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Churches in Aldborough Township

Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Anglican (Church of England)

Name of Church:      Grace Anglican Church, West LorneWest Lorne Grace Anglican Church

Location:                    230 Morden Street, West Lorne

Date of Formation:   1882

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                The Church of the Nativity, Dutton (1891-1893; 1897-1942; 1950-present)

St. Peter’s Anglican, Tyrconnell (1897 – 1906; 1968[?] – present)

St. John’s Anglican, Glencoe (1943 – 1949)

St. Stephen’s Anglican, Burwell Park (1968 [?] – present)

Anglican Church, Port Stanley (1977[?] – 1983)

Records:                     all records have been deposited in the Anglican Diocese of Huron Archives

Service Register (1894-1965)

Vestry Records (1891-1949)

On microfilm number 1343 at the Elgin County Archives, are records for Church of the Nativity & Grace Anglican Church, West Lorne, 1898-1954, including:

                                    Parish History


Baptisms, 1898-1954

Marriages, 1899-1920; 1907-1912; 1921-1953

Burials, 1898-1954

Confirmations, 1899-1917; 1921-1952

Parochial lists, 1952

 History:                      A group of Anglicans among the English settlers in West Lorne, then called Bismarck, began holding services as early as 1874 at the nearest parish church at Tyrconnell and West Lorne in a church then opened by the Presbyterians. Rev. Eidelstein, a converted Jew, became the first Anglican minister in West Lorne.   In 1881, Rev. John Schulte, a professor at Huron College, was appointed as Anglican missionary in Aldborough township.  The following year, 1882, the congregation of Grace Anglican Church, Bismarck, was organized and recognized as officially in union with the Synod of Huron. Rev. Schulte spoke German fluently and was permitted to use the Lutheran Church on Middle Street to conduct Anglican services for a time.  Land was deeded to the congregation by John Christopher Schleihauf ( a Lutheran whose wife Sarah Gilbert was an Anglican) on West Main Street in 1883.  That year the Temperance Hall was bought and moved to this site.  It was enlarged, renovated and furnished as a church, and was dedicated on Feb. 19, 1884. In 1897 the mission of Dutton, Bismarck and Rodney was established and the first priest in charge was Rev. J. C. Ferrier.  The parish register dates from 1898, though there must have been many baptisms, marriages and burials prior to this date.  Grace Church was completely renovated and redecorated in 1948-49.  In 1960 a new Parish Hall was constructed, and in 1980 the church was once again renovated.

Further history:         history prepared for 70th Anniversary of church in 1954


Rev. Eidelstein, 1874 – ?                                             Rev. J. A. Gadd, 1960-1967

Rev. Dr. John Schulte, 1881-1884                              Rev. B. E. Brassel, 1967-1970

Rev. Jeffrey Hill, 1891-1894                                      Rev. Bryan Foxton, 1970-1973

Rev. M. Steele, 1895-1897                                         Rev. Brian Holt, 1974-1977

Rev. J. C. Ferrier, 1897                                               Rev. Gordon Simmons, 1977-1982

Rev. S. P. Irwin, 1898-1903                                       Rev. M. Perry, 1983-1984

Rev. T. B. Howard, 1903-1906                                  Rev. Stephen Haig, 1984-1987

Rev. Kenneth McGowan, 1906-1909                         Rev. Margaret Wheeler, 1987-1992

Rev. W. B. Hawkins, 1909-1911                                Rev. Anne Mills, 1993-

Rev. R. J. Murphy, 1912-1918

Rev. J. H. Colclough, 1919-1920

Rev. William Wallace, 1920-1924

Rev. E. W. McKegney, 1924-1926

Rev. J. H. Smith, 1926-1929

Rev. C. L. Langford, 1930-1939

Rev. R. C. Capper, 1939-1942

Rev. R. M. Weekes, 1943-1949

Rev. W. K. Morrison, 1949-1951

Rev. C. P. Bennett, 1952-1953

Rev. W. R. Parson, 1953-1957


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Baptist

Name of Church:      Covenanted Baptist Church of Christ in Aldborough (also known as Particular Covenanted Baptist Church in Canada)Wallacetown Particular Covenanted Baptist Church

Location:                    Lot 15, Concession 12, (southwest quarter), one mile west of Eagle

Date of Formation:   1820

Date of Closing:         1927               

Records:                     Minutes 1852 – present;  (including Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Membership List), are in their original format and are in the possession of Stewart McColl, R.R. #4, Appin, Ontario, N0L 1A0 [these records begin with Elder Thomas McColl’s records; earlier records of Elder Dugald Campbell have been lost]

History:                      The Covenanted Baptist church was located on the north side of Talbot Road at Brock’s Creek, a mile west of Eagle. A deed exists dated Aug. 24, 1858 for the property from Duncan McCallum to the Trustees of the Baptist Church in Aldborough.  The church was built in 1844 and served the Baptists of the area for 83 years when it was sold to a real estate broker named Mr. Pfeifer.  The frame is still in use as a driveshed on a local farm.  The building with one entrance, faced south on the north side of the road.  The pulpit was black and made of walnut, which was sold to a nearby dealer at the time the church was sold.  A balcony was built over the whole church.  The attic or loft was reached by a narrow stairway at the front of the main entrance.The first Elder of the Eagle Covenanted Baptist church was Elder Dugald Campbell, who came to the area from Scotland in 1818, and commenced peaching in Thomas McColl’s school house about 1820.  He walked 40 miles from Eagle to Lobo to preach, and also held services in Baldoon, Ekfrid, Orford, Mosa, Howard and Yarmouth townships.  He was succeeded by Elder Thomas McColl who came to America in 1817.  He was followed by Elder Carnell of Lebanon, Ohio, assisted by Elder Curry of Kentucky.  In 1914 Elder John Slouson arrived and remained pastor until his death in 1925.

Further history:         deposited in Canadian Baptist Church Archives, Hamilton


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Baptist

Name of Church:      Clachan Baptist Church

Formerly known as Aldborough Chachan Baptist ChurchPlains Baptist Church

Location:                    Lot 1, Concession 3 (until 1948),1/4 mile south of Con. 3 on Black’s Lane

Lot 1, Concession 2 (Clachan); 21667 Clachan Road (at Johnston Line)

Date of Formation:   1871

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                Newbury Baptist Church (1871 – 1872)

Rodney Baptist Church (1874 –   ?)

Rodney & West Lorne Baptist Church (1882 –   ?)

Bothwell & Zone Centre Baptist Church (1939 – ?)

Bothwell Baptist Church (1953 – present)

Records:                     Minutes (1871 – 1897)

Membership Lists (1871 – 1965)

The above records are at the Canadian Baptist Archives, Hamilton

These records have also been microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, and are on indefinite loan at the LDS Family History Library in London & St. Thomas.  Microfilm numbers: 897913 (item 6) [membership]; and 804351 (item 2) [minutes].

History:                      Prior to the establishment of a Baptist congregation at Clachan, members had been attending services in Newbury, nine miles away. In 1871, land was given by Murdock McLeod for the first Baptist church near the corner of the 3rd concession and Black’s Lane on the east side of the road on a knoll.  The organizational meeting was held at the home of John McLarty.  Seth York was appointed clerk and Amasa Thomas and Alexander Graham appointed as deacons.  Rev. Robinson was the first pastor, assisted by Rev. E. Turner.  The church building was moved to the present location at the corner of the 3rd concession and the Aldborough-Orford Townline, where Bruce Hillman offered a free lot. Garnet & Annie Long built a house on the original site in 1951.  A grandson, Orville Long, later lived in this house. The church was remodelled and a full basement and chapel were constructed in 1948.  The church’s name was officially changed from “Aldborough Plains” to “Clachan Baptist Church” in 1962.  In 1971, 100th anniversary services were held.


