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VOLUME IV                ISSUE 4            DECEMBER, 1985


The following names appear on transactions concerning the North Half of Lot 12, Concession 7, Township of Yarmouth, County of Elgin, between the years of 1850 and 1983:












































The following information was compiled from deeds, land grants and wills:


Recorded 27th February 1850. Jane was from the Township of Yarmouth, in the County of

Middlesex. She was listed as a widow on the Clergy Sale Grant of Land in 1850, in Liber BX Folio 338. On the Indenture of Bargain and Sale, Jane Moore and Thomas Kelly number 1593, recorded the 1st day of February, 1855, in Liber C for Yarmouth, Folio 492, Jane made her mark.

Other names on this document were Thomas Kelly, Laurence Doyle-witness, Geoffry Hawkins witness, Thomas D. Warren -Conveyancer &c, St. Thomas and J. McKay – Registrar for Elgin.


Recorded 1st February 1855, Indenture of Bargain and Sale, number 1593, he was listed as being from the Township of Yarmouth, in the County of Elgin, in the Province of Canada West, farmer.


Recorded 23rd March, 1858, Indenture of Bargain and Sale, number 2562, Liber E, for Yarmouth in Folio 376, Mary was the wife of Thomas Kelly.


Same date and Indenture as above. He was from the town of St. Thomas, in the County of Elgin, and Province of Canada West. He was a Yeoman when this was written on the 23rd of March, 1858. The witness on this document was P. Hall and the Registrar was again J. McKay. Thomas D. Warren, Conveyancer &c of St. Thomas. Mortgage- John Ireland and wife to J.J. Teeple, number 3016, recorded 19th October 1859, in Liber F for Yarmouth, Folio 272. The following names are also on this document. J.McKay – Registrar for Elgin, C.F. Claris of the town of St.

Thomas, in the County of Elgin, Esquire. Names on the receipts attached to this mortgage are David F. Davis, Mr. Russell Green (1857), Davis and Bingham, Robert P. Mills Jr., Stephen W. Teeple. Indendure of Bargain and Sale, Number 3398, recorded 28th December 1860, in Liber F for Yarmouth, Folio 687, John and his wife Jane are both listed as being from the Township of Caradoc, in the County of Middlesex and Province of Canada. He is still listed as being a Yeoman.

Other names on this document are as follows: -George Paige Mills, father of George Mills Jr.;

Robert Paige Mills, brother of George Mills Jr.; William Brower, brother-in-law of George Mills Jr.; Henry S. Ellis, witness, and J. McKay, Registrar. Another paper has the signature of Mrs. Barnes, formerly Georgina Brower and E.C. Brower.


Mortgage number 3016, John Ireland and wife to J. J. Teeple, Jane was the wife of John Ireland, dated 19th October 1859.  Recorded 21st January 1859, Liber F for Yarmouth, Folio 77.


Recorded 20 January 1859, number 2805 in Liber F for Yarmouth, Folio 77. John was from the town of St. Thomas, in the County of Elgin, Gentleman. This indenture was signed by John Ireland and John Davis. Jane Ireland made her mark on it. The following names also appear on this document: J. Bordans, Law Stationer, Toronto; J. McKay, Registrar for Elgin and George Bennett, witness.

Indenture of Assignment of Mortgage, number 2892, John Davis to James J. Teeple. John Davis is listed as being a Yeoman.


Recorded 19th of April 1859, Indenture of Assignment of Mortgage, number 2892, Liber F for

Yarmouth, Folio 141, it says James was from the Township of Yarmouth, County of Elgin, and a Yeoman. This indenture was signed by John Davis, Jas. J. Teeple, John MaCurtney was the witness and J. McKay was the Registrar.


Indenture recorded 2nd of January 1861, number 3401, Liber F for Yarmouth, in the County of Elgin, Folio 692, says Robert Paige Mills of the Township of Yarmouth, in the County of Elgin, and Province of Canada, Yeoman. Other names on this indenture are: Aaron Dancy; G.F. Claris, witness and William Brower, Trustee.


Sarah is mentioned on Indenture 3015, and was the wife of R.P. Mills.


