Dutton Advance 1910 – 1914

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Dutton Advance newspaper,
Dutton, Ontario, Canada
1910 – 1914

Extracted by James L. McCallum

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Adair, Oran, Mrs.,D,19 Jun 13,1,4,age 82

Adair, Orne,A,16 Jun 10,7,1,13 Jun; 50th

Adams, Elmer,M,10 Jul 13,5,2,25 Jun; Brown, Marg’t

Adams,Mr. (brakeman),D,1 Aug 12,1,5,

Adams,son of Reuben,B,24 Sep 14,1,5,12 Sep

Adkins,Austin H.,D,12 Nov 14,1,4,age 74

Agar,Charles Percy,D,16 Oct 13,8,3,age 2

Agar,W. J.,M,29 Dec 10,5,1,21 Dec; Milton, Jennie

Aldred,Alfred Edwin,M,30 Oct 13,5,1,16 Oct; McRae, Jane

Allan,Daniel Neilson,M,23 Apr 14,5,2,15 Apr; Harrigan, A.

Allan,Martha,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,

Allen,Ina E.,M,26 Dec 12,5,1,18 Dec; McArthur, A.

Allen,John T., Mrs.,D,8 Aug 12,5,2,56th year

Allen,Lottie,M,28 Dec 11,5,1,Koehler, Alfred

Allen,Oscar R.,D,19 Sep 12,1,4,age 76

Allison,E.,M,19 Jun 13,5,2,McIntosh, Frances

Alton,Betsy,D,16 Mar 11,4,2,age 66

Anders,W. H.,M,23 Nov 11,5,1,11 Nov; Mimna, Alice

Anderson,J. Russell,D,30 Apr 14,1,4,age 27

Andrews,Agnes,M,6 Jun 12,5,3,McKillop, John

Andrews,Albert E.,D,1 Dec 10,1,4,age 46

Andrews,Cora,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,age 26

Andrews,Dougald Keith,M,11 Jan 12,5,3,27 Dec; McPherson, M.

Andrews,James,M,29 Jun 11,5,2,21 Jun; McKellar, M.

Andrews,James,E,15 Jun 11,5,1,McKellar, Mary

Andrews,James, Mrs.,D,18 Apr 12,5,1,

Andrews,John, Mrs.,D,26 Jun 13,1,4,age 83

Andrews,Mary Bessie,D,11 Apr 12,5,2,age 25

Annett,George E.,D,31 Aug 11,1,6,

Annett,Joseph,D,25 Jul 12,5,1,

Archer,son of Ross,B,5 Feb 14,5,2,29 Jan

Archer,St. Clair Ross,M,15 May 13,5,1,21 Apr; Walker, Edna

Archer,William,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,Forbes, Kate

Argo,William Lind,E,13 Jun 12,5,1,Casselman, Hilda

Arlien,Joseph J.,D,2 Jul 14,8,1,

Armstrong,Alexander, Mrs.,D,19 Dec 12,12,2,

Armstrong,Christina,M,13 Nov 13,1,4,Rattray, William

Armstrong,Edward, Mrs.,D,5 Jun 13,5,1,age 35

Armstrong,John R., Mrs.,D,5 May 10,8,3,

Armstrong,Laura,M,25 Jul 12,1,4,Stewart, John

Armstrong,Sadie,D,26 Feb 14,1,4,age 10

Arnold,Alice,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,age 75

Ashmore,dau of Charles,B,22 May 13,5,3,14 May

Ashmore,Duncan F.,E,9 Oct 13,5,1,Wolfe, Erie

Ashmore,Francis D.,M,6 Nov 13,5,1,Wolfe, Erie

Ashmore,son of Charles,B,22 Dec 10,5,3,2 Dec

Ashton,Catherine Annie,E,16 Apr 14,1,4,McCallum, Andrew

Ashton,Christopher,D,13 Nov 13,1,4,age 23

Ashton,Laura Ethel,M,15 Jan 14,5,4,Henderson, William

Atherton,Clarence,M,12 Jun 13,1,4,Monteith, Agnes

Atkin,Welberne G.,M,22 Oct 14,8,1,McLurg, Florence

Atkinson,Enoch,D,18 Dec 13,1,4,age 46

Atkinson,Vera Viola,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,Carpenter, Clifford

Atkinson,Vera Viola,E,19 Dec 12,9,1,Carpenter, Clifford

Attwell,Viola,M,3 Jul 13,5,1,1 Jul; Lawrence, John

Augustine,Elizabeth,D,30 May 12,1,4,age 73

Avry,William,D,19 Nov 14,8,1,age 78

Axford,Benjamin,D,26 Dec 12,8,2,

Axford,Daniel,D,1 Dec 10,1,4,age 88

Axford,Fred, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 13,1,4,

Backus,Frances Ida,E,13 Feb 13,5,1,Huffman, John

Backus,Robert, Mrs.,D,7 May 14,5,2,age 79

Backus,Sarah,D,24 Feb 10,5,2,36th year

Backus,Stephen,D,9 Apr 14,5,3,

Backus,Stephen,D,26 Feb 14,5,2,age 89

Backus,Thomas,D,30 Oct 13,5,2,100th year

Backus,William H.,D,10 Dec 14,5,2,

Backus,William H.,D,3 Dec 14,5,2,age 68

Bailey,G. C., Mrs.,D,3 Oct 12,5,1,

Bailey,George,D,18 Jan 12,5,1,

Bailey,Richard J.,D,26 Mar 14,8,1,

Bailey,Stephen,D,21 Nov 12,4,1,

Bainard,A. E., Mrs.,D,13 Nov 13,1,4,age 30

Bainard,Charles, Mrs.,D,5 Sep 12,4,1,

Bainard,John,M,24 Mar 10,8,2,Hill, Priscilla

Baird,Mabel,M,23 Jun 10,10,2,Hegler, Welbern

Bake,James,D,14 Sep 11,5,1,age 66

Baker,Elizabeth,D,28 Mar 12,3,2,about 87 years old

Baker,George E.,M,15 Jun 11,4,2,Smeltz, Rebecca

Baker,Isabel,D,4 Apr 12,5,3,

Baker,Lillie,E,26 Sep 12,5,1,Howard, Frank

Baldwin,Alma May,M,18 Apr 12,8,2,McCormick, Alex

Baldwin,Dugald,M,1 Aug 12,1,5,17 Jul; Patterson, M.

Balkwill,Amelia,D,12 Oct 11,5,2,

Balkwill,Clara,D,26 Dec 12,5,2,age 73

Balkwill,James, Mrs.,D,2 Jan 13,5,1,

Balkwill,James,A,6 Jan 10,5,2,50th

Balkwill,Thirsa,D,16 May 12,1,4,age 80

Ballantyne,Agnes,D,26 Feb 14,1,4,age 75

Ballard,W. G., Dr.,M,24 Apr 13,5,1,12 Apr; Kerr, Mary

Balsden,Almon S.,D,4 Sep 13,4,2,

Barber,R. Edward,E,8 Jan 14,5,1,Lyons, Lulu

Barber,Richard E.,M,5 Feb 14,5,3,31 Jan; Lyons, Lulu

Barnes,Albert T.,M,24 Dec 14,8,2,17 Dec; Campbell, I.

Barnes,Elsie,D,21 Dec 11,3,3,age 72

Barnum,Amelia A.,D,2 Jul 14,5,2,

Barnum,Miss,M,25 Dec 13,1,4,Watson, John

Barnum,Rodney,D,9 Mar 11,8,2,

Barr,Robert,D,24 Oct 12,1,6,

Barr,Robert, Mrs.,D,7 Jul 10,5,3,age 84

Bassett,William, Mrs.,D,23 Nov 11,8,1,age 63

Bateman,Anna,D,12 May 10,5,1,age 82

Battie,Mary,D,20 Nov 13,1,4,

Baxter,Daniel,D,18 Jul 12,1,4,72nd year

Baxter,Jane,D,17 Nov 10,8,3,age 68

Baxter,Josephine,M,18 Sep 13,5,3,10 Sep; McKillop, Neil

Baxter,Josephine,M,11 Sep 13,5,2,McKillop, Neil

Baxter,Lottie,M,1 Dec 10,1,4,Blackwell, Edward

Bearss,Rowland,M,7 Jul 10,5,1,22 Jun; Taylor, Ethel

Beaton,Alex,D,23 Apr 14,5,3,

Beatty,Alzie Olive,M,28 Aug 13,4,2,2 Aug; Garrett, Charles

Beatty,James,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,

Beaty,John Henry,M,4 Jan 12,5,1,Black, Christena

Beckett,Clarence,M,28 Sep 11,8,1,Hunchberger, Maribel

Bedford,John,M,10 Aug 11,5,1,Chapman, Sarah

Bedford,John, Mrs.,D,15 Jun 11,5,2,age 74

Beecroft,dau of Fred,B,6 Feb 13,5,3,29 Jan

Beecroft,dau of James,B,21 Nov 12,5,2,3 Nov

Beecroft,Fred E.,M,22 Sep 10,8,2,Dell, Mary

Beecroft,Jacob, Mrs.,D,6 Nov 13,5,2,

Beecroft,twin daus of F.,B,31 Aug 11,5,4,23 Aug

Beer,Elizabeth,D,24 Oct 12,5,1,age 77

Beer,Fred, Dr.,M,7 Jul 10,5,3,29 Jun; Rondeau, Miss

Beer,George Albert,M,14 Mar 12,5,1,6 Mar; Shepherd, L.

Beer,Lorne William,B,12 Dec 12,5,3,7 Dec

Begg,James,D,15 Oct 14,8,1,about 40 years old

Bell,Philip, Mrs.,D,25 Dec 13,1,4,age 55

Bell,Walter P.,D,2 Apr 14,1,4,

Benedict,Clara Winnifred,M,19 Oct 11,5,3,11 Oct; Phelps, Lloyd

Benedict,Miss,M,12 Oct 11,5,1,Phelps, Lloyd

Bennett,David,D,8 Jun 11,5,1,

Bennett,David,D,1 Jun 11,5,2,age 84

Bennett,Frank Arthur,M,9 Oct 13,8,3,1 Oct; Wismer, Sarah

Berdan,Claude,M,10 Oct 12,1,6,Wheeler, Maud

Berdan,Epaphrus H.,D,30 Jan 13,1,5,

Berdan,Nathaniel, Mrs.,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,age 72

Berdan,son of A. A.,B,19 May 10,5,3,10 May

Berdan,William,D,1 Oct 14,1,4,age 48

Berdan,Wm. Alexander,D,9 Feb 11,5,1,27 Jan; infant s/o Alfred

Berger,Florence,D,28 Mar 12,2,2,Neil

Berry,Alfred, Mrs.,D,23 Mar 11,5,1,age 32

Berry,John,D,24 Nov 10,1,6,age 83

Best,Leonidas E., Dr.,D,9 Mar 11,4,1,

Bexton,Arthur,D,3 Aug 11,4,2,

Bigger,Amos,D,23 Jun 10,10,2,

Bigger,Amos, Mrs.,D,23 Jun 10,10,2,6 Jun

Bigham,Rebecca,D,13 Jan 10,5,1,79th year

Billinghurst,William B.,D,20 Apr 11,8,3,

Billings,Bert L.,D,8 May 13,1,4,40th year

Bingham,Margetta,D,6 Dec 13,1,4,60th year

Binks,Eliza,M,20 Jun 12,1,6,Miller, Benjamin

Binks,Ellen,M,21 May 14,5,3,6 May; Smith, Samuel

Binks,Isabella,M,27 Jan 10,5,2,Pollard, Herbert

Binks,Lillian Clara,M,1 Oct 14,5,3,Depew, Charles

Bisnett,Charles,D,17 Oct 12,5,2,

Bissett,Susan E.,M,3 Apr 13,5,1,Kerr, Matthew

Black,Arch, Mrs.,D,30 Jun 10,5,2,age 40

Black,Archibald J.,D,22 Dec 10,8,4,age 73

Black,Christena,M,4 Jan 12,5,1,Beaty, John

Black,James,D,4 Jul 12,5,1,77th year

Black,James D.,M,16 Feb 11,4,1,Fulton, Jennie

Black,Neil C.,D,21 Mar 12,1,5,47th year

Black,son of A. N.,B,10 Dec 14,5,3,9 Dec

Black,sons of Roger,B,10 Aug 11,5,4,4 Aug; twins

Blacker,Ernest,D,11 Jul 12,8,1,

Blackwell,Edward,M,1 Dec 10,1,4,Baxter, Lottie

Blain,Thomas, Mrs.,D,18 Jun 14,8,1,53rd year

Blewett,George, Dr.,D,22 Aug 12,1,4,age 39

Blewett,Mary,D,5 Dec 12,1,3,

Blewett,William,P,8 May 13,1,4,McBain

Blue,Archibald,D,30 Jul 14,5,3,74th year

Blue,Colin,M,20 Jun 12,5,1,Mercer, Bessie

Blue,Mary,D,22 Feb 12,5,2,85th year

Blue,Neil,D,8 May 13,1,4,27 Apr

Blue,Neil,D,17 Nov 10,5,2,age 81

Bobier,Alfred, Mrs.,D,10 Aug 11,5,1,51st year

Bobier,Alfred,D,5 May 10,5,1,age 24

Bobier,Harry,M,19 Oct 11,5,1,Graham, Annie

Bobier,John,P,18 Jan 12,5,1,Sifton

Bobier,Leslie,M,16 Nov 11,5,1,8 Nov; Bobier, Sarah

Bobier,Richard,D,13 Jun 12,5,3,age 64

Bobier,Sarah Edna,M,16 Nov 11,5,1,8 Nov; Bobier, Leslie

Bobier,William,M,31 Aug 11,5,3,Wilson, Frances

Boden,Elizabeth,E,14 Dec 11,5,1,27 Dec; Wilkie, C.

Boden,Elizabeth,M,4 Jan 12,5,2,27 Dec; Wilkie, Cl.

Bodman,Richard,D,9 Jan 13,5,1,

Bole,dau of W. H.,B,20 Jan 10,5,3,11 Jan

Bolsby,John D.,D,16 Jan 13,1,6,age 68

Boomer,William H.,D,31 Oct 12,1,4,age 19

Boughner,Allan,D,2 May 12,8,2,age 25

Boughner,Burley,D,30 Jul 14,1,4,age 87

Boughner,J. W., Mrs.,D,19 Oct 11,4,2,

Bower,Thomas,D,5 Oct 11,8,1,

Bowlby,Lucinda,D,12 Sep 12,5,3,age 77

Bowser,George,D,20 Oct 10,8,2,age 28

Boyd,Georgina F.,M,9 Oct 13,5,3,Gow, Walter

Braddon,George,M,3 Dec 14,5,1,1 Dec; McWilliam, B.

Braddon,Helen,D,3 Feb 10,5,3,age 54

Braddon,James,D,31 Mar 10,5,3,age 87

Braddon,Lillie,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,Silcox, Wilfrid

Braddon,Mary Ann,D,8 Aug 12,5,2,Allen

Braddon,Mary,D,26 Nov 14,5,2,age 91

Braddon,William, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 11,5,2,age 50

Bradshaw,Clara L.,M,12 Dec 12,1,4,Dunn, Fred

Bradt,Christopher,D,16 Jun 10,10,2,age 80

Bradt,Elizabeth,D,2 Nov 11,5,3,60th year

Bradt,Lizzie,M,26 Nov 14,5,1,Burleigh, Harold

Bradt,Mack,D,21 Dec 11,8,3,

Brady,Cecelia,D,12 Dec 12,1,4,

Brady,E. M.,M,22 Feb 12,5,2,Crehan, James

Brass,D. J., Dr.,M,16 Oct 13,8,3,29 Sep; McMillan, F.

Brebner,James,P,5 Feb 14,1,5,Middleton

Breen,William,D,21 Aug 13,7,1,26th year

Brock,Annie,M,6 Apr 11,5,3,Keele, Charles

Broderick,H. G.,D,17 Feb 10,1,4,age 75

Broderick,Henry G.,D,24 Feb 10,8,2,

Brodie,Mary,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,Wright

Brodie,Susan,D,26 Jan 11,1,5,age 84

Brooks,Floretta,M,23 Apr 14,5,2,Duncanson, Daniel

Brooks,Letia Irena,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,Sutton, Milton

Brown,Chester,M,23 Jun 10,10,2,Heidt, Ina

Brown,dau of John R.,B,2 May 12,5,3,24 Apr

Brown,Delila E.,M,28 Dec 11,1,4,Hall, Herman

Brown,Edith Vanetta,D,6 Nov 13,5,2,Beecroft

Brown,Edith Risdon,M,15 Dec 10,5,3,Small, Fred

Brown,Edmund,M,17 Feb 10,4,3,Gunn, Jennie

Brown,Eliza,D,14 Nov 12,5,2,age 64

Brown,Ernest,D,15 May 13,5,2,age 45

Brown,Ethel,M,27 Apr 11,5,1,Haviland, Frank

Brown,George, Mrs.,D,30 Oct 13,5,2,age 82

Brown,James, Mrs.,D,5 May 10,8,3,age 28

Brown,John,D,26 Oct 11,1,6,age 84

Brown,Joseph,D,12 Sep 12,5,2,age 79

Brown,Margaret J.,M,10 Jul 13,5,2,24 Jun; Adams, Elmer

Brown,Matilda J.,D,29 May 13,5,2,age 99

Brown,Sarah, Mrs.,M,26 Sep 12,8,2,16 Sep; Clayton, W.

Brown,Sarah,D,6 Nov 13,6,1,

Brown,son of Daniel,B,10 Oct 12,5,3,5 Oct

Brown,son of Fred T.,B,8 Aug 12,4,3,5 Aug

Brown,T. E.,D,13 Apr 11,5,1,about 30 years old

Brown,W. A., Dr.,D,27 Jul 11,8,2,

Browning,Edna,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,Marshall, John

Bruce,son of James,B,13 Oct 10,5,3,8 Oct

Brunning,Annie,D,20 Nov 13,5,2,Miller

Brush,Ethyl M.,M,20 Jul 11,1,4,28 Jun; Wood, A. E.

Brush,Jemima A.,D,28 Apr 10,1,4,

Buchan,Agnes Belle,E,10 Sep 14,1,4,McMillan, Edwin

Buchan,Agnes Bell,M,1 Oct 14,4,1,McMillan, Edwin

Buchan,Florence May,M,1 Feb 12,1,4,Sifton, Floyd

Buchanan,Euphemia,D,27 Jun 12,5,2,age 71

Buck,Daniel,D,22 Feb 12,8,2,age 78

Buckler,Maribel,M,6 Jul 11,8,1,28 Jun; McLellan, C.

Bunn,nee,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,Thomson, Duncan, Mrs.

Burdon,Louisa,D,5 Mar 14,4,1,age 73

Burke,Helen,D,24 Nov 10,1,6,

Burkholder,Harry F.,D,28 Sep 11,8,1,age 24

Burleigh,Harold,M,26 Nov 14,5,1,Bradt, Lizzie

Burnett,son of G. W.,B,13 Jan 10,7,3,8 Jan

Burns,George Arthur,D,26 Jun 13,5,1,age 10 mos; s/oArthur

Burns,James,D,9 Apr 14,5,2,age 57

Burns,son of Arthur,B,29 Aug 12,5,1,27 Aug

Burns,Thoma,D,17 Dec 14,5,3,age 89

Burrett,John,A,3 Sep 14,1,4,50th

Burrows,Mabel Blanche,M,14 Apr 10,10,3,Jenken, Ernest

Burton,nee,D,14 Nov 12,8,1,Gilbert, George, Mrs.

Burton,Neil E.,M,16 Jul 14,5,3,Campbell, Annie

Burwell,Hannah,D,16 Jun 10,10,2,Stevenson

Burwell,Jemima A.,D,28 Apr 10,1,4,Brush

Burwell,Laura,D,9 Feb 11,4,3,80th year

Burwell,Samuel, Mrs.,D,28 Dec 11,1,4,84th year

Bury,W.,M,2 Apr 14,5,1,Lang, Kate

Butler,A. P., Mrs.,D,16 Feb 11,4,1,

Butterfield,Irwine, Mrs.,D,18 Sep 13,5,3,30 Aug; age 63

Butterick,J. A., Dr.,M,13 Jun 12,8,2,Kettlewell, Ida

Buxton,George Arthur,D,3 Aug 11,5,1,age 8

Cade,Thomas,D,4 Jan 12,5,3,age 26

Cahill,Miss,D,26 Feb 14,1,4,Cunningham

Cain,John, Rev.,D,2 Jan 13,4,1,age 68

Calcott,John Manley,M,3 Aug 11,8,1,26 Jul; Lindsay, Mabel

Caldwell,Agnes E.,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,17 Oct; Paton, J. B.

Calver,Alfred,D,2 Apr 14,1,4,age 52

Cameron,Alexander,D,30 Jun 10,5,3,age 85

Cameron,Archibald,D,25 Jan 12,1,6,age 48

Cameron,dau of James R.,B,18 Jul 12,5,3,15 Jul

Cameron,Elizabeth,D,16 Feb 11,5,2,

Cameron,Frances J.,D,27 Jun 12,1,4,59th year

Cameron,George R.,D,24 Nov 10,5,2,age 65

Cameron,James,M,23 Apr 14,5,1,Jordan, Christena

Cameron,Jane,D,6 Jan 10,4,2,age 78

Cameron,John A.,M,30 Oct 13,5,2,Campbell, Christina

Cameron,John R.,M,20 Jan 10,5,2,McCallum, Catherine

Cameron,Peter,D,7 May 14,5,2,age 85

Campbell,Agnes Carrie,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,McLellan, D. A.

Campbell,Alice,M,18 Aug 10,5,3,McIntyre, Daniel

Campbell,Angus, Mrs.,D,21 May 14,5,3,

Campbell,Annie,D,18 Sep 13,5,3,Butterfield

Campbell,Annie Jean,M,16 Jul 14,5,3,Burton, Neil

Campbell,Arch,D,17 Oct 12,5,2,age 67

Campbell,Archibald M.,M,15 Feb 12,5,3,7 Feb; McPhail, Mary

Campbell,Archibald M.,E,1 Feb 12,6,1,7 Feb; McPhail, Mary

Campbell,Bernice,M,12 Dec 12,5,1,7 Dec; Thrower, A.

Campbell,Catharine,D,30 Jan 13,1,5,age 79

Campbell,Catherine,D,5 Sep 12,4,1,age 72

Campbell,Celestia,D,21 Apr 10,9,1,

Campbell,Charlotte,M,3 Sep 14,5,1,Evans, Leonard

Campbell,Christina,M,30 Oct 13,5,2,Cameron, John

Campbell,Christina,D,13 Apr 11,5,2,age 90

Campbell,D. C., Mrs.,D,9 Jul 14,5,2,age 58

Campbell,dau of Colin,B,13 Jun 12,5,3,6 Jun

Campbell,dau of John C.,B,21 Nov 12,5,2,15 Nov

Campbell,dau of James D.,B,24 Aug 11,7,4,10 Aug

Campbell,Dugald, Mrs.,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,age 68

Campbell,Duncan J., Mrs.,D,19 Jun 13,1,4,age 72

Campbell,Duncan G.,D,12 Sep 12,5,3,age 51

Campbell,Duncan,D,27 Jan 10,5,2,age 90

Campbell,Duncan,D,16 Mar 11,4,2,92nd year

Campbell,Durand,M,11 Jun 14,8,1,Vines, Mabel

Campbell,Edna,E,22 Jun 11,1,6,Humphrey, Carl

Campbell,Elma A.,M,13 Jul 11,8,2,Umphrey, Carol

Campbell,Gertrude Catherine,M,24 Dec 14,8,2,17 Dec; Rayner, W.

