STTJ 1932 Jan-Mar

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

January through March 1932

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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2 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs Rose Elizabeth Beavis, Jan 2, daughter of William & Mary Ann Stoner; wife of Charles Beavis


Page 3

c6        Married – Murray McLean, son of John McLean to Cecelia Lyall Walkers, daughter of Frank Walker

c6        Married – Joseph Smith to Thelma Foster, daughter of W. J. Foster

c6        Married – Calvin John Fitzgerald, son of John Fitzgerald to Elsie Eleanor Knowlton, daughter of Walter Knowlton

c6        Married – Leland Walker, son of W. R. Walker to Bertha Florence MacLeod, daughter of John MacLeod

c6        Married – Alvin Ward, son of Joseph Ward to Constance Phyllis Fulcher, daughter of G. Fulcher

c7        Married – Albert Russell Nobbs, son of W. W. Nobbs to Marion Livingstone Torrens, daughter of Edwin L. Torrens

c7        Married – George Turner Winston to Erma Mildred Lyons, daughter of C. A. Lyons

c7        Married – Oscar Elton Johnston, son of H. J. Johnston to Norman Parkinson Brandon, daughter of Kinnee Brandon

c7        Married – Percy E. Holden, son of John & Elizabeth Holden to Mrs Maria Collins, sister of Fred Clark


Page 6

c1        Died – Dr J. F. McLay, 41 years, Jan 1, son of Dr Frank McLay; grandson of Samuel Williams; cousin of Dr Homer McLay

c3        Died – William S. Gott, 73 years, Dec 31

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Mark Berry of Port Stanley, 64th


Page 7

c1        Funeral – H. C. Ostrander, Jan 2

c8        Born – Margaret Kathleen Williamson, daughter of William H. Williamson, Dec 31

c8        Born – Son of J. Leigh Corbett, Dec 20

c8        Born – Daughter of John Cotton, Dec 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Wray Doughty Dec 21

c8        Born – Son of Aaron Derkson, Dec 16

c8        Born – Daughter of John Graves, Dec 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Gordon P. Long, Dec 22

c8        Born – Son of John Steele, Dec 19

c8        Born – Daughter of William Woodward, Dec 15

c8        Died – James Wesley Keillor, 69 years, Jan 2

c8        Died – Mrs Rose Elizabeth Beavis, 68 years, Jan 1

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Annie Robinson, Jan 2 1931


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Eliza M. Cathers, Dec 31

c1        Died – Mrs Margaret A. McMullen, nee Hay, 80 years, widow of Alfred L. McMullen

c4        Died – James Wesley Keillor, 69 years, Jan 2

c6        Died – George Tanner, 59th year, Dec 31, father of Frank, Percy, William and Clarence Tanner


2 January 1932

Second Section

Page 9

c4         Died – Hugh Douglas, 77 years, Dec 31


Page 12

c6        Died – Patrick Fallon, 88 years, Dec 31


4 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs Mary J. Murphy, 66 years, Jan 2, widow of Charles Murphy


Page 2

c1        Died – Donalda E. Lewis, 11th year, Jan 1, daughter of Frank Lewis; sister of Richard Lewis; niece of Clifford, Roy & Ed Lewis and Hanson Hull

c3        Died – William L. Whyte, 53 years, Jan 2, son of Edward Whyte


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Dr J. Frank McLay, Jan 3

c2        Died – Mrs Jennie McMillan, 80th year, Jan 3, widow of Lorne McMillan

c2        Died – Mrs Emma Begg, nee Styles, 67 years, wife of Charles Begg

c2        Died – Randall C. Hammond, 72 years, Jan 2, son of Randall C. Hammond

c4        Funeral – Walter S. Buchanan, Jan 2

c5        Funeral – Hugh C. Ostrander, Jan 2

c6        Funeral – Mrs Helena M. (James) Hawley, Jan 2


Page 7

c3        Died – Barnabus Wickett, 84 years, Jan 3, husband of Mrs Anne Jane Wickett, nee Brown

c2        Died – Mrs Calista Vollick, Jan 2, widow of Rev c. W. Vollick; sister of Mrs Thomas Doan

c8        Born – Daughter of George Silcox, Jan 3

c8        Died – Mrs Emma Begg, nee Styles, 67 years, Jan 4

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Theresa V. Carter, Jan 4 1931, by daughter Eva Smith


Page 8

c6        Married – Thomas Graham Mayburry, son of Dr F. W. Mayburry to Isabel Doucie Camsell, daughter of Dr Charles Camsell


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs Isabelle Armour, 86 years, Jan 2, widow of Archibald Armour; sister of Hugh McNiven


5 January 1932

Page 1

c3        Photo – Harry L. Lawton, Reeve of Yarmouth Township


Page 2

c6        Funeral – James W. Keillor, Jan 3

c6        Funeral – Mrs Charles Beavis, Jan 3


Page 6

c2        Funeral – George Tanner, Jan 4

c2        Died – Miss Jessie Nairn, Jan 4, sister of Mrs Lyman Brown

c3        Photo – H. G. Taylor of Springfield

c4        Photo – William Tolmie of Rodney


Page 7

c2        Died – William Edward Swift, 78 years, Jan 5, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Jane Swift, nee Milton; father of Arthur H., Stanley & Harold Swift

c8        Born – Son of A. R. & Noreah Curtis, nee Quinlan, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of Vernon Baldwin, Dec 29

c8        Born – Daughter of James Galbraith, Jan 1

c8        Born – Son of Roy Robertson, Jan 1

c8        Died – Mrs Charles Begg, nee Emma Styles, Jan 4

c8        Died – Mrs Charles Murphy, nee Mary Jane Stoner, Jan 2

c8        Died – John McCallum Dufton, 74 years, Jan 4


Page 8

c7        Married – Merton Lee Maguire, son of W. Maguire to Ivey Evelyn Neal, daughter of Charles H. Neal


Page 9

c3        Died – John McCallum Dufton, 74 years, Jan 4

c5        Funeral – Walter Buchanan, 60 years, Jan 5


6 January 1932

Page 2

c4        Funeral – Mrs Jennie McMillan, Jan 5


Page 6

c1        Died – W. A. Culver, Jan 4, brother of Mrs W. L. King

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Hiram McLarty of Ridgetown, 43rd

c6        Funeral – Mrs Amelia Cunningham, 72 years, widow of Daniel Cunningham, Jan 4

c6        Funeral – Mrs James B. Hawley, Jan 2


Page 7

c4        Died – Miss Marguerite Wilkinson, 19 years, Jan 5, daughter of F. G. Wilkinson; sister of Thelma and Fred J. Wilkinson; niece of Mrs Joseph Connelly

c8        Born – Daughter of Mortin Learn, Jan 4

c8        Born – Daughter of Dr F. E. Reath, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of Herbert McClintock, Dec 31

c8        Died – William Edward Swift, 78 years, Jan 5


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George A. Burdick, nee Jennie Mills of London, 50th

c4        Married – Charles R. Williams to Jean V. Hunt

c4        Married – William Arthur Beharrell, son of John Beharrell to Greta Amelia Drake, daughter of James Drake


Page 10

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. H. Farr, nee Wilson of Greeley, Colorado, 50th


7 January 1932

Page 1

c5        Fire – Kingsmill Store in London – Photo


Page 3

c1        Married – Detlief Owen Jones to Eula Irene Chivers, daughter of John Chivers of Belmont

c1        Married – Ross A. Jewell, son of W. A. Jewell to Catherine Patterson Cope, daughter of George Cope


Page 6

c1        Died – Miss Jessie Josephine Nairn, Jan 4, daughter of T. M. Nairn; sister of Mrs Lyman Brown, T. Bruce Nairn and the late J. J. Nairn; aunt of Mrs F. F McEwen

c2        Died – Mrs John William Thomas, nee Mary Ahura Spiece, Jan 6


Page 7

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Arthur Rockett of London, 50th

c2        Died – Miss Elizabeth Gauld, Jan 6, sister of Annie, Alma and Alexandra Gauld

c8        Born – Raymond William Newson, son of F. W. Newson, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of G. Else, Jan 4


Page 10

c1        Died – James Mitchell, 81st year, Jan 7

c1        Died – Clark Scarfe, Jan 6

c2        Died – Hovenden Smith, Jan 6

c3        Died – Levi Lang, Jan 6

c4        Died – Mrs George B. Burns, Jan 6


Page 12

c3        Photo – Angus B. McLachlin of St Thomas


Page 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary Jane Murphy, Jan 6

c3        Funeral – Mrs Emma Begg, Jan 6


8 January 1932

Page 1

c5        Died – Fred Hughes, Jan 7


Page 5

c2        Funeral – John McCallum Dufton, Jan 7

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. J. Church of Waterford, 67th


Page 7

c3        Died – Edward Pantling, 52 years, Jan 8

c4        Died – William James Yeo, 72 years, Jan 8, husband of Mrs Louise Yeo

c8        Born – William Robert Corbett, son of Roy Corbett, Jan 2

c8        Born – Daughter of James Galbraith, Jan 1

c8        Born – Son of Milton McNiece, Jan 6

c8        Born – Daughter of George Jenkins, Dec 29

c8        Born – Son of A. W. Hicks, Jan 1

c8        Born – Victor Bert Rockefeller, son of Oscar Rockefeller, Jan 1

c8        Born – Son of Thomas Gardner, Dec 30

c8        Died – Miss Elizabeth Gauld, Jan 7


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Vernon William Page, son of S. Page to Alma Marguerite Baker, daughter of R. Barker


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Josiah Bolton, nee Eliza Jane Pjibbs, Jan 8

c3        Died – Mrs Louis Watterworth, nee Agnes Webster, 61st year, Jan 1

c3        Died – Herbert Hendershott, 59th year, Jan 2


9 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Photo – St Thomas Golf & Country Club


Page 3

c7        Married – Maurice Shepherd, son of S. Shepherd to Elizabeth Board


Page 6

c1        Died – John H. Gordon, 65th year, Jan 8

c4        Funeral – Michael Fetherstone, 91st year, , son of John & Mary Fetherstone, nee Carey


Page 7

c6        Died – John Howe, 69 years, Jan 8; father of Mrs Owen Clemens; brother of Mrs Hannah Hartford

c8        Born – Son of James E. & Ruth Martin, nee Forbes, Jan 4

c8        Born – Victor Bert Rockefeller, son of Oscar Rockefeller, Jan 1

c8        Died – Edward Pantling, 52nd year, Jan 8

c8        Died – John Howe, 69 years, Jan 8, husband of Mrs Ann Howe

c8        Died – William James Yeo, 72 years, Jan 8


Page 8

c1        Died – Daughter of George & Margaret Hay, nee Kirkwood; sister of Thomas Hay and Mrs David Lyle

c3        Died – Thomas Taylor Heard, 79th year, Jan 8, son of John Heard; husband of Mrs Emma Heard, nee Rowley; father of Harold M. and Clara Heard; brother of W. H. Heard and Mrs Jolliffe

c4        Funeral – William Edward Swift, Jan 8

c4        Funeral – Miss Rebecca Cohoon, Jan 7


9 January 1932

Second Section

Page 9

c2        Birthday – Rev Dr W. T. McMullen of Woodstock, 101st – Photo


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Ruth Young Hutchinson Starr, 87th year, Jan 5, daughter of Butler Hutchinson; widow of Rev Dr Starr; sister of Mrs Peter Backus; aunt of Mrs C. F. W. Atkinson


11 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs Dama Lumley, nee Williams, 88 years, Jan 9, widow of Moses W. Lumley

c6        Died – Robert Nathaniel Watson, 14 years, Jan 9, son of Melrose Watson – Photo


Page 6

c1        Died – James A. Crawford, Jan 5, husband of Mrs Isobel Crawford, nee McIntosh

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Roberts, 78 years, Jan 10, widow of Robert Roberts, mother of Thomas, John & Robert Roberts, Mrs B. J. Denohy, Mrs C. Perkins, Mrs J. R. Stuart and Mrs Agnes Gordon; sister of Edward Pingston, Mrs F. Wheeler and Mrs M. Arend

c2        Died – David Baxter, 90 years, Jan 11, uncle of T. H. Fraser; great uncle of Allan Fraser and Mrs Harry Shirley

c2        Died – Miss Sarah Olive Sutton, 84 years, Jan 11, sister of Charlotte Ann Sutton and Mrs Lundy

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs David Lindsay of Hagersville, 60th

c8        Died – Norman Pirrie, 32 years, Jan 9


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Rose Pinfold, Jan 9, daughter of Mrs Hannah Cade; widow of Thomas Pinfold; mother of Mrs L. P. Hanley and Gordon Pinfold; sister of Mrs E. Collins, Elsie & Maude Cade and Mrs Baxter; step-mother of Wallace & Carl Pinfold; sister-in-law of Mrs Morvin Code; aunt of Etta Code and Mrs Stephen Pinfold

c3        Funeral – Miss Marguerite Wilkinson, Jan 8

c8        Born – Lois Marion Hunt, daughter of Fred Hunt, Jan 9

c8        Died – Robert Nathaniel Watson, 14 years, Jan 9

c8        Died – Mrs Dama Lumley, Jan 9

c8        Died – Mrs Rose Pinfold, Jan 9


Page 8

c2        Married – Robert Perry, son of Leslie Perry to Mary Evelyn Lockhart, daughter of Harry Lockhart

c3        Engagement – Howard Eldred Handley, son of James Handley to Lillian Lauretta Fleming, daughter of T. C. Fleming

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Joseph J. McGuire of Wallaceburg, 40th


Page 12

c2        Photo – Miss Irene Gwalter, daughter of Mrs William Coveney and the late Harry Gwalter

c3        Died – Miss Margaret McKellar, 84 years, Jan 9

c6        Funeral – Miss Elizabeth Gauld, Jan 9


12 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Margaret Logan, 10 years, Jan 11, daughter of Thomas Logan


Page 6

c1        Died – Luther Elliott VanAmburgh, 77 years, Jan 5, father of Frank, Earle & Fred VanAmburgh


