STTJ 1920 Mar-Apr

St. Thomas Times Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

March & April 1920

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

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1 March 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Justus D. McTaggart, 34 years, Feb 29

c1    Died –   Mrs Daisy Gertrude Potts, 23 years, Feb 29, wife of Mahlon L. Potts

c7    Died –   Fred A. Kimberly, 28 years, Mar 1, father of Benjamin, Fred, Jack and Olive

Page 4

c3    Died –   H. Beecroft, 63 years, Feb 26

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Benjamin Dancey, Feb 28

Page 7

c1    Died –   Edward Franklin Griffith, 10 years, Feb 29, son of Frederick Griffith

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Elizabeth Cornish, 40 years, Feb 29, wife of Emerson Cornish

c2    Funeral –   Rowland Long, Feb 29

c3    Died –   Kenneth Clayton, 42 years, Feb 29

c3    Died –   Mrs Susan Elizabeth Gaskin, 63 years, Feb 29, wife of Thomas Gaskin

c7    Born –   Margaret Pauline Boughner, daughter of N. W. Boughner, Feb 29

Page 9

c2    Funeral –   Kenneth McDonald, Feb 29

c2    Funeral –   Charles Moore, Feb 28

c2    Funeral –   Joseph Allman, Feb 28

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Florence Pafford, Feb 29

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Elizabeth Elsie, Feb 29

2 March 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   John McCallum, 57th year, Mar 1

c2    Photo –   W. A. Becker of West Lorne

Page 4

c1    Funeral –   Mr Cook, Feb 29, father of Mrs J. Brady

Page 6

c1    Married –   Irwin Roszell to Nellie May Staib, daughter of Fred Staib

c3    Died –   Mrs Charles Strong, 87 years, Mar 1

c3    Died –   William Frederick Stokes, 24th year, Mar 1

c3    Died –   Robert Fleming, 63 years, Mar 1

c3    Died –   Infant child of Mr & Mrs Masion, Mar 1 [Manshion – CVH]

Page 7

c3    Died –   William A. Actworth, 17 years, Mar 2, son of John Actworth

c3    Funeral –   Justus W. McTaggart, Mar 1

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Gertrude Potts, Mar 1

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret Foster, 79 years, Feb 26, mother of Mrs E. Brown, Mrs Nettie Fulton, Mrs C. W. Leight and A. E. Foster

c4    Died –   Thomas Cook Stewart, 76 years, Mar 1, son of James Stewart; father of James and Nettie Stewart and Mrs J. A. Murray; brother of Adam A. Stewart and Mrs Archdale Wilson

c6    Died –   Louis Westover, 79 years, Mar 2

c7    Born –   Stillborn son of Thomas Berry, Feb 29

c7    Born –   Son of T. Barclay, Mar 1

c7    Born –   Harley Edward Denne, son of Harold & Edith Denne, nee Cooper, Mar 1

c7    Died –   William Arthur Actworth, Mar 2

c7    Died –   Fred A. Kimberley, Mar 1

c7    Memoriam –   Thomas Dunning, Mar 2 1919

3 March 1920

Page 4

c2    Died –   Robert Gunn Garbutt, Feb 25

c2    Funeral –   Jean Lydia Merrifield, 2 years, Mar 2, daughter of Harold Merrifield

c3    School Report –   Port Stanley

c3    Died –   John Culman, 81 years, Feb 27, father of Mrs E. Mulhern

c4    Died –   James Cook, Feb 27, father of Mrs J. Brady; brother of Mrs Clark

c4    Died –   Mamie Forman, Feb 29

c4    Died –   George Tambling, 78 years, Mar 3

c4    Died –   Mrs Chalres McCready, 57 years, Feb 28, mother of Mrs W. Law, Mrs Thomas Arnes, Mrs John Collins, Mrs Harry Connor and George McCready

Page 6

c2    School Report –   SS 18 Yarmouth

c2    Died –   Miss Hattie E. Cooper, sister of Mrs Thomson and Arthur Cooper

c3    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Lyon, Mar 1, sister of Warren Lyon

Page 7

c5    Funeral –   William A. Actworth, Mar 3

c7    Born –   Edward St Clair Clements, son of Warren Clements, Mar 2

c7    Born –   Daughter of John McDonald, Feb 25

Page 9

c5    Died –   William Stokes, Mar 1

c5    Died –   Ethel Manshion, 2 years, Mar 1, daughter of Walter Manshion

c5    Died –   Mrs John Heglar, Mar 1

4 March 1920

Page 1

c3    Married –   Russell A. Thompson to Mabelle Lewis, daughter of Mrs Caroline Lewis

Page 4

c4    School Report –   SS 17 Yarmouth

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   William A. Actworth, Mar 3

c2    Funeral –   Kenneth Clayton, Mar 2

c6    Funeral –   Fred A. Kimberley, Mar 3

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Susan Elizabeth Gaskin, Mar 3

Page 8

c1    Born –   Laura Mildred Clutton, daughter of Carl B. Clutton, Mar 1

c2    Funeral –   Robert Fleming, Mar 3

c3    Married –   Malcolm McColl, son of Duncan B. McColl to Grace McMillan, daughter of John C. McMillan

Page 9

c2    Born –   Frederick Claire Kondal, son of Frank Kondal, Feb 29

c2    Born –   Frederick William Hodge, son of Alfred Hodge, Feb 26

c2    Born –   Noble Gilbert Tufford, son of R. Gilbert, Mar 3

c2    Married –   Elmer Harris, son of Hannibal Harris to Mary McIntyre, daughter of Angus McIntyre

c2    Memoriam –   Mrs William Morris, Mar 4 1919

5 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 11

c2    Died –   Mrs Ila Hill, 27 years, daughter of J. H. Braddon

Page 12

c1    Funeral –   Miss Elizabeth Lyon, Mar 4

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Charles Strong, Mar 4

c2    Died –   Jonathan Benedict Smith, widow of Mrs Margaret Smith, nee Buckborough; father of Harry, Byron, Carl, George and Charles Smith and Mrs James Challen

c3    School Report –   SS 19 Yarmouth

c4    Funeral –   John A. McCallum, Mar 2

Page 13

c3    Died –   Ada Fugard, 21st year, daughter of Robert Fugard

c3    Died –   William Quick, 49 years, Mar 2, husband of Mrs Jeanette Quick, nee Leitch

c4    Born –   Daughter of D. M. Littlejohn, Feb 27

c4    Born –   Daughter of R. E. Bulmer, Mar 4

c4    Born –   Annie Violet Irene Cunningham, daughter of John Cunningham, Feb 14

c4    Born –   Daughter of Will Myerscough, Feb 23

c4    Born –   George Melbourne Roger Luno, son of Ernest Luno, Feb 11

c4    Born –   Son of Clarence Lamoure, Feb 20

c4    Memoriam –   James Balkwill, Mar 5 1919

c6    Died –   Miss Cora Scott, 35 years, Mar 5, daughter of Johnathan Scott; sister of Ida Scott, Mrs Thomas Burt, Mrs Winnifred Vanderburg and Mrs William Landrey

Page 16

c3    Married –   Clayton William Shipp, son of William Shipp to Neta Elizabeth McLarty, daughter of James McLarty

6 March 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   R. H. Bowes, 70th year, Mar 5

c4    Photo –   New L & PS Railway Station, St Thomas

Page 4

c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Margaret Fisher, 46 years, Mar 1, daughter of John Taylor; wife of Walter N. Fisher; mother of Hester, James and Ezma Fisher; sister of Mrs S. A. Stage, John and Wesley Taylor

c2    Married –   Lorin D. Rogers to Muriel Irene Manning, daughter of W. J. Manning

c3    Died –   Wallace Randall, Mar 1, son of Joseph Randall

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Hutchinson, nee Craig, 73 years, Mar 2, mother of James and Robert H. Hutchinson; sister of Robert Craig

c3    Died –   Joseph Thompson, Feb 27, husband of Mrs Frances Thompson, nee Burn; father of Mrs L. C. Boulton, Mrs Erik Sohlberg, Mrs G. D. Tillson, Dorothy and Ada Thompson; brother of William and Albert Thompson and Mrs A. E. Raynes

c3    Died –   Mrs Catharine Duncanson, 86th year, Feb 24, widow of Peter Duncanson

c5    Died –   Thomas Luscombe, 82nd year, Mar 1, husband of Mrs Charlotte Luscombe, nee Maynard; father of Harry, Thorold, Thomas and John Luscombe and Mrs W. E. Buttery

c5    Died –   Mrs Jane M. Smith, nee Burton, 87 years, Feb 29, widow of G. W. Smith; mother of Mrs A. Becker, G. E. and C. W. Smith