Campbell,Isabella Irene,M,24 Dec 14,8,2,17 Dec; Barnes, Albert

Campbell,Isabella,D,22 Jun 11,5,1,

Campbell,Isabella,D,29 Jun 11,5,2,

Campbell,J. W.,M,30 May 12,1,4,Timewell, Laura

Campbell,John, Mrs.,D,26 Mar 14,5,1,18 Mar; 95th year

Campbell,John, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 10,5,3,

Campbell,John A.,M,28 Apr 10,5,1,16 Apr; Meyer, Pearl

Campbell,John L.,D,11 Apr 12,5,3,age 75

Campbell,Lachlan,P,20 Jan 10,1,5,Davey, George W., Mrs.

Campbell,Lillie Bell,M,8 May 13,1,4,30 Apr; Dill, William

Campbell,Lorne, Mrs.,D,19 Oct 11,8,1,

Campbell,Mae Agnes,E,16 Jul 14,5,2,Galbraith, D. J.

Campbell,Mae Agnes,M,23 Jul 14,5,1,Galbraith, D. J.

Campbell,Maggie,M,27 Jun 12,1,4,19 Jun; Strachan, A.

Campbell,Malcolm,D,12 Nov 14,5,2,age 50

Campbell,Margaret,D,5 Feb 14,4,2,McDonald

Campbell,Margaret,D,9 Feb 11,4,2,age 68

Campbell,Margaret,D,23 Mar 11,1,6,

Campbell,Mary,D,3 Apr 13,5,2,Robbins

Campbell,Mary S.,M,18 Jul 12,1,4,5 Jul; Coutts, William

Campbell,Mary,M,27 Jun 12,5,1,Crawford, Archibald

Campbell,Mary Elizabeth,M,20 Apr 11,5,3,12 Apr; Graham, Wm.

Campbell,Mary,M,13 Apr 11,5,1,Graham, William

Campbell,Minnie,M,12 Nov 14,5,1,Leitch, Arch

Campbell,Nancy,D,12 Dec 12,1,4,age 77

Campbell,Nancy,D,9 Jul 14,5,2,73rd year

Campbell,Nellie,M,9 Feb 11,5,1,Scott, J. B.

Campbell,Peter G.,M,17 Dec 14,4,2,McMillan, Catherine

Campbell,Peter J.,E,3 Dec 14,1,4,McMillan, Katharine

Campbell,son of Robert,B,4 Sep 13,4,1,1 Sep

Campbell,son of John C.,B,22 Jan 14,5,5,15 Jan

Campbell,son of John C.,B,21 Apr 10,6,3,10 Apr

Campbell,son of S. D.,B,27 Oct 10,5,3,23 Oct

Campbell,son of James D.,B,24 Aug 11,7,4,14 Aug

Campbell,son of James,B,28 Jul 10,5,3,22 Jul

Campbell,William Elmo,M,30 Oct 13,5,2,Flint, Frances

Cannell,Jane Eleanor,D,30 Nov 11,5,1,age 61

Cannell,Philip B.,D,22 Dec 10,5,2,70th year

Cantelon,nee,D,3 Oct 12,5,1,Bailey, G. C., Mrs.

Carder,Marshall D.,D,11 Jun 14,8,1,

Carey,Patience,D,21 Aug 13,1,4,

Carmichael,Charles, Mrs.,D,7 May 14,5,1,

Carmichael,Duncan,M,27 Jun 12,1,4,19 Jun; Graham, Jessie

Carmichael,Duncan,E,20 Jun 12,1,4,Graham, Jessie

Carmichael,Mary,D,18 Jun 14,8,3,age 94

Carmichael,Mary,D,27 Nov 13,5,1,

Carmichael,Mary,D,20 Nov 13,5,2,age 80

Carmichael,nee,W,7 Apr 10,1,6,Maccoll

Carnahan,Fred, Mrs.,D,16 Feb 11,5,2,

Carnahan,Mrs.,D,23 Feb 11,5,2,

Carnegie,Annie Belle,D,10 Nov 10,8,2,age 44

Carnegie,Charles,D,2 Apr 14,1,4,age 68

Carnegie,dau of W. J.,D,17 Dec 14,4,2,

Caron,Mary Frances,D,9 Jun 10,5,3,48th year

Carpenter,Clifford D.,E,19 Dec 12,9,1,Atkinson, Vera

Carpenter,Clifford D.,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,Atkinson, Vera

Carpenter,Elizabeth,D,17 Apr 13,1,4,age 76

Carroll,Robert, Dr.,D,29 Oct 14,5,2,age 31

Carroll,son of Arthur,B,25 May 11,4,2,17 May

Carroll,William H.,M,15 Sep 10,5,3,Lodge, Sarah

Carruth,dau of Arch,B,28 Aug 13,5,3,23 Aug

Carruth,dau of Arch,B,11 Jul 12,5,1,3 Jul

Carruth,James,D,27 Jan 10,5,2,

Carson,Peter St. Clair,E,22 Jan 14,8,1,28 Jan; Harris, Florence

Carson,Peter St. Clair,M,5 Feb 14,1,5,28 Jan; Harris, Florence

Carswell,Isabella,D,22 Jun 11,5,1,Campbell

Carswell,P. D.,M,25 Jun 14,5,2,Lumley, Jennie

Carswell,P. D.,E,4 Jun 14,5,1,Lumley, Edna

Carswell,son of D.,B,19 Oct 11,5,3,13 Oct

Carter,Helen Josephine,M,5 Oct 11,8,1,Katzenmeyer, Garnet

Carter,Helen Josephine,E,7 Sep 11,5,1,Katzenmeyer, Garnet

Carter,Mr.,M,2 Feb 11,1,4,Leitch, Kate

Carter,Pearl,E,24 Jul 13,5,2,MacMillan, Angus

Cascadden,Elisabeth,D,9 May 12,1,4,age 78

Casey,Charles,M,5 May 10,8,3,Schnekcnburger, Clara

Casey,George E., Mrs.,D,29 May 13,5,2,

Casey,Nora,E,18 Jul 12,5,1,Reid, Walter

Casey,Owen,D,19 Nov 14,8,1,

Casselman,Hilda Wallace,E,13 Jun 12,5,1,Argo, William

Cathers,son of William,B,25 Jul 12,5,3,18 Jul

Cathers,William H.,M,14 Sep 11,5,2,6 Sep; Maddock, M.

Cattanach,Bruce A.,M,5 Dec 12,1,3,Travers, Ellen

Cattanach,Charles L.,D,14 Jul 10,5,1,42nd year

Caughell,Henry,D,31 Mar 10,8,2,age 80

Cavanaugh,Elizabeth,D,8 Jun 11,5,3,James

Cavanaugh,Nellie,W,15 Jun 11,5,1,McNulty

Cawthorpe,William, Mrs.,D,15 Oct 14,5,1,81st year

Chalmers,Thomas,D,18 Jun 14,8,3,

Chapin,Herbert Charles,E,22 Aug 12,5,2,Stuart, Annabel

Chapman,George Arthur,D,26 Sep 12,5,1,infant son of William

Chapman,M. R.,D,2 Jun 10,5,1,age 78

Chapman,Sarah,M,10 Aug 11,5,1,Bedford, John

Chapman,son of William,B,5 Dec 12,7,2,26 Nov

Chapman,son of W.,B,8 Jun 11,5,4,2 Jun

Cheeseborough,Joseph,M,10 Dec 14,5,1,26 Nov; Roberts, May

Childs,Victoria,D,22 Aug 12,5,4,9 Aug

Chisholm,Dr.,D,11 Aug 10,6,1,age 44

Church,William H.,D,16 Jan 13,5,2,age 66

Clapp,Margaret E.,D,23 Mar 11,8,2,

Clark,Albert,D,8 Jun 11,8,3,age 82

Clark,Archie T.,M,19 Dec 12,4,2,Graham, Jennie

Clark,Archie T.,E,28 Nov 12,5,1,Graham, Jennie

Clark,dau of Alex,B,8 Aug 12,4,3,24 Jul

Clark,dau of John,B,8 Aug 12,4,3,4 Aug

Clark,dau of J.,B,7 Jul 10,5,4,21 Jun

Clark,E. J.,M,19 May 10,5,2,McPherson, Grace

Clark,Elizabeth,D,9 Apr 14,5,1,age 62

Clark,Geo Wm Berkeley,B,13 Nov 13,5,3,1 Nov

Clark,George E., Dr.,M,29 Sep 10,5,3,1 Sep; Lugsdin, Evelyn

Clark,Henry,D,30 Jul 14,1,4,age 69

Clark,infant s/o W. J.,D,18 Jan 12,5,1,age 4 months

Clark,James C.,D,20 Nov 13,1,4,

Clark,Jennie,D,24 Mar 10,5,2,Marshman

Clark,John,D,16 Jul 14,8,1,

Clark,John B., Mrs.,D,14 Sep 11,8,1,age 85

Clark,Margaret Joanna,D,29 Aug 12,5,2,age 74

Clark,Maria,D,2 Apr 14,8,1,Corbett

Clark,Marret,M,28 Dec 11,5,1,13 Dec; Leitch, Mary

Clark,Martha,D,6 Mar 13,5,1,Penno

Clark,Mary,BD,14 Nov 12,5,2,94th

Clark,Nathan,D,30 Apr 14,5,2,age 89

Clark,nee,D,27 Nov 13,5,3,Cornish, John, Mrs.

Clark,Samuel,D,29 Oct 14,5,1,

Clark,Samuel,D,22 Oct 14,5,2,84th year

Clark,son of W. J.,B,14 Sep 11,5,3,11 Sep

Clark,Tena,M,2 May 12,5,2,Jarvis, Thomas

Clark,Walter, Mrs.,D,9 Jan 13,5,2,57th year

Clarke,son of Daniel,B,2 Jan 13,5,2,31 Dec 1912

Claus,Nancy,D,16 May 12,5,2,72nd year

Claus,son of M. S.,B,3 Sep 14,5,3,29 Aug

Claus,Spencer,M,4 Sep 13,5,2,Munn, May

Clay,Catharine M.,D,21 Dec 11,8,3,age 72

Clay,David C.,D,30 Jun 10,5,2,

Clay,John,D,11 Jul 12,5,2,age 69

Clay,John,D,18 Jul 12,5,1,

Clay,Kate,D,26 Mar 14,8,1,23rd year

Clayton,John,M,20 Jun 12,1,6,Wilson, Lizzie

Clayton,Willard,M,26 Sep 12,8,2,16 Sep; Brown, Sarah

Clement,F. M.,M,21 Aug 13,4,2,Wegenast, Florence

Clement,Fred Moore,E,31 Jul 13,5,1,Wegenast, Florence

Clement,son of F. M.,B,16 Jul 14,5,4,6 Jul

Coad,Richard D.,M,2 Jul 14,8,1,McAlpine, Cassie

Cobban,nee,D,6 Jun 12,5,2,McRae, Donald, Mrs.

Cock,Joseph F.,D,5 Nov 14,5,1,age 71

Coffey,Katie,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,age 32

Coffey,Thomas,D,18 Jan 12,1,6,age 88

Colberg,John,M,3 Feb 10,8,2,19 Jan; McCallum, Kate

Coldicott,dau of Wm. K.,B,12 Jun 13,5,3,7 Jun

Coldicott,William,M,11 Jul 12,5,1,Preston, Mabel

Cole,James, Mrs.,D,9 Mar 11,8,2,age 83

Cole,Norah,M,11 Jun 14,8,1,Sallows, W. W.

Cole,Philip, Mrs.,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,

Coleman,Thomas,D,3 Feb 10,8,2,age 68

Collard,Lenore,M,15 Oct 14,5,1,Smith, William

Colledge,Elizabeth,D,27 Nov 13,8,2,96th year

Colley,Minnie Jane,D,21 May 14,8,1,age 17

Congdon,Duncan,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,Johnston, Lucy

Conn,John, Mrs.,D,20 Jun 12,5,1,

Conn,John,D,25 Apr 12,5,2,age 50

Conrad,Lydia Ann,D,10 Oct 12,1,6,age 88

Conway,Ethel May,D,2 Apr 14,5,2,age 33

Cook,son of John,B,7 Aug 13,5,2,3 Aug

Cook,Thomas,D,20 Aug 14,10,1,age 83

Cook,W. H.,D,27 Jan 10,1,5,

Cooper,Sarah A.,D,28 Nov 12,8,1,

Copeman,Sarah Jane,D,6 Jan 10,4,2,

Corbett,Frederick,M,6 Jan 10,5,2,Marsh, Sarah

Corbett,Levi, Mrs.,D,2 Apr 14,8,1,

Corneil,Philip,D,22 Jan 14,5,1,age 60

Corneil,William F.,M,18 Dec 13,1,6,29 Nov; Lethbridge, L.

Cornish,Eliza,D,22 Sep 10,5,2,50th year

Cornish,John, Mrs.,D,27 Nov 13,5,3,age 87

Cornish,John, Mrs.,D,6 Dec 13,5,1,

Cosgrove,Eugene,M,14 Dec 11,5,2,29 Nov; McCaffery, L.

Cosgrove,son of Eugene,B,2 Jan 13,5,2,23 Dec 1912

Coughlin,Daniel,D,8 Jun 11,4,1,

Coulter,Elvy Margaretta,M,13 Jun 12,8,2,Luton, Gilbert

Couse,Peter,D,31 Dec 14,1,4,age 94

Coutts,William J.,M,18 Jul 12,1,4,5 Jul; Campbell, Mary

Coveney,Matthew,D,24 Jul 13,5,2,age 86

Cowley,Thomas,D,19 May 10,8,3,78th year

Coyne,Anne Christine,M,8 Jan 14,5,1,1 Jan; Taylor, C. B.

Coyne,Mrs.,D,3 Nov 10,5,1,age 86

Crabbe,Bruce B.,M,25 Dec 13,5,1,McGugan, Ethel

Craig,Evelyn Florence,M,14 Nov 12,5,1,Ramsay, Frederick

Crane,Audrey Kate,M,24 Mar 10,4,2,28 Feb; Shannon, F.

Crane,Edith Gertrude,M,23 Jun 10,7,3,Strong, James

Crane,Norman L.,M,15 Dec 10,5,3,7 Dec; Ford, Ethel

Crane,son of J. W.,B,5 Dec 12,7,2,28 Nov

Crane,twin sons of Dr. J W,D,31 Dec 14,5,3,29 Dec; age 1 day

Crawford,Archibald,M,27 Jun 12,5,1,Campbell, Mary

Crawford,Archibald, Mrs.,D,30 Jan 13,5,1,

Crawford,Archibald,D,15 Oct 14,5,3,age 80

Crawford,Archibald,A,7 Jul 10,5,2,50th

Crawford,James,D,30 Apr 14,5,2,86th year

Crawford,John E.,D,10 Apr 13,5,1,36th year

Crawford,son of Alexander,B,16 Jan 13,5,3,

Crawford,son of Alex,D,26 Feb 14,5,1,age 1

Crawford,son of S. E.,B,14 Sep 11,5,3,7 Sep

Crehan,James F.,D,9 Apr 14,5,2,31 Mar; age 36

Crehan,James,D,20 Aug 14,5,1,

Crehan,James F.,M,22 Feb 12,5,2,Brady, E. M.

Crehan,Katie,M,29 Dec 10,5,1,14 Dec; Fitzpatrick, Dr.

Cron,Fergus,D,5 Nov 14,1,4,age 73

Cronk,Ann,D,8 Aug 12,1,6,age 90

Cronk,Lulu Maud,M,10 Apr 13,8,2,Snelgrove, Delbert

Crowder,son of W.,B,24 Aug 11,7,4,10 Aug

Crowley,James,P,8 Dec 10,5,2,St. John

Crump,George,M,24 Jun 14,5,1,18 Jun; Graham, F.

Crundell,Annie Eva,M,15 May 13,8,2,Webber, Frank

Cudney,infant son,D,5 Mar 14,4,1,

Culver,Sarah,A,16 Jun 10,7,1,Adair

Cummings,Alfred,M,14 Apr 10,7,2,McDonald, Clara

Cummings,Sarah,D,2 Feb 11,1,4,age 76

Cunliffe,Clifford E.,E,9 Oct 13,8,3,Knowles, Eleatle

Cunningham,Mrs.,D,26 Feb 14,1,4,

Currie,Bessie,E,12 Nov 14,8,1,18 Nov; Oldham, Henry

Currie,Bessie,M,26 Nov 14,8,1,Oldham, Henry

Currie,Donald,D,19 Oct 11,4,2,age 87

Currie,Duncan,D,10 Feb 10,5,1,

Currie,Elizabeth,D,3 Dec 14,5,1,McPherson

Currie,Flora,M,31 Jul 13,8,1,Saxby, Richard

Currie,Hector, Rev.,D,2 Feb 11,1,6,

Currie,John,D,12 Dec 12,7,2,age 87

Currie,Mary B.,M,22 Dec 10,5,3,21 Dec; McCormick, M

Currie,Walter,D,14 Jul 10,5,2,age 80

Currie,Walter,D,21 Jul 10,5,1,

Curry,C. K., Mrs.,D,21 Apr 10,6,1,

Curtis,dau of John,B,2 Oct 13,5,3,24 Sep

Curtis,Emily C.,D,27 Jun 12,5,1,McCallum

Curtis,Florence Celeste,E,12 Dec 12,7,1,Wolfe, Aulton

Curtis,Florence Celesta,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,25 Dec; Wolfe, Aulton

Curtis,son of John W.,B,31 Aug 11,5,4,12 Aug

Curtis,Thomas,A,17 Mar 10,5,3,25th

Curtis,William, Mrs.,D,13 Feb 13,8,4,age 73

Cusack,John,D,3 Nov 10,5,1,21 Oct; 65th year

Cusack,Robert,D,8 Sep 10,5,1,

Cusack,William,D,3 Mar 10,5,2,age 76

Cusiter,Christena,M,1 Jan 14,5,1,25 Dec; Walker, M.

Dadson,Wesley, Mrs.,D,3 Oct 12,8,1,age 40

Dahl,Alvin D.,M,11 Apr 12,5,2,22 Mar; Stanton, B.

Dake,Col.,D,14 May 14,8,1,age 36

Dalgety,James,D,3 Sep 14,5,2,

Dalgety,Ruth,D,17 Apr 13,5,3,37th year

Dallyn,Alice,D,9 Jun 10,1,6,

Daly,Owen,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,age 83

Dandy,son of A.,B,18 Jul 12,5,3,16 Jul

Darlington,Edward,D,12 Jun 13,1,6,

Darrach,Mary M.,D,25 Jan 12,1,4,age 89

Darrah,dau of R.,B,22 Jun 11,5,3,14 Jun

Dart,James A.,D,10 Apr 13,5,3,age 56

Daudy,son of Oswald,D,13 Jan 10,10,1,

Davey,George W., Mrs.,D,20 Jan 10,1,5,

David,Adelhardt,D,22 Jun 11,1,6,age 90

Davidson,Samuel D.,D,5 Dec 12,1,3,age 94

Davidson,Samuel, Mrs.,D,23 Feb 11,1,5,age 86

Dawdy,Sylvester,D,14 Mar 12,1,4,age 65

Dawdy,twins of Burlington,B,23 Apr 14,5,4,14 Apr; son & daughter

Day,Eliza,D,19 Sep 12,1,4,age 85

Dean,John H.,D,3 Apr 13,8,1,

DeClute,Delmar D.,M,1 Oct 14,5,3,Evans, Velma

Delacey,George T.,D,23 Oct 13,8,3,

Delaney,Mary,D,16 Oct 13,5,2,age 48

Dell,Archibald,D,15 Jun 11,8,1,

Dell,Jonathan,D,15 Jun 11,5,2,age 54

Dell,Mary Elizabeth,M,22 Sep 10,8,2,Beecroft, Fred

Dell,Mary,P,31 Aug 11,5,4,Beecroft

Delong,Myrtle,M,5 Nov 14,5,1,22 Nov; Wilson, Wm.

Dennis,Henry W.,D,9 Nov 11,8,1,

Depew,Charles Wilbert,M,1 Oct 14,5,3,Binks, Lillian

Devine,Thomas,D,5 Sep 12,4,1,age 76

Dewar,John G.,M,13 Apr 11,8,2,Tanner, Myrtle

Dewar,Mary,D,28 May 14,1,4,age 89

Dewar,Nancy,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,age 59

Dicker,son of Charles F.,B,9 Feb 11,5,3,3 Feb

Dickhout,Edward,M,16 Jun 10,10,2,Kriter, Margaret

Dickinson,John,D,5 Dec 12,7,1,

Dickson,John, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 10,5,3,age 78

Diey,Jessie,D,16 Jan 13,1,6,age 70

Diggins,Walter J.,D,5 May 10,8,3,age 56

Dill,William,M,8 May 13,1,4,30 Apr; Campbell, L.

Dingman,Henry S.,D,13 Nov 13,1,4,age 79

Ditton,dau of Henry,B,9 Apr 14,5,3,3 Apr

Dixon,Alice,D,16 Jul 14,5,2,Revell

Doan,Daniel,D,20 Jul 11,1,4,67th year

Doan,Isabella,D,27 Apr 11,4,2,20 Apr; age 51

Doan,Mary,D,18 Jan 12,1,6,age 85

Dobie,dau of David,B,9 Mar 11,5,3,27 Feb

Dobie,David Albert,M,13 Mar 13,5,2,McMillan, Katharine

Docker,George S.,D,17 Mar 10,5,3,75th year

Dodd,Emily,D,23 Jan 13,5,1,Smith

Dodd,Georgina,M,12 Sep 12,5,3,Merritt, William

Donahue,D. J., Judge,D,19 Sep 12,4,2,

Donahue,Jeremiah,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,61st year

Donaldson,Mary,D,20 Jan 10,1,5,age 81

Donnelly,Ellen,D,15 Jan 14,5,4,age 68

Douglas,James,M,27 Jun 12,5,1,McMurray, Alice

Dow,David H., Dr.,M,10 Aug 11,5,1,March, Minnie

Dow,Minnie Viola,D,6 Feb 13,5,2,age 26

Dow,son of D. H.,B,25 Jul 12,5,3,17 Jul

Down,Calista L.,M,23 Jun 10,7,2,Lumley, John

Down,nee,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,Searl

Down,Samuel,D,9 May 12,1,4,

Doyle,John,D,4 Jul 12,5,1,age 75

Doyle,Laura,D,7 Nov 12,5,1,

Doyle,Lydia F.,D,23 May 12,5,2,age 79

Doyle,Patrick,D,11 Jun 14,1,6,71st year

Doyle,William,D,6 Mar 13,1,4,

Doyle,William,D,20 Oct 10,5,3,

Drake,Christena,D,17 Mar 10,5,2,age 85

Drake,Muriel Lilian,E,13 Nov 13,5,1,Oldrieve, Geoge

Drake,Muriel Lilian,M,11 Dec 13,7,2,Oldrieve, George

Dubs,Bertha May,D,17 Dec 14,5,1,Ousterhout

Dubs,George, Mrs.,D,31 Oct 12,1,4,

Dubs,Mary E.,M,6 Jul 11,8,1,McCallum, Duncan

Duff,Mae,M,9 Jul 14,5,1,1 Jul; Johnston, Frost

Duffy,Thomas,D,23 Jan 13,1,4,

Duncan,Archibald,D,23 Oct 13,5,2,age 78

Duncan,Lydia,D,17 Dec 14,5,2,90th year

Duncanson,Alex, Mrs.,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,age73

Duncanson,Alexander,D,14 Sep 11,5,2,age 75

Duncanson,Alexander,D,21 Sep 11,5,1,

Duncanson,Andrew,M,27 Nov 13,5,1,McWilliam, Rose

Duncanson,Daniel,M,23 Apr 14,5,2,Brooks, Floretta

Duncanson,Mary Catherine,E,10 Jul 13,5,1,Kendall, George A.