Page 7

c7        Died – James Granville Montgomery, 69th year, Jan 9, brother of Mrs Mary Chapman and Eli Montgomery; uncle of Mrs Fred Clark and Mrs Hugh Ross; nephew of Frank Montgomery

c8        Born – Daughter of Harold Wolfe, Jan 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Peter Underhill, Jan 6

c8        Died – David Baxter, 90th year, Jan 11

c8        Died – Miss Sarah Olive Sutton, 84 years, Jan 11

c8        Memoriam – Wilfred Laurier Kruger Grant, Jan 12 1931


Page 8

c5        Funeral – Salem F. Smith, Jan 8


Page 12

c5        Funeral – William James Yeo, Jan 11

c5        Funeral – John Howe, Jan 11

c5        Funeral – Edward Pantling, Jan 11


13 January 1932

Page 7

c1        Died – William Barron, 79 years, Dec 18 1931, son of Valentine & Margaret Barron, nee Hepburn

c7        Funeral – Mrs Rose Pinfold, Jan 12


Page 8

c8        Married – Clyde L. Comstock, son of W. H. Comstock to Gretta Beatrice Fitchett, daughter of Ransom & Margaret Fitchett


Page 12

c3        Funeral – Mrs Dama Lumley, Jan 12

c3        Funeral – Mrs James R. Cook, Jan 8


14 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Thomas Joseph Devine, 56 years, Jan 14, husband of Mrs Louisa Devine, nee Stubbs; father of Walter and William Devine; brother of Mrs Mary McCarty and William Devine


Page 3

c2        Funeral – David Baxter, Jan 13

c2        Funeral – Miss Sarah Olive Sutton, Jan 13

c3        Married – Cameron McPherson, son of Allan McPherson to Bessie McCallum, daughter of William McCallum


Page 6

c1        Died – Albert A. Martin, , Dec 19, son of Henry & Emily Martin, nee VanPatter; brother of Mrs J. H. Walker; uncle of Rev George A. Walker, Lorne H. Walker, Catherine B. Wlaker and Mrs Harold Haggan

c2        Funeral – Frederick G. Hughes, Jan 10, son of Mrs Laura Hughes; father of Walter Hughes

c2        Died – Mrs Thomas Farmiloe, 71 years, Jan 9

c2        Died – Richard Nelles, 76th year, Jan 12


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Alice Medler, 74 years, Dec 29, wife of Chalres C. Medler; mother of R. E. Medler; sister of Atwood Smith; sister-in-law of Mrs Elizabeth Reynders

c2        Died – Clifford Ripley, 24 years, Jan 14, son of Harry Ripley; brother of Mrs William Bobier and Mrs James Watterworth

c8        Memoriam – Nellie Johnston Whitchurch, Jan 14 1930, by husband Frank Whitchurch and son Jimmie; by Vina and Harold


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Ferguson, nee Annie Moore of Belmont, 27th


Page 10

c1        Died – John Wesley Rowe, 54th years, Jan 13, husband of Mrs Annie Rowe, nee Moore

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Abner O. Buchner, nee Amelia Phillips of Courtland, 65th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs R. N. Thurtell of Ingersoll, 50th

c5        Funeral – Samuel Weintein, Jane 13


15 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Roland Lindsay, 18 years, Jan 15, son of Harold Lindsay


Page 6

c1        Married – Leonard Addley, son of Thomas Addley to Ella Pearl Powers, daughter of Willoughby Powers

c5        Died – William Boyington, 59 years, Jan 14

Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Albert Templin, 61 years, Jan 14, sister of Robert Waite

c2        Died – Mrs Thurza Davis, Jan 14, widow of James N. Davis

c8        Born – Daughter of Morley Shepherd, Jan 10

c8        Born – Daughter of E. Pettifer, Jan 7

c8        Born – Son of Bert Douglas, Jan 7

c8        Born – Son of Lloyd Hunsley, Jan 8

c8        Born – Son of Stanley Skirrow, Jan 1

c8        Born – Son of William J. Dowling, Dec 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Fred Gilbert, Jan 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Reginald Campbell, Dec 31

c8        Born – Son of Gordon Boyd, Jan 2

c8        Died – Joseph Devine, 56 yers, Jan 14

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Elva Hepburn Templin, nee Waite, 61 years, Jan 14

c8        Memoriam – Beatrice Stevenson, Jan 15 1930


Page 8

c1        Died – John Snell, 54th year, Jan 14, son of Eli Snell; husband of Mrs Anna Snell, nee Flintoff; father of Dorothy, Harold, Mabel, Russell, Doreene, Charles, Hazel and Grace Snell; brother of Mrs Joseph Northcott, Mrs John Norrie and William Snell

c3        Engagement – Fred Russell Scott, son of F. S. Scott to Nellie Nancy Towsley, daughter of Louis Towsley

c3        Engagement – Alfred J. Whitworth to Maude Pearson, daughter of Arthur Pearson

c3        Married – George A. Thompson, son of George & Lenora Thompson to Ellen Barnes, daughter of George Barnes


Page 9

c3        Died – Lloyd Bere, 19 years, Jan 14, son of Joseph Bere

c3        Died – Mrs Jane Howlett, 55 years, Dec 26 

Page 10

c1        Died – Earl S. Weed, 38th year, Jan 8, son of W. J. Weed

c2        Died – Homer C. Bookmiller, Jan 15

c2        Died – Jerome Kent Wright, 3 years, Jan 14, son of D. R. Wright

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Whitton, Jan 14, wife of Robert Whitton 

16 January 1932

Page 2

c3        Died – Samuel Greatorex, 74th year, Jan 14

c6        Died – Roland Berdan, 42 years, Jan 15

c8        Died – Edwin Leighfield, 70th year, Jan 11


Page 6

c2        Died – Gordon Roy Ralf, 12 years, Jan 16, son of Herman Ralf


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Thursa Davis, Jan 18

c2        Funeral – Thomas J. Devine, Jan 16

c4        Died – Gordon Edgar, Jan 14, son of Andrew Edgar; husband of Mrs Edna Edgar, nee Burden; brother of Ella Edgar and Mrs Rosa Dejardines; brother-in-law of Walter Burden

c7        Born – John Ronald Stephens, son of Stanley Stephens, Jan 8

c7        Born – Agnes Noreen Howell, daughter of L. R. Howell, Jan 10

c8        Died – Mrs Thurza Davis, Jan 14, widow of James N. Davis

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Elva Hepburn Templin, nee Waite, 61 years, Jan 14

c8        Died – Mary Elizabeth McVey, 49 years, Jan 15, daughter of Patrick & Catherine McVey; sister of Catherine, Della and John W. McVey

c8        Memoriam – Fred Williams, Jan 16 1928

c8        Memoriam – Gladys Mae Axford, Jan 16 1919, by parents Mr & Mrs Frank Axford

c8        Memoriam – Alfred Frederick Chambers, Jan 17 1926

c8        Memoriam – Frank Hanley, Jan 17 1927


16 January 1932

Second Section

Page 12

c6        Died – Levi Willsie, 79th year, Jan 15, father of Clarence & Mamie Willsie and Mrs Earl Corrothers

c6        Died – Mary Elizabeth McVey, 49 years, Jan 15


Page 16


c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs T. M. Brown, nee Minnie Jengens (Jenken) of Belmont, 40th

c7        Engagement – R. H. Holtzman to H. Bernice Sanderson, sister of Hermon H. Sanderson

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Richard Little of Wallaceburg, 57th


18 January 1932

Page 1

c3        Photo – J. C. Ponsford, formerly of St Thomas

c4        Died – George Sisson, Jan 17


Page 3

c2        Died – Francis French, 86 years, Jan 18, widow of Mrs Sarah French, nee Cook


Page 6

c1        Died – George Henry Tapsell, 64 years, Jan 17

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Hamilton, 65 years, Jan 17, daughter of Alexander McKenzie; widow of Edward Hamilton


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Emery Sutton, nee Matilda Jane Brown, 63rd year, Jan 17

c2        Died – Mrs Lillian Agnes Joseph, 24 years, Jan 17, daughter of Arthur Crowley; wife of Samuel A. Joseph; sister of Percy & Ernest Crowley, Mrs G. Kreg, Mrs J. Barry, Mrs F. Sheahan and Mrs Violet Burgess

c4        Died – Mrs James H. Lee, 77th year, daughter of James & Mary Noble

c8        Born – Agnes Noreen Howell, daughter of L. & Helen Howell, nee Campbell, Jan 10

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Hamilton, 65 years, Jan 17


Page 8

c1        Married – Edwin Fleming, son of John Fleming to Doris Elizabeth Ionson, daughter of Percy Ionson

c1        Married – Vernon William Page to Alma Marguerite Barker, daughter of Robert Barker


Page 9

c1        Funeral – Mrs James Toll, nee Ann Huffman, 82 years, Jan 18

c1        Funeral – William Henry Scott, 86th year, Jan 17


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs Olive E. Wood, Jan 12, wife of S. A. Wood; uncle of E. E. Elliott


19 January 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Jessie Luke, nee Hawkins, 83rd year, Jan 17, widow of Cornish Luke; mother of Mrs (Dr) Bennett

c8        Died – Joseph Fay, 73 years, Jan 17, brother of Mrs E. Drake, Mrs Mary Stafford and Fred Fay


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Jane Marlatt, nee Leonard, Jan 18, wife of Dr Charles W. Marlatt

c2        Died – Robert A. McVean, Jan 19, son of Peter McVean

c3        Funeral – Mary Elizabeth McVey, Jan 18

c2        Funeral – Mrs Thursa Davis, Jan 18

c6        Died – Adam Bradley, 70 years, Jan 18

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Murray, nee Ellen Slodd of Westminster, 50th

c8        Born – Daughter of Ernest & Hilda Smith, nee Dunning, Jan 4

c8        Born – Son of Victor & Mabelle Tomilson, nee Abbott, Jan 11

c8        Died – Mrs Lillian Agnes Joseph, 24 years, Jan 17

c8        Died – Mrs Jane Marlatt, nee Leonard, Jan 18

c8        Memoriam – Mrs James E. Brooks, Jan 19 1929


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Benjamin Chapman, Jan 18, mother of Mildred Chapman, Mrs W. E. Taylor, Mrs H. L. Nicholson, Mrs J. A. Davies and Frank Chapman


Page 9

c5        Died – Edward Gingell, 61st year, Jan 18

c5        Died – James Lambert, Jan 16


Page 12

c4        Died – Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Marsh, 68th year, Jan 17, widow of Edgar J. Marsh

c5        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Elva Hepburn Templin, nee Waite, Jan 18


20 January 1932

Page 2

c1        Died – Simon Talbot, 74 years


Page 6

c7        Funeral – George H. Tapsell, Jan 19


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Harold Barker, Jan 15

c8        Died – Mrs Jane Marlatt, nee Leonard, Jan 18

c8        Memoriam – Malcolm Sharpe, Jan 20 1931

c8        Memoriam – Harrie G. Hall, Jan 20 1917

c8        Memoriam – Percy J. Hall, Feb 19 1924


Page 8

c3        Married – Orville J. McDonald to Annie Catharine Speirn

c4        Married – J. Melvin Locke, son of J. H. Locke to Esther Alice Cowie, daughter of W. L. Cowie

c4        Married – Joseph Baker, son of Frank Baker to Evelyn Louise Shannon, daughter of John Shannon

c4        Married – Harold William Skinner, son of William Henry Skinner to Edna Cooke, daughter of Harry Cooke

c4        Married – John Thomas Holmes to Edith Mae Holdaway, daughter of Charles Holdaway


Page 14

c7        Funeral – Mrs Mary Jane Hamilton, Jan 19

c7        Funeral – Gordon Roy Ralf, Jan 18


21 January 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Gaines VanPatter, Jan 5, son of Lewis VanPatter

c2        Died – Charles Campbell, 76 years, Jan 19, father of J. J. Campbell

c2        Died – Mrs Edwin Walker, nee Emma Lane Livingston, 79 years, Jan 19

c5        Died – Mrs W. J. Brock, nee Lottie Nichol, 46th year, Jan 19, daughter of Edward & Esther Nichol


Page 7

c8        Born – John Dean Locke, son of Percy R. Locke, Jan 17

c8        Born – Son of Don Richardson, Jan 5

c8        Born – Janet Alberta Latimer, daughter of Robert & Nellie Latimer, Jan 13

c8        Born – Son of Frank & Roma Penhale, nee Chambers, Jan 20

c8        Memoriam – Mary McAlpin, Jan 20 1931


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Thomas Swindel of Thomas Williams Home, St Thomas, 95th

c2        Birthday – Mrs Sarah McColl, 85th

c2        Married – Nelson Robert, son of Eli Robert to Pearl Clouthier, daughter of Joseph Clouthier

c3        Married – William James Eddie, son of Hugh Eddie to Frances Elizabeth Burtch, daughter of William Burtch

c3        Married – Arthur Daniel to Ila May Fentie

c3        Married – Earl Howse to Marjorie Isabelle McGill, daughter of D. E. McGill

c3        Married – Clarence J. Curtis to May Spooner, daughter of Mrs Carrie Spooner


Page 14

c2        Funeral – Mrs Samuel Joseph, Jan 20


22 January 1932

Page 7

c3        Died – L. Dexter Galloway, 63 years, Jan 20, son of Mrs Margaret Galloway; husband of Mrs Blanche Galloway; father of Alfred G., Roy F., Verna, Jean, Margaret and Anna Galloway; brother of George N., Charles W. Galloway, Mrs Nate K. Cornwall, Mrs Margaret Shafer, Mrs Ethel Ellison and Mrs Charlotte Morrey

c8        Born – Daughter of Myron Ashford

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Barber, Jan 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Arthur Gamble, Jan 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Dr W. J. Drennan, Jan 20

c8        Born – Daughter of David Godby, Jan 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Barton Mitchell, Jan 19

c8        Born – Donna Grace Spence, daughter of George Spence, Jan 14

c8        Born – Robert Marshall Darnforth, son of J. S. Darnforth, Jan 20

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Catherine Jordan, Jan 22 1930, by sons Jim, Andy and Jack


Page 8

c4        Died – Lincoln Walker, 67th year, Jan 20, father of Mrs E. D. Blanchard, Mrs Peter Mohan, Mrs Gordon Warren, Herbert C. and Carl Walker


Page 14

c5        Funeral – George Henry Tapsell, Jan 19


23 January 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – Fred Johnston, 40 years, Jan 23


Page 3

c4        Married – Dr Melton Thynge to Ada M. Bolt

c4        Married – Thomas Henry Bowman to Mrs Mary Wellman

c4        Married – George Andrew Thompson, son of George Thompson to Ella Marie Barnes, daughter of George W. Barnes


