Emigrants on the “Mars”

Immigrants on the Mars, 1818

Compiled by Alan Campbell and John Wright
On 28 July, 1818, thirty-five or thirty-six families departed for Canada from Tobermory on the Mars. It had previously touched at Crinan (13 July), convenient for families from the parishes of North Knapdale and Kilmichael Glassary.
Some of those families landed in Port Talbot, Ontario on 16 October, 1818. Many settled in neighbouring Aldborough.
The passenger list for that voyage is lost. (Note – These persons were both emigrants and immigrants – they emigrated from England and immigrated to Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada)
mars_immigrants_1818.pdf  is our attempt to reconstruct as full a list as we can of those who sailed on that crossing and who settled in the Aldborough area.

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These are the passengers we’re pretty sure were on the Mars, and landed in Port Talbot, Ontario (called Upper Canada in 1818).

Organised by household. Wives are listed with married name, and again, italicised, with maiden name, if known.

Alternative spellings for names are given, also italicised.

relationship surname given name born in
head Baxter Alex 1776
wife Baxter Mary 1782
son Baxter John 1814
son Baxter Duncan 1816
head Brown Duncan 1781
wife Brown Nancy 1773
son Brown John 1811
head Buchan Donald
head: alt Bouchon Donald
head: alt Bochan Donald
head: alt Bouchen Donald
head Campbell Archibald 1757
wife Campbell Mary 1781
wife: maiden name Brown Mary 1781
child Campbell ??
child Campbell ??
son Campbell Alexander 1811, 1813 or 1817
head Campbell Donald
wife Campbell Flora 1784
wife: maiden name McAlpine Flora 1784
daughter Campbell Mary 1805
daughter Campbell Jennett 1808
daughter: alt Campbell Janet 1808
son Campbell Alexander 1808
daughter Campbell Catherine 1813
son Campbell Malcolm 1815
daughter Campbell Euphemia 1818
son Campbell John 1819? 1820?
head Campbell Dugald 1773
head: alt Campbell Dougald 1773
wife Campbell Mary 1779
wife: maiden name McTavish Mary 1779
wife: maiden name: alt Thomson Mary 1779
son Campbell John 1798
son Campbell Donald 1801
son Campbell Archibald 1803
daughter Campbell Catherine 1807
daughter Campbell Margaret 1809
son Campbell James 1812
head Ferguson John 1766
wife Ferguson Christina 1768
wife: maiden name Leitch Christina 1768
daughter Ferguson Ann 1796
daughter: alt Ferguson Nancy 1796
son Ferguson James 1789
son Ferguson Duncan 1792
son Ferguson John 1798
son Ferguson Malcolm 1803
son Ferguson Iver 1805
brother Ferguson Colin 1800
brother Ferguson Duncan 1776
brother Ferguson Donald 1772
head Gray Alexander 1795
wife Gray Catherine 1798
wife: maiden name McLarty Catherine 1798
head Kerr John 1781
wife Kerr Henrieta 1786
brother Kerr Robert
head Leitch John 1797
wife Leitch Catherine 1799
wife: maiden name Smith Catherine 1799
head Leitch Malcolm 1766
wife Leitch Julia 1771
son Leitch Colin 1809
brother Leitch Duncan 1801
head McAlpine Donald 1778
wife McAlpine Elizabeth
wife: maiden name Black Elizabeth
daughter McAlpine Nancy 1806
daughter McAlpine Flora 1809
daughter McAlpine Mary 1811
son McAlpine Alexander 1813
head McAlpine Malcolm 1796
wife McAlpine Sarah 1797
wife: maiden name Black Sarah 1797
head McCallum Duncan 1784
wife McCallum Elizabeth 1786
wife: maiden name Morrison Elizabeth 1786
daughter McCallum Euphemia 1809
daughter McCallum Christina 1810
daughter McCallum Sarah 1812
son McCallum Zacharia 1816
head McIntyre Angus
head McIntyre Donald 1790
wife McIntyre Barbara 1793
child McIntyre ??
brother McIntyre Dugald 1802
head McIntyre Duncan 1780
wife McIntyre Sarah 1790
wife: maiden name McPherson Sarah 1790
son McIntyre Malcolm 1815
son McIntyre John
son McIntyre Archibald
head McKellar John 1774
head: alt McAller John 1774
wife McKellar Ephemia 1774
wife: alt McAller Ephemia 1774
wife: alt McAller Euphemia 1774
wife: maiden name Black Ephemia 1774
wife: maiden name: alt Black Euphemia 1774
daughter McKellar Mary 1800
daughter: alt McAller Mary 1800
son McKellar Archibald 1798
son: alt McAller Archibald 1798
son McKellar John 1798
son: alt McAller John 1798
son McKellar Peter 1801
son: alt McAller Peter 1801
son McKellar Dugald 1802
son: alt McAller Dugald 1802
son McKellar Neil 1805
son: alt McAller Neil 1805
son McKellar Duncan 1807
son: alt McAller Duncan 1807
head McKillop Duncan 1796
head: alt McGilp Duncan 1796
wife McKillop Isabella 1796
wife: alt McGilp Isabella 1796
wife: maiden name McLean Isabella
brother McKillop Archibald
brother: alt McGilp Archibald
head MacKinven Alexander
head McLarty Dugald 1792
head: alt McLarty Dougald 1792
widow McLarty Mary
daughter McLarty Catherine 1798
son McLarty Neil 1808
son McLarty Dugald 1807
son McLarty Angus 1815
sister McLarty Elizabeth
head MacLean ??
head McTavish John 1785
wife McTavish Catherine 1785
wife: maiden name McFarlane Catherine 1785
daughter McTavish Jane 1811
son McTavish Alexander 1816
son McTavish Duncan 1817
head Munro Archibald Mor 1797
head: alt Munroe Archibald Mor 1797
brother Munro Neil 1801
brother: alt Munro Neil Ban 1801
brother: alt Munroe Neil 1801
brother: alt Munroe Neil Ban 1801
brother-in-law-to-be McIntyre Alex
head Munro Archibald
head: alt Munroe Archibald
son Munro George 1804
son: alt Munroe George 1804
head Ruthven James 1776
widow Ruthven Catherine 1794
widow: maiden name McKay Catherine 1794
daughter Ruthven Mary A 1810
daughter Ruthven Jeonet 1815
daughter: alt Ruthven Janet 1815
son Ruthven John 1808
son Ruthven Neal J 1813
son Ruthven Iver 1817
son Ruthven Edward 1818
son Ruthven ??


