Malahide and Aylmer Churches

Places of Worship Records Inventory Project
Elgin County
Malahide Township & Town of Aylmer

Published 2006

Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist Episcopal

Name of Church:        Methodist Church (Burdick)

Location:                     Lot 95, Talbot Road E. (or Lot 22, Concession 6, beside Burdick cemetery, 50971 Talbot Line)

Date of Formation:     1820’s

Date of Closing:          1865

Records:                      Baptisms 1822 – 1854

Marriages 1833 – 1844

Burials 1820’s – (several lists of burials with no dates)

Minutes of Building Fund 1822

Subscription List 1822 – 1826

Minutes of Quarterly Conference 1823 – 1824

Caleb Burdick’s Family Register

Description:                 the above records are contained in a 72-page register kept by Rev. Caleb Burdick

Location:                     Original – United Church Archives, Toronto

Copy – Elgin OGS has transcribed and indexed the register

History:                       Rev. Caleb Burdick moved from Long Point in Norfolk County in 1819 to a 200 acre grant of land, lot 95, Talbot Road East, (or lot 22, concession 6), a short distance east of Summers Corners.  In 1820 he was ordained a local deacon.  In 1822 subscriptions were taken for donations for a church building, which was erected on a corner of Rev. Burdick’s land.  A cemetery was also located beside the church, known as the Burdick cemetery, which Caleb Burdick deeded to the Trustees of the Burying Ground on Oct. 3, 1828. A new church was built at Summers Corners in 1865, and the old church beside the cemetery was torn down. Rev. Burdick died in 1858.

It is important to note that Rev. Burdick ministered to a larger area of Malahide than the immediate community around his church; therefore his register contains entries of people living in various parts of Malahide.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Malahide Circuit

Location:         consisted of the following churches; the time period these congregations were affiliated with the Malahide Circuit are given following the name:

Copenhagen (1860’s – 1957)

Dunboyne (1850’s – active)

Fairview (1877 – 1915)

Grovesend (1878 – 1928)

Jaffa (1860’s – 1918?)

Luton (1868 – 1957)

Mount Salem (1868 – 1957)

Port Bruce (1891 – 1912)

Summers Corners (1964 – 1974)

Richmond (1964 – active)

The Malahide Circuit, now referred to as the Malahide Pastoral Charge, now consists of Malahide United Church at Dunboyne and Richmond United Church in Bayham Township.

A separate listing for each of the above churches/congregations will be given following the Malahide Circuit listing, to show each congregation’s individual history and any records relating specifically to that church.

With the exception of some minute books or specific records relating to each individual congregation, the records of the above churches, while they were affiliated with the Malahide Circuit, will be found in the registers listed below:

Records:                      Register of Rev. Caleb Burdick, 1822 – 1854 (see listing for Burdick Church)

– although not officially known as the Malahide Circuit in these early years, Rev. Burdick may have performed services in some of the above communities

Wesleyan Methodist Church/ Methodist Church of Canada Baptismal Registers, 1840 – 1874

– this was a central registry set up in 1840 for all of Ontario; consisting of four volumes now on microfilm at the United Church Archives, Toronto

– this registry is not a complete record of all baptisms occurring during the period noted, but several Malahide entries are found

– Elgin OGS has extracted, indexed and published Elgin county entries found in this register

Malahide Circuit Registers:

Baptisms (1882 – 1939); (1933 – 1943); (1948 – 1950); (1952 – present)

Marriages (1901 – 1944); (1936 – 1965); (1955 – 1979); (1979 – present)

Burials (1901 – 1920); (1923 – 1944); (1973 – 1979); (1979 – present)

Minutes (1946 – 1974)

Membership Records (1973 – present)

– until recently, the above registers are in original form and were kept at the United

Church Parsonage in Luton, R.R. #6, Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2R5.  Since our original

questionnaire, the only records remaining in original format at the Parsonage are: Baptisms (1952 – present); Marriages (1979- present); Burials (1979- present); and Membership records (1973 – present).

Two reels of microfilm containing the following records which may

include some of the above are housed at the Aylmer Library:

Baptism, Marriage & Burial (1899-1943)

Marriages (Richmond & Corinth) (1955-1979)

Marriages (Malahide) (1936-1965)

Official Board records (Malahide) (1946-1976)

Annual Meetings (1944-1986)

U.C.W. records (1962-1988)

Board of Stewards records (1957-1971)

There is also a set of the microfilmed records in the Elgin County Library collection.

The United Church Archives in Toronto lists the following records for the Malahide Circuit in their holdings:

Baptisms (1899 – 1951); (1954 – 1957)

Marriages (1897 – 1916); (1901 – 1944); (1936 – 1965)

Burials (1901 – 1944); (1945 – 1972)

Membership Records (1867 – 1885); (1928 – 1969); (1957 – 1972)

Official Board Minutes (1884 – 1901); (1921 – 1974)

Board of Stewards Records (1921 – 1946)

Board of Trustees Correspondence (1963 – 1966)

Congregational Minutes (1944 – 1986)

Financial Records (1907 – 1949); (1959 – 1960); (1954 – 1959)

Youth Group Records (1897 – 1910); (1961)

Women’s Groups Records

(minutes 1962 – 1968);(membership/financial 1971 – 1988)

History:                       Capsule histories of the churches/congregations in the Malahide Circuit, which is part of the Elgin Presbytery, are contained in a publication, Church History, Elgin Presbytery, London Conference, prepared for Canada’s Centennial in 1967. Elgin OGS has a copy of this book in its collection.

A chapter on Rev. Caleb Burdick and Methodism in Canada is included in The Haggan Papers, Part 4c, by Ida Haggan, published by the Elgin County Library in 1979.

Ministers:                    The following list of ministers is taken from Pioneer Days at Copenhagen, by James L. McCallum, and from a list compiled by Shirley Liddle for Dunboyne United Church. These ministers served on the Malahide Circuit, in the churches affiliated with that circuit during the years indicated beside each church, given above.

Walter Brown 1867

G. H. Johnson 1877

Rev. R. A. Howie 1878

Rev. C. W. Vollick 1883-1885

Rev. J. H. Orme 1885-1887

Rev. J. E. Moore 1887-1889

Rev. John Veale 1889-1892

Rev. M. Griffin 1892-1893

Rev. W. M. Pomeroy 1893-1895

Rev. C. Chrichton 1895-1898

Rev. S. G. Staples 1898-1900

Rev. J. E. Millyard 1901-1903

Rev. A. M. McCulloch 1903-1904

Rev. J. J.  Noble 1904-1906

Rev. I. A. McKelvey 1907-1910

Rev. A. E. Doan 1910-1914

Rev. C. R. Durrant 1914-1916

Rev. Walter Kitely 1916-1919

Rev. William Patterson 1919-1920

Rev. Edward A. Shaw 1921-1923

Rev. Fred Manning 1923-1925

Rev. Wesley J. Moores 1925-1926

Rev. Joseph W. Stewart 1926-1928

Rev. Theodore R. Turner 1928-1931

Rev. Harvey F. Kennedy 1931-1940

Mr. Aubrey Jones 1941-1942

Rev. Max O. Moore 1942-1943

Rev. F. T. Grafton 1943-1944

Rev. Dr. Knowles & Rev. M. G.     Newton 1944-1945

Mr.. O. D. Cadotte 1945-1946

Rev. Campbell C. Strachan 1946-  1949

Mr. Alvin Cleland 1949-1953

Rev. H. D. McCormack 1953-1955

Mr. Daniel E. Manning 1955-1958

Mr. Murdock Morrison 1958-1962

Mr. H. Stanley Royle 1962-1966

Rev. Charles K. Forrest 1966-1971

Mr. Alfred Bowden 1971-1975

Rev. Robert W. Scott 1975-1979

Mr. Norman Hare 1979-1993

Rev. Frances Williams 1993-1998

Rev. Kelvin Toffelmire 1998-

Assistant and Supply Ministers, Local Preachers:

John H. Bennet 1867-

S. J. Kelly 1877-

Rev. J. H. Murray 1886

J. S. Jenkins 1887 (Jaffa)

J. G. Tate 1887

J. Snell 1889-

J. A. Jackson 1891

A. I. Brown 1895

Rev. E. W. Edwards 1896-

Mr. Steadman 1896

Rev. Mr. Reid 1898

Rev. C. Carscallan 1898

Rev. Clayton Moorehouse 1899

W. A. Godfrey 1899 (Grovesend)

George Wilson 1899 (Copenhagen)

Rev. W. Fansher 1900

C. W. Coulter 1902 (Luton)

Robert Hicks 1901 (Dunboyne)

J. H. Fowler 1903

B. Robinson 1904

W. G. Connelly 1905

W. James 1905

H. Hazelwood 1906

Mr. Laws 1907

W. E. Donnelly 1908

Stanley Lackland 1909

G. Phillips 1910

Mr. Morrison 1910

S. Hunt 1911

Percy N. Cavan 1912

Rev. W. G. Fagan 1913

Arthur Page 1914

Mervyn Wright 1915

Chester Wilkinson 1916

W. H. Moss 1918


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Copenhagen

Location:                     Lot 10, Concession 2 (on west side of Imperial Road [Highway 73] just north of Nova Scotia Line)  Malahide Copenhagen United Church

Date of Formation:     1860’s

Date of Closing:          1957

Affiliations:                 Malahide Circuit

Port Bruce Sunday School (1952 – 1957)

Records:                      see Malahide Circuit listing

The United Church Archives lists the following records, relating specifically to the Copenhagen church:

Board of Trustee Minutes (1898 – 1943)

Congregational Minutes (1943 – 1956)

Sunday School Attendance Records (1945 – 1960)

Financial Statements (1950 , 1951)

History:                       The Methodist Episcopal congregation had its beginnings in Copenhagen in the 1860’s when services were held above a general store, until 1870.  A quarter acre of land in lot 10, concession 2 was deeded by Walter Livingston Brown to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church on Aug. 26,  1871, and a frame church was built. In 1888 a brick church was built beside the frame church, which was later moved to Aylmer and can still be seen as a garage at 289 John St. S. The church was closed in 1957 and the congregation amalgamated with Dunboyne.  The Sunday School at Copenhagen continued to be held in the school until 1964. In 1964 the church building and property were sold to Gordon Jones, and dismantled in 1979. Mr. Jones used some of the bricks from the church to build a new home, on the site of the church.

