STJ 1916 Jan-Mar

St. Thomas Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

January thru March 1916

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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3 January 1916

Page 6
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah H. Rapelje, Jan 1
c6    Funeral –   Harold Eugene Marshall, Dec 31, son of Alonzo Marshall
c6    Died –   Mrs A. J. Liebner, nee Isabel Gray, 53rd year, Dec 31, sister of Alex and Archie Gray, Mrs Dug Ford and Mrs Cole
Page 8
c3    Married –   Asa Nunn to Sylvia L. Hankinson

4 January 1916

Page 1
c2    Photo –   St Thomas Council – John Handford, George H. Sloggett, Albert Morriss
c7    Photo –   Patrick Meehan of St Thomas
Page 3
c1    Died –   Harry Curtis, 14 years, Dec 30, son of frank Curtis
c1    Died –   Mrs Ferguson, sister of Mrs F. Leeson
Page 4
c1    Funeral –   Son of Mr & Mrs Marshall; grandson of John House Sr
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Asa Pound, Jan 3
c2    Photo –   William Tolmie of Aldborough
c6    Photo –   James A. McLean of Aldborough
c7    Married –   Samuel W. Shipley to Flossie Maude Donnelly, daughter of John Donnelly
5 January 1916
Page 6
c3    Funeral –   Walter Miller, cousin of Roy Gordon
c3    Married –   Alfred Allworth Silcox, son of Edgar Silcox to Mildred Orchard, daughter of James Orchard
c6    Married –   William Roy Cummings to Clara Ethel Smith, daughter of Hyma Smith
Page 8
c2    Born –   Daughter of Dugald Andrews, Jan 2
c2    Born –   Daughter of Dugald McCallum, Jan 5
c3    Married –   Albert Stanley Cory to Ethel Maud Robinson

c4    Died –   Frank H. or A. Calcott, 54th year, Jan 4, brother of G. W. Calcott
6 January 1916
Page 1
c5    Photo –   Percy C. Smiley of St Thomas
c7    Died –   Mrs Miriam Drulard, 92nd year, Jan 6
Page 5
c3    Born –   Son of J. L. Petrie, Jan 5
Page 6
c2    Engagement –   F. Briston to Clara Burgar, daughter of Charles Burgar [Bristow]
c3    Died –   James Clark, 76th year, Jan 3
c5    Died –   Cecil Baxter, 22nd year, Jan 5, son of W. H. Baxter
c5    Died –   George Hastings, 72 years, Jan 6
Page 8
c1    Died –   Mrs James Ross, 88th year, Jan 5
c1    Born –   Daughter of George Waite at Middlemarch
c2    Funeral –   George Hastings, Jan 8
7 January 1916
Page 10
c2    Funeral –   Ettie Euphemia Buchanan, 15 years, Jan 6, daughter of J. A. Buchanan
c4    Died –   George Robbins, Jan 4, brother of James H. Robbins; son-in-law of Marshal Baker
c6    Died –   William Pendreigh
Page 12
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Jessie Morrison, 53 years, Jan 8
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Miriam Drulard, 92nd year, Jan 8
c3    Funeral –   George Hastings, 73rd year, Jan 8
c5    Died –   Mrs John F. O’Toole, 54 years, Jan 7, daughter of Charles L. Arlein

8 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Joseph Fitzpatrick, son of J. J. Fitzpatrick of St Thomas
c6    Photo –   Dr Alexander Turner of St Thomas Medical Association
c7    Article –   James Barker of Aylmer
Page 4
c5    Married –   John W. McLarty, son of I. McLarty to Elizabeth Cameron, daughter of Thomas Cameron
Page 5
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Charles Jagoe of St Thomas, 15th
c3    Born –   Son of Harry & Leila Waddell, nee Leverton, Jan 5
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Mr Tufford Tells of Advantages of Having a Farm Near the City – Photo of farm of N. F. Tufford & Sons of Middlemarch
c3    Married –   Gordon Donald to Flossie Turrel, daughter of Ed Turrel [Turrill]
c4    Article –   East Elgin Agricultural Fair
c5    Died –   William French, 72nd year, Jan 7
c6    Died –   Miss Mary Walker, 22nd year
c6    Died –   Mrs Rosanna Laughlin, 80 years, widow of John Laughlin
c7    School Report –   SS 14 Southwold
c7    Died –   Mrs John Blue, nee Barbara Crawford, 70 years, Jan 4, mother of Albert, Annie and Allie Blue
Page 8
c3    Birthday –   John P. McKinlay of Ridgetown, 93rd
c5    Died –   Miss Sarah McKellar, 73rd year, Jan 7, sister of Hugh McKellar

9 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Pte H. K. Knowles, Prisoner of War; son of George Knowles of St Thomas

10 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   John Vaughan of St Thomas
Page 6
c4    Funeral –   George Hastings, Jan 8
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Miriam Dreelard, Jan 8 [Drulard – CVH]
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Jessie Morrison, Jan 8
c4    Birthday –   Mrs John Williams of Southwold, 95th
c4    Funeral –   William French, Jan 9
c4    Died –   Wilson McKillop Shipley, 4 months, Jan 10, infant son of Hance Shipley
Page 8
c2    Funeral –   Mrs John O’Toole, Jan 10
c4    Died –   William F. Keegan, 56 years, Jan 10, son of Thomas Keegan; brother of Mrs John O’Rourke, Mrs D. E. Murphy and Mrs A. Cottrell
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Rosanna Laughlin, Jan 10
c4    Funeral –   Wilson McKillop Shipley, 4 months Jan 10, infant son of Hance Shipley
c4    Born –   William John Neish, son of A. Neish, Jan 10
c4    Born –   Son of Robert Ross, Jan 4
c5    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Shackleton, nee Smithson, 48th year, Jan 8, wife of Clarence Shackleton
c6    Died –   Mrs Louisa Campbell, nee Lumley, 78th year, Jan 9, widow of Daniel Campbell

11 January 1916
Page 1
c4    Died –   KIA – Pte Peter Newland, 24 years
Page 6
c5    Funeral –   Miss Sarah McKellar, Jan 10
Page 8
c4    Died –   Mrs Annie Harding, daughter of Benjamin Leighton; wife of T. S. Harding
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Rosanna Laughlin, Jan 11, mother of Mrs Brady
c7    Died –   Mrs Louisa Campbell, 78th year, Jan 9, wife of Daniel Campbell
c7    Died –   William P. Keegan, 56 years, Jan 10

12 January 1916
Page 1
c3    Photo –   Frank Pineo, Reeve of Malahide
c5    Photo –   Rev N. H. McGillivray of Knox Church, St Thomas
c6    Photo –   Judge C. O. Ermatinger of St Thomas
Page 4
c3    Article –   West Elgin Agricultural Exhibition
c3    Died –   Mrs Annie Elizabeth Harding, Jan 11, wife of T. E. Harding
c5    Died –   Thomas Henry Newhouse, 25th year, Jan 11, husband of Mrs Edith Newhouse, nee Jacques
c5    Died –   James Reid, 28 years, Jan 8
c7    Married –   Clarence George Clark to Annabel O’Connor, daughter of H. J. O’Connor
Page 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs H. B. Stringer, sister-in-law of W. W. Stringer
Page 9
c4    Funeral –   William F. Keegan, Jan 12, brother of Mrs A. Cottrel
Page 10
c2    Died –   W. H. Harding, 82nd year, father of Frank Harding
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Annie Elizabeth Harding, Jan 13, wife of T. E. Harding
c5    Born –   Daughter of H. Welter, Jan 3

13 January 1916
Page 5
c2    Died –   Robert Kerr, 58 years, Jan 11
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs E. E. Mills of Yarmouth
Page 6
c6    Shower –   Mr & Mrs Harry Williams, nee Lola Sells
c7    Died –   Charles Gibson, 80 years, brother-in-law of W. J. Mitton
Page 8
c2    Married –   Charles Mack, son of W. Mack to Velma Irene Fulcher, daughter of Freeman W. Fulcher at St Mary’s
c2    Married –   Walter B. Tate, son of L. E. Tate to Ellen Sylvia Martin
c3    Born –   Son of Robert Ross, Jan 4
c3    Born –   Son of William McDonald, Jan 12
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Louisa Campbell, Jan 12
c5    Died –   Mrs Catherine Somerville, 97 years, Jan 13, widow of Duncan Somerville; mother of John, Duncan and Thomas Somerville, Mrs Piper, Mrs Bunts and Mrs William Purcell
c6    Married –   Francis Edward Bristow, son of William Bristow to Clara Louise Burgar, daughter of Charles Burgar
c6    Married –   L. Earl Campbell to Edith Hannah Saxton, daughter of H. Saxton

