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VOLUME XV          ISSUE TWO            JUNE 1996

What’s Going On

Latest developments in our branch include an agreement with author, Morley Thomas, a member, to publish his history of Talbotville, Five Stakes Our past chairman, Don Cosens, has been appointed as liaison between the branch, Mr. Thomas, and the printer. A Book Launch is being planned. Watch for further details.

The third and final volume of Elgin County Death extractions (1891-1900) from the Ontario Vital Statistics Registration Index is nearing completion and should be available in the fall. It will give genealogists access to Elgin County Death information without going to the microfilms.     Cemetery season is upon us once again, and at our June meeting, we will be updating and checking Frome Cemetery, Southwold Township. We are also looking for volunteers to update and check other cemeteries during the summer months. If you are interested in helping, contact our cemetery coordinator, Dean Paddon, for further information.

At the Region II meeting held at the London Genealogy Fair on 27 April 1996, Dan Brock was elected as Regional Director and Jane Hughes acclaimed as Regional Secretary.

Congratulations!  At this time, our branch would like to extend our gratitude to retiring Regional Director, Jean Bircham, and Regional Secretary, Norma Smith, for their dedication and hard work during the past terms. Thanks Jean and Norma.

Jim McCallum, Chairman


Canadian Home Journal, 27 Feb 1874:


McMILLAN – Near Largie, on the 16th inst, the wife of Mr. Daniel McMillan, teacher, of a son.


STRONG – CHURCHILL – By the Rev. G.N.A.F.T. Dickson, on the 25th inst1 at the parsonage, Mr. Philip Henry Strong to Miss Mary A. Churchill, both of the township of Malahide.

VAIL – ROBINS – At the Baptist parsonage in Sparta, on the 25th inst1 by Pastor J. Since, Mr. James H. Vail of Yarmouth, to Miss Mary E. Robins of Southwold.

HEIDT WARNER – At the residence of the bride’s father, on the 25th inst1 by Rev. W. Fansher, Christian W. Heidt to Esther A. Warner, both of Southwold. Newspaper Tidbits

Aylmer Sun, 27 Feb 1890

Honors are falling thick and fast on residents of Aylmer. The last one to receive recognition is

Mr. A.E. Haines, of the firm of Crawford & Haines, who has been appointed a District Deputy Grand Master Workman of the Ancient Order of United Workmen for the Erie District, comprising the counties of Elgin and Norfolk. This is the first appointment of this kind in Aylmer.

Dr. Annie A. Backhouse on Monday, left for Bellevue Hospital, New York, for the purpose of taking a post graduate course at that institution preparatory to attending the European Hospitals. The Dr. after two months rest and guiet is fully restored to health.

The residence of Caleb Hunt, in Malahide, was the scene of a happy event on Tuesday, when his daughter, Miss Elizabeth E., was united in marriage to Mr. S.W. Trim, a son of Mr. Samuel Trim, also of Malahide. Rev. W. Fansher tied the knot in the presence of about 40 invited guests and the presents to the bride were numerous and costly. The SUN and hosts of friends congratulate the happy young couple.

Mr. Robert Barclay, the watchmaker and jeweller, will return to Aylmer in the course of a couple of weeks and open a shop in the new addition to the Brown House. Mr. Barclay should do a good business. He is a careful and obliging man and would not have left here a few months ago, could he have found a place to continue in business.

The will of the late WM. ORRIS, of the township of South Dorchester, appoints his son, Frederick Henry Orris, and Edward Allen Miller and A.H. Backhouse, executors and trustees of his will, amounting to $34677.75 and including $10400 of real estate in the Province of

Manitoba, $15000 real estate in Ontario, $4725 money secured on mortgage, $713 horned cattle,

$575 horses, $1014 farm implements, etc. The will devises all his land and his premises in Manitoba for the children of his son Robert John Orris, living at the time of his decease, share and share alike, subject to a charge of a legacy of $1000 in favor of his son Frederick which $1000 executors are to realize from said lands. To his son Frederick Henry is bequeathed all the real estate of deceased in Ontario, being the homestead, 200 acres, lot 8, concession 10, South Dorchester, and south half of lot 8, concession 9, South Dorchester, 106 acres, also all farming utensils, horses, cattle, and domestic animals and the general farming stock. To his daughters, Mary Florence and Eleanor Louise besides a home for two years at the old homestead, after his decease, he bequeaths all his household effects and house furnishings, and $3000 to each of them; also the same sum to his daughter Emily Ann Secord, all payable not later than two years after his decease at 6 per cent per annum. The will provides that said legacies are also made a charge on the said lands so devised to Frederick. The will provides for the payment of Mary Florence’s legacy in five years, to be kept invested in the meantime, at the best rate of interest.