Page 6

c1    Died –   Wallace Randall, brother of William Randall

c2    Died –   Leo Howard Fugard, 3 months, Mar 4, infant son of Frank Fugard

c3    Married –   John Brady to Gladys Moat

c3    Died –  Mrs Gray, mother of Oswald Gray, Mrs W. G. Little and Margaret Gray; sister of Mrs Mary Trestain

c3    Died –   William R. Quick, 49th year, husband of Mrs Janet Quick, nee Leitch; father of Russell, Orvil, William and Mary Quick

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs James Fulton Fox, Mar 2, sister of J. Pellan

c3    Died –   John Ryan, 53 years, Mar 6

c5    Funeral –   Lewis Westover, Mar 4

c6    Married –  William Avery to Mildred Merele Carnes, daughter of J. L. Carnes

6 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c2    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Springwater; Charles White; Harley White

Page 20

c4    Engagement –   Arthur Holland to Nellie Gertrude Lowrie, daughter of James Lowrie

c6    Engagement –   Earnest Alexander Morrison, son of John Morrison to May Heydon, daughter of W. H. Heydon

c6    Engagement –   Dr Angus Graham to Lillian Veale, daughter of Rev J. Veale

c6    Engagement –   Anthony Marshall, son of Peter Marshall to Orel A. Pollen, daughter of George Pollen

c7    Married –   Manson Gosnell to Violet Murphy, daughter of Joseph Murphy

c7    Married –   Willard Butler, son of Nathan Butler to Ellen Helena Austin, daughter of F. H. Austin

8 March 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   Richard Wickett, 63rd year, Mar 6

Page 4

c3    School Report –   SS 25 Yarmouth

c3    Died –   Mrs Walter J. Gunton, nee Margaret Lindsay King, daughter of John G. King

Page 6

c3    Died –   Dr Murray Abell, 30th year, Mar 5, husband of Mrs Alta Abell, nee Richardson

c3    Died –   Mrs Earl Richardson, Mar 7

c3    Died –   John Law, 57th year, Mar 6

Page 7

c1    Died –   Mrs William R. Allen, 81st year, Mar 6, mother of Mrs George Henderson and George Allen

c2    Funeral –   Miss Cora Scott, Mar 7

c4    Born –   Margaret Grace Oke, daughter of W. C. Oke, Mar 6

c4    Born –   Son of G. A. Neil, Mar 7

c4    Died –   John Ryan, Mar 6

c4    Died –   Richard Wickett, Mar 6

c4    Memoriam –   Andrew Woodford, Mar 8 1919

Page 10

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Butcher, widow of Richard Butcher

9 March 1920

Page 4

c2    School Report –   SS 27 Yarmouth

Page 6

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Henry McSherry, sister of Mrs George Hyde

c3    Died –   Mrs Rhoda Bezzo-Jargensen, 67 years, wife of J. Jargensen; mother of W. Jargenson

Page 7

c1    Died –   William Paul, Mar 8

10 March 1920

Page 7

c4    Died –   Joseph Beckett, 74 years, , father of Mrs John Hairno, Mrs N. Pettit, William and John Beckett

c4    Died –   Charles Mullen, Mar 7

Page 8

c1    Died –   Michael Bircham, 21 years, son of John Bircham

10 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 9

c4    Funeral –   R. H. Bowes, Mar 8

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Ada Saunders, Mar 5, wife of Frederick K. Saunders

c1    Died –   John Law, 57th year, Mar 8

c3    Died –   Dr Lewis C. Sinclair, 51 years, Mar 7, son of Mrs (Dr) L. C. Sinclair; brother of Mrs G. L. Draper, Margaret and B. A. Sinclair

c3    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Cawte, 86 years, Mar 7, wife of George Cawte

c3    Died –   Isaac Milmine, 70 years, Mar 9

Page 13

c1    Died –   Floyd Yeo, 1 year 6 months, Mar 9, infant son of John Yeo

c5    Funeral –   Richard Wickett, Mar 9

c6    Born –   Daughter of Reg Payne, Mar 8

c6    Born –   Daughter of James Berdan, Mar 7

c6    Died –   Gertrude Hughes, Mar 9, daughter of Hector & Mary Jane Hughes

c6    Memoriam –   Merrill Clifton Smith, Mar 10 1919

Page 16

c1    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Ann Fox, nee Polan, Mar 2, wife of Rev Martin Luther Fox

c2    School Report –   Myrtle, Wellington, Scott, Balaclava, Manitoba, Hiawatha, West Avenue

11 March 1920

Page 1

c2    Died –   J. Ellison Young Jr., 2nd year, Mar 10, son of J. Ellison Young

c4    Died –   William Hunter, 69 years, Mar 10, husband of Mrs Mary Elizabeth Hunter, nee Laidlaw

c7    Died –   Mrs Sarah Hampton, Mar 10, widow of Peter Hampton

Page 6

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary E. Bainard, 82 years, Mar 10, widow of Lawrence Bainard

Page 7

c1    Died –   Neil Walker, Mar 10, son of Mrs Margaret Walker

c2    Born –   Edward St Clair Clements, son of Warren & Charlotte Clements, nee Leitch, Mar 2

c2    Born –   Son of Dr McPherson, Feb 11

c2    Born –   Daughter of John MacLean, Mar 8

c2    Born –   Daughter of William McDougall, Feb 14

c2    Born –   Pearce child, Mar 5

c3    Memoriam –   Emma Gillett, Mar 11 1919, by niece Mrs Herbert Orton

c3    Memoriam –   William Blake, Mar 11 1917

Page 9

c3    School Report –   SS 9 Yarmouth; Orwell School

c3    Engagement –   William R Barnwell to Katie Ryckman, daughter of Neil Ryckman

c5    Died –   Neil Walker, Mar 10

12 March 1920

Page 1

c2    Died –   Malcolm E. Black, 61 years, Mar 12

c5    Died –   Miss Ada Mitchell, 20 years, Mar 11, daughter of Albert Mitchell

Page 9

c2    Died –   Leonard Dennis, 85th year, Mar 11

c4    Died –   Mrs Malinda Moyer, 71 years, wife of David Moyer

Page 10

c2    Died –   Ross Maxwell Cohoon, 4 years, Mar 12, son of W. H. Cohoon

c4    Died –   John M. Riddell, 71 years

Page 11

c1    Funeral –   Joseph Ellison Young, son of J. Ellison Young, Mar 13

c4    Born –   Son of R. Kemp Panter, Mar 11

c4    Died –   Joseph Ellison Young, Mar 11

c4    Died –   Mrs Sarah Hampton, Mar 10

c4    Memoriam –   Lillian & Dorothy Catchpole, Mar 12 1915, by parents and sister Mabel

c5    Funeral –   Miss Gertrude Hughes, Mar 11

Page 13

c3    Died –   Miss Hattie E. Cooper, sister of Mrs Thomson and Arthur Cooper

Page 14

c1    Birthday –   Mrs Mary Turk of Tillsonburg, 94th

c1    Birthday –   Mrs E. Birdsall of Tillsonburg, 94th

c4    Funeral –   William R. Quick, Mar 11

Page 15

c1    Died –   Charles E. Downie, Mar 7

Page 17

c3    Died –   Miss Margaret Duncan, 73 years, Mar 11

c4    Died –   Isaac Milmine, 70 years, Mar 9

13 March 1920

Page 1

c5    Married –   George Colin Taylor to Lottie Lewis, daughter of Mrs Caroline Lewis

c6    Died –   Rev R. W. Ballah

c7    Died –   James McGaw, 48 years, Mar 12

Page 4

c2    Married –   Dr Allan M. Yeates, brother-in-law of Rev George A. King to Nellie Penman Wilkins, daughter of W. J. Wilkins

c3    Married –   Fred E. Cousins to Clara Hotchkiss, daughter of John Hotchkiss

Page 6

c2    Married –   C. W. Smith to Berda Pettit

Page 7

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah Hampton, March 13

c2    Funeral –   William Hunter, Mar 12

c6    Born –   Son of J. Roy Smith, Mar 2

c6    Born –   Virgil George Lewis Langs, son of George A. Langs, Feb 23

c6    Born –   Maurice Woolley Pratt, son of F. E. Pratt, Mar 4

c6    Born –   Son of Ernest Scanlon, Mar 1

c6    Born –   Martin Stanley Scott, son of W. Stanley Scott, Mar 5

c6    Born –   Daughter of Frank Lovell, Mar 7

c6    Died –   Ernest Swartz, 35 years, Mar 12

c6    Died –   Neil Walker, 55 years, Mar 10

c6    Died –   Miss Ada Mitchell, Mar 11, daughter of A. E. Mitchell

c6    Died –   Malcolm E. Black, Mar 12

c6    Memoriam –   Mrs Elizabeth North, Mar 13 1919, by daughter of Mrs Charles Robbins

