STTJ 1934 Sep-Dec

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

September through December 1934

Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS
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1 September 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Dr Russell Penhale, Sept 1, son of Silas Penhale


Page 2

c4        Married – Elston D. Herron to Miss Grace M. Smiley, daughter of Percy C. & Bertha Smiley, nee Hall

c4        Married – Norman Willard Hunt, son of Thomas Hunt to Mary Elena Alberta Hodgins, daughter of Bert Hodgins

c6        Funeral – Mrs Mary Gilbert, Aug 31

c6        Funeral – Mrs John Templeton, Aug 29


Page 3

c4        Married – George H. Doan, son of L. A. Doan to Anna McNellage Lindsay, daughter of J. Lindsay

c4        Married – J. Harold Wood, son of W. Wood to Alexandra Louise Whitechurch, daughter of Charles & N. L. Whitechurch


Page 6

c2        Died – Byron Parker, 72 years, Aug 31

c2        Died – Lafayette Hodgkins, 83 years, Sept 1

c3        Reunion – Smale Family

c5        Died – Mrs Jessie Campbell, daughter of Angus Fletcher; widow of Duncan Campbell


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of E. Pero, Aug 29

c8        Died – Dr Russell Penhale, 28 years, Sept 1

c8        Memoriam – Phoebe Sandison, Sept 1 1924, by sister Mrs George Snelling


1 September 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c2        Photo & Biography – Harry C. Borbridge of St Thomas


Page 10

c4        Article – Memories Wakened by Anglican Anniversaries by A. S. Paragus


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Douglas John McRaild, son of John McRaild to Beulah Pearl Fletcher, daughter of Mrs Edythe Fletcher

c5        Engagement – Harry Edward Chapman, son of E. & H. Chapman to Elsie Spendlove, daughter of E. Spendlove

c5        Engagement – J. H. Williams, son of C. H. Williams to Nellie Mae Gilwar, daughter of Alex Gilwar

c5        Engagement – James M. Hamilton to Miss Eileen Ohlman

c5        Engagement – Robert Pearson to Miss Dorothy Colledge

c7        Married – Dr Herman Savage to Miss Margaret Hull, Sept 1

4 September 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Alexander Darrach, 77 years, Sept 1, son of Neil & Mary Darrach; brother of Robert, Angus, and Neil Darrach and Mrs James T. Bell

c3        Died – Dr F. Hillis Lumley, 27 years, son of Dr F. E. Lumley

c8        Died – Mrs John Fleming, 71 years, Sept 1


Page 2

c1        Died – Dr Russell John Penhale, 29 years, Sept 1


Page 6

c2        Died – Keith Brett, 15 years, Sept 1


Page 7

c4        Died – Charles Vowell Swan, 26 years, Sept 4, son of Charles & Elizabeth Swan

c6        Died – Rev Samuel Salton, 86 years, Sept 3

c8        Born – Dorothy Ann Lang, daughter of George D. & Gladys Lang, nee Arthur, Sept 3

c8        Born – Daughter of William & Jean Gordon, nee Wilson, Sept 2

c8        Born – Daughter of Stephen Medal, Aug 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Lorne Chambers, Aug 27

c8        Born – Son of Ray Pfaff, Aug 27

c8        Born – Son of Hugh Hodgson, Aug 27

c8        Born – Son of William Adams, Aug 24

c8        Born – Daughter of Harold Fleming, Aug 24

c8        Born – Daughter of Nevill Brown, Aug 23

c8        Born – Daughter of William Henry Martin, Aug 23

c8        Born – Daughter of George Newlands, Aug 23

c8        Died – Alexander Darrach, 78th year, Sept 1

c8        Died – Ila Dorene Houghton, 3ms 25 dys, Sept 4, daughter of Ira Houghton (Glendale)

c8        Died – William Barrett, Sept 2, husband of Mrs Hattie Barrett, nee Copeman; father of Vearnest and Earl Barrett; brother of Mrs A. Nevill, Mrs B. Hendershott, Jack, Arthur, Frank and Fred Barrett

c8        Died – Charles Smith, 50th year, Sept 2, father of Margaret, Lucille, Frederick, Jack and Preston Smith

c8        Died – Charles V. Swan, 26 years, Sept 4


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C. W. Herron of St Thomas, 26th

c2        Married – John Arlen Kruse to Miss Juanita Collnson, daughter of H. W. Collinson, Sept 1

c2        Married – William James Hoskyns to Jean Louise McMullen, daughter of Roy A. McMullen and granddaughter of E. Shoemaker

c3        Engagement – Kenneth Edward Powers, son of E. Powers to Margaret Louise Tapsell, daughter of Alfred Tapsell

c3        Engagement – William James Leason, son of W. Leason to Donna Patricia Tapsell, daughter of Alfred Tapsell

c3        Engagement – Walter Ernest Trimble, son of Alfred Trimble to Olive K. B. Witheridge, daughter of John Witheridge

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. A. Wintermute of St Thomas, 32nd

c5        Married – Warren William Smith, son of Frank Smith to Helen Cox, daughter of P. W. Cox, Sept 1

c5        Married – William Rolph Barnes, son of William Barnes to Charlotte Lillian Innes, daughter of William Livingstone Innis, Sept 1

c5        Married – William C. Kelson, son of Joseph Kelso to Miss Annie E. Dent, daughter of Frank Dent

c5        Married – John Lambert Anderson, son of Clem Anderson to Grace Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of W. J. Sinclair

c5        Married – R. E. K. Pemberton to Muriel Gwendolyn Kate Doupe, daughter of P. F. Doupe

c5        Married – Arthur W. Jenkins, daughter of Percy Jenkins to Fredia Marie McPhail, daughter of Freeman McPhail

c5        Married – Alfred Villiers Malone, son of William P. Malone to Jean G. Crozier, daughter of L. G. Crozier

c5        Married – George William St John Verral, son of G. W. Verral to Miss Ena McLaren, daughter of J. L. P. McLaren


Page 10

c4        Reunion – Clark Family


Page 14

c3        Died – William Barrett, 63 years, Sept 2, son of Samuel & Hannah Barrett, nee Rolinson

c3        Died – Charles Smith, 50 years, Sept 2, son of William & Julia Smith; widow of Mrs Mary Smith, nee Rowe

c4        Died – Ila Dorene Houghton, 2 ms 25 dys, sister of Donald, Murray and Marjorie Houghton

5 September 1934

Page 1

c4        Photo – Harry C. Borbridge, Wilson H. Mills, Premier Mitchell F. Hepburn

c7        Died – Dr Russell John Penhale – Photo


Page 2

c4        Died – George Shindler, 67 years, Sept 4


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Mrs John Fleming, nee Amelia Clarke, Sept 3


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of David Col, Aug 31

c8        Born – Daughter of Rolf & Margery Julsrud, nee Best, Aug 26

c8        Died – Charles V. Swan, 26 years, Sept 4

c8        Died – Rev Samuel Gilbert Livingston, Aug 27, husband of Mrs Margaret Livingston, nee Fraser; brother of Mrs Wilson Taylor, Mrs Merton Hatch and Mrs (Rev) A. H. Brown

c8        Memoriam – Hugh Somerville, Sept 5 1923


Page 8

c3        Married – Dr William Dick to Miss Helen Moore, Sept 5

c3        Engagement – Lloyd Denham Dingle, son of Richard William Dingle to Margaret McLaren, daughter of Rev Andrew Joseph Vinin

c3        Engagement – Albert Wesley Hilborn, son of George Hilborn to Bessie Dove Walden, daughter of James Walden

c3        Engagement – William Thompson to Dora Margaret Robinson, daughter of Melvin Robinson

c3        Engagement – Selby Love, son of Rev A. J. Love to Sarah Louise Nettleton, daughter of Louis Nettleton

c4        Married – Morley C. Faulds, son of T. Faulds to Irene Mary King, daughter of J. C. King of St Thomas, Sept 1

c4        Married – James Moffatt Hamilton to Rose Eileen Ohlman

c4        Married – William E. Walters, son of A. D. Walters to Bessie Irene Dancey, daughter of Leon Dancey

c4        Married – John Francis Warrington to Pearl Catherine McKechnie, daughter of James McKechnie

c4        Married – Lorne McDonald, son of John McDonald to Lillian Edith McDougall, daughter of Edward McDougall

c4        Married – Arthur Jewell, son of Fred Jewell to Elsie Jones, daughter of Edward Jones

c4        Married – Clayton Kenneth Nelson, son of Harry Nelson to Gladys Leone Tottle, daughter of William Tottle

c4        Married – James Guest O’Dell, son of James & Emma O’Dell to Martha Ellen Winder, daughter of Edward Winder

c5        Reunion – Harding Family


Page 10

c3        Reunion – McCallum, McLachlin and McLellan Family


Page 14

c2        Reunion – Doan Family

6 September 1934

Page 2

c3        Fire – Sherman Zavitz farm at Union


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Campbell, Sept 2, widow of J. C. Campbell


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs S. J. Wilson, 69 years, Sept 1

c8        Born – Lloyd Morton Duesling, son of Lloyd Duelsing, Sept 1

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Jones, Aug 30


Page 10

c2        Married – Wallace Rankin Nesbitt, son of Wallace Nesbitt to Miss Mary Gordon Anderson, daughter of t. V. Anderson – Photo

c4        Married – William S. Dick, son of Alexander C. Dick to Helen Maude Moore, daughter of Ernest W. G. Moore

c4        Married – James Moffatt Hamilton to Rose Eileen Ohlman

c4        Married – John A. Emery, son of John W. Emery to Miss Elsie Currie, daughter of J. A. Currie

c4        Married – Edmund Johnson, son of Lewis Johnson to Mrs Mildred Snyder, daughter of Herman Rushing

c4        Married – Charles T. Carter, son of G. Carter to Irene Mary Gilbert, daughter of George Gilbert

c4        Married – John Marriott to Miss Kathlene Alderson


Page 11

c2        Married – Thomas Egan, son of Michael Egan to Anna Teahen, daughter of Thomas Teahen


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Archie Chandler, nee Lillian M. Short, 56th year, Sept 3

c2        Reunion – Roberts Family – descendants of John Roberts, a Wesleyan minister who came from England and settled at Vienna over one hundred years ago

c4        Reunion – Fick-Burger Family

Page 16

c4        Funeral – William Barrett, Sept 5

c4        Funeral – Charles Smith, Sept 5

c5        Funeral – Alexander Darrach, Sept 5

7 September 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Colin McLaren Sinclair, 79 years, Sept 7

c3        Photo – George A. Ponsford of St Thomas

c6        Died – Andrew B. Ingram, 83 years


Page 2

c2        Funeral – Charles V. Swan, Sept 6


Page 5

c3        Died – William Farrow, 84 years, Sept 3


Page 6

c3        Died – Miss Joan Yvonne Hepburn, 28 years, Sept 5, daughter of James Hepburn


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Fobister, 75 years, Sept 7, sister of Thomas Jenkins; step-mother of Mrs M. Beales

c2        Funeral – Herbert Swindel, Sept 6, son of Thomas Swindel; brother of A. O. & Platt Swindel

c7        Born – Son of Newton Walker, Sept 3

c7        Born – Son of David Coll, Aug 31

c7        Born – Daughter of Fred Tull, Aug 28

c7        Born – Daughter of Mac McRae, Aug 27

c7        Born – Alfreda Mae Morgan, daughter of George E. Morgan, Aug 31

c7        Born – George Elliott Ollerhead, son of W. W. Ollerhead, Sept 4

c7        Born – Son of Justin M. & Ethel Cork, nee Agar, Sept 1

c7        Born – Son of Clayton Wilson, Sept 4

c7        Born – Patricia Irene Gertrude Hillis, daughter of Dalton Hillis

c7        Born – Yvonne Louise Hussey, daughter of Foster Hussey

c7        Born – Son of Arthur Ion, Aug 30

c8        Died – Andrew B. Ingram, 83 years, Sept 6


Page 8

c2        Engagement – John Carmichael, son of James & Mary Carmichael to Mary Ann Auckland, daughter of Edward Auckland

c3        Married – Charles Alexander, son of Robert Alexander to Miss Hazel Cynthia Perry, daughter of Arthur Perry

c3        Married – Freeman V. Horne, son of James Horne to Miss Violet Evelyn Whitlock, daughter of Peter Whitlock

c3        Married – Sheldon Coy Clement, son of S. B. Clement to Eileen Ruth King, daughter of W. King

c3        Married – Gordon Howell to Miss Marjorie Green

c3        Married – Benjamin Taylor, son of Franklyn Taylor to Beatrice Estelle Mott, daughter of Charles W. Mott

c3        Married – Robert Armour to Miss Edith A. Mallor

c3        Married – Clayton Bruce Tiller to Miss Wanda Rachel Louise Crockitt

c3        Married – John Robert Lingwood, son of F. R. Lingwood to Rhoda Marion Erwin, daughter of L. D. Erwin

c3        Married – George K. Coulter, son of George K. Coulter to Miss Julia Luchansky, daughter of J. Luchansky

c4        Died – Mrs Archie Chandler, nee Lillian M. Short, 56th year, Sept 3

c5        Died – Mrs Harriett E. Robins, 65 years, wife of John Robins


Page 10

c4        Died – Thomas Backhouse, Sept 4, father of Mrs McKay

8 September 1934

Page 3

c5        Married – Robert Wilson Pearson, son of F. R. Pearson to Dorothy May Colledge, daughter of H. A. Colledge

c5        Married – W. Bruce Silcox, so of E. A. Silcox to Miss Ruth May Davis, daughter of Silas Davis

c6        Married – Cecil Roy Teal, son of William Teal to Agnes Mary Grass, daughter of Bruce Grass

c7        Married – Francis Robert Barker to Wilhma Mildred Schram

c7        Married – George Edgar Roy Anthony, son of F. W. Anthony to Helen Elizabeth Rose Burgess, daughter of H. W. Burgess

c7        Married – Archie Samuel Cameron, son of Samuel D. & Sarah Cameron to Eileen Mae Sisson, daughter of Herbert Sisson


Page 6

c1        Died – John T. Rowe, 77th year, Sept 8, husband of Mrs Mary S. Rowe, nee Price

c2        Died – Charles Burgar, 73 years, Sept 7; father of R. B. Newland, Mrs F. Bristow, Mrs R. Kiborn, Percy and Lee Burgar


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs George H. Richardson, nee Jean Robb, Sept 6, daughter of Andrew & Catherine Robb

c7        Memoriam – W. G. Alexander, Sept 7 1929

c7        Memoriam – Raymond Miller, Sept 9 1928

c7        Memoriam – William Fitzgerald Pranglen, Sept 9 1933

c8        Born – Son of Max Archer, Sept 5

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Fobister, 75th year, Sept 7


8 September 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Birthday – Mrs George Tate, nee Jane Bertrand of Otterville, 94th

c1        Died – Mrs E. K. Stansell, nee Elizabeth Pratt, Sept 1, daughter of Thomas Pratt; widow of George McDonald

c3        Died – Mrs Amelia Sinden, 82nd year, wife of W. G. Sinden

c4        Died – Ellen Mirian VanTrigt, 1 yr, daughter of G. T. VanTrigt

c4        Reunion – Reid Family


Page 16

c2        Engagement – John A. K. Lemon, son of Frank Lemon to Miss Audrey Burton, daughter of Edward Burton – Photo

c5        Engagement – John Arden Keyes Lemon to Audrey Helen Burton

c5        Engagement – Percy William Green, son of Berton Green to Evelyn Geraldine Johnson, daughter of Medford Johnson

c5        Engagement – Harold J. Lidster, son of George H. Lidster to Netta M. Patrick, daughter of B. Patrick

c6        Funeral – Mrs George Richardson, nee Jennie Robb, Sept 8

c7        Birthday – Mrs Annie Barnes of New Sarum, 85th , mother of Florence Barnes, Mrs Wilson House and Mrs Claude Partlow

c7        Engagement – Gordon William Linton Hale, son of Colston William & Frances Hale, nee Linton to Rita Phyllis Houser, daughter of William A. & Hattie Amelia Houser

10 September 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs Charles Wegg, nee Eliza Jane Barrett, Sept 9


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs George Rice, nee Mary Mabel Marshall, 49th year, Sept 9

c3        Died – Wesley Brown, 20 years, Sept 8

c3        Died – Hugh Conley, 20 years, Sept 8

c4        Died – Mrs (Rev) Walter Mason, nee Sarah Stewart, 81 years, Sept 7


Page 7

c8        Born – Carolynn Mary Tanner, daughter of E. J. & Edna Tanner, nee Folland, Sept 7

c8        Died – Mrs Eliza Jane Wegg, 82nd year, Sept 9

c8        Died – Ellen Masterman, 67 years, Sept 8, wife of Orlin W. Masterman; mother of Mrs Vera Alexander; grandmother of Ronald, Francis, Gwendolyn and Muriel Alexander

c8        Memoriam – Albert Vernon Freeman, Sept 10 1930


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Andrew B. Ingram, Sept 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Cecil Legg of Lyons, 25th

c2        Engagement – Robert Erskine Gordon Kindersley to Miss Ruth Lawson

c3        Engagement – Herman Paterson Cook to Miss Elizabeth Hough, daughter of Franklin A. Hough

c4        Married – Fred Leo Potter, son of H. B. Potter to Margaret Mary Cook, daughter of Philip Cook

c4        Married – Douglas Robert DeHart, son of Mrs Alfred F. Vivian to Ivy Christabelle Saville, daughter of Fred Saville

c4        Married – W. Kenneth V. Smith, son of William J. Smith to Vivian Eleanor Crawford, daughter of Robert C. Crawford

c4        Married – Allan Basil Smith, son of Adam Smith to Francis Alice Miller, daughter of F. A. Miller

c4        Married – Thomas Partington to Madlaine Leona Fisher, daughter of Harry Fisher

c5        Married – John James Rathgeber, son of Jacob Rathgeber to Esme Marston, daughter of Mrs H. R. Tracey

c5        Married – Robert Jaffray, son of William G. Jaffray to Beryl Welsman, daughter of Frank S. Welsman

c5        Married – James White Wilkinson, son of Dr William MacDonald Wilkinson to Miss Jane Eleanor McMahon, daughter of Frank McMahon

c5        Married – Allen Andrew McNair, son of Andrew McNair to Edythe Marjory Henderson, daughter of T. N. Henderson

c6        Married – John Charles Risk, son of C. A. Risk to Kathleen Norris Perdue, daughter of Rev Richard Perdue

c6        Married – Mr Gossage, son of Charles Gossage to Miss Jean Henwood, daughter of George Henwood, niece of Harvey Henwood


Page 9

c1        Funeral – Charles O’Connor, Sept 3


Page 12

c4        Died – Mrs Ellen Masterman, 67 years, Sept 8, daughter of Herbert & Ella Gondreau

c5        Funeral – George Schindler, Sept 7

11 September 1934

Page 6

c2        Funeral – Coll McLean Sinclair, 75th year, Sept 9

c2        Funeral – Dorothy Dean, Sept 10


Page 7

c2        Died – B. J. Harris, Sept 10, husband of Mrs Flora Harris, nee McIntyre

c8        Died – Harold T. O’Brien, 40th year, Sept 10, husband of Mrs Florence O’Brien; father of Thomas, Jack, Irene, Frances, Nellie, Helen and Dorothy O’Brien

c8        Memoriam – Ruby Shaw, Sept 11 1933

c8        Divorce – Mrs George Hayes, nee Dorothy L. McEwan vs George E. Hayes


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs George W. Brown, 75 years, Sept 10 – Photo

c5        Married – William Adam Kennedy, son of Daniel Kennedy to Miss Luella Magdalene Mistele, daughter of Charles F. Mistele

c5        Married – Thomas Alexander Gray, son of Alexander Gray to Cleada Pearl Wills, daughter of Mrs Carl Pease and the late George Wills

c5        Married – William Malone Westover, son of W. Westover to Enabelle Campbell, daughter of Neil F. Campbell

c6        Married – Thomas Coulter to Mabel Wickett

c6        Married – Rev G. Howard King, son of G. King to Vida Marie Grafton, daughter of F. T. Grafton

c6        Married – William Miller Dick, son of Robert Murray Dick to Jane Seymour Meek, daughter of A. J. Meek

c6        Birthday – Mrs Jane Ireland, 90th


Page 10

c2        Reunion – Mabee & Nunn Family


Page 14

c6        Funeral – Mrs Mary Fobister, Sept 10

12 September 1934

Page 6

c2        Funeral – Mrs Charles H. Wegg, Sept 11

c2        Funeral – Charles O’Connor

c2        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Masterman, Sept 11

c5        Died – Christopher Butterworth, 62 years


Page 7

c8        Memoriam – Emily A. Davey, Sept 12 1928


Page 8

c4        Reunion – McDonald Family


Page 10

c3        Engagement – David Lloyd Tough, son of Angus Tough to Margaret Phyllis Allen, daughter of W. R. Allen

c3        Engagement – Robert Kindersley to Miss Ruth Lawson, daughter of Ray Lawson

c3        Engagement – Harold Powell, son of Oliver J. Powell to Ethel Alice Thorold, daughter of William Thorold

c3        Married – Mr & Mrs Norman Hunt of Lambeth

c3        Married – Dr Malcolm Singsby Robertson, son of Malcolm Robertson to Margaret Isobel Grant, daughter of A. H. Grant

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Oliver Millard, nee Montross of Aylmer, 50th

c6        Married – Leonard McKenzie, son of James McKenzie to Miss Elsie Calvert, daughter of Jesse & Mary Calvert

c6        Married – Morley Gammon, son of John Henry Gammon to Auleen Casey, daughter of George Casey

c6        Married – Cecil Raymond Hall, son of Rev Robert Hall to Mary Ida Higgins, daughter of R. A. Higgins

c6        Married – William Parker to Mrs Gertrude Robishaw, daughter of W. A. & Jessie Compton


Page 14

c5        Funeral – John T. Rowe, Sept 10

13 September 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Daniel D. Patterson, 69th year, Sept 13, husband of Mrs Margaret Patterson, nee Gillies


Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs Caroline Unversagt, nee McLeod, 68 years, Sept 12


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs George Rice, Sept 12

c5        Funeral – Harold O’Brien, Sept 12


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of William Irwin, Sept 3

c8        Born – Son of Francis Kitchen, Sept 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Clifford Wingrove, Sept 9

c8        Memoriam – Viola Margaret Osborne, Sept 13 1922


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John H. Strachan of Aylmer, 45 years

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Nelson Parker, nee Jackson of Morpeth, 50th


