STTJ 1940

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada 1940
Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS
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2 January 1940


Page 2

c6        Died – Harry Dromgole, 65th year


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Clarence Gifford, dau of Sidney Parker, 71st year

c3        Died – William J. Graham

c4        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs E. A. Patient

c5        Died – Mrs. Charles F. Burkholder, 1 Jan; 75th year

c5        90th birthday of John Pollard


Page 7

c1        Died – Nettie Travers

c8        Born – son of Earl Britton, 25 Dec 1939

c8        Born – Norma Jean Hoshal, 28 Dec 1939

c8        Born – Robert Bruce Murray, 1 Jan

c8        Died – Harriet E. Tucker, 31 Dec 1939


Page 8

c5        Married – John F. McNiven to Margaret Lyle

c5        Married – Percy William Brain to Mrs. Ada Maude Hunter, 22 Dec 1939

c5        Married – Leslie Carey to Edna McColl

c5        Married – Harold Alexander Gaines to Elizabeth Reath

c5        Married – John Cawthra Spry to Jean Viola Cardiff

c5        Married – James Rust Cameron to Marian Leone White


Page 9

c2        Died – Charles Skellett, 74th year


Page 14

c1        Died – Grace Christy, nee Crosson

c4        Died – Mrs. James Tucker


3 January 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert Casement, age 41, nee Cleo Sutton


Page 6

c1        Died – Robert Howe

c8        Died – Sarah Burgey Goodbrand, age 68


Page 8

c2        Died – George D. Kaufman, 71st year


Page 9

c5        Born – Gary Cline, 26 Dec 1939 (nee Margaret Worden)

c5        Born – Charles Adamson Low, 31 Dec 1939

c5        Born – Sheila Elaine Stirling, 1 Jan (nee Jean DeLacy)

c7        Died – Mrs. Clarence J. Gifford


Page 10

c1        55th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Fingland

c4        Married – Lawrence Wilbur Allen to Dora Viola Carter, 1 Jan

c4        Married – William Kenaly Holmes to Norma Kathleen Ralf

c4        Married – Charles Gordon Boyd to Mary Priscilla Clark

c4        Married – Leonard W. O’Brien to Frances Elizabeth Hooley, 30 Dec 1939


Page 16

c1        Died – Eva Molson


4 January 1940


Page 3

c1        Died – J. Wesley Brooks, 79th year


Page 6

c2        Died – Ella Patterson, age 75 (nee Ella Lusty)


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. Edward Suffel, 77th year (nee Minerva Marr)

c2        Died – John Wesley Brooks, 79th year

c2        Died – Mrs. Hiram Hodgson, 86th year

c5        Died – Thomas Ladd

c5        Died – Mrs. James Tucker


Page 9

c1        Died – John Henry Bell, 63rd year

c2        Died – Duncan McGill, age 75

c3        Died – Hugh Fulton, age 73

c7        Died – W. John Graham

c8        Died – Wilma Florence Hutchinson, 4th year

c8        Died – Eliza Ann Dawson, 3 Jan

c8        Died – Hugh Fulton, 4 Jan


Page 10

c6        Married – Ransom Nelson Lounsbury to Winona Cantelo

c6        Married – Thomas Harold Sherritt to Marion Elva Sinclair, 1 Jan

c6        Married – Dr. Malcolm Franklin Crawford to Jane Hickey

c6        Married – Horace C. Holland to Melba J. Nicol, 30 Dec 1939

c6        Married – David S. Howe to Lydia Jean McArthur, 3 Jan

c6        Married – Archie McAlpine to Margaret Belle Clarke

c7        Married – Glenn Charles Reicheld to Mirna Ruth Swanton

c8        Married – Abraham Baer to Florence May Pressey, 30 Dec 1939


5 January 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Mrs. James Goodbrand

c6        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Arthur Brumpton


Page 7

c8        Born – son of Joseph Angi, 29 Dec 1939

c8        Born – twins: Marjory Jean Clarkson and Mary Elizabeth Clarkson, 3 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Ros Gillis, 24 Dec 1939

c8        Born – son of Theodore Ludwig, 30 Dec 1939

c8        Born – twin sons of Ian Marshall, 3 Jan

c8        Born – son of Homer Pettit, 20 Dec 1939

c8        Born – dau of Elwood Stilwell, 31 Dec 1939

c8        Died – Hugh Russell Fulton, 4 Jan

c8        Died – Edward Albert Gosnell, 4 Jan, age 80


Page 8

c6        Married – John Vincent Wurges to Verna Jane Brown

c6        Married – Milton Neal to Marydean Dafoe


Page 9

c2        Died – Ella Patterson


Page 14

c3        Died – Edward Albert Gosnell, 80th year


6 January 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Dr. Alex M. Sowler, age 68


Page 9

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs David MacRitchie, 10 Dec 1939

c6        Died – Freeman Browett, age 73

c6        Died – Catherine Gallagher, age 48


Page 10

c5        Married – Leo James Brown to Eileen Picking, 4 Jan

c5        Married – Dr. Bruce L. Gerhard to Mary Rose Quinn

c5        Married – George Breedon to Marian Isabell Christine Ross

c5        Married- Kenneth William Ashbaugh to Jean Isabella Stewart

c5        Married – John Garfield Allan to Grace Ethlyn Gough

c5        Married – Kenneth J. Butler to Roberta M. Poole, 1 Jan

c5        Married – John Brough Hughes to Mabel Aileen Edwards, 27 Dec 1939

c5        Married – Beverley Hamilton Hampson to Isobel Helen Alteman

c6        Married – Robert Montague Archer to Mary Bedford Bigelow


Page 15

c8        Died – Mrs. Ed Suffel

c8        Born – Anna Margaret Graham, 1 Jan

c8        Born – dau of J. A. Scott, 4 Jan (nee Maud E. Vickery)

c8        Died – Catherine Gallagher, 5 Jan


8 January 1940


Page 1

c5        Died – Dr. William George Mitchell, 52nd year


Page 6

c3        Died – Pearl Irene Marshall

c3        Died – Eliza Ann Dawson

c3        Died – Catherine Hodgson

c3        Died – J. Wesley Brooks

c5        Died – Dr. Alex Sowler


Page 7

c2        Died – Margaret Turnbull

c2        Died – John M. Stuart

c8        Died – George J. Bechill, 7 Jan, 82nd year

c8        Died – Christina Gliddon, 7 Jan, 84th year


Page 11

c8        Married – William Eric Baggs to Amelia Gibbs Martin

c8        Married – Duncan K. MacTavish to Jane Southam

c8        Married – George Gibbons Ronald Harris to Norah Catherine Lyle


Page 14

c1        Died – Hazel Lusty Gordon

c3        Died – Christina Gliddon

c3        Died – George J. Bechill


9 January 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – John Griffin Maginn, 91st year


Page 3

c6        Died – John Kirkwood, age 86


Page 6

c8        Died – Duncan McGill


Page 7

c5        Died – Hugh Russel Fulton

c8        Died – Margaret Turnbull, 8 Jan, 75th year

c8        Died – John Griffin Maginn, 8 Jan, age 90


Page 11

c1        Died – Hezekiah Overbaugh

c4        Died – Mrs. Stuart Patterson


10 January 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – George Welch, age 38


Page 6

c6        Died – Donald Alexander Baldwin

c6        Died – Catherine Gallagher

c6        Died – John Griffin Maginn

c6        Died – H. A. Colter

c8        Married – Michael Kuchar to Dorothy Viola Chandler


Page 7

c1        Died – Catherine Hall


Page 8

c8        Born – Charles James Teetzel, 4 Jan

c8        Died – Donald Alexander Baldwin, 10 Jan


11 January 1940


Page 2

c2        Died – Dr. W. G. Mitchell


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. J. J. Betzner , nee Christina Middlemiss


Page 8

c6        Died – Dr. Alex Sowler

c6        Died – George Welch


Page 9

c2        Died – Eliza Schmid, age 82, nee Humphrey

c8        Died – Christina Gliddon

c8        Died – J. K. Macpherson, 10 Jan, 81st year

c8        Died – Susan Ann Rayner, 10 Jan, 64th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Ross C. Lumley to Mildred Jean Warren

c4        Married- Ernest Frederick Harrington to Mary Kathleen Buchanan


Page 16

c3        Died – Mrs. John W. Rayner, age 64


12 January 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – J. K. Macpherson


Page 8

c1        Died – George Behill

c8        Died – John W. McLeod, 78th year


Page 9

c8        Born – Audrey Grace Watson, 12 Jan, stillborn (nee Mabel Vaughan)


Page 10

c7        Married – Roland J. Whelan to Irene Levesque


13 January 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Emery Pressey

c2        Died – Susan Ann Rayner

c7        Died – Mrs. McEwan


Page 9

c2        Married – Lawrence Wilbur Allan to Dora Viola Carter

c5        Married – Rev. Earl J. Treusch to Marjorie May Cooper

c5        Married – John Douglas Hay to Mary Helen Garrett

c5        Married – William E. Harvey to Arillia Mary Piros

c5        Married – Norman Joseph Hodder to Frances Laurena Humphrey, 6 Dec 1939

c5        Married – Fred Pafford to Edna Mitchell, 30 Dec 1939


Page 14

c2        Married – Gordon Patterson to dau of Wilford Stern

c6        Engagement – Katharine Nadine Harty to John S. Corbett


Page 15

c4        Died – George Welch

c8        Born – dau of Jack Boothman, 10 Jan

c8        Born – son of Foster Patrick, 8 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Alex McLellan, 11 Jan

c8        Born – John Daniel Hagerty, 9 Jan

c8        Born – Harvey Francis Walker, 25 Dec 1939, nee Rachel Wilson

c8        Born – son of Joseph Krupicz, 6 Jan

c8        Born – son of Ernest Martin, 7 Jan

c8        Born – son of Cecil Martin, 8 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Joseph Smet, 2 Jan


Page 18

c3        Died – Helen Smith Genoff, age 2

c4        Died – Annie Rawson


15 January 1940


Page 2

c5        Died – Scott Willey, 83rd year


Page 3

c2        Died – Mary Somersall, age 91


Page 8

c1        Died – George Williams, 70th year

c3        Died – Emma Pearce, 80th year

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert Casement

c8        Died – John K. McPherson

c8        Died – Donald Alexander Baldwin


Page 9

c1        Died – Francis Jaques, age 64

c3        Died – Eliza Schmid

c8        Born – William Charles Gillick, 11 Jan, nee Joyce Wise

c8        Born – William Lewis Koyle, 12 Jan

c8        Born – Richard Donovan Williams, 12 Jan

c8        Born – Wesley Wayne Whalls, 11 Jan


Page 10

c4        Married – Gordon Patterson Copeman to Kathryn McColl Stern

c4        Married – Lyle Edwin Nesbitt to Elsie Dorothy Mills


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs. Joseph Roberts

c5        Died – John Lawton


16 January 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Melvin Mitz

c3        Died – Helen Smith Genoff


Page 7

c8        Born – Shirley Mary Smith, 13 Jan

c8        Born – Robert Douglas Young, 12 Jan

c8        Died – Annie Louise Lavery Pulford, 15 Jan age 66

c8        Died – Alfred Shulver, 15 Jan, age 90


Page 8

c3        Married – Alvin Hewer to Margaret Pearl Hoover

c3        Married – Lloyd Churchill to Martha Ruth Carter

c3        Married – Adam Zimmerman to Clara Johnson

c5        35th anniversary of Mr & Mrs J. Gordon Turnbull


Page 9

c6        Died – William Acel Foster, 33rd year


Page 14

c1        Died – Charles Stiltz

c1        Died – Mrs. J. B. Oke

c2        Died – Alfred Shulver, age 90


17 January 1940


Page 2

c6        Died – John McLeod


Page 8

c8        Died – Mrs. Dugald Patterson, 16 Jan, nee Florence Branchflower


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. Neil Campbell, 84th year, nee Clara Martiness

c8        Died – John Scott, 16 Jan, age 62

c8        Died – Clarissa Campbel, 16 Jan, age 83


Page 10

c3        Died – Margaret Rose Bearss, infant dau of Homer

c6        Married – Harley Louis Johnson to Alice Jane Berry, 15 Jan

c6        Married – Alvin Maurice Hewer to Margaret Pearl Hoover, 13 Jan


Page 16

c1        Died – Charles Stiltz

c1        Died – Lester W. Balmer

c6        Died – John Scott, age 62


18 January 1940


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs. Howard Burnham

c4        Died – George Williams

c4        Died – Leon Barbier, 45th year


Page 9

c8        Born – dau of Gerald Osterhout, 14 Jan, nee Inez Wereley

c8        Born – Nancy Louisa Pearce, 14 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Daniel Rogers, 12 Jan


Page 10

c4        Married – Herbert Charles Chanda to Dorothy Elaine Smith

c4        Married – Frank Westoby Ball to Margaret Crozier

c4        Married – Lester John Lankin to Marjorie Edith Hanson


19 January 1940


Page 1

c2        Born – son of Cecil Arden


Page 8

c3        Died – Lillian Isabel Harkness, age 56, nee Cousins


Page 9

c2        Died – Annah Cummings, age 66, nee Millman

c6        Died – Alfred Shulver

c7        Born – Jane Lillian Mitchener, 17 Jan, nee Lillian Lang

c7        Died – Annah Cummings, 18 Jan, age 66

c7        Died – James Mitchell, 19 Jan, age 89

c7        Died – Lilly B. Harkness, 18 Jan


Page 9

c2        Died – James Mitchell, age 89


20 January 1940


Page 1

c3        Died – Mary Ann Avery, age 106, nee Jeffery


Page 2

c3        Died – Jane Peters, 64th year


Page 6

c2        Died – Mary Charlton, 16 Jan, 91st year


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. Duncan McIntyre, 23 Dec 1939


Page 10

c1        Married – George Archie Binns to Marjorie Irene Redding

c1        Married – John Garfield Allan to Grace Ethlyn Gough


Page 15

c4        Died – Clara Campbell

c4        Died – John Scott

c4        Died – Florence Paton

c4        Died – Dan Gray

c5        Born – Wayne George Quick, 17 Jan, nee Thelma Mills

c5        Born – dau of Ralph Addeman, 9 Jan

c5        Born – Carol Anne Reycraft, 10 Jan

c5        Born – son of Stephen Payne, 16 Jan

c5        Born – son of Wray Dobly, 16 Jan

c5        Born – dau of Ross Delaney, 15 Jan

c5        Born – dau of Durward Stonebridge, 15 Jan

c5        Born – dau of Thomas McCarey, 14 Jan

c5        Born – son of Gordon Earls, 13 Jan

c5        Born – dau of Donald Ross Clark, 13 Jan

c5        Born – son of Yates Ecker, 15 Jan

c5        Born – dau of Lloyd Lambert, 15 Jan, nee Annie Kerridge

c5        Born – son of Frank Sypher

c5        Died – Susannah Cummings, 18 Jan, age 66

c5        Died – Mary Charlton, 16 Jan; 91st year


22 January 1940


Page 1

c4        Died – Dr. E. W. McNiece


Page 8

c1        Died – Dr. Ernest Wilson McNiece, 50th year


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs. Philip Rice, 53rd year, nee Viola Beatrice Marshall

c8        Died – Raymond Joseph Gauthier, 20 Jan, age 45

c8        Died – Ellen Robinson, 21 Jan

c8        Died – George Waite, 22 Jan, 84th year

c8        Died – Ruth Wilkinson, 22 Jan, age 63


Page 10

c6        Married – Horace Glaves to Mildred Jean Buckpitt, 21 Jan

c6        Married – George Nelson Turner to Jean Lounsberry, 13 Jan

c6        Married – William Melvin Newton to Jean Eleanor Holtby, 21 Jan

c6        Married – John William Webster to Shirley Elizabeth MacLean

c6        Married – Thomas D’Arcy McGee to Norah Darling Fleck

c7        Married – Lloyd Churchill to Martha Ruth Carter, 14 Jan

c7        Married – John Kiley Richardson to Lois Elfredda Daley


Page 16

c3        Died – Raymond J. Gauthier, age 45

c3        Died – Ellen Robinson

c3        Died – Ruth Wilkinson

c5        Died – George Waite, 84th year


23 January 1940


Page 1

c3        Died – Dr. Kenneth H. McKay, age 35


Page 6

c1        Died – Elizabeth Gray, age 63, nee Newcombe

c6        Died – Mrs. Oscar C. Cronk

c8        Died – Mrs. John A. Harkness

c8        Died – James Mitchell


Page 7

c2        Died – Grace Leonore Ross, age 21, nee Rock

c4        Died – Suzanne Cummings

c8        Died – Grace Leonore Ross, 23 Jan, age 21


Page 8

c3        Married – Reginald Wentworth Clinton to Beatrice Irene King

c3        Married – Percy Ashton to Muriel Trudgeon


24 January 1940


Page 6

c3        53rd anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles Kimmerley, 30 Dec 1939, nee Annie Cottier

c8        Died – Annie McMillan, 80th year, nee McNiven


Page 8

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs George Smith


Page 9

c7        Born – James Francis Humble, 15 Jan; nee Lillian Wilson

c8        Born – Jo-Ann Louise Smith, 23 Jan, nee Christine Jennings

c8        Born – son of William Adams, 18 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Eric Ball, 17 Jan

c8        Born – son of Reginald Bamforth, 21 Jan

c8        Died – Nelson Hardy, 24 Jan, 72nd year


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Arthur C. Woodworth, dau of Angus McIntyre

c6        Married – Edward Stuart Randall to Dorothy Grace Montgomery

c6        Married – Carl M. Knight to Doris Mae Creamer, 20 Jan

c6        Married – Rev. Moir A. J. Waters, to Mary Evelyn Walker


Page 16

c1        Died – Margaret Frances Jamieson

c5        Died – Nelson Hardy


25 January 1940


Page 2

c5        Died – George Waite


Page 6

c3        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs James Love

c5        Died – Basil Barrick; husband of Maurine Skinner


Page 8

c1        Died – Dr. E. W. McNiece

c8        Died – Raymond J. Gauthier

c8        Died – Ellen Robinson


Page 9

c2        Died – Phoebe Rose, age 82

c8        Born – son of Duncan Stewart, 17 Jan

c8        Died – Dr. Kenneth McKay, 23 Jan, age 35

c8        Died – Phoebe Rose, 23 Jan, age 82

c8        Died – Alvin House, 24 Jan, age 74

c8        Died – Nelson Hardy, 24 Jan, 72nd year


Page 10

c4        Married – Roy Poulter to Evelyn Fox

c4        Married – Ormond Robbins to Doris Billing, 19 Jan


26 January 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Dr. K. H. McKay


Page 10

c1        Died – James Frederick Tompkins, age 3 weeks


Page 11

c1        Died – George Pettman

c2        Died – John Eden, age 39

c3        Died – William Smith, age 46

c3        Died – Mary Maria Cluskey

c7        Born – Leonna Gale Bradshaw, 20 Jan, nee Rita Charlton

c7        Died – Mary Maria Cluskey, 26 Jan

c7        Died – Elijah John Eden, 26 Jan, 40th year


Page 12

c5        Married – William Skowronski to Emily Rose Keeping, 24 Jan

c5        Married – Clifford Wallace Dobbie to Audrey Margarette Buck

c5        Married – Walter McKinley to Nona Lymburner


Page 17

c5        Died – Mrs. Harold Ross

c5        Died – Ruth Wilkinson

c5        Died – D’Hoop Irene M., age 17

c5        Died – Isaac Gibson

c5        Died – Elizabeth Gray


27 January 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Randall Learn, nee Sarah Ann Legg

c2        Died – Myrtle Belle Winder, 71st year, nee Pierce

c5        49th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Isaac Atkinson, nee Lucy Ford

Page 7

c2        Died – William A. Smith

c2        Died – John A. Lawton, 13 Jan, age 66

c2        Died – Mary Frances Titus, nee Minard

c5        Died – Phoebe Ross

c5        Died – Nelson Hardy

c7        Died – Mary Minard Titus, 26 Jan

c7        Died – Myrtle Belle Winder, 26 Jan


29 January 1940


Page 3

c3        Died – Fred Grounds

c5        Died – Margaret MacFaul, age 93


Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs. Alfred Tapsell, 64th year, nee Sarah Ella Appleford


Page 7

c2        Died – Charles Joseph Nolan, 68th year

c4        Died – David H. VanDusen, age 64

c4        Died – Mary Minard Titus

c4        Died – Alvin House

c4        Died – William Smith

c7        Born – Carolyn Alma Groves, 22 Jan

c7        Born – Mary Jean O’Neil, 2 Jan; nee Dorothy Roberts

c7        Died – Mary Maria Cluskey, 26 Jan

c7        Died – Priscella Harvey, 62nd year

c7        Died – Sarah Ella Tapsell, 64th year

c7        Died – Emma Dunsford, 28 Jan, age 68, nee Seburn

c7        Died – William Lamb, 28 Jan, age 72

c7        Died – Margaret MacFaul, age 93

c7        Died – Charles Joseph Nolan, 29 Jan, age 68

c7        Died – Frank Rowland, 27 Jan, age 77


Page 8

c6        Married – Albert Edward Cooper to Rowena May Burwell, 27 Jan


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs. Henry Harvey

c6        Died – Frank Rowland, age 77, husband of Sarah Leakey

c7        Died – Emma Dunsford, age 68, nee Seburn


30 January 1940


Page 1

c1        Died – Ellison J. Young, husband of Nila Fitzsimons


Page 3

c3        Died – Josephine M. Mousley, 13 Jan, nee Swisher


Page 6

c2        Died – Margaret Stewart, age 77


Page 10

c1        Married – Richard Case Tomlinson to Florence Grace Jones

c6        Died – Mrs. A. C. Woodward

c6        Died – William A. Smith

c6        Died – Elijah John Eden


Page 16

c1        Died – William Haun


31 January 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – H. J. Ellison Young


Page 8

c3        Died – Rev. J. Clayton Moorehouse

c7        Died – Mary Cluskey

c7        Died – Priscella Harvey

c7        Died – Mrs. Edward McFaul

c7        Died – Frank Rowland


Page 9

c8        Born – son of Bert House, 25 Jan

c8        Born – Roy Wayne Herman, 22 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Basil Rohrer, 22 Jan

c8        Born – son of Dan Salembier, 18 Jan

c8        Born – son of James Averett, 22 Jan


Page 10

c1        Married – Norman Lawrence to Doris Barrow, 27 Jan


1 February 1940


Page 1

c5        Died – Richard C. Rivers


Page 8

c5        Died – Meta Brown, 57th year

c6        Died – Mrs. Randall Learn

c6        Died – Rev. G. W. Brooker

c6        Died – Sarah Ella Tapsell

c6        Died – Emma Dunsford

c6        Died – William Lamb


Page 9

c1        Died – George Varney, age 66

c3        Died – Herbert C. Foster, age 63

c8        Died – George Varney, age 66

c8        Died – Richard Carlton Rivers, 1 Feb, 19th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Mrs. Ann McDonald (nee Gould) to Albert Sharron

c4        Married – Marion Velma Crossett to Vernon John Crawford

c4        Married – Edna Davies to Murray Scanlan

c4        Married – Isabel Kennedy to Garvin Francis Leslie Hughes


Page 11

c3        Died – Mrs. Edward Mack, age 65, nee Maud Richardson


Page 12

c6        Died – Mrs. Ralph Jackson, nee Poole


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs. William Trembley, 82nd year


2 February 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Katharine McKnight, age 65

c1        Died – Albert John Anderson


Page 7

c1        Died – Robert C. Cantelo

c3        Died – Ellison Young

c8        Born – Gary Roger Luscombe, 3 Jan, nee Mae Styles

c8        Born – Gary Grant McDonald, 24 Jan

c8        Died – Katharine McKnight, 1 Feb, 66th year


Page 9

c8        Died – John O. McCallum, 65, husband of Eliza Graham


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs. S. Blake


3 February 1940


Page 20

c6        Married – Archie Binns to Marjorie Redding


3 February 1940 (Last Edition)


Page 6

c1        Died – Mary E. Charlton, 16 Jan

c1        Died – Mrs. John Winder

c1        Died – Rev. J. Clayton Moorehouse

c8        Died – Thomas Gilbert, age 67


Page 7

c8        Born – twin daughters of Gordon Roberts, 29 Jan


Page 8

c3        Died – Alex McEwen


Page 10

c3        Died – Dr. Robert Cantelo, age 48


5 February 1940


Page 6

c4        Five generations of Sutherland family tend lighthouse in Port Burwell

c8        Died – Alice Lackey, 62nd year, nee Yake


Page 8

c2        Married – Edith Mary Sharpe to Theo Webber

c2        Married – Violet Lucy O’Neil to Garfield Robert Coulthard

c7        Died – David D. Robertson, age 65


Page 9

c2        Died – Caroline Spain, 78th year

c2        Died – Joseph Clarke

c5        Died – Richard Carlton Rivers

c5        Died – George Varney

c8        Born – Barbara Jean Blewett, 4 Feb, nee Hazel Martyn

c8        Born – Sandra Mae Hutton, 4 Feb

c8        Born – son of Fred Baker, 27 Jan

c8        Born – son of Renford Cooke, 31 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Ernest Kelly, 29 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Clarence Smith, 29 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Andy Tamscu, 28 Jan

c8        Died – Joseph Clarke, 66th year

c8        Died – Manley Mailing, 5 Feb, age 57


Page 10

c1        Married – Anna Marian McMahen to James Palmer Rankin


Page 16

c1        Died – Harry Hairst, 29 Jan

c1        Died – Rose White

c6        Died – Joseph Hookwith, husband of Mary Scott

c6        Died – Manley Mailing, age 57


6 February 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Phoebe Josephine Edmiston, 83rd year

c4        Died – Dr. Robert C. Cantelo

c4        Died – Katharine McKnight

c4        Died – John O. McCallum


Page 7

c1        Died – James Snowden, 86th year

c3        Married – Mary Florence McFarland to Jack Montgomery Ingram

c8        Born – dau of James Reid, 3 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Grover Williams, 24 Jan

c8        Died – Joseph Charles Hookwith, 4 Feb, 76th year

c8        Died – Caroline Spain, 5 Feb, age 78


Page 8

c4        Married – Marion Louise Howlett to George Stanley Peat

c4        Married – Margaret Eleanor Wilkinson to Lloyd Arthur Quick


Page 14

c2        Died – Caroline Spain

c2        Died – Daniel Ferguson, age 94

c6        Died – George Harry Hirst, 29 Jan, age 55

c6        Married – Janet Evelyn Siple to George Stephen Till


7 February 1940


Page 8

c7        Died – John McAlpin, 6 Feb, 72nd year


Page 9

c8        Born – dau of Ernest Kelly, 29 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Clarence Smith, 29 Jan

c8        Born – dau of Wilfred Lehman, 2 Feb

c8        Born – son of Leslie Baker, 30 Jan

c8        Died – Arthur Newson, 5 Feb, age 61


Page 10

c5        Married – Kathleen Ann Lee to Dr. Leo Roszell, 5 Feb

c5        Married – Ruth Eleanor Borchardt to Joseph H. Windover, 3 Feb

c5        Married – Elizabeth Cheeseborough to Howard P. Clark

c6        Married – Phyllis E. Jarvis to Nixon B. Davis

c6        Married – Mildred Louise Taylor to Dr. Andrew Grant Misener

c6        Married – Mrs. Mildred McLaughlin Taylor to Edward Shirley Turner, 17 Jan

c6        Married – Mary Madge Becker to Dr. John David Innes Grant

c6        Married – Emily Janet Slack to Walter Orval Ricker

c6        Married – Norma Alice Potts to Sydney Secord


Page 16

c2        Died – Arthur Newson

c3        Died – Charlotte Parker, age 91, nee Mann


8 February 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Herbert L. Taylor, 59th year


Page 8

c3        Died – Richard C. Rivers, inquest


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Edward McIntosh, nee Mary Ellen Summers, 85th year


Page 11

c7        Died – Caroline Spain

c7        Died – Joseph Clarke

c7        Died – Joseph Charles Hookwith

c8        Died – Manley Mailing

c8        Born – son of Stuart Kinsey, 1 Feb

c8        Born – Robert George Mills, 28 Jan, nee Marjorie Hyslop


Page 12

c4        Married – Ferne Art to Wilson Wright


Page 18

c2        Died – Mrs. C. H. Johnson, nee Nellie Gray

c2        Died – Mrs. Andrew Dobbie, age 69


9 February 1940


Page 7

c6        Died – Archie Carruth, 80th year


Page 11

c8        Born – son of Peter Chilton, 1 Feb

c8        Born – son of Joseph Gooding, 1 Feb

c8        Born – Zarra Theresa Stansell, 4 Feb

c8        Born – dau of E. M. Anger, 3 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Harold Boughner, 2 Feb

c8        Died – Susan Dobbie, nee Cole, 8 Feb, 70th year

c8        Died – Mary Ann Lannin, nee Day, 8 Feb, 84th year


Page 12

c5        Married – Mary Marguerite Alexander to George Smiley


Page 18

c2        Died – Mary A. Lannin, nee Day


10 February 1940


Page 7

c1        Died – Daniel Ferguson

c2        Married – William A. Galbraith to Eleanora Jeanne Campbell

c2        Died – Mrs. Thomas Jeffers

c6        Died – Arthur Newson

c8        Born – Jessie Luella Watson, 9 Feb

c8        Born – Charles Richard Holman, 29 Jan, nee Eveleena Eitel

c8        Born – twin daus of Cyril Jukes, 5 Jan, one stillborn

c8        Born – dau of Wilfred Lehman, 2 Feb

c8        Died – Alice Emma Jeffers, 9 Feb


Page 8

c2        Married – Ruth Mary Simpson to Edward Albert Ineson

c2        Married – Margaret Elizabeth Sayres to Leonard Henry Gale, 18 Jan


Page 9

c4        Died – John McAlpin


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Kathleen Margaret Truss to Howard Clare Shantz

c5        Married – Marion Saxon to Charles Alfred Lawson

c5        Married – Ruth Simpson to Edward Albert Ineson

c7        Married – Leonard Henry Gayle to Margaret Elizabeth Sayres


12 February 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Edith Lowther

c1        Died – Mary McIntosh

c2        Died – Joseph King, age 83

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Edwin Kelly, nee Alma Mathews


Page 9

c7        Died – Susan Dobbie

c7        Died – Mary Ann Lannin

c7        Died – Alice Jeffers

c8        Born – Judith Susanne Cuyler, 11 Feb, nee Margaret Golden

c8        Died – Daisy M. Copeman, 11 Feb


Page 10

c6        Married – Jean Isabel Lay to Gordon Parker Dunlop

c6        Married – Patricia Grant to Allen McLean Read

c6        Married – Dorothy Gray Gordon to David Lacy Cowan


Page 16

c7        Died – Daisy M. Copeman


13 February 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Flora Campbell, 95th year, nee Stalker


Page 8

c1        Died – Artemisa M. Webber

c8        Died – Josephine Edmiston

c8        Died – Edith Lowther


Page 9

c8        Died – John Wallace, 12 Feb


Page 10

c5        Married – Eunice Fay Gowers to Murray Samuel Sheardown

c5        Married – Velma Leone Oldham to Earle Frederick Porter

c5        Married – Alice Caroline Edith Argue to Mario Melchoir


Page 16

c2        Died – John Wallace


14 February 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Joseph King, age 83


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. S. F. Albertson

c2        Died – Daisy Copeman

c8        Born – son of E. Gordon Jackson, 11 Feb

c8        Born – son of L. W. Coulson, 7 Ffeb

c8        Born – son of Orlin Barber, 5 Feb

c8        Born – Patricia Mae Hendershott

c8        Died – Flora Campbell

c8        Died – John Wallace, 12 Feb

Page 10

c7        Married – Marion Leola Saxon to Charles Alfred Lawson, 10 Feb

c7        Married – Helen Widner to Morris W. Baughman, 10 Feb


Page 16

c1        Died – infant dau of Gus Coville

c1        Died – Dr A. A. Amyot


15 February1940


Page 5

c4        Married – Daintry Anwill Collins to Murray Donald McBane


Page 8

c1        Died – Mary Walker, 14 Feb


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. Lloyd Lewis Miller, age 55

c1        Died – Daniel Ferguson, 4 Feb

c2        Died – Sarah Weston Toovey, age 85, nee Wilson

c8        Born – Jean Marie Sparkman, 14 Feb, nee Doris Grass

c8        Died – Daniel Ferguson, 4 Feb, age 94

c8        Died – George Howarth, 13 Feb

c8        Died – George Alfred Hunt, 14 Feb, age 59

c8        Died – Henry Johnston, 15 Feb

c8        Died – Sarah Weston Toovey, 15 Feb, age 85


Page 16

c3        Died – George Alfred Hunt, 59th year

c3        Died – Henry Johnston


16 February 1940


Page 7

c7        Died – John Wallace

c8        Born – Frederick Marshall Cameron, 5 Feb

c8        Died – Daniel Ferguson, 4 Feb

c8        Died – George Alfred Hunt, 14 Feb, age 59

c8        Died – Henry Johnston, 15 Feb

c8        Died – Sarah Weston Toovey, 15 Feb, age 85


17 February 1940


Pages 1 to 10: photos and articles regarding Royal Canadian Air Force Technical Training Centre near St. Thomas


17 February 1940 (Last Edition)


Page 6

c1        Died – Mary Walker

c7        Married – Stella Rose Burgess to Earl Wesley Anderson

c7        Married – Gertrude Muriel Hardy to Raymond Clarence Tomkins


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of Fred Dobbie, 14 Feb, nee Lillian McPhee

c8        Born – dau of C. B. Caswell, 12 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Camile Deroo, 13 Feb

c8        Born – son of Dr. W. E. Park, 11 Feb

c8        Died – Thomas Medlyn, 16 Feb, 80th year


Page 8

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Henry Roemmele, 11 Feb, nee Mary Chisholm

c2        Died – Mrs. James Munro, 8 Feb, nee Jane McDonald


Page 10

c3        Died – Thomas Medlyn


Page 13

c2        Married – Murray Donald McBane to Daintry Collins


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Carl L. Irwin to Ruth Gertrude White, 19 Feb


19 February 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Josiah Hewer, 67, husband of Thursa Moore

c3        Died – Artemisa Webber

c3        Died – George Howarth

c3        Died – George Hunt

c3        Died – Daniel Ferguson

c3        Died – Henry Johnston

c3        Died – Sarah Toovey


Page 7

c8        Died – Carrie Amelia Lee, 18 Feb, age 69


Page 8

c5        Married – Caroline Augusta Goodwin to Jack McDonald Addinall

c5        Married – Ruth Gertrude White to Carl Linn Irwin, 19 Feb


Page 14

c4        Died – Carrie Amelia Lee, 69, nee Mann

c6        Died – Effie Leitch, 89th year, nee Blue


20 February 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – James Quackenbush, age 17


Page 9

c2        Died – John Rowe, age 91

c7        Died – Thomas Medlyn

c8        Born – son of Harry Greason, 16 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Kenneth Matthews, 12 Feb

c8        Born – Alma Joanne Penhale, 19 Feb, nee Alma VanPatter

c8        Born – Neva Phylis Heitbohmer, 13 Feb


Page 10

c4        Married – Mabel Irene Hughes, to John David Taylor

c4        Married – Hazel Catherine Robinson to Franklin Raymond Tithecott


21 February 1940


Page 1

c5        Died – Percy S. Land


Page 6

c1        Died – John H. Rowe, age 91

c1        Died – J. L. Hardy

c2        Died – Flora Campbell, 13 Feb

c4        Died – Ellora H. McWaine, 68th year, nee Thorn


Page 8

c6        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Patrick J. Kirwin

c7        Died – Clarence Stokes


Page 9

c8        Died – Carrie Amelia Lee

c8        Died – Percy Stanley Land, 20 Feb


Page 10

c5        Married – Margaret M. Alexander to George Smiley

c5        Married – Joyce Wood to George Robinette


22 February 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Cora Peacock, 65th year

c2        Died – Murray Leach, 15th year

c7        Died – James B. Quackenbush


Page 9

c2        Died – George Rudd, age 44

c8        Born – Grant David Fox, 11 Feb


Page 16

c1        Died – Mary Secord Wilcox

c2        Died – Rev. Robert A. Buchanan


23 February 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Mary Secord Wilcox


Page 9

c4        Died – Eliza M. (Lila) Horton, age 73, nee Williams

c4        Died – Mason Duncan Ashcroft Hyndman, husand of Jean Pearl Glenn

c4        Died – Hazel Pearl Kesson, age 44, nee Roberts

c7        Born – Alexander Leslie James Cowie, 20 Feb, nee Alice Payne

c7        Born – dau of John Mercer, 14 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Albert Lyne, 14 Feb

c8        Born – son of Henry Edgar, 13 Feb

c8        Born – dau of James Brown, 16 Feb

c8        Died – Mason Duncan Ashcroft Hyndman, 23 Feb

c8        Died – Eliza M. (Lila) Horton, 23 Feb, age 73

c8        Died – Hazel Pearl Kesson, 23 Feb, 44th year


24 February 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – William Henry Brown, 83rd year


Page 7

c2        Died – Percy Stanley Land

c7        Born – son of Adolf Beausaert, 19 Feb

c7        Born – son of Ernest Bruce, 16 Feb

c7        Born – son of Clinton Davis, 16 Feb

c7        Born – dau of Frank Demolder, 17 Feb

c7        Born – son of Paul DesWaef, 20 Feb

c7        Born – son of Harry W. Fleming, 18 Feb

c7        Born – son of Joseph Janssens, 18 Feb

c7        Born – dau of Otis Kienzle, 14 Feb

c7        Born – son of John Morzolos, 18 Feb

c7        Born – Sharon Anne Louise Campbell, 5 Feb

c7        Born – Eldon Carl Lehrbass, 16 Feb, nee Edna Bradley

c7        Born – Jane Elizabeth Lewis, 21 Feb

c8        Died – Laura White, 22 Feb

c8        Died – Hazel Pearl Kesson, 23 Feb, 44th year

c8        Died – Mason Duncan Ashcroft, 23 Feb


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs. H. A. Horton


Page 13

c4        Married – Lydia Ellen Walch to James Edward Jones, 22 Feb

c4        Married – Beatrice Louise McCall to Maxwell Elwood Almas


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Dama Lumley to Alfred M. Ball


