STTJ 1937 Sept

St. Thomas Times Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

September 1937

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 September 1937 (Last Edition) Wednesday

Page 1

C7          Died – Mrs Jean Perry Riley, wife of William, Tuesday, Dearborn, Michigan, buried St Thomas Cemetery [Reilly – CVH]

Page 8

C2          Birthday – Marianne Gardner, 6th

C6          Marriage – Albert Augustus, son of George H MacIntyre, to Stella Marguerite, daughter of Arthur Ford

               Marriage – Irene Mae Warren to Norman Joseph Alderman, at Oil Springs

               Marriage – John William, son of Mr & Mrs Fred Light, to Eva, daughter of Mr &Mrs Edward J Pratt, at Aylmer

Page 6

C2          Reunion – Leslie picnic

C6          Funeral – Miss Alice Jamieson, Sunday, buried Evergreen cemetery

               Funeral – Frances Henry Frudd, Tuesday

               Funeral – Mrs Catharine Esther Anger, Monday, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Matilda Beattie, Tuesday, buried St Thomas Mausoleum

Page 7

C1          Died – William Calder, Wednesday

               Died – Mrs Jane Brierley, widow of John, Wednesday, buried Dearborn, Michigan

C8          Funeral – Miss Harriet Robinson, Tuesday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Florence Johnston, Tuesday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Born – Smale {torn page}, born Sat?, Beverley Ann, daughter of George, (nee Clara Weir)

Page 12

C1          Died – Mrs David Clapton, 21 Aug, nee Isabel Ruckle, 71st year, of Culloden, married 1899, funeral 23 Aug, buried Delmer cemetery

C4          Retirement – Sal J Winger, from Michigan Central Railroad, photo

C5          Retirement – David S Bale, son of James Bale & Sarah Sinclair, photo

               Funeral – Stewart James Sullivan, Saturday in airplane crash, Tuesday, buried Strathroy

Page 14

C2          Article – scholarships for Ken Ferguson, James T Nichol, Pauline Baldwin, Flora MacPherson

C8          Reunion – Gillies


2 September 1937 (Last Edition) Thursday

Page 1

               Photo – Michigan Central Railroad retirees, A Monminie, William “Billy” West, Michael “Mike” JJ Tracey, A Gunn

Page 6

C3          Died – Mrs Everett Skidmore, 18 Aug Windsor, 35 years, nee Howse, of Ruscombe

C6          Died – Burton Young, Wednesday, son of Samuel Young & Mary Percy

C8          Birthday – Mrs Alonzo Jackson, 78th year, nee Louisa Facey, married 1884

Page 8

C1          Died – Burton Young, Wednesday, 66th year, husband of Cora Crong [sic], buried Aylmer cemetery [Prong – CVH]

C2          Marriage – Dorothy, daughter of Mr & Mrs Clifton Charlton, to Clinton, son of Solon & late Mrs Kipp, Wednesday

C3          Funeral – Ada Christena Helen Frank, Wednesday Adelaide Twp, buried Strathroy

Page 9

C8          Born – Priestman, 26 Aug Sioux City, Iowa, Elizabeth Jean, daughter of Frank

               Born – McLean, 29 Aug Brantford, daughter of W, (nee Velma Jagoe)

               Born – Youmans, 21 Aug Rochester, New York, daughter of George E, (nee Jessie Sutherland)

               Born – Degraw, 16 Aug, Shirley Mae, daughter of Clarence

               Born – May, 9 Aug, Philip Wilfrid, son of Philip

               Died – Brierley, Jane, 1 Sept, widow of John, 7? Years, buried Dearborn, Michigan

               Died – Calder, William, 1 Sept, 76th year, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Riley, Mrs Jean Perry, 31 Aug, Dearborn, Michigan, wife of William, buried St Thomas Cemetery [Reilly – CVH]

Page 10

C2          Shower – Lucille Schoonover to Roy Neal, 3 September

               Engagement – Iris, daughter of Mr & Mrs H A Jarvis, to Samuel, son of Mr & Mrs J R Asford

C3          Engagement – Helen Marr, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles R Fenton, to George Edward, son of Mrs & late John Cruickshank

C4          Marriage – 28 Aug, Niagara Falls, Kathleen M Manon, daughter of Mr & Mrs O C Smith, to Stanley S Moore

               Marriage – 28 Aug, Tyrconnell, Rebecca Elizabeth, daughter of Mrs & late William S Pearce, to Cecil Edward, son of Mr & Mrs Edward Waite

               Marriage – Evelyn Venetia Johns, daughter of Mr & Mrs W H Dadson, to Alexander Mackay, son of Mr & Mrs John Cameron

               Marriage – Saturday, Stella Marguerite Ford to Albert, son of Mr & Mrs Augustus McIntyre

               Marriage – Wednesday, London, Chloe Olive, daughter of late Mr & Mrs Ben Clark, to Everett, son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Broad

               Marriage – Donna Mae Gillies to Russel Leitch, at Glencoe

Page 12

C3          Reunion – Cloes

Page 16

C1          Funeral – Mrs Jean Riley, Friday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Mrs Alfred Ricketts, Wednesday, of London, buried Mount Pleasant cemetery

C2          Died – Mrs Jane Brierley, Wednesday, widow of John, 75 years, buried Northwood cemetery, Dearborn, Michigan

C4          Reunion – 21st Battalion

C5          Funeral – William Calder, 75 years, Wednesday, wife died 1936, buried Elmdale cemetery


3 September 1937 (Last Edition) Friday

Page 1

C2          Died – Jack Raven, 27 years, of Windsor, Thursday in Texas, accident

Page 3

C1          Article – dedication of bronze tablet at Waterworks Park, photo of Albert Roberts & Fred C Bell

Page 6

C1          Died – Orville Pegg, died Detroit

C5          Died – Angus D Gillies, Thursday, Oxford Twp, 75th year, buried Duart cemetery

Page 8

C1          Article – new stores on Mansion House block, Aylmer

C3          Funeral – Mrs Jane Brierley, Thursday, buried North View cemetery, Dearborn, Michigan

Page 9

C8          Born – Cripps, 25 Aug, Donna Jean, daughter of James

               Born – Sheppard, 28 Aug, daughter of Roy

               Born – Maxwell, 31 Aug, daughter of C S

               Born – Hostetler, 26 Aug, son of Earl, (nee Marjorie Reason)

               Born – VanPaemel, 31 Aug, son of Gustaf

               Born – Wingrove, 1[?] Aug, daughter of Stuart

               Died – Harold Elmer Hayden, 3 Sept, London, 42 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Gladys Fern, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ernest McNally, to Lloyd John, son of Mr & Mrs Irvin Moore

C3          Shower – Jack Lamb & Florence Davy

C4          Marriage – Lucille Aletha, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Schoonover, to Walter Rob Roy, son of Mrs Clara & late Thomas Neal, 3 Sept Aylmer

               Marriage – Wednesday London, Reona Janet, daughter of Mr & Mrs George Binns, to Arthur Bert, son of Mrs Bertha & late Franklyn Steeper

               Marriage – Tuesday Galt, Alyce E Lamb to Lavern P Maddock

               Marriage – at Alvinston, Norman J Alderman to Irene Mae Warren

               Marriage – at Richmond, Mary Kathleen Allison to John Ross McRae

Page 12

C3          Funeral – Mrs William J Reilly, Tuesday, Dearborn, Michigan, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 16

C1          Died – William Robbins, Thursday London, accident

C2          Died – Harold Elmer Hayden, of Detroit, Friday, London, 42 years, WW I soldier, buried St Thomas Cemetery, photo

C6          Reunion – McEachern clan


4 September 1937 (Last Edition) Saturday

Page 2

C6          Article – estate of George T Emery

C7          Reunion – McGeachie

C8          Funeral – William Calder, Friday, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 6

C1          Birthday – Marvin Moore, 4th

C3          Funeral – Mr Wolfe, Shakespeare

Page 7

C2          Died – Mrs Olive Hughes W Bear, 75 years, widow of William, Friday, nee Woodman, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Mrs Bella M Smith, Saturday, 83rd year, nee Sinclair, widow of William Robb & Wesley Smith who died 15 years ago, buried Fingal cemetery

               Died – Mrs Ethel Bernice Watterson, nee Godby, wife of Walter E, 52 years, buried St Luke’s cemetery, Vienna

C4          Marriage – 4 Sept, Bernice Elizabeth, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Handford, to Herbert Douglass, son of Mr & Mrs H A Short

C7          Born – Smith, 25 Aug Chatham, daughter of Oscar

               In Memoriam – Pressey, William L, 5 Sep 1936

               In Memoriam – Roe, June Iris, 6 Sep 1936

               In Memoriam – Turner, Lillian J, 6 Sep 1936

C8          Died – Hayden, Harold Elmer, 3 Sep, London, 42 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Bear, Mrs Olive Hughes W, 3 Sep, widow of William, 75 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 8

C4          Article – Oldest Dance Hall in Elgin, in Port Stanley

Page 10

C1          Died – Harold Elmer Hayden, Friday, London

C2          Died – Mrs Jessie Compton, widow of William, Friday, Cleveland, funeral in Cleveland

Page 15

C2          Article – photo – Roadside spraying: Alex Duncanson, Archie M Campbell, & Dunwich council, driver is Clarence Campbell

