STTJ 1929 Mar-May

St. Thomas  Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

March through May 1929

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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1 March 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – William McMillan, 71st year, brother of J. J. McMillan


Page 4

c2        Birthday – Mrs Robert Porter of Forest, 71st

c2        Birthday – Norman Kilmer of Corinth, 15th

c2        Birthday – Ileen Kilmer of Aylmer, 6th

c4        Married – Clarence Okely Leverton, son of John T. Leverton to Irene Patricia Bushell, daughter of R. W. Bushell

c4        Married – James Leo Boughner to Forence May Kent


Page 6

c1        Died – Harvey O’Higgins, 54th year, Feb 28

c1        Died – Reginald Needham, 29 years, Feb 28

c3        Died – Mrs Naomi VanVelzor, 80th year, Feb 25


Page 8

c1        Engagement – Gordon Earle Axford, son of Arscott Axford to Laura Jean Millman, daughter of Albert Millman

c1        Birthday – Elmer Bowen, 18th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Frank Lafortune, nee Mary Elizabeth Lake of Simcoe, 50th

c4        Died – John Walker, Feb 28

c4        Funeral – Mrs Mary Matilda Hunter, Feb 28, mother of L. Ward Hunter

c4        Funeral – Mrs Donald Cameron, Feb 28

c5        Inquest – Death of George Crittenden of Yarmouth, Feb 28


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Egerton Tinlin, nee Annie Armstrong, 47th year, Mar 1, mother of Jean, Anna Bell, Pauline and Maitland Tinlin

c7        Died – George Willard Vaughan, 52 years, Mar 1

c8        Born – Daughter of McKellar McArthur, Feb 24

c8        Born – Donald Richard Russell, son of F. Clark Russell, Feb 24

c8        Born – Betty Eileen Wright, daughter of Fred Wright, Feb 9

c8        Died – Mrs Anncella Kelso, 88 years, Feb 26, widow of Hugh Kelso

c8        Died – George Crittenden, 77 years, Feb 28

2 March 1929

Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Etta Lombard, Mar 1, mother of Mrs William Garrow

c7        Funeral – John R. Stevenson, Mar 1

c8        Born – Daughter of F. Rodgers, Feb 27

c8        Died – George Willard Vaughan, 52 years, Mar 1

c8        Died – Mrs Annie Tinlin, nee Armstrong, 47th year, Mar 1

c8        Memoriam – Joseph Thomas, Mar 2 1927, by daughter Mrs Bert MacDonald


Page 8

c2        Died – Daniel A. Grout, Feb 27, son of William Grout; father of William & Catherine Grout; brother of Mrs Catherine Linton and Mrs John Carlyle

c4        Died – Robert Young, 86 years, Feb 28

c4        Died – Gilbert Bedell, 85 years

c4        Died – John T. Ward, 41st year

c4        Died – William Henry Twigg, 56 years

c4        Died – Walter Parker, 69 years, Feb 26


Page 10

c1        Died – Mrs Sarah Holborn, Mar 2, widow of John Holborn

2 March 1929

Second Section

Page 20

c6        Engagement – Russell Ford Lacey, son of J. G. Lacey to Leona Cynthia Davis, daughter of William Davis

3 March 1929

Page 1

c6        Photo – Roemer G. Robertson, son of Jasper N. Robertson of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Richard Shaw to Mary Frances Taylor, daughter of Mrs Della Taylor of Aylmer

c2        Engagement – Robert Eatough to Clara Ellen Ewin, daughter of Robert Ewin of Belmont

c3        Engagement – James Stevenson Fry, son of Henry Fry to Beatrice Pratt, daughter of E. C. Pratt

c3        Married – Arthur Robinson to Lillian Stuart, daughter of James Stuart

c3        Married – Randolph John Churchill, son of Frederick J. Churchill to Elizabeth Robertson Brown, daughter of James O. Brown


Page 7

c3        Died – John Whitney Musgrove, 31 years, Feb 27, son of Dr G. J. Musgrove; husband of Mrs Bessie Musgrove, nee Valentine; father of Jack and Carolyn Musgrove; brother of W. M. Musgrove and Mrs G. K. Chapman

c4        Died – John Styles, 79th year, Mar 4, son of John & Eliza Styles, nee Freeman

c7        Funeral – Mrs Ancella Kelso, Mar 2

c7        Funeral – George Crittenden, Mar 2

c8        Born – Norman Ronald Cook, son of Wilbert & Nora Cook, nee Bogart, Feb 26

c8        Born – Annalee Berneice Voaden, daughter of Carl & Verda Voaden, nee Ferguson, Mar 3

c8        Born – Daughter of Leslie A. Crosbie, Feb 14

c8        Born – Son of Hugh Kindy, Feb 22

c8        Born – William Lawrence Pelton Jr., son of w. L. Pelton, Feb 17

c8        Born – Daughter of William Rolston, Feb 20

c8        Born – Daughter of Harry Sales, Feb 19

c8        Born – Twin sons of Wallace Walker, Feb 9

c8        Died – John Styles, 79th year, Mar 4

c8        Died – Carolyn Grace Lee, 3 months, Mar 3, daughter of Neil Lee

c8        Memoriam – J. Montgomery, Mar 6 1925


Page 9

c1        Died – William A. Harwood, 49th year, Feb 28

c4        Died – Mrs W. J. Craig, Mar 1

c4        Died – Mrs Sutton Frizell, nee Margaret Carney, 83 years, Mar 1

c4        Died – Clark tickner, 79th year, Mar 1

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Wardell, 68th year

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Elizabeth Mifflin, 58 years, Mar 1

c4        Died – Mrs Peter Bearss, nee Service, 64th year, Mar 1

c4        Died – Mrs Daniel Dunn, nee Susan Harvey, 79th year, Feb 21

c4        Died – Lundy Rockefeller, Feb 24, brother of Charles and Ainsley Rockefeller and Mrs Charles Spencer

c4        Died – Mrs Minnie C. Turk, 79 years, Mar 1, widow of John Turk, daughter of Peter J. Wigle

c4        Died – Mrs Ralph Waddle, nee Robina Sidway, 75th year, Fev 24

c4        Died – W. F. Wilson, father of Ford and Harold Wilson

c5        Died – Harvey O’Higgins, Feb 28 – Photo


Page 11

c4        Died – Mrs Ray Gadsby, nee Rachel Cameron, 87 years, Jan 4 1929, daughter of Alexander Cameron; mother of Dr C. C. Gadsby


Page 12

c3        Photo – Aylmer Grads Basketball Team – Glen Smith, Don Clarke, Ken Freeman, Marshal Thomson, Bill Bodkin, Bert Brown, Alvah Hollands, Allan Anderson, Al Christie, Clayton McCaulley, Don Holmes


Page 14

c1        Died – Carolyn Grace Lee, 3 months, Mar 3, daughter of Neil Lee; granddaughter of Leonard Lee and William Richards

5 March 1929

Page 4

c2        Birthday – Henry Lindop of St Thomas, 93rd

c3        Engagement – Herman Richmond, son of C. R. Richmond to Florence S. Langton, daughter of Robert Langton

c4        Died – Mrs David Williams, nee Alberta E. Burwell, Mar 4, daughter of Hannibal Burwell; granddaughter of Mahlon Burwell


Page 5

c1        Married – Leslie Howlett Smart to Vera Queenie Blatchford

c1        Married – Jacob Wigle, son of Alvin Wigle to Jane Marion Read, daughter of Ernest Read

c3        Funeral – George Vaughan, Mar 4

c3        Funeral – Mrs Annie Tinlin, nee Armstrong, Mar 4

c3        Funeral – Carolyn Grace Lee, Mar 4

c4        Honor Rolls – St Thomas Public Schools


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Davis, 86th year, Mar 4, daughter of Thomas & Jane Lightfoot; widow of Henry Davis

c5        Died – Mrs Richard Palmer, nee Augusta Louisa Plewes, 80th year, Feb 28

c6        Died – Mrs Jane Luckham, nee Thomas, 91st year, Mar 3, daughter of Enoch & Jane Thomas, nee Rees; widow of Thomas Luckham


Page 7

c8        Born – Son of Rev J. M. & Eva MacGillivray, nee Smith, Mar 2

c8        Born – Estelle Laurine Hayes, daughter of George & Dorothy Hayes, nee McEwan, Mar 4

c8        Married – Leslie Hewlett Smart to Vera Queenie Blatchford

c8        Died – John Styles, 79th year, Mar 4


Page 8

c4        Died – Mary Louise ‘Minnie’ Smith, Mar 5, daughter of George & Catherine Smith

c4        Funeral – Mrs Jane Driver, 75 years, Mar 5

c4        Died – Mrs Charles W. McCarron, nee deGurse, 36 years, Mar 5

c4        Died – William H. Pitfield, 87 years, Mar 5

c4        Died – Mrs Lewis Weir, 45 years, Mar 1, daughter of Charles Sprowle

c4        Died – Mrs John A. Zimmer, nee Florence May Roberts, 29th year, Mar 3

c4        Died – B. T. Thornton, 74 years, Mar 1, son of Thomas & Susan Thornton, nee Powers

c4        Died – Mrs Reuben Hambly, nee Sarah Ann McIntyre, 83rd year, daughter of Squire Hugh McIntyre

c4        Died – Mrs Frank Pole, 73rd year, Mar 2, daughter of James Eddie

6 March 1929

Page 4

c3        Engagement – William Stanley McKibbon, son of W. H. McKibbon to Marguerite Deslippe, daughter of Thomas Deslippe

c4        Married – Wilfred Henry Boulton to Mrs Lillian Turnbull, nee McMaster

c4        Married – James Alexander Gunn to Alice May Kennedy, daughter of John F. Kennedy


Page 5

c7        Funeral – Mrs John Holborn, Mar 4


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs Annie Knight, nee Storey, 57 years, Mar 6, widow of John Knight; mother of John Roy and Hector Percy Knight; sister of Mrs Alfred Coulter and Mrs George Heath; grandmother of Doris and Jean Knight

c4        Died – Thomas Parish, 71 years, Mar 6

c4        Died – George McKee, 84th year, Mar 4

c4        Died – Mrs Adena Facey, 34 years, Mar 5, daughter of Bert Walpass; wife of Wilbert Facey; sister of Oscar, Jackson, Murray, Russell and Frank Walpass

c6        Died – George McKee, 84th year, Mar 4, husband of Mrs Sarah McKee; father of Wilbert, Ernest and Archie McKee and Mrs Hubbard Steiner; brother of Daniel McKee and Mrs Duncan Love

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Martha Gardner, Mar 6 1926

c7        Memoriam – Emanuel Davey, Mar 6 1922

c8        Born – James Edward Trump, son of Nelson F. & Marguerite A. Trump, nee Tanner, Feb 28

c8        Born – Estelle Laurine Hayes, daughter of George & Dorothy Hayes, nee McEwan, Mar 4

c8        Born – Arthur Donald Darrough, son of A. Darrough, Mar 3

c8        Born – John Franklyn Acheson, son of J. C. Acheson, Mar 3

c8        Born – Son of Dr Perry King, Mar 4

c8        Born – Marie Isabel Russell, daughter of J. A. Russell, Feb 23

c8        Died – Thomas Parish, 71 years, Mar 6

c8        Died – Mrs Annie Knight, nee Storey, 57 years, Mar 6


Page 8

c1        Shower – Mr & Mrs R. McCallum

c4        School Reports – February – SS No 4 Southwold and Yarmouth Heights

c5        Died – Mrs Mary Turner, 60 years, Mar 4, wife of George Turner

c5        Died – Mrs Annie May Rowe, nee Jackson, Mar 5, wife of Harry E. Rowe

c5        Died – John Hendry, 54th year, Mar 4

7 March 1929

Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G. Whale, nee Sara Jane Jacklin of Wallacetown, 50th

c2        Died – Mrs Ada Fitzsimons, 66th year, Mar 6, daughter of Mrs William Groom; wife of Thomas Fitzsimmons


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Davis, Mar 6

c3        Birthday – Ed Hotchkiss of Bayham, 74th

c4        School Reports – February, Elgin County Schools


Page 9

c4        Funeral – John Styles, Mar 6

c6        Memoriam – Peter C. Stewart, Mar 8 1924

c6        Memoriam – Andrew Mills, March 6 1928

c8        Born – Daughter of Archibald Hunter, Feb 27

c8        Died – Thomas Parish, 71 years, Mar 6

c8        Died – Mrs John Knight, 57 years, Mar 6


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Mrs John Knight, nee Annie Storey, Mar 8

c2        Died – Miss Mary Gorman, 77th year, Mar 6, daughter of Daniel Gorman; sister of Mrs K. White, burial Holy Angels’ Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c2        Died – James Rankin, 84 years, Mar 6

8 March 1929

Page 4

c1        Married – Rev R. A. Skidmore to Hazel Margaret Shore, daughter of W. J. Shore

c2        Funeral – Mrs L. Bennett, cousin of Mrs Templin and Robert Waite

c2        Engagement – Vane Stanley Lambert to Ina Gertrude Jones, daughter of S. B. Jones

c2        Shower – Mrs J. M. McArthur, nee Eileen Cook


Page 6

c2        Died – William H. Bauslaugh, 82 years, son of Peter Bauslaugh

c3        Died – Joseph Cookson, 78 years, Mar 7

c4        Died – Harry Wood, 47 years, Mar 6, husband of Mrs Flossie Wood, nee Poole

c4        School Reports – February, Calton School


Page 7

c5        Died – Betty Ellen Marr, 3 months, Mar 7, daughter of William Marr; sister of Margaret, Jack and Albert Marr; granddaughter of William Marr and Fred Judson. Burial Love Cemetery, no stone found – CVH


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Duncan Ferguson, nee Mary Graham, 91 years, mothr of Mrs Thompson, Tena, Margaret and Dugald Ferguson

c7        Memoriam – Peter C. Stewart, Mar 8 1924

c7        Memoriam – Edward Frederick Thompsn, Mar 8 1928

c7        Memoriam – Thirza J. Cornish, Mary 8 1928

c7        Memoriam – Ethel May Clifford, Mar 8 1924

c8        Born – Daughter of Earl H. Lindsay, Mar 6

c8        Born – Daughter of Duncan D. Johnson, Mar 1

c8        Died – Miss Mary Gorman, 77th year, Mar 6, Aunt of Miss Maud Dalton

c8        Died – Betty Allen Marr, 3 months, Mar 7, daughter of William Marr

9 March 1929

Page 1

c5        Died – John Henry King, 59 years, Mar 9, son of John B. King; brother of Christoper & James King and Mrs J. Lowry


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Charles White, sister-in-law of W. J. White


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Miss Mary Gorman, Mar 9

c2        Funeral – Betty Ellen Marr, Mar 8

c2        Funeral – Thomas Parish, Mar 8

c2        Funeral – Mrs Annie Knight, Mar 8

c3        Died – Mrs Ellen Ann Forrest, Mar 8, widow of John Forest; daughter of Charles and Ellen Ann Johnson

c4        Died – Dr Arthur L. Phelps,. 28 years, Mar 8, son of Mrs Martha A. Phelps

c7        Died – Harold J. Young, 33 years, Mar 9

c7        Died – Mrs Ellen Ann Forrest, 73 years, Mar 8

c7        Died – John Henry King, 59 years, Mar 9

c8        Born – William Bruce Learn, son of Bruce Learn, Mar 3

c8        Born – Daughter of George Thomas, Feb 24

c8        Born – Daughter of McKellar McArthur, Feb 24

c8        Born – Gordon Bowley Gill, son of Charles W. Gill, Feb 28

c8        Born – June Marion Bogart, daughter of Howard & Helen Bogart, nee Cameron, Mar 3

c8        Born – Phyllis Jean Hill, daughter of Britton T. & Inez Hill, nee Moody, Feb 28

c8        Born – Son of Gordon McWilliams, Mar 7

c8        Born – Daughter of D. D. Johnson, Mar 1

c8        Born – Son of R. Byfield, Mar 7


Page 8

c1        Died – Miss Mary Brown, 48th year, Mar 8, sister of Mrs Jacob Hux, Mrs henry Miller, Mrs Margaret Miller, Annie, Christopher, Jacob and Andrew Brown

c1        Died – John Quinn, 72 years, Mar 8

c2        Photo – Rodney Boys – Aubrey Easton, George Hanley, Bill Smith, John Lowry, Hugh Galbraith, Robert Fairles, Gordon Campbell


