Talbot Times 1985 September



VOLUME IV                ISSUE 3                SEPT. 1985


The northern part of the Township of Bayham was settled between the years 1819 and 1824. The names of those who became permanent settlers are as follows: Andrew and George Dobbie, James, John and William Crossett, Daniel and Finley Malcolm, Joshua Brown, Seled Haley, James Bently, Geo. Best and Samuel Livingston, with his two sons, John and Samuel, then boys of 12 and 14. A few years later came Joseph Crossett and Chauncey Smith.

A school house was built as early as 1823, half way between the 10th and 11th concession lines on the bank of a deep gully. The children were guided to school by two blazed paths, one from the north, the other from the south. The house was built of logs, roofed with shingles about seven or eight inches wide, and between two and three feet long, split out of blocks, but not shaved. The flooring was made in the same way, only the boards or slabs as they were called were longer and wider than the shingles. Good timber was plentiful. The school room was lighted by one or two small windows. The chimney was built of sticks plastered inside with clay. The hearth was made of clay, worked and packed together so closely that when dry it was quite smoothe, and answered the purpose admirably. The first teacher in this house was Mr. Wm. Crossett, who with his venerable mother was among the first settlers. The old lady was a native of England. She used to tell us with some pride that she remembered old Father Wesley laying his hand on her head when she was a child. Mr. Crossett’s successors in the school were Mr. Hugh Mulholland and Messrs. Corols and Augustus Hewett. In January 1833 or ‘34 a new school was built on the Forge Road, near where the road crosses the gully upon which the first house stood. This house although built of logs, was a great improvement on the first. The windows were larger and more numerous; the chimney and hearth were brick, the roof was covered with modern shingles, the floor and desks were made of sawed lumber; the seats were basewood logs, with the bark taken off, flattened on one side to the desired width, and in each end of the other side were bored two large holes into which strong stiches were driven, constituting the supports of the benches. The teachers’ desk was a crosslegged table. The first teacher in this house was Mr. Isaac Tillson, cousin to E.D. Tillson, Esq. of Tilsonburg. Mr. T’s successors were Miss Dewey and Mr. William Goodrich, who afterwards became husband and wife, and some of whose descendants still live in the township. Other teachers were Miss Margaret Livingstone, daughter of Samuel Livingston, Sr; then Messrs. Mulholland, Holst Hewett, Ketcherbaw, Boyd and J.W. Kerr, who having been educated in Dublin, was a very excellent teacher. About the year 1813 a frame school house was built on the site of the present brick building, The teachers in this house were E.D. Tilson a graduate of Oberlin College. Misses Sarah J. and Mary A. Livingstone, and later Abegail Bentley, daughter of James Bentley. This house was burned and replaced by one on the opposite side of the road, which was finally superceeded by the present commodious building. The subjects taught in those early days were few, but those few were generally thoroughly

