STTJ 1937 May-Jun

St. Thomas Times Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

May and June 1937

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C2          Photo – Coronation attendees: Sgt Major Ellis, Sgt Padgett, Sgt Neal

Page 6

C6          Funeral – Angus Turner, Friday, buried McArthur cemetery

Page 9

C4          Marriage – 28 April, Edna Lilian Margaret Land, daughter of Mr & Mrs Percy L Land, to William Robert Bate, son of Mr & Mrs Morley M Bate

               Marriage – 20 April Duart, Kathleen Vance to Nelson M McLachlin

C6          Birthday – photo – Mrs C E Fillmore, 80 years, 27 April

               Died – Friday Simcoe, Mrs Guy Marston, 59th year, daughter of George W Lea & Alice Bottomley

               Died – Friday London, Mrs Marjorie Miller, wife of Frank, nee McDowell, buried Mt Pleasant cemetery

Page 13

C1          Died – Glencoe, Miss Mary Graham, 81 years, buried Oakland cemetery

C3          Died – Miss Annie Orchard, died Thursday Strathroy, 71st year, daughter of George Orchard & Mary Scoon

C4          Died – Mrs Martha Wiltsie, died Saturday Hagersville, lived Springfield, nee Nesbitt, 85th year, buried Springfield cemetery

C7          Died – Saturday, George Mogg, 56 years 4 months, buried Gillies cemetery

Page 14

C4          Shower – Doreen Dowler & Harry Dawson

C5          Engagement – Doris May James to Frank Nowell Allcorn, 22 May

               Engagement – Beatrice Viola Carr, daughter of Mr & Mrs George M Carr, to Marwood Eugene Robbins, son of Mrs & late George Robbins

               Marriage – Mrs Grace A Miller, nee Jones, to Gordon R Edwards, 24 April Toronto

C6          Engagement – Frances King Cowan, granddaughter of Canon Downie, to Dr Gilbert Norman Tucker, June in Vancouver

               Marriage – photo – Edna Land to William R Bate

Page 15

C1          Died – Charles Marshall, funeral on 3 May London

C2          Marriage – Nellie M Leevers to Charles Elliott Lloyd, son of Alderman & Mrs C D Lloyd, 20 April in Winnipeg

C8          Born – Gurr, 21 April, daughter of Stanley

               Born – Letherby, 27 April, son of Clare, {nee Helen Cutting}

               Born – Gradish, 26 April, son of Steve

               Born – Rigby, 23 April, son of P

               Born – VanDamme, 24 April daughter of Alois

               Died – Morriss, died 30 April, Albert, buried Fingal cemetery

Page 18

C1          Died – Neil McLachlin, died Wednesday Detroit

C3          Died – John S Borden, died Friday London

C4          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William P Wilson, 50th, married 4 May 1887 at Coldstream, nee Caroline Marsh, granddaughter of Cynthia Scott


3 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 5

C1          Died – Mrs Warren Doan, wife of Dr Doan, died Sunday, 61 years, nee Facey

C2          Died – Miss Elizabeth Greenway, died Saturday Strathroy, 72nd year

C3          Died – Charles Marshall, died Saturday

C6          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W P Willson, 50th

               Funeral – Mrs Ellen Sutherland, widow of George, nee Tull, 83rd year, buried Mt Brydges

C7          Died – Brigden, Mrs Frances Ward, 74 years, buried Dresden cemetery

Page 6

C1          Died – John W VanSlyke, 86th year, funeral on 3 May, buried Aylmer cemetery

C4          Article – Theodore Choras

C6          Funeral – Miss Julia McIntyre, Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – William Merlin Parrack, Saturday, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Funeral – Edward Pearce, Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Martha Wiltsie, Saturday, buried Springfield cemetery

Page 7

C2          Died – Archibald Paul, died Monday, 69 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          In Memoriam – Parkins, Mrs Myrtle Jean, died 3 May 1935 (daughter of Mrs R Love)

Page 8

C2          Engagement – Velma Marguerite Watson, daughter of Mr & Mrs M Watson, to Clarence A Gillson, son of J A Gillson

C4          Marriage – Albert Garrod to Mrs Clara Harriman

Page 14

C4          Article – W S Dingman, L H Dingman, Charles Dingman


4 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 6

C1          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Carr, 7 May, 50th

               Funeral – Joseph Dent, Saturday, buried Mayhew cemetery

C2          Died – Mrs Mary Jane Perry, died Monday Strathroy, wife of Malcolm, 54th year

               Died – Locke Chu, died Monday Chatham

Page 7

C1          Died – J Maynard, died West Croyden, England

               Died – Mr H Cook, died Bournemouth, England

C7          Funeral – Albert Morriss, Monday, buried Fingal cemetery

C8          Born – Johnson, 29 April, Ralph LaVern, son of Ralph, {nee Leah Bogart}

               Died – Paul, died 3 May, Archibald, 69 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               In Memoriam – Masterman, Orlin W, died 4 May 1935

Page 11

C1          Died – Donald Currie, died Monday, 81 years 6 days, buried Simpson cemetery

C2          Died – Neil McLachlin, died 28 April Detroit, 60 years, buried Detroit

               Died – Mrs Haining, born 1869, died Sunday Detroit

               Birthday – Mrs Rebecca Cobban, 91st year on 30 April

C3          Died – Mrs Grace May Evans, nee Bennett, wife of Charles, granddaughter of Mrs James Johnson, died 1 May Port Rowan, buried Newkirk cemetery

C4          Died – Mrs Mary M Gilligan, widow of William, died London

C7          Funeral – Edward George Mogg, Monday, buried Gillies cemetery

Page 14

C3          Article – flood of 1883 recalled by John Lacey


5 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 6

C1          Died – William James Harold Stapleton, died London

C2          Died – Mrs Frank Stacey, died Ingersoll, 52nd year

Page 10

C3          Died – Mrs Anna Jean Cayton, wife of John W, died Wednesday, 60 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Mrs James E Price, 71st year, died Stratford

               Funeral – Mrs Ceretha Campbell, Monday, widow of Angus D, 74 years

               Funeral – Donald B Ferguson, 77 years, died Mosa Twp, buried Alvinston cemetery

C7          Died – Frederick Smith, died London, 71 years

Page 11

C3          Died – Mrs Lena Bennett, wife of John L, died Monday Calgary, nee Thompson, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          Born – Messecar, 30 April, daughter of C W

               Born – Simpson, 28 April, son of Fred

               Born – Wilson, 29 April, daughter of John

               Born – Winters, 1 May, daughter of Earl

               Died – Cayton, died 5 May, Mrs Anna Jean, wife of John W, 60 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Lousch, died 3 May, Mrs Eliza Jane, widow of Jacob, nee Nickerson, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – McBride, died 5 May, John D, 53rd year, buried Cowal cemetery

Page 12

C2          Engagement – Velma C Hunt to Clare A Parsons

C4          Marriage – Sam Gilchrist, son of Mrs M & late T Gilchrist, to Margaret “Peggy” Robertson, daughter of Mr & Mrs A Robertson, 19 Sept 1936 London

               Marriage – Jeanette Clusian, daughter of A & late Mrs Olivia Clusian, to Morley M Lindsay, at London

Page 14

C1          Died – John R Johnson, 68 years, died Chatham, husband of Cora Daley

C6          Funeral – Mrs Sara Rowe, Saturday 1 May, buried Christ Church cemetery, Glanworth

Page 18

C1          Died – Mrs A B Gibson, died 2 May La Jolla, California, nee Isabella Gregory


6 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 1

C3          Article – J Kenneth Galbraith, scholarship award – photo

C7          Died – Jack Edward Mathews, died 6 May, cont’d p11 c4

C8          Died – John Lemuel Lanning, died Thursday, photo p18

Page 3

C7          Died – Alexander Brodie, died Wednesday Chatham, 68 years, husband of Carrie Cadogan

Page 10

C2          Died – Morgan VanLoon, died Hamilton, 62nd year, buried Hartford cemetery

C3          Funeral – Frank McConnell, buried Lakeview cemetery, lived New York

               Funeral – Donald Currie, Wednesday, buried Simpson cemetery

               Funeral – Margaret Ethyl Lalonde King, wife of Alex, died Orford Twp, 42 years, buried Duart cemetery

C4          Died – Mrs Mary Jane Green, wife of William, died Wednesday, 73rd year, nee Shreeve, buried Richmond West cemetery

C5          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W P Wilson, 50th

               Died – Mrs Cecyle Lauretta Gorvett, 48 years, wife of Harley, born 1889, nee Matthews, buried Sparta cemetery

Page 11

C2          Funeral – John C Lyons, Monday Detroit, 54 years, buried Holy Sepulchre cemetery

               Funeral – Archibald Paul, Wednesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C4          Died – Jack Matthews, born 1918, grandson of W H Fletcher

C7          Died – Gorvett, died 6 May, Mrs Cecyle Lauretta, wife of Harley, 48th year, buried Sparta cemetery

               Died – Lanning, died 6 May, John Lemuel, 92nd year, buried Plains Baptist cemetery

               Died – McFarlane, died 5 May, Mrs Agnes, nee Poole, 80th year, buried Fairview cemetery

C8          Died – Cayton, died 5 May, Mrs Anna Jean, wife of John W, 60 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Bennett, died 3 May Calgary, Mrs Lena, wife of John L, nee Thompson, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Ayearst, died 5 May, Arthur James, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               In Memoriam – White, Marion, died 6 May 1934

Page 14

C2          Died – Mrs George Hulme, 33 years, died Wallaceburg, nee Beatrice Helen McNally

C4          Died – Mrs S Haining, died 2 May Detroit, 67 years, buried Gosnell cemetery

C5          Died – Eph Bennett, died Vancouver

               Died – Mrs Elizabeth McClure Willoughby, 87 years, widow of W G

C6          Shower – Clarence Brown & Annie Williams

               Funeral – Mrs Alex King, Monday, buried Duart cemetery

Page 18

C3          Died – John Lemuel Lanning, died Thursday, 91 years on 4 May, born 1846, widower of Sarah Wood, buried Plains cemetery

C4          Photo – Arthur James Ayearst, died Wednesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery


7 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 6

C5          Birthday – Mrs Anna Fortner, 84th, 4 May

C6          Died – Mrs Agnes McFarlane, died Wednesday, 80th year, nee Poole, buried Fairview cemetery

               Died – William Warren, died 27 April Glencoe, 61 years

C8          Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Jane Lousch, Thursday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 10

C7          Died – Mrs Ceretha Teetzel Campbell, died 1st May, widow of A D, 75th year

Page 11

C7          Born – Beattie, 1 May, son of Bert, {nee Mildred Campbell}, stillborn

               Born – McPherson, 1 May, son of D P, {nee Jean McEachren}

               Born – Moore, 2 May, daughter of Samuel, {nee Elizabeth MacDonald}

               Born – French, 1 May, daughter of Dalton T

               Born – Graydon, 1 May, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Rev & Mrs Arthur

               Born – Hawley, 5 May, daughter of Bert

               Born – Soper, 24 April, Lea Owen, son of Vern, {nee Molly Elbs}

C8          Died – Gorvett, died 6 May, Mrs Cecile Lauretta, wife of Harley, 48th year, buried Sparta cemetery

               Died – Matthews, died 6 May, Jack Edward, 19th year, buried St Thomas Cemetery [Mathews – CVH]

               In Memoriam – McGregor – Colin, died 7 May 1934

Page 12

C6          Anniversary – on 7 May 1887 at St Paul’s, Minnesota, Mr & Mrs Frederick Carr, nee Mary Charlotte Bloye, 50th

Page 16

C1          Anniversary – on 12 May 1878, 59th, Mr & Mrs Richard Beckerson, nee Eliza Jane Overbaugh

Page 18

C2          Died – Dorothy Kathleen Johnston, died Thursday, 4 months


8 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C4          Photo – A LeRoy Simons, graduate

Page 7

C2          Died – Mrs Hannah Hatch, 83 years, wife of John Edwin, died Friday, nee McDowell, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C3          Died – William A Wilson, died Essex, 77 years, husband of Jane Gallagher

C7          Died – David Harrison Ferguson, died Friday Adelaide Twp, 82nd year, son of Ralph Ferguson & Agnes Thompson, husband of Mary Louise Stewart

               Born – Garton, 28 April, son of Clarence

               Born – Lucas, 5 May, Margaret Bell, daughter of B W

               Died – Hatch, died 7 May, Mrs Hannah, wife of John Edwin, 83 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          In Memoriam – Travers, William J, died 9 May 1933

Page 8

C1          Article – graduates of Victoria Hospital School of Nursing

               Died – Donald Walter Harrow, 13 years, died Strathroy

C5          Marriage – 1 May Buffalo, Vera M Owen to Fred G Greiner

               Marriage – 1 May Buffalo, Doris E Riley to Frank J Katsmayer

               Marriage – 1 May Brigden, Doris Lena Stamm to Lyle E McIntyre

Page 10

C1          Died – Miss Martha Shaw, 85th year

Page 11 (second section)

               Article – 50th anniversary of Unity Lodge #47, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Photos: Robertson, Newkirk, Coulter, Babe, Handley, Wardle, Whitney, Hepburn

Page 20

C5          Engagement – Verda Laura Bogart, daughter of Mr & Mrs Rodney Bogart, to Harold Laverne Zinn, son of Mr & Mrs William Zinn

               Shower – Doreen Dowler & Harry Dawson

C6          Shower – Margaret Turnbull & Donald Burwell


10 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 1   

               Announcement – Ontario Hospital site, cont’d p6 c3

 C3          Died – Mrs Emma Elizabeth Dodds, died Sunday Dover Twp, 84 years

Page 6

C4          Ontario Hospital site announcement

C7          Funeral – Jack Edward Matthews, buried St Thomas Cemetery [Mathews – CVH]

Page 8

C1          Died – Mrs Ethel May Phlieger, died Windsor, daughter of Mrs Irvin Garrett, 54th year, buried Aylmer cemetery  [Pflieger – CVH]

               Died – William J Johnston, 71st year

C2          Died – Elijah Hart [Hort], died Sunday, 84th year, buried Otterville cemetery

C7          Died – Patrick McCarey, 71 years, died Sunday Waterford

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W P Willson, 50th

C8          Funeral – Mrs Helena M Bennett, St Thomas Saturday, died Monday Calgary, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – John Messecar, Saturday, widower of Lydia Brown, husband of Miss Young, buried Greenwood cemetery

               Funeral – Arthur Ayearst, Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Anna Cayton, Saturday, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 9

