STTJ 1929 Nov-Dec

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

November through December 1929

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 November 1929

Page 3

c1        Trial – Sherif Rakip of St Thomas


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Stock, nee Miller; 69th years, daughter of John Miller; widow of Jacob Stock


Page 7

c2        Died – Clarence Saxon, Oct 31, son of Herbert Saxon

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mary Bell Cuthbertson, nee Buchan, Oct 30


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs Russell Smith, Oct 31, daughter of Mrs Davenport


Page 9

c1        Vital Statistics – October 1929, St Thomas – 32 births, 24 marriages, 28 deaths

c5        Funeral – Henry Turvill, Oct 31

c7        Born – William Edward Gray, son of Leslie Gray, Oct 20

c7        Born – Son of Cecil Snively, Oct 26

c7        Born – Marion Kathryn Ball, daughter of Fred Ball, Oct 25

c7        Born – Son of William Innes Drynan, Oct 22

c7        Born – Maxine Angelina Leadbeater, daughter of Ray Leadbeater, Oct 15

c7        Born – Norma Madeline Burk, daughter of C. H. Burk, Sept 30

c7        Born – Son of Frank Robinson, Oct 17

c7        Born – Daughter of J. Gordon Wells, Oct 18

c7        Born – Son of Carleton Brown, Oct 22

c7        Died – Duncan M. Gillis, 71st year, Oct 31


Page 10

c4        Married – Charles Edward Muma, son of L. Muma to Doris Marguerite Arnold, daughter of David Arnold

c4        Married – Howard Bridge to Bernice Stamp

c4        Married – C. Leslie Crane to Mrs Ellen Reed

c4        Married – L’Joe White, son of Joseph White to Beulah Rosetta Hearn, daughter of George Hearn


Page 12

c6        Died – Mrs Abram Ritchie, nee Harriet Malvina Pangborn, 69th year, Oct 29, daughter of William Pangborn

2 November 1929

Page 1

c7        Photo – Harry E. Price, late of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Married – L’Joe White, son of Joseph White to Beulah Rosetta Hearn, daughter of George Hearn

c1        Married – C. Leslie Crane to Mrs Ellen Reed

c3        Died – Mrs Fred Alway, 85 years, daughter of William Mason; mother of Dr W. F. and Fred Always, and Mrs George Robertson


Page 7

c1        Married – Charles Douglas Lewis, son of C. E. Lewis to Noreen Estella VanKoughnette, daughter of D. VanKoughnette

c2        Died – Mrs Cora Gertrude Whaley, 56 years, Nov 2, daughter of Eli O. & Mary Green; husband of Robert E. Whaley

c2        Died – William Gardiner Irwin, 46 years, Nov 2, son of William Irwin; brother of Catherine, Fred and Wesley Irwin

c7        Funeral – John B. Young, Nov 1

c8        School Reports – Southwold and Yarmouth

c8        Died – Duncan M. Gillis, Oct 31

c8        Died – William Gardiner Irwin, 46 years, Nov 2

c8        Died – Mrs Cora Gertrude Whaley, 56 years, Nov 2


Page 8

c8        Married – Herbert C. Hall to Grace Winnifred Cooper, daughter of J. Cooper

c8        Married – Thomas Duran Curran to Florence Pearl Guyitt, daughter of Webster Guyitt

c8        Married – George Guyitt to Mary Cattle Trudgen, daughter of John Trudgen

2 November 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c6        Photo – Dr Perry S. Dobson of St Thomas; Frank Harding of St Thomas


Page 12

c5        Died Ernest Williams, 60 years, Nov 1


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Kurven S. Woodward, son of R. B. Woodward to Marion Aurelia Burnham daughter of C. Clarence Rehbein

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George C. Haynes of St Thomas, 20th

c6        Engagement – H. A. Haddon to Mrs A. Shaw

c8        Shower – Mrs Eugene Platten

4 November 1929

Page 1

c3        Died – Rev Canon Miles, Nov 4; father of Mrs Woods; step-father of Maude Miles and Mrs Rattan


Page 6

c1        Died – Rev Alfred Winnington-Ingram, uncle of Mrs Constance Breay


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Harry Glair, nee Mabel Axford, Nov 1, daughter of Mrs Maria Axford

c3        Died – Mrs Martha Britton, 84th year; Nov 2, daughter of George Miller; widow of Joseph Britton

c4        Died – Mrs Samuel Ryckman, Oct 31, mother of J. B. Ryckman, George Ryckman and Mrs David Jenks; grandmother of Mrs Joseph Craig, Joseph Jr., Helen and Clyde Ryckman

c8        Born – William Gordon Mailing, son of Hugh Mailing, Nov 2


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Dr John Kenneth McBaine to Ethel Almena Cordick, daughter of S. Cordick

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Sowden of Brantford, 50th

c7        Married – Frank Lemon, son of H. G. Lemon to Marion Ethel Tanton, daughter of A. E. Tanton

c7        Married – Walter Morrison Campbell, son of W. F. Campbell to Helen Margaret Louise Tait, daughter of Murray Tait

c7        Married – Frank Denton Jr to Kathleen Margaret Davies, daughter of Trevor H. Davies

5 November 1929

Page 5

c2        Honor Roll – St Thomas Public Schools


Page 6

c1        Vital Statistics – Oct 1929 in Aylmer – 4 births, 4 marriages, 3 deaths

c2        Died – Rev Canon Charles A. Miles, Nov 4


Page 7

c2        Died – Frederick Charles Clark, 58 years, Nov 4, father of Mrs Lottie Deyell, William Frederick and Ralph Clark; grandfather of Mary & Freddie Deyell

c2        Died – Peter Brown, 73 years, Nov 4, father of Fred and Roy Brown and Mrs D. B. Tindall

c6        Funeral – William Gardiner Irwin, Nov 4

c6        Funeral – Mrs Martha Britton, Nov 4

c6        Funeral – Mrs Cora Whaley, Nov 4

c7        School Reports – New Sarum and East Yarmouth

c8        Married – Albert Austin, son of W. R. Austin to Muriel Bannon, daughter rof m. Bannon

c8        Died – Frederick Charles Clark, 58 years, Nov 4

c8        Died – Annie Ruth Halpin, 32 years, Nov 5, daughrer of John Halpin

c8        Memoriam – Bernard W. Button, Nov 5 1921


Page 8

c2        Funeral – A. F. Salkus, father of Mrs William Folland

c2        Engagement – Dr Murray Scott Douglas, son of Robert F. Douglas to Edith Alberta Money, daughter of George L. Money

c3        Engagement – Dr Alex Cameron MacNiel, son of William Hutchinson MacNiel to Dorothy Cresswell, daughter of Mrs Hodgins

c3        Engagement – George Albert Smale to Margaret Annie Roe, daughter of T. Roe

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel Parkinson, nee Showler of Dorchester, 25th

c7        Married – Fred Dobbs, son of Freeman Dobbs to Georgina Evlin Brien daughter of G. R. Brien

c7        Married – James Kay, son of A. Kay to Bella McLean, daughter of D. McLean

c8        Married – Dillon Luno, son of George Luno to Agnes Helen Craig, daughter of Charles Craig

6 November 1929

Page 2

c5        Anniversary – Knox Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow, 101st


Page 5

c2        Photo – Robert C. Belbin, son of James Belbin of St Thomas

c7        Died – Milton Peter Buchner, 25 years, Nov 4, son of Mantelbert & Joanna Buchner; nephew of Mrs Thomas Shipway, Mrs George T. Coulter, Mrs R. P. Harvey and Charles Buchner


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Ryckman, 80th year, Nov 5, widow of John Henry Schram


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of H. Dummer, Nov 4

c8        Died – Annie Ruth Halpin, 32 years, Nov 5

c8        Died – Peter Brown, 73 years, Nov 4, husband of Mrs Mary A. Brown

c8        Memoriam – David Campbell Tweed, Nov 6 1917


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C. E. Fillmore of Dunwich, 50th – Photo

c2        Engagement – Gordon Jackson to Dorothy Jean Palmer, daughter of George Palmer

c3        Birthday – Chris Jacklin of Blenheim, 79th

c4        Married – Daniel L. Black, son of John Black to Elizabeth Irene Cummings, daughter of William A. Cummings


Page 11

c2        Funeral – Clare Saxon, Nov 2

7 November 1929

Page 1

c6        Died – Mrs Lester G. Charlton, 35 years, Nov 6, son of Lewis Charlton; husband of Mrs Charlton, nee Campbell; father of Jack and May Charlton

c6        Died – Mrs Lester G. Charlton, nee Campbell, 35 years, Nov 6, daughter of J. H. Campbell; mother of Jack and May Charlton

Page 7

c1        Died – Sylvanus W. Wigle, 68th year, son of Wendall and Susan Wigle; husband of Mrs Edna Wigle, nee Gammon; father of Mrs Milton Hutchinson; brother of Mrs Albert Pulford and Mrs Bray

c2        Died – Harvey Brown, 78 years, Nov 6


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Canon Miles, Nov 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs T. G. Winder of Aylmer, 26th

c1        Died – William R. Hare, Nov 2


Page 9

c3        Died – Ivan Frank Halbert, 35 years, Nov 7, son of Nelson and Mary Ann Halbert; brother of Mrs Fred Iredom, Mrs W. E. Gray and John Halbert

c7        Died – Milton Peter Buchner, 25 years, Oct 31

c8        Memoriam – Samuel F. Brockenshire, Nov 7 1928


Page 10

c8        Married – Stanley F. Young, son of J. W. Young to Ruby Leta Curtis, daughter of James H. Curtis

c8        Married – Charles Arlein, son f L. J. Arlein to Martine Fisher

8 November 1929

Page 6

c4        Died – William B. Porteous, 66 years, Nov 6

c4        Died – Robert James Wilson, 54 years, Nov 4, husband of Mrs Estella Blanche Wilson, nee Elliott

c4        Died – William D. McDonald, 81st year, Nov 5

c5        Died – Annie Ruth Halpin, Nov 5, sister of James Halpin, Mrs F. Campbell, Mrs O. Krammer, Mrs E. B. Martelle, Mrs Roy Bint and Bernice Halpin

c5        Died – Arthur Channing, Nov 8

c5        Died – Alfred Brown, 58 years, Nov 5, son of Samuel Brown; father of Clayton, William , Alvin, Dorothy, Norman, Betty, Lottie, Irene and Margaret Brown