Further History:          see Pioneer Days at Copenhagen, (James L. McCallum, 1981)


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (Wesleyan)

Name of Church:        Copenhagen Wesleyan Methodist Church

Location:                     Lot 11, Concession 2 (Nova Scotia Line)

Date of Formation:     1881 [?]

Date of Closing:          before 1889

Affiliations:                 Sparta

Malahide Circuit

Records:                      no known records

History:                       This church was located just east of the hotel corner (junction of Nova Scotia Line and Imperial Road) in Copenhagen on the north side of the road. On May 6, 1881, Henry Prowse deeded one-quarter acre, part of lot 11, concession 2, to the Trustees of the Copenhagen Methodist Church.  It was originally connected with the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Sparta, but due to difficulty crossing the gully, it was later attached to the Malahide Circuit.  It is remembered that many families in the Copenhagen community attended both this church and the Methodist Episcopal church.  The Wesleyan Methodist congregation lasted only a short time, and the building was moved into Aylmer.  The lot was sold in 1889.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Dunboyne (now known as Malahide United Church)

Location:                     Lot 11, Concession 4 (Calton Line)  Dunboyne United Church

Date of Formation:     1910 (Dunboyne area Methodists had been meeting in a Union Church erected in 1856, and also located on Lot 11)

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 Malahide Circuit

Records:                      see Malahide Circuit listing

History:                       Methodist services were held in a Union Meeting House, which had been erected in 1856 in the cemetery (see Union Church, Malahide listing for more information). The Methodist congregation left the Union Church after a disagreement about the installation of a baptismal font.  A Methodist church was built in 1910, about a hundred yards west of the Union Church.  By 1957, all the other United churches in the Malahide circuit had closed and Dunboyne stood alone until 1964 when Richmond and Summers Corners became part of the pastoral charge.  Summers Corners church closed in 1974. The Malahide Pastoral Charge now consists of the church at Dunboyne and the one at Richmond in Bayham township.

Further History:          article re building of church, Aylmer Express, Oct. 21, 1909

article re tenders for building, Aylmer Express, Jan. 20, 1910

laying of cornerstone, Aylmer Express, April 21, 1910

dedication of church, Aylmer Express, Sept. 8 and Sept. 15, 1910


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist Episcopal (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Fairview

Location:                     Lot 30, Concession 5 (northwest corner of Carter Road & John Wise Line)  Fairview United Church

Date of Formation:     1877

Date of Closing:          1964

Affiliations:                 Malahide Circuit (1878 – 1915)

Richmond Circuit (1915 – 1964)

Records:                      see Malahide Circuit; and Richmond in Bayham Township volume

History:                       Joseph Millard deeded land at the southeast corner of his farm to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal church on December 31, 1877.  However, the Elgin County Historical Atlas of 1877 shows a church building already in existence on this property, indicating the congregation may have been formed earlier. Additional property was deeded by Millard to the congregation on Nov. 4, 1885. The Fairview church was connected with the Malahide Circuit until 1915, when the Richmond Circuit was formed with Richmond, Summers Corners and Fairview churches. This church was closed in June 1964 and moved on July 9 to Richmond and attached to the Richmond United Church and dedicated as the Fairview Christian Education Centre for the Richmond Church.

Ministers:                    see Malahide Circuit listing from 1878-1915

Attached to Richmond Circuit 1915-1964

Students:         M. C. Parr 1915

C. R. Gower 1917

T. C. Wilkinson 1918

J. P. Cooke 1919

L. C. Harvey 1920

C. H. Dickenson 1921

Hugh C. Wilson 1922

Clayton Searle 1924

Frank A. Gilbert 1925


A. D. Boa 1926

M. P. Smith 1929

R. E. Southcott 1931

C. W. Leslie, James Blair, G.  W. Down 1934

Aubrey Edworthy (student) 1936

J. L. Foster 1940

H. E. Wright 1941

J. N. Gould 1947

A. M. Manson 1955

Dwight E. Hinton (lay) & F. Earl Norton (assistant) 1958

K. B. Passmore 1961


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Grovesend

Location:                     Lot 23, Concession 2 (Nova Scotia Line)  Grovesend Methodist Church

Date of Formation:     1816

Date of Closing:          1928

Affiliations:                 Aylmer Circuit (1840’s – 1878)

Malahide Circuit (1878 – 1928)

Records:                      see Aylmer (St. Paul’s) and  Malahide Circuit listing

History:                       In 1816 settlers arrived at the Lake Erie shore in Malahide from Long Point, including the families of Lyons, Saxton, Griffin, Wrong and Backhouse.  A church was started in 1818 by Gilbert Wrong and Nathan Lyons, meeting in Wrong’s house and the schoolhouse.  Some accounts say a frame edifice was built.  A deed dated Dec. 26, 1826 exists between Lewis Bowlby and the Church.  Another deed dated Dec. 27, 1862 for part of lot 23, concession 2 exists between the Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church and John Markle (owner of the former Bowlby land).  The Christian Guardian, a Methodist newspaper, records in an 1861 issue that the “Wesleyan Methodist church recently erected at Grovesend was dedicated on the 17th of November”. Sometime between 1887 and 1889 a new church building was erected on the same site.  The church was used until 1928, and in 1931 the property and building was sold, moved to an adjoining lot,  and remodelled into a dwelling.

Further History:          A four-page history of Grovesend Church is contained in an unpublished manuscript by Ida Haggan, titled Pioneer Families of Nova Scotia Street, found on Elgin County Library Microfilm Number 121

Ministers:                    see listing for St. Paul’s Aylmer, and Malahide Circuit.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist

Name of Church:        Jaffa

Location:                     First church – South Half Lot 1, Concession 4 (where cemetery is)  Jaffa Methodist Church

Second church – South Part Lot 1, Concession 5 (John Wise Line &

Springwater Road)

Date of Formation:     1861

Date of Closing:          1919

Affiliations:                 Malahide Circuit (1860’s – 1918)

Yarmouth Circuit (1918 – 1919)

Records:                      see Malahide Circuit listing

History:                       There was a Methodist Episcopal church south of the Jaffa corner (lot 1, concession 4) where there is still a small cemetery.  The deed for this property is dated June 4, 1864 between Thomas Backhouse and the Trustees of the Church; Herman Mills, Ira Doolittle, and Samuel Thayer.. The church building was moved in 1875 to the northeast corner of Jaffa onto a one-half acre parcel in lot 1, concession 5, which was deeded to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church “Townline Chapel”,  by Albert & Ira White on Feb. 24, 1875. Jaffa was part of the Malahide circuit, until 1918 when the St. Thomas District Meeting Minutes show the congregation being supplied from Yarmouth Centre.  The church was closed on September 9, 1919, and the property was sold in 1930, and the church remodelled into a house.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Malahide (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Luton (formerly called Centreville)

Location:                     North Half Lot 15, Concession 4 (John Wise Line)  Luton United Church

Date of Formation:     1825

Date of Closing:          1957 (still active as a union church)

Affiliations:                 Malahide Circuit

Records:                      see Malahide Circuit listing

The United Church Archives in Toronto lists the following records pertaining specifically to Luton church in their holdings:

Sunday School Minutes Statistical Record (1884 – 1894)

Luton United Church Marriage Register (1917 – 1936)

History:                       Services were first held in a log schoolhouse at Centreville (later Luton) which had been built around 1825.  Property for a cemetery was deeded to the Trustees of the Centreville Burying Ground from Chester W. Fraser, on Jan. 31, 1853, being the north half of Lot 15, Concession 4.  Another deed was drawn on March 4, 1856 between  Fraser and the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 2 ½ acres.  The first church, believed to have been built about 1853, was set in the cemetery property. In 1889 it was moved closer to the road, renovated and bricked.  The date on the cornerstone is 1894. In 1957 the congregation amalgamated with Dunboyne, but Sunday School classes continued to be held in the Luton School which is now the community hall, until 1968. The parsonage for the Malahide Circuit has been at Luton since 1856, and continues to be the residence of the minister of the Malahide Pastoral Charge. The Luton Church is still standing and is now a Union Church under the auspices of the Cemetery Board.  At present the building is being used by a congregation called “Fountain of Life Gospel Temple”.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Mount Salem

Location:                     South Half Lot 21, Concession 4 (John Wise Line & Springfield Road)  Mount Salem United Church

Date of Formation:     1843

Date of Closing:          1957

Affiliations:                 Malahide Circuit

Records:                      see Malahide Circuit Listing

The United Church Archives in Toronto lists the following records pertaining specifically to Mount Salem church:

Adult Bible Class Attendance Record (1935 – 1940)