Page 6

c1        Died – Wilson Rockey, 50 years, Jan 22, son of Orlando Rockey

c2        Birthday – Rev William Fansher, 93rd – Photo

c2        Died – Thomas Bissett, 39 years, husband of Mrs Mabel Bissett, nee Caldwell

c5        Died – Mrs Emma Christmas, Jan 22, widow of Harry Christmas; mother of Andrew Christmas; grandmother of Beulah and Vera Christmas

c7        Died – Caleb H. Hill, 78 years, Jan 22


Page 7

c2        Died – Frederick W. Meek, 75 years, Jan 23, son of William & Nancy Meek

c8        Born – Son of Charles Clark Mabee

c8        Born – Daughter of William Cashmore, Jan 17

c8        Born – John Ronald Stephens, son of Stanley Stephens, Jan 8

c8        Born – Son of Willis & Gladys Whitcroft, nee Crosby, Jan 21

c8        Died – Frederick W. Meek, 75 years, Jan 23

c8        Died – Mrs Emma Christmas, 79 years, Jan 22

c8        Memoriam – Baby Son Liddle, Jan 24 1931

c8        Memoriam – Edward A. Campbell, Jan 24 1927


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs George Pyle, Jan 22, daughter-in-law of Thomas Pyle

c6        Died – Archibald Thomson, 63 years, Jan 23, father of Mrs Cadogan, Mrs Norman Walker and Gladys Thomson

c6        Funeral – Adam Bradley, Jan 21

c6        Funeral – Mrs Matilda Sutton, Jan 20


23 January 1932

Second Section

Page 12

c4        Funeral – Mrs Matilda J. Sutton, Jan 20


25 January 1932

Page 7

c5        Died – Edward Anderson, Jan 23

c6        Died – Mrs Edith Jane Nunn, 58 years, Jan 25, widow of Alfred Nunn; mother of Arthur E. Nunn; sister of the late Mrs John Funnell

c6        Died – Robert Ferguson, 85th year, Jan 25, father of Mrs Margaret Scoyne, Mrs I. A. Pearson and Mrs H. A. Brown

c8        Born – Son of Glen Houghton, Jan 22

c8        Born – Son of Gordon Wright, Jan 18

c8        Died – Frederick W. Meek, 75 years, Jan 23

c8        Died – Carrie L. Williams, Jan 24

c8        Memoriam – Lloyd Hitch, Jan 25 1929

c8        Memoriam – Delbert Stanley Smith, Jan 24 1926


Page 8

c2        Married – Ralph Fink, son of Walter Fink to Louretta Lillian Eddy, daughter of A. W. Eddy

c4        Married – Angus MacInnis to Grace Woodworth, daughter of J. S. Woodsworth


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Margaret Boultbee, 71st year, Jan 24, daughter of David Tisdale; widow of Reginald Boultbee


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Frederick W. Meek, Jan 26

c4        Died – R. F. Smart, 80 years, brother-in-law of W. Holman


26 January 1932

Page 6

c1        Married – Leslie Alonzo Smith, son of Allan Smith to Zeta Mildred Firby, daughter of Lorne Firby

c2        Died – Mrs George Heath, nee Minnie Tailuiah Ryerson, 73rd year, Jan 25, daughter of Dr Egerton Ryerson

c2        Died – William Frederick Allen, 40th year, Jan 24, son of George T. Allen

c2        Died – James Nelson Shaver, 70th year, Jan 23

c6        Died – George Brown, 88 years, Jan 26, son of Jean Learn Brown and Margaret Inglis

c6        Died – Mrs Essie Jane Hinch, nee Beaman, 76th year, Jan 25, widow of John Hinch

c7        Died – Jacob J. Mistele, 76 years, Jan 25

c8        Died – Thomas Robinson, 35 years, father of Jerry & Doreen Robinson; brother-in-law of Mrs Charles Howard


Page 7

c3        Died – Miss Carrie L. Williams, Jan 24

c7        Married – Harry Bate to Mrs Ney Chute

c8        Born – Audrey Ellen Watterworth, daughter of Frank Watterworth, Jan 21

c8        Died – Mrs Edith Jane Nunn, 58 years, Jan 25

c8        Died – Miss Carrie L. Williams, Jan 24


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alva Scott of Picton, 60th


Page 9

c1        Died – Charles Newton Duncombe Tilden, 97th years, widow of Mrs Mary Tilden, nee Burgess

c4        Died – Mrs George D. Riddell, nee Beattie, 58th year, Jan 25


Page 12

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Sydney Johnston of Tillsonburg, 60th

c3        Married – Wallace Reagh Mabee, son of A. Mabee to Esther Muriel Dare, daughter of Alex Dare

c7        Funeral – Mrs Emma Christmas, Jan 25

c7        Funeral – Wilson Rockey, Jan 25


27 January 1932

Page 1

c7        Photo – Stewart Brown, Reeve of Southwold


Page 6

c1        Will – Estate of Mrs Francis Lavie of London

c4        Funeral – Mrs Reginald Boultbee, Jan 26


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs Charles Barrett, nee Helen McVicar, Jan 25

c8        Born – Colin St Clair Leitch, son of Alvin M. Leitch, Jan 26

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Emma Clarke, Jan 27 1930

c8        Memoriam – Lloyd Marr, Jan 27 1930


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Thomas Enwright, nee Minnie Ellen Lindsay, 64th year, Jan 25


Page 12

c3        Funeral – Miss Helen Fabcock, (Fabok) 29th year, Jane 25, sister of Mrs Kemel Coppe

c3        Funeral – Fred W. Meek, Jan 26


28 January 1932

Page 2

c3        Funeral – Mrs Edith Jane Nunn, Jan 27


Page 3

c4        Died – Ephraim Lumley, 84 years, Jan 28


Page 6

c1        Died – John W. Anderson, 74 years, Jan 25


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Julia Ann Jones, 86th year, Jan 27, wife of Richard Jones

c1        Died – Mrs James Turner, nee Hester Hopkins, 85th year, Jan 28, daughter of Edwin & Harriett Hopkins, nee Ishamell

c2        Died – Miss Margaret Martin, 85 years, Jan 27

c8        Married – Harry Bates to Mrs Rose Chute


Page 11

c8        Died – Miss Margaret Martin, 85 years, Jan 27

c8        Died – Ephraim Lumley, 84 years, Jan 28

c8        Died – Mrs Lottie Agnes Thomas, 65th year, Jan 27, wife of William A. Thomas; mother of Mrs Russell Lampkin, Miss Grace Thomas, William & Walter Thomas


Page 12

c1        Married – Thomas Albert Brandon, son of James Brandon to Irene Lois Janes, daughter of S. L. Janes


29 January 1932

Page 1

c3        Photo – C. Hanson Ferris of Port Rowan, Warden of Norfolk County


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Jacob J. Mistele, Jan 27


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Martha Edwards, 45th year, Jan 29, widow of James Albert Edward, mother of James, William and Elmer Edwards


Page 11

c2        Died – John Nunn, 68 years, Jan 28, brother of William, George & Charles Nunn and Mrs J. Crocker; father of Roy G. Nunn, Mrs George Demare, Mrs John Handford, Mrs Earl Campbell, Mrs Carol Williams and Mrs Wilbur Hunter

c8        Born – Donald Harold Cook, son of Harold W. & Doris Cook, nee O’Neil, Jan 16

c8        Died – Ephraim Lumley, 84 years, Jan 28

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Albert Tiller, Jan 29 1931


Page 12

c3        Married – Elmer Strong, son of Martin Strong to Olive St Jean, daughter of Eli St Jean


30 January 1932

Page 3

c5        Married – Frederick James Johnston, son of John Johnston to Gladys Lavina Carpenter, daughter of R. J. Carpenter

c5        Married – Alfred Emerson Boughner, son of A. Boughner to Gertrude Josephine Pardington, daughter of W. Pardington


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs J. H. Fairfield, nee Kate Arkell, daughter of John Arkell

c2        Funeral – Robert Ferguson, Jan 27

c2        Funeral – Miss Margaret Martin, Jan 29


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Basil Bain, Jan 21

c8        Born – Doreen Eleanor Weaver, daughter of Harry & Beatrice Weaver, nee Kennington, Jan 24

c8        Born – Daughter of George Berdan, Jan 24

c8        Born – Michael Anthony Bannister, son of Dr H. B. & Dr Jean Moss Bannister, Dec 25 1931

c8        Born – Ross Arthur Rolls, son of Arthur & Ada Rolls, nee Dawson, Jan 25

c8        Born – Vernon Lea Tester, son of Harold C. Tester, Jan 5

c8        Born – Son of Harry Soles, Jan 25

c8        Born – Shirley Wilma Vole, daughter of Calvin Vole, Jan 29


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs W. H. Langford, mother of Mrs Norman Logan, Mrs A. D. McCallum and Mrs Roy Vanidour


30 January 1932

Second Section

Page 9

c1        Died – Charles Newton Duncombe tilden, 97th year, Jan 21

c6        Photo – Russell Holmes, Warden of Kent County


Page 11

c1        Died – Mrs James Scouler, nee Jane McGregor, 81st year, Jan 29, mother of Benjamin, Williard and James Scouler, Mrs E. A. Knight, Mrs T. C. Hughes and Mrs Ernest Karr

c2        Photo – Fred R. Taylor, former Reeve of Yarmouth


1 February 1932

Page 1

c2        Fire – Myrtle St. School, St Thomas – Photo


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs James Turner, Jan 30

c6        Died – Mrs Henrietta Nelson, 84th year, Jan 30, widow of Jonathan Nelson


Page 7

c5        Died – George A. Hayward, 74 years, Jan 27

c8        Born – Douglas Arthur Bain, son of Basil Bain, Jan 22

c8        Memoriam – Roy Sanders, Feb 1 1931

c8        Memoriam – Mary E. Lewis, Feb 12 1931, by sister Mrs B. C. Symonds


Page 8

c3        Married – Edward Akers Carter, son of W. E. H. Carter to Florence Elizabeth Jordan, daughter of Walter J. Jordan

c3        Married – Cyril Victor Dixon, son of Frank Dixon to Gladys Muriel Hilker, daughter of John Hilker

c3        Married – Wesley Gideon Dalken, son of John Dalken to Georgina Elizabeth Davis, daughter of George Davis

c3        Engagement – Hugh J. McGinty, son of Hugh J. McGinty to Mary Annette Mather, daughter of Van S. Mather

c3        Engagement – Durward Lowry to Edith Kathleen Gauthier, daughter of Charles Harold Gauthier

c3        Engagement – Edwin Wood Jordan, son of E. C. Wood to Mary Lovell Willox, daughter of James Willox

c4        Married – John Ellis Cupples, son of R. Cupples to Muriel Phyllis Mulvaney, daughter of Frank Mulvaney


Page 9

c1        Died – Thomas William Crozier, 88 years, Jan 29

c2        Died – James Payne, Jan 29


Page 12

c2        Funeral – Epraim Lumley, Jan 30


2 February 1932

Page 1

c4        Retirement – W. U. Latornell of St Thomas – Photo


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs James Edwards, Feb 1

c8        Born – Son of Thomas Blakely, Jan 31

c8        Died – Mrs Levi J. Hatch, nee Mary Jane Ketchabaw, 86th year, Feb 1

c8        Died – Mrs Merie McCormick, 70 years, Feb 1, widow of John McCormick, mother of Ruth McCormick; sister of Mrs Barbara Wilson, Mrs Samuel Warnock and William Wilson


Page 14

c1        Funeral – Mrs Merie McCormich, Feb 4


3 February 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Lottie Agnes Thomas, Jan 27, wife of William A. Thomas

c2        Died – Mrs Grace Helen Loney, nee McConnell, Feb 2, wife of Rev E. M. Loney; mother of Elgin & Elmer Loney

c5        Died – James Lavin, 74 years, Jan 1

c5        Died – Mrs William H. Girvin, nee Catherine Reagh, 75th year, Jan 31

c5        Died – John Carruthers, Feb 2, father of John, Jean and Francis Carruthers


Page 7

c6        Died – Frederick James Benford, 57th year, Feb 3

c7        Died – Thomas William Sandison, (Sanderson) Feb 2, husband of Mrs Agnes Sandison, nee Doughty; father of Charles & Archie Sandison and Mrs W. Riddell

c8        Born – Son of Mr & Mrs Lowe, Jan 30

c8        Born – Son of Stanley & Ila Lowe, nee Matthews, Jan 31

c8        Born – Lola Marilyn Culbert, daughter of Henry Culbert, Jan 22

c8        Died – Mrs Merie McCormick, 70 years, Feb 1

c8        Died – Thomas William Sandison, (Sanderson) Feb 2

c8        Memoriam – Andrew Taylor, Feb 3 1931


Page 8

c3        Married – William James Robertson, son of William R. Robertson to Mary Eva Grout, daughter of Horace C. Grout

c3        Married – Ray C. Cohoon, son of Harvey Cohoon to Velma May Scidmore, daughter of W. H. Scidmore

c3        Engagement – F. William Angus, son of D. Forbes Angus to Caro Kingman Molson, daughter of Walter Molson


Page 11

c4        Died – Mrs George H. Larner, nee Annie Mary Pulmay, Feb 1


Page 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Henrietta Nelson, Feb 2


4 February 1932

Page 1

c5        Fire – Home of Norman Brooks, near Aylmer


Page 8

c1        Birthday – Mrs Catherine Anger of Aylmer, 92nd

c2        Died – Mrs W. L. Hawkshaw, nee Eliza Murton Shore, Jan 27, daughter of Col Thomas Shore; mother of Hugh, Frank, John and Parry Hawkshaw, Mrs John Bories, Mrs Alfred Unsworth, Mrs William Parker and Constance Hawkshaw; sister of Charles M. Shore


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Edna Violet Knaggs, nee Smuck, 32nd year, Feb 3, daughter of Walter C. Smuck

c8        Born – Rose Marie Campbell, daughter of James C. Campbell, Jan 29

c8        Born – Son of Linville Lyons

c8        Born – Son of Alex Anderson

c8        Born – Salvatora Rosa Bonaccorso, daughter of Frank Bonaccorso, Feb 1

c8        Died – Mrs Edna Violet Knaggs, nee Smuck, 32nd year, Feb 3, wife of Albert F. Knaggs

c8        Died – Frederick J. Benford, 57th year, Feb 3

c8        Memoriam – Arthur Barons, Feb 4 1928, by wife Mrs Gladys Barons and sons Bernard & Harry


