St. Thomas – West Avenue Section OSS

St. Thomas Cemetery

West Avenue

Section OSS

St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions

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OSS001 Two piece large brown granite on double grey granite base.
FS: Dad


OSS002 Small sandstone slab. Clasped hands/
In/Memory of/ANN/wife of/William ANDREWS/who died/June 10, 1878/ aged 66 y’rs/& 6 mo’s/My friend a wife so dear..2 lines illegible

OSS003 Small grey marble on concrete base, lanb on top.
VIOLA MARGARET/beloved dau. of/Orland & Florence/OSBORNE/born Jan. 31, 1919/died Sept. 13, 1922

OSS004 Large red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Verna, Robina, Alex, Anna

LYLE/VERNA V. LYLE/1891-1961/ROBINA C.( )//LYLE/ALEX D. LYLE/1880 – 1955/ANNA DOW LYLE/March 30, 1972/MARGARET K. LYLE/1882-1981

OSS005 Red round granite column, spire at top, square granite on concrete
FS: Alice.

In Memory of/ALICE McBRIDE/beloved wife of R. B. Allan/who died/Jan. 14, 1880/ aged/ 27 yrs 7 mos & 6 dys/daughter of Capt. A. McBRIDE /ALLAN//In Memory of/ ANNIE JANE/eldest daughter of /the late Capt. McBride/who died/April 1, 1913//In Memory of/MARY McBRIDE/wife of/Thos. T. Smith/died Dec. 15, 1905

OSS006 Dark grey granite on same base. Woodmen of the World emblem.
Sov. THOMAS T. SMITH /Dec. 23, 1915

OSS007 White marble slab on ground.
In Memory of/DONALD McBRIDE /Native of Argyleshire/Scotland/who departed this life/ Aug. 24, 1851/age 82 years/Prepare to follow me

OSS008 Grey marble marker.
FS: George.

KATHERINE/ BLACK /died Mar. 20,1960

OSS009 Large white marble round column, concrete base.
JAMES H. L. BEGG/died De. 8, 1867/AE 57 y’s & 4 m’s/Native of Aberdeenshire Scotland/CATHARINE/wife of the above/died Feb. 13, 1885/AE 67 y’s & 2 m’s/BEGG//MARY/died Nov. 25, 1865/AE 22 y’s & 2 m’s/JANE/died Dec. 17, 1865/AE 25 y’s//HENRY/died Dec. 11, 1866/AE 21 y’s & 5 m’s/CATHARINE/died June 19, 1862/AE 19 y’s & 10 m’s// JAMES DANIEL/died July 29, 1822/AE 22 y’s/ WILLIAM/ died May 9, 1825 /AE 22 yrs 2 ms & 11 ds

OSS010 Pink granite on pink granite on concrete bases.
FS: Father, George

TAMAR RYHCARD/Apr. 24, 1819 Jan. 3, 1856/twin sons/Dec. 7, 1855 Jan. 19, 1856/FRED’K RHYCARD/Feb. 20, 1852 Sept. 11, 1860/LYDIA BAKER RHYCARD/ Oct. 31, 1823 Sept. 17, 1897/SYLVESTER RHYCARD/ Sept.. 11, 1908/Dec. 4, 1901/RHYCARD//Woodmen of the World emblem/ Sov. GEO. C. RHYCARD/ Sept. 21, 1845 Jan. 1, 1909/GEO. FITZSIMONS M.D./died Nov. 30th 1866/ aged 29 years/MARY J. FITZSIMONS/Apr. 27, 1840 Nov. 7, 1902

OSS011 Red granite on grey granite base.
ALEXANDER LOVE/1809-1857/JANE his wife/1817-1895/LOVE//Sacred to the memory of/NEIL LOVE 1838-1919/ELIZABETH A. wife of Neil LOVE/ 1838-1914/Their children/EDGAR LOVE/1869-1873/CHARLES A. LOVE 1865-1911/MINNIE E. LOVE 1863-1943

OSS012 Black granite on grey granite base.
ROBERT JAMES/1909-1983/His wife/JESSIE M FOX/1910-( )/FERGUSON //JAMES A. FERGUSON/1866-1950/FLORA PATERSON/wife of/James Ferguson/1873-1936

OSS013 Red granite on grey base. (Cross & star in a G on top)/
At rest/ELLA MAY/dau of Albert L./& Mary E. KILMER/born Aug. 6, 1889/died June 20, 1925/KILMER//ALBERT L. KILMER/July 14, 1857/ Nov. 27, 1940/MARY E TYRRELL/beloved wife of/Albert L. Kilmer/born Sept. 21, 1859/died Aug. 25, 1932/TERRY E. KILMER/Feb. 22, 1948/ Feb. 25, 1948

OSS014 Marble cylinder in concrete base.
AMELIA POTTICARY/born Oct. 15th 1850/died Jan. 4th 1895/P (on each end)

OSS015 2-piece grey marble on concrete base.
FS: Marion, Frank, Edna, Bessie, Grfather, Emma, Grmother

At Rest (on top)/Richard BAINARD/1792-1873/Maria his wife/1804- 1879/Emma their daughter/wife of/Samuel STACEY/1835-1859/ BAINARD //Richard Walter/son of/Jacob Bessie/BAINARD/1879-1903/Marion E./ dau of/Jacob-Bessie/BAINARD/1885-1921//Jacob BAINARD/1847-1936/ Bessie ROBERTS/his wife/1850-1927//Frank D. BAINARD/1883-1966/Edna B./BAINARD/1885-1966/Margaret Elizabeth/dau of/Frank & Edna/ BAINARD/1918-1918

OSS016 Red granite marker.
JEWELL/ RAY JEWELL/1905-( )/Husband/J/RUTH BAILEY/1906-1965/Wife

OSS017 2-piece grey granite on concrete.
FS: Father, Mina

(Holy Bible on top)/Farewell/(Dove)/Open Gates/A native of Argyleshire/ Scotland/ JAMES McCOLL/died/July 17, 1895/aged 87 y’rs //MARY/dau of/D. & M. McCOLL/ died Dec. 31, 1874/aged 5 y’rs & 9 mo’s //JAMES McCOLL /Feb. 2, 1933/aged/57 years/ MARY WALKER/wife of /James McColl/died Oct. 28 1901/aged 65 year// CHARLES McCOLL/born/ Feb. 7, 1862/died/Oct. 12, 1931/ MINA/wife of/ CHARLES/McCOLL/ died/ Apr. 25, 1922/aged 50 yrs./ JANNETT/died Jan. 24, 1875/ aged 2 y’rs  & 5 mo’s/CATHERINE/died Jan. 4, 1875/ aged 10 y’rs & 8 mo’s/ children of/J. & M. McCOLL/