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Frank Edward Canfield, son of Mrs Gertrude Canfield to Elizabeth Madeleine Coughlin, daughter of John Joseph Coughlin

c2        Married – Alexander W. Mitchell, son of George G. Mitchell to Jessie Louise Garland, daughter of Nicholas L. Garland

c2        Engagement – John George Coeckh, son opf John C. Boecks to Frances Caroline Clark, daughter of Peter Clark

c2        Engagement – John deGroot Rawson to Miss Gwendolyn Frances Grant, daughter of William W. Grant

c5        Married – Frederick Lionel Jenkins, son of William A. Jenkins to Eleanor Noble Campbell, daughter of J. Kent Campbell

c5        Married – J. Harold Lidster, son of George H. Lidster to Netta M. Patrick, daughter of B. Patrick

c5        Married – George Russell Reid, son of John Reid to Marguerite Evelyn Carswell, daughter of Willam C. Carswell

14 September 1934

Page 3

c2        Died – John M. Haviland, 84 years


Page 7

c1        Died – John Cook, 58th year, Sept 10, son of Chauncey Cook


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Oliver Millard of Aylmer, 40th – Phto


Page 9

c2        Died – William Price, 75 years, Sept 14, son of Charles & Margaret Price; father of James, John A. & Annie Price and Mrs James Grant

c7        Born – Son of Dan Flannigan, Aug 28

c7        Born – Daughter of Silas Zavitz, Aug 26

c7        Born – Son of F. W. & Mary Greiner, nee McCabe, Sept 10

c7        Born – Daughter of Richard & Helen Doan, nee Connolly, Sept 4

c8        Died – William Price, 75 years, Sept 14

c8        Died – Mrs Philip Unverzagt


Page 10

c2        Married – Kenneth Elwood Donald, son of George Donald to Frances Robertshaw, daughter of John Robertshaw

c2        Married – John Carmichael, son of James & Mary Carmichael to Mary Ann Auckland, daughter of Edward Auckland

c2        Married – Stanley Mordue, son of James & Etta Mordue to Helen Viola Myerscough, daughter of Marquis Myerscough

c2        Married – Andrew Jack Newman, son of William Newman to Irene Elizabeth Gould, daughter of John Gould


Page 13

c2        Examination Results – Vienna High School


Page 16

c2        Funeral – Mrs Philip Unverzagt, Sept 15

c3        Died – Mrs Berthelda Bradley, 79 years, Sept 14, wife of William H. Bradley

15 September 1934

Page 2

c1        Died – Mrs William Augustus Byerlay, nee Mary Jane Garnett, 84 years

c3        Died – Ross Nunn, 12 years, Sept 14, son of Bruce Nunn

c6        Died – Mrs Harvey Kilbourne, nee Baker, 72 years, Sept 14, sister of William, Isaac & Thomas Baker


Page 3

c4        Funeral – B. J. Harris, Sept 15

c6        Married – Harry E. Chapman to Elsie Spendlove, daughter of E. Spendlove

c6        Married – Thomas Edward Malone, son of A. R. Malone to Florence Jones, daughter of Hugh Jones

c6        Died – Mrs Jane Rapley, 85th year, daughter of John Page & Caroline Rapley

c6        Died – Mrs William Ethelbert Buttery, nee Charlotte Blanche Luscombe, 62 years, daughter of Thomas & Charlotte Luscombe, nee Maynard


Page 6

c1        Died – Gavin W. Young, 74 years, Sept 14, father of Mrs J. P. Coyle

c6        Funeral – Daniel D. Patterson, Sept 14


Page 7

c7        Died – Mrs Berthelda Bradley, 79 years, Sept 14

c8        Born – Son of Frank Farrell, Sept 6

c8        Born – Douglas Ross Walker, son of A. C. Walker, Sept 12

c8        Born – Son of James Moir, Sept 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Morley Collings, Sept 9

c8        Born – Charles Wallace Gay, son of Charles & Bessie Gay, nee Wallace, Sept 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Russell Osborne, Sept 11

c8        Born – Daughter of William Jacques, Sept 11

c8        Born – Son of Carl Jacques, Sept 10

c8        Born – Son of Charles Greenway, Aug 26

c8        Born – Son of Charles Smith, Sept 6


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Jennie Stage, Sept 13, widow of Joseph Stage; sister of Mrs G. L. Petty


15 September 1934

Second Section

Page 16

c4        Birthday – Mrs Eliza Campbell of Ridgetown, 89th

c4        Married – Dr Ralph Connor to Miss Margaret Newman

c5        Engagement – Frederick D. Doan, son of Lewis Doan to Alexina Woods, daughter of William Woods

c5        Engagement – Kenneth Oliver Cromwell, son of H. A. Cromwell to Mildred Jean Wood, daughter of A. Wood

c5        Engagement – William H. Campbell to Ethel Gladys Preston, daughter of John Preston

c5        Engagement – John A. Little, son of John Little to Lydia Irene McCaffery, daughter of H. J. McCaffery

c5        Engagement – Jack Lemon, son of F. A. Lemon to Miss Audrey Burton

17 September 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Squire William Backhouse, 95 years, Sept 16 – Photo

c5        Photo – Wilson H. Mills, Harry C. Borbridge and R. W. MacDonald


Page 2

c5        Funeral – Mrs Caroline Unverzagt, Sept 15

c5        Funeral – John M. Haviland, Sept 15


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Jacob Blumenstein, 81st year, Sept 12


Page 7

c2        Married – Dr Ralph Connor to Margaret Alice Newton


Page 12

c4        Married – H. Gillett Hayden Jr to Jean Elizabeth Weir, daughter of Russell Weir

c4        Married – Harry C. Cayley, son of T. M. Cayley to Jean Wood, daughter of John G. Wood

c4        Married – Robert B. Messervy, son of J. A. Messervy to Phyllis Margaret Drayton

c4        Married – Maxwell Charles Gordon Meighen, son of Rt Hon Arthur Meighen to Catherina Jane MacWhinnie, daughter of A. R. MacWhinnie

c4        Married – Dr John Meredith Graham, son of J. B. Graham to Madeline Victoria Acheson, daughter of Robert John Acheson

c5        Married – Charles Brightmer Chapman, son of C. B. Chapman to Elaine Mercedes Woodrow, daughter of C. S. Woodrow

c5        Married – Angus John MacAulay, son of John Angus MacAulay to Louie Madeline Burridge, daughter of Johseph Thomas & Mary Burridge

c5        Married – Harry Arnold Morgan, son of Sherman Morgan to Eva Lynd Connor, daughter of Alf Connor

c5        Married – John Duncan MacLeod, son of D. R. MacLeod to Helen Catherine Clark, daughter of George H. Clark

c5        Married – Ernest Barr, son of William Barr to Jeane Lauretta Moody, daughter of Homer Moody

c6        Married – Frank Lorne Parker, son of John Lorne Parker to Miss Edna Marion Siple, daughter of John Hume Siple

c6        Married – Kenneth E. Powers to Margaret Louise Tapsell

c6        Married – William Leason to Donna Patricia Tapsell

18 September 1934

Page 2

c5        Funeral – William Price, Sept 17

c5        Funeral – Mrs Bethelda Bradley, Sept 17

c5        Funeral – D. D. Paterson, Sept 15


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs Joseph Crockett, nee Rachel Hallam, 76th year, Sept 13, daughter of Richard Hallam

c3        Birthday – Murdock MacGillivray, 82nd


Page 8

c2        Died – Samuel Wilson, 92 years, Sept 14


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Janet Campbell, 86th year, Sept 17, widow of Archie P. Campbell

c6        Died – Mrs William Francis, nee Stella Chute, sister of William Chute and Mrs Court Wilson

c8        Born – Daughter of Wallace & Alice Mason, nee Blythe, Sept 15

c8        Died – Mrs Janet Campbell, 86th year, Sept 17

c8        Memoriam – Ernest Goldhawk, Sept 17 1933


Page 16

c3        Married – Ivan Meharg to Miss Marguerite Smith

c3        Married – John A. Little to Lydia Irene McCaffrey, daughter of Henry McCaffrey

c3        Married – John Alexander Strangway, son of William Strangway to Miss Ordella Lillian Mannen, daughter of A. j. Mannen

19 September 1934

Page 2

c6        Died – F. J. G. McArthur, 60 years, Sept 19


Page 7

c4        Died – Oliver Wells, 79 years

c4        Birthday – Mrs James J. Church, nee Pitman of Waterford, 90th


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs J. R. Cooke, 72 years, Sept 19, sister of Samuel Wickens

c8        Born – Daughter of Alonzo Hagell, Sept 18

c8        Born – Son of Kenneth Thompson, Sept 14

c8        Died – Mrs Janet Campbell, 86th year, Sept 17, mother of Mrs J. B. Scott and Mrs D. L. McIntyre


Page 10

c2        Engagement – William Stanley Moore, son of W. A. Moore to Mary Marjorie Oliver, granddaughter of Albert Oliver


Page 14

c3        Died – Adam Halliday, 101 years


Page 18

c3        Married – John Arden Keith Lemon to Miss Audrey Helen Burton

c3        Married – Lloyd Birdsell to Lottie May Martin

c4        Married – Morris Kennedy, son of A. G. Kennedy to Ila Jean Morgan, daughter of Thomas H. Morgan

c4        Married – Ivan John Meharg, son of Robert George Meharg to Vola Marguerite Smyth, daughter of James Edward Smyth

c4        Married – Walter Joshua Watts, son of L. Watts to Alice Marjory Wilson, daughter of Robert Wilson

20 September 1934

Page 9

c8        Born – Barbara Jane Stock, daughter of L. D. & Barbara Stock, nee de la Penotiere, Sept 19


Page 10

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frank Telford of Southwold, 30th

c2        Engagement – Glen Walter Clark, son of J. M. Clark to Kathleen Lyall Dick, daughter of H. A. Dick

c2        Engagement – David Steele, son of David Steele to Mary Martha Livingstone, daughter of Alex Livingstone

c2        Engagement – Philip M. Leitch, son of Neil Leitch to Miss Eleanor Horton, daughter of Alfred Horton

c4        Married – Robert Erskine Gordon Kindersley, son of Charles Kindersley-Porcher to Helen Ruth Lawson, daughter of Ray Lawson

c4        Married – Ross Rusling to Eileen Danheiser

c4        Married – Richard Cook Thomson, son of William Thomson to Beatrice Gilpin, daughter of S. J. Gilpin


Page 18

c1        Birthday – Fleming Jones of Southwold, 98th

21 September 1934

Page 2

c1        Died – Alfred Ernest Ames, 68th year, Sept 20 – Photo


Page 3

c3        Funeral – Mrs Janet Campbell, Sept 21


Page 5

c7        Funeral – Squire William Backhouse, Sept 19


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Moore of Petrolia, 50th


Page 9

c4        Died – Archibald McKellar, 88th year, Sept 21, brother of Mrs McCuaig, Duncan, Malcolm & Peter McKellar

c4        Died – Miss Emily Lush, 61 years, Sept 21

c5        Died – Archibald McKellar, 88th year, Sept 21

c8        Born – John Ralph Harrison, son of Ralph T. & Ruby Harrison, nee Goddard, Sept 16


Page 10

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Joseph A. Brown of Strathroy, 50th

c6        Married – William Stanley Moore to Mary Marjorie Oliver

c6        Married – Bertram Francis Wilcox, son of Dr Walter Wilcox to Katherine Webster Leckie, daughter of Rev Neil McMillan Leckie and granddaughter of William R. Leckie

c6        Married – Howard William Pratt, son of William Pratt of Inwood to Eleanor Bernice Holden, daughter of Arthur F. Holden, Sept 13

c6        Married – Bruce R. McKim, son of William McKim to Mary Gertrude Robertson, daughter of William Robertson

c6        Married – Lawren Phillips Harris, son of Lawren S. Harris to Elizabeth Anne Hammond, daughter of Mrs Norma Hammond

c6        Married – William James Benson, son of James A. Benson to Myrtle Beatrice Lee, daughter of Fred W. Lee

22 September 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Mrs Caroline Claris, Sept 22, widow of George T. Claris


Page 3

c4        Reunion – Sells Family


Page 6

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles E. Elsom, nee Paul of Dutton, 25th

c3        Will – Mrs Hadley Williams of London


22 September 1934

Second Section

Page 8

c1        Article – The Church of England in Fingal 90 years ago

c3        Photo – Grace United Church, St Thomas – 25th Anniversary


Page 10

c7        Article – Sign at Burwell’s Corners Recalls Old Registry Site – Historical Society


Page 12

c1        Birthday – Mrs Duncan Carmichael of West Lorne, 80th

c2        Died – W. T. Acheson, 78 years, Sept 22, father of J. G., Charles, Beverley and Amelia Acheson


Page 14

c5        Engagement – Clarence W. Fulton, son of Henry Fulton to Leila Johnson, daughter of J. Edgar Johnson

c5        Engagement – Wilfred Thomas Stewart, son of P. T. Stewart to Gladys Pearl Ashton, daughter of William J. Ashton

c5        Engagement – Robert Glenn Cottrell, son of Robert Glenn Cottrell to Volta Mae Henry, daughter of Ansel Henry

c5        Engagement – Kenneth McReynolds, son of James D. McReynolds to Ethel Catherine Bugel, daughter of Mrs Mary Lawrence

c5        Engagement – Arthur Austin, son of William Austin to Nellie Davies, daughter of J. Davies

c5        Birthday – Mrs Sarah Baker of St Thomas, 89th

c6        Birthday – Muriel McLean, 5th, daughter of Mrs J. A. McLean of St Thomas

c6        Engagement – Andrew Rorrison to Miss Marguerite Bulmer

c7        Engagement – William Angus McNiven, son of William McNiven to T. Margaret Day, daughter of Harrison Day

c7        Engagement – Roy A. Brown to Lillian Marcella Robinson, daughter of W. Clifford Robinson

c8        Engagement – Walter E. Clanahan to Margaret Elizabeth Gartly, daughter of Adam Gartly

c8        Engagement – Howard D. Ramey to Ida Gertrude Graham, daughter of John W. Graham


Page 15

c4        Photo – Dr McLay Miller, son of E. Blake Miller of Aylmer

c8        Born – John Arthur McKay, son of J. A. McKay, Sept 21

c8        Born – Son of Roy Neville, Sept 17

c8        Died – Miss Emily Lush, 61 years, Sept 21

c8        Died – Mrs Caroline Claris, Sept 22

c8        Died – Miss Emma Jane Sutherland, 62 years, Sept 22


Page 18

c3        Married – John Carmichael, son of James & Mary Carmichael to Mary Ann Auckland, daughter of Edward Auckland

c3        Married – Thomas B. Joy, son of Thomas Joy to Miss Margaret Sullivan, daughter of P. M. Sullivan

c3        Married – Clarence Squires, son of A. Squires to Edith Allen, daughter of J. O. Allen

c3        Married – George Edward Kaiser, son of Charles E. Kaiser to Miss Florence Crane, daughter of Mrs & Rev F. Benner

24 September 1934

Page 2

c1        Died – Mrs Jennie Lees, 79 years, Sept 23, widow of Thomas Lees; mother of Herbert & Dr DeWitt Lees


Page 6

c5        Anniversary – Christ Church, Glanworth, 90th


Page 7

c1        Died – Russell Bell, 2 days, Sept 23, infant son of Clayton Ball

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Anne MacNish, nee Morrow, 70 years, Sept 23

c3        Died – Frank York, 58 years, Sept 23

c3        Died – Conrad Heinbecker, 74 years, Sept 23, father of Mrs C. J. Fitzpatrick, Albert & Percy Heinbecker; brother of Mrs W. Webb, Mrs William Smith and Mrs Gus Miller

c4        Died – Mrs George Neil, nee Elizabeth Romance, 85th year, Sept 24, daughter of John & Magdelene Romance; mother of Walter & George Neil, Mrs Catherine Ketchum, Mrs Harry Martin and Mrs E. O. Whitesides

c5        Died – Dr Nelson H. Beemer, 83rd year, Sept 24

c6        Funeral – Mrs Caroline Augusto Claris, Sept 24

c8        Born – Russell Ball, Son of Clayton Ball, Sept 21

c8        Born – William Peter Ronson, son of W. P. & Faith Ronson, nee Wilson, Sept 15

c8        Born – John Alexander, son of H. J. Alexander, Sept 14

c8        Born – Daughter of Alonzo Hagell, Sept 18

c8        Born – Daughter of R. J. Merriott, Sept 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Wilfred Hodgson, Sept 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Norman Jenson, Sept 13

c8        Born – Son of Peter Neufeglese, Sept 18

c8        Born – Daughter of George Kostendt, Sept 20

c8        Born – Son of Frank S. Newman, Sept 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Gordon Woodley, Sept 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Melvin Cronkwright, Sept 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Egnacy Sams, Sept 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Stewart Fowler, Sept 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Walter & Alice Mason, nee Blyth, Sept 15

c8        Died – Russell Ball, 2 days, Sept 23, son of Clayton Ball

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Anne MacNish, nee Morrow, 70 years, Sept 23

c8        Died – Conrad Heinbecker, Sept 23

c8        Died – Frank York, 58th year, Sept 23

c8        Died – Mrs Jennie Lees, 79 years, Sept 23

c8        Memoriam – Mary Knight, Sept 24 1930, by husband Joseph Knight


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Estelle Cody, nee Barker, 79 years, Sept 22, widow of Elijah John Cody; daughter of Wright & Charlotte Barker, nee Bodwell

c4        Funeral – Mrs George Beresford, niece of E. W. Trump

c4        Engagement – Niall Heatherington to Laverne Lorraine McHardy, daughter of Lewis McHardy

c4        Engagement – Donald Mitchell McCallum, son of A. D. McCallum to Edythe Irene Barnes, daughter of William J. Barnes

c6        Married – Kenneth O. Cromwell, son of H. Cromwell to Jean Wood, daughter rof A. Wood

c6        Married – Roy W. Collver, son of Charles Collver to Ileen Violet Andrews, daughter of Mrs Margaret Andrews

c6        Married – Frank J. McElroy, son of Thomas J. McElroy to Winnifred Mary Boylan, daughter of Patrick Boylan

c6        Married – Dr John Douglas Morecroft Griffin, son of Dr H. S. Griffin to Erieca Maude Withrow, daughter of Oswald C. Withrow

c7        Married – Charles Edward Peirce, son of Edward Lloyd Peirce to Norma Elizabeth Switzer, daughter of Norman Walter Switzer

c7        Married – Lorne Buswell Fitzgerald, son of Chester & B. M. Fitzgerald to Elle Mona Revington, daughter of Robert Revington

c7        Married – Harold Steele, son of Emerson Steele to Miss Estelle Gare, daughter of John Gare

c7        Married – J. Lendrum Wilson, son of W. B. Wilson to Helen Lillian Dennison, daughter of Herbert J. S. Dennison


Page 12

c1        Divorce – Leonore Cragin Oliver vs Clarin Watson Oliver and Mary MacSwain

c1        Divorce – Mrs Edna May Ackert vs Gordon Cecil Ackert and Ethel Breen

25 September 1934

Page 6

c2        Died – Dr Nelson Henry Beemer, 82nd year, Sept 24 – Photo


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs Margaret Anne MacNish, nee Morrow, 70 years, Sept 23

c8        Born – Donna Size, daughter of O. Size, Sept 21

c8        Born – Daughter of L. Stedelbauer, Sept 23

c8        Born – William Roy Palmerston, son of William Palmerston, Sept 23

c8        Born – James Russell Wereley, son of George Wereley, Sept 15

c8        Died – Charles H. P. Shapcott, Sept 24, husband of Mrs Caoline Shapcott

c8        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Neil, nee Romance, 88th year, Sept 24

c8        Memoriam – Walter E. Pountney, Sept 25 1933

c8        Memoriam – George Walker, Sept 25 1933


Page 10

c5        Died – Miss Euphemia McIntyre, 90 years, Sept 24, aunt of Lorne McIntyre


Page 14

c4        Married – John J. Taylor, son of William Taylor to Molly Bevan, daughter of John G. Bevan

c4        Married – William A. Bradshaw, son of Roy Bradshaw to Ila Christina Chowen, daughter of Alvin G. Chowen

c4        Married – W. Orval Struthers to Anne Mae Brocklebank, daughter of R. A. Brocklebank

c4        Married – C. Glen Ferguson, son of Dee Ferguson to Flossie Grace Cook, daughter of Frank Cook

26 September 1934

Page 7

c8        Memoriam – Edmund D. Latham, Sept 26 1932


Page 8

c4        Married – John Edwin Borman, son of Andrew & Christine Borman to Dorothy Evelyn Terry, daughter of Robert G. Terry

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Lindsay of W. Nissouri Township, 50th


Page 14

c3        Funeral – Frank York, Sept 25

c3        Funeral – Miss Emma Jane Sutherland, Sept 25

c3        Funeral – Archibald McKellar, Sept 22

c3        Funeral – Conrad Heinbecker, Sept 25

27 September 1934

Page 6

c1        Shower – Miss Jeraldine Johnson of Richmond

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Richard C. Thomson of Rodney

c2        Died – Walter Wright, 79th year, husband of Mrs Sarah Wright, nee Eakins


Page 9

c8        Born – Daughter of H. P. Innes, Sept 24

c8        Born – Muriel Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Leighfield, daughter of B. A. Leighfield, Sept 22


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Frank T. Sherk, son of D. Sherk to Edna Alexander Menary, daughter of E. A. Menary

c2        Engagement – James Freestone to Dorothy Jean McAlister, daughter of James McAlister

c2        Engagement – Wilbert Blake McKean, son of George McKean to Mabel Lillian Gardiner, daughter of James E. Gardiner

c2        Engagement – Frederick Charles Pugh, son of Charles Henry Pugh to Anne Ranken, daughter of R. S. Logan

c2        Engagement – John Angus McDougald, son of Duncan J. McDougald to Maude Smith, daughter of Eustace Smith

c2        Engagement – Martin L. Walker, son of William L. & Catherine Walker to Amey Josephine Cameron, daughter of Charles M. Cameron

c2        Engagement – Lawrence Raymond Bousquet to Annie Irene Lehman, daughter of Jesse Lehman

c3        Married – James Fraser MacDougall to Miss Kathleen Gertrude Stone

c3        Married – Harry Clarke, son of John Clarke to LaVera Ker, daughter of M. H. Ker


Page 16

c3        Funeral – Mrs Margaret A. MacNish, Sept 26

c3        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Neil, nee Romance, Sept 26

28 September 1934

Page 10

c2        Engagement – Arthur E. Wood to Mrs Harriett Howourth

c2        Engagement – Lorne S. Parker, son of J. A. Parker to Mary Irene Mannell, daughter of Charles Mannell

c4        Married – Basil J. McDonald, son of James McDonald to Audrey Mae Soper, daughter rof Charles Soper


Page 14

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs David Woodley of Waterford, 50th

