STTJ 1928 Jan-Feb

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

January through February 1928

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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3 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Born – Daughter of J. R. Gliddon and niece of Dr R. W. Gliddon, Jan 2

c7        Photo – Harry Pulen of St Thomas


Page 3

c3        Funeral – Miss Mary A. Nash, Dec 31 1927, sister of Mrs A. Roberts


Page 4

c3        Engagement – F. Pat George, son of Robert George of Thamesville to Irene Maud McDowell, daughter of J. B. Mc Dowell of Thamesville – Jan

c3        Engagement – Frederick J. Gammage, son of W. W. Gammage of London to Miss Doris Helene Alene Shaw, daughter of John Shaw of London – Jan 11

c3        Engagement – Harold Franis Gustave Greenwood, son of H. S. Greenwood of Toronto to Gwyneth Lemon, daughter of the late Edward Bernard Lemon and Mrs A. T. Ogilvie

c3        Married – Hector ???? to Miss Laura Ross of Windsor, Dec 22 in Stratford

c4        Married – James Lloyd Lackey, son of James Lackey of Dunwich to Annie Mildred Hay, daughter of James Lunn of Dutton, Dec 28 1927 in Dutton

c4        Married – Carl Walter Abrahamson, son of C. W. Abrahamson of Ispheming, Michigan to Freda Muriel Wright, daughter of William Wright of Ridgetown, Dec 31


Page 5

c1        Anniversary – Captain & Mrs Mark Berry of Port Stanley, 60th

c3        Died – William Ball, Jan 2, father of Mrs Arthur Elliott

c3        Died – Arthur Elliott, Jan 2, son-in-law of William Ball

c3        Will – estate of Manson Campbell of Chatham

c3        Died – Mrs John K. H. Pope, Jan 1, mother of Neville & John Pope and Mrs T. C. Margrett; sister of Mrs J. H. A. Beattie

c3        Died – Randall Gilliam, 9 years, Jan 2

c3        Married – Duncan H. MacTavish Jr to Claudia Ellen Schmidt, daughter of N. Schmidt, Dec 23

c5        Died – John Seynda, 68 years


Page 6

c1        Married – Morley Anderson, son of Charles Anderson of Aylmer to Miss Grace May Perry, daughter of Sanford Perry of Aylmer, Dec 31; attended by David J. Dale and Miss Elsie Willson, both of Aylmer

c1        Died – Mrs Barbara Huffman, Dec 31, sister of Mrs Thomas Martindale

c7        Born – Son of Orlando Mettler, Dec 31

c7        Born – Son of Andrew Maxwell, Dec 31

c7        Born – Daughter of Frederick Bernard Clarke, Jan 1

c7        Born – Daughter of Mervyn Coxworth, Jan 1

c7        Born – Son of Reginald H. Gregory, Jan 1

c7        Born – Son of Albert Tabner, Jan 1

c7        Born – Child born in the public ward, Bethesda Hospital, London, no name given, Jan 1


Page 7

c1        Mr Pfander, Jan 3, father of Albert Pfander of St Thomas

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. H. Fletcher of St Thomas, 50th , daughter of James Sharpe; parents of Melville Sharpe, Mrs Florence Mathews and Miss Juletta Fletcher

c2        Vital Statistics, St Thomas – Births 1927 – 340 (173 boys abd 167 girls); Marriages 1927 – 119; Deaths 1927 – 239; Births 1926 – 357; Marriages 1926 – 128; Deaths 1926 – 241; Births Dec 1927 – 27; Marriages Dec 1927 – 4; Deaths Dec 1927 – 32

c2        Died – Eleanor Rose Hornby, 3 ½ years, Jan 2, daughter of W. Hornby

c8        Born – Daughter of J. E. Burnham, Dec 31

c8        Memoriam – Pearl Raven, Dec 31 1921, by sister Mrs O. E. Berdan

c8        Memoriam – William G. Whitmore, Jan 1 1924

c8        Memoriam – Thomas J. Ostrander, Jan 3 1927, son of William L. Ostrander of 999 Talbot St.

c8        Card of Thanks – Mr George Mycroft

c8        Card of Thanks – Mrs Ed Jeffrey


Page 8

c3        Funeral – James Talbot Fagan, 93rd year, Dec 31

c4        Died – Robert Weepers, 45 years

c4        Died – William Williams, 57 years

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James McDermott of Mitchell, 50th

c4        Died – Mrs Hannah Dempsey, 97th year, widow of Daniel Dempsey; descendant of Diggery Priest

c5        Died – Mrs Emily M. Adamson, nee Harris, 70th year, Dec 31

c5        Died – Mrs Albert Reed, 68th year, Dec 31, sister of Daniel Secord

c5        Died – William J. Thompson

c5        Died – Mrs Helen Marentette, 82 years, widow of Rudolph Marentette

c8        Died – Frank L. Sturdy, Jan 2


Page 14

c1        Died – Bradford Williams, brother of Mrs C. Hanna of St Thomas

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mabel Mycroft, , wife of George Mycroft, Jan 2


4 January 1928

Page 4

c3        Married – Stanley E. Buck, son of Judson W. Buck of Brantford to Cora Lillian Heaslip, daughter of Charles J. Heaslip, Jan 4

c3        Married – F. T. Portsmouth, son of T. Portsmouth of Petrolia to Edith F./ Palmer, Dec 24

c3        Married – Harold Proctor Harrison, son of T. Harrison of Windsor to Louise Hill, daughter of B. J. Hill of London, Dec 31


Page 6

c1        Vital Statistics, Aylmer – Dec 1927 – Births 10; Marriages 6; Deaths 3

c1        Funeral – Mrs Huffman, sister of Mrs Joseph Martindale and Mrs Thomas Martindale

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah Killins, 68th year, wife of Henry Killins; mother of Clifford, Harry, Duncan and Miss Jean Killins and Mrs R. N. McLellan; sister of John C. McIntyre, Mack MacIntyre and Mrs Kate Humphries


Page 7

c2        Engagement – Ian Armour, son of J. L. Armour to Helen Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Applebe, daughter of Ernest F. Applebe

c2        Funeral – Eleanor Rose Hornby, Jan 3

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Killins, 68th year, Jan 2


Page 8

c2        Died – Lyal Morrison Purcell, 28 years, Dec 30, son of Archibald & Jennie Purcell; husband of Mrs Leta Purcell, nee Galbraith; brother of Mrs D. J. McDonald and Mrs George Switzer

c4        Funeral – Herb White, Dec 30

c5        Died – Charles B. Newman, 87 years, Jan 3

c5        Died – Mrs Jessie Murray, widow of John Murray; mother of Howard & Stewart Murray

c5        Died – Josiah ‘Jeff’ McDougall, 79 years, son of James McDougall; father of James & Bruce McDougall


5 January 1928

Page 1

c1        Died – Mrs Daniel M. Tait, nee Margaret Hicks, Jan 4; mother of Dr Nelson Tait, Rev Murray Tait, Mrs G. Stanley Russell, Ernest & Douglas Tait

c2        Died – Frank Hunt, 86 years, Jan 5 – Photo

c4        Died – Philip Ham Finlay, 84 years, Jan 4, widow of Mrs Amelia Finlay, nee Spackman; father of Mrs Maude Brownell; brother of Mrs L. Perry


Page 4

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John W. Graham of Komoka, 25th

c4        Married – Robert Charles Manzer to Jessie Bryden, daughter of Mrs Janet Hogg

c4        Married – Edward Guest, son of John Guest to Nuella Viola Muth, daughter of George Muth of Simcoe

c4        Married – Harry Elliott Wilson, son of George Wilson of Moorefield to Miss A. Lenore Moore, niece of A. Reid Moore of Listowel

c4        Married – Wilfred James Brady, son of Joseph Brady of Strathroy to Elizabeth Harriet Hore, daughter of Thomas Hore of Hamilton

c4        Married – Wilfrid B. McMillan, son of Duncan & Flora McMillan to Bessie, daughter of Dugald F. McLean in Wardsville

c4        Married – Dr William D. McLeod, son of John McLeod of Huron to Miss Catherine Murray, daughter of Norman Murray in Wyoming


Page 5

c1        Died – James B. Whitehead, Jan 4

c5        Engagement – Harold Douglas Street, son of D. R. Street to Mary Clara O’Keefe, daugther of Mrs H. N. Muldoon and the late George O’Keefe of Ottawa

c6        Married – Sidney Bernstein to Miss Betty Rubens of London, Jan 2

c8        Chivari – Mr & Mrs Clarence Locker of Bayham


Page 6

c1        Married – Wilfred H. Augustine of Malahide to Miss Sarah Clement of Winnipeg, Jan 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Algernon D. Williams of Sarnia, 50th , son of Rev John A. Williams

c2        Married – Mr & Mrs Clarence Locker, nee Miss Neva Everitt

c3        Died – Frank Hunt, 86 years, Jan 5, widow of Mrs Mary Ellen Hunt, nee James; son-in-law of James James; father of Mrs George King, Mrs Salthiel Curtis, Arthur, Edward and Frederick Hunt

c4        Married – Rev Dr James F. Dickie to Mrs MacKenzie Wood


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Marvin & Audrey Claus, nee Hotchkiss, Jan 2

c8        Born – Thelma Irene Pearson, daughter of Mahlon & Wilmot Pearson, nee Ramey, Jan 2

c8        Born – Son of Marvin Claus, Jan 1

c8        Died – Mrs Daniel M. Tait, nee Margaret Hicks, Jan 4

c8        Died – Philip Ham Finlay, 84th year, Jan 4

c8        Memoriam – Mr Wimbush, Jan 5 1925


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah McConnell, Dec 30, widow of Edward McConnell; mother of Mrs Maud Walker

c2        Died – Mrs Robert Adamson


6 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Died – Byron O’Hara, 85 years, Jan 5, widow of Mrs Annie O’Hara, nee Cavanaugh; brother-in-law of Miss Mary Cavanaugh; father of G. A. O’Hara


Page 4

c4        Married – Elton J. Dyce, son of George Dyce of Meaford to Evelyn Elizabeth Buchanan, daughter of Alex Buchanan of Mount Forest

c4        Married – Frank Leslie Hilliard of Cleveland, son of F B. Hilliard of Kitchener to Helena Marie Robinson, daughter of Rev F. A. Robinson, Jan 3

c4        Married – Howard R. Cluff of London, son of Canon W. T. Cluff of Stratford to Dorothy May Sproull, daughter of William Sproull of London, Jan 5

c5        Engagement – L. L. Tannenbaum of St Thomas to Miss Bess Newman, daughter of H. Newman of Hamilton – Feb 5

c5        Visits – Albert Catling of Port Stanley visits his daughter Mrs Tyrrell Decow, St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Fire – Store & Home of C. W. Simpson, Southwold

c4        Died – Francis J. Roberts, 63rd year, Jan 4

c4        Died – Mrs Hugh T. MacLachlan, nee Jane Ferguson, 89th year, Jan 5

c5        Funeral – J. H. White, cousin of Mrs A. B. Disbrowe


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs Sherman Freeman, nee Mary Hathaway, 74th year, Jan 5, daughter of Benjamin F. & Grace Hathaway, nee Walker; mother of Vernon Freeman, Mrs Orrie Pressey, Mrs Morley Parker and Miss Lillian Freeman; sister of Mrs Martha Maynard, Mrs Granville Steele, Jack, Samuel and James Hathaway


Page 9

c1        Died – John Brinkman, 3 years, Jan 5, son of Leslie Brinkman; grandson of F. L. Brinkman

c8        Died – Bryan O’ Hara, 85 years, Jan 5

c8        Died – Francis Hunt, 86 years, Jan 5

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Freeman, nee Hathaway, 74th year, Jan 5

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Maria James, Jan 6 1927


7 January 1928

Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G. Knowles of St Thomas, 50th

c4        Married – John W. Kettle to Mrs Alice E. Collins, both of St Thomas, Dec 30

c4        Married – Charles Goldhar to Bella Adler, Jan 1

c4        Married – John Anderson Forsythe of Windsor, son of George Forsythe of Rodney to Miss Viola Pole, daughter of george Poole of Depot Harbor, Dec 31

c4        Married – Hiram Gee of Nelles Corners to Miss Pernilia Fleming, sister of Mrs Elizabeth Miller, Jan 4

c4        Married – Nathaniel Metcalfe to Miss Vina Boughner, Jan 2 in Petrolia

c4        Married – Son of Edward Gould of London to Miss Annie Louise Spry, daughter of W. O. & Kate Spry Dec 30 in Winnipeg


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Frances Y. Carnegie, 79th year, Jan 3, widow of John Carnegie; mother of Mrs W. L. Innes