OSS018 2-piece red granite on double grey granite base.
FS: Malcolm

McI/JOHN McINTYRE/1795-1865/EMILY his wife/1804-1855/DUNCAN McINTYRE/1831-1853/MARGARET McINTYRE/1836-1873/MALCOLM McINTYRE/ 1833-1877/McINTYRE//MARIA/CAMPBELL/1841-1923//McIntyre

OSS019 3-piece red granite on double grey granite base.
FS: Mary, John, Barbara, Grace, Janet

C/MARY CATTANACH/born Oct. 9th 1867 died Jan. 12th 1904/JOHN W. CATTANACH/died July 19th 1908 aged 47 years/BARBARA CATTANACH/wife of/Terry James Barker/1872-1929/CATTANACH//GRACE CATTANACH/Apr. 23, 1859/Jan. 5, 1935/JANET/CATTANACH/1860-1944//C/WILLIAM CATTANACH/died Nov. 24, 1903 in his 80th year/Native of Aberdeenshire Scotland/CATHERINE/wife of the above/died Oct. 1, 1908 in her 75th year

OSS020 White sandstone slab upright, (urn roses & trees at sides).
In Memory of/ANN/wife of/John CATHNACH/died/Nov. 16, 1860/AE 61 yrs/This morn is full of pain/and grief and . . . sore/but they are blest who are at rest/with Christ for evermore

OSS021 White sandstone slab on ground, (urn, roses & trees at sides).
In Memory of/JOHN CATTANACH/a native of Scotland/who died/Sept. 9, 1855/aged 65 y’rs/& 3 mo’s/4 line verse illegible

OSS022 White sandstone slab upright.
(Tree)/In/Memory of/SARAH/wife of/James McCOLL/ & daughter of Angus & Margaret/ McIntyre/who died/Aug. 18, 1857/aged 31 y’rs/a native of Argyleshire Scotland

OSS023 White sandstone slab on ground, lamb at top.
In Memory of/CHARLES/son of/James & Sarah/McCOLL/who died/August 11, 1857 aged 1 yr 20 dy

OSS024 White sandstone slab upright.
(Tree)/In Memory of/CATHERINE/the beloved wife of the late/John McColl/native of Argyleshire/ Scotland/who died/Aug. 29, 1863/aged 75 years

OSS025 White sandstone slab upright, (open book held with hand at top)
In/Memory of/JOHN McCOLL/who died/Sept. 25, 1851/aged 74 years/A native of/ Argyleshire Scotland

OSS026 Grey marble cylinder on concrete base.
ELIZABETH CALCOTT/born July 29th 1825/died Mar. 5th 1905

OSS027 Grey marble cylinder on concrete base.
THOMAS CALCOTT/born Oct. 18th 1818/died Aug. 30th 1905

OSS028 White sandstone slab on ground.
(Tree)/In/Memory of/ MICHAEL CALCOTT/died/Jan. 14, 1856/AE 70 y’s 7 m’s/& 8 d’s/ A native of/England/A husband friend companion dear/a tender father lieth here/Great is the loss we sustain/ . . . . .

OSS029 White sandstone slab upright, tree at top.
In Memory of/ REBECA/wife of/Micheal CALCUTT/who died/Oct. 20, 1853 /aged 74 yrs

OSS030 Large grey granite slab on ground.
McKAY/JOHN McKAY/born 1806-died 1876/MARTHA SELLS his wife/born 1830- died 1886/Their children/AGNES/born 1851 died 1855/JOHN/born 1854 died 1855/HELEN MARGARET/born 1860 died 1866/JEANNIE EUSEBE/ beloved wife of/W. T. Jennings/born Oct. 31, 1856 died Dec. 23, 1887/MARTHA ELIZABETH/born 1859 died 1923/ISAAC BUCHANAN/born 1863 died 1927/JESSIE McKAY WILLIAMS/ 1866-1943

OSS031 3-piece large grey granite.
FS: H.F.H., E.C.H., Mother, Father, Emma, Infant, Gertie, Marshal, Walter

HIRAM COMFORT/died Aug. 20, 1894/aged 73 years/Also/MARY ANN/wife of the above died May 19, 1876/aged 54 years/COMFORT//HENRY HINDEMARSH/died Aug. 2, 1889/aged 32 years/Also/ETOILE COMFORT/ wife of the above/died May 8, 1933/ aged 76 years/HINDMARSH//EMMA CRIPPS/dau of H. & M. A. Comfort/died Dec. 14, 1883/ aged 32 y’rs// WALTER/died Sep. 7, 1850/aged 15 mo’s/ MARSHAL/ died Aug. 9, 1854/ aged 1 year/GERTRUDE A./died Feb. 22, 1862/aged 2 years/ Infant aged 4 mos/children of H. & M. A. COMFORT

OSS032 Tall sandstone column on concrete base.
Sacred to the memory of/MARY/beloved wife of/Alex McBRIDE/who departed this life/ Jan. 27, 1862/AE 48 y’s & 7 m’os/Also their son/WILLIAM/who departed this life/ Aug. 28, 1873/AE 1 yr 3 ms & 18 ds//In Memory of/ALEX McBRIDE/1820-1903 /In Memory of/MARGARET/ beloved wife of/Alex McBRIDE/died May 12, 1881/ aged 63 yrs/ Also their son WILLIAM A./died June 12, 1878/age 4 y’rs

OSS033 2-piece red granite on grey granite base.
SINCLAIR//Sacred to the memory of/ARCHIBALD J. SINCLAIR M.D./of Paris Ontario/beloved husband of/Amelia McBride/born in Yarmouth/ and died in Paris/March 22nd 1914/and/AMELIA MCBRIDE/his wife/died in Paris Ont./April 4th 1928

OSS034 2-piece grey granite.