13 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c2    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Jacob Fowler of St Thomas – Photo

Page 20

c5    Engagement –   Cecil Lloyd Patrick to Olive Margaret Kermath, daughter of William Kermath

15 March 1920

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Ross Maxwell Cohoon, Mar 13

c1    Died –   William Hunter, 69 years, father of Mrs W. C. Spence

c2    Died –   Mrs Catharine Chute, Mar 15

c2    Died –   Ernest Swartz, Mar 12

c3    Died –   Edith Fugard, 15 years, Mar 15, daughter of Robert Fugard

c4    Died –   Rev R. W. Ballah, Mar 15

c4    Died –   John Brady, 87th year, Mar 14

Page 7

c3    Died –   Neil McTaggart, 77 years, Mar 15

c5    Funeral –   Malcolm E. Black, Mar 14

c5    Funeral –   Reid Kenneth Pruss, Mar 15, son of A. W. Pruss

c5    Funeral –   Ernest Swartz, Mar 15

c7    Born –   Son of J. Roy Smith, Mar 2

c7    Died –   Neil Walker, Mar 10

c7    Died –   John Brady, Mar 14

c7    Died –   Rev R. W. Ballah, Mar 13

Page 12

c3    Funeral –   J. Ellison Young Jr., Mar 13

16 March 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   T. M. Brown, son of Thomas Brown

c1    Died –   Mr Black, Mar 11, father of Mrs Duncan Sinclair

c4    Died –   Charles Weeden, 58 years, Mar 16

c5    Died –   Pte Archie McCallum, Mar 15, son of John McCallum – Photo

Page 3

c2    Died –   Nelson Precure, 69 years, Mar 15

Page 4

c2    Died –   James Mills, Mar 12

c3    Funeral –   Leonard Dennis, Mar 14

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mother of Mrs Joseph Readman, 82nd year

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Catharine Chute, Mar 17

c3    Died –   Mrs Catharine Chute, 97 years, Mar 15

Page 7

c3    Died –   Mrs Frances McGarvey, widow of William Graves and Mr Garvey

c3    Died –   Ernest Swartz, Mar 13, nephew of Mrs William Adams

c3    Funeral –   Miss Ada Mitchell, Mar 15

c3    Funeral –   John Brady, Mar 16

c3    Funeral –   Neil Walker, Mar 15

c6    Died –   Neil McTaggart, Mar 15

17 March 1920

Page 1

c3    Died –   Edward Augustus Lewis, 67 years, Mar 16, father of Muriel Lewis and the late Steele Lewis; brother of David Lewis and Mrs R. Gilbert

c4    Died –   Mrs Alice Rea, 36th year, Mar 13, wife of William Rea

c7    Died –   Mrs Frank Mappin, daughter of Capt. John Ferdinand Dennison; mother of John Ferdinand and Eileen Mappin; sister of Rev F. Patrick Dennison and Mrs Senor Walden Silva

17 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 9

c5    Married –   James A. Kelly to Julia Ethel McLean, daughter of John McLean

Page 11

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary E. Bainard, Mar 13

c3    Died –   Albert Misner, 73 years, Mar 17

c7    Married –   John Welch to Louise Coote

Page 13

c7    Born –   Lawrence Jack Moxon, son of W. J. Moxon, Mar 16

c7    Born –   Lillian Jean Bragg, daughter of W. Bragg, Mar 4

c7    Died –   Mrs Alice Rea, Mar 13, wife of William Rea

c7    Died –   Edward Augustus Lewis, Mar 16

18 March 1920

Page 1

c2    Married –   T. Don Guy, son of William Guy to Jessie K. Middleton, daughter of William Middleton

Page 4

c2    Died –   George Cawte, 75 years, Mar 18

c3    Married –   Laughlin William Holtby to Gladys Laverne Greenway, daughter of James Greenway

c3    Married –   William R. Barnwell to Katie Ryckman, sister of Mrs Hary Hebblewaith

Page 5

c1    Funeral –   Neil McTaggart, Mar 17

c1    Funeral –   Charles Weeden, Mar 17

Page 6

c3    Married –   Clarence E. Nobbs, son of Joseph Nobbs to Clara Joyce Wilcox, daughter of Amos Booth

Page 7

c2    Died –   Mrs Alex Gray, nee McCallum, Mar 8

c4    Born –   Daughter of Herbert Baldwin

c4    Died –   Archie A. McCallum, 30th year, Mar 15

c4    Died –   Mrs Jane Stokes, 52 years, Mar 18, wife of Andrew Stokes

Page 9

c4    Funeral –   Rev Randall W. Ballah, Mar 17

19 March 1920

Page 1

c3    Died –   Frank M. Lowry, Mar 18, father of Edgar Lowry and Mrs Edith Flannagan

c5    Photo –   George C. Carrie

19 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 11

c3    Married –   Gordon Eugene Nott to Jessie Campbell Edgar Love, daughter of Francis Love

Page 12

c2    Died –   Mrs Nancy Taylor, nee Ferguson, 85 years, Mar 18, wife of Henry Taylor

c3    Married –   George Jacobs of Lakeview

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Catharine Chute, Mar 18

c4    Died –   Mrs Rooke, 85th year, Mar 19, mother of George Rooke

c4    Died –   John Mitchell Bircham, 21 years, Mar 2

Page 13

c3    Died –   Mrs Catherine McBrayne, 85 years, Mar 19, widow of John McBrayne

c3    Born –   Daughter of Herbert Baldwin

c3    Memoriam –   Mrs Albert Frewing, Mar 19 1919, by Mrs L. Vansickle

c3    Memoriam –   Mrs Frank Smith, Mar 19 1919, by husband

20 March 1920

Page 1

c6    Died –   Bert Benjamin Ashford, Mar 20

Page 4

c2    Married –   Arthur Holland, son of Isaac Holland to Nellie Gertrude Lowrie, daughter of James Lowrie

c2    Died –   Albert J. Misener, 73 years, Mar 10, father of Alvin J. and Ray Misener

c2    Married –   Henry C. Hopkins to May Holman, daughter of C. Holman

c2    Married –   George Ethelbert Jackson to Marguerite Hunter, daughter of James Hunter

c2    Married –   Norman Roy Hearn, son of George Hearn to Bella Burtch, daughter of George Burtch

c3    Married –   Thomas Hawes to Mrs Annie Stammers

c3    Married –   William J. Allen to Ethel E. Laur, daughter of Robert Laur

c3    Married –   J. H. Hann to Mrs Dora Matheson

c3    Died –   John Murray, 79 years, father of Mrs McPhail, George, Roy, William, John and Charles Murray

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Pte Archie A. McCallum, Mar 19

Page 7

c3    Married –   Ernest Alexander Morrison, son of John Morrison to May Heyden, daughter of W. H. Heyden

c7    Born –   Son of J. H. Ellis, Mar 20

c7    Born –   Son of L. Evans, Mar 10

c7    Born –   Son of R. Kemp Panter, Mar 11

c7    Born –   Daughter of Samuel Shipp Jr., Mar 7

c7    Born –   Son of Lloyd Andrews, Mar 4

c7    Born –   Son of W. F. Gatez, Mar 8

c7    Born –   Eva May Auckland, daughter of Fred Auckland, Mar 18

c7    Married –   John Archibald McNeil to Muriel Edna Lodge, daughter of James Lodge

c7    Died –   Mrs Catherine McBrayen, Mar 19, widow of John McBrayen

c7    Memoriam –   Edward John Wadley, Mar 20

20 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 15

c2    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Arthur Caverly on Rabbit Raising

Page 20

c4    Engagement –   Earl Wing to Carrie M. Robinson, daughter of W. C. Robinson

22 March 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Freeman Danby, Mar 11, son of William Danby; grandson of Mrs Freeman

c7    Married –   J. P. Marlatt to Gertrude Steele

c7    Died –   Mrs Hannah Urquahart, Mar 21, widow of Rev Alexander Urquahart

Page 4

c2    Married –   George Clackett to Eva Robinson, daughter of W. J. Robinson; cousin of Mrs Shaw

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   William Hall, Mar 22, brother-in-law of C. Willison

c2    Died –   John Haney, 65th year, Mar 22

c2    Died –   Dr F. E. Black, Mar 20

c2    Died –   Mrs Anna Warren, nee McPhail, 76 years, Mar 19, wife of Thomas Warren

