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VOLUME IV                ISSUE TWO                JUNE 1990

MEETINGS: Elgin County Branch, O.G.S., meetings are held on the Second

Wednesday of each month in the Carnegie Room of the St. Thomas Public Library on Curtis Street, EXCEPT June (to be announced) and December (reserved for a social evening – location to be announced), NO meetings in July and August.

TALBOT TIMES is published quarterly. (Mar. June Sept. Dec.). Articles and news items are invited. Submissions should be made at least one month before publication, to be published if space allows or hold for subsequent publications. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information and disclaims responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the branch officers or newsletter staff.

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Corresponding Secretary    Stan Daugherty

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Treasurer                Max Doan

Query Secretary            Norma Smith

Newsletter Editor        Brenda Edmonds

Publications            Jean Bircham


As I scramble at this last minute to assemble my thoughts I find myself wishing for three wishes for our members.

I think back to O.G.S. Seminar in Peterborough; about the old friends met, new ones made, stories heard, information and suggestions passed along and the fellowship and fun of having 500+ people interested in the same thing you are. I wish that you may find this feeling this summer. I wonder how many of us pass our genealogical information along to others? Do we tell others about our families, our interests, our road blocks and our areas of interest? I wish that someone somewhere will pass along that vital piece of information to you.

My last wish is that you have a fun summer pursuing that elusive bit of information. Then come join us in September to tell us about your successes.

NEWS FLASH !!!! I was notified at Seminar that, if a member wishes, he/she can join and pay the 1991 dues for O.G.S. and branches before 31 August 1990 and have that payment be exempt from the G.S.T. for 1991. Associate O.G.S. member fees have not been set yet. Membership forms have been enclosed in this newsletter for your use if you wish to take advantage of the offer.


FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST (SCIENTIST) 48 Princess Ave., Corner Mitchell St., St. Thomas

Some years ago a few people who believe in Scientific Spiritual Healing, through the teaching of Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian Science in the year 1866, formed a St. Thomas Christian Science. It was based upon the scriptures, especially Science and Health. The church now occupied was bought March 1, 1920 and was remodeled and paid for in May 1923. The present readers are:

Mrs. W. E. Jones, 1st reader;

Mrs. E.A Lewis, 2nd reader;

Miss W. Watley, Organist;

Miss Jones and Miss Webber, Soloists.

HOLY ANGELS CHURCH: Talbot street, St. Thomas

There will be three day’s celebration in Holy Angels’ Church in commemoration of Confederation with special services on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Holy Angel’s Church is this year celebrating One Hundredth Anniversary of the first Mass said in St. Thomas.

Rev. Monsignor West is the pastor of the Church

Rev. Father Moran and Rev. Father Donoghue are his assistants.

ALMA STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Corner of Kains Street, East End, St. Thomas

Services were held for some time in a vacant store on Talbot St. E. with a student

J.T. Monteith, in charge of the work. Cornerstone of the new church was laid on April 13, 1891 by Miss Bella Lyle, niece of Mrs. A.M. Hutchinson and daughter of John Lyle officiating. Opened -Victoria Day, May 24, 1891, seating capacity of about 300. The following year found it necessary to enlarge and they doubled the capacity.

First six ministers:

Rev. Robert McIntyre -March 29, 1822 – 1899 now (1927) d.c.,

Rev. H.W. Reede -Sept.26,1899 to 1909 now d.c.,

Rev. Hall Wood -Dec 23, 1910 to 1912,

Rev. W.A Bremner -Aug. 16, 1912 to 1918,

Rev. H.E. Thorneloe -April 1918 to 1923,

Rev. D.C. Soules -inducted Jan. 10, 1924 (still there in 1927 when the paper was published).

Rev. Hall Wood retired and moved to Petrolia, Rev. Bremner became pastor at St. Andrew’s Church, Cobourg, Rev. Thorneloe became pastor of the Union Church, Niagara Falls.

Two original members of the session, organized in 1891, one David Forbes served until 1924, when he died at the great age of 95 years. William Watson died on August 20, 1911. First Superintendents of the Sunday School were Rev. J.H. Courtney and David Forbes. Mr. John W. Bloye was later superintendent for twenty years.

BRODERICK MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH, Fifth Ave., between Locust and Chestnut St. West Side.

In the fall of 1913 it was decided to give young children the opportunity to attend Sunday School, closer to their homes. Rev. O.C. Elliott, from Centre St. Baptist Church helped to obtain the one-storey tenement house 71-3 Fifth Ave., and remodelled it for this purpose. Dedication services were on Jan. 22, 1914. Rev. W.E. Norton, D.D. of Toronto, officiated. The following Sunday had 99 present.


