STTJ 1934 May-Aug

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

May through August 1934

Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS
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2 May 1934

Page 1

c2        Photo – Thomas Edison Home, Vienna


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Stanley Collver, April 30

c8        Born – Son of Lewis McQuiggan, April 28


Page 8

c3        Died – William J. Coates, 69 years

c4        Died – Mrs Michael Ackerman, 80 years


Page 10

c1        Married – Vester Sloan to Miss Lillian Golding, daughter of W. Golding

c1        Married – Carl Roberts, son of William Roberts Jr. to Miss Irene Herman, Apr 21

3 May 1934

Page 6

c1        Vital Statistics – Aylmer April 1934 – 3 Births, 6 Marriages, 6 Deaths


Page 9

c8        Born – Guy Beverly Allen, son of Renzo & Gretta Allen, nee Sutton, Apr 30

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Deyell, May 2, daughter of George & Margaret Kidd; widow of Isaac Deyell; mother of Mrs J. G. Acheson, Mrs May Armitage, Jack & George Deyell


Page 10

c2        Engagement – W. Gordon Southam, son of William W. Southam to Gladys Barry, daughter of Mrs Ada Clark – May

c2        Engagement – Reginald Jackson, son of Alfred DeJager Jackson to Clara Marion Farrell, daughter of J. M. Farrell

c2        Engagement – Neil Netterfield McLean, son of Thomas J. McLean to Susan Muriel Thornton, daughter of George O. Thornton – June

c2        Died – Miss Mary A. ‘Polly’ McKessock, May 1, daughter of Robert McKessock

c4        Married – William Austin, son of William Austin to Leila Agnes May Lumley, daughter of Mrs May Lumley, May 2

c4        Married – Wilfred Hoyt White, son of Mrs Alma W. white to Beatrice Clothier, daughter of Mrs Emmaline Clothier


Page 12

c2        Died – Joseph Murray Irwin, 82nd year, son of Charles Frederick & Mary Irwin, nee Murray; widow of Mrs Nellie Irwin, nee Cutler

c2        Died – Miss Elizabeth Jane O’Reilly, daughter of Gerald O’Reilly

c3        Died – Mrs Hannah Brown, 83 years, May 2, daughter of Robert & Mary Waite; mother of Wesley Brown; sister of Mrs C. F. Brown


4 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – John A. McEwen, 56 years, May 3; brother of F. F. McEwen


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Colin Ryan, May 2

c1        Funeral – Samuel Heard, May 3

c4        Died – Miss Gladys Madeline Bosworth, 33 years, May 4, daughter of Mrs Margaret Bosworth; sister of Mrs Lawrence Smith and George Bosworth (deceased)


Page 9

c8        Born – Jean Isobel Phillips, daughter of Edward W. Phillips, Apr 27

c8        Born – Son of Rene Nobels, Apr 14

c8        Born – Son of Rudloph Kasala, Apr 30

c8        Born – Son of John Matthews, Apr 27

c8        Born – Son of Harley Smith, Apr 28

c8        Born – Daughter of William Grass, Apr 28

c8        Born – Bruce Rae Culver, son of Stace Culver, Apr 30

c8        Died – John Alexander McEwen, 56 years, May 3, son of Rev J. T. McEwen

c8        Died – Miss Gladys Madeline Bosworth, 33 years, May 4


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Courtland Arthur Post to Florence May Daiken, daughter of James L. Daiken – May

c2        Engagement – John Ernest Wilde, son of Frank P. Wilde to Margaret Ruth Laidlaw, daughter of George B. Laidlaw – June


Page 12

c1        Birthday – Mrs Elizabeth Apel of Iona, 96th , daughter of Peter & Isabel Sinclair; sister of Mrs Smith and Duncan Sinclair

c3        Died – Miss Anna Burgess Shaw-Wood, 63 years, daughter of Richard & Isabel Shaw-Wood

c6        Funeral – Mrs Hannah Burns, May 4

5 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Clarence Clark, 39 years, May 5, son of George Clark; father of Mary, Grace and Annabelle Clark; brother of Mrs Catharine Matthews


Page 6

c1        Died – Miss Catharine Snyder, May 1, daughter of Thomas Snyder; cousin of Mrs Walter Snyder

c4        Died – Mrs Charles Earle, 21 years, May 4

c5        Died – William James Coates, 69 years

c6        Died – George Walter Sloan, May 5

c6        Died – Mrs Luther M. Meadows, nee Kate Smith, 31st year, May 3, daughter of Charles & Belle Smith, nee Schram


Page 7

c8        Born – Marilyn Ann Manchen, daughter or Arthur & Gertrude Manchen, nee Tweed, Apr 30

c8        Born – Son of Alwyn Christie, May 4

c8        Born – Son of W. Ingram, May 2

c8        Born – Daughter of Joel Wotton, no date given

c8        Born – Son of William Lethbridge, Apr 27

c8        Memoriam – Mrs H. Westlake, May 6 1932


Page 8

c1        Died – Dr Albert D. wicket, 44 years

c2        Died – William Russell, grandfather of Mrs Montague Reed

c3        Died – William Wood, 13 years, cousin of Mrs Montague Reed

c3        Died – Mrs John Thatcher, nee Lucy Moore, daughter of William Moore; sister of Mrs (Dr) Shain and Mrs Freeman Ewin and W. C. Moore


5 May 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c4        Anniversary – First United Church, St Thomas, 100th, Photo


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Allan Thomas Keith, son of Thomas Keith to Fern Edna Webster, daughter of Albert Webster – May

c5        Engagement – William Gordon Roberts, son of W. B. Roberts to Mabel Ruby Butterwick, daughter of C. Butterwick – May

c5        Birthday – Kenneth Bawden, 21st, son of Fred Bawden of Payne’s Mills

c6        Engagement – Howard Byron Jackman to Nora Evelyn Henderson, daughter of Frank Henderson – June

c6        Engagement – Charles H. May, son of Francis May to Catherine Anne Morrison, daughter of Mrs Jane Morrison – June

c6        Married – William Irwin Stafford, son of George Stafford to Kathryne Ferguson, daughter of Peter A. Ferguson, May 5

c6        Married – Carl Henry Rumpel to Miss Marjorie Edythe Stone, daughter of Fred E. Stone

7 May 1934

Page 1

c1        Photo – Murder of Colin C. McGregor, 28 years, May 7

c2        Fire – Verne Leverton, Beverley St., St Thomas


Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs Frederick J. Hughes, nee Selina Wallace, 87th year, May 6, mother of Charles Hughes

c3        Died – William Henry Johnson, 71st year, May 5

Page 3

c1        Died – Benjamin Smith, 52 years, May 6, son of William Smith


Page 7

c2        Died – Miss Margaret Sarah Monk, 66 years, May 6, sister of Mrs Elizabeth Roberts and Mrs William Cornick

c2        Died – Marion Frances White, 17 years, May 6, daughter of Harold O. White; sister of William B. and Robert Harold White; granddaughter of Orlando White and W. R. Broughton

c8        Died – Miss Margaret Sarah Monk, 66 years, May 6

c8        Died – Marion Frances White, 17 years, May 6

c8        Memoriam – Myrtle Gertrude Youngs, wife of Stanley F. Youngs, May 7 1931


Page 9

c2        Died – Marjorie Schweitzer, 5 years, May 6, daughter of Conrad Schweitzer

c2        Died – Helen Mary Wilson, 4 months, May 6, daughter of Robert Wilson; granddaughter of Thomas Woodford and Mrs E. Fillmore


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Clarence Clark, May 8

c2        Died – Mrs William Godwin, daughter of Jacob & Jane Wigle

c5        Funeral – Mrs Mary Deyell, May 5

8 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Photo – Frank Temple – charged with murder of Colin McGregor of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Died – Wilbert J. Huston, 64th year, May 6


Page 7

c7        Died – Mrs Mary Etta Gee, 62 years, May 5, daughter of Augustus Joseph & Sarah Wilson

c8        Born – Son of Mr & Mrs Hendrick, May 5

c8        Died – Marion Frances White, 18th year, May 6

c8        Died – Colin McGregor, 28 years, May 7


Page 8

c1        Married – Gerald Lyn Bradfield, son of William Bradfield to Freda Myrtle Sage, daughter of Fred Sage

c1        Married – Mr McDonald to Phyllis I. Rolston, daughter of Frank Rolston, May 5

c2        Engagement – W. Harry Thomas, son of H. C. Thomas to Miss Beryl Terry, daughter of Charles A. Terry – June

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Henry Mann of Lambeth, 60th


Page 10

c1        Married – Ross Summers to Miss Iva May Hewer – May 9

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Merrylees of Stratford, 60th – Photo


Page 14

c5        Funeral – Mrs Hannah Burns, nee Waite, May 5

c5        Funeral – Helen Mary Wilson, May 7

c5        Funeral – Gladys M. Bosworth, May 7

9 May 1934

Page 1

c2        Photo – Capture of Frank Temple


Page 6

c3        Photo – Mary McGregor, sister of Colin McGregor and his 2 sons

c3        Photo – Mrs Frank Temple and children Dorothy, George, Charles and Frank

c3        Photo – Frank Temple Sr.

c3        Photo – Frank Temple Jr.

c3        Photo – Fred Temple

c3        Photo – Sam McKeown


Page 8

c2        Died – Kenneth McCarty, 15 years, May 8, son of George W. McCarty


Page 9

c6        Died – Myron D. Rowley, husband of Mrs Edith Rowley, nee Thompson; brother of W. O. & G. E. Rowley, Mrs John M. Ballantyne and Miss Ella Rowley

c8        Born – Son of Stephen Gregson, May 5

c8        Born – Son of Stanley Johnson, May 6

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah McKee, 84th year, May 8, widow of George McKee; mother of Mrs H. W. Steiner

c8        Memoriam – William J. Travers, May 9 1933

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Elizabeth Harris, wife of Harold Harris, May 9 1926, by husband and daughter Margaret


Page 10

c4        Married – Allan Thomas Keith, son of Thomas Keith to Fern Edna Webster, daughter of Albert Webster, May 9

c4        Married – Orville Cecil Johnson, son of Herbert E. Johnson to Eloise Yvonne Stevenson, daughter of William E. Stevenson, May 5

c4        Married – Phillip D. Lyons to Mrs Francis Hunt-Nairn, daughter of Mrs Linkerd Hunt

c4        Married – Desmond F. Kidd to Margaret H. Longheed, May 8

c4        Married – John Charles Symons, son of Charles Symons to Gladys Margaret Robinson, daughter of James Robinson

c4        Married – Allen Weir to Mary Huston, daughter of William Huston

c4        Married – Clayton Misner, son of Grant Misner to Kathleen M. Browne

c4        Married – Kenneth Butler, son of J. K. Butler to Miss Beatrice Beckham, daughter of Albert Beckham

c4        Married – Robert James Garrod, son of Alfred Garrod to Miss Ethel Almira Wilson, daughter of Roy Wilson, May 5

c6        Engagement – Rev Crossley Warren Krug, son of Christian Krug to Eleanor Charlton, daughter of John J. Gibson – June

c6        Engagement – Glenn Edgar Brandon, son of E. T. J. Brandon to Mary Kathleen Hunter, daughter of A. T. Hunter – June


Page 12

c3        Married – Richard McCurdy to Mrs Warren, May 3

c5        Died – Mrs Sarah McKee, widow of George McKee


Page 16

c5        Funeral – Clarence Clark, May 8

c5        Funeral – Mrs Luther M. Meadows, May 5

c5        Funeral – Mrs L. M. Bailey, nee Phoebe Britton

c6        Funeral – Miss Sarah M. Monk, May 8

10 May 1934

Page 2

c3        Funeral – Marjorie J. Schweitzer, daughter of Conrad Schweitzer


Page 8

c1        Died – M. W. Francis, 71 years, May 8, half-brother of Mrs M. H. Elliott, Augustis Sturgis and A. E. Sturgis

c2        Engagement – Mr Brown to Violet Davies, daughter of Fred Davies

c2        Died – Mrs Brenner, nee Aurelia Nevill, May 10, sister of Frank Nevill and Mrs Myrtle Yenzer; niece of D. A. Woolley


Page 9

c8        Died – Charles Herbert Parker, 62nd year, May 9, husband of Mrs Ellison Parker, nee Beals

c8        Memoriam – Earl Clifford Colley, 1917, by mother Mrs Lillian Colley


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Jane McLean, nee Humphries, 85th year, May 8, widow of John McLean


Page 16

c3        Funeral – Miss Marion F. White, May 9

c3        Died – Charles Herbert Parker, 62nd year, May 9

11 May 1934

Page 1

c4        Funeral – Colin C. McGregor – Photo

c4        Died – Miss Christine Sibbald, 43 years, May 11


Page 5

c6        Died – John C. Telford, 54 years, May 10, husband of Mrs Nettie Telford, nee Cattanach


Page 8

c1        Died – J. T. White, 84th year, May 3, father of Mrs John McGowan, Mrs Ella Ross, Mrs Mel Schroeder, Arthur, James and C. C. White

c2        Died – Dr John I. Ferguson, 56 years, son of Dr Robert Ferguson


Page 9

c7        Died – Leilah Till, 19 years, May 11, daughter of John Till

c7        Died – John C. Telford, 54 years, May 10

12 May 1934

Page 3

c8        Married – Wilbert Becker, son of Roy Becker to Miss Violet Oakes, daughter of Roy Oakes, May 9

c8        Married – Allan H. Howard, son of Harry Howard to Mary Isobelle Kett, daughter of Sidney Kett

c8        Married – Richard Edward Holmes, son of J. T. Holmes to Miss Florence Coyle Driscoll, daughter of C. J. Driscoll, May 10


Page 6

c2        Died – Peter Balfour, widow of Mrs Ida Balfour, nee Finch; father of Winnifred and R. H. Balfour and Mrs W. R. Waugh


Page 7

c2        Divorce – Mrs Lynda Bertha Wilkinson vs Robert Percival Wilkinson

c2        Divorce – Mrs Myrta Dicey vs Frederick Richard Thurston Dicey

c2        Divorce – Edward William Mills vs Mrs Shirley Mills

c5        Died – Joseph Albert Freeman, 48 years, May 12, son of George Freeman

c8        Born – Son of Norman E. Kent, Apr 26

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Olive Hansley Berdan, May 1928

c8        Memoriam – William McGaw, May 12 1933

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Alice Hill, by daughter Mrs Gordon Tribe


Page 8

c4        Funeral – Mrs Selina Hughes, nee Wallis, May 8

c4        Funeral – Charles Herbert Parker, May 11


14 May 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Alfred E. Medcalf, 55 years, May 12, son of Alfred Medcalf – Photo


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Shulver, 87 years, May 14, widow of Alfred Shulver; mother of Mrs Daniel Greenwood, Mrs Younglove, Mrs J. Jacye, Jack, Harry and Ernest Shulver

c2        Died – Michael Francis Mahoney, 85th year, May 11

c3        Funeral – John C. Telford, May 13

c8        Born – Noel Edward Madeley, son of J. Madeley, May 13

c8        Born – Douglas Allan Finlay, son of C. M. Finlay, May 12

c8        Died – Joseph Albert Freeman, 48 years, May 12

c8        Died – Mrs Annie Elizabeth Shulver, 87 years, May 14


Page 8

c2        Baptism – Elaine Janet Eshleman, daughter of F. K. Eshelman; granddaughter of J. R. Summers

c2        Funeral – Myron D. Rowley, brother of Mrs John A. Ballantyne

c2        Engagement – Arthur S. Lavrey, son of A. Lavrey to Bertha Herminia Carrier, daughter of George A. Carrier – June 1

c2        Engagement – Dr James Orval Crabbe, son of S. Crabbe to Dorothy Blanche Laidman, daughter of A. H. Laidman – June

c3        Engagement – Dr Lawrence Peniston Little, son of William Carruthers Little to Elizabeth Maude Willison, daughter of Frederick William Willison – June

c3        Married – Rolph Stewart Grant to Margaret Eley Kennedy, daughter of John Arthur Kennedy, May 12

c6        Married – Harold A. Campbell to Miss Georgina Margaret Jewell, daughter of Ross E. Jewell, May 9

c6        Married – Edward Rynold Ward, son of Joseph Ward of Yarmouth to Florence Antoinette Brock, daughter of Alfred Brock, May 12

c6        Married – Bailey Owen Currin, son of T. G. Currin to Miss Katharine Elizabeth Boles, daughter of Arthur T. Boles, May 12

c6        Married – William Alexander Beattie, son of W. Beattie to Pauline Grace, daughter of Thomas Grace, May 12


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Frank Small, nee Susan Pugsley, 81st year, daughter of John & Francis Pugsley, nee Jones


Page 12

c5        Died – John Spry, May 13, husband of Mrs Mary Spry, nee Cornish; father of Walter, Ernest and W. H. Spry, Miss Lily Spry and Mrs A. Dewell

c7        Funeral – Wilbert J. Huston, May 14

15 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – William McClellan, 91 years, May 14, father of J. J. Trow, Milton P. and Lucille E. McClellan and Mrs William Armstrong


Page 3

c3        Inquest – Infant in St Thomas City Dump, 4 months old


Page 6

c2        Died – William Metcalf Burgess, 69 years, May 14


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of William Watson, May 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Macklin Brett, May 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Albert Denil, May 4

c8        Born – Daughter of Fred Mason, May 8

c8        Born – Daughter of Walter Carr, May 4

c8        Born – Betty Marie Stroud, daughter of Wallace Stroud, Apr 19

c8        Born – Son of Fred Allin, May 3

c8        Born – Daughter of Vern Hicks, May 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Claude Ball, May 9

c8        Born – Daughter of E. S. Law, May 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Edwin Oakes, May 6

c8        Born – Robert Douglas Neal, son of Thomas Neal, May 7

c8        Died – William McClellan, 91 years, may 14, husband of Mrs Elizabeth McClellan, nee Trull

c8        Died – Alfred E. Medcalf, May 12

c8        Died – William Metcalf Burgess, 69 years, May 14, husband of Mrs Clara Burgess, nee Graham


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Roy W. Mitchener, son of James Mitchener to Margaret J. McCord, daughter of William McCord – May

c5        Married – Stewart I. Campbell, son of Archie Campbell to Alberta Underhay, May 12

c5        Married – Earl Tew, son of Archie Tew to Ethel Phoebe McWha, daughter of Percy McWha, May 12

16 May 1934

Page 1

c2        Funeral – A. E. Medcalf, May 16

c3        Photo – Fred G. Balsdon, son of F. G. Balsdon of West Lorne

c6        Died – Miss Helen Ferguson, 29 years, May 16, daughter of R. D. Ferguson; sister of Mrs Hugh F. Ketchum – Photo


Page 8

c2        Died – Miss Clarissa W. Walters, 32 years, May 15, daughter of Mrs Smith and the late Manley Walters’ granddaughter of Mrs Hilliker


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Edith Eliza Tarr, nee Malott, 62 years, May 15, wife of Nicholas Tarr

c3        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Ferguson, nee Tate, 80th year, widow of John Hamilton Ferguson

c6        Funeral – Mrs Thurman Legg, May 15

c6        Funeral – Joseph Albert Freeman, May 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Claude Ball, May 9

c8        Born – Son of W. G. Woolcox, May 13

c8        Died – Mrs Jessie Harper Mason, nee Hare, 60 years, May 15, wife of James Mason; mother of Mrs Henry MacMillan; sister of Mrs Charlotte Sutton, Mrs George Christie, Mrs Charles Robb and Mrs. Thomas Harris

c8        Died – Mrs Nicholas Tarr, nee Edith Eliza Malott, 62 years, May 15


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Rev Charles Andrew Lawson to Miss Dorothea Bengough – May 28

c2        Married – Ralph Charles Gates to Yolande Cartwright, May 15


Page 14

c5        Married – Kenneth Moore, son of John Moore to Anna Fox Phillips, May 16


Page 16

c5        Died – Mrs James Mason, nee Jessie Hare Harper

17 May 1934 

Page 1

c2        Died – Charles Edward Knight, May 17, son of Charles W. Knight; brother of Mrs Fenn Durkee – Photo


Page 6

c5        Reunion – Carol Olizarewich of Yarmouth


Page 8

c5        Died – Mrs Janet McLean, nee Humphries, May 7, widow of John McLean


Page 9

c1        Funeral – William Metcalf Burgess, May 16

c8        Died – Helen Ferguson, 29th year, May 16

c8        Died – Mrs Nicholas Tarr, nee Edith Eliza Malott, 62 years, May 15

c8        Died – Charles Edward Knight, 67th year, May 17

c8        Memoriam – Henry Leo Howey, son of James W. Howey, Mar 17 1928

c8        Memoriam – Daniel Surgent, May 17 1930


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Locklan McIntosh Harris, son of John F. Harris to Violet Luella Woolley, daughter of Harvey M. Woolley – June

c4        Married – Ross Summers, son of George Summers to Miss Iva May Hewer, daughter of Josiah Hewer, May 16

c4        Married – Courtland Arthur Post, son of A. Post to Florence May Daiken, daughter of James Daiken, May 12

c4        Married – George Combs, son of George Combs to Dorothea Sawyer, daughter of Fred Thompson, Apr 25

c4        Married – Harold Wilken Henderson, son of T. O. Henderson to Violet Suzanne Lang, daughter of J. J. Lang

c8        Funeral – Mrs Sarah McKee, May 15


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Sam Spencer, 51 years, May 16, daughter of Isaac Lang

c4        Died – Mrs Daniel Mackey, nee Lloyd, 72 years


Page 15

c1        Died – E. Noxell, 54th year

c1        Died – Peter Balfour, May 8

18 May 1934

Page 8

c4        Funeral – Mrs Annie E. Shulber, May 17

c4        Funeral – William McClellan, May 17


Page 9

c2        Died – Harry Mulveney, 69 years, May 18, father of Mrs Logie Foster; grandfather of Harry Foster

c5        Born – Twins of Arthur Jones, May 13

c5        Born – Son of Clark Mitchell, May 12

c5        Died – Harry Mulveney, 69 years, May 18

c8        Memoriam – Clara Bray, May 18 1929, by daughter Margaret Crawley and family


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Bruce J. Barnard, son of Geroge W. Barnard to Florence Jeane McDonald, daughter of Arthur McDonald – June

c2        Engagement – Reginald C. Jay, son of Mrs Margaret Jay to Kitty Barrett, daughter rof Mrs Mabel E. Barrett – June


Page 14

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Chiverton of Jaffa, 50th

c3        Died – Archie Leitch, 80 years, May 16

c5        Engagement – Wallace Rankin Nesbitt, son of Wallace Nesbitt to Dorothy Mary Gordon Anderson, daughter of T. V. Anderson – Photo

19 May 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Charles Forrester, 59 years, May 18, father of Mrs C. E. Case and Mrs Thomas Shepherd; brother of Mrs M. E. McMahon and William Forrester – Photo

c6        Died – Samuel James Johnson, 71 years, May 19, husband of Mrs Josephine Johnson, nee Healy; father of Misses Stella and Irene Johnson and George Johnson; Uncle of Miss Eva Johnson; brother of Mrs Cole C. Hammond, Mrs Mahlon Bearess and Edward Johnson