Rev. A. C. Dixon, 1941-1945

Rev. Wm. W. Robertson, 1945-1949

Rev. James Duncan, 1950-1953

Rev. Lawrence Dayken, 1953-1958  

Rev. David J. Taves, 1958-1960

Rev. Alex Gray, 1960-1966

Rev. Fred Willson, 1967-1972

Rev. Alexander Taylor, 1972-1975

Rev. Alfred Stevens, 1976-1980

Rev. Ralph Humphries, 1981-1986

Rev. Klaus Hildebrandt, 1988-1998

Rev. Steve Filyer, 1998-


 Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Baptist

Name of Church:      Rodney Baptist Church Rodney Baptist Church

Location:                    214 Monroe Street, (at Powell St.) Rodney

Date of Formation:   1874

Date of Closing:         October 2003

Affiliations:                Aldborough Plains Baptist Church (1874 – ?)

West Lorne Baptist Church (1882 – 1891)

Aldborough & Palmyra Baptist Church (1891 – 1897)

West Lorne Baptist Church (1897-1909; 1916-1925; 1963-present)

Records:    Minutes (1894 – 1917)

Membership Lists (1876 – 1952)
Treasurer’s Records (1897-1902)

Church History
The above records are at the Canadian Baptist Archives, Hamilton

History:     Rodney Baptists held their services in a small hall prior to the erection of a church in1879. In 1876, Alex McIntyre of Wallacetown established a Baptist Mission in Rodney, being part of the Regular Baptist denomination. Rev. Peter Carey followed, preaching at Palmyra, Rodney, and Aldborough Plains.  Rev. Carey was largely responsible for the erection of the church.  The lot for the church was given by Nicol Kingsmill of Toronto.  Trustees at that time were Rev. Peter Carey, Hugh Hillman and Neil Gray.  The stone for the foundation was donated by Deacon Carey of Palmyra, father of Rev. Carey.  Mason work was done by John Hitzell and Archie Gray.  Mr. Gray, along with his father Neil Gray, and Hugh Hillman erected a 30 ft. by 50 ft. church for the sum of $300.  In 1919 a steeple was built, and a further addition to the church was made in 1940.  In 1948 – 1949, the church, which originally faced west, was turned to face east.  The church was also raised with a basement being constructed under the church.  After the church closed, it was sold as a residence. A history of the church was prepared by Sheila McCann in 1978 (Elgin OGS has a copy)


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Baptist

Name of Church:      West Lorne Baptist Church West Lorne Baptist Church

Location:                    197 Graham Street, West Lorne, N0L 2P0

Date of Formation:    1876

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                Aldborough Plains Baptist Church (1874 – ?)

Rodney Baptist Church (1876 – 1906)

Dutton Baptist Church (1906-1958)

Rodney Baptist Church (1964-present)

Records:                     Marriages (1896 – 1964)

Minutes (1905 – 1926; 1927-1955)

 History of Church

The above records are at the Canadian Baptist Archives, Hamilton

History:         The congregation at West Lorne is part of the Regular Baptist Convention, and met in homes and community halls until the first church was built in 1877 and dedicated on February 24, 1878. This original frame church building was the oldest Protestant church in West Lorne. It was built on two lots purchased from John & William Clark In 1908 the shed at the rear of the church was torn down and a structure was built for prayer and Bible class meetings. The frame church completely destroyed by fire on April 21, 1946, which was Easter Sunday.  The cornerstone for a new building was laid in November 1946, and opened on April 20, 1947. Centennial services for the congregation were held on April 11, 1976.

Further history:         -article in Dutton Advance, April 25, 1946, re fire

– article in Dutton Advance, November 7, 1946, re cornerstone laying

– article in Dutton Advance, April 24, 1947, re opening of new church


(With Rodney)                                                (With Dutton)

Rev. Peter R. Carey, 1876                              Rev. C. P. McFarlane, 1910

Rev. Alex McIntyre, 1882                              Rev. D. D. Burtch, 1916

Rev. C. S. Herrington, 1884                           Rev. J. R. Wolstencroft, 1918

Rev. John Geo. Hastings, 1885                      Rev. R. J. McLaren, 1921

Rev. E. S. Wilson, 1889                                  Rev. J. W. Hisey, 1922

Rev. L. M. Randell, 1892                               Rev. W. E. James, 1925

Rev. H. W. Mack, 1893                                  Rev. C. R. Gower, 1932

Rev. M. P. Campbell, 1898                             Rev. Ralph P. Clark, 1937

Rev. J. W. Mann, 1900                                   Rev. J. Frank Ward, 1943

Rev. J. M. Smith, 1902                                   Rev. Bruce R. Jackson, 1948

Rev. A. A. Fanjoy, 1906                                 Rev. Arthur Homer, 1951

                                                                        Rev. Wm. B. Glenn, 1958

(With Rodney as a two-point charge)

Rev. James K. Lewis, 1964

Rev. Donald J. Corbett, 1967

Rev. Norman Schlarbaum, 1969                    

Rev. Wilbert Zavitz, 1987


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Church of Christ (Disciples)

Name of Church:      The Disciples of Christ , Eagle Eagle Church of Christ

(was a “Union” church used by several denominations; later became Eagle United Church)

Location:                    Lot 18, Concession 12 (east quarter);village of  Eagle

Date of Formation:    1863

Date of Closing:         about 1967?

Affiliations:                Rodney Christian Church (1873 – ?)

West Lorne Church of Christ Disciples (1887 – ?)

Records:                     contact James McCallum, Archivist (see listing under Church Archives)

History:                       A church was built in 1865 – 1866, and was a Union Church used by Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans, Lutherans and Disciples.  The history of the Disciple denomination in Aldborough goes as far back as 1818 when Scottish immigrants were worshipping as a Scottish Baptist congregation, becoming a forerunner of the Disciples of Christ.When James Black arrived in Aldborough in 1820, he found a group of families being ministered to by a Scottish Baptist preacher named Donald McVicar.  These families included McKillop, Ferguson, McKellar and Robertson.  Elder Black began to preach to them, followed by David Oliphant, A. Anderson, James Kilgour, Dugald Sinclair and E. Shepperd.  For 20 to 30 years this group met without a church building.  About 1865 or 1866, a church was built on the northeast bank of Brock’s Creek on the Talbot Road  just west of the intersection at Eagle.  In 1875 it was moved to the village corner  on land donated by Ernest and Catherine Lindenman.  It was built as a Union Church, to be used by any denomination.  The deed for the property is dated May 25, 1870 between the Lindenmans and the Trustees, all  members of the Disciple congregation, namely Archibald McKillop, Archibald Munroe and Archibald Purcell. When a new Disciple Church was built in West Lorne following a fire in 1904, the congregation in Eagle began to dwindle, but carried on for a few more years. The first services held by the Methodists in this building was in 1877, and the Presbyterians usually had a service once a month. As time progressed, only the Methodists were holding services.  After 1925, the building was used as a United Church for many years before it was completely closed.  The Disciples continued to hold anniversary services off and on prior to its closing. The last service was held in 1967 as a centennial project for the village of Eagle.  The building was dismantled in 1989, since the owners, the West Lorne Church of Christ, felt it was dangerous.