These are the passengers who may or may not have been on the Mars, and who,
if they were, may or may not have landed in Port Talbot, Ontario; sources conflict.

Organised by household. Wives are listed with married name, and again, italicised, with maiden name, if known.

Alternative spellings for names are given, with relationship tagged with “alt”, also italicised.

More about them all can be found in mars_immigrants_1818.pdf.

relationship surname given name born in
head Downie Malcolm 1797
wife Downie Jenet 1796
wife: maiden name McKenlay Jenet 1796
wife: maiden name: alt McKenlay Janet 1796
head McGugan Donald 1791
wife McGugan Mary 1792
wife: maiden name McAlpine Mary 1792
son McGugan Neil 1814
head Campbell James, Mrs
daughter Campbell ??
daughter Campbell ??
son Campbell Duncan
son Campbell Alex
son: alt Campbell Alexander
son Campbell Dugald
head Graham Hugh 1778
wife Graham Mary
son Graham Archibald
head McCallum John 1777
wife McCallum Margaret 1786
wife: maiden name McAlpine Margaret 1786
daughter McCallum Christina 1812
son McCallum John 1807
son McCallum Duncan 1811
son McCallum Archibald 1816
unknown McColl Catherine
head Ruthven Colin 1779
father Ruthven Hugh
sister Ruthven Sarah 1793 or 1796
wife Ruthven Catherine 1791
wife: maiden name McColl Catherine 1791
daughter Ruthven Mary 1811
son Ruthven Neil 1814
daughter Ruthven Sarah Ann 1816
head Ruthven Neil 1789
wife Ruthven Sarah 1799
wife: maiden name Gillies Sarah 1799


These are the persons considered, but rejected.

Alternative spellings italicised.

Again, more about them all can be found in mars_immigrants_1818.pdf.

surname given name
Dixon James
Mowbray Robert
Paterson Duncan
Patterson Duncan
Paul James
Scafe James
Sinclair Donald
Sinclair John

McColl, Thomas