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VOL. V                ISSUE 4                December 1986




“My first recollection of St. Thomas was the day I decided to take my baby brother, Percy Webb, on a sled to my father’s china store, in the old Claris opera house block in Talbot street, from our home in Medcalfe street, where I was born,” writes Mrs. M. E. Daniels, a practising nurse in Los

Angeles, California. “We had our two dolls made from long stockings.”

As we reached the Michigan Central Railroad tracks at the Medcalfe street crossing a train was almost upon us. The street covered with snow and ice went downgrade into the tracks. I stuck my foot under a rail and laid my head on the sleigh to keep my little brother and the sled from slipping and the train passed over us. People on the other side of the crossing stood in horror, expecting us to be torn to pieces; but I got up and trotted on with the sleigh and my little brother to N. Webb’s China Hall. You saw that sign advertising my father’s business on the rail fences all over the country.

“I recall on Sunday, in July 1885, of father taking me to see Jumbo’s body lying beside the

Grand Trunk tracks, with a large piece of flesh torn from one huge leg.”

“I also recall sitting on the lap of P. T. Barnum’s famous midget General Tom Thumb, in the Claria Opera House over Webb’s China Hall. I attended the matinees for children and admired the watch and chain Tom Thumb wore.

“And then I recall holding my father’s hand at Alma College and seeing the cornerstone laid for McLachlin Hall. My father was one of the members of the College board and we entertained members of the faculty at our home, then at Queen and Wellington streets. My father died there on April 7, 1889. We moved to Margaret street from Medcalfe street where my brother Frank was born. How well do I remember my mother in her dark tea-gown showing me the baby basket a short time before Frank arrived. I was taken across the street to “Eden Lawn”, where my mother’s father A. J. Allworth, manager of the Southern Loan and Savings Company lived. John Farley and the M.A. Gilberts were neighbors of my grandparents.

Returning to our home my father carried me in his arms and as we entered our house, the doctor was coming down the winding stairs. There was a fishing basket in the hall with divided compartments. The doctor said to me: “You see that basket — one side had a colored baby and the other a white baby. The side I

opened had your little brother in it.”


“How I adored my little brother,” Mrs. Daniels continues. Frank Webb, who became a great actor under the professional name of Frank Allworth. Years later as I sat in a box in the Mason Opera House in Los Angeles, to see the play, “It pays To Advertise,” Frank Allworth, the star of a hundred Broadway plays gave his usual marvelous performance. I think of his passing later on the stage in Philadelphia in the arms of Lenore Ulrich, his leading lady. That made the front page news of the world and came over the March of Time film in 1936 of Frank Allworth in action. Recordings of his magnificent voice are in the archives of the Lambs Club in New York City, also that film for future generations to hear and see. He was another St. Thomas boy who made good on the stage.

How well do I remember also the first day that my brother Percy, attended school in the red brick school (the old Central) in Wellington street. I laid an apple on his desk. Shortly after the teacher appeared in a black dress. Her parents had lost their lives in the Port Stanley excursion train wreck and holocaust on Talbot street. She was so brave and so calm after that awful tragedy.

Percy Webb, who was a master technical sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and a great writer, made the front pages of the papers as Percy Webb, the Rudyard Kipling of America. Barnes Gibson Raymond Division of the Association Spring Corporation of Detroit and Ann Arbor published a card carrying the caption “I Am Old Glory.” I have letters from the company’s head quoting my brother’s now famous words. “I Am Old Glory,” stating: “I firmly believe that your brother’s words will be handed down as long as Old Glory waves. We obtained permission to use the inscription from Brigadier General Robert L. Denig of the United States publicity bureau. We have received quite a number of offers from others who would like to reproduce the idea but we have not tried to commercialize it.”

My brother Percy Webb passed on in May 1945, in New England Hospital at Atlantic City. He had full millitary honors and would have rested in Arlington Cemetery, Washington, but wished to sleep with his wife and her family in Waterbury, Connecticut. Percy Webb is another St.