Page 7

c1    Died –   Albert E. Robinson, brother of Mr J. C. Baker

c1    Died –   Ethel Dowd, 2 months 21 days, Mar 21, infant daughter of George R. Dowd

c2    Died –   Bertram C. Ashford, 44 years, Mar 20

c3    Died –   George Dalton, Mar 18

c7    Born –   Son of Edgar C. Sanders, Mar 22

c7    Born –   Roy Kenneth House, son of Bert House, Mar 22

Page 8

c2    Died –   Harry Tisdale, 18 years, son of Edward Tisdale

23 March 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   William Palmer, 8 years, Mar 23, son of George Palmer; brother of Lillian, Dorothy, Annie, George and Jack Palmer

Page 4

c2    Died –   William Cudney, Mar 22

c4    Died –   Richard A. Small, Mar 15

c4    Married –   George Richard Liddon to Helen Cora Merrill, daughter of F. B. Merrill

Page 6

c1    Died –   Herbert H. Buckberrough, 48 years, Mar 22

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Andrew Stokes, Mar 18

Page 7

c1    Died –   James Herbert Tabor, 3 years, Mar 22, son of George Tabor

c2    Died –   Mrs Sarah Jane Yorke-Hardy, Mar 23, daughter of John Day; wife of W. J. Yorke-Hardy; mother of Dora, Irene and William Yorke-Hardy; sister of W. H., Charles H. and Albert Day

c6    Funeral –   Mrs Catherine McBrayen, Mar 22

c7    Died –   Mrs W. J. Yorke-Hardy, Mar 23

c7    Memoriam –   H. G. Perry, Mar 23 1917

24 March 1920

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   John Haney, Mar 23

c2    Died –   Mrs Elgin Clark, Mar 24

Page 7

c2    Died –   Miss Hilda Jones, 24th year, Mar 23, sister of Mrs H. Jacomb, Alice and Stanley Jones; niece of Leonard Jones

c7    Born –   Son of Lea Miller, Mar 23

c7    Died –   James C. H. Tabor, 3 years, Mar 22

25 March 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   Bertram N. Scott, 61 years, Mar 24

c5    Died –   Thomas Casey, Mar 25, widow of Mrs Julia Ann Casey

c5    Married –   Malcolm B. McColl to Grace McMillan, daughter of J. C. McMillan

c5    Died –   William Dakin Jr.

25 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Minerva J. Clark, Mar 24, wife of Elgin Clark

c5    Died –   Frederick Alfred Bryan, 86 years, Mar 24

c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Currie, 87 years, Mar 23, widow of Archibald Currie

c5    Funeral –   Dr John C. Black

c6    Died –   William E. Howey, 50 years, Mar 16, husband of Mrs Jean Howey, nee Courtenay; brother of Mrs Lang and Charles Howey; brother-in-law of T. G. Courtenay

Page 13

c1    Married –   John A. McNeil, son of M. A. McNeil to Muriel Edna Lodge, daughter of James Lodge

c2    Funeral –   William Palmer

c3    Died –   Albert Henry Scratch, 79 years, Mar 22

c3    Married –   Douglas S. McNabb to Jean McAlpine, daughter of Daniel McAlpine

c4    Born –   Mirian Marguerite Coville, daughter of Elmer Coville, Mar 21

c4    Died –   Frederick Ryan, 86 years, Mar 24

Page 16

c3    Died –   Miss Nannie McRae, Mar 3, sister of Mrs Alfred

26 March 1920

Page 10

c3    Died –   Rev J. J. Haylock, 75 years, Mar 25

c5    Died –   Willard Howard, Mar 25

Page 11

c1    Died –   Charles Brown, Mar 25, father of Mrs Thomas Lawrence

c3    Born –   Daughter of Rev Schultz

c3    Born –   Daughter of P. N. & Florence Garnes, nee McNally, Mar 24

c3    Born –   Daughter of Cecil Earl Gifford, Mar 16

c5    Died –   Thomas Casey, Mar 25

Page 13

c3    Died –   Mrs J. P. Baldwin, Mar 20, mother of Edwin, Donald, Joe, Isabel and infant son

c4    Married –   William B. Scott to Leila B. Farquhar, daughter of John J. Farquhar

Page 14

c1    Died –   Mrs Annie Baker, 67th year, Mar 18, wife of Adam Baker

27 March 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Louisa Courtenay, nee Newman, Mar 27, wife of Rev J. H. Courtenay

c5    Died –   Robert Downing, 61 years, Mar 26

c7    Died –   James E. MacDougal, 65 years, Mar 27

Page 4

c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs William H. Robbins of Norwich, 60th

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Charles Clark, Mar 26

c2    Married –   John Prong, son of Frederick Prong to Alice Lewis, daughter of Samuel Lewis

Page 7

c2    Died –   Willard B. Howard, 31 years, Mar 25

c6    Funeral –   Fred Bryan, Mar 26

c6    Funeral –   Thomas Casey, Mar 27

c7    Born –   Daughter of Fred Haggan, Mar 25

c7    Born –   Son of Adolph Cline, Mar 23

c7    Born –   Daughter of M. McQuiggan, Mar 7

c7    Born –   Son of John Clark, Mar 19

c7    Born –   Son of Will Reed, Mar 22

c7    Born –   Son of Will Piett, Mar 19

c7    Born –   Son of Clifford Mitchell, Mar 24

c7    Born –   William John `Jack` Major, son of Edward J. Major, Mar 22

c7    Born –   Hazel Mallorie Pitt, daughter of Walter M. Pitt, Mar 22

c7    Died –   Mrs Maria Louisa Courtenay, 71st year, Mar 27, wife of Rev J. H. Courtenay

c7    Memoriam –   Ermina Lovell, Mar 27 1919, by Mrs Norbury

Page 10

c2    Married –   Clare D. Welding, son of Edward Welding to Minabelle Clemo, daughter of Walter Clemo

c2    Married –   Herman T. Greenman to Myrtle Robilliard

c3    Died –   William H. Cudney, 71 years, Mar 24, father of Maud and Annie

27 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 16

c3    Died –   Dorothy May Shultz, Mar 26, infant daughter of Rev Shultz

Page 20

c4    Engagement –   R. A. Metler to Helen Marion Fisher, daughter of George Fisher

c4    Funeral –   Frederick Ryan, uncle of Mrs Ambrose Bowyer and Wilbur Harris

29 March 1920

Page 6

c3    Article –   Will of Daniel Treadwell of Malahide, 1844

Page 7

c2    Married –   Cecil Lloyd Patrick to Olive Margaret Kermath, daughter of William Kermath

c2    Died –   Mrs Aileen Cameron, nee Farmer, Mar 29, wife of Hugh C. Cameron

c6    Died –   Isaac Pickering, 83 years, widow of Mrs Margaret Pickering, nee Hetherington; husband of Mrs Eliza Pickering, nee Dobbin

c7    Memoriam –   Mrs J. B. Lessard, Mar 29 1918

Page 12

c2    Inquest –   Neil Walker, Mar 10

30 March 1920

Page 1

c7    Died –   Mrs Ruth Alecia Hooper, 19 years, Mar 29, wife of Sherman Hooper

Page 5

c2    Married –   Del Forbes, son of Bert Forbes to Gladys Logan

30 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c2    Funeral –   George McConnell, Mar 30

c3    Died –   Mrs John Doyle, Mar 28, mother of Osbourne and Cecelia Doyle; sister of Philip Kearnes

c3    Funeral –   Charles Grant Sovereign, Mar 26, brother of Mrs James Barber

Page 13

c3    Born –   Son of Wheeler R. Bell, Mar 26

c3    Died –   Mrs Hugh C. Cameron, Mar 29

c3    Died –   Wallace Norton, 2 years 11 months, Mar 26, infant son of Clarence & Hetty Norton, nee Ellison

Page 16

c1    Funeral –  Mrs J. H. Courtenay, Mar 29

31 March 1920

Page 1

c2    Photo –   Malcolm McVicar of East Elgin

c4    Photo –   T. S. Poole of St Thomas

c5    Died –   Thomas Forsythe, 30 years, Mar 30

31 March 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c3    Funeral-   Mrs Archie Munroe, nee Eastman, 87 years, Mar 29, mother of Margaret Munroe

Page 13

c1    Married –   Mark Leonard Gallagher to Lenora M. McCallum

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Hugh C. Cameron, nee Eileen Farmer, Mar 31

c7    Born –   Agnes Eileen Palmer, daughter of J. G. Palmer, Mar 28

c7    Died –   Wallace Norton, Mar 26

c7    Died –   Ada Myrtle Auckland, Mar 30, daughter of George Auckland

Page 16

c1    Died –   Ada Myrtle Auckland, Mar 30

c4    Died –   Mrs John Doyle, 62 years, Mar 28

1 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Retirement –   Jeremiah Lordan

c7    Retirement –   George Smith

Page 4

c2    Shower –   Miss Florence Trim

c2    Shower –   Miss Clara Miller

c3    Married –   John Prong to Alice Lewis

c4    Married –   Charles W. Brunton to Lesta Kilmer

Page 5

c4    Engagement –   J. Walton Peart, son of J. W. Peart to Edith Lillian White, sister of F. R. White