OSS035 White sandstone slab on ground.
(Tree)/In/Memory of/JONES BARNES/who died/July 5, 1858/in the 78 year/of his age/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/Henceforth yea saith the Spirit, . . they in . . from their labours and their works do follow

OSS036 White sandstone slab on ground.
In/Memory of/DEBORAH/wife of/Jonas BARNES/who died/July 5, 1872/AE 86 y’s/ & 6 m’s/Asleep in Jesus Blessed sleep/from which no one ever wakes to weep

OSS037 White sandstone slab on ground.
(Clasped hands)/In/Memory of/JOSEPH BARNES/died/Oct. 26, 1877/AE 72 y’s/In/Memory of/ELEANOR/wife of/Joseph BARNES/died/June 23, 1878/AE 64 y/s/illegible verse

OSS038 Grey granite, slanted face.
CHARLES A. LOVE/1865-1911

OSS039 Grey granite, slanted face.
C. HOBSON LOVE/1905-1929

OSS040 Grey granite, slanted face.
DAISY H./LOVE/1871-1938

OSS041 Long grey granite, slanted face.
LAURENCE L./LOVE/1903-1969/(Flower)/JESSIE F./LOVE/1906-( )

OSS042 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father, Mother

JOANNA GRAY/May 10, 1873/Feb. 9, 1944/wife of/J. ARTHUR GRAY/Sept. 28, 1873/Jan. 12, 1962//Thou knowest/THOMAS N. ALLIN/died May 16, 1924/aged 56 years/ALLIN

OSS043 Red granite on grey granite base.
ETHEL MAY BARNES/wife of/Edward S. Hatch/born June 27, 1875/died Jan. 30 1925/HATCH

OSS044 2-piece tall red granite spire on double grey granite base.
FS: John E. Alice M., Grandma, Grandpa.

WILLIAM WELDON/born/Mar. 28, 1830/died Apr. 13, 1909/EMMA F. MORCOMBE/ beloved wife of/William Weldon/died Aug. 26, 1908/aged 77 yrs & 12 dys// Masonic Emblem/ WILLIAM H. DALLYN/1855-1923/MARY WELDON/his wife/1858-1942/DALLYN //JOHN FERRESS/son of/Wm. & Emma F. WELDON/died Dec. 16, 1877/aged 24 y’rs/ALICE M. WELDON/wife of/J. S. Wilson/1860-1942/ WELDON //JOHN FERRESS/died/Sept. 2, 1866/aged/76 years/MARIA/his wife died/ Jan. 20, 1851/aged 56 years

OSS045 White sandstone slab on ground.
(Rose at top)/MARIA/daughter of/James & Elizabeth/DODD/died Aug. 24, 1811/aged 9 m’s/verse illegible . . . grace and dying.

OSS046 Grey granite marker.

OSS047 Grey granite on concrete base.
CARSWELL/ Lt. Col. NEIL CARSWELL/1833-1896/MARY ANN DODD/his wife/1831-1916

OSS048 Small upright white sandstone slab. (Dove)/
In/Memory of/NEIL/who died/Sept/ 12, 1874/aged 1 yr 10 m’s

OSS049 Tall square red granite spire on double concrete base.
In Memory of/ARCH’D/died Aug. 24, 2863/AE 2 yrs 6 mos/ARCH’D/died Mar. 6, 1865/AE 2 mos 4 ds/Also infant/died Dec. 1855/Children of D. & M. TAYLOR//In Memory of/ DUNCAN TAYLOR/died/April 1, 1887/aged 62 yrs/a native of Argyleshire/ Scotland/A faithful friend a husband dear/a tender parent lieth here/Great is the loss we here sustain/ but hope in Heaven to meet again/TAYLOR//In Memory of/ MARGARET/ wife of/ Duncan TAYLOR/died/Nov. 12, 1918/in her 84th yr/ Gone but not/forgotten

OSS050 Tall round brown granite, carved top on double concrete base.
FS: Nancy, Annabella, John N. Taylor, Mother

In Memory of/ANNABELLA/TAYLOR/died/Apr. 29, 19224/aged 80 yrs/ TAYLOR/// In Memory of/NANCY/second dau of/John & Cathne TAYLOR/who died/ May 5, 1889/aged 9 m’s & 26 d’s//In Memory of/JOHN TAYLOR/ died/Feb. 16, 1900/ aged 85 y’rs/a native of/Argyleshire Scotland //In memory of/JANE/beloved wife of/John TAYLOR Sen/who died/July 13, 1872/aged 41 y’rs/A native of/Argyleshire Scotland

OSS051 2-piece grey marble square on concrete.
ROLLAND G./TAYLOR/died/Dec. 4, 1896/in his 21st year/TAYLOR//MARY ANN MOORE/died/June 2, 1881/in her 21st year

OSS052 Tall pink granite column on double concrete base.
FS: Neil A., Roland, Mother, Father

In Memory of/NEIL A. TAYLOR/who died/Jan. 10, 1894/in his 34th year//In Memory of/ ANGUS TAYLOR/who died/April 15, 1887/aged 70 years/born in Argyleshire/ Scotland/ Farewell my wife and children all/From you a father Christ doth call/ Mourn not for me. It is my gain/to call you to your sight again//In Memory of/ MARGARET TAYLOR /who died/April 9, 1903/aged 79 yers/5 mo’s & 9 days/born in Argyleshire Scotland

OSS053 2-piece red granite on double concrete base.
MARGARET BEGG/July 16, 1867/August 19, 1895/BEGG//ISBELL/1847- 1852/MARY/1849-1852/GEORGE/1777-1862/ISABELLA/1792-1846//JOHN BEGG /1819-1872/NANCY BEGG/1825-1874/BARBARA BEGG/1860-1951//ANNIE L./ 1849-1879

OSS054 White sandstone slab on ground.
NANCY/wife of/Daniel TAYLOR/who died/Jan. 11, 1881/aged 45 years/ verse ?

OSS055 White sandstone slab on ground. (Hand holding Bible)/
In/Memory of/DANIEL TAYLOR/who died/June 2, 1880/aged (illegible)

OSS056 Small upright sandstone slab.
In/Memory of/JOHN/son of John & Nancy/TAYLOR/died July 13, 1856/AE 3 d’s

OSS057 Upright sandstone slab. (Tree)/
In Memory of/MARY/wife of/Archibald TAYLOR/died Dec. 16, 1864/AE 70 years/A native of Argyleshire Scotland/Dear is the spot where Christians sleep/and . . . . the strains . . .

