STTJ 1946 Sep-Dec

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

September, October, November & December 1946

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

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3 September 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. George Baker, 77th year, nee Mary Margaret Kilmer

c2        Married – Adra Corinne Miller to Murray Nichol Campbell, 31 Aug (photo 4 Sep 1946, page 10, col. 2)


Page 7

c1        Died – infant son of Jack Crandall; mother nee Boyd

c2        Died – Mrs. William D. Garraway, 65th year, nee Elizabeth Abdey

c2        Died – Mary Fluelling, age 86

c3        Died – Mrs. D. L. Gilbert, 93rd year, nee Ellen McIntosh

c4        Died – Katherine Bell

c4        Died – Mabel Annie Pegg

c7        Born – William Richard Anderson, 1 Sep, nee Audrey Harrison

c7        Born – Ronald Andrew McCormick, 30 Aug, nee Rita Thomas

c7        Died – Mary Margaret Baker, 1 Sep, 77th year

c7        Died – Mary Fluelling, 1 Sep, age 86

c7        Died – Elizabeth Garraway, 2 Sep, 65th year

c7        Died – Ellen Gilbert, 2 Sep, 93rd year


Page 8

c2        Died – William McCord, age 77


Page 10

c2        Married – Raymond B. Downs to Mary Frances Lavery

c5        Married – Christina May Baird to Eldred C. Crouse

c5        Married – Eleanor Jean McVannel to Richard Evan Moore

c5        Married – Zelda Margaret Sterling to Edward Randall Mayhew

c5        Married – Pauline Ellen Brooks to David Steel Livingstone

c6        Married – George Alfred King to Joyce Emily Sweetman

c7        Married – Audrey Lorraine Utter to Robert Albert Ponsford


4 September 1946


Page 6

c3        Died – Daniel Currie

c3        Died – William McCord

c3        Died – Mrs. Watson White, 70th year, nee Charlotte Elizabeth Shepherd

c6        Died – Mrs. Nelson Reynolds, age 70


Page 7

c7        Born – Steven Wayne Simpson, 2 Sep

c7        Born – Douglas Simon Whiteman, 2 Sep

c7        Born – dau of Roy Good, 23 Aug

c7        Born – dau of John Hanley, 23 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Earl Clark, 23 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Alec McCrae, 24 Aug

c7        Born – son of Percy Fugard, 20 Aug

c7        Born – son of Robert H. Harris, 24 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Henry Musch, 26 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Victor Noble, 27 Aug, nee Pearl Grafstein

c7        Born – dau of Robert Pettinger, 25 Aug

c7        Born – son of Edward Ranger, 23 Aug

c7        Died – Ellen Gilbert, 2 Sep, 93rd year


Page 8

c2        Died – Harry N. Buck, husband of May Robbins

c3        Frank N. Barrett sells hardware store after 47 years in business


Page 10

c6        Married – Nila Lorreen Smith to James Sharrock Conroy, 24 Aug

c6        Married – Flossie May Clark to John Francis Phippen

c6        Married – Doris Ann MacDonald to James Robinson Petticrew

c6        Married – Mary Helen Messerschmidt to James William Lynn Fordham, 31 Aug

c7        Married – Dorothy Margaret Eckle to Stanley Chown

c7        Married – Ruby May Perry to Glenn Albert Hayman, 31 Aug


5 September 1946


Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs. Kenneth Thomson, 46th year, nee Iva E. Mitchell


Page 7

c4        Died – Mary Fluelling

c4        Died – Elizabeth Conway

c7        Died – George Charles Walters, 4 Sep, age 48


Page 8

c3        Died – George Charles Walters, age 48


Page 10

c4        Married – Willis Stanley Mason to Laura Gillott, 24 Aug; photo; article col 6

c5        Married – Blanch Millicent Tancock to William Henry Hogg

c6        Married – Marion Rebecca MacTavish to Glen Alexander McDonald

c6        Married – Doreen May Maxine Beer to Robert Charles Abel, 31 Aug

c7        Married – Dorothy Margaret Carr to Leonard Wesley Shoebottom


6 September 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Herman (Hiram) Taylor, 56th year, husband of Hazel Porter


Page 7

c3        Died – George Rodgers, age 4 mos, son of William

c4        Died – Mrs. George Baker

c4        Died – Wallace Hollywood

c4        Died – Ellen Gilbert

c5        Died – John A. McTavish, age 83

c7        Born – son of Wilbert I. Preston, 2 Sep, nee Anna Clark

c7        Born – Janet Charlene Langs, 4 Sep

c7        Born – Barbara Lynn Cowie, 5 Sep

c7        Born – Gordon Milford Ripley, 2 Sep, nee Edid Bye

c7        Died – Herman Taylor, 6 Sep, 56th year, husband of Hazel Porter

c7        Died – John A. McTavish, 5 Sep


Page 10

c1        Married – Mary Schilz to Claude W. Pond, 31 Aug

c3        Married – Edmund Noxell to Mrs. Margaret Griffin, 31 Aug

c3        Married – Jean Campbell Cowan to Edward Robert Piper


Page 16

c8        Died – Mrs. Adam Byers, age 70, nee Elizabeth Jane Clark


7 September 1946


Page 6

c5        Married – Helen Mae Howell to Robert George Hewitt, 2 Sep

c6        Died – Theresa Arnold, 25 Aug, 62nd year, nee Kerner

c6        Died – William McCord


Page 7

c5        Born – James Frederick Gage, 5 Sep, nee Mary Tooley

c5        Born – son of Harold Armstrong, 30 Aug

c5        Born – son of George Brown, 3 Sep

c5        Born – dau of Frank Howey, 31 Aug

c5        Born – dau of Clarence Howe, 3 Sep

c5        Born – dau of George Hulme, 5 Sep

c5        Born – dau of Albert Lalonde, 3 Sep

c5        Born – son of William Mawhinney, 31 Aug, nee Betty Wilson

c5        Born – dau of John Schonenberger, 2 Sep

c5        Born – son of Andy Vigh, 4 Sep

c5        Born – son of Morley Wolfe, 29 Aug


Page 9

articles and photos – “stately old homes along historic road” – Lake Road in Dunwich. shown are homes of Conn family, Stephen Backus, Col. Patterson & Andrew Backus


Page 10

c1        Central United Church re-opening; photo


Page 11

c1        Married – Emilie Pauline McNeil to William B. Plastow

c3        Married – Elizabeth Frances Mae Abray to Robert John Humphreys, 20 Aug

c3        Married – Helen Burcham to Charles William Crosbie, 31 Aug

c3        Married – Betty Jane Gardner to William Brunton

c3        Married – Elsie Bradshaw to Franklin Ernest McKay


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Eileen Willis to Alexander Ross Dawson, 26 Sep

c7        Married – Albert Wesley Auckland to Edith Williams


9 September 1946


Page 1

c5        Died – Sanford Baker, age 70


Page 5

c4        Died – Charles William Bainard, age 71


Page 6

c3        Died – infant son of Clarence Garton, age 11 mos


Page 7

c4        Died – William George Rodgers, infant son of Williams

c4        Died – John A. McTavish

c4        Died – George Charles Walters

c7        Born – son of Earl Boughner, 8 Sep

c7        Born – Ann Louise Dobson, 5 Sep

c7        Died – Sanford A. Baker, 8 Sep, 71st year

c8        Born – Christopher Kenneth Hopper, 2 Sep, nee Shirley Smith

c8        Died – Marjorie Gott, 8 Sep, age 55

c8        Died – John McCallum, 8 Sep, age 81

c8        Died – John Garton, 8 Sep, age 11 mos, infant son of Clarence


Page 8

c3        Died – Marjorie Elizabeth Gott, age 55

c5        Died – Mrs. (Dr.) C. K. Geary, age 70, dau of Thomas McArthur

c6        Died – John McCallum, age 81


Page 10

c1        Married – Margaret Ruth McCutcheon to John Andrew Gaul, 7 Sep

c6        Married – Marie Sheppard to Donald Frederick Campbell

c6        Married – Marilyn Jean Knighton to Ernest Albert Legg

c6        Married – Pearl Marguerite Bell to Milton Francis


Page 11

c4        Married – Anita E. Davis to John Grant Mills, 24 Aug

c4        Married – Edith Gilstrap to Frank Scot, 19 Aug


10 September 1946


Page 7

c1        Died – Marion Elizabeth McMillan, age 52

c7        Born – Dugald Kenneth Campbell, 8 Sep, nee Eleanor Fenwick

c7        Born – Valerie Susanne Faulds, 8 Sep

c7        Born – Danny Ernest Garner, 3 Sep, nee Theresa Fath

c7        Born – Kenneth Carl Edward McLean, 8 Sep

c7        Died – Kathryn Murphy, 9 Sep, age 72

c7        Died – Einar Rasmussen, 9 Sep, age 51


Page 8

c6        Died – Einar Rasmussen, age 51

c6        Died – Kathryn Murphy, age 72, dau of Dennis Salter


Page 9

c1        article regarding plaques placed on graves of Coughlin Lumley and brother John Lumley in Iona cemetery


Page 10

c3        Married – Peggie Jane Clunie to Leo Joseph Robillard


11 September 1946

Page 2

c4        Died – Charles Wann


Page 6

c1        Died – Walter S. Downs, 1 Sep, husband of Addie Stevenson

c2        Died – John McCallum


Page 7

c5        Died – William Henry Morris, age 75

c7        Born – Brian John Procunier, 5 Sep


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Charles Brookfield, age 83, dau of John McClintock

c3        Died – Mrs. James Hussey, nee Delia McManus


Page 12

c5        Married – Mary Josephine Mann to William George Gibson, 7 Sep

c6        Married – Betty Jean Gilbert to Charles H. Hogan, 9 Sep


12 September 1946


Page 1

c4        Died – Fred Robert Atkins, about 55


Page 5

c2        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Tyler Leeson


Page 6

c1        Died – William Henry Foster, 67th year, husband of May Crane


Page 7

c2        Died – Harold Bertram Revell, husband of Mary Conklin

c3        Died – Warren Spurgeon Dedrick, age 65

c3        Died – William H. Sheperd, 75th year

c6        Born – Susanne Leta Trevail, 11 Sep, nee Leta Ronson

c6        Born – Kathryn Lee McNames, 9 Sep

c6        Died – William H. Sheperd, 12 Sep, 75th year

c6        Died – Warren Spurgeon Dedrick, 12 Sep, age 65

c7        Died – Marjorie Gott

c7        Died – Mrs. Lawrence Murphy


Page 8

c1        Died – Wayne Roy Kett, age 2 1/2, son of Roy

c3        Died – Mrs. Everett Heard, 63rd year, nee Annie Isabella Glover


Page 10

c3        Married – Helen Mary Pfander to Harold William Fuchs, 7 Sep

c7        Married – Madelon Craig Gilmour to Charles Gowdey


13 September 1946


Page 2

c2        Died – Albert E. Argue, 64th year


Page 7

c2        Died – Wayne Roy Kett, age 2 1/2 yrs.

c7        Died – John E. Jones

c7        Died – Einar Rasmussen

c7        Born – son of Hugh A. Leitch, 9 Sep

c8        Died – Frederick Robert Atkins, 12 Sep, age 55


Page 8

c2        Died – Frederick Robert Atkins


Page 10

c4        Married – Dorothy Jean Taylor to Hugh Leopold Macauley

c5        Married – Albertha Jean Stark to Earl Norman Williams

c5        Married – Marion Violet Laidlaw to George Neal Procunier

c5        Married – Mary Eileen Sutton to Douglas G. Malott, 12 Sep

c5        Married – Helen Marguerite Brady to Harold Lloyd Elder


14 September 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Robert W. Kenny, husband of Harriet Hare

c4        Married – Verna Isabel Doan to Harley E. Gammon, 11 Sep

c4        Married – Helen Irene Jones to Donald Frederick Bethel

c6        Died – Johnny Garton, 11 mos, son of Clarence, funeral


Page 7

c2        articles on historic homes along the Luton Road; photos of residence of Marshall McKnight, built by David Gunn; and residence of Foley Ingram, built by Rev. Orren H. Tyrrell


