STTJ 1946 May-Aug

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

May, June, July & August 1946

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

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1 May 1946

Page 5

c3        Died – Edward Thomas Day, age 60, wife of Charlotte Jones


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs. Sidney Luke, nee Ellen Fisher


Page 9

c2        Died – Mary Moore, dau of William Henry Moore & Helen Rhycard

c5        Funeral – Jonas Schuyler

c8        Born – Linda Jean Cameron, 17 Apr

c8        Born – Sharon Louise Crosby, 26 Apr, nee Florence Wilson

c8        Born – Linda Anne Hart, 29 Apr, nee Margaret Brown

c8        Born – Warren Alexander Park, 20 Apr

c8        Born – dau of Gordon Roberts, 29 Apr


Page 10

c1        Married – Colleen Gertrude Clinton to John Delmer Stewart, 24 Apr


2 May 1946


Page 11

c2        Died – Mrs. Charles Dowling, nee Alma Baxter, first husband James Telford

c8        Born – Patricia Ada Elizabeth Yeo, 30 Apr, nee Florence Boothroyd

c8        Born – Richard Malcolm Carr, 25 Apr, nee Jean Cott

c8        Died – Azel Bagnall, 30 Apr

c8        Died – William John Wilkins, 1 May, age 74


Page 12

c4        Married – Jessie Annabelle Mattis to Charles Alexander Towers, 30 Apr


Page 14

c2        Died – John Pegg, age 79, husband of Lydia Munger

c4        Died – James Blow, 86th year


Page 18

c2        Died – William John Wilkins, age 74

c6        Died – Herbert C. Machperson, age 70


3 May 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Lucinda Elm, age 66


Page 9

c2        Died – John B. McDiarmid

c5        Died – Herbert C. Macpherson, 1 May, age 70


Page 10

c5        Married – Margaret Joan Taylor to John Donald Race, 24 Apr


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Herbert C. Macpherson


4 May 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Alexander Lackey

c2        Funeral – James A. McCallum

c2        Funeral – D. J. Turner


Page 7

c5        Born – William Paul Honsinger, 2 May, nee Shirley Welsh

c5        Born – Darlene Angelee Hill, 13 Apr, nee Violet Pressey

c5        Born – dau of Donald A. Emmons, 27 Apr

c5        Born – son of William Olynik, 27 Apr

c5        Born – son of Gordon Speck, 29 Apr, nee Golda Thompson

c5        Born – dau of Roger Hird, 29 Apr

c5        Born – son of William Bruce Greenslade, 29 Apr

c5        Born – child of Craig Stuart, 29 Apr

c5        Born – son of Rupert S. Culver, 28 Apr


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs. Charles Smith, 30 Apr, nee Mary Haight


Page 11

c1        Married – Betty Olive Bywater to George Alexander Thomas, 2 May

c3        Married – Jean Elizabeth Long to Edward William Little

c3        Married – Anna Stewart Dougan to Alfred S. Smily

c3        Married – Beatrice Muriel Brice to Ronald Jack Hall

c3        Married – Rona Leone Warren to James Francis Eckert

c3        Married – Josephine Jane Calvert to Archie K. Kains

c4        Married – Elinore Ruth Jones to Frederick David DuChene, 2 May


Page 16

c2        45th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Arscott Axford, (son of Richard Axford & Harriet Curtis) 8 May, nee Hattie Gertrude Pettit (dau of Jesse Martin Pettit & Emmeline Clarke), photo

c4        Married – Jack Delmer Stewart to Coleen Clinton, 24 Apr, photo

c7        60th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Edgar A. Smith, 5 May, nee Kate E. Wright, photo

c7        Married – George Thomas to Betty Bywater, 2 May, photo


6 May 1946


Page 2

c1        Died – Thomas Lowry Cochrane, age 84


Page 5

c3        Died – Murdoch Matheson, age 72


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. George Cooper Dunn, age 79, nee Ellen Louise Sumner

c2        Died – Mrs. Freeman Hoskin, 91st year, nee Esmerelda Doncaster

c5        Funeral – Mary Olive Lindsay

c5        Funeral – Herbert Macpherson

c5        Funeral – William John Wilkins

c7        Born – Richard Arthur McKenzie, 1 May, nee Joyce Tilbie

c7        Born – son of Syd K. Silverman, 4 May, nee Mildred Conway

c7        Died – Thomas L. Cochrane, 4 May

c7        Died – Isabelle Smith Griffin, 5 May, age 84

c7        Died – Ellen Louise Dunn, 5 May, 79th year

c7        Died – Esmerelda Matilda Hoskin, 6 May, 91st year


Page 8

c1        Married – Muriel Elizabeth Giles to Alexander McCance

c3        Married – Nellie Irene Mears to N. Donald Tolmie, 26 Apr

c3        Married – Leila Marie Fredin to Jack Robert Paton


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs. Francis M. Griffin, nee Isabelle Smith, dau of Hiram B. Smith & Mary Ann Spurr, photo


7 May 1946


Page 6

c1        History of Kingsmill, by Mrs. Carlton Dance


Page 8

c6        Died – John Edwin Kelly, 80th year


Page 9

c7        Born – son of Alex Polisack, 5 May

c7        Born – Charles William Earl Reid, 5 May, nee Bernice Temple


Page 10

c2        Married – Robert Boyle to Marie Bedford, photo

c4        Married – Shirley Jean Smith to Alfred Davis Robertson, 2 May

c4        Married – Audrey Lillian Knight to John Franklin Elliott


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs. F. D. Ferguson, nee dau of Edward McClurg

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John A. Moore

c5        50th anniversary of William Brush

c5        Funeral – Murdock Matheson


8 May 1946


Page 8

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Fred N. McConnell, nee Minnie Belle Colbert


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. Thomas Martin, 29 Apr

c3        Died – Mrs. Wallis Henry Wheeler, nee Ellen Amelia Singleton

c4        Funeral – Thomas L. Cochrane

c7        Born – John Frederick Cassidy, 7 May, nee Helen Waddell

c7        Born – dau of W. J. Sloan, 4 May

c7        Died – William Affleck, 8 May, 82nd year

c7        Died – Daniel A. McGugan, 7 May, 69th year

c7        Died – Ellen Amelia Wheeler, 8 May


Page 10

c2        Married – Frank Harkes to Cathie Afrin, 19 Mar, photo

c5        Married – Marjorie Longfield to Glen Crewe


Page 11

c5        Married – Anna Ruth Major to Francis Walden, 4 May

c5        Married – Rita Arlene Kohl to Frederick Charles Ebert, 1 May

c5        Married – Eva Mayer toWendell Bell, 4 May

c5        Married – Elizabeth Anne Steiger to John Steir, 4 May

c5        Married – Jean Elaine Cameron to Ross Lee Clapp, 27 Apr

c5        Married – Marguerite Henzell Anions to Kenneth Howard Loftus


Page 16

c4        Died – William Affleck, age 82

c5        Died – Daniel A. McGugan, 69th year


9 May 1946


Page 6

c6        Died – John Pollard, age 80


Page 9

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Francis M. Griffin

c4        Funeral – Mrs. George C. Dunn

c5        Died – Mrs. Charles A. Musson, age 67, nee Elizabeth Heard

c6        Born – son of Jack King, 8 May, nee Sheila DeLacey

c6        Born – dau of Delbert Lale, 8 May

c6        Born – Mary Lynn Phillimore, 27 Apr, nee Hilda Sharpe

c6        Born – Duncan George Bell, 4 May

c6        Born – Bonnie Kathleen Brown, 3 May

c6        Born – dau of Harmon Sherk, 28 Apr

c6        Died – Donna Jean Forbes, 8 May, age 4, dau of Kenneth

c6        Died – Elizabeth Musson, 9 May, age 67

c6        Died – John Pollard, 9 May

c6        Died – William Affleck, 8 May, 82nd year

c6        Died – Ellen Amelia Wheeler, 8 May


Page 10

c3        Married – Corley Ruth Wilkinson to John Andrew Richardson

c3        Married – Ruth Ready to Claremont Edwin (Monty) Paget

c3        Married – Patricia Mabel Hare to Remi Albert Huyge


Page 18

c1        Died – Thomas George Warner, age 2, son of Selwyn

c1        56th anniversary of Mr & Mrs James Collier


10 May 1946


Page 6

c5        Died – Marion E. Price Welch, 24 Apr

c5        Funeral – Murdock Matheson


Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs. Freeman Hoskin


Page 9

c5        Born – Eileen Annabelle Campbell, 8 May

c5        Born – Kenneth James Carr, 6 May, nee Dorothy Burke

c5        Born – dau of George L. Chant, 4 May

c5        Born – son of Jack King, 8 May, nee Sheila DeLacey

c5        Born – William Gary Vickery, 2 May

c5        Died – Donna Jean Forbes, age 4, dau of Kenneth

c5        Died – Elizabeth Musson, 9 May, age 67

c5        Died – John Pollard, 9 May

c5        Died – Mrs. George Welch, 24 Apr, nee Marion E. Price


Page 10

c3        Married – Mary Margaret Jensky to Alexander Tully, 1 May


Page 11

c6        Married – Muriel Mathison to Ralph D. Jacobs, 28 Apr


11 May 1946


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Ellen Amelia Wheeler


Page 9

c3        Married – Marie Edna Rice to James Robert Fox

c3        Married – Anne Roselind McNabb to Glen Sutherland


Page 14

c2        Married – Alexander Tully to Mary Margaret Jensky, photo

c6        45th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Arscott Axford, 8 May


Page 15

c1        Died – Fred Buchanan, age 59

c2        Funeral – Mrs. George Welch

c3        Died – Mrs. Angus McIntyre, age 86, nee Janet McKenzie

c5        Born – Robert Kenneth Butler, 9 May

c5        Born – Lana Lee Small, 4 May

c5        Born – twin sons of Bert Dunsmore, 25 Apr

c5        Born – Sandra Lee McEachren, 25 Apr

c5        Born – dau of G. A. Simons, 10 May

c5        Died – Janet McKenzie McIntyre, 10 May, 87th year

c5        Died – Mrs. George Welch, 24 Apr, nee Marion E. Price


13 May 1946


Page 8

c1        Died – Davis Walter Lewis, 73rd year


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs. William McMillin

c2        Died – Edna Eileen McQuiggan, age 29, dau of George McQuiggan & Fern Corless

c2        Died – Frank P. Walsh, age 82, husband of Agnes Gibb

c4        Died – Robert Wesley Gilbert, age 67

c6        Funeral – Donna Jean Forbes

c6        Funeral – Elizabeth Heard Musson

c6        Funeral – Daniel McGugan

c7        Born – son of Reginald Peck, 8 May

c7        Died – Davis Walter Lewis, 12 May, 73rd year

c7        Died – Edna Eileen McQuiggan, 13 May


Page 10

c3        Married – Christina Margaret Dickman to John Gregory Ryan, 4 May

c4        Married – Corley Ruth Wilkinson to John Andrew Richardson


Page 12

c6        56th anniversary of Mr & Mrs James Collier


Page 16

c2        Died – David Ross, 90th year, husband of Kate Leakey


14 May 1946


Page 9

c8        Born – William Danny Morice, 6 May

c8        Died – Frank Patrick Walsh, 13 May, age 82

c8        Died – Leta M. Hannan, 14 May, age 32, dau of Harry Humphries


Page 10

c1        Married – Virginia Lapadal to Any Cipu

c2        Married – Carl Franklin Woodward to Rhoda May Stuart, 11 May, photo


Page 11

c3        Married – Christina Margaret Dickman to John Gregory Ryan

c3        Married – Myrna Isabel Hodgins to Charles Herbert Knapp

c4        Married – Marjorie Edna Dale to Joseph Lloyd Mennill

c4        Married – Idamae Wallace to Donald J. Enderby, 28 Mar

c4        Married – Agnes Bowles to Lloyd Howard Gee


Page 16

c1        Died – Frank Maranda, cousin of Catherine Garvin

c2        Died – Mrs. Ralph S. Hannan, age 35, nee Lela M. Humphries

c2        Died – Frank Patrick Walsh, age 82

c5        Funeral – Marion Price Welch

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Angus McIntyre


15 May 1946


Page 1

c4        Died – John G. Gillanders, age 50, photo


Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs. Elgin Foster, nee Anna Maria Brown


Page 8

c2        Died – Norma Georgina MacPherson, age 12


Page 9

c7        Born – Marjorie Eleanor Carter, 14 May

c7        Born – Kathryn Ann Dawdy, 14 May, stillborn

c7        Born – Catherine Lynn Stevenson, 17 Apr, nee June Hubbard

c7        Died – Norma Georgina MacPherson, 14 May

c7        Died – Leta M. Hannan, 14 May, age 32, dau of Harry Humphries

c7        Died – Mrs. Maynard Charlton, 14 May, age 61, nee Florence Bell Schooley


Page 10

c5        Married – Betty Doreen Morris to Edmund J. Groulx


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs. George A. VanOrder, 69th year, nee Victoria Annie Elwell


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs. Maynard Charlton, age 61, nee Florence Bell Schooley