Page 7

c1        Married – Harold Work of Wiarton to Gladys Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of William J. Wilson of Townsend, Jan 2

c3        Funeral – Bryan O’Hara, Jan 7

c4        Died – Mrs Frank Clement, nee Arabella Nichollas, Jan 7, daughter of Richard & Jane Nichollas; mother of Mrs R. L. Southern; sister of Charles R. Nichollas

c4        Died – Mrs Oliver Cassell, nee Matilda Wismer, 58th year, Jan 4, mother of Harvey, Ida, Annie, Percy and Kenneth Cassell; sister of Mrs Moses Snyder, Mrs George Winger, Mrs Nancy Schmiedendorff, Miss Hannah Wismer, Jacob and Abram Wismer

c5        Died – Mrs Mehettable Russ, 85 years, Jan 7, widow of Wellington Russ; mother of Mrs George Heydon, Mrs Isaac Mann, Mrs Andrew Mills, Mrs David Caughell, Mrs H. B. Parkes, Elgin and Egbert Russ

c8        Born – Son of Keith & Bertha Crombie, nee Walker, Jan 8

c8        Born – Daughter of Archie Crawford, Dec 28 at Belmont

c8        Born – Daughter of J. R. Bobbette, Dec 29

c8        Born – Shirley Elizabeth Beemer, daughter of Delbert Beemer, Dec 28

c8        Born – Son of Dr C. A. Marlatt, Dec 29

c8        Born – Robert George Trimble, son of Rev G. E. Trimble, Dec 30

c8        Born – Son of Raymond W. Goheen, Dec 28

c8        Born – Son of George F. Bahen, Dec 28

c8        Died – Mrs Arabella Clement, Jan 7

c8        Died – Mrs Mehettable Russ, 85 years, Jan 7

c8        Memoriam – F. Vaughan Harding, Jan 7 1927, by wife and Nancy

c8        Memoriam – Rowena Gilbert, Jan 8 1925


Page 9

c1        Died – Godfrey Newman, Jan 5, nephew of Mrs Godfrey

c1        Funeral – Mrs Frank Tye, Jan 2, mother of Ethel, Kenneth and Rodney Tye

c2        Died – Arthur Elliott, 50 years, Jan 2

c3        Funeral – Philip Ham Finlay, Jan 6

c4        Died – Mrs Hugh Munro, nee Euphemia Campbell, 74th year, daughter of Doanld Laird Campbell; mother of Dan W. Munro, Mrs Dan Walker, Mrs Elliott Douglas, Mrs George Palmer and Mrs William Watson; sister of Dan, Archibald and Peter Campbell and Mrs Duncan McNaughton; predeceased by daughter Mrs Lachlan Leitch

c4        Died – Marguerite Helene Pascoe, 7 years, Dec 30, daughter of Sam Pascoe, niece of Rev George Morley

c5        Died – Mrs Homer Lewis, nee Teressia May Atkinson, 32nd year; daughter of Richard Atkinson

c5        Died – William A. Ball, 67th year, father of Fred Ball and Mrs Arthur Elliott

c6        Article – A. S. Paragus – ‘Bayham Woman Has Statute Labor Road List 100 Years Old’ – Mrs Mary Yeandle

c6        Funeral – N. Newell, Jan 5, brother of Mrs A. R. Wright


7 January 1928

Second Section

Page 11

c2        Retirement – David Meadows of St Thomas – Photo

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Benjamin Battram of Lynhurst, 60th – Photo, parents of R. W. and J. E. Battram, Mrs J. S. Merritt and Mrs C. F. Allen


Page 14

c8        Died – William Russell Sitzer, 3 years, Jan 4, son of Stanley Sitzer


Page 20

c5        Birthday – Mrs James Smith, 70th

c6        Engagement – Denis Owen Robinson, son of Alfred Robinson of St Thomas to Helen Elizabeth Franklin, daughter of William J. Franklin of Kingston – Jan

c6        Engagement – Walter C. Matthews, son of James Matthews of Middlemarch to Catharine Ellen Clarke, daughter of George Clarke of Shedden – Jan


9 January 1928

Page 3

c7        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Samuel Hobbs of Toronto, 50th


Page 4

c4        Married – Herbert Davis, son of John Davis of Fairview to Harriet Georgina Pegg, daughter of George Pegg of Bayham, Dec 29

c4        Married – H. J. Dingman to Florence Lowndes Booth, Jan 7

c4        Married – Dr Oscar C. Powers of Burford, son of J. Wesley Powers of Norwich to Vera Margaret Riddell, daughter of S. J. Riddell of Wilton Grove, Dec 29

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Wegg of St Thomas, 60th , parents of G. Arthur and H. S. Wegg; grandparents of George Wegg

c6        Married – William P. Probost of Chicago to Regis A. Brooks, daughter of Harry J. Brooks of Chicago and formerly of St Thomas, Dec 28

c6        Birthday – Mr John Blewett Sr of St Thomas, 90th

c6        Engagement – Harold Lawrence McCausland, son of Rev Harold McCausland of Bay City Michigan to Edythe Hannah Ross, daughter of Robert Douglas Ross of Toronto – Jan


Page 5

c2        Funeral – Mr H. Killins, Jan 6


Page 6

c1        Died – Robert Egan, 74th year; father of Mrs Andrew Davis, Mrs Alexander Stuart, James and John Egan; brother of William, Joseph, John and James Egan

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Berdan, 75th year, Jan 8, mother of Peter, Albert, James, Earl and John Berdan; sister of Mrs John Chute, Mrs Ruben Powers, Mrs Charles Roloson and John Wall


Page 7

c1        Married – Beverley T. Waite, son of Mrs Waite of Stanley St. to Miss Alice Harris, daughter of Roy Harris of St Thomas, Jan 2

c8        Born – Son of M. G. McLaws, Jan 3

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Lavina Holmes, Jan 9 1927

c8        Memoriam – Bessie Legg, Jan 8 1924, by Gordon, Roy and Thurman


Page 8

c1        Died – Edwin Haley, 89 years, Dec 15

c1        Died – Melvin A. Marble, husband of Mrs Minnie K. Marble, nee Clark

c2        Died – Albert F. Lightheart, 43 years, Jan 7, son of James Lightheart

c3        Died – George Carruthers, 66 years, Jan 7

c3        Married – Frank L. Hilliard of Cleveland to Miss Helena Robinson, daughter of Rev F. A. Robinson


Page 9

c4        Died – Adam Nelson, 80 years, son of Alexander Nelson; widow of Mrs Laura Nelson, nee Thompson; brother-in-law of Mrs C. H. Nelson and James Roe; Uncle of Mrs T. G. Ballantyne, Douglas Nelson, Alexander Roe and Earl Potter; brother of Alexander & Abner Nelson


Page 10

c6        Died – Mrs Emeline Anstice, 87th year, Dec 31, widow of F. C. Anstice


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs William McNernie, sister of Mrs Charles Cosan and Mrs Roy Watson

c2        Funeral – Mrs Sherman Freeman, Jan 8


10 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Died – Ray Chambers, 7 years, Jan 9, son of George Chambers

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George Wegg, nee Maria Marlatt of St Thomas, 60th – Photo


Page 4

c2        Announcement – George Lawrence Dancy of St Thomas to Grace Mary Cochrane, daughter of R. S. Cochrane of Winnipeg and sister of Mrs A. J. Downing of Tara

c2        Announcement – John S. Hyatt, son of George Hyatt of London to Freida Ada Chantler, daughter of H. W. Chantler of London

c2        Married – Mr & Mrs Lawrence Reid

c3        Died – Miss Jeanie J. Buchan, 78th year, Aunt of Mrs Donald Campbell

c3        Married – George Pierce, son of T. D. Pierce of Port Rowan to Miss Helen Jewell, daughter of W. Jewell of St Williams

c3        Married – Walter Thomas Starling of Port Rowan to Miss Gladys Elsie Davis of Langton, Jan 2

c3        Married – F. T. Portsmouth of Petrolia to Edit Florence Palmer, daughter of Frank Palmer


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Henrietta Fletcher, 85th year, Jan 8, mother of Mrs C. H. Finch

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Ben Battram of Lynhurst, 50th

c1        Died – William Henry Johns, 58th year

c2        Funeral – George Geary, 59th year, Jan 9

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Nesbett, 87th year, Jan 7, widow of George Nesbett

c3        Penitentiary – Joseph Schram, 83 years, from the Elgin County House of Refuge at Portsmouth Penitentiary

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Guest of Shedden, 50th

c4        Died – Mres John Wilson, nee Rebecca Snell, 67 years, Jan 9, mother of Earl, Edgar and William Wilson, Mrs Ethel Stephens and Mrs Charles Beck; sister of Robert Snell, Mrs C. Mills and Mrs Gray

c4        Died – Neil McDougald, 72 years, Jan 9, father of Mrs John Smith, Mrs Frank Fleming, Niel, William and Clarence McDougald


Page 7

c2        Died – William Archer, brother of Mrs J. McCarthy

c8        Born – Son of A. L. Gledhill, Jan 8

c8        Born – Daughter of Orville Yule, Jan 1

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Fillmore, Jan 10 1925


Page 8

c1        Birthday – Rev Dr W. T. McMullen of Woodstock, 97th

c2        Died – William Arnold, 52nd year, Jan 7. brother of Albert & Robert Arnold and Mrs Racher

c4        Died – Mrs Maria Thomas, 91st year, Jan 7, widow of George Thomas, daughter rof J. C. Pullin

c4        Died – John Wesley Seney, 74th year, Sept 8

c4        Died – Dr Peter A. Aikman, 89 years, Jan 9

c4        Died – Henry Westmore, 81st year

c4        Died – William Clarke, Jan 9

c5        Died – Archibald Myers, son of George Myers


Page 14

c1        Married – Earle Gilbert Basco to Miss Nell Cooper, daughter of W. H. Cooper, Jan 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs Mehettable Russ, Jan 9


11 January 1928

Page 1

c7        Photo – Charles Clayton Minor, UE of Southwold


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John R. Jackson of St Thomas, 40th

c3        Engagement – James Gordon Kirk, MD of Listowel, son of James Kirk of Glanworth to Frances Marianne Elliott, daughter of Andrew Elliott of Wilton Grove – Feb

c4        Married – Herbert F. Hetherington, son of John Hetherington of Thamesville to Agnes Eva Boyle, daughter of David Boyle of Thamesville, Jan 7

c4        Married – George Frederick Andrews of Detroit, son of Joshua Andrews of Dorchester to Olive Leola Reid of Southwold

c4        Married – Glenford Frederick Rose, son of Frederick Rose of Rochester, NY to Nettie Merriam Slingerland, daughter of Wallace Merriam of Byron


Page 5

c4        Honor Roll – St Thomas Public Schools – Balaclava, Scott, Wellington, Elmdale, Myrtle, Hiawatha, Manitoba


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Val Habermill, Jan 9

c8        born – Son of L. C. Harvey, Jan 8

c8        Born – Daughter of George Shaw, Jan 10

c8        born – Son of Ralph Norman, Jan 9

c8        Memoriam – T. Hornby, Jan 11 1926


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs John Wilson, nee Revecca Snell, 67 years, Jan 9


12 January 1928

Page 1

c3        Photo – Dr Charles C. Lumley of St Thomas

c6        Died – Ray Chambers, 7 years, Jan 9, son of George Chambers

c6        Died – Grace Jackson, 3 years, Jan 12, daughter of W. Jackson

c6        Died – Vernon Jackson, 6 years, Jan 12, son of W. Jackson

c6        Died – William Rapley Holmes, 60 years, son of Rev J. W. & Charlotte Holmes


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Lawrence Davey, son of George W. Davey of St Thomas to Grace Mary Cochrane, daughter of R. S. Cochrane of Winnipeg

c2        Engagement – Charles Robert Elson, son of H. E. Elson of Union to Mildred Kathleen Burgess, daughter of William Burgess of Union – Feb


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs George Wright, 93rd year, sister of Gilbert Wrong; related to W. G. & J. M. Wrong, Mrs Robert Jenkins and Mrs G. W. Youell

c2        Died – William B. Percy, Jan 11, father of Cecil & Guy Percy, Mrs R. Bailey, Mrs Lloyd Herries, Olive, Leonore and Violet Percy; brother of Frank and Albert Percy and Mrs George Earner

c3        Died – Mrs Wellington Russ, nee Mehettable Thompson, Jan 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs John Wilson, nee Rebecca Snell, Jan 11

c6        Funeral – Neil McDougald, Jan 11


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of George D. & Margaret A. Durward, nee Sharpe, Jan 10


Page 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs Alicia Wigmore of London, 100th , widow of Richard Wigmore

c2        Died – William Hutchinson, 77 years, Dec 8, brother of Mrs John Bowey

c4        Died – Mrs Bert Connolly, nee Edith May Gibbons, Jan 9

c4        Died – Mrs Jeremiah Fick, nee Abigail Robbins, 80 years, Jan 7

c4        Died – David Karn, brother of Amzi Karn; father of George H. Karn

c4        Died – George Groombridge, 55 years, Jan 11

c4        Died – Mrs Peter Meek, nee Margaret J. Bertrand, 79th year, Jan 11


Page 14

c1        Died – James E. Paxham, Jan 10

c2        Married – Thomas Rayson of Grenville to Helen Gladys Drake, daughter of Richard C. Drake of Port Burwell, Jan 9

c2        Married – Frederick J. Gammage, son of W. W. Gammage of London to Doris Helen Alene Shaw, daughter of John Shaw of London, Jan 11


13 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Retirement – George Cosens of St Thomas – Photo

c2        Died – Mrs Horace Rickey, nee Emily Cunningham, 98th year

c2        Died – Duncan A. McKillop, 55th year, Jan 12, son of Daniel & Nancy McKillop, nee McKellar; husband of Mrs Eva McKillop, nee Coulter; father of Nancy, Duncan and Mary McKillop; brother of Malcolm & John L. McKillop, Mrs Hance Shipley, Mrs Sam Pearce, Misses Bessie, Tena and Ida McKillop

c6        Died – William Rapley Holmes, Jan 12, brother of Mrs George M. Haldane – Photo


Page 4

c2        Married – John Reginald Jacob, son of George Jacob to Miss Lucille Chambers, daughter of William G. Chambers, Jan 11

c2        Married – Mr & mrs D. R. Watson, nee Miss M. Johnston

c4        Married – Herbert Louch of Blenheim to Mrs Martha Langford of Thamesville, Jan 6

c4        Married – Joseph Dixon of Rosseau to Miss Verna Tressa Bolden, daughter of George Bolden of Walkerton


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Donald Ray Chambers, Jan 14


Page 8

c2        Died – Matthew Tisdale, 57th year, Jan 12, father of Charles, Francis and Lilah Tisdale; brother of Andrew Tisdale, Mrs Sanford Jones, Mrs Edward Ferns and Mrs Harry Hill

c4        Died – Mrs Peter Meek, nee Margaret Jane Bertrand, 79th year

c4        Died – Arthur Robertson, 68 years, son of Williiam Robertson; husband of Mrs Mary Luella Robertson, nee Woolley


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs (Dr) George Wright, nee Olive Wrong, 92 years, Aunt of Mrs Ford, Mrs Mann, Hester Wrong, Mrs Robert Jenkins, James and William wrong, Mrs McCausland, Mrs Blanche Duncombe, Rev George Wrong, Mahlon Burwell, Mrs Sage, Miss Hattie English, Dr Walter English, Mrs Gerrans

c2        Died – Mrs Charles T. Askin, 70 years, Jan 8, sister of Charles Salter

c8        Born – Daughter of John & Velma Stacey, nee Hodder, Jan 9

c8        Born – Son of Edlridge Green, Dec 23

c8        Died – Donald Ray Chambers, 6 years, Jan 9


Page 10

c3        Died – Mrs William McNernie, Jan 12, mother of Pearl Allen, Mrs Glenn Keilor and Charles Allen