Page 9

c4        Died – Leo Glen Avery, age 47


Page 14

c2        Married – Harold Millard to Ruth Size, photo

c5        80th birthday of Annie Clark, 7 Sep; photo

c8        Married – Jean E. Burford to Thomas Lee


Page 15

c2        Died – Herbert William Sage, age 82, husband of Phoebe Campbell

c4        Funeral – Mrs. (Dr.) C. K. Geary

c6        Died – Mrs. R. E. Raynham, 13 Sep, 37th year, nee Mary Plyley

c6        Born – dau of Alex Perger, 24 Aug

c6        Died – Robert W. Kenny, 14 Sep, age 80

c6        Died – Herbert William Sage, 14 Sep, age 82


16 September 1946


Page 6

c4        Died – Alice Brooks Palmer


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Frederick Robert Atkins

c6        Funeral – Warren Spurgeon Dedrick

c8        Born – dau of Tom Dymock, 14 Sep, nee Reta Norris

c8        Born – William Pryor Elliott, 3 Sep

c8        Born – Russell Thomas Monteith, 15 Sep

c8        Died – Catherine Alice Atkinson, 16 Sep, age 52

c8        Died – John Edward Backhouse, 16 Sep, 91st year


Page 8

c2        Died – John Edward Backhouse, age 90, son of William Backhouse and Sarah Fitzgerald; husband of Lucy Ann Marshall

c2        Died – Catharine Alice Atkinson, age 52


Page 10

c1        Married – Marjorie Leona Bennett to Lawrence Beattie Forrest, 14 Sep (photo c2)

c4        Married – Max Leroy Bloye to Frances Mary Murless, 31 Aug

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Andrew Pratt

c5        Married – Marion Winnifred Underhill to Walter Sloper, 14 Sep

c5        Married – Ilene Audrey Simons to Donald Frederick Burgess, 4 Sep

c6        Married – Glenda Fern Patriguin to Harry Ernest Johnstone, 7 Sep


17 September 1946


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Charles W. Bainard

c3        Funeral – William Shepherd


Page 7

c8        Born – Frances Ann Shamley, 14 Sep, nee Ethel Thornton

c8        Born – Donna Mae Callowhill, 7 Sep

c8        Born – Thomas Craig Norman, 15 Sep, nee Clarice Gwalter


Page 8

c2        Died – William Henry Foster; husband of May Crane


Page 10

c1        Married – Clara May Kitchen to Archie A. McCormick


Page 13

c3        Died – Mrs. Frederick Young, 86th year, nee Mary Burge


18 September 1946


Page 1

c3        Died – Chester J. Taylor, age 47


Page 6

c2        Died – Henry Widdifield, 79th year

c3        Died – J. L. Moore, age 79

c3        Funeral – Mrs. Charles Brookfield

c3        Funeral – Robert Kenny

c6        Died – Mrs. Neil Rose, 5 Sep, 87th year, nee Euphemia Burke


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Edith Beal, sister of Mrs. J. Coyle

c7        Born – son of A. J. Sneyd, 17 Sep, nee Margaret Ingram

c7        Died – Sherman Kitchener Parsons, 16 Sep

c7        Died – Chester Taylor, 18 Sep, age 47

c7        Died – Henry Widdifield, 17 Sep, 79th year

Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. William J. Clinton

c5        Died – Mrs. T. J. Wright, age 53, nee Myrtle Edith Hager


Page 10

c6        Married – Marjorie L. Smith to John William Falkins, 9 Sep

c6        Married – Margaret Effie Claire (or Clare) to Walter G. Wilcox, 20 Aug

c6        Married – Genevieve Croft to Lloyd Hamilton

c6        Married – Joan Caroline Sherk to John Landon Wamsley


Page 13

c4        Died – Mrs. Russell (Eva L.) McIntyre


19 September 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Vera Sharon Parachoniak, infant dau of Rudolph


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Mitchell F. Hepburn, nee Margaret Jane Fulton, dau of James Fulton & Annie Macpherson

c3        Died – Daniel D. Campbell, 69th year, son of Duncan D. Campbell & Mary Soctt; husband of Edith Helen Knight

c7        Born – Cheryl Alice Herman, 2 Sep, nee Margaret Axford

c7        Born – dau of Donald Leroy Lampman, 19 Sep, nee Kathryn Irene Derrough

c7        Born – John Isaac McInally, 7 Sep

c7        Born – dau of Frank Pinnoy, 4 Sep

c7        Born – son of Russell Robins, 5 Sep

c7        Born – son of Earl Walters, 6 Sep

c7        Born – son of Albert Lalonde, 3 Sep

c7        Died – Daniel D. Campbell, 19 Sep, 69th year

c7        Died – Vera Sharon Parachoniak, 18 Sep, infant dau of Rudolph

c7        Died – Margaret Jane Hepburn, 19 Sep, 76th year


Page 8

c6        Funeral – Catherine Atkinson

c6        Funeral – John Edward Backhouse


Page 12

c4        Married – Betty Johns to Donald Albert Moyer, 14 Sep


Page 13

c1        Married – Dora Garton to Maurice Murphy, 11 Sep

c1        Married – Marjorie Jean VanHorne to Donald Bryan Sinclair, 30 Aug

c2        Married – Kathleen Bernice Haight to Alan E. Wood, 13 Sep

c2        Married – Katherine Delora Clark to Merrill Elwin Brigden, 12 Sep


20 September 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Sherwood K. Parsons


Page 7

c7        Born – Sandra Lee Brown, 16 Sep, nee Betty Brummel

c7        Born – dau to Lloyd I. Fulford, 16 Sep

c7        Born – Margo Cheryl Elaine Ketchabaw, 18 Sep

c7        Died – Gordon Russell Frank, 19 Sep, 44th year


Page 8

c3        Died – Emerson Dawdy, 78, husband of Laura Bole; photo


Page 10

c6        Married – Shirley Irene Ross to Jack Campbell Cook

c6        Married – June Estelle Heddle to Alvin Ferguson, 16 Sep

c6        Married – Mary Adelia Niles to Charles P. Blyth

c6        Married – Jessie Isobel Root to Orville James Wilton


21 September 1946


Page 6

c7        Died – Mrs. James Durance, age 67, sister of Flora McPherson


Page 7

photos of pioneer homes: Nathan Wood, Malahide, now residence of Dr. Homer McLay; the Sheldon Ward home, and Edward Rogers home


Page 8

c4        St. John’s Church, St. Thomas, re-opens after extensive redecoration; photo


Page 9

c2        Married – Jeane Anne Downer to Norman A. Hills

c2        Married – Dorothy Elizabeth Abel to Lyle Calvin Babcock

c2        Married – Irene Ross to Jack Campbell Cook


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Esther Marie Lumley to Neil Mansfield McDougall; photo

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William A. Coulter, 23 Sep, nee Ellen Walmsley


Page 15

c1        Funeral – Emerson Dawdy

c2        Married – Elsie Marie Aggerholm to William Earl Waite

c3        Died – Mrs. Lester F. Moyer, age 72, nee Cecelia Maud French

c3        Funeral – Chester Taylor

c7        Born – Frances Jean Vine, 17 Sep, nee Jean Harvey

c7        Born – Robert Arthur Winters, 15 Sep

c7        Born – dau. of Albert Osborn, 18 Sep

c7        Born – son of Gordon H. Vigars, 20 Sep, nee Jean Black

c7        Died – Cecelia Maud Moyer, 20 Sep, age 72


Page 18

c1        Died – Mrs. James Durance, sister of Flora MacPherson


23 September 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – W. T. Moral Woodford


Page 2

c3        Funeral – Daniel D. Campbell

c3        Funeral – Emerson Dawdy


Page 6

c1        Died – William Conrad Herrmann, 3rd year

c2        Died – Elizabeth Doyle, dau of John Doyle & Mary Handley

c2        Funeral – Margaret Jane Hepburn


Page 7

c1        Died – Beecher Bailey

c3        Died – Walter R. Farley, 62nd year

c7        Born – dau of Lloyd Allen, 18 Sep, nee Eleanor Taylor

c7        Born – Ruth Elizabeth Argo, 22 Sep, nee Rose Ross

c7        Born – Anne Marie Gillis, 16 Sep, nee Lillian Paul

c7        Born – Christian Jo-Anne Hartsell, 19 Sep

c7        Born – Kathleen Anne Wright, 18 Sep

c7        Died – Elizabeth Doyle, 22 Sep, age 75

c7        Died – William Conrad Herrmann, 23 Sep, 3rd year

c7        Died – W. T. Moral Woodford, 22 Sep, age 54


Page 8

c1        Died – Cecelia Maud Moyer


Page 10

c2        Married – A. A. McCormick to Clara May Kitchen

c2        Married – Alvin Ferguson to June Estelle Heddle

c5        Married – Marian Irene Cathcart to Samuel McKelvie

c7        Married – Effie Amelia McLellan to John Turner Dewar

c7        Married – Barbara Pauline Orton to Donald Grant Nigh, 14 Sep


24 September 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Cecelia Maud Moyer

c3        Died – John Alexander McKenzie, age 70, husband of Elmina Staley


Page 7

c6        Funeral – J. L. Moore

c7        Born – son of C. F. Morris, 23 Sep

c7        Born – dau of Elmore Perry, 19 Sep

c7        Died – Lincoln Beckett, 23 Sep, age 84

c7        Died – Annie Mary MacVicar, 24 Sep

c7        Died – Hartley L. McVicar, 23 Sep

c7        Died – John Maunder, 22 Sep


Page 8

c3        Died – Annie Mary MacVicar

c4        Died – Hartley L. McVicar

c4        Died – Lincoln Beckett, age 84

c5        Died – Gordon Russel Frank, 44th year, husband of Margaret McBrien


Page 10

c4        Married – Margaret Rae McPherson to Donald P. Schleihauf, 19 Sep

c4        Married – Donna Irene Fern Clements to Harold Edwad Pembleton, 14 Sep


Page 13

c1        Died – James Beecher Bailey, 58th year

c4        Died – John Maunder, age 65

c5        Died – Dougall J. Ford, age 73, husband of Jennie Jones

c6        Died – Ralph Ernest Coates, age 67, husband of Margaret McDonald


25 September 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Mrs. William J. Clinton

c6        Funeral – Elizabeth Doyle


Page 7

c1        Died – Job G. Moore, age 87

c2        Funeral – John Alexander MacKenzie

c7        Born – son of M. A. Jolley, 21 Sep, nee Mary Jane Cupples

c7        Born – Leah Mae Houghton, 21 Sep, nee Irene Ellerker

c7        Born – Ellsworth Brian Toll, 23 Sep

c7        Born – Kathleen Fae O’Brien, 22 Sep

c7        Born – dau of Glen Williams, 19 Sep


Page 10

c2        Married – George A. Sargent to Rosalind McNabb, 7 Sep

c6        Married – Helen Thompson Arkell to George Edward Patrick Low

c6        Married – Margery Eileen Sitts to Thomas Clifford Smith

c6        Married – Eva Mae Belton to Bernard Boggio

c6        Married – Frances Ellen King to Donald John Greenslade, 14 Sep

c6        Married – Joy Lorraine Armstrong to William Henry Carnes, 16 Sep

26 September 1946


Page 2

c4        Died – William Wesley Keck; husband of Mary Elizabeth Lawson


Page 6

c1        51st anniversary of Mr & Mrs Fred Weldon, 24 Sep, dau of Alfred Winegarden

c5        Died – Walter Lainchbury, 83rd year; husband of Sarah Robinson

c6        Funeral – J. H. Bowden


Page 7

c4        Died – A. D. S. MacCallum, 83rd year

c4        Funeral – W. T. Moral Woodford

c5        Died – Roy Dilts, age 58

c7        Born – son of A. F. Dunn, 21 Sep

c7        Born – dau of Frank Livingstone, 26 Sep

c7        Died – Roy Dilts, 26 Sep, age 58


Page 10

c2        Married – Barbara Rose Luton to William Allan MacDonald

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Saunders, nee Hannah Butler

c5        50th anniversary of Rev. & Mrs S. Lawrence


27 September 1946


Page 11

c5        Funeral – Nancy Raymond

c7        Born – Robert William Butler, 22 Sep, nee Margaret Haylow

c7        Born – Brian John Siple, 24 Sep, nee Virginia Dunlop

c7        Died – Roy Dilts, 26 Sep, age 58

c7        Died – Edith Pearl Carruthers, 26 Sep, age 62


Page 12

c4        Married – Dorothy Margaret Wilson to Arthur Herbert Webb, 25 Sep

c4        Married – Eileen Lucy Willis to Alexander Ross Dawson, 26 Sep

c5        Married – Margaret Wilhelmina Ottewell to Richard Durke Neale


Page 18

c5        Died – Mrs. Arden Carruthers, age 62, nee Edith Pearl Williams


28 September 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Edith McNernie, 74th year

c6        Funeral – Emerson Dawdy

c6        Funeral – Annie M. MacVicar


Page 7

c1        Died – Annie Ida Willis

c7        Born – dau of Norman Bennett, 25 Sep

c7        Born – Judith Kathleen Calder, 17 Sep

c7        Born – Richard James Collin, 24 Sep, nee Isabel Wilson

c7        Born – John Bruce Hammond, 25 Sep, nee Mary Lucille Jennings


Page 11

c3        photos of two Sparta stores with history; the John A. Eakins store now occupied by Norman H. Oille; and the Hiram Burley Smith store, now occupied by Morley Gorvett


Page 15

c4        Married – Jean Margaret Noble to Glen Campbell Brodie

c4        Married – Betty Bly to Earl Garlow

c4        Married – Norma May Meier to John Allan Misener

c4        Married – Helen Doreen Sinkey to Stanley George Welsh

c4        Married – Jean Mae White to Thomas F. Rothwell


Page 20

c5        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William A. Coulter

c8        Married – Eleanor Nan Duffield to William Charles Buckham


30 September 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Fred Ellm, age 58, nee Elsie Riley

c2        Died – George Burt


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Edith Pearl Carruthers

c5        Funeral – Roy Dilts

c8        Born – Esther Jean Frey, 28 Sep, nee Isabel Sherk

c8        Born – Thomas Robert Lammiman, 22 Sep, nee Vera L. Edwards

c8        Born – Charlotte Ann Trickett, 28 Sep, nee Eleanor Ford

c8        Died – Mrs. Albert E. Thomas, 29 Sep, nee Susanne D. Bender


Page 8

c3        Died – Thomas Pearson

c3        Died – Mrs. Albert E. Thomas, nee Susanne D. Bender


Page 10

c3        Married – Grace Hazel Satchell to John Richard Pitman, 18 Sep

c4        Married – Jean Robishaw to Maxwell B. Hatherley, 28 Sep

1 October 1946


Page 5

c3        94th birthday of Mrs. Neil Currie


Page 6

c1        60th anniversary of Jaffa Baptist Church


Page 7

c8        Born – Mary Elizabeth Richardson, 29 Sep

c8        Born – Judith Elaine Smith, 27 Sep, nee Muriel Lord

c8        Born – Susan Jean Stirling, 28 Sep

c8        Born – Susan Taylor, 28 Sep, nee Evelyn Hanson

c8        Died – Mrs. Albert E. Thomas, 29 Sep, nee Susanne D. Bender


Page 8

c7        Married – Edith Digweed to Jack Herbert Vicary, 28 Sep


2 October 1946


Page 1

c3        photo of new Imperial Leaf Tobacco Company plant in Aylmer


Page 2

c3        Married – Margaret Vourneen Day to Howard Hill, 25 Sep

c3        Married – Helen Belle Coles to Alexander H. Gray


Page 7

c1        Died – James Albert Johnston, 79

c8        Born – Ivan Roy Beer, 28 Sep

c8        Born – Brenda Jean Burgess, 28 Sep

c8        Born – Richard Broer Kloosterman, 1 Oct, nee Marie Barrett

c8        Died – James Albert Johnston, 1 Oct, 80th year


3 October 1946


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Albert E. Thomas

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Fred Ellm


Page 7

full page article & photos on new Imperial Leaf Tobacco plant opening in Aylmer


Page 8

c2        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs S. G. Pettit, 4 Oct, nee Elizabeth Jane Walker

c3        Married – Mrs. Mary Calvert to Francis Calvert, 19 Sep


Page 10

c5        Died – Samuel Sickles, age 59


Page 11

c3        Died – James Nelson Currie, 81st year, sonof John Currie & Elizabeth Trestain, husband of Minerva Augusta Porter


