STTJ 1934 Jan-Feb

St. Thomas Times Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

January and February 1934

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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2 January 1934

Page 1

c7    List of deaths and marriages in Elgin County for 1931, 1932, 1933

Page 2

c8    Anniversary –  Mr and Mrs Abraham Wightman of Ridgetown, 50th, Feb 1

c8    Birthday –   George R. Lindsay of Tillsonburg, 69th, grandfather of Mrs Alva Foster, nee Lindsay

Page 3

c1    Died –   Dr Perry E. Doolittle, 73rd year, husband of Mrs Emily C. Doolittle, nee Pearson; father of G. W. Doolittle; burial Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Page 6

c5    Funeral –   Missus Jean Stewart, Georgina Munro, Sarah Patterson.  Victims of the Friday morning train crossing accident

Page 7

c5Died – Monday, Mrs. Mary Ann Daugharty aged 60.   Daughter of the late John and Elizabeth Chapman.  Survived by brothers, Henry Chapman , Martin and James

c5    Died – Tuesday in his 84th year, Alfred Arnold.  Born in Bedfordshire, England. Survived by wife, Johanna Stringer, daughters Mrs. William Caughell and Mrs. Joseph Burrough and sons James, William and Roy.  Internment at St. Thomas Cemetery

c8    Born –   Son of Harry Lewis, Dec 26

c8    Born –   Betty Marie Holmes, daughter of Charles G. Holmes

c8    Born –   Daughter of Bruce Kennedy, Dec 20

c8    Born –   Daughter of Ralph Hollister, Dec 16

c8    Born –   Son of Roy Millen, Dec 25

c8    Died –   Alfred Arnold, 84th year, Jan 2, husband of Mrs Johanna Arnold, nee Stringer; father of Mrs William Caughell, Mrs Joseph Burrough, James, William and Roy Arnold

Page 8

c2    Married –   Jack Heard, grandson of William Heard and Mrs M. Davey to Betty Beardall

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs E. M. McLean of Walkerville, 38th

c4    Married –   Oswald Leonard Overbury, son of Rev Harry L. & Mrs Geary Overbury to Lina Ringsdorf, daughter of Conrad Philip Ringsdorf

c4    Married –   Carmen L. Binks, son of George Binks to Jessie Margaret Gordon, daughter of Roy Gordon

c4    Married –   Dr Alexander Hamilton Wingfield, son of W. T. Wingfield to Marie Ann Smith, daughter of R. A. Thompson

c4    Married –   Edmund Ross Zavitz to Jeannette Webster Henry, daughter of J. Hendry

c5    Article –   Miss Bertha Smith, Order of the British Empire; London Child Welfare Assoc.

Page 9

c5    Died –   Mrs T. M. Lawton, 65 years, wife of Dr Lawton; mother of Thomas, George, Fred, Shirley and Marjorie Lawton

c7    Died –   Mrs John M. Goold, nee Alma Kitchen, Dec 27, mother of Mrs Charles Pilkey; sister of John, David and K. Kitchen, Mrs William Rice and Sylvia Kitchen

c7    Died –   William J. Fearman, brother of Col. D. Fearman and Frank D. Fearman

c7    Died –   Mrs Janet Wark Wilcox Geary, 71st year, wife of James Geary; mother of Mrs William Arrand, Mrs Wilbert Payne, Mrs H. McLean, Mrs Robert McLean, Mrs Wesley Davis and James Leslie Geary; sister of Mrs T. B. Welch and Mrs Nellie Malone

c7    Died –   Richard Mahoney, 73rd year, father of Dr R. L., Rev Harry J., Doris and Alfretta Mahoney, Mrs L. C. Jackson, Mrs Norman S. Marshall, Mrs G. E. Goodchild, Mrs N. L. Pickett; brother of John J., Harry, William A. and J. D. Mahoney and Mrs Harry M. Black

c7    Died –   Mrs Bert Nunn, 60 years

c7    Died –   Mrs Margaret Stephen, nee Stephenson, 76 years, daughter of James Stephenson; widow of George Stephen; mother of George and William Stephen; sister of Mrs W. Plummer and Mrs J. R. Elliott

c7    Died –   George Washington Vincent, 93rd year

c8    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Charles Ramage, 50th

Page 12

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Hannah Pegg, widow of James Pegg; mother of Orville and John Pegg

c4    Funeral –   Charles Wesley Beckon, 82nd year, father of mrs William Winger

c8    Died –   Mrs Agnes McChesney, nee Schields, 83rd year, mother of Mrs Mathew Brown, Mrs W. L. Burnett, Mrs D. G. Parker and William McChesney; sister of Mrs W. Hoffner, Lily and Fred Schields

c8    Died –   Charles Dunsford, 42 years


3 January 1934

Page 2

c5    Died –   James William McNeil, 70th year, husband of Mrs Jessie McNeil, nee Moore; brother of Mrs Margaret Lathrope, Mrs Clara Benedict, Edward, Charles and Alexander McNeil

Page 6

c1    Died –   John Leonard, father of Fred Leonard and Mrs Osborne Stafford

Page 7

c8    Died –   Miss Clara Maud Freek, Jan 3, daughter of Jesse P. & Martha C. Freek; sister of Mrs harry Gee; aunt of Miss Helen Sharon, Katherine and Harry Gee

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Daugharty, nee Chapman, daughter of John & Elizabeth Chapman

Page 8

c1    Married –   George Alexander Cannon, son of W. Cannon to Helen May Wilkin, daughter of J. F. Wilkin

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W. Vicary, nee Nell Burrage, 50th

c2    Engagement –   William Harold Heming Acres, son of Robert B. M. Acres to Kathleen Maynard, daughter of Laurence E. Wedd

c4    Married –   Chris Eskerod to Ann Palmer, daughter of G. Palmer

c5    Died –   Miss Clara Maud Freek, Jan 3


4 January 1934

Page 6

c1    Married –   H. Williams to Gladys Johnson

c1    Married –   Stanley Victor Tripp, son of William E. Tripp to Lorna Annetta Ross, daughter of William R. Ross

c1    Died –   Charles Stewart, 33rd year, husband of Mrs Ella Stewart, nee Bobier

c3    Died –   John Oliver Shepherd, 72nd year; brother of Mrs Minnie Howell and William Shepherd

Page 7

c8    Died –   Miss Clara Maud Freek, Jan 3

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Daugharty, Jan 1

Page 8

c3    Married –   Norman Putherbough, son of John Putherbough to Margaret Wilhelmine Cameron, daughter of Lt Col Hugh Cameron

c3    Married –   Clarence C. Robertson, son of George Robertson to Marjorie Scheerer, daughter of L. Scheerer

c3    Married –   William Phillips, son of Walter Phillips to Edna Gertrude O’Neil, daughter of Alex O’Neil

c3    Married –   Jack MacIntyre, son of George MacIntyre to Mary Etheldia Walker, daughter of James R. Walker

c4    Born –   Shirley McWilliams, daughter of Clarence McWilliams, Jan 1

c4    Died –   Mrs S. S. Wilson, nee Margaret Ursula VanSickle, 78th year, Jan 3, mother of Harry and Harold Wilson and Mrs George Wilson

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. J. Church of Waterford, 69th

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. Schuyler, Dec 28

Page 11

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Harriet Stewart, 79 years, widow of James Stewart; mother of John Stewart

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Robert Hill Sr and son-in-law John Shannon


5 January 1934

Page 3

c2    Funeral –   Alfred Arnold

Page 6

c1    Died –   Edward Boughman, Dec 25, father of B. Baughman, Mrs G. Fitchett, Mrs O. McDermant and Mrs T. Thompson

Page 7

c1    Died –   Miss Martha Christina Milne, 52nd year, sister of James G., William A. and Dr J. D. Milne and Mrs Bodkin

c1    Funeral –   Samuel Buchanan, 70th year, father of Mrs Orville Wright, Mrs J. Kent Coatsworth and Jean Buchanan; brother of Charles Buchanan, Mrs Cyrus Craig and Mrs William Craig

c8    Born –   Son of William Raisin, Dec 30

c8    Born –   Daughter of Lewis Thurston, Dec 30

c8    Born –   Son of Warren Williams, Dec 30

Page 8

c1    Married –   Archie D. Barry, son of Earl Barry to Viola Pursley, daughter of M. Pursley

c1    Married –   Stewart Fowler to Elsie Dickinson, daughter of Boyd Dickinson

c1    Married –   Clifford Maitland, son of Andrew Maitland to Audrey Howlett, daughter of Len Howlett

c1    Married –   Christopher Clark, son of Robert Clark to Grace McFarlane, daughter of John McFarlane

c1    Married –   Carmen L. Binks, son of George Binks to Jessie Margaret Gordon, daughter of Roy Gordon

c1    Married –   Hurl Herbert Churchill to Mary Craig ‘May’ Perry, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Perry

c1    Married –   James William Russel Mudge, son of George Mudge to Mary Marguerite Hussey, daughter of E. Hussey

c1    Married –   Anthony Varga to Blanche Oszlanszky

c1    Married –   Ward Smith, son of Edward Smith to Jean Grier Donaldson, daughter of J. Donaldson

c4    Engagement –   Dr Harold Edward MacMahon to Marian Davison Ross, daughter of Rev Dr George E. Ross

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Stephen R. Cullen, 50th

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Andrew Weeks, 37th

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. H. Bowden, 25th

Page 9

c2    Funeral –   Carman Evans

Page 12

c2    Died –   Jonathan VasBinder, 63 years, brother of George and William VasBinder and Mrs John Pridmore

c2    Died –   Henry Humber, father of Lois, Reg N., Charles, Roderick and Jean Humber; brother of C. H., Albert and Maitland Humber and Mrs R. M. Cassels

c2    Died –   John Brown, husband of Mrs Margaret Brown; father of William S. and Norman A. Brown, Mrs Earl Schott and Mrs Bert Robinson


6 January 1934

Page 1

c3    Article –   Ezra Fahner, Reeve of Port Stanley

c4    Born –   Shirley McWilliams, Jan 1, daughter of Clarence McWilliams

c6    Died –   Dr W. J. Fear, 45 years, son of Samuel Fear; husband of Mrs Margaret Fear, nee Smith; father of Douglas Fear and the late Ralph and Olive Fear; brother of I. V. and George Fear and late Rev Ezra Fear

Page 2

c4    Died –   Erastus Hoffman, 77 years, father of Kenneth Hoffman and Mrs R. J. Wright; brother of John and Saul Hoffman; uncle of Saul King

c5    Died –   Charles A. Magee, 84 years, father of Mrs Joseph Couch

c8    Died –   Mrs Robert J. Campbell, nee Grissell Helen Hume, 59 years, mother of Mrs Thomas McCann; sister of Mrs Benjamin Johnston, William J., Robert A. and Ernest Hume

Page 3

c4    Married –   George I. Turville to Mrs Clara Millman

c4    Married –   Ernest Aldread Stover, son of William & Emma Stover to Nellie Adeline Pilon, daughter of Fred Pilon

c4    Married –   George W. King, son of William King to Amie Gertrude McDonald, daughter of John McDoanld

c4    Married –   Cecil Roy Marlatt to Elizabeth Catherine Mason

c7    Shower –   Mrs Carl Brown, nee Clara Brooks

6 January 1934

    Second Section

Page 5

c2    Article –   Jumbo’s Tusks; memorial service by Robert Sherwood, last of Barnum Circus clowns

Page 8

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W. G. Searle of Keewatin, formerly St Thomas, 35th

c5    Engagement –   Dr Harold Edward MacMahon, son of Hugh Percival McMahon to Marian Davison Ross, daughter of Rev Dr George E. Ross

c5    Birthday –   J. E. Clark of St Thomas, 70th

c6    Engagement –   Leonard C. McClure, son of W. J. McClure to Muriel A. Wilson, daughter of J. T. Wilson

c6    Engagement –   Wilfrid Glen Taylor, son of Angus Taylor to Louise Mae Wallace, daughter of George Wallace

c6    Married –   Dr & Mrs H. J. Cody, nee Barbara Blackstock

c6    Engagement –   Harold Frederick Freeburne, son of Frederick Robert Freeburne to Mary Helen Parker, daughter of Dr Frederick Parker

