STDT 1917 Sep – Oct

St. Thomas Daily Times

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

September and October 1917

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 September 1917

Page 1
c2    Photo –   Lt W. L. McGeary of St Thomas – Military Cross
c7    Died –   KIA – Pte Henry Farr, 24th year, son of Mrs J. Farr; brother of Mrs Austin, Alfred, Walter, John, Horace and Cecil Farr – Photo
c7    Died –   Martin Edward McKeown, 2 weeks, Aug 31, infant son of Samuel McKeown
Page 5
c1    Died –   Albert Bates, 6 months, Sept 1, infant son of John Bates
c1    Funeral –   Thomas Ashbury, Aug 31, brother of E. A. Ashbury
c1    Funeral –   Archibald J. McQueen, Sept 1
c2    Engagement –   Stanley Earle Clinton, son of G. A. Clinton to Sadie Isabel Fowler, daughter of William Fowler
c4    Died –   Mrs Henry Hill, mother of Mrs John Bainard
c5    Died –   KIA – Pte Ewart Berry, 19 years, son of John Berry
c6    Funeral –   Donald Archibald Boyce, Sept 1
c7    Funeral –   Samuel Shepard, Aug 31
Page 8
c3    Article –   Dr Thomas S. Futcher of Baltimore
c4    Died –   KIA – L. Corp J. S. Leigh, July 11, son of Mrs W. H. Goodey

1 September 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c2    Photo –   Charles H. Fellows & Joseph Fellows, sons of Charles Fellows of Lynhurst
c4    Photo –   Pte Norman Davis, son of W. W. Davis of St Thomas
c5    Photo –   Major H. D. Dunnett of Aylmer and St Thomas; nephew of Mrs D. J. Hughes
Page 16
c4    Died –   Dr J. E. Brock, husband of Mrs Ruth Brock, nee Jaques
c5    Engagement –   Dr Stanley C. Lucas to Mary Inabelle Sanderson, daughter of W. K. Sanderson
c7    Engagement –   Robert P. Walker, son of H. B. Walker to Jessie M. McMullen, daughter of J. C. McMullen
c7    Married –   Charles Edward Chapman to Ethel Maud Gorvett, daughter of John Gorvett
c7    Engagement –   William J. Auckland to Annie Yandle, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Yandle [Yeandle]

4 September 1917
Page 1
c3    Died –   Henry C. King, Sept 2 – Photo
c4    Article –   Walter Alexander Chalk of Port Burwell
c5    Died –   Mrs Ada Lowe, 45th year, Sept 4, wife of Thomas Lowe
c5    Died –   KIA – Pte James Henry Smith, 22 years
c7    Died –   James Devlin, 53rd year, Sept 3
Page 4
c1    Died –   Isaac Titus, Sept 2, father of Charles & William Titus and Mrs Frank Louis
c2    Died –   Sister of Mrs Ben Smith
c4    Married –   Charles Edwin Chapman to Edith Maud Gorvett, daughter of John Gorvett
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte Frank Kilmer, Aug 19, son of A. Kilmer; brother of Emery, Kenneth and Edith Kilmer
c4    Died –   Mrs Emma Shehan, nee Burns, Sept 1, widow of James Shehan
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte Allen T. Rutherford, Aug 17, son of Thomas H. Rutherford
c5    Died –   KIA – Pte H. J. Leith
c5    Died –   KIA – Pte W. H. Jacques
c5    Died –   Clayton Albert Eveland, Sept 1, son of Samuel Eveland
Page 5
c1    Funeral –    Albert Bates, Sept 4, infant son of John Bates
c2    Married –   Charles Smale, son of Samuel Smale to Katherine Wilson, daughter of William Wilson
c3    Died –   James Samuel Devlin – Photo
c2    Died –   KIA – Lt Russell Stephenson Maclagan, 29 years, son of Mrs A. C. MacIndoe and the late Dr Peter R. Maclagan; brother of Mrs E. O. Boehmer
c7    Died –   James Samuel Devlin, 53rd year, Sept 3, brother of Mrs John McNeil
c7    Died –   Henry C. King, 77th year, Sept 2
Page 7
c1    Article –   Christian Church, Rev Lewis C. Hammond – Photo
c4    Article –   Edward Ginley of St Thomas and San Francisco
Page 10
c1    Died –   Margaret Cathleen Minahan, 26 months, Sept 4, daughter of John M. Minahan

5 September 1917
Page 1
c7    Died –   Angus McGugan, Sept 4, husband of Mrs McGugan, nee Todd; brother of Mrs Ford
Page 4
c2    Died –   Mrs James Rogers, 78 years, Sept 1
c3    Died –   Miss Bessie Logan, 22nd year, Aug 31, daughter of William Logan
c3    Died –   KIA – Gnr Clarence Palmer
Page 5
c2    Married –   L. Albert Ponsford to Mary Lavina Hepburn
c2    Married –   Stanley Clinton, son of George Clinton to Sadie Fowler, daughter of William & Jessie Fowler
c3    Died –   Bertram Oswald Willison, 2 months, Sept 4, infant son of Pte William E. Willison
Page 8
c1    Died –   Cecil Irvin Johnston, 7 months, Sept 4, infant son of John M. Johnston; brother of John M. and Alfred James Johnston
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Elizabeth Owen, 87th year, Sept 3, widow of W. L. Owen; mother of Wade and Frank Owen, Mrs P. M. Green, Mrs William Ward and Mrs W. T. Hodgens
c1    Funeral –   Margaret C. Minahan, 2 years, Sept 4, daughter of John Minahan

6 September 1917
Page 1
c2    Married –   George M. Richardson to Nellie Marsh, daughter of Robert Marsh
c2    Married –   Albert Ponsford, son of A. E. Ponsford to Mary Lavina Hepburn, daughter of Malcolm Hepburn
c3    Died –   KIA – Pte Emerson Campbell, Aug 23, son of William Campbell, brother of Mrs Willard Wiles – Photo
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte Chester George Steen, 26 years, son of George Steen; husband of Mrs A. E. Steen who is a sister of Mrs E. H. Fiveash
Page 3
c3    Funeral –   James Devlin, Sept 5
Page 6
c1    Died –   Lemuel Snelgrove, 68th year, Sept 5
c1    Funeral –   Isaac Titus, Sept 5
c2    Died –   Angus D. McGugan, 55th year, Sept 4, son of Duncan & Mrs McGugan, nee McKay; grandson of John McKay; husband of Mrs Bessie McGugan, nee Todd; brother of Mrs James Ford
c3    Died –   Augustus Thomas, 95 years, Sept 5
c3    Married –   James Brown to Hazel Fern Dent, daughter of Joseph Dent
c4    Died –   Mrs Eliza Loney, 85th year, Sept 5, widow of Abraham Loney
c4    Married –   Albion Ross Hall to Edna Gertrude Shipp, daughter of William Shipp
c5    Died –   Archibald C. Kerr, 70th year, Aug 13
Page 7
c1    Funeral –   Bertram Oswald Willison, Sept 6, infant son of Pte Willison
c2    Born –   Son of Bruce Davis, Aug 31
c2    Born –   Lillian Mae Jones, daughter of A. L. Jones, Aug 20
c2    Born –   Son of Stafford Smith, Sept 4
c2    Died –   Mrs Eliza Loney, 85th year, widow of Abraham Loney
c2    Died –   Mrs Ada Lowe, Sept 4, wife of Thomas Lowe
c3    Engagement –   Edward Roy Wintermute to Eula Merle Cloes, daughter of W. Cloes
c3    Married –   Joe Bere to Alma Belle Nixon, daughter of Rev Dr and Mrs Margaret Nixon
Page 12
c2    Married –   Sydney James Bowey, son of Mrs Catherine Bowey to Florence Edna Wilson, daughter of Peter Wilson
c2    Died –   KIA – Pte Ralph Caldwell, son of James Caldwell; brother of Pte W. F. and Corp Elmer Caldwell and Mrs (Dr) Paton