26 February 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Joseph Ambrose Jackson, 80th year, husband of Emma Wismer


Page 8

c1        Died – Clarence Butler, age 50

c1        Died – Josiah Hewer

c2        Died – Fred Thornthwaite, age 71


Page 9

c2        Died – George Murray McCarthy

c8        Died – Archibald Macpherson, 25 Feb, age 82

c8        Died – George Murray McCarthy, 24 Feb, age 78

c8        Died – Archie McPhail, 25 Feb, 80th year

c8        Died – Fred Thornthwaite, 25 Feb, 72nd year


Page 10

c2        Married – Cora M. Slack to William Crandall

c2        Married – Amelia Lucy Ronalds Harris to Frank Hamilton Little

c2        Married – Vivienne Kathleen Winnett to John Orton Hewitt

c3        Married – Jean Alexandra Bridges to Francis Andrew Roach, 8 Sep 1939

c3        Married – Agnes Guthrie to James Pullen, 17 Feb

c3        Married – Cicely Greenfield to James B. Spencer


Page 11

c1        Died – Beulah Barnes McCollom, [ McCallum ], 37th year

c2        Died – Archie McPhail, 80th year

c6        Married – Jean Viola Moody to Colin Morrison, 24 Feb


Page 16

c1        Died – Jennie Burrows, age 81

c5        Died – Arthur James Evans, 69th year


27 February 1940


Page 8

c4        Died – Cora Peacock

c4        Died – Nellie May Smith, age 48


Page 9

c1        Died – George William Kinney, age 62

c5        Died – Mason D. Hyndman

c5        Died – Hazel Pearl Kesson

c5        Died – Mrs. Harry A. Horton

c7        Born – dau of Carl Wheildon, 23 Feb

c7        Died – Margaret Kirkup Lowe, 26 Feb, age 95


Page 16

c2        Died – John Newton, husband of Nancy M. Durdle

c6        Died – Margaret Kirkup Lowe


28 February 1940


Page 2

c1        Died – Edward Courtney Pratt, 76th year, husband of Edith Augusta White


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs. Lloyd McCallom [ McCallum ]

c4        Died – Archibald MacPherson

c8        Born – dau of John Thomas Alward, 22 Feb

c8        Born – son of George McKiee, 24 Feb

c8        Died – John Newton, 26 Feb, 81st year

c8        Died – Alice Maria Howse Roberts, 28 Feb, 78th year


Page 8

c2        Married – Dr. W. A. Sutherland to Florence Lillian Guenther

c2        Married – Myrtle Scott to Arthur Whitesides


Page 9

c6        Died – Mrs. D. O. White, age 83, nee Laura Tallman

c8        Died – Andrew Stewart McWilliams, 62nd year


Page 14

c1        Died – Margaret Kirkup Lowe

c2        Died – Alice Maria Roberts, nee Howse


29 February 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – William McIntyre, age 69

c5        Died – Mrs. George Meyer, nee Martha Willis


Page 6

c6        Died – Laura White, 22 Feb, nee Tallman


Page 11

c1        Died – James Small

c3        Flach Jewellery business in St. Thomas for 60 years

c8        Born – dau of Neil Cascadden, 29 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Clarence Kelly, 25 Feb


Page 12

c3        Married – Kathleen Margaret Truss to Howard C. Shantz

c4        Married – Dorothy Jones to William Thomas Gold, 26 Feb


1 March 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Henry Brown, 88th year


Page 8

c8        Died – Dr. J. G. Hossack

c8        Died – Margaret Lowe


Page 9

c2        Died – Annie Jane Copeland

c2        Died – Chester Taylor, 70th year

c4        Died – John Newton

c7        Born – Archibald Barton Leitch, 24 Feb, nee Alma Barton

c7        Died – Henry Brown, 1 Mar, 88th year

c7        Died – Chester Taylor, 29 Feb, 70th year

c8        Born – son of William Dryer, 24 Feb

c8        Born – son of Julian Gremonprez, 24 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Paul Onch, 27 Feb

c8        Born – son of Madison Wilson, 22 Feb

c8        Died – Claudia Irene Munro, 29 Feb


Page 10

c6        Married – Helen Margaret Coulter to Carlton Robert James McCracken

c6        Married – Margaret Ellen Toles to Lekis Blackman


Page 16

c2        91st birthday of Walter S. Glasgow


2 March 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Henry John Reynolds, age 83

c8        Died – Clarence Butler

c8        Died – Mrs. James Gray, nee Margaret Jean Haines, age 64


Page 9

c2        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Parkinson, 2 Mar


Page 10

c5        90th birthday of Peter MacMillan, 28 Feb; husband of Margaret Dewar


Page 14

c5        Engagement – Audrey Jean May Morrey to Lionel Edgar Schaller

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Henry Oke, 5 Mar; nee Susan Jane Clark


Page 15

c4        Died – William H. Brown, 83rd year, son of William Brown & Fanny Augustine

c4        Died – Alice Roberts

c8        Born – dau of Russell Abell, 25 Feb

c8        Born – dau of S. B. Cook, 24 Feb

c8        Born – son of Owen Harvey, 25 Feb

c8        Died – Anne Jane Copeland, 1 Mar, 79th year

c8        Died – J. H. Huntley, 2 Mar, 81st year


4 March 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Fred Thornthwaite

c1        Died – Henry Brown

c1        Died – Chester Taylor

c1        Died – Henry John Reynolds


Page 9

c8        Born – Donald Bruce Nicholson, 3 Mar, nee Mildred Payne

c8        Born – Judith Ethel Matthews, 3 Mar, nee Garland

c8        Born – Alfred Augustus Tapsell, 3 Mar, 68th year


Page 10

c6        Married – Dorothy Lorena Capps to Delmer C. Bodkin

c6        Married – Marjorie Agnes Newell to Albert James Sims

c6        Married – Mary Bell Campbell to Forrest William Poole


Page 16

c3        Died – Alfred Augustus Tapsell, son of William Tapsell & Matilda Howse

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert Matthews, nee Judith Ethel Garland

c4        Died – J. H. Huntley, 81st year, husband of Annie Kerr and Mrs. Jean Oke


5 March 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Clare Butler, 25 Feb

c3        Died – Mrs. George Mark Copeland


Page 7

c1        Died – Major Harmon Laughlin

c7        Born – son of George McElhone, 29 Feb

c7        Born – Kathryn Anne Smith, 29 Feb

c8        Born – dau of Elliott Stedelbauer, 3 Mar

c8        Born – Donna Lucille Wilson, 28 Feb, nee Margaret Orton

c8        Born – dau of Leslie Quanbury, 29 Feb

c8        Died – Alfred Augustus Tapsell, 3 Mar, 68th year

c8        Died – Emma Howe, 4 Mar

c8        Died – Jack G. Turnbull, 4 Mar, age 24


Page 8

c4        Married – Richard Henry Allman, to Viola May Dawdy, 2 Mar

c4        Married – Ruby Clibborn to Wilfred Varney, 28 Feb

c4        Married – Kathleen Ellen Carscallen to Dr. J. H. C. Gowland

c4        Married – Elizabeth Augusta Sinclair Littlejohn to George Campbell Elliott, 5 Mar


Page 9

c8        Died – John William Fenn, 69th year


6 March 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Annie Guthrie, age 80, nee Barker


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs. William H. Wegenast, 79th eyar


Page 11

c3        Died – Alburn Ernest Tanner, age 65, husband of Maude Joliffe


Page 12

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Henry Oke


Page 18

c1        Died – Mrs. Joseph Johnson


7 March 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Libbie Walker, age 88


Page 11

c1        Died – Charles Gowan, age 87

c8        Died – Alfred A. Tapsell

c8        Born – Anna May White, 5 Mar

c8        Died – Alburn Ernest Tanner, 6 Mar, age 65


Page 12

c1        Married – Margaret Annett to Clarence Harold Bowlby, 24 Feb


Page 18

c1        Died – George Thomson

c6        Died – Martha Meyers

c6        Died – Mrs. Robert Matthews


8 March 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Janet Murray, age 85, nee Tinline

c6        Died – Emma Howe, age 77


Page 10

c2        Died – James Mitchell, age 77


Page 11

c8        Born – dau of W. H. Blundon, 8 Mar

c8        Born – son of Philip Learn, 5 Mar, nee Marie Soper

c8        Born – Patricia May Johnson, 19 Feb

c8        Died – Elizabeth Ingram, 7 Mar

c8        Died – Elizabeth Jane Harrison Farr, 7 Mar


Page 12

c4        Married – Florence E. Ward to Cecil Wilson

c4        Married – Dorothy Tamar Brackenbury to Norman H. Richardson

c4        Married – Florence Elizabeth Clarke to James A. Stager

c4        55th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Frank Lyon, nee Lillie Lossing

c5        Died – Elizabeth Ingram, 17 Feb


Page 13

c3        Married – Muriel Doyle to William Beneteau

c3        Married – Lorna Isabella Cowling to Wallace Culver Cattel, 24 Feb


Page 18

c2        Died – Elizabeth Jane Harrison Farr


9 March 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Clinton Buck, 41st year

c2        Died – Annie Mills, age 72

c2        Died – Loa Baker Knott, 68th year

c8        Died – Andrew McWilliam


Page 9

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs P. J. Kirwin, 18 Feb, nee Annie Mugan

c6        Died – Fenner A. Merrill, 85th year, husband of Cora Stella Atwell


Page 10

c5        Married – Florence Lorena Moore to Stanley Todd

c5        Married- Dorothy Jean Jones to Hugh Gordon Kennedy

c5        Married – Phyllis Jean Morriss to William Albert Durfy, 15 Feb (picture page 14, c 2)

c6        30th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Frederick J. Garton, nee Edith Jenkins


Page 15

c6        Died – Albern Ernest Tanner

c7        Born – son of Alfred Berbrugge, 1 Mar

c7        Born – William Henry Ford, 4 Mar

c7        Born – son of Frank Hicks, 2 Mar

c7        Born – dau of George Johnstone, 2 Mar

c7        Born – Barbara Marguerite Hillman, 6 Mar, stillborn

c7        Born – Edith Kathleen Haddock, 15 Feb, nee Edith Clarke

c7        Born – John David Perry, 7 Mar

c7        Born – son of Philip Learn, 5 Mar

c8        Died – Sarah C. Campbell, 9 Mar, 86th year

c8        Died – Clinton Buck, 8 Mar, 41st year

c8        Died – Fenner A. Merrill, 8 Mar, 85th year


Page 18

c1        Died – Clare Summerhayes


11 March 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Charles Edmund Raven


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. George E. Johnson, nee Kate Revell

c3        Died – George Freeman, age 81

c7        Died – Elizabeth Farr

c7        Died – Janet Murray

c7        Died – Libbie Walker

c8        Born – James Allan Coyle, 9 Mar

c8        Died – Charles Edmund Raven, 9 Mar

c8        Died – Kate Revell Johnson, 9 Mar


Page 10

c3        Married – Annabel Kathleen Clark to Roy McLean Lunn

c3        Married – Helen Irene Blewett to Barret Risdon Davidson, 9 Mar


12 March 1940


Page 8

c1        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs George E. Harp, 11 Mar, nee Adelia Hayden

c8        Died – Thomas J. Best, age 56


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. George Collins, age 61, nee Charlotte Wood

c4        Married – Lucille Quail to George Hereward Cushing, 7 Mar

c7        Died – Elizabeth Ingarm

c7        Died – Fenner A. Merrill

c7        Born – dau of Clarence Abbey, 9 Mar

c7        Born – dau of J. C. T. Sihler, 9 Mar

c7        Born – dau of Charles Esseltine, 7 Mar

c7        Born – dau of D. Darby, 5 Mar

c8        Born – son of Travis Dancey, 9 Mar

c8        Born – Sharon Lee Harris, 8 Mar

c8        Died – Charlotte Wood Collins, 11 Mar, age 61

c8        Died – George Freeman, 10 Mar


Page 10

c1        Married – Mary Bell Campbell to Forrest William Poole

c1        Married – Mrs. Catherine Avery to LaMerchant Blough, 5 Mar


13 March 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Clayton Buck

c6        Died – Annie Mills

c6        Died – James Mitchell

c6        Died – Mrs. George E. Johnson


Page 9

c8        Died – Mary Ann Waddingham Brown, 12 Mar, 83rd year


Page 10

c4        Married – Barbara Winter to William Howe Carter, 24 Feb

c4        Married – Greta Marguerite Locke to Kenneth Ivan Sitzer


Page 16

c4        Died – Mrs. Cecil E. Beemer, 8 Mar, nee Lillie Elizabeth Milmine

c4        Died – Mrs. Donald Campbell, nee Sarah C. Roome


14 March 1940


Page 1

c4        Died – John McKelvie Urie

c7        Died – Louis W. Moedinger, age 79


Page 9

c4        Died – Duncan Buchanan, 68th year

c5        Died – Thomas J. Best


Page 10

c1        Died – Lorena A. Chamberlain, 10 Mar, dau of William Chamberlain & Leah Williams

c4        Died – Louis W. Moedinger

c8        Died – George Freeman


Page 11

c8        Born – Martin John Tolmie, 4 Mar, nee Alice Stewart

c8        Born – dau of Norman H. Oille, 13 Mar, nee Louise Hyndman

c8        Died – John McKelvey Urie, 13 Mar, age 76

c8        Died – William James Auckland, 13 Mar, age 3

c8        Died – Edwin Frost, 13 Mar, age 86

c8        Died – Percy Leon Glover, 14 Mar

c8        Died – Louis W. Moedinger, 13 Mar, 79th year


Page 18

c2        Died – Percy Leon Glover, 80th year, husband of Jennette Milne

c3        Died – Charles E. Raven

c3        Died – William James Auckland, age 3

c6        Died – Edwin Frost, age 86


15 March 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Mary Agnes McCausland, nee Wrong


Page 9

c2        Died – Thomas E. Vollans, husband of Louise Olsen

c6        Died – Mrs. George Collins

c7        Born – Robert William Boyd, 11 Mar, nee Dorothy Grass

c7        Died – Duncan Buchanan, 13 Mar, 68th year

c7        Died – Mary Agnes McCausland, 15 Mar, age 94


Page 10

c5        Married – Gertrude E. Farr to Clarence W. Bolt, 11 Mar

c5        Married – Ruth Clithero to Douglas Bonar Pettigrew

c5        Married – Violet May Dadson to Howard John Lale, 14 Mar

c5        Married – Mary Frances Morrison to Paul Larsen, 9 Mar

c5        Married – Alice Lavenia Couch to William Edward Northmore, 2 Mar

c5        Married – Cornelia Vanderhoek to Albert Russell White


16 March 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – John D. Hunt, age 80


Page 6

c1        Died – William James Auckland

c3        Died – Mary A. Dunnett, 55th year


Page 10

c2        Married – Edwin Edgar Erhart to Marion Else Hobson

c2        Married – Helen Frances Lyon to Francis R. Griffin, 15 Mar

c2        Married – Katherine Isobel McCully to Edward Johnstone Langan

c2        Married – Vera V. Martin to Elton Misener

c2        Married – Jessie Louise Boucher to Edward V. Hewitt


Page 14

c5        Married – Murray Samuel Sheardown to Eunice Fay Gowers


Page 15

c2        Died – Mildred Maud Hughes, nee Lee

c4        Died – Mary Ann Brown

c8        Born – Ronald Edward Ford, 4 Mar

c8        Born – Patricia Ann Smith, 6 Mar, nee Marjorie Weekes

c8        Born – Murray Campbell, 13 Mar, nee Marjory Waters

c8        Born – dau of Roy Bain, 9 Mar, nee Kathleen Smith

c8        Born – dau of Cecil Cooper, 4 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Leonard Ketchabaw, 7 Mar

c8        Born – son of Bernice Lewis, 10 Mar

c8        Born – dau of George Taylor, 5 Mar

c8        Born – son of Orwell Barber, 11 Mar

c8        Died – Mildred Maud Hughes, 15 Mar, 47th year

c8        Died – John William Madden, 6 Mar


Page 18

c3        Died – James William Madden, 6 Mar, husband of Berta Francis


17 March 1940


Page 2

c2        Died – Edwin Frost

c2        Died – Percy L. Glover

c2        Died – John W. Madden


Page 9

c1        Died – John Killins

c3        Died – Frank Daley

c8        Died – Mrs. Harold J. Hughes

c8        Born – James Alexander Hamilton, 16 Mar

c8        Born – James Allan Coyle, 9 Mar


Page 10

c7        Married – Margaret Erskine Pettigrew to Charles Ward Neild

c7        Married – Grace Annetta Green to Willard Kelso Simpson, 16 Mar


Page 16

c2        Died – John D. Hunt


19 March 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Charles William Cheeseman, 71st year, husband of Mary E. Leeson & Bertha B. Bowen


Page 7

c1        Died – Henry Hoadley Rayner, 77th year

c2        Died – Ada S. Coventry, age 75

c7        Died – Mrs. John McCausland

c7        Died – Louis W. Moedinger

c8        Born – Mary Joan Redding, 18 Mar

c8        Born – son of Stanley Vincent, 17 Mar

c8        Born – John William McArthur, 6 Mar, nee Lorna Batzold

c8        Died – Ada S. Coventry, 19 Mar, age 75

c8        Died – John Sutherland Munro, 19 Mar, age 81


Page 9

c2        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Edwin McClintock, 14 Mar


Page 14

c1        Died – John Killins

c1        Died – Stephen A. Ralph, age 41

c2        Died – John Sutherland Munro, age 81


20 March 1940


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Milton Ross, 60th year

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs David Wilson, nee Minnie O’Loan

c8        Died – Mary A. Dunnett


Page 11

c1        Died – Florence Kirchmer

c2        Died – Rev. Robert J. Campbell, 78th year

c8        Born – Carol Ann Pook, 16 Mar

c8        Born – Nancy Eleanor Stewart, 18 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Roy Mundy, 8 Mar

c8        born – dau of George Smith, 9 Mar

c8        Died – Henry Hoadley Rayner, 19 Mar, age 76

c8        Died – Lilly May Ross, 19 Mar, age 59

c8        Died – Rev. Robert J. Campbell, 20 Mar, 78th year


Page 13

c3        Married – Mary Grover Shaw to Edward Kyle Lawton

c3        Married – Hazel Irene Percy to Percy David Liddle, 16 Mar

c3        Married – Madeline Lawrence to William Charles Lovelock, 19 Mar


Page 18

c3        Died – Henry Hoadley Rayner, 77th year


21 March 1940


Page 6

c2        63rd anniversary of Mr & Mrs J. G. Mistele, 20 Mar

c4        Died – Agnes Elizabeth Moedinger, 71st year, dau of John Laidlaw & Agnes McTaggart

c4        Died – Rev. Robert J. Campbell


Page 10

c1        Died – Mary Pero, 97th year, nee Wismer

c5        Died – Margaret S. Clark, 58th year, nee Campbell


Page 11

c2        Died – William Costello, age 72

c2        Died – Ralph Herbert Rice, age 32

c2        Died – George Collins Taylor, age 47

c5        Born – son of Harold Arnold, 15 Mar

c5        Born – son of Ben Clemens, 16 Mar

c5        Born – dau of Gordon Rockefeller, 16 Mar

c5        Died – George Collins Taylor, 21 Mar, age 47

c5        Died – Ralph Herbert Rice, 21 Mar, age 32

c5        Died – Margaret S. Clark, 21 Mar, 58th year


Page 12

c2        Engagement – Irene B. Mills to Thomas W. Spencelaugh, 23 Mar

c5        Married – Bertha May Mitchell to Darwin Reavely Garside, 16 Mar

c5        Married – Anna Mary Russell to Stanley Urban Broughton, 9 Mar

c6        Married – Gretchen Virginia Grant to Charles Mickle Rhodes

c6        Married – Margaret Rosamond Dunn to Douglas Darville


Page 18

c6        Died – Ida E. Cottington, nee Wells


23 March 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Henry H. Rayner

c5        Died – John Munro

c5        Died – Mrs. Milton Ross


Page 7

c1        Died – Robert Ferris, 19 Feb, 67th year

c1        Died – Mrs. Julius Luft

c7        Born – William Edward Bear, 19 Mar

c7        Died – Charles Samuel Henderson, 22 Mar, 61st year

c7        Died – Clara Kendall Horton, 22 Mar, 65th year

c7        Died – Cecil Harvey Schram, 22 Mar, age 31, husband of Mabel Lawson


Page 8

c3        Died – Clara Horton, nee Kendall

c5        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs James Vogan


Page 10

c2        Died – Mary Crowley, age 81

c3        Died – Cecil Harvey Schram, age 41

c3        Died – Florence Kirchmer

c6        Died – Charles S. Henderson


Page 13

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Wellington Bruner

c5        Married – Dama Frances Lumley to Alfred M. Bell

c5        Married – Alberta Dureen Docker to Keith Charles Leighfield

c5        Married – Ella Margaret Urbach to Lorne Frederick Wicks

c5        Married – Hazel Audrey Jackson to William Frank Getty

c5        Married – Winnifred Marguerite Smithrim to Gordon Parker MacIntyre

c5        Married – Margaret Gordon Cameron to Harry Lloyd Waddle

c6        Married – Eva Joliffe to Arthur Flanders

c6        Married – Muriel Jean McDougall to J. Ray Talcott, 7 Mar

25 March 1940


Page 10

c2        Died – Dr. John Robert Woods, 94th year

c4        Died – Mrs. Louis Moedinger


Page 11

c1        Died – Frank U. Pettitt, age 76

c7        Died – Ralph H. Rice

c7        Died – George C. Taylor

c8        Born – Marilyn Yvonne McNeill, 17 Mar, nee Marion Archer

c8        Born – dau of Roy Crossett, 20 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Frank Cook, 16 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Harry Gettas, 15 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Roy Marshall, 14 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Clifford McCollow, 17 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Henry Watts, 18 Mar

c8        Born – son of Stanley Vincent, 17 Mar

c8        Died – Frank U. Pettitt, age 76


Page 12

c4        Married – Evelyn Mary Fraser to Eric Bauer

c4        Married – Margaret Lenore Simpson to William Mervyn Corbett

c4        Married – Olive Mae Lennox to Norman Wellington Hanna


Page 13

c6        Died -James G. Warner, age 58


26 March 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Philip Ashton, age 70, nee Sarah Hormel

c6        Died – Cecil Harvey Schram

c6        Died – Mary Pero

c6        Died – Charles S. Henderson

c6        Died – Clara E. Horton


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of William K. Elliott, 25 Mar, nee Margaret Lee

c8        Born – Larry Wayne Riddell, 24 Mar, nee Betty Barrett

c8        Died – Hubbard Ellison, 25 Mar, 86th year


Page 8

c6        Married – Irene Belle Mills to Thomas W. Spencelayh, 23 Mar

c7        Married – Edna Muriel Adams to James Kenneth McAthy Flexman

c7        Married – Helena Merle Davenport to John Douglas McKillop

c7        Married – Gladys Irene Tutt to Bert A. Jeffery, 23 Mar

c7        Married – Florence Thornton Woods to Roy Ernest Randle

c7        Married – Josephine Lillian Lombardo to Raymond Francis Marcotte

c8        Married – Julia Elizabeth Meek to Ross Carmichael Mellow


Page 14

c2        Died – Mary Gervais, age 83

c6        Died – Hubbard Ellison, 87th year


27 March 1940


Page 5

c1        Died – John Raymond, 70th year


Page 6

c1        Died – Rev. R. J. Campbell

c2        Died – Rev. William James Wilson, 63rd year

c4        Died – John Bainard, age 76


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of J. M. Freeman, 15 Mar

c8        Born – son of Hugh McPhail, 27 Mar, nee Gladys Campbell

c8        Died – John Thomas Lipsey, 25 Mar, age 74, husband of Sarah Timewell

c8        Died – Joseph Holding, 26 Mar, 75th year, husband of Lydia Reason


Page 8

c5        Married – Beatrice Marie Butler to Archie W. McIntyre

c5        Married – Constance Mills Cole to Donald Maxwell Fish

c5        Married – Eleanor Gilchrist Hales to William Frederick Mitchell


Page 14

c1        Died – Jeanette Marie Earhart, infant dau of Melvin

c2        Died – Margaret Hugger, age 85

c4        Died – John Thomas Lipsey, age 74, husband of Sarah Timewell


28 March 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Frances Richardson, age 48, nee McKee


Page 10

c2        Died – Elizabeth Brown Hollywood


Page 11

c4        Died – Frank U. Pettit

c8        Born – Carol Lynn Goodwell, 25 Mar

c8        Died – Elizabeth Brown Hollywood, 28 Mar, 89th year


Page 12

c6        Married – Margaret Viola Smith to Alex Gilroy

c6        Married – Hazel Smith to Floyd Gurnett

c6        Married – Winifred Gosling to Basil Thompson Wilson, 20 Mar

c7        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Leslie L. Hayes


29 March 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Melvin Collins, age 26


Page 8

c5        Died – Mary Gervais

c5        Died – Hubbard Ellison


Page 10

c6        Married – Dorothy Pecover McKee to Robert A. Wilson

c6        Married – Carrie Helen Jones to Morris William Ebertt

c6        Married – Mary Elizabeth Traver to Leo Milburn Zavitz

c6        Married – Mary Bell Agnew to Philip Hicks Meek


30 March 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – John Thomas Lipsey

c5        Died – John W. Bainard

c5        Died – Rev. W. J. Wilson

c5        Died – Sarah Ashton


Page 7

c1        Article – George Doolittle at 82 looks back on busy life; historical & biographical sketch


Page 10

c5        Married – Charles Dowler to Hope Eede, 23 Mar


Page 15

c1        Died – Joseph Holding

c2        Died – Mrs. George Thibault

c4        Died – Lawrence W. Putnam

c8        Born – dau of George Berdan, 15 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Lorne Burch, 14 Mar

c8        Born – son of Morley Brandon, 16 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Jack Barrett, 21 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Walter Chirnside, 26 Mar

c8        Born – son of Stanley Gettas, 26 Mar

c8        Born – dau of John M. Johnson, 22 Mar, nee Doris Mabee

c8        Born – dau of Arthur Pope, 26 Mar, nee Verna Littlewood

c8        Born – son of Roy Mudford, 24 Mar


Page 18

c1        Died – James Alexander Kerr, age 73

c1        Died – John Kerr, 19 Mar

c1        Died – Elida E. Locklin, age 76


1 April 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – John D. Shaw, husband of Mabel McCorkell


Page 6

c1        Died – Martha L. Atkin, 94th year, nee Calk

c2        Died – Agnes R. Dimmick, age 85, nee Weller


Page 9

c1        Died – William Andrew Paddon, infant son of Jack

c7        Died – William Robert Pearson, 86th year, son of John Pearson & Eliza Silverthorn

c8        Died – Joseph Carver, 1 April

c8        Died – John D. Shaw, 31 March, 75th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Olive Louise Seton Gould to Gordon W. R. Bartram

c4        Married – Rheta Matthews to William John Stuart Knox

c4        Married – Elizabeth Mary Hill to John Beverley Givins

c4        Married – Mary Eileen Mitchell to James Lloyd Douglas

c5        Married – Isabel Patterson Rabone to Kenneth James Dunn


Page 16

c4        Died – Joseph Carver

c5        Died – Harold Westland, age 50


2 April 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Addie Taylor

c3        Died – Melburn Collins, age 26


Page 7

c2        Died – William Edgar Mugridge, age 40

c3        Died – Eber Kinsey, 90th year

c3        Died – Julia Carey, age 72

c3        Died – Annie I. Ballantyne, nee Rowley

c8        Born – Frances May Barker, 26 Mar, nee Margaret Till

c8        Born – son of J. Beckley, 31 Mar

c8        Born – dau of W. H. Dyson, 24 Mar

c8        Died – Arthur Ellison, 2 Apr

c8        Died – Harold Westland, 31 Mar


Page 8

c6        Married – Iris Hawkins to Ernest Frederick Wimbush, 23 Mar

c6        Married – Clare McCaffery to Roderick Anthony Hammill


Page 14

c3        Died – Arthur Ellison, age 70

c3        Died – Winifred Nelson


3 April 1940


Page 1

c7        Died – Archibald McKillop, age 82


Page 6

c6        Died – Watson White, age 61

c6        Died – Martha L. Atkin

c6        Died – Joseph Carner

c6        Died – Harold Westland


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. John H. Green, 83rd year, nee Eliza S. Thompson

c8        Born – twin sons of Silas Lockey, 28 Mar, nee Marjorie James

c8        Born – Dorothy June Lucas, 1 Apr

c8        Born – Lois Alice Woods, 27 Mar

c8        Born – son of William Shingler, 28 Mar, nee Edna Brown

c8        Born – son of John Troyer, 30 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Thomas Hill, 27 Mar

c8        Born – dau of Maurice O’Malley, 28 Mar

c8        Died – Annie I. Ballantyne, 2 Apr

c8        Died – Archibald McKillop, 3 Apr, age 82

c8        Died – Anna Mabel Ryckman, 2 Apr

c8        Died – Thomas Wight, 2 Apr, 89th year


Page 8

c7        Married – Dorothy J. MacDonald to Robert H. Laing

c7        Married – Kathleen Doreen Johnston to Thomas Abray

c7        Married – Marie Hazel Garfat to Andrew Basil Nevill


Page 9

c4        Died – Thomas Wight, age 88


Page 11

c1        I. S. Ostrander, Jeweller & Watchmaker in St. Thomas retires after over 50 years


Page 14

c1        Died – Arthur Ellison

c2        Died – Annie I. Ballantyne

c2        Died – Anna Mabel Ryckman


4 April 1940


Page 2

c8        Died – John D. Shaw


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs. Alex Mitchell, 57th year


Page 11

c8        Died – Ila Maud Logan, 4 Apr, age 58

c8        Died – Anna Mabel Ryckman, 3 Apr


Page 12

c3        Married – Dorothy Grace Boughner to George Royden Nunn

c3        Married – Peggy James to John F. Broadley


Page 13

c2        Married – Marion Alice McRitchie to Stanley Earl Bowles

c2        Married – Ernie O. Buck to Helen Catt, 3 Apr


Page 18

c5        Died – Mrs. William Logan, age 58, nee Ila Maud Nichols


5 April 1940


Page 10

c3        Married – Vera Odessa Johnston to William J. Cook, 2 Apr

c3        Married – Marguerite Billo to Clifford R. Covill

c3        Married – Beatrice Marie Butler to Archie W. McIntyre

c3        Married – Lillian Evelyne Dair to John Robert Hoadley

c3        Married – Doris Dodsley to John Edward Cripps

c6        Died – Arthur Ellison

c6        Died – David Weir


Page 11

c2        Died – Florence Kirchner

c6        Died – Mrs. John A. Ballantyne

c7        Born – son of Peter Leo Fowler, 28 Mar

c7        Born – dau of Bruce Charlton, 1 Apr

c7        Born – son of W. L. Fleming, 25 Mar

c7        Born – Katherine Elizabeth Andrews, 27 Mar

c7        Died – Isaac R. Millman, 4 Apr, age 69

c8        Born – Betty Ann Clark, 1 Apr

c8        Died – Ila Maud Logan, 4 Apr, age 58


Page 18

c2        Died – John Buchan

c2        Died – Mrs. Herbert Moore

c6        Died – Isaac R. Millman, husband of Ida Rorke


6 April 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Della Derrough, 70th year, nee Disher


Page 7

c3        Died – Burt McDermott

c8        Born – Phyllis Carlie Mills, 1 Apr


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Jesse Hockin


Page 13

c1        Died – Grover Murdock, 59th year

c1        Died – Archibald McKillop

c6        Died – J. Allan Eadie, 30 Mar


Page 14

c4        Married – Mary Eleanor McEwing to Kenneth Hugh McKen

c4        Married – Phyllis LeCourtois to Merton Barrett

c4        Married – Myrtle Haun to Allan V. Cox

c4        Married – Camilla Theresa Crawford to George O’Brien Graham


8 April 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Charles H. Denton


Page 7

c7        Died – Mrs. William Logan

c7        Died – Mrs. Alex Mitchell

c7        Born – dau of Charles Allen, 1 Apr

c7        Born – son of Aubrey Buchner, 28 Mar

c7        Born – son of R. C. Crandall, 1 Apr

c7        Born – son of Henry Hecker, 3 Apr

c7        Born – son of James Kovacs, 29 Mar

c7        Born – son of Archie Kyle, 30 Mar

c7        Born – John Frederick Little, 1 Apr

c7        Born – son of Casper Muscutt, 1 Apr

c7        Born – son of Louis Nemeth, 29 Mar

c7        Born – son of Martin Tribe, 31 Mar

c7        Born – dau of Boyd Wilson, 25 Mar, nee Margaret Blackburn

c7        Born – son of Gaston Decoopman, 1Apr

c7        Born – son of Joseph Richardson, 24 Mar

c7        Born – son of Mack Wilson, 27 Mar

c8        Died – Eliza Milliken, 86th year

c8        Born – Lee James Thompson, 7 Apr, nee Edna Irene Brady

c8        Died – Jane Dutton, 7 Apr, 78th year

c8        Died – Burt McDermott, 5 Apr


Page 8

c4        Married – Katherine Nadine Harty to John Stephen Corbett

c4        Married – Patricia Dunn to Wilfred Palmer

c4        Married – Irene Kilmer to Ross H. Cowan, 3 Apr

c4        Married – Mary Margaret Dunlop to John Godfrey Spragge

c4        Married – Inez Marie Soper to Charles B. Gardner, 30 Mar

c5        Married – Anola Jean Forsyth to Donald James Higman

c5        Married – Lorna Campbell Dewar to Edward D’Arcy Proctor

c5        Married – Molly Teskey to J. M. S. Patton

c5        Married – Dorene Pearl Wood to William Robert Woolsey

c5        Married – Viola Plato to Clifford House

c5        Married – Ella Louise Moore to Ian Wallace McLandress


Page 9

c1        Died – Alex Cook, age 38

c1        59th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Eagan, nee dau of Thomas Kiddie


Page 14

c3        Died – Burt McDermott


9 April 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Margaret M. Young, age 85


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. John Sharp, 74th year, nee Sarah Elizabeth Boyd

c6        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs H. F. Johnston, nee Ruby Williams

c8        Died – Sparling Clarke

c8        Died – Della Derrough

c8        Died – Clyde Woodley


Page 9

c1        Died – Lavinia Meehan, 8 Apr

c1        Died – Mrs. Charles R. Dyer, nee Lucille Casey


Page 10

c4        Married – Nellie Gertrude McNaughton to Maxwell Albert Morriss, 6 Apr

c5        Married – Marion Louise Bodsworth to Reginald Buckle

c5        Married – Margaret Ethel Kearns to Donald Ross McGregor

c6        Married – Gertrude Ivy Greenwood to Jack Osborne

c6        Married – Isabella Hall to James McCulloch


Page 16

c2        Died – Herbert T. Withers, 47th year

c3        Died – Daniel S. Bale


10 April 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Lucille Dyer, age 37, nee Casey

c6        Died – Mrs. David Wilson, 77th year, ne Minnie O’Loane


Page 8

c5        Died – Isaac Ralph Millman

c7        Died – Alfred E. Raynes, age 78


Page 9

c2        Died – Jane Dutton

c2        Died – Charles H. Denton

c8        Born – Mary Alice McClurg, 10 Apr

c8        Born – James Alfred Perris, 8 Apr, nee Helen Target

c8        Born – son of Aubrey Buchner, 28 Mar


Page 10

c7        Married – Julia Elizabeth Meek to Ross Carmichael Mellow

c7        Married – Aldythe Janet Robinson to Leslie C. Pusey

c7        Married – Doris Ilene Wilson to Cameron Stewart

c7        Married – Dorcas Lorraine Stewart to Charles Aubrey Foulds, 6 Apr


11 April 1940


Page 3

c2        Funeral – Albert E. McDiarmid


Page 8

c8        Died – Waymith Penwarden, 83, son of Thomas Penwarden & Margaret Piper, husband of Elizabeth McGaffey


Page 11

c8        Died – Sarah Alice Wilson, 10 Apr, wife of Peter


Page 12

c3        Married – Dorothy Elizabeth Webster to Dr. L. G. Payne


12 April 1940


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs. Charles Dyer, nee Lucille Casey