29 September 1934

Page 2

c1        Died – Richard & William Walmsley, Sept 29 1881


Page 3

c5        Married – Clarence W. Fulton to Leila Johnson

c5        Married – Robert Glen Cottrell to Volta Mae Henry

c5        Married – Douglas John McRaild to Beulah Pearl Fletcher


Page 7

c6        Memoriam – Madge Coughlin, Sept 30 1927

c6        Memoriam – Dorothy Wall, Sept 30 1928

c7        Born – Son of K. Popham, Sept 29

c7        Born – Son of Harry Davidson, Sept 25

c7        Born – Son of Edward Pieters, Sept 21

c7        Born – Daughter of William Kempyn, Sept 22

c7        Born – Son of Camile Verhove, Sept 23

c7        Born – Laurel Boyce Agur, daughter of W. D. Agur, Sept 25

c7        Born – Daughter of Howard Taylor, Sept 23

c7        Born – Daughter of Murray Hainer, Sept 25

c7        Born – Daughter of Grant Cupples, Sept 19

c7        Born – Dorothy Alberta Stover, daughter of Frank Stover, Sept 19

c7        Born – Son of James Mummery, Sept 21

c8        Died – Peter Nicol Blair, 70 years, Sept 28, husband of Mrs Hettie Blair, nee Millett; father of Mrs P. Dawdy and Roy G. Blair; brother of Miss and John Carmichael


29 September 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c2        Shower – Mrs Morris Kennedy, nee Ila Morgan


Page 16

c5        Engagement – George H. Yokom, son of H. J. Yokom to Lillian Burgess, daughter of Robert Burgess

c5        Engagement – Gordon Kenneth Sutton, son of W. D. Sutton to Mildred Rosamund Ead, daughter of Charles R. Ead

c5        Married – Arthur Selby Love, son of Rev A. J. Love to Sarah Louise Nettleton, daughter of Louis Nettleton

c5        Married – Glen Cottrell to Miss Volta Henry

c6        Marrried – Dr Ralph Connor to Miss Margaret Newton

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Edward Sherlock of Strathroy, 50th

c7        Engagement – Gordon Jackson, son of Henry Jackson to Lena Irene Hurst, daughter of Solomon Hurst

c7        Engagement – Howard Allan Chrysler, son of Allan Chrysler to Irma Perney, daughter of Frank H. Perney

c7        Engagement – Watson Dow, son of Thomas Dow to Helen Audrey McKnight, daughter of J. A. McKnight

c7        Married – Harold Goodwillie to Miss Grace Schooley

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Deming of Charlotteville, 63rd

c8        Engagement – Robert B. Cross, son of Arthur Cross to Helen Gertrude Butcher, daughter of Walter Butcher

c8        Engagement – Gordon Redvers Underwood, son of William Lionel Underwood to Constance Helen Duthie, daughter of Edgar Duthie


1 October 1934

Page 2

c7        Reunion – Trueman Family


Page 7

c2        Vital Statistics, St Thomas – September – 32 births, 18 marriages, 16 deaths

c8        Born – Daughter of H. Clayton, Sept 27

c8        Died – Mrs John D. Thomson, nee Sarah Esther Fowler, 86th year, Sept 30

c8        Memoriam – Robert Christie, Oct 1 1933

c8        Memoriam – Samuel J. Smith, Oct 1 1933


Page 14

c3        Married – Dr Arthur E. Wood to Mrs Harriet Howourth

c3        Married – Ephraim Herbert Coleman to Jean Hay Robson, daughter of Hugh Amos Robson

c3        Married – Lloyd Denham Dingle, son of Richard William Dingle to Margaret McLaren Vining, daughter of Andrew Joseph Vining

c3        Married – Melvin Simons, son of Mrs J. Simons to Mrs Alice Pearl Doan, daughter of J. W. Nesbitt

2 October 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – William Ellsworth Webster, Oct 2, brother of Mrs George H. Stanton


Page 5

c4        Funeral – Peter Nicol Blair, Oct 1

c4        Funeral – Mrs Albert Morse Oct 1


Page 7

c2        Died – George Fyle, Oct 1, husband of Mrs Alma Fyle; son of Mrs Betty Fyle

c3        Died – William Woodford, Sept 30

c8        Born – James Roy Little, son of W. H. & Lillian Little, nee Clark, Oct 1

c8        Died – Mrs John D. Thomson, nee Sarah Esther Fowler, 86th year, Sept 30

c8        Died – Donald Campbell, 80th year, Oct 1


Page 8

c2        Engagement – William Lewis Clark, son of Edward Clark to Rossie Valette Orser, daughter of George Orser

c2        Engagement – Frances Joseph Parent, son of Arsene Parent to Greta May Kettlewell, daughter of Charles Kellewell

c4        Married – William Campbell, son of N. Campbell to Ethel Gladys Fay Preston, daughter of John Preston

c4        Married – Selby Love, son of Rev A. J. Love to Sarah Louise Nettleton, daughter of L. Nettleton

c4        Married – Dr Arthur E. Wood to Mrs Harriet Howourth

c4        Married – Alfred Duncan Campbell, son of Alfred E. Campbell to Myrtle Irene Sutherland, daughter of Ray Sutherland

c4        Married – William Melvin Bryden, son of Andrew & Sadie Bryden to Miss Margaret Mae Kettlewell, daughter of John Kettlewell


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs John D. Thomson, nee Esther Sarah Fowler, Sept 30, daughter of Thomas & Eliza Fowler, nee Doolittle

3 October 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – George Fred House, 54 years, Oct 2


Page 8

c3        Died – Donald Campbell, 80th year, Oct 1, son of James & Nancy Campbell


Page 9

c1        Died – Betty Ann Morrison, 2 days, Oct 3, infant daughter of George Morrison; sister of Harvey, Harold, Douglas and Jackie Morrison; granddaughter of William Morrison and David Lundy

c8        Born – Son of Charles German, Sept 20

c8        Died – William Elsworth Webster, Oct 2, husband of Mrs Alice Webster

c8        Died – George Fred House, 54th year, Oct 2


Page 10

c4        Engagement – Lloyd Keith Morrison, son of M. J. Morrison to Bertha Madeline Cotterill, daugther of A. Cotterill

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Walker Reeve of Ilderton, 50th

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Fleming of Hagersville, 58th

c4        Married – Maurice Joseph Neutens, son of Adiel Neutens to Miss Mary Van Lesberbge

c4        Married – Edwin Easby, son of James Easby to Florence E. E. Burghall, daughter of Harry Burghalol

4 October 1934

Page 2

c4        Died – Mrs Frank F. Baumgart, Oct 3


Page 8

c3        Immigration – Clinton Learn and family to Aylmer


Page 9

c4        Died – William Bollette, 48 years, Oct 3, father of Eddie Bollette; brother-in-law of Anthony Jackson

c8        Born – Son of Merton Simpson, Sept 28

c8        Died – William Ellsworth Webster, Oct 2

c8        Memoriam – George T. Emery, Oct 4 1931

c8        Memoriam – Fannie Rendle, Oct 3 1931


Page 10

c4        Married – Percy Green, son of Bert Green to Miss Geraldine Johnson, daughter of Medford Johnson

c4        Married – William Orville McAdams, son of W. G. McAdams to Estella May Hunniford, daughter of E. F. Hunniford

c4        Married – Wilfrid Ross Binkley, son of M. W. Binkley to Ellen Mae Hayhow, daughter of R. A. Hayhow

c4        Married – Frederick D. Doan, son of Lewis Doan to Alexina Woods, daughter of William Woods

5 October 1934

Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs James Wright, nee Elizabeth Matilda Dorling, 88th year, mother of Mrs Harold Wilkins and McKenzie Wright; sister of Leonard W. Dorling

c2        Funeral – George Fred House, Oct 4

c2        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Thomson, Oct 3

c2        Funeral – Betty Ann Morrison, Oct 4


Page 9

c6        Died – John R. Gow, 91st year, Oct 5

c6        Memoriam – Francis Patrick Groves, Oct 5 1929


Page 10

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Lyman E. MacLauchlan of St Thomas, 50th

c4        Engagement – Roy A. Brown, son of W. a. Brown to Miss Maracella Robinson, daughter of W. Clifford Robinson


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs Alice E. Caswell, sister of Mrs Mary Davis

6 October 1934

Page 6

c2        Died – John R. Gow, 91st year, Oct 5 – Photo

c2        Died – Lorne Makay, 23 years, Oct3, son of Garnet Makay

c4        Funeral – Donald Campbell, Oct 4 – Photo


Page 7

c1        Divorce – Mrs Mary Langridge vs Chalrds J. Langridge

c8        Born – Ola Mary Munn, daughter of Herman Munn, Sept 29

c8        Born – Daughter of Peter Teighrob, Sept 30

c8        Born – Son of Raymond Gossens, Sept 29

c8        Born – Daughter of George Barber Jr. Sept 28

c8        Born – Son of William Murtland, Spet 26

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret McIntyre, Oct 4, mother of Leone, Roy and James McIntyre; sister of Mrs W. Bronw, Mrs George Bellcher and Edward Noulty

c8        Memoriam – Joyce Margaret Hook, Oct 6 1933


Page 8

c1        Will – Estate of Mrs Louisa Galt Hale, widow of Jeffery Hale


6 October 1934

Second Section

Page 10

c1        Anniversary – St Paul’s United Church, Aylmer – 60th – Photo


Page 11

c3        Died – Mrs Andrew Newell, nee Isabelle Moore, Oct 6


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Max Russell Sharpe, son of J. W. Sharpe to Jean Verna Donaldson, daughter of J. C. Donaldson

c5        Engagement – William, A. Patrick, son of Montgomery Patrick to Dorothy Isobel Snell, daughter of John C. Snell

c5        Engagement – James A. Stevenson, son of A. W. Stevenson to Dorothy Margaret Buchan, daughter rof Alex Buchan

c5        Engagement – Ross C. Barton, son of W. Barton to Mary McInnis, daughter of Angus McInnis

c5        Engagement – Louis MacKenzie Perrin to Wilma Myrtle McIver, daughter of William Campbell McIver

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Swindells of St Thomas, 33rd

c6        Engagement – Arthur Austin to Miss Nellie Davies, daughter of Mrs J. Davies

c8        Birthday – Bob Cheeseboro of St Thomas, 13th

c8        Engagement – Gordon Kenneth Sutton, son of W. D. Sutton to Mildred Rosamond Ead, daughter of C. R. Ead

c8        Engagement – Laughlin Benson Patterson, son of J. L. Patterson to Mary Catherine Abraham, daughter of W. M. Abraham

c8        Engagement – Dr David Wilbur Glassey, son of D. A. Glassey to Anna Harriet Nesbitt, daughter of W. J. Nesbitt

8 October 1934

Page 2

c4        Funeral – William E. Webster, Oct 5


Page 5

c4        Died – James Burton, 85 years, Oct 6

c5        Anniversary – Ingersoll Anglican Church, 100th

c8        Funeral – Mrs Lottie Ross, Oct 5

c8        Funeral – M. E. Werner, 74 years, Oct 5 son of Rev Werner


Page 8

c2        Died – Coartley H. Fishbach, 77th year, Oct 7

c2        Funeral – Mrs Andrew S. Newell, Oct 7


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs Selena Martin, nee Bennett, 85 years, daughter of George F. Bennett

c6        Married – Arthur Austin, son of William Austin to Nellie Davies, daughter of John Davies

c8        Born – Daughter of James A. & Gertrude Haines, nee Sinclair, Sept 24

c8        Born – Rachael Jeanette Bartlett, daughter of Alfred Bartlett, Sept 27

c8        Born – Daughter of Floyd Kyte, Oct 1

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Everett, Oct 2

c8        Born – Daughter of Clifford Williams, Oct 2

c8        Born – Son of Cyril DeClaire, Oct 3

c8        Born – Daughter of James Lindsay, Sept 29

c8        Born – Daughter of Murray Heemer, Sept 28

c8        Died – James Burton, Oct 7


Page 10

c2        Engagement – John T. N. Wigle, son of Theodore Wigle to Jean McBeth Rae, daughter of Kenneth Rae

c2        Engagement – Robert Oliver Willis, son of W. G. Willis to Beryl Edith Miles, daughter of Gordon Miles

c5        Married – James William Pierce, son of James Pierce to Olive Tedford, daughter of David Tedford

c5        Married – Ross C. Barton, son of Warren Barton to Mary McInnis, daughter of Angus McInnis

c5        Married – Halbot R. Oatman, father of Mrs William Underhill to Effie Willison

c5        Married – Roy A. Brown, son of W. A. Brown to Lillian Marcelia Robinson, daughter of Clifford Robinson


Page 16

c4        Died – Fred Knight, 49 years, Oct 5, son of Wesley & Amelia Knight

10 October 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Reginald Grist, 58 years, Oct 10


Page 8

c2        Died – Miss Rebecca Ann Gilbert, 85 years, Oct 9, sister of Mrs John Berger, Mrs Wiley, William and Albert Gilbert

c6        Died – Mrs Lawrence M. House, nee Nigh, 61 years, Oct 8


Page 9

c1        Died – Peter Sharpe, Oct 9, brother of Mrs Mary Hubert

c8        Born – Son of Herman Page, Oct 5

c8        Born – Charles Allister Hales, son of Charles Hales, Oct 7


Page 10

c4        Married – Ross C. Barton, son of Warren Barton to Mary McInnis, daughter of Angus McInnis

c4        Married – Gordon William Linton Hale to Rita Phyllis Houser, daughter of William A. Houser

c4        Married – Walter E. Clanahan to Margaret Elizabeth Gartly, daughter of Adam Gartly

c4        Married – Howard Ludlow, son of C. Ludlow to Betty Carol Tuck, daughter of S. Tuck


Page 12

c3        Died – Miss Beulah Beatrice Jelly, 20 years, daughter of W. T. Jelly; granddaughter of Mrs A. H. Copeland

c3        Died – Isaac Carling, Oct 9

c4        Died – John Lucas, 89th year, Oct 7, widow of Mrs Mary Lucas, nee Urquhart; father of John A. Lucas, Mrs Frank Smith; brother of Charles Lucas, Mrs Frank Harvey, Mrs Currie Walper and Mrs H. Balzer; predeceased by daughter Mrs William Graham

c4        Funeral – John R. Gow, Oct 8

c5        Funeral – Archibald McColl, 75 years, Oct 8

c5        Funeral – Fred Knight, Oct 9

c6        Anniversary – Port Rowan Baptist Church, 106th


Page 16

c2        Funeral – Miss Mary Jane Long, Oct 10

11 October 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Mrs Harry Jones, 22 years, Oct 10


Page 5

c4        Funeral – James Burton, Oct 10


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs John Bruce Hambidge, nee Lila Loretta Miles, 75th year, Oct 11, mother of Mrs James McMullen Rogers and Harold M. Hambidge

c2        Died – William D. Robinson, 70 years, husband of Mrs Sarah Robinson, nee Labadie

c2        Funeral – Coartley H. Fishbach, Oct 10

c4        Died – George Mackie, Oct 10


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Griffin, 71 years, Oct 10, widow of Thomas Griffin

c9        Born – Son of Arnold Wolfe, Oct 7

c9        Died – Mrs Eliza Caroline Bareham, nee Sizzey, Oct 11, widow of Alfred Bareham; mother of Robert & Alfred Bareham; sister of William A. Sizzey

c9        Died – Mrs Mary Griffin, nee O’Connor, 71 years, Oct 10, widow of Thomas Griffin

c9        Died – Mrs John Bruce Hambidge, nee Lily Lorette Miles, 75 years, Oct 11

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Elizabeth May Robinson, Oct 11 1931

c8        Memoriam – Jack Stuart Tolmie, Oct 11 1928


Page 10

c2        Married – Walter John Stidwell to Mrs Jessie MacCallum

c2        Married – William Robert Kerr to Ella Amelia Seeley, daughter of E. W. & Caroline Seeley

c3        Engagement – George Murray Smith, son of Rev John Smith to Evelyn Viola Higgs, daughter of T. L. Higgs

c5        Married – John Borthwick, son of John Borthwick to Leta L. Scott, daughter of Lewis Scott

c6        Married – Walter E. Lanktree, son of Norman Lanktree to Olive A. Bragg, daughter of F. H. Bragg

c7        Married – Edward M. Chambers, son of Eli Chamberts to Bertha Olive Bowman, daughter of William Bowman

c8        Married – Hugh Edward Sherk, son of Orville Sherk to Miss Mabel K. Uster


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs Alfred Bareham, nee Eliza Caroline Siyyey, (Sizzy) 72 years, Oct 11

c5        Funeral – William Volette, Oct 6, son of John Volette

12 October 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Jack Taylor, 62 years, Oct 12


Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs William Brooks, nee Zerueaet Moore , 71 years, Oct 11


Page 9

c1        Died – William R. Butcher, Oct 10, son of John & Emily Butcher; husband of Mrs Mabel Butcher, nee Graham

c2        Died – Mrs George S. Andrews, nee Susanah Permilia Millie, 36th year, daughter of John Fleming and Mrs Hiram Gee


Page 10

c1        Married – Thomas Edward Knott, son of John Knott to Blanceh Estella Stetter, daughter of Carl Stetter

c1        Married – George Mercel to Mrs Jennie Scott

c1        Married – Howard Allen to Irma Perney, daughter of Frank Perney

c1        Married – William Kerr to Miss Seeley, daughter of E. W. & Caroline Seeley

c1        Married – David Stewart Barks, son of George Barks to Hazel Rosetta Bellamy, daughter of Thomas Bellamy

c1        Married – Wilbert Blake McKean, son of George McKean to Mabel Lillian Gardiner, daughter of James C. Gardiner

c2        Engagement – John Ruscombe Locock, son of John Locock to Helen Jean Ryckman, daughter of Marley Ryckman

c2        Engagement – Leigh Wilcox, son of Trueman Wilcox to Adele Sinden, daughter of Charles I. Sinden

c2        Engagement – William Lewis Clark, son of Edward Clark of Springfield to Rossie Valette Orser, daughter of George Orser

c2        Engagement – G. Owen Eaton, son of R. P. Eaton to May Catterall, daughter of H. Catterall


Page 14

c3        Anniversary – Edward St. Baptist Mission, 9th


Page 16

c2        Died – Carl Eugene Smith, 6 months, Oct 12, son of Gordon Smith

13 October 1934

Page 3

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William C. McKenzie of Watford, 50th

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Snell of Otterville, 50th

c7        Married – Kenneth McReynolds to Ethel Catherine Hugel, daughter of Mrs Mary Lawrence

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F. E. Aldrich of Tillsonburg, 50th


13 October 1934

Second Section

Page 6

c2        Anniversary – Central United Church, St Thomas, 60th – Photo


Page 8

c5        Engagement – Henry H. Vair, son of William Vair to Margaret Catharine Douglas, daughter of A. T. Douglas

c5        Engagement – Summers Harper, son of Samuel R. Harper to Frances Agnes Tricomo, daughter of Mrs Josephine Tricomo

c5        Engagement – Carl Mann, son of Albert Mann to Dorothy Pearl Beecroft, daughter of John E. Beecroft

c5        Engagement – John Ruscombe Locock, son of John Locock to Helen Jean Ruckman, daughter of Harley Ruckman (Ryckman)


Page 11

c1        Will – Estate of John Steele of North Dorchester

c7        Funeral – Mrs Mary Griffin, Oct 13

c8        Born – Bonnie Jean Alexander, daughter of G. Alexander, Oct 11

c8        Died – John Taylor, 62 years, Oct 12, husband of Mrs Matilda Taylor

c8        Memoriam – Mary Emma Rosenberger, Oct 13 1932, by husband Thomas Dearden

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Anna Rebecca Shelton, Oct 13 1933


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Carl Eugene Smith, Oct 15

c5        Married – Frank Edward Canfield, son of Frank Edward Canfield to Madeline Coughlin, daughter of John Joseph Coughlin

c5        Married – Kenneth McReynolds to Miss Catherine Lawrence, niece of D. D. Crawford


13 October 1934

Mining Edition

Page 24

c1        Died – John Taylor, 62 years, Oct 12, husband of Mrs Matilda Taylor, nee Loomis

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Richard Butler of Ridgetown, 50th

c3        Funeral – Joseph Edgar Wilson, Oct 10

c3        Died – Infant son of Dr Potter, Oct 11

15 October 1934

Page 1

c1        Died – Mrs George Paddick, 35 years, Oct 13


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs William H. Teeple, 68th year, Oct 15, daughter of Thomas & Harriet Hare


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs William Brooks, Oct 13

c6        Funeral – Mrs Eliza Bareham, Oct 13

c8        Born – Son of Nathaniel Seed, Oct 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Morris Shackleton, Oct 11

c8        Born – Paul Raymond Davis, son of Raymond & Lillian Davis, nee McLeod, Oct 1

c8        Born – Son of Ralph E. Gardiner, Oct 8

c8        Born – Son of William Gear, Oct 9

c8        Born – Daughter of Alois Boussen, Oct 8

c8        Born – Son of Ralph Gardner, Oct 8

c8        Born – Son of Ignatius Sietz, Oct 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Beckett, Oct 4

c8        Born – Son of Wray Davis, Oct 1

c8        Born – Son of Frank Dickerson, Oct 3

c8        Born – Daughter of Stanley Seaton, Oct 7

c8        Born – Son of George W. Hurley, Oct 4

c8        Born – Isobel Johnson, daughter of Lloyd Johnson, Oct 4

c8        Born – Daughter of Horace Weeks, Oct 8

c8        Born – Son of Orval Watts, Oct 10


Page 8

c4        Engagement – Norman Harold Sinclair, son of Norman G. Sinclair to Lillian Florence Bull, daughter of Edward A. Bull

c4        Engagement – Wilfred J. McCarthy, son of Charles McCarthy to Alice Kathleen Feeney, daughter of Edward Feeney

c6        Married – George John Grouse to Miss Kathleen Moody, daughter of Thomas Moody

c6        Married – William Louis Clark, son of Edward Clark to Rossie Valetta Orser, twin daughter of George Orser

c6        Married – Wilfred Thomas Stewart, son of P. T. Stewart to Gladys Pearl Ashton, daughter of W. J. Ashton


Page 10

c3        Anniversary – Union United Church, 57th


Page 14

c2        Died – John W. Livingstone, 82nd year, Oct 14, uncle of Mrs George Geddes and L. B. Livingstone