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs T. Wright, 86 years, Feb 24, mother of Mrs Jane Pullen, Mrs T. Race and Mrs H. Gregory


9 March 1929

Second Section

Page 20

c2        Engagement – Edward Lorne Flint, son of Edward E. Flint to Miss Ruth Isabel Barrett, daughter of Frank N. Barrett – Photo

c6        Engagement – E. J. McKenzie, son of J. R. McKenzie to Madeline Baldwin, daughter of A. M. Baldwin

c7        Shower – Leona Cynthia Davis, niece of Mrs Charles McLeod

c7        Shower – Mrs John Albert Marshall, nee Elva Bernath

c7        Engagement – Gordon Erle Axford to Jean Millman, daughter of Bert Millman

c8        Birthday – Wanda Shipp of St Thomas, 9th, daughter of Mrs S. Shipp

11 March 1929

Page 5

c1        Died – George Lewis, son of Francis & Mary Jane Lewis; husband of Mrs Annie Grace Lewis, nee Fitzgerald

c1        Died – Mrs Albert G. Pearson, nee Margaret Taylor, 68 years, Mar 8

c2        Married – V. L. Williams, son of L. Williams to Olga May Oke, daughter of George Oke

c2        Married – John Robert Hamilton, son of Robert Hamilton to Phyllis Mary Hall, daughter of Harry Hall

c2        Married – Earl Leroy Young to Grace Lydia Jewell, daughter of Jeffery Jewell

c2        Died – Mrs Amelia R. Moore, Mar 8, widow of William Moore


Page 6

c2        Died – George Anscombe, 77th year, Mar 8

c4        Died – Mrs Caleb H. Burdick, Mar 10


Page 7

c1        Died – Harold J. Young, Mar 9

c1        Died – Miss Nina Stanton, Mar 10, daughter of James Stanton

c3        Died – Mrs Frances Holloway, 70th year, Mar 10, widow of Samuel Holloway

c4        Died – Mrs Frederick Chaplow, nee Margaret Grace Walker, 44 years, Mar 10

c4        Funeral – John H. King, Mar 11

c7        Memoriam – William Blake, Mar 11 1917

c8        Born – Son of Ernest & Alice Pierce, nee Morris, Feb 27

c8        Died – Mrs Margaret Grace Chaplow, 45th year, Mar 10

c8        Died – Mrs Frances Holloway, 70th year, Mar 10

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Morris, 74 years, Mar 9, wife of George Morris

c8        Died – Nina Stanton, 58 years, Mar 10


Page 8

c3        Died – Mrs Frederick Tilt, nee Clarabel Bake, 49 years, Mar 10, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Bake

12 March 1929

Page 4

c1        Married – Harley Willis McCurdy, son of Richard McCurdy to Ruby May Jenkins, daughter of Charles Jenkins

c2        Engagement – Stephen Allan Thomas to Margaret Dorothea Smythe, daughter of Robert Gordon Smythe

c5        Died – Mrs Katherine Emma Kelly, 97th year, widow of David Kelly


c3        Died – Frank Victor Marsden, Mar 11, son of J. W. Marsden


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Dr Arthur Phelps, Mar 11

c2        Died – Mrs Eliza Simon, 65 years, wife of Richard Simon; sister of Thomas Connoy

c4        Died – Mrs Eunice Ann Ryan, 79th year, Mar 9, widow of Ebenezer Ryan


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Jack Wilkinson, sister of Winsor Milnes

c1        Funeral – Mrs Ellen Ann Forrest, Mar 11

c1        Funeral – Harold J. Young, Mar 11

c3        Died – John Cunliffe, Mar 11

c7        Died – Mrs Eliza Henrietta Morris, nee Kerfoot, 71 years, Mar 9, wife of John Morris; mother of Milton, Hervert, Carolyn and Hazel Morris, Mrs Alice Pierce and Mrs C. A. Mair

c7        Born – Son of J. Blaxall, Mar 7

c7        Memoriam – Lillian & Dorothy Catchpole, Mar 12 1915

c8        Born – Joyce Thomas, daughter of Fred Thomas, Mar 10

c8        Born – Son of Emery Clause, Mar 7

13 March 1929

Page 3

c4        Died – Mrs Esther Watterman, nee Smith, 69 years, Mar 11, widow of Hamilton Watterman (Waterman)


Page 4

c3        Married – Gordon Erle Axford, son of Arscott Axford to Laura Jean Millman, daughter of Albert Millman

c3        Married – Russell Ford Lacey, son of John Lacey to Leona Cynthia Davis, daughter of William Davis

c3        Married – Charles Hatcher, son of J. B. Hatcher to Mabel Irene Craik, daughter of George Craik


Page 6

c1        Died – Benjamin Zavitz, 90 years, son of Ben & Esther Zavitz; widow of Mrs Barbara Zavitz, nee Stephenson

c2        Died – Mrs Abner Fick, Mar 6


Page 8

c6        Died – Mrs A. R. Lounsberry, 72nd year, Mar 13


Page 9

c3        Funeral – Mrs Frederick Chaplow, Mar 12

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary Morris, Mar 12

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs B. Brown, nee Victoria Hall of Comber, 50th , parents of Everett W. Brown

c6        Memoriam – Mrs Elizabeth North, Mar 13 1919, by daughter of Mrs C. A. Robbins

c8        Born – Betty Anthes, daughter of Howard & Babe Anthes, nee Scafe, Mar 5

c8        Died – Mrs Esther Watterman, 69 years, Mar 11

14 March 1929

Page 4

c4        Birthday – Josephine Fellowes, 10th, daughter of Joseph Fellowes

c4        Birthday – Georgina Jewell, 18th, daughter of Ross E. Jewell


Page 7

c2        Birthday – Rev H. Wood of Springfield, 94th

c4        Married – John MacKenzie, son of John R. MacKenzie to Madeline Baldwin, daughter of James A. Baldwin


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs A. R. Lounsberry, 72nd year, Mar 13


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Fleming, Mar 12

c4        Trial – Harry Bruce Claypole of St Thomas

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Page, 61 years, Mar 13, daughter of Mrs Margaret McCallum; mother of Frank D. Page; sister of Donald, Dugald, Archibald, Hugh and Miles McCallum

c7        Funeral – Mrs Frances Holloway, Mar 13

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Page, 61 years, Mar 13

c8        Memoriam – Mrs May Imrie, Mar 14 1928

15 March 1929

Page 4

c2        Engagement – Wesley Grenville Ross, son of Hugh Ross to Lois Josephine Fordham, daughter of Harry Fordham

c2        Birthday – Mrs John Dobie of Glencoe, 90th, mother of Mrs Ross Watterworth

c2        Engagement – H. Leigh Farncomb, son of Henry Farncomb to Lucy Leigh Trafford

c2        Engagement of George Charles Deno, son of Frank W. Deno to Florence McGregor, daughter of F. C. McGregor

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Benjamin Brown of Comber, 50th


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Agur, Mar 12, wife of Thomas C. Agur

c2        Died – Mrs John Martin, nee Mary Louise Wilcox, 69th year, Mar 8, daughter of Edward Smith and Lucy Matilda Wilcox, nee Durfy; mother of Robert & James Martin, Mrs Charles Beecraft, Mrs Thomas Wright and Mrs Edward Allen and Delbert Martin (deceased)


Page 7

c1        Died – James Stewart, Mar 15, father of Mrs Harrow, Mrs McDermitt, Mrs Forbes, Charles & Robert Stewart

c2        Funeral – Mrs John Morris, Mar 12

c2        Funeral – Mrs Esther Ann Waterman, Mar 14


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Caleb Burdick, Mar 13

c5        Died – Mrs Margaret Fryfogel, Mar 14, wife of Richard Fryfogel; mother of Fanny Fryfogel and Mrs W. C. Forbes

c6        Died – Mrs Maria Oldreive, nee Boone, Mar 14, mother of George & Emma Oldrieve


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Anne Hind, nee Sayer, 83 years, Mar 15, widow of John Hind

c3        Died – Mrs Fred Tilt, nee Clara Bake, 30th year, Mar 10

c8        Died – Mary Page, Mar 13

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Fanny Cole, Mar 15 1927

c8        Memoriam – Charlotte Lawson, Mar 15 1924

16 March 1929

Page 6

c2        Funeral – Mrs Catherine E. Kelly, Mar 14

c3        Died – Mrs Emmeline Balcom, nee Ostrander, Mar 16, widow of Hiram Z. Balcom


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Catherine DeClute, nee Rose, 87 years, Mar 15, widow of Andrew DeClute

c2        Died – Mrs Emma Reed, 52 years, Mar 15, widow of Alfred John Reed

c5        Born – Mary Ruth Ramage, daughter of George E. Ramage, Mar 16

c5        Died – Mrs Emma Reed, 52 years, Mar 15

c5        Died – James Stewart, 88 years, Mar 15

c5        Died – Mrs Anne Hind 83 years, Mar 15

c5        Died – Mrs Margaret Fryfogel, 70 years, Mar 14

c5        Died – Mrs Catherine DeClute, 87 years, Mar 15

c8        Memoriam – Ruth Amelia Collins, Mar 16 1926, by Vera, Wilbur, Edna and Hubert

c8        Memoriam – Irene Kilbourn, Mar 16 1928


Page 8

c1        Died – James M. Cole, Mar 15, husband of Mrs Kathleen Cole, nee Arkell

c4        Died – William Borland, 69th year, Mar 15

c4        Died – John Webster, 67 years, Mar 12

c4        Died – James Newman, 87 years, Mar 15

c4        Died – James Arthur Zimmerman, 71 years, Mar 15

c4        Died – Dr Enoch Arthur Always, 92 years, Mar 15


Page 12

c1        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Fryfogel, Mar 19

c2        Photo – Harold Corrie, son of W. H. Corrie of St Thomas


16 March 1929

Second Section

Page 13

c7        Photo – Jack Jewell, son of W. J. Jewell of Tillsonburg


Page 24

c2        Engagement – Alvin Vernon Loucks, son of W. A. Loucks to Thelma Leitha Winter, daughter of W. E. Winter – Photo

c6        Engagement – Albert Edward Long, son of James Long to Winnifred Nita Smith, daughter of James C. Smith

c6        Engagement – Gordon Loveday, son of Charles Loveday to Jean McCaig, daughter of George McCaig

c7        Birthday – Helen Gilbert, 4th, daughter of Earl Gilbert of St Thomas

18 March 1929

Page 1

c2        Retirement – Irwin Keyes of St Thomas – Photo

c6        Fire – Port Burwell General Store

c6        Died – Rev H. E. Thorneloe, Mar 17 – Photo


Page 4

c1        Birthday – C. W. Colter of St Thomas, 83rd

c3        Engagement – William Edgar Ballantyne, son of James Ballantyne to Margaret Elizabeth Benton, daughter of John W. Benton

c3        Birthday – Mrs Sarah Webster of St Thomas, 97th , mother of Ernest Webster

c5        Married – Norman Stacey Andrews to Mary Lent, daughter of William J. Taylor

c5        Married – Frederick Holness to Alice Pearl Allen, daughter of Kenneth Allen

c5        Married – Gordon N. Shaver to Mrs Hallia Ramsey Watson


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs A. R. Lounsberry, Mar 16

c2        Died – Vernus Orlando Berdan, 33 years, Mar 17, son of Albert Berdan

c3        Funeral – William Brubacker, 67 years, Mar 15


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Page, Mar 16

c8        Died – Mrs Frank Edmonds, nee Minnie Olds, daughter of D. Olds

c8        Born – Son of Stanley Ker, Mar 13

c8        Born – Arthur Raymond Kirkwood, son of James Kirkwood, Mar 17

c8        Died – Vernus Orlando Berdan, 33 years, Mar 17

c8        Died – George D. Minor, 72nd year, Mar 17

c8        Died – Edwin Bruce Bowes, 60th year, Mar 17


Page 8

c2        Died – Wesley Hamm, 63rd year, Mar 11, son of Samuel Hamm

c2        Died – George VanDallan, 31 years, Mar 15


Page 12

c4        Photo – St Thomas Wolverine Girls Hockey – Earle Burgess, manager; Sadie Watson; Cecelia Moore; Clara Moore; Helen Moore; Violet Alexander; Anna McManus; Dama Lumley; Florence Kidner; Margaret Ball


Page 14

c2        Birthday – Mrs Rachel Portsmouth of Mount Brydges, 94th

c3        Died – George D. Minor, 73rd year, Mar 17, father of Harold, Norman, Mrs William Marshall, Mrs William McKay and Mrs Robert Marshall; brother of Samuel Minor

19 March 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – St Thomas Masons – A. A. McNames and sons Gordon, Alexander, Howard and Harold


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Marcus C. Roszell to Eunice Annie Greenwood, daughter of Mrs U. Greenwood

c2        Engagement – Ross Howard Martyn, son of Angus & Annie E. Martyn to Adelene Helen Mooney, daughter of G. H. Mooney

c3        Engagement – Martin Froud, son of S. Froud to Mildred Luella Charlton, daughter of S. P. Charlton


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Balcom, Mar 18

c1        Funeral – Mrs A. Lounsberry, Mar 16

c3        Died – Mrs Rachael Hegler, nee Backus, 70th year, Mar 19

c3        Died – Cora Meddicott, 12 years, Mar 18, daughter of T. Meddicott

c3        Died – Wilma Stirling, 2 years, Mar 17, daughter of William Hebblethwaite

c3        Died – Andrew E. Leslie, 80 years, Mar 17

c4        Died – Mrs Vesta Ann Montgomery, nee Marr, 81 years, Mar 18, wife of Frank Montgomery


Page 7

c1        Died – William J. Walker, 65 years, Mar 18, brother-in-law of Mrs James P. McMullen

c2        Funeral – Mrs Catharine DeClute, Mar 18

c2        Funeral – James Stewart, Mar 18

c2        Funeral – Mrs Emma Reed, Mar 18

c2        Funeral – Mrs Anne Hind, Mar 18

c3        Died – Thomas Hague, 66 years, Mar 15, husband of Mrs Mary Hague, nee Byerlay

c7        Memoriam – Mrs A. H. Claridge, Mar 19 1928

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Alice C. Claridge, Mar 19 1928, by daughter Mrs Taylor

c8        Born – Daughter of Archie Jones, Mar 7

c8        Born – Billie Grose Shackleton, son of Maurice R. Shackleton, Mar 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Alvin Willsie, Mar 12

c8        Born – Daughter of W. H. & Elsie Hutchison, nee Griffiths, Mar 18

c8        Died – Mrs Vesta Ann Montgomery, 81 years, Mar 18


Page 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Maria Oldreive, nee Boone, Mar 16

20 March 1929

Page 1

c6        Died – Neil Campbell Sinclair, 61st year, Mar 20 – Photo, son of Colin & Flora Sinclair, nee Campbell; husband of Mrs Jean M. Sinclair, nee Miller; brother of Dr Duncan James Sinclair and John M. Sinclair


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Limon G. Ireland, son of George M. Ireland to Muriel Irene Luce, daughter of J. H. Luce