Page 10

c6        Married – Frances Lillian Caldwell to George Fisher Cairns

c6        Married – Robert B. Long to Lorna Appleby

c6        Married – Verna Bernice VanBradt to Milford John Evans


Page 16

c1        Died – Earl Beadle, 42

c3        Funeral – Mrs. John Sharp

c3        Funeral – Alfred E. Raynes


13 April 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – James Ireland Kirk, 78th year


Page 7

c8        Born – son of P. H. Cunningham, 8 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Norman Lewis, 12 Apr

c8        Born – Margaret Joan Malloy, 10 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Hector Buffel, 5 Apr

c8        Born – son of Gaston Decoopman, 1 Apr

c8        Born – son of Raymond Finch, 6 Apr

c8        Born – dau of James Konkol, 11 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Lorne Wilson, 6 Apr, nee Edna Corbett

c8        Born – son of Mack Wilson, 27 Mar

c8        Died – Thomas George Vickery, 13 Apr, age 65


Page 10

c1        Died – Nellie Bedford

c3        Died – Thomas George Vickery, age 65


Page 14

c4        Married – Marion Fern Morden to Gaston Gekiere

c4        Married – Mary Campbell to George Ross

c4        Married – Maryann Banatti to Harry J. Teal

c4        Married – Mrs. Ruby Steinhoff Clarke to Ernest William Kenny

c4        Married – Alice May Stevens to Harry Blackman

c4        Married – Lila Mae Schweitzer to Ernest Wesley Eastlake


Page 20

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Ben Herbert, nee Matilda Bougie, 15 Apr; photo


15 April 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Miss Alice Francella King

c4        Died – Robert McKerracher, 70th year

c4        Died – Mrs. Robert McKerracher

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles Mitton, nee Parasates Geddis

c5        Died – Levi Allen McKenzie, 72nd year


Page 8

c1        Died – Russell Rand, 74th year, husband of Emma Fonger

c6        Married – Mary Nakoneczny to Keith Hough, 13 Apr

c6        Funeral – Mrs. Peter (Sarah Alice) Wilson

c6        Funeral – Lorena Hotchkiss


Page 9

c3        Died – Richard C. Mill, 59

c3        Died – Mrs. Marwood A. Gilbert, nee Diana Louisa Marsh

c8        Born – Barbara Jane Small, 9 Apr

c8        Died – Diana Louisa Gilbert, 15 Apr

c8        Died – Alma Francella King, 13 Apr

c8        Died – Frank Alonzo McCaulley, 13 Apr, 64th year

c8        Died – Levi Allen McKenzie, 14 Apr, age 72


Page 10

c2        Married – Isabel M. Hann to John Frederick VanDuzer

c2        Married – Florence Elizabeth Liddicoatt to Jack Eldon Wilkins

c2        Married – Henry Wallace Allen to Mary Madeline Clark

c2        Married – Isabel Grace Ferguson to Leonard J. Perrett


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs. Frank Connell

c1        Died – Alice Rogers, 71st year

c6        Died – Frank Alonzo McCaulley, husband of Elizabeth Palmer


16 April 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – Mrs. Mark Butcher, 81st year, dau of John Haney


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Arthur Harrett, 71st year, nee Bertha Amelia Leeson

c2        Died – Thomas Herrington, 85th year


Page 9

c5        Funeral – Mrs. John Sharpe

c5        Funeral – Thomas G. Vickery

c8        Born – son to V. M. Bere, 15 Apr, nee Mary Cole

c8        Born – Marilyn Elizabeth Fairbrother, 13 Apr

c8        Born – Margaret Ann Stafford, 9 Apr


Page 10

c3        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Finch

c4        Married – Hazel Kennedy to Melvin Opie

c4        Married – Helen Frances Simons to Carl Dennis Foy

c4        Married – Jean Louise Crouch to James Albert Welsh

c4        Married – Katherine Estelle Swain to Hugh Montgomery

c5        100th birthday of Annie McAlpine, nee McEachran


17 April 1940


Page 7

c1        Died – Esther Beatrice Lewis, age 5 days

c7        Funeral – Alma F. King

c7        Funeral – Frank Lonzo McCaulley


Page 8

c3        Married – Reta Pauline Underhill to Lloyd Chute

c3        Married – Pearl Lavinia Stover to Alfred Lorne Tolhurst

c3        Married – Reba Anne Gilham to Dr. Frank Emerson Coburn


18 April 1940


Page 9

c1        Married – Audrey Jean May Morrey to Lionel Edgar Schaller

c1        Married – Leonard H. Powers to Ethel Addley, 13 Apr


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Oliver House, nee Stella F. Newton, 44th year

c4        Funeral – Hannah Haney Butcher

c4        Funeral – Russell Rand


Page 11

c1        Died – Luther M. Foley, age 68

c7        Funeral – Mrs. M. A. Gilbert

c7        Funeral – Levi Allen McKenzie

c8        Born – Judy Ruth Alexander, 17 Apr

c8        Born – son fo Raymond Finch, 6 Apr

c8        Born – dau of James Konkol, 11 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Frank Judd, 11 Apr

c8        Born – son of Stanley Pake, 11 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Harry Reynolds, 12 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Melvin Robbins, 8 Apr


Page 12

c3        Married – Florence Isobel Welch to Lorne Ronald Knott


Page 13

c2        Married – Clara May Matthews to Ralph Harold Lake

c2        Married – Pearl Helen Embury to Louis William Evely

c2        Married – Norah Riste to Edwin A. Marchand


19 April 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – Burton James Cook, age 54


Page 6

c1        Died – John McLean, 82, husband of Cecilia Havens


Page 8

c2        Died – Allan A. Gundry, age 68

c5        Funeral – Esther Bernice Lewis


Page 9

c8        Born – David John Robertson, 15 Apr

c8        Died – Burton James Cook, 18 Apr, age 54

c8        Died – Allan A. Gundry, 18 Apr, 69th year


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs. John Ramsay


20 April 1940


Page 2

c8        Died – Mrs. William George Poole, 76th year, nee Flora McRae


Page 6

c6        Died – John Emerson Stephenson, 88th year

c6        Died – George Ronson, 85th year


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Burton Cook

c3        Died – Alice Taylor, 68th year

c8        Born – Barbara Ann Barham, 14 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Earl Dickson, 11 Apr

c8        Born – son of George Erhardt, 7 Apr

c8        Born – son of James Ehl, 16 Apr

c8        Born – son of Douglas Forster, 9 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Hector Godilie, 17 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Sam Heckford, 6 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Roy Heath, 16 Apr

c8        Born – son of Stanley Bake, 11 Apr

c8        Born – son of Wilbur Woodward, 9 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Lorne Wilson, 6 Apr

c8        Died – Jennie Ingram, 20 Apr

c8        Died – Burton James Cook, 18 Apr, age 54

c8        Died – Alice Taylor, 20 Apr, age 67


Page 10

c5        Died – Jennie Ingram, dau of William & Frances Millman


Page 14

c2        Married – Katherine Jean Gammage to Edward Goldsborough Dampier

c2        Married – Dorothy Irene Wood to Peter Daniel Sheers, 17 Apr; photo page 20, col 5

c3        Married – Kathleen Ainsley to Walter L. McCarthy

c6        Died – Charles Kimmerly, age 74


Page 20

c2        Married – Thomas W. Spencelayh to Irene B. Mills, photo


22 April 1940


Page 2

c4        Died – George Cameron


Page 6

c1        Died – Jennie E. Westervelt

c2        Died – Clarinde Wilson, 93rd year

c6        Funeral – David John Robertson, infant son of Thomas


Page 7

c1        Died – Wealtha Dobie, age 59, nee Leverington

c7        Funeral – Allan A. Gundry

c7        Funeral – Mrs. Arthur Harrett

c7        Funeral – Mrs. Oliver Howse

c8        Born – Marilyn Louise Southern, 20 Apr

c8        Born – son of T. C. Waldie, 21 Apr, nee Donna McArthur

c8        Born – John Robert Whitehead, 20 Apr

c8        Died – George Cameron, 22 Apr

c8        Died – Jennie Ingram, 20 Apr

c8        Died – Blanche Teetzel, 21 Apr


Page 8

c2        Married – Norah Riste to Edwin A. Marchand

c2        Married – Lillian Mae Irene Stanton to Leonard John Wall

c2        Married – Ethel Mae Kenline to William Henry Finch

c2        Married – Beatrice Pearl Hartsell to Bartholomew Waite, 20 Apr

c2        Married – Emma Marie Gorham to George A. Fenwick


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs. Thomas Moore, nee Flora Patterson

c5        Died – Blanche Teetzel


23 April 1940


Page 1

            photo of Watson’s Corners area near Fingal, soon to be airport


Page 7

c7        Funeral – Burton James Cook

c7        Funeral – Alice Taylor

c7        Funeral – Charles Kimmerly

c8        Born – Norman George Brown, 16 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Gordon L. Hitch, 21 Apr, nee Viola Precoor


Page 8

c4        Married – Margaret Isabella Smeaton to John Hamilton

c4        Married – Luella Violet Rodey to Marcel DeRiviere

c4        Married – Leah Shabsove to Fred Starkman

c4        Married – Doris Mae Mott to Donald Thomas Pegg

c5        Married – Effie Morrison Turner to Douglas Stevens Howard

c5        Married – Joan Richmond Byington to Dr. Peter Donald Grant

c5        Married – Florence Irene Walker to Charles Richard Evans

c5        Married – Myrtle Violet Rippin to Ernest John Rider

c5        Married – Velma Murphy to William Carey Hood

c5        Married – Edna Alice May Judd to Maxwell Clayton Bowyer

c5        Married – Emma Carolyn Andrew to Harold Heath

c6        Married – Norma Elizabeth Ralston to Hugh McKechnie Tait


24 April 1940


Page 1

c4        Died – Norman McLeod Murray, 65, husband of Alma G. Couch; photo


Page 9

c6        Funeral – Blanche Teetzel

c6        Funeral – Mrs. Andrew (Annie) W. Ingram

c8        Died – Norman McLeod Murray, 23 Apr, age 65


Page 10

c7        Married – Catherine Mae Currie to Stewart Elmo Helka

c7        Married – Emma Marie Graham to George A. Fenwick

c7        Married – Roberta Denise deHertel to Sherald Edward Stewart

c7        Married – Sylvia Mary Poysor to Vernal George Smith


25 April 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Clarinda Wilson

c5        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Mervain E. Blackburn


Page 9

c2        Married – Elizabeth Brown to George E. Taylor


Page 10

c1        Died – Rev. F. W. K. Harris


Page 11

c1        Died – Roy E. Wilson

c5        Funeral – George Cameron

c8        Died – Raymond Carson Ferguson, 25 Apr, 7th year


Page 12

c5        Married – Dorothy May Armstrong to H. Verne Marshall


Page 18

c2        Died – Raymond Carson Ferguson, 7, son of John C.


26 April 1940


Page 10

c6        80th birthday of Catherine Russell


Page 11

c3        Died – John Thomas Reinwald, 68, husband of Wilhelmina Mack

c8        Born – David Joseph Mandell, 17 Apr

c8        Born – Mary Ellen Patterson, 17 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Robert Currie, 25 Apr

c8        Born – Violet Caroline Bogart, 22 Apr


Page 12

c4        Married – Bernie Mae Shore to Harold George Ruch

c4        Married – Lillian Marler to Fred M. Skelton


27 April 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Robert M. McLean, 69


Page 10

c2        Married – Frances Elizabeth McIntyre to Chester Wesley Shaw

c2        Married – Mildred Hansel to LeRoy Jolliffe

c2        Married – Barbara Kinloch Kilpatrick to Jack L. Chipperfield


Page 11

c3        Died – Neil McGill, age 83


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Betty Todd to Dr. Leonard Mason, photo


Page 15

c3        Funeral – Raymond Carson Ferguson

c3        Funeral – Norman McLeod Murray

c8        Born – son of William F. Walters, 26 Apr


29 April 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – Daniel Coulter, 88, photo, husband of Elizabeth Carswell


Page 3

c5        Died – Mrs. James Stevenson, 64, nee Lydia Catherine Mitchell


Page 6

c7        Died – Harry Darby, 25 Apr, husband of Sadie Rabidue

c7        Died – Mrs. Thomas Lockhart


Page 8

c5        Married – George S. Lamb to Beulah B. Arthur


Page 9

c8        Born – Kenneth George Widner, 25 Apr, nee Florence Charlton

c8        Died – Daniel Coulter, 28 Apr, 89th year

c8        Died – Mrs. James Stevenson, nee Lydia Catherine Mitchell, 28 Apr

c8        Died – Louise Amelia (Millie) Hatton, 27 Apr

c8        Died – Mrs. Charles P. Nicholls, 27 Apr, age 69, nee Zilphy McDiarmid


Page 10

c3        Married – Zoe M. Roughead to Arthur Leonard Evans

c3        Married – Dorothy Anne Bishop to Gordon Harold Johnston

c3        Married – Yvonne Phyllis Haggarty to Frederick Douglas West

c8        Married – Florence Irene Walker to Charles Richard Evans

c8        Married – Louise Elizabeth Harvey to Robert John Falbert


Page 16

c1        Died – Robert Porterfield

c1        Died – Thomas Waterson

c2        Died – Frank McPhilllips

c2        Died – Mrs. David Dobie, 60th year, nee Wealtha Leverington

c3        Funeral – Thomas W. Cornish

c4        Died – Mrs. Charles P. Nicholls, nee Zelphy McDiarmid

c5        Died – Louisa Amelia (Millie) Hatton


30 April 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Ernest Edward O’Dell, 80th year, husband of Mary Jarvis

c2        Died – Bridget Nolan

c2        Died – Ezra Newell, 78th year


Page 9

c5        Died – Emily Jane Garden

c7        Funeral – Thomas Cornish

c8        Born – son of Orval Hyndman, 20 Apr

c8        Born – twin sons of Bud Priest, 17 Apr

c8        Died – Marjorie Ruth McFarlane, 29 Apr, 33rd year, dau of Cassius Toombs & Rosetta Smithers


Page 10

c4        Married – Dorothy Jean McDougall to Perry Crosier

c4        Married – Claire Mercedes Perry to Emerson Hodgson

c4        Married – Betty Smith to James Forman Cullen

c4        Married – Marjorie Moore to Albert Rocheleau

c4        Married – Helen Craka to Gabriel Samon

c4        Married – Velma Murphy to William Carey Hood

c4        Married – Mary Margaret Reading to William James Spragg

c4        Married – Barbara Kinloch Kilpatrick to Jack L. Chipperfield


Page 16

c2        Died – William Hillman, 89

c6        Died – Marjorie Ruth McFarland, wife of Samuel, dau of Cassius Toombs & Rosetta Smithers


1 May 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Roy Gibbons, age 46


Page 9

c1        Died – George Kerridge, age 74

c1        Died – Janet Mansfield,

c3        Died – Mrs. Charles Nicholls, nee Zilphy McDairmid

c3        Died- Louisa Amelia Hatton

c3        Died – Daniel Coulter

c8        Born – Gordon Brenton Cull, 25 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Ervin Degraw, 30 Apr

c8        Born – Patsy Ann Harris, 29 Apr

c8        Died – William T. McCallum, 29 Apr; husband of Jessie Graham


Page 10

c4        Married – John H. Clark to Eleanor Reaman, 29 Apr

c4        Married – John Edward Lee to Wilma Edith Knight, 27 Apr

c4        Married – C. Russell Martin to Louisa B. Crawford, 27 Apr


Page 16

c7        Died – Neil McGill

c7        Died – Robert McLain


2 May 1940


Page 11

c8        Died – Lena Gertrude Norsworthy, 2 May

c8        Died – Donald A. McPherson, 1 May, 40th year


Page 12

c4        Married – Chester Wesley Shaw to Frances Elizabeth McIntyre

c4        Married – Ross George Pellow to Jean Grace Potter


Page 18

c3        Died – Lena Gertrude Norsworthy


3 May 1940


Page 5

c7        Married – H. Clifford Hatch to Joan Ferriss


Page 11

c2        Died – Dr. Alfred Caulfield, 60th year

c3        Died – Marjorie Ruth McFarlane

c8        Died – Bessie Hockin, 3 May


4 May 1940


Page 14

c2        Married – Finn Texel to Lilly Gladys Hunter

c2        Married – Albert Rocheleau to Marjorie K. Moore

c2        Married – Willard Sherk to Jean Andrews

c2        Married – Norman Patrick Hare to Murial Leota O’Brien

c2        Married – Charles A. Norman to Mrs. Pearl Tremeear, 20 Apr

c2        Married – Robert Watson Kay to Mildred Erlene Metcalfe

c2        Married – John Danby Ralph to Emma KcKinnon Fox


4 May (Second Section)


Page 6

c2        Died – Arthur Hardwick

c4        Died – Mrs. Thomas Hockin, 79th year

c7        Died – William Shepherd

c7        Died – Janet Mansfield, age 84

c7        Died – Archibald McVicar

c7        Died – Jessie C. Clements

c7        Died – Mrs. James Portiss


Page 7

c1        Died – Robert Ainslie

c8        Born – Charles Raymond Fillmore, 27 Apr; nee Lucille Jolley

c8        Born – Dorothy Rose Marie Chute, 23 Apr

c8        Born – son of Elmer Grass, 27 Apr

c8        Born – Robert Austin McCaig, 3 May

c8        Born – son of Robert Revell, 29 Apr

c8        Born – son of George Mitchell, 25 Apr

c8        Born – son of Albert Macdonald, 27 Apr

c8        Born – son of Isaac P. Odenback, 20 Apr

c8        Born – son of W. W. Reaney, 21 Apr

c8        Born – son of Norman Smith,1 May

c8        Born – son of Campbell Ward, 2 May

c8        Died – Bessie Hockin, 3 May


6 May 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – Josephus Allen, 85th year


Page 6

c7        Died – John Campbell, age 64


Page 8

c4        Died – Jeannette Terry


Page 9

c3        Died – Wilfred Secker

c5        Died – John Turner, age 85

c8        Born – Charles William Edmonds, 2 May, nee Neva White

c8        Born – Cheryl Elaine Connell, 3 May

c8        Born – Margaret Anne Harris, 4 May, nee Esther Williams

c8        Born – son of Wilfred Yeck, 27 Apr

c8        Born – son of Lorne Hamlyn, 28 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Camille Vanderkerckhove, 1 May

c8        Died – Wilfred Secker, 5 May, age 33


Page 10

c5        Married – William Ferguson Poag to Mary Elizabeth Roberts

c5        Married – Ewart Leslie Cornish to Clara Winnifred Waugh

c5        Married – James Woodrow Wilson to Edith Mildred Lewis

c5        Married – C. Russell Martin to Louisa Bernie Crawford

c5        Married – Robert Seymour MacCallum to Margaret Allison Gordon


7 May 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – Lena Gertrude Norsworthy


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. (Rev.) Murray Tait

c8        Died – Mrs. John A. McMillan, 6 May, 51st year, nee Mary Minnie Thomson

c8        Died – John Turner, age 85


Page 8

c3        Married – Harold Burgin to Lucille Smith, 4 May

c3        Married – James A. A. George to Daphne Henderson

c3        Married – Kenneth Broderick to Dorothy M. Ruston

c3        Married – Maurice William Knox to Barbara Anna Culver


Page 9

c3        Died – James A. Cole


8 May 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. John A. McMillan, nee Mary Minnie Thomson

c8        Died – Mrs. James Stevenson

c8        Died – Frances Graves

c8        Died – Roy Gibbons

c8        Died – Mrs. William Cross


Page 9

c8        Died – John Campbell

c8        Died – Mrs. Thomas Hockin

c8        Died – George Rodell Esseltine, 8 May

c8        Died – David William Haig, 7 May, 57th year

c8        Died – John Urquhart, 7 May, age 90


Page 10

c4        Married – Irwin Hugh Butts to Joan Blackhurst

c4        Married – Joseph Toth to Isabella Varga

c4        Married – James Hanagan to Mary Jean Rosso

c4        Married – Rev. James Emerson Russell to Virginia Rowlands


Page 16

c1        Died – David William Haig, age 57

c2        Died – John Urquhart, age 90

c6        Died – Bertha Newson, age 21


9 May 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Dr. John McLean, 101st year

c5        Died – Clementine Currie


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs. Hiram Raymond, age 90, nee Annie Louch


Page 10

c1        Died – John Turner

c1        Died – Wilfred Secker

c2        Died – George Rodell Esseltine, 56th year

c2        Died – Dr. J. H. Bell, age 70


Page 11

c1        Died – Harriet Mae Perkins

c1        Died – Bertha Newson

c1        Died – Eva Jane Nolan, age 74

c8        Born – James Franklin Long, 3 May

c8        Born – Robert Kenneth Bolter, 30 Apr

c8        Died – Bertha Newson, age 21


Page 12

c2        Married – Ernest Roy McEwen to Margaret Jessie Craig, 8 May

c6        Married – Jack Arnold to Florence Kennedy, 4 May

c6        Married – William Donald Mills Agnew to Doris Kinloch Goodall

c6        Married – Roy Reilley to Velma Elizabeth Marshall

c6        Married – Rev. T. E. McAllister to Mrs. Lillian B. Howell


10 May 1940


Page 2

c6        Died – Catharine Dundas


Page 6

c6        Died – James Chittick


Page 10

c6        Died – Lillian Scott, 9 May, 46th year

c6        Married – Harold Arthur Winter to Jean Elizabeth Wilford


Page 11

c2        Died – Frederick William Pratt, age 80

c2        Died – Samuel D. Freeman

c2        Died – Richard Christopher, 76th year

c3        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Edwin Gammon, 7 May

c8        Died – Bessie MacIntyre

c8        Died – Frederick William Pratt


Page 12

c5        Married – Melvin Alexander Mills to Gladys Pearl Brush

c5        Married – Mervyn Eugene Ward to Janet Sarah Collins, 4 May

c5        Married – Raymond Alexander Strader to Doris Eliza Knowles


Page 18

c3        Died – Bessie MacIntyre


11 May 1940


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. Hugh Johnson, age 88

c3        Died – Thomas Ledson Pardo, age 83

c5        Died – Mrs. John Milne, 79th year, nee Eva Cline


Page 14

c3        Married – Ernest Roy McEwen to Margaret Jessie Craig, 8 May


Page 15

c1        Died – Mrs. A. J. Graves, 1 Feb, nee Alice Josephine Ingram

c2        Died – Elizabeth Ellen Bevitt, age 87

c5        Died – David William Haig

c5        Died – John Urquhart

c5        Died – Clementine Currie

c8        Born – son of Clarence Poole, 8 May, stillborn, nee Hilda Hunt

c8        Died – Elizabeth Ellen Bevitt, 11 May

c8        Died – Samuel D. Freeman, 10 May

c8        Died – Bessie MacIntyre


11 May 1940 (Second Section)


Page 6

c1        Died – Ellis Wintermute, age 18

c4        Died – Mrs. Daniel J. McBride


Page 8

c2        Died – Bessie MacIntyre

c2        Died – Bertha Newson

c5        Died – Mrs. E. J. Malone


Page 9

c2        Died – Byron Wallace Rice, age 78

c8        Born – Harrie Arthur Size, 10 May

c8        Died – Hannah P. McBride, 13 May

c8        Died – Ellis Wintermute, 11 May

c8        Died – Byron Wallace Rice, 13 May


Page 10

c6        Married – Walter D. Snelgrove to Leah Tindall, 11 May

c6        Married – David Wiliam Torrents to Rhea Edythe Soper, 3 May

c6        Married – William John Wolfel to Velma Mae Turner


Page 16

c5        Died – Harriet Jane McIntyre, age 85


14 May 1940


Page 3

c6        Died -Armanda T. Johnston, 90th year


Page 6

c4        Died – Catharine Smith, about 87 years old, nee Conway

c6        Died – Charles E. Johnson, 80th year


Page 9

c7        Died – Elizabeth Ellen Bevitt

c7        Died – Frederick William Pratt

c7        Died – Samuel D. Freeman

c7        Died – Mrs. John A. McMillan, 6 May

c8        Died – Hannah P. McBride, 13 May


Page 10

c4        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs F. M. Wright, 12 May


15 May 1940


Page 3

c3        Died – Amelia Bunts, 98th year, nee Sommerville


Page 7

c3        Married – Robert Varney to Sheila Ann Faubert

c3        Married – Enoch Cadman to Beverley Evelyn Stewart


Page 8

c2        Died – Stephen Giffels


Page 9

c1        Died – Wesley Squire, 14 May

c8        Born – Christopher Joel Berry, 13 May, nee Audrey Cooper


16 May 1940


Page 2

c5        Died – Byron Wallace Rice


Page 7

c6        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs D. M. Campbell


Page 10

c3        Died – Ellis Wintermute

c3        Died – Mrs. E. J. Malone


Page 11

c1        Died – John H. Osborne


Page 12

c4        Married – Arnold Thomas McEvoy to Earle Grey Fummerton

c4        Married – Frederick James Andrews to Margaret Clark

c4        Married – Robert Seymour MacCallum to Margaret Allison Gordon


17 May 1940


Page 1

c1        Died – William Hunt, age 45

c1        Died – Elsie Hunt, age 41

c1        Died – John Hunt, age 16

c1        Died – June Hunt, age 13

c1        Died – Charlotte Warren, about 80 years old


Page 2

c5        Died – triplets Agnes, Helen & John Addley, aged a few hours


Page 11

c8        Died – Lydia Minnie Shepherd, 17 May, age 81, nee Stanfield


Page 12

c4        Married – Harold Arthur Winter to Jean Elizabeth Wilford

c4        Married – Fred Lindsay to Catherine McPherson, 10 May

c4        Married – Carman Victor Dawdy to Esther Edna Winger


Page 18

c3        Died – Lydia Minnie Shepherd, age 81, nee Stanfield


18 May 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – H. Catherine Smith


Page 9

c4        Died – William Hunt and family


Page 10

c4        Married – John Edward Henry to Ruth Marian Tyrell, 11 May

c4        Married – John Berchmans Teaffe to Mary Iris McKenna


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Robert V. Metcalfe to Romaine Johnston, 15 Jun

c4        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Otto Allin, 20 May, nee Edith Emily Luscombe


Page 15

c8        Born – dau of Blake Berry, 17 May

c8        Born – Marlene Lynn Knight, 15 May, nee Margaret Littlejohn

c8        Born – Charlene Elizabeth Rose Flum, 12 May

c8        Born – son of Homer Hilliken, 15 May

c8        Born – son of R. D. Alexander, 12 May

c8        Born – son of Robert DeCoutere, 14 May

c8        Born – Margaret Rose Eades, 11 May

c8        Born – dau of Glenn Ross, 5 May

c8        Born – Arlene Elizabeth Simmons, 7 May, nee Cynthia Crooker

c8        Born – dau of R. J. Taggart, 13 May

c8        Born – Marilyn Olive Post, 3 May, nee Olive Anderson

c8        Born – son of Joseph Richardson, 13 May

c8        Born – son of George Pierce, 12 May


20 May 1940


Page 2

c6        Died – Kathleen McDonald, age 28


Page 6

c1        Hunt family funeral


Page 8

c2        Died – George Partial Welter, age 82


Page 9

c8        Born – Barbara Lorrain Curtis, 16 May, nee Irene Priddle

c8        Born – dau of George Lawson, 18 May

c8        Died – Walter G. Cole, 19 May

c8        Died – Richard William Smale, 19 May

c8        Died – Helen Winnifred Woodhouse, 18 May


Page 10

c6        Married – Albert Pettigrew to Irene May Philpot

c6        Married – Dr. Leonard Mason to Betty Todd

c6        Married – Dr. William A. Oille to Hazel Eleanor Ohman

c6        Married – Peter R. Brophy to Lillian Botsford

c7        Married – Edgar Hansen Weaver to Hazel Brownlee


Page 16

c4        Died – Walter G. Cole, age 70

c4        Died – Mrs. John Woodhouse

c6        Died – Richard William Smale, age 89


21 May 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Lydia M. Shepherd


Page 7

c8        Born – Wayne Edwin Clark, 15 May, nee Mina Wilson

c8        Born – Calvin Russell McQuiggan, 18 May, nee Alena Blackman

c8        Born – Ian Mackay Thompson, 17 May, nee Marion Mackay

c8        Died – Ellen Rebecca Rushton, 20 May


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Doris Marjorie Dibert to William Joseph Carter

c5        Married – James Kirkwood Carswell to Catherine Louise Elliot

c5        Married – William Alexander Cuthbert to Vida Clark


Page 9

c7        Died – Harris Williams


Page 14

c5        Died – Ellen Rebecca Rushton, age 61


22 May 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – James Walker, 56th year

c7        Died – Mrs. Jacob Thomas, 85th year, nee Ellen Weaver

c8        Died – James Henry Sipes, age 72


Page 10

c2        Died – James Ivan Mann

c5        Died – Mrs. John B. Woodhouse

c5        Died – Walter G. Cole

c5        Died – Richard W. Smale


Page 11

c5        Died – Arthur Castell, age 82

c5        Died – Mrs. Clarence McDonald

c8        Died – Mrs. John Smith

c8        Born – son of Donald Strachan, 20 May, nee Irene Gilbert

c8        Born – dau of Mark Armstrong, 17 May

c8        Born – dau of Don Stickle, 8 May

c8        Born – son of John Szakal, 15 May

c8        Born – son of A. Charters, 12 May

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Dickinson, 9 May

c8        Died – James Burford, 21 May, age 80

c8        Died – Annie Ryan, 21 May, age 87

c8        Died – James Walker, 56th year


Page 12

c4        Married – Charles Stanley Kaufmann to Doris Lecocq

c4        Married – Norman Smith to Miss M. Norris, 16 May


Page 13

c4        Married – Charles Frederick Forsythe to Edith Mae Schweitzer, 18 May


Page 20

c3        Died – James Burford, age 80

c3        Died – Annie Ryan, age 87


23 May 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – Elsie Catherine White, age 71


Page 10

c2        Died – Stephen Bobbett, age 12

c2        Died – George Partial Welter

c5        Died – Amy Lewis


Page 11

c2        Died – Mrs. Oliver Burgess, 88th year, nee Jane Eliza Binns

c8        Born – George Edward Chilton, 12 May

c8        Died – Elsie Catherine White, 22 May, age 71

c8        Died – John Walker, 56th year

c8        Died – Jane Eliza Burgess, 88th year


25 May 1940


Page 3

c5        Married – Harvey Gauvreau to Anna Grace White, 18 May

c5        Married – Warren R. Simmons to Emma Birdie Morkin

c5        Married – George W. Fox to Lena May Hansford

c5        Married – William Alexander Cuthbert to Vida Clark

c5        Married – Robert John Wallace to Zaida Marie Tomlinson


Page 6

c6        Died – Mrs. John Ryan

c6        Died – James Burford

c6        Died – Mrs. Horace H. Rushton


Page 7

c2        Died – Mary Ann Major

c3        Married – Harold Leone Kew to Beatrice Salena Harris

c3        Died – David McCutcheon Hunter

c3        Married – Douglas C. Gilbert to Cora Ileene French, 23 May

c8        Born – James Jospeh Casey, 23 May, nee Norah Pollock

c8        Born – son of Elmer W. Brown, 21 May

c8        Born – son of Archie McDougall, 23 May

c8        Died – Alex McIntyre, 24 May

c8        Died – David McCutcheon Hunter, 24 May

c8        Died – Mary Ann Major, 24 May


Page 8

c1        Died – Alex McIntyre


Page 13

c3        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Allin


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Rev. Jeffrey Billingsley to Marion G. Seager

c7        Married – Dr. William A. Oille to Hazel Eleanor Ohman


27 May 1940


Page 1

c3        Bombing & gunnery school to be established at Final


Page 6

c1        Died – Wesley Prangley


Page 8

c2        Died – Joseph Carrel, 80th year

c4        Married – Paul Garland Kidd to Ruth Elizabeth Dixon

c4        Married – Sidney E. Swallow to Helen Vail Moore

c4        Married – Gordon Rake to Lorna Elsie Dix

c4        Married – Andrew Stephenson Fleming to Mary Helen Hipple

c4        Married – John Kociuk to Ida May Dickerson, 23 May

c5        Died – Hugh Harold Fair

c5        Died – Jane Burgess

c5        Died – Mrs. Charles White


Page 9

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Frank Monaghan, 26 May, nee Ann McDonald

c8        Died – William L. McDermand, 27 May, 68th year

c8        Born – son of Fred Eke, 20 May

c8        Born – dau of Hugh Seveall, 19 May

c8        Born – son of George Ingram, 18 May

c8        Born – dau of Clifford Brown, 23 May, stillborn

c8        Born – son of Albert Ashley, 18 May

c8        Born – dau of John Sura, 18 May

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Abbey, 21 May

c8        Born – dau of Seldon Wilkinson, 22 May

c8        Born – dau of John Wilson, 21 May

c8        Born – dau of Gordon Wilson, 20 May

c8        Born – dau of William Talbot, 18 May

c8        Born – son of Joseph Richardson, 13 May

c8        Born – son of George Pierce, 12 May

c8        Born – Raymond Edward Fleming, 16 May

c8        Born – son of Searle Cooper, 20 May

c8        Born – Judith Evelyn Lang, 23 May

c8        Born – Robert Stanley Bolt, 20 May

c8        Born – Thomas George Anger, 21 May

c8        Born – dau of Melbourne Parker, 25 May


Page 16

c4        Died – William M. McDermand, age 67


28 May 1940


Page 8

c7        Died – Adam Meaney, age 96


Page 9

c7        Died – David M. Hunter

c7        Died – Mary Ann Major

c7        Died – James Walker

c8        Born – son of George Beard, 24 May

c8        Born – Sandra Kathryn Fenwick, 26 May

c8        Died – William Wesley Farrah, 27 May, 75th year

c8        Died – William L. McDermand, 27 May, 68th year


Page 10

c1        Married – Foort VanBoven to Doris Burlett

c1        Married – Charles David Broughton to Doris Maud Smith

c1        Married – John I. Coombs to Agnes Blanche Hall, 24 May

c1        Married – Clare Middleton to Kathleen Mitchell


Page 16

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William A. Taylor


29 May 1940


Page 6

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Taylor; four generation photo

c8        Died – Elizabeth McNicol, age 86


Page 9

c8        Died – Elizabeth McNicol, 28 May, 87th year


Page 10

c5        Married – James Donald Coyne to Ethel Isabel Ashmore

c5        Married – Reginald C. Johnston to Anne McCullough

c6        Married – Frank Flavelle McEachren to Florence Mary Eaton

c6        Married – Thomas Henry Haywood to Mary Kearns


30 May 1940


Page 6

c4        George Edward Gliddon, age 78, mother nee Elizabeth Boxall


Page 10

c1        Died – Joseph Carrel

c1        Died – David Nicholson

c2        Died – Margaret Wilkinson, 81st year

c2        Died – Carrie Adams


Page 13

c3        Married – Ernest Frederick Kempson to Margaret Jean Fletcher

c3        Married – Henry Mark Wagstaff to Christina Forbes Cunningham


Page 18

c5        Died – William G. McDermand


31 May 1940


Page 3

c2        Married – Allen Lyle Brown to Marjorie Mildred Martin

c2        Married – George James Alfred Bone to Ada Irene Whetstone, 25 May


Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs. Percy Horton, nee Eliza Ethel Long

c4        Died – Annabella Buchanan, age 102


Page 11

c1        Died – George Fuke

c3        Died – Mrs. George Harper

c7        Born – Nancy Florence Chant, 31 May


Page 12

c5        Married – Edward Douglas Hainer to Maude Ruth Cottrell


1 June 1940


Page 3

c6        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Harry Arthur Turnpenny, nee Jannet McCreath