History:                       Prior to the establishment of a Post Office in 1868, Mount Salem was known as Hamburg or Louisville.  The Methodist congregation met first in the school house which had been erected in 1843 on a lot given by Erastus Westover (part of lot 21, con 4). In 1862 a Union Church was built on a 1/4  acre lot, part of the south half of Lot 20, Concession 4 (west of the Mount Salem corner on the north side of the road).A deed for this lot bears the date March 28, 1868 from John Farthings to the Trustees of the Union Church: Joseph C. Baldwin, John Marshall, Thomas Hunt Sr., Emanuel Rockey, George Hilliker, William H. Smith and James J. Brown. A Board of Trustees from the community was formed, and the Union Church was used by different denominations.  On October 10, 1886 a parcel of land in the south half of lot 21, concession 4 was deeded to the Trustees of the Methodist Church by Peter E. Hunt, and a church building was erected in 1887, north of the intersection at Mount Salem on the east side of the road.  The Mount Salem congregation amalgamated with Dunboyne in 1957, and the church was purchased by the community for a hall, where Sunday School continued to be held until 1964.  In 1978, the building was sold and torn down and replaced by a new home. An article in the Aylmer Express, Oct. 21, 1915 records that “the site of the old Union Church was purchased by Lloyd Graves, and the shed was sold in three sections to three parties.  Mr. E. V. Learn has purchased the old Union Church and intends remodelling it into a barn”.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist

Name of Church:        Port Bruce

Location:                     Lot 5, Concession 1 (or Lot 15 & 16, west side of Rolph Street)  Port Bruce Sunday School

Date of Formation:     1840’s

Date of Closing:          1912

Affiliations:                 Aylmer Circuit (1840’s – 1891)

Malahide Circuit (1891 – 1912)

Records:                      See Aylmer (St. Paul’s) and Malahide Circuit listing

History:                       Port Bruce is listed as part of the Aylmer Circuit in the 1840’s.  A deed dated Jan. 13, 1863 between William H. Davis and the Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church exists for two-fifths of an acre in Lots 15 & 16, West side of Rolph Street, Port Bruce (part of lot 5, concession 1).  It is presumed a church building was erected at this time.  It was located a little to the south on the opposite side of the road across from the current Sunday School/ Community Hall building. Port Bruce is listed on the Malahide Circuit in 1891.  In 1912 the church and property at Port Bruce was sold and the building was torn down.

Port Bruce Sunday School – Following his retirement in 1947, Port Bruce resident Robert Maguire began to raise funds to build a Sunday School. In 1953 a building was erected on the east side of Rolph Street almost across from where the old Methodist church had been located.  The land was purchased from Frank Davidson and one lot next to it for parking.  The Port Bruce Sunday School became part of the Copenhagen congregation, and Mrs. Maguire was the Superintendent.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Summers Corners

Location:                     Lot 21, Concession 6 (Talbot Line & Springfield Road)

Date of Formation:     1865

Date of Closing:          1974

Affiliations:                 Springfield, Dexter, Summers Corners Circuit (1840’s – 1879)

Aylmer (1879 – 1915)

Richmond & Fairview (1915 – 1964)

Malahide Circuit (1964 – 1974)

Records:                      see listings for above churches/circuits. The United Church Archives in Toronto lists the following records pertaining specifically to Summers Corners church:

Minutes of Congregational Meetings (1935 – 1979)

Trustee’s Treasurer’s Books (1919 – 1967)

Treasurer’s Books (1928 – 1979) (Richmond & Fairview included from 1928-1963)

Women’s Auxiliary & United Church Women Minutes (1948 – 1975); and Treasurer’s Books (1942 – 1973)

Adult Class Minutes (1922)

Sunday School Treasurer’s Book (1917 – 1976)

Sunday School Roll Book (1970 – 1973)

Sunday School Record Book (1968 – 1970)

Trustee Board Correspondence (1965)

History:                       In 1865, part of lot 21, Talbot Road East (Con. 6), was given to the Methodist Episcopal Church by Alex Summers.  They were joined by the congregation from the Burdick Methodist church, and a building was erected on this site. Summers Corners formed a circuit with Springfield and Dexter.  In 1879, Summers Corners came under the supervision of St. Paul’s Church in Aylmer, until 1915 when a circuit was formed with Richmond and Fairview. In 1964 Summers Corners became part of the Malahide Circuit until closing in 1974.  The Sunday School and United Church Women’s group continued until the church was torn down in 1979.

Further history:           article in Aylmer Express, June 26, 1974 on final service in church


Rev. Davis 1800’s

Rev. Chricton 1800’s

Rev. Wood 1800’s

with Aylmer:               Rev. J. R. Gundy 1885-1888

Dr. Pascoe 1888-1891

Rev. Thomas Cullen 1891-1893

Rev. J. R. Treleaven 1893-1896

Rev. James Livingston 1896-1898

Rev. C. J. Scott 1898-1901

Rev. G. W. McAlister 1901-1905

Rev. Jospeh Philip 1905-1909

Rev. A. W. Tonge 1909-1913

Rev. A.E.M. Thompson 1913-1917


M. C. Parr 1915-1917

C. K. Gower 1917-1918

T. C. Wilkinson 1918-1919

J. P. Cooke 1919-1920

L. C. Harvey 1920-1921

C. K. Dickenson 1921-1922

Hugh Wilson 1922-1924

Clayton Searle 1924-1925

Frank Gilbert 1925-1926

with Richmond:          Rev. A. D. Boa 1926-1928

Rev. M. P. Smith 1929-1930

Rev. R. E. Southcott 1931-1933

Rev. C. W. Leslie, Rev. James. L. Blair, Rev. G. W. Down  1934-1936

Rev. C. C. Strachan, Rev. G. W. Down, Rev. George A. Barnard, Rev. R. Smith Baker, and Aubrey Edworthy (student) 1936-1939

Rev. J. L. Foster 1940

Rev. H. E. Wright 1941-1947, with Gordon Picknell, Robert Thompson and Donald Handford (probationers)

Rev. J. N. Gould and Rev. C. C. Strachan 1947-1955

Rev. A. M. Manson 1955-1958

Dwight L. Hinton, F. Earl Norton (assistant)  1958-1961

Rev. K. B. Passmore, F. Earl Norton (assistant) 1961-1964

with Malahide H. S. Royle 1964-1966

Rev. C. K. Forrest 1966-1971

Alfred Bowden 1971-1974


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist

Name of Church:        Kingsmill

Location:                     Malahide-Yarmouth townline (school at the intersection of Springwater Road and  the College Line)

Date of Formation:     not known

Date of Closing:          1913

Affiliations:                 Lyons Circuit (to 1905)

Sparta Circuit (1905-1907)

Orwell Circuit (1907-1913)

Records:                      see listings for above churches: Lyons in South Dorchester Volume; Sparta and Orwell in Yarmouth Volume

History:                       The Methodist congregation at Kingsmill did not have their own church building, but worshipped in the school. In 1860, a red brick school was built north of the village of Kingsmill, which is situated on the Malahide-Yarmouth townline.  The school, which became known as the Goldsmith Seminary School, also served as a place of worship and a Sunday School.  It was replaced by a new brick school in 1913 on the same site and is now a residence.  The Methodist congregation worshipping there disbanded in 1913.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Union (predominately Baptist from 1911 to 1916)

Name of Church:        Dunboyne Union Church (also known as Seminary Church)

Location:                     Lot 11, Concession 4 (Calton Line) [in middle section of present Dunboyne Cemetery]  Dunboyne Union Church

Date of Formation:     1855

Date of Closing:          1916

Records:                      Minutes (June 1856 – Oct. 15, 1911) donated to Aylmer Museum, 14 East Street, Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 1W2

Minutes (1910 – 1916) donated to Canadian Baptist Archives, Hamilton

See Malahide Circuit listing for Methodist records

History:                       Several denominations began holding meetings in the Seminary School (later S. S. #5 Malahide) at Dunboyne (then called Seminary Corners), dating back to the 1820’s.  This school was located across from the Dunboyne Cemetery. Groups meeting there included Methodist Episcopal, Methodist New Connection, Freewill Baptist, Presbyterian, Particular Baptist, Canada Methodist, Disciple, Anglican and Friends (Quaker).  In 1856 it was decided to erect a Union Meeting House in the southwest corner of the cemetery to be open to use by all Orthodox denominations.  A committee from each of five denominations was formed to hold a lease for the building of the church, as follows: Henry Disher (Methodist Episcopal); Isaac H. Webb (Methodist New Connection); John Sanders (Freewill Baptist); Archibald McTaggart (Presbyterian); and John Ellsworth (Particular Baptist).  The church was built by Joseph Tufford and dedicated on Feb. 23, 1857.  In 1909 a building committee was appointed to repair the church which resulted in putting in a cement wall, basement, and cement block veneer on the walls.  A dedication service of re-opening was held January 15, 1911.  In 1910, the Methodists erected their own church building about 100 yards to the west, and in June 1911 the Union church was officially recognized as a Baptist church, although the pastor, A. C. Bingham, stated that the Baptists did not own the church, it still being a Union building.  The congregation dwindled and last services were held in 1916.  The building continued to be used for Young Peoples’ meetings and school Christmas concerts.  There is a reference in the Aylmer Express, Nov. 30, 1933 that Dunboyne Union Church was to be re-opened by Garnet Chambers of Aylmer. However, the building was eventually sold upon advice of a lawyer consulted by John Liddle Sr., the last living trustee. An auction sale of the building was held in October 1946.  The proceeds of the sale went to the cemetery board.  The church was torn down in the 1940’s. The outlines of the foundation in the grass in the Dunboyne cemetery can still be seen if standing inside the farthest east gate facing north.

Further references:       articles in Aylmer Express, March 11, 1909 and Oct. 14, 1909 regarding re-building of Union Church

articles in Aylmer Express, June 23, 1910 and July 7, 1910; laying of cornerstones

articles in Aylmer Express, Jan. 5, 1911 and Jan. 19, 1911; re-opening and dedication of church

articles in Aylmer Express, June 9, 1911 and June 28, 1911; now a Baptist congregation

article in Aylmer Express, October 3, 1946 regarding auction of church


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Roman Catholic

Name of Church:        St. Birgitta

Location:                     Port Bruce, northeast corner of Rolph and Walnut streets

Date of Formation:     1921

Date of Closing:          1941

Affiliations:                 served by priests from Holy Angels Church, St. Thomas

Records:                      There are no records relating specifically to the mission at Port Bruce.  Records at Holy Angels, St. Thomas, and Our Lady Of Sorrows, Aylmer, churches should be consulted .