Page 15

c7        Born – Frances Sharon Young, 25 Sep

c7        Born – Carl Robert Crocker, 27 Sep

c7        Born – son of Lorne McEwen, 2 Oct, nee Mabel Waddell

c7        Born – James Ian Moir, 30 Sep

c7        Born – Phyllis Jean Morriss, 30 Sep


4 October 1946


Page 9

c3        Died – William Arthur Willsie, age 74, son of George Willsie & Serepta Hare; husband of Flora McMillan

c4        Died – Lewis Benjamin Precoor, son of William Precoor & Eliza Cascadden

c8        Born – Wayne Lloyd Varey, 3 Oct, nee Luella Bishop

c8        Died – Lewis Benjamin Precoor, 4 Oct, 69th year, husband of Lillian Charles

c8        Died – Samuel Sickles, 2 Oct

c8        Died – William Arthur Willsie, 3 Oct


Page 10

c6        Married – Margaret Brewer to John Edward Chapman, 27 Sep

c6        Married – Marion Collins Moore to Robert George Sears, 27 Sep


5 October 1946


Page 6

c3        Died – John J. Burns, brother of Mrs. John Salter, St. Thomas


Page 7

c2        80th birthday of William J. Lee, photo

c5        photo of redecorated interior of Holy Angel’s church, St. Thomas


Page 8

c3        60th anniversary of Sparta United Church; photo


Page 9

c4        Married – Charles Maurice O’Malley to Dorothy Hoshooley, 28 Sep

c4        Married – Mary Eileen Haggith to Alfred Melvin Webber

c4        Married – Alice Marguerite Johnstone to Ronald Robert Clark


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Annie Jean Bezanson to Thomas Dixon Erwin, 12 Oct; photo

c7        Married – John Edward Chapman to Margaret Brewer, photo

c7        Engagement – Ursula Yvonne Waite to Ernest Victor Cutter, 29 Oct

c7        Engagement – Bernadette Mary Waite to Ray Gerald Strong, 29 Oct


Page 15

c1        Married – Elizabeth Carnegie to Wilbert Schroeder

c6        Born – Joseph Richard Leroy Dicker, 24 Sep

c6        Born – Roxyanne Massecar, 4 Oct

c6        Born – dau of A. G. Flowers, 2 Oct, nee Pearl Campbell


Page 18

c1        Died – William Fulford


7 October 1946


Page 1

c3        Died – Almer Douglas McLean, age 24; photo column 8


Page 3

c2        Funeral – Samuel Sickles

c2        Funeral – Mrs. John Dixon


Page 6

c1        Died – Fred J. Brown, 87th year


Page 7

c7        Born – Carolyn Patricia Ann Moore, 4 Oct, nee Marjorie Summers

c7        Died – Fred J. Brown, 6 Oct, 87th year

c7        Died – Lawrence McCann, 5 Oct, age 68

c7        Died – Hannah Lee Stevenson, 6 Oct, age 87

c7        Died – Almer Douglas McLean, 6 Oct, age 24

c7        Died – John Gillespie, 5 Oct, 89th year


Page 8

c1        Died – Hattie West

c3        Died – Mrs. William Stevenson, age 87, nee Hannah Lee

c5        Died – Lawrence McCann, age 68


Page 16

c2        Married – Donald Frederick Cook to Helen Eileen Benn, 5 Oct, photo; article col. 4

c4        Married – Margaret Roush to Alan Brown, 30 Sep

c4        Married – Alice Elaine Myers to Clifford Cox

c4        Married – Lois Minerva Wilson to David McKay Jackson

c5        Married – Margaret Annabel White to Harry C. Lovell

c5        Married – Mary Elizabeth Mathison to William Marshall

c5        Married – Clara Mary Margaret Dunn to John Joseph Bench, 5 Oct

c5        Married – Grace Lindsay to James Flavelle

c5        Married – Margaret Hartlen to Franklin Albert Tinline


8 October 1946


Page 2

c3        60th anniversary of Shedden United Church


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. William Buck, 73rd year, dau of Reuben Tribe

c2        Died – Rev. Theordore Reginald Turner, 46th year, husband of Margaret Morton

c5        Married – Marion Edna May to Ronald Murray Vail, 5 Oct

c5        Married – Catherine Isabel Carter to Anthony Ross Conning

c5        Married – Candace Rubena Small to John E. Robinson

c5        Married – Eleanor Ilton Deming to WilliamLeslie Powell

c5        Married – Mildred Coleman to Oliver Robinson Stewart

c5        Married – Mary Eileen Haggith to Alfred Melvin Webber


Page 7

c1        Funeral – John G. Davidson

c2        Died – James Patterson, age 76

c2        Died – Mrs. John W. Garton, age 79, dau of William Main

c3        Died – Mrs. James Blanchard, nee Clara Cooper, first husband Benjamin Nash

c5        Funeral – Lawrence McCann

c5        Funeral – Lewis Benjamin Precoor

c5        Funeral – William A. Willsie

c6        Born – John Sutherland McNeil, 3 Oct

c6        Born – Brian Douglas Sim, 5 Oct, nee Grace Abbott

c6        Died – Clara Blanchard, 7 Oct

c6        Died – Mrs. William Buck, 8 Oct, 73rd year

c6        Died – Rev. Theodore Reginald Turner, 7 Oct, 46th year


Page 10

c5        Married – Katherine Rea McRuer to Dr. James Alexander McIntyre


Page 13

c7        Died – James A. Johnston, age 79, son of Duncan Johnston & Harriet Urquhart


9 October 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Elizabeth Blatchford, age 99


Page 2

c4        Died – Eleda Parsons, dau of Charles W. Parsons & Jeannette Ireland


Page 6

c3        Died – Leslie M. Moore, age 79, son of Charles Moore & Mary Ann Warren

c5        Died – Mrs. Allan Moffatt, 59th year


Page 7

c2        84th birthday of John Reynolds

c2        Died – John Gillespie Davidson, 89th year

c6        Died – Ross Gladstone, 56th year, husband of Mabel Simpson

c7        Born – Joan Dianne Hanley, 5 Oct, nee Edith Woodland

c7        64th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Walker


Page 8

c1        Died – James Wesley Oliver


Page 10

c6        Married – Eileen Beatrice Tyndall to John Smith Mortimer


Page 11

c5        Married – Joyce Winnifred Crockett to William Russel Pickard, 5 Oct

c5        Married – Lillian Ruth Kinsman to Roy Allen Calcutt, 5 Oct


Page 16

c3        53rd anniversary of Mr & Mrs Walter Squire, nee Margaret Lawrence


10 October 1946


Page 10

c4        Died – Mrs. Thomas W. McCallum, 84th year, nee Jessie McLellan

c5        Died – Frank H. Woods, age 63, husband of Catharine MacDonald

c5        Died – Charles Small, 68th year

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Edmund Steels

c6        Died – William Fowler, age 74


Page 11

c5        Died – Edwin Smuck, age 72

c5        Funeral – Almer Douglas McLean

c5        Funeral – Hannah Lee Stevenson

c5        Funeral – J. G. Davidson

c7        Born – dau of Jack Bradshaw, 9 Oct, nee Sylvia Evoy

c7        Died – Lena M. Flach, 10 Oct

c7        Died – Elizabeth Blatchford, 8 Oct, age 99

c7        Died – Jessie McLellan McCallum, 9 Oct, 84th year

c7        Died – Archie McKillop, 10 Oct

c7        Died – Charles Small, 9 Oct, 68th year


Page 12

c1        50th anniversar of Mr & Mrs William E. Beattie

c3        Married – Esther Marie Lumley to Neil Mansfield McDougall, 9 Oct

c5        Married – Phyllis Marie Hill to Robert E. Wilkins


Page 18

c2        Died – Mrs. Edgar H. Flach, nee Lena M. Brady

c3        Died – Archie McKillop, son of Neil McKillop & Mary McIntyre


11 October 1946


Page 5

c1        Married – Doris Jean Colwill to Edward E. Jones, 5 Oct

c1        Married – Catherine Joyce Weldon to Harold George Carter, 9 Oct


Page 6

c2        Died – Joseph Cornelius

c4        Funeral – Clara Blanchard


Page 7

c2        Died – Ada B. Armstrong, 72nd year

c2        Died – Mrs. H. J. Ellison Young, nee Nila Maud Fitzsimons

c6        Died – Margaret Crittenden, 10 Oct, age 85

c6        Died – Nila Maud Young, 11 Oct

c7        Born – Gwendolyn Ruth Portlock, 8 Oct

c7        Born – Susan Elizabeth Brown, 5 Oct, nee Mary Ryerse

c7        Born – son of Karl Davidson, 28 Sep

c7        Born – dau of John A. Lever, 1 Oct

c7        Born – son of Ellwood Storey, 2 Oct

c7        Born – son of Clifford Mayo, 2 Oct

c7        Born – son of Paul Potocki, 3 Oct

c7        Born – son of Murray Robinson, 3 Oct

c7        Born – son of Charles Smith, 3 Oct

c7        Born – son of Lewis Young, 2 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Jules Rigole, 2 Oct, stillborn

c7        Born – son of John DeBrock, 1 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Donald Fletcher, 26 Sep


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs. George Crittenden, age 85, nee Margaret Boyd


Page 12

c6        Married – Marjorie Isabel Stauffer to Charles Frederick Bowlby


Page 13

c5        Married – Ruth Craig to Arthur Lee Baughman, 21 Sep

c5        Married – Eleanor Ilton Deeming to William Leslie Powell, 5 Oct


Page 14

c6        Died – William Fowler, age 74


12 October 1946


Page 2

c6        53rd anniversary of Mr & Mrs Walter Squire, nee Margaret Lawrence


Page 7

c5        Born – Daniel Edward David Davis, 9 Oct, nee Jean Temple

c5        Born – Michael Ernest Marlatt, 10 Oct, nee Josephine Hurren

c5        Died – Nila Maud Young, 11 Oct

c5        Born – Mary Katherine MacFarlane, 10 Oct

c5        Born – Gary Allan & Beverly Anne Spence, 10 Oct

c5        Died – Mary Elizabeth Beales, 11 Oct, age 84

c5        Died – James Nathaniel Richardson, 11 Oct, age 2 1/2 yrs, son of James Albert


Page 8

c3        Died – James Nathaniel Richardson, age 2 1/2 yrs, son of James Albert

c3        Died – Mrs. Thomas Beales, age 84


Page 11

c2        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Melvin Oscar Woolley, nee Frances Maria Todhurst; photo of wedding and recent photo


Page 16

c2        Married – Harold George Carter to Catherine Joyce Weldon, photo

c5        Married – Charles Hogan to Betty Gilbert; photo

c7        Died – Eliza May Taylor, 79th year

c7        Engagement – Marjorie King to Ernest Hollingshead; photo


15 October 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Alfred D. Lawson, 69th year

c7        Funeral – Rev. Theodore R. Turner

c7        Funeral – Mrs. Edward Sayer


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Mrs. Thomas C. Beales

c3        Funeral – Lena Mildred Flach

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Ellison Young

c4        Funeral – Archie McKillop

c4        Funeral – Mrs. George Crittenden

c4        Funeral – James Richardson

c5        Funeral – Christopher Bancroft

c7        Born – James Robert Netherton, 10 Oct, nee Marion Robillard

c7        Born – Linda May Pressey, 13 Oct

c7        Born – Mary Katherine MacFarlane, 10 Oct

c7        Born – Gary Allan & Beverly Anne Spence, 10 Oct

c7        Born – William John Duckworth, 12 Oct, nee Dorothy Ion

c7        Born – Judith Elizabeth Patton, 12 Oct, nee Elizabeth Blackburn

c7        Born – James Alfred Darlington, 14 Oct, nee Eva March

c7        Born – dau of James McLachlan, 14 Oct, nee Frances Hayes

c7        Died – Christopher Bancroft, 12 Oct, age 83

c7        Died – Daniel Charles Dalton, 13 Oct, age 75

c7        Died – William John Lowry, 15 Oct


Page 8

c2        Died – Daniel Charles Dalton, age 75

c3        Died – Christopher Bancroft, age 83

c4        Died – John W. Lowry, age 76, husband of Elizabeth Bellwood


Page 10

c1        Married – Margaret Kish to Joseph J. Nagy

c2        Married – Phyllis Irene Good to John R. Buchan, 12 Oct

c2        Engagement – Helen Lois Graham Grant to Findlay Barnes MacLean

c4        Married – Florence Elizabeth Glover to Charles Edwin George

c4        Married – Marjorie Stauffer to Charles Frederick Bowlby

c4        Married – Marion Lavina Lightfoot to Clifford Glen Parker

c5        Married – Mrs. Pearl Sloat (nee Cooper) to Lyman L. Small, 4 Oct

c5        Married – June Thompson to Arthur Scott Baltzer

c5        Married – Jean Leone McLay to Kenneth MacKenzie (also in col. 6)