14 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   W. K. Sanderson of St Thomas
c2    Married –   Mr & Mrs Oscar L. Pearson
c3    Photo –   James C. Bristow of St Thomas
Page 4
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Annie Elizabeth Harding
Page 7
c2    Married –   Albert S. Newton to Hattie C. Smith
c2    Married –   John W. Welch to Pearl Stocking
Page 10
c4    Married –   William Thayer to Myrtle Avey, daughter of William Avey
c4    Died –   Russell Johnson, Jan 8, brother of Norman Johnson
c4    Died –   Mrs E. A. Lewis, Jan 14, mother of Floy and Lyman Lewis; sister-in-law of Miss Lewis of Aylmer
c5    Married –   Thomas Roy Wilson to Nettie Wall
c6    Photo –   County Magistrate Frank Hunt
c6    Article –   West Elgin Winter Fair
Page 11
c4    Died –   John Murphy, 74 years, Jan 11, father of Mrs Glenn, Mrs Denler, Mrs George Drake, William, Albert and Thomas Murphy
Page 12
c3    Died –   Mrs Edith Salter, nee Mahoney, 35 years, Jan 13, wife of John Salter

15 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Article –   Malcolm P. Johnson of St Thomas, brother of F. S. Johnson of Manlius, Ohio
c3    Photo –   Alma F. Ryckman of St Thomas
c4    Photo –   F. B. Holtby of St Thomas
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Duncan McKillop Recalls Days When Snakes Flourished in West Elgin – Photo of Duncan McKillop, postmaster of West Lorne
c3    Died –   Janet Reeder, 90 years, Jan 14
c3    Died –   Mrs Andrew Bray, 86 years, Jan 14
c3    Funeral –   Sarah McKellar, Jan 9
Page 8
c2    Died –   Sarah Horton, 102 years, Jan 13 at House of Industry
c4    Died –   Mrs Edith Salter, 35 years, Jan 13, wife of John Salter
c4    Born & Died –   Son of Herbert James Goode, Jan 12
c4    Born –   Son of A. McDougall, Jan 14

15 January 1916
Second Section
Page 9
c2    Retirement –   J. J. Fitzpatrick of St Thomas
c2    Photo –   St Thomas Trains now and in the 60’s

17 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Died –   Mrs C. O. Ermatinger, Jan 17, daughter of Hugh Richardson; mother of C. Percy Ermatinger and Mrs Maxwell C. Moorehead; sister of Mrs Warren, Mrs Miller, Miss Richardson, Mrs D. A. MacDonald, W. B. and Hugh Richardson
Page 6
c2    Funeral –   Robert Ker, Jan 13
c4    Fire –   Farm of John Rundle at Sparta
c5    Died –   Mrs Ruth Graves, 66th year, Jan 16, wife of Nelson Graves; mother of Mrs E. D. Wilson and Nelson Graves
Page 8
c1    Died –   Phyllis Omeleen Hancock, Jan 17, daughter of W. Hancock; sister of Maxine Hancock
c2    Died –   Donald Edwin Reeth, 22 months, Jan 17, son of Daniel Reeth [Reith – CVH]
c2    Died –   Malcolm S. Sutherland, 70 years, Jan 15, father of R. D. Sutherland and Mrs Ferguson
c2    Engagement –   J. Knight to Harriet Orrell
c2    Died –   Mildred Eleanor Newsome, 32 months, Jan 15, daughter of George William Newsome
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Edith Salter, Jan 17
c4    Died –   Mrs Charlotte Ermatinger, nee Richardson, Jan 16
c4    Born –   Dorothy Dennis, daughter of Ray M. & Laura Dennis, nee MacDiarmid, Jan 12

18 January 1916
Page 1
c1    Photo –   W. J. Shaw Jr of St Thomas School Board
c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Gott, nee Salter, 43 years, Jan 17, daughter of Dennis Salter; wife of George E. Gott
Page 4
c5    Died –   Malcolm Stewart Sutherland, 72 years, Jan 15, son of Dr R. D. Sutherland; husband of Mrs Isabel Sutherland, nee Fenwick; father of R. D. and Malcom S. Sutherland and Mrs Mellis Ferguson; brother of Mrs A. P. Booth and Mrs S. McLeod; brother-in-law of George S. Fenwick

19 January 1916
Page 1
c4    Died –   Hugh McAlpine, 80 years, Jan 19
Page 6
c2    Birthday –   Mrs E. Prichard of Luton, 88th
c3    Died –   Mrs Peter Ferguson, nee Christena Lamont, Jan 18
c3    Died –   Samuel Coffey, 77 years, Jan 17 at the House of Industry
c4    Article –   Pte Ernest Chute, son of Ney Chute of Lakeview
Page 8
c3    Died –   Charles Dalton, 84 years, Jan 19, father of James, George and William Dalton; grandfather of Carl Dalton
c6    Born –   Son of H. L. Lawton, Jan 18
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Gott, Jan 20
c7    Funeral –   Mrs c. O. Ermatinger, Jan 19

20 January 1916
Page 1
c5    Died –   Ethyl Kathleen Cunningham, 14 years, Jan 19, daughter of James F. Cunningham; sister of May and Wilmot Cunningham
Page 5
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Gott, Jan 20, wife of George E. Gott
c2    Funeral –   Donald Edward Reith, Jan 19, son of Dan W. Reith
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Ruth Graves, Jan 19
c3    Funeral –   Mrs C. O. Ermatinger, Jan 19
c3    Funeral –   Phyllis Oneleen Hancock, Jan 19
Page 6
c2    Funeral –   Mildred Newsome, niece of Ed Durdle
c3    Funeral –   George Robins
c6    Died –   Mrs Naomi Cook, 74th year, Jan 8, widow of Alonzo L. Cook
c6    Died –   Mrs Emily Yorke, nee Smith, 76th year, Jan 19, widow of Jonathan Yorke
Page 8
c1    Funeral –   Charles Dalton, Jan 20
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Emily Yorke, Jan 21
c2    Funeral –   Hugh McAlpine, Jan 21
c5    Born –   Daughter of Morley Dean, Jan 16

21 January 1916
Page 1
c3    Died –   William Waddell, Jan 20 at House of Industry
Page 5
c4    Birthday –   Robert D. Emslie of St Thomas, 55th – Photo
Page 10
c4    Died –   Frederick J. Payne, 87 years, Jan 20 – Photo
c4    Died –   John Patton, 78 years, Jan 20, widow of Mrs Nancy Patton, nee McFarlane; father of William, Dugald, John, Peter, Mary, Bell, Nancy and Tena Patton
Page 12
c1    Died –   William Charles Murray, Jan 21, infant son of George G. Murray
c4    Funeral –   Ethyl Kathleen Cunningham, Jan 22
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Alice Dunn, 86th year, Jan 22, widow of James Dunn
c5    Died –   Mrs Alice Dunn, nee Fishleigh, 86th year, Jan 22, widow of James Dunn; sister of late Robert Fishleigh

22 January 1916
Page 1
c3    Died –   Robert G. Armstrong, 59 years, Jan 21, son of James & Elizabeth Armstrong; husband of Mrs Eleanor Armstrong, nee Foster; father of Gurney J. and Mack Armstrong, Mrs M. Norsworthy and Catherine Armstrong – Photo
Page 6
c1    Article –   SS No 15 Southwold School, by Jack Burton of Port Stanley – Photo of school
c3    Married –   Charles Kettlewell to Alice Berdan
Page 7
c2    Died –   Miss Flora Campbell, 79 years, Jan 14, daughter of Duncan Campbell
c3    Died –   James Howe, 76th year, Jan 22
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Emily Yorke, Jan 21
c4    Funeral –   Ethyl Kathleen Cunningham, Jan 22
c4    Funeral –   Hugh McAlpine, Jan 21
Page 8
c2    Died –   C. N. ‘Paddy’ Somerville
c2    Born –   Son of John Vosburg, Jan 13
c2    Funeral –   George Armstrong, Jan 24
c2    Funeral –   William Charles Murray, Jan 24 infant son of George & Helen Murray
c3    Funeral –   Mrs William Hamilton, sister-in-law of S. Hamilton
22 January 1916
Second Section
Page 9
c2    Photo –   E. A. Smith of St Thomas

