STTJ 1922 Aug

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

August 1922

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 August 1922

Page 1
c1    Died –   J. J. MacKenzie, 57 years, Aug 1, son of D. K. MacKenzie; grandson of James MacAdam; husband of Mrs Agnes Kathleen Vesey-Rogers; son-in-law of W. Vesey-Rogers
c3    Died –   James T. Ponsford, 69 years, July 31

Page 4
c1    Funeral –   Norman Hoshal, July 29
c1    Died –   Mrs G. Kyle, July 29, mother of Mrs E. McClain

Page 5
c4    Married –   Alan Pierce Blackburn, son of James E. Blackburn to Mary Eileen Campbell, daughter of Hugh A. Campbell

Page 9
c7    Born –   Daughter of Duncan McBane, July 30
c7    Born –   Betty Irene Dunlop, daughter of A. E. Dunlop, July 30
c7    Born –   Son of George Johnson, July 29
c7    Died –   Miss Laura Cecelia Mason, July 30
c7    Memoriam –   Ella Wisely, Aug 1 1920


2 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Died –   Alexander Graham Bell, Aug 1 – Photo

Page 5
c2    Married –   W. Hutchinson to Ada Armitage, daughter of Mrs J. Armitage

Page 6
c2    Died –   Mrs Ephraim Kratz, Aug 1

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs Clara Ann Perry, 66 years, Aug 2, wife of John Perry
c7    Died –   Dr Frank J. Beal, 42 years, July 26, son of John Beal; husband of Mrs Adeline Beal; brother of Clarence, Blanche and Rolla Beal; nephew of Louis Beal
c7    Born –   Son of J. A. Charlton, July 29
c7    Born –   Anna Leilah Millman, daughter of Albert Millman, July 31
c7    Born –   Daughter of Dr Lee Elliott, Aug 1
c7    Born –   Son of E. A. Ward, Aug 2
c7    Memoriam –   William J. McNames, Aug 2 1920


3 August 1922

Page 1
c7    Died –   Mrs Hannah Farley, Aug 2, wife of Reuben Farley

Page 4
c2    Died –   Mrs William Whitehead, 48th year, July 30, daughter of William Gilbert
c4    Died –   Mrs Florence Beatrice McCrimmon, daughter of Henry Anderson; wife of Rev A. L. McCrimmon

Page 5
c1    Married –   Eugene C. Spereman, son of James Spereman to Eugenie Marie DeFoe, daughter of D. M. DeFoe
c1    Married –   L. E. L. Taylor, son of J. L. Taylor to Elizabeth Rowe, daughter of H. Rowe
c1    Married –   Arthur Haines, son of Milton Haines to Marguerite Kathleen Johnston, daughter of S. Y. Johnston

Page 6
c3    Photo –   Corinth School

Page 7
c1    Died –   Mrs John Robb, nee Campbell, 63 years, Aug 1
c1    Funeral –   Miss Laura Cecelia Mason, Aug 2
c7    Born –   Son of Thomas Kimmerly, July 30
c7    Born –   Son of Robert McKinley, Aug 1
c7    Born –   Son of Norman Alexander, Aug 1
c7    Born –   Daughter of Charles Allen, July 31
c7    Died –   Mrs hannah Farley, 76 years, Aug 2, wife of Reuben Farley
c7    Memoriam –   Doris VanSickle, Aug 3 1918, by parents Mr & Mrs Inman VanSickle


4 August 1922

Page 5
c2    Married –   J. Lee Stratton to Norma Jean Soper
c2    Married –   Robert A. Cook to Lila Campbell, daughter of Lorne Campbell
c2    Married –   Roy William Clarke to Ruth Marian McCall, daughter of B. A. McCall
c2    Married –   Earl Alexander Graham to Violet Blanche Holland, daughter of D. Holland
c3    Married –   Dr R. J. Hamilton to Dina Ward, daughter of William Ward

Page 6
c3    Reunion –   Welch Family
c3    Died –   William Gillespie, 73 years

Page 8
c3    Reunion –   Oke Family
c3    Married –   Clayton George Axford to Lena Gertrude Parker