c5        Married – Beulah Elizabeth May Robbins to Harry Edward Day

c5        Married – John Arthur Olsen to Margaret Smale Seburn, 12 Oct

c5        Married – Alice Geraldine Sanford to Robert Ferriss McLean

c5        Married – Anna Leighton to Reford Allen Salmoni

c5        Married – Doreen F. Doan to Thomas H. A. Charlton

c5        Married – Lois Ann Ferguson to Arthur MacDiarmid Hueston

c6        Married – Flora Margaret Cossey to John Wilbert Levitt

c6        Married – Joyce Barbara Ritcey to Brian Desmond Mathers

c6        Married – Dorothy Cecelia Hurdle to Louis Phillipe Robichaud

Page 16

c6        Died – Lyman Brown, husband of May Nairn

c7        Died – Rachel McLellan


16 October 1946


Page 3

c3        Died – Mrs. Eli Burrows, nee Lucy Law


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Mrs. James Kelly

c3        Funeral – Elizabeth Blatchford

c3        Funeral – Jessie McCallum

c5        Died – Pauline Honsberger, 81st year

c5        Died – Henri Demunck, 49th year


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Hiram Alexander, 48th year

c1        Died – Eliza Jane Foster, 81st year, nee Forrest

c6        Born – dau of G. A. Allen, 19 Apr

c6        Born – Robert Frank Love, 12 Oct, nee Evelyn Goodman

c7        Died – William John Lowry, 15 Oct, age 76

c7        Died – Christina Turner, 15 Oct, age 67

c7        Died – Robert Farrell, 16 Oct, 89th year

c7        Died – John Grant, 14 Oct, age 74

c7        Died – Jacob C. Sanderson, 16 Oct


Page 10

c1        Funeral – John Grant

c4        Fuenral – Charles Small

c5        Died – Jacob C. Sanderson, age 76, son of Thomas Sanderson & Charlotte Bean, husband of Margaret Ann Hampton

c6        Died – Robert Farrell, age 88

c6        Died – Christina Turner, 67th year


Page 12

c1        Married – Mrs. Helen Lois Graham Grant to Findlay Barnes Maclean

c2        Married – Albert Raymond King to Betty Maxine Holborn, photo

c4        Married – Gwendoline Ethel Wilson to Edgar Lawson Rodel

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Emerson Burney, 14 Oct, nee Ellen Willer

c6        Married – Eula Mae Abbott to Lewis Orr Hunt

c6        Married – Patricia Jane Carr to Norman David Corfe

c7        Married – Marion Eilene Schram to Thomas Granger


Page 13

c5        Married – Jo Anne Marie O’Brien to Donald A. Crinklaw

c5        Married – Ruth Geraldine Sisco to Gordon Randal Birkett

c5        Married – Betty Maxine Holborn to Albert Raymond King

c6        Married – Reta Mavis Lester to Robert Henry Walton


17 October 1946


Page 6

c3        Married – Marjorie Florence McCurdy to Norman Burl Todd, 12 Oct


Page 7

c1        Died – William Newton Anglin, 43rd year

c2        Funeral – Daniel Charles Dalton

c5        Born – Frederick Maurice Gray, 15 Oct, nee Nathella Laur

c5        Born – dau of William H. Jennings, 16 Oct

c5        Born – dau of Gordon Jones, 9 Oct

c5        Born – Margaret Corrine Labadie, 9 Oct, nee Margaret Lunn

c5        Born – James Christopher McClary Scarff, 16 Oct, nee Ellen Gray

c5        Died – Jacob C. Sanderson, 16 Oct


Page 8

c1        Died – Ann Budd


Page 10

c3        Married – Gertrude Mae Graham to Donald J. McCallum, 14 Oct


Page 13

c2        Died – Cecelia Jackson


18 October 1946


Page 6

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs David Smith

c2        Died – Mrs. H. Gordon Smith, nee Addie Maud Wise

c2        Died – Mrs. Frederick William Abbott, 82nd year, nee Harriet McMillen

c5        Funeral – Sgt. John Grant


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Mrs. John Garton

c5        Funeral – James Patterson

c6        Died – Harriett Abbott, 18 Oct, 81st year

c6        Died – Addie Maud Smith, 17 Oct


Page 12

c5        Married – Dela Lorine Dodman to Harold Wallace Haines, 28 Sep

c6        Died – Lucy Burrows, nee Law


19 October 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. William Atkinson, nee Annie B. Sutton

c4        Funeral – Christina Turner

c5        Died – Lily Queen Williams, age 49


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Aneas McLean, age 85, nee Dorothy Ann Brigham

c2        Died – Geraldine Marie Lawrence, infant dau of Samuel, age 4 mos

c2        Died – Mrs. Frederick Thomas (Mary Jane) Andrews, 18 Oct

c6        Born – son of Garnet Schweitzer, 13 Oct, nee Doris King


Page 9

c3        Died – Rev. John R. Quigley

c3        Married – Velma Viola Flagg to Anthony George Kennedy, 5 Oct


Page 13

c1        Died – Sarah Monaghan

c2        Married – Lenore May Cooper to Jack Owen Jasper

c2        Married – Mildred Georgina Neiderauer to Kenneth D. Carruthers

c2        Married – Phyllis Sweetlove to Robert Thornton


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Evelyn Marie Smithrim to John D. Gortzen, photo

c6        Married – Anne Jean Bezanson to Thomas Dixon Erwin

c7        Married – Ursula Jewell to Thomas Edgar Standeven, 15 Oct

c7        Married – Harold Fuchs to Helen Pfander; photo


21 October 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Ethelbert Smith

c6        Married – Matilda Dobo to Charles Sofalvi


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs. Gordon Smith

c6        Funeral – Jacob C. Sanderson

c6        Funeral – Mary Margaret Pfaff

c7        Born – Margaret Jeanne Martin, 17 Oct, nee Jeanne Clements

c7        Born – Nancy Carol Innes, 7 Oct

c7        Born – John Paul Howarth, 18 Oct,

c7        Born – Wayne Everett Ross, 17 Oct, nee Jean Trace

c7        Born – Kirby Ellen Sherritt, 15 Oct

c7        Born – Richard Grant Vandierendonck, 11 Oct, nee Loreen Dark

c7        Born – Doreen Frances Bennett, 11 Oct

c8        Born – Patricia Anne Donner, 10 Oct


Page 9

c5        Married – Helen Eileen Sanders to George Woodrow Armitt

c5        Married – Hazel Irene Stephens to Arnold Francis Johnston, 12 Oct


22 October 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Junius Albert Stafford, 87th year


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Harriett Abbott

c4        Funeral – Geraldine Marie Lawrence, age 4 mos

c4        Funeral – Rev. Father J. R. Quigley

c7        Born – Bryan John Watt, 21 Oct

c8        Born – son of Claude Dunn, 18 Oct

c8        Born – Helen Louise Jones, 18 Oct, nee Helen Dadson

c8        Born – Bertha Joan McKnight, 10 Oct

c8        Born – son of Dr. Donald C. Ross, 22 Oct, nee Rhoda Buck

c8        Died – Terrence Joseph Brady, 22 Oct, age 82

c8        Died – Junius Albert Stafford, 22 Oct, 87th year

c8        Died – Francis Calvert, 22 Oct, 74th year


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. John Clark, 79th year

c3        Died – Terrence Joseph Brady, age 82

c4        Died – Frederick J. Strobridge, 70th year, husband of Nina Maude Thomas


Page 10

c4        Married – Mary Frances Swanson to Edward Power Sherlock

c5        Married – Doris Hannah Rockefeller to George Louis Leguee

c5        Married – Gladys May Doan to Sydney George Edwards

c5        Married – Margaret Elizabeth Vail to Thomas Sinclair Taylor

c6        Married – Helen Mary Lou Lounsbury to Rogert William Catchpole


Page 13

c7        Died – Mrs. William A. (Elsie) Taylor


23 October 1946


 Page 2

c5        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles Nelson Collison, 21 Oct


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Albert Chambers, nee Elva A. Parker

c3        Died – Mrs. James Kivell, age 66, dau of Angus Gillies


Page 7

c3        Died – Dr. William Pakenham

c7        Born – Sharon Elaine Anderson, 22 Oct, nee Marion Hill

c7        Born – Norma Jean Anderson, 17 Oct

c7        Born – Kevin Barry McLellan, 21 Oct

c7        Born – Bryan John Watt, 21 Oct

c7        Born – son of Leon Laurent, 17 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Albert Pottleberg, 10 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Rendal Todd, 11 Oct

c7        Born – son of Jack Yourberg, 12 Oct, stillborn


Page 10

c6        Married – Phyllis Irene Good to John Robert Buchan


24 October 1946


Page 2

c3        Died – Christena Ainsworth, age 86, dau of Duncan McKillop


Page 6

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs David Smith, 20 Oct, dau of Duncan McLachlin

c4        Funeral – Ellen Clark


Page 7

c1        Died – Larry Edward Claire Kabel, infant son of John

c1        Died – John Samuel Wagner, age 54

c7        Born – Linda Dianne Foster, 21 Oct, nee Gwen Flynn

c7        Born – son of Melville Beecroft, 12 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Lloyd Cummiford, 11 Oct

c7        Born – Virginia Lee Harris, 14 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Frank Homick, 17 Oct

c7        Born – son of Harold James Harris, 16 Oct

c7        Born – son of Norman Karnes, 16 oct

c7        Born – Rosalie Alice Andrews, 9 Oct, nee Margaret Clark

c7        Born – son of Wilfred Kaye, 28 Sep

c7        Born – dau of Lloyd Jackson, 4 Oct

c7        Born – dau of William Taylor, 7 Oct

c7        Born – dau of James Whitehead, 8 Oct

c7        Born – son of Andrew Riddoch, 8 Oct

c7        Born – son of George Baker, 8 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Cecil Armstrong, 3 Oct, nee Marguerite Addison

c7        Born – Harold Shane Franklin, 3 Oct

c7        Died – Nellie Ann Buchan, 24 Oct, age 61


Page 8

c2        Died – Nellie Ann Buchan, age 61, nee Neish


Page 10

c2        Married – Myrtle May Lindsay to Arthur Russell Robilliard, 18 Oct

c2        Married – Eva Jeanette Schives to Robert Rodney Quinn

c2        Married – Daurine McCallum to Jack Cook, 19 Oct


25 October 1946


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. James Baillie, age 62, nee Mabel Jane Livingstone

c6        Born – son of D. J. Hardwick, 24 Oct, nee Ruth McCulley

c6        Born – Carol Louise Hatfield, 20 Oct, nee Jennie Ramsey

c6        Born – son of Alex Morse, 25 Oct, nee Mary Dreen, stillborn

c6        Died – Mabel Jane Baillie, 25 Oct, age 62


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs. Norman Wilcox, 15 Oct, age 38, dau of George Hough

c6        Funeral – Terrence Joseph Brady


Page 11

c1        25th anniversary of Broderick Baptist Church; photos and history


Page 12

c6        Married – Elizabeth Helen Cooper to Robert William Pincombe, 23 Oct


26 October 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Christina Ainsworth


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Terrence Joseph Brady

c4        Died – Freeman Curtis Light, age 73

c6        Born – Barbara Jean Gibson, 20 Sep, nee Berniece Baldwin

c6        Born – dau of Max Firby, 24 Sep, nee Rose Carroll

c6        Born – dau of Morley Adams, 21 Oct

c6        Born – David William Erskine, 24 Oct, nee Jean Nelson

c6        Born – Lawrence James Gilmour, 24 Oct

c6        Born – Sandra Lynn Wagner, 21 Oct

c6        Died – Mabel Jane Baillie, 25 Oct, age 62

c6        Died – Freeman Curtis Light, 25 Oct


Page 16

c2        Married – Ernest Gordon Wilson to Lillian Hart, photo

c5        Married – Marion Alice Fletcher to Kenneth Norton

c5        Married – Jean Madelon Mistele to Donald Eugene Roberts

c6        Married – Ludora Genevieve Gloin to Ronald Sowler Burton


28 October 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Carl James Allen, age 48, husband of Norma Ballah

c2        Died – Jennie C. Edgerton, 23 Oct, dau of Malcolm Campbell


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Mrs. Albert Chambers

c3        Funeral – Nellie Ann Buchan

c7        Born – dau of Robinson P. Gardiner, 22 Oct, nee June Draper

c7        Born – June Marie Garraway, 22 Oct

c7        Born – Robert Geoffrey Jerrard Morgan, 24 Oct, nee Lena Fulcher

c7        Born – Daphne Marie Smith, 27 Oct, nee Margaret Marr

c7        Born – dau of Arthur Phillips, 17 Oct

c7        Born – son of Donald Swance, 19 Oct

c7        Born – son of Harry Vannatter, 18 Oct, nee Betty Staley

c7        Born – dau of John Woolley, 18 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Kenneth Weeks, 23 Oct

c7        Born – son of Gustaaf Jaumol, 21 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Louis Masters, 20 Oct

c7        Born – son of Dr. H. T. McClintock, 20 Oct

c7        Born – son of Ted Cooper, 14 Oct

c7        Died – Carl James Allen, 27 Oct

c7        Died – Edgar Horner Horton, 27 Oct, age 63

c7        Died- James Osborne, 27 Oct

c7        Died – Malcolm McIver, 27 Oct, age 66


Page 8

c3        Died – Malcolm McIver, age 66

c4        Died – Edgar Horner Horton, age 63, husband of Mary Donisa Marshall

c4        Died – Herbert Hugh (Hub) McCall


Page 10

c5        Married – Mary Monica McCaffery to Leslie George Churchill

c5        Married – Gladys Violet Wark to James Grant Shaw

c5        Married – Margaret Elizabeth McLean to Alfred Edward Love

c5        Married – Matilda Helene Burchell to James Arnold Douglas


Page 11

c1        Married – Nicki Ewart to Maurice Camden Jordan, 19 Oct

c1        Married – Mary Madeline Williams to Randolph Ross McIntyre

c1        Married – Lillian Margaret Hart to Ernest Gordon Wilson, 15 Oct

c2        Married – Betty Jean McCord to Harry Thomas Mercer


Page 16

c2        Died – Edward Allen Miller, husband of Blanche Wright

c2        Died – James Osborne

c2        Died – Mrs. Inglis Ripley, age 68, nee Lillie Eadie


29 October 1946


Page 3

c1        Died – John Chisholm, 86th year, father of Rev. J. S. Chisholm


Page 6

c2        Died – Leonard Powers, 69th year

c6        Died – Mrs. John (Charlotte) Fulton, 83rd year, dau of Robert Row


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Renzo Allen, age 44, nee Gretta Sutton