On Indentrue 3401, recorded 2nd of January 1861, George was from the Township of Yarmouth.

Indenture number 3015 states that George is from the Township of Raleigh, in the County of Kent and a Yeoman. This was recorded on the 19th of October 1959 in Liber F for the Township of Yarmouth, Folio 271.


Indenture number 3401, recorded on the same date as the above Jane was the wife of George Mills Sr. and lived at the same address as her husband.


This indenture was registered in Book 35 for Yarmouth, on the 5th of March 1898. Ernest was from the Township of Yarmouth in the County of Elgin and a Yeoman. Other names on this indenture: Registrar, J.H. Coyne and Angus McCrimmon, solicitor for the Atlas Loan Co., Toronto, Ontario.


Indenture registered in Book 35 for Yarmouth on the 5th of March 1898, she was the wife of Ernest Mills of the same address.


Recorded 4th of March 1898 on a mortgage discharge.


Registered 7th November 1917, number 25197, Quit Claim Deed in Book 47 for the County of Elgin. Other names on the Deed: W.L. Wickett, Barrister, St. Thomas, Ontario, and B. Coyne, Registrar for the County of Elgin.


Statutory Declaration dated 5th February 1953. Hester was the wife of Ceorge Mills Jr., life tenants of the North half of Lot 12, Concession 7, Township of Yarmouth, in the County of Elgin.


Indenture dated 4th March 1944, Registered 30th of March 1944, says he is of the Township of Yarmouth in the County of Elgin, farmer. Registered in Book 59.


Wife of Dayton Mills of the same address, Registered the 4th of March 1944, in Book 59, for the Township of Yarmouth.

Mr. Dayton Mills has possession of the documents used to extract this information. Thanks go to Mr. Mills for loaning these documents and for permission to print this article in our Newsletter. …. Thank you Mr. Mills.


The E1gin Military Museum in St. Thomas Ontario was provided with a Government Grant to hire two students to do research for the Museum during the summer of 1985. These students, David Dollar and Anne Daugharty, concentrated their research in two areas. In the first area of interest a search was made through the St. Thomas Journal for the years 1914-1918. Articles relating to Elgin County military involvement were photocopied from the original newspapers. These articles, many with photos, were further copied and put into binders for display in the World War One room of the E1gin Military Museum. The copies of these articles were put into files made for the individuals mentioned.

The research in the second area of interest was under the direction of George Thorman. Under his supervision, payrolls for the Second Regiment of the Norfolk Militia were copied from photocopies of the originals and then typed. Individual index cards were made for these men, with the intention that these cards would serve as a handy reference of an individual’s military involvement for the period 1812-1815 as it pertained to the Norfolk Militia.

Research organizations, or individual’s tracing family histories, will find this research useful. It provides a record of who was where, when and for how long, as well as providing a listing of common spellings of last names common to the area. The World War One books on display focus on Elgin County volunteers and will be invaluable to those who have traced family lines here as the volunteers often came from settled families.


Graduating Class of …

  • … Marilyn Bell, Judith Branton (Jones), Marianne Chapman (Haas),

Margaret Clark (Haskins), Ursula Davidson (Barnes), Laura De Munck

(Rayner), Arlene Eastbury (Russello), Lorna Facey (Bate),

Joan Gonyou (Hutchinson), Shirley Greer (Scharrer), Elaine Hardy (Shaw),

Carole Anne Hayden (Brown), Betty Hern (Meta), Carol Hicks,

Beulah Holton (Bain), Dale Hunt (Anderson), Patricia Hunter (McLellan),

Gloria Light (Vincent), Ruth Livingstone (Lawrence), Margaret Madery

(Stedman), Deanna Matier (Neate), Nancy May (McGregor), Janeane Orr

(Everatt), Carleen Rea (Phoenix), Dorothy Routley (Hanks), Sally

Rowan (Coleby), Mary Russell (Brown), Marilyn Walker (McCurdy),

Joy Ward (Voeth), Mary Webster (Taylor), Maralene Westgate (Bergman) .