16 May 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Edna Eileen McQuiggan


Page 10

c6        Died – Mrs. John Lay, age 76, nee Annie McCallum

c8        Married – Frances Gladys Leone Wilson to Archibald William Cameron


Page 11

c2        Died – Mary Fauts, 10 May, nee McKenzie

c3        Died – Mrs. Robson Hind, age 64, nee Ada Matthews

c3        Died – James Grant Edison, age 79

c3        Died – Mrs. Franklin Henry Snyder, 78th year, nee Annie Marie Frost

c7        Born – son of Charles A. Goodhue, 12 May, nee Jean Cooke

c7        Died – Florence Bell Charlton, 14 May, age 61

c7        Died – James Grant Edison, 15 May, age 79

c7        Died – Annie Marie Snyder, 15 May, 78th year

c7        Died – Ada Hind, 16 May, age 64


Page 12

c1        Married – Jessie Elizabeth Pitcher to Borden Proctor, 11 May

c1        Married – Jean Elizabeth Liddle to Neil Alexander Black, 14 May


Page 14

c5        Died – Mrs. Thomas Davies, age 74


Page 18

c3        Married – Ruth Isabel Dollar to Albert P. Osborne, 14 May


17 May 1946


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs. Thomas Davies, 75th year, nee Sarah Ada Smith; first husband Charles Tiffen

c5        Funeral – Leta Hannan

c5        Funeral – Frank Patrick Walsh


Page 10

c3        Married – Helen Irene Keillor to Arthur Robert Phillips, 4 May

c6        Funeral – James Henry Blow

c7        Funeral – Davis Walter Lewis


Page 11

c1        Died – Mary Loftus, sister of Mrs. Edward Murphy

c2        Funeral – Ada Hind

c7        Born – twin sons of Alvin Brown, 12 May

c7        Born – son of Wilfrid Johnson, 12 May

c7        Born – son of B. A. Macdonald, 16 May

c7        Born – son of Douglas Chapman, 16 May


Page 12

c4        Married – Rhoda Mae Stuart to Carl Franklin Woodward, 11 May

c4        Married – Roseanna Mary Myles to Donald Gordon Potts

c4        Married – Mary Mable Gottinger to George Wright Merritt


Page 18

c1        Died – Hugo L. Orth, husband of Lucy Longden


18 May 1946


Page 9

c3        Married – Kathleen Fern Wright to Sheldon Priester Gibson

c4        Married – Phyllis E. Barnwell to Kenneth W. Finlin, 15 May

c4        Married – Ada Theodora Unverzagt to Jack Donald Burn


Page 13

c1        Died – Ralph H. Wilkinson

c1        92nd birthday of Dan Fogerty

c4        Married – Helen May Douglas to Hugh Gordon Selman


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Helen Begg to Robert Wilcox, 8 Jun, photo

c7        Married – Sheldon Priester Gibson to Kathleen Fern Wright, photo


Page 15

c7        Born – Ronald William Newton, 17 May, nee Mabel Allman

c7        Born – son of William Clary, 12 May

c7        Born – dau of Joseph Krohe, 9 May

c7        Born – dau of Harold Leach, 14 May

c7        Born – son of Gordon Mandryk, 9 May

c7        Born – dau of Fred Reynolds, 14 May

c7        Born – Constance Loreen Rohrer, 11 May

c7        Born – son of Frank Studiman, 4 May

c7        Born – dau of Frank Wencel, 9 May

c7        Born – dau of John Young, 12 May


Page 18

c1        Funeral – John G. Gillanders

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Maynard Charlton


20 May 1946


Page 7

c7        Born – Ruth Joyce Carrel, 18 May

c7        Born – Lucy Anne Goldsmith, 16 May, nee Lucy Chute

c7        Born – Heather Anne Hague, 15 May, nee Audrey Watts

c7        Born – Terrence George Moore, 15 May

c7        Born – Susan Joan Pincombe, 19 May, nee Ivy Pullen

c7        Born – Donna Joanne Williams, 18 May, nee Elsie M. Wilson


Page 8

c6        Died – James Trask, 81st year


Page 10

c4        Married – Dorothy Eileen Matthews to William Everett Hamilton, 18 May

c4        Married – Aleen Clara Jones to Clare Austin Mitchener, 11 May

c4        Married – Nona Mae Staley to E. Robert Henry

c4        Married – Marjorie Irene Thurman to Gerald Vyvyan


Page 11

c4        25th anniversary of Father J. H. Chisholm ordination

c6        Funeral – James Grand Edison

c6        Funeral – Ada Hind

c6        Funeral – Norma Georgina MacPherson

c6        Funeral – Annie Marie Snyder


Page 16

c1        Died – Isaac Gamble, age 68, father of Mrs. Edward Harris

c2        Died – William Charles Demaray, 72nd year


21 May 1946


Page 6

c5        Married – Muriel Winnifred Rycroft to Norman Grant Waite

c5        Married – Alberta May Goldrich to Cecil Arthur Pickard, 16 May


Page 7

c3        Died – Elizabeth Bake


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs. Charles Holbon, age 63, nee Alice Maude Plain

c3        Died – Terrence Lynch, 17 May, , 89th year, husband of Mary McCaffery

c3        Died – John Henry Beatty, 75th year

c4        Died – Joseph John Butterwick, age 69, photo

c8        Died – John Henry Beatty, 20 May, 75th year

c8        Died – Joseph John Butterwick, 21 May, age 69

c8        Died – Alice Maude Plain Holborn, 20 May


22 May 1946


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs. William McMillan, 14 May, 59th year, nee May Brackenbury


Page 10

c1        Died – Margaret Wilhelmina Boal


Page 11

c7        Born – Freddie William Gwalter, 17 May

c7        Born – John Craig McLachlin, 17 May, nee Audrey Craig Steventon

c7        Born – dau of Graham Spry, 20 May

c7        Died – Margaret Wilhelmina Boal, 21 May, 75th year

c7        Died – Arthur B. Johnson, 22 May, age 74


Page 12

c5        Married – Mary Genevieve Sullivan to Cecil Thomas Medlyn, 8 May


Page 13

c4        Married – Lois Francis Wood to Donald James Winger

c4        Married – Mary Mable Gottinger to George Wright Merritt, 14 May


Page 20

c3        Died – Arthur B. Johnson, age 74, son of Fred Johnson & Thersa Fisher


23 May 1946


Page 2

c3        Died – Michael Francis Farrell, about 43, husband of Ola M. Slaght


Page 3

c4        Married – Helen Catherine Darling to John Ross Ferguson

c6        Married – Ruby Anderson to Raymond Falkins, 11 May


Page 8

c1        25th anniversary of Avalon Rebekah Lodge, Aylmer

c2        Died – Mrs. Frank Silcox, nee Mabel Janet Steele


Page 9

c2        Died – R. W. Ball

c6        Born – Sandra Lynn Redding, 21 May, nee Madeleine Bradshaw

c6        Died – Arthur B. Johnson, 22 May, age 74

c6        Died – Mabel Janet Steele Silcox, 22 May, 62nd year


Page 10

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Edgar Bowlby, 25 May, nee Fannie Ellen Smoke, photo


Page 12

c4        Died – Mrs. William Henry Johnson, 82nd year, nee Emily J. Smith


Page 18

c2        Died – Chandler Keillor


25 May 1946


Page 6

c3        article by A. S. Paragus on Mrs. Edwin Bowes, nee Mary Inman, of Eden

c6        Funeral – Jack Butterworth

c6        Funeral – Arthur B. Johnson

c6        Funeral – Annie Lay


Page 9

c2        Married – Madeleine Suzanne Howse to Hugh Alan Leah, 24 May

c2        Married – Irene Pickersgill to James Paddon

c2        Married – Margaret Isabel MacMillan to Wade Ward, 2 Apr

c2        Married – Barbara Beatrice Hill to Joseph Dennison


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Margaret Scott Smith to Keith Alliser Ferguson, 8 Jun, photo

c2        Engagement – Mary Beatrice Parker to John Albert Vary, 15 Jun, photo

c5        Married – Herbert Welch to Dorothy June Wilson, photo

c7        Married – Albert Osborne to Ruth Dollar, photo

c7        Married – Hugh Alan Leah to Madeleine Suzanne Howse, photo


Page 15

c5        Born – Sandra Isabel Allgeier, 23 May, nee Shrley Nicholas

c5        Born – son of James L. McLachlan, 13 May

c5        Born – Gary Allan McKay, 22 May

c5        Died – Rebecca Beattie, 24 May


Page 18

c2        Died – Mrs. Thomas Beattie, nee Rebecca Ainslie

c3        Died – John Yorke, 83rd year

c3        Died – James Scott, 73rd year


27 May 1946


Page 2

c3        Died – George Stricker, age 91, husband of Jeanet Patterson


Page 3

c5        Married – Mary Summers to John A. Baldwin


Page 6

c3        Married – Joyce Margaret Smith to John Roland Hill

c7        Died – Russell McAllister, 67th year


Page 7

c1        Died – W. H. Henderson

c3        Died – William Henry Sutton, age 73, husband of Martha Parker

c8        Born – Barbara Bocking, 26 May, nee Vivian Dixon

c8        Born – Marlyne Munroe, 23 May

c8        Died – William Henry Sutton, 27 May


Page 8

c3        Married – Nina Gertrude Bridgette to Dr. Frederick Robert Southcott

c4        Married – Ula Jean Ulens to William John Murray


Page 9

c1        Married – Annie Maxine Kirkwood to Robert Earl Abbott, 22 May

c2        Married – Dorothy June Wilson to Herbert John Welch, 18 May

c2        Married – Norma Mildred Clark to James Ernest William Sibley

c2        Married – Mary Ann Gillies to Norman Nicholson Campbell

c2        Married – Phyllis E. Barnwell to Kenneth W. Finlin, 15 May


Page 14

c1        Died – Wiliam Waldon, 87th year, husband of Catharine Thompson, father of Aletha Clark, Talbotville

c1        Died – Robert Hooper, 82nd year, husband of Caroline Heatley

c2        Died – Rt. Rev. Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, age 88, photo


28 May 1946


Page 6

c4        Died – Sidney James Bowey, age 59, husband of Florence Wilson

c5        Died – William J. Eadie, 64th year


Page 8

c2        Married – Pauline Abell to Adam Resch, 24 May

c2        Died – Mrs. Frank White, 81st year, dau of William Anger

c5        Funeral – Rebecca Beattie

c5        Funeral – John Horke

c5        Funeral – Alice M. Holden

c5        Funeral – Mabel Jane Silcox


Page 9

c1        Died – William W. Bowen, 43rd year

c3        Died – Edith L. Atkin, dau of Welbern Atkin

c8        Born – son of J. Colquhoun, 21 May, nee Gladys Hunt

c8        Born – Michael Allen Shepherd, 22 May

c8        Born – Allan Patrick Collins, 15 May, nee Marjorie E. Cain

c8        Died – Edith L. Atkin, 27 May


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Helen Edith Roberts to Dr. J. Donald Hatcher, 14 Jun, photo

c4        Married – Margaret M. Pearce to Harry M. D. Bartlett

c4        Married – Joan Coleman to Harry Morrison

c4        Married – Molly Mapier to Gordon L Soper, 10 May

c4        Married – Emma Roloson, dau of George Hewer to Norman Leroy Gagen, 25 May


Page 16

c2        Died – Albert Young, father of Ruth Clayton, St. Thomas


29 May 1946


Page 2

c5        Married – Julie Ann Sura to Arnold Clifford Taylor, 25 May

c5        Married – Beatrice June Pearce to Jack Purcell Patterson

c6        Married – Grace Roberts to Leo Merritt


Page 6

c1        Died – John Thomas Brooks, 85th year

c7        Funeral – Michael Francis Farrell


Page 7

c2        Died – Mary Ann Clark, 28 May, sister of Mrs. J. B. Ford, St. Thomas

c7        Born – Robert George Luton, 28 May, nee Peggy Richards

c7        Born – son of J. C. Ewart, 28 May, nee Marion Carroll

c7        Born – Robert Stanley Temple, 16 May, nee Marion Carroll

c7        Born – dau of George Brown, 21 May

c7        Born – dau of Joseph Buys, 11 May

c7        Born – dau of George A. Erhardt, 17 May

c7        Born – dau of Robert Gordon, 22 May

c7        Born – dau of Russell Mitts, 19 May

c7        Born – Nancy Elizabeth Mitchell, 9 May

c7        Born – son of Roy Rapley, 13 May

c7        Born – Cheryl Elizabeth Abbey, 23 May

c7        Born – dau of Anthony Roseheart, 14 May

c7        Born – son of John Wisson, 19 May

c7        Born – dau of Donald Hutchison, 22 May

c7        Born – son of Peter Vandenlinden, 21 May

c7        Born – son of Clarence Ferrell, 21 May

c7        Born – son of Eric Cote, 22 May

c7        Born – son of Vernon Heath, 22 May

c7        Died – John Thomas Brooks, 29 May, 85th year

c7        Died – Mary Ann Clark, 29 May


Page 9

c4        Died – Mrs. Lewis Brown, 68th year, dau of Samuel & Mary Pound


30 May 1946


Page 2

c5        Funeral – William Henry Sutton


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs. Dan Grassford, age 71, nee Jennie Johnson