Page 12

c4        Died – William E. Jackson, Jan 12, father of Vernon & Grace Jackson; son-in-law of Mrs John Gates


14 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Collinson of St Thomas, nee Eliza J. Wilson, 50th


Page 4

c4        Married – Andrew Purvis Holmes, son of John Holmes of Goderich to Mabel, daughter of E. E. Calvert, Jan 11

c4        Married – Jasper Ernest King, son of Rev King of Jacksonville, Florida to Helen Madeline Strothers, daughter of Joseph Strothers of Blyth


Page 6

c2        Funeral – William Percy, Jan 13

c2        Married – Mr & Mrs James Fisher, nee Annie York; brother of William Fisher

c2        Funeral – Mrs George Gillett, Jan 15

c3        Died – Mrs George Gillett, nee Marjorie Brubacker, 30 years, Jan 12, daughter of William Brubaker; sister of Howard and Miss Ada Brubaker


Page 7

c1        Died – George Wadsworth, Jan 12, brother of Mrs J. P. Blair; cousin of Mrs Ada McCarthy

c3        Died – Mrs Annie Zellas, 36 years, Jan 13, wife of Andrew Zellas

c3        Married – Francis Maitland Gould, son of Edward Gould of London to Annie Louise Spry, daughter of W. O. & Kate Spry

c8        Died – Mrs Annie Zellas, 36 years, Jan 13


Page 10

c1        Died – Charles Kenneth Chisholm, son of William & Abegail Chisholm, nee Pineo; husband of Mrs Laura Chisholm, nee Ford; father of Ruth Chisholm; brother of H. Melvin Chisholm, Mrs Anne Chesbro and Mary Chisholm; nephew of George Pinneo


14 January 1928

Second Section

Page 11

c2        Photo – Colin St Clair Leitch of St Thomas

c4        Photo – Old English Church, St Thomas

c4        Photo – Colonel Thomas Talbot, founder of Talbot Settlement

c6        Photo – Rev T. C. Desbarres, former rector of Old English Church

c7        Photo – Judge C. O. Ermatinger of St Thomas


Page 12

c3        Photo – Rodney United Church


Page 14

c3        Photo – Andrew S. Newell, Reeve of Springfield

c3        Died – James Kettle, Jan 7, son of Hiram Kettle

c4        Funeral – J. B. Dale, Jan 10, father of George and John Dale


Page 20

c2        Married – G. Lawrence Davey, son of George W. Davey of St Thomas to Miss Grace Mary Cochrane, daughter of R. S. Cochrane of Winnipeg, sister of Mrs A. J. Downing of St Thomas, Jan 14 – Photo

c6        Shower – Miss Leta Freeman

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs B. Battram of Lynhurst, 60th


16 January 1928

Page 4

c2        Married – G. Lawrence Davey, son of George W. Davey of St Thomas to Miss Grace Mary Cochrane, daughter of R. S. Cochrane of Winnipeg, sister of Mrs A. J. Downing of St Thomas, Jan 14

c2        Married – T. Pat George, son of Robert George to Irene Maude McDowell, daughter of John B. McDowell

c2        Married – Everett Gee of Detroit to Miss Myrtle Little, daughter of H. Little of Mooretown

c3        Married – James Morriss Wilson of Toronto to Miss Anne Leta Freeman, daughter of William P. Freeman of St Thomas, Jan 14

c4        Engagement – Harry Wardell of Woodhouse to Miss Ruth Earl, daughter of F. Earl of Simcoe

c4        Engagement – William Mace, son of Charles Mace of Stratford to Gertrude Marjorie Nelles, daughter of Charles C. Nelles – Jan


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Minetta Burn, 52nd year, Jan 14, daughter of Levi Hancock; wife of John Burn; mother of Minnetta, Margaret and Walter Burn; sister of Mrs Carrie Kontze, Mrs W. C. Day, Mrs George Alexander, Ferdinand H., Sumner, Henry and Levis S. Hancock

c2        Died – William Wintermute, 86th year, Jan 16, father of Mahlon and Harry Wintermute, Mrs W. B. Firby, Mrs James Herman and Mrs A. McPhail; brother of Edward Wintermute, Mrs George Clark and Mrs Elias Scott

c2        Died – Frank Carpenter Woolley, 31st year, father of Bobby Woolley; brother of Mrs Norman Merrett and Douglas Woolley

c2        Died – Mrs Harry Weston, nee Jane Mitchener, 53rd year, Jan 15, mother of Harry, Lloyd and William Weston; sister of Mrs Eli Chambers, James and George Mitchener


Page 7

c7        Funeral – Mrs George Gillett, nee Marjorie Brubacker, 30 years, Jan 15

c7        Funeral – Nelson Welch, 8 years, Jan 12, son of Lawrence Welch

c8        Engagement – Frank Rousell, son of A. W. Rousell to Edna Blanche Moore, daughter of James Moore – Feb

c8        Born – Doris Irene Gillard, daughter of Harold A. Gillard, Jan 12

c8        Born – Son of John Waller, Jan 5

c8        Born – Son of R. A. Downie, Jan 11

c8        Memoriam – Benjamin Goodhue, Jan 16 1918, by daughter Mrs Carl Gloin


Page 8

c4        Married – Walter Edwin Dunn of Los Angles to Miss Jean Irene Hutton, daughter of R. Hutton of London, Jan 16

c5        Died – Earl James Pettman, 31st year, Jan 14, son of William Pettman

c5        Died – Miss Elizabeth Stewart Campbell, Jan 11, daughter of Peter Campbell


Page 14

c1        Died – Alexander Allan, Jan 12, brother of Mrs A. A. Stewart

c2        Funeral – Donald R. Chambers, Jan 14

c4        Died – Mrs Eliza Jane Bapty, Jan 15, daughter of Alexander Lowrie; wife of Harry Bapty; mother of Mrs G. C. Sellery, Misses Helen & Gertrude Bapty, Dr Walter Bapty and Fred Bapty


17 January 1928

Page 4

c3        Married – George W. Swadling of London to Hilda Lambert, daughter of Edward Lambert of London, Jan 14

c3        Married – John G. American to Miss Agnes M. Kingsbury, Jan 13

c5        Married – Douglas A. McKay, son of John A. McKay to Miss Kathleen Anne Walker, Jan 8

c5        Engagement – John S. Hyatt, son of George Hyatt of London to Miss Feida Chantler, daughter of H,. W. Chantler of London


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Rev Walter Fansher, 89th


Page 7

c1        Funeral – William Rapley Holmes, Jan 16

c2        Died – Frederick William Williams, 46 years, Jan 16, husband of Mrs Ida May Williams, nee Nicholson; father of Irene, Freda and Harold Williams; brother of Mrs Pearl Forsythe and Leo Williams

c4        Died – Walter W. Davis, 58 years, Jan 17, father of Vera, Norman, Frank and Glen Davis; brother of Mary Davis, Mrs Edward Brothers, William, John, Bert and Edward Davis

c4        Died – Ellsworth E. Sheldon, Jan 16

c8        Born – Daughter of C. Winters, Jan 13

c8        Born – Son of Hermon Fishleigh, Jan 14

c8        Born – Donald Ray Crocker, son of C. W. Crocker, Jan 13

c8        Died – Frederick W. Williams, 46 years, Jan 16

c8        Memoriam – Frank Berry, Jan 17 1923

c8        Memoriam – Alfred Frederick Chambers, Jan 17 1926

c8        Memoriam – Frank C. Hanley, Jan 17 1927


Page 8

c3        Died – Benjamin Nicholson, 76 years, Jan 14


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs Euphemia Munro, 74th year, daughter of Donald Laird Campbell; widow of Hugh Munro


18 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Died – Fred Sutherland, 69th year, Jan 18, father of Mrs L. E. Nichols; brother of Albert Sutherland, Mrs J. W. Christie, Mrs J. Cohoon, and Miss Margaret Sutherland

c7        Died – Mrs Matthew H. Penhale, nee Winona Luton, 67 years, Jan 18, daughter of Daniel Luton; mother of Miss Leeta Penhale; sister of Miss Mary A. Luton, Mrs Mark Dearing, Arthur A. Luton and Ernest E. Luton; cousin of Mrs Fred Sutherland


Page 4

c1        Married – Russel W. Hamilton to Miss Edna M. Raymond, daughter of Peter Raymond of Beecher, Jan 11


Page 5

c1        Died – Joseph Randall, 73rd year, Jan 17, father of Mrs Daniel Bell, Edward, John and William Randall

c6        Died – James Ronson, 80 years, Jan 17


Page 7

c1        Died – Walter W. Davis, Jan 17, brother of Alfred Davis

c2        Died – Frances Brinkman, 9 years, Jan 17, daughter of Leslie Brinkman; granddaughter of F. L. Brinkman

c8        Born – Beverley Ruth Harris, daughter of A. G. Harris, Jan 14

c8        Died – Walter W. Davis, 59 years, Jan 17

c8        Memoriam – Charles Legg, Jan 18 1924, by sons Gordon, Roy and Thurman Legg

c8        Memoriam – Charles L. Singer, Jan 18 1926

c8        Memoriam – Margaret Helen Reagan, Jan 18 1927, by Misses D. and N. Merritt


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs John Wilson, Jan 18

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Oscar Munro of Stratford, 66th

c5        Shower – Mr & Mrs Ashton Trothen of Tryconnell


Page 14

c2        Died – George Forbes Maitland, 93rd year, Jan 16, widow of Mrs Mary A. Maitland, nee Davidson; father of Mrs (Rev) W. A.Raithby; Mrs J. N. Gray, Mrs M. E. Wees, Mrs James Pequagnat and G. H. Maitland


19 January 1928

Page 1

c8        Died – William Allison, 70 years, Jan 19

c8        Died – Mrs William Allison, 70 years, Jan 19


Page 4

c4        Died – Mrs Hugh T. McLachlan, nee Jane Ferguson, 88th year, daughter of Alexander & Mary Ferguson, nee Leitch


Page 5

c2        Died – Irving Donaghy, son of Gordon Donaghy; nephew of Mrs Harry Lutz

c3        Died – Mrs Mrs Johanna Capling, 82 years, Jan 18, sister of Mrs Julia Foley, Jrs J. T. Finnegan, Mrs James O’Connor and Mrs M. Sullivan

c8        Born – Glenna May Compeau, daughter of Lloyd Compeau, Jan 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy Mercer, Dec 15 1927

c8        Born – Son of G. E. Trimble, Dec 30 1927

c8        Born – Son of Rev L. C. Harvey, Jan 8

c8        Born – Son of V. Habermill, Jan 9

c8        Born – Myrna Irene Nelson, daughter of James E. & Minnie Nelson, nee Wilkie, Jan 18

c8        Died – Frrederick Sutherland, Jan 18

c8        Died – Mrs Matthew Penhale, nee Winona Luton, 67 years, Jan 18

c8        Died – John Lawrence Leach, 77th year, Jan 19

c8        Died – Mrs Johanna Capling, 83rd year, Jan 18

c8        Memoriam – Peggy Robinson, Jan 19 1921, by parents and brother Jack

c8        Memoriam – Mrs H. Schultz, Jan 18 1923


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Harry L. Wilkins, nee Alice Hessell, daughter of Fred C. Hessell

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A. M. Reed of Owen Sound, 50th

c2        Funeral – Frederick W. Williams, Jan 18


19 January 1928

Second Section

Page 12

c2        Shower – Mr & Mrs Herbert Davis, nee Georgia Pegg at the home of H. G. Moore, Lakeview

c3        Died – William West, 74 years, Jan 17, Uncle of Mrs J. Gammon and Mrs Edwin Gammon; brother of Mrs Dunn


20 January 1928

Page 1

c7        Photo – Joseph McCulley, formerly of St Thomas


Page 4

c7        Married – Gordon S. Robinson, son of Samuel Robinson of Wallacetown to Rhoda Elizabeth Dell, daughter of Frederick Dell of Detroit, Jan 3


Page 6

c1        Died – George Gadd, 98 years, son of Thomas Gadd; widow of Mrs Mary Elizabeth Gadd, nee Richardson; father of Joseph, Thomas and David Gadd; brother of Mrs Elizabeth Lenover

c3        Died – Syrenus Welch, 66th year, father of Kenneth, Cecil, James and William Welch, Mrs N. Adams and Mrs John Tuffin

c4        Died – Frederick Boughner, 68 years, Jan 16, father of Mrs William Walmsley

c5        Died – Silas Warren Williston, 83 years

c5        Died – John Wooley, 78th year

c5        Died – Stephen Hamilton Darby, UE. 73 years

c5        died – William Henry Matthews, 74th year, Jan16

c5        Died – Gilbert Alexander Thibideau, 69 years, Jan 18


Page 7

c2        Died – L. C. Benton, Jan 19, son of Corydon E. Benton


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Nelson Foster, Jan 20, Uncle of Clinton & Glenn Marr

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. McCallum of Dorchester, 50th


Page 9

c1        Died – Mrs Caroline Beckwith, nee Cloes, niece of Lewis R. Cloes

c3        Funeral – William Wintermute, Jan 19

c3        Funeral – Mrs Johnanna Tapling, (Capling), Jan 20, sister of Mrs Julia Foley

c8        Born – Son of Armand Oxley, Jan 17

c8        Memoriam – Harris G. Hall, Jan 20 1917, brother of Percie J. Hall

c8        Memoriam – Percie J. Hall, Feb 19 1924, brother of Harris G. Hall


Page 10

c1        Died – Captain Thomas Lyon, 92 years, Jan 18


Page 12

c3        Funeral – Walter W. Davis, Jan 18


21 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Photo – New Sparta Continuation School

c3        Died – George McCauley, 66 years, Jan 20, husband of Mrs Sarah McCauley, nee Gates; father of Mrs Charles Moffatt, Miss Hiderd McCauley, Mrs Otto Rice, E. E., verne, John, Clare, George and Ross McCauley; brother of Mrs Edith Davis, Charles, Frank L. and James McCauley

c5        Died – Ewart Linklater, son of J. H. L. Linklater


Page 3

c6        Died – Ralph Almas, 2 years, Jan 20, son of Stanley Almas


Page 6

c4        Died – Horation Nelson Foster, 88th year, son of Edward Foster, husband of Mrs Annabella Foster, nee Cahoon


