STTJ 1945 Jan-Feb

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

January through Feb 1945

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
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2 January 1945

Page 3

c1        Died – John W. Sowler, 77th year, Dec 31; father of John Sowler

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Sloan, nee Eliza Fess, 63rd

c2        Died – Mrs Stanley Pearson, nee Elizabeth Marie Skuce, 36 years, daughter of Harry Skuce; sister of Mrs Monty Wilson, Mrs Carmel Countryman, Mrs Roy Healy, Mrs Lloyd Louch and William Skuce

c2        Died – Simon C. Rae, Jan 1, son of William & Jean Rae

c3        Photo – Earl R. Galloway, son of Mrs A. Galloway of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Died – Duncan A. Campbell, 81st year, Dec 20; husband of Mrs Violet Campbell, nee Laurencelle

c2        Died – Fred Deacon

c2        Died – John Cambradge Sloat, 78th year, husband of Mrs Hannah Sloat, nee Haist

c3        Died – Dr William J. Bannister, 65 years, Dec 30

c3        Died – Fred Taylor of Watford

c3        Died – Arthur E. Day, 70 years, Dec 30

c4        Married – Alexander Knox of Strathroy to Doris Nolan, Dec 30

c4        Died – Raymond Joseph Vince, husband of Mrs Violet Vince, nee Barber; son of Fred Vince

c4        Died – Charles Ernest Lewis, son of Charles Lewis

c4        Died – Robert White Patterson, son of Mrs Lucinda Patterson

c4        Died – Francis E. Ressler, Dec 30

c4        Died – Orval Lockrey, son of William Lockrey

c5        Birthday – John H. Madden, 87 years


Page 8

c1        Died – Doris Blanche Walker, 3 years, Dec 31, daughter of Charles W. Walker, granddaughter of William Walker

c7        Funeral – Mrs Francis (Charles) Schultz, Jan 1


Page 9

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. Balderston, 40th

c2        Died – Raymond Weiberg, son of Charles Weiberg; brother of Lorne Wieberg and Mrs John Kuzmick; son-in-law of William Johnson

c8        Born – Linda Elizabeth Crosby, daughter of Verne Edwin & Audrey Crosby, nee Prior, Dec 22

c8        Born – Daughter of William Johnson, Dec 30

c8        Born – Robert George Sharp, son of Keith & Margaret Sharp, nee Robb, Jan 1

c8        Born – Daughter of Albert Atkins, Dec 24

c8        Born – Daughter of Stanley Addlington, Dec 24

c8        Born – Daughter of Walter Becker, Dec 25

c8        Born – Patricia Marie Deyne, daughter of Alfred & Betty Marie Deyne, nee Church, Dec 5

c8        Born – Son of Roy Marshall, Dec 28

c8        Born – Son of Harry A. Ongena, Dec 21

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Scruton, Dec 26

c8        Died – Mrs Beatrice Bennion, 58 years, Dec 31, wife of Owen T. Bennion; mother of Vera Bennion, Mrs H. Groves, Burt, Orlin and Leon Bennion

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Thomas, Dec 30, widow of W. Scott Thomas; sister of Frederick L. Sanders, Dr William J. Sanders, Miss Edith Sanders and Mrs George W. McCoubrey

c8        Died – Doris Blanche Walker, 3 years, Dec 31, daughter of Charles W. Walker, granddaughter of William Walker


Page 10

c1        Married – Frank Edward Robbins Jr. to Miss Beatrice Noback, daughter of C. W. Noback, Dec 21

c3        Married – Frank James King, son of C. F. King to Miss Ruth Marjorie Louden, Dec 30

c3        Engagement – Robert Francis Wodehouse, son of Dr. E. G. Wodehouse to Margaret Elizabeth Rose, daughter of Rev David M. Rose – January

c3        Engagement – Curvin H. Stein Jr. son of Rev C. H. Stein Sr. to Dorothea Duff, daughter of J. M. Duff

c3        Died – Mrs Hannah Elizabeth Burt, Dec 30, wife of Archdeacon William Burt

c5        Married – William Thomas Hodgson, son of C. Hodgson to Audrey Pearl Campberll, daughter of John J. Campbell of Aylmer, Dec 30

c5        Married – John A. McLachlin, son of John D. McLachlin to Rhoda Florence Pardy, daughter of E. Pardy, Dec 23

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Innes, nee Ella Peacock, 54th

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Fingland, 60th


Page 16

c2        Photo – Wellington Wesley Stewart of St Thomas Times Journal Staff

c3        Born – New Years Baby – Son of Keith Sharp, Jan 1 in St Thomas

c3        Died – Mrs Owen T. (Beatrice) Bennion, 38 years, Dec 31

c3        Died – Richard Rowe, 89 years, Dec 31, widow of Mrs Katherine Rowe, nee Mathieson; father of W. E. and Granville Towe, Mrs Ethel Barrett and miss Minerva Rowe

c4        Died – Died – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Thomas, Dec 30


3 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Michael Donahue, 88 years

c1        Died – William James Thomas, 89th year, husband of Mrs Margaret Thomas; father of Lloyd Thomas, Rowe Thomas and mrs John Love

c1        Died – Mrs Jane Moffat. 75 years, widow of Andrew Moffat; mother of Clarence E. & Erville Moffat, Mrs Alma Smith, Mrs Roy Grant and Mrs Ira Weese

c1        Died – Mrs Bessie Elizabeth Stirling, 85 years, Dec 30, widow of James E. Sterling, daughter of James Stacey

c2        Died – Lambert Tofflemire, 68 years, Dec 30

c4        Died – Frederick Harry Andrews, 82nd year, Jan 1

c4        Died – Mrs Geroge Pepper, nee Elizabeth Neidrauer, 70th year, Jan 1

c5        Died – Mrs Duncan Leitch, nee Janet MacMillan, 77 years, Jan 2, daughter of John & Mary MacMillan, mother of Mrs Theodore Stroup, Misses Jennie and Ethel Leitch, John B., Hugh, Duncan and Kenneth Leitch; sister of Mrs D. B. S. McPherson, Mrs Mary Turner and mrs Neil McEachren, Donald and Andrew MacMillan, Dr R. M. MacMIllan and John MacMillan, grandmother of Ted Stroup

c5        Died – Thomas McFadden, Jan 2, husband of Mrs Ettie McFadden, nee McClure; father of Clayton McFadden, Vera, Marie, Reta and Nancy McFadden and Mrs Allan Bradd; brother of Wesley, Bruce, Hugh, Clifford and Marshall McFadden


Page 6

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs D. C. Floto, 44th

c6        Funeral – W. A. Brown, Jan 2

c7        Died – George C. Cameron, 80 years, Dec 30

c7        Died – Gary Garrett, 8 years, Dec 31, son of William Garrett

c8        Funeral – Richard Rowe, Jan 2

c8        Funeral – Miss Marjorie Ackert, Jan 1


Page 7

c8        Born – Robert Michael Abdey, son of Francis & Winnifred H. Abdey, nee Chinn; brother of David & Margaret Abdey, Jan 2

c8        Memoriam – James Bannatyne, (Ballantyne) Jan 3 1942

c8        Memoriam – Doris Vera Sims, Jan 3 1929

c8        Memoriam – Betty Ann Sims, Nov 4 1944


Page 8

c2        Married – Fred Tull to Miss Noreen Aitken

c2        Funeral – Mrs Joseph Schwartz, cousin of Miss Laura Dietz

c2        Engagement – Edgar Morgan Currah, son of T. H. Currah to Marie Louise Walter, daughter of Mrs M. R. Walter

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Ansel Charlton, 50th

c4        Married – Andrew W. McCormick, son of C. McCormick of St Thomas to Marie Rita Thomas, daughter of O. Thomas, Dec 28

c4        Married – Thomas Edmund Wright, son of G. Wright to Margaret Alexine Coster, daughter of C. M. Coster

c4        Married – Earl Rawson, son of William J. Rawson to Norma Murray, daughter of T. E. H. Murray of Stonewall, Manitoba

c4        Married – Peter Alexander Smillie, son of William R. Smillie to Janet Isabelle Morse, daughter of S. A. Morse

c4        Married – Kenneth Dowson, only son of Mrs Caroline Dowson of Toronto to Margaret Wiley, 2nd daughter of Watson Wiley of St Thomas, Dec 22 in St Thomas by Rev J. K. West . Miss Francis Hutchinson was maid of honour. Grace Wiley was her sister’s bridesmaid. Groomsman was Stanley Chandler of London. Roy Somerville, uncle of the bride gave the toast.

c5        Married – Kenneth D. McGuinness, son of James McGuinness to A;tja Ca,pbell, daughter of James Campbell of West Lorne, Dec 23

c5        Married – Stanley Eugene Gaskin, son of Edwin Gaskin to Eunice Maude Graydon, daughter of Charles Graydon, Dec 30

c5        Married – Alexander F. Bell, son of Dilly Bell to Miss Isabelle Margaret Leslie, daughter of late George Leslie and Mrs F. G. Tezard


4 January 1945

Page 5

c2        Photo – James Bain, son of James Bain of Springfield

c6        Died – John W. Sowler, 77th year, Jan 1


Page 8

c1        Married – Percy Douglas Welter, son of Arthur Welter of Aylmer to Dorothy Mae White, daughter of Harley B. White, formerly of Aylmer

c1        Married – Ernest Arthur to Miss Jean Ruth Thomson, daughter of Pierce Thomson

c3        Engagement – Thorbjorn Gunnerud to Olive Patricia McCollum, daughter of Rev Arthur C. McCollum – January 20

c3        Engagement – W. D. French, son of Rev E. C. French to Shirley Lois Scott, dagughter of Wilfred Scott

c4        Married – Frederick James Tull, son of F. & Emily Tull of St Thomas to Noreen Mildred Aitken, daughter of W. H. Aitken of St Thomas, Jan 4


Page 14

c1        Died – Francis LeRoy Hayden, son of Mrs Hannah May Hayden, nee Swisher; nephew of Mrs W. H. Young and Mrs Orville Osborne

c2        Died – Rev Carson J. Cameron, Dec 30, son of Rev John Cameron


5 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs Helen Elizabeth McLean, nee Kerr, 75th year, widow of William McLean

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. W. Baldwin, 53rd

c3        Birthday – John Hamilton Madden, 87th, son of John Madden

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Harry Steel, 25th

c5        Died – Mrs George Graves, nee Harriet Welch, 101 years, Jan 4, sister of Mrs Groesbeck and Osca Welch


Page 8

c2        Married – E. Wright, son of Arthur Wright to June Lalonde, daughter of Frank Lalonde

c2        Married – John Henry Neil, son of George Neil to Mary Jean Rae, daughter of Francis Rae, Jan 2

c2        Married – Albert Edwin Galloway, son of Edwin Galloway to Katherine Georgina Cook, daughter of John McCaw

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Gorvett, nee Emma Fanson, 60th


Page 12

c1        Died – Julius Pederson, Jan 1 at Des Plains, IL, husband of Mrs Ethel Pederson, nee Charlton; brother-in-law of Mrs George Orr and Mrs Walter Charlton

c4        Died – Thomas G. Courtenay, 83 years, Jan 4

c5        Died – Mrs Elsie Mae Ackford, 69 years, Jan 4, widow of Frank Ackford; sister of Mrs James Gunning


6 January 1945

Page 1

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Anne Crane, 106th year, Jan 6, daughter of Francis & Catherine Cutler, nee Conrad, widow of Edwin R. Crane; mother of Fred Crane, Dr J. W. Crane and Mrs Thomas Evans

c7        Died – James E. Bain, Dec 27, son of James Bain; brother of Margaret, Violet and Barbara Bain – Photo


Page 6

c1        Engagement – Wilfred Laurier Carey, son of T. L. Carey to Mildred Jay, daughter of William Jay – January

c1        Born – Daughter of Edward E. Priebe, Jan 1

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alfred Spencer, nee McDonald, 60th

c2        Died – Rev Robert William Craw (Crew?), Jan 5

c3        Died – Alden R. Vicary, 57 years, son of John Vicary

c3        Died – Mrs John Aaron McBride, nee Jemima Elizabeth Aitken, 82nd year, daughter of James Aitken

c3        Died – Mrs Edwin E. McDonald, Jan 1

c4        Died – Miss Margaret S. Park, sister of Joseph Park


Page 7

c1        Photo – Jack Jennings, son of W. A. Jennings of St Thomas

c2        Photo – Wynne Baldwin, son of George M. Baldwin of St Thomas

c2        Photo – Frank Oke, son of Roy Oke of St Thomas

c6        Photo – Angus McLachlin, son of A. F. McLachlin of St Thomas


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Lodge, 88 years, Jan 5, daughter of William & Mary Piper, nee Yeo; widow of William Lodge; mother of Gordon Lodge and Mrs Alice Henderson; sister of J. J. Piper and Mrs Sarah Lumley; grandmother of Blake, Quentin, Marilyn and Garth Lodge and Mrs Frank Fordham; great grandmother of Brooke Fordham

c2        Died – Winfred Backus, Jan 5, son of Frederick & Sarah Backus; brother of Misses Mabel & Florence Backus and John R. Backus

c2        Died – Miss Phoebe Catherine Bucke, daughter of David & Martha Bucke, nee Harvey

c4        Died – Mrs Ada Randall, nee Billingsley, 71 years, Jan 6, widow of James M. Randall, mother of Miss Eileen Randall, Mrs E. H. Wadley and Mrs Robert Doyle, J. Clifford and Edward S. Randall; sister of Joseph Billingsley; aunt of Mrs Charles Giles and M. Reed

c7        Funeral – Mrs Charles Rush


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Catherine McKillop, Jan 6, wife of Duncan McKillop; mother of Donald McKillop, Mrs Clarence Orchard, Misses Mary and Bessie McKillop; sister of Archie McKillop, Mrs R. Campbell, Mrs D. Graham, Misses Bessie and Bell McKillop and Mrs J. H. Still

c3        Died – Walter Scott Stout, 86 years, Jan 5

c7        Born – Louise Eileen Barnes, daughter of S. & Helen Barnes, nee McCallum, Jan 1

c7        Born – Son of Fred & Velma Clark, nee Meredith, Dec 5

c7        Memoriam – Alonzo Bowlby, Dec 7 1934, by daughters Nellie, Mabel & Grace

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Alonzo Bowlby, Jan 6 1935

c7        Memoriam – Harley Brown, Jan 7 1942

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Mary Ann Sproule, Jan 6 1944

c7        Memoriam – Ida May Williams, Jan 6 1941

c8        Died – Thomas G. Courtenay, 83 years, Jan 4, father of Mrs George Kincaide, Mrs Bruce Laing, Mrs Tofflemire, Thomas G. Courtenay, Rev Gordon Courtenay, John and David Courtenay

c8        Died – Mrs Freeman Parker, 37th year, Jan 4

c8        Died – William James Armstrong, 42 years, Jan 5; brother of Mrs R. A. Crozier, Mrs Alex McCaw and Robert Armstrong

c8        Died – Lewis Allan Doan, 80 years, Jan 6, father of John Doan

c8        Died – Mrs Gertrude Blanch Graves, 76 years, Jan 5, wife of John Graves

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Lodge, Jan 5

c8        Died – Mrs William B. McCaig, nee Jean Graham, 61 years, Jan 5, mother of Mrs Mathew Easton and Cyril McCaig; sister of Mrs David Brown

c8        Died – Mrs Duncan McKillop, nee Catherine McKillop, Jan 6

c8        Died – Mrs James M. Ranndall, nee Ada Billingsley, 71 years, Jan 6


Page 10

c2        Married – Ronald Joyce Newton, son of Robert Newton to Miss Mabel Flora Allman, daughter of Alfred Allman – Photo

c4        Engagement – Chester Philip Smith, son of Herbert & Ellen Smith to Kathryn Frances Miller, daughter of Karl E. Miller – February

c4        Engagement – William J. McDowell, son of W. McDowell to Evelyn Jean Jewell, daughter of Leslie Jewell of Aylmer – January

c4        Married – Herbert Rendell to Miss Katherine McKellar

c4        Married – J. W. Mills to Miss Daisy Wise

c5        Engagement – Henry G. Swan, son of James H. Swan to Isobel Martin, daughter of Robert Martin – January 19

c5        Engagement – Alvin Sorenson of Ridgetown to Miss Beth Toombs, daughter of Edward Toombs of Simcoe – January

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Bruce W. Whitside, nee Catherine Cameron, 25th

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Voakes, , nee Martha Walker, 53rd

c6        Married – R. Lightizer, son of Mrs R. Yates to Hazel Rita Walker, Dec 23

c6        Married – Clark Patrick Molloy, son of Mrs L. C. McCarthy of Fort Erie to Nancy Annette Cassidy, daughter of John Cassidy of Galt, Dec 27

c7        Married – Roy Martin Ashton, son of Norman Ashton of RR # 6, Aylmer to Miss Muriel Phyllis Newman, daughter of Frank Newman of St Thomas – Photo


Page 16

c 3       Died – Mrs John Graves, nee Gertrude Blanche Howarth, 77th year, Jan 5, daughter of William E. & Nancy Howarth, nee McLean

c3        Died – Lewis Allan Doan, 80 years, Jan 6, son of George & Catharine Doan, father of John, George and Frederick Doan

c3        Died – Mrs Jean Graham McCaig, Jan 5, wife of William B. McCaig , daughter of James & Janet Morrison, mother of Cyril McCaig and Mrs Matthew Easton; sister of Mrs David Brown


9 January 1945

Page 2

c6        Funeral – William J. Armstrong, Jan 8

c6        Funeral – Thomas G. Courtenady, Jan 8

c6        Funeral – Lewis A. Doan, Jan 8

c7        Funeral – Mrs Gertrude B. Graces, Jan 8

c7        Funeral – Mrs Mary Lodge, Jan 8


Page 5

c3        Died – Fred Dean, 72 years, Jan 6

c4        Died – Mrs George Pepper, nee Elizabeth Nieudrauer, 70th year, Jan 1

c4        Died – Mrs Bruce Stratton, nee Watson, 75 years, mother of Cecil, Hilton and Ernest Stratton, Mrs Amos James and Mrs Frank Powell; sister of Mrs George Robson, Mrs Wallace Stratton and Randolph & William Watson

c5        Died – James Frederick Charles Campbell, 4 months, son of Mrs Margaret Jean Campbell


Page 6

c1        Married – Donald Hutchins to Miss Catherine McConnell, Jan 10

c6        Funeral – Mrs Harreed Graves, nee Welch, Jan 6


Page 7

c2        War Brides – Elsie F. Kubu, wife of F. M. Kubu and daughter Margaret to Mrs E. J. Kubu of St Thomas

c8        Born – Wayne Meredith Clark, son of Ted & Velma Clark, nee Meredith, Jan 5

c8        Born – Son of V. M. & Etta Burrows, nee Lowry, Jan 8

c8        Born – Kenella Carolyn Campbell, daughter of Kenneth W. & Eleanor Campbell, nee Fenwick, sister of Janice Eleanor Campbell, Jan 3

c8        Born – Daughter of Gerald Dawson, Jan 2

c8        Born – Judith Ann Norris, daughter of George Norris, Jan 4

c8        Died – Beverley Ann Fugard, 8 months, Jan 8, daughter of Frank Fugard; sister of Eugene, Harold, Charles, Loreen and Marjorie Fugard, granddaughter of Mrs Milton Wright

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Teressa Robbillard, nee Sullivan, 57 years, Jan 7, wife of Fred J. Robillard; daughter of Mrs Margaret Sullivan’ mother of Mrs F. C. Netherton, Mrs Norman T. Lavoie, Misses Jean and Dora robillard, Leo J. Robbillard; sister of Mrs P. S. Pchier, Mrs I. O’Hearn, E. J., Daniel J. Ambrose and Frank Sullivan; grandmother of Frederick Netherton, Norman and Marie Lavoie

c8        Died – Norman Taylor, 39 years, Jan 7, husband of Mrs Marion Taylor; father of Caroline, Joan, Edward, Terry and Elizabeth Ann Taylor; son of Charles Taylor; brother of Mrs Clair Axford, Mrs D. Firby, Mrs R.Rousch, Carl, James and Charles Taylor

c8        Memoriam – John Hilliker, Jan 7 1943

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Bertha Kate Surgent, Jan 9 1942