c2        Died – Mrs. James C. (Alice Louise) Duffy, , age 81

c3        Died – Mrs. (Rev.) C. P. McFarlane, age 90, nee Ada Elizabeth Lugstin

c4        Married – Edward Charles Easter to Olive Pearl Robinson, 26 Oct

c5        Died – John Schleihauf

c7        Funeral – Francis Calvert

c7        Funeral – Mabel J. Baillie

c7        Funeral – Freeman Curtis Light

c8        Born – Gary Wayne Bate, 26 Oct

c8        Born – Paul William Langley, 23 Oct, nee Shirley Kidner

c8        Born – Daniel Victor Lawrence, 25 Oct, nee Doris Barrow

c8        Born – Lloyd William Potts, 26 Oct

c8        Died – Malcolm McIver, 27 Oct, age 66

c8        Died – Alice Louise Duffy, 28 Oct, age 81

c8        Died – Leonard Powers, 29 Oct

c8        Died – Gretta Sutton Allen, 29 Oct, 44th year


Page 12

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Smith Cornell, 28 Oct


30 October 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Jeffrey Atkinson, age 2 1/2, son of Courtney; drowned


Page 7

c2        Died – Myrtle Brown, dau of Delmer Brown & Mary Pero

c2        Died – Mrs. Alexander D. McColl, age 76, nee Sarah Ann Graham

c2        Funeral – James Osborne

c2        Funeral – Lillie Ripley

c7        Born – Roger Douglas Martin, 25 Oct

c7        Born – Sue Ann Svenesen, 23 Oct, nee Jean Claypole

c7        Died – Jeffery Douglas Atkinson, 29 Oct, age 2 1/2 years

c7        Died – Mrs. Fred. T. Brown, 29 Oct, age 68, nee Mary J. Hipkins

c7        Died – Myrtle Brown, 29 Oct


Page 8

c2        Funeral – Gretta Sutton Allen

c2        Died – Mrs. Fred Brown, nee Mary J. Hipkins

c4        55th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Stonehouse

c5        Funeral – Herbert Hugh McCall


Page 10

c4        Married – Leota Marguerite Atwood to Percy Edward Scott

c4        Married – Margaret Foreman to Alex Campbell

c4        Married – Jo Anne Crawford to John Robbins

c6        Died – Sarah Ann Tye, 74th year, nee Switzer


31 October 1946


Page 2

c3        Married – Helen Eleanor Beckett to Arthur Ellwood Gibson

c6        Funeral – Malcolm McIver


Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs. Joseph (Elizabeth) White, 87th year

c4        Died – Mrs. Daniel P. Patterson, age 70, nee Margaret Gillies

c8        Died – Dr. W. B. Creighton, age 82


Page 7

c1        Died – Jean Marguerite Jelly, age 23

c5        Died – William Flemington Smith, 30 Oct, 77th year

c6        Born – dau of F. H. Medcalf, 31 Oct

c6        Born – Mary Esther Ruston, 26 Oct

c6        Born – Margaret Hope Donaldson, 29 Oct

c6        Born – Cheryl Irene Wilton, 30 Oct

c6        Born – dau of Roy Myke, 15 Oct

c6        Born – dau of John Bandur, 15 Oct

c6        Born – dau of Arthur Patterson, 17 Oct

c6        Born – dau of Gerald House, 17 Oct

c6        Born – dau of Michael Waslowski, 18 Oct

c6        Born – dau of Lloyd Cummiford, 11 Oct

c6        Born – son of Leon Laurent, 17 Oct

c6        Born – son of Keith Leighfield, 12 Oct


Page 8

c3        Died – James Andrew Carr


Page 9

c5        Died – William Flemington Smith, 77th year, son of W. F. Smith & Mary Flemington, husband of Elizabeth Dunn


Page 10

c2        Married – Lorna Jean White to Philip Joseph St. Aubin, 21 Oct

c2        Married – Jack Falkins to Marjorie Louise Smith, photo

1 November 1946


Page 3

c4        Married – Elmira Irma Chase to Joseph Edward Sikora, 24 Oct

c4        Married – Evelyn Virginia Newby to Robert Russell Holmes

c4        Married – Delphine Laemers to Jack Ward Hayward, 11 Oct

c4        Married – Mary Janetta Balch to Harold Stuart Graves, 4 Oct


Page 6

c4        Died – R. W. Armstrong, 81st year


Page 7

c3        Died – Anna Gertrude VanPatter, 88th year

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert Ross, age 71, nee Mary Elizabeth Erwin

c5        Born – William Leonard Bircham, 31 Oct

c5        Born – Sharon Mary Beecroft, 26 Oct, nee Helen Wright

c5        Born – Edward Arthur Ridley, 27 Oct, nee Marie Priddle

c5        Born – Nancy Gail Williams, 30 Oct, nee Lillian Towers

c5        Died – Anna Gertrude VanPatter, 31 Oct, 88th year

c5        Died – Elizabeth White, 31 Oct, 87th year


Page 8

c2        Died – George Clarke, age 90


Page 10

c6        Married – Frances Isobel Blackwell to Harry Douglas Graham


Page 13

c6        Died – Charles Clark, age 54, brother of Mrs. John Lather


2 November 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – James Kenneth McGregor, age 27


Page 2

c4        Funeral – Mrs. John Fulton

c4        Funeral – Lily Queen Williams

c4        Funeral – Jeffery Douglas Atkinson

c4        Funeral – Alice Duffy


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Myrtle Brown

c3        Funeral – Sarah McColl


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Mary Elizabeth Ross

c6        Born – Janet Lynne Harris, 23 Oct, nee Mollie Richardson

c6        Born – son of E. J. Marks

c6        Born – Catherine Anne Smith, 28 Oct, nee Jean Massant

c6        Died – Mary Elizabeth Ross, 1 Nov, age 71

c6        Died – James Kenneth McGregor, 1 Nov, age 27


Page 8

c3        114th anniversary of Plains (First Yarmouth) Baptist church; history and photo


Page 9

c4        Married – Nellie Joan Dieleman to Reginald Alexander Perry, 26 Oct

c4        Married – Evelyn Marie Smithrim to John D. Gortzen


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs. Hiram Cornwall, 83rd year, nee Cora Alvira Lent


Pages 12 – 15

articles and photos regarding the Monarch Knitting Company Limited in St. Thomas; 35th anniversary and modernization


Page 20

c2        Married – Charles E. George to Florence Elizabeth Glover, photo

c7        Married – Donald J. McCallum, to Gertrude Mae Graham, photo

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Millman, 28 Oct, nee Zella Maud Pfeffer; photo


4 November 1946


Page 5

c1        Died – Morley Eland MacKenzie, age 56, photo, son of George Alexander MacKenzie & Elmina McKenney, husband of Florence Barbara Edwards


Page 6

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John H. Tuff

c2        Died – Edward Davies, 89th year, husband of Nancy McLellan

c2        Funeral – Greta Sutton Allen


Page 7

c3        Died – Joseph Schnekenburger, age 95

c6        Funeral – Douglas Walker

c7        Born – Ruth Anne Campbell, 1 Nov

c7        Born – Peter Ryan Corner, 22 Oct, nee Elizabeth Zavitz

c7        Born – Joanne Carol Fuke, 2 Nov

c7        Died – Edward Davies, 4 Nov


Page 10

c2        Married – Max L. Bloye to Frances Mary Murlis, photo

c4        Married – Marion Patricia Lester to Clarence Withenshaw, 19 Oct

c4        Married – Patricia Pauline Mathers to George Gordon McLeod

c4        Married – Dorothy Marion Hutchinson to Joseph George Christmas


Page 11

c3        Married – Maxine Gertrude Parney to Lorne Luther, 26 Oct

c3        Married – Violet Mae Haggith to Leonard Henry Fiddler, 26 Oct


5 November 1946


Page 2

c8        Funeral – Mary Elizabeth Ross

c8        Funeral – Mrs. Fred T. Brown


Page 6

c1        Died – Robert Douglas Bell, 3rd year, son of Richard Oscar

c1        Died – Ray Cooper, 61st year, son of Hooper King & Elizabeth Holmes, husband of Vera Campbell

c5        Funeral – William F. Smith


Page 7

c5        Died – Mrs. William Post, dau of Speed Jackson & Mary Ann Hale

c7        Born – Catherine Ann O’Brien, 1 Nov

c7        Born – Gary Allan Small, 1 Nov, nee Barbara Hartlin

c7        Born – dau of Donald Murphy, 19 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Arthur Patterson, 17 Oct

c7        Born – son of James William Alexander, 27 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Earl Clarkson, 26 Oct

c7        Born – son of Reginald Godby, 30 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Lorne Holman, 24 Oct

c7        Born – son of Roy Harris, 26 Oct

c7        Born – son of Ted Moore, 14 Oct

c7        Born – son of Fred Skuce, 23 Oct

c7        Born – son of Donald Tilton, 30 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Joseph Wassilyn, 30 Oct

c7        Born – son of Fred Young, 23 Oct

c7        Died – Robert Douglas Bell, 5 Nov, 3rd year

c7        Died – Leonard Price Davis, 4 Nov, age 78


Page 8

c3        Edgar H. Flach retires from Flach’s Jewellery Store after 59 years, business established by his father Henry Gerard Flach in 1880

c8        Died – Leonard Price Davis, 79th year


Page 9

c7        cornerstone laid at West Lorne Baptist church, to replace old church destroyed by fire on April 1


Page 10

c6        Married – Eileen Evelyn Sutton to Gordon Winston Monteith

c6        Married – Madeline Margaret Vanwynsberghe to Andrew Leon Loncke

c6        Married – Mary Madeline Couckhuyt to Albert Charles Beselaere



c3        Died – Mrs. John Hitchcock, 79th year, nee Mary Ann Gibbons, dau of William Gibbons & Caroline Quillman

c5        Died – Mrs. John Robbins, age 81, nee Isabel Raymond

c5        Died – Mrs. Richard Drake, 29 Oct, 86th year, nee Elizabeth Ann Fay, dau of John Fay & Emma Appleton

c5        Died – Abe Miller, age 80, husband of Loda Landon


6 November 1946


Page 3

c3        Married – Alma Evalyn Webb to Charles Thomas Breaton, 17 Oct


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Carl J. Allen

c5        Funeral – Anna Gertrude VanPatter

c5        Funeral – Elizabeth White


Page 7

c4        Died – Dr. James Gillespie Drennan

c4        Died – Robert Moorehead

c8        Born – Bryan Cecil Callowell, 31 Oct, nee Gladys Jean Anderson

c8        Born – Patricia Anne Esseltine, 4 Nov

c8        Born – Allen James Price, 31 Oct, nee Dorothy Sharp

c8        Born – Robert Steven Rose, 2 Nov, nee Ferne Hendershott


Page 8

c3        Died – Everett Bechill, age 57


Page 10

c6        Married – Ursula Yvonne Waite to Ernest Victor Cutter, 29 Oct

c6        Married – Bernadette Mary Waite to Roy Gerald Strong, 29 Oct

c6        Married – Mary Yvonne Kosynski to Benny Peter VanDeMaele


7 November 1946


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Robert John Moorehead, age 64

c3        Died – Archibald C. Martin, sono f Robert Martin & Margaret McIntyre, husband of Myrtle Ferguson

c5        Born – Carl Victor McLeod, 27 Oct

c5        Died – Robert John Moorehead, 6 Nov, 64th year

c5        Died – Richard Roy McLaren, 5 Nov, husband of Mabel Gillies


Page 8

c3        Died – George Peters


Page 9

c5        Died – Richard Roy McLaren, husband of Mabel Gillies


Page 13

c3        Married – Marjorie King to Ernest Carlyle Hollingshead, 5 Nov


8 November 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Edward Davies

c6        Funeral – Mrs. Hiram Cornwall

c6        Funeral – Archie T. Wright

c6        Funeral – Leonard Price Davis

c6        Funeral – Joseph Schnekenberger


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. Bert Sheppard, age 55, nee Alice Edith Harris

c8        Born – Sharon Elizabeth Hollister, 8 Nov, nee Emily Ford

c8        Born – son of Alfred Vanseader, 1 Nov

c8        Born – Allan George Brown, 30 Oct, nee Margaret McFayden

c8        Died – Alice Edith Harris Sheppard, 7 Nov, 56th year


9 November 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Amy Nigh, dau of George

c1        Died – Willard Stanley Simpson, 57th year

c2        74th birthday of John White, 29 Oct


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Percy Hill, age 71, nee Mary Ann Abdey, dau of William Abdey & Eliza Trace

c3        Married – Marion Dorothy Vosburg to Verne Everitt McBride, 2 Nov

c5        Born – Karen Eileen Eldert, 7 Nov

c5        Died – Mary Ann Hill, 8 Nov, 72nd year


Page 12

c3        article on British and Foreign Bible Society, formed over 100 years ago in St. Thomas