Thomas boy who made good in the field of letters. His books and writings are well known.

“Yes, I lived in the St. Thomas of boardwalks and long dresses trailing in the dust,” Mrs. Daniel states. “I lived in the era of gas jets and copper-lined bathtubs. I remember our first residential telephone a box on the wall and a crank that we turned to ring central. Professor Jones was my music master and I was so little I could hardly sit on the stool of the big square piano. Mother was an Episcopalian: father was a Bible class teacher in First Methodist Church. Father Flannery from the pulpit of the Catholic Church commended father for supplying dishes etc. for teas given in that church. Father Flannery would say: How much do we owe you, Nat?” and Father would reply: “I’ll send you the bill.” Which he never did. He and Father were great friends.

Crossley and Hunter the evangelists had their meetings in the Central Methodists Church, called the Crossley and Hunter Church in 1889. Dr. Crossley gave me a small Bible marked:”Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, Oh,God, my Strength and my Redeemer.” I think now of my parents, my little brothers and I listening to a chapter from the Bible then kneeling in prayer before my Father left for his China Hall. On some of our billboards were painted these words: “The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together.” Memory to me proves the immortality of the soul. The roots of my life are in Canada, the Land of the Maple, and its children. God bless them all and keep them good citizens, wherever they may be.”

Mrs. Daniels maiden name was Mabel E. Webb.

Submitted by;    Mary E. Young, 2470 Plata Drive, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401. Elgin County Branch, O.G.S. member.


As my term of chairmanship draws to a close may I take this time to thank all of those who helped make it a busy and successful two years. The best of wishes to the new executive and to all, Season’s Greetings.                Stan Daugharty


A selection of wills – Vol. # 1 – 1846-1852 & Vol. # 2 1845-1852 edited & arranged by Stephen J. Peters & Edward Phelps –                                             $5.00 for each.


Two volumes that document the growth & developement of many of the County’s towns, villages & hamlets from pioneer times to present. Educational, religious & commercial institutions are amoung the subject areas covered. also of interest is the substantial amount of genealogical information along with maps & illustrations. Written by Hugh J. Sims & edited by Irene Golas.

Volume # 1 Covers letters A to L

Volume # 2 Covers letters M to R

Paperback        $15.00 each


By Sue L.    McConnel                        $5.00


By Heather Hudson                        $5.00


A lists of inventions — mostly agricultural in nature.

By Pattie Binks                            $5.00


By Giles A. Hume                        $2.00


By David J. Hall                        $10.00


By Levi Young                            $2.00


By Horace B. Johnson                        $5.00



Genealogies & history of Nova Scotia Street, Port Burwell & Bayham Township based on the IDA LOUISE HAGGAN working papers. Edited by Karen Bailey

“GENEALOGIES”    — Part # 1



“GENEALOGIES”    – Part # 2


“GENEALOGIES”    — Part # 3




ELLIOTT families.


Includes genealogies of the WRONG, VanKLEEK, SHOOK, HANKINSON, McCONNELL, EDISON, DOWLING, WILSON, & SAXTON families & the History of Port Burwell.


Contains List of Bayham Township landowners by lot    and concessions & the 1872 gazetteer of Elgin County.


Histories of Bayham & Malahide Township Protestant Church.


FITCHITT– Daniel Adolphus d Oct 7,? probably in Dutton, or St. Thomas, Elgin Co. m Annie Bella McKEE; ch Edith (Edythe) Lyall Cecelia Dyer, Edward Adolphus. Any into on family and origin, burials etc to Jewell La Moure.

PATTERSON- Donald; b Yarmouth twp, Elgin co., in 1838; d 7 July 1916 in St. Thomas, bd in Dutton; m Mary McPHAIL; ch John and another boy? Father Donald PATTERSON and mother Catherine THOMPSON. Any info on family, origin and burials to Jewell La Moure.

McPHAIL– Mary E., married Donald PATTERSON probably in late 1800’s; probably died before 1916 in or around Dutton or St. Thomas, Info to Jewell La Moure.