  • … Carol Anne Anderson (St. Pierre), Margaret Bennett (Gowanlock),

Ruth Creighton (Robinson), Judith Dawson (Williams), Kathleen Dolbear

(Knight), Sandra Don Carlos (Clark), Glenda Dunn (Hubert), Nancy

Eastman (Havens), Mary Fewster (Rook), Gayle Foster (Anderson),

Georgina Galbraith (Sabiech), Linda Green (Murphy), Marie Haak (Blum),

Carolynne Humphrey (Oliver), Barbara Hunter (Hayes), Carolyn Law

(Gibson), Barbara Hunter (Hayes), Carolyn Law (Gibson), Gloria

Longhurst (Barnes), Mary Lugtigheld (Lindquist), Marjorie Maas (Ward),

Carolyn Martin (Frieders), Shirley Dianne Melchior (Biro), Sandra

Milmine (Cook), Helen Morrish (Belcher), Elizabeth Moyer (Gebbie),

Doris McCully (Jefferies), Ruth Parker (Jones), Lois Parsons (Millar),

Janet Penner (Sabatinos), Diane Elizabeth Pincombe (Veldheres),

Marie Roberts (Davis), Donna Rodgers (LeCourto is), Sharon Rooke

(Lehman), Elizabeth Ann Ross (Rankin), Sharon Schweitzer (Gilchrist),

Karen Scott, Carol Small (Burrows), Kathleen Wilcox (Soper),             Donna Stainton (Lazenby), Marilyn Carol Thorton (Bates),             Lola Webster (Vella) .


1964    .    Brenda Adelle Blair, Janet Bothwell (Jones), Ann Burnard (Schuller),

Laurine Campbell (Cowan), Sharon Coleman (Konecay), Carol Conrad

(Mailing), Leslie Downs (Goodale), Cheryl Chater (DeYoung,

Gloria Eechaute (Wybo), Carolyn Esseltine (Pho), Marilyn Goodale

(Goodale), Irene Graff (Alexander), Rosemary Anne Jancey (Lukings),

Janice Jones (Dennis), Karen Dribs (Jones), Linda Liddle (Ward),

Sandra Martin (Davidson), Margaret Middleton (Lyle), Beverley Moffatt

(Loucks), Charlene McClurg (Baker), Mary McIntyre (McLellan),

Deanna McKinnon (Chang), Margaret McLellan (McBride), Etta McRoberts

(Edwards), Sheila O’Neil (Martin), Carol Anne Palmer (Roderiquez),

Lorraine Peterson (Carmichael), Anna Pool (Haaksma), Mary Jane Powell

(Wadley), Margaret Rapson (Ferguson), Marilyn Roszell (McGregor),

Betty Sellars (Hutchings), Irene Smith (Osborne), Margaret Sutherland             (Roth), Dianne Taylor (Dawson), Mary Jane Thompson (Heighway),             Karen Wagner (Yamashita), Barbara Yorke (Proudfoot) .


1965    …    Ann Belton (McFadden), Joyce Brockett (Shoebottom), Delma Butler (Murray),

Judith Caldwell (Luft), Marilyn Chamney (Robinson), Judith Charlton

(Latchford), Shirley Ann Clark, Pauline Deacon (Merchant), Patricia

Deary (Anderson), Joan Donaldson (Huston), Carolyn Ann Dow (Barr),

Sally Jo Ferguson (Gallagher), Nola Rebecca Fraser, Janice Graham

(Shulman), Betty Hall (Thomas), Barbara Lynn Harris (Verway),

Elsie Hazelaar (Barker), Jeanne Kennedy (Pitts), Karen McLeod, Margaret McLorn

(Edgar), Janet Arlene McMurray (Clark), Gloria Ogilvie

(Spanton), Gladys Louisa O’Neil (Lave), Beverley Onn, Barbara Patchett

(Palmer), Wendy Elizabeth Pratt, Shirley Price (Durk), Linda Dale

Purcell (Kemp), Jacoba Rauhe (VanDenBorre), Mary Elaine Raymond (Allen),

Lana Pentland (Anderson), Stephany Lynn Robinson (Brown), Barbara Ann

Sanders (Kennedy), Audrey Ann Schultz (Barker), Freda Scott (Dennis),

Beverly Anne Shepard (Busche), Mary—Lou Sherwood (Egan), Patricia             Silverthorn (Bowers), Betty Ann Stephen, Karen Billie Taylor (Barker),             Anne Elizabeth Thompson (Dempsey), Kathleen Alice Thorsley (Rainford),             Norma Elizabeth Walker (Dolbear) .