Duncanson,Mary Catharine,M,24 Jul 13,5,2,Kendall, George

Dunn,Fred J.,M,12 Dec 12,1,4,Bradshaw, Clara

Dunn,Rosanna,W,13 Nov 13,1,6,Mellon

Dunn,William,D,9 Oct 13,8,3,age 57

Dykes,Marg’t Isabella,M,26 May 10,8,1,Green, L. C.

Dymock,James S.,D,16 Nov 11,1,5,

Dymock,Margaret E.,D,22 May 13,5,1,Jones

Dymock,Thomas,M,26 Jun 13,5,2,Wilton, Hazel

Eastabrook,Daniel,D,1 Feb 12,1,4,age 72

Easton,dau of E. C.,B,3 Aug 11,5,4,30 Jul

Easton,Marie,M,25 Jan 12,5,2,Fletcher, James

Ecker,Chester Melroy,M,1 Sep 10,5,2,Smith, Eva

Edgar,Robert,D,31 Oct 12,1,6,

Elliott,Anne Christine,E,18 Dec 13,1,4,Taylor, Charles

Elliott,Dorothy B.,D,6 Dec 13,1,4,age 90

Elliott,George H., Rev.,D,14 Mar 12,5,2,

Ellwood,Elizabeth,D,24 Dec 14,8,2,68th year

Ellwood,Harvey,D,20 Jan 10,1,5,age 73

Englehart,Philip,D,25 Apr 12,5,1,age 59

Erskine,Ethel,M,12 Sep 12,5,3,McCallum, Arch

Evans,Cedric F.,M,24 Dec 14,5,2,Westlake, Vera

Evans,Edward, Mrs.,D,24 Mar 10,5,1,age 66

Evans,Leonard,M,3 Sep 14,5,1,Campbell, Charlotte

Evans,son of Richard,B,30 Oct 13,1,4,10 Oct

Evans,Velma Gertrude,M,1 Oct 14,5,3,DeClute, Delmar

Eveland,Flossie,D,3 Oct 12,8,1,age 22

Everitt,F. W.,M,26 Feb 14,5,1,5 Feb; Graham, Laura

Fairchild,Austin H.,E,19 Dec 12,9,1,Farr, Mabel

Farley,John, Mrs.,D,15 Oct 14,1,6,age 69

Farr,Mabel B.,E,19 Dec 12,9,1,Fairchild, Austin

Ferguson,Dugald, Mrs.,D,17 Nov 10,8,3,age 72

Ferguson,Duncan D.,D,23 Apr 14,1,4,age 68

Ferguson,Emma J.,D,1 Jun 11,1,4,age 65

Ferguson,Isabel M.,D,30 Jul 14,5,2,26th year

Ferguson,Jane,W,16 Oct 13,5,2,McLachlan

Ferguson,Leonard,D,24 Nov 10,1,6,age 72

Ferguson,Neil,M,26 Jun 13,5,2,Mitton, Isabel

Ferguson,Orval J.,M,1 Oct 14,5,1,22 Sep; Irvine, Maud

Ferguson,Robert, Mrs.,D,29 Dec 10,1,5,age 59

Ferguson,William,D,12 Jan 11,8,2,age 80

Field,E. E.,M,21 Dec 11,3,2,21 Dec; Urlin, Clara

Fillmore,James W.,D,23 Nov 11,5,1,

Finlay,Isabel,D,27 Apr 11,5,1,age 69

Finlay,James T.,D,18 May 11,1,4,age 70

Finlay,Lizzie,M,13 Nov 13,1,4,Rattray, Thomas

Finlay,Thomas, Mrs.,D,13 Jan 10,5,1,age 87

Finlayson,Alex, Mrs.,D,30 Jan 13,5,3,age 82

Fisher,Ernest Gordon,M,4 Jun 14,8,1,27 May; McNernie, M.

Fishleigh,Elizabeth,D,18 Apr 12,8,2,age 87

Fishleigh,nee,W,9 Mar 11,8,2,Barnum

Fishleigh,Ollie,D,27 Mar 13,1,4,

Fitchitt,Annie,D,14 Apr 10,7,2,age 67

Fitchitt,Edward,M,21 Jul 10,5,1,12 Jul; Kirkwood, Mary

Fitterer,Kate,D,6 Jun 12,5,2,Ramsey

Fitzpatrick,Dr.,M,29 Dec 10,5,1,14 Dec; Crehan, Katie

Fitzsimmons,James,P,17 Jul 13,4,2,MacRoberts

Fitzsimmons,Jane,D,16 Jul 14,8,1,age 75

Fletcher,George E., Rev.,D,11 Apr 12,5,3,

Fletcher,George E., Rev.,D,4 Apr 12,5,2,

Fletcher,Herb,M,13 Nov 13,1,4,Piper, Eva

Fletcher,James L.,M,25 Jan 12,5,2,Easton, Marie

Fletcher,John C.,D,8 May 13,4,2,about 65 years old

Fletcher,Margaret,M,12 Jun 13,5,2,4 Jun; Ford, Arthur

Fletcher,William,A,11 Dec 13,1,6,3 Dec; 50th

Flint,Frances Amelia,M,30 Oct 13,5,2,Campbell, William

Flum,infant son of Wm.,D,5 Dec 12,7,1,age 3 months

Flum,son of William,B,2 Oct 13,5,3,17 Sep

Flum,William,M,19 Jan 11,5,1,11 Jan; McCallum, J.

Flynn,Michael L.,D,29 Aug 12,8,2,

Foley,James A.,D,18 Jul 12,1,4,age 58

Forbes,dau of D.,B,3 Apr 13,5,3,19 Mar

Forbes,Kate,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,Archer, William

Forbes,Margaret C.,M,28 Sep 11,5,1,Graham, Duncan

Forbes,Robert, Mrs.,D,21 May 14,5,2,age 69

Ford,Arthur,M,12 Jun 13,5,2,4 Jun; Fletcher, Marg’t

Ford,Arthur,M,12 Jun 13,5,2,4 Jun; Marshman, Margt

Ford,dau of John,B,6 Jul 11,5,3,27 Jun

Ford,Eliza,D,13 Oct 10,5,2,age 96

Ford,Ethel Mae,M,15 Dec 10,5,3,7 Dec; Crane, Norman

Ford,Janet,D,22 Feb 12,8,2,age 87

Ford,Marie,D,15 Sep 10,5,2,age 8

Ford,Norman,P,1 Jan 14,1,4,Havens

Ford,Ruth E.,D,6 Feb 13,5,3,5 Feb; 80th year

Ford,Thomas,D,16 Jun 10,10,2,age 63

Ford,William, Mrs.,D,13 Feb 13,5,2,5 Feb

Foster,J. E.,M,7 Aug 13,5,1,8 Jul; Lumley, Thursa

Foster,son of William,B,30 Nov 11,5,4,3 Nov

Foster,son of W.,B,22 Sep 10,5,2,17 Sep

Foster,William,D,16 Feb 11,4,1,age 92

Fowler,Eliza,D,26 Feb 14,1,4,

Fox,dau of Harry,B,13 Mar 13,5,3,24 Feb

Francis,dau of George,B,24 Feb 10,5,3,15 Feb

Frank,William,M,20 Oct 10,8,2,McRae, Margaret

Fraser,dau of R. E.,B,27 Jun 12,5,3,22 Jun

Fraser,Donald, Mrs.,D,11 Apr 12,1,5,age 46

Freek,J. P.,P,30 Jun 10,1,5,Sharon

Freeland,William,D,12 Oct 11,8,1,age 79

French,Eliza,D,22 Sep 10,5,2,Cornish

Frick,David,D,16 Jul 14,8,1,

Fuke,Olive E.,M,12 Oct 11,5,1,McFarlane, Corry

Fulton,Andrew L., Dr.,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,

Fulton,Henry, Mrs.,D,7 May 14,8,1,

Fulton,Isabel Roberta,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,

Fulton,Jennie Hazel,M,16 Feb 11,4,1,Black, James

Fulton,Sarah,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,Campbell

Gage,Laura Ethel,M,5 Nov 14,5,1,Wilson, Thomas

Galbraith,D. J., Dr.,M,23 Jul 14,5,1,Campbell, Agnes

Galbraith,D. J., Dr.,E,16 Jul 14,5,2,Campbell, Mae

Galbraith,dau of W. A.,B,6 Dec 13,5,3,25 Nov

Garland,A. L.,D,8 Jan 14,8,1,

Garland,Howard,M,23 Mar 11,5,1,15 Mar; Lumley, Annie

Garlick,Clara H.,M,9 May 12,1,4,Stark, George

Garner,Mary,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,age 87

Garrett,Charles Earl,M,28 Aug 13,4,2,2 Aug; Beatty, Alzie

Geary,Charles P.,D,2 Jul 14,8,1,

Geddes,Margaret,D,27 Jul 11,8,2,age 52

Genge,Daniel,D,30 Apr 14,5,3,

Gerard,Mary E.,D,1 Dec 10,1,4,age 51

Gesner,Mabel Lois,M,31 Dec 14,5,1,19 Dec; Kelso, James

Getty,Nelly H.,M,28 May 14,5,1,16 May; Tarr, Philip

Gibson,Charles,A,1 Oct 14,5,1,50th

Gibson,nee,D,23 Nov 11,5,2,Hales, William, Mrs.

Giddy,son of G. N.,B,2 Jun 10,5,3,29 May

Gidley,Walter,M,30 Oct 13,5,2,Welch, Grace

Gifford,Frank,M,14 Dec 11,5,2,29 Nov; McCaffery, R.

Gifford,son of Rev.,B,31 Jul 13,5,3,22 Jul

Gilbert,Bacon,D,26 Jun 13,5,1,age 6; son of Richard

Gilbert,Catharine D.,M,18 Dec 13,5,1,Wilton, Roy

Gilbert,Catherine,D,20 Jan 10,5,2,Olde

Gilbert,Ethel Beatrice,D,10 Nov 10,5,1,age 21

Gilbert,George, Mrs.,D,14 Nov 12,8,1,

Gilbert,George A.,A,17 Dec 14,5,1,50th

Gilbert,John, Mrs.,D,1 Feb 12,1,4,age 54

Gilbert,Marwood,D,18 Aug 10,8,3,76th year

Gilbert,Mrs.,D,17 Nov 10,5,1,

Gilbert,Viola,M,16 Apr 14,1,4,McKenzie, C. R.

Gilchrist,Duncan,D,10 Mar 10,5,2,age 65

Gilchrist,Jennie,M,30 Oct 13,5,1,Tait, Thomas

Gilchrist,Neil,D,16 Oct 13,5,1,age 10

Gillies,Archibald J.,D,2 May 12,5,2,age 48

Gillies,Daniel,D,5 Feb 14,4,2,

Gillies,Dugald, Mrs.,D,12 Nov 14,5,2,age 85

Gillies,Duncan G.,D,6 Oct 10,5,2,age 65

Gillies,Duncan D.,D,13 Oct 10,8,1,

Gillies,G.,M,13 Feb 13,8,4,Pififer, Miss

Gillies,Harry N.,D,13 Oct 10,5,2,

Gillies,Mary,D,12 Nov 14,1,4,age 54

Gillies,Zachariah,D,30 Mar 11,5,2,age 76

Gilpin,John,M,17 Sep 14,5,1,Moss, Catharine

Glance,Mena,D,3 Feb 10,5,3,age 75

Glasgow,Eva Bessie,E,21 Aug 13,7,2,McDonald, James

Glenn,James M.,D,21 Aug 13,7,3,age 62

Glenn,James M.,D,28 Aug 13,5,2,

Glover,William,D,28 Sep 11,8,1,77th year

Golder,Robert,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,29 Mar; 62nd year

Goldie,Jane,D,16 Jul 14,5,1,Sandalls

Goodhue,George,D,22 Dec 10,8,4,age 77

Goodwin,Samuel,D,24 Mar 10,8,2,age 65

Gordon,George,M,23 Feb 11,1,5,McLeod, Jessie

Gordon,W. A.,A,8 Jun 11,1,5,15 May; 50th

Gormley,William A.,M,1 Jun 11,5,1,24 May; Myles, Edna

Gosnell,Catherine,D,20 Mar 13,4,2,McDonald

Gosnell,Lawrence J.,D,13 Apr 11,5,2,4 Apr; 64th year

Gough,James,D,18 Dec 13,1,4,

Gow,Arthur Andrew,M,19 Mar 14,5,2,18 Mar; McColl, Annie

Gow,Elizabeth,D,16 Feb 11,5,2,Cameron

Gow,Sarah Jane,D,10 Aug 11,5,1,Bobier

Gow,Walter D.,M,9 Oct 13,5,2,Boyd, Georgina

Gowanlock,John A.,M,6 Jan 10,5,1,Knight, Alice

Graham,Annie,M,19 Oct 11,5,1,Bobier, Harry

Graham,Cassie,M,2 May 12,8,2,Sinclair, John

Graham,D. W.,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,Lyons, Emma

Graham,Daniel,D,27 Mar 13,1,4,age 85

Graham,Dugald W.,D,27 Mar 13,5,1,age 70

Graham,Duncan,D,12 May 10,5,2,age 54

Graham,Duncan,M,28 Sep 11,5,1,Forbes, Margaret

Graham,Florence,M,24 Jun 14,5,1,18 Jun; Crump, George

Graham,Jennie Mabel,M,19 Dec 12,4,2,Clark, Archie

Graham,Jennie M.,E,28 Nov 12,5,1,Clark, Archie

Graham,Jessie,E,20 Jun 12,1,4,Carmichael, Duncan

Graham,Jessie,M,27 Jun 12,1,4,19 Jun; Carmichael, D.

Graham,John Gillies,E,5 Sep 12,5,1,Hamilton, Eliza

Graham,John Gillies,M,10 Oct 12,5,1,Hamilton, Eliza

Graham,John D.,D,12 May 10,5,2,69th year

Graham,Laura,M,26 Feb 14,5,1,5 Feb; Everitt, F. W.

Graham,Mabel,E,23 Oct 13,5,1,Totzke, Walter

Graham,Margaret,D,28 Mar 12,3,2,age 79

Graham,Mary,M,12 Jun 13,5,1,Pollard, John

Graham,Mary,D,22 Feb 12,5,2,Blue

Graham,Moses D.,M,15 May 13,5,1,Law, Lizzie

Graham,Norman R.,M,14 Sep 11,8,1,Mann, Alice

Graham,Robert J.,D,5 Dec 12,1,4,age 80

Graham,Robert,D,18 Jan 12,5,1,age 83

Graham,Sarah,D,22 Feb 12,8,2,Hoskin

Graham,son of John G.,B,15 Jan 14,5,3,2 Jan

Graham,son of Joseph M,B,3 Aug 11,5,4,25 Jul

Graham,William,M,13 Apr 11,5,2,Lucas, Irene

Graham,William Arthur,M,20 Apr 11,5,3,12 Apr; Campbell, M.

Graham,William A.,M,13 Apr 11,5,1,Campbell, Mary

Gray,Alfred A.,D,1 May 13,1,4,

Gray,Archibald, Dr.,M,12 Dec 12,1,4,Lang, Carrie

Gray,William,D,8 Jan 14,8,1,

Gray,William H. L.,B,15 Feb 12,1,4,

Green,Frances,D,29 Jan 14,1,4,96th year

Green,L. C.,M,26 May 10,8,1,Dykes, Margaret

Green,Mary Jane,D,11 Apr 12,5,2,age 76

Green,Richard F., Mrs.,D,18 Apr 12,5,1,

Green,Walter, Mrs.,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,age 33

Greer,William,D,15 Oct 14,8,1,age 50

Greig,James, Mrs.,D,16 Jan 13,1,6,74th year

Griffin,James,D,15 Feb 12,5,2,age 70

Griffin,John,D,22 Sep 10,5,3,age 65

Griffin,Joseph,D,26 May 10,8,1,

Griffin,Morley,M,10 Feb 10,8,1,Humphries, Miss

Griffin,William,D,10 Apr 13,5,3,about 70 years old

Gundy,Isabelle Eveleigh,D,28 Aug 13,5,1,

Gundy,Kate,D,8 Sep 10,8,2,

Gunn,Donald G.,D,21 Aug 13,4,1,

Gunn,Ellen,BD,8 Feb 12,5,3,86th

Gunn,Eugene,D,26 Dec 12,8,2,age 61

Gunn,Jennie,M,17 Feb 10,4,3,Brown, Edmund

Guyitt,Florence,M,23 Jun 10,7,2,Leverington, Arthur

Haggarty,John, Mrs.,D,24 Aug 11,7,1,13 Aug; age 38

Haine,George, Mrs.,D,20 Nov 13,1,4,age 56

Hales,Ethel, Mrs.,M,8 Aug 12,5,1,Roberts, A. E.

Hales,son of H. J.,B,17 Jul 13,5,3,12 Jul

Hales,William Freeman,D,28 Jul 10,5,2,age 26

Hales,William, Mrs.,D,23 Nov 11,5,2,67th year

Haley,nee,D,13 Feb 13,5,2,Ronson, J. B., Mrs.

Hall,Herman,M,28 Dec 11,1,4,Brown, Delila

Halley,Robert Orr,D,4 Jan 12,5,1,age 65

Hamil,Hannah,D,16 Apr 14,5,1,age 81

Hamilton,Anna Beryl,M,11 Sep 13,5,2,Morrow, Robert

Hamilton,Anna Beryl,E,10 Jul 13,5,1,Morrow, Robert

Hamilton,Archibald,D,6 Aug 14,8,1,age 75

Hamilton,Eliza Isabel,E,5 Sep 12,5,1,Graham, John

Hamilton,Eliza Isabel,M,10 Oct 12,5,1,Graham, John

Hamilton,Elizabeth,D,7 Dec 11,3,4,age 83

Hamilton,Henry, Mrs.,D,1 Jun 11,5,1,age 57

Hamilton,Jeremiah,D,26 Jan 11,5,1,

Hamilton,nee,D,30 Oct 13,5,3,Brown, George, Mrs.

Hance,Lena,M,20 Apr 11,5,1,12 Apr; McMillan, D. S.

Hanks,Anthony,D,4 Jul 12,5,1,age 91

Hardy,Cassie,M,3 Jul 13,1,4,25 Jun; Keillor, Ben

Hare,Emily D.,D,17 Apr 13,1,4,

Harper,Ida May,E,11 Jun 14,5,1,McFarlane, W. H.

Harper,Lena M.,M,2 Jul 14,5,1,McFarlane, William

Harrigan,Aletia Louisa,M,23 Apr 14,5,2,15 Apr; Allan, Daniel

Harris,Duncan,D,4 May 11,4,2,

Harris,Florence,M,5 Feb 14,1,5,28 Jan; Carson, Peter

Harris,Florence,E,22 Jan 14,8,1,28 Jan; Carson, Pter

Harris,Gilbert, Mrs.,D,26 Dec 12,5,1,age 92

Harris,John, Mrs.,D,12 Dec 12,5,1,age 69

Harris,Marguerite,D,7 Jul 10,4,1,age 6

Harvey,Andrew,D,4 Apr 12,4,3,

Hatch,John,D,30 Mar 11,8,2,70th year

Hatherly,Clarence,M,17 Dec 14,4,2,Peterson, Verna

Hatton,Ethel T.,M,8 May 13,5,2,30 Apr; O’Brien, Thos.

Hatton,John, Mrs.,D,7 Dec 11,3,4,56th year

Hatton,John, Mrs.,D,14 Dec 11,5,1,

Hatton,Mary Ann,D,15 Feb 12,5,2,Tompkins

Hauser,Annie,M,5 May 10,5,1,Witherden, Ernest

Hauser,John,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,age 24

Havens,Thomas N., Mrs.,D,1 Jan 14,1,4,age 54

Havens,William Wesley,M,11 Dec 13,1,4,Kelly, Mary

Havens,William A.,D,16 Jun 10,10,2,age 81

Haviland,Ernest,M,5 Mar 14,4,3,25 Feb; Newton, Alice

Haviland,Frank,M,27 Apr 11,5,1,Brown, Ethel

Hawkins,Charles B.,D,20 Apr 11,8,3,age 82

Hawkins,dau of Rev. W. B.,B,12 Sep 12,5,3,5 Sep

Hawkins,dau of Rev. W.B.,B,21 May 14,5,4,15 May

Hawkins,W. B., Rev.,M,14 Sep 11,5,2,12 Sep; Hunter, Audrey

Hawkins,Walter Bennett,E,24 Aug 11,7,1,Hunter, Audrey

Hawley,Myra,M,4 Jan 12,5,1,Wilson, Benjamin

Haycroft,Sydney,D,12 Jan 11,1,5,

Hayden,John W., Mrs.,D,6 Mar 13,1,4,

Hayden,William, Mrs.,D,1 May 13,1,4,age 71

Hayton,Joseph, Mrs.,D,21 Aug 13,7,1,

Hefford,son of George C.,B,13 Mar 13,5,3,9 Mar

Hegler,Welbern,M,23 Jun 10,10,2,Baird, Mabel

Heidt,Claude,M,19 Jan 11,5,1,Kelly, Lillian

Heidt,Ina Beatrice,M,23 Jun 10,10,2,Brown, Chester

Heil,John, Mrs.,D,11 Dec 13,1,4,age 68

Henderson,Edward,D,15 Feb 12,1,4,

Henderson,Margaret,P,23 Jan 13,4,2,White

Henderson,William A.,M,15 Jan 14,5,4,Ashton, Laura

Henry,John,D,14 May 14,1,6,

Henry,Mary,M,27 Apr 11,8,3,Tait, Charles

Hertel,Leila Mildred,M,24 Feb 10,5,1,15 Feb; Weismiller, S.

Hertel,son of A. E.,B,17 Feb 10,5,3,12 Feb

Hessenauer,Barbara,D,4 Jul 12,1,5,age 55

Heydon,Catharine,D,10 Nov 10,8,2,78th year

Hicks,dau of Charles,B,13 Jan 10,7,3,6 Jan

Hill,Charles W.,D,9 Jan 13,1,5,29th year

Hill,John H.,M,16 Apr 14,5,1,Lumley, Agnes

Hill,John H., Mrs.,D,6 Apr 11,5,1,

Hill,John H., Mrs.,D,30 Mar 11,5,1,

Hill,Joseph, Mrs.,D,13 Jan 10,5,1,age 84

Hill,Leitha,D,7 Jul 10,5,1,age 8

Hill,Mae,M,10 Nov 10,5,2,Lumley, David

Hill,Mae,M,3 Nov 10,5,2,Lumley, David

Hill,Priscilla,M,24 Mar 10,8,2,Bainard, John

Hill,Susanna,M,9 Jun 10,5,2,1 Jun; Wehlann, H.