Page 12

c1        Died – John C. Zavitz, 83rd year, Feb 3, son of Jacob Zavitz; father of Hiram and Gerald Zavitz, Mrs Fred Owens, Mrs D. A. Stewart and Miss Gertrude Zavitz

c2        Died – Mrs Earl F. Long, nee Thomason Margaret Acomb, 42 years, Jan 30

c2        Died – Mrs Edna Violet Knaggs, nee Smuck, 32nd year, Feb 3, mother of Margaret Ann and Robert C. Knaggs; sister of Mrs Roy Jacobs, Mrs Fraser Stewart and Edgar A. Smuck

c3        Died – Elizabeth Tiffin, 77 years, daughter of John & Margaret Tiffin


Page 16

c2        Died – Chief C. J. Logan, 65 years, Jan 30, brother of Lewis Logan

c4        Died – John Rennie, Feb 2

c5        Married – Baden Michael Powell, son of Michael Powell to Gladys Ann Nicholls, daughter of George Nicholls

c5        Married – Louis Alfred Vince, son of Fred Vince to Laura Gertrude Henderson, daughter of Albert Henderson

c5        Married – F. Kenneth Guiler, son of John Guiler to Evelyn G. Hutchinson, daughter of A. & Nettie Hutchinson

c5        Married – William Hugh Nott, son of Edwin Nott to Ruth Elizabeth Ashmore, daughter of Charles Ashmore


6 February 1932

Page 1

c3        Photo – John L. Stansell, ex-MP for Norfolk-Elgin


Page 3

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Archibald A. Taylor of Belmont, 51st


Page 6

c1        Funeral – John D. Abell, Feb 7


6 February 1932

Second Section

Page 7

c2        Died – Dr Loftus A. Truman, 60th year – Photo


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs Effie Johnston, 90th year, Feb 4, mother of Mrs John Thompson

c1        Birthday – Mrs Johannah Bailey of Wheatley, 90th

c2        Died – Mrs P. Devereaux, 72nd year

c3        Died – Alfred Davison, 59th year, Feb 4, husband of Mrs Maude Davison, nee Healy

c3        Died – Valerie Fair, 3 years, Feb 4, daughter of H. M. Fair

c4        Died – James McKellar, Feb 5, father of Anna, Marion & Madeine McKellar; brother of Ethel McKellar

c5        Died – Leslie Slater, 20 years, Feb 5


Page 14

c5        Birthday – Mrs Margaret McCallum of St Thomas, 99th

c6        Engagement – Wilfred H. Lane, son of John Lane to Carmeta Margaret Graves, granddaughter of J. H. Modeland

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Joseph Gant of St Thomas, 50th – Photo


Page 15

c1        Funeral – Mrs Bertha Howard, Feb 8, wife of Alfred Howard

c2        Died – Miss Annie McDougall, Feb 5, daughter of James McDougall

c3        Died – William H. Beattie, Feb 5, husband of Mrs Catherine Beattie; father of Herbert and Vernon Beattie, Mrs J.B. Cusolito and Mrs Robert J. Lawson; brother of J. S., W. G. and George Beattie and Mrs William McKay

c6        Funeral – Frederick J. Benford, Feb 5

c6        Funeral – Mrs Jessie McCallum, Feb 4

c6        Funeral – Mrs Grace Loney, Feb 4

c7        Died – Mrs Rebecca J. Down, nee Stewart, 77 years, Feb 5, widow of Henry Down; mother of Herbert E. Down, Mrs Albert Purcell and Mrs W. J. Kilpatrick; sister of Fred Stewart, Mrs D. J. Richmond and Mrs Martha Moore

c8        Born – John Frederick Lawson, son of William Lawson, Feb 3

c8        Born – Son of G. Clinton, Feb 3

c8        Born – Glen William Clark, son of Charles Clark, Jan 21

c8        Born – Son of Lawrence Girardin, Jan 28

c8        Died – Mrs Bertha Howard, 52nd year, Feb 8, mother of Thelma, Elva, Alvin Bruce, William Russell and Lancelot Walter Howard

c8        Died – Miss Annie McDougall, Feb 5

c8        Memoriam – Ellen Brown, Feb 6 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Charles Brown, Feb 6 1928, by daughters Nellie & Hilda

c8        Memoriam – John Charles Alexander, Feb 6 1918


8 February 1932

Page 7

c2        Died – George Coville, Feb 8, father of Ola, Elmer and Cecil Coville

c2        Died – Claude H. Harris, Feb 7, husband of Mrs Ada M. Harris, nee Nancarrow; father of Helen & Joyce Harris

c8        Born – Daughter of Ernest Sommerville

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Rolls, Jan 25

c8        Born – Son of Royce Burnett, Jan 23

c8        Born – Twin son & daughter of H. M. Nelson, Feb 6

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Ryan, 75 years, Feb 6, widow of Patrick Ryan; mother of Gertrude, Francis J. and David Ryan, Mrs Thomas Haywood and Mrs Burtus Dys


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Regan, Feb 6, widow of Patrick Regan


9 February 1932

Page 6

c1        Birthday – Mrs Catherine Anger of Aylmer, 92nd

c3        Died – Frank Waggoner, Feb 7, father of Dwight Waggoner; nephew of Mrs B. Brian

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Eleanor Campbell, nee Hegler, 71st year, Feb 9, widow of Thomas Campbell


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs John B. Hayden, nee Hannah May Swisher, Feb 8, daughter of Marcus Swisher; mother of James Francis Hayden; step-daughter of Mrs Margaret Swisher

c8        Born – Son of E. C. Gliddon, Feb 6

c8        Born – Son of D. D. Johnson, Feb 6

c8        Died – George Coville, 68 years, Feb 8


Page 9

c2        Died – Elmer McDonald, 7 years Feb 8, son of Harvey McDonald

c3        Funeral – James McKellar, Feb 6


Page 12

c2        Funeral – Mrs Bertha Howard, Feb 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary Ryan, Feb 9

c2        Funeral – John D. Abell, Feb 7

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Ryan, 75 years, Feb 6, widow of Patrick Ryan


10 February 1932

Page 6

c2        Died – William Corbett, 40th year, Feb 8, son of William & Catherine Corbett, nee Hawkins

c4        Funeral – Miss Annie McDougall, Feb 8


Page 7

c8        Died – Mrs Hannah May Hayden, nee Swisher, 50 years, Feb 8

c8        Memoriam – Vivian Arlene Spry, Feb 10 1931


Page 8

c3        Married – Albert T. Harvey, son of John Harvey to Winnifred Eva Harrett, daughter of Milton Harrett

c3        Engagement – Dr David Stanley McHaffie, son of D. S. McHaffie to Alice Jaffray, daughter of Mrs Charles Nairn


Page 9

c1        Died – James McKellar, Feb 8, son of John & Delphine McKellar


11 February 1932

Page 8

c5        Birthday – Mrs Margaret McCallum of Dutton, 100th , daughter of Hugh & Mary McMillan; widow of Dugald McCallum


Page 9

c1        Died – Infant son of William S. Lover of St Thomas

c8        Born – Daughter of Winston Miles, Feb 8

c8        Born – Robert Culver Frears, son of Rev Tom Frears, Feb 6

c8        Born – Son of Henry Armstrong, Feb 2

c8        Born – Kenneth Ross McAlpine, son of Ross & Martha McAlpine, nee McRae, Feb 1

c8        Died – Mrs Hannah May Hayden, nee Swisher, 50 years, Feb 8

c8        Died – Mrs Harriet Drake, 85 years, Feb 10, daughter of James Dodd; widow of James Drake


Page 10

c7        Married – Gwyn Hamilton Osler, son of E. F. Osler to Madeleine Ellenor Wills, daughter of E. Gordon Wills

c7        Married – U. Olaf McNabb, son of George McNabb to Thelma Madeline Beattie, daughter of Allan Beattie


Page 12

c5        Died – Mrs Edward Allum, 88th year, Feb 10, sister of Jarvis Harris

c5        Died – Jeremiah Joseph O’Connor, 70th year, Feb 10, husband of Mrs Rose O’Connor, nee Young


Page 16

c3        Funeral – George Coville, Feb 10

c3        Died – Mrs Marion Ethel Fletcher, nee Seeley, 61 years, Feb 10, widow of Albert Fletcher


12 February 1932

Page 6

c2        Died – Paul Frederick Weisbrod, 61 years, Feb 8, son of J. C. Weisbrod; husband of Mrs Monta Weisbrod, nee McCarthy; father of Mack and Sanford Weisbrod; brother of Dr S. L., Charles, Verne and Eliza Weisbrod


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs H. A. Brebner, nee Lareta Clunas, 28th year, Feb 11, daughter of J. R. Clunas; sister of Kenneth & Winter Clunas

c2        Died – Thomas Holland, 83 years, Feb 11

c3        Died – Dougald Kennedy, 79 years, Feb 11, father of Daniel Kennedy and Mrs Hugh McColl

c4        Died – Joseph Harvey Mann, 77 years, Feb 12

c7        Died – Adam Krohe, 69th year, Feb 11, father of Mrs Billo, Mary, Lillian, Leo and Cecil Krohe; brother of John, Anthony and Joseph Krohe

c7        Married – George Albert McCarey to Cathryn Marie Duesling

c7        Died – Thomas Holland, 83 years, Feb 11

c7        Died – Joseph Harvey Mann, 77 years, Feb 12

c7        Died – Mrs Marion Ethel Fletcher, nee Seeley, 61 years, Feb 10

c8        Born – Son of Albert Ross, Feb 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Bihari, Feb 4

c8        Born – Son of Forrest Longmire, Feb 4

c8        Born – Daughter of Stanley Chamberlain, Feb 8

c8        Born – Son of Winston Miles, Feb 8

c8        Born – Robert Collver Frears, son of Thomas Frears, Feb 6

c8        Born – Son of Fred Andress, Feb 6

c8        Born – Son of Ray Firby, Feb 2

c8        Born – Son of Curtis Gough, Jan 22

c8        Born – Marjorie Joan Thompson, daughter of Alex Thompson, Jan 15

c8        Born – Daugher of William & Florence Marie Steele, nee Fisher, Feb 5


Page 8

c1        Married – Wallace Avis to Hazel Irene Winger, daughter of S. J. Winger

c2        Married – Hilton Arnold, son of Henry Arnold to Ruth Brown, daughter of Franklin Brown

c2        Engagement – Byron D. Faulkner, son of Edward Faulkner to Kathleen May Ward, daughter of Andrew T. Ward

c3        Married – James Edward Doherty to Muriel Anne Foote


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Cynthia Shea, nee Kinsey, widow of Thomas Shea

c2        Died – Archibald McEwen, Feb 7, husband of Mrs Edith McEwen, nee Dryden

c5        Died – George Clement, 80 years, Feb 10, son of Abraham & Lucinda Clement, nee Mulholland

c5        Fuenral – Frank Waggoner, Feb 10

c5        Funeral – Mrs Mary Eleanor Campbell, Feb 11


Page 14

c3        Died – James Lavin, 74 years, widow of Mrs Laura Lavin, nee Owen; brother of Mrs Ellen Stover, John and Thomas Lavin


13 February 1932

Page 3

c7        Married – Walter Tannart, son of Edwin Tannart to Mary Ella McLean, daughter of C. E. McLean

c7        Married – Roy Fenton Stanton to Inez Elizabeth Leslie, daughter of J. A. Leslie


Page 6

c1        Died – James Coyle, 74th year, Feb 12

c2        Funeral – Mrs Harriet Drake, Feb 12

c2        Funeral – Mrs Hannah May Hayden, Feb 12

c2        Died – Miss Ida Ketchum, 70 years, Feb 13

c3        Funeral – Mrs Cordelia Branton, nee Hunt, Feb 10, widow of Alfred Branton

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Walter Hall of Tillsonburg, 56th


Page 7

c2        Died – Isaac Ross, 72nd year, Feb 13

c3        Died – Mrs William Stady, nee Nellie Logan, Feb 12, daughter of W. J. Logan; sister of Mrs Roy Matthews, Mrs V. Clark, Harriet Logan, Mrs Reid, Mrs Curtis and George Logan

c8        Died – Joseph Harvey Mann, 77 years, Feb 12

c8        Memoriam – Mrs S. Henderson, Feb 14 1929


Page 8

c1        Divorce – John Henry Cryster vs Jane Cryster

c1        Divorce – Ethel Willey vs Clifford Edwin Willey


13 February 1932

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Died – George Sitter, 86th year, Jan 30, widow of Mrs Caroline Sitter, nee Schroeder; brother of Mrs Barbara Bearss

c1        Died – Miss Kate Wimmer, 80th year, Feb 11

c2        Birthday – Hezekiah Crandall of Tillsonburg, 92nd , widow of Mrs Hannah Crandall, nee Rean – Photo


15 February 1932

Page 2

c1        Died – G. W. Littlejohn, 74 years, brother of Mrs Annie Hanercroft

c5        Died – Mrs Louise Hotham, 76th year, Feb 14, widow of John Hotham


Page 3

c2        Funeral – Mrs Marion Ethel Fletcher, Feb 13

c2        Funeral – Thomas Holland, Feb 13

c2        Died – Mrs Williamena Young, nee Smith, 76th year, Feb 13, widow of James Young


Page 6

c2        Died – Wallace Jackson, 71st year, Feb 15

c2        Died – Miss Rebecca DeCou, 100 years, Feb 12


Page 7

c1        Died – Alfred Horton, 71 years, Feb 14, father o Charles P., Helen and Alice Horton

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Anderson, nee Davis, Feb 14, widow of George Anderson; sister of Mary & George W. Davis; mother of the late Russell Anderson

c8        Born – Frederick Clare Caughell, son of Clarence & Irene Caughell, nee Williams, Feb 13

c8        Memoriam – Ann S. Scrase, Feb 15 1931, by sons Charles & Harvey Armitage


Page 8

c3        Birthday – at the Thomas Williams Home, St Thomas – Mrs John Burrett, 88th and Archie McKellar, 85th

c6        Married – Baden Michael Powell to Gladys Ann Nicholls

c6        Married – Robert Ellis, son of Robert Ellis to Margaret Miller, daughter of Joseph Miller