Page 10

c1    Died –   Edgar Alonzo Hunter, husband of Mrs Ada Hunter, nee Harrison; father of Fleming and Herbert Hunter, Mrs John Lyle and Mrs George McLennan

c1    Died –   Simeon Thomas Warden, 69th year, father of R. W. and A. G. Warden; brother of Charles, Ernest and Harry Warden, Mrs Albert Carruthers, Mrs George Parkinson and Mrs Jessie Warden

c3    Funeral –   Miss Clara Maud Freek, Jan 5

Page 11

c2    Died –   Mary Ann Daugharty, Jan 1

c7    Born –   Twins of James Baker, Jan 1

c7    Born –   Daughter of M. McQuiggan; granddaughter of F. Roberts, Dec 28

c7    Born –   Daughter of Elgin Marlatt, Dec 27

c7    Born –   Daughter of R. Vietch, Dec 28

c7    Born –   Daughter of Alvin Oatman, Jan 1

c7    Born –   Twin son and daughter of James Barker, Jan 1

c7    Born –   Son of Frank Devas, Jan 2

c7    Born –   Son of Sidney Ronson, Jan 3

c7    Born –   Son of Harold & Helen Mattice, nee Gracey, Jan 3

c7    Born –   Margaret Jean Reeves, daughter of Douglas & Jean Reeves, nee Ferguson, Jan 2

c7    Born –   Son of William Griffith, Dec 20

c7    Born –   Son of Robert E. Abbott, Jan 1

c7    Born –   Son of Daniel Connelly, Dec 29

c7    Born –   Son of Thomas G. Tyrell, Dec 28

c7    Born –   Mary Aileen Thompson, daughter of Fred Thompson, Dec 17

c8    Died –   Edgar Alonzo Hunter, husband of Mrs Ada Hunter, nee Harrison

c8    Memoriam –   George Capper, husband of Eliza Capper, Jan 7 1933

Page 12

c8    Legal –   Annie Selena Morris of St Thomas, widow, died Dec 4 1932


8 January 1934

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Flora Ross, nee McVicar, 86th year, widow of David Ross; mother of William Ross and Mrs J. Johnson; sister of Mrs John McDonald and Neil McVicar

c2    Died –   John Cunningham, 35th year, brother of Fred Cunningham

c2    Died –   Mrs Graves, mother of Mrs Cole

Page 4

c1    Died –   Dr W. S. Fear, Jan 5

Page 6

c1    Died –   Dr Perry Doolittle, brother of George Doolittle

c2    Died –   Obadiah McCallum, 80 years, Jan 6, son of John McCallum; husband of Mrs Margaret McCallum, nee O’Neil; father of William McCallum; grandfather of Margaret, Ellen and Frances Schneckenburger; brother of Alex McCallum

c2    Died –   Neil McCallum, son of Daniel & Euphemia McCallum, father of Arnold Dean and Gordon M. McCallum

c2    Died –   Mrs Gertrude Brooks, 47th year, Jan 8, daughter of James Lindsay; wife of Talmage Brooks; mother of Mrs Reg Froud, Dorothy, Orville and Ralph Brooks

c3    Died –   Rev Dr Hamilton Wigle, 75 years, husband of Mrs Emma Wigle, nee Cox; father of Mrs R. G. Carruthers, Mrs George Fish and Mrs W. T. Bell

c3    Died –   Mrs E. Wigle, sister of Mrs Albert Catling and Mrs Sturgeon; aunt of Mrs A. S. Taylor, Mrs Tyrill Decou and James Catling

c5    Died –   Stanley McDonald, son of Mrs Mary McDonald; brother of Jean McDonald and Mrs Byron Allen

Page 7

c2    Died –   Rev James Wilcox, 72nd year, Dec 23 1933, brother of Mrs William Johnson, Mrs J. Tanner, Walter and Charles Wilcox

c5    Died –   Oscar Lebaron Brittney, 85th year, widow of Mrs Martha Jane Brittney, nee Wilson and Mrs Sarah Brittney, nee Cook; father of J. L., E. O., W. M. and 2 daughters; brother of Mrs J. L. Wilson and Mrs Murray Bell

c5    Died –   Mrs Margaret McPhail, nee Woods, 78th year, daughter of Charles & Margaret Woods, nee Lucas

c7    Died –   Donna Marie Fairs, 9 months,

 Jan 7, daughter of Albert Fairs; sister of June Fairs; granddaughter of Mrs E. W. Trump and W. F. Thompson

c7    Died –   Mrs Sarah Ann Kimble, 63rd year, widow of Richard Kimble; mother of Richard, Samuel and William Kimble, Mrs Alice Kimble, Mrs William Fitch and Mrs Frank Jones

c7    Died –   Neil D. McCallum 76 years, Jan 7, husband of Mrs Annabelle McCallum; father of Arnold d. and Gordon M. McCallum

c8    Born –   Son of Robert Abbott

c8    Born –   Son of Charles Swain, Dec 24

c8    Born –   Son of Morley Baker, Jan 7

c8    Born –   Daughter of Morley McQuiggan, Dec 28

c8    Memoriam –   Edward Pantling, Jan 8 1932

c8    Memoriam –   Francis J. Smith, Jan 8 1933

c8    Memoriam –   William Yeo, Jan 8, 1932, by brother Sam Yeo

Page 8

c2    Married –   Archie D. Barry, son of Earl Barry to Viola Persley, daughter of Morley Persley, Jan 2

c6    Died –   Mrs Sarah Ann Kimble, nee Harvey, daughter of William & Mary Harvey; widow of Richard Kimble

Page 9

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs James J. Church, nee Esther Pitman of Port Rowan, 69th

c6    Died –   Mrs Margaret M. Silcox, nee McLean, 79 years, mother of Mrs Abner Strong, Mrs A. G. Burdick and Mrs William James; sister of Kenneth McLean

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Anderson, Jan 6, wife of George M. Anderson; mother of Mrs William Y. Taylor; sister of William, Arthur, Fred and Frank Stone

c2    Died –   Richard Henry McKay, 80 years, husband of Mrs Ellen Ainslee Mentan McKay

c2    Died –   Thomas L. Belcher, husband of Mrs Mary Belcher

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Graham, 60 years

c8    Died –   Donna Marie Fairs, 9 months, daughter of Albert F. J. Fairs


9 January 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Mrs Jane Langford, 97th years, daughter of Henry Smith; widow of Saunders Langford; mother of Mrs Nodwell, Mrs J. Y. Brown, Chalres, Richard, Sam and T. W. Langford

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Duncan McDermid, nee Isabelle McNaughton, 78 years, mother of William McDermid and Mrs Edith (J.) Walsh

Page 3

c1    Died –   Dr Joseph D. Monteith, husband of Mrs Alice Mary Monteith, nee Chowen; father of J. W. Monteith and Mrs Gordon Forbes

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Gertrude Brooks, 47th year, wife of Talmage Brooks

c3    Died –   Harry Leach, brother-in-law of William Jamieson

c3    Died –   Robert Boughner, brother of Mary E. Boughner

Page 6

c1    Died –   John Leonard, grandfather of Mabel

c7    Died –   Wallace E. Mason

c7    Died –   Mrs Bernard Young, nee Cavanaugh, 82 years, mother of Mrs H. M. Williams and Miss Helen Young; sister of Frank Cavanaugh, Mrs William Butcher and Mrs Henry Money

c8    Died –   Levi Annis, cousin of John Skelding

Page 7

c2    Reunion –   brother and sister William Champion and Mrs John Mills; children of W. H. Champion

c2    Died –   Edgar O. Hunter

c6    Died –   Margaret Weed, 2 years, Jan 6, daughter of Claude Weed

c8    Born –   Stanton Leonard Light, son of Kenneth & Ione Light, nee Carey, Jan 9

c8    Born –   Son of J. S. Ronson, Jan 3

c8    Born –   Daughter of Gordon Sargent, Jan 8

c8    Memoriam –   Robert Nathaniel Watson, 14 years, Jan 9 1932, son of Melrose Watson; brother of Margueritte Watson

Page 8

c3    Married –   Kenneth Thomson, son of T. C. Thomson to Iva Erena Mitchell, daughter of Arthur & Erena Mitchell

c1    Married –   Everitt R. Myles, M.D. to Mabel Kincaide, daughter of J. N. Kincaide


9 January 1934

Page 9

c4    Died –   Albert Sheldrake, 81 years, Jan 6, brother of Walter Sheldrake

c4    Died –   Mrs Emily Jameson, nee Holt, mother of Freeman Jameson; John, Fred and Freeman Jameson

c4    Died –   Lloyd W. McIntyre, 26 years, Jan 6, son of W. R. McIntyre; brother of Mrs Carl Casemore, Lila, Mary, Evelyn, Betty and Carl McIntyre

c7    Died –   Rev Dr Thomas Rutherford Robinson, Jan 8, husband of Mrs Maud Robinson; father of Alberta Robinson; brother of Mrs (Dr) Chase, Mrs G. Rutherford and Harry Robinson

Page 11

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Tunks, 25th

Page 12

c3    Died –   William ‘Mike’ Hampton, son of Peter Hampton; brother of Mrs J. C. Sanderson, John, Robert and George Hampton

c4    Died –   Mrs Matilda Coolver, nee Roberts, widow of John Coolver; sister of Enoch Roberts

c4    Died –   Mrs Hattie Boulter, nee Carr, 73rd year, Jan 6


10 January 1934

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Donna Marie Fairs, infant daughter of J. A. Fairs

c2    Married –   Mary E. Walker, daughter of J. Walker

c4    Anniversary –   Women’s Institute, 32nd

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Martha Ellen Johnson, nee Weeden

c5    Died –   Obadiah McCallum, 86 years, husband of Mrs Margaret McCallum, nee O’Neil; father of William McCallum; brother of Alex McCallum

c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Mary Dufty, Jan 10 1933

c8    Memoriam –   Grundy, Jan 10 1933

c8    Memoriam –   John W. Pressey, Jan 10 1933

c8    Memoriam –   John H. Pressey, Jan 10 1933

c8    Born –   Son of Clarence Fishback, Jan 6

c8    Died –   Mrs Martha Ellen Johnson, nee Weeden, 81st year, Jan 10, sister of George Weeden

Page 8

c2    Married –   Allan Frishette to Fern Fick

Page 9

c5    Died –   George Noble Johnston, father of Mrs James Dean, Mrs Elwood Mott, Mrs Walter LaPointe, Mrs S. Stinson, Mrs G. Dalton , Margaret, Charles W. and Nathan Johnston; brother of Mrs Lottie Wallick, Mrs Lillian Hillier, William and Charles Johnston

Page 10

c2    Died –   Mrs Edward A. Smith, nee Buck, 62 years, mother of Virgil, Glenwood and Albert Smith and Mrs Ross Silverthorne; sister of Mrs L. L. Morris, William and Peter Buck

Page 11

c2    Died   Joseph Ferrin, 74 years

c4    Funeral –   Neil D. McCallum

c4    Funeral –   Dr W. J. Fear

Page 14

c1    Died –   Eliza Lavigne, 80 years

c3    Will –   Estate of Benjamin E. Ackerman, husband of Mrs Frances C. Ackerman; father of Mrs Edna A. Waddell, Mrs Estelle L. Medd, William C. and Col. Charles H. Ackerman

11 January 1934

Page 3

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Talmadge Brooks

c4    Died –   James E. Kerr, 86 years, Jan 11

Page 6

c5    Died –   Andrew Gordon Young, 27th year, son of Andrew Young; brother of Lena Young and Mrs Charles Zamperin

Page 7

c3    Died –   Ella Louis Cowan, 74th year, Jan 11, daughter of Samuel & Frances Cowan

c4    Died –   Charles L. Corbin, 58th year, husband of Mrs Eliza Corbin, nee Watson; father of Mrs Alton Plant

c6    Died –   Mrs Richard Kimble

c8    Memoriam –   F. N. Arnold, Jan 11 1933

Page 8

c4    Married –   Robert H. Marshall, son of R. Marshall to Nellie Mae Griswold, daughter of P. A. Griswold

c4    Married –   Jack Stewart Wilson, son of Mrs J. S. Bushby to Annie Lufern Robins, daughter of H. S. Robins

Page 10

c1    Died –   Frank Beno, 60th year, widow of Mrs Gertie Beno, nee Carless; father of Everett and Harry Beno and late Freda Clarke

c2    Funeral –   Erastus Hoffman

c3    Died –   Mrs Anna Frances Belbeck, widow of William Belbeck; mother of Garnett and Allan Belbeck; sister of William, Harry, Charles and Samuel, Mrs Charlotte Belbeck and Mrs William Best

Page 14

c1    Died –   William Hampton, 71 years

12 January 1934

Page 5

c1    Died –   Frank LaFortune, 79th year, father of Lafe, Frank and John LaFortune, Mrs Edward Robinson, Mrs Fred Koch and Mrs Thomas Taylor; brother of Mrs Ed Nicholls, Mrs Ira Whitehead and Mrs Fred Overbaugh