Page 2

c4        Funeral – Miss Clariss Walters, May 17

c4        Funeral – Mrs Sarah McKee, May 17

c4        Funeral – Mrs Edith E. Tarr, May 18

c4        Funeral – Mrs Jessie mason, May 18

c5        Funeral – Charles E. Knight, May 18

c5        Funeral – Miss Helen Ferguson, May 18


Page 7

c2        Died – Charles Wesley Mailing, May 19, husband of Mrs Lettie Mailing, nee Waite

c6        Born – Son of Dr R. A. Gilbert, May 14

c6        Died – Samuel James Johnson, 71 years, May 19

c6        Died – Charles Wesley Mailing, May 19

c6        Died – George D. McCallum, 75th year, May 18, husband of Mrs Maggie McCallum, nee Taylor

c6        Memoriam – Charles Paul, May 19 1931

c6        Memoriam – Euphemia Pickering, May 19 1933, by daughter Mabel O’Brien

c6        Memoriam – Ernest Somerville, May 20 1932


19 May 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c5        Died – Mrs James Trask, nee Roxanna Lillo, 63 years, May 17


Page 16

c4        Married – Ross Summers to Miss Iva May Hewer – Photo of Wedding Party

c4        Engagement – Arthur S. Heal to Miss Helen Cook – June

c5        Engagement – Reginald Frederick Mayne, son of James Mayne to Millicent Freda Smith, daughter of James C. Smith of St Thomas – June

c5        Married – Frank Miller, son of William Miller to Miss Anne Wright, May 19

c5        Engagement – Donald Elias Rogers, son of Alfred Rogers to Miss Mary G. Hodgson, daughter of Gregory Sanderson Hodgson and niece of Andrew A. Grant – May 31

c6        Engagement – Earl Keutch, son of Harry Keutch to Mary Margaret Purdy, daughter of Herbert F. Purdy and sister of Leonard F. Purdy – June

21 May 1934

Page 1

c3        Died – William Bowlby, 85 years, May 20, father of Theodore Bowlby


Page 6

c1        Died – Alfred Zavitz, 89 years, May 21


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Harry Mulveney, May 20

c2        Funeral – H. Wilbur Kniffen, May 21

c4        Died – Edward Trimlett Martin, 90th year, May 19, father of Edward, Harry, Thomas & Rose Martin – Photo

c8        Born – Daughter of A. Sutherland, May 17

c8        Died – Edward Trimlett Martin, 90th year, May 19


Page 12

c1        Died – George D. McCallum, 74 years, May 18, son of Duncan & Nancy McCallum; husband of Mrs Maggie McCallum, nee Taylor; son-in-law of Duncan Taylor; father of Austin McCallum

c1        Died – Mrs Harry Paskin, nee Mar A. Vollver, 63 years

c1        Died – Francis R. Butler, 15 years, son of Frank Butler

c1        Died – Mrs John McVicar, nee Mary McBain, 80th year

c3        Died – Mrs Agnes M. Hearn, 81st year, May 19, widow of James Hearn

22 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – George Thomas Shepherd, 77 years, May 22, father of Thomas G., Elinor and Mary Shepherd; brother of William R. Shepherd, Mrs C. S. Robinson and the late John R. Shepherd


Page 3

c3        Funeral – Archie Leitch, May 18

c3        Funeral – Samuel James Johnson, May 21


Page 7

c1        Died – Frank M. Spurr, 71 years, son of William Spurr; husband of Mrs Mary Spurr, nee Boges


Page 9

c8        Born – Ernest Herbert Marr, son of Herbert & Lillian Marr, nee Silcox, May 21

c8        Born – Carol Jane Sinclair, daughter of D. B. Sinclair, May 21

c8        Born – Daughter of F. A. Sutherland, May 18

c8        Died – Henry G. McGregor, 81st year, May 22

c8        Died – George Thomas Shepherd, 77 years, may 22


Page 10

c2        Married – James Asshel Smith, son of George Smith to Elizabeth Jane Scrace, daughter of W. G. Scrase, May 19

c2        Engagement – Crozier Coulter, son of J. Coulter to Josephine Dreyer, daughter of Rev W. G. G. Dreyer

c2        Engagement – Robert Kendall McConnell, son of F. W. McConnell to Norah Elizabeth Deacon, daughter of F. H. Deacon

c3        Married – Robert Painter to Pauline Mary Pavey, daughter of Dr Harry Pavey, May 19

c3        Married – James Thomas Huctwith, son of Alex Huctwith to Miss jean Rose McKenzie, daughter of James McKenzie

c3        Married – W. Harold Greenwood, son of William Greenwood to Mary Eleanor Bone, daughter of J. S. Bone, May 19


Page 11

c4        Married – Frank Miller, son of William Miller to Bernice Ostland, daughter of Mrs Ostland, May 19

c4        Married – Howard William Johnson, son of William Johnson to Ruth Audrey Collinson, daughter of George F. Collinson, May 19


Page 16

c3        Funeral – Charles Forrester, May 21

23 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Edward Richard Wilson, 73 years, father of Mrs C. F. Gray, Miss Mona Wilson and Garnet Wilson; brother of Mrs J. P. Rice


23 May 1934

Towers Section

Page 11

c1        Photo – New funeral home open – C. A. Towers & Son M. C. Towers

25 May 1934

Page 10

c1        Died – Henry McGregor, May 22

c2        Died – Charles Newton Thompson, 52nd year, May 24

c2        Funeral – Charles Mailing, May 22

c2        Funeral – Arthur Wilbur, May 20

c2        Funeral – Clarence Mabee, May 19

c2        Funeral – George D. McCallum, May 21

c7        Died – Mrs William Godwin, 74th year, daughter of Jacob Wigle


Page 11

c8        Born – Shirley Irene Swance, daughter of Harry E. & Opal Swance, nee Holmes, May 13

c8        Born – Son of Ernest Haskett, May 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Cecil Martens, May 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Robert Moir, May 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Burn, May 21


Page 12

c2        Engagement – Lloyd Stegmuire to Miss Rose Rowling

c3        Married – Cecil T. Jackson, son of Harry D. Jackson to Miss Eulah Robison, daughter of Mrs Wellington Hunt of Port Burwell and the late Mr J. E. Jackson, May 12

c4        Married – William Gordon Roberts to Mabel Ruby Butterwick, May 19

c4        Married – Franklin Bragg, son of F. Bragg to Nona Mannix, daughter of George Mannix

c5        Funeral – George T. Shepherd, May 24


Page 16

c2        Married – Arthur Pyatt to Muriel Leverington, daughter of Duncan Leverington, Apr 28


Page 18

c1        Died – Mrs Colon Neely, nee Elizabeth Utley, 74 years, May 13

c4        Died – Andrew B. Auld, 61 years, husband of Mrs Eleanor Auld, nee Isles

26 May 1934

Page 2

c1        Died – Dr Thomas Carscadden, 87th year, May 26

c2        Married – Horatio Nelson Lay, son of H. N. Lay to Helen Beatrice Campbell, daughter of D. E. Campbell, May 12

c2        Died – T. James Crone, May 24, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Crone

c3        Engagement – Mac Harris to Miss Violet Woolley, daughter of J. M. Woolley


Page 3

c3        Funeral – Alfred Zavitz, May 22

c3        Funeral – Edward R. Wilson, May 25

c3        Funeral – Mrs Florence Read, May 25

c3        Funeral – Mrs Simon T. Nader, May 22


Page 6

c2        Died – Henry Thomas, 45 years, May 24

c4        Died – Mrs Robert Proctor, nee Millie Lietz, 56 years, daughter of Albert Leitz

c4        Died – Fern A. Bates, 34 years, husband of Mrs Jean Bates, nee Ruckle


Page 7

c2        Died – Charles Alexander Lundie, 47 years, May 25, husband of Mrs Gladys H. Lundie; father of Isabella, Ivey, Esther, Harold and Shirley Lundie; brother of David and James Lundie

c7        Born – Son of Arthur Jones, May 12

c7        Born – Daughter of Philip Engell, May 21

c7        Born – Chauncy James Squires, son of Ray Squires, May 15

c7        Memoriam – Leo McGeein, May 24 1932

c7        Memoriam – James Wimbush, May 27 1932

c8        Died – Samuel Sly, 83rd year, May 25


Page 8

c4        Article – A. S. Paragus – Brock Walker, Pioneer of Tillsonburg, Saw Battle of Black Snake and Rattler

c5        Died – Samuel Sly, 83rd year, May 25, son of Timothy Sly


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Gordon W. Hayden, son of B. Hayden to Edith Shallcross, daughter of Ernest Shallcross – June

c5        Engagement – Charles Oliver Manning, son of O. D. Manning to Anna Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Claus, daughter of Mrs E. A. Claus – June

c5        Engagement – Leonard C. Helka, son of Wellington Helka to Alice Marguerite Haney, daughter of Fred Haney – June

c5        Shower – Miss Vera Stewart

c5        Shower – Mrs Allen T. Keith, daughter of Albert Webster

c6        Married – James C. Milligan, son of George Milligan to Miss Velma Small, daughter of T. R. Small

c6        Birthday – Mrs H. S. McDonald of Aylmer, 89th

c7        Married – Franklin Bragg to Nona Mannix, May 24 – Photo

28 May 1934

Page 1

c6        Photo – Arnold S. Brown, son of S. Brown of St Thomas


Page 2

c1        Died – Samuel J. Guest, 73 years, May 27


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Drusilla Jane Davenport, 90th year, May 26, widow of Charles Davenport (1908); mother of Mrs Elizabeth Steele, Mrs Alfred J. Rogers, Mrs James C. Crane, William Thomas Davenport; predeceased by daughter Mrs Eliza (A. Roy) Lemon

c2        Reunion – Stimers Family

c2        Died – Louis A. Boehmer, 82 years, May 27


Page 7

c3        Will – Estate of George Emery of St Thomas

c6        Died – Mrs Mary Ella Youngs, May 23, daughter of John G. Hay; widow of Riley M. Youngs

c8        Born – Son of W. A. Yeck, May 17

c8        Born – Daughter of William Carrell, May 17

c8        Born – Son of Dr D. D. MacMillan, May 21

c8        Died – Mrs Annis Almeda Irwin, 54 years, May 27, wife of Adolphus Irwin; sister of Mrs R. Roome

c8        Memoriam – Horace Shaw Hadden, May 28 1925

c8        Memoriam – James Wimbush, May 27 1932


Page 8

c3        Married – James Stewart Harvey, son of James Harvey to Gertrude Blanche Massey, daughter of A. W. Massey

c4        Engagement – Richard Ethelred Barrett, son of Lawrence A. barrett to Margaret Lauderdale Robertson Shaw, daughter of William MacNairn Shaw – June 16

c4        Engagement – Cedric Rorke, son of L. V. Rorke to Miss Jessica Lillah Maltby, daughter of H. J. Maltby

c5        Birthday – Daniel Marlatt of St Thomas, 87th

c5        Engagement – Roy Thomas Dufour, son of George T. Dufour to Mary Patricia Brian, daughter of M. E. Brian

c6        Engagement – Howard Morton Brown, son of James Morton Brown to Constance Lenore Stothers, daughter of R. J. Stothers – June 16


Page 12

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. E. Morse of New Sarum, 51st

29 May 1934

Page 1

c2        Photo – Nyal B. Cook, son of B. J. Cook of St Thomas

c7        Photo – Victor L. Richards, son of E. A. Richards of St Thomas


Page 2

c4        Died – William John Kelly, 82 years, May 27, son of William & Grace Kelly

c4        Shower – Miss Violet Woolley of Springfield


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Samuel Sly, May 28

c8        Died – Mrs Harriett Jane Southern, nee Axford, May 28, wife of Frederick W. Southern

c8        Memoriam – Horace Shaw, May 28 1925


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Harve Lamont Smith to Elizabeth Helena Garrett, daughter of Clayton Garrett – May 31

c5        Baptism – Grace United Church, St Thomas, May 27 – William Arthur Pettit, son of Arthur Pettit; June Helen Caldwell, daughter of S. Caldwell; Carolyn Isobel Hoag, daughter of L. R. Hoag; Patricia Eileen Bates; Elizabeth Ann and Gordon Kenneth Corbett; Helen Marie Merritt, daughter of E. Merritt; Noreen Ida Gorvet, daughter of R. Gorvet; Warren McCallum Beck, son of H. Beck; Betty Lou Reilly, daughter of O. F. Reilly; Marilynn Jane Mickie, daughter of C. Mickie; Donald Charles Pickersgill, son of C. Pickersgill; Ray Thomas Harris, son of T. Harris; Glen Clair Greenwood, son of W. Greenwood


Page 12

c4        Died – Mrs Harriett Jane Southern, nee Axford, 40 years, May 28

c4        Funeral – Mrs Drusella Jane Davenport, May 28

c4        Funeral – Charles A. Lundie, May 28

c4        Funeral – Miss Bessie McNeill, 74 years, May 26

c4        Funeral – T. James Crone, May 29

30 May 1934

Page 5

c2        Married – Rev & Mrs George Gillespie – Photo


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Leonard Merrill, nee Jennie Wighman

c2        Will – Estate of Mrs Alberta Bowman Chase

c2        Reunion – May Family

c2        Died – Clarence S. Mabee, 70th year, son of Wm. P. Mabee

c2        Funeral – Charles E. Thompson, May 28

c4        Reunion – Evert Family

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Rossalena. King, 65th year, May 23, wife of Joseph S. King


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Annis Irwin, May 29

c8        Born – Marilyn Lorraine Streith, daughter of David Streith, May 29

c8        Died – Mrs Harriett Jane Southern, nee Axford, 40 years, May 28

c8        Memoriam – Mary Thomson, May 30 1930, by sister Phyllis

c8        Memoriam – Charles Tonks, May 30 1933


Page 8

c2        Engagement – William Pattison Telford, son of W. P. Telford to Miss Mary Caven Parsons, daughter of G. L. Parsons

c2        Engagement – Dr Ledson Joseph Shepley, son of L. C. Shepley to Harriet Jean Winnifred Mustard, daughter of Hugh Mustard – June

c2        Birthday – Mrs Eli Andrews of Tillsonburg, 90th , daughter of William Terroll

c2        Engagement – George A. Winder to Miss Hilda Olive Wright, daughter of Mrs W. McLaughlin – June 21

c2        Married – Frederic David Anderson to Miss Louise Whitney Betts, daughter of Mrs Charles E. D. Spratt

c3        Engagement – Herbert W. Goepel to Eunice Louise Moorehouse, daughter of Milton H. Moorehouse – June

c4        Married – Lloyd Jerome Stegmuire, son of Howard Stegmuire to Miss Rosie Julien Rowling, daughter of Robert Rowling

c4        Married – J. D. Gillis, son of J. D. Gillis to Gertrude Clarisea Henrickson, daughter of Mrs L. M. Henrickson

c4        Married – Lawrence Grant Evans, son of A. W. Evans to Miss Irene Matilda Ketcheson, daughter of F. G. Ketcheson

31 May 1934

Page 1

c3        Fire – Aylmer Hotel

c4        Photo – O. W. Duff of St Thomas

c7        Photo – Rev F. G. Hardy of Aylmer


Page 2

c3        Died – Dr Mary Sophia Renwick, May 26, widow of Dr James Weir Renwick

c4        Funeral – William Stamp, May 31


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Nelson D. Forrest, nee Mary Valetta Smith, 71st year, daughter of Hiram & Mary Elizabeth Smith, nee Johnson

c3        Died – Mrs Charlotte Pearson, 73 years, May 30, daughter of William & Katherine Jenkins, nee Middaugh

c3        Died – Mrs Johanna Ann Arnold, 92 years, May 30, widow of Alfred Arnold

c3        Died – William H. Farr, 70 years, May 30, father of Henry Farr, Mrs William McKillop and Mrs Gordon McWilliam


Page 9

c5        Died – Joseph E. Bagnall, May 27, husband of Mrs Eva Bagnall

c6        Died – Mrs Alfred Hodgkin, 67th year, May 31

c8        Born – Daughter of Joseph Stephenson, May 20

c8        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Grant, May 29

c8        Born – Daughter of Mr & Mrs Connor, May 24

c8        Born – Son of J. E. Wright, May 26

c8        Born – Daughter of J. H. Gleadall, May 24

c8        Died – Mrs Charlotte Pearson, 73 years, May 30

c8        Died – Mrs Johanna Ann Arnold, 92 years, May 30


Page 10

c3        Engagement – Thomas D. Clayton, son of Thomas Clayton to Ganava Mae Stewart, daughter of Alex Stewart – June


Page 16

c3        Married – Donald Elias Rogers, son of Alfred Rogers to Mary Gregory Hodgson, daughter of Gregory Sanderson Hodgson, May 31

c3        Married – Almon Helkaa, son of Joe Helkaa to Mary Margaret Simpson, daughter of George Simpson, May 26

c3        Married – George Gunn, son of John Gunn to Lucy V. Jefferson, daughter of Thomas Jefferson, May 30

c4        Married – Howard Fay Jackman, son of E. & Thora Jackman to Nora Evelyn Henderson, daughter of J. R. Henderson, May 29

c4        Married – William Earl Harwood, son of William Harwood to Janet Mary Moore, daughter of William J. Moore, May 28


1 June 1934

Page 1

c3        Photo – UWO Graduates from Elgin County – Frank Sanders, son of Edgar C. Sanders; Jean Shipley, daughter of H. W. Shipley; Catharine Minahan, daughter of J. Minahan; Helen Hogan, daughter of Gregory Hogan; George Munro, son of A. M. Munro; Mayme Farley, daughter of John W. Farley; Arthur Silcox, son of Edgar Silcox; Mabel McLarty, daughter of A. W. McLarty; Rowe Fry, son of W. E. Fry; Walter H. Prior, son of H. J. Prior; Caroline Goodwin, daughter of Mrs F. Goodwin; Josephine Honsinger, daughter of P. A. Honsinger; Duncan McLarty, son of A. W. McLarty


Page 8

c1        Married – L. E. Stringer, nephew of Mrs Robert McConnell to Miss Lillian Kennedy, May 21

c2        Died – Dan E. Loftus, 86th year, May 29, husband of Mrs Emma Loftus, nee Buncolus

c2        Funeral – Mrs Frederick Southern, May 30


Page 9

c1        Married – Harve Lamont Smith to Elizabeth Helena Garrett, daughter of Clayton S. Garrett, May 31

c7        Will – Estate of George Emery of St Thomas

c7        Born – Son of Sidney Richardson, May 26

c7        Born – Son of George Townsend, May 28

c7        Born – Daughter of Oscar DeWolf, May 18

c7        Born – Daughter of Floyd Ronson, May 19

c7        Born – Daughter of Mr & Mrs Slagmulder, May 19

c7        Born – Daughter of Omar VonSlembrouche, May 23

c7        Born – Daughter of Lee Connor, May 24

c7        Born – Son of Offa Davis, May 24

c7        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Grant, May 29

c7        Born – Daughter of R. J. Flynn, May 28

c7        Born – Daughter of Lawson Smith, May 22

c7        Born – Son of P. Cronkite, May 20

c7        Born – Wilfred James Willis, son of Wilfred Willis, May 24

c7        Born – Daughter of Harry & Fern Aitken, nee Mark, May 27

c7        Born – Son of John & Helen Rodgers, nee Butler, May 26


Page 10

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles H. Minard of Sparta, 50th


Page 12

c1        Died – George Frederick Holden, May 26

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Peter Gardiner of Brownsville, 50th

2 June 1934

Page 3

c4        Died – Miss Margaret Ellis, May 26, daughter of S. A. Ellis

c7        Photo – Dr H. J. Davis of St Thomas


Page 7

c2        Married – Arthur S. Heal, son of W. H. Heal to Helen Ruth Cook, daughter of G. A. Cook, June 2

c8        Born – Daughter of John Kirkwood, May 30

c8        Born – May Lorraine Wise, daughter of Robert Wise, May 26

c8        Born – Son of Norman Chaplow, May 29

c8        Memoriam – Auckland Jewell, June 3 1931


2 June 1934

Second Section

Page 16

c2        Photo – Miss Eva Margaret Clarke, daughter of J. W. Clarke of Burwell’s Corners

c2        Photo – Miss Eleanor Green, daughter of William J. Green of St Thomas

c4        Trousseau Tea – Miss Helen Cook, niece of Mrs L. V. Precoor

c4        Trousseau Tea – Miss Vera Stewart, daughter of Mrs P. T. Stewart

c4        Engagement – Reginald F. Mayne to Miss Freda Smith

c5        Engagement – John Norman Ferguson, son of John C. Ferguson to Norma Magdalene Besier, daughter of George F. Besier – June

c5        Engagement – George Matthew Silcox, son of Alex J. Silcox to Frances Isabel Merrifield, daughter of William Merrifield – June

c5        Engagement – Roy Gordon Thomson, son of Alex Thomson to Mildred Viola Ford, daughter of Norman Ford – June

c5        Shower – Mrs Gerald Wilkins, nee Miss Anne Jordan

c6        Birthday – Mrs Grace Fuke of St Thomas, 94th, mother of Mrs C. F. McFarlane

c6        Shower – Marguerite Armitage, daughter of Charles Armitage

4 June 1934

Page 2

c5        Died – Clarence S. Mabee, 70 years, son of William P. Mabee

c5        Died – John H. Hicks, Ingersoll


Page 6

c2        Died – J, Morley King, June 3

c3        Reunion – Swick family


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Mrs Charlottte Pearson, June 2

c5        Funeral – Mrs Alfred Hodgkin, June 2

c5        Funeral – Mrs Johanna A. Arnold, June 2

c5        Funeral – Mrs Isabella Doan, June 2

c6        Died – Robert A. Baskerville, 73 years, June 2

c8        Born – Son of Harold Graves, June 1

c8        Born – Son of A. Broadbent, June 3


Page 8

c6        Married – Lochlan MacIntosh Harris, son of J. F. Harris to Violet Luella Woolley, daughter of Harvey Woolley

c6        Married – Franklin W. Coopes, son of George Coopes to Vera Isabelle Stewart, daughter of P. T. Stewart, June 2

c7        Married – Walter Alexander Bean, son of B. Alexander Bean to Eleanor Elizabeth Fearman, daughter of George D. Fearman, May 30

5 June 1934

Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs Albert J. Neville, nee Hannah Esther Backus, 92 years, June 4, mother of Mrs John Brown and Havelock Neville; sister of Mrs M. Smith

c5        Died – Mrs Frederick VanBrocklin, nee Mary Jane Beecraft, 92nd year, daughter of Nathan & Mary Beecraft


Page 6

c1        Vital Statistics – Aylmer in May 1934 – 5 births, 1 marriage, 2 deaths

c5        Died – Isaac Honsberger, 76th year, June 4, father of Mrs Prentice Foster (deceased), Mrs Vansickle, Mrs Addie Miners and Frank Honsberger; brother of Mrs Rivley and Alfred Honsberger

c6        Died – William Barker, 89th year, June 3


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs George T. Coulter, June 4, sister-in-law of Miss Sara Coulter