24 January 1916
Page 6
c2    Died –   Mrs Ellen Teetzel, nee Lawson, 73rd year, Jan 24, wife of Charles L. Teetzel
c5    Died –   James Howe, 76th year, Jan 22
Page 13
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Alice Dunn, Jan 22
c5    Funeral –   William Charles Murray, Jan 24
c5    Funeral –   Frederick J. Payne, Jan 22
Page 14
c1    Married –   John Huffman to Lucinda Mae Koyl, daughter of Mrs Sarah Koyl
c2    Died –   Mrs Anna Smellie, nee Wonnacott, 79 years, Jan 22, widow of John R. Smellie
c2    Born –   Son of William Moore
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Anna Smellie, Jan 25

25 January 1916
Page 1
c3    Photo –   Frank Pineo, Warden of Elgin County
c5    Fire –   Loney House, Port Stanley
Page 6
c3    Born –   Daughter of Lorne McCaully
c4    Died –   Mrs Dolly Winham, 78 years, widow of Henry Winham
Page 8
c3    Died –   Samuel Anthony, 61st year, Jan 24
c4    Funeral –   Robert George Armstrong, Jan 24

26 January 1916
Page 1
c6    Died –   Owen Lynch, 66th year, Jan 26
c7    Died –   Thomas Olver, 76 years, Jan 26
Page 6
c3    Fire –   Loney House, Port Stanley
c5    Married –   Wray Glover Cheesman to Gertie Leila Pound, daughter of Wilson Pound
c7    Died –   Miss Bessie Rundle, Jan 26, daughter of John Rundle
Page 8
c1    Died –   Abram Cutcut, 56 years, Jan 25
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Anna Smellie, Jan 25
c5    Born –   Mary Ellen and George Sidney Nichols, twins of H. W. Nichols, Jan 25
c5    Funeral –   Samuel Anthony, Jan 27

27 January 1916
Page 4
c3    Died –   P. or J. A. Tremblay, 57 years, Jan 26
c4    Died –   Dr William Brock, 73 years, Jan 26
c7    Died –   Robert White, 78 years, Jan 27
c7    Died –   John Fulkerson, 76 years, Jan 26
c7    Died –   James Donnelly, Jan 26
Page 10
c4    Funeral –   Thomas Olver, Jan 29
c4    Funeral –   Miss Bessie rundle, Jan 28
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Ellen Lawson Teetzel, Jan 26
c6    Died –   Mrs Albert Hooke, nee Maggie Henderson, 33 years, daughter of Chester Henderson

28 January 1916
Page 16
c3    Funeral –   Samuel Anthony, Jan 27
c4    Died –   Mrs Lucy Mildred Charlton, nee Size, 34th year, Jan 28, wife of Amos Charlton

29 January 1916
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Belgian Refugees are Established on Land East of Port Burwell – Photo of Mr & Mrs Marechal and daughter Ellen
c4    Birthday –   James Lowther of Iona, 85th
c5    Died –   Dr Brock, Jan 26 – Photo
c5    Married –   William Lowes to Sarah May Coleman, daughter of James Coleman
c5    Funeral –   Mrs J. Lidster, Jan 24
Page 8
c1    Funeral –   Owen Lynch, Jan 28
c2    Died –   John C. Smith, 84 years, Jan 29
c2    Funeral –   Miss Bessie Rundle, Jan 28
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Lucy Mildred Charlton, Jan 30
c4    Died –   Pte Robert Darrach, 32 years, Jan 28, son of N. R. Darrach

29 January 1916
Second Section
Page 9
c1    Photo – Men who Conduct Elgin’s Affairs – Oscar McKenney, Reeve of Aylmer; Leslie Kendall, Deputy Reeve of Dunwich; J. H. MacIntyre, Reeve of Dutton; W. T. Hare, Deputy Reeve of Malahide; J. C. Campbell, Reeve of Dunwich; Thomas Dennis, Deputy Reeve of Bayham; G. Frank Pineo, Reeve of Malahide; H. Moore, Reeve of Bayham; G. F. Williams, Reeve of Vienna; H. B. Lyons, Reeve of South Dorchester; E. A. Bryce, Reeve of Springfield; James A. Fuller, Reeve of West Lorne; Malcolm D. McCormick, Deputy Reeve of Southwold; William Tolmie, Reeve of Aldborough; Andrew A. Miller, Reeve of Southwold
c3    Article –   Elgin County House of Industry established in 1876
c3    Article –   List of Former Elgin County Council Members
Page 12
c1    Photo – Elgin County Officials – John McCausland, County Treasurer; James Todd, Deputy Reeve of Yarmouth; W. F. Luton, Governor of the Jail; David McLaws, Registrar Surrogate Court; N. S. Cornell, Reeve of Port Stanley; Dr James H. Coyne, County Registrar; James Bell, County Engineer; Sheriff McColl (late); Kenneth W. McKay, County Clerk & Treasurer; Charles W. Coulter, Senior Judge; Charles O. Ermatinger, Junior Judge; Daniel R. Curtis, Reeve of Yarmouth; Charles F. Maxwell, St Thomas Police Magistrate; Colin St. C. Leitch, County Solicitor; Francis Hunt, County Police Magistrate; David H. Gooding, Manager House of Industry; W. Atkin, Public School Inspector; James A. McLean, Reeve of Rodney; J. A. Taylor, Public School Inspector; Angus McCrimmon, Clerk of the Peace and County Attorney; J. A. McRae, Deputy Reeve of Aldborough, John Hopkins, Court House Supervisor
c7    Article –   Elgin County Council First called in 1852

31 January 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Robert J. Dunsmore, St Thomas postmaster
c6    Funeral –   Pte Robert Darrach, Feb 2
c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Cordery, nee Richardson, 72 years, Jan 29, wife of James Cordery
c7    Died –   Mrs Matilda Loomis, 78 years, Jan 31, widow of Noah T. Loomis [Loomus]
Page 5
c2    Died –   Pte Robert Darrach, Jan 28
Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Lucy Mildred Charlton, Jan 30, wife of Amos Charlton
c1    Funeral –   Thomas Olver, Jan 29
c2    Funeral –   John Fulkerson, Jan 28
c2    Died –   W. H. Meek, Jan 30
c3    Fire –   John Denton Barns at Springfield
c3    Died –   John Chambers, Jan 30
c4    Died –   Angus B. McColl, 82nd year, Jan 29, father of Ernest L., Alfred and Claire McColl
c6    Died –   Mrs Gelana Dangerfield, 75 years, Jan 30, widow of George Dangerfield
c6    School Report –   SS 7 Southwold; SS 3 Southwold
c6    Married –   Fleming Jones to Melissa Hunter
Page 8
c1    Died –   Marion Isabel Shaw, 2 years, Jan 30, infant daughter of Charles E. Shaw
c3    Born –   Clarence Earnest Frederick Southern, son of F. W. Southern, Jan 29
c5    Funeral –   W. H. Meek, Feb 1
c5    Funeral –   Isabelle Shaw, Feb 1
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Cordery, Feb 1
c6    Died –   John C. Smith, 84th year, Jan 29

1 February 1916
Page 1
c2    Wounded –   Pte Stanley Hirst, brother of Mrs R. Ball
c7    Married –   David W. Leitch to May Dutton, daughter of Charles E. Dutton
Page 6
c4    Died –   Malcolm Sinclair, 81 years, Jan 31, father of Mrs Yow; brother of Col Sinclair, Mrs Mogg, Mrs Leitch and Mrs Henderson
c7    Funeral –   John C. Smith, Jan 31
Page 8
c4    Died –   Miss Julia McManus, Jan 31
c7    Funeral –   Mrs Matilda Loomis, Feb 2
c7    Funeral –   Miss Julia McManus, Feb 3