Page 9
c2    Died –   Garth Edward Worden, 6 years, Aug 3, son of Walter G. Worden
c2    Funeral –   James Ponsford, Aug 3
c3    Married –   Donald Smith to Mary Abbey
c3    Married –   Harry Schram to Hilda Streeter
c5    Born –   Margaret Louise Leitch, daughter of D. St Clair Leitch, Aug 1
c5    Born –   Marjorie June Grose, daughter of W. H. Grose, July 31
c5    Born –   Daughter of H. Rackham, Aug 3
c5    Died –   Mrs Hannah Farley, Aug 2
c5    Died –   Mrs Clara Ann Perry, Aug 2
c5    Memoriam –   Rane Cole, Aug 3 1920, by brother-in-law William Irving

Page 16
c1    Died –   Mrs Kate Walthew or Walthem, Aug 3, wife of T. Walthew; daughter-in-law of Adam Walthew; niece of James Walthew
c1    Died –   Thomas Freele, 79 years, July 21, husband of Mrs Freele, nee Neil; father of William E. Freele, Mrs A. Brock Mrs F. Brent, Mrs L. Wyatt and Lavelle Freele; uncle of James Freele, James Freele, Hugh Freele, Robert Henry and Charles Whitlock


8 August 1922

Page 4
c3    Died –   Mrs W. A. Mabee, nee Emma McGilvery; mother of Nettie Mabee; sister of Charles, William and David McGilvery and mrs Bigelow

Page 5
c1    Married –   Alexander Blair Gray, son of Malcolm Gray to Gladys Irene McIntyre, daughter of P. G. McIntyre
c1    Married –   Robert Stanley Addely to Lillian May Andrews
c1    Married –   Francis Ambrose Corrigan to Mary Kathleen Buckley, daughter of Daniel Buckley

Page 6
c1    Died –   James Austin Anderson, 74th year, Aug 7
c2    Funeral –   John E. Richards, Aug 7
c3    Died –   James Page, 65 years, Aug 7

Page 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Hannah Farley, Aug 5
c2    Funeral –   Mrs S. H. Pavey, Aug 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs John Perry, Aug 6
c2    Funeral –   Garth E. Worden, Aug 5
c5    Born –   Cyril John Somerville, son of Ewart G. & Dorothy Somerville, nee Sylvester, Aug 5
c5    Born –   Loraine Margaret Brooks, daughter of H. B. Brooks, Aug 4
c5    Born –   Shirley Beryle Wise, daughter of Fred & Mary Wise, nee Poole, Aug 2
c5    Born –   Son of G. Hessaneur, Aug 5
c5    Born –   Son of John Watson, Aug 5
c5    Memoriam –   George Pickles, Aug 7 1921
c5    Memoriam –   Erie Wimbush, Aug 8 1918


9 August 1922

Page 1
c7    Married –   Andrew Dominion McKenzie, son of Andrew McKenzie to Alice May Sharpe, daughter of W. J. Sharpe

Page 6
c3    Article –   Corner stone laid at Dutton’s Memorial Hall

Page 7
c7    Died –   Mrs Edgar Hilliker, nee Emily Jolliffe, Aug 6, daughter of James Jolliffe
c7    Memoriam –   Robert Hammersley, Aug 9 1918

Page 10
c1    Married –   Orville McNally, son of Owen McNally to Elizabeth Velma McCabe, daughter of H. L.  McCabe
c1    Married –   Percy G. Butcher, son of Thomas G. Butcher to Pearl Marshall, daughter of W. H. Marshall
c1    Married –   Theodore A. Loughrey, son of Archibald Loughrey to Helen Duncan, daughter of James Cummings
c1    Married –   Robert Gillespie Davidson, son of T. Scott Davidson to Meronica Agnes Ferguson, daughter of William Ferguson


10 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Died –   Elijah George Kitchen, 72 years, Aug 10, father of Roy & Charles Kitchen – Photo

Page 4
c3    Died –   John Henry Soper, Aug 6

Page 5
c2    Married –   Adam James Stewart, son of A. J. Stewart to Mae McInally, daughter of I. McInally
c2    Married –   Thomas Acland Cawston to Edna May Smith
c2    Married –   Arthur Page, son of John Page to Eva Grogan, daughter of Charles W. Grogan