Page 7

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Sherman Hooper, Mar 31

c3    Born –   Daughter of Ed Wiley, Mar 30

c3    Born –   Son of Yorke Phillmore, Mar 27

Page 10

c2    Married –   Frank Batiste to Mary L. Doan, daughter of Arthur Doan

1 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 20

c1    Died –   N. J. Davis, 83 years, husband of Mrs Mary A. Davis, nee Arnold

3 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Alva Miller, 10 years, Apr 2, son of James W. Miller

Page 4

c1    Died –   Mrs John Sinclair, 83 years, Mar 27

c2    Died –   Mrs Charles V. Grant, 56 years, Mar 31, daughter of John Decow; mother of Fred Grant; sister of Dan Decow and Mrs Wickham

c3    School Report –   Corinth; SS 4 Yarmouth; SS 6 Yarmouth

c3    Died –   Mrs John O`Neil, Mar 28, mother of John, Thomas and James O`Neil; sister of Mrs E. Link and Nellie Bradley

c4    Married –   Nelson Stanley Fletcher to Thomasin Andress, daughter of Walter Andress

c4    Married –   Veno Carman Denton to Edith Marguerite Cooper

c4    Married –   Fred McRae to Flora Lillias Bates

c4    Married –   Donald A. McIntyre, son of Norman McIntyre to Edna Lewis

c4    Married –   John W. Gilbert, son of Walter Gilbert to Phoebe Jean Ford, daughter of James E. Ford

c4    Died –   Robert Downing, 63rd year, Mar 25, son of Daniel Downing; brother of John and Henry Downing, Mrs Thomas Clark and Mrs Francis Grimsly; uncle of Richard Downing

Page 6

c1    Married –   Huron Sears, son of George Sears to Beatrice Ethel Bottrill, daughter of A. Bottrill

c2    Married –   William J. Free to Lenora Holtby

c2    Married –   Roy Campbell Empey to Mabel L. Crouch, daughter of W. Crouch

c4    Died –   Edward Ryan, Apr 2

Page 7

c2    Engagement –   F. Harold Anundson, son of A. Anundson to Hazel Adeline Bradley, daughter of George A. Bradley

c4    Funeral –   Miss Ada M. Auckland, Apr 1

c5    Born –   Son of George A. Mote, Mar 27

c5    Born –   Henry Russell William Hayman, son of H. & Elsie Hayman, nee Gibson, Mar 29

c5    Born –   Winnifred Anna McGraw, daughter of J. V. McGraw, Mar 30

c5    Born –   Daughter of John N. Messecar, Mar 23

c5    Born –   Florence Marion McEachren, daughter of D. S. McEachren, Mar 30

c5    Born –   Son of Stanton Deming, Mar 23

c5    Born –   Son of Arthur Hicks, Mar 25

c5    Died –   Henry Russell William Hayman, Apr 1

c6    Memoriam –   Laroy Montgomery, Apr 2 1918

3 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 11

c1    Married –   Morley P. Gilroy to Manetta Patterson, daughter of Malcolm Patterson

c4    Funeral –   Martin Doxtater, Mar 30, Civil War Veteran

Page 14

c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – James Page, Wallacetown

Page 20

c6    Engagement –   Thomas J. Finney to Gladys Saywell, daughter of James Saywell

5 April 1920

Page 1

c7    Died –   Lloyd Laird, Apr 4, son of Seaman Laird

Page 4

c3    Died –   Mrs Caroline Parrott, 65 years, Mar 26, daughter of George Huston; widow of George Parrott; mother of George A. Parrott

c4    School Report –   Yarmouth Heights; SS 27 Yarmouth; SS 19 Southwold; SS 8 Southwold; SS 18 Yarmouth; SS 18 Yarmouth; SS 4 Southwold; River Rd.; SS 17 Southwold; SS 23 Yarmouth; Eagle; Union

Page 6

c1    Died –   Gladys Isabel Morris, 10 years, Apr 5, daughter of Lorne Morris

c2    Died –   Mrs Annie Fox, 35 years, Apr 4, wife of Edward Fox

c2    Died –   Mrs Cordelia Axford, Apr 5, widow of George Axford

c3    Married –   Archie Buck to Florence Trim

Page 7

c1    Married –   Joseph T. Holland to Annie Elizabeth Kelby

c2    Married –   Ralph Babbitt, son of G. W. Babbitt to Margaret Cameron, daughter of W. K. Cameron

c7    Born –   Daughter of William Paul, Apr 3

c7    Born –   Daughter of W. Harold C. Hall

c7    Married –   Alfred I. Slaght to Hattie M. Robbins

c7    Died –   Alva Miller, Apr 2

c7    Died –   Mrs Annie Fox, wife of Edward Fox

c7    Memoriam –   James Barrie, Apr 5 1917

c7    Memoriam –   Mrs Hood, Apr 2 1919

6 April 1920

Page 1

c2    Photo –   Invererie Hotel, Port Stanley being razed to the ground

Page 4

c1    Married –   Mr Noltke to Miss Cross

c3    School Report –   Springwater; Port Stanley

6 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 11

c3    School Report –   Myrtle; Wellington; Scott; Manitoba; Hiawatha; West Ave; Separate School

c7    Died –   John O. Hoggard, 90 years

Page 12

c1    Married –   M. Carter to Mrs Walton

c3    School Report –   SS 17 Yarmouth

Page 13

c2    Married –   Clifford E. Bean to Mary Luella Fallis

c6    Married –   Thomas Lloyd Rivers, son of W. C. Rivers to Mary Gertrude Baillie, daughter of Byron B Baillie

c7    Memoriam –   Mrs Catherine Mistele, Apr 6 1914

Page 16

c1    School Report –   St Thomas Collegiate Institute; Alma College

7 April 1920

Page 1

c4    Married –   Thomas J. Finney to Gladys Saywell

Page 4

c1    School Report –   SS 13 Yarmouth

Page 6

c1    Married –   William F. Dunning, son of J. T. Dunning to Mae Steele Gibson

c2    Died –   Caleb Smuck, 82nd year, Apr 3

Page 7

c1    Married –   Francis William Whitfield to Winifred Wintenburg

c1    Funeral –   Lloyd Laird, Apr 8

c1    Died –   Miss Martha Tiffin, Apr 1, sister of Mrs Joseph Taylor, Jennett, Elizabeth, Rev A. C. and John Tiffin

c2    Engagement –   Oliver Brooker to Viola Oilett, daughter of William Oilett

c2    Engagement –   H. J. Hoshal to C. M. Howard

c2    Married –   Clarence Robert Nott to Nettie Bell Wilson, daughter of Ernest Wilson

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Annie Fox, Apr 6, wife of Edward William Fox

c2    Funeral –   Alva Miller, Apr 6

c3    Died –   James Archibald Paterson, Apr 7, son of Duncan Paterson; brother of Finlay, Margaret, Anabel and Grace Paterson

c6    Born –   Daughter of Charlie Axford, Mar 26

c6    Died –   Lloyd Laird, Apr 4

c6    Died –   James Archibald Paterson, 29th year, Apr 7

c6    Died –   Ida Leota Taylor, Apr 6, daughter of Archibald G. & F. Carrie Taylor

c7    Memoriam –   Henry Timewell, Apr 7 1915

Page 9

c1    Married –   Eardly O. Finch to Anna Margaret Davies, daughter of E. Davies

Page 12

c1    Married –   Robert Osborne to Iva Fishleigh

8 April 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   W. S. Rogers, 92 years, Apr 7

Page 4

c2    Funeral –   Mrs W. E. Fox, Apr 6

c4    School Report –   SS 6 Delaware; Harrietsville

Page 5

c4    School Report –   Balaclava

Page 6

c1    Died –   Gladys Bell Morse, 8 years, Apr 5, daughter of Leonard Morse

c1    Married –   Vena Carmen Denton to Edith Cooper

Page 7

c1    Married –   William Billings to Ariel L. Watson

c2    Funeral –   Lloyd James Laird, Apr 8

c3    Died –   Mrs Susan Argyle, 95 years, Apr 6, wife of George Argyle

c3    Died –   Mrs Collins, Apr 7, mother of Thomas and G. W. Collins

c7    Died –   Mrs Mary Miller, 87th year, Apr 7, widow of Asa Miller

c7    Memoriam –   William Pickles, Apr 8 1917

c7    Born –   Jack Albert Roberts Archibald, son of Albert & Edith Archibald, nee Roberts, Apr 8

c7    Died –   James Archibald Paterson, Apr 6

9 April 1920

Page 1

c6    Died –   Dr D. Dougald McBain, 45 years, Apr 9, son of Dougald McBain; husband of Mrs Flossie McBain, nee Gilbert – Photo

c6    Married –   Roy A. Metler to Helen Marion Fisher

Page 4

c3    Funeral –   Gladys Morse, Apr 7, daughter of Leonard Morse

c6    Died –   Mrs Bella Jackson, 50 years, Apr 2, daughter of Archibald Campbell; widow of Andrew B. Jackson; mother of Walter and Hazel Jackson; sister of George Campbell, Mrs Jack Scott and Mrs Duncan L. McIntyre