Page 9

c1        Died – Cameron McNally, 71st year, Feb 13

c2        Died – Mrs Ann Bye, nee Jennings, 90th year, Feb 14, widow of George Bye

c3        Died – John Muxworthy, 91 years, Feb 11, father of William, Walter, Alfred & John Muxworthy, Mrs Jennie Uglow, Mrs Charles Smith, Mrs Allston Robbins and Mrs J. W. Smith


Page 12

c5        Married – Beecher Tuckwell, son of Alfred Tuckwell to Meeda Ross, daughter of William Ross


16 February 1932

Page 7

c1        Died – John B. Jolliffe, 89 years, Feb 13, son of James Jolliffe

c3        Died – John Albert Billings, 76 years, Feb 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Percy Vary, Feb 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Leo Stilwell, Feb 14

c8        Born – Son of George Dalley, Feb 13

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Anderson, nee Davis, Feb 14

c8        Died – Mrs Elsie Mitchell, 88 years, Feb 15, widow of John Mitchell; mother of Mrs Walter Williamson and George Mitchell

c8        Memoriam – William Young, Feb 16 1930, by sister Mrs M. Reed


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs Elsie Mitchell, 88 years, Feb 15


Page 9

c3        Died – Ira Ribble, 79th year, Feb 15


Page 12

c2        Funeral – Miss Ida Kethum, Feb 15

c3        Died – C. M. R. Graham, 64th year, Feb 15 – Photo


17 February 1932

Page 2

c3        Funeral – Dugald Kennedy, Feb 14


Page 7

c2        Died – Adolphus McConnell, 69 years, Feb 16

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Rudolph, 77 years, Feb 17, daughter of William & Frances Reiser; widow of August Henry Rudolph

c2        Died – Arzina J. Daniel, 63rd year, Feb 15

c8        Born – Daughter of H. V. Heal, Feb 16

c8        Born – Son of Clifford Foster, Feb 11

c8        Died – John A. Billings, 76 years, Feb 16

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Harry Graham, Feb 17 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Carroll, Feb 17 1927


Page 8

c2        Married – Dr Howard Sterling Nutting, son of William J. Nutting to Margaret Jean Harvey, daughter of E. C Harvey

c2        Engagement – Dr Charles W. Sinclair, son of Dr C. Sinclair to Mary Margaret Brown, daughter of Duncan Brown


Page 9

c2        Photo – R. M. Anderson, President of St Thomas Golf & Country Club


18 February 1932

Page 1

c3        Died – William Armstrong, Feb 18, husband of Mrs Annie Armstrong, nee Crudden; father of William Armstrong; brighter of Mrs McCartney – Photo

c6        Died – Rev Walter Fansher, 93 years, Feb 16, widow of Mrs Maria Fansher, nee Bull – Photo


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Carson, 80 years, Feb 16

c2        Died – Mrs Bessie Silcox, daughter of Neil McAlpine; wife of Albert A. Silcox

c5        Died – Mrs Anna Taylor, Feb 17, daughter of William Dexter & Jane Mickle; wife of Dr Harry A. Taylor


Page 9

c8        Born – Eleanor Patricia Dennee, daughter of Lyle Dennee, Feb 17

c8        Died – John MacDonald, (McDonald) 72 years, Feb 17

c8        Died – John Wilfred Wilkinson, 64 years, Feb 17, husband of Mrs Ruth Wilkinson, nee Cattle; father of Mrs W. G. Gifford, Mrs R. M. Morden, Jean, Marjory, Helen, Samuel R., Milton, Wilfred, Sherman, Morley and Gordon Wilkinson

c8        Died – Adolphus McConnell. 69 years, Feb 16

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Rudolph, Feb 17


Page 12

c3        Died – Miss Frances Geaner, Feb 16

c4        Shower – Miss Erie Brackenbury at the home of Mrs Elgin Chute

c4        Died – John Dowswell, 85 years, Feb 16

c4        Died – Mrs John Nunn, Feb 16, mother of Ira, Leo & Pearl Nunn and Mrs Roake


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Rudolph, Feb 19

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Meehan, 92nd year, Feb 17, widow of Patrick Meehan

c2        Funeral – Mrs Elsie Mitchell, Feb 17

c2        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Anderson, Feb 17

c2        Died – John Wilfred Wilkinson, Feb 17

c3        Died – Leon Nesbitt, Feb 16, son of J. R. Nesbitt; husband of Mrs Bella Nesbitt, nee Westover; father of Myrtle Nesbitt; nephew of Miss Nesbitt and Mrs Wiltse

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Olive Sampey, nee Woodworth, widow of Edward Sampey; mother of Mills and Maude Sampey; sister of Mrs I. E. VanAmburgh; cousin of W. E. McKenney

c4        Died – John MacDonald, 72 years, Feb 17


19 February 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Clifford Pullen, Feb 17, brother of Mrs Frank C. Smith, Mrs Anthony Marshall and Otto Pullen


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary Rudolph, Feb 19

c3        Died – Mrs Maud Hall, wife of Delbert Hall

c8        Born – Son of Victor Reginald Jones, Feb 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Leo K. O’Connor, Feb 14

c8        Died – John Wilfred Wilkinson, 64 years, Feb 17

c8        Died – William Armstrong, 70 years, Feb 18


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Robert Grant Hunter, son of John White Hunter to Doris Mary Rogers, daughter of Charles F. Rogers

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. O. Lumley of Iona, 50th – Photo

c4        Married – James D. Bidner to Marion M. McDonald, daughter of David McDonald

c4        Married – John Lund Jerratt to Beatrice Amy Lake, daughter of Mrs Dalgleish

c4        Married – Walter Will Bleakley to Helen Minerva Munford


Page 10

c1        Birthday – Mrs James Webster of Florence, 100th

c1        Died – Thomas William Courtis, 66th year, Feb 17, son of William Courtis

c1        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Suddick, Feb 19, widow of Gerge Suddinch

c2        Died – Alex McWilliam, 75 years, brother of Arch McWilliam

c3        Died – Mrs Prudence E. McKay, 77th year, daughter of Samuel & J. Hannah Tye

c3        Died – Richard Gibbons, 105 years; widow of Mrs Mary Gibbons, nee Pringle


Page 14

c4        Died – Miss Mary E. Medcalf, 88 years, Feb 16, daughter of Francis Medcalf


20 February 1932

Page 2

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – A Tillsonburg Woman’s Memory of a Party of the Days of Confederation – Mrs Joel Bate, One of the Garnhams of Guysboro Recalls Early Days


Page 3

c6        Married – Roy Fenton Stanton to Inez Elizabeth Leslie, daughter of J. A. Leslie


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Carson, 80 years, Feb 19

c1        Funeral – Wendlin B. Schuler, 80th year, Feb 19

c1        Funeral – Alfred Horton, 72 years

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Wesley Silverthorn of Aylmer, 30th


Page 7

c6        Funeral – John MacDonald, Feb 19

c6        Funeral – Adolphus McConnell, Feb 19

c6        Funeral – James McBride, 76 years, Feb 18

c8        Born – Daughter of Leonard Addley, Feb 8

c8        Born – Son of Irving Robinson, Feb 8

c8        Born – Daughter of W. L. Barnecott, Feb 11

c8        Born – Jane Elizabeth Small, daughter of J. S. & Jessie Small, nee Hamilton, Feb 18

c8        Died – William Armstrong, 70 years, Feb 18

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Elizabeth Acton, Feb 21 1927


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas Jury of Strathroy, 65th


20 February 1932

Second Section

Page 10

c2        Funeral – Rev B. Davies, Feb 20


Page 12

c2        Died – John Steinhoff, Feb 18, father of Clayton Steinhoff; brother of Isaac, Harry & Fred Steinhoff, Miss Lillian Steinhoff and Mrs Reginald Downing

c3        Died – Paul Betler, 76th year, father of Elmer & Blake Betler and Mrs Ida Nell


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Dr Charles W. Sinclair to Margaret Brown – Photo

c4        Married – Dr Howard S. Nutting to Margaret Harvey, daughter of E. C. Harvey

c5        Engagement – Melvin A. Lindsay, son of George Lindsay to Erie Belle Brackenbury, daughter of James Brackenbury

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. H. Holman, nee Mary A. Peters, 50th


22 February 1932

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs William Lawrence, Feb 23

c2        Died – Miss Olea Davis, 45 years, Feb 21, daughter of Joseph Davis

c3        Died – Herbert Gill Watson, 42 years, Feb 21, husband of Mrs Hazel Watson, nee Hanks

c3        Married – Wilfred Lane, son of J. Lane to Carmeta Margaret Graves, granddaughter of J. H. Modeland

c3        Married – Byron D. Faulkner, son of Mrs E. Faulkner to Kathleen May Ward, daughter of Andrew T. Ward

c3        Married – John Stanley Lawrence, son of W. S. Lawrence to Ruby V. Northcott, daughter of Fred Northcott


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Abraham Kingswood, nee Margaret Fenn, 85 years, Feb 22

c6        Funeral – John MacDonald, Feb 19


Page 9

c4        Died – Mrs Uri Pierce, nee Annie Sutherland, 83 years, Feb 20, daughter of Jane Frances & William Sutherland


Page 12

c2        Funeral – John W. Wilkinson, Feb 20

c7        Died – Luther I. Foster, Feb 22


23 February 1932

Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Thomas Downs, Feb 20

c2        Funeral – Rev W. Fansher, Feb 22

c3        Died – Archie N. Laidlaw, son of John & Agnes Laidlaw


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Seymour Charles, 80th year, Feb 23, daughter of John & Emma Bloomfield

c3        Funeral – William Armstrong, Feb 22

c8        Born – Daughter of H. G. McIntosh, Feb 21

c8        Born – Son of Peter Early, Feb 17

c8        Died – Mrs Henry Dando, nee Margaret Jane Pringle, Feb 17, daughter of F. B. Pringle; sister of Mrs R. T. Powell

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Kingswood, nee Fenn, 85 years, Feb 22

c8        Died – George Skerritt, 81 years, Feb 23, father of Mrs Bert Greenwood, Albert and George Skerritt; brother of Harry Skerritt


Page 8

c5        Married – Harold Edmund Westwood, son of Benjamin Westwood to Nellie Cook, daughter of W. Cook

c5        Married – Louis Watson, son of George Watson to Ruby J. Price, daughter of J. Price


Page 10

c5        Died – Mrs Charles Ashford, nee Nellie Benedict, 63rd year, Feb 21, daughter of John Benedict


24 February 1932

Page 3

c3        Died – Dr Hadley Williams, 68 years, Feb 23, son of Thomas & Rachel Williams, nee Brinemab


Page 7

c2        Died – Dr R. M. Eccles, 75th years, Feb 23, father of Mrs (Dr) Pearson P. Winn; brother of Mrs T. Hoag

c3        Died – Mrs Nancy Munroe, nee Campbell, 83 years, widow of Hugh C. Monroe

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Shervill, 72 years, Feb 22, mother of D. C. Shervill and Mrs Vella Vaughan

c8        Born – Daughter of H. G. McIntosh, Feb 21

c8        Born – Son of Frank Sutherland, Feb 22

c8        Died – George Skerritt, 81 years, Feb 23

c8        Died – Mrs Ellen Charles, 80th year, Feb 23


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Trussler of Kitchener, 73rd

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. O. Lumley of Iona, 50th

c5        Married – Dr David Stanley McHaffie, son of D. S. McHaffie to Alice Jaffray Nairn, daughter of C. A. Nairn

c5        Married – Louis Edward Watson, son of George Watson to Ruby Jean Price, daughter of James Price

c5        Married – Gordon John Piggott, son of Percy G. Piggott to Katherine Grace McVean, daughter of William McVean

c5        Married – John Stanley Lawrence, son of W. S. Lawrence to Ruby V. Northcott, daughter of Fred Northcott


Page 10

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs S. L. Butler, nee Ida May McIntosh of Port Rowan, 50th


Page 14

c5        Funeral – Miss Olea Davis, Feb 23


25 February 1932

Page 2

c2        Died – Neil M. Currie, 81 years, Feb 23, father of Mrs A. E. West, John M., Dr Ernest M. and Grant Currie

c4        Died – Dr James W. Sifton, 77th year, husband of Mrs Nellie May Sifton, nee Hopkins; brother of Joseph Sifton and Dr Jack Sifton


Page 6

c1        Died – Simeon Peacock, 85 years, Feb 24

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel A. Mann of Aylmer, 50th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. Albert Ballah of Aylmer, 50th


Page 7

c7        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Kingswood, Feb 24

c8        Died – James Armstrong Mills, 50 years, Feb 23, husband of Mrs Jane Mills, nee Boden


Page 8

c5        Married – Spence Norman Bobier, son of Joshua Bobier to Lillian Grace Lackey, daughter of James Lackey

c5        Married – Melvin Lindsay to Erie Brackenbury


Page 10

c1        Died – Leonard Sharpe, 62 years

c1        Died – Mrs Sidney Hughson, nee Elizabeth Durfee, 70 years

c3        Died – Alexander Blonde, 73 years, son of George Blonde

c3        Died – Mrs Flora Cullimore, 92nd year, Feb 24, widow of Joseph Cullimore

c5        Article – Nancekivell Family, Cheesemakers in Oxford County


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs Maria Tory, 73 years, Feb 25

c3        Died – Mrs May Blair, 80th year, Feb 24, widow of Charles Blair


26 February 1932

Page 7

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. R. MacDonald of St Thomas, 60th

c3        Died – Mrs J. F. McTavish, nee Catharine Campbell, 77 years, Feb 24

c7        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Charles, Feb 25

c8        Born – Daughter of Stanley Chamberlain, Feb 7

c8        Born – Harvey William Bowman, son of Frank Bowman, Feb 21

c8        Born – Daughter of Sidney Richardson, Feb 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Curtis, Feb 21

c8        Born – Son of Burton Cowan, Feb 17

c8        Born – Son of Emerson Haney, Feb 22

c8        Born – Son of Leo & Fiona Zettell, nee Imrie, Jan 29

c8        Born – John Ewart Roper, son of John B. & Dorothy Roper, nee Anderson, Feb 16

c8        Born – Richard Rokeby, son of Conrad Rokeby, Feb 16

c8        Born – Margaret Leona Howick, daughter of Marshall Howick, Feb 8

c8        Born – Son of William Winter, Feb 16

c8        Born – Son of Harry Satok, Feb 22

c8        Born – Son of Frank Sutherland, Feb 23

c8        Born – Daughter of James Mummery, Feb 18

c8        Born – Ralph Malcolm Quance, Feb 17

c8        Memoriam – Leone Jennet Ra[sn, Feb 26 1926


Page 8

c1        Married – Dr Charles W. Sinclair to Mary Margaret Brown

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E. F. Davis of Tillsonburg, 10th

c2        Engagement – Edward Anson Curry to Hilda Gertrude Myers, daughter of James C. Myers

c2        Engagement – Charles R. Page, son of George Page to Lillian G. Armstrong, daughter of Charles Armstrong

c3        Married – John Beattie to Margaret Adelene Edwards

c3        Died – Mrs Frederick S. Williams, 65 years, daughter of Charles Peacock