7 September 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   KIA – Sgt Bartley Gibson Lumley, 27 years, Sept 4, son of J. C. Lumley – Photo
c2    Died –   Malcolm Campbell, 89 years, Sept 7, son of John Campbell; husband of Mrs Susan Campbell, nee Cameron
c6    Died –   Walter Laing, 82nd year, Sept 6
Page 6
c1    Died –   KIA – Pte William J. Nagel, 22 years, Aug 14, son of James Nagel
c3    Died –   Miss Ada A. Sharpe, Sept 6, daughter of Mrs H. Sharpe; sister of Mrs Angus McCallum, Mrs Charles Fillingham and Harry Sharp
c3    Married –   James A. Tolmie, son of William Tolmie to Violet Corder, daughter of George T. Corder
c3    Married –   George Bradley to Dora Nevill, daughter of James Nevill
c4    Died –   Mrs Agnes Small, Sept 6, widow of David Small; mother of Mrs John Jones, Mrs W. J. Little, Robert, James and David Small
c4    Married –   Dan LeRoy Wilson to Edith Marjorie Hazen, daughter of Eugene Hazen
Page 7
c1    Died –   Mrs Sarah Pearson, 85 years, Sept 5
c1    Married –   Arthur Butcher to Frances Winfred Watson, daughter of Mrs Thomas Heard
c2    Died –   Mrs J. D. Thompson, daughte of Mrs George Scott; sister of Mrs O. C. Elliott
c6    Born –   Son of Sydney Hynd, Sept 7
c6    Born –   Elsie Laurine Corkell, daughter of George Corkell, Sept 4
c6    Born –   Daughter of M. D. McCrimmon, Sept 6
c6    Born –   Daughter of Duncan Campbell, Aug 30
Page 13
c2    Married –   L. A. Ponsford to Mary Lavina Hepburn
Page 14
c1    Married –   John O’Donnell to Mary Frances McSorley, niece of  Martin Donnelly
c2    Funeral –   Cecil Alvin Johnston, Sept 6

8 September 1917
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Fred S. Ferguson of Canadian Iron Foundries Ltd
c2    Photo –   Pte Chester George Steen of St Thomas – KIA
c3    Photo –   Thomas Charlton of Canadian Iron Foundries Ltd
c6    Died –   Bruce Wilbert Williamson, 52 years, Sept 7 – Photo
c6    Article –   Walter A. Chalk of Port Burwell
c7    Photo –   Lt Jack Doherty, son of W. B. Doherty of St Thomas
Page 4
c3    Funeral –   Angus D. McGugan, Sept 7
Page 8
c7    Married –   Ernest Hayes to Caroline May Walker, daughter of William Walker
Page 9
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Eliza Loney, Sept 7
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Ada Lowe, Sept 7
c5    Born –   Daughter of G. Pateman, Sept 1
c5    Funeral –   Miss Ada A. Sharp, Sept 9
c5    Funeral –   Bruce Wilbert Williamson, Sept 9
c5    Funeral –   Malcolm Campbell, Sept 10
c5    Memoriam –   Edith Busten, Sept 8 1916
Page 14
c2    Died –   Archibald Bell, 77 years, Sept 7, son of Archibald Bell Sr., husband of Mrs Elizabeth Bell, nee Cameron
c4    Photo –   Sgt Paul Cochrane, son of T. L. Cochrane of St Thomas

8 September 1917
Magazine Section
Page 5
c2    Photo –   Pte Cecil R. Stokes, son of W. J. Stokes of St Thomas
c7    Died –   KIA – Pte James Henry Smith, Aug 18

10 September 1917
Page 1
c6    Died –   Mrs J. C. Squance, nee Pincombe, Sept 7, daughter of John Pincombe
c7    Died –   Miss Katie E. McFadzean, Sept 2
Page 4
c1    Birthday –   Archibald Poustie of Aylmer, 82nd
Page 5
c3    Funeral –   Walter Laing, Sept 9
c6    Born –   Welham Earle Bell, son of W. & Lavella Bell, nee Freele, Sept 8
Page 8
c1    Married –   William A. Gant, son of J. Gant to Josephine Dietlin, sister of Dora Dietlin
c2    Funeral –   Bruce Williamson, Sept 10
c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Henry, 78th year, Sept 8, widow of John Henry; mother of Mrs Thomas Hopkins, Thomas Henry and W. J. Henry
c4    Funeral –   Miss Ada A. Sharp, Sept 9

11 September 1917
Page 1
c3    Married –   John Robert Sands, son of John Sands to Jessie Carter
Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Lemuel Snelgrove, Sept 9
c3    Died –   Lorne Pearce, Sept 10, son of John Pearce
c3    Married –   Everett William Trump, son of William E. Trump to Gladys Evelyn Baxter, daughter of J. L. Baxter
c3    Article –   Port Burwell – Walter A. Chalk, his sister Eva Chalk and uncle William Chalk
c3    Married –   George Bradley to Miss Neville, daughter of James Neville
c4    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Smoke, Sept 11, widow of Peter Smoke
Page 7
c6    Funeral –   Malcolm Campbell, Sept 10
c7    Memoriam –   Pte G. S. Luscombe, son of S. Luscombe, Sept 11 1916

12 September 1917
Page 1
c2    Died –   KIA – Pte Norman Ostrander, 19 years, son of Frank Willison; nephew of Angus Willison and Mrs W. Ferris
c4    Died –   John Monument, 50 years, Sept 11
c4    Married –   L. M. Berry to Pearl Ida Caughell, daughter of W. Caughell
Page 6
c1    Died –   Isaac Thomas, 56 years, Sept 11
c2    Died –   Frank Howe, 50 years, Sept 11
Page 7
c1    Funeral –   Eva Tomborskie, 11 months, Sept 12, infant daughter of Joseph Tomborskie
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Henry, Sept 11
c2    Engagement –   Garnet S. Snider, son of I. R. Snider to May Evelyn Bath, niece of Mrs S. G. Little
c3    Born –   Richard Albert Allman, son of Alfred Allman, Sept 8

13 September 1917
Page 1
c5    Article –   Grant Harris, 11 years, son of Blake Harris of Lynhurst
Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Adam Laidlaw, 76th year, Sept 11, mother of Harry and George Mann and Mrs Charlton
c1    Funeral –   Thomas Dredge, Sept 12
c3    Married –   Charles Filmore to Florence Coraline Lacey, daughter of John Lacey
c3    Married –   Clarence D. McLean, son of D. McLean to Milias McKillop, daughter of Dr McKillop
c5    Born –   Daughter of D. Andrews, Sept 9
c5    Born –   Son of A. Swartz, Sept 7
Page 5
c2    Funeral –   John Monument, Sept 13
c2    Married –   Orlando T. Butcher, son of Mrs Elizabeth Butcher to Edith Irene Freeman, daughter of Samuel Freeman
c3    Engagement –   Benjamin J. Schultz to Agnes Johnston, daughter of Benjamin Johnston