Page 5

c6        Died – Mrs William McKee, nee Betsy Jane Royal, 69 years, Mar 19, mother of Mrs Robert Crosson, William and Clair McKee; sister of Mrs George Patterson, Mrs O. Ken, Mrs Claude Irish, William, Daniel and James Royal

c6        Funeral – George D. Minor, Mar 19

c8        Died – Daniel Archibald McKellar, 64 years, Mar 18


Page 7

c1        Died – Ernest Wilfred Pratt, 55th year, Mar 19, husband of Mrs Marie Pratt, nee Ryan; son-in-law of Peter Ryan; father of Mrs Margaret ( Dr Allan) Skinner, Dr David W. Pratt and Paul Pratt; brother-in-law of Bernard Ryan

c2        Funeral – Mrs Margaret Fryfogel, Mar 19

c3        Died – Lyman Wells Kitchen, 95 years, Mar 19, father of Mrs Benjamin Roberts and Mrs Carrie E. Watson

c7        Born – Son of Edward St Charles Smith, Mar 1

c7        Died – Neil C. Sinclair, Mar 20

c7        Died – Lyman Wells Kitchen, 95 years, Mar 19

c7        Memoriam – Edward John Wadley, Mar 20 1919, by daughter Mrs Frank Hatch


Page 8

c3        Died – John McNab, 86 years, Mar 18


Page 14

c1        Died – Jack Ernest Tapsell, 14 months, Mar 19, son of William Tapsell; grandson of A. Tapsell and William Wyllie (Wiley). Burial Aylmer Cemetery – no stone found

21 March 1929

Page 4

c1        Died – Alexander Bartley Munroe, 85 years, Mar 19, son of Bartley Munroe; father of Albert and Mildred Munroe; brother of Dan, John, George and Robert Munroe and Mrs Middleton

c2        Married – Alfred D. Quinney to Adah M. Melville, daughter of John & Jean Melville

c2        Married – William T. Joyce, son of S. A. Joyce to Mary M. Sutherland, daughter of Mrs M. Sutherland

c2        Married – William Croft Smith to Phyllis Edna Southgate, daughter of Samuel Southgate

c5        Died – Henry Radcliffe, 77th year, Mar 20

c6        Born – Donald William Andrew McWilliam, son of Gordon & Mrs McWilliam, nee Farr; grandson of Andrew McWilliam and W. H. Farr; great grandson of Donald McWilliam


Page 8

c2        Died – Thomas McGreer, 81 years, Mar 15


Page 9

c5        Funeral – Rev H. E. Thorneloe, Mar 18

c6        Funeral – Vernas A. Berdan, Mar Mar 19

c8        Born – Daughter of Gordon D. Crandall, Mar 15

c8        Died – Neil C. Sinclair, Mar 20


Page 18

c1        Funeral – Mrs William McKee, Mar 22

c2        Funeral – John Boyle, Feb 14, father of Mrs Harry McLean

22 March 1929

Page 1

c1        Died – Allan Walker, Mar 22, brother of Mrs S. Rupay

c6        Photo – John F. McBain of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Wilfred Ewart Sells, son of John Sells to Edna Gertrude Howe, daughter of Mrs Emma Howe

c2        Married – Frank E. arlett, son of O. J. Arlett to Isabel Burritt, daughter of D. B. Burritt

c3        Died – Archie H. Getty, 15 years, Mar 21, son of Willard Getty


Page 6

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Jacob Heidt, 50th


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Mrs Alexander B. Moore, nee Emily Sinden; sister of George, John, Harvey, Albert and Isaac Sinden

c3        Married – Harold Robert Sutcliffe to Beryl Dunnett, daughter of Ellsworth Dunnett

c3        Married – Lyle Grigg to Maud Tittendson


Page 12

c3        Died – W. U. Little, 89th year

23 March 1929

Page 6

c3        Died – Jonas E. Axford, 74 years, Mar 22


Page 7

c3        Died – Miss Eleanor Connor, Mar 23

c5        Funeral – Neil C. Sinclair, Mar 22

c6        Died – Roy Bernard Wiltsie, 27th year, Mar 22, husband of Mrs Blanche Wiltsie, nee Butterwick

c7        Memoriam – Ansell Henry, Mar 23 1928

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Matilda Orrell, Mar 23 1928, by husband James Orrell

c8        Born – Daughter of Henry Mather, Mar 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Archie Dennis, Mar 13

c8        Born – Son of John Cyre, Mar 13


Page 8

c1        Died – Bruce Bowes, son of Mrs Candace Bowes

c3        Died – Dr W. H. Howey, 74 years, Mar 20, husband of Mrs Florence R. Howey, nee Ward


Page 12

c1        Died – Mrs John Logg, Mar 22, Aunt of Mrs George Burney

c1        Died – Allan Walker, Mar 22

c3        Funeral – Lyman Wells Kitchen, Mar 21


23 March 1929

Page 12

c2        Photo – Old English Church, St Thomas


Page 14

c3        Anniversary – First United Church, St Thomas, 55th – Photo


Page 24

c6        Engagement – Travis W. Chapman, son of A. J. Chapman to Evelyn Mae Jones, daughter of John Jones

c6        Engagement – Patrick Gregory O’Donovan, son of Thomas O’Donovan to Mary LaVerne Mitchell, daughter of Charles E. Mitchell

c8        Engagement – Harley Dewart McNairn to Dorothy Charlotte White, daughter of William J. White

25 March 1929

Page 5

c1        Married – Harry Moulton, son of Samuel Moulton to Blanche Nancekivell, daughter of Reuben Nancekivell


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Mrs Ralph Chambers of Aylmer, 83rd

c1        Funeral – Mrs Hegler, Mar 21

c1        Died – John Williams, 84th year, Mar 24

c5        Birthday – Mrs S. Lamb of Winnipeg


Page 7

c1        Died – Doreen Mary Somerville, 18 months, Mar 24, daughter of Ewart G. Somerville

c7        Memoriam – Webber Smith, Mar 25 1928

c7        Memoriam – James Foote, Mar 25 1922

c7        Memoriam – William J. Swift, Mar 25 1925

c8        Born – Daughter of C. S. MacFarlane, Mar 23

c8        Born – Mary Hellen Agar, daughter rof H. C. S. & Margaret Algar, nee Thomson, Mar 12

c8        Born – John Thomas Harper, son of John & Ethel Harper, Mar 22

c8        Born – Son of Herbert J. Pulsford, Mar 22

c8        Born – James William Ferguson, son of J. L. Ferguson

c8        Died – Angus McIntyre, 87th year, Mar 23


Page 8

c1        Shower – Mr & Mrs Harley McCurdy, nee Ruby Jenkins

c6        Died – Angus McIntyre, 87th year, Mar 23

26 March 1929

Page 4

c2        Funeral – W. L. Boyd, son of Ebenezer Bedford; cousine of I. W. Ferguson

c2        Birthday – Mrs Diana Caskey of St Thomas Mar 27, mother of Mrs G. Rourke

c2        Married – John Brick McKinnon, son of J. G. McKinnon to Eula Pauline Whitside, daughter of W. H. & Mary Whitside


Page 5

c1        Married – Wilfred E. Sells, son of John H. Sells to Edna Gertrude Howe, daughter of Charles & Emma Howe

c1        Married – Maurice William Skinner, son of William Skinner to Bessie Maud Nagle, daughter of Francis Nagle

c1        Married – Harold Humphries to Gladys Viola McBryan, daughter of Edward McBryan

c1        Married – George Cecil Johnston to Clara Anzela Marks, daughter of Jacob Marks


Page 6

c3        Died – Mrs N. H. Stevens, 85 years, daughter of Erastus & Matilda Burke, nee Turner


Page 7

c4        Died – Mrs Amelia Ann Corbett, nee Ferrah, 68th year, Mar 25, mothr of Mrs Stephen Burger and Byron G. Corbett; sister of Mrs Elizabeth Hollywood, Mrs Mary Deer, Mrs Francis Boughner and Mrs Rachel Zavitz


Page 8

c5        Died – Alexander B. Backus, 88 years, Mar 18, husband of Mrs Marilla Backus, nee Williams


Page 9

c3        Died – James Edward Smith, 79th year, Mar 25, widow of Mrs Margaret Smith, nee Thompson; father of Mrs Flora McKay, Archie, Stanley, Daniel, Herbert, James and Clifford Smith

c5        Funeral – Roy Bernard Wiltsie, Mar 25

c7        Memoriam – D. A. McCallum, Mar 26 1928

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Annie L. Piper, Apr 7 1928, by son Roy

c8        Born – Donald Paul Kettlewell, son of W. R. Kettlewell, Mar 22

c8        Born – Daughter of H. F. Doan, Mar 24

c8        Born – Albert Beverly Willis, son of S. A. & Gladys Willis, nee Dunn, Mar 22

c8        Died – Doreen Mary Somerville, 18 months, Mar 25


Page 16

c5        Funeral – Jonas E. Axford, Mar 25

27 March 1929

Page 1

c6        Birthday – William Backhouse of Port Burwell, 90th – Photo


Page 4

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Henry Lindop of St Thomas, 50th

c5        Married – Lyall A. Learoyd, son of A. G. Learoyd to Marjorie S. Strong, daughter of Henry J. Strong


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Chivers of Otter Valley, 25th , parents of Edna Chivers

c2        Died – Mrs William Whitsett, nee Eliza Ingram, 68 years, Mar 21

c5        Died – Mrs Joseph H. Reycraft, nee Lizzie Cameron, Mar 21


Page 9

c5        Photo – F. B. Freeman of St Thomas


Page 10

c1        Funeral – John Williams, Mar 25

c3        Funeral – Miss Elinor Connor, Mar 25


Page 11

c7        Funeral – Angus McIntyre, Mar 26

c7        Memoriam – Bertha Gable, Mar 27 1924, by daughter Edith

c7        Memoriam – William Folly Barfett, Mar 27 1927

c8        Born – John David Harris, son of Richard Harris, Mar 23

c8        Born – Son of Donald Sutherland, Mar 23 1929


Page 14

c1        Died – Frank Kitely, 56 years

c4        Birthday – William Backhouse of Port Burwell, 90th

c4        Birthday – Mrs Mary Oakes of Port Burwell, 90th

28 March 1929

Page 4

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Carroll of Iona Station, 50th

c6        Engagement – James Leigh Corbett, son of J. S. Corbett to Mary Gladys Edmiston, daughter of John Edmiston


Page 6

c2        Died – James Smith, 78 years, Mar 25


Page 10

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Pow of Vittoria, 50th

c6        Fire – Farm of John Carroll Jr of Lawrence Station


Page 11

c8        Born – Leda Davey Walker, daughter of Orville Walker, Mar 21

c8        Memoriam – Blanche Shipman, Mar 29 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Ellen Jamieson, Mar 28 1928


Page 12

c5        Died – Clifford R. Caldwell, Mar 27


Page 13

c2        Died – Jean Murphy, 14 years, Mar 27, daughter of Frederick Charles Murphy

c2        Died – Jerome J. Flanagan, 18 years, Mar 27, son of Lou Flanagan


Page 14

c7        Funeral – Doreen Mary Somerville, Mar 27

30 March 1929

Page 4

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Pratt, nee Oliver of Raleigh, 50th

c4        Married – Alvin Vernon Loucks, son of W. Loucks to Thelma Leitha Winter, daughter of W. Winter

c4        Married – Jacob Austin Williams to Mrs Elizabeth Preston

c4        Married – Walter Gordon Minnice to Margaret Ellen Lambourn, daughter of John Lambourn

c4        Married – John Ernest Clark, son of A. J. Clark to Clara Marguerite Tidball, daughter of Robert Tidball

c4        Married – Herman Richmond, son of C. R. Richmond to Florence S. Langton, daughter of Robert Langton

c4        Married – Duncan Ross McEachren to Mabel Winnifred Bowie


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Corbett, Mar 27


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Reed A. Size, nee Jemina Besterd, Mar 29, widow of Charles Munns

c7        Memoriam – Isabel McCall, Mar 31 1928

c7        Memoriam – James Toovey, Mar 30 1928, by wife Harriet

c7        Memoriam – William Sims, Mar 31 1927

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Thomas Groves, Mar 29 1924

c8        Born – Ruby Buck, daughter of Percy Buck, Mar 20

c8        Born – Son of Fred Edward, Mar 27

c8        Born – Son of William Coughlin, Mar 21

c8        Born – Daughter of Albert Edward Davies, Mar 25

c8        Born – Daughter of John Edward Holden, Mar 21

c8        Born – Son of Dr R. B. Hare, Mar 22

c8        Born – Son of William Thomas Holden, Mar 25

c8        Died – Mrs Jemima Size, Mar 29


Page 8

c1        Died – Robert Stevenson, 78th year, Mar 27, son of Allen Stevenson

c2        Died – Eleanor Irene Baker, 12 years, Mar 29, daughter of Heber W. Baker


Page 9

c1        Died – Arthur Austin Powers, 67 years, Mar 28, husband of Mrs Powers, nee Walker; father of Gordon Powers; brother-in-law of Dr Walker

c2        Died – John W. Johnson, 58 years, Mar 28, son of Lansing & Martha Johnson, nee Cole

c4        Died – Frederick J. James, 62nd year, Mar 25, widow of Mrs Rachel James, nee Winger; husband of Mrs Angeline James; father of John and Roy James and Mrs Clifford Tunks; brother of Mrs J. D. Depew and Mrs A. P. McDonald and the late Mrs J. C. Watterworth


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs Eliza Wilson, nee Grant, 89 years, Mar 12, widow of Hiram Wilson


30 March 1929

Second Section

Page 24

c2        Engagement – Albert Edward London, son of James Long to Winnifred Nita Smith, daughter of James C. Smith – Photo

c6        Married – Forest Leo Vanallan, son of F. VanAllan to Lillian Eleanore Humphrey, daughter of B. F. Brodie

1 April 1929

Page 1

c5        Died – Alfred N. Westaway, 22 years, Mar 31, son of Henry N. Westaway; brother of Harry, Edward and Kathleen Westaway – Photo

c7        Inquest – Murder of Alfred Westaway by Rakip Sheris of St Thomas

Page 5

c3        Died – Mrs James Moore,nee Elizabeth Elgiva Widner, 73 years, Mar 30


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Mary Tillmann, Mar 30, widow of Anthony tillman

c3        Birthday – Mrs Elizabeth Harris of Kingsville, 85th


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Charlotte Neville, 69th year, Mar 30

c7        Died – William Colyer, 82nd year, Mar 31

2 April 1929

Page 1

c5        Died – Mrs Eleanor Hawke, 100th year, Apr 1, widow of Rev William Hawke; daughter of Thomas Drake

c6        Died – Walter Ross, 55 years, Mar 28 – Photo – buried St Thomas Cemetery, no stone found – CVH


Page 4

c4        Married – Joseph George Begg to Mrs Margaret Anne MacAuley

c4        Married – Allan Ferguson Gillies, son of Daniel M. Gillies to Gladys Irene Hardy, daughter of John Hardy


Page 8

c6        Died – Mrs W. J. Nethercott, 74 years, Mar 4, widow of John Nethercott


Page 14

c1        Died – Frederick C. Evans, Apr 1, father of Emily Evans; brother-in-law of Mrs A. Giles – burial St Thomas Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

3 April 1929

Page 4

c1        Died – Shirley R. Garrod, 2nd year, Apr 3, daughter of George Garrod

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary A. Gibson, Apr 4

c6        School Reports – Orwell School


Page 5

c8        Died – Walter Ross, 74th year, Apr 2


Page 6

c3        Married – Hugh C. Lamont, son of John Lamont to Susie Margaret MacArthur, daughter of Mrs Mary MacArthur

c4        Married – Edward Lorne Flint, son of Elmer Flint to Ruth Isabel Barrett, daughter of F. N. Barrett

c4        Married – Irvine Prouse, son of William Prouse to Gertrude Fleming, daughter of John Fleming

c4        Married – George M. Masters to Helen Bernadette McGarity, daughter of Patrick McGarity


