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VOL. 2                ISSUE 1                MARCH 1983

Our Library is now beginning to look like a library. We have some books. We wish to thank everyone that responded so quickly to our request for books and family histories. If you have a family history, we would very much like a copy of it, if necessary we are prepared to photo copy it.

George Thorman was the major contributor with the following:

–       Record of Burials by the Rectors of St. Thomas’ and Trinity Church from 25 July 1824 to 7 October 1915, plus survey of all gravestones in St. Thomas Churchyard existing in 1979.

–       Record of Marriages by Rectors of St. Peter’s Church, Tyrconnel from 13 January 1844 to 5 September 1928 plus Record of Burials by the Rectors of St. Peter’s Church, Tyrconnel from 14 February 1844 to 22 February 1977 plus a survey of all gravestones in St. Peter’s and St.

Stephen’s Cemeteries to June 1980.

–       Record of marriages by the Rectors of St. Thomas Church and Trinity Church from 21 October 1,853 to 14 March 1916.

–       Record of Marriages by Rectors of St. Thomas’ Church from 25 July 1824 to 4 October 1853. –    Record of Witnesses and Sponsors at St. Thomas’ Church from 16 April 1820 to 28 July 1822 and 25 July 1824 to 4 October 1853.

–       St. Thomas Cemetery. A list of burials from 23 March 1889 to 31 December 1899.

Eugene P. Amos #74 donated Ancestry from A to Z; Andrew Russell-Hannah Bateman Family was donated by Edna Gould Jones #97: Descendants of Robert Miliman 1808-1878 from Ralph & Marion Millman; Lyle and Edmonston Family Charts from Hubert Dollar; St. Thomas and its Men of Affairs, Eileen Mycroft #7; Butler-Ellis-McKoy Family from Stan Daugharty #4; Descendants of Samuel John Smith & Sarah Curtis Smith donated by Margaret Sharon #120. Penhale Family from Ilene Begg #2; McCormick Family from Ian Begg #2; Smith-MillardSharon-Spackman Family from Margaret Sharon #120; Duncan & Iver Ferguson from Marg Daugharty #4.


December – Dinner meeting to finish off our year was most successful. We welcomed Larry Grant, new curator of the Elgin County Pioneer Museum.

Two motions were passed 1) to honor the request of the Library of Congress in Washington,

D.C. for copies of the Talbot Times. 2) to request that the O.G.S. pay the cost of the cemetery transcriptions sent to them. Election of officers followed.


Chairman                Tony Hofstee

Vice-Chairman            Stan Daugharty

Treasurer                Anna Hofstee

Recording Secretary            Brenda Edmonds

Membership Secretary        Sylvia Harvey

Queries Secretary            Norma Smith

Assistant                Kay Fowler

Newsletter                Joyce Locke & Eileen Mycroft

Current Death Notices File for Elgin    Vera Vint

Cemetery Co-Ordinators

Al dborough                David Van Seader

Dunwi ch                Jean Drummelsmith

Southwold                Marg Daugharty

Yarmouth                Norma Smith

Malahide                Marg Hutton

We still need cemetery co-ordinators for Bayham and South Dorchester Townships.

January – Beginner’s Night – Although we didn’t have an influx of beginners, we did have a most successful meeting. Our own members told of their experiences, and the problems they encountered. Marg Daugharty spoke on research in Scotland. Marg brought a large collection of books that were very popular. Kay Fowler told of searches in Ireland and particulary “what not to do.” Eileen Mycroft spoke of experiences in England with addresses of where to write for a variety of information. Joyce Locke had the answers on finding military records in Canada. Bob Moore gave an account of searching in Michigan, the OGS Library and the Ontario Registry Office in Toronto. Don Cousens ably told of the records available at the St Thomas Registry office, and answered members questions. When the speakers had finished, members at large added their experiences, filling in extra information, or asking questions. It was truly a group effort as far as exchanging books, addresses and frustrations.