C2          Died – Mrs Louise Ransier Taylor, wife of John, died Sunday Latimer, Ontario, mother of Mrs (Rev) J M Laird, daughter of Jane Randall, funeral at Latimer, buried Catarqui cemetery

               Died – Miss Frances Laird, died Sunday Toronto, sister of Rev J M Laird, funeral Tuesday

C8          Died – Mrs Charles Hunter, nee Jennie Booth, widow, 59th year

               Born – Potticary, 29 April, daughter of Walter, stillborn

               Died – North, died 10 May, William, husband of Sarah Ann, 79 years, buried St Thomas mausoleum

Page 10

C5          Shower – Lorraine McNaughton & J Clark

C6          Marriage – Donna Mary McArthur, daughter of Mr & Mrs J A McArthur, to Thomas C Waldie, son of Mrs J & late Mr Waldie, 8 May

               Marriage – 8 May, Eileen Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Walker, to George Henry Shelton, son of James & late Mrs Shelton

               Marriage – Elinor Ruth Knowlton, daughter of Mr & Mrs Thomas E Knowlton, to Bernard Leslie McEvoy, son of Mr & Mrs Reginald McEvoy, Saturday at London

               Marriage – Saturday Toronto, Helen Constance Orme, daughter of Dr & Mrs J M Orme, to Harry Evans Hookway, son of Mr & Mrs B B Hookway

Page 13

C1          Died – Mrs R D Montgomery, nee Genevieve Havey, born Michigan, married 1892, died Woodstock

               Died – John S Massecar [sic], died Thursday Norwich, 71st year, buried Waterford cemetery

               Died – Henry Hamley, brother of late Mrs Charles Gorvett, died Thursday Bowmanville

               Funeral – Mrs Lucinda McLellan, 93rd year, born New York state, died Thamesford

C4          50th anniversary of Church of Christ, West Lorne

Page 14

C2          Article – Laurence Marshall, Dominion fly-weight wrestling champion; Earl Semple & Bert Jolly, Dominion champions

Page 16

C2          Died – William North, 79 years, died Monday, husband of Sarah Ann, buried St Thomas Cemetery, photo

C3          Died – Mrs George Newell, died Saturday Guelph, accident


11 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 1

C5          Article – Elgin Regiment Signal Corps: winner of Challenge Cup, Lt C E Cook, photo

Page 5

C3          Photo – William Wardle & James Handley, railway men, of Unity Lodge, 50 year members

Page 6

C7          Funeral – Mrs William Green, died 8 May, mother of Mrs N R Stansell, buried Richmond cemetery

               Funeral – William J Johnston, Sunday

Page 10

C3          Photo – Muriel Monteith, as queen at Port Stanley

               Funeral – John Lemuel Lanning, Saturday, buried Plains cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Cecyle L Gorvett, wife of Harley, Saturday, buried Sparta cemetery

               Funeral – John D McBride, Thursday, buried Cowal cemetery

C5          Died – Miss Hazel McGuire, daughter of William, McGuire, died Los Angeles, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

C8          Engagement – Velma C Hunt to Clare A Parsons

Page 11

C3          Article – Elgin Regiment Signal Corps

C8          Born – Bradfield, 4 May, son of Gerald

               Born – Bowman, 7 May, son of James

               Born – Lyne, 4 May, son of James

               Died – Hanagan, died 11 May Byron, Thomas, husband of Annie Hancock, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Died – Kitchen, died 11 May, Mrs Annie, 83 years, buried St Thomas mausoleum

Page 12

C2          Funeral Patrick J Kenny, held Detroit, brother of Mrs Albert Johnson

C4          Marriage – Saturday, Beverly Carrick, daughter of Mrs & late T W Barnes, to Graeme Aitken Shaw, son of Mr & Mrs John A Shaw

          Page 17

C2          Died – Mrs Edwin Birdsell, died Waterford, 95th year, nee Elizabeth Speer, born New Brunswick, buried Boston cemetery

               Marriage – Edna Land, daughter of Mr & Mrs Percy Land, to William Bate

C4          Died – William H Hawken, died Strathroy, 83rd year, son of Mary Ann Inch, husband of Sarah Taylor

 Page 20

C1          Died – Mrs Mary Nester, died Monday London, widow of Michael, funeral Wednesday in Windsor

C2          Died – Mrs Annie Kitchen, widow of Elijah, died Tuesday, 83 years, buried St Thomas mausoleum

               Died – Thomas Hanagan, died Tuesday Byron, husband of Annie Hancock, buried Holy Angels cemetery

C3          Photo – Carl C Ferguson, son of Mr & Mrs David W Ferguson, graduate of Queen’s University


12 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 6

C1          Died – Daniel C Hishon, died Stratford, 74th year, husband of Mary McIntosh

C2          Funeral – Mrs Hannah Hatch, Tuesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Frank D McIntyre, 47 years, held Glencoe

C8          Funeral – Hiram Lumley, died Windsor, 81st year, funeral held Glencoe

Page 7

C1          Died – Mrs Janey Taylor, 78 years, died Monday Detroit, buried Lucknow

               Inquest – Thomas Hanagan

C8          Born – Root, 8 May, daughter of Gordon

               Born – McCallum, 9 May, daughter of Phillip

               In Memoriam – Bowlby, Miss Lena, died 12 May 1935

Page 8

C1          Marriage – 10 May, Ina Maxine Davidson, daughter of Mr & Mrs Harry Davidson, to John Wilfred Grant, son of Mr & Mrs Harry P Grant

C4          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Walter Farr, 25th

Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Agnes McFarlane, widow of Malcolm [2nd marriage 1890], died 5 May, mother of Mrs Neil A Robb, born 1857, nee Poole, widow of Alexander McLane

C3          Funeral – James Rhodes, died Flint, Michigan

               Died – Mrs Jennie Elizabeth Shearer Cocks, 90 years, widow of Rev Henry Cocks, died 2 May Los Angeles, born 1847

C6          Died – William Tench, died Listowel, 91 years

Page 14

C1          Died – William Whitehead, died Monday London, 86 years


13 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 3

C2          Funeral – William North, Wednesday, buried St Thomas mausoleum

Page 10

C1          Died – George Doan, died Wednesday, 87 years 2 months, buried Gillies cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Brook, Wednesday London, died Detroit

C3          Died – Andrew Venning, died Wednesday, 81st years, son of Mary McKee, husband of Frances Mary Rogerson, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

C4          Birthday – Mervin Wallace, 6th on 8 May

               Birthday – Duane Duff, 7th on 1 May

C5          Died – Mrs Jane R Clark, died Wednesday, widow of William Edward Clark, 80th year, buried Cowal cemetery

Page 11

C1          Divorce – Wray Roulston & Constance Roulston, dismissed

C7          Funeral – Duncan McKellar, died Brook Twp, 50th year, buried Alvinston cemetery

C8          Born – Heard, 12 May Sudbury, Barbara Ann, daughter of Lewis W, {nee Doris May}

               Born – Hewer, 12 May, daughter of John

               Died – Clark, died 12 May, Jane R, widow of William E, 80th year, buried Cowal cemetery

               Died – Sells, died 12 May Windsor, Mrs Ethel May Munn, wife of Frank S, 55 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Bobier, died 12 May, Mrs Louisa, 88th year, buried St Peter’s cemetery

               In Memoriam – Collins, J W, died 12 May 1935

               In Memoriam – Meikleham, [Mrs] Maggie, died 12 May 1936

               In Memoriam – Galloway, Stewart “Buddy”, died 13 May 1935

Page 18

C1          Funeral – Thomas Hanagan, Friday

               Died – Edwin George Robinson, died Wednesday London

C2          Died – Mrs Ethel May Nunn [sic] Sells, wife of Frank S, died Wednesday Windsor, 55 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Mrs Hannah Banks, died Tuesday London, 74th year, widow of John, buried Memorial Park (Elmdale) cemetery

               Article –  H Lyle Stratham, pharmacist

C5          Born – Barker, born Wednesday, son of William

               Born – Ross, born Wednesday, son of David

               Died – Miss Louisa Bobier, 88th year, died Wednesday, buried St Peter’s cemetery


14 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 1

C2          Died – Eldage Noel, died Little Abitibi Lake area

C5          Article – Ned Sparks, photo, cont’d p8 c7

Page 3

C2          Died – Mrs Mary Ann Stewart, nee Campbell, widow of Archibald, died Wednesday Fort William, 86th year

               Inquest – Jack Edward Matthews [Mathews – CVH]

Page 8

C4          Born – born 12 May, Cora May, daughter of John Hewer

Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Sarah Benner, wife of Frederic H, died Thursday, 92nd year, nee Anger, buried Luton cemetery, mother-in-law of Charles Cascadden

               Funeral – James Wilson, died Tuesday Toronto, 85 years, Thursday Glencoe, buried Oakland cemetery

C2          Marriage – W Royden Cathers, son of Mr & Mrs Cathers, to Evelyn Chute, daughter of Mr & Mrs Elgin Chute, Wednesday

C3          Died – Mrs John Pettit, nee Elizabeth Terryberry, widow of John, born 1840, buried Dorchester Union cemetery, photo

C4          Funeral – Mrs Sarah Louise Schram, died Monday, wife of Isaiah Walker, 43rd year

               Funeral – Edward Warren, 10 May Glencoe, 74 years, buried Longwoods cemetery                                                                                                                                

               Funeral – Mrs Annie Kitchen, Thursday, buried St Thomas mausoleum

               Funeral – Thomas Hanagan, Friday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

Page 11

C8          Born – Potts, 14 May, son of Dr & Mrs E B

               Born – McMullen, 3 May, Donald Richard, son of John

               Died – Bobier, died 12 May, Mrs Louisa, 88th year, buried St Peter’s cemetery

               Died – Pettit, died 13 May, Mrs John, 96 years 11 months, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

Page 12

C2          Shower – Doreen Dowler & Harry Dawson

               Marriage – Elmore LeRoy Oke, son of Mr & Mrs R W Oke, to Adelaide Hollingshead, Sudbury

               Engagement – Mary E Wright, daughter of Mrs A Lloyd, to George M Robertson, son of Mrs H Hollingsworth

C4          Marriage – 11 May Sudbury, Adelaide Christina Hollingshead to Elmer LeRoy Oke

               Marriage – Wednesday, Jean Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Mr & Mrs H J Wright,  to Russell Miller, son of Mr & Mrs J H Miller

               Marriage – Wednesday Simcoe, Emma S Beckett to George Lea

               Marriage – Vesta Marjorie Gast to Harry Elwyn Stocks

               Marriage – Wanda Elsby to John Uhrig

               Marriage – Margaret Bernice Turnbull, daughter of Mr & Mrs J G Turnbull, to Donald Lee Burwell, son of Mrs & late Merritt Burwell, at Ruthven

Page 15

C5          Funeral – Miss Addie Phillips, died Tuesday London, 52nd year

               Died – Mrs Charles F Turner, died Thursday Strathroy

Page 16

C3          Died – William Henry Salisbury, 68 years, born England, died Petrolia, husband of Emma Leader


15 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C7          Photo – Finlay Stewart Green, graduate of Queen’s University

Page 2

C2          Beverley Donald Butler, died Friday Strathroy, 19th year, son of Emma Cushman

Page 6

C1          Funeral – Andrew Venning, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

               Funeral – George Doan, Friday, buried Gillies cemetery

C2          Marriage – Monday, Barbara Balcarrus, daughter of J & late Mrs Balcarrus, to Alfred Herbert, son of Mr & Mrs E Herbert

C6          Article – Mrs Lucy Scott, nee Sage, of Ingersoll, 99 years on Tuesday

Page 16

C1          Died – Elmer Kitchen, buried Delhi cemetery, 85 years

               Funeral – Mrs John Graves, died Wednesday Waterford, nee Aggie May Charters, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

               Funeral – Elias B Taylor, Thursday Petrolia, 84 years, widower of Miss Carter

               Died – John Harper, died Wednesday Simcoe

 C4          Died – Mrs Philips, died Alberta, sister of Mrs Alfred Gloin

Page 20

C2 & 5   Engagement – Marjorie Coulter, daughter of Mr & Mrs George J Coulter, to Maxwell Lumley, son of Mrs May & late D A Lumley, – photo, 12 June

C4          Marriage – 6 May, London, England, Marjorie McCrimmon, daughter of Mrs & late Dr A A McCrimmon, to Paul Sever Peak, son of Mr & Mrs W H Peak

C5          Engagement – Dorothy Blanch Scidmore, daughter of Mrs Annie Scidmore, to James Alexander McBain, son of Mrs Trigger

C6          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E Newman, 6th, nee Helen Copeman, married 12 May 1931

Page 7

C3          Died – Charles Gamble, died 6 May Tillsonburg, 80th year, husband of Tena Ward, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

C6          Funeral – Harry Pleasence, died Friday Chatham, Monday, buried St Anthony’s cemetery, 40 years

C7          Died – Fellowes, died 14 May, Mrs Hannah Elizabeth, wife of Charles, 61 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Heard, died 14 May, Mrs Margaret, 67 years, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Died – Monteith, died 14 May, William, 85 years, buried South Park cemetery

               Died – Pettit, died 13 May, Mrs John, 96 years 11 months, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

               Died – Shingler, died 15 May, Mrs Mary Ann, wife of Freeman, buried Union cemetery

C8          Born – Barker, 12 May, Gary William, son of William

Page 8

C4          Marriage – Wednesday Chatham, Jean Gosnell, daughter of Mr & Mrs Harry Gosnell, to William Somerset, son of Mr & Mrs William Somerset

Page 10

C2          Died – Mrs Mary Ann Shingler, wife of Freeman, died Saturday, 74th year, nee Coville, buried Union cemetery

               Article – photo – Leslie A Milton, graduate of Queen’s University

C3          Died – Mrs Margaret Heard, died Friday, born 1870, widow of Frederick [died 1927], buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Died – Mrs Benjamin Phillips, nee Small, sister of Mrs Alfred Gloin

C4          Died – Mrs Hannah Elizabeth Fellowes, wife of Charles, died Friday, 61 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

C5          Died – William Monteith, died Friday, 85 years, widower of Isabella Jordan [died 15 years ago], buried South Park cemetery


17 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 2

C3          Died – Patrick James Gallagher, died Saturday, inquest to be held, buried Holy Angels cemetery

Page 6

C1          Died – Mrs Jennie Law, died Saturday Windsor, widow of B W, 90th year, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Died – Daniel A Graham, died Saturday, of Glencoe, 73 years, husband of Flora Dobie

C7          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Spencer Maunder, 30th, nee Smith