taught, the diligent scolar having a foundation laid, which supplemented by home study, made good scholars. The writer remembers one young man who left school about the year 1836, and never attended a higher school, who became a civil engineer, and spent many years overseeing the grading of streets in Grand Rapids to the entire satisfaction of the city fathers. Our principal reading book in the early days was the “English Reader” compiled by the grammarian; Lindley Murry. This book was composed of extracts from the works of the best English authors, viz: Milton, Pope, Addison, Cowper, Goldsmith, Thompson, Blair, Dr. Johnson, etc. No one could be familiar with the above authors without being elevated both morally and intellectually. Grammar and geography were introduced into the school in 1935 by Mr. Goodrich, and it is not saying too much to assert that the grammar classes of Messrs. Kerr and Tillson would compare favorably with those in the same study in our modern schools. During Mr. Tillson’s term the Irish National series of reading books were introduced, to the great advantage of the pupils. The fifth book in the Toronto Normal School for several years after its establishment. Before any Board of Education was established, we had township superintendants, whose duty it was to examine teachers and grant certificates. This office was held for a number of years by Mr. William Veitch of Richmond, and afterwards by the Rev. F.B. Reid, a church of England clergyman, of Port Burwell. While the education of the people was looked after, their spiritual interests were not forgotten. The Baptist ministers were early brought into the settlement: by Mr. William Crossett, who was subsequently ordained an elder, and for many years without fee or reward kept up the Sabbath services. The Methodist ministers followed in the track of the settlers, but owing to the great extent of the circut which extended from Waterford on the east, to St. Thomas on the west, they could only hold service in Bayham on week evenings in winter and afternoons in summer. The word of God was precious in those days. The writer has known young men to leave the hay field to attend the afternoon meetings. Sunday schools were early established the principal exercises were reading and reciting versus from the scriptures and the Assembly’s catechisem, which some of the pioneers had brought with them from their home across the sea. It was not uncommon for a pupil to commit to memory 1,000 verses in one summer. The recreations of the young people though few were both ammusing and instructive being chiefly in the winter evenings, singing schools and spelling schools. The contests in the latter were often quite exciting, the victors being as proud as the winners in the ancient games. The forests were plentifully stocked with the birds and the beasts, most of the men owned rifles, and venison was easily procured. The howling of wolves was a nightly occurence, and often a wolf or bear would call around in the day time and carry off a sheep or a pig. Indians were frequently entertained, but were always friendly. The houses of the people were built of logs, the chimneys of sticks, and the fireplaces of stones. Above the fireplace a pole was placed across the chimney called a log pole, and from it was suspended another pole called a tromel, with a hook on each end, the upper hook to go over the log pole, the lower one to hang a pot on for cooking. Sometimes the log pole would fall off and precipitate the whole machinery into the fire. One man made the window sash for his house, his only tool being a jack knife. Whatever tools were possessed in the neighbourhood were free to all. A nobler company of men and women then the pioneers of North Bayham it would be hard to find – brave, patient, honest, kind. They were people to be relied on. Every man’s word was his bond, every woman’s time was at the disposal of her neighbours if necessary. It was no uncommon thing for a woman to ride on horseback several miles over roads that would now be considered impassable and through woods infested with wild beasts, to visit the sick, or to perform the last kind offices for the dead. Of the above mentioned pioneers only two survive at the present time, Mr. George Best, at the age of 94, occupies his old homestead cared for by his only son George William, and Capt. Samuel Livingstone, who in the 86th year of his age, lives on the farm which he hewed out of the woods, his last days and those of his wife being made comfortable by the care of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Baker. John Livingstone who once owned the south half of the same lot, sold his property many years ago, and ended his days in Michigan. He had the honor of building the first frame house in North Bayham. Mr. Andrew Dobbie was our first magestrate, his only son T.W. Dobbie, who now resides in Tilsonburg, represented East Elgin in the first Dominion Parliament  Mr. George Dobbie’s youngest son Charles owns his father’s homestead, his two sisters, Mrs. Best and Mrs. Elliott, reside in the neighbourhood. Some of the Crossett’s still own lands inherited from their forefathers. Charles Bentley still owns the Bentley homestead. The representatives of the other families have passed beyond the writer’s knowledge. The old fathers and mothers rest from their labors in the North Bayham cemetery, which is situated near where the G. T. R. crosses the 11th concession. The cemetery is bounded on the south by the primeval forest and a few old trees still stand on the east like sentries, keeping guard over the silent sleepers, whose deeds are written on the lands by which they are surrounded. They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they are not divided. May their descendants forget their faults and imitate their virtues.

Oh, dear departed weary ones!

One ancient honored dead

May reverence guard your holy bones, And love your lowly bed.

For us ‘tis all that we can do

Upon the mounds that speak of you

The greatful tear to shed;

Keep green the memory and the grave, And guard the heritage ye gave.

Mary A. Bothwell

This article appeared in the Aylmer Express, October 27, 1888. Every effort has been made to copy it as it appeared on that date.


On May 6th 1985 a metal cross was found by Ross Rezar, in one of the water sheds that feeds Kettle Creek, at the back of his property. Part of lots 1 & 2 on the 9th Concession of the Yarmouth Township. The cross was lying face down in the bottom of the creek and he almost passed it by. Ross and his wife Janice cleaned the cross up and discovered it had the name of WILLIAM GARVEN engraved on it along with the following information, who died on June 24 ‘83 (1883) age 68 years.

Janice a member of the Elgin County Branch of the OGS called a few of the other members and they suggested she call Donald Cosens, a local historian to see if he knew anything about this kind of a cross or had any information on the name Garven. He was not able to help.

A search of local newspapers was out because the 1883 papers were not recorded on micro film.