Page 17

C2          Marriage – Wednesday, Clara Evelyn, daughter of Mrs Wesley Temple, to William Alfred Cowie

               Marriage – 2 Sep, Julia Marguerite, daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Giles, to Alec Louis, son of Mr & Mrs Harvey Louis MacDonald

C4          Died – Mrs Estelle Cook Elson, wife of T Herbert, Friday, London, buried Woodland cemetery

C6          Reunion – Shackleton

Page 20

C2          Engagement – Alma Marjorie, daughter of Mr & Mrs David Allen Hyslop, to George Wallace, son of Mr & Mrs Frederick Mills, 11 Sep Burlington, photo

C6          Engagement – Ruth, daughter of Mr & Mrs H J Popham, to Kenneth C, son of Mr & Mrs W MacKenzie

               Engagement – Lela Ellen, daughter of Herbert & late Mrs Hicks, to Theodore, son of Mr & Mrs C R Knudsen

               Engagement – Marguerite Alfretta, daughter of Mr & Mrs Peter King, to Dwight Alexander, son of Mr & Mrs J R Marshall, 15 Sep

               Marriage – Elizabeth Harvey, daughter of Dr & Mrs Joseph Huber Sherk, granddaughter of E C Harvey, to Robert Mason Prince, 1 Sep Midland, Michigan

               Shower – Catherine Raven & Edwin King

C6          Shower – Bernice Handford & Douglass Short, 4 Sep

               Marriage – Gladys Parkinson, niece of Mrs J A Pollock, to Conrad E Holben

C8          Engagement – Alma Laura, daughter of Mr & Mrs G L Shackleton, to Clarence Murray, son of B W & late Mrs Malpass

               Engagement – Dorothy Ilene, daughter of Mr & Mrs G L Shackleton, to Elmer James, son of Mr & Mrs F J Garton

               Engagement – Harry J Moran to Francis Clewer

               Engagement – Elizabeth Ruth Curtis Askew to Edward Frederick Zimmerman

               Engagement – Alethea Marie Madill to Douglas Sharp Switzer

               Engagement – Olive Peacock to Frederick James Webb

 C6          Marriage – Lisabelle, daughter of Mr & Mrs Albert Davis, to Hadley Morgan Brown, son of Mr & Mrs Robert F Gray


Monday, 6 September 1937 – no issue


7 September 1937, (Last Edition) Tuesday

Page 1

               Photo – Fire at home of Robert Kelly, Aldborough Twp

Page 3

C3          Funeral – Harold E Hayden, Monday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 6

C1          Died – Mrs Flora Kriter, nee Hauser, Sunday, 53 years, buried Rodney cemetery

               Died – Thomas Fitzsimons, Sunday, London, 77th year

C3          Died – Rev Dr George A McLennan, Thursday, Simcoe, born 1864 Grey County, buried Parkhill cemetery

Page 8

C1          Destruction of Aylmer High School

               Marriage – 7 September Toronto, Milton, son of Mr & Mrs Will Millard, to Helen Cowling

C2          Died – Mrs James Rawson, nee Maw, Walkerville

C5          Reunion – Goodhue (Benjamin & Phoebe); Isaac; Sells

               Died – Mrs Margaret Lyman, nee McDonald, Plympton Twp, niece is Mrs Thomas Young

C7          Funeral – Mrs Olive [sic] Bear, Monday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Funeral – Burton Young, Saturday, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Funeral – Angus D Gillies, Muirkirk, 75 years, Saturday, buried Duart cemetery

Page 9

C2          Died – Mrs W L MacAlister, Saturday at sister, Mrs Charles Russell, Asheville, North Carolina, sister of Mrs J Benjafield, funeral Monday at Asheville

Page 10

               Article – dinner for Howard Williams & Alice Watterworth

               Engagement – Effie, daughter of Mr & Mrs Peter D McFarlane, to Harry Carl, son of Mrs & late George Robbins

       Marriage – photo, H Douglass Short to Bernice Handford, on Saturday

C4          Marriage – Monday, Ida M, daughter of Mr & Mrs Thomas Watson, to George S, son of Mrs Alice & late Mark Turner

               Marriage – at London, Mary Bernadette, daughter of Mrs & late Harvey Howard, to Michael C, son of Mr & Mrs M J McMahon

               Marriage – Saturday, Lottie E, daughter of Mrs L & late James Crandall, to George A, son of Mr & Mrs A E Green

               Marriage – Saturday at Stratford, Edna Marjorie Rodgers to B Douglas Ahern

               Marriage – Saturday at Alvinston, Irene Mae Warren to Norman Alderman

               Marriage – at Dawn Twp, Mildred Winifred Sanderson to Roy Wesley Ferguson

C6          Marriage – Cora Rowena Ila Pauline, daughter of Mr & Mrs Roy Gagen, to Cecil Roy Lawson

               Marriage – Saturday at Toronto, Verna Francis Burke to Edward J Low

               Marriage – 4 Sep, Helen Ruth, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Charles Clifford, to George William, son of Mr & Mrs G A Mitchell

               Marriage – at Brownsville, Thelma Janet, daughter of Mr & Mrs Nelson Boyer, to Arthur E, son of Mr & Mrs A Rank

               Marriage – Saturday, Waterdown, Wilhelmine Ann Slater to Dr Alan Fowler Taylor

Page 11

               Marriage – Saturday at Windsor, Marguerite Isabell, daughter of Mr & Mrs Frederick W Burke, to Dr Alexander Burns Wallace, son of Mr & Mrs Alexander Wallace; grandparents – Mr & Mrs W G Blackgrove

               Marriage – at Fort Erie, Lucille Mae Plato to Arthur J Hudd

               Marriage – at Tilbury, Dorothy Ross to Gordon Austin Webster

               Marriage – at Leamington, Louise Ellen Wright to Jack Ellis Fox

               Marriage – Saturday at Sarnia, Vera Christie Ann Britney, to William Logan Millman, son of Mr & Mrs George Millman

               Marriage – Saturday at Watford, Mary Frances McGillicuddy to Charles Harold Abray

Page 16

C3          Article – memorial to Albert Roberts & Fred C Bell

C5          Article – Arthur Giles, retired from Michigan Central Railroad, husband of Margaret Mariah Pearse [sic], born 1871, adopted son of Mrs Willit Bowerman, Saskatchewan, & Emily Evans, St Thomas


8 September 1937 (Last Edition) Wednesday

Page 1

C8          Retirement – Charles W Kent, photo

Page 8

C2          Died – Mrs Sophia Spence, widow of John died 26 years ago, nee McGregor, sister of Mrs Helen Baker, buried Aylmer cemetery

C3          Retirement – John Winkworth, photo

               Reunion – Walker-Matthews; Wiganer’s club

Page 9

C1          Marriage – Helen Marguerite, daughter of Mr & Mrs Nicholas Cowling, to William Milton, son of Mr & Mrs W A Millard, Tuesday at Toronto

               Article – scholarship to Morley K Thomas

C8          Born – Coville, 7 Sep, son of Gus

               Born – Forbes, 7 Sep, daughter of James

               Born – Weeks, 5 Sep, daughter of Wallace

               In Memoriam – Masterman, Mrs Ella, 8 Sep 1934

            Page 10

C1          Died – Mrs Manley, wife of Rev A L, Tuesday London, nee Mitchelmore

C2          Engagement – Jean Isabell, daughter of Mrs Sarah & late Alex Osborne, to Earl, son of Mr & Mrs Earl Newstead, 18 September

               Engagement – Dorothy Grace, daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Allen, to Leonard Leroy, son of Mrs & late George Neil

C3          Engagement – Mena Ruth Horwood to William E Meaden

C7          Marriage – 8 September, Jean Isobel, daughter of Mrs Henrietta & late Dr B E Gorham, granddaughter of Mrs A Sheldon, to H Everett, son of Mr & Mrs J H Johnson, Jr

C8          Marriage – 4 September, Anne Amelia, daughter of Mr & Mrs William D Wright, to Thomas Henry, son of Mr & Mrs T H McCormick

Page 16

C1          Died – Thomas Fitzsimmons, 76 years, died London


9 September 1937 (Last Edition) Thursday

Page 6

C1          Died – Joseph Gardiner, Wednesday, Petrolia, 49th year, husband of Ellen Robinson, buried Hillsdale cemetery, Petrolia

C2          Died – William Bruce, Thursday, London, 16 years, accident

               Birthday – Jeannie Drimman, 16th

C3          Died – Miss Alice Jamieson, West Lorne

C4          Died – John Hamilton Sells, Wednesday, 68 years, born 1869, buried Shedden cemetery

C6          Died – Mrs Williamenah Meikle, Wednesday, London, 63rd year, wife of James A, buried Mapleton cemetery

C7          Died – Jacob Bawden, of Lucan, 80th year, husband of Loutisha McCarty

Page 8

C1          Engagement – Elsie May, daughter of Mr & Mrs George E Bradley, to Robert H, son of Mr & Mrs Charles Beecroft

C2          Died – Mrs Ami Baker Norton, 8 September, 63rd year, wife of Henry, buried Aylmer cemetery

Page 9

C8          Died – Sells, John Hamilton, 8 September, 67th year, buried Shedden cemetery