  • .. Jeanne Arthur (Rawlins), Joan Bateman (Locke), Constnace Bossenberry

(McLeod), Sylvia Bryce (Steinbach), Ruth Ann Burgess (Anness), Shirley

Anne Catton (Grass), Carole Anne Dean (Rismae), Carol Ann Doerr (Wolfe),

Bernice Dunning, Linda Durkee, Dianne Gordon (Zellas)., Aafke Hovius

(Hoogstien), Irla Irwin, Carol Jamieson, Barbara Longhurst (Luck—Baker),

Linda Anne Longhridge, Catharine Lyons (Brand),Gloria MacDonald,

Susan McRae, Beverley Oliver (Brennan), Patricia Ostrom (Andersmith),

Martha Phinney (Jacobs), Sharon Slute (Moore), Victoria Teams (Turner),             Judith Townsend (Johnston), Ann Wedge (Karram), Judith Wheat on             (Cameron), Jean Elliot.


  • .. Charlyn Gweneth Atyeo, Myrna Bond (Adams), Carol Ann Brewer (Harrison),

Marian Churchill (Millman), Phyllis Gauthier (Bristow), Catherine

Elizabeth George (Peckham), Marlene Graham (MacKay), Carol Ann

Gunning (Baker), Gayle Knight (Stewart), Shirley Laing (West),

Barbara Laughton (Gauthier), Arendje Zondag (Manchester), Anne Marie

Martin (Horton), Nancy Milligan (Cooper), Evelyn Minielly (Steadman),

Gail McIntyre (Parsons), Sandra Parker (Parker), Suzanne Porter (deceased),

Vivian Roberts (Moore), Maureene Ruth Ross, Sheila Ileene Russell

(Church), Jennifer Smith (Lang), Carol Steward (McLahlin), Barbara

Swan (Welsh), Angje van Liere (Vidler), Geraldine Van Patten             (Spencer), Merilyn Walker (Greenfield), Bonnie Waters (Spindler),             Sandra Westlake (Snell), Sallie Winnett (Moore) .


1968    …    Bernice Bach (Orr), Susan Holand (Barr), Mary Lou Biggs (McRae),

Barbara Bruce, Judith Campbell (Welbourn), Carol Carr (Fenton),             Janice Cleaver (Sawyers), Colene Clements (Muellejans), Sandra Ellenor             y(WoynQrski) Dawn Evans (Jensen), Ronda Farren (Phetteplace), Nancy             Froome (Coyne), Pamela Freeland (Gathercote), Doroth Goodale (Strum),

Hilda Ann Greig (Filsinger), Penelope Hamilton (Harris), Marilyn Harland

(Clifford), Eileen Helka (Gilbert), Marjorie Howard (Miller), Sharon

Anne King (Wells), Theresin Klein (Collier), Linda Lacey (Barnes),

Grethe Lave, Susan Littlejohn (Hall—Holland), Janis Malone (Ford),

Selby Mancari (Weatherhead), Sheryl Met calf e (Cummings), Margaret

Munro (Crouse) Frances McCallum (Lees), Ruth Ann McDonald (English),

Janice McEwen (Robbins), Marilyn McLarty (Bell), Derkyna “Inn”

Pans (Eisen), Myrna Reath (Bennett), Joan Lee Sackridger (deceased),

Hendrika Johanna Schipper (Bouius), Judith Shearer (Davidson),

Catherine Anne Simpson (Smith), Margaret Lane (Small), Mary Anne

Spicer, Ann Corsaut, Dianne Tustian (Hunt), Elizabeth Van Zanten

(Perritt), Audrey Varley (Dean), Hiltje “Hilda” Vellings (Meyer), Donna Irene Wilson (Mitchell) .