Page 6

c1    Died –   Dorothy Ruth Haggan, Jan 11, sister of Betty Haggan; granddaughter of Mrs J. C. Haggan and Mrs John Walker

c2    Funeral –   Neil McCallum

c6    Birthday –   William Braddon, 75th

Page 7

c8    Born –   Son of Grant Cameron, Jan 7

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary MacFarlane, nee McCallum, 84 years, Jan 10, widow of John MacFarlane; mother of John O. and Corrie S., MacFarlane; sister of Margaret, Christina, Elizabeth, Malcolm, Archibald, Daniel C. and Alex C. McCallum and Mrs Annie Campbell

c8    Memoriam –   Wilfred Laurier (Krueger) Grant, Jan 12 1931

Page 8

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Tunks of Rodney, 25th

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Clarence Duck of Morpeth, 25th

Page 9

c2    Died –   Erastus Hoffman, uncle of Alex, Edward, Peter, Thomas and John King

c3    Died –   John Oliver Cleghorn, 86 years, son of James & Agnes Cleghorn, nee Quarry; brother of late twin Robert Ross Cleghorn

13 January 1934

Page 2

c2    Died –   Mrs L. C. Moore, nee Graves, 86 years, daughter of Peter & Hannah Graves, nee Strathburn; mother of Henry Moore and Mrs A. F. Squire; sister of Mrs William Gardiner and Marshall Graves

c4    Died –   Mrs Ida A. Noxon, 82 years, widow of T. H. Noxon; Dr Herbert Noxon

c4    Died –   Francis Herbert Wright, 64th year, Jan 12, husband of Mrs Martha Wright, nee Lambert; father of Erna Wright, Mrs R. Johnson, Minnie, Ilene, Deloid, Syril, John and Frederick Wright

c4    Died –   Son of Mrs Roberts, daughter of Mrs Ida Griffin; Mrs Roberts is niece of Mrs William Ward and Russell Griffin

c4    Died –   Mrs Emilie Jameson, 39 years, wife of Freeman Jameson; mother of Jack, Bud and Freeman Jr.

Page 3

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Martha Johnson

13 January 1934

    Second Section

Page 8

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. H. Babcock, 40th

c6    Engagement –   George Haskett Chambers, son of Mrs Lillian Chambers to Dora Beth Convay, daughter of M. Convay

c8    Married –   Sidney Sterling, son of Robert Stirling to Grace Evelyn McConkey

c8    Married –   Hilborn Bennett Pickett, son of John Pickett to Mildred Elizabeth Nie, daughter of John Nie

c8    Married –   Thomas Ferrow to Alice Rebena Ketchabaw, daughter of Elmer Ketchabaw

c8    Married –   Gaston Lefevre to Rose Virginia Lierman

c8    Married –   Cecil Roy Marlatt to Elizabeth Catherine Mason

c8    Married –   James Cecil Vittie to Mary Alice Stamp, daughter of Cecil Stamp

c8    Married –   David Steinhoff to Audrey Wonita Jones, daughter of Abraham & Lillian Jones

c8    Married –   Archie E. Barry, son of Carl Barry to Viola Pursley, daughter of Morley Pursley

Page 10

c1    Died –   Mrs D. K. Garvin, Jan 6

Page 11

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Clarence Duck, 25th

c5    Died –   Mrs Sarah Ann Bateman, 68th year, wife of Archie Bateman; mother of Archie Bateman

c8    Died –   Edward Emanuel Adderman, 64 years, Jan 12, husband of Francis Bayes; father of Roy

c8    Died –   Mrs Emma Elizabeth Anguish, nee Schram, 70 years, Jan 12, mother of Mrs Charles Cheeseborough, Lewis and George Halliday

c8    Memoriam –   Thomas Pullen, Jan 13 1933

Page 14

c1    Died –   Frederick J. Brown, 89th year, father of Mrs H. A. Burns and Marion Brown

c1    Died –   Andrew Squire, 83 years, husband of Mrs Eleanor S. Squire, nee Sea; son-in-law of Belden Seymour

c2    Died –   Archie McLarty, brother of Alex and James McLarty and Mrs Logan

c2    Died –   James B. Hodgins, 65th year, husband of Mrs Emily Hodgins, nee Seymour; father of Mrs (Rev) C. F. Johnson, Mrs George Greenbough, Garnetta and Ibella Hodgins

c3    Died –   Mrs Emma Anguish, widow of Gilbert Anguish

15 January 1934

Page 3

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary MacFarlane

c3    Died –   Stewart Lamont, 74 years, Jan 15

c4    Died –   Mrs Annie Bailey, nee Lloyd, 69th year, wife of William A. Bailey; mother of Stanley and Norman Bailey, Mrs James Huey Jr., Mrs Cecil Kilbreath; sister of Oscar, Alfred E. and Ellen Lloyd, Mrs Daniel Mackey, Mrs Charles E. Osterhout and Mrs Joseph Anderson

c4    Died –   Peter William Johnston, 66 years, husband of Mrs Margaret Johnston; father of Vernon, Murray, Andrew, Verdunat and Otto Johnston

c4    Died –   William E. Taylor, 68th year, Jan 15, father of Mrs Mudge, Mrs W. Duncan, Dorothy and James E. Taylor; brother of T. W. Taylor

c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Hensworth, nee Delaney, 81st year, widow of Patrick Hensworth; sister of John Delaney

c5    Died –   James Wilson, 84 years, father of Fred Wilson

c7    Died –   Harry Hayman, 65 years, son of William Hayman; father of Roy and Leonard Hayman, Mrs J. F. Gillam and Mrs K. O. Woods; brother of Mrs William Allaster, Mrs Joseph S. Rich and Minnie Hayman

c7    Died –   Adrian Robertson, 76th year, brother of Mrs B. Longstreet, Mrs A. Kemp, Mrs F. A. Kelly, Mrs D. G. Spring, William T. and Herbert Robertson

Page 6

c6    Died –   John F. Boyce, 51st year, father of Blake, Grace and Mervin Boyce

Page 7

c1    Died –   Donald McLeod, 27 years

c1    Died –   Alexander Glenn, 60 years

c1    Died –   John McLean, 59 years

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Haggerty, nee Williams, 77th year, daughter of Richard Williams; widow of John Haggerty

c5    Died –   Mrs Archie Baleman; mother of Archie Baleman

c8    Born –   Son of Cecil Duesling, Jan 8

c8    Born –   Son of Charles Kalar, Jan 8

c8    Born –   Daughter of Mr & Mrs Durward, Jan 4

c8    Born –   Son of William Bews, Jan 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of Harold Mayo, Jan 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of Charles & Cora Lawler, nee Tackle, Jan 5

c8    Born –   Daughter of Norman Williams, Jan 7

c8    Born –   Son of George Beard, Jan 4

c8    Born –   Son of Cecil Wood, Jan 8

c8    Born –   Carroll Frances Mabee, daughter of Bruce Mabee, Jan 7

c8    Born –   Daughter of Earl Maxwell, Jan 6

c8    Born –   Son of Ormiston H. Backus, Jan 5

c8    Born-   Daughter of Kenneth Saunders, Jan 9

c8    Born –   Son of Peter Martens, Jan 5

c8    Born –   Son of Elmer Misner, Jan 3

c8    Born –   Son of Clarence & Edith Fishback, nee Robbins, Jan 6

c8    Born –   Son of William Woodward, Dec 31

c8    Born –   Phyllis Irene Brandon, daughter of Charles Brandon, Jan 8

c8    Born –   Son of J. S. Ronson, Jan 3

Page 8

c1    Married –   Gordon R. Brock, son of W. J. Brock to Antoinette C. Holle, daughter of L. Holle

Page 10

c7    Died –   Mrs Lena Pearl Mitchell, nee Breen, 34th year, daughter of J. E. Breen; wife of Alvin Roy Mitchell; sister of Mrs Bruce Snively, Florence and Joseph Norman Breen

Page 13

c7    Divorce –   Ernest Leonard House vs Mrs Laura May House, nee Smith

Page 14

c2    Died –   Mrs Marie May, nee Bestard, widow of John May; mother of Mrs John Dulmage, Ethel and Minnie May; sister of Mrs S. Kemp, Mrs Joseph Grice and James Bestard

c2    Died –   Charles Alexander Gibbs, 67th year, son of J. M. Gibbs

c2    Died –   Albert Thomas Waghorne, 56 years

c3    Died –   Mrs Flora L. McAlpine, nee Leitch, 91 years, daugther of Hugh J. & Catherine Leitch, nee McLachlin; widow of Hugh R. McAlpine; mother of Robert L. and Isabelle McAlpine and Mrs Janet McLachlin; sister of Rev M. L. Leitch

c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Jane Kulp, widow of George West and James Kulp; mother of James Nelson West and Mrs Jessie Rice


17 January 1934

Page 1

c3    Died –   Mr & Mrs Bruce Gamble of Port Dover

c3    Died –   Mrs Eva Gamble, nee Miller

c8    Died –   Ferdinand Meltizer, 80 years, Jan 17

Page 2

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Brinn of Bayham, 50th

Page 3

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George W. Markle, 50th

Page 5

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Talmage Brooks

Page 6

c3    Died –   John Soper, 88 years

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Jane Kulp

c3    Funeral –   William Coucher

c3    Funeral –   Dorothy Ruth Haggan, infant daughter of Harold Haggan

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs Flora Ross, nee McVicar, 86th year, widow of Donald Ross; mother of William Ross and Mrs Joseph Johnson; sister of Mrs John McDonald and Neil McVicar

c4    Died –   Mrs Eva Gamble, nee Miller, Jan 15

c8    Memoriam –  Earl Carnegie, Jan 17 1933

c8    Memoriam –   Lillian Joseph, nee Crawley, Jan 17 1932, by husband Sam Joseph; by brother Ernie Crawley

Page 8

c3    Died –   Mrs Bertha Lawson, nee Jordan, widow of Dr John Lawson; Mrs D. G. McGuire

c5    Married –   William Cook to Myrtle Scott, daughter of A. L. Scott

c5    Married –   Alexander John McNabb, son of Alexander McNabb to Violet Ruby Gibson, daughter of Tory Thomas Gibson

Page 10

c1    Shower –   Mrs Sidney Stirling, nee Evelyn McConkey

c2    Died –   Horace E. Yaugh, brother of Jacob, Christian, Emil, William and Fred Yaugh, Mrs Mary Kirsh, Mrs Julia Miller, Mrs Emma Rankin, Mrs Rose Stoll and Mrs Catherine Bucker

c5    Birthday –   Mrs Eliza Dunnett, 92nd

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Potts, nee Mary Adams, 50th


18 January 1934

Page 3

c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Elizabeth Fox, 25 years, wife of Alvin Fox; mother of Myrtle Fox; sister of Thomas, Edward and William

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Barbara Werner, nee Graff, wife of Moses E. Werner

c5    Married –   W. Scott to Myrlte Scott

c5    Funeral –   Mother of H. P. Robertson

Page 7

c7    Died –   Stewart Lamont, 74 years, son of David and Mary Lamont, nee Sedgewood; father of Mrs Verlyn Clark

c8    Died –   Mrs Frances Annett, 86th year, Jan 17, widow of Robert Annett; mother of Lee, Henry and Charles Annett

c8    Memoriam –   Fanny Hamilton Brickenden, Jan 19 1918

c8    Memoriam –   Alfred Frederick Chambers, Jan 18 1926, by mother Mrs E. Hardy

Page 8

c4    Anniversary –   Dr & Mrs Frank E. Bennett, nee Annie Barraclough of Ingersoll, 35th

c4    Anniversary –   Mr and Mrs George Milligan, 45th

c4    Anniversary –   Mr and Mrs Arthur Milligan of Iona Station, 32nd

Page 9

c2    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Mrs Carmen Binks, nee Jessie Gordon

Page 10

c2    Died –   Ezra Whitehead, 78 years, father of Mrs William Mulholland, Harold, Kenneth and Amos Whitehead

c2    Died –   Mrs Gordon Wilbur

Page 11

c4    Died –   William Goodfellow, 78 years, husband of Mrs Grace Ann Goodfellow; father of J. W., Edmund and Vernon C. Goodfellow, Mrs S. C. Stewart and Mrs P. McCabe brother of John Goodfellow

c4    Died –   James Gordon Lightfoot, 34th year, son of George & Jane Lightfoot, nee McCaw