Page 7

c3        Funeral – Alfred N. Westaway, Apr 2


3 April 1929

Second Section

Page 10

c4        Died – Miss Lena M. Harris, Mar 22, daughter of Rev S. G. Harris

c5        Died – Oscar R. Hanselman, Mar 30


Page 16

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Edward Pierce of London, 60th

4 April 1929

Page 3

c2        Married – Martin William Froud, son of Samuel Froud to Mildred Luella Charlton, daughter of S. P. Charlton


Page 4

c5        Died – Lorenzo ‘Ren’ Boughner, 69 years, Apr 3


Page 5

c4        School Reports – Holy Angels’ School, St Thomas

c4        Died – Frank William Revell, 76 years, Apr 3, brother of Mrs George Johnston; Uncle of Olive, Gertrude and Claude Johnston. Burial St Thomas Cemetery – no stone found, CVH

c4        Died – Mrs James White, 90 years, daughter of Thomas Lumley

c5        Died – Mrs Samuel Carter, nee Emma Kingsford, 87 years, Apr 4; daughter of William & Harriet Kingsford; mother of Mrs H. C. Thomas, W. K. Carter and Mrs E. C. Thomas (deceased)

c5        Died – George Hare, Apr 1

c5        Died – John Smith Mercer, 78th year, Apr 3

c8        Born – Son of Dr F. G. Banting, Apr 3

c8        Died – Lorenzo ‘Ren’ Boughner, 70th year, Apr 3

c8        Died – Frank William Revell, 76 years, Apr 3

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Sarah Sells, Apr 4 1926, by daughter Margaret

c8        Memoriam – Clarence Yelland, Apr 4 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Sarah Sells, Apr 4 1926, by husband W. J. Sells


Page 6

c3        School Report – Brownsville School

c5        Died – Mrs Frank Lee, nee Rita Robbins, Mar 27, daughter of George Robbins


Page 8

c3        Funeral – Frederick C. Evans, Apr 3


4 April 1929

Second Section

Page 12

c2        Married – Paul Hubert Ramsey, son of Murray Ramsey to Isabelle Turton, daughter of John E. Turton

c3        Funeral – Richard Collins, brother of Mrs R. H. McLean

5 April 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – Sherif Rakip and Musa Shakir of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Walter McMillan, son of A. J. McMillan to Gladys M. Clapp, daughter of A. D. Clapp

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George M. Stewart of St Thomas, 6th

c3        Engagement – Maxwell Lockhart to Constance Scott, daughter rof James Scott

c5        Married – Grover Richard Jones, son of G. C. Jones to Winifred May McMurray, daughter of O. J. McMurray

c5        Married – J. Harold Burwash, son of J. Stacey Burwash to Pearl Marie Woellmer, daughter of William Woellmer


Page 6

c1        Deed of Land – Calvin Russ to David Moore, 1838

c2        Died – John Winter, 45 years, Apr 4, son of Joseph Winter

c5        Will – Estate of Miss Catherine Kennedy of Belmont who died Jan 8


Page 7

c4        Funeral – Walter Ross, Apr 4

c4        Funeral – John W. Johnson, Mar 31


Page 9

c7        Born – Daughter of E. Harris, Mar 23

c7        Born – Grant Gilbert Parkinson, son of W. K. Parkinson, Apr 5

c7        Died – Mrs Emma Carter, nee Kingsford, 87th year, Apr 4

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Emily Phillips, Apr 5 1926

c7        Memoriam – Mrs James Appleford, Apr 5 1928

6 April 1929

Page 6

c1        Engagement – P. Lloyd Wheaton to Mary Agnes Mulltree, daughter of William J. Mulltree

c1        Shower – Miss Mazie Taylor, daughter of Jack Taylor


Page 7

c7        Funeral – Lorenzo Boughner, Apr 6

c8        Born – Daughter of D. Walker, Apr 4

c8        Born – Elizabeth Catherine Rayson, daughter of Thomas Rayson, Apr 4

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Annie L. Piper, Apr 7 1928, by son Roy


Page 8

c1        Shower – Mrs Sells, nee Edna Howe, daughter of Charles Howe

c2        Died – William Heatly, 89th year, Apr 5


Page 12

c4        Funeral – Frank Revell, Apr 5


6 April 1929

Second Section

Page 17

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – John N. Baker, aged 90 years


Page 24

c4        Trousseau Tea – Miss Nita Smith, daughter of James C. Smith

c5        Engagement – Alex Hume to Mary Adams

c6        Photo – Patricia Jean Cochrill, 4 years, daughter of Richard Cochrill of St Thomas

8 April 1929

Page 4

c2        Married – Travis W. Chapman, son of A. J. Chapman to Evelyn Mae Jones, daughter of John Jones

c5        Married – George C. Grass, son of John H. & Etta Grass to Beulah B. Chandler, daughter of Fred Chandler

c5        Married – Allan Haines Murray, son of Charles Murray to Nora Jean Easson, daughter of Harry Easson

c5        Married – Stephen Allan Thomas, son of Henry Thomas to Dorothea Smythe, daughter of Robert Gordon Smythe

c5        Married – William B. Stringer to Mabel Magdalen Albertie, daughter of John Edward Albertie


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Shirley R. Garrod, daughter of George E. Garrod

c3        Died – Miss Bertha Lunn, 25th year, Apr 7, daughter of William Lunn


Page 7

c8        Born – Donald Stuart Axford, son of Fred Axford, Apr 2

c8        Born – Helen Patricia Finley, daughter of T. A. Finley, Mar 28

c8        Died – Bertha Beatrice Lunn, 25th year, Apr 7

c8        Died – Miss Jane McIntyre, Apr 7, sister of Angus McIntyre


Page 8

c4        Died – Joseph Anderson, 82 years, Apr 6


Page 14

c2        Died – Miss Jane McIntyre, Apr 7, daughter of Neil & Jane McIntyre; sister of Mrs Isabella McKellar, Mrs Margaret McBayne and Miss Annie McIntyre

c3        Died – Fernley Bassett, 22 years, Apr 6

c3        Died – Dr Edwin Theodore White, Apr 6

c3        Funeral – Mrs Emma Carter, nee Kingsford, Apr 6

c8        Died – Edwin John Johns, Apr 7

9 April 1929

Page 1

c7        Photo – John D. Gilchrist of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Leigh Farncombe, son of Harry Farncombe to Lucy Leigh Trafford

c2        Engagement – James Stevenson Fry, son of Henry Frey to Edith Isobel Pratt, daughter of E. C. Pratt and granddaughter of W. J. White


Page 8

c1        Married – Wilfred Rolloson, son of Robert Rolloson (Roloson) to Miss Hewer, daughter of George Hewer


Page 9

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. P. Crossley of Flesherton, 50th

c8        Born – Beverly Ernest Roberts, son of E. W. & Olive Roberts, nee Matthews, Apr 8

c8        Born – Donald Stuart Axford, son of Fred Axford, Apr 2

c8        Died – Bertha Beatrice Lunn, 25th year, Apr 7

c8        Memoriam – Helen Kathryn Gilby, daughter of Walter & Kathryn Gilby, Apr 9 1918

c8        Memoriam – Captain William Berry, Apr 9 1927


Page 16

c2        Died – William Nelson Cady, 50th year, Apr 9, son of Mrs Sarah A. Cady; father of James Gordon Cady; brother of David A., and C. W. Cady

c3        Died – Mrs Peter McNab, nee Emma Izzard McCarthy, 77 years, Apr 7

10 April 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Thomas Bassford, 80 years, Apr 9, father of Mrs W. H. Gleason, Sister Pulsheria and Mrs W. M. Baldwin; brother of Mrs Lansell, Mrs Pren, Mrs Abbott, Mrs Dobson and Mrs Graham; grandfather of Jack Baldwin and William Gleason


Page 4

c1        Married – Albert Russell Medd, son of James Medd to Flora May Eglin, daughter of Harry Eglin

c2        Funeral – Mrs William Henne Sr., Apr 7

c2        Funeral – Edmund A. Johns, Apr 9, nephew of F. R. Vanstone

c2        Engagement – Guy A. Harris, son of Heman Harris to Hilda Grace Kew, daughter of Sam Kew


Page 5

c2        Died – William H. Lipsit, Apr 3

11 April 1929

Page 4

c3        Married – Albert Edward Long, son of James Long to Winnifred Nita Smith, daughter of James C. Smith


Page 9

c2        Died – Peter McNernie, 59 years, Apr 11, husband of Mrs Martha McNernie, nee Rowe; father of Mary Ellen McNernie; step-father of Roy Rowe; brother of Mrs A. C. Leakey, Mrs David Lowe, Mrs George Bose, John and William McNernie

c3        Married – Gordon Charles Loveday, son of C. F. Loveday to Jane Duncan McCaig, daughter of George McCaig

c7        Funeral – Bertha Beatrice Lunn, Apr 10

c8        Birthday – William Henry Gorvett of Sparta, 70th

c8        Born – Shirley Elaine Karl, daughter of J. S. & Bertha Karl, nee Davis, Mar 31

c8        Born – James William Henry Mashinter, son of J. Elmer Mashinter, Apr 9

c8        Born – Evelyn Ruth Gilbert, daughter of E. & Edna Gilbert, nee Vaughn, Apr 6

c8        Died – Thomas Bassford, 80 years, Apr 10

c8        Died – Peter McNernie, 59 years, Apr 11

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Ellen Keyes, Apr 11 1928

12 April 1929

Page 4

c1        Married – Wilbert James MacFarland to Helen Georgene Gillatly


Page 7

c3        Died – Alfred M. Fletcher, 43rd year, Apr 12, son of Mrs Ellen Fletcher; husband of Mrs Edith Fletcher, nee Maynard; father of Beulah Fletcher


Page 9

c3        Died – John Reginald Moore, 48 years, Apr 11

c4        Died – Miss Barbara Sinclair, Apr 12, daughter of Dougald Sinclair

c5        Funeral – Thomas Bassford, Apr 12

c5        Funeral – W. N. Cady, Apr 11

c5        Funeral – Mrs Ann Hambleton, Apr 11

c5        Memoriam – M. McQuiggan, Apr 12 1928

c8        Died – John Reginald Moore, 48 years, Apr 11

13 April 1929

Page 3

c6        Funeral – Thomas Bassford, Apr 12


Page 4

c2        Married – Charles William McCaffery, son of William McCaffery to Margaret Josephine ‘Marjorie’ Noland, daughter of John Nolan

c2        Married – Herbert Thoams Keef to Anna Frances Wellington, daughter of Abraham Wellington


Page 6

c1        Married – James McConnell to Mary Cudney, daughter of W. Cudney

c2        Died – Eli Pressnail, 81 years, Apr 13, father of Mrs Harry Richardson and Mrs John Goldsmith, Thomas and Eli Pressnail

c3        Died – James C. Lambourn, 22 years, Apr 12


Page 7

c1        Funeral – Alice Aileen Palmer, 4 weeks, Apr 8, infant daughter of Harry Palmer

c8        Born – David Edwin Marr, son of Glover Marr, Apr 11

c8        Born – Son of Oliver Marr

c8        Born – Stillborn son of Dr Lloyd & Annie McKay, nee Coll


Page 8

c3        Funeral – Orin Adair, Apr 12 – burial Fingal Cemetery, no stone found – CVH


13 April 1929

Second Section

Page 20

c2        Photo – Miss Jean Flint, daughter of E. Flint of St Thomas

c7        Funeral – Miss Leila Brock, Apr 12, cousin of Mrs M. R. Hunchberger

c7        Married – James Clark Evans, son of B. F. Evans to Lillian May Brown daughter of A. C. Brown

c8        Engagement – Douglas Owen Salton, son of Rev S. Salton to Marjorie McLarty, daughter of Mrs Sadie McLarty

15 April 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Alan E. T. Bruce, 30 years, Apr 13


Page 4

c2        Married – John Herbert Wheeler to Pearl Muxlow, daughter of Thomas Muxlow

c2        Married – Kenneth C. Hunter to Mrs Martha McCrostie

c2        Photo – Miss Edra Sanders, daughter of E. C. Sanders

c4        Engagement – Hamilton Donley to Gladys McCall, daughter of George S. McCall


Page 6

c1        Married – Frank Wesley White, son of Gordon White to Helen Louise Miller, daughter of Henry Miller

c1        Married – Harold Willsie to Maisie Irene Taylor, daughter of John Taylor


Page 7

c2        Died – Douglas Livingston, son of W. W. Livingston

c7        Funeral – John Reginald Moore, Apr 13

c7        Funeral – Peter McNernie, Apr 13

c8        Born – Son of Clayton Ball, Apr 11

c8        Born – Herbert Gordon Elson, son of C. R. & Mildred Elson, nee Burgess, Apr 14

c8        Died – Mrs Florence L. Stuttle, 33rd year, Apr 14, wife of Albert E. Stuttle

c8        Died – Allan T. Bruce, 30 years, Apr 13

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Matilda Freeman, Apr 15 1928


Page 14

c2        Died – Mrs Florence L. Stuttle, 33rd year, Apr 14, daughter of Mrs Charles Gibson; sister of Fred C. Woodman; mother of Norman, Verna, Winnifred and Irene Stuttle

c2        Died – Allan T. Bruce, 30 years, Apr 13 – Photo – husband of Mrs Dorothy Bruce, nee Robb; son-in-law of W. D. Robb

16 April 1929

Page 1

c7        Anniversary – Elgin County, 77th


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Fred L. Fear to Thelma Heard, daughter of Mrs Eva Heard


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Hannah McLelland, 90th year, Apr 13


Page 9

c2        Died – William Henry Land, 79th year, Apr 15, buried Straffordville Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c2        Died – Mrs Alice Minor, nee Pollard, 71 years, Apr 16, widow of George Minor; mother of Harold J. and Norman Minor, Mrs William Marshall, Mrs W. J. McKay and Mrs Robert Marshall; sister of Owen Pollard, Miss A. Pollard and Mrs J. B. Morford

c2        Married – Arthur Edgar Bowden to Pamelia Margaret Clubb

c2        Engagement – Kenneth Bogart Chard, son of W. P. Chard to Helen Ruth Parker, daughter of William Parker

c8        Born – Lillian Jean Oliver, daughter of George E. Oliver, Apr 9

c8        Died – Mrs Alice Minor, nee Pollard, 71 years, Apr 16

c8        Memoriam – Elizabeth Harris, Apr 16 1913

c8        Memoriam – John Campbell Stewart, Apr 16 1925, age 4 years


Page 16

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs G. B. Stephenson of Arthur, 62nd

17 April 1929

Page 4

c4        Married – Archibald J. B. Sutherland, son of Jack Sutherland to Helen Marie Smith, daughter of James C. Smith

c4        Married – Dr. G. Harrison Rutherford Seaman, son of Richard Seaman to Lila May McPhail, daughter of Neil McPhail of Rodney


Page 6

c2        Photo – William E. Lambden, Deputy Reeve of Tillsonburg

c4        Died – George Turnbull, Apr 16, brother of Charles Turnbull and Mrs R. W. Firby


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Eli Pressnail, Apr 16

c6        Died – Mrs Mary Alice Little, daughter of Mahlon G. Burwell


Page 9

c8        Born – Eleanor Campbell, daughter of Edward Campbell, Apr 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Lee Elliott, Apr 16

c8        Born – Daughter of Morton Riddle, Apr 14

c8        Died – William Henry Land, 79th year, Apr 15

c8        Memoriam – William W. Wilkinson, Apr 17 1917, by nephew Dr Harry Wilkinson


