest G. McKee, son of Mrs L. McKee to Gloria Frances Bentley daughter of Morley Bentley
c3    Married –   George Ernest Jackson, son of G. E. Jackson to Barbara Elizabeth Cronyn, daughter of Richard Hume Cronyn

Page 13
c6    Died –   James Richard McPherson, 81 years, Mar 19, son of David & Sarah McPherson, nee Switzer; husband of Mrs Loviney McPherson, nee Carey; father of John and Ted McPherson, Mrs Lionel Purdy and Mrs Ronald Squires; brother of Mrs W. J. Burgess and Mrs Angus Graham
c8    Died –   Fred W. Gunning, 78th year, son of James & Maria Gunning, nee Seviour; husband of Mrs Jessie Gunning, nee Taylor

Page 14
c2    Married –   Mr & Mrs Ernest McKee – Photo
c4    Married –   Ernest William Andrews to Donna Jeanne Raymer
c5    Engagement –   Lloyd G. Ormerod, son of D. Ormerod to Freda Shephard, daughter of W. K. Shephard
c5    Engagement –   Jerry Cornell to Gladys Mary Gregory, daughter of Joseph Gregory
c5    Engagement –   Hector Thomas Gilbert, son of John Gilbert to Elizabeth Houston Ross, daughter of Charles Ross
c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Ross Tufford of Middlemarch, 25th
c6    Article –   Miss Margaret Dickson, daughter of Mrs M. M. Dickson, nee Winnie Whitwam; niece of H. D. Whitwam
c7    Engagement –   James Alexander McCabe, son of J. A. McCabe to Mary Gwynethe Lloyd, daughter of Tracy E. Lloyd – Photo
c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs M. J. Parker of Twining, Alberta, 50th
c8    Engagement –   John S. Ball, son of S. F. Ball to Muriel Josephine Facey, daughter of Wilbert Facey
c8    Engagement –   J. Frank Walker, son of C. W. Walker to Hazel Jean Hunter, daughter of J. M. Hunter
c8    Engagement –   Gordon L. Smith, son of John H. Smith to Inez Barons, daughter of H. J. Barons

Page 15
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Sarah Calhoun, Mar 21 1941, by sisters Mrs Squire Smith, Mrs Annie Greer and Mrs Clara Zavitz
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs George Gilbert, Mar 21 1938
c8    Memoriam –   Ralph ‘Bill’ Rice, Mar 21 1940
c8    Memoriam –   Cecil Harvey Schram, Mar 22 1940
c8    Memoriam –   Gordon H. Sharpe, Mar 21 1911


23 March 1942

Page 6
c1    Died –   Norman E. Kent, 55 years, Mar 21
c5    Died –   Mrs Ruth Oliva Soper, 92 years, daughter of John Whitaker; widow of Dr Abram Soper
c7    Funeral –   William Alfred Gough, Mar 21
c7    Funeral –   Mrs Sadie Hornby, Mar 21
c7    Funeral –   Hodgen Wilson, Mar 19
c7    Funeral –   Walter Scott Glasgow, Mar 21