Page 14

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W. T. R. Preston, 61st

c3    Died –   Alexander Glenn, husband of Mrs Matilda Glenn, nee Brooks; father of Mrs George H. Lanning and Mrs S. A. Wylie; brother of William Glenn and Mrs Orville Osterhout

c4    Died –   Mrs Frances Annett, nee Sutton, 86 years, daughter of Henry Sutton; widow of Robert Annett

c4    Died –   Mrs George Crawford, 70 years


19 January 1934

Page 1

c1    Died –   George Strong, 100th year, father of Mrs George Baker

Page 3

c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Elizabeth Ross, widow of Edward McMehan; mother of Jean McMehan

Page 5

c1    Died –   Mrs Edith Ann Attewell, 49 years, wife of Thomas George Attewell; mother of George Attewell

c8    Died –   Mrs Edward McMehen, nee Mary Elizabeth Scott, 77th year

Page 6

c1    Died –   William McDermid Pepper, 85th year, Jan 19

c1    Died –   Walter Naftel, 55th year

c1    Died –   Alfred Hairsine, 81 years

c3    Died –   Kenneth Lyle Siple, 3 months, son of Hume Siple

c4    Died –   John E. Milner

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs David Stratton, nee Smuck, mother of George and Harry Hubbard; sister of Addie, James, Victor and W. H. Smuck

c8    Born –   Betty Jane Bennett, daughter of George & Wilma Bennett, nee Compton, Jan 14

c8    Memoriam –   Robert William Miller, 6 years, 19 Jan 1932

c8    Memoriam –   Mrs James B. Brooks, Jan 19 1929

Page 10

c1    Died –   Mrs Coulson of London

c4    Died –   Charles Ward, 70th year, bn England son of Aaron Ward; husband of Mrs Catharine Ward, nee Murray; father of late Mrs Helen (Harry) McManus; brother of George and Frank Ward and Mrs Nellie Riggs

c5    Died –   George Clayton, 59 years

c5    Died –   Hugh Campbell, 43 years, son of John Campbell

Page 12

c3    Died –   Miss Jane Farley, 88 years, Jan 18


20 January 1934

Page 1

c2    Birthday –   William Moxley of St Thomas, 90th

Page 2

c2    Died –   Mrs Robert McQueen, Jan 19

c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret Wallace, Jan 18, wife of J. Wallace; Edward Griggs survives

Page 3

c3    Married –   Carl Cottrell, son of R. J. Cottrell to Marjorie Alice Munn, daughter of W. A. Munn

Page 8

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Charles Williams, 25th

c8    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Potts, nee Mary Ann Adams of Woodhouse Twp, 50th

Page 10

c2    Died –   Mrs Esli Haywood, nee Carrie Finkbeiner, 62 years, sister of Sam Finkbeiner

c2    Died –   Sam Finkbeiner, 38 years, Jan 18, brother of Mrs Eslie Haywood, nee Carrie Finkbeiner

c2    Died –   Catherine F. Cadenhead, 44th year, Jan 19, daughter of George M. & Isabella Cadenhead, nee Cameron

c3    Died –   Jacob Kohler, Jan 19

Page 11

c7    Will – Estate of Mrs Scopes of Yarmouth; George E. Scopes

c8    Died –   Duncan Turner, 70th year, Jan 19, husband of Mrs Jennie Turner, nee McArthur; sister of Mrs William Leach, Archibald, John and Dugald Turner

c9    Memoriam –   Florence Freeman, Jan 21 1933, by husband and daughters Marjorie and Kathleen

c9    Memoriam –   Harrie Hall, Jan 20 1917

c9    Memoriam –   Percey J. Hall, Feb 19 1924

Page 14

c1    Died –   Mrs Emma Lowery, nee Burton, widow of John A. Lowery; sister of W. J. Burton

c2    Died –   John Cook Meredith, Jan 18, son of Edmund Meredith; brother of Mary and Edmond Meredith

c2    Died –   Duncan Turner, Jan 18, son of Archibald & Mary Turner; husband of Mrs Jennie Turner, nee McArthur; brother of Archie, John, Dugald, Dr Alex Turner and Mrs William Leach

c3    Married –   Robert C. McMullen, son of Lt. Col. W. T. McMullen to Kathleen Holt, daughter of Mrs A. Holt; granddaughter of Magnus Dixson [Dickson – CVH]


22 January 1934

Page 2

c4    Died –   John J. Campbell, Jan 20, son of John & Margaret Campbell, nee MacIntyre; husband of Sarah Campbell; father of John Campbell; brother of Dugald Campbell
c5    Died –   Alden Stanley, Jan 21, son of George Stanley
c5    Died –   Adam O’Neil, 56th year, son of Daniel O’Neil; brother of Mrs Allan Hodges, Blanche and George O’Neil

c5    Died –   Alden Stanley, Jan 21, son of George Stanley

c5    Died –   Adam O’Neil, 56th year, son of Daniel O’Neil; brother of Mrs Allan Hodges, Blanche and George O’Neil

Page 3

c1    Died –   Rev Richard Weaver, 84 years, Jan 20

c4    Died –   Lewis Lukes, widow of Mrs Marie Playtor Luks; father of Mrs Arthur G. Slaght, Mrs John B. Duncan, Mrs S. Harris and Agnes Lukes

c4    Funeral –   Miss Margaret Clark

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Robert Annett

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Nettie McClintock, nee Smith 66th year, Jan 21, twin daughter of James Smith; widow of Thomas McClintock

c2    Died –   Abram Atkin, Jan 18

c3    Died –   William J. Brownlee, 79 years, husband of Mrs Christina Brownlee, nee Shaw; father of Maude and Premier J. E. Brownlee

c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Jane Meyers, wife of William A. Meyers; sister of Mrs Francis J. Bolton, Mrs Susan Winter, Mrs Henry Thomas, Paul, John, Amos and Clifford Smeltzer

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Norma Jeffrey, nee Jones, daughter of E. C. Jones; wife of Dr George S. Jeffrey; mother of Barbara Ann and William Jeffrey; brother of E. G. Jones

c6    Died –   Lawrence Walter Simpson, 60 years, father of George, Albert, Francis, William and Isabel Simpson

c8    Died –   John Locke, 82 years, Jan 20, father of Mrs Wesley Antcliffe, John, George, Edward, William, Alfred and Albert Locke

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Jane Meyers, nee Smeltzer, 56 years, Jan 20, wife of William A. Meyers; sister of Mrs Francis Bolton, Mrs Susan Winter, Mrs Henry Thomas, Paul, John, Amos and Clifford Smeltzer

c8    Memoriam –   James E. Shepherd, by wife

Page 8

c1    Married –   Oliver Douglas Aiken, son of Oliver Aiken to Mildred Evelyn Thomas, daughter of A. E. Thomas

c1    Died –   Lawrence Walter Vincent, 61st year, husband of Mrs Esther Ann Vincent; father of Francis, William, Albert, George and Isabel Vincent

c3    Engagement –   Samuel Archibald Pollard to Myrtle Irene Zavitz, daughter of Howard V. Zavitz

c4    Died –   Thomas Oran Tobias, 47th year, father of Charles, Albert, Clarence, Roy, Ernest, Nelson, Stirling and 5 daughters; brother of Joseph Tobias

Page 12

c1    Died –   James Oliver, 81 years

c1    Died –   W. A. McLean

c1    Died –   Maunsell H. Wolsey, son of R. B. Wolsey; brother of Vivien Wolsey

c3    Died –   John Locke


23 January 1934

Page 2

c3    Died –   Mrs Agnes Gagg, 84 years, widow of John Gagg; mother of Alfred Gagg and Mr Thomas McCague; sister of Mrs A. French

Page 3

c1    Married –   Bert Alexander Sherman, son of Frederick Sherman to Viola Lucine Berprand, daughter of Ernest Berprand

Page 5

c2    Died –   Mrs Miza Cook, nee Buchanan, wife of Eli L. Cook; mother of Lorne and Leroy Cook and Mrs E. L, McManes; sister of Edgar A. Buchanan

Page 6

c1    Died –   Joseph H. Ryan

c5    Died –   Miss Grace Margaret Forsythe, 29th year, daughter of James & Agnes Forsythe; sister of Gordon, Craig and Francis Forsythe

c6    Funeral –   Duncan Turner, Jan 23

c7    Died –   Mrs Sarah McQueen, 81st year, Jan 19, widow of Robert McQueen; mother of Mrs William Belore

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs J. A. McNeil

c8    Died –   Mrs Alison Lishman, nee Rowntree, 62nd year, widow of John Lishman

c8    Born –   Daughter of Joseph Beatty, Jan 14

c8    Died –   Mrs Janet Lodge, 81st year, Jan 23

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Irene Clutterbuck, nee Burton, 28th year, Jan 22, daughter of Mrs Christine Burton;  wife of Alexander Clutterbuck; sister of Mrs Glen Hamilton, Mrs M. F. Hepburn and Mrs Charles Atkins

c8    Died –   Mrs Agnes Gagg, 84 years, Jan 22

Page 10

c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Irene Clutterbuck, nee Burton, 27 years

c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Anderson, 63rd year, widow of John Anderson; mother of Robert Anderson

c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Jane Meyers, wife of William Meyers


24 January 1934

Page 2

c5    Died –   John Minard, 109th year

Page 6

c2    Died –   James W. Livingstone, Dec 30

c2    Died –   Mrs Ida Manning, nee Young, Jan 23, widow of Clarke Manning

c2    Died –   Joseph Mullen, 62 years

c2    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Allen Frishette

c3    Funeral –   William McDiarmid Pepper

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs J. A. McNeill

c2    Reunion –   Harold W. Gough and Mrs J. F. Lowes, siblings

c8    Born –   Joan Elenor Ford, daughter of F. Ford, Jan 17

c8    Born –   Son of W. Scott McKay, Jan 22

c8    Born –   Son of Lawrence Hilliker, Jan 15

c8    Died –   Mrs Janet Lodge, 81st, Jan 23

c8    Joseph Mullen, 62 years

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Ellen White, nee Caldwell, 46 years, Jan 24, wife of William J. White

c8    Memoriam –   Edward A. Campbell, Jan 24 1927

Page 8

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John McKay, nee Priscilla Thompson of Strathroy, 50th

Page 10

c1    Died –   John Easton, 86 years

c1    Died –   Mrs Scott, daughter of Mrs Edward Griggs

c2    Died –   Mrs John Speirn, 82 years

c4    Funeral –   Mrs Robert Annett

c5    Died –   Mrs Harriet Bevins, nee Johnson, 74 years, widow of William Bevins

c5    Died –   John E. McEwan, 62nd year

Page 14

c2    Died –   Major General Charles Johnstone Armstrong, husband of Mrs Flora MacDonald

c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Ellen White, nee Caldwell, wife of William White


25 January 1934

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Irene Clutterbuck, nee Burton

c2    Funeral –   John Locke

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Thomas McClintock

Page 7

c8    Born –   William Douglas Metcalf, son of A. C. Metcalf, Jan 15

c8    Memoriam –   Lloyd Hitch, Jan 25 1929

Page 8

c7    Died –   James Johnson Church, 87 years, husband of Mrs Esther Church, nee Pitman

Page 10

c2    Died –   Mrs Harriet Jane McIntyre, nee Richardson, widow of Rev Robert McIntyre

c3    Married –   Frederick Douglas Lindabury to Anna Louise Pearl Pringle

c3    Married –   Charles Leonard Pfeifer to Margaret Marie Casey

c3    Married –   Rev Percy McKechnie Sampson to Irene Cowan

c3    Married –   John J. Moore to Georgina Herron

c3    Married –   Roy F. Jewell to Thelma Vickery

c3    Married –   John Henry Cyster to Mrs Anna Laurie Brock

c5    Died –   Mrs Roger Crooker, nee Tarrant, 39th year

Page 14

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Strand, Jan 19

c5    Died –   Mrs Annie O. Thomas, 38 years Jan 9, wife of Edward F. Thomas

c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Joseph Tigert, 66th


26 January 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Percy E. Connor, 45th birthday, son of M. J. Connor

Page 2

c1    Birthday –   Eliza Dunnett, 92nd

c5    Died –   W. H. Cushing

c8    Died –   Alex Prisby, 69th year, husband of Mrs Alice Cushman

Page 3

c3    Article –   Murder, suicide of Mr & Mrs Bruce Gamble

c3    Died –   Jane Griffin, widow of John Hayes

Page 7

c2    Died –   James W. Livingstone, Dec 30

c3    Died –   Henry Francis Richardson; husband of Mrs Carrie Richardson, nee Cameron

c3    Died –   Mrs Frances Cumming, nee Billington; daughter of Dr George Billington