Page 16

c4        Funeral – Alan T. Bruce, Apr 16

c5        Funeral – Mrs Florence E. Stuttle, Apr 16

18 April 1929

Page 4

c2        Engagement – Frederick May Cole to Annie Ethel Gowan, daughter of W. C. Gowan

c3        Married – Dr G. H. R. Seamen to Lila May McPhail, daughter of Neil McPhail

c4        Married – Walter McMillan, son of A. J. McMillan to Gladys Clapp, daughter of A. D. Clapp

c4        Married – Rev W. A. Young, son of Rev G. M. Young to Marion Waldron, daughter of F. A. Waldron

c4        Married – Henry Hector Beach to Ulla May Schram, daughter of Albert Schram


Page 6

c1        Died – Dr Jeffrey N. Wood, 65 years, Apr 17

c3        Died – Joseph H. Hayden, 84 years, Apr 17, widow of Mrs Sarah Hayden, nee Corliss; father of M. U. Hayden; brother of Mrs Margaret Cox, Mrs Ellis Wanberton, James and Samuel Hayden; Uncle of Robert J. Hayden, By Hayden and J. W. Hayden


Page 8

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Russell, 84 years, Apr 16, widow of Gilbert Russell

c2        Died – William Manning, 81st year, Apr 16, father of Edward B., J. C. Russell, A. Burchill, Garnet F. and Oswald E. Manning, Mrs (Dr) V. E. Hart, Mrs John Irwin, Mrs R. S. Hann, Mrs J. G. Clarke and Mrs J. Nicholson


Page 9

c5        Funeral – Mrs Jane Gladstone, 81 years, Apr 17, widow of Robert Gladstone

c5        Funeral – Mrs G. D. Minor, Apr 17

c8        Born – Daughter of R. E. Wheeler, Apr 12

c8        Born – Daughter of Lloyd Wigle, Apr 14

c8        Died – Joseph H. Hayden, Apr 17

19 April 1929

Page 1

c4        Died – Charles C. Abbott, Apr 18, son of Christopher Abbott; nephew of Sir J. J. C. Abbott; cousin of Henry Roe and A. J. Kains


Page 4

c2        Engagement – John Beverly Robinson son of John Alexander Robinson to Kathleen Winnifred Beatrice Brooke-Daykin, daughter of Esca Brooke-Daykin

c5        Married – Charles Witherspoon to Kate Carter

c5        Married – George Alex Baigent to Marjorie Blanche Hellyer, daughter of Elijah Hellyer

c5        Died – James Campbell, 77 years, Apr 17


Page 7

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs E. G. Ford of Simcoe, 50th

c4        Died – Christopher Johnson, 94 years, Apr 14


Page 9

c1        Funeral – William Henry Land, Apr 17

c7        Married – Charles Nethercott, brother of George Nethercott to Cora Smith

c8        Born – Son of Maitland Williams, Apr 13

c8        Born – Son of Charles & Mable Waite, nee Clinton of Con 4, Yarmouth – Apr 18

c8        Memoriam – Wilbert Butcher, Apr 19 1925


Page 10

c4        Died – Stephen Lane, Apr 15, son of Stephen & Huldah Lane

c4        Died – William McMartin, Apt 17

c4        Funeral – Mrs Charlotte Eccles, nee Selley, widow of Daniel Eccles

c4        Died – Miss Louise M. Jackson, Apt 17


Page 13

c4        Died – Ham Young, 90 years, Apr 19, son of Russell Young

20 April 1929

Page 6

c1        Shower – Mrs Robert Pepper, nee Aleta Raymond, daughter of Henry Raymond

c4        Funeral – Joseph H. Hayden, Apr 19

c5        Died – Frederick Prong, 64 years, Apr 19


Page 7

c1        Died – Hector Greenaway, Apr 19, brother-in-law of Sam L. Hill

c8        Born – Son of Clayton Ball, Apr 11

c8        Born – Daughter of Elton Jackson, Apr 16

c8        Born – Son of Maitland Williams, Apr 13

c8        Born – Daughter of Bert Davidson, Mar 31

c8        Born – Son of Charles Allen, Apr 14

c8        Born – Son of James & Ida Yates, nee Pascall, Apt 10

c8        Died – Sebo Sanders, 72nd year, Apr 20


Page 8

c2        Died – William Robert Porter, 66 years, Apr 15

c3        Died – Sebo Sanders, 72nd year, Apr 20

c4        Died – William G. Mortimer, 26 years, Apr 19


20 April 1929

Second Section

Page 19

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – Old Tillsonburg Lady Tells of Duties in a Pioneer Home – Mrs Mary Vivian – Photo


Page 24

c2        Married – James Stevenson Fry, son of Henry Fry to Beatrice Pratt, daughter of E. C. Pratt – Photo

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs George W. Brown, nee Janet Cameron formerly of St Thomas, 50th

c6        Engagement – Charles Dyer, son of Charles Dyer to Lucille M. Casey, daughter of J. F. Casey

c6        Engagement – Walter Parkhill to Eveline Hannah Campbell, daughter of Alex Campbell

c6        Engagement – W. Lisle Watson, son of John C. & Mary Watson to Elizabeth Shortreed, daughter of Robert Shortreed

c6        Engagement – Rev S. Venmore Wlliams to Mary Euphemia Andrews, sister of A. N. Andrews

c6        Engagement – Clare Stewart Berlette to Marjorie Albertine Downs, daughter of R. A. Downs

c7        Married – Paul Hubert Ramsey to Isabelle Turton, daughter of John Turton

c8        Married – Alex Hume to Mary Adams

22 April 1929

Page 4

c2        Married – Hamilton Donley, son of H. Donley to Gladys Elizabeth McCall, daughter of George McCall

c3        Engagement – Rev John Lowe, son of Rev H. P. Lowe to Ruth Maud Burpee, daughter of Lawrence J. Burpee

c4        Married – John Alexander Hume, son of John P. Hume to Mary E. Adams, daughter of W. A. Adams

c4        Married – Walter Shirley Coate, son of Frederick S. Coate to Gwendolyn Wilkes, daughter of A. J. Wilkes

c4        Married – John Russell Dalrymple, son of William Dalrymple to Mary Smith, daughter of George Smith

c4        Married – Walter Manson Jones, son of S. Jones to Edith Bedden, daughter of John Bedden


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mary Russell, Apr 18

c4        Died – Lincoln Russell High, 60 years, Apr 21

c5        Died – Edward O’Connell, 30th year, Apr 21, brother of Mrs Louis Berdona, Miss Betty O’Connell, Mrs Peter O’Brien, Mrs James Bilmer and Bernard O’Connell


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Ellen Green, 74 years, daughter of W. Lane; wife of DeWitt C. Green

c7        Married – L. P. Hanley to Ruby J. Lawrence

c8        Born – Earl Floyd Cloes, son of Floyd L. Cloes, Apr 15

c8        Died – Hector Greenaway, 62 years, Apr 19

c8        Died – Miss Lillian Edna Taylor, 37 years, Apr 21, daughter of Mrs David Kennedy

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Jones, 80 years, Apr 20, widow of Robert Jones

c8        Memoriam – Albert G. Marr, Apr 22 1921


Page 8

c2        Died – Rev William Merton Shore, 81st year, Apr 21

c2        Died – George W. Kent, Apr 20

c5        Died – John Erskine, 73 years, Apr 20, father of Mrs Archie McCallum; brother of Mrs John Frank, Jessie, Henry and William Erskine


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs DeWitt Green, Apr 14, cousin of Mrs M. E. Sanborn

c2        Died – Miss Lillian Edna Taylor, 37 years, Apr 21, daughter of Robert Taylor

c2        Died – Hector Greenaway, 62 years, Apr 19

c3        Died – Mrs Helen Lydia Gerrard, 77th year, Apr 20, widow of Charles Gerrard

c3        Died – Edward Burn, Apr 20, brother of Mrs Florence Forbes

c3        Died – Mrs Mary Jones, 80 years, Apr 20

23 April 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – J. A. Kilpatrick, formerly of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William McLain, nee Sarah Guest, 50th – Photo

c2        Engagement – Harry Wyse, son of J. W. D. Lyse to Gerder Hardrich, daughter of Frederick and Katherina Hardrich

c4        Married – Clinton A. Gonyou, son of Edwin C. Gonyou to Nancy Edith York, daughter of James H. York

c4        Married – William Burns to Catharine Cameron McPhee, daughter of James McPhee

c4        Married – James Conway to Ethel McQuade, daughter of Hugh McQuade

c4        Married – Williams Graham Whitehead, son of Mrs Ethel Whitehead to Ivah Blakely, daughter of Alfred Blakely


Page 7

c2        Funeral – William Ross, Apr 22

c2        Funeral – Mrs Helen L. Gerrard, Apr 22


Page 8

c2        Married – R. J. Peppeer to Aleta Raymond, daughter of Henry Raymond


Page 9

c4        Funeral – Sebo Sanders, Apr 22

c8        Born – Daughter of W. G. Robbins, Apr 21

c8        Born – Son of Ernest Player, Apr 10

c8        Born – Laura Marjorie Hunter, daughter of H. O. Hunter, Apr 17


Page 16

c2        Died – Mrs John Jackson, Apr 18

c5        Died – Mrs Ethel A. Demorest, nee Youmans, Apr 18, daughter of W. E. Youmans; wife of F. A. Demorest; mother of Kathleen Demorest; sister of Fred A. and Bertha Youmans and Mrs Harold E. Key

24 April 1929

Page 4

c3        Married – John Taylor to Mrs Charlotte Else


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Thomas Wright, nee Martha Adams, Apr 21

c3        Died – Lincoln Russell High, Apr 21

c3        Died – William John Miles, 66 years, Apr 23


Page 7

c5        Funeral – Lillias Edna Taylor, Apr 23

c5        Funeral – John Erskine, Apr 23

c5        Funeral – Hector Greenaway, Apr 23


Page 8

c1        Funeral – C. F. Prong, Apr 22

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah Mimna, Apr 23, mother of Mrs Lawrence Harvey Sr., Mrs H. Anders and Roy Mimna

c7        Died – Mrs Will Jones, nee Ruby Smith, 29 years, Apr 23, daughter of Mrs Alice Smith; mother of 2 sons, not named; sister of Mrs Annie Marr, Gladys & Hazel Smith


Page 9

c7        Died – Miss Mary McNeill, Apr 24, daughter of P. McNeill; sister of Miss F. McNeill, Mrs McArthur and Mrs Turner

c8        Born – Son of A. T. McNeil, Apr 23


Page 16

c3        Funeral – Mrs Mary Jones, Apr 23

25 April 1929

Page 4

c1        Married – Larel Stanley Prince, son of Mrs A. Prince to Gertrude Evelyn Wiedrick Burtch, daughter of G. J. Wiedrick Burtch

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Leverton of St Thomas, 37th

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Innes of Glencoe, 50th

c2        Engagement – Reginald Shenstone Cook, son of Christopher Cook to Doris Elma Burgar, daughter of Hector Burgar

c3        Birthday – Mrs Catherine Foslett, 72nd


Page 6

c1        Married – Carl Pease to Mrs Willis of Rodney

c1        Birthday – Clifford Moor, 21st, son of George Moor

c2        Birthday – Frank Kent of Aylmer, 70th


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Robert McCorkle, Apr 24, daughter of Joseph Snell

c2        Died – Mrs William Jones, nee Ruby Smith, 29 years, Apr 23, daughter of John Smith

c6        Died – James Lawrence McLaren, 62 years, Apr 20


Page 8

c1        Died – John H. Glover, 70th year, Apr 24, burial at Aylmer Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c2        Funeral – Miss Elizabeth A. Wood, 78 years, Apr 24, daughter of Rev William & Rachel Wood

c2        Died – George Wymer, 79 years, Apr 19

c3        Birthday – Mrs Ezra Bonham of Highgate, 90th


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Jane Bobier, 83 years, Apr 24, widow of Joseph Bobier; mother of Mrs Arthur Whalls and Mrs James Lackey; grandmother of Maxwell Whalls

c4        Died – Mrs Clarence Adams, nee Ruby C. Heard; daughter-in-law of W. A. Heard

c7        Funeral – Mr McIver, brother-in-law of Mrs William Hindley

c7        Died – Leamon Young, 68 years, Apr 17

c8        Immigration – Mr & Mrs Joseph Young of Ireland to Oxford County

c8        Born – Jean Ella Wigle, daughter of Lloyd E. Wigle, Apr 14

c8        Born – Kenneth Paul McGeein, son of L. McGeein, Apr 20

c8        Died – Miss Mary McNeill, Apr 24

26 April 1929

Page 4

c2        Died – A. B. Greer, 79th year, Apr 25, father of John A. & Max Greer

c3        Died – James Hossie Thomson, 50th year, Apr 24, son of Walter Thomson


Page 5

c1        Funeral – Mrs Ruby Kathleen Adams, Apr 27


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Miss Mary Webber, Apr 24


Page 7

c1        Married – Ancie Lee Merritt, son of W. E. Merritt to Virginia White, daughter of E. White

c1        Married – Frank Dadson to Mary Caroline Mitchell

c7        Memoriam – Neil Taylor, Apr 26 1927

c7        Memoriam – Winford Dawson, Apr 26 1924, son of James Dawson

c8        Born – Robert Stanley Anderson, son of Robert A. & Lenora Anderson, nee Beavis, Apr 18

c8        Died – Mrs Ruby Kathleen Adams, Apr 25, mother of Howard and Keith Adams


Page 8

c3        Birthday – A. W. Baldwin of St Thomas, 63rd

c3        Married – Howard Frances Compeau to Olive Agnes Marshall

c3        Married – Arthur H. Dowler to Cecelia Palleck, daughter of J. A. Palleck

c3        Married – John Russell Dalrymple, son of William Dalyrymple to Mary Smith, daughter of George Smith

c3        Married – Herman Verduyn to Jean Cracknell


26 April 1929

Second Section

Page 14

c8        Funeral – Mrs Taylor Wilson, Apr 25


Page 17

c2        Died – William Chute, Apr 26

27 April 1929

Page 1

c2        Will – Estate of Laban Schneckenberger who died Feb 10 1928


Page 4

c3        Married – Ira Ford, son of John Ford to Annie May Koehler, daughter of Mrs Ada Koehler

c3        Married – Robert John Fenton to Jean Elizabeth Robertson, daughter of Robert Robertson

c3        Married – Robert Evan Rouse, son of Andrew Rouse to Mary Luella Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith

c3        Married – Leo Emmett Monaghan, son of Frank Monaghan to Grace Lavoie, daughter of Charles Lavoie

c3        Married – Esmond Grier, son of E. Wyly Grier to Gwyneeth Joan Matheson, daughter rof Arthur Matheson


Page 6

c1        Monument – Old English Churchyard, St Thomas – W. H. Hindmarsh and Futcher families

c2        Funeral – Miss Mary McNeill, Apr 26


Page 10

c3        Photo – St Thomas Golf & Country Club

c3        Photo – Dr F. O. Lawrence of St Thomas

c6        Photo – R. M. Anderson of St Thomas


Page 12

c3        Died – Mrs William Logg, nee Mary Ann Saywell, 73 years, mother of Ernest Logg, Mrs Ida Culley and Mrs Don Shand; sister of Mrs James Logg and Mrs William Lovering, John, Thomas and James Saywell


27 April 1929

Second Section

Page 18

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – Mrs Harriet (Eli) Andrews Speaks of Happy Days in England – Photo