               Birthday – Albert Smith, 62 years

Page 7

C1          Estate – Miss Mary Eleanor Stanley

C2          Died – Mrs A V Munro, 72 years, died Mosa Twp; funeral on Thursday, buried Kilmartin cemetery

C5          Funeral – Mrs Margaret Heard, Monday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Ethel May Sells, Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          Died – Gallagher, 15 May, Patrick James, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               In Memoriam – Hyde, George, died 17 May 1936

Page 8

C4          Marriage – 15 May, Doreen Elizabeth Dowler, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Dowler, to Harry M Dawson, son of late Mr & Mrs James B Dawson, nephew of Mr & Mrs James T Stewart

               Marriage – at Ruthven, Margaret Bernice Turnbull, daughter of Mr & Mrs J G Turnbull, Donald Lee Burwell, son of Mrs & late Merritt Burwell

               Marriage – Evelyn Pearl Chute, daughter of Mr & Mrs Elgin Chute, to William Royden Cathers, son of Mr & Mrs William Cathers

               Marriage – Saturday Simcoe, Verna Edwards Kidner to Stanley Edmond Addison

Page 10

C1          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Louis Smith, 50th, Louis Smith son of Anna Robins who was daughter of late Col J R Wilkinson, married 11 May 1887, to Mary Jane Stockwell

               Died – Frank McIntyre, died South Ekfrid Twp, buried Oakland cemetery

C2          Died – Hiram Lumley, died 8 May Windsor, buried Oakland cemetery

C3          Died – Mrs Mary Ann Stewart, died Fort William, 86 years, nee Campbell, widow of Alexander (married 1874 & died 1878) buried Ivan cemetery

Page 14

C1          Died – William Morley, died Saturday London, 64 years, brother of Mrs Ernest Duckworth

               Birthday – Mrs Lucy Scott, 99 years

C2          Article – Ralph Gordon


18 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 6

C3          Died – John A McAlpine, 59 years, died Brook twp, buried Alvinston cemetery

C4          Article – Miss Lillian Canorder, granddaughter of Mrs Eva Milne, graduate

               Funeral – Frank Dymock Brookes, died Sunday London, 82nd year, resident of Strathroy, husband of Carrie M Plaxton

               Died – Mrs Julia M Smith, died Tyrrell, nee Nixon, 80th, married 1878, widow of Alfred [died 1919]

C5          Funeral – Patrick McCarey, 13 May, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

C6          Funeral – William Henry Scrags, husband of Elizabeth Judge, died Thursday, resident of Dorchester, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Martha Elizabeth Pettit, widow of John, Sunday, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

C7          Died – George Flood, 78 years, died Blenheim

Page 7

C2          Died – Mrs Lydia Gadsby, died Tuesday, widow of Frederick N [died 1936], 74 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

C7          Funeral – John McBride

               Funeral – William Monteith, Monday, buried South Park cemetery

               Funeral – Patrick J Gallagher, Tuesday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

C8          Funeral – Mrs Hannah E Fellowes, Monday, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Gadsby, died 18 May, Mrs Lydia, widow of Frederick N, 74 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 8

C4          Marriage – Thursday at Marston, Annie Eileen Staley to Clifford Basil Wolfe

               Marriage – at Mount Pleasant, Olive Armstrong to Roy William Woodward

               Marriage – 15 May Simcoe, Thelma Irene Misner to Eric Thomas Baguley

Page 10

C4          Coroner’s Jury report for Thomas Hanagan

C5          Funeral – Duncan McKellar, 49 years, died Brooke Twp, buried Alvinston cemetery

Page 14

C1          Graduates: Ruth Eleanor Raithby; Donald Delose Moore

C2          Funeral – Miss Hannah Pound, died Friday Charlotteville twp, buried Walsh United cemetery, 76 years


19 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 2

C8          Funeral – Mrs Mary Ann Shingler, Monday, buried Union cemetery

Page 5

C1          Article – Harold Butler, autograph collector

Page 10

C1          Died – Walton Slack, died Nobey, son of Bella Bailey, 76 years, husband of Alice Heaslip, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

               Died – Trueman Hector Edwards, died Adelaide Twp, 29th year, son of Annie Margaret McChesney

C2          Died – Allen Andrew Moore, died 17 May Manitoba, husband of Sarah Brown

               Died – William  Turnbull, died White Plains, New Jersey, funeral held Tuckahoe, New York

C6          Funeral – Charles Edgar Bring, Tuesday, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

               Birthday – Mrs Harriet Andrews, 93rd

C7          Funeral – Miss Louisa Hazel McGuire, died 10 May Los Angeles, Tuesday, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

Page 11

C2          Estate – Hiram Hyde

C4          Died – Mrs Charles Austin, nee Mary Elizabeth Chapman

C7          Born – Innes, 10 April Hamilton, Derek Edward, son of Edward Patrick

               In Memoriam – Paul, Charles, died 19 May 1931

C8          Born – Bowman, 7 May, Eugene, son of Frank

               Born – Bradfield, 4 May, Frederick William, son of Gerald

               Born – Hewer, 12 May, daughter of Jack

               Born – Marshall, 12 May, daughter of Roy

               Born – Scott, 12 May, son of Harry

               Born – Morgan, 12 May, Edwin George, son of George A

               Born – Smith, 12 May, daughter of Charles

               Born – Trembley, 12 May, son of  Wesley

               Born – Lennox, 12 May, daughter of Frank

               Born – Helmer, 8 May, son of Hyler

               Born – Wilson, 2 May, son of Clarence

               Born – Wilson, 11 May, son of Newton

               Born – Butler, 14 May, son of H T

               Born – Cline, 18 May, son of Earl, {nee Doris Kell}

               Born – Normand, 13 May, son of Fred

               Died – Samuel, died 18 May, 97 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 12

C2          Engagement – Florence Elizabeth Benstead to Arthur Elmer Hambly

C3          Engagement – Vera Gertrude Mooney to John Stuart Moorhouse

               Engagement – Doris M Chowen to John K Fisher

               Marriage – Dorothy Alma Crawford to Ronald William Iles, 1 May

C5          Anniversary – George William & Annie Elizabeth Bogart, nee O’Hara, 50th – photos

Page 16

C1          Died – James Ross, died Sunday

C5          Died – Mrs Charles Austin, nee Mary Elizabeth, died Sunday Chatham, nee Poole

               Died – died Sunday Petrolia, Sarah Ann Foreman, wife of John Gardiner, 85 years, widow of Andrew Ellis

               Funeral – Miss Flora McKinlay, held Ridgetown, buried Greenwood cemetery

C7          Funeral – Mrs Jane R Clark, widow of William Edward, Friday, buried Cowal cemetery

               Funeral – Miss [sic] Louisa Bobier, Saturday, buried St Peter’s cemetery

Page 20

C1          Died – Joseph Murray, died Tuesday London, veteran of 18th Battalion, 49th year

               Died – Adrian Shoebottom, died Tuesday London

C3          Died – Samuel Rowe, died Tuesday, 97 years


20 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 1

C5          Died – Patricia “Patsy” Casaceli, 5 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Felix Casaceli, died Wednesday, accident, cont’d p10 c2

C6          Died – Olive I Eastman, died Thursday, 45th year, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 6

C1          Died – Colin Leitch, died Glencoe, 80th year

Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Jennie Law, widow of  B W [died 1919], died 15 May Windsor, 90th year, buried Aylmer cemetery

C2          Died – Mrs Caleb T Burdick, died 17 May Ottawa, 86th year, nee High, buried Aylmer cemetery

C3          Birthday – Mrs Ed McIntosh, 82nd on 17 May, nee Summers

Page 11

C8          Born – Heard, 19 May Newmarket, daughter of Dr & Mrs John F, (nee Margaret Glintz)

               Died – Casaceli, died 19 May, Patricia Victoria, daughter of Mr & Mrs Felix John, 5 years, granddaughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Dickey, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Died – Eastman, died 20 May, Miss Olive, 44 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               In Memoriam – Love, Ada (McKillop), died 20 May 1936

Page 12

C1          Funeral – Daniel A Graham, held Glencoe, buried Oakland cemetery

C2          Engagement – Marie McGregor, daughter of Mrs Alex Saunders & late Mr McGregor, to Horace Milson

               Engagement – Una Matthews to Dr Keith McDougald McIntosh

C3          Marriage – Margaret Livinstone Woolner, daughter of Dr & Mrs Ward Woolner, to Joseph Frost Hockin, son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Hockin, 19 May at Ayr

C4          Funeral – Miss Louisa Bobier, 15 May, buried St Peter’s cemetery

C6          Graduate – Ruth Eleanor Raithby, photo

Page 14

C1          Shower – Evalyne Chute & Royden Cathers

C2          Shower – Laura Boughner & George Laings

C3          Shower – Beatrice Carr & Marwood Robbins, married 15 May

Page 18

C1          Died – Mrs W H Hoare, died Monday, resident of Nelson, British Columbia, sister of Mrs James C Smith


21 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 6

C1          Funeral – Mrs John E Hatch, held St Thomas

C2          Died – William McTaggart, died [Thursday], resident of Ekfrid Twp, widower of Margaret McGugan, buried Mayfair cemetery

               Funeral – Peter Burse, held Blenheim

C3          Died – Mrs Clarence Huffman, died Blenheim area, 51 years, nee Jennie Cundle

               Died – James Edward Nichols, died today Strathroy, 25th year, son of Mary Ann Finkbiner

Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Albert Mitchell, died Friday Brantford

               Died – George William Moody, died 14 May Detroit, born 1864, son of Jane Gilbert, buried Gosnell cemetery, Highgate

C3          Died – Nathaniel Carrothers, died Thursday Strathroy, 89th year, son of Margaret Kirkpatrick, widower of Mary Thompson [died 1910]

               Died – Miss Mary Isabella McDonald, died Wednesday Adelaide Twp, daughter of Jessie McKenzie

C6          Funeral – Mrs Lydia Gadsby, Thursday, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – William Needham, died near Blenheim, 44 years

Page 11

C8          Born – Scott, 17 May, Betty Jean, daughter of Walter

               In Memoriam – Neil, George W, died 21 May 1936

Page 12

C2          Engagement – Eva Lillian Cooper to Colin K Tisdale

               Engagement – Doris Loreen Light, daughter of Mr & Mrs Fred Light, to Reginald A Vidamour, son of Abraham & late Mrs Vidamour

               Marriage – 15 May Brantford, Velma C Hunt, daughter of Mrs Wellington C Hunt, to Clare A Parsons, son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Parsons

               Marriage – 15 May Simcoe, Margaret Baenan to Andrew Catherwood

C3          Engagement – Marguerite Elizabeth Hoffman to Jack Edward Taggart

               Marriage – Saturday at Delhi, Ethel Willimine Sommers to Lorimer L Davidson

               Marriage – Mrs Phyllis Mary Martin, daughter of Mrs T T Hanson & late Lewis Graham, to Murray Christopher McIntyre, at Simcoe

               Marriage – Evelyn Pearl Chute, daughter of Mr & Mrs Elgin Chute, to William Royden Cathers, son of Mr & Mrs William Cathers, at Port Burwell

Page 17

C1          Died – Hugh Messecar, died Wednesday Waterford, husband of Margaret Wilson, buried Greenwood cemetery

Page 18

C2          Died – Charles Bowerman, died Tuesday Charlotteville Twp, 74th year


22 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C2          Graduate – Howard T Cross

Page 2

C5          Funeral – Patricia Victoria Casaceli, Saturday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

Page 6

C1          Died – Mrs Altha Mitchell, wife of Albert, died Friday Houghton Centre, 67th year, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Funeral – Samuel Rowe, Friday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 7

C3          Died – Miss Sarah Wickett, died today, buried Aylmer cemetery, born 1845

C7          In Memoriam – Ellison, Mrs H, died 23 May 1918

C8          Born – Regan, 20 May, daughter of Emmett

               Born – Smith, 15 May, daughter of Steward

               Born – McKenzie, 2 May, son of Bruce

               Born – Jordan, 14 May Buffalo, Carole Fearn, daughter of Dr & Mrs J W, {nee Helen Sampon}

           Page 8

C2          Photo – Mrs L E Haney, President East Elgin District Women’s Institute

C4          Marriage – at Peterborough, Doris Mae James, daughter of Mrs & late L H James, to Frank Nowell Allcorn, 22 May

               Marriage – 12 May Strathroy, Vesta Marjorie Gast to Harry Elwyn Stocks

               Marriage – 12 May Newbury, Ruby Eulalie Stewart to Jack Graham

               Marriage – 16 May, Marguerite Watson, daughter of Mr & Mrs Melrose Watson, Clarence A Gilson, son of Mr & Mrs J A Gilson

Page 10

C3          Photo – H C Bobier, president St Thomas YMCA

C5          Article – John F Simons

Page 11 Second Section

               New Ontario Hospital, on Todd farm, photo of farm, photo of James Todd, cont’d p 12

               Anniversary – Trinity Anglican Church, 60th  & p12 c2

Page 14

C3          Article – R D Ferguson, cattle farm, Southwold Twp

Page 15

C1          Funeral – Charles Risdill, Friday at Nober, buried Hagersville cemetery

C2          Died – Fred W Howey, died Thursday London, 54th year, buried Mount Pleasant cemetery

C5          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John B McDonald, married 18 May 1887 Thamesville, nee Catherine Murphy

C7          Graduate – Fred Balsdon

Page 20

C1          Photo – Miss Iva Soper

C2          Photo – John Dowler Stevenson, grandson of Mr & Mrs John Dowler, visiting from Ireland

C5          Engagement – photo of Miss Ida Jean Bunclark to William L Robinson

               Engagement – photo of Miss Helen Campbell, daughter of Mr & Mrs J A Campbell, to Owen M Rosser

               Engagement – Trudie Inez Green, daughter of Mrs Huntley Green, to James Douglas Munro, marriage to be in Vancouver

               Engagement – Aileen Isabell Monteith, daughter of Andrew & late Lena Monteith, to Reginald William Thorp, son of Mrs George Waite

C6          Graduate – Oswald Paddon

C7          Birthday – Mrs William Heard, 81 years on 24 May

               Birthday – Jack Hull, grandson of Mrs William Heard, 15th, photo portrait

C8          Engagement – Emma Lucille Rowley, daughter of Mr & Mrs G N Rowley, to Roy T Langford


24 May 1937 [Monday] – no paper published


25 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 2

C4          Died – William Douglas, died today Ingersoll, accident on 10 May

C6          Birthday – James Clark, of Waterford, 84 years, husband of Mary Longhurst

