STTJ 1925 Mar

St. Thomas Times-Journal

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

March 1925

Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Extracted and transcribed by members of the Elgin OGS

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2 March 1925

Page 4
c2    Died –   Charles Street, 83 years, Feb 25
c2    Died –   George Udell, 66 years, Feb 26
c2    Died –   Lawrence Turnbull, 72 years, Feb 28

Page 5
c3    Engagement –   Robert L. Logan, son of John Logan to Mary Fellowes, daughter of Charles Fellowes
c5    Married –   Lindsay M. Tate, son of David Tate to Mary Adelia Kew, daughter of William Kew
c5    Married –   Andrew Cooper to Flora Bell McVicar, daughter of John D. McVicar
c5    Married –   Wilfred C. Karn, son of Mrs Margaret Karn to Ina Alice Barter, daughter of James Barter
c6    Married –   Alexander Colvin, son of Alex Colvin to Edith May Baggott, daughter of Edwin Baggott

Page 6
c7    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Breen, Mar 1, sister of William Breen and Mrs E. Avery

Page 7
c2    Funeral –   George Edwy Smith, Feb 28
c8    Died –   Mrs Jane Bastedo, 91 years, Mar 1, widow of Washington Bastedo
c8    Died –   Mrs Barbara Ann Cattle, 80 years, Feb 28, widow of S. S. Cattle

Page 12
c6    Died –   Mrs Jane Bastedo, 91 years, Mar 1, widow of Washington Bastedo


3 March 1925

Page 1
c1    Died –   Mrs Harriet Charlotte Spencer, nee Dunham, 89th year, Mar 2, widow of John Spencer; mother of Hattie, J. C. and H. F. Spencer and Mrs R. R. Neild; sister of Charles and George Dunham
c2    Died –   Willis E. Albee, 74 years, March 3, brother of Frank Albee
c6    Article –   McLachlin’s Book Store, St Thomas founded by Archibald McLachlin
c7    Photo –   Charles Rainbow of Medicine Hat and St Thomas

Page 5
c3    Died –   David A. Killins, Mar 2, brother of Mrs Scott and Henry Killins
c4    Married –   Clyde Philmore to Violet Fleming, daughter of W. C. Fleming

Page 7
c2    Funeral –   W. L. Wickett, Mar 2
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Clarence A. Small, Mar 2
c8    Born –   Robert Gerald Nicol, son of Wilfred Nicol, Feb 24
c8    Born –   Daughter of J. M. Thistle, Mar 1
c8    Born –   Daughter of Ernest & Beatrice Howlett, nee Henderson, Mar 1


4 March 1925

Page 5
c2    Married –   Charles Leslie Bagg, son of Fred Bagg to Gladys Gilmore, daughter of William Gilmore
c2    Married –   Clark F. Webb to Florence Cameron, daughter of Colin C. Cameron
c2    Married –   Robert Lamonte Logan to Mary Fellowes

Page 6
c4    Died –   Mrs Enos Honsberger, 86 years, Mar 3, mother of Edward, Joseph and Lavina Honsberger

Page 7
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Harriott C. Spencer, Mar 5
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Johnson, 78 years, Mar 4, widow of Squire Johnson; mother of Mrs John R. Schultz; sister of W. L. Smith
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Cattle, Mar 3
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Bastedo, Mar 3
c7    Died –   Willis E. Albee, 74 years, Mar 3
c7    Died –   Mrs Harriott C. Spencer, 89th year, Mar 2, widow of John Spencer

Page 8
c3    Article –   Pioneer Doctors of Elgin – Rolph, Travers, Fulton, Southwick, VanBuskirk, Wilson, Penwarden and Duncombe


5 March 1925

Page 1
c2    Fire –   Ross St., St Thomas

Page 6
c1    Died –   Miss Elizabeth Burkholder, 81st year, Mar 4, sister of Mrs Martha J. Smith, Rebecca & Sarah Burkholder; aunt of Mrs J. W. Benner and Vernon Smith
c3    Married –   Oliver Hugel Mabee to Edith Pank

Page 7
c1    Died –   George Weekes, 58th year, Mar 3, brother of Mrs E. G. Cooper
c2    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Robert Bell of Wheatley, 50th
c2    Funeral –   Miss Elizabeth Breen, Mar 4
c8    Born –   Son of W. J. Patterson, Mar 2
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs F. A. Mailing, Mar 5 1924


6 March 1925

Page 1
c2    Died –   Orlando Healy, 88 years, Mar 6
c2    Died –   Joseph Montgomery, 70 years, Mar 6
c3    Died –   Mrs Aileen Lunn, nee Piper, Mar 5, wife of John A. Lunn

Page 4
c3    Died –   Charles Gordon Shipley or Shippey, 65 years, Mar 4, father of Mrs Roache