2 February 1916
Page 6
c3    Died –   Mrs Isabel Saxton, 85 years, Jan 30, widow of Swain Saxton
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Hester McConnell, Feb 1, widow of Charles McConnell
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Gelana Dangerfield, Feb 1
c6    School Report –   SS 17 Yarmouth; SS 23 Yarmouth; SS 11 Bayham; SS 8 Southwold Frome
c6    Funeral –   Angus B. McColl, Feb 2
Page 8
c1    Funeral –   Miss Julia McManus, Feb 3, daughter of Patrick McManus
c3    Funeral –   Pte Robert Darrach, Feb 4
c3    Died –   Walter Carns of Vienna
c4    Funeral –   William H. Meek, Feb 1
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Cordery, Feb 1
c4    Funeral –   Marion Isabel Shaw, Feb 1
c4    Funeral –   James Johnstone, Jan 30
c5    Born –   Kenneth William and Gordon Harold Budd, twin sons of Mr & Mrs Budd, Jan 26

3 February 1916
Page 1
c3    Died –   Thomas A. McCarroll, 36 years, Feb 3, father of Thomas McCarroll
Page 6
c3    Funeral –   Daughter of T. Arthur, 3 years, Jan 30
c4    School Report –   Tempo; SS 19 Southwold; Orwell;  SS 2 Yarmouth
c5    Died –   Mrs Frank A. Smith, nee Irwin, 38th year, Feb 1
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Matilda Loomis, Feb 2
c6    Funeral –   Miss Julia McManus, Feb 3
c6    Funeral –   Malcolm Sinclair, Feb 2
c6    Died –   John Chambers, 85th year, Jan 30
Page 8
c2    Married –   Herbert E. Goold to Ada Eveline Brown
c4    Died –   Mrs Theresa Shearing, nee Coyle, Jan 31, wife of Samuel Shearing

4 February 1916
Page 1
c3    Fire –   Parliament Buildings, Ottawa – Photo
c4    Photo –   David Marshall, MP of East Elgin
Page 6
c6    School Report –   St Thomas Schools – Wellington; Myrtle; Balaclava; Scott; Manitoba; Hiawatha
Page 7
c2    Died –   Dr William B. Campbell, 60 years, Feb 3, son of James Campbell
c2    Married –   Henry Downing to Leah Smith, daughter of George Smith
Page 10
c1    Died –   Alex H. McCallum, 76 years, Feb 2, brother of Catherine McLachlin
c2    Birthday –   Charles Strong of Aylmer, 87th
c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William Walters of Eagle, 50th
c5    School Report –   SS 11 Southwold
c5    Inquest –   Death of Walter Carns of Vienna, father-in-law of Curtis Bartlett
Page 12
c2    Died –   Mr Caldwell, 21 years, Jan 11, brother of Miss Nan Caldwell
c5    Died –   Miss Eliza Baxter, Jan 31 at Thomas Williams Home
c5    Born –   Daughter of R. W. Errington, Feb 3
c5    Funeral –   Thomas McCarroll, Feb 5

5 February 1916
Page 1
c1    Funeral –   Pte Robert Darrach, Feb 4
Page 5
c2    Died –   Mrs Charles H. Bechtel, nee Mabel Cherry, Feb 2, daughter of John Cherry
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Iona Tower, So Long and Exciter of Curiosity is now Explained
c3    Married –   Bruce Brackenbury to Verna Empy, daughter of Wilburn Empy [Empey]
c4    Funeral –   James Eaton, Jan 30
c6    Died –   Mrs D. N. Campbell, nee McDonald, 55 years, Feb 5, mother of Dr M. D., Bessie, Flossie, Agnes and Catharine Campbell
c6    Died –   Mrs William Ross, nee Elizabeth Wilson, Feb 3
c6    School Report –   SS 24 Yarmouth; SS 27 Yarmouth
c6    Died –   Mrs John Birdsell, Jan 27, mother of Mrs Henry Davis
c6    Died –   Mrs Richard Robinson, Jan 20
Page 8
c2    Died –   Richard Franklin Williams, 83 years, Feb 5
c4    Funeral –   Thomas McCarroll, Feb 5
c4    Funeral –   Mrs D. N. Campbell, Feb 7
c5    Married –   Basil E. Young to Flossie E. Gilbert, daughter of Mrs Mary Gilbert
c5    Married –   Albin Heberle to Nellie Hart, sister of Alfred Hart

7 February 1916
Page 1
c1    Photo –   P. R. Williams of St Thomas
c4    Died –   William E. Cook, 54th year, Feb 6, brother of James and George Cook, Mrs Lorne Prior and Mrs W. Turban; half brother of Albert and Charles Cook and Mrs Wallace Webster – Photo
Page 6
c3    Photo –   Wilson H. Mills of Sparta
c4    Photo –   Dr F. H. Miller of St Thomas
c5    Photo –   W. G. Charlton of East Elgin
c6    Photo –   Walter Rogers of East Elgin
c6    Died –   Mrs Alfred Bogart, Feb 4, daughter of D. McGugan; sister of Sadie and Neil McGugan

8 February 1916
Page 6
c3    Died –   Miss Christie Near, Feb 6, sister of William, John and William, Mrs Alex Saxon and Mrs Samuel Arrat
c3    School Report –   SS 4 Southwold
c5    Died –   Mrs Eliza Jane Stringer, 65th year
c6    Died –   Infant daughter of John Clark, 2 months
Page 8
c1    Died –   Harry Edward Welsh, 4 months, Feb 8, infant son of Herbert Welsh
c2    Died –   Mrs Annie Davey, Feb 7, widow of William R. P. Davey
c3    Died –   William Sutton, Feb 8
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Annie Davey, Feb 9
c6    Funeral –   Richard Franklin Williams, Feb 7

9 February 1916
Page 1
c5    Photo –   Miss Helen Duncombe, formerly of St Thomas
Page 6
c3    Died –   Henry Mitton, 81 years, Feb 8
c3    Died –   Charles Silverthorn, 50 years, Feb 8, son of Wesley Silverthorn; widow of Mrs Silverthorn, nee Kitchen
c6    Died –   Daniel R. Dibb, 66 years, Feb 9
c6    Funeral –   Mrs William Ross, Feb 6
c6    Funeral –   William E. Cook, Feb 8
Page 8
c2    Died –   Mrs Neil Smith, nee Mary M. Morrison, 78 years, sister of Mrs George Rockey
c3    Died –   Mrs Johanna Hayes, 81 years, Feb 9; mother of J. J. and William Hayes
c3    Funeral –   William Sutton, 38 years, Feb 10

10 February 1916
Page 6
c3    School Report –   SS 5 Bayham Otter Valley
c4    Married –   W. Kenneth MacLean to Sara Elizabeth Lusty, daughter of N. S. Lusty
c4    Inquest –   Death of Walter Carnes of Vienna
c5    Birthday –   Mrs Alex Wilson of Aylmer, 88th
c5    Married –   Bruce Campbell, son of D. Campbell to May Lapham, daughter of Keel Lapham
Page 8
c2    Died –   James Burns, Feb 9
c3    Engagement –   B. J. Timpany to Stella May Pound, daughter of Wilson Pound
c7    Funeral –   Mrs W. R. P. Davey, Feb 9

11 February 1916
Page 10
c2    Died –   Mrs G. O. Maddock, Feb 10
c2    Died –   Ensley W. Johnson, 71 years, widow of Mrs Eliza Johnson, nee Hail; husband of Mrs S. O. Oatman Johnson; brother of P. F. Johnson
c3    Died –   Truman Silcox, 85th year, Feb 10
c6    Photo –   Major A. E. Medcalf of St Thomas
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Alfred Bogart, nee Laura McGugan, Feb 6
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Joanna Hayes, Feb 11
c6    Funeral –   William Sutton, Feb 10
c6    Funeral –   James Burns, Feb 11
c6    Funeral –   Henry Edward Welch, Feb 10, son of Herbert Welch
c7    Shower –   Miss Grace Gilbert of New Sarum
Page 12
c3    Funeral –   Richard Ferguson, Feb 11, uncle of T. Ferguson Young
c3    Married –   James M. Duncan to Mrs Harriet McLarty
c3    Died –   Mrs Martha Kennedy, Feb 11, widow of Francis Kennedy
c3    Funeral –   Truman Silcox, Feb 12
c4    Died –   John A. Dobie, 75 years, Feb 8, son of David Dobie
c6    Died –   Angus McIntyre, 65 years, Feb 10, son of Colin McIntyre; brother of Colin McIntyre