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Frederick C. Clark, Nov 7


Page 10

c1        Died – Harvey Brown, 82nd year, Nov 6


Page 11

c3        Funeral – Peter Brown, Nov 7

c7        Born – Marilyn May Gillis, daughter of Stanley & Ida Gillis, nee Ray, Nov 5

c7        Born – Kathryn Joyce Rowe, daughter of W. E. Rowe

c7        Died – Ivan Frank Halbert, 36th year, Nov 7

c7        Memoriam – Alice Evelyn Bellous, Nov 8 1927


Page 12

c3        Engagement – George Douglas Quance, son of R. A. Quance to Elizabeth Winnifred Somerville, daughter of D. Somerville

c3        Engagement – M. Harold McKibbipn to Margaret Thayer

c3        Birthday – John A. Tory of Toronto, 60th, brother of Dr H. M. Tory

c6        Married – Revel R. Charlton, son of Ralph Charlton to Eleanor E. Weil

c6        Married – Duncan McLean Ross, son of Donald Ross to Janet C. Emerson, daughter rof J. P. Ramsay

c6        Married – Walter Letson to Lillian Isobel Dodds

c6        Married – Jay Calder to Mabel Anderson

9 November 1929

Page 6

c1        Married – John E. Chute, son of John H. Chute to Mrs Dora Hall, daughter of Hugh Willison

c1        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Ryckman, Nov 7


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Clara Gertrude Carthy, Nov 6, daughter of Eugene & Annie L. Carthy

c2        Died – Lela Helen Welch, 22 years, Nov 9, daughter of Levi Welch; sister of Lloyd Welch

c3        Article – Clemens – Plain Family

c7        Memoriam – Sophia Schultz, Nov 11 1928

c7        Memoriam – Albert McNabb, Nov 9 1926

c7        Memoriam – Emery Parker, Nov 10 1928

c7        Memoriam – Cyrus Hartsell, Nov 11 1921

c7        Memoriam – Jeannie Rundle Shepard, Nov 11 1921

c7        Memoriam – Gordon W. G. Panther, Nov 9 1915, son of J. W. Panther

c8        Born – Son of William Hodgson, Nov 1

c8        Born – Son of James Atkinson, Nov 4

c8        Born – Son of Aubrey & Enid Hunt, nee Newcombe, Oct 16

c8        Died – Phillip Brady, 81st year, Nov 8


Page 8

c3        Married – Henry W. Dyson, son of H. Dyson to Marguerite Eileen Cordery, daughter of A. Cordery

c3        Married – Kyle Simpson, son of J. J. Simpson to Mary Mildred Wigle, daughter of Mrs Adelia Wigle

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John W. Young of Chatham, 25th

c7        Engagement – John T. Heck to Mona Justine Campbell, daughter of C. Campbell

c8        Engagement – George Duncan McTaggart Jr. to Eileen Lois Ibbotson, daughter of Mrs E. B. Ibbotson


Page 9

c3        Died – Leila Welch, Nov 3, daughter of Levi Welch

c3        Funeral – J. B. Waller, 87 years, Uncles of John & Charles Waller

c4        Died – Mrs Fanny Skill, 84 years

c4        Died – Ross Mills, son of Walter Mills

9 November 1929

Second Section

Page 7

c6         Article – Lyons History by Mrs John Evert


Page 16

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Joshua & Mary Anderson of Stirling, 74th – Photo


Page 17

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – He Has Photographed Most of the World’s Celebrities – Harry Pollard, Tillsonburg Man, Has Had Many Exciting Experiences in May Climes; India, He Declares is the Seat of Romance – Photo of Harry Pollard and Captain Latta of the Empress of Australia


Page 24

c5        Engagement – Cyril Bruce Symonds, son of R. C. Symonds to Margaret Eleanor Sparks, daughter of Mrs Margaret Sparks

c6        Birthday – Lyle Sifton, 1st, son of L. B. Sifton

c6        Married – Earl Caughell to Doris Hill

12 November 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – Henry Lindop of St Thomas

c6        Died – William John Shaw, 76 years, Nov 11, husband of Mrs Annie MacPherson Shaw, nee Dick – Photo


Page 3

c5        Died – John Bale, 83 years, Nov 8, father of Peter Bale; btother of William, Edward and Richard Bale; burial Evergreen Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c7        Funeral – Ivan Frank Halbert, Nov 9


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Nellie M. Lindsay, 48th year, Nov 10, daughter of Mrs E. Rusling; wife of William L. Lindsay; mother of Violet and Evelene Lindsay

c4        Died – Mrs Rebecca Kennedy, 76 years, Nov 7, widow of William Charles Kennedy

c4        Married – Albert E. Kitt, son of Charles W. Kitt to Alice Maude Senn, daughter of Archie Senn


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Harvey Brown, Nov 9

c4        Article – Holman Family


Page 9

c1        Died – G. H. Hutchinson, brother of Mrs Charles Montgomery; uncle of Mrs E. E. Bridge

c3        Died – Mrs Dora Pegler, 89 years, Nov 11, sister of Lizzie and John R. Gurd

c8        Born – Son of James H. Covil, Nov 12

c8        Died – Thomas Russell Ferguson, 41st year, Nov 11, husband of Mrs Eva Ferguson, nee Ballagh

c8        Died – Mrs Dora Pegler, 89 years, Nov 11, daughter of John & Rebecca Gurd

c8        Memoriam – Elva Jones, Nov 11 1928

c8        Memoriam – Barbara Louise Beck, Nov 12 1928

c8        Legal Notice – Not responsible for debts incurred in his name, Martin Cronkwright


Page 10

c4        Married – Earl Caughell, son of George Caughell to Doris Hill, daughter of James Hill

c4        Married – James Marshall to Myrtle Freeman

c4        Married – Wilbert Johnston, son of J. W. Johnston to Metta Duncan, daughter of William E Duncan

c4        Married – Robert J. Bailey to Agnes Harvey

c4        Married – Gordon Peebles Dickson to Margaret Morris, daughter of Harry Egbert Guppy

13 November 1929

Page 1

c4        Died – George William Midgley, (Midgely), 70 years, Nov 12, son of John Midgley; husband of Mrs Wilhelmina Midgley, nee Howard; brother of Mrs Allan and Leila Midley; Uncle of Lawson Midgley – Photo


Page 6

c2        Died – Henry Maguire, 76th year, Nov 9, father of Mrs Harry Manary, Mabel Maguire and Mrs Gordon Hazen; brother of Ed, Allen and Albert Maguire, Mrs Joseph Collinson and Mrs Wesley McKay


Page 7

c8        Born – George Henry Frederick Heitbohmer, son of Philip & Orpha Heitbohmer, nee Claydon, Nov 9

c8        Born – Max Kenneth Covil, son of James H. Covil, Nov 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Harry Hopkins, Nov 1

c8        Died – William John Shaw, 75 years, Nov 13

c8        Died – George William Midgley, 70 years, Nov 12, son of John & Emma Midgley

c8        Died – Mrs Rachel E. Smith, 77th year, Nov 12, mother of Mrs Will Burn


13 November 1929

Second Section

Page 12

c4        Married – Erich Bartmann, son of Mrs Christina Bartmann to Laura Adelaide Dingman, daughter of Walter A. Dingman

c4        Married – Dr John Kenneth McBane, son of D. McBane to Ethel Almena Cordick, daughter of S. Cordick

c4        Married – Harold Foster to Hazel E. Scott, daughter of George Scott

c4        Married – Norman Blacklock to Kathleen Cooper, daughter of William Cooper

c4        Married – James H. Marshall, son of Mrs R. Boyer to Clara Myrtle Freeman, daughter of F. B. Freeman


Page 14

c8        Died – Henry Williams, Nov 10, father of Warren, Earl, Charles and Harold Williams; brother of Lawrence and Andrew Williams; burial McArthur Cemetery, no stone found – CVH


Page 20

c4        Died – Louis Philip Brady, Nov 8, father of Terence & Mary Brady, nee Briody; husband of Mrs Mary Brady, nee Laughlin; father of Mrs Eva Howell, Mrs Rose Hearn, Mrs Cathairne Burgar, Mrs Ella Stacey and Anna Brady; brother of Sarah Brady; grandson of James Brady

14 November 1929

Page 3

c2        Funeral – Harvey Brown, Nov 9

c3        Died – Nate Wade, 73 years, Nov 11, father of Mrs George Luther, Mrs Glen Blackwell, Mrs L. Springstein and Nate Wade

c4        Died – Mrs Thomas French, 85 years, Nov 13, mother of George & William French, Mrs Berry and Mrs Mudge


Page 7

c1        Died – Mahlon Hall, 60th year, Nov 13, brother of Mrs Henry Walker, Mrs Ira Walker and Mrs M. Taylor and Everett Hall; burial Trinity Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c1        Died – Mrs Rachael Smith, Nov 12, mother of Mrs W. N. Burn


Page 8

c1        Married – Ernest W. Rusch to Mildred Wegenast, daughter of William H. Wegenast

c1        Died – Albert Blake, 76 years, Nov 7

c2        Died – George Whitfield Baker, 59th year, Nov 13

c2        Funeral – Thomas R. Ferguson, Nov 13

c2        Funeral – Mrs Dora Pegler, Nov 13


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of A. Tuff, Nov 1 at Port Burwell

c8        Died – Mrs Rachael Smith, 77th year, Nov 12

c9        Memoriam – Robert Chisholm, Nov 14 1928


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Dr J. Murray Campbell, son of Rev D. L. Campbell to Marie Adelaide Montgomery, daughter of Joseph Montgomery

c3        Engagement – Wilfred Smith, son of William Smith to Jean Ferguson, daughter of Noble Ferguson

c3        Engagement – Harold E. Wittet, son of James Wittet to Dorothy Pearl Kennedy, daughter of George Kennedy

c4        Married – Kurven S. Woodward, son of R. B. Woodward to Marian A. Burnham, daughter of Mrs C. C. Rehbein

c4        Married – John S. Burgess to Mrs Edna A. Grigg

c4        Married – Sam McFarlane to Marjory Ruth Toombs, daughter of Cassius Toombs

c4        Married – Richard W. Mitchell to Ella May Nelson

c4        Married – Nathan Jack to Sadie Silverstein, daughter of L. Silverstein


Page 12

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Holmes of Otterville, 50th


Page 16

c3        Photo – Miss Lora Billing of St Thomas


Page 18

c2        Died – James Kelly, sister of Mrs William Sherk and John Kelly

c4        Died – Mrs E. S. Chamberlain, mother of Arthur Montague of Wallaceburg

15 November 1929

Page 6

c5        Married – Arthur Hildebrand Schmidt to Madeline Ruby McLean

c5        Married – Leo Henderson, son of Frank D. Henderson to Patricia Bliss Roberts, daughter of Lloyd Roberts and granddaughter of Dr Charles G. D. Roberts


Page 10

c4        Died – Henry A. Brown, 75th year, Nov 13, brother of Mrs Emery Chalk, Mrs Annie Anderson and Mrs Harvey Cohoon; burial Union Cemetery, no monument found – CVH