Page 7

c1        Died – L. C. Benton, brother of Mrs W. A. Adams

c1        Died – Mrs Manary, 91st year, Jan 20, mother of Walter Wilson and Frank Manary

c2        Funeral – Mrs Matthew H. Penhale, nee Winona Luton, Jan 20

c8        Born – Son of Bert Mason, Jan 11

c8        Born – Son of Willis Swanton, Jan 11

c8        Died – Francis Westlake, father-in-law of J. G. Clark

c8        Memoriam – Stanley Balcom, jan 21 1921


Page 9

c6        Died – Walter Bryant, 17 years, Jan 20 (listed as a Bernardo boy from England in 1924)


Page 10

c3        Funeral – Fred Sutherland, , Jan 20

c4        Died – Richard Louch Sr., Jan 21, father of Richard Jr., Alexander, John and Harry Louch, Mrs Hiltx, Mrs Tamblin, Mrs Baxter and Miss Nora Louch


21 January 1928

Second Section

Page 17

c3        Photo – Miss Minnie Pound


Page 20

c2        Married – James Morris Wilson to Miss Anne Leta Freeman, daughter of William P. Freeman of St Thomas, Jan 14 – Photo


23 January 1928

Page 1

c7        Photo – F. W. Sutherland of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Married – Bert Staton of Harrietsville to Miss Violet Hope of Harrietsville, Jan 21

c2        Married – Louis Owen Robinson, son of Alfred Robinson of St Thomas to Helen Elizabeth Franklin, daughter of William Franklin of Kingston, Jan 21

c4        Engagement – Ronald Bertrand of Windsor to Miss Vera Mae Hawes, daughter of W. E. Hawes of Port Stanley – Jan

c4        Engagement – Lloyd W. Little, son of Robert Little of Petrolia to Jean B. Ross, daughter of Alex Ross of Wingham – Jan

c4        Married – Frank Balkwill of St Thomas to Miss Marie Snively of St Thomas


Page 6

c2        History – Payne’s Mills Community Hall


Page 7

c4        Died – Joseph Lawrence, 70th year, Jan 23, son of Benjamin Lawrence

c4        Died – John Edward McIntyre, 66th year, Jan 21

c8        Born – Daughter of Thomas Berry, Jan 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Roy S. Lambert, Jan 12

c8        Born – Daughter of F. L. Ravin, Jan 15


Page 12

c2        Died – Jean Howick, 8 years, Jan 22


24 January 1928

Page 1

c5        Will – Estate of W. H. Finlay, adoptive father of Mrs A. M. Brownell

c5        Died – Rev Hugh Crozier, Jan 23

c7        Photo – E. A. Smith of St Thomas


Page 4

c3        Married – Charles Albert Allen, son of John Allen of Courtland to Eurman Evata Lehman, daughter of A. C. Lehman of Delhi, Jan 21

c4        Married – Edward Magee to Miss Flora Kirkpatrick, daughter of F. H. Kirkpatrick of Toronto, Jan 24

c4        Engagement – John Beverley Innes, son of W. L. Innes of Simcoe to Ruth Starr Atkinson, daughter of C. F. W. Atkinson of Port Rowan


Page 6

c2        Died – William Liddle, 72nd year, Jan 23, son of Samuel Liddle; father of Mrs Clark Crosby; brother of John, David and Robert Liddle


Page 7

c5        Died – Abel French, 71 years, Jan 23, brother of James & Thomas French, Mrs John McCallum and Mrs William McAllister

c6        Died – Mrs Frank Shelton, Jan 24

c6        Funeral – George McCaulley, Jan 23

c6        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Manary, Jan 23

c7        Memoriam – Delbert Smith, Jan 24 1926, by Aunt & Uncle Mr & Mrs Emery Parker; by wife Beulah V. Smith

c7        Memoriam – Edward A. Campbell, Jan 24 1927

c8        Born – Reta Mae Kitson, daughter of Charles & Florence Kitson, nee Griffin, Jan 22


25 January 1928

Page 3

c5        Birthday – Samuel Palmer of Vienna, 90th, brother of Catherine Palmer


Page 4

c4        Engagement – Frank Austin to May Montague, daughter of John Montague of Chatham – Feb


Page 8

c1        Died – Burley Tibbits, 90th year, Jan 21, father of George Tibbits


Page 9

c2        Died – John J. Curran, 73rd year, Jan 24, husband of Mrs J. Curran, nee Doyle; father of Leo A. Curran, Miss Henrietta K. and Gertrude Curran and Mrs Joseph Lawrence and John J. Curran Jr.; brother of Alex and Nicholas J. Curran, Mrs Jane Foley and Mrs Thomas Barff;; Uncle of Mrs H. A. Colledge

c5        Died – Mrs William Henderson, nee Sarah Charlotte Calcott, Jan 25, daughter of Thomas & Azeubh Calcott; sister of Albert and G. W. Calcott

c8        Born – Daughter of Russell Cole, no date given

c8        Died – Mary Jessie Leach, 72nd year, Jan 24

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Charlotte Henderson, Jan 25


Page 10

c1        Funeral – George McCaulley, Jan 23


26 January 1928

Page 6

c4        Married – John S. Hyatt, son of George Hyatt of London to Freida Ada Chantler, daughter of H. W. Chantler of London, Jan 25

c5        Died – William Joseph Moore, 74th year, Jan 26, son of Thomas Moore; widow of Mrs Eleanor Moore, nee Scott; father of Alvin, Orval and Edgar Moore, Mrs Graham Smith and Josephine Moore; brother of Thomas, Fred, Bert and Joseph Moore, Mrs Alex Crane, Miss Mary Moore, Mrs James Pool, Mrs John Duncan and Miss Agnes Moore


Page 9

c3        Died – Miss Agenes Weld, 65 years, Jan 25, daughter of Stephen Weeks Weld


Page 10

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Wesley McCausland of Regina, 50th


27 January 1928

Page 6

c1        Died – William Walker, 4 years, son of Ormey Walker

c2        Died – Edward Fluelling, 83rd year, Jan 26, father of Arthur & Earl Fluelling and Mrs G. W. Collins


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs John McKitrick, nee Ida Hamilton; cousin of Mrs A. Irwin

c2        Died – Mrs Maria Ketchabaw, 73rd year, Jan 27, widow of Louis Ketchabaw; mother of William M., Ira, Grover and Chester Ketchabaw, Mrs Alonzo Harvey and Mrs Ed Widner; sister of Robert Cuchman

c5        Funeral – Mrs William Henderson, Jan 26

c7        Born – Daughter of James & Nan McAulay, nee Bennett, Jan 23

c7        Born – Daughter of Allen & Iva Crawford, nee Lackey, Jan 22

c7        Born – Daughter of Ernest Chase, Jan 21

c7        Born – Son of John Wood, Jan 24

c7        Memoriam – Elizabeth A. Hunter, Jan 27 1927


Page 8

c3        Engagement – Morley William Claypole, son of H. Claypole of St Thomas to Ella Bell Koyl, daughter of W. A. Koyl of Southwold Station

c3        Funeral – David Badgley, brother of Mrs L. J. Small


27 January 1928

Second Section

Page 12

c2        Died – Mary Ellen Smith, widow of Henry Smith – Photo

c2        Died – Abel French, 70 years, Jan 23

c2        Died – Mrs John Hardaker, 65 years, Jan 26, mother of Mrs A. VanLoon and Martin Hardaker

c3        Funeral – Mr & Mrs William Allison, Jan 21

c4        Died – Abraham Burch, 77th year


Page 20

c1        Died – George M. Lane, son of William P. Lane


28 January 1928

Page 1

c2        Died – Mrs Wendell Hughes, nee Alberta Cahill; 27 years, daughter or James W. Cahill; daughter-in-law of Dr F. W. Hughes; sister of Stanton Cahill

c6        Died – Edward Allen Miller, 78 years, Jan 28, brother of John A., Dr A. H., William, Elizabeth and Martha Miller and Mrs Eliza Heydon – Photo


Page 4

c1        Married – Rev Robert Hall, son of J. C. Hall to Ruth Audrey Martin, daughter of Rev S. T. Martin, Jan 24

c1        Married – Harold Roy Vivian, son of Harry Vivian of Forest to Miss Lucie Bookwalter

c1        Married – Glynn Allan McGee, son of A. G. McGee of Sarnia to Miss Melba Marie Maxfield, daughter of Fred T. Maxfield of Forest

c2        Died – Mrs George Alexander Sr, nee Martha Knowles, Jan 17

c3        Died – Mrs Mary McAlpine, 88 years, widow of John Alpine (Bhain) McAlpine; daughter of Duncan & Catherine MacEwan


Page 7

c2        Married – Thomas Edward Ferguson to Miss Margaret Vera Toll, Jan 21

c2        Died – Francis Westlake, 71st year, father of Harold Westlake and Mrs G. J. Clarke

c4        Died – Mrs Anna Simpson, 90 years, widow of Martin S. Simpson; daughter of Moses Bricker, UE

c5        Died – Mrs D. McMurphy, nee Annie Graham; daughter of Duncan C. Graham; sister of D. D. Graham, J. C. Graham, Mrs (Rev) D. S. Jamieson, Mrs W. J. Wilson, Mrs M. S. Andress and Duncan Z. Graham

c7        Born – Junior Laverne Steers, son of Fred Steers, Jan 18

c7        Born – Son of Charles H. Hurst, Jan 20

c7        Born – Son of John McFarlane, Jan 16

c7        Born – Doris Allegra Winter, daughter of W. B. Winter, Jan 18

c7        Born – Son of Dr W. G. & Jessie E. Cornett, nee Ewart, Jan 19

c7        Born – Daughter of Albert Cole, Jan 12

c7        Born – Ruby Gertrude Dair, daughter of Joseph Dair, Jan 26

c7        Born – Son of George Andress, Jan 22

c7        Born – Esther May Loveday, daughter of Rev A. J. Loveday, Jan 14

c7        Born – Daughter of William Reid, Jan 21

c7        Born – Son of George W. Hurley, Jan 25

c7        Born – Son of Wilford E. Newell, Jan 22

c7        Memoriam – Mary Bell, Jan 29 1917, by daughters Mrs E. McCaulley, Mrs E. Huston and Laura

c8        Born – Helen Ruth Williams, daughter of Jack Williams, Jan 20

c8        Died – Edward Allen Miller, 78 years, Jan 28


Page 10

c1        Died – George Philpott, Uncle of Mrs A. J. Fulton

c1        Died – Kenneth W. Munro, nephew of Miss Mary Munro

c2        Died – Robert Bruce Rice, 68th year, Jan 27, husband of Mrs Martha A. Rice, nee Blatchly


28 January 1928

Second Section

Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Ann Nagel, 86 years, Jan 25, widow of Charles Nagle, mother of Joseph, Thomas & Charles Nagle, Mrs Alexander, Mrs John Cobbon and Mrs Alex Forsythe

c2        Died – Miss Viola Murphy, 22nd year, daughter of Eli Murphy


Page 18

c4        Photo – F. H. Silcox of Iona


Page 20

c6        Married – Elmer James Maschuter Lucas, son of W. H. Lucas of St Thomas to Lillie Jane Forde, daughter of William Forde of Niagara Falls, Jan 19


30 January 1928

Page 1

c3        Photo – Thomas E. Scott, formerly of St Thomas

c5        Died – George Goring, 48th year, Jan 30, son of Mrs Goring in Tipton, England; father of Edna Goring


Page 4

c5        Married – Murray Glen Gould of Cottam to Lillian Pansy Wright, daughter of Stanley Wright of Rodney, Jan 26


Page 5

c3        Died – William Smith, 78 years, father of Gordon Smith, Mrs Roy Parker, Mrs Robert Clark, Mrs D. Linvingston and Mrs Charles Hathaway; brother of Charles Smith and Mrs C. A. Warner


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Jane Leach, 72nd year, Jan 24, sister of the late John Lawrence

c5        Died – R. B. McBurney, 55 years, Jan 26


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Annie Hough, 83rd year, Jan 24, widow of Henry Hough; mother of Franklin A. Hough

c1        Married – L. L. Tannenbaum of St Thomas to Miss Bessie Newman, daughter of H. Newman of Hamilton – Feb 5

c2        Died – Daniel Wilkinson, 49 years, Jan 30, husband of Mrs Martha J. Wilkinson, nee Allman; father of Charles Daniel Wilkingson; brother of Mrs Birties and Mrs Holford, James, Harry and Benjamin Wilkinson all of England

c8        Born – Joseph James McAuley, son of John McAuley, Jan 29

c8        Born – Frederick William Mitchell, son of Rev George Clarence Mitchell, Jan 27

c8        Born – Daughter of John & Frances Dodson, nee Pullen, Jan 28

c8        Died – Mrs Ida Elizabeth Gillard, 28th year, Jan 28, wife of Harold A. Gillard; daughter-in-law of Joseph Gillard

c8        Died – George Goring, 48th year, Jan 28


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Mary Ferguson, nee McDonald, 87th year, Jan 29, widow of James Ferguson; mother of Mrs Savage, Annie, Minnie, George and Henry Fergusn; sister of Mrs William Berry, Daniel, Hugh and James McDonald

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Hugh McCourt of Elma Township, 60th

c1        Died – Abel French, 70 years, Jan 23, son of John French; brother of James and Thomas French, Mrs John McCallum and Mrs Mary Jane McAllister

c3        Died – Thomas Marmaduke Shoebotham, 58 years, Jan 27, son of William Baker Shoebotham

c5        Died – Henry Klemm, father of Herbert & Wilfred Klemm; brother of George & Joseph Klemm

c5        Died – Dugald G. McPhail, 80th year

c5        Died – Bobbie Devine, 8 years, son of Rev R. J. Devine; grandson of William Devine

c5        Died – George Key, Jan 28

c5        Died – Mrs Alfred Carpenter, 60th year, sister of James McComb; mother of Mrs Gordon Schofield

c5        Died – James Ronson, 80 years


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Harold A. Gillard, nee Ida Elizabeth Carr, 26 years, Jan 28, daughter of Fred Carr; sister of George, Bert, Albert E., William and Thomas Carr and Mrs Clarence A. Olsen