Page 24

c6        Shower – Mrs Archibald Sutherland, nee Marie Smith

29 April 1929

Page 1

c7        Died – Mrs Kate Taylor, mother of Mrs Etheridge

c7        Died – James Johnstone


Page 4

c3        Engagement – Robert John Curtis, son of A. M. Curtis to Viola Minnie Bristow, daughter of William E. Bristow

c3        Engagement – F. William Purdy, son of A. S. Purdy to Faye Laureen Neal, daughter of Rev Thomas W. Neal

c3        Engagement – John Frederic Bentley, son of J. f. Bentley to Agnes Kathleen Fleming, daughter rof Mrs R. J. Fleming

c4        Married – John Henry Batten to Yetive Hood, daughter of J. Drewett Hood

c4        Married – Hector Brown McKinnon, son of Neil NcKinnon to Phyllis Wilson, daughter of Aldham Wilson

c4        Married – William Ewart Levan, son of I. M. Levan to Margaet Vanstone, daughter or Richard Vanstone


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Mimna, Apr 26

c1        Funeral – J. H. Glover, Apr 27

c4        Funeral – Mrs Ruby Kathleen Adams, Apr 27

c5        Died – Lloyd Scott, 21st year, Apr 28, son of John Scott


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Kate Taylor, 66 years, Apr 28, widow of Edward Taylor; mother of Mrs J. S. Mackey, Mrs George Etheridge, Miss Hazel Taylor and Percy Taylor

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Phillips, 94th year, Apr 28, widow of Charles Phillips

c2        Died – Mrs Agnes Alma Duffield, widow of James C. Duffield; daughter of Colin & Alma Munro, nee Moore

c8        Born – Alvin Dale Size, son of Howard E. Size, Apr 25

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Ann Phillips, 94th year, Apr 28

c8        Died – Mrs Kate Taylor, 66 years, Apr 28

c8        Memoriam – Violet Bunton, Apr 29 1928


Page 16

c5        Died – Mrs Jane McDowell, 84 years, Apr 26

c5        Died – Thomas Gardiner Jones, 74th year

c5        Died – Mrs Judson C. Neelands, nee Martha Sutcliffe, 72 years

30 April 1929

Page 4

c3        Engagement – John Archibald McDonald to Helen May Hay

c5        Married – George Mizon to Lois Maria Clunas, daughter of Camby Clunas

c5        Married – Cecil Frederick Powell, son of F. Powell to Velma Frances St Clair, daughter of M. St Clair


Page 6

c1        Funeral – William Chute, Apr 28

c1        Died – Thomas C. Spence, Apr 29

c2        Died – William Bain, 73rd year, Apr 29

c3        Photo – Rev J. H. Arnup

c7        Died – James W. Graham, Apr 29, son of W. H. Graham


Page 7

c1        Married – William Ronald Cox to Phyllis Emeline Kilgore

c7        Memoriam – Mrs May Henderson, Aor 20 1928

c7        Memoriam – Stanley Franklin Marr, Apr 20 1928

c7        Memoriam – Elizabeth Ann Rawden Apr 30 1928

c8        Born – Gale Haslinger, son of Martyn & Helen Haslinger, nee Cox, Apr 25

c8        Born – John Munro Dennis, son of George Dennis, Apr 28

c8        Born – Son of James & E. Pearl Elliott, nee Wright, Apr 27

c8        Born – Son of William McLean, Apr 27

c8        Died – John Munro Dennis, Apr 29, son of George Dennis


Page 8

c3        Died – Judge Russell Leach, 34 years, Apr 28, sister of Mrs (Rev) A. J. Schultz

c3        Funeral – Fred Prong, Apr 29

c4        Died – Joshua Miller, 75th year, Apr 28

c4        Died – William Weller, 68 yers, Apr 27

c4        Died – Mrs E. E. Kitchen, sister of Mrs (Rev) William Donald

c4        Died – Peter Allan Fryfogel, 70 years


Page 14

c1        Died – Thomas Rowe, 73 years, Apr 28

c2        Died – Benjamin F. Watterworth, 67 years, Apr 28, son of John Watterworth

1 May 1929

Page 4

c2        Married – Frank Ladbrook Beales, son of Thomas Beales to Frances Louise Mitchell, daughter of Henry Newton Mitchell

c2        Engagement – John Frederic Bentley, son of J. F. Bentley to Agnes Kathleen Fleming, daughter of Robert J. Fleming

c2        Engagement – Dr Kenneth M Phillips, son of George S. Phillips to Lillian Marjory Knowlton, daughter of Walter Knowlton

c2        Engagement – James Garnet Mawhinney, son of D. A. Mawhinney to Florence Faith Noble, daughter of John Noble

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James A. Barrett of Alvinston, 25th

c4        Married – Harold James Upfold, son of A. Upfold to Lilia Irene Couch, daughter of John Couch


Page 6

c2        Birthday – Mrs Zenas W. Watson of Ridgetown, 90th , granddaughter of John Kern; daughter of Samuel Kern


Page 8

c1        Married – Percy George Mizon to Lole Maria Clunas, daughter of Camby Clunas

c2        Birthday – Mrs C. VanPatter of Dunboyne, 80th


Page 9

c1        Vital Statistics – St Thomas, April 1929 – 28 Births, 9 Marriages, 20 Deaths

c2        Funeral – James Johnston, Apr 30

c2        Died – Mrs William H. Kennedy, nee Jennie E. McIntosh, Jan 29, daughter of Daniel McIntosh; mother of Mrs J. G. Lennox

c2        Died – Mrs Mary Leitch, 92 years, Apr 30, widow of Malcolm Leitch

c2        Married – Dr Alexander Smirle Lawson to Pearl Forsyth

c3        Died – Mrs Annie McKellar, nee Fraser, 88th year, Apr 30, widow of Malcolm McKellar, burial in Black’s Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c4        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Boozey, nee McAllister 72 years, May 1; widow of William Boozey; mother of William J. Boozey and Mrs H. A. Morley

c6        Funeral – Mrs Kate Taylor, Apr 30

c6        Funeral – Mary Ann Phillips, Apr 30

c8        Born – Durard Hume Siple, son of Hume Siple, Apr 26

c8        Born – Son of William & Hazel Webster, nee Miller, Apr 27

c8        Born – Daughter of R. H. Root, Apr 29

c8        Died – Mrs Jennie A. Kennedy, Jan 29

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Sarah Giddis, May 1 1926

c8        Memoriam – John W. Glennie, May 1 1928, by mother Mrs F. Roberts and sister Mrs W. J. Burger


Page 12

c5        Died – Frederick Charles Prong, Apr 27

2 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Diana Spiers, 20 years, May 2


Page 4

c3        Married – John London, son of Will London to Alice Houston, daughter of Earl Houston

c3        Married – William Bear to Mrs Patrick Gilroy

c3        Married – Cecil Frederick Cowell, son of F. Cowell to Velma Frances St Clair, daughter of M. T. St Clair


Page 6

c1        Birthday – Henry J. Monck of Belmont, 94th , father of Alex Monck

c2        Died – John Livingstone, Apr 26; husband of Mrs Betty Livingstone, nee Cunningham


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs MacPhail, mother of Fred S. MacPhail

c2        Funeral – Mrs Agnes Alma Duffield, May 1


Page 8

c2        Died – Henry Brown, May 1, son of Robert & Elizabeth Brown, burial Orwell Cemetery, no stone – CVH

c2        Died – John Henry Stephens, 72nd year, May 1

c2        Died – Miss Mary Graham, 45 years, Apr 30, sister of Dan Graham

c2        Died – Francis Edward Wilson, 18 months, son of Earl Wilson; nephew of Arthur Wilson

c3        Died – Mrs Christian Laird, widow of Albert Laird; daughter of Thomas Rutley


Page 9

c6        Funeral – Mrs Jennie A. Kennedy, May 2

c8        Died – Glen Chambers Jones, infant son of Bernard Jones; brother of Stanley Jones

c8        Born – Daughter of Hugh Ashton, Apr 24

c8        Died – Glen Chambers Jones, age 2 months & 3 weeks, May 1

c8        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Boozey, May 1

c8        Died – Truman Chapman, 38th year, May 1

c8        Died – John Henry Stephens, 72nd year, May 1

3 May 1929

Page 4

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs R. M. March of Dutton, 50th

c4        Funeral – Abner E. Decou, May 29, son of John & Catherine Decou, nee Doan


Page 5

c3        Funeral – Francis Wilson, May 1

c3        Funeral – Mrs Annie F. McKellar, May 2


Page 6

c2        Died – Thomas McLaughlin Lee, 7 years, son of Lee Yipp

c3        Married – Frederick Wilmer Scott to Mrs Lena Maude Jacques

c3        Married – Archie W. Munroe, son ofJ. Munroe to Charlotte Mitchell, daughter of W. B. Mitchell

c3        Married – Rev S. Venmore Williams to Mary Andrews


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Janet Meek, 78th year, May 3, widow of W. H. Meek

c3        Died – George Henry Post, 59 years, May 3

c4        Died – Edward Higgins, Apr 30, father of Margaret Higgins; brother of Mrs Thomas Landsborough

c6        Died – Mary E. Hall, 51 years, Apr 27

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Richardson, May 3 1927


3 May 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c4        Died – Benjamin M. Williams, 64 years, May 2


Page 16

c2        Engagement – Robert E. Penny, son of William E. Penny to Marguerite Gullen, daughter of Mrs Mary Gullen

c2        Engagement – Lorne Ross McDonald, son of Lauchlin McDonald to Mildred Roxiana Sinclair, daughter of Victor A. Sinclair

c2        Engagement – Charles Arthur Smith to Rhea Rose Barber, daughter of Harry Barber

c2        Funeral – Francis Wilson, May 1, grandson of Mrs Quick

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Monahan of London, 50th

4 May 1929

Page 4

c2        Married – D. A. Coughlin to Kathleen May Lethbridge, daughter of George Lethbridge

c2        Married – Rev John Mackay Gibson, son of J. W. Gibson to Dorothy Jean Gibson, daughter of W. R. Gibson

c2        Married – M. Tom Hagan, son of James Hagan to Alma A. Gray, daughter of A. M. Gray

c6        Died – Mrs G. H. D. Sutherland, nee Clara A. Brockie, May 1, sister-in-law of H. V. Sutherland


Page 6

c1        Funeral – William Bain, May 2

c2        Died – Duncan Campbell, 89 years, May 4, son of Alex Campbell; widow of Mrs Christena Campbell, nee McNeil

c3        Funeral – Truman Chapman, May 3

c3        Funeral – Mrs Elizabeth Boozey, May 3

c4        Funeral – Charles Lyons, son of John Lyons


Page 7

c2        Died – Thomas Lavin, 69 years, May 4

c8        Born – James Franklin Whitchurch, son of Frank & Nellie Whitchurch, nee Johnston, Apr 29

c8        Died – Friend Graham, 78th year, May 4, burial Cowal Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c8        Died – Thomas Lavin, 69 years, May 4

c8        Died – Mrs Janet Meek, 78th year, May 3

c8        Died – Henry Post, 60th year, May 2

Page 8

c2        Died – Landon Booker Ivey, 56th year, May 3, husband of Mrs Bertie Ivey, nee Hartley

c4        Died – Miss Corintha Roberts, 77 years, May 2, sister of James F. Roberts

c5        Funeral – Glen Chambers, May 3, infant son of Burnard Jones


4 May 1929

Second Section

Page 17

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – Mrs Caroline Johnson Ellis Relates What Pioneer Women Had to Do – Photo


Page 18

c2        Birthday – Charles Calhoun, formerly of St Thomas, 100th – Photo


Page 22

c1        Photo – Alex Anderson of St Thomas


Page 24

c7        Engagement – Percy Charles Westrope, son of Daniel Westrope to Helen Dorothy Allward, daughter of Charles Allward

c7        Engagement – Clarke H. Brownlee to Edith May Aileen Nornabell, daughter of E. G. Nornabell

c8        Engagement – Paul Myndert Harris, son of Dr Wilbur Harris to Phyllis Isabel McIntyre

c8        Engagement – Carl William Kidd, son of John Kidd to Beulah Evelyn Ross, daughter of E. M. Ross

6 May 1929

Page 1

c6        Photo – John W. Roberts, President of St Thomas Cemetery Company


Page 4

c3        Funeral – Robert McKay, May 3, Uncle of Mrs J. D. Ballantine

c5        Married – Delbert Ross McMurray, son of Mrs James Sinclair to Mabel Catherine Eden, daughter of Cecil Eden

c5        Married – Leslie T. Russell, son of J. T. Russell to Mary Florence Lawless, daughter of W. Lawless

c5        Married – William M. Frost to Mary Reta Snyder, daughter of William M. Snyder

c5        Married – Ronald Angus Chisholm, son of Thomas Chisholm to Mary Earla White, daughter of Peter White


Page 6

c1        Funeral – W. L. Baine, May 3, Uncle of Earl Haney

c1        Funeral – John Henry Stephens, May 3

c4        Died – James Marsh, 75 years, May 5, brother of Mrs Samuel Webb, Joseph, John and Richard Marsh


Page 7

c8        Born – Jack Allison Bishopric, son of E. & Mabel Bishopric, nee Wilson, Apr 14

c8        Died – James Marsh, 75 years, May 5

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Isaac McTaggart, May 6 1927

c8        Memoriam – William Keith Gilmour, May 6 1928

c8        Memoriam – Thomas Robinson, May 5 1918


Page 8

c1        Died – Dr George E. McGuire, May 4

c4        Died – Joseph Ellis, 73rd year, May 5

c4        Birthday – Mrs Sarah Johnston of Cainsville, 100th

c4        Died – Alexander Ferguson Andrew, 78 years, May 5

c5        Died – Miss Blanch Baldwin, May 5, daughter of Ethelwyn Baldwin; sister of Mrs S. Hamilton, Albert and Neil Baldwin

c5        Funeral – Henry Brown, May 4

c5        Funeral – Miss Mary Graham, 45 years, May 5


Page 14

c1        Died – Mrs Annie Disher, 78 years, May 2, widow of Erastus Disher

c2        Died – Mrs J. Rhodes, nee Ada Lynch, 26th year, May 4

7 May 1929

Page 4

c2        Engagement – Gordon Walsh, son of William Walsh to Rachel McLellan, daughter of John & Nina McLellan

c2        Engagement – Jack M. Clinnie, son of W. J. Clinnie to Marie Aileen Mabee, daughter of Fred W. Mabee

c2        Engagement – Shirley Gregory, son of Walter Gregory to Elsie Irene Watson, daughter of George A. Watson

c2        Engagement – David Longland Selly, son of H. L. Selly to Katherine Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of H. B. Anderson

c4        Married – Clarke H. Brownlee to Edith May Aileen Nornabell, daughter of Edward G. Nornabell

c4        Married – John Arthur Smart, son of William Smart to Mary Elizabeth Meyer, daughter of John Meyer


Page 6

c5        Died – Dugald McDougal, 82 years, May 6, father of Mrs Archie Kivell and Mrs Peter McMurchy

c7        Funeral – Duncan Campbell, 87 years, May 6


Page 9

c2        Died – Mrs Walter A. Wilson, nee Alma Silverthorne, 66th year, May 7, mother of Fred Wilson; sister of Wesley Silverthorne, Mrs Edna Anger, Miss Esther Silverthorn and Mrs Rose Stevenson

c7        Funeral – Mrs Janet Meek, May 6

c8        Memoriam – John Gagg, May 7 1921


Page 10

c2        Honor Roll – St Thomas Schools


Page 14

c5        Photo – St Thomas Senior Baseball Club – John Handford, E. A. Horton, Charles Harvie, Joe Evans, Ray Vaughan, Pood Udell


Page 15

c3        Died – Mrs Elizabeth Cook, 68 years, May 6, widow of Charles Cook, mother of Harry Cook

c3        Died – Malcolm S. Kellogg, 74 years, May 6; brother of Joseph H. Kellogg and Mrs Anna Soules