Page 5
c1    Married –   Robert C. Wilkie, son of Joseph Wilkie to Mary Claire Muckle, daughter of W. J. Muckle
c1    Married –   Harry Dunmore to Marjory Poulter, daughter of Harvey Poulter

Page 8
c1    Died –   Mrs John March, nee Hamilton, sister of James Hamilton; aunt of Mrs Duncan H. McCallum, Mrs Daniel H. McCallum and James Milton; sister-in-law of R. M. March
6 March 1925
Second Section

Page 12
c1    Died –   Miss Cora Miller, Mar 3, daughter of Clinton Miller

Page 13
c4    Funeral –   Mrs H. C. Spencer, Mar 5
c4    Funeral –   Willis E. Albee, Mar 5
c7    Died –   William Henry Jolley, 49 years, Mar 5
c7    Memoriam –   Emmanuel Davey, Mar 6 1922


7 March 1925

Page 1
c8    Article –   Alvin Yorke of Yarmouth

Page 3
c4    Married –   Wilfred Hutchison, son of Thomas Hutchison to Mabel Jean Hogg, daughter of W. I. Hogg
c4    Married –   Frederick Ross Earle, son of Fred Earle to Ivy Pearl Alderson, daughter of Robert Alderson

Page 4
c2    Funeral –   William Edward Laur, Feb 28
c2    Died –   Clifford Carrothers, 44 years, Mar 6, brother of Samuel, Warden and Myrtle Carrothers and Mrs Alfred Nottley
c3    Died –   David A. Killins, 67 years
c5    Died –   Mrs Agnes McGarva Diehl, Mar 6, wife of Rev Louis W. Diehl

Page 5
c8    Memoriam –   Andrew Mils, Mar 7 1923
c8    Memoriam –   Peter C. Stewart, Mar 8 1924
c8    Memoriam –   Ethel May Clifford, Mar 8 1924
c8    Born –   Son of A. Atam, Mar 1
c8    Died –   Joseph Montgomery, 70 years, Mar 6
c8    Died –   Orlando Healy, 88 years, Mar 6

Page 8
c2    Photo –   Martinell H. McLachlin of St Thomas
7 March 1925
Second Section

Page 10
c3    Died –   John W. Gunning, 78 years, Mar 5, father of Mrs J. Geary, Helen, Annie and John B. Gunning


9 March 1925

Page 1
c4    Died –   Archibald J. Campbell, 61 years, Mar 7
c4    Died –   George Charles Begg, 78 years, Mar 7
c6    Died –   Alvin Yorke, 50 years, Mar 7

Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Vola Haight, nee Montgomery, 43 years, Mar 8, daughter of F. S. Montgomery; wife of William Haight

Page 6
c3    Died –   Miss Bertha Sharlow, Mar 3, daughter of Abraham Sharlow
c3    Died –   Stephen J. Jarvis, 63 years, Mar 7, husband of Mrs Agnes H. Jarvis; father of Guy Jarvis

Page 7
c1    Funeral –   W. H. Jolley, Mar 7
c6    Born –   Daughter of E. E. Gilbert, Mar 8
c6    Born –   Daughter of W. J. Reilly, Mar 8
c6    Born –   William Clarence Schram, son of E. L. Schram, Mar 8
c6    Born –   Llewellyn John Shone, son of H. Shone, Mar 9
c6    Born –   Son of Dr N. J. Bicknell, Mar 6
c6    Born –   Daughter of Victor H. Tillson, Mar 4
c6    Born –   Harold Mathias Kyte, Feb 26
c6    Born –   Daughter of Clinton Ryerson, mar 2
c6    Born –   Son of William Buck, Feb 26
c6    Born –   Son of Alex Williams, Feb 28
c6    Born –   Son of Darwin Precoor, Feb 2
c6    Died –   George Charles Begg, 78 years, Mar 7
c6    Died –   Alvin Samuel Yorke, 50 years, Mar 7
c6    Died –   Archibald J. Campbell, 61 years, Mar 7
c7    Memoriam –   Andrew Woodford, Mar 8 1919


10 March 1925

Page 4
c2    Died –   Mrs Agnes McGarva Diehl, wife of Rev L. W. Diehl

Page 5
c2    Photo –   Mrs J. H. Rinch of St Thomas

Page 6
c1    Died –   Dr Hempstead Davis, Mar 9, brother of Mrs (Dr) Sinclair

Page 7
c1    Died –   Margaret Elizabeth Mann, Mar 9, infant daughter of L. A. Mann
c1    Died –   Richard Williams, Feb 23, father of Mrs J. Stoddern
c1    Divorce –   Mrs Gladys Jones, nee Elliott vs T. Wilfrid Jones
c2    Funeral –   Orlando Healy, Mar 9
c2    Funeral –   Joseph Montgomery, Mar 9
c8    Born –   Daughter of R. W. Lindsay, Mar 1
c8    Born –   Margaret Elizabeth Man, daughter of L. A. Mann, Mar 9
c8    Died –   Mrs Viola Haight, 43 years, Mar 8, wife of William Haight
c8    Died –   Mrs Aileen Lunn, Mar 5, wife of John A. Lunn
c8    Memoriam –   Carl J. Taylor, Mar 10 1921


