STTJ 1901 Mar and 1902 Dec

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

March 1901

Evening Journal

 Dec 1902

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
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St. Thomas Times-Journal

18 March 1901

Page 1
c5    Died –   James GOULD, March 16, father of Miss Gould, Fred & John Gould and Mrs John Thody
c5    Died –   Miss Alda JOHNSTON, 21 years, March 16, sister of Romaine, George, Almeda & Milla Johnston and Mrs George Mirror

Page 8

c1    Died –   Levi Perkins, 55 years, Mar 15

c1    Died –   Jessie Murray, 3 years, Mar 17, daughter of Peter Bruce

c1    Died –   Edward Green, 56th year, Mar 15, brother of William Green

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret A. Stockton, Mar 17

c2    Died –   Mrs Jennie Cruise, 64 years, Mar 17, mother of Mrs C. F. MackIntosh, Mrs C. M. Arkell, Mrs W. G. MackIntosh, Mrs H. S. Scott and Charles Cruise

c2    Born –   Twin daughter & son of W. C. Forbes of St Thomas, March 15

c2    Died –   Mrs Jennie Cruise, 64 years, Mar 17

c2    Died –   Jessie Murray Bruce, 8 years, daughter of Peter Bruce

c2    Died –   Miss Alda Johnston, 21 years, Mar 16

20 March 1901

Page 2

c2    Funeral –   James Gould, Mar 20

Page 5

c3    Born –   Daughter of C. Peters, Mar 14 at Avon

Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Miss Alda Johnson, Mar 19

c1    Funeral –   Jessie Murray Bruce, Mar 19, daughter of Peter Bruce

c3    Born –   Son of Harry Lang, Mar 18 in St Thomas

c3    Died –   Christina Cameron Hughes, 40 years, Mar 19, daughter of D. J. Hughes; sister of Mrs J. A. Kains, Mrs h. Bissell, Mrs Benjamin Wolhaupter, Mrs J. C. Douglas, Eleanor & Edward Hughes

21 March 1901

Page 1
c4    Died –   Thomas Legg, 68 years, Mar 20, father of Arthur, Charles, William, Mrs W. Roberts, Mrs H. A.
Lewis, Mrs W. Yelland and Edith Legg
c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Worth, 69th year, Mar 20, wife of William Worth; mother of J. R., William &
Joseph; stepmother of William Jr., Mrs R. T. Pincombe, Mrs R. T. Heard and Mrs W. Singular; sister
of Mrs H. Ford, Mrs J. Drew and John Rice
Page 2
c2    Died –   Mrs Leslie Patterson, nee Higgs, Mar 18, daughter of George Higgs Sr.
c2    Married –   James Coll, son of Edward Coll to Miss Mary Henderson
Page 4
c1    Married –   Arthur Martin to Miss C. Hugill, Mar 20
Page 8
c3    Born –   Stillborn son of Burnie Deo of St Thomas, March 18
c3    Born –   Son of George Lay of St Thomas, March 21
c3    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Worth, 69th year, Mar 20

23 March 1901
Page 1
c3    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Curtis, 87th year, Mar 22, widow of Sylvester (Salathiel) Curtis; mother of John Curtis, Mary Curtis, Mrs J. Fletcher and Mrs A. Cummings
c5    Died –   George Marshall, 49 years, Mar 22, brother of Robert Marshall
Page 4
c4    Died –   Mrs Louisa Gillet, 83 years, Mar 22, widow of Mansfield Gillett; daughter of Mr & Mrs Cole; mother of Pershall, George, Orland, Edward, Albert and Daniel Gillett and Mrs Kenzie
Page 8
c2    Born –   Son of Charles Smith, Mar 23 at Southwold
c2    Born –   Son of J. Stott, Mar 20 at St Thomas
c2    Born –   Son of John Sheldrick, Mar 18 at Southwold
c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Curtis, 87th year, Mar 22

25 March 1901
Page 1
c6    Funeral –   Rev Albert James Tiller, Mar 24
Page 4
c2    Funeral –   Infant son of Harvey Ripley, Mar 23 to Black’s Cemetery
c2    Married –   Ed Bobier to Mabel Graham, daughter of Moses Graham and niece of B. B. Gunn; Wit: Maude Wiley & James Bobier

26 March 1901
Page 4
c3    Died –   Rev Angus McColl, 83 years, Mar 25
Page 5
c1    Notice to Creditors –   Andrew Ferguson of Southwold who died Mar 22 1901
Page 8

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Ann Curtis, Mar 25

Evening Journal
26 December 1902
c3    Married –   Thomas Keith of St Thomas to Jennie R. Allan, daughter of T. Allan of St Thomas – Dec 25
c3    Married –   James A. McDonald to Alice May Beedle, cousin of John Decow – Dec 24
c3    Married –   Thomas R. Pearson to Jessie Bayliss – Dec 24
c3    Married –   Robert Joseph Frampton to Eliza Cassidy – Dec 24
c3    Born –   Daughter of Edward Knott, Dec 25
c3    Born –   Daughter of John Jones, Dec 25
c3    Born –   Son of A. R. Williams, Dec 24

27 December 1902
Page 1
c2    Died –   Jim Grant, Dec 26, son of Neil Grant
c3    Photo –   Rev Mr Kettlewell of Central Methodist Church
c4    Married –   J. E. Bagnall to Eva Lena House, daughter of G. F. House – Dec 24
Page 6
c3    Married –   William A. Stickle to Jean Davidson, daughter of James Davidson at Union – Dec 25

c3    Died –   Mrs Lou May Eames, 47 years, Dec 26, wife of Charles Eames