Page 6

C1          Died – Miss Belle McKillop, 72 years, died Saturday, buried Gillies cemetery

C2          Funeral – Chalmer Tyrell, 44 years, MondayDresden

C3          Died – Dr F L Beer, died Saturday London, 58th year

C7          Died – Duncan McCallum, 55 years, died Saturday Mosa Twp

Page 10

C5          Died – Thomas C Warwick, died Monday Blenheim, 62 years

C6          Died – A D Honsberger, died 23 May, born 1864

C7          Funeral – Miss Olive Eastman, Saturday, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 11

C2          Died – Mrs Atlanta Jane Paddon, wife of William F, 69 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

C3          Died – Mrs Sarah Dickson Grantham, died Tuesday, widow of Arthur B Dickson; widow of George Grantham, 64 years, buried Elmdale cemetery, nee Gaden

C8          Born – Mitchell, 20 May, Elsie Arlene, daughter of F R, {nee Elsie Small}

               Born – Scidmore, 21 May, daughter of A R

               Died – Stirling, died 23 May, Daniel McGregor, husband of Charlotte Adcock, 66 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Grantham, died 25 May, Mrs Sarah Dickson, 64 years, nee Gaden, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Paddon, died 25 May, Mrs Atlanta Jane, wife of William F, 69 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Meek, Robert Thomas, 81st year, buried McArthur cemetery [no date given]

               Died – Taylor, died 24 May, Alonzo Clinton, husband of Annie L, 58 years, buried Union cemetery

Page 12

C3          Born – Kruse, born Cleveland, John Collinson, great grandson of Mrs A L Norsworthy & John Collinson

C6          Marriage – Jessie McCraney Martin to John Daniel Duncan

Page 16

C3          Died – Mrs Walter C McCall, died Friday Alberta, widow of Clayton Jackson; widow of Walter C McCall

Page 18

C1          Died – Mrs Margaret Kennedy, died Saturday London, 79 years

C4          Died – Daniel McGregor Stirling, died Sunday, 66 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Alonzo Clinton Taylor, died Monday, 58 years, buried Union cemetery

C6          Died – John Franklin Dadson, died Sunday, buried Union cemetery

C8          Died – Robert Thomas Meek, died Monday, born 1857, widower of Mary McDougal, buried McArthur cemetery


26 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 2

C5          Died – William B Douglas, died [Tuesday] Ingersoll, accident 10 May, 45 years

Page 8

C1          Died – John G Gill, died Round Plains, 55th year, husband of Helen LeRoux [died 1908]

C2          Died – Miss Margaret Patterson, died Tuesday, 71 years, buried Rodney cemetery

C7          Funeral – John F Dadson, Tuesday, buried Union cemetery

Page 9

C8          Funeral – Miss Sarah Wickett, Tuesday, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Born – Hamlyn, 17 May, Norman Francis, son of Lorne

               Born – Lackey, 19 May, Donald Edward, son of Silas, {nee Marjorie James} [Lockey – CVH]

               Born – Shaw, 24 May, Norman Robert Archibald, son of  George {nee Irene Sims}

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Gladys Irene Hollingshead, daughter of Mr & Mrs Wesley Hollingshead, to Glenn Tanner, son of Mr & Mrs James Tanner

               Birthday – Mrs Ada Smythe, 73rd, nee Bradfield

C3          Marriage – Monday at Chatham, Phyllis Norris to William Flook

               Marriage – at London, Ivey Lillian Casey to William Henry Rath

               Marriage – Kathleen May Simonds, daughter of Elmer Simonds, to Ted Alexander Mitchell, son of George Mitchell, on Saturday [Simons – CVH]

C4          Died – Mrs Ethel Grace Haldane, died Strathroy, daughter of Mary Agnes Heard Jolliffe, wife of Herbert T, buried Strathroy cemetery

Page 12

C3          Died – Mrs James Gallagher, died Hamilton, buried Holy Sepulchre cemetery

C4          Died – George Buchanan, died 23 May Detroit, 71st year, husband of Mary Henry, buried White Chapel, Detroit

C5          Birthday – Mrs James Fletcher, 72nd

Page 16

C1          Died – died 23 May Chatham, Mrs Rachel Stonehouse, nee Phillips

C3          Inquest – Patricia Victoria Casaceli


27 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 2

C3          Died – Mrs Nellie Pegler Frank, died Wednesday Strathroy, wife of Roy E, 55th year, daughter of Celesta Dell

Page 3

C1          Funeral – Daniel McGregor Stirling, Wednesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 8

C4          Died – Ray Wisson, 37 years, died Tuesday

C8          Birthday – Mrs Margaret Fletcher, 72

Page 10

C1          Funeral – Alonzo C Taylor,  Wednesday, buried Union cemetery

C2          Died – William Emmerson Main, died Wednesday, 81 years, buried Preston cemetery

C5          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Louis Baker, married 26 May 1896 Simcoe

Page 11

C1          Died – William J Hall, died Wednesday Grand Rapids, Michigan, buried Holy Angels cemetery

C5          Funeral – Robert T Meek, Wednesday, buried McArthur cemetery

C8          Born – Maynard, 22 May, James Franklin, son of Frank

               Born – Johnston, 23 May, son of Ross

               Born – Sim, 22 May, son of Donald

               In Memoriam – Wimbush, James, died 27 May 1932

Page 16

C3          Died – Joseph Buck, 75 years, died Wednesday Waterford

Page 18

C3          Died – Mrs Emma Newton, wife of David F, died Thursday, 74th year, nee Mandeville, widow of James Vail, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C4          Anniversary – 60th of Trinity Anglican church


28 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 5

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert Pullen, 58th, nee Ellen McLaughlin                 

C7          Died – Christopher A Whitwam, died today [28 May], 80th year

Page 10

C1          Died – Miss Phoebe Ann Stanley, died Thursday Strathroy, 82nd year, daughter of Harriett Bratt

C2          Article – John N Winder, 25 years with Canadian Canners

               Died – Thomas W Michael, died Atlanta, Michigan, 64 years

C3          Died – Mrs Sarah Ann North, died Thursday, 79 years, [husband died 1937], nee Hampshire, buried St Thomas mausoleum – photo

C4          Died – Harvey Emerson Hoshal, died Friday, 55th year, buried Aylmer cemetery

C5          Died – Al Chester Doan, died 15 May South Middleton Twp, 78th year, widower of Kate Layman [married 1890, died 1929], son of Alma Leonard, buried Wyecombe cemetery

Page 11

C4          Died – Levi Brown, died Friday, 89th year, born 1848, son of Catherine Hyndman, buried Evergreen cemetery, Blenheim

               Funeral – Mrs Atlanta Jane Paddon, Thursday, buried Elmdale cemetery

C7          Born – Mortin, 27 May, son of Stanley A

               Died – Newton, died 27 May, Emma, wife of David F, 74 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Hall, died 26 May Grand Rapids, Michigan, William J, buried Holy Angels cemetery

  C8          Died – Brown, died 28 May, Levi, 89th year, buried Evergreen cemetery, Blenheim

               Died – North, died 27 May, Mrs Sarah Ann, widow of William North, nee Hampshire, 79 years, buried St Thomas mausoleum

Page 12

C3          Birthday – Mrs Mary Ann Kilmore, 87th year, nee Prior

C4          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Lackey, 40th, married 26 May 1897, nee Hannah Granger

C5          Marriage – Audrey Marguerite Pike to Eric Hemphill

               Marriage – Saturday at Courtland, Sanford Wardle to Agnes Oatman

Page 18

C1          Died – James C Baker, died 22 May, buried Black’s cemetery

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Salem Kelly, 50th, married 11 May 1887 near Delhi, nee Maggie Robertson

Page 20

C1          Funeral – Mrs Emma Newton

               Funeral – William J Hall

C2          Article – long employment of Archie Schram


29 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

               Photo – University of Western Ontario graduates, cont’d p3

Page 2

C3          Died – Miss Edith Louise Hoskins, died Friday Strathroy, 78th year

Page 3

C6          Article – Joy Elaine Thornton, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ralph Thornton, great great grandmother is Mrs John McCready, 90th year; great grandparents are Mr & Mrs Daniel Brooks; grandparents are Mr & Mrs Orland  Brooks & Mr & Mrs Roy Thornton; great grandfather is Marshall Main of Waterford

               Died – Matilda Sicklesteel, widow of Peter Billo, died Wednesday Hamilton, buried LaSalette cemetery

               Died – David Millard, died 26 May Windham Twp, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

Page 6

C2          Shower – Evelyn Chute & Mr Cathers

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Daniel Pearson, married 25 May 1887, nee Lydia Thompson

               Died – Andrew Thompson, died Thursday Windsor, husband of Mae Burgar

C4          Funeral – William Emerson Main, died Friday, buried Preston cemetery, born 1855

C5          Died – Mr Kensch, died Switzerland

               Died – Roderick McDonald, son of Flora Johnson, died Friday Highgate, 79 years, buried Purcell cemetery

C7          Died – Henry Rapelje, 86 years, died Friday, husband of Helen Dangerfield, buried Black’s cemetery

C8          Died – Mrs Walter Charles McCall, died 21 May Alberta, widow of Walter [died 1937], widow of Charles Jackson

               Funeral – A D Honsberger, Wednesday, buried New cemetery, Delmer

               Funeral – Miss Margaret Patterson, 71 years, Thursday, buried Rodney cemetery

Page 7 Second Section

C2          Photo – Rev Kenneth E Taylor, St John’s Anglican church

               History of Parish farm & family

Page 9

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W Bogart, 50th, married 24 May 1887, nee O’Hara, family history given

C4          Marriage – Thursday at Dundas, Marguerite Elizabeth Hoffman to Jack Edward Taggart

               Marriage – Saturday at Cayuga, Ada Winkworth to Edward Simpson

               Marriage – 15 May Winnipeg, Florence May Riley to Robert M Duke

               Marriage – 20 May Tillsonburg, Eva Maude Kerridge to Alfred John Langhor

               Marriage – Strathroy, Florence Elizabeth Benstead to Arthur Elmer Hambly

               Marriage – Saturday at Courtland, Agnes Alberta Oatman to Sanford Earl Wardle

               Marriage – Oakland, Dorothy Helen Bonham to Howard Leslie Prier

Page 14

C2 & 5   Engagement – photos- Yetive Honsinger, daughter of Mr & Mrs Percy Honsinger, to Ralph R Heard, son of Mr & Mrs William Heard

C5          Engagement – Hazel Marie Sparks, daughter of Mrs John Sparks, to Bruce MacGregor, son of Mrs Colin Smith

               Engagement – Mary Gretchen Heyd to Frank Leonard Hancock

               Engagement – Thelma Catherine Mills, daughter of Mr & Mrs Armond Mills, to Wayne Quick, son of Mr & Mrs G Quick, 26 June

               Engagement – Florence Alice Harlow, daughter of Mr & Mrs H Harlow, to Edgar Gregory, son of late Edgar Gregory & Mrs William Calhoun

               Shower – Miss Balcarrus & A Herbert

               Graduate Nurse – Photo – Bernice Armstrong

C7          Marriage – Margaret L Woolner to Frost Hockin

Page 15

C7          Funeral – William J Hall, Saturday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Sarah Grantham, Friday, buried Elmdale cemetery

C8          Died – Whitwam, died 28 May London, Christopher A, husband of Mary Janetta Mason, 80th year, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Rapelje, died 28 May, Henry, 87th year, husband of Helen Dangerfield, buried Black’s cemetery

Page 18

C1          Died – W H Williams, died Toronto, widower of Jessie Hollingshead

               Funeral – Christopher Whitwam

C2          Died – Benjamin Phillips, died Alberta [no date given], 79th year


31 May 1937 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 1

C1          Died – William Graham, 21 years, drowned at Port Stanley, resident of London

C2 & 8   Died – Clarence Hellyer, died Sunday Waterford, 73rd year, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

C8          Died – Joseph A Glass, 38 years, died Saturday Pittsburg, buried Woodland cemetery                                                                                                                                

Page 6

C2          Died – Warner Garner, died Sunday, 81st year, buried Luton cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Sarah Ann North, widow of William, Saturday, buried St Thomas mausoleum

C4          Died – Mrs Agnes McMullen Farrow, died Monday, 86th year, widow of James Duncanson; widow of Isaac Farrow, buried Cowal cemetery

               Died – Mrs Maria Wightman, wife of James Hamilton, died Saturday, 67th year, nee Brown

C7          Birthday – John Judge, of Tillsonburg, 65th year

C8          Marriage – at Walkerville, Norma Harriet Coate to Douglas John McClellan

Page 7

C1          Died – Frank Bolton, 73 years, died Courtright

C2          Died – Miss Catharine Breen, died Monday

               Died – Mrs Annie Pearce, died 30 May Detroit, born 1867, nee Harris, buried Fingal cemetery

C6          Died – Samuel Dart, died Saturday London, 93rd year

C8          Born – Graham, 31 May, daughter of Robert

               Died – Pearce, died 30 May Detroit, Mrs Annie, nee Harris, buried Fingal cemetery

               Died – Farrow, died 31 May, Mrs Agnes, nee McMullen, buried Cowal cemetery

               In Memoriam – Thomson, Mary, died 30 May 1930

Page 8

C2          Birthday – John Allan, 88th

               Engagement – Ethel Osgood Cope to Joseph A Smith

Page 14

C1          Died – Miss Lottie Logan, resident of London

C2          Died – Edmund “Jack” Head, 86 years, died Saturday London

C6          Article – Basil Stevenson, Ford company in Bombay


1 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 1

C8          Graduate – Herbert Stevens, photo

Page 2

C3          Died – Mr Roberts, died Monday Waterford, 86 years

               Died – Earl Mott, died Monday Waterford

Page 8

C1          Died – Allan Andrew Moore, died Dauphin, Manitoba, husband of Sarah Brown

               Birthday – William Lewis, 82nd

C2          Died – Mrs Orilla Jane Beebe, widow of David [died 43 years ago], died Tuesday, 87th year, nee Millard, buried Aylmer cemetery

C6          Funeral – Mrs David Newton, Saturday, buried mausoleum

               Funeral – Mrs James Hendershott, died Saturday, buried Maple Leaf cemetery

               Funeral – Harvey Hoshal, Monday, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Funeral – C A Whitwam, Monday London, 79th year, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 9

C1          Funeral – Miss Catherine Breen, died Thursday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Funeral – James E Hannan, died Monday Detroit, 72 years