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs. Daniel Grosebeck, 75th year, nee Olvie Cecelia Welch

c1        Funeral – Margaret Boal

c1        Funeral – Mrs. Frank White

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Herbert Hales, 19 Feb, nee Amelia Elmira Welch

c6        Died – Mrs. Dan Glassford, age 71, nee Jennie Johnson


Page 11

c2        Married – Mrs. Grace Davey, dau of Robt.Cochrane to Robert S. Patten, 28 May

c7        Born – Sharon Anne Curtis, 28 May, nee Frances R. Cole

c7        Born – Ellen Gayle Robson, 24 May, nee Dorothy Kriter

c7        Born – Mary Jacqueline Travers, 29 May, nee Margaret Haines

c7        Born – Gail Loraine Wethrow, 22 May

c7        Died – Olive Cecelia Grosebeck, 29 May, 75th year

c7        Died – Mary Ann Clark, 29 May


Page 12

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John H. Martin, dau of Sarah Hillman, photo

c6        Married – Jean Heveron Bennie to Robert Footitt

c7        Married – Zeta Gough Walsh to Geroge Edgar Rivers


31 May 1946


Page 8

c4        Died – Rachael Nicholas, age 62


Page 9

c6        Born – dau of J. G. Kerr, 26 May

c6        Born – Olive Irene Mackichan, 23 May, nee Winnifred Macdonald


Page 10

c3        Married – Flora Marion McFarlane to Hilliard Errol Willson, 22 May


Page 11

c7        Married – Helen Marie Gould to Daniel Edgar Cosner, 25 May

c8        Married – Audrey Jean Hord to Charles Douglas Sweetman, 23 May



1 June 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. John E. Harp, nee Adelia Hayden


Page 9

c2        Married – Esther Ellen Bongers to Robert Percy Stackhouse

c2        Married – Elizabeth Landells Simmons to Raymond Kenneth Crinklaw


Page 13

c4        Died – Daniel Lucas, 72nd year, husband of Doris Perry


Page 14

c2        50th annivesary of Mr & Mrs Walter F. Flintoft, 10 Jun, nee Lydia Barber, photo

c4        Married – W. S. Neving to Marjory Joyce Coombs, photo

c6        Married – Robert Abbott to Annie Maxine Kirkwood, 22 May, photo

c6        Married -Cecil Medlyn to Mary Sullivan, photo


Page 15

c5        Born – Joan Sharon Campbell, 31 May

c5        Died – Adelia Harp, 31 May


3 June 1946


Page 2

c3        25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs James Bain


Page 6

c1        Funeral – John T. Brooks

c1        Funeral – Mrs. Lewis Brown


Page 7

c1        Died – infant dau of Bernard Curtis, Glanworth

c2        Died – Emery A. Richards, age 62

c2        Died – Mrs. Jonathan W. Jackson, nee Alice Nott, dau of George Nott & Alice Harris

c8        Born – Thomas Edgar Boyd, 1 Jun, nee Oba Garside

c8        Born – Paul Herbert George Brown, 1 Jun, nee Leota House

c8        Born – Robert Edward Paul, 3 Jun

c8        Born – Gordon Allan Pratt, 1 Jun, nee Marjorie Lethbridge

c8        Born – Carol Louise Russell, 1 Jun

c8        Died – Alice Rebecca Jackson, 3 Jun, nee Nott

c8        Died – Emery A. Richards, 2 Jun, age 62

c8        Died – Michael Joseph Tracey, 1 Jun, age 78


Page 8

c2        Married – Dulcie Eva Berry to Henry Alexander McGregor

c2        Married – Annabelle Lowrey to George Burton Ronson

c2        Married – Audrey Leona Turpin to John Charles Burroughs

c4        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Richmond, nee Isabelle Hunter


Page 9

c1        Died – Edith R. Shore


Page 14

c5        Died – Michael J. Tracey, age 78


4 June 1946


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs. Christopher Hodgins, 82nd year, nee Eliza Sadlier

c7        Funeral – Mrs. George E. Harp

c8        Funeral – Mrs. Daniel Grosebeck


Page 9

c8        Born – Michael Thomas Johnston, 3 Jun, nee Maude Laur, stillborn

c8        Born – Larry Ernie Buck, 25 May

c8        Born – Barry Eugene Kidder

c8        Born – dau of Frank Sanders, 2 Jun, nee Patty Sterne

c8        Born – dau of W. T. Wight, 3 Jun, nee Margaret Forbes

c8        Died – John Marsden Eedson, 3 Jun, 79th year

c8        Died – Mrs. Thomas J. Nicol, 3 Jun, age 79, nee Mary A. Leek


Page 10

c2        Five generation photo: Mrs. J. W. Maguire (nee Laura Martin, age 92), Mrs. W. F. Bailey, Mrs. G. F. Curtis (nee Dora Maguire), Mrs. William Kelly, and Patricia Kelly

c3        Married – Phyllis Muriel Davy to Charles McDonald, 1 Jun

c4        Married – Louise Victoria Lovelock to W. Stewart Archie Doan, 23 May

c4        Married – Sue Marguerite Patterson to Donald Joel Monteith

c5        Married – Alfreda Lorraine Lundy to William Edwin Gilpin Young

c5        Married – Vera Joyce Skilton to George Franklin Crabe

c5        Married – Edith Blanche Hawley to Arnold Verne Shackleton

c7        Married – Marion Ruth Harris to John Furlong Cottingham, 3 Jun


Page 16

c4        Died – Mrs. Thomas J. Nicol, age 79, nee Mary A. Leek


5 June 1946


Page 8

c4        Funeral – Michael Joseph Tracey

c4        Funeral – Malcolm Galbraith


Page 9

c5        Died – Mrs. James Thompson, age 60, nee Mary Ann O’Malley

c8        Born – dau of Walter D. Crozier, 5 Jun

c8        Born – Dale Preston Wood, 3 Jun

c8        Died – Mary Ann O’Malley Thompson, 4 Jun


Page 10

c2        Married – Norman Leroy Gagen to Emma Roloson (dau of George Hewer), photo


Page 11

c3        Married – Verne Shackleton to Edith Blanche Hawley, photo


Page 16

c3        Died – Mrs. James Thompson, age 59, nee Mary Ann O’Malley


6 June 1946


Page 8

c8        Married – Edna Violet Shute to William Ernest McKegney

c8        Married – Lena Marian Clement to John Edwin Hyde


Page 9

c4        Died – Mrs. Richard Small, 71st year, nee Lilly Maud Small

c5        Died – Walter John Paxton, about 42, brother of Mrs. Albert Bishop

c5        Funeral – Emery A. Richards

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Jonathan Jackson

c7        Born – Geraldine Marie Laurence, 3 Jun

c7        Born – Robert George Brear, 4 Jun, nee Doris Farmer

c7        Born – Carol Diane Welch, 5 Jun

c7        Died – Walter John Paxton, 4 Jun

c7        Died – Lilly Maud Small, 6 Jun, age 71


Page 10

c2        Married – William John Leakto Kathleen Elizabeth delaPenotiere


7 June 1946


Page 8

c2        Died – Frederick Clark, age 63


Page 9

c4        Died – Robert Currie, 80th year

c4        Died – Mrs. John H. Sloan, 67th year, nee Dilla M. Hamilton

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Thomas J. Nicol

c5        Funeral – Daniel Lucas

c5        Funeral – Mrs. William R. Leverton

c6        Born – son of Lloyd Smith, 1 Jun

c6        Born – son & dau of Mike Jurowski, 1 Jun

c6        Died – infant son of Fred Cox, 3 Jun

c6        Died – Frederick Clark, 6 Jun, age 63

c6        Died – Dilla M. Hamilton Sloan, 6 Jun, 67th year

c7        Born – son of Fred Cox, 3 Jun, nee Norinne Carson

c7        Born – Janis Lila Sprague, 6 Jun, nee Mildred Ostrander

c7        Born – David Edward Rose, 31 May, nee Jessie Pedder

c7        Born – Gary Robert Ross, 6 Jun


8 June 1946


Page 1

photo of new Imperial Leaf Tobacco Co. of Canada plant at Aylmer


Page 6

c5        Died – Ida Burn, 1 Jun

c8        Died – Frederick Robert Coll, 7 Jun


Page 9

c3        Married – Margaret Ann Knaggs to Robert Curtis

c4        Married – Jean Heveron Bennie to Robert Footitt, 24 May

c4        Married – Hazel Madeleen Rankin to Thomas M. Campbell, 23 May

c4        Married – Yvonne Mae Robinson to Fraser G. Lobban, 24 May

c4        Married – Hilda Marie Burnett to George Melrose MacDonald

c4        Married – Dorothy Knapp to John A. Cooper

c4        Married – Gertrude Glazier to Thomas Weir

c4        Married – Muriel Kathleen Robertson to Rev. Wilfred A. Henderson

c4        Married – Frances Margaret May Warren to Lewis Alexander Morgan


Page 10

c1        Died – Jeanie Watson, 91st year

c3        60th annivesary of Mr & Mrs Andrew Watson, 31 May


Page 14

c2        Married – Henry Alexander McGregor to Dulcie Eva Berry, photo

c4        Engagement – Dorothy Pearl Lewis to Stanley Edward Paul, 29 Jun; photo

c5        Married – William J. Willis to Charlotte Godby, photo

c7        Married – William Hamilton to Dorothy Eileen Matthews, photo

c8        Engagement – Elsie Eileen Galbraith to Albert Benjamin Hughes, 22 Jun

c8        Engagement – Mabel Ellen Branton to Walter Harry Barkman, 29 Jun

c8        Engagement – Alma Cora Belle McLean to Charles Allan Locke

c8        Engagement – Beverly Marion Jocelyn to Alan Ernest Williams, 22 Jun

c8        Engagement – Ethel Jean Seifert to Rev. Douglas Ewart Bradford, 29 Jun

c8        Engagement – Mary Yvonne Harding to Jack Leroy Wilson

c8        Engagement – Clardina Isabel Wallace to Thomas B. Murray, 29 Jun

c8        Engagement – Sheila Agnes Brady to William Robert Swift, 29 Jun

c8        Engagement – Marion Jeanette McGregor to Allan L. Patterson, 29 Jun

c8        Engagement – Eleanor Sewell to James Walter Hooper

c8        Engagement – Janet Evelyn Smith to Harvey Alvin Schott


Page 15

c6        Born – Raymond Richard Roberts, 7 Jun, nee Josephine Brown

c6        Born – son of Harry McKenzie, 3 Jun, nee Muriel Dimock

c6        Born – Larry Wayne Davenport, 19 May

c6        Born – son of Lorne Cooper, 5 Jun

c6        Born – dau of Maurice Dely, 4 Jun

c6        Born – son of Gabrielle Gareau, 6 Jun

c6        Born – son of Clarence P. Hartoon, 4 Jun

c6        Born – son of Fedeles Maes, 4 Jun

c6        Born – dau of David Masales, 30 May

c6        Born – dau of Fred Tribe, 30 May


10 June 1946


Page 1

c4        Died – John Charles Ponsford, age 82, husband of Ada Hepburn


Page 2

c5        Funeral – Lilly M. Small

c5        Funeral – Frederick Clark

c5        Funeral – Walter John Paxton


Page 6

c1        Died – Ernest James Chambers, husband of Minnie Ida Vernon

c8        Died – Alexander McRae, 42nd year

c8        Died – Mary McCallum, 71st year


Page 7

c7        Born – dau of W. C. Keyes, 8 Jun

c7        Born – Harley Alfred Brown, 22 May

c7        Born – John Michael Loomis, 6 Jun

c7        Born – Patricia Mary McLandress, 4 Jun

c7        Died – Louisa Batiste, 9 Jun, age 84

c7        Died – John Charles Ponsford, 8 Jun, age 82

c7        Died – Alexander McRae, 10 Jun, 42nd year


Page 8

c1        Married – Norma Christine Billington to Lloyd Gilbert Smith, 8 Jun

c2        Married – Robert G. Wilcox to Helen Begg, photo

c2        Married – Frank T. Finnegan to LaVerne Neving, photo (article col. 5)

c3        Married – James D. Robertson to Lillian Herries, photo, 8 Jun (article col. 4)

c6        Married – Wilma Jean Gould to Elmer (Tommy) Thomas, 7 Jun

c6        Married – Shirley Louise Hines to Thomas Robert Thyret

c6        Married – Ethel Cooper to Glen Prosser, 2 Jun

c6        Married – Marjorie Miller to Norman Hansen Brand, 27 Apr


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs. John Batiste, age 84

c5        25th anniversary of St. Thomas Kiwanis club

c5        110th anniversary of Trinity Anglican Church, Port Burwell


11 June 1946


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs. John H. Sloan


Page 7

c2        Died – George Ball, age 65, husband of Jennie McCorkell

c8        Born – dau of Alexander D. Andrew, 11 Jun, stillborn

c8        Born – Eric Gordon McNair, 7 Jun, nee Marion L. Judd

c8        Born – Stephen Harold Gliddon, 7 Jun, nee Marjorie Flanders

c8        Born – son of Maurice Cline, 9 Jun, nee Mary Waddle, stillborn


Page 10

c2        Married – Kenneth Bertrim Woods to Verna Marion Fletcher, 1 Jun (article col 4)

c3        Married – Mildred Mary Carter to Ralph Osborne Heidt, 8 Jun

c4        Married – J. Allan Prier to Cecelia Drew

c4        Married – Ida Viola Tisdale to Frederick George Barker

c5        Married – Helen Begg to Robert Wilcox


12 June 1946


Page 7

c8        Born – Michael Wayne Cadogan, 6 Jun, nee Doris Parker


Page 10

c1        Married – Margaret Scott Smith to Keith Allister Ferguson

c2        Married – Betty Margaret Groves to William James Hall, 10 Jun


Page 12

c6        Married – Jean Keith McCallum to Ronald Clarke Fraser

c8        Funeral – Louisa Batiste

c8        Funeral – John C. Ponsford


13 June 1946


Page 11

c7        Born – dau of Waler Mandryk, 7 Jun

c7        Born – Richard Wayne Romyn, 9 Jun

c7        Died – Neil Murray, 12 Jun, 79th year


Page 12

c1        Married – Mary Katherine Ferguson to John Henry Dennett, 12 Jun


Page 13

c1        Married – Cora June Mouritsen to Paul Philip Underhill

c1        Married – Dorothy Mae Hustler to Ralph Joseph Tait

c1        Married – Audrey Jane Heaton to William Lloyd Bailey

c1        Married – Wilma Margaret Wodham to Orrie Lorne Evan Ostrander, 1 Jun

c2        Married – Audrey Mary Potts to Robin Goldsborough

c2        Married – Ella Mitchell to Maurice Wayne Eecloo

c3        Married – Doreen Phyllis Findlay to Wallace Hardy Bratt


Page 18

c2        Died – Neil Murray, age 80


14 June 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – John Erdelyi, 13 Jun

c3        Died – Ila Maud Stafford, 66th year


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs. William Miller, nee Minerva Jennings

c6        Died – John Erdelyi, 13 Jun

c6        Died – Ila Maud Stafford, 13 Jun, 66th year

c7        Born – Robert Edward Paul, 8 Jun

c7        Born – Terry Gilbert McCallum, 3 Jun

c7        Born – Sharon Jane McCully, 8 Jun


Page 10

c3        Married – Mae Laura Chase to Ross Alfred Hutchison, 12 Jun

c3        Married – Helen Dorothy Belnap to John William Foley, 5 Jun

c5        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John C. Doidge, nee Edith Walker