The mission at Port Bruce is mentioned in a 1921 history of Holy Angels Parish, St. Thomas, written by Msgr. West, and available at the Diocese of London archives.

The Port Bruce Church is also recorded in a History of the Catholic Church in Aylmer and Vicinity – Year Book Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the First Mass in Aylmer

History:                       The first Mass at Port Bruce was said on the feast day of St. Birgitta, Oct. 8, 1921 at the home of Abraham McGuigan. The Aylmer Express issue of Dec. 11, 1924 states that a Catholic Church is to be built in Port Bruce, and the July 23, 1925 issue records its opening.  The congregation was never large, consisting of a few local residents and summer vacationers.  Parishioners from St. Thomas often came to Port Bruce in order to hold Mass there. By 1941 services had dwindled and the small chapel was moved to Port Burwell that spring  and was used there until 1947 (see listing for St. Joseph’s Church, Port Burwell – Bayham Township)


Township:                   Malahide (Aylmer)
Denomination:            Presbyterian

Name of Church:        Knox Presbyterian, Aylmer

Location:                     211 John Street North, Aylmer  Aylmer Knox Presbyterian Church

Date of Formation:     1888

Date of Closing:          1923

Affiliations:                 Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Springfield (1889 – 1923)

Records:                      Session Minutes (1888 – 1923)

Minutes of the Board of Managers (1887 – 1921; 1922 – 1924)

The above records are housed at the United Church Archives, Toronto

See also listing for Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Springfield and St. John’s (Methodist) United Church, Springfield in Springfield/ South Dorchester volume.

History:                       Andrew Murray donated 1/5 acre of land in Aylmer in a deed dated July 25, 1888 to build a Presbyterian church, located across from the present Anglican Church.  Construction of the church began in 1888, and Rev. J. B. McLaren became the first regular minister for Aylmer and Chalmers Church, Springfield in 1889.  The church in Aylmer was closed in 1923 and the congregation joined with St. Paul’s Methodist (later United) Church.  The property and building were sold in 1931 to the Royal Canadian Legion.  A plaque with the names and photographs of the ministers of Knox, Aylmer from 1891 to 1923  is hanging in St. Paul’s United Church, Aylmer.

Articles in the Aylmer Express, May 15, 1913 and May 22, 1913 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Knox Church give a history of the congregation.

Ministers:                      Rev. Dr. Thompson 1891-1894

Rev. J. W. Anderson 1895-1898

Rev. N. M. Bethune 1898-1901

Rev. J. W. Rae 1901-1906

Rev. J. C. McConache 1907-1909

Rev. J. M. McGillivray 1910-1914

Rev. W. A. Beecroft 1914-1916

Rev. L. A. Muttitt 1916-1919

Rev. T. J. Jewett 1921-1923


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        Trinity Church

Location:                     Lot 26, Gore Between Concession 7 & 8 (Glencolin Line)

Date of Formation:     circa 1850

Date of Closing:          1964    (still active as an Old Colony Mennonite church)

Affiliations:                 Springfield Circuit (St. John’s) 1879 (and probably before) to 1964

Records:                      see listing for Malahide Circuit for earliest records of  Methodists in Malahide Township,  contained in Rev. Caleb Burdick’s Register (1822 – 1854) and the Wesleyan Methodist/ Methodist Church of Canada Baptismal Register (1840 – 1874)

see listing for St. John’s (Methodist) United Church, Springfield in Springfield & South Dorchester Volume

History:                       A deed dated Oct. 16, 1865 was registered between John & Lydia Bowen and the Trustees of the Canadian Wesleyan New Connection Chapel, Malahide, for ½ acre in the north east part of lot 26, in the Gore between con.7 and 8, for the site of a chapel and burying ground.  The original church was frame and was destroyed by fire circa 1900. The 1877 Elgin Co. Historical Atlas shows a church building on this lot, which is on the south side of what is now Glencolin Line.  The cemetery is shown across the road. The present brick structure  was erected due to the efforts of the forty or more families supporting the church. The cornerstone was laid on Sept. 24, 1900 and the first service was held Jan. 1, 1901.  At this time the church was part of the Springfield circuit (with St. John’s Methodist) and probably was affiliated with that congregation prior to this date. In 1947 on the occasion of the anniversary service, Rev. J. T. White wrote an article in the Aylmer Express, April 27, 1947, which briefly gave the history of the church and listed the forty families with a brief account of each.   The church was closed in 1964. The building and one-half acre property were sold on April 2, 1964 to the Old Colony Mennonite congregation.

Further History:          article in St. Thomas Times-Journal, June 5, 1961, pg. 6 on occasion of 60th anniversary of building of church; gives history

Article in Aylmer Express, Sept. 13, 1928; 64th anniversary of Trinity church; gives history

Ministers:                    Rev. Hovey (first minister)

Rev. J. N. Elliott 1879-

Rev. W. D. Hughson

Rev. J. T. Davis

Rev. Albert Kennedy

Rev. W. G. Brown

Rev. T. R. McNair

Rev. R. E. P. Hamilton

Rev. George Thompson

Rev. W. Fansher

Rev. R. C. Parsons

Rev. A. G. Going

Rev. John Veale 1900-

Rev. John Morrison

Rev. J. F. Edwards

Rev. W. H. Butt

Rev. George Andrews

Rev. E. W. Edwards

Rev. J. F. Reycraft

Rev. George Jewett

Dr. Barnly

Rev. Waldemar Williams

Rev. C. DeWitt Cousens

Rev. A. M. Grant

Rev. George Morley

Rev. Harry Royle

Rev. Ross Hare

Rev. J. T. White

Rev. H. J. Vickerson

Rev. R. C. Copeland

Rev. M. G. Cook

Rev. George Shields

Rev. G. G. Heffelfinger 1961-


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Anglican (Church of England)

Name of Church:        St. James

Location:                     Lot 14, Concession 9 (College Line)

Date of Formation:     1831

Date of Closing:          1866

Affiliations:                 joined with Trinity Anglican Church, Aylmer

Records:                      some references to Malahide families are found in the records of St. Thomas Anglican Church, and are posted on this website.

History:                       St. James Church was organized largely due to the efforts of Humphrey Johnston, an Irish immigrant, who donated one acre in the southeast corner of his farm, Lot 14, Concession 9. He and his sons began building a church built of pine in 1831.  When the Lord Bishop of Toronto visited the parish in 1845, the church was not quite finished.  In his report, the Bishop states that “there were 21 persons confirmed, chiefly persons of advanced age”. The one-acre property was formally deeded from Humphrey Johnston to the Rev. George Petrie on July 12, 1841; and a further four acres, the northeast corner of lot 13 from Reuben Johnston to Rev. Petrie.  On July 14, 1841, Rev. Petrie made a trust of this property to Synod Diocese of Huron to be used for a church, parsonage and burying ground. The trust was released in 1883.  Another record of visiting church officials is in 1848 when Alexander N. Bethune, Archdeacon of York made a report.  He reports that “services are performed once a fortnight by Mr. Ker the Catechist; but the place is only occasionally visited by a Missionary – Mr. Stewart of Dunwich attending at such intervals as his other duties will allow”.  There was never a minister appointed to the St. James church. A cemetery was established on the church property, but no records exist of who was interred there.  It is assumed that the cemetery was intact and active until 1883 when the property was disposed of.  It is known that some of the stones were moved to the Aylmer cemetery.

Further history:           articles in the Aylmer Express, June 5, June 12, and June 19, 1930 on anniversary of establishment of Anglican church in district


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Anglican (Church of England)

Name of Church:        Trinity Anglican

Location:                     170 John Street North, Aylmer  Aylmer Anglican Church

Date of Formation:     1860

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 St. James Anglican Church, Malahide

Records:                      Baptisms (Oct. 1873 – present)

Marriages (Sept. 1873 – present)

Burials (Oct. 1873 – present ; gaps exist between April 1881 – May 1889)

Confirmations (Feb. 1874 – present)

The above records are in original format and are available for viewing by the public, under supervision, at the Church Office, 170 John St. N., Aylmer, N5H 2A9. (519) 773-8031.  Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

History:                       Early in the year 1860 a congregation was organized in Aylmer and met in the town hall.  In 1861,  Philip Hodgkinson donated the southeast corner (Water & Queen Streets) of his farm.  There was also a cemetery on the property. In 1885 the congregation purchased the former Methodist Episcopal church which had been built in 1879 and which had been vacant for two or three years following an amalgamation of the Methodist churches.  This building is still in use by Trinity Anglican church.  The church on Water Street was sold to the Disciple congregation, but was destroyed by fire a few years later.  Some of the gravestones were moved to Aylmer cemetery, although three or four remain on the site.  A parish hall was added to the present church in 1954 and in 1960 the basement was renovated.