The 1831 census for Yarmouth Township was checked and a family of Garvin’s was listed, William Garvin, age 65, born – Ireland, religion – Catholic, laborer, married. Sarah Garvin, age 70, born – Ireland, religion – Catholic. William, age 25, born – Ontario, religion – Catholic, laborer and Edward, age 20, born – Ontario, religion – Catholic. Other families listed in the area were Heard, Freeman and Patterson.

Those attending the May meeting of the Elgin County Branch of the OGS examined the cross with much interest but no one was able to add any information to help solve the mystery. How did the cross get in the creek? Was the cross taken from a coffin? Where was William Garven buried?

Do you have the answer to any of these questions or any information or suggestions that might help solve this mystery? If so, please drop us a line at this branch address.

List of Letters remaining in the Aylrner Post Office 1st of November 1869                     Copied from The East Elgin Tribune.

Anderson James; Backhouse Wm. S.; Bearss David; Bemer A.; Blanchfield Mary A.; Bowes

Irvin; Carpenter Mrs. H. M.; Churchill Asa; Chute Minetha; Cromwell Stoten; Crop W.; Dickout

James; Dumaw Asher; Ellis Samuel; Ferguson S.A.; Gray Rebecca; Grass Martha; Hughes T.R.;

Hutchinson Lettie; Johnson Seany; Kinsey William;  Liddle Samuel; Mathews Thos. J.B.;

McKnight Michael; Newell  W.Y.; Nickel Matilda; Rice Daniel; Riley Hugh; Rodden Homer;

Rumble Robert; Sailsburg Cornelius; Simons William; Smith Abram; Snively Austin; Staley

Loesa E.; Sweet John; Ward Jonathan; Welter Isaac; Wholley Robert; Zavits Emaline…Philip Hodgkinson, Postmaster

Some of the names listed in advertisements in The East Elgin Tribune 1869.

Mrs. M. Vale of the Railroad Exchange House, St. Thomas.  E.A. Hewit of the Dominion House, Port Bruce.  Amasa Lewis of the Commercial Hotel, Aylmer.  Alex. Henderson’s Saloon, St. Thomas.  C.A. Smith, Erie Hotel, Port Burwell.  V. Mills, Sparta, Land Agency.  James Lambert, of Lambert House, Vienna.  Jehial Mann, Barrister, St. Thomas.  W.E. Hughes, Dentist, Aylmer.

Foote, M.D., Aylmer, Coroner for Elgin County. W.R. Smuck of Ontario House,

Straffordville.  Colin McDougal and J. (?). Hallowell, Law, St. Thomas.  J.B. Tweedale, Physician and Surgeon, Vienna.  M. Fullerton, Municipal Clerk, South Dorchester.


SMITH-SINCLAIR– seek info on ch of William SMITH and Elizabeth SINCLAIR, m Burra, Shet Is bd Southwold twp. Oliver m Sarah SMITH, Robert m ?  to Windsor area, William m Margrate ? to Lambton co. James m ? d 1905 in St.Thomas, was a policeman, John m Louise

FOWLER, d St.Thomas, 1922, Ellen m Orange DEAN, lvd Norfolk co., Betsey m Arch T1DERINGTON TO Lambton co 1873, Mrs. Anne Black .

SlNCLAIR– Hanse & Agnes SINCLAIR (maiden name) prts of Elizabeth SINCLAlR, above, were in Norfolk co. 1840’s moved to Port Huron, MI or Huron co., MI- still there in 1870- seek desc of these people. All Info to Mrs. Anne Black.

DAUGHARTY– James DAUGHARTY In Mosa Tsp In 1842 with family. Where dId he move to. All Info to Mrs. Margaret Daugharty.

McALPINE– Neil & Mary to Middlemarch, Southwold twsp 1830 bd West Ave. St.Thomas, any info on dau Sarah b 1832 m 1861 to Malcolm McALPINE of Dundas, Donald McALPlNE m Janet McGUGAN, Isabella McALPlNE b c 1827 m Daniel CAMERON. Info where they lived and descendants to Mrs. Mary Clutterbuck.

PEARCE– Leslie b 1807 d 1871 m Jane BARBER, b 1814 d 1876. Ch Frances b 1838 m Lewis Jackson GODDARD, Hannah b 1834 m John G1LLETT, info where they lived and descendants to Mrs. Mary Clutterbuck.

BELLOWS– Florence m Courtland PRICE ca 1900, living in St.Thomas, Ont. on Manitoba St. in 1915. Any help appreciated, Betty Bellous.

