Talbot Times 1994 September






VOLUME XIII        ISSUE THREE            SEPT. 1994

Back to Business Dear Members:

Well, fall is fast approaching and we must get back to business. I trust that all of you have had a good summer and that you added a few key names and dates to your record sheets.

The OGS Seminar in North Bay in June was well attended and informative. Your chairman, past chairpersons, Jean Bircham and Margaret Daugharty (true stalwarts of our branch), as well as 2nd vice chairman, Jim McCallum, were present. Jean, of course, was busy in her OGS executive capacity. A good time was enjoyed by all.     Your chairman had the dubious distinction of claiming first prize as the earliest member of OGS present at the    Seminar banquet.

Our first meeting will be an update on Seminar ’95 in Chatham by Joan Griffin and Wilson Kerr, in addition to a talk by Joan on Ontario – Michigan migration, which touches almost all of us and should be of great interest. Our October meeting will be at the St. Thomas L.D.S. Church and under the capable direction of Marie Turvey. These visits are always interesting and informative.

Important branch business will be discussed at our fall meetings including the increase in our dues to be voted on in September plus a proposed change to our meeting time. A review of our cemetery updating will be presented by our co-ordinator, Max Doan.

Please do your best to be present.

Don Cosens, Chairman


Chairperson’s Message    1

Norfolklore ’94            2

Meetings                 2

Notice of Motion        2

London/Middlesex OGS        2

OGS    News                2

Annual Meeting, Election    2

Campbell’s store        3

Kindree, Wooster, Begg    4

Anglican Ch. records        5,6,7

Wayne Co. MI marriages    7

Queries                 8,9,10

Executive                 10


4 Sept – Joan Abele Griffin will talk about “People – To and Fro; Ontario and Michigan. She and Wilson Kerr will talk about Seminar ’95 to be held in Chatham.


12 Oct – Meeting at Family History Centre, St. Thomas. Topic: Resources at the Family History Centres.

9 Nov – James L. McCallum will talk about Adoptions and How to find information about them.

13 Dec – Christmas dinner with the Elgin Historical Society as hosts. Place – Elgin Labour Centre, Princess Ave., St. Thomas. Cost $12 per person.

Notice of Motion

To: All Elgin County Branch OGS Members

At the executive meeting on 25 April 1994, the Elgin County Branch executive voted to increase the membership fees in Elgin County Branch OGS to:

Individual:     $10.00

Family:         $12.00

Institution:     $12.00

The increase will be effective for the membership year 1995. This motion will be voted on at the 14th Sept. meeting.

Moved – New Address

The London/ Middlesex OGS branch has moved their library as of 27th June 1994 to Grosvenor Lodge, 1017 Western Rd., London ON N6G 1G5. This is also the new mailing address.

Norfolklore ’94

On Sat. 24th Sept. 1994, Norfolklore ’94 celebrates its 18th anniversary as Ontario’s first and oldest genealogy fair. It takes place at Simcoe’s Eva Brook Donly Museum from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. West to Michigan is the theme. Special speaker will be Carole Callard, of Library of Michigan. Come & enjoy.

OGS News- J. Bircham, Reg.2 Dir.

As of June 1994:

President – Rod McLeod

Vice President – Ken Bird

Secretary – Marjorea Roblin

Vice President Finance – Dale Ward

Director Region 4 – Richard Hirst

Director Region 8 – Norah LaRocque

Fees for 1995:

Individual – $35

Associate – $7

Bylaw changes were approved by the membership and came into effect after the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting. For more information contact your Regional director or your branch chairman.

New address – as of 1 Oct 1994

OGS , 40 Orchard View Blvd.,

Suite 102, Toronto ON M4R 1B9

Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

This meeting will take place on 11th Jan. 1995 at the Carnegie Room of the St.

Thomas Public Library. Our branch can only function with our members doing their part. Volunteer now for 1995 executive positions.