Page 5

c1    Married –   Russell O. Greenaway, son of Samuel Greenaway to Gretta S. Bartlett, daughter of Edward Bartlett

Page 8

c1    Died –   Mrs M. S. Andress, sister of D. D. Graham and Mrs W. F. Wilson

c2    Died –   Alva Miller

9 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 9

c5    Married –   John A. Hartsell to Florence Thomas

Page 12

c1    Died –   Mrs Asa Miller, Apr 7

c2    School Report –   SS 3 Yarmouth

c3    Died –   Mrs Thomas Hearns, mother of Mrs Nath Cushman, Mrs James Williamson, Mrs John Fullhover, Mrs George Plotts, Mary and Lizzie Hearns; sister of William Walker, Mrs T. MacKay and Mrs L. Gilbert

c4    Married –   Forrest L. Elliott to Freeda B. Ripley, daughter of Mrs W. A. Ripley

Page 13

c5    Born –   Effie May McDonald, daughter of Russell McDonald, Mar 26

c5    Born –   Daughter of W. H. Blunt, Apr 8

c5    Died –   W. S. Rogers, Apr 7

c5    Died –   Mrs Mary Miller, Apr 7

c5    Memoriam –   Helen Kathryn Gilby, daughter of Walter & Kathryn, Apr 9 1918

c5    Memoriam –   Pte Carloss D. Mann, KIA Apr 9 1917

10 April 1920

Page 1

c3    Died –   Timothy Hickey, 68 years, Apr 10

Page 4

c3    Died –   Donald D. Graham, Apr 10, father of Phemia, Clarice and Duncan; brother of Mrs S. Andress

c3    Died –   A. A. Campbell, 82 years, Apr 9, widow of Mrs Campbell, nee Sinclair; father of John and Annie Campbell

c3    Married –   Case C. Miners, son of C. Miners to Lottie Vera Matthews

c4    Died –   Mrs Robina Campbell, Apr 5, widow of Malcolm Campbell

Page 6

c1    School Report –   Springfield

c1    Died –   Mrs Charles V. Grant, 56 years, daughter of John Decow

c2    Died –   Napoleon J. Davis

c2    Married –   Alfred Witherell to Grace Wall

Page 7

c4    Born –   Harold LeRoy Cleaver, son of L. & Vera Cleaver, nee Smith, Apr 6

c4    Died –   Dr Dugald McBane, Apr 8

Page 12

c1    Funeral –   Dr Dugald McBane, Apr 14

c2    Died –   Mrs Allen Eisley, 37 years, Apr 7, daughter of John West; sister of Albert, William and John West

10 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 13

c2    Article –   Preston G. Findlay of Detroit, formerly of Shedden – Photo

Page 21

c1    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Springwater; Ira and Albert White – Photo of Grandma White

Page 24

c5    Funeral –   Donald D. Graham, brother of Mrs M. S. Andress; uncle of Christie Andress

c6    Married –   Elmo A. Drake

12 April 1920

Page 1

c2    Died –   Thomas Meek, 73 years, Apr 11 – Photo

Page 4

c2    School Report –   SS 8 Yarmouth

c2    Died –   Mrs Margaret Brush, nee Anderson, 89 years, widow of Wheeler Brush; mother of Nathan V., Lorenzo C., Frank G., Dr Brock Bush, Mrs William Gott, Mrs George Gott, Mary Brush and Mrs William Mitchell

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Bain, Apr 10, mother of Mrs W. Light, Alex and Will Bain

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   W. G. Rogers, Apr 10

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Miller, Apr 10

Page 7

c1    Married –   George Orville Fyle to Clarabelle Dunseith daughter of James Dunseith

c3    Died –   John Gill, 64 years, Apr 10

c7    Born –   Daughter of William Meloche, Apr 9

c7    Born –   Son of Charles Cline, Apr 7

c7    Died –   Dr Dugald McBane, Apr 8

c7    Died –   Thomas Meek, 75th year, Apr 11

13 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 9

c1    Article –   Development of Port Stanley Harbour

Page 13

c1    Married –   Percy Golden to Madeline Scratch

c2    Engagement –   George Harrison Haight, son of Mrs Ida Haight to Dora Irene Brooks, daughter of Robert Brooks

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Susan Argyle, Apr 8

c4    Died –   Mrs Colista Collins, 80 years, widow of George Collins

c5    Memoriam –   John N. Miller, Apr 13 1919

c6    Died –   Mrs E. Hearns, 57 years

c7    Born –   Daughter of James Rickwood, Apr 9

c7    Born –   Doris Eloise Warden, daughter of T. A. & Mabel Warden, nee Ashbury, Apr 10

14 April 1920

Page 4

c1    Died –   Mrs Beha Jackson, daughter of Archibald Campbell; widow of Andrew Jackson

c5    Married –   George William Beacham, son of William Beacham to Ada Mary Matthews, daughter of Herbert Matthews

c5    Married –   Edwin Hoxie to Ella Mae Jeffery, daughter of F. F. Jeffrey

Page 5

c2    Married –   Arthur Such to Eva May Darling, daughter of Alex Darling

Page 6

c2    School Report –   SS 26 Yarmouth

Page 7

c1    Married –   William Orris to Elizabeth M. Haynes

c2    Funeral –   Thomas Meek, Apr 13

c3    Married –   Roy Oatman, brother of F. Oatman to Rebecca ‘Rhea’ Silcox

c7    Born –   Helen Maxine Mitchell, daughter of Verne H. Mitchell, Apr 11

15 April 1920

Page 4

c3    Died –   Samuel Dunn, 87 years, Apr 14

c4    Died –   Mrs Sarah E. Cathcart, 49 years, Apr 12, widow of Standish Cathcart

c4    Died –   Samuel Boyd, 79 years, Apr 4

Page 5

c1    Married –   John L. Pollard to Lena Katherine Porter, daughter of Mrs Mary Porter

c4    Married –   John Alexander Carter to Mabel Irene Robinson

c4    Married –   John C. Meyers to Helena Gonyou, daughter of Peter Gonyou

Page 6

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Collins, Apr 10, mother of G. W. and Thomas A. Collins

c2    Married –   Edwin Hoxie to Ella Mae Jeffery

Page 7

c1    Married –   Henry Allen Binns to Ellen Mary Hodges

c2    Engagement –   George Gordon Tunks to Bertha Bandeen, daughter of Mrs Eva Bandeen

c2    Funeral –   Dr Dugald McBane, Apr 14

c3    Born –   Son of Colin Cowan, Apr 12

c3    Died –   Samuel Thomas Dunn, Apr 14

Page 12

c1    Died –   Wilfred Arnold, 2 months, Apr 14, infant son of William Arnold

16 April 1920

Page 1

c5    Died –   William B. Jennings, 62 years, Apr 16

Page 5

c1    Married –   J. W. Peart, son of J. W. Peart to Edith White, sister of A. A. White

16 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 10

c2    Married –   Elgin George Fassel to Clara Ernestine Miller, daughter of Levi Miller

Page 12

c4    Married –   Albert Hewton to Minnie Gertrude Symes Fox, daughter of Charles James Fox

Page 13

c1    Died –   Mrs Mary A. Ferguson, nee Birkenshaw, Apr 13, wife of F. H. Ferguson

c1    Died –   Edward Irwin, 70th year, Apr 16, father-in-law of T. O. McKnight

c5    Memoriam –   Elizabeth Harris, wife of Thomas Harris, Apr 16 1913

c5    Memoriam –   Arthur Clarke, Apr 16 1917

c5    Memoriam –   Ann Cockram, Apr 16 1919

c5    Memoriam –   Mrs Thomas Harris, Apr 16 1913

c5    Born –   Son of Charles Dyer, Apr 15

c5    Born –   Daughter of L. D. Black, Mar 29

c5    Born –   Daughter of Floyd John Bentley, Apr 9

c5    Born –   Twin son and daughter of J. D. Drew, Apr 10

Page 16

c2    Married –   James Withenshaw, son of James Withenshaw to Jeanette Jones, daughter of Edward Jones