Page 8

c2        Married – Lorne Davis Clark to Miss Marion Elizabeth Kerr – Photo

c5        Married – Ian C. MacKenzie, son of John C. MacKenzie to Miss Margaret Irene Moore, daughter of R. L. Wellington Moore, niece of A. Harrison of St Thomas – December 1944

c6        Died – Mrs Lndia Stratton, 75th year, widow of Bruce Stratton


Page 12

c2        Photo – George W. Archibald, son of W. H. Archibald of St Thomas

c2        Died – Beverley Ann Fugard, 8 months, Jan 8


10 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Birthday – Arthur D. Teeple, 86th, father of Mrs Erie McDonald, Ervie and Morley Teeple

c1        Died – Mrs Thomas Robinson, 78 years

c3        Died – Frederick James Robertson Hext. 23 years, son of John T. Hext

c4        Died – John Ross Fleming, 52nd year

c4        Died – Mrs James G. Milne, nee Sarah Alzina Adams, 75th year, daughter of Thomas Adams

c4        Died – Mrs Edwin McDonald, nee Ella McDermid, 75th year

c4        Died – Mrs David Millson, nee Angeline Lenor Griffith, 55th year, daughter of Nathaniel Griffith

c4        Died – George Wigle, 63 years, son of Nathan & Annie Wigle, nee Scratch

c5        Died – Miss Alta Burke, 40 years, Jan 9

c6        Died – George Herbert Hardcastle, widow of Mrs Barbara Anne Hardcastle, nee Ainsberry

c6        Died – Mrs W. J. Hutchinson, nee Mary Needham Hossie, 85 years, daughter of James & Jane Hossie


Page 6

c6        Died – George Deshaw, 67 years, Jan 9, son of Fred Deshaw; husband of Mrs Agnes Deshaw, nee Doyle; father of Elmer Deshaw; brother of Sister Frederick, Mrs Frank Gurber, Eva and Teresa Deshaw, Fred, Frances, Louis, Martin and Will Deshaw

c7        Died – Mrs William A. Ostrander, nee Ella May Marr, 81st year, Jan 9, daughter of Peter & Naomi Marr, widow of Isiah W. Foster (1931); mother of Mrs Charles A. Ostrander, Blake & Earl Foster; half sister of Uri & Arvel Marr and Mrs Charles Simes


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Erie Taylor, nee Alenna Jane Campbell, 52nd year, Jan 9, daughter of William & Annie Campbell; mother of Margaret Taylor; aunt of Erle, Murray and Harold Farquhar, Jack Wintermute, Donald & Lawrence Taylor

c8        Died – Albert Walling, Jan 9

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Susan Rayner, Jan 10 1940, by husband and daughters Mrs H. Swift and Mrs H. LeCoutois


Page 8

c5        Engagement – William Kerr Lindsay, son of J. A. Lindsay to Frances Beatrice ‘Peggy’ Ferris, daughter of Rev Roland Boyd Ferris – February

c8        Married – Douglas Gordon Murray, son of A. T. Murray to Helen May Hathaway, daughter of Samuel Hathaway of Union, Jan 4

c8        Married – Thomas Emmett ‘Gus’ Foran, ;son of Thomas F. Foran to Marjorie Dunk Shaw, daughter of William Ernest Dunk, Jan 3

c8        Married – Ronald Armstrong, son of S. H. Armstrong of Port Burwell to Grace Fraser, daughter of Alexander Fraser, Dec 23 1944


Page 12

c2        Photo – George Kitchener Summers, son of Sam Summers of Grovesend

c2        Married – George Kitchener Summers to Isobel Anneson Hafekost, Feb 24 1943

c2        Died – Benjamin Arnum, 70th year, Jan 6, brother of Tom, Fred, Arthur & Duncan Arnum, Mrs William Walton and Mrs William Blackall

c3        Married – Francis Kubu, son of F. J. Kubu to Miss Elsie Frieda Hart, Feb 2 1943


11 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Dr John L. Robinson, Dec 31, son of John Robinson

c2        Died – Mrs George W. (Sadie) Jackson, 73rd year, Jan 9

c2        Died – Mrs Rebecca Goudy, 79th year

c3        Died – Wellford W. Watson, 80 years

c3        Funeral – William Murray Inglis


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Ed Wolf, 40th

c1        Died – Eliza F. Grant, 83 years, daughter of F. J. R. Grant of Orillia

c1        Died – Daisy Amelia Grant, 76 years, daughter of F. J. R. Grant of Orillia

c5        Funeral – Beverly Ann Fugard, Jan 8

c5        Funeral – Mrs Duncan McKillop, Jan 9

c6        Died – John Breen, 85 years, Jan 10, son of John & Maria Breen; father of John W. Breen, Miss Hazel Breen and Mrs Roy Beaudoin; brother of Thomas, Edward and William Breen, Mrs John Rourke and Mrs Alfred Vosburg

Page 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs Frederick Robillard, Jan 10

c6        Funeral – Norman Taylor, Jan 10

c7        Died – John Breen, 85 years, Jan 10

c7        Died – Duncan Nimmo Gray, Jan 10, son of George L. & Anne Gray, nee Duncan

c8        Memoriam – Thomas Heard, Jan 11 1944, by Mr & Mrs R. Crooker; son William Heard; granddaughter Lila Heard

c8        Memoriam – Clara Loomis Sherry, Jan 11 1941, by parents and brothers Herbert, Stanley & Nelson Loomis; and daughter Evelyn; aunt and uncle J. A. McDonald; grandmother Mrs Jennie Doan


Page 8

c4        Married – John Henry Neil to Miss Mae Rae – January

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Gorvett, 60th

c4        Engagement – Ralph Meredith Dalve to Margaret Jessie Isabel Pringle, daughter of James A. Pringle – January 16

c6        Married – Donald Hutchins, son of C. H. & Grace Hutchins to Catherine McConnell, only daughter of Sloan McConnell


Page 10

c1        Died – Gerritt Wagenaar, Jan8

c3        Died – George Alfred Kilgour, 72nd year

c5        Died – Mrs William Thomas McEachran, nee Rosa Spicer, daughter of William & Mary Ann Spicer, nee Barton; 1st husband was Ed Parrott


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Gough, 82nd year, Dec 27, widow of George Gough; mother of Mrs P. H. (Marion E. ) O’Connor, Mrs Frank (Bertha) Mallette, Mrs Ernest (Ethel) Moodie, Mrs Ernest (Eva) Lamb, Mrs Clinton (Lottie) Campbell, Lillian and Alfred Gough

c4        Died – Duncan Nimmo Gray, 29 years, Jan 10, son of George L. & Anne Gray, nee Duncan


12 January 1945

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs John W. Matthews, 81st year, Jan 7, daughter of C. Pennington; mother of Harry Matthews, Mrs Charles VanPatter, Mrs Arthur Bohlender, Mrs Solon Walker and Mrs Norman Hiepleh; sister of Colin & Arden Pennington, Mrs George Tilton, Mrs Ella Kidder, Mrs Marie Carter, Mrs Richard Lloyd and Mrs Robert Lake


Page 7

c1        Died – Peter Elijah, 18 months, Jan 11, son of Simon Elijah

c3        Died – George Palmer, Jan 12, son of Calvin & Elmine Palmer; widow of Mrs Sarah Palmer, nee Munroe; father of Chester Glenn Palmer, Miss Gertrude Evelyn and Eva Jean Palmer; brother of Mrs Thomas Heard and Mrs Ida Gaskin

c8        Born – Mary Cheryle Bentley, daughter of Leslie & Margie Bentley, nee Nuttal, Jan 7

c8        Died – John Breen, 85 years, Jan 10

c8        Died – Duncan Nimmo Gray, Jan 10


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Alec Taylor, son of Mrs M. A. Taylor to Eulaline Mary Campbell, daughter of Donald W. Campbell – January 19

c2        Engagement – Frank Dill, son of William Dill to Catherine Isabella Simpson, daughter of Savill Simpson – January

c2        Married – Gordon Charles Humphrey, son of Joseph Humphrey to Gilbert Henry, Jan 11

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Lyman Minthorne, 74th

c4        Died – William H. Judd, 84th year, Jan 10

c4        Died – William H. Greenlees, 74th year, Jan 10

c4        Died – Anthony Louis Gehl, 77 years

c5        Died – William Henry Guilfoyle, husband of Mrs Annie Guilfoyle, nee Morrison

c5        Died – Mrs James H. Ashton, nee Lena Eleanor Wood, 67th year, daughter of William & Mary Wood

c5        Died – Jason Snyder, 68 years, Jan 10

c5        Died – John Fraser, 89 years

c6        Died – William Huras, 82 years, Jan 10


Page 9

c6        Died – John Schram, 67 years, Jan 10; father of Leslie, Cecil, Sydney, Walter and Reginald Schram, Mrs Elsford Rutledge, Mrs William Hosner and Mrs William Jenny; brother of Mrs Rebecca Watson

c8        Died – George Alfred Kilgour, 72nd year, son of George & Ellen Kilgour; husband of Mrs Sarah Jane Kilgour, nee Farron; father of Stanley, Spence, Ross, Wilfred and Alvin Kilgour, Mrs Maurice Fair and Mrs Earl Alabastine; brother of William, Charles, John and Jame Kilgour, Mrs George Williams, Mrs Ed Rutherford, Mrs Thomas Farron, Mrs Verne Farron, Mrs Howard Scott and Mrs Ila Elliott

c8        Died – Mrs Jacob Cronk, 71st year, daughter of Joseph Breaugh


Page 12

c2        Photo – Claude Sinclair of Brownsville

c2        Married – Robert William Metcalfe, son of R. W. Metcalfe to Helen Marguerite Porter, daughter of George Stanton Porter


13 January 1945

Page 1

c8        Photo – Grant Graham, son of Dr M. G. Graham


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Ellen Casey, Jan 12, widow of George Casey; mother of James J. Casey, Misses Kathleen and Mary Casey, Mrs McGlynn and Miss Agnes Casey; sister of Thomas B. Burke

c2        Died – Mrs John Black, nee Catharine Darragh, Jan 13, daughter of John Darragh; mother of Norman J. D. Black and Mrs R. R. Hindley and Daniel Black; sister of Mrs J. U. Hope and Mrs L. A. Schwan

c2        Died – Mrs Harry E. Berry, nee Bernice Harris, 70 years, Jan 13, mother of George Berry; sister of Mrs R. Major, Mrs H. H. Sackman and J. L. Harries; grandmother of Ronald Berry


Page 9

c2        Photo – M. B. Kelly, son of John Kelly of St Thomas

c7        Born – Marilyn May Young, daughter of James Young, Jan 12

c7        Died – Mrs Harry E. Berry, nee Bernice Harris, 70 years, Jan 13

c7        Died – Mrs John Black, nee Catharine Darragh, Jan 13

c7        Died – Mrs Ellen Casey, Jan 12

c7        Died – George Palmer, Jan 12

c8        Born – Robert Murray Finch, son of A. W. Finch, Jan 11

c8        Born – Gloria Jean Hepburn, daughter of Neil Hepburn, sister of Wayne Hepburn, Dec 28

c8        Born – Daughter of Dr J. J. & Helen McManus, nee Conroy, sister of Johnny & Jimmy McManus, Jan 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Lawrence & Muriel Rumpel, nee Pressey, Jan 10

c8        Born – Thomas Brian Armstrong, son of H. G. Armstrong, Jan 9

c8        Born – Son of George Ross Bartram, Jan 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Archie DeSchepper, Jan 9

c8        Born – Daughter of John Fenn, Jan 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Henri Ghesquire, Jan 7

c8        Born – Daughter of J. M. McWhinnie, Jan 6

c8        Memoriam – Mrs F. W. Edmonds, Jan 13 1942, by Alice and family


Page 10

c2        Married – Douglas Gordon Murray, son of A. R. Murray to Miss Helen May Hathaway, daughter of Samuel Hathaway – January – Photo

c4        Married – John P. Dobson, son of Dr P. S. Dobson to Miss Dorothy G. Davison, daughter of Thomas Davison, Dec 21

c5        Married – Thomas Owen, son of Thomas Owen, brother of Mrs Forbes Raven to Miss Florence MacMillan, daughter of A. H. MacMillan, Jan 16

c5        Married – L. W. Mills to Miss Daisy Wise, sister of Carol & Lorraine Wise

c5        Married – Dr Bruce A. Carey to Mrs M. J. Beatty, Jan 13

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. W. Heemer, 45th

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas Soper, 38th

c5        Married – Thomas F. Hunter to Marjorie L. Parker, daughter of Alfred Parker

c6        Married – William Bertram to Marion Elizabeth Chesham, daughter of E. N. Chesham, Jan 10

c6        Engagement – Frank Dill son of William Dill to Catherine Isabella Simpson, daughter of Savill Simpson – January

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Austin Smith of Union, 50th – Photo


Page 16

c2        Photo – H. W. Andrew Johnston of St Thomas

c3        Photo – Earl McNames, son of H. McNames of St Thomas


15 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Miss Minerva Eastman, 84th year, daughter of Elijah Eastman

c1        Birthday – Mrs Charlotte Vidal Nisbet, 90th

c1        Died – Mrs Duncan J. McKellar, nee Catherine E. McGugan, 77 years, daughter of Neil & Margaret McGugan

c1        Died – Mrs James G. Milne, nee Sarah Alzina ‘Ina’ Adams, 75th year, daughter of Thomas Adams

c2        Died – Thomas Fleming, 76 years, Jan 15, son of Walter & Hannah Fleming, nee Curtis; husband of Mrs Lucy Jane Fleming, nee Garrett; father of Ernest, Earl, James, and Thomas A. Fleming, Mrs H. Dimmick, Mrs Annie Leadson, Mrs Orval Johnso, Mrs Harvey Crawford and Mrs Verden Tuer; brother of James, John, Edward, and Orval Fleming, and Mrs James Bentley

c2        Died – Mrs Frederick Morse Smith, Jan 10, daughter of William Porte


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Ed Wolfe, 40th

c2        Died – Mrs Catherine Hardy, 79th year, Jan 14, widow of Clarence J. Hardy

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah Jane Radford, Jan 13, widow of John L. Radford, mother of Norman Radford, Mrs C. R. Clark, Mrs J. J. McLeod and Mrs S. O. Mason; sister of Mrs Charles Blackhall

c6        Married – Alfred E. Perry, son of Fred Perry of Tillsonburg to Miss Irene Figgins, daughter of Mrs Marie Figgins, Dec 25 1944

c8        Died – Harry Miles, 44 years, Jan 9, son of Joseph & Amanda Miles


Page 9

c1        Died – James Robert Scott, brtoehr of John A. Scott

c1        Died – A. Frederick Bowman, 79 years, son of Isaac E. Bowman

c8        Born – Janet & Joanne Bambrick, twin daughters of Arthur Bambrick, Jan 13

c8        Died – Mrs John (Catherine) Black, 84 years, Jan 13

c8        Died – Mrs George (Ellen) Casey, Jan 12

c8        Died – William Henry May, 96th year, Jan 12, father of Mrs John S. Carleton, Mrs E. McCredie, Mrs Florence Lumley, Harry C. and Chester May


Page 10

c3        Married – William Lethbridge, son of John T. Lethbridge of Glencoe to Miss Sheila M. George, daughter of Gordon C. George, Dec 2 1944


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs Cornelius Reid, nee Sybil Smith

c2        Photo – R. J. Lang, son of W. F. Lang of St Thomas

c3        Photo – James Pembroke of St Thomas

c5        Died – William Henry May, 96th year, Jan 12

c6        Died – Jack Lee, son of Edward Lee of St Thomas


16 January 1945

Page 2

c7        Funeral – Mrs John Black, nee Catherine Darragh, Jan 16

c7        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Casey, Jan 16

c7        Funeral – George Palmer, Jan 15

c7        Funeral – Earl P. Lindsay, Jan 14


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Walter Benner, 69th year, Jan 15, daughter of George Sears Sr.; sister of Mrs Adderman, Miss Bertha Sears, James Bayes and Murvin Sears

c2        Died – Roscita May Segui, 6 years, Jan 15, daughter of Frank Segui; sister of Lewis, Paulino and Johnny Sequi; granddaughter of Orvis Babcock

c2        Died – John Campbell, 43 years, Jan 16, husband of Mrs Violet Campbell, nee Tinline; son of John Campbell; son-in-law of W. D. Tinline; father of Neil & John Campbell; brother of George Campbell, Mrs John Abray and Miss Betty Campbell

c7        Died – Henry Simington, son of James Simington

c7        Died – John W. Silverthorn, 71st year, Jan 14, father of Mrs George Berdan; brother of Mrs Anna Davis and Mrs H. Waterhouse, Ross, Lee and Lewis Silverthorn

c8        Died – Mrs John Henry (Mary Ella) Schell, 79th year, daughter of Robert Leake


Page 7

c2        Died – Miss Mary Cowan Lodge, Jan 16, daughter of William & Isobel Lodge; sister of Mrs J. R. O’Dell and Thomas A. Lodge

c8        Born – Heather Janice MacDonald, daughter of M. A. & Olive MacDonald, nee Gellatly, Jan 7

c8        Born – Barbara Jean Matthews, daughter of C. W. & Lorna Summerville Cummings Matthews, Jan 9

c8        Died – William Henry May, 96th year, Jan 12

c8        Died – Miss Mary Cowan Lodge, Jan 16, aunt of Mrs J. L. Lodge, Barbara F. Lodge and George Lodge

c8        Memoriam – Mrs E. Surgent, Jan 16 1941


Page 8

c2        Married – Walter W. Nichol, son of Rev Walter L. Nichol of Dutton to Evelyn Hutton, 1942 – Photo

c3        Married – William Robert Campbell, son of W. L. Campbell to Miss Jean Mary Donald, daughter of Bruce Donald, Jan 13

c3        Married – John Dutton Watts, son of William Z. Watts to Miss Alda Lavena Ashby, daughter of George Ashby, Jan 13

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Potts, nee Mary Ann Adams, 61st


Page 9

c1        Died – Rowland Charles Browne, 64th year, son of George Browne

c1        Died – Frederick W. Burgess, 49th year, Jan 14, husband of Mrs Gwendoline Burgess, nee Coombs

c1        Died – Robert Craig, 82nd year, son of Robert Craig

c2        Birthday – Joseph E. Biddle, 77 years, son of Cornelius & Elizabeth Biddle, nee Fry

c3        Died – Mrs William Mandley, nee Elizabeth Anne Carlton, 93rd year

c4        Died – William Herbert Harris, 41 years, son of George E. Harris

c5        Died – Mrs Francis Hartley Drake, nee Mabel Berry, 64th year, daughter of Reuben Berry

c5        Died – Hugh A. Ronald, 70th year, husband of Mrs Margaret Ronald, nee McDonald

c6        Died – Ervin Young, 48th year

c6        Died – James Munro, 73rd year


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Ethene Isobel Ostrander

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Gosnell, 45th

c2        Photo – Charles G. Calvert, son of Mrs John Calvert of St Thomas

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Carey, 25th


17 January 1945

Page 5

c3        Died – Mrs Agnes Duncan Dungavell, 77th year, widow of John Dungavell

c4        Died – J. W. Tyrell, 81 years, Jan 17

c4        Died – Mrs William A. Ostrander, nee Ella May Marr, 81st year

c5        Died – Allan Barber, son of Morley Barber

c5        Died – Mrs Hannah Huffman, daughter of John & Matilda Huffman, nee Scarlett

c6        Died – Albert W. Amies, 60th year, husband of Mrs Lillian Rose Amies, nee Bennett

c7        Died – Mrs David (Mary Jane) Corcoran, 84 years


Page 7

c2        Died – Frank Oxford, 77th year, Jan 15

c2        Funeral – Mary Cowan Lodge, Jan 18

c8        Died – Harry James Lilley, 10 years, Jan 16

c8        Born – David Winston Race, stillborn son of James H. Race, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of Clarence Genereaud, Jan 9

c8        Born – Son of Rev Wright, Jan 10

c8        Died – Mary Cowan Lodge, Jan 16

c8        Died – Nicholas Cutcut, 58th year, Jan 16

c8        Memoriam – Clarence Burton Handy, Jan 17 1941

c8        Memoriam – Edward Harrison, Jan 17 1937


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs W. C. O’Mulvenny, 75th

c4        Married – Ronald Armstrong, son of S. H. Armstrong of Port Burwell to Grace Fraser, daughter of Alexander Fraser of Woodstock

c8        Married – Dr Bruce A. Carey to Mrs Milton J. Beatty, Jan 13


Page 14

c2        Photo – E. Forbes Raven of St Thomas

c5        Died – Nicholas Cutcut, Jan 15, brother of Christine Kewatash


18 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Potts, 61st

c2        Married – Thomas Douglas Rutherford, son of William Rutherford to Eleanor Madeline Scratch, daughter of John Scratch

c4        Died – William F. Beattie, 80 years, Jan 16, father of Mrs Earl Dawson, Mrs L. McDonald and Roy Beattie; brother of Mrs Gilbert and Charles Beattie