Shoppers at Duncan D. Campbell’s Store, Lawrence Station, Elgin County

– Bob Campbell, Box 524, Wingham ON N0G 2W0

My great grandfather was Duncan D. Campbell (9 May 1857-28 Apr 1881). He married Catherine D. Lawrence (22 Mar 1836-25 Mar 1884). He operated a store at Lawrence Station. An advertisement for the store is in the Illustrated Historical Atlas of Elgin County pub. 1877, page 50.

He opened an account book on 25 Jan 1876. The last entries were on 31 Aug 1878. I have enclosed a list of those people who bought there. I thought the readers of the Talbot Times might be interested in their ancestors’ shopping list. I would photocopy the appropriate page from the books. I presume that the business folded because of the many unpaid bills. I will donate these books to the Elgin Co. Museum shortly.

Some typical entries: 1 dung fork $1.25, 1 bottle painkiller $.25, 5 plugs tobacco $.25,

1/2 gal. syrup $.38, 15 1/2 bu. wheat $15.50, 6 1/2 sugar $.50, 1 tea $.88, 1 straw hat

$.25, fulscape paper $.10, 500 shingles $1.25, 5 3/4 lb codfish $.40,

By credit: 12 1/2 doz. eggs $1 .25

By credit: 22 doz. apples $2.20

By credit: 1 horse $40.00

By work: $.38

Rodger Allen, Duncan Best, Hiram Brown, William Bigger, Alexander Campbell, Duncan P. Campbell, Archibald Campbell, Duncan D. Campbell, Dugald Campbell, Mrs.

Campbell, widow, Edward Cums, Dugald D. Campbell, David Crossin, Colin Campbell,

James Cayin, James Doyle, David Douse, Neal Dewar, Abraham Edmunds, Edward

Johnson, James Gamble, John Huntly, Luston Hare, William Irwin, Finlay Irish, John

Jordin, John Jackson, Edward Johnson, John Killen, William Kade, John Kairns, John

Kent, John Lawrence, William Lawrence, John W. Lawr, William Mick, Robard Martin,

William Martin, Roburd Miller, Duncan McIntyre, Archibald McArthur, Mal. D. McIntyre,

Donald McIntosh, James McDugald, Neil McKillop, Neal McDugald, John McKillop,

Charles McNichol, John McLane, Archibald McGugan, John McArthur, Dugald

McLellan, Alex McIntyre, John McGeachy, Archibald McDugald, Neal McLauchlin, Alex

McCallum, Donald McPherson, Mrs. McLauchlin, widow, Archibald McIntyre, Archibald

  1. McIntyre, Duncan McNab, Donald McAlpin, John McKencie, Mrs. Neil McLauchlin,

Thomas Oreston, Walter Rundle, James Rochester, John Rim, William Rose, John

Smith, William Smith, James Size, Mrs. Smith, widow, W. Scott, William Stiles, Jessey

Singleton, Thomas Smith, John Simpson, Dugald Turner, John Thorn, Angus Turner,

Joseph Terry, Duncan Turner, John D. Turner, Walker & Welding, John Walker, Samuel Welding, Warren Warner, Ben Willson, Johnston Walker, Edward Warren, Joel Watson, Mr. Walker’s boy.


Dealer in

Dry Goods, Groceries,


All kinds of Farm Produce taken in exchange for goods.




   Mr. James Begg occupies the whole of the first floor of the fine large three story brick building at No. 354 Talbot St., where he deals very extensively in teas and coffees. He carries a very large stock, his trade covering a great extent of territroy. Dealing exclusively in teas and coffess, Mr. Begg has always the best brands on hand, and is famed for the excellence of his goods. Everything in which he deals is of the very best quality at the price. Mr. Begg has been engaged in this line of business for the past nine years, and fully understands it in all its details. Mr. Begg imports all his tead direct. He is a thorough-going, straight-forward business man. Mr. Begg is a Canadian, a native of Kingston, of Scottish descent.