In the goods of the late Isaac B Matthews, bachelor, of Aylmer, letters were granted to Eleanor B Matthews, for $2517, her brother, the deceased, having $2250 in life insurance policies and $267 in notes and book debts.

A tea meeting will be held in Trinity church, on Con. 8, Malahide, 1 1/4 miles east of Glencolin, on Thursday, March 6th. Tea will be served from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and following this will be a platform meeting to be addressed by Rev. W Fansher, W.R. Johnson, H.T. Godwin, W.R.

Andrews, I.B. Haney, B.E. Dancey, C. Hunt and others. Mr. R.H. Lindsay will occupy the chair. Good music will be furnished by the Springfield choir.  Tickets 25 cents.

Progress of St. Thomas

St. Thomas Home Journal 2 Jan 1874

(continued from March 1996; to be continued in future issues] (Section 2)

Buildings Operations of the Past Year

The following is a continuation of the building record of the year 1873.

Moore Street

On the corner of this and Wellington streets, Mr. Elijah Moore has erected a large brick residence at a cost of $3000. Mr. J.M. Green builder.

Ross Street

On the corner of Ross and Centre streets, Mr. f J. Hanly has erected a large frame hotel the “Detroit House” with outbuildings, at a cost of $2800. Mr. Win. Laing builder.

Mr. Thomas Keegan has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $800. Mr. Win. Redman builder.

Mr. M. Widdefield has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $…

Mr. Geo. Cutler has built for himself a frame dwelling at a cost of $300.

Mr. Win. Pearce has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $400. Mr. Scrace builder.

Messrs. Schever and Collins have erected a double frame dwelling at a cost of $400.

Mr. Thomas Winchester has erected a small frame dwelling at a cost of $150.

Mr. Robert Kee has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $250. Mr. Kee was the builder. Mr. Schooley of Union, has erected three frame dwellings on this street, one at a cost of $1000, the others at a cost of about $900 each.

Mr. W. ( ). Moore has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $600.

C. S. Survey

Mr. S. Smith has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $900.

Mr. R. L. Wood has partially completed the erection of a frame dwelling which when finished will be worth $1000.

Mr. Gregg has erected a frame dwelling, not yet finished, which will be about $1000.

Mr. Baker has erected a small frame dwelling at a cost of $150.

Mr. Lee has erected a small frame dwelling at a cost of $300.

Mr. Robert Garrett has erected a small frame dwelling at a cost of $150.

Mr. Ira Underhill has erected two large handsome frame dwellings, partly finished, at a cost of about $1000 each. Mr. Owens was the builder.

Mr. David Fender has erected two double frame dwellings very tasteful in appearance, at a total cost of $1800.

Mr. Bligh has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $700.

Mr. Samuel Johnston has erected a frame cottage at a cost of about $600.

Mr. H.W. Caswell has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $600. Mr. Caswell himself was the builder.

Mr. C.W. Smith has built for himself a dwelling, which when finished, will cost about $1000. The Canada Southern Railway Company have erected a frame dwelling worth about $600, occupied by Mr. John Smith, yard foreman.

Mr. Win. Smith has erected a large and handsome frame dwelling at a cost of $1000. Mr. Smith himself was the builder.

Mr. John Barnes has erected between Ross street and the C. S. Survey a number of dwellings, as follows:  small frame dwelling, $500, frame dwelling $900, large frame dwelling $1000, frame dwelling $550, frame dwelling $600. Mr. Adolphus Petit was the builder.

Mr. K(  )er has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $1000.

Mr. Amos Barnes has erected three frame dwellings, one costing $600, the others $500 each.

Mr. James Milne has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $900.

Mr. Sidney Ballsby has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $700.

Mr. Samuel Saunders has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $700.

Mr. Phillip has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $900.

Mr. Dennis Salter has erected a frame hotel the “American House”, at a cost of $1000.