Page 11

c2        Died – Mrs Martha Victoria Davies, 75 years, Nov 15, widow of Frederick Davies; sister of Charles W. Beattie

c6        Funeral – George W. Midgley (Midgely), Nov 14

c6        Funeral – William John Shaw, Nov 14

c8        Born – Son of Douglas Gillard, Nov 9

c8        Died – Mrs Martha Victoria Davis, 75 years, Nov 15

16 November 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – W. G. Whiteside of St Thomas

c6        Died – Oliver Hyatt, 22 years, Nov 15; son of William Hyatt; brother of Lucille, Bert, Stewart, Robert and Hugh Hyatt; burial Union Cemetery, no stone found – CVH


Page 7

c8        Born – Marion Geraldin McNeill, daughter of R. H. & Margaret McNeill, nee Cole, Nov 8

c8        Died – Oliver Hyatt, 22 years, Nov 15


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C. E. Fillmore of Dunwich, 50th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles William Charlton of Springfield, 50th


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Robert A. Watson, 66 years, Nov 14, mother of Frederick, Marshall and Melrose Watson

16 November 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c3        Article – South Dorchester Early Settlers, by Mrs M. B. Stewart of Springfield


Page 13

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Reed of Courtwright, 50th

c1        Birthday – Robert Stockdale, 90th

c4        Article – Ekfrid Pioneer, George Lee of Ireland, 1815

18 November 1929

Page 2

c2        Died – Mrs Eva Fairles, 35 years, Nov 17, daughter of Mrs Gilbert Gregory; wife of T. A. Fairles; mother of Robert, Margaret & Ernest Fairles; sister of Fred and Lloyd Gregory, Mrs William Burch and Dora Gregory


Page 5

c3        Married – Cecil Lionel Holding, son of J. Holding to Mabel Irene Denney, daughter of W. Denney

c3        Married – Rev Louis W. Diehl to Mary Ellen Grant, daughter of George Grant

c3        Married – Frank Horace Woods, son of William Woods to Lenora Gertrude Percy, daughter of William B. & Alma Percy

c3        Married – Harold E. McKibbon, son of Dr Louis T. McKibbon to Margaret Hazel Thayer, daughter of James L. Thayer

c4        Married – Percy George Scanlon, son of W. Scanlon to Audrey Loretta Tunks, daughter of N. A. Tunks

c4        Married – Hercules Nelson Clark to Ida Edith Strove


Page 6

c1        Funeral – George W. Baker, Nov 15

c3        Died – Frederick Tucker, 73rd year, Nov 18


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Martha V. Davis, Nov 16

c2        Died – Robert Ironsides Warner, 41 years, Nov 17, son of Dr R. I. Warner; husband of Mrs Alma Mildred Warner, nee Coulthart; father of Robert and Margaret Warner; brother of Dr Wilfred P. Warner

c2        Died – Alfred Edward Cox, 59 years, Nov 16

c4        Died – Daniel Curtis, 69 years, Nov 17

c8        Born – Donald Ellis Rice, son of James & Eva Rice, nee Charvoneah, Nov 13

c8        Died – Alfred Edward Cox, 59 years, Nov 16, husband of Mrs Rosetta Cox, nee Davis

c8        Died – Daniel Curtis, 69 years, Nov 17, son of Job & Ann Curtis

c8        Memoriam – Frederic A. Groves, Nov 18 1916


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Ursula Ann Butler, nee Clements, 84 years, Nov 15, widow of William Butler


Page 14

c1        Died – Elizabeth Christie, Nov 16, infant daughter of Robert Christie

19 November 1929

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Henry Brown, Nov 16

c1        Funeral – Frederick Tucker, Nov 20

c1        Died – Mrs Marilla Smith, 75th year, Nov 19, widow of Charles E. Smith

c2        Died – Mrs Daniel Winters, Nov 16, daughter of John & Mary Ann Norris


Page 7

c2        Died – Gilbert Hutchinson, 71 years, Nov 11, son of W. R. Hutchinson; brother of Mrs Charles Montgomery, Mrs W. Roberts and Mrs H. E. Montgomery

c3        Died – Mrs May Thonley, Nov 19, daughter of Rev J. G. Dickson

c5        Died – Mrs Anthea Matilda Vaughn, nee Shaw, 84 years, widow of Nelson G. Vaughn


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Bassett Blewett of Southwold, 25th

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Holmes of Otterville, 50th

c3        Married – Willis T. Fox, son of George Fox to Gertrude Irene Ball, daughter of Thomas Ball

c3        Married – Heyward Pearce, son of William Pearce to Clara Elizabeth Kuohn, daughter of G. Kuohn

c3        Married – Clarence Triscott, son of G. Triscott to Lily roach, daughter of W. Roach

c3        Married – A. Ross Morrish, son of Mrs Ida Morrish to Nita Thomson, niece of James Flowers


Page 9

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs H. J. Pettypiece of Forest, 50th

c3        Died – Mrs Laura Marshman, 50 years, Nov 18, daughter of George Brown

c4        Died – Charles L. Gillett, 38 years, Nov 17

c5        Funeral – Orville Hyatt, Nov 18

20 November 1929

Page 8

c1        Funeral – George W. Baker, Nov 15


Page 9

c7        Funeral – Alfred Edward Cox, Nov 19

c8        Died – J. Wilbert Vrooman, 43rd year, Nov 18

c8        Born – Daughter of N. Perry, Nov 18

c8        Born – Daughter of Gordon C. Holtby, Nov 20

c8        Died – Mrs Anthea Vaughan, 84 years, Nov 19

c8        Died – Mrs Deborah Kindree, 74 years, Nov 19, widow of Thomas Kindree

c8        Memoriam – Larry W. Haney, Nov 20 1926, by mother Mrs Sarah Haney


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Evan Roy Gill to Ruth Tanner, daughter of W. A. Tanner

c2        Engagement – Norman Lloyd Murphy, son of William Murphy to Rhona Gertrude Long, daughter of George Long

c3        Engagement – David Charles Smith, son of Charles D. Smith to Gladys Angela Pickering, daughter of William Pickering

c3        Married – Arthur Gordon Douglas Jackson, son of John Henry Jackson to Dorothy Jean Palmer, daughter of George Palmer

c3        Married – Fredrick Wilker to Idell Rutledge, daughter of W. H. Rutledge

c4        Funeral – Daniel Curtis, Nov 19


Page 12

c4        Died – Joshua Anderson, 103 years, Nov 17 – Photo


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs Deborah Kindree, 74 years, Nov 19, widow of Thomas Kindree; sister of Mrs Shary, Mrs Dennis, Thomas and William Feightner; Aunt of Mrs Cecil Eden

21 November 1929

Page 2

c2        Photo – Ian D. Cameron, F. J. Picking and A. B. Ellis all of St Thomas


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Fred Tucker, Nov 20, father of Mrs Mozier and Mrs Hendershott

c1        Married – Arthur H. Schmidt, son of E. A. Schmidt to Madeline R. McLean

c3        Birthday – Mrs Mary J. White of St Thomas, 89th ,mother of Thomas & Charles White, Mrs Lowther and Mrs F. E. Mason


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of Dwight Vincent, Nov 17

c8        Born – Son of J. M. Campbell, Nov 3


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Hoar, Nov 16, sister of George McMurtry

c5        Married – Frank Calvin Ross, son of Hugh A. Ross to Barbara Adelaide Laing, daughter of A. C. Laing

c5        Married – George Albert Smale, son of E. Smale to Margaret Annie Roe, daughter of T. Roe

c6        Married – Harold E. Wittett, son of James Wittett to Dorothy Pearl Kennedy, daughter of George Kennedy


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Leamon Malcolm, Nov 16


Page 18

c3        Funeral – Mrs T. A. Fairles, Nov 19

22 November 1929

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Anthea M. Vaughan, Nov 21


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Annie Breen, nee Smith, 55 years, Nov 21, wife of William Breen


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Stinchcombe, 72 years, Nov 22, wife of Albert Stinchcombe

c2        Died – Mrs Margaret Richmond, nee Bissett, 76th year, Nov 22, wife of Marinus W. Richmond


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Mrs Weltha Marilla Smith, Nov 21

c2        Funeral – Maholon Hall, Nov 21

c3        Died – David Graham, Nov 21


Page 11

c7        Born – Son of Roy Jennings, Nov 3

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Richmond, nee Bissett, 76th year, Nov 22

c8        Died – David Graham, Nov 21

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Stinchcombe, 72 years, Nov 22

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Romance, nee Stilner, Nov 21, wife of Michael Romance; mother of Mrs Otto Hollinberger, John, Franklin and Norman Romance


Page 12

c4        Married – Hugh Currie Gillespie, son of Peter Gillespie to Isabel Campbell, daughter of John N. Campbell

c5        Engagement – H. Victor Pruder, son of Mrs W. G. Haistie and the late Henry Pruder to Mary Ida Fuller, daughter of Abner Fuller


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Winter, nee Norris, Nov 17, wife of Daniel Winter

c2        Died – George W. Nethercliffe, 84 years, Nov 19, father of Mrs Louise Wangenheim and Mrs W. C. Arnfield; grandfather of Mrs Sidney Hare

c3        Shower – Mrs Jerome Dean, nee Ivah Sherman of Copenhagen

23 November 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – A. W. ‘Billie’ Martan, 79 years, Nov 22, widow of Mrs Elizabeth Martin, nee Pinford

c4        Died – John Pfeffer, 76 years, Nov 23


Page 6

c1        Married – Harold E. Whittett, son of James Whittett to Dorothy Pearl Kennedy, daughter of George Kennedy


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Edward Laughry, nee Mary A. C. Flexen, Nov 21

c2        Died – Mrs Peggy Gorvett, 91st year, Nov 23, widow of Louis Gorvett

c8        Died – Mrs Annie A. Breen 56th year, Nov 21

c8        Died – Mrs Jennie Casey, 82nd year, Nov 22, widow of Owen Casey

c8        Died – A. W. Martan, 79 years, Nov 22

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Nancy Ann Ripley, Nov 23 1925


Page 8

c7        Married – Reuben Wettlaufer, son of John Wettlaufer to Irene Hoerie, daughter of Nelson Hoerie

c7        Married – Sanford Wesley Wilton, son of Wesley Wilton to Annie Alma Hodgins, daughter of Bert Hodgins


Page 10

c4        Died – Mrs Jennie Casey, 82nd year, Nov 22, daughter of Patrick Devlin; mother of James P., Louis, John and Marjorie Casey and Mrs Edward Dempsey


23 November 1929

Second Section

Page 13

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William H. Smuck, nee Jane Campbell of Richmond, 50th; son of R. W. Smuck; daughter of Nelson Campbell; parents of Claude, Lloyd and Harry L. Smuck

c2        Died – John Morgan, Oct 1929, father of Mrs A. J. Wiley and Ethel Morgan