11 March 1925

Page 3
c2    Married –   John W. Hall to Ada W. Gibson
c2    Married –   Roy Alfred Casler to Florence Mae House
c2    Married –   Gordon Rozell to Alice Phillips

Page 5
c2    Funeral –   George C. Begg, Mar 10
c2    Funeral –   A. J. Campbell, Mar 10
c4    Married –   Melvin Sullivan, son of Frederick Sullivan to Marjorie Mae Bennett, daughter of Gordon Bennett
c4    Died –   William Buchanan, Mar 11, husband of Mrs Flora Buchanan, nee Ferguson
c6    Died –   Alexander Patterson, Mar 9, father of William, Edward, Walter, Jessie and Marian Patterson; brother of John W. Patterson; uncle of the late William Patterson
c8    Born –   Daughter of Gordon Hilliker
c8    Died –   Mrs Maud M. Fessant, nee McRobert, Mar 10, wife of Frederick A. Fessant
c8    Memoriam –   Carl James Taylor, Mar 10 1921

Page 8
c3    Died –   Mrs Maud M. Fessant, nee McRobert, Mar 10, daughter of Joseph & Maria McRobert, nee Fitzsimmons; wife of Frederick A. Fessant
c3    Died –   Alexander Rodger, 76 years, father of Mrs Jack Mitchell, Mrs Mackenzie Parks, Mrs Munro, Mrs Fraser and Jeannie Rodger


12 March 1925

Page 1
c1    Died –   Nathaniel Berdan, 87 years, Mar 11
c2    Died –   Thomas R. Cusack, 56 years, Mar 11
c4    Died –   Duncan McKellar, 80th year, Mar 11, husband of Mrs Isabelle McKellar, nee Munroe; father of Mrs Malena (Peter) McPhail and Gordon McKellar; brother-in-law of Duncan C. Munroe

Page 5
c3    Married –   Alexander Campbell, son of Dougald Campbell to Stella Elizabeth Latcham, daughter of Samuel Latcham
c3    Married –   Morris Scott, son of Howard Scott to Alice Janes

Page 6
c1    Died –   Edward Murney Davenport, 69th year, Mar 12
c2    Died –   Mrs Elizabeth Allen, nee Dexter, 85th year Mar 12, widow of James W. Allen
c3    Died –   Mary Edith Percy, 6 years, Mar 11, daughter of Owen Percy
c4    Engagement –   Richard T. Tonkins to Lena Newkirk, daughter of W. Newkirk
c4    Engagement –   C. H. Eastlake to Margaret R. Mann, daughter of James Mann

Page 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs William Haight, Mar 11
c2    Funeral –   Mrs John A. Lunn, Mar 11
c4    Died –   Mrs Roderick Campbell, formerly Mrs Neil Darrach, Mar 12; sister of Mrs W. J. Thomas
c8    Died –   William Buchanan, Mar 11
c8    Memoriam –   Lillian and Dorothy Catchpole, Mar 12 1915


13 March 1925

Page 4
c3    Will –   Estate of James Brady of Yarmouth

Page 5
c3    Married –   Leslie A. Crosbie, son of Charles F. Crosbie to Dorothy Jean Hoover, daughter of A. B. Hoover
c3    Married –   Marvin Henry Gatecliffe, son of Richard Gatecliffe to Norma Margaret Whitcroft, daughter of Frank Whitcroft

Page 9
c7    Born –   Daughter of J. Honsinger, Mar 8
c7    Born –   Daughter of Frank Coatsworth, Mar 7
c7    Born –   Norman Grant Waite, son of Edward Waite, Mar 4
c7    Born –   Albert Knox Ford, son of Ernest Ford, Mar 7
c7    Memoriam –   John Evert, Mar 13 1922

Page 16
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Zimmerman, 67 years, Mar 11, wife of John J. Zimmerman; mother of Albert, William and John Zimmerman, Mrs Lucy Hastings, Mrs Addie Cummings, Mrs Clara Roehl, Mrs Laura Feetham and Mrs Evelyn Reading


14 March 1925

Page 3
c3    Photo –   Albert Austin of St Thomas
c4    Photo –   Herbert Hall of St Thomas