McKEE– Annie Bella, m Daniel Adolphus FITCHITT probably in late 1800’s, may have lived in Belmont in 1874 and in Dunwich in 1876; probaly died in Dutton after 1900. NOTE: Will share info and pay postage and reasonable reproduction costs. Also info to Jewell La Moure.

DENNIS- JOHNSON– Deborah DENNIS and Alexander JOHNSON m 25 Nov. 1846. Lea DENNIS and Adam WOOLOVER m 26 Dec. 1846. These girls were thought to be twins b 6 June, 1825. Who were their parents? Any info to Mrs. Grace L. Noad.

BURWELL’S NOVA SCOTIA STREET– Were the residents from a specific area of Nova Scotia? When did they begin arriving? Much interested in learning its history. Info to R.W. McCurdy.

TURREL-TERREL-TYRELL-TYRRELL, of Bayham and Malahide Twps known to be connected by marrieage to the CLARKE, LANE, ACRE, DEAN & WILLIAMS families of the same Twps. All these marriages performed through the 1800’s. Will exchange info with any desc of these families. Lloyd Tyrrell.

TYRRELL– Noah, b 1805, d 1855, bd Old Delmer cem., m Rachael (DEAN?) d. 18 ? ch. (Dean?) David b 1833, Roxanna b 1833, d 1863 m Joseph MAHONEY, and Mary Jane b 1844. Noah and David lived on Lot 16, con 9 or 10. Dereham Twp, Oxford Co. Wish to contact all living desc. Info to Lloyd Tyrrell.

HAYES-BUSHBY– Anne HAYES, b c 1842, dau of George (James?) and Margaret HAYES of Springfield; m 15.1.1861 to Thomas BUSHBY; died? (prior to Nov 1862. where buried? Any info to Mrs. Eileen Mills.

ARNOLD – CLEVELAND – Robert CLEVELAND (b 1794,England; d 1866, Kent Co., Ontario, m Maria ARNOLD (b 1808; d 1860, Kent Co, Ontario) Maria’s father was James ARNOLD (d 1853) of Bayham Twp, Info needed- (1) places of b of Robert and Maria; (2) date and place of marriage; (3) Robert’s prts and the dates and places of their births, marriage and deaths; (4) Maria’s mother; (5) dates and places of births, marriage and deaths of Maria’s prts. (6) dates and places of births of the ch of Robert and Maria. All info to Earl T. Newton.

DOAN-POTTS -Need prts of Morris Lyman DOAN b 5 Nov. 1865, d 1951, m 11 Nov. 1886 to Sarah Jane POTTS b 1871 in Canada, d 15 May 1927, both bd Mapleton, Ontario,cem. All info to Max Doan.

PATTEN– David b 1790 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, m Jerusha COHOON, came to Bayham Twp and Port Burwell, Elgin Co., 1835. David d at Port Burwell in 1843. Ch: Richard b 1816, Eliza b 1818, Dorcas b 1820, David b 1823, William Henry b 1826 & Jerusha 1830 – all in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. David was Baptist and ship’s carpenter. All info to Mrs. Kathleen McMahon.

RADCLIFFE– Eliza b 1827 Isle of Man (Douglas) prts Thomas and Charlet RADCLIFF, m Richard PATTEN, son of David 21 August 1850, after marriage lived in Bayham Twp until 1864. Any info about Eliza’s family such as where she lived before marriage etc to Mrs. Kathleen McMahon.

MOORE– Enoch, Elias, or John, all sons of Samuel, U.E.L., 1742-1822. All charged with treasonable practices in Rebellion of ‘37. Elias was M.L.A. (Reform) for Yarmouth in ’36. John’s house still stands in Sparta. Looking for time and place of Enoch’s death. R.W. Moore.

STOLIKER (STALLACHER) family, living near Fingal ca 1820-1850. Father was named John or Ambrose, and worked a shoemaker. Any info would be greatly appreciated by Jane McEwan.