Page 6
c2    Reunion –   Harding Family
c4    Died –   Florence Isabel Marlatt, 13 years, Aug 10, daughter of Ralph Marlatt

Page 7
c7    Born –   Son of Austin Walters, Aug 5
c7    Born –   Edward Cotter, son of G. E. Hessenauer, Aug 5
c7    Died –   Florence Isabel Marlatt, 13 years, Aug 9, daughter of Ralph Marlatt


11 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Photo –   Adjutant & Mrs Arthur Jordan of Salvation Army St Thomas
c4    Died –   Neil McCallum, 66 years, Aug 10

Page 5
c3    Married –   Dr Arthur Ellwood Hilliker to Kathleen Marie Keyes, daughter of John E. Keyes

Page 9
c1    Died –   Sister Loretta, nee Anna Murphy, Aug 10, sister of B. A. Murphy and Mrs Ethel Roach
c3    Reunion –   Pearson Family
c4    Reunion –   Freeman Family
c5    Memoriam –   Herbert Shirley, Aug 11 1921, by sister Mrs Sacher
c7    Born –   Daughter of H. Bishop, Aug 11
c7    Born –   Daughter of Harvie J. & Nina K. Dorrance, nee Copeman, Aug 9
c7    Died –   Elijah George Kitchen, 74 years, Aug 10
c7    Died –   Neil McCallum, 66 years, Aug 10
c7    Died –   Norman Hubert Hartsell, 13 months, Aug 11, infant son of Henry E. Hartsell


14 August 1922

Page 1
c5    Died –   Homer Miller, 9 years, Aug 13, son of Angus Miller
c6    Died –   Harry Tamblyn, 18 years, Aug 14
c7    Died –   Alfred Robert Crundell, 42 years, Aug 13, father of Robert, Albert, Florence, Nellie, Lucy, Irene and Jean Crundell and Mrs John Ford; brother of Robert and Albert Crundell

Page 5
c2    Married –   George Earl Ramage, son of George Ramage to Edna Arnott Alcombrack, daughte of J. G. Alcombrack
c2    Married –   Herbert Clinton Barlow, son of George Barlow to Eva Deltra Sheets, daughter of O. W. Sheets

Page 6
c2    Died –   Thomas Rockey, Aug 14

Page 7
c1    Died –   Miss Bridget Gertrude Salter, Aug 14, daughter of Dennis Salter
c1    Funeral –   Norman Hubert Hartsell, Aug 12
c1    Funeral –   Neil McCallum, Aug 12
c1    Funeral –   Edgar G. Kitchen, Aug 13
c7    Died –   Mrs George Ronson, 65 years, Aug 12; mother of Mrs Raymond Young, Mrs Fred Funn, Liza Ronson and Mrs T. Sandham
c7    Born –   Robert LeRoy Brown, son of Jasper & Ada Brown, nee Miller
c7    Died –   Alfred R. Crundell, 42 years, Aug 13


15 August 1922

Page 4
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Catharine King, Aug 14
c6    Died –   Mrs Ellen Blanche Singular, nee Miller, Aug 14, daughter of Asa Miller; wife of Edward Singular

Page 5
c3    Married –   Gordon R. Wilson, son of W. A. Wilson to Flora L. McLellan, daughter of D. A. McLellan
c3    Married –   Orton t. Walker to Frances Joyce Fry, daughter of A. C. Fry

Page 6
c5    Birthday –   Mrs Henry Brown of Springfield, 76th

Page 7
c1    Died –   Harry Tambling, Aug 14, son of Frank Tambling; brother of Frank, Viola and Lillie Tambling
c1    Funeral –   George a. McLachlin, Aug 14
c2    Married –   William Roy Dilts, son of Benson Dilts to Winnifred Sparks, daughter of Mrs Bessy Sparks
c6    Memoriam –   John Acton, Aug 15 1917
c7    Died –   Miss Bridget Gertrude Salter, Aug 14