OSS058 White sandstone slab on ground. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/ARCHIBALD TAYLOR/died/Dec. 15, 1870/AE 82 ys/Weep not for me my children dear/I am not dead by sleeping here/My life has gone, my grace you see/Prepare for death and follow me.

OSS059 4-piece white sandstone cross on concrete base.
TILLIE/beloved wife of/Ed. M. ALFORD/died Nov. 29, 1885/Also MARY A. infant dau. of Ed. M. & Tillie ALFORD/darling wife thou hast left me/but your memory will never be forgotten

OSS060 White sandstone slab upright. (Holy Bible)/
In Memory of/JAMES DODD/who died/April 15, 1885/aged 82 yrs & 12 dys/A native of Moretonhamstead Devonshire Eng./Gone over the river to his beautiful home/His mansion was ready, Jesus said come /His master sent him home. Father is gone, gone over the river and left us alone

OSS061 White sandstone slab upright. (Hooper of Nisbet London)
Farewell/(Clasped Hands)/In Memory of/ELIZABETH/beloved wife of/James DODD/ who died/Oct. 18, 1876/aged 69 yrs & 1 mo./A native of Moretonhamstead Devonshire Eng./ A loved one is gone from our . . /On earth we will meet her no more/She has gone to her home in Heaven/and all her aflictions are o/er

OSS062 Small white upright sandstone slab.
ANNA/wife of/Thomas GADSBY/died/May 11, 1855/aged 20 y’rs/& 7 m

OSS063 White upright sandstone slab.
(Thistles)/In/ Memory of/DUNCAN LOVE/who died/Mar. 18, 1854/aged 27 yrs/illegible 4-line verse.

OSS064 Small white upright sandstone slab.
NEIL ALEXANDER/ son of/ Malcolm & Mary/LOVE/died Dec. 13, 1864/AE 4 mos/illegible verse OSS065 White upright sandstone slab.In memory of (on arch with tree inside)/ CATHARINE/ Relict of/ Neil LOVE/ native of Kilnaeraig Argyleshire/Scotland/who died/Dec. 28, 1861/ aged 76 yrs/illegible verse

OSS066 White upright sandstone slab.
In/Memory/of/JOHN/BEGG/died/Oct. 18, 1902/aged 76 yrs

OSS067 White upright sandstone slab.
In/Memory/of/JANE/daughter of/Harry & Margaret/BEGG/and wife of/N. Darrach/died Aug. 22, 1842/AE 2 m’s & 10 d’s

OSS068 White upright sandstone slab.
In/Memory of/HARRY BEGG/Native of/Scotland/who died/Feb. 5, 1861/ aged 71 years

OSS069 White upright sandstone slab.
In/Memory of/MARGARET FORSYTH/wife of/Harry Begg/who died/Sep. 18, 1855/aged 67 years

OSS070 Grey granite marker.

OSS071 Red granite on concrete base.
FS: Father, Mother, Madeline, Jean, Margaret, Clarence.


OSS072 2-piece large grey granite.
72a Grey granite marker.
AGNES S. SPENCER/1866-1925

72b Grey granite marker.

OSS073 2-piece pink granite on concrete base.

OSS074 Tall round grey granite column, spire on top, on grey granite base.
FS: Clara

In Memoriam/CLARA/CLARA WINEWOOD ARKELL/wife of/Milton C. Roach/born July 21st 1858/died December 28th 1883/Abide with me! Fast falls the eventide/ROACH

OSS075 2-piece square column grey marble on concrete base.
In Memory of/ANN ELIZABETH/wife of/William ARKELL/died/May 25, 1877/aged 54 years// In Memory of/WILLIAM ARKELL/died/May 3, 1870/ aged 52 years/ Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord/The memory of the just liveth forever//In Memory of/ CHARLES MERRIMAN/son of the late/William & Ann E. ARKELL/born June 26, 1856/ died Oct. 13. 1909//In Loving Memory of/JENNIE G. ARKELL/born Apr. 1, 1859/ died July 19, 1916

OSS076 White upright sandstone slab.
Farewell/(Clasped Hands)/In Memory of/FRED W. ARKELL/who died/May 21, 1908/aged/43 years

OSS077 White upright sandstone slab.
(Thistle)/In/Memory of/ROBERT ARKELL/a native of Gloucester/ England/who died at London/July 16, 1883/aged/55 years

OSS078 White upright sandstone slab.
(Open book in hand)/In/Memory of/CHARLOTTE HALL/who died/Dec. 31, 1881/aged 77 y’r/Native of Coates/Gloucestershire/England

OSS079 White upright sandstone slab.
(Open book in hand)/In/Memory of/HENRY HALL/who died/Nov. 20, 1880 /aged 73 y’rs/from Coates/Gloucestshire/England

OSS080 White sandstone slab on ground. (J. W. Smyth London)
(Flowers)/Sacred/to the memory of/HESTER HALL/who died/June 5, 1865/AE 63 yrs/A native of Coates/Gloucestshire England

OSS081 Large red granite on grey granite base.
WILLIAM COULTER/1812-1880/MARGARET McINTYRE/his wife/1823-1915/ ENOCH 1860-1914/THOMAS 1853-1853/SARA J. COULTER/Jan. 6, 1857-Mar. 19, 1935/COULTER//FREDERICK M. IRWIN/1885-1959/IOLA E. IRWIN/1886- 1974/GLADYS K. McKENNA/1891-1908

OSS082 Small white sandstone on ground.
(Tree)/In memory of/THOMAS/son of/William & Margaret/COLTER/who died/Oct. 3, 1853/aged 6 ms

OSS083 Red granite on grey granite base.
CURRIE (0n top)/ DONALD CURRIE/1788-1972/MARGARET his wife/1784-1905/ROBERT CURRIE/ 1814-1879/MARY CURRIE/1822-1905/JANE CURRIE/1920-1905/BETSY CURRIE /1832-1908
82a Grey marble marker.