LEE- Isaac b 1794 Stoney Creek- Hamilton, d 1872 Round Plain north of Simcoe & Elizabeth SAGUAR 1796-1848 bd Stoney Creek. Known ch: John and Catherine bd Round Plain, Henry & Louisa, Andrew and Lucinda BOWLBY (bd Mich), Harriet, William, David and Margaret CASE. Info to Mary Louise Lee.

SOVEREIGN (BOWLBY) – Frances SOVEREIGN 1796-1862. Who were her parents? 1st wife of Sidney Smith BOWLBY 1799-1883. lnfo on their ch. Esther & Job MASSECAR, Lucinda & Andrew LEE, David & Saloma LASHBROOK, others ? Sid had Inn in Delhi in 1835. Info to Mary Louise Lee.

BURKHOLDER– have will of John R. BURKHOLDER 1915. Also his wife Augusta FLACH both of St. Thomas, John mentions brothers Joseph, Benjamin, Samuel, Abraham, Ezra R. Who are their parents? Info to Mrs. H.C. Burkholder.

TEEPLE-NAISMITH -Edgar E. TEEPLE m Annie May NAISMITH 1892 ? Ch: Murray of St. Thomas, b 1914, Lanis Loraine of St. Thomas b 1918, Ross of Thunder Bay, b 1920, Joyce of Calgary, b 1928, Bryan of Victoria, B.C. b 1930. Annie May was d/o Sofia OAKES and Jack NAISMITH, b Wayanesia, Manitoba, lived in Ft. William, Ont. All info to Gregory A. Oakes.

WILKINS – James b 1840- had dau Eliza b 1862- Dorchester Twp- In 1891 census James was living with married dau Eliza and her husband Joseph Calcut (Calcutt), my grandparents. Looking for any info. Mrs. Barbara Ferguson.

SHIPPY-McCLEISH – Thomas SHIPPY (b 1792, New York; d 1845, Kent Co.) m Frances McCLEISH (b 1797, New Brunswick; d 1870, Kent Co.) ca 1813. They lived in Bayham Twp., in 1823 and 1841 (census). His father was Zebulon Shippy, an U.E.L.  Information needed (including dates and places): 1. his birth in New York; 2.    names, etc, of his mother; 3. marriage of Thomas and Frances; 4. births and deaths of children; 5. marriages of following children: Benjamin to Margaret DENTON, Benjamin to Ennis?, Thomas Andrew to Elizabeth HERSEY, Charlotte to George CLEVELAND, Charles Stewart to Rebecca PLATT, and Martha to William LEWIS; 6. Evidence of his stay in Elgin Co., other than 1841 census; 7. Evidence of his duties as Baptist minister and other occupations. All info to Earl T. Newton.

JOHNSON-McINTOSH – Looking for info about Harriet JOHNSON b 25 Feb 1816 New York, m William McINTOSH 11 Feb 1834 St. Thomas, Ontario. Who were her parents? Where is she bd? All info to Susan Giacherio.

McINTOSH– Looking for info on William & Harriet McINTOSH children- Sarah b 1835, Nancy b 1837, Charlotte b 1842, Robert b 1845, Edward b 1849, Elanor b 1855, and Isabella b 1861. In 1881 census Robert is married to Hannah CLARK and has a son Emerson age 8, Edward is also married to Mary E. – no children. Any info to Susan Giacherio.

DEER, DEAR, NELLES, NELLIS– These families were residents of Bayham Twp and also St. Thomas, Elgin Co. ca 1870-1900. All info to Glenn Murphy.

McNEA-BARNETT– David married Susannah BARNETT, David b ca 1831, Susannah b ca 1836, lvd on farm at Southwold Station, Elgin County in 1800’s. Ch Mary E. b 1856; David b 1860; William James b 1865; Mark b 1867; George b 1870; Leslie b 1875; Others? Need info re David, Susannah & their children; where was David Sr. born, married and buried date of death; any info re David Sr. re brothers and sisters? info re parents of David Sr. Would like to make contact with any others researching McNEA family. All info to Miss Shirley J. McNea.