Elder Andrew was the first pastor of Baptist work in St. Thomas. As early as 1845 this good brother who earned his livelihood by farming, was ministering to the community. Upon Andrew’s death, Elder Rowland took over the work. A church was built on William Street. During Rowland’s time, a mission conducted by Elder Smith led to a considerable increase in members. A regular minister, Elder Facer was hired but ere long the church was suffering a deficit of $500 in salary. Therefore Facer was replaced by a former minister, when Elder Rowland returned free of charge.

A Miss Spackman claimed to have been baptized by Elder Rowland about 1850. Rev. Gundy succeeded him. In 1869, Rev. Thos. Baldwin came to serve as pastor. The close of his pastorate was marked by the opening of the Zion Church on Flora Street. The 31 members found that William Street Church was too far away.

In 1875 during Dr. Hurd’s time the membership stood at 95. His successor was Rev. Elmore Harris, 1876- 81, phenomenal progress was made During this pastorate the two churches united to build the church now known as Centre Street Baptist. The church cost was limited to $10,000. The reunion was marked by a great growth 111 members being received in one year. Rev. D. Hutchinson (1882-85) continued the enrollment until 307 active members were on the roll.

With Rev A. H. Munro, 1886-90, a second cause was started on John Street but it was unsuccessful.

Following the revered and who memories are loved:

Rev. D. Spencer,    1891-1895

Rev. W. Hartley,    1896-1903

Rev. M. Berington,    1903-1906

Rev. W. Hoyt,        1906-1909

Rev. O.C. Elliott,    1910-1917

During Elliott’s time the pastorate of Broderick Memorial Mission was opened, which today is independent church under Rev. C. W. King.

In 1916 the roll contained 687 names.

Rev. P. Dennison,    1918-1920

Rev. C. Turnbul,    1920-1922

Rev. J. E. Newnham, M.A,    Oct. 1922 -1925

Rev. Newnham returned to Australia in the fall of 1925. During his time, the Edward Street Baptist Church was erected.

Edward Street Baptist Church ad Mr. E. Ball as Sunday School Superintendent with over 100 attendants.

Centre Street maintained an evening service. Mr. L.D. Begg of McMaster University is in charge of student-pastor for the summer, Rev. William Raithby, M.A.BTh. was called to the pastorate at the New Year. The past six months proved that great prosperity was indicated for this congregation.


First records show a membership roll of 33 names. Congregation worshipped in the Canadian Southern Station and in the homes of members. Deed for the present site was given to the congregation of the Wesleyan Methodist Church -October 14, 1873. Church built and named Grace Church after Miss Grace Rosevear, daughter of Matthew

Rosevear, one of the original trustees. At the time the trustees were: Henry Brown, Thomas Stacey, Matthew Rosevear, Chas. McCormick, Thos. B. Wright, Geo. Rowley, Wm. Coyne, John Baird, W.E. Yeoman, Wm. Hall. The church was dedicated by Rev. S.P. Rose.


Rev. E. Morrow,M.A        Rev. J. V. Smith

Rev. T. Colling, B.A        Rev. J.E. Lanceley

Rev. James Gray            Rev. A.M. Phillips

Rev. R.H. Waddell        Rev. I.B. Aylesworth

Rev. J.G. Scott            Rev. Reuben Millyard

Rev. Henry Irving        Rev. Wm. Godwin

Rev. G.A Gifford, M.A    Rev. Dr. Gundy

Ministers after 1910:

Dr. Knowles            Rev. W.E. Millson

Rev. Geo. T. Watts        Rev. J. Ashton

Rev. Percy Cavan        Rev. A.E. Moorhouse

Rev. J.N. Gould (present Minister in 1927)

On Sunday, June 27, 1909 last service held in the old church. First sod turning for a new church was July 23, 1909, by Rev Dr. Gundy, who also officiated at the laying of the corner stone on Sept. 21, 1909.

Rev R. Millyard dedicated the new church on June 12, 1910, (Sunday) Rev. J.V. Smith and Rev. Wm. Godwin assisting from the Conference. 1923 -The Church’s Jubilee Year -debt on church and organ paid and the mortgage was burned.


Note: although Central Church did not make the 1927 edition of the Times Journal, being a life member of that church, I feel it deserves a little recognition. The following is partially taken from the 1984 Church Book and some of my own knowledge    – Shirley Ewanick

In 1984, Central United Church was 110 years old.