16 October 1934

Page 5

c7        Funeral – Mrs J. B. Hambidge, Oct 13

c7        Funeral – Carl Eugene Smith, Oct 15


Page 6

c3        Died – Joseph Edgar Wilson, son of Goodsell Wilson; husband of Mrs Florence E. Wilson, nee Ryan

c6        Died – Mrs Edith Donaldson, nee Bolt, Oct 15


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Hannah Dalby, 81st year, Oct 16, widow of Aaron Dalby

c3        Died – Mrs Marjorie Paddick, 36 years, Oct 13

c8        Born – Joanne Louise Clark, daughter of Jack & Irene Clark, nee Robbins, Oct 13

c8        Memoriam – James Owen Anger, Oct 14 1918


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Byron Edward Forrest, son of Edward Forrest to Doris Margaret Woods, daughter of John Woods

c3        Birthday – Stewart Potts, 4th, son of Mrs G. Potts

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frank Parker, nee Annie Forbes of Woodstock, 50th, parents of Mrs Russell Smithers

c4        Married – George William Page, son of William Page to Mrs Agnes Harriet Greenway, daughter of Nathan Miller

c4        Married – William J. Bloom to Miss Alma J. Davis

c4        Married – Lyle Harding Gray, son of J. M. Gray to Ina Clare Shipp, daughter of William Shipp

c4        Married – Lester Scott Davis, son of Ernest H. Davis to Millicent Loretta Corrigan, daughter of Rev Richard Corrigan


Page 10

c4        Funeral – John Taylor, Oct 15


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Jane Insell, 50 years, Oct 14

c1        Died – John Morrison, 90 years, Oct 14

c1        Died – Thomas Waugh, 86 years, Oct 14

17 October 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Robert H. Blackmore, 71 years, Oct 17, brother of J. J. Blackmore


Page 2

c1        Died – Fred Stover, Oct 17


Page 6

c6        Died – Mrs Isaac Hord, nee Mary Ann Ferris, 88th year, daughter of Charles Ferris


Page 7

c4        Died – Robert Allison, husband of Mrs Agnes Allison

c8        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Donn, 69 years, Oct 16, widow of Alec Donn; sister of Mrs Mary Thomas and Joseph Gillard


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Hazel Robinson, daughter of H. Robinson to Archibald Burton Barrett, son of Arthur Barrett

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frank Parker of Woodstock, 50th

c3        Engagement – William Sinclair Koehler, son of H. C. & Ada Koehler to Anna Marguerite Krause, daughter of John H. Krause

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Burk, nee McCann of St Thomas, 50th , parents of Frederick Newton, Daisy Irene, Nellie and Harry Ezekiel Burk

c3        Married – Henry Gordon Jackson, son of Henry Jackson to Lena Irene Hurst, daughter of Soloman Hurst

c3        Married – David Wardrop to Miss Jean Robb


Page 9

c1        Birthday – Homer Smith, 80th , husband of Mrs Hannah Smith, nee Pearce


Page 14

c4        Died – – Mrs Elizabeth Donn, 69 years, Oct 16. mother of Elmo Donn’ grandmother of Ariel, Evelyn and June Donn

18 October 1934

Page 7

c1        Divorce – Mrs Lily May Cain, vs Frederick Roy Cain

c7        Died – Mrs Sarah J. Clarke, 94 years, Oct 7, widow of Oliver Clark

c8        Born – Daughter of George Bradfield, Oct 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Ansley & Clara Broughton, nee Grass, Oct 14

c8        Born – John Alonzo Rapelje, son of John M. Rapelje, Oct 9

c8        Died – Robert H. Blackmore, Oct 17, husband of Mrs Isabel S. Blackmore, nee Armstrong; brother of J. J. , Edward, George and Lawrence Blackmore

c8        Memoriam – Wesley A Stafford, Oct 18 1927, by daughter Stella


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Burk of St Thomas – 50th – Photo

c2        Engagement – H. Gerald Hillard to Olive Eilene Widner, daughter of W. A. Widner

c2        Married – James Freestone, son of Frederick Charles Freestone to Dorothy Jean McAllister, daughter of James McAllister

c2        Married – Hugh Thurston, son of E. Thurston to Miss S. Chute, daughter of M. Chute, Oct 17


Page 14

c2        Died – Ernest G. Switzer, husband of Mrs Emma Switzer, nee McMulkin

c4        Article – W. St Thomas Smith, St Thomas artist

19 October 1934

Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Wesley Murtland, nee Catherine Potts of Waterford, 62nd

c2        Died – Mrs Thomas Tennant Brown, nee Anna Fowler, 91st year, Oct 17


Page 7

c1        Died – John Taylor, Oct 12


Page 8

c6        Mrs Elizabeth Donn, Oct 18


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Murray, 56 years, Oct 19, daughter of Malcolm M. & Annie Slater; mother of Mrs Peter Laing Jr; sister of Harry & Edward Slater, Mrs T. W. Bennett, Mrs H. Coyne and Mrs John Duncan; grandmother of Malcolm Murray Laing

c3        Died – George E. Cooper, 64 years, son of James Cooper

c7        Died – Robert H. Blackmore, Oct 17


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Ferriss, 76 years, daughter of Absalom & Deborah Quick, nee Thompson; widow of John Arthur Ferris

20 October 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Duncan Carmichael, 90th year, Oct 19, husband of Mrs Annie Carmichael, nee McCall; father of Duncan, Hugh A. & Mary Carmichael; brother of Mrs Bella McNichol

c4        Photo – Times Journal Contest winniers – John T. Deward, Fingal; Hugh Agnew and W. J. Stewart of the staff; Carl Jannaway, Rodney; George Mithcell, Aylmer; James B. Campbell, Dutton; James E. Lewis, St Thomas; Robert Burke, Sparta; Donald Sharpe, Vienna; Francis C. Doan, St Thomas; James W. Carroll, Middlemarch; Norman Malloy, St Thomas


Page 2

c7        Died – Mrs Aaron Dalby, Oct 18


Page 3

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W. Pearce, nee Frances A. Rice of Tillsonburg, 60th


Page 6

c3        Died – William M. Cole, 65th year, Oct 20

c5        Died – Mrs Morley Ostrander, nee Eula Beatrice Buchner, 35th year, daughter of Thomas Buchner; mother of Dorothy, Beatrice, Hilda and Donald Ostrander; sister of Elgin Buchner


Page 7

c3        Married – Ernest Sylvester Vaughn, son of William Bell to Irene Francis Warwick, daughter of Sam Warwick

c7        Married – James Alexander Stevenson, son of Andrew W. Stevenson to Dorothy Margaret Buchan, daughter of Alexander Buchan

c7        Died – Mrs Mary Murray, Oct 19

c7        Memoriam – Walter Towers, Oct 20 1932

c8        Born – Daughter of Ralph Beattie, Oct 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Clarence Quick, Oct 14

c8        Born – Daughter of A. Vaughan, Oct 19

c8        Born – Eleanor Margaret Attwood, daughter of William Attwood, Oct 13

c8        Born – Stillborn son of Garton Lefevre, Oct 15

c8        Born – Son of Elmo Howey, Oct 5

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Shelley, Oct 17

c8        Born – Daughter of John Turley, Oct 17

c8        Born – Son of D. F. Gibson, Oct 16

c8        Born – Donald Gordon Crossett, son of Gordon Crossett, Oct 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Gerald Bradfield, Oct 16

c8        Born – Richard Ercell Barham, son of Archie & Edith Barham, nee Somers, Oct 10

c8        Born – Daughter of Harry Rolloson, Oct 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Russell Bloye, Oct 15

c8        Born – Son of Otto Ward of Simcoe, Oct 14


20 October 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs Elmer F. Oille, mother of Thelma, Anna and Gladys Oille

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Hathaway of Dunwich, 50th


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Jefferson Irwin Cuyler, son of F. Cuyler to Margaret Emily Golden, daughter of J. P. Golden

c5        Engagement – W. R. McCulley, son of Joseph McCulley to Eleanor M. Large

c5        Engagement – Charles S. Barrett, son of F. N. Barrett to Ruby Mae Fortner, daughter of S. J. Fortner

c6        Shower – Miss Jean Ryckman and Miss Edith Liddle

c6        Funeral – John W. Livingston, uncle of Mrs George Geddes

22 October 1934

Page 2

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Pearce of Tillsonburg, 60th

c6        died – Mrs Catharine Baley, 76 years, Oct 21, mother of Joseph & Kathryn Baley


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Hallam Woodward of Waterford, 95th

c1        Funeral – Robert H. Blackmore, Oct 20

c2        Died – Everett John Crosby, 53rd year, Oct 20

c5        Married – Gordon Kenneth Sutton, son of W. D. Sutton to Mildred Rosamund Ead, daughter of Charles R. Ead

c5        Married – Gordon Redvers Underwood, son of W. L. Underwood to Constance Helen Duthie, daughter of Edgar Duthie


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Josephine King, Oct 21, wife of Dr Dale M. King

c3        Died – Mrs Martha Freeman, Oct 21, wife of Findlay Freeman

c4        Married – Dr David Wilbur Glassey, son of D. A. Glassey to Anna Harriet Nesbitt, daughter of Rev Dr W. J. Nesbitt

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Ellen Hickey, 74 years, Oct 17, widow of Thomas Hickey

c8        Born – Daughter of Sidney F. Hare, Oct 20

c8        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Collinson, Oct 16

c8        Born – Daughter of G. H. Stewart, Oct 21

c8        Born – Dennis William & David Clark Haight, twin sons of Clarence Haight, Oct 17

c8        Born – Shirley Elizabeth Beckerman, daughter of Cecil Beckerson, Oct 12 (note: both spellings of surname)

c8        Born – Hugh Huse Hart III, son of Hugh H. & Jeann N. Hart Jr, nee Sutherland, Oct 6

c8        Born – Wayne Edward Winder, son of Edward & Marita Winder, nee Little, Oct 16

c8        Died – Mrs Josephine King, Oct 21, wife of Dr Dale M. King

c8        Memoriam – Sadie Margertte Fry, Oct 21 1930


Page 8

c3        Funeral – Mrs Dale M. King, sister-in-law of Dr Perry King

c6        Married – John B. Cameron, son of Mrs P. Cameron to Edith B. Duffy, daughter of James Duffy

c6        Married – Martin L. Walker, son of William L. & Catherine Walker to Amey Josephine Cameron, daughter of Charles Cameron

c6        Married – Howard Davied Ramey, son of Oney Ramey to Ida Gertrude Graham, daughter of John W. Graham

c6        Married – John W. Allister, son of William Allister to Eva May Gallienne, daughter of Nicholas Gallienne

c7        Married – Byron Clifton Ryckman, son of George Ryckman to Bertha Rose Ann Ward, daughter of Joseph Ward


Page 9

c1        Died – Malcolm Quick, 77 years

c1        Died – Joseph Long, 86th year, Oct 17

c3        Died – Frank Walters, 54th year, Oct 21


Page 12

c1        Divorce – Mrs Poulton vs Robert Victor Poulton and Ruth Moses

c1        Divorce – Anne Sheard vs Dr Charles Sheard

c1        Died – Mrs (Rev Dr) J. A. Long, nee Mary Given, 72 years

c2        Died – William Scratch, husband of Mrs Minnie Scratch, nee Bertrand

c3        Died – Mrs J. Wesley Brooks, nee Sarah Anne Nelles, 67th year, Oct 20

c4        Died – Marshall M. Smith, 65 years, Oct 21

c4        Died – Hugh Watt, 60 years, Oct 21

c4        Died – Harry Dockstader, Oct 21

c4        Died – John Mathews, 30 years, Oct 21

c4        Died – Cornelius Kelly, 35 years, Oct 20

c4        Died – William Zator, 21 years, Oct 20

c5        Died – Hexariah Smith, 68 years, Oct 22, son of Safford Smith

c5        Birthday – E. A. Gough, 70th year

23 October 1934

Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs Anna Brown, Oct 17, daughter of John Travers & Emma Dean; widow of Thomas Tennant Brown

c3        Died – Mrs T. C. Campbell, 84 years, Oct 22,


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Duncan Carmichael, Oct 21

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Murray, Oct 22


Page 7

c2        Died – James McGuire, 81 years, Oct 22

c2        Died – David J. Donaldson, 83rd year

c3        Died – Mrs William John MacDonald, nee Annie McLachlin, 83 years, Oct 22, daughter of Archibald McLachlin; mother of Jean Plummer MacDonald and Mrs T. Crossan Clark; grandmother of Jean, Andrew, Crossan and Nancy Clark; sister of Mrs R. W. Bruce-Smith, Mrs J. H. McGeary and Charles A. McLachlin

c8        Born – Kathleen Frances O’Connor, daughter of John O’Connor, Oct 22

c8        Died – Mrs Martha Freeman, Oct 21

c8        Died – Mrs William John MacDonald, nee Annie McLachlin, 83 years, Oct 22


Page 8

c1        Married – Ray McLellan, son of William Daley McLellan to Alice Evelyn Forbes, daughter of William C. Forbes

c1        Married – Donald Mitchell McCallum, son of A. D. McCallum to Edythe Irene Barnes, daughter of William J. Barnes

c1        Married – Douglas Land English, son of Sidney J. English to Miss Mary Marguerite White, daughter of S. A. White

c1        Married – George Ambrose Gamble, son of Joseph Gamble to Marion Elizabeth MacDonald, daughter of Donald MacDonald

c2        Engagement – Charles Bertram Coulthard Scott, son of Charles Wellington Scott to Mary Sill Grundy, daughter of Henry Platt Grundy


Page 9

c3        Died – Henry Levett, 95 years,


Page 12

c3        Died – William Albert Teskey, 80 years, Oct 18

24 October 1934

Page 2

c5        Funeral – William M. Cole, Oct 22

c5        Funeral – Everett Crosby, Oct 23

c7        Died – Ralph Charles Dauphin, 47 years, Oct 23

c8        Died – Mrs William J. Hillman, nee Margaret Patterson, Oct 22


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs John Boyd, nee Johnston, 47th year, Oct 22, daughter of Albert Johnston

c5        Died – Edward Thomas Chowen, 64th year, Oct 20

c5        Funeral – Mrs Catharine Daley, Oct 23


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Mrs William English, 74 years, Oct 22

c8        Born – Daughter of F. Thomas, Oct 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Ian Best, Oct 19

c8        Born – James Ray Simpson, son of Harry Simpson, Oct 4

c8        Died – James McGuire, Oct 22

c8        Died – Mrs Annie MacDonald, 83rd year, Oct 22


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Hadley Gilbert Quick, son of Grodon Quick to Muriel ‘Sally’ Harkness, daughter of Charles Harkness

c2        Died – Mrs Robert Miller, Oct 19, sister-in-law of Mrs Donald Miller

c2        Engagement – Willard N. Mills, son of Ronald Mills to Irene Ruth Chute, daughter of Mrs Jennie E. Chute

Page 10

c5        Died – James W. Scott, 72nd year, Oct 20

c5        Died – Florence Madeline Johnson, 16 years, Oct 22, daughter of William Johnson

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Cooper, 25th

c6        Died – Mrs Charles Stevens, nee Margaret Boynton, 71st year, Oct 20


Page 11

c3        Divorce – Margaret Jones vs Sidney Jones and Alice Maude Lowe


Page 14

c6        Married – E. S. Beverley Pollard, son of Samuel Pollard to Grace Eleanor Chambers, daughter of Fred Chambers

c6        Married – Cecil Crane, son of Howard Crane to Laura Ferne Townsend, daughter of John Townsend

c6        Married – Archie Dodge, son of Henry Dodge to Eva Dolman, daughter of James Dolman

c6        Married – William Wilson Foote to Loemma Eliza Widdifield

c6        Married – William R. Moore, son of C. E. Moore to Grace Louise Ross, daughter of J. K. Ross

c7        Married – Mac Wesley Wales, son of Thomas Scott Wales to Letha Pearl Whittle, daughter of Louis Gordon Whittle

25 October 1934

Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs T. C. Campbell, Oct 24

c2        Funeral – Mrs Martha Freeman, Oct 24


Page 9

c8        Funeral – Miss Mabel Turvey, Oct 23

c8        Born – William John Jolley, son of William & Irene Jolley, nee Davies, Oct 20


Page 10

c2        Married – Alex McLeod, son of Donald McLeod to Annie MacDonald, daughter of Alex MacDonald – Photo

c2        Shower – Mrs Melvin Simons, nee Pearl Doan

c3        Engagement – Dr George F. P. Sharpe, son of R. F./ Sharpe to Charlotte May McAninch, daughter of J. J. McAninch

c5        Married – Frank House, son of Harry House to Lillian May Baldwin, daughter of Dugald & Mary Baldwin


Page 12

c3        Died – David Kitchen, 60 years, Oct 22

c3        Died – John or James Brooks, 88 years, Oct 21

c3        Funeral – Mrs J. Wesley Brooks, Oct 23


Pages 17 – 32

Times Journal Cook Book

26 October 1934

Page 9

c7        Born – Son of James McHugh, Oct 20

c7        Born – Daughter of Bernard Barnes, Oct 23

c7        Born – Daughter of Ian Best, Oct 19

c7        Born – Son of Ernest Miller, Oct 23

c7        Born – Daughter of Fred Oliver, Oct 22

c7        Died – Mrs Jane Ann Alexander, nee Stevenson, 86 years, Oct 26, widow of Robert Alexander; mother of Mrs J. E. Hannan, Mrs F. G. Borbridge, Augustus and Douglas Alexander; sister of Mrs Charles Elliott and Samuel Stevenson

c7        Died – Albert R. Rogers, Oct 25, widow of Mrs Saphiona Rogers

c8        Memoriam – Emma Newberry, Oct 25 1932

c8        Memoriam – Eunice Smith, Oct 26 1933

c8        Memoriam – Wilhelmina Sutherland Patterson, Oct 26 1929


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Charles Acheson, son of W. T. Acheson to Anne Isobel Bossenberry, daughter of Bruce Bossenberry

c2        Engagement – Augustus H. Nanton, son of Augustus Nanton to Barbara Mazo Collins, daughter of Walter H. Collins

c2        Engagement – J. Edwin Harrison, son of J. G. Harrison to Pearl Emeline Hull, daughter of J. Louis Hull

c5        Married – Peter Frazer Jamieson, son of Peter Jamieson to Marjorie M. Bryce, daughter of Mrs Fred Davies

c5        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Hillman, nee Patterson, widow of William J. Hillman, Oct 25, mother of Mrs Perry Gosnell, Mrs Randall, Mrs Clay, William, Duncan, Dan and John Hillman; sister of Dan Patterson and Mrs Blunt


Page 14

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Peter Jamieson, nee Marjorie Bryce

c2        Died – Leland Schuyler, 82 years, Oct 26, son of Horace Schuyler

c5        Funeral – James McGuire, Oct 25

c5        Died – Mrs John McGugan, nee Mary Ann Campbell, 87th year, Oct 25, daughter of Malcolm & Mary Campbell, nee McTaggart


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs Robert Alexander, nee Jane Ann Stevenson, 86th year, Oct 26

27 October 1934

Page 2

c1        Funeral – Mrs William J. Hillman, nee Margaret Patterson, Oct 25

c3        Died – Mrs Peter Cameron, nee Agnes Cunningham. Oct 27, daughter of John Cunningham; sister of Mrs J. P. McKellar; Aunt of Mrs James Black


Page 3

c3        Married – Frederick George Edwards, son of Benjamin Edwards to Gertrude Athlyn Craig, daughter of W. H. Craig

c3        Married – William Denis Stockford-Careless, son of W. Roy Stockford-Careless to Nora Blanche Bowie, daughter of R. A. Bowie

c3        Married – Ray McLellan, son of William Daley McLellan to Alice Evelyn Forbes, daughter of William C. Forbes

c3        Married – Henry DeSemple to Margaret Kesteloot, daughter of Lewis Kesteloot

c3        Married – A. W. Howard to Mrs Eliza H. Kennedy


Page 7

c7        Born – Donald Arthur Plowright, son of A. & Dora Plowright, nee Marsahill, Oct 24

c7        Born – Patricia Jane Smith, daughter of Harry Smith, Oct 26

c7        Born – Son of Lorne & Frances Everett, nee Bennett, Oct 17

c7        Born – Son of Michael Haskett, Oct 20

c7        Born – Daughter of Alyoius Sinnesall, Oct 17

c7        Born – Son of John O. Hoover, Oct 18

c7        Born – Daughter of Reginald Edwards, Oct 20

c7        Born – Daughter of Kenneth Collinson, Oct 16

c7        Born – Daughter of Rees Edwards, Oct 20

c7        Born – Twin daughters of Harry Gilchrist, Oct 23

c7        Died – Alfred Frank Else, 34 years, Oct 27, husband of Mrs Doris Else, nee Hind

c7        Died – Mrs Ida Luella Lale, nee Moore, 62 years, Oct 26, wife of George F. Lale

c7        Memoriam – James W. Smith, Oct 28 1932

c8        Memoriam – Gilbert Anger, Oct 28 1933


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs George F. Lale, nee Ida Luella Moore, 62 years, Oct 26

c3        Died – Alfred Frank Else, 34 years, Oct 27

c5        Funeral – George Ford, Oct 25, son of Neil Ford


27 October 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c1        Died – Leonard Wilcox, 6 years, grandson of Mrs M. Wilcox and Mrs A. Hixon

c3        Funeral – Mrs Annie MacDonald, Oct 25


Page 16

c2        Married – Anuerin Bevan to Miss Lee – Photo

c5        Engagement – Dr Kenneth Halliday McKay, son of Rev Donald McKay to Rosalind Marie Conley, daughter of John Conley

c5        Engagement – Leslie George Welbourn, son of J. Welbourn to Kathleen Margaret Lessard, daughter of J. B. Lessard

c5        Engagement – Charles Barrett to Miss Ruby Fortner

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Minor of St Catharines, 66th

c8        Engagement – Harold J. Gates, son of William & Margaret Gates to Dorothy Dean Mills, daughter of George E. Mills

c8        Engagement – Thomas Carl Mann, son of Albert Mann to Dorothy Pearl Beecroft, daughter of John E. Beecroft

c8        Engagement – William Sinclair Koehler, son of H. C. Koehler to Anna Marguerite Krause, daughter of John H. Krause