Page 15

c5        Funeral – Mrs Deborah Kindree, Nov 22


Page 20

c6        Birthday – Mrs George Scott of St Thomas, 92nd, mother of Mrs J. H. Carrie

25 November 1929

Page 6

c2        Died – Neil Currie, 80 years, Nov 24


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Owen Casey, Nov 25

c2        Died – John Alexander Bradt, 56th year, Nov 24, father of Stanley, Leslie, Muriel, Aileen, Donald and Gladys Bradt; brother of Mrs Earl Burley and William Bradt

c4        Died – James Lynch, 74th year, Nov 24

c5        Died – James George Shirley, 71st year, Nov 25, father of Mrs Richard Kitchenham, Mrs Charles A. Lundie, Mrs Robert Sacker, Mrs Fred Burtch, Ivey Shirley and Mrs Hugo Nichols

c6        Died – Thomas Newhouse, 77 years, Nov 23

c6        Died – Mrs Catharine harding, 81 years, Nov 24

c7        Funeral – David Graham, Nov 23

c7        Funeral – Mrs Margaret B. Richmond, Nov 23

c7        Funeral – Mrs Annie A. Breen, Nov 24

c8        Born – Helen Marie Hogan, daughter of Marshall Hogan, Nov 23

c8        Died – John Pfeffer, 76 years, Nov 23

c8        Died – John Alexander Bradt, 56th year, Nov 24

c8        Died – James Lynch, 74th year, Nov 24


Page 8

c7        Married – Bennett M. Wilson, son of G. W. Wilson to Sara Ponsford, daughter of H. T. Ponsford

c8        Married – Roderick MacLeod, son of Kenneth MacLeod to Gertrude MacLean, daughter of Alexander MacLean

c8        Married – David Robert Blair, son of R. M. Blair to Doris Louie Plimley, daughter of Allan Plumley


Page 9

c3        Died – Leonard VanPatter, 78th year, Nov 24

c3        Died – Mrs P. L. Millard, 91st year, Nov 24


Page 14

c1        Funeral – Gilbert Hutchinson, Nov 28

26 November 1929

Page 6

c1        Died – George Fishleigh, 83rd year, Nov 24


Page 7

c1        Birthday – M. Walsh of Ingersoll, 91st

c1        Funeral – James George Shirley, Nov 27

c2        Died – William J. Johnson, 80th year, Nov 26, father of R. W. Johnson

c2        Died – Mrs C. A. Robertson, nee Julia Barbara Johnson, Nov 25

c7        Funeral – Alfred William Martan, Nov 25

c7        Funeral – Mrs Peggy Gorvett, Nov 25

c8        Born – Noreen Melles Douygall, daughter of John & Christena Dougall, nee Murray, Nov 17

c8        Died – James George Shirley, 71st year, Nov 25

c8        Died – William John Johnson, 80th year, Nov 26

c8        Memoriam – John Knight, Nov 26 1918

c8        Memoriam – Thomas H. Edwards, Nov 26 1925


Page 9

c4        Died – Albert Twiss, Nov 22, father of Frank Twiss

c5        Died – Mrs David Henderson, 90th year, Nov 23

c5        Died – Mrs Fadelia Henderson, nee Day, 62nd year, Nov 23, wife of John Henderson

c5        Died – Leonard VanPatter, Nov 23

c6        Died – Henry Mogk, 79 years

c8        Funeral – Mrs Albert Stinchcombe, Nov 24


Page 11

c7        Died – Peter Butler, 76 years, Nov 25


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs William Smith, 57th year, mother of Mrs David Smith and Marie Smith; sister of Lambert Ludwig and Mrs John Spry

27 November 1929

Page 7

c5        Photo – Dr Gordon Porter; E. W. Brown of St Thomas


Page 9

c1        Funeral – H. H. Hutchinson, Nov 27, brother of Mrs C. Montgomery

c4        Died – Miss Marian Porter, Nov 25, daughter of W. E. Porter; sister of Allan, Hubert, Irene and Bessie Porter

c8        Funeral – John Pfeffer, Nov 28

c8        Born – Son of James Atkinson, no date

c8        Died – Gilbert H. Hutchinson, 68 years, Nov 11, son of Richard W. & Isabella Hutchinson

c8        Memoriam – Gordon Foote, Nov 27 1923


Page 10

c3        Married – Harold Stover, son of William Stover to Ida May La Marsh, daughter of Norman La Marsh

c3        Married – John Maxwell Rohrer to Gertrude McKim

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Rose of Dorchester, 25th

c5        Died – Mrs John Patterson, 68th year, daughter of Neil & Sarah McLean, nee Beemer; mother of Clarence Patterson and Mrs Clare McCallum


Page 16

c1        Died – Mrs Alice McKinley, 79th year, Nov 26

28 November 1929

Page 1

c3        Retirement – Frank Walsh of St Thomas – Photo


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Matilda Dennis, 73 years, Nov 26

c2        Died – Mrs Dora Edna Kaufman, 24 years, Nov 27, wife of Conrad Kaufman


Page 8

c1        Funeral – George Fishleigh, Nov 27

c1        Died – Dr John Emery, 58 years, Nov 27, father of John Emery; Uncle of Dorothy Emery

c7        Funeral – H. B. Watterworth, Nov 26, father of Thelma Watterworth; brother of Howard and Dr Frank Watterworth


Page 9

c3        Married – John M. Ryan to Mrs Mary Rowley

c8        Born – Son of Fred Procunier, Nov 26


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Charles d. Watson to V. May Martin, daughter of Thomas E. Martin

c2        Married – Charles Winton Sifton, son of Charles Sifton to Gertrude Dodd, daughter of John Dodd

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Devlin, 50th

c4        Married – David E. Kelly, son of W. E. Kelly to Edith Luella Dunn, daughter of Mrs Susan Dunn


Page 15

c4        Photo – St Thomas Elections – John A. Jagoe; Angus W. Johnson; William Medlyn; E. D. Long; John Lane; Harvey E. MacDonald; M. D. McCrimmon; Dr Gordon Porter; F. W. Cowley; Neil Marple; Ernest E. Seger; John Reynolds; George C. Haynes


Page 18

c2        Funeral – James George Shirley, Nov 27

c2        Funeral – James Lynch, Nov 26

c3        Died – Herbert L. Burrill, 68 years, Nov 27

c3        Died – Louis Peterson, 88th year, Nov 27

c5        Married – Sylvester John Meyer to Dorothy Alice Barrett

29 November 1929

Page 8

c1        Photo – Elgin County Elections – W. A. Becker; W. K. Sanderson; William Medlyn; C. A. Hammond; Don Lloyd; Dr A. R. Post; Mr Ellis; A. Monteith; John A. Jagoe; Angus W. Johnson; Dr Frank E. Bennett; Chet Smith; Jack Butterworth; Harvey E. MacDonald; M. D. McCrimmon; Dr Gordon Porter; F. W. Cowley; Neil Marple; Ernest E. Seger; John Reynolds; George C. Haynes


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Gilbert H. Hutchinson, Nov 28


Page 10

c2        Funeral – Leonard VanPatter, Nov 26

c2        Married – George W. Berdan to Mrs Sesil Nelson

c2        Birthday – Luella Mills, 9th, daughter of Enoch Mills


Page 11

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Daniel Sullivan of St Thomas, 50th

c8        Born – Son of Will Gloin, no date

c8        Memoriam – Mary Miller Kirkwood, Nov 29 1925

c8        Memoriam – J. Mansefield Borbridge, Nov 29 1926


Page 12

c3        Engagement – Frederick Tull, son of D. S. Tull to Annie Marie Ramey, daughter of Mrs T. Ramey

c5        Married – A. Hadden to Mrs Annie Shaw, mother of Walter Shaw

c5        Married – George Andrew Woolley to Mary Elizabeth Hunter

c5        Married – Wilfred Leo Smith, son of William Smith to Jean Ferguson, daughter of Noble Ferguson

c5        Married – Reginald Thomas Clark, son of Arthur Clark to Edith Alice Norman, daughter of John W. Norman

c5        Married – Joseph H. Curtis, son of Thomas Curtis to Lenora Beatrice Moore, daughter of Archie Moore

c5        Married – Wilbert Esmond Dubeau to Mrs Maude Estelle Frewing, daughter of Dugald J. McPhail

30 November 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – St Thomas Mayoral Elections – John A. Jagoe; Everett W. Brown; Dr J. G. M. Porter

c4        Died – Miss Flora Ross Thompson, Nov 28, daughter of S. D. Thompson


Page 6

c1        Married – John Maxwell Rohrer to Gertrude McKim

c4        Died – Mrs Joseph Vining, nee Elizabeth A. Lindley, 76 years, Nov 29, widow of William Ague; mother of Mrs Florence Fortier; sister of Mrs Samuel Moulton , Mrs Joseph Daniels and William Lindley


Page 7

c4        Died – Samuel D. Snyder, 86 years, Nov 29, widow of Mrs Margaret Snyder, nee Clemens; father of Mrs Albert Gould, Mrs George R. Stinson, Mrs W. Gosnel, Mrs W. P. John, Mrs D. R. Carnegie, T. W. Snyder and David Snyder

c8        Born – Eunice Eileen McCully, daughter of James A. & Belle McCully, nee Welter, Nov 29


Page 8

c1        Married – John M. Ryan to Mary Irene Rowley

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Daniel Sullivan, nee Margaret Loretta Helm of St Thomas, 50th – Photo


30 November 1929

Second Section

Page 24

c6        Engagement – George William Greiner II to Lucille Madlyn Smith, daughter of Charles Maitland Smith

c6        Birthday – Mrs G. O’Hara, 80th

c7        Engagement – Joseph Pollock, son of Fred Pollock to Agnes Florence Koyle, daughter of Jesse Koyle

c8        Engagement – Earl Alexander Darling, son of Alex Darling to Mary Katie McKenzie, daughter of Alex McKenzie

c8        Engagement – Dr Alexander Cameron Ross, son of Dr J. F. Ross to Marion White Brewster, daughter of W. S. Brewster

c8        Engagement – D. S. Bruce Fraleigh, son of Sydney Fraleigh to Jean Anona Bolton, daughter of G. J. Bolton