Page 4
c1    Died –   David Newell, father of Margaret & Goldie Newell; brother of Hugh and Joseph Newell, Mrs Charlton, Stacy Newell and Mrs Ward
c1    Died –   Mrs Matilda Ponting, Feb 24, daughter of Andrew & Mary Moulton; wife of George Ponting

Page 5
c6    Died –   John Gloin, 75th year, Mar 13

Page 6
c3    Died –   Mrs Thomas Kerr, nee Christina Gillies, 69 years, Mar 13

Page 7
c1    Funeral –   Infant daughter of William Luscombe, Mar 14 to St Thomas Cemetery
c2    Died –   William H. Charlton, 90th year, Mar 14
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Frederick A. Fessant, March
c6    Funeral –   William Buchan, Mar 13
c7    Memoriam –   Charlotte Lawson, Mar 15 1924
c7    Memoriam –   Mildred Agnes Stocker, Mar 14 1922
c8    Born –   Audrey Dawn Harrison, daughter of Clarence Harrison, Mar 10
c8    born –   Agnes Ada Luscombe, daughter of William Luscombe, Mar 12
c8    Born –   Daughter of John Heil Mar 13 1925
c8    Born –   Daughter of Charles Matthews, Mar 7
c8    Born –   Son of Lyle Ostrander, Mar 9
c8    Born –   Son of Edwin Becker, Mar 9
c8    Born –   Daughter of Harold H. Eggman, Feb 28
c8    Born –   Daughter of John Wade, Mar 3
c8    Born –   Harold Mattheas Kyte, son of Floyd Kyte, Feb 26
c8    Born –   Son of Glen Soper, Mar 6
c8    Born –   Son of Aubrey Coyle, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Doris Audrey Clark, daughter of Charles Clark, Mar 5
c8    Born –   Donald Scott Mannell, son of Harold Mannell, Mar 8
c8    Died –   Agnes Ada Luscombe, Mar 12, infant daughter of William Luscombe

Page 10
c1    Divorce –   Mrs Lillian May McConnell vs John R. McConnell
c1    Died –   Herman Naurscott, Mar 13, husband of Mrs Lila Naurscott, nee Lowry; father of Herman Naurscott; son-in-law of Charles Lowry
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Christina S. Campbell, nee Bowman, 54 years, Mar 14, wife of R. J. Campbell and widow of Neil Darrach; sister of Mrs W. J. Thomas, W., Norman and W. K. Bowman
14 March 1925
Second Section

Page 11
c1    Retirement –   Robert J. Middleton of St Thomas – Photo

Page 20
c8    Engagement –   Clarence N. Jones to Leata Sterling, daughter of Margaret Sterling


16 March 1925

Page 4
c2    Died –   Mrs Lury Ann Orr, nee Boughner, 72 years, Mar 15, wife of George Orr

Page 5
c3    Married –   Paul Dewey to Irene Beatrice Morningstar, daughter of H. Morningstar

Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Mrs James Allen, Mar 14

Page 7
c8    Born –   Patricia Jean Cochrill, daughter of Richard & Hazel Cochrill, nee Cuthbert, Mar 14
c8    Born –   Dorothy Ruth Coulter, daughter of George T. Coulter, Feb 23
c8    Died –   Mrs Laury Ann Orr, 72 years, Mar 15, wife of George Orr
c8    Memoriam –   William Hudson, Mar 16 1924
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Lawson, Mar 14 1924, by daughter Mrs William Hayes
c8    Memoriam –   Susanna Heard, Mar 16 1922


17 March 1925

Page 1
c1    Died –   Augustus S. Rogers, 97 years, Mar 16

Page 5
c5    Married –   Peter C. Yuhase to Thelma Heard
c5    Married –   Ian Best to Laura Rickwood

Page 6
c1    Funeral –   John Gloin, Mar 16
c2    Died –   Willis Bradd, 8 years, Mar 16, son of Joseph Bradd
c2    Died –   William H. Pike, 73rd year, Mar 15

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs Mary Elizabeth Dernier, 64 years, Mar 16, widow of Charles Dernier and Joseph Balsden; mother of Mrs Jennie LaCrosse and Mrs Ernest Carr and the late A. S. and George R. Balsden; sister of John H. Howard
c2    Died –   George Whitton Sr, widow of Mrs Sarah Whitton, nee Campbell; son-in-law of Dugald Campbell; father of George, William, Albert N. and David S. Whitton, Mrs D. H. Paterson, Mrs John G. Wise, Mrs John Chisholm, Agnes Whitton and Mrs George Little
c8    Born –   Daughter of Charles Smith, Mar 14
c8    Married –   Cyril O. Chamberlain to Myrtle Rhoda Pryce
c8    Died –   Augustus S. Rogers, 67th year, Mar 16
c8    Died –   Mrs Mary Elizabeth Dernier, 64 years, Mar 16, widow of Charles Dernier