Page 8

c4    Died –   Mrs Janet Lodge

c4    Died –   Mrs Agnes Gagg

c4    Died –   Caroline Gordon

Page 9

c1    Died –   Mrs George Allen, 89 years, Jan 11, mother of Mrs Helen Kenn

c7    Born –   Son of Arthur Baker, Jan 20

c7    Born –   Daughter of C. W. Boughner, Jan 21

c7    Born –   Daughter of Walter Cupples, Jan 22

c7    Born –   Child of Harold Pearce, Jan 20

c7    Born –   Son of Joy Sanders, Jan 21

c7    Born –   Daughter of Allan Hasely, Jan 21

c7    Born –   Daughter of Charles Ponting, Jan 16

c7    Born –   Son of Harry Satok, Jan 19

c7    Born –   Daughter of Clarence Sovereign, Jan 16

c7    Born –   Daughter of Clarence Starling, Jan 20

c7    Born –   Son of Reg Logan, Jan 20

c7    Died –   Percy Eugene Connor, husband of Nea Connor

Page 10

c3    Engagement –   Wallace Malcolm R. McDougall to Jean M. Rose, daughter of Wallace Rose

c3    Engagement –   Norman John Chapman, son of S. Chapman to Laura Mildred Morningstar, daughter of H. M. Morningstar

c3    Married –   Robert Roy Campbell, son of R. E. Campbell to Ruth Taylor Pearce, daughter of Chalres T. Pearce

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Joseph Brown of Vienna, 57th

c5    Married –   William Byron Wing, son of Henry Wing to Elsie Grace Gilby, daughter of Walter William Byron & Cathryn Gilby


27 January 1934

Page 1

c6    Died –   Jacob Eyers, 84th year

Page 2

c3    Died –   Dougald Talmon, 73rd year

c3    Died –   Mrs Pearl Davis, Jan 27, wife of Harold Davis

c8    Married –   Arthur Plowright, son of J. Plowright to Doris Marshall, daughter of Mrs Ada Marshall

Page 6

c2    Died –   Sandford Perry, 53rd year, son of James Perry

c2    Died –   Charles A. Chase, 79th year

c2    Died –   David Crossett, 70th year, Jan 27

c3    Died –   Mrs Catherine Isabel Taylor, 62nd year, Jan 26, widow of Joseph M. Taylor

Page 14

c5    Engagement –   Dr John F. Curtis, son of Dr J. D. Curtis to Patricia Dowler, daughter of J. Dowler

Page 15

c2    Died –   Mrs Margaret Woodford, 78 years, wife of Richard Woodford

c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Graves, 105 years, widow of Robert Graves

c2    Married –   Roman Dzierma to Eva Bush, daughter of Dominic Bush

c2    Died –   Joseph Mullen

c7    Died –    Mrs Mary Ellen C. White, wife of William White

c8    Born –   Mary Elizabeth Strange, daughter of A. E. Strange, Jan 21

c8    Born –   Child of Barney Siim, Jan 22 [Simm?]

c8    Died –   Mrs Rowena Catherine Weir, nee Moore, Jan 26, widow of Robert B. Weir

c8    Died –   Mrs Margaret Woodford, 78 years, Jan 27, widow of Richard Woodford

Page 18

c2    Died –   John W. Whitlock, 60 years, husband of Mrs Maude Whitlock, nee Anderson

c5    Died –   Mrs Charles S. Hyman, nee Bremner, daughter of Alex Bremner; widow of Ejnar Rechnitzer; mother of Eric A., Paul D. and Einar Rechnitzer


29 January 1934

Page 3

c2    Died –   John H. Foster, 43rd year, brother of Mrs Percy Jones

c5    Died –   Frederick Dunn, 71st year

c6    Died –   Mrs Margaret Sellery, 77 years, daughter of Rev Matthew Swan UEL; widow of Rev S. Sellery

c6    Died –   Mrs John Speirn, 82 years

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Fanny Blanche Conner, 73rd year, daughter of George & Susie Argyle, nee Rohrer; wife of Samuel Connor

c2    Died –   Percy Connor, son of Martha Lindsay

c2    Died –   Joseph Hawes, 72nd year, Jan 28

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Roy M. Beemer, 30th

Page 7

c8    Died –   William Frank Cooper, 23 years, Jan 29, son of George & Ellen Cooper

Page 9

c7    Died –   Peter Rapelje, 69 years, Jan 27, son of George Rapelje

Page 12

c2    Died –   Mrs May Hattie Campbell, nee Miller, daughter of B. F. & Jennie E. Miller; wife of R. J. Campbell

c4    Died –   Thomas Bray


30 January 1934

Page 2

c2    Died –   Mrs Edna Almira Gullen, nee Caughell, 57th year, daughter of James & Priscilla Caughell, nee North; wife of William Gullen

c2    Died –   George H. Oakes, son of George Oakes

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann McGurn, nee Westbrooke, 66th year, daughter of Leonard & Katherine Westbrooke, nee McPhee; widow of Edward McGurn

c3    Died –   Margaret Woodford, 79th year

Page 3

c1    Died –   Baron Revelstoke, 69 years

Page 6

c4    Died –   Francis Samuel Howe, 78th year

c4    Died –   Mrs Isabella Smith, nee McCallum, 70 years, daughter of John & Ann McCallum; widow of Donald A. Smith

Page 7

c8    Died –   William Bassett

c8    Born –   Son of Gordon Carrothers, Jan 14

c8    Died –   Joseph Henry Rock, 53 years, husband of Mrs Adelaide Rock, nee St. John

Page 8

c3    Married –   William Roy Clement Silverthorne, son of Augustus Silverthorne to Mabel May Stickles

c3    Married –   Leslie Robinson to Mary Augusta Lee, daughter of H. M. Lee

c5    Died –   Rowena Weir

Page 9

c1    Died –   Mrs Fred Duesling

c2    Died –   Percy Eugene Connor, son of Isaac & Martha J. Connor

c3    Died –   Mrs Louisa Kelsey, nee Countryman, 76th year, Jan 26, daughter of Abram Countryman

c4    Died –   John Brownlee, 73rd year

c4    Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Conrad Zick, nee Mary Fitzmeir, 60th

c4    Died –   William John Robbins, 75th year, son of Edward & Isabel Robbins, nee Force

c4    Died –   George Alexander Pew, 73rd year

c8    Died –   William Smythe, son of Patrick & Eliza Smythe

Page 12

c2    Died –   Joseph Henry Rock, 53 years, husband of Mrs Adelaide Rock, nee St. John

c5    Died –   Walker McKellar, 73 years, husband of Mrs Lillian McKellar

c5    Died –   Anna Buck, 85th year


31 January 1934

Page 1

c3    Died –   Walter Earl ‘Dewey’ Grant, 35 years

Page 2

c6    Birthday –   Margaret McCallum, 102nd

c2    Died –   Charles Amondes Chase, 78 years, son of Isaac & Nella Chase

Page 3

c2    Died –   Alfred Cullen, son of James Cullen

Page 6

c1    Died –   Charles Hamilton Finch, 43 years, husband of Mrs Fern Finch, nee Peach

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Ford, Jan 30, widow of W. M. Ford

c1    Died –   Mrs Lottie Newell, nee Laur, daughter of Hiram Laur; wife of Herbert Newell

c1    Died –   Sandford Perry

Page 7

c6    Died –   Mrs Jane Huey, nee Jenkins, 73 years, daughter of Robert Jenkins; widow of James Huey

c8    Died –   Walker McKellar, 74th year, Jan 29, husband of Mrs Lillian McKellar

c8    Died –   Henry Rock

Page 8

c3    Married –   Garnet Lane, son of Thomas H. Lane to Hazel May Churcher, daughter of George Churcher

c3    Married –   Samuel Russell Colwell to Ethel Florence Osborne

c3    Married –   William Lipsit to Thelma Jean Wingrove

c3    Married –   Nicholas Krashewski to Kitty Barr

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Roy Beemer, 30th

Page 9

c1    Died –   Mrs Ida M. Hubbard Stratton, nee Smuck, wife of David Stratton

c1    Died –   Mrs Emma Lowe, nee Mann, wife of George Lowe

c2    Birthday –   Walter Fletcher, 87th

c2    Died –   Dugald Tallman

c2    Died –   Joseph Chute, 77th year

c2    Died –   Albert Slack, 77th year

c2    Funeral –   Mr Henry

c3    Died –   John Bowerman

c3    Died –   Ervin Robbins, son of John Robbins

c3    Died –   Mrs Lucy Holland, nee Labadie, 101 years, daughter of Jean Baptiste Labadie; wife of Andrew Holland

c3    Birthday –   Mrs Jane Christman, 90th, daughter of James & Agnes Taylor

Page 12

c1    Died –   Dr Uriah E. Bateson



1 February 1934

Page 1

c8    Died –   Angus McCrimmon

Page 2

c2    Died –   Ernest G. Edgington, 67th year

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Annie Buck, nee Boughner in St Paul, Minnesota

Page 7

c8    Died –   Angus McCrimmon, 88th year

Page 8

c2    Birthday –   Mrs Ewing, 96th

c3    Married –   John W. Barrie Fenton, son of James Fenton to helen Jean McFarlane, daughter of Rev C. P. McFarlane

Page 9

c3    Married –   Donald McCrimmon, son of Dr A. A. McCrimmon to Jean Moore, daughter of Donald Moore

c3    Married –   William James Edmunds, son of William Edmunds to Annie Bernice Griffith, daughter of Roy Griffin [note both surname spellings – CVH]

c3    Married –   Joseph Maldrum to Adokia Lanchier

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Archibald Taylor, nee Thurso Easterbrook of Belmont, 53rd

Page 10

c5    Died –   Ira Rolph, 49th year, son of Mrs Jane Rolph


2 February 1934

Page 2

c1    Died –   Herman Bringman

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   A. W. Lamb

c1    Died –   Mrs Samuel Connor

c4    Died –   Thomas James Wilson, 73rd year, son of John & Martha Wilson; widow of Mrs Maria Wilson, nee Saunders

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Batzold, 57 years, wife of Frederick Batzold

c2    Died –   William Frank Cooper

c2    Died –   Joseph Henry Rock, Jan 29

c8    Born –   Daughter of F. L. Bechely, Jan 29

c8    Born –   Son of William Stewart, Jan 27

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Batzold, nee Robinson, 57 years, Feb 2, wife of Frederick Batzold

Page 8

c5    Married –   M. Arthur Roy Hays to Letta Nora Martin, daughter of Harry Martin

c5    Married –   Harold Kellam, son of Cecil Kellam to Fay Elaine Gilbert, daughter of Mrs Nellie Gilbert

c5    Married –   James J. Harkley, son of Mrs Sarah Harkley to Edith May Hibbert, daughter of J. G. Hibber

c5    Married –   James Joseph O’Meara, son of James O’Meara to Kathleen Waechter, daughter of Albert Waechter

c5    Married –   Arthur Roy Hays to Leeta Nora Martin

c5    Married –   George Sydney Bye, son of W. Bye to Hazel Elizabeth Ford

c6    Married –   William James Palmerston, son of Roy Palmerstone to Irene Luella Davis, daughter of Albert Davis

Page 10

c1    Died –   Alfred Cullen

c3    Died –   Mrs Rachael Louise Woodley, nee Slaght, wife of Charles D. Woodley

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary E. Turnbull, nee Beamer, daughter of Henry & Esther Beamer, nee Shearer; wife of Rev Alex Turnbull

c3    Died –   James J. Church

c4    Died –   Norman Lister Balkwell, 54th year, husband of Mrs Ella Balkwell, nee Kennedy

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Roy Beemer, 30th

Page 14

c2    Birthday –   Mrs Margaret McCallum, nee McMillan, 102nd, widow of Dugald McCallum; daughter of Hugh & Mary McMillan


3 February 1934

Page 8

c6    Married –   Scott, John A. Sutherland, son of A. V. Sutherland to Anona Beryl Scott, daughter of H. N. Scott

c6    Married –   Charles Burnes to Janet Wilson, daughter of Norman and Hon. Cairine Wilson

Page 10

c1    Died –   Mrs William C. Bingham, nee Gregory, 84th year, daughter of Col. Philip & Sarah Gregory

Page 11

c8    Born –   Martin Francis Kaiser, son of M. F. & Eleanor Kaiser, nee Hewson, Feb 1

c8    Born –   Son of Clayton Franklin, Jan 31

c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Batzold, nee Robinson, 57 years, Feb 2, wife of Frederick Batzold