29 October 1934

Page 2

c4        Died – William Flowers, Oct 28, husband of Mrs Gladys Flowers, nee Marston

c4        Died – Mrs Pauline Durst, 49 years, Oct 28

c7        Funeral – Leamon Schuyler, Oct 28


Page 6

c3        Married – Carl Robert Burke, son of Mrs Albert Dredge and the late Albert Burke to Jessie Beryl Cudney, daughter of Walter Cudney

c3        Married – Dr Alexander Thomson to Miss Flora McFarlane, sister of Duncan McFarlane

c3        Married – C. Francis Tisdale, son of Mrs Agnes Tisdale to Pearl Emily Schneider, daughter of John Schneider

c3        Married – Raymond Getliffe, son of J. Getliffe to Lorna Aileen Hay, daughter of Lorne Hay

c3        Married – Walter John Davis, son of James Davis to Verna Dorothy Vanstone, daughter of Edwin Vanstone

c4        Photo – Ralph Gordon, age 71 years, formerly of St Thomas

c6        Died – Dr George D. Smith, 57th year, Oct 26, son of Darling Smith


Page 7

c1        Died – Miss Nancy Waddle, 71 years, daughter of James & Susan Waddle, nee Groff

c2        Died – Mrs Catherine McCann, 93 years, Oct 27, widow of Patrick McCann; mother of Mrs Mary Kenney, Thomas, John and Lawrence McCann

c3        Died – Edward W. Backus, 74 years, Oct 29 – Photo

c6        Died – Mrs John Lyons, nee Ina Milligan, 57th year, Oct 27

c8        Born – Daughter of Warren Phillips, Oct 16

c8        Born – Bill Disney Dolbear, son of Calvin & Dorothy Dolbear, nee Delmage, Oct 17

c8        Died – Mrs Catherine McCann, 93 years, Oct 27

c8        Memoriam – Ronald Alden Dawdy, Oct 28 1929


Page 8

c2        Engagement – John Angus McDonald to Miss Maude Eustace Smith

c2        Engagement – Earl Wellington Berry to Grace Eleanor Mitchel

c3        Engagement – Thomas P. Krock to Anna Mildred Hatch

c3        Engagement – Isreal Himelhoch to Miss Rose Phillips


Page 12

c1        Divorce – Sherlock Holmes Thorpe vs Evelyn Thorpe and Henry Traxler

c2        Funeral – Mrs A. H. Lamond, Oct 30, sister of Mrs W. W. Boughner

30 October 1934

Page 6

c1        Funeral – George M. Ford, Sept 27

c3        Died – Miss Etta M. Stewart, Oct 29, daughter of Daniel & Mary Stewart; sister of Walter E. and J. W. Stewart


Page 7

c1        Died – William Hodson Abbott, 65 years, Oct 29

c8        Funeral – Mrs Jane A. Alexander, Oct 29

c8        Died – Mrs Mary McCallum, 87th year, Oct 30, widow of Neil McCallum; mother of Archie Maitland


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Donald Grenville Ness to Marjorie Grace Boyce, daughter of Harry C. Boyce

c3        Married – Dr William Virgin to Zelma Crone

c4        Married – Dr O. J. Michael, son of Dr J. Michael to Pauline S. Smith, daughter of James Smith

c4        Married – John Ruscombe Locock to Helen Jean Ryckman

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Smith of Sheldon, Michigan, 50th , sister of Mrs David Melvin

31 October 1934

Page 1

c6        Died – Frederick Lachlan Carruth, 37 years, Oct 31


Page 6

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas Nant, nee Emma Alle of Brownsville, 50th


Page 7

c8        Died – Harry Scott Hopkins, 54 years, Oct 30, son of James H. & Annie Hopkins; husband of Mrs Alma Hopkins; brother of Chester H. Hopkins

c8        Legal Notice – Not responsible for debts contracted by his wife – James Edward McGuire


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Marshall Floyd Cameron, son of James R. & Lilly Cameron to Gladys Irene Frederick, daughter of Mrs Alice Frederick

c3        Shower – Mrs Clarence Squires, nee Edith Allin, daughter of Mrs G. Allin; niece of Mrs Percy Wells; granddaughter of Mr Luscombe

c5        Married – William Atkinson to Mrs Gertrude Rex

c5        Married – Harry Calvert Carroll, son of Roy Carroll to Helen Bernice Costain, daughter of Fred Costain

c5        Married – Rev R. W. Lee to Marjorie Charlotte Ryan, daughter of Gideon Kent


Page 10

c1        Died – Daniel A. Dempsey, 82nd year,

c1        Shower – Mrs Percy Green, nee Geraldine Johnson

c1        Married – Fred W. Harris to Miss Donna Rehuem


Page 14

c6        Funeral – Albert F. Else, Oct 29

c6        Funeral – Mrs Ida L. Lale, Oct 29

c6        Funeral – Dr George Smith, Oct 29

c6        Funeral – Mrs Peter Cameron, Oct 29

1 November 1934

Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Valentine Ratz, 87 years, Oct 31, daughter of Conrad Yager

c8        Died – Harry Scott Hopkins, 54 years, Oct 30

c8        Died – William Edward Knowles, Oct 31, infant son of Frank Knowles; brother of Patricia Knowles; grandson of W. Knowles and H. Williams

c8        Memoriam – Mary Jane Down, Nov 1 1933

c8        Memoriam – Frank Earl Massecar, Nov 2 1933


Page 10

c3        Engagement – Israel George Krause, son of Julius Krause to Ruby Albertha Degraw, daughter of Tim Degraw

2 November 1934

Page 6

c1        Died – S. Brubacher, father of Mrs (Rev) Ward M. Shantz

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary McCallum, Nov 1

c3        Funeral – Miss Ettie M. Stewart, Oct 31


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Hugh McPhail, nee Mary Emma Roebuck, 55 years, Nov 1, daughter of J. F. Roebuck

c3        Died – Mrs Minnie Vicary, nee Coleman, 62 years, Nov 1

c5        Died – Ernest W. McIntyre, 65 years, Nov 2, son of L. W. McIntyre

c6        Died – Mrs Edwin Gilbert, nee Priscilla Smith, Nov 1

c6        Born – Son of Harvey Howe, Oct 30

c6        Died – Frederick Black, Oct 31, husband of Mrs Agnes Black

c6        Died – Mrs Edwin Gilbert, nee Priscilla Smith, Nov 1

c6        Died – Mrs Mary Emma McPhail, Nov 1

c6        Died – Mrs Minnie Vicary, nee Coleman, 62 years, Nov 1


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Albert F. Thomas, son of F. W. Thomas to Mildred Louise Barnes, daughter of J. Barnes

c4        Married – Norman Clarke Colbert to Evangeline Jolley, daughter of John Jolley

c4        Married – Glenn Andrew McFadden, son of Lawrence McFadden to Rilla Kraft, daughter of Ward H. Kraft

c4        Married – George H. Yokom, son of H. J. Yokom to Lillian Burgess, daughter of Robert Burgess

c4        Married – Reginald Davidson Warwick, son of Guy Warwick to Adele Mary Austin, daughter of Albert W. Austin


Page 10

c1        Fire – Hiram Corless Farm, Springfield

c2        Died – Franklin Collins Burgess, Oct 17, son of J. N. Burgess; husband of Mrs Eunice Burgess, nee Porteus; father of Eileen Eunice, Franklin James and William Delbert Burgess; brother of Dr D. R. and Albert Burgess; nephew of Mrs Mary Hazelton and Mrs Jane Emery


Page 14

c1        Will – Estate of John Tweedle of Ailsa Craig

3 November 1934

Page 2

c6        Married – Robert James Meikle, son of Alex Meikle to Mary Margaret Cummings, daughter of William Cummings

c6        Married – Floyd Leitch to Gertrude Ellen Purcell, daughter of Archie Purcell


Page 3

c5        Married – Keith Middlemiss, son of Robert Middlemiss to Margaret Lucreta Webb, daughter of E. R. Webb

c5        Married – Charles Stewart S. Barrett, son of F. Barrett to Ruby Mae Fortner, daughter of S. Fortner

c5        Married – Franklin Ray Mitchell, son of A. E. Mitchell to Elsie Marguertie Small, daughter of Richard & Lillie Small

c5        Funeral – Harry S. Hopkins, Nov 2


Page 7

c3        Died – Edward E. Lumley or Lundy, 83rd year, Nov 2

c7        Born – Dawn Patricia Campbell, daughter of E. R. & Audrey Campbell, nee Henderson, Oct 31

c7        Born – Monica Elinor Anne Scarlsbrick Davies, daughter of C. Horace Davies, Oct 22

c8        Memoriam – Frederick C. Clark, Nov 4 1929


3 November 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Olive Foote, nee VanPatter, Oct 27, daughter of Warren & Olivia VanPatter, nee Newcombe; sister of Mrs Nettie (Rev) Dowding; Aunt of Phillip Dowding


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Harold R. Woolley, son of J. G. Woolley to Mary Alice Jolliffe, daughter of A. Jolliffe

c5        Engagement – Hugh McCallum, son of D. H. McCallum to Anna Catherine Anderson, daughter of Earl B. Anderson

c5        Engagement – George Russell Winston Plyley, son of Rev A. H. Plyley to Helen Kathleen Rankin, daughter of George R. Rankin

c5        Engagement – Walter James Yeo, son of Arthur P. Yeo to Annetta Donavan, daughter of Mrs M. Fulkerson

c6        Married – Henry H. Vair to Miss Margaret Douglas, daughter of Mrs A. T. Douglas

5 November 1934

Page 1

c7        Photo – Frank Harding of St Thomas


Page 2

c2        Will – Estate of Mrs Maria Adelaide (John A.) Elliott

c7        Married – Herbert Osten Dougall, son of J. O. Dougall to Miss Edna Vera Geraldine Butler, daughter of W. J. J. Butler

Page 3

c3        Died – Mrs Louise Holcombe, 69th year, Nov 4, widow of Robert Holcombe

c3        Died – Ernest ‘Skipper’ Smith, Nov 4

c4        Honour Roll – St Thomas Public Schools


Page 6

c2        Died – Miss Ella M. Smith, 69th year, sister of Mrs William Addis and the late Dr Daniel Smith

c3        Died – Mrs Frank Fleming, 44 years, Nov 4, daughter of Neil McDougall


Page 7

c7        Memoriam – Nathan Whitehead, Nov 5 1932, by sons Robert & Nathan

c8        Died – Mrs E. J. Witheford, nee Blanche Bigger, 63rd year, Nov 4, mother of Mrs Charles Fearn & Byron Witheford


Page 8

c6        Married – William, A. Patrick, son of Montgomery Patrick to Dorothy Isobel Snell, daughter of John G. Snell

c6        Married – John Avery Hepburn, son of O. A. Hepburn to Velma Seneva Gard, daughter of Albert Gard

c7        Married – Frederick Thomas White, son of Alfred T. & Beatrice White to Nenone Helen Chamberlain, daughter of S. W. Chamberlain

c7        Married – V. M. Anderson to Miss Marjorie Evelyn MacEachern

c7        Married – William Robert McCulley, son of Joseph McCulley to Mis Ellen Margaret Large, daughter of Robert Large

c8        Married – Frank Owen Sullivan, son of Walter T. Sullivan to Kathleen Margaret Smith

c8        Married – B. E. Parker to Mrs George Claxton

c8        Married – Holber Jensen, son of Christian Jensen to Lucille Hyatt, daughter of W. Hyatt


Page 9

c1        Will – Estate of John A. Elliott

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George H. McKay, nee Elizabeth Kay of Kincardine, 57th

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah Louke, 83 years

c3        Died – Hugh W. Ross, 71 years

c4        Funeral – Albert R. Rogers, 77th year, widow of Mrs Saphrona Rogers, nee Glover

c4        Died – George Kennedy, 91st year

c4        Died – Dr William Elliott, 71st year


Page 12

c1        Died – George Ross, 76 years, Nov 3, father of Mrs J. Tough

c1        Died – Mrs Esther Richardson, 86th year, Nov 4, mother of George M. Richardson

c1        Married – Thomas Maslin, son of Rev T. P. Maslin to Mary Hamilton Watts, daughter of Ernest Duggan Watts

c2        Died – Dr Richard P. Black, Nov 2

c3        Died – – Mrs E. J. Witheford, nee Blanche Bigger, 63rd year, Nov 4, daughter of Richard & Julia Bigger

c3        Funeral – Mrs Minnie Vicary, Nov 3

c3        Funeral – Mrs Priscilla gilbert, Nov 3

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary Emma McPhail, Nov 3

6 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Article – George Kains Epitaph, Nov 23 1878

c5        Died – Mrs Sarah E. Spackman, Nov 6, wife of George P. Spackman


Page 2

c3        Died – Ernest W. McIntyre, 66 years, Nov 2 – Photo


Page 7

c1        Died – Abraham VanHorne, 73 years, Nov 5

c8        Born – Son of Allen Boughner, Nov 4

c8        Born – Donald Alan Somerville, son of G. H. & Madeline Somerville, nee Wagner

c8        Born – Joanne Eleanor Parker, daughter of Ernest Parker

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah E. Spackman, Nov 6

c8        Died – Abraham VanHorne, 73 years, Nov 5

c8        Memoriam – Ebbert G. A. Caldwell, Nov 6 1933

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Squire Millard, Nov 6 1933


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Archibald Douglas McMurchy, son of A. J. McMurchy to Gladys Catharine McLarty, daughter of Frank L. McLarty

c2        Married – John Angus McDougald, son of Duncan McDouglad to Maude Eustace-Smith

c5        Married – Paul Rosehart to Edna McElhone

c5        Married – Frederick Sullivan, son of Walter Sullivan to Kathleen Margaret Smith

c5        Married – Colin McCallum, son of John McCallum to Eleanor Turville, daughter of S. S.Turville

c5        Married – Arthur John Hearn, son of George L. Hearn to Mildred Mardell MacLean, daughter of Donald MacLean


Page 10

c1        Funeral – J. Edgar Byron, Nov 3

c3        Died – James Kicknosway, 74 years


Page 14

c2        Died – Dr Richard P. Black, Nov 2

c8        Funeral – Miss Margaret Ross, Nov 3

7 November 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Dean Lewis Norman Tucker, Nov 7 – Photo


Page 2

c2        Died – Charles O. Abell, 76th year, Nov 7


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Mrs E. J. Witheford, Nov 6

c6        Died – Miss Rheta Grace Alexander, 38 years

c6        Died – John S. Grant, 73 years

c8        Born – Son of Walter McMillan, Nov 1

c8        Born – Sylvia Grace Smart, daughter of L. Smart, Nov 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Fred Moore, Oct 29

c8        Born – Eva Marilyn Wilson, daughter of Donald R. & Doris E. Wilson, nee McCallum, Oct 23

c8        Born – Son of John Norwood, Oct 28

c8        Born – Son of Cecil McLellan, Oct 30

c8        Born – Son of Earl F. Nelles, Oct 27

c8        Born – Daughter of Robert Ernest Bentley, Oct 25

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Charles Surgent, Nov 7 1933


Page 8

c8        Engagement – Dr K. H. McKay to Miss Rosalind Conley

c8        Engagement – Elliott Whitlock, son of John Whitlock to Mabel Stewart, daughter of John Stewart

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. S. Patterson, 51st

c8        Married – Mr & Mrs Hubert Barrett of Simcoe

c8        Died – John McGurk, Nov 6, husband of Mrs Susan McGurk

c5        Married – Paul Rosehart, son of Joseph Rosehart to Edna McElhone, daughter of Thomas McElhone

c5        Married – John Angus McDouglad to Miss Maude Eustace-Smith

c5        Married – Harold Gates, son of Will Gates to Dorothy Dean, daughter of Charles Dean

c5        Married – Ramsay Parker Cavanagh, son of Wm J. Cavanagh to Isabel Irene Foster, daughter of John H. Foster

c6        Married – Russell H. Thompson, son of Wm J. Thompson to Marion Margaret Johnston, daughter of George Johnston


Page 11

c2        Died – John Edgar Byron, Nov 1, husband of Mrs Eva Byron, nee Thomson

8 November 1934

Page 1

c1        Fire – Home of Mrs A. P. Campbell of Rodney

c2        Photo – Mrs Mary Ferguson, nee Lang of St Thomas; widow of J. B. Ferguson

c2        Article – Jesse W. Mills of Portland, Oregon; brother of Wilson H. Mills, M.P.


Page 3

c2        Married – Henry F. Vair to Margaret Catherine Douglas

c2        Married – John Avery Hepburn to Velma Seneva Gard


Page 6

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John S. Patterson, 51st , parents of Ellsworth, Roy and Harvey Patterson, Mrs Marie Turner and Mrs C. E. Simmons

c4        Funeral – Moses Morley, husband of Mrs Edith Morley, nee Hopkins, Nov 5


Page 9

c2        Died – Frank Leute, 72 years, son of Charles Leute

c2        Died – Charles Edward Griffin, 62 years, Nov 8, father of Mrs William Weir; brother of Mrs George Theobauld, John, Leeman and Jerry Griffin

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Boyes, Nov 6

c8        Born – Son of Charles Esseltine, Nov 1

c8        Born – Son of John Clothier, Oct 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Greig Devine, Oct 23

c8        Born – Daughter of James Senn Oct 28


Page 13

c3        Birthday – Mrs Caroline Merriott of London, 109th

9 November 1934

Page 3

c3        Funeral – Mrs Sarah E. Spackman, Nov 8

c3        Funeral – Abraham L. VanHorne, Nov 8


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Charles & Lillian Page, nee Armstrong, Nov 8

c8        Born – James Arthur Bennett, son of G. Arthur Bennett

c8        Born – Daughter of George Wolffe, (Wolfe) Oct 30

c8        Memoriam – Gordon W. G. Panther, son of J. W. Panther Nov 9 1915


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs T. C. Waller of Tillsonburg, 60th

c2        Engagement – James A. McCallum, son of D. P. McCallum to Muriel I. Glass, daughter of Dr M. J. Glass

c2        Engagement – Albert Stephen Olver, son of E. A. Olver to Agnes McCall, daughter of Alexander McCall

c2        Shower – Miss Ruby DeGraw of Rodney

c2        Married – Hugh McCallum, son of Daniel M. McCallum to Annie Catherine Anderson, daughter of Ebenezer Anderson

c2        Married – Henry Johnston Snary, son of Richard E. Snary to Mary Marguerite Armstrong, daughter of V. L. Armstrong


Page 12

c1        Died – Frank Croxall, 55 years, Nov 6

c3        Died – Mrs Frank Fleming, nee Sarah Jane McDougall, 44th year, Nov 4, daughter of Neil McDougall; daughter-in-law of John Fleming

10 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – William Webb Boughner, 74 years, Nov 9 – Photo


Page 2

c2        Funeral – Charles E. Griffin, Nov 9

c3        Died – Miss Ada F. McPherson, Nov 9, daughter of Dugald McPherson

c3        Died – Miss Margaret Jane ‘Maggie’ Haggerty, 45 years, Nov 9, daughter of James Haggerty; sister of Mrs A. E. Davies and Sophena Haggerty

c6        Died – Mrs Olivia Foote, nee VanPatter, Oct 27, daughter of Warren & Olivia VanPatter, nee Newcombe


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Miss Ella M. Smith, Nov 7

c7        Died – William Webb Boughner, 74 years, Nov 9

c7        Died – Miss Ada F. McPherson, Nov 10

c7        Died – Frank Leute, 72nd year, Nov 7

c8        Born – Catherine Mamie Cairns, daughter of Robert Cairns, Nov 5

c8        Born – Ronald Clare Greer, son of Clare & Clara Greer, nee Lea, Nov 7

c8        Memoriam – Cyrus Hartsell, Nov 11 1921

c8        Memoriam – Jeanie Rundle Shepard, Nov 11 1921, by daughter Lila

c8        Memoriam – Sophina Schultz, Nov 11 1928


10 November 1934

Second Section

Page 10

c1        Biography – Roe Brothers of St Thomas


Page 11

c2        Married – Jefferson Irwin Cuyler, son of Frank Cuyler to Margaret Emily Golden, daughter of J. P. Golden

c2        Married – Summers Harper to Frances Agnes Tricomo

c2        Married – George Munro Shaw to Miss Irene May Sims

c3        Married – Dr Kenneth Halliday McKay to Rosalind Marie Conley

c3        Married – A. Fletcher Wilson to Helen Marguerite Birdsell, daughter of A. W. Birdsell

c3        Married – Clayton Richard Wilkinson, son of Burns Wilkinson to Mary Belle Wales, daughter of R. L. Wales

c3        Married – Harry Moxon, son of F. L. Moxon to Irene Robinson, daughter of William S. Robinson

c3        Married – Arthur George Osborn, son of Ernest Osborn to Frances Louise Benner, daughter of Chester Benner

c3        Married – Charles H. Cook, son of Harry Cook to Pearl Elizabeth Schell, daughter of C. Paul Schell

c3        Married – George R. Young, son of M. S. Young to Isabelle Doan


Page 16

c2        Photo – Margaret Golden, daughter of J. P. Golden of St Thomas

c3        Birthday – Mrs A. J. Golden of Amherstburg, 73rd

c4        Engagement – Arthur Mason to Gertrude May Acheson, daughter of John Acheson

c4        Engagement – Russel L. Derrough, son of G. F. Derrough to Verle Mae Martin, daughter of James Martin

c4        Engagement – J. Clarence Culver, son of John Culver to Beatrice Madeline Graham, daughter of W. J. Graham

c4        Engagement – James Curtis, son of S. Curtis to Eva May Johnson, daughter of Robert A. & May Johnson

c5        Shower – Mrs Clifton Ryckman, nee Annie Ward

c5        Married – Charles Acheson, brother of J. G. Acheson to Miss Anna Bessborough

c7        Engagement – James L. May, son of Donald May to Mary Viola Lewis, daughter of Edgar Lewis

12 November 1934

Page 6

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs. Hallam Woodward of Waterford, 65th


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Sarah Douglas, 79th year, Nov 10, daughter of John & Lydia McArthur, nee Allen; widow of Alexander Douglas

c3        Funeral – Dan Bentley, 32 years, Nov 3, son of Fred Bentley; brother of Frank, Robert, John & Edward Bentley, Mrs J. Preece, Mrs G. Gibson, Margaret, Frances, Jennie and May Bentley

c3        Funeral – Frank Anthony Leute, Nov 12

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Hall, nee Heard, 75 years, Nov 10, widow of Samuel B. Hall

c4        Funeral – W. J. Boulton, 51 years, Nov 14

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Douglas, 89th year, Nov 10

c8        Died – Mrs Samuel B. Hall, nee Mary Heard, 75 years, Nov 10

c8        Died – Edward Simpson Hatch, Nov 10

c8        Died – Henry Holmes, 75 years, Nov 11, husband of Mrs Hanna Holmes, nee McPherson

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Burton, Nov 11 1932


Page 8

c4        Birthday – Mrs Martha Jones of Port Stanley, 50th

c4        Engagement – Liol Scott Douglas, son of T. W. Douglas to Frieda Aileen Oakes, daughter of Wm Oakes

c6        Married – Harold R. Woolley to Mary Alice Jolliffe

c6        Married – Franklin Schooley to Ella Holcombe


Page 10

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Holmes, nee Janet Murray of Otterville, 55th , sister of Neil & Adam Murray

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. Taylor of Alvinston, cousins of Mr & Mrs Harvey Fishbach

c3        Died – Mrs Harry A. Sterling, Nov 8

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C. W. Charlton of Springfield, 55th

c5        Died – Henry Holmes, 75 years, Nov 11


Page 14

c3        Died – Edward S. Hatch, 59th year, Nov 10, son of Joseph & Miranda Hatch

13 November 1934

Page 2

c5        Funeral – William W. Boughner, Nov 12


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Carter, nee Cox, Nov 12, daughter of Richard Cox

c2        Funeral – Mr & Mrs William Brewer, Nov 12

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs MacKenzie Procunier of Belmont, 61st