Page 9
c5    Inquest –   Death of Alvin Yorke, Mar 7

Page 12
c1    Died –   Mrs Lyman F. Widner, nee Melinda Bacon, 92nd year, Mar 14, mother of Horace Widner


18 March 1925

Page 1
c2    Photo –   Rev James Finlay of Courtright and St Thomas
c3    Died –   George Nelson Fournier, 73 years, Mar 17, father of Mrs C. E. Kristoff, Mrs H. Andrews, Mrs William Carrall, John, Louis and George Fournier; brother of Henry Fournier

Page 3
c4    Article –   Thomas R. Cusack formerly of St Thomas

Page 4
c3    Died –   William O. Johnston, Mar 17; brother of Herbert, Cecil, Percy and Ernest, Mrs C. Rumball, Mrs J. Rumball, Mrs G. Patterson

Page 6
c1    Birthday –   R. C McKenney of Aylmer, 93rd
c3    Died –   Mrs Daniel Summers, nee Georgina Garbutt, 56 years, Mar 17
c3    Died –   Mrs Margaret Hogg, 94th year, Mar 17, widow of John Hogg; mother of Mrs William Tinline

Page 7
c1    Funeral –   George Whitton, Mar 17
c2    Died –   Hugh McKellar, 66 years, Mar 18
c5    Funeral –   Mrs George Orr, Mar 17
c6    Died –   Mrs Henry Sherwood, Mar 17
c7    Married –   W. Hector Wood, son of A. Wood to Edith M. Dimbleby, daughter of W. Dimbleby
c8    Born –   Rhea Corenne Murdock, daughter of G. Murdock, Feb 28
c8    Born –   Daughter of J. Walter Thompson, Mar 5
c8    Born –   Julia Mary Mason, daughter of J. Mason, Mar 15
c8    Born –   Rosemary Ross, daughter of William P. & Madeline Ross, nee Maxwell, Mar 17
c8    Died –   Mrs Henry Sherwood, 77 years, Mar 17
c8    Died –   George Nelson Fournier, 73 years Mar 17


19 March 1925

Page 1
c4    Will –   Estate of John Hammill of St Thomas, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Hammill and uncle of John J. Hammill

Page 4
c1    Birthday –   Maurice Edward Duggan of Petrolia, 86th
c4    Died –   Frank Everist, 74 years

Page 5
c1    Married –   Donald Rink Klie, son of Albert Klie to Charlotte Mary Ann Askew, daughter of Newton Askew
c4    Died –   William McMullen, 74th year, Mar 14, father of Mrs Alex D. Duncanson, Dr David A. and John McMullen; brother of Mrs Sarah Allison, Mrs Isaac Farrow, Rev Andrew and James McMullen
c5    Engagement –   Alphonsus Emerson King, son of A. J. King to Helena Williamina Grace O’Malley, daughter of Peter C. L. O’Malley
c5    Married –   William W. Wilson to Margie Weiner
c6    Engagement –   Ansel Campbell to Jean Carroll, daughter of John Carroll

Page 6
c1    Married –   Charles Eastlake to Margaret Mann, daughter of James Mann
c2    Died –   Henry Wood Booth, 88 years, Mar 17, son of Henry Gough Booth; husband of Mrs Clara G. Booth, nee Gagnier

Page 7
c8    Memoriam –   Edward John Wadley, Mr 20 1919, by daughter Mrs Frank Hatch
c8    Memoriam –   Nellie Smith, Mar 19 1915, by son Charlie Smith; by husband Frank Smith

Page 9
c1    Died –   Oliver Howe, 72 years, Mar 19
c1    Died –   George Edward Taylor, 49 years, Mar 18, husband of Mrs Annie Taylor, nee Murphy; father of Susie Taylor; son of Mrs Eliza Taylor

Page 12
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Josephine Durkee, nee Whiting, 76th year, Mar 11, wife of G. W. Durkee; mother of Mrs G. A. Oles; sister of F. B. and Harry Whiting; sister-in-law of Mrs Florence Walker
c1    Funeral –   Mrs Charles Dernier, Mar 18
c1    Funeral –   George Nelson Fournier, Mar 19


20 March 1925

Page 4
c1    Birthday –   Mrs Sarah Flemmington, nee Leverton of Sparta, 88th [Flemington]
c3    Funeral –   William Charlton, Mar 17

Page 5
c3    Engagement –   William Carnegie Innes, son of W. L. Innes to Ivey Grace Howell, daughter of Alick James Howell
c6    Married –   William A. Braddon to Mary Edith Ruddick
c6    Married –   Wesley Begg to Delia Manning
c7    Married –   Clifton Charles Brinn to Elora Vinola Roloson