12 February 1916
Page 1
c3    Article –   John Johnson Radcliffe of St Thomas and London
c5    Died –   Ephraim B. Benson, 70 years, Feb 12, father of Roy Benson, Mrs Lyons and Mrs ham; brother of Rev Manley Benson
Page 5
c3    Died –   Neil McKillop, 88 years, brother of Mrs Mary Currie
Page 8
c2    Died –   William Jeffrs, 80 years, Feb 11, brother of Thomas Jeffrs and Mrs James Berry
c3    Funeral –   Mrs Martha Alison Kennedy, Feb 14, widow of Francis Kennedy

12 February 1916
Second Section
Page 9
c4    Photo –   Dell Henderson of St Thomas, son of Alex Henderson

14 February 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Rev W. F. Brownlee of St Thomas
c5    Photo –   James N. Stover of St Thomas, son of Peter Stover
Page 4
c3    Funeral –   Truman Silcox, Feb 12
c7    Died –   Matthew Robertson, 80th year, Feb 13, husband of Mrs Robertson, nee Hulsart; father of Frances Robertson and Mrs W. Turnbull
c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Peters, 84 years, Feb 14, daughter of James Sargent; widow of Samuel Peters
Page 10
c3    Funeral –   Matthew Robertson, Feb 15
c3    Funeral –   E. B. Benson, Feb 15

15 February 1916
Page 1
c5    Photo –   Daniel Ferguson of St Thomas Customs
Page 4
c4    Died –   James C. Horton, 63 years, Feb 14
c5    Died –   Mr James Rickwood, nee Ellis, Feb 10
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Grainger, Feb 13
c6    Married –   Fred Basil Lambert, son of C. Lambert to Deborah Elizabeth Kennings, daughter of William Kennings
Page 9
c3    Married –   Arthur Gloyne [Gloin] to Grace Amelia Gilbert, daughter of George A. Gilbert
c3    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Coffey, 70 years, Feb 15
Page 10
c1    Died –   Percy Mortimer Hooper, 10 months, Feb 14, infant son of Ralph Hooper
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Peters, Feb 16
c2    Funeral –   Percy Mortimer Hooper, Feb 16
c3    Died –   Mrs Wilhelmina Winegarten, 60 years, Feb 14
c3    Born –   Son of C. W. Simpson
c3    Born –   Daughter of Grant Summers, Feb 7
c3    Born –   Phylis Marion Meyers, daughter of A. J. Myers, Feb 12
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Martha Allison Kennedy, Feb 14

16 February 1916
Page 1
c1    Article –   Israel Solvay of St Thomas
c5    Died –   Miss Fern Woodford, 17 years, Feb 16, daughter of Richard Woodford
Page 6
c3    Photo –   A. C. Campbell of West Elgin
c4    Funeral –   Matthew Robertson, Feb 15
c4    Funeral –   E. B. Benson, Feb 15
c5    Died –   Albert McDowell, 74 years
c6    Died –   Mrs Tamar Weaver 97th year, Feb 14
Page 8
c1    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Coffey, Feb 15
c1    Died –   Jack Reath, Feb 14, infant son of Thomas Reath
c2    Married –   Clarence Sedge to Mary Gillan, daughter of J. C. Gillan
c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Clark, 97 years, Feb 11
c3    Died –   Mrs Gustin Abell, nee Bowen, Feb 14, daughter of William Bowen
c4    Born –   Stanley William Collins, son of Norman Collins, Jan 9
c4    Born –   Son of Warren Brown, Feb 14

17 February 1916
Page 1
c4    Photo –   Claude W. Ward of St Thomas Packing Company
Page 4
c3    Died –   James Eaton, Jan 29
c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Welburn Leeson of Aylmer and Brandon, 59th
c5    Photo –   J. H. McIntyre, Reeve of Dutton
Page 10
c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Beaton of St Thomas, 10th
c1    Died –   Mrs Betty Pratten, 85 years, widow of Isaac Pratten; mother of Mrs Thomas Long, Fred Pratten, Mrs Robertson, Arthur Pratten, Watson Pratten and Mary Pratten; grandmother of W. H. Pratten
c2    Funeral –   Angus McIntyre, Feb 17
c2    Born –   Alice May Revell, daughter of J. C. Revell, Feb 11
c2    Born –   Daughter of P. Bennett, Feb 15
c2    Born –   Son of Terrence Lynch, Jan 28
c2    Died –   Rev William S. McDermand, 82 years, Feb 16
c2    Died –   Miss Fern Woodford, 17 years, Feb 16
c3    Engagement –   Rymal William Smith, son of George Smith to Shirley May Roche, daughter of E. Roche
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Peters, Feb 14
c5    Funeral –   Percy Mortimore Hooper, Feb 16
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Wilhelmina Winegartner, Feb 16
c6    Married –   Alfred James Armstrong to Alma Pearl Coleman, daughter of William Coleman

18 February 1916
Page 1
c2    Died –   Hiram Buck, 72nd year, Feb 17
Page 12
c2    Died –   Mrs James Arnold, nee Julia A. Beemer, 86th year, Feb 17, mother of John, James, Mary and Alice Arnold; sister of Minnie, Carrie and Alice Beemer, Mrs Kaiser and Mrs Kirkpatrick
c4    Photo –   James A. Fuller, Reeve of West Lorne
c6    Died –   Robert McLauchlin, Feb 14
c6    Died –   Miss Christina Shields, Feb 8, daughter of R. H. Shields
c6    Died –   Mrs Margaret Grawburg, 56 years, Feb 12, wife of Henry Grawburg
Page 14
c2    Married –   Thomas K. Howse to Viola Rachel Johnson, daughter of G. H. Johnson
c3    Funeral –   Hiram Buck, Feb 19

19 February 1916
Page 1
c5    Photo –   Johnathan Dowler of St Thomas Board of Trade
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Age Not Always the Enemy of Beauty – Photo of Mrs Tamar Chute of Lakeview
c6    Funeral –   Rev William S. McDermand, Feb 18
c6    Funeral –   Fern Woodford, Feb 18
c6    Funeral –   Angus McIntyre, Feb 18
Page 8
c2    Married –   J. G. Robbins to Lulu Kerr, daughter of James Kerr
c3    Funeral –   Mrs James Shiels, Feb 18, sister of Mrs Samuel Whitwam

21 February 1916
Page 1
c1    Died –   Thomas Marshall Waite, 37th year, Feb 20
c2    Died –   John Midgley, 82 years, Feb 19 – Photo
Page 6
c3    Funeral –   Lancelot Charles Chapman, infant son of Allan W. Chapman, Feb 19
c3    Funeral –   Hiram Buck, Feb 19
c5    Died –   George Munroe, 63 years, Feb 20, brother of Archibald Munroe
Page 8
c5    Funeral –   John Midgley, Feb 22
c5    Born –   Annie Ellen Ripley, daughter of J. W. Ripley, Feb 19

22 February 1916
Page 1
c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs E. F. Cohoe of St Thomas, 25th
c5    Photo –   R. W. Johnson, School Trustee
c6    Died –   George Pettit, 89 years, Feb 21
Page 6
c4    Died –   Salathiel Curtis, 72 years, Feb 21
c4    Died –   Mrs James Lowry, nee Wilson, 63rd year, Feb 21, mother of John and James Lowry, Mrs G. F. Calder, Mrs C. Scarlet and Mrs Fred Webb
c4    Fire –   Avon School House
Page 8
c3    Married –   Frederick J. Wegg, son of Charles H. Wegg to Mary McKeever
c4    Funeral –   Salathiel Curtis, Feb 23
c4    Funeral –   Thomas Waite, Feb 23

23 February 1916
Page 6
c5    Photo –   J. A. McRae, Deputy Reeve of Aldborough
c5    Funeral –   John Midgley, Feb 22
c5    Married –   Robert Allen Ferguson to Bertha Jean Stocking
c5    Married –   George W. Leith to Francis Jane McKillop
Page 8
c2    Born –   Son of Robert Gardner, Feb 23
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Sophia Parker, 60 years, Feb 24
c5    Died –  Mrs Sophia Parker, nee Miner, 60 years, Feb 22, wife of John Parker