Page 8

c2        Birthday – John J. Harris of Richmond, 76th

c3        Engagement – Reginald Jack Gagg, son of A. M. Gagg to Nora Nadine Schrumm, daughter of George Schrumm – June 27

c3        Engagement – Joseph Burnett Patterson, son of James Patterson to Daisy Marguerite Bourne, daughter of Chas W. Bourne – June

c3        Birthday – Ronald Vance, 1st, son of Mrs C. F. Vance

c3        Engagement – Rev Joseph Ketcheson Brown, son of Rev Dr. F. L. Brown to Bernice Louise Armstrong, daughter E. E. Armstrong – July 2

c3        Married – Robert William Morrison, son of T. A. Morrison to Mary MacBeth Carmichael, June 2

c5        Married – Earl Piper to Agnes Nellien Campbell, daughter of D. M. Campbell of Rodney, June 4

c5        Married – Roy E. Mayo, son of George E. Mayo of Edna Marion Chambers, daughter of W. W. Chambers, May 25

c5        Married – Harry Cornell to Marie Irene Woodley, daughter of Elmer Woodley, June 2

6 June 1934

Page 1

c7        Photo – Henry Pullen, son of J. Pullen of St Thomas


Page 2

c1        Died – John B. McKellar, 59th year, June 6, son of William & Mary McKellar; husband of Mrs Nora McKellar, nee Shibbey; father of Harold A. McKellar; brother of Mrs S. Gilmour, Mrs J. A. McKerracher, Peter and William D. McKellar

c1        Died – George Tunks, 78 years, June 2, widow of Mrs Catherine Tunks, nee Brodie

c1        Died – Charles S. Stanley, 42 years, June 3

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Hopkins of Rocklyn, 65th

c3        Died – James Cullen, 73 years, June 5


Page 6

c8        Died – Hugh Wilkinson, 77th year, June 5, son of L. Wilkinson; father of William & Charles Wilkinson and Mrs Dora Chute NOTE: Surname could be Willison – CVH



c5        Died – Mrs Harry S. Scott, nee Edith Cruise, June 6

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Warren Barton of Belmont, 50th

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Peter Gardiner of Brownsville, 50th

c8        Died – James Cullen, 73 years, June 5

c8        Died – John B. McKellar, 59th year, June 6


Page 8

c4        Married – Harry R. Cornell to Miss Marie Irene Woodley, daughter of Elener P. Woodley, June 2

c4        Married – Bruce Ward, son of Mrs Henry Hillman and the late Eber Ward to Miss Lettie Pangborn, daughter of Edward Pangborn, June 4

c4        Married – Charles Oliver Manning, son of O. D. Manning to Anna Elizabeth Clause, daughter of Mrs E. Claus, June 4

c4        Married – William Davis to Miss Beulah Laird, June 2

c5        Married – William James Grant, son of Percy Grant to Charlotte Ross Gooderham, daughter of Melville Ross Gooderham

c5        Married – Malcolm McKellar to Mary Edna MacPherson, daughter of D. J. MacPherson, June 2

c5        Married – Earl Piper to Agnes Neillene Campbell, daughter of D. M. Campbell, June 4

c5        Married – John Ernest Wilde, son of Frank P. Wilde to Margaret Ruth Laidlaw, daughter of George B. Laidlaw, June 2


Page 9

c3        Died – Frank Edward Robbins, 58th year, June 6, widow of Mrs Mary Robbins, nee Nash

c3        Reunion – Porter – Clemons Family

7 June 1934

Page 8

c1        Died – Hugh Willison, 77th year, June 5, son of L. Willison


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of William Lipsitt, May 26

c8        Born – Archie Robert Barry, son of Archie Barry, May 14

c8        Born – Edith Beverley Lorriman, daughter of Stanley & Helen Lorriman, nee Ivey, May 28

c8        Born – Son of O. Ross, May 31


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Lachlin McKelvin to Margaret Isabelle Black, daughter of Archibald D. Black – June

c2        Married – Kelvin David Main Spence, son of John D. Spence to Miss Hilda Jennings, daughter of Claud A. C. Jennings, June 7

c3        Married – Reginald Frederick Mayne, son of James Mayne to Millicent Freda Smith, daughter of James C. Smith, June 6

c4        Died – Mrs Hereward S. Scott, 64th year, June 6, nee Edith A. Cruise

c5        Died – Mrs Henry H. Pike, nee Edith Roe, June 7, daughter of John Ardagh & Caroline Roe; mother of a son and daughter not named; sister of Mrs Alice (Fred) Oliver and Mrs Mabel (Fred A.) Walker; cousin of Henry & Belle Roe; niece of Charles & Peter Roe

c6        Funeral – J. Morley King, June 5

c6        Funeral – Isaac Honsberger, June 6


Page 14

c1        Historical Sketch – St Peter’s Church, Dunwich – Communion Service Donated by Charlotte Simcoe

c2        Funeral – Mrs John Carnegie, nee Annie Leaver, 63 years, June 5, daughter of William Leaver

c4        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Kilgour, nee Boughner, 89 years, June 4, sister of Elizabeth & Robert Boughner


Page 16

c3        Died – George D. Hood, June 2, son of Charles Hood; father of Clara, Charles & Donald Hood; brothr of Mrs Alex Law, Mrs David Lundie, Charles A., William D., and Robert J. Hood

8 June 1934

Page 5

c3        Died – R. J. Mitchell, 67 years


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs E. Berryman, June 8, sister of Angus T. Runchey

c4        Died – Mrs Rosetta Arabella Cox, 66 years, June 7, daughter of James & Sarah Davis; widow of Alfred E. Cox


Page 9

c8        Born – Maxine Genevieve O’Connor, daughter of H. O’Connor, June 1

c8        Died – Mrs Alfred E. Cox, nee Rosetta Arabella Davis, 66 years, June 7

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Louise A. Fowler Smith, June 8 1933


Page 11

c3        Married – John D. McCallum, son of Stuart McCallum to Beatrice Annie Bottrill, daughter of Mrs A. H. Bottrill of London, June


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Cook, 85 years, June 8, widow of Stephen Cook; mother of Mrs Arthur Gammon, Mrs Quentin Durward and John Cook

9 June 1934

Page 2

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Harold A. Campbell, nee Georgina Jewell


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Frank White, nee Frances McCully, June 8, daughter of Robert A. McCully

c2        Funeral – Mrs Edith A. Scott, June 8

c6        Funeral – Mr Miller, June 4, father of Mrs Clarence Saxton

c7        Died – John Charles Alcorn, 1 year 11 months, June 8, son of A. M. Alcorn; grandson of A. Glover

c7        Memoriam – Jessie Freeman, June 9 1933, by children Lillie & Walter

c7        Memoriam – Ernest E. Wall, June 9 1930, by wife Mae

c7        Died – Charles E. Drulard, 78 years

c8        Born – Daughter of David Millard, June 1

c8        Born – So of Roy Hosner, June 3

c8        Born – Edwin Marvin Skinner, son of George Skinner, May 30

c8        Born – Son of Kenneth R. Martin, June 1

c8        Born – Son of Cephus & Mary Oke, June 3

c8        Born – Daughter of Ray Hill, June 2

c8        Born – Son of Fred Belore, May 30

c8        Born – Son of Ray Bates, May 28

c8        Born – Albert Charles Brandow, son of Morley Brandow, May 29

c8        Born – Daughter of William A. Wallace, June 2


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Colin Walker, nee Annie McBride of Brooke, 50th


9 June 1934

Second Section

Page 13

c3        Died – Edward Rowe, 70th year, June 9, brother of Mrs Angus Mills, Mrs VanDusen and Mrs Hugh Burger

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Colin Walker, nee Annie McBride of Brooke, 50th


Page 16

c2        Photo – Miss Lolo Boehmer, daughter rof E. O. Boehmer

c4        Engagement – Arthur Hamilton to Miss Margaret Edgar – June

c4        Married – Donald Fraser Wilson to Miss Ruth Mary Mitchell, June 9

c5        Engagement – Arthur Hamilton, son of J. B. Hamilton to Margaret Edgar, daughter of Martin Edgar – June

c5        Engagement – Dr Earl V. Metcalfe, son of A. Metcalfe to Lila Moore, daughter of J. H. Moore – June

c5        Engagement – Henry M. Linke, son of Mrs Ann Linke to Mary Catharine Turner, daughter of Angus D. Turner of Shedden – June

c5        Engagement – Rev Russell Clifford Archer, son of C. D. Archer to Anna Jean Robinson, daughter of F. D. Robinson – July

c6        Engagement – Albert F. Ross, son of John N. Ross to Eleanor Ann Roberts, daughter of H. Lorne Roberts – June 30

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Roy Vanidour of St Thomas, 15th

c6        Engagement – Gordon A. Jamieson, son of Mrs Martha Jamieson to Jannette Johnson, daughter of Mrs Joanna Johnson – June

c7        Engagement – William Clifford Hockin, son of William Hockin to Mary Evelyn Austin, daughter of Joseph Austin – July

c7        Engagement – William Arthur Atkinson to Jean Isabelle Horrell – June 29

c7        Engagement – Rev Franklin Prescott Fidler to Inez Marguerite LePage – July 7

c7        Engagement – Wilfred G. Orchard, son of W. T. Orchard to Elva Bernice Vollick, daughter of C. W. Vollick – July

11 June 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Mrs Robert G. Bowie, 68 years, June 9


Page 6

c3        Reunion – McLachlan – McMillan Family


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. E. Connoy of st Thomas, 20th

c2        Married – William Peter Richardson, son of William Richardson to Miss Esmen Drury Heward, daughter of Stephen Heward, June 9

c2        Engagement – Charles Turnbull, son of George Turnbull to Alice Mary Bartlet, daughter of Noble Bartlet – June 29

c5        Married – Andrew Christian Hartleib to Anna Marguerite Armitage, daughter of Charles Armitage, June 9

c5        Married – Cleyburn Geddes, son of Wesley Geddes to Samantha Elizabeth Prudham, daughter of William & Martha Prudham

c5        Married – Donald Fraser Wilson, son of William Scott Wilson to Ruth Mary Mitchell, daughter of William G. Mitchell

c6        Married – Henry Miller to Miss Grace E. MacCallum, daughter of W. W. MacCallum, June 9

c6        Married – Herbert Barnes, son of Frank Barnes to Lela Bessie Gagen, daughter of Roy Gagen, June 8

c6        Married – Edward E. Reid to iss Bertha L. Sutton, daughter of E. J. Sutton

c6        Married – Harry Oatman Fenn to Miss Mary Edna Clifford, June 6

c6        Married – Gordon W. Hayden, son of B. Hayden to Edith Shallcross, daughter of Ernest Shallcross, June 9

c7        Married – Arthur Melvin Harriet to Helen Aileen Pickard, daughter of Frank Pickard

c7        Married – Sherwood Charlton Boughner to Eva Martha Gracey, daughter of Alburn Gracey

c7        Married – Bert Simmons to Miss Eva Oates


Page 12

c3        Reunion – White Family

c3        Funeral – Mrs Rosetta A. Cox, June 9

12 June 1934

Page 5

c3        Died – Samuel Mogg, 91 years, June 10, father of W. S. Mogg; brother of John Mogg and Mrs Cook (deceased)


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Mrs William Lipsit of Straffordville, 84th

c2        Died – Miss Adelia Pound, 78th year, June 11

c2        Funeral – John B. Mc Kellar, June 9

c2        Funeral – Hugh Willison, June 8

c2        Funeral – John Charles Alcorn, June11


Page 7

c2        Died – Thomas Mitchell, 62 years, June 7, brother of Mrs F. N. Gadsby, Mrs C. F. Clark, Mrs J. H. Bourne, George and Robert Mitchell

c8        Born – Son of M. White, June 8

c8        Died – Mrs George Jackson, nee Jane Cole, June 11, mother of Mrs Harry Marsden, Mrs J. L. McTaggart and George E. Jackson; sister of Mrs James Linford


Page 8

c2        Married – Ronald L. Prevett, son of William Prevett to Ella Elizabeth Hall, daughter of H. W. Hall, June 3

c3        Married – Clifford Trickett, son of Samuel Trickett to Miss Edith Alice Winter, daughter of S. J. Winter, June 7

c3        Married – William Leonard Robinson to Lilah Jessie Molasky, daughter of Richard Molasky

c3        Married – Robert Angus Matthews, son of Walter Matthews to Ruby Hotchkiss, daughter of William Hotchkiss


Page 14

c3        Died – James Fleming, son of J. A. Fleming; husband of Mrs Vina Fleming, nee Osgoode; father of Marilyn Fleming; brother of Greta Fleming

c3        Died – Mrs W. J. Burwell, nee Mary M. Griffith, June 5, daughter of Rev Alonzo Griffith; mother of Mrs E. R. Childs, Wilbert and Cecil G. Burwell; sister-in-law of Mrs T. Firth

c4        Died – Mrs George Jackson, nee Jane Markham Cole, 76th year, June 11, grandmother of Jean, Margaret and Roy McTaggart

13 June 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Charles Hatcher, 38 years, June 13

c6        Died – George Sherwood, 39 years, June 13


Page 5

c2        Birthday – Mrs John Pettit, nee Elizabeth Terryberry of Belmont, 94th , mother of Mrs Rachel Walker, Calvin, Charles, James, Christopher, Mrs Daniel Thompson, Mrs W. H. Falls, Mrs Delia Smith; sister of Mrs Grose, Layton and Jacob Terryberry

c3        Birthday – John G. Culver of Waterford, 90th , son of Samuel & Esther Culver; grandson of Timothy Culver; father of Archie and Harvey Culver, Mrs Sam Schuyler, Mrs Hartley Schuyler and Mrs Cattle


Page 8

c6        Died – William Samuel Mogg, 91st year, June 10

c6        Funeral – Margaret Helen Jones, 3 months, June11, infant daughter of Gordon Jones; granddaughter of George Jones


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of Stanley A. & Dorothy Charlton, nee Utman, June 11


Page 10

c3        Married – Percy Howard Grant to Rita Mae Sutor, daughter of Charles Sutor

c3        Married – Sophus Emanuel Pedersen, son of Christian Pedersen to Martha Lonroth, daughter of Magnus Lonroth

c3        Married – Norman H. Gledhill, son of J. Gledhill to Miss Sarah Pickel, daughter of J. A. Pickel, June 9

c3        Married – Richard Tattersall, son of E. R. Tattersall to Miss Mina Smith, niece of John Cameron

c3        Funeral – Edward Rowe, June 11

c3        Funeral – Wallace B. Boyde, June 13

14 June 1934

Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs Hannah Neville, June 7, daughter of Abraham Backhouse


Page 10

c1        Died Mrs Raleigh Pattison, nee May Marshman, June 10, daughter of James Marshman


Page 12

c2        Birthday – Mrs Harriet Buck of Mount Salem, 71st


Page 13

c6        Memoriam – Laura Erwin, June 14 1931

c7        Died – Charles Albert Hatcher, 36th year, June 13


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Richmond Secord Atkey, son of George E. Atkey to Margaret Baines, daughter of A. W. Baines – June 30

c2        Birthday – Blake Harris of St Thomas, 56th

c2        Engagement – George William West, son of Wiliam West to Helen Berry, daughter of William Berry – June


Page 24

c1        Will – Estate of William H. Johnson of North Dorchester, husband of Mrs Emily Johnson; father of Valeria Clement, Flossie Newell, Cora Smith, Essie Andrew, Emma Sweetman and Murray O. Johnson

15 June 1934

Page 1

c3        Article – Samuel S. Clutton of Aylmer – Photo

c6        Died – Dr J. P. Rankin, 80th year, June 15 – Photo


Page 2

c2        Funeral – Mrs Jane M. Jackson, June 14


Page 6

c1        Married – Dr Alexander Gale Shaw, son of E. Wilfred Shaw to Kathleen Corrigan, daughter of Frederick S. Corrigan, June 9


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs James Whyte, nee Marion Lyon, June 14

c8        Born – Daughter of E. Rawdon & Ruth Mitchell, nee Whiteside, May 31

c8        Died – Charles Albert Hatcher, 36th year, June 13

c8        Died – Mrs James Whyte, nee Marion Lyon, June 14

c8        Memoriam – Olive Meredith Bowman, June 15 1933


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Herbert Hause, son of Edward Hause to Arriel Evelyn Wilhelmine Horton, daughter of Isaac Horton – June

c2        Engagement – James Cecil Stone son of James Stone to Madeline Marie Hartman, daughter of J. P. Hartman – June 23

c3        Married – Ronald L. Prevett, son of William Prevett to Ella Elizabeth Hall, daughter of H. W. Hall, June 3

c3        Engagement – Barnard John Hammond, son of Frank Hammond to Jean Kathleen Hanley, daughter of Martin Hanley – July

c4        Married – Bruce J. Barnard, son of George W. Barnard to Florence Jean McDonald, daughter of Arthur McDonald

c4        Married – Earl Piper to Agnes Neilene Campbell, daughter of D. M. Campbell

c4        Married – Gordon L. Ulens, son of W. T. Ulens to Gertrude Eva Lovie, daughter of W. P. Loveie


Page 9

c2        Died – Rueben Paisley, 82nd year, June 13

c3        Died – John M. Sloan, 70th year

16 June 1934

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Harry Minshall, June 14, daughter of Louis & Emma Pearse; mother of Betty Minshall; sister of Raymond Pearse, Mrs F. Allen and Mrs Earle Rodgers

c2        Funeral – Miss Delhia Pound, June 14

c3        Reunion – McTaggart Family


Page 7

c2        Died – Daniel Broadbent, 77 years, June 15

c2        Died – Anna Elizabeth Hanson, 78th year, widow of Thomas G. Hanson; mother of Edgar & Garnet Elliott and Mrs Charles Dietrich

c8        Born – Son of N. Else, June 9

c8        Born – Dorothy Helen Jamieson, daughter of William Jamieson, May 29

c8        Died – Daniel Broadbent, 77 years, June 15

c8        Memoriam – Jackie Grogan, June 16 1930


16 June 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c1        Photo – Alma College Graduates


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Richmond S. Atkey, son of George E. Atkey to Miss Margareet Baines, daughter of A. W. Baines – June 30, Photo

c4        Married – Harold Malone to Mis Isabel MacDonald, daughter of John R. MacDonald, June 16

c5        Engagement – Keith N. McIntyre, son of Mrs Blanche McIntyre to Miss Josephine Honsinger, daughter of Percy Honsinger – June, Photo

c5        Engagement – Harry James Snitzler, son of Columbus Snitzler to Madeline Nicol, daughter of Thomas J. Nicol – July

c5        Anderson – William Sandford Turner, son of J. S. Turner to Miss Helen Gertrude Anderson, daughter of Alexander Anderson – June

c5        Engagement – Bruce McCallum, son of Dougald McCallum to Dora Ann Gammon, daughter of John Gammon – June

c7        Photo – Mrs E. McIntosh, grandmother of Lochlan McIntosh Harris; Mrs William Leeson and Mrs J. M. Woolley, grandmother of Miss Violet Luella Woolley

c7        Birthday – Shirley Davis, 9th , daughter of Mrs F. H. Davis

c7        Shower – Mrs Herbert Barnes, nee Lela Gagen

c8        Engagement – Dougald William Reader, son of William Reader to Jean Beatrice Rilett, daughter of Robert Rilett – July

c8        Engagement – Evan Meredith Hodgins, son of Eli Hodgins to Alma Eleretta Fitzsimmons, daughter of Walter Fitzsimmons – June

18 June 1934

Page 2

c3        Funeral – Charles Hatcher, June 16

c4        Died – Samuel Adams, 16 years, June 17


Page 3

c2        Funeral – Mrs George F. Marshall, June 16, sister of Mrs A. W. Lewis

c2        Married – Howard Morton Brown, son of James Morton Brown to Constance Lenore Stothers, daughter of Robert Stothers

c4        Married – Rev Keith Service Armstrong to Grace Harris, daughter of F. G. Harris

c4        Married – Dr John Wilfred MacVicar, son of J. P. MacVicar to Jean Greenlees Fraser, daughter of C. S. Fraser

c4        Married – Dr Alexander Gale Shaw, son of E. W. Shaw to Kathleen Corrigan, daughter of Frederick S. Corrigan

c4        Married – Charles E. Neville to Miss Clara Bertha Tunks

c4        Married – George W. Robinson, son of W. E. Robinson to Ruth Isabella Martin, daughter of William A. Martin

c4        Married – Dewitt Leggett, son of Charles Leggett to Madeline Bate Smith, daughter of John Harvey Smith

c4        Married – Frederick Kenneth Wanless, son of Fred C. Wanless to Mildred Ada Pierce, daughter of Edward Lloyd Pierce

Page 6

c1        Died – William Trim, 67th year, June 15

c5        Died – John Bird Quintin, 67 years, son of Samuel & Fanny Quintin, nee Bird

c7        Died – Mrs Jerome Davis, nee Harriet Williams, 90th year, June 15, daughter of Titus Williams


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Lucas, June 18

c1        Shower – Miss Catherine Turner, daughter of A. D. Turner

c2        Died – William Moore, 76 years, June 18, father of Mrs W. Ball, William E. & Frederick S. Moore; brother of Nellie, Emma & Frederick Moore and Mrs Agnes Leitch

c2        Died – Mrs Harriet Garner, 68 years, June 18

c2        Baptism – Alma St. Presbyterian Church, June 17 – Donald Glen Tales; Lawrence Bruce Davey; Robert Patrick Langdon; Donna Howard; Beverly Winsor W. Howard; William Logan Oliver; Marilyn Margaret Anne Topping; Betty Jane Bennett; Philip Wray Cabot

c8        Born – Son of C. G. & Jean Cookson, nee Shipp, June 18

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Benjamin Hough, June 18 1933

c8        Memoriam – William Merritt, June 18 1933


Page 12

c4        Funeral – William F. Logan, June 17

c4        Funeral – Mrs Marion Lyon Whyte, June 16

c6        Reunion – Baker Family

19 June 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Miss Annie Edison, June 14, cousin of Thomas A. Edison


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Robert Henderson, nee Mary Anne McEachern, daughter of Thomas & Mary McEachern, nee Boyle

c3        Reunion – William Henry Baker Family

c3        Funeral – Daniel Broadbent, June 18


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Harriet Garner, June 18, mother of Mrs C. E. Pratt

c1        Funeral – Mrs Frances White, nee McCully, daughter of Mrs R. A. McCulley; sister of R. G. McCully

c2        Birthday – Mrs Mary Anne Crane of Orwell, 94th , daughter of Francis & Kathleen Cutler, nee Conrad

c8        Born – Winifred Margaret Young, daughter of Frederick Young, June 9

c8        Born – Ruth May Hough, daughter of Leslie Hough, June 7

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Alton White, June 7

c8        Born – Son of Cyril Vanderhaeghe, June 11

c8        Born – Son of John Donald, June 6

c8        Born – Son of Julius Dedyne, June 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Hussar, June 8

c8        Born – Donald Harold Ward, son of Harold Ward, May 30

c8        Born – Marion Florence Clark, daughter of Robert Clark, June 8

c8        Born – George Elvin Pond, son of Harold I. Pond, June 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Herbert Arthur West, June 9