Page 6

c1        Died – Joseph Gent, Jan 17, son of Edward Gent, uncle of Misses Annie & Jennie Gent

c2        Funeral – Mrs George Casy, Jan 16

c2        Funeral – William Henry May, Jan 17

c6        Died – Mrs David L. Langfield, nee Eva Pearl Loucks, 54th year, daughter of A. W. Loucks; mother of Clifford & Cecil Langfield and Mrs Clarence General

c6        Married – Jack B. Carroll to Margaret Gay


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Charles Thompson, Jan 16


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Everton Donald Miller, son of Everton A. Miller to Barbara Jurd, daughter of G. W. Jurd


Page 14

c6        Married – Wilfred Laurier Carey, son of Thomas S. Carey to Mildred Jay, daughter of William Jay


19 January 1945

Page 1

c4        Photo – Benjamin B. Graham of St Thomas


Page 5

c4        Died – Dr James Alexander MacLean, son of Alexander & Hannah MacLean, nee Bateman

c4        Died – James Hubert Mara, 68 years, Jan 16

c4        died – George Fitzgibbon, 79 years

c4        Died – Mrs J. Darling Smith, nee Augusta Walker, 93 years, daughter of Adam Walker

c4        Died – Forest O. Longmire, 48th year, Jan 16, son of Noah G. Longmire, husband of Mrs Eunice Longmire, nee McGee

c5        Birthday – Mrs Margery Case, 98th, daughter of Smith Woodrow

c5        Died – Mrs John Sutton, nee Bessie Jane Ross, 60 years, daughter of Donald & Georgina Ross, nee Jackson

c5        Died – Miss Margaret McIntyre, Jan 16, daughter of Malcolm & Charlotte McIntyre


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Miss Mary Lodge, Jan 18

c1        Funeral – Nicholas Cutcut, Jan 18

c7        Died – Carmeron McLeod, 91st year


Page 7

c8        Born – Charlotte Louise Anderson, daughter of Donald Anderson, Jan 11

c8        Born – Daughter of John Vermeesche, Jan 14

c8        Died – John Detler Embury, Jan 19; brother of Richard Embury; uncle of Mrs Charles Wilson

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Winnifred Knight, Jan 19 1942, by husband Percy; children Margaret, Henry and Winnifred


Page 8

c1        Photo – Donna E. Lamb, daughter of J. F. Lamb of Springfield

c4        Married – William Bruce Jennings, son of Harry Bruce Jennings to Joyce Walker, daughter of Albert William Walker, Jan 12

c5        Married – Archibald Sellars, son of Mrs John McGill of West Lorne to Doris Geraldine Bremner, daughter of Robert Bremner, Jan 17

c5        Married – Robert L. Spence, son of R. Stuart Soence to June Marthean jewitt, daughter of Percival W. Jewitt, Jan 3

c5        Married – Robert Gordon Bennett, son of Frank Burnett of Simcoe to Annie Cherwaty, daughter of John Cherwaty of Vittoria


Page 14

c1        Died – John K. Anderson, 80 years, father of Rowland Anderson

c2        Died – Mrs Gifford E. Axford, nee Mary Ann Sutton, 81st year, Jan 18; mother of Mrs Fredrich Springall, Mrs H. E. Roadfor, Mrs J. W. Collins and G. C. Axford; sister of John A. Sutton, Mrs James Ellwood and Mrs Charles H. Dow; aunt of Mrs Alice Buck and Wallace Eldwood

c3        Photo – Ernest Smith of St Thomas

c5        Died – John Delter Embury, 52 years, Jan 19; widow of Mrs Irene Embury, nee Moore; brother of Richard A. Embury; uncle of Francis Embury and Mrs Charles Willson

c6        Died – Dr A. J. McPhail, 68th year, son of Dugald & Catherine McPhail


20 January 1945

Page 1

c8        Died – William J. Palmerston, 31 years, Jan 4, son of Roy Palmerston; husband of Mrs Irene Palmerston, nee Davis; father of William & Robert Palmerston; brother of Max Palmerston, Mrs Charles Walsh, Mrs Frank Ford and Sister Marie Celiste – Photo


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs William H. Turk, nee Ella Cutler, 79th year, daughter of John & Mary Cutler; mother of Mrs Archie Leitch and Mrs Clarence Nixon, Willson and Stanley Turk

c7        Died – Harold L. Smith, 39th year, Jan 9

c8        Died – Robert Joseph Purtill, 61st year, son of James Purtill


Page 9

c1        Died – Walter Albert White, 53rd year, husband of Mrs Bertie White, nee Dalton

c7        Born – Archie Bruce Gilbert, son of Douglas C. Gilbert, Jan 17

c7        Born – Sharon Lee Walker, daughter of George & Violet Walker, nee McCallum, sister of Annie Walker, Jan 16

c7        Died – John D. Hughes, 73 years, Jan 17

c7        Died – Henry Jones, 92 years, Jan 20, brother of Lewis Jones; brother-in-law of Mrs Thomas Jones

c7        Died – Mrs R. N. Price, nee Marion Ferguson, Jan 19, mother of Mrs C. A. Thompson, Miss Marion Price and Lloyd M. Price; grandmother of Barbara Thompson and David & Robert Price

c7        Memoriam – Mr Chiverton, Jan 21 1943

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Louisa Bolton, Jan 21 1944, by daughter Mrs Murray Wood

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Winnifred Knight, Jan 19 1942, by children Nellie, Margaret, Henry and Winnifred

c7        Memoriam – Mrs J. A. (Kit) McIntyre, Jan 10 1938, by husband, Duxie, Connie, Gordon and Mac


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Bruce Doan, son of Hugo F. Doan to Miss Winnie Ann Ross, daughter of W. N. D. Ross – Photo

c3        Birthday – Ferril Ann Mercer, daughter of R. A. Mercer, 10th

c3        Married – John Henry Neil, son of Mrs G. W. Neil to Miss Mae Rae, daughter of Francis Rae, January – Photo

c4        Engagement – Grant Taylor Scurr, son of William T. Scurr to Isobel Hannah McGeachie, daughter of Malcolm McGeachie – February 3

c4        Engagement – Hugh Thomas Forsythe, son of Samuel Forsythe to Lucie Kathleen Kalbfleisch, daughter of Emerson A. Kalbfleisch – February 10

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Mark Vincent, nee Mary ‘Mattie’ Coffey, 50th

c5        Birthday – Mrs Geroge Clelford, 67th

c5        Photo – Miss Violet Mabee, daughter of Charles Mabee of St Thomas

c7        Photo – Mrs Kenneth Sutton and son John of St Thomas

c7        Married – Dr J. Malcolm Edworthy, son of Rev S. Edworthy to Miss Margaret Bocking, daughter of W. R. Bocking – Photo


Page 11

c3        Photo – W. Scott McKay of St Thomas


Page 10

c2        Died – Charles A. Carrigan, 80 years, son of James Carrigan

c4        Died – Henry Jones, 92 years, Jan 20, son of James & Sarah Jones

c5        Died – Samuel Leighfield, 65 years, Jan 18, son of William Leighfield; husband of Mrs Sarah Leighfield, nee Clyne


Page 16

c2        Died – Franklin Leroy Travers, son of J. E. Travers

c3        Died – John D. Hughes, 73 years, Jan 18, uncle of Jack and Arthur Rourke

c3        Died – Mrs R. N. Price, nee Marion ‘Mell’ Ferguson, Jan 19, mother of Mrs C. D. Thompson and Miss Marion Price; grandmother of Barbara Thompson and David & Robert Price; sister-in-law of Mrs Sophia Copeland; cousin of Miss Hannah McDougal

c3        Died – Mrs Margaret Green, Jan 19, widow of Guy T. Greene; mother of H. C. Greene, F. R. Greene, Mrs G. H. Eagan, Mrs R. Dickey and Mrs Thomas Thomsen


22 January 1945

Page 2

c4        Died – Noah Robidoux, 75 years, Jan 21, son of Lawrence & Mary Robidoux, nee Deslippe; brother of Mrs John McDonald, Mrs James Lacey, Mrs Zoe Gignac, Victor, Herbert, Louis and James Robidoux; widow of Annie Robidoux, nee Brothers; husband of Catherine Robidoux, nee Mongeau

c8        Funeral – John D. Embury – Jan 20

c8        Funeral – Roscita Segui, Jan 17


Page 5

c1        Died – Samuel Farrell, 90 years

c2        Birthday – Mrs Phoebe Ann Campbell, nee Maynard, 90th

c3        Died – Bruce Moore, 58 years, Oct 19 1944

c4        Died – Arthur D. Kirby, 68 years

c4        Died – Donald McKeay, 74 years, Jan 17


Page 6

c4        Died – Kenneth Toright, 8 years, Jan 20, son of John Toright

c6        Married – Lorne Wilfred Cooper, son of Christopher Cooper to Evelyn Rose Clifford, daughter of Marshall Clifford

c6        Married – John Vernon Fewster, son of Oliver Fewster to Ruth Lillian Cowell, daughter of William Cowell, Jan 17


Page 7

c2        Died – John Jenkinson, 61 years, Jan 16, son of Wilson Jenkinson

c7        Died – James W. McHardy, Jan 19, son of William McHardy

c8        Born – Son of H. A. & Margaret E. Sneyd, nee Ingram, Jan 20

c8        Born – Son of Willard Godby, Jan 14

c8        Born – Daughter of R. J. Heath, Jan 14

c8        Born – Son of Mike Kozicki, Jan 6

c8        Born – Son of Kenneth Lounsbury, Jan 13

c8        Born – Son of Daniel Phillips, Jan 7

c8        Born – Son of James Ross, Jan 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Remi Vanneste, Jan 13

c8        Born – Ronald Stewart Whitaker, son of Stuart & Nerta Whitaker, nee Ronson, Jan 14

c8        Died – Edward Heathscote Caughell, Jan 22, husband of Mrs Mary Caughell

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Louise Bolton, Jan 22 1944

c8        Memoriam – Joseph C. Smith, Jan 22 1937


Page 8

c2        Married – Frederick James Tull, son of F. & Emily Tull to Miss Aitken, daughter of W. H. Aitken, Jan 4 – Photo

c3        Funeral – William Courtis, Jan 19, cousin of Mrs A. Calcott


Page 10

c1        Died – Emerson Plato, brother of Mrs Edward Spear and David Plato

c1        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Heard, 91st year, Jan 12, widow of John Heard

c1        Died – Mrs William P. Dymond, 70 years

c2        Died – William Charles Brooks, 70 years, Jan 19

c2        Died – Fred J. Little, Jan 20

c2        Died – Bert Hollyman, 63rd year

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Harry Biggs, 64th

c3        Died – John Roy Sherritt, 58th year, son of John Sherritt, husband of Mrs Gertrude Elizabeth Sherritt, nee Patrick

c3        Died – Alexabeth Hotson, 96th year, son of John Hotson; widow of Mrs Janet Hotson, nee Murray


Page 14

c1        Died – Patrick Bannon Lipsit, 86 years, son of Lewis & Jane Lipsit, nee Yeager; widow of Mrs Clarabel Lipsit, nee Burnham; father of Ernest Lipsit & Dr George Lipsit and Mrs Ethel Brown; brother of Lewis & George Lipsit

c2        Photo – F. R. ‘Ted’ Walton, son of R. J. Walton of St Thomas

c4        Died – Mrs Roy Guyitt, 56 years, Jan 20, daughter of Eastlake Humphrey; mother of Mrs Thomas Anderson and Earl Guyitt; sister of Mrs Gordon Bampfield, Mrs Alex McTaggart, Mrs Mabel Hastin and My Humphrey, Edward P., Ernest and Clayton Humphrey


23 January 1945

Page 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs Walter Benner, Jan 18

c6        Funeral – Joseph Gent, Jan 20

c6        Funeral – John D. Hughes, Jan 22

c6        Funeral – Henry Jones, Jan 22

c6        Funeral – Mrs R. N. Price, Jan 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Harold Spackman, Jan 21

c8        Born – Jo Ann Burtwhistle, daughter of John & Jeane Burtwhistle, nee Love, Jan 20

c8        Born – Gerald William Galbraith, son of William Galbraith, Jan 22

c8        Born – Earl John Graham, son of Merton Graham, brother of Marvin Graham, Dec 27

c8        Born – Donald Bruce Tutt, son of Donald & Helen Tutt, nee Gillett, Jan 22

c8        Died – Edward Heathscote Caughell, Jan 22, husband of Mrs Mary Caughell

c8        Memoriam – George F. Couse, Jan 23 1944

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Catherine Jordan, Jan 22 1930

c8        Memoriam – Robert Jordan, Dec 30 1933

c8        Memoriam – Harry Langs, Jan 23 1942


Page 8

c6        Married – Clayton Hayes, son of James L. Hayes to Janet Eileen Simpson, daughter of Willard S. Simpson

c6        Married – Percy Ellmore Fallis, son of Lee Fallis to Miss Lila Marie Kinnee, daughter of George Kinnee

c6        Married – Phillip Ross Willets, son of Mrs Charles Cooper and grandson of Charles Brown to Verna Irene Bowie, daughter of James Bowie

c6        Married – Elvin Sorenson to Miss Beth Toombs, daughter of Edward Toombs, Jan 20

c6        Married – Ronald Armstrong, son of S.H. Armstrong to Grace Fraser, daughter of Alex Fraser


Page 10

c1        Died – George W. Blinkhorn, 76 years, Jan 22

c1        Died – George Reaburn, son of James Beaburn

c1        Died – Norman Frizelle McIntosh, 55 years, son of A. J. McIntosh, husband of Mrs Ethel McIntosh, nee Farrington

c1        Died – Lorne Arthur Wesley Ward, 63 years, Jan 15, husband of Mrs Mabel Ann Ward; father of Mrs D. Carl Taylor and Ellis Ward; brother of John and Milton Ward, Mrs Hannah Clements, Mrs Agnes Smith and Mrs J. B. Swift

c6        Died – Richard McMillan, 65 years


24 January 1945

Page 3

c1        Photo – Murray Pell of St Thomas


Page 7

c3        Photo – William George Edwards, son of Mrs Ethel Edwards and the late Percy Edwards of St Thomas

c3        Photo – Charles Edwards, son of Mrs Ethel Edwards and the late Percy Edwards of St Thomas

c3        Photo – James Harris, son of Mrs Ethel Edwards of St Thomas; husband of Mrs Winnifred Harris, nee Monteith; father of Janet Harris

c8        Born – Beth Ann Wilford, daughter of Hallam Wilford, Jan 17

c8        Memoriam – Mrs G. Drewitt, Jan 24 1937


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Peter Marshall Laing, son of Campbell Laing to Kathleen McConnell, daughter of J. W. McConnell

c2        Engagement – Allen Johnson Harris, son of Roy E. Harris to Lois Catherine Hetherington, daughter of Fred Easton Hetherington – January 29

c2        Engagement – Howard William Boles, son of John Boles of Estevan, Sask to Gwendolyn Edyth Langford, daughter of James Langford of Belmont – February

c2        Married – William Joseph Thomas, son of Mrs Mae Thomas to Miss Charlott Iola ‘Pat’ Orr, daughter of Charles Orr, Jan 22

c2        Married – Alec Taylor, son of M. A. Taylor of St Thomas to Eulaline Mary Campbell, daughter of D. W. Campbell

c4        Funeral – Mrs Robert Scott, nee Pierce, Jan 24

c4        Funeral – Mrs Carrie Marks, nee Pierce


Page 9

c1        Died – Andrew Harynchyn, 52 years, Jan 23

c1        Died – Dr A. J. Tufts, 77 years

c2        Died – Mrs J. Grant Chadwick, 60th year, daughter of John Pow

c2        Died – Lloyd Ryerse, 45th year, son of Arthur & Lydia Ryerse, nee Fry; husband of Mrs Ada Ryerse, nee Donald

c2        Died – W. E. Greenway

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Ann Mandley nee Carleton, 92 years

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. Cloes of Belmont, 50th

c3        Died – Mrs Christian Zirk, nee Catherine Bettschen, 75th year

c5        Will – Richard Sabin, uncle of Mrs Velma Green

c6        Birthday – Job Churchill, 91st, son of James Churchill; widow of Mrs Elizabeth Churchill, nee Steinhoff and Mrs Lillian Churchill, nee Weston


25 January 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs William Wills, nee Elizabeth McIntosh, 80th year, daughter of John & Rosanna McIntosh

c1        Died – John Ellis, 87 years, son of John Ellis, widow of Mrs Margaret Ellis, nee Smith

c1        Died – Mrs Taylor Clarkston, nee Charlotte Smith, 78th year, daughter of Robert C. Smith

c2        Died – William R. Malott, 69 years, son of Safford E. Malott

c3        Died – Samuel C. Casselman; brother of Mrs Edith Menzies

c3        Died – Mrs James Henry Beaumont, nee Sara Johann Etty, 81st year, daughter of John and Johnanna Etty

c4        Died – John W. Silverthorne, 71st year, son of John & Barbara Silverthorne

c4        Died – James ‘Scotty’ Hamilton, 57th year, husband of Mrs Anne Hamilton, nee Silver

c4        Died – Joseph J. Johnson, 61 years


Page 6

c1        Died – Miss Isabella Murray, Jan 24, daughter of Andrew & Hannah Murray; sister of Mrs Dr. J. D. Revell and Miss Beatrice Murray

c5        Funeral – Edward H. Caughell, Jan24


Page 7

c2        Died – William Stodart, 83rd year; father of Mrs E. Donald Smith; brother of Arthur Stodart and Janet Stodart

c2        Died – John Garrow, 68 years, Jan 25, husband of Mrs Rose Garrow; father of Harold Garrow; brother of Frank, James, Robert and William Garrow and Mrs Isabell Stubbs

c6        Memoriam – Mrs George Drewitt, Jan 25 1937

c6        Memoriam – Herbert T. Dunn, Jan 25 1943

c6        Memoriam – Mary Ellen Wilson, Jan 25 1936

c8        Born – Jon Francis Lorch, son of Robert S. Lorch, Jan 20

c8        Born – Wendy Susan McKee, daughter of E. G. & Gloria McKee, nee Bentley, Jan 23

c8        Born – Son of Murray Webbert, Jan 6

c8        Died – Isabella Murray, Jan 24

c8        Died – John Garrow, Jan 25


Page 10

c4        Died – Mrs Alice P. Jones, 89 years, widow of Richard Jones


Page 14

c2        Photo – J. A. Stollery, son of Samuel Stollery of St Thomas


26 January 1945

Page 1

c2        Died – George William Huffman, 21st year, Jan 25, son of Mrs Albert Previl; brother of Charles Huffman

c8        Photo – W. George Lumley of Iona


Page 6

c4        Funeral – William R. Malott, 68 years, Jan 26

c8        Died – Mrs Charles Merrison, nee Moore, 82nd year


Page 7

c7        Born – Daughter of Alex & Agnes McRae, nee Haywood, Jan 25

c7        Born – Anne Jean Kriter, daughter of Wilfred & Erma Kriter, nee Simpson, Dec 31 1944

c7        Born – Frederick Stanley Stanford, son of Fred & Maxine Stanford, nee Whaley, Jan 26

c7        Born – John Arthur Welbourn, son of A. F. & Ola Welbourn, nee Marshall, Jan 25

c7        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Duff, nee Cockburn, 80 years, Jan 26; mother of Mrs Leon Cantelon, Isabel, Robert, Claude, Earl and Andrew Duff; sister of George Cockburn

c7        Died – Ira W. Ferguson, 69 years, Jan 25, father of Mrs Leda Scarlett, Mrs Verda Voaden and Salem Ferguson; brother of Charles and Roe Ferguson

c7        Died – Mrs Grace McNeil, nee Murdoch, 59th year, Jan 26, wife of John S. McNeil; mother of Mrs William P. Golden and Jack McNeil; sister of Dr A. C. Murdoch and John R. Murdoch

c7        Died – John Garrow, 68 years, Jan 25

c8        Memoriam – Daniel McGill, jan 26 1942

c8        Memoriam – Mother Valentine, Jan 11 1941

c8        Memoriam – Tommy Valentine, Jan 26 1944


Page 8

c2        Engagement – John W. Ungar, son of R. Ungar to Betty Joan Hoidge, daughter of Dr Edward Hoidge – January 27

c2        Engagement – Everton Donald Miller, son of Everton A. Miller to Barbara Jurd, daughter of G. WE. Jurd

c2        Engagement – Harold B. Gonder, son of Rev R. K. Gonder to Dorothy May Van, daughter of R. L. Van]