16 August 1922

Page 5
c2    Married –   George E. Yorke to Carrie Blain
c2    Married –   John Boyd to Janet Watson Young, daughter of James Young
c2    Married –   Stanley David Rendall to Gladys Armstrong Manson
c2    Married –   Ernest Filshie Cuthbertson to Mary Edna Manson
c3    Engagement –   Bruce L. Benner to Sela Dadson, daughter of Frank Dadson of Port Stanley
c3    Engagement –   Harold L. Frishette, son of A. Frishette to Lillian McCallum, daughter of John McCallum
c3    Married –   Harold Gloin to Jennie May Kelsey, daughter of F. W. Kelsey

Page 6
c1    Reunion –   Brackenbury Family

Page 7
c1    Married –   George Earl Ramage to Edna Arnold Alcombrack
c2    Funeral –   Bridget G. Salter, Aug 16
c2    Funeral –   Albert R. Crundwell, Aug 14


18 August 1922

Page 5
c2    Married –   Kenneth L. Gooding, son of Walter K. Gooding to Jessie E. Sabiston, daughter of James Sabiston
c2    Married –   Earl A. Graham to Violet Blanche Holland, daughter of David Holland
c2    Married –   W. Lorne Keeling, son of C. W. Keeling to Anne Canmore Osborne, daughter of W. R. Osborne
c2    Married –   M. b. Frances to Helen Hamilton, daughter of George Hamilton
c2    Married –   Albert Edward Cook, son of Joseph Cook to Winnifred Rachel Kendall, daughter of John Kendall

Page 8
c1    Funeral –   Thomas Rockey, Aug 17
c1    Married –   Leo Connor to Millie Davis

Page 9
c3    Died –   George H. Ramsey, 65 years, father of Arthur and Fred Ramsey, Mrs John Hillyer and Mrs J. N. Curtis; brother of Fred and Charles Ramsey
c6    Memoriam –   Annie Thompson Bain Weir, Aug 16 1917
c7    Born –   Son of Fred McGill, Aug 8
c7    Born –   Twin daughters of Alex G. Hay, Aug 2
c7    Born –   Daughter of Clair Tench, Aug 15
c7    Born –   Dorothy Mildred Hyde, daughter of Albert Hyde, Aug 6
c7    Born –   Gordon Thomas Barclay, son of Thomas Barclay, Aug 18


19 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Article –   Sopwith Airplane crashes near South Park Cemetery, St Thomas
c3    Died –   William Wegenast, 21 years, Aug 18, son of W. H. Wegenast; brother of Mrs N. C. Clement, Mildred and Edna Wegenast

Page 4
c1    Reunion –   Bainard Family
c2    Birthday –   Miss Alice Beemer of Aylmer, 90th – Photo, daughter of Squire John W. Beemer; sister of Alice, Carrie and Minnie Beemer and Mrs Jennie Kirkpatrick
c4    Married –   Chester Clarence Crawford, son of J. B. & Emma Crawford to Hilda Viola Castleman, daughter of Allen & Edith Castleman

Page 6
c1    Reunion –   Sisters, Mrs David Crawford of South Dorchester and Mrs John Smith of Toronto
c5    Reunion –   Pickard Family
19 August 1922
Second Section

Page 8
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Beacons of the Pacific Coast

Page 14
c5    Engagement –   Wallace A. Simpson, son of William Simpson to Grace Isabel German, daughter of William German
c5    Engagement –   C. Clayton Thomson, son of J. W. Thomson to Mary Everett, daughter of W. C. Everett

Page 15
c2    Married –   Frederick Pratt, son of Fred Pratt to Dorothy Carter, daughter of Ernest E. Carter
c5    Funeral –   Wilfred John Conway, Aug 18, infant son of Arthur Conway
c7    Born –   Son of Clarence Bobier
c7    Born –   Eugenie Mills, daughter of E. H. Mills, Aug 10
c7    Born –   Daughter of H. A. Balch, Aug 15
c7    Born –   Son of Floyd L. Kipp, Aug 13
c7    Born –   Lee Hughes, son of H. J. & Mildred Hughes, nee Lee, Aug 18
c8    Memoriam –   Arthur Harvey, Aug 20 1921

Page 18
c1    Birthday –   Joseph Barnes of Fingal & St Thomas, 86th
c1    Engagement –   Russell C. Crossman to Irene Worthington
c2    Died –   Homer Miller, Aug 18
c5    Died –   Dr J. J. Corliss, 82 years, Aug 18, father of Dr Charles, Dr Wilson and Dr Philip Corliss