   Mr. J. W. Kindree, who occupies the ground floor of the handsome large three-story brick building at No. 240 Talbot street, deals very largely in pianos, organs, sewing machines, etc., & during the eight years that he has been established he has built up a trade that extends throughout the whole of the country. He handles the Heintsman pianos, the Berlin and Thomas organs, & the New Raymond sewing machines. There is no need to speak at length of the merits of any of these, as all are household words throughout Canada. Mr. Kindree employs a large staff of salesmen & travelling outfits in addition to the assistants he has in his home office. Mr. Kindree takes an active interest in public affairs, & last year was elected alderman for NO.1 ward, a position which he has filled with the utmost ability, with satisfaction to his constituents.


The following records are on microfilm owned by the Elgin County Library and located at the George Thorman Room, St. Thomas Public Library. The information was extracted by James L. McCallum. Part 1 was printed in Talbot Times. March 1994 issue; part 2 in Talbot Times. June 1994 issue. This section completes the extraction.

Names of Persons confirmed at St. Peter’s Church, Dunwich by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 26 July 1845: 1. Mrs. Margaret Potts, Dunwich, aged 28

Lawrence Ermatinger, Dunwich, aged 18

Daniel McCrank, Dunwich, aged 34

Edward Burwell, Dunwich, aged 15

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at St. James Church, Wardsville, Mosa, by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 24 July 1845:

William Walker, Mosa, aged 20

Mitchel Walker, Mosa, aged 18

Elizabeth Walker, Mosa, aged 16

Jane Walker, Mosa, aged 15

Ann Johnston, aged 20

John Ward, aged 21

George Johnston, aged 18

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at St. Charles’ Church, Dereham, by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 16 June 1848:

Andrew Dobbie, aged 16

William Scott, aged 18

William Armstrong, aged 24

Mary Fletcher, aged 15

John Stroud, aged 26

Catherine Searles, aged 15

Frederick Brown, aged 16

Abraham Brown, aged 15

Edward Wardle, aged 25

Thomas Wardle, aged 18

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at St. James’ Church, Malahide, by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 17 June 1848:

John Johnson, aged 50

Maria Jane Johnson, aged 16

Sarah Morrison, aged 36

George Morrison, aged 36

Lavinia Morrison, aged 17

Elizabeth Morrison, aged 15

John Clarke, aged 16

Elizabeth Clarke, aged 15

Susannah Rickarts, aged 15

Copeland, Davenport, aged 35

Thomas Copeland, do, aged 20

Philip Hogkinson, aged 36

John Amos Lucas, aged 21

Easter Lucas, aged 20

Miranda Lucas, aged 16

Barnham (Methodist Preacher), aged 49

Alexander Newal, aged 15

George Johnson, aged 18

Jane Newal, aged 16

Martha Johnson, aged 15

Margaret Johnson, aged 16

Samuel Johnson, aged 28

Amos Biggar, aged 16

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Confirmations at St. Peter’s Church, Dunwich by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 19 June 1848: 1. Fanny Pearce, aged 16

Thomas Pearce, aged 15

Hannah Backus, aged 16

Walter Backus, aged 15

Sarah Morehouse, aged 20

Mary Ann Williams, aged 18

William Williams, aged 17

Laura Williams, aged 16

Jane Williams, aged 15

Joshua Bowbear, aged 17

Sarah Ann Shaws, aged 20

[ by] James Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at Trinity Church, Howard, by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 24th June 1848:

D. Lili (?), aged 60

Sarah D. Lili (?), aged 22

Elizabeth Lili (?), aged 17

Elizabeth Knight, (not stated)

Mary Ellen Timmerman, aged 16

Sarah Gesner (?), aged 16

Henry Butler, aged 19

Allan, aged 24

Palmer, aged 50

John Hackney, aged 15

Jane Desmond, aged 16

Nancy Desmond, aged 15

Nancy Catherine Nelson, aged 15

Elizabeth Green, aged 16

Susannah Main, aged 16

John Bury, aged 20

William Bury, aged 18

Edward Bury, aged 16

Rachel Green, aged 16

John Bile, aged 30

John Bile, aged 20

Thomas Bulen, aged 15

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Confirmations at St. Peter’s Church, Dunwich, 8th July 185(1)?