Page 6
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Daniel Summers, nee Georgina Garbutt, March 19
c5    Funeral –   William O. Johnston, Mar 18
c5    Funeral –   Augustus S. Rogers, Mar 18
c6    Funeral –   Mrs Frances Sherwood, Mar 19

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs Eleanor Biddle, 68 years, Mar 19, wife of Walter Biddle
c2    Funeral –   George Whitton, Mar 19
c6    Born –   Daughter of John Dewar, Mar 11
c6    Born –   Doris Jean McAlpine, daughter of Mac M, McAlpine, Mar 14
c6    Born –   Daughter of A. N. & Jean McLean, nee McDermid, Mar 11
c6    Born –   Son of William Sparling, Mar 12
c8    Died –   Mrs Eleanor Biddle, 68 years, Mar 19
c6    Memoriam –   Fredrick William Wright, Mar 20 1923

Page 8
c5    Died –   Thomas H. Bogart, 12 years, Mar 19, son of Webster Bogart


21 March 1925

Page 4
c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Edward Beckett of Orwell, 50th

Page 6
c3    Died –   Joseph Baldwin, 60th year, Mar 19, son of John & Mary Baldwin, nee Campbell; husband of Mrs Annie Baldwin, nee Henry
c3    Funeral –   Hugh McKellar, Mar 20
c3    Funeral –   Oliver Howe, Mar 20

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Taylor, 79 years, Mar 21, widow of George Taylor; mother of Mrs J. Carter, Frances and George H. Taylor; grandmother of Margie & Evaleen Taylor
c8    Born –   Jean Leone McLay, daughter of George McLay, Mar 18
c8    Born –   Son of L. & Ella Rice, nee Voaden, Mar 14
c8    Born –   Daughter of Thomas R. Coates, Mar 14
c8    Born –   Edwin Morgan Bilger, son of Theodore C. Bilger, Mar 13
c8    Born –   Son of John Warks, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Son of J. L. Wilson, Mar 19
c8    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Taylor, 79 years, Mar 21, widow of George Taylor
c8    Memoriam –   John Lott, Mar 22 1922, by daughter Mrs Walter Hunter
c8    Memoriam –   John J. McArthur, Mar 22 1923, by daughter Mrs William Mills

Page 9
c1    Article –   Trinity Church Dedicates Organ

Page 10
c1    Article –   Thomas Dubber of Southwold
21 March 1925
Second Section

Page 24
c3    Photo –   Miss Marie Brady, niece of Mrs John J. Sheehan of St Thomas
c5    Photo –   Miss Eileen Dowler, daughter of J. Dowler of St Thomas
c6    Photo –   Miss Edra Sanders, daughter of E. C. Sanders of St Thomas


23 March 1925

Page 3
c1    Died –   Mrs Frank French, 67th year, Mar 16, mother of Bruce French, Mrs H. O. Stilwell and Mrs Gordon Hillis
c1    Died –   Mrs Gordon Shannon, 36th year

Page 4
c2    Died –   Henry Misner, 86 years, Mar 20, father of Mrs Harry Nelson

Page 5
c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John A. McMurchy of Glencoe, 60th
c5    Married –   Samuel George Tedford, son of Sam Tedford to Eliza Huffman, daughter of Sam Huffman
c5    Married –   Frederick Delmer Brady to Grace Roseta Rossiter
c5    Died –   Infant daughter of Roy Labadie, 1 month, Mar 21

Page 6
c1    Died –   Mrs P. A. Dean, Mar 21, mother of Frank A. Dean
c1    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs Harry West of Aylmer, 25th
c1    Died –   John Koyl, 83 years, Mar 1
c2    Died –   John Morgan Cox, Mar 15, son of Morgan & Rebecca Cox; father of Morgan Cox, Mrs Charles Goulding, Mrs Frank Perrett, Mrs Walter Webb and Mrs Clarence Craven; brother of Mrs B. Bates, Mrs A. Whery, Nicholas and George Cox
c3    Died –   Mrs J. H. VanLoon, 71 years, Mar 22
c4    Died –   Miss Laura Kains, Mar 23, daughter of William King Kains; sister of Archibald Kains, Mrs Ritchie and Zoe Kains; cousin of Dr Robert Kains, Henry Roe and A. J. Kains
c4    Died –   Donald McLean, 66 years, Mar 21, father of Mrs Gordon Kelly, Marie, Tena and John McLean
c4    Funeral –   Mrs Walter Biddle, Mar 22
c4    Funeral –   Thomas Bogart, Mar 21
c6    Died –   Mrs Albert Athoe, 58 years, Mar 21, mother of Mrs Clarence Weaver, Mrs Roy Teal, Mrs Wilfred Wallace, Alberta, Luella, Joseph, Morley and William Athoe; sister of Richard, John and James Hetherington, Mrs William Bateman, Mrs David MacPherson, and Mrs James Shaukie