2 December 1929

Page 1

c6        Died – William E. Lockwood, Dec 1 – Photo

c7        Photo – A. P. Campbell of St Thomas


Page 2

c1        Died – William F. Wyatt, 64th year, Nov 30


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Margaret Strong, wife of James Strong

c1        Died – Hugh McColl, Nov 30, son of Hugh McColl; brother of Archie McColl, Mrs Andrew Laing and Mrs John Speirn and Thomas McColl (deceased)

c1        Died – Samuel Loucks, Nov 30; father of Mrs C. R. Annett, Mrs Sterling Saunders and Nellie Loucks

c5        Died – Mrs Harry Lyons, 55 years, Dec 1


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Helen Parke, Dec 2, daughter of Dr Southwick; widow of E. Jones Parke; mother of Edward Dean Parke, Mrs Andrew Durand and Mrs George Johnston; sister of Mrs Alice Southwick

c8        Born – William Alexander McLandress, son of W. C. & Vera McLandress, nee Fife, Nov 25

c8        Died – Charles Nelson Cain, 26 years, Nov 27, son of James N. Cain; husband of Mrs Gladys Cain; father of Rosemary Cain; brother of William J. Cain

c8        Died – Mrs Ida Bell Lyons, Dec 1, wife of Harry Lyons


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Albert Berarducci to Mary Bernice Holborn, daughter of Charles Holborn

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel A. Axford of St Thomas, 50th

c4        Died – Sandy Corinth or Carruth

c5        Married – Ronald Odell Counsell, son of W. N. Counsell to Minnie Robinette, daughter of T. C. Robinette

c5        Married – Dr Cameron MacNeil, son of William Hutchinson MacNeil to Dorothy Cresswell Hodgins, daughter of the late Rev James Walter Hodgins


Page 9

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Llewellyn Hunt of Littlewood, 50th

c3        Died – Robert Dyson Hague, Dec 1, son of Rev Dyson Hague


Page 10

c2        Photo – St Thomas Tigers Football Team – Pud Medcalf; George Vaughan; Frank Eden; Frank Moore; Ken Ponsford; Stan Broadbent; harry Martin; Mut Walker; Bill Rose; George Mills; Ab Folland; Johnny Bolton; Tony Moyes; George Luscombe; Fred Luscomb; Howard Vail


Page 14

c2        Photo – Eedson Burns, son of George Burns of St Thomas

3 December 1929

Page 2

c1        Photo – St Thomas City Council – Neil Marple; Angus W. Johnson; William Medlyn; George Haynes; Chester H. Smith; John Lane; Colin A. Hammond; Edmund D. Long; C. Ronald Lloyd; James L. Thompson


Page 2

c1        Photo – London City Council – W. J. Kilpatrick

c3        Photo – Board of Education – A. B. Post; Walter Becker; M. D. McCrimmon

c3        Photo – E. E. Seger of Ontario Hydro Board, St Thomas

c3        Died – Samuel D. Snyder, Nov 29

c7        Photo – R. H. Dowler of London, brother of Jack Dowler of St Thomas


Page 7

c1        Died – George Weber, 66 years, Dec 2

c1        Died – Warren Lockwood of Brockville

c1        Died – Stuart McLaws, age 1 yr 10 ms, Dec 2, infant son of Morrison McLaws

c2        Died – Charles Mitchell, Nov 29, son of John Mitchell; father of Constance Mitchell; brother of Walter Mitchell and Mrs Frank Dadson

c2        Died – Mrs Prudence Ellison, nee Stark, 81 years, Dec 3, daughter of John & Adelia Stark; widow of John Ellison; mother of Mrs W. A. Hawkins, Miss Kate Ellison, Mrs H. H. A. Jones, Mrs W. A. Fraser, Arthur and H. M. Ellison

c8        Born – Daughter of Joe Fleming, Dec 1

c8        Born – Daughter of W. Fife

c8        Died – Mrs Prudence Ellison, nee Stark, 81 years, Dec 3

c8        Died – Stuart McLaws, age 1 yr 10 ms, Dec 2

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Helen Parke, nee Southwick, Dec 2


Page 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs Louise M. Isaacs, mother of Mrs F. E. Smith

c2        Married – Donald Seger McKay, son of S. L. McKay to Dorothy Evalean Willson, daughter of F. W. Willson

4 December 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – George Martyn, son of Arthur Martyn of Sparta

c4        Died – Mrs Kimble, 56 years, Dec 3, widow of George Kimble and Mr Rick


Page 6

c1        Died – Eli Esseltine, 75th year, Dec 3, father of Rolland & Rodell Esseltine


Page 7

c1        Vital Statistics – Nov 1929 St Thomas – 25 births, 7 marriages, 20 deaths

c6        Died – Charles Moore, Dec 3

c8        Died – Mrs Prudence Ellison, 81 years, Dec 3


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Foote of St Thomas, 60th

c3        Married – Grotto Keiffer to Edith Koehn

c3        Engagement – Percy K. Brett, son of Ralph Brett to Clarissa M. Connell, daughter of Rev J. A. Connell

c3        Married – Lawrence G. Shields to Helen Mary Trothen

c3        Married – Basil Kendall, son of Wesley Kendall to Beatrice Edna Powers, daughter of Amos Powers

c3        Married – David Charles Smith, son of Charles D. Smith to Gladys Angela Pickering, daughter of William Pickering


Page 9

c4        Funeral – Mrs Myron Graves, Nov 26

5 December 1929

Page 8

c1        Funeral – Stuart Hepburn McLaws, Dec 4


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of George Leith, Nov 26

c8        Died – Mrs Helen Kimble, 56 years, Dec 2, widow of George Kimble

c8        Died – Jack Eastman Williams, 42 years, Dec 5, husband of Mrs Jennie Williams, nee Norton

c8        Died – Mrs Susan Marr, 75 years, Dec 5, widow of John Marr


Page 10

c2        Engagement – Charles Brack Danby, son of Dr J. J. Danby to Anna Margaret Heron, daughter of William J. Herron

c3        Engagement – W. Bradley Granger, son of James Granger to Marion MacDaugall, daughter of J. Lorne MacDaugall

c3        Married – Cyril Bruce Symonds, son of R. C. Symonds to Margaret Eleanor Sparkes, daughter of Mrs Margaret Sparkes


Page 12

c2        Birthday – Abraham Charlton of Orwell, 84th


Page 18

c1        Died – John Eastman Williams, 42nd year, Dec 5, son of John & Mary Williams

c2        Died – Mrs Susan Marr, 75 years, Dec 5

c2        Died – David Mair, Dec 5, father of Charles Mair; brother of Mrs Barbara Slater

6 December 1929

Page 3

c1        Died – William Stevens, Dec 6


Page 5

c5        Funeral – Mrs Prudence Ellison, Dec 5


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Kimble, Dec 7


Page 8

c1        Died – Eli Esseltine, 75th year, Dec 5

c1        Died – Mrs Lou Howell, Dec 5


Page 9

c1        Died – John Arthur Stacey, 6 months, Dec 6, son of James Stacey

c8        Died – David Mair, 64 years, Dec 5

c8        Died – Mrs Ellen Kimble, 56 years, Dec 3

c8        Died – John Arthur Stacey, Dec 6


Page 10

c3        Engagement – Henry J. Armstrong, son of Rev Dr W. D. Armstrong to Mary Helen Loyst, daughter of W. E. Loyst

c4        Married – John Robert Bird, so of John Bird to Gladys Calloway, daughter of E. Calloway

c4        Married – Charles David Watson, son of S. A. & Alice M. Watson to Veletta Mae Martin, daughter of Thomas E. Martin

c4        Married – Albert T. Murray, son of T. Murray to Wilhelmina Ross, daughter of William Ross

7 December 1929

Page 3

c4        Article – M. S. Zavitz

c4        Died – John Worsley, 69 years, Dec 7


Page 7

c6        Died – John Scott, 79 years, Dec 6, son of William & Janet Scott

c6        Funeral – Mrs Susan Marr, Dec 6

c6        Funeral – Jack E. Williams, Dec 6

c8        Born – Daughter of F. Bates, Nov 23

c8        Died – John Scott, 79 years, Dec 6

c8        Died – John Worsley, 69 years, Dec 7


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Foote, nee Mary Jane Lewis of St Thomas, 60th – Photo – son of James Foote, UE; daughter of George Lewis; parents of George, Lewis, Laura, Gordon and James Foote

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Moses Dumond of Simcoe, 61st


Page 10

c1        Died – A. A. McPherson, Dec 5, father of Mrs W. T. Erwin


7 December 1929

Second Section

Page 16

c1        Article – (?A. S. Paragus) – Mrs Martha W. Pollard of Tillsonburg – Photo


Page 20

c5        Engagement – Leman N. Wright, son of E., N. Wright to Mary Boughner

c6        Engagement – Harley McCallum, son of Mrs Jessie McCallum to Dorothy Jean Freeman, daughter of Earl Freeman

c6        Birthday – William Wadland of Yarmouth Centre, 80th

c8        Engagement – J. Langton Capstick, son of Joseph Capstick to Edith May Clark, daughter of Nelson Clark

9 December 1929

Page 1

c5        Photo – Irwin ‘Bus’ Moore, son of M. C. Moore of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Eli Esseltine, Dec 6

c1        Funeral – Philip Parker, Dec 7

c2        Funeral – Oliver Auckland, 74 years, Dec 9


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Scott McKay, Dec 9

c8        Died – Mrs Lettie Fowler, Dec 3

c8        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Hughes, 88 years, Dec 7, widow of John Hughes

c8        Died – Mrs Anne Sweeney, 76 years, Dec 8, daughter of John & Ann Donovan; widow of John Sweeney; mother of Mrs Mary (John J.) Ryan

c8        Memoriam – Lester F. Moyer, Dec 8 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mary A. Luscombe, Dec 9 1927


Page 8

c2        Married – Beatrice Edna Powers, daughter of Amos Powers

c4        Married – Dr Romeyn Stevenson, son of Arthur Stevenson to Elizabeth Cary Murray, daughter of John C. Murray

c4        Married – Evan Roy Gill, son of E. L. Gill to Ruth Evelyn Tanner, daughter of W. A. Tanner

c4        Married – Nighel Mordaunt Kensit to Bunella Allen Hicks, daughter of Dr E. S. Hicks


Page 9

c7        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Hughes, 88 years, Dec 7


Page 10

c1        Photo – St Thomas Tigers Football Team


Page 14

c1        Funeral – David Mair, Dec 7

c3        Died – Mrs Anne Sweeney, 76 years, Dec 8

10 December 1929

Page 1

c6        Photo – H. A. Cromwell of Port Stanley


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Lewis Howell, Dec 8

c2        Died – Mrs McGillicuddy, nee Elizabeth McQueen


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Ben Parish, Dec 8


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Robert L. Menzies to Eva May Pilfrey, daughter of John Pilfrey


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Minnie Oatman, nee Underhill, 49 years, Dec 8, wife of Talbot R. Oatman


Page 12

c2        Inquest – Death of Mrs Ellen Kimble

c3        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Kimble, Dec 7

c3        Funeral – John Worsley, Dec 9

11 December 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Patrick H. Carter, 65 years, Dec 11, husband of Mrs Nora Carter, nee O’Neill