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Douglas Doan, Nov 8

c8        Born – Son of James Anderson, Nov 9


Page 8

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C. Fellowes of Lynhurst, 40th

c4        Engagement – Gene Bradley Steadman to Marion Evelyn Lanspeary

c4        Married – Charles Bertram Courtland Scott to Mary Sill Grundy

c5        Married – Leslie George Welbourn to Kathleen Margaret Lessard

c5        Married – John George Walach to Evelyn Mae Hawkins

c5        Married – Harold E. Reicheld, son of William C. & Josephine Reicheld to Sadie A. Somerville, daughter of Roy Somerville

c5        Married – Charles Edward Acheson to Anne Isabel Bossenberry

c5        Married – Willard Mills, son of Roland Mills to Irene Chute, daughter of Maitland Chute

c5        Married – H. Gerald Hilliard to Olive Eilene Widner, daughter of W. A. Widner

c6        Married – Alfred William Wood, son of Fred Wood to Anna Louise Aleta Martin, daughter of Earl Martin

c7        Died – Mrs John Ireland, Nov 10, mother of Wilbur, Murray and Basil Ireland

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Adolph E. Walker of Wallaceburg, 25th


Page 9

c1        Died – Robert S. McKibbon, 53rd year

c6        Funeral – Charles Abell, Nov 9

c6        Funeral – Miss Margaret Haggerty, Nov 11

c6        Funeral – Mrs William Randall, Nov 12

14 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Photo – Rev S. Edworthy of St Thomas


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary Hall, Nov 13

c3        Funeral – Mrs Alexander Douglas, Nov 13

c3        Funeral – Henry Holmes, Nov 13

c4        Shower – Mr & Mrs Francis Tisdale


Page 7

c8        Born – Fred Douglas Leeson, son of Russell Leeson, Nov 12


Page 8

c6        Married – John H. C. Marsh, son of William Marsh to Nettie E. Alderman, daughter of Robert Alderman

c6        Married – Harold J. Persall, to Doris Emily Price, daughter of M. Price

c6        Married – Floyd Basil Leitch, son of Archie J. Leitch to Gertrude Ellen Purcell daughter of Archie J. Purcell

c6        Married – Frank Louis Vyse, son of Frank & Olive Vyse to Madeline Pearl Miller, daughter of Earl Miller

Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Helen Reynolds, 80 years, Nov 12, widow of J. E. Reynolds; daughter of Dr Alfred Bowlby; mother of L. B. Reynolds; sister of Russell Bowlby


Page 12

c1        Died – William Walsh, 83 years

c1        Died – William Sharpe, 72 years, son of William Sharpe

15 November 1934

Page 2

c5        Died – Alfred L. Pye, 64 years, husband of Mrs Frances Pye; father of Mrs Hazel Nicol and Mrs Ethel Tirrell


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Summers, 87th year, Nov 14, widow of Walter T. Summers

c3        Died – Mrs Olive Augusta Charlton, Nov 14, wife of Camby Charlton


Page 9

c8        Memoriam – Mrs L. Appleford, Nov 15 1932

c8        Memoriam – Mr Bryant, Nov 15 1933

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Kezia Gledhill, Nov 15 1932


Page 10

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. H. McLean of Kerwood, 50th

c5        Married – Floyd Basil Leitch to Gertrude Ellen Purcell


Page 16

c5        Funeral – Edward S. Hatch, Nov 13

c5        Funeral – Mrs Harry Sterling, Nov 10

16 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Photo – Dr Perry S. Dobson of St Thomas Red Cross


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Fingal Church, 74th

c2        Died – Milne Zurbrigg, Nov 14, son of S. G. Zurbrigg


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Eliza Mellor, nee Fulton, 80th year, Nov 16, widow of Allen Mellor

c8        Born – Daughter of George C. Munn, Nov 10

c8        Died – Mrs Andrew Mellor, nee Eliza Fulton, 80th year, Nov 16


Page 10

c4        Married – Alfred Fox, son of Ernest Fox to Lavina May Dikeman

c4        Married – William James Goodhue, son of William Goodhue to Clara Andrew, daughter of Mrs L. Andrew

c4        Married – Millard McKenzie, son of Levi McKenzie to Alice Ellen Ross, daughter of Milton Ross

17 November 1934

Page 2

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs H. J. Pettypiece, nee Mary Madeline Meloche of Forest, 55th

c7        Married – Burton G. Woodard, son of Mrs Lydia Woodard to Edna Fern Thorn, daughter of Rev J. F. Thorn

c7        Married – John H. Glover, son of John H. Glover to Elva Fick, daughter of Herbert Fick


Page 3

c4        Article – W. St Thomas Smith, St Thomas Artist


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs John Carter, Nov 15

c1        Funeral – Thomas Mercer, Nov 11


Page 7

c7        Memoriam – F. A. Groves, Nov 19 1918

c7        Memoriam – Fleming Shipley, Nov 17 1924

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Thomas Cairns, Nov 17 1932

c8        Died – Mrs Eliza Mellor, 80th year, Nov 16

c8        Died – Henry Stringer, 81 years, Nov 16


17 November 1934

Second Section

Page 12

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Dawson of Atherton, 40th

c6        Married – Arthur Loraine Mason, son of Andrew Mason to Gertrude May Acheson, daughter of John Acheson

c6        Married – Ralph Hamlyn, son of Thomas H. Hamlyn to Kathleen Taylor, daughter of Alfred Taylor

c6        Married – George Earle Secord, son of George Secord to Mildred Eileen Barker, daughter of J. W. Barker

c6        Married – Charles Carman Copland, son of M. S. Copland to Edith May Kirkness, daughter of John Kirkness

c6        Married – George Robert Galbraith, son of Robert Galbraith to Marjorie Jean Hall, daughter of Hiram Hall


Page 16

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John McLellan, nee Maggie Duncanson of Lawrence, 40th, Photo

c5        Engagement – Leonard E. Smith, son of William & Elizabeth Smith to Gladys Mary Perrin, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Perrin of 14 Antrim St. – November

c6        Married – Murray C. Gossage to Miss Jean Henwood, niece of Harvey Henwood of Forest Hill Village, Toronto

19 November 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Donald H. Wilson, 34 years, Oct 28 – Photo

c2        Died – Oscar Secord, 80 years, Nov 17

c3        Died – Archibald Douglas McLardy, 41 years, son of James Archibald McLardy


Page 6

c4        Died – George Price, 69th year, Nov 17, son of David & Lydia Price

c6        Died – Edward Jull, 84th year, Nov 16, son of James Jull; husband of Mrs Amanda Jull, nee Hemingway; father of Harry S. and Edgerton Jull, Mrs Roy Carroll and Mrs Charles Cornwell; brother of Mrs Emma Jull


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of N. A. & Maurice Taylor, nee Pardo, Nov 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Anthony Mueller, Nov 8

c8        Died – Miss Jennie Joiner, Nov 18, sister of Mrs William Harris, Mrs Samuel Page and Mary Joiner


Page 8

c4        Married – Ward McKinley Fritz, son of Charles Fritz to Bernice Elizabeth Eilber, daughter of Hernber K. Eilber

c4        Married – Homer Milton Bearss, son of Beecher Bearss to Helen Madeline Jamieson, daughter of Peter Jamieson


Page 10

c3        Died – Miss Jennie Joiner, Nov 18, daughter of Henry & Jane Joiner; aunt of Jack Harris, Mrs Richard Allison and Mrs Gordon McDonald


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Leslie Copeman, sister-in-law of Miss Ruby Copeman

c1        Died – Charles Symmonds, 70 years, Nov 17

c1        Died – Robert Chatto, 85 years, Nov 18

c2        Died – Mrs L. J. Webster, nee Davis

c2        Died – Dr R. J. Peer, 31 years, son of Steven L. Peer

c3        Died – Edward Francis Jones, 90 years

20 November 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – William Armstrong, Nov 19


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Summers, Nov 16

c3        Died – Thomas B. Charlton, Nov 6, son of John R. & Emily Jane Charlton

c6        Died – Mrs Harry Kinell, nee Loretta Rigglesworth, 39 years. Nov 19, mother of Mary Aileen and Vincent Kinell; sister of Mrs Harry Chivers


Page 7

c1        Funeral – William Edgar Gardner, infant son of William John & Lorraine Gardner, Nov 20

c2        Died – George Pinneo, 90th year, Nov 20

c4        Died – Mrs Matilda Wiley, 91st year, daughter of Samuel Riley; widow of George Wiley

c8        Born – Daughter of Nathan Pettit, Nov 14

c8        Born – Son of Norman & Laverne Taylor, nee Bignell, Nov 18

c8        Died – William Armstrong, Nov 19

c8        Died – Mrs Loretta Kivell, nee Rigglesworth, 39 years, Nov 19

c8        Memoriam – L. W. ‘Larry’ Haney, Nov 20 1926


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Charles O’Reilly, 49 years, Nov 18

c4        Funeral – Mrs Camby Charlton, Nov 17

c4        Funeral – Miss Ada McPherson of Glanworth

c4        Funeral – Mrs Eliza Mellor, Nov 19

21 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Photo – Elgin Regiment

c5        Died – James Walters, Nov 21


Page 6

c2        Died – Abram Charlton, 86th year, Nov 20

c2        Funeral – Mrs Catherine Lees, Nov 18


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Llewelyn Horlick, Nov 15

c8        Born – Catharine Mae Wood, daughter of Charles E. Wood, Nov 19

c8        Died – Abram Charlton, 86th year, Nov 20


Page 8

c2        Photo – Miss Luella McLellan, daughter of A. J. McLellan of Iona Station

c2        Engagement – Archie F. Rath, son of J. F. Rath to Helen Muriel Tapsell, daughter of George H. Tapsell

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alexander A. Graham of Otterville, 50th

c5        Birthday – Mrs Dora Mills of Simcoe, 80th


Page 12

c2        Divorce – Edna May Ackert vs Gordon Cecil Ackert and Ethel Breen

c2        Divorce – Frank Cort vs Marguerite Arabella Cort and James Ducker

c2        Divorce – Joseph Gliddon vs Mrs Kathleen Louise Gliddon and W. Armstrong

c4        Funeral – George Pice, 59th year, Nov 19

c4        Funeral – David Allen Woolley, Nov 19

c4        Funeral – Miss Jennie Joiner, Nov 20

c6        Married – G. Homer McConnell, son of Ross McConnell to Olga Mae Herries, daughter of Robert Herries

c6        Married – James A. McCallum, son of D. McCallum to Muriel Glass, daughter of Dr M. J. Glass

c6        Married – Clarence Robert Patterson, son of Robert Patterson to Helen E. Potter, daughter of George E. Potter

c7        Married – Walter James Yeo, son of Arthur P. Yeo to Anetta Donavan, daughter of Mrs M. Fulkerson

c7        Married – Joseph P. McLeod to Miss Hazel W. Bailey

c8        Married – Ross L. Nelles, son of L. G. Nelles to Edna Gladys Armstrong, daughter of Joseph Armstrong

22 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Rock Bailey, nee Anna Belle Lloyd Welding of Sparta, 60th – Photo


Page 6

c1        Died – Daniel Whitfield, husband of Mrs Agnes Whitfield, nee Campbell; brother-in-law of Mrs Dan McLaughlin; sister of Mrs James Lockwood

c2        Died – William Clark, Nov 13, son of Francis and Jane Clark

c4        Died – William Stetler, Nov 17, husband of Mrs Sylvia Stetler, nee Hammond


Page 7

c3        Died – Robert Gelen Davis, 3 years, Nov 21, son of Wilfred Davis


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Abram Charlton, Nov 23

c1        Funeral – James Walters, Nov 23

c1        Article – Mrs J. Hurford, nee Smallwood of Aylmer

c3        Died – William Leonard Dorling, 89th year


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs Lillian Crawford, Nov 21, wife of James A. Crawford; sister of T. L. Cochrane

c5        Died – John J. Feeley, 64 years, Nov 21

c8        Died – Abram Charlton, 86th year, Nov 20, husband of Mrs Mary E. Charlton


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Aeneas H. McLean, nee Dorothy Anne Brigham of Kerwood, 50th

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John R. Ferguson, nee Mary E. Brigham of Kerwood, 50th

c2        Birthday – Mrs William Tait, nee McColl of Glencoe, 93rd, sister of Mrs Christy (John) Battel

c4        Married – Daniel Burton Ruckle, son of Heber Ruckle to Lillian Grace Graves, daughter of Arthur Graves

c4        Married – J. B. Smith to Ethel Marjorie Lambden, daughter of James Lambden

c4        Married – Clarence Leigh Wilcox, son of Truman Wilcox to Annie Marie Adelphia Sinden, daughter of Charles I. Sinden

c4        Married – George Legne, son of Mrs Elizabeth Legne to Mary Clark, daughter of Archibald Smith


Page 16

c3        Died – Archibald D. McLardy, Nov 13 – Photo

c4        Funeral – Mrs Loretta R. Kivell, Nov 21

c4        Died – Mrs john Adams, 85th year, daughter of Andrew Gemmel

23 November 1934

Page 3

c4        Died – Mrs Eva Laurene Smith, 30th year, Nov 22, daughter of Frank Miners; wife of J. Truman Smith


Page 6

c3        Died – Robert Cooper, 82nd year, Nov 23, son of David Cooper

c5        Died – Mrs George Schuyler, nee May Weston, Nov 20


Page 7

c2        Died – Dr John H. Duncan, 49 years, Nov 23

c3        Died – Mrs William J. Sparkman, nee Lawton, 74th year, Nov 23, daughter of Samuel & Ann Lawton, nee Cameron; daughter-in-law of Dr Walter Sparkman

c7        Funeral – William Armstrong, Nov 22

c8        Born – Son of Morris & Bettie Shepherd, nee Board, Nov 22

c8        Born – Daughter of Donald MacLeod & Cynthia Baldwin, nee Allen, Nov 22

c8        Born – Daughter of N. A. Taylor, Nov 18

c8        Born – Son of Murray Biggar, Nov 18

c8        Born – Wanda Laura Joan Thompson, daughter of Walley Thompson, Nov 14

c8        Died – Mrs W. A. Kemp, nee Augusta Robertson, 80th year, Nov 22


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Rock Bailey of Sparta, 60th

c2        Engagement – Stanley Burnett to Beatrice Pearl Stansell, daughter of W. R. Stansell

c2        Engagement – Gordon Uren, son of Joseph N. Uren to Vera Cleola Pepper, daughter of Floyd H. Pepper

c2        Birthday – Mrs Warren Mills, nee Dora Pepper of Simcoe, 80th

c2        Anniversary – Edna Rebekah Lodge, St Thomas, 46th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F. Baldwin of Waterford, 50th

c4        Married – George Russell Winston Plyley, son of Rev. A. H. Plyley to Helen Kathleen Rankin, daughter of George R. Rankin

c4        Married – Rev M. B. Parker to Helen Smith, daughter of Alex Smith

c4        Married – George Abel, son of Samuel Abel to Marion Henderson, daughter of Orrin Henderson

c4        Married – Archibald Douglas McMurchy, son of Arch J. McMurchy to Gladys Catharine McLarty, daughter of Frank McLarty


Page 10

c4        Photo – George Winters and Bob Bailey of St Thomas


Page 12

c1        Married – H. J. H. Barrett, son of H. w. Barrett to Dorothy McPherson, daughter of Dr McPherson

24 November 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – John J. McMillan, 79th year, Nov 24, husband of Mrs Janet McMillan; brother of Dougald McMillan; father of Archie C. McMillan and Mrs A. N. McWilliam – Photo


Page 2

c6        Died – Reginald Landon Duncombe, Nov 21, son of Abram Duncombe


Page 6

c3        Married – Edward Clark White, son of Elmore White to Elizabeth Cresswell


Page 7

c2        Funeral – James Walters, Nov 23

c2        Funeral – George Pinneo, Nov 22

c8        Born – Son of Benjamin Parish, Nov 22

c8        Born – Russell John Sanders, son of Fred E. Sanders, Nov 21

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Sparkman, nee Lawton, 74 years, Nov 23

c8        Memoriam – Mrs George Dyer, Nov 25 1931

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Joseph G. Hind, nee Jessie Purves, Nov 24 1931


Page 8

c1        Died – Grace Anita Lindores, Nov 20, Infant daughter of Rev Thomas Lindores

c1        Funeral – Mrs W. J. Sparkman, Nov 26

c2        Died – Miss Vida Reycraft, daughter of Thomas C. & Effie Reycraft

c3        Died – Alvin J. Zavitz, 69th year, son of Benjamin Zavitz


24 November 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c2        Photo – 1934 Memorial Hospital Nursing Graduates – Eugenia Berube, Aleta Fowler, Dorothy MacDonald, Jean Baker, Lucille Armstrong, Jean McCallum, Joyce Allan, Birginia Cudney, Eileen Tolson, Mary McFarlane, Ella Mennill, Pearl Howse, Esther Miller, Loretta Smalldon, Katherine MacPherson, Jean Campbell


Page 11

c1        Married – Russell L. Derrough, son of Fred Derrough to Verle May Martin, daughter of James Martin

c1        Married – James C. Curtis, son of S. Curtis to Eva Mae Johnson, niece of Mrs S. J. Johnson


Page 12

c1        Died – Benjamin F. Matthews, Nov 22


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Almond Pace to Ann Isabel Campbell, daughter of Mrs Lou Campbell

c5        Engagement – William J. Sproule, son of J. J. Sproule to Irene Gertrude Campbell, daughter of A. J. Campbell

c5        Married – Eugene Anger, son of James Anger to Florence Pettit, daughter of M. L. Pettit

26 November 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Mrs Gertrude Dresser. 58 years, Nov 26


Page 3

c1        Anniversary – Knox Presbyterian Church, St Thomas, 97th


Page 5

c2        Died – Mrs George Pearce, 80th year, Nov 20


Page 6

c1        Married – Edward J. Healy, son of John Healy to Cecilia E. MacKinnon, daughter of Peter MacKinnon

c2        Married – Leonard Elson Smith, son of Mrs Elizabeth Smith to Gladys Mary Perrin, daughter of John Perrin


Page 7

c2        Died – William J. savage, son of Dr W. F. Savage

c2        Died – John Wilfred Crandell, Nov 25, infant son of Truman Crandall; grandson of John C. Wheeler and Wilfred Crandell

c3        Died – Mrs Jane Brockenshire, nee Brown, 72 years, Nov 25, widow of Samuel F. Brockenshire (Brokenshire)

c8        Born – Son of R. F. Hunt, Nov 24

c8        Died – Mrs Samuel F. Brockenshire, nee Jane Brown, 72 years, Nov 25

c8        Died – William John Savage, Nov 24, husband of Mrs Mary Edna Savage, nee Jackson


Page 8

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Rock Bailey of Sparta, 60th

c6        Birthday – Garvey Dowler, 21st, son of J. Dowler


Page 10

c4        Photo – George Vaughan of the St Thomas Yellow Jackets


Page 12

c1        Divorce – Lawrence Brown vs Mrs Brown

c1        Divorce – Jessie Ethel Biddle vs Thomas Ralph Biddle

c1        Divorce – Elevah Lucas vs John Earl Lucas

27 November 1934

Page 3

c4        Funeral – William Leonard Darling, Nov 24 (Dorling)


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Gertrude E. Barrett, 39 years, Nov 27, daughter of John W. Howell; wife of Walter G. Barrett; mother of William & Elizabeth Barrett

c3        Funeral – Mrs Leslie Copeman, nee Flora Belle Trethewey, mother of Frances, Muriel and Geraldine Copeman; sister of G. R. & C. J. Trethewey, Mrs A. E. McClure, Mrs Nora Tudhope and Margaret Trethewey; sister-in-law of Ruby Copeman

c3        Died – George Ballard, 24 years, Nov 25

c4        Fire – George Dennis home in Port Stanley

c8        Born – William Stanbury Kerr, son of John Whitney Kerr, Nov 26

c8        Born – Son of William Bobier, Nov 24

c8        Born – Son of Keith E. Drake, Nov 24

c8        Born – Marjorey Catharine Sutherland, daughter of R. G. Sutherland, Nov 20

c8        Born – Ronald Arthur Caverly, son of Frank Caverly, Nov 22

c8        Died – Mrs Walter G. Barrett, nee Gertrude E. Howell, 40th year, Nov 27


Page 8

c2        Married – John Clarence Culver, son of John Culver to Beatrice Madeline Graham, daughter of John Graham

c2        Married – Charles H. Hussey, son of Eramus Hussey to Gertrude Dell, daughter of Clark Dell

c2        Married – William E. McDonald, son of Herb McDonald to Hazel Cowan, daughter of William Cowan

c2        Married – Alex Sey, son of Charles Sey to Elizabeth VanLinden, daughter of Joseph VanLinden

c2        Married – William H. Peterham, son of David Peterham to Dorothy Emily Howick, daughter of Mrs Emily Howick

c3        Birthday – Mrs Chloe Clark, 88th , mother of Mrs Frank McCoubrey

c3        Married – Charles Edward McCallum of St Thomas to Gertrude Fern Brown, daughter of H. Brown

c3        Engagement – Allan Neil Campbell, son of W. N. Campbell to Lulu Bernice Simpson, daughter of C. R. Simpson


Page 12

c1        Died – George Waldens, 54 years, Nov 26

28 November 1934

Page 6

c5        Photo – Mr Tope of St Thomas

c6        Died – James H. Kelland, 57 years, Nov 27

c6        Photo – W. Holman of St Thomas

c6        Photo – A. J. Voege of St Thomas

c6        Photo – Dr Clarence J. A. McKillop of St Thomas

c7        Photo – George Dyer of St Thomas

c7        Photo – Alfred S. Griffiths of St Thomas

c7        Photo – Angus W. Johnson of St Thomas

c7        Photo – E. Duckworth of St Thomas

c8        Photo – J. W. Farrah of St Thomas

c8        Photo – Peter Laing Jr of St Thomas


Page 7

c8        Died – Mrs Walter G. Barrett, nee Gertrude E. Howell, 40th year, Nov 27


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Milton Wallis, son of James E. Wallis to Lily Mae Willis, daughter of E. Willis

c2        Article – Springwater Mills, Orwell – family of Ira White

c5        Married – James Manley Rainey, son of William Raney to Florence Margaret Swift, daughter of Frank Swift


Page 14

c3        Died – William Taylor, 79 years, Nov 28, son of William & Mary Jane Taylor

c5        Funeral – Abram Charlton, Nov 23

c5        Died – John Feeley, Nov 21

c5        Funeral – Mrs William O’Heron, nee Catherine Dolan

c5        Funeral – John J. McMillan, 79 years, Nov 26


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Dr Leroy Thomson, nephew of Mrs C. S. Bridgeman