In 1874, when the population of St. Thomas was 5,037, a group of railwaymen and their families began a new Methodist congregation, worshipping in the waiting room of the Canada Southern Railway. That year they built on the present site, which is the corner of Wellington and Moore Streets.

In 1886, a growing congregation added two wings, making the church cross shaped. But again it was soon overcrowded. So in 1897, the building was torn down, and the present structure erected. Services were held in Alma College while construction was under way.

In 1950, a new wing was added for Sunday School, and in 1960, a second storey was added, providing a gym on the ground floor, with Sunday School, offices and a parlour on the second floor.

Ministers of Central United Church:     Rev. A E. Griffith    1874-1877

Rev. R. C. Parsons    1879-1881

Rev. W. G. Brown    1881-1884

Rev. E. Lounsberry    1884-1885

Rev. J. Philip        1885-1888

Rev. J. Whiting        1888-1891

Rev. Dr. Poscoe        1891-1894

Rev. C.T. Scott        1894-1898

Rev. H.W. Crews        1898-1903

Rev. William Kettlewell    1903-1907

Rev. H.D. Moyer        1907-1911

Rev. David Rogers    1911-1915

Rev. S.L Toll        1915-1919

Rev. Dr. Henderson    1919-1922

Rev. Robt. Hicks    1922-1928

Rev. J.H. Johnston    1928-1935

Rev. H. Stainton    1935-1937

Rev. A W. Hone        1937-1943

Rev. Edgar Roulston    1943-1956

Rev. J.T.P. Nichols    1956-1959

Rev. Donald Burns    1959-1964

Rev. John Petrie (assistant) 1963-1968

Rev. William Sherwin    1964-1971

Rev. Lorne O’Neill    1971-1985

Rev. John Barker    1986-present

Rev. George Trigger    1987-present

This church as been blessed through the years windows, great music and dedicated people.


In 1816, and for a few years following St. Thomas and vicinity were visited by the early “saddle bag” Methodist preachers who had headquarters on Westminster Circuit, and services were held in a farm building called “The Seminary”, Stanley Street.     About 1834 a church was built on that street, near the old Town Hall (Stanley Street & Talbot Street). In 1836 St. Thomas was formed a separate charge.

About 1839 a lot was secured from the Curtis farm. It was east of Stanley Street and north of Talbot St. They paid 37 pounds, 10 shillings for this lot, which is now situated at the corners of Curtis and St. George streets. The new church opened on Jan. 10, 1841 with William Ryerson, Thomas Bevitt and Samuel Rose as pastors. In 1843 and 1852 it was enlarged. James Coyne lead the service of song, in 1854 an organ was secured.     A new church was built on March 30, 1873, at the same site. Rev. Dr. Punshon, Dr. Dewart, Dr. Hugh Johnston and the pastor Rev. C.N.A.F.T. Dickson, had charge of services. The contract price for the building was $18,000. The minister in 1927 is Rev. Dr. Robert Martin. 1925, came with Church Union.


(Found and transcribed by Joan Abelle Griffin, Kent Branch O.G.S.)

Almira HOWEY, wife of James H. Howey, born 10 Dec. 1844, Elgin Co. Ont., died Avon Twp. 30 May 1929, 84/5/17, buried St. Thomas, Ont. d/o Fred WEAVER born Ont.

George ALSER, husband of Hattie, born 12 Apr 1868, Aylmer, Ont. died Avon Twp 12 Mar 1933, 64/11/1, buried Crooks Cemetery, w/o Richard Alser, born Canada.

Cyril A. RIDDELL husband of Bernice POSTEWAIT, born 11 Nov 1917, St. Thomas, Ont. died Avon Twp. 22 Feb 1942, buried Oakview Cemetery, Royal Oak, MI, s/o Charles T. Riddell born London, Eng, and Lucy Nellie EDWARDS, born London, Eng.

Minnie Christine PIPER, wife of George F. Piper, born 9 Sept. 1885, St. Thomas, Ont. died Avon Twp 19 Jan 1946, buried Oakview Cemetery, Royal Oak, MI, d/o John L. CAMPBELL, born Canada and Violet CLARK born Canada.

Rose MCDONALD, wife of Hugh McDonald, born 1 Jan. 1857, Port Stanley, Ont., died Avon Twp 4 Oct. 1948, 91/7/13, d/o Stephen STANTON born England, buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI.


The following has been submitted by O. George Luton, OGS #223.