Page 8

c1        Funeral – William Stevens, Dec 9

c2        Died – Helen Eileen MacLachlin, , daughter of Rev France MacLachlin


Page 9

c8        Funeral – Mrs Anne Sweeney, nee Donovan, Dec 11

c8        Born – Twin daughters of F. W. K. & Day Bingham, nee Neely, Dec 11

c8        Born – Son of Burton McCord, Dec 5


Page 10

c2        Married – Willard P. Forshee, son of W. P. Forshee to Ila Gertrude Bilton, daughter of Ira C. Bilton

c2        Married – Wilfred Speed to Evelyn Marjorie McTaggart

c2        Married – Gordon Newcombe to Lillian Speed

c3        Engagement – John Garnet Batten, son of James Batten to Mary Sara Tiernay, daughter of James B. Tiernay

c3        Engagement – D. Ray Phillips, son of John Phillips to Edith Maud Dawson, daughter of Charles N. Dawson

c3        Engagement – Lamar Torrence Cox, son of Mrs C. W. Fershee to Gergina McEdward Ashby, daughter of Smith Ashby

c3        Engagement – Cameron Evans Knowles, son of Charles E. Knowles to Grace Blance Sabine, daughter of Herbert A. Sabine

c4        Married – Frederick W. Tull, son of David Tull to Marie A. L. Ramey, daughter of Thomas Ramey

c6        Died – Helen McLachlin, 18 years, daughter of Rev L. E. McLachlin


Page 12

c1        Died – Samuel Loucks, 78 years, husband of Mrs Mary E. Loucks, nee Brown

c2        Died – Mrs Dudley Snively, Dec 10, daughter of Thomas Misener

c4        Birthday – Mrs John Morgan, nee Letitia Pickering of London, 100th


Page 16

c2        Married – Melvin Lambert, son of Eli Lambert to Elsie Chapman, daughter of James Chapman

12 December 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Albert Molson, 25 years, Dec 12


Page 7

c2        Died – Blanchard Havercroft, 74 years, Dec 11

c2        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Hughes, Dec 11

c3        Died – Henry Louis Buchner, 78th year, Dec 10, son of Ozeas & Mary Buchner; father of Mrs J. S. Langford and Mrs N. W. Corbett; sister of Mrs T. H. Procuneer

c6        Died – John Britton, 59th year, Dec 11


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of D. Laur, Dec 8

c8        Died – Patrick H. Carter, 65th year, dec 11

c8        Died – Blanchard Havercroft, 74 years, Dec 11


Page 10

c3        Engagement – Alstair Graham McColl, son of Alex D. McColl to Kathleen Elizabeth Saxton, daughter of Alexander B. Saxton

c3        Engagement – William Stanley Baldwin, son of Frank Baldwin to Vera Ann Black, daughter of Alex D. Black

13 December 1929

Page 6

c2        Funeral – A. A. McPherson, father of Mrs W. J. Erwin

c2        Married – James Harold Pettman, son of John Pettman to Minnie Leota Pettinger, daughter of David Pettinger

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. S. Loynes of Forest Grove, Oregon and formerly of Strathroy, 50th, parents of Mrs Enoch Moore of Forest Grove

c3        Married – L. Henry June to Vera Ammerman, daughter of James W. Ammerman

c3        Engagement – Thomas Park Steadman, son of J. R. Steadman to Marguerite Cooper, daughter of William Cooper

c3        Engagement – William Charles Fitzgerald, son of W. C. Fitzgerald to Madeline Evelyn Burkholder, daughter of I. Burkholder

c4        Married – Kiernan Marsh to Caroline A. Ram, daughter of H. S. Ram

c4        Married – Lewis Muxlow to Selina King

c4        Married – Austin John Wilson, son of Mrs William Wilord to Estelle Louise Cornish, daughter of Arthur Cornish


Page 7

c4        Engagement – Alex Donnelly, son of William Donnelly to Edith Wright, daughter of Alec Wright


Page 9

c1        Died – Jack Sergeant, 8 years, Dec 6, son of Fred Sergeant; grandson of J. W. Atherton

c5        Died – Mrs Letta Fowler, nee Waugh, Dec 3, mother of Edgar, William and Clayton Fowler; sister of John and Peter Wauigh, Mrs S. H. Hayden, Mrs George Pulford and Mrs M. Gage


Page 10

c3        Died – Robert Earl Hill, 2 months, Nov 30, son of Wilfred Hill; nephew of Bruce Anderson


Page 11

c1        Funeral – Patrick H. Carter, Dec 14

c2        Died – Dr Amos Spitler Barnes, 69 years, Dec 12

c3        Died – Mrs John Veitch, nee Storey, 89th year, Dec 13

c5        Died – Mrs Margaret A. Marvin, 58 years, mother of Katherine Marvin; sister of James, John & Alex McAlpine

c7        Memoriam – Robert Davidson, Dec 12 1926

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Budd, Dec 13 1928, by daughter Ruby Budd

c8        Born – Daughter of Robert Newman

c8        Died – Patrick H. Carter, 65th year, Dec 11

c8        Died – Dr Amos Spitler Barnes, 69 years, Dec 12

c8        Died – Mrs Susan Lawrence, 78th year, Dec 12, widow of James Lawrence

c8        Died – Jack Sargent. 8th year, Dec 6, son of Fred & Nellie Sargent, nee Atherton


Page 15

c1        Died – Mrs Susan Lawrence, 78th year, Dec 12, widow of James Lawrence

c1        Died – Beverly Walker, Dec 8, son of John Walker

14 December 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Thomas Reynolds, 79th year, Dec 13

c3        Photo – Matthew T. E. Loney, Mayor of Sandwich and son of Matt Loney


Page 6

c1        Married – Frederick C. Prowse to Mary E. Howse

c1        Married – Douglas Rabbets, son of Edward Rabbets to Bertha Brunsdon, daughter of Albert Brunsdon


Page 7

c1        Engagement – Wilbur E. Hunter, son of Mrs Harriet Hunter to Geraldine Nunn, daughter of John Nunn

c5        Funeral – Patrick H. Carter, Dec 14

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Albert Berdan, Dec 15 1928

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Jones, Dec 14 1921, by wife Mrs May Jones, Middlesborough, England

c8        Born – Son of Clarence Baker, Dec 5

c8        Born – Daughter of F. J. Belmore, Dec 13

c8        Born – Daughter of W. L. Newcombe, Dec 13


Page 8

c5        Married – Francis Gibson, son of Charles Gibson to Margaret Morrison, daughter of Thomas Morrison

c5        Married – Frederick C. Prowse to Mary E. House

c5        Married – W. H. Chambers to E. Doris McCandless, daughter of G. L. McCandless


Page 10

c4        Article – Edward Blake of Middlesex County


14 December 1929

Second Section

Page 14

c1        Funeral – Mrs Dugald A. Purcell, nee Janet McCallum, Dec 11

c3        Died – Harry Lewis, 72 years, Dec 13

c5        Article – A. S. Paragus – Primitive Days Recalled by Peter Mabee of Tillsonburg – Photo


Page 20

c7        Married – Leman Nelson Wright, son of E. N. Wright to Mary Margaret Boughner, daughter of E. E. Boughner

c7        Engagement – William E. Boothman, son of Ross Boothman to Reita Violet Downs, daughter of Archie Downs

16 December 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – J. Walton Peart of St Thomas


Page 5

c4        Funeral – Dr Amos S. Barnes, Dec 14

c4        Funeral – Blanchard Havercroft, Dec 14


Page 6

c3        Article – Alexander Wier

c8        Died – Duncan McArthur, 77 years, Dec 12, brother of Peter McArthur


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Frank E. McCormick, Dec 13, sister of George E. Hill

c4        Died – Mrs Lyle Covyeau, 25 years, Dec 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Norman Barnes, Dec 13


Page 8

c2        Married – Harvey Allen Weekley, son of Thomas Weekley to Edith Luella Powers, daughter of Frank Powers

c2        Engagement – W. C. Fitzgerald Jr to Madeline Evelyn Burkholder, daughter of I. Burkholder

c3        Married – Stanley Baldwin to Vera Black


Page 9

c3        Died – Henry Louis Buchner, 78th year, Dec 10


Page 14

c4        Died – John H. Chapman, Dec 15, son of Rev James Chapman

17 December 1929

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs John Veitch, Dec 16

c1        Died – James Dunning, Dec 16

c5        Died – William James Youell, 89th year, Dec 15


Page 7

c1        Died – John H. Chapman, Dec 15, son of Rev James Chapman; brother-in-law of Mrs F. B. Holtby

c1        Died – Roy Thornicroft, Dec 16, infant son of H. F. Thornicroft

c2        Died – Thomas Brooks, 50th year, Dec 16

c3        Died – James Wright, 45 years, Dec 17

c5        Funeral – John Henry Lewis, 72 years, Dec 16

c8        Born – Son of George Bowes, Dec 12


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Gordon Reid Edwards, son of A. & Mary Edwards to Flora Jean Walker, daughter of David Edwards

c6        Died – Mrs Rosalind Spence, Dec 16, nee Corbett; daughter of C. H. Corbett; wife of W. J. Spence; sister of Mrs Robert Henderson and Mrs W. J. Spence Jr and Harold Corbett


Page 9

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Hayward of Woodstock, 60th

c2        Photo – Rev N. H. Reibling of Rodney

18 December 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – Robert J. Newton of St Thomas


Page 5

c2        Engagement – James A. Thomson, son of John Thomson to Edna Margaretta Inez McKay, daughter of Samuel McKay

c2        Engagement – Russell B. Hare, son of J. Calvin Hare to Helen Meryle Burns, daughter of George I. Burns

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. S. Calvert of Strathroy, 50th


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Luke Berry, 45 years, Dec 18


Page 8

c1        Died – Norman Johnson, 22 years, Dec 17

c2        Funeral – William James Youell, Dec 17

c3        Died – John Albert Burden, (Berdan) 75th year, Dec 17, father of Oscar & James, Mrs S. Sudden, Mrs Joseph Dicker, Mrs A. Hough and Mrs W. H. Matin; brother of William, Mrs Mattison, Mrs Willson and Mrs Young