1969    …    Laura Arthur (Puhakka), Sharon Beecroft, Harmina Beldman,

Deanna Black (Zerebecki), Marilyn Burr ill (Couch), Barbara Campbell

(McCormack), Linda Campbell, Patricia Anne Coad (Erdodi), Louise

Cochrane, Patricia Cochrane (Peters), Margaret Cooper (Swerhunk),

Joanne Crouse, Anna Doelman (DeVries), Susan Douma (Schauton),

Linda Eechaute (Harvey), Jean Elgie (Belbeck), Lynda Ford (Willard)

Lynda Freer (Paine), Barbara Hodgins (Hodgins), Bonnie Hoffman

(Irvine), Barbara Holmes (Howlett), Lorna Ruth Howden (Howden),

Geralen Inghnm (Wilson), Joanne Marie Kerr (Lochus), Suzanne King

(Galo), Patrician Laing (Pow), Mary Ann Lee (Houston), Marianne

Miles (Proulx), Patricia Montague, Madelyn McKeller, Terry

Suzanne McLean (Shaw), Norma Newmann (Foster), Esther Nobels (Meyer),

Mary Olczak (Najda), Sharon Diane Paterson (Bateman), Lynda Rowley,

Marlen Elizabeth Sinclair (Hyatt), Mary Elizabeth Sherlock, Ingred

Sterkenburg (Gilbert), Leslie Sutherland (McNally), Sharon Taylor

(Noviss), Patircia McCoy (Barnier), Carol Tillson (Moore),

Petronella “Nel” Toenders (Hurst), Catherine Anne Traynor (McMahon),

Linda Tucker (Young), Lavinia Wallace (Dickinson), Karen Green             (Watson), Anna Joan Whitehead (Wiedrich), Valerie Yeeger (Ruhl),             Elizabeth Ann Zavitz (Scott) .

1970    . . .    Maureen Annett, Jane Begg (Mills), Marelyn Bennett, Susan Bower,

Nerede Campbell (Phem), Doreen Grace Chantler (Beattie), Gwen

Corstorphine (Clark), Jo—Ann Margaret Cox, Mary Ann Crago (Larson),

Janet Dean (Howley), Marietta Dittmer (Shain), Sheila Elston,

Sheila Emigh (Norton), Veronica Esbogh (Voight), Margaret Good (Hanson),             Patricia Ann Healey (West). Maria Huybers, Catherine Jewiss (Egleston).             Glenda Johnston (Urquhart), Penelope Kiddie (MacVicar), Nancy Knight

(Lewis), Julia Lawson (Miller), Maria Lobb (Brown), Wenda Lythgoe,

Eleanor Mohan (MacMillan), Judy Winnifred Morris (Agar), Janet

McLachlin (Armstrong), Beverley McLarty (Sims), Judith McNalty

(Carlson), Sharon McNeice (LeBlanc), Sonia Northey (Lister),             Elizabeth Patterson (Langhor), Louise Paul (Glenn), Patricia Petty—             piece (Bondy), Susan Schoales (Downing), Linde Sheardown (Harris),             Patricia Barnier (Peters), Joyce Anne Sutherland, Rose Timperman             (McMillan), Donna Waters (Waterman), Margaret Widmeyer (Urlin) .


1971    . . .     Diane Baigent (Shaw), Beverley Belton (Harper), Mary Lou Bonner

(Reynolds), Anne Elizabeth Brown (Marchant), Catherine Anne Carr

(Paddon), Audrey Eloise Carroll (Brown), Donna Ceughell (Caughell),             Elizabeth Crocker (McCallum), Victoria Dewdy (Titchener), Elaine

Forsythe (Forsythe), Ardith Brescacin, Lana Gavan (Govan), Mary

Harris (Dodge), Carol Heathfield (Scanlon), Sandra Iles (Couture),

Judith Mary Lindsay (Lazenby), Elaine Luxton (Holland), Louise             Marlatt (White), Ron Martin, Elaine Murray (Murray), Catherine

O’Connor, Janis Page, Ruth Ann Power, Jan Proud (wife Jackie),

Linda Ramsden, Michelle Reaume (Broczkowski), Susanne Shaw (Jackson),             Ann Smuck, Maria Wallace.