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs David Welch, 65th, daughter of James Patrick, son of John Welch

c3        Married – Frank Dill, son of William Dill to Catherine Isabella Simpson, daughter of Savill Simpson


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Anne Tulloch, 93 years; mother of David Tulloch

c1        Died – Atilo ‘Jack’ Sgariglia, 53 years, son of Angela & Luigi Sgariglia; husband of Mrs Florence Sgariglia, nee Switzer

c2        Died – Mrs Louis Grill, nee Selina M. Snyder

c2        Died – James Ross, 84 years, son of James Ross

c2        Died – J. O. Brown, 69 years

c2        Died – Charles Albert Hutchinson, 51st year, son of James W. Hutchinson; husband of Mrs Gladys Marcen Hutchinson, nee Ferris

c3        Died – George H. Fort, 84th year, Jan 27

c3        Died – Harold W. Fraser, 72 years, great grandson of Squire Hatch

c6        Died – Matthew Armstrong, 78th year, son of Alexander & Mary Armstrong, nee Robinson

c6        Died – Lloyd Ryerse, 45th year, husband of Mrs Ada Ryerse, nee Donald, son of Arthur & Lydia Ryerse, nee Fry; brother of Mrs Kenneth Church, Mrs William Watson, Mrs John Burdsell, Colin and George Ryerse

c6        Died – George Frederick Hodgson, 61 years, son of Johnathon Hodgson; husband of Mrs May Elizabeth Hodgson, nee Palmer

c6        Died – Mrs Mathilde Craig, dauther of Frederick Scholz, widow of J. A. Craig

c8        Died – George Fletcher, 33 years, Jan 26


Page 14

c1        Died – L. A. Hastings, Jan 22; brother of Mrs John McCallum and Earl Hastings

c2        Photo – Frank M. Slota of St Thomas, father of Sandra Slota

c2        Died – Ira W. Ferguson, 69 years, Jan 25

c2        Died – Mrs Jessie King, Jan 25, daughter of Christopher Cook; widow of Alpheus J. King; mother of Emerson King; sister of Mrs A. Adams and Mrs W. Sims

c5        Died – Mrs John S. McNeil, Jan 26, daughter of William & Jessie Murdock, nee Ross

c7        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Duff, 80th year, Jan 26


27 January 1945

Page 1

c1        Died – Richard Evered, 44 years, Jan 26

c3        Died – Louis Wernick, 45 years, Jan 26

c4        Photo – Bruce MacPherson, son of Arnold W. MacPherson, son-in-law of W. S. Richardson of St Thomas

Page 2

c1        Died – Miss Elizabeth Ann Butler of Ridgetown

c3        Died – Wellington Steele, 61st year, Jan 26

c5        Will – Frank Scibor, husband of Mrs Waltina Scibor


Page 3

c4        Photo – Dick Young, son of Mrs Edith Young of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Died – Richard Gibson, 83rd year, Jan 26

c1        Died – Lawrence Charles Mercer, son of C. G. Mercer

c1        Died – Miss Mary Louise Chanda, 68th year, daughter of Joseph Chanda

c1        Died – William J. Cuddy, 74 years, husband of Mrs Lillie Cuddy, nee Cleland

c1        Died – Charles M. Quirie, son of Mrs Ida Quirie, nee Simmons

c1        Died – Cecil W. Evans, 53 years, husband of Mrs Elsie Evans, nee Fewster

c2        Died – Alexander W. Ferguson, 76th year

c2        Died – Miss Kate Sandison, 87th year, daughter of Magnus Sandison; aunt of Charles M. Sandison, T. Archibald Sandison, Mrs W. W. Riddell of St Thomas and Mrs J. H. Biggs

c2        Photo – Joseph Pelletier, 100 years

c3        Died – Walter I. Culliford, 55th year, husband of Mrs Clarabelle Culliford, nee Udell; father of Keith, Donald, Patrick and Doyle Culliford; brother of Mrs Robert Lacey of Sparta and Thomas Culliford

c3        Died – Gilbert Lucas, 73 years, son of John Lucas; husband of Mrs Effie Jane Lucas, nee Campbell

c4        Died – Mrs Ken Chowen, nee Bessie May Husband


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Kostas Viscontas, 36th year, daughter of Joseph Gaudats; mother of Edward, Kostas and Algert Viscontas

c2        Died – Mrs James Milne; Jan 27 mother of Mrs Grace Howard

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Montgomery, 83 years, Jan 26, widow of John O’Brien; widow of Frank Montgomery; daughter of William & Mary Oke; mother of Mrs A. L. Gibson, George and Roy O’Brien; sister of Henry Oke; sister-in-law of Mrs Robert Waite

c3        Photo – John H. Monteith, son of Herbert Monteith; father of John and Daniel Monteith

c3        Funeral – Mrs J. A. King, Jan 27

c6        Died – Charles Edward Imrie, 86th year, Jan 25

c6        Died – Mrs Annie Stewart, 81st year, widow of Henry Stewart, daughter of Aaron & Prudentia Roloson


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs William J. Yager, nee Sybela Litt, 80 years, daughter of Ballantyne Litt

c2        Will – Richard Sabin of Strathroy

c6        Birthday – Mrs James R. Serson, 71st

c7        Memoriam – Edward Barnard, Jan 27 1938

c7        Memoriam – William Frishette, Jan 27 1939

c7        Memoriam – Harry G. Hall, Jan 20 1917

c7        Memoriam – Percie J. Hall, Feb 19 1924

c7        Memoriam – J. George Hall, Feb 25 1935

c7        Memoriam – Mrs George McDougall, Jan 27 1944

c7        Memoriam – Ella S. Tapsell, Jan 28 1940

c8        Born – Son of George Backus, Jan 21

c8        Born – Daughter of Earl Rohrer, Jan 23

c8        Born – David Winston Race, stillborn son of James H. Race, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of Edgar Sadler, Jan 25

c8        Born – Son of William & Louise Sadie VanderMout, nee VanNeerbos, Jan 20

c8        Born – Lloyd Kenneth Lounsbury, son of Kenneth Lounsbury, Jan 13

c8        Born – Daughter of R. J. Heath, Jan 14

c8        Born – Son of James Ross, Jan 15

c8        Died – Ira W. Ferguson, 69 years, Jan 25

c8        Died – Mrs John E. McNeil, nee Grace Murdoch, 59th year, Jan 26

c8        Died – John Meredith, 61 years, Jan 27, brother of Mrs Cecil MacCallum and William Meredith

c8        Died – Mrs Frank Montgomery, nee Elizabeth Oke, Jan 26


Page 10

c3        Archibald Ferguson McLachlin, son of Robert McLachlin to Alice May Hungerford, daughter of S. J. Hungerford, Jan 26

c4        Engagement – John Morris Ross, son of M. J. Ross to Gladys Evelyn Harriman, daughter of G. A. Harriman – February

c4        Engagement – Terence Arthur Moore, son of L. M. Moore to Jean Louise Jewell, daughter of W. H. Jewell – February

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. R. Thorpe, 2nd

c6        Engagement – John Emmett McKnight, son of John & Alice McKnight to Jane Pickard, daughter of H. J. Pickard – February

c6        Engagement – Grant Scurr, son of William Scurr to Miss Isobel McGeachie, February 3

c6        Engagement – Arthur Basil Keck, son of William Keck to Helen Jane Ann Bryant, daughter of Willard Bryant – February

c6        Engagement – Lloyd Douglas Charlton, son of Harry L. Charlton to Mary Madeline Williams, daughter of Grover Williams – February 14

c6        Engagement – James Humphrey Walwyn, son of Humphrey Walwyn to Pamela Digby Bell


Page 16

c4        Died – John Meredith, 61 years, Jan 27, father of Jack Meredith; brother of Mrs Cecil MacCallum,

Walter and William Meredith


29 January 1945

Page 1

c3        Photo – Mrs Vera Alberta Clarke of St Thomas


Page 2

c1        Will – Miss Mary Cowan Lodge – David Cowan donates land for Cowan Park, St Thomas

c1        Athletic Park, St Thomas willed to city by W. K. Cameron, KC


Page 6

c2        Died – Harold Wintermute, 42nd year, Jan 26, son of George & May Wintermute; brother of Florence Wintermute, John, Leo, Will and Gordon Wintermute

c7        Trousseau Tea – Miss Margaret Gay to Jack B. Carroll, son of E. P. Carroll


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Catherine O’Rourke, 72nd year, Jan 25, widow of Arthur P. O’Rourke; mother of Rev Father William O’Rourke

c2        Died – Martin Bruce Pincombe, Jan 28, son of R. M. Pincombe; husband of Mrs Kathleen Pincombe, nee Sutherland; son-in-law of F. W. Sutherland; father of Frederick & Sally Pincombe; brother or R. B. Pincombe

c3        Photo – James Melville, St Thomas Police Department

c3        Photo – George Reid, St Thomas Police Department

c7        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Duff, Jan 27

c7        Funeral – John Garrow, Jan 27

c7        Funeral – George W. Huffman, Jan 27

c7        Funeral – Richard Everard (Evered), Jan 30

c8        Born – Daughter of W. F. Brown, Jan 27

c8        Born – Lynda Darline Harris, daughter of Douglas E. & Erie Harris, nee Hornby, Jan 23

c8        Died – Mrs Lucy M. Dibert, nee Gaden, 81 years, Jan 29, widow of Charles Dibert; mother of Mrs William Bala, Mrs L. E. Hall, Mrs J. A. Sharrow and Miss Lucy Dibert; sister of Mrs J. W. Fuller, Mrs Garnet Bigger and Charles Gaden

c8        Died – Norris Hathaway, 87th year, Jan 27; father of Mrs Walter Walker, Mrs George Hiscock and Norris, George, Charles and Samuel Hathaway

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Emily Bates, Jan 29 1941


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Graham Cameron Gibb, son of H. G. Gibb to Shirley Louise Shoebottom, daughter of Mrs L. R. Shoebottom, nee Louise Norsworthy – January 30

c6        Married – William Snider, son of Claude Snider to Helen Irene Townson, daughter of George E. Townson

c6        Married – Kenneth Woodrow Hayden, son of R. Hayden of St Thomas to Iva Evelyn Ballantine, daughter of L. M. Ballantine of St Thomas, Jan 19

c6        Married – John H. Williams, son of R. H. Williams of London to Teresa Mary Coady, daughter of M. W. Coady, Jan 27


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Irene Tucker, Jan 27, wife of Donald Frederick Tucker; daughter of Samuel Foxworthy

c1        Died – Mrs Frederick W. Gray, nee Mary M. Chrysler, 69th year, Jan 28, daughter of Elkannah & Sarah J. Chrysler; sister of Mrs Emma Riley, Mrs H. M. Hilliker, Gideon S. and Charles A. Chrysler

c2        Died – Joseph D. Sullivan, 47th year, Jan 28, husband of Mrs Alice Elizabeth Sullivan, nee Pickard

c3        Photo – Eric Philip Earnsaw

c4        Died – Mrs Archibald Dickson Scott, nee Anne Elizabeth Ross, daughter of Finlay Ross

c5        Photo – Erle Kitchen of Woodstock

c5        Died – Rev George Gilmore, 76 yers, Jan 26, husband of Mrs Jessie Gilmore, nee Murdoch

c6        Died – Geroge Sugden, 78 years, widow of Mrs Elizabeth Sugden, nee Leacock


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs A. Dodd, 71st year, Jan 29, mother of Mrs Daisy Gunson

c1        Died – David H. Grundy, nephew of Mrs D. Robilliard of St Thomas

c2        Died – Mrs Lucy M. Dibert, 71 years, Jan 29, widow of Charles Dibert; daughter of James & Susan Gaden

c2        Died – Norris Hathaway, 87th year, Jan 28, son of William & Jane Hathaway; brother of Mrs Bellback

c3        Died – Mrs Ella Turk, 79th year, widow of William H. Turk; daughter of John & Mary Cutler; mother of Mrs Archie Leitch, Mrs Clarnece Nixon, Willson and Stanley Turk

c5        Died – Murray Leverington, 48 years, Jan 26, son of Duncan Leverington; husband of Mrs Betty Leverington; father of William, Allan, Donald, John and Robert Leverington; brother of Mrs George Branchflower, Mrs Ary Pyatt and Mrs Bruce Munn, and Allan Leverington


30 January 1945

Page 1

c4        Died – Frank Penhale, 45 years, Jan 30, son of Thomas & Minnie Penhale; husband of Mrs Roma Penhale; father of Thomas & Joan Penhale; brother of Mrs George W. Drennan, Miss Melva Penhale, Dr John H. Penhale, Dr Thomas Penhale and Mahlon Penhale


Page 2

c5        Funeral – Mrs John S. (Grace) McNeil, Jan 29

c5        Funeral – Ira W. Ferguson, Jan 29

c5        Funeral – John Meredith, Jan 29

c6        Funeral – Rev George Gilmore, Jan 29


Page 5

c1        Died – Charles W. Haskett, 57th year, son of Wellington & Isobel Haskett

c1        Died – Mrs Sarah Anne Graham, nee Campbell, wife of Dougald A. Graham

c1        Died – Mrs Lemuel House, nee Calista Ann Shaver, 90th year, daughter of William Shaver

c3        Died – Mrs Isaac Bissell, nee Helen Jane ‘Nellie’ Lawrence, 59 years, Jan 26

c4        Died – George H. Fort, 84 years, son of Henry & Mary Ann Fort, nee Monkhouse

c4        Died – Mrs Janet Sparks, nee Manning, widow of Jacob Sparks

c5        Died – Charles Albert Hutchinson, 51 years, husband of Mrs Gladys Marion Hutchinson, nee Ferris

c6        Married – Mr & Mrs Frank Bantam of Port Rowan

c6        Married – Eunice Graydon to Stanley Gaskin of Courtland

c6        Died – David Hergott, 85 years


Page 6

c2        Died – Walter Manning of Dunwich; brother of Ernest Manning of England

c5        Photo – Robert Maracle, brother of Thomas L. Maracle of St Thomas


Page 7

c6        Memoriam – William Armbrust, Jan 30 1943

c6        Memoriam – Clayton Burke, Jan 30 1944

c8        Born – Son of Howard Lawrence, Jan 17

c8        Born – Son of Willard Godby, Jan 14

c8        Died – Mrs Lucy M. Dibert, 81 years, Jan 29

c8        Died – James McCord, Jan 29, frother of Mrs Isaac (Elizabeth) Sproule, William McCord, Mrs Charles (Sarah) Abbott, Robert McCord and Rev Thomas McCord

c8        Died – Frank Penhale, 45 years, Jan 30

c8        Died – Merle Leslie Schultz, 52 years, Jan 30, husband of Mrs Clara A. Schultz; brother of Mrs Madge Hardy, Verda, Percy and Carl Schultz; uncle of June Hardy


Page 8

c4        Married – Allen Johnson Harris, son of Roy E. Harris to Lois Catherine Hetherington, daughter of Fred Easton Hetherington


Page 12

c2        Died – Merle Leslie Schultz, 52 years, Jan 30 – Photo


31 January 1945

Page 1

c3        Photo – D. C. Hughes of St Thomas


Page 2

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Joseph W. Fair, nee Catherine Leonard, 60th


Page 5

c4        Photo – I. Smith of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs William Gilbert, nee Durdle, 77th year, Jan 30; daughter of Hernry Durdle; mother of Mrs Irvin Bradt

c2        Died – Charles C. Ford, Jan 30, son of William & Ruth Ford; father of Mrs Earl Lampman, Mrs Geroge Smith, Fred, Clifford and Allen Ford; brother of John A. Ford

c3        Died – Hezekiah Forsyth, 80th year, Jan 29, son of Daniel Forsyth; widow of Mrs Emma Forsyth, nee Woodard; brother of Ernest Forsyth and Mrs Jack Dockey; brother-in-law of Miss A. M. Woodard

c3        Funeral – Richard Evered (Everard), Jan 30

c3        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Montgomery, nee Oke, Jan 29


Page 7

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Christine Rodtka, Jan 31 1943, by daughter Pearl and Bill and grandchildren

c8        Born – Donna Darlene Wilcox, daughter of John W. Wilcox, sister of Billie Wilcox, Jan 29

c8        Died – William Frederick Robinson, 73 years, Jan 30, husband of Mrs Catherine Robinson, nee McMillen; brother of Arthur R. Robinson; brother-in-law of Mrs A. D. McLachlan

c8        Died – James McCord, Jan 29

c8        Died – Frank Penhal, Jan 30

c8        Died – Merl Leslie Schultz, 52 years, Jan 30

c8        Died – Mrs William Gilbert, 77th year, Jan 30

c8        Died – William John VanHorne, Jan 30, husband of Mrs Edith VanHorne, nee Allan; father of Jean, Melvin and Clive VanHorne and Mrs Fred Austin


Page 8

c5        Married – James Stuart Kilmer, son of Bearss Kilmer of Shedden to Paula Suzanne Selis, daughter fo Daniel Selis of Chatham, Jan 27


Page 14

c2        Photo – K. E. Bate, son of Arthur Bate of St Thomas

c2        Photo – A. M. Bate, son of Arthur Bate of St Thomas; husband of Mrs Dorothy Bate, nee Slaght

c3        Died – William Frederick Robinson, 73 years, Jan 30

c3        Died – William John VanHorne, Jan 30, son of William & Sarah VanHorne, nee Hunter

c5        Photo – Sidney H. Goddard, son of A. H. Goddard of St Thomas

c6        Medal – Maxwell Thomas Leland Parker, son of Lee Parker of St Thomas; father of Robert Parker



1 February 1945

Page 6

c2        Engagement – William Frank Howey to Betty Eileen Fugard, daughter of Ross Fugard of Springfield – March

c2        Died – Edwin F. Gibson, 74 years, Feb 1, son of Joseph & Janet Gibson, nee Buchanan; husband of Mrs Edith Gibson, nee Silk; father of Mrs Charles E. Adams, Mrs Frank H. Butcher, Mrs Gerald F. Steele and Frank Gibson; grandfather of Eleanor Butcher and Bonnabelle Butcher; brother of William, Samuel, Joseph Gibson, and Mrs Gordon Payne

c8        Funeral – Mrs James Milne, Jan 29

c8        Funeral – Mrs Lucy M. Dibert, Jan 31


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Violet E. Gillard, Jan 31

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Isabel Anderson, Feb 1 1941, by daughters Eleanor and Helen

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Lillian Cullen, Feb 1 1944, by daughter Edna and sister Amy Richardson

c7        Memoriam – George Varney, Feb 1 1940, by sons Wilfred & Leslie

c8        Born – Ernest Alfred & John William Adams, twin sons of E. A. Adams, Jan 30

c8        Born – Karen Anne Fast, daughter of H. J. & Edythe Fast, nee Hamilton, Feb 1

c8        Died – Edwin F. Gibson, 74 years, Feb 1

c8        Died – William John VanHorne, Jan 30


Page 8

c5        Engagement – Bruce Charles Lutz to June Birch, daughter of Mrs Lucy Birch of London – February 3


Page 9

c5        Married – Leonard Gordon Beecroft, son of Fred Beecroft of Iona Station to Helen Buchanan Rae-Arthur, daughter of Mrs George Campbell, Dec 30


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Herbert Nudd, nee Gepp 73rd year

c1        Died – Mrs William Orr, nee Marjorie Milne, Jan 29, daughter of Alexander & Catherine Milne