Further history:         “The Story of Eagle’s Union Church”, by Ronald Payne

Ministers: (Disciples)Rev. C. Scott

                                    Rev. C. Brown

                                    Rev. Patterson

                                    Rev. Halbert

                                    Rev. Ashton

                                    Rev. Vance

                                    Rev. Penrose

                                    Rev. Lawson

                                    Rev. Harvey

                                    Rev. Husser ( – 1925)


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Methodist (became United Church of Canada in 1925)

Name of Church:      Eagle United Church 

(was a “Union” Church, used by other denominations, mainly the Disciples of Christ)

Location:                    Lot 18, Concession 12 (east quarter), village of Eagle

Date of Formation:    1877

Date of Closing:         ca 1965

Affiliations:                West Lorne


Records:                     see West Lorne United Church

History:                       The first Methodist service in the Eagle Union church was held in 1877.  The Disciple congregation held their services on Sunday evenings, and the Presbyterians once a month.

                                    (See history of Union Church given in listing of Disciple congregation,


Further history:         -article in Dutton Advance, November 8, 1961

                                    – article in Dutton Advance, August 16, 1967

Ministers: (Methodist)           Rev. Fairley

                                                Rev. Irrwin

                                                Rev. Cousins

                                                Rev. Peter Jones


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Church of Christ (Disciples)

Name of Church:      West Lorne Church of Christ (Disciples)

Location:                    206 Graham Street (at Elm Street), West Lorne  West Lorne Disciples Church

Date of Formation:    1887

Date of Closing:         January 8, 2006 (final service)

Affiliations:                Rodney Christian Church (1887 – ?)

The Disciples of Christ, Eagle (1887 –   ?)

                                    Ridgetown Church of Christ (      -2006)

Records:                     contact James McCallum, Archivist (see listing under Church Archives)                  

History:    The first regular meetings of the Disciple congregation in West Lorne were being held in 1887 in the McKillop Hall on Graham Street during the pastorate of Percival Baker, the minister at Rodney and Eagle. The first trustees were Dugald McPherson, Duncan McKillop and J. T. Lemon. Services were held in this hall until December 1900 when it was destroyed by fire. Services were held in the Baptist church until a church could be built. A lot was purchased on Graham street in 1889. A church was erected in 1904 and completed early in 1905. Membership at the time consisted of 50, but swelled to 130 in the 1930’s.  In 1926 an addition to the north side was built to accommodate a large Sunday School attendance.  Centennial services were held on May 3, 1987.  Unfortunately, membership over the years declined to six remaining families.  It was decided to close the church in 2005, and the building was sold to the Melody Fellowship Church in 2006.  The final service was held on January 8, 2006 after 118 years of witness in the West Lorne community.


Percival Baker

M. Ainsworth

Elder Sheppard

Dr. Fowler

Fred O’Malley

L.N.D. Wells

1930’s & 1940’s

Rev. Fred Dunn

Rev. David Watterworth

Rev. Quigley

Rev. Elmer Stainton


Rev. T. A. Gray

Rev. Ray Whitton

Rev. Carr


Rev. J. P. Murray

Rev. W. O. Weale


Rev. William Bilson

Rev. Steve Dobbins

Rev. Halsey Wakelin

Rev. James Tilsley


Rev. Ray Cuthburt

Rev. Donald Dakin


Janet Anstead


Colin Sinclair, Elmer Sinclair, Hary Genders, B. LeFevre, Harlow brothers, Fred Lumley, Irwin Stafford, J. H. Coulter


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Church of Christ (Disciples)

Name of Church:      Rodney Christian Church (also known as Rodney Baptist Disciples of Christ)

East side of Ridout Street at Maple Street (1875 – 1920)  Disciples Church Rodney
Stinson Street (1919 – 1989); 229 Stinson Street

Date of Formation:    prior to 1875

Date of Closing:         1989

Affiliations:                West Lorne Church of Christ (Disciples) (1887 – ?)

The Disciples of Christ, Eagle (1873 – ?)

Records:                     Minutes (1873 – 1916)

Membership List (1894)

Contact James McCallum, Archivist (see listing under Church Archives)

History:  Property for the first church was given by Richard S. Lusty in 1875, being two-fifths of an acre, in the south half of lot 7, concession 7, located on the east side of Ridout Street at intersection with Maple Street.  This church and property was sold in 1920, and in 1919 a Methodist church on Stinson Street was purchased.The Disciple congregation had its beginning with several Scotch Baptist settlers in Aldborough, among them the families of Donald McVicar, Duncan McKillop, Colin Ferguson, Malcolm Robertson, George Munro, and Peter McKellar.  These families were ministered to by Donald McVicar, meeting in barns and homes for worship.  In 1820, James Black arrived in the township from Argyleshire and began preaching for the Scotch Baptists.  When James Black left the area in 1825 he left behind a strong congregation of Scotch Baptists that was to mother four other congregations: Eagle, Third Concession, Rodney, and West Lorne.  All these congregations eventually became identified with the Disciples of Christ movement.  When land was donated for a church in 1875 by Richard Lusty, the congregation was known as “Baptist Disciples of Christ”. The Trustees at this time were Joseph H. Barnes, William C. Grout and John Johnson.  A 50 by 35 foot building was erected on this site which served the congregation until 1920, when it was sold to Louis Schnekenberger and moved to Furnival Street where it still stands. For years it housed the Rodney Garage and in 1975 was owned by the Lashbrook Produce Company. In 1919 the present church property on Stinson Street was purchased, on which sat the Amasa Wood Methodist Church.  The building was remodeled, a basement put under it, and a foyer added. The last service was held in the church on Dec. 10, 1989.

Further history:         history of Rodney Christian Church, prepared for Centennial Services, Sept. 7, 1975 (Elgin OGS has a copy)


Colin Sinclair, 1873-1875                                           C. H. Scriven, 1906-1908

Archibald Sinclair, 1875-1877                                    V. J. Murray, 1919-1922
B. McKellar, 1877-1879                                        S. M. Swaby-Smith, 1922-1927

James Kilgour, 1879-1880                                          Perry L. Wolfe, 1927-1930
L. Fowler, 1880-1882                                             E. T. Lewis, 1930-1931
D. Campbell, 1883-1886                                       Archie W. Gray, 1931-1936

Joseph Ash, 1886-1887                                               Fred E. Dunn, 1936-1942

Percival Baker, 1887-1892                                          David Watterworth, 1942-1946
M. Ainesworth, 1892-1893                                    Gary Quigley, 1944-1948

Edmund Sheppard, 1894-1895                                   Elmer Stainton, 1948-1953
L. Fowler, 1895-1903                                             Thomas A. Gray, 1953-1955
C. McDougall, 1905-1906


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Evangelical (later Evangelical United Brethren)

Name of Church:      Immanuel Evangelical, Churchville

Location:                    Lot 13, Concession 10 (southwest quarter)   

Date of Formation:    1860

Date of Closing:         1949


Records:                     all records deposited at United Church Archives, Toronto

See listing for Zion Evangelical, Rodney (Calvary), below

History:                       Churchville was a community consisting primarily of German settlers in the early years, and a church in which German services were conducted was a necessity.  In 1860, Rev. Henry Sauer travelled on foot and horseback to Churchville from Willoughby township to minister to the Evangelical residents of Churchville. These meeting were held in homes.  In 1861 a church was built in the hamlet of Churchville, (corner of Middle Street and Kerr Road) on five acres of land purchased from Sir Richard Airey by Adam Baker, Andrew Streib and Gottfried Mistele, on behalf of the Evangelical United Brethren congregation (deed dated July 17, 1861).   In 1866, Trustees John Adam Butschbacker, Simeon Hauser and Matthias Hauser purchased additional land in lot 12 from Simon Zoller for a cemetery. During the ministry of Rev. H. Holtzman in 1875 – 1877,  the original church building was sold and used as a driving shed on the Watson farm (later the Douglas Schleihauf farm west of Black’s Road). A windstorm blew the old church down in 1984.  A new church was built by contractor J. J. Mistele, and dedicated in 1876. A manse was built directly behind the church. During a severe electrical storm on September 19, 1948, the church steeple was struck by lightning and the old frame building was set on fire.  The church had been undergoing extensive renovations at the time of the fire, and during a service on the lawn the following morning, the ruins of the church and basement were still smouldering. After the fire, the congregation worshipped in the Rodney Evangelical Church.  The money collected from insurance was used to purchase a new organ for the Rodney church, donated by the Churchville congregation. In 1947, the Evangelical Church of Canada and the United States of America joined with the United Brethren Church of U.S.A., to form the Evangelical United Brethren. In 1949, the united congregations in Rodney were officially organized and named Calvary Memorial Evangelical United Brethren.