Page 7
c2    Died –   David H. Smith, 55 years, Mar 23
c7    Born –   James Richard Clark, son of J. H. & Lorraine Clark, nee McNaughton, Mar 22
c7    Born –   Charon May Hayes, daughter of George E. Hayes, Mar 19
c7    Memoriam –   Albert Mann, Mar 22 1938
c8    Born –   Gale Delores Saunders, daughter of Ray & Maxine Saunders, nee Kettlewell, Mar 22
c8    Born –   Son of George Brazier, Mar 8
c8    Born –   Daughter of Donald Collings, Mar 9
c8    Born –   Daughter of Joseph Ferris, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Daughter of Max Partlo, Mar 7
c8    Born –   Daughter of Lionel Kenneth Wilson, Mar 6
c8    Born –   Son of Arthur & Geraldine Brooks, nee Soper, Mar 17
c8    Born –   Daughter of Cecil Dillen, Mar 15
c8    Born –   Twin daughters of Joseph Kennedy, Mar 15
c8    Born –   Son of Alex McKenzie, Mar 13
c8    Born –   Son of John McLean, Mar 16
c8    Born –   Daughter of Albert Rocheleau, Mar 12
c8    Born –   Son of Albert VanLaecke, Mar 12
c8    Born –   Daughter of Donald H. & Audrey MacGregor, nee Carr, Mar 19
c8    Born –   Son of Harold Spencer, Mar 15
c8    Born –   Daughter of Philip Evans, Mar 14
c8    Died –   Mrs Hattie Marie Double, Mar 23, wife of George Double
c8    Died –   Mrs Emily Veronica Homister, Mar 21, widow of William J. Homister; sister-in-law of Mrs Sarah A. Watson, Mrs Mattie Cooks and Mrs E. M. Drouillard
c8    Died –   Mrs Alice M. Wilson, Mar 23, widow of John S. Wilson; sister of Mrs Mary Dallyn

Page 8
c6    Married –   Sherman J. Beattie, son of J. A. Beattie to Muriel Ida Ansell, daughter of Mrs Ida Ansell
c6    Married –   Edward T. Miller, son of Joseph Miller to Doreen E. Risk, daughter of M. Risk
c6    Married –   Ralph Bromberg to Betty Jean Wagner, daughter of John Wagner
c6    Married –   Peter Donald McGregor, son of W. J. McGregor to Elizabeth May Porter, daughter of Watson H. Porter
c6    Married –   William George Johnston, son of William Johnston to Margaret Jean McClure, daughter of Harvey McClure
c6    Married –   Leo William Hammond, son of Ernest Hammond to Vera Davis, daughter of Frank Davis
c7    Married –   Lyle Emmerson Bailey, son of William Bailey to Louise Marveline Smith, daughter of Harry Smith

Page 11
c4    Fire –   Boat ‘Bobby Nicholas’ at Port Burwell docks

Page 14
c2    Photo –   William B. White, son of Harold O. White of St Thomas
c2    Died –   Mrs Hattie Marie Double, Mar 23, wife of George Double
c4    Died –   Mrs Emily Veronica Homister, Mar 21, widow of William J. Homister
c5    Died –   Mrs Alice M. Wilson, Mar 23, daughter of William & Emma Weldon; widow of John S. Wilson


24 March 1942

Page 8
c1    Birthday –   Betty Ann West, 7th, daughter of George West of Aylmer
c4    Died –   Duncan C. Taylor, 77th year, Mar 24
c4    Funeral –   Robert James Burton, Mar 23
c6    Died –   Albert J. Somers, 71st year, Mar 22
c6    Married –   Douglas Harris, son of John Harris to Erie Hornsby, daughter of William Hornsby
c6    Funeral –   Mrs James Tupper, Mar 21

Page 9
c8    Born –   Son of Grant Harris, Mar 21
c8    Born –   Hugh William McPherson, son of James H. McPherson, Mar 19
c8    Born –   Daughter of James Sanders, Mar 15
c8    Died –   Mrs Hattie Marie Double, Mar 23
c8    Died –   Duncan C. Taylor, 77th year, Mar 24
c8    Memoriam –   Lillian May Cowie, Mar 24 1936
c8    Memoriam –   Earl Thomas, Mar 24 1939, by daughters Muriel, Phyllis & June
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Lance Tomlin, Mar 24 1941
c8    Memoriam –   Cordelia Stokes Tomlin, Mar 24 1941