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert Roney, 60th

c5        Died – Henry Sampson, 71st year; husband of Mrs Julia Sampson, nee Chantler; father of Mrs W. H. Dicke and Mrs Edgar Morden; brother of Mrs William Burrell, Charles and Chester Sampson; brother-in-law of Mrs Thomas Johnston and George Chantler

c5        Died – Harry F. Bennett, 58 years, Jan 31

c5        Died – Roland T. Irwin, 66th year, son of James Irwin; husband of Mrs Pearl Irwin, nee Berry

c6        Birthday – Mrs Charles R. Cotton, 100th

c7        Died – Albert Flook


Page 14

c4        Died – Murray Leverington, Jan 24; son of Duncan Leverington; brother of Mrs George Branch, Mrs Arthur Pyatt, Mrs Bruce Munn and Allan Leverington


2 February 1945

Page 1

c7        Photo – Paul Ingram, son of George A. Ingram of St Thomas

c7        Photo – Robert J. Lidstone, son of Mrs Alice Lidstone of St Thomas


Page 6

c2        Died – George A. Laidlaw, 61st year, Feb 1, son of Edmund & Nancy Laidlaw, nee Kinsey; husband of Mrs Maude Laidlaw, nee Phelps; father of Mrs Robert Humphrey, Misses Gertrude, Lillian, Helen and Beatrice Laidlaw; brother of Lloyd, Elgin and Cora J. Laidlaw

c6        Funeral – James McCord, Feb 1

c7        Died – Norris Hathaway, 87 years, son of William & Jane Hathaway

c7        Died – Ferdinand Dorion ‘Joseph’ Champagne, 62 years, Jan 29, son of Alexandre Dorion Champagne; husband of Mrs Oliveine Boileau Champagne


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs James Bennett, nee Alice Maude Gates, 35th year, Feb 2, mother of James and Donna Charlene Bennet; daughter of Mrs E. Moody; sister of Charles & Joseph Gates, Mrs John Laner and Mrs Arthur Bridgeman

c7        Memoriam – Donald Davies (Davis) Finch, Feb 2 1944

c7        Memoriam – Dora Ann (Wilson) Lee, Feb 2 1943


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Webster Cloes, 50th

c4        Married – Gardiner Gale, son of Shadrack Gale to Etta Ferguson, daughter of R. Ferguson


Page 9

c1        Funeral – Mrs Jane (Jacob) Sparks, 96 years

c1        Died – Alexander Villanoff, 52 years

c1        Died – Mrs Herbert Leslie Jackson, nee Clara E. Creighton, daughter of John A. Creighton

c1        Died – Mrs Wardell Hodgson, nee Elizabeth Ann Lang, 85 years, daughter of Edward Lang

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Evan E. Fraser, 58th

c2        Died – John Roy Palmer, 58th year, son of Charles & Susan Palmer, nee King

c2        Died – Henry Scott McLeod, 67 years, son of John C. McLeod; husband of Mrs Louise McLeod, nee Pratt

c4        Died – Charles A. Lamb, 97 years


Page 10

c5        Funeral – Frank Penhal, Feb 1

c5        Funeral – Merle Leslie Schultz, Feb 1

c6        Funeral – William Robinson, Feb 1


Page 13

c1        Died – E. Frank Leatherby, 83rd year


Page 14

c2        Photo – Carl Jacklin, son of W. M. Jacklin of St Thomas

c5        Photo – Murray Chamberlain, son of Roy Chamberlain of Southwold Station


3 February 1945

Page 1

c8        Photo – William T. Stollery, son of Samuel Stollery of St Thomas; husband of Mrs Ann Stollery, nee Beattie; father of Bobby Stollery


Page 8

c2        Died – George Warren Arnold, 83rd year, Feb 1; father of Earl Arnold and Mrs William Britton; brother of Amos Arnold and Nellie Arnold and Mrs Andrew Elson

c2        Died – John Vanevery, 78 years, Feb 1; husband of Mrs Elizabeth Vanevery, nee Holland; father of Roy Vanevery

c7        Funeral – Norris Hathaway, Jan 29

c7        Funeral – Walter Manning, Jan 30

c7        Funeral – William J. VanHorne, Feb 2


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of Billie Brown, Jan 25

c8        Died – George A. Laidlaw, 61st year, Feb 1

c8        Died – James Bennett, nee Alice Maude Gates, 35th year, Feb 2

c9        Memoriam – Alfred R. Barrow, Feb 4 1944

c9        Memoriam – Mrs Pearl Farris, Feb 4 1942

c8        Memoriam – Dr Elliott Wood, Feb 4 1936


Page 10

c2        Married – Albert G. Hagerty, son of Louis M. & Gladys Hagerty of St Thomas to Eileen M. Honey, daughter of late Albert G. Honey and Mrs T. Huxham of Stonehouse, England

c4        Engagement – Harry Owen Alward, son of D. A. & Jessie Alward of Port Burwell to Dorothy Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith of Caistor Centre – March

c4        Engagement – Andrew Rickwood to Miss Shirley Brown, niece of Mrs W. J. Brown – February

c4        Shower – Miss Evelyn Jewell

c5        Engagement – William Burdette Fee, son of A. M. Fee to Mary Paige Earle, daughter of Rev Henry Earle – February 10

c5        Married – John Austin Lennox, son of Mrs Sophie Lennox to Jessie Isabelle Leckie, daughter of Edmund R. Leckie

c5        Engagement – Dvr Ernest Favell, son of late J. W. Favell and Mrs Elizabeth Kitchen to Doris Lorene Allen, daughter of Harold Allen – March

c5        Engagement – Walter Parry McInally, son of Dr H. L. McInally of Simcoe to Helen Marie Montague, daughter of Charles Montague of Jarvis – February 10

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel Pitman, 49th

c5        Engagement – William Frank Howey, son of Frank Howey of Aylmer to Betty Eileen Fugard, daughter of Ross Fugard of Springfield

c5        Engagement – Richard h. Anions, son of M. Anions of Howard Township to Winifred Shute, daughter of A. H. Shute of Camden Township – February

c5        Engagement – Andrew E. Derrough, son of John Derrough of Brownsville to Miss Dorothy Pearl McQuiggan, daughter of Frank McQuiggan of Tillsonburg

c6        Married – Graham Cameron Gibbs, son of H. G. Gibb to Shirley Louise Shoebotton, daughter of L. R. Shoebottom, granddaughter of Walter Norsworthy of St Thomas – Photo


Page 13

c2        Married – William McDowell, son of W. J. McDowell to Evelyn Jean Jewell, daughter of Leslie Jewell of Aylmer, Jan 27

c2        Married – Leonard Harold Preston, son of Frank W. Preston to Eleanor Roach, daughter of Carl B. Roach

c2        Married – John Nagy, son of Louis Nagy to Dorothy Jean Knight, daughter of Russell Knight, Jan 31

c2        Married – William Richard Stanley Prevett to Helen Ereline Columbus, daughter of James Columbus

c3        Married – John W. Ungar, son of J. S. W. Ungar to Betty Joan Hoidge, daughter of Dr E. T. Hoidge, Jan 27

c6        Shower – Mr & Mrs Stuart McKibbin, son of W. E. McKibbin of Port Burwell

c8        Died – John A. Jarvis, 59 years, Jan 1


Page 16

c1        Died – Walter A. McCutcheon, 69 years

c2        Photo – Jim Parkins, son of J. W. Parkins


5 February 1945

Page 5

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Neilson Hargreaves, 86th year, Feb 4, daughter of James Stark

c3        Died – Ernest D. L. Maxwell, 63 years; husband of Mrs Mary Maxwell, nee Teeter

c5        Birthday – Mrs McKillop of West Lorne, 93rd


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Edmund Gibson, Feb 3, grandfather of Miss Eleanor Butcher, father of Mrs Frank H. Butcher

c3        Died – Colin McIntyre, 55 years, Feb 4, son of Archibald & Jennie McIntyre; brother of Duncan L. McIntyre and Annie May McIntyre

c3        Died – Virgil James Morrison, 72nd year, son of Charles & Jennie Morrison, nee Smith; husband of Mrs Lucy Morrison, nee Millard

c7        Died – Edward John Wood, 73rd year, Feb 4, son of John W. Wood; husband of Mrs Alice Maude Wood

c7        Died – J. Earl Warren, 55 years, Feb 4, son of Hugh Warren; husband of Mrs Louisa Warren, nee Atikin; brother of Mrs A. E. Habgood, Mrs Herbert Morris and Iven H. Warren

c7        Died – Mrs Louis Sandick, nee Elizabeth Cobban, 72nd year, Feb 1

c7        Died – Samuel Douglas, 64th year, Feb 2, son of Robert Douglas; husband of Mrs Sarah Douglas, nee Armstrong

Page 7

c1        Died – Percy L. W. Farnsworth, 69 years, Feb 5

c8        Born – Son of Billie Brown, Jan 25

c8        Born – Daughter of Arthur Brunet, Feb 3

c8        Born – Douglas John Carlton, son of John L. & Margaret Carlton, nee Black, Feb 4

c8        Born – Daughter of Oliver Nash, Feb 3

c8        Died – James Harvey, 70 years, Feb 3, father of Mrs Hilda Ross, Gwedolyn & Owen Harvey; brother of John & Daniel Harvey

c8        Died – Mrs Joseph Yearbury, nee Albertina Amans; 91st year, Feb 4; mother of James Yearbury, Mrs Mabel Carter; sister of Charles Amans; grandmother of William Carter, Mrs Lyle (Mabel) Bogart amd Mrs Earl (Myrtle) Palmer

c8        Died – Colin McIntyre, 55 years, Feb 4

c8        Memoriam – John E. Hopkins, Feb 5 1944, by wife and sons Harold & Donald

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Bertha Howard, Feb 5 1932, by son Lance Howard

c8        Memoriam – Alexander Kelman, Feb 5 1944

c8        Memoriam – Doris L. Schultz, Feb 5 1944


Page 8

c4        Engagement – A. R. ‘Rae’ Putman, son of Albert Putman of St Thomas to Bettie Coulter, daughter of Frank Coulter – February 7

c4        Married – Grant T. Scurr, son of William T. Scurr to Miss Isobel McGeachie, daughter of Malcolm McGeachie, Feb 3

c4        Married – Jack Cornish, son of Elmer Cornish of Mossley to Dorothy Joan Edginton, daughter of Edward Edginton

c4        Married – James Porter to Berlie Jean Coates, daughter of J. Earl Coates

c4        Married – Bruce Charles Lutz, son of W. R. Lutz to June Mildred Birch, daughter of Mrs Lucy Birch


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Walter P. Ford, nee Madeline Webster, Feb 2; daughter of Asa A. Webster; sister of Fraser L. Webster; cousin of Mrs Allan Keith

c2        Photo – Hugh W. Peart of St Thomas

c2        Died – James Harvey, 70 years, Feb 3

c3        Photo – Fred F. Clark, son of F. J. Clark

c5        Died – Mrs Joseph Yearbury, nee Albertina Amans; 91st year, Feb 4, daughter of Daniel & Fannie Amans, nee Foote

c5        Died – D. Roy Pringle, 58 years, Feb 2, husband of Mrs Cassie Pringle; father of James Pringle and Mrs Catherine Champion; brother of Frank Pringle, Mrs Albert Runstedtler and Mrs Herbert Gates


6 February 1945

Page 5

c2        Died – Mrs Samuel Sowden, nee Zerviah Martin, 91st year, Feb 4; daughter of Joseph Martin

c2        Died – George Norman Smith, 45th year, son of Alex Smith; husband of Mrs Olive Ida Smith, nee Crozier

c3        Died – Thomas H. Yull, 65th year, Feb 5, brother of George, Frank & Charles Yull

c3        Died – Dr Harry H. Huebnergard, 62 years, Feb 2, husband of Mrs May Huebnergard, nee Baker


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Mrs James Bennett, Feb 5

c6        Funeral – Mrs William Gilbert, Feb 2

c7        Died – James Richard West, 75th year, Feb 5

c7        Died – Richard Lee, 62 years, Jan 31, son of Charles & Harriet Lee; husband of Mrs Edith Lee, nee Logan; brother or Ernest Lee, uncle of Mrs W. B. Scandretle and Mrs Wilfred Harper and James Cunningham

c7        Died – John Basil Christoph, 10 months, Feb 4, son of Roy Christoph


Page 7

c1        Died – Shirley Olive Turnbull, Feb 5, infant daughter of Harold N. Turnbull, granddaughter of Robert Johnston and Mrs Margaret Turnbull; sister of James Harold Turnbull


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. H. Woods, 60th

c3        Birthday – Mrs Margaret (Moses) Madole, 93rd, daughter of William Morden

c5        Shower – Miss Betty June Cutler, daughter of Frank Cutler

c5        Engagement – Clarence E. Metcalfe, son of John Metcalfe to Helen Bernice Smith, daughter of J. E. Smith – February

c5        Married – Terrence Arthur Moore, son of Horace and L. M. Moore to Jean Louise Jewell, daughter of W. H. Jewell, Feb 2

c5        Married – Leonard Eugene Toombs, son of Arthur Eugene Toombs to Erie Lillian Coppens, daughter of Joseph Codling, Feb 1

c5        Married – Reginald Earl Smoke, son of Earl Smoke to Cora Beulah Grace Leona Codling, daughter of Joseph Codling, Feb 1


Page 14

c2        Photo – Earl Galloway, Ross Galloway, Bruce Galloway and J. D. Galloway son of Lorne & Anne Galloway of St Thomas

c3        Photo – William B. Taylor, son of R. C. Taylor of St Thomas

c5        Photo – Clarence Brown, son of Melvin Brown of Aylmer


7 February 1945

Page 1

c6        Reunion – Fred & William Morfee of St Thomas and Montreal


Page 5

c1        Died – Emil Messing, 72 years, Feb 1

c1        Died – Mrs William Crosier, nee Artimisia Tennyson, 87th year, mother of Russell Crosier; sister of Whitfield Tennyson

c1        Died – Mrs Loius Sandick, nee Elizabeth Cobban, 72nd year

c1        Died – John E. Faulds, 48 years, husband of Mrs Winnifred Faulds, nee McCarey

c2        Died – Mrs Anne Clarke, 71st year, widow of T. B. Clarke; daughter of A. Hammond

c2        Died – Anthony Zruna, 41 years

c3        Died – Mrs R. W. Oxley, nee Mary McRae, Jan 31, daughter of D. A. McRae

c4        Died – Virgil James Morrison, 72nd year, son of Charles & Jennie Morrison, nee Smith

c4        Died – Thomas Wesley Williams, 76 years, husband of Mrs Hanna Jane Williams


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs William Longe, nee Florence Harmon, 53rd year, daughter of Thomas & Jane Harmon, nee Lamonte; mother of Gordon Longe, Mrs Fred Nash and Mrs Homer Heyndricks; sister of Gordon and Lloyd Harmon; step-sister of Mrs Janet Longhurst

c3        Funeral – George Arnold, Feb 5


Page 7

c2        Died – Miss Emily Maude Wickett, 81 years, Feb 7, daughter of Richard & Jane Wickett, sister of W. L. Wickett; Aunt of Mrs Albert Archibald, Mrs W. H. Fisher, Mrs Beatrice Bristow, Mrs Mabel Coulter and J. D. Eastbrook

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Bessie Andrews, Feb 6 1943, by husband A. E. Andrews

c7        Memoriam – Harry E. Brown, Feb 7 1942

c7        Memoriam – Hannah Swisher Hayden, Feb 7 1932, by Erma and sisters

c8        Born – Penelope Jane Fluelling, daughter of Philip Fluelling, Jan 30

c8        Born – Son of Franklin Martin; brother of Tena Martin, Feb 1 1945

c8        Died – Sylvester Perry Swisher, 97 years, Feb 6, son of John & Hannah Swisher; uncle of Mrs William H. Young, Mrs Orville Osborne, Mrs Robert Hayes, Mrs George Willson, Mrs Lloyd Wall and Neil Campbell

c8        Died – William Caughell, Feb 7, husband of Mrs Lida Caughell, nee Arnold; father of Mrs Thomas Berry, Mrs Clarence Harris, Mrs Fred Drewitt, George, Gordon, Lawrence, Earl, Clarence, Albert and Roy Caughell

c8        Died – Miss Emily Maude Wickett, 81 years, Feb 7


Page 8

c1        Married – Leonard Jasper Tunks to Miss Edna Irene Heil, daughter of Mrs William Britton

c2        Married – Marjorie Cain to Pat Collins

c2        Engagement – Robert Gerald Prodrick, son of R. V. Prodrick to Elizabeth Helen Smiley, daughter of F. L. Smiley


Page 12

c2        Died – Sylvester Perry Swisher, 97 years, Feb 6 – Photo

c3        Died – William Caughell, 75 years, Feb 7, son of George & Cecelia Caughell – Photo

c5        Died – John William Ross, Jan 28, son of Jack Ross


8 February 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – James Bradley, husband of Mrs Caroline Bradley, nee Hoffer

c1        Died – William Rollins, 76th year, husband of Mrs Deborah Rollins

c2        Died – George W. Empey, Feb 5, son of Gordon Alexander Empey; brother of Mrs Albert Ruckle, Miss Myra Empey, Ensley and Frank Empey

c4        Died – Albert A. Dredge, son of John Dredge

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George McClintock, nee Henrietta Dillon, 50th


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Frank Bristow, Feb 7, husband of Mrs Clara Bristow, nee Burger; brother-in-law of Mrs R. B. Newland; and Mrs L. R. Burger


Pge 8

c2        Died – Mrs Thomas Walker, nee Rachel Pettit, 84th year, Feb 7, daughter of John & Elizabeth Pettit; sister of Mrs Della Smith, Mrs W. H. Falls, Christopher, Charles and James Pettit

c2        Funeral – George A. Laidlaw, Feb 5

c2        Funeral – Edwin F. Gibson, Feb 3

c8        Died – William Downie, 76 years, Feb 8, son of John Downie; husband of Mrs Elizabeth Downie, nee DeGraw; father of W. S. Downie, Mrs Hazen Campbell and Mrs Lorne Campbell; brother of Mrs Mobey


Page 9

c8        Born – Robert James Tolmie, son of Andrew Tolmie, Feb 7

c8        Died – Ernest Earl Freeman, 61st year, Feb 7, husband of Mrs Jean W. Freeman, nee Bell; father of Mrs Harley McCallum, Mrs Dennis Doyle, Mrs Ray Lanyon and Mrs Bert Pullen

c8        Died – Mrs Thomas Walker, nee Rachel Pettit, 84th year, Feb 7

c8        Died – Sylvester Perry Swisher, 97 years, Feb 6

c8        Died – William Caughell, Feb 7

c8        Died – Miss Emily Maud Wickett, 81 years, Feb 7


Page 16

c2        Died – William Jones, 83rd year

c3        Died – Ernest Earl Freeman, 61st year, Feb 7


9 February 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Clarence E. Young, 51 years

c1        Died – Joseph Allen Calcutt, 84th year, Feb 6

c1        Died – Mrs Augusta (Benjamin) Crown, 50th year

c1        Died – William John Deacon, 79 years, Feb 6, son of George Deacon; brother of Mrs John Heritage

c1        Died – John Heritage, Feb 5, husband of Mrs Heritage, nee Deacon

c1        Will – Mrs Bella Gibson, Oct 28 1944

c1        Birthday – Mrs Margaret (Moses) Madole, 93 years, daughter of William Morden

c1        Died – Rodger Foster, 50th year, Jan 29, son of Adam Foster

c2        Died – Euclid Lajeunesse, 32 years, Feb 8


Page 6

c4        Funeral – John Christoph, Feb 7, infant son of Roy Christoph

c5        Died – Walter L. Bender, 31st year, Feb 6, son of Chris K. Bender, husband of Mrs Selma Bender, nee Schwartzentruper

c8        Funeral – J. Earl Warren, Feb 7


Page 7

c1        Died – Murdock A. McLellan, 32 years, Feb 8

c3        Died – Mrs Katherine Emmons, 71 years, Feb 9, daughter of William & Frances Knox, nee Grimson; mother of Mrs N. H. Way and Knox Emmons; sister of Stanley, Thomas, Jack, William and Florence Knox and Mrs C. Crozier

c7        Memoriam – L. B. Mattis, Feb 9 1941, by wife Jessie Mattis

c7        Memoriam – Arthur W. Taylor, Feb 9 1944, by son Cyril Taylor

c8        Born – Daughter of Robert Irvine, Feb 7

c8        Born – Mary Elizabeth Nicli, daughter of A. O. Nicli, Feb 3

c8        Died – George Richard Langdon, 64 years, Feb 9, son of Mrs Elizabeth Langdon; husband of Mrs Mary J. Landgon; father of Clayton and Aubrey J. Langdon; brother of Mrs Edith Pye, Mrs Kathleen Cole, W. F. and Burnell Langdon

c8        Died – Lynal Adelbert ‘Dell’ Evely, 68th year, Feb 8, husband of Mrs Lela Evely, nee Walker; father of Jack Evely; brother of Beatrice & Roy Evely