Page 14

c1    Died –   James Adams, 74 years, husband of Mrs Ellen Adams

c4    Died –   Frank Howe


5 February 1934

Page 2

c3    Died –   Frederick Michael Harrington, infant son of William Harrington

c3    Died –   Alexander Fleming, 35 years, son of John Fleming

Page 3

c1    Birthday –   Amelia Hall, 88th

c1    Married –   Wallace Malcolm McDougall to Jean Rose

c2    Died –   Wesley VanAlstine

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Samuel Connors

c3    Died –   John J. Church

c3    Died –   James Livingston

c3    Married –   Wallace Mason, son of Mrs Blanche Williams to Alice Blyth, daughter of W. Blyth

c6    Died –   Mrs Alda McMahon, nee Murdoch, wife of George McMahon

c6    Died –   Albert W. Slack

Page 6

c1    Died –   Henry Parker, 84th year

c3    Birthday –   Mrs Serinda Boughner, nee Woolley, 77th, daughter of Henry Woolley; widow of John Boughner

c3    Died –   John Walters, 94th year, son of David & Ann Walters, nee Treherne

c4    Died –   Alfred Cullen, husband of Mrs Isabella Cullen, nee Ainsworth

c4    Died –   James W. Livingston, Dec 31

c6    Died –   Joseph Aust Shepherd, 89th year, son of James & Sarah Shepherd, nee Aust; widow of Mrs Carolina Ann Shepherd, nee Lidstone

c7    Died –   Mrs Ellen Louise Wilson, 79th year, widow of J. L. Wilson

Page 7

c8    Born –   Daughter of Alexander Fleming, Feb 3

c8    Died –   Mrs Emma LeCourtois, 72 years, Feb 3, wife of Phillip LeCourtois

c8    Died –   Mary Elizabeth Norton, 74 years, Feb 4

Page 8

c2    Birthday –   Mrs Margaret Caldwell

c3    Engagement –   David Frederick Hayball, son of Frederick Hayball to Mary Isabel Smith, daughter of J. H. Smith

c3    Birthday –   Margaret McCallum, 102nd

Page 12

c6    Died –   Mrs Emma LeCourtois, 72 years, Feb 3, wife of Phillip LeCourtois


6 February 1934

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs William C. Bingham

c1    Died –   James Barham, 75 years

c3    Died –   W. Darius Conkey, 64th year, son of William & Mary Ann Conkey, nee Gourley

c8    Married –   Peter Pelkey to Ada Revena Coombs

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs Hattie Campbell, 49th year, Jan 28, daughter of B. F. & Elizabeth J. Miller; wife of Robert J. Campbell

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Batzold, wife of Frederick Batzold

c4    Funeral –   Hiram Gardiner, son of Isaac Gardiner

c6    Died –   James Clark Millard, 85th year, son of W. N. & Jane Millard, nee Orr


7 February 1934

Page 2

c4    Died –   Mrs Emma LeCourtois

c4    Died –   Mary Elizabeth Horton

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs John Henry Williams; grandmother of Arthur Rogers

Page 7

c1    Died –   James A. Tancock, 75th year, sister of Emellie Tancock

c8    Died –   John William Wood, 64th year, son of William Wood; husband of Mrs Sarah Wood, nee Hansford

c8    Born –   June Helen Caldwell, daughter of Stanley Caldwell, Feb 4

c8    Born –   Marilyn Joan Grainger, daughter of James & Edith Grainger, nee Baldwin, Feb 5

c8    Born –   Douglas Lester Bates, son of Lester Bates, Feb 2

Page 8

c3    Engagement –   Harold James Dennis, son of Herbert Dennis to Dorothy Mildred Congdon, daughter of William D. Congdon

c3    Married –   Frederick Tompkins, son fo Lawrence Tompkins to Lilly Blakley, daughter of James Blakley

Page 9

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William Telford, 54th

c1    Died –   Ernest George Edgington

c2    Died –   Stanley Evans, brother of Mrs Carlton Dance

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Myles Charlton, nee Saphronia Wismer, 61st

c4    Died –   Mrs William Ford.  Mrs T. D. Brown, Mrs Arden Cook

c5    Died –   Mrs John H. Williams

Page 10

c4    Died –   Marcus L. Campbell, 50 years, Feb 6


8 February 1934

Page 2

c8    Died –   Sands M. Fleet, father of John Fleet

Page 3

c2    Died –   Carolyn Belle Stiles, daughter of John & Hannah Stiles

Page 6

c1    Married –   William Brown, son of Mrs S. E. Brown to Dora Armstrong, daughter of William Armstrong

c5    Died –   Joseph Tofflemire, 71 years, Feb 7

c5    Died –   Mrs Teresa Petrie, nee Kelley, 26 years, wife of Robert Petrie

Page 7

c4    Died –   John Nolan, husband of Mrs Caroline Nolan, nee McGinnis

c8    Died –   William Edward Rothwell, 86 years

c8    Born –   James Harold McGregor J., son of J. H. McGregor, Jan 31

c8    Born –   Marion Doreen Brindley, daughter of Cyril & Esther Brindley, nee Brewer, Feb 7

Page 8

c1    Article –   St Thomas Home and School Council; Mrs J. McCulley, president; A. C. Courtice founder

c4    Married –   Vincent Bruce Potts, son fo Bertie Potts to Erie Violet Balcomb, daughter of Henry Balcomb

c7    Married –   Richard Marriott, son of William Marriott to Grace Kathleen Kohl, daughter of C. C. Kohl

Page 9

c4    Died –   Alexander Fleming, 35 years, son of John Fleming

Page 10

c2    Died –   Richard Roberts, 68th year, Feb 1

c2    Died –   Joseph Chute

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs James Ferguson, 21st

c3    Died –   Henry Parker

Page 11

c1    Died –   Mrs Edward Ward

Page 14

c1    Died –   Babe Horton, child of Edgar H. Horton

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Osborne T. Ball, nee Jennifer Barkoe, 50th


9 February 1934

Page 3

c2    Died –   William Alexander Fleming, 36 years, Feb 4,  son of John Fleming; husband of Mrs Jean Fleming, nee Gilchrist

Page 6

c2    Died –   Henry Parker

c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Winter, nee Bryden, 81 years, daughter of James & Nellie Bryden; widow of Walter Winter

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs Frederick Fowler

c5    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Welch, nee Carver, 36 years, daughter of Mrs Sarah Carver; wife of Cecil L. Welch

c6    Died –   James C. Millard

c7    Born –   Daughter of Douglas G. MacDiarmid, Feb 6

c8    Born –   Daughter of Arthur S. Robb, Jan 26

c8    Died –   John Nolan, Fe 7

c8    Died –   Mary Winter, 81st year

Page 8

c2    Married –   Alexander Butcher, son of James Butcher to Maryette Gransden Haney, daughter of George Haney

c2    Engagement –   Alpheus Clark, son of Mrs Clarence Butler to Hattie Robinson, daughter of Thomas Robinson

c2    Engagement –   Dellevan A. McDonald, son of E. E. McDonald to Kathleen Gurd Kerr, daughter of J. Archibald Kerr

c3    Died –   Geraldine Guthrie, 15th year, daughter of James Guthrie


10 February 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Rev Roy B. Bagshaw, 49th year, son fo Mrs S. B. Bagshaw; father of Voureen

c7    Died –   Mabel Brown, 15 years

Page 2

c2    Died –   Robert Whiting, father of Mrs L. R. Craig, Mrs M. B. Holmes, Stanley & Carl Whiting

Page 3

c2    Married –   Eugene Stirling to Emily Elizabeth Cowan, daughter of Mrs Bertha Cowan

c3    Married –   James Ruthven Buchan, son of Daniel Neil Buchan to Regina Louise Mowbray, daughter of James William Mowbray

Page 6

c1    Birthday –   Mrs A. Brook, 76th, mother of Mrs Ernest Millard

c1    Died –   James H. McGrath, husband of Mrs Ida McGrath, nee Trim; father of Harry McGrath; brother-in-law of Frank and George Trim; uncle of Mrs S. F. Ball

c2    Died –   Stanley L. Evans, 49th year, Feb 4

Page 7

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William Telford, 54th

c2    Died –   Mrs Esther Jane Vail, nee Sherman, 76th year, daughter of Lt. William and Elizabeth Sherman; wife of Nathaniel Vail

c8    Died –   Mrs Esther Jane Vail, nee Sherman, Feb 10, wife of Nathaniel Vail

c8    Memoriam –   Marion Ethel Fletcher, Feb 10 1932, by sons Albert & Arthur

Page 8

c2    Died –   Mrs Annie Fullarton, 69 years, mother of Mrs H. Anderson, Mrs J. W. Lawson, Mrs E. Selby, Mrs J. Ward, Mrs H. Metcalfe, Mrs G. A. Fuller, James, Richard and Jack Fullarton

10 February 1934

    Second Section

Page 9

c6    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Donald Campbell, nee Sarah C. Roome of Dutton, 50th

Page 12

c1    Died –   Bob Dennis

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Norman Brady of Dorchester, 50th

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Whan, mother of Rev E. J. Whan

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs David Petheram of Waterford, 35th

c2    Died –   Henry Parker

c3    Died –   Lewis Smith, son of Walter Smith; father of Earl Smith; brother of Frank Smith

c5    Died –   Mrs Sidney Lee, 82 years, mother of Mrs Cora McGregor, Mrs M. J. Ford and Archie Lee

c6    Died –   Miss Eliza Campbell, 81 years, aunt of A. P. Campbell

c6    Died –   Stanley Evans

Page 16

c5    Engagement –   Eaton Kingsmill Gale Burden, son of C. E. Burden; grandson of Timothy Eaton to Mary Isabel Thompson, daughter of E. Blake Thompson; granddaughter of John Campbell

c5    Shower –   Dr John S. Curtis and Patricia Dowler


12 February 1934

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Jane Flynn, 79 years, Feb 11

c4    Funeral –   John Nolan, husband of Mrs Caroline Nolan

Page 3

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Winter, mother of Mrs Alfred Hughes

c6    Died –   Lillian Westland, daughter of James Westland

Page 6

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Catharine Anger, 94th, mother of James L. Anger

c1    Died –   Mrs Nelson Cline, nee Martha White, 64th year, Feb 12, daughter of Joseph White

Page 7

c8    Born –   Son of A. R. Cousins, Feb 8

c8    Born –   Marilyn Laurel McCallum, daughter of A. B. McCallum, Feb 10

c8    Died –   Thomas C. Beales, 74 years, Feb 11, husband of Mrs Mary E. Beales

Page 8

c8    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Norman Brady of N. Dorchester, 50th

Page 12

c1    Died –   Thomas H. Lashbrook, 68th year, father of Herbert and Thomas Lashbrook

c2    Died –   Annie Reabie Hinchey, daughter of William and Jane Hinchey; sister of Mrs William H. Asher


13 February 1934

Page 3

c2    Shower –   David Heyball and Mary Smith

c2    Birthday –   Mrs Slingerland of Port Rowan, 87th

c2    Shower –   Mrs Fowler, nee Elsie Dickinson

c3    Died –   Mungo McNabb, 79th year

c4    Died –   James H. Thomas, father of Mrs Stanley W. Laird and Marion Thomas; brother of Willard, Edward, William and Arthur Thomas, Mrs P. J. Richardson and Mrs H. A. Burrill

c4    Died –   Andrew W. Pearson, Feb 13

c5    Died –   John S. Burgess, 84 years

c5    Died –   Charles Sitzer, father of Evelyn Sitzer

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Esther Jane Vail, wife of Nathaniel Vail

Page 7

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Cecil L. Welch

c8    Born –   Son of David Davis, Feb 11

c8    Died –   Edward Hardy, 42 years, husband of Mrs Violet Hardy

Page 8

c2    Married –   Kenneth Ripley Munroe, son of John Munroe to Erma Louise Brant, daughter of George Brant

c2    Married –   Norman John Chapman, son of Silas Chapman to Laura Mildred Morningstar


14 February 1934

Page 1

c8    Died –   Alfred Doherty

Page 6

c3    Died –   Donald McPhee, 68 years

c6    Died –   Edward Feick, 14 months, infant son of Walter Feick; grandson of Henry Feick

Page 7

c2    Died –   Alfred Doherty, 77 years, husband of Mrs Sarah Jane Doherty, nee Burton; father of Robert Bruce and Harry Russell Doherty

c8    Born –   Son of Ernest L. Hull, Feb 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of Andrew Jamieson, Feb 10

c8    Born –   Son of Thomas H. & Eleanor Smalldon, nee Leonard, Feb 12 [Smallman – CVH]

c8    Born –   Son of Samuel Warren, Feb 5

Page 8

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs D. Campbell of Dutton, 50th