Page 10
c3    Married –   Rev William S. Whitcombe, son of Alfred Whitcombe to Leila May Boyd, daughter of William J. Boyd
c3    Married –   Lloyd Burns to Margaret Lenore Houston daughter of Clare Houston
c3    Married –   Charles Thadd to Catherine Beatrice Houston, daughter of Clare Houston
c3    Married –   Robert Buchanan, son of J. D. Buchanan to Eleanor Taylor, daughter of R. C. Taylor
c4    Engagement –   John Raymond Bonisteel, son of C. B. Bonisteel to Grace Doris Strong, daughter of John Strong
c4    Engagement –   William Ross Wittet, son of William W. Wittet to Helen Marguerite Tribe, daughter of G. W. Tribe
c5    Married –   Ernest William Andrews, son of H. Andrews to Donna Jeanne Louise Raymer, daughter of Rev Gordon C. Raymer
c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Lindsay of Springfield, 55th

Page 13
c8    Died –   Mrs Norman Mickleborough, 67 years, Mar 24, daughter of John McMillan; sister of Mrs Dan Walker and Neil McMillan

Page 16
c3    Died –   William M. Davidson, 69 years, Mar 23, widow of Mrs Christine Davidson, nee Robertson; husband of Mrs Ethel Davidson, nee Heydon
c4    Died –   Neil Williamson, Feb 21, son of Robert Williamson of Fort Erie – Photo


25 March 1942

Page 6
c1    Birthday –   Mrs Sarah Chiverton of Malahide, 90th
c5    Funeral –   Mrs William C. Homister, Mar 24

Page 7
c8    Born –   Daughter of Robert & Rhoda Sharp, nee Hughes, Mar 24
c8    Born –   Son of F. C. & Evelyn Heidt, nee Ion, Mar 24
c8    Born –   Son of Harold Stewart, Mar 20
c8    Born –   Daughter of John McIntyre, Mar 18
c8    Died –   Ernest William Cantelo, 63 years, Mar 25, brother of Mrs C. H. Evans
c8    Died –   Duncan C. Taylor, 77th year, Mar 24
c8    Died –   Grace M. Stewart, 47 years, Mar 24, daughter of William Baird; wife of George T. Stewart; mother of Ruth, Mary and William Stewart; sister of William J. and Florence Baird, Mrs W. B. Hutton and Mrs Donald Duncan
c8    Memoriam –   Samuel Abel, Mar 25 1933
c8    Memoriam –   Hubbard Ellison, Mar 25 1940

Page 8
c4    Engagement –   Cyril Arthur Butcher, son of Arthur Butcher to Gladys Ruth Collinson, daughter of James Collinson

Page 11
c1    Died –   A. Jordan Laing, 23rd year, son of Rev Andrew Laing; brother of Russell and Margie Laing
c6    Married –   Norman Hatfield, son of J. H. Hatfield to Muriel Borth, daughter of William Borth
c6    Married –   John Anthony, son of W. J. Anthony to Margaret Phylis Deming, daughter of Stanton Deming
c6    Married –   Ronald T. Ryland to Elizabeth Patricia Pelkey, daughter of Mrs P. Willson
c6    Married –   Walter B Whitehead, son of Harold Whitehead to Marion Lois Almas, daughter of Edward Almas

Page 14
c2    Died –   Ernest William Cantelo, 63rd year, Mar 25, son of Frank and Vashti Cantelo; brother of Mrs Frank Smith
c5    Died –   Mrs Isabella Williams, 88 years, Mar 24, widow of Thomas Williams; mother of Mrs H. F. Laragh and Mrs George Stevenson; sister of Samuel and William McNiece
c6    Died –   Mrs Grace M. Stewart, 47 years, Mar 24, wife of George T. Stewart


26 March 1942

Page 1
c2    Died –   Dr Duncan Smith, 73 years, Mar 26

Page 6
c3    Died –   Frederick C. Wanless, 65 years, Mar 26, father of Mrs E. N. Wooster; brother of Robert K. and W. A. Wanless, Mrs Frank Johnston, Mrs Watson Beemer and Mrs Grace Maxwell
c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs G. L. Nelson of Corinth, 49th