OSS084 Red granite on grey granite base.
SAMUEL J. JOHNSON/1862-1934/JOSEPHINE ELMIRA/his wife/1863-1935/ STELLA 1889-1981/JOHNSON//EARL WAYNE JOHNSON/1892-1923/his wife/ MARGARET M. STEWART/1891-1966/RENE 1894-1986/

OSS085 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother COX/

//COX/HARRY EUGENE/1865-1930/beloved wife/MARGARET ROGERS/1871- 1944

OSS086 Large red granite on grey granite base.
Slanted face markers:
ROBERT/1854-1914 86b Mother/1821-1893

LIZZIE/1852-1882 86d WILLIAM/1841-1851

OSS087 Red granite on concrete base.
In Memory of/MARY OSTRANDER/born/Aug. 1st 1838/died Feb. 28, 1901/ At Rest//MARGARET OSTRANDER/born Mar. 17, 1845/died Dec. 1, 1923

OSS088 Red granite marker.
ADOLPHUS N./1842-1933

OSS089 Tall white sandstone column, spire on top on double concrete base.
In/Memory of/JOHN McBAIN/who died/Mar. 18, 1873/aged 73 year/ Father thou art gone to rest/We will nor mourn for thee/for thou art where oft on earth/thy spirit longed to be//In/Memory of/ CATHERINE/wife of/John McBain/who died/Aug. 7, 1879/aged 67 years/ She . . a tender mother here/and in her life the Lord did form/we . . our loss will be her gain/and that with Christ gone to rest/ McBAIN//DANIEL McBAIN/son of/J. & C. McBAIN/died/Mar. 26, 1897/ aged 50 yrs

OSS090 White upright sandstone slab.
At Rest/(Clasped Hands)/ALEXANDER McVEAN/died/Arp. 16, 1894/aged 53 yr’s/This humble token of respect/to thy loved memory/we erect/ though mouldring here the/body lies. We trust to/meet thee in the skies.

OSS091 Large red granite, cathedral top, on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, Catharine, Infant, Infant.

CATHARINE McGREGOR/wife of John C. Smith/died Jan. 17th 1906/in her 70th year/JOHN C. SMITH/died Jan. 29th 1916/in his 84th year/SMITH/Two infants/of Colin & Margaret SMITH//S//ANNIE dau of/J. C. & Catharine SMITH/died Nov. 20, 1880/in her 22nd year/CATHARINE dau. of/J. C. & Catharine/SMITH/died Oct. 28th 1954/in her 92nd year

OSS092 2-piece grey granite.
FS: John

TAYLOR/MARY ANN/1859-1860/GILBERT/1860-1864/JOHN/1866-1876/ children of Duncan & Catherine/TAYLOR

OSS093 Grey granite on grey granite base.
SARAH ELVA ELLISON/wife of/John A. Miller/1856-1926/JOHN A. MILLER /1852-1930/MILLER

OSS094 White upright sandstone slab.
SARAH C. MILLER/died/Dec. 5, 1874/aged/17 y’rs/9 mo’s

OSS095 White sandstone upright slab.
In/Memory of/ JACOB MILLER/died/Apr. 17, 1898/aged 80 years/(illegible verse)

OSS096 White sandstone upright slab.
In/Memory of/ CATHARINE MILLER/wife of Jacob Miller/died Nov. 30, 1866/ aged 48 y’rs/v

OSS097 White sandstone slab, broken. (Hand)/
In Memory of/ RICHARD ARTHUR MILLER/died/Aug. 11, 1868/AE 19 y’s 10 m’s

OSS098 White sandstone slab upright.
(Dove)/MARY A./TAYLOR/died/July 3, 1860/AE 5y’rs & 1 d’s/verse illegible

OSS099 White sandstone slab upright.
GILBERT TAYLOR/died Aug. 20, 1869/AE 1 yr & 13 d’s

OSS100 Red granite slab upright.
In/Memory of/ ISABELLA McVEAN/who died/Apr. 17, 1884/aged 62 years/I leave the world without a tear/save for the friends I held so dear/To heal their sorrows Lord descend/and to the friendless prove a friend/ (Thistle)

OSS101 Red granite slab broken on ground.
In/Memory of/DONALD McVEAN/who died/Sep. 25, 1878/aged/64 years/A loving friend a husband dear/a tender parent lieth here/Great is the loss we here sustain/but hope in Heaven to meet again/ (Thistle)

OSS102 White sandstone slab broken on ground. (Lamb)/
In Memory of/CHRISTY/daughter of John & Catharine/McBAIN/native of Argyleshire/Scotland/died/Nov. 5, 1857/AE 7 y’rs & 2 mo’s/

OSS103 Red granite on grey granite base. (Masonic Emblem)/

OSS104 White sandstone slab broken on ground.
In/Memory of/JACOB OSTRANDER/died/Aug. 29, 1877/aged 78 y’s/& 3 mo’s/verse mostly illegible

OSS105 White sandstone slab upright.
In/Memory of/MARY/wife of/Jacob OSTRANDER/died/July 23, 1872/AE 65 y’s 9 m’s 13 d’s/illegible verse

OSS106 Grey granite marker.
M. GONNING/1843-1915

OSS107 White sandstone slab upright.
Our Darling Boy/ JAMES EDGAR/died/July 6, 1874/AE 9 y’s 6 m 11 d/son of/David &
Rebecca GARDNER/ . . bright again above/ . . to reach its shore/. . again with the dear ones asleep/ . . but gone before

OSS0108 White sandstone upright slab. (Thistle)/
In/Memory of/DAVID GARDNER Jr./who died/Aug. 9, 1870/aged 27 y’s/ Native of Lanarkshire/Scotland/illegible verse

OSS0109 Red granite, slanted face.
WESLEY H. IRWIN/1889-1944/his wife/BESSIE M. IRWIN/1893-1984/nee (Begg)

OSS110 Bronze marker.

OSS111 Bronze marker.

OSS112 Bronze marker.

OSS113 Bronze marker.

