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Aylmer Sun 1890 (405 images)  [indexing in progress by BCJ for 1890 Aylmer Sun]

January 2, 1890

Page 1  (image 4)

c4  Died – Suicide on Christmas Day 1889 of Mrs. A. DOUGLAS of Melbourne, poison. Maiden name of Ella PURDY

January 9, 1890

Page 1  (image 12)

c3 Marriage – Henry LAUR and Jennie ANDERSON

c3 Marriage – Caleb B. HUNT to Mrs. Frances FIRBY also on p.3

c5 Thomas WISEMAN death – accidentally shot by companion also p.8 c. 3

Page 4 (image 15)

c2 Serious fire – HALL and ASHBAUGH Grocery

Page 8 (image 19)

c3 Died – Claude PECKHAM son of Charles, age 1 and 10 ms, Jan 5th

January 16, 1890

Page 1 (image 20)

c3 Died – John F. MORSE at Detroit

c3 Died – William CANN father of James CANN of Aylmer

c4 Died – William ORRIS of South Dorchester, Stroke leaves several children

c5 Died -Obituary for Ella PURDY DOUGLAS

Page 4 (image 23)

c2 Marriage – Linne WILEY, dau. of William to Emery PRESSEY of Mt. Salem, 8 Jan

Page 5 (image 24)

c3 Born – daughter of Henry TRICKER

c3 Born – daughter of D. TURNBULL

c3 Died – John F. MORSE, Detroit

c3 Died – Mrs. Isabella WARNICK. age 73, Aylmer

c3 Died – Adam BRADLEY, age 66, Aylmer

c4 Died – James ARMSTRONG, J.P. Yarmouth

c Died – 6 year old child of Thomas COLLINS of Mapleton, drowned

c Died – George LEARN son of Charles LEARN of South Dorchester, 

January 23, 1890

Page 1 (image 28)

c4 Died – more on George LEARN rumor of suicide

c5 Serious wagon accident with John LITTLE, injured

c5  Died -George O’BRIEN, age 17, employee of the Sun office, typhoid fever

Page 4  (image 32)

c4 Born – Dau. of W. GILBERT

c4 Born – Dau. of John MITCHELL

c4 Died -George O’BRIEN, age 17

c5 Died – Henry DOGGRELL, Sparta age 84

January 30, 1890

Page 1 (image 36)

c3 – Skipped to Michigan, Wm. ROY

Page 3 (image 39)

c2  Died – Mrs. Ada BURROUGHS, previously a Port Bruce resident (Temperance FERGUSON)

c3  Died – at Springfield Milton CLARK of Tilsonburg mangled on MCR track (see also image 44 c5 re remains)

Page 4 (image 40)

c3 Accident – Mrs. Thomas BELMORE, Lyons, recovered from a well and revived and followup complaint to Sun image 44 c4 for coverage calling “Attempted Suicide.”

c3 Born – In Aylmer 29th inst., a son to the wife of John WILKINSON.

c3 Born – In Malahide 28th inst., a dau. to the wife of David LAUR

c3 Born – In New Sarum, 26th inst., a son to wife of George GILBERT.

c3 Died – at Lyons, Jan 24th, Isaac APPLEFORD, age 75 yrs, 5 ms 9 dys

c3 Died – In Springfield, 29 Jan (gives in error 1889) Harold Smith BABCOCK, age 3 yrs 2ms 21 dys son of P. BABCOCK

c4 Died – at Dutton, Lexton JACKSON, son of W. S. and also dau. Myrtle JACKSON 

c4 Fire – Payne Mills owned by Duncan WALKER, Southwold, burned to ground

c4 Died – Elizabeth STEVENSON aged 80, died in Ohio, relict of the late Mr. STEVENSON of Orwell

February 6, 1890

Page 1 (image 44)

c3 Died – At Lucan, Mrs. Wm. FRANK, 84, grandmother of Mr. Wm. FRANK, clerk of the Brown House

Page 4 (image 48)

c4 Died – William MARTIN and his wife – grip

c4 Died – Robert BLANCHARD, thrown out of a hotel and trampled by horses – inquest found McCOLL not quilty but more at image 52 followup on inquest

c5 Died – Mrs. RIBBLE, Vienna, 25th Ult.

Page 7 (image 51)

c4 Died – at Aylmer 30 Jan Sarah Jane BACKHOUSE, age 69 relict of Thomas BACKHOUSE, buried at Dunboyne Cemetery

c4 Died – at Mapleton, Metrina A. BROWN, infant son of W. BROWN

February 13, 1890

Page 4 (image 55)

c2 Died – Joseph McLAUGHLIN at Avon 

Page 5 (image 56)

c2 Died – Charles LONG, 45 instantly killed on Angus McMILLAN farm Harwich 

c3 Died – Engineer John COOK – fatal MCR train wreck at Yarmouth

c4 Died – Elizabeth GARRETT, age 74 relict of Judson GARRETT Aylmer

c4 Died – 8 Feb 1890, Ellen D. KOYLE, age 35, wife of Ephraim KOYLE

c4 Died – In Ohio, 9 Feb Sarah J. BRADLEY, age 62 [Sarah Jane MERRITT BRADLEY]

February 20, 1890

Page 1 (image 60)

c3 Birthday – Surprise birthday party for Mrs. George NEWELL, age 45

c4 Died – Ida YOUNG of Bayham, at Hospital in Detroit, corps delivered to Aylmer, claimed by brother Fred YOUNG (confusion on 2 Ida YOUNGS)

Page 4 (iamge 63)

c1 Died – Wm. BOWES of Richmond

c1 Died – Father of Mrs. Charles McCREADY of Avon, attended funeral – he killed by falling limb at Otterville

c1 Married – John BOUGHNER and Jessie BALDWIN at Avon

c2 Died – child of Mahlon and Millie GRIFFIN of Dunboyne

Page 5 (image 64)

c4 Died – Samuel CARUTHERS at the House of Industry, age 60, grip

c4 Died – Elizabeth CHUTE, age 31 at Aylmer, wife of William CHUTE

c4 Died – Warren M. GRIFFIN, 13th inst. age 4 ms

c4 Died – at Malahide, Wm. HAGGAN, age 59 yrs 7 ms 24 dys


February 27, 1890


Page 1 (image 68) 

c4 Probate – Will of Wm ORRIS, South Dorchester, 34K son Frederick Henry ORRIS

c6 Marriage – Elizabeth, dau. of Caleb HUNT to S. W. TRIM, son of Samuel TRIM


Page 5  (image 72)

c2 Died – F. W. GRAHAM, 28, of Otterville at the home of his brother-in-law Irwin LINDSAY in Springfield.

c3 Died – Archibald CAMERON age 79 of 8th Conc. Westminster

c4 Born – Feb 24 to wife of David ADAMS, a son

c4 Married – At Courtland Feb 26, Aquilla EVANS to Miss Jennie HUNT

c4 Married – Feb 25, S. TRIM to Miss Elizabeth E. HUNT, dau. of Caleb.

c4 Died – At Aylmer Feb 23, Thomas LITTLE, age 75.

c4 Married – At Yarmouth, Susie, dau. of late Robert HEPBURN to Mr. J. M. DUFTON, Merchant, London.


March 6, 1890


Page 1 (image 76)

c4 – Court – Slander case brought by Jeweler Wm. A. MORSE of Richmond against farmer Thomas PEARSON settled. (see apology on p.5 c1)

c4 – Court – Fred DIMBLEBEY arrested for non child support (see followup on image 86 c5 agreement to pay)


Page 4 (image 79)

c2 Marriage – Lakeview, Annie McINTYRE to Alex WILLIS, 5th inst


Page 5 (image 80)

c2 Died – George BAIN, House of Industry, age 77

c5 Married – 24 Feb, William ECKHARD to Harriet R. BAKER of Malahide


March 13, 1890

Page 1 (image 86)

c4 – Visit – Samuel EDISON, father of Thomas EDISON visiting Vienna, intending to purchase old Edison homestead.


Page 4  (image 89)

c2 Born – March 6, son to wife of Dr. O. W. KENNEDY

c2 Born – In Aylmer, 8th inst, dau. to wife of Lewis PHELPS

c2 Born – In Aylmer, 11th inst, dau to wife of Wm. BOETTINGER

c2 Married – 5th inst., Eber D. LOUKS of Chicago to Jenny EMMETT

c2 Died – 8th inst., Nancy BENTLEY, 68 Malahide (see c6 image 90 for Obituary) Wife of Solomon BENTLEY


Page 5 (image 90)

c4 – Obituary – James BEGG, Port Stanley, 74th year, born Aberdeen, Scotland

c4 – Died – Adam SECORD, North Dorchester

c6 – Obituary – Mrs. Solomon BENTLEY

c6 – Died – Vienna, Mr. Seene [Zina] KOYLE, killed by falling limb


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The East Elgin reformer and Aylmer Sun : July 18, 1912-January 8, 1914  (Canadiana)


East Elgin Reformer select issues from 1912 – 1916 (online at the Elgin Archives)




Transcriptions by James McCallum 2020


East Elgin Reformer and Aylmer Sun 1912  (Online at the Elgin Archives)


July 18, 1912


Page 1

c4 Born – son to Ed Barrow, Brantford, July 15


Page 5

c4 work commenced to Summers Corners church, new basement and Sunday School room

c5 Died – Mrs. George Chivers, Calton, funeral

c5 Died – Mrs. Ada Burwell, Brownsville, 64th year


July 25, 1912


Page 1

c3 work on new canning factory begun

c3 Married – Pearl Kennie, dau of J. A., Aylmer to Wilbert Halstead, Chesley, July 24

c4 Died – Mrs. Thomas O. McKnight, St. Thomas

c5 Died – Mrs. Andrew Hayes, 34th year

c6 Died – infant son of O. R. Barry, mother nee Gillett


Page 4

c3 Died – Maggie Belle Archibald, wife of James, Yarmouth Centre, age 31


Page 8

c5 Died – Frank Shepard, Port Stanley, age 55


August 1, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. Mortin, formerly Aylmer, in North Bay

c5 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Heffer

c6 Married – Lorne Davidson to Clara Wilkins, Sandusky, July 30

c6 Died – Emanuel McKay, Strathroy


Page 5

c3 body of Featherstone McKenney exhumed from old Springfield cemetery and re-interred at

Dorchester; died about 40 years ago

c3 Died – James Marlatt, St. Thomas, 89th year

c4 Died – John McDonald, Port Stanley; funeral


Page 8

c3 Died – Kate Weaver, dau of Tamar Weaver

c5 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Heffer


August 8, 1912


Page 1

c3 old buildings on Post Office property site sold by auction

c5 Died – Ann Cronk, Windsor, widow of Ephraim, 91st year

c6 Died – Mrs. Mortin; funeral


Page 5

c3 Married – Helen Annie Thompson, Thorold, to Clarence B. Woolley, Brownsville

c4 100th anniversary of Howey family


Page 8

c3 Died – James Balkwill Squance, 50th year

c4 Died – Mrs. Sydney Mitts, Aylmer

c5 Died – Mary Walters, wife of George, Dutton, age 32


August 15, 1912


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Ethel Malory (Lore) MacKenzie, Corinth, to Rev. Burton Halliday Robinson of Bertie

c5 removal of old buildings from Post office site; Aylmer history recalled


Page 5

c3 Married – Elizabeth Brown to Robert Mowat, both of Newcastle on Tyne, August 3, in Toronto


