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VOL. 3                ISSUE II                JUNE 1984


It has been quite a while since I last wrote an article for the newsletter. I have many thank you’s to make – to Nancy Brown, Donalda Miller, Debra Tribe, George Towers, Lore Bailey, and Stephanie Chapman for the 1871 census transcriptions, to the many members who have sent in materials for our use (special mention to Margaret Sharon, Barbara Ries, Byron Dow and the late Pete Beach), to the members of the executive, Eileen Mycroft, Joyce Locke, Margaret

Daugharty, Stan Daugharty, Janice Rezar, Norma Smith, Kay Fowler, Albert Auckland, Lloyd Smith, Eleanor Willson, Vera Vint and Anna Hofstee. My job has been made much easier through the help of all these people. I am still amazed at the rapid expansion of the branch and at the amount of material available for use by our members. I would still encourage you to let us know what you are researching and if you have any material for sale or copying. We have had many reports of success because of a query or a note in the newsletter. If you have had success and haven’t told us about it, drop us a line.

In the past two years, we have gone from about 10% of the cemeteries completed to over 80%.  We hope that by the end of next year we will have all the cemeteries completed.  I would like to thank all those people who have helped transcribe cemeteries, helped type cemeteries and helped check the final copies. I hope that more people will help in transcribing the final cemeteries. Many hands make light work.

If you have suggestions for future projects, newsletter items, guest speaker, etc., please let us know.

Your support of the Elgin County Branch, OGS has been tremendous, but please consider also your support of OGS which makes our existence possible, In these difficult times let us all help each other – let’s help out the OGS.

As the year 1984 is half over, think about volunteering for the next year’s executive.  Since the chairman is retiring, a new vice-chairman will be needed. Other positions that will probably need to be filled are those of treasurer and newsletter editor.  Please volunteer.

Tony Hofstee.


MARCH MEETING – David McElroy, an enthusiastic young man and a professional genealogist from Ireland on a speaking tour of Ontario, gave hope to members having difficulty with Irish descendants. He explained some of the things to remember when searching. The location of Irish descendants is very important. Marriages were required by law to be registered from 1845 for Protestant and from 1864 for Catholic marriages. Parish priests are really the best source for Catholic marriages, as they have more complete records.

The 1708 Registration of Land in Ireland could be helpful for some (at this time in history,

Catholics were not allowed to hold land nor were they allowed to inherit or buy land from Protestants). The Church of Ireland was recognized as the official church of Ireland until 1871, but this was only 12% of population of Ireland. The Hearth Money Roll from 1663, could also be helpful – 2 shillings had to be paid for each hearth in a house. These rolls are indexed.

The principal Registry in Dublin burned, but copies were also kept in local registry offices. And if you know the location of your ancestors, it would make it much simpler to search. These should not be overlooked as a source of information.

Mr. McElroy answered many questions and offered many helpful suggestions for research.

APRIL MEETING – Byron Dow is indexing all of the births, marriages and deaths from the Dutton Newspaper and will send a copy to us when his work is completed.

Guest speaker was Gordon Hillman, a school teacher from Sarnia. He attended Brigham Young University and has been an avid genealogist for the past 25 years. He has searched behind the Iron Curtain with success and found that persistence prevails.

He has been working with computers and writing computer programs for genealogists. He described the advantages of using computers. The Latter-Day Saints library has the information from many parish registers in England in computers and the base is constantly being updated with new information as it is made available. He closed by inviting everyone to gather around the computer he brought with him.

MAY MEETING – Helen Pincombe gave a brief report on the restoration of the old St. Thomas Church and described the wrought iron lanterns recently purchased. They will be installed as lights to help keep the original, old look of the church. The group is still raising money and will glady accept any donations for this project. A cheque was received from as far away as British Columbia, a direct result of the article in the Talbot Times.

We have purchased an index of marriage 1840-1890, birth 1887-1891, and naturalization to 1900 from Erie County at their time. They are now available at the branch library.

Canon Robert Mills of Trinity Anglican Church, Aylmer, was the guest spoke on the Anglican church in regard to genealogy. Each rector is responsible for keeping the records in his own parish, but even the earliest cannot be made public. However, they are available to family members.

The Aylmer congregation met in the Town Hall in 1860. In 1885, the Anglicans bought a church. A list of rectors at that church from 1860 to the present time is available.