               Died – Palmer, Steven, 8 September, 58 years, buried South Park cemetery

Page 10

C2          Shower – Alice Watterworth & Howard Williams

C3          Engagement – Lovenia M Chute to Nelson Charles Harris, 2 Oct London

C5          Marriage – Saturday at Simcoe, Florence Magdalene Messecar to Leslie John Sanders

               Marriage – Friday at Simcoe, Amie Christian to Charles O Brandow

               Marriage – at Bayfield, Elizabeth Rosamund Snowden to Russell Alexander Grainger

               Marriage – 7 September Dutton, Helen Isobel, daughter of Mr & Mrs Alex Law, to Wilfred, son of Mrs & late Frederick Varley

               Marriage – Tuesday at Toronto, Evelyn Frances Hore to Frederick Ignatius Malone

               Marriage – at Watford, Alice Robinson to George Howsaul

Page 11

C7          Marriage – Monday at Brantford, Muriel Partridge to Garnet Robert Haggins

               Marriage – Monday at Courtright, Anna Harriet Maguire to George Harrison Strothers


10 September 1937 (Last Edition) Friday

Page 6

C4          Died – William Adniram Welch, Ortonville, Michigan, son of William Welch & Sarah Sells, husband of Ida, father of Mrs Edith Bowers, Mrs Earl Beckman, Mrs Harold Horton

Page 7

C4          Reunion – Giles

Page 8

C2          Died – Ruby Gunn, of Toronto, Thursday, accident

               Died – Mrs Carolina Herlick, of South Easthope, Tuesday

C5          Died – Mrs Ethel Bernice Godby Watterson, wife of Walter E, Friday, 52 years, buried St Luke’s cemetery, Vienna

C6          Reunion – children of Mrs Katherine Walther, widow of John who died 1917, was 83 years on 20 July

               Funeral – Frank Szucs, 29 Aug Hamilton, born  1909 Hungary, lived Charlotteville Twp

               Funeral – Mrs Flora Hauser Kriter, 53 years, wife of William, Wednesday, buried Rodney cemetery

Page 9

C7          Born – Jennings, 28 August Windsor, Lyle Norwood, son of J F

               Born – Cupples, 6 September, daughter of Walter

               Born – Forbes, 1 September, daughter of James

               Born – House, 4 September, son of Harley

               Born – Kish, 3 September, daughter of Joseph

               Born – Maxwell, 31 August, daughter of C S

               Born – Shearing, 7 September, “Jimmie” Harry James, son of Harry

               Born – Schmid, 31 August, Peggy Ann, daughter of John

               Born – Verduyn, 2 September, son of George

               Born – Weeks, 6 September, daughter of Wallace

               Born – Payne, 14 August, “Freddy” Frederick Lorne, son of Russell

               Born – Fraleigh, 5 September, son of Dr & Mrs S B

               Born – Nobbo, 4 September, son of Harold

               Born – Rundle, 3 September, daughter of Leslie

               Born – Trafford, 29 August, son of W H

               Born – Maracle, 29 August, daughter of Clayton

               Born – Dean, 4 September, daughter of Sidney

               Born – Vann Phemel, 31 August, son of Gustaf

               Born – Jacques, 3 September, son of Beverley

               Born – Smith, 8 September, son of Peter

               Born – Cross, 8 September, son of Brock C, (nee Myrtle Bollert, of Perrin, Quebec)

               Born – Moynan, 3 September at Collingwood, son of Robert, (nee mary Goforth)

               Born – Emmett, 2 September, daughter of Owen L

C8          Died – Brown, John W, 10 September, husband of Laura

               Died – Oldfield, John Henry, 7 September New York City, buried Utica, New York

               In Memoriam – Freeman, Albert Vernon, 10 September 1930

               In Memoriam – O’Brien, Harold T, 10 September 1934

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Elsie May, daughter of Mr & Mrs George E Bradley, to Robert H, son of Mr & Mrs Charles Beecroft

               Engagement – Viola Laura Gibson to Donald Raymond Hughes, 18 September at London

               Engagement – Catherine MacPhail to Carl Brewer

               Engagement – Reta Emily Dunn to Kenneth James Baird, 25 September at Toronto

C3          Shower – Winnifred Law & C G Elder

C5          Marriage – Wednesday at Dutton, Lulu Elizabeth, daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Heath, to Dr Kenneth William, son of Mr & Mrs J H McLandress

               Marriage – Thursday at Ingersoll, Anna Pitt to Harry Stephenson

               Marriage – Thursday at Ingersoll, Ruth Stephenson to Gordon Curtis

               Marriage – Saturday at Brantford, Velma Beatrice Rice to Stuart Gray Brunton

               Marriage – 4 September Strathroy, Eleanor Luscombe Buttery to John Arthur McDougall

C6          Marriage – Monday at Strathroy, Minnie Kathleen Wright to Dalton Eugene Morgan

               Marriage – Monday at Toronto, Eula Maria Joy, Richard Earl Stroud

C7          Marriage – Saturday Hamilton, Adeline Perrett to Charles M Oliver

Page 16

C1          Died – Mrs H W Gallagher, Thursday, Dorland, mother of Mrs Stewart Fenwick, & Mrs Arnold Porte, Belleville

C2          Died – Mrs Lettie E Bradt, of Detroit, Monday, 69 years, wife of George N

C4          Died – A Edgar Pettit, Thursday, Detroit, buried St Thomas Cemetery, 61st year


11 September 1937 (Last Edition) Saturday

Page 6

C2          Funeral – Mrs A L Manley, wife of Rev A L, died Tuesday London, buried Woodland cemetery

C3          Reunions – McLellan, McLaughlin, McCallum

Page 7 (Second Section)

               Retirement – Arthur Arnum, Wabash Railway engineer, born 1867, son of Benjamin, brother of Tom & Fred, photo

               Retirement – Joseph Taylor, Wabash Railway, 70 years, born Scotland, husband of Emmaline Ford, married 50 years on 27 October, father of Mrs Cunningham, photo

Page 8

C1          Anniversary – St Luke’s church, St Thomas, 20th

Page 9

C1          Died – Walter Wallace Robertson, 81 years, Niagara Falls

C4          Died – William J Prosser, Friday, Ridgetown, husband of Cassie Bell Cole

C8          Died – Alfred B Goodwin, Friday, Rodney, 76 years, buried Rodney cemetery

Page 12

C7          Article – Grand Champion Ball, E A Smith, St Thomas, photo

Page 14

C4          Shower – Mabel Garrow to George E Austin, 11 September at St Thomas

               Marriage – Dr Kenneth W McLandress to Lulu Heath

C5          Engagement – Florence Annie, daughter of Mr & Mrs Henry Hartsell, to Archibald, son of Mrs Margaret & late Neil McDougall

               Shower – Helen Law & Wilfred Varley

               Shower – Marjorie Hyslop & George Mills, 11 September Burlington

C7          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Horace Clayton, 16th

               Birthday – Helen Larue Clayton, 3rd

               Engagement – Lovenia M Chute to Nelson Charles Harris, 2 October at London

C8          Engagement – Jean Elizabeth Gallie to Gardner Conant Slack

               Engagement – Bernice M Ionson to Harold M Humphrey

               Engagement – Janet Christina Thornicroft to Peter McNeil

Page 15

C2          Marriage – Saturday at St Thomas, Mabel Wilhelmina, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Garrow, to George Edward, son of Mr & Mrs William Austin

               Died – John W Brown, Friday, husband of Laura Jones, buried Burwell Park cemetery

C6          Funeral – John Hamilton Sells, Friday, buried Shedden cemetery

C7          In Memoriam – Davey, [Mrs] Emily A, 12 September 1928

               In Memoriam – Wilson, Thomas, 11 September 1936

               In Memoriam – Edison, Pearl, 12 September 1930, sister of Mrs Irene Berdan

               In Memoriam – Swan, Charles, 4 September 1934

               In Memoriam – Shaw, Ruby, 11 September 1933

C8          Died – Guthrie, Herbert Alexander, 11 September, husband of Muriel, buried Glanworth cemetery

               Died – Brown, John W, 10 September, husband of Laura, buried Burwell Park cemetery

Page 18

C2          Article – Donald Heard, Dalhousie University, photo

               Died – Herbert Alexander Guthrie, Saturday, husband of Muriel, buried Glanworth cemetery

C4          Died – Mrs Nezezon, wife of Peter, Friday, 21st year, nee Hertner, buried Roman Catholic cemetery


13 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Monday

Page 1

C2          Reunion – retired Michigan Central Railroad conductors

Page 6

C2          Funeral – Steven Palmer, Saturday, buried South Park cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs John Spence, Friday, buried Aylmer cemetery

Page 7

C4          Died – Mrs Norma Smiley Symons, Monday, 51 years, daughter of Harry Smiley & Mrs Belle McCandless, wife of D W Symons, widow of Clifford Honsinger, buried Elmdale cemetery

C5          Funeral – A Edgar Pettit, Wednesday, Detroit, Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

C8          Born – McComb, 11 September, Joan Irene, daughter of T Arnold

               Died – Docksteader, Ronald Arthur, 12 September, son of Samuel, grandson of Mr & Mrs Schuyler, 3 months, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Smalldon, Mrs Annie L, 12 September, wife of Thomas, nee Lessard, 46 years, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Died – Symons, Mrs Norma Smiley, 13 September, (Honsinger), wife of D W, 51st year, buried Elmdale cemetery