21 August 1922

Page 1
c1    Article –   James Harvey of St Thomas
c4    Died –   Elijah Bond, 77 years, Aug 20, father of Mrs Thomas Fryer, Fred W. and Arthur C. Bond; brother of Samuel and Octavius Bond and Mrs John Prance

Page 4    Reunion –   Descendants of Alexander & Nancy Stewart, nee Watson and their sons Alexander, Andrew, Archibald and John Stewart

Page 5
c2    Married –   Foulton Kendrick, son of Oughton Kendrick to Margaret Elizabeth Sliter, daughter of William Sliter
c2    Married –   Louis Rosenberger to Emma Henrietta McCarthy, daughter of T. B. McCarthy

Page 6
c1    Died –   Patrick Sullivan, 57 years, Aug 19
c2    Died –   Don McGregor, 3 years, Aug 20, son of John H. McGregor
c3    Died –   Thomas L. Jobb, 74 years, Aug 19

Page 7
c7    Died –   Patrick Sullivan, 57 years, Aug 19
c7    Memoriam –   Eleanor Brooks McLachlan, Aug 21 1911

Page 8
c2    Photo –   Tom Finlay of St Thomas


22 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Article –   Colin Hodgins of St Thomas

Page 5
c3    Married –   Hugh G. Hayes to Mildred Phenix
c3    Married –   Arthur Stanley MacGregor to Eva Mae Francis, daughter of Mrs S. J. Francis
c3    Married –   Norman John Pullen to Ila Maude Punting

Page 6
c1    Died –   William Wegenast, Aug 18
c6    Fire –   John Johnson of Mapleton

Page 7
c1    Fire –   John W. Johnson of Mapleton
c6    Funeral –   Patrick Sullivan, Aug 22
c7    Died –   Elijah Bond, 77 year, Aug 20
c7    Memoriam –   Patricia May Marshall, Aug 22 1921

Page 10
c2    Photo –   John Meehan of St Thomas


23 August 1922

Page 1
c1    Photo –   Times Journal Newsboys Picnic – Jim Evans; Charles Evans; Albert Hammond; Lloyd Mills; Ross Galloway; Vincent Berry; Carl Cline; Len Tales; Willie Tales; Hugh Tales; George Portlock; Walter Howard; Willie Howard; Leslie Dean; Alton Johnson; Lloyd Jones; Harold Rock; T. McLaughlin; Fred Thayer; Harold Beatty; Tom Langley; Len Langley; Paul McNally; Howard Vail; Clifford Mills; Alfred Coates; Donald Royce; Roy Osborne; Jack Heard; Richard Dodd; Kenneth Light; Leonard Neil; Harry Graham; Bob Woods; Harold McNames; Mervin Merritt; Arthur Plowright; Jim Russell; Arthur Drewitt; James Evans; John Martin; Willie Light; Clifford Bernie; Ray Folland; Bill Ross; Vincent Berry; Dave Johnstone; Donald Smart; Leslie Smart; John Rapley; ? Worley; L. Osborne; Lorne Grayling; Ernest Addy; Fred Oakes; Arthur Hayes; Hardy Sutton; Bill Larkin; Herb Urbach; Jack Brown; Roy Brown; Roy Moorehead; Russell Pattison; James Geddes; Rob Graves; Phillip Merritt; Harold Light; Harry Herbert; Alfred Herbert

Page 3
c2    Died –   Christopher W. Brown, 79 years, Aug 21

Page 4
c1    Reunion –   Graham Family

Page 5
c4    Married –   Dr J. W. Fasken to Mrs Alice Elizabeth Daws, nee Noice Harley
c4    Married –   Gordon W. Mann to Blanch Clark
c4    Married –   Arthur Baker to Sophia Lastar, daughter of B. Lastar
c4    Married –   Albert J. Slaght to Laura Pearl Robbins