Page 7
c8    Born –   Son of John Warks, Mar 11
c8    Born –   Son of S. A. Fulton, Mar 22
c8    Born –   Son of Arthur Parkes
c8    Married –   Leroy Becker to Clara Tabor
c8    Died –   Mrs Rebecca Taylor, 79 years, Mar 21, widow of George Taylor

Page 12
c1    Died –   Mrs Mary Ann Perkins, nee Pollard, 77th year, daughter of William Pollard; widow of John Perkins; mother of Mrs R. F. Patterson, J. W. and Walter H. Perkins; sister of Mrs William Carey, Mrs Henry Child, Mrs Thomas Paddick and Mrs L. Robinson of St Thomas
c2    Died –   Mrs Leonie Waterschoot, 44 years, wife of John Waterschoot


24 March 1925

Page 4
c3    Died –   Mrs Melbourne Smith, nee Mary E. Parsons, 58th year, Mar 21
c3    Died –   Thomas Doyle, 87th year, Mar 23
c4    Died –   Donald McLean, Mar 21, husband of Mrs Effie McLean, nee McLennan
c4    Died –   William Peterson, Mar 21, widow of Mrs Norma Peterson, nee Lee; father of Mrs Edith (Harry) Strong and Mrs Elizabeth (Elmer) Paisley; brother of Mrs Minnie Bobier; nephew of John Ford; brother-in-law of Archibald Lee
c6    Died –   Donald McColl, Mar 23, brother of Lizzie and Effie McColl, Mrs Newcombe, Mrs William English and Mrs Wilkinson of Sparta

Page 5
c2    Married –   A. L. Hartford, son of Orlando Hartford to Eva Owen, daughter of William Owen
c2    Married –   Norman William Norris to Ethel May Street, daughter of George Elwood Street

Page 7
c2    Died –   Hiram McMillan, Mar 24, son of John & Mary McMillan; brother of Hugh, Russell, Robert, James & Mary McMillan and Mrs J. Young
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Rebecca Taylor, Mar 24
c5    Died –   William Spence, 85th year, Mar 23
c8    Born –   Son of Emerson Vail, Mar 15
c8    Born –   Daughter of John Quigley, Mar 25

Page 9
c4    Died –   Alfred Shambleau, 70 years, Mar 22, husband of Mrs Addie Shambleau, nee Fraser; son-in-law of Alexander Fraser; father of Fraser Shambleau


25 March 1925

Page 4
c1    Died –   Peter McAskile, 89 years, Mar 23
c1    Died –   Mrs L. W. Smith, nee Mary Goble; widow of Fred Gammon and Mr Smith; mother of Mrs Hug Johnson, Vera Gammon, Mrs Frank Flater and Gordon Smith

Page 5
c2    Married –   Frank Jimenez to Martha Louise Wilker, daughter of John M. Wilker
c4    Engagement –   Henry Downer, son of H. Downer to Muriel Viola Boyd, daughter of Rev J. D. Boyd

Page 6
c1    Funeral –   Mrs P. A. Dean, Mar 24
c5    Funeral –   W. A. Falk, 59 years, Mar 22, father of Harry Falk and Mrs H. Moran

Page 7
c2    Died –   Charles Wise, 86 years, Mar 25, father of Mrs J. W. Campbell, William and James Wise; brother of Mrs Elizabeth Pinch
c2    Engagement –   Lee Dadson, son of John Dadson to Violet Taylor, daughter of W. H. Taylor
c5    Funeral –   Marion Cecille McKenzie, infant daughter of George McKenzie, Mar 23
c5    Funeral –   Mrs Rebecca Taylor, Mar 23
c8    Died –   Mrs Margaret Archibald, 81 years, Mar 25, widow of William Archibald
c8    Died –   Charles Wise, 85 years
c8    Memoriam –   Joseph Edward Freeman, Mar 25 1924
c8    Memoriam –   Willard Burwell Howard, Mar 25 1920


26 March 1925

Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Barbara McCallum, 91st year, Mar 25, widow of Hugh McCallum; mother of Donald, Duncan, John and William McCallum
c1    Died –   Calvin U. Sutton, 18 years, Mar 14, son of Robert Sutton; brother of Mrs Gustave Rothenberg

Page 5
c3    Died –   James McLachlan, 76 years, Mar 24

Page 6
c3    Died –   R. Bert Passmore, Mar 23, husband of Mrs Ella Passmore, nee McColl
c4    Funeral –   Daniel McLean, 66 years, Mar 24

Page 7
c7    Born –   Son of Harold Crandall, Mar 19
c7    Born –   Edna Paulina Speers, daughter of H. R. Speers, Mar 21
c7    Born –   Daughter of Walter Weir, Mar 24
c8    Died –   James McLachlan, 76 years, Mar 24
c8    Died –   Mrs Margaret Archibald, 81 years, Mar 25, widow of William Archibald
c8    Died –   Charles Wise, 86 years