Mr. James Shea has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of $500.

Messrs. Burton & Schell have erected a frame block and tackle factory south east of the Canada Southern car shops. The main building is of two and a half stories, 50 x 90, there is a blacksmith ship ( )0 x 22 attached to the main building, and an engine room 18 x 22. The buildings and machinery cost about $4000. The enterprising proprietors intend to carry on the manufacture of blocks and tackle, as a large (  ) having already received orders from shipbuilders for a considerable number. As this it the only manufactory of the kind in Western Canada, the demand is likely to be large and the proprietors are therefore making preparations for increased work by adding to their machinery, and to their working force. Next spring they intend to double the number of hands presently employed with them. They propose putting in a machine for the manufacture of cheese boxes and carrying on this trade in connection with their present one.

Mr. Bomberry has erected a small frame dwelling at a cost of $400.

Mr. Chas. Pennell has erected a large frame dwelling at a cost of $1200.

Mr. Sulivan has erected a small frame ‘dwelling at a cost of $300. Mr. Paine has erected a frame dwelling at a cost of about $250.

Talbot Street

The following was inadvertently omitted in the Talbot street list “Mr. J. Henry has erected a large frame hotel, the “Baldwin House” at a cost of $1000. A. Hamilton builder.


Members are entitled to two free queries per newsletter. Printing & editing at editor’s discretion.

WALKER/SMITH – Looking for info on Ira WALKER b ca 1830, also his wife Margaret SMITH b ca 1832 – believed residing in Norfolk Co in 1871 (Windham). Ch: Ira, Charles, Mary, James, & William. All help offered will be appreciated. Pat Temple

PETTIT/GILBERT/COUSE/CHALK – Thomas PETTIT, Southwold Tp Elgin Co mar Huldah GILBERT 28 Nov 1827 at St.Thomas Church. Known ch: Hannah mar Cyrus COUSE, Rachel mar John CHALK, Mary Jane mar Finley CHALK, Jemima mar John CHALK as 2nd wife, Nancy, Almeda and Mariah. Huldah d Sept 1870, Thomas d 17 July 1888, both in Bayham Tp. Thomas b ca 1801 PA. Need info on Thomas’ prts, siblings or ch; All info to Cindy CHRISTENSON

TAYLOR/LYONS/ALLEN – George & Elizabeth TAYLOR emigrated to Southwold Tp ca 1820 from England.  Known ch: Elizabeth (mar Arthur LYONS) Jane m (George ALLEN) & William. George d 2 May 1857, Elizabeth d 28 Dec 1868, both bur Fingal Cem, Southwold Tp. Does anyone have any info on this family?  All responses to Cindy CHRISTENSON

CLARK/BERDAN/ELLIS – Elijah, f/o Renaldo, Charles, Waters & Joseph, mar Margaret (BERDAN) ELLIS ca 1819 Southwold Tp Elgin Co. Any info appreciated by Margaret DAUCHARTY, 15 Locust St, St.Thomas ON. N5R 2C2.

ELLIS/BERDAN/MARR – David Jacob ELLIS, s/o David ELLIS & Margaret BERDAN b 1813 d Oct 1881. Mar Jane MARR? 22 Sept 1841. Where is he bur? Any info to Margaret DAUGHARTY

MACKLIN/BOCKUS – Priscilla MACKLIN, poss of Aylmer, b Ireland ca 1842/3, mar Aylmer 18 Aug 1868 to Charles Nelson BOCKUS, Gananoque. Seek birthplace & date, prts, death date & burial place. 2 CH: Arthur, ca 1868/9, & Maude ca 1870 — both of Gananoque. Wish to know what happened to Priscilla & ch after husband died Gananoque in 1870.  Contact Madeline Bovery GALBRAITH

BOCHUS/ANDREWS – Researching fam & desc of William Abram BOCKUS, *1838 Stormont Co. & Katie ANDREWS, *1846 Galt. Known ch are: Henry Ford, *1868/9 St.Thomas, +1897 Kitchener; James Elder, *1870; Emma, *1871 Mitchell, Perth; Fred BOCKUS, *1878 St.Thomas. Anyone researching or having info on this family contact Madeline Bovery GALBRAITH