Page 8

c2        Engagement – George Carlton Phair, son of George Phair to Mary Lucille Munro, daughter of John Munro – February

c2        Engagement – Wesley S. Prangley, son of J. W. Prangley to Geraldina Wright, daughter of W. A. Oliver – April 7

c2        Engagement – David Arthur Balfour, son of D. A. Balfour to Kathleen McKenzie, daughter of Wilfred McKenzie – February 10

c2        Married – Chester Phillip Smith, son of Herbert J. Smith of St Thomas to Kathryn Frances Miller, daughter of Karl E. Miller of St Thomas, Feb 5


Page 14

c3        Photo – William Demo, 19 years, son of James Demo of St Thomas

c3        Died – Mrs Gillis Ramsay, nee Sophia Schamberg, 52nd year, Feb 7

c4        Died – Lynal Adelbert ‘Dell’ Evely, 68th year, Feb 8, son of John & Sarah Evely, nee York

c6        Died – George Richard Langdon, 64 years, Feb 9


10 February 1945

Page 1

c3        Photo – Bill Watson, 23 years, son of Roy Watson of St Thomas


Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs George Hochderffer Jan 29, , daughter of Dr Alexander & Mrs Amelia Johnston


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Neil Scott, 89th

c5        Died – Mrs A. W. Shaver, nee Ellen Priscilla Whyte, 81st year, Feb 8

c6        Died – Lancelot Edgar Ostrander, 69 years

c6        Died – Mrs Jennie Godly, 77 years, widow of Thomas F. Godly


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Jane Abel, 73 years, Feb 10, widow of Samuel Abel

c2        Died – Duncan D. McKillop, 78 years, Feb 10, son of Donald & Christena McKillop, widow of Catherine McKillop; father of Mrs C. Orchard, Miss Mary McKillop, Miss Bessie McKillop and Donald McKillop; brother of Daniel D., Archie and Robert McKillop, Mrs John Ford and Miss Annie McKillop

c6        Funeral – Miss Emily M. Wickett, Feb 9

c6        Funeral – Sylvester P. Swisher, Feb 9

c6        Funeral – William Caughell, Feb 9

c6        Funeral – E. Earl Freeman, Feb 9

c8        Born – Carol Marie Duke, daughter of Ernest & Bertha Duke, nee Carr, Feb 9

c8        Born – Daughter of James Robinson, Feb 8

c8        Born – Daughter of Cecil Loft, Feb 9

c8        Born – Daughter of George Brown, Feb 1

c8        Born – Daughter of Victor Cottrell, Feb 5

c8        Died – George Richard Langdon, 64 years, Feb 9

c8        Died – Lynal Adelbert ‘Dell’ Evely, 68th year, Feb 8

c8        Died – Thomas John Murray, 53 years, Feb 10, husband of Mrs Mary A. Murray; father of Mrs Vernon Neal, Norma, June, Steven, Robert and jack Murray; brother of Norman Murray


Page 8

c2        Photo – Miss Muriel E. Giles, daughter of George Giles of St Thomas

c3        Engagement – G. Russell Wharry, son of James Wharry of Union to Edna Coulter, daughter of W. A Coulter of St Thomas – February

c3        Shower – Mrs Chester Smith, nee Miss Kathryn Miller

c3        Shower – Mrs Percy Welter, nee Dorothy White

c4        Funeral – James McAuliffe, Feb 6

c4        Engagement – Lloyd J. Deming, son of Stanton Deming to Dorothy Coates, daughter of Chris B. Coates [Note: James Lloyd Deming]


Page 9

c4        Married – Donald Stuart Christmas, son of Lorne Christmas of Walsingham to Ruth Evelyn Howe, daughter of Richard Howe of Port Rowan, Feb 10

c4        Married – W. S. Clatworth to Miss Norma Edith Moore, daughter of J. J. Moore of Chatham, Feb 7


Page 10

c1        Died – Francis Shapland, 92 years; father of Mrs Frank Spitler, Mrs Francis Shapland and James Shapland

c2        Died – Mrs William Malone, nee Agnes Amanda Horton, 63rd year, daughter of James & Anna Horton, nee Bayes

c5        Died – Edward J. Wood, 73rd year, Feb 4, son of John W. Wood

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Henry Ford of Aldborough, 50th


Page 14

c2        Died – Edward Morley, 89th year, brother of George, William and Ernest Morley, Mrs Susan Arkell and Mrs Clara Caton

c2        Died – Thomas John Murray, 53 years, Feb 10, son of John & Harriet Murray

c3        Died – John Dawson, 59 years, Feb 7, husband of Mrs Margaret Dawson; brother of Mrs D. M. Martyn, Mrs John Watson, Miss Sadie Dawson and Fred Dawson


12 February 1945

Page 6

c7        Died – Colin J. Cunningham, Feb 6, son of Rev Samuel Cunningham

c8        Died – Daniel DeGraw, 61 years, Feb 10. son of Christopher DeGraw; husband of Mrs Sarah DeGraw, nee Brodie; father of Catherine DeGraw; brother of Mrs Hannah DeGraw, Mrs William Downie, Mrs J. Hughes, Mrs Michael Brown, Hugh and Andrew DeGraw

c8        Died – Peter J. Doyle, 60 years, Feb 10, son of Patrick & Margaret Doyle, nee Harman; husband of Mrs Bessie Doyle, nee McDonald; father of Margaret Doyle


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Edith Annie Benfield, nee Edith Kains, wife of Charles W. Benfield; daughter of John A. Kains; granddaughter of Judge Hughes; sister of Morris and Malcolm Kains; cousin of Mrs Edith Wolhaupter LaMaistre

c2        Died – Dr Ernest Welland Gemmill, 79 years

c8        Born – Virginia Anne Steele, daughter of William Steele, Feb 11

c8        Born – Constance Ann Carruthers, daughter of John & Myrtle Carruthers, nee Smith, Jan 30

c8        Born – Albert Wayne Cooper, son of A. E. Cooper, Feb 8

c8        Born – Daughter of E. R. & Vera Eggenberger, nee Gilbert, Feb 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Bevan Paddon, Feb 9

c8        Born – Jane Louise Ross, daughter of Robert B. Ross, Jan 31

c8        Born – Ruth Ann Shipley, daughter of Earl Shipley, sister of June Elaine Shipley, Feb 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Archie Ireland, Feb 6

c8        Born – Son of Charles McDonald, Feb 7

c8        Born – Son of Thomas Rule, Feb 6

c8        Born – Son of Ray Sandham, Feb 3

c8        Born – Daughter of William Feere, Jan 28

c8        Died – Mrs Jane Able, 73 years, Feb 10, widow of Samuel Able; mother of Mrs R. J. Walton, Mrs Duncan Tope, Mrs Elmer Elliott, Samuel, George Arthur and Ernie Able; sister of Mrs Ada Holt

c8        Died – Matthew Arkle, 77 years, Feb 10, father of John Arkle; grandfather of Sylva Arkle; brother of Isabella, John and Henry Arkle

c8        Died – Miss Annie Gauld, 75 years, Feb 11; sister of James Gauld

c8        Died – Duncan D. McKillop, 79th year

c8        Memoriam – Joseph Clark, Feb 12 1939


Page 8

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John E. Kelley, nee Alma Matthews (daughter of Thomas Matthews, son of Squire William Kelley), 55th

c6        Died – Ernest Edward Courtis, 23rd year, son of Harry Courtis; husband of Mrs Jean Courtis, nee Mowers; father of Michael Courtis; brother of Mrs William McCallum and Glen Courtis

c8        Died – John A. Elgie, 61 years, Feb 9, son of William & Susan Elgie, nee Baker; husband of Mrs Maggie Elgie, nee Wiseman


Page 10

c3        Died – William R. McDonald, 83 years; father of James R., Robert J., and Cameron G. McDonald

c4        Died – Thomas Church, 87 years, Feb 10, cousin of Mrs Thomas Church

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frederick Lucier, 50th

c4        Died – John C. Marshall, 73 years, Feb 9, husband of Mrs Florence M. Marshall, nee Welsh

c4        Died – Willliam John Warren, 74th year, Feb 4

c4        Birthday – Joyce, June & Jeanette Robins, 5 years, triplet daughters of Ivan Robbins

c4        Died – Beverley Sturgeon, 45 years, Feb 5, son of Dr William K. & Elizabeth I. Sturgeon

c4        Died – William Judson Reavely, 86th year, son of George Reavely; husband of Mrs Isobel Reavely, nee Shaver, father of Stanley Davis Reavely, Mrs C. Millard, Mrs T. A. Jewell and Miss Nellie Reavely; brother of James and Fred Reavely and Mrs Clarabelle Graddery

c4        Died – William A. Carnahan, husband of Mrs Charlotte Carnahan, nee Avis

c5        Died – Mrs William H. Prouse, 63rd year, Feb 11

c5        Died – George B. Brown, 72 years, son of Thomas H. Brown

c5        Died – Miss Elizabeth Julia Powis, daguther of Alfred & Elizabeth Powis, nee Crawford

c6        Died – Rev John Thomas Elsdon, Feb 10

c6        Died – Elmer Townsend McCubbin, son of Samuel McCubbin; husband of Mrs Louise McCubbin, nee Ness

c6        Died – W. J. Shannon, 23 years, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Shannon, nee Dorrance


Page 14

c3        Died – William Vicary, 92nd year, husband of Mrs Hariet Vicary; father of Herbert and Bertha Vicary; brother of Walter Vicary and Mrs Rhoda Mitchell; grandfather of Jean and Donald Vicary

c3        Died – Miss Annie Gauld, Feb 11

c6        Died – Matthew Arkle, 77 years, Feb 10


13 February 1945

Page 1

c8        Photo – Benton T. Gilmour, son of Thomas J. Gilmour of St Thomas


Page 2

c8        Died – Mrs Arthur Smith, nee Laura J. V. Westwood, 75 years, Feb 12


Page 6

c1        Funeral – George Brown, Uncle of Mrs Alva Hollands

c1        Died – John Ambrose Garnham, 86th year, Feb 12, husband of Mrs Minnie Garnham, nee Travis; father of Lee, Frank and Mary Louise Garnham; brother of Mrs Joel Bate and Henry Garnham

c5        Died – Mrs Alberta Tupper, 71 years, mother of Clara Tupper and Mrs Howard Miller; grandmother of John Howard Miller; sister of George Shephard, Mrs Colin Hall and Mrs Watson White

c5        Funeral – Lynal Adelbert ‘Dell’ Evely, Feb 12

c5        Funeral – George R. Langdon, Feb 12

c5        Funeral – Thomas J. Murray, Feb 12


Page 7

c5        Died – Gordon Stuart, 47 years, Feb 12, son of John Stuart

c8        Born – Son of M. J. Rennick, Feb 9

c8        Died – William Henry Richardson, 82 years, Feb 12, father of W. Sterling, George H., Stuart and Dorothy Richardson; brother of Mrs Thomas McKee and Robert Richardson

c8        Died – William Vicary, 93rd year, Feb 11, father-in-law of Mrs Arthur Vicary


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Wesley S. Prangley, son of J. W. Prangley to Geraldine Wright, daughter of W. A. Oliver – April 7

c3        Engagement – John H. Bradley, son of James Bradley to Grace Verna Longfield, daughter of J. E. Longfield – February 17


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Gladys Hobbs, 33rd year, Feb 10, daughter of Mrs Edith Richardson

c1        Died – Mrs Margaret I. Blakie, nee Johnston, 70th year, widow of James Blakie

c1        Died – Mrs Clement McIlhargey, nee Margaret Carroll, Feb 12, daughter of Timothy Carroll

c1        Died – Joseph LaCroix, Feb 11, husband of Mrs Eugenie LaCroix

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. A. Kirkby, nee Nancy S. Beavers, 60th

c5        Died – Mrs Jonah Howey, nee Lydia Stickles, 70 years, daughter of William & Catherine Sticklers


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Willison, mother of K. M. Willison of St Thomas

c2        Died – Mrs R. W. Oxley, nee Mary McRae, daughter of D. A. McRae

c3        Photo – N. M. McDougall, son of Mrs Margaret A. McDougall of St Thomas

c4        Died – William Henry Richardson, 82 years, Feb 12

c7        Died – Joyce Marilyn Lyle, infant daughter of Gordon Lyle; sister of Ronald Lyle; granddaughter of John Lyle and James Fife


14 February 1945

Page 2

c8        Funeral – Mrs Samuel Abel, Feb 13

c8        Funeral – Matthew Arkle, Feb 13


Page 5

c1        Died – Charles James Nicholls, 73rd year, son of W Nicholls; widow of Mrs Daisy Nicholls, nee Rumball

c2        Died – Harry Alexander Robertson, 63 years, son of John Robertson; husband of Mrs Maude Robertson, nee Dore

c2        Died – Mrs William McLellan, nee Granton, 76th year

c2        Died – Dr Carl Brownson, 44 years, son of Charles Brownson

c4        Died – Mrs J E. Dowling, nee Elizabeth Burchell, daughter of William burchell

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John E. Kelly, 55 years

c4        Died – Mrs William Lalone, nee Agnes Amanda Horton, 63rd year, daughter of James & Annie Horton, nee Bays

c5        Died – Marusia Droskosky, 3 years, Feb 9, daughter of Michael Drosdosky

c6        Died – John Alexandr Wilson, 72 years, Feb 13, son of John & Margaret Wilson, nee McNab


Page 6

c1        Died – John Herbert McKim, 79th year, Feb 14, son of William & Margaret McKim; father of Edwin and Robert McKim

c5        Died – Annetta Jane Wilkinson, 77th year, Feb 13, daughter of Thomas & Lucy Ann Wilkinson, nee Thornton; sister of Mrs G. P. Winter; aunt of Lorne, Ralph and Charlie Wilkinson; sister-in-law of Mrs James Wilkinson

c7        Died – Mrs Wallace Denton, nee Sarah S. Burgess, 85th year, Feb 12, mother of Mrs Arthur McKinnon, Mrs Fred Riley, Mrs F. A. Griswold, Stanley and Claire Denton; sister of Mrs J. W. Newgerry, Mary E. Burgess and William Burgess


Page 7

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert Needham, 50th

c2        Married – Douglas Haig Cochrane, son of David Cochrane to Margaret Grace Weaver, daughter of Frank Weaver of Chatham, Feb 14

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Mary Gay, Feb 14 1943

c7        Memoriam – George A. Hunt, Feb 14 1940

c8        Born – Beverley Ellen Gunter, daughter of W. & Niola Gunter, nee Mailing, Feb 13

c8        Born – Son of Rev G. K. & Grace Nobes, nee Lorch, Feb 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Herman Bodkin, Feb 13

c8        Died – William Henry Richardson, 82 years, Feb 12

c8        Died – – John Herbert McKim, 79th year, Feb 14


Page 8

c2        Photo – Mr & Mrs Neil Jennings, nee Marjorie Wray and daughter Sandra of Rodney

c4        Married – Raymond James Cline, son of David Cline to Miss Agnes Emma Jane Huffman, daughter of William Huffman, Feb 10

c4        Married – Walter Parry McInally, son of Dr. H. L. McInally to Miss Helen Marie Montague, daughter of Charles Montague, Feb 10

c4        Married – Rudolph Derby, son of Charles Derby to Miss Stella Jackson, daughter of Steve Jackson, Feb 7

c4        Married – Hugh Thomas Forsythe, son of Samuel Forsythe to Lucie Kalbfleisch, daughter of Emerson A. Kalbfleisch

c4        Married – Frederick Burgees, son of Ross Burgess to Miss Edith Lynn, daughter of A. A. Lynn

c4        Married – William John Orr, son of W S. Orr to Edith Hilda Kingston, daughter of Rt Rev G. F. Kingston, Feb 10

c4        Married – Edward V. Martin, son of Thomas Martin of St Thomas to Mary Moore, Sept 18

c6        Engagement – Morten Smith-Petersen, son of Dr M. N. Smith-Peterson to Evelyn Blanch Leeming, daughter of Ray Leeming of Wallacetown – March 3

c6        Engagement – Charles Edwin Bodkin, son of Frederick Bodkin of Aylmer to Florence Edith Robinson, daughter of Dr Dean Robinson – March 10

c7        Engagement – William Henry Mather, son of Henry Mather to Florence Margaret Burrell, daugehr fo F. Burrell, March 17


Page 14

c2        Photo – Morgan J. Skelding, son of Joseph R. Skelding of St Thomas

c2        Died – William H. Huband, 54 years, Feb 11

c3        Died – John H. Crane, 69th year

c7        Funeral – George W. Empey, Feb 9


15 February 1945

Page 2

c6        Funeral – Miss Annie Gauld, Feb 14

c6        Funeral – Duncan D. McKillop, Feb 13


Page 5

c1        Died – Thomas E. Glavin, 24 yers, son of James Glavin

c1        Died – William Robert Crawford, 51st year, Feb 14, son of Thomas Crawford

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C Derrough, 53rd

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Derrough, 25th

c4        Died – John T. Smith, 83 years

c4        Died – Ambrose Cohoe, 67th year, Jan 27, son of Andrew J. Cohoe; grandson of Edward Cohoe


Page 8

c3        Died – Rev Edward S. Hiscocks, Feb 14, husband of Mrs Louisa Hiscocks, nee Alles; brother of A. L. Hiscocks, uncle of Mrs J. D. Schweitzer and C. W. Hiscocks

c3        Died – C. E. Johnston, Feb 12, brother of Mrs Rev C. O. Pherrill of Dutton


Page 9

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Lucy Philpott, Feb 15 1939, by husband and daughter Eve

c8        Born – Son of Harry & Jean Allen, nee Vint, Feb 13

c8        Born – Son of George Small, brother of Eleanor Small, Feb 13

c8        Died – John Herbert McKim, 75th year, Feb 14

c8        Died – Heather Janice MacDonald, 39th day, Feb 14, infant daughter of Malcolm A. MacDonald; granddaughter of W. D. MacDonald and W. J. F. Gellatly


Page 12

c6        Married – Rev Robert Richard Nicholson, son of C. H. Nicholson to Winnifred Mary Onnasch, daugehr of John Ommasch

c6        Married – William Richard Stanley Prevett, son of William H. Prevett to Miss Helen Erline Columbus, daughter of James Columbus

c7        Married – Frederick Morris Hall, son of Frederick Hall to Miss Elbertha Beaton, daughter of J. A. Beaton, Feb 10

c7        Married – Rudolph Derby, son of Charles Derby to Miss Stella Jackson, daughter of Steve Jackson

c8        Married – Richard H. Anions, son of Montague Anions to Winifred Eva Shute, daughter of Albert H. Shute, Feb 10


Page 16

c1        Died – Heather Janice MacDonald, 39th day, Feb 14

c2        Photo – Douglas Jones, son of W. Jones of St Thomas

c5        Died – Mrs Stewart Marshall, nee Pearl Riddell, 48 years, Feb 13, daughter of John Riddell; mother of Laverne and Allen Marshall, Mrs Arthur Welborne, Rosabelle, Frances, Jean, Janet and Lucille Marshall; brother of John and William Riddell, Mrs George Chute and Mrs Bruce Houghton; niece of Mack Davis; grandmother of Carol and John Arthur Welborne


16 February 1945

Page 1

c8        Photo – Carl Jacklin, son of W. M. Jacklin of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Engagement – Wilfred Willard VanPatter, son of Everett VanPatter of Luton to Audrey Oneta McCargo, daughter of Robert McCargo of RR # 6, Aylmer – February 28

c5        Died – Henry Eastabrook, Feb 11, widow of Mrs Florence Eastabrook, nee Searson