Page 8

c3 Engagement – Eva Victoria Winter, Springfield to Melvin H. Woodward

c3 Died – Mrs. (Rev.) H. E. Stillwell, Madras Presidency, India

c3 Died – Benjamin Cascadden


August 22, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – William White, Wawatan, Saskatchewan

c5 Died – Henry Shepherd, St. Thomas, age 73


Page 5

c4 Died – Dr. George Blewett, drowned in Muskoka Lake

c4 Died – Edward West, diving accident at Port Burwell


Page 8

c3 Died – J. A. Steele, Port Colborne

c3 Died – Elizabeth Chute, wife of Richard L., Malahide

c3 Died – Hannah Wright Murray, widow of Andrew


August 29, 1912


Page 1

c6 photo of E. A. Mills, elected to Supreme President of Sons of England Benevolent Society


Page 6

c3 Engagement – May Bolton to Percy H. Walker, Toronto, Sept. 3

c3 Died – William Chiverton, 68th year

c3 Died – William Porter, Sparta, 47th year

c3 Died – George W. Fuller, 69th year


September 5, 1912


Page 1

c4 Married – Margaret Beatrice Harper, dau of W. T. Harper, Malahide, to Harry L. Paupst, Sept. 4

c4 Married – Mable Young to Alfred Watts, Tillsonburg

c5 Died – Miss Harriett Sophia C. Chute, Aylmer, 73rd year


Page 4

c3 90th birthday of Fred Bartlett, St. Thomas, Sept. 10

c3 Married – Frank Martin to Mildred May Fearman, London, August 20

c4 Died – Miss Catherine M. Campbell, Southwold, 72nd year

c4 Died – Ezra Tibbits, Yarmouth


Page 5

c3 Died – John D. Thompson, Mapleton

c3 73rd (sic) birthday of Mrs. David Young, Kingsmill

c4 Died – Ethel Elsie VanOrder, Port Burwell, Aug. 27, daughter of late G. R.


Page 8

c3 75th (sic) birthday of Mrs. David Young, Orwell

c3 Died – Mary VanPatter, 63rd year, daughter of Abraham VanPatter & Mary Kinsey


September 12, 1912


Page 1

c3 Married – George H. Campbell, to L. M. Backus

c4 Died – Joshua Sisler, Saskatoon, 63rd year; buried in Aylmer

c5 Engagement – Hazel M. Caron to Fred Haggan

c6 Died – Charles Donaldson, Mt. Salem, 65th year


Page 4

c3 Married – Herman W. Parker to Ethel N. Gilbert, Sept. 3

c3 Married – Catharine Ann Parish, dau of James, Yarmouth, to Edgar Lewis, St. Thomas

c3 Married – Nancy McAlpine, St. Thomas, to Robert Rowell, Buffalo

c4 Died – George Lewis, Metcalfe Twp., Sept. 2, 91st year

c4 Died – Duncan G. Campbell, Yarmouth, 51st year


Page 5

c3 Died – Daniel Tupper Smith, Aug. 26; biographical sketch

c4 new Roman Catholic church at Port Stanley dedicated


Page 8

c3 Died – Peter Richardson, Aylmer

c3 Died – David Moore, Aylmer


September 19, 1912


Page 1

c3 Died – Margaret Francis, wife of George, Sept. 7, 63rd year, of Hemlock

c4 Died – James Sisler, funeral

c6 skeleton of Mastadon found on 2nd concession of Malahide by Leaman Hawley


Page 4

c3 Died – Joseph Brown, Dunwich, age 79

c3 Died – Frederic J. Lindenmann, West Lorne, age 59

c4 Died – Matthew Loney, Port Stanley, age 58

c4 Died – Dennis J. Donahue, Renfrew, formerly Elgin Co. Crown Attorney

c5 Married – Sylvia Stella Sanders, dau of Seba, New Sarum to Thomas W. Stephen, New Sarum


Page 5

c3 Died – Joshua Sisler, funeral


Page 8

c1 Died – Peter Richardson, funeral

c1 Married – Aaron Varer to Flossie Shearer, Malahide


September 26, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – Laura Cascadden, widow of Hugh, Richmond, age 85


October 3, 1912


Page 1

c4 Married – Hazel M. Caron dau of John A., Dingle St., to Fred Haggan, Malahide

c5 Died – Mrs. Archibald Monteith, Grey, Saskatchewan, nee Land


Page 4

c3 Died – J. C. Panter, Dutton

c3 Died – Mary Davidson, wife of Wesley, Yarmouth, 41st year

c3 Died – Mrs. Francis Doan, New Sarum, age 75

c3 Died – Florence Muriel Spague, dau of Charles L., Yarmouth, age 14

c5 Died – Rev. R. C. Parsons


Page 5

c4 Died – Harold Leeson, son of T. Leeson, Springfield, 61st year


Page 8

c3 Sparta evaporator destroyed by fire


October 12, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – Lydia Ann Conrad, widow of Nelson, age 83

c6 Died – Mrs. Alex Baillie, 60th year, dau of late Thomas McNairn & Delphine Vanpatter


Page 4

c3 Died – Dr. Sydney Wright, Peru, India, native of St. Thomas

c3 Died – Margaret Hopkins, widow of Benjamin, Brownsville, age 83, dau of John Loucks


Page 5

c? Died – Alex Westover, accident at Tilbury, age 68


October 17, 1912


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Isabel McCrimmon, to Dickson Davidson, Oct. 17

c5 Engagement – Kitty Evans to Clinton J. Ford

c5 Died – Mrs. Caverly, nee Catherine Waddell


Page 4

c2 Died – Harry Kaar, son of William, Brownsville, age 19

c2 Died – Peter Honsinger, Bayham, age 82

c3 Died – Alexander D. McWilliam, Dutton

c3 Died – Archibald Campbell, Dutton


October 24, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. James Fonger, Aylmer

c4 Married – Leslie Cole, Aylmer to Miss Radcliffe, London, England

c5 Married – John Curtis to Sarah Eleanor Townsend, Oct. 16

c5 Died – James Teeple, Malahide, age 84


Page 8

c3 Married – Isabel McCrimmon to William Davidson


October 31, 1912


Page 1

c3 Married – Dr. Fred McEwen to Beatrice Baillie

c4 Died – Hannah Burdick, widow of A. D., Malahide, 92nd year

c5 Died – Mrs. Leamon McEwen, Malahide, dau of John Simpson


Page 4

c3 Died – William H. Boomer, St. Thomas

c3 Married – Ellen Abott, dau of Philip, Treherne, Manitoba, to William Earl Houghton, Glencolin

c3 Married – Stella Jane Weir, dau of S. Weir, S. Dorchester, to James Earl O’Neill, S. Dorchester

c5 Died – George Fleming, 80th year

c6 Died – Mary Leighton, Port Stanley, age 69


Page 5

c4 Died – Mrs. Albert Tibbits, Springfield


Page 8

c3 Died – Lois Bates, widow of George, Dingle St., age 93, nee Mason


November 7, 1912


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Susanna Pearl Canning to Harry L. Charlton, Nov. 20

c4 Died – Roddeman S. Waite, Aylmer

c5 Died – Philip Knight, Kennedy, Saskatchewan, 88th year, father of Mrs. J. H. Glover, Aylmer

c6 Married – Irene Simpson, dau of R. E. Simpson, London, to George Ray Williams, Pontiac, Michigan, Oct. 9


Page 4

c3 Married – Peter Godby, Walsingham to Mrs. Georgina Blundell, Houghton, Oct. 30

c4 Married – Kitty A. Evans to Clinton J. Ford

c4 Married – Pearl Ferguson, dau of Warren, Orwell, to Arthur Sinclair Russ, son of Calvin


Page 5

c4 Died – Charles Medlar, Bayham, age 94


Page 8

c3 Married – Stella Jane Weir, dau of S. Weir, S. Dorchester, to James Earl O’Neill, S. Dorchester

c3 Died- John A. McTavish, Westminster, son of Mrs. Hugh McTavish, Aylmer


November 14, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – George Copeland, Aylmer, 69th year


Page 4

c3 Died – Thomas Medd Firby, Bayham, Nov. 6, 80th year

c3 Married – Simon Kennedy, Eden, to Alice Dean, dau of Hiram, Guysboro, Nov. 6

C3 Died – George Geary, Aldborough, age 75

c3 Married – George Horley to Rachael McCurdy, both Otter Valley, Oct. 30

c5 30th Battery C.F.A. to be organized


Page 5

c2 Died – Mrs. George Gilbert, Sparta, nee Burton

c2 Died – Flossie Williamson, dau of John, S. Dorchester, age 5

c4 Died – Charles B. Crossett, Brownsville


November 21, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – George Collins, Toronto, formerly Aylmer

c5 Married – Josephine Prong, dau of Fred, Malahide to Murray Laur, son of William E.

C5 Married – Susanna Pearl Canning, dau of Frederick to Harry L. Charlton, Aylmer

c6 Died – Mrs. William Chute, Aylmer, 54th year, first husband was Smith; nee Pugsley


Page 5

c2 Married – Mae Millard, dau of Minard, to Harry A. Rear, Northville, Michigan

c3 Married – Albert Campbell, Dunwich to Jessie Gentleman, Ekfrid, Nov. 6


Page 8

c1 Died – Stephen Bailey, Yarmouth

c3 Born – son to Frank Smale, Port Bruce, Nov. 12


November 28, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – Charles Herrick, Springfield

c4 Married – Roy W. Oke to Floy E. Leverton, dau of John, all fo Sparta, Nov. 20


Page 4

c2 25th anniversary of John A. Miller, Yarmouth

c2 Died – Mrs. L. Hutchinson, Vienna

c2 Married – Josephine Doyle, dau of Joseph, Yarmouth, to C. Laurence, Detroit, Nov. 20

c2 Died – Archibald J. McIntyre, funeral


Page 5

c1 Died – Mrs. D. McRae, Springfield, 78th year

c1 Died – Charles Herrick

c2 Died – Alexander McKellar, Everest, Washington Territory, Nov. 17

c2 Wilfrid Anger, Corinth, 36th year


Page 8

c3 Died – John Dickson, Yarmouth, age 87

c3 Died – Harry Teller, St. Thomas, born 1825


December 5, 1912


Page 1

c4 Married – Flossie Parker, Aylmer, to Andrew Baxter, Malahide, Dec. 3

c4 article regarding 30th Battery


Page 8

c3 Married – Kate Heather to Arville Ball, Aylmer


December 12, 1912


Page 1

c5 Died – Miss Melissa Cutten, Orwell

c6 Married – Helen Gladys Francis, formerly New Sarum, to E. A. McFarlane in Saskatoon


Page 4

c2 Died – William Livingstone, Aylmer

c2 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs C. Biddle, Port Rowan


Page 5

c1 Died – Silas Dickson, Orwell, 80th year


December 19, 1912


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Edna Schierholtz, Aylmer, to R. F. McDonald, St. Thomas, Jan. 1


Page 4

c4 Died – John Currie, Dunwich, age 87

c6 Died – Joseph White, Jaffa, 87th year


Page 7

c1 Died – Mrs. Silas Boyd, Calton, funeral

c1 Died – Josiah Fleming, Sparta, 81st year

c3 Died – Harry Mero, son of John, drowned in Victoria, B.C.