Page 6
c1    Died –   William Wegenast, Aug 18

Page 7
c1    Married –   John William Sweedland to Mary Baker
c1    Married –   William Elmer Herman to Vera Bowen
c1    Married –   Bruce Walter Ronson to Bessie Sinden
c1    Married –   John Wesley Bissell to Ida Minerva Burtch
c1    Married –   Harry Alexander McCaig McKeracher to Lillian Florence McKernand
c3    Died –   Mrs Hector Purcell, nee Margaret Milligan, 75 years, Aug 22
c7    Born –   son of Charles Emmett, Aug 18
c7    Memoriam –   William Ryan, Aug 23 1919

Page 10
c2    Photo –   Jack Campbell of St Thomas

Page 12
c2    Photo –   Times Journal Newsboys Picnic – Mrs Campbell, Mrs D. H. McIntyre, Mrs A. Arnum, Mrs J. Garrow, Mrs W. Stubbs, Mrs D. Campbell, Mrs Burgess, Mrs J. Taylor, Mrs Norton, Mrs R. Garrow, Mrs W. H. Ward, Miss L. Taylor, Mrs Scott, Mrs Stephens, Bobby Garrow, Katharine Campbell, Isabel Garrow, Helen McIntyre
c2    Photo –   Times Journal Newsboys Picnic – Herbert Ramsay, C. G. Woodside, W. Boise, B. K. Knowles, W. H. Murch, L. H. Dingman, Herbert W. Tucker, W. L. Agnew


24 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Photo –   Pressey Reunion

Page 4
c2    Reunion –   Pressey Family
c6    Died –   Mrs Flora McEvoy, Aug 16, sister of John D. McPhail and Mrs Franc;  half-sister of Thomas Busby

Page 5
c2    Married –   George Sanderson Corner to Mabel Iola Shepley, daughter of J. E. Shepley
c2    Married –   Dr Roswell Ellmore Flak, son of Millard H. Flack to Mary Marshall, daughter of James Marshall
c2    Married –   Lloyd Carson Shiry. son of John Shiry to Minnie Kerney, daughter of Martine Kerney
c2    Married –   Charles Colborne McKenney to Beulah West, daughter of Isaac West
c2    Married –   Frank H. McPherson, son of J. A. McPherson to Irma Margaret Horner, daughter of J. H. Horner
c2    Married –   Harry Alexander McKeracher to
Frances McKerman, daughter of Mrs Annie McKerman
c2    Married –   Rev Morley B. Hall to Violet N. Ivory at the home of George Ivory
c4    Married –   J. W. Bissell to Ida M. Burtch, daughter of Thomas Burtch

Page 6
c2    Died –   Rev John McAskile, Aug 17, son of Peter McAskile

Page 10
c5    Died –   Dugald Turner, 90 years, Aug 23

Page 11
c3    Funeral –   Elijah Bond, Aug 23
c5    Died –   Mrs John Aspen, Aug 19, daughter of Mark Burger; sister of Mrs Laura Hazen
c7    Born –   Twin daughters of Eugene Snively, Aug 22
c7    Born –   Daughter of Mahlon Price, Aug 14


25 August 1922

Page 6
c3    Died –   Mrs Hector Purcell, nee Margaret Jane Mulligan, Aug 23
c4    Died –   Mrs Janet Munro, 93 years, Aug 14, daughter of Neil Leitch; widow of Colin Munro; mother of Jessie, Sarah and George Munro, Mrs John Preece and Mrs Ellen McCready; sister of Mrs Margaret Munro, Mrs Mary Leitch, Alex and Sarah Leitch; aunt of Archy F. and Colin A. Munro, Dan Leitch, Archy Munroe, Andrew Leitch and Mungo Leitch

Page 7
c2    Died –   Thomas Zavitz, 81 years, Aug 22
c3    Died –   Mrs James Lynch, nee Garrett, Aug 24

Page 10
c1    Married –   Stanley G. Wilson to Alice Kaiser, daughter of Charles E. Kaiser
c1    Died –   John McLarty, 25 years, Aug 23, son of Dougal McLarty
c2    Funeral –   William Wegenast, Aug 23, nephew of George Wegenast
c4    Reunion –   McKillop Family