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Titmuss, June 9

c8        Born – Son of Kline H. Stinson, June 12

c8        Born – Son of Hugh Marks, June 6

c8        Born – David William Strangway, son of Dr Walter E. Strangway, June 7

c8        Born – Shirley Patricia Bullock, daughter of H. B. & Gladys Bullock, nee Quanbury, June 7

c8        Born – Daughter of George R. Smith, June 9

c8        Died – William Moore, 76 years, June 18


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Charles Caves, son of Mrs Ida Caves to Edna Bolton, daughter of Charles Bolton – July

c2        Engagement – John Grant Smith, son of William Smith to Miss Mayme Keyes, daughter of W. R. Keyes

c6        Married – Harold James Malone, son of James L. Malone to Isabel Patterson, daughter of John R. MacDonald

c6        Married – William Harry Thomas, son of H. C. Thomas to Iola Beryl Terry, daughter of Charles Terry, June 16

c6        Married – Leonard Clifton Helka to Miss Alice Marguerite Haney, daughter of Fred Haney, June 16

c7        Married – Horace Rushton to Mrs Ellen Sparks, June 12

20 June 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Mrs Gertrude Oke, June 20

c4        Died – James M. Blackwell, 67 years, June 20


Page 5

c3        Died – Mrs D. J. Wilkes, June 14, daughter of Robert Pierce; sister of Mrs J. Laughlin, Mrs Louis Queen, Mrs Percy Fisher and Samuel Pierce


Page 9

c6        Died – Robert Lambert, 59 years, June 20

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Ina Evert, June 20 1934, by daughter Mrs Joseph Rezar

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Delia Catharine Lumley, June 20 1933

c8        Memoriam – Leonard Everett Mailing, June 20 1933, age 13 years

c8        Memoriam – Albert R. Smith, June 20 1933, by Mr & Mrs S. Wall

c8        Born – Donald Robert Towers, son of L. H. Towers, June 12


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Andrew Martin Tolmie, son of J. Tolmie to Alice Belle Stewart, daughter of W. W. Stewart – June

c2        Engagement – Rev James E. Merrick, son of Guy J. Merrick to Rebecca Bernice Blackwell, daughter of Ernest Blackwell – July

c2        Photo – Mrs Mitchell F. Hepburn

c3        Engagement – Neil Ardell Grainger, son of George Grainger to Margaret Helena Donnelly, daughter of Godfrey Donnelly – July

c3        Engagement – Cecil H. McFaddin, son of J. J. McFaddin to Elfrida Marian McCleary, daughter of H. R. McCleary – July


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs George Rathburn, nee Lexie McGuffin, 66th year, June 16



21 June 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Aleck Connor, 79 years, June 20 – Photo


Page 2

c3        Married – Dr Charles Davidson Gossage, son of C. G. Gossage to Miss Shirley West, daughter of E. C. West


Page 5

c4        Died – Mrs Jerome B. Davis, nee Harriet Anne Williams. 90th year, June 21, daughter of Titus Williams; granddaughter of Captain Jonathon Williams; mother of Albert Williams; sister of Charles Williams


Page 8

c1        Funeral – William Moore, June 20

c6        Biography – Premier M. F. Hepburn and Fulton Family of Southwold


Page 9

c4        Died – James T. Combs, June 20

c8        Born – Son of Fred Malone, June 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Attlebery, June 10

c8        Died – James T. Combs, June 20


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Dr Harold Edward McMahon, brother of Hugh MacMahon to Miss Marian Davison Ross – June

c2        Engagement – Wilfred Smibert, son of James Smibert to Bella MacPherson, niece of Dougald MacPherson – June

c2        Engagement – Percival John Baker, son of Percival John F. Baker to Elizabeth Fraser Plaxton, daughter of G. Gordon Plaxton – July

c4        Married – Lloyd B. Gohn, son of Wesley C. Gohn to Winifred Gladys Russell, daughter of Fred Russell

c4        Married – Gordon A. Jamieson, son of James Jamieson to Jannette Johnson, daughter of John Johnson

c5        Married – George R. Munroe to Miss Miriam Ada Munro, daughter of James M. Munro


Page 13

c1        Photo – Life of Premier & Mrs Mitchell F. Hepburn

22 June 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – David Neilson, 95 years, June 21

c6        Died – Solomon Henry Eby, 77 years, June 22, son of David Eby; father of Mrs C. H. Barnes, Oscar C. Eby; brother of Maggie, Meno and Edward Eby; brother-in-law of Dr A. S. Vogt


Page 7

c5        Died – Mrs Catherine Tedford, 93rd year, June 20, widow of Samuel G. Tedford

c7        Born – Donald Wilfred Skelding, son of W. Skelding, June 20

c7        Died – Solomon Henry Eby, 77 years, June 22


Page 8

c2        Married – Lorne E. Treffrey, son of Ernest Treffry to Anna B. Maunder, daughter of Spencer Maunder

c2        Married – Delmer Ed Reece to Margaret Donalda Trickett, June 20

c2        Married – Harley Ross Murray, son of Wilbur Murray to Alma Aleda Vokes, daughter of William Vokes


Page 10

c1        Died – John Cousins, 75 years, June 19

23 June 1934

Page 1

c3        Photo – Mis Elda M. Horotn of St Thomas

c3        Photo – Hugh N. Silcox, son of A. A. Silcox of Shedden


Page 3

c5        Married – Arthur C. Hamilton, son of J. B. Hamilton to Margaret Edgar, daughter of Martin Edgar, June 23

c5        Married – Harold Clayton Youmans, son of Keith Youmans to Alice Jean Bruce, daughter of William Morrison, June 16

c6        Married – John Norman Ferguson, son of John C. Ferguson to Miss Norma Beiser, daughter of George F. Beiser, June 18

c6        Married – Andrew Martin Tolmie to Alice Belle Stewart, June 22

c6        Married – Henry Martin Linke to Mary Catharine Turner


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs William Johnston Lucas, nee Sarah Elizabeth Boyd, 90th year, June 16, daughter of Thomas & Charity Boyd


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs J. G. Hansley, nee Maria Jane Smiley, 61st year, June 23, daughter of Samuel & Ann Smiley, nee Morgan; mother of Mrs John Bogart and Mrs Vernon Fife; sister of Leah May Hansley and Mrs Claude Berdan, both deceased

c2        Died – Robert Lambert, 59 years, June 19

c5        Born – Son of Fred Dutton, June 14

c5        Born – Daughter of Alex & Berna Houser, nee Butcher, June 15

c5        Born – Keith Wesley Wood, son of Harold Wood, June 14

c5        Born – Gladys Doreen McDonald, daughter of Leo McDonald, June 11

c5        Born – Daughter of William Blair, June 17

c5        Born – Daughter of Joseph Garton, June 10

c5        Born – Mary Isabelle Creek, daughter of Wesley Creek, June 16

c5        Born – Son of Reg Stewart, June 19

c5        Died – Solomon Henry Eby, 77 years, June 22

c5        Died – Mrs John G. Hansley, nee Maria Jane Smiley, 61st year, June 23

c5        Died – Mrs Catherine Tedford, 93rd year, June 20

c5        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Steinhoff, 85th year, June 22, mother of Mrs J. Nipp

c5        Memoriam – Helen Marie Bruce, June 24 1931, by Pete


23 June 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c1        Photo – Albert P. Conley of St Thomas


Page 11

c3        Photo – Mrs H. A. Copeland, sister of Premier M. F. Hepburn


Page 12

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Hutcheson of Putnam, 54th


Page 16

c5        Photo – Lela Hicks, daughter of Herbert Hicks of Talbotville; Gertrude Knight, daughter of Fred Knight of Talbotville; Kathleen Pell, daughter of William Pell of Lynhurst

c5        Engagement – J. M. Rosser to Miss Esther E. Baker – July

c5        Engagement – Neil D. McGugan, son of Daniel McGugan to Vera Margaret Branton, daughter of George Branton – June

c5        Engagement – Lawrence Charles Kaiser, son of Joseph Kaiser to Dorothy Irene Blackman, daughter of Alfred Blackman – July

c5        Engagement – Orlo A. Curtis, son of James A. Curtis to Ivy Warrener, daughter of William H. Warrener – July

c5        Married – Clarence Reuter to Miss Ruth Jagoe, June 23

c5        Shower – Mrs Gerald Wilkins, nee Miss Anne Jordan; sister of Mrs Arthur Turner

c6        Engagement – Charles Caves to Edna Bolton – July 4

c6        Married – Arthur C. Hamilton of Miss Margaret Edgar, June 23

c6        Shower – Miss Lila Moore

c6        Shower – Miss Josephine Honsinger

c6        Birthday – George Gant of St Thomas, 85th

25 June 1934

Page 1

c7        Died – Henry Arthur Sifton, June 25, son of Sir Clifford Sifton – Photo


Page 3

c6        Died – Maxine Ross, 8 years, June 24, daughter of John Ross


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Lorna Waite, June 22, niece of Mrs W. Warnock

c1        Died – Miss Mary Light, 43 years, June 24, daughter of Charles Light; sister of Mrs William Scott; niece of William Smith


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Isabel Gilchrist, June 23, widow of John D. Gilchrist; mother of Dr John W. Gilchrist and Mayme Gilchrist

c8        Memoriam – James Stacey, June 25 1932


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Eric A. Allan to Marian Elizabeth MacKay, daughter of O. Telford MacKay

c2        Engagement – George Belcher Davis, son of George H. Davis to Jessie Florence Rose, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Ann Rose – July

c3        Engagement – Wilfred E. Dockstader, son of Aden Dockstader to Jean Elizabeth Beattie, daughter of J. P. Beattie – July

c4        Married – Norman Rundle Voaden to Mary Winifred Gaudet, June 4

c4        Married – Morley Hamilton, son of Francis Hamilton to Miss Eunice Marie Smith, daughter of Herbert Smith, June 13

c4        Married – Dr Lawrence Peniston Little, son of William Carruthers Little to Miss Elizabeth Maude Willson, daughter of Frederick William Willson

c4        Married – John Grant Smith, son of William Smith to Mary Mayme Celia Keyes, daughter of W. R. Keyes

c4        Married – Morris Cook, son of George Cook to Miss Lola McDonald, daughter of D. McDonald

c4        Married – Dr Hyman B. Grace, son of Harry Grace to Miss Sara Shaffner, daughter of L. M. Shaffner

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frank Miller, nee Grace Ellen Anderson of St Thomas, 50th


Page 12

c6        Died – Albert Berdan, 74th year, June 23, widow of Mrs Adeline Berdan, nee Pound

26 June 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Mrs Margaret Ary, 87 years, June 25, mother of John & Duncan Ary, Mrs REmber and Mrs Stark; aunt of Miss Jennie Leverington

c4        Funeral – Mrs Maria Jane Hansley, June 25

c4        Funeral – Mrs Catherine Tedford, June 25

c4        Funeral – Soloman H. Eby, June 25


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Mrs James Rogers of Walkertown, 87thc2        Died – Helen Tedball, 13 years, June 26

c2        Died – Mrs George J. McKiee, nee Jessie Reid, 69th year, June 25, daughter of Archibald and Jane Reid, nee Bolty

c2        Divorce – Mrs Alice Cornell vs Basil Cornell

c3        Died – Mrs Duncan C. McColl, nee Catherine Carmichael, 81 years, June 24, mother of Mrs F. B. Hursley, Catherine, Duncan, Norman, Neil, Donald and Alex McColl; sister of Duncan Carmichael and Mrs McNicol

c6        Married – Mr & Mrs Earl W. Keutch of Rodney


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Eliza S. Perry, 80 years, June 28, Stephen O. Perry

c8        Born – Donald Wilfred Skelding, son of W. Skelding, June 20

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Buchan, June 26 1926

c8        Memoriam – Daniel Urquhart, June 26 1927, by wife Jessie and daughter Jean


Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs George McKiee, June 26, cousin of F. B. Holtby

c2        Engagement – Alexander Haley Jeffery, son of J. Edgar Jeffery to Eulalie Edna Murray, daughter of W. G. Murray – June

c2        Engagement – Dr James Melford Hershey, son of Dr J. A. Hershey to Beatrice Evelyn Smith, daughter of Dr John Currie Smith – July

c2        Married – Dr Murray Llewellyn Barr, son of W. L. Barr to Miss Ruth V. King, daughter rof W. E. King

c2        Engagement – Royal Whitman, son of Dr Armitage Whitman to Miss Frances Pingree Depew, daughter of Sherman L. Depew

c4        Married – James Leonard Doman, son of James W. Doman to Miss Marie Adele Mortimore, daughter of Delbert J. Morimore

c4        Married – Joseph Burnett Patterson, son of James Patterson to Daisy Marguerite Bourne, daughter of Charles Bourne


Page 10

c1        Died – E. W. Knight, 59th year, June 23

c2        Died – Mrs John McQueen, June 23


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs Thomas Lyons, nee Araminta Keillor, 71 years, June 5

c7        Fire – Barn on Ray Woolley farm, Springfield

27 June 1934

Page 1

c6        Birthday – Mrs Howard Johnson, nee Maria Burwell of Eden, 99th


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Olive Maxine Ross, June 26


Page 7

c8        Born – Donald William Knight, son of John Knight, June 23

c8        Born – Norman Edgerton Flashman, son of L. A. Flashman, June 22

c8        Died – Mrs Eliza S. Perry, mother of Mrs H. F. Spencer, Mrs A. R. Hall, Mrs W. J. Reilly, Mrs J. Gladstone Graney, Frank O. & G. Stewart Perry


Page 8

c3        Shower – Miss Beatrice Mahon

c9        Funeral – Max Jones, June 25, brother of Mrs R. Lindsay and Morley W. Jones

c9        Birthday – Virginia May Dyson, 4th, daughter of Mrs H. Dyson

c5        Married – Gordon Albert Huston, son of Jacob Huston to Miss Rena Marion Foster, daughter of Ernest Foster

c5        Married – Mervin Anger to Miss Marjorie Curtis, June 20

c5        Married – Herbert William Goepel, son of Otto Goepel to Eunice Louise Moorhouse, daughter of M. H. Moorhouse


Page 10

c2        Died – Nicholas Ludy, 77 years, June 25

c3        Died – Mrs Samuel W. Carson, nee Mary J. Sinclair, 71 years, June 25, daughter of John & Margaret Sinclair

c3        Funeral – James Jolliffe, son of Richard Jolliffe

28 June 1934

Page 1

c5        Died – Peter Simmons, 8 years, June 28, son of Peter Simmons

c5        Died – Mrs Percy L. Strong, June 27


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Albert Berdan, June 26

c3        Married – John Verne Ferris, son of Mrs Clara Ferris to Miss Gertrude Washbrook, daughter of William Washbrook, June 9

c3        Married – Carl McCallum, nephew of Mr & Mrs Elgin Moore to Miss Ruby Graves


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs John J. Markham, nee Edith Dora Light, daughter of Obed Light


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Watson, nee Kelman, 92 years, June 28, widow of Alexander Watson

c3        Married – Corbett W. Harvey, son of A. W. Harvey to Beatrice Helen Mahon, daughter of J. Mahon, June 26

c7        Died – William Stirton, June 28, son of John Stirton; husband of Mrs Mary Stirton, nee

c7        Born – Daughter of W. N. Young, June 20

c7        Died – Mrs Eliza S. Perry, June 26

c7        Died – Mrs Mary Watson, nee Kelman, 92 years, June 28

c7        Memoriam – W. H. Hutchingson, June 28 1933, by wife Elsie; daughters Eileen and Eleanor


Page 10

c2        Engagement – George Mathew Silcox to Miss Frances Merrifield, June 30

c2        Engagement – Chester MacGregor Anderson, son of John Anderson to Sara Elizabeth Rogue, daughter of Thomas Edgar Rogue – July

c2        Engagement – Howard A. Dickinson, son of Reginald Dickinson to Mary Isabel Fraser, daughter of Archibald Fraser – July

c2        Engagement – Victor W. Bennett, son of Chauncey Bennett to Vivian Inez Parsons, daughter of B. W. Parson – July 14

c4        Married – Rev Crossley Warren Krug to Miss Eleanor Charlton Gibson, daughter of John J. Gibson

c4        Married – Arthur F. Chapman, son of Mrs G. H. Austin to Gladys Constance Taylor, June 23

c4        Married – Albert Ostland, son of A. Ostland to Olive Taylor, June 23

c4        Married – Merven Nelson Anger, son of Gilbert Anger to Marjorie Elaine Curtis, daughter of Isaac Curtis, June 20

c4        Married – William J. Campbell to Margaret McAlpine, daughter of Daniel McAlpine, June 23

29 June 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Joseph Walter Clegg, 60 years, June 28, father of Mrs Jack Greenaway


Page 5

c1        Funeral – Nicholas Ludy, 77 years, June 27


Page 6

c1        Died – William Stirton, June 28

c1        Birthday – Mrs James Rogers of Aylmer, 87th

c2        Funeral – William Charles Stirton, June 30


Page 7

c3        Will – Estate of Angus McCrimmon of Elgin County

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Barned, June 17

c8        Died – Joseph Walter Clegg, 61st year, June 28

c8        Memoriam – Thomas Yarwood, June 20 1930


Page 8

c2        Married – Reginald Jack Gagg, son of Alfred M. Gag to Nora Nadine Shrumm, daughter of George Shrumm, June 27

c2        Married – Murray Gordon Ballantyne, son of C. C. Ballantyne to Miss Frances Elizabeth Stephens, daughter of Chattan Stephens

c2        Married – Irwin Emerson Degraw of Rodney to Mary Ruth Gilbert, daughter of John Gilbert of West Lorne, June 28

c2        Married – Bruce McCallum, son of Douglas McCallum to Dora Ann Gammon, daughter of John Gammon, June 27

30 June 1934

Page 6

c1        Died – Randle Koyle, 82 years, June 26


Page 7

c2        Died – Joseph Hodgins, 74th year, June 24, husband of Mrs Anna A. Wood; father of Mrs P. H. Stock; brother of Mrs James McCann, Elizabeth and Harry W. Hodgins

c3        Died – Mrs Joseph Collinson, nee Elsie Eliza McGuire, June 29, sister of A. C., A. D. and E. C. McGuire and Mrs Wesley McCoy

c8        Born – Daughter of Lee Butcher, June 27

c8        Born – Daughter of Mr & Mrs Schnekenburger, June 27

c8        Born – Donald William Blair, son of William Blair, June 17

c8        Born – Edward Clare Appleyard, son of Rev H. F. & Muriel C. Appleyard, nee Jarvis, June 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Elmer P. Smith, June 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Robert Howes, June 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Arnold Truckle, June 22

c8        Born – Jean Eleanor Anderson, daughter of Kenneth Anderson, June 22

c8        Born – Son of Ralph McDonald, June 24

c8        Born – Son of Bert Hawley, June 25

c8        Born – Daughter of T. W. & Barbara Margaret Brennand, nee Carr, June 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Brooke Sowden, June 25

c8        Born – Son of Ralph Shearer, June 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Francis G. Hickman, June 23

c8        Born – Daughter of George Simmermaker, June 21

c8        Born – Son of Thomas Dickey, June 12

c8        Born – Evan LeRoy Murphy, son of Aubrey M. Murphy, June 22

c8        Born – Son of Frank Chambers, June 20

c8        Died – Joseph Walter Clegg, 61st year, June 28


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Mayne, mother of R. F. Mayne

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Rapley, widow of George W. Rapley

c1        Died – Mrs Robert Campbell, nee Carrie Cox

c2        Married – Dr Hyman B. Grace, son of Harry Grace to Miss Sara Sheffner, daughter of L. M. & Mary Sheffner

c3        Funeral – Mrs Eliza S. Perry, June 29


30 June 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c4        Article – Biography of Joshua Doan of Sparta


Page 13

c4        Married – Keith M. McIntyre to Josephine Dorothy Margaret Honsinger, June 30

c4        Married – Richmond Secord Atkey to Margaret Baines, June 30

c4        Married – George William West to Helen Berry, June 30

3 July 1934

Page 1

c6        Funeral – Mrs Flora Hewer, 76 years, July 1


Page 2

c3        Married – William Pattison Telford, son of W. P. Telford to Mary Caven, daughter of G. L. Parsons

c3        Married – George Matthew Silcox, son of Alex J. Silcox to Frances Isabel Merrifield, daughter of William J. Merrifield

c3        Married – Charles Turnbull, son of George Turnbull to Miss Alice Mary Bartlet, daughter of N. A. Bartlet


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Emily Jacob, , nee Clarke, 65th year, July 2, daughter of John Clarke

c2        Died – William Grant, 74th year, July 2

c4        Married – Arthur Chapman to Miss Gladys Taylor, June 23

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Lucy Metcalfe, nee Norton, 61 years, July 2

c8        Memoriam – Robert Schultz, July 2 1927, by children Frank & Leona


Page 8

c2        Married – Jack McMullen, grandson of E. Shoemaker to Eleanor Amelia Greenwood, daughter of John Washburn Greenwood

c3        Engagement – Harold Black, son of John R. Black to Florence M. Campbell, daughter of Duncan A. Campbell – July

c4        Married – Eric Arthur Allan, son of James F. Allan to Marion Elizabeth MacKay, daughter of O. Telford MacKay, June 30

c4        Married – Harry Waitson to Primrose Hobbs, daughter of A. Bachley

c4        Married – Dr Earl V. Metcalfe, son of Alfred Metcalfe to Lila Moore, daughter of John Moore, June 30

c4        Married – Ernest Andrew Smith, son of John Smith to Miss Ella Staley, June 29

c4        Married – Harry Scnitzler, son of C. J. Scnitzler to Madeline Nicol, daughter of T. J. Nichol, July 2

c4        Married – Dr Harold Edward McMahon, son of Hugh Percival McMahon to Marion Davison, daughter of Rev George E. Ross, June 30

c5        Married – Norman Mitchell, son of George Mitchell to Lavina Reith, daughter of Duncan Reith, June 30


Page 12

c1        Died – Edward George Rouse, 72 years, June 30


Page 14

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Lucy Metcalfe, nee Norton, 61 years, July 2

c4        Funeral – Joseph Walter Clegg, July 2

c4        Funeral – Mrs Fannie Massacre, July 2

c4        Funeral – William Charles Stirton, June 30

c4        Funeral – Mrs Mary K. Watson, June 30

4 July 1934

Page 2

c1        Exams – Promotion Exams at St Thomas Public Schools


Page 7

c1        Reunion – McCallum family

c5        Died – John McGugan, 59 years, July 3, son of John & Betty McGugan, nee McLean

c6        Died – Mrs Thomas Small, 90 years, July 4, daughter of Squire George Robb


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Walter E. Lee, son of Rev Herbert Lee to Emma Louise Garbutt, daughter of Rev R. J. Garbutt – July

c3        Engagement – Dougald William Reader, son of William Reader to Jean Beatrice Rilett, daughter of Robert Rilett – July 7

c3        Engagement – Ira Zavitz, son of Walter A. Zavitz to Louise Mae Eberhart, daughter of George B. Eberhart

c5        Married – William Clifford Hockin, son of William Hockin to Mary Evelyn Austin, daughter of Joseph Austin

c3        EMarried – Harold Rossiter Scruton, son of Mrs A. Scruton to Elva Lillian Shaddock, daughter of Thomas Shaddock

c5        Married – Francis John Hunter, son of Eli Hunter to Isabel Giffen, daughter of A. Giffen

c5        Married – Dr George McClelland Bastedo, son of J. G. Bastedo to Miss Ruth Catherine Rogers, daughter of T. G. Rogers