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Ann McCarten, 83rd year, Nov 27, daughter rof Thomas Glover; mother of Wilson, R. H., Dr. T. G., Dr D. A. and Rev R. J. McCarten and Mrs William McKinney


Page 7

c5        Died – Arthur Williams King, 69th year, Nov 28, son of John & Louise King; husband of Mrs Esme Maud King, nee Phillips

c8        Born – Daughter of Cliff Bartlett, Nov 23

c8        Died – William Taylor, 79 years, Nov 28


Page 9

c3        Shower – Mr & Mrs Charlie Scrutton, nee Blanche Chalk

c3        Birthday – Mrs Martha Smith of Kinglake, 82nd

c4        Died – Infant son of Mr & Mrs T. Keyes of Crampton


Page 10

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Marshall Cameron of Wallacetown


Page 14

c1        Funeral – William Taylor, Nov 30

c3        Died – William J. H. Holman, 56 years, Nov 25, son of John H. Holman; husband of Mrs Della E. Holman, nee Polifka; nephew of W. H. Holman

30 November 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Charles Jenkins, 72nd year, Nov 29


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Margaret Ann McCarten, 83rd year, Nov 27, daughter of Thomas Glover

c2        Will – Estate of John E. Russell of Waterford

c4        Photo – Mrs A. A. Styles, nee Louise Madge of St Thomas

c5        Photo – W. Stokes of St Thomas


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Arthur Petherick, nee Rhoda Sheldrick, Nov 30, mother of Etta & Elise Petherick; sister of Mrs William Begg

c5        Born – Son of Keith Drake, Nov 25

c5        Died – Charles Jenkins, 72nd year, Nov 29

c5        Memoriam – John A. Wilson, Nov 30 1931


Page 10

c3        Married – Floyd Leitch, son of Archie Leitch to Gertrude Purcell

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. W. Safford of Courtland, 49th

c5        Funeral – Mrs Walter G. Barrett, Nov 29

c7        Married – Neal McCallum to Vada Blanch Martin, daughter of Mrs Jean Martin

c7        Married – Evan Maurice Roberts, son of John & Mary Roberts, nee Berdan to Beatrice Schram, daughter of Aylmer Schram

c7        Married – Charles Henry Hussy, son of E. C. Hussy to Gertrude Dell, daughter of E. C. Dell

c7        Married – Alexander Blue to Minnie A. Walpole

c7        Married – Orville J. Kemp, son of John Kemp to Ethel I. Maxwell, daughter of J. H. Maxwell

1 December 1934

Page 1

c7        Photo – Jean Stalker, daughter of Neil Stalker of Dunwich


Page 3

c4        Married – Richard P. Barrett, son of W. H. Barrett of Port Dover to Alice Roberts, daughter of R. E. Roberts at Rockfort, Indiana

c4        Married – Carlo Walker to Addie Vince


Page 6

c1        Married – Eugene Anger, son of James L. Anger to Florence Pettit, daughter of M. L. Pettit

c2        Died – John Campbell Ferguson, 82 years, Nov 30, son of James & Catherine Ferguson, nee Campbell

c2        Fire – George Smith home, Southwold Townline

c2        Died – Miss Lydia Ann Millman, Dec 1, daughter of William & Frances Millman

c7        Died – John L. Sinclair, 55 years, Dec 1, son of Daniel Sinclair


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Rhoda Petherick, Dec 2

c2        Died – Mrs Catharine Simpson, nee Stalker, 84 years, Dec 1, widow of Thomas Simpson; sister of Rev Dr. and J. J. Stalker, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Hyndman, Mrs Currie and Mrs Broadfoot

c6        Funeral – William Taylor, Nov 30

c7        Died – John Campbell Ferguson, 82 years, Nov 30

c7        Died – Miss Lydia Ann Millman, Dec 1

c8        Born – James Stuart Black, son of Jack & Mildred Black, nee Taylor


1 December 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c1        Fire – Victoria Block, St Thomas Dec 25 1870 – Article and Photo


Page 11

c1        Photo – St Thomas Elections – J. A. Ryckman, George D. Lang, W. Stokes, Don Lloyd, Georger Dyer, Angus W. Johnson, W. Holman, John A. Jagoe, A. J. Voege, Alfred S. Griffiths, J. W. Farrah, Dr Clarence J. A. McKillop, E. Duckworth, Peter Laing Jr.


Page 16

c5        Funeral – William Blackhall, brother-in-law of Mrs Arthur Arnum

c5        Shower – Mrs Glen Cottell, nee Volta Mae Henry

c7        Birthday – Thomas Gardner of St Thomas, 85th

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Jack of St Thomas, 50th

3 December 1934

Page 1

c2        Photo – E. A. Horton of St Thomas


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Joseph J. Powell, nee Agnes Murphy, Dec 2

c2        Died – Mrs Florence V. Shanks, nee Stewart, 63rd year, Dec 2, wife of William Shanks; mother of Mrs Glen Tansley and Violet Shanks; sister of Mrs Alonzo Wingrove, Jerome and Frank Stewart


Page 7

c8        Died – Mrs William J. Bernath, nee Catherin Bowles, 66 years, Dec 1, mother of Mrs J. A. Marshall and Orlo Bernath

c8        Died – George W. Doan, 78th year, Dec 2

c8        Died – Herbert Robson, Dec 2, son of Richard Robson


Page 8

c1        Married – Vincent B. Hudson, son of Harold Hudson to Ina McCallum, daughter of John A. McCallum

c1        Married – Edgar Elliott Penfound, son of Clifton Penfound to Mildred Wilhelmina Hanson, daughter of Peter Hanson

c1        Married – James G. Keller, son of Mrs J. Kleiber to Olga Lurene Pollard, daughter of Albert Pollard


Page 9

c1        Fire – Farm of Beecher Bearss, South Dorchester


Page 10

c4        Photo – George Winters of St Thomas


Page 12

c2        Photo – A. P. Campbell of St Thomas

c3        Died – Mrs William J. Bernath, nee Catherine Bowles, 66 years, Dec 1, sister of Mrs H. Bowles, M. L. and G. M. Bowles; grandmother of Verna Catharine Marshall

c4        Died – Mrs Thomas O. Simpson, Dec 1, daughter of James & Catherine Stalker, nee McEachran

4 December 1934

Page 1

c5        Photo – E. E. Atkinson, Reeve of Aylmer


Page 3

c1        Died – John Fletcher, Dec 2, son of Ormund Fletcher


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Andrew Cohoe, nee Lavina Derbyshire, 82nd year, daughter of Harvey Derbyshire


Page 12

c6        Funeral – John C. Ferguson, Dec 3

c6        Funeral – Miss Lydia A. Millman, Dec 3

5 December 1934

Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs J. G. Little, Dec 4, daughter of Dr Jacob Smith

c5        Funeral – Arthur Williams King, Dec 1

c5        Funeral – Mrs Cathrine Simpson, Dec 3

c6        Died – Mrs Daniel McLennan, nee Mary Ann Baxter, 72 years, Dec 3, sister of Neil Baxter


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Jack Black, nee Mildred Taylor, 22 years, Dec 4, daughter of John Taylor

c2        Died – Mrs Grace Clark, 36th year, Dec 5, wife of G. E. Clark; granddaughter of Mrs Grace Fuke

c4        Funeral – Mrs Catherine Bernath, Dec 4

c4        Funeral – Herbert Robson, Dec 4

c4        Funeral – John L. Sinclair, Dec 2

c5        Married – Almond L. Pace to Anne Isabelle Campbell, daughter of E. A. Campbell

c8        Born – Daughter of C. A. White, Nov 30

c8        Died – Mrs Mildred Black, 22 years, Dec 4, sister of Mrs A. T. Dalton, Gladys & John Taylor

c8        Died – Mrs Grace Clark, 35 years, Dec 5, mother of Emerson Clark, daughter of William Lindley


Page 8

c5        Married – Christopher Chalklen to Mrs Sarah Gibson

c5        Married – Archie Frederick Rath to Helen Muriel Tapsell

c6        Married – John William Carpenter, son of Mrs E. Hayes to Elsie Irene MacKenzie, daughter of Levi MacKenzie

c6        Married – James Henry Race, son of Thomas Race to Gracena Howey, daughter of James Howey

c6        Married – George Millen to Hazel MacPherson, daughter of Wilson MacPherson

c6        Married – Charles A. savage, son of T. C. Savage to Mary Madeline Townsend, daughter of Henry Townsend

c6        Married – Reavely Grant Savage, son of W. J. Savage to Mrs Edna M. Pearce, daughter of E. W. Limin


Page 10

c1        Died – Charles Jenkins of Corinth, son of William Jenkins and Catherine Middaugh, UE


Page 14

c2        Photo – Harry C. Bobier of St Thomas

c2        Died – Mrs Duncan Campbell nee Biggar, Dec 4, sister of Mrs E. Wotherford; Aunt of Mrs Charles Fearn

c4        Birthday – Mrs E. Battram of Waterford, 87th

6 December 1934

Page 3

c2        Died – Jasper Crooks, 84th year, dec 5

c2        Married – John Pendreigh, son of William Pendreigh to Velma Lee Boughner, daughter of Richard Boughner

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Edward McKeen of Waterford, 50th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Dicker of Wardsville, 40th


Page 7

c3        Died – Herbert John Elliott, 41st year, Dec 5, husband of Mrs Helen Elliott

c6        Died – Mrs Mary Blue, 94th year, Dec 5, widow of Duncan Blue

7 December 1934

Page 1

c3        Died – Daniel Walker, 64 years, Dec 7, brother of Mrs Maud Watson, Alexander, William & John Walker

c6        Died – Robert Harcourt Lindsay, 50 years, Dec 6, son of Robert Henry Lindsay

c6        Died – Robert Henry Dowler, Dec 6 – Photo


Page 3

c6        Died – James F. Thomson, 63 years, Dec 6


Page 6

c1        Died – Robert Boyle, 73 years, son of Robert Boyle; husband of Mrs Catherine Boyle, nee Auld; father of Robert, John, William & David Boyle, and Mrs John Murray; brother of William Boyle


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Jack of St Thomas, 50th

c1        Died – Ross Lindsay, Dec 6, son of R. H. Lindsey

c2        Died – Mrs Renton, nee Alice Isabel Lemon, , 74th year, Dec 6, mother of Harold Renton, Mrs Henry Misner, Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Lena Cox and Edith Renton; sister of Mrs Sarah Doud

c2        Funeral – Mrs Daniel Winter, nee Sarah Barnes, 69th year, Dec 7

c2        Died – Jesse H. Minshall, 66th year, Dec 4, father of Norman, Harry and Burton Minshall and Mrs Fred Pettman; brother of Mrs William Thomson, Charles, Harry, Mervin, David and Frank Minshall

c4        Died – – Robert Henry Dowler, Dec 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs William Shank, Dec 4


Page 11

c4        Born – Daughter of Fred Hutchings, Dec 4

c4        Died – Mrs Mary (Duncan) Blue, 94th year, Dec 6

c4        Died – Robert Henry Dowler, Dec 6

c4        Died – James F. Thomson, Dec 6


Page 12

c2        Engagement – Nei Dykeman Runnalls, son of W. Runnalls to Mabel Olive Toles, daughter of Peter Toles

c2        Married – Gerald H. McVean, son of William McVean to Helen Ward, daughter of J. F. Ward

c3        Married – Thomas Webber to Mrs Elizabeth Bonneau


Page 16

c2        Photo – St Thomas Yellow Jackets – Marshall Towers, Dr Tracy Brown, Ken Ponsford, Jim Rose, Scotty Pannett, George Vaughn, James Melville, Ed Roulston, D. E. Gerrard, Alfred McIntyre, Ted Medcalf, Gordon Wilkinson, Frank Tier. Lolly Thorpe, Frankie Moore, Lorne Flint, Frank Eden, Jack Lowry, Bob Bailey, Maurice Babcock, Bill Titchener, Harry Medcalf, Russ Wharry, Billy Winters, George Winters, Reg Turnbull, Sparky Luscombe, Les Done, George Luscombe, Johnny Bolton, art Martin, Zeek Lemon


Page 18

c2        Birthday – Mrs Lucy Wymer of Waterford, 89th , daughter of Rev William H. Haviland

c2        Funeral – John Hill Fletcher, Dec 5

c2        Died – Mrs Judson Drake, nee Catharine S. Hassenfeldt, 77th year

8 December 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Alonzo Bowlby, 75 years, Dec 7, husband of Mrs Florence Bowlby, nee Gadsby – Photo


Page 6

c2        Died – Rev Edward S. Shaw, 77th year, Dec 7, husband of Mrs Edith Shaw, nee Grigg; father of Mrs (Rev) Crosley Wilson and Mrs Joy Howse


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Wisemer, nee Tryphena White, Dec 8

c2        Died – Mrs Kenneth Combs, nee Florence Cooper, daughter of J. E. Cooper

c6        Memoriam – W. Lorne Galloway, Dec 8 1932

c6        Memoriam – Mrs A. Hyde, Dec 8 1933, by husband Hiram Hyde

c6        Memoriam – June Lumley, Dec 8 1932

c7        Born – Freda Joan Durbin, daughter of H. J. Durbin, Nov 26

c7        Died – Robert Henry Dowler, Dec 6

c7        Died – James F. Thomson, Dec 6

c7        Died – Mrs Fannie P. Bagshaw, 83rd year, Dec 7, widow of Samuel B. Bagshaw

c7        Died – Alonzo Bowlby, 75 years, Dec 7

c7        Died – Daniel Walker, 64 years, Dec 7


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Kenneth Coombs, Dec 8

c4        Funeral – Mrs Grace Clark, Feb 6

c5        Died – Mrs Fannie P. Bagshaw, 83rd year, Dec 7


8 December 1934

Second Section

Page 9

c4        Died – Charles Cecil Haynes, 24 years, son of H. P. Haynes; nephew of George Haynes


Page 11

c2        Married – William Arthur Kilmer, son of William Kilmer to Gertrude Edith Campbell, daughter of F. L. Campbell


Page 12

c2        Died – Joseph Garton, cousin of J. W. Garton, W. L. Garton and Mrs D. G. Gillies

c2        Fire – John Smith residence at Cowal

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Melvin Crandall, nee Margaret Campbell of Richmond, 43rd

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. H. Campbell, nee Kitty Kennedy of Richmond, 39th


Page 16

c5        Engagement – Charles J. Johnston, son of A. W. Johnston to Florence Kidner, daughter of R. W. Kidner

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Jack of St Thomas, 50th

c6        Engagement – Samuel Ernest Budden, son of George Budden Sr. to Harriet Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of Walter Caldwell

c6        Married – Newman John Hoyles, son of Mrs Sankey Lee and the late Hugh L. Hoyles to Esther Elizabeth Delamere, daughter of T. B. Delamere

10 December 1934

Page 1

c2        Died – Ernest Frederick Jenkins, 42 years, Dec 8, husband of Mrs Margaret Jenkins, nee McNabb

c3        Died – James Rowland Balkwill, 74 years, Dec 9 – Photo

c7        Died – Rev Edward S. Shaw, 77th year – Photo

c7        Trial – MacTemple of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Mrs George Summers, 86th

c2        Died – Mrs Charlotte Haley, 77 years, Dec 8

c5        Died – Andrew Frank, Dec 8, son of Joseph & Catherine Frank; brother of Miss frank, F. P. and F. X. Frank; nephew of Miss Lena Baker

c5        Died – Mrs Henry Williams, nee Mary Boro, Dec 7

c5        Married – Mr & Mrs Charles Savage, nee Townsend


Page 7

c2        Died – Jacob Simington, 67 years, Dec 9, Uncle of W. H. Simington

c3        Died – Mrs Amanda May Croft, 74th year, Dec 9, widow of Samuel Croft

c8        Born – James Reid Hedden, son of R. & Mrs Hedden, nee Reid, Dec 7

c8        Died – James Rowland Balkwill, 74 years, Dec 9

c8        Died – Mrs Amanda May Croft, 74th year, Dec 9

c8        Died – Mrs Florence Combs, Dec 8, sister of Mrs Sperrin Chant, Mrs Herbert Hall, Mrs George Bosworth and Ruth Cooper

c8        Died – Andrew Frank, Dec 8


Page 9

c2        Engagement – Lloyd Louis Eidt, son of H. J. Eidt to Leta Pearle Kestle, daughter of F. E. Kestle

c2        Married – Thomas A. Stone, son of Spencer Stone to Mrs Alexandra Ewing Noyes, daughter of Thomas Ewing

c6        Married – Newman John Hoyles, son of Hugh L. Hoyles to Esther Elizabeth Delamere, daughter of T. G. Delamere

c6        Married – James Clarence Hope, son of George Hope to Helma Campton, daughter of Charles Campton


Page 10

c1        Birthday – Gordon Sandborn, 11th , son of T. W. Sandborn

c2        Died – Mrs Daniel Leitch, nee Catherine Campbell, 53 years, Dec 8

c3        Died – Edgar W. Harris, 70 years, Dec 8

c3        Died – Mrs George C. Minor, nee Louisa A. James, 77th year, Dec 8, daughter of Thomas & Fannie James, nee Harris

c4        Died – Mrs Robert Boyle, 80th year, Dec 8


Page 12

c4        Photo – George Luscombe, Fred Luscombe and Bill Rose of St Thomas Yellow Jackets


Page 14

c2        Funeral – James F. Thomson, Dec 9

c2        Funeral – R. H. Dowler, Dec 8

11 December 1934

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Rev Edward A. Shaw


Page 7

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Grace Haywood, Dec 11 1933, by husband William Haywood


Page 8

c6        Married – Alexander Slusarchuk to Mary Moracosky

c6        Married – Marshall Floyd Cameron to Mrs Alice Frederick


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Daniel Campbell, nee Mary T. Day, 86 years, daughter of William & Christie Day, nee Turner

12 December 1934

Page 7

c5        Funeral – J. R. Balkwill, Dec 11

c5        Funeral – Mrs Amanda M. Croft, Dec 11

c5        Born – William Glen Wilkins, son of Gerald & Ann Wilkins, nee Jordan, Dec 11

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Margaret D. Axford, Dec 12 1933, by Othetto and Richard


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Earl Phillip Ronald to Margaret Hubert

c3        Engagement – Sydney T. Ritchie to Almeda Mabel Hartry

c6        Married – Elmer Ross Plant, son of Albert Plant to Dorothy Viola Weir, daughter of Mrs Ida V. Weir

c6        Married – Elliott Whitlock to Mabel Stewart, daughter of J. Stewart

c6        Married – Peter Avery Dodds, son of Peter J. Dodds to Irene Myrna Petch, twin daughter of Morley Petch

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles F. Dicker of Wardsville, 40th


Page 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Florence Combs, Dec 11

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary Blue, Dec 8

13 December 1934

Page 1

c3        Photo – St Thomas Collegiate Scholarships – Edwin Brown, son of Fred Brown; Dorothy Dunn daughter of W. E. Dunn; James Galloway, son of W. L. Galloway; John McLachlin, son of A. F. McLachlin; Leslie Milton, son of Archie Milton


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Ernest Frederick Jackson (Jenkins), Dec 11

c1        Died – Barton A. Mitchell, 81 years, Dec 10

c2        Married – Mr & Mrs Edward White,


Page 9

c4        Died – Mrs Joseph Pollock, nee Agnes Florence Koyle, 23 years, Dec 13, daughter of Jesse Koyle; mother of Gloria Charmane Koyle

c4        Died – H. Graves, Dec 13, father of Mrs Leslie Mitton; brother-in-law of Mrs I. Ferguson

c8        Born – William Glen Wilkins, son of Gerald & Ann Wilkins, nee Jordan, Dec 11

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Johnson, Dec 3

c8        Born – Barbara Harriet Hauser, daughter of William Hauser, Dec 7


Page 10

c3        Engagement – Milton Lawrence Kiser, son of W. H. Kiser to Audrey Patricia Bannister, daughter of Dr W. J. Bannister


Page 12

c4        Funeral – Mrs Charlotte Haley, Dec 11

c4        Funeral – Mrs Daniel Leitch, Dec 11

14 December 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Ferguson Bain McCallum, (MacCallum) 50 years, Dec 13, brother of Mrs Willetts, Annie, Lena, Alexander and Thomas McCallum


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs J. S. Anderson, mother of Ralph E. Wilson and Gordon Wilson


Page 17

c1        Died – Richard Mildren, Nov 29, father of Arthur J. Mildren

c1        Died – Herbert Ridgedale, Dec 14, son of Herbert Ridgedale; brother of Mrs George Richardson, Winnifred Ridgedale and Mrs D. L. Myers

c7        Died – Ferguson Bain McCallum, (MacCallum) 50 years, Dec 13

c7        Died – Mrs Joseph Pollock, nee Agnes Florence Koyle, 23 years, Dec 13


Page 18

c2        Married – Laverne M. McMillen, son of H. McMillen to Rennie M. Foster, niece of Mrs H. E. Smiley

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Moore C. Healy of Attica, NY, 50th

c4        Engagement – Joseph Patrick Scanlon, son of Benjamin F. Scanlon to Gladys Ina Greene, daughter of G. Wellington Greene

c4        Engagement – Glenford E. Johnson, son of the late Charles Johnson and Mrs Fred Parsons to Hazel G. Ivey, daughter of Murray Ivey

c4        Engagement – Hugh P. Carmichael, son of D. P. Carmichael to Luella Isabelle Hopper, daughter of John Hopper

c5        Married – Marshall Floyd Cameron to Gladys Irene Frederick


Page 26

c2        Died – Francis Duckworth, Dec 13, infant son of Frank Duckworth

c4        Married – John W. Tolson, son of E. & M. Tolson to Luella Mae Parkhouse, daughter of R. W. Parkhouse

c4        Married – Clarence Tansley, son of John Tansley to Pearl Rubena Simmons, daughter of A. Simmons

15 December 1934

Page 2

c3        Died – Frank Maginnis, 65 years, Dec 15


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Ross H. Lindsay, Dec 8


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Bernice Joyce, nee Plumb, 31 years, Dec 15

c7        Born – Son of Ralph Walpole, Dec 12

c7        Born – Twin daughters of Edward & Thelma Ferns, nee Dennis, Dec 11

c7        Died – Mrs Ethel Orrell, nee Farnsworth, 46 years, Dec 14, wife of Daniel Orrell

c7        Died – Frank Maginnis, 65 years, Dec 15


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Ethel Orrell, nee Farnsworth, 46 years, Dec 14


15 December 1934

Second Section

Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs George Schram, nee Alice Agnes Oxley, 64th year

c1        Died – Mrs Ellen Hegler, nee Row, wife of Hopkins Hegler

c2        Died – William Harret Griner, 86th year


Page 16

c5        Engagement – George F. Summers, son of Grant Summers to Anna Doris Caverly, daughter of Arthur L. Caverly

c6        Engagement – Edwind Alfred Barrett, son of J. B. A. Barrett to Minerva Sarah McManus, daughter of Thomas D. McManus