February – “Well-known Doctors of Elgin County” was the topic of Wayne Paddon’s talk. The Doctors of Elgin were held with such reverence that they were in a position to have a dynamic effect on the community. They were mostly very brilliant men with a keen sense of responsibility for their fellow man. They ran for political offices where they were in a position to initiate and carry out major changes for the betterment of all. They ran against strong and sometimes even corrupt men.

The first local Doctor was Hooker Lee. Some of the others were Dr. Charles Duncombe,

Dr. Duncan McLarty. Dr. John Rolf (Dr. John ROLPH) a brilliant man and the founder of University of Toronto Medical School. Others mentioned were mayors of St. Thomas, Dr. VanBuskirk, Dr. Gustin and Dr. J.D. Curtis.


1852       E.S. Ganson & Thomas Locker

1853       Thomas Locker

1854       Thomas Locker

1855       Thomas Locker

1856       Randolph Johnson

1857       Randolph Johnson

1858       Levi Fowler

1859       Levi Flowler

1860       James Armstrong

1861       J.H. Jones

1862       J.H. Jones

1863       Daniel Luton

1864       George Suffel

1865       John Clunas

1866       T.M. Nairn

1867       T.M. Nairn

1868       T.M. Nairn

1869       T.M. Nairn

1870       T.M. Nairn

1871       T.M. Nairn

1872       John Ellison

1873       John McCausland

1874       John McCausland

1875       George Suffel

1876       George Suffel

1877       Samuel Day

1878       Edward Hegler

1879       T.W. Kirkpatrick

1880       James Martin

1881       Manuel Payne

1882       J.B. Mills

1883       John A. Miller

1884       A.J. Leitch

1885       Samuel S. Cluton

1886       James Hepburn

1887       J.C. Dance

1888       Donald Turner

1889       H.T. Godwin

1890       John J. Stalker

1891       A.N. Cline

1892       M.E. Lyon

1893       A.A. McKillop

1894       W.M. Ford

1895       John Thomson

1896       Richard Locker

1897       A.J. Leitch

1898       Daniel Lang

1899       Oscar McKenney

1900       David F. Moore

1901       W.O. Pollock

1902       William Jackson

1903       Edward McKellar

1904       David Stratton

1905       Angus Turner

1906       W.F. Luton

1907       Wm. Tolmie

1908       Chas. O. Luton

1909       John R. Summers

1910       Donald McLean

1911       Sidney McDermand

1912       Alex. Anderson

1913       Jos. A. Jackson 1914    John Dromgole

1915         Alex. McColl

1916         G.F. Pineo

1917         James A. McLean

1918         N.S. Cornell

1919         W.H. Turner

1920         W.H. Mills

1921         H.C. McKillop

1922         E.E. McTaggart

1923         H. Dromgole

1924         Arthur Barons

1925         W. Anderson

1926         R.B. McKenney

1927         D. Crosson

1928         W.W. Kiddie

1929         John Leitch

1930         D.K. Andrew

1931         H.G. Taylor

1932         Stewart A. Brown

1933         Harvey L. Lawton

    Gordon Newell

1934         E.L. Livermore

1935         John D. Thomson

1936         Grant Mitchell

1937         William E. Locke

1938         Ernest Lashbrook

1939         Ashton Pineo

1940         Clarence Patterson

1941         J.G. Turnbull

1942         Ralph Auckland

1943         E.E. Atkinson

1944         J.C. Gillies

1945         C.D. Coyle

1946         Fred S. Shively

1947         James A. McBain

1948         James C. Jenkins

1949         Stuart Little

1950         A.V. Coulter

1951         Charles F. Jackson

1952         Ronald K. McNeil

1953         William S. McKillop

1954         Kenneth M. Williamson

1955         P.W. Schleihauf

1956         Howard Palmer

1957         James C Hindley

1958         John B. Wilson

1959         Lloyd S. Gurr

1960         Harvey Liddle                   1972     John W. Hodgson