Further history:         a history of Churchville Evangelical Church, by Sheila McCann, 1978

a history of the church, by Florence E. Hessenauer, 1955

(Elgin OGS has copies of these histories)


Rev. Holtzman, 1862                                      Rev. G. H. Wagner, 1897-1899

Rev. S. Krup, 1863                                         Rev. E. D. Becker, 1900-1902

Rev. T. Hauck, 1864-1865                              Rev. Fred Meyer, 1903-1906

Rev. M. Rothermal, 1866-1867                      Rev. W. M. Sippel, 1907-1910

Rev. G. Barnhart, 1868-1869                         Rev. A. W. Saucer, 1911-1915

Rev. G. Graff, 1870-1872                              Rev. J. C. Morlock, 1916-1921

Rev. Sharfa, 1873-1874                                  Rev. A. Clemens, 1922-1923

Rev. Holtzman, 1875-1877                             Rev. J. B. Burns, 1924-1928

Rev. Steinogel, 1878-1879                             Rev. N. Reibling, 1929-1930

Rev. H. Werner, 1880-1882                            Rev. F. B. Meyer, 1931-1935

Rev. Finkbeiner, 1883-1885                           Rev. W. C. Hayne, 1935-1938

Rev. John Stabler, 1886-1888                         Rev. Charles Kauth, 1939-1945

Rev. Levi Whitting, 1889-1891                      Rev. W. T. Braun, 1945-1948

Rev. E. H. Been, 1892-1893                           Rev. Paul Erb, 1948-

Rev. J. K. Devitt, 1894-1896


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Evangelical (later Evangelical United Brethren)

Name of Church:      Zion Evangelical Church, Rodney (later called Calvary Memorial Evangelical United Brethren)

Location:                    Lot 7, Concession 8 (northwest quarter); corner of Queen and Monroe Streets, Rodney  Rodney Zion Evangelical Church

Date of Formation:    1890

Date of Closing:         1968

Affiliations:                Immanuel Evangelical, Churchville (joined with Rodney in 1948)

Records:                     The United Church Archives lists the following records in their holdings:

For Aldborough Evangelical Association Circuit :

Quarterly Conference Minutes (1904-1929)

For Rodney Evangelical United Brethren Circuit (includes Aldborough Evangelical Church Circuit):

Marriage Register (1896-1951)

Baptism (1907-1968)/Marriage (1904-1967)  register

Membership Roll (1904-1968)

Quarterly Conference Minutes (1929-1956)

Annual Meeting Minutes (1930-1948)

Ladies’ Aid & Women’s Society of World Service Minutes (1952-1956)

For Calvary Memorial Evangelical Association Church:

Ladies’ Aid and Women’s Missionary Society minutes (1933-1940)

Marriage Register (1951-1968)

Official Board minutes (1956-1968)

Trustee Meeting minutes (1949-1962)

Annual Meeting minutes (1906-1967)

Ladies’ Aid and Women’s Society of World Service minutes (1951-1965)

Sunday School minutes (1961-1962)

Stratford District Christian Education Rally Minutes (1938-1957)

Account Book (1949-1967)

Financial reports (1956-1960)

For Calvary United Church (includes Rodney Methodist Church, and St. John’s United Church, Rodney):

Baptisms (1922-1947)

Marriages (1897-1947); (1922-1945)

Attendance Register (1910-1919)

Communion Roll (1926-1942); (1940-1955); (1951); (1954-1961); (1957); (1966)

Session Minutes (1925-1986)

Board of Managers minutes (1938-1946)

Official Board minutes (1969-1974)

Annual Meeting minutes (1926-1983)

Woman’s Missionary Society minutes (1925-1945); (1945-1962)

Woman’s Missionary Society accounts (1924-1952); (1939-1950)

Mission Circle minutes, accounts (1931-1935); (1959-1966); (1959-1965)

Ladies’ Aid Minutes, accounts (1925-1939)

Woman’s Association Minutes (1940-1961)

United Church Women records (1954-1986)

Sunday School Attendance Records (1921-1970)

Sunday School teachers’ meeting minutes (1954-1965)

Adult Bible Class minutes (1925-1947)

Junior Bible Class register (1943-1965)

Baby band register (1945-1961)

Scrapbooks (1927-1968)

Accounts (1968-1984)

Local Church Annual Reports (1958-1962)

History:      A number of people of the Evangelical faith who lived in Rodney attended services at Churchville.  In 1890 they formed their own congregation in Rodney, services being held Sunday afternoons in the Baptist church.  In 1898 property was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. James Yale, and a church was built.  In 1924, the church was raised and a basement was put under it, and a front entrance added. When the Churchville church was destroyed by fire in 1948, the two congregations amalgamated and in 1949 became known as Calvary Memorial Evangelical United Brethren. In 1968, the congregation joined with the Rodney United Church of Canada to become Calvary United Church.  The Evangelical church building was sold as a residence.

Further history:         history of church by Sheila McCann, 1978 (Elgin OGS has a copy)


Rev. G. H. Wagner, 1897-1899

Rev. E. D. Becker, 1900-1902

Rev. F. Meyers, 1903-1906

Rev. Wm. Sippel, 1907-1910

Rev. A. W. Sauer, 1911-1915

Rev. J. C. Morlock, 1916-1921

Rev. A. Clemens, 1922-1923

Rev. J. G. Burns, 1924-1928

Rev. N. H. Reibling, 1929-1930

Rev. F. B. Meyers, 1931-1935

Rev. W. D. Hayne, 1935-1938

Rev. C. R. Kauth, 1938-1945

Rev. W. T. Braun, 1945-1948

Rev. Paul Erb, 1948-


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Methodist

Name of Church:      Amasa Wood Methodist Church, Rodney

Location:                    Stinson Street, south of Queen Street, Rodney  

Date of Formation:    1876

Date of Closing:         1919


Records:     unknown

History:       Early in 1876 a group of Methodists petitioned the London Conference for permission and help to build a church in the community of Rodney.  Amasa Wood, of St. Thomas, aided the Rodney group with advice as well as finances.  A lot was purchased from William & Eliza Stinson in Block E, Lot 4, with the front on Stinson Street.  The deed was dated Oct. 24, 1876.  A church was built and opened in November 1877. It was a frame church and painted white, and was renovated in 1910. Over the years, membership declined and the church was closed in 1919 and sold to the Christian congregation (Disciples) of Rodney.