JUNE MEETING – June 13, will be the annual cemetery picnic. Following lunch at 6 p.m. at the property adjoining the Union Cemetery; we will proceed next door to the cemetery to transcribe stones until dark.

Cemetery Transcription Corrections

Sparta Friends Burial Ground under “O” the surname of OILLE should prefix the given name of Eric no. 84.

Frome United NS   TRNB, Lot 27, Southwold p. 31 Stone #83 died April 1, 1847 not 1817.

Old Eden   Con. 8, Lot 23, Bayham 1st printing. p. 15

Stone #92 should read #93.

Stone #92 now reads- White marble, willow motif – Sacred to the memory of/Ethan Crandall born Feb. 4, 1775/In the County of Honsick/died Aug. 11, 1850/AE 75 yrs.6 mo. & 7 ds.

  1. 16 Stone #96 should read #97

Stone #96 should now read- White marble, weeping willow. Sacred/to the memory of/Zebulon Leach/who departed this life/June 17, 1834/aged 63 yrs. 6 mo./ & 7 days.

Old Eden Con 8 Lot 23, Bayham, – 2nd printing.

Stone #96 should read Zebulon LEACH not Lewis.


DOHERTY, DOUGHERTY (all spellings)

1st International Reunion in Ireland is being planned for Summer 1985.  Information is being sought on all Doherty’s – no matter the spelling          contact: Stan Daugharty

15 Locust Street

St. Thomas, Ontario N5R 2C2

Philips’ 19th Century County Atlas of Ireland is available from Cluny Press, P.O. Box

2207, Kingston, Ontario K7L 5J9 for $10.00 or 5.50 including postage – ISBN 0-92097-00-5 (soft cover) 72 pp.


First Newspaper

The St. Thomas Journal was the first newspaper established in the community. It began publication in 1831 and was followed by the Liberal in 1832.

City Lights

Street lights made their debut in St. Thomas in 1898. The Street Railway Company installed a generator to electrify its lines and made the move possible.

Early Education

One of the first glimmerings of education in St. Thomas was the establishment of a seminary in 1824, less than 15 years after Daniel Rapelje and David Mandeville built the first pioneer homes in the settlement.

This was a large, wooden, one-room building and the teachings of the first schoolmaster, Stephen Randall, were supported largely by pupil fees.

The first common and grammar schools were erected on Port Stanley Street, now Stanley Street, in 1832.

This article was first published in 1896

68 YEARS MARRIED: Two Well Known Citizens of Rodney

The Aldborough Old Boys picnic at New Glasgow on the lake, next Wednesday, will be honoured by the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Somerville, two of our oldest and highly esteemed citizens, who have enjoyed each others company for the past 68 years. Below we give a brief sketch of their lives:

Mr. Duncan Somerville, of Aldborough, was born in the town of Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1812, and is now 84 years old. He married his wife, Catharine Morrison, in the Old Country where his son Robert was born, and immigrated to Canada in 1843, settling in Aldborough where they have lived ever since. His wife is 86 years old, bright and vigorous in mind but an invalid from rheumatism for the past few years. They have been married 68 years. With Mr. Somerville from the old Country came his brother-in-law. John McFarland and Robert Morrison also Dugald McMurchy and several others who settled in the township. They were six weeks in crossing the Atlantic in a sailing vessel and landed at Quebec, another six weeks being necessary to complete the trip from Quebec to Port Stanley, having taken a sailing vessel from Kingston, visiting Oswego to take on a cargo of salt and landed safely at Port Stanley from the vessel ‘General Brock”. The captain wanted to land them at “Cronck Nellie” which was nearer their destination but Morrison was instructed to stop at Port Stanley. Three days were required to take the party to Alborough going by way of Junction on London road taking the Longwoods Road which was then being constructed to Wardsville, where they had their luggage taken across the river Thames in canoes and landed at Furnival Road.