24 February 1916
Page 6
c4    Died –   KIA – Mac Eastlake, son of C. H. Eastlake
c4    Married –   Frank N. Fraser to Francis Pauline Hughes, daughter of Mrs Sarah Hughes
c4    Funeral –   Mrs N. L. Parker, sister-in-law of Merritt and Frank Parker
c4    Funeral –   George Pettit, Feb 23
c4    Funeral –   Salathiel Curtis, Feb 23
c5    Died –   Mrs Isabella Travers, 83 years, Feb 23, widow of Richardson Travers
Page 8
c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret McLarty, nee Douglas, 71st year, Feb 23, wife of Daniel McLarty
c4    Born –   Daughter of Leopold and Hazel MacAuley, nee Haight
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Margarette McLarty, Feb 25
c5    Funeral –   Thomas Waite, Feb 23

25 February 1916
Page 1
c1    Photo –   Enos O. Pound of St Thomas
c5    Died –   KIA – Arthur Holtby, nephew of F. B. Holtby
Page 12
c2    Married –   R. A. Ferguson to Bertha Jean Stockings
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Nelson Parker, Feb 24
c3    Married –   Walter Wolfe, son of Mrs Olive Wolfe to Edna Lee, daughter of George Lee
c3    Married –   John Gibbs to Maggie Patterson
c3    Married –   Clarence Cox, son of Mark L. Cox to Eva Herbert, daughter of Salem Herbert
c4    Married –   Frederick Raymond Taylor, son of A. A. Taylor to Mary Gertrude Barons, daughter of W. A. Barons
c6    Article –   Harry Cain of Dorchester

26 February 1916
Page 1
c3    Died –   Miss Mary Black, Feb 26, sister of James W. and Jennie Black
c4    Died –   Valentine Goldhawk, 39 years, Feb 25
c7    Photo –   Miss Lila Moore of St Thomas I. O. D. E.
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus –   Elgin House of Industry Dispels ‘Over the Hills to the Poorhouse’ – Photo of House
c6    Funeral –   Ivan Lineham, Feb 26
Page 7
c1    Photo –   Harding Company Wholesale Grocers, St Catharine St., St Thomas
c4    Photo –   Neil C. Sinclair of Empire Flour Mills, St Thomas
Page 8
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Isabella Travers, Feb 25, widow of Richard Travers
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret McLarty, Feb 25, widow of Daniel McLarty
c7    Born –   Daughter of F. Briody, Feb 20
c7    Born –   Daughter of Cecil E. Gillett, Feb 26

28 February 1916
Page 1
c7    Died –   James Bailey, 86 years, Feb 27
Page 6
c1    Died –   Henry Helmka, 90 years, Feb 22
c4    Fire –   Home of Benjamin Miller of Rodney
c4    Article –   Arthur Bowerman of Orwell
c6    Fire –   Home of David Haney of Aylmer
Page 8
c2    Died –   James Bailey, 86 years, Feb 27
c3    Married –   Henry VanAllen Grassett, nephew of C. C. Rapelje  to Elizabeth Gertrude Dedrick, daughter of William Dedrick
c3    Married –   Harvey Pettit to Margaret Darrach, daughter of Angus Darrach

29 February 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   J. Charles Corbett of St Thomas
c6    Photo –   T. J. Cassidy of St Thomas
Page 6
c3    Married –   Cecil Zansbury to Ada Hill
c4    Article –   Harley M. Cummings of Union
c6    Died –   Mrs Christena Brown, nee Benner, 69th year, Feb 27, mother of Jacob, George, John, Michael, Charles and Simon Brown and Mrs Annie (Alex) Goodbrand; sister of Jacob Brenner
Page 8
c2    Died –   Isaac John Henry Young, 3 months, Feb 29, infant son of Isaac Young

1 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Married –   James Francis Butler, son of Robert Butler to Olive Roberts, daughter of J. J. Roberts
c5    Married –   Harry Hartford Murray to Elsie Robertson
Page 4
c2    Funeral –   Miss Mary Black, Feb 29
Page 6
c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Haight, 91st year, Feb 29, widow of Ephraim W. Haight
c5    Funeral –   James Bailey, Feb 29
Page 8
c3    Died –   Duncan McAlpine, 75 years, Feb 29
c7    Born –   Margaret Edith Russ, daughter of Clare Russ, Feb 26

2 March 1916
Page 6
c2    Died –   Mrs Catherine Weaver, 88 years, Mar 1, daughter of David Shiveley; widow of Jesse Weaver
c3    Died –   Valentine Howard Goldhawk, 39 years
c5    Died –   John Barber, 84 years, Mar 2
c6    School Report – SS 3 Southwold; SS 2 Southwold; Frome
Page 8
c2    Engagement –   Benjamin S. Moore to Pearl Lillian Lounsberry, daughter of R. Lounsberry
c5    Funeral –   Miss Minnie Caughell, Mar 1, sister of Peter and David Caughell
c5    Funeral –   Isaac Young, Mar 1, infant son of Isaac Young

3 March 1916
Page 1
c5    Article –   Many Pressey
c5    Died –   Edvey Burton, Mar 2
Page 4
c6    Fire –   George Philp’s General Store, Yarmouth Heights
Page 10
c4    Died –   Richard Bailey, Feb 28, brother of Roch Bailey
c5    Funeral –   Duncan McAlpine, Mar 3
c6    School Report – SS 7 Southwold; SS 19 Southwold; SS 23 Yarmouth; SS 14 Southwold

4 March 1916
Page 1
c2    Died –   John G. Lemon, 77 years, Mar 4
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Wonders Where All the Berry Boxes Finally Wind Up – Photo of the Woodenware Plant at Rodney
c3    Married –   Harry Reid Farquhar, son of John Farquhar to Bertha M. Taylor, daughter of W. A. Taylor
c3    Died –   Hazel Dell Gillett, 24th year, Mar 3, daughter of John Gillett [Gillott]
c4    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John R. McCallum of Iona, 50th
c5    School Report – SS 17 Yarmouth
c7    Died –   Edward Henry Bowlby, 69 years, Mar 4
c7    Died –   William Burns, 65th year, Mar 3, brother of James Burns, Mrs Carrie and Mrs E. Wismer
Page 7
c1    Photo –   H. Morton and F. Harding of St Thomas
c4    Photo –   Richard Sanders of St Thomas
c5    Photo –   E. T. Wright Shoe Company, St Thomas
Page 8
c3    Died –   William Duncan, 77 years, Feb 29, father of W. George Duncan and Nina Duncan; brother of Dr George C. and James M. Duncan and Mrs Annie (Dr Hugh) McKinnon
c6    Funeral –   John G. Lemon, Mar 6
c6    Funeral –   Edward Henry Bowlby, Mar 6

6 March 1916
Page 1
c3    Photo –   W. T. Collins, his son Clarence Collins and his step-sons Roy and Frank Robinson of St Thomas
Page 5
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Anna McIntyre, 83 years, Mar 8, widow of Angus McIntyre
Page 6
c2    Died –   Calvin Shepherd, 85 years, Mar 5
c3    Died –   Mrs Anna McIntyre, 83 years, Mar 5, widow of Angus McIntyre; mother of Mary, Jeanette and Ana, McIntyre, Mrs Calver, Neil, Dougald and Dr Angus McIntyre; sister of John McKellar
c4    Died –   William S. Case, 79th year, Mar 4, father of Mrs (Dr) McArthur, Mrs William Hare, Minnie and Ethel Case
c6    School Report –   Locke’s; SS 24 Yarmouth; SS 4 Southwold; Shedden
c6    Married –   Ernest Kersey to Theresa Amelia Sinclair, daughter of Mrs Jane Sinclair
c7    Married –   Victor Connor, son of Charles Connor to Grace Evelyn McCann, daughter of Ed McCann
Page 8
c2    Born –   Daughter of Jonathan Dowler, Mar 5
c2    Born –   Son of Frank A. Bennett, Mar 3

7 March 1916
Page 4
c1    School Report – Balaclava; Scott; Wellington; Myrtle; Hiawatha; Manitoba; Wilson Ave
Page 6
c1    School Report –   Yarmouth Heights
c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs James Norton of New Sarum, 50th
c3    Funeral –   Duncan McAlpine, Mar 4
c3    Funeral –   John G. Lemon, Mar 6
Page 8
c2    Died –   Mrs Sabina Hastings, nee Boughner, 48th year, Mar 7, wife of Kepple Hastings
c3    Married –   Frederick J. Clark, son of Joseph H. Clark to Vera F. Montgomery, daughter of Eli J. Montgomery
c5    Funeral –   Edward Henry Bowlby, Mar 6