15 June 1946


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Samuel Campbell, 74th year, nee Sara J. Patterson

c3        Funeral – Mrs. Jacob Eichenberger


Page 9

c2        Married – Jean Loretta Robillard to Ralph Hardy Lucas, 20 May

c2        Married – Betty Margaret Groves to Bill James Hall, 10 Jun

c2        Married – Frances Leonora Olive Roberta Allan to Roger Gordon Conant

c3        Married – Madalana Mumford to Joseph Cowell

c3        Married – Rose Mary Bell to Clarence Wilfred Grover


Page 10

c2        Died – Mary McCallum

c2        Died – Abraham Park, 5 Jun, 77th year, husband of Susanna Lowry


Page 14

c2        Engagement – Dorothy Sanda to Grant J. Sloss, 29 Jun, photo

c4        Married – Frank Wilson to Mary M. Black, photo

c7        Married – Ross Alfred Hutchison to Mae Laura Chase, photo

c8        Married – Helen Edith Roberts to Dr. James Donald Hatcher


Page 15

c5        Born – Joanne Arlene Down to 8 Jun

c5        Born – Gary David Granger, 5 Jun

c5        Born – John Alexander McNiven, 14 Jun

c5        Died – Sara J. Patterson Campbell, 14 Jun, 74th year


17 June 1946


Page 5

c5        Died – Patterson Cornelius, age 60


Page 6

c2        Married – Mary Melles Black to Frank Wilson

c2        Married – Janet Barbara James to James Ashford McCague

c2        Married – Frances Trevellyn (dau of George H. Constant) to Austin R. Carter

c3        Married – Anne Reith to Bruce Lehman

c3        Married – Ada Charlotte Madeley to Oscar Bourley Ross

c3        Married – Marion Ruth Caswell to Edward A. Naish


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Neil Murray

c5        Funeral – Ila Maud Stafford

c6        Born – Leonard Stephen Johnson, 17 Jun, nee Josephine deVries

c6        Born – Karen Lorraine Magnusson, 13 Jun, nee Viola Winkworth

c6        Born – dau of F. K. Bicknell, 16 Jun

c6        Died – Patterson Cornelius, 15 Jun, age 60


Page 10

c1        Married – Catherine Nimmo Crozier to Dr. Walter James Armstrong

c3        Married – Isabel Jane Macpherson to Ivan Nicholson Wigle, 15 Jun

c4        Married – Mary Beatrice Parker to John Albert Vary

c4        Married – Louise Emily Brown Chamberlain to Percy John Moore

c5        Married – Edith Riley to Melvin Arnold Culver, 15 Jun

c5        Married – Marjorie Eleanor Robinson to Kenneth Edward Miller

c6        Married – Helen McLachlan to Edward John Cliff, 15 Jun


18 June 1946


Page 2

c7        Died – Mrs. William Henry Smyth, 84th year, nee Sarah Ada Bradfield


Page 9

c1        76th birthday of John A. Jagoe

c2        Died – Mrs. William Boyd, 65th year, dau of Albert Mitchell

c6        Born – Donald George Armstrong, 10 Jun

c6        Born – son of John Vinnai, 8 Jun

c6        Born – William Russell Thorpe, 14 Jun

c6        Died – Pearl Boyd, 18 Jun, 65th year


Page 10

c2        Married – John Albert Vary to Mary Beatrice Parker, photo

c5        Married – James Reid to Ceilia Viola Chartrand

c5        Married – Lorna Mae Emily Sutton to Stewart Ellison Monteith

c5        Married – Barbara Julia Bubb-Clarke to James William McDonald

c5        Married – Marguerite Constance Rickman to Kenneth Eugene Warrener, 8 Jun


19 June 1946


Page 5

c2        Died – John Simpson, age 56


Page 8

c4        Died – Edward Scruton, age 73

c8        Funeral – John Erdelyi


Page 9

c7        Born – Julia Beatrice Littlejohn, 16 Jun, nee Maretta Jewell

c7        Born – Sandra Louise Lloyd, 29 May, nee Marie Cascadden

c7        Born – dau of Donald Pettit, 17 Jun


Page 13

c4        Married – Mary Beatrice Parker to John Albert Vary, 15 Jun

c4        Married – Luella Jean Bates (dau of Heber Ruckle) to George Milton VanPatter, 15 Jun

c4        Married – Margaret Rosamond McDiarmid to Ronald Evan Plunkett, 15 Jun

c5        Married – Margaret Eunice Hazen to Elwood Roy Hunt, 8 Jun

c5        Married – Juanita Madaliene Ball to Fredrick Earle Winkworth


20 June 1946


Page 8

c6        Died – Edith Marian Griffin, 73rd year


Page 9

c7        Born – Robert Albert Dowler, 19 Jun

c7        Born – Daniel Peter Leddy, 19 Jun, nee Anna Haylow

c7        Born – dau of Robert Garnham, 3 Jun

c7        Born – son of John Jenowski, 13 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Ernest Nold, 12 Jun

c7        Born – son of Thomas L. Aiken, 12 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Earl Nichols, 12 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Leslie Morrison, 13 Jun

c7        Born – Wendy June Hallam, 12 Jun, nee June Cooper

c7        Born – dau of Gordon Blight, 11 Jun, nee Ruth Nordstrom

c7        Died – Dugald Clark, 19 Jun, 74th year


Page 10

c3        Married – Lillian Maud Bebbington to Victor Greenwood, photo

c3        Married – Olive Amelia Glew to Gordon A. McDonald

c3        Married – Mary Yvonne Harding to Jack Leroy Wilson


Page 13

c6        Died – Dugald Clark, 74th year


Page 18

c3        Died – Kenneth Mason Darlington, age 24


21 June 1946


Page 5

c4        Died – Mrs. Harry R. Hanville, 14 Jun, dau of George W. Bogart


Page 7

c7        Born – Karen Lee Cornish, 10 Jun

c7        Born – Peter Douglas Busby, 18 Jun, nee Joyce Swayne

c7        Born – son of William Irwin, 15 Jun

c7        Born – Michael Dan Palmer, 20 Jun, nee Cecile Connelly

c7        Born – Jeffrey Hunter Tolman, 19 Jun, nee Doris Hunter

c7        Died – Kenneth Mason Darlington, 20 Jun, age 24



Page 8

c1        Died – Ernie Pitkin

c1        Funeral – Kenneth M. Darlington


Page 10

c3        Married – Jean Elizabeth Andrews to Harold Lowry Nauruskat, 19 Jun

c5        Married – Donald Ray Allen to Jane Catherine Shangrow, 18 Jun

c6        Married – Lois Jean Everett to Stuart Oscar Fox, 14 Jun


22 June 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – John Simpson

c6        Died – Mrs. Malcolm Taylor, age 77, nee Rebecca Legg, dau of William Legg & Anne Rogers


Page 9

c2        Married – Brigid Rosemary Bury to Melvin Joseph Cummings

c4        Married – Madalana Mumford to Joseph Cowell

c4        Married – Lillian Winnifred Berry Gwatkins to George Elgie

c4        Married – Leonora Olive Roberta Allen to Roger Gordon Conant

c4        Married – Pamela MacArthur Grnager to Thomas Howden Orr

c4        Married – Elsie Nicholson Hillhouse to Herbert Ronald Agnew


Page 14

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Richard Albert Ray, 24 Jun, nee Marcia Long, photo

c5        Married – John Astle Brown to Charlotte Maud Attwood, photo

c5        Married – Walter James Armstrong to Catharine N. Crozier, photo

c7        Married – Melvin Joseph Cummings to Brigid Rosemary Bury, photo


Page 15

c1        Died – Daniel Peter Leddy, age 3 days, son of D. F.

c5        Born – Etta Louise Palmer, 20 Jun

c5        Born – Frederica Jean Mills, 20 Jun

c7        Died – Rebecca Legg Taylor, 21 Jun


24 June 1946


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs. William Boyd

c4        Died – Joseph E. Rawson, age 80

c5        Died – John McArthur, 90th year

c6        Died – Mrs. John Spencer, 81st year, nee Mary M. VanLoon

c7        First Baptist Church, Tillsonburg, destroyed by fire


Page 8

c1        Married – Pauline Caroline Stacey to John Thomas Dunn, 22 Jun

c2        Married – Agnes Amelia Somerville to Chester Joseph Hubert, 22 Jun

c3        Married – Helen M. Braddon to Franklin B. Small, 15 Jun


25 June 1946


Page 6

c5        Died – Charles W. Godby, 84th year

c5        Died – Lewis Ryan, age 21, drowned at Tillsonburg

c5        Died – Robert Frulan, age 15, drowned at Tillsonburg


Page 7

c7        Funeral – Rebecca Taylor

c7        Funeral – Kenneth M. Darlington

c8        Born – Sylvia Patricia Girouard, 24 Jun, nee Patricia Krohe

c8        Died – Mary M. Spencer, 23 Jun, age 80


Page 8

c2        Died – Clayton Alton Doxtater, age 3, son of Chester


Page 10

c1        Married – Marjorie Elaine Futcher to Douglas Ross MacKenzie, 22 Jun

c4        Married – Ruth Irvine to George Bieber, 15 Jun

c4        Married – Margaret Ruth Clark to William George Anderson, 15 Jun



26 June 1946


Page 7

c7        Born – Mary Margaret Andrews, 25 Jun, nee Joyce Richardson

c7        Born – Ann Louise Wilson, 22 Jun, nee Dorothy Cromwell

c7        Born – son of Harold Brown, 19 Jun, nee Betty Winters

c7        Born – Sheila Rosemary Hill, 24 Jun, nee Sheila Bonyun

c7        Born – son of Arthur LeBeau, 19 Jun, nee Anne Arlein

c7        Born – Frederick Wallace “Ricky” Jones, 25 Jun

c7        Died – James Leonard Silcox, 25 Jun, 32nd year

c7        Died – Pauline Wilhelmina Ringedorf Utter, 25 Jun


Page 8

c2        Died – James Leonard Silcox, 31st year

c5        Died – Mrs. Wilfrid B. Utter, nee Pauline Wilhelmina Ringedorf


Page 10

c4        Married – Mrs. Alan Scott to Dr. Donald A. Fralick, 26 Jun

c4        Married – Raymond G. Anderson to Eileen Joan Evans


27 June 1946


Page 1

c4        Died – Paul Burgess, age 7, son of William, drowned in Kettle Creek, photo


Page 8

c4        Died – Charles Stanley Hogarth, 62nd year, husband of Lilly May Brether


Page 9

c6        Funeral – Mary M. Spencer

c6        Funeral – Mrs. J. H. McMichael

c7        Born – William Michael Harkins, 27 Jun

c7        Born – Margaret Dorothy Chapman, 24 Jun

c7        Born – Suzanne Gail Dinwoodie, 21 Jun

c7        Born – James Robert Eagen, 25 Jun

c7        Born – Gerald Hall Newell, 24 Jun, nee Myrtle Brown

c7        Died – Paul William Burgess, 26 Jun, age 7


Page 10

c1        Married – Gladys Beth Edworthy to David Harry Hoover, 26 Jun, photo

c1        Married – Lloyd Ernest Nicols to May Beckett

c3        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Richard A. Ray, 24 Jun