Further history:         history of church by Sheila McCann, 1978 (Elgin OGS has a copy)


 Rev. C. W. Bristell; to 1881                           Rev. Shaw

Rev. McVitty                                                  Rev. Haylock

Rev. Langford                                                Rev. Snider

Rev. Snell                                                        Rev. George Hoskins

Rev. Thompson


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Methodist

Name of Church:      Amasa Wood Methodist Church, West Lorne (also known as Bismarck Mission)

Location:                    corner of Monroe & Becher Streets, West Lorne

Date of Formation:    1860

Date of Closing:         1925 (congregation joined West Lorne United Church)

Affiliations:                Morpeth Circuit (1860 – 1863)

Ridgetown (1864 – 1867)

Tyrconnell (1868 – 1874)

Records:     See listing for West Lorne United Church

History:     In 1860, a prayer meeting attended by five persons was held at the home of Joseph Holland.  These meetings continued for several months until the minister at Fingal was approached to service this community.  The first service was held in a schoolhouse situated on Middle Street, conducted by Rev. Abraham Dayman of Morpeth, assisted by Rev. Thomas Crews, of Fingal.  The appointment was made part of the Morpeth Circuit; and later attached to Ridgetown until 1868 when it became part of the Tyrconnell charge.  In 1867, a frame church was built just east of McKillop’s Corners, on William Clark’s farm on the corner of Hog & Graham Streets.  The trustees were George Mulholland, James Mulholland, L. Bullock, T. Leitchfield, Thomas Holland, Joseph Holland and William Timson.  The second church building was erected on Monroe Street just south of the railway tracks in 1874, and brick veneered in 1889. In 1890 the name was changed from Bismark to West Lorne. During the summer of 1889 the church was rebuilt, and through the generosity of a St. Thomas man, Amasa Wood, a sizable donation was received as well as a bell which was placed in the tower. The church was no longer used after church union in 1925, except for Sunday School services by the United Church. On April 18, 1934, a unique service was held in the old Methodist church to mark the 60th anniversary and also the farewell. The United congregation had been worshipping in the building while their church was being reconstructed.  The old Methodist was then closed and  demolished.  The congregation joined with West Lorne United Church in 1925 at church union.

Further history:         history of church written by Vera Ripley [not dated] (Elgin OGS has a copy)


 Rev. Thomas Hanna, 1874                              Rev. J. W. Hibbert, 1898

Rev. C. Teeter, 1875                                       Rev. W. J. Ashton, 1901

Rev. G. A. Schram, 1876                                Rev. W. J. Vance, 1905

Rev. Wm. Bough, 1877                                  Rev. W. Patterson, 1909

Rev. J. G. Fallis, 1879                                     Rev. G. W. Baker, 1910

Rev. W. Marks                                                Rev. G. C. Gifford, 1912

Rev. J. Pring                                                    Rev. J. W. Andrews, 1914

Rev. C. C. Couzens, 1884                              Rev. J. W. Penrose, 1917

Rev. P. W. Jones, 1885                                   Rev. J. Ball, 1920

Rev. W. Gundy, 1887                                     Rev. O. J. Lawson, 1923

Rev. C. T. Scott, 1888                                    Rev. L. Harvey, 1924

Rev. C. P. Wells, 1893                                    Rev. J. H. Hussar, 1925

Rev. F. E. Malott, 1894

Rev. J. E. Holmes, 1896

Rev. W. Fansher, 1897


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           United Church of Canada

Name of Church:      Rodney United Church (now known as Calvary United Church)

Location:    221 Stinson Street (at Moriah Street), Rodney  Rodney Calvary United Church

 Box 451, Rodney, ON N0L 2C0 (519) 785-0245; fax (519) 785-0861

Date of Formation:    1925

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                Rodney Evangelical Church joined in 1968

Records:                     contact church

History:                       When the United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 from the union of Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches, it was the minority of the Presbyterian congregation in Rodney who voted to join the Union.  Thus the Rodney United Church was formed, and a site was purchased at the intersection of Stinson and Moriah streets for a church.  The cornerstone was laid in 1927, and dedicated on November 6, 1927. In 1968 when the Evangelical congregation joined with this church, the name became Calvary United Church.


Rev. E. J. Wolland, 1927

Rev. Stewart, 1927-1939

Dr. T. A. Symington

Rev. R. E. Southcott, 1943

Rev. R. E. Millson, 1946-1951

Robert W. Karn (2000’s)


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Presbyterian

Name of Church:      Knox Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow (formerly known as St. Andrew’s Church of Scotland)

Location:      Lot 4, Concession 12 (until 1844)  New Glasgow Knox Presbyterian Church
Lot 6, Concession 13, in hamlet of New Glasgow (9313 Furnival Road)

Date of Formation:    1827 – 1828

Date of Closing:         open only during summer months

Affiliations:                Knox Church, Kintyre (1861 – 1873)

Knox Church, West Lorne (1875 – 1879?)

St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Rodney (1877 – present)

Knox Church, Kintyre (1959 – present)

Records:                     Records are on microfilm at the Presbyterian Church Archives (with St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Rodney)

Elgin County Archives also has a copy of this microfilm.(MF#1349 & 1350, the listing indicating that records go to 1964 on these films)

Listed by the Presbyterian Church Archives are:

Baptisms, 1854-1898; 1899-1925

Session Minutes, 1854-1925

Communion Roll, 1853-1897

Annual Meetings, 1882-1896

Congregational and Annual Meetings, 1915-1925

Board of Managers Meeting minutes, 1882-1896

History:   The Presbyterian congregation had its beginnings when Scottish settlers arrived in Aldborough from Caledonia, New York in 1816, being the families of Alexander Forbes, Neil Haggart and Archibald Gillies, all of whom were members of the Church of Scotland.  Between 1818 and 1820, a large number of Scottish settlers arrived in the township. In 1827, Rev. Ross, the first Presbyterian missionary in Western Ontario was sent to preside over a large district.  Services were held in houses, mainly at the home of Neil Haggart.  In 1834, land was donated by James McKinley in lot 4, concession 12, (just west of 16 Mile Creek- farm later owned by Murray McLean, Bob King & Bill King) and construction of a frame church began in 1835. A deed exists dated May 14, 1834 for ½ acre, part of the southwest quarter of lot 5, concession 12 from Duncan McKinlay to the Trustees of St. Andrew’s Church in Aldborough. In 1844, the congregation decided to join the Free Church of Scotland, and thus were forbidden to use the church building, which was still under the jurisdiction of the Church of Scotland.  The church building was no longer used and rapidly went to ruin and by 1900 nothing remained on the site.Being without a church, the congregation decided to build another church which was done in 1854, on a lot purchased in 1853 from Sir Richard Airey. The deed was dated Oct. 14, 1861 for 4/5 acre in lot 6, concession 13,  and signed by the trustees of the Canada Presbyterian Church:  Angus McKay, Finlay McDiarmid and Dugald Lamont.  The church was opened for services in October 1854. Extensive renovations were undertaken in 1890. There is also a deed dated May 29, 1858 for property in the southwest quarter of lot 6, concession 12 from Duncan Campbell to the Trustees of the Presbyterian congregation in Aldborough. In 1914 the church was raised and a basement put under it.  An alcove was built at the end of the church for the choir.  On July 1, 1928 the church celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Presbyterian congregation at New Glasgow.  In January 1978 the steeple was blown off in a wind and snowstorm.  In 1979 a new steeple was put on.  Currently the church is open only for summer services.