31 January 1928

Page 6

c4        Funeral – E. A. Miller, Jan 30


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Duncan McAlpine, Aunt of Mrs J. C. Hookwith

c6        Died – Alexander Watson, 68th year, Jan 28, son of Jeremiah & Mary Watson; father of Mildred and George Watson; Uncle of L. E. Culmber

c8        Born – Son of Kenneth F. Firby, Jan 29

c8        Born – Dellas Juen Brinklow, daughter of Fred Brinklow, Jan 28

c8        Died – Daniel Wilkinson, 49 years, Jan 30


Page 8

c1        Died – Rueben Green, Jan 2

c1        Died – Charles Henry Collver, 73rd year, Jan 24


Page 14

c3        Died – Mrs W. M. Stratton, nee Mary McQuade, 74th year


1 February 1928

Page 4

c4        Shower – Mrs Ronald Bertran, nee Vera Hawes, daughter of W. E. Hawes

c5        Married – Ronald Bertran, son of John Bertran of Windsor to Miss Vera Hawes, daughter of W. E. Hawes of Port Stanley, Jan 21

c5        Married – Fred George Knowles, son of James Knowles of Toronto to Miss Mabel Beatrice Demaray, daughter of Richard Demaray of Belmont

c5        Married – Maurice Foster, son of Arthur Foster of Ingersoll to Clara Mitchell, daughter of Robert Mitchell of Mount Forest


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Duncan McAlpine, nee Violet McIntyre, 72 years, Jan 30

c4        Funeral – Mrs Harold A. Gillard, Jan 31

c4        Funeral – George Goring, Jan 31

c8        Born – Daughter of George Flagg, no date given

c8        Born – George Richard Chilton, son of V. Chilton, Jan 30

c8        Died – Henry Orchard, 80th year, Feb 1


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs C. A. Lyon, sister of Mrs J. J. Hall

c2        Vital Statistics – St Thomas, January 1928 – births 24; marriages 4; deaths 14

c3        Died – Mrs Walter Loder Pettit, nee Alice Courland, 73rd year, Jan 30; daughter of Horation Nelson Courtland

c3        Died – Mrs Gustave Biederman, Jan 31, mother of August Biederman


2 February 1928

Page 4

c1        Vital Statistics – Aylmer, January 1928 – births 1; marriages 1; deaths 4

c1        Vital Statistics – Malahide Township, 1927 – births 55; marriages 9, deaths 36

c3        Died – Mrs Robert Hamilton, nee Mary McGregor, 58th year, Jan 31


Page 5

c1        Died – Mrs Fannie Clarridge, 85th year, sister of John & George Merry; mother of Alpheus Clarridge

c2        Funeral – Daniel Wilkinson, Feb 2

c5        Died – Mrs Phoebe Cook, 87th year, Feb 2, mother of George Cook

c6        Died – Benjamin Miller, 50 years, Feb 1, son of David Miller; father of Edna Miller; brother of Martin, Louis and Fred Miller

c6        Died – Robert Snell, 65 years, Feb 2, father of Mrs Cotton and Mrs Stockdale; brother of Mrs Gray and Mrs C. Mills and Mrs John Wilson (deceased)

c7        Died – Mrs Sophie Kerr, 88 years, Feb 1

c8        Born – Daughter of Orval Johnson, no date given

c8        Died – Henry Orchard, 80th year, Feb 1, father of A. E. Orchard

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Aurilla Jane Bate, Feb 2 1927, by daughter & son-in-law Mr & Mrs Geo Rutter


Page 6

c2        Birthday – Mrs Matilda. Dewart, 98th , widow of Rev Edward H. Dewart


Page 8

c3        Died – Abner Stringer, 97 years, Jan 28

c5        Died – James Edward Fluelling, 83 year, Jan 23


2 February 1928

Second Section

Page 10

c2        Died – Wallace Walters, husband of Mrs Minnie Walters, nee Johnson


3 February 1928

Page 1

c3        Photo – J. P. Coombe, Clerk of Vienna

c5        Photo – James A. McLean of Rodney


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Mrs John McKitrick, nee Ida Hamilton, Jan 28

c2        Funeral – Mrs Truman Goldrick, nee Ida Ann Rundle, Jan 27, daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Ann Rundle

c2        Died – Addie Elizabeth Grooms, 3 rd year, Jan 31, daughter of Harry Grooms


Page 9

c1        Died – Joseph E. Taylor, brother-in-law of H. E. Baker

c4        Died – George Dallas, 76 years, Feb 1, son of William Dallas

c4        Died – Sylvester T. Street, 65 years, Feb 1, son of Joseph L & Hannah E. Street, nee Teeple

c4        Died – Mrs Anna Simpson, 90 years, daughter of Moses Bricker UE; wife of Martin S. Simpson

c8        Born – Laura Kathleen Bagnall, daughter of W. Earl Bagnall, Jan 25

c8        Memoriam – Wellington Hollingshead, Feb 3 1927

c8        Memoriam – Daughter of R. H. Kennedy, Feb 3 1917


4 February 1928

Page 1

c7        Died – Arthur Barons, Feb 4 – Photo


Page 4

c2        Married – Lex C. Wilmeth, son of A. C. Wilmeth to Miss Beryl J. Luckham, daughter of William Henry Luckham of Forest, Jan 27

c2        Married – Samuel W. Hardy of Caradoc to Mrs Etta Mae Hardy, Feb 1


Page 7

c1        Died – Robert William Imrie, 1 month, Feb 3, son of John Imrie; grandson of Mrs E. Walker and William Imrie

c3        Married – Charles Robert Elson, son of Herbert Elson of Union to Mildred Kathleen Burgess, daughter of William Burgess of Union, Jan 30

c3        Died – James Yeandle, 34th year, Feb 2

c4        Died – Alexander Marshall, 73 years, Feb 4, father of Mrs E. H. Horton and Alexander Marshall; brother of John Marshall

c5        Died – Arthur Barons, Feb 4, husband of Mrs Gladys Barons; father of Bernard and harry Barons; brother of W. A., John and Gordon Barons, a sister (not named)

c7        Funeral – Henry Orchard, Feb 2

c7        Funeral – Mrs Phoebe Cook, Feb 2

c7        Died – James Weekes, father of Earl, Harold and Mary Helen Weekes

c7        Died – Mrs Ellan A. McKenzie, 63 years, Feb 3, wifoe of John A. McKenzie

c7        Memoriam – Enza Pauline Munn, Feb 5 1925

c8        Born – Daughter of Sydney F. Hare, Feb 3

c8        Born – Son of William Spence, Jan 29

c8        Born – Eric Allan Teetzel, son of Clifford Teetzel, Jan 29

c8        Born – Son of Warren Green, Jan 29

c8        Born – Son of Francis O’Connor, Jan 26

c8        Born – Daughter of J. & Olive Holden Jr., nee Wakeford, Jan 25

c8        Born – Lilly Irene Colter, daughter of R. L. Colter, Jan 28

c8        Born – Son of Earl Brock, Jan 31

c8        Born – Daughter of Arthur Fisher, Jan 14

c8        Born – Donald Campbell McArthur, son of Alex McArthur, Jan 18

c8        Born – Son of Harry A. & Margaret Newman, nee Folinsbee, Jan 19


4 February 1928

Second Section

Page 13

c2        Died – Charles Havens, 68 years, Feb 3

c3        Died – John Berry, 71st year, Jan 30

c7        Died – Mrs Ellen A. McKenzie, 63 years, Feb 3, wife of John A. McKenzie; mother of Mrs Parr, Mrs June, Miss Wilda and Clinton McKenzie


Page 20

c6        Engagement – Gaylord M. Rush, son of J. H. Rush of London to Laura McLean, daughter of H. McLean – Feb

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs P. Ford of St Thomas, 7th , sister of Mrs A. E. Mann

c7        Engagement – Ernest J. Howard of Toronto to Miss Rosella J. Rath of Dorchester – Feb 18

c7        Engagement – Russell Leonard Gardhouse, son of John E. Gardhouse of Owen Sound to Annie Verone Cumming, daughter of Dan F. Cumming of Toronto – Feb


6 February 1928

Page 3

c2        Honor Roll – January Honor Roll at St Thomas schools


Page 4

c3        Married – Fred Arthur Tomlinson, son of Fred Tomlinson of Cleveland to Thelma Mildred Stafford, daughter of Charles Stafford of Port Burwell, Feb 4

c3        Married – William Hubert Chowen, son of Mrs Arnette Chowen to Miss Ella Wilhelmina Dahmer, daughter of Mrs Sara Dahmer

c3        Married – Dr J. G. Kirk of Listowel to Frances Marianne Elliott, daughter of Andrew Elliott, Feb 1


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Annie Louise Elliott, Feb 5, wife of J. C. Elliott; daughter of Marens & Elizabeth Lert

c2        Died – Mrs Ellen Brown, 68th year, Feb 5, wife of Charles Brown; daughter of Charles Harding; mother of Harry, John and George Brown, Mrs George Taylor and Mrs William Ripley

c3        Died – Mrs Esther Downing, Feb 5, widow of Charles Downing; mother of Mrs Frank Fulton, Alfred and Henry Downing; sister of Mrs Robertson and Harry Davey

c3        Died – Mrs James McCloy, 75th year, Feb 5

c5        Died – Frank E. Matthews, 67 years, Feb 4, husband of Mrs Minnie H. Matthews; father of Sterling Matthews

c8        Born – Still born son of W. J. Roulston, Feb 6

c8        Died – Robert Blackwood Weir, Feb 6, husband of Mrs Rowenca C. Weir, nee Moore

c8        Died – Mrs James McCloy, 75th year, Feb 5


Page 8

c1        Died – Robert Blackwood Weir, Feb 6, son of Alexander & Kathleen Weir, nee Jackson; father of Bert, Janet, Noel and Rowena Weir; grandfather of Murray E. & James A. Weir; brother of John, William, George, Kate and Carrie Weir; uncle of C. F. Weir

c2        Photo – 5 Generations of the Sayles Family of Brantford

c4        Died – Alexander Jones, 81 years, Feb 2

c4        Died – James Thorburn Nelles, Feb 1

c4        Died – Miss Bessie Whitson, Feb 5


7 February 1928

Page 1

c5        Died – John Munro, 74th year, Feb 6, brother of Neil, Donald & Colin Munro, Miss Kate Munro, Mrs Malcolm McIntyre, Mrs Arthur Jackson and Mrs Frank Jackson


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Adam Manners of Kincardine, 50th

c4        Married – Alfred Ellis of London to Miss Emily Cowman of London, Feb 4

c4        Married – Rev T. Hope Morgan to Mrs J. E. Moore, mother of H. J. Moore, Feb 6

c5        Married – Ernest Clayton Taylor, son of H. J. Taylor of Mull to Ruby Viola Cofell, daughter of Nelson Cofell of Mull, Feb 2


Page 6

c1        Married – Fred Arthur Tomlinson, son of F. M. Tomlinson of Straffordville to Thelma Mildred Stafford, daughter of Charles L. Stafford of Bayham, Feb 4

c6        Died – Mrs Jacob Learn, Feb 6; mother of Mrs W. J. Phelps; sister of Mrs Mac Campbel and Mrs (Dr) Price


Page 7

c1        Died – Thomas Henry Galpin, Feb 6

c7        Died – Mrs Harriet Lucas, 69th year, Feb 6, widow of Rev Aquila Lucas

c8        Born – Pauline Isabel Simpson, daughter of Wallace A. & Isabel Simpson, nee German, Feb 3

c8        Born – Son of James F. Mussell, Feb 2

c8        Born – Son f J. Ross Stewart, Jan 29

c8        Born – Daughter of Ernest Wilson, Jan 29

c8        Born – Son of D. A. MacVicar, Jan 29

c8        Died – Robert Blackwood Weir, Feb 6

c8        Died – John Munro, 74th year, Feb 6

c8        Died – Mrs Ellen Brown, 55th year, Feb 5, wife of Charles Brown

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Emma Jane Bucker, Feb 7 1927, by sistr Mrs Wallace Buckler


Page 14

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary A. Brown, 65 years, Feb 4; daughter of John Turner; widow of Hiram Brown; sister of Charles, George, John and Joseph Turner; Aunt of Harry and Barton Borbridge; mother of Mrs Earl Loree and Charles Brown

c6        Funeral – Alexander Marshall, Feb 6


8 February 1928

Page 4

c2        Engagement – Frederick R. Gilbert, son of Edward Gilbert to Helen Gertrude Wood, daughter of Winfield S. Wood of Woodstock – Feb

c3        Engagement – George Dudley Gamblin, son of G. H. Gamblin of Nassau, Bahamas to Barbara Marion Adams, daughter of George Adams of Woodstock – Feb

c3        Died – Leslie Roberts, Feb 5, brother-in-law of Mrs F. A. McCully

c4        Married – Allan Bruce, son of Allan Bruce of Caltenham England to Dorothy Isabel Robb, daughter of W. J. Robb of Yarmouth Heights, Nov 19 1927

c4        Married – William J. Skelding, brother of Joseph Skelding of St Thomas to Doris Ferguson of Detroit, Jan 30

c4        Married – Frederick Ernest Morrison, son of C. P. Morrison of st Thomas to Neva Marie Barnhardt, daughter of John Barnhardt of St Thomas, Feb 4

c4        Married – Ian MacRae of Strathroy, son of John MacRae of Ashfield to Winifred V. Elliott, niece of Dr A. G. Elliott of Lucknow

c4        Married – Glen Allen Martin, son of Osgood Martin of Chatham Twp to Helen Fox, daughter of George J. Fox of Dresden, Feb 4


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Jacob Hodgson of Bosanquet, 100th