Further history:           articles in the Aylmer Express, June 5, June 12, and June 19, 1930 on anniversary of establishment of Anglican church in district

Souvenir History of Trinity Anglican Church, Aylmer (1861 – 1961) (Elgin OGS has a copy)

The Aylmer Express, 5 Dec 1907 has photo of Trinity Church, Aylmer

Ministers:                    Rev. F. C. Disbarne 1860-1861

Rev. F. W. Grant 1861-1862

Rev. A Montgomery 1862-1864

vacant 1864-1865

Rev. F. Harding 1866-1870

Rev. D. A. Duane 1871-1873

Rev. G. Turnbull 1873-1874

Rev. T. R. Davis 1875-1879

Rev. S. R. Ashbury 1879-1880

Rev. W. C. Daunt 1881-1889

Rev. F. M. Baldwin 1889-1894

Rev. J. W. Andrew 1894-1902

Rev. A. B. Farney 1902-1908

Rev. Canon C. Miles 1908-1930

Rev. F. G. Hardy 1930-1934

Rev. P. H. J. Streeter 1934-1942

Rev. G. K. Nobes 1942-1944

Rev. E. E. West 1944-1946

Rev. F. C. McRitchie 1946-1952

Rev. T. Dale Jones 1952-1958

Rev. R. Matthewman 1958-1959

Rev. Canon R. A. C. Mills 1969-1991

Rev. Pat Nunn 1991

Rev. Ron Walker 1991-1996

Rev. Michael Wellwood 1997-


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Baptist

Name of Church:        Jaffa Baptist Church

Location:                     Lot 1, Concession 4 (John Wise Line & Springwater Road)  Jaffa Baptist Church

Date of Formation:     1886

Date of Closing:          1981 (closed a short while in early 1950’s)

Affiliations:                 Aylmer Baptist Church

Also served by ministers from New Sarum Baptist church

Records:                      see listing for Aylmer Baptist Church (in this volume)

see listing for New Sarum Baptist Church (in Yarmouth volume)

Membership List (1886 – 1948) in possession of Mrs. Mervin Howe, R.R. #5 Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2R4 (Elgin OGS has a photocopy)

Minutes (1886 – 1918; includes membership list) located at Canadian Baptist Archives, Hamilton

History:                       In 1886 a group of 21 Baptists residing in the Jaffa area organized as a congregation at a meeting on May 21 at the home of Orlando Treadwell.  Mr. Treadwell had just bought a former Methodist church at Dexter to use to remodel his home.  He instead offered it to the Baptists to use as a church if they held a bee to move it to its new location. On May 21, 1886, land was leased by the Trustees of the Regular Baptist Church in Jaffa from William & Mary Miles and the church was moved to a lot in the north half of lot 1, concession 4 (south side of John Wise Line).  The church was dedicated on Sept. 6, 1886. In 1910 the church was remodelled and a basement put under it.  The cornerstone was laid on July 11, 1911.  The 90th anniversary was observed on Oct. 3, 1976, at which time a history was written (Elgin OGS has a copy)

Ministers:                    Rev. Abram Smith 1886-1887

Rev. Baker 1888-1890

Rev. John Trickey 1891-circa 1893

Rev. G. W. Ray circa 1894-circa 1906

Rev. W. S. Buckborough 1908-1915

Rev. Dunlop 1916-1917

Rev. W. B. Walker 1917-1919

Rev. L. D. Huxtable 1919-1926

Rev. E. J. McEwin 1926-1932

Rev. J. A. Brown (supply 1932)

Rev. W. E. James 1932-1941

Rev. Price (supply 1941)

Rev. Taylor 1942-1944

Rev. Phinney 1945-

Rev. Joseph Janes       -1950

Miss Thirza Lewitt (supply 1950-1958)

Mr. Harold Ashton 1958-1976 +


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Baptist

Name of Church:        Malahide-Bayham Baptist Church ( also known as Talbot St. Baptist)

Location:                     Lot 30, Concession 6 (Talbot Line & Carter Road)

(Also known as Lot 103, North Talbot Road East)

Date of Formation:     1815

Date of Closing:          1963

Affiliations:                 None known.

Records:                      The Canadian Baptist Archives lists the following records in their holdings:

Minute Book (1855-1897; 1898-1934; 1935-1958; 1959-1964)

Church Treasurer Book (1923-1964)

Membership Roll (1855-1964)

Women’s Mission Circle Minute Books (1886-1963)

Sunday School Attendance Records (1944-1965)

Church Clerk Correspondence (1901-1930)

Reports to Association (1905-1936)

The Minute Books (1855-1897) have been microfilmed by the LDS and are

found on Microfilm Number 0897916, item 4.

History:                       This congregation was organized in 1815 and first held meetings in Samuel Baker’s barn, in connection with the Aylmer Baptist congregation. Later, services were held in the Carter School.  In 1855, thirty-five Baptists in this community applied to the Aylmer Church for letters of dismissal to organize a regular church of their own.  Meetings continued to be held in the Carter school until 1861 when a church was built. It was dedicated on January 18, 1862. A one-half acre lot, the southeast corner of lot 103, North Talbot Road East,  was leased by the Trustees of the Regular Baptist church from Samuel, Lydia, Simeon & Elizabeth Jane Baker, bearing the date April 17, 1860.  It was closed in 1963 and the building was dismantled and moved to Tillsonburg.


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Baptist

Name of Church:        Malahide Jubilee

(later called Lakeshore Calvary Church; and finally Lakeview Baptist)

Location:                     Lot 32, Concession 1 (52975 Nova Scotia Line)

Date of Formation:     1842

Date of Closing:          before 1980

Affiliations:                 None known.

Records:                      The Canadian Baptist Archives lists the following records in their holdings for Malahide Jubilee Church:

Minute Book (1842-1892)

Membership List (1842-1894; 1911-1940)

These records have also been microfilmed by the LDS and are found on Microfilm number 0804329, item 6-7.

History:                       At a meeting on August 20, 1842, it was decided to form a new congregation because of the great number of new members at the Bayham (Port Burwell) Baptist Church.  There were 78 members, and meetings were held in a schoolhouse about a mile from where the church was built in 1849, on lot 32, concession 1. A split in the congregation occurred due to differences, and in 1870 the Berean Baptist church was formed, it followers erecting a church on lot 30, Concession 3.  In 1894, the Berean congregation was persuaded to join once again with Jubilee, and the name of the church was changed to Lakeshore Calvary Baptist. In 1909 it was decided to built a new church at Lakeview, and the former Jubilee church was moved  across the road in 1910 and used until the new church was built.  At this time, the name of the church was changed from Lakeshore Calvary to Lakeview Baptist Church.  The cornerstone was laid on June 2, 1910, and dedicated on December 18, 1910. A cemetery is also located on the church property. The church was torn down in 1980.

Further history:           “1842-1942 Centenary Anniversary – Lakeview Baptist Church”

(Elgin OGS has a copy)

Ministers:                    Rev. Mills

Rev. Baker

Rev. Bray

Rev. Delap

The above served between 1842 and 1849

Rev. Shook McConnell 1849-1876

Rev. Thomas Sinclair 1882-1888

Rev. James Grant 1888-1890

Rev. T. C. Sowter 1890-1891

Rev. W. P. Nelson 1891

Rev. John G. C. Irvine 1892

Rev. P. R. Carey 1894-1900

Rev. J. Harry King 1900-1902

Rev. E. J. Stobo 1903-1905

Rev. C. E. McLeod 1905-1909

Rev. Albert Hughes 1910

Rev. L. H. Vail 1910-1915

Rev. Andrew Smith 1915-1918

Rev. John Marshall 1919-1922

Rev. A. A. Fanjoy 1922-1926

Rev. A. J. Schultz 1926-1932

Rev. George Simmons 1933-1936

Rev. Ernest Butcher 1936-


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Baptist

Name of Church:        Berean

Location:                     Lot 30, Concession 3

Date of Formation:     1870

Date of Closing:          1894

Affiliations:                 None Known.

Records:                      The Canadian Baptist Archives lists the following records in their holdings:

Minute Book (1870-1894)

These records are also available on LDS microfilm number 0804329, item 5

The majority of the content of this minute book has been published in The Haggan Papers, part 4c, by the Elgin County Library.

History:                       This Regular Baptist congregation was formed in 1870, when differences occurred within the Malahide Jubilee church. On October 24, 1870, the Trustees purchased a site for a church at the southeast corner of Lot 30, Concession 3 from John Bagnall. A church was built and opened for services on January 22, 1871.  In 1894, the Berean congregation were persuaded to reunite with the Jubilee church. The building was moved to Aylmer to become the Church of Christ Disciples church. There is a Berean Cemetery located on Lot 21, Concession 2

Further history:           The Haggan Papers, part 4c, published by the Elgin County Library


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Baptist

Name of Church:        Roger’s Corners

Location:                     Lot 79, North Side Talbot Road (Corner of Talbot Line & Rogers Rd.)

Date of Formation:     1816

Date of Closing:          1843

Affiliations:                 congregation became Aylmer Baptist Church

Records:                      no known records

History:                       This congregation was established in 1816 by Reuben Crandell. Services were held at Rogers Corners until 1843 when a chapel was built in Aylmer.  A deed for one acre dated June 27, 1825 exists between Isaac Ostrander and the Trustees of the Baptist Denomination, for lot 79, North Side Talbot Road.  There is also a cemetery located on this property. It is not known if there was a church erected on this site.


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Baptist

Name of Church:        Aylmer Baptist

Location:                     153 John Street South, Aylmer (corner of John & Pine streets)  Aylmer Baptist Church

Date of Formation:     1843

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 Rogers Corners (1816 – 1843)

Lakeview:  Jubilee Baptist (1842 – 1894)

Berean Regular Baptist (1870 – 1894)

Calvary Baptist (Lakeshore) (1894 – 1910)

Lakeview Baptist (merger of Jubilee & Berean) (1910 – 1976)

Calton (1855 – present)

Malahide – Bayham Baptist Church (1855 – 1961)

Jaffa Baptist Church (1886 – 1981)

Mount Salem Union Church (1887)

Dunboyne Baptist Church (1906 – 1916)

Records:                      The following records are found in original format, at the Aylmer Baptist Church. The records are available to the public on request, by appointment,  for legitimate research, including genealogy, at a charge of $15 per hour.  A member of the church archives committee must be present for the entire appointment.  The church is willing to conduct searches for baptisms, marriages and deaths for a fee of $15 per hour. Many of the records listed below have been microfilmed by the Elgin County Library (see below):

Baptisms (1866 – present)

Marriages (1944 – 1984)

Burials (1866 – 1940’s)

Minutes (1848 – 1992)

Membership Lists (1916; 1981; 1983; 1986; 1992; 1993)

100th Anniversary Guest Book and Membership List (1916)

Annual Report and List of Donors (1885)

Mission Circle Records (1878 and 1926 – 1935)

Ladies Aid Records (1935 – 1965)

Women’s Foreign Mission Circle Records (1876 – 1888)

The following records are on LDS Microfilm number 0804328, item 1-2, for the Regular Baptist Church of Malahide & Aylmer:

Minutes (1848-1888)

Membership list (1866-1925)

The Elgin County Library also has church records from circa 1848-1983 on Microfilm numbers 1517 and 1518.