Page 7

c4        Married – Harold Frank West to Janet Robertson

c8        Born – David Sutherland Fenn, 31 May, nee Alice Sutherland

c8        Born – son of Thomas Anderson, 22 May

c8        Died – Penelope Elizabeth Sutherland, age 76


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. E. R. Sutton, age 83


Page 9

c2        Engagement – Dr. William Albert Phillips to Helen Margaret McKellar

c5        Married – Lloyd L. Jordan to Violet Alexander, 25 May

c5        Married – Dr. Allan Souter Kennedy to Eilene Barbara MacGregor

c5        Married – David Wesley Hull to Myrtle Marie Haight

c5        Married – Gordon Russell Cullimore to Minnie Caroline Sheppard

c5        Married – Harold Smith to Betty Mary Dodds

c5        Married – Ernest Cruse to Janet Brocks

c5        Married – Garnett R. W. Fitzsimmons to Alda Bell Holliday

c5        Married – Lin Millman to Pauline Beales


Page 10

c2        Died – Penelope Elizabeth Sutherland, nee Sanders


Page 20

c2        Married – Ernest Cruse to Janet Brocks


3 June 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Candace McLeod, 73rd year, nee Dawdy

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William A. Taylor


Page 8

c8        Died – Mrs. George L. Harper


Page 9

c8        Born – Donald Douglas Harper, 30 May, nee Betty Smith

c8        Died – Ellen Howse, 3 Jun

c8        Died – Candace McLeod, 2 Jun, 73rd year


Page 11

c3        Married – James Raymond Rippin to Alice Dorothy Totten, 3 Jun

c3        Married – Alfred Edward Neathway to Beatrice Smith, 25 May

c3        Married – Lawrence Edwin Brown to Anna Kathryn Dennis, 24 May

c3        Married – Elwood John Thompson to Dorothy Dingman


Page 16

c2        Died – Ellen Howse, age 82, nee Laur

c3        Married – Raymond F. Saunders to Maxine Vivian Kettlewell


4 June 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. John Welter, 76th year, nee Mary Drysdale

c6        55th anniversary of Mr & Mrs George W. Rogers

c6        Died – Penelope E. Sutherland


Page 7

c1        Died – John Leslie Wright

c2        Died – Eva Ketley, age 38

c2        Married – John Edward Birmingham to Margaret Irene Rackham

c8        Born – son of George Page, 1 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Arch McKillop, 3 Jun

c8        Born – son of George Beard, 24 May

c8        Born – dau of Merrill Hare, 29 May

c8        Born – Barbara Joan Wingrove, 26 May

c8        Born – dau of Vern Hicks, 26 May

c8        Born – dau of Roger Hawkins, 26 May

c8        Born – dau of William Hannon, 29 May

c8        Born – dau of Frank Morin, 24 May

c8        Born – dau of John Morrison, 27 May

c8        Born – son of John K. Steen, 24 May

c8        Born – dau of John Sura, 18 May

c8        Born – dau of Ross Emerson, 22 May

b8        Born – dau of Lewis Fogltoa, 23 May

c8        Born – son of William Handsaeme, 23 May

c8        Born – son of William Noble, nee Georgina Imrie

c8        Born – dau of Donald Atkinson, 25 May

c8        Born – dau of Norman Lumley, 20 May

c8        Died – Candace McLeod, 2 Jun

c8        Died – Ellen Howse, 3 Jun, 73rd year

c8        Died – Eva Ketley, 4 Jun, age 38

c8        Died – Mary Welter, 4 Jun, 76th year


Page 8

c2        Married – John C. Sweet to Irene Patricia King

c2        Married – Marshall Hall Alway to Wilhelmina Martin

c2        Married – Jean Louis Handfield to Martha Houde

c2        Married – Eric Taylor Webster to Elizabeth Macdonald Paterson

c3        Married – Sydney Arthur Silcox to Edith Joyce Fox

c3        Married – John Sheridan Kyle to Marjorie Ann Price

c3        Married – Milton Zimmerman to June Reid

c3        Married – John Gordon Meade to Francis Rosina Genery

c3        Married – Robert John Burgess to Kathleen Lila Grogan

c6        Married – Ray William Hobson to Doris Catharine Ferguson


Page 14

c1        Died – Ellen Howse


5 June 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs. Ashton Girvin, 70th year


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. E. A. Hemstreet, age 75

c7        Died – Lucy Sinden, 3 Jun, 80th year


Page 9

c8        Born – son of Roy Alward, 4 Jun, nee Jean Allen

c8        Born – Thomas Terry Oke, 5 May, nee Adelaide Hollingshead

c8        Born – Garry Lynn Begg, 1 Jun

c8        Born – Estelle Katherine May Nordman, 29 May, nee Frances Woodruff

c8        Born – Glenda Arlene Tanner, 2 Jun, nee Gladys Hollingshead

c8        Died – Minnie Minerva Hemstreet, 4 Jun, 75th year


Page 10

c4        Married – James Frederick Leggett to Helen Margaret Coulter, 1 Jun

c4        Married – Frederick John Davey to Phyllis Cavell Stewart

c4        Married – Eber Joseph Rice to Jewell Jean Dowdell

c4        Married – William Hodges to May Louise Mitchell, 4 Jun

c4        Married – Stuart Bowman Ralston to Madeline Nadine Cooper

c4        Married – Alan Hugh Graham to Virginia Mary Muldoon, 31 May


6 June 1940


Page 10

c1        Died – P. O. James Mitchell, killed in action

c2        Died – Mrs. Lewis McKenney, 84th year, 5 Jun; dau of Alfred Norton

c8        Died – Ellen Howse


Page 11

c1        Died – Mary Moore

c8        Born – Billie Ellison, 1 Jun

c8        Born – son of Stanley Stover, 3 Jun

c8        Died – Belle McKenney, 84th year, 5 Jun

c8        Died – Mary C. Moore, 6 Jun

Page 12

c2        Married – Wray Marquis Simington to Ellen Isobel Butcher

c2        Married – Victor Frank Dyck to Mary Horton

c2        Married – John Francis Royston to Muriel Agnes Deming

c3        Married – Joseph A. Cote to Dorothy L. Slowleigh, 1 Jun

c3        Married – William R. Hodges to Mary Louise Mitchell

c3        Married – Walter Edgar Stewart to Edna Wegenast, 4 Jun

c3        Married – Kenneth Sherwood Murray to Anne Elizabeth Harvey, 1 Jun


Page 13

c2        Married – Lloyd Harrison Bilton to Jessie Mae Atkinson, 1 Jun

c2        Married – Kenneth D. Saltz to Pansey Kathleen Cuthbertson


Page 18

c1        Died – Mary E. Moore


7 June 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Maxwell R. Johnson, 28 May, age 51

c2        Died – James Richerson, age 69, husband of Carrie Burt

c5        Married – Robert Nicol Best to Lyla Frances Benn, 1 Jun


Page 10

c2        Died – Thomas Robbins, 74th year

c6        Died – Mrs. Charles C. Foster, nee Laura Kennedy


Page 11

c2        Died – Charles A. Smith

c8        Born – son of Harold Carter, 6 Jun

c8        Died – Charles A. Smith, 7 Jun, husband of Mary Yaeger


Page 15

c6        Married – George Eaton Atkinson to Edna Jean Galt

c6        Married – Howard Ernest McCutcheon to Verna May Burtwistle


8 June 1940


Second Section

Page 3

c5        Married – Clarence Robert Leitch to Isabel Louise Hutchinson

c5        Married – James W. Avery to Anne Kelly

c5        Married – Howard Ross McCulloch to Margaret Elizabeth Brown, 4 Jun


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Lewis McKenney


Page 7

c4        Married – Roderick Douglas MacDonald to Laura Margaret Wilkin, 8 Jun

c4        Married – Charles Edward Hartsell to Margaret Marion Jobborn, 8 Jun

c4        Married – Talbot Carlyle Clarke to Eleanor Louise Gamble, 1 Jun

c7        Born – son of William Blackwell, 30 May

c7        Born – dau of Randolph Corey, 4 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Robert Trapp, 4 Jun

c8        Born – Robert John Jolley, 6 Jun

c8        Born – Robert George Leslie Varney, 6 Jun, nee Frances McArthur

c8        Born – dau of Douglas G. Macdiarmid, 4 Jun

c8        Born – Norah Jane Logan Dewar, 23 May, nee Marion Logan

c8        Born – son of Russell Haggith, 4 Jun

c8        Born – son of Arba Culp, 4 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Donald A. Gall, 2 Jun

c8        Born – son of William Gee, 2 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Steven Nagy, 1 Jun


Page 8

c1        Died – Charles A. Smith


10 June 1940


Page 3

c4        Married – Gerald Coughlin Moore to Elizabeth Rawling Inglis, 5 Jun

c4        Married – John Shearer Wilson to Evelyn Marguerite Witham

c4        Married – Harold John Bennett to Mary Viola Holtom

c4        Married – Ian John Macswan to Joyce Marilyn Johnston

c4        Married – Donald Edward Tudor to Loretta Jean Minhinnick

c4        Married – George Henry Basil Stinson to Margaret May Bubbs

c5        Married – John Graf to Victoria Rotter

c5        Married – Robert F. Cox to Virginia F. Klock

c5        Married – Donald Wilfred Jenkins to Lorraine Bergman

c5        Married – Courtney Kent Smith to Evelyn May Neal, 23 May

c5        Married – Russell Thomas Tozer to Elsie Victoria Young

c5        Married – Donald J. Johnson to Margaret Jean Smith, 25 May


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs. John Trenton, about 40 years old

c5        Died – Mrs. Walter McKinley

c5        Died – Gilbert L. Stover, 6 Jun, 67th year

c7        Died – Thomas H. Jenner

c7        Died – Mrs. E. A. Hemstreet

c7        Died – Mrs. John Welter

c7        Died – Mary Moore


Page 7

c8        Born – Minnie Marie Benn, 8 Jun

c8        Born – Percy David Capern, 9 Jun

c8        Born – Donald Douglas Dinning, 6 Jun, nee Mary Lunn

c8        Born – Rupert Russell Inch, 9 Jun

c8        Born – dau of L. Wightman, 8 Jun

11 June 1940


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Clayton Simpson, 51st year, nee Cela Corinthia Charlton

c2        Died – Bertha Fulkerson, 43rd year

c8        Died – James Richardson

c8        Died – Thomas Robins

c8        Died – Charles A. Smith

c8        Died – Charles Chivers


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. William Nisbet

c8        Born – son of Frank Watt, 5 Jun, nee Ruth Reynolds

c8        Died – Elizabeth Ann Rose, 10 Jun, 75th year


Page 10

c1        Married – Robert Harvey Naylor to Jennie Mae Gunning, 8 Jun

c1        Married – Grenville M. Townsend to Elinor Louise McClellan

c7        80th birthday of Abel Willard Stafford, 1 July


Page 13

c3        Married – Patrick John Slaght to Christine Iona Stevens

c3        Married – Stanley Champion Biggs to Barbara Flavelle Barrett

c3        Married – Kenneth Rayner to Margaret Junkin

c3        Married – Gordon John Webb to Shirley Margaret Ward

c3        Married – Leslie Ernest Williams to Verna Aldine Parker


Page 16

c1        Died – infant son of John H. MacPherson

c1        Died – Archibald J. Seaton

c1        Died – Charlotte Parker, age 83

c3        Died – Mrs. Richard Rose, 75th year, nee Elizabeth Ann Bennett


12 June 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Martha Hardiman, 74th year


Page 8

c8        Died – Mrs. Charles Robbins


Page 9

c1        Died – Elizabeth Nisbet

c2        Died – Ezra Teetzel, age 74

c8        Born – Kenneth Mitchell Ross, 9 Jun, nee Marjorie Bosbury

c8        Born – dau of Clarence Haskett, 8 Jun

c8        Born – son of Wallace Gray, 6 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Marcel Opdeacon, 6 Jun

c8        Died – Ezra Teetzel, 11 Jun, age 74

c8        Died – Elizabeth Nisbet, 11 Jun


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Edna Sparling to Rev. Robert John Scott

c5        Married – Dr. John Harvey Wrightman to Helen Margaret Mayhew

c5        Married – Rev. Howard W. Johnston to Bernice Helen McKay

c5        Married – Clifford Colin Chute to Gladys Irene Finch

c5        90th birthday of Mary A. Crane


Page 11

c5        Married – Conrad Forrest to Gladys Hazzlett

c5        Married – Philip John Dunn to Jean Pratt Crawford

c5        Married – Thomas Wilkins to Elsie Brady

c5        Married – Milton Cole to Ellen Smith

c5        Married – Ross Beverley Blackall to Winnifred Norman


13 Jun 1940


Page 2

c4        Died – Philip J. Henry, age 83


Page 10

c3        Died – Robert Burvil, 23 Apr, age 71

c7        Died – Lloyd Alfred Hilliker, 53rd year

c7        Died – Mrs. John Fenton, nee Helen McFarlane


Page 11

c8        Born – son of Cecil Gilbert, 11 Jun

c8        Born – dau of D. S. Wells, 12 Jun, stillborn

c8        Died – Ezra Teetzel, 11 Jun, age 74


Page 13

c4        Married – Ida Isobel Beattie to Kenneth Alex Forbes, 8 Jun

c4        Married – Helen Ruth Near to Fred Leroy Gilbert

c4        Married – Loretta May Gerber to Earl Ward, 8 Jun


14 June 1940


Page 8

c1        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Sydney Rainford

c2        Died – William Thompson, age 40

c7        Married – Clara Ileene Butler to Peter Thomas Austin


Page 9

c8        Born – dau of Edward Berdan, 7 Jun

c8        Born – Allan Richard Paul, 9 Jun


Page 10

c2        Married – Kenneth A. Forbes to Ida Isobel Beattie, 8 Jun

c4        Married – Myrtle Marie Haight to David Wesley Hull

c4        Married – Helen Pauline Dunning to Randall Charles Hann, 8 Jun

c4        Married – Jean Brooks to John William Laughton



c1        Married – Florence Mabel Gerrard to Guy Haight

c1        Married – Evelyn Marie Rosa Keene to Arthur R. Liss

c1        Married – Eleanor Marjorie Jennings to Humphrey Oliver Madden


Page 16

c1        Died – Rose Horsman, age 66

c2        Died – Mrs. Harrison P. Maloney, age 59, dau of James Graney


15 June 1940


Page 2

c7        Died – John Pettit


Page 3

c5        Married – Beulah Myrtle Priddle to Earl Francis Eveland, 10 Jun

c5        Married – Doris Marjorie Dibert to William Joseph Carter, 8 Jun


Page 6

c3        Died – Andrew James Munro, 75th year, husband of Ida Mills

c6        Died – Ezra Teetzel

c7        Died – Mrs. Clayton Simpson

c7        Died – James Richardson


Page 7

c3        Died – William Truman Seburn, husband of Elizabeth Evely

c7        Born – dau of Harry Graham, 14 Jun, nee Marjorie Hookwith, stillborn

c7        Born – Jack Maitland Mann, 13 Jun, nee Rena Hillman

c7        Born – son of Francis Roach, 12 Jun

c7        Died – William Truman Seburn, 15 Jun, 83rd year

c7        Died – Andrew James Munro, 15 Jun, 75th year

c8        Born – Garry Ronald Thody, nee Dorothy Rupple

c8        Born – son of Julius Stampfer, 7 Jun

c8        Born – son of Edward Parker, 8 Jun

c8        Born – son of Lester V. Hayne, 7 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Leland Earp, 8 Jun

c8        Born – son of Forest Miller, 9 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Harold Cuthbertson, 7 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Gerald Knapp, 12 Jun

c8        Born – Donald Dale Rawson, 6 Jun


Page 16

c2        Married – Irene King to John C. Sweet

c6        Married – Lillian Pearle Forsythe to William Ellis Langlois

c6        Married – Marjorie May King to Harold Alexander Kelly, 8 Jun

c7        Married – John Wilfred Davis to Margaret Jeanette Logan


17 June 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Frank Aldrich, 83rd year

c7        Married – Jean Brooks to John William Laughton

c7        Married – Nora Virgis Hall to Hiram Keith Barclay

c7        Married – Rhoda Norma Wood to Donald Hugh Sharpe


Page 7

c8        Died – Ernest Carr, age 55

c8        Died – Harriett Phoebe Gloin, 16 Jun, 84th year, nee Prior

c8        Died – Ernest Carr, 15 Jun, 56th year


Page 8

c4        Married – Rev. Jeffrey Billingsley to Marian Gertrude Seager

c4        Married – Roma Jean Johnston to Robert Vincent Metcalfe

c4        Married – Elsie Mary Arthur to Rev. Gerald Carlyle Husser

c4        Married – Mabel Katie Ditchfield to William Rae

c5        Married – Mabel Madeline Bowes to Kenneth Hough

c5        Married – Alice Beatrice Prentice to Roy Johnston Smith, 10 Jun

c5        Married – Hilda Maxine Shipway to Lewis Allen Matlack

c5        Married – Lahla Patricia Shepherd to Milton St. Clair Craik

c5        Married – Eva Marie Swain to Russell John More

c6        Married – Mary Isabell Gonder to Edwin Carl Gorham

c6        Married – Florence Louise Colter to Willard James Hall


Page 9

c1        Died – in train/car accident – Wilhelmine Doolittle, age 10, Wellington Doolittle, age 4, and Ruby Haskell, 2, and Hugh Haskell, 2 months


18 June 1940


Page 2

c7        Died – Mary Fitzgerald, age 94


Page 6

c2        Died – George E. Ballah, 81st year

c4        Died – Mrs. George Miller, age 60, nee Helen Raney


Page 7

c2        Married – Ora Viola Climenhegg to J. Gordon Dunn

c8        Died – William T. Seburn

c8        Died – Mabel Youmans, 12 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Richard Putnam, 17 Jun, nee Ilene Alexander


Page 8

c5        Married – Katherine Rose Garraway to David Leslie Wagner, 12 Jun

c5        Married – Lillian Gladys Dill to Earl Palmer Grey Shipley, 15 Jun

c5        Married – Margaret Elizabeth Bell to Roy A. Brown

c5        Married – Cora Louise Kimball to Robert Ralph Reeves

c5        Married – Flores Gallen to Edward Hilding Romiens

c5        Married – Helen Elizabeth Campbell to Allan John Roy

c5        Married – Jean Viola Caton to Ross A. Buchner

c5        Married – Naomi Gurd Barron to Jack Macleod Griffith


19 June 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Harriet Phoebe Gloin

c2        Died – James A. Bullock

c2        Died – Andrew J. Munro

c2        Died – Frank E. Aldrich


Page 7

c2        Died – Charles Stanley Beavis, about 38 years old

c8        Born – son of Stephen Butler, 19 Jun, nee Frances Alexander

c8        Died – Minnie Barrett, 19 Jun, age 52


Page 8

c5        Married – Estella Dham to Alvin Thompson

c6        Married – Eileen Denise McClintock to Lawrence Steiner

c6        Married – Annie Spriggs to Floyd Maxwell Draper, 15 Jun

c6        Married – Rhea Josephine Hendershott to Samuel Alvaro, 14 Jun

c6        Married – Edna Jean Boughner to Glenn R. Hosack

c6        Married – Cyril John Passefield to Violet Gertrude Davies, 17 Jun

c7        Married – Beryl Aileen Burton to John M. Scott

c7        Married – Marion Jacques to William Coleman

c7        Married – Aileen Preston to Norman MacLeod Parks


Page 14

c1        Died – Ruby Haskell, age 2, and Hugh Haskell, age 4 months

c2        Died – Minnie Barrett, age 52

c2        Married – Lynette Mary Lambe to Malcolm Charles Campbell Ross

c3        Married – Frank O’Mara, about 54 years old


20 June 1940


Page 6

c4        85th birthday of twins William John Harris and John William Harris, 18 Jun

c4        Died – Mrs. Samuel Every, age 26, nee Jean Watson

c6        50th anniversary of Crinan School (S.S. #9 Aldborough)


Page 9

c1        Died – Charles Stanley Beavis

c4        Died – Annie Edgeworth, 84th year

c8        Born – son of Mervin Ashton, 13 Jun

c8        Died – Annie Edgeworth, 20 Jun, age 84

c8        Died – Stanley Beavis, 19 Jun, age 36


Page 10

c2        Married – Laura Helen Gay to Clair Edward Taylor, 15 Jun

c2        Married – Dorothy Jean DeZeng to Peter Cameron Bruce, 18 Jun

c2        Married – Margaret Catherine Taylor to William R. Cheer

c2        Married – Margaret Caroline Jean Scott to Dr. Harold Llewellyn Wanless

c3        Married – Helen Phoebe White to Dennis Lancaster Braithwaite

c3        Married – Ethel May Mulholland to Harold Joseph Mahon

c3        Married – Eva Eleanor Woodward to Gordon Edgar Thomas

c4        Married – Mary Scafe to Gordon Long, 15 Jun


21 June 1940


Page 8

c2        Died – Andre Bussy, age 38


Page 9

c8        Born – Mary Jane Ferguson, 20 Jun, nee Jean Wilkinson

c8        Born – Lynda Ann Denniss, 19 Jun, nee Jean Parish

c8        Born – son of Stanley Stover, 3 Jun

c8        Died – Annie Edgeworth, 20 Jun, age 84


Page 10

c6        Married – Maxine Snyder to Russell Dawdy, 12 Jun

c6        Married – Ferne Durward to Roy Weir, 15 Jun

c6        Married – Mrs. Helen Clarke to Wallace McKeen


Page 13

c3        Died – Andrew J. Munro


22 June 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – David Wilson, 21 Jun; 82nd year

c2        Died – Mrs. Samuel Barrett

c2        Died – George E. Ballah

c2        Died – Mrs. Samuel Every

c2        Died – Mrs. George Miller


Page 7

c1        Died – Philips J. Henry, age 83

c7        Born – Robert Charles Hume, 19 Jun; nee Irene Newsom

c7        Born – Leslie Howard Robinson, 26 May

c7        Born – dau of John G. Andrews, 13 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Leland Earp, 8 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Russell Farmer, 4 Jun

c7        Born – son of Bruce Lounsbury, 15 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Stanley McDonald, 17 Jun

c7        Born – son of Kenneth Roloson, 16 Jun

c7        Born – son of Alphonse VandenNeucker, 13 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Lloyd Haslam, 16 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Lorne Gould, 14 Jun

c8        Died – David E. (Bub) Wilson, 21 Jun; 82nd year

c8        Died – Bertha Constance Long Jagoe, 22 Jun, age 29


Page 8

c3        Died – James Marlatt, 19 Jun; age 65

c3        Died – Mrs. Wilbur J. Jagoe, age 29, nee Bertha Contance Long


Page 11

c3        Died – Dr. Hugh A. Johnson, 69th year

c4        Died – Sister Agnes, formerly Mary McGrath, about 90 years old


Page 14

c2        Married – Georgia Edith Luscombe to Lawrence Garnet Speers, 12 Jun

c2        Married – Charlotte Cooper to Leonard I. Carling

c2        Married – Margaret Cecelia McManus to Hiram J. Manning, 18 Jun

c2        Married – Muriel Beatrice Cox to Garnet Chester Bannister

c2        Married – Kathleen Olive Borbridge to George Winter

c2        Married – Catherine Jane Grafton to David MacDonald


Page 16

c6        Married – Harold F. West to Janet Robertson


24 June 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Lettie Russell Cuthbertson, 80th year

c5        Died – Mrs. Stephen Jeffreys, 67th year

c5        Died – Joseph Gordon Anderson

c5        Died- Charles Stanley Beavis


Page 7

c4        Died – Thomas Edwin Harding, age 83

c8        Born – Gail Vivian Davies, 22 Jun; nee Olive V. Whiteside

c8        Born – Noel Elson, 15 Jun; nee Garnetta McAllister

c8        Died – Phena Thomas May, 23 Jun

c8        Died – Sarah Catherine Smith, 23 Jun; age 73

c8        Died – Thomas Edwin Harding, 24 Jun, 83rd year


Page 8

c5        Married – Helen Evelyn Higgins to Campbell Frederick Taylor

c5        Married – Loraine Ivey to James Murray Shuttleworth

c5        Married – Barbara Wearing to Kenneth McAdam

c5        Married – Grace Adele Bexton to Frank Stanley Humphreys, 15 Jun

c5        Married – Hilda Lorraine Churchill to Cecil John Coke, 8 Jun

c5        Married – Dorothy Jean Pafford to Emerson King, 21 Jun

c5        Married – Eleanor Evelyn Hale to George Kitchener Thomas

c5        Married – Ruth Elizabeth Turner to Robert Smith Parsons

c5        Married – Lahla Patricia Shepherd to Milton St. Clair Craig

c6        Married – Anne Catherine McBeth to Thomas Gordon Wilson

c6        Married – Hazel Evelyn Whimster to Wilfrid Phillips Deeth

Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs. William H. May, nee Phena Thomas, daughter of Benjamin Thomas & Elizabeth Westover

c2        Died – Sarah Catherine Smith, age 73


25 June 1940


Page 1

c5        Missing in Action – Lieut. Victor Lemieux, age 23


Page 6

c6        Died – Annie Edgeworth

c6        Died – Sister Agnes McGrath

c6        Died – Joseph Gordon Anderson


Page 7

c2        Died – David Norton, age 72

c8        Born – James Byron Hawley, 21 Jun

c8        Died – David Norton, 24 Jun, age 72

c8        Died – Charles Eli Meadows, 25 Jun; 88th year

c8        Died – Phena Thomas May, 23 Jun


Page 8

c2        Married – Helen Jean Peel to Frederick Thomas Malton

c2        Married – Doris Evelyn Moore to Clifford John Millen, 22 Jun

c3        Married – Nadine Harris Ysaye to George Clairmont Mosbaugh

c3        Married – Iva Jean McMullen to Douglas Frederick Rhodes

c3        Married – Evelyn Fern Brown to Stanley Norman Peach

c3        Married – Helen Roberta Lowe to Roy Raymond Forrest, 22 Jun


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs. George Atchison

c2        Died – Jessie McKenzie Urie, age 67


26 June 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – Pte. Clifford Gordon Graham, 12 Jun, age 25


Page 6

c8        Died – Bertha Jagoe

c8        Died – David E. Wilson

c8        Died – Lettie Cuthbertson


Page 7

c8        Born – Mary Lou Wilcox, 23 Jun

c8        Born – Judith Lynne Hallbom, 19 Jun; nee Pauline Thomson

c8        Born – Ronald Lawrence Styles, 23 Jun, nee Gertrude Dyson

c8        Died – Charles Eli Meadows, 25 Jun, 88th year

c8        Died – Mary Donahue, 25 Jun; age 86


Page 8

c2-3    Married – George William Allen to Olive Precoor, 22 Jun; photo

c2        Married – John S. Brown to Edith Irene Chapman, 15 Jun; photo

c2        Married – Albert F. Calcott to Eleanor Rae

c5        Died – Mrs. James Amoss, nee Annie Hockey


Page 14

c2        Died – Mary Donahue, age 86

c2        Died – John Kilbourn, 29 May

c4        Died – Charles Eli Meadows, age 87, husband of Mary Nowell;son of Charles Meadwos and Jane Potticary


27 June 1940


Page 9

c1        Died – Donald Longhurst, 17 Jun; age 33


Page 10

c8        Died – Phena Thomas May


Page 11

c7        Died – Thomas Edwin Harding

c7        Died – Mary Donahue

c7        Died – Sarah Catherine Smith

c8        Born – son of Herbert Thorneycroft, 25 Jun; nee Edith Farr

c8        Born – dau of Murray Timpany, 23 Jun


Page 12

c5        Married – Mrs. Alice Marguerite Tansley (nee Farmer), to Rev. Lloyd Matthews Sommerville

c5        Married – Marjorie Jean Fisher to Donald McGugan, 22 Jun

c5        Married – Lucile Graham to Dr. Frederick Cumberland Barton

c5        Married – Audrey Ilene Mitchell to William Edward Elliott

c5        Married – Beatrice Elizabeth Pincombe to Kenneth Oscar McLaren

c5        Married – Renetta Waller to Fred Cook

c5        Married – Eileen Rachel Timmins to James William Hunt, 23 Jun

c5        Married – Blanche Elita Pressey to William Schram, 26 Jun

c5        Married – Marian Irene Johnson to Cecil James Vidler


Page 18

c4        Died – Mary Louise Clark McCallum, age 93


28 June 1940


Page 8

c1        Missing in action – Bob Cochrane

c2        Died – Alice Maude Leeson, 78th year, nee McMaster

c6        Died – Charles Eli Meadows


Page 9

c4        Died – Janet Turnpenny, age 84, nee MacCreath

c6        Died – David Norton

c8        Born – Bernice Georgina Ward, 26 Jun

c8        Died – Janet Turnpenny, 28 Jun; age 84


Page 10

c1        Married – Margaret Jane Sherman to Norris Arnold McDonald

c5        Married – Helen Mae Charlton to Allison P. Joiner, 26 Jun

c5        Married – Evelyn Edith Ion to Fergus Charles Heidt, 22 Jun

c5        Married – Ruth Catherine Howell to Simon Pleiter

c5        Married – Gladys Bernice Mehlenbacher to Clayton S. Dalglish

c6        Married – Mona Eileen Berdan to Alvin Walter McKeen

c6        Married – Norma McCaulley Dawson to Albert Arthur, 22 Jun


29 June 1940


Page 3

c5        Married – Mildred Hellyer to Edward Lorne Woodley

c5        Married – Alma Marguerite Kelly to Hugh John McKinley

c5        Married – Nora Edith Cadman to Thomas Arthur Rule

c5        Married – Doris Lorene Schuyler to Charles Daniel Harrison, 22 Jun

c5        Married – Lorna Anne Henry to George Simpson Wegg

c5        Married – Celina Godolie to Kenneth Porter

c5        Married – Edith Vesterfelt to George Deveraux

c6        Married – Marjorie Eleanor Rist to Edward Walter Knight


Page 6

c2        Died – Kate Benson, 86th year

c2        Died – Alice J. Ardagh, 75th year

c6        Married – Jennie Martha Mae Sherk to William Neish, 29 Jun

c7        Married – Kathleen Brown to Albert William Thompson

c7        Married – Jean Shirley Kidner to Leonard Frederick Langley, 20 Jun

c7        Married – Donna Willena Orton to Wilfred Ray Green, 22 Jun

c7        Married – Hazel Drake Honsinger to William Richard Pressey, 29 Jun

c7        Married – Ila Bell Swindel to H. J. Owens, 26 Jun


Page 7

c2        Died – Flora Zimmerman

c8        Born – Katherine Anne Harvey, 27 Jun

c8        Born – son of Arthur Beemer, 21 Jun

c8        Born – son of Arthur Jennings, 21 Jun

c8        Born – son of Martin Kuranc, 23 Jun

c8        Born – daughter of Gordon Stevenson, 22 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Roy Stringer, 22 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Gustaf VanPaemel, 24 Jun

c8        Born – son of Morley Young, 25 Jun

c8        Born – son of David Patullo, 24 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Lewis Haskett, 23 Jun


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Bruce Wilburn Smith to Jean Isabelle Borden, 1 Jul

c5        Married – Robert Vincent Metcalfe to Roma Johnston


2 July 1940


Page 2

c1        Died – Russell McCuaig


Page 3

c1        Died – John Alexander Upper, age 64, son of George Upper & Catherine Gilmore


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Harley Ryckman, 74th year, dau of Asa Marr

c2        Missing in action – R.D.K. (Bob) Cochrane, husband of Helen Margaret Lee

c2        Died – Mary Florence Scott, age 51, dau of John Scott & Jean Morrison

c7        Died – Janet Turnpenny

c7        Died – Kate Benson

c7        Died – Mrs. Malcolm McCallum, nee Mary Louise Clark


Page 9

c3        Died – William (Jack) Venus, age 60

c8        Born – son of H. A. Milligan, 29 Jun

c8        Born – Doris Ann Saunders, 29 Jun, nee Florence Bushell

c8        Born – dau of Wilkin Clark, 18 Jun; nee Thelma McCaffery

c8        Born – dau of Morris Derson

c8        Born – Joan Evelyn Dodds, 23 Jun; nee Phyllis Mayhard

c8        Born – James Weston Hardy, 19 Jun

c8        Died – Carson Wayne Land, 30 Jun, age 22

c8        Died – John Alexander Upper, 30 Jun; age 64

c8        Died – William Jack Venus, 1 Jul; age 60


Page 10

c4        Married – Ferne Delphine Branton to Wilfred Cowburn, 29 Jun

c4        Married – Agnes Adeline Thomson to Clifford Ernest Elliott, 29 Jun

c4        Married – Anne Marguerite Bowley to James Alexander Kemp

c4        Married – Alma Williams to Thomas McInnes

c4        Married – Shirley Nellie Ayres to Joseph W. Brooks

c4        Married – Anna Kathleen McGregor to Edgar James McClinchey

c5        Married – Jean Isabelle Borden to Bruce Walburn Smith

c5        Married – Dorothea Nora Langston to Ian McLean, 29 May

c5        Married – Stella Marie Rymal to James Donald McNabb, 29 Jun

c5        Married – Donald Stewart Barnes to Hazel Irene Beaton, 22 Jun

c5        Married – Mildred Elizabeth Gosnell to Dr. Andrew Calder Green

c5        Married – Unace Jean Pettit to Thomas Roy Trigger, 29 Jun

c6        Married – Marjorie Louisa Jones to Carol W. Malotte

c6        Married – Pauline Margaret Strong to Bert Abraham

c6        Married – Ruth Isabel Meyer to James Stuart McGenn

c6        Married – Phyllis Marie Parsons to Emerson Hedley Uptigrove

c6        Married – Gladys Berry to Orville Brayley

c6        Married – Edith Vesterfelt to George Deveraux

c7        Married – Ruth Norene Manchen to Fernand Chenier, 29 Jun

c7        Married – Ada E. Ward to Glenn L. Millman

c7        Married – Bella Florence Mitchener to Dr. Harold James Dickson, 1 Jul

c7        Married – Florence Ellen Smith to Milton Henry Elgin Cole

c7        Married – Forest Thomas Haggith to Agnes Elaine Lumley

c7        Married – Joan Howting to Harold Harris


Page 16

c3        Died – John Leonard Gaudet, age 26


3 July 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Edward Small, 92nd year

c4        details of will of James Foster of Dunwich

c8        Died – John Upper


Page 7

c2        Died – Julian Ruggles Seavey, age 83

c3        Died – Donald Malcolm Cameron

c8        Born – Gail May Kew, 29 Jun; nee Ethel St. John

c8        Died – Mrs. Thomas A. Parish, 2 Jul; age 69, nee Margaret M. Robinson


Page 8

c5        Married – Violet Esther Groves to Firth Elgin Stokes

c5        Married – Jessie Jane Scane to Isaac Gordon Love

c5        Married – Eva Irene Stoner to Archie Ray Charlton, 29 Jun

c6        Married – Elizabeth Jean Graham to Richard Clarke Patterson, 1 Jul

c6        Married – Nancy Ribbington to Victor Edwyn James Smith


Page 9

c5        81st birthday of Arabella West, 3 Jun


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs. Thomas Parish, age 69

c1        Died – Lloyd L. Fay, husband of Helen H. Duncombe

c2        Died – Judson Edward Crewson


4 July 1940


Page 8

c3        Married – Helen Margaret McKellar to Dr. William Albert Phillips, 2 Jul

c8        Died – Carson Wayne Land

c8        Died – Mary Florence Scott


Page 10

c5        Married – Mary Teresa O’Drowsky to John Edward Wraight

c5        Married – Effie May McDonald to Creston V. Ferrier

c5        Married – Bertha Gifford to Albert Ernest Mercer

c5        Married – Evangeline Marie Racher to William C. Alexander

c5        Married – Irene Frances Earl to Robert Sydney Rowling

c5        Married – Hester Noreen Moody to Dr. Thomas Harland Spence

c6        Married – Gertrude Ella Byerlay to David Victor King, 29 Jun

c7        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Nelson Hartwick, nee Ada Fenacy


Page 13

c2        Died – Mrs. Ewart Morley Cowan, nee Fannie Elsie Sharp


Page 16

c2        Died – George J. Walsh, 52nd year, husband of Loraine Martin

c2        Died – Judson Edward Crewson


5 July 1940


Page 8

c5        Died – Mrs. Charles Lowthian

c5        Died – Alice Ardagh


Page 9

c7        Died – William (Jack) Venus

c8        Born – son of G. Coombes, 1 Jul; nee Florence Allan

c8        Born – Mary Patricia Wilkinson, 30 Jun; nee Alta Bell


Page 10

c3        Married – Mrs. Mary Pearl Flannigan to Uriah Herrington

c3        Married – Dorothy Gage to John Scott

c3        Married – Christina Murne Wyatt to Burton LeRoy Felker

c3        Married – Ida Robina Brown to Richard Frank Powell

c3        Married – Doris Irene Hayman to Edward Graham Spence

c3        Married – Christina Mae McPhee to Archie Earl Douglas


Page 16

c3        Died – Albert Hill


6 July 1940


Page 2

c3        Married – Marian Isobel McCallum to William Arthur Copley

c3        Married – Virginia Jean Clarke to Walter Duncan Kelly

c3        Married – Dorothy Jean Somerville to Douglas Ian Parsons

c3        Married – Jean Blair to Francis Charron, 1 Jul

c3        Married – Ella Mae Adlington to Lloyd Henry Patterson, 15 Jun

c3        Married – Grace Elizabeth Carr to Peter Russell, 29 Jun

c3        Married – Gertrude Ella Byerlay to David Victor King

c3        Married – Zara Annora Quarrie to J. Wallace Ellwood

c3        Married – Alexandrina May Doherty to Thomas Joseph Sweeney


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Robert Palmer, 82nd year, dau of John McLaughlin & Elizabeth Early


Page 7

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Anderson, 29 Jun

c8        Born – son of Morris DeClearq, 30 Jun

c8        Born – son of George Farkes, 30 Jun

c8        Born – son of Wilfred Oatman, 4 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Murray Timpany, 23 Jun

c8        Born – son of J. H. Mather, 5 Jul

c8        Born – son of Charles Whitcroft, 1 Jul


Page 14

c2        Married – Grace Elizabeth Carr to Peter Russell, 29 Jun

c2        Married – Edna Carr to Emerson Jacklin

c7        Married – Kenneth Hough to Mabel Madeline Bowes


8 July 1940


Page 1

c1        Missing in action – Pilot Officer Robert Willis

c2        Missing in lake disaster – F. R. Ramsey


Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs. John Henning, nee Jessie Lees