Page 11

c3        Married – Gladys Adelain Fewster to Maurice Woolley Pratt

c3        Married – Elizabeth Bryson Cummings to Angus Digby Hastings Irwin

c3        Married – Betty Fern Simmons to Lorne Bruce Moore, 22 Jun


28 June 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. John Page, nee Mary Elizabeth Matthews. age 64

c2        Died – Agnes Isobel McLay


Page 7

c3        Funeral – John McArthur

c5        Born – Carol Lou Brennan, 25 Jun

c5        Born – Trudy Anne Ketchabaw, 24 Jun, nee Betty Hayes

c5        Born – dau of Henry Weiss, 25 Jun

c5        Died – Donald Stalker Bruce, 27 Jun, age 64

c5        Died – Agnes Isobel McLay, 27 Jun

c5        Died – Mary Elizabeth Page, 27 Jul


Page 8

c4        Married – Helen Elizabeth Robert to John Clark, 22 Jun

c4        Married – Annie Edith Park to Donald Kenneth Blewett, 22 Jun

c4        Married – Lois Barkley to Arthur Frederick Gardner, 22 Jun

c4        Married – Alice Gordon Patrick to George Carson Vaughan, 22 Jun


Page 10

c1        Died – mother of Mrs. Peter Newnoon, in London, England


Pages 11 to 15

articles about Port Stanley


29 June 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Gordon Pinfold, age 50, husband of Marjorie Rose


Page 6

c1        Died – Myrtle Lightfoot, 58th year, dau of George Esseltine

c4        Funeral – Paul William Burgess

c4        Funeral – Clayton Alton Doxtator

c4        Funeral – James Leonard Silcox

c4        Funeral – Mrs. James E. Sutherland


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Pauline Utter

c7        Born – Ann Elizabeth Jolley, 26 Jun, nee Ethel Macpherson

c7        Born – Carol Ann Farthing, 28 Jun, nee Madeline M. Wilson

c7        Born – son of Kenneth Gray, 23 Jun

c7        Born – Ellen-Kaye Addy, 27 Jun

c7        Born – Bonnie June Piper, 26 Jun

c7        Born – son of Wesley Staddon, 14 Jun

c7        Died – Myrtle Lightfoot, 29 Jun


Page 13

c1        Married – John Andrew C. Gloin to Shirley Lenor Bicknell

c3        Married – Vivian Jean Cook to Kenneth Stanway Wates

c3        Married -Irene Mary Insell to Harold Horner, 22 Jun

c4        Married – Ruby Estella Crossett to Albert Smith

c4        Married – Margaret Elizabeth Arkell to Thomas Ormerod Lowry

c4        Married – Beatrice M. Beemer to James L. Bell, 27 Jun


Page 20

c2        Married – Percy John Moore to Louise Chamberlain, photo

c5        Married – John Thomas Dunn to Pauline Stacey, 22 Jun, photo

c7        Married – Donald Kenneth Blewett to Annie Edith Park, photo


2 July 1946


Page 1

c2        94th birthday of Miles Charlton; husband of Saphrona Brooks

c8        Died – Lorne A. Eedy; photo


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Donald Stalker Bruce

c7        Born – Lewis Doan, 30 Jun, nee Olive Brown

c7        Born – Hal Andrew Leitch, 30 Jun, nee Jeannette Lunn

c7        Born – Elva Pauline Irvine, 23 June, nee Muriel Nethercott

c7        Born – Penny June Rick, 30 Jun, nee Geraldine Moore

c7        Born – Robert Elson Smith, 28 Jun, nee Marie Innes

c7        Born – Paul James Moody, 30 Jun, nee Irene Newsome

c7        Born – Ruth Anne Fishleigh, 27 Jun

c7        Died – Sarah Jane Haight, 1 Jul

c7        Died – Thomas Edward Bentley, 1 Jul

c7        Died – Alice Jane Scott, 2 Jul, age 70

c7        Died – William H. Ward, 30 Jun


Page 8

c1        Died – Thomas Edward Bentley

c1        Died – Thomas G. Power, 69th year

c3        Died – Mrs. Robert M. Hobbs, nee Alice Taylor

c4        Died – Mrs. George Haight, nee Sarah Jane Rinch

c4        Died – William H. Ward, age 96, photo

c5        Died – Mrs. William W. Scott, age 70, nee Alice Jane Judge


Page 10

c1        Married – Helen Blanche Chase to Stewart Russell Munroe, 29 Jun

c1        62nd anniversary of Mr & Mrs Fred Gee, 30 Jun, nee Emelie Marsh

c2        Married – Robert Wesley Brooks to Ruth Atwood, 29 Jun; photo; article c 6

c4        Married – Mary Marie Temple to Harvey Grass

c4        Married – Edith Helena Jones to Charles Hugh Johnson

c5        Married – Helen Adelia McCombs to Duncan William Patton, 27 Jun


Page 13

c4        Died – Lorne A. Eedy; husband of Grace Wilson


3 July 1946


Page 6

c1        Engagement – Ruby Ethel Simpson to Archie Hewson, 6 Jul

c2        Funeral – Charles W. Godby

c4        Died – J. E. Phillion, age 60, husband of Rose LaRoque

c7        Died – Louis Gerard Ryan

c8        Funeral – Mary Page

c8        Funeral – Myrtle Lightfoot


Page 7

c1        Died – Henry W. Nelles

c8        Born – son of James Hale, 27 Jun

c8        Died – Thomas Benjamin Arnum, 2 Jul, age 83


Page 8

c5        Died – Thomas Benjamin Arnum, age 83


Page 10

c1        Married – Rena Elizabeth McArthur to Robert Symons Hall

c2        Married – Louise Bittman to Lewis Charles Karns

c2        Married – Janet Marie McPhail to Kenneth Leitch, 29 Jun

c2        Married – Thelma Lillian Bearss to Ross Floyd Sider

c3        Married – Mrs. Ethel Florence Willey (nee Somerville) to Ernie Melborne Crabe

c3        Married – Ella Maybelle Futcher to Lewis Earl Hoffman, 29 Jun

c5        Married – Iris Madalyn Moyes to Edward Vincent. 29 Jun

c6        Marrried – Muriel Edith Burford to Thomas Harold O’Brien, 29 Jun


4 July 1946


Page 5

c3        Married – Wanita Eileen Snelgrove to Delmar McCormick Smyth, 29 Jun


Page 6

c1        Died – Mary Kinee, age 91, dau of John & Sarah Laur

c5        Inquest into death of Georgina Kriza

c6        Funeral – William H. Ward

c6        Funeral – Sarah Jane Haight


Page 7

c7        Born – Brian Grant Boyer, 3 Jul, ene Octavia Edgeworth

c7        Born – dau to Kenneth Moore, 27 Jun

c7        Born – Gary William Gray, 23 Jun

c7        Born – dau of Charles Smith, 2 Jun

c7        Died – Thomas Benjamin Arnum, 2 Jul, age 83

c7        Died – Mary Elizabeth Kinee, 3 Jul, 92nd year

c7        Died – Leilah Edith White, 2 Jul, 72nd year


Page 8

c2        Died – Martha Anthoney Fifield, 20 Jun


Page 10

c3        Married – June Louise McArthur to Howard M. Guloien

c4        Married – Ivan N. Wigle to Jane Macpherson

c7        Married – Marjorie Amanda Robson to Harvey Victor Ripley, 29 Jun


Page 13

c3        Married – Mrs. William H. Emsley, 71st year, nee Edith Grace Westover


5 July 1946


Page 6

c2        97th birthday of Margaret Ellsworth


Page 7

c7        Born – Gary Frank Zito, 28 Jun, nee Ellen Burgess

c7        Born – Terry Bernard Brown, 28 Jun


Page 8

c1        Died – Geraldine Siddall, 13th year

c3        Married – Audrey Adele Gibson Pegg to Murray Ross Shelson, 15 Jun


Page 10

c2        Married – Howard Guloien to June McArthur, 3 Jun; photo

c3        Married – Betty Louise Lester to Robert Wesley Chapman, 29 Jun

c4        Married – Phyllis Lorraine Gough to Ronald Irwin McMullen, 29 Jun

c4        Married – Norma Irene Brown to Irwin Quast, 29 Jun

c4        Married – Dorothy Pearl Lewis to Stanley Edward Paul, 29 Jun

c5        Married – Olive Mae Leitch to Lennard David Carnegie

c5        Married – Ellen Margaret Johnson to Kenneth I. Gillies

c5        Married – Patrick Murphy to Ruth Davidson, 29 Jun

c5        Married – Ruby Adeline Mitchell to Wilfred Harold Hotchkiss, 26 Jun



c2        Died – Mrs. John C. Fletcher, 87th year, dau of Neil Galbraith

c5        Died – Henry Walker, 83rd year


Page 13

c8        Funeral – Alice Jane Scott


Page 16

Richardson’s Men’s Wear store remodelled; in business 33 years; photos


6 July 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Peter James Scott

c2        Funeral – Thomas Benjamin Arnum

c2        Funeral – Caroline Elaine Helmer, age 3 mos, dau of Thomas

c7        Married – Margaret Hester Brown to Kenneth Douglas McNeil, 2 Jul


Page 7

c2        Married – June Marie McLennan to George Albert Hurley

c3        Died – Marian Ling, 1 Jul


Page 8

c4        Died – Arthur Allen, age 65, son of Henry Allen & Ann Folland, husband of Alice R. Hill


Page 11

c2        Married – Mary Mima Cheesman to Charles James Capern, 29 Jun

c2        Married – Ruth Lola Proctor to James Edwards, 29 Jun

c2        Married – Maxine Louise Cook to George Leslie Smith, 1 Jul

c2        Married – Edna Gertrude Kettlewell to Charles Ernest Begg, 1 Jul

c2        Married – Edith Jean Martindale to Bruce Georgeff

c3        Married – Betty Shirley Marion Birdsall to Max V. Willard Kettlewell


Page 16

c2        Married – Stanley Edward Paul to Dorothy Pearl Lewis, photo

c3        Married – Thomas Harold O’Brien to Muriel Burford, photo

c5        Married – Douglas Ross McKenzie to Marjorie Fletcher, photo

c7        Married – Ronald Irwin McMullen to Phyllis Gough, photo

c7        Married – Mary Ferguson to John Henry Dennett, photo


8 July 1946


Page 3

c1        Died – Clark Arthur Frederick Williamson, 71st year, husband of Mary Jane Lambert


Page 6

c1        Married – Alice Naomi Hardy to David Graham MacIntyre, 29 Jun

c7        Died – Wesley Sharp, 64th year

c7        Died – Mrs. Lewis Crossett, 67th year


Page 7

c8        Born – Wayne Richard Lewis, 3 Jul

c8        Died – John Thomas Ford, 7 Jul, age 73

c8        Died – Clark Arthur Frederick Williamson, 7 Jul


Page 8

c4        Married – Catherine Joyce Lamon to Brian Patrick McHugh

c4        Married – dau of Jacob Kriter to Arthur Percival Morgan

c5        Married – Christina Barbara Evans to Albert C. Jay


Page 12

c5        Married – Patricia Adeline Anundson to John Healy Reeves

c5        Died – John Thomas Ford, age 73

c7        Died – Mrs. John Haines, 6 Jul, nee Martha Gillespie, dau of James Gillespie & Marie Elliott


Page 10

c2        Married – Harold Nauruskat to Jean Andrews, photo

c3        Married – Florence Elizabeth Binks to Earl Stewart Bobier, 6 Jul

c4        Married – Patricia Adeline Anundson to John Healy Reeves

c4        Married – Dorothy Helen Heath to Alfred William Howatt, 6 Jul

c5        Married – Eva Lenora Locke to Freeman John Andrews, 29 Jun

c5        Married – Evelyn Robinson to Charles William Slater

c5        Married – HelenMoore to John Louis McSherry


9 July 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. William McGregor, 82nd year, nee Ida Mae McKenney

c7        Died – Mrs. James Keck, nee Mabel L. Lee

c8        Funeral – Mary Kinnee


Page 7

c2        Died – Charlotte Maria Youell

c2        Married – Betty Alberta Speight to Frederick R. Edwards

c7        Funeral – J. E. Phillion

c7        Fuenral – Arthur Allen

c7        Funeral – Martha Haines

c8        Born – Marney Mearle Carter, 5 Jul, nee Helen M. Perry

c8        Born – William Emerson Hale, 27 Jun

c8        Born – son of Gilbert Ward, 8 Jul

c8        Died – Ida Mae McGregor, 8 Jul, 82nd year

c8        Died – John Thomas Ford, 7 Jul, age 73

c8        Died – Austin V. Thayer, 9 Jul


Page 8

c2        Died – Austin V. Thayer, age 79, son of Brock Thayer & Sarah Jane West, husband of Ellen Moffat

c3        Died – Mrs. Charles (Martha Jane) Diltz, age 73

c5        Died – Archie P. McKishnie, age 70, husband of Jennie Murdock



10 July 1946


Page 2

c6        Funeral – Clark Arthur Frederick Williamson


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Duncan B. McColl, 87th year, nee Mary Mitchell