Page 9

c1        Reunion – Koyle family

c4        Died – Benjamin DeForest, 88th year, June 29

5 July 1934

Page 3

c7        Birthday – William T. Fairbrother of Detroit 98th


Page 6

c2        Reunion – Wolfe family


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Mrs Mary L. Metcalfe, July 4

c8        Born – Valerie Lou Tanner, daughter of Dell Tanner, June 28

c8        Born – Son of A. G. E. Argue, June 29

c8        Died – John McGugan, July 3

c8        Memoriam – Kathleen ‘Dot’ Hitch Towers, Jul 5 1928


Page 8

c4        Married – John William Thompson to Alice Ruth Vanstone, daughter of Edwin Vanstone

c4        Married – Wilfred G. Orchard, son of W. T. Orchard to Miss Elva Bernice Vollick, daughter of C. W. Vollick

c4        Married – Dr Gerald Charlewwroth, son of Lionel Charlesworth to Miss Mary Elliott Jamieson, daughter of Percy Jamieson

c4        Married – Jack Shoemaker McMullen, son of Roy A. McMullen to Eleanor Amelia Greenwood, daughter of John W. Greenwood

c5        Married – Ernest Andrew Smith to Eliza May Staley


Page 9

c2        Married – Neil D. McGugan, son of Daniel McGugan to Vera Margaret Branton, daughter of George Branton, June 27

c3        Will – Estate of rev H. T. Crossley


Page 10

c3        Will – Estate of Thomas V. Whittle


Page 11

c4        Reunion – Munro family

c7        Reunion – Lunn family


Page 14

c2        Died – Augustus Berger, 77 years, June 25, son of John & Mary Bergere; widow of Mrs Ensteen Berger, nee Knevel

6 July 1934

Page 3

c1        Died – Mrs Archie Wilson, July 6, daughter of Edward & Nancy Laur

c2        Reunion – Slaght family


Page 6

c2        Reunion – Durdle family

c3        Died – Amos L. Wheeler, 74 years, July 6, son of William J. Wheeler; husband of Mrs Lillian D. Wheeler, nee Woodward

c6        Anniversary – St Peter’s Church, Tryconnnell, 106th

c6        Died – Mrs John R. Hewer, nee Flora Catherine Pritchard, daughter of William & Ellen Pritchard, nee Willis

c7        Funeral – Mrs Byron Jacob, nee Emily Clarke, July 4


Page 7

c8        died – Amos Lewis Wheeler, 75th year, July 6, father of Mrs h. Burwell, Mrs W. Fay, Mrs B. Beard; brother of Mrs H. Carr, Mrs R. Always, John N., W. J. and J. N. Wheeler

c8        Died – John McGugan, July 3


Page 8

c3        Reunion – Parker family – Biography of John & Nancy Parker, nee Watson


Page 9

c6        Reunion – Meyer family

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs M. Butcher of Port Burwell, 55th

c8        Reunion – Curtis, Millman, Tisdale Families

c8        Reunion – Harris Family


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs. Frank Coombs, nee Emma Brown of Simcoe, 61st

c2        Married – Charles Jenkens, father of Mrs H. McCurdy to Mrs M. Firby

c2        Married – William Sanford Turner, son of J. D. Turner to Helen Gertrude Anderson, daughter of Alexander Anderson, June 26

c2        Married – Phillip Oliver Harrison, son of O. Harrison to Miss Ada Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of George Thompson

c3        Married – Wilfred T. Smibert, son of James Smibert to Bella MacPherson, daughter of John MacPherson

c3        Married – Stewart Reavie to Margaret Thompson, daughter of Carl Thompson

c3        Married – Walter Dodman to Miss Emma Madeline Bainard

c3        Married – Gerald Drake, son of Mrs E. C. Drake to Miss Elizabeth Noble Bartlet, daughter of Noble A. Bartlet

c3        Married – Charles Sidney Gordon Caves, son of Mrs Ida Caves to Edna Alice Jane Bolton, daughter of Charles Bolton, July 4

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs. John Church, nee Eliza Powell of Jarvis, 50th

c5        Engagement – Alfred Thomas, son of A. Thomas to Margaret Alice Fillmore, daughter of R. Fillmore – July

c5        Engagement – Kenneth Sheridan Ham, son of J. S. Ham to Margaret Warren Grout, daughter rof Trevor H. Grout – July

c5        Married – Thomas F. Elliott to Florence Lovell, daughter of F. H. Lovell

c5        Engagement – Dr Darrell A. Campbell to Madeline Verlyn Timbrell, daughter of Thomas G. Timbrell


Page 11

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Peter Hanson of London, 25th

c1        Reunion – Goodhue family

c7        Reunion – Ford family

7 July 1934

Page 1

c7        Died – Edward More, 63 years, July 6

c8        died – Andrew Blanckaert, 7 years, July 7, son of Mrs Charles Vanneck


Page 3

c3        Birthday – Munson Wiley of Yarmouth, 86th

c4        Died – William Johnston, July 1, father of Ross Johnston

c6        Married – Rev Russell Clifton Archer, son of C. D. Archer to Miss Anna Jean Robinson, daughter of S. D. Robinson, July 7

c7        Married – Gordon H. Ford, son of James Ford to Kathleen Elsie Poysor, daughter of Fred Poysor, July 5

c7        Married – Dr Murray Barr, son of Mrs Margaret Barr to Miss Ruth King, daughter of Wallace King, July 5

c8        Married – Kenneth Douglas Couch, son of Dougald M. Couch to Miss Alice Mary Whicher

c8        Married – William Earhart, son of James Earhart to Edith Grundy, daughter of Alfred Grundy


Page 6

c2        Funeral – William Grant, July 4


Page 7

c2        Died – Miss Ann Jessie Simpson, 82nd year, July 3

c8        Born – Son of John Leitch, July 2

c8        Died – John Collins Blewett, 72 years, July 6

c8        Died – Amos Lewis Wheeler, 75th year, July 6


7 July 1934

Second Section

Page 13

c1        Reunion – Clunas & Gilbert Family

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Hayward of Norwich, 55th


Page 16

c5        Photo – Miss Irene B. Mills, daughter of J. Mills of St Thomas

c5        Engagement – Frederick Ralph Barnum, son of W. Harold Barnum to Ida Leota Waddle, daughter of Robert R. Waddle – July

c5        Engagement – William Neil McLean, son of J. G. McLean to Velma Louise Jagoe, daughter of John A. Jagoe

9 July 1934

Page 6

c2        Died – Milton J. Drouillard, July 8, son of Hector Drouillard

c3        Died – John Collins Blewett, 72 years, July 6, husband of Mrs Susie Blewett, nee Weekes

c3        Died – William Robert Jarmain, 63rd year, July 7


Page 7

c1        Died – Frank Grass, 76th year, July 8

c2        Died – Miss Elizabeth Jane Lanning, 90 years, July 8

c8        Born – Son of Cyril H. Clarke, July 8

c8        Died – Miss Elizabeth Jane Lanning, 90 years, July 8


Page 8

c1        Married – Alan E. Brock, son of Rev J. Brock to Miss Muriel Jean McDonald, daughter of H. E. McDonald

c1        Married – Rev Franklin Prescott Fidler, son of r. W. Fidler to Miss Inez Marguerite LePage, daughter of J. T. LePage

c1        Married – John Sneddon Robertson, son of John Robertson to Hillary Cleland, daughter of Samuel Cleland

c1        Married – Donald Stewart Porter to Mary Mabel Williams, daughter of Charles Williams

c4        Engagement – J. Elmer Lick, son of E. W. Lick to Eleanor McIntosh, daughter of R. A. McIntosh

c4        Engagement – Charles F. Schmuck, son of Francis & Margaret Schmuck to Mary Catherine Chapman, sister of John H. Chapman


Page 12

c7        Funeral – John McGugan, July 7

10 July 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Florence Brown, 14 months, July 10, daughter of James Brown

c4        Fire – Farm of Hugh Brown, Belmont


Page 2

c5        Funeral – Mrs Lyla Park, July 8


Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs Robert Newman, nee Annie Bell Parker, 39th year, July 9, daughter of William & Etta Parker; mother of Billie, Velma, Marion and Annabell Newman; sister of Mrs Basil Harris

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Jane McBride, nee Trenton, 87 years, July 9, daughter of Walter & Margaret Trenton; widow of John McBride; mother of Preston McBride, Mrs Wass, Mrs Katie Delaven, Mrs Margaret Coldrick and Mrs Mary Clark

c7        Reunion – Cooper family


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Walter M. Pitt, nee Florence Heys, 41 years, July 9, mother of Hazel, Florence, Jean, Joyce and Ronald Pitt

c2        Died – Mrs Samuel D. Freeman, nee Kate Rudd, 59 years, July 9

c6        Funeral – John Blewett, July 10

c6        Funeral – Amos Lewis Wheeler, July 9

c8        Born – Son of M. B. & Kathleen Pincombe, nee Sutherland, July 7

c8        Born – Marilyn Louise Sells, daughter of Wilfred Sells, July 6

c8        Born – Daughter of J. J. McAvay, July 8

c8        Died – Mrs Samuel D. Freeman, nee Kate Rudd, 59 years, July 9

c8        Died – Mrs Walter M. Pitt, nee Florence Heys, 41 years, July 9, daughter of John Heys; sister of Mrs R. H. Riley, Mrs Clara Nickle and Miss Alice Heys

c8        Died – Mrs Robert Newman, nee Annie Bell Parker, 39th year, July 9

c8        Memoriam – Alexander L. Cowie, July 10, by William & Lillian Cowie


Page 8

c2        Shower – Miss Esther Baker

c3        Engagement – John James Neilson to Miss Muriel Barker, daughter of Rev George W. Barker – July

c3        Engagement – John David Johnstone, son of Douglas Vaughn Johnstone to Marion Elizabeth Farmer, daughter of T. W. Farmer

c3        Birthday – Mary Lou Flint, 4th , granddaughter of F. Barrett of Port Stanley

c6        Married – William R. Young, son of John R. Young to Leilia M. Mossey, daughter of James Mossey

c6        Married – Dougald William Reader, son of William J. Reader to Jennie Beatrice Rilett, daughter of R. F. Rilett

c6        Married – Lawrence Ralph Mercer, son of William Mercer to Hilda Kilpatrick, daughter of S. C. Kilpatrick, July 4


Page 9

c1        Reunion – Lock family


Page 12

c8        Married – William Roach, son of William Roach to Irene May Hare, daughter of John W. Hare

11 July 1934

Page 2

c2        Funeral – Mrs Archibald Wilson, July 9

c2        Funeral – Frank Grass, July 10

c8        Died – Joseph E. Montross, 68 years, July 9, son of James & Mary Montross, nee Post; husband of Mrs Emma E. Montross, nee Shaw


Page 6

c7        Reunion – Fisher family


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Earle Charlton, June 27

c8        Memoriam – Hazel Pow, July 11 1930

c8        Memoriam – Herbert J. Smith, July 11 1928


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Miles Breffni O’Reilly, son of H. R. O’Reilly to Louise Mary Clarice Dewar, granddaughter of Judge Baron – Aug 2

c2        Engagement – James Gordon Cock, son of Rev D. G. Cock to Helen May Shantz, daughter of M. B. Shantz – Aug

c2        Engagement – Albert Edward Letts, son of Albert Letts to Aileen Victoria Hallett, daughter of Augustus Hallet – July

c6        Married – Harold Wilfred Black, son of John R. Black to Florence Mary Campbell, daughter of Duncan A. Campbell, July 7

c7        Married – Wilson Lucas, son of L. H. Lucas to Ruth Toll, daughter of E. W. Toll

c7        Married – Douglas Eugene Moss, son of D. E. Moss to Rhoda Minnie Atkinson, daughter of Medley W. Atkinson, June 28


Page 9

c2        Reunion – Cook Family

c3        Died – Miss Minnie Bauslaugh, 50 years, July 10, daughter of Peter Bauslaugh

12 July 1934

Page 3

c3        Funeral – Miss Elizabeth Lanning, July 9


Page 8

c3        Died – Thomas Fugard, 75th year, July 11, father of Mrs Sherman Ralf; brother of Mrs A. Stoner; grandfather of Fred Ralf

c4        Reunion – Taylor family


Page 9

c2        Died – Miss Hanna Coughlin, 90 years, daughter of Cornelius Coughlin; aunt of Carnelius Doyle

c8        Born – Daughter of Stuart Shackleton, July 8

c8        Born – David Coatsworth Price, son of Lloyd Price, July 3

c8        Born – Barbara May Scott, daughter of Tom & Vera Scott, nee Chilton, June 11

c8        Born – Son of Leonard & Annie Powell, nee Kirkwood, June 27

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Doris Dalton Campbell, July 12 1931


Page 10

c2        Birthday – Mrs George Andrew of Simcoe, 70th , mother of Mrs H. E. McKellar

c2        Engagement – Laurence Mitchell Ross, son of Milton Ross to Marjorie E. Bosbury, daughter rof Frederick Bosbury – July

c2        Engagement – Wilfred Dawson Carruther to Margaret Alice Hughes, daughter of Rev J. L. Hughes – July

c3        Engagement – Hubert J. H. Barrett, son of W. H. Barrett to Dorothy Dell MacPherson, daughter of Dr A. D. MacPherson – August

c3        Married – J. M. Rosser to Miss Esther Baker, July 11

c3        Married – Alva Gamble to Mrs Lavina MacNamara of St Thomas


Page 16

c2        Died – John E. Witheford, 87 years, Jun 10, father of E. J. & Mary Witheford, Mrs H. Halsey, Mrs R. Socall, Mrs G. Williams, Mrs M. Spence and Mrs Wm Finley

13 July 1934

Page 1

c6        Article – Edward Sivyer, 92 years


Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs William L. Innes, nee Wilhelmina Carnegie, July 11


Page 7

c1        Fire – McLean home at Jaffa

c1        Funeral – Mrs Florence Pitt, July 11

c1        Funeral – Mrs Kate Freeman, July 12


Page 8

c2        Married – Alfred Delaney Thomas, son of A. Thomas to Margaret Alice Fillmore, daughter of Roy Fillmore

c2        Married – Henry LaVerne Girling, son of Matthew Girling to Martha Melvina McKerlie, daughter of H. S. McKerlie

c2        Married – Robert S. Ford, son of John E. Ford to Miss Agnes Patricia Matthews, daughter of Harold Matthews

c2        Married – John Dawson Ketchum to Katherine Henderson Dawson, daughter of A. O. Dawson

c2        Married – William Martin Penman, son of R. Penman to Luella Nelda Damm, daughter of John Damm

c2        Married – Rev Stanley Gordon Jackson, son of Paul Jackson to Elizabeth Beatrice Poston, daughter of Rev James A. Poston

c2        Married – Thomas Finlay Elliott, son of W. H. Elliott to Florence Margaret Lovell, daughter of Frank Lovell


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Mrs Annie Belle Newman, July 12

c4        Died – Wesley E. Manzer, 65th year

c7        Born – Son of George E. Gunton, June 30

c7        Born – Son of William I. Epple Jr., July 1

c7        Born – Daughter of Harry Dixon, July 7

c7        Born – Son of Stewart Moore, July 6

c7        Born – Robert Lewis McKim, son of Robert McKim, July 4

c7        Born – Son of Charles Stackhouse, July 2

c7        Born – Son of Lloyd Butcher, July 2

c7        Born – Daughter of H. & Lily Gibbons, nee Powell, July 6

c7        Born – Hugh Alexander McKenzie, son of John H. & Bernice McKenzie, nee Jamieson, July 2

c7        Born – Chauncey Earl Clark, son of Hercules Clark, July 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Marshall L. Montgomery, July 11

c8        Born – Son of L. S. & Queenie Ruth Smith, nee Hillis, July 12

c8        Died – Miss Hanna Coughlin, 90th year, July 11

c8        Died – Mrs Eleanor Elizabeth Robinson, July 11, widow of George Robinson

c8        Memoriam – Ted Knowles, July 13 1927, by parent Mr & Mrs G. Knowles

c8        Memoriam – Jean Lindsay Campbell Wallace, July 13 1929, by husband John Wallace


Page 10

c2        Engagement – John Wallace to Helen Dorothy Harlow, daughter of H. Harlow – July

c3        Engagement – Rev John Edward Waltho, son of James Edward Waltho to Vivian Etoire Utter, daughter of Harry Utter – August

c3        Engagement – Milner Pearson, son of J. Pearson to Dorothy Baker, daughter of Fred Baker – July

c3        Shower – Miss Vera Kennedy

c3        Engagement – Hubert J. H. Barret, son of W. H. Barrett to Dorothy Dell McPherson, daughter of Dr A. D. McPherson – August

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Judson Austin of Woodhouse, 50th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Henry Oliver of Strathroy, 56th


Page 11

c2        Reunion – Descendants of Benjamin, Edward and Samuel & Sarah Livingstone


Page 13

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – “Harper-Summers-Denton Story of 100 Years Ago

14 July 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – James R. Cameron, 67th year, July 13


Page 2

c3        Funeral – Mrs H. P. Langs, July 14


Page 6

c5        Died – Thomas Pressey, 75 years, July 13

c6        Reunion – Jacques family


Page 7

c8        Born – William Russell Monteith, son of A. E. & Agnes Monteith, nee Rae, June 25

c8        Memoriam – Thomas Harris, July 15 1931


Page 8

c1        Reunion – Prior Family

c2        Reunion – Snelgrove Family

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary Small, July 13

c5        Died – Walter Chambers, 73rd year, July 13, son of William & Sarah Chambers


14 July 1934

Second Section

Page 16

c5        Engagement – Mack Milligan, son of Arthur Milligan to Ella J. McLeod, daughter of Angus McLeod

16 July 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Henry Elliott, 85 years, July 15, son of Samuel Elliott – Photo

c6        Photo – Frank H. Butcher of Aylmer


Page 2

c6        Died – Henry A. Cohoe, 85th year, July 16, son of Edward Cohoe; widow of Mrs Linda Cohoe, nee Depew

c7        Funeral – Wesley E. Manzer, July 14

c8        Died – William J. Smith, 69 years, July 12, husband of Mrs Emma Smith


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Miss Hannah Couglin, July 14

c1        Funeral – Miss Minnie Bauslaugh

c1        Funeral – John Witheford, July 13


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Delia Pollock, nee Dingman, 86th year, July 16, widow of H. G. Broderick and W. O. Pollock; mother of Mrs Mabel Stuart

c5        Died – John Charles Hewson, 72 years, July 15, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Hewson; father of Mrs Jack Stewart, Mrs George Turnbull, Carl and Russell Hewson; brother of George and Albert Hewson

c8        Born – Daughter of Arthur Miller, July 12

c8        Born – Daughter of John & Jennie Dick, nee Fleming, May 5

c8        Died – Henry Elliott, July 15

c8        Died – John Charles Hewson, July 15

c8        Memoriam – Theresa Bowers, July 16 1933

c8        Memoriam – Margaret Jane Couch, July 16 1930


Page 8

c3        Engagement – William Rolph Barnes, son of William Barnes to Charlotte Lillian Innes, daughter of William L. Innes – September

c3        Engagement – Andrew A. Gillespie, son of G. H. Gillespie to Enid Margaret MacLean, daughter of T. A. MacLean – August

c5        Married – Clayton M. Nash to Ruth M. Sims, daughter of Walter J. & Elizabeth Sims

c5        Married – John James Neilson, son of William Neilson to Muriel Gertrude Baker, daughter of Rev G. W. Barker

c5        Married – Williard Gordon Marlatt, son of Tillman Marlatt to Helen Leona Wilcox, daughter of Walter Wilcox


Page 9

c2        Married – Mr & Mrs Earl Keutch, nee Mary Purdy

c2        Reunion – Muma and Burgess Family

c3        Reunion – Cochran and Dunning Family


Page 12

c1        Died – Moffatt D. Miller, July 15, husband of Mrs Grace Miller, nee Jones; son-in-law of Leonard Jones

c5        Died – Evelyn Doreen Nethercott, 4 years, July 15, daughter of Ernest Nethercott

17 July 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Mrs Fanny Backus, nee Morris, 83rd year, July 17, widow of Stephen A. Backus


Page 3

c2        Reunion – Doan Family


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Jennings, 88 years, July 16, widow of Archibald Ford and George Jennings

c2        Died – Dr Charles Shain, 62 years, July 16, father of Aubrey & Frances Shain; brother of Mrs Peter McGinnis

c8        Funeral – James R. Cameron, July 16

c8        Died – Mrs Delia Pollock, 86 years, July 16

c8        Died – Henry Elliott, 85th year, July 15


Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs John Steen, July 14, daughter of George Nelles and Phoebe Martindale

c3        Engagement – John R. W. Clark, son of Edgar Clark to Hilda May Hubbard, daughter of Maurice Hubbard

c5        Married – Robert Gaskin, son of Emerson Gaskin to Leora Tanner, daughter of John Tanner, July 17

c5        Married – William P. Billinghurst, son of Mr & Mrs A. W. Mann to Winona Maxine Mattis, daughter of L. B. Mattis, July 16

c5        Married – Stephen Byers Burnett, son of William Burnett to Maude Rose May Gagg, daughter of A. M. Gagg

c5        Married – Albert Erdman Stedelbauer, son of J. E. Sedelbauer to Miss Vera Frances Kennedy, daughter of Morley Kennedy


Page 9

c1        Reunion – Hunter-Schoup-Winger Family

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Daniel Pratley of Brampton, 64th

18 July 1934

Page 6

c1        Died – W. A. Silk, 73rd year, July 17, father of Henry Silk; brother of Mrs E. F. Gibson and Mrs (Rev) R. W. Knowles

c2        Reunion – Herries Family

c2        Reunion – Campbell Family

c3        Shower – Mr & Mrs Neil McGugan of Southwold


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of James Chapman, July 16

c8        Born – David Jones, son of Stanley Jones, July 14

c8        Born – Daughter of E. Wraight, July 17

c8        Died – Mrs Fannie Backus, 83rd year, July 17, widow of Stephen A. Backus


Page 9

c1        Died – Clinton R. Sutton, 50 years, July 15, son of John & Bessie Sutton

c3        Died – Mrs Frank Stewart, nee Lucy Ann Armson, 75th year, July 15

c5        Funeral – Mrs William L. Innes, July 14

c5        Funeral – Mrs Mildred Lay, nee Swisher, 36 years, July 16, wife of Albert Lay; daughter of Bert Swisher; sister of Roy Swisher; daughter-in-law of James Lay