14 September 1917
Page 6
c1    Article –   J. H. Gould purchases J. Mickleborough store in St Thomas
c3    Died –   Mrs Adeline Badgero, 72 years, Sept 13, aunt of William C. Berdan [Note: also spelled Badgeron]
Page 7
c1    Died –   Mrs Ann Handysides, 76th year, Sept 12, widow of Joseph F. Handysides; mother of Mrs E. Westcott, Mrs Fred Wright, Mrs Eberts, Joseph, James, George, John and Albert Handysides
c2    Married –   Robert T. Walker, son of H. Walker to Jessie M. McMullin, daughter of J. C. McMullin by the groom’s uncle Rev T. D. Denman
c3    Born –   Son of Edward Trim, Sept 7
c3    Born –   Son of Milton Heidt, Sept 9
Page 12
c2    Died –   Benson Dilts, 61 years, Sept 5, father of Roy and Charles P. Dilts; brother of Palmer, Joseph and Harmon Dilts

15 September 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Archibald Poustie, 82 years, Sept 15 – Photo
c4    Photo –   F. G. MacDiarmid of West Elgin
Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Amanda Learn, nee Luton, 71st year, Sept 14, daughter of John Luton; widow of Charles Learn
Page 5
c2    Born –   Son of Peter Joseph Kearns, Sept 7
c2    Born –   Daughter of John Ferrow, Sept 11
c3    Engagement –   Earl H. Ford, son of William Ford to Hazel Olive Small, daughter of Samuel Small
c4    Memoriam –   Chester P. Smith, Sept 16 1916
c4    Memoriam –   Thomas Henry Hawkins, Set 15 1916, by wife Mary Hawkins and children

15 September 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c1    Photo –   Pte Joseph E. Ripley of Yarmouth, father of Pte William J. Ripley
c2    Photo –   Pte Glen Clarke, son of William Clarke of Talbotville
c4    Photo –   Sgt R. G. Chambers of St Thomas
c7    Article –   by Thomas Hammond – Port Bruce
Page 11
c1    Died –   KIA – Pte John Acton of St Thomas, Aug 15
c2    Photo –   Pte Glen (Guy) Clarke of Talbotville; sister of Nina Clarke
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte James Stone Olde, Apr 9, nephew of Thomas Olde – Photo
Page 16
c6    Married –   J. D. Layman to Alma M. O’Brien

17 September 1917
Page 1
c1    Photo –   L. Corp Albert Edward Powles of St Thomas
c3    Photo –   W. St Thomas Smith of St Thomas
c3    Died –   Dr G. W. Ling, 74th year, Sept 16, father of Dr George Ling – Photo
c7    Photo –   L. Corp E. W. Sloan, son of W. J. Sloan of Iona; brother of J. R. Sloan of St Thomas
c7    Died –   Mrs Ellen Tapley, Sept 16, wife of Alfred Tapley; mother of George, John and Elsie Tapley
Page 4
c1    Funeral –   Archibald Poustie, Sept 17
c4    Died –   James Beattie, 83 years, Sept 16, father of William Beattie
c4    Died –   Benjamin Smith, Sept 17
Page 5
c7    Funeral –   Isaac Thomas, Sept 15

18 September 1917
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Frank Pineo of Malahide – Roads Supervisor
c5    Photo –   Pte Melvin Roy Blackburn, son of C. L. Blackburn of St Thomas
c7    Died –   William G. Collins, Sept 17
c7    Died –   Mrs Hannah Russell, Sept 18
Page 4
c3    Married –   Daniel Currie to E. L. Williams
Page 5
c1    Enlisted –   Walter F. Shingles of Fingal; Gordon Vaughan of Port Burwell and St Thomas; Howard Daniel Scott of St Thomas
c2    Died –   Mrs Margaret Beulah Hay, 83rd year, widow of John Gilman Hay; mother of M. G. and John Hay, Mrs Riley W. Youngs and Mrs H. D. Smith
c4    Born –   Daughter of P. C. Smiley
c4    Born –   Son of A. A. Brown, Sept 15
c4    Born –   Son of Frank McLarty, Sept 14
c4    Born –   Ivan Philip Schleihauf, son of Philip Schleihauf, Sept 17
c7    Died –   George C. Booth, 32 years, Sept 17

19 September 1917
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Rev W. A. Bremner of St Thomas
c2    Died –   Archibald McPherson, 45th year, Sept 19, brother of Daniel, Edward and James McPherson, Mrs E. Clarke and Mrs Rastall
Page 4
c1    Birthday –   Ephraim Skelding of Aylmer, 87th, brother of Mrs Ed Copeland
c2    Inquest –   Death of Adeline Badgero of Payne’s Mills
c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret Beulah Hay, Sept 17, widow of John Gilmour Hay
c4    Funeral –   Dr Ling, Sept 20
Page 5
c1    Enlisted –   Oscar Snider, brother of Mrs B. C. Harries
c2    Died –   Dr George Burnham, 75 years, Sept 17, son of Rev Mark Burnham who was a brother of Judge Ermatinger’s mother; his mother was Miss Bostwick, daughter of Col John Bostwick; brother  of Mrs P. D. Warren, John and Zechariah Burnham; uncle of George Burnham who was a son of Zac Burnham
c3    Married –   Miss Jean Buttery, sister of Mrs Charles R. Gundy
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Ellen Tapley, Sept 18
c4    Memorial –   Pte Frank Kilmer, son of Abram Kilmer
c7    Born –   Daughter of Ed Long, Sept 19
c7    Born –   Daughter of Francis & Grace Gregory, nee Higgs, Sept 13
c7    Funeral –   William G. Collins, 50 years, Sept 20
c7    Funeral –   Mrs Hannah Russell, 60th year, Sept 20, wife of Andrew Russell

20 September 1917
Page 1
c4    Married –   Clarence Rudell Southern to Eva Grace Sharrott, daughter of Frederick Sharrott
c4    Married –   John Clair Atkinson to Charlotte Jean Buttery
c4    Married –   Stanley C. Lucas, son of S. Lucas to Ina Marybelle Sanderson, daughter of W. K. Sanderson
Page 3
c2    Article –   Straffordville Fair
Page 6
c2    Married –   William H. Palmer to Elizabeth Maud Caven, daughter of C. F. Caven
c2    Married –   William J. Auckland to Annie Yeandle, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Yeandle
c2    Married –   Bert G. Abbott to E. Muriel Hough, daughter of  Thomas Hough
c2    Died –   Wiliam Henry Cook, Sept 20, father of Lloyd, Cyril, Ethel, Cora and Ila Cook
Page 7
c3    Married –   Frank Burthwick to Carrie E. James, daughter of Morgan James