               In Memoriam – Osborne, Viola Margaret, 13 September 1922, age 3 years 7 months

Page 9

C2          Died – Miss Melissa Rowson, Saturday Ingersoll, 70th year

C6          Died – Ronald Arthur Docksteader, 3 months, son of Mr & Mrs Samuel Docksteader, grandson of Mr & Mrs M Schuyler, Sunday, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 10

C1          Marriage – photo – Kathleen Mahon, daughter of Mr & Mrs O C Smith, to Stanley S Moore, at Niagara Falls

C2          Engagement – Rose, daughter of late Lieut-Col. & Mrs John MacPherson, to Dr Richard John, son of late Mr & Mrs John McDiarmid

               Engagement – Alice Louise, daughter of Mr & Mrs Roy Somerville, to Max Maitland, son of Mr & Mrs Morris Phillmore

               Shower – Julia Giles & Alex MacDonald

               Anniversary – Col & Mrs George Drew, nee Johnson, 1st

               Engagement – Ada Irene Beams to Rev Marvin A Bury, Saturday at Toronto

C3          Engagement – Helen Bernice Davison to Richard David McDonald

               Engagement – Jean Elizabeth Gallie to Gardner Slack

               Engagement – Nettie Viola Fredin to Wilfred Pop, 2 October

C6          Marriage – Saturday at London, Francis Wilmington, daughter of Mr & Mrs H Frank White, to William Doig Robb, Jr, son of Mrs J D Robb

               Marriage – at Windsor, Isabel Winnifred Ford to Allan Royden Ashton

               Marriage – at Fort Erie, Doris O’Connor to John Robert Byers

               Marriage – at Fort Erie, Dorothy Hall to Arthur J Verrall

               Marriage – Saturday at Sarnia, Elizabeth Wilkes Gurd to Donald James Agnew

               Marriage – Saturday at Clinton, Margaret Grace Plumsteel to John Maurice Kingston

Page 14

C1          Died – John J Morris, 29 years, of Parkhill, London

               Died – Mrs Isabella Edna Thompson, wife of Dr Fred E, Saturday, Detroit, 58 years, nee Holmes

C2          Died – Mrs Annie L Smalldon, wife of Thomas, Sunday, 46 years, nee Lessard, buried Elmdale cemetery


14 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Tuesday

Page 1

               Article – photo – retired Michigan Central Railroad conductors: J D Ryan, John Maher, Peter Fox, John Martin, Jack McDonald, Robert Hood, William West, Lemarchant M Blough, E P Herlely, John Arken, J H Huntley, George R Rhodes, G L Scharffer, W G Rupp, John Callicott, Charlie Long, Robert Turvey, Norman Murray, Bert Sharpe,  M J Moylan, M F Reynolds, John Loughlin, William Wardle, George Grant, George Cousans, James Handley, Robert Barkwell, C Emerson, Jack Sheehan, Tom Shipway, Frank Else, Irvin McNiece, taken at Monday Port Stanley

Page 6

C4          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles H Churchill, of Maidstone, nee Kelly, sister of Mrs Oatman of Aylmer

C7          Died – Mrs Margaret McMillan Robertson, Harwich Twp at daughter’s Mrs Stanley Hutchison, 78 years

               Died – Mrs Lillian Connell Thomson, wife of William G, of Mosa Twp, 68 years

C8          Died – Angus D Gillies, of Muirkirk, 75th year, buried Duart cemetery

Page 8

C1          Died – Mrs J P Hoag, Thursday Toronto, nee Minnie Emigh, buried Harris St cemetery, Ingersoll

C2          Died – Mrs Anna Blanchfield, Tuesday, 86th year, widow of William Firby who died 23 years ago; widow of Wesley who died 6 years ago; buried Firby cemetery

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F W Fay, 39th

C6          Died – David “Pat” Carnahan, 60 years, Tuesday, Simcoe, accident

C8          Funeral – Herbert Guthrie, Monday, buried Glanworth cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Henry Norton, Wednesday, buried Friday at Aylmer cemetery

Page 9

C7          Died – Miss Anna McLean, died Tuesday, 95th year, buried Black’s cemetery

C8          Died – Halsey Park Lemon, 76 years, died Saturday Simcoe

               Born – Berdan, 10 September, daughter of George

               Born – Connor, 13 September, daughter of Ted

               Born – Simpson, 10 September, Margaret Joyce, daughter of Thomas E, (nee Gladys Hewson)

               Born – Barnes, 4 September at Hamilton, son of Rolph [sic], (nee Charlotte Innes)

               Born – Onifrichuk, 9 September, son of George

               Born – Matthews, 7 September, daughter of Bruce

               Born – Schmidt, 8 September, son of Adam

               Born – Penny, 7 September, daughter of Donald B, (nee Florence Brock)

               Born – Scott, 9 September, son of T A

               Born – Mott, 13 September, son of Rev & Mrs Leslie

Page 10

C2          Marriage – Pauline, daughter of Mrs R Gagen, to Cecil Lawson, St Thomas, photo

C4          Engagement – Gladys H, daughter of Mrs Edythe & late James Henry, to John Alfred, son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Betterley

               Engagement – Rose, daughter of late Lieut-Col. & Mrs John MacPherson, to Dr Richard John, son of late Mr & Mrs John McDiarmid

Page 14

               Died – Smalldon, Mrs, sister of Mrs Frank Burwell, Toledo, Ohio, 13 September

Page 16

C1          Funeral – Thomas M Brown, 64 years, Tuesday, buried Windsor

C4          Marriage – 23 August at Bothwell, Eva McDonald to Neil McPhail

               Marriage – Marion Grace Warren to Edward B MacRobie, 13 September at Toronto

               Marriage – at Hamilton, Katharine Schooley to Frank Engush


15 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Wednesday

Page 6

C3          Died – Miss Mary Wilkinson, 37 years, Tuesday, London

C4          Divorce – Mrs Georgina Rhea Blanche Duncombe Sage & James “Jimmy” Howard Sage, St Thomas, married 1931, nee Walters

Page 8

C1          Funeral – Mrs J A Meikle, Tuesday, London

C6          Funeral – Mrs Annie Smalldon, wife of Thomas, Tuesday, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Funeral – Ronald Arthur Docksteader, Tuesday, buried Elmdale cemetery

               Funeral – Alfred B Goodwin, 76 years, Monday, buried Rodney cemetery

Page 9

C2          Marriage – WednesdaySt Thomas, Mae, daughter of Mrs & late Mr James O’Sullivan, to Kenneth, son of Peter & late Mrs Fox

C3          Died – Miss Elinor Brierley, Tuesday

C8          Died – McLean, Miss Ann, 14 September, 95th year, buried Black’s cemetery

               Died – Brierley, Miss Elinor, 14 September, sister of late James S Brierley, cremated Toronto

               In Memoriam – Olsen, Hazel Weir, 15 September 1935

               In Memoriam – Soper, Owen E, 14 September 1936

Page 10

C2          Marriage – at St Thomas, Amelia, daughter of Mr & Mrs W D Wright, to Thomas, son of Mr & Mrs T H McCormick, photo

               Engagement – Ruth Elizabeth, daughter of Mr & Mrs C A Smith, to William J, son of William & late Mrs Baird

               Shower – Marion Robinson & Ernest J Barton

C3          Engagement – Mary Etta Elizabeth Tull to John Frederick Feeney, 11 October at London

C5          Marriage – 4 September at Waterford, Helen Alton to Keith Anderson

               Marriage – 11 September at West Lorne, Elsie May, daughter of Mr & Mrs George E Bradley, to Robert H, son of Mr & Mrs Charles Beecroft

               Marriage – 11 September at Luton, Evelyn Nina, daughter of Mr & Mrs Isaac Rodgers, to Douane D Holditch, son of Mrs Marshall Warwick

               Marriage – at Villa Nova, Mary Ellen Phillips to Delos Hellyer Renner

               Marriage – 11 September at St Thomas, Alma Tahl to Robert McDiarmid

C6          Marriage – 8 September at Calton, Hazel May Leatherdale, daughter of Mrs Jackson, to Willis Ernest Dales

               Marriage – Saturday at St Thomas, Ellen Irene, daughter of Mr & Mrs Frank Teetzel, to Joseph, son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Thompson

               Marriage – Rubena Virtue, daughter of Mr & Mrs Frank Morgan, to Harry, son of Mr & Mrs Harry Martin

Page 16

C4          Died – Mahlon L Edison, 10 September Grand Rapids, Michigan, 83 years, father of Mrs Nellie Carnegie, Mrs Helen Bonfield, Mrs Marvin Oostdyke, Mrs Hazel Osborn; brother of  Mrs Marion Coatsworth, Millie Clark, Mrs Lula Allin


16 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Thursday

Page 2

C3          Funeral – Mrs Norma (Honsinger) Symons, held Wednesday, buried Elmdale cemetery

Page 8

C2          Died – Elam K Snyder, 72 years, of Otterville

               Funeral – John W Brown, Monday, buried Burwell Park cemetery

Page 9

C1          Born – no date, daughter of Charles King, at CNR station, Windsor

C8          Born – Acton, 9 September, daughter of Thomas

               Died – Mann, Edward P, 16 September, 91 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Beatrice Belle, daughter of Jennie C & late Duncan Taylor, to E Gray, son of Mrs Flossie & late A B Fuller