Page 7

c8        Born – Dolores Pamela Temple, 28 Jun, nee Lillian Davis

c8        Born – son of Dr. E. B. Potts, 7 Jul

c8        Born – Sandra Lillian Belkie, 5 Jul

c8        Born – dau of G. Crapper, 9 Jul, nee Kathleen Skilton

c8        Born – Cheryl Fay Graham, 30 Jun

c8        Born – Gary Douglas Partlow, 4 Jul

c8        Died – Austin V. Thayer, 9 Jul


Page 10

c5        Married – Anna Mae Clubb to Charles Leslie Barrett, 2 Jul

c5        Married – Sally Ruth Lancaster to Wallace Maunder Rice

c5        Married – Helen Jean Hargin to Thomas A. Vansickle

c6        Married – Rosila Josephine Murphy to Charles Wallace O’Brien


11 July 1946


Page 2

c6        Died – Mrs. Thomas W. Dykes, 82nd year, nee Elizabeth Bloom

c7        Funeral – John Thomas Ford


Page 7

c4        Died – Moses Wightman, age 60

c7        Born – Marjorie Elizabeth Clarke, 1 Jul, nee Wilma Toll

c7        Born – Donald John Hill, 11 Jul,nee Jean Miller

c7        Born – Michael Joseph McLaughlin, 2 Jul, nee Jean Hendershott

c7        Born – dau of Lawrence Sawdon, 9 Jul

c7        Born – dau of Duncan Taylor, 6 Jul

c7        Died – Moses Wightman, 10 Jul, age 68


Page 10

c4        Married – Margaret Foster Ronson to Harry Roger Moffatt


Page 13

c3        Died – Thomas Beattie, age 72


12 July 1946


Page 3

c4        Married – W. S. Stalker to Belle Green


Page 6

c1        Died – Mary McColl

c2        Died – Sarah Ann Bilson, 84thyear


Page 7

c3        Died – John James Hampton, 76th year, son of Peter Hampton & Sarah McNeil

c3        Funeral – Austin V. Thayer

c6        Born – dau of Duncan Taylor, 6 Jul

c6        Died – Moses Wightman, 10 Jul, age 68

c6        Died – Harry Bate, 11 Jul

c6        Died – William McKee, 11 Jul, age 69

c6        Died – Sarah Ann Bilson, 11 Jul, age 84

c6        Died – John James Hampton, 12 Jul, 78th year


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Moses Austin Wightman

c2        Died – Harry Bate, 83rd year, husband of Clare Lovell


Page 10

c1        Married – Helen Marguerite Inglis to Richard Rorison Lapp, 6 Jul

c5        Married – Ada May Young to Leonard Clifton Ross

c5        Married – Margaret Katherine Paul to Charles Attridge, 9 Jul

c5        Married – Glen Schleihauf to Dorothy M. McGarth, 29 Jun


13 July 1946


Page 2

c5        Married – Phyllis Agnew to John Russell Baldwin

c8        Funeral – James McLellan


Page 7

c2        Died – Lillian Gladys Summerhayes, infant dau of Woodrow, age 3 mos

c7        Born – Joseph Howard, 11 Jul, nee Betty Cheeseboro

c7        Born – son of Samuel Forge, 6 Jul

c7        Born – dau of Harold Hibbert, 8 Jul

c7        Born – dau of George Macaulay, 8 Jul

c7        Born – dau of Herbert West, 8 Jul

c7        Born – dau of Harold Evans, 9 Jul


Page 8

c3        W. Stanley Cressman,


Page 9

c4        photo and history of Elgin E. Chute house between Copenhagen & Pt. Burwell


Page 10

c3        117th anniversary of New Glasgow Presbyterian Church, photo


Page 16

c2        Married – Kenneth Stanway Wates to Vivian Jean Cook, photo

c7        Married – Stewart Munroe to Helen Chase, photo



15 July 1946


Page 7

c2        Audrey Isabel Rattray, age 24, sister of Mrs. John Brewer

c4        Funeral – Mrs. William MacGregor

c4        Funeral – Charlotte Youell

c4        Funeral – Lillian Gladys Summerhayes

c4        Funeral – Moses Austin Wightman

c8        Born – Bernard Eugene Draper, 12 Jul, nee Olive Ryckman

c8        Born – son of Cecil Woolner, 13 Jul

c8        Born – son of Arthur Balcombe, 5 Jul

c8        Born – son of Charls Chambers, 10 Jul

c8        Born – son of Arthur Davies, 4 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Bruce Fisher, 9 Jul

c8        Born – Nancy Louise Hickling, 26 Jun

c8        Born – son of Peter Miller, 11 Jul

c8        Born – son of Claude Morrison, 5 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Lewis Roloson, 28 Jun

c8        Born – dau of Wilbur Smith, 7 Jul

c8        Born – dau of Lawrence Sawdon, 9 Jul


Page 8

c2        Married – A. Culver to dau of R. H. Riley, photo

c5        Married – Ruby Violet Holtby to Robert Emerson Parker, 6 Jul

c5        Married – Clarinda Isabel Wallace to Thomas Barry Murray

c5        Married – Ruth Miriam Fry to John Elliott Townshend


16 July 1946


Page 2

c4        Married – Dorothy Lillian Gillies to Morrison F. DeGraw

c4        Married – Inez Mary Mowers to Innes Keith MacKenzie, 12 Jul

c6        Funeral – Sarah Ann Bilson


Page 7

c8        Born – Norman Robert Greer, 13 Jul


Page 8

c1        Died – Steve Piros, age 66


Page 10

c5        Married – Blanche Marie Atkinson to Keith William Blackstock

c5        Married – Shirley Cavall Millison to Frederick Walter Dawdry, 29 Jun

c5        Married – Ruby Ethel Simpson to Archibald Alexander Hewson


Page 13

c1        Died – John Steven Gibb, age 93

c4        Died – Philip E. Pfeifer, age 69


17 July 1946


Page 1

c3        Died – Ross Reverdy Osgood, age 79


Page 6

c5        Died – Katherine Ball, age 69

c5        Funeral – Mrs. John B. Filipenko


Page 7

c3        Died – Carrie Woodford, age 86

c4        Funeral – Thomas A. Swift

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Duncan B. McColl

c4        Funeral – Norman Chalcraft Murray

c7        Born – James William Goodhue, 15 Jul, nee Hazel Barker

c7        Born – Kenneth Douglas Knight, 8 Jul, nee Gladys Clibborn

c7        Born – Patricia Irene Parkins, 11 Jul

c7        Born – Kenneth Norman Taylor, 12 Jul, nee Margaret Pimlatt

c7        Died – Ross Reverdy Osgood, 16 Jul, 80th year

c7        Died – Carrie Woodford, 16 Jul


Page 8

c1        Died – Annie Elizabeth Crossett, 5 Jul, 67th year, dau of William Sallis


Page 10

c3        Married – Jeanne Lucille Westlake to James Alexander


Page 13

c1        Died – Mrs. Frank H. Harris, 75th year, nee Mary E. Gregg

c1        Died – Mrs. W. L. Young, age 56, nee Edith Katherine Holston

c6        Died – Margaret Thompson, 29 Jun, dau of W. D. Foster


18 July 1946


Page 6

c7        Funeral – Harry Bates


Page 7

c8        Born – Shirley Jean Roach, 4 Jul

c8        Born – Sharon Louise Lee, 12 Jul, ene Wilma Knight

c8        Born – Lillian Frances Humphrey, 12 Jul

c8        Died – Carrie Woodford, 16 Jul

Page 10

c1        Married – Margaret Marie Smith to John Wright Adams; photo

c6        Married – Ida May Button to Donald Simpson


19 July 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Elizabeth Mitts, first husband Ralph Warden

c6        Died – Iona Vyse, age 11, dau of Artley


Page 7

c6        Born – Kathryn Lou Shaw, 15 Jul

c6        Born – dau of G. S. Haslett, 16 Jul


Page 8

c3        Died – Charles Llewellyn Jeffery

c3        Died – Alpha M. Zimmerman, 12 Jul


Page 10

c3        Married – Norma Constance Trenouth to Harley R. Hind

c4        Married – Harriet Henrietta Webster to Louis Robert Burns, 10 Jul


20 July 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Carrie Woodford

c7        Died – Walter H. Dean


Page 11

c5        Married – Mrs. Edna C. Convey to W. H. McPherson, 17 Jul

c5        Married – Thelma Victoria Evans to James Richard Joiner

c5        Married – Elsie Eileen Wagner to William John Ming, 10 Jul

c5        Married – Hazel Ogg to Samuel Lester Stevenson

c5        Married – Lea Jacques to John Russell Sinden


Page 16

c2        Married – Alfred William Howett to Dorothy Heath, photo

c7        Married – Robert Chapman to Betty Lester, photo


22 July 1946


Page 3

c5        Died – Samuel Palmer, age 75


Page 7

c1        Married – Marion Seaburn to George Bell, 12 Jul

c8        Born – Larry John Richard Kew, 19 Jul

c8        Born – Vaughan Anson Peckham, 21 Jul, nee Alice Moore

c8        Died – Mary Ann Paul, 21 Jul, 85th year


Page 8

c2        Married – Paul Kantor to Doreen Bailey, 4 Jul; photo

c2        Married – Edna Mae Ferguson to Albert Lorraine Buller

c3        91st birthday of Mrs. William Backus, nee Jane Backus, dau of Joseph Backus & Susannah Moorehouse

c4        Married – Marion Audrey Taylor to Jack Marr Hunt

c4        Married – Ellinore Bertha Pearson to William H. Clarke

c4        Married – Catharine Elizabeth Neillina McMillan to Douglas William Heath, 13 Jul

c4        Married – Ella May Shields to Robert Boyd Dickinson

c5        Married – Doris Miriam Tyrrell to Arnold Thornton Thatcher

c7        Married – Beverley June Navin to Bruce Haviland Johnston


Page 12

c2        Died – Hannah Norton, 69th year, dau of Samuel Phillips

c2        Died – Mary Ann Paul

c3        Married – Elva M. Joiner to William Orville Ingram, 20 Jul


23 July 1946


Page 6

c4        Died – Mrs. John D. Dewar, nee Mary Leng

c5        Died – Mrs. Wellington Mills, 54th year, nee Clara May Taylor


Page 7

c8        Born – Sally Jane Folland, 16 Jul, nee Ruth Hindmarsh

c8        Born – son of Norman Gold, 22 Jul, nee Viola Bowes

c8        Born – Gary Cleve Nicol, 15 Jul

c8        Born – Karen Ann Skowronski, 21 Jul, nee Cathryne Palbiski


Page 8

c1        Married – Dorothy Claire MacPhail to William Milne Jaffray

c3        Married – Catharine Elizabeth McMillan to Douglas William Heath


24 July 1946


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Iona Vyse


Page 7

c8        Born – Judy Lynne Bridges, 23 Jul, nee Margaret Demaine

c8        Born – Margaret Elaine Gordon, 20 Jul, nee Jean Satchell


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. George Holmes

c4        Died – Mrs. Edwad McPhail, nee Grace Morrison


Page 9

c1        article and photos about Reuben & Ed Simons, brothers both over 80, trying out new combine


Page 10

c5        Married – June Gillap to Donald Heaslip

c5        Married – Anne Gibson to Hugh J. Barton

c5        Married – Lois Doreen Bailey to Paul Kantor, 4 Jul

c7        Married – Winnifred Thelma Hasselfeldt to Leslie Ronald Davies, 20 Jul


25 July 1946


Page 1

c3        Died – Johnny Richardson, age 12, son of Peter; drowned at Port Stanley, photo


Page 3

c3        Died – Samuel Palmer


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Mary Ann Paul


Page 7

c7        Died – Mrs. James Congo, age 33, nee Ruth McDonald

c8        Born – Sharon Anne Barker, 22 Jul

c8        Born – Ronald Peter Withenshaw, 21 Jul, nee Kathleen McIntyre


Page 10

c4        Married – Nina Colliene Bogart to Cecil Edward Waite, 20 Jul


26 July 1946


Page 1

c1        Died – Keith D. Mann, son of Morley


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs. Alexander Messacar, age 85, nee Robelle Chatterton, first husband was Job Harvey

c3        Died – Mrs. John McLellan, 72nd year, nee Maggie Duncanson, dau of Peter Duncanson & Maggie McCallum


Page 7

c1        Died – Arthur Mountenay

c7        Born – Sheila Ann Till, 25 Jul

c7        Died – Maggie McLellan, 25 Jul, 72nd year

c7        Died – Leonard James Burnip, 26 Jul

c7        Died – Mrs. Charles W. Learn, 26 Jul, 68th year

c7        Died – Keith D. Mann, 26 Jul, age 19

c7        Died – Arthur Mountenay, 24 Jul, age 47


Page 13

c1        Died – Leonard James Burnip

c8        Died – Mrs. Charles W. Learn, age 67


27 July 1946


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Neil D. McLachlin, nee Effie mcKellar

c2        Died – Ella Jane Stafford, age 77

c3        Died – mrs. John Clutton, nee Lydia Douglas, dau of Alexander Douglas & Sarah McArthur

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Charles Pearson

c4        Died – Lydia Douglas Clutton, 26 Jul

c4        Died – Effie McKellar McLachlin, 27 Jul

c4        Died – Ella Jane Stafford, 27 Jul, age 77

c5        Funeral – Mrs. John Darton, died 18 Jul

c6        Born – Peter Albert Birdsey, 25 Jul

c6        Born – son of Robert Irvine, 25 Jul

c6        Born – son of Fred Lawson, 24 Jul

c6        Born – Christine Ann Carroll, 12 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Leverne Haley, 11 Jul

c6        Born – son of Arthur Kilgour, 15 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Jack Ketchabaw, 14 Jul

c6        Born – son of Dan Murray, 16 Jul

c6        Born – son of Mack McClintock, 17 Jul

c6        Born – son of William Mabee, 11 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Raymond Robbins, 17 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Waler Skrzypek, 15 Jul


Page 11

c2        Married – Margaret Jeanne King to Rosswell Otterman

c2        Married – Hazel Winnifred Allen to Garfield Ross Kaiser

c3        Married – Birdie Lucille Caverly to John H. Hext, 25 Jul


Page 16

c2        Married – Gordon E. Cable to dau of Harold Becker, photo

c5        Married – Louis Robert Burns to Harriet Henrietta Webster, photo

c7        Married – John H. Hext to Birdie Caverly, photo


29 July 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Dr. James Wallace Hepburn Smith, age 50, son of Arthur Smith & Martha Hepburn, photo

c6        Died – body found of John Owen Richardson, age 12, son of Peter, drowned at Port Stanley