History:                       The congregation of Aylmer Baptist church actually had its beginnings in 1816 when a church was established at Rogers Corners (Rogers Road & Talbot Line) in 1816 by Reuben Crandell.  Services were held there until 1843 when the first chapel was built in Aylmer. A deed, dated Jan. 20, 1855 between James Adams and the Trustees of the Regular Baptist church for 4/5 acre, lot 84, south side of Talbot Road.  Lot 84 is on the east side of what is now John Street in Aylmer.  The present church at 153 John Street South (corner of Pine Street)  was built in 1871. A fire gutted the church on July 12, 1950,  was renovated and re-opened in 1963.

Further history:           article in Aylmer Express, Oct. 2, 1941; church to celebrate 125th anniversary; gives history


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Church of Christ Disciples

Name of Church:        Aylmer Church of Christ, Disciples

name changed to Aylmer Christian Church in 1998

Location:                     62 Pine Street, Aylmer (corner of Pine & Wellington Streets)  Aylmer Church of Christ Disciples

Date of Formation:     1885

Date of Closing:

Affiliations:                 Mapleton Church of Christ Disciples, South Dorchester (1850 – present)

Winger Church, Malahide (1840 – 1894)

Records:                      Baptisms (1895 –         )

Marriages (1895 –        )

Minutes (1895 –           )

Contact Archivist James McCallum (address in Introduction)

History:                       A congregation of Disciples began meeting in the home of Thomas Bradt in Malahide township in 1840 and became known as Winger Church.  This group transferred to the Aylmer church in 1894. The Aylmer congregation owes it beginnings to the Church of Christ at Mapleton where Edmund Sheppard, a pioneer school teacher and preacher, established a church in 1850.  By 1885, a number of members had moved into Aylmer and with the help of preacher William D. Campbell, held evangelistic meetings in Aylmer.  Some of the families in Aylmer at this time included Sherk, Inglis, Bradt, Luton, Reavie, Dunn, Hepburn, Hodges and Turner.   The Disciple congregation was organized in Aylmer in 1885 and met for a year in Aylmer’s first town hall before renting the old Anglican church at the corner of Water & Queen Streets, which they purchased on Aug. 5, 1889 from Samuel S. Clutton.  This building was destroyed by fire on Jan. 27, 1895.  The congregation then purchased the Berean Baptist church on Concession 3 on March 25, 1895 and built the present church from it in Aylmer. The lot on Pine Street was purchased from James E. McDonald (deed dated July 31, 1895), by the Trustees – John Campbell, John Hodges & Archibald Reavily. It opened for worship on July 14, 1895. Extensive renovations were carried out in 1953, including raising the building on a new concrete foundation and constructing a basement. A front vestibule was also added to the church.

Further history:           – article in Aylmer Express, Aug. 6, 1942; 57th anniversary of church

– Church of Christ, Aylmer, Ontario 1885-1975 (Elgin OGS has a copy)

Ministers:                    William D. Campbell circa 1885-1891

John D. Stephens 1891-1892

J. R. Black 1893-1895

Randall W. Ballah 1895-1898

E. Harlow 1898-1900

H. E. Stafford 1900-1901

Randall W. Ballah 1901-1907

W. N. Arnold 1907-1909

J. L. Wheeler 1909-1910

D. McCall 1911-1912

H. G. Kellog 1912-1913

William G. Charlton 1914-1919

Harry K. Franks 1920-1922

George W. Garrod 1922-1932

Dr. T. L. Fowler 1932-1933

James D. Kelly 1933-1935

Fred E. Dunn 1935-1936

John J. Hill 1936-1938

E. V. Allen 1938-1939

Howard L. Richardson 1939-1942

Francis R. James 1943-1944

William O. Rees 1944-1945

G. W. Garrod 1946-1947

William Kennedy 1947-1951

George White 1951-1952

Mr. Finch 1952

Richard B. Harris 1952-1954

Arthur Harris 1954-1957

William Bilson 1957-1961

Howard Hanson 1961-1962

Robert Wade 1962-1965

Benjamin Woodruff 1965-1969

Ronald K. Mellish 1970

Ralph J. Norman 1971-1974

Donald W. Stevenson 1974-1978

Robert Wade 1978

William Bilson 1978-1979

Paul Walden 1979-1982

Thomas Aylott 1983-1984

Duane Smith 1985-1986

Stephen Peltz 1987-1991

Kenneth Turnbull 1991-


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:        St. Paul’s United Church, Aylmer

Location:                     Talbot Street East, Aylmer (office 5 Queen Street North)  Aylmer St. Pauls United Church

Date of Formation:     1845

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 Episcopal Methodist Church, John St. N., Aylmer (merged 1884)

Knox Presbyterian Church, Aylmer (merged 1923)

Orwell United Church (amalgamated with Aylmer 1929)

Summers Corners United Church (amalgamated with Aylmer 1974)

Records:                      The United Church Archives in Toronto lists the following records for St. Paul’s in their holdings:

Quarterly Board Minutes (1856 – 1893)

Finance Committee Minutes (1895 – 1919)

Record of Offerings (1894 – 1908)

Women’s Auxiliary Minutes (1937 – 1939)

Visiting Record Book (not dated)

The following records, in original format, are housed at the church:

Baptisms (1840 – 1900, with gaps); (1900 – 1925)   TO PRESENT????

Marriages (1840 – 1900, with gaps); (1900 – 1933)

Burials (1840 – 1900, with gaps); (1900 –       ?)

Membership Lists (1898 – 1925)

Minutes (1900 – present)

Confirmations (1898 – 1909)

Circuit Register (1898 – 1909) Grovesend & Port Bruce (1860 – 1900)

The Elgin County Library also has church records on microfilm, from circa 1862 to 1990 on Microfilm numbers 1521 and 1522.

History:                       The Wesleyan Methodist congregation in Aylmer had its beginnings in 1845 due to the efforts of Aaron Price. In 1847, a frame church was built on the corner of what is now Queen & Sydenham Streets. There is a deed dated May 10, 1841 between Augustus Jones and the Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church for 2/5 acre, part of lot 84, south side Talbot Road, which probably was for this church.  At this time, the Aylmer Methodist Circuit consisted of eight other appointments, including  Grovesend, Orwell, Port Bruce, Lyons, Richmond, MacLachlan’s, Brick Schoolhouse and Gravel Road.  The first church was used until 1873, when the present building was built in 1874 on the northeast corner of Talbot & Queen Streets. A deed is dated Sept. 15, 1873 between James Finnie to the Trustees of the Aylmer Congregation of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, for 2/5 acre in lot 15, on the north side of Talbot Street. The new church was dedicated in October 1875 by Rev. Egerton Ryerson. The church seated over 700 people and boasted a 156 foot steeple.  In 1897 a basement was excavated. About the same time the steeple was lowered by 50 feet, and had to be lowered again in 1937 and again in 1949.  In 1956 a Christian Education building was completed, which contains the auditorium and stage, a Fellowship Room, the church office, classrooms, the kitchen and washroom facilities.

Further History:          -History Book and Souvenir, St. Paul’s United Church, Aylmer, Diamond Jubilee 1874 – 1934 (Elgin OGS has a copy)

-article in Aylmer Express, Oct. 16, 1924: Jubilee celebration at St. Paul’s; photos of former ministers; history given

-A Journey of Faith – 1845-1995, published in 1995 for the150th anniversary

Ministers:                    Francis Berry

A. H. Smith

W. Ames

G. W. Calvert

Aaron Price

H. Tisdale

W.  Bothwell

J. Best

Jeremiah VanWagoner

William McDonagh 1873-1876

David Brethour 1876-1879

George Richardson 1879-1882

B. Clement 1882-1885

J. R. Gundy 1885-1888

Dr. Pascoe 1888-1891

Thomas Cullen 1891-1893

R. J. Treleaven 1893-1896

James Livingston 1896-1898

C. T. Scott 1898-1901

G. W. McCallister 1901-1905

Joseph Philip 1905-1909

A. W. Tonge 1909-1913

A. E. M. Thomson 1913-1917

W. K. Hagar 1917-1921

H. T. Ferguson 1921-1925

Waldemar Williams 1925-1931

Gladstone Wood 1931-1934

C. E. Stenlake 1934-1943

L. C. Lawson 1943-1946

D. A. Cowan 1946-1951

T. G. Husser 1951-1958

Fred Bayes 1958-1962

J. A. Logan 1962-1970

Norman E. Jones 1970-1997

Donald Graham 1997-


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Methodist (Episcopal)

Name of Church:        Aylmer Methodist Episcopal Church

Location:                     John Street, Aylmer (lot 83, south side Talbot Road)

Date of Formation:     1860’s

Date of Closing:          1884

Affiliations:                 merged with Wesleyan Methodist Church in Aylmer (St. Paul’s)

Records:                      no known records

History:                       There are two deeds relating to the Methodist Episcopal Church in Aylmer.  The first, dated July 13, 1864, is between William Ernst [?] & Samuel Whaley and the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, for 1/5 acre in lot 83, south side Talbot Road.  Lot 83 would be on what is now the west side of John Street South.  Another deed, dated June 27, 1878, exists between Alonzo Lee and the Trustees of the Aylmer Methodist Episcopal  Church, for 1/5 acre in lot 3 (Aylmer Town lot number), west side of the Aylmer & Port Bruce Gravel Road [ now John Street]. A deed also exists between Abram Beemer and the Trustees of the Canadian Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion, for 2/5 acre in lot 83, south side Talbot Road, bearing the date April 23, 1857. It is uncertain if this is a separate church, or if this congregation later became the Episcopal Methodists. Another deed, dated May 25, 1861 between Peter Clayton and the Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion – Francis Leeson, Isaac H. Mills, Owen Robertson, George Anger and Leander Benner, exists for a parcel in lot 84, south side Talbot Road, south side Sydenham street. It is not known what church this refers to.