Page 8
c8    Funeral –   Norman E. Kent, Mar 24
c8    Funeral –   Mrs Arthur Bailey, Mar 26

Page 9
c8    Funeral –   Mrs George E. Double, Mar 25
c8    Funeral –   Mrs John S. Wilson, Mar 25
c8    Died –   Dr Duncan Smith, 76 years, Mar 26
c8    Died –   Ernest William Cantelo, 63rd year, Mar 25
c8    Died –   Mrs Grace M. Stewart, nee Baird, 47 years, Mar 24, wife of George T. Stewart

Page 10
c4    Died –   Mrs Nathaniel Smith, nee Annie Drake, 91 years, Mar 25
c5    Engagement –   David Irving MacLeod, son of Rev Dr Donald Morrison McLeod to Margaret Eddy McRoberts, daughter of Rev Lorne Charles McRoberts
c5    Engagement –   John E. Barclay, son of William Barclay to Juanita Emma Teall, daughter of John H. Teall
c7    Married –   Otto Schettle, son of Emanuel Schettle to Edith Evelyn Gable, daughter of Walter T. Gable
c7    Married –   Bruce Rodgers, son of William John Rodgers to Ruth Ann Haring, daughter of D. G. Haring
c8    Married –   John Andrew McCutcheon to Margaret Evelyn Durst, daughter of I. Durst

Page 13
c3    Died –   James A. or W. Elliott, 70th year, Mar 25
c4    Died –   Mrs Almetta Alice Calvert, nee Neal, 68th year, Mar 24, daughter of Sebastine Neal; wife of Frank Calvert; mother of Mrs Nina (Frank) Boughner and Jessie Neal; sister of Ellery and Meno Neal and the late Mrs Joseph Armstrong
c8    Died –   Walter Underhill, 49 years, Mar 24, son of David Underhill

Page 16
c1    Missing –   Walter Brackenbury , son of Samuel Brackenbury of Port Burwell
c1    Funeral –   Ernest W. Cantelo, Mar 25
c1    Missing –   Peter William DeGraw, 12 years, son of Roy E. DeGraw of Aldborough
c3    Died –   Charles George Collins, 50 years, Mar 25, husband of Mrs Emily Collins, nee Harrop; father of Mrs Douglas (Lucy Patricia) Hull and Phyllis Collins; grandfather of Carol ,Joyce and Nancy Hull
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Homer Rogers, nee Ettie Skinner, 35th year, daughter of Charles & Ellen Skinner


27 March 1942

Page 6
c4    Died –   Ephraim Herr, 78 years, Mar 26, son of Albert Herr; widow of Mrs Anna Herr, nee Tier [Teare]; father of Mrs Alec Colthart, George, Fred, Albert, Gordon and Charles Herr; brother of Mrs Thomas Smith and Noah Herr

Page 8
c3    Died –   Mrs Edith Hall, nee Moore, 68 years, Mar 26, widow of George Hall
c5    Funeral –   Duncan Colin Taylor, Mar 26
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Norman Mickleborough, Mar 26

Page 9
c1    Died –   Rev Sister Carmelita of the Sisters of St Joseph’s, Mar 27, sister of Rev Father White, Kathleen White and Mrs Haggerty
c7    Born –   Daughter of Ed W. & Marjory Callaghan, nee McNabb, Mar 23
c8    Born –   Linda Margaret Ann Gellatly, daughter of e. Gellatly, Mar 26
c8    Died –   Charles George Collins, 50th year, Mar 25
c8    Memoriam –   William Barfett, Mar 27 1927

Page 10
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Clinton of Talbotville, 25th
c2    Engagement –   John S. Ball, son of Stern Ball to Muriel Facey, daughter of Wilbert Facey

Page 13
c1    Died –   Mrs Norman Graham, nee Alice Mann, 55 years, Mar 23, daughter of Nathan Mann
c8    Married –   Gerald Rile to Mary King, daughter of Frank King