Page 10

c4 Died – Mrs. Duncan Zavitz, funeral


December 26, 1912


Page 1

c4 Died – George Bald, Chicago, brother-in-law of Mrs. W. Fairbrother, Aylmer

c6 Died – Sarah Fowler, widow of Jacob, Yarmouth, 83rd year

c7 Married – Beulah Emmett, Sparta, to D. E. Brown, Port Rowan


Page 4

c2 Died – Eugene Gunn, Sparta, 61st year


c2 Died – Eliza Sullivan, Niabara, Nebraska, Dec. 4, nee Beemer

c2 Died – Benjamin Axford, Yarmouth


Page 5

c1 Married – Annie Ellen Cornish, dau of J. W. Cornish, Harrietsville, to William Maddison, Toronto


Page 8

c5 Died – Eugene Gunn, Sparta, 61st year


East Elgin Reformer and Aylmer Sun 1913 (Online at the Elgin Archives)


January 2, 1913


Page 1 is nearly illegible

c6 Died – Eliza Cline, California, formerly Kingsmill


Page 4

c2 Married – Minnie Stewart, Guelph, to Milton E. Bailey, Yarmouth, Dec. 24

c2 Married – Bertha Ann Axford, dau of James, Yarmouth, to Alex Lindsay, Southwold

c2 Married – James Andrew Woolley to Muriel Sleitt, Springfield, Dec. 25

c2 Died – James Greig, Union, 77th year

c2 Married – Blanche Ingram, dau of F. Ingram, Grovesend, to Howard McClennan, Toronto, son of Kenneth, Grovesent, Dec. 25

c2 Died – Peter J. Putnam, Lyons, 87th year, in Toronto; husband of Miss Cline

c2 Married – Mary Shackleton, dau of James Campbell, S. Dorchester, to Robert Earl Rowe, son of James, Avon, Dec. 23


Page 8

c2 Died – George Wise, Aylmer

c3 Married – Ora Benner, dau of J. W., Aylmer to Joseph Kiellor, Aylmer

c3 Died – Florence McKenney, wife of Edward

c3 Married – Emma Porter, to James Smithson

c3 Died – Peter J. Putnam, Lyons, funeral


January 9, 1913


Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. Nelson Marsh, Sparta, 78th year; dau of William Cascadden

c4 Died – Peter Boughner, Orwell

c5 Died – Sydney John Parker, Dexter, age 72


Page 4

c2 dedication of new organ at Aylmer Methodist church

c3 Died – George Wise; funeral

c3 Died – Mrs. J. G. White, nee Augusta Collver, Vienna


January 16, 1913


Page 1

c5 Died – Mrs. Alvin Esseltine, Mt. Salem


Page 5

c1 Died – Warren Dalton, Kingsmill

c2 Died – Joseph Hilborn, Welland, formerly Sparta

c2 Married – Laurence A. Weaver, dau of Henry, Port Burwell, to Charles C. Bates, Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 3

c2 Died – Mrs. Johnson, Bay City; dau of John Light


Page 8

c6 Died – Mrs. George Andrews, Bayham, 83rd year; first husband was William N. Orton


January 23, 1913


Page 1

c3 Died – Mrs. Joseph, Chicago, funeral at Vienna

c3 Died – John Emery, Yarmouth

c3 Died – Mrs. George K. (Barbara) Phillips, age 94

c5 Died – Jessie M. Abell, dau of Gustin, 30th year


Page 4

c2 Died – Miss Jessie Dicey, 71st year

c2 Died – four year old child of John Kern, St. Thomas

c2 Died – mother of Mrs. H. Robins, Vienna, in Chicago


Page 5

c2 Died – Jessie Abell, dau of Gustin


Page 8

c3 Died – Miss Isabell Connell, Belmont

c4 Died – Mrs. Fred Axford

c5 Born – dau to Ernest Jones, Mapleton, Jan. 20


January 30, 1913


Page 1

c4 Married – Anna Evelyn Crawford , Toronto, to Dr. F. H. Jones, Innistail, Alberta, son of Professor Jones, Aylmer, Jan. 23


Page 4

c2 Died – Barbara Phillips, nee Culp

c3 Died – Dugald F. McIntyre, Southwold, age 66


Page 5

c2 Died – Isaac Leach, Bayham, Dec. 28; first wife Eliza Nevill; second wife Mrs. Mary VanWaggoner

c3 Born – son of James Wilson, Eden, Jan. 12

c3 Born – son to Harvey Grant Moore, Port Burwell, Jan. 10


February 6, 1913


Page 1

c4 Died – J. W. Hoshal, London

c6 Married – Margaret Clunas, Springfield, to Mack Sinden, Tillsonburg


Page 4

c2 Died – William Paddon, Yarmouth


Page 5

c3 Died – Mrs. John A. (Mary J.) Harp, Summers Corners, age 41, dau of Richard Humphrey

c4 Married – Ethel Yeandle, dau of Samuel, New Sarum, to Leroy Evely, Yarmouth Centre, Jan. 22

c4 Died – Miss Hannah Patterson, Dunwich, 100th year


February 13, 1913


Page 1

c5 Died – John Nelson

c5 73rd birthday of Mrs. Leonard Anger, Feb. 7

c6 history of Aylmer Baptist Church on 97th anniversary

c7 Birthday of Mrs. Freelove Wilson, born Feb. 8, 1827


Page 5

c3 Died – Mary Ann Garton, wife of Edward, Feb. 7, age 76


Page 8

c3 Died – J. Wilde, Belmont, Feb. 4


February 20, 1913


Page 1

c4 Died – Albert Parker, Feb. 3

c6 Died – Jonathan Brown, Clinton, 70th year


Page 4

c2 Married – Isaac Esseltine to Pearl Fugard

c3 Died – Jessie Poustie, Port Burwell, Feb. 6

c4 Married – Pearl Pullen, dau of Robert, Avon, to Charles Gilbert, Feb. 12


Page 5

c4 Died – George Hatfield, Buffalo, formerly Springfield


Page 8

c3 73rd birthday of Robert Sweet, Feb. 19

c4 40th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Richardson, Luton, Feb. 5

c6 Married – Leila Maud Sheppard, dau of D. Sheppard, Corinth, to Oran A. Pressey, Feb. 12


February 27, 1913


Page 1

c4 Died – John McClennan, Malahide, 67th year

c6 Died – George Kyle, son of John, Orwell, age 10, drowned

c6 25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Shain, Luton, Feb. 22

c6 Engagement – Mrs. James Curtis, dau of George Hill, to Truman Kennedy, Tillsonburg, March 14


Page 4

c4 Died – James Hammond, St. Thomas


Page 8

c3 86th birthday of Deacon F. L. Chute, Lakeview, Feb. 20


March 6, 1913


Page 1

c4 & 7 Died – James Hollands, Aylmer, 71st year


c6 Died – Eugene McArthur, age 14, son of Alexander, Shedden

c6 Died – infant child of Bert Howey


Page 4

c2 Died – Joseph Papineau, Feb. 26, 85th year

c2 Died – Christina Gilbert, Southwold, age 93

c2 Died – John Claus, Tyrconnell, 43rd year

c2 Married – Glen Godby, Griffins Corners, to Mabel Bartlett, Vienna, Feb. 26

c2 Died – Dr. May, Mepamora, Michigan, formerly Port Stanley


Page 5

c3 75th anniversary of New Sarum Baptist church; history given


March 13, 1919


Page 1

c4 Married – Mrs. Jean Curtis, Aylmer, to Trueman Kennedy, Tillsonburg

c4 Married – John R. Emerson, Vienna, to Hannah Rice, March 5

c4 Engagement – Erie Finch to Hugh W. Patrick

c5 Died – Miss Phoebe McCallum, Richmond

c5 Died – W. A. McCallum, Springfield


Page 4

c6 Died – Douglas Morris McGinnis, son of Earl, Yarmouth, age 3 1⁄2

c7 Died – Shirley Paddon, age 21, son of W. Paddon, Yarmouth Heights


Page 5

c3 Died – Miss Ellen McCalley, Toronto, native of Vienna

c3 Died – John O. Williams, Bayham

c3 Died – James Henry Stokes, Brown City, Michigan

c3 Born – dau to Oliver Henry, Corinth, March 1

c3 Born – son to Henry Wingham, Eden, March 2


March 20, 1913


Page 1

c5 97th birthday of Mrs. John Ingles, March 10

c6 Born – dau to Charles McTaggart, Dunboyne


Page 5

c2 Died – Mrs. John S. Moore, Corinth, age 72

c2 Died – Chaucer Elliott, Kingston

c2 Died – Mrs. John Mitts, Corinth, 80th year

c2 Died – John Tolman, Dunwich, 77th year


Page 8

c1 Born – son to Evans Mortin, Strassburg, Saskatchewan, Feb. 3

c1 Married – William Walter McArthur to May Bell Pritchard, both Malahide, Mar. 12

c1 Died – Joseph Thomas, 77th year

c2 Died – Louisa Robertson, S. Dorchester

c2 Died – Mrs. J. S. Moore, Corinth


March 27, 1913


Page 1

c4 Blake Miller’s barn collapses

c4 Died – Sarah Jane Ferguson, age 81

c5 Married – Effie Smale, Port Bruce, to Derwin Howse, Aylmer

c6 Married – Erie Finch, dau of W. H., Aylmer to Hugh Patrick, St. Thomas

c6 Died – Mrs. Thompson, Chicago, funeral in Malahide


Page 5

c1 Married – Ada L. Atkin, dau of W. Atkin, to Fred A Bell, son of James A. Bell

c2 Died – Jane Luton, funeral

c2 Died – Oscar M. Smith, Yarmouth

c2 Died – mother of Mr. F. Miners, Culloden

c2 Died – Olie Fishleigh, dau of William, March 20, 28th year

c2 Married – Ellen Record (sic – maybe Secord?), dau of William, Harrietsville, to Byron Brooks, son of William, Harrietsville, March 19


Page 8

c3 Died – Mrs. Levi Brooks, Springfield, 72nd year

c3 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Learn, Harrietsville

c5 Born – son to George Raymond, Lakeview, March 17


East Elgin Reformer and Aylmer Sun 1914 (Online at the Elgin Archives)


January 8, 1914


Page 1

c  Died Lewis PIERCE – obituary died Tue 6 Jan 1914 in 77th year, 2 children survive; Aquilla PIERCE and Mrs. John WINDER – Lew PIERCE buried Aylmer Cemetery 8 Jan