This article will be continued in the next issues of the Talbot Times.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1985 . . . Colin Read, a professor at Huron College, U.W.O., was the guest speaker. He has had two books published and had copies of them with him. The newest book, which he had just received from his publisher that day, is entitled Rebellion in Upper Canada.

He explained his version of the involvement of the rebels Joshua Doan and his brother Joel in the 1837 Rebellion. He touched on Dr. Charles Duncombe formerly from St. Thomas, who was living in Burford at that time and his involvement in the Rebellion. Prof. Read, felt that David Anderson was the best known rebel of this area, David and Joshua were hunted men and they along with several others had rewards posted for their capture.

Joshua and his brother Joel fled to the United States, they knew if they returned to Upper Canada they would be tried for treason.

Joshua returned to Canada and was taken prisoner in Windsor and transported to London where he was jailed in December, 1838. He was tried for treason and convicted. He tried to straighten things our by writing a letter to the newspaper saying in part:  “I was a Partriot and I was mistaken, I should not bave done it and would not do it again.” His letter did not help him, he was hanged in February, 1839, leaving a small son and wife.

Joel later married his brother’s wife.

November 13, 1985 … The guest speaker for the evening was Mrs. Donald (Beth) Vicary. Mrs.

Vicary’s topic was the TWEEDSMUIR HISTORY, of which she is the Assistant Curator for London Area & Elgin West. Tweedsmuir Histories began in the 1940’s and usually cover a territory of old School Districts. Her area in Shedden includes Shedden and an approximate three mile radius. Curators of the Women’s Institutes are appointed for six year periods. When a scrapbook is complete it is suggested that they are photocopied to preserve the original. In a Tweedsmuir History you might expect to find:  Biography of Post Presidents and Secretaries;

Articles about Women’s Institutes; Century Farms; Community Residents; Community

Services; Community Facilities and Utilities;  Industry, Trade and Commerce; and

Life Styles. A lot of the history in the Tweedsmuir Histories is oral history and footnotes update facts.  The Women’s institute is asking their members to prepare House logs of their individual homes and to submit to the branch family histories but these have only been done ever the

past 15 years . A Tweedsmuir Curator usually knows where Cemetery Books are.      The Elgin West branch has undertaken rewriting, revising, updating etc. the “Janet Columns” published in the

St. Thomas Times Journal from    1926-1963, by Mary Jane McIntyre of Shedden as they’ tell alot of history of that particular area. A very informative evening it was.


MARSHALL- ADLINGTON- DlCKIE– need exact death dates for William Marshall who d. 1927, and Rebecca who d. 1942. Both bd in Dobbie cemetery, Bayham twp, Elgin co. Percy Adlington m. Alice Marshall. Percy d. in Tilsonburg in 1950’s- would like to make contact with any family members. Rachel Dickie, w/o Robert d 1923 and bd. in Dobbie cem- need exact death date. All info to Betty Bellous.

MANDEVILLE– needed- maiden name of Elizabeth Mandeville (b in Can. West ca 1901) m to Abraham Mandeville (b 1799 New York State, d after 1861 St.Thomas, Elgin co. son of David and Dinah Mandeville) and

MANDEVILLE– maiden name needed of Dinah Mandeveille (b 1762,d 1837 St.Thomas, bd St.Thomas Churchyard cem) m David Mandeville some time between 1788 and 1797 (prob in New Jersey or New York States) David was b 1745 in New Jersey, died 1824 in St.Thomas, s/o Hendrick Mandeville and Elizabeth Vreeland. All info for the above two queries to- Diane K. Brown.

MONTGOMERY– James m. Phebe Bertram. James was a bandmaster-schoolteacher in Ontario in 1800’s. Had 2 sons- Jonathon and Robert who emigrated to Australia c 1860. Known relatives include the following names of lnman, Bowes, Knifson. All info to Mrs. J. O’Brien.

McEWEN, Peter, and wife Janet (Scrym or Serim) and 3 known ch. (James, Margaret, Janet) arrived from Scot  after 1843. Prob. settled in western part of Elgin co. Peter d, his widow m. a Stevens and had one known son, James Stevens. Any info would be appreciated by Jane Ambeau.