Page 7

c8        Born – Katherine Mary Best, daughter of R. N. M. Best, Feb 10

c8        Born – Barbara Anne Lammiman, daughter of C. F. Lammiman, Feb 9

c8        Born – Son of Kenneth Moore of Fingal, brother of George & John Moore, Feb 12

c8        Died – Patricia Ann Finch, 20 months, Feb 13, infant daughter of Arthur Finch; sister of Arthur James, Robert Murray and Violet Gladys Finch; granddaughter of Azel Finch

c8        Memoriam – Talmadge Brooks, Jan 15 1944, by wife and family

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Arawilda Saxton, Feb 16 1943, by daughter Mrs Earl Campbell

c8        Memoriam – Haines W. Saxton, Mar 12 1943, by daughter Mrs Earl Campbell


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert A. McCarter, 62nd

c1        Married – Dr William Kerr Lindsay, son of J. A. Lindsay to Frances Beatrice ‘Peggy’ Ferris, daughter of Rev Roland Boyd Ferris

c2        Engagement – Omar Loveys Smith, son of Rev P. A. Smith to Adela Georgia Bernice Bowness, daughter of George A Bowness

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Gare, 50th


Page 11

c1        Died – Rev W. B. Mahon, husband of Mrs Mabel Mahon, nee Kitchen; brother-in-law of Mr & Mrs Morley Kitchen

c1        Married – Martin McLachlin, son of John McLachlin of Brooke Township to Violet Smith, daughter of William Smith of Brooke Township

c4        Died – Miss Fanny Richardson, 82nd year, Feb 7, daughter of George Richardson


Page 14

c1        Divorce – Mrs Florence Josephine Chalk vs Wilfred Walter Chalk and Mrs Mary McConnell

c1        Annulment – D. Alexander vs E. Alexander of Woodstock

c1        Died – Thomas E. Williams, 76th year, husband of Mrs Hanna Jane Williams

c1        Died – Mrs John McKay, nee Lottie Goodrich, 64th year

c1        Died – Mrs Fanny Rosina Sampson, nee Houghton, wife of Samuel Sampson

c3        Photo – R. H. Davidson, son of Harry Davidson of Straffordville

c3        Died – Charles Shivas, 85 years, widow of Mrs Margaret Shivas, nee Murray


17 February 1945

Page 1

c6        Died – Richard Evered (Everard), 44 years, January


Page 2

c5        Died – Mrs Emerson Lazenby, nee Margaret Clark Nelson, 87th year, Feb 16, daughter of Joseph Nelson

c6        Died – Herman Dingman, 78th year, brother of Miss Luella Dingman

c6        Died – Miss Luella Dingman, 82nd year, sister of Herman Dingman

c5        Funeral – Heather Janice MacDonald, Feb 16

c5        Funeral – William H. Richardson, Feb 16


Page 6

c1        Died – Wesley Harrison, 83rd year, son of William & Sarah Harrison

c1        Died – Mrs James William Barker, nee Mary Catherine Mauthe, 75th year, daughter of Conrad Mauthe; mother of J. R. Barker, W. C. Barker and Mrs Charles Livingston

c3        Died – Gordon T. M. Hill, 34th year, Feb 16

c4        Died – Mrs Emma Weston, 90 years, daughter of Daniel & Rebecca Bennett; widow of Richard Weston

c4        Died – Russelll Smith, 31st year, son of Lloyd Smith; husband of Mrs Betty Smith, nee Swift

c5        Photo – Donald Gillies of Rodney

c5        Birthday – Izettus Johnson, 99th, son of Jerehmiah & Ann Johnson, nee Edwards; widow of Mrs Samantha Johnson, nee Patterson; father of 9 children – 4 surviving – Frank Johnson, Mrs Cecil Butler, Mrs Arthur Price and Mrs Harry Short


Page 8

c2        Photo – William Cassidy, son of Hugh Casidy of Con 6 Yarmouth; brother of Sgt Pilot Hugh Cassidy, Leading airwoman Kay Cassidy of Uplands, Ottawa; husband of Mrs Cassidy and daughter Patty of 47 ½ St Catherine St

c3        Died – John Gorvett, 85th year, Feb 16, son of Louis & Margaret Gorvett, nee Smale; husband of Mrs Emma Gorvett, nee Fanson; father of Mrs Herman Smith and Mrs Edwin Chapman (deceased); brother of Fred Gorvett and Edward Gorvett; grandfather of Shirley, Lee, Robert, Marion and Barbara Smith

c6        Engagement – John Harry Ruddell, son of John Ruddell to Vina Lila McDonald, daughter of Henry McDonald of Tillsonburg, March

c6        Died – William J. Davis, 56th year Feb 16, son of Eli Davis

c7        Funeral – Claude Welter, brother of Harry Welter


Page 9

c2        Died – Miss Helen Kirkpatrick, daughter of George A. Kirkpatrick

c3        Photo – Ivan B. Cushman, son of Ernest Cushman of St Thomas; father of Donna Cushman

c7        Born – Son of William Koyle, brother of Billie Koyle, Feb 16

c8        Born – Son of George & Dorothy Langford, nee McKellar, Feb 14

c8        Born – Murray Claire Campbell McIntyre, son of Murray J.McIntyre, grandson of D. W. Campbell, Feb 17

c8        Died – John Gorvett, 85th year, Feb 16

c8        Memoriam – Mrs John Decow, Feb 17 1943, by Tirrel, Irene and grandchildren

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Vera Pincombe, Feb 18 1943, by sisters and brothers – Edna, Wilbur, Martha and Hubert

c9        Memoriam – Pearle Williamson, Feb 17 1943


Page 10

c2        Married – Douglas Haig Cochrane, son of David Cochran of Grangemouth, Scotland to Margaret Grace Weaver, daughter of Frank Weaver of Chatham, Feb 14 – Photo

c4        Engagement – Robert Kenneth Taylor, son of H. Taylor to Margaret Ethel Pimlatt, daughter of A. Pimlatt – March

c4        Engagement – Wilfred Willard VanPatter, son of Everett VanPatter to Audrey Oneta McCargo, daughter of Robert McCargo – February 28

c5        Birthday – Miss Cleone Colledge, daughter of Mrs B. B. Colledge, 16th

c5        Engagement – John M. Ross to Miss Gladys Harriman, February 24

c6        Engagement – Lyle Reginald Thompson, son of C. J. & Rose M. Thompson to Mary Helen Kathleen Kirk, daughter of Robert Kirk of Glanworth – March

c6        Engagement – John Harry Ruddell, son of John Ruddell to Vina Lila McDonald, daughter of Henry McDonald – March

c6        Engagement – Leon Johnston Jack Bennett, son of W. L. Bennett of Tillsonburg to Alice Marguertie Comeau of Springhill, NS, daughter of John Comeau – February 24

c6        Engagement – George Everett Morden, son of Gard A. Morden to Helen Forbes, daughter of J. Frederick Mutrie of Leamington – March

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Herbert J. Elson, nee Eliza ‘Lily’ Randall, 50th


Page 16

c2        Photo – Jim Cluskey, son of James A. Cluskey of St Thomas

c3        Photo – Gilford E. Boys, don of Emerson Boyd of Lambeth


19 February 1945

Page 1

c2        Photo – Rendal Todd of Port Burwell


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs William Fenn, nee Mary C. Roloson, 64 years, Feb 17, daughter of Michael Rolosn; mother of Mrs Bernice Bowen and Mrs Russell Prong; sister of Mrs Maynard Carter, William. Lewis, Gordon and Brock Roloson


Page 7

c2        Died – Frank Osmond Hyde

c4        Died – Richard Robson, 83 years, Feb 19, father of Mrs Erie Trothen, Miss Mary Robson, Mrs John Avery, Miss Marjorie Robson, John, Alfred, Walter and Cecil Robson

c8        Born – Heather Ann Cooper, daughter of G. R. & Dorothy Cooper, nee Fickling, sister of Derek and Pamela Cooper, Jan 19

c8        Born – Son of William Koyle, Feb 16

c8        Born – Mary Alexandra McPherson, daughter of Ross A. McPherson, Feb 18

c8        Born – Son of George C. Shannon, Feb 14

c8        Born – Daughter of R. B. & Marion Taylor, nee Ingram, Feb 19

c8        Died – Mrs William Fenn, nee Mary C. Roloson, 64 years, Feb 17

c8        Died – William A. Weldon, Feb 16, brother of Miss Alice Weldon and Mrs Bruce Brown

c8        Died – Richard Robson, 83 years, Feb 19

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Maud Cheeseborough, Feb 19 1943


Page 8

c5        Married – Laurence Maclean Wedd, son of Laurence E. Wedd of Simcoe to Pamela Perry, daughter of W. H. G. Perry of Elsead, Surrey, England, Jan 20

c7        Married – Allen George Littlejohn, son of Mrs Helen Kenn to Miss Mayme Almeda Farley, daughter of J. Farley, sister of Mrs Gordon Haddock, Feb 14

c7        Married – John H. Bradley, son of James Bradley to Grace Verna Longfield, daughter of J. E. Longfield, Feb 17


Page 10

c1        Died – James Sherwood O’Neal, 82nd year, Feb 17

c1        Birthday – Rev Canon Samuel Day, 87th

c2        Died – Elizabeth Banks, 3 years, Feb 18

c2        Died – Wendall Banks, 3 years, Feb 18

c2        Died – Basill Banks, 1 year, Feb 18

c2        Died – Robert Jones, 4 years, Feb 18

c2        Died – Mrs Milton Goble, nee Mamie Faulds, 60th year, Feb 13, mother of Jack Goble, sister of Earl Faulds

c2        Died – Mrs John R. Lingwood, 36th year, Feb 14, daughter of Lloyd Erwin

c2        Died – Mrs John Henry Blow, 80th year, Feb 17

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alex Colwell, nee Addie Ecker, 55th

c3        Died – Mrs Edward G. Ford, nee Anna Maria Orton, 9th year, Feb 17, daughter of William Orton, mother of Mrs Harvey J. Culver; grandmother of Mrs Lena Evertt; sister of George Orton

c3        Died – John C. Stewart, 82nd year, Feb 18, husband of Mrs Catherine Stewart, nee McTavish

c6        Died – Mrs J. B. Lindsell, nee Edith Gurnett, 57th year, Feb 16, daughter of William Gurnett

c6        Birthday – Thomas Gardiner, 80th


Page 14

c5        Funeral – Patricia Ann Finch, Feb 17


20 February 1945

Page 6

c2        Funeral – L. R. Smith, nephew of Mrs Susan Carter

c2        Died – Mrs Michael G. Harris, nee Rosamund Moore, 54 years, Feb 18, daughter of David Moore

c3        Died – Archie D. Patterson, 73 years, Feb 19, son of Duncan Patterson; widow of Mrs Rosanna Patterson, nee Campbell

c4        Died – Frank Davis, 71 years, Feb 19, son of John Davis; brother of Mrs Dan Munroe

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs David Hershey, 50th

c6        Died – John Thomas Lowes, 73rd year, Feb 17, son of Thomas Lowes; widow of Mrs Viola Lowes, nee Bates


Page 7

c2        Divorce – Mrs Helen Lucille Bossenberry vs Harry Bossenberry and Clara Irene Russell

c2        Divorce – Mrs Audrey Viola Tully vs Alexander Tully and Mary Doan

c2        Divorce – Stewart Archie Doan vs Mary Doan and Alexander Tully

c2        Divorce – George Frederick Coombes vs Mrs Florence Agnes Coombes and Joseph L. Fretts

c7        Funeral – John Gorvett, Feb 19

c7        Funeral – Mrs Stuart Marshall, Feb 17

c7        Funeral – Annetta Jane Wilkinson, Feb 15

c8        Born – Donna Bernette Besson, daughter of J. R. & Bernice Besson, nee Saunders, Feb 18

c8        Born – John Summers, son of George Kitchener Summers, Feb 1

c8        Died – Norman S. Porter, 76 years, Feb 19, husband of Mrs Rosalind Porter, nee Paxton; father of Mrs G. P. Spackman

c8        Died – Richard Robson, 63 years, Feb 19

c8        Died – William A. Weldon, Feb 16

c8        Memoriam – O. R. Alexander, Feb 20 1944

c8        Memoriam – Percy Stanley Land, Feb 20 1940


Page 8

c5        Shower – Mr & Mrs Gerald G. Walker, nee Mary Jane Smith

c5        Married – A. Rae Putman, son of A. E. Putman to Bettie June Cutler, daughter of F. M. Cutler, Feb 7


Page 10

c1        Died – Andrew Welsh, 68 years, Feb 20

c1        Died – Paul Roseheart, 37th year, Feb 16, husband of Mrs Edan Roseheart, nee McElhone

c1        Died – Mrs Joslin Brand, nee Alexena Wilkie, 92nd year, daughter of Alexander Wilkie

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert A. McCarter, 62nd

c4        Died – Henry A. Lester, 71 years, Feb 16, son of John Lester; husband of Mrs Earla Lester, nee Read


Page 14

c4        Photo – George Colwill of St Thomas

c4        Died – Mrs G. Leithead, nee May Payne, Feb 8, daughter of James Payne; sister of George W. Payne, aunt of Mrs J. R. Giovannucci, James Fewings, George and Stanley Payne

c6        Died – Norman S. Porter, 76 years, Feb 19, son of William & Martha Porter

c7        Died – Mrs Neil Willson, nee Catherine Jane Currie, 87 years, daughter of Rev Archibald & Clementine Currie, nee Drummond; mother of Edith Willson, Mrs John (Margaret) Willson, Norman & Archie Willson; sister of Margaret, Mary and Robert Currie


21 February 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs Anne Elizabeth Higgins, 77th year, widow of Frederick Higgins

c1        Died – Mrs Janet Taylor, nee Cowan, Feb 19, wife of Samuel Taylor

c1        Died – Edgar Archibald Rose, 62 years, son of Archibald & Elizabeth Rose, nee McLean; husband of Mrs Velma Rose, nee Burke

c6        Died – William R. McDonald, 83 years, son of Robert & Catherine McDonald, nee Gosnell


Page 6

c5        Died – Mrs Lloyd Parker, nee Nettie Gertrude Duncombe, 48 years, Feb 22, daughter of George & Mary Duncombe; mother of Morris Parker


Page 7

c3        Married – John A. Stephens to Mrs Jennie M. Niece, daughter of Mrs E. G. Sherk, Feb 20

c8        Born – William Franklin Carroll, son of Roy & Helen Carroll, nee Holcombe, Jan 31

c8        Born – Lyn Davies, daughter of Syd Davies, Feb 16

c8        Died – Norman S. Porter, 76 years, Feb 19

c8        Died – Mrs Lloyd Parker, nee Nettie Gertrude Duncombe, 48 years, Feb 22

c8        Memoriam – Mae Barbour Beebe, Feb 21 1944, by mother, sisters Myrtle & Alma, brother Gordon

c8        Memoriam – Nelson Boyer, Feb 21 1943


Page 8

c2        Funeral – William Stodart, father of Mrs E. Donald Smith

c2        Engagement – Walter Shone, son of H. Shone of St Thomas to Miss Bernice Finney, daughter of A. Finney of St Thomas – March

c3        Died – W. S. Crozier, Feb 20, brother of J. P. Crozier

c5        Married – George Havilland to Mrs Cora Crandall

c6        Born – Daughter of Clarence Lammiman


Page 12

c2        Died – Richard Doan, son of Mrs Jessie Doan, husband of Mrs Verna Doan – Photo


22 February 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Nixon, 80th year

c2        Died – Mrs Helen M. Atkinson, 76 years, daughter of Dr. McFaul; widow of Dr A. F. Atkinson

c2        Died – Frederick R. Goulding, Feb 21, son of Robert R. Goulding; brother of Mrs John W. Cahill and Mrs D. C. McNaughton

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Butler, nee Cora Lampkin, 50th, daughter of Robert & Harriet Lampkin, nee Ryerse, granddaughter of Samuel Ryerse; son of Hamilton & Estelle Butler, nee Almas

c2        Died – Miss Margaret Hume, daughter of Joseph Hume

c3        Died – James D. McLean, 77 years, Feb 21, son of Dugald McLean; husband of Mrs Jean McLean, nee Anderson; father of James McLean, Mrs Earl Buluan, Mrs Harry Brewer, Mrs Ernest Cochran and Mrs Howard Sinclair

c3        Died – Mrs Alex Forsyth, nee Helen Eliza ‘Nellie’ Darling

c3        Died – George H. Crouch, 69 years

c4        Died – Paul Roseheart, 37th year, husband of Mrs Edna Roseheart, nee McElhone

c4        Died – Stephen Henry Sherlock, husband of Mrs Ida Sherlock, nee Reid

c4        Died – Mrs James William Barker, nee Mary Catharine Mauthe, 75th year, daughter of Conrad & Barbara Mauthe, nee Ullman


Page 8

c1        Funeral – William Armstrong Weldon, Feb 21

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs K. E. Fentie, 25th, parents of Mrs Richard, Donald Fentie, Mrs Smith and Agnes Fentie

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alex Colwell, nee Addie Ecker; 55th, parents of Mrs Ralph Stone, Mrs George Taylor, Mrs Eddie Goyit, Leonard, William And Samuel Colwell

c5        Died – Charles John Chatterson, 85th year, Feb 21

c6        Died – John Speak, 68 years, Feb 20

c6        Died – Mrs Emma Mack, nee Clark, 83rd year, Feb 21, sister of Mrs William Scott and John Clark


Page 9

c8        Born – Edward Vincent Kairns, son of E. A. Kairns, brother of Ann, Barbara and Rose Kairns, Feb 22

c8        Born – Daughter of D. W. & Constance Hutchinson, nee Mitchell, Feb 21

c8        Died – Mrs Lloyd Parker, nee Nettie Gertrude Duncombe, 48 years, Feb 22

c8        Memoriam – John James Jacques, Feb 23 1943, by wife and son Jack; brother Alf, Ciss and family


Page 10

c3        Engagement – Dr Roy S. Irwin, son of Rev A. M. Irwin to Mavis Catherine Heels, daughter of Fred Heels – March 10


Page 16

c5        Died – J. E. P. Rothwell, 78 years, Feb 16; husband of Mrs Jane Nichol Wake Rothwell; father of Reginald Rothwell (deceased), Mrs John Kaufman of St Thomas, Mrs Donald R. Gill and Mrs Dan McKay; grandfather of Shirley Joan Gill, Donald & Gordon McKay. Thomas Fraser Rothwell, Mrs Robert Matthews and James Kaufman


23 February 1945

Page 1

c8        Photo – John Francis ‘Frank’ Crowe, son of F. B. Crowe; father of Carolyn Crowe of St Thomas


Page 5

c1        Died – Daniel Makey, survivors – Albert, Lloyd and Douglas Makey, Mrs Ottie Baker, Mrs Stanley Smith, Mrs Ernest Hall and Mrs Mary Pease

c1        Died – Alexander D. Stewart, brother of Mrs O. W. Reichard, Mrs O. Tufford, and Mrs Alex Edgar, 4 brothers not named; father of Mrs Harold Nelson

c1        Died – Richard Laurence Fleming, 80th year; father of Mrs Frank Taylor, William, Laurence and Elgin Fleming

c1        Died – Willliam Meickle, 75th year, son of William Meickle; brother of Mrs Ottis Simmons and Mrs Mary White

c2        Died – William Malory Stanley, 59th year; father of Carl and Claude Stanley, Mrs Jean Caswell and Mrs Joseph Hobson

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel A. Shier, nee Elizabeth Beatty, 62nd. Son of Adam & Charlotte Shier, nee Switzer. Daughter of Robert & Susan Beatty, nee Cherry

c2        Died – Mrs John Scott, nee Margaret Boone, 72 years, Feb 21; sister of Mrs Thomas Church, Mrs Charles Boone and Mrs William Atkinson