17 December 1934

Page 2

c7        Died – Mrs Lillian Lundy, nee Arnold, Dec 15, wife of Edwin W. Lundy; daughter of James & Susan Arnold


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs George Chivers, nee Louise Letherby, Dec 16

c2        Died – Lewis Henry Tarrant, 97 years, Dec 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Agnes F. Pollock, Dec 15

c8        Died – William Haywood, 85 years, Dec 17

c8        Died – George Trigger, Dec 15, husband of Mrs Edith Trigger, nee Taylor

c8        Died – Mrs George Chivers, nee Louise Letherby, 65th year, Dec 16


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Robert Maxwell McDowell, son of Guy McDowell to Julia Audrey Elizabeth Blacklock, daughter of C. A. Blacklock


Page 12

c2        Died – William Haywood, 85 years, Dec 17 – Photo

c6        Funeral – Ferguson McCallum, Dec 15

18 December 1934

Page 1

c3        Died – Henry S. Evans, 83 years, Dec 18

c6        Died – George Albert Ingram, 71 years, Dec 18 – Photo


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Mrs Ethel Orrell, Dec 17

c2        Funeral – Mark Wilson, Dec 16

c3        Died – Mrs Rose Doane, 89th year, daughter of John Stearns; widow of John Doane; mother of John S. Doane


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs James Sheets, nee Isabella McIntyre, 82nd year, Dec 9, mother of Mrs William Callahan

c8        Born – Son of James Forbes, Dec 11

c8        Born – Daughter of George Rossell, Dec 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Elmer Roloson, Dec 16

c8        Born – Son of Clayton Jackson, Dec 16

c8        Born – Son of Dr Adams, Dec 6

c8        Died – Miss Emma Adelaide ‘Addie’ Dingman, Dec 17, daughter of A. Dingman

c8        Died – Mrs George Chivers, nee Louisa Letherby Crane, Dec 16

c8        Memoriam – Minnie Berry, Dec 18 1929, by husband Luke Berry


Page 8

c2        Married – James William Ruding Bryan to Gertrude Hill, daughter of Sherwood N. Hill – Photo

c2        Engagement – Joseph A. Maycock, son of Joseph Maycock to Margaret Dorothy Jordan, daughter of James Jordan

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Howard of Ilderton, 30th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Albert J. Gordon of Sandwich, 3rd

c5        Married – Carl Osmun Lindsay, son of Osmun L. Lindsay to Doras Anita McQuiggan

c5        Married – Earl P. Ronald, son of Robert Ronald to Margaret F. Hubert, daughter of George O. Hubert

c5        Married – Samuel Ernest Budden, son of George Budden to Harriett Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of Walter Caldwell


Page 9

c5        Birthday – Mrs Letitia Morgan, nee Pickering of London, 105th

19 December 1934

Page 1

c3        Died – Mrs Rachel Kinnisten, 79 years, Dec 19, daughter of John & Rachel Collacutt, nee Honey; widow of E. J. Kinnisten

c3        Died – Mrs Katherine Williams, 85 years, Dec 19, daughter of John & Rachel Collacutt, nee Honey; widow of Wallace Williams

c7        Photo – Fred R. Palmer of St Thomas


Page 6

c4        Died – Faye Laurance, (Lawrence) 18 years, daughter of William & Pearl Lawrence, nee Best


Page 7

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W. Palmer, UEL of Hamilton, 70th

c8        Died – George Albert Ingram, Dec 18

c8        Died – Mrs E. J. Kinnisten, nee Rachel Collacutt, 79 years, Dec 19, sister of Richard & Jack Collacutt

c8        Died – Mrs Wallace Williams, nee Katherine Collacutt, 85 years, Dec 19

c8        Memoriam – Robert Albert Ray, Dec 19 1933


Page 8

c6        Married – Howard Manderson, son of William Manderson to Helen Grace Wicks, daughter of Arthur Wicks

c6        Married – Norris Ernest Neville, son of John Neville to Eleanor Mary McNeill, daughter of William McNeill

c6        Married – Milton Wallis, son of James Wallis to Lily Willis, daughter of Elijah Willis

20 December 1934

Page 8

c3        Funeral – Miss E. A. Dingman, Dec 19

c3        Funeral – William Haywood, Dec 19

c3        Funeral – Mrs Louisa Chivers, Dec 19


Page 11

c2        Died – Mrs Robert Parker, nee Sarah McTaggart, 78 years, Dec 19

c6        Born – Sally Louise Billinghurst, daughter of L. E. & Evelyn M. Billinghurst, nee Sanderson, Dec 18

c6        Born – Son of Theodore Rutter, Dec 14

c6        Died – Mrs E. J. Kinnisten, nee Rachel Collacutt, 79 years, Dec 19

c6        Died – Mrs Wallace Williams, nee Katherine Collacutt, 85 years, Dec 19

c6        Died – Mrs Robert Parker, nee Sarah McTaggart, 78 years, Dec 19

c7        Memoriam – Anita Pearl Marie Haney, Dec 20 1921


Page 12

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs D. D. Finch of Mapleton, 50th

c1        Birthday – Mrs Sarah McKersie of St Thomas, 90th , daughter of Samuel Clemens; mother of Mrs W. G. Armstrong, Mrs Edward Schofield and Mrs R. J. Russell; sister of Mrs Elizabeth Newstead

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W. Palmer of Hamilton, 70th – Photo

c2        Engagement – Carsen Potter Eddy, son of Rev A. E. Eddy to Helen Margaret Milne, daughter of Alexander Milne

c2        Engagement – James M. Marshall, son of Clarence C. Marshall to Mary Erma Kerslake, daughter of W. L. Kerslake


Page 15

c1        Birthday – Mrs Martha Ann Ferguson of Goderich, 90th, daughter of Richard & Martha Young, nee Woolner

c1        Birthday – Mrs Gilbert Young of Goderick, 88th

c2        Died – Mrs Caroline Elizabeth Margrett, Dec 19, widow of Rev Albert Margrett

c3        Married – William Howarth to Mrs Effie Dean

c3        Married – George Mills to Mrs Clara Lampman

c3        Married – Stanley Nunn, son of James Nunn to Olive Alberta Stover, daughter of Thomas Thomas

21 December 1934

Page 1

c3        Photo – J. B. Davidson of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Died – Arlene Leota Gilchrist, 2 months, Dec 21, infant daughter of Henry Gilchrist

c4        Died – Mrs Margaret Wiggins, 75 years, Dec 20, widow of Arthur Wiggins

c7        Died – Mrs Edward Birdsell, nee Phedora Glover, 80th year, Dec 19


Page 7

c7        Died – Mrs Margaret Wiggins, 75 years, Dec 20, mother of Arthur Wiggins

c7        Died – Wilbert George Wilson, 51 years, Dec 21, son of George Wilson; husband of Mrs Eva Wilson, nee Buckley; father of Dorothy & Doreen Wilson

c7        Died – Peter Melvin Ryan, 70 years, Dec 21, brother of John Ryan

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Arthur Bishop, Dec 21 1932

c8        Memoriam – Arthur Albert Bishop, Dec 21 1932


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas Acheson, nee Elizabeth Murray of Stratford, 52nd

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Ralph Ward, nee Acheson of Stratford

c2        Engagement – Gordon McLachlin, son of John t. McLachlin to Nellena McVicar, daughter of Archie McVicar

c2        Engagement – Rev Gordon Keith McMillan, son of George A. McMillan to Mary Evelyn Hamilton, daughter of J. F. Hamilton

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alonzo Jackson, nee Louisa Facey of Harrietsville, 50th

c3        Married – Stanley Nunn, son of James Nunn to Olive Alberta Stover, daughter of Thomas Stover

c3        Married – Jack Summers, son of Alex Summers to Vera Beatrice MacRobert, daughter of Oscar E. MacRobert

c3        Married – Kenneth Hawkins, son of Fred Hawkins to Dehlia Adelaide Wilson, daughter of George Wilson

c6        Funeral – Miss Alice Boughner, 62nd year, Dec 15, daughter of Elias Boughner

c6        Funeral – George A. Ingram, Dec 20


Page 10

c1        Died – Frank Awde, Dec 19

22 December 1934

Page 2

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Richard Pick of Delhi, 64th


Page 6

c1        Died – Howard Hamilton Markwell, 76th year, Dec 22, widow of Mrs Sarah Markwell, nee Doan; husband of Mrs Violet Markwell, nee Mathers; father of Mrs William Anger, Mrs Juliues Kendel, Mrs Mary Stocks, Helen, Delmer, George, Walter, Thomas, David, John, Charles, Ronald and Donald Markwell

 c2        Died – John J. Hagarty, 69 years, Dec 21

c5        Funeral – Mrs Rachel Kinnisten, Dec 21

c5        Funeral – Mrs Katherine Williams, Dec 21

c5        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Parker, Dec 21


Page 7 & 8 – Missing


Page 13

c5        Engagement – Hugh P. Carmichael, son of Duncan Carmichael to Luella Isabelle Hopper, daughter of John Hopper

c6        Married – Gerald Wesley Fleming, son of J. W. Fleming to Jean Etta Turner, daughter of Roy Turner

c6        Married – Walter H. Austin to Victoria Allen, daughter of David Allen

c6        Married – Cyril G. Teskey, son of George Teskey to Edna Kathleen Cobban, daughter of E. A. Cobban


Page 15

c2        Died – William Brooks, 71st year, Dec 21

c3        Died – Mrs Harry Brown, nee Margaret Maria Crothers, 75 years, Dec 22

c7        Born – Stillborn daughter of R. H. Innes, Dec 18

c7        Died – Mrs Harry Brown, nee Margaret Maria Crothers, 75 years, Dec 22

c7        Memoriam – Ernest Cohoe, Dec 23 1927

c7        Memoriam – Effie Daugharty Ganton, Dec 23 1931

c7        Memoriam – Mrs John Hansley, June 23 1934

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Blanche Pafford, Dec 23 1931

c7        Memoriam – Mrs E. J. Montfomery, Dec 22 1927, by Vera & Royle

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Anna Montgomery, Dec 22 1927, by husband Eli J. Montgomery


Page 18

c2        Died – Mrs Charles J. Bowley, nee Webb, 59th year, daughter of Mrs J. Webb; sister of Moffat Webb

24 December 1934

Page 2

c2        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Wiggins, Dec 22

c2        Funeral – Peter Ryan, Dec 22

c3        Died – Cecil Levi Welch, 40 years, Dec 23, father of Cecil Leonard, Lillian Frances, Norma Elaine and Thelma Toureen Welch; brother of Herbert, Hector, William, Harry, Truman and John Edward Welch


Page 6

c3        Fire – Home of Norman McInrye of Dutton


Page 8

c2        Died – Peter D. McCallum, 93 years, Dec 24. father of Arch D., John D., Philip and Grace McCallum

c2        Died – William A. Ferrah, 81 years, Dec 22

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E. Merriam of Norwich, 66th


Page 9

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Alice Adlington, Dec 24 1933, by husband P. S. Adlington

c7        Memoriam – Thomas A. Johnston, Dec 24 1931, by daughter Mrs R. T. Kessel and son P. Johnston

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Emma Singular, Dec 25 1938, by daughter Ada I. Nunney

c8        Born – Son of A. A. Burrell, Dec 23

c8        Born – Daughter of George Smith, Dec 18

c8        Born – Daughter of Wilfred Mattice, Dec 19

c8        Born – Edwin Franklin Baumgartner, son of Dr Edwin A. and Margaret Baumgartner, nee Messmore, Dec 10

c8        Died – Mrs Jane Else, nee Brown, 85 years, Dec 23, wife of Frederick Else


Page 11

c2        Married – Sydney Fielding Ritchie, son of Dr F. S. Ritchie to Almeda Mabel Hartry, daughter of Howard Hartry

c2        Married – John Gauld Langs, son of C. V. Langs to Ann Wilhelmina McLaren, daughter of John L. McLaren

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alfred Spencer of Ridgetown, 50th

c4        Married – Carlos Gordon Mitchell, son of Rev Charles Mitchell to Helen Agnes Smyth, daughter of J. B. Smyth


Page 16

c2        Died – Neil Murray, 78 years, Dec 22, widow of Mrs Christina Murray, nee McKillop; grandfather of Archie Murray

c4        Died – Infant son of Donald Soper, Dec 24, brother of Donna Marion Soper; grandson of Thomas Soper and Harry Dyson

c5        Died – Mrs Frederick Else, nee Jane Brown, 85 years, Dec 23

26 December 1934

Page 1

c3        Died – Daniel W. Markham, 44 years, Dec 25, son of Patrick & Sarah Markham; brother of Mrs Charles W. Pearce and Pearl Markham; Uncle of Lorne and Doris Pearce

c3        Died – Mrs Daniel W. Markham, nee Winnifred Cox, Dec 25, daughter of John Cox


Page 3

c8        Married – Kenneth Russel Mills, son of Armond Mills to Helen Loretta Ryce, granddaughter of John Ryce


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs R. Hendershott, Dec 27, mother of Mrs Mosher

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Moe of Aylmer, 50th

c2        Died – Gordon Hall Murray, 23 months, son of George Murray – buried Springfield (no stone – CVH)

c4        Died – Mrs Lavina Almas Hall, 65 years, Dec 25, wife of Harry Hall

c5        Married – Samuel Archer to Janie Pendreigh

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Richard Silverthorne, nee Emily Kew of Brantford, 50th

c7        Funeral – Mrs Edward Birdsell, Dec 22

c7        Funeral – Neil Murray, Dec 24

c7        Funeral – Mrs Harry Brown, Dec 24

c7        Funeral – Wilbert Wilson, Dec 24


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Regina Hendershott, 79 years, Dec 25, widow of Charles Hendershott; mother of Mrs Nelson S. Mosher and Frederick William Hendershott; step-daughter of Mrs Margaret Tucker; sister of Mrs Charles Koehn, Lillie Tucker, Mrs Mamie Law, Mrs Irene Strack and Mrs Theresa Quimby

c2        Died – Barbara Anne Wilson, 1 month, Dec 25, infant daughter of Frederick Wilson

c3        Died – Miss Jessie Mitchell, 79 years, Dec 24, sister of Mrs Wilkie

c8        Born – Barbara Jean Towers, daughter of George & Rhoda Towers, nee Pafford, Dec 22

c8        Born – Barbara Joan Casey, daughter of Ambrose & Nora Belle Casey, nee Pollock, Dec 25

c8        Died – Miss Jessie Mitchell, 79 years, Dec 24, aunt of Mrs Daniel Dalton

c8        Memoriam – Benjamin Hough, Dec 24 1933


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Warren, nee Charlotte Chaplain of Lambeth, 60th

c2        Engagement – John William Bedford, son of Bruce Bedford to Lois Marie Allen, daughter of Orillian Allen

c3        Anniversary – Dr and Mrs Duncan Smith, nee Shane of Fingal, 43rd

c5        Married – Thomas Louis Newman to Dora May Perritt, daughter of George Perritt

c5        Married – James G. Duncan to Minnie Agnes Winger, daughter of Alex Winger

c5        Married – Donald Leask Storey, son of Thomas H. Storey to Dorothy Margaret Brown, daughter of John A. Brown


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Alex Faill, nee Mary M. Tanner, Dec 24, daughter of William & Mary Tanner


Page 11

c3        Died – Frank B. Taylor, 48 years, Dec 24, son of Angus Taylor

c4        Died – Mrs Sarah D. Bates, 78 years, Dec 25, widow of H. Beecraft; wife of Charles C. Bates

27 December 1934

Page 1

c4        Died – Mr & Mrs D. W. Markham, Dec 25 – Photo


Page 6

c5        Died – Mrs Rebecca Anderson, 66th year, widow of John Anderson; mother of Kenneth & Milton Anderson

c6        Funeral – Cecil Levi Welch, Dec 26 – Photo

c6        Funeral – Barbara Anne Wilson, Dec 26

c6        Funeral – Mrs Jane Else, Dec 26

c7        Funeral – Edward A. Markwell, Dec 23

c7        Funeral – Arlene Leota Gilchrist, Dec 22


Page 7

c3        Died – Miss Catherine A. McColl, Dec 26, daughter of Nichol McColl

c5        Married – Raymond Sivyer to Loise Gertrude Ross

c8        Born – Daughter of Alex G. Campbell, Dec 23

c8        Memoriam – Joseph A. Dudgeon, Dec 27 1933


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Dr James George Dillane, son of Edward Dillane to Thelma Ruth Johnstone, daughter of Thomas Johnstone

c3        Engagement – H. Robert Samstag, son of Henry F. Samstag to Renee W. Baruch, daughter of Bernard M. Baruch


Page 14

c1        Died – Richard Gardner, Dec 26, infant son of Mr & Mrs Gardner of Manitoba St.; brother of Arthur, Donald, Elizabeth, Doris, Marguerite and Helen Gardner; grandson of E. A. Gardner and Mrs Lily Turner

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Merrylees of Stratford, 67th

c2        Died – Nelson S. Hallett, 69 years, Dec 24, father of Cora J. Hallett

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Mansell, 91st year, widow of Anthony Mansell

c4        Married – Lloyd Louis Eidt, son of H. J. Eidt to Leta Bearle Kestle, daughter of F. E. Kestle

c4        Married – Dr Daniel Revell, son of D. G. Revell to Bonnie Bailey, daughter of L. E. W. Bailey

c4        Married – Russell Robert McPhail, son of Robert McPhail to Bernice Leona Shephard, daughter of Lorne Shephard

c4        Married – W. Howarth to Mrs Effie Dean, mother of Harry W. Dean

28 December 1934

Page 6

c1        Married – Walter Edward Schultz to Eliza Marie Timpany, daughter of Delbert Timpany

c5        Funeral – Peter D. McCallum, Dec 27

c5        Funeral – Richard Gardner, Dec 27


Page 7

c2        Died – Herbert Hughes Morgan, Dec 18, son of George W. Morgan Jr.; widow of Mrs Cora Morgan, nee Canniff; father of Barry Herbert Morgan

c4        Died – William George Williams, 72 years, Dec 28, son of Robert Williams

c4        Funeral – Miss Jessie Mitchell, Dec 27

c7        Died – Daniel W. Markham, Dec 25, husband of Mrs Florence Winnie Markham, nee Cox

c8        Born – Son of John Lightbody, Dec 19

c8        Memoriam – Robert Lloyd Williams, Dec 28 1926


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Stanley Ernest Taylor to Nellie Lorraine Kirk, daughter of J. Kirk

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. S. Campbell, nee Emma Eleanor Stewart of Blenheim, 50th

c4        Married – Monta Marwood Lanning, son of E. G. Lanning to Helen Trudgeon, daughter of H. Talmay

c4        Married – Dr John Brebner, son of D. A. Brebner to Margaret Jean Henderson, daughter of William Henderson

c4        Married – Clarence Henry Milburn Alexander, son of H. S. Alexander to Ruth Eleanor Bingham, daughter of Rev D. H. H. Bingham

c4        Married – Arthur Coryley Rogers, son of Arthur Rogers to Helen Guthrie McCullough, daughter of Rev T. D. McCullough

c4        Married – Thomas Paul Maslin, son of Rev T. P. Marlin to Mary Hamilton Watts, daughter of Mrs Hamilton Watts and the late Ernest Duggan Watts

c4        Married – Charles Donald Oliphant, son of Elnathan Oliphant to Mary Margaret Chesney, daughter of Frank Chesney

c4        Married – Russell Robert McPhail to Bernice Leona Shephard

c4        Married – Hugh McColl to Bernice Charlotte Knott

c7        Anniversary – Venerable Archdeacon G. G. & Mrs Sage of London, 50th


Page 11

c4        Funeral – Miss Frances Harriet Fisher, daughter of Maddison W. Fisher

c5        Funeral – Miss Spackman, sister of Mrs W. Pollard


Page 13

c4        Funeral – Miss Edith Hoover, 30 years, Dec 26, daughter of Mrs Fannie Hoover

29 December 1934

Page 2

c4        Died – David Wotherspoon, 2 days, Dec 29, infant son of David Wotherspoon


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Clayton Nash, Dec 27

c8        Born – Frances Annie Tarry, daughter of Thomas Tarry, Dec 20

c8        Died – William George Williams, father of Cyril M., and Langford Williams, and Mrs (Rev) F. E. James; brother of James and John Williams and Mrs Thomas McCutcheon

c8        Memoriam – William Knowles, Dec 30 1930

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Ina Wilson, wife of John Wilson, Dec 29 1928,


Page 12

c7        Died – Dennis J. Izzard, 85th year, father of Mrs Pearl (Dr Albert) Veitch; step-father of Mrs Harry Mulveney; predeceased by son Elmo Izzard


Page 16

c2        Engagement – James R. Black, son of John Black to Beulah Mary Garbutt, daughter of R. G. Garbutt – Photo

c3        Photo – Rev Harry William Garbutt of Toronto

c5        Photo – Miss Agnes Crandell, daughter of W. A. Crandell of St Thomas

c7        Married – Charles Joseph Johnston to Florence Alberta Kidner

31 December 1934

Page 6

c2        Died – David Carr, 76th year, Dec 30, father of David H. Carr and James H. Carr

c2        Died – Mrs John Lamb, 72nd year, Dec 30, daughter of Alvinza Buckhouse (Backhouse)


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Peter J. Fox, nee Emma DeClute, 70 years, Dec 29, daughter of Andrew DeClute

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Bissonette, , nee Hume, 79th year, widow of Julian Bissonette; mother of Mrs Norman R. Martin, Dr Hume, D. F. & Neil Bissonette

c3        Funeral – Edmond Hans, Dec 31

c8        Born – Daughter of George Smith, Dec 18

c8        Born – Daughter of George Cymtolisty, Dec 13

c8        Born – Son of Ross Dosser, Dec 22

c8        Born – Son of William & Dorothy Barwell, nee Millen, Dec 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Edward Farnden, Dec 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Henry Vuylsteke, Dec 23

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Thompson, Dec 23

c8        Died – Mrs Peter J. Fox, nee Emma DeClute, 70 years, Dec 29

c8        Died – George Richard Welch, Dec 30, husband of Mrs Marion F. Welch, nee Price

c8        Memoriam – Mary Turner, Dec 26 1930


Page 8

c6        Married – George William Randall, son of William Randall to Annie Bernice Parker, daughter of Albert Parker


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Lavina Hall, nee Almas, 65 years, Dec 25, wife of Harry Hall, sister of Mrs John Schuyler

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Herman VanEvery of Lynnville, 50th

c3        Died – Archibald G. McIntyre, 71st year, Dec 29, son of Malcolm & Jeannette McIntyre; father of Mrs James Lockhart; brother of Mrs Duncan A. Graham

c6        Died – Dr Charles E. Eaid, 80th year, Dec 30