Susan Moorhouse, aged 20

Jane Pearce, aged 15

Mary Ann Bobier, aged 17

Sarah Jane Bobier, aged 15

[by] Henry Holland, BA, Incumbent, St. Peter’s Dunwich

Confirmations at St. Peter’s Church, Tyrconnel, 1 st July 185(2)?

William Bobier, aged 10

Leslie PATTERSON Bobier, aged 14

John Pearce, aged 15

Fanny Wrothan, aged 30

Frances Sanders, aged 17

Janet Sanders, aged 10


Ann Travers, (not stated)

Kate Travers, aged 15

Fanny Travers, aged 17

Mary Elizabeth Potts, aged 10

Margaret Potts, aged 14

[by] Henry Holland, BA, Incumbent, St. Peter’s, Tyrconnel

Confirmations at St. Peter’s Church, Tyrconnel, 20th July 185(3 or 8?):

Matilda Burwell, aged 23

Eliza Pearce, aged 10

Joshua Bobier, aged 10

Mary Jane Backus, aged 15

Alice PATTERSON, aged 14

Mary Ann Pearce, aged 10

Walter Moorhouse, aged 10

Harriet Bobier, aged 18

John Pearce, aged 17

Henry Burr, aged 10

Sarah Jane Bobier, aged 19

Richard Cowan, (not stated)

[by] Henry Holland, BA, Incumbent, St. Peter’s Tyrconnel

Names of Persons Confirmed at St. Peter’s Church, Tyrconnel by Bishop Cronyn on the 27th May 1861:

George Basket, aged 18

John Bobier, aged 19

Joseph Bobier, aged 16

Stephen Backus, (not stated)

Henry Bobier, aged 16

Duncan, (not stated)

Annie Morehouse, aged 16

Thomas L. Pearce, aged 16

Joseph Potts, aged 15

Francis Pearce, aged 14

Jane Potts, aged 14

Sarah Pearce, aged 16

Frederick Saunders, aged 20

Gustin, (not stated)

Stephen Alex’r Backus, aged 17

[by] John Kennedy, MA, Incumbent, St. Peter’s Church Tyrconnel

Names of Persons confirmed at St. Peter’s Church Tyrconnel by the Bishop of Huron on the eleventh June 1864: 1. William Pearce

William Henry Backus

Andrew Story Backus

John Edward Bobier

Richard Bobier

Mary Bobier

Gertrude Sanders

[by] J. Kennedy, Incumbent, St. Peter’s Tyrconnel


Thanks to Joan Griffin for extracting these names for our members.

Benjamin LLOYD, age 35, of Pt. Stanley, CW, married Mrs. Ellen MOORE, age 34, of Detroit, 27 May 1856 at Mariners Church.

Charles S. McKEE, age 24, of Pt. Sarnia, CW, married Mary STOCKS, age 20, of Pt. Stanley, 12 Aug 1845

DAVE, age 20, of Elgin, CW, married Martha RAUSTEEL, age 19, of Elgin Co., CW, 14 July 1859 at Detroit.

Martin DUES, age 26, of Aldborough, CW, born Lorbach, Germany, farmer, married Betsy PATTERSON, age 24, of Aldborough, 23 June 1868 at Detroit

Henry Kirk FIRTH, age 26, of Southwold, CW, married Gertrude CHILD, age 22, of Detroit, 31 Aug 1864 at Detroit E. Methodist Church.

John FITZPATRICK, age 25, of Williamstown, CE, married Mary McCREA, age 21, of Dunwich, CW, 11 Apr 1865 at Detroit. Wit: Philip McCrea & Margaret McKenzie, of Dunwich.