1961         Donald Burgess                1973     R. Nelson Johnston

1962         Charles D. Phillips           1974     Ronald L. Lake

1963         Kenneth C. Emerson        1975     Albert H. Liebner

1964         Russel McKibbin             1976     Matthew A. Schafer

1965         Donald C. Leitch              1977     David K. Cook

1966         John V. McKinlay            1978     Lorne R. Carroll

1967         Albert W. Auckland          1979     Sydney J. Glover

1968         A. Bruce McCallum          1980     Lester A. Longhurst

1969         John C. Wise                    1981     Ken Monteith

1970         William R. Caverly           1982     Larry Shaw

1971         Douglas R. Todd               1983     Ernest H. Marr

This list was given courtesy of Lester A. Longhurst, Talbotville

FRIENDSHIP AUTOGRAPH & ALBUM     dates – 1842 to 1846.

Two names are mentioned to – Mifs Campbell and Mrs. Adams. – some of the writings are titled and most are in beautiful penmanship. This album is in the El gin County Museum.

Mifs E. Campbell by Hannah Moore

Manners &  Morals by George Poole, Wesleyan Minister

The Old is Better by Margaret Leham Poole

Virtue by Charlotte Durkee

A Tale of Love & War by J.K. Luton

A Thought on Eternity – Written 14th Feby. 1843 by J.K. Luton

Whoso Readeth Let Him Remember, Let Him Understand by Joseph Forsyth

Times Addressed to a Universalist – J.K.L. 22th April, 1843

(No title) – by Elizabeth Phelps

(No title) – by E. Phelps

To Mifs Campbell (No title) – Sparta, December 1846 by Wm. A. Eakins (No title) by Rev. S. Miles – Pittsford, Monroe Co., N.Y. (No title) by Mary Willcox

(No title) by Abishai Morse – Smithville, April 20, 1833 The Hour of Death by Sarah H. Morse, Grimsby, Mar. 12, 1843 (No title) – Grimsby April 16, 1843 – by Jane E.

To Mrs. Adams – Intended to have been an Acrostick on Psalm 84th and 11 verse – Grimsby,

May 4, 1846 by Hester A. Merritt

To Mrs. Adams – The Pleasures of Religion by Sarah M. Adams

To Mrs. Adams- by E.W.F., Smithville, Aug. 12, 1844

(No title) – by A. Simmons

(No title) – January 18, 1846 by Maretta Smith

(No title) – Smithville, May 15, 1842 by Elizabeth Collin

(No title) – by E. Spark

Mrs. Adam’s Album – Friendship & Religion by Hester A. Merritt

(No title) – by Antia A. Holstead

Value of a Moment – by Amanda S. Adams

Mrs. Adam’s Album – Grimsby Jule (?) A. Hill

The Comforts of Peace by J. Tufford

Gather Your Roses by Can?? Willcox

Friendship – by Elizabeth Warren to Elizabeth Campbell To Mrs. Adams – Smithville, June 20, 1846 by Caroline A. Drake To Mifs Adams – Grimsby, Aug. 26, 1846 by G.A.S.

Devotion by Emiline Williams

(No title) by Elizabeth Fraser

Virtue & Modesty by Smith P. Morrison

To Elizabeth by H. Waddel, Smithville


Starting west along the Talbot Road, this tour will lead to the homes of the first pioneers to be located in the Talbot Settlement under Col. Thomas Talbot. The whole district is replete with history and fine homes, but reference will be limited to a few.

The Talbot Road – At the top of the west Talbot Hill, on the right, attention is drawn to the historic road, by a plaque erected by the Ontario Archeological and Historic Sites Board.  This is one of the earliest pioneer roads of Upper Canada.

The Rolph Farm – About one mile west of St. Thomas, on the left, another similar plaque marks the former Rolph Farm, where Dr. Thomas Rolph was buried in 1814. His son, Dr. John Rolph, who lived here, became very prominent in the early history of Upper Canada. One of the first

Medical Schools in Canada was founded in St. Thomas in 1824 by Dr. John

Rolph and Dr. Charles Duncombe, and the former was also a founder later of the Medical School in Toronto.