21 September 1917
Page 1
c2    Married –   Frank A. Sullivan to Ethel Catherine Hynde, daughter of Thomas Hynde
Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Ettie Berdan, nee Mills, 43rd year, Sept 17, wife of Peter Berdan
c2    Died –   Mrs Prudence Sophia Kerr, 61 years, Sept 15, wife of James Kerr
Page 5
c4    Funeral –   William George Collins, Sept 20
Page 6
c2    Married –   Ivan N. Wilson, son of J. H. Wilson to Violet Evelyn Tickell
c3    Funeral –   Dr George W. Ling, Sept 20
c3    Born –   Clinton Marwood Davis, son of R. Bruce Davis, Aug 31
c3    Born –   Daughter of John W. Butler, Sept 17
c3    Born –   Stillborn daughter and son of John McGregor, Sept 14
Page 7
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Andrew Russell, Sept 20
c4    Married –   James Baxter, son of Edward J. Baxter to Marion St Clair Leitch, daughter of St Clair Leitch
c5    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Cole, 75th year, widow of Mathew Cole, mother of Mrs J. E. Scott

22 September 1917
Page 1
c3    Photo –   Amasa Wood Hospital Nursing Graduates – Miss Mary Malcolm; Miss Ella Anderson; Miss Rose Brunk; Miss Susie Dickout; Miss Lena Ewing
c4    Died –   James Mills, 93rd year, Sept 21, brother of Mrs Wigham and William Mills
c7    Married –   W. James Baxter to Marion St Clair Leitch
Page 5
c1    Enlisted –   James Anderson of Springfield, 18 years; Willie Scott of St Thomas, 23 years
c1    Died –   Robert Marlatt formerly of Vienna
c1    Married –   Lenus W. Williams to Kathleen B. Murphy, daughter of C. Murphy
c2    Died –   KIA – Pte Cecil Hynds, 22 years, Sept 3
c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Cole, 75 years, Sept 21, widow of Mathew Cole
c2    Born –   Gertrude Eva Farr, daughter of W. Farr, Sept 18
c2    Born –   Son of John Layson, Sept 22
c2    Born –   Son of Clarence M. Smith, Sept 20
c3    Funeral –   James Mills, Sept 24
c3    Memoriam –   Charles Edward Kennington, Sept 22 1916
Page 7
c1    Died –   Ralph Turnbull, 65th year, Sept 20
c2    Article –   Wallacetown Fair
c3    Photo –   Mrs Helen Gunn of Wallacetown, 90 years
Page 8
c1    Married –   Gordon Legg to Mabel Learn
c3    Article –   Springfield Fair

22 September 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c4    Photo –   Sons of Abraham West of Houghton – all KIA – Pte A. R. West; Pte L. E. West; Pte B. J. West

24 September 1917
Page 1
c3    Photo –   Capt Alex Turner of St Thomas
c7    Died –   Seaman Charles Cross, 17 years, Sept 22
Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs John Rowe, nee Crane, 64th year, Sept 23, mother of Ethel Rowe; sister of Mrs Waffle and Libby Crane
c2    Died –   R. Turnbull, Sept 20
c2    Died –   Allen Smith, 7 months, son of Pte Allen Smith
c3    Died –   George Morgan, Sept 21 – built the Incline Railway at Port Stanley
Page 5
c3    Born –   Daughter of M. A. Hendershott, Sept 22

25 September 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Mrs Lucy Barkley, 41 years, Sept 20, daughter of Richard Walmsley; wife of John Barkley; mother of Mrs Joseph Anderson, Lucille, John, Harold and George Barkley; sister of Mrs W. A. Coulter, Mrs Major and John Walmsley; aunt of Mrs Robinson
c3    Photo –   Capt N. H. McGillivray of St Thomas
Page 4
c2    Married –   Solon H. Walker to Hazel H. Matthews, daughter of John Matthews
c2    Funeral –   Robert Shipman, Sept 21, father of Mrs C. Martin
Page 5
c1    Sale –   Dake House, St Thomas from McLean and Sons to Richard Sanders
c4    Died –   Miss Catherine McArthur, 67 years, Sept 24, daughter  of Donald McArthur; sister of Duncan, Daniel, Alexander and Malcolm McArthur; aunt of Mrs Arthur Burke
c5    Died –   Edward Prebble, 76th year, Sept 23, father of Mrs William McIntyre, Mrs Orth, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Hill, Mrs J. Lemon and Mrs Griffith; uncle of H. Townsend

26 September 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Jane Burdette, 67 years, Sept 25, widow of George Burdette
Page 4
c3    Article –   West Lorne School Fair

27 September 1917
Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs or Miss Mary Garrett, 83rd year, Sept 26, aunt of Irving Garrett, Dr Roland Hill and Mrs John Millard
c2    Married –   Ralph Marlatt to Mrs Eda Russ
c2    Born –   Son of Charles H. Lorch, Sept 26
c3    Married –   Charles Tolmie, son of william Tolmie to Mary Brad, daughter of Allen Brad
c6    Died –   Angus G. McCallum, 56 years, Sept 26, father of V. R. McCallum
Page 8
c2    Article –   Wallacetown School Fair
Page 10
c1    Married –   Peter William Hooper to Bertha May Reid, daughter of James Reid
c3    Died –   KIA – Spr Harry Gwalter, July 24

28 September 1917
Page 4
c6    Married –   W. T. Davis to Edith Clarke, daughter of W. J. Clarke
Page 5
c2    Article –   Fingal Fair
Page 6
c3    Married –   John Smith to Louise Dimmock, daughter of Charles Dimmock and sister of Mrs J. W. Buck
Page 7
c1    Married –   Leslie Austin McNea to Rachel Blanche McConnell
c2    Engagement –   Robert P. McBride to Kathleen Lenore Robinson, daughter of G. W. Robinson
c2    Funeral –   Miss Catherine McArthur, Sept 27
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Jane Burdette, Sept 27
c2    Born –   Daughter of Harry Phillips, Sept 22
c4    Article –   Aylmer Fair

29 September 1917
Last Edition
Page 5
c2    Died –   William Edward Vaughan, 15 months, Sept 29
c2    Memoriam –   Marguerite H. Freeman, Sept 29 1914
Page 7
c2    Article –   Aylmer Fair
c4    Died –   Miss Ella Herman, Sept 26, sister of Mrs Whitesell, Fred, James, Christopher, Albert and Edward Herman
c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. E. Wellson of Ridgetown, 50th
c4    Married –   Samuel Boyce, son of Alex Boyce to Mildred McTavish, daughter of J. J. McTavish
c4    School Report –   Payne’s Mills
c5    Article –   Muncey Fair
Page 8
c1    Died –   Jason A. Williamson, 88 years, Sept 25
c1    Article –   Awarded Military Cross – Lt William L. McGeary, son of J. H. McGeary of St Thomas
c1    Died – KIA – Pte Francis C. Bennett, son of Mrs James Bennett

29 September 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c4    Article –   by Thomas Hammond – The Man Who Has Done More Than Any Other to Put Aylmer on the Map – David Marshall M.P. – Photo
Page 12
c1    Married –   Edward Roy Wintermute to Eula Cloes, daughter of Webster Cloes
Page 16
c4    Engagement –   Cyril M. Williams, son of George Williams to Mary E. ‘Minnie’ Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker

1 October 1917
Page 1
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Arthur Giles of St Thomas, 25th
c6    Died –   Robert Edward Passfield, 53 years, Oct 1, father of Margaret Eleanor, Hilda Mary, Robert Edward, Cyril and Kenneth Passfield; brother of William and Mary Passfield
c7    Retirement –   Samuel Hunter of St Thomas
Page 3
c3    Article –   Aylmer Fair
Page 4
c1    Funeral –   Miss Garrett, Sept 29
c1    Funeral –   Angus D. McCallum, Sept 28
c1    Died –   James Quinn, 100 years, Sept 28
Page 5
c1    Died –   Jean Haight, 6 days, Sept 29, infant daughter of Arthur G. Haight
c2    Funeral –   William Edward Vaughan, Sept 30
c7    Born –   Lee Roy William Chambers, son of W. J. Chambers, Sept 28
c7    Born –   Charles Edgar Rowley, son of L. Glenn Rowley, Sept 26
Page 8
c3    Married –   Charles Haggan, son of James Haggan to Flora Gertrude Jenkins, daughter of E. C. Jenkins

2 October 1917
Page 3
c2    Article –   Bayham School Fair
Page 4
c3    Died –   Mrs Harry Cascadden, nee Daisy Caven, Oct 2
c4    School Report –   Orwell; Port Stanley
Page 5
c7    Born –   Daughter of H. Aitken, Sept 26
c7    Born –   Daughter of harry Smout, Oct 1
c7    Funeral –   Robert Edward Passfield, 53 years, Oct 4
Page 7
c3    Died –   Miss Martha Oatman, 43rd year, daughter of Jerome Oatman

3 October 1917
Page 1
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte Clarence McPhee, 21 years, Sept 23
c7    Died –   Miss Annie Young, Oct 2, daughter of late Mrs Lucy Young; sister of J. M., George A. T. F., and Lydia Young; aunt of J. Ellison Young
Page 3
c3    Article –   Rodney Fair
Page 4
c4    Born –   Daughter of Leonard Evans, Sept 28
Page 5
c2    Married –   William Arthur Withenshaw, son of James Withenshaw to Cora Millen Yeo, daughter of Thomas Yeo
c7    Born –   Daughter of Peter McCallum, Sept 27
c7    Born –   Son of Russell & Alice Urlin, nee Coates, Sept 28
c7    Funeral –   Robert Edward Passfield, Oct 4
Page 8
c3    School Report – Apple Grove; SS 6 Delaware: Corinth
Page 10
c1    Married –   G. M. Richardson to Nellie Marsh
c2    Died –   William A. Harris, 55 years, Sept 24, widow of Mrs Margaret Harris, nee Kerr; husband of Mrs Gertie Harris, nee Woodworth; father of Ernest J & Percival A. Harris and Norman E. Harris; brother of Edgar W. Harris

4 October 1917
Page 1
c2    Died –   Thomas Armstrong, 37 years, Oct 4, brother of Ernie Armstrong and Mrs George Carr; former owner of Empire Hotel
c3    Died –   Thomas Hardy Shore, 71st year, Oct 4
Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Hardy, Oct 3, cousin of John Rowe
c3    Article –   Mount Salem School Fair
c4    School Report – Sparta
Page 5
c2    Died –   Rev Henry T. Leslie, Oct 2, brother of Mrs J. A. Ross
c4    Died –   John Lumsden, Oct 3, brother of Dr Ernest Lumsden and William Wright
c5    Died –   Mrs Emma Brown, nee Matthews, Oct 4, daughter of Charles Matthews; wife of Charles M. Brown
c7    Born –   Laura Margaret McKnight, daughter of James Henry McKnight, Oct 1
c7    Died –   John Lumsden, Oct 3
Page 10
c4    Died –   Mrs Christian Hull, 81st birthday, Oct 2, wife of John D. Hull; mother of Thomas, James, Walter, Harry, Arthur, Frederick and George Hull, Mrs L. Sesser, Mrs J. Parkinson and Mrs A. Templer

5 October 1917
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Lt Martinell McLachlin of St Thomas, son of Robert McLachlin
Page 5
c3    Funeral –   Robert Edward Passfield, Oct 2
Page 6
c3    Fire –   Isaac Gilbert chopping mill at Fingal
c3    Married –   Earl Ford to Hazel Small, daughter of Samuel Small
Page 7
c5    Born –   Robert Eugene Forest, son of Chester Forest, Sept 28
c5    Born –   Ian Prescott Way, son of Ellwood Way, Sept 29
c5    Died –   Thomas hardy Shore, 71 years, Oct 4

6 October 1917
Late Edition
Page 4
c3    Died –   James Hayell, 40 years, Oct 5
c4    Died –   Dr F. H. Drake, 60 years, Oct 6, son of Dr Drake
Page 5
c2    Died –   Aaron Northcott, 71 years, father of Mrs R. Chapman, George H. and Walter Northcott
c3    Funeral –   Thomas Armstrong, Oct 5, son of John Armstrong of Buffalo and formerly proprietor of the Wilcox House, St Thomas; brother of James, Frank and Ernest Armstrong, Mrs George Carr and Mrs Forbes
c4    Died –   Mrs Johanna Learn, Oct 5, daughter of William Stevenson; wife of James A. Learn
c5    Died –   Louise Neave, 14 years, Oct 5, daughter of Mr & Mrs Neave
c5    Died –   Mrs Eliza Hewson, 85 years, Oct 5, widow of John Hewson; mother of William, Albert, George, Robert, J. C. and Nathaniel Hewson
c7    School Report – SS 12 Yarmouth
c7    Born –   Daughter of L. W. Hunter, Oct 6
c7    Born –   Daughter of Frank Jones, Sept 27
c7    Born –   Laura Margaret McKnight, daughter of James Henry McKnight, Oct 1
c7    Born –   Son of George Tupper, Sept 19
c7    Died –   Mrs Eliza Hewson, Oct 5
Page 7
c2    Article –   Yarmouth Heights School Fair
Page 8
c4    Married –   Ernest Russell Read to Nelles Candace Duncombe, niece of Dr Charles Duncombe

6 October 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c2    Photo –   Lloyd E. Paupst, son of Frank Paupst of Aylmer
Page 13
c3    Funeral –   John Lumsden, 40 years, Oct 5, son of William Lumsden
c3    Died –   Israel Delaire, 71st year, Oct 3, father of Mrs John A. Gillies, Mrs George Krause and Christie Delaire; brother of Mrs Dugald McLarty

9 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Photo –   Miss Myrtle McIvor, daughter of W. C. McIvor of St Thomas
c2    Died –   Philip Grant, 81st year, Oct 8
c4    Died –   Pte Frank Abdey, 27th year, Oct 2
c4    Married –   John Holmes Porter to Lillian Alice Baldwin
Page 3
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Charles Brown, Oct 6
c6    Died –   Infant son of Henry Miller, Oct 8
Page 4
c1    Article –   Aylmer High School Field Day
c4    Married –   David McMillan to Jessie McColl
c4    Died –   Pte Douglas McTavish, , 18th year, Oct 4, son of Rev H. W. McTavish; brother of May, Harold and Bert McTavish
Page 5
c2    Funeral –   Louisa Neave, Oct 8
c3    Married –   Clifford Edestrand to Mary Helen Dawson, daughter of Oliver Dawson
c3    Engagement –   J. A. D. Slemin to Margery Helen Sweet, daughter of Major Sweet
c4    Born –   Son of Claude B. Monteith, Oct 8
c4    Died –   Douglas Ashborne McTavish, Oct 4