19 July 1934

Mitchell F. Hepburn Edition

Page 1

c1        Biography – Mitchell F. Hepburn, Premier of Ontario – Photo


Page 4

c4        Photo – Angus W. Johnson, Mayor of St Thomas

c5        Photo – E. S. Livermore, Warden of Elgin County


Page 10

c5        Photo – G. W. Colter and R. S. Coleter


Page 11

c3        Photo – Donald J. Begg of Southwold

c7        Photo – Mr & Mrs Melrock Bailey and great grandson Garth Lloyd Olde


19 July 1934

Page 13

c4        Photo – William Rippon of St Thomas

c4        Photo – Miss Alice Howe, daughter of Thomas Howe


Page 18

c2        Funeral – James R. Cameron, July 16

c2        Funeral – C. Roy Sutton


Page 19

c3        Died – Mrs John P. Bailey, nee Mary Jane Allin, July 19, mother of Jennie Pearl, William Porter and Charles Edward Bailey

c3        Died – Mrs Cuthburt Hetherington, July 19

c7        Memoriam – William Fleming, July 19 1933

c7        Memoriam – Hedley Pow, July 19 1932

c8        Born – Marshall Hamilton Towers, son of Marshall C. Towers, July 17

c8        Born – Son of Adam Lee, July 11

c8        Died – Mrs John P. Bailey, nee Mary Jane Allin, July 19


Page 20

c2        Married – Lawrence Ross, son of Milton Ross to Marjorie Bosbury, daughter of Frederick Bosbury, July 18

c2        Married – Andrew Dryden Blair, son of Mrs B. Blair to Nancy Lathrop Green, daughter of W. E. Green

c2        Married – Dr Darrell A. Campbell, son of David Campbell to Madeline Verlyn Timbrell, daughter of Thomas G. Timbrell

c4        Married – William Finlay Shackleton, son of Norman Shackleton to Marion Ivison, daughter of Russell Ivison, July 18

c4        Married – Wilfred Earl Dockstader, son of Aden Dockstader to Jean Elizabeth Beattie, daughter of J. P. Beattie


Page 21

c1        Reunion – Stafford Family

c2        Died – Edward Farnden, 28 years, July 15

c2        Died – Neil D. McPhail, 57th year, son of Duncan & Margaret McPhail; husband of Mrs Mary McPhail, nee Rayner


Page 24

c2        Died – Frank Addyman, July 15, son of Mrs Hugh Kelso

c4        Funeral – John Charles Hewson, July 17

20 July 1934

Page 5

c4        Funeral – Mrs Delia Pollock, July 18

c4        Funeral – Henry Elliott, July 18


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Millie VanWagoner, 71st year, July 19, wife of Sheldon VanWagoner

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary Ferguson, widow of John Ferguson

c3        Died – Mrs Cuthbert Hetherington, nee Sarah Meharg

c3        Married – Orlo A. Curtis, son of J. Curtis to Ivy Warrener, daughter of W. Warrener, July 18

c3        Married – Joel A. Leslie, son of T. J. Leslie to Mildred F. Armstrong, daughter of Frank Armstrong, July 18

c4        Funeral – Mrs Jennings, July 18

c8        Died – Glen Culp, 7 years, July 19, son of Emery Culp


Page 7

c3        Died – Daniel H. Bowen, 68 years, July 19

c3        Died – Bertram Tocher Ferguson, 63rd year, July 20

c4        Died – Delbert Marlatt, 18 years, July 19

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Chance, 70 years, July 19

c8        Died – Leo Emery, 9 years, July 19, son of Napoleon Emery

c8        Born – Son of Bernard & Helen Quinn, nee Barry, July 7

c8        Born – Donna Elva Small, daughter of Douglas & Vera Small, nee Zavitz, July 14

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Bailey, nee Allin, July 19


Page 8

c5        Died – Mrs Percy Mitchell, nee Olive Weld, July 19

c6        Died – Rev Canon William Bevan, 80th year, July 19


Page 9

c1        Reunion – Hillman Family

c2        Died – Albert E. Hellyer, 74 years, July 15


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Charles A. Cousins, son of John S. Cousins to Ruby Marion Falls, daughter of W. H. Falls

21 July 1934

Page 1

c1        Died – Daniel William Coyne, 73 years, July 20, brother of Dr James H. Coyne

c1        Died – Richard T. Whitlock, 77 years, July 20

c8        Died – James Russell Carlyle Struthers, July 21


Page 3

c5        Married – Gordon C. Koch, son of John Koch to Ruby Ambersine Creech, daughter of Thomas G. Creech, July 18


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Joseph Thomas Pressey, July 15

c2        Funeral – Alexander McDugald, July 19, son of William McDugald


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Lyman Sutton, June 30

c8        Born – Son of Gordon Williams, no date given

c8        Born – Annie Lenore Blue, daughter of Archie J. Blue, July 13

c8        Memoriam – Charles S. Simonds, July 21 1925


Page 8

c2        Photo – Everett Eveland of St Thomas


21 July 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c2        Reunion – Ronson Family

c3        Died – Mrs Atkinson Poole, nee Christine McIntyre, 80 years, July 20

c6        Died – Mrs Hannah Porter, 85th year, July 17, widow of William Porter

c7        Funeral – Mrs Wesley Lumley, nee Mary Sloan, 79th year, July 19, sister of Mrs Hannah Titterington, James, William and Thomas Sloan

c7        Reunion – VanAttr Family


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Fred Barnum to Miss Ida Waddle, daughter of R. R. Waddle – July – Photo

c5        Engagement – Cyril Jackson, son of Leonard Jackson to Ruby Lillian Smith, daughter of Stanley Smith – August

c5        Engagement – Harold Arthur Bambrick, son of F. Bambrick to Anne Wright, daughter of Mrs R. Wright – July

c5        Birthday – Yvonne McAteer of St Thomas, 12th

c6        Engagement – Albert Edward Letts, son of Albert Letts to Aileen Victoria Hallett, daughter of Augustus F. Hallett – July

23 July 1934

Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs Francis Moffat, nee Grace Davidson, 83rd year

c2        Died – Mrs John Todd, 77 years


Page 3

c2        Birthday – Mrs George Grantham of Mount Pleasant, 89th

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Neil D. McGugan of Lawrence Station


Page 6

c1        Died – John Lawrence, 55 years, July 21


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Daniel W. Coyne, July 24

c1        Funeral – Richard T. Whitlock, July 24

c1        Died – James Winnington Ingram, 54th year, July 20, husband of Mrs Wanda Georgia Winnington-Ingram, nee Pearce; brother of Mrs Wilma Meredith Ingram, Dr Alexander Ingram and James W. Ingram

c8        Died – David W. Coyne, July 20

c8        Died – Mrs Gertrude Bessie Smale, 39 years, July 21, husband of Harry R. Smale

c8        Died – Infant son of Gertrude & Harry Smale, July 21

c8        Memoriam – Loraine Latimer, July 23 1933

c8        Memoriam – James Scanlan Leigh, July 11 1917, son of Mrs W. H. Goodey


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Harry Pullen, son of J. Pullen to Pansy M. Horel, daughter of Mrs G. Horel – August

c2        Married – Elmer Schweyer to Miss Elva McKenzie, niece of Mrs M. Johnson, July 14

c2        Engagement – Percy West, son of W. O. West to Margaret Helen McEwen, daughter of Hugh J. McEwen – August

c2        Engagement – Eric A. Radford, son of Frederick Radford to Margaret Watson, daughter of Mrs Isabella Watson – August

c3        Married – Mr Milligan, son of Arthur J. Milligan to Ella Jane McLeod, daughter of Angus & Harriet McLeod, July 21

c3        Married – Albert E. Lockwood, son of D. Lockwood to Mary Cecilia Howe, daughter of Frank Howe, July 18


Page 12

c4        Died – Mrs Gertrude Bessie Smale, nee Gorvett, 39 years, July 21

c4        Died – Infant son of Harry & Gertrude Smale, nee Gorvett, July 21

c4        Died – Mrs Louisa Belfrey, July 23, mother of Mrs Clara L. Forest

24 July 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Robert Carruthers, 87th year, July 20


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs C. H. Dohany, nee Louise Sloat, July19, daughter of Charles Sloat

c2        Died – Leamon Lutes, 76 years, son of Henry Lutes; widow of Mrs Susan Lutes, nee McEwen

c8        Died – Mrs Louise Belfrey, July 23


Page 8

c3        Married – George William Fradgley, son of Arthur Fradgley to Gladys Ellen Glover, daughter of William Glover, July 21

c3        Married – Dr Louis J. Fenech, son of Frank Fenech to Jeanne Monica Hughes, daughter of Talmadge Hughes, July 14

c4        Married – Charles A. Cousins, son of John S. Cousins to Ruby Marion Falls, daughter of W. H. Falls, July 21


Page 12

c3        Photo – John F. Heard, son of F. W. Heard of St Thomas

c5        Funeral – Mrs Mary Jane Bailey, July 21

c5        Funeral – Mrs Sheldon Van Wagoner, July 21

c6        Funeral – Mrs Cuthbert Hetherington, July 21

c6        Funeral – Mrs Christine Poole, July 22

25 July 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Charles Scrase, 72 years, July 24, son of Charles & Emily Scrase; brother of John & Fred Scrase and Mrs Martha Tinlin – Photo


Page 7

c8        Born – Sopn of Claude M. McCallum, July 19

c8        Died – Robert Eugene Forest (Forrest), 16 years, July 24, son of Chester Forest; brother of Charles Forest


Page 8

c3        Married – Milner Pearson, son of J. Pearson to Dorothy Emily Baker, daughter of Fred Baker, July 21

c3        Married – John Croke, son of Maurice Croke to Mary Helen Moore, daughter of Frank Moore

c3        Married – Roy Osborne Scott, son of Lloyd Scott to Edith Helen Tunks, daughter of George Tunks, July 21

c3        Married – Stanley LeRoy Krompart to Miss Louise Fairlie Huffman, daughter of J. D. Huffman, July 14


Page 12

c4        Funeral – John Lawrence, July 24

c4        Funeral – Mrs Gertrude J. Smale and infant son, July 24

26 July 1934

Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs W. J Webster, nee Katie Campbell, 62nd year, July 25

c5        Died – Mrs H. H. A. Jones, nee Elizabeth Florence Ellison, July 23, daughter of John Ellison

c8        Died – Charles Scrase, July 24


Page 8

c3        Married – Albert Edward Letts to Aileen Victoria Hallett, July 25

27 July 1934

Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Daniel C. Clements, nee Sarah Green of Chatham, 60th

c5        Died – Hugh Halligan, 81 years, July 24

c3        Died – Mrs Louisa Prong, 74th year, July 27, widow of Charles F. Prong


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs George Dunstall, nee Annie Eliza Anderton, 61 years, July 26, daughter of James Anderton; sister of George & Lewis Anderton

c8        Born – Daughter of Hugh McConnell, July 24

c8        Born – Daughter of Gordon E. Sheppard, July 24

c8        Born – Son of Cecil & Mildred Scott, nee Holcomb, July 25

c8        Born – Son of A. D. Kettlewell, July 17

c8        Born – Barbara Ann McLean, daughter of Kenneth McLean, July 21

c8        Born – Daughter of George Mummery, July 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Morley Gee, July 20

c8        Born – Daughter of George Hunter, July 23

c8        Born – Son of Clarence Ryan, July 23

c8        Born – Son of Charles Chivers, July 20

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Cruickshank, July 18

c8        Died – Mrs George Dunstall, nee Annie Eliza Anderton, 61 years, July 26


Page 10

c4        Married – George Yeomans to Miss Jessie Sutherland, July 21

c4        Married – Walter E. Lee, son of Rev Herbert Lee to Emma Louise Garbutt, daughter of Rev R. J. Garbutt, July 25

c4        Married – Herbert Thorp Gregory, son of Francis R. Gregory to Helen Elizabeth Ewald, daughter of Louis A. Ewald, June 12

c4        Married – Arnold K. Gamble, son of F. T. Gamble to Miss Dora Blackwell, daughter rof Thomas Blackwell, July 25

c4        Married – James Frederick Alexander Lister, son of J. E. Lister to Viva Oliver Brown, daughter of P. M. Brown

c5        Married – Albert E. Mullett to Mrs George Dobson, nee Hattie Sharman, daughter of James Sharman

c5        Married – Aubrey Wm Reeves to Olive V. Tiffin, daughter of A. J. Tiffin

28 July 1934

Page 3

c6        Photo – Harry Chapman of St Thomas

c6        Married – Arthur Bambrick to Anne Thompson Wright, July 27

c6        Married – Carl Mewhinney, son of William Mewhinney to Evelyn Martin, daughter of Mrs Susan Ambazine

c6        Married – Maruce Franklin Dawes, son of Stewart Dawes to Ruth Georgina Rennie, daughter of John Rennie

c7        Married – Clayton Ion, son of Michael Ion to Nora May Field, daughter of Francis E. Field

c7        Married – Edward William Lippert, son of David Lippert to Gladys Reathie Smith, daughter of George Smith

c7        Married – Philip Young Caley, son of Walter Caley to Clara Jean Swift, daughter of A. Swift

c7        Married – John Arthur Cook to Miss Ross, daughter of Mrs Patrick Ross


28 July 1934

Second Section

Page 6

c7        Reunion – Descendants of John L. & Jane Ferguson


Page 8

c5        Engagement – Dr Trygve A. Alstad, son of Dr J. Alstad to Catharine Sheldon Horn, daughter of Conrad Charles & Ida Horn, nee Sheldon; granddaughter of Mrs A. Sheldon – August

c7        Engagement – James Edward Parsons, son of John Christopher Parsons to Helen Ruth Waddell, daughter of Rev Charles Waddell – August


Page 10

c2        Reunion – Zavitz Family


Page 11

c4        Funeral – Robert E. Forest (Forrest), July 27

c4        Funeral – Charles Scrase, July 27

c8        Born – Jack Thomas Carter, son of Ernest & Mary Carter, nee Ward, July 24

c8        Born – Barbara Ann Richardson, daughter of Albert Richardson, July 17

c8        Born – Anna Marilyn Krause, daughter of Alfred & Edna Krause, nee Goodbrand, July 27

c8        Born – Son of Herbert Baxter, July 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Earl Earhart, July 20

c8        Born – Son of Bruce Ball, July 25


Page 14

c6        Died – Mrs J. Harold Duplan, nee Edith M. Hodgins, July 27

30 July 1934

Page 2

c3        Funeral – Mrs Annie E. Dunstall, June 28


Page 3

c2        Died – Hugh Halligan, 81 years, widow of Lavine Slack


Page 6

c3        Fire – Home of Miss Helen Howlett in Port Stanley


Page 7

c8        Reunion – Tansley Family

c8        Born – Son of S. W. Morningstar, July 25


Page 8

c2        Married – Kenneth Sheridan Ham, son of John S. Ham to Miss Margaret Warren Grout, daughter rof Trevor H. Grout

c2        Married – Dr Arthur Saddington to Miss Helen McCalla

c2        Married – Milner Pearson, son of J. Pearson to Dorothy Emily Baker, daughter of Fred Baker

c2        Married – Earl William Churchill, son of James Churchill to Miss Elsie Rosella Brown, daughter of Walter Brown

c2        Married – Graham Gore, son of A. C. Gore to Wilma Lavina Ingram, daughter of W. J. Ingram

c2        Married – Albert Green to Miss Ida Gerenraich, daughter of B. Gereraich

c3        Married – Wilbert Copeland, son of John Copeland to Leola Stevenson, daughter of Floyd Stevenson

c3        Married – Robert McMillan, son of W. C. McMillan to Ethel J. Watson, daughter of George Watson, July 26

c5        Birthday – Mrs J. Turville of Union, 87th


Page 12

c5        Reunion – Ryckman Family

31 July 1934

Page 1

c3        Photo – Edwin M. Orchard, Postmaster in St Thomas


Page 6

c4        Reunion – Descendants of John & Nancy Paterson and sons Duncan & Donald Paterson


Page 7

c2        Reunion – Haviland Family

c8        Born – Laura Jean Scott, daughter of Alexander C. Scott, July 26

c8        born – Daughter of Clare Esseltine, July 28

c8        Died – Mrs Hannah A. Porter, nee Helsdon, 84 years, widow of William Porter


Page 8

c1        Married – Frederick Ralph Barnum, son of L. Barnum to Ida Leota Waddle, daughter of R. R. Waddle

c2        Engagement – Charles William Maddeford, son of William Maddeford to Mary Louise Cleland, daughter of G. R. Cleland – August

c2        Married – Beverley Duncan Whitehead to Miss Myrtle Ann Moore, July 28 – Photo

c5        Died – Harry A. Carter, 75 years, son of Henry Carter


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs W. Hanvey Chute, nee Eliza J. Fraser, 86th year, July 30

c3        Died – William John Winter, 59 years, July 30, son of William & Rebecca Winter

c3        Funeral – James Irons, 86 years, son of Charles & Agnes Irons, nee Booth

c5        Died – Lewis Wigle, 89 years, July 30

1 August 1934

Page 1

c2        Fire – Farm of William Wiley of Con 6, Yarmouth Township

Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs John Sharp, nee Rosetta Battle, 81 years, July 30, daughter of Mrs Mary Ann Battle; widow of James Luscombe


Page 6

c2        Died – William Weldon, 80 years, July 29, son of Patrick & Hannah Weldon, nee Curtis

c2        Funeral – Mrs William Flood, nee Melissa Eastman, Aug 1

c2        Funeral – Mrs Louisa C. Prong, July 29


Page 7

c2        Died – John Heys, 69 years, Aug 1

c8        Memoriam – James Fleming, Aug 1 1931

c8        Memoriam – Mrs A. Youngs, Aug 1 1933


Page 8

c2        Married – Lawrence Ellwyn Misner, son of Clayton Misner to Isabel Young, daughter of James A. Young

c2        Married – Charles Carmon Rogers, son of Charles E. Rogers to Anne Mabel Clark, daughter of Alanson Clark

c2        Married – Ernest Trueman, son of Mrs G. Manchen and the late Richard Balsdon to Winnifred Mary Bulmer, daughter of R. E. Bulmer

c2        Married – Donald Lyle Lancaster, son of W. B. Lancaster to Bessie Lillian Miller, daughter of John A. Miller

c3        Married – Madison C. Cheute, son of Mrs Mabel Cheute to Juanetta Wolf, daughter of Clarence Wolf. Note spelling should be Chute

c3        Married – Morley F. Slaght, son of Dr W. E. Slaght to Miss Laura L. Wallace

c6        Shower – Mrs Harold Black, nee Florence Campbell

c6        Engagement – Howard Lewis Cranston, son of Hubert Cranston to Beulah Gwendolyn Abbott, daughter of B. E. Abbott

Page 11

c1        Birthday – Mrs Henry Pitman of Tillsonburg, 89th

2 August 1934

Page 8

c2        Died – Albert Mansion, 82 years, Aug 2

c2        Died – John McLachlan, 90 years

c4        Died – Charles Gott, 77 years, July 31

c4        Funeral – Harry A. Carter, July 31


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of Lee Conway, July 31


Page 10

c5        Married – Harold Eaton Elborn, son of John Elborn to Bessie Jamieson, daughter of Rev J. A. Shaver

c5        Married – John Wallace Jr to Miss Dorothy Harlow, daughter of H. Harlow


Page 12

c3        Reunion – Ferguson Family

c5        Died – Mrs George Howard, nee Jane Harvey Larson Parson, 79 years, July 31

c6        Died – Mrs Jenny Johnson, nee Emmett, sister of George Emmett


Page 16

c6        Died – Mrs James Bradshaw, nee Alice Norton, 28 years, daughter of R. C. Norton

3 August 1934

Page 1

c2        Birthday – William Foote of St Thomas, 86th, Photo, son of James Foote

c4        Photo – Charles F. Maxwell of Aylmer

c5        Photo – E. S. Livermore of St Thomas


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs William Jewell, nee Evelyn Brown, Aug 3, daughter of Cyrus Brown

c9        Born – Son of Roy Cohoon, July 30


Page 8

c1        Married – Ernest Trueman Balsdon, son of Richard Balsdon to Winnifred Mary Bulmer, daughter of R. E. Bulmer

c1        Married – Herchel Olmstead, son of Valdo Olmstead to Miss Elizabeth Fisher

c3        Engagement – Lawrence Smith, son of E. Smith to Doris Ivy James, daughter of M. James

c3        Engagement – Howard Lewis Cranston to Beulah Gwendolyn Abbott

c3        Reunion – Rose family


Page 10

c1        Died – Miss Florence B. McMillan, 30 years, Aug 2, daughter of D. J. & Bessie McMillan

c3        Funeral – William McDonald, 82 years, Aug 2


Page 14

c2        Reunion – McVicar Family


4 August 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Mrs Cyrus Brown, nee Anna Waite, 82nd year, Aug 3, daughter of Robert & Mary Waite

Page 3

c6        Married – John P. Mansfield, son of John D. Mansfield to Miss Marie Jackson, daughter of Robert Jackson

c6        Married – James Millard, son of Squire Millard to Helen Eliza Perry, daughter of Kirk Perry, July 28

c6        Married – John Norman King, son of John King to Miss Dylora Mary Alice Swenclsky

c7        Married – Howard Walter Hall, son of Albert Hall to Evelyn Wride

c7        Married – Ray Kitt or Gitt to Eunice Hazel Crooker, daughter of J. W. Crooker


Page 6

c2        Reunion – Descendants of Archibald Thomson

c6        Reunion – McKim Family


Page 7

c7        Born – Son of Lionel & Beatrice Emberson, nee Tuff, July 27

c7        Born – Daughter of Charles Davenport, July 30

c7        Born – Son of D. Kettlewell, July 17

c7        Born – Barbara Ann McLean, daughter of Kenneth McLean, July 21

c7        Born – Son of Victor Willeart, Aug 1

c7        Born – Son of Camiel Bauaert, Aug 1

c7        Born – John Edwin Morgan, son of E. O. ‘Ted’ Morgan, July 26

c7        Born – Son of Charles Courtnage, July 29

c7        Born – Son of William Cooke, July 29

c7        Born – Daughter of James Rosehart, July 24

c7        Born – Daughter of Hugh & Mamie E. Bell, nee Kinchaular, July 30

c7        Born – Twin daughters of William Beecraft, July 26, one baby died

c7        Born – Daughter of Barney Cowal, July 29

c7        Born – Daughter of Hugh A. McConnell, July 24

c7        Died – Mrs Evelyn Jewell, 61st year, Aug 3

c7        Died – Mrs Cyrus Brown, 82nd year, Aug 3

c7        Died – Robert Crewe, 55th year, Aug 3, husband of Mrs Lily Crewe, father of Lizzie and Eva Crewe and Mrs Mollie (Albert) Petrie

c8        Memoriam – Thomas Near, Aug 5 1933

c8        Memoriam – Charles Norman Shunk, Aug 6 1931


Page 8

c3        Funeral – Mrs Eliza J. Chute, Aug 1

c3        Funeral – John Heys, Aug 3

c4        Died – Robert Crewe, 55th year, Aug 3


4 August 1934

Second Section

Page 13

c2        Died – Mrs William Flood, nee Melissa Eastman, 86th year

c3        Reunion – Gow-Cameron Family

c4        Died – Mrs William George Rankin, nee Lydia Elizabeth Heslop, 84 years

c4        Reunion – Hurd Family


Page 16

c2        Married – John P. Mansfield to Miss Mari Jackson, Aug 4 – Photo

c7        Married – Merrill Dolph to Miss Evelyn L. Purcell, Aug 3

c7        Engagement – Charles Lewis Joiner to Margaret Evelyn MacFie, daughter of John W. MacFie – August