Mr. Somerville and family first settled on broken front lot near the mouth of Fleeming Creek called Glendine, owned by the late Thomas Kirkpatrick of Thedford then of Wardsville. On this lot on Fleeming Creek was a saw mill run by the late S. Kirkpatrick and Alexander Gibb. In those days this was an important crossing place on the river.  In 1847 they settled on Lot 10, Concession 6 being the first settler on the concession, and being entirely in the wilderness, which by hard work and industry was transposed into a fine farm which he at present owns and which is being farmed by his son the very remaining settlers who endured the pioneer hardships and inconveniences of the early day. Deer, bear meat, fat pork, and whiskey being the remedies for good health and sickness. Who of the present generation could stand it: No doctors few preachers, hardly any taxes, each settler giving a helping hand to each other and socially interested in each others welfare. It was then the Furnival and Underbrushed along the high ridges and around swamps. The only money then spent on roads was under the supervision of Col. Talbot and Col. Burwell being before our municipal institutions were in existence. He always took an interest in public affairs in the townships, looking after the improvements with prudence and care so that taxes were within reason, and is today one of our best citizens. His family consists of Robert and Catharine Piper, California; William and Mrs. Jane Montgomery, Michigan; Mrs Amerial Bunts, Dawn Township; Mrs. Isabella Percell, Duncan Thomas and John of Aldborough, the latter three sons being among our most progressive farmers. In politics Mr. Somerville is a Liberal Conservative, a great reader of literature the Daily Mail and Empire being his authority on the affairs of state, and always denouncing the evil doing of both parties. Mrs. Somerville has been his companion for the past 68 years and she has shared the privations and hardships of early days, always extending her sympathy and help to the needy when required. They are Presbyterians, living retired in the village of Rodney enjoying the fruits of their early industry and prudence, are both bright in intellect and keep up with the days of doing and interested in all that transpires. We wish for them many more years of companionship in our midst.

QUERIES – Elgin Branch Members may have two (2) queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Non-members will be charged $3.00 per query per newsletter.

JOHNSTON, William thought to have emigrated to Aldborough area c 1776 from New Jersey; before moving to Kent County in 1829. ml) Miss Truesdale, m2) Miss Harbour. Ch b in Aldborough area: Debroah 1801; William, 1806; Thomas, 1812; James Herbert, 1817; Nancy Ann, 1819.  Any info greatly appreciated to #249 Mrs. Jacqueline Johnson

ROBINS, Christopher b 1816 possibly England, d Norfolk Cty – farmer. Wish to know when and where. Any info re his family, brother, etc. to #169 Mrs. Gordon Robertson

GORDON, Thomas b 1835 m. Margaret Wilson b 1832 both b Ireland, moved to Bruce Cty. then to St. Joseph Island sold land 1901, moved to St. Ignace. ch Sara Jane b 1853, Margaret b 1860, Mary Ann b 1861, Elizabeth b 1863, Agness b 1865, Samuel James b 1867 d 1922, Isabella (Bella) b 1869, W.T. (boy) b 1873. Info to Dawdy’s from Newton Cty, USA into Southern Ontario and California.  All info to Jane Gordon

WHITE – Ira m Jane Monger Davidson when? Jane d 26/9/1890 Ira d? where bd? Any Desc? Any info to #126, Jean M Kraklau

PARKER, Desc of George Parker needed, Yarmouth: Geo. Jr. m Lydia; Wm m Hannah; John Patrick: Jesse: James: Mary m Peeres Dowling; Francis m James Richards; Nancy m Edward Pratt. Did George have 2 wives? Info to #116, Donald Erkfritz

KENTNER-BOUGHNER, Jere Tryon Kentner (1779-1867) m Elsey Boughner (1780-1858) at Grimsby in 1801. Came to Southwold Twp c 1816. Settled on Lot 48 on the North Branch of Talbot Rd, returned to Niagara Dist c 1826. Children: Matthias, Briant, Joseph, Christopher. Others?? Was Elsey Boughner related to a John and/or Mathias Boughner who resided in Southwold Twp in the early 1800’s? Any info to #237 Mrs. E. D. Lawson

BELLOUS-BELLOWS- DURDLE. Bellous, Isaac b c 1848, c 15 Jan. 1915. 1871 census shows single, living with Andrew (?) Minard & family in Yarmouth, Division 1, District 6. m Mary S. Durdle. Need info on Brother William Bellows and Prnts Names. Could parent be Nicholas Bellis who appears in 1842 census?