Page 7

c2        died – George H. Palmer, 71 years, Feb 8, brother of David Palmer and Mrs Adams; Uncle of William Palmer

c8        Born – Son of George Ball, Feb 2

c8        Died – John Munro, 74th year, Feb 6

c8        Memoriam – Harold W. Jewell, Feb 8 1925, by parents, grandparents & Russell

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Harriett Chute, Feb 8 1925, by daughter Lillian Henry

c8        Memoriam – William Parrack, Feb 8 1920, by wife, family, father & sister


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Marr, 82 years, Feb 8, widow of William Wallace Marr

c2        Funeral – Mrs James McCloy, Feb 7


9 February 1928

Page 1

c5        Died – Scott Murray, 81st year, Feb 9, father of David, Ross, Thomas and James Murray

c6        Died – Joseph Pearson Hubert, 68 years, Feb 8, son of Mrs Mary Hubert, father of Gordon & Chester Hubert and Mrs W. F. Matthews; brother of Mrs E. Hammell, Mrs W. Cross and George Hubert


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs N. B. Irish of Orillia, 70th

c4        Funeral – Mrs Ed Grandell, sister of Mrs J. C. Hewson


Page 8

c1        Died – Lewis Davis, 96 years, Feb 8, father of Miss Addie Davis and Mrs Lee McConnell

c3        Died – George Whiteside, 72nd year, Feb 8, father of Ernest, Morley, Sadie & Olive Whiteside; brother of William Whiteside and Mrs Albert Soper


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Bessie Davidson, 80th year, Feb 5, widow of Rev David B. Davidson; daughter of Richard & Carrie Clutton, nee Wright

c2        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Brown, Feb 8

c3        Funeral – Miss Fanny Jackson, Feb 9, cousin of J. W. Jackson

c8        Born – Colleen Isobel Simpson, daughter of Wallace A. & Isobel Simpson, nee German, Feb 3

c8        Born – Daughter of N. & Edith Muterer, nee Johnston, Feb 5

c8        Born – Daughter of E. V. Cooper, Feb 8

c8        Died – Joseph Pearson Hubert, 68 years, Feb 8

c8        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Marr, 82 years, Feb 7

c8        Died – Donna Jean Lee, 4 years, Feb 8, daughter of L. W. Lee

c8        Died – David Palmer, 71 years, Feb 8


Page 16

c1        Died – Donna Jean Lee, 4 years, Feb 8

c3        Married – E. F. Taggart of Courtwright to Elizabeth G. Ward, daughter of Patrick & Annie Ward of London, Feb 7

c3        Married – Clifford Rou Allison of Northwood to Elsie Rhoda Watson, daughter of Hugh Watson of Courtwright, Feb 6


10 February 1928

Page 1

c7        Photo – J. B. Davidson of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Married – Hugh Alexander Findlater to Marjorie Ball Campbell of Goderich, Feb 8

c2        Birthday – Mrs Robert Gladstone of Highgate, 80th

c2        Marriage – Raymond M. Hawley of Detroit to Mrs Ada Steele of Ruthven, daughter of Charles E. Chalk of Aylmer, Feb 4

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Elisha Lambkin, nee Hannah Booth of Lambeth, 50th

c5        Married – W. J. K. Bruce of Petrolia to Miss Lois Laird, daughter of Edward Laird of Florence, Feb 8

c5        Married – Lloyd W. Little, son of Robert Little of Petrolia to Jean Beatrice Ross of Wingham, daughter of Alex Ross of Bokeelia Island Florida, Jan 28

c5        Married – William James Gartland, son of James & Annie Gartland to Evelyn Margaret Dunn, daughter of Patrick Dunn, Feb 6

c5        Married – William Madole of Alvinston to Miss Frankie Oke, daughter of George Oke, Feb 8

c5        Married – Ernest Clayton Taylor, son of H. J. Taylor of Mull to Ruby Viola Cofell, daughter of Nelson Cofell of Mull, Feb 2


Page 5

c3        Married – Louis Tannenbaum of St Thomas, son of B. Tannenbaum of Montreal to Bessie Newman, daughter of H. Newman of Hamilton. Feb 5


Page 6

c1        Died – John T. Backus, 69 years, son of Joseph Backus, brother of Mrs Jane Backus and Walter S. Backus

c2        Died – Christopher Smith, 85 years, Feb 9, son of Howard Smith; father of Thomas, David & George Smith, Mrs John Chalmers, Mrs H. Walters and Mrs Leslie Johnson; brother of David Smith and Mrs James Blake

c4        Died – Elmer Close, 15 years, Feb 8, son of John Close

c5        Died – Edwin Land of Ingersoll

c5        Died – Albert Ayres, Feb 4, husband of Mrs Clara Ayres, nee Mixer

c5        Died – Mrs Hannah Day, Feb 9, widow of Sampson Day

c6        Died – Mrs Jane Louise Williamson, 77th year, Feb 8

c6        Died – Joseph Thomas, 54 years, Feb 9


Page 7

c5        Will – Estate of Mrs Christina R. Nichol, wife of Rev P. E. Nichol; mother of Mrs Agnes Ewing Horner and Peter E. Nichol; grandmother of Barber E. Horner, Peter E. Nichol, Robert Cameron Horner and Norman Ferguson Nichol


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Marr, widow of Wallace Marr

c3        Married – Edward E. P. Ball of St Thomas to Mrs Belle Campbell of Rodney, Feb 8


Page 9

c2        Died – Laben Schnekenburger, 79 years, Feb 10, widow of Mrs Grace Schnekenburger, nee Strikle; husband of Mrs Caroline Schnekenburger, nee Burgess; brother of Mrs Charles Martini and Windeline Schnekenburger

c8        Born – Daughter of L. D. Hill, Feb 6

c8        Born – Betty Irene Cairns, daughter of Robert & Norma Cairns, nee Small, Feb 4

c8        Born – Jean Marguerite Davis, daughter of Howard Davis, Feb 9

c8        Born – Son of Mac Palmer, Feb 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Earl Hosack, Feb 4

c8        Born – Son of Alex Anderson, Feb 7

c8        Died – Joseph Pearson Hubert, 68 years, Feb 8


Page 16

c4        Funeral – John Munro, Feb 9


11 February 1928

Page 1

c2        Photo – Thomas A. Edison, 81st birthday


Page 3

c4        Died – Mrs Isaac Mann, nee Annie E. Russ, Feb 11

c7        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Marr, Feb 11


Page 4

c1        Married – Howard Allan, son of James Allan to Hazel Blue, daughter of Dan M. Blue of Owen Sound, Feb 6

c1        Married – C. A. Currie, son of Mrs M. Currie to Miss Margaret Madeline Cowan, daughter of Hampton Cowan, Feb 11


Page 6

c2        Died – Joseph E. Taylor, Feb 10, husband of Mrs Edith Taylor

c2        Married – George W. Gillies of Rodney to Miss Ina M. Newcombe, daughter of J. D. Newcombe of Rodney, Feb 10

c5        Funeral – Mrs Mary Ferguson, sister of Mrs Berry and Mrs K. Munn

c5        Funeral – Arthur Barons, cousing of Mrs Fred Brown


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Thomson, 67 years, Feb 10, widow of Archie Thomson; mother of Mrs John Quigley, Archie and John D. Thomson

c4        Died – Mrs William Piper, 95th year, Feb 11, mother of William & John Piper, Mrs William Lodge, Mrs W. T. Lumley and Mrs J. T. Lumley

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E. J. Clark of St Thomas, 24th

c7        Memoriam – Florence Davey Heard, Feb 11 1920

c7        Memoriam – Lloyd Russell Chivers, Feb 11 1927

c8        Born – Daughter of V. Cooper, no date given

c8        Died – Mrs William Piper, 95th year, Feb 11

c8        Died – Mrs Annie L. Mann, 61 years, Feb 11


11 February 1928

Second Section

Page 11

c1        Poem & Story – John H. Schram of St Thomas


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Wallace Marr, Feb 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Esther Downing, cousin of H. Bolt

c5        Funeral – George Hugh Palmer, Feb 10

c8        Died – Mrs Herbert Vincent Desmond, nee Jennie M. Crandall, Feb 10, daughter of William Crandall


11 February 1928

Third Section

Page 5

c2        Photo – Spackman Motors Sales Staff – Neil & Will Dewar, Jack McGregor and Charles Lale


13 February 1928

Page 4

c2        Birthday – William Smith of St Mary’s, 89th

c2        Married – Leonard P. Christman, son of A. T. Christman of Toledo to Katharine Duff, daughter of George Duff of Chatham, Feb 4

c3        Engagement – Alfred Engers, son of Adolph & H. Engers of Toronto to Louise Irene Rawlings, daughter of Mrs A. F. Rawlings, Feb 18

c6        Married – William J. Bruce, son of Mrs Laura Bruce of Petrolia to Lois Gertrude Laird, daughter of E. C. Laird of Florence

c6        Married – C. A. Currie, son of Mrs M. Currie of London to Miss Margaret Madeline Cowan, daughter of Hampton Cowan, Feb 11

c6        Married – Clifford Roy Allison of Northwood to Miss Elsie Rhoda Watson, daughter of Hugh Watson of Courtwright

c6        Married – Guy S. Cunliffe, son of T. H. Cunliffe of Montreal to Helen Virginia Walker, daughter of Charles G. Walker

c7        Married – Leonard J. Worden, son of J. Worden of Ann Arbor to Miss Donna McNel, daughter of Mrs D. J. McNeil of Toronto, Feb 9


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Harriet Moore, 77th year, Feb 12, widow of David Moore, mother of Mrs George Trim, M. A., D. T., and R. E. Moore; sister of John and George Lindsay, Mrs James Connor, Mrs M. J. Connor and Mrs P. Burns

c2        Died – Thomas E. Brown, 87th year, Feb 11, son of John & Jane Brown; father of George, William and Edward Brown, Mrs K, McDonald, Mrs W. Reicheld and Miss Annie Brown; brother of Mrs William Barker

c3        Died – James Meikle, 83rd year, Feb 11, father of Austin Meikle, Margaret, Elizabeth and Edith Meikle; grandfather of Jean, James, Douglas and Andrew Meikle


Page 7

c1        Died – John Raymond Welder, 20 months, Feb 12, infant son of James Wellder; brother of Evelyn, Thomas, Jean and William Wellder

c2        Died – Miss Jean May, 66 years, Feb 12, sister of Mrs Neil McWilliams, Mrs Barbara Kerr, Mrs W. G. Lethbridge, Mrs W. W. Kirkwood, A. J. May, Malcolm and Markham May

c3        Died – Mrs Margaret Foley, Feb 12, wife of John Foley; mother of John & Helen Foley; sister of Siter Emily, Mrs Wright and Miss Shannon

c4        Died – John Chandler, 90 years, Feb 12, father of Mrs E. Keopke, Mrs Arthur Gregory, Mrs Robert Plain, William, Eli, John and James Chandler; brother of Mrs Julia Seaton of St Mary’s

c8        Born – Frederick John Burgess, son of J. M. & Helen Burgess, nee Morrice, Feb 11

c8        Born – Marjorie Mae Taylor, daughter of C. Elmer Taylor, Feb 7

c8        Born – Eric Charles Taylor, son of R. Taylor, Feb 12

c8        Died – John Chandler, 90 years, Feb 12

c8        Died – Miss Nellie Mowat, Feb 12, niece of Colin McIntyre

c8        Died – Thomas E. Brown, 87th year, Feb 11


Page 8

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thorne Jackson of Gladstone, 25th

c3        Died – Mrs Lorne Hill, nee Viola Carson, 28 years, Feb 11, daughter of Samuel Carson

c3        Died – William W. Allen, 64 years, Feb 12

c3        Will – Estate of Mrs Bell Patterson, widow of R. H. Patterson

c4        Died – Mrs George Muller, daughter of Jacob Amburger

c5        Died – John Quirk, 95 years, Feb 12

c5        Funeral – Donna Jean Lee, Feb 11

c5        Funeral – Joseph Pearson Hubert, Feb 11

c7        Birthday – George Ditch of London, 85th


Page 12

c2        Died – Miss Nellie Mowat, 40 years, Feb 12, daughter of Rev William Mowat

c3        Died – Mrs Lydia Kent, 82 years, Feb 12, widow of George Kent; other of Miss Bessie M. Kent and Mrs R. E. Smith


14 February 1928

Page 1

c5        Restoration Fund – Old English Church, St Thomas – lists names of contributors


Page 3

c4        Birthday – Thomas Alva Edison, 81st


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Joseph Ross Moyle, son of Joseph R. Moyle of Paris Ontario to Marion Constance Evans, daughter of Frederick S. Evans of Paris Ontario, Feb 29

c3        Married – Dr W. J. Sheridan to Miss Pearl Irene McNeill, sister of Mrs Waltr Carlson

c3        Married – Lorne Graham of Merlin, son of John Graham of Raleigh Twp to Lucy Haldane Robinson, daughter of T. F. Robinson of Rodney, Feb 8

c3        Married – Donald Romanelli to Eva Bartelle, Feb 14


Page 5

c1        Died – Newman Phillips, 70 years, Feb 13


Page 6

c1        Funeral – George Eli Whiteside, Feb 11

c1        Married – Kenneth Hatch of Richmond to Miss Vera Winnington – Ingram of Toronto, Feb 11

c1        Died – Mrs Grant Schuyler, nee Erie M. Bowman, Feb 13


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs William Piper, Feb 13

c2        Died – Mrs John Starkey, Feb 13, mother of Thomas and John Starkey, Mrs Oliver Dawson and Mrs T. A. Garton

c8        Born – Son of Stanley Wilson, Feb 12

c8        Born – Son of Lyle Walsh, no date given

c8        Memoriam – S. A. Murrison, Feb 14 1926


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Miss Jean May, Feb 15

c1        Died – John Wilder, 21 months, Feb 12, son of James Wilder

c3        Died – W. A. Byerlay, 80 years, Feb 12


Page 14

c1        Will – Estate of George Henry Wilkie of Strathroy, husband of Mrs Margaret Ellen Wilkie; father of Clare Sands Wilkie

c3        Died – Horace Baldwin, 73 years, Feb 13, father of Francis H. and William Baldwin

c3        Funeral – Mrs Annie L. Mann, Feb 13


15 February 1928

Page 3

c2        Funeral – Mrs Lydia Kent, 82nd year, widow of George Kent, Feb 14

c2        Funeral – Henry Dickeson, 94th year, Feb 14


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Saywell, nee Mary Ann Coulter of St Thomas, 60th – Photo