A church was erected on John Street North in 1879, but was only used a few short years until the congregation joined with the Wesleyan Methodists (St. Paul’s).  The church was purchased by the Anglican Congregation, and today is Trinity Anglican Church.


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada

Name of Church:        Aylmer Evangelical Missionary Church

Location:                     600 Talbot Street West, Aylmer, Ontario. N5H 2T8 (corner of Rogers Road & Talbot Line)  Malahide Missionary Church

Date of Formation:     1900

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 formerly known as Mennonite Brethren

known as United Missionary Church from 1947 – 1968

merged with Missionary Church Association in 1968 to form the Missionary Church

Records:                      Baptism, marriage, death and membership records are complete from 1900 to the present; and board minutes from the 1970’s to the present.  The records are located at the church office and with historical committee members, and are available for genealogical research

History:                       The Aylmer Evangelical Missionary Church has Mennonite roots and was first known as the United Missionary Church.  In 1969, the United Missionary Church merged with the Missionary Church Association and became The Missionary Church.  In 1993, the Missionary Church merged with the Evangelical Church and became the Evangelical Missionary Church.  The Aylmer congregation was founded as a result of two missionary women who came from the St. Thomas mission. The City Mission Workers (as they were called), began to hold worship services  in an upstairs auditorium over what is now Spicer’s Bakery at 20 Talbot St. West.  In the early years of this congregation in Aylmer, they were informally known as the Gospel Mission.  Later in 1900 a property at 75 Talbot St. W., almost across from the old Post Office was purchased, renovated and dedicated in 1900.  On May 8, 1955, the cornerstone was laid for a new church on the corner of Oak and Elm Streets. Due to crowded conditions, a new church was built on the former Rogers property west of Aylmer, at 600 Talbot St. West in 1990.  A history of the church was prepared in 1990 for its 90th anniversary (Elgin OGS has a copy)

Ministers:                    Rev. C. N. Good 1904-1906

Rev. W. Irish 1906

Rev. J. H. Clark 1907-1909

Rev. C. T. Homuth 1909-1911

Rev. C. Raymer 1911

Rec. C. T. Homuth 1914-1915

Rev. L. P. Raymer 1915-1916

Rev. J. Sider 1916-1917

Rev. E. Moyer 1917-1920

Rev. H. Gouldie 1921

Rev. J. Bowell 1921-1922

Rev. H. Goudie 1922-1923

Rev. W. B. Moyer 1923-1927

Rev. A. G. Warder 1927-1930

Rev. H. R. Frey 1930-1933

Rev. W. M. Shantz 1933-1937

Rev. E. Lucas 1937-1940

Rev. J. H. Sherk 1940-1941

Rev. L. K. Sider 1941-1944

Rev. W. H. Yates 1944-1945

Rev. G. Turnbull 1945-1949

Rev. D. T. Pugh 1949-1952

Rev. W. R. Geiger 1952-1957

Rev. H. Shantz 1957-1959

Rev. P. G. Lehman 1959-1962

Rev. C. G. West 1962-1966

Rev. D. E. Gray 1966-1979

Rev. Graham Burkhart 1979-1992

Rev. Frank Winsor 1992-1994

Rev. Herbert H. Bock 1994-1995

Rev. Michael Bells 1995-


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            The Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

Name of Church:        Malahide Preparative Meeting; Quaker Meeting House

Location:                     Lot 26, Concession 6, (or lot 99, south side Talbot Road) north west corner (same location as existing cemetery (Seville)- Talbot Line & Walker Rd.)

Date of Formation:     1842

Date of Closing:          1892

Affiliations:                 Norwich Monthly Meeting

Records:                      Births (1845 – 1892)

Marriages (1845 – 1892)

Deaths (1845 – 1892)

Membership Records (1845 – 1892)

Minutes of Preparative Meeting (1845 – 1892)

The above records are in original form housed at the Dorland Friends Collection, Pickering College, Newmarket, Ontario.

Microfilmed copies of most early records are available at the National Archives; Archives of Ontario; and the Regional History Department, D.B. Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario, London.

History:                       An 1846 Directory states that “there was a fair settlement of 160 Quakers, most living just east of Aylmer”.  A meeting house was built on the northwest corner of lot 26, concession 6 (or lot 99, south side Talbot Road), the lot having been acquired from Reuben Kennedy on Oct. 22, 1845.  The Preparative Meeting established in 1845, under the Norwich Monthly Meeting.  A “Preparative” was the name given to a local group under a “Monthly” meeting. After this meeting house closed in 1892, it is probable that the congregation used the Dunboyne Union Church for some services, as there is a reference to Quaker meetings being held there. The Meeting House stood until the 1940’s and was sold and removed to a farm where it was used for a barn.


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Roman Catholic

Name of Church:        Our Lady of Sorrows (formerly called St. John’s)

Date of Formation:     circa 1901 (first Mass)  Aylmer Our Lady of Sorrows RC Church

Date of Closing:          active

Location:                     116 John Street South, Aylmer, Ontario. N5H 2C4

Affiliations:                 Holy Angels Church, St. Thomas

St. Birgitta, Port Bruce

Records:                      Baptisms (1940-present)

Marriages (1940-present)

Burials (1940-present)

Membership Lists (1940-present)

Board Minutes (1940-present)

Cemetery Information

Parish Directories

Confirmation records

First Eucharist records

These records are located at the church and at the Diocese of London.  They are not available for research to the general public.  Under the Church’s discretion, information can be given to an individual.

History:                       Somewhere around the turn of the century a priest started to come from St. Thomas to Aylmer.  It is known that Mass was offered in June 1901 in the home of John Kiley.  About this time Aylmer officially became a mission of St. Thomas.  For the first few years Mass was offered in private homes.  In 1911, Father John Hogan set up a more permanent place of worship, by renting and equipping a hall in the second storey of what was later the Foodland Grocery Store.  The first Mass was held July 7, 1911 and the church was named St. John’s. After two years of meeting above the store, a house on St. George Street was purchased.  Services were held there until 1937 when the church rented a hall over Miller’s Hardware Store.  In 1939 Father White was appointed pastor of the new parish of Our Lady of Sorrows. A lot was purchased from Mrs. McConnell on the corner of Pine and John St. South.  The cornerstone for a new church was laid on December 10, 1939 and the first Mass was offered in the new building on January 14, 1940.  At this time, the church was still a basement, with the colonial-designed upper storey being completed in 1951.

Further history:           -article in Aylmer Express, June 13, 1912: congregation purchases house on St. George street; will convert to a church

– article in Aylmer Express, July 11, 1912: Catholic church opened

– article in Aylmer Express, July 13, 1939; Aylmer becomes a Roman Catholic parish; Father S.E. White, St. Thomas, appointed pastor

-article in Aylmer Express, Nov. 16, 1939; sod turned for new church

– article in Aylmer Express, Dec. 14, 1939; cornerstone laid

– article in Aylmer Express, Jan. 18, 1940; first mass held in new church

Ministers:                    Rev. Fr. John Hogan circa 1911

Rev. Fr. Corcoran

Rev. Fr. Blair

Rev. Fr. S. E. White circa 1939-1958

assistants:        Fr. M. H. Sullivan 1941-1946

Fr. Hugh Fleming 1946-1950

Fr. J. T. Hollerhead 1951-1956

Fr. William Morris 1956-1958

Rev. Fr. Hugh Fleming 1958-1972

assistants:        Fr. John Harper 1958-1962

Fr. Charles Beuglet 1962-1964

Fr. Dan Morand 1964-1966

Fr. James Blonde 1966-1969

Fr. Ronald Reeves 1969-1974

Rev. Fr. Charles McManus 1972-1981

Rev. Fr. James Summers 1981-1993

Rev. Fr. Terrance McNamara 1993-1998

Rev. Fr. Gilbert Simard 1998-


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada

Name of Church:        The People’s Full Gospel Tabernacle

Incorporated as Aylmer Full Gospel Church in 1997  Aylmer Peoples Full Gospel Church

Location:                     344 Talbot Street East, Aylmer

Date of Formation:     1943 [or 1949]

Date of Closing:          active

Records:                      Baptisms (1997 – present)

Marriages (1949 – present)

Membership Lists (1977 – present)

Board Minutes (1965 – present)

These records are in original format, located at the church office. The records are not available to the public for research, but interested persons may contact the church office.

History:                       Originally known as “The People’s Full Gospel Tabernacle”, this church had its beginnings at  prayer meetings  in 1943.  In 1947, Glen Francis became the first pastor and meetings were held over the former Gunstone Shoe Store on Talbot Street.  A few months later, a house on 344 Talbot Street East was purchased, to which a main auditorium was added.  The new church was dedicated April 17, 1949. In 1981 an addition was made to the church, including two new wings to the front of the building, enlarging the entrance, washroom and nursery facilities, and a multi-purpose room. Until 1994 the church was an independent assembly. In January of that year they entered into affiliation with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada.

Further history:           A history of the church has been compiled.  Contact the church for further information.