               Engagement – Doris Julia, daughter of Mr & Mrs Roy Leeming, to Angus Cameron, son of David & late Mrs Paton

               Engagement – Elizabeth Farncomb to Walter Hamilton Gillespie, Jr, on 9 October

C5          Marriage – WednesdayTillsonburg, Margaret Mary Mitchell to William George Smith

               Marriage – Toronto, Marion Grace Warren to Edward B MacRobie

               Marriage – Watford, Jennie Isabelle Edgar to Peter Lester Wygiera

C6          Marriage – WednesdayToronto, Adele Agnes Claris Whiteside to John William Wocker

               Marriage – SaturdayWallacetown, Effie, daughter of Mr & Mrs Peter MacFarlane, to Harry Carl, son of Mrs & late George Robbins

Page 11

C6          Marriage – SaturdayBrantford, Edith Cavell Crawford to Harold Spencer Rogers

Page 16

C5          Birthday – Archibald McKillop, 80th, son of Mrs Douglas MacDiarmid

               Died – Edward P Mann, Thursday, 91 years, buried St Thomas Cemetery


17 September 1937, (Last Edition) Friday

Page 6

C3          Article – Coronation medals for Lieut.-Col. Charles Steart, Major Audrey Kirk Mair, Major William Elliott Mellor, RSM Walter James Neville, Sgt Harold Astles

C4          Died – George Dobson, Thursday, Aylmer, 82nd year, born 1855, son of James Dobson & Mary Smithson, husband of Elizabeth, brother of Fred Sleight, buried Woodland cemetery

Page 8

C2          Died – Mrs Sarah A Mossey, wife of William J, 16 September, 70th year, nee Godby, buried Aylmer cemetery

C4          Died – Miss Violet M Moore, Wednesday Ingersoll, 21st year, daughter of Frederick Moore who died 31 August

C5          Shower – Roma Donnelly & Morris Walters

Page 9

C1          Birthday – W H Ward, 87th year

C3          Died – Mrs Margaret Sullivan, 77 years, wife of Michael, Thursday, Sarnia

C8          Born – Henry, 16 September, Robert Arnold, son of Arnold, (nee Ina Siple)

               Born – Gallagher, 12 September Hamilton, son of T H L, (nee Frances Innes)

               Born – Jarvis, 12 September, son of Cleve

               Born – Radford, 23 August Manitoulin Island, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Rev. & Mrs F G

               Born – Deming, 13 September, daughter of Q S

               Born – Hanson, 30 August, daughter of Ted

               Born – Barrett, 14 September Petrolia, Alice Ardele, daughter of James

               Born – Robertson, 15 September Sarnia, son of C L, (nee Mabel Hallam)

               Born – Smith, 11 September Petrolia, son of W M, (nee Doris Knight)

               Died – Dobson, George James, 16 September, 82nd year, husband of Elizabeth, buried Woodland cemetery

Page 10

C2          Funeral – Mrs J J Marks, Saturday, Toronto, sister of Mrs George Giles

               Engagement – Jean, daughter of Mr & Mrs A G Schleihauf, to Daniel J, son of Mr & Mrs James Humphries

               Shower – Mary Detwiler & Ronald W Johnson

               Engagement – Ruby Medwick to William Ross

               Engagement – Edith Mary Blackmore to Larry Bridges

               Engagement – Marguerite Annette Davies to William Athawes, 16 October Simcoe

 C7          Marriage – 6 September, Aylmer, Neta Luella, daughter of Mr & Mrs J Wesley Pearce, to David Theopolis, son of Mrs Sidney & late T Smith

               Marriage – 11 September Simcoe, Ina Belle Morrick to John Amos Piett

               Marriage – at Aylmer, Marion Jean, daughter of Mr & Mrs John E Downing, to C Clarke, son of Mrs Hannah Bone

Page 13

C2          Article – James A McLean, secretary-treasurer of Rodney fair, photo

Page 16

C2          Article – Rev Ralph P Clark, Dutton Baptist church

               Died – Francis “Frank” Lombardo, 62 years, uncle of Guy Lombardo, London


18 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Saturday

Page 1

               Photo – Home Services Training School, St George St, St Thomas, formerly Children’s Shelter

C2          Marriage – Catherine Merriam, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles W Atwater, to John Kenneth “Ken” Galbraith, son of W A, at Long Island, New York, on Friday

Page 6

C5          Funeral – Miss Anna McLean, Thursday, buried Black’s cemetery

Page 9

C4          Article – highway at Edison house in Vienna

               Article – history of Holiday cemetery in East Nissouri & West Zorra Twp, on Township Line

Page 10

C2          Marriage – Thursday at St Thomas, Marion Bernice, daughter of Mrs Laura Robinson, to Ernest J, son of Mr & Mrs Leonard Barton

               Marriage – 16 September at New Sarum, Amy, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Hepburn, to Herbert Lawson, son of Mr & Mrs Clarence Cox

C4          Marriage – at Fort Erie, Mary Lucy Miller to Charles Kenneth Souder

               Marriage – 18 September at Sarnia, Sylvia Vernon Plummer to Edward Antrobus Pardee

               Marriage – at Leamington, Ellamae Harrison to David Brodie

C5          Marriage – at Tilbury, Nellie May Skipper to Spencer Herman Dolsen

Page 14

C2          Marriage – at Springfield, Dorothy, daughter of Mr & Mrs Clifton Charlton, to Clinton, son of Solon & late Mrs Kipp, wedding party photo

C6          Marriage – Lulu, daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Heath, to Dr K W, son of Mr & Mrs J H McLandress, September at Mitchell, wedding party

C5          Engagement – Virginia Mae, daughter of Mrs & late Paul H Cain, to E Trueman, son of Mr & Mrs Fred T MacLauchlan

               Engagement – Marjorie Barbara, daughter of Mrs Ruth & late John W Wilkinson, to Delbert Garfield, son of W & late Mrs Arkless, 2 October

               Engagement – Helen Marie, daughter of Mr & Mrs C E Howard, to John William, son of C W & late Mrs Hicks

               Engagement – Velma Leota Cunningham to David Alexander Armstrong, 9 October

               Shower – Erie Parkinson & Douglas Oxley

C8          Engagement – Margaret Lillian, daughter of Mr & Mrs Wilton Tate, to John A, son of Mr & Mrs Wilmot Reid

               Engagement – Margaret Grace Shotwell to Llewellyn Summers, at New York City?

               Engagement – Isabella Chapman Fraser, daughter of Mrs & late Dr Alfred James Grant, to Ernest William Kennedy, 2 October at London

               Engagement – Margaret Rowatt Jones to Austin Cameron McTaggart

               Engagement – Doris Margaret Bodie to Rowley Frederick McKay, 9 October at Toronto

               Engagement – 9 October Hamilton, Ruth Evelyn Tallman to Robert Glenn Groom

Page 15

C8          Born – Alstad, 16 September Toronto, daughter of Dr & Mrs T A, (nee Catherine Horn)

               In Memoriam – Hitch, Robert H, 19 September 1935

Page 18

C2          Photo – Edgar Frank Stanley Sanders, called to bar


20 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Monday

Page 1

C4          Died – William H Bradfield, 20 September, accident

Page 2

C4          Funeral – Edward P Mann, held Saturday, buried St Thomas Cemetery

Page 7

C3          Retirement – Michigan Central Railroad, Peter Wilson, Fred J Regan, Martin R Fraser, George Grose, Jack Baker, John Cayton, Charles Stafford

C8          Died – Jackson, Mrs Gertrude, 18 September, widow of L W, 81st year, buried Langton cemetery

Page 8

C2          Died – John Patrick Malloy, Stratford, 68 years, husband of Bridget Durkin

               Died – Mrs Allen E Comar, Saturday, Guelph, nee rene Clara Jacques

              C4          Died – Mrs Ameline Campbell, widow of D D, Wednesday Mozelle, Missouri, nee Smith, funeral at Mozelle

               Died – George A Poole, of Wheatley, born 1887

C5          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles Trudell, of Tilbury, 50th, married 19 September 1887, nee Julia Campbell

C6          Died – William Watson, Saturday, Warwick Twp, born 1833 Scotland, widower of Elizabeth Waller who died 1891

               Birthday – Dr A McCurdy, of Norwich, 90th

Page 10

C1          Marriage – Robert A Curry, of Armond, New York, to Sietske Land, of Harlem, Holland, 10 August Amsterdam

C4          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Newton, 50th

C5          Marriage – SaturdayLondon, Mary Margaret, daughter of Dr & Mrs E S Detwiler, to Robert W, son of Mr & Mrs R W Johnson

               Marriage – ThursdayPetrolia, Margaret Isabella Dell to William John Knapp

               Marriage – SaturdayToronto, Martha Elaine Sommerville to Brock Macdonald Evans

               Marriage – SaturdayGuelph, Virginia Beverley Robson to Walter Robert Edward Reiner

C6          Marriage – Lela Ellen, daughter of Herbert Hicks, to Theodore C Knudsen, 18 September Talbotville