HOWSE/HOUSE/DEAN/KERR/BROWN/MEADE – Researching fam of Clement C.  HOWSE (HOUSE) 1832-1902 & Arvilla (DEAN) 1848-1919.    Ch: Cyrena (KERR) b 1865, John b 1866, Mary (BROWN) b 1869, William b 1873, Grant b 1873, Edmund b 1882, & Grace (MEADE) b 1885. Clement & Arvilla mar Aylmer, Elgin Co ON; mvd Burnside Tp, (Deanville) Lapeer Co, MI USA in 1865. Bur Detroit, MI. All replies to Robert G. HOWSE

HOOD/STRACHAN – Seeking contact with desc of Mary (Mrs Charles) HOOD, nee STRACHAN d 2 Apr 1919, bur Gillies Cem, West Lorne. When she died her son, Robert HOOD, lvd St.Thomas ON; dau Mrs David LUNDY lvd 23 Barnes St. St.Thomas. Have STRACHAN fam info to share. Any info appreciated by Jan MOREL

HUGHES/HIGMAN/STEMBRIDGE –Looking for desc of Henry CHALWELL HUGHES or his bro David John HUGHES, sons of Rev. David HUGHES & Jane Morrish HIGMAN of England. Henry CHALWELL HUGHES b ca 1814 mar Julia STEMBRIDGE (1815—1890) ca 1840 in England. Henry was an office worker London ON. In 1859 mvd to Aylmer ON to be Clerk of Division Court. Henry d 13 Feb 1868 age 54, bur Aylmer Cem. Julia STEMBRIDGE HUGHES b 23 Oct 1815, chr 23 Feb 1817 Heritage Presby. Church, Crewkerne, Somerset Co ENG. Julia d 15 May 1890 Aylmer ON. Five ch: William Evans HUGHES (1842 – ?); Mary Reeve HUGHES (b at sea 1849 – ?); Sarah Augusta HUGHES (1841-1895); Jane Elizabeth Julia HUGHES (1853-1890); and John Henry HUGHES (1860-?). John David HUGHES b ca 1821 ENG. Listed as County Judge lvd Dunwich Tp Elgin Co ON 1871 age 50 yrs. All replies to Leah Ducato RUDOLPH

DUNNETT/HUGHES – Looking for ancestors/desc of John DUNNETT presumably b ca 1850 either in SCT or CAN. Mar Jane Elizabeth Julia HUGHES (d/o Henry CHALWELL HUGHES & Julia STEMBRIDGE HUGHES, b ca 1853 UC 22 Aug 1877, bap at Anglican Church Aylmer ON. John DUNNETT – stonemason; Lizzie an accomplished musician. She d 1942, bur Aylmer cem. John predeceased her. Six ch: Ralph Howard DUNNETT (b 1878- d infancy); John Alfred Hughes DUNNETT (1880-?); Mary Amelia DUNNETT (1885-1940); Julia August DUNNETT (1888-1972 ); Harry Douglas DUNNETT (1891- ?) enlisted in 18th BATT. CEF 1914; and Charlotte Elizabeth DUNNETT, twin to Harry (1891—1920?). All info to Leah Ducato RUDOLPH

BOWMAN – Looking for info on William or Charles BOWMAN, lvd Caradoc Tp Middlesex Co. ca 1851, What relationship are they? (Father & son)? Any relationship to Bowman family in Burford Tp, Brant Co? Wish to correspond with any other BOWMAN or allied family. Bill Bowman U.E., 42 Cambridge Dr, Brantford ON N3R 5E2.

BOWMAN – Tracing info on all BOWMAN families in Norfolk—Brant area, especially those lvd Windham-Burford townline. John BOWMAN marr Mary GLOVER. Place & Date? What happened to their children? Wish to correspond with any other Bowman or allied family. Bill Bowman U.E., above address.

CROSSIN (CROSSON)- IBBITSON – Annie IBBITSON b 1869 Deleware? marr 6 May 1903 Cowal. Recorded in Dunwich Tp #6061 to David CROSSIN b 1869 s/o David CROSSIN & Catherine MCKAY. Any info to Myra E. Anderson


Available: June 1996. Descendants of Win. Henry Darius Hathaway (1832-1899) and 1) Jane Drinkwater (2) Charity Wilson. 