7 August 1934

Page 1

c7        Died – John A. McRae, Aug 4 – Photo


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Mrs George E. Howard, nee Parsons, 70 years


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Rebecca Bowlby, 80th year, Aug 6, widow of William L. Bowlby

c2        Died – Mrs (Dr) E. S. Ferguson, nee Marie Hazen, Aug 4

c2        Died – Mrs Burton Hubert, nee Mary Ann Sharpe, 95th year, Aug 5

c8        Born – Lois Jean Hatch, daughter of Russell & Audrey Hatch, nee Davis. Aug 4

c8        Died – Mrs Rebecca Bowlby, 79th year, Aug 6

c8        Died – Mrs (Dr) E. S. Ferguson, nee Marie Hazen, Aug 4

c8        Died – Mrs Burton Hubert, nee Mary Ann Sharpe, 95th year, Aug 5

c8        Legal Notice – George Granger not responsible for debts incurred in his name


Page 8

c6        Married – Miles Breffni O’Reilly, son of H. R. O’Reilly to Miss Louise Mary Clarice Dewar, daughter of D. P. Dewar

c6         Married – Anthony Francis Haller, son of John Haller to Miss Pearl Lillian Durocher daughter of Ulysses J. Durocher

c6        Married – William Bruce Griffith, son of Oliver & Jessie Griffith to Gladys Wilhelmina McLaren, daughter of John McLaren

c6        Married – Victor L. Muttan, son of William Mutton to Miss Eleanor Ruth Cameron, daughter of Donald Cameron

c7        Married – Walter Allan Rennie, son of Hugh R. Rennie to Margaret Eleanor Charlton, daughter of R. Frederic Charlton

c7        Married – William Bayliss, son of Charles Bayliss to Freida Margaret Slade, daughter of George A. Slade

c7        Married – Frederick Archibald Hare, son of F. E. Hare to Genevieve Elizabeth Shepherd, daughter of Dr F. S. Shepherd

c8        Married – James Hogan, son of J. Hogan to Lucille Margaret Bennett, daughter of John Bennett


Page 9

c1        Died – James Williams, 65 years, Aug 5, son of Gilford & Mary Williams, nee Neff; husband of Mrs Edith Williams, nee Boulding

c2        Died – James B. Thomas, 74 years, Aug 5

c3        Died – Alfred N. W. Clare, 56 years

c3        Died – Mrs Jane Nethercott, nee McLuckle, 76 years, Aug 6, widow of Rev J. P. Nethercott

c3        Reunion – Lipsitt Family

c4        Died – John Alexander McRae, 59 years, Aug 4, son of John & Sarah McRae

c4        Died – Miss Emma Munger, 44 years, Aug 4

c6        Died – George Merryman, 32 years, Aug 4

c6        Died – Alton Caulice, 25 years, Aug 4


Page 14

c4        Funeral – Albert Mansion, Aug 4

c4        Funeral – Frank Farmer, Aug 5

c4        Died – Francis Joseph Burton, 21 years, Aug 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs Anna Brown, nee Waite, Aug 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs Evelyn Jewell, nee Brown, Aug 6

8 August 1934

Page 1

c6        Will – Estate of Colin Duffield of London; husband of Mrs Geraldine Duffield, nee Brown; son-in-law of E. S. Brown of St Thomas


Page 3

c3        Funeral – Robert Crewe, Aug 7


Page 6

c2        Died – Allan D. Maguire, 87th year, Aug 7, father of Mrs Jessie Christie; brother of Edward G. & Albert Maguire and Mrs McKoy


Page 7

c8        Born – Thelma Fay McMurray, daughter of Ross McMurray, Aug 4


Page 8

c1        Married – Clarence Ashford Lorriman, son of James Garfield Lorriman to Margery Lillian Goodison, daughter of W. T. Goodison

c1        Married – Rev Dr M. Scott Fulton to Miss Ruby Campbell

c1        Married – Kenneth Alfred McPherson to Mrs Grace McMurchy Graham

c2        Engagement – Rev S. Ernest Lewis, son of Ernest Fleming Lewis to Louise Mary Addison, daughter ofc Rev Dr Arthur Peter Addison

c3        Engagement – Duncan Archibald MacRae, son of John MacRae to Jean Lorraine Hogg, daughter of Rev J. E. Hogg


Page 9

c3        Reunion – Martindale-Kulp Family

c3        Reunion – Merritt Reunion


Page 12

c2        Died – James William Pert, 5 years, son of David & Levina Pert, nee Columbus; grandson of James Columbus

c5        Died – Elmer Wade, 33 years, Aug 7

9 August 1934

Page 1

c3        Died – David Charles Crouch, 44 years, Aug 9


Page 2

c4        Funeral – Mrs Mary Ann Hubert, Aug 8

c5        Reunion – McDiarmid Family


Page 6

c3        Anniversary – Mr & mrs Joseph W. Long of Port Dover, 60th

c5        Reunion – Descendants of Charles McKay


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Minnie Gordon, nee McLauchlin, 45 years, Aug 8, wife of T. A. G. Gordon,

c2        Died – Mrs Maude Blue, 43 years, Aug 8

c2        Died – Miss Ninn Blue, 7 years, Aug 8

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Graham, 81st year, Aug 9, widow of John Graham; daughter of James & Mary Graham, nee Campbell

c4        Died – John Ingram, 60th year, Aug 8

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Leslie, Aug 5

c8        Born – Son of Craic Long, Aug 5

c8        Died – Mrs D. B. McRae, 85 years, Aug 3

c8        Died – Albert Woodford Letson, 28 years, Aug 7, son of Albert A. Letson; brother of Jack Letson; grandson of Richard Woodford


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs J. W. Coulter of Talbotville, 83rd

c2        Birthday – J. W. Coulter of Talbotville, 85th

c3        Engagement – Alfred Villiers Malone, son of Willard P. Malone to Jean G. Crozier, daughter of L. G. Crozier

c3        Engagement – James Dean, son of James Dean to Miss Jessie Guthrie – Aug 11

c3        Engagement – Harold Dean, son of James Dean to Miss Helen Halford – Aug 22

c3        Married – Donald Lyle Lancaster, son of W. B. Lancaster to Bessie Lillian Miller, daughter of J. A. Miller of Rodney

c3        Married – Ernest F. Clark, son of E. W. Clark to Miss Anita Adams, daughter of Mrs F A. MacLean and the late G. W. Adams

c6        Reunion – Marshall Family


Page 9

c1        Reunion – Descendants of Lewis Anguish, UE

c1        Reunion – Taylor-Broadley Family

c1        Reunion – Lowden Family

c1        Reunion – Cattel Family

c1        Reunion – Martindale-Kulp Family

c3        Died – Thomas Morris, 69th year, Aug 4


Page 12

c1        Reunion – Soper-Ball Family

c3        Died – Albert Woodford Letson, Aug 7

c4        Died – Mrs D. B. McRae, nee Annie M. Andrews, 85 years, Aug 3, daughter of Rev Richard Andrews

c5        Funeral – James Williams, Aug 7

c5        Funeral – Mrs Rebecca Bowlby, Aug 8

10 August 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs Sara Stephens, 58 years, Aug 10, wife of Hugh Stephens, mother of Harry, Lloyd, William and Ruth Stephens

c4        Died – J. A. Taylor, 69 years, Aug 10, son of John & Mary Taylor; husband of Mrs Emma Taylor, nee Glasgow


Page 3

c1        Died – William B. Beer, 62 years, son of Rev W. C. Beer; husband of Mrs Elizabeth J. Beer, nee Huff


Page 6

c2        Died – William N. Yerex, 97 years, son of Charles Yerex; Uncle of James A. & Charles Vincent Yerex

c3        Died – Mrs Jane Brunskill, Aug 9, widow of Thomas Brunskill, mother of Will, George, Thomas & Stephen Brunskill and Mrs Randall Pyatt

c4        Died – Ted Richards, 13 years, Aug 9


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Allan Chapman, nee Jessie Elizabeth Ford, 39 years, Aug 10, daughter of Mrs Emily Ford; mother of Edith Chapman; sister of Eleanor, Sydney and Albert Ford

c3        Died – Alexander D. Milne, Aug 10

c4        Died – Mildred Pauline Garvey, 10 years, daughter of Edward Garvey

c7        Died – Mrs D. B. McRae, 85 years, Aug 3

c7        Died – Mrs Jessie Elizabeth Chapman, 39 years, Aug 10

c7        Memoriam – Ada Miriam Cook, Aug 10, by husband Ernest A. Cook

c8        Born – Son of Ray Cohoon, July 30


Page 8

c2        Engagement – J. William MacCallum to Miss Thelma Hussey – August

c3        Engagement – Thomas Clarence Hinkson Hewitt, son of James Hewitt to Margaret Robson, daughter of Mrs Finley Marshall

c3        Engagement – John Baldwin Boyd, son of Rev J. R. S. Boyd to Lois Evelyn Hubble, daughter rof Mrs Francis Plunkett Thompson

c5        Married – Dr J. Walter Graham, son of R. L. Graham to Anne Christine Hare, daughter of James Alexander Hare

c5        Married – Cyril E. Jackson, son of Leonard Jackson to Ruby Lillian Smith, daughter of Stanley J. Smith

c5        Married – Russell Pringle to Miss Margaret Irene Colter

c5        Married – Albert E. Bauman, son of Mathew Bauman to Miss Ethel Laura Willert, daughter of George A. Willert


Page 10

c2        Reunion – Ford Family

c3        Died – Mildred Garvey, 10 years, niece of Harry Martin

11 August 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – J. A. Taylor, Aug 10 – Photo

c6        Died – Mrs Hugh Stephens, Aug 10


Page 2

c1        Died – Miss Haze Wride, 21 years, daughter of Henry Wride

c2        Died – Ernest Renaud, 28 years


Page 3

c3        Married – Harry Pullen, son of J. Pullen to Pansy May Horel, daughter of G. A. & M. B. Horel

c4        Married – Dr James Gordon Cock, son of Rev D. G. Cock to Helen May Shantz, daughter of M. B. Shantz

c4        Married – James Farquhuarson Grierson, son of William Grierson to Gwendolyn McKenzie MCoig, daughter of J. R. McCoig

c4        Married – Gordon Campbell, son of William Glen Campbell of Aylmer to Valya Canos, daughter of Mrs Frances Canos, Aug 1

c8        Engagement – Rev Charles F. Tilbury, son of Mrs Hurman Weaver to Kathleen Selkirk, daughter of Rev c. Elmer Kenny


Page 6

c1        Reunion – Fisher Family

c2        Died – James M. Carty, 68 years, Aug 9

c5        Died – Reginald Pleasance, 49 years, Aug 7, son of John Pleasance


Page 8

c5        Engagement – Ralph Connor, son of T. E. Connor to Miss Margaret Alice Newton, daughter of B. G. Newton – Photo

c5        Engagement – Kenneth George Goheen, son of G. A. Goheen to Alice Pearl Powers, daughter of H. B. Powers

c5        Engagement – George Henry Doan, son of L. A. Doan to Anna McNellage Lindsay, daughter of J. Lindsay

c5        Engagement – Henry Clarence Gram. son of Henry Gram to Bertha May Dunning, daughter of Roy Dunning

c5        Engagement – Lawrence Leeson, son of William & Mary Leeson to Aileen Louise Main, daughter of James & Louise Main – August 18


Page 10

c1        Reunion – Best Family

c2        Died – Alexander D. Milne, husband of Eliza M. Milne

c2        Funeral – Alfred W. Letson, Aug 10

c2        Funeral – Allan D. Maguire, Aug 9

c3        Reunion – Horner Family

c4        Reunion – Jolliffe Reunion

c5        Reunion – Welch Family


Page 11

c1        Died – William Turnbull, 77 years, Aug 10

c2        Reunion – Brown-Whalls Family

c7        Born – George Verne Andrew, son of George Andrew, Aug 10

c7        Born – Raymond Gilbert Gloin, son of H. L. Gloin, July 15

c7        Born – Daughter of Charles Carpenter, Aug 7

c7        Born – Daughter of Rev Charles Leslie, Aug 5

c7        Born – Son of Edward Sandham, Aug 7

c7        Born – Donald Andrew Ostrander, son of Morley Ostrander, July 30

c7        Born – Daughter of Beverley Cline, Aug 4

c7        Born – Son of Murray Lawson, Aug 3

c7        Born – Son of Frederick Sinden, Aug 1

c7        Born – Daughter of R. C. McKenzie, Aug 9

c7        Died – J. A. Taylor, Aug 10

c7        Died – Mrs Jessie Elizabeth Chapman, 39 years, Aug 10

c8        Memoriam – Harold A. Haney, Aug 12 1923


Page 13

c4        Died – Foster Bauslaugh, 67 years, Aug 11


Page 14

c2        Died – Miss Aileen Hambleton, 21st year, Aug 11, daughter of Herman Hambleton

13 August 1934

Page 2

c1        Examination Results – St Thomas Collegiate Institute Middle School


Page 6

c1        Died – Maxwell Herbert Levine, 18 months, son of David Levine

c7        Died – Mrs Amy Elizabeth Bristol, nee Horton; daughter of John Horton; widow of Rev C. W. Bristol


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Alex Ferguson, husband of Mrs Kate Ferguosn, nee McGinnis, Aug 13

c2        Died – Miss Effie S. Porter, 76 years, daughter of William & Martha Porter

c2        Died – Mrs Donald Graham, nee Charlotte Goodhue, Aug 12

c8        Memoriam – George Crabe, Aug 13 1930

c8        Memoriam – William Skelding, Aug 13 1932, by brother Joe


Page 8

c4        Married – Cecil George Heard, son of George Heard to Eleanore Anne Wallace, daughter of Rev Archer Wallace

c4        Married – David C. Thomson, son of Rev D. D. Thomson to Eba Catherine Bradley, daughter of C. J. Bradley

c4        Married – Ernest R. Mill, son of W. H. Mill to Margaret Elizabeth Jeacock, daughter of Arthur Jeacock

c4        Married – James Douglas McLean, son of Alex D. McLean to Ruby Mae Currie, daughter of William Currie

c4        Married – George Weatherston to Miss Lulu McPhail

c5        Married – Frederick R. Graesser to Nora Irene Millen, daughter of F. Eric Millen

c5        Married – Dr William Patterson Kinder to Helen Allshouse Bamborough, daughter of Dr T. A. Bamborough

c5        Married – James Edgar Dean, son of James Dean to Jessie Isobel Guthrie, daughter of James Guthrie

c5        Married – Rev Daniel Young, son of Allen Young to Audry Quirk, daughter of James J. Quirk


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Fidella Thomas, 87 years, Aug 2, daughter of John & Elizabeth Cowan; widow of Henry Chandler and George W. Thomas

c2        Died – Mrs Emily A. Prior, nee Shotwell, July 7


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Emma J. Ripley, Aug 3

c2        Died – William H. Styles, 78th year, Aug 12, husband of Mrs Margaret Styles, nee Rochester – Photo

14 August 1934

Page 1

c7        Kidnapped – John S. Labatt of London, brother of Hugh & Angela Labatt, nee Pierce

c7        Died – Mr & Mrs Alfred Jasper, Aug 14


Page 6

c4        Examination Results – Dutton Middle School


Page 7

c2        Died – Thomas Frank Sims, 21 years, Aug 14, son of Walter John & Elizabeth Sims; brother of Katherine Sims and Mrs Ruth (Clayton) Nash

c4        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Stephens, nee Smale, Aug 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Harley Ponsford, Aug 9

c8        Born – Son of David Steinhoff, Aug 12

c8        Died – William H. Styles, 78th year, Aug 12

c8        Died – Thomas Frank Sims, 21 years, Aug 14


Page 8

c4        Married – Rev Henry Hooper Marsh to Miss Margaret Dorothea Heakes

c4        Married – DeCourcy Rayner to Marion White

c4        Died – Miss C. E. Hulsart, 101st year, aunt of Miss Frances M. Robertson


Page 9

c1        Reunion – Campbell Family

c3        Died – George Mahler, 75 years, Aug 11


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Hugh Stevens, nee Small, 70 years, Aug 10

c3        Funerak – John Livingstone, Aug 11

c3        Funeral – Miss Effie S. Porter, Aug 13

c3        Funeral – Mrs Jessie E. Chapman, Aug 13

15 August 1934

Page 1

c5        Kidnapped – John S. Labatt of London – Photo


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Miss Aileen Hambleton, Aug 13


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Alexander D. Milne, Aug 13

c6        Funeral – Mrs Mary Graham, Aug 11


Page 8

c2        Married – Mr & Mrs Harry Putllen, nee Horel – Photo

c3        Engagement – William L. Misener, son of H. E. Misener to Anna Kathleen, daughter of Henry Brunner

c3        Engagement – D’Arcy Argue Counsell Martin to Margaret Ellen Howard

c4        Married – Hubert J. H. Barrett, son of W. H. Barrett to Dorothy Del MacPherson, daughter of Dr D. A. MacPharson

c4        Married – Travers Cattanach to Louise Hull, daughter of E.Hull Sr., Aug 11


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs John C. Ferguson, 86 years, sister of Mrs Alex Battin

c5        Examination Results – Fingal School


Page 12

c4        Died – Francis Dwyer, 63rd year

16 August 1934

Page 2

c4        Died – John H. Hanley, 66 years


Page 3

c1        Photo – John S. Labatt Kidnapping


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Jessie Davis, 64 years

c2        Died – Mrs Francis E. Marr, nee Jacques, 75th year, Aug 14

c8        Born – Daughter of Grant S. Newton, Aug 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Gordon W. Oakes, Aug 9


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Arthur Ezra Hagerman, son of George Hagerman to Margaret Caroline Newors, daughter of Elgin E. Bowman – September

c3        Engagement – Dr Donald Davison, son of Alan Ross Davison to Katharine Jardine Crowe, daughter of Raymond Crowe – September

c3        Engagement – Ernest Stanley Moran, son of Walter Moran to Myrtle Marie Galsworthy, daughter of John W. Galsworthy – August

c3        Married – Mrs Frank C. Moore, nee Evelyn Poole

c4        Married – W. Tabor McNeil, son of Charles W. McNeil to Margaret Helen Morgan, daughter of T. M. Morgan

c4        Married – Frank C. Moore, son of William C. Moore to Evelyn Lavina Poole, daughter of Christopher Poole


Page 10

c3        Died – Percy Ernest Hepburn, 39 years, Aug 11

c4        Reunion – Leitch Family

c4        Funeral – Foster Bauslaugh, Aug 14


Page 14

c6        Funeral – Mrs Charltotte Graham, Aug 15

c6        Funeral – William H. Styles, Aug 15

17 August 1934

Page 1

c2        Kidnapping – John S. Labatt is Freed – Photo


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Thomas Frank Sims, Aug 16


Page 8

c1        Died – Fred VanPatter, 54 years, brother of Lee VanPatter and Mrs Harry Kent


Page 9

c8        Born – William Russell Platt, son of Herald Platt, Aug 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Batholomew, Aug 13

c8        Born – Stillborn daughter of Borden Wardell, Aug 9

c8        Born – Larry Delmur Whiting, son of Russell D. Whiting, Aug 4


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Robert G. Richardson, son of George Richardson to Jean Hauck, niece of Robert A. Holme – September

c3        Married – Henry Clarence Gram, son of Henry Gram to Bertha May Dunning, daughter of Roy Dunning

c3        Married – Gordon Longstreet, son of Thomas Longstreet to Miss Beatrice Swanton, daughter of H. L. Swanton


Page 12

c2        Reunion – Gillies Family

c3        Died – Mrs T. A. G. Gordon, Aug 15, daughter of Duncan McLachlin

18 August 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Charles Weiner, 72 years, Aug 17, son of Charles & Theresa Weiner, nee Streigel; husband of Mrs Catherine Weiner, nee Moore

c3        Photo – J. Glen Black, son of J. J. Black of Port Stanley

c5        Died – Ernest Allen Olds, Aug 16, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Olds, nee Pritchard

c6        Died – Theodore A. Hunt, Aug 16 – Photo

c6        Died – Thomas Fitzgerald, 73 years, Aug 17, father of Mrs Douglas Doan


Page 3

c3        Engagement – John Charles Risk, son of Dr C. A. Risk to Kathleen Morris, daughter of Rev Richard Perdue

c3        Engagement – Arthur W. Jenkins, son of Percy Jenkins to Freida Marie McPhail, daughter of Mrs Etta McPhail

c7        Married – William Charles Salt to Miss Martha Mann, daughter of H. J. Mann of Dutton


Page 6

c2        Reunion – Walther & Livingstone Family

c5        Reunion – Zavitz Family


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Dr J. A. King, August

c8        Born – Daughter of Alvin B. Howard, Aug 14

c8        Born – Mary Luella Pegg, daughter of Vern Pegg, Aug 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Gray, Aug 13

c8        Born – Son of Clayton Smith, Aug 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Gerald E. Leigh, Aug 8

c8        Died – Thomas Fitzgerald, 73 years, Aug 17

c8        Died – Charles Weiner, 72nd year, Aug 17

c8        Memoriam – Gordon Ernest DeHart, Aug 19 1924


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Ida Bainard, nee Hill, 75th years, Aug 15, widow of J. W. Bainard

c1        Died – George Hoskin, brothr of Mrs Henry Oliver


18 August 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c2        Photo & Biography – Wilson H. Mills of Sparta

c6        Photo – T. G. Courtenay of St Thomas


Page 16

c4        Reunion – Futcher Family

c6        Engagement – William E. Walters, son of T. D. Walters to Miss Bessie Irene Dancey, daughter of Leon Dancey – September

c6        Engagement – Robert W. Pearson, son of F. R. Pearson to Dorothy M. Colledge, daughter of H. A. Colledge – September

c6        Engagement – Ernest Basil Anderson, son of E. S. Anderson to Dorothy Mary Snow, daughter of N. Snow – September

c6        Engagement – Warren William Smith, son of Frank Smith to Helen Miracle Cox, daughter of P. W. Cox – September

c6        Engagement – Morley C. Edgington, son of George Edgington to Reta Ann Rann, daughter of H. Rann – August

c6        Engagement – Frank Lorne Parker to Edna Marion Siple, daughter of J. H. Siple – September

20 August 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Alfred E. Haines, Aug 19, son of Arthur Haines; father of E. Wilfred Haines and Mrs Ethel (Dr W. S.) Lemon – Photo


Page 2

c1        Funeral – Charles Wiener, Aug 20

c2        Photo – Mr & Mrs W. J. Lynch and grandchildren, Mary & John Labatt Jr.