Hillman,Eunice,D,31 Oct 12,1,4,age 5

Hillman,Ina May,M,26 Dec 12,5,3,25 Dec; Mateer, David

Hillman,Ina May,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,Mateer, William

Hillman,Judson,D,31 Oct 12,1,4,age 2

Hillman,William W.,M,26 Dec 12,5,3,25 Dec; Peckham, Lena

Hitzel,Barbara,D,12 May 10,1,6,age 78

Hoare,Charles D.,E,18 May 11,5,1,Leitch, Helen

Hobbs,William H., Mrs.,D,4 Jul 12,1,5,24 Jun; age 63

Hockin,James,D,6 Apr 11,5,1,age 37

Hockin,John,D,7 Aug 13,5,1,

Hockin,Joseph,D,18 Dec 13,5,1,

Hockin,Joseph,D,11 Dec 13,7,1,age 86

Hodder,Bertha C.,M,31 Oct 12,5,3,Stroud, Frederick

Hodder,Charles W.,D,13 Mar 13,5,2,60th year

Hodder,Job,P,2 Apr 14,5,3,Humphrey

Hodder,Mabel Clara,M,30 Mar 11,5,2,Milton, Henry

Hodder,Rita Geraldine,M,17 Jul 13,5,2,Howell, Clarence

Hodgins,Thomas,D,20 Jan 10,1,4,

Hoffman,Mrs.,D,12 Jan 11,8,2,age 93

Hogan,Andrew,D,23 Apr 14,1,4,age 58

Holland,Joseph,A,23 Jun 10,1,6,50th

Holland,son of A . L.,B,11 Sep 13,5,3,1 Sep

Holland,son of A. L.,B,7 Apr 10,4,3,3 Apr

Hollingshead,Henry,D,12 Dec 12,7,2,age 78

Hollingshead,Henry,D,19 Dec 12,9,2,

Hollingshead,Robert,M,28 Jul 10,5,2,Stewart, Florence

Hood,W. D., Mrs.,D,8 Feb 12,5,1,

Horton,Cyrus,D,22 May 13,5,3,

Horton,E. B., Dr.,D,9 May 12,1,4,

Horton,Sarah,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,Stafford

Horton,son of Manson,B,21 Apr 10,6,3,18 Apr

Hortop,Thomas,D,1 Sep 10,4,2,age 49

Hoshal,Gertrude,D,10 Dec 14,4,1,age 2

Hoskin,Sarah,D,22 Feb 12,8,2,age 89

Hough,Thomas,P,23 Jan 13,1,4,Axford

House,Lewis,D,30 Apr 14,1,4,age 44

Howard,Frank S.,E,26 Sep 12,5,1,Baker, Lillie

Howard,George, Mrs.,D,26 Sep 12,4,2,age 65

Howard,George,D,13 Jul 11,8,2,age 75

Howell,Clarence Wilfrid,M,17 Jul 13,5,2,Hodder, Rita

Howell,Merrit,D,30 Jul 14,5,3,age 27

Howell,son of F.,B,15 Jan 14,5,3,27 Dec

Howie,Charles,M,13 Jun 12,5,1,McCallum, Harriet

Huffman,Ethel,M,8 Jan 14,8,1,Kelly, J.

Huffman,John W.,E,13 Feb 13,5,1,Backus, Frances

Huffman,Mary Ethyle,E,25 Dec 13,1,4,1 Jan; Kelly, J. M.

Hughes,John, Mrs.,D,15 Sep 10,5,2,age 73

Hughes,Lila May,M,6 Jan 10,4,2,Ostrander, Clifton

Hughes,Matilda,D,24 Dec 14,5,1,16 Dec; 85th year

Hull,dau of Ernest,B,11 Dec 13,4,1,5 Dec

Hull,dau of E.,B,6 Oct 10,5,3,5 Oct

Humphrey,Carl,E,22 Jun 11,1,6,Campbell, Edna

Humphrey,Nathaniel, Mrs.,D,2 Apr 14,5,3,23 Mar; age 58

Humphries,Edna Mae,M,19 Mar 14,5,2,Waite, Harry

Humphries,Edna Mae,E,26 Feb 14,5,1,Waite, Harry

Humphries,Miss,M,10 Feb 10,8,1,Griffin, Morley

Humphries,Richard A.,D,1 Dec 10,5,3,age 55

Hunchberger,Maribel,M,28 Sep 11,8,1,Beckett, Clarence

Hunt,dau of E. A.,B,23 Nov 11,5,2,15 Nov

Hunt,Francis,A,22 Jan 14,1,4,50th

Hunter,Audrey Alice Lilly,M,14 Sep 11,5,2,12 Sep; Hawkins, W. B.

Hunter,Audrey Alice Lilly,E,24 Aug 11,7,1,Hawkins, Walter

Hunter,Fleming,D,3 Dec 14,1,4,age 64

Hunter,John E.,M,13 Mar 13,8,2,McLean, Mary

Hunter,William,D,10 Dec 14,5,3,age 71

Huntley,Lena Jane,D,26 Jan 11,5,2,77th year

Husser,Miss,M,8 Dec 10,1,5,O’Neil, Charles

Husser,son of Rev James,B,13 Mar 13,5,3,7 Mar

Husser,son of Dr.,B,9 Jun 10,5,3,3 Jun

Hussey,Annie,M,21 Apr 10,5,3,Keefe, Cornelius

Hutchinson,Thomas H.,D,8 Oct 14,4,3,59th year

Hutchison,R. H.,D,17 Oct 12,4,1,80th year

Hux,Barbara,D,5 May 10,8,3,age 68

Hyde,twin daus of Geo,D,31 Jul 13,5,1,age 4 months

Ibbitson,Thomas, Mrs.,D,11 Dec 13,7,2,age 60

Idsardi,W. E.,D,6 Aug 14,8,1,age 77

Irvine,Maud Malvina,M,1 Oct 14,5,1,22 Sep; Ferguson, O.

Irvine,William,D,23 Apr 14,5,1,age 65

Irwin,dau of Rev. S. P.,B,14 Apr 10,7,3,1 Apr

Irwin,son of Rev. S. P.,B,2 Oct 13,5,3,22 Sep

Jackson,Joseph, Mrs.,D,5 May 10,8,3,

Jackson,Rosanna,D,27 Mar 13,5,1,age 60

Jackson,William,D,24 Nov 10,8,1,

Jacques,William H.,M,26 Sep 12,5,1,Pollard, Mary

Jagoe,Gertrude E.,M,21 Sep 11,5,2,12 Sep; Jennings, Omar

James,Elizabeth,D,8 Jun 11,5,3,age 56

Jamieson,Archibald,D,9 Feb 11,5,1,49th year

Jamieson,Archie,D,2 Feb 11,5,2,

Jamieson,James,D,3 Sep 14,5,3,age 60

Jamieson,William S.,D,22 May 13,5,1,age 85

Janaway,Frank W.,M,14 Sep 11,8,1,5 Sep; Ludy, Eva

Jarvis,Thomas,M,2 May 12,5,3,Clark, Tena

Jeffers,Frances Alice Luella,M,6 Jul 11,5,1,1 Jul; Leitch, George

Jeffries,Thomas,D,14 Apr 10,1,6,

Jenken,Ernest William,M,14 Apr 10,10,3,Burrows, Mabel

Jennings,dau of John,B,17 Mar 10,5,3,9 Mar

Jennings,George,D,29 Aug 12,5,1,

Jennings,Omar E.,M,21 Sep 11,5,2,12 Sep; Jagoe, Gertrude

Jennings,William,D,5 Nov 14,1,4,age 53

Jervis,son of Thomas,B,26 Mar 14,5,3,4 Mar

Jewell,Fred, Mrs.,D,16 Apr 14,1,4,31st year

Jewell,Grace,D,5 Mar 14,4,1,age 74

Jewell,son of George,B,6 Jun 12,5,3,1 Jun

Jewell,son of Charles,B,25 May 11,4,2,19 May

Johnson,Annie, Mrs.,M,28 Aug 13,5,1,Smith, George

Johnson,Thomas A.,D,12 Jan 11,1,4,

Johnson,William,D,9 Oct 13,8,3,age 73

Johnston,Frost,M,9 Jul 14,5,1,1 Jul; Duff, Mae

Johnston,George O.,M,8 May 13,1,4,McPherson, Marybell

Johnston,John C.,D,6 Nov 13,8,3,age 76

Johnston,Lucy,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,Congdon, Duncan

Johnston,twin daus of John,B,29 Oct 14,5,1,19 Oct

Joiner,Jane,D,25 Jan 12,1,4,age 74

Jones,Andrew,D,8 Feb 12,4,2,age 51

Jones,Clara,D,12 Nov 14,1,4,

Jones,Elizabeth J.,D,24 Mar 10,4,2,age 73

Jones,Ethel,M,14 Apr 10,10,3,3 Mar; Summers, Thos.

Jones,George N.,M,5 Jun 13,8,3,Walker, Minnie

Jones,Margaret E.,D,22 May 13,5,1,age 39

Jones,Mary Sophia,M,7 Jul 10,5,3,Venning, Joseph

Jones,Robert,D,20 Jan 10,1,5,

Jordan,Christena,M,23 Apr 14,5,1,Cameron, James

Jordan,Robert,M,30 Apr 14,5,1,Russell, Kate, Mrs.

Jordan,Thomas G.,M,27 Aug 14,5,2,Smith, Ethel

Jordan,Thomas,M,20 Aug 14,5,1,Smith, Ethel

Kains,George,D,7 Jul 10,8,2,

Kains,J. A., Mrs.,D,6 Apr 11,5,1,age 66

Kains,John A.,D,2 Nov 11,1,6,

Kaiser,John W., Mrs.,D,7 May 14,5,2,age 64

Katzenmeyer,Garnet J.,M,5 Oct 11,8,1,Carter, Helen

Katzenmeyer,Garnet J.,E,7 Sep 11,5,1,Carter, Helen

Keefe,Cornelius,M,21 Apr 10,5,3,Hussey, Annie

Keele,Charles C.,M,6 Apr 11,5,3,Brock, Annie

Keillor,Ben,M,3 Jul 13,1,4,25 Jun; Hardy, Cassie

Keillor,dau of Dr. F. A.,B,20 Apr 11,5,4,17 Apr

Keillor,Ermyn Idell,M,7 Sep 11,5,1,Lemon, John

Keillor,Lee,D,11 Dec 13,1,6,

Keillor,Lee,D,1 Oct 14,8,1,age 20

Keillor,Margaret Joanna,D,29 Aug 12,5,2,Clark

Keillor,Sidney,D,10 Oct 12,5,1,28 Sep; 52nd year

Keillor,Winnie,M,3 Oct 12,8,1,Williams, Herbert

Keith,Hugh,D,1 Jan 14,1,4,age 30

Kellam,Eldridge Taylor,M,16 Jan 13,1,6,Risdon, Estella

Kelly,Alexander,D,22 Jan 14,8,2,age 55

Kelly,J. Melbourne,E,25 Dec 13,1,4,1 Jan; Huffman, Mary

Kelly,J.,M,8 Jan 14,8,1,Huffman, Ethel

Kelly,Lillian,M,19 Jan 11,5,1,Heidt, Claude

Kelly,Mary,M,11 Dec 13,1,4,Havens, William

Kelly,Robert,M,9 Oct 13,8,3,Schleihauf, Rose

Kelso,James A.,M,31 Dec 14,5,1,19 Dec; Gesner, Mabel

Kelso,Jean,M,3 Sep 14,5,1,Stoner, George

Kendall,dau of George,B,16 Apr 14,5,4,10 Apr

Kendall,George Arthur,M,24 Jul 13,5,2,Duncanson, Mary

Kendall,George Arthur,E,10 Jul 13,5,1,Duncanson, Mary

Kendall,Miss,W,30 Jul 14,5,2,Quick

Kendall,Sarah M.,D,28 Nov 12,5,2,age 68

Kendall,son of Charles,B,9 Jun 10,5,3,5 Jun

Kennedy,Charlotte,D,13 Nov 13,1,4,

Kennedy,Francis,D,17 Jul 13,4,2,

Kennedy,John,D,17 Jul 13,1,4,

Kerley,William J.,D,20 Mar 13,8,1,60th year

Kerr,Angus,D,12 Sep 12,5,3,age 56

Kerr,Anna B.,M,19 Sep 12,5,3,Urquhart, Norman

Kerr,Anna B.,E,22 Aug 12,5,2,Urquhart, Norman

Kerr,Charlotte Mae,M,15 Oct 14,5,1,3 Oct; McDermid, R.

Kerr,Colin,D,8 Oct 14,5,2,age 63

Kerr,Colin, Mrs.,D,5 Mar 14,4,2,age 61

Kerr,John,D,17 Feb 10,5,1,

Kerr,Mary Margaret,M,24 Apr 13,5,1,12 Apr; Ballard, W. G.

Kerr,Matthew,M,3 Apr 13,5,1,Bissett, Susan

Kettlewell,Ida,M,13 Jun 12,8,2,Butterick, J. A.

King,Evelyn M.,D,11 Apr 12,1,5,age 24

King,James W.,M,18 Jul 12,5,3,Page, Maria

King,John,A,6 Mar 13,5,2,50th

King,Peter,D,3 Apr 13,8,1,

Kingswood,John,D,15 Jun 11,4,2,age 36

Kinsman,John H.,D,26 Jun 13,1,4,

Kirkland,Laura G.,D,31 Jul 13,1,4,age 22

Kirkland,Lillian Blanche,E,28 Sep 11,5,1,Panter, Robert

Kirkland,Lillian Blanche,M,12 Oct 11,5,1,Panter, R. Kemp

Kirkwood,Elizabeth,D,26 Nov 14,5,3,86th year

Kirkwood,Mary,M,21 Jul 10,5,1,12 Jul; Fitchitt, Edward

Kneeland,Arthur Franklin,M,20 Nov 13,1,6,Scott, Lulu

Knight,Alice Ann,M,6 Jan 10,5,1,Gowanlock, John

Knight,Alma Jane,D,11 Apr 12,1,5,2 Apr; age 19

Knight,Norman H.,M,27 Apr 11,5,1,Streib, Rosine

Knowles,Eleatle,E,9 Oct 13,8,3,Cunliffe, Clifford

Koehler,Alfred,M,28 Dec 11,5,1,Allen, Lottie

Koehler,dau of Ed,B,5 Dec 12,7,2,1 Dec

Koehler,Henry,P,21 Apr 10,6,1,Curry

Koehler,Henry, Mrs.,D,19 Oct 11,5,1,

Koehler,Martin,D,21 Aug 13,1,4,age 76

Kriter,Albert G.,E,20 Jun 12,1,4,Morningstar, Margaret

Kriter,Marg’t Elizabeth,M,16 Jun 10,10,2,Dickhout, Edward

Kriter,Oro C., Mrs.,D,21 Jul 10,1,5,age 32

Lacey,dau of Thomas,B,17 Oct 12,5,3,16 Oct

Lacey,Joseph,D,13 Jan 10,7,2,age 81

Laing,Florence,D,19 Oct 11,8,1,Campbell

Laing,William,D,15 Dec 10,5,3,age 88

Laing,William,D,22 Dec 10,5,1,

Lalonde,Frances,D,7 Apr 10,5,2,33rd year

Lamb,John,D,18 Jul 12,4,2,age 28

Lamont,Janet,D,26 Jun 13,5,1,

Lamont,Mary,W,30 Apr 14,1,4,McLaren

Lamont,Mattie Jean,M,7 Aug 13,4,2,McPherson, Duncan

Lamont,twins of J.,B,21 Sep 11,5,4,12 Sep; boy & girl

Lang,Carrie,M,12 Dec 12,1,4,Gray, Archibald

Lang,John,D,27 Aug 14,5,1,about 60 years old

Lang,Kate,M,2 Apr 14,5,1,Bury, W.

Larkin,John,M,5 Oct 11,8,1,Wiley, Lillie

Law,James, Mrs.,D,8 Sep 10,5,2,age 69

Law,James, Mrs.,D,15 Sep 10,5,1,

Law,Lizzie,M,15 May 13,5,1,Graham, Moses

Lawrence,John,M,3 Jul 13,5,1,1 Jul; Attwell, Viola

Lawrence,Peter, Mrs.,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,age 84

Lawton,George,D,1 Jun 11,1,4,age 84

Lay,Dorland,D,3 Apr 13,8,1,age 5

Lay,William,M,5 Dec 12,7,1,Oppensizer, Mary

Lee,Mary Anne,BD,29 May 13,4,2,9 May; 95th

Leeson,son of William,B,5 Sep 12,4,3,30 Aug

Leitch,A. J.,D,18 Jan 12,5,3,

Leitch,Alice Luella,B,30 Apr 14,5,4,23 Apr

Leitch,Arch D.,M,12 Nov 14,5,1,Campbell, Minnie

Leitch,Arch’d Jas Jeffers,B,1 Aug 12,5,4,25 Jul

Leitch,Archibald,D,23 Mar 11,5,2,age 87

Leitch,Archibald J.,D,11 Jan 12,5,1,

Leitch,Archie J.,M,20 Jan 10,1,5,Turk, Lola

Leitch,Coral Mae,E,20 Jun 12,5,1,Smith, W. Stuart

Leitch,Donald,D,9 Jan 13,5,3,79th year

Leitch,Flora,D,18 Dec 13,5,2,

Leitch,George Cameron,M,6 Jul 11,5,1,1 Jul; Jeffers, Frances

Leitch,Helen Blanche,E,18 May 11,5,1,Hoare, Charles

Leitch,Kate,M,2 Feb 11,1,4,Carter, Mr.

Leitch,Lachlin,D,12 Nov 14,1,4,age 67

Leitch,Mary Jane,M,28 Dec 11,5,1,13 Dec; Clark, Marret

Leitch,Russell,D,23 Jul 14,5,2,age 20

Leitch,son of Albert,B,6 Jul 11,5,3,5 Jul

Lemon,John A.,M,7 Sep 11,5,1,Keillor, Ermyn

Leslie,Aria May,M,31 Dec 14,5,1,Love, James

Leslie,son of Joseph,B,14 Jul 10,5,4,7 Jul

Lethbridge,Alice Salome,M,10 Nov 10,5,2,Marsh, Royal

Lethbridge,Lydia Penrose,M,18 Dec 13,1,6,29 Nov; Corneil, Wm.

Lethbridge,Richard,M,6 Mar 13,1,4,Tanner, Eva

Lethbridge,William,D,1 Oct 14,5,2,

Leverington,Arthur,P,5 May 10,8,3,Brown

Leverington,Arthur F.,M,23 Jun 10,7,2,Guyitt, Florence

Lewis,John W.,D,9 Jun 10,8,2,age 23

Ley,William,D,27 Apr 11,8,3,age 45

Liddell,Andrew,D,16 Feb 11,5,1,

Liddell,John,P,28 Mar 12,3,1,Phelps

Lilley,dau of Henry,B,6 Oct 10,5,3,26 Sep

Lilley,George Douglas,M,4 May 11,5,2,Wrightman, Ruby

Lilley,Myrtle,M,26 Dec 12,5,3,25 Dec; Walker, Fred

Lilly,William H.,D,5 Dec 12,7,1,age 63

Lindenman,Fred J.,D,19 Sep 12,1,4,age 59

Lindenman,P. J., Mrs.,D,15 Feb 12,1,4,age 64

Lindley,Rachael,D,24 Feb 10,8,2,

Lindsay,Earl H.,M,23 Feb 11,1,5,Welter, Pearl

Lindsay,F. George,M,25 Sep 13,1,4,Shipman, Clara

Lindsay,Mabel Irene,M,3 Aug 11,8,1,26 Jul; Calcott, John

Ling,Edwin J.,D,4 Jul 12,4,2,age 73

Lippincott,D. B.,D,2 Oct 13,1,6,

Little,dau of George,B,17 Oct 12,5,3,30 Sep

Little,Oscar, Mrs.,D,6 Jun 12,8,2,age 29

Little,son of George,B,22 Sep 10,5,2,12 Sep

Littlejohn,Alexander,D,12 Jun 13,5,2,4 Jun; age 73

Littlejohn,Donald J. Mackenzie,M,8 Oct 14,5,2,Sinclair, Jean

Livingstone,John,D,13 Jan 10,5,1,

Locke,dau of Harry,B,24 Jul 13,5,3,19 Jul

Lodge,Sarah M.,M,15 Sep 10,5,3,Carroll, Willam

Lodge,son of John,B,13 Jan 10,7,3,3 Jan

Lodge,son of John,B,2 May 12,5,3,29 Apr

Loney,Matthew,D,19 Sep 12,1,4,age 60

Long,Ann,D,26 Oct 11,1,5,age 80

Long,Arch,D,2 Jun 10,8,1,age 65

Loop,Urias,D,9 May 12,4,2,63rd year

Loosemore,Edward,D,15 Jan 14,5,1,age 64

Lorton,Thomas,D,12 Sep 12,5,3,about 25 years old

Love,Alex,P,26 May 10,8,1,Waddell

Love,Archibald,D,23 Jan 13,5,2,age 31

Love,Charles A.,D,10 Aug 11,8,1,

Love,James,M,31 Dec 14,5,1,Leslie, Aria

Love,Mary,D,5 Jan 11,5,2,84th year

Love,nee,D,21 May 14,5,3,Campbell, Angus, Mrs.

Love,Neil,D,5 Oct 11,5,2,age 10

Love,son of Arch,B,23 Nov 11,5,2,14 Nov

Love,William, Mrs.,D,22 Jan 14,4,1,age 75

Love,William,D,15 Dec 10,5,4,age 82

Love,William,D,8 Dec 10,5,2,age 82

Lowe,Daniel,D,3 Oct 12,8,1,age 26

Lowry,Norah,D,16 Apr 14,1,4,age 78

Lowther,John, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 10,6,2,age 74

Lowther,John, Mrs.,D,28 Apr 10,8,1,

Lowther,Rufus, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 10,6,1,

Lucas,Irene Aliette,M,13 Apr 11,5,2,Graham, William

Lucas,son of J. A.,B,17 Oct 12,5,3,5 Oct

Ludy,Eva Belle,M,14 Sep 11,8,1,5 Sep; Janaway, Frank

Lugsdin,Evelyn E.,M,29 Sep 10,5,3,1 Sep; Clark, George

Lumley,Agnes May,M,16 Apr 14,5,1,Hill, John

Lumley,Annie Laura,M,23 Mar 11,5,1,15 Mar; Garland, H.

Lumley,David,M,10 Nov 10,5,2,Hill, Mae

Lumley,David,M,3 Nov 10,5,2,Hill, Mae

Lumley,Edna,E,4 Jun 14,5,1,Carswell, P. D.

Lumley,George W., Mrs.,D,19 Dec 12,9,2,age 69

Lumley,H.,M,10 Mar 10,8,2,May, Flossie

Lumley,Jennie Elizabeth,M,25 Jun 14,5,2,Carswell, P. D.

Lumley,John W.,M,23 Jun 10,7,2,Down, Calista

Lumley,Owen,P,5 Mar 14,4,2,Kerr

Lumley,Thursa,M,7 Aug 13,5,1,8 Jul; Foster, J. E.

Lumney,Lawson,M,3 Apr 13,5,1,Meyers, Hazel

Lunn,Elizabeth Agnes,M,16 Feb 11,5,2,9 Feb; Woodman, Wm.

Lunn,Elizabeth Agnes,E,26 Jan 11,5,1,9 Feb; Woodman, Wm.

Lunn,Roy F.,D,24 Feb 10,5,2,age 8

Lusty,N. S.,A,15 Jan 14,5,4,50th

Lutes,Alexander,D,11 Jul 12,5,2,age 76

Luton,Eliza,D,10 Dec 14,4,1,age 92

Luton,Gilbert E.,M,13 Jun 12,8,2,Coulter, Elvy

Luton,Jane,D,27 Mar 13,1,4,

Luton,Leonard, Dr.,D,10 Nov 10,8,2,age 75

Luxton,Susannah,D,9 Nov 11,8,1,

Lynch,dau of Terrence,B,13 Mar 13,5,3,10 Mar

Lynch,dau of Terrence,B,14 Sep 11,5,3,10 Sep

Lynch,Mary Frances,D,26 Jun 13,5,1,age 3 mos; d/oTerrence

Lynch,Mary,D,12 Sep 12,5,2,age 57

Lyons,Emma,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,Graham, D. W.