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. A. Barons of Belmont, 40th


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Dr Hadley Williams, Feb 26

c1        Funeral – Mrs Eliza Hambly, nee Moore, 83rd year, Feb 25

c2        Died – Albert Woods, 60th year, Feb 26


Page 14

c3        Died – E. B. Hoshal, Feb 20

c3        Died – Hugh Fitzpatrick, 86th year, Feb 25


27 February 1932

Page 3

c3        Funeral – George Skerritt, Feb 26

c3        Died – Richard Stewart Wisley, Feb 26, Uncle of Margaret & John Wisley

c4        Married – Charles A. Hales, son of Herbert J. Hales to Agnes May McWilliam, daughter of Neil McWilliam

c4        Married – James Milton Page, son of J. W. Page to Jean Webster, daughter of Charles W. Webster

c4        Married – Delmar Richard Prior, son of John H. Prior to Thelma Mary Cornish, daughter of Stanley Cornish

c4        Married – William H. Vogil, son of William Vogil to Rosella Madle Herrington, daughter of Bert Herrington

c4        Married – Earl Vanderburg, son of Warren Vanderburg to Margaret Alice Rowe, daughter of Wilfred S. Rowe

c4        Married – Burton E. Hoffman to Jacqueline Dredge


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Hayes, Feb 12, daughter of Loder & Sophronia Davis

c1        Funeral – Mrs L. A. Harvey, Feb 22, sister of Mrs Edward Widner

c2        Died – Mrs Jane Vogan, nee Sursher, 83 years, Feb 26, widow of Robert Vogan


Page 7

c2        Funeral – James Armstrong Mills, Feb 26

c7        Memoriam – Alice Axford, Feb 28 1930

c7        Memoriam – Donald Stafford, Feb 28 1928

c8        Born – Son of James Freeman, Feb 21

c8        Born – Betty Louise Geddes, daughter of J. E. Geddes, Feb 25

c8        Memoriam – Elizabeth Styles Elsie, Feb 27 1920


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs (Dr) Roy Hodgson, nee Myrtle Murray, daughter of J. E. Murray

c2        Died – Mrs John Lindsay, 90th year, sister of Henry Westman


27 February 1932

Second Section

Page 9

c2        Retirement – Orlin W. Masterman of St Thomas – Photo

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W. Dennis of Yarmouth, 40th – Photo


Page 12

c4        Died – Archie McEwan, 64 years, son of John & Sarah McEwan


Page 16

c2        Engagement – J. H. Olde to Erie Gwen Lloyd, daughter of L. D. Lloyd – Photo

c5        Engagement – Leslie Gordon Howell, son of Herbert Howell to Ina Mae Stafford, daughter of Charles Stafford

c5        Engagement – William T. Wight, son of Alex Wight to Margaret Ellen Forbes, daughter of W. C. Forbes

c5        Engagement – J. H. Olde to Erie Gwen Lloyd, daughter of L. D. Lloyd

c6        Engagement – William T. Wight, son of Alex Wight to Margaret Ellen Forbes, daughter of W. C. Forbes – Photo

c7        Birthday – Mrs Mary Watson of St Thomas, 90th


29 February 1932

Page 1

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Archibald MacDonald of St Thomas, 60th – Photo


Page 6

c2        Died – Benson Warner, 48 years, Feb 27

c2        Funeral – Hugh Fitzpatrick, Feb 27


Page 7

c8        Born – Althea Pomeroy, daughter of Harry Pomertoy, Feb 20

c8        Born – Son of David Marr, Feb 19

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Sharpe, Feb 5

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Priscilla Galloway, 89th year, Feb 28, widow of Charles W. Galloway; mother of Mrs Nate Cornwall, Mrs Margaret Schafer, Mrs Ethel Ellison, Mrs Charlotte Morrey, George N. and Charles W. Galloway

c8        Died – Richard S. Wisley, Feb 26


Page 8

c1        Engagement – Stanley A. Cushman, son of Andrew Cushman to Irene Jessie Gladstone, daughter of Hiram Gladstone

c4        Married – Fred Wood to Maude Howard, niece of Adolphus Irwin

c4        Married – Arthur Warren Gladstone Parsons, son of W. J. I. Parsons to Alice Blanch Jackson, daughter of Robert Jackson

c4        Married – John Stanley Lawrence, son of W. S. Lawrence to Ruby V. Northcott, daughter of Fred Northcott


Page 9

c2        Died – Johns Dowswell, 85th year, son of James & Jeanette Dowswell


Page 12

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Priscilla Galloway, 89th year, Feb 28


1 March 1932

Page 6

c5        Died – Edward Fennacy, 60 years, husband of Mrs Gertrude McLean; father of Mrs George Weir, Mrs F. Burgua and Mrs Adelaide Dawdy



 c2        Died – Mrs Duncan Limon, nee Isabella Turner, 65 years, Feb 29, daughter of Archibald & Mary Turner, nee McVicar

c8        Born – Elizabeth Marie Halford, daughter of Frank & Rita Halford, nee Cole, Feb 19

c8        Born – Son of Sid & Elsie Read, nee Moedland, Feb 28

c8        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Randall, Feb 26

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles Burgar, Feb 23

c8        Died – Henry Madden, 84 years, Mar 1, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Madden, nee Moore; father of Mrs George W. Gerhardt, Mrs Albert Rushbrook, Mrs W. Rushbrook, Mrs A. Sheppard, Mrs E. Wilson, A. Southorn

c8        Memoriam – G. W. Vaughan, Mar 1 1929


Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs Alfred Tory, Feb 26

c2        Funeral – Mrs W. Goodison, Mar 1, grandmother of Mrs I. Machan

c2        Engagement – Dr John E. Sharpe, son of E. John Sharpe to Velma Mary Granger, daughter of D. Granger

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs D. W. Ritchie of Chatham, 25th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Leslie of Thamesford, 25th

c3        Married – Wilfred Arthur Pullin, son of Arthur Pullin to Ella Catherine McKellar, daughter of Dugald McKellar

c3        Married – Ross Button to Edna Elizabeth Denman, daughter of Daniel Denman

c3        Married – Burton Eugene Hoffman to Jacqueline Evelyn Betty Drudge

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W. Dennis of Yarmouth, 40th

c5        Died – Duncan Graham, 67th year, Feb 28


Page 9

c2        Died – Lloyd McDonald, 7 years, Feb 27, son of Norman McDonald

c5        Funeral – Mrs Minnie Kloepfer, Mar 1, daughter of James McGuire; widow of James McGregor; wife of W. C. Kloepfer

c5        Died – Martin Hutchinson, brother-in-law of Mrs J. L. Buck; uncle of Mrs Jessie Meek


Page 12

c2        Died – Alfred Hales, brother of James Hales; Uncle of C. R. Hales

c4        Died – Henry Madden, 84 years, Mar 1

c5        Funeral – Mrs Sarah J. Vogan, 84 years, Feb 28, widow of Robert Vogan

c6        Died – Oscar Leon Nesbitt, Feb 16, son of John Robert & Evangeline Nesbitt


2 March 1932

Page 3

c7        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Galloway, Mar 1


Page 7

c2        Died – H. Morton Norsworthy, Mar 1, son of Chester H. Norsworthy

c6        Died – Miss Minnie Isabel Dewar, Mar 2, daughter of John Dewar

c6        Funeral – Richard S. Wisley, Mar 1

c8        Born – Ralph Alexander Askew, son of C. C. Askew, Feb 26

c8        Born – Elizabeth Marie Halford, daughter of Frank J. & Rita Halford, nee Cote, Feb 19


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs Dora Lane, 79th year, Feb 26, sister of James Amoss

c3        Died – Mrs W. S. Hawkshaw, nee Eliza Murton Shore; daughter of Thomas Shore

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah S. Stewart, 82 years, Feb 29


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah Carter, nee Tunley, 85 years, Feb 27, widow of George Carter; grandmother of Mrs John Hunter


3 March 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Reuben Nancekivell Sr., 85th year

c2        Birthday – Mrs Annie Campbell, nee McMurchy formerly of Dunwich, 99th


Page 8

c1        Died – Thomas Sage, 100 years


Page 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Harvey Miller, Feb 25

c8        Born – Son of Joseph & Nellie Beatty, nee Earhart, Feb 22

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Townsend, 82 years, Mar 3, wife of John Townsend


Page 10

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. J. Mumford of Rushton’s Corners, 25th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Rhame of Westminster, 40th

c7        Married – Leslie Gordon Howell, son of Herbert Howell to Ina Mae Stafford, daughter of Charles Stafford

c7        Married – James Thomas Fick, son of Mrs Byrd and the late William Fick to Jean Robertson Sinclair, daughter of Hugh Sinclair


4 March 1932

Page 6

c2        Funeral – Henry Madden, Mar 3


Page 7

c1        Died – William Harriman, 49th year, brother of Mrs G. W. Stacey and G. A. Harriman; brother-in-law of Mrs C. Harriman

c8        Died – William Golderick, 52nd year, Mar 3

c8        Born – Dorothy Jane Randall, daughter of Ken Randall, Feb 26

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Townsend, 82 years, Mar 3, wife of John Townsend


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. L. Buck of Port Rowan, 50th

c6        Married – Nelson Welch, son of H. A. Welch to Lois Evelyn Day, daughter rof Charles Day


Page 10

c1        Died – Josiah Bolton, 78 years, Mar 3

c1        Died – Thomas Rose, 78th year, Mar 4


Page 14

c3        Funeral – W. G. Menhenick, Feb 28


5 March 1932

Page 2

c1        Died – C. W. Barwell, 72nd year


Page 3

c7        Married – Arthur Warren Gladston Parsons, son of W. J. I. Parsons to Alice Blanche Jackson, daughter of Robert Jackson

c7        Married – Elmer F. Ryan to Jean Mitchell, daughter of Charles H. Mitchell

c7        Married – Lawrence Strickler, son of Mrs Frank Coff to Mary Mollie Stott, daughter of James Stott

c7        Married – Thomas Stuart Brandy to Bessie Ellen Cameron


Page 7

c2        Died – Henry Bartholomew, 90 years, Mar 5

c2        Died – Mrs Agnes Keillor, Mar 5, widow of James Wesley Keillor

c3        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Townsend, Mar 5

c8        Born – Daughter of James Hamilton, Feb 28

c8        Born – Daughter of Harold & Beatrice McDonald, nee McCallum, Feb 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Erwin Eckenswiller, Feb 26

c8        Born – Son of William Dreyer, Feb 29

c8        Born – Daughter of Archie Doethals, Feb 26

c8        Born – Son of John Long, Feb 27

c8        Born – Daughter of Joseph Ayres, Mar 1

c8        Born – Betty Louise Caswell, daughter of Orville Caswell, Feb 21

c8        Born – Louis Percy Chirnside, son of Wilfred Chirnside, Feb 22

c8        Born – Son of Ernest Armstrong, Feb 24

c8        Born – Daughter of Andrew Hogg, Feb 24

c8        Born – Son of John Martin, Feb 28

c8        Born – Daughter of William H. Downs, Feb 29

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Annie Knight, Mar 6 1929

c8        Memoriam – Margaret Couse, Mar 5 1931


5 March 1932

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Catherine Carrothers, Mar 3, widow of Mark Carrothers; mother of Mrs Clifford Copeman


Page 16

c5        Photo – Mrs Glen L. Scarlett, nee Leda Ferguson of St Thomas


7 March 1932

Page 1

c4        Died – Nathan Smith Cornell, 80 years, Mar 7


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Fred P. Bolles, Mar 5

c2        Died – Mrs George R. Christie, nee Ada E. Miller, Mar 6

c3        Article – History of Shedden & Vicinity by Mrs C. E. Moore


Page 7

c2        Died – James Lunn, 75 years, Mar 8

c2        Died – Mrs Euphemia Fulton, 70 years, Mar 6, daughter of Duncan & Mary Walker; widow of George Fulton

c8        Died – Nathan Smith Cornell, 80 years, Mar 7, husband of Mrs Helen J. Cornell, nee Ellis

c8        Died – Mrs James Wesley Keillor, nee Agnes Lumley, 70 years, Mar 5

c8        Died – Mrs George Fulton, nee Euphemia Walker, 70 years, mar 6


Page 8

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George N. Weaver, nee Martha Ellen Dale of Belmont, 42nd

c3        Married – Durward O. Lowry to Edith Kathleen Gauthier, daughter of Charles Harold Gauthier

c3        Married – Alexander Gibson Osborne, son of W. W. Osborne to Elizabeth Ann Buckingham, daughter of W. E. Buckingham

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Charlesworth, 80 years, Mar 5, daughter of William & Mary Bull; wife of Rev Thomas William Charlesworth


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs L. B. Hancock, nee Sarah Sumner, 86th year, Mar 4

c6        Died – George Richard Chilton, 4 years, Mar 5, son of Bert Chilton


8 March 1932

Page 6

c8        Died – Mrs Frank Doan, , nee Fanny Thorn, 63 years, Mar 6


Page 7

c1        Died – Frank Gadsby, 77th year, husband of Mrs Elli Gadsby, nee Wise

c3        Died – Mrs Annie Murray, nee Ansty, Mar 7, widow of Dr R. E. Murray, mother of Mrs F. W. Campbell, Dr R. S. Murray and H. S. Murray

c8        Died – Nathan Smith Cornell, 80 years, Mar 7

c8        Died – Mrs Annie Murray, nee Ansty, Mar 7


Page 14

c2        Died – Albert E. Barbour, 61 years, Mar 7, husband of Mrs Mary Elizabeth Barbour, nee McCorkell

c2        Funeral – James Roberts, Mar 8, husband of Mrs Clara Roberts, nee MacKenzie