28 March 1942

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs George W. Brake, nee Sybil Jury, Mar 19, sister of Mrs Jacob Beer
c5    Funeral –   Ernest William Cantelo, Mar 27
c5    Funeral –   Mrs George T. Stewart, Mar 27
c8    Born –   Son of Earl Chamberlane, Mar 25 [Chamberlain]
c8    Born –   Wayne Albert Mitchell, son of Ray Mitchell, Mar 22

Page 13
c4    Died –   Stephen Charles Lemon, 43 years, Mar 27
c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Arthur Osborne of Port Dover, 50th

Page 16
c2    Photo –   Eleanor & Evelyn Hicks of Windsor; Anne & Agnes McCaffery of Winnipeg
c5    Engagement –   Westren V. Lumley, son of Dr C. C. Lumley to Lois Roberta McClatchie, daughter of Lewis R. McClatchie
c5    Engagement –   Gerald V. Brinkley, son of O. F. Brinkley to Phyllis Eileen Bell, daughter of W. S. Bell
c5    Engagement –   Martin John Donnelly, son of J. J. Donnelly to Laura Eileen Backus, daughter of F. E. Backus
c5    Engagement –   Norman Arthur Will, son of Arthur J. Will to Margaret Eleanor Westlake, daughter of John Norman Westlake
c6    Photo –   Graduates of Technical Training School – Mary A. Beaton; Pamela Burchall; Lillian S. Boo; Blanche Ouellette; Evelyn Black; Margaret E. MacDonald; Ruth Fraser; Isobel Broomfield; Helen M. Bidlake; Dorothy L. Tewskbury; Helen MacLeod
c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Albert Bowlby of St Thomas, 5th
c7    Engagement –   J. H. M. Ker, son of B. H. Ker to Doris Ella Fugard, daughter of Earl C. Fugard


30 March 1942

Page 6
c1    Died –   Richard Lloyd, 67 years, husband of Mrs Emma Lloyd, nee Pennington
c1    Died –   Thomas Millington, 70 years, son of Joseph Millington; father of Mrs Norman Aikens, Mrs Donald Ashby, Harold and John Millington

Page 7
c3    Photo –   James Armstrong McCaw, son of A. McCaw of St Thomas
c6    Funeral –   James A. Elliott, Mar 27
c6    Funeral –   Walter Underhill, Mar 27
c6    Funeral –   Charles George Collins, Mar 27
c6    Funeral –   Dr Duncan Smith, Mar 28
c8    Born –   Muriel Frances Gale, daughter of C. S. & Fern Gale, nee Henry, Mar 26
c8    Born –   Lois Arlene Parsons, daughter of A. E. Parsons, Mar 28
c8    Born –   Archibald James Pell, son of Archie & Thelma Pell, nee Davies, Mar 29
c8    Born –   Patricia Ann Vincent, daughter of R. & Grace Vincent, nee Higginbottom, Mar 26
c8    Died –   Mrs Alice Smale, 70 years, Mar 29, wife of Mathew Smale
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Ida Dunning, Mar 30 1941

Page 8
c2    Married –   Wilfred Edward Sykes, son of Wilfred Edward Sykes to Sarah Elizabeth Pirie, daughter of Alexander Pirie – Photo
c2    Engagement –   Dr Ronald Bruce Palmer, son of Burpee Palmer to Maybelle Jean Lane, daughter of George Lane
c3    Married –   Charles Maurice Conron, son of Rev M. E. Conron to Eleanor Haley, daughter of Bernard S. Haley
c3    Married –   George Edwin Wherry, son of W. H. Wherry to Helen Margaret Weber, daughter of O. P. Weber
c3    Married –   John George Bancroft, son of William Bancroft to Margaret May Mullins, daughter of Charles & Nellie Mullins
c3    Married –   William Lynn Barkey, son of William E. Barkey to Shirley Marguerite Shoebottom, daughter of William A. Shoebottom
c3    Married –   Harold Gordon Farquhar, son of Claude Farquhar to Marjorie Lillian Cousins, daughter of Roy Cousins