Pilie GRAVES, age 47, of Southwold, CW, married Hannah WARNER, age 27, of Southwold, 6 Oct 1846 at Detroit

George RAFT, age 24, of Columbus, OH, married Margaret MUNROE, age 20, of Pt. Stanley, CW, 14 Sept 1859 at Detroit.


Members of Elgin Co. OGS are entitled to 2 free queries per issue. Printing & editing is done at the editors’ discretion.

OSTRANDER/DILLERY – Seek info/desc of Christiana, b Middleton ca 1843, sis to Permelia OSTRANDER, who m Oxford Co., 20 April 1862 Charles DILLERY, b ca 1841 at Dereham,s/o Ezekial. Is DILLERY a transcription error for another similar name? All info to Ross McCurdy.

OSTRANDER/BLAKELY – Seek info/desc of Margaret, b ca 1845, d/o Ebenezer, m Oxford Co. 11 Sept 1862 to Russell BLAKELY, b Dereham ca 1832/ s/o Russel. All info appreciated by Ross McCurdy.

SPORE/COWDEN – Lawrence SPORE m Mary COWDEN. Think Lawrence SPORE immigrated from Holland to Nova Scotia prior to 1795; m French or Can woman named Mary COWDEN: resided in Upper NY State area prior to 1805; mvd to Bayham Twp, Elgin Co ca 1805, worked as an indentured farm lab until after War of 1812. Received Can Grant of 100 acres in/near Bayham for War Service. His known fam include: James, Olive, David, (b 5 or 6 Feb 1797); Nicholas; Zenas; Laura; Solomon. Any info including marriages, births, deaths, burial locations & desc, etc. would be most appreciated by Richard L Spore.

EVANS/WALSH/EVERETT – Robert A. WALSH (1820-1876) & wife Alice EVANS (1821-1896) lvd & bd in Aylmer, Elgin Co. Any Issue? Also Fanny EVANS sis of Alice m George EVERETT. Lvd Aylmer. Where bd? Any issue? Info to James L McCallum.

EVANS/HILL – Robert EVANS (1808-1888) d Malahide Twp, Elgin Co. bd Burdick cem, m Susan HILL (1830-1839). Ch: William (1828-1895 m Mary JERRY); John (1831-1910 m Ann McFARLAND); Edward: and Mary Ann (1837-1895 m Frank PHILLIPS). Seek info on desc of Robert and Susan, & Susan’s prts & sib. All info appreciated by James L McCallum.

ROBINS – Abigail ROBINS, 1861 census, 17 yrs in Townsend Twp, Norfolk Co with Christopher and Sarah Ann ROBINS, also on 1851 census as 7 yrs. Who did she marry, any info appreciated by Mrs Ruth Robertson.

IBBOTSON – Looking for info on any of the IBBOTSON family who lvd at lona Station, Elgin Co., Ontario, or any relatives. All info to Myra A. Anderson.

SHRIMPTON – Is my mother’s surname & I am researching it in Eng. Most of the work is done by a lady doing a WORLD WIDE One Name Guild Study for the surname, SHRIMPTON. Would like to add to the study any Canadian SHRIMPTON. Is this name is known to anyone? Please let me know when, where, etc.? Thanks! All info to D.C.H. Cox.