17 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Mrs Isabella Tomlinson, nee Morrison, Apr 17, widow of Arthur Tomlinson; mother of Mrs Graham Symington

c2    Died –   W. B. Jennings – Photo

Page 4

c1    Died –   Stanley Sitzer, 23 years, Feb 16

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Sarah Cathcart, Feb 14

c3    Died –   Mrs Matilda Weston, Feb 13, wife of Harry A. Weston

c3    Died –   Infant son of Henry Westgarth, Feb 12

c3    Died –   Lt. Arthur Morden McKenzie, 24th year, Apr 9, son of John W. McKenzie

Page 5

c4    Married –   Alfred James Calder to Catherine Lawson

Page 6

c2    Married –   Jack E. Parker, son of Courtland Parker to Alberta Foster, daughter of Thomas Foster

Page 7

c6    Born –   George Alexander Hunter, son of L. W. Hunter, Apr 17

c6    Born –   Daughter of James A. Cousins, Apr 12

c6    Born –   William Heard Hull, son of Barclay D. & Lottie Hull, nee Heard, Apr 16

c6    Born –   Olive Bertha Precoor, daughter of L. B. Precoor, Apr 13

c6    Died –   Mrs Isabella Morrison Tomlinson, 76th year, Apr 17, widow of Arthur Tomlinson

c6    Memoriam –   Duncan Morris, Apr 18 1919

17 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c3    Article –   A. S. Paragus – Ralph Coates of Dutton – Photo

Page 15

c4    Funeral –   Samuel T. Dunn, Apr 16

Page 20

c6    Married –   Archibald Gillies to Irene Eedy, daughter of John W. Eedy

19 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Climo, Apr 17, wife of Edwin Climo

Page 4

c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John Lunn of Fingal, 25th

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Alice A. Bowen, 61st year, Apr 20, wife of Reuben E. Bowen

c4    Married –   Ivonel Vernon Dadson, son of W. H. Dadson to Rose Elizabeth Harvey

Page 7

c7    Born –   Son of William Lunn, Apr 13

c7    Born –   Son of Frank Bertling, Apr 7

c7    Born –   Son of Llaod Crysler, Apr 10

c7    Died –   Mrs Edwin Climo, Apr 17

c7    Died –   Arthur Cory Fisher, 67th year, Apr 17, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Fisher

Page 10

c1    Died –   Charles Basil Trigger, 9 days, Apr 18, infant son of W. B. Trigger

c1    Died –   W. J. Stewart, 78 years, Apr 13

20 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Mrs Adam Heber, Apr 20, nee Edith Matilda Shafer; widow of Israel M. Young; mother of George Young, Mrs J. F. Gugin and Mrs E. A. Mitchell

c2    Photo –   E. A. Horton and George Geddes of St Thomas

Page 5

c4    Engagement –   James Kepple Cornwall, to Doris May Ensign, daughter of W. H. Ellis

20 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 13

c1    Married –   Clarence W. Harrison to Maud M. Brown

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Isabel Tomlinson, Apr 19

21 April 1920

Page 1

c2    Article –   Miss Ella D. Bowes, principal of Alma College resigns

c5    Article –   Walter Kirkwood of St Thomas

Page 4

c2    Article –   Will of Donald McPherson of Delaware

21 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 13

c7    Born –   Daughter of H. Elms, Apr 20

c7    Died –   Mrs Adam Herber, Apr 20, mother of Mrs A. E. Mitchell

22 April 1920

Page 1

c6    Died –   Herbert Wood Rooke, 28 years, Apr 22

Page 5

c3    Married –   William John Holton to Edith Lillian Day

c3    Married –   William F. Webster to Kate Winifred Carr, daughter of William Carr

c3    Married –   Russell Milton to Gladys McKenzie, daughter of William McKenzie

c3    Married –   Dr William Patterson Boles, son of William Boles to Florence Gertrude MacTavish, daughter of John MacTavish

c3    Married –   Stanley Mark to Catherine Comer

Page 6

c3    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Ella Bassett, nee Wootten, 39th year, Apr 18, wife of Harry Bassett; daughter of Mrs W. B. Walker

Page 7

c2    Married –   George Harrison Haight to Nora Irene Brookes

c4    Born –   Christine Alexandria Perryman, daughter of W. Perryman, Apr 19

c4    Born –   Son of Howard Soper

c4    Born –   Daughter of Wallace Priddle, Apr 12

c4    Born –   William Samuel Smale, son of Charles Smale, Apr 19

c4    Died –   W. B. Jennings, Apr 16

c4    Died –   Herbert Wood Rooke, Apr 22

23 April 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   Alexander McCrimmon, Apr 22

Page 5

c2    Engagement –   Frederick J. Nethercott, son of William Nethercott to Mary Jessie Carmichael, daughter of James Carmichael

c2    Married –   Marshall Zeller to Lazelle Scott, daughter of M. E. Scott

23 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c1    Funeral –   Eli Loup, Apr 23, brother of Nathaniel Loup

c1    Died –   Charles Victor Shepherd, Apr 20, infant son of James Shepherd

c2    Died –   Mrs Orlando Treadwell, Apr 22

c4    Died –   Mrs Miriam Silverthorn, 84 years, Apr 22, widow of Isaac Silverthorn

c4    Married –   J. M. Thistle to Estella Nesbitt, daughter of Joseph Nesbitt

c4    Died –   Mrs Mary Allensworth, nee McMullen, Apr 22, wife C. E. Allensworth; sister of Mrs George Lockwood Kate, Hector, Alex and John McMullen

Page 13

c2    Died –   Edward S. Irwin, 71st year

c3    Died –   George H. McIntyre, 27 years, Mar 22, son of Archibald McIntyre

c4    Born –   Daughter of James Hunter, Apr 20

c4    Born –   Son of Joseph Miller, Apr 21

c4    Died –   Mrs Isaac Silverthorn, Apr 22

c4    Died –   W. B. Jennings, Apr 16

c4    Died –   Herbert Wood Rooke, Apr 22

Page 14

c3    Photo –   John Handford of St Thomas

24 April 1920

Page 1

c5    Died –   Marvin Burchall, 3 years, Apr 24, son of William Burchall

Page 4

c2    Married –   J. Wilfred Laird to Bella Jones, daughter of Mrs Ben Smith

c2    Died –   Peter S. Griffin, 96th year, son of Richard & Hannah Griffin, nee Mills; widow of Mrs Ellen Griffin, nee Leask a sister of Capt. Leask; father of Sandfield Griffin, Mrs Ida M. Reid, Mrs Luella Pattulio, Mrs Mary O. Pullen, Mrs Florence R. Ward, Russell E. and Horace Griffin; father-in-law of William H. Ward

c2    Funeral –   Mrs R. E. Bowen, Apr 20

c3    Died –   Arthur Carey Fisher, Apr 17

c5    Married –   David James Wyckoff to Mrs Clara Wallace, sister of A. W. Shaver and Mrs Oliver Robertson

Page 6

c1    Died –   Mrs Martha Watson, 69 years, Apr 24, mother of Mrs B. R. Scouler and Frank Watson

c1    Married –   George Harrison Haight to Dora Irene Brooks

c1    Married –   R. T. Sheppard to Mrs Agnes Fluelling, mother of J. L. Fluelling

Page 7

c1    Shower –   Irene Upper, daughter of John Upper

c2    Married –   Bruce Danby, son of Daniel Danby to Ethel Edna Storms, daughter of Richard Storms

c3    Died –   Mrs Jessie May Gale, 32nd year, Apr 24, wife of Thomas J. Gale

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Miriam Silverthorn, Apr 23

c3    Funeral –   Matilda Herber, Apr 23

c6    Born –   Son of John Chalmers, Apr 12

c6    Born –   Daughter of Simeon Elgie, Apr 15

c6    Born –   Virginia Kathleen Allen, daughter of Joseph Allen, Apr 23

c6    Died –   Mrs Miriam Silverthorn, Apr 22

Page 8

c3    Died –   Mrs Albert Reaume, 61 years, Apr 22, daughter of Charles Ouilette; mother of George, William, John, Alfred and Eliza Reaume and Mrs Vital Gervais

Page 12

c1    Married –   William John Holton to Edith Lillian Day

24 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 13

c5    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs George Baker of St Thomas, 50th – Photo

Page 14

c1    Article –   Dismantling of the Old Mill at Port Burwell built in 1853 by John Shaw of Port Ryerse and sold to brothers W. and George Youell in 1857

Page 19

c1    Article –   by A. S. Paragus – Charles Caverly of Malahide – Photo

Page 24

c4    Engagement –   Rev J. Merley Colling, son of Rev Thomas & Ellen Colling to Nina Mildred Clarke, daughter of William Clarke