Page 2

c2        Funeral – Arthur Mountenay


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Isaac Prichard, 84th year, dau of John R. Bachus

c2        Died – Edward Miller


Page 7

c6        Born – Lynda Marlene Johnson, 24 Jul, nee Marjorie Walker

c6        Born – Judith Anne Burrell, 24 Jul

c6        Born – Irene Edith Spencelayh, 28 Jul, nee Irene B. Mills

c6        Born – Sally Loraine Westover, 21 Jul

c6        Died – Ella Jane Stafford, 27 Jul, age 77

c6        Died – William Henry Bennett, 28 Jul, age 60

c6        Died – Thomas Coombs, 28 Jul, age 79

c6        Died – John Owen Richardson, 24 Jul

c6        Died – Dr. James Wallace Hepburn Smith, 28 Jul, age 50

c6        Died – Edward Miller, 29 Jul, age 69

c6        Died – Mrs. Isaac Prichard, 28 Jul, 84th year


Page 8

c1        Married – Eva Muriel Lorraine House to Donald William Bonner, 27 Jul; photo

c2        Married – Eleanor Kathleen Townshend to Earl Harold Monture

c5        Married – Ruth Skeates to Harvey F. Besterd

c5        Married – Thomas Taylor Smith to Ruth Ilene Nelson

c5        Married – Mary Agnes Southam to Frederick Innes Ker


Page 12

c5        Died – Thomas Coombs, age 79

c5        Died – William Henry Bennett, age 60


30 July 1946


Page 1

c6        Died – Adam Sabolski, age 12, son of John; in farm accident


Page 5

c1        90th birthday of Alex McIntyre, son of Peter McIntyre & Jane Stevens, husband of Emma Poole


Page 10

c2        Married – Sherry M. Henry to Dorothy Blake, photo

c5        Married – Dorothy Beatrice Ross to Kenneth James Burton, 27 Jul

c5        Married – Elizabeht May Withenshaw to Verne Victor Oatman



Page 6

c1        Died – Harold Drinnan, 30 Jul, age 62

c2        Died – Mrs. Charles Branton, 51st year, nee Lesta Kilmer

c2        Funeral – Maggie McLellan


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Lydia Clutton

c4        Funeral – Effie McLachlan

c7        Died – Harold Drinnan, 30 Jul, 62nd year

c7        Died – Elizabeth Liberty, 29 Jul, 81st year

c7        Died – Pelagie (Peggy) McPhillips, 29 Jul

c7        Died – Annie Smith, 29 Jul, age 89


Page 8

c4        Died – Rachel Ann Hayden, 83rd year, dau of William Allen Grasby

c4        Died – Annie Smith, age 89, nee Telford

c4        Died – Mrs. Arthur Liberty, age 80, nee Bobier

c4        Died – Mrs. W. Harold McPhillips, nee Pelagie (Peggy) O’Toole

c6        Died – Mrs. William Corcoran, age 80, nee Mary Tillman


31 July 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Leonard J. Burnip

c6        Funeral – Keith D. Mann

c7        Funeral – Mrs. Charles W. Learn

c7        Died – Abigail Whitteker, age 73


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Ella Jane Stafford

c6        Funeral – William Henry Bennett

c7        Born – David Lloyd Chandler, 17 Jul

c7        Born – Judith Anne Burrell, 24 Jul, nee Barbara Picking

c7        Born – Colleen Elizabeth McCulloch, 26 Jul

c7        Born – Richard Warren Hayes, 31 Jul, nee Marjorie Fry


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. W. Henry McPhillips, photo


Page 10

c2        Married – George Douglas Murphy to Thelma Pearl Jordan, 20 Jul; photo

c5        70th birthday of Annie McIntyre



1 August 1946


Page 5

c4        Died – James Anderson Arthur, age 85


Page 7

c2        Died – Rev. Harold A. B. Marlatt, age 52, husband of Martha E. McInally


Page 8

c3        Died – Capt. Richard C. Williams, age 82


Page 10

c6        Married – Agnes Ewans to John Worley


2 August 1946


Page 6

c3        Died – Charles Benedict, 93rd year

c4        Funeral – Mrs. James Congo

c4        Funeral – Shirley Elliott

c4        Funeral – Grace McPhail

c4        Funeral – Mrs. W. H. McPhillips

c4        Funeral – Annie Smith

c4        Funeral – Mrs. Isaac Prichard


Page 7

c6        Born – Gary Wayne Forbes, 22 Jul

c6        Born – son of J. C. Galbraith, 31 Jul, nee Jean Parry

c6        Born – son of Robert Abbott, 15 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Roy Anderson, 23 Jul

c6        Born – son of Lyle Buchner, 24 Jul

c6        Born – son of George Cowan, 22 Jul

c6        Born – son of James Hearn, 20 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Gaston Lefevre, 22 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Harley Mudford, 25 Jul

c6        Born – son of Earl McConkey, 24 Jul

c6        Born – son of Alex Rouvelle, 22 Jul

c6        Born – dau of K. Stewart, 22 Jul

c6        Born – dau of Clarence Vaughn, 19 Jul


Page 10

c2        Married – J. R. Joiner to Thelma Victoria Evans, 13 Jul; photo

c2        Married – Helen Ardath Aileen Cline to Robert Syrell Millard, 26 Jul

c3        Married – Thelma Margaret Button to Donald Lloyd Waddell

c3        Married – Maxine Wilson to Harvey Kenneth Newport, 27 Jul

c3        Married – Frances Williamena Brown to James Stuart Lambden

c6        Died – James Hamilton, husband of Rebecca Smilie


Page 14

c4        Funeral – Thomas Coombs

c4        Funeral – John Owen Richardson

c4        Funeral – Dr. James Wallace Hepburn Smith


3 August 1946


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs. William Corcoran


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Pelagie McPhillips

c7        Born – Robert William Fawcett, 29 Jul

c7        Born – son of Frank Hay, 30 Jul

c7        Died – Charles Benedict, 2 Aug, 92nd year


Page 10

c1        Married – Grant Elgin Lumley to Evelyn Diana Rogers, 6 Jul (photo page 16, c. 2)

c3        Married – Jean Elizabeth Balch to Arthur William Shaw, 31 Jul (photo pg 16, c. 7)

c3        Married – Irma Maxine Marr to John A. Berdan

c3        Married – Freda Harriet Irene Irvine to Edward Phillip Laframboise

c3        Married – Jean Etta Johnson to Charles Lloyd Hawgood


6 August 1946


Page 3

c5        Married – Frances Ellen Hotham to Stanley Elmore Crinklaw

c5        Married – Mary Burnett Moore to Archibald Sinclair

c5        Married – Frances Williamena Brown to James Stuart Lambden


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. Leslie Stanley, 5 Aug, nee Mabel Kirk


Page 7

c2        Married – A. W. Whalls to Mrs. Mildred Anderson, 3 Aug

c5        Funeral – Harold Drinnan

c8        Born – Russell Lavern Goold, 2 Aug

c8        Born – Sandra Lee Lidster, 2 Aug

c8        Died – Mabel Stanley, 5 Aug

c8        Died – Herbert Welch, 6 Aug


Page 8

c2        Died – Chester Lowe Fysh, husband of Hazel D. Parker

c3        Died – James M. Garrow, 72nd year, husband of Emily Johnson

c3        Died – Mrs. William Nicol, nee Janet Mary McIntyre

c4        Died – Herbert Welch, son of Peter Welch & Frances Jane Hughes, husband of Christina Jane Jennings


Page 10

c1        Married – Frances Williamena Brown to James Stuart Lambden

c2        Married – Herbert B. Such to Muriel M. Beer, 3 Aug, photo (article col. 3)

c2        Married – Mary Catherine McLean to Albert Hugh Liebner

c3        Married – Jean Kirby McNeil to Charles John Small

c4        Married – Doris Ann Gent to Maxwell John Hutchinson, 24 Jul

c5        Married – Helen Sutherland Begg to Whitford Thomas Petch

c6        Married – David Owen Dadson to Violet Louise Davis, 3 Aug


7 August 1946


Page 3

c3        Married – Lloyd Fyle to Rita Mary Judge, 3 Aug

c3        Married – Ruth Eleanor Dunlop to John Richard Vidler

c3        Married – Martha Ann Pearl Sabin to Thomas Elvin Baxter


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Charles J. Benedict


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Edward Miller

c8        Born – son of C. W. Bolt, 3 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Dugal Leitch, 31 Jul, nee Jean McMillan


Page 10

c4        Married – Minnie Ada McLean to Gilbert Alexander Livingstone


8 August 1946


Page 6

c4        Died – J. B. Gough


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Herbert Welch

c8        Born – Beryl Ethel Green, 27 Jul


Page 10

c6        Married – Mary Ann English to John Hunter Griggs

c6        Married – Freda Harriet Irene Irvine to Harold Edward Phillip Laframboise


9 August 1946


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs. James A. Muill, 7 Aug, 87th year, dau of John Coulbeck

c4        Died – Olive Beatrice Dixon, 68th year


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs. Noah Dodd, age 85, nee Lila Mulholland

c8        Born – Linda Lee Brokenshire, 30 Jul

c8        Born – Mary Joy Heidt, 4 Aug

c8        Born – dau of John Weatherall, 2 Aug

c8        Died – Mrs. James A. Muill, 7 Aug, 87th year

c8        Died – Mary Kennedy Salisbury, 8 Aug, age 74


Page 8

c2        Died – Mary Kennedy Salisbury, age 74


Page 10

c6        Married – Constance Mary Agnes Magee to Lloyd Salem McKibbin

c6        Married – Audrey Marie Dobson to Harry Burrows Urquhart


10 August 1946


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Marie Gleeson

c6        Funeral – Lila Dodd

c7        Born – son of Glenn A. Hunter, 6 Aug, nee Gladys Daugharty

c7        Born – Frank Paul Kondal, 4 Aug, nee Ruth Fowler

c7        Born – Clifford Bruce Marshall, 9 Aug


Page 16

c2        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles Gagen, 12 Aug, nee Agnes Armstrong


12 August 1946


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Martha Armstrong

c2        Funeral – Alexander Hoefler

c8        Born – David Duncan Ferguson, 7 Aug, nee Eleanor R. Clements

c8        Born – Mary Louise McCaffery, 29 Jul

c8        Died – Walter E. Wardell, 10 Aug, 85th year


Page 8

c1        Married – Ann Gertrude Macdonald to John Carman Ricker, 10 Aug

c1        Married – Margaret Gwendolyn Wallis to Lyle William Hepburn, 10 Aug

c2        60th anniversary of West Lorne Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society

c2        Married – Hazel Grace Mills to Frederick James Luscombe, 10 Aug

c2        Married – Mabel Christina Thomson to Dr. Thomas Arthur McCallum

c3        Married – Mary Edith Williams to Albert Wesley Auckland, 10 Aug

c4        Married – Betty Roth Alversonn to William Perry Woodward

c4        Married – Vera May Conley to Lawrence Irvine Williams

c4        Married – Bessie Irene Northgraves to Russell Burton Fisher

c4        Married – Helen Butler to Warren Bennett

c4        Married – Margaret Jean Marie Lowther to Douglas Carrington Trowell

c4        Married – Muriel Gladys Osborne to Alfred Keith Chambers, 3 Aug

c4        Married – Shirley Anne Veitenheimer to William Edward Winter, 3 Aug


Page 12

c3        Died – Henry Jacomb, 79th year

c4        Funeral – Mary Kennedy Salisbury

c5        Died – Dr. Norman Grant Tufford

c5        Died – Walter E. Wardell, son of Edwin Wardell & Malissa McQueen


13 August 1946


Page 1

c3        home in Port Stanley purchased for Canadian Legion; photo


Page 5

c5        Died – James Smith, 73rd year, son of James Smith & Emily Appleford, husband of Ina Beatrice McKenney


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Mrs. James A. Muill


Page 7

c8        Born – Robert Angus Bentley, 11 Aug

c8        Born – Leonard Hugh Gunson, 9 Aug, nee Anne Mitchell

c8        Born – James Stephen Murray, 8 Aug

c8        Born – Franklin William Stone, 5 Aug

c8        Died – Elizabeth Gibson, 12 Aug


Page 8

c2        90th birthday of Mrs. Albert James Ward

c5        Died – Mrs. James Gibson, 12 Aug, nee Elizabeth McQuaker, dau of John McQuaker & Annie McGeachie


Page 10

c4        60th anniversary of Women’s Missionary Society Auxiliary at Union church

c6        Married – Helen Jean Kelly to Stanley A. Agnew

c6        Married – Bernice Law Leeming to Thoams James Masters, 10 Aug


14 August 1946


 Page 6

c4        Funeral – Walter E. Wardell

c4        Funeral – Grace McPhail

c5        Funeral – Lila Dodd

c5        Funeral – Mrs. Leslie Stanley


Page 7

c2        Died – Morley Gould, husband of Ereta Brooks

c7        Born – son of Donald Irish, 10 Aug

c8        Died – Elizabeth Gibson, 12 Aug

c8        Died – James Smith, 13 Aug, 73rd year, husband of Ila B. McKenney


Page 10

c2        Married – Frederick J. Luscombe to Hazel Grace Mills, photo

c4        Married – Jean Gaunt to Thomas Douglas Bond

c8        Died – Clara Louisa Smith, age 86


15 August 1946


Page 5

c2        Died – Edwin Joseph Grant, age 62


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Henry Jacomb

c5        Born – Robert Edward Martin, 9 Aug

c5        Died – Mary Campbell Chambers, 14 Aug, age 99

c5        Died – Constance Mary Marsden, 15 Aug, age 59

c5        Died – Alex R. Skelton, 15 Aug


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs. Harry Marsden, nee Constance Mary Jackson

c3        Died – Mrs. William Chambers, age 99, nee Mary Campbell


Page 10

c2        Married – J. Russell Williams to dau of M. McCaughran, 12 Mar; photo

c5        Married- Gladys Evelyn Parker to William LeRoy Evely


Page 11

c3        Married – Mrs. Flossie M. McMullen to C. C. Godfrey, 3 Aug

c3        Married – Margaret Lillian Main to Thomas Harrison Dent


16 August 1946


Page 3

c4        Funeral – Elizabeth McQuaker Gibson


Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs. Morris Wimmer, 53rd year, nee Eva Chalk