ANDERSON– need info on the father and mother of John Hewett Anderson, b. 1794, P. B. Maine, lived in Bayham Township , Elgin county 1810-1836 m Martha Savage Martin Mar 21 , 1819 at Bayham Meth Episcopal Church. All info to Raymond R. Anderson.

MARTlN– need info on the father and mother of Martha Savage Martin b. 1802 near Prescott, Ontario, lived in Bayham twp 1819-1836. m. John Hewett Anderson Mar 21, 1819 at Bayham Meth Episcopal Church, raised 7 ch in Bayham. All info to Raymond R. Anderson.

McFADGEN, (FADYN,McFADYEN,McFAYDEN,McPHADGEN,etc) – Neil McFadgen , Lot 19, Con. 2, Dunwich, Elgin county, who emigrated from lslay, Scotland ca 1850 with his wife Mary, (nee Graham) (bd in Murray cem, Ekfrid,) & ch. John & Mary (both b in Scotland). Any info or list of relatives of this family contact David Graham.

GRAHAM– John Graham who emigrated from Scotland ca 1850 to Lot 7, Conc 3 of Ekfrid twp. wife was Rebecca. Both are bd in Murray cem, Ekfrid. Ch were Annie, who m George Lucas, bd Cowal-McBride cem, Dunwich d 1948, Duncan, William (bd. Cowal-McBride cem. m Irene A. Lucas) David(d 1948, bd Murray cem), Abner, Archie, John, Henry and Rebecca ( who m. John McDonald). Any info, list of relatives or anyone knowing the connection between John Graham of Ekfrid and James Graham of Lot 21, conc 2, Dunwich, please write David Graham.

CLARK-McDERMID– James Clark Sr. b ca 1841 Devon Eng. m Ann(a) McDermid (lst husband drowned) b ca 1840 lsle of Skye Scotland- settled Eagle, Elgin county, Ontario, 1875. James d West Lorne, Elgin 1904. Ann d Perdue, Sask. 1915- dau Catherine McRae m ? Lougheed- large family, son James Clark Jr. b 1876, Eagle m 1st cousin Margaret Campbell d/o Dugald and Mary Campbell (nee McDermid) , James d West Lorne 1931, Ann d St.Thomas 1940- son Charles Clark b 1877 Eagle m Mary Jane Switzer Chas d Vancouver B.C. 1947, Mary Jane d Victoria B.C. 1970. Info to Georgia Clark.

PENNO, Daniel – b ca 1876 probably Eagle, Ontario, later moved to USA- politician, 1st cousin to James and Charles Clark. Any info to Georgia Clark.

BOUGHNER-BOWLBY– Sally Ann, dau of Daniel Bowlby of Talbotville, Elgin County,

Ontario b ca 1818, m Sidney Boughner Feb. 15, 1842. d May 12, 1880. Editha, dau of Daniel Bowlby of Talbotville, b ca May 12, 1821, married John Boughner, Jan 28,1844, d August 6, 1911. Lany, dau of Daniel Bowlby of Talbotville, b Aug. 10, 1823, m Wesley Boughner c 1847. died Dec. 1, 1850. All info to Ruth Bolsby.

WOOD– Seek info on parents and siblings of Emmeline Wood who m. Alexander Henderson (was this the owner of Alex Henderson’s Saloon in St.Thomas in adv in East Elgin Tribune 1869 shown in Sept. 1985 Talbot Times? They moved from Burford area to Baysville, Ont. in 1872) and her sister, Cynthia M. Wood, b 1839 who m. W. Robert Farthings, owner of Farthings Dry Goods Store in Aylmer. All info to Helen Barrow.

SMITH-HENDERSON – Elizabeth Smith b in New Brunswick m James Henderson, one of three brothers who emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland in 1770’s. Settled first in New Brunswick, before moving to southwestern Ontario. Oldest child, Alexander, b 1822. Any info on parents and siblings of James or Elizabeth to Helen Barrow.