Apple Grove Grange – At the curve in the road, just beyond the railroad in Middlemarch, the old hall of Apple Grove Grange 166, built in 1880, may be seen on the left. It was for many years used as the Middlemarch Women’s Institute Hall, and it was these Women’s Institutes of Elgin County that we owe the Elgin County Pioneer Museum.

The Casey Farm – Nearly two miles farther on, the large house on the left, set well back in spacious, well-kept grounds, was once the home of George E. Casey, an early Member of Parliament for this district. Beautiful fireplaces are one of the features of this home.

Amasa Wood Home – Entering the village of Fingal, the large red brick house on the hill at the left is the former home of Amasa Wood, who began business in that village with a general store and a tavern in the early days of the village. He later moved to St. Thomas. The old section of the Memorial Hospital was an early general hospital and was known as the Amasa Wood Hospital.

Sutherland Home – The interesting architecture of the white frame house on the right near the

Southwold-Dunwich townline shows it to be of the early days. It was for many years the home of Mr. Lawrence Sutherland, and a prized family heirloom there was a walnut sideboard which was a gift from Col. Talbot.

Burwell’s Corners – A cairn at the Southwold-Dunwich townline marks the site of the home of Col. Mahlon Burwell and the early registry office for the County of Middlesex. It was probably the first brick house in Dunwich and was a very large building.

St. Stephen’s Church – Next on the left is St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, built on land given by Col. Burwell and opened for service in 1872. Col. and Mrs. Burwell are buried in the churchyard there.

Malahide Farm” – This extends through the valley on both sides of the road and up the hill. It was overlooking the lake on the west hill that Col. the Hon. Thomas Talbot built his home. This is the very centre of the wide-spread pioneer settlement which bears the name of the courageous, far-sighted son of a noble Irish family who came in 1803 to open up and to direct the development of this part of Upper Canada. Col. Talbot’s mill and Col. Burwell’s first home were situated in the valley and were destroyed by the enemy in the war of 1812-14. It is worth while to read the inscription on the cairn here.

Jeffery Hunter Farm – The next farm on the left was that of Jeffrey Hunter, who was Col.

Talbot’s personal attendant for many years. Once part of Col. Talbot’s demesne, it was recently bought back into the estate.

The Bobier District – Proceeding farther west, the next hill is in the midst of a district settled by the Bobier family. The quaint cottage at the right on the top of the west hill is an early Bobier Home. The “John B.” mention in Mrs. Anna Jameson’s account of vist to Cal. Talbot as her driver from there to Chatham, was John Bobier. (“Winter Studies and Summer Rambles”).

William Pearce Farm – The tour follows the old Talbot Road up the main hill to the right and proceeds farther west. At the end (where and abrupt left turn must be made to go towards the lake) one may see in the distance ahead, at the end of a very long lane, the farm home of William Pearce, who as a little boy arriving with his family the original Pearce settlers, was carried up the hill by Col. Talbot.

John Pearce Farm – Arriving at the lake road, the John Pearce home, where the original pioneer of that name settled in 1809, may be seen ahead and a little to the right. It is now owned by his great-great-grandson, Mr. John S. Pearce. We have now reached the homesteads of the first settlers. At one time a large singing class was held in the loom house of the Pearce home, the teacher being Mr. Archibald Duncan, son-in-law of Col. Patterson.

The Storey Farm – Turning left, the farm on the left, was first settled by Mrs. Mary Storey in 1809. The present house was built in 1851 by Andrew Backus, eldest son of the eleven children of Stephen and Anne (Storey) Backus. Their grandson Mr. John E. Pearce, states that the brick was tramped out by oxen from clay in the ravine at the rear of the house.

Pearce Park – On the left, over the hill, is seen the spacious rectory of St. Peter’s Anglican Church. On the right is the John E. Pearce Provincial Park, named for the donor of this lovely piece of woodland, once part of Mrs. Storey’s farm, and given that it might be preserved for posterity.