Ministers:                    Rev. Glen Francis 1947-1954

C. Davis 1954-1955

M. Riness 1956-1958

D. Foley 1958-1959

R. Spurrell 1960-1966

P. Heidt 1966-1972

N. McNeill 1972-1973

M. Fuller 1973-1978

R. Tauber 1978-1981

Peter Barbour 1981-


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            The Christian Reformed Church in North America

Name of Church:        Aylmer Christian Reformed Church

Location:                     194 South Street, Aylmer, Ontario. N5H 1S3 (at Caverly Road)  Aylmer Christian Reformed Church

Date of Formation:     1949

Date of Closing:          active

Records:                      Records of Baptism, Marriage, Membership and Minutes exist from 1949.  The present records are located at the church office.  The church archives is located at the home of Marinus Booy, R.R. #2, St. Thomas, Ontario, N5P 3S6.  Information is available possibly upon request to the Church Council.

History:                       During the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, many Dutch immigrants and their families had moved into the Aylmer area. On April 25, 1948 a group of five Dutch families rented the basement of St. Paul’s United Church for afternoon worship service.  From then on, there was a regular worship service in Aylmer every Sunday at 2:00 p.m.  On Nov. 4, 1948, Rev. John Gritter from Grand Rapids became the missionary-pastor for the Aylmer area; his territory was from Tillsonburg to the Glencoe area.  A parsonage was purchased for the minister on John Street South at that time.  On May 29, 1949, the Aylmer congregation was officially organized with about 50 families. Services were held in the basement of the Baptist Church and then in the Town Hall. The congregation purchased property on the corner of South Street and Caverly Road upon which a church was built and opened, with dedication services on  December 13 & 14, 1950. It was a white frame building with a basement and seating capacity of 350 in the sanctuary. Due to church growth, in 1967 it was decided to build a new church behind the old one, and then to tear the old building down. The dedication service of the present church took place on March 6, 1968. In 1991 a group of about 24 families left to form what is now the Bethel United Reformed Church, which meet in Springfield. In 1994 a large addition was built onto the back of the church, which includes a large nursery, Pastor and secretary offices, council room and several meetings rooms.  On May 28-30, 1999, the congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary.  An Anniversary Book was compiled.

Ministers:                    Rev. John Gritter 1948-1950

Rev. Joseph Vande Kieft 1951-1958

Rev. John Koopmans 1958-1962

Rev. Carl Tuyl 1962-1966

Rev. C. Spoor 1967-1973

Rev. William Renkema 1974-1979

Dr. H. J. Boekhoven 1980-1990

Rev. R. A. Wynia 1987-1991

Rev. John Hellinga 1994-2000

Pastor Louis Bosma 1996-

Rev. Richard deLange 2000-


Township:                   Malahide / Aylmer
Denomination:            Lutheran

Name of Church:        St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Location:                     corner of Talbot Street West & Caverly Rd., Aylmer  Aylmer St. Johns Lutheran Church

Date of Formation:     1938

Date of Closing:          active

Records:                      no response to questionnaire

History:                       The first Lutheran service in Aylmer took place in 1938 at the home of Mr. & Mrs. John Stanat, conducted by Pastor John Reble.  Later a service was held at Mr. & Mrs. Albert Hessler’s near Straffordville.  Meetings were postponed due to the war, until 1942 when a small group met in the Summer’s Corners United Church. In 1944, monthly services were arranged to be held in Trinity Anglican Church, and later at the Town Hall.  The congregation was officially organized on May 2, 1946 by Rev. John Mangelsen.  Later that year the former home of Harley Ryckman, at 428 Talbot Street West, was renovated to serve as a chapel and manse, and was dedicated Dec. 8, 1946.  A new church was built near the corner of Talbot Street West and Caverly Road in 1952 and dedicated on April 26, 1953.

Further history:           “A Brief History”, prepared by Rev. Henry W. Schaper, 1996.

Rev. John Reble 1938-

Rev. John Mangelsen 1946-1950

Dr. Arthur B. Little

Rev. Frederick W. Haak 1951-1960

Rev. Christian Clausen-Mohr 1960-1964

Rev. Joachim Knaack 1965-1969

Rev. Erich Griebling 1970-1977

Alfred Pinnau & Henry Schaper (students) 1977

Rev. Henry Schaper 1978-


Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            United Brethren

Name of Church:        Malahide United Brethren

Location:                     not known

Date of Formation:     possibly 1887

Date of Closing:          not known

Affiliations:                 None known.

Records:                      no known records

History:                       A parcel of land , part of lot 28, Con. 5 ( 1/4 acres) was leased to the Trustees of the United Brethren in Christ – B .J. Nichols, William Shepherd, Moses Brown, John Phillmore & Ezra Gamble – by Edward & Mary Powell in 1887. It is not known whether a church building was ever erected on this site.


Township:                   Malahide/Aylmer
Denomination:            Multi-racial organization

Name of Church:        Church of God

Location:                     highway 73 just north of Aylmer (Imperial Road)

Date of Formation:     1990

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 None.

Records:                      no response to questionnaire

History:                       The Church of God congregation in Aylmer started in 1990 when a group of the Church of God from other areas held services here.  Services were first held in a renovated shop on Walker Road with a capacity of only 80 people. As steady growth was experienced by the congregation in 1996, the church rented the Luton Community Centre with a capacity of 110 people.  Meanwhile steps were being taken to purchase a suitable property for a permanent meeting place.  Property just north of Aylmer on Highway 73 was purchased and construction was started in November of 1996.  In April of 1998, the new chapel was ready for occupancy, seating 200. A multi-racial congregation, translators are always present in every service for four different languages.

Ministers:                    Henry Hildebrandt 1993-


Township:                   Malahide/Aylmer

Name of Church:        German Church of God

Location:                     9 Bradley Street, Aylmer, Ontario.  N5H 2Y4

Date of Formation:     1968

Date of Closing:          active

Affiliations:                 None known

Records:                      no response to questionnaire

History:                       The first assembly of the German Church of God was in the form of a Christmas service in 1968, which took place in a private home, attended by 100 people. Following that date, Sunday afternoon services were held once a month in the Legion Hall in Aylmer, continuing until October 1969, when a former schoolhouse in the Kingsmill area was rented for weekly services.  In 1973 the present church was built on Bradley street.

Ministers:                    Joseph Jakobsh 1972-1982

Alfred Brin 1982-1988

Reinhard Berndt 1988-


Township:                   Malahide/Aylmer
Denomination:            Jehovah’s Witnesses

Name of Church:        The Kingdom Hall

Location:                     John Street North, Aylmer; at Glencolin Line

Date of Formation:     pre 1940

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no questionnaire response

History:                       The beginnings of this congregation drew about 20 to 30 people, who met in homes and halls in Aylmer and Springfield and held public meetings in school and parks.  In the late 1940’s, the first Kingdom Hall was built on John Street South.  It was destroyed by fire, but rebuilt on the same site and is still standing.  The present Kingdom Hall was built in 1996 on John Street North at Glencolin Line.


Township:                   Malahide/Aylmer

Name of Church:        Creekside Community Church

Location:                     649 Talbot Street West, Aylmer, Ontario

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no response to questionnaire



Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Mennonite

Name of Church:        Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church

Location:                     Summers Corners (R. R. #1 Aylmer, Ontario. N5H 2R1)

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no response to questionnaire


Ministers:                    Jake Friesen (773-3374)


Township:                   Malahide

Name of Church:        Fountain of Life Gospel Temple

Location:                     Luton (former Luton United Church)

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active?


Records:                      no response to questionnaire



Township:                   Malahide
Denomination:            Evangelical Mennonite Conference

Name of Church:        Mount Salem Evangelical Mennonite Church

Location:                     Mount Salem (R. R. #6 Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2R5)

6576 Springfield Road

Date of Formation:     October 8, 1976

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      Minutes of Board Meetings 1976 to present

Marriage Records 1977 to present

Baptism Records 1978 to present

Minutes of Membership Meetings and Membership Lists

These records are located in the church office, and would be available for genealogical research after arrangements have been made with the Church Executive.

History:                       The Mount Salem Evangelical Mennonite Church was begun in 1976 with Rev. and Mrs. Cornelius Dueck coming from Manitoba to start a church with Mennonite immigrants who had moved into the Aylmer area.  After leasing a church building on Lakeshore Road from the Dofasco Steel Company, the new congregation purchased the Mount Salem School building in the village of Mount Salem.  When the congregation outgrew this facility, a new auditorium was built adjacent to the school building.  This building was extended further in 1992.  The congregation responded to the rapid growth that was happening by establishing a new church in Straffordville in 1996.  Another congregation was started in February 2000 in the town of Tillsonburg.  The congregation is made up almost entirely of people with an ethnic Mennonite background.  While most of the original founding members were immigrant Mennonite people, a majority of the current members have been born and educated in Canada.  This has resulted in a transition from using the Low German language in the worship service to English.  The congregation is affiliated with the Evangelical Mennonite Conference with headquarters in Steinbach, Manitoba.


Township:                   Malahide

Name of Church:        Old Colony Mennonite Church

Location:                     Dingle Street (R. R. #1 Aylmer, Ontario.  N5H 2R1)

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no response to questionnaire



Township:                   Malahide

Name of Church:        Old Sommerfelder Gemeinde of Ontario

Location:                     R. R. #2 Aylmer, Ontario. N5H 2R2

located on John Street South, Aylmer, (or 6236 Imperial Road)

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no response to questionnaire



Township:                   Malahide

Name of Church:        Open Bible Baptist Church

Location:                     Hacienda Road (R. R. #1 Aylmer, Ontario.  N5H 2R1)

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no response to questionnaire



Township:                   Malahide

Name of Church:        Reinland Fellowship Mennonite Church

Location:                     R. R. # 4 Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2R3

Date of Formation:

Date of Closing:          active


Records:                      no response to questionnaire