East Elgin Reformer 1915 (Online at the Elgin Archives)


September 9, 1915


Page 1

c5 Died – William Watts, Vienna, 31 Aug


Page 5

c3 Died – Angus McIntyre, Springfield, born 1850


Page 8

c2 Died – Mrs. George Allen, 42nd year, nee Marguerite Hagar


September 16, 1915


Page 1

c4 Married – Mabel Ernestine Victoria King to Harold Grey Lewis, 8 Sep

c4 Married – Hazelle Scott to E. Clifton Turnbull, 8 Sep

c5 Died – Mrs. John Stewart, Guelph, sister of Elder Sheppard

c5 84th birthday of Mrs. G. A. Campbell

c5 Mrs. D. M. Ross, Vancouver, badly burned; daughter of Thomas Hammond


Page 5

c3 Died – Mrs. (Judge) Teetzel, nee Priscilla Darling

c3 Died – W. H. Ingram

c4 Married – Edna Pearl Wyles to Fenton C. Manzer, 1 Sep

c4 Died – Mary Gilbert, wife of Peter


Page 8

c1 Died – Charles Crawford, 8 Sep; 32nd year

c2 Married – Samuel Davis, Port Burwell to Annie Ellwill of Cleveland

c7 Born – dau to Lynn Shain, 12 Sep

c7 Died – John Kenny

c7 Died – dau of W. C. Wyatt, age 1 year 5 months


September 23, 1915


Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. Wilson McCredie, 70th year, nee Eleanor Crossley

c4 Died – Miss Catherine Hodkinson, Southwold

c4 Engagement – Myrtle Oliver Smiley to Wilfred Emigh Kneale

c5 Engagement – Viola Beatrice Campbell to Frank Harvey Heydon

c6 Died – Mrs. D. M. Ross, Vancouver, nee Laura Hammond


Page 5

c3 Married – Lucie Ruckle to Leeland J. Kilpatrick, 15 Sep

c6 Married – Coral Willena Tracey to George Austin Lane, 15 Sep


Page 8

c3 list of men from Elgin with 33rd & 34th Battalions at Carling Heights, London


September 30, 1915


Page 1

c4 Died – Emiline Wardle, age 85, nee Woodard

c4 Married – George Lane to Cora Tracey

c5 25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs David H. Walker

c5 Died – Mrs. D. M. Ross, funeral

c5 Died – Mrs. Wilson McCredie, funeral

c6 Died – Hugh Conn, St. Catherines


Page 4

c5 Died – Mrs. John H. Wilson, South Dorchester

c5 25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs William Grant, Straffordville, 17 Sep


Page 7

c5 Died – Fernando Oill, Sparta, 87th year


Page 10

c1 Died – Mrs. Walter Ellis, Port Rowan

c1 Died – Bertha Morse, dau of William


October 7, 1915


Page 1

c3 Married – Viola Beatrice Campbell to Frank Hayden, 29 Sep

c4 Engagement – Eva W. Gillis to William H. Starr, 16 Oct

c4 Engagement – Grace Charles Stewart to Thomas Whittington

c5 76th birthday of Harvey Dalton, 20 Sep

c5 Died – Ann Culver, 86th year


Page 5

c3 Born – dau to Roy Legg, 29 Sep

c3 Married – Anna Myrtle Banghart to Thomas Henry Marshall

c4 Married – Vivian Gertrude Zavitz to Roy R. Connor


Page 8

c1 article about Stalter bridge

c2 Born – dau to George Hunt, Belmont, 27 Sep

c2 Wounded – Pte. Allen R. Currie, Wilton Grove

c6 Died – Z. J. Pittman [Pettman], South Dorchester


October 14, 1915


Page 1

c5 Born – son to L. E. Disbrowe, 6 Oct

Born – dau to Bert Langs

Born – son to Earl Smith, 2 Oct, nee Bessie Dodds

Died – Mary E. Augustine, widow of Orlando

Died – Mrs. John MacVicar, 75th year, nee Elizabeth McCaul

c6 Died – James B. Glover, 53rd year


Page 4

c3 letter from Will Bates, 49th Battalion

c5 letter from Earle Hoffman, 7th Battalion, Brownsville


Page 6

c5 Died – R. W. Leverton, Sparta, age 77


Page 8

c3 Born – son to John A. Harkness, Belmont, 7 Oct

October 21, 1915


Page 1

c5 Married – Elizabeth E. Armstrong to Clinton Paisley Dunsmore, 11 Oct


Page 5

c4 old Mount Salem Union church sold to E. Learn for $100; J. Hawley bought part of shed; Summers Corners church bought the balance. L. Graves bought the land for $26.

c5 Born – son to M. Parker, 17 Oct

Born – dau to Ernest Brown, 17 Oct


Page 8

c1 Married – Eva M. Gillis to William H. Starr

c2 Died – John McTavish, Belmont, husband of Elizabeth Smith


October 28, 1915


Page 4

c3 letter from Douglas Dunnett

c5 Died – Mary P. Mills, 64th year


Page 8

c4 letter from Douglas Dunnett

c6 Married – Lulu Matthews to John A. VanPatter, 20 Oct


November 4, 1915


Page 1

c3 Born – Helen Irene Fitch, dau of M., Culloden, 21 Oct

Died – George Bolt, age 83

c5 Died – Miss Grace Leach, Detroit, dau of Daniel


Page 4

c3 Died – John A. Ball, Port Stanley

c5 Mr. E. Learn has moved old Mount Salem Union church to the site of the old one that was burned


Page 6

c4 letter from Clarence Honsinger, in Flanders, to his father, Alfred, Brownsville


Page 10

c6 Born – dau to Spencer McConnell, 1 Nov


November 11, 1915


Page 1

c5 Married – Ola Cluttonn to Asel Grant, Straffordville, 27 Oct

Married – W. C. McCoy to Queenie Irwin, Aylmer, 26 Oct

c6 Died – Joseph Bruce Nathaniel Holmes, Toronto, age 1 yr. 11 mos; 3 Nov; son of Joseph; mother nee Loop

Died – Mrs. David Baird, St. Paul, Minnesota, sister of Mrs. (Dr.) Fear

Died – Arthur B. Hanna, Woodstock, 63rd year


Page 5

c3 Married – Hazel C. Scruton, dau of Robert to J. Vane Howard, 3 Nov

Married – Mabel Fulton, dau of John, Brownsville, to Will E. Lambdon, Delmer, 3 Nov


Page 8

c4 Born – son to Lorne Craig, Belmont, 8 Nov

c5 Died – Fred Inman, Wheatley


November 18, 1915


Page 1

c5 Died – Wilfred I. Inman, 4 Nov, husband of Miss Constable

Died – Mrs. James McDonald, Goshen, 8 Nov, dau of T. B. Ronson

Died – Ivie Chambers, 29thyear

c7 Died – Cecil Stevens, son of Leonard, funeral


Page 4

c6 Married – Ida E. Holmes, dau of E., to James A. Moore, son of James, 10 Nov


Page 8

c1 Wounded – Dick Smith, 18th Battalion, in letter from Pte. Bob Brackstone

c3 Born – son to Medford Johnston, Richmond, 12 Nov

c5 Married – Irene Foster to Earl F. Learn, son of Philip

c8 Born – dau to J. Kilmer, Corinth, 10 Nov


November 25, 1915


Page 1

c5 Born – son to Medford Johnson, Bayham, 12 Nov

Born – dau to James Kilmer, Corinth, 9 Nov

Born – son to Merritt Burwell, Tillsonburg, 16 Nov

Married – Margaret Eastabrook to Ellis C. Jones, 16 Nov

Died – George Collyer, Lyndoch, 17 Nov, 80th year

c6 Married – George E. Ball to Mrs. Clara Dunn

Engagement – Ella May Harp, dau of Sam, Aylmer, to Ernest Smith, Stettler, Alberta

c7 Died – Charles King, Kingsmill, 84th year


Page 8

c1 Married – Etoile Beatrice Saywell, dau of Charles, St. Thomas to James Mitchell, Regina, 10 Nov

Married – Roswell M. Hutchinson, Eaton, Colorado, to Mrs. Eugenie Keay, 16 Nov

Died – Mrs. A. N. Gray, Alberta, 11 Nov, dau of Rev. B. B. Smith

c4 Married – Robert Elgie to Beulah Marlatt, 24 Nov

Died – Mr. T. Berry, brother-in-law of Mr. I. Davidson & Mrs. W. Pearce, Jaffa

Married – V. Quirt to Beatrice Merkle, Port Burwell


December 2, 1915


Page 1

c5 Died – Mabel Thomas, dau of George, Malahide, 18th year

Died – Mrs. J. D. Byrnes, North Bay

Married – David A. Wallace, South Dorchester to Mary H. Taylor, dau of Asa, South Dorchester

c6 Married – Ernest Archibald Wells to Nina Gertrude Widner, 23 Nov


Page 4

c3 Died – brother of George Shaw, Springfield, in Montreal

Died – Mrs. (Rev.) J. D. Byrnes, North Bay, 29 Nov

Died – William Cook, Malahide, 23 Nov, 71st year

Died – James Ketchabaw, Detroit, 27 Nov

Died – Sarah E. Locker, Aylmer, 27 Nov

Married – W. Hugh Hawkshaw, Chilliwack, B.C., to Henrietta Downie, Port Stanley, 17 Nov in Vancouver

Born – dau to Fred Davis, Corinth, 26 Nov

Born – dau of W. F. I. Edwards, St. Thomas, 28 Nov

Born – dau to William Johnson, Montreal, 28 Nov, in Port Stanley

c5 list of men enlisted for 91st Battalion


Page 5

c5 Died – William Cook, 23 Nov, 71st year

c7 Died – James Ketchabaw, 59th year

Married – Mr. W. Benner to Miss H. Ellis, 27 Nov


Page 8

c1 Engagement – Mabel Harvey, dau of M. T., Sparta, to Herbert Baldwin, son of Robert, Paris, (m?)26 Jan 1916

Died – Mrs. John Locker, 70th year, nee Sarah VanPatter

c1 & 3 Married – Beulah I. Marlatt to Robert B. Elgie, Jaffa, 25 Nov


December 9, 1915


Page 1

c4 Died – Albert Miller, Yarmouth, 69th year

Died – James Aldritt, Port Stanley, 75th year

Died – Elizabeth Gould, London, dau of Angus McIntyre

c5 Died – Edward Laur, Malahide, 7 Dec, 85th year

Engagement – Nettie May Heavenor, Mt. Vernon, to Leslie Charlton, Springfield, 15 Dec

Died – Ann Shaver, Westminster, 94th year

c6 Died – John Maynard, Yarmouth, 72nd year


Page 8

c1 Killed in Action – Pte. Edward Goodier, St. Thomas

c2 Born – son to J. Christie, Brownsville, 30 Nov

Died – James Alldritt, Port Stanley, 8 Dec; 75th year

Died – Edward D. Laur, Malahide, 7 Dec; 85th year

Died – John Maynard, Yarmouth, 2 Dec

Died – Albert Miller, Yarmouth, 8 Dec

Died – Mrs. John A. Sterling, St. Thomas, 7 Dec, 74th year

Married – James Earl McLaughlan, North Dorchester, to Clara Eliza Birks, South Dorchester, 2 Dec