BELLOWS– Bertha m William PEARSON ca 1900 living in St.Thomas in 1915 and in Aylmer in 1927. Any help appreciated. Betty Bellous.

SLOGGETT– all Info relating to name of SLOGGETT. George may have been Mayor of St.Thomas, Ont. Info to Velma Rivard.

MOSS/BASS– Zoroaster MOSS of Bayham m Martha BASS of Malahide 7 March 1832. who were prts of Zoroaster and Martha? Any info to Ms Jean Bearss.

MOSS/ABELL– Hiram MOSS, b 1815 m Martha ABELL b 1808. both bd Firby Cem, Bayham, who were prts of hiram & Martha?  Any info to Mrs Jean Bearss.

MONTGOMERY– James m Phebe BERTRAM when? Ch. Robert, James, Jonathon. Others?? James MONTGOMERY was a school master and musician in Ontario c 1850.  Robert & Jonathon emigrated Australia c 1860. Phebe MONTGOMERY bd Eden cem, Elgin Co, Ontario 1876. Known relatives, Inman, Knifsin, Potts. David MONTGOMERY late of County Ohio,  Alexander MONTGOMERY late of New York. Any info to Mrs. J. O’Brien.

MILLER– Martin, b Fisherville, 10 Nov 1852. m Mary BLOWER 11 Apr 1877, West Lorne  searching for parents names.  Info to Merle Scheibner.

BLOWER– Mary, b Port Bruce, 1 May 1859 – Searching for parents?  Any info to Merle Scheibner.

BLASHlLL– George b c 1856 Uxbridge, Ont., m c 1880 Atherine b c 1856 Uxbridge, Ont.  Ch – Albert, George, Bessie, Jane, Charlotte, Floyd, Alvin, Harry & Margaret.  Catherine has sister Mrs. Jas. Kennedy of St. Catherines, Ontario.  Family lived in Aylmer area, Ontario.  Any info to Anna Hofstee.

DAKINS– William b. c 1826 Lower Canada m c 1850 Elizabeth FAY b c 1829 Lower Canada. Ch. William J. (1851) Michael (c 1853) Nancy (c 1853) Mark (c 1856) Elizabeth (c 1859) Luke (c 1860) & Mary Elizabeth (c 1869). All children born in Ontario.  Family lived Dorchester area.  All info to Anna Hofstee.

HELP WANTED -Info wanted re JAMES WHITE and MARTHA ANN? SCOTT. Immigrated from Ireland ca 1836.  Possibly lived in Younge Twshp before settling in Westport, Leeds Grenville county.  Ch. Joseph WHITE m Elizabeth RITCHIE, where? Elizabeth died “out west”Where? Joseph remarried Mary Jane THOMPSON, widow of Henry KEARNS. Joseph left two Children behind with Elizabeth’s parents – where?  Martha A. WHITE m Sterling PENNOCK, Elgin, Leeds Grenville – are there any living desc?  Mary GROVES WHITE m Enoch BARKER of Westport – any living desc? Benjamin WHITE m Christie Anne POWERS, Malahide twshp, when? Wm. John WHITE m Sarah LITTLEJOHN of Westport, moved to Markdale, Bruce Co. Was Benjamin b on the High Sea? Whre did they live in Westport, S.Crosby Twnshp, Leeds Grenville, Ontario- Where are the parents buried? Where- when are Enoch and Mary BARKER buried?  Wanted also are any accountS of the name HASSARD. All info to Brenda Edmonds.

VALLIER– Searching for parents and places of birth for both parents and the following children.  Clara Marcella – 1857-1898, Emmaline – 1857-1864, Zebinna F. – 1860-?, and Mary Viola – 325-1864 – 9-1951.  Ch left Canada in 1870 for united states – where?  Alone or with mother? Clara Marcella m Mr. BRONSON, where?  Later she m William PROTSMAN – d in Oklahoma Territory.  Mary Viola m James Marshall ALEXANDER on Oct 6, 1883 in Clay Center, Kansas, d in California.  Emmaline froze to death in Canada in late spring blizzard.  Zebinna F.  appears in 1890 census of Oklahoma Territory.  Info to Patricia Alexander.