NURSING ASSISTANTS — St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital

Graduating Class of

1969, July        M. Bainbridge, V. Cobb, R. Dickson, L. Griffeth, R. Haight, V. Higgs, H. Jordan, B. Kyle, S. Lovelock,    E. Markham, J.    Noviss, R. Nunn, L. 0’Neil, L. Orris, G. Peters, J. Saunders, D.    Schultz, C. Thacker, H. Tolloch, G. White.

1969, Dec        K. Baughman, L. Bentley, D. Bond, K. Colbourne, A . Cowie, B.    Freed, D.

Hanley, M. Hedges, C. Legg, M. MacIver, W. Richardson, R. Schult, F. Smith, P. Webber, J. Withenshaw.

1970        M. Barnes, T . Batty, J. Biro, D. Broer, V. Chetciute, P. Cobb, E. Gilbert, H . Granger,

Hassell, G. Rough, C. Davis, T. Lindzor, M. McCarthy, A. McGowan, S. Primeau, M. Renner, D. Richardson, J.E. Russell, J. Sibley, P. Westra, G. Yeo, N. Zellas.



Graduating Class of

John, Boe, Larry Chamberlain, Mary Chodowski, Grace Cline, Joyce Davie, Heather

Davis, Randolph Eames, Garry Erwin, James Eveland, Elaine Freeman, Ruther Howard, Steven

Kelly, Patricia Lavereau, Wendy MacDonald, Rober McNiece, Steve Milaloza, Patrick Muscat,

Lyndon Nickerson, Ronald Perry, Margaret Pickard, Gary Pinylo, Ronald Ripley, J. Michael Rowe, Leslie Smale, Richard Smith, William Stormes, Mary Town, Carol Walter, Gary Whitesell, William Woodsworth, Bernice Morris.

Robert Ahara, John Robert Bole, Barbara Ann Bradt, Ethel Jane Brown, Shirley

Rose Cini, Claudia L. Crocker, Grace Pauline Escot, Mary Elizabeth Fawcett, Robert Gagan,

David Garber, Harvey Granger, Norman Haaksma, Crystal Ann Haigh, Lary Michael John

Hanley, Elizabeth Ruth Hardy, Richard Michael Hendersen, Lanzetti Lee Jones, Ann Marie

Kearns, Carolyn Krul, Dwight Alan Laing, Judith Joanne Langley, Linda Juliette Livingston,

Lorraine Marjorie Lynch, Betty Ann Olice Mallott, Harry Morissen, Lawrence Rand Morrison, Karl Joohn Muller, Brian John Pirer, Brian David Preston, Gail Janet Schneder, Daniel Adair Smith, Margaret Vyn, Ronald William Whitesell.

Richard Balsdon, Mary Elizabeth Barton, Mary Ann Carr, Jennifer May Chapman,

Rayston Clarke, Caludia Collins, Robert “Gene” Crossett, Raymond Fox, Karen Gilchrist,

Valerie Hanagan,    Dianne Hollingsworth, Linda Jacques, John Johnstone, Erwin Kowalla,

Muriel Loucks, Carol Malik, John McAlpine, Sandra McCutcheon, David Preston, Rosaline Sinnaeve, Lois Smeltzer, Sharon Smith, Lynda Stanat, Vickie Tigani, Nellie Tolmie, Kenneth Watson, Pamela Winters.

1973, Aug        Larry Bogart, Carol Bonnett, Robert Brown, Glenda Collins, Patricia Collins,

Ann Cook, Jack Dale, Peter Eaton, John Edwards, Sandra Edwards, Kenneth Forbes, Danny

Gallagher, Elizabeth Hagerty, Hilda Jongsma, Larry Lampman, Elizabeth McCormick, David McDonald, Robert Prickett, William Robertson, Joseph Sikora, Arnold Steenberger, Grank Wilkins, Barbara Wojtecka.