9 March 1932

Page 6

c4        Married – Thomas James Bowers to Mrs Harriet Toovey

c4        Married – Joseph G. Demcie, son of Mrs A. Demcie to Sarah Catharine Purcell, daughter of A. J. Purcell


Page 7

c5        Died – Murray Whitehead, 8 years, Mar 8, son of Thomas Whitehead; brother of Ernest Whitehead; grandson of Leamon Whitehead; nephew of E. Armstrong

c6        Funeral – Mrs George R. Christie, Mar 8

c6        Funeral – Nathan S. Cornell, Mar 9

c8        Born – Son of Norman Ross, Mar 6


10 March 1932

Page 2

c5        Funeral – Dan McCallum, Mar 9, son of Duncan & Nancy McCallum; husband of Mrs Jessie McCallum, nee Tuffin


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs George Simpson, nee Sarah Isabel Noble, 53rd year, Mar 9

c2        Died – William T. Harper, 73rd year, Mar 10

c2        Died – Samuel Pickett, 84th year, Mar 9, husband of Mrs Ellen Pickett, nee Stewart

c2        Died – Mrs Stephen Grant, nee Julia Christian, Mar 9


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of J. Stanley Lyle, Mar 7

c8        Memoriam – Carl James Taylor, Mar 10 1921, by Colin, Lavelia, Jack and Carlyle


Page 10

c3        Married – Charles Cleston Eden, son of James Eden to MaeBelle Brown, daughter of H. D. Brown


Page 16

c2        Funeral – James O. Scott, 57 years, Mar 10, son of Thomas Scott; widow of Mrs Anna Scott, nee Carpenter

c6        Funeral – A. E. Barbour, Mar 9

c6        Funeral – Murray Whitehead, Mar 10

c6        Funeral – Mrs Annie Ansty Murray, Mar 9

c6        Funeral – Mrs Agnes Keillor, Mar 9


11 March 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Duncan Calder, Mar 10

c2        Died – Mrs Martha Harp, 80th year, Mar 9, widow of Albert Harp; mother of Mrs F. Williams, Mrs H. L. Moore, Mrs James Firby, Thomas A., Joseph, Lewis and Lee Harp; sister of William Baxter

c2        Died – Mrs Susie Riddell, 49th year, Mar 9, daughter of Mrs William Ford; widow of Dr A. B. Riddell

c3        Died – Dennis Powers, father of Lewis, Walter, Dennis, Charlie and Marie Powers and the late Roy Powers; brother of Mrs Aprice – Photo


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Jane Brown, nee McCallum, 84 years, Mar 10, mother of L. G. Brown; sister of John McCallum and Mrs Jessie Suttley

c3        Died – Mrs E. Kate Falls, Mar 11, daughter of Andrew Heyward; wife of A. F. Falls

c8        Born – Kenneth George Thompson, son of Arthur R. Thompson, Feb 17

c8        Born – Daughter of Joseph & Mabel Snyder, nee Chaseley, Mar 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Joseph & Reta Arthur, nee Henry, Mar 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Thomas Grace, Mar 5

c8        Born – Diane Whiteside, daughter of B. W. Whiteside, Mar 4


Page 8

c1        Married – William Gordon Silverthorn, son of Joseph Silverthorn to Doris Evangeline Makins, daughter of George Makins

c2        Birthday – Mrs John Logan of St Thomas, 81st, mother of Mrs D. B. Fisher and Mrs E. J. McNabb

c2        Died – W. Murray, Mar 8, brother of Mrs Margaret Crumpacker, George, Donald, Alex and Norman Murray

c3        Birthday – Mrs John Isaacs of London, 101st , mother of Mary, Ada, Philip, Anson and Charles Isaacs


Page 10

c1        Died – Duncan C. McLean, 75 years, son of Donald McLean; husband of Mrs Jessie McLean, nee McDonald; father of John D. McLean

c6        Funeral – James Lunn, Mar 8


Page 14

c2        Died – John A. Carey, 86th year, uncle of Mrs Thomas Howe


12 March 1932

Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Marie Loucks, 74th year, Mar 12, widow of Joseph Loucks; sister of Mrs Nettie O’Neill and Oscar Latham


Page 7

c3        Died – Robert McRae Wright, 45 years, Mar 12, son of James Bowey Wright

c3        Died – Fred N. Burke, 45 years, Mar 10, son of John Burke

c6        Born – Son of Harold & Gladys Smith, nee Ford, Mar 11

c6        Born – Son of J. Stanley Lyle, Mar 7

c6        Born – Son of Arnold Sands, Mar 8

c6        Born – Son of LaVern Sinden, Mar 10

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Harriett Gay, Mar 12 1930


12 March 1932

Second Section

Page 20

c6        Engagement – Clarence L. Gough, son of A. E. Gough to Ella May Koyle, daughter of Lisgar Koyle

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frank MacIntyre, nee Edna Jolliffe of South Dorchester, 25th


14 March 1932

Page 2

c1        Article – Rev Hiel Wood of Springfield


Page 3

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – Tillsonburg Octogenarian Talks About Early Days – Isaac Brown Finds Present Economic Conditions Hold a Peculiarly Contrasting Interest; Pioneering Hard Work, But Had Pleasant Memories


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Duncan Calder, Mar 12

c1        Funeral – William T. Harper, Mar 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs Susie Riddell, Mar 13

c2        Died – Mrs Robert O’Brien, Mar 13, mother of Mrs Joseph Wood and Alva O’Brien

c2        Died – Robert Lightfoot, 80th year, Mar 14

c2        Died – Charles Shipman, 80th year, Mar 14, father of Mabel Shipman


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah Doxey, Mar 13, widow of Cornelius Doxey; sister of Harry & Thomas Clarke

c4        Died – James Small, 79th year, Mar 13, husband of Mrs Mary Jane Small, nee Campbell; father of Jeannette, Melvin, Samuel, Malcolm and Clarence Small; brother of Edward Small

c8        Born – Marilyn June Sutherland, daughter of A. Sutherland, Mar 12

c8        Born – Phyllis Mary Prior, daughter of Russell & Hazel Prior, nee Hollingsworth, Mary 7

c8        Died – Mrs James Hanagan, nee Emma Connolly, 74th year, Mar 13, sister of Mrs Truman Welch

c8        Died – James Small, 79th year, Mar 13

c8        Died – Robert M. Wright, 45 years, Mar 12

c8        Died – Mrs Frank Tanner, nee Violet Victoria Coventry, 31 years, Mar 14, mother of Leila, Leone, Dorothea and Frank A. Tanner

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Doxey, 73 years, Mar 13


Page 8

c1        Married – William Truman Wight, son of Alex Wight to Margaret Ellen Forbes, daughter of W. C. Forbes


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Roy Current, nee Leonita Hillman, 31 years, daughter of Mrs Margaret Hillman

c1        Died – John B. Simpson, 48 years, Mar 11

c2        Died – John W. Smith, 45 years, Mar 12

c3        Died – John Hasely, 76 years, Mar 12

c4        Died – Mrs Fred H. Keyes, 41st year, Mar 11


Page 12

c2        Died – Rev Peter R. Ross, 77 years, Mar 10

c2        Died – Mrs James Hanagan, nee Emma Connolly, 74th year, Mar 13

c4        Died – Mrs Frank Tanner, nee Violet Victoria Coventry, 31 years, Mar 14, daughter of George Coventry; sister of Mrs Theodore Rutten, Mrs Chester Fish, Mrs E. A. Kent, William, Whilley, Harley and Leo Coventry

c4        Died – George D. Horn, 72 years, Mar 13


15 March 1932

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Robert O’Brien, Mar 15, sister of William Duggan

c2        Died – James H. Goodhand, 80 years, Mar 12, father of Mrs Hogg, Mrs Harold Wardle, George, Emerson, Everett, John and Fred Goodhand


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Janet Hawke, 90 years, Mar 14, widow of Samuel L. Hawke; mother of Mrs John Harvey, Mrs R. A. Hamilton and Fred H. Hawke; sister of Mrs George Simpson and Mrs Campbell

c2        Died – Francis Joseph McAteer, 76th year, Mar 14; father of William & Marie McAteer

c2        Died – James Davidson, 92 years, Mar 15, son of Robert & Barbara Davidson

c2        Birthday – Mrs John Isaac of London, 101st

c6        Born – Son of Henry Urquhart, Mar 10

c6        Died – Mrs Janet Hawke, 90 years, Mar 14

c6        Died – Mrs Edith Annie McColl, nee Rowley, Mar 15, wife of G. R. McColl

c6        Memoriam – Ruth Amelia Collins, Mar 15 1926, by Vera, Wilbur, Edna and Hubert


Page 8

c1        Birthday – Mrs Sarah Webster of Thamesville, 100th


Page 9

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. R. Minor of Payne’s Mills, 55th – Photo

c2        Funeral – John W. Smith, 56th year, Mar 15

c2        Funeral – Alonzo Mills, Mar 12


16 March 1932

Page 1

c3        Photo – E. A. Horton of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Marie Louckes, Mar 14

c2        Died – Mrs Marie Marr, 89th year, Mar 15, widow of John Marr

c5        Died – Lachlin McIntyre, 69 years, Mar 15


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs W. T. Giles, 46 years, Mar 14, mother of Sarah & Murray Giles; sister of Edward, James and Cecil Bathurst

c2        Funeral – Mrs (Dr) Riddell, Mar 14

c6        Funeral – Mrs Emma C. Hannagan, Mar 15

c6        Funeral – Robert M. Wright, Mar 15

c8        Born – Donald Albert Clinton, son of Lewis E. Clinton, Mar 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Lloyd Vanatter, Mar 10

c8        Died – Mrs Edith Annie McColl, nee Rowley, Mar 15

c8        Died – James Davidson, 92nd year, Mar 15

c8        Memoriam – David M. Marr, Mar 16 1930


17 March 1932

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Frank Doan, nee Fanny Thorn, 72 years

c2        Died – Mrs Roger Crysler, nee Jane Ann Smith, 86 years, Mar 15

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Johnston, nee Christie Hillman of Rodney, 50th

c3        Died – Mrs Margaret Cummings, 68 years, wife of Melvin Cummings


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Charlton, nee Howey, 84th year, Mar 17, widow of Amos Charlton

c2        Died – George R. Rivers, 72nd year Mar 15


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs George R. McColl, Mar 15, daughter of George Rowley

c8        Born – Daughter of Lyle Meredith, Mar 13

c8        Memoriam – Russell Goold, Mar 17 1927


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Mrs Frank Tanner, Mar 16

c1        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Doxey, Mar 16


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs Ernest M. Willson, nee Ida Waite, Mar 16, mother of Harry, Purcell and Elsie Willson


18 March 1932

Page 5

c2        Funeral – Mrs Janet Hawke, Mar 17


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Robert Lightfoot, Mar 15

c1        Funeral – Mrs Robert O’Brien, Mar 15

c4        Died – Mrs Helena G. Walker, nee Epplett, 67 years, Mar 17, widow of William Walker


Page 7

c3        Funeral – James Davidson, Mar 15

c8        Born – Robert William Lang, son of W. E. & Helen Lang, nee Wyatt, Mar 14

c8        Born – Son of Harry Cain, Mar 16

c8        Born – Son of LaVern Sinden, Mar 10

c8        Born – Marianne Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Ross & Maisie Brown, nee Keenan, Mar 14

c8        Born – Daughter of Francis Smith, Mar 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Stanley Husler, Mar 5

c8        Born – Daughter of J. H. Patterson, Mar 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Lloyd Vannatter, Mar 11

c8        Died – Syrus F. Brown, 80th year, Mar 18, husband of Mrs Anna Brown, nee Waite

c8        Died – Daniel Thompson Campbell, 65 years, Mar 17, son of Duncan J. & Margaret Campbell; brother of Margaret, John A. and Albert D. Campbell 

Page 10

c1        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Malmer, 85th years, Mar 18, widow of Hugh Palmer

c2        Died – Daniel Thompson Campbell, 65 years, Mar 17

c3        Died – Miss Catharine Finlayson, Mar 17

c5        Died – Mrs J. C. Payne, nee Anna Leitch, Mar 16, daughter of Dr Duncan Leitch


19 March 1932

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Charles Shipman, Mar 17

c1        Funeral – Mrs Laura M. Marr, Mar 18

c4        Died – Walter Swan, 75 years, Mar 18

c5        Died – Mrs John H. Burke, nee Fanny Elizabeth Sharpe, 75 years, Mar 18

c5        Funeral – John H. Burke, Mar 18


Page 7

c6        Died – John W. Wiygent, 86 years, Mar 17, husband of Mrs Mary Evelyn Wiygent, nee Tiffin; father of Mrs Roy Scane, Mrs George Hynd, Mrs Albroy, Mrs Dora Brown, B. w. and C. W. Wiygent

c7        Born – Daughter of P. J. Slatterie, Mar 16

c7        Born – Marien Joan White, daughter of Mack A. White, Mar 5

c7        Born – Daughter of Edward Clarence Crandon, Mar 10

c7        Died – Cyrus F. Brown, 80th year, Mar 18

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Alice Claridge, Mar 19 1928, by daughter Mrs Frank Hatch


Page 8

c1        Died – F. C. Pulsford, Mar 18, brother of Mrs Arthur Cooke, H. J. Pulsford and Mrs J. Banks

c2        Died – Cyrus F. Brown, 80th year, Mar 18 – Photo


19 March 1932

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Died – Alfred Warren Furry, 69th year

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Johnston, nee Christie Hillman of Rodney, 50th – Photo

c3        Died – Miss Florence Finlayson, Mar 17, sister of Christena, Kathleen and Alex Finlayson


Page 16

c5        Engagement – J. H. Olde to Erie Lloyd, daughter of L. D. Lloyd


21 March 1932

Page 1

c2        Died – William Price Conn, 73 years, Mar 19, son of William Conn; father of Mrs Myrtle Hoar