Page 9

c2        Funeral – Thomas C. Reynolds, Dec 16

c2        Died – Alfred McCann, 74 years, Dec 17

c2        Died – Mrs Daniel H. McIntyre, nee Catherine Paton, 65th year, Dec 17; daughter of Angus & Margaret Paton; sister of Mrs L. Duncanson and Miss Bessie Paton

c2        Died – John McGugan, 87 years, Dec 18

c6        Died – Donald Edward Olsen, 18 months, Dec 18, son of Clarence A. Olsen

c8        Born – William Glenn Travers, son of William Melvin & Agnes Travers, nee Jennings, Dec 16

c8        Born – Dorothy Mae Leatherdale, daughter of Stanley Leatherdale

c8        Died – John Albert Burden, (Berdan) 75th year, Dec 17

c8        Died – William Glenn Travers, son of William Melvin & Agnes Travers, nee Jennings, Dec 17

c8        Memoriam – James Archibald, Dec 18 1928


Page 16

c2        Baptism – Ties William Scholens, Dec 15, son of William Scholens of Wallaceburg

c2        Died – William Glenn Travers, son of William Melvin Travers, Dec 17

19 December 1929

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Jamed Dunning, Dec 18


Page 7

c3        Died – Miss Aster Robinson, 19 years, Dec 19, daughter of Jacob Robinson; sister of Mrs Joseph Bolt and Frances Robinson

c3        Funeral – Oscar T. Braman, Dec 18


Page 9

c8        Born – Joseph Charles Ward, son of Bruce Ward, Dec 18

c8        Born – Daughter of Alfred Way, Dec 11

c8        Born – Son of Lawrence Jeffrey, Dec 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Verne Roach, Dec 12

c8        Born – Son of Wesley Ross, Dec 16

c8        Died – Shem Lucas, 64 years, Dec 18, husband of Mrs Helen J. Lucas; father of Dr S. C. Lucas

c8        Died – Mrs Minnie Berry, 41 years, Dec 18, wife of Luke Berry

c8        Died – Donald Edward Olsen, Dec 16, infant son of Clarence & Edith Olsen


Page 10

c3        Married – Malcolm McLaren, son of Fred McLaren to Edna Victoria Hickson, daughter of H. Hickson

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Rogers of Palmerston, 5th

c4        Engagement – Henry Edward Hill to Coral Louise Carpenter, daughter of C. W. Carpenter

c4        Married – Chris Wilson, son of William Wilson to Emily Wright


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Donald Edward Olsen, Dec 20

c1        Funeral – Mrs Luke Berry, Dec 20

20 December 1929

Page 1

c2        Will – Estate of Mrs Mary Cole of Rodney

c4        Died – Mrs F. W. Sutherland, nee Margaret Elizabeth Kingswood, 51 years, Dec 20, daughter of Abraham & Margaret Kingswood; mother of Cecil, F. A.. Kathleen, James, Jean, Marion, Winnifred, Margaret & Jack; niece of Isaac Kingswood; cousin of Mrs Edith Miller


Page 11

c1        Died – Rueben Alexander Scott, Dec 19, brother of Mrs J. C. Hookwith

c8        Born – Mary Catherine McIntyre, daughter of C. C. McIntyre

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Kingswood, 51 years, Dec 20

c8        Memoriam – Anita P. Haney, Dec 20 1921, by mother Mrs S. Haney


Page 12

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John T. Peacock of Windham Centre, 25th

c2        Engagement – H. Garfield Clark, son of James Clark to Velda Grace Grover, daughter of John C. Grover

c3        Engagement – Stephen Hurst to Dorothy Evelyn Bennett, daughter of John Bennett

c3        Engagement – Leslie Keeling, son of George Keeling to Grace Wiles, daughter of John Wiles

c3        Engagement – Alfred Strathdee, son of James Strathdee to Mabelle Munro, daughter of John A. Munro

c3        Married – J. Truman Smith, son of C. S. Smith to Eva Laurene Miners, daughter of Frank Miners


Page 14

c1        Funeral – John Albert Burden, Dec 19

21 December 1929

Page 1

c3        Died – Shem Lucas, Dec 18 – Photo

c4        Died – Mrs Sarah Chaseley, 79 years, Dec 20


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs James Burbridge, nee Nellie Gregory, Dec 6, sister of Miss Carolina Gregory


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Mary E. Kingston, nee Saxton, Dec 21, widow of Dr John J. Kingston

c7        Funeral – Shem Lucas, Dec 20

c7        Born – Son of Karl B. & Catherine Barnes, nee Smith, Dec 20

c7        Born – Son of Alfred Brown, Dec 11

c7        Born – Son of Charles F. Ewing, Dec 12

c7        Born – Daughter of Archibald Gurney, Dec 12

c7        Born – Daughter of Arthur Quanbury, Dec 17

c7        Born – Daughter of James Bishop, Dec 10

c7        Born – Daughter of Norman Barnes, Dec 13

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Sutherland, nee Kingswood, 52nd year, Dec 20

c8        Died – Mrs Minnie Berry, 41 years, Dec 18

c8        Died – Mrs Mary E. Kingston, 80th year, Dec 21

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Montgomery, Dec 22 1927

c8        Memoriam – Lela Hitch, wife of G. W. Rogers, Dec 22 1918, by daughter Gracie Jean


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Benjamin Robertson Walker, son of David J. Walker to Helen Mary Reid, daughter of William Reid

c6        Married – Ernest L. Smith to Olive LaCount, daughter of Francis LaCount


Page 10

c2        Funeral – Mrs Luke Berry, Dec 22

c4        Funeral – Donald Edward Olsen, Dec 20


21 December 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c1        Photo – St Thomas Fire Department – Alex Sutherland; Percy Hicks; John Charles Miterlla; Charles Russell Lumley; Murray Wood; Alexander C. Henderson; Alex MacDonald; Colin MacLean; William Foote; Merl Leslie VonSchultz; Hugh McIntyre; William Turvey; George Hooper; Frederick Godfrey Morley; Burness Adolph Graham; Duncan Blair Tope; George Frederick Draper; Arthur Lavery; Gordon Roy Potts

c6        Photo – 1887 St Thomas Fire Department – H. Raynor; Wm Goote; B. Reice; Wm Barclay; Wm Grimstead; Richard Small; Frank Revell; A. Bowlby; T. Robinson; Peter Brown; H. Crack; F. Doggett; A. Henderson; Christopher Calcott; J. Hellier; James Foley; W. H. Waubourn; Sam Bowlby; J. Hayes; H. Calver; N. Gadsby


Page 14

c8        Funeral – Miss Lue Gardiner, Dec 17


Page 16

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – Springfield Lady Tells of Pioneers’ Hard Life – Photo of Mrs Mary Knickerbocker, nee Bearss, Age 86


Page 20

c6        Photo – Bobby Farley, son of Norman Farley of St Thomas; Barbara Louise Hales, daughter of Charles hales; Jack Dufton, son of R. J. Dufton of St Thomas; Myrna Eileen Burgess, daughter of Carl Burgess of Union

23 December 1929

Page 7

c1        Died – William H. Cogger, 44 years, brother of Mrs James Saunders

c1        Died – Thelma Watson, 23 years, Dec 22, daughter of Thomas Watson

c2        Died – Henry Target, 82 years, Dec 21; bn Rothsey, England

c2        Died – Richard Edward Young Treleaven, 53 years, Dec 23

c3        Died – Mrs Euphemia McLay, 85th year, Dec 20, daughter of Donald Crawford; mother of George E. McLay and Mrs C. J. Annett; sister of Mrs Neil Gillies, Donald, John & Dougald Crawford

c7        Died – Richard Edward Young Treleaven, 53 years, Dec 23

c8        Born – Son of D. L. Mann, Dec 22

c8        Born – Louise Pauline Campbell, daughter of A. L. & Lila Campbell, Dec 11

c8        Died – Henry Target, 82 years, Dec 21

c8        Memoriam – William A. Bowey, Dec 22 1924

c8        Memoriam – E. F. Cohoe, Dec 23 1927


Page 8

c3        Engagement – David Knight, son of David Knight to Hattie May Patterson, daughter of Mrs Isabella Patterson

c4        Married – Norman Cook, son of W. J. Cook to Ruby Florence Budd, daughter of W. G. Budd

c4        Married – Harold Wilkinson, son of the late George Wilkinson and Mrs J. F. Cuttle to Nora Alberta Wight, daughter of W. T. Wight


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Catherine Bennett, nee Cooper, Dec 21, wife of Rev M. M. Bennett


Page 14

c2        Died – Peter L. Taylor, 59th year, Dec 8, son of John Taylor; brother of Mrs Margaret McKillop

c3        Funeral – Mrs Minnie Berry, Dec 22

c4        Died – Samuel Munroe, 78th year, Dec 21

24 December 1929

Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Duncan Gillies, nee Annie McLean, 75 years, Dec 21, daughter of John & Jean McLean, nee Gilchrist

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Purser, nee Ida McClinton of Wallaceburg, 25th

c4        Died – Mrs John Blake, nee Charlotte Watcher, 78th year

c4        Birthday – Mrs John Givson of Wroxeter, 100th

c4        Died – Tholilis Lynhurst, 82nd year

c4        Died – Duncan Neilson, 72 years

c4        Died – Miss Margaret Armstrong, 67th year, Dec 22, daughter of Thomas Armstrong


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs J. J. Kingston, Dec 23

c1        Died – Henry Smyth, 88 years, Dec 23


Page 9

c7        Died – Miss Nancy McBride, 72 years, Dec 22, sister of Peter, John & Mary J. McBride

c7        Funeral – Alfred McCann, Dec 20

c7        Funeral – Mrs Daniel H. McIntyre, Dec 19

c8        Died – Richard Edward Young Treleaven, Dec 23

c8        Died – Mrs William S. Robins, nee Florence Moody, Dec 24

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Ross, Dec 24 1927

c8        Memoriam – William Victor Robinson, Dec 24 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Emma Singular, Dec 25 1928


Page 10

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Harry LeCourtois of St Thomas, 25th

c5        Married – James Lloyd Barker, son of J. Barker to Mary Elizabeth Heather, daughter of Albert Heather

c5        Married – Melvin Clifford Brandow, son of William Brandow to Laura May Neville, daughter of John Neville

c7        Died – George Leslie Griffith, 66th year, Dec 23

c8        Funeral – Mrs F. W. Sutherland, Dec 23


Page 16

c2        Died – Camille Robert, 71 years, Dec 21

26 December 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Manson Horton, 57th year, Dec 25, husband of Mrs Clara Horton, nee Kendall

c4        Photo – J. Arthur McDonald of Port Stanley


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs Florence May Charlton, 55 years, Dec 24, wife of Austin Charlton

c3        Died – Mrs Edna Mathews, nee Cascadden, 44th year, Dec 24, wife of Harry Mathews


Page 7

 c1        Birthday – Mrs John Mills of Strathroy, 80th, sister of Robert McLarty of Plummer, Algoma

c2        Died – Norman Alexander McPherson, 50 years, Dec 25

c2        Died – Mrs Archibald Stewart, nee Agnes Christena Ross, Dec 24, mother of J. Ross Stewart; sister of David and Peter Ross

c2        Married – Alastair Graham McCall, son of Alex & S. McCall to Kathleen Elizabeth Saxton, daughter of Alexander Saxton

c8        Died – Manson Horton, 57th year, Dec 25

c8        Died – Norman Alexander McPherson, 50 years, Dec 25, son of Dougald & Barbara McPherson

c8        Memoriam – Beatrice Gillett, Dec 26 1928


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Arthur Carruthers, nee Elsie Leith of Lambeth, 50th

c3        Engagement – Rev Robert Southcott to Jean MacMillan, daughter of John A. MacMillan