NURSING EDUCATION in ST. THOMAS, continued MEMORIAL HOSPITAL … Graduating Class of …

  • … Marjory McPherson (Eby), Marjory Burrell (Higgs), Elgin Janaway (Chamberlain),

Margaret Broadley (Beach), Helen McCormack (Oliver), Margaret Bancroft McKillop), Florence Garrett (McLachlin), Margaret Tolson (Sheridan), Edna Wightrnan, Dorothy Davis (Christie), Julia Gifford (Miller), Margaret McKillop (McDonald).

  • … Amanda Affleck (Locke), Neila Brown (Widdifield), Eileen Campbell (Clark), Isabel

Dymock (Kelly), Leona Fields (Kelly), Alma Fitzpatrick (Mason), Vera Hitch (Wilkinson), Phyllis Howell (Parsons), Bessie Larnont (Barker), Clara McLaren (Meredith), Crystal Oldham (Proctor), Eleanor Ray (Nicholson).

  • … Mirian Baker (Millman), Margaret Baldwin (Veevers), Isabell Blewett (Hutton)

Beatrice Clements (Fiset), Margaret Luton (Mistele), Marion McCallum (Copley),    Jean McKeown (Livingston), Vera Millrnan (Fahter), Betty Murray (Hunter), Marie Sullivan (Green), Gladys Turrill (Partlow).

  • … Jean Martyn (Colgate), Jean Smoke (Hammersley), Lena Berdan (Uptigrove),

Jeanette Lunn (Leitch), Yula Davis (Swindells), Edna Jones (Medd), Orla Davis (Pearson), Rosyln Webster (Page), Rose Ross (Rubin), Betty Holland (McLeod).

  • … Jean Anderson (Fortin), Mary Baldwin (Smith), Mary Bancroft, Donna Doolittle, Edna

Houston, (Margaret Hunter), Marie Marr (Middleton), Dorothy McNames, Donnajean Shelton

(Ward), Geraldine White (Wurtz), Marion May (Vail)

  • … Vourneen Bagshaw (Jack), Jean Baxter (Woolley), Marjorie Bennett (Forrest)

Helina Blackwell (Rolling), Elsie Blunt (Cochlin), Elizabeth Clark,

Ruth Durbyshire (Brown), Dorothy Down (Ward), Alfretta Gally (Clack),

Charlotte Godby (Wills), Dorothy Harlton, Myrtle Horton (Waterer),

Kathleen McKeown (Wyman), Helen Miller (Levack), Dorothy Morris (Knight), Frances

Mortimer (Tawse), Edna Pressey (Gamble), Dorothy Russell (Buck), Mazie Storey (Fleming),

Grace Yeamans (MacMillan), Jean Cameron (Rocgus), Phyllis Jewell (Pethlado), Helen Lavis (Brown), Marion Newman (McClintock), Doris Warden (Astbury).

  • … Helen Begg (Wilcox), Betty Dunlop (Hetherington), Christina Gordon (McEwen),

Mary Horel (Milligan), Louise Johnston (Sterling), Jean Knight (Bartlett), Norah Lackie (Burgar), Marjorie Leach (Anderson), Maxine McKellar (Pring1e), Helen Mailing (Holmes), Bernice Siegner (Evans), Margaret Whiting (Liversage), Helen Pringle (Caskey).

  • … Violet Maybee (Putman), Gwendolyn Wallis (Hepburn), Irene Pickersgill (Paddon),

Florence Parkinson (Dubois), Winnifred Blewett (Graves), Frances Annett (Witherow),

Winnifred Gerhardt, Dola Oatman (Davis), Pauline Foster (Roberts), Edith Hudson (Gray), Rena McArthur (Hall), Marion Manning (Murray), Leota McPhee (Thorpe), Margaret Jones (Williams), Anna Dummer (Jones).

  • .. Mary Lyle (Beattie), Dora Begg (Steiner), Margaret Blakely (Moore),

Reba Buckstein (Clodman), Beulah Close (McIntosh), Hilda Lunn (Lucas),

Verna Fletcher (Woods), Phyllis Latimer (Auckland) Helen Brown (Bock),

Shirley Dixon (Hughes), Ila Wilton (Tuff), Louise Kieler (Henderson),

Ella Stevenson (Parker), Mary Cattanach (MacNab), Isobel Blanchard (Everett).