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Silas Snyder of Jarvis, 50th

c4        Engagement – Clifford Murray Lemon, son of Joseph Lemon of Stouffville to Lena Pearl Tarr, daughter of John Tarr of Lemonville – Feb

c5        Died – Mrs Kate L. Rice, Feb 13, wife of Rev James P. Rice; widow of Rev Lewis W. Crews; daughter of Charles Wright Sifton

c5        Deported – from London, Ontario – Stanley Glynne and Mildred Brandeth of Wales and 1 year old child, not named

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs S. M. Edwards, nee Willis of Mitchell, 60th


Page 5

c2        Funeral – Miss Nettee Mowat, cousin of Miss Janet McGugan


Page 6

c2        Died – Alexander Lochore, 87 years. Feb 11; father of Robina Lochore

c2        Funeral – Laben Schneckenburger, 79 years, Feb 13, Uncle of Mrs Breen

c3        Died – Joseph F. Millett, 42 years, Feb 14

c3        Died – Rev Father Frank Rockwood, Feb 13, son of James Rockwood

c3        Died – Mrs William M. Hale, 73rd year, Feb 14; sister of John Stewart and Mrs Kate Dawson

c4        Funeral – Mrs Viola Mae Hill, Feb 13, wife of L. D. Hill

c5        Married – Lorne Graham to Miss Lucy Robinson, daughter of T. F. Robinson of Rodney, Feb 8


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Bremner, 71 years, mother of W. T. Bremner

c3        Funeral – John Chandler, Feb 14

c8        Born – Son of Lorne Beer, Feb 13


Page 8

c1        Married – Kenneth Hatch to Miss Vera Ingram of Toronto


Page 12

c2        Funeral – Miss Nettie Mowat, Feb 14

c2        Funeral – Thomas Brown, Feb 14


16 February 1928

Page 3

c2        Died – Edward Murray Wrong, 39 years, Feb 15, son of G. M. Wrong; husband of Mrs Rosalind Wrong, nee Smith; son-in-law of A. L. Smith; father of 4 daughters, not named; brother of Misses Agnes & Margaret Wrong and H. Hume Wrong


Page 4

c3        Married – William Morley Claypole of St Thomas to Ella Bell Koyle of Southwold Station, Feb 15

c3        Married – Melbourne Ashton of Kingsmill, son of Walter Ashton to Miss Agnes Marguerite Mitchell, daughter of James Mitchell of Lyons, Feb 15

c3        Married – Lew Johnson, son of Henry A. Johnson of Montpelier, Ohio to Miss Mary Ellen McCormick, daughter of Z. A. McCormick of Sandwich, Feb 14

c4        Engagement – James Leslie Shaw, son of Martin Shaw of Kleinburg to Greta Sophia Piercy, daughter of Mrs Sophia Piercey of Toronto – Feb

c4        Engagement – J. William Jackson, son of F. S. & Edith Jackson of Toronto to Maude Annette Carefoot, daughter of George A. Carefoot of St Catharines – Feb

c4        Engagement – Kenneth George Case of London, England, son of George Frederick Case of Briarfield, England to Ruth Eveyln Porter, daughter of George D. Porter of Toronto – March 21


Page 8

c1        Birthday – Dorothy Jones of Aylmer, 7th

c3        Died – Miss Jessie Young, 91st year, Feb 14

c3        Died – Andrew McCulloch McKenzie, 65 years, Feb 15


17 February 1928

Page 1

c3        Died – Mrs Jennett Mann, 86 years, Feb 17, widow of Arthur Wellington Mann; mother of Mrs Catherine J. Pope, Mrs Ella Davis, Miss Elizabeth A. Mann and Miss Florence E. Mann, Arthur Maitland Mann and James Talbot Mann; sister of Mrs henry Couse and Henry Repelje; grandmother of Earl W. Eastman


Page 4

c3        Married – Lorne C. Roloson, son of William H. Roloson of St Thomas to Miss Margaret Parkins, daughter of George Parkins of St Thomas, Feb 9

c3        Married – William Robert Searle to Miss Alicia Hardy, Feb 15

c3        Married – Melbourne Ashton, son of Walter Ashton of Kingsmill to Miss Agnews Marguerite Mitchell, daughter of James Mitchell of Lyons


Page 8

c1        Died – Edward Murray Wrong, son of George M. Wrong; nephew of James M. Wrong, William Wrong and Mrs John McCausland

c1        Died – Mrs James Huffman, 66th year, Feb 16, mother of Bain, Carl and Bert Huffman; sister of George Best

c1        Died – Mrs Clara Durkee, Feb 17, mother of H. M. Durkee

c1        Funeral – Eli Whiteseide, uncle of Mrs Joseph Wood, nee Cora O’Brien

c3        Funeral – James Douglas, 90th year, Feb 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Fred Downing, 77th year

c3        Funeral – Alfred Clothier, 75th year, Feb 14

c3        Died – Alfred Ashford, 67th year, Feb 16, father of Shepley, Myron and Daniel Ashford, Mrs Horace Lee, Mrs Edward Butler and Mrs Wilsie Corrothers; brother of John and Charles Ashford


Page 9

c1        Died – Miss Isabell Ford, 94 years, Feb 17

c8        Born – Daughter of William Boyd, Feb 13

c8        Died – Horace Baldwin, 73 years, Feb 13

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Emily Carroll, Feb 17 1927


18 February 1928

Page 1

c4        Died – Mrs Harry Graham, nee Sarah Kennedy, 50 years, Feb 17, mother of Mrs K. R. McGuigan, Miss Agnes, Robert & Harry Graham, 3 sisters & 2 brothers in Scotland, not named

c5        Died – George Williams, 61st year, Feb 17, father of Maxie Williams, Mrs J. W. Emery, Mrs Ernest Nicholas, Mrs Chrles Brvs and Georgia Williams; brother of Andrew, Henry and Lawrence Williams and Mrs C. Daugherty


Page 7

c5        Died – Joseph Fulkerson, Feb 15, son-in-law of F. Larwence

c5        Died – Cornelius Johnson, 82nd year, Feb 17, father of Mrs Gleason, Mrs E. Stanley, Mrs F. Westover, Misses Gertrude & Christine Johnson and Alanson Johnson

c7        Memoriam – Anna Murphy, Feb 19 1925

c8        Died – Horace Baldwin, 73 years, Feb 13

c8        Died – Mrs Henry Graham, nee Sarah Kennedy, 50 years, Feb 17

c8        Died – Mrs Jennett Mann, 86 years, Feb 17, widow of A. W. Mann


Page 10

c1        Funeral – Mrs William Bate, Feb 18, sister of Robert Clark

c1        Died – Laura Marie Wilson, 4 years, Feb 18, daughter of Earl Wilson; sister of Clarence, Francis and Ellen Wilson

c1        Funeral – Mrs John Starkey, Feb 16


18 February 1928

Second Section

Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Palmer, nee Brown, 88th year, Feb 17, widow of Thomas Palmer


Page 20

c2        Married – Gaylord M. Rushs, son of J. H. Rush of London to Miss Laura McLean, daughter of H. McLean of St Thomas, Feb 22 – Photo

c6        Anniversary – Dr & Mrs Stenton, 43rd, parents of Mrs A. L. Bawden

c8        Engagement – H. H. Brown, son of W. H. Brown to Abbie A. Holmes, daughter of H. Holmes of Chatham – March

c8        Engagment – Samuel Hird, son of Roger Hird of Oxford Centre to Lily Catherine Smith, daughter of M. E. Smith of Woodstock – Feb


20 February 1928

Page 1

c2        Died – James Acheson, 81st year, Feb 19, brother of John Acheson and Mrs Mary Tisdale; Uncle of Dr John Acheson, George F. Acheson, Mrs Grace Rinker, Mrs E. Sanderson, Mrs N. Hefner, Miss M. J. Aheson, Miss Lena Acheson and Mrs S. E. Raymond – Photo

c6        Died – Dr Archibald Colin Campbell, Feb 18, husband of Mrs Helen Campbell, nee Lindsay; father of Archie, Colin & Alex Campbell; brother of Angus Campbell; son-in-law of Alex Lindsay; nephew of Dr Duncan McLarty and Dr Colin McLarty – Photo


Page 3

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Copeland, Feb 19, widow of John Copeland


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Starkey in Bowmanville, Feb 13, mother of Jack Sharkey of Thedford. Funeral Feb 16 to Orwell Cemetery

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Copeland, 68th year, Feb 19, mother of Mrs Willard Davis, Ernest and Charles Copeland; niece of Elias Bowen and Andrew Bowen; Aunt of Mrs William Hill


Page 7

c8        Born – Daughter of Ross Bagnal, Dec 16

c8        Died – Dr Archibald Colin Campbell, 52 years, Feb 18

c8        Died – James Acheson, 82nd year, Feb 19


Page 14

c1        Graves – 2 graves unearthed under the Old English Church, St Thomas

c2        Married – Charles Edwin Screaton of Toronto to Miss Rosa Dexter-McLeod, daughter of Rev Mark Goldberg


21 February 1928

Page 4

c2        Funeral – H. Baldwin, Feb 20

c2        Engagement – James Gordon Wharry of Pittsburgh PA, son of James Wharry of Union to Miss Agnes Innes Roe, daughter of Perry D. Roe of Vancouver BC – March 31

c2        Engagement – Thomas Herbert Gooch, son of F. H. Gooch to Muriel Isabel Margesson, daughter of H. S. Margesson – March


Page 5

c3        Married – Stanley Wellington Tunks, son of Allen B. Tunks of London to Vera Marguerite Webber, daughter of Charles Webber of Westmount, Feb 18

c3        Married – Rev Thomas Currant, son of James Currant of England to Mildred Ethel Day, daughter of Richard J. Day of Toronto, Feb 11

c3        Married – Robert Neill Whitton to Janet Donald, daughter of James Donald, Feb 15

c3        Married – Bertram Ellingham or Ellington to Dorothy Annie Clarke, daughter of John Clarke

c3        Married – Albert Bernard Gemlin to Marie Josphine Hanssen, daughter of H. Hanssen, Feb 18


Page 6

c2        Died – George Prodger, Feb 18

c8        Funeral – George Williams, Feb 20


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Laura Marie Wilson, Feb 20

c2        Funeral – Mrs Henry Graham, Feb 18

c2        Funeral – Horace Baldwin, Feb 18

c2        Funeral – Mrs Jennett Mann, Feb 18

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Elizabeth Acton, Feb 21 1927, by sons Samuel & Thomas

c7        Memoriam – Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Feb 21 1924, wife of Alfred Brown

c8        Born – Marion Louise Mann, stillborn daughter of Gordon W. Mann, Feb 20

c8        Born – Daughter of E. J. & Mary Terry, nee Campbell, Feb 18

c8        Died – James Acheson, 82nd year, Feb 19


22 February 1928

Page 1

c4        Died – Mrs John A. McLean, 57 years, Feb 21, son of Archie McLean; brother of Donald D., Archie, Hugh and Flora McLean and Mrs Snider

c4        Died – Mrs John A. McLean, 47 years, Feb 21, daughter of William Brown; sister of Thomas Brown and Mrs Duncan McDougall; cousin of Thomas & Harry Brown

c4        Died – Walter McLean, 10 years, Feb 21, son of John A. McLean


Page 4

c2        Engagement – John Gordon Richardson, son of Robert Richardson of Sarnia to Winnifred Ste. Claire Bell, daughter of Dr J. Alexander Bell – March

c2        Engagement – Robert Edward Fandford of Woodstock to Winnifred Beatrice Burrows, daughter of David Charles Burrows of Burford – Feb 25

c2        Engagement – Roderick deLotbiniere Harwood, son of Charles A. deLotviniere Harwood to Miss Jean MacLaren, daughter of George P. MacLaren of Montreal and granddaughter of Dr A. MacLaren of London

c5        Married – Gaylord M. Rush, son of J. H. Rush of London to Laura McLean, daughter of Harry McLean of St Thomas, Feb 22

c5        Married – Maxwell Clyde O’Bryan, son of Thomas O’Bryan of Luton to Ethel Marie Bodkin, daughter of Victor A. Bodkin of Dexter, Feb 18

c5        Married – Norman R. W. Kennedy, son of John Kennedy to Constance Helen Eddrup, daughter of H. O. Eddrup, Feb 18

c5        Married – Alfred Engers, son of Adolphus Engers of Toronto to Louise Irene Rawlings, daughter of Edward Rawlings of Petrolia, Feb 19

c5        Married – Elmon Meyer, son of John A. Meyer of St Clements to Miss Mennatta Weber, daughter rof John F. Weber, Feb 20

c5        Married – Nelson E. Nichols, son of James Nichols of Fullarton to Rilla M. Green, daughter of John Paulen of Mitchell, Feb 18

c5        Married – M. J. Walters, son of William Walters of Ivan to Violet Beatrice Manery, daughter of Henry Manery of Leamington