December 16, 1915


Page 1

c3 Died – Pte. Walter Smith, Port Burwell, 61st year

c4 Died – Charles Edward Powell, Stratford, born 1875

Died – Charles Ellsworthy, in France, wounded 14 Oct

Engagement – Catherine Eva Patterson, Yarmouth to Angus Grant McKenzie, Yarmouth, 15 Dec

Engagement – Clara Ethel Smith to William Roy Cummings

Engagement – Edith R. O’Brien to Alfred L Gibson

c5 Engagement – Bessie Bentley to James Douglas Graham

Died – Ann Mason, Bayham, 79th year


Page 4

c1 Wounded – Tony Wood


Page 5

c2 Born – Harry Addison Wase, son of Addison, Otterville, 12 Dec; nee Edna German

Born – son to C. B. Monteith, Aylmer, 17 Dec

Born – dau to G. Round, Brownsville, 7 Dec

Born – dau to William Hawkins, Brownsville

Born – son to C. Drummond, Belmont, 6 Dec

Died – Pte. Walter Smith, Port Burwell, 12 Dec; 61st year

Died – Ann Mason, wife of Rev. George Mason, Bayham, 12 Dec; 79th year

Died – Charles E. Powell, Stratford, 10 Dec; 41st year

c3 Married – Lewis Bate, Tilbury, to Merle Mabee, Goshen, 13 Dec


Page 8

c2 Died – Walter Smith, Port Burwell

Born – son to Charles Drummond, Belmont, 6 Dec


December 23, 1915


Page 1

c4 Died – Emmeline Gillett, widow of George, 72nd year


c5 Engagement – Edith Hannah Saxton, to Laurence Earl Campbell

Engagement – Elva May McTaggart to Hugh LeRoy Berdan

Died – Mrs. A. C. Ingram, Jeneave, Alaska, nee Olive Lyon


Page 4

c5 Died – Mrs. Mills, Yarmouth

c6 Married – David Frost to Mrs. Lee, 15 Dec


Page 5

c3 Born – son to P. McNiven, Belmont, 20 Dec

Married – Catherine Patterson to Grant McKenzie, 15 Dec

Married – Mrs. Ethel MacKenzie to George Buck, 15 Dec

Died – Gordon McArthur, son of John, South Dorchester, 19 Dec; 10th year

Died – Charles K. Lawton, son of George A., Sparta, 16 Dec

Died – Willard H. Cudney, Rochester, NY, age 25

Died – Euphemia Patterson, Yarmouth, 20 Dec; 66thyear

c4 Died – Emmeline Gillett, Yarmouth, 72nd year

c5 Married – Edward M. Wrong to Rosalind Smith, 18 Dec, in England


Page 8

c2 Died – Mrs. Alex Patterson, Mapleton

c3 Died – Willard E. Cudney, 25, in Rochester, NY


December 30, 1915


Page 1

c4 article about Mr. F. A. Wickett, formerly of Aylmer, brother of Mrs. David Liddle

Married – Edith R. O’Brien, dau of John, Sparta, to Alfred L. Gibson, Sombra, 25 Dec

c5 Married – Nyla Louise Campbell, dau of Alex, Aylmer, to Frank Roberts, Malahide, 25 Dec

c6 Engagement – Viola Maud Leask to Roy VanPatter


Page 4

c4 Married – Grace Brackenbury, dau of John, to Gordon Herries, son of A.

Married – Alfred Gibson to Edith O’Brien, 25 Dec

Born – son to Harry Charlton, 24 Dec

Died – Elizabeth Ferguson, Toronto


Page 8

c2 letter from Walter James Brown, from France

January 6, 1916 (under new management)


Page 1

c4 Married – Clara Smith to W. R. Cummings

Died – Mrs. E. A. Lewis, Mineral Wells, Texas

c5 Married – Albert Moore to Maggie Underhill

Died – Mary E. Hawkins, wife of Henry, Sparta, 30 Dec; age 76

c6 letter from Doug Dunnett, in Belgium


Page 4

c1 The Reformer has been sold to W. G. Charlton and James I. Anger, 3 January 1916


Page 8

c1 letter from Will Bates, in Belgium

c2 Married – Jessie Hannah Marshall, dau of William, to Ira Milmine, Bayham, 29 Dec

Died – Jack Anderson, drowned in Sydenham river, nephew of Mrs. J. E. Edgington, Belmont

Died – Cecil Baxter, son of W. H.

Married – Flossie Maud Donnelly, Sparta, to Samuel W. Shipley, Sparta, 1 Jan


The East Elgin Tribune – Canadiana

Jan. 13, 1916-Dec. 28, 1916


East Elgin Reformer – East Elgin Tribune 1916 (online at the Elgin Archives)


January 13, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – William Pendreigh, South Dorchester

c4 Died – Wilson Cecil Baxter, 22nd year, son of William, Malahide

Died – Mrs. Clarence (Rebecca) Shackleton, Malahide, 9 Jan, 48th year

Born – son to George Herbert, Lucan, nee Myrl Cornelius

Born – dau to Carl Thompson, Aylmer

c5 Died – George Robins, Griffin, Saskatchewan, 4 Jan, wife is daughter of Marshall Baker

Died – Miss Sarah McKellar, Yarmouth, age 73

Died – Mary A. Walker, Detroit, 8 Jan, dau of late J. W., Aylmer

c6 Died – Mrs. E. A. Lewis, Texas

Died – Pte. Russell Johnson, Vienna


Page 2

c3 Died – James Clark, Corinth, 76th year


Page 4

c5 Married – Clara Smith, dau of Hyma, to William Roy Cummings

c6 Married – Edith Anna Saxton to Lawrence Earl Campbell, 12 Jan


Page 6

c6 Married – Flossie Turrell, dau of Ed, to Gordon Donald


Page 7

c4 Married – James Douglas Graham, Dutton, to Bessie Bentley, 29 Dec

Married – Clara E. Smith, dau of Hyma, Aylmer, to William Roy Cummings, Guelph, 4 Jan


Page 8

c2 Died – James Reid, age 28


January 20, 1916


Page 1

c4 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs S. S. Bates, Marlett, Michigan

c5 Born – Dorothy Dennis, dau of Ray, Toronto, 12 Jan, nee Laura McDiarmid


Page 5

c1 Died – John C. Grass, Vienna, funeral

Died – Pte. Russell Johnstone, funeral

c3 Died – James Ferris, Courtland

Fire on farm of John Rundle, Sparta


Page 8

c1 letter from W. R. Sherwin, Fairbanks, Alaska, formerly of Aylmer

c2 Died – Mrs. C. O. Ermatinger, St. Thomas


January 27, 1916


Page 1

c3 Married – Gertie Leila Pound, dau of Wilson, Malahide, to Wray Glover Cheesman, Malahide, 25 Jan

Died – James Howe, Aylmer, 76th year

Married – Daniel Sitts, Malahide, to E. R. Firby, dau of George, Malahide

c6 Died – John Fulkerson, Aylmer, age 76

Died – Mrs. Thomas Thompson, Lindsay, age 87, mother of Mrs. Doble King


Page 2

c2 Wounded – Lt.-Col. W. Mahlon Davis


Page 4

c5 Died – James Johnson, Vienna


Page 5

c3 letter from Dr. Mackie, in St. Antonio, Texas


Page 8

c4 Born – son to A. Russell, Lakeview, 21 Jan


February 3, 1916


Page 1

c3 Killed in action – brother of Miss Nan Caldwell

Died – Gelana Dangerfield, widow of George, Dunboyne, age 75

c4 Died – Elisha Stoner, Buffalo

c5 Engagement – Nora Miller to Albert Russel McQuiggan

Died – Mrs. A. Charlton, St. Thomas


Page 2

c5 Died – Robert White, Springwater, 78th year


Page 4

c5 fire destroys barns of John Denton, Springfield


Page 5

c2 Died – James Eaton, Dorchester, funeral

Died – John Fulkerson, funeral

Died – James Brodie, Dorchester, 90th year


Died – John Chambers, Aylmer

Died – John C. Smith, Yarmouth, 85th year

c3 Died – Mrs. Frank A. Smith, Grovesend, 38th year, nee Irwin

Died – Mrs. Robert Allen, South Dakota, formerly South Dorchester

Died – Mrs. J. Koyle, South Dorchester, nee McKenney, 85th year

Died – Mrs. George Connor, Vancouver, dau of James Leeson

c4 letter from Douglas Dunnett


Page 8

c1 Died – Mr. R. White, Jaffa, funeral

c5 Born – son to Herbert Newell, 29 Jan


February 10, 1916


Page 1 (nearly illegible)


Page 2

c2 Article – early days in South Dorchester


Page 4

c3 Died – Charles Silverthorne, Corinth, age 50

c4 Died – Eliza J. Stringer, Malahide, 65th year

c6 Died – Walter Carns, Vienna, inquest


Page 5

c3 Died – Isabella Saxton, Lakeview, widow of Swan, 85th year, nee Collins

Married – Evelyn Averna Empey, dau of Wilburn, to Bruce Curtis Brackenbury, 1 Feb


February 17, 1916


Page 1

c3 Killed in action – Capt. George Richardson, Kingston, nephew of T. T. Mann

c6 Engagement – Stella May Pound to B. J. Timpany

Died – granddaughter of George Lemon, in La Grange, Illinois


Page 5

c3 Born – son to Warren Brown, Mapleton, 14 Feb

Married – Grace Amelia Gilbert, dau of George, New Sarum, to Arthur J. Gloyne, Yarmouth Centre, 14 Feb


Page 6

c6 Married – Viola Rachel Johnson, dau of G. H., Aylmer, to Thomas R. Howse, Malahide


Page 8

c1 Died – Dr. James Butchart, China

Died – Mrs. Gustin Abell, Malahide, daughter of William Bowen

c4 Died – Albert McDowell, Eden

c5 Born – son to Harry VanPatter, Summers Corners, 9 Feb


February 24, 1916


Page 1

c4 fire destroys Avon school


Page 2

c1 59th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Welburn Leeson, Brandon, Manitoba, nee Sarah Anne Atkin