Lyons,John,D,10 Mar 10,5,2,age 67

Lyons,John,D,17 Mar 10,4,1,

Lyons,John, Mrs.,D,28 Apr 10,5,3,age 67

Lyons,Lillian,P,20 Apr 11,5,4,Keillor

Lyons,Lulu Pearl,E,8 Jan 14,5,1,Barber, R. Edward

Lyons,Lulu,M,5 Feb 14,5,3,31 Jan; Barber, Richard

Lyons,son of Roy,B,13 Jan 10,7,3,31 Dec 1909

MacAlpine,Tena M.,E,5 Sep 12,5,1,McPherson, Peter

Macbeth,George, Mrs.,D,14 Dec 11,5,3,86th year

Maccoll,Alexander,D,7 Apr 10,1,6,age 80

MacColl,Flora,D,24 Dec 14,5,2,Shaw

MacColl,Janet,M,19 Feb 14,1,4,Pease, Herman

MacColl,Samuel,D,20 Aug 14,5,2,6 Aug; age 82

MacDonald,son of D. A.,B,22 Sep 10,5,2,17 Sep

MacGregor,Isabel,M,3 Nov 10,5,2,26 Oct; Ross, James

MacMillan,Angus A.,E,24 Jul 13,5,2,Carter, Pearl

MacRoberts,Joseph, Mrs.,D,17 Jul 13,4,2,age 81

Maddock,George,D,10 Dec 14,5,2,

Maddock,John W.,D,29 Dec 10,5,1,age 54

Maddock,Minnie J.,M,14 Sep 11,5,2,6 Sep; Cathers, Wm.

Madigan,John,D,31 Mar 10,8,2,age 71

Magee,dau of Ottis,B,17 Oct 12,5,3,11 Oct

Mahon,Minnie Lucile,D,30 Jun 10,5,3,

Main,James S.,D,23 May 12,1,4,

Mallory,Charlotte,D,26 Mar 14,8,1,age 80

Mann,Alice,M,14 Sep 11,8,1,Graham, Norman

Mann,George,B,4 Sep 13,4,1,28 Aug

Mann,Jesse Ward,M,19 Jun 13,5,2,Telford, Annie

Mann,John D.,D,16 Apr 14,1,4,4 Apr; age 45

Mann,Lizzie,D,23 Oct 13,5,1,

Mann,Nathan, Mrs.,D,24 Feb 10,8,2,

Mann,Olah,M,16 May 12,5,1,Pearce, Albert

Mann,Shadrach,D,24 Apr 13,5,3,age 80

Mapson,J., Mrs.,D,21 Apr 10,5,3,

March,dau of William,W,29 Jan 14,5,1,Martin

March,Edna,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,Turner, Allison

March,Minnie Viola,D,6 Feb 13,5,2,Dow

March,Minnie Viola,M,10 Aug 11,5,1,Dow, David

Marsh,Nelson, Mrs.,D,9 Jan 13,1,5,78th year

Marsh,Royal C.,M,10 Nov 10,5,2,Lethbridge, Alice

Marsh,Sarah Jessie,M,6 Jan 10,5,2,Corbett, Frederick

Marshall,James H.,D,7 Apr 10,8,2,age 50

Marshall,John,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,Browning, Edna

Marshard,Mrs.,D,11 Jun 14,8,1,age 69

Marshman,Jennie,D,24 Mar 10,5,2,age 67

Marshman,Jennie,D,24 Aug 11,7,1,Haggarty

Marshman,Job,D,1 Feb 12,6,2,age 78

Marshman,John F.,D,23 Mar 11,5,2,age 47

Marshman,Margaret Fletcher,M,12 Jun 13,5,2,4 Jun; Ford, Arthur

Marshman,Simeon,D,3 Feb 10,5,1,age 90

Martin,Alex, Mrs.,D,23 Jun 10,10,2,age 72

Martin,Catherine,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,age 83

Martin,Hannah,D,9 Apr 14,1,4,79th year

Martin,Robert,D,13 Feb 13,8,4,70th year

Martin,Robert, Mrs.,D,1 Jun 11,1,4,age 65

Martin,William,D,29 Jan 14,5,1,about 60 years old

Mateer,David,M,26 Dec 12,5,3,25 Dec; Hillman, Ina

Mateer,John,D,2 Jan 13,5,1,

Mateer,William,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,Hillman, Ina

Matheson,Donalda Mary,M,5 Feb 14,5,3,28 Jan; McRae, Philip

Matheson,J. A. MacKay,M,7 Dec 11,3,1,Taylor, Alberta

Matthews,Lucy,D,13 Jun 12,8,2,32nd year

Matthews,William,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,

Maxwell,Charles E.,D,30 Mar 11,8,2,age 35

Maxwell,George B., Dr.,D,7 Mar 12,1,2,age 52

May,Duncan,D,11 Sep 13,5,3,

May,Edward,D,29 Jan 14,5,1,age 78

May,Flossie,M,10 Mar 10,8,2,Lumley, H.

McAdam,Joseph, Mrs.,D,26 Oct 11,1,5,

McAlpine,Cassie Marion,M,2 Jul 14,8,1,Coad, Richard

McAlpine,D. D.,M,27 Aug 14,5,2,Staughton, Annie

McAlpine,Daniel,D,31 Dec 14,5,1,age 80

McAlpine,Daniel, Mrs.,D,12 Oct 11,5,1,

McAlpine,Donald,M,2 Jul 14,1,6,Smith, Jennie

McAlpine,Duncan G.,M,23 Jun 10,7,2,McGugan, Lillian

McAlpine,Jessie,D,18 Aug 10,5,2,McIntyre

McAlpine,Mary,P,30 Jan 13,5,3,Finlayson

McAlpine,Nancy,D,27 Apr 11,8,3,age 57

McAlpine,son of Daniel,B,14 Jul 10,5,4,4 Jul

McAlpine,Tena M.,M,19 Sep 12,5,1,McPherson, Peter

McArthur,Alexander C.,M,26 Dec 12,5,1,18 Dec; Allen, Ina

McArthur,Archibald,E,6 Jun 12,5,1,12 Jun; McArthur, M.

McArthur,Archibald,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,McArthur, Mary

McArthur,Catharine,D,11 Sep 13,1,6,McCallum

McArthur,dau of Arch,B,4 Sep 13,4,1,23 Aug

McArthur,Donald,P,11 Apr 12,1,5,McDonald

McArthur,Flora,D,4 Sep 13,5,2,age 79

McArthur,Flora,D,9 Jan 13,5,2,Clark

McArthur,Isabella,D,27 Apr 11,4,2,Doan

McArthur,Marie,D,26 Oct 11,5,2,age 38

McArthur,Mary,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,McArthur, Archibald

McArthur,Mary,E,6 Jun 12,5,1,12 Jun; McArthur, A.

McArthur,Nancy,D,7 Apr 10,5,1,age 90

McArthur,Neil,D,18 Apr 12,5,1,

McArthur,Neil,D,11 Apr 12,5,2,

McArthur,Sarah,D,25 Jan 12,5,1,age 61

McArthur,Sarah,D,14 Mar 12,1,4,age 85

McAteer,Bernard J.,D,27 Oct 10,1,6,

McBain,John F., Mrs.,D,8 May 13,1,4,age 35

McBrayne,Catherine,D,25 Apr 12,1,4,

McBrayne,Mary Jane,D,26 Mar 14,4,2,age 76

McBride,Annie,D,10 Apr 13,8,2,

McBride,Helen Mae,M,1 Oct 14,5,3,Milton, Archibald

McBride,Mary,D,23 May 12,5,2,age 70

McBride,Nancy,D,9 Jul 14,5,2,Campbell

McBride,Neil,D,23 Jan 13,5,1,age 71

McBride,William F.,D,19 Nov 14,8,1,age 71

McCaffery,Bernard,D,17 Apr 13,5,2,age 73

McCaffery,dau of Daniel,B,11 Dec 13,4,1,7 Dec

McCaffery,Lizzie,M,14 Dec 11,5,2,29 Nov; Cosgrove, E.

McCaffery,Rose,M,14 Dec 11,5,2,29 Nov; Gifford, Frank

McCaffrey,Jack Sinclair,B,20 Aug 14,5,4,3 Aug

McCaffrey,John,D,24 Dec 14,8,2,age 75

McCaffrey,Minnie,D,9 Mar 11,8,2,45th year

McCaffrey,W. H.,M,28 Aug 13,5,2,Smith, Ella

McCaffrey,William H.,E,7 Aug 13,5,1,Smith, Ella

McCallum,Alexander,D,4 Sep 13,5,2,age 58

McCallum,Andrew,E,16 Apr 14,1,4,Ashton, Catherine

McCallum,Angus D., Mrs.,D,11 Sep 13,1,6,age 71

McCallum,Arch,M,12 Sep 12,5,3,Erskine, Ethel

McCallum,Catherine,M,20 Jan 10,5,2,Cameron, John

McCallum,Christena,D,17 Mar 10,5,2,Drake

McCallum,Christine,M,26 Sep 12,5,2,9 Sep; McPherson, K.

McCallum,dau of Peter D.,B,8 Aug 12,4,3,31 Jul

McCallum,dau of Duncan,B,16 Jan 13,5,3,

McCallum,dau of Arch,B,27 Jan 10,5,3,20 Jan

McCallum,dau of John A.,B,1 Sep 10,5,4,23 Aug

McCallum,Duncan,M,6 Jul 11,8,1,Dubs, Mary

McCallum,Effie,M,21 Nov 12,5,1,Telfer, Charles

McCallum,Emily C.,D,27 Jun 12,5,1,age 33

McCallum,Harriet Mae,M,13 Jun 12,5,1,Howie, Charles

McCallum,Hugh,D,24 Dec 14,5,2,age 67

McCallum,James,D,3 Mar 10,5,2,age 65

McCallum,Jane,D,6 Nov 13,5,2,age 82

McCallum,Jane,BD,6 Apr 11,5,2,80th

McCallum,Janet,D,23 Nov 11,8,1,age 53

McCallum,Jennie Mae,M,19 Jan 11,5,1,11 Jan; Flum, William

McCallum,John,D,2 Jul 14,5,2,75th year

McCallum,John,D,16 Mar 11,1,6,85th year

McCallum,John H.,D,8 Sep 10,5,2,age 75

McCallum,Kate,M,3 Feb 10,8,2,19 Jan; Colberg, John

McCallum,Katharine,M,2 Jun 10,5,2,McGill, Duncan

McCallum,Margaret,D,17 Apr 13,5,2,age 70

McCallum,Margaret,D,24 Mar 10,4,3,age 86

McCallum,Mary,D,23 May 12,5,2,McBride

McCallum,Mary,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,McIntyre

McCallum,Mary,D,18 Jan 12,1,6,Doan

McCallum,Maude May,D,4 Jul 12,1,6,age 7

McCallum,Miss,W,1 Oct 14,5,2,Sutley

McCallum,Neil,D,23 Jan 13,5,2,age 68

McCallum,Peter,M,26 May 10,5,1,Tait, Louise

McCallum,Sarah Jane,M,8 May 13,5,3,Mitchell, John

McCallum,Sarah,D,15 Sep 10,8,2,age 84

McCallum,son of D. P.,B,9 Jun 10,5,3,1 Jun

McCallum,son of Alex G.,B,23 Mar 11,5,3,20 Mar

McCallum,Thomas Kerr,E,7 Jul 10,5,1,Nicklin, Edith

McCallum,Thomas Kerr,M,11 Aug 10,7,2,Micklin, Edith

McCallum,Vernie,M,5 Oct 11,8,1,Norris, George

McCally,R. L., Mrs.,D,30 Mar 11,8,2,

McCann,son of Arthur,B,9 Nov 11,5,3,6 Nov

McCloy,Hugh,D,24 Feb 10,8,2,age 21

McClung,David,D,21 Apr 10,5,2,age 45

McColl,Annie,M,19 Mar 14,5,2,18 Mar; Gow, Arthur

McColl,dau of T. H.,B,8 Jun 11,5,4,25 May

McColl,Donald D.,D,3 Apr 13,5,2,age 44

McColl,Florence,M,10 Dec 14,5,2,McKellar, Neil

McColl,Janet,D,16 Feb 11,4,1,age 83

McColl,Janet,D,27 Jul 11,5,3,age 76

McColl,Kate (Russell),M,30 Apr 14,5,1,Jordan, Robert

McColl,Mary,D,17 Mar 10,1,4,age 72

McColl,son of Robert,B,15 Oct 14,5,3,11 Oct

McConnell,Catherine,D,8 Oct 14,4,3,83rd year

McConnell,Elijah,A,25 Dec 13,1,4,60th

McCormick,Alex,M,18 Apr 12,8,2,Baldwin, Alma

McCormick,Dugald, Mrs.,D,22 May 13,5,3,age 81

McCormick,Dugald,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,

McCormick,Duncan,D,21 Nov 12,5,2,age 74

McCormick,Euphemia,D,2 Feb 11,4,3,49th year

McCormick,M. D.,M,22 Dec 10,5,3,21 Dec; Currie, Mary

McCormick,Margaret,D,23 Mar 11,1,6,Campbell

McCormick,son of John,D,19 Jun 13,5,3,15 Jun

McCrimmon,A. A., Dr.,D,1 Feb 12,1,4,

McCubbin,Flora Belle,D,31 Oct 12,5,3,age 20

McCutcheon,Helena Florence,M,24 Oct 12,5,1,Shier, Robert, Dr.

McDermid,Ralph A.,M,15 Oct 14,5,1,3 Oct; Kerr, Charlotte

McDonald,Alex R.,D,14 Sep 11,5,3,age 65

McDonald,Alexander,D,16 Mar 11,4,2,age 58

McDonald,Catherine,D,20 Mar 13,4,2,age 77

McDonald,Clara Virginia,M,14 Apr 10,7,2,Cummings, Alfred

McDonald,Duncan C.,D,5 May 10,5,1,24 Apr; age 50

McDonald,Duncan,D,23 Feb 11,1,5,13 Feb; age 80

McDonald,James Dean, Dr.,E,21 Aug 13,7,2,Glasgow, Eva

McDonald,John,D,27 Jul 11,8,2,age 80

McDonald,Lucy,M,3 Apr 13,8,1,McPhee, Roy

McDonald,Luella,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,Stormont

McDonald,Margaret,D,5 Feb 14,4,2,

McDonald,Roland, Mrs.,D,11 Apr 12,1,5,age 55

McDonald,Wilfred,D,26 Jun 13,1,4,age 18

McDonald,Wilfred,M,16 Mar 11,4,2,McTavish, Jean

McDonnell,Allan Stanley, Rev,M,8 Aug 12,5,1,Stanley, Jessie

McDougall,James,D,16 Jun 10,7,1,1 Jun; age 68

McDougall,Katharine,D,20 Apr 11,4,2,Preston

McDowell,Harvey,D,16 Oct 13,1,6,

McEachran,Jemima,M,8 Jan 14,5,2,1 Jan; Simpson, Chas.

McEachren,Lester Sutherland,D,10 Sep 14,5,1,infant son of Bert

McFadden,John,D,20 Oct 10,5,2,

McFarlane,Archibald, Mrs.,BD,12 Dec 12,5,3,90th

McFarlane,Corry S.,M,12 Oct 11,5,1,Fuke, Olive

McFarlane,dau of Peter,B,4 Jul 12,5,3,26 Jun

McFarlane,dau of Peter,B,3 Sep 14,5,3,29 Aug

McFarlane,Dugald,P,7 Mar 12,3,2,Patton

McFarlane,Effie,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,McKillop, Daniel

McFarlane,Isabella,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,age 60

McFarlane,James,D,9 Feb 11,5,2,age 74

McFarlane,Jane,D,11 Aug 10,7,3,age 52

McFarlane,Jennie,D,3 Feb 10,5,1,Watson, William

McFarlane,John, Mrs.,D,21 Nov 12,8,1,

McFarlane,John, Mrs.,D,2 Jan 13,5,1,

McFarlane,John, Mrs.,D,26 Dec 12,5,1,age 68

McFarlane,Peter,M,6 Jan 10,5,1,29 Dec; McMurchy, G.

McFarlane,son of Dugald D.,B,31 Aug 11,5,4,26 Aug

McFarlane,W. H., Dr.,E,11 Jun 14,5,1,Harper, Ida

McFarlane,William H., Dr.,M,2 Jul 14,5,1,Harper, Lena

McGaw,dau of James,B,23 May 12,5,2,20 May

McGeachy,William, Dr.,D,23 Mar 11,1,6,72nd year

McGill,Duncan Edward,M,2 Jun 10,5,2,McCallum, Katharine

McGill,Lachlin, Mrs.,D,12 May 10,8,1,age 65

McGill,Mary Jane,M,27 Oct 10,5,2,19 Oct; Paterson, A.

McGill,Mary J.,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,Patterson, Arch

McGillicuddy,J. E., Dr.,E,3 Feb 10,8,2,McQueen, Elizabeth

McGillicuddy,J. E., Dr.,M,10 Feb 10,8,2,McQueen, Elizabeth

McGregor,A. D.,D,26 Jan 11,5,1,

McGregor,Bella,M,27 Oct 10,8,1,Ross, James

McGregor,Duncan,D,12 Jun 13,5,2,age 66

McGregor,Edward,D,14 Mar 12,5,1,

McGregor,Gladys,M,27 Mar 13,1,4,Wilson, Charles

McGregor,Jennie,D,28 Jul 10,1,4,Shaw

McGregor,Malcolm,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,age 5

McGregor,Mary Edith,M,16 Nov 11,5,1,Moore, Frederick

McGregor,Mary,W,15 Dec 10,5,4,Love

McGregor,Mrs.,D,17 Sep 14,8,1,

McGugan,Angus,D,19 Mar 14,5,1,81st year

McGugan,Ethel Evelyn,M,25 Dec 13,5,1,Crabbe, Bruce

McGugan,Florence,D,30 Jan 13,5,3,Finlayson

McGugan,John N.,D,26 Feb 14,5,2,26th year

McGugan,Lillian,M,23 Jun 10,7,2,McAlpine, Duncan

McGugan,Mabel,M,6 Jun 12,8,2,20 May; Walter, W.

McGugan,Margaret,D,19 Dec 12,9,3,age 81

McInnes,William,D,3 Apr 13,8,1,age 76

McIntosh,Frances,M,19 Jun 13,5,2,Allison, E.

McIntosh,Marjory,D,14 Dec 11,8,3,

McIntyre,Alexander, Rev.,D,20 Feb 13,1,6,age 93

McIntyre,Archibald G.,D,30 Apr 14,5,2,age 63

McIntyre,Archibald,D,4 Apr 12,1,5,age 88

McIntyre,Arthur J.,M,30 Mar 11,5,1,Pollard, Mary

McIntyre,Colin,D,19 Jan 11,8,2,age 32

McIntyre,Daniel,D,26 Jun 13,1,4,age 62

McIntyre,Daniel L.,M,18 Aug 10,5,3,Campbell, Alice

McIntyre,Dugald F.,D,30 Jan 13,1,5,age 66

McIntyre,Dugald C.,D,2 Apr 14,1,4,

McIntyre,Duncan,D,18 Jan 12,8,1,

McIntyre,Duncan,D,18 Jan 12,5,1,age 62

McIntyre,Edwin,D,20 Oct 10,5,2,age 45

McIntyre,Euphemia,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,24 Mar; 89th year

McIntyre,Jane,D,1 May 13,5,1,age 76

McIntyre,Jessie,D,18 Aug 10,5,2,age 51

McIntyre,John A.,D,14 Sep 11,5,2,age 61

McIntyre,L. W., Mrs.,D,2 Jan 13,5,1,age 75

McIntyre,Lilly,D,8 Dec 10,1,5,

McIntyre,Margaret,D,26 Mar 14,5,1,Campbell

McIntyre,Margaret Irene,M,8 Jun 11,5,1,Oldfield, John

McIntyre,Mary,BD,14 Nov 12,5,2,92nd

McIntyre,Mary,D,2 Jan 13,5,2,age 92

McIntyre,Mary,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,age 73

McIntyre,Mary,D,15 Sep 10,5,2,6 Sep; age 50

McIntyre,nee,D,21 Nov 12,8,1,McFarlane, John, Mrs.

McIntyre,nee,D,23 Jun 10,10,2,Martin, Alex, Mrs.

McIntyre,Neil,D,12 Jun 13,1,4,74th year

McIntyre,Sarah,D,13 Jul 11,5,3,91st year

McIntyre,son of George A,B,17 Apr 13,5,3,9 Apr

McIntyre,son of D. A.,B,20 Jan 10,5,3,18 Jan

McIntyre,son of Neil,B,6 Nov 13,5,3,2 Nov

McKay,Christena,D,26 Jun 13,5,2,81st year

McKay,d/o Rev Donald,B,27 Jan 10,5,3,23 Jan

McKay,George,D,3 Dec 14,5,2,age 84

McKay,Henry, Mrs.,D,1 Oct 14,5,2,age 83

McKay,John,P,20 Nov 13,5,2,Stalker

McKay,son of Robert,B,23 May 12,5,2,16 May

McKay,son of Robert,B,3 Nov 10,5,3,29 Oct

McKee,Annie,D,14 Apr 10,7,2,Fitchitt

McKee,John A., Mrs.,D,19 Oct 11,4,2,age 58

McKee,Margaret Isabel,E,14 Nov 12,5,1,Steiner, Hubbard

McKee,Margaret Isabel,M,5 Dec 12,7,3,Steiner, Hubbard

McKellar,dau of Gordon,B,17 Sep 14,5,2,13 Sep

McKellar,Donald Graham,D,3 Feb 10,1,6,

McKellar,Duncan,D,12 Dec 12,7,2,age 66

McKellar,Duncan,D,19 Dec 12,9,2,

McKellar,Jane,D,28 Aug 13,5,3,age 77

McKellar,John Gordon,M,11 Jan 12,5,1,Ritchie, Myrtle

McKellar,Malcolm J.,M,13 Feb 13,5,1,Watson, Jennie

McKellar,Malcolm,D,16 Mar 11,4,2,age 65

McKellar,Mary Bessie,M,29 Jun 11,5,2,21 Jun; Andrews, James

McKellar,Mary Bessie,E,15 Jun 11,5,1,Andrews, James

McKellar,Mary Bessie,D,11 Apr 12,5,2,Andrews

McKellar,Neil,D,11 Dec 13,1,4,age 78

McKellar,Neil A.,M,10 Dec 14,5,2,McColl, Florence

McKellar,Roland,D,2 May 12,5,2,23 Apr; age 22

McKelvey,Fenwick M.,M,26 Jun 13,5,2,McNeil, Mary

McKenzie,Annabel,D,6 Jan 10,4,1,

McKenzie,C. R., Dr.,M,16 Apr 14,1,4,Gilbert, Viola

McKenzie,Margaret,D,7 Jul 10,5,1,40th year

McKillop,A. J.,D,29 Sep 10,5,1,

McKillop,Angus,M,25 May 11,1,5,Rich, Susie

McKillop,Daniel J.,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,McFarlane, Effie

McKillop,Daniel,D,21 Mar 12,5,2,age 79

McKillop,Isabel,D,13 Jul 11,5,2,McLellan

McKillop,Janet,D,13 Mar 13,4,2,age 88

McKillop,John A.,M,6 Jun 12,5,3,Andrews, Agnes

McKillop,John,D,19 Jan 11,8,2,

McKillop,Neil A.,M,18 Sep 13,5,3,10 Sep; Baxter, J.

McKillop,Neil,M,11 Sep 13,5,2,Baxter, Josephine

McKillop,Sarah,D,8 Jun 11,5,2,age 59

McKillop,son of D. J.,B,27 Mar 13,5,3,21 Mar

McKillop,son of John A.,B,13 Mar 13,5,3,10 Mar

McKillop,son of Neil,B,23 Jul 14,5,4, 8 Jul

McKillop,son of D. D.,B,27 Jul 11,5,3,25 Jul

McKinlay,Janet,D,24 Jun 14,5,1,

McKinney,James,D,12 Jun 13,1,6,age 42

McKinnon,Hugh,H,26 Jun 13,5,1,Lamont

McKishnie,Arch,D,15 Sep 10,5,1,age 76

McKishnie,Edward,M,21 Dec 11,3,2,Stidwill, Maude

McKnight,John,D,31 Oct 12,1,4,

McLachlan,Gladys Llewellyn,M,12 Nov 14,5,2,29 Oct; Singleton, G. H.