Page 13

c1        Married – Hazel Georgina Watt to Ernest Albert Fairles, 6 Nov


Page 20

c2        Married – Ronald S. Burton to Ludora Gloin, 26 Oct, photo

c6        Married – C. E. Easter to Pearl Robinson, 26 Oct, photo

c7        Married – John Robert Buchan to Phyllis Nott, 12 Oct, photo

c7        Married – Jay Stough Cameron to Georgina Sinclair Styche, 5 Nov

c8        Married – Patricia Rose Wimbush to Horace Sydney Weskett, 7 Nov


11 November 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. William Pangborn, age 43, nee Grace Howard

c2        Died – Mrs. Archie Munro, age 82, nee Linda Sinclair


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Harley B. Patrick, about 33, nee Edna Norton

c3        Died – Robert Graham, age 12 weeks, son of Ralph

c3        Inquest into death of J. Kenneth McGregor

c7        Born – son of Ralph Loucks, 7 Nov

c7        Died – Leslie James Bodkin, 9 Nov, age 32, husband of Elizabeth Stark

c7        Died – Robert Charles Graham, 11 Nov, age 12 weeks

c7        Died – Jerome Miterlla, 10 Nov

c7        Died – Jane Elizabeth Roberts, 10 Nov, 56th year, nee Hilliker

c7        Died – Mrs. Archibald A. Taylor, 10 Nov, nee Thurza Easterbrook


Page 8

c1        Married – Muriel Adelaide (Bessie) Bailie to William Martin Catto, 9 Nov

c2        Married – Howard Leon Rumley to Beatrice Mary Bell, photo, article col. 5

c5        Married – Irene Sproat to Howard Frederick Bishop, 2 Nov


Page 12

c2        Died – Thurza Easterbrook Taylor, 88th year, photo

c3        Died – Jane Elizabeth Roberts, 56th year, dau of Benjamin Hilliker & Harriet Ferguson

c4        Died – Leslie James Bodkin, age 32, husband of Elizabeth Stark

c6        Died – Jerome Miterlla, age 86


12 November 1946


Page 1

c4        Died – Mrs. Frank Wells Putnam, 92nd year, nee Florence Ella Drake


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. I. D. Price, 80th year, nee Bertha Hutchinson

c3        Died – Robert William Thorne, husband of Mary Ellen Doidge


Page 7

c3        Died – Frank Wilson, age 62

c3        Died – Mrs. Edmund Laidlaw, 11 Nov, age 86, nee Alice L. Inglis, dau of John Inglis & Lavina Bentley; first husband was John McNeil

c4        80th birthday of Margaret Kearns, nee Fitzpatrick

c6        Funeral – Mary Ann Hill

c6        Funeral – Alice E. Sheppard

c7        Born – Karen Elaine Orr, 9 Nov

c7        Born – Grace Marilyn Tobey, 5 Nov, nee Helen Bailey

c7        Born – son of Sid Ricketts, 9 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Ross Davis, 31 Oct

c7        Born – son of Lawrence Ecker, 1 Nov

c7        Born – son of Lloyd Codling, 7 Nov

c7        Born – son of Raymond Hendricks, 4 Nov

c7        Born – son of Clayton Honsberger, 3 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Stanley Jacob, 1 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Donald Rogers, 5 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Robert Reid, 26 Oct, nee Marion Leask

c7        Died – Jane Elizabeth Roberts, 10 Nov, 56th year

c7        Died – Charles Edward Hind, 11 Nov, gae 64

c7        Died – Bertha Price, 11 Nov

c7        Died – Florence Ella Putnam, age 91

c7        Died – Frank Wilson, 12 Nov, 63rd year


Page 8

c2        Died – Richard Roy McLaren, 66th year

c2        Funeral – James Morval Messecar, age 37

c3        Died – Charles Edward Hind, age 64


Page 10

c6        Married – Lena Maxine Shaw to Charles Kenneth Smith

c6        Married – Clara E. Trudgen to Charles West

c6        Married – Frances Marie Pardy to Philip Johnstone Garlough

c6        Married – Mary Frances Verschelden to Lyle Clarence Mills


13 November 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Rev. John D. Stephens, age 85, former Mapleton pastor


Page 7

c1        Died -infant dau of Arthur Wilson, stillborn

c4        Died – Mrs. Charles Edgar Meadows, nee Christina Blair

c5        Funeral – Leslie James Bodkin

c5        Funeral – Jerome Miterlla

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Archie A. Taylor

c6        Born – Patricia Anne Marie Hanley, 9 Nov

c7        Died – Christina Meadows, 12 Nov, 34th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Blanche Elizabeth Morenz to Harry Edward Chapman, 9 Nov


14 November 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Russell T. Coleman

c2        Funeral – Frederick S. Scott

c2        Funeral – Jane Roberts

c2        Funeral – Amy Nigh


Page 7

c6        Born – Gloria Linda Lewis, 14 Nov, nee Margaret Swanson

c6        Died – Frederick Charles Stewart, 14 Nov, 86th year, husband of Martha Nash

c8        Born – dau of Gordon Lecourtois, 13 Nov


Page 10

c6        Died – Fred Garton, age 88


Page 14

c1        Died – Albert Doan, age 68


15 November 1946


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs. Harold Patrick

c3        Died – Ellen Delaney, dau of Patrick & Margaret Delaney


Page 7

c2        Died – Mina Monteith, 65th year

c3        Died – Arthur Burke, age 29, husband of Gladys Holler

c6        Funeral – Florence Putnam

c6        Funeral – Charles Edward Hind

c6        Funeral – Christina Meadows

c6        Funeral – Frank Wilson

c8        Born – Eleanor Elizabeth Berry, 13 Nov, nee Theda Foster

c8        Born – dau of Cyril Vanlent, 26 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Stanley Ford, 1 Nov


Page 8

c2        Died – Edward Clement, age 60

c3        61st anniversary of Mr & Mrs John H. Vannatter, 11 Nov, nee Albertha Charters


Page 13

c6        Married – Kathleen Fern Cascadden to Warden Bell

c6        Married – Maxine Gertrude Parney to Lorne Archibald Luther

c6        Married – Pearl Adelaide Adams to Hector Roy McLean


Page 14

c3        Died – Frederick Charles Stewart, age 86, husband of Martha Nash

16 November 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Milton Jackson

c4        Funeral – John W. Birdsall, age 46


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Frederick S. Scott

c2        Died – Mrs. John H. Wilson, age 87

c5        Born – son of Lorin Metcalfe, 15 Nov

c5        Died – Albert Edward Widner, 15 Nov, age 80


Page 10

c3        Died – Arthur Nathaniel Burke, age 30, husband of Gladys Holler,, photo


Page 13

c2        Married – J. E. Sikora to Elmira Chase, photo

c2        Married – Edna Irene Jones to Carman David Ludlow

c3        Married – Evelyn Marie Hutchinson to Ray E. Drury

c3        Married – Winnifred Helene Rowe to Arthur Gordon Graham, 2 Nov


Page 20

c2        Married – Dr. G. E. Grondin to Irma Irene Wood, 17 Oct, photo

c4        Married – Roy Stront to Bernadette Waite, photo

c4        Married – Ernest Cutter to Ursula Waite, photo

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles N. Giles, 12 Nov, nee Alice Elizabeth Nicholson, photo

18 November 1946


Page 5

c4        Died – Edward Dorken, age 41


Page 6

c5        Died – Mrs. George Roy, age 83, nee Mary Ellen Ewing

c5        Died – Earl Jacob Eichenberger, age 50


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Henry Rinch, age 86, nee Sarah E. Baskett

c8        Born – Carol Lynne Hague, 15 Nov, nee Lenore Whaley

c8        Died – Sarah E. Rinch, 17 Nov, age 86


Page 8

c2        Married – Howard Bishop to Irene Sproat, photo

c2        Married – Dorothy Helen Target to Basil Everatt


19 November 1946


Page 6

c5        Died – John F. Harris, 62nd year


Page 7

c3        Died – Elizabeth Mann, dau of late John & Elizabeth Mann

c3        Died – Mrs. Charlton H. Orr, age 26, nee Ruth Marie Rolland, dau of Reginald Rolland & Margaret Grant

c7        Funeral – Milton Jackson

c8        Born – Gail Patricia Hewer, 10 Nov, nee Elva Roloson

c8        Born – Patricia Jean McDowell, 12 Nov, nee Evelyn Jewell

c8        Born – son of H. Russell Smith, 18 Nov

c8        Born – Noreen Audrey Grabe, 6 Nov

c8        Died – Elizabeth Mann, 19 Nov, age 85

c8        Died – Ruth Marie Orr, 18 Nov, 27th year


Page 10

c8        Married – Marjorie Pell to Sherman Benner, 9 Nov

c8        Married – Edna Louise Little to William J. O’Reilly

c8        Married – Harry Harvey Carruthers to Lucy Edith Schott


Page 16

c3        15th anniversary of Capitol Theatre in St. Thomas; gives history


20 November 1946


Page 2

c1        Died – Andrew Beattie, 86th year, husband of Jean Laidlaw


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Morris H. Solomons


Page 7

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William King

c6        Born – Francine Louise Taylor, 16 Nov

c6        Born – Jo-Anne Helen Dakins, 18 Nov, nee Helen Tope

c6        Born – Lynn Olive Watson, 15 Nov


Page 8

c5        Died – Fred W. Gable, 73rd year


Page 10

c6        Married – Lorna Randall Jones to Frank Ross Baldwin


21 November 1946


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Sarah E. Rinch


Page 7

c2        Died – Morris H. Solomons

c3        Died – Annie Wakefield, age 68

c5        Funeral – Ruth Marie Orr

c7        Born – son of Russell H. Smith, 18 Nov

c7        Born – Michael McKendra Best, 20 Nov

c7        Born – Thomas Richard Woodford, 19 Nov

c7        Died – Annie Wakefield, 20 Nov, age 68


Page 12

c1        Died – Christina McCracken, age 79, nee MacVickar

c4        Married – Editha Hellyer to Telford Hammond


Page 13

c4        Married – Marion Isobel King to Reginald Richardson Martindale

c4        Married – Editha Hellyer to Telford Hammond

c4        Married – Eileen May Smith to Roy Franklin Johnson

c4        Married – Margaret Margetan to Andrew Vasco

c4        Married – Lucy Edith Scott to Harry Harvey Carruthers

c4        Married – Ruth Kent to Lorne Robert Grawburg

c4        Married – Donna Margaret Scott to Keith Courtis Sutton

c4        Married – Jean Schell to William Pitt, 16 Nov


22 November 1946


Page 3

c3        Died – William Harvey Stafford, 12 Nov, age 62


Page 6

c2        Died – Harriett Mary Emery

c5        Funeral – Elizabeth Mann


Page 7

c1        Died – Ralph B. Huckins, husband of Velma Neal

c1        Died – Frances Bellis, wife of Larry

c5        Died – Lillian Hicks, dau of late George & Sarah Ann Hicks

c7        Born – dau of W. W. Orchard, 20 Nov

c7        Born – John Stuart Paddon, 19 Nov

c7        Born – Barry Frank Rickwood, 20 Nov, nee Shirley Brown

c7        Died – Lillian Hicks, 22 Nov


Page 8

c3        Funeral – Nina Monteith


Page 14

c2        Married – Velma Simmons to George Wood

c2        Married – Vivian Bekal to Louis Burggraeve


Page 17

c1        Died – Archibald Steele, 84th year


23 November 1946


Page 6

c3        Died – Barry Eugene Kidder, infant son of Eugene


Page 7

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Frank Eveland, 25 Nov

c5        Died – Mrs. Lawrence W. Bellis, 38th year, nee Frances Chiverton

c6        Born – John Camron Scott, 10 Nov

c6        Died – Frances Bellis, 22 Nov, 38th year

c6        Died – Robert N. Elliott, 17 Nov, age 82

c6        Died – Lillian Hicks, 22 Nov


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. J. E. Simington, 21 Nov


Page 9

c1-4    modern 250-room hospital is proposed for St. Thomas; photo of old hospital and sketch of proposed new one


Page 11

c4        Married – Della Ethel Graves to Harold Wesley Hilliker, 11 Nov

c4        Married – Frances Scott to Clifford Glenn Bruce

c4        Married – Ruth Kent to Lorne Robert Grawburg, 16 Nov


Page 16

c2        Married – Horace Sydney Weskett to Patricia Rose Wimbush, photo

c7        Married – Richard C. Middleton to Alice Patricia Poole, photo


25 November 1946


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Annie Wakefield

c2        Died – Nettie May Carter, age 63, dau of Eliphelet Carter


Page 7

c1        Died – George Walsh, 89th year

c2        Died – Albert Edward Harris, age 76, husband of Nellie Patrick

c2        Died – Mrs. Ernest Bailey, nee Emily Kinked

c3        Funeral – John F. Harris

c3        Funeral – Mary Ellen Roy

c3        Funeral – Frederick W. Gable

c7        Born – son of A. D. Berdan, 18 Nov

c7        Born – Robert Grant Neilson, 24 Nov

c7        Born – son of Joseph Wilton, 20 Nov

c7        Born – son of Bruce Rose, 23 Nov

c7        Born – son of William Broda, 11 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Ernest Renn, 13 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Victor Robins, 15 Nov

c7        Born – son of Aloysius Noens, 14 Nov

c7        Born – Susanne Marie Beaumont, 6 Nov, nee Dolly Robinson

c7        Died – Charles Edward Cox, 24 Nov, husband of Eva Johnson

c7        Died – Emily Bailey, 24 Nov

c7        Died – Albert Edward Harris, 24 Nov

c7        Died – Margaret Ellen Moore, 24 Nov, age 85


Page 8

c1        Died – Frances Bellis, dau of William & Ellen Chiverton

c3        Died – Charles Edward Cox, husband of Eva Johnson

c4        Died – Mrs. Patrick J. Moore, age 85, nee Margaret Ellen McDonald


Page 10

c6        Married – Helen Jane Merrick to Douglas Edward Huddle

c6        Married – Emma Jane Armstrong to Melville Matthew Moggey

c6        Married – Gladys Margaret Townsend to Oscar Lee Alward

c6        Married – Norma Jean Prangley to Ernest Owen Zavitz

c6        Married – Mary Bernadette Orrange to Victor Malcolm Tait


26 November 1946


Page 6

c5        Died – Arthur N. Burke, 15 Nov, military funeral

c6        Died – James H. Macfie, 38th year

c7        Died – Mrs. Charles R. Stevenson, 86th year, nee Bertha J. Morrison

c7        Died – George Walsh Chittick, 89th year


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Ross C. Demare, 26th year, nee Margaret Lorraine Wormesley

c7        Funeral – Barry Eugene Kidder

c7        Funeral – Frances Bellis

c7        Funeral – Lillian Hicks

c7        Born – Arlene Jean Bamford, 20 Nov

c7        Born – Sharon Glee Henry, 22 Nov

c7        Died – Margaret Lorraine Demare, 26th year

c7        Died – Bertha Jane Stevenson, 24 Nov, 86th year

c7        Died – Catherine Wiener, 25 Nov

c7        Died – Emily Bailey, 24 Nov


Page 10

c5        Married – Frank Ross Baldwin to Lorna Randall Jones, photo

c7        Married – Leslie Beatrice Cleverley to Reginald Houston Farrar

c7        Married – Laura Beatrice Knight, dau of John E. Hatch, to Elmer Jacob Binkle, 16 Nov