THOMSON– Matthew, lived Lot 14, conc 8 Bayham twp, Elgin county, mother was Fanny or Jenny Simpson who married in 1841- 6 ch all born in Blenheim twp, Oxford county, the first in 1841. Who was father?? All info to Loretta Mitchell.

HORTON Samuel- m Catherine Gazorte 1824 in St.Thomas, Samuel bd ca 1839 in St.Thomas, need info on Catherine?

LAWRENCE, Job m. Mary Ann Palmer June 10, 1854, need info on where lived and bd. ELLIS– Susannah b 9 July 1807 d. Oct 14, 1882, m John Daugharty 1829, bd Frome in Elgin Co. need info on Susannah. Info to Stan Daugharty.


If you know when in the last hundred years your ancestors arrived in Montreal and from which port they sailed, Ernest Labelle can tell you which ship brought them to Canada.

Ernest Labelle, 44, possesses a complete list of all ships that have called at Montreal since 1881, among the thousands of documents that make up the archives under his charge.

Among other interesting testaments to the past are Summons dated June 19, 1846, adviss one Patrick Morgan that he did “drive along the wharf, at a fast trott . . .”

The collection also has more than 10,000 antique maps and charts, the value of which will probably never be estamated because they are government owned and not needed as a tax credit. The oldest is a 1723 navigation map of the St. Lawrence River which warns against going to Montreal.

Some adventurous French have been to Montreal, but it’s not recommended. The map warns ‘if you must go’ it addes ‘use ships under 250 tons’.

The collection termed the Best in Canada by an expert at Ottawa’s Public Archives, occupies more that 1,000 shelf feet in the Record Room located in the bowels of the Port Administration Building.

The room can be reached only by a set of twisted iron stairs and an old freight elevator. It is windowless, the door is made of steel, its walls of concrete blocks, and its floors of cement — as a protection against fire.

Archive material records the changes that were taking place in the port as the city grew. A complete set of Minute Books of the Harbour Commission, dating from 1830, depict the Commission’s attempts to control traffic on the busy waterfront.

Imagine the mess, “Labelle says, In those days the merchants used to build their wharfs anywhere they felt like it.”

Labelle has worked at the port for 17 years, initially in the filing department. But his interest in history make him management’s choice for the archivist position that it decided to create six years ago after realizing the wealth of material in its keeping.

Labelle was sent to the Public Archives in Ottawa on a crash course in classification. He has completed an initial sorting out of 75% of tbe documents and microfilmed thousands of drawings and plans. “We destroyed tons and tons of material of no value” he says. “The most important thing is to decide whether a piece of paper has historical value.” So far he says he ftasn’t destroyed anything that hater proved valuable. “I hope I won’t have any regrets in the future.”

Copied from the London Free Press, printed on May 20, 1982.


The story of this little pioneer settlement, which no longer exists and never officially did exist, proves you don’t have to be big to harbor a mystery.

Johnstown was located on a part of what is now the St. Thomas Municipal Airport in Yarmouth Township and consisted of barely much more than a cheese factory and saw mill. It was never recognized by the post office as a community.

Founded in 1811 by Captain John Marlatt, the tiny, scattered settlement drew its name from a coincidence involving the few neighbours in the area. In addition to Captain John and his son John Jr., there was John McVey, John Taylor and John Caughell living nearby. The home of John McVey provided the Johnstown mystery that persists to this day.

It was November 6, 1878, when McVey’s pretty young daughter Margaret left the farmhouse at dusk and trudged down the laneway as usual to bring in the cows. She was never seen again.

A frantic all night search by the McVeys and their neighbors turned up no trace of the little girl. All they found was her milk pail at the edge of the woods.

The Elgin County constable was brought in put a painstaking search of every building and woods in the countryside drew a blank. St. Thomas historian Hugh Sims has turned up several theories for the disappearance in interviews with old area residents.

One was that Margaret was murdered and buried elsewhere. Another theory, which Sims discounts, is that the girl was kidnapped and carried away by a roving band of gypsies that had been seen in the area.

Now, more than a century later it seems unlikely that we’ll ever know the answer to the Johnstown mystery .

Copied from the London Free Press.