C8          Died – Breen, died 31 May, Miss Catherine, 69 years, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Died – Sheehan, died 1 June, Mrs Mary, wife of John Joseph, nee McNulty, buried Holy Angels cemetery

Page 10

C2          Marriage – in Vancouver today, Francis King Cown, granddaughter of late Canon Downie to Dr Gilbert Norman Tucker

               Engagement – Hughena Stacey McLennan to James Gooderich Gustin

               Engagement – Jessie Lillian Dick to John Verveem

               Engagement – Catherine Geraldine Thorpe to Stuart A Moore, son of Mr & Mrs J A Moore

C3          Engagement – Ethel Osgood Cope to Joseph Albert Smith

               Engagement – Eleanor Ethel Greene to Stephen Robert Grant

Page 16

C2          Died – Austin A Orendorff, died London, 57th year

C5          Died – Mrs Mary McNulty Sheehan, died Tuesday, aunt of William Hall, wife of John Joseph, buried Holy Angels cemetery


2 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 1

c7           Graduation – photo – Murray Campbell McBane

Page 2

Died – Alexander J McMillan, died Wednesday 69 years

Page 3

C2          Citizenship – Nemeth, Felder, Kempyn, Nazarej, Oszlanszki, Vorga, Toth, Pinter, Fernangel, Fichter, Utman, Melchoir, Molnar

Page 6

C3          Rev Harry Royle, Secretary for London United Church Conference, photo

Page 8

C1          Visit – Mr & Mrs J H Worsley, nee Inez Pressey

C2          Died – Edward Gowan, 95, resident of Hagersville, died today

C3          Funeral – Mrs Lewis Howey

C5          Died – James Edward Hannan, died Monday Detroit, funeral on Wednesday, husband of Ethel Alexander, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          Funeral – Roderick McDonald, died Highgate, 79 years, Sunday, buried Purcell cemetery

Page 9

C2          Died – James Caldwell Crawford, died Tuesday Toronto, 73rd year

C8          Born – Target – born 30 May, daughter of George 

               Born – Newman – born 30 May, son of Carmen

               Born – Ferries – born 30 May, son of Ernest

               Born – Ross, born 27 May Hamilton, daughter of Albert, [nee Eleanor Roberts]

               Born – Pritchard – born 30 May, daughter of John

               Born – Jansen – born 27 May, daughter of Cornelius

               Born – Hoskins – born 28 May, son of Arthur A, [nee Doris Robertson]

               Born – Lindsay – born 28 May, daughter of Jack

               Born – Evans – born 25 May Toronto, Sheila Irene, daughter of L Grant, [nee Irene Matilda Ketcheson]

               Died – Crawford – 1 June Toronto, James Caldwell, 73rd year, buried St Catharines

               Died – McMillan – 2 June, Alexander

               In Memoriam – Paddon, Miss Eusebid, died 2 June 1936

Page 10

C2          Birthday – Mr E W Trump, 80th on 31 May

               Birthday – Mrs A W Ronson, 87th on 3 May

C6          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Rossiter, 65th, nee Mary Faircloth

               Marriage – Rubie May Turner to Ronald White, 30 May

               Marriage – Rose Clarie Anderson to Malcolm Ferris, last Saturday

               Marriage – Marion Shirley Newman to Cecil Clayton Bye

               Marriage – Hazel Estella Osborn to George Emmett Marlett

Page 16

C1          Died – Vancouver on 25 May, Joseph Myers, 86th year

C2          Photo – Alfred S Griffiths, new alderman


3 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 3

C4          Visit – John Mark Carrothers, 79 years, sister Mrs Rachel Craig, Archibald Carrothers 85 years

Page 6

C3          Died – Alex J McMillan, died Wednesday, accident, son of Mary McWilliam, husband of Kate Hood, buried Fairview cemetery

Page 8

C1          Remodeling of Mansion House

C2          Died – Mrs Cyvilla Smale, widow of William John, died Strathroy Wednesday, 77th year, daughter of Robert Morrison & Martha Ellery

               Died – Mrs Jane Dinning, widow of John, died Strathroy, 88th year, daughter of Thomas Irvine & Ruth Dinsmore

               Died – Joseph A Glass, died Saturday Pittsburg, husband of Mary, buried Woodland cemetery

C5          Funeral – Henry Rapelje, Monday, buried Black’s cemetery

Page 9

C4          Died – Col. Robert McEwen, died today Alloway Stock Farm, Byron, 82nd year

C7          Funeral – Miss Catharine Breen, died Monday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs May McNulty Sheehan, died Tuesday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

C8          Born – Burney – 2 June Nelson George, son of Nelson, [nee Helen Harvey]

               Born – Longfield – 1 June, daughter of Kenzie

               Died – McMillan – 2 June, Alexander, 72nd year, bur Fairview cemetery

               Died – Hindley – 2 June, George Kenneth, 26 years, bur Union cemetery

               In Memoriam- Spitler – Maxine, died [1] June, 1935, 8 years

               In Memoriam – Jewell – Auckland, died 3 June 1931

Page 10

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert Rankin, 40th , nee Sarah Buchanan Bilsland, married 4 June 1897 Glasgow

               Graduation – nurses: Bessie Armstrong, Lena McRichardson

C3          Engagement – Jessie Lillian Dick to John Verveem

C4          Marriage – Rue Owen Gore Barrow to Margaret Gwen Thomas, in London England

               Marriage – H Egerton Young to Helen Marie Bales, at Lansing

               Marriage – Frederick Boyd, Jr, to Kathryn Kies, at Grand Rapids, Michigan

Page 16

C1          Died – Edward Gowan, died Hagersville, 95 years

C4          Died – George Kenneth Hindley, died Wednesday, 26 years, buried Union cemetery

               Died – Mrs T Herbert Powell, died last month in Los Angeles, nee Lewella Hine

C5          Biography – John Frazer, 82 years, his Masonic service


4 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 6

c2           Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Clunis, 60th on 30 May

c7           Died – Frank Whitcroft, died Thursday, born 1882, buried Sparta cemetery

Page 10

C1          Funeral – [Mrs] Orilla Jane Beebe, Thursday, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Died – Mrs Elizabeth Anna Brennan, widow of William E, died Friday, 72 years, nee McRae, buried Fairview cemetery

               Building – Mansion House renovation

C2          Died – Jeremiah Broughton, died Wednesday, 87 years, buried Round Plains cemetery

               Marriage – Earl Greer to Leta Undervezadt, 1 June [?Unverzagt]

C4          Shower – at Tillsonburg, Ann Miles & Paul Pollard

               Funeral – at Waterford, Elisha Roberts, died Monday, buried Oakland cemetery

               Funeral – at Waterford, Mr Mott (son-in-law of Elisha Roberts), died Monday, buried Greenwood cemetery

               Funeral – C Hellyer, died Sunday

C8          Funeral – James E Hannan, died Monday Detroit, Wednesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Agnes Farrow, Wednesday, buried Cowal cemetery

Page 11

C1          Died – William Albert Cox, died Sunday London, 48th year, buried Mount Pleasant cemetery

C3          Died – Edward Gowan, 96 years, died Hagersville, buried Greenwood cemetery, Springvale

               Funeral – Mrs Annie Pearce, died 30 May Detroit, Thursday, buried Fingal cemetery

C6          Born – Atkinson, 29 May, daughter of Clarence

               Born – Ferris, 30 May, son of Ernest

               Born – Herremans, 29 May, daughter of Edmond

               Born – Milne, 29 May Manitowaning, daughter of John, [nee Sadie Russell]

               Born – Turnbull, 29 May, son of John

               Born – Green, 28 May, daughter of Harold

C7          Died – Brennan, died 4 June, Mrs Elizabeth Anna, nee McRae, 72 years, buried Fairview cemetery

Page 12

C5          Graduation – Nurse: Stella McManus

               Funeral – Mrs Sarah Grantham, (visitors Mr & Mrs Ballah & daughter of Ft Erie}

               Correction – Graduation – Donald Murray McBane

Page 18

C2          Holmes Reunion


5 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C5          Died – George Reaveley, 83 years, died Saturday Tillsonburg, buried Ingersoll cemetery
C8          Graduation – photo, E Frank Sanders

Page 2

C4          Died – McKenzie Duncan, died Friday, resident of Westminster Twp, 80th year

Page 6

C3          Graduation – nurse: Lenna Richardson

C4          Died – Miss Mary Bell, died Tuesday Port Dover, 81st year

C7          Died – Mrs Ellen J Doan, died Saturday, 79 years 9 months, widow of George, died 12 May, buried Gillies cemetery

C8          Died – Miss Melinda Carrothers, died Friday London

Page 8

C2          Marriage – William Cyrus Lilley to Mrs Flora Elizabeth McLellan

               Marriage – Myrtle Maude Rouse to Carlos Montrose Showers, at Brantford

Page 9

C8          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Peter Spence, of Waskada Manitoba, at Highgate, 50th, Catherine McLeod to Peter Spence on 19 April 1887 at Bothwell

Page 10

C1          Died – Rickey Magee, died London, 75 years

C3          Died – died 27 May Alvinston, Mrs Mary Acton, 98th year, buried Melbourne

Page 11 {second section}

               Graduates- Alma College, photos

Page 16

C4          Article – Cattle Farm – Harvey Kendall, Iona Station

Page 20

C2          Engagement – photo – Trudie Inez Green to James Douglas Munro

C5          Engagement – Ella Doreen, daughter of Mr & Mrs Leonard Barton to Charles Clark, son of Mr & Mrs W E Eldert

               Engagement – Lela Elizabeth, daughter of Mr & Mrs David Ormerod to Peter J, son of James H Lowry

               Engagement – Helen Marguerite, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ernest A Caughell to David William, son of Mrs Currie & late Hon. William Currie

               Engagement – Mary Isobel, daughter of Mrs Mary A Charlton & late Arthur Charlton to Donald, son of Mr & Mrs William Knight

               Engagement – Lydia Irene, daughter of late Mr & Mrs John Gould to Edmond Whaley, son of Mr & Mrs E D Long

               Engagement – Gladys Jean, daughter of Mrs Annie Galloway to Alan, son of Mr & Mrs J H Westwell, 26 June

C6          Engagement – Edna Mabel Barbour to George Hamilton Gillespie

               Engagement – Marguerite Alberta Snell to Irwin C Fish

               Engagement – Gladys Evelyn, daughter of Mr & Mrs Harvey Towle to John Duncan, son of Mr & Mrs John Gillies


7 June 1837 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 2

C4          Marriage – Doris Emily Lavodna Pegg to Clarence Hall Magee, in Toronto

               Marriage – 3 June Fort Frances, Christena Isabel, daughter of Mrs Margaret & late John D Baldwin to Earl Stevenson, son of James & late Mrs Marriage

C6          Reunion – Kitchen, & 2nd anniversary for Mr & Mrs Davis

Page 6

C6          Marriage – Saturday Tillsonburg, Anne Ester Miles to Paul Hugo Pollard

Page 7

C1          Died – Mrs Thomas C Benson, died Sunday London, nee Biggar

C2          Birthday – Daniel Corless, 89th, born 1848, son of Sophia Gascon, photo

C3          Funeral – Frank Whitcroft, Sunday, buried Sparta cemetery

               Funeral – George Kenneth Hindley, Saturday, buried Union cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Anna Brennan, Saturday, buried Fairview cemetery

C8          Born – Robinson, 30 May, Constance Ann, daughter of Donald, [nee Margaret Walton]

               In Memoriam – Palmer, Eileen, died 7 June 1936

Page 9

C1          Died – Tirpak / TripakRussell Herman, 15 years & Alex , 13 years, both drowned

C4          Reunion – James Emerson

Page 14

C5          Article – Rev. Father M D Monaghan, from Sarnia to London, photo

               Funeral – Warner Garner, Wednesday

C8          Died – Douglas Campbell, died Saturday, 77th year, of Harwich Twp


8 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 1

               Article – Alma College graduates: Donna Irene Pincombe, Clara Kate Worley, photos

Page 6

C1          Funeral – Alex J McMillan, buried Fairview cemetery, photo

C2          Died – died 22 April Marion Michigan, Mrs Christina Roberts Woolley

               Died – George Henry Griffiths, 48 years, died Monday London

C4          Died – died Sunday Strathroy, Mrs Mary Tanton, 66th year

               Died – Archibald R Fletcher, died Lobo twp, 66th year, son of Jane McIlroy, widower of Margaret McLaughlin

C5          Died – Mrs Bertha Mae Lee, wife of John M, 38th year, daughter of George Eastman & Caroline Humphries

Page 8

C1          Funeral – Jeremiah Broughton, Saturday, buried Round Plains cemetery

C4          Funeral – Mrs Ellen Doan, widow of George, Monday, buried Gillies cemetery

Page 9

C2          Reunion – Porter & Chase

               Died – Mrs Ann Smith, widow of Joseph, 88 years, buried Old English Church cemetery

C8          Born – Smith, 3 June, daughter of Thomas Howard

               Born – Abbott, 29 May, son of Percy

               Born – Herremans, 29 May, daughter of Edmond

               Born – Ferris, 4 June, daughter of Arthur, [nee Jane Walker

               In Memoriam – Land, Carson C, died 3 June 1936

Page 16

               48 Alma College Graduates, photos

 c2           Article – photo – Dr P S Dobson & A R Dobson

 c3           Died – James McKenzie, died Friday Hamilton, 70 years


9 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 5

Article – photo – Robert Henry Jones, railway

Page 6

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Hiram H Winegarden, 50th, at Chatham, married 8 June 1887, nee Douglas

Page 8

C2          Died – Wednesday, Mrs Harry Dark, 63rd year, nee Johnson, buried United Church cemetery, New Road, Tillsonburg

               Died – John Reid, Wednesday, 85th year, buried Dunboyne cemetery

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Donaldson, 30th, married 5 June 1907

C8          Reunion – May

Page 9

C4          Died – James R Waddle, died Tuesday Woodhouse Twp

               Funeral – Mrs Bertha Mae Lee, nee Eastman, wife of John M, Tuesday, buried Strathroy cemetery

C8          Born – Milligan, 8 June, daughter of Mack

               Born – McEwen, 6 June, Roberta Jean, daughter of Robert

               In Memoriam – Wall, Ernest S, died 9 June 1930

               In Memoriam – Agar, Mrs Elizabeth, died 9 June 1936

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Doris Maude, daughter of Mr & Mrs Fred Jeator to Earl Gordon, son of John & late Mrs Ashton

C3          Marriage – Tuesday, Anna Viola, daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Gammon to George R Hanley