10 October 1917
Page 3
c3    Article –   Delaware School Fair
Page 4
c2    Died –   Mrs Enoch Stanley, 90 years, Oct 9
c4    Died –   Mrs Margaret Carroll, 60 years, Oct 8, wife of Thomas Carroll
c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Skidmore, 56th year, Oct 6, daughter of Mrs Mary Cole; wife of Edward Skidmore
Page 5
c3    Memoriam –   John Barrie, Oct 10 1916
c7    Born –   Leonore Isabel Doan, daughter of Leon Doan, Sept 30
c7    Died –   John Farley, 57 years, Oct 7
c7    Died –   Mrs Margaret Carroll, 61st year, Oct 8, wife of Thomas Carroll
Page 7
c3    Married –   Russell Milne Browne, son of W. B. Browne to Mabel Bowlby, daughter of Culver Bowlby
c3    Died –   Joseph Youmans, 76 years, Sept 26
Page 10
c1    Married –   Gordon Whalls to Edith McIntosh
c2    Married –   George Frederick Fisher, son of George Fisher to Margaret Jeanette Laingor

11 October 1917
Page 4
c1    Funeral –   John G. Lumsden, Oct 5, half brother of William H. Wright
c2    Died –   Miss Catharine MacDiarmid, Oct 10, sister of Hon. Finlay G. MacDiarmid
c2    Married –   Cyril M. Williams to Mary E. Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker
c2    Died –   Lyell C. Johnston, 49 years, Oct 10
c4    Died –   Miss Bella MacIntosh, 50th year, Oct 10, sister of Mrs Birchall
Page 5
c1    Funeral –   John Farley, Oct 11
c1    Died –   Bessie Snowden, Oct 8, daughter of Robert Snowden; sister of Robert, Brook and John Snowden; niece of Mrs L. Smith
c1    Married –   Frank D. Stover to Myrtle Viola Taylor, daughter of John Taylor
c3    Married –   John Harold George Courtois to Aleta Florence Harris, daughter of Stephen Harris
c3    Died –   D. J. Campbell, Oct 11
c7    Born –   Daughter of Mark Needham, Oct 8
Page 10
c1    Died –   Miss Belle McIntosh, sister of Mrs C. Burchell; niece of Mrs George Smith; cousin of Mrs Daniel Leitch

12 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Q. M. Sgt Edwin Desperques, 30 years, Sept 19
c7    Photo –   Pte Frank K. Gustin, son of Dr E. W. Gustin of St Thomas
Page 3
c1    Married –   Charles Haggan, son of J. C. Haggan to Flora Gertrude Jenkins, daughter of E. C. Jenkins
Page 6
c1    Died –   William Follick, 83rd year, Oct 10
c1    Died –   Thomas R. Glendenning, 70th year, Oct 12, father of Mrs Arthur Dell and Mrs James E. Shafer
c2    Married –   Sgt and Mrs George M. Bowey
c3    School Report – SS 27 Yarmouth
c4    Died –   Hugh Warren, 61 years, Oct 10
c5    Married –   Gordon Whalls to Edith McIntosh, daughter of N. McIntosh
c5    Article –   Fog Horn at Port Burwell
Page 7
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Lyle Campbell, 48th year, Oct 13, wife of D. J. Campbell
c2    Married –   Harvey F. Doan, son of Jehiel Doan to Edith Pearl Smith
Page 8
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Thomas Carroll, Oct 11
Page 11
c3    Died –   Mrs Thomas Adams, Oct 7
Page 12
c4    Died –   Pte Stanley Curtis, nephew of W. Hicks
c5    Died –   Pte Clifford Singer, brother of Pearl Singer; nephew of Mrs James Rodgers
Page 13
c3    Married –   George A. Coyne to Estelle Kiteley, sister of Rev W. M. Kiteley
Page 14
c2    Died –   Miss Bessie Sowden, Oct 8, daughter of Robert Sowden
c4    Born –   Son of George Blacklock, Sept 30

13 October 1917
Late Edition
Page 1
c3    Photo –   Pte Cecil Ramey, son of J. Ramey of Talbotville
c5    Died –   Mrs H. L. Williams, nee Milne, 34 years, Oct 13, mother of Gertrude and Peter Williams
c6    Died –   Mrs James Spence, nee Margaret Crawford, Oct 12, sister of James Crawford
Page 5
c2    Died –   James McAdams, 57th year, Oct 8, son of Mrs John McAdams
c2    Born –   Thomas Henry Laragh, son of Bert & Jennie Laragh, nee Williams, Oct 12
c2    Died –   Herbert Fluelling, Oct 12
c2    Memoriam –   Pte George Brooks Wilson, Oct 14 1916
c2    Memoriam –   Florence Agnes Bentley, Oct 14 1914
Page 8
c3    Born –   Daughter of A. B. Riddell, Oct 11
c3    Born –   Daughter of John A. Lyle, Oct 12
c3    Born –   Son of Hugh Berdan, Oct 3
c4    Died –   Herbert Fluelling, Oct 12

13 October 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c1    Photo –   Pte Frank Abdey of St Thomas
c5    Photo –   Lt Ralph Babbitt, son of G. W. Babbitt of St Thomas
c6    Photo –   Pte George White of Lawrence Station
Page 16
c4    Engagement –   Archibald McLellan, son of Dougal McLellan to Florence Neil MacVicar, daughter of Mrs Malcolm MacVicar [McVicar]

15 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Miss Fanny MacMurchy, 101 years, Oct 13
c1    Died –   David Stokes, 62 years, Oct 13
Page 4
c1    Died –   Norman Draper, Oct 14
c2    Died –   Eden Wilcox, 87 years, Oct 13, brother of Charles Wilcox
c3    Died –   Jerome Rapelje, 74th year, Oct 14
c3    Died –   James Norton, 73 years, Oct 13
c3    Funeral –   Miss Catharine MacDiarmid, Oct 12, daughter of Finlay & Margaret MacDiarmid, nee Munroe; sister of Mrs E. Smith, Mrs Saunders and F. G. MacDiarmid
c3    Died –   Mrs Linke Williams, 36 years, Oct 13
Page 5
c2    Engagement –   William Edward Locke, son of C. E. Locke to Zella Ferne Burton, daughter of E. Burton
c3    Born –   Son of J. Woodhouse, Oct 12
c3    Born –   John Frederick Hale, son of Mahlon Hale, Oct 5
c3    Born –   Son of Frank B. Freeman, Oct 10
c3    Died –   Jerome Rapelje, Oct 14
c3    Died –   James Norton, Oct 13
c6    Funeral –   Mrs D. J. Campbell, Oct 14
Page 7
c4    Married –   Edward George Legg to Mary Hester Oatman, daughter of Mrs Roache
c4    Married –   A. Russell Hewetson to Rosa M. Breithaupt, daughter of L. J. Breithaupt

16 October 1917
Page 1
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte Walter Boulding, 50 years, Oct 8, husband of Mrs E. J. Boulding, nee Bradley; brother-in-law of William H. Bradley and J. Small
c5    Photo –   Andrew D. McKenzie formerly of St Thomas
Page 4
c2    Married –   G. Edward Legg to Mary H. Oatman
c3    Married –   Hylton H. Cossey, son of H. I. Cossey to Florence M. Auckland, daughter of John Auckland
Page 5
c1    Birthday –   A. Rose of St Thomas, 76th
c3    Died –   Jerome Rapelje, Oct 14
c6    Funeral –   Herbert Fluelling, Oct 15