To my knowledge no family member has come forward since the 1890’s to chronicle the activities of this very civic minded pioneer family. At that time a history was printed concerning the families of two Luton brothers. (One of Yarmouth and one of Grey County) In my efforts on my own tree, I seem to keep stumbling over the Gloucestershire (Yarmouth) Luton’s whether in Canada, U.S.A, Australia or England. The family name is my sole interest in this family as my family is out of London and so far I can see no connection. If anyone has any information to add or a serious interest in researching this most illustrious pioneer family please contact me. It is difficult to think of any other family in the County of Elgin more deserving of the title “First Family” than the pioneer family of “LUTON” who emigrated from Gloucestershire England to Elgin County Ontario c1819. The diversity of their undertakings speaks for itself:

CHARLES O. LUTON: 5 years Assessor for Dorchester, 5 years Tax Collector, 2 Years Township Councellor, 4 years Reeve, as well as a Farmer dealing extensively in livestock, experienced cheese maker having been in that industry for 10 years at Lyons, nominated the new Warden of Elgin Count in 1908.

BRIGADIER GENERAL R.M. LUTON, C.B.E., M.C.: Director of Medical services for the Canadian Army overseas 1939-1945 after having served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps in the 1914-18 war.

Wm. F. LUTON: Farmer, County Warden, Jail Governor, Father of 6 sons and 3 daughters.

JOHN LUTON: Wm’s eldest son, farmer, father of 12 children.

Wm. LUTON JR.: General store keeper.

DANIEL LUTON: Farmer, Justice of the Peace, Member of Provincial Legislature.

CAPT. MARY LUTON: Matron #5 Canadian General Hospital overseas 1939-45.

LEONARD LUTON: School Teacher, Inspector of Public schools for East Elgin, Doctor of Homeopathy in St. Thomas, Pres. St. Thomas Medical Assoc. and served on Board of Education and Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, Father of 2 sons:


IRWIN LUTON: Detroit, U.S.A (dentist)

GEORGE LUTON: School teacher

ROBERT LUTON: School teacher

ALBERT LUTON: School teacher


O.G.S. – Coming Soon ONTARIO HERITAGE YEARS – 1791 – 1793

The Premier’s Task Force has asked that we prepare to celebrate, by planning special events and projects that will illuminate the history of our province for the people who live here today.

If you have any suggestions please submit them as soon as possible to the branch. Use any detailed local knowledge you have of people and of the period, that you think would be worth celebrating.

HALDIMAND COUNTY GENEALOGY GROUP has recently formed as a satellite of O.G.S. Hamilton Branch. Members who are interested in Haldimand County may contact the group c/o Haldimand County Museum, Cayuga, Ontario, NOA lE0

UPPER OTTAWA VALLEY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY – We have a research focus on Renfrew County, Ontario as well as upper Pontiac Count, Quebec. If you have a connection with the Upper Canada Valley perhaps we can held each other –

Membership: $10 Individual $13 Family for more info contact: P.O. Box 972 Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 7M5

QUEBEC WARNING: At the Bonaventure Court House you may be required to produce proof of membership to a genealogical society, therefore, go prepared.

BE ORGANIZED – A Suggestion from M. Nagy in Westbank, B.C.:

Purchase a small 4″ x 6″ photograph album to insert membership cards for all the museums and genealogical societies together with the current year’s directors. It sure helps to know when your membership needs to be renewed.


HUNTLEY, THORNTON – Need info Nathan HUNTLEY who m Lucy A THORNTON from Ingersoll, Ont b 1825. Was father Elijah? and son Daniel Elijah HUNTLEY, b 1862 Lapeer, MI? All info to Don and Marjorie Erkfritz.

HARRIS, KNIGHT, TALMAN – Need info on HARRIS families of Oxford Co, Ont. KNIGHT and TALMAN connections bd in Talbotville cem., Elgin co. All info to Mrs Margaret Nagy.

WILLER – John Butts WILLER, b 1786 in ‘northern US’, bd in Arva cem. Name also spelled as WILLARD in Middlesex. The WILLER family have connections with DEMARAY & CORSAUT families in southern Ontario. All info appreciated, and will correspond with those who are interested. Info to Michael D. Willer.

MILLARD, KNIGHT, BOUGHNER, DAUGHERTY – Matthias MILLARD, b 1818, d 1882, bd Luton cem. Who were his siblings? b dates? Matthias m Maria DAUGHERTY, b Ont 1826, d Jan 1912, bd Mount Pleasant cem. London, Ont. Their dau Elsa Maria m Benj KNIGHT, s/o Benj KNIGHT and Adelia BOUGHNER Any info re Maria DAUGHERTY needed- parents, siblings, where married, etc. Info to Janet Knight.