Page 7

c3        Died – George Alexander Robb, age 60, husband of Caroline Armbrust

c4        Died – Ellen R. Green, age 65, nee Carter

c4        Died – Elizabeth Wilhelmina Ringsdorf

c6        Died – Reaney Maynard Poole, age 47, husband of Ione Hatherley

c7        Married – Muriel Olive McLean to Earl Leroy Rush, 8 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Murray Ripley, 4 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Fred Ralph, 5 Jul

c8        Died – Emma Percival, 5 Jul

c8        Died – Ellen R. Green, 65th year, 7 Jul

c8        Died – Reaney M. (Jack) Poole, age 47

c8        Died – Elizabeth Wilhelmine Ringsdorf, 7 Jul


Page 14

c2        Married – Wilfred Cowburn to dau of G. H. Branton, 29 Jun

c6        Married – Lila Pearl Walker to Donald O. Awde

c6        Married – Eunice Margaret Maclaren to Kenneth Alfred Pretty

c6        Married – Janet Scobre to Hubert Smedley

c6        Married – Lillian Violet Johnston to Cecil Roy Hudson, 5 Jul

c6        Married – Mary VanDyke to George F. Gawne, 22 Jun


9 July 1940


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Levi Miller, 80th year, nee Caroline Mistele

c3        Married – Edna Rose Sparling to Rev. Robert John Scott

c4        Died – Emma A. Roberts, 16 Jul; age 63

c6        Died – Mrs. Frank Roberts, age 63, nee Emma A. Naylor


Page 8

c1        95th birthday of Anna Porter, 10 Jul


Page 14

c5        Married – Irma Isabel Paddick to John William O’Connell

c5        Married – Ruby Alice Berdan to Floyd Clayton Gratton

c5        Married – Margaret Ann Jackson to Grant Roland McCready

c5        Married – Helen Isobelle Burke to Frederick Wallace Savage

c5        Married – Muriel Bowes to Hume Duggan

c5        Married – Alice Margaret Pomeroy to Alice Margaret VanDiepen, 6 Jul

c6        Married – Helen Marguerite Dickenson to Malcolm Clark Campbell

c6        Married – Hazel Dorothy Barned to John Edwin Bowman

c6        Married – Georgena Merle Williams to Wilfred Ernest Reid, 29 Jun


10 July 1940


Page 3

c8        Died – Mrs. Ellen Rosett Green

c8        Died – Elizabeth Wilhelmina Ringsdorf


Page 7

c4        Died – John James Bilson

c8        Died – John James Bilson, age 81


Page 14

c2        Married – Alexandrina Mary Doherty to Francis Thomas Joseph Sweeney

c2        Married – Margaret Frew Gandier to Frank Douglas McPherson

c2        Married – Edith Jean Carruthers to Harold Frederick Allen, 29 Jun

c2        Married – Jean Marie Wilson to James Earl Wilson

c3        Married – Marie Dora Mummery to Robert Stephen Powell, 2 Jul

c3        Married – Edith Edna Young to George Gerald Myers

c3        Married – Esther M. Harding to James A. McAlister


11 July 1940


Page 1

c1        Died – Evelyn Ellis, age 18


Page 2

c6        Died – Almon Monteith, 87th year

c6        Died – Electa Sadler


Page 7

c8        Born – Russell Dean Paddon, 11 Jul; nee Helen Ryckman


Page 8

c3        Died – Reaney Maynard Poole


Page 10

c3        Died – John James Bilson, age 81


Page 11

c3        Died – James Watson Howey, age 89


Page 12

c2        Married – Ruth Johnston to Gordon Moore

c2        Married – Christina Mae McPhee to Archie Earl Douglas, 1 Jul


12 July 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Robert James Miller, age 73


Page 7

c7        Died – Emma A. Roberts

c8        Born – son of Dr. John Curtis, 11 Jul

c8        Born – Margaret Rose Galbraith, 29 Jun

c8        Died – Robert James Miller, 11 Jul; age 73


Page 14

c2        Married – Beulah Grace Herron to John Edward Young

c2        Married – Leila Bernice Campbell to William D. White

c2        Married – Iva Jean McMullen to Douglas Frederick Rhodes

c2        Married – Mrs. Leola Florence Aikman (nee Woolcott) to Albert Ernest McBride

c2        Married – Margaret Alberta Swick to Charles William Cormack

c2        Married – Clarabell Martin to Lee Rolph Payne


13 July 1940


Page 2

c7        Died – Grant Best, 58th year, son of Frederick Best & Jane Cascadden


Page 6

c4        Died – Caroline Miller


Page 7

c1        Died – Arthur Pickles, 61st year

c3        Died – Rev. John Wilson Davidson, age 70

c6        Died – William R. Geary, husband of Elva Cressier

c8        Born – son of Charles Ross, 11 Jul; nee Laverne Arlein

c8        Born – Gail May Kew, 29 Jun, nee Ethel St. John

c8        Died – Grant Best, 12 Jul; age 57

c8        Died – William R. Geary, 13 Jul; 56th year


Page 10

c1        Died – Edmund Burke, age 78

c1        Died – Arthur Christie, age 77


15 July 1940


Page 1

c4        Died – George Dennis, age 59


Page 2

c2        Died – Charles W. Bell, 64th year, son of John E. Bell & Mary Maguire

c4        Died – Robert J. Miller

c6        Died – Clinton Young, husband of Ethel Robins


Page 6

c3        Died – John James Bilson

c5        Died – Mrs. George Downs, 52nd year, nee Minnie Mae Millard, dau of James Millard & Jeanette Hawley


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Benjamin Arnum, nee Esther Bown

c8        Born – Virginia Margaret Stocks, 12 Jul; nee Vera Clark

c8        Born – Patricia Marguerite Ashton, 5 Jul; nee Vera Olsen

c8        Died – Grace Wilson, 14 Jul

c8        Died – George Dennis, 14 Jul; age 59


Page 9

c1        Died – Lydia H. Trick

c5        Died – Ira Gilbert, age 83, husband of Minnie Clark


Page 14

c4        Married – Irma Hannah Yake to Stanley Clarence Veale

c4        Married – Myrtle Christina Yake to Stanley Ray Snelgrove

c4        Married – Ruby May Baker to Tom Deward Poole

c4        Married – Dorothy Jean Carroll to Roy William McNea, 6 Jul

c4        Married – May Graham to Geddes Hobbs


16 July 1940


Page 1

            – photo of runway at Fingal RCAF airport, more photos on page 3

c2        Died – William E. Stevenson, 12 Jul; son of John Stevenson & Hanna Burwell


Page 6

c4        Died – Lydia H. Trick

c4        Died – William R. Geary


Page 7

c5        Died – Sylvester Charlton, 85th year

c8        Born – son of Fred Bain, 7 Jul

c8        Born – son of Tunis Kells, 6 Jul

c8        Born – son of George Oxenham, 27 Jun

c8        Born – Carol Anne Caughell, 15 Jul

c8        Born – Jacqueline Mary Stover, 12 Jul; nee Kathleen Maher


Page 8

c5        Married – Jean Doris Sayres to William E. D. Saunders

c5        Married – Helen Mary Todd to John Bain

c5        Married – Joyce Catherine Butler to Burt Henry Armstrong

c5        Married – Margaret Garrow to William Arthur Black


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs. J. Samuel Pincombe, 90th year

c3        Died – Mrs. James Amoss, nee Annie Hockey


17 July 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Phillip Gilbert, 89th year

c5        Died – Charles W. Bell

c5        Died – Grant Best


Page 7

c8        Born – son of J. N. Butler, 15 Jul; nee Nora Vincent

c8        Born – Terry Wayne Kirk, 13 Jul

c8        Born – Virginia Margaret Stocks

c8        Died – Harold Henry Mathew, 71st year


Page 9

c1        Died – DorothyThwaites, age 23

c2        Died – Nelson Rose, age 83


Page 11

c3        Died – Dwight Fansher

c8        Died – Evelyn Ellis


Page 14

c2        Married – Jeanne Hayman to Goldwyn Whitfield (photo page 7, col 4)

c3        Married – Evelyn Margaret Brown to Rutherford Lanning, 16 Jul

c3        Married – Irene Florence Austin to Charles Yates Cleaver, 1 Jul

c3        Married – William Harrington to Vera Mae Sage

c3        Married – Beatrice Graham to Donald McRae, 11 Jul

c3        Married – Glenna Mary Wilkinson to Benjamin Arnold Smuland

c3        Married – Phyllis Fern Arnold to Francis Joseph Casey

c4        Married – Eleanor Rigg to Robert Syrett


18 July 1940


Page 5

c4        Married – Kathleen Frances Lawrence to Walter Richard Jones

c4        Married – Caroline Allan to Paul Olynyk

c4        Married – Marjorie Ellen Freeman to Leslie G. Massecar, 16 Jul

c4        Married – Dorothy England to Frederick Benner

c4        Married – Isabelle Lockhart Gordon to James Arthur Wright

Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. Angus McInnis, nee Kate McBane

c4        Died – George Dennis

c8        Born – son of Norman Lawrence, 15 Jul; nee Doris Barrow


19 July 1940


Page 6

c4        98th birthday of Mrs. George Powers, nee Mary Catherine Buston


Page 7

c3        Died – Thomas L. Robinson, age 78

c7        Died – Sylvester Charlton

c8        Born – June Marilyn Neal, 15 Jul

c8        Born – son of Clarence Scafe, 12 Jul, nee Margaret Fairles

c8        Died – Mrs. Angus McInnis, 18 Jul; 63rd year, nee Kate McBane


Page 14

c6        Married – Katherine Jane Currier to Allan Chester Hull

c6        Married – Nova Ruth Rodgers to Frank Lorenzo Long

c6        Married – Lois Mildred Goble to Raymond Hyslop Moore, 15 Jul

c6        Married – Verna Joyce Thompson to Alfred Frederick Smallman, 15 Jul

c7        Married – Margaret Lorenda Swanton to James Albert Hills

c7        Married – Helen Pauline Harris to John W. Wilcox, 15 Jul

c7        Married – Grace J. Scott to Reginald E. Paterson

c8        Married – Amy Gladys Goldrick to George Portlock


20 July 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Margaret M. Blake, 73rd year, nee Sherk

c1        Died – Maggie C. Sear, 18 Jul; 85th year

c2        Died – Mrs. George Eli Whiteside, 80th year, dau of William O’Brien

c8        Died – Nelson Rose

c8        Died – Melvin N. Adams


Page 7

c2        Married – Gladys Ada Palmer to James Howard Sage, 13 Jul

c8        Died – Alberta Welch, 19 Jul


Page 11

c2        Married – Chrystal Reavely Wise to Frederick W. Sutherland, 19 Jul

c2        Married – Muriel Irene Langs to Jean L. Gravel, (photo page 16, col 2)

c2        Married – Rormea Haskell to Wilfred McDonald, 16 Jul

c2        Married – Anna Louise Marsh to Allan Mason

c3        Married – Alice Mary (Queenie) Scott to Carl William Wilson, 17 Jul

c3        Married – Vera Lillias Jean Wylie to Stewart Garfield

c3        Married – Anne Chapman to Homer James Kenny

c4        Married – Evelyn Florence Mee to Earl Gordon Ashton

c4        Married – Frances Marian Simpson to Duncan Angus McCallum


Page 16

c7        Married – William Neish to Jennie M. Sherk


22 July 1940


Page 3

c2        Died – William John Ireland


Page 6

c6        Died – Mrs. Jack B. Hudson, nee Annie Morrison

c6        Died – David Ezra Trevail


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of Elmo Richards, 20 Jul

c8        Born – David Hayes Wilkins, 21 Jul


Page 8

c2        Married – Margaret Isabel Kirk to James Harold Hardy

c2        Married – Lillian Mae Tinlin to Frederick George Moyse, 12 Jul

c2        Married – Ella Isabel Clark to Rev. A. Crawford Jamieson

c2        Married – Elizabeth Henderson to Douglas Stanley Pitts

c2        Married – Donalda Elizabeth McAlpine to Norman James Barrett

c2        Married – Devona Beatrice Lepard to Frederick Edward Kilby

c3        Married – Leo Albert Cushman to Katherine Marguerite Proud, 20 Jul

c3        Married – Margaret Aileen Burley to Walter E. Tyler

c3        Married – Grayce Marjorie Winter to James Earl Reekie

c3        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Frank O’Neill, nee Mary Agnes Rickard


Page 12

c3        Died – George Albert Galloway


23 July 1940


Page 3

c3        Died – John Robinson


Page 6

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Hearn, 23 Jul

c6        Died – Alberta Welch, 66th year, nee Keillor


Page 7

c2        Died – Richard Woodford, age 84

c3        Died – John Dodd, age 74

c8        Born – son of J. D. Hardwick, 22 Jul; nee Ruth McCulley

c8        Born – dau of C. D. Walmsley, 21 Jul

c8        Born – Robert Eric Cousins, 21 Jul; nee Doris Baldwin

c8        Born – Robert Leroy Gagen, 20 Jul; nee Merle Nichols

c8        Born – son of J. R. Riley, 17 Jul; nee Irene O’Brien

c8        Born – son of John Kunzler, 16 Jul

c8        Died – Mary Louisa Futcher, 22 Jul; age 81

c8        Died – Richard Woodford, 23 Jul; age 84


Page 8

c2        Married – Margaret Winnifred Cornish to Dr. William Robert Skelly

c2        Married – Kathleen Marie Caton to Frederick W. Kitchenham, 29 Jun

c2        Married – Geraldine Gertrude Cook to Marvin E. Spear

c2        Married – Margaret Isabel Kirk to James Harold Hardy

c2        Married – Doris West to Frederick Mason, 20 Jul

c3        Married – Velma Margaret Ball to Robert Stewart Laye, 20 Jul

c3        Married – Marjorie Ellen Freeman to Howard Franklin Massecar, 16 Jul


Page 12

c1        Died – Robert Shores, age 23

c2        Died – Mary Louisa Futcher, age 81


24 July 1940


Page 6

Died – Joseph Benjamin Hilliker, 71st year


Page 7

c3        Died – William H. Young, son of Joseph Young & Jane Osborne, husband of Jane McCullon

c8        Born – dau of Lon Swift, 18 Jul; nee Dorothy Jean Kennedy

c8        Born – son of B. Coulderey, 19 Jul

c8        Born – John Douglas Clark, 22 Jul

c8        Born – Marjorie Louise Philmore, 20 Jul

c8        Died – Annie Amelia Brooks, 23 Jul; age 74

c8        Died – John Dodd, 23 Jul; 74th year

c8        Died – William J. Young, 22 Jul; 78th year


Page 8

c2        Married – Edith Eleanor Coolledge to Lewis Edward McBean

c2        Married – Harry E. French to Ione Cottrell, 12 Jul

c2        Married – Ruth Stilwell to Clifford Phibbs

c2        Married – Clara Loretta McElhone to George Charles O’Neill

c2        Married – Lola May Kiefer to Lloyd G. Holmes

c3        Married – Hazel Irene Wann to James Donald Cockburn, 20 Jul

c3        Married – Marjorie Edna Linn to Thomas William Tulett Sampson

c4        Married – Fern Emily Henry to Cliford Sutton Gale, 20 Jul

c4        Married – Donelda Tuttle to Allan Cameron Brown


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs. Thomas Liddle

c3        Died – Margaret Blake

c3        Died – Peter Thomas Sitts

c3        Died – Kate McInnis

c8        Died – Mrs. George Colston Brooks, age 74, nee Annie Amelia Cole


25 July 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – George Bloomfield, age 36, husband of Nellie Warner


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of N. C. Loomis, 21 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Albert Crockett, 18 Jul

c8        Born – dau of John Sanchuk, 17 Jul

c8        Born – dau of James Kennedy, 17 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Oscar Evoy, 19 Jul

c8        Born – son of Donald McNeill, 7 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Jerry Rohrer, 10 Jul

c8        Born – son of Leo Robinson, 15 Jul

c8        Born – George Robert Spence

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Veit, 16 Jul; stillborn

c8        Died – Eliza Killins Scott, 25 Jul; age 72

c8        Died – Rachel Cross, 25 Jul; 75th year


Page 8

c5        Married – Margaret Anne Bodkin to Stanley Jack Rogers

c5        Married – Kathleen Dubes to George Tripp

c5        Married – Florence Geraldine Palmer to Wilber Paterson Lancaster

c5        Married – Helen Watson MacVicar to Lorne Leslie Proper

c5        Married – Dorothy Jean Macfie to Clifford Edward Swift, 20 Jul


Page 14

c2        Died – Sarah Jane Way, age 74

c2        Died – Rachel Cross, 75th year, dau of Berton Herbert & Mary Sharp

c5        Died – Eliza Killins Scott, age 72

c6        Died – Mary L. Futcher


26 July 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Edgar O. Hunter, nee Ada Bertha Harrison

c1        Died – Mrs. John Love, age 89, nee Mary Davis

c2        inquest in death of George Dennis

c2        photo of five sons of George Mitchell, Aylmer, on active service

c7        Died – Mrs. George Brooks

c7        Died – Richard Woodford

c7        Died – Mrs. Wilbert Dingman


Page 7

c2        Died – Robert Leitch, 25 Jul; age 48

c2        Died – Mrs. Charles Montgomery, age 71, nee Sophia Hutchinson

c5        Died – John Dodd

c7        Born – William Dalton Higgs, 22 Jul; nee Marjorie Burrell

c7        Died – Ada Bertha Hunter, 25 Jul

c7        Died – Mary Love, 24 Jul; age 89

c7        Died – Sophia Montgomery, 26 Jul; age 71

c7        Died – Rachel Cross, 25 Jul; 75th year


Page 8

c4        Married – Florence Marion Rock to Frederick Edward Kniffen

c4        Married – Marion Elizabeth Covil to Joseph R. Constantineau

c4        Married – Marjorie Gladys Muldon to Stanley M. Gould, 25 Jul

c4        Married – Dora Theresa Cohoe to Charles Frederick Bagnall, 13 Jul

c4        Married – Nora Florence Johnston to Kenneth McCullough, 22 Jul

c5        Married – Margaret Jean Munro to Thomas Morley Adams, 24 Jul

c5        Married – Isabel Eedy Leney to James Clyde Phillips

c5        Married – Jean Marshall Farquharson to Thomas Alfred Delaney


27 July 1940


Page 3

c5        Married – Barbara Elizabeth Bulmer to William Weldon Orchard

c5        Married – Maebelle Beatrice Patton to Dr. Stanley A. Holling

c5        Married – Hazel Dorothea Tait to Alexander Banfield Chisholm

c5        Married – Gertrude Potts to Richard Walter Rock, 23 Apr

c5        Married – Myrtle Carter to Earle K. Palmer, 15 Jul

c5        Married – Lela Marguerite Wisson to Frederick L. Lester, 23 Jul


Page 10

c1        Died – George Edward Drake, age 67

c2        Died – Mary Jane Symons, 77th year, nee Stewart

c2        Died – Mrs. George Stilwell


Page 11

c2        Died – Mrs. Arthur Styles, 73rd year, nee Sarah Parish, dau of Daniel Parish & Catharine Hepburn

c8        Born – John William Caverly, 26 Jul

c8        Born – son of James Webb, 20 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Howard Bollert, 20 Jul

c8        Born – George Gibbs Bergarnie, 17 Jul

c8        Born – Stephen Edward Quinlan, 24 Jul; nee Mary Corcoran

c8        Born – Margaret Ann Babcock, 24 Jul

c8        Died – George Edward Drake, 27 Jul; age 67

c8        Died – Sarah Parish Styles, 27 Jul; 73rd year


Page 14

c2        Died – William Stevenson, 13 Jul


29 July 1940


Page 1

c6        article – Bombing & Gunnery school at Fingal taking shape


Page 3

c1        Died – Capt. James Albert Henning, 78th year


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. George Stilwell

c1        Died – Robert Kitchen

c1        Died – Robert Leitch

c2        Died – Mrs. Frank Ostrander, 71st year, nee Christena Barnes, dau of John Barnes & Anne Brower

c7        Died – William Mills, age 61, husband of Mary McArthur


Page 7

c3        Died – William Crandall, 29 Jul

c3        Died – Frederick Farley, 67th year, husband of Alice Ward

c7        Died – Eliza Killins Scott

c7        Died – Rachel Cross

c7        Died – Mary Love


Page 8

c4        Married – Marion McColl to Dr. Francis G. Rushton

c4        Married – Ilean Marie Chick to Glendel Shagal Shafer

c4        Married – Florence Barber to Frederick Hurdman Jowsey

c4        Married – Helen Elizabeth Eedy to James E. Brown, 27 Jul

c4        Married – Marion Jean Pink to John R. Hutchison

c4        Married – Madeleine Isobel Gulliver to Charles Edward Gardner

c4        Married – Audrey Percy to Herbert Thomas Sintzel

c5        Married – Myrtle Irene Leighfield to Leonard Elmore Schott


30 July 1940


Page 3

c2        Died – Mrs. Donald MacVicar, dau of Edward Garton & Mary Ann Richardson


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Charles Montgomery

c1        Died – Mrs. Arthur Styles

c1        Died – B. J. Hilliker


Page 7

c8        Born – Judith Gale Kuhn, 15 Jul; nee Betty Harrison

c8        Born – dau of Arthur Murtland, 13 Jul

c8        Died – Alice Ward Farley, 29 Jul; age 67

c8        Died – William Henry Norman, 30 Jul; 90th year


Page 8

c5        Married – Dorothy Alma Parker to Thomas Edward Kellett

c5        Married – Marjorie Elizabeth Huson to Charles John Bean

c5        Married – Angela DeWulf to Peter Sobry

c5        Married – Margaret Gertrude Harvey to George Albert Hayball

c6        Married – Esther Jane McClelland to William A. Braddon, 27 Jul

c6        Married – Mary Constance MacPhail to Ross Durant Johnston

c6        Married – Isabel Ann Reeves to Frederick John Mott

c6        Married – Annie Sokol to Paul Meleg, 27 Jul


31 July 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Christina Ostrander

c1        Died – Adam Amos

c1        Died – William Mills

c1        Died – Mrs. Joseph Simons


Page 8

c5        Married – Irene Marjorie Osborn to Harrison Ray Martin, 27 Jul

c5        Married – Freda Elizabeth Williams to Charles Haines Phillmore, 27 Jul

c5        Married – Gertrude May Robilliard to John Maxwell Sherry, 27 Jul

c5        Married – Helen Grainger to Gordon L. Wilson

c5        Married – Mabel Irene Rapelje to Kenneth Anthony Moyer

c5        Married – Pauline Eleanor Pickard to Patrick Albert O’Heron

c5        Married – Eleri Evans to Louis Francis Skainline


1 August 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Stanley G. Glynn

c5        Died – Capt. James Albert Henning

c5        Died – Ada Hunter

c5        Died – William Crandall

c6        Died – George E. Drake


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. George Hankinson, nee Ida M. Reilly

c2        Died – Mrs. Percy Holden, age 66, nee Maria Snell, first husband W. T. Collins

c8        Born – Gloria Marie Glenister, 30 Jul

c8        Born – Douglas Edward Welch, 30 Jul; nee Lois Day

c8        Died – John Thomas Harris, 31 Jul; 56th year, husband of Lottie M. Freeman

c8        Died – Ida M. Hankinson, 31 Jul

c8        Died – Maria Collins Holden, 1 Aug; age 66


Page 8

c3        Married – Geraldine R. Goodey to Richard Henry Anderson, 27 Jul

c3        Married – Mary Eleanor Mitchener to Frank B. Hodgins

c3        Married – Donald Howard MacGregor to Audrey Grace Carr, 27 Jul

c3        Married – Edith May Balcomb to Harley Abner Wilson, 27 Jul

c3        Married – Dorothy Eileen Cowan to George Edward Snelling


Page 11

c4        Died – Mary Sophia Brett, 63rd year, dau of James Hanison & Elizabeth Anne Hoare


Page 14

c2        Died – John Thomas Harris, 56th year, husband of Lottie Minnie Freeman


2 August 1940


Page 9

c8        Died – W. H. Norman

c8        Died – John Frank Hobson, 2 Aug; age 54, husband of Hanna Penhale


Page 10

c5        Married – Lillian May Bedard to Alphonse Landschoot

c5        Married – Ann Margaret (Daisy) Burslem to Daniel E. McCallum, 27 Jul

c5        Married – Mary Olivia Hine to Thomas C. Window

c5        Married – Marion Frances McGivney to Allen Lloyd Chant

c5        Married – Catherine Elizabeth Ackland to David Kennedy


Page 16

c4        Died – John Frank Hobson, age 54, husband of Hanna Penhale


3 August 1940


Page 3

c6        Married – Helen Lucille Gillett to Donald Tutt

c6        Married – Eva Florence Brower to Edward Vicary Davidson, 27 Jul

c6        Married – Mary Ross Couper to Russell Martin Reep, 27 Jul

c6        Married – Miriam Gillespie Watson to Robert Woods Scott


Page 8

c2        Married – Dr. Francis G. Ruston to Marion McColl

c7        Married – Donald William Cooper to Lucille Dyer, 27 Jul


Page 10

c2        Died – John Thomas Harris

c7        80th birthday of James Edwin Bradburn, 2 Aug; husband of Emma Swanton

c7        Died – John Alexander McFarlane, age 79

c7        Married – Irma Godby to Donald Rogers, 31 Jul

c7        Died – Earl Victor Martin, age 49


Page 11

c7        Died – Mrs. George Hankinson

c7        Died – Frederick Farley

c8        Born – Patricia Elaine Greene, 3 Aug; nee Frances Mayne

c8        Born – Malcolm Ernest Kerr, 29 Jul; nee Edna Wilson

c8        Born – Patricia Ann Lindsay, 27 Jul

c8        Born – son of Alex Ens, 30 Jul

c8        Born – dau of David Marshall, 30 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Frank McElhone, 25 Jul

c8        Born – son of Frank Southwick, 31 Jul

c8        Born – son of James Webb, 20 Jul

c8        Died – J. Henry Rinch, 3 Aug; age 75

c8        Died – Elizabeth Ann Calcott, 2 Aug


Page 13

c8        notice re guardianship of Margaret Fay Daugherty, infant child of Mary Ethel Daugherty, deceased 14 Sep 1927, petition by Mabel Pettit, maternal aunt and husband Harvey Charles Pettit


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs. Christopher Calcott, nee Elizabeth Ann Leakey

c2        Died – J. Henry Rinch, age 75


6 August 1940


Page 1

c1        Died – Charles Wells Keillor, age 17

c4        Died – Rev. L. W. Reid


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. Percy E. Holden

c3        Died – Mrs. Christopher Calcott

c3        Died – Frank J. Hobson


Page 8

c6        Died – Peter Mabee

c6        Died – Jane Underhill


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. J. C. Sherk

c1        Died – James Franklin Long, infant son of James, age 3 months

c2        Died – Frank Watson, age 18

c2        Died – Barbara May Curtis, age 53

c8        Born – Richard William Langley, 1 Aug; nee Bessie Parsons

c8        Born – dau of Stewart Miners, 22 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Leighton Cronk, 25 Jul

c8        Born – David Wells Delaney, 28 Jul

c8        Died – Barbara May Curtis, 5 Aug; age 53

c8        Died – Charles Wells Keillor, 5 Aug; 18th year

c8        Died – Frank Watson, 5 Aug; age 18


Page 10

c2        Married – Eva May Auckland to Jack Howard Wightman, 3 Aug

c2        Married – Margaret Elizabeth Mitchener to John William Oswald, 3 Aug

c2        Married – Agnes Isabel Hunter to Cyril Thomas, 5 Aug

c2        Married – Bernice Mildred Ballard to Gervis W. Bertrand

c2        Married – Virginia Wilhelmina Beach to William Charles Pugsley

c2        Married – Norma Loretta Calder to Duncan Livingstone Black

c3        Married – Alice Mary Revell to Alexander Thomas Wilson, 3 Aug

c3        Married – Helen Jocelyn Glass to Wilfrid Rewbotham

c3        Married – Helen Mabel Chandler to Robert Norman Alexander

c3        Married – Jean Foley to Rev. Eric dePendleton


Page 16

c1        Died – Joseph E. Ward, age 85


7 August 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – Rev. Leslie Wellington Reid, age 70


Page 3

c6        Died – J. H. Smith, husband of Mabel Lucas


Page 6

c7        Died – James Franklin Long

c7        Died – J. Henry Rinch

c8        Died – John A. McFarlane


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Jacob A. Sherk, age 85, nee Charlotte Luton

c8        Born – Bryce Wilson Jeffrey, 1 Aug; nee Edna Wilson

c8        Died – Barbara May Curtis, 5 Aug; age 53

c8        Died – Frank Watson, 5 Aug; age 18

c8        Died – Charlotte Luton Sherk, 6 Aug; age 85

c8        Died – Rev. Leslie Wellington Reid, 6 Aug; age 70


Page 8

c6        Married – Eva Madge Price to Leamon B. Edgeworth, 5 Aug

c6        Married – Ida May Muir to Joseph Arthur Bemers

c7        Married – Mary Eva Mussen to John Murray Burgess

c7        Married – Edna Andrews to P. Kenneth Stock, 3 Aug


Page 12

c1        Died – Rev. Alexander Wilson Finlayson, 26 Jun

c2        Died – Alexander Hunter, age 50


8 August 1940


Page 7

c8        Born – David Rae Monteith, 27 Jul

c8        Born – son of J. Appleby, 4 Aug


Page 8

c4        Married – Ruby Roberta Reid to William Clifford McIntosh, 3 Aug

c4        Married – Aileen Halliwell Bishop to James Wilbur Down

c4        Married – Irene Hannah Hudson to Frank Melvin Westlake, 2 Aug

c5        Married – Doris Mae Bowlby to J. Rolph Cook, 3 Aug

c5        Married – Neva Estella Duggan to Edward Partington

c5        Married – Evelyn Edith Fox to Cameron Reid Mulcaster


9 August 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Ernest Alexander DeLong, age 21


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs. R. A. Brett

c3        Died – Mrs. Salathiel Curtis

c3        Died – Charles W. Keillor

c3        Died – Charlotte Sherk

c3        Died – Frank Watson


Page 11

c1        Died – Mrs. Charles Jenkins, age 64, nee Mary Firby

c8        Died – Mary Firby Jenkins, 8 Aug, age 64


Page 12

c2        Married – Audrey Isabel McIntyre to Gordon Gellatly

c2        Married – Margaret Palmer Hume to Francis Harold Buck

c2        Married – Audre Pym to Gordon Peel, 6 Aug

c2        Married – Helen Mabel McNab to John Wesley Bawtinheimer

c2        Married – Annie Shewchuk to Eric Adams

c2        Married – Victoria Richardson to John Pemberton Blakemore, 3 Aug

c3        Married – Ileen Bessie Marie Gilbert to Clyde Strowger Dayballe, 4 Aug

c3        Married – Eileen Maude Hancock to F. Kenneth Kent, 20 Jun

c3        Married – Pearl Irene Crane to Emery McCutcheon


10 August 1940


Page 1

c3        Died – Dr. Louis Victor Savage


Page 3

c4        Married – Muriel Mary E. Stickles to Harold O. Backus

c4        Married – Helen Eva Gloin to Charles Murray Harris, 7 Aug

c4        Married – Pearl Eve Smith to Lawrence Edgar Chatterson

c4        Married – Ila Margaret Small to Douglas St. Clair Lyons, 8 Aug


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Anna Dean Thomson to Ernest Harold Lusty, 24 Aug

c7        Married – Earl G. Ashton to Evelyn Florence Mee


Page 10

c8        Died – Peter Laur Mabee


Page 11

c2        Died – Rev. L. W. Reid

c3        Married – Eva Isobel Hiscox to Herbert Alfred Stevens, 10 Aug

c8        Born – Wayne Keith Drewitt, 8 Aug; nee Grace Caughell

c8        Born – dau of Wilfred Broughton, 5 Aug

c8        Born – son of Graham Hall, 1 Aug

c8        Born – son of George Elliott, 31 Jul

c8        Born – Jonathan Douglas Porter, 2 Aug

c8        Born – son of Harry Buckberough, 2 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Robert W. W. Brown, 5 Aug

c8        Born – son of Wilfred Milmine, 4 Aug

c8        Born – dau of William Pitcher, 6 Aug

c8        Born – son of Morris Rigole, 2 Aug

c8        Born – son of Fred Reid, 3 Aug

c8        Born – son of Louis Roloson, 2 Aug


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs. William Brown, age 71


12 August 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – Ralph Jessop


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. W. W. Brown, 78th eyar

c6        Died – Edwin F. Down


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Robert Boyer, age 80, nee Isabel Marshall

c8        Died – Isabell Marshall Boyer, 11 Aug; age 80


Page 8

c2        Married – Marguerite Louise Grice to Douglas Harold Jewell, 10 Aug

c2        Married – Margaret Adeline Parker to Lawrence Anderson

c2        Married – Esther Rutherford Vining to William Lee Barnes

c2        Married – Margaret Jean Graham to Rev. William Donald Goodger

c3        Married – Beryl Eileen Begg to Garfield Moore Kirkpatrick, 10 Aug

c3        Married – Elsie Irene Bayliss to Raymond William Gauthier, 6 Aug

c3        Married – Frances Barbara Claxton to James Wallwin Fisher

c3        Married – Marguerite Jean Purdy to Nelson James Johnson

c3        Married – Irene Dunn to Clive Cook


13 August 1940


Page 3

c2        Died – Mrs. James McIntosh Whitlock, age 31, nee Wilehlmina Sutton

c7        Died – James A. Alexander, age 66


Page 6

c2        Died – Edward C. Mitchell, 68th year

c4        Died – Mary Firby Jenkins

c4        Died – Dr. Louis V. Savage


Page 7

c8        Born – Larry Kenneth See, 12 Aug

c8        Born – son of Philip M. Macdonald, 13 Aug; nee Margaret Margetts


Page 8

c2        Married – Dorothy Helen Fisher to William James Anderson

c2        Married – Florence Evelyn Baxter to Christian John Bilger

c2        Married – Edith Viola May Thornton to John Arthur Sales

c2        Married – Mary Lillie Bleecker to G. Eric Thompson

c3        Married – Alice Jeanette Cable to Ernest Keith Turner, 10 Aug


Page 12

c3        Died – Ralph Jessop, age 28, body recovered at Port Talbot


14 August 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – George Collard, age 79


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Cyrus F. Stockton, age 79, dau of Timothy & Catherine McCauliffe

c8        Born – Penelope Lee Preston, 12 Aug; nee Dorothy White

c8        Born – Sandi Jean Holmes, 9 Aug

c8        Born – son of James Farron

c8        Born – dau of Clair Swain, 7 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Clarence Post, 9 Aug

c8        Born – son of George Macauley, 5 Aug

c8        Died – William Veich McDonald, 13 Aug; age 76

c8        Died – Hannah J. Stockton, 13 Aug; age 79


Page 8

c6        Married – Adah Alice Misener to George Albert Armstrong

c6        Married – Marion Adeline Poole to Henry Gordon Corneil


Page 14

c2        Died – William Veich McDonald, age 76


15 August 1940


Page 6

c7        Died – Isabel Marshall Boyer

c7        Died – Mrs. W. W. Brown


Page 7

c8        Born – son of William Parker, 14 Aug, nee Isobel Edwards


Page 8

c2        Married – Garnet Speers to Georgia Luscombe

c4        Married – Vivian Edith Bond to William John McCaw, 14 Aug

c4        Married – Frances Jean Appleyard to William F. Dunn, 8 Aug

c4        Married – Mary Eileen Slocombe to Gordon Richard Johnson

c4        Married – Joy Marie Hayward to Donald Watson Robson

c5        Married – Beulah Jean Booth to Arthur L. Foster

c7        Died – Margaret Elizabeth Ferns, 78th year


16 August 1940


Page 6

c1        Article about Charles Bradburn, Tillsonburg inventor


Page 8

c3        Died – William V. McDonald


Page 10

c4        Married – Edith Dorothy Acton to Frederick John Burgin, 12 Aug

c4        Married – Helen Marguerite McLean to Frederick Earl Shelton, 10 Aug

c4        Married – Mary Margaret MacKinnon to Wilfred Leitch Ferguson

c4        Married – Sarah Florence Buchanan to Bruce Walter Williams


Page 16

c1        Died – Frank Corwin Heard Thomas

c2        Died – Elizabeth Jane Butler, 71st year, nee Moon

c2        Died – Genevieve O’Flaherty, 49th year, nee Price


17August 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – Archie Spence


Page 3

c4        Married – Jeanne Campbell to Bernard Farr, 8 Aug

c4        Married – Iva Elizabeth Robertson to Rev. John Edward Greening


Page 6

c2        Died – George Trim, 76th year

c2        Married – Jean Laing to Neil Hepburn

c2        Died – Lydia Fritzley

c2        Died – Mrs. Cyrus Stockton


Page 7

c1        Died – John Perry, age 59

c1        Died – John Hymas, age 64

c4        Died – Eliza Freeman, age 85

c7        Died – Harry E. Chandler, 7 Aug

c8        Born – son of Gerald Draper, 13 Aug

c8        Born – Cecil James Carrothers, 4 Aug

c8        Born – Janeane Annette Orr, 10 Aug

c8        Born – Barbara Ann Comer, 10 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Ernest Armstrong, 12 Aug

c8        Born – dau of George Wilson, 10 Aug

c8        Born – son of Weldon Gwinn, 13 Aug; nee Pauline Stedelbauer

c8        Born – son of Ramsey Gaines, 10 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Fred Hoggard, 26 Jul

c8        Born – Irene Isabel Harvey, 11 Aug

c8        Born – James George Payne, 10 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Ernest Spiers, 10 Aug

c8        Born – dau of John Schneider, 11 Aug

c8        Died – George Trim, 17 Aug, 76th year


Page 9

            photos of Fingal RCAF airdome


Page 16

c2        Married – Harrison Martin to Irene Osborn

c5        Engagement – Ruth Williams to Dr. E. Gregg MacLoghlin

c7        Married – Bernard Farr to Jeanne Campbell


19 August 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – William Charles Homister


Page 2

c1        Died – Archibald Spence, age 23


Page 6

c2        Died – John Hymas

c6        Died – William Hayton, 72nd year


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Hugh Rowan

c1        Died – Mrs. Henry Anderson, nee Clarissa McConkey

c6        Died – Mrs. Burton Fecteau, nee Helen Lordan


Page 8

c5        Married – Jeannette Zellas to John McAdam, 17 Aug

c5        Married – Rose Holden to Reginald Popham, 17 Aug

c5        Married – Marion Louise Stark to Norman Stanley Jackson

c5        Married – Alma Clarabelle Jones to Clifford Charles Satchell, 17 Aug

c5        Married – Margaret Aileen Goldie to Dr. Herbert Henri Jasper

c5        Married – William Edward Scott Ganson Dempey to Ila Mae West

c6        Married – Betty Elaine Heaslip to Robert Weld Mitchell

c6        Married – Iva Brooks to Peter Westbrook

c6        Married – Hazel Buck to George Burdette, 8 Aug


Page 14

c1        Died – Genevieve O’Flaherty, 49th year, nee Price


20 August 1940


Page 3

c2        Died – Edward C. Mitchell, age 67, son of Albert Mitchell & Emily Chamberlain

c7        Died – John Thayer, age 76


Page 6

c7        Died – Thomas Alexander Sandham

c7        Died – Edward Mitchell

c7        Died – John Hymas

c7        Died – Eliza Freeman


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of William Finch, 12 Aug

c8        Born – Ronald James Chapman, 17Aug, nee Elsie Spendlove

c8        Born – Eleanor Jean Hollingshead, 16 Aug

c8        Born – Donna Marie Munroe, 19 Aug

c8        Born – Mary Suzanne Schworm, 13 Aug; nee Marybelle Edelstone

c8        Died – William Charles Homister, 18 Aug, age 59

c8        Died – Mrs. A. E. White, 19 Aug, nee Alicia Patterson

c8        Died – Catherine Deneau, 19 Aug


Page 8

c4        Married – Helen Catherine Harbach to Maurice Gordon Forrest

c4        Married – Lillian Vera Hoisington to William Stanley Ryerse, 17 Aug

c4        Married – Norene Armstrong to John Tomlinson

c4        Married – Elsie Marie Shaw to William Otto O’Neill, 14 Aug

c5        Married – Hazel Maude Bowerman to Lloyd Albert Davis, 10 Aug

c5        Married – Marion Louise Stark to Norman Stanley Jackson

c5        Married – Kathleen Evelyn Else to Dr. William Richard Rekshan


21 August 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Sarah Atkinson, 92nd year, nee Darrow

c5        Died – George Trim

c5        Died – William Hayton


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of William Calder, 20 Aug

c8        Born – Robert James Downs, 13 Aug

c8        Born – Judith Anne Cooke, 15 Aug


Page 8

c4        Married – Sarah Elizabeth Salmon to Herman Frank Oliver

c4        Married – Mae Elizabeth Blackwell to Raymond James Folland, 17 Aug

c4        Married – Irma Alencia Wynifred Inch to Lorne Neil Wilkinson, 17 Aug

c4        Married – Abbe Isabelle Macdonald to John Alden McLean

c4        Married – Freida Patricia Bridgette to Norman Edward Moxham, 17 Aug

c4        Married – Jean Elizabeth Anderson to Frederick DeMuy, 17 Aug

c5        Married – Patricia Eileen Moore to George Patrick O’Lynch

c5        Married – Mary Enid Arthur to Donald Alexander Scott

c5        Married – Marjorie Lois Geddes to Cecil Henry Hudspith

c5        Married – Ernest Alfred Carter to Maxine Ethel Dominey


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs. John E. Moran, nee Sarah Ann Jarvis