17 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Miss Frances McMackan, 18 years, Oct 16; sister of Corp McMackan and Margaret McMackan
c2    Died –   Mrs Alice M. Cowie, nee Pritchett, Oct 16, widow of Pte William Leslie Cowie
c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth McLeod, nee Dewar, wife of John McLeod
Page 4
c1    Funeral –   Mrs (Dr) Silcox, Oct 18
Page 5
c4    Funeral –   James Norton, Oct 16
c6    Memoriam –   Mrs James H. Paddon, Oct 17 1916
Page 7
c2    Article –   St Thomas Collegiate Field Day
Page 10
c4    Died –   Mrs Esther Ann Silcox, 67 years, Oct 16, daughter of Horace Brotherhood, wife of Rev Dr J. B. Silcox

18 October 1917
Page 1
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Hughes of Fingal, 50th – Photo
c5    Died –   William T. Gardner, Oct 18 – Photo
Page 4
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah Miller, Oct 18, widow of Simon Miller
c1    Died –   John C. Kilmer, Oct 17, husband of Mrs Lavonia Kilmer, nee Roy
c1    Funeral –   Jerome Rapelje, Oct 17
c2    Article –   Queen’s Hotel, Dutton sold by A. D. Urlin to Minor Ronson
c3    Died –   John Cornish, 78 years, Oct 12
c5    Born –   Son of Stewart Phenix, Oct 9
c5    Born –   Daughter of William Scafe, Oct 9
c5    Born –   Daughter of Henry Buller, Oct 13
c5    Born –   Daughter of Joel Sutton, Oct 15
c5    Born –   Son of J. C. Revell, Oct 17
c5    Born –   Daughter of Rev W. E. Donnelly, Oct 15
c5    Born –   Son of Carman & Lucy Lefler, nee Grass, Oct 13, grandson of George Grass
c5    Born –   Willis Burge McCay, son of L. E. & Evelyn McCay, nee Trim, Oct 13; grandson of John Trim
Page 5
c5    Died –   Mrs Alice M. Cowie, Oct 16, widwo of William Leslie Cowie
c5    Inquest –   Miss Frances McMacken, Oct 16
Page 10
c2    Married –   Llewellyn B. Little to Flossie Henderson, daughter of James W. Henderson

19 October 1917
Page 1
c4    Military Cross – Lt Leonard Youell, son of George W. Youell of Aylmer
Page 6
c2    Funeral –   Miss Frances McMacken, Oct 18
c3    Died –   Mrs Nora Mannix, 76th year, Oct 18, widow of John Mannix; mother of P. Harrington, George Mannix, Mrs John Mannix, Margaret Mannix and Mrs Nora Eichele
c3    Born –   Son of Ted Jolly, Oct 12
c3    Born –   Daughter of Dennis Laur, Oct 13
c3    Born –   Son of Harry Cable, Oct 16
c3    Born –   Son of William McDonald, Oct 4
c3    Born –   Son of Charles Garvey, Oct 15
c3    Born –   Daughter of H. L. Charlton, Oct 17
Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs William H. Johnson, nee Bingham, 57 years, Oct 9
c3    Born –   Son of B. Dolphin, Oct 19
c3    Died –   William T. Gardner, Oct 18
Page 9
c3    Died –   Mrs Hortense Smith, Oct 13, widow of Martin Tobin

20 October 1917
Late Edition
Page 1
c1    Photo –   Lt Roy Dubber, son of Thomas Dubber of Southwold
c2    Anniversary –   Arrival of Henry Coyne to Dunwich Township, 100th
c5    Photo –   Lt L. Youell, son of George W. Youell of Aylmer
c5    Died –   Charles Patten or Patton, Oct 20, father of Mrs Clarence Stewart and Miss Tillie Patton
Page 5
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Alice Mary Cowie, Oct 19
c3    Died –   KIA – Pte Donald Benjamin Landon, Aug 15, husband of Mrs Flora Landon
c7    Born –   Twin daughters of W. A. & Emma Alice Davidson, nee Reed, Oct 19
c7    Died –   William T. Gardner, Oct 18
Page 7
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Simon Miller, Oct 20
c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John McIntyre, nee Marinda Colley of Aldborough

20 October 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c4    Photo –   Canadian Baseball Team in England – George Richardson, son of W. H. Richardson of St Thomas; Capt Alex Turner; Stanley Douglas; Clark Roberts; George Taylor; Albert Lacey; Mr Wilson; Mr Gatecliffe
Page 14
c1    Article –   Monarch Knitting Company, St Thomas
Page 15
c2    Inquest –   Death of Miss Frances McMacken of Rodney
Page 16
c4    Married –   Mr & Mrs W. E. Turville, nee Elsie Hedley
c4    Funeral –   Frederick Heyd, nephew of Mrs R. Harland McConnell

22 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Photo –   Sgt Robert Weir of St Thomas
Page 4
c1    Died –   Edgar Zavitz, 62nd year, Oct 22
c4    Funeral –   William A. Gardner, Oct 21
c4    Died –   James Duncanson, 30 years, Oct 21, son of Peter J. Duncanson
c4    Died –   Mrs Annie Revell, 83rd year, Oct 21, widow of Henry e. Revell
c4    Died –   Mrs William Buchanan, mother of Leilia, Jessie, Grace and Edna Buchanan
Page 5
c1    Died –   Clayton Clayton, 3 months, Oct 21, infant son of Hartford Clayton
c2    Died –   Doran Thompson Henry, 27 years, Oct 19, son of Millson Henry
c5    Born –   Daughter of N. A. & Hazel Munro, nee Gooding, Oct 22
c5    Died –   Mrs Melissa Kenney, nee McIntosh, Oct 21, wife of Oscar Kenney
Page 10
c2    Funeral –   William Lewis, Oct 22, brother of Mrs William Foote

23 October 1917
Page 1
c3    Died –   Edward R. Flach, Oct 21, son of H. C. Flach; brother of Percy, U. J. and E. H. Flach, Mrs J. R. Burkholder, Irla Flach and Mrs E. D. White
Page 4
c3    Died –   James Barrett, 70th year, Oct 20
c4    Died –   Aaron Henry, 29th year, Oct 19, son of Mrs N. M. Henry; brother of Mildred, Imogene, Frances, Rachel and Malcolm Henry and Mrs A. J. Covert; survived by wife and son, not named.
Page 5
c3    Died –   Miss Mary Jane Mulligan, Oct 23, daughter of William Mulligan
c3    Memoriam –   Bernard J. McAteer, Oct 23 1910, by Dorothy, Frank and Alex
c3    Married –   Charles M. Anderson to Alice Maude Jolley, daughter of W. H. Jolley
c3    Died –   Edward R. Flach, Oct 21
c3    Died –   Mary Jane Mulligan, Oct 23
c4    Article –   Harvey Smeltzer of St Thomas
Page 7
c2    Inquest –   Death of William T. Gardner of St Thomas