26 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   John A. Moody, Apr 26, son of John M. Moody; brother of Edward and Hector Moody

c3    Died –   W. E. Locock, 74 years, Apr 24

Page 5

c3    Married –   Elmer William Rosenhagen, son of William Rosenhagen to Estella Irene Ball, daughter of George A. Ball

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Orlando Treadwell, Apr 25

c2    Died –   Mrs Emma Blanch Stripp, 65 years, Apr 24, widow of L. O. Stripp

c2    Died –   Miss Laura Mather, Apr 23, daughter of Samuel Mather; sister of Agatha Mather, Mrs H. J. Binglet, Mayor Mather and Edgar Mather

c4    Died –   Mrs Emily Trickett, Apr 26, wife of George Trickett

Page 7

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Mary A. Allensworth, nee McMullen, Apr 27

c2    Married –   Frank B. Prine to Anna Pearl Clegg, daughter of J. Clegg

c2    Died –   George Casey, Apr 26

c2    Funeral –   W. B. Jennings, Apr 24

c2    Funeral –   George McIntyre, Apr 24

c2    Funeral –   Herbert Wood Rooke, Apr 25

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Marian Silverthorn, Apr 25

c3    Died –   George Johnston, 20 years

c7    Died –   John A. Moody, Apr 26

c7    Died –   George Casey, Apr 26, husband of Mrs Ellen Casey

c7    Died –   Mrs Emily Trickett, Apr 26, wife of George Trickett

c7    Died –   William Edwin Locock, Apr 24, husband of Mrs Ellen Locock

c7    Died –   Mrs Jessie May Dale, Apr 24, wife of Thomas J. Dale

c7    Died –   Mrs L. O. Stripp, Apr 24

c7    Died –   Mrs C. E. Allensworth, Apr 23

c7    Memoriam –   J. Russell Anderson, Apr 26 1914, by mother Mrs George A. Anderson

c7    Memoriam –   Edward Kitson, Apr 26 1917

27 April 1920

Page 1

c4    Died –   John Harris, 21 years, Apr 26, son of Thomas Harris

Page 4

c4    Married –   John W. Bogart to Annie Ada Housley

c4    Married –   Carl Dorrity, son of Charles Dorrity to Sara Marr, daughter of David Marr

c4    Married –   Henry Allen Binns to Ellen Mary Hodges

Page 6

c1    Funeral –   Mrs Silverthorn, Apr 25

c3    School Report –   Springfield Continuation School

c3    Died –   Mrs Caro Hoffman, Apr 25, daughter of Mrs M. R. Lent; sister of Mrs Cornwall

27 April 1920

    Second Section

Page 12

c2    Died –   George Walmsley, 94 years, Apr 21

c3    Died –   George Walmsley, 94 years

c3    Died –   Mrs Thomas Herron, 84th year, Apr 18

c4    Died –   Mrs Phoebe Harvey, 94 years, Apr 26 – Photo

Page 13

c2    Died –   Mrs Margaret Palmer, Apr 26, wife of D. H. Palmer

c2    Funeral –   Marvin Burchell, Apr 26

c2    Funeral –   Mrs Mary Ann Allensworth, Apr 27

c6    Born –   Son of C. E. Turner, Apr 26

c6    Born –   Son of John T. Batiste, Apr 25

c6    Born –   Daughter of K. Stilwell, Apr 23

c6    Born –   Son of Clarence Duck, Apr 24

c6    Died –   Mrs D. H. Palmer, Apr 26

c6    Died –   John A. Moody, Apr 26

c6    Died –   George Casey, Apr 26

c6    Died –   Mrs George Trickett, Apr 26

c6    Memoriam –   T. M. Elliott, Apr 27 1919

28 April 1920

Page 1

c6    Married –   Rev Morley Colling, son of Mrs Ellen Colling to Nina Mildred Clarke, daughter of William Clarke

Page 3

c4    Funeral –   Mrs T. J. Dale, Apr 27

c4    Funeral –   George Casey, Apr 28

Page 5

c3    Married –   George P. O’Rourke to Edna Fisher, daughter of George Fisher

c3    Married –   William Elwood McEwen to Myrtle Hodgins, daughter of William Brownlee

c3    Married –   Lee Eugene Winters to Dorothy Jean Kirkby, daughter of J. M. Kirkby and niece of A. P. Kirkby

Page 12

c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Field, nee Cull, 70 years, Apr 23, daughter of William Cull; wife of Walter Field

c3    Died –  Annie Brazier, 24 years, Apr 24, daughter of William Brazier

Page 13

c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs W H. Knight of St Thomas, 25th

c2    Married –   Edward M. Cohoe to Irene Upper, daughter of John A. Upper

c3    Funeral –   W. E Locock, Apr 27

c3    Funeral –   Mrs Emma B. Stripp, Apr 27

c4    Born –   Helen Jane Holleran, daughter of F. J. & Babe Holleran, nee Rourke, Apr 24

c4    Died –   Mrs D. H. Palmer, Apr 26

c4    Memoriam –   Braithwaite Dixon, Apr 28 1915

c4    Memoriam –   John Manchen, Apr 21 1919

29 April 1920

Page 1

c6    Died –   Beverley J. Simons, 31st year, husband of Mrs Josephine Simons, nee Kilpatrick; son-in-law of J. A. Kilpatrick

c6    Will –   Estate of William Scarrow, brother of Mrs Elizabeth Wyatt, John Thomas, Harry and Morris Scarrow

c7    Died –   Henry Strangeman, Apr 28, father of Mrs W. H. Jolly and Henry Strangeman

Page 6

c2    Married –   Clarence R. Abbot, son of Fred Abbot to Violet R. Wright, daughter of C. Wright

Page 7

c2    Married –   Oliver Brooker, son of W. Brooker to Viola Edna Ollett, daughter of William Ollett

c2    Funeral –   John A. Moody, Apr 28

c2    Funeral –   Mrs George Trickett, Apr 28

c4    Born –   Gerald Walter Fox, son of W. H. Fox, Apr 27

c4    Born –   Son of Linus Garnham, Apr 20

c7    Memoriam –   Mrs E. Haddleton, Apr 29 1919

Page 12

c1    Died –   George Keys, 36 years, brother of Mrs Sproule, James and Samuel Keys

30 April 1920

Page 1

c1    Died –   Mrs Bray Willey, Apr 29

c1    Married –   Bruce Matthews to Fern Brady, daughter of James Brady

c1    Married –   John J. Davies to Kathleen Edgecombe, daughter of Mrs E. Edgecombe

c5    Died –   Samuel McAgy, 32 years, Apr 29

Page 4

c2    Married –   Arnold P. Cramp to Charlotte E. Moss, daughter of W. D. Moss

c2    Married –   Clarence Roy Abbott to Violet R. Wright

c2    Married –   Dr C. A. Detlor to Myrtle Margaret Murray, daughter of Donald Murray

c2    Married –   Albert C. Karn to Edythe Mae Elliott, daughter of W. H. Elliott

c2    Married –   Albert E. Page to Martha Davis, niece of Joshua Page

c2    Married –   Clinton C. Duncan to Mahalah Elliott, daughter of Robert Elliott

c3    Married –   Bert Mailing, son of Fred Mailing to Viola Weaver, daughter of J. W. Weaver

Page 6

c4    Married –   Murray A. McNeil to Mildred Irene Merrill, daughter of Mrs Emma Merrill

Page 9

c3    Died –   Mrs Anne Henry, 78th year, Apr 22, widow of Mr Whiteman and William Henry; mother of Mrs F. Smith, Mrs F. Silcox, Edward and John Whiteman; step-mother of Mrs Thomas Towers, Mrs George Galbraith, John, William and Cyrus Henry

Page 10

c3    Married –   George T. Moxon to Constance Ellis, daughter of Walter Ellis

Page 11

c2    Married –   John Ryckman to Olive Phelps, daughter of Mrs Mary Phelps

c3    Died –   Elias Boughner, Apr 29, father of Alice and John M. Boughner

c5    Born –   Son of A. Stalker, Apr 22

c5    Died –   Henry Strangeman, Apr 28

c5    Memoriam –   George Edward Payson, Apr 30 1919

Page 12

c1    Died –   John F. VanEvery, 87th year, Apr 26, father of Mrs Elgin Hyde, Mrs John A. Cox, Mrs Grant Smith, Mrs G. Woodley, Mrs Nichol, Edward and Herbert VanEvery

Page 13

c2    Died –   Daniel Jeffrey, Apr 25, father of Andrew E. and John Jeffrey, Miss Jeffrey and Mrs A. H. Mabee

c3    Died –   Stanley Sitzer, 23 years, Apr 23, son of Martin Sitzer

c3    Died –   Mrs S. Herron, 84 years, Apr 25, widow of Thomas Herron