22 August 1940


Page 1

c4        Duncan McArthur, Dunwich native, sworn in as Ontario Education Minister


Page 3

c1        45th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Richard Flexen, photo of family


Page 6

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John W. Cline, 20 Aug; nee Mary Sidilla Tonkins

c2        Died – Catharine Mann, 21 Aug

c4        Died – Ida Mae Robinson, 50th year

c4        Died – William Charles Homister


Page 7

c8        Born – Mary Lou Alberta Egley, 20 Aug; nee Irene Gwalter

c8        Born – Mary Jane Rooth, 20 Aug, nee Alice Colley

c8        Born – Marilyn Doreen Martin, 21 Aug; nee Marion Lunn


Page 8

c4        Married – Frebi Reta Norma Tanner to Harold Stanley Heddle, 17 Aug

c4        Married – Elizabeth Kee to Donald Muir

c4        Married – Isabel Margaret Webster to James Duncan Black, 20 Aug

c4        Married – Maxine Ethel Dominey to Ernest Alfred Carter

c4        Married – Isabelle Mary Sage to Clyde Edward Schram

c5        Married – Margaret Isabel Moore to James Ralph Becher Scott

c5        Married – Mildred Robins to Thomas Millard, 14 Aug


23 August 1940


Page 7

c8        Died – Archie Spence

c8        Died – Catherine Deneau


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Arthur Brown, 79th year, dau of John Drysdale


Page 9

c6        Died – Alicia White

c8        Born – Linda Lee McCarthy, 15 Aug

c8        Born – Patricia Jane Allman, 17 Aug, nee Viola Dawdy

c8        Born – George William Rankin, 22 Aug, nee Berva Jean Wagner


Page 10

c4        Married – Iva Brooks to Peter Westbrook, 15 Aug

c4        Married – Gladys Elizabeth Moyer to Charles Ralph Sourwine, 14 Aug

c4        Married – Fern Florence Quick to Kenneth G. E. Payne, 14 Aug

c4        Married – Alma Alexandria Westgate to Alexander H. McLean

c4        Married – Marie Kudoba to Kenneth A. Steubing

c4        Married – Ruby McGregor to Alex Gilroy

c4        Married – Berniece Evelyn Butler to Garnet Henry Shaw

c4        Married – Dorothy Pearl Case to John Thomas Glenn Edwards

c5        Married – Aileen Audrey Forsyth to William Mayo


24 August 1940


Page 1

c1        Died – Pte. Clive Johnson, age 21, car accident at Shedden

c1        Died – Pte. Donald Reid, age 21, car accident at Shedden

c4        Died – Robert Marshall Anderson


Page 3

c6        56th anniversary of Mr & Mrs George H. Godby

c7        Married – Bessie Webster to George Franklin Hill

c7        Married – Elsie Marie Shaw to William Otto O’Neil

c7        Married – Earle L. Lampman to Florence E. Ford, 17 Aug

c8        Married – Carrie M. Sparling to John G. Stephen

c8        Married – Winnifred Erma Cecelia White to David William Egan

c8        Married – James N. Stover to Ethel R. Freemantle, 22 Aug


Page 6

c2        Died – Flossie Harper, 23 Aug


Page 7

c8        Died – Robert Marshall Anderson, 24 Aug; 79th year

c8        Died – Clive W. Johnson, 22nd year


Page 11

c1        inquest into fatal accident caused by Isaac Haskell, 24, of West Lorne

c1        Died – Duncan McIntyre, 75th year


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Patty Sterne to Frank Sanders, 21 Sep

c7        Engagement – Mary Jane Crocker to Henry Woodroffe Wardle, 14 Sep


26 August 1940


Page 1

c5        Died – Pte. Wesley McAllister, age 24


Page 6

c8        Died – Mrs. Arthur Brown

c8        Died – Catherine Mann

c8        Died – Pte. Donald Reed


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Cecil Coughlin, nee Alice Healy (and column 2)

c8        Died – John Hatton, 26 Aug; 53rd year


Page 8

c1        Married – Olivia McIntyre to Nelson Foster

c2        Married – Anna Dean Thomson to Ernest Harold Lusty, 24 Aug

c2        Married – Hilda Margaret Woodcock to Henry Morrison Sutton

c2        Married – Shirley Helen Lewis to Roy Leslie Moore

c3        Married – Jean Agnes Casey to John Brophey Hill

c3        Married – Helen Louise Johnston to John Alan Prince

c3        Married – Violet Annie Pearl Dodd to William John Ormond Payne


Page 9

c4        Died – George Hunter, age 30


Page 14

c2        Died – Douglas M. Richards, 40th year


27 August 1940


Page 3

c5        Married – Edna Monica Baird to Armand George Grottolo, 24 Aug

c5        Married – Agnes Elizabeth Brown to Kenneth D. Slowgrove

c5        Married – Miriam Inkster to John Lester Green

c5        Married – Helen Louise Johnston to John Alan Prince


Page 7

c1        Died – Florence Backus, age 55

c1        Died – son of Harold E. Reichheld, age 3 ½

c6        Died – Clive Johnson

c8        Born – Patricia Ann Dundas, 6 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Elmer Plant, 15 Aug

c8        Died – Gerald William Reichheld, 27 Aug; age 3 ½

c8        Died – Florence Backus, 27 Aug; age 55

c8        Died – John Hatton, 26 Aug; 53rd year

c8        Died – John Rowan Summers, 27 Aug

c8        Died – Frederick Webb, 27 Aug; age 82


Page 12

c3        Died – Frederick Webb, age 82

c4        Died – John Hatton, age 52

c4        Died – John Rowan Summers


28 August 1940


Page 3

            photo of officers graduating from RCAF in St. Thomas

c3        Cpl. Joseph Carrel, Springfield, returns from his 2nd great war; photo


Page 6

c1        Sunday School at Frome is 100 years old

c4        Died – Amos Cohoon Rogers, age 37


Page 7

c8        Born – Michael Douglas Turner, 25 Aug

c8        Died – Amos Cohoon Rogers, 27 Aug; age 37


Page 8

c5        Married – Donna Leith Whitnum to Victor Carl Ryerse

c5        Married – Lola Jean Fess to Ellis Y. Misener

c5        Married – Joyce Patricia Reading to Douglas William Turpin

c5        Married – John Grant to Reta Jean Vannatter


Page 12

c4        Died – Pte. Wesley McAllister, killed in action


29 August 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. William M. Hall, 45th year, dau of Walter Sedge

c4        Died – Mrs. Ellis (Mary Jane) Fick, 72nd year


Page 7

c8        Born – Ruth Eleanor Munroe, 28 Aug; nee Alda Tegge


Page 8

c5        Married – Marjorie Louise Stafford to Carl Milton Somerville, 24 Aug

c5        Married – Viola Elizabeth McPhail to J. C. Agar, 22 Aug


Page 14

c2        Died – Gerald William Reichheld


30 August 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – John Rowan Summers

c1        Died – William J. Mann

c1        Died – Amos C. Rogers

c1        Died – Frederick Webb


Page 9

c8        Born – son of Dr. R. J. Bristow, 29 Aug

c8        Died – Annie Elizabeth Colter, 29 Aug

c8        Died – Agnes Wintermute, 29 Aug


31 August 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Robert Lesley Edwards, killed in action


Page 10

c4        Married – Lillian Margaret Rattray to John Henry Robert Brewer

c5        Married – Margaret Helen Moedinger to Robert Lee Harvey (photo page 14, col 5)

c5        Married – Roger Knight Partlow to Gladys May Turrill

c6        Married – Elizabeth Laura Jean Black to Gordon Henry Vigars

c6        Married – Ethel Janet Palmer to Harold Clarke Armstrong, 30 Aug

c6        Married – Irene Lilliam Whiteman to Murray Clarke Dodd, 28 Aug

c6        Married – Doris Beatrice Kennedy to John Galbraith

c6        Married – Charlotte Elizabeth Fretz to Archibald Charles Balch

c7        Married – June Marie Pillsworth to Arthur Samuel Goodwin

c7        Married – Violet McLean to Frederick Cassidy

c7        Married – Nora Grace Brown to Albert George Willert

c7        Married – Mary Jean Lyons to George Elliott Maddox, 17Aug


Page 11

c3        Died – Mrs. C. W. Colter, age 93, nee Annie Elizabeth Folinsdee


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Helen L. Babe to Randall K. Bythell

c2        Engagement – Marjorie Jean Langley to Lawrence Albert Wright, 28 Sep

c7        Married – E. H. Lusty to Anna Dean Thomson


Page 15

c8        Born – son of A. E. Carr, 29 Aug; nee Margaret McCulley

c8        Born – Robert Marshall Ryckman, 26 Aug

c8        Born – son of Ernest Bottoms, 23 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Charles Dick, 29 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Fred Ferguson, 27Aug

c8        Born – son of Edward Ebertt, 27 Aug

c8        Born – Edna May Lazenby, 23 Aug

c8        Born – son of Robert Clayton, 26 Aug

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Buskey, 25 Aug

c8        Born – son of Owen Buckle, 24 Aug


3 September 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – Mrs. Duncan McMillan, age 85, nee Flora Graham, dau of John Graham & Isabel Beaton


Page 6

c1        Died – Thomas Newsome, 65th year

c7        Died – Andrew Gehring

c7        Died – Florence Backus

c7        Died – John Hatton


Page 7

c3        Died – Elizabeth M. Williams, age 78

c4        Died – Charles S. Cosan, age 74, husband of Martha Smith

c8        Born – Patricia Kathleen Armstrong, 23 Aug; nee Kathleen Williams

c8        Born – son of James E. Jones, 3 Sep; nee Ellen Walch

c8        Born – Gail Carnegie, 29 Aug

c8        Born – Eleanor Lillian Barnes, 24 Aug; nee Lillian Haney

c8        Born – son of Charles M. Egan, 24 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Bruce McEachern, 23 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Frank Tithecott, 24 Aug

c8        Born – son of J. Adolphus Armstrong, 28 Aug

c8        Born – Charles John Elliott, 31 Aug; nee Ethel Conrad

c8        Died – John E. Hatch, 31 Aug; age 87

c8        Died – Frederick William C. Nye, 2 Sep; 69th year


Page 8

c4        Married – Edith May Watts to James Marshall

c4        Married – Elizabeth Pearl McMillan to Louis George Couse

c4        Married – Elizabeth Trott to Kenneth Mooney

c5        Married – Laura Mae Martelle to LaVerne Evans Wilcocks

c5        Married – Joyce May Wilcocks to Kenneth Ellery Ross

c5        Married – Hilda Marguerite Pearce to Richard L. Cupples, 31 Aug

c5        Married – Lillian Helen Lynch to Robert Edward Paul

c5        Married – Dorothy Black to Robert K. McCully

c6        Married – Alberta Irene Cole to James Francis Cluff, 24 Aug

c6        Married – Mary Rita Best to Glen Williams, 23 Aug


Page 9

c1        Golden Jubilee reunion of Chestnut Grove School (S.S. #15 Aldborough)

c4        McLellan family reunion marks 100th anniversary of arrival in Canada, settled in Southwold township


Page 13

c3        Died – Herbert Toffelmire, age 68, husband of Clara Quick

c3        Died – Mrs. John Chambers, 31 Aug; 72nd year, nee Mary McCracken


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs. Sam Gottschalk, 76th year

c3        Died – John E. Hatch, age 87

c4        Died – Frederick William C. Nye, 69th year


4 September 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Peter G. Patton

c6        Died – Harry Sedge

c6        Died – Mrs. William Hall

c6        Died – John E. Hatch


Page 7

c8        Born – Charlotte Virginia Shaw, 2 Sep

c8        Born – Penny Lynn Kondal, 31 Aug, nee Ruth Fowler

c8        Born – Margaret Alice Stephens, 16 Aug, nee Mary Olsen

c8        Died – Charles S. Cosan, 3 Sep; 75th year

c8        Died – Elizabeth Maria Williams, 3 Sep, age 78


Page 8

c4        Married – Winnifred Rose Bond to Frederick C. Stuchberyy, 2 Sep

c4        Married – Margaret Lillian Penhale to William Bruce Crawford, 24 Aug

c4        Married – Ellen Georgina Wraight MacDonald to James Ivan Freele, 31 Aug

c4        Married – Marion Louise Head to Albert Grant Asplin

c4        Married – Amy Margery Cairncross to William Raymond Smith

c4        Married – Ruth Edna May Smith to Clifford Ernest Uptigrove


5 September 1940


Page 1

c1        Died – Pte. Bartholomew Waite, age 22


Page 6

c2        Died – Edward F. Oatman, 51st year

c3        Died – Charles S. Cosan

c6        Died – Frederick W. C. Nye


Page 7

c2        Died – Captain Edward Johnston, 76th year, son of Thomas Johnston & Frances Bascomb; husband of Mrs. Bertha Fairbrother

c8        Died – Captain Edward Johnston, 5 Sep; 76th year


Page 8

c2        Married – Frederick Burgin to Edith Acton

c5        Married – Shirley Pauline Whitsitt to Donald Richard McLaughlin

c5        Married – Margaret Ellen McCaw to John Daniel Brandt

c5        Married – Ella Stanborough to Ralph Wellesley Burse Smith

c5        Married – Belva Gene Atkinson to Rev. Maurice William Murphy

c5        Married – Kathleen Grace Lewis to Harry Morgan Price, 31 Aug

c5        Engagement – Irene Porter to Harvey Coleman, 7 Sep


Page 14

c4        Married – Agnes Jolley to Louis Lawson, 24 Aug

c4        Married – Hazel Maud Kelly to Albert Preston, 24 Aug


6 September 1940


Page 3

c2        100th anniversary of Frome United Church Sunday School


Page 6

c6        Died – Thomas Newsome

c6        Died – Elizabeth M. Williams


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Arthur Doan, age 75, nee Abbie Felker

c2        Died – Teena Campbell, age 17

c8        Born – John Cameron Brown, 3 Sep; nee Olga Gosnell

c8        Died – Abbie Felker Doan, 6 Sep, age 75


Page 8

c2        Married – Mary Elizabeth Leitch to George W. Neil, 15 Jun

c2        Married – Jean R. Ball to Roy Marles

c2        Married – May Ethel Barnes to Edward John Tiltman


7 September 1940


Page 7

c3        Married – Ruth Williams to Dr. E. Gregg MacLoghlin

c3        Married – Mrs. N. Ethel Sinclair to Frederick N. Soper

c8        Born – dau of R. McKenzie, 4 Sep


Page 12

c1        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John A. Orchard

c2        Married – Lillian Helena Lynch to Robert Edward Paul, 2 Sep (photo page 16)

c2        Married – Mildred Evelyn Roadhouse to Edgar Scott Bowerman

c2        Married – Marjorie Cassandra Buder to Rev. F. Paul Erb

c5        Married – Annie Mae Vance to Elmer Moore

c5        Married – Josephine Penwarden Archibald to Andrew Walter Sim


Page 16

c2        Married – John H. R. Brewer to Lillian Rattray

c7        Married – Richard L. Cupples to Hilda Pearce, 31 Aug


9 September 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Captain Edward Johnston


Page 7

c8        Born – John Alexander McKillop, 4 Sep

c8        Born – Robert Ian Harvey, 5 Sep; nee Jean Best


Page 8

c4        Married – Georgenia Dyer to Kenneth Budd, 4 Sep

c4        Married – Daisy Hampton McCracken to Harold K. Waldick

c4        Married – Margaret Dobree Carter to Charles Robert Archibald, 5 Sep


Page 14

c3        Died – Morris Sharon, husband of Florence Edna Freek


10 September 1940


Page 2

c7        Died – Rev. Thomas W. Bradt, 55th year


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Clifford Wolfe, 23rd year, nee Ilene Staley

c2        Died – Mrs. Arthur Doan

c2        Died – Edward F. Oatman

c2        Died – Peter J. Patton


Page 7

c8        Born – son of Ross Summers, 9 Sep

c8        Born – Peter George Turner, 10 Sep

c8        Died – Beatrice Isabel Willson, 9 Sep; 33rd year


Page 8

c2        Married – Roger K. Partlow to Gladys M. Turrill

c4        Married – Marjorie Tonkinson to Patrick Hague, 2 Sep

c4        Married – Mable Leda Wilson to George Anderson Mowforth, 7 Sep


Page 14

c1        Married – Mrs. Mahlon B. Hillier, age 67, dau of Robert Young

c2        Died – Mrs. Charles W. Willson, 33rd year, nee Beatrice Isabel Gilbert


11 September 1940


Page 9

c8        Born – son of John Webb, 7 Sep; nee Kathryn Salter

c8        Born – son of Walter H. Cotton, 4 Sep

c8        Born – son of Earl Matthews, 1 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Julian Ruyssevelt, 5 Sep

c8        Born – dau of William Tostik, 3 Sep

c8        Born – son of Frank Whatmore, 3 Sep

c8        Died – Thomas W. Bradt, 10 Sep; 55th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Beulah Vivian Christmas to Wayon Earl Palmer, 9 Sep

c4        Married – Catherine Bernice Clarke to Cyril Ivan Grocott

c4        Married – Violet Ethel Kathleen McMullen to Rev. W. Ivan D. Smith

c4        Married – Evaline Mason to Howard Disher

c8        Died – Phillip McRae, 10 Sep; age 60, husband of Donalda Matheson


12 September 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Duncan Campbell, age 72


Page 10

c1        Died – Beatrice Willson


Page 11

c8        Born – son of Mark Brown, 3 Sep

c8        Born – son of Perry Herbert, 10 Sep, nee Dorothy Milligan


Page 12

c4        Married – Lillian Cecilla Collins to William Brown Bauld

c5        Married – Anna Irene Porter to Harvey Carson Coleman

c5        Married – Mary Burwell Ferguson to John Morrow Godfrey

c5        Married – Helen Norine Fletcher to Donald Lloyd Ponting

c5        Married – Pauline Patricia Moorhouse to Charles Thomas Dark

c5        Married – Ledianne Schaintlain to James H. Wood, 17 Aug


13 September 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. John Golding, 65th year, nee Ruth Brown (first husband was Dick Simmons)


Page 8

c1        inquest into death of Edward Oatman

c2        James H. Barnum Funeral Home in Aylmer opened

c6        Died – Mrs. D. M. Kennedy, nee Wilhelmina Clarke, 70th year


14 September 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Lewis Soper, age 70


Page 13

c1        Died – Kirwan E. Freeman, 22 Aug; age 85


Page 14

c5        photo of family of Alex McCaw and ten children


Page 15

c8        Born – Paul Metler Cook, 11 Sep


Page 18

c1        Died – Mrs. Arthur Kingsmill, nee Jennie King


16 September 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – Hector Manser, age 24


Page 6

c2        Died – William G. King, 71st year

c7        Died – Lewis Soper

c7        Died – Mrs. D. H. Walker


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Peter Whitlock, 77th year

c8        Born – Hazel Hope Johnston, 14 Sep; nee Hazel Reynolds

c8        Died – Isaac Baker, 14 Sep; 80th year

c8        Died – Mrs. Peter Whitlock, 16 Sep; 77th year

c8        Died – Eva Pearl Bawden, 16 Sep; age 48


Page 9

c3        Married – Margaret Emily Boucher to J. Donald Jory


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs. Albert Bawden, age 48, nee Eva Pearl Down


17 September 1940


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of B. E. Crockett, 10 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Russell Robinson, 5 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Clarence White, 6 Sep

c8        Born – Larry Evan Walker, 1 Sep


Page 8

c4        Married – Marguerite Ruth Coombes to Frank John Gilling, 7 Sep

c4        Married – Donna Eilaine Walker to Thomas Edward Etheridge, 9 Sep

c4        Married – Norma M. Gemmell to Douglas J. Delaney

c4        Married – Grace Laverne Krafft to Henry Ernrest Awre

c6        Married – Cathrine Campbell Brown to Reginald Stephen Collis


18 September 1940


Page 8

c7        Married – Iris Winifred Jones to Sanford Clarence Ferris

c7        Married – Charlotte Kathryn Rebstock to Joseph Kent Teal

c7        Married – Neva Claire Stansell to Louis Manning Bezeau, 18 Sep

c8        Married – Margaret Alice McNichol to Lawrence W. Owen

c8        Married – Alice Celia Bradford to Lewis Pettipiece, 12 Sep

c8        Married – Donald H. Falkins to Marjorie Aldine Belleau, 15 Sep


Page 9

c1        Born – dau of James Melville

c2        Died – John Campbell McCart, age 10 months, son of Harry

c8        Born – John Cameron Brown, 3 Sep, nee Olga Gosnell

c8        Born – dau of Kenneth Gilbert, 3 Sep; nee Mabel McTaggart

c8        Born – Michael Kenneth Ellis Greenfield, 12 Sep; nee Thelma Ion

c8        Born – son of Harvey Marr, 12 Sep

c8        Died – John Campbell McCart, 18 Sep; 10 mos.


Page 16

c4        Died – Eunice Caroline Marlatt, 11 Sep

c6        Died – R. J. Foreman, age 61


19 September 1940


Page 10

c1        Died – George D. Welter, 81st year

c2        Died – Charlotte Emily Thompson, 89th year


Page 11

c2        Died – M. R. Brown, age 83, husband of Frances Boughner

c5        Died – Mrs. Albert Bawden

c8        Born – Ralph Lloyd Rice, 17 Sep

c8        Born – son of M. H. Sanford, 9 Sep

c8        Born – dau of W. Campbell, 16 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Earl Fluelling, 17 Sep

c8        Died – Cilicia Victoria Scoffin, 18 Sep; 71st year


Page 12

c2        Married – Louis Manning Bezeau to Neva Claire Stansell, 18 Sep


Page 13

c5        Married – Dorothy Mae Fickling to Graham Reginald Cooper, 17 Sep

c5        Married – Muriel Jean Hodder to Henry E. Schollenberger

c5        Married – Florence Emma Ort to Charles Murray Winger

c6        Married – Aldean Elizabeth Irwin to Jack Graham Burgess

c6        Married – Helen Elizabeth Emes to Albert Frederick Dunn, 17 Sep


20 September 1940


Page 9

c8        Died – Elizabeth Gale (Betty) Baldwin, 20 Sep; age 23

c8        Died – Georgianna Gertrude Graham, 20 Sep

c8        Died – Eunice Caroline Marlatt, 11 Sep; 87th year


Page 10

c4        Died – Georgianna Gertrude Graham

c5        Married – Margaret Ruth Ellison to Reginald Lyle Miller

c5        Married – Bertha Margaret Rickard to John Mils Thomson

c5        Married – Helen Agnes Rickard to Gordon Byron Marsh

c5        Married – Doris Irene Andrews to Clifford James Wise

c5        Married – Isabel Elizabeth Blackwell to Ronald Albert Hawgood

c5        Married – Elizabeth Keith Campbell to John McMillan Watson

c5        Married – Jean Ellen Holland to K. E. Bate, 14 Sep

c6        Married – Audrey Elaine Black to Rev. T. E. Floyd Honey

c6        Married – Edna Florence Loveday to Richard S. Schleihauf, 18 Sep


Page 16

c6        Died – Elizabeth (Betty) Gale Baldwin, age 23


21 September 1940


Page 6

c5        Died – Emma Jane Evans, 83rd year


Page 7

c3        Married – Aleta Margaret Elene McGugan to Ronald Innes Stewart

c5        Died – John Campbell McCart

c8        Born – David Paul Stocks, 20 Sep; nee Grace Coburn


Page 8

c2        Died – Archie M. O’Connor

c4        Died – Caroline Jo Cline, age 1 day, dau of Josie & Dorothy (Kilpatrick) Cline


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs. Thomas Dymock, age 87


Page 11

c4        Married – Margaret Isobel Smink to Dr. Douglas Summers, 20 Sep

c4        Married – Margaret Stewart to James Stewart McCurdy

c4        Married – Lillian Ethel Watson to Frank Irving Sage

c4        Married – Dorothy May Lampkin to Stanley Albert Fairchild

c4        Married – Eva Ilean Bezzo to Arthur Joseph Wickham

c4        Married – Evelyn Clarice Gantzer to Benjamin Yapp, 18 Sep

c4        Married – Marjorie Jean Gentleman to Maurice Leslie Alderman, 18 Sep

c4        Married – Aldean Elizabeth Irwin to Jack Graham Burgess

c4        Married – Margaret Wilson to William Esselment

c4        Married – Jean Elizabeth McFarlane to Richard Manson McCann

c5        Married – Jean Urquhart to William Norton, 14 Sep


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Mary Helen Milton to Rev. Ralph Pennock, 12 Oct

c5        Engagement – Grace I. Gray to Alton V. Johnston, 5 Oct

c7        Engagement – Janet Kennedy to William Douglas Gerrard, 5 Oct


23 September 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – Hector Manser


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. (Dr.) Charles E. (Blanche) Duncombe

c8        Died – Blanche Duncombe, 22 Sep


Page 10

c2        Married – Martha Alberta (Patty) Sterne to Edgar Frank Stanley Sanders

c2        Married – Margaret Anna Jean Masters to William Ross Wallace

c2        Married – Margaret Anne Armour to Peter R. Griffin

c2        Married – Charlotte Kathryn Rebstock to Joseph Kent Teal

c3        Married – Helen Louise Babe to Randal K. Bythell, 21 Sep

c3        Married – Yvonne Verna Stewart to Edward A. Titchener, 20 Sep

c3        Married – Susan Ann Sherritt to Joseph Maxwell Whalls

c3        Married – Mildred May Hamlyn to Morley Thomas Beales

c3        Married – Olive dePutter to Maurice Herbert Weekes


24 September 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. John M. Braddon, age 81, nee Margaret Ritchie Lunn

c5        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Edgar Hicks, 24 Sep; dau of William Hurd

c5        Died – George D. Welter

c5        Died – Norman Bruner

c6        Died – Mrs. Fred Biette


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. John A. Bartlett, 79th year, dau of John Smith & Annie Bezonwaith

c3        Died – Eunice Marlatt

c3        Died – Georgianna Graham

c3        Died – Emma J. Evans

c3        Died – Betty Baldwin

c6        Married – John Victor MacIlwain to Marion Margaret Dix, 24 Sep

c8        Died – Isaiah Philip Marlatt, age 88

c8        Died – Margaret Ritchie Braddon, 24 Sep; 81st year


Page 8

c5        Married – Jean M. McFarlane to Maurice J. Best

c5        Married – Pauline Amy Crouch to Jack Thompson Arnold

c5        Married – Emily Helen Ladore to George William Bowman

c5        Married – Geraldine Gladys Soper to William Arthur Brooks, 21 Sep

c5        Married – Hilda Wilhemina Preeb to Edward Charles Bowen

c5        Married – Winnifred Margaret Hoag to John Thomas Gammage

c5        Married – Eileen Florence Whaley to C. Ronald White, 14 Sep

c6        Married – Helen Mildred Ball to James Burnett, 21 Sep

c6        Married – Margaret McCosh Marston to John Perney Honey, 24 Sep


Page 9

c4        Died – Mrs. James Chrysler, 78th year, nee Josephine Cudney


25 September 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Roger Kerr

c7        Died – Bandenna Dymock

c7        Died – Blanche Duncombe


Page 7

c8        Born – dau of Victor Bezzo, 19 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Russell Barber, 18 Sep

c8        Born – William Graham Barber, 18 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Edsall Cowan, 13 Sep

c8        Born – Larry George Thompson, 17 Sep

c8        Died – Ada Martha Bartlett, 24 Sep; 79th year

c8        Died – Roger Kerr, 24 Sep


Page 8

c7        Married – Yula Beverley V. Davis to Francis William Swindells

c7        Married – Florence Fearman to George Snyder

c7        Married – Margaret Hamilton Culbert to Charles Bradley Handcock


Page 14

c1        Died – Mary Ann Wade, age 72

c6        Died – Pte. Bartholomew T. Waite, 4 Sep; age 22


26 September 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Byron James, age 19


Page 8

c7        Died – Mrs. Andrew Turnbull, nee Loretta Mary Goodhand


Page 9

c8        Born – Eulia Ann Melville, 18 Sep

c8        Born – Philip Ernest Medlyn, 24 Sep


Page 10

c5        Married – Margaret Helen Hales to Leonard Godfrey Hayden, 25 Sep

c5        Married – Marie Louise Carter to Marwood Ardagh (Larry) Gilbert, 21 Sep

c5        Married – Alice May Shred to Robert Patterson Rodgers

c6        Married – Orpha F. Yelland to John A. Minor, 23 Sep


27 September 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Judith I. May Meek, age 60

c6        Died – Ada Martha Bartlett


Page 8

c2        Died – William A. Anstice, age 82, husband of Margaret McGee


Page 9

c8        Born – Calvin Donald Carter, 22 Sep

c8        Born – Dixie Irene Walch

c8        Born – son of Kenneth Wilson, 25 Sep

c8        Died – May Meek


28 September 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Homer John Timpany, age 13


Page 8

c4        Married – Shirley McCutcheon Hunter to Frederick William Evans, 26 Sep

c4        Married – Thalma Ruth Taylor to Edward J. Labadie, 17 Sep

c4        Married – Gladys Louise Tye to John Robertson Hume, 21 Sep


Page 13

c3        Died – Mrs. Donald Gray, age 26, nee Jean Zoller


Page 15

c1        Died – Mrs. Paul Smith

c4        Died – Harriett Agnes Pratt, 80th year

c8        Born – Douglas Charles Kennington, 26 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Percy S. Land, 26 Sep; nee Mary Pressey

c8        Born – dau of F. A. Sutherland, 26 Sep

c8        Born – son of Ernest Beemer, 24 Sep

c8        Born – son of James Cline, 15 Sep

c8        Born – son of James Horkey, 25 Sep

c8        Born – Barbara Jane Jacob, 17 Sep

c8        Born – son of Louis Liptak, 24 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Ewart Ostrander, 25 Sep

c8        Born – John Frederick Pollard, 20 Sep

c8        Born – son of Arthur Spence, 15 Sep

c8        Born – son of Ford Stinson, 13 Sep

c8        Born – son of Fred Evans, 21 Sep


30 September 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Roger Kerr

c2        Died – Judith Meek

c2        Died – Byron Lee James

c6        35th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Harvey M. Woolley, nee Ina B. Leeson


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Alfred J. James, about 75, nee Ellen McAuliffe

c2        Died – John Allen McVicar, age 75, husband of Jean McNeil

c8        Born – Harry Lee Ryckman, 26 Sep; nee Alice Garrod

c8        Died – John Allen McVicar, 29 Sep; 75th year


Page 14

c1        Died – Robert Henry Wilson, age 47, husband of Henrietta Lea

c4        Married – Bessie Isabel Watson to Rennie Erman Gillard, 28 Sep

c4        Married – Dorothy Irene Lockard to Eugene Honsberger


1 October 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – William Field, 79th year

c8        Died – Mrs. Fred W. Pratt

c8        Died – John H. Mumford

c8        Died – Homer J. Timpany


Page 7

c8        Born – son of J. A. Bosman, 30 Sep

c8        Born – son of Gordon Lemon, 30 Sep; nee Catherine Margetts

c8        Born – dau of David H. Ford, 26 Sep

c8        Born – son of Milford Burke, 22 Sep

c8        Born – son of Jack Hoover, 23 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Walter Wallis, 24 Sep


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Alma Craw to Thomas Arthur Nixon, 5 Oct

c5        Married – Iris Crockett to Colin Jones

c5        Married – Elmer William Auckland to Audrey Erlena Cole, 28 Sep

c5        Married – Murdock Ross to Mable Connovan


Page 9

c5        Died – William W. Bartley


Page 14

c2        Married – Marjorie Jean Langley to Lawrence Albert Wright, 28 Sep

c2        Married – Bernice Culchesky to Reginald Davis, 27 Sep

c4        Died – Pte. Bartholomew Waite


20 October 1940


Page 6

c6        inquest into death of Byron Lee James


Page 7

c8        Born – Gloria Jean Bucke, 1 Oct; nee Jean Potts

c8        Born – dau of Donald Burgess, 27 Sep

c8        Born – son of Harry Walsh, 30 Sep

c8        Born – son of James Horkey, 25 Sep

c8        Died – Joseph Hollingworth, 1 Oct; 73rd year


Page 8

c3        Married – Ruth Muriel Seger to Robert Rowland Griffiths, 28 Sep

c3        Married – Hilda Nightingale McClellan to Robert John Murphy


Page 14

c3        91st birthday of Dr. James H. Coyne

c3        Died – Joseph Hollingworth, age 72, husband of Rose Gale


3 October 1940


Page 1

c2        Died – George W. Calcott, age 85



c8        Born – Sheran Patricia Pearce, 2 Oct; nee Patricia Ann Murray

c8        Born – son of Robert Scott MacFarlane, 2 Oct, nee Marjorie Tait

c8        Born – son of Reginald Somerville, 1 Oct

c8        Born – Sylvia Helen Spry, 30 Sep

c8        Died – Carrie Kruppe, 2 Oct; age 74


Page 10

c4        Married – Dorothy Rose Pettit to Bruce Verne Clark, 28 Sep


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs. Harmon Kruppe, age 74


4 October 1940


Page 8

c7        Died – Margaret J. Graham

c8        Died – William Anstice

c8        Died – Jean Zoller Gray

c8        Died – Dugald Campbell, age 87


Page 9

c8        Born – Merilland Sarah Greer, 30 Sep

c8        Born – Helen Rosemary Lethbridge, 28 Sep

c8        Born – Carole Jeannie Fellows, 30 Sep; nee Alice Birch

c8        Died – George William Calcott, 3 Oct; 85th year


Page 10

c3        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Vaughn Coulter, 29 Sep; nee Leta Chrysler