87th birthday of Mrs. Millard, daughter of Charles & Mary Hawley


Page 4

c3 inquest into death of Pte. Smith, Port Burwell


Page 5

c3 76th birthday of Robert Sweet

Died – Mrs. James Arnold, Aylmer, 86th year, nee Julia Beemer

Married – Fred Brown, Vienna, to Ula Lester, Eden

c4 90th birthday of Nicholas Brown, Dunboyne

Died – George Munroe, Aldborouth


Page 8

c4 Died – Mrs. Gustin Abell, Malahide, 14 Feb


March 2, 1916


Page 1

c3 Engagement – Pearl Lillian Lounsbury to Benjamin S. Moore

c4 Engagement – Edith Estella Charlton to A. C. Hoover

Engagement – Mabel Kate Charlton to J. H. Martindale

Died – Norman G. Leslie, Winnipeg

c5 Married – John Gibbs to Margaret Paterson, both Aylmer, 24 Feb


Page 2

c1 Article from Aylmer paper 1873

c2 Died – Margaret McLarty, wife of Daniel, Yarmouth


Page 4

c5 Born – dau to Rev. Harris, Jaffa, 24 Feb

Born – dau to J. Shepherd, Jaffa, 27 Feb

c6 Died – Fletcher Haney, Glencolin, 23 Feb, 63rd year


Page 5

c1 & 2 Roll of Honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service

c4 Married – Edna Lee, dau of George, Aylmer, to Walter Wolfe, son of Olive, 25 Feb

Died – M. F. Harvey, Malahide, 64th year

Fire destroys home of D. Haney, Aylmer


Page 6

c5 Married – Mary Gertrude Barons, dau of W. A., Belmont, to Frederick Taylor, son of A. A., Belmont


Page 8

c1 letter from Colonel W. J. Brown, in Belgium


March 9, 1916


Page 1

c4 Married – Elizabeth Gertrude Dedrick, dau of late William, Port Rowan, to Henry VanAllen Grassetim, in Toronto

Died – Hazel Bell Gillett, funeral

Died – Mrs. C. G. Scott, Toronto, sister of Mrs. (Rev) W. Fansher


Page 2

c2 Died – Norman G. Leslie, Manitoba, age 60


Page 5

c1& 2 Roll of honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service


Page 8c

c1 Died – William Burns, Aylmer, 69th year

c2 Died – William S. Case, Aylmer, 79th year


March 16, 1916


Page 1

c3 Engagement – Mary Elida Chute, to Russell Cameron Harrison

Died – Stephen Wade, Yakima, Washington, 8 Mar, age 86

c5 Died – Mrs. L. L. Sheldon, Aylmer, 90th year


Page 2

c1 letter from Will Bates, in France


Page 4

c4 Married – Edith Estella Charlton, dau of Ansel, Mapleton, to Alvin Claudius Hoover

Married – Mabel Kate Charlton, dau of Ansel, Mapleton, to John Harvey Martindale


Page 5

c1& 2 Roll of Honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service

c1 Died – Mrs. Hollinger, Calton

c3 Died – Nelson Mott, 92nd year

Married – Joseph Ferguson, son of P. J., St. Thomas, to May Simpson, dau of Minerva, St. Thomas, 7 Mar in Detroit

c3 Albert Evans loses hand in mill accident in Ridgetown


Page 8

c2 Married – Roy John Knight, to Sadie J. White, dau of W. G., both of Yarmouth

c3 90th birthday of Mary Turk, Tilbury, 13 Mar


March 23, 1916


Page 1

c4 Died – Harvey Millard, son of William, age 6

c5 Died – Amanda VanBrocklyn, Port Burwell, 79th year; first husband Mr. McClelland


Page 4

c3 Died – H. F. McCrae, Tillsonburg, age 83


Page 5

c1& 2 Roll of honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service

c2 Died – Frank Raymond, Calton

c5 Married – Ethyl McGregor, dau of H. G., to Gordon McCallum, Gladstone


Page 8

c2 Died – Mrs. William Ryckman, Detroit


March 30, 1916


Page 1

c4 Died – John Brooks, Port Burwell

Born – dau to Ted Hatcher, St. Thomas

c5 Wounded – Winfred Davis, son of late Edward, in France; nephew of Lt. Col. Mahlon Davis


Page 2

c2 Died – Rev. Joseph R. Gundy, St. Thomas, former minister at St. Paul’s, Aylmer, photo

c3 Died – Welberne Atkin, St. Thomas, photo


Page 5

c1& 2 Roll of honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service

c2 Died – Frank Raymond, funeral


Page 8

c5 Married – Dr. Thomas E. Early to Olive Amelia Meston, both Tillsonburg


April 6, 1916


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Ida J. Johnson to Harold D. Miller

c5 Engagement – Lilian Alberta Strachan to Charles H. Lorch

Died – father of J. W. Cline


Page 2

c4 Died – John Facey, East Zorra, 99th year


Page 5

c1& 2 Roll of Honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service

c4 Married – Mary Edith Chute, dau of James E., to Russel C. Harrison, 29 March


Page 8

c1 Died – Mr. F. M.P. Watts, son-in-law of D. H. Price

Notice to creditors – Julia H. McConnell, Kalamazoo, Michigan, died 11 Jan 1915

c2 Died – Mrs. S. Cole, Avon


April 13, 1916


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Leora G. Brian to Wallace Marr Caswell, 3 May

c5 Died – Gilbert Robertson, Flint, Michigan, age 44, formerly of Eden


Page 2

c1 18th birthday of James Strong

Died – John Wismer, South Dorchester, 30 Jan; age 87 yrs. 2 mos. 25 days

Died – James Grant, Malahide, 26 Jan; age 35 yrs. 3 mos. 6 days

Died – Mrs. James Leeson, Brandon, Manitoba, 28 Jan; age 57


Page 5

c1& 2 Roll of Honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service

c3 Died – Harold McDiarmid, son of Robert, Springwater, 18th year


Died – Harry Patton, Port Burwell

Page 8

c1 Died – Daniel VanPatter, Madison, South Dakota, age 28

c2 Born – son to A. Bradley, nee Hilliker

Wounded – Pte. Ed Pullen, wife lives in Vienna


April 20, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – Mrs. Daniel King, Owen Sound, sister-in-law of Mr & Mrs Doble King


Page 5

c3 Married – Edward Clement, Aylmer, to Mary Neslin, St. Thomas

Married – Ida Jane Johnson, daughter of Alfred, Malahide, to Harold D. Miller

c4 Died – Harold McDiarmid, son of R., 19th year


Page 8

c1 Died – Jane Lanyon, age 67

Died – Albert Cohoon, Aylmer, age 75

Died – Frances M. Pineo, daughter of Henry, age 6

c2 letter from Will Bates, in London, England

Died – John D. McIntyre, Yarmouth, age 64


April 27, 1916


Page 1

c5 Married – Esther June Kyle, Toronto, to Edward Harris Porte, son of Fred, Aylmer, 20 April


Page 5

c1 Married – Lilian Alberta Strachan, dau of J. H., to Charles Henry Lorch

Married – Nila Fitzsimons, dau of Charles, to Joseph Ellison Young, son of Thomas, Aylmer


Page 8

c1 L. A. Austin charged with non-support of his wife and children

c2 Married – Sara Bowman, Dundas, niece of Mrs. Charles Bridgeman, to Lt.-Col. Grafton, Dundas


May 4, 1916


Page 1

c5 Died – Jane Matthews, widow of Cyrus, Vienna

c6 Died – Mrs. William Swindal, sister of Mrs. George Summers


Page 5

c1 Died – Margaret Marsh, Dorchester Township, age 93, widow of Randal

c3 Died – Caleb Hunt, Owosso, Michigan, age 88


Page 8

c2 Died – Mrs. Leonard Powers, age 75, daughter of Ben Schooley

Died – George Walker, Georgia

Married – Lewis Aker [ Acre ] to Viola Grogan, April 27


May 11, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – Elizabeth Adamson

c5 Died – Mrs. (Rev) A. W. Tonge, Amherstburg

Killed in action – Cecil J. Robinson, former printer at newspaper


Page 4

c3 Died – John Richardson, Luton, age 68

Killed in action – Fred Cook, son of Mrs. William Cook, Lakeview

c4 Died – Mrs. James (Sarah) Johnston, May 6, 62nd year; first husband Mr. Scherer


Page 6

c3 & 4 Roll of Honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service


Page 8

c1 Died – Robert Allen, Minneapolis, formerly of South Dorchester

c2 Engagement – Grace Evelyn Strachan to William L. Powell

c4 Died – Mrs. John Wise, Yarmouth


May 18, 1916


Page 4

c4 Died – Mrs. Daniel McKenney

Died – Albert Ostrander, Saskatchewan


Page 5

c3 Alice Turner, daughter of James, going overseas as a nurse

25th anniversary of Mr & Mrs R. Matthews, Sparta


Page 6

c3&4 Roll of honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service


Page 8

c1 Fire – barm of Hiram Brooks, Springfield, burned

c2 Died – Samuel S. Schooley

Died – Mrs. McKenney, funeral

Died – David Bentley, Springwater


May 25, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – Charles Mabee, Tillsonburg

Died – Mrs. John Norman Gawley, Port Stanley

c4 Died – Mrs. John Philmore, Malahide, daughter of Thomas Wood

Died – infant son of Reuben Powers, Aylmer


Page 5

c2 Harry Richardson returns from overseas

c4 Died – William Stacey, Port Stanley


Page 6

c3&4 Roll of honor – list of men who have enlisted for overseas service.


June 1, 1916


Page 1

c5 Engagement – Ethel Viola Harper to George Roy Parker


Page 4

c3 Died – John Hillborn, Malahide

c4 Died – Mary A. Garner, widow of George, Copenhagen, 79th year

Died – Margaret Stover, Springfield, 76th year

Died – William H. Augustine, Chesaning, Michigan, age 62


Page 8

c1 Died – Jean Glover, daughter of James, St. Thomas

c5 Engagement – Ethel A. White to G. Clare Cheesman


June 8, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – Richard Wilcox, funeral

c4 Engagement – Ted Trim to Gladys Muriel Smith


Page 5 

c2 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Jacob Ketchabaw, Maple Grove


Page 8

c1 Married – Grace Evelyn Strachan to William L. Powell

Died – James A. Locker, Bayham

54th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Samuel S. Clutton

c2 Died – Charles B. Firth, Ingersoll

c3 Married – Eva Hoover, dau of F. C., St. Thomas, to L. W. Lane, Toronto


June 15, 1916


Page 8

c1 Died – Archibald F. Campbell, Yarmouth, 9 June, 65th year

Died – Mrs. Walter Wolf, nee Edna Lee, dau of George, Aylmer


June 22, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – Mrs. Wolf, funeral

c5 Killed in action – Pte. Robert Grant

Died – Amos Carter, Corinth

Page 2

c4 Married – Lulu May Newell to Harry Stanley Sitts

Married – Gladys Muriel Smith, dau of H. C., to Edward H. Trim, Aylmer

Married – Ethel A. White, dau of B. F., Dunboyne, to G. Clare Cheesman, Bayham, 14 June


Page 8

c1 Married – James Harold Arkell to Edith Ball

c2 Born – son to Pte. Percy Crawford

Born – son to DeWitt Canning

Died – Mrs. Elwood Murray, Ribston, Alberta

Wounded – Pte. Harry Geddes, Simcoe

Wounded – Arthur Mann


June 29, 1916


Page 1

c5 Died – Mrs. [sic] Truman Smithson [note – should be Mr. Truman Smithson]