Page 11
c7    Article –   Henry Fast of St Thomas
c8    Died –   Henderson W. Nigh, 74th year, Mar 28, son of George & Margaret Nigh, nee Bell; brother of Amy Nigh, Mrs McGill, Mrs Morris and Mrs Stirton

Page 14
c6    Died –   Mrs Alice Smale, 70 years, Mar 29, wife of Mathew Smale


31 March 1942

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c2    Article –   Robert M. ‘Bob’ Erskine and his brother Jack Erskine; sons of Len Erskine of London
c3    Article –   Joseph C. Monteith, son of J. A. Monteith of Port Stanley

Page 6
c1    Died –   Mrs Susan Smith, nee Fowler, 77 years, Mar 31, daughter of Jacob & Sarah Fowler, nee Howse; mother of Leonard Smith and Mrs Ethel Scully; sister of Alfred Fowler, Mrs Emma Fenner Warwick and Mrs Jennie Gostick
c5    Photo –   Dr Milton Donavon Williams, son of P. R. Williams of Port Burwell
c5    Died –   Mrs William Whitney Haines, nee Martha Jone Monteith, 91 years; daughter of Thomas Monteith; mother of Joseph, Robert D. and Annie Haines, Mrs William Louch and Mrs Jane Irvine Uren and the late Edith Maines
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Edith Hall, Mar 29
c6    Funeral –   Henderson W. Nigh, Mar 30
c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Edward Sandham of Tillsonburg, 30th
c8    Funeral –   Mrs Edith Hall, Mar 29, aunt of Mrs Tim Horgan

Page 7
c8    Born –   Patricia Ann McTaggart, daughter of D. K. & Eleanor McTaggart, nee Birchall, Mar 30
c8    Died –   Mrs Alice Smale, 70 years, Mar 29, wife of Matthew Smale
c8    Died –   Mrs Susan Smith, nee Fowler, Mar 31
c8    Died –   Mrs Annie Swanton, 91st year, Mar 30, widow of Sidney Swanton; mother of Herbert Swanton and Mrs Maud Smith; sister of Dr Oswald Withrow, Mrs Ada Carr and Mrs Charles Choate

Page 8
c1    Married –   Wallace Burke, son of George Burke to Jetret Schindler, daughter of Eugene Schindler
c1    Married –   Thomas Hugh Wily, son of Watson Wily to Joan Madeline Corrice, daughter of Arthur Corrice [Note: surname is Wiley
c1    Married –   George Russell Moore, son of Russell Moore to Jean Marian Eileen McLean, daughter of John C. McLean
c1    Married –   Clarence Russell Cattel, son of Albert E. Cattel to Helen Jeanette Louise Stover, daughter of Charles Stover

Page 11
c8    Article –   Jack Ball, son of Jack Ball of Port Burwell; brother of William, Richard and Earl Ball – Photo
c8    Died –   Neil Baxter, 73 years, Mar 28, son of Duncan Baxter; widow of Mrs Flora Baxter, nee McEachren; father of Margaret and Duncan Baxter

Page 14
c1    Engagement –   Hiram Lorne Pangburn, son of Lorne Pangburn to Virginia May Robson, daughter of R. L. Robson
c2    Died –   Mrs Annie Swanton, 91st year, Mar 30, daughter of Joseph Winthrow; widow of Sidney Swanton
c3    Photo –   Bruce Thistle, age 24 years of Sydney NS and Gerald A. Lunn age 23 years of Quesnel BC
c5    Photo –   Robert E. Hanna, son of Mrs E. Hanna of St Thomas; brother of Tom, Donna and Max Hanna