               Marriage – Tuesday [14 September] at Fort Erie, Rosina Orr to James Gordon

               Marriage – SaturdayLondon, Erie Eveline, daughter of Mr & Mrs George Parkinson, to George Douglas Harlan, son of Mr & Mrs Harrison T Oxley

Page 11

C2          Reunion – Stirling

Page 14

C1          Died – Henry J Wilkinson, Thursday, Detroit, native of Sarnia, 65 years

               Died – Miss Rachel Gabus, Windsor

C3          Died – Mrs Gertrude Jackson, Saturday, 80 years, widow of R W, sister of Dr Ada L H MacAlpine, Horthey, Delaware & Mrs George M Curtis, buried Langton cemetery


21 September 1937 (Last Edition) Tuesday

Page 1

               Photo – new bridge at Port Stanley

Page 6

C3          Died – Mrs Mary M West, died 20 September, grandmother of William Anger, nee Putnum, 78th year, widow of William, sister of Mrs James Butcher, mother of Mrs Mahlon Nellis & Mrs Warren Anger, buried Straffordville cemetery

C4          Died – Samuel Browne Loughrey, 20 September, London, husband of Emily S Snellgrove

Page 9

C1          Died – Rev Walter W Wylie, Monday, Iroquois, buried Ailsa Craig

               Died – Mrs Emma Locke, widow of William H, Tuesday, Port Stanley, 87 years, mother of Mrs Mary Porter, Mrs Fred Hayman, Eva Locke, buried Union cemetery

C3          Funeral – George Immel, Saturday, Simcoe, 62 years, buried Langton cemetery

C8          Born – Heal, 21 September, Judith Ann, daughter of Arthur S, (nee Helen Cook)

               Born – Dunlop, 18 September, son of E A

               Died – Locke, Mrs Emma, 21 September, 72 years, buried Union cemetery

               In Memoriam – Buchan, William A, 21 September 1936

Page 10

C2          Shower – Ruth Popham to Kenneth MacKenzie, 21 September                           

               Marriage – SaturdayLondon, Marjorie Forsyth, sister of Mrs J N Bowman, to Shannon Nolan

C3          Engagement – Edith Mildred, daughter of Mr & Mrs H G White, to Burton J, son of Mr & Mrs Gordon Newell

               Shower – Betty Dyer to John Rogers

               Engagement – Mamie Irene Ross to Borden E Carrothers, 11 October, London

C7          Marriage – SaturdaySparta, Ruth Elizabeth, daughter of Mr & Mrs C A Smith, to William James, son of William & late Mrs Baird

               Marriage – Saturday at Hamilton, Christine Whyte Forsyth to William P Turnbull

               Marriage – Saturday at St Thomas, Roma Lucille, daughter of Mr & Mrs H E Donnelly, to Clarence Morris, son of Mr & Mrs L V Waller

               Marriage – at Port Dover, Stella Frances Bush to Charles Clifford Callver

               Marriage – at Springford, Vera Dean Oatman to Neil Campbell

C8          Funeral – Mrs W J Mossey, held Saturday, buried Aylmer cemetery

               Funeral – Elam Kenneth Snyder, buried Otter [sic] cemetery


22 September 1937 (Last Edition) Wednesday

Page 1

C6          Died – Capt. George H Upton, 22 September, London, accident

Page 2

C2          Reunion – Benjamin & Sarah Swanton

Page 6

C3          Died – Stephen B Ripley, Windsor, resident of Thamesville, 90th year, widower of Lucy Morris who died 1920

Page 8

C5          Funeral – Mrs Gertrude Jackson, Tuesday, buried Langton cemetery

Page 9

C2          Died – Mrs Sarah Mina Dawdy, Tuesday, 50 years, wife of John, mother of Mrs Schliehauf, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               Died – Duncan E Campbell, Victoria, native of Fingal

               Marriage – 22 September at St Thomas, Catherine Alberta, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles E Raven, to Edwin George, son of late Mr & Mrs Leonard George King

C8          Born – Mels, 14 September, son of Bensit

               Born – Noppe, 15 September, son of Arthur

               Born – Lord, 14 September, son of Stanley

               Born – McNeilly, 14 September, son of William

               Born – Smith, 17 September, son of Lorne Alvis

               Born – Patrick, 9 September at Royal Oak, Michigan, Sherry Marie, daughter of C L, (nee Olive Kermath)

               Born – Ryder, 15 September, daughter of Fred

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Margot Frances Skey to Yoris Edward Ryerson

C3          Engagement – Norma Eudora Beatrice Schram to Harold Frederick Gilders

C6          Marriage – 21 September at St Thomas, Ruth B, daughter of Mr & Mrs H J Popham, to Kenneth C, son of Mr & Mrs William MacKenzie

               Marriage – at Newmarket, Mary Agnes McRae to Charles Murray Cock

               Marriage – 29 September at Ridgeway, Evelyn Clara Smith to William J Graf

Page 16

C1          Died – Charles L Blackburn, 63 years, Northville, Michigan, born Chatham

               Article – Rodney fair photos: Aldborough Boys’ Corn Club: John Hux, Duncan MacPherson, Eugene Willson, John Colquhoun, Munro McMillan, Deward Lee, Bruce Shaw, J F McGregor, Tom Keith, Dr G P McRostie, Arthur Hux, Harold Carroll, Harold Ashton, Jack Dymock, Robert Waite, Dan Dymock, Phillip Schleihauf, Alex Colthart, J A McLean, F S Thomas

               Article – Rodney fair: horse show: Wilfred Russel, Grant & George Summers


23 September 1937 (Last Edition) Thursday

Page 3

C6          Died – William H Bradfield, Monday, accident

               Died – Friday, father of Mrs J F Jones, Straffordville [no name given]

Page 10

C2          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G N Roloson, 15th

C3          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F P Moulton, Verschoyle

Page 11

C2          Died – Malcolm McGugan, Saturday, Okatoks, Alberta, 57 years, of Ekfrid Twp

C3          Died – Mrs Willard Dumas, 4 September, Bad Axe, Michigan, nee Sarah Jane McIntyre, daughter of Colin McIntyre & Jane McVicar, born 1867 Mosa Twp

C4          Funeral – Joseph Fish, buried Albuna cemetery, Mersea Twp

C8          Born – Reilly, 20 September, Eileen

               Died – Dowler, Thomas Thompson, 23 September, 72 years, buried Fingal cemetery

               In Memoriam – Moyse, William, 23 September 1936

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Jean, daughter of Mr & Mrs A G Schliehauf, to David J, son of Mr & Mrs James Humphries

               Engagement – Frances McKeith Stevens to Dr George Edward Turner

C3          Marriage – Saturday at Chicago, Ruby Eicher to William A Paul, Jr

C5          Marriage – Wednesday at St Thomas, Lillian Ada, daughter of Mr & Mrs F S Smith, to William Frank, son of Mr & Mrs Peter F Graham

               Marriage – 18 September at Wallacetown, Doris Julia, daughter of Mr & Mrs R Leeming, to Angus Cameron, son of Daniel & late Mrs Paton

C6          Died – Joseph Potts, 23 September London, 92nd year, born Tyrconnell in 1846, buried Dorchester Union cemetery

Page 13

C4          Marriage – Saturday at Port Dover, Stella Frances Bush to Charles Clifford Culver

               Marriage – Gladys Irene Tackle to Macon Francis Wood, 16 September at Port Rowan

               Marriage – Saturday at Langton, Mary Alice Abbott to Lloyd Victor Veit

Page 15

               Advertisement – photo – R B Bowey’s: J Carson Smith, R B Bowey, W H “Bill” Holt

Page 18

C1          Died – R O Adams, Tuesday, Kenmore, New York, accident, brother-in-law of Mrs Thomas Dubber, nee Lawton

C2          Died – Thomas Thompson Dowler, Thursday, 72 years, husband of Ann McWilliams, buried Fingal cemetery

               Died – Mrs Walter Clarke, nee Gertrude May Carey, Tuesday, Hamilton, 50 years, sister-in-law of Mrs Harold Clarke, buried Stoney Creek cemetery

               Died – Lew C Cosan, of Detroit, 43 years, Thursday, St Thomas, born 1894 St Thomas, husband of May, buried Detroit cemetery


24 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Friday

Page 1

               Photo – Springfield fair: Eileen & Evelyn Crossett, children of Mr & Mrs Herbert Crossett

Page 2

C2          Died – Mrs H H Marter, 87 years, Gravenhurst, resident of Delhi

               Died – John J McCauley, 67 years, Stratford

               Died – Daniel Winters, 90 years, Wednesday, Howard Twp, father of Mrs Sam Holmes

Page 6

C3          Died – Mrs Maggie Gates, Saturday, 73rd year, nee Middleton, mother of Mrs Orlando Charltonwidow of William who died 8 years ago, buried Disciples cemetery, Mapleton

C4          Died – Harry Walton Thomas, Thursday, son of Erastus Thomas & Eliza Beemer, husband of Eva B Appleyard, buried St Thomas Cemetery [Eva Appleford – CVH]

Page 7

C1          Funeral – Lew C Cosan, Detroit

C3          Funeral – Mrs Emma Locke, Thursday, buried Union cemetery

               Funeral – Mrs Sarah Mina Dawdy, Thursday, buried South Park cemetery

C5          Died – John Ault Darrow, Sr, 24 September, Tillsonburg, 80th year, brother of Mrs Sarah Atkinson, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