Page 4

c4 Died – John O’Brien, Sparta

c5 Died – Walter Carter


Page 5

c1 Married – Edna Balcom, dau of Robert, to Peter Underhill


Page 8

c2 Died – Sarah Ann Blashill, Malahide, age 59, nee Morris

Died – George P. Brown, Port Arthur

c4 Married – Mrs. Adeline Bradley to Caleb H. Burdick


July 6, 1916


Page 1

c4 Died – Miss Brighty, Galt

Wounded – Pte. John Alex Carter, formerly of Aylmer


Page 8

c2 Died – John Lee

Born – son to Leonard Light, 27 June

Died – Truman Smithson, funeral

c3 Died – Mrs. Nelson Penhale, New Sarum

c5 87th birthday of Frances Mary Hale, Aylmer


July 13, 1916


Page 1

c5 Engagement – Nora Cotter to Garfield E. Hessener, July 18

c6 Died – John Brenton, Tillsonburg, June 29

Died – Mrs. Alexander McKenzie, Aylmer


Page 8

c1 Died – Sarah Gooding [?], Aylmer, age 93


July 20, 1916


Page 2

c4 Photo – Whit. Canning, 91st Battalion

Photo – A. R. Christie, 91st Battalion


Page 5

c4 Died – Robert Dawson

Died – George Raymond


Page 6

c5 Died – William L. Spinks, drowned at Port Stanley


Page 8

c1 Died – Florence Keesler, wife of Wesley, South Dorchester

c2 Died – Mrs. Albert Gillett, 35, dau of William Livingston


July 27, 1916


Page 1

c4 Wounded – Pte. Percy Lowenthal, formerly of Mapleton

c6 Died – Mrs. C. M. Crosby


Page 5

c4 Married – Susie Hawley, Aylmer to Charles Baldwin, Windsor, July 24


Page 8

c2 Fire destroys barn of William H. Chute, lot 5, South Gore

Died – John Wallace, Toronto, age 51

c5 Born – dau to E. O. Awde, July 22

Born – Phyllis Jean Mitchell, dau of Corp. Verne Mitchell, July 25


August 3, 1916


Page 1


c4 Parker family reunion – descendants of late George Parker

c5 Photo – Pte. Percy Crawford

Photo – Corp. H. V. Mitchell


Page 5

c2 Married – Chester Gibbons to Miss Weaver, Vienna

c3 Letter from Pte. John Hanson of 91st Battalion


Page 8

c1 Died – Chester Martin, Detroit

Died – Mrs. Charles M. Crosby

Married – Elizabeth Scott, Bayham, to John Williamson, Delmer

c2 Married – Alta M. Richardson, dau of John, to Lieut. Murray Abell

Married – Alta Weaver, dau of William, Vienna, to Chester William Gibbons

c4 Died – Bollivar Brown, son of late Hiram J. Brown


August 10, 1916


Page 1

c4 Died – James Copeland, 74th year

Married – Walter Wilson, Aylmer, to Mabel McAllister, Vienna


Page 6

c1 Married – Lucy Estella Grass to Carman Lefler


August 17, 1916


Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. L. J. Tripp, London, nee Jane Saxton

c5 Photo – Pte. Albert Richardson and caption

Photo – Pte. David J. Chapman and caption


Page 5

c5 Died – Mrs. Lou Tripp, London, nee Jane Saxton, Lakeview


Page 8

c1 50th anniversary of Mr & Mrs Archie Poustie

c2 Born – dau to Minard Smith, August 8


August 24, 1916


Page 1

c5 Photo – Sergt. Harold Benson and caption

Photo – Bomb. Alf Benson and caption


Page 4

c5 Died – Phyllis Stephens, dau of Joseph, Port Bruce


Page 5

c2 Died – Mrs. J. Cudney, funeral

c4 Died – Charles Newell, Malahide, 70th year


Page 8

c1 Died – Mrs. Cudney, age 61

Died – George Caron, son of Dr. George Caron, Detroit

Died – Capt. William Light


August 31, 1916


Page 1

c5 Photo – Tpr. Donald Benson and caption

Photo – Pte. Andrew Benson and caption


Page 2

c1 letter from Dr. F. A. Benner, overseas


Page 5

c2 Married – Edith Edmunds, dau of Rev. Edmunds, Vienna, to Frank Ashmore, Alberta


Page 8

c1 Died – Pte. Oswald Baker, of Belmont, in England

Wounded – Pte. W. E. Pearce, Union

Died – Morris Moore, age 7, son of Maynard Moore, Springfield

c2 Born – son to William Lanyon, Seville, August 21


September 7, 1916


Page 1

c5 Photo & caption – Pte. W. G. Butcher

Photo & caption – L. Corp. Fred Roberts


Page 2

c1&2 Letters from Alice Turner in England; Pte. A. E. Christie and Wilfrid Howse

c3 90th birthday of Mrs. Elijah Raymond, daughter of Silas Pritchard & Phoebe VanVelzer; first husband George Westover; gives biography


Page 5

c3 Died – Mr. Lowes, Ingersoll, father of Mrs. James Brodie, Mapleton

c3 Married – Morley Chute to Vera Trask


Page 8

c1 Married – Harry Gordon Fugard to Victoria McQuiggan, Aug. 30

Married – Mary Ann Egan, dau of Robert, Aylmer, to Alex Bruce Stewart, Windsor

Died – Miss Isabelle McNeil, dau of late Peter

Died – Silas Hemmingway

c5 Married – John Oke, Aylmer, to Mary Lamont, Lambeth


September 14, 1916


Page 1

c5 Photo & caption – Pte. Jack Stanton

Photo & caption – Pte. George A. Ellis

Wounded – Sergt. W. J. A. M. King, brother of Mrs. Harry Lewis


Page 2

c1 letter from F. Roberts in England

letter from P. Crawford in England


Page 4

c4 Born – daughter to Emerson Brown


Page 8

c1 Died – Mrs. Malcolm McDonald, Malahide


September 21, 1916


Page 1

c3 Born – Helen Lucille Gillett, dau of J. A., Sept. 15

c4 Died – Samuel McKenzie, Port Stanley – body recovered after drowning

c5 Photo & caption – Pte. W. S. Walker

Photo & caption – Pte. Herbert Butler

Killed in action – Pte. William P. Richardson, son of Peter, Aylmer

c6 Married – Bertha Augusta Benner, dau of Vida J., to Albert William Lowther

Engagement – Lena Maud Summers to Stearne F. Ball


Page 5

c3 body of Samuel McKenzie recovered – drowned

Killed in action – Bert Corbin


Page 8

c1 Died – Regina Wall, dau of Ed, Aylmer, age 2 months

Died – Daniel Smith, Belmont


September 28, 1916


Page 1

c3 Injured – Pte. Max Barrett, son of Stanley, Tillsonburg

c4 Killed in action – Pte. Harold Raven, Aylmer

Killed in action – Sergt. Lawrence, Aylmer

Wounded – Pte. N. Gloin, Yarmouth Centre

Wounded – Pte. N. Minor, Union

Wounded – Pte. Hugh Douglas, Springfield

Wounded – Pte. Harry Milligan, brother of Mrs. Fred German

c5 Photo & caption – Pte. W. F. Bates

Photo & caption – Pte. Peter Anderson


Page 4

c2 letter from John Parker in England

c3 Married – John Mahoney, Fingal to Emma Williams, Norwich, September 20

c4 Died – father of Mrs. Frank Hobson, New Sarum, in Goderich


Page 5

c3 Died – Mrs. Thomas Howse, Jaffa

Born – son to Cyril Bowes

Died – Thomas McCord, Port Burwell, funeral


Page 8

c1 letter from William Ethelstone

Born – son to Herbert Brown, Mapleton, September 25

c2 Died – Mrs. Thomas Howse

c4 Died – Orlo L. Pound, in France


October 5, 1916


Page 1

c3 Prisoner of War – Pte. W. O. Ford, parents at Griffin’s Corners

c4 Killed in action – Signaller E. D. Mitchell, son of Alex, Maple Grove

Wounded – Pte. Jack Stanton

c5 Killed in action – Pte. W. P. Richardson, photo and caption

Killed in action – Pte. Arthur W. Forbes, photo and caption

Engagement – Lilla Laureen Stafford to Sydney Walter Benwell


Page 2

c1 letter from C. D. Lloyd, in England


Page 5

c2 Killed in action – Pte. Harold Raven

c3 Killed in action – Ephraim Mitchell, Maple Grove


Page 8

c1 Died – Mrs. James Robins, funeral

Died – Mrs. George Boughner

Died – Samuel Harp

Died – Mrs. Phineas Pressey

Letter from Lieut. S. H. Griffin

c2 80th birthday of Fred H. Benner


October 12, 1916


Page 1

c4 Died – Samuel Harp, funeral

c5 Killed in action – Pte. Orlo L. Pound; photo with brother Elijah


Page 2

c1 letter from Douglas McPherson

letter from Bert Richardson


Page 4

c2&3 article on Driver H. C. Stamp

c5 Died – Elizabeth Nelles, Straffordville

Died – Charles Brooks, South Dorchester

c6 article on Pte. Ernest Jones, Mapleton


Page 5

c6 90th birthday of Mrs. Henry B. Howey


Page 8

c1 Died – Mary McLachlin, 85, widow of Archibald; nee Robertson

Married – Lena Summers, dau of John R., Aylmer to Stern F. Ball


October 19, 1916


Page 1

c5 Photo & caption – Sergt. Harold Chute

Photo & caption – E. W. Bateman


Page 2

c1 letter from E. W. Bateman

letter from Corp. H. V. Mitchell


Page 5

c2 Died – Mrs. Martin Howey, Maple Grove, 87th year

c3 Died – Violet Louise Parker, dau of Byde, Dunboyne

Wounded -Pte. Fred Joy

Wounded – Pte. Harley Burnham

c5 Missing in Action – Evan Jones, nephew of Mrs. W. A. Hawkins, Port Stanley


Page 8

c1 Died – Thomas Everett, Corinth, October 9

c2 Killed in action – Pte. Clifford Matthews, son of late H. J., nephew of John, Malahide; native of Aylmer

Wounded – Pte. Samuel King, brother of Mrs. Harry West, Malahide


October 26, 1916


Page 1

c5 Killed in action – Pte. Harold Raven, photo & caption

Killed in action – Sergt. Major E. E. King, photo & caption

Wounded – Driver C. Herbert Stamp; photo & caption


Page 2

c3 100th anniversary of Aylmer Baptist Church


Page 5

c1 Died – Ruby Hilliker, infant daughte rof John

c2 Died – Joe Clark, Vienna

c3 Wounded – George Jacob, son of John, Lakeview

Died – Mr & Mrs E. H. Cohoon, and Mr & Mrs J. L. Marr in railway-auto accident

Killed in action – Mervin Hopkinson, son of J. C., Calton

c4 Died – Pearlie Jones, dau of Pte. Ernest Jones, Mapleton


Page 8

c1 Died – Mr & Mrs Joseph Marr, and Mr & Mrs Edgar Cohoon, in car-train accident

Died – Pearl Jones, dau of Pte. Ernest Jones, Mapleton, age 7

c2 Wounded – Pte. G. H. Jacobs, Port Burwell; Lance-Corporal J. D. Elliott, Glanworth; Pte. C. C. Odell, Belmont; Sergt. G. H. Howey, Belmont; Pte. William Raven, Richmond; Pte. J. E. Marlatt, Union; Pte. C. D. Rundle, Sparta

c4 Ptes. D. J. Chapman and Harry Taylor arrive home from overseas


November 2, 1916


Page 1

c4 Engagement – Ivy Evelyn Fenn, dau of John W., to George D. Burtch

c5 Photo & caption – Dr. F. A. Benner

Killed in action – Pte. W. F. Prosser, photo & caption


Page 2

c2 photo of Mr & Mrs Joseph Marr, and Mr & Mrs Edgar Cohoon, killed in auto accident