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Charlton, Mar 19

c2        Died – Thomas J. Rowsom, 58th year, Mar 19

c2        Died – Mrs Lewis VanEvery, nee Dora Amelia Fonger, 58th year, Mar 20

c2        Died – John Murray Miller, 20th year, son of Edward Miller

c6        Died – Frank Wilcox, 57 years, Mar 19, son of John Wilcox 

Page 7

c8        Died – Mrs Alex Hunt, nee Marie Louisa Mann, 74th year, Mar 20

c8        Died – William C. Conn, 74th year, Mar 19

c8        Died – Glenn Clifford Clause, 17th year, Mar 21, son of Melvin Clause 

Page 8

c1        Married – Louis H. Whititng to Edith Gertrude Wintermute, daughter of John Wintermute

c2        Engagement – Allen F. Deverell, son of N. W. Deverell to Dorothy Lorene Robins, daughter of W. H. Robins


Page 9

c3        Died – Dr Thomas L. McRitchie, 70th year, Mar 19, son of A. McRitchie; father of Mrs W. George Kerr; brother of Mrs D. K. Stenton, Mrs Isaac Montgomery, Mrs J. Fletcher, David, Alexander and Arthur McRitchie


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Mar 20, wife of Wesley H. Braddon

c3        Died – Thomas Wallace, 60 years, Mar 19, son of David & Caroline Wallace; husband of Mrs Linda B. Wallace


22 March 1932

Page 1

c3        Birthday – Dr A. D. Naismith of Straffordville, 80th – Photo


Page 6

c1        Died – Joseph Ansley Shaw, 81 years, Mar 20, son of John Shaw; widow of Mrs Alice Shaw, nee Hicks

c1        Funeral – Mrs Margaret M. Campbell, Mar 21


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Phoebe Alice Southern, nee Nobbs, 67 years, Mar 22

c2        Died – Miss Lillian Bechtel, Mar 20, daughter of John & Ellen Bechtel

c2        Funeral – Cyrus F. Brown, Mar 21

c8        Died – Joseph Coates, 88 years, Mar 19

c8        Born – Helen Margaret Fife, daughter of W. Fife, Mar 17


Page 8

c3        Married – Robert Beverley Cline, son of Charles Cline to Hazel Leone Messecar, daughter of David Messecar

c3        Married – William Leo Harris, son of Blake Harris to Helen Gertrude Parkins, daughter of George Parkins


Page 12

c2        Died – Henry Clunas, 80 years, Mar 22, brother of F. J. Clunas


23 March 1932

Page 8

c1        Funeral – John Murray Miller, Mar 22

c1        Funeral – Mrs Lewis VanEvery, Mar 22

c2        Died – Mrs Amy Alberta Brown, nee Williamson, 68th year, Mar 21, wife of Edwin A. Brown


Page 9

c1        Died – Sally Lou Scafie, 5 days, Mar 22, daughter of Jack Scafie; grandson of Edward Small and Ernest Armstrong

c3        Funeral – William C. Conn, Mar 22

c8        Born – Harold Fraser Daniels, son of Harold & Dora Daniels, nee Putnam, Mar 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Ross Fugard, Mar 21

c8        Died – Mrs Phoebe Alice Southern, nee Nobbs, 67 years, Mar 22

c8        Memoriam – Mary Laird Thomson, Mar 23 1930

c8        Memoriam – Ansel F. Henry, Mar 23 1928


Page 12

c4        Died – Henry H. Clunas, 78 years, Mar 22, son of Thomas & Mary Jane Clunas, nee Gilbert; widow of Mrs Maria Jane Clunas, nee Udell


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs Charles Karn, nee Hazel Mae Ecclestone, daughter of A. M. Ecclestone


24 March 1932

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Henry Clunas, Mar 24

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Parker, Mar 19, wife of Lewis Parker, sister-in-law of Mrs C. J. Gifford


Page 7

c5        Died – Mrs Annie Leakey, 54 years, Mar 24, wife of Arthur Leakey; mother of Mrs Mary Brown and Edgar Leakey; sister of Mrs David Lowe, Mrs George Bowes, John & William McNernie

c7        Died – Mrs Margaret Dunsmore, nee Paisley, 61 years, Mar 23, daughter of William J. & Sarah Paisley; wife of Robert J. Dunmore

c7        Died – Mrs Annie Leakey, nee McNernie, 54 years, Mar 24

c7        Died – James Gilbert Rickwood, 85 years, Mar 23

c7        Died – David Frederick Calvart, 2 years, Mar 23, son of Frederick Calvart

c8        Born – Son of Henry Urquhart, Mar 10

c8        Born – Son of A. Atam, Mar 20

c8        Memoriam – James Foote, Mar 25 1921


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Dunsmore, nee Paisley, 61 years, Mar 23 – Photo

c4        Died – J. Burks, Mar 15

c4        Died – Mrs J. Burks, Mar 18, sister of William Allin and Mrs Louisa Durdle; aunt of Mrs B. Smith and Mrs D. Meyer

c4        Died – William Allin, Mar 22, brother of Mrs J. Burks and Mrs Louisa Durdle; uncle of Mrs B. Smith and Mrs D. Meyer

c4        Died – Mrs Helena Walker, Mar 17, wife of William Walker

c4        Died – Mrs Henry Maguire, Mar 22, sister-in-law of Mrs Joseph Collinson


Page 14

c4        Died – James Gilbert Rickwood, Mar 24


26 March 1932

Page 2

c1        Will – Estate of Charles Millar of Toronto


Page 3

c4        Married – J. H. Olde to Erie Gwen Lloyd

c4        Married – Allen F. Deverell to Dorothy Lorene Robbins

c4        Married – Harry Clayton Church, son of E. L. Church to Ella Irene Lymburner, daughter of Frank Lymburner


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Glen Claus, Mar 23, brother of Mary, Ruby, Carlton and Kenneth Claus; son of Melvin Claus


Page 7

c2        Died – Joseph Wheeler, 69 years, Mar 24

c2        Funeral – James G. Rickwood, Mar 25

c2        Funeral – David Frederick Calvart, Mar 25

c4        Married – John Edwin Goodison, son of William T. Goodison to Mary Annesley Strangways, daughter of Rev B. R. Strangways

c4        Married – Eugene Fotheringham, son of Thomas Fotheringham to Margery De La Tolhurst, daughter of S. M. Tolhurst

c4        Married – Kenneth Mattis, son of L. Mattis to Mina Sabin, daughter of S. W. Young

c4        Married – Clarence Leslie Gough to Ella May Koyle

c6        Died – Miss Janet Campbell, 84th year, Mar 24, daughter of John & Jessie Campbell; sister of William Campbell; aunt of John S. Campbell, William Campbell and Thomas Lunnell

c7        Born – Son of Mr and Mrs Saltmarche, Mar 22

c7        Died – Mrs Beatrice Ann Humphrey, 52 years, Mar 25, wife of John T. Humphrey; mother of Howard Humphrey

c7        Died – Henry Jordan, 85 years, Mar 26, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Jordan; father of Mrs A. Clements, James, John W. & Henry Jordan

c8        Memoriam – D. A. McCallum, Mar 26 1928

c8        Memoriam – Bertha Gable, Mar 27 1924

c8        Memoriam – William Barfett, Mar 27 1926


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Porter of Dutton, 60th – Photo

c3        Died – Mrs Florence Forbes, 76 years, Mar 24, daughter of Robert & Anne Burn, nee Madison; widow of Asa Forbes; mother of Mrs F. E. Ashworth

c3        Funeral – Mrs R. J. Dunsmore, Mar 25

c3        Funeral – Mrs Phoebe Alice Southern, Mar 24

c4        Died – Mrs Beatrice Ann Humphrey, 52 years, Mar 25, niece of Samuel Peters

c4        Died – Henry Jordan, 85 years, Mar 26


26 March 1932

Second Section

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c1        Died – Wilford Johnson, 67 years, father of C. Murdon and Floyd V. Johnson and Mrs Zibe Grice

c6        Died – Mrs Homer Plato, nee Viola Moore, 63 years, Mar 24


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c5        Engagement – Albert John Pay to Mary Margaret Waters, sister of E. A. Connoy


28 March 1932

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c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Oliver Rohrer of Aylmer, 50th


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c4        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Edgar, Mar 28, daughter of John Anderson; widow of Martin R. Edgar

c6        Died – Mrs Sarah Ann McPherson, daughter of John Knight; widow of Hugh A. McPherson and William H. Hughes; mother of E. A. & Freemont Hughes; sister of John N. Knight; grandmother of Mrs (Dr) Lewis and George Lewis; aunt of Mrs R. H. Blackmore, Mrs Fred Saunders and Mrs R. Thayer

c6        Died – Mrs Robert Leslie Taylor, nee Mollie Chipman Smith, Mar 26, daughter of Henry Arvida Smith

c6        Died – Mrs Anna Wilson, Mar 26, wife of Charles H. Wilson

c8        Born – Eva Marie & Ruby Bernice Babcock, twin daughters of Wesley Babcock, Mar 21

c8        Born – Son of W. M. Leonard, Mar 5

c8        Born – Alexander Neil McKellar, son of Duncan McKellar, Mar 10

c8        Born – Son of Neil McLachlin, Mar 9

c8        Born – Son of Vincent Watterworth, Mar 17

c8        Born – Son of Rex Edward Prangley, Mar 15

c8        Born – Glen Carman Keeling, son of Lester Keeling, Mar 19

c8        Born – Hugh Belton Geddes, son of Hugh Huntley Geddes, Mar 18

c8        Born – Robert Edmund Jasper, son of Robert Jasper, Mar 26

c8        Died – John Bassett, 96th year, Mar 27

c8        Died – Clifford Joseph Hunter, 43rd year, Mar 27, husband of Mrs Ethel Hunter, nee Preston

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Ann McPherson, nee Knight, 93 years, Mar 27

c8        Memoriam – William Barfett, Mar 17 1927

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Annie L. McCormack, Mar 28 1930


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c1        Died – Frederick N. Burke, 46 years, son of John Burke; husband of Mrs Amanda Burke, nee Bearss

c1        Died – Archie Morris, 57th year, husband of Mrs Janie Morris, nee Good


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c3        Died – Mrs Eliza Jane Goodwin, Mar 27, daughter of Benjamin Beckett, wife of D. G. Goodwin

c3        Died – John Bassett, 96 years, Mar 27

c3        Funeral – Miss Jessie Smith, 64th year, Mar 28

c5        Died – Clifford Joseph Hunter, 43rd year, Mar 27, son of Joseph Hunter; father of Lillian, Dorothy and Harold Hunter; brother of Joseph and Henry Hunter


29 March 1932

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c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert Roloson of Aylmer, 29th

c1        Died – Mrs Valentine Schearer, 69 years, Mar 24, mother of Richard and Charles Schearer


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c2        Died – John Ferguson, 80 years, Mar 28

c8        Born – Daughter of F. W. Baker, Mar 26

c8        Born – Robert Henry Roland Wise, son of Robert Wise, Mar 29

c8        Died – Mrs Eliza Jane Goodwin, Mar 27, wife of T. G. Goodwin


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c1        Married – Walter A. Wilson to Mrs Martha Jane Cole

c2        Funeral – Mrs Edward Byron, Mar 30, aunt of Mrs C. A. Cook, Miss Flora Cattanach and Miss Eva Thomson

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Leo Lefler of Waterford, 25th


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c1        Died – Mrs Edward Byron, nee Bella Eva Thompson, Mar 28

c2        Died – William Mack, 59 years, Mar 26

c2        Died – Peter Ludy, Mar 26, brother of Nicholas Ludy


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c4        Died – Angus Gillies, 76 years, Mar 28

c5        Funeral – Henry Jordan, Mar 28

c5        Funeral – Mrs John T. Humphrey, Mar 28

c5        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Plato, Mar 28


30 March 1932

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c2        Died – Bradford Bowlby, 83rd year, Mar 29, son of Alexander & Rachel Bowlby


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c2        Died – Neil McKillop, 55 years, Mar 30, husband of Mrs Edna Elizabeth McKillop, nee Page; father of Ruth McKillop

c3        Birthday – W. E. McDonald of Belmont, 94th

c4        Died – Orrin Ellwood, Mar 29, father of Mrs Millie Waddell; brother of James Ellwood and Mrs Margaret Galloway; brother-in-law of Mrs Baird

c6        Died – Mrs George E. Hughes, nee Lucy A. Trowhill, 32nd year, Mar 28

c6        Funeral – John Bassett, Mar 29

c6        Funeral – Mrs Jessie Smith, Mar 28

c6        Funeral – Mrs Sarah McPherson, Mar 29

c8        Born – Joan Teresa Monaghan, daughter of L. Monaghan, Mar 27

c8        Born – Joseph Bertrand Biddle, son of Robert C. Biddle, Mar 22

c8        Born – Louis William Snooks, son of Wilfred Snooks, Mar 23

c8        Died – Neil McKillop, 55 years, Mar 30

c8        Died – Mrs Thomas McEwen, nee Alma Berdan, 55 years, Mar 29, daughter of Mrs Charlotte Hanna


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c3        Married – Stanley Andrew Cushman, son of H. Cushman to Irene Jessie Gladstone, daughter of Hiram Gladstone


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c2        Funeral – Clifford J. Hunter, Mar 29

c5        Died – Mrs Thomas McEwen, nee Alma Berdan, 55 years, Mar 29


31 March 1932

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c4        Died – Charles Saywell, 84 years, Mar 31, son of James & Ann Saywell, nee Stockes


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c8        Born – Son of Harry Varey, Mar 28

c8        Born – Son of Cecil Neville, Mar 29

c8        Died – Charles Saywell, 84 years, Mar 31

c8        Memoriam – William Wilson Sims, Mar 31 1927


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c5        Married – Ivan Arthur Specht, son of Arthur Specht to Cora Lillian Rice, daughter of Ward Rice

c5        Married – Edward A. Miller, son of Fred & Christine Miller to Marion Catherine Patton, daughter of William Patton

c5        Married – Hugh T. Carroll, son of William Carroll to Gladys Hartwick, daughter of John Hartwick


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c2        Died – Marshall Emanuel Hamilton, 1 year, Mar 30, son of Reid Hamilton; brother of Ethelyn and Charlotte Hamilton; grandson of E. H. Yoder

c4        Funeral – Mrs Eliza Jane Goodwin, Mar 30