C8          Born – Richardson, 23 September, Dell Carol, daughter of Stuart, (nee Inez Forest)

               Born – Palmer, 23 September, William Steven, son of Percy

               Died – Thomas, Harry Walter, 23 September, husband of Eva B Appleyard, buried St Thomas Cemetery

               In Memoriam – Knight, [Mrs] Mary, wife of Joseph, 24 September 1930

               In Memoriam – Neil, [Mrs] Elizabeth Romance, 24 September 1934

Page 8

C3          Died – George Leslie MacDonald, of London, 23 September London, 74th year, husband of Louisa Thornton

C3          Photo – South Dorchester Fair Board: Norman R Martin, M L Plato, A S Newell, J R Walker, John L Brown, George Stewart, Charles A Moore, F E Martin

C4          Funeral – Rev Walter Watson Wylie, died Monday at daughter’s, Mrs J R Miller of Iroquois Falls, 76th year, Ailsa Craig, Wednesday

C7          Died – Frederick Brearley, formerly of Simcoe, Ridgewood, New Jersey, son of Emma Hart

               Died – Mrs Frank Schram, Chatham, 75 years

               Died – John Bayne McPhail, Guelph, Ontario

Page 10

C2          Birthday – Mrs Thomas Gilbert, 88th on Wednesday

               Funeral – Stephen B Ripley, grandfather of Mrs Cecil Vanderick, Wednesday, buried Thamesville, 90th year

               Marriage – 25 September at Simcoe, Helen Forbes to Irwin S Henderson

               Marriage – 25 September at Simcoe, Scottie Forbes to Gordon G Myer

               Engagement – Edith Mildred, daughter of Mr & Mrs H G White, to Burton J, son of Mr & Mrs Gordon Newell

C3          Marriage – 18 September at Simcoe, Marion Audrey Wilson to William Joseph Darbyson

C4          Marriage – 20 September at St Williams, Helen Marr, daughter of Mrs Charles Fenton, to George Edward Cruickshank

               Marriage – Wednesday at Shedden, Estella Margaret, daughter of Mr & Mrs B O Schrader, to David Lloyd, son of Mrs Agnes Garrow

               Marriage – Monday at Port Burwell, C C Bates to Mrs Mary Dodds

Page 14

C1          Died – infant son of Mr & Mrs Fred Tompkins, Wednesday, buried Orwell cemetery

C2          Died – at Guelph, Ontario, Mrs J Bennett, 90th year

C3          Died – William Bruce, 16 years, 8 September London, accident


25 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Saturday

Page 1

C2          Died – William E “Billy” Onion, London, 67 years, WW I soldier

C3          Photo – repair to spire of Trinity Anglican church

C7          Photo – Jack Orrell, secretary for 21st Battalion Association

Page 2

C3          Died – Harry Arthur Wraith, 45, WW I soldier, Thursday, Stratford, nephew of Mr & Mrs E R Wraith

               Died – Mrs Dorothy Ilene, daughter of Mr & Mrs William Sims, of Aylmer, Friday, London, granddaughter of Mr & Mrs James Hopper, buried Aylmer Cemetery

Page 6

C1          Shower – Mildred Bowen to Sydney Dell

               Birthday – Albert Pearson, 82nd

C5          Engagement – Ruth Evelyn Tallman to Robert Glen Groom, 9 Oct Hamilton

Page 7

C3          Photo – Miss Mary Wilkinson, murder victim, Dr Charles A Cline, Mrs Emily Robertson

C7          Died – Wilson Woodley, 74 years, Saturday, Waterford

C8          Born – Lindores – 10 Aug Brazil, David Stuart, son of Rev & Mrs Thomas

               Died – Bremner – 24 Sept, Walter Thomas “Bill”, husband of Catherine, father of Mrs William Anderson, Mrs Al Passcine, Mrs Blake Ball, 56th year, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               In Memoriam – Pountney, Walter E, 25 Sept 1933

Page 10

C1          Died – Mr Snok, 2 wks ago in Simcoe

C4          Funeral – Mrs William West, buried St Thomas cemetery

C5          Died – Walter “Bill” Bremner, WW I soldier, Friday, 56 years, husband of Catherine, buried Holy Angels cemetery

Second Section

Page 11

               Reunion – 21st Battalion: photos: 21st Battalion at Rhine 13 Dec 1918; Lt-Col H E Pense, Henry Harvey, Capt D M Goudy, Brig-Gen W St. P Hughes

Page 12

               Photo – Rev-Major W E Kidd, padre of 21st Battalion

Page 13

C2          Died – Mrs Margaret Demaray, Thursday, Caradoc Twp, 89th year, daughter of Hugh Seed & Jane Hodgins, widow of Aaron who died 1914

               Birthday – Mrs Jemina Cochrane, 83 years on 24 September

C3          Photo – Southwold & Dunwich Agricultural Society: P S Croft, C S Butler, George Lethbridge, W R Pollard, W Munro, W Miller, J F Oldham, Duncan Brown, C E Moore, E S Downs, Herbert Parks, Frank Coutts, Ed Stover, M B Stafford, R Carswell

C4          Photo – Southwold Boys’ Foal Club: Andrew Crawford of Guelph, F S Thomas, Murray Bogart, Dean Bogart, Ralph Heidt, Raymond Downs, John McNaughton

Page 15

               Continued from page 11- Report of history of 21st Battalion: photo- Capt Fred T Hart, Ross Hart, Lt-Col Hugh Cameron

Page 16

C2          Marriage – 25 Sept Simcoe, Helen Forbes to Irwin Stewart Henderson

               Marriage – 25 Sept Simcoe, Scottie Forbes to Gordon Gibson Myer

C3          Marriage – 5 Sept London, Dorothy Grace, daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Allen, to Leonard Leroy, son of Mrs Amelia & late George Neil

               Marriage – 25 Sept London, Hilda Mary Seager to Paul de Bercey Rechnitzer

Page 20

C5          Engagement – Helen Pearl, daughter of Mr & Mrs Tennant Drennan, to Archibald Angus, son of Mr & Mrs C T Townsend

               Shower – Mildred Bowen & Sydney Dell

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs A S MacPherson, 25th, married Scotland 6 Sept 1912

C6          Engagement – Margory Eleanor Gregory to William J Robinson

               Engagement – Annie Catherine Warnock to Herbert Ferguson Lee

               Engagement – Olive Thelma Stewart to Ewart Andrew Bartley

               Marriage – 25 Sept Toronto, Margaret Elizabeth Dawson to John Harwood Mitchell


27 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Monday

Page 1

C2          Died – Thomas Frederick Clark, Saturday, 69 years, continued p7 c5

C7          Died – Bernice Muriel Brear, 15 years, Sunday, London, granddaughter of Mrs J B Arbour, sister of Mrs Walter Ward of Yarmouth Twp, buried Union cemetery

Page 6

C2          Died – Dr Maude Nattras, London, wife of Joseph, 50 years, sister of Ernest Willison, MRs R S Robinson, Mrs William Hoshal

               Funeral – Thomas T Dowler, buried Fingal cemetery

               Funeral – John Ault Darrow, Sunday, buried Tillsonburg cemetery

C5          Died – Uz Mabee, Saturdayaccident, 55 years

Page 7

C2          Died – Frederick Smith, 17 Sept, Bismarck, 62 years, husband of Helen Orrell, father of Mrs William Watkins, Mrs G B Grant, Mrs Clark Oldreive, Mrs James F Jones

C4          Funeral – Walter Thomas Bremner, Monday, buried Holy Angels cemetery

               Funeral – Harry Walter Thomas, Saturday

C5          Died – Tom Clark, buried Union cemetery

C8          Born – Farley, 16 Sept London, son of T W

               Born – Morice, 25 Sept Niagara Falls NY, James Lowry, son of John

               Born – Colledge, 23 Sept, John Avery, son of George

               Born – Vince, 19 Sept, son of W J

               Born – Leigh, 6 Sept, Ivey Joan, daughter of Gerald

               Born – Kincaid, 18 Sept Hamilton, son of T Garfield, (nee Verda Gardner)

               Born – Ryder, 15 Sept, Florence Thelma, daughter of Fred

               Born – Bish, 10 Sept Brantford, Donald Russell, son of Ken

               Born – Rooke, 18 Sept, daughter of Thomas

               Born – Lines, 20 Sept, daughter of Edward

               Born – Lindsay, 18 Sept, Shirley May, daughter of Charles

               Born – Brown, 17 Sept, daughter of Harold

               Born – Scott, 19 Sept, daughter of John

               Born – Rice, 21 Sept, son of Earl

               Born – Kells, 10 Sept Petrolia, Margaret Helen, daughter of Gordon

               Born – Maginn, 11 Sept Petrolia, son of Clarence

               Born – Stevens, 21 Sept Petrolia, daughter of Charles,(nee Dorothy Whitlock)

               Born – Deswoef, 21 Sept, daughter of Leopold

               Born – Milton, 21 Sept, son of Fred

               Born – Harvey, 21 Sept, son of Clarence

               Born – Benn, 21 Sept, son of Kenneth

               Died – Turrill, 26 Sept, Miss Margaret, 73rd year, buried Sparta cemetery

               Died – Clark, 26 Sept, Thomas Frederick, 69 years, buried Union cemetery

Page 8

C1          Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William H Gregg, 50th, parents of Carroll Gregg & Mrs Cecil Day, nee Mary J Evans, married 21 Sept 1887 Gorrie