McLachlan,Gladys,M,29 Oct 14,5,1,Singleton, Harry

McLachlan,Hugh T.,D,16 Oct 13,5,2,age 80

McLachlan,J. A.,A,26 Sep 12,5,1,25th

McLachlan,Norman,M,24 Jun 14,5,2,Murray, Gladys

McLachlan,Norman Wilbert,E,4 Jun 14,5,1,Murray, Gladys

McLachlan,twin daus of Dr.,B,7 Jul 10,5,4,3 Jul

McLachlin,Kate Jean,M,3 Apr 13,8,1,Smith, James

McLandress,nee,A,11 Dec 13,1,6,Fletcher

McLaren,Daniel,D,30 Apr 14,1,4,

McLaren,James L., Mrs.,D,30 Jun 10,1,5,

McLarty,A. A., Dr.,D,30 Mar 11,8,2,age 44

McLarty,Alex,P,26 Jun 13,1,4,Andrews

McLarty,Annie Belle,D,10 Nov 10,8,2,Carnegie

McLarty,James A.,D,6 Jan 10,5,3,age 35

McLarty,Mary,D,14 Apr 10,7,2,age 86

McLarty,Mary,D,11 May 11,8,1,age 60

McLauchlin,Robert, Mrs.,D,10 Aug 11,8,1,about 58 years old

McLaughlin,Nancy,D,4 May 11,8,1,

McLean,Alexander,D,27 Jun 12,1,4,52nd year

McLean,Catharine,D,30 Jan 13,1,5,Campbell

McLean,Catherine,D,14 Sep 11,5,2,age 70

McLean,Charles,D,5 Mar 14,4,3,25 Feb; age 66

McLean,D. M.,M,17 Sep 14,8,1,2 Sep; McRae, Jennie

McLean,Donald,D,29 Aug 12,8,2,age 90

McLean,Dugald,P,22 Aug 12,1,4,Patterson

McLean,Duncan Gordon,D,19 Dec 12,12,2,age 12

McLean,Effie,M,3 Mar 10,4,1,McMillan, James

McLean,Flora,D,17 Mar 10,4,3,89th year

McLean,Frances J.,D,27 Jun 12,1,4,Cameron

McLean,George,D,3 Aug 11,8,1,about 50 years old

McLean,Jane,W,16 Mar 11,4,2,Campbell

McLean,John,D,27 Jun 12,5,2,

McLean,John,D,27 Jun 12,5,1,17 Jun; age 64

McLean,Laura,D,5 Nov 14,1,4,

McLean,Mary,M,13 Mar 13,8,2,Hunter, John

McLean,Nancy Jane,D,19 Oct 11,4,3,age 65

McLean,Thomas,D,30 Jul 14,1,4,age 40

McLellan,Catherine,D,15 May 13,5,1,age 88

McLellan,Colin,M,6 Jul 11,8,1,28 Jun; Buckler, M.

McLellan,D. A.,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,Campbell, Agnes

McLellan,dau of Arch,B,20 Apr 11,5,4,14 Apr

McLellan,Isabel,D,13 Jul 11,5,2,age 77

McLellan,Malcolm,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,

McLennan,dau of J. A.,B,22 Dec 10,5,3,11 Dec

McLeod,Jessie,M,23 Feb 11,1,5,Gordon, George

McLurg,Florence L.,M,22 Oct 14,8,1,Atkin, Welberne

McMillan,Annie Maude,M,11 Jun 14,5,3,McWilliam, Archibald

McMillan,Catherine E.,M,17 Dec 14,4,2,Campbell, Peter

McMillan,D. S.,M,20 Apr 11,5,1,12 Apr; Hance, Lena

McMillan,dau of William C,B,15 Oct 14,5,3,12 Oct

McMillan,Donald G.,D,21 Nov 12,5,2,age 50

McMillan,Edwin Douglas C,E,10 Sep 14,1,4,Buchan, Agnes

McMillan,Edwin D. C.,M,1 Oct 14,4,1,Buchan, Agnes

McMillan,Flora,M,16 Oct 13,8,3,29 Sep; Brass, D. J.

McMillan,Flora,D,9 Jun 10,8,2,age 25

McMillan,Grace,M,6 Aug 14,5,3,Ruth, James

McMillan,Grace,D,25 Apr 12,1,4,Patterson

McMillan,James,M,3 Mar 10,4,1,McLean, Effie

McMillan,Jane,D,8 Dec 10,5,2,age 85

McMillan,Janet,D,24 Jun 14,5,1,McKinlay

McMillan,Jennie, Mrs.,M,25 Apr 12,1,4,Wehlann, Augustus

McMillan,John J.,D,19 Mar 14,5,3,age 27

McMillan,Katharine J.,M,13 Mar 13,5,2,Dobie, David

McMillan,Katharine E.,E,3 Dec 14,1,4,Campbell, Peter

McMillan,Lydia Jane,E,19 Nov 14,5,1,Paton, Archie

McMillan,Lydia Jane,M,3 Dec 14,5,2,Paton, Archie

McMillan,Mary,D,16 Jan 13,5,1,age 83

McMillan,Minnie,D,12 Jan 11,8,2,age 19

McMillan,nee,D,9 Jul 14,5,2,Campbell, D. C., Mrs.

McMillan,Robert,D,28 May 14,5,2,age 74

McMurchy,Grace,M,6 Jan 10,5,1,29 Dec; McFarlane, P.

McMurray,Alice,M,27 Jun 12,5,1,Douglas, James

McNabb,Mungo,D,9 Apr 14,5,2,age 91

McNaughton,Daniel I.,D,20 Jul 11,1,4,age 70

McNaughton,Janet,D,16 Jan 13,1,6,age 99

McNeil,Flora,D,17 Mar 10,4,3,McLean

McNeil,Hector,D,29 Oct 14,8,1,age 60

McNeil,John S.,M,18 Apr 12,8,2,Murdoch, Grace

McNeil,John S.,E,4 Apr 12,1,5,11 Apr; Murdock, Grace

McNeil,Kate,D,21 Nov 12,5,3,

McNeil,Kate,D,28 Nov 12,5,1,

McNeil,Katharine,D,28 Dec 11,1,4,age 90

McNeil,Mary J.,M,26 Jun 13,5,2,McKelvey, Fenwick

McNeil,Nancy,D,13 Jul 11,5,2,age 85

McNernie,Margaret,M,4 Jun 14,8,1,27 May; Fisher, Ernest

McNichol,Margaret,D,9 Feb 11,4,2,31 Jan

McNulty,M., Mr.,D,15 Jun 11,5,1,

McPhail,Alex,D,6 Dec 13,5,3,about 65 years old

McPhail,Alexander,D,11 Dec 13,1,6,

McPhail,Daniel N.,D,15 Jan 14,5,2,age 69

McPhail,Daniel,D,22 Jan 14,5,1,

McPhail,Flora,D,26 Dec 12,5,1,McFarlane

McPhail,Mary Ellen,M,15 Feb 12,5,3,7 Feb; Campbell, A.

McPhail,Mary Ellen,E,1 Feb 12,6,1,7 Feb; Campbell, A.

McPhail,Mrs.,D,29 Jan 14,1,4,over 90 years old

McPhail,son of Hugh,B,28 May 14,5,4,21 May

McPhail,son of Hugh,D,17 Nov 10,4,3,14 Nov; infant

McPhedrain,Duncan,P,20 Jan 10,5,3,Oake

McPhedrain,Florence,M,16 Jan 13,5,3,8 Jan; Smith, Daniel

McPhedrain,Florence,E,26 Dec 12,5,1,Smith, Daniel

McPhedrain,Mary,M,23 Feb 11,5,1,Oke, Leslie

McPhedrain,son of Duncan,B,14 Nov 12,5,3,6 Nov

McPhee,Roy,M,3 Apr 13,8,1,McDonald, Lucy

McPherson,Alma Isabel,D,12 Jun 13,5,2,37th year

McPherson,Colin J.,D,7 Apr 10,8,2,age 35

McPherson,Duncan H.,M,7 Aug 13,4,2,Lamont, Mattie

McPherson,Grace,M,19 May 10,5,2,Clark, E. J.

McPherson,Janet,W,30 Jun 10,5,3,Cameron

McPherson,John M., Mrs.,D,3 Dec 14,5,1,age 84

McPherson,Kenneth A.,M,26 Sep 12,5,2,9 Sep; McCallum, C.

McPherson,Mabel Ella,M,11 Jan 12,5,3,27 Dec; Andrews, D.

McPherson,Malcolm,D,15 Feb 12,5,2,age 77

McPherson,Margaret,D,1 Sep 10,4,2,age 84

McPherson,Margaret,D,8 Sep 10,8,2,age 85

McPherson,Marybell,M,8 May 13,1,4,Johnston, George

McPherson,Peter A.,M,19 Sep 12,5,1,McAlpine, Tena

McPherson,Peter A.,E,5 Sep 12,5,1,MacAlpine, Tena

McPherson,son of Daniel,B,6 Mar 13,5,3,26 Feb

McQueen,Elizabeth,M,10 Feb 10,8,2,McGillicuddy, J. E.

McQueen,Elizabeth,E,3 Feb 10,8,2,McGillicuddy, J. E.

McRae,Alexander,D,7 Aug 13,5,2,about 37 years old

McRae,Catherine,D,8 Oct 14,5,3,Paterson

McRae,Donald, Mrs.,D,6 Jun 12,5,2,age 81

McRae,Farquhar,D,7 Mar 12,3,2,

McRae,Jane,M,30 Oct 13,5,1,16 Oct; Aldred, Alfred

McRae,Jennie,M,17 Sep 14,8,1,2 Sep; McLean, D. M.

McRae,John,D,10 Aug 11,8,1,age 65

McRae,Malcolm,D,2 Oct 13,5,2,age 65

McRae,Margaret,M,20 Oct 10,8,2,Frank, William

McRae,Philip D.,M,5 Feb 14,5,3,28 Jan; Matheson, D.

McSherry,Jane,D,2 Oct 13,5,2,age 81

McSherry,William,P,19 Jan 11,5,1,Oliver

McTaggart,Angus,P,7 May 14,5,1,Carmichael

McTaggart,Stewart,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,29th year

McTavish,Dugald,D,18 Dec 13,5,3,age 48

McTavish,Jane,D,18 Jun 14,5,3,age 64

McTavish,Jane,D,11 Aug 10,7,3,McFarlane

McTavish,Jean,M,16 Mar 11,4,2,McDonald, Wilfred

McTavish,John A.,D,7 Nov 12,5,3,

McTavish,Mary,D,1 Jun 11,5,2,age 66

McWilliam,Alex D.,D,17 Oct 12,5,1,

McWilliam,Alexander D.,D,10 Oct 12,5,2,

McWilliam,Angus,D,11 Apr 12,5,1,

McWilliam,Angus,D,4 Apr 12,5,2,about 60 years old

McWilliam,Archibald N.,M,11 Jun 14,5,3,McMillan, Annie

McWilliam,Bertha,M,3 Dec 14,5,1,1 Dec; Braddon, George

McWilliam,Margaret,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,Duncanson

McWilliam,Rose,M,27 Nov 13,5,1,Duncanson, Andrew

Meek,William J.,D,9 Jan 13,5,2,age 56

Meek,William,D,2 Jun 10,1,4,

Mellon,Charles,BD,5 Dec 12,1,4,100th

Mellon,Timothy,D,13 Nov 13,1,6,103rd year

Mercer,Bessie,M,20 Jun 12,5,1,Blue, Colin

Mercowitz,son of Neil,B,8 Jun 11,5,4,26 May

Merrill,Kenneth,D,5 Jun 13,5,2,

Merritt,William T.,M,12 Sep 12,5,3,Dodd, Georgina

Metcalfe,William,D,9 Apr 14,1,4,age 64

Mettler,William,M,10 Nov 10,8,2,Thompson, Myrtle

Meyer,Pearl,M,28 Apr 10,5,1,16 Apr; Campbell, John

Meyer,Regina,M,28 Jul 10,5,2,21 Jul; Shipley, Thomas

Meyers,David, Mrs.,D,3 Sep 14,5,1,age 70

Meyers,Hazel,M,3 Apr 13,5,1,Lumney, Lawson

Micklin,Edith Minerva,M,11 Aug 10,7,2,McCallum, Thomas

Middleton,Jessie Ann,M,22 Jun 11,5,2,14 Jun; Riddell, James

Middleton,William, Mrs.,D,5 Feb 14,1,5,age 41

Midgley,Emma,D,24 Jun 14,8,1,

Mildern,Arthur J., Mrs.,D,4 May 11,4,2,age 28

Miles,George,P,13 Feb 13,5,2,Ford

Mill,Charles Stewart,D,16 Jul 14,5,1,12th year

Mill,Louie, Mrs.,M,5 Oct 11,5,1,Scoyne, W.

Miller,Albert,D,15 May 13,5,1,age 69

Miller,Andrew, Mrs.,D,24 Aug 11,10,2,age 90

Miller,Benjamin P.,M,20 Jun 12,1,6,Binks, Eliza

Miller,Eli, Mrs.,D,20 Nov 13,5,2,age 68

Miller,George,D,16 Jul 14,8,1,age 92

Miller,Henry,D,1 Feb 12,1,4,age 70

Miller,Ida Leona,M,22 Jun 11,1,6,Mistele, Henry

Miller,J. H.,E,7 Aug 13,5,1,Porter, Elizabeth

Miller,Jacob,D,19 Mar 14,5,3,

Miller,James Hay,M,4 Sep 13,5,2,Porter, Elizabeth

Miller,John,D,20 Jun 12,5,2,76th year

Miller,son of John H.,B,6 Jun 12,5,3,2 Jun

Miller,son of John H.,B,5 May 10,5,3,18 Apr

Miller,Susannah,D,19 Jun 13,1,4,age 76

Milley,Jemima,D,11 Jun 14,8,1,

Milligan,dau of Arthur,B,7 May 14,5,3,2 May

Milligan,Frances,D,7 Apr 10,5,2,Lalonde

Milligan,son of Arthur,B,12 Oct 11,5,3,9 Oct

Mills,Daniel,D,19 Mar 14,5,2,age 82

Milner,William,A,21 Nov 12,4,1,25 Nov; 50th

Milner,William, Mrs.,D,12 Jun 13,1,4,age 70

Milton,Archibald,M,1 Oct 14,5,3,McBride, Helen

Milton,Henry Arthur,M,30 Mar 11,5,2,Hodder, Mabel

Milton,James,M,15 Sep 10,5,2,7 Sep; Willey, Alma

Milton,Jennie,M,29 Dec 10,5,1,21 Dec; Agar, W. J.

Milton,Mary Helen,B,15 Jan 14,5,3,9 Jan

Milton,Mary Frances,D,9 Jun 10,5,3,Caron

Mimna,Alice,M,23 Nov 11,5,1,11 Nov; Anders, W. H.

Minard,Serena,D,11 Apr 12,1,5,

Minor,Arthur,D,5 May 10,8,3,

Mistele,Henry W.,M,22 Jun 11,1,6,Miller, Ida

Mistele,Jacob,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,age 87

Mistele,Minnie,M,3 Sep 14,1,4,Pieschke, Walter

Mitchell,David, Dr.,D,21 Sep 11,5,2,

Mitchell,John W.,M,8 May 13,5,3,McCallum, Sarah

Mitchell,John,P,22 May 13,5,3,McCormick

Mitton,Isabel,M,26 Jun 13,5,2,Ferguson, Neil

Mitton,Isabel M.,D,30 Jul 14,5,2,Ferguson

Mitton,Jane,A,1 Oct 14,5,1,Gibson

Monteith,Agnes M.,M,12 Jun 13,1,4,Atherton, Clarence

Montgomery,John,D,12 Feb 14,5,3,age 81

Montgomery,William,M,1 Jun 11,5,1,23 May; Welch, Sarah

Montgomery,Willie,D,1 Sep 10,8,1,infant son of J.

Moody,Thomas Wesley,M,15 May 13,5,1,Ross, Janet

Moore,Arthur,D,7 May 14,8,1,

Moore,dau of Arthur J.,D,5 Sep 12,4,3,28 Aug; infant

Moore,dau of Arthur J.,B,5 Sep 12,4,3,26 Aug

Moore,Edgar,M,10 Oct 12,1,6,Wride, Letitia

Moore,Edward, Mrs.,D,21 May 14,4,2,26th year

Moore,Frederick Mark,M,16 Nov 11,5,1,McGregor, Mary

Moore,John W.,M,26 Sep 12,8,2,Parker, Ellen

Moore,son of Fred,B,26 Mar 14,5,3,24 Mar

Moore,Thomas K.,D,13 Feb 13,8,4,age 50

Moore,Thomas,D,19 Nov 14,5,1,94th year

Moore,W. J., Mrs.,D,4 Jan 12,5,1,

Moore,William J.,D,9 Feb 11,4,2,age 50

Morningstar,Margaret,E,20 Jun 12,1,4,Kriter, Albert

Morris,William,D,17 Sep 14,8,1,

Morrish,William,D,10 Mar 10,5,2,

Morrish,William,D,3 Mar 10,5,3,

Morrison,Dugald,D,5 Dec 12,10,1,

Morrison,nee,D,6 Jun 12,8,2,Little, Oscar, Mrs.

Morrow,Robert James,M,11 Sep 13 ,5,2,Hamilton, Anna

Morrow,Robert James,E,10 Jul 13,5,1,Hamilton, Anna

Moss,Catharine May,M,17 Sep 14,5,1,Gilpin, John

Mowbray,Mary,W,14 May 14,1,6,Henry

Moyer,Mary Helen Urlin,B,23 Feb 11,5,3,10 Feb

Mullins,Henry,P,30 Jun 10,5,2,Black

Mullins,Henry,D,11 Aug 10,7,1,age 75

Mumford,dau of John,B,15 Jan 14,5,3,8 Jan

Munger,J. S., Dr.,D,21 Mar 12,1,5,age 81

Munn,May,M,4 Sep 13,5,2,Claus, Spencer

Munro,Christena,D,11 Sep 13,8,1,Shaw

Munro,Colin,D,20 Apr 11,8,3,

Munro,John,D,17 Oct 12,5,3,62nd year

Munro,Malcolm,D,11 Sep 13,8,1,

Munro,Mary,D,17 Feb 10,1,4,

Murdoch,Grace,M,18 Apr 12,8,2,McNeil, John

Murdock,Grace Catherine,E,4 Apr 12,1,5,11 Apr; McNeil, John

Murray,Arch,D,12 Feb 14,5,3,age 51

Murray,Gladys,M,25 Jun 14,5,2,McLachlan, Norman

Murray,Gladys Etta,E,4 Jun 14,5,1,McLachlan, Norman

Murray,Nelson,D,17 Feb 10,5,1,age 16

Murray,son of Angus,B,22 May 13,5,3,9 May

Myers,Henry,D,9 Nov 11,5,1,age 56

Myles,Edna,M,1 Jun 11,5,1,24 May; Gormley, Wm.

Naylor,Jean Belle,M,23 Nov 11,5,2,Randall, John

Neale,Robert,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,

Neil,George, Mrs.,D,28 Mar 12,2,2,age 22

Neville,J. Earl,D,30 Oct 13,8,1,age 88

Newland,Charles,D,21 Mar 12,1,5,age 92

Newman,Joseph,D,8 Dec 10,1,5,age 83

Newsome,Joseph,D,31 Jul 13,1,4,

Newton,Alice Maud,M,5 Mar 14,4,3,25 Feb; Haviland, E.

Newton,Clarence,M,31 Dec 14,5,1,Rycroft, Pearl

Newton,George T., Mrs.,D,18 Jan 12,1,6,

Nichol,Francis W.,D,22 Sep 10,4,2,

Nichol,Mary Ann,D,26 Dec 12,8,2,age 79

Nickerson,Matilda J.,D,29 May 13,5,2,Brown

Nicklin,Edith M.,E,7 Jul 10,5,1,McCallum, Thomas

Noble,John,D,27 Aug 14,1,5,77th year

Norman,George, Mrs.,D,13 Mar 13,8,2,age 88

Norman,James, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,

Norman,William,D,21 Sep 11,1,5,age 84

Norris,George,M,5 Oct 11,8,1,McCallum, Vernie

Nott,Alice,D,19 Nov 14,8,1,77th year

O’Brien,Thomas,M,8 May 13,5,2,30 Apr; Hatton, Ethel

O’Connor,Charles S.,M,5 Jun 13,5,1,2 Jun; Smith, Edna

O’Keefe,Michael,D,16 May 12,1,4,

O’Malley,George H.,D,30 Apr 14,5,3,age 32

O’Neil,Charles,M,8 Dec 10,1,5,Husser, Miss

O’Rourke,John A.,D,31 Mar 10,4,2,

Oake,Leslie, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 10,5,3,age 35

Odell,James,D,31 Oct 12,1,6,

Oke,Harold,D,10 Nov 10,1,6,

Oke,Leslie,M,23 Feb 11,5,1,McPhedrain, Mary

Oke,son of Leslie,D,29 May 13,5,1,infant

Olde,Catherine,D,20 Jan 10,5,2,age 86

Oldfield,John H.,M,8 Jun 11,5,1,McIntyre, Margaret

Oldham,E. J., Miss,M,22 Dec 10,8,4,Turner, Dugald

Oldham,Henry,M,26 Nov 14,8,1,Currie, Bessie

Oldham,Henry,E,12 Nov 14,8,1,18 Nov; Currie, Bessie

Oldrieve,George Arthur,M,11 Dec 13,7,2,Drake, Muriel

Oldrieve,George A.,E,13 Nov 13,5,1,Drake, Muriel

Oldrieve,Ruth,D,17 Apr 13,5,3,Dalgety

Oliver,William, Mrs.,D,19 Jan 11,5,1,age 52

Oppensizer,Mary Ann,M,5 Dec 12,7,1,Lay, William

Orchard,Wilfred J.,D,1 May 13,1,4,

Orchard,William,D,25 May 11,1,5,75th year

Orr,William,D,10 Dec 14,4,1,age 75

Osborne,Henry,D,18 Sep 13,5,1,age 65

Osborne,John,D,26 Oct 11,5,1,age 75

Ostrander,Clifton,M,6 Jan 10,4,2,Hughes, Lila

Ostrander,Gertrude,W,28 Aug 13,1,6,Pickell

Ostrander,Jacob, Mrs.,D,5 Nov 14,1,4,age 68

Ostrander,Lewis,D,25 Jan 12,5,1,

Ousterhout,Bertha May,D,17 Dec 14,5,1,age 19

Overholt,Adelaide,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,Young

Overholt,James, Mrs.,D,14 May 14,8,1,age 89

Paddon,William,D,30 Jan 13,1,5,age 90

Page,Flossie H.,D,10 Jul 13,8,1,20th year

Page,Frederick, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 11,5,1,62nd year

Page,Helen,D,3 Feb 10,5,3,Braddon

Page,J. Percy,M,10 Mar 10,8,2,Roche, Maud

Page,Maria Annie L.,M,18 Jul 12,5,3,King, James

Page,Thomas H.,M,6 Jun 12,5,1,Schmeltz, Susan

Page,Thomas H.,M,20 Jun 12,5,2,5 Jun; Schmeltz, Susie

Page,Thomas James,B,18 Jun 14,5,3,9 Jun

Palmer,John L.,D,4 Apr 12,1,5,age 79

Palmer,son of George,B,19 Oct 11,5,3,11 Oct

Panter,John C.,D,3 Oct 12,5,2,age 69

Panter,R. Kemp,M,12 Oct 11,5,1,Kirkland, Lillian

Panter,Robert Kemp,E,28 Sep 11,5,1,Kirkland, Lillian

Panter,son of R. Kemp,B,18 Jul 12,5,3,16 Jul

Panter,son of R. Kemp,B,26 Nov 14,5,3,20 Nov

Papineau,Joseph,D,6 Mar 13,1,4,age 85

Parish,George F.,D,14 Apr 10,10,3,

Parish,Louisa,D,4 Sep 13,4,2,age 91

Parish,Mary,D,28 Sep 11,8,1,Sheeler

Parker,Byron,M,10 Feb 10,8,2,Scoyne, Jennie

Parker,Clarence J.,D,5 Oct 11,1,6,

Parker,dau of Alfred,B,23 Oct 13,5,3,19 Oct

Parker,dau of Alf,B,18 Aug 10,5,3,6 Aug

Parker,dau of Alfred,B,11 Jan 12,5,4,

Parker,Ellen,M,26 Sep 12,8,2,Moore, John

Parker,Judson,D,17 Mar 10,1,4,age56

Parker,Rosa,D,16 Jan 13,1,6,

Parker,Sidney,D,16 Jan 13,1,6,

Parsons,R. C., Rev.,D,26 Sep 12,8,2,83rd year

Partridge,Violet May,M,5 Nov 14,1,4,24 Oct; Wilson, Herbert

Paterson,Archibald L.,M,27 Oct 10,5,2,19 Oct; McGill, Mary

Paterson,Catherine,D,8 Oct 14,5,3,24 Sep; age 76

Paterson,Mary Ann,D,24 Mar 10,8,2,

Paton,Archie A.,M,3 Dec 14,5,2,McMillan, Lydia

Paton,Archie A.,E,19 Nov 14,5,1,McMillan, Lydia

Paton,dau of Daniel,B,23 Nov 11,5,2,18 Nov

Paton,J. B., Dr.,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,17 Oct; Caldwell, A.