8 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Sydenham, nee McRae, 46th year, Mar 7, wife of William Sydenham; sister of Mrs john Munro, Mrs A. Lewis, Mrs A. Tunks, Mrs P. Johnstone, William and Andrew McRae
c1    Married –   Roy John Knight to Sadie J. White
c4    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Ann McDonald, nee Ogilvie, 71 years, Mar 7, widow of Angus McDonald; mother of John and William McDonald; sister of Mrs James I. Sutherland and James Ogilvie
Page 5
c2    Born –   Catherine Elinor Norsworthy, daughter of H. Mortin Norsworthy, Mar 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Sabina Hastings, Mar 10
Page 6
c3    Funeral –   William Burns, Mar 6
c6    Died –   Mrs Hannah Catherine Weaver, 83 years, Mar 7, daughter of Stephen Vale
c6    Died –   James Lobban, 70 years, Mar 6
c6    School Report –   SS 27 Yarmouth
c7    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs R. Jones of Aylmer, 50th, parents of Mrs F. Roberts

9 March 1916
Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Miss Hazel Gillett, Mar 5
c3    Funeral –   William Martyn, 47th year, Mar 5, son of W. B. Martyn
c3    Born –   Daughter of Lorne Fowler, Feb 26
c4    Married –   Fred J. Cullen to Marget C. Patterson
c4    Married –   George Demers to Nettie Towers
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Anna McIntyre, Mar 8, widow of Angus McIntyre, mother of Dugald, Archie, Neil and Dr Angus McIntyre; aunt of Dr McKellar and Neil McCallum
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Eliza Ann McDonald, Mar 10
c6    School Report –   Harrietsville; Luton; SS 5 Malahide
Page 8
c3    Funeral –   Helen Dudley, Mar 8, infant daughter of Frank Dudley
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Sabina Hastings, Mar 10, wife of Keppel Hastings
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Mary may Sydenham, Mar 10, wife of William Sydenham
c5    School Report –   SS 19 Yarmouth

10 March 1916
Page 10
c3    Article –   Fishing Tug ‘Wilma’ sunk in harbour at Port Stanley
c5    Died –   Mrs L. L. Sheldon, 90th year, Mar 9, mother of Mrs E. T. Martin, Mrs E. C. Jenkins, Mrs John Finch, Henry and C. A. Sheldon
c6    Article –   Early Census of Dutton 1816- 1817
c7    Died –   J. R. Parks, 84 years, Mar 10
Page 12
c1    Died –   Leslie Robert Pall, 7 months, Mar 9, son of W. C. Pall [Paul – CVH]
c4    Inquest –   Death of newborn child at Port Burwell

11 March 1916
Page 6
c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – The Romantic Story of the Edison Family
c3    Married –   Odber Morland McGregor to Nellie May Greene, daughter of William Green
c7    Birthday –   Willie Tapsell of Talbotville, 12th
Page 7
c4    Photo –   William George Rogers, President of Erie Iron Works Ltd., St Thomas
Page 8
c1    Died –   Norman G. Leslie, father of Norman Leslie
c3    Born –   John Homer Lumley Carswell, son of Peter & Edna Carswell, nee Lumley, Feb 25
c3    Funeral –   John R. Parks, Mar 12
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Sabina Hastings, Mar 10
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Mary M. Sydenham, Mar 10

12 March 1916
Page 6
c4    Photo –   Judge C. W. Colter of St Thomas
c5    Died –   Mrs Catharine Shrubb, 55 years, Mar 10
Page 8
c5    Funeral –   Leslie Robert Paul, Mar 11, infant son of William C. Paul

14 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Article –   Mary Schmeltz of Orford vs Duncan Summers of Aldborough – sued for breach of promise
Page 6
c1    Died –   Mrs L. B. Hibbard, niece of Andrew Wismer
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Israel Weaver, Mar 10
c2    Funeral –   Infant son of Guy Demaray, Mar 10
c2    Died –   Hector McLean Paterson, 5 months 19 days, Mar 13, infant son of James Paterson
c4    Married –   Joseph Ferguson, son of P. J. Ferguson to May Simpson, daughter of Mrs Minerva Simpson
c4    Funeral –   John R. Parkes, Mar 12
c5    Died –   John Webb or Gibb, 95 years, Mar 10
c6    Birthday –   Mrs Mary Turk of Tillsonburg, 90th
c7    Died –   Nelson Mott, 92 years, Mar 12
Page 8
c3    Died –   Stephen Wade, 86 years, Mar 8
c4    Memoriam –   Ruth Brindley, Mar 14 1915
c5    Born –   Daughter of Henry Roe, Mar 13
c5    Born –   Robert Atcheson Crothers, son of C. A. Crothers, Mar 5

15 March 1916
Page 1
c5    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Kerr, Mar 14, mother of John F. Kerr
Page 4
c2    Died –   Mrs (Rev) Hugh Reid, nee Margaret McKechnie, 93 years, mother of Mary M. Reid and the late Annie J. Reid
c2    Died –   Annie J. Reid, 63 years, daughter of Hugh & Margaret Reid, nee McKechnie; sister of Mary M. Reid
c2    Died –   George Skelding, 82nd year, Mar 14
c3    Died –   Mrs Lena Dale, nee Stephens, 25th year, Mar 14, wife of Thomas Dale
c3    Died –   Mrs Frances M. Lockwood, 76th year, Mar 14
Page 10
c1    Married –   M. D. Beemer to Adah Hicks

16 March 1916
Page 1
c5    Article –   Barney P. McGregor and Florence Newsome of St Thomas
Page 6
c5    Fire –   Homes of J. A. Lemon and A. E. Orchard of Shedden
Page 8
c2    Born –   Daughter of D. A. McLean, Mar 9
c2    Born –   Daughter of Paul Graham, Mar 2
c3    Engagement –   Murray Ashton, son of John Ashton to Adra Irene Wilcox, daughter of Albert O. Wilcox

17 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Died –   KIA –   L. Corp Donald McIntosh, Feb 22, son of Alex McIntosh
Page 9
c1    Married –   George Henderson to Clara Gardner, sister of Mrs J. J. Bailess
Page 10
c4    Died –   Harry Millard, 6 years, Mar 16, son of William Millard
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Lena Dale, Mar 16
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Kerr, Mar 16
c7    Married –   Alvin Claudius Hoover to Edith Estella Charlton, daughter of Ansel E. Charlton
c7    Married –   John Harvey Martindale to Mabel Kate Charlton, daughter of Ansel E. Charlton
Page 12
c3    Married –   Robert Henry Connor to Dora Lyle Cook, daughter of S. S. Cook

18 March 1916
Page 1
c3    Photo –   Major George Stacey of St Thomas
c4    Died –   Mrs Christianna Barker, 86 years, Mar 17, widow of Addison Barker; mother of Mrs Corrie
c5    Photo –   Mr & Mrs William Smith and 5 daughters of St Thomas
Page 5
c3    Memoriam –   Mrs Samuel Jolliffe, Mar 18 1915
Page 6
c1    Legal –   William A. Hare vs his aunt Mrs Alma (W. F.) Luton
c1    Legal –   Mrs Emma B. Kaiser vs her sisters Minnie, Alice and Carrie Beemer
c7    School Report –   SS 11 Southwold
Page 7
c4    Photo –   F. C. Bell of St Thomas
Page 8
c3    Memoriam –   Mrs Frank Smith, Mar 19 1915

20 March 1916
Page 1
c5    Died –   W. Thomas Lee, 63rd year, Mar 20
Page 5
c2    Died –   Freda Lorane Strachan, 9 months, Mar 20, infant daughter of W. A. Strachan; niece of Mrs J. Mulligan and Mrs F. Addy
c2    Died –   Miss Nellie Rushton Emery, 47th year, Mar 19, daughter of Abraham Emery
c3    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Ann Swartz, nee Frizzle, 60th year, Mar 18, wife of Peter R. Swartz; mother of Mrs E. R. Hughes and George Swartz; sister of John, Henry, Alexander, James and Albee Frizzle
c3    Married –   Lloyd McPhee to Beatrice Bake
Page 6
c4    Married –   Alvin Claudius Hoover to Edith Estella Charlton, daughter of Ansel E. Charlton
c4    Married –   John Harvey Martindale to Mabel Kate Charlton, daughter of Ansel E. Charlton
c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Carter, nee Sallows, Mar 19, widow of James Carter
c6    Died –   William Stoner, 73 years, Mar 19
c6    Died –   J. Lindenman, Mar 18, father of W. H. Lindenman
Page 8
c1    Died –   Mrs George Rose, Mar 15, aunt of Mrs F. R. Pearson
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Christinia Barker, Mar 20, mother of Mrs W. H. Corrie