27 March 1925

Page 4
c3    Died –   George Brian, Mar 25

Page 7
c2    Died –   Mrs Ann Campbell, Mar 27, daughter of Dugald Munro; widow of James Campbell; sister of Neil d., John, Dr C. D., Dr J. E., Dr D. D. and Duncan Munro
c7    Memoriam –   Bertha Gable, Mar 27 1924
c8    Born –   Dorothy Gene Rowe, daughter of W. E. Rowe, Mar 25
c8    Born –   Son of Harry Douglas, Mar 18
c8    Born –   Son of Sam Morrell, Mar 18
c8    Born –   Daughter of George S. Campbell, Mar 23
c8    Born –   Kenneth George Kriter, son of George Kriter, Mar 19


28 March 1925

Page 6
c1    Died –   Father of Mrs Sturgis of Aylmer, Mar 26
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Barbara McCallum, Mar 27
c2    Photo –   John R. Summers of Aylmer
c3    Died –   Richard F. Green, 92 years, Mar 27
c3    Died –   Frederick Boyce, Mar 27

Page 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs Margaret Archibald, Mar 27
c4    Died –   William Whitehead, 20 years, Mar 28, son of Nathan Whitehead
c8    Born –   Daughter of Frank & Pearl Dayus, nee Giddis, Mar 22
c8    Born –   Helen Dennison, daughter of H. B. & Pearl Dennison, nee Queen
c8    Born –   Daughter of Henry Pawns, Mar 20
c8    Born –   Daughter of Russell McDonald, Mar 18
c8    Born –   Clara Elizabeth Near, daughter of William Near, Mar 21
c8    Died –   Mrs Ann Campbell, Mar 27, widow of James Campbell
c8    Memoriam –   Mrs Mary Ann Price, Mar 28 1924
c8    Memoriam –   Annie Lessard, Mar 29 1918
c8    Memoriam –   James Wilson Heap, mar 28 1924
28 March 1925
Second Section

Page 11
c2    Article –   Rev Hiel Wood – Photo
c6    Article –   Children’s Shelter in St Thomas

Page 20
c5    Photo –   Miss Hunsberger of St Thomas Y.W.C.A.
c6    Photo –   Miss Florence Sloggett of St Thomas
c6    Engagement –   Donald Claire Size, son of Mrs Abbie Size to Ivey may Beryl Redington, daughter of John Redington
c6    Engagement –   Harold James Strong, son of Mrs Elizabeth F. Strong to Mary Relford Brebner, daughter of James Brebner
c6    Engagement –   Berton George Fisher, son of George Fisher to Lulu Winnifred McDiarmid, daughter of Mrs E. J. McDiarmid
c6    Engagement –   Dr John Nelson Humphrey, son of Thomas E. Humphrey to Edna Lyall Gilchrist, daughter of William F. Gilchrist
c6    Married –   Dr F. T. Nesbit, son of W. E. Nesbit to Grace Harris, daughter of Charles E. Harris


30 March 1925

Page 1
c4    Died –   Frank S. Curran, Mar 29

Page 6
c1    Married –   Richard T. Tonkin to Lena Hewbank

Page 7
c2    Died –   Andrew McCallum, 68 years, Mar 29, son of Angus & Margaret McCallum
c7    Born –   Daughter of Norman J. Wall, Mar 27
c7    Died –   Frank S. Curran, Mar 29
c7    Died –   William Whitehead, 20 years, Mar 28
c7    Died –   Andrew McCallum, 69th year, Mar 29
c7    Died –   Edward Jefferys, 57 years, Mar 28
c7    Memoriam –   Mrs Groves, Mar 29 1924

Page 12
c4    Died –   Francis Charles Danvers Bristowe, 74 years, Mar 30


31 March 1925

Page 4
c1    Died –   Mrs Clarke Winslow, 86 years, Mar 29, daughter of Jacob Sovereen
c2    Died –   Mrs Barbara McCallum, 91st year, widow of Hugh McCallum

Page 5
c3    Married –   Glen Howard Greer to Olive Dell Baskett, daughter of J. H. Baskett

Page 7
c2    Funeral –   Mrs James Campbell, Mar 30
c8    Born –   Twin sons of Leslie Barham, Mar 29
c8    Born –   Son of frank Ketchabaw, Mar 30
c8    Died –   Francis Charles Danvers Bristowe, 74 years, Mar 30

Page 12
c1    Died –   William Riddle, 46th year, Mar 28, son of James Riddle; brother of John and Charles Riddle
c3    Anniversary –   Mr & Mrs John W. Bloye of St Thomas