Page 9

c2    Funeral –   Alexander Fleming, cousin of Duncan & Margaret Taylor

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. C. Hertel, 50th

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Emma Curtis

c4    Anniversary –   Salvation Army, St Thomas, 51st

Page 11

c5    Funeral –   Miss Eliza Campbell, 81 years, A. P. Campbell survives

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Sidney Lee, 81 years

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Percy Smith, nee Young, daughter of William H. Young

c7    Married –   Grant Howey, son of George Howey to Daisy Pauline Robertson

c7    Married –   Glynn Donald Dobson, son of William Dobson to Iris Juanita Pickard, daughter of Park Pickard


15 February 1934

Page 2

c4    Died –   Edward Hardy

c4    Died –   Thomas C. Beales

Page 5

c2    Died –   Daniel Herilhey, Feb 13

c5    Article –   Ned Sparks of St Thomas

Page 7

c1    Died –   Harry Breaton, husband of Mrs May Breaton, nee Johns

c4    Died –   George Wesley Parkins, 48 years, husband of Mrs Bertha M. Parkins

c8    Died –   Alfred Doherty, 78th year, Feb 14

Page 8

c2    Birthday –   Mrs John Burrett, 90th

c2    Birthday –   Archibald McKellar, 87th

c8    Died –   Mrs Mabel Traveson, nee Ives, daughter of Henry & Martha Ives, nee Buck; sister of Mrs Eunice Wiggleworth

Page 10

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Jake Lonsbury

c2    Died –   Jake Lonsbury

c3    Died –   Mrs Flora Scott Campbell,  83 years, daughter of James Campbell;  widow of D. D. Campbell; mother of James D., Daniel and William T. Campbell

c4    Died –   Mrs Edsell, sister of Mrs F. O. Campbell

c4    Died –   Mrs Peatrie, Feb 5, sister of Mrs F. O. Campbell

c7    Died –   Peter Laur

c7    Funeral –   Peter Laur

Page 14

c1    Funeral –   Alfred Doherty


16 February 1934

Page 3

c8    Died –   Elizabeth Pincombe, daughter of Richard & Amelia Ann Pincombe, nee Martyn; sister of Mrs A. B. Douglas, Mrs J. R. Bogue, Mrs S. S. Donaldson and Richard M. Pincombe

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs John McGowan, mother of John McGowan

Page 7

c2    Died –   William Francis Smart, 69 years, husband of Mrs Annie Smart; father of Leslie and Donald Smart; brother of Mrs W. Watts

c7    Born –   Son of Stanley Gardner, Feb 7

c7    Born –   Son of C. Nethercott, Feb 14

c7    Died –   James S. Hilbert, 68 years, Feb 15, husband of Mrs Matilda Hilbert, nee Hughson; father of Mrs Colletta Little and James Hilbert

c7    Died –   William Francis Smart, 69 years, Feb 15

c7    Died –   George W. Parkins, 48 years, Feb 15

c7    Died –   Duncan C. Campbell, 82nd year, Feb 15

Page 8

c2    Engagement –   Claude Alexander Shannon, son of Mrs James B. Scott and Joseph S. Shannon to Helen Agnes Robertson, daughter of Donald S. Robertson

c2    Engagement –   D. A. McDonald to Kathleen Kerr

c4    Died –   Duncan C. Campbell, 82nd year, Feb 15

c8    Funeral –   Martha Cline

Page 12

c3    Died –   Mrs Isabel Marriott, wife of John Marriott

Page 14

c1    Birthday –   Thomas Stephens of Seaforth, 93rd


17 February 1934

Page 2

c3    Died –   Mrs James Beatty, mother of James Beatty

c4    Died –   Duncan McDougall, 79 years, son of Angus McDougall; widow of Mrs Annie McDougall, nee Lind; father of Robert, John W. and Marjorie McDougall and Mrs R. B. Love

c5    Birthday –   Elgin Summers Schoff of Simcoe, 82nd

Page 3

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Wightman, nee Jane Giles of Caradoc, 50th

c4    Married –   Glen Whitle, son of Albert Whitle to Gladys Martin, daughter of John Martin

Page 8

c4    Shower –   Dr John S. Curtis, son of Dr J. D. Curtis and Patricia Dowler

c5    Engagement –   Alvin Jacklin, son of W. J. Jacklin to Hazel Evelyn Hepburn, daughter of Albert Hepburn

c6    Engagement –   Angus McColl Graham, son of A. E. Graham to Gwendolyn McKerracher, daughter of Duncan McKerracher

c6    Married –   Dr David Everett Shultis, son of Dr John Shultis to Catherine Orr Colquhoun, daughter of George Colquhoun

Page 10

c1    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Kenneth Munroe, nee Erma Brant

c7    Died –   Mrs George Dale, 84 years, mother of Dr Dale; sister of Mrs Joseph Charlton

Page 11

c2    Died –   Miss Marie Elizabeth Campbell, 37 years, step-daughter of Mr & Mrs W. C. Homister

c5    Died –   William Pomeroy, 82 years, widow of Mrs Emma Pomeroy, nee Cahil

c7    Died –   Alfred Doherty

c7    Born –   Mary Lou Babcock, daughter of Morris & Ivy Margaret Babcock, nee Jarvis, Feb 15

c7    Died –   Mrs Amelia Conn, nee Vice, 60 years, Feb 16, wife of Atkinson Conn

c7    Died –   Bennie Beharrell, Feb 13, son of Hanlan Beharrell

Page 14

c1    Died –   Mrs Emily Selina McCormick, 75 years, widow of James McCormick; mother of Mrs Claude White, Mrs Leonard Saga, Ernest, James, Alex, Hugh and Wilfred McCormick

c5    Died –   Mrs Amelia Conn, 60 years, wife of Atkinson Conn


19 February 1934

Page 1

c7    Article –   double murder and suicide near Sparta – Florence Elizabeth P. Philp, age 65 years, Herbert Thomas Philp, age 60 years shot by brother Joseph Arundle Philp who committed suicide

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Eliza Tweedale, nee McCord, 71st year, widow of Dr Joseph Tweedale; sister of William J. McCord, Mrs James Crawford and Matilda McCord

c1    Died –   Alex MacKenzie, 77th year, son of Alexander MacKenzie; father of Angus, Hattie and Ruth MacKenzie, Mrs J. D. Jackson and Mrs H. J. Hugill; brother of Mrs (Rev) David Anderson

Page 6

c1    Died –   Alfred Doherty

c2    Died –   Mrs Flora Scott Campbell, 83 years, widow of D. D. Campbell

c6    Married –   Dellevan Alexander McDonald, son of E. E. McDonald to Kathleen Gurd Kerr

Page 7

c2    Died –   Aaron McAllister, 59 years, father of Garnette and Wesley McAllister; brother of Mrs George Boyse, Edward and Charles McAllister

c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Jones, 75th year, widow of Richard Jones

c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret Anne Graham, 83rd year, daughter of Walter & Catharine Thomson; mother of Mrs Catharine McBeth, Mabel and M. G. Graham; grandmother of William G. McBeth

c4    Died –   William O’Neal Cloes, 68 years, son of John & Sarah Cloes, nee Thompson; husband of Mrs Maud Cloes, nee Dickinson

c6    Funeral –   George W. Parkins

c8    Born –   Charles Andrew Meadows Brandan, son of A. Brandan, Feb 16

c8    Born –   Son of Theodore Choras, Jan 27 in Theves, Greece

c8    Born –   Elizabeth Margaret Pullen, daughter of Thomas & Grace Pullen, nee Wagner, Feb 18

c8    Born –   Margaret Josephine Taylor, daughter of Clarence Taylor, Feb 11

c8    Died –   William O’Neal Cloes, Feb 18

c8    Died –   Marie Elizabeth Campbell, 37 years, Feb 17, daughter of W. C. Homister

c8    Died –   Aaron McAllister, 59 years, Feb 18

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Sara Pirie, 77 years, wife of James Pirie; mother of Oscar, William H. and Charles N. Pirie


20 February 1934

Page 1

c6    Funeral –   Miss Florence Elizabeth Philp; Herbert Philp; Joseph A. Philp

Page 2

c1    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Jane Dales, nee McEown, 82nd year, Feb 20, daughter of J. T. McEown; widow of George Dales

Page 3

c2    Died –   Lorenzo Dow Monk, 78 years

Page 5

c5    Funeral –   Thomas Beals [Beales – CVH]

Page 6

c2    Died –   Charles Pangborn, 60th year, brother of Thomas and Edward Pangborn and Mrs Joseph Ritter

c5    Birthday –   Mrs Thomas Small, 90th

c8    Funeral –   Mrs Beatty

Page 7

c1    Birthday –   John Lawson of Yarmouth Heights, 80th

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Mary McIntyre of Dalhousie Twp., 100th

c3    Died –   Arthur Pilgrim, 55 years, son of John Pilgrim; husband of Mrs Elizabeth Stock Pilgrim; mother of Joseph and Benjamin Pilgrim and Mrs James Bennett; brother of Mrs Eliza Free and Mrs Anna Livermore

c5    Died –   Mrs Hattie E. Nickerson, 69 years, widow of John Nickerson; mother-in-law of Clinton G. Beck

c8    Died –   William O’Neal Cloes, 68th year, Feb 18

c8    Funeral –   Miss Florence Elizabeth Philp, Joseph A. Philp and Herbert Philp

Page 8

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John J. McMillan, nee Janet McMillan, 50th

c2    Engagement –   James Wilson Bixler Jr., son of Rev James Bixler to Elizabeth McGregor, daughter of Gordon McGregor

c2    Engagement –   James Stuart Nevin, son of A. H. Nevin to Florence Mildred Davidson, daughter of Frank Davidson

c2    Engagement –   Charles Sylvester Hadley, son of William A. Hadley to Dorothy Jeanne McKiggan, daughter of William Henry McKiggan

c3    Married –   William John Carrel, son of Joseph Carrel to Isabell Ross, daughter of James Ross

c3    Married –   Harold Dennis, son of Herbert Dennis to Dorothy Congdon, daughter of William Congdon

c3    Married –   Samuel A. Pollard, son of Mrs A. Pollard to Myrtle Irene Zavitz, daughter of Howard O. Zavitz

c3    Married –   Fred Green to Minetta Hammond, daughter of John Hammond

c3    Married –   Dalton Hillis to Eileen Brown, daughter of F. T. Brown

c5    Birthday –   Mrs Louisa Pressey, 80th

Page 14

c1    Died –   William A. Broughton, 75 years, husband of Mrs Martha Broughton; father of Mrs Claude Collins, Mrs E. Fred Buller and Howard Broughton; brother of Eli and Byron Broughton and 5 sisters

c2    Died –   George Gregory, 70 years, husband of Mrs Mary Gregory; father of Thomas, Gordon, Fred, Harold, Walter and Marjory Gregory


21 February 1934

Page 1

c1    Died –   E. R. Jackson, husband of Mrs Mae Jackson; brother and sister-in-law of Mr and Mrs B. B. Graham

c8    Died –   brother of Mrs D. Philp

Page 6

c2    Birthday –   F. Montgomery, 88th

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Nelson Cline

c3    Funeral –   Duncan C. Campbell, 83nd year

c6    Died –   Miss Ida Cook, 17 years, daughter of Clarence Cook

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Sarah E. Travers, daughter of Walter Wardell; wife of John Travers

c2    Died –   Mrs Theresa L. Lee, nee Theresa Hutchinson, 70 years, wife of William W. Lee; mother of Mrs H. J. Hughes and Leila Lee; sister of Mrs Mary Hackett; grandmother of Lee and Roland Hughes

c2    Died –   Richard B. Sanders, 86 years, father of Mrs Margaret Jones

c3    Died –   Walter Flynn, Feb 21

c3    Died –   Mrs Flynn, 77 years, Feb 10

c8    Born –   Son of Reginald Johnson, Feb 14

c8    Born –   Son of Clayton Langdon, Feb 19

c8    Died –   Mrs Hattie E. Nickerson, 69 years, Feb 20, widow of John Nickerson

c8    Died –   Richard B. Sanders, 86 years, Feb 20, husband of Mrs Louisa Sanders; father of Mrs Mary Jones

c8    Died –   Arthur Pilgrim, 55th year, Feb 19

c8    Died –   Mrs Theresa L. Lee, Feb 20, wife of William W. Lee

Page 8

c1    Married –   Hugh James Dolphin, son of Neil Dolphin to Winnifred Ethel Robinson, daughter of Mrs Ellen Robinson

c2    Engagement –   Dr John S. Curtis to Patricia Dowler

Page 12

c1    Funeral –   George W. Parkins

c1    Died –   Mrs Thomas Gibson, 94 years

c1    Funeral –   Arthur Pilgrim, Feb 22

c1    Born –   Child of Charles Rivett-Crane; grandchild of Col. Frank Ware

c1    Died –   Mrs Hattie Nickerson, daughter of William & Mary Ann Sickle

c1    Birthday –   Rev D. C. Soules of Alma St. Presbyterian Church, St Thomas

c2    Died –   Richard A. Frayne, father of Antcliffe, Cecil, Ralph, Lillian and Stella Frayne

c6    Funeral –   James Hilbert

c6    Funeral –   William Francis Smart

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Amelia Conn

c7    Funeral –   Mrs Phoebe Miller, 91 years, widow of John Miller; mother of John Miller and Mrs William McMaster

c7    Funeral –   Miss Marie E. Campbell


22 February 1934

Page 8

c1    Died –   Mrs Fanny L. Britton, nee Lyle, 79 years, widow of George Britton

c1    Died –   William Fitch, husband of Mrs Annie Fitch, nee Kemble [Kimble – CVH]