24 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Photo –   Sgt James Connoy, son of James Connoy of St Thomas awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
c4    Married –   William E. Locke, son of Charles Locke to Zella Ferne Burton, daughter of Edward Burton
Page 4
c3    Born –   Daughter of Russel Winskel
c3    Born –   Son of A. Rittenburg
c4    Died –   Mrs Thomas G. Ford, nee Gow, 58 years, Oct 23
Page 5
c3    Inquest –   Death of Charles Patton on Oct 20
c5    Article –   James Orchard and Alfred Clement visit former Shedden residents out West – Arthur Artrow; Mahlon Johnson a brother-in-law of Mr Orchard; Lewis Russell; Edward Clement; Friend Fowler; Fred Williams; Henry Russell
Page 9
c5    Married –   Roy Bancroft, son of D. W. Bancroft to Muriel Blaynet, daughter of Henry Blaynet
Page 10
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Catherine Gunn, nee McAlpine, 83rd year, Oct 23, wife of William Gunn
c3    Funeral –   Mark Burford, 77 years, Oct 23

25 October 1917
Page 1
c4    Married –   Harvey Elwood Bainard to Edna E. Atkinson, niece of G. W. Firth
c5    Died –   James W. Pressey, 58 years, Oct 6
c7    Died –   Wesley Smith, Oct 24, father of Arthur and Ernest Smith, Mrs J. Claus, Annie and Blanche Smith
Page 3
c6    Married –   James Galbraith to Elsie Lockwood, daughter of James Lockwood
Page 4
c5    Died –   KIA – Pte Ephraim W. Hanna, 40 years, Sept 15, son of Rev Ephraim Wesley Hanna
Page 5
c3    Engagement –   Robert Tansley to Zelpha Rose Woolley
c4    Married –   Albert Gillett to Mrs D. Laur, sister of Mrs D. Liddle
c4    Born –   Son of Joseph Johnson, Oct 23
c5    Married –   Cecil Roy Reinhardt to Cora Blanch Smith
c5    Married –   A. S. Blight to Alice Marion Patterson
c5    Married –   Harry J. Hebblethwaite, son of David Hebblethwaite to Mabel Rose Ryckman, daughter of Neil Ryckman
c7    Died –   Abner Wesley Smith, 77th year, Oct 25
c7    Memoriam –   Pte William Gledhill, Oct 25 1916
Page 7
c2    Married –   Archibald McLellan to Florence Neil McVicar
c4    Article –   Muncey Fair
Page 10
c1    Died –   William Earl German, 8th year, Oct 24, son of Harry German; grandson of Mrs William German
c2    Funeral –   Charles Patton, Oct 23

26 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   Mary Irene Crowder, 22 months, Oct 25, daughter of Hartford Crowder
Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Edgar Zavitz, Oct 24
c1    Married –   Daniel B. Jones to Alice Young, daughter of R. J. Young
c2    Died –   Dougal McCallum, brother of Miss C. McCallum
c3    Died –   Mrs Martin Hall, Oct 22, daughter of Mrs Hannah Smith; mother of William Eva and Mabel Hall; sister of Freeze Smith, Mrs Woofenton and Mrs McPhail
Page 7
c1    Funeral –   Miss Mary Jane Mulligan, Oct 25
Page 8
c4    Died –   John S. McColl, 87 years
c4    Died –   Mrs Henry Sifton, nee Margaret Watkins, Oct 20
c4    Died –   Auld Willey, 25 years, son of Lot Willey
c4    Died –   Mrs Margaret McFadden, 74 years, widow of John McFadden
c4    Funeral –   Francis A. Wigle, 73rd year
c6    Died –   Miss Fannie McMurchy, 100 years
Page 10
c1    Died –   Mrs William Buchanan, nee McGregor; mother of Grace and Edith Buchanan, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Thexton
Page 12
c2    Died –   David Stokes, 62 years, Oct 13
c3    Died –   James C. Duncanson, 30 years, son of Peter Duncanson
Page 14
c3    Died –   John Crinklaw, Oct 20, husband of Mrs Jane Crinklaw; father of John Crinklaw; brother of Mrs Frank Anderson

27 October 1917
Page 1
c1    Died –   William Angle, Oct 25
c4    Photo –   Rev John Currie of Knox Church, Belmont
Page 3
c3    Married –   Duncan Houston, son of John Houston to Mildred Evelyn McDonald, daughter of A. McDonald
c4    Married –   D. Lowrence Messecar, son of William Messecar to Miss Knill, daughter of William Knill
Page 4
c3    Died –   George W. Wilcox, 76 years, Oct 27, proprietor of the Dominion Hotel
Page 5
c2    Funeral –   Billy German, Oct 25, son of Harry German; aunt of Mrs Frank Mann
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Runchey of Bridgeburg, 33rd
c3    Will –   Estate of J. J. Foy; Mrs Daisy Madeline Peterson

27 October 1917
Magazine Section
Page 9
c1     Photo –   A. Jones, brother of John Jones of St Thomas
c3    Article –   Some Pioneer Reminiscences of West Elgin by the late William Coyne
c7    Photo –   Pte T. J. Butterfield of St Thomas, son of Mrs C. Butterfield
Page 13
c4    Married –   James Robert Collver to Louisa Lazelle Beemer, daughter of Harry C. Beemer
c4    Married –   Irvine Eberle, son of L. Eberle to Jean Bell Urquhart, daughter of H. R. Urquhart

29 October 1917
Page 1
c7    Died –   Mahlon Culver, 96 years, Oct 27
c7    Died –   Mrs Anson Howey, 78th year, Oct 27, mother of Mrs A. Lang, Mrs W. Thurguland, William, Kate and Charles Howey
Page 4
c1    Died –   Dr A. McArthur, Oct 24, son-in-law of W. S. Case
Page 5
c1    Funeral –   Mahlon N. Culver, Oct 29, father of Mrs Baker
c1    Married –   Thomas Ford Kingsmill, son of T. F. Kingsmill to Margaret M. Campbell, daughter of Duncan A. Campbell

30 October 1917
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Ewin Cameron of St Thomas
Page 3
c1    Died –   Miss Mary Ann Dyer, 81 years, Oct 28, cousin of Miss Gurd
Page 6
c2    Died –   Mahlon Culver, 95th year, Oct 27
c3    Died –   Charles A. Roloson, 85th year, Oct 27
Page 7
c7    Funeral –   George W. Wilcox, Oct 29
Page 12
c1    Married –   Harry Mark Roberts to Sylvia Cora Edison

31 October 1917
Page 4
c3    Died –   Thomas Fowler, 65 years, Oct 30
c3    Died –   Augustus Spencer, 72 years, Oct 29
c4    Died –   Edward George Fairbrother, 80th year, Oct 30
Page 5
c1    Died –   James Learn, 60 years, Oct 30
c2    Married –   George Wegg to Frances May Abdey
c3    Died –   Daniel J. McArthur, 69 years, Oct 30, brother of Mrs Catherine Poole, Alexander, Dugald and James McArthur
c7    Article –   Lt I. C. Atkin, son of W. I. Atkin of Springfield – awarded Military Cross
c7    Born –   Daughter of J. A. Facey, Oct 31
c7    Born –   Daughter of F. A. Lemon, Oct 30
c7    Born –   Son of F. E. Dunn, Oct 28
Page 8
c6    Died –   Mrs Charles Martini, nee Schneckenburger, Oct 31
c6    Died –   John Cunningham, 32nd year, Oct 30, nephew of John McArthur