Page 13

c6        Died – Mary Amelia Moore, age 91, dau of Thomas


27 November 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Claud Laur, age 61

c1        Died – Harriet Porter, 79th year

c6        Died – Sarah Catherine Logan, age 76, nee Belore

c6        Funeral – Charles Edward Cox

c6        Funeral – Albert Edward Harris


Page 7

c3        Died – Clara Wyse, age 60

c3        Died – Anne Frances Owen

c7        Born – dau of George Prowse, 12 Nov, nee Kathleen Whetstone

c7        Born – son of W. E. Newell, 26 Nov, nee Joan Hammond

c7        Born – Sylvia Doreen Chalk, 23 Nov

c7        Born – John David Gerrard, 26 Nov

c7        Born – Robert Wayne Harris, 24 Nov, nee Freda Rice

c7        Born – Frances Ruth Lawson, 24 Nov, nee Margaret Otton

c7        Born – Edward Horton Patterson, 24 Nov

c7        Died – Harriet Porter, 25 Nov

c7        Died – James Ferner Gough, 25 Nov

c7        Died – Catherine Wiener, 25 Nov

c7        Died – Margaret Lorraine Demare, 25 Nov, 26th year


Page 10

c5        Married – Muriel Harrison to Wilfrid George Albright

c5        Married – Edith Anne Bell to Kenneth Olson, 16 Nov

c5        Married – Ilene Georgina Johnston to George Francis Moir

c6        Married – Ruth Patterson to Leland Forest Smith, 9 Nov


Page 16

c3        Died – Willam Parsons

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Faw


28 November 1946


Page 6

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Frank Eveland, 25 Nov, nee Ida Hannon

c3        Funeral – Bertha Stevenson


Page 7

c1        Died – Nellie Jenkins, dau of John & Eliza Oliver

c3        Funeral – Emily Bailey

c3        Funeral – Catherine Wiener

c3        Died – John W. Reith, age 89, husband of Mary Brazier

c7        Born – Judith Dianne Campbell, 28 Nov

c7        Born – Michael Gerrard Connolly, 26 Nov

c7        Died – Mary Adelaide Dezeng, 28 Nov


Page 10

c3        Died – O. H. Becker, 73rd year

c3        Died – Mary Adelaide Dezeng, age 80, dau of George Powers


Page 12

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs James Lowrie, 25 Nov, nee Hannah Fewster; photo of wedding and anniversary


29 November 1946


Page 1

c5        90th birthday of William E. Nisbet, photo


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Harriet Porter


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. John H. Hendry, nee Rasberry, sister to Mrs. T. Seburn, St. Thomas

c5        Died – Luella Benedict, 71st year

c7        Born – Judith Ann Campbell, 26 Nov

c7        Born – Douglas Gordon Stapleton, 26 Nov, nee Marjorie Smith


Page 12

c5        Married – Mary Smith to Grant Robertson, 16 Nov

c5        Married – Pansy (Pat) Fern Clement to Irvine Lloyd Tracey

c6        Married – Dorothy Jean Jagoe to Peter Paul

c6        Married – Mrs. Gladys Lillian Whalley to John Robert Young, 23 Nov


30 November 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Mrs. Ross Demare


Page 7

c1        Died – Oliver H. Pettman, 77th year

c6        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Franklin, nee Lucy Van Natter

c7        Born – Shirley Joan Scheele, 28 Nov


Page 13

whole page on re-opening of Centre Street Baptist church


Page 20

c2        Married – Kenneth Olson to Edith Anne Belle, photo

2 December 1946


Page 5

c2        Married – Thelma Ruth Sherk to John E. MacKay, 23 Nov

c2        Married – Mrs. Marion Stella Sutherland, (nee Trott), to G. G. Kent, 3 Nov

c2        Married – Amelia Mary Groves to Stanley Mills, 18 Nov

c3        Married – Ruth Elinor Parish to Joseph E. McCarthry, 23 Nov

c3        Married – Carl Frederick Welker to Mrs. Gwendoline Riddell, 29 Nov

c3        Married – Rowena Agnes Clarke to Warren Harrison


Page 6

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs D. H. Buchner, 2 Dec, nee Mary Millard

c7        90th birthday of James Mabee, 21 Nov, husband of Maretta Leach


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mary A. Dezeng

c2        Died – Thomas B. McDonald, 78th year, son of James McDonald & Eleanor Ronson, husband of Elizabeth Kilburn

c6        Died – Thomas Philpott, age 90

c7        Born – son of Kenneth G. Ponsford, 30 Nov, nee Annabelle Ditchfield

c7        Born – son of J. A. Wilder, 20 Nov, nee Mary Gilmore

c7        Born – dau of Glen Young, 29 Nov

c7        Died – Thomas Philpott, 1 Dec, age 90

c7        Died – Maggie Taylor Crisp, 30 Nov, 71st year

c7        Died – Elizabeth Raymond, 1 Dec

c7        Died – Thomas Ritchie, 30 Nov, age 75


Page 8

c6        Died – Maggie E. Taylor Crisp, age 70, dau of Charles Hall


Page 10

c3        Married – Evelyn Louisa Evans to Robert Colin Crandall

c5        Married – Helen Mary Nash to Edward Alexander Smith


Page 11

c1        Died – Mrs. Colin Wigle, age 82, nee Susanna Dibb

c2        Died – Clara Smith, age 72, dau of Thomas & Mary Ellen Davis

c3        Died – Thomas Ritchie, age 75

c6        Died – Elizabeth Raymond


3 December 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs. Neil F. Campbell, nee Isabel Lyle


Page 6

c2        Died – Mary Inglis, dau of late John Inglis & Lavina Bentley

c2        Died – James Ferner Gough, 25 Nov


Page 7

c1        Died – infant son of Garnet Haskell

c2        Died – William George Prior, 74th year, son of William George Prior & Elizabeth Thomas

c4        Died – Alfred Brayford, 64th year

c7        Born – Sharon Lynne Evely, 25 Nov, nee Ruth McPhedrain

c7        Born – Guy Robert Goodwin, 30 Nov

c7        Born – son of David Bush, 21 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Lorimer Davidson, 23 Nov

c7        Born – Susan Jane Galbriath, 24 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Douglas Laycock, 21 Nov

c7        Born – son of Glen Manchester, 24 Nov

c7        Born – son of Joseph McClure, 25 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Ellis Morris, 27 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Mack Smith, 23 Nov

c7        Died – Isabel Campbell, 2 Dec, 79th year

c7        Died – William George Prior, 3 Dec


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs. David Letourneau, age 78, dau of Peter Gagnier

c4        Died – Thomas McCallum, age 82, husband of Isabel King


Page 10

c5        Married – Shirley Evelyn Russelo to Gerald William Crow, 29 Nov

c5        Married – Edith May Potts to Edwin Harold Shuter

c5        Married – Barbara Margaret Saunders to Thomas Arthur McLean

c5        Married – Margaret Eleanor Watson to Kenneth W. Meek, 30 Nov

c6        Married – Doris G. Roulston to John H. Thompson, 30 Nov


Page 11

c1        Died – Thomas J. Hunter


4 December 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Earl P. Welter, age 60, son of Partial Welter & Jeanette Maude Tufford

c5        Died – Mrs. S. R. Wilson, 74th year, nee Celestia O’Neil


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs. Neil F. Campbell

c3        Died – Sydney Munnings Johnson, age 76, father of Horace, Straffordville

c3        Funeral – Maggie Taylor Crisp

c3        Funeral – Thomas Ritchie

c6        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Starkey, 2 Dec

c6        Born – William Douglas Ostranader, 30 Nov

c6        Born – Stephen Adler, 21 Nov

c6        Born – dau of Gordon Brackenbury, 30 Nov

c6        Born – Sandra Anne McCarthy, 30 Nov

c6        Died – Earl P. Welter, 3 Dec, age 60


Page 8

c1        Died – Mary Trueman, 84th year


Page 10

c2        Married – William M. Catto to Bessie Bailie, photo

c6        Married – Helen Hillner to Lloyd Chivers, 27 Nov


Page 11

c4        Died – Mrs. William Fox, 84th year

c4        Died – Charles P. Kipp, age 71, son of Hiram Kipp & Anna Palmer


5 December 1946


Page 6

c4        Died – Edward Law, 88th year


Page 7

c3        Died – Joseph Charles Lang, age 77

c4        Funeral – Thomas Philpot

c4        Funeral – Elizabeth Raymond

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Neil F. Campbell

c5        Born – John William Denney, 2 Dec

c5        Born – John William Lippold, 2 Dec

c5        Born – David John Waddle, 29 Nov

c5        Died – Mrs.Joseph E. Bennett, 6 Dec, 45th year, nee Adeline Elizabeth Goldsmith

c5        Died – Joseph Charles Lang, 4 Dec, age 77


Page 9

c3        Married – Wilma Juanita Bye to William Martyn Clarke, 30 Nov


Page 10

c1        Died – Diana Louise Killby, age 3 mos, dau of W. G.

c4        Died – Mrs. Joseph E. (Adeline) Bennett

c4        Died – George Wright, age 93, son of Robert Wright & Mary Ann Welch


Page 15

c2        Died – Mrs. Fred Deshaw, age 62, nee Mary Jane Gerber

c4        Died – Richard B. Griffith, father of Mrs. T. Allen Sweet


6 December 1946


Page 1

c4        Died – Thomas Albert Clarke (photo page 8, col. 3)


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs. Kenneth Macpherson, age 47, nee Kathleen Gilbert

c3        Funeral – Nancy Inglis

c3        Funeral – William George Prior


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Thomas Berry, nee Pearl Iva Caughell, dau of William Caughell & Lidia Arnold

c4        Died – Harry Bentley, 80th year

c6        Born – Marilyn Clarine Gagen, 3 Dec, nee Lyla Parker

c6        Born – dau of J. H. Knill, 3 Dec

c6        Born – dau of Gordon Brackenbury, 30 Nov

c6        Born – dau of Fred Cowan, 4 Dec

c6        Born – Teddy Eitel, 30 Nov

c6        Born – dau of Robert Ferguson, 4 Dec

c6        Born – Sandra Lynn Franklin, 23 Nov, nee Cecelia Brouett

c6        Died – Kathleen Macpherson, 4 Dec, age 47

c6        Died – Thomas Albert Clarke, 6 Dec,a ge 71

c7        Died – Pearl Iva Berry, 6 Dec


Page 11

c6        Died – Mrs. Victor Schweitzer, age 26, dau of M. Bishop


Page 12

c2        Married – Robert Colin Crandall to Evelyn Louisa Evans, photo


7 December 1946


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Joseph E. Bennett

c5        Funeral – Melbourne E. Coughlan


Page 7

c3        Died – David McEachren, 80th year, brother of Mrs. D. S. McDonald

c3        Died – Henry Schade, 75th year

c3        Funeral – Thomas Albert Clarke

c6        Born – dau of Walter Armstrong, 5 Dec

c6        Born – Marie Elaine Burgar, 5 Dec, nee Norah Leckie

c6        Born – dau of Robert T. Ferguson, 4 Dec

c6        Born – dau of Allan Mussell, 22 Nov

c6        Born – son of H. Shelly, 24 Nov, nee Ada Smith

c6        Born – dau of Edgar Welch, 3 Dec

c6        Born – son of Walter Fraser, 1 Dec

c6        Born – dau of Jack Helsdon, 4 Dec


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Joseph Gray, age 60, nee Mary Havens

c3        Died – John Messerschmid, age 86


Page 13

c4        Married – Margaret Mary Stone to James A. Coughlin

c4        Married – Helen Caroline Hawes to Joseph Victor Altamore, 3 Dec

c4        Married – Edna Cecilia Collard to Leslie William Lunn


Page 20

c2        Married – Leslie William Lunn to Edna Cecilia Collard, photo


9 December 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Herbert G. Hoshal, 7 Dec, 61st year, dau of Joseph Ryckman

c1        Died – Mrs. Joseph Gray, age 60, nee Mary Havens


Page 7

c2        Died – John Fleming, age 59

c5        Funeral – Joseph Charles Lang

c5        Funeral – Kathleen Macpherson

c6        Born – dau of Kenneth Doan, 7 Dec

c6        Born – dau of W. G. Whiteside, 6 Dec

c6        Born – Sharon Louise Racher, 7 Dec

c6        Born – Margaret Beth Matthews, 6 Dec, nee Beatrice Jenkins

c6        Born – Daniel William Blake Crawford, 3 Dec

c6        Born – Wallace Keith Smith, 7 Dec

c6        Born – Barbara Lynn Sealey, 4 Dec

c6        Born – George Neil Sanderson, 7 Dec, nee Rachel Little

c6        Born – Wanda Clarine Marilyne Gagen, 3 Dec, nee Lila Parkins

c6        Died – John Fleming, 8 Dec, age 59


Page 10

c5        Married – Meryl Isabel Wilson to Alfred Campbell, 4 Dec

c5        Married – Yvonne Louise Ludwig to Glen Ross Cooper

c5        Married – Margaret Jean McKenzie to Duncan Clarence Stewart


Page 13

c4        Died – George Haslam, age 74, husband of Hattie Legg


10 December 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Harry Bentley

c2        Funeral – Earl P. Welter

c3        Funeral – Clara Smith

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Thomas M. Berry

c4        Funeral – Thomas Albert Clarke


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Minnie Jane Flannigan, 67th year

c6        Born – dau of John Sura, 9 Dec


Page 8

c1        Died – John Smith, father of John Smith, St. Thomas


11 December 1946


Page 6

c6        Died – Mrs. Walter Quantrall, age 40, nee Adelaide Collins, dau of Samuel J. Collins & Jennie E. Thompson