Page 6

c1        Engagement – Charles Edwin Bodkin, son of Frederick Bodkin of Aylmer to Florence Edith Robinson, daughter of Dr Dean Robinson of Banff, Alberta – March 10

c1        Engagement – Ray Earl Anderson, son of Bruce Anderson of Malahide to Gladys May Greenwood, daughter of Harold Greenwood of Aylmer

c1        Died – Mrs Samuel Stirtzinger, nee Dela Pressey, 85th year, Feb 17, daughter of Phineas Pressey; sister of Mrs Charles Parker

c2        Married – Lloyd Douglas Charlton, son of H. L. Charlton to Mary Madeline Williams, daughter of Grover Williams, cousin of Clinton Kipp, Feb 14

c2        Married – William Burke, son of Mrs Myrtle Burke of Sparta to Edna Bernice Porter, daughter of Albert Porter of Union. Feb 17

c2        Married – Donald Harold McClennan, son of H. D. McClennan of Toronto, great nephew of Bishop Winnington-Ingram to Margaret Patricia Robins, daughter of H. Ernest Robins

c2        Married – Basil Keck, son of William Keck to Helen Jane Ann Bryant, daughter of Williard Bryant

c4        Funeral – Mrs Mary C. Fenn, Feb 20

c4        Funeral – Norman S. Porter, Feb 22

c5        Died – Brazilla VanLoon, 76th year, Feb 22, son of John VanLoon; husband of Mrs Mary Ann VanLoon, nee Hauser; father of Mrs Harold Ross, Mrs Vern Dawdy, Mrs Arthur Martin and Mrs J. A. Gander; Arthur, Norman and Nelson VanLoon; brother of Mrs Mary Spencer and William VanLoon

c8        Birthday – Mrs Charles Willson of Union, daughter of Mr & Mrs Embury, sister of Harvey Embury


Page 7

c1        Died – George Munro, brother-in-law of Mrs John Brewer

c2        Died – Mrs (Dr) A. W. Beattie, nee Minnie Laidlaw, Feb 22, daughter of J. B. & Janet Laidlaw, nee McBrayne; sister of Katie Laidlaw and Mrs Lena Lindsey; aunt of Dr J. B. Laidlaw

c7        Died – Mrs Stanley Shone, nee Pearl Luella Markham, 48 years, Feb 22, sister-in-law of Charles Pearce

c7        Died – Mrs (Dr) A. W. Beattie, nee Minnie Laidlaw, Feb 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Hauser, Feb 20

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Eliza Edwards, Feb 23 1942

c8        Memoriam – Miss Helen Moore, Feb 23 1941, by parents and sister Eileen and Johnny; by E. D. Blake of Midland

c9        Photo – Albert P. ‘Tub’ Osborne, proprietor of Tub’s Mens Shop St Thomas


Page 10

c1        Married – Frank Andy Rickwood, son of Thomas Rickwood of St Thomas to Shirley Lorayne Brown, daughter of Robert William Brown, Feb 21


Page 14

c1        Married – William Jeffrey Preston Cameron, son of James Preston to Miss Isabel Carstairs, daughter of A. M. Carstairs and uncle of Rev Dr George Carstairs


24 February 1945

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c1        Photo – Gordon Plyley of Rodney, son of A. W. Plyley


Page 6

c2        Married – Leonard Tunks to Edna Heil


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Garfield Pyatt, nee Mary McArthur, 45 years, Feb 24, daughter of James & Sarah McArthur; mother of Margaret, Ronald and Harold Pyatt; sister of Mrs McSherry Hyde

c6        Funeral – Mrs Lloyd Parker, Feb 23

c8        Born – Robert George Bowen, son of George & Maxine Bowen, nee Parkins, Feb 21

c8        Born – Donald Sanders Ferguson, son of Donald H. Ferguson, Feb 9

c8        Died – Mrs Stanley Shone, nee Pearl Luella Markham, 48 years, Feb 22

c8        Died – Mrs Garfield Pyatt, nee Mary McArthur, 45 years, Feb 24

c8        Memoriam – Frederick G. Hotson, Feb 25 1933

c8        Memoriam – John Jolley, Feb 24 1937


Page 8

c2        Married – Walter Moore, son of E. C. Moore of Shedden to Miss Isabel Miller of Galsgow, Feb – Photo

c3        Funeral – George Munro, brother-in-law of Mrs John Brewer

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs H. J. Elson, 50th

c4        Shower – Miss Edna Coulter, sister of Mrs Ray Knight

c4        Shower – Miss Roma Targett, daughter of William Targett – marriage next month to Gordon F. McIntyre

c4        Birthday – Murray Ford, 22nd

c5        Engagement – Harold Arnold Baker, son of Charles Baker to Mildred Grace Young, daughter of Fred R. Young – February 26

c5        Engagement – Lyman G. Henderson, son of L. A. Henderson and Mrs Henderson, nee Ryan to Ann E. Buchanan, daughter of E. W. Buchanan

c7        Married – Harold Clifford Sherman, son of G. H. Sherman of Rodney to Catherine Isabelle McRae, daughter of D. K. McRae of Glencoe

c7        Married – John H. Bradley, son of James Bradley to Grace Verna Longfield, daughter of J. E. Longfield, Feb 17

c7        Married – Alfred John Noon, son of Alfred Noon of Ipswich, Queensland Australia to Miss Edith Mary Demo, daughter of James Demo of St Thomas, Feb 15 – Photo


Page 10

c1        Birthday – Donald Campbell of Melbourne, 70th

c1        Died – John C. Stewart, husband of Mrs Catherine Stewart, nee McTavish; brother of Thomas Stewart of Kelwood, Manitoba and Donald Stewart and Miss Christena Stewart both of Stratford

c1        Died – Mrs J. E. Dowlin, nee Elizabeth Burchel, daugheer of William Burchell

c1        Died – Isaac B. Clemens, 94th year

c2        Died – Mrs R. J. Robinson, 82 years, daughter of William E. Edwards

c3        Anniversary – Mr & mrs J. A. Kirkby, nee Nancy S. Beavers, 60th

c5        Died – Mrs Edward Biddle, nee Saraphine White, 82nd year, daughter of Moses & Jane White, nee Overbaugh; sister of Mrs Margaret Calder, Lundy and Hezekiah White

c5        Died – Frederick Geroge Loosemore, 79th year, son of John Lossemore; widow of Mrs Mary Loosemore, nee Laws; husband of Mrs Elizabeth Alice Moss Loosemore

c6        Died – P. G. Marshall, 50th year, Feb 23, husband of Mrs Ethel Marshall, nee MacPherson

c7        Died – Joseph Henry Johnson, 91 years

c8        Died – Mrs (Dr) William Morris, nee Mary A. Buchanan, daughter of Alex Buchanan of Yarmouth Township

c8        Birthday – George Stricker, 90 years, widow of Mrs Janet Stricker, nee Patterson; father of Mrs Jean Robinson, John, Douglas, Donald and Glen Stricker


Page 14

Died – Mrs Liza Gale, nee Stokes, 59th year, Feb 23, wife of William J. Gale; mother of Harry, Philip, Edward, George, Clifford and Stephen Gale, Mrs Earhart, Mrs R. Wilton and Mrs F. Cole; sister of Mrs F. Murdock and Philip Stokes

c2        Photo – William James Robbins, son of Mrs Ella Robbins of St Thomas

c3        Died – George Munro, 76 years, Feb 23, son of James & Ellen Munro


26 February 1945

Page 1

c6        Died – John B. Woodhouse, 61 years, Feb 24, son of Thomas Woodhouse, widow of Mrs Helen W. Woodhouse, nee Gallagher; father of John H., Donald H. and Graham Woodhouse; brother of Harry Woodhouse and Mrs Alfred Brian; grandfather of Sandra Cecile Woodhouse and John Paul Woodhouse; son-in-law of Henry Gallagher


Page 5

c1        Birthday – Wilson Keefer, 20th, son of Alvin Keefer

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Lloyd Tracey, 30th, parents of Mrs Lloyd McKie

c1        Died – Mrs William Dearness, nee Minnie Edith Marr, 68 years; sister of Mrs Benjamin Lundy and Frederick Marr

c1        Died – Mrs Albert E. Campbell, nee Kate Paine, mother of Roy Campbell

c1        Died – Mrs Samuel Curtis, nee Emma May Tazzman, 50th year, daughter of William Tazzman; mother of Samuel Jr. and Fred Curtis; sister of William , Robert and David Tazzman and Mrs Albert Patterson

c2        Funeral – Russell Smith, son of Lloyd Smith, nephew of Mrs Sam Archer

c3        Died – Mrs Milton Goble, nee Matilda Faulds, 60th year

c3        Died – William Gilbertson, 87th year, Feb 24, son of Geroge Gilbertson

c6        Died – Dr Albert Edward Alexander, 83 years, Feb 7, widow of Mrs Sarah Andrews Maynard Luscombe Alexander

c6        Died – Mrs Geroge W. Miller, nee Lillian May Cairns, dauther of Thomas Cairns


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs James William Barker, nee Mary Catherine Mauthe, 75th year, daughter of Conrad & Barbara Mauthe, nee Ullman

c2        Died – Otto Wintermute, 57 years, Feb 25, son of Mrs Catherine Wintermute; husband of Mrs Fannie Wintermute, nee Taylor; father of Mrs Ernest (Ruby) Miles, Mrs Karl Bartley, John, Rae, and Claire Wintermute; brother of Mrs Elva Birce and Roy Wintermute

c2        Died – Mrs Ralph Herbert, nee Imogene Marsland; daughter of Mrs Esther Marsland; mother of Mrs Viola Ship and Charles Herbert; grandmother of 4, not named; sister of Mrs Elizabeth McCready, Fred and Bert Marsland

c2        Died – Alexander John Clark, 68 years, Feb 24, husband of Mrs Geraldine Clark, nee Cooper; father of Duncan Clark; brother of Donald Clark

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Alberta Tupper, nee Shepherd, 71st year, Feb 25, daughter of Duncan & Georges Ann Shepherd, nee Crossett; mother of Clara Tupper and Mrs Howard (Melissa) Miller; sister of Mrs Colman (Alice) Hall, Mrs Watson (Charlotte) White and Mrs Owen (Leila) Pressey and George Shepherd; grandmother of John Howard Miller


Page 7

c6        Died – Alexander Elijah, 87 years, Feb 25, husband of Katie Elijah; father of Amos, John, Simon and Daniel Elijah

c6        Memoriam – Herman A. Carpenter, Feb 26 1943

c6        Memoriam – E. T. Tustin, Feb 25 1937, by wife and son Paul

c6        Memoriam – Mother Watts, Feb 26 1937, by son Lee and daughter Pearl

c8        Died – John Stewart Frazer, Feb 25

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Janet Matthews, 85 years, Feb 25, widow of Charles Matthews, mother of Mrs Morgan Esseltine and Chancy Matthews

c8        Died – Mrs Ida Serna Shelley, Feb 26, wife of George Shelley; mother of Mrs James Fredericks, Mrs John Lale, Mrs Wesley Young, Mrs Ravine Gorvett, Levi, Charles and Clifford Shelley

c8        Died – Harold Langford Wheatley, 45 years, Feb 25, wife of Mrs Ethel L. Wheatley; father of Mary and William Wheatley

c8        Died – Otto Wintermute, 57 years, Feb 25

c8        Died – John B. Woodhouse, 61st year, Feb 24, father of John H., Donald H., Alfred Graham Woodhouse; brother of Mrs Alfred Brian and Harry Woodhouse


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs B. Dixon, 92nd

c2        Birthday – Archibald O. Taylor, 80th

c2        Engagement – Ray Earl Anderson, son of Bruce Anderson to Gladys May Greenwood, daughter of Harold Greenwood

c2        Engagement – Ernest Alexander Kerr, son of Robert Kerr to Ina Joy O’Neill, daughter of J. H. O’Neill – March

c3        Engagement – Ole Raindahl, son of Henry Raindahl to Dorothy Lyon, daughter of Mrs Esther Lyon

c3        Birthday – Mrs F. G. Turville, 80th

c4        Married – A. J. Smith, son of Ira Smith of Ridgetown to Irene Marie Tunks, daughter of John Tunks of Bothwell

c4        Married – Richard H. Anions, son of Montague Anions to Winnifred Eva Shute, daughter of Albert H. Shute, Feb 14

c4        Married – James Brown to Barbara Alberta Johnston, daughter of A. E. Johnston

c4        Married – Laurence MacLean Wedd, son of Laurence E. Wedd to Miss Pamelia Perry, daughter of W. H. G. Perry, Jan 20

c4        Married – Ernest Russell Amos to Ruth Dorcas Brewster

c4        Married – Frederick R. Konley, son of F. Konley to Olive Kathleen Elliott, daughter of Albert O. W. Elliott


Page 14

c1        Dr Arthur Vining, son of Solomon Vining

c2        Harold Langford Wheatley, 45 years, Feb 24, nephew of Mrs Thomas Collanan and Mrs James Collanan

c3        Died – John Stewart Frazer, 89th year, Feb 25, – Photo – son of James Archibald & Margaret Frazer, nee Reid, widow of Mrs Victoria Frazer, nee Higgins

c5        Died – Mrs Charles Matthews, nee Mary Janet Anderson, 85th year, Feb 25, daughter of David & Ann Anderson, nee Horton; mother of Mrs Morgan Esseltine and Chancy Matthews

c6        Died – Mrs Albert E. Little, nee Catherine Vicers, 63 years, Feb 24, daughter of Rev Arthur Vicers; mother of Arthur and George Little, Mrs Charles Traughber, Katherine Little and Mrs Neil Sanderson; sister of Mrs W. T. Perry, Mrs E. Andrews and Arthur Vicers

c7        Died – Mrs Ida Serna Shelley, Feb 26, daughter of Adney & Clarcie (Clarissa) Minard, nee Ferguson


27 February 1945

Page 1

c2        Photo – Peter Laing Jr. of St Thomas


Page 6

c5        Died – Mrs Samantha Hayes, 93rd year, widow of Henry Hayes

c6        Born – Daughter of James Parker, Feb

c6        Funeral – Mrs Stanley Shone, nee Sarah Pearl Luella Markham, Feb 26

c7        Died – Hugh Allan Ross, 56th year, Feb 25, husband of Mrs Robina Ross, nee Montgomery; father of Mrs Allan (Pauline) Fishleigh, Mrs Gordon (Jean) Ponting and Shirley Ross; brother of W. J. Bowser, Austin C. Bowser and Mrs J. Doble, nee Ross


Page 7

c7        Memoriam – Thomas W. Bradfield, Feb 27 1939

c7        Memoriam – Herman A. Carpenter, Feb 26 1943, by Mother, Jack & Irene

c7        Memoriam – Elizabeth Styles Elsie, Feb 27 1920, by daughter Mrs Maude Holderbaum

c7        Memoriam – Mrs James Wimbush, Feb 27 1939

c8        Born – John Wilson Geddes, son of W. N. Geddes, Feb 25

c8        Born – Esther Marie Carter, daughter of Leighton Carter, sister of Sylvia Carter, Feb 23

c8        Born – Son of Stewart Hopkins, brother of Bobby Hopkins, Feb 26

c8        Born – William Allan Forrest, son of Allan Forrest, Jan 31

c8        Born – Ian Douglas Cameron, son of Ian & June Cameron, nee Little, Feb 10

c8        Born – Son of Harry Newton, Feb 14

c8        Born – Son of Gordon & Ivy Barber, nee Young, Feb 16

c8        Born – Son of R. D. Alexander, Feb 14

c8        Born – Son of Florent Lietaer, Feb 15

c8        Died – Geroge Vernon Taylor, 52 years, Feb 26, brother of Mrs P. Thomas, Selbourn Taylor and Jack Taylor

c8        Died – John Stewart Frazer, Feb 25

c8        Died – Mrs Ida Serna Shelley, Feb 26

c8        Died – Harold Langford Wheatley, 45 years, Feb 24


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs Arthur Priddle, nee Rodgers; sister of Mrs L. Vannetter, nee Rodgers and daughter Barbara; sister of Roy and Leo Rodgers

c4        Married – Franklin Foster, son of L. Foster to Sylvia Ruth Dixon, daughter of R. C. Dixon, Feb 26


Page 9

c7        Birthday – Peter MacMillan, 95th

c7        Birthday – Mrs Rachel Craig, 91st


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Fred W. Hunter, nee Alice O. Murray, 69th year, daughter of Peter Murray

c5        Died – Dr R. Adair Bayne, Feb 26, son of William Bayne, husband of Mrs Margaret M. Bayne, MacDonaald

c8        Died – George Vernon Taylor, 52 years, Feb 26, son of Harley & Carrie Taylor; brother of Mrs H. P. Thomas, Selbourne and Jack Taylor


28 February 1945

Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs Joseph (Annie Elizabeth) Cassady, 81st year, Feb 26

c1        Died – Henry Robinson, 81st year, Feb 26

c1        Birthday – Walter McBeath, 95th

c1        Died – Frederick Dart, Feb 27, son of Thomas Dart

c1        Died – John Wilson, 82nd year, husband of Mrs Ella Wilson, nee Banbury

c1        Died – Mrs Alice Cameron, 78 years daughter of William & Ellen Murphy, widow of Angus Cameron

c2        Funeral – Joseph DeLeary, Feb 25

c3        Died – Mrs Samuel Parish, nee Cynthia Annett, 85 years

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Plank, nee Wilson, daughter of John Wilson

c6        Died – Miss Margaret Ann Ferguson, daughter of William Alexander Ferguson


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Charles E. Strong, nee Mabel Gordon, 66th year, Feb 27; mother of Mrs Delbert Calcutt and Mrs Allan Anderson

c2        Died – Eric C. Tisdall, 22 years, Feb 12, son of Charles P. Tisdall; brother of Alexander, Jack and Hugh Tisdall

c5        Birthday – Mrs Ellen Anger 91st

c5        Married – Jerry Seghers to Miss Gwendolyn Wooton, Feb 22

c5        Anniversary – George Wooton, 25th

c5        Shower – Mr & Mrs Leonard Genery, nee Effie Butterwick

c5        Funeral – Mrs Minnie Louise Beattie, Feb 26

c5        Funeral – Otto Wintermute, Feb 27

c7        Died – Mrs William H. Hunter, nee Jennie Hogan, 84th year; mother of Mrs C. Booth, Mrs F. Jamieson, Mrs C. Doan, Mrs G. F. Smith, Russell and Frank Hunter; sister of Mrs R. Yocumb, Mrs James Hunter, Mrs K. Alexander and James Hogan

c8        Died – Mrs Emma Louise Palmer, daughter of Elias & Elizabeth Malcolm, nee Clinton; widow of Elias William Palmer; mother of Mrs W. K. Foreman, Mrs Albert Mabee, Mrs Wilmer Klick, Mrs Willis Goslin, E. D. and Malcolm Palmer; sister of Mrs Melbourne Haley and Adam Malcolm; great grandmother of Sharon Henry and Ann Foreman


Page 7

c1        Died – John Chamberlain, 91st year, Feb 20, brother of Arthur Chamberlain

c7        Funeral – John B. Woodhouse, Feb 27

c8        Born – Daughter of Claude Dunn, Feb 23

c8        Born – Robert Brian Ingram, son of Paul & Evelyn Ingra, nee Ware, Feb 26

c8        Born – William Marvin Davie, son of R. B. Davie, Feb 26

c8        Died – George Vernon Taylor, 52 years, Feb 26

c8        Died – Frederick Henry Hawke, 68 years, Feb 27, husband of Mrs Winona Hawke; father of Mrs Phyllis Shaw and Donna Hawke; brother of Mrs John Harvey


Page 8

c2        Engagement – William Henry Mather, son of Henry Mather to Florence Margaret Burrell, daughter of F. Burrell – March 17

c4        Photo – Miss Eileen Willis of St Thomas

c4        Married – George Carlton Phair, son of George Phair to Mary Lucille Munro, daughter of John D. Munro

c7        Died – John Herbert Ryerson, 63 years, son of Frank L. Ryerson, husband of Mrs Maybell Ryerson


Page 9

c7        Married – Fred Reeves to Hazel Potts, daughter of Oliver Potts of Simcoe, Feb 24

c7        Married – Allan Rolph Fisher, son of W. Harry Fisher to Mildred Irene Curtis, daughter of Verne A. Curtis


Page 12

c3        Died – Fredrick Hawke, 68 years, Feb 27

c3        Died – Frederick W. Corbin, 48 years, son of Henry Corbin; husband of Mrs Jeanette Corbin, nee Summers

c7        Funeral – Frank Ducharme, Feb 22

c7        Funeral – Mrs Mary Janet Matthews, Feb 27