OSS114 Small red granite on grey granite base.
Sacred to the Memory of/MAUD ARKELL (AUNIE)/daughter of/Thomas & Agnes Arkell/ born /2nd September 1865/died/28th January 1949/ROBERT ARKELL (Nunk)/ son of/ Thomas & Agnes Arkell/born 7th Oct. 1866/died 29th Jan. 1951//In Memory of/ ADA ARKELL ROWLAND/daughter of/Thomas & Agnes/Arkell/ Mar. 2, 1876/ July 31, 1955

OSS115 White sandstone slab upright. Sacred to the memory of/
AGNES ARKELL/beloved wife of/Thomas Arkell/died Dec. 1, 1878/ aged/33 y’rs 8 mo’s & 7 d’s
OSS116 Red granite on concrete base. Sacred to the memory of/
THOMAS ARKELL/born in Througham, Gloucestershire, England/10th November 1823/died 2nd February 1906/Sacred to the memory of/AGNES /beloved wife of Thomas Arkell/born 24th March 1845/died 1st December 1878
OSS117 Brown granite on grey granite base.
O./HORATIO A. OSGOOD/born Aug. 11, 1833/died Feby. 25, 1917/ANN OSGOOD/born Oct. 21, 1831/died Feby. 17, 1921/ROSS REVERDY/1867- 1946/ANNIE MARIA/1869-1969/OSGOOD
OSS118 Large white sandstone slab upright.
In/Memory of/MURDOCH MacKENZIE/who died/Jan. 2, 1873/aged 69 y’rs/ A native of Ross Shire Scotland/Also his wife/ELIZABETH ARKELL/who died Sept. 9, 1871/aged 56 yrs/A native of Gloucestershire England
OSS119 White sandstone slab upright.
EDWARD M./ beloved son of/Thomas & Susey/ARKELL/died at Hellmuth College London/ May 21, 1872/AE 14 y’rs

OSS120 White sandstone slab upright. (Flowers)/
SUSEY/beloved wife of/Thos ARKELL/died Apr. 6, 1862/aged 28 yrs/ SUSEY/daughter of the above died Aug. 3, 1862/aged 1 m’s 8 d’s

OSS121 White sandstone slab upright. (Flowers)/
Sacred/to the memory of/MARY ARKELL/died/Nov. 23, 1860/AE 25 yrs

OSS122 Bronze marker.
JAMES HENRY COYNE/M.A., L.L.D., F.R.S C.,/ 1849-1942

OSS123 Bronze marker.

OSS124 Bronze marker.

OSS125 Large grey granite square column, draped urn on top, on double concrete.
JAMES/ BEGG/1868-1941/His wife/ETTA/McCORMICK/1868- 1969//JAMES BEGG/1853-1910/His wife/MARGARET/BEGG/1862-1942/Their son/CHARLES BEGG/1892-1898//JAMES BEGG/born/Mar. 15, 1812/died/June 18, 1889/A native of Aberdeenshire/ Scotland/Rejoiced in hope of/the glory of God/twas gain for his/servant to die/BEGG
FS: Father, Mother, Father

OSS126 White sandstone slab broken on ground. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/JOHN WELDON/died/Apr. 10, 1807/AE 49 yrs/11 m’s 16 d’s

OSS127 Grey marble scroll front, on concrete base.
LIZZIE M./WELDON/died/June 8th 1902

OSS128 White sandstone slab upright.
SUSIE JANE/dau of/John & Elizabeth/WELDON/died/Aug. 19, 1873/aged 6 y’rs

OSS129 Red granite slanted face on concrete base.
JAMES WELDON/1823-1923/DERENDA RONEY/His wife/1834-1922/MARY WELDON/1859-1944

OSS130 Grey marble marker.
ALICE SUSANNAH/WELDON/died Nov. 14, 1948

OSS131 Small pink granite on grey granite base. (Flower)/
SMITH/NETTIE/June 3, 1951/At Rest

OSS132 White sandstone angel on grey marble base.
FRANK CECIL/MEEK/Dec. 11, 1923/And there shall be no more pain (on both ends)

OSS133 Grey granite cylinder on grey granite, concrete base.
FS: Caro

FRANK E. SMITH 1869-1956/CARO ‘SMITH’ MEEK 1883-1974/Abide with me

OSS134 Red granite on grey granite base.
In Loving Memory of/CHARLES DOUGLAS/1896-1954/His wife/ALMA E. DOUGLAS DUBS/1896-( )/DOUGLAS

OSS135 Pink granite on grey granite base.
ALLISON/ THOMAS ALLISON/1867-1949/Husband of/BELLA CAMPBELL/1880- 1969// CMAPBELL DUNCAN Sr. 1791-1871/AGNES 17989-1873/DUNCAN 1827- 1914/ DOUGALD 1834-1883/MARGARET 1843-1919/MILTON 1874-1894

OSS136 Pink granite on grey granite base.
SMITH/DONALD GORDON/1887-1955/beloved husband of/FRANCES L. MacGREGOR/ 1888-1977

OSS137 White sandstone slab upright, lamb at top.
In Memory of/JOHN/Feb. 9, 1863/AE 8 y’s & 8 m’s/NANCY/Jan. 26, 1863/AE 10 y’s & 29 ds/children of Robert & Margaret MITCHELL

OSS138 2-piece grey marble, on double concrete base.
FS: Father

ROBERT MITCHELL/died/Nov. 16, 1889/aged/64 ys & 6 ms/God in his wisdom has recalled/ the hope his love had given/and though the body moulders here/the soul is safe in Heaven// NANCY MITCHELL/ died/Jan. 26, 1863/aged 10 yrs/JOHN MITCHELL/ died/Feb. 9, 1863/ aged/8 ys & 8 ms//JOHN MITCHELL/died/Jan. 5, 1873/ aged 79 yrs/& 6 mos./NANCY/wife of the/above died/Nov. 30, 1866/aged/69 y’rs.

OSS139 2-piece red granite column on double concrete base.
MARY/daughter of/James & Janet/FERGUSON/born/Jan. 21, 1840/died/ Feb. 15, 1927// In Memory of/JAMES FERGUSON/who died/Dec. 1st 1856 /aged 48 y’rs/Native of/ Callander Perthshire/Scotland//In Memory of/JANET JARDINE/wife of/Jas. Ferguson/ who died/Sept. 10, 1882/ aged/73 y’rs & 4 m’s/Native of Dumfrieshire/ Scotland/FERGUSON

OSS140 Small white sandstone slab upright.
In Memory of/JOHN/son of/James & Janet/FERGUSON/who died/June 12, 1845/in the 16 year of/his age

OSS141 White sandstone slab broken on ground. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/NANCY/wife of/JOHN MITCHELL/died/Nov. 30, 1866/AE 69 ys/ Native of Argyleshire Scotland/verse illegible

OSS142 White sandstone slab broken on ground (indistinct)
(Tree)/In memory of/JANE/McGREGOR/died/Aug. 10, 1888/aged 17 ys/ ? mo/& ? days/(verse illegible)

OSS143 White sandstone slab broken on ground.
(Hand)/(Sweet dream)/In Memory of/NEIL McGREGO(R) . . .