C4          Alma College Alumnae Reunion

Page 16

C1          Article – land claim at Port Stanley, Smith vs Spackman


10 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 6

C2          Died – John N McGugan, died Tuesday Caradoc Twp, 72nd year, son of Margaret McNeil

C3          Died – Thomas Mantle, died Wednesday Waterford

               Died – Andrew Anderson, died Wednesday. 81st year, husband of Jane Smith, buried Greenwood cemetery Waterford

C4          Article – Pioneers of Sombra Twp: – Moses Topliff, Sr, 94 years, born 1843, 1st wife Malinda Dingman died 1883; 2nd wife Elizabeth Warren died 1923

–        James Baston, born 1854, stepson of William Mackey

–        John Douglas, born 1862, stepson of William Selman, widower of Mary Ann Shepherd, & Margaret Jane Bullock

Page 10

C1          Funeral – Mrs Thomas C Benson, buried Woodland cemetery, died Sunday London, nee Nellie Maude Biggar

C3          Reunion – Woolley

Page 11

C3          Photo – Rev Father H McManus, at Sarnia

C8          Died – Watson, died 10 June, Alfred Thomas, 50 years, buried Old English cemetery

               In Memoriam – Balcarras, [Mrs] Mary Waters Lincoln, 10 June 1936

Page 12

C2          Engagement – Winnifred Josephine Mosey ,daughter of Mrs Robert E Mosey, to William Warren McLarty, son of Mr & Mrs Walter L McLarty, 2 July

C4          Marriage – 10 June Waterford, Ruth Marie Nelles to Wilfred T McFadzean

               Marriage – at Dawn Twp, Mary Norma McGregor to Ross G Arnold

               Marriage – 1 July 1936 Niagara Falls, Evelyn Elizabeth Shortt to Frederick Hayton

C5          Marriage – 29 May, Jane I M Davidson, daughter of Mr & Mrs J G Davidson to George Kerr, son of late Mr & Mrs Hugh Kerr

Page 15

C5          Business – Anthony Music Store

Page 18

C2          Funeral – Mrs Anne Smith, widow of Joseph, Wednesday, buried Old English cemetery

C3          Died – Alfred Thomas Watson, died Thursday, 50 years, buried Old English cemetery

               Marriage – at Brantford, Myrtle Irene Cole to Alburn Thomas Courtnage



11 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 6

C1          Died – Mrs Janet Dewar Collard, died Victoria BC, daughter of Julia McIntyre, buried Vancouver

C2          Died – Miss Helen Jane Francis, died Toronto 6 June, 79 years

               Died – Mrs Ethel Wigle, wife of George, died London

               Died – Benjamin Park, 93 years, died Waterford

               Died – John Lampkin, died Wednesday Simcoe, 62nd year, husband of Nellie Awford

C4          Died – Mrs Janet McVicar, widow of John W, died Lobo Twp, 96 years, nee McArthur, buried Poplar Hill cemetery

C5          Died – Robert Henry “Harry” Harley, died Wednesday London, 62 years, husband of Martha Louise Galbraith

Page 8

C1          Birthday – Mrs John Timpany, 80th

               Birthday – Mrs Lorne Harrett

               Retirement – Lewis E Kidder

C4          Funeral – John Reid, 85th year, Saturday

               Funeral – Frank Whitcroft, Sunday

Page 9

C2          Died – David McManus, died Thursday, 54 years, buried Holy Angels cemetery

C8          Funeral – Thomas Stroud, died Wednesday at Dereham Twp, buried Tillsonburg cemetery, husband of Laura Rice

               Born – Ford – 31 May, Patricia Elsie, daughter of C H

               Born – Rickwood – 5 June, Elizabeth June, daughter of D

               Died – McManus – David, died 10 June, 54 years, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               In Memoriam – Kondal, R Jack, died 4 years ago in Toronto

Page 10

C2          Marriage – Dorothy Adelaide Barnett to Arthur H Leman, grandson of Mrs C E Williams, at Tweed

               Marriage – Wednesday, Kathleen Janet Overbaugh to Otto Edward Coles

               Marriage – Wednesday, Maude Luella Swick to Clinton John Mayo

               Marriage – Strathroy 3 June, Alma Noreen Lewis to Duncan Archie Crawford

               Marriage – London England, 5 June, Alice Marie Naughton, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Hill, to Richard Harvey Stapleford

               Marriage – Leila Edith Mitchener, daughter of Mr & Mrs Edward A Mitchener to Raymond Joseph Eberts, son of Mr & Mrs Allen E Eberts, 2 Sep 1936 at Fort Erie

C3          Marriage – 2 June Strathroy, Myra Beryl Kelly to William Hurd Gunness

               Marriage – 2 June Strathroy, Reta Hazel Lawson to Cameron W Lutz

C6          Photo – Stella McManus, graduate nurse

C4          Engagement – Mary Alice Root, grandniece of Mrs J H McGeary, to Dr Herbert Milton Shepherd Tait, grandson of late Mr & Mrs D M Tait

Page 11

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Harry  Tew, 50th, residents of Oil Springs, nee Pelton

Page 14

C8          Photo – Jack “Lefty” Gray, baseball player


12 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C6          Photo – Jere T Farrah, scholarship

Page 3

               Port Burwell Baptist church history

Page 6

C2          Died – William H Walsh, died London, 58 years

               Graduates – Ruth Stewart, Arnold Miller

               Engagement – Duncan J McPhail, son of Mrs Eva  & late John McPhail, to Dorothy Mae Littlejohn, daughter of Mrs Lavina Littlejohn, 19 June Windsor

               Funeral – Mrs Harris, nee Fanny Joiner, Wednesday Thamesville

C3          Reunion – Woolley

C4          Died – Walter B Topping, Friday, born 1869, widower of Mary Meta Gerow, buried Old English cemetery

               Graduate nurses – Jean Priddle, Bernice Vaughan

C5          Birthday – Mrs Edward Griggs, 91

Page 7

C1          Died – Dr O I Cummings, died Friday London

C5          In Memoriam – Blackman, Marie, died 12 June 1935

               In Memoriam – Curtis, [Mr] G F, died 13 June 1936

C8          Died – McIntyre – 11 June, Malcolm, 63 years, buried New Glasgow cemetery

               Died – Topping – 11 June, Walter B, 69th year, buried Old English cemetery

Page 8

C1          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Beer, 50th

C2          Photo – Mr & Mrs William Beer, 50th Anniversary. Married 20 January Wallacetown

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E V Thornicroft, 50th, of Glencoe

C5          Marriage – 12 June, Marjorie Eileen Coulter, daughter of Mr & Mrs George James Coulter to Maxwell Cleveland Lumley, son of Mrs May & late D A Lumley

               Marriage – 9 June, Lydia Irene Gould, daughter of late Mr & Mrs John Gould, to Edmond Whaley Long, son of Mr & Mrs E D Long

               Marriage – 9 June, Dorothy Blanche Scidmore, daughter of Mrs & late Ernest Scidmore, to James Alexander McBain, son of John A McBain & late Mrs W Trigger

               Marriage – Saturday at Delhi, Norah Minerva Stewart to Alexander Robb

C7          Anniversary – 15 June, Mr & Mrs Andrew Roberts, nee Isabelle Newby, married 1887

Page 9

               Photo – Graduate nurses: Gwendolyn Nora Parker, Helen Grace Graham

C6          Died – at Hamilton Thursday, Miss Ambia Going, , daughter of Rev Going died 6 June 1936, & Margaret Hamilton died 1933

C7          Funeral – Benjamin Parker, 93 years, resident of Warwick Twp

               Funeral – James Adolph Waddle, resident of Warwick Twp

Page 11

               Photo – Ontario Hospital buildings

               Article – Port Stanley incorporated 63 years ago, history

Page 20

               Graduates: Sally King, Marjorie Luella Fraser

 C4          Engagement – Margie Lumley, daughter of Dr & Mrs C C Lumley, to Daniel Gillies, son of Mr & Mrs John Gillies

               Engagement – Helen Christena Sutherland, daughter of Mr & Mrs George Sutherland, to Howard Charles Yokom, son of Mr & Mrs Harry Yokom

               Engagement – Myrtle Hodgkins, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Hodgkins, to Duncan A Brown, son of Mr & Mrs Duncan Brown

               Engagement – Dorothy Margaret Welch, daughter of Mrs W S McTeer & late David Welch, to John Kenneth Harper, son of Mr & Mrs J Y Harper

               Engagement – Marjorie Bernadine Baldwin, daughter of Mrs B C Baldwin, to W J Aubrey Shapter, son of Rev & Mrs C P Shapter

               Engagement – Florence Edna Bingham, daughter of Mr & Mrs J W Bingham, to Louis W Castor, son of Mr & Mrs Orville Castor

               Engagement – Ethel Winnifred Leighfield, daughter of Mr & Mrs Andrew Leighfield, to Ronson Wilkinson, son of Mr & Mrs Aloy Wilkinson

               Engagement – Gertrude M Ford, daughter of Charles C Ford, to George F Small, son of Mr & Mrs John A Small

               Engagement – Marguerite Lillian Goodhue to Gordon McTaggart

               Engagement – Dollie Penrose to Alexander Gordon Tyrrell

C6          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Angus McIntosh, 10th

               Engagement – Margaret Cassie Mae Willey to Basil E Stoner

 C7          Photo – Ruth Marie Nelles, married to Dr Wilfred Thomas McFadzean


14 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 6

C2          Photo – Dorothy Martin, graduate nurse

C5          Died – George Murray, died Saturday London, 46 years

C7          Died – Miss Annie Campbell, died Saturday, 78 years, buried Black’s cemetery

Page 8

C6          Funeral – David McManus, Saturday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Funeral – Alfred Thomas Watson, Saturday, buried Old English cemetery

Page 9

C8          Born – Voaden12 June Toronto, daughter of Fred, {nee Hazel Whitcroft}

               Died – Clark13 June, Mrs Mattie Burley, 66 years, buried Union cemetery

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Evelyn Rae Routledge to Courtland Graham Carmichael

C4          Marriage – 5 June, Ruth Marguerite Caldwell, daughter of Mr & Mrs J E Caldwell, to George Teetzel, son of Mr & Mrs Frank Teetzel

               Marriage – Saturday London, Barbara Isabella Fraser to William Murray Anderson

Page 12

C6          Photo – Don Carter, baseball player

Page 16

C2          Died – Mrs Mattie Burley Clark, widow of Arthur, died Sunday, 66 years, buried Union cemetery


15 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Tuesday]

Page 2

C1          Visit – Mr & Mrs R W Matchett, of Vancouver, nee Flossie Norman

Page 6

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John C Smith, 50th, nee Katherine Scane

C6          Birthday – Mrs John Hunchberger

Page 8

C5          Marriage – James Cotton to Bessie Armstrong, Saturday

C8          Funeral – Malcolm McIntyre, Monday, buried New Glasgow cemetery

               Funeral –  Walter Topping, Monday, buried Old English cemetery

               Funeral – John Reid, Saturday, buried Dunboyne cemetery

Page 9

C8          Born – Pursel – 10 June, daughter of John

               Born – Clarke – 9 June, son of Harry

               Born – Overbaugh – 13 June, daughter of William

               Born – Reid – 8 June, Alistair Macintosh, son of Lachlan

               Born – Innes – 8 June, son of Douglas

               Born – Jensen – 8 June, son of Arne

               Born – Holmes – 2 June, son of Howard

               Born – Nagy – 7 June, son of Stephen

Page 10

C2          Marriage – 12 June, Bayfield, Hazel Marie Sparks, daughter of Mrs Salome & late John Sparks, to Bruce McGregor Smith, son of Mrs Margaret & late Colin Smith

               Marriage – Hilda Booth to Hugh Kelly Collver

               Marriage – 12 June, Inez Faye Prouse to Thomas Fleming

               Marriage – Irene Maud Daugharty, daughter of Mr & Mrs J F Daugharty, to Merrill Thomas Osborn, son of Mr & Mrs H A Osborn

C3          Marriage – 5 June, Georgina Hutchison to Daniel Brodie

C4          Engagement – Dorothy Lily Maude Pinder, daughter of Mr & Mrs A G Pinder, to Charles Frederick Adams, son of Mr & Mrs William Adams

               Engagement – Frances Catherine Campbell, daughter of Mr & Mrs W A Campbell, to Robert F Moffat, son of Rev & Mrs Walter Moffatt

               Engagement – Annis Beatrice Kydd to Joseph V Eagan

Page 14

C7          Photo – Maurice “Mutt” Kennedy, baseball player

Page 16

C3          Died – John Hayter, died Monday Glencoe, 70th year


16 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Wednesday]

Page 2

C8          Birthday – “Old Abe’ Durphy, resident of Blenheim, 85th

Page 3

C6          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Andrew Roberts, 50th, photo

Page 6

C2          Died – W Oscar Fenton, resident of Putnam, 45th year

               Died – Edwin Charles Davies, died Tuesday London, 45th year

               Died – John Hammond, 86 years, died Tuesday, resident of Delaware Twp

               Died – Mrs Margaret A McLachlin, 81 years, died Tuesday London, nee Graham

C3          Died – died Monday, Thomas Lloyd Walker, 2 years 3 months, buried Evergreen cemetery

C5          Birthday – Mrs Edward Griggs, resident of Pt Rowan, 91st year

C6          Died – Miss Ambia Going, died Hamilton, buried Chatham

C8          Funeral – Wednesday, Russell Herman, buried Mt Elgin cemetery

Page 8

C2          Reunion – Kelly & Feeney; Campbell; Gifford

C3          Photo – Mrs Marie Anne Crane, 97th year, born 1840, [Mrs Catherine Power is 95 on 10 July], daughter of Catherine Conrad & Francis Cutler, reared by Captain & Mrs Marlatt, married Edwin R Crane

C6          Died – Thomas Calvert Waller, 87 years, died Tuesday Tillsonburg, widower of Minnie E Le Eidige died 1936, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

Page 9

C1          Died – Mrs Agnes Howarth, died Tuesday Ft Erie, nee Hagerty, wife of George, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          Born – Meisner – 1 June, daughter of P

               Born – Windsor – 6 June at Nakina Ontario, Sylvia Margaret, daughter of Pilot & Mrs Andrew, {nee Katherine Margaret Pugh}

               Born – West – 16 June, Shirley Louise, daughter of John

               In Memoriam – McLaughlin, [Mr] A, died 16 June 1936

Page 10

C2          Marriage – Photo – Mary Gretchen Heyd, daughter of Mrs & late Louis Franklin Heyd, & niece of Mrs R H McConnell, to Frank Leonard Hancock, son of Mr & Mrs E D Hancock