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Robert Matthews of Sparta, 50th


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Mrs Annie L. Bennett, May 8, widow of Aaron Bennett

c3        Funeral – George H. Post, May 6

8 May 1929

Page 4

c2        Funeral – Mrs M. Haney, aunt of Mrs P. M. Herries

c7        Married – Charles Cannon, son of L. Arthur Cannon to Jeanne Larue, daughter of Alexander Larue

c7        Married – George I. VanLoon, son of John VanLoon to Helen May Hogarth, daughter of Wilmot Hogarth


Page 9

c2        Died – Thomas Hancock, 68 years, May 7, brother of Fred Hancock and Mrs Bert Ramsey

c8        Born – Son of Warren Williams

c8        Born – Frances Kathleen Murphy, daughter of Frank Murphy, Apr 27

c8        Born – Son of Edward Winkworth, Apr 23

c8        Died – Edward Pye, 87th year, May 7

c8        Died – Mrs Alma Jane Wilson, 66th year, May 7

c8        Memoriam – T. Glidden, May 8 1926

c8        Memoriam – Walter Lorne Robbins, May 8 1918

c8        Memoriam – Jack Harrison, May 8 1927


Page 10

c2        Died – Mrs Eliza Cook, nee Hubbard, May 6,widow of Charles Cook


Page 16

c4        Funeral – Thomas Lavin, May 7

9 May 1929

Page 1

c6        Fire – George A. VanOrder, Port Burwell


Page 4

c5        Married – Dr John G. Jose, son of Dr Charles Jose to Eva Leslie Johnson, daughter of E. Johnson


Page 6

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Thomas Jury of Strathroy, 62nd


Page 8

c3        Died – Charles W. Cox, 81 years, May 8

c4        Funeral – Mrs John Burgess, May 7

c4        Died – James H. Chute, 72nd year, May 8

c6        Died – Mrs Mary Cole, nee Campbell, 91 years, May 8, widow of William Cole


Page 9

c7        Memoriam – Earl C. Colley, May 9 1917

c7        Memoriam – Elizabeth McGugan, May 9 1927

c8        Born – Twin daughters of George & Florence Johnson, nee Pettit, Feb 1

c8        Born – Donald Harold Parr, son of Rev R. H. Parr, May 2


Page 16

c1        Died – Alexander B. Saxon, 73 years, father of William Saxon

c4        Funeral – James Marsh, May 8

10 May 1929

Page 1

c4        Photo – J. F. Green, son of W. J. Green of St Thomas


Page 4

c1        Died – Russell C. Taylor, May 9, husband of Mrs Mary Taylor, nee Benson

c6        Funeral – Dugald McDugald, May 8


Page 5

c1        Died – Richard Arthur ills, infant son of Richard Mills; brother of Dorothy Ellen Mills; grandson of Mrs Eliza Mills

c5        Funeral – Edward Pye, May 10

c5        Funeral – Mrs Alma J. Wilson, May 9


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Louise E. Staley, 86th year, May 9, wife of Samuel Staley


Page 7

c3        Died – George Henderson Newcomb, 82 years, May 9

c7        Memoriam – Rosalie Simonds, May 10 1894, by daughter Mrs Nettie Waterman

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Jenkens, May 10 1926

c8        Died – Mrs John Goudie, May 6

c8        Died – Mrs Agnes McCord, nee Donnelly, May 9, wife of Rev Thomas McCord

c8        Died – George Henderson Newcomb, 81 years, May 9


10 May 1929

Second Section

Page 14

c3        Engagement – Edward Wright to Maribel Goff, daughter of Mrs Mary E. Goff

c3        Married – George Ernest Kernohan, son of G. N. Kernohan to Mabel Kathleen Williams, daughter of S. N. Williams

c3        Married – Clifford W. Fuller, son of Edward Fuller to Ethel Staffen, daughter of Mrs Christian Staffen

11 May 1929

Page 1

c5        Photo – Stuart K. Harper, son of J. York Harper of St Thomas

c7        Photo – James Medlyn of St Thomas


Page 7

c3        Died – Mrs Bertha S. Young, May 11, wife of John B. Young; sister of Mrs E. Smith

c3        Died – William Morris, 89th year, May 10, husband of Mrs Sara Morris, nee Lawrence; father of Lawrence, Harvey and Verne Morris, Rodella Morris, Mrs Holmes and Evangeline Morris (deceased)

c3        Died – William Gates, 69th year, May 11

c4        Died – Mrs Charles Saywell, nee Mary Coulter, 82nd year, May 11 – Photo

c8        Died – Mrs Mary Saywell, May 11

c8        Died – Mrs Bertha S. Young, May 11

c8        Died – William Gates, may 11

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Johnson, by daughter Mrs O. Beauline

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Clarence C. Berdan, May 11 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Olive Berdan, May 11 1928


Page 8

c3        Died – Richard Eedy, son of Joseph Eedy

c4        Died – Mrs John McIntyre, nee Nora Shay, 61 years

c4        Died – Joseph B. Snobelen, 75 years, May 9

c4        Died – David Hiram Sharp, May 9

c4        Died – John A. Lamont, 85 years

c4        Died – George F. Chapman, 77 years, May 1


11 May 1929

Second Section

Page 15

c1        Article – A. S. Paragus – The Stantons and McIntyres Pioneer Tillsonburg Families


Page 20

c6        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs. J. J. Coughlin of Windsor, 25th

c8        Engagement – John G. Macleod, son of C. M. McLeod to Louie Lee, daughter of James P. Lee

13 May 1929

Page 4

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs William Hindley of Yarmouth, 30th

c2        Birthday – Mrs F. A. Johnson, 78th

c3        Engagement – Rev James Grant Sparling, son of P. H. Sparling to Mary Saretta Ramsbottom, daughter of William Ramsbottom

c4        Married – Ralph Shaw Mills, son of Alex Mills to Mora Rasolind McIlroy, daughter of Rev W. A. McIlroy

c4        Married – Percy Snook to Mabel C. Hillyard, daughter of George Hillyard

c4        Married – Douglas Owen Salton, son of Rev S. Salton to Marjorie McLarty, daughter of Mrs Sadie McLarty

c4        Married – Frederick William McLean to Ada Lillian Whitworth


Page 6

c2        Died – Frederick Smith, 67 years, May 11

c2        Died – D. W. Graham, May 12

c2        Died – George Berdan, 71st year, May 12

c3        Died – David Gibson, May 12

c4        Died – Lionel Edmund Disbrowe, 37th year, May 12

c7        Died – Hiram Kilmer, 66 years, May 13


Page 7

c3        Died – John Butcher, 61st year, May 11

c5        Died – Sidney E. Dykeman, May 12, father of Roy Dykeman, Mrs John Palmer, Mrs William Hopkins and Mrs Percil Hamill

c8        Born – Shirley Margaret Shaw, daughter of Clayton & Pearl Shaw, nee Roane, Apr 25

c8        Died – Lionel Edmund Disbrowe, 37th year, May 12

c8        Died – Hiram Kilmer, 66 years, May 13

c8        Died – D. W. Graham, 65 years, May 12


Page 8

c1        Funeral – George H. Newcomb, May 11, father of S. P. Newcomb

c4        Died – Mrs Georgina Crawford, 86 years, widow of John Crawford; mother of Eleanor Crawford and J. L. Crawford

c4        Died – Frank E. Coombe, 64 years, May 13

c5        Died – Richard John Robertson, 91 years

c6        Funeral – William Morris, May 12

c6        Funeral – Mrs Mary Cole, May 10

14 May 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – Canon J. W. J. Andrew of Trinity Church, St Thomas

c6        Will – Estate of Mrs Mary Cole of Rodney, widow of William Cole


Page 4

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs James Bilson of St Thomas

c3        Engagement – Edmund L. Alexander, son of David Alexander to Ethel M. Stewart, daughter of Fred C. & Rebecca Stewart

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Adolphus Mitchell, nee Margaret McPhail of Bothwell, 50th

c8        Funeral – Mrs Mary Saywell, nee Coulter, May 13


Page 6

c4        Died – Samuel Shaw, 71 years, May 11

c4        Died – Duncan W. Graham, 66th year, May 12, husband of Mrs Emma Graham, nee Lyons; brother of S. F., Norman and Marie Graham, Mrs John McDonald and Mrs C. W. Ewing


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Samuel Staley, May 12

c5        Died – Mrs Anne Brackenbury, 61st year, May 14, wife of James Brackenbury


Page 9

c8        Born – Lois Lorraine Milton, daughter of W. J. Milton, May 12

c8        Born – Son of Gordon Mauthe, May 5

c8        Died – Duncan W. Graham, 66th year, May 12


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Infant son of Earl Wilson of Bothwell, May 2

c6        Died – Ernest Victor Burwell, 55 years, May 13, son of Hannibal Burwell

15 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – Frederick H. Wickett, May 14, son of Richard Wickett – Photo


Page 4

c4        Married – Norman Calcutt, son of Burley Calcutt to Margaret Isabel Young, daughter of Mrs Ida Young

c4        Married – George Garrett DeMore, son of Orville DeMore to Thora Raynor, daughter of R. H. Raynor

c4        Married – Frederick C. Abbott, son of Frederick Abbott to Irene Melissa McArthur, daughter of Harmon McArthur


Page 6

c1        Died – Patrick Gleeson, 82nd year, May 14

c1        Died – John A. Lamont, 85 years, brother of Stewart, James, David, Nathaniel and Susie Lamont


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs Georgina Crawford, 86th year

c4        Died – Albert Frewing, 6th year, son of Albert & Maud Frewing, nee McPhail; brother of Douglas and Marian Frewing; grandson of Dugald McPhail

c4        Died – Mrs Mary Miller, 64th year, May 14, wife of William Miller


Page 9

c2        Engagement – Thomas W. Brennand, son of T. W. Brennand to Barbara Margaret Carr, daughter of Fred Carr

c8        Memoriam – Marvin Gatecliffe, May 15 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Joseph Till, May 15 1928

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Stephen Palmer, May 15 1926, by daughter Lillian


Page 13

c3        Funeral – William Gates, 69th year, May 14


Page 16

c1        Funeral – Miss Martha Thompson, May 15, sister of Miss Jennie Thompson and Mrs Ada McCarthy

c3        Funeral – Lionel Edmund Disbrowe, May 14

c3        Funeral – Mrs Bertha S. Young, May 14

16 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – John Black Ferguson, 53 years, May 15, father of Jack and Jean Ferguson – Photo

c2        Will – Estate of Mrs Mary Cole, Aunt of J. S. Campbell

c2        Will – Estate of Laban Schneckenberger


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Wilfred Russell Underhill, son of Francis Underhill to Dorothy Margaret Oatman, daughter of Talbot R. Oatman

c2        Engagement – Edwin VanBuskirk, so of P. P. Edwin VanBuskirk to Laura Edith Brydon, daughter of R. H. Brydon

c3        Engagement – Charles H. Webber, son of Mrs Clara Webber to Myrtle Irene Miller, daughter of C. W. Miller

c3        Engagement – Edwin D. Atkins, son of E. R. Atkins to Elmira Mottashed, daughter of J. Mottashed

c3        Engagement – Dr Bruce Crawford MacNeill, son of Malcolm MacNeill to Dorothy Alice Fenwick, daughter of Archibald H. Fenwick

c4        Married – Herbert Jones to Jennie Mae Orsboon, daughter of Herbert Orsboon

c4        Married – John McLaren to Jean Patterson, daughter of Hector Patterson


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs Annie Carr, 79th year, May 12, wife of John J. Carr

c4        Will – Estate of Charles W. Sweet


Page 7

c4        Died – John McVicar, 55 years, May 14, brother of Malcolm McVicar


Page 8

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Nelson Bingham of Orwell, 50th


Page 9

c2        Engagement – Dr G. M. Shrum, son of W. b. Shrum to Miss Baillie

17 May 1929

Page 4

c1        Funeral – David Matthews, May 16, widow of Mrs Victoria Matthews, nee Hoffman; husband of Mrs Minnie Matthews, nee Moblo; father of Roy, Clarence, Albert and Michael Matthews; brother of Mrs Nelson Beam


Page 5

c1        Funeral – John B. Ferguson, May 18

c2        Photo – Clifford Brinn of East Elgin

c2        Funeral – Ernest Victor Burwell, May 16

c4        Funeral – John McVicar, (MacVicar) husband of Mrs Tena McVicar, nee Noble, May 18; father of Helen and James McVicar; brother of Malcolm, Archie, Daniel, Duncan and Annie McVicar and Mrs Donald Weir


Page 6

c1        Died – Mrs Julia J. Tamblyn, 78th year, May 15, widow of W. W. Tamblyn


Page 7

c3        Died – Norman E. Ashbury, 30 years, May 16, husband of Mrs Violet Ashbury, nee Meadows

c6        Funeral – Hiram Kilmer, May 15

c8        Born – Son of Arthur Vicary, May 17

c8        Memoriam – Leo Howey, May 17 1928, son of James W. Howey


Page 9

c2        Funeral – John B. Ferguson, May 18

c2        Funeral – Albert Frewing, May 16


17 May 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c6        Died – Mrs Mary A. Mitton, nee Newcombe, 81st year, May 15, widow of Robert H. Mitton


Page 14

c3        Married – Percy Lethbridge, son of Mrs C. Lethbridge to Elsie Christie, daughter of Harry Christie

18 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – Thomas Hobbins of Springfield, son of Bert Hobbins

c3        Die – Mrs Benjamin Bray, nee Clara Hilton, May 18, daughter of Joseph Hilton; mother of Mrs Margaret Crawley and Iona Bray; sister of Mrs B. Anderson, Herbert and John Hilton

c6        Will – Estate of Frederick H. Wickett of Chicago


Page 3

c7        Married – Gordon MacLaren to Margaret MacLean

c7        Married – Dr J. Laverne Laughton to Vernice Collins, daughter of Dr Asa Collins

c7        Married – Wilbert Callum, son of Fred Callum to Marian Blanch Langher, daughter of Chris Langher


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Mrs James Brackenbury, May 16


Page 7

c2        Died – Mrs Sarah Bramley, 55 years, May 18, widow of Henry Bramley; mother of Mrs James Baron; sister of Mrs Labrow

c4        Died – Miss Sarah E. McIntyre, 81 years, May 17, daughter of Archibald and Mary McIntyre; sister of Mrs T. C. Lipsey, Mary, Bessie and J. H. MacIntyre

c6        Funeral – Mrs James Brackenbury, May 16

c7        Memoriam – Mrs Selena Brown Ibbitson, May 18 1928, by Amos Ibbitson and Mrs George Branton

c7        Memoriam – William T. Mailing, May 18 1923

c7        Memoriam – Marion Berdan, May 18 1928, by Hugh Berdan and family

c8        Born – Daughter of J. E. Davies, May 16

c8        Died – Sarah E. McIntyre, 82nd year, May 17

c8        Died – Norman E. Ashbury, 30th year, May 16, son of Edwin Ashbury


Page 8

c1        Died – Byron B. Baillee, 68 years, May 17

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Alexander Bertrand, nee Amelia Grenier of Windsor, 50th

c4        Died – Mrs Isabella Murray, 87th year, widow of James Murray

c4        Died – Joseph Cochrane, 78th year, husband of Mrs Eliza Cochrane, nee Storey

c4        Died – Robert E. Geoghan, May 16

c4        Died – Mrs Rachel Giffin, 70th year, May 15, widow of Sherman Giffin

c4        Died – William John Arnott, 79 years, May 15, husband of Mrs Caroline Arnott

c4        Died – Mrs Harriett Hunter, 86th year, May 17

c4        Died – Samuel Devin, 70th year

c5        Died – Mrs Harry Mistele, nee Anna Harris, 62nd year, May 17, daughter of B. J. Harris

c5        Died – James Russell Pretty, 44 years, May 17


Page 9

c2        Died – Frederick Henry Wickett – Photo

c2        Died – Norman E. Ashbury, May 16


18 May 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c2        Photo – Selldon House at Payne’s Mills c 1830


Page 20

c5        Engagement – James Graham Davidson to Jessie Catherine Tufford, daughter of Noble F. Tufford

c5        Engagement – Clare D. Osborne, son of A. W. Osborne to Margaret Elson, daughter of Herbert James Elson

c5        Engagement – Arthur L. Pettit, son of W. & S. Pettit to Mary Violet Wilson, daughter of James Wilson

c5        Engagement – Stanley Dawson, son of J. J. Dawson to Amy Butterfield, daughter of C. Butterfield