St. Peter’s Cemetery – Across the road is the cemetery, where Col. Talbot, founder of the Talbot Settlement, was buried in 1853, and where are to be seen too the names of George Crane, the first settler, and those four families who followed in 1809 and 1810, as well as those of many other God-fearing, courageous pioneers.

Leslie Patterson Farm – The lake road next passes the farm of Leslie Patterson, who with John Pearce, his brother-in-law, came in 1808 seeking a suitable place for a homestead and found it here. They returned in 1809 with their families and with Mrs Storey and her family, Mrs. Storey being a sister of Col Patterson and Mrs. Pearce. The present home is believed to have been built in 1827 and it was here that the same year that the first Confirmation service in Elgin County was held by Bishop Stewart of Quebec. It is recalled that orignally it was possible to drive under this house with a yoke of oxen to unload supplies from boats anchored at the beach, south of the house.

Stephen Backus Farm – The next house on the left is the fourth homestead of the family group of

Cal. Talbot’s first settlers. It was here that Mrs. Patterson’s brother, Stephen Backus, settled in

1810, and here that he brought his bride, Anne Storey, shortly afterwards. This house was built about 1830. Mr. John E. Pearce’s mother recalled three of her aunts, spinning and weaving together here.

Conn Farm – The white cottage on the left on the brow of the next hill was formerly the home of Meredith Conn, a leading Methodist of the early days, and the first school in Dunwich was built here in the 1820’s.

George Crane Farm – It was to the right at the end of the next side road (Plum Point Road) which you pass on your right that George Crane built his early home. Having come with Col. Talbot in 1803, being the Colonel’s first settler when he was allotted a farm in 1806.


F.Y.I. – Commonly used short forms, please note, no periods.

anc     ancestor b    born bd    buried bapt    baptised c     about (time) cem    cemetery ch    children dau     daughter desc     descendant info    information m    married

prts     parents

TUCKER – MacCALLUM. Hugh McCallum m Sarah Tucker c 1844. Any info on Sarah to Mrs. Muriel Arnason. #57

PARKER-PRATT-THAYER. Nancy Parker, b Yarmouth, m 1) Jarvis Thayer, 1825 2) Edward Pratt, 1832. Need prts of Nancy Parker, her death date and any desc of Nancy PARKER and Edward PRATT. Info to Mr. Donald Erkfritz, #116.

PICKARD, James d Sparta 1886, any info on desc to Rev. J. G. Vanslyke #78.

McCONNELL, Marenus (Merinus) lived Jamestown c 1857. Any info to Rev. J.G. Vanslyke #78.

COWELL, Elizabeth m Abner KELLEY both of Southwold on Dec. 27, 1836. Any info on prts or desc to Mrs. J.L. Knox #119.

COWELL, Matthias m Martha —, when? where? ch Moses, b c 1814, Elisabeth b c 1815. Any info on Matthias COWELL & wife to Mrs. J.L. Knox #119.

CAMPBELL, Frederick Dufferin b March 3, 1885, Aylmer, c 1929, Toronto. Siblings William, Louise, Nell. Ch John, Charles, Helen, Kenneth, Frank. Wife, Carrie Maude Purdy. Any info to Mrs. Susan L. Sabourin #65.

UDELL – YOUNG. George UDELL b Apr. 14, 1829 of Malahide m Nancy Young b Apr. 10, 1832 of Malahide on Apr. 16, 1853. Need info on parents of George and Nancy. Ch James A. and Elijah Wesley. Info to Donald Udell #69.

ROWE, Edward b c 1864 Bayham, d June 1934. m? to Blashell, Bessie Jane (d 1944), Any info on prts to Tony Hofstee, #35.

BERDAN, Mary Della b 1870 Aylmer?, dau of Jacob & Lucinda HUNTER. Need birthdate and any info on prts Tony Hofstee #35.

SPITLER – SELLS – need info on ch of Joseph SPITLER (1776-1856) & Catherine SELLS (1776-1858) in Fingal area. Mrs. Nelson Elgin – #117.