Paton,son of Daniel,B,23 Apr 14,5,4,3 Apr

Patterson,Alexander,D,10 Feb 10,8,2,age 68

Patterson,Arch R.,D,17 Apr 13,5,1,

Patterson,Arch D.,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,McGill, Mary

Patterson,Archibald R.,D,10 Apr 13,5,3,age 60

Patterson,Duncan, Mrs.,D,22 Aug 12,1,4,age 50

Patterson,Duncan, Mrs.,D,5 Jan 11,5,2,age 78

Patterson,George,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,25 Dec; Royal, M.

Patterson,Grace,D,25 Apr 12,1,4,age 78

Patterson,Hannah,D,30 Jan 13,5,2,100th year

Patterson,Harland, Dr.,D,12 Oct 11,5,1,

Patterson,Jane,BD,22 Aug 12,5,2,91st

Patterson,Jane,P,19 Dec 12,9,2,Lumley

Patterson,Jane,BD,20 Aug 14,5,4,93rd

Patterson,Janet,D,26 May 10,5,3,age 63

Patterson,Lydia,D,17 Dec 14,5,2,Duncan

Patterson,Margaret,D,1 Sep 10,4,2,McPherson

Patterson,Mary,M,1 Aug 12,1,5,17 Jul; Baldwin, D.

Patterson,Miss,D,20 Jan 10,8,1,

Patterson,son of William,B,18 Jul 12,5,3,10 Jul

Patton,dau of William,B,20 Apr 11,5,4,19 Apr

Patton,J. R., Dr.,E,26 Sep 12,5,1,Sproat, Agnes

Patton,John, Mrs.,D,14 Mar 12,5,1,

Patton,John, Mrs.,D,7 Mar 12,3,2,age 69

Pavey,Edwin, Mrs.,D,31 Jul 13,1,4,age 60

Pearce,Albert E.,M,16 May 12,5,1,Mann, Olah

Pearce,dau of Walter,B,27 Jul 11,5,3,21 Jul

Pearce,Jane,D,7 May 14,5,2,Backus

Pearce,son of William,B,1 Dec 10,8,1,7 Nov

Pearce,Thomas,D,5 Dec 12,7,2,age 80

Pearce,Thomas,D,16 Nov 11,1,5,about 30 years old

Pearson,Margaret,D,26 Oct 11,1,6,

Pease,Herman R.,M,19 Feb 14,1,4,MacColl, Janet

Peckham,Lena,M,26 Dec 12,5,3,25 Dec; Hillman, Wm.

Penhale,Ann,D,9 Mar 11,8,2,Cole

Penno,James, Mrs.,D,6 Mar 13,5,1,age 76

Peters,Elvira,D,17 Mar 10,1,4,age 77

Peterson,Muriel,M,17 Dec 14,4,2,Whiting, Percival

Peterson,Verna,M,17 Dec 14,4,2,Hatherly, Clarence

Phelps,Lloyd J.,M,19 Oct 11,5,3,11 Oct; Benedict, Clara

Phelps,Lloyd,M,12 Oct 11,5,1,Benedict, Miss

Phelps,Norman, Mrs.,D,28 Mar 12,3,1,

Philips,John R., Rev.,D,7 Sep 11,8,1,

Phillips,Barbara,D,23 Jan 13,1,4,age 94

Pickell,Herbert,D,28 Aug 13,1,6,

Pieschke,Walter,M,3 Sep 14,1,4,Mistele, Minnie

Pififer,Miss,M,13 Feb 13,8,4,Gillies, G.

Pincombe,Frances,D,19 Jan 11,8,2,

Pink,Charles,D,2 Apr 14,1,4,

Piper,Eva,M,13 Nov 13,1,4,Fletcher, Herb

Plain,Robert,D,12 Dec 12,5,1,

Platt,John W.,E,30 May 12,1,4,Wehlann, Rosetta

Pollard,Herbert C.,M,27 Jan 10,5,2,Binks, Isabella

Pollard,John,M,12 Jun 13,5,1,Graham, Mary

Pollard,John, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 11,5,2,

Pollard,Mary,M,26 Sep 12,5,1,Jacques, William

Pollard,Mary Jane,M,30 Mar 11,5,1,McIntyre, Arthur

Pollard,son of Alex,B,20 Jul 11,5,3,15 Jul

Pollock,W. O., Mrs.,D,23 Feb 11,1,5,age 62

Pool,Gilbert, Mrs.,D,4 Apr 12,1,5,age 88

Porter,Elizabeth Grace,E,7 Aug 13,5,1,Miller, J. H.

Porter,Elizabeth Grace,M,4 Sep 13,5,2,Miller, James

Post,Jessie M.,M,26 Jan 11,1,5,Willows, John

Pound,Daniel A.,D,16 Feb 11,4,1,

Precoor,Edna Pearl,W,9 Jan 13,1,5,Hill

Preston,Alexander,D,14 Mar 12,8,1,

Preston,Alexander,D,28 Mar 12,3,3,

Preston,Alice,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,Arnold

Preston,James,D,26 Oct 11,5,2,age 82

Preston,James, Mrs.,D,20 Apr 11,4,2,76th year

Preston,Mabel,M,11 Jul 12,5,1,Coldicott, William

Preston,Thomas,D,3 Jul 13,8,1,

Preston,William,D,12 Jan 11,5,1,5 Jan; age 65

Purcell,Dugald, Mrs.,D,30 Nov 11,1,4,age 90

Purcell,John, Mrs.,D,18 May 11,1,4,age 70

Purdy,Herbert,D,11 Sep 13,1,4,age 48

Pursey,Mary,D,2 Oct 13,5,2,age 88

Putnam,Peter J.,D,26 Dec 12,8,2,age 82

Pyley,George,D,14 Mar 12,1,4,ge 60

Quick,Daniel, Mrs.,D,29 Sep 10,5,3,age 56

Quick,dau of George,B,10 Sep 14,5,2,9 Sep

Quick,Everitt,D,30 Jul 14,5,2,age 37

Ramey,Elizabeth Jane,D,31 Oct 12,5,1,

Ramsay,Frederick W.,M,14 Nov 12,5,1,Craig, Evelyn

Ramsey,dau of Fred,B,20 Nov 13,5,3,17 Nov

Ramsey,George H., Mrs.,D,6 Jun 12,5,2,age 56

Randall,Fred C.,D,6 Oct 10,5,1,26th year

Randall,John H.,M,23 Nov 11,5,2,Naylor, Jean

Randall,Milton, Mrs.,D,26 May 10,5,3,

Randall,Sarah M.,D,28 Nov 12,5,2,Kendall

Rapelje,George,D,21 Mar 12,5,2,age 77

Rattray,Thomas,M,13 Nov 13,1,4,Finlay, Lizzie

Rattray,William,M,13 Nov 13,1,4,Armstrong, Christina

Rayner,Wallace J.,M,24 Dec 14,8,2,17 Dec; Campbell, G.

Reid,Walter,E,18 Jul 12,5,1,Casey, Nora

Reid,William,M,24 Oct 12,5,1,Robinson, Annie

Rember,dau of T.,B,15 Jun 11,5,3,13 Jun

Rember,Thomas,D,30 Mar 11,5,1,age 46

Revell,Alice,D,16 Jul 14,5,2,age 75

Rice,Stella Grace,M,6 Nov 13,8,3,Turk, Wilson

Rich,Susie,M,25 May 11,1,5,McKillop, Angus

Richards,William,D,22 Jan 14,1,6,

Richardson,Hugh, Hon.,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,

Richardson,son of W. R.,B,19 May 10,5,3,14 May

Riddell,Alexander, Mrs.,D,3 Sep 14,5,3,25 Aug

Riddell,James Alfred,M,22 Jun 11,5,2,14 Jun; Middleton, J.

Riddle,William,D,10 Aug 11,8,1,age 50

Ripley,Annie Campbell,B,20 Nov 13,5,3,16 Oct

Ripley,dau of Harvey,B,7 Apr 10,4,3,28 Mar

Ripley,infant daughter,D,9 Jun 10,5,1,

Ripley,son of Dr.,B,21 Mar 12,5,4,17 Mar

Risdon,Clara,D,26 Dec 12,5,2,Balkwill

Risdon,Estella Bess,M,16 Jan 13,1,6,Kellam, Eldridge

Ritchie,Myrtle Mae,M,11 Jan 12,5,1,McKellar, John

Robb,Bella M.,M,9 Jan 13,8,3,Smith, Wesley

Robbins,Mary,D,3 Apr 13,5,2,65th year

Roberts,A. E.,M,8 Aug 12,5,1,Hales, Ethel, Mrs.

Roberts,Alfred,D,23 Jul 14,5,3,71st year

Roberts,May,M,10 Dec 14,5,1,26 Nov; Cheeseborough

Robertson,James R.,D,25 Apr 12,1,4,age 64

Robertson,Sarah O.,D,9 Jun 10,8,2,age 95

Robinson,Annie,M,24 Oct 12,5,1,Reid, William

Robinson,J. C., Rev.,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,Whitehead, Florence

Robinson,Samuel, Mrs.,D,6 Mar 13,1,5,75th year

Robinson,W. J.,D,2 Feb 11,5,3,

Roche,Maud,M,10 Mar 10,8,2,Page, J. Percy

Rock,Richard,D,26 May 10,5,2,age 28

Rondeau,Miss,M,7 Jul 10,5,3,29 Jun; Beer, Fred

Ronson,dau of Minor,B,27 Jun 12,5,3,8 Jun

Ronson,J. B., Mrs.,D,13 Feb 13,5,2,age 86

Ronson,James,D,13 Mar 13,5,1,age 67

Ronson,son of Minor,B,24 Sep 14,1,5,22 Sep

Roome,James,D,24 Oct 12,5,1,age 55

Rose,Angus,D,30 Oct 13,5,2,age 74

Rose,Barbara,W,3 Feb 10,1,6,McKellar

Rose,Hannah,D,3 Mar 10,1,4,78th year

Rose,N., Mrs.,D,27 Oct 10,8,1,

Ross,Helen Jean,B,22 Feb 12,5,3,18 Feb

Ross,James,M,27 Oct 10,8,1,McGregor, Bella

Ross,James W.,M,3 Nov 10,5,2,26 Oct; MacGregor, I.

Ross,Jane,D,31 Mar 10,5,1,age 82

Ross,Janet Bell,M,15 May 13,5,1,Moody, Thomas

Ross,Jennie,M,1 Feb 12,6,2,16 Jan; Wurges, Chas.

Ross,Mary Jane,D,5 Feb 14,1,5,age 30

Ross,William,D,25 Sep 13,5,2,age 65

Rothwell,William,D,8 Jan 14,5,2,

Rotz,Anna,D,8 Dec 10,1,5,

Rowland,Elizabeth,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,age 85

Royal,Charlotte,D,16 Jul 14,5,3,Williams

Royal,Ernest,D,6 Feb 13,5,2,age 48

Royal,Grace,M,23 Jul 14,5,4,4 Jul; Seifert, Edward

Royal,Margaret A.,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,25 Dec; Patterson, Geo.

Russell,Blanche Winnifred,D,11 Jul 12,5,2,16th year

Russell,Kate, Mrs.,M,30 Apr 14,5,1,Jordan, Robert

Russell,Samuel,D,21 Nov 12,5,1,age 76

Russell,Vainey,D,12 Feb 14,1,4,about 50 years old

Ruth,James Edward,M,6 Aug 14,5,3,McMillan, Grace

Ruthven,Archibald,D,28 Aug 13,5,1,age 80

Ruthven,Bella,D,9 Jun 10,5,3,age 63

Ruthven,Colin,D,26 Nov 14,5,1,age 82

Ryan,Michael S.,D,16 Apr 14,1,4,age 66

Rycroft,Pearl,M,31 Dec 14,5,1,Newton, Clarence

Rycroft,son of Joseph,B,23 Mar 11,5,3,16 Mar

Sallows,W. W.,M,11 Jun 14,8,1,Cole, Norah

Salmon,Mary,D,11 Aug 10,7,2,88th year

Sandalls,Jane,D,16 Jul 14,5,1,age 79

Saunders,dau of W.,B,28 Aug 13,5,3,26 Aug

Sawyer,Thomas,D,23 Mar 11,5,1,age 71

Saxby,Richard,M,31 Jul 13,8,1,Currie, Flora

Schaef,L.,D,25 Apr 12,1,4,

Schleihauf,A. G.,M,27 Apr 11,8,3,Skilling, Mary

Schleihauf,Catharine,D,2 Jan 13,4,1,

Schleihauf,Philip,M,12 Jun 13,1,4,Watson, Jennie

Schleihauf,Rose,M,9 Oct 13,8,3,Kelly, Robert

Schmeltz,Elizabeth,D,14 May 14,8,1,age 75

Schmeltz,J. W.,M,9 Jul 14,8,1,30 Jun; Speirn, W.

Schmeltz,Susan,M,6 Jun 12,5,1,Page, Thomas

Schmeltz,Susie,M,20 Jun 12,5,2,5 Jun; Page, Thomas

Schneckenburger,Clara,M,5 May 10,8,3,Casey, Charles

Schultz,David A.,D,1 Aug 12,1,5,age 44

Schultz,John,P,12 Dec 12,5,1,Harris

Scott,Daisy Alexander,M,6 Jan 10,5,2,18 Dec; Storrar, Richard

Scott,Enos,P,4 Jan 12,5,1,Moore

Scott,J. B.,M,9 Feb 11,5,1,Campbell, Nellie

Scott,Lulu,M,20 Nov 13,1,6,Kneeland, Arthur

Scott,nee,P,17 Nov 10,5,3,Storrar

Scouler,son of B. R.,B,27 Jul 11,5,3,26 Jul

Scoyne,Ernest William,D,13 Apr 11,5,1,age 3 months

Scoyne,Jennie M.,M,10 Feb 10,8,2,Parker, Byron

Scoyne,Melvin,D,2 Jun 10,5,2,age 13

Scoyne,W. H., Mrs.,D,5 Jan 11,5,2,88th year

Scoyne,W.,M,5 Oct 11,5,1,Mill, Louie, Mrs.

Searl,George, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,age 44

Searle,John P., Mrs.,D,22 Jun 11,5,2,11 Jun

Searle,Sarah Jane,D,15 Jun 11,5,3,11 Jun; age 73

Secord,John,D,27 Jul 11,4,2,age 50

Secord,Solomon, Dr.,D,28 Apr 10,1,4,

Seifert,Edward,M,23 Jul 14,5,4,4 Jul; Royal, Grace

Sells,William H.,D,9 Jan 13,1,5,about 70 years old

Shannon,Francis Sutherland,M,24 Mar 10,4,2,28 Feb; Crane, Audrey

Sharon,Harold,D,19 May 10,8,3,age 22

Sharon,Maurice W., Mrs.,D,30 Jun 10,1,5,

Sharratt,William,D,15 May 13,8,2,

Shaw,Albert Theodore,M,11 Jun 14,5,1,29 May; Shery, Frances

Shaw,Christena,D,11 Sep 13,8,1,age 82

Shaw,dau of J. D.,B,9 Jun 10,5,3,27 May

Shaw,Dugald, Mrs.,D,28 Jul 10,1,4,

Shaw,Flora,D,24 Dec 14,5,2,age 92

Shaw,Neil, Rev.,D,19 Sep 12,4,3,age 55

Shaw,Neil, Rev.,D,26 Sep 12,8,2,

Sheeler,Mary,D,28 Sep 11,8,1,

Shepherd,Lizzie,P,12 Dec 12,5,3,Beer

Shepherd,Lizzie,M,14 Mar 12,5,1,6 Mar; Beer, George

Shepherd,Ransom,D,18 Aug 10,5,2,age 73

Shery,Frances Pearl,M,11 Jun 14,5,1,29 May; Shaw, Albert

Shier,Robert, Dr.,M,24 Oct 12,5,1,McCutcheon, Helena

Shipley,Elma,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,Thomas, Roy

Shipley,son of T.,B,15 Jun 11,5,3,3 Jun

Shipley,Thomas,M,28 Jul 10,5,2,21 Jul; Meyer, Regina

Shipley,Wilson,D,11 Apr 12,1,5,62nd year

Shipman,Clara Adelaide,M,25 Sep 13,1,4,Lindsay, F. George

Shoebotham,George A.,D,27 Aug 14,1,5,

Sifton,Ernest,D,4 Jul 12,5,1,age 81

Sifton,Floyd L.,M,1 Feb 12,1,4,Buchan, Florence

Sifton,John J., Mrs.,D,18 Jan 12,5,1,58th year

Sifton,John J., Mrs.,D,25 Jan 12,5,1,

Silcox,Frank, Mrs.,D,26 Mar 14,5,1,age 26

Silcox,Frank,M,28 Apr 10,5,1,Steele, Jean

Silcox,George,D,23 May 12,8,1,age 87

Silcox,Mary,D,31 Mar 10,5,1,age 73

Silcox,son of F. H.,B,21 Aug 13,7,3,18 Aug

Silcox,son of F. H.,B,24 Aug 11,7,4,10 Aug

Silcox,Thomas A.,D,25 Aug 10,5,2,68th year

Silcox,Wilfrid Mortimer,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,Braddon, Lillie

Silverthorne,Mary,D,20 Mar 13,8,1,age 72

Simpson,Charles Frederic,M,8 Jan 14,5,2,1 Jan; McEachran, J.

Simpson,Harold,D,21 Sep 11,5,1,

Sims,Dorothy,D,16 Oct 13,8,3,age 3

Sims,Thomas,D,28 Mar 12,2,2,age 84

Sinclair,Daniel Arch’d, Dr,D,13 Oct 10,5,3,

Sinclair,Daniel A., Dr.,D,11 May 11,5,2,

Sinclair,Jane,D,27 Mar 13,1,4,Luton

Sinclair,Jean Mackay,M,8 Oct 14,5,2,Littlejohn, Donald

Sinclair,Jennie,M,25 Apr 12,1,4,McMillan/Wehlann

Sinclair,John L.,M,2 May 12,8,2,Graham, Cassie

Sinclair,Malcolm, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 13,8,1,age 72

Sinclair,Mary,D,6 Dec 13,1,4,Thomson

Sinclair,Sarah,D,15 Sep 10,8,2,McCallum

Singleton,George Henry,M,12 Nov 14,5,2,29 Oct; McLachlan, G.

Singleton,Harry,M,29 Oct 14,5,1,McLachlan, Gladys

Skilling,Mary,M,27 Apr 11,8,3,Schleihauf, A. G.

Skinner,Martha,D,12 Feb 14,1,4,age 86

Slater,Luke,D,21 May 14,8,1,

Slipper,Gertrude,D,21 May 14,8,1,age 17

Sloan,Elizabeth,D,2 Nov 11,5,3,Bradt

Sloan,James,D,11 May 11,5,2,92nd year

Small,Fred J.,M,15 Dec 10,5,3,Brown, Edith

Small,George,A,15 Oct 14,8,1,50th

Small,son of F. J.,B,7 Nov 12,5,3,3 Nov

Small,Vera,M,23 Jun 10,7,1,Smith, William

Small,W. E., Mrs.,D,1 Oct 14,5,2,

Smeltz,Rebecca M.,M,15 Jun 11,4,2,Baker, George

Smith,Alma,D,3 Nov 10,5,2,26 Oct

Smith,Annie,D,28 Nov 12,8,1,age 72

Smith,Celestia,D,21 Apr 10,9,1,Campbell

Smith,Charles, Mrs.,D,30 Jan 13,1,5,age 23

Smith,Daniel E.,M,16 Jan 13,5,3,8 Jan; McPhedrain, F.

Smith,Daniel E.,E,26 Dec 12,5,1,McPhedrain, Florence

Smith,dau of Arch T.,B,21 Jul 10,5,2,15 jul

Smith,Edna,M,5 Jun 13,5,1,2 Jun; O’Connor, C.

Smith,Elijah,P,21 Apr 10,5,3,Campbell

Smith,Ella Byrl,M,28 Aug 13,5,2,McCaffrey, W. H.

Smith,Ella Byrl,E,7 Aug 13,5,1,McCaffrey, William

Smith,Ethel Grace,M,27 Aug 14,5,2,Jordan, Thomas

Smith,Ethel,M,20 Aug 14,5,1,Jordan, Thomas

Smith,Eva Myrtle,M,1 Sep 10,5,2,Ecker, Chester

Smith,Fred G.,D,1 May 13,5,1,

Smith,George,,18 Sep 13,5,2,arrested for bigamy

Smith,George,M,28 Aug 13,5,1,Johnson, Annie

Smith,George,D,10 Nov 10,1,4,

Smith,James Herbert,M,3 Apr 13,8,1,McLachlin, Kate

Smith,James M.,D,12 Jan 11,8,2,

Smith,James,D,18 Apr 12,8,2,

Smith,Jennie A.,M,2 Jul 14,1,6,McAlpine, Donald

Smith,Laura B.,M,28 Apr 10,5,1,Smith, W. A.

Smith,Matthew, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 13,5,1,76th year

Smith,Samuel E.,M,21 May 14,5,3,6 May; Binks, Ellen

Smith,son of H. J.,B,8 Oct 14,5,3,4 Oct

Smith,son of W. G.,B,22 Sep 10,5,2,19 Sep

Smith,W. Stuart,E,20 Jun 12,5,1,Leitch, Coral

Smith,W. A.,M,28 Apr 10,5,1,Smith, Laura

Smith,Wesley,M,9 Jan 13,8,3,Robb, Bella

Smith,William H.,M,15 Oct 14,5,1,Collard, Lenore

Smith,William Harold,M,23 Jun 10,7,1,Small, Vera

Smoke,Hazel Irene,D,31 Jul 13,1,4,age 4

Snairy,son of Lee,B,23 May 12,5,2,16 May

Snelgrove,Delbert R.,M,10 Apr 13,8,2,Cronk, Lulu

Snell,Thomas,D,16 Mar 11,4,2,age 86

Somerville,Duncan,D,15 Feb 12,1,4,age 91

Southwold,Edward,D,22 May 13,5,1,age 70

Spackman,William,D,4 Apr 12,1,5,age 56

Spearing,dau of Albert,B,30 Jul 14,5,1,24 Jul

Speirn,Frederick,D,16 Jan 13,4,2,age 59

Speirn,Wilhemina,M,9 Jul 14,8,1,30 Jun; Schmeltz, J. W.

Sproat,Agnes,E,26 Sep 12,5,1,Patton, J. R., Dr.