Page 11

c3        Married – Zoe Soulsby to Quentin A. Jackson

c3        Married – Ivy Claire Estacaille to Elmer Judas

c3        Married – Margery Stewart Duff to William Bruce Lattimer


5 October 1940


Page 1

c5        Died – Donald “Dan” Munro, husband of Anna Belle Sells


Page 9

c2        Married – Evelyn Patricia Hogarth to Sterling Etherington, 30 Sep

c2        Married – Ada Ruth Stephens to Charles Edgar Rowley

c2        Married – Marion Jean Gordon to Morley Foster, 1 Oct

c2        Married – Madyline Smith to Walter Doan

c2        Married – Edith Alexander to Joseph Grana, 21 Sep

c3        Married – Annie Irvine to Clarke A. Smith, 5 Oct

c3        Married – Jean Patricia McClintock to Douglas Sydney Andrews, 5 Oct


Page 14

c2        Married – L. F. Winter to Helen Collins

c7        Married – Ronald Stewart to Aleta McGugan


Page 15

c8        Born – son of Milford Burke, 22 Sep

c8        Born – son of Fred Evans, 21 Sep

c8        Born – dau of Maurice Echaute, 27 Sep

c8        Born – son of George Hallows, 26 Sep

c8        Born – dau of George Palmer, 29 Sep

c8        Born – Donna Jean Risebrough, 5 Sep

c8        Born – son of Lee Williams, 30 Sep

c8        Died – Donald C. Munro, 4 Oct


7 October 1940


Page 7

c2        Died – Elsie Josephine Knight, age 15

c7        Died – Mrs. Harmon Kruppe

c8        Born – Ronald Arthur Bennett, 4 Oct

c8        Born – Jacqueline Nadine Gagg, 6 Oct

c8        Born – Elaine Isabel Kennedy, 4 Oct; nee Norma Heard

c8        Born – Patricia Ann McMurchy, 20 Sep

c8        Born – son of James Watterworth, 20 Sep

c8        Married – Winnifred Dorothy Agnew to John Philip Secord, 5 Oct (also page 8, col. 4)

c8        Married – Lolo Marion Boehmer to Donald Murray Loucks, 5 Oct; (also page 8, col. 5)

c8        Died – Elsie Josephine Knight, 6 Oct; age 15


Page 8

c4        Married – Alma Agnes Craw to Thomas Arthur Nixon

c4        Married – Audrey Doan to Garner E. Hackett

c5        Married – Mary Janet Kennedy to William Douglas Gerrard

c5        Married – Jean Cucksey to Karl Kraft, 28 Sep

c5        Married – Ruth Isabel Wakerley to Philip Byas Chapman


Page 13

c3        Died – Mrs. James F. Grass, nee Theressa Light


8 October 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Charles W. White, 62nd year


Page 7

c6        Died – Donald C. Munro

c6        Died – George W. Calcott

c8        Born – son of F. W. Adair, 7 Oct


Page 8

c5        Married – Katherine Anne Devlin to Dr. John McCabe

c5        Married – Marion McColl to Gordon R. Campbell, 5 Oct

c5        Married – Marjorie Jean Gentleman to Maurice Leslie Alderman

c5        Married – Marjorie Ada Salmon to Burdon Robertson Jackson

c5        Married – Joyce Mary Wells to C. R. Fitzgerald Smith


Page 14

c1        Died – Neil McVicar

c3        Died – John Leith


9 October 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. James Grass

c3        Married – Olive May Medcalf to Harvey Alexander Whitehead

c3        Married – Chester Dawson to Patricia MacFarland, 2 Oct

c3        Married – Marion Margaret Robillard to Frederick C. Netherton


Page 7

c8        Born – Mary Louise Lowry, 5 Oct, nee Bernice Gayle

c8        Born – Peter Grant Anderson, 8 Oct

c8        Born – son of A. H. Dingman, 7 Oct

c8        Died – John Leith, 8 Oct; 91st year

c8        Died – Ella Beatrice Adair, 8 Oct, age 55, nee Cantelo

c8        Died – John Watson Balcarras, 8 Oct, age 55

c8        Died – Mrs. William S. Robbins, 8 Oct, age 83, nee Sarah Marsh


Page 14

c2        Died – John Watson Balcarras, age 56

c6        Died – Ella Beatrice Adair, 56th year, nee Cantelo

c6        Died – Mrs. William S. Robbins, 84th year, nee Sarah Marsh


10 October 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Joseph Schnekenburger, age 85, nee Margaret Leitch


Page 9

c8        Died – George Henderson, 88th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Betty Jean Hull to Thomas Neville Stainback

c4        Married – Dorothy Marie Arrand to William Colvin

c4        Married – Shirley Phyllis Murray to Elliott Llewellyn Rosser


Page 11

c1        Married – Vaida Dawn Porter to Rolland Clare Curtis, 5 Oct


Page 16

c6        Died – Harry King


11 October 1940


Page 6

c7        Died – Matthew Connor, son of Henry Connor & Ellen Christie; husband of Clara Yoder


Page 8

c1        Died – Frank Schooley, 66th year

c7        Died – Ella Beatrice Adair

c7        Died – Elsie Josephine Knight, infant dau of Ezra

c7        Died – John Leith


Page 9

c8        Born – dau of Gordon B. Edwards, 4 Oct, nee Grace A. Jones


Page 10

c4        Married – Grace Irene Gray to Alton Vincent Johnston


12 October 1940

special issue, pages 1 to 16, featuring International Plowing Match at St. Thomas


12 October 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – John Watson Balcarras

c8        Died – Harry King

c8        Died – Mrs. Wiliam Robbins

c8        Died – Frank Schooley


Page 7

c2        Died – Lillian C. Brownlee

c3        Died – Annie S. Sharon

c3        Married – Mary Helen Milton to Rev. Ralph Pennock Clark

c7        Born- Alexander Grant Winnington-Ingram, 8 Oct, nee Doris Buck

c7        Died – Thomas John Broome, 12 Oct, age 6 months

c7        Died – Margaret Elizabeth McGill, 12 Oct

c7        Died – Annie S. Sharon, 12 Oct

c8        Born – son of Harry Hall, 11 Oct, stillborn

c8        Born – Catherine Patricia Cassidy, 9 Oct, nee Eva Patterson

c8        Born – son of Clare Greer, 4 Oct

c8        Born – son of Joseph Loncke, 4 Oct

c8        Born – son of Fred King, 3 Oct

c8        Born – son of Arnold Marshall, 5 Oct

c8        Born – son of George Wood, 8 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Herbert Hare, 5 Oct

c8        Born – son of Clarence Cooper, 5 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Carl R. Burke, 5 Oct


Page 8

c1        Died – infant son of Harry Hall

c5        Died – Margaret Elizabeth McGill


Page 11

c1        Married – Mary Eileen Wing to John Reginald Foster

c1        Married – Ethel Maud Post to James Henry Donaldson

c1        Married – Lily Belle Goodman to Clarence Thomas Mitchell

c1        Married – Delmer E. Smith to Evelyn M. Bailey, 10 Oct


Page 16

c2        Married – Leonard Godfrey Hayden to Margaret H. Hales

c6        Married – Lawrence Albert Wright to Marjorie Langley


15 October 1940


Page 8

c4        Died – Blatsley Dean, 88th year


Page 9

c2        Died – Emily Almira Slaght, age 71

c2        Died – Mrs. Spurgeon F. Williams, age 21, nee Myrtle Mitchell

c2        Died – Mrs. John M. Green, nee Harriett Parish

c2        Died – Dorothy Elizabeth Patricia Cook, age 8 months, dau of Stanley

c8        Died – Dorothy Patricia Cook, 12 Oct, age 8 months

c8        Died – Harriett Green, 12 Oct

c8        Died – Emily Almira Slaght, 13 Oct, age 71

c8        Died – Myrtle Williams, 14 Oct


Page 10

c6        Married – Dorothy Marie Zellas to John Easton Smith, 10 Oct

c6        Married – Margaret Ross to Wilfred Sydney Paul, 12 Oct

c6        Married – Lillian Watkins to Geoffrey Mason Miller

c7        Died – Margaret Schnekenburger

c7        Died – Thomas John Broome

c7        Died – Margaret E. McGill

c7        Died – Mildred Martin

c7        Died – Matthew Connor


Page 16

c5        Died – Lillian C. Brownlee


16 October 1940


Page 8

c5        90th birthday of John Birdsall, husband of Annie Powers

c6        Died – Dorothy Elizabeth Patricia Cook

c6        Died – Mrs. John M. Green

c6        Died – Mrs. Wallace Slaght

c6        Died – Mrs. Robert Martin


Page 9

c1        Died – Margaret McCormick

c4        Died – Miss McBride, 75th year

c8        Born – Linda Lee & Heather Anne Hewitt, 13 Oct; nee Phyllis Scott

c8        Died – Margaret McCormick, 16 Oct


Page 10

c6        Married – Stella Blanche Oliver to Lucien Pete Lemieux

c6        Married – Dorothy Jane Gibson to John Bailey

c6        Married – Edna Sutherland Munro to Archibald Malcolm Leitch

c6        Married – Isobel Eleanor Snyder to Douglas R. Steadman

c6        Married – Margaret Olive Whetstone to Richard Charles Billingsley

c6        Married – Dorothy Sara Rutter to Ralph Lord

c6        Married – Irene Trowsdale to Donald Stuart McKenzie


17 October 1940


Page 9

c2        Died – Arthur Silcox, age 80, husband of Minnie McIntyre


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. Samuel Wilson, nee Ida Norman

c3        Died – Carl Roger Hull, age 2, son of Ernest

c5        Died – Blatsley Dean

c5        Died – Susan Garnham

c5        Died – Mrs. Spurgeon F. Williams


Page 11

c8        Died – Margaret McCormick, 16 Oct

c8        Died – Frank Raymond Bloye, 16 Oct, age 54


Page 12

c5        Married – Arion Antoinette Cornfoot to Harold Russell Hogarth Smith

c5        Married – Alma Margaret Fitzpatrick to Leonard E. Mason, 12 Oct

c5        Married – Doris May Mowat to Carl Glenwood Rishea


Page 18

c1        Died – Margaret Peacock, age 71

c4        Died – Frank Raymond Bloye


18 October 1940


Page 1

c5 & 8             Missing in action – Pilot Officer Neil Campbell


Page 9

c8        Born – dau of Lloyd J. Fulton, 13 Oct

c8        Born – Joan Rae Mitchell, 15 Oct

c8        Born – Kay Irene Holman, 14 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Clifford Rundle, 30 Sep

c8        Born – son of Kenneth Winnett, 10 Oct

c8        Died – Laura Louesa Ostrander, 17 Oct, age 66, nee Willits

c8        Died – William Russel Leverton, 17 Oct, age 55


Page 10

c3        50th of Mr & Mrs Oliver Gale, 22 Oct, nee Ida Alberta Griffin

c5        Married – Mary Baker to Mervin Steinhoff, 12 Oct

c5        Married – Dorothy Gertrude Matheson to Douglas Edward Parnell

c5        Married – Velma Adelaide Petch to George Morgan

c5        Married – Eva Nellie King to Harold Buckberrough

c5        Married – Barbara deCourcy O’Grady to Anthony Haig Sims


Page 11

c4        Died – George S. Hawkins, 78th year, husband of Sarah Lyons


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs. I. S. Ostrander, nee Laura Louesa Willits

c2        Died – William Russell Leverton, age 55

c4        Died – Rose Staples, age 76


19 October 1940


Page 1

c6        Died – Mungo David McCrimmon, 60th year, husband of Clara J. Ellison


Page 6

c2        Died – James W. Orton, 87th year


Page 7

c2        Married – Pearl Elizabeth McCall to Eugene Penton Ray

c8        Born – Judith Ann Walters, 16 Oct, nee Isabel Stoner

c8        Born – son of Charles Long, 11 Oct

c8        Born – dau of George Brown, 10 Oct

c8        Born – son of Clarence Cooper, 5 Oct

c8        Born – son of Harold Hall, 10 Oct

c8        Born – Ralph Irwin Playfoot, 9 Oct

c8        Born – son of Gerald Ferguson, 12 Oct

c8        Died – Mungo Donald McCrimmon, 19 Oct, 60th year

c8        Died – Rose Staples, 17 Oct, age 76

c8        Died – Louise Ann Keillor, 18 Oct


Page 8

c1        Died – Rose Staples

c1        Died – William Russell Leverton

c1        Died – James Burford, 53rd year

c2        Died – Mrs. Elijah Keillor, age 85


Page 11

c2        Married – Elizabeth Livingstone to Donald Cameron Bythell, 5 Oct

c2        Married – Helen Grace Widerick to Cecil Ellis Bannister

c3        Married – Phylis Leonore Smith to Donald Roscoe Williams

c3        Married – Audrey Lenore Street to George Wales Harrington

c3        Married – Kathleen VanBon to Maurice V. Malott

c3        Married – Jean Harleene Taylor to John James Stevenson

c4        Married – Maizie Ann Smith to John Gilkes

c4        Married – Hazel Louise Crawford to James J. Dunbar

c4        Died – Margaret McCormick


21 October 1940


Page 8

c6        Married – Kathryn Margaret Johnson to George Michael Dalton, 19 Oct

c6        Married – Gladys Mabel Wilshaw to Gordon Wilbur

c6        Married – Helen Mary Jaques to Ernest Seymour Smye

c6        Married – Mae Elizabeth Thomson to Harry Chemney

c7        Married – Vivienne Isobel Wolsey to Harold O. Burn


Page 11

c4        Died – Dr. Donald A. Cameron, husband of Jennie McLaws

c8        Died – Donald Albert Leitch, 21 Oct, age 5 mos, son of Melvin


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs. Albert William Clarke, 70th year

c5        Died – Mrs. John J. McGregor, age 80, nee Margaret Ferguson

c5        Died – Levi Roberts, 13 Oct

c5        Died – George Benedict, age 76


22 October 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – M. D. McCrimmon

c7        Died – Rose Staples


Page 7

c2        Died – Gertrude Maud Tucker, nee Harris

c8        Born – dau of Floyd T. Forsyth, 18 Oct

c8        Born – dau of E. R. Sims, 18 Oct

c8        Born – Elizabeth Anne Morrow, 14 Oct

c8        Died – Gertrude Maud Tucker, 21 Oct

c8        Died – Mary Cutler, 21 Oct

c8        Died – John Dougall Lamont, 21 Oct


Page 8

c5        Married – Elizabeth Lanore McRae to Robert M. Collier

c5        Married – Genevieve Mary Kraemer to Daniel T. Mulhern

c5        Married – Winnifred Grace Johnstone to Alvin Oliver Guse

c5        Married – Sadie Fletcher to Henry A. Hoy


Page 9

c3        Died – Helen Beatrice Hopper, age 72, dau of William Henry Flockhurst & Mary Ann Allison

c6        Died – Earl Hayes, 3 Oct

c7        Died – Catherine McBride, 73rd year

c7        Died – Frederick McPherson, husband of Esther Clark

c8        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Robert Liddle, nee Adeline Smuck


Page 14

c7        Died – Mrs. George West, 18 Oct, 68th year, nee Bella Gillies


23 October 1940


Page 2

c1        80th birthday of William Voaden


Page 6

c8        Died – James Orton

c8        Died – Dr. D. A. Cameron

c8        Died – Donald Albert Leitch

c8        Died – Carl Roger Hull


Page 7

c7        Died – Louise Keillor

c7        Died – George Benedict

c7        Died – Mrs. John J. McGregor

c8        Died – Gertrude Maud Tucker, 21 Oct


Page 8

c5        Married – Jean LaDorna Hood Cotton to Glenn William Geddis, 16 Oct

c5        Married – Margaret Wilson Graham Smith to Judson Haig Gilliland, 19 Oct

c5        Married – Ann Ida Bradfield to Perce E. Hilson

c6        Married – Eva Grace Simmons to Ernest Edward Murphy

c6        Married – Mary Grierson Waller to James Preston Robb

c6        Married – Frances May Lapiere to John Stapleton

c6        Married – Winnifred Amies to Joseph Harvey Symington, 19 Oct


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs. William Avey, 22 Oct, nee Lottie Head


Page 14

c1        91st birthday of Richard Axford, 23 Oct, husband of Henrietta Medcraft


24 October 1940


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Leslie Hamilton, 82nd year, nee Marjory McLandress

c3        Died – William A. Henderson, age 72, husband of Ethel Ashton


Page 9

c4        82nd birthday of J. A. Edmiston

c8        Born – Peter Allan Herring, 23 Oct

c8        Born – Donna Jean Browne, 20 Oct, nee Myrtle Bobier

c8        Born – Larry John Hardy, 15 Oct

c8        Born – Paul Donald Moss, 19 Oct

c8        Died – William A. Henderson, 23 Oct

c8        Died – Marjory Hamilton, 23 Oct


Page 10

c4        Married – Gertrude Georgina Holborn to Clifford Pickard, 19 Oct

c4        Married – Hazel Evelyn May Swance to Vernon Ross Sanderson

c4        Married – Eva Mae Wintermute to Karl Ronald Bailey

c4        Married – Helen Jean Henry to James Wilson Softley

c7        Died – Mary Cutler


Page 13

c3        Died – Edward Hodnett


25 October 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Newton McConnell, age 63, husband of Maude Jones


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs. Howard Simmons, 38th year

c6        Died – Nellie Muller, age 65, nee Robbins

c7        Died – Mrs. Herbert W. Tucker

c8        Died – John Dougall Lamont


Page 9

c8        Born – Heather Ann Bawden, 24 Oct, nee Helen Potter

c8        Born – son of Albert Bennett, 18 Oct


Page 10

c6        Married – Kathleen Helka to William B. Edwards, 19 Oct

c6        Married – Laura Marie Fowler to Christopher N. Watts, 18 Oct

c6        Married – Dorothy Mae Nichols toHarold W. Flexen, 19 Oct


26 October 1940


Page 1

c5        Died – John Thompson Webster


Page 3

c6        Died – Rev. Robert Laird, 70th year


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Phillip H. Smith, 77th year, dau of John W. Mills

c1        Aylmer Packing Plant destroyed by fire

c6        Married – Bernice Fulkerson to James Mead, 19 Oct

c6        Married – Anastasia Brooks to Archie McPherson, 5 Oct

c7        Died – Lottie Avery

c7        Died – William Henderson


Page 10

c3        Married – Frank J. Weiner to Jean Irene McNabb, 23 Oct

c3        Married – Mary Jeannette Sloane to John Lundy Parsons

c3        Married – Roy Wellington McCarthy to Irene Edith Gustin

c3        Married – Margaret Elizabeth Corkett to Robert Ian Hendy

c3        Married – Jean Taylor to John James Stevenson

c4        Married – Evelyn Margaret Steer to Kenneth Norman Bodkin


Page 11

c3        Died – Florence Webster

c4        Died – Nellie Muller


Page 14

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles A. Bailey, 22 Oct, nee Florence Eckler

c6        Married – Frederick Charles Netherton to Margaret Robillard


Page 15

c7        Born – dau of James H. Barnum, 23 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Melvin Robinson, 19 Oct

c7        Born – son of Stewart Simpson, 18 Oct

c7        Born – dau of John Vosburg, 19 Oct

c7        Born – dau of Percy Crosier, 22 Oct

c7        Born – son of Arceen Laevens, 18 Oct

c7        Died – Mrs. David F. Courtenay, nee Annie Kitson

c7        Died – Portia A. Gaden, 25 Oct, age 53

c7        Died – John Thompson Webster, 26 Oct


Page 18

c4        Died – Portia Gaden


28 October 1940


Page 3

c1        Died – Hiram Benjamin Powers, age 71


Page 6

c1        Died – Nelllie Muller


Page 7

c1        Died – William J. Trick

c2        Died – Clara Holden, 92nd year

c5        Died – Mrs. Jack Smith

c5        Died – Frank Lyons

c8        Died – John Holland

c8        Born – dau of Lloyd Moore, 27 Oct

c8        Born – son of Andrew A. McTavish, 22 Oct, nee Grace Weaver

c8        Died – Clara Holden, 27 Oct, 92nd year

c8        Died – Hiram Benjamin Powers, 27 Oct, age 71

c8        Died – Lena Baker, 27 Oct, 86th year


Page 8

c5        Married – Margaret Evelyn McNally to Foster Royden Smith

c5        Married – Myrtle Marie Learn to Gray Thomas Mardlin

c5        Married – Dorothy Evelyn Margaret Currie to John Ferris David

c6        Married – Rosa Lucinda Matthews to John Riley

c6        Married – Lillian Paton to Robert Russell Cornell, 26 Oct


Page 9

c7        Died – Mrs. Daniel McKillop, 26 Oct, nee Selena McQueen


Page 14

c3        Died – Lena Baker

c4        Died – Pilot Officer Neil Campbell, age 24, killed in action 17 Oct


29 October 1940


Page 3

c2        Died – Alexander McDougald

c4        Died – Hugh McColl, age 68, husband of Mary Mills

c5        Married – Marcella Frances O’Neil to Albert H. Darlison


Page 8

c5        Died – Cecil (Charles) Berry, about 54, son of Charles Berry & Julia Mullen

c7        Died – John Thompson Webster

c7        Died – Mrs. George Gaden

c7        Died – Mrs. Phillip Smith


Page 9

c2        Died – Edward James Witheford

c2        Died – William Joseph Marsh, 78th year

c2        Died – Annie Courtenay, 83rd year, nee Kitson

c8        Born – Ronald George Potticary, 28 Oct, nee Ada Corkill

c8        Died – Charles Cecil Berry, 29 Oct, 54th year

c8        Died – Lena Baker, 27 Oct, 86th year


Page 11

c6        Married – Lyla Asenath Bogart to Arthur Reginald Hutchings

c6        Married – Margaret Anne McShane to Edwin C. Horan

c6        Married – Rev. Bob Simpson to Marion Elaine Roach

c7        Married – Winnie Haycock to Thomas T. Stage

c7        Married – Mary K. Chanda to Eric Michener

c7        Married – Marion Harriet DeFields to Charles Robert Boomer

c7        Married – Doris Marie Morand to William Joseph Parsons

c8        Married – Victoria DeMeyer to Peter Lauwerier


Page 16

c1        Died – Gail Irene Crandall, infant dau of K. J.


30 October 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs. W. M. Avey

c3        Died – Mrs. Daniel McKillop

c4        Died – Albert Victor Young, 66th year

c4        Died – Elmer Mills

c4        Died – Hugh McColl, age 68


Page 7

c2        Died – Lena Baker

c2        Died – Clara Holden

c4        Died – Jennie Purcell, age 74, nee Gillies

c8        Born – dau of Sam Emberley, 26 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Paul Nagy, 21 Oct

c8        Born – Robert David Stallwood, 23 Oct, nee Dorothy Botwright

c8        Born – Joan Bernice Veit, 21 Oct

c8        Died – Edward James Witheford, 29 Oct, 70th year


Page 9

c5        Died – John A. Cameron, 24 Oct

c6        Died – Newton McConnell, age 63

c7        Died – Harry E. Clarke, 27th year, husband of LaVera Ker


Page 14

c1        Died – William Richard Healey, 16 Oct, age 80, husband of Mary McTaggart


31 October 1940


Page 1

c1        Alexander Newall, of Toronto, charged with murder of his wife; arrested at RCAF Technical Training School at St. Thomas


Page 8

c1        Died – Alexander Baillie, husband of (#1) Agnes Nairn; & (#2) Lena Mills

c5        Died – Hiram Benjamin Powers


Page 9

c3        Died – Samuel Luscombe, age 83

c8        Born – Robert Charles Rozell, 26 Oct, nee Maud Jefferson

c8        Died – Samuel Luscombe, 31 Oct, age 82


Page 10

c4        Married – Alta Elaine Westcott to Frederick J. Shaw

c4        Married – Mary Gensky to Stewart A. Doan, 26 Oct

c4        Married – Marie Irwin to George Judge


1 November 1940


Page 8

c3        Died – Alex Baillie

c6        Died – Cecil (Charles) Berry

c6        Died – Edward J. Witheford

c6        Died – Margaret Peets

c6        Died – Hugh MacColl


Page 9

c8        Born – Sandra Lynn Lavery, 30 Oct

c8        Died – Ann Jane Whitehead, 31 Oct, age 64


Page 12

c2        Married – Margaret Saunders to Lionel M. Gillies, 23 Oct

c2        Married – Elizabeth Margaret Porterfield to Kenneth A. Dewar, 26 Oct

c2        Married – Jessie Margaret Winn to William Alexander Graham

c3        Married – Irene Somerville to Donald Webster, 26 Oct

c3        Married – Ruth Bell to William P. Merritt, 26 Oct


Page 18

c3        Died – Ann Jane Whitehead, age 64


2 November 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. A. J. Horsman, 76th year, nee Emma Fenton

c5        Died – William Joseph Marsh


Page 8

c1        90th anniversary of Richmond Baptist Church; history & photo [note: the article says “Baptist” church but it is the United Church]


Page 10

c7        Married – Lyla Asenath Bogart to Arthur Reginald Hutchings, 26 Oct

c7        Married – William Robert McTavish to Marion Grace Gammage, 24 Oct


Page 15

c2        Died – Edmund Addison Wase, age 51

c8        Born – son of John Pavich, 29 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Geza Phillips, 27 Oct

c8        Born – son of Harry Hammond, 21 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Samuel Emberly, 26 Oct

c8        Born – Madeline Irene Carroll, 27 Oct, nee Earla Beemer

c8        Born – dau of Percy Crosier, 22 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Gus DePauw, 27 Oct

c8        Born – dau of Jack Esseltine, 22 Oct

c8        Born – son of Alphonse Laplante, 30 Oct

c8        Born – son of Arceen Laevens, 18 Oct

c8        Born – son of Arnold Tuipers, 30 Oct

c8        Died – Edmund Addison Wase, 1 Nov, age 51

c8        Died – Emma Horsman, 1 Nov, 76th year


4 November 1940


Page 1

c2        Married – Margaret Hobert to Duncan Campbell Ross

c2        Died – Ralph Basil Stevenson, age 16


Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs. Robert Petch, 82nd year, nee Winnifred Ann Gardiner


Page 6

c7        Died – Ada Fisher, age 49

c8        Died – Mrs. William John Morrison, 74th year, nee Eliza Jane Tribe

c8        Died – Susannah Hooker Dewhirst, 88th year, dau of Edward Crump & Caroline Day


Page 7

c4        Married – Dorothy Rebecca Lewis to Donald Murray Hamilton, 26 Oct

c5        Died – Samuel Luscombe

c5        Died – Mrs. William Whitehead

c8        Born – Donald Neil Clark, 2 Nov

c8        Born – son of William Nelson, 1 Nov

c8        Died – Ralph Basil Stevenson, 2 Nov, age 16

c8        Died – Adolphus Wilton, 3 Nov, age 76


Page 8

c6        Married – Dorothy Elizabeth McGuire to John G. Murray

c6        Married – Leta Dupuis to Leo Thibert

c6        Married – Margaret Laird to John Henry Purser

c6        Married – Margaret Eileen Williams to Reginald Alfred Crockett, 26 Oct


Page 14

c2        Died – Adolphus White, age 76

c3        Died – Alexander Baillie

c3        Died – Harry Clarke


5 November 1940


Page 2

c2        Died – Shirley Josephine delaFranier, 39th year

c8        Died – Jennie Purcell

c8        Died – Fred McFarlane

c8        Died – Winnifred Anne Gardiner


Page 6

c5        Died – Henry Lincoln Moore, age 52


Page 7

c2        Died – Harry Owen, age 75

c8        Born – David Victor Richardson, 31 Oct

c8        Died – Henry Lincoln Moore, age 52

c8        Died – Harry Owen, 5 Nov, age 75


Page 9

c5        Married – Hilda MacPherson to Evan MacDonald

c5        Married – Dorothy Margaret Cavin to Beverly Leonard Buckwell

c5        Married – Winnifred Mae Lee to Samuel Deardon

c5        Married – Hazel Ethel Boyd to John William Grass

c5        Married – Lurene Amelia Webb to Elmer Schroder


Page 14

c1        Died – Adolphus Wilton


6 November 1940


Page 6

c4        Died – Ralph Basil Stevenson

c4        Died – Eliza Morrison


Page 7

c8        Born – son of Fred H. Singer, 3 Nov


Page 8

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs F. S. Marlatt, nee dau of A. C. Duncombe

c5        Married – Gladys Pearl Montgomery to K. C. Hepburn, 26 Oct

c5        Married – Helen Jean Spalding to Samuel Marvyn Baird

c5        Married – Kathleen Phyllis Rogers to Harold Alfred Johnson

c5        Married – Anne Marie Tetreault to Frank Berton Rice

c5        Married – Violet Doreen Pratt to Frank W. Denny

c5        Married – Gladys Mary Hemphill to Rev. Elmer Hugh McLellan


7 November 1940


Page 1

c4        Died – William Maitland Ketchabaw, husband of Annie Maud Buchner, photo


Page 9

c5        Died – Hannah A. McConnell

c5        Died – Adolphus Wilton

c8        Born – David George Turville, 3 Nov, nee Jean Robertson


Page 10

c5        Married – Edith Roder to Arnold James Orchard

c5        Married – Winnifred Patricia McPherson to Fred J. Orr

c5        Married – Orzelia Anne Tallman to Leonard Cecil Dyke

c5        Married – Joe Haslinger to Elizabeth Kovecses

c5        Married – Hazel Adeline Fillmore to Robert C. Page

c5        Married – Mrs. Jessie Gertrude Martin to Watson Park


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs. A. J. Branton, age 65, nee Frances C. Patterson

c3        Died – Daisy May Page, 31st year


8 November 1940


Page 8

c2        Died – John Alexander Bowen, 88th year


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs. George Gant, age 80

c4        Died – Mrs. Edgar Silcox, age 78, nee Kate Alexandria Allworth

c8        Born – John Clifton Charlton, 6 Nov, nee Fay Munroe

c8        Died – Martha Ann Gant, 8 Nov, age 80

c8        Died – William Maitland Ketchabaw, 6 Nov


Page 10

c7        Died – Harry Owen

c7        Died – Henry Moore

c7        Died – Lorne H. Hart

c7        Died – Mrs. Stanley Heath, nee Gertrude Theresa Frishette


9 November 1940


Page 10

c3        Married – Gwenfryd Forrester to Elwood L. McGlenig


Page 14

c2        Married – Irwin Moore to Marjorie Swallow

c6        Married – James Douglas MacFarlane to Kathleen Kendrick


Page 15

c2        Married – Dorothy Isabel Moffat to William Edward Pearson

c2        Married – Florence May Burton to William Jack Irvine

c3        Died – George Edward Honsinger, age 75

c4        Died – Michael J. Lordan, age 82

c8        Born – dau of Leonard Henhawke, 4 Nov

c8        Born – son of Mervin Kennedy, 1 Nov

c8        Born – Michael Bishop Millman, 1 Nov

c8        Born – son of William Nelson, 1 Nov

c8        Born – son of Keith M. Somers, 1 Nov

c8        Born – son of James Tansley, 3 Nov

c8        Born – son of Veno Thurlby, 6 Nov

c8        Born – Peter Nelles VanLoon, 1 Nov, nee Rhoda Cridland

c8        Born – dau of L. Vyse, 1 Nov

c8        Born – John Robert Hopkins, 6 Nov, nee Margaret Gilker

c8        Died – Charles Wesley Forsyth, 8 Nov, 85th year

c8        Died – George Edward Honsinger, 9 Nov, age 75

c8        Died – Kate Alexandria Silcox, 8 Nov, age 78


Page 18

c1        Died – Kate Alexandria Silcox


11 November 1940


Page 2

c3        Died – Mrs. R. J. Hanlon, 64th year

c6        Died – Joseph Alexander Blain, 81st year


Page 6

c2        Died – Bliss M. MacDonald, age 3, son of Gordon

c4        Died – William Maitland Ketchabaw

c4        Died – Martha Ann Gant

c4        Died – Frances C. Branton


Page 7

c3        Died – John Black McLarty, age 76, son of Archibald McLarty & Kate Black

c8        Born – Marilyn Christine Hunt, 5 Nov

c8        Born – Audrey Gail Tyers, 11 Nov, nee Audrey Gardiner

c8        Born – Earl Harvey Bailey, 30 Oct

c8        Born – Ann Louise Holdsworth, 9 Nov

c8        Born – Jon David Mansell, 9 Nov, nee Elsie Watson

c8        Died – Maude May Daugharty, 10 Nov, 59th year

c8        Died – John Black McLarty, 10 Nov, age 76


Page 9

c2        Died – John Williamson, age 71

c3        Died – Annie Haycock, nee Schram

c6        Died – Mrs. George Lane, nee Caroline L. Trigger


Page 14

c1        Died – Neil McGugan, 31 Oct, age 75

c2        Died – Mrs. Fred Daugharty, nee Maud Ward, dau of Thomas & Julia

c8        Married – Frances Jane Morse to Duncan MacDonald

c8        Married – Ida June Rose to Ronald W. Thwaites, 31 Oct

c8        Married – James Russell Dair to Bessie Victoria Adlington, 9 Nov

c8        Married – Marjorie Swallow to Walter Irwin Moore


12 November 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Cora Soper


Page 7

c4        Died – George Edward Honsinger

c4        Died – Mrs. Edgar Silcox

c8        Born – dau of J. M. Smith, 10 Nov, stillborn, nee Marion Gillett

c8        Born – Naoma Dianne Spittler, 9 Nov

c8        Born – dau of James C. Brown, 4 Nov

c8        Born – James Dale Misner, 6 Nov

c8        Born – John Alvin Hall, 4 Nov


Page 8

c5        Married – Muriel Eva Piper to William James Campbell, 9 Nov

c5        Married – Ethel Southam to Frederick Hughes Toller

c5        Married – Gertrude Elizabeth Tanner to Robert Carleton Patton, 9 Nov

c5        Married – George B. Warner to Sarah Cain, 11 Nov


Page 9

c2        20th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Murray Dawdy, nee Viola Georgina Boughner

c8        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John S. Russell, nee Annie M. Campbell


Page 14

c1        61st anniversary of Mr & Mrs J. W. Cochran, nee Annie Brian


13 November 1940


Page 7

c1        Died – Horace Brooman

c5        Died – Maud May Daugharty

c8        Born – Myrna Marlene & Marilyn Irene Laur, 6 Nov

c8        Born – Betty Ann Pafford, 11 Nov


Page 8

c6        Married – Isabella Clair Smith to Robert James Manning

c6        Married – Grace Edith Drewitt to Earl Stanley McKenzie

c6        Married – Leolla Catharine Halavin to S. Jack VanScoter

c6        Married – Edythe Katherine Lyoness to Andrew King Davidson


Page 9

c2        Died – Minnie Brosnohan


Page 14

c1        Died – Naoma Dianne Spitler, age 2 days, dau of Frank


14 November 1940


Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs. Charles Colley, age 69, nee Jane Dawson