Photos and 1000+ members of families of Haldimand, Norfolk, Elgin, Middlesex. Includes

Belbecks, Cavins, Cox, Guiler, Hales, Huston, Kettewell, McLeod, Metherel, Porritt, Rogers,

Tanner, Tolman, Waldbrook, plus. Order from Anne Gloin, 258 Edgehill Dr, Kitchener ON N2G

3W6. $20 (s&h inc)

Civil War Soldier- See PETER WEAVER – Elgin Civil War Soldier

Submitted by Jean Bircham from information supplied by Mr. & Mrs. Willis Weaver, Tillsonburg ON.

The Weavers were a pioneer family who came from Nova Scotia in the 1820’s to settle on Lot

2 on the 1st concession of Bayham Township in Elgin County, Ontario. Peter WEAVER (1842-1865) was the eldest child of Thomas Edison Weaver, son of Peter Weaver and Catherine Edison, and Tamar Haines Weaver, daughter of Caleb Haines and Sarah McConnell. His brothers and sisters were Jane, James, Susan, Emeline, John H., Judson, Kate, Benjamin and Ida.

He fought in the American Civil War of 1861-65, and was drowned on the Mississippi River when the boiler of the steamboat blew up. The passengers were released prisoners-of-war on their way home. His mother received a small pension from the American government for the remainder of her life. (Peter was probably one of the soldiers on the ill—fated steamer, Sultana. It had on board about 2000 Union soldiers who had just released from the Confederate prisons. On April 27, 1865, just above Memphis Tennessee, one of the boilers blew up. Nearly 1700 lives were lost, mostly Union soldiers just released from the Confederate prisons at Cahawba, Alabama; Andersonville and Macon, Georgia.)

The following letter was written by Peter Weaver (during the American Civil War, 1861-65) to his sister (probably Jane).

“Dear Sister:
With pleasure I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well and I hope these pen lines will find you the same. We are at Vicksburg yet, and I don’t know how long we will stay here but I guess that we will not stay here long for they are peroling (sic) every day and they will soon send us to Camp Chase near Columbus and perhaps we will get a furlough if nothing turns to stop it for we have been seeing such hard times since we was captured and in the Confederacy we was starved and marched through the rain. When we stated from Columbia Tennessee they gave us corn meal and we got the citizens to bake it up for us. The way was to mix it up with cold water and a little salt and then bake it till is(sic) as dry as a chip and there is no more [substance] than a sock. And then we had to carry enough for  (…) days rations and it comenced(sic) raining the day that we started and rained untill the 9 day. So you can just supose(sic) what it was to march all day through the (…) and ford crick(sic) up to the neck and at night lay down in the mud and rain without enny(sic) covering or dry cloths. My cloths was wet for 10 day without being dry and the weather being pretty cold, it was in December and after that we was put in hog cars and run (…) miles. I spent my Christmas on the cars between (…) and (Maridian). We went through Tennessee and Alabama, Miss(.. .) & Gorgia (sic) in my pleasure trip through the (…) cities but it has fill me of going south.

If you can read this you can do more than I can. You need not wright (sic) yet until you hear from me again.

Yours truly    Good by
Give my best respects and love to all.
P.W. Weaver CRC 115 Regt.
OVI    (Ohio Volunteer Infantry)
All of you


Invitation to all the THERRIENS for a gathering in Sudbury ON on Sat. 10th Aug. 1996 – celebrating the 14th reunion of the families of Jean & Pierre THERRIEN. Contact Theodore J. Therrien

Ostrander Family Assoc. Reunion & Picnic

If OSTRANDER applies to you or any in-laws, come and bring as many as you can to the 1st reunion in Canada. Aug 9-11, 1996 in Tillsonburg ON. Contact: Ross McCurdy, 498 Main St W, Yarmouth MA 02673 USA or Joyce Ostrander

Fulford Family Reunion

Fulford family reunion, Sunday 14 Jul 1996 at Harwood ON. A day of fun and games for all. For info contact: Rick Fulford  rfulford@connect.reach.net

Ryckman Gathering

AUGUST 9, 10, & 11, 1996 Barrie, Ontario  All RYCKMAN Families are invited to contact F. Irvine RYCKMAN, 39 Cook Street, Barrie, ON Canada L4M 4G1 or Tel/Fax 1-705-726-1229. A big three day celebration is being planned so contact me early for registration. Let us hear from you.


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