               Marriage – Tuesday, Marguerite Anketell Culley to Rev Alvin H Harrison

               Marriage – Tuesday London, Dorothy Annette Rolfe to Rev Reginald Thomas Peel Appleyard

               Marriage – Strathroy, Mae L Hunter to John Shannon

C7          Engagement – Mary Alberta Plyley, daughter of Rev & Mrs A H  Plyley, to Roland Edwin Raynham, son of Mrs & late Arthur Raynham

               Engagement – Margaret Elizabeth Dawson to John Harwood Mitchell

               Engagement – Velma Laveen Richardson to Lee Jeffrey

Page 16

C1          Died – Mrs Hamilton Smith, 72nd year [no place, no date]


17 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Thursday]

Page 3

C3          Died – 3 June Toronto, Joseph E Saunders, 68 years

Page 6

C1          Died – William Fisher, Thursday, 78 years, buried Purcell cemetery

C2          Died – Reuben North, died London, 77th year

C4          Died – Edwin Hartley, of Oil Springs, 64th year, died Wednesday

C5          Funeral – John Hayter, of Glencoe, 70th year, Wednesday, buried Alvinston cemetery

Page 10

C2          Died – Harold Coates, died Monday Detroit

C4          Died – Mrs Stratton, died Frankfort

C5          Funeral – Elias Messecar, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

C6          Funeral – Mrs Mattie Clark,  Wednesday, buried Union cemetery

               Reunion – White

Page 12

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs M C Moore, 25th on 19 June

               Engagement – Margaret Augusta Marshall to Elmer Walter Young

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs R Lake, Jr, 25th, of London

               Shower – Marguerite Anketell Culley & Rev Alvin H Harrison

C5          Marriage – Laura Grace Honor to Ewart Ross Livingstone Hatch, on Monday

               Marriage – London, Juliet Jean Pressey, daughter of Mrs George Pressey, to Kenneth Ainsley Keillor, son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Keillor

               Marriage – Port Dover, Jessie Evelyn Snider to Bruce Robinson

               Marriage – Ridgetown, Thelma Alona Langford to Peter Verbrugge

Page 14

               Photos – Field Day events


18 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Friday]

Page 2

C3          Article – Gas Yard on Mondamin St, to be recreation area

Page 5

C3          Died – Tuesday, Oil Springs, George Edwin Hartley, 63 years, widower of Minnie Cates

Page 6

C2          Died – Mrs Nellie Smith, widow of Frederick O, died Thursday, 62nd year, nee Belmore, buried Aylmer cemetery

C4          Photo – graduate nurses: Irene Priddle, Bernice Vaughan, Jean Rickard

C5          Birthday – Mrs John Eagan, 86th

C7          Died – Mrs Frank Lovett, died Monday, Toronto

Page 8

C3          Marriage – Simcoe, Jean Stuart to John Ryan

               Marriage – Strathroy, Mabel Emily Statham to Clarence Millard Bryans

               Marriage – Oil Springs, Wednesday, Velma Viola Stinson to Russell Harold Harrison

               Marriage – Marion Emmeline Brown, daughter of Mr & Mrs Marshall Brown, to Harold H Hoshal, son of George Hoshal, at Pt Burwell

               Reunion – Page {Thomas & Mary}

C7          Died – Thursday, Benjamin Haines, 70th year, buried Richmond cemetery

Page 10

C4          Died – Mrs Margaret Graham McLachlin, died Tuesday, of London, daughter of Margaret Stewart, widow of Isaac McLachlin

C5          Died – John Sanderson, died Thursday Dereham twp, 79th year

               Funeral – Mrs Agnes Ellen Howarth, wife of G H, died Tuesday Fort Erie,  Thursday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 12

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs D Rogers, 58th

C3          Engagement – Florence Lilliam McKellar to Duncan John McEachren

C4          Marriage – Strathroy Tuesday, Mabel Emily Statham to Clarence Millard Bryans

               Marriage – 12 June, Gladys Irene Hollingshead, daughter of Mr & Mrs Wesley Hollingshead, to Glenn Omar Tanner, son of Mr & Mrs James Tanner

               Marriage – 17 June Windsor, Jean Bunclark to Leonard Robinson

Page 15

C3          Photo – Ken Kitchen, baseball player

Page 18

C1          Died – 8 June, Toronto, Miss Sarah Armstrong, daughter of Mary Mossop

               Died – at Schoolcraft Michigan, Miss Isabel Henderson, 79 years

 C2          Died – ThursdayAlbany, Georgia, Mrs John Risdon, of Toronto, 87 years, nee Jennie Fulton, buried St Thomas Cemetery


19 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Saturday]

Page 1

C2          Retirement – Dr F O Lawrence, cont’d p2 c6

Page 2

C4          Died – William G Murray, died Wednesday Strathroy, 70th year, son of Kate McIntosh, buried Strathroy cemetery

Page 6

C2          Funeral – Mrs H Dark, Friday, buried New Road cemetery, Tillsonburg

C3          Died – Miss Eliza McIntyre, died Thursday Toronto, buried Kilmartin cemetery

C7          Funeral – Thomas C Waller, Friday

Page 7

C6          Mr Ferguson’s article re James Geddes & Andrew Geddes, service in Civil War; Joe Deer’s farm

Page 8

C2          Died – Friday, Waterford, Frank O’Brien, 52 years

               Funeral – Mrs Margaret Nicol, widow of Rev Peter, Saturday, Simcoe, nee McKnight, 89th year, buried Oakland cemetery

C4          Died – Stanley N Casselton, died Tuesday Vittoria, 32nd year

               Died – Mrs Mary E Lester, died Brigden, nee Douglass, 73 years

C5          Died – Thursday Port Dover, Mrs Charles Teeple, 79th year, nee Janet Waddle

Page 12

C2          Photos – Graduates: Margaret Agnew, Alma Plastow, Muriel Cook, Helen Lyle

C4          Marriage – Tuesday Tillsonburg, Zola May Doub, daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Doub, to Earl Richard Thomas Marshall, son of Mr & Mrs William Marshall

               Marriage – Delhi, Norah Minerva Stewart to Alexander Robb

               Marriage – 19 May, Gladys LeCourtois, to Jack Balsdon

C7          Shower – Frances Fenton & Edward Poole

Page 14

C2          Marriage – Photos – Myrtle Hodgkins, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Hodgkins, to Duncan A Brown, son of Mrs & late Duncan Brown

C4          Engagement – Vera Irene Bond, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Bond, to John Elburn Rann, son of Mr & Mrs Henry Rann

               Shower – Ella Barton & Charles Eldert

               Shower – Yetive Honsinger & Mr Heard

               Shower – Leila Mitchener & Raymond Eberts

C5          Graduates: Enie Wyatt, granddaughter of Mr & Mrs Alexander Lyle

C7          Engagement – Pansy Wallington, daughter of late Mr & Mrs Walter Wallington, to Alfred George Yundt, son of late Mr & Mrs George Yundt

               Photos – Wedding party – Marjorie Coulter to Maxwell Lumley

Page 15

C3          Article – Orchard Beach, Port Stanley, property case

C4          Died – Mrs Sarah Jane Balkwill, Saturday, Timmons, widow of James, nee Ead, buried St Thomas mausoleum

C6          In Memoriam – Evert, Mrs, died 20 June 1933 (daughter, Mrs Joseph Rezar)

               In Memoriam – Staniforth, Mrs B, Jr, died 19 June 1933

C7          Funeral – Mrs John Risdon, Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          Born – Donald – 14 June Oil Springs, daughter of Kenneth, {nee Frances Robertson}

               Born – Jeffery – 12 June, John Daniel, son of John A

               Born – Gee – 6 June, daughter of Marlett

               Born – Hicks – 13 June, daughter of Kenneth

               Born – Phillips – 1 June, daughter of Lloyd

               Born – Hanselman – 15 June, daughter of Joseph

               Born – Dickey – 15 June, daughter of Thomas

               Born – Voaden – 16 June, son of C

               Died – Balkwill – died 19 June, Timmons, Mrs Sarah Jane, widow of James, buried St Thomas Mausoleum

               Died – Bamforth – died 18 June Simcoe, 87th year, Mary Ann Eylee, wife of John

               Died – McIntyre – died 18 June Toronto, Miss Eliza, buried Kilmartin cemetery

Page 18

C3          Died – W T Francis, Friday, Willard, Ohio, 87th year, buried Newark Ohio

C4          Died – Mrs Clara Couse Streib, wife of John, Friday, 61 years, buried Rodney cemetery


21 June 1937 (Last Edition) [Monday]

Page 2

C6          Died – Monday, Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Hunter, widow of William, 85th year, nee Lily, buried St Peter’s cemetery, Tyrconnell

Page 3

C4          Reunion – Bilyea

               Funeral – Mrs Nellie Smith, Saturday, buried Aylmer cemetery

Page 7

C8          Died – Hopperton, died 20 June Cleveland, Mrs Rachel, widow of Joseph, 84th year, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Burkbey, died 20 June, Mrs Frances Marta, 76 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Brown, died 21 June Byron, William Harold, 35 years, buried Union cemetery

               Died – Turner, died 21 June Delaware Twp, Mrs Mary Leach, wife of William Leach [sic]

               In Memoriam – Munt, George, died 21 June 1935

Page 9

C2          Reunion – (Benjamin) Hallman

C6          Died – William Macdonald, died Simcoe, 70th year, funeral on Tuesday, buried Evergreen cemetery, Lyndoch

Page 10

C1          Anniversary – 25th, Mr & Mrs M C (Cornelius) Moore, married 19 June 1912, nee Edna May Speiran,

C2          Marriage – 19 June Aylmer, Doris Loreen, daughter of Mr & Mrs Fred Light, to Reginald Arthur VI D’Amour, son of Abram & late Mrs D’Amour

               Marriage – Mary Eleanor Dorland to A Scott Montgomery, in London

               Marriage – Vera Gertrude Mooney to John Stuart Moorhouse, in London

C3          Marriage – Fern, daughter of Mrs Margaret & late Leon Dulong, to Lawrence Joseph, son of late Mr & Mrs Lawrence Pierce, on Saturday in Windsor

C4          Engagement – Ethel O’Neil to Charles Henry Miles Rock

               Marriage – Mrs G N White to Thomas Armstrong

Page 14

C1          Died – David Stirton, died Sunday Toronto, 77th year

C2          Died – Mrs Rachael Hopperton, widow of Joseph who died 1892, died Sunday Cleveland, 84 years

               Died – Mrs Frances Maria Burkbey, wife of John, died Sunday, 76 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C2          Article – St John Ambulance Brigade, photo of church parade

C5          Baptisms – at Central United church

               Died – William Harold Brown, of Port Stanley, died Monday Byron, 35 years, buried Union cemetery

               Died – Mrs Mary Leach, Monday, Delaware Twp, nee Turner, buried Delaware cemetery


22 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Tuesday)

Page 1

C2          Died – Ernest Symonds, 21 June, Welland, husband of Vera Hill, born 1901

C5          Died Mrs Amanda Lewis, TuesdayLondon, 75 years, accident, wife of Samuel

C7          Photo – Malcolm S Ferguson, PhD from University of Illinois

Page 2

C5          Reunion – Kelly – Feeney

Page 3

C3          Photo – F J McDonald, PhD from Ottawa University

Page 6

C2          Died – W Oscar Fenton, of Putnam area, 45th year, [no date]

               Funeral – Mrs Charles Teeple, buried Port Dover cemetery

C5          Funeral – Everett “Harry” Pinder, 47 years, buried Lakeview, died Leamington

Page 8

C3          Died – Frank Wimmer, Friday, Simcoe, buried LaSalette cemetery, 88 years

               Died – Donald M Northcott, died Monday Strathroy, 58th year, husband of Ethel Bond

               Funeral – William Fisher, [no date], 78 years, Saturday, buried Purcell cemetery

C5          Died – David Stirton, Sunday, Toronto, 77th year, widower of Esther Nesbitt, husband of Fatima Nigh, buried Springfield cemetery

C6          Died – George Oliver Moore, Saturday, Port Rowan, buried Franklin cemetery

Page 9

C1          Memorial for Capt William Drake, by great granddaughter Mrs C McClary Gartshore & Mrs T McClary Gunn

               Died – Louis Milton Hagerty, died Tuesday, 41 years, husband of Gladys, buried Fingal cemetery

C2          Died – Joseph Sifton, died Tuesday London, husband of Sarah Couse

C8          Born – Anger, born 21 June, son of Gene

               Born – Hall, born 17 June, daughter of Clinton                                                    

               Born – Mergl, born 16 June, son of Henry

               Born – Martin, born 16 June, daughter of John

               Born – Hewitt, born 11 June, son of Edgar

               Born – Haskett, born 11 June, son of Ernest

               Born – Cosley, born 11 June, daughter of Stanton

               Born – Reid, born 17 June, son of Milton

               Died – Symonds, died 21 June Welland, Ernest Clement, husband of Vera Hill, 36th year [no burial place given]

               Died – Leach, 21 June Delaware Twp, Mrs Mary, wife of William, nee Turner, buried Delaware cemetery

Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Mary McMillan, died Tuesday London, widow of John, buried Simpson cemetery

C2          Marriage – Gladys Evelyn Towle to John Duncan Gillies

               Marriage – Florence Cathleen Hunter, daughter of Dr & Mrs J A MacLean, to Alfred Robert, son of Alfred & late MRs Huisgen

               Marriage – Saturday Petrolia, Clara Mae Barwise, daughter of Mrs Laur, to Calvin Nelson Taylor

C4          Marriage – Annie Alma, daughter of Mr & Mrs S S Skinner, to Clifford D, son of Mr & Mrs Percival B Walmsley, at Bracebridge

C5          Birthday – Mr J E Whittingham, 70 years

Page 13

C3          Reunion – Baker (William & Margaret)

Page 16

C3          Birthday – photo, John S Fraser, 82 years

C3          Presentation plaque to Sergeants’ Mess, Elgin Regiment

C4          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Emerson Everett, of Simcoe, 50th, nee Emma Pattison


23 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Wednesday)

Page 5

C2          Died – A L Campbell, died 2 June Brandon, Manitoba, 57th year

Page 6

C1          Died – Stanley Dusza, 35 years, died 23 June Simcoe

               Died – Frederick Husband, died Tuesday Byron, husband of Susan

C6          Funeral – Joseph Sifton, Friday St Thomas, died London, buried Banner cemetery, Oxford County, son of Rebecca Jane Carpenter, 76th year, husband of Sarah Couse