Page 6

c1        Married – James Carl McLarty, son of James McLarty of North Dorchester to Phoebe Christina Ferguson, daughter of John L. Ferguson of South Dorchester, Feb 18

c1        Funeral – Alfred Ashford, Feb 18

c1        Died – Cornelius Bowen, Feb 22, father of Del Bowen

c1        Died – Gordon Henry Howe, 23rd year, Feb 22, son of Alfred Howe; brother of Arthur, Herbert, David, Mervin, May and Helen Howe

c4        Died – Mrs D. G. Deamude, 76th year, Feb 21, mother of Mrs William Laur, Mrs William Robinson, Mrs V. Llomis and Thomas Deamude

c6        Funeral – Cornelius Johnson, Feb 20

c6        Funeral – Jopseph Fulkerson, Feb 18


Page 7

c1        Died – Gilbert Anguish, 72 years, Feb 22, step-father of Mrs Jarvis Schram, George & Lewis Holliday

c2        Died – John Kerr, 78th year, Feb 22, brother of Miss Sarah Kerr and Archie Kerr

c6        Died – Maxwell Angus, 80 years, Feb 21

c6        Died – Mrs Frank Karn, nee Florence Robinson, Feb 20, daughter of J. D. & Mary R. Robinson; sister of Mrs V. L. Heath

c7        Funeral – Dr Archibald C. Campbell, Feb 21

c8        Died – Miss Mary Albina Delorian Worthington, Feb 20

c8        Born – Son of W. H. & Marjorie Curtis, nee Miller, Feb 20

c8        Born – Daughter of John Northgrave, Feb 17

c8        Born – Barrett Mann, son of Morley Mann, Feb 19


Page 14

c8        Died – Mrs Emily Bush, 86 years, Feb 21, mother of Mrs Hattie Park, Mrs A. J. Porter, Mrs Hannah Goddard, Cyrus, Charles and Joseph Bush


23 February 1928

Page 1

c5        Died – Percy Culver, 16 years, Feb 23

c5        Died – John F. Cullingworth, 69 years, Feb 23, brother of Mrs William Rockey and Mrs Stringer


Page 3

c1        Died – Valerie Wiggins, 15 years, Feb 20, daughter of Lorenzo Wiggins

c2        Funeral – Thomas M. Shoebotham, Feb 22


Page 6

c3        Died – Mr Dean, Feb 22, husband of Mrs Naomi Dean, nee Stokes; nephew of Miss Belle Stokes

c4        Died – Peter Campbell, 62 years, Feb 22, brother of Malcolm and A. P. Campbell, Mrs (Dr) Alex Turner, Mrs McMullen and Mrs McNaughton

c4        Funeral – Mrs James Hoffman

c4        Died – Cleo Brad, Feb 19


Page 8

c1        Died – Cornelius Edmund Bowen, 83rd year, Feb 22, father of Delmer Bowen; brother of John Bowen and Mrs Mary Wiles

c1        Funeral – Alfred Ashford, Feb 18

c3        Died – J. W. MacGuire, 80th year, Feb 18


Page 9

c4        Funeral – James Acheson, Feb 22

c8        Born – Daughter of C. A. W. McMurtry, Feb 23

c8        Born – Son of George R. Trueman, Feb 14


Page 11

c2        Died – Gordon H. Howe, 23 years, Feb 22, son of Alfred Howe


Page 16

c1        Died – Robert Thomas Groves, 2 years, Feb 23, son of Thomas Groves; brother of Helen and Harold William Groves; grandson of Thomas Groves and James Shelton

c2        Died – Mrs John McGall, nee Nell Sowards Feb 23, mother of Kenneth McGall; sister of Mrs Leslie Brinkman who is the daughter-in-law of Mrs F. L. Brinkman


24 February 1928

Page 1

c7        Died – Fred J. Foster, Feb 24 – Photo


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Donald Robert MacKay, son of J. M. MacKay of Embro to Evelyn Juanita Laur, daughter of L. Laur – March

c2        Engagement – William Leonard Robinson, son of George Robinson of Aurora to Miss Mildred Ellen Hott, daughter of John Hott of Wheatley – March

c2        Engagement – Norman Oscar Cook, son of William Cook of Islington to Lillian Durilla Leslie, daughter of T. A. Leslie of Streetsville – March

c3        Married – William Bryden to Miss Margaret Nicol, Feb 21

c3        Married – Vaughan Hill, son of William Hill of Forest to Vida Lindsay, daughter of N. Lindsay of Sarnia, Feb 22

c3        Married – Gordon Wren, son of Mrs Alice Wren of Hibbert to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Clark, daughter of Louis Clark of Tuckersmith

c3        Married – Palmer Arnold, son of L. Arnold of Madisonville, Kentucky to Miss Gladys Beatrice Wilson, daughter of William Wilson of Wallaceburg


Page 6

c2        Fire – Brigham Homestead, Sparta

c4        Died – Harold G. Kerrigan, 49 years, Feb 17


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Jennet Montague, 80 years, Feb 23, Aunt of Mrs J. D. Ballantyne

c1        Died – William Arthur Hart, 4 years, Feb 23, son of William L. Hart; brother of Velma, Wayon and Harry Hart; grandson of William Johnson and Arthur Hart

c2        Died – Frederick William Lacey, Feb 24, father of Frederick George Randell, Harold Lionel Herbert and Cecil Edgar Pegrun Lacey; 2 brothers and 3 sisters in Essex England, not named

c4        Died – Mrs Ellen Pearsall, 80th year, widow of Dorlon Pearsall; mother of Mrs Robert S. Wilson, Mrs J. C. Scott, Mrs Frank Holland and Jack Pearsall

c7        Funeral – David Thompson, 78th year


Page 9

c8        Born – Son of A. J. Ferguson, no date given

c8        Died – William Arthur Hart, 4 years, Feb 23

c8        Died – John F. Cullingsworth, Feb 23


25 February 1928

Page 4

c2        Married – John D. Blewitt, son of Daniel Blewitt of Newark NJ to Miss Helen Casey of Detroit, daughter of James & Margaret Casey of St Thomas, Feb 18

c2        Married – John Elmer Sutton, son of H. B. Sutton of Yarmouth to Edna Myrie Jackson, daughter of George L. Jackson of London, Feb 23

c2        Married – Wilfred Franklin Lowes of West Oxford to Miss Agnes White Gardner, daughter of Peter Gardner, Feb 22

c2        Married – Robert Pollock Kennedy, son of R. P. Kennedy of Owen Sound to Miss Rhoda Jean Ross, daughter of George A. Ross of Owen Sound


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of A. J. Ferguson, Feb 15

c8        Born – Daughter of Lloyd Herron, Feb 22

c8        Died – John F. Cullingsworth, Feb 23

c8        Died – Mrs Jennett Montague 81st year, Feb 23

c8        Died – Frederick William Lacey, Feb 24

c8        Memoriam – Leone Jennet Rapson, Feb 26 1926, daughter of E. C. Rapson


Page 10

c1        Died – Brother of Mrs H. G. Newberry of St Thomas

c1        Died – Mrs Harrison, 77 years, Feb 10, mother of Mrs H. Farr

c3        Died – Frederick Harding, Feb 24, father of Russell, Elmer and Clare Harding and Mrs T. Parkinson; brother of William, R. H., Charles and Frank Harding and Mrs J. McKenzie


25 February 1928

Second Section

Page 11

c6        Birthday – Henry Lindop of St Thomas, 92 years – Photo

c6        Column – A. S. Paragus – story of Henry Lindop of St Thomas


Page 14

c1        Died – Miss Sadie McDugald, 44 years, daughter of Dugald McDugald; sister of Mrs Peter McMuchey and Mrs Archie Kivell

c3        Funeral – John Kerr, Feb 24


Page 20

c5        Engagement – Clarence E. Ashbury, son of E. A. Ashbury of St Thomas to LaVerne Jones, daughter of John Jones of 39 Stanley St. – March

c5        Engagement – Peter Topping, son of Waltr Topping of 186 Elm St., to Jessie Ann Campbell, daughter of Allan Campbell of 52 Barwick St. – Feb 28

c6        Engagement – Joseph Banks, son of T. Banks of London to Miss Gertrude Pulsford, sister of Mrs Arthur Cooke of St Thomas – March

c6        Married – Gaylord H. Rush of London to Miss Laura Beatrice McLean of St Thomas, granddaughter of R. H. McLean of St Thomas, Feb 22

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. Moyer of Hagersville, 25th


27 February 1928

Page 1

c2        Died – Clare Martin Steele, 33 years, son of G. G. Steele; brother of Mrs George Hammett; grandson of William F. & Eveline Martin

c7        Photo – Thomas F. Lowry, son of Thomas Lowry of St Thomas


Page 5

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs C. E. H. Fisher of London, 50th

c5        Engagement – Kline H. Stinson, son of W. H. Stinson of Port Dover to Lyla Louise McPherson, daughter of Francis E. McPherson of Orillia – March

c5        Married – Richard R. Culliton of Mildmay to Pearl A. Douglas, daughter of R. J. Douglas of Belmore


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Cornelius Bowen, Feb 24

c1        Birthday – Roberta Barnecott, 6th

c1        Birthday – Mrs Ellen Johnson of Aylmer, 90th


Page 7

c3        Died – Thomas Hatton, 65 years, Feb 26

c3        Died – John Hatton, 68 years, Feb 27

c6        Died – Mrs Francis Lewis, nee Mary Jane Owens, 86 years, Feb 24

c7        Memoriam – Elizabeth Styles Elsie, Feb 27 1920, by daughter Mrs Maude Holderbaum and family

c8        Born – Son of J. Gordon Bechtel, Feb 19

c8        Born – Son of Lloyd Burgess, Feb 17

c8        Died – Mrs David Graham, nee Ella Minerva Wright, Feb 25

c8        Died – Frederick William Lacey, Feb 24, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Lacey

c8        Died – Mrs Mazie Cook, Feb 25, wife of William Cook

c8        Died – Clare Martine Steele, 33 years, Feb 25


Page 8

c1        Died – Fred Cussons, 14 years, Feb 25, son of Fred Cussons

c1        Died – Fred W. Boehmer, Feb 25

c4        Died – Mrs Annie Glass, 70 years, Feb 25, wife of Joseph A. Glass

c4        Died – Mrs John R. Hoban, nee Mary Hearin, 67th year, Feb 25

c4        Died – Mrs Moses S. Jackson, Feb 26, daughter of William Mitchell

c4        Died – Mrs William Ebre, 60 years, Feb 25

c5        Married – Dr Daniel B. McCallum of Los Angeles, son of Daniel McCallum of Decatur, Illinois and nephew of A. D. S. McCallum of Wallacetown to Ramona Burch of Los Angeles


Page 12

c2        Died – Mrs Mazie Cook, Feb 25, widow of William Cook

c2        Died – Mrs David Graham, nee Ella Minerva Wright, Feb 25

c2        Died – Francis Hincks Ferguson, 75 years, Feb 17, brother of Daniel Ferguson; father of Gordon, Alan, K? and Bruce Ferguson

c2        Funeral – Peter Campbell, Feb 25

c2        Funeral – William A. Hart, Feb 25


28 February 1928

Page 1

c3        Died – Mrs Alicia Wigmore, 99 years, Feb 28, widow of Richard Wigmore


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. L. Perris of St Thomas, 25th

c3        Engagement – Ernest G. Henshaw of Thamesford to Jean J. Mutch, daughter of Charles Mutch of London Township – March

c5        Married – Peter Topping, son of Walter Toppping to Jessie Ann Campbell, daughter of Allan Campbell, Feb 28

c5        Married – Wilfred Andrew Schroeder, son of Fred Schroeder of Wiarton to Miss Olive Alberta Porter, daughter of D. W. Porter of Oxenden

c5        Married – Ernest Laird Mickle, son of G. T. Mickle of Ridgetown to Dorothy Welsh, daughter of Thomas Welsh of Hensall, Feb 25


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Frederick William Lacey, Feb 27 – Photo


Page 7

c6        Funeral – Mrs Jennet Montague, Feb 27

c8        Born – Son of Ben Pearce, Feb 23

c8        Born – Daughter of Glover Marr, no date given

c8        Born – Irma Maxine Marr, daughter of G. D. Marr, Feb 24


Page 8

c1        Died – Fred E. Whyte, Feb 27

c2        Died – Hugh M. Findlay, 42 years, Feb 17, husband of Mrs Jean Findlay, nee McTavish

c3        Died – Mrs James Craig, 65th year, Feb 27, daughter of Charles Manning; mother of George W., Charles, Roy, Arthur and Albert Craig and Mrs Laurence L. Shirley; sister of J. W., C. W. and Arthur N. Manning and Mrs M. Carruthers, Mrs James Scott and Mrs Thomas Scott


29 February 1928

Page 1

c5        Died – Donald Stafford, 15 years, Feb 28, son of Charles Stafford


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G. A. Disbrowe of Malahide, 50th

c2        Engagement – James Ernest Miller of Milton, son of John Miller of Creemore to Jessie Laurine Manvers, daughter of Lewis Rogers Manvers – March

c2        Engagement – Dr T. Gilbert Heaton to Miss Helen Thornton of Toronto

c3        Engagement – John Paterson Wilson, son of John Wilson of Toronto to Mary Duff, daughter of Thomas A. Duff of Toronto

c3        Engagement – Thomas Herbert Gooch, son of F. H. Gooch of Toronto to Miss Mureiel Margesson, daughter of H. S. margesson of Toronto – March 10

c3        Engagement – Ralph S. Carman, son of A. L. Carman of Iroquois to Minnie Gwendolyn Dicks, daughter of D. E. Dicks of Teulon, Manitoba – March

c3        Engagement – John Clement Hilliker of Norwich to Elva Weekes, daughter of John Weekes of Lombardy – March 6

c5        Married – John Milton Pike of Chatham to Alma McPherson Vipond of Toronto, Feb 18

c5        Married – Robert Edward Sandford, son of Thomas Sandford of Woodstock to Winnifred Beatrice Burrows, daughter of David Burrows of Burford

c5        Married – Frederick George Bixel, son of Oscar & Dora Bixel to Marjoy Grace McAdams, daughter of Alex McAdams of Brantford


Page 6

c1        Died – Adolphus McConnell, 84th year, Feb 28, father of Harry McConnell

c5        Died – Mrs Martha A. Marle, 78 years, Feb 28, widow of D. S. Markel; mother of Charles Markle

c5        Died – James Graham, 65 years, Feb 29, father of Mrs Russell Wismer, Hector and Violet Graham; brother of Mrs Thomas Congdon and Robert Graham


Page 7

c2        Died – Samuel Axford, 76 years, Feb 29

c2        Funeral – Mrs Ella Minerva Graham, Feb 28

c2        Funeral – Mrs Mazie Cook, Feb 28

c8        Born – Son of J. Pfaw, Feb 21

c8        Born – Daughter of Alonzo Roloson, Feb 24

c8        Born – Daughter of W. G. Troyer, Feb 24


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs D. G. Deamude, Feb 24