Judy Allen, Sandra Barash, Richard Borecki, Deborah Brown, Pamela Burgess, Ted

Caughill, Nancy Clayton, Charles Cormack, Dale Decoutere, Paul Faulds, Marion Frank, Shirley

Fugard, Michael Gagnon, James Greer, Brian Harris, Pat Honsinger, Tom Hooghiem, Judy

Jones, Debbie Kicksee, Pam Kirschner, Betty Anne Knops, Debbie Lale, Debbie Lawniczak,

Henry Lawniczak, Sharon Loop, Mary McPhale, Janet McPherson, Thelma Miedema, Dwight Reed, Myron Skirtschak, Paul Sunderland, Suzen Sutherland, Jan Tizzard, Klazine Vanderweyden, Darlene Van Pelt, Kathy Visser.

Mary Ann Beckley, Paul Boshart, Ja’nelle Brenner, Daphne Clarke, Kit Crocker,

Barbara Crosby, Leslie Carter, Pat Cowan, Betty Esseltine, Debbie Fewings, Gizelle Frappier,

Carol Gordon, Anne Hotchkiss, Luanne Hyatt, Karen Jensen, Minnie Kivimaki, Bonnie Kyle, Janette Larson, Barry MacDonald, Janet Mackereth, Jim MacLeod, Linda Malton, Marty Mattis,

Nancy McNabb, Pat Moore, Wendy Smalley, Debby Somerville, Sue Sproul, Ron Szasz, Mary Van Kooten, Cathy VanWycher, Sue Walsh, Jo White, Linda Wilcox, Judy MacAuley, Mariene DeLasie.

Lois Abel, Joan Andrews, Linda Bainbridge, Dianne Bauman, Pam Bird, Lorraine

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Curchin, Dale DeGraw, Anita Faber, Dorothy Giffen, Kathy Gummow, Linda Harrington, Larry

Haure, Kathy Heidt, Rick Jewell, Cindy Killey, Margaret Krul, Margaret Longlade, Dan

O’Brien, Pat Petz, Grace Salamons, Rose Schenning, Tena Terpstia, Rozanne Tribe, Dianne Van Nulaid, Brenda Watt, David Witherow, Susan Leeks, Ria Decorte, Amy Ernshaw, Vida Naruseyicus, June Temple.

Ann L. Anderson, Lesley A. Bancroft, Jackie Lynn Barnhardt, Marae L. Blackman, Patricia A. Bunn, Carol L. Clayton, Kathy B. Conrad, Jean Cox, Margaret J. Deadman, Darlene E. Dolson, Barbara J. Dunlop, Sharon K. Ferguson, Cheryl C. Fraser, Brenda L. Harris, Susan L. Jay, Anne E. Johnston, Julie W. Jordan, Kathy A. Kompf, Karen L. Lindner, Rosanna Manarin, Deborah L. Marsh, Ann L. Martinell, Wendy L. McCauley, Carolyn A. McDonad, Debbie M.

Mullins, Theresa A. Theoret, Thea VanCamp, Cindy L. Wilson, Donna R. Wilson, Victoria A. Woods.

Louise E. Andrew, Kim R. Black, M. Elizabeth Cameron, Bonnie L. Canie,

Jacqueline S. Daley, Anita J. Datema, Susan E. Day,    Susan C. Forbes, Eva Gabie, E. Christine Graham, Joyce A. Hofstra, Catherine E. Krall, Shelley A. Law, Anna Mae MacKinnon, Nancy L.

Marsh, Sheila M. McArthur, Susan L. McFarland, Cynthia J. McNauton, Rashida N. Pradhan Peggy A. Rice, Nancy E. Stephens, June A. Stewart, Carol A. Umphrey, Linda A. VanDamme, Wilma VanHeughten, Gertrude VanMeppelenScheppink, Susanne M. VanUden, Sandra D. Watson, Denise K. Webb.