OSS144 White sandstone slab upright.
(Tree)/In/Memory of/ARCHIBALD/son of/Donald & Jane McGREGOR/who died/ Aug. 4, 1853/aged 12 y’rs/ 11 m’s & 1 d

OSS145 White sandstone slab upright.
Sacred/in the memory of/AMANDA/wife of Esdon GREGORY/and daughter of/Col Oliver Throbridge/Scotland PA/who died Oct. 26th/1830/aged 54 years/(verse illegible)

OSS146 Small grey marble on grey granite base.
CAROLINE/1844-1932/wife of/James/SMITH

OSS147 Grey marble cylinder on grey granite base.
JAMES S. SMITH/ died Feb. 15, 1925/aged 82 years/After labor there is rest

OSS148 White sandstone slab upright. (Clasped Hands)/
In/Memory of/ ALICE/beloved wife of/Thos. WELDON/died/Feb. 5, 1870/AE 78 yrs.

OSS149 White sandstone slab upright. (Clasped Hands/
In/Memory of/ THOS. WELDON/died/May 23, 1893/in the 96 year/of his age/A Native of Co./Tyrone Ireland

OSS150 Bronze marker.

OSS151 Small white bronze monument.
FS: Phillips.

MY MAGGIE (on top)/God is love/Maggie hath entered/’into my rest’/Weep not for she is/not dead but sleepeth//MARGARET JANE COYNE/wife of/Rev. A. M. Phillips B.D./died at Galt/Dec. 2, 1884/aged 28 yrs/3 mos & 1 day

OSS152 Bronze marker. (Maple leaves on corners)/

OSS153 Bronze marker. (Maple leaves on corners)/

OSS154 White sandstone slab upright. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/ HENRY ARKELL/who died/Jan. 3, 1854/in his 22 y’r/of his age.

OSS155 White sandstone slab upright. (Flowers)/
In/Memory of/ MARY ARKELL/died/Jan. 17, 1860/in the 70th year/of her age.

OSS156 2-piece grey granite.
FS: Mother

PHILIPS/RALPH PHILIPS/born Aug. 13, 1813/died Jan. 1, 1859/HANNAH ARKELL/his wife/born March 16, 1819/died Jan. 5, 1913/Her children arise up and call/her blessed/ANNIE daughter of/Ralph & Hannah/ Arkell-Philips born June 30, 1855/died Aug. 12, 1927/CAROLINE dau. of Ralph & Hannah/Arkell-Philips/born April 3, 1858/died Feb. 12, 1937

OSS157 2-piece pink granite on grey granite base.
W/JAMES WALKER/died Aug. 7, 1930/aged 82 years/CAROLINE A. FULTON/ wife of/James Walker/died Feb. 27, 1917/aged 63 years/WALKER// W/ADELBERT EVELY/1877-1945/his wife//LELA WALKER/1881-1955

OSS158 White sandstone slab upright.
In Memory of/TIMOTHY MOORE/ who departed this life/Aug. 9, 1851/in the 80th year of his age

OSS159 Small white sandstone slab upright. (Tree)/
In Memory of/ENSLEY/ son of/M. T. & Mary/MOORE/who died/Sept. 21, 1885/aged 10 m’s

OSS160 Small white sandstone slab upright. (Tree)/
In Memory of/DAVID H./son of M. T. & Mary/MOORE/who died/Aug. 18, 1851/aged 6 y’rs

OSS161 White sandstone slab upright. (Lady & Tree)/
In memory of/ MARY JANE/daughter of/M. T. & Mary/MOORE/died/Oct. 14, 1867/AE 24 yrs/& 1 ms/(verse illegible)

OSS162 2-piece grey marble column, urn on top, double concrete base.
In/Memory of/WILLIAM H./son of/Moses & Maria/HUGHES/died/May 3, 1881/in the 44th year of his age/In life in death/immortal/also/ HERBERT/son of the above/died/July 31, 1873/in the 6th year of his age/Gone but not forgotten/HUGHES//In/Memory of/MARIA/wife of/ Moses HUGHES/died/May 12, 1883/in the/69th year of her age/Fear not, she is not/dead but sleepeth/MOSES HUGHES/died/Feb. 25, 1903/in the 96th year of his age//In/Memory of/HOWARD HUGHES/ died/June 10th 1899/in the/54 year of his age

OSS163 Large red granite slab upright on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, John, Neil, Archie, Christina, Margaret, Angus

Sacred/to the/memory of/JANE/wife/Neil McINTYRE/died/May 26, 1881 /aged 60 y’rs/ Native of Argyleshire/Scotland/Where she is gone/ Adieu and fare-wells are unknown/ May we meet her on that peaceful shore/where parting sorrow is felt no more.//NEIL McINTYRE Sr./ died Feb. 27, 1893/JOHN McINTYRE M.D./died June 13, 1896/NEIL McINTYRE Jr./died Jan. 8, 1897/ARCHIBALD McINTYRE/died Sept. 5, 1907// CHRISTINA McINTYRE/died Feb. 2, 1922/JANE McINTYRE/died April 7, 1929/ANGUS McINTYRE/died April 4, 1934/MARGARET MacPHERSON wife of Angus McIntyre/ died Jan. 18, 1939/ANN McINTYRE/died Mar. 1, 1938/

OSS164 Red granite on grey granite base.
CHRISTENA McINTYRE/wife of Jas. G. Jolly/born Dec. 10, 1847/died Aug. 31, 1911/HUGH McINTYRE/born Feb. 15, 1846/died May 4, 1917/ JOLLY/McINTYRE

OSS165 2-piece large brown granite.
STYLES/In Loving Memory of/CHARLES STYLES/died Nov. 14, 1923/aged 62 years His wife/ EMMA J. FREEMAN/died April 22, 1942/aged 78 years//SHONE/In Loving Memory of/ ALBERT V. SHONE/died June 25, 1927/aged 35 years/ BENJIMAN S. SHONE/ Aug. 21, 1864/Feb. 19, 1948/ ALICE M. his wife/May 19, 1866/ Nov. 21, 1950

OSS166 Large double bronze marker in ground.
ROBERT T./1917-1982/Eagle 32 Emblem/CLARA E./( )/Star Emblem/CLARK

OSS167 Bronze marker.