Squance,Eliza,D,10 Aug 11,8,1,age 86

Squance,James B.,D,8 Aug 12,1,4,

Squire,Sarah J.,D,22 Jun 11,5,2,Searle

Squires,John A.,M,29 Jun 11,5,2,21 Jun; Thompson, B.

St. John,Mrs.,D,8 Dec 10,5,2,

Stacey,James,D,26 Oct 11,5,2,about 56 years old

Stacey,John,D,24 Sep 14,8,1,age 91

Stacey,John, Mrs.,D,19 Jan 11,8,2,age 85

Stafford,Sarah,D,13 Apr 11,8,2,79th year

Stalker,Bernice,D,13 Jun 12,5,2,age 21

Stalker,Peter, Mrs.,D,20 Nov 13,5,2,age 57

Stanley,Jessie,M,8 Aug 12,5,1,McDonnell, Allan

Stanley,Joseph,D,27 Oct 10,1,4,age 35

Stanton,Beulah May,M,11 Apr 12,5,2,22 Mar; Dahl, Alvin

Stanton,George,D,15 Sep 10,8,2,age 66

Stark,George W.,M,9 May 12,1,4,

Staughton,Annie L.,M,27 Aug 14,5,2,McAlpine, D. D.

Steele,Jean,D,26 Mar 14,5,1,Silcox

Steele,Jean,M,28 Apr 10,5,1,Silcox, Frank

Steiner,Hubbard William,E,14 Nov 12,5,1,McKee, Margaret

Steiner,Hubbard William,M,5 Dec 12,7,3,McKee, Margaret

Stevenson,dau of James,B,11 Dec 13,4,1,

Stevenson,Emily,D,27 Apr 11,8,4,age 54

Stevenson,Hannah,D,16 Jun 10,10,2,age 38

Stewart,Andrew,D,28 Apr 10,5,1,

Stewart,Charles,D,22 Aug 12,1,4,age 79

Stewart,David,BD,6 Nov 13,8,1,89th

Stewart,Florence,M,28 Jul 10,5,2,Hollingshead, Robert

Stewart,John W.,M,25 Jul 12,1,4,Armstrong, Laura

Stidwill,dau of George,B,8 Oct 14,5,3,3 Oct

Stidwill,Maude,M,21 Dec 11,3,2,McKishnie, Edward

Stirling,Annie B.,D,26 Nov 14,1,4,

Stokes,infant son of Ed,D,21 Sep 11,5,1,

Stoner,George,M,3 Sep 14,5,1,Kelso, Jean

Stormont,Luella,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,

Storrar,dau of R.,B,17 Nov 10,5,3,2 Nov

Storrar,Richard,M,6 Jan 10,5,2,18 Dec; Scott, Daisy

Strachan,Andrew,M,27 Jun 12,1,4,19 Jun; Campbell, M.

Streib,John,D,1 Feb 12,1,4,age 34

Streib,Rosine,M,27 Apr 11,5,1,Knight, Norman

Strong,James H.,M,23 Jun 10,7,3,Crane, Edith

Stroud,Frederick L.,M,31 Oct 12,5,3,Hodder, Bertha

Stuart,Annabel,E,22 Aug 12,5,2,Chapin, Herbert

Stubbs,Catherine,D,30 Nov 11,1,4,age 73

Summers,Thomas,M,14 Apr 10,10,3,3 Mar; Jones, Ethel

Sutherland,Robert,D,11 Jul 12,1,5,age 50

Sutley,James,D,1 Oct 14,5,2,age 56

Sutton,Henry,D,13 Jan 10,5,1,105th year

Sutton,Isaac,D,5 Dec 12,7,1,

Sutton,Isaac,D,28 Nov 12,5,2,64th year

Sutton,Jane,D,22 Oct 14,8,1,97th year

Sutton,John, Mrs.,D,30 Apr 14,1,4,

Sutton,John H.,D,30 Oct 13,8,1,age 67

Sutton,Martha,D,30 Oct 13,8,1,age 70

Sutton,Milton Bert,M,31 Oct 12,5,1,Brooks, Letia

Sutton,son of Joel,B,13 Mar 13,5,3,10 Mar

Sutton,son of Joel,B,13 Apr 11,5,4,4 Apr

Swaffield,John B.,D,12 Feb 14,1,4,age 58

Swaffield,Tabitha J.,D,11 Dec 13,1,4,86th year

Swartz,John,D,6 Jul 11,8,1,23rd year

Swisher,John,D,16 Nov 11,1,5,age 91

Swisher,Joseph,D,5 Jan 11,8,1,

Switzer,Mary Ann,D,14 May 14,8,1,85th year

Tait,Charles W.,M,27 Apr 11,8,3,Henry, Mary

Tait,Louise,M,26 May 10,5,1,McCallum, Peter

Tait,Thomas,M,30 Oct 13,5,1,Gilchrist, Jennie

Tallamy,Louis,D,14 Mar 12,1,4,age 47

Tallman,W. H.,D,11 Jun 14 ,8,1,

Talman,John,D,20 Mar 13,5,2,77th year

Tanner,Eva,M,6 Mar 13,1,4,Lethbridge, Richard

Tanner,Myrtle L.,M,13 Apr 11,8,2,Dewar, John

Tappin,Joseph,D,25 Sep 13,1,4,

Tarr,Philip N.,M,28 May 14,5,1,16 May; Getty, Nelly

Taylor,Alberta S.,M,7 Dec 11,3,1,Matheson, J. A.

Taylor,C. B., Dr.,M,8 Jan 14,5,1,1 Jan; Coyne, Anne

Taylor,Charles Berkley,E,18 Dec 13,1,4,Elliott, Anne

Taylor,Daniel,D,30 Jul 14,1,4,age 39

Taylor,Ethel,M,7 Jul 10,5,1,22 Jun; Bearss, R.

Taylor,John,D,13 Oct 10,5,2,age 87

Taylor,Mary Jane,D,5 Feb 14,1,5,Ross

Taylor,Mary Harriet,A,30 Mar 11,5,2,Trayte

Taylor,Robert,D,16 May 12,1,4,

Telfer,Charles,M,21 Nov 12,5,1,McCallum, Effie

Telford,Annie Elizabeth,M,19 Jun 13,5,2,Mann, Jesse

Telford,William,D,9 Mar 11,5,3,age 77

Templar,Peter,D,30 Apr 14,8,1,

Templar,Peter,D,23 Apr 14,5,2,age 68

Tennant,Addie,W,30 Oct 13,5,2,Rose

Thayer,Sarah,D,24 Feb 10,5,2,Backus

Thomas,Charles,D,30 Oct 13,5,1,age 62

Thomas,H. H., Rev.,D,24 Sep 14,8,1,age 74

Thomas,Leta Kathryn,B,12 Nov 14,5,2,6 Nov

Thomas,Roy Clifford,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,Shipley, Elma

Thomas,Roy,D,20 Jul 11,5,2,age 19

Thompson,Ada,D,24 Nov 10,1,6,age 21

Thompson,Annie,D,28 Apr 10,1,4,age 22

Thompson,Bessie,M,29 Jun 11,5,2,21 Jun; Squires, John

Thompson,Florence A.,D,5 Feb 14,5,1,

Thompson,John,D,28 Aug 13,4,2,88th year

Thompson,John,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,age 69

Thompson,Minnie,D,29 Aug 12,5,1,age 5 mos; dau of Chas

Thompson,Myrtle,M,10 Nov 10,8,2,Mettler, William

Thompson,son of Charles,B,2 Oct 13,5,3,18 Sep

Thompson,son of Charles,B,30 Jun 10,5,3,25 Jun

Thompson,Thomas,D,1 Dec 10,5,3,age 36

Thomson,Annie Bell,D,23 Nov 11,8,1,age 46

Thomson,Daniel,D,25 Dec 13,1,4,age 44

Thomson,Duncan N., Mrs.,D,4 Jun 14,8,1,age 28

Thomson,John A.,D,25 Sep 13,1,6,age 45

Thomson,John,D,5 Mar 14,4,2,age 70

Thomson,Mary,D,6 Dec 13,1,4,age 76

Thornton,Harry,D,3 Mar 10,1,4,

Thrower,Arthur R.,M,12 Dec 12,5,1,7 Dec; Campbell, B.

Tiller,James,D,28 Nov 12,8,1,age 87

Timewell,Laura Belle,M,30 May 12,1,4,Campbell, J. W.

Timewell,Mabel,M,5 Jan 11,8,2,Whalls, Herbert

Tisdale,William,D,1 Jun 11,1,4,age 36

Titus,Sarah,D,1 Jun 11,1,4,age 76

Todd,William, Mrs.,D,22 Aug 12,1,4,age 45

Tolman,Irene,D,28 Mar 12,3,1,age 7

Tolman,John,BD,3 Oct 12,5,2,76th

Tolman,Thomas,D,3 Feb 10,8,2,

Tolmie,Andrew, Mrs.,D,23 Jun 10,10,2,

Tomlinson,dau of W. B.,B,18 May 11,5,3,8 May

Tompkins,John,D,28 Apr 10,5,2,

Tompkins,Mary Ann,D,15 Feb 12,5,2,age 68

Totzke,Walter P.,E,23 Oct 13,5,1,Graham, Mabel

Townsend,Forbes,D,7 Dec 11,3,1,

Travers,Ellen,M,5 Dec 12,1,3,Cattanach, Bruce

Trayte,George Wood,A,30 Mar 11,5,2,17 Mar; 50th

Treadwell,Sarah N.,D,31 Aug 11,8,1,age 57

Trotter,John Wesley,M,6 Nov 13,1,6,Welch, Ella

Trumbell,George,D,7 Nov 12,8,3,

Tucker,Mary,D,10 Feb 10,5,2,age 86

Turk,Lola Pearl,M,20 Jan 10,1,5,Leitch, Archie

Turk,Wilson E.,M,6 Nov 13,8,3,Rice, Stella

Turner,Allison, Dr.,M,20 Oct 10,1,5,March, Edna

Turner,dau of Donald,W,9 Jan 13,5,2,Meek

Turner,dau of Dr.,B,18 Jun 14,5,3,15 Jun

Turner,dau of A. C.,B,1 Sep 10,5,4,23 Aug

Turner,Dugald,M,22 Dec 10,8,4,Oldham, E. J.

Turner,Louisa,D,18 Apr 12,5,2,

Turner,Margaret,D,1 Sep 10,5,2,

Turner,son of Duncan C,B,20 Mar 13,5,3,16 Mar

Tweedale,J. M., Dr.,D,7 Jul 10,5,1,age 73

Tyler,Emery, Mrs.,D,8 Dec 10,1,5,age 60

Umphrey,Carol,M,13 Jul 11,8,2,Campbell, Elma

Urlin,Clara Mae,M,21 Dec 11,3,2,21 Dec; Field, E. E.

Urquhart,Kate,M,17 Sep 14,5,1,Wilson, John

Urquhart,Norman J.,M,19 Sep 12,5,3,Kerr, Anna

Urquhart,Norman J.,E,22 Aug 12,5,2,Kerr, Anna

Vanbuskirk,Mary E.,D,1 Dec 10,1,4,Gerard

Vanbuskirk,W. C., Dr.,D,15 Dec 10,4,1,86th year

VanDusen,Lawrence,M,21 Nov 12,5,1,Wrightman, Myrtle

Vansickle,M., Mrs.,D,26 Nov 14,8,1,age 74

VanZant,Almer,D,27 Apr 11,8,3,age 77

Venning,Joseph,M,7 Jul 10,5,3,Jones, Mary

Verger,dau of Mr.,D,5 Sep 12,4,1,age 3

Vines,Mabel,M,11 Jun 14,8,1,Campbell, Durand

Vitch,William,D,29 Dec 10,1,5,age 82

Vowels,Myrtle Margaret,D,14 Nov 12,8,1,

Waddell,John A., Mrs.,D,26 May 10,8,1,59th year

Waite,Allen Earl,B,27 Apr 11,5,1,6 Apr

Waite,Arthur,D,2 Nov 11,5,1,

Waite,Eliza,D,14 Nov 12,5,2,Brown

Waite,Harry Albert,M,19 Mar 14,5,2,Humphries, Edna

Waite,Harry Albert,E,26 Feb 14,5,1,Humphries, Edna

Waite,John,D,10 Nov 10,5,2,age 55

Walker,Duncan,D,8 Sep 10,5,2,

Walker,Edna May,M,15 May 13,5,1,Archer, St. Clair Ross

Walker,Eliza,D,23 Mar 11,8,2,age 76

Walker,Fred,M,26 Dec 12,5,3,25 Dec; Lilley, Myrtle

Walker,James,D,28 Sep 11,5,1,age 48

Walker,John,D,9 May 12,5,2,age 58

Walker,Manson,M,1 Jan 14,5,1,25 Dec; Cusiter, C.

Walker,Minnie,M,5 Jun 13,8,3,Jones, George

Walker,son of Bruce,B,19 Oct 11,5,3,15 Oct

Walker,son of David,B,6 Oct 10,5,3,13 Sep

Wall,William,D,20 Aug 14,10,1,

Wallis,James, Mrs.,D,16 May 12,1,4,

Wallis,Maria,D,3 Dec 14,1,4,age 72

Walter,William J.,M,6 Jun 12,8,3,20 May; McGugan, M.

Walters,Miriam Etheleen,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,age 4

Wann,dau of W.,B,21 Mar 12,5,4,12 Mar

Ward,Albert J.,D,2 Apr 14,1,4,

Warwick,Alice,D,27 Oct 10,1,6,

Watkins,Sidney,D,26 Nov 14,5,2,killed in action

Watson,David James,D,4 Apr 12,1,5,26 Mar

Watson,George,D,11 Apr 12,8,1,

Watson,Jennie,M,12 Jun 13,1,4,Schleihauf, Philip

Watson,Jennie,M,13 Feb 13,5,1,McKellar, Malcolm

Watson,Joel,P,4 Jun 14,8,1,Green

Watson,John ,M,25 Dec 13,1,4,Barnum, Miss

Watson,Mary Ann,D,26 Nov 14,5,2,62nd year

Watson,W.,D,24 Aug 11,10,2,age 79

Watson,William,D,3 Feb 10,5,1,McFarlane, Jennie

Watt,Robert, Mrs.,D,17 Dec 14,5,1,age 56

Watterworth,George,D,20 Jun 12,1,4,age 58

Watts,Harry,D,26 Nov 14,5,2,killed in action

Webber,Frank,M,15 May 13,8,2,Crundell, Annie

Wegenast,Florence,E,31 Jul 13,5,1,Clement, Fred

Wegenast,Florence,M,21 Aug 13,4,2,Clement, F. M.

Wehlann,Augustus,M,25 Apr 12,1,4,McMillan, Jennie, Mrs.

Wehlann,Herman Charles,M,9 Jun 10,5,2,Hill, Susanna

Wehlann,Rosetta,E,30 May 12,1,4,Platt, John

Weir,John,D,3 Jul 13,1,4,age 17

Weismiller,Sidney A., Dr.,M,24 Feb 10,5,1,15 Feb; Hertel, Leila

Welch,dau of Allan,B,18 Aug 10,5,3,9 Aug

Welch,Ella,M,6 Nov 13,1,6,Trotter, John

Welch,Ella J.,M,17 Mar 10,5,2,Wight, Herbert

Welch,Grace Mildred,M,30 Oct 13,5,2,Gidley, Walter

Welch,Jehiel,D,15 Feb 12,4,3,age 98

Welch,Joseph,D,11 Jan 12,5,2,age 86

Welch,Mary,M,1 Jan 14,5,4,24 Dec; Wilson, W. A.

Welch,Sarah,M,1 Jun 11,5,1,23 May; Montgomery

Welter,Isaac,D,7 Apr 10,8,2,age 79

Welter,Pearl E.,M,23 Feb 11,1,5,Lindsay, Earl

Wescott,Phillis E.,D,17 Feb 10,5,2,60th year

Westlake,James H.,D,5 Mar 14,1,4,

Westlake,Vera Victoria,M,24 Dec 14,5,2,Evans, Cedric

Whalls,Ernest,D,24 Mar 10,8,2,age 27

Whalls,Herbert,M,5 Jan 11,8,2,Timewell, Mabel

Whally,Elizabeth,D,6 Apr 11,1,5,age 90

Wheeler,Clarence Stacey,E,25 Sep 13,5,1,15 Oct; Wooldridge, L.

Wheeler,Clarence Stacey,M,23 Oct 13,5,3,15 Oct; Wooldridge, L.

Wheeler,Maud,M,10 Oct 12,1,6,Berdan, Claude

White,Fred,D,5 Feb 14,1,5,age 50

White,Frederick, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 13,4,2,40th year

Whitehead,Florence Margaret,M,13 Jun 12,5,2,Robinson, J. C., Rev.

Whitehead,Mary E.,D,27 Nov 13,5,2,age 63

Whiting,Percival,M,17 Dec 14,4,2,Peterson, Muriel

Whittal,Mary Ann,D,26 Jan 11,1,5,age 86

Whitton,George, Mrs.,D,15 Feb 12,1,4,

Whyte,Charles D.,D,12 May 10,1,6,

Wight,Herbert J.,M,17 Mar 10,5,2,Welch, Ella

Wiley,Lillie,M,5 Oct 11,8,1,Larkin, John

Wiley,son of Gordon,B,24 Sep 14,1,5,16 Sep

Wilkie,Clarence Robert,E,14 Dec 11,5,1,27 Dec; Boden, E.

Wilkie,Clarence Robert,M,4 Jan 12,5,2,27 Dec; Boden, E.

Wilkie,George,D,21 Apr 10,6,2,age 48

Wilkie,George,D,28 Apr 10,5,2,

Wilkinson,Ellen K.,D,25 Jul 12,1,4,age 39

Wilkinson,William,D,22 Oct 14,8,1,

Willey,Alma,M,15 Sep 10,5,2,7 Sep; Milton, James

Willey,Mary,D,2 Jan 13,5,1,McIntyre

Williams,dau of W. H.,B,26 Sep 12,5,4,24 Sep

Williams,Herbert,M,3 Oct 12,8,1,Keillor, Winnie

Williams,Hugh,D,1 Dec 10,1,4,

Williams,John L.,D,3 Jul 13,1,4,age 38

Williams,John,D,28 May 14,1,4,

Williams,Laura,D,9 Feb 11,4,3,Burwell

Williams,Rachael,D,23 Jan 13,1,4,age 74

Williams,Thomas, Mrs.,D,16 Jul 14,5,3,age 73

Willows,John A.,M,26 Jan 11,1,5,Post, Jessie

Wilson,Benjamin,M,4 Jan 12,5,1,Hawley, Myra

Wilson,Charles G.,M,27 Mar 13,1,4,McGreogr, Gladys

Wilson,Charles,D,17 Dec 14,4,2,

Wilson,Frances,M,31 Aug 11,5,3,Bobier, William

Wilson,Herbert J.,M,5 Nov 14,1,4,24 Oct; Partridge, Violet

Wilson,Jesse E., Dr.,D,13 Mar 13,8,2,86th year

Wilson,John H., Dr.,D,11 Jul 12,1,5,age 79

Wilson,John,D,19 Mar 14,5,2,age 58

Wilson,John,M,17 Sep 14,5,1,Urquhart, Kate

Wilson,Lizzie,M,20 Jun 12,1,6,Clayton, John

Wilson,son of Brock,B,4 Sep 13,4,1,2 Sep

Wilson,son of Rev Thos.,B,20 Mar 13,5,3,23 Feb

Wilson,son of Brock,D,2 Apr 14,5,1,infant

Wilson,Thomas H.,M,5 Nov 14,5,1,Gage, Laura

Wilson,W. A.,M,1 Jan 14,5,4,24 Dec; Welch, Mary

Wilson,William G.,D,3 Dec 14,1,4,age 41

Wilson,William F.,M,5 Nov 14,5,1,22 Nov; Delong, Myrtle

Wilton,Hazel,M,26 Jun 13,5,2,Dymock, Thomas

Wilton,Roy,M,18 Dec 13,5,1,Gilbert, Catharine

Wilton,William N.,D,22 Feb 12,5,2,age 67

Winter,Alice E.,M,5 Dec 12,1,3,Wright, Walter

Wise,Charles, Mrs.,D,19 May 10,5,1,

Wise,George,D,5 Oct 11,8,1,age 87

Wismer,nee,D,21 Apr 10,5,3,Dickson, John, Mrs.

Wismer,Sarah Ethel,M,9 Oct 13,8,3,1 Oct; Bennett, Frank

Witherden,Ernest,M,5 May 10,5,1,Hauser, Annie

Wolcott,George,D,13 Mar 13,8,2,age 69

Wolfe,Aulton M.,M,2 Jan 13,5,3,25 Dec; Curtis, F.

Wolfe,Aulton M.,E,12 Dec 12,7,1,Curtis, Florence

Wolfe,Erie Beryl,E,9 Oct 13,5,1,Ashmore, Duncan

Wolfe,Erie H.,M,6 Nov 13,5,1,Ashmore, Francis

Wolfold,W.,D,29 Jun 11,5,2,

Wood,A. E.,M,20 Jul 11,1,4,28 Jun; Brush, Ethyl

Wood,George,D,13 Nov 13,1,4,

Wood,Ronaleyn,D,20 Jun 12,5,3,

Woodall,Hannah,D,20 Jan 10,1,5,age 75

Woodman,William R.,E,26 Jan 11,5,1,9 Feb; Lunn, Elizabeth

Woodman,Wm. Reginald,M,16 Feb 11,5,2,9 Feb; Lunn, Elizabeth

Woods,dau of T. S.,B,3 Aug 11,5,4,29 Jul

Woodworth,Clara,W,22 Aug 12,1,4,Blewett

Wooldridge,Lucille Verbena,E,25 Sep 13,5,1,15 Oct; Wheeler, C.

Wooldridge,Lucille,M,23 Oct 13,5,3,15 Oct; Wheeler, C.

Wride,Letitia Pearl,M,10 Oct 12,1,6,Moore, Edgar

Wride,Thomas,P,21 May 14,4,2,Moore

Wright,Mary,D,22 Sep 10,1,5,age 31

Wright,Walter,M,5 Dec 12,1,3,Winter, Alice

Wrightman,Myrtle,M,21 Nov 12,5,1,VanDusen

Wrightman,Ruby May,M,4 May 11,5,2,Lilley, George

Wurges,Charles,M,1 Feb 12,6,2,16 Jan; Ross, Jennie

Yager,Daniel,D,5 Oct 11,8,1,26 Sep; age 87

Yale,James,D,18 Jul 12,1,4,age 69

Yarwood,James H.,D,5 May 10,8,3,

Yeandle,Charles,D,5 Feb 14,1,5,

Youmans,William E.,D,18 Dec 13,1,4,age 73

Young,Adelaide,D,24 Jul 13,1,4,age 59

Young,J. B., Mrs.,D,26 Sep 12,5,1,age 49

Zoller,Charles,D,20 Mar 13,5,3,age 22

Zoller,Mary,D,1 Sep 10,4,2,


– 50th anniversary of Kintyre Presbyterian Church, 24 Aug 1911, page 7, column 3

– new Covenanted Baptist church, Wallacetown, opened, 9 Nov 11, page 5, column 2

– 60th anniversary of Wallacetown Presbyterian Church; gives history; 17 Oct 1912, page 5, column 2; and 24 Oct 1912, page 5, column 2

– M.C.R. station at Iona destroyed by fire, 20 Mar 1913, page 5, column 1

– Commercial Hotel in West Lorne destroyed by fire, 27 Mar 1913, page 5, column 2

– Tyrconnell Post Office closed, established in 1837; 8 May 1913, page 5, column 2

– historical sketch of New Glasgow Post Office; 15 May 1913, page 1, column 5

– Ford’s school near New Glasgow (S.S. #1 Aldborough), destroyed by fire; 11 Dec 1913, page 10, column 2