Page 7

c3        Married – Earlina Marguerite Lees Hosack to Percy LeRoy Marsh

c7        Born – son of Chris Bilger, 11 Aug

c7        Died – Mrs. Edward Wintermute, 16 Aug, nee Catharine Ellis


Page 8

c3        Died – A. R. Skelton, husband of Hazel Boughner

c4        Died – Mrs. Edward Wintermute, dau of William Ellis & Mary McIntyre


Page 10

c4        Married – Minnie Ada McLean to Gilbert Alexander Livingstone

c4        Married – Eva Gertrude Ludlow to Gordon Landsdowne Porter

c4        Married – Dorothy Isabel Peters to John H. McLaren

c4        Married – Olive Isabel Lewis to William Clement Burgess

c4        Married – Maurine Camille Nethercott to Howard Herman Stensson


17 August 1946


Page 3

c6        Died – Walter C. Belton, 16 Aug


Page 7

c7        Born – Linda Jane Bennett, 10 Aug

c7        Born – son of James Dawson, 10 Aug

c7        Born – son of Clarence Daiken, 13 Aug

c7        Born – son of Oakley Horton, 11 Aug

c7        Born – son of Herbert Murray, 15 Aug

c7        Born – son of Carny Pauls, 5 Aug

c7        Born – dau of George Riding, 8 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Charles Sourwine, 12 Aug

c7        Born – son of Charles Swick, 29 Jul

c7        Born – son of Russell Taylor, 10 Aug

c7        Born – son of Harold Taylor, 11 Aug

c7        Died – Walter C. Belton, 16 Aug


Page 9

c4        photo of home of M. W. Meek, Southwold


Page 10

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Norman Wallace McGillivray


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Polly McNeil to William B. Plastow, 7 Sep, photo

c7        Married – David Owen Dadson to Violet Louise Davis, 3 Aug, photo


19 August 1946


Page 1

c2        Died – Arthur Morley Manchen, age 33, photo


Page 3

c1        Died – Mrs. John Galbraith, 80th year


Page 6

c4        Funeral – James Smith

c4        Funeral – James Lundy Bennett

c6        Died – Lawrence Charles Boulton, 30 Jul


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs. Roy Beer, nee Sarah Hart, dau of George Hart & Sarah Lomas

c3        Died – Hugh Francis Critchley, 53rd year

c3        Funeral – Mary Campbell Chambers

c3        Funeral – Constance Mary Marsden

c7        Born – John Alfred Barr, 17 Aug, nee Beatrice Clements

c7        Born – son of John P. Slota, 15 Aug

c7        Died – Georgina Claughton, 17 Aug

c7        Died – Arthur Morley Manchen, 17 Aug, age 33

c7        Died – Sarah Beer, 19 Aug


Page 8

c1        Married – Edith Marie Young to Alexander Dugald McColl, 17 Aug; photo

c4        Married – Phyllis Kathleen Dimmick to Archibald Carroll McArthur, 17 Aug


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs. Herbert Fearnley, 84th year, dau of Alex Lyle

c2        Died – Mrs. Albert Claughton, 80th year, nee Georgina Smith

c6        Married – Elizabeth Ruth Simpson to William Stewart Kelly

c6        Married – Earlina Marguerite Lees Hosack to Percy LeRoy Marsh

c6        Married – Mrs. Elsie Haines to Wilhelm Hafke

c6        Married – Inez Madekine Pearce to Jule Moody, 10 Aug

c6        Married – Jay Annetta Rickwood to Ivan Ralph Moore, 8 Aug


20 August 1946


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Catherine Wintermute


Page 7

c7        Born – Wayne Spence Rutehrford, 20 Aug

c7        Born – Carol Helen Young, 16 Aug, nee Florence Travers

c8        Born – Kenneth Emerson Jacklin, 19 Aug

c8        Died – Sarah Beer, 19 Aug


Page 8

c3        Died – J. Frank McGregor, 77th year; photo

c4        Died – Mrs. John Brown, nee Selena Sutton


Page 10

c5        Married – Doris Eileen Ward to Gordon Wilson Thornton


21 August 1946


Page 2

c1        50th anniversary of the Canadian Bronze Company Ltd, which began in St. Thomas


Page 6

c3        Married – Gertrude Mae Laidlaw to Gordon Russell Waldie

c8        Funeral – Georgina Claughton

c8        Funeral – Arthur M. Manchen


Page 7

c3        Died – Stephen J. Jackson, age 45

c7        Born – son of Edward Pritchard, 20 Aug, nee Pat Etheridge

c7        Born – Catherine Isabel Kennedy, 20 Aug

c7        Born – John Frederick Brown, 18 Aug

c7        Born – Judy Lynn Gagg, 18 Aug

c7        Born – Charles Wayne Kilmer, 17 Aug

c7        Born – David Duncan Small, 7 Aug

c7        Died – Helen Isabel Shipley, 21 Aug

c7        Died – Stephen J. Jackson, 20 Aug, 46th year


Page 8

c2        Married – Archibald Carroll McArthur to Phyllis Kathleen Dimmick, photo

c5        Married – Mrs. A. Willoughby to Wilfred Lawson

c5        Married – Hazel Ruth Chalk to Charles Hubert Newland


Page 12

c2        Died – Philip Edgar Corrin, age 60

c2        Died – Helen Isabel Shipley


22 August 1946


Page 10

c6        Funeral – Mrs.Joseph Howe, 94th year, nee Mary Jane Kettlewell

c6        Funeral – Sarah Beer


Page 11

c3        Died – Norman I. Casey, age 46

c7        Born – dau of Fred Bodsworth, 22 Aug, nee Margaret Banner

c7        Born – Bryan Richard Clark, 17 Aug, nee Rosie Pettit

c7        Born – Robert Charles Graham, 19 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Frederick Merriott, 13 Aug

c7        Born – son of Steve Hrvoyevich, 14 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Cletus Smith, 15 Aug

c7        Born – son of James Pierce, 15 Aug

c7        Born – son of Godfrey Anderson, 16 Aug

c7        Born – Frances Elizabeth Layman, 13 Aug, nee Jean Austin

c7        Born – dau of Andrew Balazs, 14 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Lloyd Drury, 14 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Jules Derrick, 14 Aug

c7        Born – dau of George Riding, 8 Aug

c7        Born – dau of Robert Addison, 16 Aug

c7        Died – Norbert I. Casey, 22 Aug, age 46

c8        Died – Helen Isabel Shipley, 21 Aug

c8        Died – Stephen J. Jackson, 20 Aug, 46th year


Page 12

c6        Married – Charlotte Pauline Cucksey to Harold Glen Priddle

c6        Married – Marion Effie Carey to John McNeil


Page 18

c2        Funeral – Helen Shipley

c2        Died – Robert Oliver, age 75

c4        Married – Marjorie Kathleen Smiley to Alfred Morden Curran, 17 Aug


23 August 1946


Page 7

c3        Died – Avvil E. Smith, age 52

c5        Died – William Robert Broughton, age 80

c5        Died – Frederick Arthur Rawlings

c7        Born – dau of J. R. Cyderman, 9 Aug, nee Miss Dow

c7        Born – William Arthur Martyn, 23 Aug, nee Mary Jack

c7        Died – Martha B. McLean, 22 Aug, 71st year

c7        Died – Avvil E. Smith, 23 Aug, age 52

c7        Died – William Robert Broughton, 23 Aug


Page 8

c4        Died – Mrs. Albert S. McLean, age 71, nee Martha Caughell, dau of Henry Caughell & Susan Wismer


Page 9

c4        90th birthday of John Backhouse; gives his reminiscences of St. Thomas & Aylmer


24 August 1946


Page 6

c5        Funeral – Helen Shipley

c5        Married – Mary Catherine McLean to Albert Hugh Liebner


Page 7

c2        Died – Alfred E. Burns, age 74, husband of Margaret McIntosh

c3        Died – Herbert Andrew Short, age 67

c3        Inquest into death of Arthur M. Manchen

c6        Born – Elizabeth Anne Ramsay, 18 Aug, nee Helen Lidster

c6        Born – Donald Joseph Stirling, 22 Aug

c6        Born – son of Stanley Addington, 22 Aug

c6        Born – dau of Harold Bowman, 16 Aug

c6        Born – dau of Harold Brisseau, 22 Aug

c6        Born – Sonya Elaine Clarke, 16 Aug, nee Marion Sweetzir

c6        Born – son of Arthur Croxford, 19 Aug

c6        Born – son of Leonard Detrich, 16 Aug, nee Marguerite Kloepfer

c6        Born – son of Robert Humphrey, 20 Aug

c7        Died – Frederick Arthur Rawlings, 23 Aug

c7        Died – Herbert Andrew Short, 24 Aug, age 67


Page 9

c3        article about Mrs. James Watkins, age 85, nee Elizabeth Pearse, who lived on Talbot Estate

c5        photo of home of Sam Shipley, concession 2 Yarmouth


Page 10

c3        Married – Margaret Jean Dobie to Wilbert George Kerr

c3        Married – Mary Laura Maurice to Francis Earle Swift, 21 Aug


Page 12

c1        Died – Ellen Christina McRae, age 57


Page 16

c2        Married – Lyle William Hepburn to Margaret Gwendolyn Wallis, photo


26 August 1946


Page 7

c6        Funeral – William Robert Broughton

c6        Funeral – Martha B. McLean

c6        Funeral – Norbert I. Casey

c8        Born – Terry James Jordan, 21 Aug, nee Lillian Harris

c8        Born – Elizabeth Anne Groves, 21 Aug

c8        Born – Catherine Mae Neil, 23 Aug

c8        Born – Shirley Ann Soper, 21 Aug, nee Irene Shelton

c8        Born – dau of Fred Freeman, 18 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Howard Jackson, 22 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Peter Potters, 17 Aug

c8        Born – dau of Arthur Whiteside, 21 Aug

c8        Born – Robert James Johnston, 16 Aug

c8        Died – Malcolm John McIntyre, 24 Aug, age 45


Page 8

c5        Married – Nancy McKiee to Wiliam Morrison Day, 17 Aug

c5        Married – Ruth Lorraine Rintoul to Aylmer J. Langford

c5        Married – Ruth Isabella Ball to Donald Merriam McGregor


27 August 1946


Page 6

c3        Funeral – Fred Rawlings


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Herbert Andrew Short

c4        Funeral – Avvil E. Smith

c8        Died – Leslie Floyd Parker, 26 Aug


Page 8

c6        Married – Helen Edna Johnson to George Edward Garton

c6        Married – Marie McCracken to Stanley A. Graham


Page 12

c4        Died – Leslie Floyd Parker, about 56, husband of Myrtle Strong


28 August 1946


Page 1

c5        Died – Frederick M. Bond, age 71, husband of Anna Watt


Page 6

c1        50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Charles King Geary, 19 Aug, nee dau of Thomas MacArthur


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Malcolm John McIntyre

c8        Born – Gloria Jean Lang, 20 Aug

c8        Born – Thomas Hugh Ponting, 25 Aug, nee Jean Ross

c8        Born – Mary Jane Raven, 27 Aug

c8        Born – Donna Susanne Sutton, 26 Aug

c8        Died – Fred M. Bond, 27 Aug, age 72


Page 10

c1        Married – Barbara Mary Cowley to Hale Dean Ritchie

c4        Married – Lillian Frances Cowie to Kenneth Meredith Molson


29 August 1946


Page 7

c8        Born – John Kimberley Crozier, 29 Jul, nee Wilma Fortner


Page 8

c6        Married – Frances Jean Humphries to George Frederick Drummelsmith

c6        Married – Alice Myrtle Almeda Bennett to William Theodore Frederick Hall, 24 Aug


30 August 1946


Page 6

c4        Funeral – Leslie Floyd Parker


Page 7

c4        Married – Annie Pearl McLellan to Harold Leroy Restle, 27 Aug

c7        Died – Katherine Bell, 29 Aug, age 87


Page 8

c1        Died – William B. Durfey

c1        Died – Henry Fowler, age 85

c2        Died – Shirley Ann Reed, infant dau of Alfred J., age 4 hours

c2        Died – mrs. James A. Bell, nee Katherine Darrach


Page 10

c3        Married – Ruth Alice Size to Harold Walter Millard, 24 Aug

c3        Married – Joy M. Alexander to Arthur George Brown, 24 Aug


31 August 1946


Page 6

c6        Funeral – Frederick M. Bond


Page 7

c6        Born – Joyce Kathleen Patricia Baldwin, 24 Aug

c6        Born – son of W. Reid Grice, 30 Aug

c6        Born – Mabel Annie Pegg, 31 Aug, age 62


Page 8

c3        Died – Wallace Hollywood, husband of Cora Ribble

c3        Died – Mrs. Duncan MacNicol, nee Mary Frances McCall


Page 10

c1        Died – Cassie Crisp

c3        Died – Donald Cameron Trull

c4        Died – Mrs. John H. Pugg, age 62, nee Mabel Annie Andrews


Page 11

c2        photo of home of L. S. Johnson, Union


Page 13

c1        Married – Vivian Eileen McConnell to Terence L. Thompson, 23 Aug

c4        Married – Helen Elizabeth Scott to Percy Hugh Leeson


Page 20

c2        Married – Mabel Christina Thomson to Dr. T. A. McCallum, photo

c7        Married – John A. C. Gloin to Shirley Lenor Bicknell, photo


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