Further history:         Jubilee Souvenir of New Glasgow Presbyterian Church, 1904 (Elgin OGS has a copy)


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Presbyterian

Name of Church:      Knox Presbyterian Church, Kintyre

Location:                    Lot 3,  Concession 5 (14036 Blacks Road at Kintyre Line)  Knox Presbyterian Kintyre Church

Date of Formation:    1861

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                Knox New Glasgow (1861 – 1873)

Wardsville and Bothwell (1932 – ca 1937)

Wardsville (later, until 1959)

Knox New Glasgow and St. John’s Rodney (1959 – present)

Records:                     The Presbyterian Church Archives lists the following records on microfilm:

Baptisms, 1856-1874; 1902-1993

Marriages, 1919-1969

Session Minutes, 1856-1874; 1902-1981

Communion Rolls, 1856-1874

Congregational Meeting minutes, 1927-1967; 1977-1993

Also contact Earl Morden, R.R. #1, Rodney, ON, N0L 2C0

(Some Records destroyed by fire at manse in 1902)

History: Before the formation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1875, the Kintyre congregation was affiliated with the Free Church of Scotland. The congregation at Kintyre was formed from the New Glasgow Church, where settlers from this small community had to travel to attend services.  In 1847, Rev. Duncan McMillan was called to take over as minister with early services held in the old S.S. #8 school (Maple Grove), which was located just north of Rodney. In 1855, three elders were elected to represent the preaching station in the north part of the congregation of New Glasgow.  Donald McLean, John Lamont and John McKay were elected and became the first elders of Kintyre.  In 1858, services in Orford township were held in a schoolhouse, and Rev. Duncan McMillan began preaching there on the same day he was at the Furnival School.  It was decided to build a church to accommodate both groups, and the site of the present Kintyre church was chosen. A deed exists dated June 18, 1861 for property in lot 3, concession 5 from Neil McMillan to the Presbyterian church. The church was completed in 1861.  In the 1870’s a manse was built, but was destroyed by fire in 1879.  A new manse was built on the fifth concession on land donated by Mrs. Lochore, but was also destroyed by fire in 1902.  The records of the church were also lost. In 1932, the congregation was joined with Wardsville and Bothwell to form a three point charge.  Later the Bothwell group disbanded leaving a two-point charge which continued until 1959.  A new three-point charge was formed at that time consisting of Rodney, New Glasgow and Kintyre. In August 1921 the congregation celebrated the 60th anniversary of the building of the church. On March 7, 1956, a twister passed through West Aldborough, causing about $100,000 damage to the church.

Further history:         Centennial Souvenir, Kintyre Knox Presbyterian Church, 1961 (Elgin OGS has a copy)

Another history for 125th anniversary was prepared in 1986


Rev. Duncan McMillan, 1847-1862               Rev. L. M. Sharpe

Rev. Peter Currie, 1865-1873                        Rev. G. W. Murdoch

Rev. Hugh McGregor                                     Rev. D. W. Kerr

Rev. John Stewart                                           Rev. T. J. Blakely

Rev. J. H. Barnett                                           Rev. Ross MacDonald

Rev. A. R. McRae                                          Rev. George Lewis

Rev. W. A. Leitch                                           Rev. William Scott

Rev. W. V. Kutcher                                        Rev. David Clements

Rev. John Hosie                                              Rev. Duncan Colquhoun

Rev. J. R. Dickinson

Rev. W. N. Ferguson


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Presbyterian

Name of Church:      St. John’s Presbyterian, Rodney

Location:                    235 Monroe Street, Rodney, Ontario, N0L 2C0  St. Johns Presbyterian Church at Rodney

Date of Formation:    1877

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:     Knox Church New Glasgow (1877 – present)

Knox Church, Kintyre (1959 – present)

Records:   The following records are on microfilm at the Presbyterian Church Archives in Toronto, and also at Elgin

 County Library (microfilm number 1349 and 1350):

Rodney, New Glasgow & Aldborough Twp. Parish Register (1853-1964)

Minute Book and Miscellany (1853-1964)

History:   Before 1877, Presbyterians in Rodney travelled five miles to worship in Knox Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow.  A lot was purchased from William Stinson and in 1877 a large white frame church was built.  In 1911 the church was raised and a basement put under it and the white frame siding replaced with red brick. The congregation joined with Kintyre to form a three-point charge in 1959.

Further history:         “The First 100 Years – St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Rodney”, 1977 (Elgin OGS has a copy)


Rev. John R. Munroe, until 1878                    Rev. G. W. Connors, 1929-1931       

Rev. David Mann                                           Rev. A. S. Oliver, 1932         

Rev.. G. A. Francis 1880’s – 1892                   Rev. Charles Carnegy, 1937  

Rev. J. F. Scott, 1893-1906                            Rev. Neil Smith, 1942           

Rev. J. P. Falconer, 1908-1922                       Rev. A. S. MacLellan, 1945  

Rev. E. J. Wolland, 1922-1925                       Rev. T. E. Kennedy, 1947     

Rev. G. L. Evans, 1925-1929                                    


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Presbyterian

Name of Church:      Argyle Presbyterian Church

Location:                    Lot 22, Concession 1; in hamlet of Crinan (14444 Graham Road at Crinan Line)  Crinan Argyle Church

Date of Formation:    1853

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                Knox Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow (1854 – 1860)

Wardsville Presbyterian (1861 – 1871)

Knox Presbyterian Church, West Lorne (1875 – 1925)

Duff Presbyterian Church, Largie (1925 – present)

Records:                     Baptisms (1902 – present)

Marriages (1902 – present)

Burials (1852 – 1987)

Communion Roll (1900 – present)

Minutes (1901 – present)

Contact church for above records

The Presbyterian Church Archives lists the following records (not specified which are original and which are on microfilm):

Baptisms, 1853-1988

Marriages, 1928-1972; 1984-1990

Burials, 1984-1991

Session Minutes, 1901-1992

Communion Roll, 1900-1992

History:   Occasional services began in 1853 in the home of Peter Johnson, conducted by Rev. Archibald Currie, then a student missionary. By 1854 this group was contributing towards the minister at New Glasgow. Later, services were held in the schoolhouse on lot 21, concession 1, from 1855 to 1861. Monthly services were conducted by Rev. Duncan McMillan, the minister at New Glasgow.  The congregation was officially organized in 1861 by Rev. Neil McKinnon, a missionary who became the first minister of the united congregations of Wardsville and Crinan.  The first Elders elected were Peter Johnson, Farquhar McRae and Gilbert Stalker.  A church was built and opened in the fall of 1861. A deed exists dated Feb. 14, 1861 for 1/4 acre, part of the southwest half of lot 22, concession 1, from Alexander Crawford to the Trustees of the Free Presbyterian Church. In 1871, Wardsville left the charge and joined with Newbury.  In 1885 the church at Crinan was remodelled with brick veneer.  A manse was built at Crinan in 1872 (deed dated March 11, 1871 for 3 acres, part of the southerly half of lot 20, concession 1, from Donald McEachern to James Stalker in trust – the Trustees of Argyle Canada Presbyterian church) but sold in 1903, and the proceeds were used to built a vestry to the church. In 1875, the congregation joined with West Lorne to form a two-point charge.  In 1925, Crinan joined with Duff Presbyterian Church at Largie to form a two-point charge. In 1946 extensive renovations were undertaken including the church being moved back twenty-five feet from its original site and a basement put under it, choir and vestry rooms built, and a new hardwood floor laid. The dedication and re-opening services were held on June 17, 1948.