  • .. Doris Brown (Bacon), Helen Lindsay (Small), Betty Lou Housley (Land),

Marjory Whitmam (Light), Wilma Ross (Mole), Lillian Tanner (Birchall),

Muriel Kerr, Olivia Perfect (Weaver), Madeline Scott (Cameron), Katheline Haley (McPherson), Alberta Perfect (Liddle), Rosalie McNabb (Sargent), Elsie Stafford (Robbins).

  • … Emily Young (Kloosterman), Dorothy Ethelstone (Van Patter), Dorothy Soper (Clarke), Alice Smale (Fluelling), Joyce Moore (Hughson), Grace Haldane (Haggerty), Dorothy Coulter (McKay).
  • … Eileen Beer (Talbot), Grace Cattanach (Thomas), Maxine Durnan (Claypole), Velma Jordan (Watson), Betty Paddon (Brown), Irene Gerhardt (Christie), Betty Shreader (Livingston),

Gerry Whitney (Neely), Marilyn Miller, Sadie Ross (Sutherland).

  • … Joyce Jackson (Kempf), Doris Whitcroft (Gowdy), Lorna Wilton, DaphneThordycraft

(Ferguson), Mary Troyer (Davis), Donna Ferguson (Lyle), Beatrice Hudson (Pastorius), Vivian Home (Crawford), Lottie Deary (Hague), Mary Gordon (Fife) Marion Learn (Hetherington), Margurite Lucas (Dummer).

  • … Greta Ashton (Teskoy), Jean Ashton (Thompson), Lucille Bowen (Crocker) , Grace

Chaplow (Anderson), Maxine Dummer (Beer), Suzanne Dougherty (Wadley), Helen Rapson

(McCallum), Muriel Rawson (Dummer), Nancy Ward (Lashbrook), Elizabeth Matthews (Forbes), Margaret McFarlane (Marshall), June Smith (Laur)    Jessie Donaldson (Wraight) , Constance Ferris (Brown) , Ella Hull (Smith) Verna Gerhardt, Ruth Killins (McIntyre), Lois Mann (Detenbeck).

  • … Elizabeth Jack (Wallen) , Eli zabeth Hawkins (Cahill) , Zina Hopwood, Margaret Pook (Cassidy) , Dorothea Smith (Kelley), June Richardson (Hodshall).
  • … Genevieve Granger (Graham), Norma Woodworth (Jordan), Myrna Moore (Spiers), Mary Fletcher (Neal), Marjory Doherty, Myrtle Ninham, Dorothy Caville (Cox), Geraldine Weskett (Hague), Audrey Rawson (Leverenz).
  • … Shirley Baker (Carr), Norma Empey (Williamson), Patricia Freeman (Irons), Ruth

Glover (Forrest), Alma Hare (McCarthur), Joyce Millman (Cutler), Volaine Rilett, (Hodgins), Margaret Van Velzer (Kenny), Helen Veitch (Backus). Josephine Watson (Williams), Norma Woodworth (Gordon).

  • … Gloria Clifford (Charlton), Donna Drake (Skorreiko), Madelyn Boughner (Reek), Betty Davis (Nightingale), Marjorie Funnell (Sawatsky), Marion Graham (Parker), Marjorie Martin (Howard), Elizabeth Pullen (Harmenzon), Marilyn Mickle (Faille).
  • … Edith Eskil (Arnold), Carolyn Ferns (Meyers),  Katharine Foster (Howe), Betty Jean Jamieson (Krehbie), Frieda Kebble (Hennig), Ilse Kastendt (Corrigan), Diane Nasickas (Trudell),  Marion Schnekenburger (Lewis), Carol Wright (Shelley).
  • … Evelyn Campbell (Demaray), Jean Curley (Ross), Dorothy Gray (Cameron), Barbara

Harper (Plust) , Joan Holmes (Holmes), Ann Hull (Whittaker), Mary Lilly  Korolewych

(Rowland), Pauline McGregor (Martin), Penelope McCurdy (Kendell),     Suzanne Shiell (Dougherty), Gwendolyn Silverthorn (Richmond), June Stanley (Shiell), Doris Thurston (Allsworth), Joy Ward (Sanderson).