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs. B. F. Cascadden, nee Minnie A. Silcox

c7        Born – dau of Dr. W. J. M. Cameron, 7 Dec, nee Beatrice Moore

c7        Born – twin daus of G. M. Freeland, 10 Dec

c7        Born – Allan Harold Mellor, 30 Nov

c7        Born – son of George Wright, 3 Dec

c7        Born – son of Gordon Johnson, 4 Dec

c7        Born – son of William Hunter, 4 Dec

c7        Born – dau of William Post, 5 Dec

c7        Born – son of Ralph Boughner, 6 Dec

c7        Born – Ronald Wayne Dennis, 28 Nov

c7        Died – Mrs. George Weaver, 10 Dec, nee Martha Ellen Dale


Page 8

c2        Died – Carol Morin, infant dau of William

c4        Died – Mrs. George Weaver, age 86, nee Martha Ellen Dale


Page 10

c4        Married – Max Eugene Carter to Vivian Corrin, 7 Dec, photo, article c6


12 December 1946


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Celestia Wilson

c6        Died – William Francis Lovell, age 54, husband of Helen May Hadlow


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. Thomas Bird, nee Lillian Spencer

c3        Funeral – John Fleming

c6        Died – Minnie A. Cascadden, 11 Dec, nee Silcox


Page 12

c2        Died – William Young, 89th year, father of Patricia Collins, Almer


Page 14

c4        Married – Marjorie W. Ingram to John M. Hale, 7 Dec


13 December 1946


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Herbert G. Hoshal

c4        Funeral – Martin Hall


Page 7

c2        Died – Maurice Leonard Sims, 12 Dec

c7        Born – dau of R. R. Matthews, 11 Dec, nee Marjorie Kaufman

c8        Born – son of Harry Graham, 12 Dec, nee Marjory Hookwith

c8        Born – John William Titchner, 13 Dec, nee Yvonne Stewart

c8        Born – Barbara Anne Noble, 12 Dec, nee Doris Bond

c8        Born – Douglas Irvine Speirs, 12 Dec, nee Lillian Irene Meyers

c8        Died – Ida Elmina Sutton, 11 Dec, age 57


Page 8

c5        Died – Ida Elmina Sutton, age 57, dau of late Emery & Matilda


Page 13

c4        Married – Marion Kathleen Micks to Jack Edwin Merritt, 7 Dec


Page 20

full page age re opening of Ashton’s Automatic Heating & Refrigeration store in St. Thomas


14 December 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Minnie A. Cascadden


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Martha Dale Weaver

c7        Born – son of George A. MacCormack, 14 Dec, nee June Davies, stillborn


Page 10

c1        Died – father of Harold Stuart, Talbotville

c3        Married – Helen Mary Todd to Joseph J. Kirby, 7 Dec


Page 17

c2        Died – Mrs. Henry Walker, age 75, nee Amelia Hall

c2        Died – Mrs. Rolland Blake, age 84, nee Jane Gilbert


Page 20

c2        Married – John Joseph Kirby to Helen Mary Todd, 7 Dec, photo

c5        Engagement – Mildred Tymo to Alec B. McAteer, photo

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs George McNea, 23 Dec, nee Amelia Down, photo


16 December 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Fred W. Bodkin, 76th year, husband of Alice E. Kerr


Page 7

c1        Died – Mary Stockman, 13 Dec, 86thyear

c3        Died – Orville Fleming, husband of Henrietta Ann Shelly

c6        Born – dau of J. H. Wyman, 16 Dec, nee Kathleen McKeown

c6        Born – dau of Arch Humphries, 14 Dec

c6        Born – Janice Carol Bingeman, 14 Dec, nee Ruth Shipp

c6        Born – dau of Robert W. Richardson, 14 Dec, nee Jean Maloney

c6        Born – Shirley Anne Smith, 14 Dec, nee Shirley Austin

c6        Died – Fred W. Bodkin, 14 Dec

c6        Died – Ida Rorke Millman, 14 Dec, age 75

c6        Died – Orville Fleming, husband of Henrietta Ann Shelley


Page 8

c5        Died – Mrs. Isaac Millman, age 75, nee Ida Rorke, dau of Michael Rorke & Lavina Hepburn


Page 10

c4        Married – Anneli Beatrix vanDijk to John Seiger Whyte


17 December 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Dan Patterson, age 89, husband of Martha Elley

c2        Funeral – Elaine Dawn More, infant dau of Alin


Page 7

c7        Born – son of William S. Dick, 12 Dec, nee Helen Moore

c7        Born – Sean Murray Bourne, 14 Dec, nee Mary Murray

c7        Died – Mary McArthur, 16 Dec, age 83

c7        Died – Adelene Baird Carrie Booth, 16 Dec

c7        Died – Ora May Finlay, 16 Dec


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. William K. Booth, nee Adelene Baird Carrie

c3        Died – Mary McArthur, 84th year


Page 9

c4        Died – Mrs. Charles Finlay, nee Ora May Glover, dau of Samuel Glover & Catherine Ordish

c5        Died – W. D’Arcey Caskey, husband of Isabelle Skelding


Page 10

c4        Married – Isabelle Elizabeth Reaume to Hugh Pierce Cronk, 7 Dec


Page 11

c2        Died – Robert S. Lashbrook, age 72, husband of Bertha McCullough


Page 13

c8        Died – David Walker, 75th year


18 December 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Charles Melvin Crandall,a ge 82


Page 7

c5        Died – Alec Laing, age 76, father of Mrs. William Boyle

c7        Born – Stephen William Turner, 16 Dec, nee Phyllis Blunt


 issue of Thursday, 19 December 1946 missing


20 December 1946


Page 6

c3        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Donald Hyndman, 21 Dec, photo, son of Neil Hyndman & Mary Wilkinson; she was formerly Eliza Stalker, dau of James Stalker & Catharine McEachren

c6        Funeral – Fred W. Bodkin

c6        Funeral – Mrs. Henry Walker


Page 7

c5        Died – Roy Kenneth Groves, age 26

c6        Died – Orlando James Beal, age 61

c8        Born – Mary Louise Bill, 20 Dec, nee Nelena Sherk

c8        Born – Robert Joseph Fairs, 18 Dec

c8        Died – Orlando James Beal, 20 Dec, age 61


21 December 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – George Percival Armstrong

c4        Died – Carl Kennedy, age 59


Page 7

c1        Died – John Cochrane, 88th year

c1        Funeral – Roy Kenneth Groves

c2        Died – Mary Frederickson, 16 Dec

c4        Born – son of Jack Mitchell, 16 Dec

c4        Born – Janice Patrice Zaleski, 16 Dec

c4        Born – Sharon Elizabeth Streith, 20 Dec, nee Georgina Caldwell

c4        Died – Roy Kenneth Groves, 20 Dec, age 26


Page 9

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Batzold, photo

c5        Died – Rev. David Inglis Ellison, age 74


Page 10

c1        Died – Caroline Gardner, age 96

c1        Died – Mary K. Tambling, age 71

c4        Funeral – Mary McArthur


Page 13

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs. Fred Wise, 24 Dec, photo

c3        Married – Helen Violet Brown to Samuel A. Burgess, 14 Dec


Page 20

c2        Married – John Harrison Thompson to dau of Rev. E. J. Roulston

c6        Engagement – Francis B. Sinclair to John Howard Turnbull, 28 Dec


23 December 1946


Page 1

c3        Died – Donna Jean Robertson, age 9, and her grandfather, James Brooks, age 86 in car accident; photo of Donna on page 10, col. 5


Page 7

c5        Died – Donna Jean Robertson, 21 Dec, age 9

c5        Died – James Brooks, 21 Dec, age 86

c5        Died – Florence Evelyn Mann, 21 Dec, age 72

c5        Died – Herbert Albert Clark, 23 Dec, age 59

c5        Died – Ella M. Hambleton, 22 Dec

c5        Died – Richard Partridge, 22 Dec, husband of Othetto Axford

c6        Born – son of Jack Branton, 19 Dec

c6        Born – Brian Allan Wilkinson, 18 Dec


Page 8

c2        Died – Richard Partridge, age 56, husband of Othetto Axford

c2        Died – Florence Evelyn Mann, age 72, dau of Arthur W. Mann & Janet Rapelje

c4        Died – Herbert Albert Clark, age 59

c4        Died – Mrs. Herman Hambleton, age 61, nee Ella Small, dau of Nathan Small & Louiza Badgley


Page 10

c2        Married – Earle William Bell to Florence Beatrice Norton, photo, article col. 4


24 December 1946


Page 1

c4        50th anniversary of Sutherland Press Limited & St. Thomas Box Company, photo of F. W. Sutherland


Page 6

c4        Died – William Black, age 74


Page 7

c3        Died – George Britnell, 76th year, father of Mrs. Wallace Cummins

c3        Died – Laura K. Scarff, 21 Dec

c4        Funeral – Orlando James Beal

c4        Funeral – Roy Kenneth Groves

c5        Born – Janyce Madeline Doan, 20 Dec

c5        Died – Herbert Albert Clark, 23 Dec, age 59


Page 12

c1        Married – Barbara Howe to Marshall Stewart

c4        Married – Helen Vivian Tait to Douglas A. Morrison

26 December 1946


Page 1

c5        Died – William Little Agnew, photo


Page 3

c3        Died – George Cottrell, 67th year, husband of Myrtle Finn, father of Fern Moule


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Giles Martin

c2        Funeral – Ella Hambleton

c3        Funeral – Florence Evelyn Mann


Page 7

c7        Born – Robert Alexander Tully, 24 Dec, nee Gwenn Smith

c7        Born – Lorne Robert Cloes, 23 Dec, nee Ruth Lacey

c7        Born – son of Arthur Decaleuve, 17 Dec

c7        Born – son of Bert Hill, 14 Dec

c7        Born – dau of Cornelius Kennedy, 14 Dec

c7        Born – dau of Jack Pearson, 17 Dec

c7        Born – dau of Ross Sanderson, 13 Dec; died 14 Dec

c7        Born – dau of Robert Scott, 15 Dec

c7        Born – son of John K. Steen, 16 Dec

c7        Born – dau of Aquilla Shepherd, 17 Dec

c7        Died – William Little Agnew, 25 Dec, husband of Winifred Dingman


Page 8

c5        Married – Edna Violet Laur to Jerry Burton Fick, 14 Dec

c5        Married – Mrs. Annie Armstrong to Robert D. Allen, 21 Dec

c5        Married – Mary Jane Gibbs to John Bibb [or Gibb – both given]


27 December 1946


Page 6

c2        59th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Emil F. Tietz, nee dau of Job Hyde

c6        90th birthday of Frank J. Williams, husband of Martha Ann Harries

c7        Died – William E. McKenny, 25 Dec, age 85, husband of Edith Rice

c8        Died – Mrs. John Wilton Maguire, age 92, nee Laura Martin


Page 7

c3        Died – Albert English, son of James English & Mary Allan Hall, husband of Emma Bell

c4        Died – Jane Orr Wright, dau of George Jones & Mary Williams

c6        Funeral – James Brooks & Donna Jean Robertson

c6        Funeral – Herbert A. Clark

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Westren, 31 Dec

c8        Born – Patricia Anne Blackwell, 20 Dec, nee Norma Mann


Page 10

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Henry Gallagher, 29 Dec, nee Julia Julien, photo

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Norman Hyatt


Page 13

c6        Died – Azariah Vaughan, 25 Dec, 78th year, husband of Mame Matthews


28 December 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Dr. George H. Jackson, age 76


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Frank Williams, age 58, dau of Charles & Emma Cook

c2        54th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Neil Ryckman

c2        Died – Mrs. Leslie Taylor

c5        Died – Mary Angeline Frankfurth, age 76, dau of John Henry Watson & Christine Lutman

c6        Died – William Bramwell Smith, husband of Euretta Jane Johnson


Page 7

c7        Died – Arthur Temple, 27 Dec, husband of Susan Carr

c8        Died – Charles King Geary, 27 Dec, age 75

c8        Died – Dr. George H. Jackson, 28 Dec

c8        Died – Alice Williams, 28 Dec


Page 8

c3        Died – Dr. Charles King Geary, 75th eyar

c3        Died – Jane I. Husson, 90th year, dau of Alex & Mary Irwin, mother of Mrs. Charles H. (Anna) Ritchie, St. Thomas

c3        Died – Arthur Temple, age 79, son of Oliver Temple & Hannah Eveland, husband of Susan Carr


Page 11

c2        Married – Barbara Fellowes to Richard M. Ross


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Anna Irene Butler to Ramon E. Boykowich, 15 Jan 1947


30 December 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Frank Stafford, age 77, dau of Joseph Lloyd

c2        Died – Mrs. Leslie (Eva) Taylor

c2        Died – Albert English, age 73

c2        Died – Neil L. Campbell, age 53


Page 7

c2        Died – Annie McIntyre, dau of late Angus & Annie McIntyre

c3        Funeral – William Little Agnew

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs H. E. Stansell, 30 Dec, nee Sarah jane Brown, photo

c7        Born – Donald Clemons Faulker & Donna Randall Faulkner, 24 Dec

c7        Born – Winnifred Jane Gilmore, 17 Dec, nee Winnifred Knight

c7        Born – Leonard Douglas Jones, 21 Dec

c7        Born – Donald Edward Moore, 25 Dec, nee Frances Fredin

c7        Died – Mrs. Frank Stafford, 29 Dec, age 77

c7        Died – Annie McIntyre, 30 Dec


Page 8

c1        Died – Ada McPherson

c1        Funeral – Dr. George H.Jackson

c1        Died – Zoe Gignac, age 80, sister of Mrs. J. McDonald, St. Thomas

c3        Died – Mrs. Joseph Coffey, , nee Edith Oldrieve


Page 10

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Henry Gallagher

c5        Married – Margaret Jean McKillop to William Winchelsea McDonald

c5        Married – Audre Pearce to J. Lloyd Cuthbert

c5        Married – Irene McLennan to Archibald Morrison, 26 Dec

c5        Married – Lois Irene Bouck to Fred B. Fallis

c5        Married – Marion Isobel Wass to Ernrest (Bill) Row


Page 13

c1        Died – Elizabeth J. Stevenson, 93rd year

c6        Died – Robert Preston, age 78


31 December 1946


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Neil L. Campbell


Page 7

c1        Died – Eliza Jane Buck, widow of Joseph, 87th year

c1        Died – Mary R. Brown, widow of Edward, 86th year

c1        Died – Rev. James Arthur Tancock

c7        Funeral – Dr. Charles Geary

c7        Born – son of Harry Stirling, 30 Dec

c7        Died – Neil L. Campbell, 30 Dec, age 53

c7        Died – Annie McIntyre, 30 Dec


Page 8

c6         35th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Stewart Franklin


Page 10

c5        Married – Vera Jean Bolt to James Clayton Earhart, 28 Dec

c5        Married – Carol Elizabeth Teal to J. Gordon Johnson