Page 11
c1    Birthday –   Mrs Thomas Hanna of St Thomas 74th
c3    Born –   Ivan Ralph Moore, son of Benjamin S. Moore, Aug 19
c3    Born –   Daughter of J. A. & Elsie Flewelling, nee bate, Aug 21
c3    Born –   Mary Brackenbury, daughter of Frank Brackenbury, Aug 16
c3    Born –   Daughte of George Percival, Aug 21
c3    Born –   Daughter of John B. McKillop, Aug 18

Page 16
c3    Photo –   Roy Farley of St Thomas


25 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Died –   Mrs J. Moses Hess, 75 years, Aug 24, mother of Benjamin C. & Christina Hess, nee Campbell

Page 4
c2    Funeral –   Christopher Brown, Aug 24

Page 5
c4    Married –   John Herbert Cameron to Edith Pearl Husband
c4    Married –   Carl Eugene Mathews to Bertha Edna Lindsay
c4    Married –   Rev Alfred J. Stoskopf to Freda Burgener, daughter of Christian Burgener
c4    Married –   Ernest R. Moir to Edith Rachel Roebuck, daughter of J. F. Roebuck
c4    Married –   Lee Holdaway, son of Thomas Holdaway to Olive M. Tyndall, daughter of George Tyndall
c4    Married –   Durland Ferguson Pearsell to Pearle Georgine Robertson, daughter of John A. Robertson
c4    Married –   Roland N. Kidd, son of W. J. Kidd to Luella Gregory, daughter of Charles Gregory
c4    Married –   Dr W. J. Ganfield to Muriel Estelle Elcoat, daughter of W. Elcoat
26 August 1922
Second Section

Page 12
c2    Photo –  Roy Hendershott of St Thomas

Page 14
c4    Engagement –   Bruce Johnston Black, son of N. C. Black to Coral Marie Pressey, daughter of John H. Pressey
c4    Engagement –   John H. Lazenby to Ida Ethel Arthurs, daughter of W. T. Arthurs
c4    Engagement –   A. Gordon, son of A. Gordon to Dollie Holder, sister of Mrs S. Stollery
c4    Engagement –   William Walker Zimmerman to Imogene Victoria Dunning, daughter of James T. Dunning
c4    Engagement –   Dr Stanley James Phillips, son of James L. Phillips to Florence Marguerite Bayne, daughter of J. B. Bayne
c4    Engagement –   Addison Campbell Wheatley, son of T. C. Wheatley to Merrial May Hall, daughter of William Hall
c4    Engagement –   Harold P. Ferrier, son of John F. Ferrier to Kathleen Galbraith Cuthbertson, daughter of D. G. Cuthbertson
c4    Engagement –   Roy T. Hewitt, son of James Hewitt to Cora Myril Dixon, daughter of John J. Dixon

Page 15
c2    Funeral –   Dugald Turner, Aug 25
c7    Born –   Alberta Irene Cole, daughter of George E. Cole, Aug 25
c7    Born –   Vivian Rose Lang, daughter of Victor Lang, Aug 25
c7    Born –   Daughter of Louis Craig, Aug 19
c7    Born –   Daughter of J. Ross Stewart, Aug 21

Page 18
c4    Died –   William Down, 24 years, Aug 10, son of Herbert Down; nephew of William Gay


28 August 1922

Page 1
c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Hooley, 71 years, Aug 28, widow of John Hooley
c6    Died –   Miss Mary Hutchinson, Aug 27, daughter of William & Margaret Hutchinson; aunt of Mrs A. MacIntyre Bruce, Mrs John H. Richardson, Beatrice C. Idsardi, Bina Hutchinson, Harold Idsardi and William Hutchinson; cousin of Margaret, Sarah, Bessie, Mary, Jane Anne and James Armstrong

Page 5
c2    Married –   George Simms to Sarah Gingerich
c2    Married –   Robert W. Atkinson, son of R. W. Atkinson to Jean Palmer, daughter of S. P. Fraser
c2    Married –   Norman A. Simpson to Edna May Wilkie
c2    Married –   George E. Dyer, son of George Dyer to Jean Watson, daughter of J. T. Watson
c2    Married –   George R. Gammack to Isabell Collie, daughter of William Collie
c2    Married –   Gordon Burdick, son of C. A. Burdick to Elizabeth Simpson, daughter of Mrs W. H. Simpson
c2    Married –   Harold N. Peacock, son of John A. Peacock to hazel Spinks, daughter of Mrs Minnie Spinks