  • … Jean Atkinson, Jeane Awde (Berry), Geraldtne Bloxsidge (Barnes),Mary Budra,

Kathleen Burrill (McMulen), Dorothy Chambers (Underhill), Mary Alys Collins, Mary Jane

Chambers (Doan), Una Dell (Ferguson), Dorothy Donaldson (Clark), Roberta Ferguson, Mary

Lou Goodearle (Little), Joan Elizabeth Hebb (Kelli), Carolyn Hoag (Cruikshank), Mary

Jamieson (Crass), Patricia Marshall (Hubert), Marlene Maxfield (LeGrand), Arlen Mitchell

(Chick), Kathryn Moore (Chaplow), Ruth O’Connor (Eggar), Gendolyn Pratt (Barendregt), Joan

Robertson (Kenny), Gale Scidmore (Holmes), Shirley Simpson (Burrows), Barbara Smith (Jackins), Earlma Beth Stevenson (Wagner), Evelyn Tait, Doreen Thompson (Hubert), Joyce Thomson (Herman), Ruth Yeandle (Newson).

  • … Marjory Babcock (Crawford), Donna Blackwell (Kent), Donna Jean Cameron

(Whitehead), Margaret Carless (Kitchenham), Marna Cross (Whitfield), Edna Carr, Iva Christine

Clark (Hancock), Beverley Davey (Payne), Jean Dickinson (Girvin), Josephine Evans, Phyllis

Ferguson, Patricia Ford (Cattel), Eva Gibbons (McFadden), Evelyn Helsdon (Singer), Grace

House (Walker), Joyce Kilgour (Garnham), Ruth Kilmer, Beverley Lewis (Fulton), Joyce Marr

(Berg), Dianne Mitchell (Moore), Donna McFarlane (Catt), Barbara Reid,

Margaret Roberts (Payson), Mary Ellen Ross (Norman), Dorothy Sangster (Popham), Gail Shearing (Wild), Jeanne Soldan (Phillips), Jean Taylor (Pol), Pauline Upshall (O’Farrell), Donna Weaver (Emmett).

  • … Helen Jennie Balaisis (Stankus), Alice Campbell (Nelson), Barbara Coatsworth (Van

Esch), Louisa Ford (Bombra), Anna Jean Murray (Annett), Wanda Permilla Hick (Gordon),

Phyllis Houghton (McNeil), Doris Jones (Graham), Donna Lodge (Nott), Shirley Marie LeNeve (McLachlin), Freida Lucas (Phillips), Annetta Lumley (Houston), Beverley Mitchell (Hatt), Anna McGaw,

Marjorie Moore (Butterwick), Shirley Moore (Phillips), Leona Mysak (Luxton), Mary Orchard (Clutterbuck), Joan Ramey (Pullen), Alice Smith (Davies), Kati Strobl (Sowan), Sachiko Wakabayaski (Nakano), Jean Wilson (Conrad).

  • … Joan Barendregdt (Shaw), Judy Barnes (Swift), Jacqueline Brewe (Captain),

Ruth Anne Brown (Telford), Valerie Cassils, Carolyn Derrough (MacDonald), Helen Dodds

(Wall), Margaret Douglas (Barber), Mary Ellis (Barrette), Beverley Flewelling (Ditz), Esther

Groom (Vann), Betty Lou Forsyth (Donaldson), Catherine Hulst (Van Lingen), Dorothy Jackson

(Moore), Diane Jackson (Reath), Barbara Johnston (Cummings), Dores Juett (Blais), Doreen

Kirkland (Cummings), Betty Jean Martindale (Shaw), Florence Mertick (Rolls), Sandra Owen

(Barlow), Edythe Ann Phinney (Fleming), Emily Robeby-Thomas (McLean), Rosalie Rollason

(Johnson), Jean Ross (Koszut), Patricia Ryckman (Crandall), Arlie Scrutton (Barzo), Margo Shepley (Graham), Shirley Smith (Bobier), Betty Jean Tuckey (Steels), Joyce Walker (Scott), Marguerite Webster (McIntyre).

  • … Ronsina Bachner (White), Ann Craven (Hendrickson), Ruth Charlton,

Mary Jane Ferguson (Cook), Elaine Flewelling (Brown), Irene Fodor

(Herbert), Marjorie Foote, Beverley Goold (McFarland), Sandra Holmes

(Hartman), Roberta Longfield (Brubacher), Lois Neal (Grieve),

Barbara Neff, Shirley Norton (Bath), Jenine Onaitis (Ricotto), Marilyn Swain (Hurst), Mary Waite (Brown), Sharon Williams (Sanders).