SPITLER – STEINHOFF- need info on all 19 ch of John SPITLER (c1800-1878) & Sarah STEINHOFF (b c 1810) m St. Thomas 1826 Mrs. Nelson Elgin #117.

DENNIS, Thomas (b c 1800) m Rose Ann FIRBY, Bayham Twp, ch. Thomas (m Effa RIBBLE), Robert (m Charlotte), Elizabeth, James FIRBY (m Florena BURLEY), William Burton (m Mary HOGADONE), Joseph, Lorna. Any info on above and their desc to Debra Tribe #60. BURLEY (BURLEIGH), Anthony – wife Mary, ch Florena (b Mich. c 1835) m James Dennis 1870, Bayham twp  Any info on family to Debra Tribe #60.

TRACEY, George m Ebbit Grace AXFORD (bapt April 7, 1823 in Devonshire, England) on Mar. 18, 1848 in Malahide Twp. Had son, George Albert b Feb. 29, 1849 – bapt Aug. 26, 1849.

Would like to contact a desc  To Samuel J. Axford #77

FERGUSON, Peter m Ann AXFORD (bapt April 18, 1819, in Devonshire, Eng) on Sept. 26, 1844 in St. Thomas, Ontario (witnesses Joseph WHITEHAM & John JEFFERY). Dau m Edwin McILROY who work for Goulds & then operated a dry goods store at 631 Talbot St., St. Thomas, in the early 1930’s. Would like to contact a desc of this family. To Samuel J. Axford, #77.

STEWART – looking for anc and desc of Duncan STEWART and Margaret DRUMMOND who came to Canada in 1834 from Comrie Scotland. They had one dau Catharine (1833) 15 months old at that time. Landed in Montreal after 8 weeks voyage – Moved westwards to “Muddy York”, then to Hamilton for 13 years then to Ancaster for 4 years, back to Hamilton, then to Maple Grove in Bayham Twp, Elgin County. Info to Mrs. Norma Smith #20.

SOPER Hyram, Bayham Twp and wife Jane Pritchard Soper (1817-1899) who later married

Robert Couchman, also son Marcellus Soper. Info to Irene Soper #32

LAWSON – Eva Douglas, Was in Southwold Twp, moving to Mabees Corners, then to Detroit before 1913. Was a nurse, mThomas Smith. Info to Irene Soper #32

DOAN, William and Sarah (Teeple) DOAN m 1853-57 era. To M.F. Doan #109

CRANE, Nathaniel and Malinda (DOAN) Crane m1869-73 era. Need names of children and desc of both above. Info to M.F. Doan #109

CORLISS – James b 1801 & w Mary Nichols b 1801 lived Con 8, Lot 27 Bayham twp in 1861 with ch David, Daniel, John, Maria & Mary. Seek info on John b 1836 and wish to contact any desc. Where are they buried? Any info to James L. McCallum #90

CLARK, Charles Kenneth b 1877 Eagle d 1947 brother James Alexander Clark d 6 May 1931, West Lorne. Info needed on birthplace and exact birthdate. Father is James Clark d 1904 West Lorne. Info to Georgina E. Clark #66.

MONTGOMERY, Sarah, dau of John MONTGOMERY and Katherine Kinney had brother

George (b 1837 Ireland) m 1) Letitia Sutherland, 2) Mary Jane Arnold. Sarah bd St. Thomas? George worked for MCR. Info on George’s marriages and wives and their desc. to Iona Hammond #67.

ROYAL – McCABE Ann Francis RYALL b ? Dunwich m ? to Thomas McCABE b c 1820, son of James McCABE and Bridget Delia KELLY. Any info on Ann FRANCES or desc to Florence Yori #45.

ZAVITZ, Henry b Buck’s Cty PA settled Niagara Penninsula gf of Benjamin ZAVITZ m Esther AUGUSTINE who eloped to Lobo Twp. Need name of Henry’s wife and any info on ZAVITZ, George 1, Jacob 2, Henry 3, Benjamin 4. Info to Florence Yori, #45.