GREEN, HOGLE, CREA, IRISH – Seek any info concerning the following- Henry Sacheveral GREEN, b July 1833 in Northern Ire. Came to Ont with mother whose name is unknown, in 1839, to live with “relatives”. Married in Elgin Co on 7 Sept 1854 to Elizabeth A HOGLE. Lifelong friend Hugh CREA, b 1833 at Gananoque m Celia A IRISH ca 1855. Both fam mvd to Illinois. Hugh CREA’s father was b in Ireland. Were they from the same area? Need Help! Info to Carol Jones Wilson.

LUNN, GEDDES – James LUNN 1858-1932, m Annie GEDDES, had son Cessford LUNN. Annie d, James m Elizabeth GEDDES 1870-1941, had son Gordon LUNN 19011975, dau Mildred LUNN 1905-1944. Annie and Elizabeth Geddes were sisters, daus of Andrew 1827-1902 and Elizabeth (HAY) GEDDES 1835-1903, natives of Banffshire, Scot, came to Southwold or Dunwich Twps, Elgin County c 1855. Appreciate any info on these people or their desc. All info to James McGillawee.


MURDAUGH (MURDO), HEATH – Catherine MURDAUGH (MURDO) b 1832 UC, d/o John MURDAUGH and Mary RIBBLE, m James HEATH. They had 3 daus, Alzina, Margaret & Immalet or Emily. May have been more ch. Lived in S. Dorchester, Elgin Co in 1861 census. James HEATH poss a travelling preacher or missionary, poss Meth. Moved to Lapeer Co., MI. Where is Catherine bd? Where is James bd? Where were Catherine and James married? All info appreciated. Sherrill G. Erb.

EDISON, McDORMAND – Seek info & desc of Marcellus EDISON who m Elizabeth McDORMAND. A dau b ca 1846 m Mahlon L.V. EDISON. They resided in Vienna area. All info to Ross W. McCurdy.

EDISON, HARRIS – Seek info & desc of the following children of Henry “Harry” EDISON (1800-1878) & wife Caroline HARRIS of Vienna area: Lucy, Cynthia, John, Snow, Courtland Wm H, Thomas, Stephen, Wm, George, & Charles. All info to Ross W. McCurdy.

OSTRANDER – is anyone interested in the Yarmouth twp branch of the family? Seek evidence of its connection to Bayham/Middleton branches. Contact Ross McCurdy.

BILLINGTON – Need info on ancestry of John BILLINGTON ca 1824 – 1854, bd Necropolis cem, Elgin Co, likely b US. Also need info on George Billington, s/o John. George d in McComb Co, MI in October 1888, bd Avon cem, North Dorchester, Middlesex co, Ont. Did George have siblings?? George was m to Sarah Eleanor HE(A)RRINGTON of Avon. All info to Mrs. Norma C. Smith.

MILLER, PANGBURN – Desire info on family of Abram and Elizabeth (PANGBURN) MILLER Dau, Louisa, b 1874, d 1939, m James BAYES. Other children or grandchildren?? Elizabeth (1852-1929) dau of Samuel and Eliza (DOBSON) PANGBURN. Any help welcome! Info to Nancy Smith.

PANGBURN – What became of Samuel & Eliza PANGBURN? Resided in Aylmer 187172 but not found in 1881 census, or cemetery transcriptions. Born NY State but most of life, lived in Ontario. Also called PANGMAN! All info to Nancy Smith.

CRONK, NEWTON – Interested in any knowledge of the CRONK family residing in Aylmer, Ont. 1842 or earlier. Occupation- Shoemakers. Possible connection to Prince Edward Co. before that time. Carrie CRONK m _? _ NEWTON, Chiropractor of St. Thomas, Ont. All info to Marsha Lett.

SNELGROVE, CRONK – Interested in any knowledge of Mr ? SNELGROVE that m Lulu Maud CRONK after 1894 in St. Thomas. Divorced after 1916. All info to Marsha Lett.



Sunday, August 26, 1990, Senior Achievement Centre, Alberton (near Brantford) Info call: Jane Gordon or Brenda Hanson.


July 12-15, 1990 Albany, NY (Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge, Route 9W) Info call:

Peter Ostrander.


June 24, 9 am, Coronation Park, Tillsonburg, Info call: Mae Burwell.



SEPTEMBER 12, 1990    ARNOLD NETHERCOTT has been rescheduled    to tell us the how to apply for our U.E.L certificate.

OCTOBER    10, 1990    To be announced

NOVEMBER 14, 1990    To be announced DECEMBER    To be announced