C2          Marriage – 27 Sept, St Thomas, Martha Margaret, daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Lichti, to Albert Frederick, son of Mr & Mrs H Marshall

               Marriage – Saturday London, Mary Jean Laidlaw to Charles Johnston

 C3          Marriage – at Kingsville, Malinda Brown to Maurice E George

               Marriage – Saturday Windsor, Mary Defields to Kenneth J Libby

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Astles, of London, 50th

C5          Marriage – Saturday, Monckton, New Brunswick, Frances Ethel Storey to Alexander E Sinclair

               Engagement – Amy Grace Howitt to Angus Dunvar, 30 Oct Guelph

               Engagement – Margaret Christina McKellar to George Cameron McHattie, 9 Oct

               Engagement – Mary Emily Wright to Dr Edward Alfred John McKittrick

Page 10

C1          Died – John S Cousins, 26 Sept, London, of Belmont, 79 years, widower of Mary Kirk

C2          Funeral – Richard Horley, Sunday, Vienna, brother of Mrs H Johnson, grand uncle of Mrs Anna Wiltsie

C4          Birthday – Capt Mark Berry, Pt Stanley, 94th

               Shower – Mildred Bowen & Sydney Dell

C6          Funeral – J Wilcox Woodley, 25 Sept, Waterford, son of Mary VanLoon, born 1860, buried Greenwood cemetery, Waterford

C7          Funeral – at Oil City, Roderick J MacDonald, 72nd year, of Dawn Twp

               Died – J O “Clem” Hollands, Toronto, 71st year

               Funeral – Oliver Wallace Campbell, Wednesday, Strathroy, 68th year, buried Strathroy cemetery

               Inquest – Andy Snok, Rhineland, 17 September

               Died – Eli Burrows, of Lambeth, Thursday, 63rd year, husband of Lucy Law

 C8          Funeral – William Scott White, died Friday, held Monday, 35 years, husband of Janet Grant

Page 14

C2          Died – Miss Margaret Turrill, Sunday, 73rd year, daughter of Isaac Turrill & Isabel Mills, buried Sparta cemetery

C3          Photo – James MacKenzie


28 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Tuesday

Page 1

C7          Died – Johnny Jacques, 10 years, 28 Sept, Thamesville, accident

Page 6

C1          Marriage – Marie Takey to Dr R W Hughes, Owen Sound Saturday

               Birthday – Marie Lindsay, 10th

               Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Fred Haggan, 25th

Page 7

C2          Inquest – Thomas F Clark, died Sunday

C8          Born – White, 22 Sept, daughter of Harry

               Born – Montrose, 23 Sept, son of George A

               Born – Millard, 23 Sept, son of Clayton

               Born – Miller, 24 Sept, daughter of Frederick

               Born – Norman, 24 Sept, daughter of John

               Born – Schweyer, 14 Sept Hamilton, son of Percy, (nee Fern Humber)

               Born – Ivey , 20 Sept, Charles Landon, son of Raymond, (nee Dorothy Hartwell)

               Born – Rice, 21 Sept, son of Earl

               Born – Rowley, 21 Sept, Judith Ann, daughter of W A, (nee Peggy Burns)

               Born – Parker – 26 Sept, Byron Alvin, son of Gerald, (nee Ann Sim)

               Born – Dale, 22 Sept, Howard Robert, son of Dick

               In Memoriam – Blair, Peter N, 28 Sept 1934

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Eva Mercy Payne to Archie Donald Ross, 23 Oct, St Catharines

C3          Engagement – Detta Evelyn Packham to Orland Albert Atkinson

               Engagement – Leatha Irene Waldick to Kenneth Hall

 C6          Marriage – Monday Gladstone, Alma Laura, daughter of Mr & Mrs G L Shackleton, to Clarence Murray, son of B W & late Mrs Malpass

               Marriage – Monday Gladstone, Dorothy Ilene, daughter of Mr & Mrs G L Shackleton, to Elmer James, son of Mr & Mrs James Garton

               Marriage – Friday Simcoe, Doris Madeleine Foster to Woodrow J Earp

C7          Marriage – Saturday Ridgetown, Margaret Eleanor Reek to William Charles Keyes

               Marriage – Saturday Pt Burwell, Wilfred Vale to Edith May, daughter of Mrs A Walker

Page 10

C2          Died – Mrs Elizabeth Pollet, wife of Emeris, 41 years, of Delhi, buried Delhi cemetery

C6          Died – Charles Lorne Algie, Monday, London, WW I soldier, brother of Mrs J W Martin, Mrs A G Dixon, Mrs Agnes Curran, buried St Thomas cemetery

C7          Died – Dougald MacPherson, Mono Mills, 87th year, born Scotland

               Died – William Robb, 46 years, Monday, Bright’s Grove

               Funeral – Mrs Janet Smith, widow of Edward, Monday Ridgetown

Page 11

C4          Children of Andy Snok; grandchildren of Joseph Demcko; Mr & Mrs John Snok

Page 12

C2          Photo – Bill Rose, St Thomas Lions football

Page 14

C1          Died – Miss Bernice Muriel Brear, Saturday, infantile paralysis


 29 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Wednesday

Page 6

C3          Birthday – Mrs Rachel Ackert, 96th on 23 Sept, aunt of Mrs B Craft & Leon Eberhart

C7          Died – Walter John Bartlett, 83 years, of Woodstock

               Died – Mrs Russell Nunn, Ingersoll, 48th year, nee Minard

Page 8

C1          Marriage – Effie McFarlane to Harry Robbins

Page 9

C7          Funeral – Thomas Clark, Tuesday, buried Union cemetery

C8          Born – Piette, 27 Sept, son of Webber

               Died – Brincker, 28 Sept, Miss Mary, 70 years, buried St Thomas cemetery

Page 10

C2          Engagement – Vera Marguerite, daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Olsen, to Marwood Morris, son of John & late Mrs Ashton

               Marriage – Saturday Windsor, Esther Jean Stover to Thomas Earl Pollard

               Shower – Janet Christina Thornicraft & Peter McNeil

C3          Marriage – Saturday London, Marjorie Beatrice Forsyth to Joseph Shannon Nolan

Page 12

C3          Died – Finlay McDonald, of East Nissouri Twp, 61st year, husband of Sophia McLeod

C5          Funeral – Miss Margaret Turrill, Tuesday, buried Sparta cemetery

Page 14

C5          Photo – Frank Eden, St Thomas Lions football

Page 16

C2          Died – George Gerry Steele, Monday, London, born 1862, Michigan, husband of Ida Elzona Martin, father of Mrs George W Hammond; brother of Carrie E Steele, Mrs Maria Upper; buried Woodland cemetery, photo

               Died – Miss Mary Brincker, Tuesday, 70 years, sister of late Mrs Amos Barnes; buried St Thomas cemetery

               Funeral – Lew C Cosan, 25 Sept, Detroit, buried Woodland cemetery [Detroit]


 30 September 1937 (Last Edition)  Thursday

Page 8

C2          Died – Mrs Catherine Suehring, 87th year, 30 Sept, Stratford, nee Schaur

               Died – Mrs Russell Nunn, 48th year, Ingersoll

Page 10

               Photos- #3- Aylmer Fair Board; Norman R Martin, Arthur Caverly, J P Coombes, Spencer McConnell, H Ryckman, Mayor H J Davis, George Laidlaw

               #1- Irene May, horse jump

               #4 – Judges: M W Staples, Hugh Darroch, H B Powers

C1          Died – Dorothy Irene Sims, Friday, London, of Aylmer, 11 months, granddaughter of Mr & Mrs James Hopper, Mr & Mrs Joseph Sims, buried Aylmer Cemetery

               Marriage – 28 Sept Toronto, [Rev] Fred E Dunn to Constance, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Worsley

C3          Died – William Armstrong, of Winnipeg, Toronto, brother of Mrs F Sinden

               Funeral – William White, Monday, buried Delhi

C5          Died – Richard Horley, Thursday, 88th year, buried Otter Valley cemetery

Page 11

C1          Died – infant son of Mr & Mrs Willmont Balsdon, grandson of Mr & Mrs H L McDonald & Mr & Mrs J R Balsdon

C5          Funeral – Miss Mary Brincker, Thursday, buried St Thomas cemetery

C8          Born – Soper, 26 Sept, Sheila Olean, daughter of Harold

               In Memoriam – Coughlin, Mrs Madge J, 30 Sept 1927

               In Memoriam – Wall, Dorothy, daughter of Mr & Mrs E Wall, 30 Sept 1928

Page 12

C2          Engagement – Frances Isabelle, daughter of Mrs M E Mayne, to Frank R, son of Mrs M Greene, 23 Oct, London

               Engagement – Clara M A, daughter of Mrs M E & late William Portlock, to William David, son of Mr & Mrs D Garraway, 16 Oct

C3          Shower – Courtney Ryan, granddaughter of J A Kilpatrick & John Tovell, Toronto

C5          Marriage – Frances Madeline Wade to Albert Lyle Purdy, Ridgetown

Page 18

C1          Funeral – Nichol McIntyre, Lobo village, father of Mrs O Butcher & F K McNeil