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John T. Harvey of Arthur, 50th

c5        Married – Clarence Edward Hearn to Mary A. Matthews

c5        Married – John H. Smale, son of F. J. Smale to Gladys Louise Hardy, daughter of Mrs Irving Young


Page 9

c2        Died – Norman Voegtle, 30 years, Dec 25

c3        Died – Jean Marilyn Fowler, 4 months, Dec 25, daughter of D. E. Fowler

c4        Died – Mrs Clara May Elliott, 50 years, Dec 24, wife of James A. Elliott

c5        Died – Mrs Lucy Cookson, Dec 23, wife of Joseph Cookson

c6        Died – Peter Madden, 50 years

27 December 1929

Page 2

c2        Died – James Emerson, 88th year, Dec 26

c2        Died – Frank Yeazel, 52 years, Dec 26


Page 5

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. C. Wiley of West Lorne, 25th , son of Joseph Wiley

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Curtis, Dec 27, widow of John Curtis


Page 6

c1        Died – Daughter Charlton, 3 months, Dec 25, daughter of Mrs Grace Charlton

c1        Died – George Edward Harris, 8 years, Dec 26, son of William Harris

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Arthur Wanless of Chatham, 55th


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Margaret A. Stevens, 94th year

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James E. McGuire of St Thomas, 50th

c5        Died – Mrs Joseph C. Judd, nee Elizabeth Jane Forman, 65 years, Dec 27

c6        Funeral – Richard E. Y. Treleaven, Dec 26

c7        Born – Orville Russell Lacey, son of Russell Lacey, Dec 27

c7        Born – Son of E. H. & Mary Bowden, nee MacLean, Dec 25

c8        Died – Norman Alexander MacPherson, 51st year, Dec 25


Page 8

c2        Engagement – Herbert C. Adrain, son of N. H. Adrain to Daisy Kathleen Smith, daughter of M. H. Smith

c2        Married – W. G. T. Jones to Alica Rowina Hamilton, daughter of H. Hamilton

c5        Married – Harley McCallum, son of Mrs Jessie McCallum to Dorothy Freeman, daughter of Earl Freeman

c5        Married – Edwin Hagen, son of Thomas Hagen to Ethel O’Connor, daughter of Patrick O’Connor

c5        Married – George Monkhouse, son of William Monkhouse to Margaret Jean Beattie, daughter of Thomas Beattie

c5        Married – Albert James Wilkinson, son of W. I. Wilkinson to Emily Elizabeth Roulton


Page 9

c2        Died – Evan Corneille, 21 years, Dec 24, son of J. B. Corneille

c3        Died – Mrs Catherine McIntyre, 64 years, Dec 24, daughter of Angus Patton; wife of D. A. McIntyre

c3        Died – Miss Nancy McBride, 75th year, Dec 22

c3        Died – George Turnbull, 65 years, Dec 24

c4        Died – Mrs Annie H. Howick, 65th year, widow of George S. Howick


Page 11

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. J. Baker of Warkworth, 65th


Page 14

c1        Died – Dorothy Edna Meredith, Dec 23, daughter of Rev John T. Meredith

28 December 1929

Page 3

c2        Photo – St Thomas Chamber of Commerce – Alf McIntyre; W. A. McIntyre; Frank Harding; Ed Cutler; W. A. Becker; J. Dowler; C. S. Gilbert; C. S. Butler, F. W. Sutherland, C. E. Raven, Dr J. D. Curtis, F. A. Lemon


Page 6

c1        Funeral Mrs Edna Mathews, Dec 27


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs Louisa Taylor, 68th year, Dec 28, mother of Tremelling Taylor

c5        Died – Mrs Elexia Cusack, nee Lawson, 78 years, Dec 27, wife of Richard Cusack

c7        Married – Dr E. Cecil Gliddon to Vera O. Robeson, daughter of James Robeson

c7        Died – Mrs Louisa Taylor, 68 years, Dec 28

c8        Died – Mrs Elexia Cusack, 78 years, Dec 27

c8        Died – Mrs Mary A. Curtis, 82 years, Dec 27

c8        Memoriam – Elva M. Carroll, Dec 28 1928

c8        Memoriam – Robert Lloyd Williams, Dec 28 1926

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Ina Wilson, wife of John Wilson, Dec 29 1928

c8        Memoriam – Frederick James Smale, Dec 28 1927


Page 8

c4        Married – James T. Pollock, son of Fred Pollock to Agnes Florence Koyle, daughter of J. W. Koyle

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Hillman of Leamington, 50th


Page 10

c5        Funeral – Manson Horton, Dec 27

28 December 1929

Second Section

Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Phoebe Rebecca Backhouse, daughter of Alexander Butler & Phoebe Hutchinson, nee Price; widow of Peter E. Backhouse; mother of Mrs J. H. Bowlby, Mrs C. F. W. Atkinson and Alexander Frank Thomas Backhouse; sister of Mrs Ruth Young Starr and Miss Leah Hutchinson

c2        Died – Alfred J. Drummond, 62nd year, Dec 27, son of Robert & Maria Drummond; brother of Robert Drummond

c4        Died – Robert Finlay, 80th year

c4        Died – August Graham, 46 years, Dec 27

c4        Died – Mrs Melinda Hillman, 84th year, Dec 23, widow of Thomas Hillman

c4        Died – William Noble, 72nd year; brother of Archie Noble

c6        Died – John Clulow, Dec 26


Page 16

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – David Ecker’s Grandfather Was Kidnapped From Germany


Page 20

c2        Photo – Catherine & Margaret Becker, daughters of Harold Becker of Detroit and granddaughters of W. A. Becker of St Thomas; Joan & Jere Baker, children of C. W. Baker of St Thomas

c5        Engagement – George M. Woolcox to Eva Bianca Harp, daughter of Charles Harp

c5        Engagement – Milton L. McNeice to Mildred Eveline Grass, daughter of Frank Grass

c6        Photo – Marion Holmes, daughter of Leslie T. Holmes of St Thomas; Jack Douglas Black, son of Alex Black and grandson of Roger S. Black

30 December 1929

Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Austin Charlton, Dec 28

c1        Funeral – George Edward Harris, Dec 28

c1        Funeral – Norman A. MacPherson, Dec 28

c1        Funeral – James Emerson, Dec 29

c1        Funeral – Robert Bennett, 82nd year, Dec 27

c2        Photo – Miss Eva Bianca Harp, daughter of Charles Harp of Aylmer

c4        Died – Melvin Sullivan, 29 years, Dec 28, son of Fred Sullivan


Page 7

c2        Photo – Wilfred A. Thomas, nephew of George Thomas and Mrs John Harper

c8        Married – Alex McGugan, son of Alex McGugan to Gwendolyn Birt, daughter of Mrs Boyd

c8        Married – John Hughes, son of J. Hughes to Dora Preston, daughter of Robert Preston

c8        Born – Daughter of Tommy Parson, Dec 25

c8        Born – Son of John W. Gordon, Dec 30

c8        Memoriam – Samuel Hunter, Dec 30 1928


Page 8

c5        Married – James Morris Young, son of Frank Young to Vera Blanche Foote, daughter of George E. Foote

c5        Married – Thomas L. Miller, son of Francis Miller to Beatrice Swanton, daughter of H. L. Swanton

c5        Married – William Charles Fitzgerald, son of W. C. Fitzgerald to Madeline Evelyn Burkholder, daughter of I. Burkholder

c5        Married – Dr S. Bruce Fraleigh, son of S. Fraleigh to Jean Annona Bolton, daughter of George J. Bolton

c5        Married – Ernest Rowland Dennis, son of J. H. T. Dennis to Edith Belle Fetterly, daughter of P. B. Fetterly

c5        Married – Harold Douglas Glover to Nina Irene Brock

c5        Married – Rev Robert Earl Southcott, son of Mrs C. A. Southcott to Jean MacMillan, daughter of John A. MacMillan

c5        Married – Arthur R. Smith to Christine Edgar, sister of Mrs Lorne J. Clarke

c6        Married – Peter W. Fulton, son of George M. Fulton to Ruth M. Hall


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Ogilvie of St Mary’s, 50th

c3        Died – Norman Alexander MacPherson, Dec 25, son of Donald MacPherson


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Edward Armstrong, sister of Mrs F. W. Heard

c1        Died – Mrs Colin Brewer, daughter of Andrew Tunks; niece of Mrs John Munro

c7        Died – Mrs Charles Overbaugh, Dec 26, daughter of Alexander Rockefeller; mother of Roy Overbaugh; half sister of Elegen & Clyde Rockefeller, Mrs H. Cudney and Mrs L. White

31 December 1929

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c6        Married – Peter W. Fulton, son of George M. Fulton to Ruth M. Hall

c6        Married – William E. Boothman, son of Ross Boothman to Reita Violet Downs, daughter of Archie Downs

c6        Married – William Lloyd Emerson, son of Frank Emerson to Elizabeth Jane Newell, daughter of Roland Newell

c6        Married – Ralph Smith to Velma Little, daughter of George Little

c6        Married – Arden M. Minor, son of Rev E. M. Minor to Ellen Kathryn Nichols, daughter of J. Lorne Nichols


Page 7

c5        Died – Mrs Louise Baker, nee Woods, Dec 22, widow of Dr James Baker


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Jean Marilyn Fowler, Dec 27

c3        Died – Mrs Helen Tyhurst, 82 years, Dec 29


Page 9

c2        Married – Siebert Graat, son of Huertus Graat to Agnes Suntjens, daughter of Robertus Suntjens

c8        Born – Gordon Sidney Ford, son of Sidney & Doris Ford, nee Pearce, Dec 24

c8        Born – Daughter of A. T. & Alma Dalton, nee Taylor, Dec 27

c8        Born – Dorothy Margaret Ewans, daughter of T. Ewans, Dec 27

c8        Died – Infant daughter of A. T. Dalton, Dec 27

c8        Died – Mrs Matilda Poulson, 72 years, Dec 31, widow of William Poulson

c8        Died – Cecil Frederick Johns, 32 years, Dec 31, son of Frederick & Annie Johns

c9        Died – Mrs Celia Irving, 77 years, Dec 30, widow of Edward Irving; Aunt of Mrs T. S. Heard


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs John Curtis, Dec 27

c2        Died – Miss Margaret Park Headrick, 69 years, Dec 30, daughter of Peter & Mary Headrick

c3        Died – Mrs Richard Babb, 97 years, Dec 30


Page 16

c8        Funeral – Evan Corneille, Dec 28