STEWART/PERRETT – Robert STEWART m Margaret PERRETT 30 July 1862 somewhere near Hamilton or Toronto. Resided in Toronto. Ch:(1) Albert Duncan b 18 June 1863, m Mar 1888 Sarah Maria HUGHES (2) Robert Bruce b 20 June 1865 (3) Mary May b 31 Oct 1867, m 19 June 1902 to George Washington STREET (4)Walter Drummond b 6 Apr 1869, m Dec 1899 to [a]Claribell A. HOWELL [b]Margaret HOWELL & resided in Bayham Twp. Elgin Co (5) William Joseph b 24 Mar 1871 (6) John McCallem b 11 Sept 1872 (7)Edwin Douglas b 15 Nov 1874, m 15 Dec 1904 to Anna BEUTHNER (8) Henery Adlem b 13 Jan 1877, m 18 June 1902 to Christina Ross ROWLES, (9)Beatrice Maude b 2 Nov 1880, d in Whitby (10)Luther Earnest b 19 March 1883, employed in Men’s Dept of Eaton’s or Simpson’s in Toronto in 1946, never marr.(11)Norman Oliver b 9 Sept 1885.(12)Jennett McLennan, b 16 May 1892, m 28 Jan 1914 to William Joseph Johnston WALKER. Robert STEWART was son of Duncan STEWART and Margaret DRUMMOND who came from Scotland with young dau Catharine in 1834, landing in Montreal after 8 wks voyage then mvd west to Muddy York, later some mvd to Hamilton district. William James STEWART who was Mayor of Toronto 1931 – 1934 is a son of Albert Duncan STEWART. William James was in Public Life Politics in Toronto 1924 – 1969 when he died. Duncan STEWART had a bro Peter STEWART & spouse who came to Can on the same boat and settled in or around Hamilton, ON. All info on the Toronto or Hamilton Branch would be much appreciated by Mrs Norma C. Smith.

SIMPKINS/HIGLEY/LANE – Need info on Hannah & William LANE, Bayham 1861-1871. William was Municipal Clerk of Court in 1870’s. All info to Io J. Beyer.

BELMORE – Ellen & Thomas b Ireland ca 1820, lived S. Dorchester from 1861. Info to Io. J. Beyer.

GRAY – Seeking info re: Walter & wife Maria, Windham Tp, b ca 1848. One child (William John) [Windham/St. Thomas]. Need birth, marr, death dates & Maria’s maiden name. Info to C. F. Gray, Jr.

BAKER – Seeking info: Frank & wife Catherine, Windham, b ca 1848. Had 4 children (Oliver, Herbert, Samuel, Marietta) [Windham/St. Thomas]. Need birth, marr, death dates & Catherine’s maiden name. Info to C. F. Gray. Jr.

ABEL(ABLE)/HOLT/WALTON – Seeking info on Jane Anna Sophia TOMLIN ABLE(ABLE), marr to Samuel J. H. Abel. Sister was Ada HOLT. Jane d 1945 St. Thomas. Sis Ada HOLT lived Talbot St. then. Both sisters b England. Elizabeth ABEL b England, d ca 1976 St. Thomas area, marr to Robert J. WALTON. WALTONs lived on Meda St., St. Thomas in 1945. Had 2 ch, Edward “Ted” & Mary. All info to Mrs. Pat Nesom.

ABEL/SWINDELLS – Seeking info on Sarah A. ABEL b 1877 England, d 1944 St. Thomas. Marr to William SWINDELLS, d St. Thomas? Want all desc. Info to Mrs. Pat Nesom.

McCREDIE – Seeking info on James Crowel McCredie, son of James & Hannah Willson McCredie, b ca 1824 Malahide area. Need name of 1st wife & children. Contact: Al Reddick.

CAMPBELL/LAWRENCE – Want info on parents of [1]Duncan Dugald Campbell (9 May 1837-28 Apr 1881), marr 8 Jun 1865 to [2]Catherine D. Lawrence (27 Mar 1836-25 Mar 1884). Info on desc Neil Dugald Campbell, bro of Duncan. Also desc of William Lawrence, father of Catherine D. Contact Bob Campbell.

KILLINS/CHARLTON – Seeking desc of John Killins (1 Jan 1827-8 Sep 1874), marr to Charlotte CHARLTON (23 Nov 1832-15 May 1882) on 5 Jul 1853 in Portland Tp. I have their wedding Bible & would like to pass it on to a Killins. Contact Bob Campbell.


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