Further history:         -Golden Jubilee History, 1911 (Elgin OGS has a copy)

– article in Dutton Advance, June 27, 1956 & June 21, 1961


Rev. Neil McKinnon, 1861-1871                   Rev. William Sutherland, 1946-1955

Rev. John Milloy, 1871-1901                     Rev. J. M. McCurlie, 1956-58; 1960-62

Rev. A. H. Kippen, 1901-1905                       Rev. John Elder, 1962-1966

Rev. A. J. Mann, 1906-1908                           Rev. Stanley Andrews, 1966-1980

Rev. A. McHaig, 1909-1919                          Rev. Donald McCallum, 1981-1985

Rev. A. L. Carr, 1919-1925                            Rev. Angus MacKinnon, 1985-1989

Rev. S. V. Williams, 1926-1928                     Rev. Ralph Fluit, 1990-1998

Rev. F. Hutchinson, 1929-1930                      Rev. Brian Nichol, 1999-

                                                                        Rev. Dr. J. A. McLean, 1930-1946


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Presbyterian

Name of Church:      Knox Presbyterian Church, West Lorne

Location:        Corner of Graham & Bainard Streets (until 1925)
Corner of Graham & Frederick Streets (from 1928) 257 Graham St.  West Lorne Presbyterian Church

Date of Formation:    1864

Date of Closing:         September 1998

Affiliations:                Argyle Presbyterian Church, Crinan (1875 – 1925)

Wallacetown Presbyterian (1925 – present)

Knox Presbyterian Church, Dutton (1964 – present)

(amalgamated with Argyle Church, Crinan on Sept. 30, 2000)

Records:                     The United Church Archives lists the following records for West Lorne Presbyterian Church in their holdings [note that the dates given below after 1925 may refer to the United Church congregation at West Lorne]:

Board of Managers Minutes (1900-1920)

List of Pastors (1873-1954)

List of Elders (1875-1942)

Communicants (1925-1948) (includes Eagle, Ontario)

Baptisms (1918-1951) (includes Eagle, Ontario 1928-1940)

Marriages (1903-1933), (1902 – 1923)

Deaths (1873-1961; various dates)

Treasurer’s Record (1915-1927)

Missionary Committee Financial Records (1908-1920’s)

Marriages (1923-1950)

Christian Endeavour Society Attendance (1903-1913)

Young Peoples’ Guild (1921)

See also listing for West Lorne United Church

The Presbyterian Church Archives lists the following records:

Account Books, 1952-1979

Weekly offering account books, 1963-1972

History:      Presbyterians in West Lorne first began meeting in 1864 in the schoolhouse on south Graham street, occasional services being conducted by Rev. John Milloy of Crinan.  The congregation was officially organized in 1872 and served by Rev. Dr. John Munroe of New Glasgow Presbyterian church until 1875, when the congregation was united with Crinan.  A church was built at the corner of Graham and Bainard Steets.  This building is now the present renovated United Church, as a result of a vote regarding church union in 1925 to become the United Church of Canada. On May 11, 1925, Knox Presbyterian Church re-organized as a Continuing  Presbyterian Church and joined with Wallacetown Church. Services were held in Lemon’s Hall, the Anglican Church and later in the Baptist church.  In 1927, a lot was purchased at the corner of Graham and Frederick Streets and the cornerstone  for a new church was laid on Sept. 25, 1928.  The church was dedicated on Dec. 30, 1928. In 1964, Dutton Presbyterian Church joined with Wallacetown and West Lorne to form a three-point charge. The old church was rebuilt in 1933 for the United Church. In September 1972, the 100th anniversary of the Presbyterian congregation was observed in West Lorne.  Knox Church West Lorne closed in September 1998, and was sold to Eastview Bible Ministries which operated only a short while.  The building is currently for sale.

Further history:         history of church written, circa 1979. (Elgin OGS has a copy)


Rev. Dr. John Munroe, 1872-1875                

Rev. John Molloy, 1875-1901 (assisted by Rev. G. Cuthbertson) 

Rev. Mr. Kappen, 1901-1905

Rev. A. J. Mann, 1906-1909

Rev. A. Haig, 1909-1919

Rev. A. L. Carr, 1919-1925

Rev. T. Raynor, 1925-1932

Rev. John Moore, 1932-1938

Rev. R. Russel, 1938-1942

Rev. T. Maxwell, 1943-1946

Rev. Robert Bruce, 1947-1952

Rev. G. Carlyle Webster, 1953

Rev. C. W. Quinn, 1954-1958

Rev. James Fleming, 1958-1964

Rev. Alexander Clements, 1964-1974

Rev. Andrew Duncan, 1975-1977

Rev. David Stewart, 1977-1979

Rev. Fairlee Ritchie, 1980-1982

Rev. Sabrina Caldwell, 1983-1987

Rev. Tom Godfrey, 1987-


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           United Church of Canada

Name of Church:      West Lorne (also known as Knox United Church)

Location:                    133 Graham St., West Lorne  West Lorne United Church

                                     Box 204 West Lorne, ON N0L 2P0 (519) 768-1861; (519) 768-1883           

Date of Formation:    1925 (continuation of Amasa Wood Methodist congregation, and amalgamation of some of the congregation of the Presbyterian church)

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                Eagle church joined with West Lorne in 1962

Records:                     The United Church Archives lists the following records in their holdings for West Lorne United Church (including West Lorne Presbyterian Church):

Session Minutes (1907-1974)

Official Board Minutes (1900-1977)

Annual Meeting Minutes (1924-1982)

The United Church Archives lists the following records in their holdings for West Lorne Methodist Circuit:

Marriages (1897-1915)

Marriage Register, 1887; see Marriage Register of Rev. James Gundy

Burials (1904-1926)

Membership List (1896-1924)

Financial Records (1920-1926); (1935-1961)

Communion Roll & Register (ending in 1957); (1957-1965)

West Lorne United Church Building Fund (1933-1941)

United Church Women Minutes & Roll Call (1962-1981)

Ladies’ Aid Financial Records (1927-1943)

Sabbath School (Bismark [West Lorne] Methodist Church Minutes (1876-1881)

Missionary Collections (1907-1924) [for Eagle, Ontario]

Committee of Stewards Minutes (1958-1975)

Board of Trustee Minutes, West Lorne Parsonage (1889-1896)

Board of Trustee Minutes (1875-1899)

Board of Trustee Minutes (1888-1917); (1924)

Session Minutes (1974-1977)

Unified Board Minutes (1977-1980)

History:                       This congregation was first a Methodist church, located on Monroe Street south of the railway tracks, referred to as the Amasa Wood Methodist Church. [see listing for that church for further details].

After the formation of the United Church of Canada in 1925, the Presbyterians built a new church and the newly formed United Church took over the 50 year old Knox Church. The congregation was named Knox United Church.  Because of the Depression, no work could be undertaken, but in 1933 the former Knox Presbyterian church was rebuilt for the United Church, using the bell from the old Methodist church. The building was raised up and moved farther back from the highway. A basement was put underneath, a kitchen built, new pews and stained glass windows installed. During the renovation period, the old Wesley Methodist church was used for services, from December 1932 until April 1934. The cornerstone for the rebuilt church was laid on September 22, 1933, and dedicated on April 18, 1934.   In 1960, a two-storey brick addition on the south side of the church was built.


Rev. A. L. Carr, 1925                                     Rev. A. Taylor, 1962

Rev. W. M. Kiteley, 1926                               Rev. T. Richards, 1966

Rev. W. Stafford, 1930                                  Rev. C. Scott, 1969

Rev. W. T. Eddy, 1933                                   Rev. J. VanSlyke, 1970

Rev. W. J. Wilson, 1938                                 Rev. J. Vardy, 1979

Rev. R. Simpson, 1940                                   Rev. L. Terry, 1983

Rev. L. G. Purchase, 1943                              Rev. J. Potter, 1984

Rev. O. R. Dyke, 1949                                   Rev. L. Carver, 1993

Rev. H. Hamilton, 1950                                  Rev. B. Chapman, 1994

Rev. H. E. Moorhouse, 1954                          Rev. C. Stover, 1995-

                                                                        Rev. Jim White, 2000’s


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Roman Catholic

Name of Church:      St. Henry’s

St. Henry's RC Church

Location:                    Middle Street (now Thomson Line) 23567 Thomson Line 

Date of Formation:    1870

Date of Closing:         occasional masses

Affiliations:                St. Mary’s Church, West Lorne (1885 to present)