c8        Reunion – Porter Family


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Solomon Dale, nee Jemima Mulligan, 74 years, Aug 19, daughter of John & Margaret Mulligan

c2        Died – Robert Taylor Bate, 72 years, Aug 19

c2        Died – Marvin Claus, 29th year, Aug 19

c8        Died – Joseph Coughlin, Aug 18

c8        Born – Daughter of W. Overbaugh, Aug 15

c8        Born – Daughter of V. Pegg, July 31

c8        Died – Mrs Kathleen Desbrow, 83rd year, Aug 9, mother of Tommy groves

c8        Died – Robert Taylor Bate, 72 years, Aug 19

c8        Died – Mrs Solomon Dale, nee Jemima Mulligan, 74 years, Aug 19

c8        Died – Alfred E. Haines, 79th year, Aug 19


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Jean Blewett, nee McKishnie, Aug 19

c2        Married – Robert Siderfin Critchell II, son of Robert M. Critchell to Miss Nancy Grant, daughter of William McMullen Grant

c2        Married – Rev S. Ernest Lewis, son of Ernest Fleming Lewis to Louise Mary Addison, daughter of Rev Dr A. P. Addison

c2        Married – Harley Everett Martin, son of James Martin to Mildred Louise George, daughter of Arthur George

c2        Married – W. Taber McNeil, son of Charles W. & Elizabeth McNeil to Margaret Helen Morgan, daughter of T. M. Morgan

c3        Married – Rev John Edward Waltho, son of James Edward Waltho to Vivian Etoire Utter, daughter of Harry Utter

c3        Married – Lorne D. Hill to Miss Florence A. Garlich, daughter of John Garlich

c3        Married – John Fraser MacDonald, son of Thomas MacDonald to Gladys Catharine King, daughter of Fred King

c3        Married – Howard Lewis Cranston to Miss Beulah Gwendolyn Abbott, daughter of R. T. Abbott

c3        Married – J. William McCallum, son of John McCallum to Thelma E. M. Hussey, daughter of William J. Hussey

c3        Married – Norman Seal, son of George Seal to Miss Evangeline Joan Lauzon

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles E. Williams, nee Mary Elizabeth Ranspach of St Thomas, 60th

c6        Engagement – Frank Lorne Parker, son of John Lorne Parker to Edna Marion Siple, daughter of John Hume Siple


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Miss Effie S. Porter, Aug 15

21 August 1934

Page 1

c7        Died – Mrs Jean Blewett, 72 years, Aug 19 – Photo


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Louisa Jane Small, Aug 21, widow of Nathan Small

c8        Born – Daughter of Winston Overbaugh, Aug 15

c8        Died – Alfred Edward Haines, Aug 19

c8        Memoriam – Isaac H. Davidson, Aug 20 1933


Page 8

c1        Married – Kenneth G. Goheen to Miss Alice Powers, daughter of H. B. Powers

c1        Married – Edward Frederick Eidt, son of Dr E. H. Eidt to Dorothy Christine Pugh, daughter of S. H. Pugh

c1        Married – Ernest White to Miss Lorretta Billo, daughter of Frank Billo

c2        Engagement – John Lambert Anderson, son of Clement Anderson to Grace Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of W. J. Sinclair – September

c2        Engagement – John Duncan MacLeod, don of D. R. MacLeod to Helen Catherine Clark, daughter of George H. Clark – September

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Seager of Goderich, 65th

c3        Engagement – Dr John Douglas Morecroft Griffin to Erica Maude Witherow

c3        Engagement – Ernest Stanley Moran, son of Walter Morran to Myrtley Marie Galsworthy, daughter of John W. Galwsworthy

c3        Married – Duncan A. MacRae to Miss Jean Lorraine Hogg, Aug 22


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs John R. Healey, Aug 17, daughter of John & Elizabeth McBride


Page 12

c6        Funeral – Thomas Fitzgerald, Aug 20

22 August 1934

Page 1

c4        Photo – Mr & Mrs Thomas Futcher Sr. and Mr & Mrs Thomas Futcher Jr., nee Susan Northwood


Page 2

c1        Funeral – Mrs Jemima Dale, Aug 21


Page 3

c2        Died – Theodore A. Hunt, widow of Mrs Clara Edith ‘Gwen’ Hunt, nee Harmer


Page 6

c5        Died – William Archer, 67 years, Aug 20, husband of Mrs Minnie Archer, nee Shackleton

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Godby of Vienna, 50th


Page 7

c7        Legal Notice – John May Jr., not responsible for debts of his wife.

c8        Born – Daughter of Ted Edwards, Aug 19

c8        born – Daniel Arthur Clunis, son of Leonard Clunis, Aug 15

c8        Born – Donald Stanley Durkee, son of Stanley Durkee, Aug 21

c8        Born – Son of Bert Sherman, Aug 6

c8        Born – Son of Conrad Vandenheede, Aug 2

c8        Born – Son of Charles Hill, Aug 12

c8        Born – Son of David Logan, Aug 14

c8        Died – Mrs Louisa Jane Small, 91st year, Aug 21


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Phinley B. Freeman, nee Martha Hickin of St Thomas, 50th

c2        Engagement – Sheldon Coy Clement, son of S. B. Clement to Ellen Ruth King, daughter of W. C. King

c2        Engagement – Frederick L. Potter to Miss Margaret Cook

c3        Engagement – dr William S. Dick, son of Alexander C. Dick to Helen Maude Moore, daughter of Ernest W. G. Moore – September

c3        Birthday – William Kincade of Mount Bryce, 80th

c4        Married – Laurence Smith, son of Archibald Smith to Doris Ivy James, daughter of Llewellyn James

c4        Married – Charles Thomas Tinsley, son of C. H. Tinsley to Edith Ilene Lugsdin, daughter of James Lugsdin

c4        Married – Donald E. McDiarmid, son of A. McDiarmid to Blanche Leila Morningstar, daughter of W. J. Morningstar

c4        Married – Kenneth Wray Davidson, son of Charles Davidson to Helen Margaret Huggins, daughter of Henry Huggins

c4        Married – George Alexander Tilden to Mary Hewiston Hagerman

c4        Married – Charles A. Ayearst to Nora Wilson, daughter of John A. Wilson


Page 12

c8        Shower – Mr & Mrs Robert McMillan of Dutton

23 August 1934

Page 7

c1        Died – John Henry Miles Barr, 31 years, Aug 28, father of Helen, Patricia, Joyce & Jean Barr; brother of Mrs E. C. Gunther, Ivan, Cyril & Leonard Barr

c8        Funeral – Robert Taylor Bate, Aug 22

c8        Born – Ronald Bruce Miller, son of Wilfred Miller, Aug 18

c8        Died – Mrs Louisa Jane Small, Aug 21

c8        Died – John Henry Miles Barr, 31 years, Aug 23, husband of Mrs Hazel Barr, nee Tupholme

c8        Died – Mrs Florence Cook, nee Winslade, Aug 22, wife of William Book; mother of Valerie & Arley Cook


Page 8

c2        Married – Lester Armstrong, son of J. D. Armstrong to Miss Bertha Hillis, daughter of William Hillis

c2        Married – John Lawrence Leeson to Aileen Louise Main, daughter of S. L. & Louise Main

c2        Married – Kenneth McPherson to Mrs Grace Graham

c2        Married – Duncan A. MacRae to Jean Lorraine Hogg

c3        Married – Harold Brossan Dean to Helen Maude Halford

c3        Married – Andrew Alexander Gillespie to Enid Margaret MacLean

c3        Married – Howard J. Leary to Elise Jean Witt

24 August 1934

Page 3

c3        Birthday – Mrs Catherine Gage of Simcoe, 101st

c4        Died – Mrs Frances Josephine Tillson, 40th year, Aug 23, wife of George D. Tillson; daughter of Joseph Thompson


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Alfred Edward Haines, Aug 22

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs. Henry Hammond, nee Sarah Ann Linden of Waterford, 68th


Page 7

c8        Born – Donald Stanley Durkee, son of Stanley Durkee, Aug 21

c8        Born – Dora Annie Dale, daughter rof Dick Dale, Aug 19

c8        Born – Son of M. Scott, Aug 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Joseph Walker, Aug 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Max Mulkewich, Aug 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Ernest Armstrong, Aug 15

c8        Born – Son of J. A. King, Aug 17

c8        Born – Daughter of Warren Miners, Aug 18

c8        Born – William Ronald Sandham, son of Edward Sandham, Aug 8

c8        Born – Daughter of Claude McGaw, Aug 20

c8        Born – Daughter of Alex Maeckelbrergh, Aug 13

c8        Born – Son of George Chute, Aug 16

c8        Born – Son of Morley Smith, Aug 16

c8        Born – Son of Joseph Dare, Aug 18

c8        Born – Son of W. E. Louckes, Aug 21

c8        Died – Mrs Florence Cook, nee Winslade, Aug 22


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Harry Crane, son of John Crane to Helen D. Couch, daughter of Arthur Couch – September

c2        Engagement – Murray Pettie Biggar, son of James David Biggar to Kathryn Emma Camilla Rosebrugh, daughter of Dr Frederick Alexander Rosebrugh

c5        Married – Harry Edward Maurer to Irene Isabel O’Phee, daughter of Mrs Annie O’Phee

c5        Married – C. Lewis Joiner, son of Chester Joiner to Margaret Evelyn MacFie, daughter of John W. MacFie

c5        Married – Robert Leo Rockefeller, son of Oscar Rockefeller to Miss Jaeanette Grace Louch, daughter of Lloyd Louch


Page 9

c6        Reunion – Bainard Family


Page 11

c1        Reunion – Futcher Family


Page 14

c1        Funeral – John Henry Barr, Aug 25

c3        Died – William Franklin Phelps, 73 years, son of W. H. & Hannah Phelps

c4        Died – Arthur Jenkins, 20 years, son of James Jenkins

25 August 1947

Page 1

c2        Photo – Times Journal/Chicago World’s Fair contest winners – Miss Jean Piper; Miss Amy Lawton; Miss Phyllis Riddle; Miss Winnifred Randall; Miss Jean Smoke; Miss Beulah Butler; Miss Jean Turner; Miss Marie Easton; Miss Jean Martyn; Miss Grace Griffin; Mss Wanita Sloan; W. J. Stewart; Miss Ethel Jarbeau; Ray Star; Mrs W. J. Stewart; Mrs W. H. Legg; Miss May Collins; Miss Winnie Armstrong

c8        Photo – Harry C. Borbridge of St Thomas


Page 2

c5        Birthday – Mrs Catherine Gage, nee Genereaux of Waterford – 101st


Page 3

c3        Died – Mrs Maria Bedford, 90 years, widow of Albert Bedford

c4        Married – Harold Fisher, son of L. Fisher to Miss Violet Lillian Nunn, daughter of G. H. Nunn

c4        Married – Charles Maitland Humber, son of C. H. Humber to Miss Evelyn Audrey Jarvis, daughter of J. G. Jarvis

c4        Married – Charles S. Ayearst to Lenora Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of John A. Wilson

c7        Died – Mrs Amelia Johnson, nee Cahill, 72 years, Aug 22, widow of James Johnson

c8        Funeral – Mrs Louisa Jane Small, Aug 24


Page 6

c3        Died – Peter D. Turner, 71 years, Aug 24

c6        Died – Mrs Ira Mabee, nee Nettie Fuller, 56th year, Aug 24, mother of Ray & Ross Mabee; sister of Leonard & Douglas Fuller and Mrs Frank McDonald


Page 7

c8        Born – Beatrice Louise McCully, daughter of T. E. & Myrl McCully, nee Condon, Aug 20

c8        Born – Daughter of E. W. Edwards, Aug 19

c8        Died – Peter D. Turner, 71 years, Aug 24


25 August 1934

Second Section

Page 10

c4        Biography – Port Burwell Church of England – Photo


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs William Mowbray, 92nd year


Page 16

c5        Engagement – James Moffat Hamilton, son of Mrs Abram Nelson to Rose Eileen Ohlman, niece of J. C. Smith

c5        Engagement – Edward Grandmason, son of John Grandmason to Frances Parsons, daughter of Mrs Virginia Parsons – September

c5        Engagement – T. E. Malone, son of A. R. Malone to Florence Jones, daughter of Hugh Jones – September

c7        Engagement – Dr William Dick, son of Robert Murray Dick to Miss Jean Seymour Meek, daughter of A. J. Meek – Sept 11

c7        Engagement – Arthur William Jenkins, son of Percy Jenkins to Freida Marie McPhail, daughter of Freeman McPhail – September

c7        Engagement – John Lambert Anderson, son of Clement Anderson to Grace Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of W. J. Sinclair – September

c7        Engagement – William Kennedy to Luella Mistele, daughter of Charles F. Mistele – September

c7        Engagement – Scott Malcolm to Miss Elizabeth Mitchell – Aug 29

c7        Engagement – Albert Stanley Reid, son of George Reid to Viola Sara Cook, daughter of Frank Cook – September

c8        Engagement – Hugh Charles Hall, son of Robert Hall to Helen Mary Elizabeth Lummis, daughter of Adolphus Lummis

c8        Engagement – Robert B. Messervy to Phyllis Margaret Drayton, daughter of Sir Henry Drayton

8          Engagement – Lawren Phillips Harris, son of Lawren S. Harris to Elizabeth Anne Hammond, daughter of Mrs Norma Hammond – Sept 20

c8        Engagement – Halleck Gillet Hayden, son of H. G. Hayden to Jean Elizabeth Weir, daughter of James R. Weir – September

c8        Engagement – Dr William Richard Graham, son of W. R. Graham to Donna Jean McAllister, daughter of Charles McAllister – September

c8        Engagement – Harry C. Cayley, son of T. M. Cayley to Jean Wood, daughter of John G. Wood – September

c8        Engagement – Joseph R. Shaddick, son of Richard Shaddick to Elsie Hazel Manning, daughter of Charles R. Manning – September

c8        Engagement – Norman N. Cooper, son of John A. Cooper to Wanda McLeod, daughter of H. W. McLeod – September

c8        Engagement – Albert Stanley Reid, son of George Reid to Viola Sarah Cook, daughter of Frank Cook – September

c8        Engagement – George Murray Gossage, son of Charles A Gossage to Jean Campbell Henwood, daughter of George B. Henwood – September

c8        Engagement – John L. Wilson, son of W. B. Wilson to Helen L. Dennison, daughter of Herbert J. S. Dennison – September

27 August 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Miss Mary Fitzgibbon, Aug 26


Page 2

c1        Died – Mrs Catherine Gage, 101 years, Aug 26, widow of Russell Gage

c4        Died – Mrs Joshua L. Coutts, nee Martha Strathdee, 72 years, Aug 25, daughter of George & Agnes Strathdee, nee Carr

c8        Died – Frederick W. Karn, Aug 26


Page 6

c2        Died – Miss Ida Eldora Hamilton, Aug 26, daughter of Rev R. D. and Elva Hamilton, nee Kipp; niece of Mrs George Pepper

c3        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Moore, 76th year, Aug 25, daughter of Christian & Katharine Heipleh


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs (Dr) Albert McCandless, nee Mary Smith, 70 years, Aug 25, daughter of Samuel Smith

c6        Died – Dr Charles Elliott, Aug 10, son of Joseph Elliott

c8        Died – Mrs Martha Coutts, 72 years, Aug 25, mother of Agnes, Grace, Russell and Stuart Coutts

c8        Died – Miss Mary Fitzgibbon, 86 years, Aug 26

c8        Died – Mrs Mary McCandless, nee Smith, 70 years, Aug 25

c8        Died – John McKay, 92nd year, Aug 27

c8        Memoriam – George Grantham, Aug 27 1932


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Dr Herman Leon Savage, son of Robert B. Savage to Margaret Adelaide Hull, daughter of Edmond D. Hull – September

c2        Married – Villiers McQueen, so of Murray McQueen to Miss Mary Schentag, daughter of John Schentag

c3        Engagement – Allen A. McNair, son of Andrew McNair to Edythe Marjorie Henderson, daughter of T. N. Henderson – September

c3        Engagement – Murray Thornton to Miss Belva Brooks – August

c3        Engagment – Leonard McKenzie, son of James McKenzie to Elsie Bernice Calvert, daughter of Jesse Calvert – September

c5        Engagement – John Lendrum Wilson, son of W. B. Wilson to Helen Lillian Dennison, daughter of J. S. Dennison – Photo

c5        Married – Norman O. Casey to Muriel Mary Mann, daughter of A. W. Mann


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs John Hall Jr., nee Margaret Jane Clunas, Aug 25, daughter of Archibald Clunas

28 August 1934

Page 1

c7        Photo – T. Merritt Moore of Aylmer


Page 2

c5        Funeral – Peter D. Turner, Aug 27


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs John Templeton, nee Mary McVannell, 63 years, Aug 27, mother of Mrs Neil McIntyre, Mrs Archie McMillan, Mrs F. E. Deshaw, Blanche, John and Allister Templeton; sister of Mrs Jane Leitch and Peter McVannell

c6        Reunion – Nelles Family


Page 7

c2        Died – John McKay, 92nd year, Aug 27, son of Archie & Mary McKay; brother of Mrs Florence Robinson and Mrs Belle Buchanan

c5        Funeral – John Henry Barr, Aug 25

c7        Born – Lorna Mary Frears, daughter of Tom Frears, Aug 20

c8        Died – John McKay, 92nd year, Aug 27

c8        Died – John A. Munro, 60th year, Aug 27, husband of Mrs Sadie Munro, nee Ashmore; father of Isobel, Charles, Neal and Jack Munro; brother of Neal D., Duncan, Dr Dougald, Dr Colin and James Munro


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Henry Hammond of Waterford, 68th

c2        Engagement – Dr Herman Leon Savage to Miss Margaret Adelaide Hull – Photo

c2        Married – Gordon Roy Johnstone, son of Mrs Laura Johnstone to Iris Winnifred Pinneo, daughter of Henry B. Pinneo

c3        Engagement – George Russell Reid, son of John Reid to Marguerite Evelyn Carswell, daughter of William C. Carswell

c3        Engagement – Bruce R. McKim, son of William McKim to Mary Gertrude Robertson, daughter of William Robertson

c3        Engagement – Ivan Beverly Jones, son of R. H. Jones to Edna Gwendolin Pope, daughter of William G. E. Pope

c3        Engagement – George C. Leitchworth, son of E. H. Letchworth to Candace Root, daughter of George F. Root

c3        Engagement – John J. Taylor, son of William Taylor to Miss Molly Bevan, daughter of John G. Bevan

c4        Married – Lyle Izzard, son of Albert Izzard to Kathleen Mann, daughter of James Mann

c4        Married – Robert B. O’Brien to Miss Anne H. Cahill, daughter of John W. Cahill

c4        Married – Ernest Stanley Moran, son of Walter Moran to Myrtle Marie Galsworthy, daughter of John W. Galsworthy

c4        Married – Thomas Clarences Hindson Hewitt, son of James Hewitt to Margaret Robson, daughter of Finley Marshall

c4        Married – George F. Lawson, son of R. C. Lawson to Constance A. M. Elliott


Page 9

c3        Reunion- McKerracher Family

c3        Reunion – McColl Family

c3        Funeral – Mrs George D. Tillson, Aug 25

c8        Died – Mrs William Mowbray, 92 years


Page 12

c3        Pioneer Homes of East Elgin

c5        Died – John A. Munro, 69 years, Aug 27, son of Dougald & Isabel Munro

29 August 1934

Page 1

c4        Photo – T. Merritt Moore, Auctioneer of Aylmer


Page 6

c1        Died – Miss Marion Violetta Martyn, 18th year, Aug 28, daughter of Harry & Eva M. Martyn, nee White

c1        Funeral – Mrs John Hall, Aug 27


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs James C. McKenzie, nee Isabella Henderson, 78 years, Aug 28, daughter of James & Christina McKenzie, nee McColl

c8        Born – Daughter of Thomas G. Shepherd, Aug 29

c8        Born – Son of Kenneth Bradfield, Aug 24

c8        Born – Son of Eugene Faw, Aug 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Cecil Sherman, Aug 29

c8        Died – Mrs James C. McKenzie, nee Isabella Henderson, 78 years, Aug 28


Page 8

c2        Engagement – John Morley, son of William Morley to Helen Campbell, daughter of George Campbell

c2        Engagement – Frederick Lionel Jenkins, son of William A. Jenkins to Miss Eleanor Noble Campbell, daughter of J. Kent Campbell

c3        Married – Clarence A. Clayton, son of A. Clayton to Sadie G. Swayzie, daughter of Benjamin Swayzie

c3        Married – Harold William Taylor, son of J. W. Taylor to Doris Gwendoline Keemer, daughter of Henry Keemer


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c2        Died – Mrs Isabel Trick, nee Brown, 49th year, Aug 27, wife of A. M. Trick; widow of Fred Trotham

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Gilbert, Aug 28

30 August 1934

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c2        Birthday – Samuel S. Clutton of Port Burwell, 95th, Photo


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c8        Birthday – Mrs Sarah James, nee Lewis of Port Rowan, 90th


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c1        Died – Mrs Mary Gilbert, Aug 28, widow of Isaac Gilbert


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c8        Died – Mrs Isabella McKenzie, nee Henderson, 79th year, Aug 28

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Gilbert, 69th year, Aug 28, widow of Isaac Gilbert

c8        Memoriam – John Hatherley, Aug 30 1928


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c3        Married – William Neil McLean, son of J. G. McLean to Velma Louise Jagoe, daughter of John A. Jagoe

c3        Married – Donald S. McPhee, son of George McPhee to Eva Isabelle Montgomery, daughter of James Montgomery

c4        Engagement – J. H. Williams, son of C. W. Williams to Nellie Mae Gillmar, daughter of Alex Gillmar


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c1        Died – Mrs Jennie Riddel, 43 years

c3        Funeral – John A. Munro, Aug 30

c3        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Moore, Aug 29

31 August 1934

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c4        Funeral – Miss Marion Violetta Martyn, Aug 30


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c5        Reunion – Misener Family


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c1        Married – R. Tanner to Norma Burdick, daughter of Norman Burdick

c4        Died – John Black McLachlan, 98th year, Aug 30


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c2        Died – Mrs Rachael Scott, nee Reycraft, daughter of John & Elizabeth Reycraft

c8        Born – Robert Lee Goad, son of Lee L. Goad, Aug 10

c8        Born – Arthur Mark Currie, son of Aldboro Currie, Aug 15

c8        Born – Kenneth Edward McDonald, son of Ross McDonald, Aug 19

c8        Born – William George Cornwall, son of George Cornwall, Aug 23

c8        Born – Son of Norman Oakes, Aug 27

c8        Born – Son of Joseph Gobel, Aug 27

c8        Born – Stillborn son of Charles Bell, Aug 27


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c1        Married – John Balfour Urie, son of J. McKelvey Urie to Miss Genevieve Cody, daughter of J. P. Cody

c1        Engagement – Robert Erskine Gordon Kindersley, son of Charles Kindersley-Porcher to Helen Ruth Lawson, daughter of Ray Lawson

c5        Married – Morley C. Edgington, son of Mrs C. Edgington to Reta Ann Mann, daughter of H. Mann

c5        Married – David Watson Symons to Mrs Norma Belle Honsinger

c5        Married – Vernon Joseph Uptigrove, son of Addison Uptigrove to Eva Eleanor Link, daughter of Edward Link