MARSHALL-DICKIE-FENN, William Marshall B c 1852 d c 1927. Lived in Corinth, m Rebecca Dickie of Bayham. Rebecca lived in Brownsville in 1927-1929. She d 1942. Searching for info on prnts & family of William Marshall (Steven and Catherine Fenn). Info to #234 Betty Marie Bellous

THAYER, Seeking info on Simeon Thayer b 1830, and Simeon Thayer b 1836. Info to #116 Donald Erkfritz

STRINGER – request info prts & sibs of Margaret Stringer b c 1818, Southwold m 1835 Hiram Mann of Westminister to #165 Mrs. Valerie Fraser

PRATT, Edward b 1824 m Sarah (Lawrence?) b 1828 lived Elgin Co. – Talbotville 1857- had dau Gertrude m Dr. James D. Collins lived Detroit Area in 1935. Interested in contacting descendants. #4 Stan Daugharty

DAUGHARTY, James c/o John lived Mosa Twp 1840 – Interested in contacting descendants. #4 Stan Daugharty

CLAYTON, Arch’d. b c 1822; lived Con. 6, Lot 6 & 7 Malahide. m 1 Lucy (d 1856 bd Roger’s Cors.) m 2 Mrs. Sarah Bradley. ch Eliza (Simpson); Charles, Sarah, Bertha, others? Need Lucy’s maiden name; also where is Arch’d and 2nd wife buried? Any descendants? Any info on Clayton family to: #90 James L. McCallum

BOWERMAN, Amos b 20 Aug 1806 P.E. Co Ont m 1 Sarah Haight on 4 Jan. 1826, ch Mary, Henry, Lydia, Eliza, Melissa, George, James, m2 Mary Lewis, dau Eleazor, ch Amos, Ruth, Maturah, Lewis, Phebe, Annie. Mary m Win. Gilroy, Henry m Mary Ann Garrett, Lydia m Smith Phillips, Melissa m Walter R. Young. Would like all dates and places re above and particulary anc of Sarah Haight – to be included in book in preparation “DESCENDANTS OF JOSIAH HULL (1738-1813) of DUTCHESS CO, N Y”. Above listed all I have on the family so far. All info to #182 Mary E. Young

JOHNSON, Reuben b c 1819 Upper Canada ml Mary d? m2 Elizabeth Ruthman nee Alward 1855. Reeve S. Dorchester 1855, son Albert my anc. Any info to #275 Fred Johnson

STITT. Irene Amelia b St. Thomas Feb.20, 1869 eloped at age 16 with Matthew Grimes, age 17 of Otterville, on July 7, 1885. Matthew was a telegrapher on a railroad when married. Irene dau of John, b 1846 and from Edwardsburgh Twp. Grenville Co. and Martha Stafford, b 1844 of Southwold Twp. Had sisters Sarah Lillian, and Olive Mae Stitt. Any info any on any of above welcome. #10 Eleanor Willson

BOWLBY – Wish to contact anyone having information on the Bowlby family who settled in and around Talbotville.

MOORE – Enoch res Malahide Twp c 1838. Wanted any info to #241, Ewart D. Bowlby

MIDDLETON– Need info on the desc of Richard and Christena (Munro) Middleton, residents of the St. Thomas area in 1912, ch known were Richard, Nell, Tina (married a Logan) Alice, still in area in the 1940’s. We have a family picture showing Christena and her children c 1935(?). Christena was dau of Barclay and Annie (Murray) Monro of East Zorra. If there should be a response, and inquires, my husband is a great-grandson of Barclay Munro, although you will note the name has an added “e” in our branch. All info to Mrs. Ellen Munroe

SOFTLEY, Edward b 1830 Old Brentford Eng d 1913 Barton Prts Edward, Eliza Doogood, sibs William Albert, Samuel, Henry m Elizabeth Ellen Wilson 1863 ch Edward (Briggs), Eliza, Mary Alice, James, Ethel, Maria (Sinasac) Henry (Park), William Thomas (Wiggington), Violet arr Bayham c 1839, Barton 1861.

COLLINS, Jeremiah b 1816 Walworth, Eng d c 1891 Oxenden. Info prts/sibs? m 1836 Elizabeth Story Eng her prts? ch Jeremiah (Davidson), Mary Ann 1839, Maria (Whitman), Charlotte arr Guelph 1851, Keppel 1871 info ancs/desc? Info on above to #277 Stan Softley