Page 6

c1        Died – Wallace Newell, 57th year

c1        Died – Thomas Benson McKim, age 78

c2        Died – Mrs. W. A. Hepburn, nee Ada Loretta Montgomery


Page 8

c2        Died – Charles Allen Price, about 31 years old

c6        Died – John Black McCarty

c6        Died – Daisy May Page


Page 9

c8        Born – dau of Murray E. Campbell, 10 Nov

c8        Died – Ada Loretta Hepburn, 57th year


Page 16

c3        Married – Margaret Isabella Washburn to James Donald Buckrell

c3        Married – Mary Catherine Lunn to Arthur Albert Howard

c3        Married – Freda Winnifred McCoig to Jack M. Taylor


15 Novmber 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Charles Allen Price

c3        Died – John Williamson

c3        Died – Mrs. Alonzo Bowen, 52nd year


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. George Fenwick

c8        Born – Barbara Anne Beemer, 27 Oct, nee Mabel Copeman

c8        Born – Richard George Anderson, 10 Nov

c8        Died – Minnie Fenwick, 14 Nov, nee Coulter


Page 12

c5        Married – Amelia Kathleen Annett to William Warren Winter

c5        Married – Jessie Luella McKellar to J. Ferguson Campbell, 6 Nov

c5        Married – Ruth Gold to Richard Theodore Addley


Page 16

c1        Died – Jackie Benton, age 15

c2        Died – infant dau of Albert Millman

c4        Died – Thomas Copeland Cockrill


16 November 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Margaret Bossy, 15 Nov, 2nd year

c6        Died – Ada Loretta Hepburn

c6        Died – Dilley May Roloson


Page 7

c5        10th anniversary of YWCA in St. Thomas; photo; more on page 9


Page 10

c2        Married – Helen Marie Foley to Benjamin Stephen Murray

c2        Married – Marjorie Evelyn Proctor to Rev. Donald Clark Amos

c3        Married – Inez Lorraine Butler to Bruce W. Vale

c3        Married – Ann Isobel Carpenter to Purcell Adam Shultis

c3        Married – Hazel Gertrude House to Kenneth LeRoy Fillmore

c3        Married – Audrey Mae Marriott to Charles Ervine Barrett, 13 Nov


Page 15

c1        Died – Frank Faulkner, 82nd year

c8        Born – son of George Turnbull, 7 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Stanley Deming, 7 Nov

c8        Born – dau of George Campbell, 11 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Charles Collison, 9 Nov

c8        Born – son of Stanley Pennington, 8 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Charles Reid, 11 Nov

c8        Born – dau of J. C. Curtis, 14 Nov, nee Eva Johnson

c8        Born – son of Cecil Kimball, 24 Oct

c8        Born – Kenneth LeRoy Lunn, 13 Nov, nee Annabelle Clarke

c8        Born – dau of L. Millman, 14 Nov, stillborn, nee Pauline Beales

c8        Died – Robert B. Taylor, 14 Nov, 69th year


18 November 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – William Sadler, 80th year

c1        Died – Mrs. James Tanner, nee Annie R. Elliott, 16 Nov


Page 9

c1        Died – Dr. William J. Morrison, age 67

c7        Died – Minnie A. Fenwick

c8        Born – dau of G. W. Ruland, 13 Nov

c8        Born – son of G. F. Schooley, 16 Nov

c8        Died – William John Folland, 16 Nov, age 62


Page 10

c4        Married – Elizabeth Jean Duck to William Darragh Gastle

c4        Married – Hazel Mary Hill to Frederick Clifford Osborne

c6        Died – Wallace Newell


Page 7

c8        Died – Mrs. Neil McWilliams, 71st year, nee Jemima May


Page 16

c2        Died – William John Folland, 62nd year


19 November 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Peter Richardson, 90th year

c1        Died – Jane Colley


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Roy Degraw, age 28, nee Ethel Lepdath

c8        Born – son of Edward W. Callaghan, 16 Nov

c8        Died – Amelia Preston Richardson, 18 Nov, 90th year


Page 8

c4        Married – Lela Jean Greenaway to Malcolm McKellar

c4        Married – Mary Elizabeth Elgie to Arthur Nelson McConnell, 16 Nov

c4        Married – Annetta Tena Knott to George Wesley Greenwood, 16 Nov

c4        Married – Alma Mary Ferguson to Russell Cameron Smith, 16 Nov


Page 9

c4        Died – Joseph Stevenson, 17 Nov, 79th year


Page 14

c1        Died – Jerry Gervais, age 56

c1        Died – Hulda Marjorie Jackson, age 70, nee Dunning


20 November 1940


Page 8

c1        Died – Ada S. White

c7        Died – Myrtle Parker

c7        Died – William W. Pero

c7        Died – Charles Allen Price


Page 9

c8        Born – Earl Harvey Bailey, 31 Oct

c8        Born – son of Pierre Park, 15 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Edward Slade, 15 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Erland Cole, 15 Nov

c8        Born – son of Rev. Manley Higgins, 15 Nov

c8        Born – son of George Fick, 10 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Charles Reid, 11 Nov

c8        Died – Arthur Britton, 19 Nov, age 80

c8        Died – Hulda Marjorie (Dunning) Jackson, 18 Nov, 71st year

c8        Died – Louisa Yokom, 19 Nov, age 86


Page 10

c6        Married – Clara Christina Ferrell to Glenford Delby Weaver

c6        Married – Ariel Emmaline Ferrell to Frederick Thompson

c6        Married – James Russell Dair to Bessie Victoria Adlington

c6        Married – Lillyan Marie Higgins to Richard Benjamin Jackson

c6        Married – Dorothy Irene Hill to William John Smiley

c7        Married – Eleanor Phyllis Esson to Burton Dennis Morningstar


Page 16

c1        Died – Francis M. Parker

c2        Died – Arthur Britton, age 81

c2        Died – Louisa Yokom, age 86


21 November 1940


Page 10

c2        Died – Margaret Bossy

c2        Died – Mrs. James Tanner

c5        Died – Fred M. Culp


Page 11

c2        Died – Robert Bruce Grass, age 55

c4        Died – Mrs. James Haight, nee Nancy McTavish

c7        Died – William F. Folland

c8        Died – Alde Glen Tisdale, 20 Nov

c8        Died – Nancy McTavish Haight, 21 Nov


Page 12

c5        Married – Doris Roscene Lindsay to Earl Raymond Cullen

c5        Married – Marion Edna Keene to John Marr Wright


22 November 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – James Hiram Freeman, 77th year

c8        Died – Mrs. Duncan Somerville, age 83, nee Heath


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs. William J. Dunn, 67th year, dau of John Richardson

c4        Died – Arthur Britton

c4        Died – Hulda Jackson

c6        Died – William Charles Gibbons, 69th year

c6        Died – Mrs. Henry Crane, age 68

c8        Died – William McCutcheon


Page 9

c8        Born – Anne Marie Lindsay, 16 Nov, nee Catherine McPherson

c8        Born – son of John A. Black, 17 Nov, nee Madge Todd

c8        Born – son of Stanley Stephens, 17 Nov

c8        Born – son of Lemon Mills, 11 Nov

c8        Died – Mary E. Ward, 21 Nov

c8        Died – Robert Bruce Grass, 21 Nov, age 55


Page 10

c5        Married – Edith Belle Baldwin to John G. Roberts

c5        Married – Florence Nellie Alice Craig to George David Hutchison, 16 Nov

c5        Married – Ada Irene Walters to John Alexander McLachlan

c5        Married – Mary Cecelia Louise Daly to Thomas Holman

c5        Married – Mary Margaret Piper to Leo Fillmore

c5        Married – Doris Winnifred O’Neill to Munro Watson McMillan


Page 16

c3        body of Neil Campbell recovered overseas; killed in action

c3        Died – Mary E. Ward, age 86, dau of Richard Ward & Mary Boyle

c4        Died – Mrs. James Haight, nee Nancy McTavish


23 November 1940


Page 1

            Fingal Bombing & Gunnery School to be opened Monday


Page 8

c1        50th anniversary of Church of the Nativity, Dutton (Anglican)


Page 9

c4        Married – Lena Loraine Norton to Harold Joseph Paget

c4        Married – Frances Marguerite Woodford to Arthur Franklin Foster

c4        Married – Edith Lemery to William Easton

c5        Died – Louise Yokom

c5        Died – Mrs. Roy Degraw


Page 15

c2        Died – William George Robbins, age 56

c8        Born – son of Richard D. Dow, 18 Nov, nee Margaret Benjafield

c8        Born – son of Kenneth Gedye, 11 Nov

c8        Died – William George Robbins, 23 Nov, age 56


Page 18

c1        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Duncan A. Campbell

c2        Died – Mrs. Henry (Eliza Ann) McCaffrey, 62nd year


25 November 1940

Page 5

c2        Died – John C. Monteith

c2        Died – Jackie Anderson, age 8

c3        Died – George Marlo Hamilton, 77th year, husband of Catharine Clunas


Page 6

c8        Died – Mary McTavish Haight


Page 7

c1        Died – Joseph Morris Wood, age 65

c7        Died – Glen Tisdale

c7        Died – Mary Ward

c7        Died – Robert Bruce Grass

c8        Born – Michael Stephen Brown, 21 Nov, ene Eileen Picking

c8        Died – Alice Silcox, 24 Nov

c8        Died – Joseph Morris Wood, 25 Nov, age 65


Page 8

c3        Married – Marguerite Coe to Elmer E. Bryan, 9 Nov

c3        Married – Patricia Jean Little to Sanford Robert Granger

c3        Married – Dorothy Jane Lawson to Donald Carlos Baptista

c3        Married – Freda Meredith to Leonard H. Campbell-Rogers


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs. Sidney Silcox, nee Alice Allworth


26 November 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – George M. Hamilton

c2        Died – Mrs. William Dunn


Page 7

c1        Died – George Albert Sitts, age 63, son of Peter Sitts & Margaret Ann Tracey; husband of Maud Dennis

c1        Died – Mrs. John W. Coulter, nee Ellen P. Bowlby

c2        Died – Mrs. John D. Henshaw, age 74

c7        Died – William George Robbins

c8        Born – Eleanor Margaret Doan, 25 Nov

c8        Died – Rachel Maria Henshaw, 25 Nov, age 71

c8        Died – Helen Jane Lucas, 25 Nov, nee DeLacy


Page 8

c4        Married – Beverley Baldwin Rose to William Clair Cooke

c4        Married – Harriet Laird Muir to Hilton Leslie Davidson

c4        Married – Adelaide Beatrice Strange to Harold Arthur Hansford


27 November 1940


Page 6

c7        Died – Mrs. William J. Dunn, nee Lillian Richardson


Page 8

c7        Died – William Gibbons

c7        Died – Jackie Anderso

c7        Died – Erwin Keys


Page 9

c2        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs George M. Dickson

c3        Died – Mrs. Sherman Robinson, age 52, nee Sarah Elizabeth Awde

c4        Died – Albert L. Kilmer, age 84

c8        Born – dau of Robert H. Dobbie, 24 Nov

c8        Died – Ellen P. Coulter, 26 Nov, 90th year

c8        Died – Edwin Keys, 27 Nov

c8        Died – Sarah Elizabeth Awde Robinson, 26 Nov, 53rd year


Page 10

c6        Married – Edith Elizabeth Blackmore to Robert Cecil Higgins

c6        Married – Dorothy Axelson to Stuart G. Jackson


28 November 1940


Page 6

c1        Died – William Henry Ecker, age 68

c5        Died – Mrs. Austin Vail, age 83, nee Alma Bailey

c6        Died – Mrs. Henry McCaffery, 61st year, nee Bechill


Page 10

c1        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs W. H. Baxter, 25 Nov, nee dau of Stephen Pound

c1        Died – Richard Ransom Jones, 96th year


Page 11

c1        Died – Albert L. Kilmer

c3        Died – Alice Silcox

c3        Died – Joseph Wood

c8        Born – Murray Ralph Stanton, 26 Nov, nee Marguerite Ecker

c8        Born – George Charles Caves, 21 Nov

c8        Died – Erwin Keys, 27 Nov

c8        Died – Mrs. E. Sherman Robinson, 26 Nov, 53rd year, nee Sarah Elizabeth Awde

c8        Died – Albert L. Kilmer, 27 Nov, age 84


Page 18

c4        Married – Minnie Laura Maddock to Ross Hume

c4        Married – Madeline Ruth Cowie to Arthur Glenford Hagerman


29 November 1940


Page 1

c4        Died – Harry Arthur Turnpenny, age 86

c4        Died – body of Neil Campbell recovered overseas, 26 Oct


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. John E. Henshaw

c2        Died – Helen Lucas


Page 8

c4        Died – Jacob G. Mistele, age 87, husband of Catharine Zoller

c5        Died – Ellen P. Coulter


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. James Mahoney, age 80, dau of Thomas Tanner

c3        Died – Mrs. Edgar Saunders, age 61, nee Ellen Rose Hope

c8        Died – Albert L. Kilmer, 27 Nov, age 84

c8        Died – Harry Arthur Turnpenny, 28 Nov, age 86

c8        Died – Ellen Rose Saunders, 29 Nov, age 61


Page 10

c3        Married – Mildred Eberle to Joseph Lockwood Street, 23 Nov


Page 16

c2        Died – Vera Rooney, 23 Nov


30 November 1940


Page 2

c8        Died – George A. Sitts


Page 6

c3        Died – Harry Huntley, 29 Nov, 70th year, husband of Ida Heydon


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. Edward Cox, 86th year, nee Jennie Maria Hepburn


Page 10

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John C. King

c2        Married – Gulia Marz to Gyula Nagy


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Edra Sanders to Donald H. Ferguson


Page 15

c5        Died – Irwin Keys

c5        Died – Sarah Elizabeth Awde Robinson

c7        Born – Richard Frederick McConnell, 29 Nov

c7        Died – Harry Huntley, 29 Nov

c8        Born – Marlene Anne Farrall, 25 Nov, nee Anne Leslie

c8        Born – Gregory Newton, 22 Nov, nee Jean Holtby

c8        Born – dau of George Vanvalkenburg, 26 Nov

c8        Born – son of Howard A. Williams, 29 Nov, nee Alice J. Watterworth

c8        Died – Ellen Rose Saunders, 29 Nov, age 61


2 December 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Mrs. William F. Kendall, age 60, nee Sarah Crawford

c6        Died – Jacob G. Mistele, 28 Nov, age 87, husband of Catharine Zoller


Page 8

c7        Died – Melvin Pembleton, 61st year

c7        Married – Florence Gertrude Pink to Thomas George Phillips, 30 Nov


Page 9

c3        Died – Albert L. Kilmer

c3        Died – Harry Arthur Turnpenny

c8        Died – John Robb Bobier, 1 Dec, age 68


Page 10

c1        Married – Helen Lauretta Doyle to Donald McCall

c1        Married – Joan Allison Hickman to Hubert Clinton Herder


Page 16

c3        Died – John Robb Bobier, age 68


3 December 1940


Page 3

c1        Died – William Daiken, 69th year


Page 6

c1        Died – George Phillip Pressey, 69th year

c1        Died – Mrs. Edgar Saunders

c1        Died – Richard Jones

c5        Died – Elizabeth Ann Millard, age 70

c5        Died – William Ross, age 84


Page 7

c3        Died – Christina Kelly, about 70 years old

c8        Died – Elizabeth Ann Millard, 2 Dec, 71st year


Page 8

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Melvin Crandall, nee Margaret Campbell

c3        Married – Jean Marian Gall to Mack Albert Thurston

c3        Married – Alice Virginia Sherwood to William Lynn Newton


Page 12

c1        Died – William McGennerty, age 90


4 December 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Neil G. Blue, nee Martha Bateman


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs. William H. Ralph, age 63, dau of Eli Caverly

c2        Died – John R. Bobier

c2        Died – Harry Huntley


Page 11

c8        Born – dau of A. Kennedy, 28 Nov

c8        Died – Elizabeth Ann Millard, 2 Dec, 71st year

c8        Died – Martha Bateman Blue, 4 Dec, 77th year


Page 12

c4        Married – Audrey Fern Fulkerson to John William Smith

c4        Married – Elizabeth Cecile Swift to Edwin J. Egli

c4        Married – Bessie Evelyn Rupple to Frank Rupert Else

c5        Married – Alma Mable Blakey to David Shaw MacPherson


Page 13

c6        Married – Anna Tidball to Lewis L. Vyse


5 December 1940


Page 9

c2        Died – Warren William Ross

c8        Born – Daniel Frederick Lankin, 5 Dec, nee Betty Freeman

c8        Born – son of Basil Learn, 1 Dec

c8        Born – dau of Earl O’Brien, 17 Nov

c8        Born – son of Edward Peiters, 23 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Orloff A. Ronson, 24 Nov

c8        Born – son of Douglas Smith, 26 Nov

c8        Born – son of Fred Cowan, 25 Nov

c8        Born – dau of S. A. Chapman, 18 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Charles C. Dunham, 27 Nov

c8        Born – son of George Scott Elliott, 18 Nov, nee Margaret deHertel Blackham

c8        Born – son of Bailey Grice, 26 Nov

c8        Born – dau of Elmo Howey, 27 Nov

c8        Born – son of John Horvath, 27 Nov

c8        Died – Sidney E. Roberts, 4 Dec, 42nd year


Page 10

c2        Married – Thomas P. Lownsbrough to Peggy Waldie

c4        Married – Lillie Mabel Winnett to Everett Newton Drake

c4        Married – Anna Louise Rumbold to Richard Clayton Matthews

c4        Married – Nellie Kotchan to George Culver

c4        Married – Ruby Grace Rogers to Francis Parkinson, 30 Nov


6 December 1940


Page 1

c7        Talbotville United Church damaged by fire


Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs. Theodore Millard


Page 8

c2        Died – Frederick Roy Carter, son of Joseph Carter & Theressa Moore; husband of Florence Layman

c6        Died – Mrs. George Herron, 43rd year, nee Hazel Maude Saunders


Page 9

c2        Died – Edward Austin Mitchener, age 64

c8        Born – William Norman Foster, 5 Dec, nee Leota Panther

c8        Born – David Andrew Brown, 4 Dec, nee Hilda M. Speight

c8        Born – John Richard Clarke, 5 Dec, nee Ella Bradley

c8        Died – Edward Austin Mitchener, 6 Dec, age 64


Page 10

c6        Married – Clara Louise Neal to Charles Edward Mitchell, 30 Nov

c6        Married – Joan Dupuis to Arthur Nicholls

c6        Married – Bessie Marion Chowen to Rev. Jack H. Watt

c7        Married – Margaret Mary Gooding to Donald Allen


7 December 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs. William Kendall

c3        Died – George Phillip Pressey


Page 9

c2        Married – Lillian Freddie Ingham to Fraser Donald Galbraith, 5 Dec

c2        Married – Kathleen E. Dellar to Douglas H. Rowling

c2        Married – Margaret Billiet to Cyril VanLent

c2        Married – Dorothy Marilyn Bates to Murray Clarence Winkworth, 5 Dec

c2        Married – Marion Ruth Miller to Donald A. McDougall, 30 Nov

c3        Married – Ruth Donelda Armstrong to James Irvin Patterson


Page 13

c3        Died – Mrs. Frank Lawrence, 6 Dec, 66th year, nee Maud House

c3        Died – George Butcher, 3 Dec, 58th year


Page 14

c2        Four generation photo on 56th birthday of Mrs. Thomas Walters


Page 15

c5        Died – Myrtle Ferguson Adams, dau of P. J. Ferguson & Pearl Turner

c8        Born – son of William Palmer, 6 Dec, nee Cecelia Connolly

c8        Born – Jeffery Lynn Vidler, 6 Dec

c8        Born – dau of W. Hendrick, 4 Dec

c8        Born – Camille Anne Siple, 28 Nov

c8        Born – son of Harry Barrett, 2 Dec

c8        Born – son of Walter Darley, 2 Dec

c8        Born – son of James Miners, 5 Dec

c8        Born – son of Gustaf Slagmulder, 28 Nov

c8        Born – son of Quentin Wilson, 29 Nov

c8        Born – son of William Winegarden, 30 Nov

c8        Died – Frederick Roy Carter, 6 Dec, 54th year, husband of Florence Layman


9 December 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – John Davis, age 78


Page 7

c1        Died – Myrtle Ferguson Adams

c8        Born – son of Edward Bateman, 3 Dec, nee Verlyn Wallace

c8        Born – son of Leland Malott, 27 Nov

c8        Born – son of Burr Colledge, 7 Dec

c8        Born – son of A. J. Hart, 8 Dec

c8        Died – Myrtle Ferguson Adams, 7 Dec

c8        Died – Edwin Smith Hobson, 8 Dec, age 84


Page 8

c6        Married – Alice Fernlee Turner to Dr. Taylor Statten

c6        Married – Ruth Eleanor McConnell to Alec Menzies Fordyce

c7        Married – Jane Trow to Charles Larkin Fraser


Page 9

c4        Died – William A. Edwards, age 64


Page 14

c1        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Duncan A. Campbell, nee dau of William Tait; 14 Nov

c5        Died – Edwin Smith Hobson, age 84


10 December 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Myrtle Ferguson Adams

c6        Died – Frederick Roy Carter

c6        Died – Edward Austin Mitchener

c6        Died – Mrs. William H. Ralph

c7        Died – Dr. Arthur Williams


Page 7

c1        Died – Peter C. McBride, 82nd year

c8        Born – son of Arnold Barnum, 6 Dec, nee Kay Stewart

c8        Born – son of Gordon W. Dennis, 7 Dec, nee Olive Anderson

c8        Born – dau of Vernon Wilson, 7 Dec

c8        Born – dau of Robert D’Hondt, 5 Dec

c8        Born – dau of B. Mathson, 5 Dec

c8        Born – son of Eddie Dreyer

c8        Died – Mary Purdy Duncombe, 10 Dec, age 74

c8        Died – Peter C. McBride, 10 Dec, 82nd year


Page 8

c6        Married – Eunice Patricia Eames to Francis Earl Logan, 4 Dec

c6        Married – Muriel Jean Morgan to Peter Arthur York

c6        Married – Irene Olive McCulley to Arthur Buckley

c7        Married – Marion Isobel Shildrick to Dewart Craig Lindsay


Page 9

c6        Died – John W. Rittenburg, age 57


Page 14

c5        Died – Mrs. George Duncombe, age 74, nee Mary Purdy


11 December 1940


Page 5

c2        Died – Hilda M. Passfield


Page 6

c3        Died – Jacob Kriter, age 71, husband of Clara Vanloon


Page 10

c2        Died – Benjamin Marshall, 87th year

c2        Died – Edwin Smith Hobson


Page 11

c5        Died – Jennie Louise Campbell, age 73

c7        Born – son of Edwin Finch, 21 Nov

c8        Died – Mrs. George W. Kemp, 10 Dec, 66th year, nee Hannah Catherine Hamilton

c8        Died – Jennie Louise Campbell, 11 Dec, age 73

c8        Died – Hilda M. Passfield, 10 Dec, age 37


Page 12

c4        Married – Elizabeth Dewar Detwiller to Leonard Peat

c4        Married – Elsie Elizabeth Snider to William Beckett


Page 13

c5        Married – Catherine Florence Thompson to Murray Dadson


Page 15

c8        Died – Mrs. Frank Lawrence


12 December 1940


Page 10

c5        Died – Mrs. Albert McNabb, age 56, nee D. Etta Ball

c6        Died – Matilda Adelaide Britt


Page 11

c1        Died – Mrs. N. J. Smith, age 79

c8        Died – Matthew Henry Penhale, 11 Dec, age 76


Page 12

c3        Married – Mrs. Margaret Jane Dadson to Frederick C. Howse, 11 Dec


Page 18

c2        Died – Matthew Henry Penhale

c4        Died – George Frank Pinneo, 70th year, husband of Jennie Ashton


13 December 1940


Page 8

c2        Died – William Sullivan Burger, 12 Dec, age 62

c5        Died – Mrs. George Duncombe, nee Mary Purdy

c5        Died – Dr. Arthur D. Williams

c6        Died – Alfred Comfort, age 63

c6        Died – Mrs. Levi Lewis, age 75, nee Georgina Meyer


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. N. J. Smith

c1        Died – A. Huffman

c2        Died – Ambrose Edgar Little, age 75

c2        Died – Mrs. Henry John Crocker, 6 Dec, age 84

c3        Died – Frank L. Sifton, 21 Nov

c7        Born – dau of Robert L. O’Callaghan, 11 Dec, nee Doris Sawyer

c7        Born – Lois Margaret Martin, 25 Nov

c7        Died – Matilda Britt, 12 Dec

c7        Died – Ambrose Bruce Little, 13 Dec, age 75


Page 10

c2        Married – Helen McIntyre Rattray to George Wilmont Henry, 11 Dec

c2        Married – Yvonne Blais to Stanley B. Lewis, 30 Nov

c2        Married – Elizabeth Gosnell to Don McAskile, 7 Dec


14 December 1940


Page 6

c8        Died – Mary Campbell

c8        Died – Hilda Passfield

c8        Died – Jacob Kriter


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. Burleigh Crogham, age 73, nee Ida Brown

c2        Died – William J. Scime, 27 Nov, about 26 years old; killed in action

c3        Died – Col. W. C. Woodward

c8        Born – Linda Jane Lavis, 11 Dec, nee Irene Bulmer

c8        Born – dau of Ervine Reid, 7 Dec

c8        Born – dau of John Hair, 7 Dec, nee Alice Runnalls

c8        Born – son of Milton M. Wall, 4 Dec


Page 11

c1        Died – dau of H. Lamer, age 10 mos.


Page 12

c2        Married – Margaret Worrall to Harold Ernest Corrie, 7 Dec

c2        Married -Marian Alice Wagar to Howard Wiefield Jeffery


Page 16

c2        Married – Arthur Buckley to Irene Olive McCulley

c5        Married – Jean Frances Sklar to Robert G. Inglis

c8        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Andrew Mills, nee dau of Wellington Russ


16 December 1940


Page 6

c2        Died – Henry A. Ball, 82nd year

c3        Died – Robert Willis, 82nd year, son of Robert Willis & Mary Anne Staley; husband of Lucy Atkinson

c5        Died – Matilda Britt

c5        Died – Matthew H. Penhale

c5        Died – John Davis

c5        Died – Benjamin Marlatt


Page 7

c1        Died – Florence Walker

c2        Died – Mrs. John W. Courtney, age 86, nee Emily J. Dow

c5        Died – Mrs. John Foslett, 14 Dec, nee Catherine Ann Fortner

c7        Born – Larry Robert Bate, 16 Dec, nee Edna Land

c8        Born – son of Howard Irvine, 14 Dec, nee Muriel Nethercott

c8        Died – Emily J. Courtney, 16 Dec, age 86

c8        Died – Robert Willis, 16 Dec


Page 8

c6        Married – Jane Florence Considine to George L. Heather

c6        Married – Helen Elizabeth Brown to Donald Charles Reaveley

c6        Married – Fannie Rosslyn Webster to Thomas James Page

c6        Married – Clare Lillian Scoffield to Ivor Charles Jones


17 December 1940


Page 1

c2        Engagement – Alice Borel to Douglas Deane, 25 Dec

c6        Fingal Bombing & Gunnery school officially opened


Page 2

c5        Died – Ambrose Edgar Little


Page 6

c5        Died – Jacob Kriter


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. George Kennedy, nee Alberta McLaughlin

c8        Born – Nancy Lou McLandress, 14 Dec

c8        Born – son of Dr. L. H. Roszell, 11 Dec

c8        Born – Alice Marilyn Glover, 15 Dec

c8        Died – Jennie Louise Newcombe, 16 Dec, age 67

c8        Died – Ann Silcox, 16 Dec, 87th year


Page 8

c7        Married – Joyce Ryder Tonkinson to Edward Allan Whalen, 14 Dec


Page 14

c6        Died – Ann Silcox, age 87

c6        Died – Mrs. John Newcombe, age 67, nee Jennie Louise Gaynor


18 December 1940


Page 3

            photos of official opening of Fingal Air School


Page 7

c8        Died – G. Frank Pinneo


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert Reekie, age 70, nee Elva Gillett


Page 11

c5        Died – Annie Loretta Wynn

c8        Born – Nova Gay Campbell, 13 Dec

c8        Born – son of George White, 12 Dec, nee Ilene Simmons

c8        Died – Annie Loretta Wynn, 17 Dec

c8        Died – Elva Gillett Reekie, 18 Dec


Page 12

c2        Married – Mrs. Annie May Brown to Charles Edward Murphy

c2        Married – Nola Irene Hare to Albert Edward Simmons


19 December 1940


Page 6

c6        Died – Alexander McCallum, age 83


Page 9

c5        Died – Emily J. Courtney

c5        Died – Robert Willis

c5        Died – Louisa VanLoon, age 86

c8        Born – dau of Harold Spackman, 17 Dec

c8        Died – Annie Loretta Wynn, 17 Dec

c8        Died – Catherine S. McMillan, 19 Dec, 84th year


Page 10

c4        Married – Lenora Ruth Sudders to Duncan Elgene McLellan

c4        Married – Ila Marguerite Edwards to Harry Clark Newman

c5        Married – Audrey Viola Sheppard to Aubrey Stuart Cameron, 14 Dec


20 December 1940


Page 8

c7        Died – Mrs. John D. Newcombe

c7        Died – Ann Silcox


Page 11

c1        Died – Edward Harvey Reath

c8        Born – son of Sydney Shelley, 14 Dec

c8        Born – dau of Roy Middleholtz, 17 Dec

c8        Born – son of Nelson Ostrosser, 13 Dec


Page 12

c3        Died – Catherine McMillan


21 December 1940


Page 2

c6        Died – Mrs. George Jenner


Page 6

c4        Died – Annie Loretta Wynn

c4        Died – Henry Ball


Page 10

c4        Married – Martha Jean Davidson to David Wilkie Gordon, 20 Dec (photo pg 14, c 2)

c4        Married – Mabel Beatrice Hudd to Cyril Joyce


Page 14

c5        Married – Margaret Jean McIver to Walter Lawson, 28 Dec

c7        Married – Ludmilla deGedeonoff to Charles Leman


Page 15

c2        Died – Robert Norman Watson, age 4 mos, son of N. Melton Watson

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert P. Reekie

c8        Born – Doris Jean Holt, 20 Dec

c8        Born – son of Neil Livingston, 8 Dec; died on Monday

c8        Born – dau of Kenneth G. MacLachlin, 17 Dec

c8        Born – son of Ross Wolfe, 13 Dec

c8        Born – son of Dr. Leo Roszell, 11 Dec, nee Kathleen Lee

c8        Died – Edward Harvey Reath, 20 Dec


23 December 1940


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Neil Love, age 81, nee Elizabeth McPherson


Page 9

c8        Born – son of D. W. Saxon, 21 Dec

c8        Born – dau of Keith Drake, 20 Dec

c8        Died – Jessie McDougall Campbell, 21 Dec, 89th year

c8        Died – Pearl Judson Marr, 21 Dec, 37th year


Page 10

c1        Married – Edra Iles Sanders to Donald Harvey Ferguson

c5        Married – Ludmilla deGedeonoff to Alexander Charles Leman

c6        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs A. B. Silsby, 25 Dec


Page 11

c1        Died – Dr. Thomas M. Lawton, 85th year

c4        Died – William Anson Myers, age 70, husband of Mary Smeltzer

c5        Died – Mrs. Alexander Campbell, 89th year, nee Jessie McDougall; dau of James McDougall & Margaret McCallum

c6        Died – John Fisher, age 86, husband of Annie McDougall


Page 16

c4        Died – Pearl Judson Marr


24 December 1940


Page 6

c7        Died – Robert Henry Mullen, age 81


Page 9

c7        Died – Robert Henry Mullen, 23 Dec, age 81

c7        Died – Frank L. Teetzel, 23 Dec, age 69

c8        Born – Judith Anne McCombs, 23 Dec

c8        Born – Malcolm Brian Turnbull, 5 Dec, nee Leticia Taylor


Page 10

c7        Married – Donald H. Ferguson to Edra Sanders


26 December 1940


Page 5

c1        Died – Stewart Thomson, age 72, husband of Laura Davidson

c3        Died – Mrs. James McGregor, age 41, nee Margaret Kelly


Page 6

c7        Died – Charles Edward Ellis, 37th year


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs. C. H. Hepinstall, about 87 years old

c7        Died – Jessie M. Campbell

c7        Died – Pearl Judson Marr

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Harvey, 22 Dec, nee Mildred Gard

c8        Born – Margaret Ann Bowie, 23 Dec

c8        Died – Christina Bruce, 25 Dec, age 57

c8        Died – Elizabeth McPherson Love, 21 Dec, 81st year

c8        Died – Ernest Arthur Sanders, 24 Dec, age 69


Page 8

c2        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Mulligan, nee dau of Charles Hannan

c4        Married – Flora Kathleen Black to C. Canby Minor, 24 Dec

c4        Married – Verna Margaret Danbrook to Gerald Chute, 23 Dec

c4        Married – Madeline Aleta Maddock to Watson Thomas Urlin, 25 Dec

c4        Married – Margaret Loretta Racicot to Ralph Gordon Thompson, 24 Dec

c5        Married – Vernon L. Bowman to Martha Jean Wetzel

c5        Married – Isabel Janet Pirie to Lyle Raymond Whitworth

c5        Married – Florence Margaret Young to Charles Albert Smith

c5        Married – Nora Douglas Pirie to Richard Henry Waterhouse


Page 12

c2        Died – Ernest Arthur Sanders, age 70

c3        Died – Christina Bruce, age 57


27 December 1940


Page 7

c1        Died – James Murray

c2        Died – Daniel Buckley, age 81

c8        Born – son of Lloyd Harvey, 22 Dec, nee Mildred Gard

c8        Died – Christina Bruce, 25 Dec, age 57

c8        Died – Daniel Buckley, 26 Dec, 82nd year

c8        Died – Hilda Lome, 26 Dec, age 29, nee Bodley


Page 8

c4        Married – Florence Irene Gee to John Kenneth Sangster

c4        Married – Bertha Ellen Miller to Jack Holton

c4        Married – Elsa Lipsit to James Rorison

c4        Married – Vernon Lee Bowman to Martha Jean Wetzel

c4        Married – Robert Edgington to Annette Mason


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs. John Lome, age 29, nee Hilda Bodley


28 December 1930


Page 3

c7        Died – Sarah McCallum Salter, 82nd year, dau of Robert Ritchie; wife of (#1) Peter J. McCallum; (#2) James Salter


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs. George Smith, 93rd year, nee Jackson

c2        Died – Pamily Bolton Graham, age 57

c4        Died – Hugh Stanley Palmer, age 53

c5        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Edward Wilson, 23 Dec

c6        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Albert George Stacey, 25 Dec, nee dau of Joseph Shaw

c6        Married – Doris May MacDonald to James Norman Small, 21 Dec

c6        Married – Helen Patricia Freeman to William Ray Lanyon, 28 Dec

c6        Married – Margaret Michell to Ernest Gordon McBride

c6        Married – Elizabeth Barton to Robert Gerald Baker Anglin

c6        Married – Rhea Alexandra McRae to John Leo Whitty

c7        Married – Emily Aileen Day to James Norman Sissons


Page 11

c4        Died – Ernest A. Sanders

c8        Born – son of John Little, 25 Dec

c8        Died – Sophie Hepinstall, 25 Dec, 87th year

c8        Died – Mrs. Charles Williamson, 27 Dec, 83rd year, nee Frances Webb


Page 14

c3        Died – James Murray, 73rd year


30 December 1940


Page 6

c3        Died – Christina Bruce

c3        Died – Daniel Buckley

c3        Died – Mrs. Sydney B. Marr, age 82

c3        Died – Margaret Kelly McGregor

c3        Died – Stewart Thomson

c8        Died – Margaretta Jones

c8        Died – Charles Herron

c8        Died – Mary Ann Garnett, 90th year


Page 7

c2        Died – Ida M. Jones, age 84, nee Hannon

c8        Born – son of Reginald Godby, 25 Dec

c8        Born – son of Charles Hutchinson, 20 Dec

c8        Born – dau of C. R. Linn, 12 Dec

c8        Born – dau of Lorne Marshman

c8        Born – Lois Margaret Martin, 25 Nov

c8        Born – son of Alvin Oatman, 23 Dec

c8        Born – dau of Morley Pollock, 25 Dec

c8        Born – son of Arthur Scott, 26 Dec

c8        Died – John Manson Mason, 29 Dec, age 65

c8        Died – Sarah Anderson McAlpine, 29 Dec


Page 8

c2        Married – Mildred Ann McWhirter to Jack Allen

c2        Married – Frances Adoue McFarland to John Lazier Bull

c2        Married – Evelyn Wilson Uren to William George Goddard

c2        Married – Mrs. Nada Leila Davies to Walter Bruce Smith

c3        Married – Florence Evelyn Jones to Walter Brock Olde, 26 Dec

Page 14

c1        Died – William Ship, age 76

c3        Died – John Manson Mason, age 65

c3        Died – Sarah McAlpine, dau of James Anderson & Sarah McGill


31 December 1940


Page 3

c6        Died – John Martin & Mrs. John Martin (dau of Thomas G. Walker); car accident in Edmonton; formerly of Belmont

c7        Died – John Edmund Clunas, 86th year, son of Thomas Clunas & Mary Jane Gilbert; husband of Ruth Cascaden


Page 6

c8        Died – Mrs. Alfred Jones

c8        Died – Hugh Stanley Palmer

c8        Died – Frances Williamson


Page 7

c2        Died – Mayrienne Marie Buxton, age 22

c7        Died – Sophie Hepinstall

c7        Died – Mrs. John Lome

c8        Born – Sandra Eleanor Turnpenny, 28 Dec

c8        Born – Barbara Elizabeth Orchard, 29 Dec, nee Betty Bulmer

c8        Born – Margaret Alice Stocker, 30 Dec, nee Alice Wood

c8        Born – Edward Lewis Woods, 20 Dec, nee Bernice Beaton


Page 10

c1        40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs D. C. Floto, 26 Dec

c2        Married – Margaret Jean McIver to Walter A. Lawson, 28 Dec

c2        Married – Alice Marion Payne to Orley Ross Berdan, 24 Dec

c2        Married – Blanche Peer to Charles Winter, 21 Dec

c2        Married – Frances Jean Sklar to Robert Eugene Inglis

c3        Married – Doris Marion O’Brine to Ross Arthur Damude

c3        Married – Jacquelin Ann Philps to Glen Alvin Woehl

c3        Married – Mary Flavelle McLean to Douglas McLean Stewart

c8        80th birthday of Mrs. James H. Bainard, nee Mary Schultz, 30 Dec