Page 7

               Died – George Geddes, died 18 June Leamington, 84th year

Page 8

C2          Funeral – P B Haines, Saturday

C5          Reunion – Rohrer

C7          Funeral – Mrs Sarah Jane Balkwill, Tuesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs William Gordon, Stratford, buried Avondale cemetery

Page 9

C4          Died – Mr McClung, died Brantford, in late 80’s, funeral in Brantford Friday

               Died – Mrs Agnes Smithers, widow of Stephen, died 22 June Woodstock, buried Old English cemetery

               Article – visit of Bert & Fred Miller, sons of John Miller

 C8          Died – Symonds, 21 June, Welland, Ernest Clement, husband of Vera Hill, 36th year, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Sifton, died 22 June London, Joseph, husband of Sarah Couse, 76th year, buried Banner cemetery

               Died – Hagerty, died 22 June, Louis Milton, husband of Gladys, 41 years, buried Fingal cemetery

Page 10

C4          Marriage – today at Port Credit, Nora Horton to Rev. John Andrew McDermid

               Birthday – Marlene Williams, 4th

C6          Marriage – 19 June Langton, Avis Eileen Gillard to Murray Lewis Webb

Page 16

C3          Presentation to Sgt William Rendle, photo


24 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Thursday)

Page 1

C2          Article – St Thomas Rifle Association winners: G I Orr, J N Bradley, John Holland, George Hubert, Joe Kenney, A Littlejohn, cont’d p2c8

C4          Birthday – Mrs Howard Johnson, nee Maria Burwell, 102nd, cont’d p8c6, born 26 June 1835

Page 2

C3          Article – monument, “Springbank Snow Countess”, Holstein cow

Page 6

C2          Birthday – MacKenzie Procunier, 86th

C3          Died – Mrs Blanch Cullen, wife of Gordon, died Wednesday Niagara Falls, nee DeZeng, 38 years, buried Sparta cemetery

Page 8

C1          Article – Frank Herbert Brown, knighted, brother of Rev J B Brown

C2          Reunions – Ferguson; Ball-Balsdon; Gilbert

               Funeral – Miss Eliza McIntyre, died Friday Toronto, buried Sunday Kilmartin cemetery

C3          Funeral – Mrs Clara Couse Streib, wife of John, 61 years, Monday, buried Rodney cemetery

               Funeral – David Stirton, Wednesday, buried Springfield cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Rachel Hopperton, Wednesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – William Harold Brown, Wednesday, buried Union cemetery

C4          Funeral – Mrs Frances Burkbey, Wednesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Mary Leach, Wednesday, buried Christ Church cemetery, Delaware

C5          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John N Murray, 30th

Page 9

C8          Died – Sifton, died 22 June London, Joseph, husband of Sarah Couse, 76th year, buried Banner cemetery

               Died – Cullen, died 23 June Niagara Falls, Mrs Blanche, wife of Gordon, nee DeZang, [3?] years, buried Sparta cemetery [Dezeng – CVH]

Page 10

C1          Birthday – Mrs James Rogers, 90th, nee Wilcox

C2          Engagement – Belva Jean, daughter of F P & late Mrs Lewis, to Lyle, son of C R & late Mrs Cook

               Engagement – Ethel Orrell to Charles Henry Miles Rock

               Marriage – Norah Mary Angela Sampson to Frederick Martin Price Watts, 19 June Montreal

C5          Marriage – 19 June Glencoe, Dollie Penrose Trestan to Alexander Gordon Tyrell

               Marriage – Strathroy, Ada Kathleen Drake to Charles Robert Brumwell


25 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Friday)

Page 3

C4          Funeral – Ernest C Symonds, Thursday, buried Elmdale cemetery

C5          Died – Frederick Bambrick, 64 years, died Friday, husband of Adaline, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 5

C5          Reunion – Cooper-Beacham

Page 6

C5          Died – David T Henderson, died Friday, born 1864, buried Frome cemetery

C7          Birthday – Mrs Janet McMurchy, 93rd, widow of John

               Died – John Hammond, died London, resident of Delaware Twp, 87th year

Page 7

C3          Died – Mrs M H Gosnell, died Chatham {no date}, nee Annie Marshall

Page 10

C2          Birthday – John H Teall, 90th on Thursday

C3          Died – Mrs Annie Lang Hench, widow of Rev Elmer, died Tuesday Toronto, resident of St Thomas, buried Brock’s Creek cemetery, Eagle

C5          Born – Galbraith, 16 June, William Lloyd George, son of Lloyd

               Born – Mephan, 15 June, son of Wilfred

               Born – Foster, 18 June, son of Sidney

C6          Funeral – Mrs Mary McMillan, widow of John C, Thursday, buried Simpson’s cemetery

Page 11

C7          Funeral – Louis Milton Hagerty, Thursday, buried Fingal cemetery

C8          Died – Bambrick, died 25 June, Frederick, husband of Addie, 64 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Hench, died 24 June Toronto, Mrs Annie Lang, buried Brock’s Creek cemetery

               Died – Henderson, died 25 June, David T, 64th year, buried Frome cemetery

Page 12

C1          Article – visit of Mr & Mrs Wallace Hicks, Edith & Mrs Gertrude Quibell

C2          Shower – Helen Caughell & David W Currie

C4          Marriage – Saturday, Clinton, Marion, daughter of Mr & Mrs George Bayley, to Charles, son of late Mr & Mrs Charles Kennington

               Marriage – Saturday Windsor, Dorothy Mae, daughter of Mrs Lavina & late Fred Littlejohns, to Duncan, son of Mrs Eva & late John McPhail

               Marriage – 23 June Courtland, Kathleen Eula Christo to James Earl Boughner

               Marriage – 19 June Burgessville, Florence Marie Card to Anthony Clark Shervill

               Marriage – 23 June London, Ethel Winnifred Leighfield to Ronson Wilkinson

C5          Marriage – 12 June New Albany, Indiana, Corah E Saunders to John E Piper


26 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Saturday)

Page 6

C7          Funeral – Mrs Blanch Cullen, Friday, buried Union cemetery

               Funeral – Joseph Sifton, Friday, buried Banner cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Sarah E Hunter, widow of William, Wednesday, buried St Peter’s cemetery

Page 9

C4          Article – Poultry farm of Jack Olde

Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Margaret Ann Glassco, 76 years, widow of John M, died Chatham, nee Breaton

C3          Died – George Precious, died Glencoe, 83rd year

C5          Funeral – Fred Bambrick

Page 12

C5          Marriage – Helen Elizabeth, daughter of Mr & Mrs J A Campbell, to Owen Matthew, son of Edwin & late Mrs Rosser, on Saturday

               Marriage – Edna May, daughter of Mrs E D Latham, to William H, son of Mr & Mrs E Herbert, on Thursday

               Marriage – Ruth Eileen, daughter of Justus & late Mrs Elliott, to Lyman G Tansley, 19 June

C6          Marriage – Margaret Elizabeth Howe to Earl Roff, son of Mr & Mrs William Lounsberry, on Thursday at Port Rowan

               Marriage – 26 June, Anne, daughter of Mr & Mrs Alfred G Grogan, to Frank E, son of Mr & Mrs H B Worthington

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Edward A Mitchener, 35th, nee Rebecca McCrimmon, married 25 June 1902

               Reception for Leila Mitchener & R J Eberts

Page 14

C2          Photo – Jean McPherson

C3          Shower – Margaret Lumley & Dan Gillies

C4          Engagement – Muriel Irene, daughter of Mr & Mrs S Graham, to Dr J Gordon Millar

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G A Harriman, 25th, married 27 June 1912 England

C7          Shower – Helen Elizabeth Campbell & Owen M Rosser

C6-8       Engagement – photos – Dr Herbert Milton Shepherd Tait to Mary Alice Root, married 10 July Oakville, grandniece of Mrs J H McGeary

Page 15

C3          Died – Friday London, Richard Edward Houghton, 73rd year, husband of Florence, buried Woodstock cemetery

C4          Article – visit of Dr L F Sherman, nephew of Nathaniel Vail, played in 25th Regiment Band

C7          Born – Cattel, 23 June, son of Harold

               Born – Lawson, 22 June, Catherine Elaine, daughter of Alfred

               Born – Braybrook, 4 June Peru, son of William, {nee Irene Lindsay}

               Born – Strothers, 17 June, Ida Ann, daughter of Frederick

               Born – Dickey, 15 June, daughter of Thomas

               Born – Fluellyn, 17 June, son of Rev

               Born – Hanselman, 15 June, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Joseph E, {nee Betty Scofield}

               Born – Magee, 6 June, daughter of Herbert [stillborn]

               Born – Mitts, 1 June, daughter of Mahlon

C8          In Memoriam – Sinclair, James, died 26 June 1936

               In Memoriam – Urquhart, Mr, died 26 June 1927

               In Memoriam – Buchan, Mrs Elizabeth, died 26 June 1926

Page 18

C1          Died – Mrs Mary Olney, died London

               Funeral – Mrs Lydia Turner, Thursday Windsor, 52 years, wife of William, buried Victoria Park cemetery, Windsor

               Died – Robert Wallace, died Friday London, husband of Emily Jane

C2          Reunion – McVicar

C3          Photo – William Meek McCance, graduation

C4          Article – business of Edgar H Flach, 50 years, biography


28 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Monday)

Page 2

C1          Memorial to Capt Drake, by great granddaughters: Mrs William Gartshore & Mrs W A Gunn

Page 5

C6          Article – Elgin Bugle Band, places 2nd at Waterloo festival

C7          Died – Arthur Willis, died Sunday due to heat, 51 years, buried Bostwick cemetery, Hamilton Rd

               Died – Malcolm Buchanan, died Sunday due to heat, 83 years, husband of Flora Currie, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Frederick Zimmer, 72 years, died Friday Delhi

Page 8

C2          Photo – Aylmer mayor, Dr  H J Davis

               Funeral – Mrs Annie Lang Hench, Saturday, buried Brock’s Creek cemetery

               Funeral – David Henderson, Sunday, buried Frome cemetery

Page 9

C1          Died – Miss Mary Mildren, died Birmingham, England

Page 10

C1          Shower – Trudie Green & James Douglas Munro, marriage on 24 July Vancouver

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas R Erwin, 18th

C4          Marriage – on Saturday, Gladys Jean, daughter of Mrs Annie & late Walter Lorne Galloway, to Alan, son of Mr & Mrs J H Westwell

               Marriage – on Friday Blenheim, Evelyn Shillington to L M A Smith

Page 12

C7          Photo – Mike Dobson, baseball player

Page 16

C2          Died – Sunday, Frank Haight, 74 years, buried Old English cemetery

C4          Photo – Rev J H Stainton, retirement


29 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Tuesday)

Page 8

C1          Shower – Helen Caughell & William Currie

C3          Birthday – Mr Procunier, 86th

C6          Funeral – Frederick Bambrick, died 17 June, Saturday, buried Elmdale cemetery

C7          Reunion – Smith

Page 9

C2          Died – Patrick Mullen, died Tuesday, 57 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Stanley Dusza, Friday, 35th year, buried LaSalette cemetery

C8          Born – Watt, 22 June, son of W P

               Born – Bauer, 25 June, daughter of Steven

               Born – Lusk, 24 June, son of Jack

               Born – Ross, 24 June, John Gavin, son of R Hamilton

               Died – Haight, died 27 June, Frank, husband of Lillian Burke, buried Old English cemetery

               Died – Mullen, died 29 June, Patrick, 57 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Baker, died 28 June Stevensville, Arthur S, husband of Nina A Zimmerman, 60th year, buried St John’s cemetery, Ridgemount

               In Memoriam – King, Mrs Kate, died 29 June 1936

Page 10

C5          Marriage – Saturday, Thelma Catherine, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ormond Mills, to Wayon, son of Mr & Mrs George Quick

               Marriage – Wednesday Simcoe, Bessie Evelyn Robbins to Carrol L Perry

C6          Marriage – Saturday, Aileen Isabelle, daughter of Andrew & late Lena Monteith to Reginald William, Thorp, son of Mrs George Waite & late Martin Thorp

               Marriage – in London, Margaret Isabel Wyatt to Jack Alexander McDougall

               Marriage –  in London, Mabel Barbour to George Hamilton Gillespie

C7          Marriage – 26 June, Marie, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Sheelon to Ralph Rice

Page 16

C2          Died – Arthur S Baker, died Monday Stevensville, 60th year, husband of Mina A Zimmerman, buried St John’s cemetery, Ridgemount

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G C Petty, 60th on Monday, of Hensall


30 June 1937 (Last Edition) (Wednesday)

Page 3

C6          Reunion – Stover

Page 8

C3          Reunion – Wintermute

C5          Funeral – Frederick Zimmer, Monday, 73 years, buried Delhi cemetery

C7          Birthday – Miss Annie Copeland, 80th

Page 9

C2          Died – Mrs Alice Whiting, widow of John E, died Monday Strathroy, 81st year, daughter of Duncan Parker & Mary Bolton

C8          Born – Taylor, 30 June, Marion Eleanor, daughter of Norman, {nee Laverne Bignell}

               Born – Nelson, 25 June Fort Erie, daughter of Harold, {nee Margaret McMillan}

               In Memoriam – Kelly, Robert Henry, died 30 June 1935

Page 10

C2          Marriage – Photo of bride – 15 June Simcoe, Zola May, daughter of Mr & Mrs A C Doub, to Earll Dalgleish Marshall

C3          Marriage – 18 June, Mary Isobel, daughter of Mrs A L Charlton, to Donald L, son of Mr & Mrs William Knight

               Marriage – Saturday Niagara Falls, Myrtle Hodgkins, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Hodgkins, to Duncan A, son of Mrs Duncan & late Mr Brown

               Marriage – at Glencoe, Florence Lillian McKellar to Duncan John McEachren

C4          Marriage – Nora Merle, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Cole, to Lyal Edward, son of Mr & Mrs E Lightfoot, 26 June

               Marriage – at Delaware, Dorothy Francis Grigg to Charles Bowden Lucas

C5          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Fletcher, of Tilbury, nee Isobel Dawson, 65th, married Scotland

C7          Shower – Lila Ormerod & Peter J Lowry

               Engagement – Elizabeth Souter Turnbull, niece of Mr & Mrs F G Hill,  to Monson Searth Fotheringham

Page 16

C5          Died – Robert Bailey, died Saturday Los Angeles, member of 91st  Battalion, buried Inglewood cemetery, Los Angeles