Page 6
c1    Died –   J. C. MacDonald, 59th year, Aug 26
c1    Died –   Mrs Margaret Clark, Aug 26, wife of John Clark
c1    Reunion –   John R. Davidson family
c4    Funeral –   William Caradice, Aug 27

Page 7
c2    Married –   Alexander Sutherland to Sarah Dale
c2    Married –   John Stanley Mountain, son of John Mountain to Vera Lucy Walker, daughter of William E. Walker

Page 8
c3    Photo –   Danny McPhee of St Thomas


29 August 1922

Page 1
c2    Photo –   Alfred McIntyre of St Thomas
c4    Photo –   C. C. Trull of St Thomas; James Dayus, son of Mrs A. Hanset of St Thomas; Orville McDermaid, son of F. A. McDermaid of Ottawa and grandson of Mrs John McDermaid of Fingal; Robin Dennis, son of J. C. Dennis of Corinth

Page 4
c2    Reunion –   Dawdy Family

Page 5
c2    Married –   John Charles Arnold, son of Mrs Rogers to Ethel Weaver, daughter of Mrs S. Milward
c2    Married –   Ernest H. Lewis to Annie W. Armitage, daughter of W. H. Armitage
c2    Married –   Joseph Millward to Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey Gardner
c2    Married –   Wilbur Merton Bowes, son of Edwin Bowes to Olive H. Murray, daughter of James H. Murray

Page 6
c1    Died –   Herman Yauch or Youch, 79 years, Aug 24, father of Jacob, Horace, Christopher, Fred, William and Emil Youch, Mrs Klish, Mrs Stephen Miller, Emma, Rose and Maud
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Zenor Hunt of Mount Salem, 50th

Page 7
c5    Born –   Son of Roy Jessop, Aug 28
c5    Born –   Son of W. A. Morgan, Aug 26
c5    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Hooley, 71 years, Aug 28
c5    Died –   Miss Mary Hutchinson, Aug 27
c5    Memoriam –   Leonard Cleaver, Aug 29 1921
c6    Married –   Frederick Grundy to Mrs Gertrude Long
c7    Died –   Edward W. Darby, 50 years, Aug 25


30 August 1922

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c4    Reunion –   Whaley Family

Page 6
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Hooley, Aug 30
c5    Died –   Mrs Walter Gilbert, 71 years, Aug 29, mother of George, John & Russell Gilbert

Page 7
c7    Married –   Clarence William Taylor, son of Allan Taylor to Grace Evangeline McTavish, daughter of Duncan McTavish
c7    Married –   Charles W. Bainard, son of David Bainard to Emily C. Rowe, daughter of Robert Rowe
c7    Memoriam –   Francis Henry, son of William Francis and Annie Smart, Aug 30 1918
c7    Memoriam –   Mr Shively, Aug 30 1921

Page 8
c3    Photo –   Walter ‘Wally’ Venning of St Thomas

Page 10
c2    Engagement –   C. Clayton Thomson, son of J. W. Thomson to Mary Everett, daughter of W. C. Everett
c5    Married –   George H. Fairley, son of John B. Fairley to Eva Victoria McLean, daughter of Angus McLean
c5    Married –   J. Earl Kelly, son of John Kelly to Bridget Eleanor ‘Bobbie’ O’Brien, daughter of W. J. O’Brien
c5    Married –   Emery Desjardins to Edna Gertrude Slade, daughter of Fred Slade
c5    Married –   Gordon Burdick, son of George A. Burdick of Mary Elizabeth Simpson
c5    Married –   Clarence William Stanley, son of William Stanley to Viola Clarke, daughter of John Taylor
c5    Married –   Charles Frederick McHugh, son of Charles E. McHugh to Dorothy Ellen Josephine Dunn, daughter of J. P. Dunn


31 August 1922

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c2    Died –   Mrs Emma Stevens, 49th year, Aug 31, widow of James Stevens; mother of Mrs Alfred Smith and Phoebe Stevens; sister of Mrs Fred Robinson and Walter McQueen
c3    Photo –   George Nethercott of St Thomas
c5    Died –   S. K. Davidson, Aug 31