21 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Lewis, nee Twitchell, 38th year, Mar 20, daughter of Mrs A. Twitchell; wife of A. W. Lewis
c4    Photo –   Squire Frank Hunt, Elgin County Police Magistrate
Page 6
c5    Died –   Robert Graham, 81st year, Mar 20
c5    Died –   William Willows, 69th year, Mar 20, father of John and William Willows; brother of Thomas, George and Stephen Willows, Mrs Bowern, Mrs Ross and Mrs Hopkins
c5    Funeral –   Pte Laurence Ruddick Pirie, 18 years, Mar 19
c6    Died –   William Ingram, 90 years, Mar 18
c6    Married –   Gordon McCallum to Ethel McGregor
c6    Died –   Marjorie Hoffman, 18 years, daughter of Harry Hoffman
c6    Funeral –   Miss Nellie R. Emery, Mar 20
Page 8
c1    Funeral –   Mrs P. Swartz, Mar 22
c1    Married –   Richard T. Rose to Florence MacPherson, daughter of Archibald MacPherson
c5    Born –   Son of Maxwell R. Johnson, Mar 18
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Lewis, Mar 22
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Ann Swartz, Mar 22
c5    Funeral –   Robert Graham, Mar 23
c5    Funeral –   William Willows, Mar 22

22 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Died –   Francis H. Calcott, 55 years, Jan 4
c2    Died –   Frank Hickey, Mar 21, son o f T. Hickey; brother of Loraine, Margaret, Teresa, Mattie, Dan and Harry Hickey
Page 6
c3    Died –   Mrs Ann Taylor, 74 years, Mar 22, daughter of Daniel Curtis; widow of John Taylor
c6    Funeral –   William Stoner, Mar 21
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Carter, Mar 20

23 March 1916
Page 6
c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs J. W. Keesler, nee Woolley of Springfield, 50th
c6    Funeral –   Mrs P. R. Swartz, Mar 22
c6    Funeral –   Mrs A. W. Lewis, Mar 22
Page 8
c1    Died –   Thomas Dickson or Dickenson, Mar 16; brother-in-law of Mrs Winston Beckett
c1    Died –   Mrs Amanda VanBrocklyn, 79th year, Mar 14, mother of S. J., John and Lewis McClelland and Mrs Light
c2    Born –   Son of Sheldon Bentley
c2    Born –   Daughter of Thomas Hoare, Mar 19
c5    Funeral –   William Willows, Mar 22
c5    Funeral –   William Thomas Lee, Mar 22
c5    Funeral –   Mark Bowey, Mar 22
c6    Born –   Daughter of George Palmer, Mar 19
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Ann Taylor, Mar 24

24 March 1916
Page 1
c3    Died –   Rev Dr Joseph R. Gundy, Mar 24, sow of William Gundy; husband of Mrs Isabella Gundy, nee Eveleigh; father of Charles R., J. H., J. F and W. E. Gundy; son-in-law of William Eveleigh – Photo
c6    Died –   Welberne Atkin, 60 years, Mar 24, son of Isaac & Jane Atkin, nee Leeson
Page 11
c1    Funeral –   Robert Graham, Mar 23
Page 12
c4    Died –   John Plain, 97 years, Mar 23

25 March 1916
Page 4
c6    Funeral –   Mrs John Taylor, Mar 24
Page 6
c3    Fire –   Home of Charles Dodge at West Lorne
c3    Died –   Duncan McMillan, 68th year, Mar 24, father of Frank, Duncan, Donald, Isabelle and Florence McMillan; brother of Daniel and Dougald McMillan
c3    Married –   John George Somerville to Mabel Bernice Simons, daughter of Walter Simons
Page 7
c4    Photo –   A. McIntyre Bruce of St Thomas
Page 8
c3    Funeral –   Welberne Atkin, Mar 27
c3    Funeral –   Rev J. R. Gundy, Mar 27

27 March 1916
Page 1
c4    Funeral –   Rev Dr J. R. Gundy, Mar 27
c6    Photo –   Rev W. A. Bremner of Central Methodist Church, St Thomas
c6    Died –   Mrs Alice Odell, 75 years, Mar 25, widow of Joseph B. Odell
Page 6
c2    Died –   Margurette Soper, 15 months, Mar 25, infant daughter of Charles Soper
c3    Died –   L. A. Wedge, 34 years, Mar 26
c7    Died –   William Hughes, 61st year, Mar 27
Page 8
c1    Fire –   Port Burwell – Livery barns of George Riddell; warehouses of R. Wright & Sons
c2    Married –   Norman Allen, son of George Allen to Florence Leola Turnbull, daughter of Andrew Turnbull
c2    Article –   W. E. Small, inventor of Yarmouth
c4    Born –   Walter Albert Else, son of Gordon Else, Mar 23
c4    Born –   Daughter of Nelson Else, Mar 26

28 March 1916
Page 1
c2    Photo –   Rev W. F. Brownlee of St John’s Church, St Thomas
c4    Article –   Anna Palmerston, age 7 years, daughter of R. F. Palmerston of St Thomas
Page 4
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Alice Odell, Mar 27
c6    Funeral –   Margaret Soper, Mar 27
Page 6
c2    Shower –   Miss Ethel Betterley at Mapleton
c5    Funeral –   Welberne Atkin, Mar 27
Page 7
c4    Fire –   Home of Duncan Wrightman, St Thomas
c4    Died –   Dr Robert Wallace Bruce Smith, Mar 28, husband of Mrs Mary Smith, nee McLachlin
c4    Born –   John Thompson Cattanach, son of Bruce A. Cattanach
c4    Born –   Daughter of John Storrey, Mar 25
c4    Born –   Daughter of E. L. Frost, Mar 26
c4    Born –   Son of J. G. Moncrieff, Mar 26

29 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Mann, nee McMahon, 40th year, Mar 28, wife of Alfred W. Mann
c2    Photo –   Arthur Harbour of St Thomas
c6    Died –   George D. Pringle, 70 years, Mar 28, son of John Pringle; father of Alma, Florence and George Pringle and Mrs Hugh C. MacDonald
Page 4
c1    Birthday –   George Edmond of Glenmeyer, 69th
c3    Died –   Mrs S. M. Wagner, 35 years, Mar 26, daughter of Thomas Scane
c4    Married –   Murray James Ashton, son of John J. Ashton to Edra Irene Wilcox, daughter of A. O. Wilcox
c6    Married –   Stewart Ferguson, son of J. D. Ferguson to Helen Margaret Graham, daughter of Francis Graham
c6    Died –   John Kairns, 72 years, Mar 28
c6    Fire –   Residence of Gordon Wiley of Dutton
c7    Married –   Norman Allin to Leola Turnbull
Page 10
c1    Birthday –   Dorothy Baldwin of St Thomas, 11th
c3    Born –   Daughter of W. G. Erwin, Mar 22
c4    Died –   James Russell, Mar 27, brother of Jennie and William Russell

30 March 1916
Page 6
c3    Married –   Denis Laur to Ethel Batterly [Betterley]
c3    Died –   John Fero, 68 years
c3    Died –   Mrs Maggie Dixon, nee Smith, 20 years, wife of Alex Dixon
c3    Died –   Mrs John Johnson, 65 years
Page 8
c5    Born –   Son of John Price, Mar 16

31 March 1916
Page 1
c1    Photo –   Oscar L. Pearson of St Thomas YMCA
c3    Article –   Charles M. Smith of St Thomas
c5    Married –   Arthur Porter to Mamie Locke, sister of Violet Locke
Page 10
c4    Died –   Joseph Holland, 86 years, Mar 30
c4    Died –   William Eden, 80 years, Mar 30
c7    Bigamy –   Harry Adams and Mrs Alice Fisher, wife of George Fisher of Simcoe