Page 9

c5    Married –   Ernest D. Schaller to Mary Jean Oldreive, niece of Miss Mayme Oldrieve

c8    Born –   Son of R. L. Davey, Feb 19

c8    Born –   Son of Emerson & Thelma Baer, nee Jansen, Feb 15

c8    Died –   Mrs Theresa L. Lee, Feb 10, wife of William W. Lee

c8    Died –   Mrs Sarah E. Travers, nee Wardell, Feb 20, wife of John Travers

c8    Died –   William Fitch, 52nd year, Feb 21, husband of Mrs Annie Fitch, nee Kemble


Page 10

c6    Died –   William O’Neal Cloes

c6    Died –   Aaron McAllister

Page 11

c6    Married –   Ernest D. Schaller, son of Mrs M. Godfrey to Mary Jean Oldrieve, daughter of Albert Oldreive

Page 12

c1    Died –   Aaron Morick, 82 years, widow of Mrs Irene Morick, nee Andress; father of David and Lundy Morick; brother of Mrs Leech and Mrs Greiggs

c3    Died –   William Gregor McKenzie, 74 years, husband of Mrs Mary McKenzie, nee Gadsby

Page 13

c2    Funeral –   Florence, Herbert & Joseph Philp

Page 14

c3    Died –   William Burns, 76 years

Page 16

c2    Died –   Mrs Daniel F. Snyder, nee Abigail Cunningham, 77 years, mother of William N. and F. H. Snyder

c3    Died –   William Alvin Levy, 73 years, brother of Alfred E. and Gordon A. Levy


23 February 1934

Page 2

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Theresa L. Lee, wife of William W. Lee

c2    Funeral –   Won Hang Yen

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Owen Sawyer, cousin of Harold Sawyer

c1    Funeral –   Mr Fanny L. Britton

c1    Funeral –   Morley Tribe

c3    Funeral –   Arthur Pilgrim

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Evelyn Krouse, nee Howard, 59th year, wife of Abraham Krouse; mother of Howard, Wilfred, Morley and Lorne Krouse and Mrs Thompson

Page 8

c7    Married –   Harold James Dennis, son of Hubert Dennis to Dorothy Mildred Congdon, daughter of William Congdon

Page 9

c3    Birthday –   Samuel Staley of Malahide, 90th


24 February 1934

Page 1

c7    Died –   Henry Guest, 59th year, Feb 24, father of Arnold, Carman & Irene Guest and Mrs Arthur Newman

c7    Engagement –   John Steele to Violet Smith – Photo

Page 2

c6    Funeral –   William Fetch [Fitch – CVH]

c7    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah Travers, wife of John Travers

Page 3

c8    Married –   Frederick Branton, son of Frederick & Edith Branton to Evelyn Jean Berdan, daughter of O. E. Berdan

c8    Married –   Alfred E. Clark, son of Mrs Clarence Butler to Hattie Robinson, daughter of Thomas Robinson

c8    Married –   Henry Heibert, son of F. Heibert to Margaret Newman, daughter of Mrs Katharine Newman

c8    Married –   Frank Whitsitt to Fern Lester, daugther of Oscar Lester

Page 6

c1    Died –   Robert Aitkin, 78th year, father of Burley Aitkin; brother of Mrs G. W. Parker

c1    Died –   James R. Thompson, 57th year, husband of Mrs Thompson, nee Smythe; brother of George R. and L. Gordon Thompson

Page 7

c6    Died –   John E. Wilson, 91st year, father of Sam J. and Will Wilson and Mrs A. Mitton

c6    Died –   John H. Winterstein, 84th year, father of H. W. Winterstein and Mrs John Colwell

c8    Born –   Daughter of E. A. & Beatrice Wigle, nee Strachan, Feb 20

c8    Born –   Daughter of C. Longhurst, Feb 9

c8    Born –   Daughter of Nelson Smith, Feb 21

c8    Died –   Frederick Watson Pook, Feb 24, husband of Mrs Edith Marion Pook, nee Burness

c8    Died –   Mrs Louisa Agnes Martin, 82nd year, Feb 23, widow of F. C. Martin; mother of Mrs Edward V. Heal, Mrs J. C. Dow and George B. Martin


24 February 1934

    Second Section

Page 12

c1    Died –   Irvine Puttock, 44 years

c5    Died –   Mrs Barbara Cecelia Scott, nee Hitzel, 74 years, Feb 23, widow of James E. Scott; mother of William Scott and Mrs Howard R. MacGregor

c5    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Jamieson, 64 years, daughter of Samuel Jamieson

c5    Funeral –   Richard Sanders

c5    Funeral –   Mrs Hattie Nickerson

Page 16

c4    Shower –   Miss Patricia Dowler

c5    Married –   Frederick Branton of Evelyn Jean Berdan – Photo

c6    Engagement –   John S. H. Lind, son of John G. Lind to Margaret M. McHugh


26 February 1934

Page 2

c2    Died –   John D. McKinley; Sam Galbraith; W. H. Wilson

Page 6

c2    Died –   John E. Prowse, Jan 30, accident Athabaska, Alberta; husband of Mrs Luelia Prowse, nee Pressey

c3    Funeral –   Alfred Doherty

c3    Died –   Mrs Phoebe Ann Miller, 91st year, Feb 16, daughter of Joseph Miller; widow of Garrett L. Miller; mother of Mrs William McMaster and John Miller; sister of Albert Miller

c4    Died –   Mrs L. A. LaFortune, nee Laura Stoddart, 73 years, mother of Clarence LaFortune, Mrs Milton Taylor, Mrs George Bersaw, Mrs Beatrice Conopaska

c4    Died –   Mrs Margaret Smith, nee Daley, 72nd year, wife of Robert Smith; mother of John, William and Bert Smith; sister of Mrs Glover and George Daley

c4    Died –   Miss Ida Belle Cooke, 18th year, Feb 15, daughter of Clarence Cook; sister of Sharold, Leo, Harry, Harold, Hazel, Henry, Edward, Charles, Walter and Fred Cook

Page 7

c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret Seerling, 75 years, Feb 26

c3    Died –   Mrs Frances McKeegan, 68 years, mother of Mrs Kathleen Dickey

c3    Died –   Joseph P. Taggart, 56 years

c8    Born –   Son of Fred Loosemore, Feb 17

c3    Born –   Barbara Kathleen Squire, daughter of Harold Squire, Feb 17

c8    Born –   Deane Edmiston Corbett, son of Leigh Corbett, Feb 15

c8    Born –   Daughter of W. & Mary Andaleen Lindsay, nee Jeffrey, Feb 16

c8    Born –   Donna Marie Franklin, daughter of Clarence Franklin, Feb 14

c8    Born –   Son of Basel Ferris, Feb 17

c8    Born –   Daughter of Ralph Whitehead, Feb 19

c8    Born –   Son of James Reid, Feb 19

c8    Born –   Daughter of Douglas Stalker, Feb 18

c8    Born –   Son of Lloyd Giles, Feb 13

c8    Born –   Son of Cecil Proctor, Feb 14

c8    Born –   Daughter of Donald K. Howell, Feb 15

c8    Born –   Daughter of Roy Barker, Feb 18

c8    Born –   Son of Herbert & Ethel Hunter, nee Matthews, Feb 26

c8    Born –   Barbara Anne Gibbons, daughter of E. H. Gibbons, Feb 14

c8    Born –   William Robert Coutnage, son of H. M. Coutnage, Feb 18

c8    Born –   Son of David Wiedrick, Feb 16

c8    Born –   Daughter of Lewis C. Lee, Feb 15

c8    Born –   Daughter of Kow Taluk, Feb 16

c8    Died –   Frederick Watson Pook, Feb 24, husband of Mrs Edith Marion Pook, nee Burness

Page 8

c3    Married –   William Hillman to Elsie Johnston, daughte rof Mrs Florence Johnston

Page 9

c6    Married –   William Brown, son of Mrs S. E. Brown to Dora Armstrong

Page 11

c4    Died –   Aaron Morick, 82nd year, son of William & Annie Morick

Page 12

c1    Died –   John Gray


27 February 1934

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   James R. Thompson

c1    Funeral –   Robert Aitken

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Fannie L. Britton, widow of George Britton

c2    Died –   Mrs Allen Maguire, 77th year, Feb 26, mother of Mrs Jennie Christie; sister of John and Morley Featherstone

Page 7

c8    Born –   Daughter of Arch McMillan, Feb 22

c8    Born –   Daughter of A. J. Delong, Feb 24

c8    Born –   Jarvis Leon Caughell, son of Albert & Millie Caughell, nee Gunson, Feb 27

c8    Died –   Mrs Emma Rolling, 69 years, Feb 26, mother of Myrtle, Annie, Richard, John and Walter Rolling

c8    Died –   Verna Allison, Feb 27 1933

c8    Died –   Isaac Downing, Feb 27 1932

c8    Died –   Elsie Elizabeth Styles, Feb 27 1920

Page 8

c3    Married –   Bruce Aquilla Sandham, son of Edgar Sandham to Iva Marguerite Clark, daughter of W. J. Clark

c3    Married –   Russell F Rockefellar, son of Freeman Rockefellar to Marguerite Louise Howick

c3    Married –   Bruce Alvin McClain to Ina Illean Mayo, daughter of William Mayo

Page 9

c1    Died –   Mrs Grace D. Clanahan, 53 years, mother of Mrs R. Buck, Mrs Clarence McDonald, Norman, Walter and Charles Clanahan

c2    Died –   James Harvey Hull, infant son of Ernest L. Hull

c2    Died –   William Stratton, 89 years, son of George Stratton; widow of Mrs Elizabeth Stratton; brother of Mrs Nichols

c2    Died –   Mrs John Taylor

c3    Died –   Mrs Frances Boughner, nee Beemer, 76 years, daughter of William Beemer; widow of George Arthur Boughner; mother of Mrs Arthur Hewson, Mrs William Brewer, George and Delbert Boughner

c3    Died –   Alexander McInroy

c3    Died –   Mrs Emily Amelia Pope, nee Hunter, widow of William Pope; mother of Thomas Pope, Mrs Walker, Mrs Gordon McInnes and Mrs Smith

c3    Died –   Mrs Archie M. Collver, nee Laura Kelly, daughter of Rev D. W. Kelly; mother of Mrs Russell Gage, Mrs Stanley Hyndman, Ross, Roy and Hugh Collver; sister of Mrs Harvey Vandeburg and Rev S. J. Kelly

c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Edmund MacPherson, nee Kerenhappuck Mollard, 59th

c4    Died –   Joseph Dutton, 88th year

Page 12

c2    Died –   William J. Lindsay, father of Frederick and Carson Lindsay and Mrs P. R. Caven

c3    Died –   Mrs Emma Rolling, 69 years, widow of George Rolling


28 February 1934

Page 1

c2    Died –   Dr William Logan Silcox, 62 years, son of Grant & Hattie Silcox, nee Aitkens

c2    Died –   Dr Fred Philip, 68 years

Page 2

c5    Funeral –   Frederick Watson Pook

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Miss Elizabeth Jamieson

c1    Died –   Jack Lindsay, Feb 27, son of Frank Lindsay; brother of Helen, Marion and Donald Lindsay

c2    Funeral –   Morley J. Tribe, son of John Tribe

c2    Funeral –   Ervine Puttock, 46 years

Page 8

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W. H. Johnson, nee Emily Jane Smith, 50th

c2    Engagement –   Rolph Stewart Grant, son of T. Geddes Grant to Margaret Elcy Kennedy, daughter of John A. Kennedy

Page 9

c3    Married –   Frank Farquhar, son of John Farquhar to Barbara Campbell, daughter of Angus Campbell

c6    Died –   Mrs Annie Taylor, 84 years, widow of John Taylor