18 May 1929

Sports Section

Page 2

c1        Article – History of St Thomas Golf Course – Photo


Page 4

c2        Photo – John Handford of St Thomas

c5        Photo – Alf McIntyre of St Thomas


Page 6

c1        Article – History of St Thomas Tennis Club – Photo

c3        Photo – J. W. Peart Sr., Percy C. Southern, Charles E. Dillame, W. U. Latornell


Page 7

c1        Article – History of St Thomas Lawn Bowling Club – Photo

c1        Photo – Clarence Trull of St Thomas

20 May 1929

Page 1

c5        Retirement – George Elliot Gott of St Thomas


Page 4

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs W. D. Samson of Blenheim, 50th

c2        Born – Daughter of Maurice V. & Louisiana Reath, nee Girardot, May 10

c2        Engagement – Dr Jay Waldo Monteith, son of J. D. Monteith to Emylie Bruce, daughter of Reginald K. McIntosh

c8        Married – Percy Arthur Funnell, son of John O. Funnell to Mildred Blanche Cross, daughter of Frank Cross


Page 6

c2        Funeral – Henry Stewart Brazier, 73rd year, May 20, father of Norman Brazier, Mrs George Lunsten (Lumsden), Mrs Robert Corrin and Mrs William Corrin

c3        Died – Mrs Moore, nee Delia Willmott, daughter of Benjamin Willmott; cousin of Willmott White


Page 7

c4        Funeral – John MacVicar, May 18

c8        Born – Son of Stuart Jamieson, May 18

c8        Died – Mrs Sarah Bramley, 55 years, May 18, widow of Henry Bramley


Page 8

c2        Funeral – John Black Ferguson, May 18


Page 14

c4        Funeral – Miss Martha Thompson

c4        Funeral – Miss Sarah McIntyre, May 19

21 May 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – J. Harold Becker of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Stanley Joseph Stephens, son of Joseph Stephens of Port Bruce to Zelma Oneita Munro, daughter of Andrew J. Munro of Lambeth

c4        Married – Walter Polhill, son of Frederick Polhill to Evaline H. Campbell, daughter of Alex Campbell

c4        Married – John Frederic Bentley, son of J. F. Bentley to Agnes Kathleen Fleming, daughter of R. J. Fleming


Page 9

c8        Born – Daughter of John Teall, May 18

c8        Born – Daughter of Frank Butcher, May 16

c8        Memoriam – John Leslie Hough, May 21 1914


Page 16

c3        Funeral – Norman E. Ashbury, May 20

22 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – George C. Emery and Gordon Butler of St Thomas


Page 4

c2        Engagement – Gordon Dundonald Penhale, son of William Penhale to Helen Marguerite Summers, daughter of Murray Summers

c4        Married – Orville Henry Wood, son of John Wood to Verla Marie Apthorp, daughter of Burton Apthorp

c4        Married – Norman H. Doan, son of A. Doan to Marjorie May Woodhull, daughter of F. M. Woodhull


Page 7

c4        Died – Charles J. Pearce, 55th year, May 21, father of Mrs Ray Hunter, Mrs Jack Darrow, Ira and John Pearce


Page 8

c3        Funeral – Mrs Sarah Bramley, May 21

c3        Funeral – Mrs James Richardson, 52 years, May 19

c5        Died – Mrs J. W. Stenabaugh, 64th year, May 20, mother of Mrs Louise Zabitz, Mrs Oscar Fenton, Mrs Clifford Mullen, Mrs D. Cornish, Audrey and Lloyd Stenabaugh


Page 9

c3        Died – Henry Brierly, 83rd year, May 20

c3        Engagement – Wilfred Horn, son of William Horn to Freda Cooper, daughter of Fred Cooper

c3        Engagement – William James Donaldson, son of Alexander Donaldson to Edith Adell Humber, daughter of Charles H. Humber

c3        Engagement – Robert Morford Boright to Isobel Millar, daughter of Jay Clinton Massie

c9        Died – William Hargraft Gooderham, 55th year, son of W. G. Gooderham

c9        Born – Daughter of E. R. & Alice Cotter, nee Dennee, May 22

c9        Born – Daughter of John Somerville, May 20

c9        Memoriam – Mrs Delphine Sutton, May 22 1926, by daughter Mrs W. Henderson


Page 12

c2        Died – Charles Fisherty, 77th year, May 21

23 May 1929

Page 1

c3        Photo – Rev J. M. MacGillivray of Knox Church, St Thomas

c6        Died – Mrs James Langford, 25 years, May 23


Page 4

c2        Photo – Alma College May Queen and Councillors – Margaret Brake, Morna Guthrie and Eunice Montgomery

c2        Engagement – Archie Vivian to Barbara Eileen Gibb, daughter of D. L. Gibb

c5        Married – Arthur LeRoy Pettit, son of Wesley Pettit to Mary Violet Wilson, daughter of James Wilson

c6        Died – Joseph Coultis, 75 years May 21


Page 6

c2        Died – Mrs John Clark, 75th year, May 23, mother of Mrs John L. Stansell

c3        Died – David Pringle, 66 years, May 22


Page 7

c1        Died – John R. Culber, 83 years, May 22

c9        Born – Daughter of Angus & Margaret McIntosh, nee Annett, May 17

c9        Memoriam – Mrs H. Ellison, May 23 1918

c9        Memoriam – Jean Brown, May 23 1928


Page 8

c3        Shower – Mrs A. McKenzie, nee Mabel Cook of Corinth

25 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – V. Lloyd Richards, son of E. A. Richards of St Thomas

c3        Died – Hiram B. Smith, 71st year, May 23, husband of Mrs Alice Smith, nee Gunn


Page 4

c3        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs J. Duncan of Thamesville, 50th

c3        Married – Gordon Walsh to Rachel McLellan

c3        Married – Harry Floyd Brown, son of William & Dora Brown to Ella Jane Stafford, daughter of Neil Stafford


Page 7

c1        Died – Leroy Shaw, son of Hedley Shaw; nephew of E. A. Ashbury

c2        Died – Mrs Naomi Kinsey, 77 years, May 25, wife of Eber Kinsey

c3        Died – Mrs Moses Graham, nee Elizabeth Law, May 23, daughter of James Law; sister of Mrs John Racher, James, William and Alex Law

c3        Died – William McEachren, 73 years, May 4, brother of Dr Archibald McEachren, Mrs McCaig and Mrs Thomas

c4        Died – George White, 69 years, May 24, husband of Mrs Mary Ann White, nee Glenn; father of Harry O. White and Mrs Olive (Leroy F.) Robertson

c7        Died – Robert A. Wilson, Mar 30, son of Abner and Margaret Wilson, nee Drummond; husband of Mrs Ellen Wilson, nee Appleford; brother of William, Edward and Fred Wilson; Uncle of S. R. Wilson

c8        Born – Raymond Edward McGregor, son of P. C. & Muriel McGregor, nee Beal, May 23

c8        Born – Barbara Ellen North, daughter of C. North, May 21

c8        Born – Grace Eileen McIntosh, daughter of Angus McIntosh, May 17

c8        Born – Son of Reuben Kreiter, May 16

c8        Funeral – George White, 69 years, May 26


Page 8

c4        Died – Arthur Eberle, 56th year, May 23

c5        Died – Mrs Fred Bates, May 23, daughter of George Tupholme


25 May 1929

Second Section

Page 11

c6        Article – Hazel O. Mann, daughter of Mr & Mrs S. Mann of Aylmer


Page 20

c2        Engagement – Dr Roy A. Gilbert, son of Mrs A. Gilbert to Dorothy Black, daughter of R. S. Black – Photo

c5        Engagement – Graham Spry, son of D. W. B. Spry to Dorothy Bell, daughter of Dr Gordon Bell

c5        Engagement – Francis H. P. Loan, son of W. J. Loan to Iva May Tanner, daughter of James Tanner

c5        Engagement – Lloyd C. Bullen, son of Everett & Mary Bullen to Elsie Morrice, daughter of A. M. Morrice

c5        Engagement – Ray Chalk, son of George Chalk to Alice L. Miller, daughter of E. Miller

c5        Engagement – Gordon Dundonald Penhale, son of William & Amelia Penhale to Helen Marguertie Summers, daughter of Murray Summers

c5        Married – Kenneth Barr McLaws, son of David McLaws to Mary Gertrude Purser, daughter of Edward Purser

27 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Died – George Lambton Oill, 83 years, May 26, son of John & Maria Oill, nee Marlatt; widow of Mrs Eva Oill, nee Neville; husband of Mrs Carrie Oill, nee Gilbert – Photo


Page 4

c4        Married – Albert Brooks, son of A. Brooks to Alberta Paddington, daughter of Arthur Paddington

c4        Married – Stanley W. Pearson, son of Arthur Pearson to Merle Martin, daughter of Melville Martin


Page 6

c2        Funeral – John MacVicar, May 17


Page 7

c1        Died – Maurice Bocking, May 25, father of W. R. Bocking

c8        Born – Son of W. C. & Catherine Matthews, nee Clark, May 25

c8        Born – Dona Jane McIntyre, daughter of Archie J. & Nettie Mae McIntyre, nee Badger, May 24

c8        Died – George Lambton Oill, 83 years, May 26

c8        Memoriam – A. T. Meredith, May 27 1927

c8        Memoriam – John Grass, May 27 1928, by wife and daughter Florence


Page 8

c1        Died – Arthur Brown, 44 years, May 25, brother of Roy Brown

c2        Died – William McEachren, 72nd year, son of Archibald McEachren

c2        Funeral – E. Miller, nephew of Mrs Joseph Schneckenberger

c4        Died – Rev Dr R. P. Mackay, 83rd year, May 25

c4        Died – Robert M. Smith, 76 years, May 24

c4        Died – Mrs Henry Powell, 67th year, May 24

c4        Funeral – Mrs George Neal, nee Josephine Cunningham, May 25

c5        Died – William H. Bole, 48 years, May 26, husband of Mrs Lulu Bole, nee Clark; father of Dr Quinten Bole, Marion, Frances and Betty Bole; brother of A. N. & J. M. Bole, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Kirkland and Abbie Bole

c5        Funeral – John R. Culver, 84th year, May 24

c5        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Charles A. Fox of Walkerton, 60th

c8        Funeral – George White, May 26


Page 14

c2        Died – Miss Mary McVey, May 27, daughter of John & Judith McVey; sister of Mrs J. O’Donoghue, Mrs C. W. Regan, William and John McVey

28 May 1929

Page 4

c4        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Nelson Bingham of Orwell, 50th


Page 6

c1        Funeral – Charles J. Pearce (Pierce), May 23

c1        Funeral – Mrs George Neal, May 23

c3        Died – James Fletcher, 75 years, May 15, son of Hugh & Elizabeth Fletcher, nee McCallum


Page 7

c4        Died – John Albert Jones, 64 years, May 25, brother of William Jones, buried Aylmer Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c4        Died – Peter W. Earle, 86th year, May 26


Page 8

c1        Funeral – Mrs Eber Kinsey, May 27

c2        Died – Dr William F. Bennett, 57th year, May 27


Page 9

c8        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs F. J. Winters of Wallaceburg, 50th

c8        Born – Erie Gertrude Walker, daughter of Nelson Walker, May 20

c8        Died – William Martin, 72nd year, May 27

c8        Died – Miss Mary McVey, May 27

c8        Memoriam – Mr Gloin, May 28 1924

c8        Memoriam – Horace Shaw, May 28 1925

29 May 1929

Page 6

c1        Died – Mary Beard, 11 months, May 28, daughter of Mr & Mrs Beard of Corinth

c6        Died – Mrs Bessie May Trethewey, 34th year, May 28


Page 7

c2        Funeral – Miss Mary McVey, May 29

c8        Born – Diane Evoune Denby, daughter of W. & Olive Denby, nee Sage, May 28

c8        Born – Neva Leone Mabee, daughter of Charles Clark Mabee

c8        Born – Son of Harry Manary Mabee


Page 8

c1        Died – Mrs (Rev) Thomas McCord, nee Agnes Donnelly, May 9, mother of Thomas R. McCord

c1        Funeral – Mrs Moses Graham, May 27


Page 12

c3        Funeral – Ernest George Boyer, May 27, infant son of Ernest Boyer, buried St Thomas Cemetery, no stone found – CVH

c3        Funeral – George L. Oill, May 28

c5        Died – Ralph MacCrae, May 23, nephew of Mrs John Munro

30 May 1929

Page 1

c2        Photo – St Thomas Graduates of Western University – Carman D. Kilpatrick, son of M. W. Kilpatrick; Louis J. Loftus, son of William Loftus; John J. McManus, son of James McManus; Franklin D. Poole, son of F. C. Poole; Herman L. Savage, son of Mrs R. B. Savage; Cecil A. Osborn


Page 4

c1        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs John Duncan of Thamesville, 50th

c3        Engagement – Hans F. Rasmussen to Gladys Ethel Downey, daughter of Leonard Downey

c4        Married – Percy Westrope, son of D. Westrope to Helen Dorothy Allward, daughter of C. E. Allward

c4        Married – D. Richards to Elaine Symonds, daughter of R. R. Symonds

c4        Married – George Day, son of R. H. Day to Mary Irene Daniel, daughter of Mrs W. G. Daniel


Page 6

c2        Anniversary – Mr & Mrs Nelson Bingham of Orwell, 50th – Photo


Page 8

c5        Funeral – W. H. Bole, May 28


Page 9

c3        Died – Mrs Louis Deline, nee Alice McCulley, May 29, daughter of Robert McCulley


Page 16

c5        Funeral – William Martin, May 29

c7        Married – G. Ray Chalk, son of George Chalk to Alice L. Miller, daughter of Edward Miller

31 May 1929

Page 1

c5        Photo – Arthur Bartlett of Dunwich Township

c6        Photo – James R. Waite of St Thomas


Page 7

c1        Died – Mrs Susan Vosworth, 80th year, widow of W. J. Vosworth

c2        Died – Mrs Nellie Munro, 47 years, May 31, wife of George Munro; sister of Henry, Joseph and George Mosey, Mrs Fanny Baker, Mrs J. J. Pews, Mrs Edwin Bloun and Mrs Enos Smith

c8        Born – William Arthur Fletcher, son of John W. Fletcher, May 23

c8        Died – Lindley Coville Lanning, 76th year, May 31, father of Harvey Lanning

c8        Memoriam – Mrs Elizabeth Montgomery, May 30 1920


Page 8

c3        Died – Charles Towle, 16 years, May 30, son of Alex Towle


31 May 1929

Second Section

Page 14

c2        Funeral – Maurice Bocking, May 28, father of W. Reginald & Charles Bocking


Page 16

c4        Married – Harry Ernest Millet to Lydia Jane Cronkwright

c4        Married – Jack M. Climie, son of W. J. Climie to Marie Aileen Mabee, daughter of Fred Mabee


Page 20

c3        Died – Lindley Coville Lanning, 76th year, May 31