Page 4

c4 Killed in action – Pte. William F. Prosser, Aylmer

Wounded – Pte. L. C. Garnham, Dunboyne


Page 5

c2 Died – Clarence Chute, Winnipeg

c3 Married – Fred Procunier, Richmond, son of James, to Amy Weston, Toronto

c4 Memorial service for Ptes. Harold Raven and Clifford Matthews

c5 Died – Thomas Knott, Mapleton


Page 8

c1 Married – Flossie Pearl Bearss, dau of Beecher, South Dorchester, to Wallace Boughner, Springfield, Oct. 25

Married – Lila Stafford, dau of Willard, Jaffa, to Sydney W. Benwell, Jaffa, Oct. 25

Married – Edna Gladys Matthews, dau of Sanford, Aylmer, to Orvis M. Babcock, Springfield

c2 Killed in action – Pte. George Wilson, nephew of Thomas Wooster, Aylmer

c4 76th birthday of Charles Price

c5 Died – Thomas Knott, Yarmouth


November 9, 1916


Page 1

c3 Married – Lloyd Grant, Springfield, to Nellie May Smith, dau of Frank, Malahide, 1 Nov

c5 photo & caption of Pte. D. McPpherson photo & caption of Corp. H. L. Sawyer


Page 2

c1 letter from Dr. Frank A. Benner, in England

c3 letter from Wyn Christie, in England

c5&6 photo of Major G. V. Jewett, Pte. E. W. Jewett and Pte. G. G. Jewett, sons of Rev. George Jewett of Springfield


Page 4

c5 article on re-opening of Fairview Methodist Church


Page 5

c2 Born – dau to Jim Smithson, October 9

Married – Ethel Rozelle, dau of Sidney, to Samuel Ruttan, Listowel

Body of J. Harmon found at Port Burwell; drowned; from Cleveland


Page 8

c1 Married – Ertle Scott, dau of James, Bayham, to Fred N. Benner, Malahide

c2 Married – Mae Christina Powell, dau of William, Toronto, to Samuel Harley Gregg, 8 Nov

Wounded – Driver Clinton Thomson “Bert”, Oct. 10

Pte. William Butcher honorably discharged owing to condition


November 16, 1916


Page 1

c5 Photo & caption – Pte. E. Higginbottom

Photo & caption – Signaller H. M. Ford


Page 2

c2 list of East Elgin men who have been killed in action: Harley Burnham, Arthur W. Forbes, Robert Grant, Francis H. Ingram, Clifford Matthews, Walter Marlatt, E. D. Mitchell, W. F. Prosser, Orlo L. Pound, William P. Richardson, Harold Raven

c3 photo of Aylmer Baptist Church choir


Page 5

c1 Died – Mrs. A. McLean, Orwell, funeral

c2 Died – Walter Marlatt, in France

Born – son to Owen Soper, Vienna

c3 Born – dau to J. E. Bagnall, Copenhagen, Nov. 1

Born – dau of James Smithson, Dunboyne


Page 8

c1 Died – Captain George Harris, Sept. 21, age 75, in England


November 23, 1916


Page 1

c3 Died – Mrs. William Backus, Malahide, age 65

c4 Died – Mrs. Grey, North Minnesota, sister of Miss McCowan & Mrs. Rosser, formerly of Aylmer

c5 photo & caption – Corp. George Swaddling

c5 photo & caption – Gunner Charles Dingle

c5 wounded – Pte. Murray Lounsberry

c5 killed in action – Pte. Alfred Barber, of Lyons, Nov. 3; 91st



c6 wounded – Pte. Harold Hale

c6 killed in action – Pte. Albert Barker, Lyons; 91st Battalion

c6 killed in action – Kenneth Davidson, Union, 91st Battalion


Page 4

c3 photo & article on Sydney S. McDermand, Liberal candidate


Page 5

c4 Engagement – Andrea May Smith to Lee Elliott, Nov. 23

c4 Died – Mrs. Peter Fothergill, Sparta; funeral


Page 8

c2 Married – Alice Pearl Nesbitt, dau of J. W., Springfield, to Cecil O. Doan, Aylmer

c2 30th Battalion, Aylmer, is to be dissolved

c4 Died – John Lodge, Dunwich


November 30, 1916


Page 1

c3 wounded – Pte. George Harvey, Nov. 19

c3 Died – Dr. Malcolm Sinclair, son of late Colin Sinclair, Yarmouth; husband of Edith Luton; daughter of late William Luton, of Mapleton

c4 Engagement – Harry H. Riddell, Detroit, son of Mrs. Alex Summers, to Leona Marguerite Stewart, dau of W. Stewart, St. Thomas

c5 photo & caption – Sgt. Don-Guy “Jack” Davis

c5 killed in action – Lance Corp. C. R. McEowan


Page 2

c1 letter from Don Davis

c1 letter from Ewart Christie


Page 5

c1 Died – Vida Benner, Calgary

c2 Died – Mrs. William H. Howey, Maple Grove, Nov. 20; nee High

c3 Married – Andrea May Smith, dau of W. F. Smith, to Dr. Lee Hartway Elliott

c4 Died – Henry Kilmer, Jaffa

c4 Died – Mrs. W. Backus; funeral


Page 8

c1 Aylmer & Springfield Condensed Milk factories bought by Carnation Milk Products Co.

c1 50th anniversary of James Turner, Nov. 27; daughter of Edward Hopkins

c2 Pte. Thomas Robbins returns from overseas

c4 Died – Thomas Sweet, Dakota


December 7, 1916


Page 1

c4 photo of Pte. William H. Haight, killed in action; with brothers G. H. Haight & Clark L. Haight

c5 Died – Warren Cartwright, 85th year


Page 2

c1 letter from John MacDonald, in France

c2 letter from Bert Stamp


Page 4

c3 photo & caption of Pte. G. F. Harvey, wounded


Page 5

c2 killed in action – Pte. Johnnie Murphy, Nov. 18

c2 Died – Mrs. Edward Appleton


Page 8

c1 Died – Alice Schooley, Malahide, 49th year

c3 Engagement – Della May Pound to Samuel Eoll, Bayner Lodge, B.C.

C3 Died – Almira Fisher, widow of Louis, Aylmer, 86th year


December 14, 1916


Page 3

c3 Born – daughter to Clayton Hilliker, Aylmer, Dec. 10

c4 30th Battalion to be retained in Aylmer

c4 Born – daughter to Henry Tricker, Nov. 30

c5 photo & caption – Pte. John McDonald, 91st Battalion; son of Malcolm, Aylmer

c5 killed in action – Pte. Wallace Antill; photo

c5 Married – Grace A. Milne, daughter of Mrs. James Milne to John C. Howard


Page 2

c1 letter from Harry Knowles, France

c2 letter from G. H. Haight, France

c2 letter from H. V. Mitchell, France


Page 5

c3 Died – Mrs. Ambrose Schooley, Luton, December 4

c4 Died – William Reid, infant son of Orville, Belmont


Page 8

c1 letter to Ida Haight regarding death of her son, Pte. William H. Haight

c6 Born – son to Herbert Watts, Copenhagen, Dec. 11

c6 Killed in action – Pte. William Lennon, suspect this is the same man who worked for E. E. McTaggart, Copenhagen, until enlisting Dec. 15 with the 91st Battalion; address given is England


December 21, 1916


Page 1

c5 photo & caption – Pte. Leo Cable

c5 photo & caption – Pte. Gordon C. Williams


Page 2

c1 letter from W. A. Beecroft

c1 letter from Orion Garner

c1 letter from Leo Cable

c1 letter from S. Elgie


Page 4

c3 Died – George A. Mills, age 30

c4 Died – Mrs. John Howick, Springfield, about 49

c5 Married – Frank M. Burse, St. Thomas, to frances E. Howse, Jaffa, Dec. 20


Page 5

c1 Married – Dora McDonald, dau of R. McDonald, Springfield, to Elmore S. Harris, Mt. Elgin, Dec. 20

c2 Died – son-in-law of Mr. Janson, Port Burwell, in Grand Rapids, Michigan

c3 Wounded – Pte. C. W. Armstrong, Lakeview, 91st Battalion; he worked for Ney Chute

c4 memorial service for Pte. Albert Barker, Lyons, killed in action November 31


Page 8

c2 Died – Mrs. Charles Shackleton, age 70, nee Silverthorn

c4 Died – George Butler, Springwater, about 65


December 28, 1916


Page 1

c5 Died – Mrs. Wall, funeral


Page 2

c1 letter from H. V. Mitchell, France


Page 4

c5 Married – Irene House, dau of R. E. House to Clarence Mills, Kingsmill 

Two page insert of soldier photos: 

  1. R. Christie, Jack Stanton, William Butcher, Herbert Butler, G. W. Canning, Percy Crawford, G. F. Harvey, E. Higginbottom, Donald Benson, Andrew Benson, H. V. Mitchell, Alf Benson, Harold Benson, George Swaddling, G. A. Ellis, F. A. Benner, E. A. Richardson, Harold Chute, W. F. Bates, E. W. Bateman, Fred Roberts, W. S. Walker, Orlo L. Pound, Elijah Pound, W. F. Prosser, Gordon C. Williams, H. M. Ford, Don Guy-Davis, Peter Anderson, Harold Raven, W. H. Haight, G. H. Haight, C. L. Haight, C. Herbert Stamp, Leo Cable, C. R. McEowan, E. F. King, Wallace Antell, Charles Dingle, John McDonald, H. L. Sawyer, D. McPherson, Arthur W. Forbes, W. P. Richardson


Page 5

c3 Died – Mrs. Angus McCallum, Detroit, daughter of late Samuel McGregor

c3 Died – Birdie May Caverly, daughter of Arthur, age 6


Page 8

c2 Married – Gertrude Willis, daughter of Alex, Lakeview, to Delbert VanVelzer, Calton, December 25

c2 Died – Miss Alice Gostick, Aylmer

c2 Died – Berdie May Caverly, daughter of Arthur, age 5

c2 Married – Iva Martha Buck, daughter of Jane, to Henry Yeandle

c2 Married – Lloyd Wilfred Worden to Gertrude Ellen Davis, both of Aylmer, Dec. 26


Aylmer Saturday Night, January 3, 1914 (temperance opinion)

Elgin Reformer – 8 Jan 1914 article by the Editor who conceived Aylmer Saturday Night issue