Records:                     Pre 1870 records are found in Chatham; and Diocese of London, 1070 Waterloo Street, London

From 1870 – 1894 see listing for Holy Angels, St. Thomas

See also: listing for St. Mary’s Church, West Lorne

History:                       In the 1850’s, the Schnekenburgers, a German Catholic family, arrived in the Churchville area.  They were followed by other German settlers and in 1860 felt the need for a church where their mother tongue was spoken.  It was soon organized and 22 persons united with the church.  In 1870, a  Roman Catholic church was built by John Pfeifer and his sons John & Frank.  The building was built on the south side of Middle Street (now Thomson Line) just west of the Kerr Road, and was 22 X 30 feet.  The land was given by Mrs. Henry (Regina) Schnekenburger. Prior to the building of the church, a priest from St. Thomas came once every three weeks to officiate at services in Mrs. Schnekenburger’s home.  A cemetery was established in 1874, and some years later an archway into the grounds was built. The building was not officially recognized as St. Henry’s Roman Catholic Church until 1939.  In 1978 St. Henry’s church was renovated by St. Mary’s congregation, including re-siding, a new roof, and refurbishing the interior.  St. Henry’s is no longer being used, except for occasional masses. The building and cemetery grounds are being maintained by the congregation of St. Mary’s Church, West Lorne.


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Roman Catholic

Name of Church:      St. Mary’s, West Lorne

Location:                    132 Main Street, West Lorne, Ontario St. Mary's RC Church at West Lorne old church

Date of Formation:    Dec. 18, 1885

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:                St. Helen’s, Wallacetown (1902)

St. Henry’s, Middle Street, Aldborough

Records:                     Baptisms (1894 – present)

Marriages (1894 – present)

St. Mary's RC Church West Lorne - new church

Burials (1894 – present)

Communion Roll (1894 – present)

Confirmations (1894 – present)

These records, in their original format, are located at St. Mary’s Rectory, 132 Main Street, West Lorne.  They are found on microfilm at the Diocese of London, 1070 Waterloo Street, London.

Church phone number is (519) 768 – 1813

The records from 1894 to 1910 are found on LDS film number 1312179 and are at the St. Thomas Public Library

History:    By 1880, there were an increased number of Catholic families living in the West Lorne area.  In 1884 land was purchased from Eliza Quigley, consisting of four village lots. The intention was to build a church because the only other church in the area (St. Henry’s) was too small and was located four miles southwest of Bismark (Rodney).  In 1885 a frame church, with a seating capacity of 225, was built in West Lorne under the supervision of Fr. Philip Gnam, of St. Thomas.  The church was opened and blessed on December 18, 1885. The forming of an independent parish came in April 1894 when Dunwich and West Lorne were made one parish. In 1904, the church was raised to put in a new foundation, and the church was bricked.  It was reopened and dedicated on September 12, 1904.Therectory was built beside the church in the 1890’s. Further renovations took place in 1957 and in 1958 the basement of the church was dug out, making a hall for meetings, and a modern kitchen installed.  On June 4, 1972, the sod was turned for a new building, and the new St. Mary’s church was blessed on March 5, 1973.  During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the congregation experienced growth due to the increase in the Portuguese population in the West Lorne area.

Quinlan, 1892-1906                                    A. M. McHugh, 1949-1955
P. Hussey, 1906-1910                                 J. B. O’Donnell, 1955-1959
Feurth, 1910-1921                                     J. McMaster, 1959-1965
A. Finn, 1921-1927                                     W. G. Smith, 1965-1977
P. Gleason, 1927-1933                                J. Denys, 1978-1982
H. Chisholm, 1933-1946                             E. Morris, 1982-1988
O’Rourke, 1946-1949                               R. Paquette, 1988-


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Lutheran

Name of Church:      St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Location:                    Lot 13, Concession 11 (north half); in hamlet of Churchville

Date of Formation:    circa 1864

Date of Closing:         circa 1900


Records:                     no known records

History:    After the original German settlers arrived in the area, the Canada Company deeded 10 acres to the Trustees of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in 1864.  The Trustees were George Conrad Zoller, Thomas Glassner and George Schmelz. The congregation was part of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Canada.   A church was built in 1863, and a cemetery also was started on the property. Membership in the church dwindled about the turn of the century, and services ceased shortly after 1900.  The building fell into disrepair, and in 1905 the church was destroyed in a wind storm.  The remains of the church and some of the property was sold by the trustees George Schmelz, John Christopher Schleihauf and Philip Lindenman to George Baker.  Some of the lumber from the destroyed church was used by Mr. Baker to build a home.  The cemetery was left untouched and still remains.  The Lutheran congregation joined with the Evangelical congregation at Churchville.


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           East Orthodox

Name of Church:      Serbian Orthodox Church, Eagle

Location:                    Eagle

Date of Formation:    1966

Date of Closing:



History:  On July 31, 1966, dedication of the former Eagle school as a church of the East Orthodox or Serbian Orthodox denomination took place.  A congregation of about 30 families, natives of Yugoslavia, had settled in the Eagle area after fleeing from communism in their country.  The denomination is closely related to the Greek Orthodox church, and is the national church of Yugoslavia.  The two-room school at Eagle was built in 1950 and closed in 1965 when the new Aldborough Public School near Rodney was opened. (Information taken from article in Dutton Advance, July 20, 1966)


Township:                  Aldborough
Denomination:           Lutheran

Name of Church:      Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Location:           108 Graham Road, West Lorne  West Lorne Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Date of Formation:    1948 (as a mission)

Date of Closing:         active

Affiliations:    St. Thomas (up to 1959)

Records:   contact church: Box 369, West Lorne, N0L 2P0 (519) 768-1398

History:    A small group of Lutherans living in West Lorne and Rodney area, desiring to have services conducted, contacted Rev. H. Storm of Windsor in 1948. Rev. Storm held services for some time.  When the congregation grew, the Ontario District of the Missouri Synod sent a retired pastor, Rev. George Schroeder to assist.  The congregation was united with the St. Thomas congregation, and rented the West Lorne Disciples of Christ Church for services until 1954.  In 1951, Rev. John Scharrer was appointed to the parish, which by that time had grew to 135 people. In the spring of 1953, three lots were purchased for a church building, and ground was broken in a ceremony on October 5, 1954.  The cornerstone was laid on April 17, 1955, and the church was dedicated on June 10, 1956.  The congregation was separated from the St. Thomas parish in 1959 and became a single station.  A parsonage was built in 1965. The congregation has grown to about 220.                         

Further history:     – article in Dutton Advance, April 21, 1955, re laying of cornerstone

– article in Dutton Advance, June 13, 1956, re opening of church

Ministers:    Rev. Henry Julius Storm, 1947-1948

Rev. Andrew Sabo, 1948-1949

Rev. George Schroeder, 1949-1950

Rev. F. W. Hyatt, 1950-1951

Rev. John W. Sharrer, 1951-1959

Rev. Ernst Lootsma, 1959-1962

Rev. Wilhelm H. Wilkens, 1963-1964

Rev. Walter H. Heinze, 1964-1967

Rev. Herman Bickel

Rev. Martin D. Huras, 1968-1977

Rev. John S. Obeda, 1978-1981

Rev. Craig A. Behrens, 1982-1985

Rev. Paul Pollex

Rev. Randall J. Kleemola, 1986-1993

Rev. Eric Betsch, 1995-


There are three additional places of worship currently found in Aldborough Township, as follows:

Rodney Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses

RR #1 Rodney (519) 785 – 0161


Rodney Christian Mission,

114 Furnival Road, Rodney  Rodney Christian Mission




Rodney Apostolic Christian Church

Furnival Road at Centre Street, Rodney  Rodney Apostolic Church