James Abel, Peter Allen, Carolyn Andrews, Mary Archer, Linda Bakelaar, Karen

Chamberlain, Gail Doan, David Forbes, Bonnie Gagnier, Katherine Graham, Marie Graham,

Wendy Haight, Norman Harding, John Haslip, Frances Henry, Robert Hill, Donna Hulme,

Cosmo Kapitaniuk, Virginia Karnes, Mary Anne King, Mary Koch, Theresa Leduc, Tina

Longeway, Vicky McGeen, Brenda Muscat, Debra Park, Brenda Pringle, Robert Pye, Thomas Robertson, Aileen Scheurwater, Leeanne Siroen, Kim Taylor, Sylvia Tomsic, Jennifer Watts, Susan Wilton, Wendy Woods, Lionel Worrell.

Mhairi Anderson, Carmen Beckon, Judy Bertens, Peggy Butler, Cecilia Correia, Kim

De Groot, Lis Dunham, Betty Ann Dykxhoorn, Debra Galloway, Edith Greer, Susan LeMoine, Kathy McLeod, Patti Myers, Lynn Pineau, Valerie Rockett, Sandy Salter, Kathy Sayler, Janet Shapton, Linda Vance, Marianne Vanderburgt, Teresa VanEyk, Joanne Whidden, Cheryl White. Mary Allworth, Terri Apfeld, Sharon Barnard, Sherry Eyre, Wendy Fewster, Ray Fletcher, Wendy Lou Gallman, Eva Kisslinger, Judy McGhee, Jane Saunders, Tim White.


Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house Not a creature was stirring not even my spouse.

The dining room table with clutter was spread with pedigree charts and with letters which said

“Too bad about the data for which you wrote

Sank in a storm on an ill-fated boat.”

Stacks of old copies of wills and the such were proof that my work had become much too much.

Our children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.

And I at my table was ready to drop

From work on my album with photos to crop.

Christmas was here and of such was my lot That presents and goodies and toys I’d forgot.

Had I not been so busy with grandparents’ wills, I’d not have forgotten to shop for such thrills.

While others had bought gifts that would bring Christmas cheer, I’d spent time researching those birthdates and years.

While I was thus musing about my sad plight,

A strange noise on the lawn gave me such a great fright.

Away to the window I flew in a flash,

Tore open the drapes and I yanked up the sash.

When-what to my wondering eyes should appear, But an overstuffed sleigh and eight small reindeer.

Up to the housetop the reindeer they flew,

With a sleigh full of toys and ‘ole Santa Claus, too.

And then in a twinkle, I heard on the roof The prancing and pawing of thirty—two hoofs.

The TV antenna was no match for their horns,

And look at our roof with hoof-prints adorned.

As I drew in my hand and bumped it on the sash, Down the cold chimney fell Santa – KER RASH!

“Dear” Santa had come from the roof in a wreck,

And tracked soot on the carpet,(I could ring his short neck)

Spotting my face, good old Santa could see I had no Christmas spirit you’d have to agree.

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work And filled all the stockings, (I felt like a jerk).

Here was Santa, who’d brought us such gladness and joy; When I’d been too busy for even one toy.

He spied my research on the table all spread

“A genealogist!” He cried (My face was all red! )

Tonight I’ve met many like you, Santa grinned.

As he pulled from his sack a large book he had penned.

I gazed with amazement – the cover it read

“Genealogy Lines for Which You Have Plead.”

“I know what it’s like as a genealogy bug.” He said as he gave me a great Santa hug.

While the elves make the sleigh full of toys I now carry, I do some research in the North Pole Library!”

“A special treat I am thus able to bring

To genealogy folks who can’t find a thing.”

“Now off to your bed for a rest,

I”ll clean up the house from this genealogy mess.”

As I climbed up the stairs full of gladness and glee, I looked back at Santa who’d brought much to me. .

While settling in bed, I heard Santa’s clear whistle, To his team, which then rose like the down of a thistle.

And I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight,

“Family History is Fun! Merry Christmas! Goodnight!”




Editor        Joyce Locke

Committee        Joyce Locke, Norma Smith, Janice Rezar, Brenda             Edmonds, Steve Peters, Stephanie Chapman.