OSS168 Grey granite block.
THOMAS A./CLARK/1856-1913

OSS169 Large red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Will, Anna, A. Baker

WILLIAM HENRY MURCH/1855-1924/ANNA C. McPHERSON/wife of/W. H. Murch/1868-1945//WILLIAM MURCH/1800-1871/SARAH MURCH/1801-1881/ NELLIE MURCH/died 1903/ADAM BAKER/1831-1879

OSS170 Tall square grey marble column on double concrete base.
McLEAN/PETER McLEAN/died Aug. 1, 1881/aged 80 years/CHRISTENA/wife of/Peter McLean/died Sep. 22, 1855/aged 46 years/7 mo’s & 7 days/ Natives of Argyleshire/Scotland//JENNET/dau of/P. & C. McLEAN/died Apr. 18, 1876/aged 37 years/11 mo’s & 5 days

OSS171 Small white sandstone upright slab, gable top & arch.
ROSE/ANNA W./died/Sept. 2 ? /aged 10 y’s/& 7 d’s/William & Jamie/ ? ?

OSS172 2-piece red granite, cathedral top, on double grey granite base.
F/HUGH FULTON/died May 5, 1922/aged 74 years/LINA FULTON/died June 12, 1934/aged 70 year/Blessed are the/pure in heart/FULTON// F/Mother/MARY FERGUSON/wife of/Jas. Fulton/died/April 13, 1905/ aged 79 years/2 months/Father/JAMES FULTON/died/Oct. 13, 1867/aged 55 years/& 9 months/Native of County/Antrim Ireland//JANE/dau of/ J. & Mary/FULTON/died May 11, 1868/aged 14 yrs/6 months

OSS173 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Curtis, John H.

CAMPBELL/son/JOHN H. CAMPBELL/1848-1975/J. CURTIS CAMPBELL/1900- 1986//Father/Campbell/GEORGE CAMPBELL/1869-1921/his wife/ETTA MAY CURTIS/1875-1965
173a Red granite, slanted face.

173b Red granite, slanted face.

OSS174 2-piece large pink granite, cathedral top, on concrete base.
SUFFEL//ANNA MARGARET/DAVIDSON/wife of G. Suffel/born in Whitby/ Yorkshire England/Feb. 7th A.D. 1827/died in London/Ontario/Mar. 1st A.D. 1913/’He giveth His beloved sleep’/GEORGE SUFFEL/born in Sutton/Yorkshire England/May 3rd A.D. 1822/ died in St. Thomas/ Ontario/Aug. 16th A.D. 1896/Let us labour therefore/to enter into that rest/Heb. IV II

OSS175 White sandstone slab upright.
ELIZABETH/ wife of/Wm./STRATHDEE/Just Sleeping/died/oct. 3, 1853/aged 98 y’rs

OSS176 White sandstone slab upright, broken. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/MARY/

(no date)
OSS177 Grey granite block.
EMORY A./CLARK D.D.S./1886-1933

OSS178 Grey granite block.
EMORY A./CLARK Jr./1925-1932

OSS179 Grey granite block.
JAMES E./CLARK/1918-1920

OSS180 Grey Granite block.
L. GWEN CLARK/1895-1950

OSS181 Pink granite block.
SARAH A. ABEL/beloved wife of/Wm. Swindells/ 1877-1944

OSS182 Pink granite block. (Masonic Emblem)/

OSS183 Small white sandstone slab upright. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/ JOHN/son of/Hugh & Ann/McINTYRE/died/Aug. 29, 1816/aged 2 yrs/5 ms

OSS184 2-piece red granite column, on double concrete base.
In/Memory of /MARY/wife of/Marshall T. MOORE/who died/Feb. 17, 1882/AE 85 y’rs & 5 mo’s/Our Mother//In/Memory of/MARSHALL T. MOORE/who died/June 15, 1874/AE 67 y’rs/& 1 mo/Our Father/MOORE

OSS185 White sandstone slab, upright. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/ EUPHEMIA McKELLAR/who died/Aug. 2, 1853/aged 68 yrs/A native of Argyleshire/Scotland

OSS186 Large frey granite on grey granite base.
HUNT/MICAIAH HUNT/born Oct. 11, 1845 died Feb. 14, 1918/His wife/ CURLISTA EMMA/born Nov. 7, 1845 died March 30, 1917//COULTER/JOHN WESLEY COULTER/born Aug. 11, 1851 died Feb. 7, 1935/His wife/ELLEN PRISCILLA/born June 11, 1851 died Nov. 26, 1940

OSS187 2-piece pink granite column on double concrete base.
To/Three infant sons/of/Daniel & Margaret/LEITCH/MARGARET LEITCH/ relict of/Daniel Leitch/born/Nov. 15, 1841/died/June 22, 1921//In Hope/DANIEL LEITCH/died/July 15, 1884/aged 49 years/& 8 months/In life beloved/In death lamented//LEITCH

OSS188 2-piece grey granie column on double concrete base.
DONALD LEITCH/died/Sep. 20, 1849/aged/46 years/LEITCH//NANCY MUNRO/relict of/Donald Leitch/died/Sep. 14, 1891/aged/72 years// JANE LEITCH/born/Jan. 22, 1839/died/Feb. 26, 1910//JOHN LEITCH/ died/May 13, 1871/aged/26 years/

OSS189 White sandstone slab, upright. (Tree)/
In Memory of/ DONALD LEITCH/who died/May 13, 1868/AE 89 yr & 6 Ms/MARY/his wife/ died Jan. 29, 1867/AE 88 yrs/Thou shall show me the path of/life in thy precious . . of joy and thy right hand . . /is . . evermore

OSS190 2-piece red granite.
Red granite markers.
ANNIE M. MACK/1876-1951 190b ELLEN E. MACK/1882-1893

LEVI MACK/1847-1892 190d MARGARET STANSELL/wife of Levi Mack/1853-1925

OSS191 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father

E. EARL FREEMAN/born Aug. 24, 1884/died Feb. 7, 1945/His wife/JEAN BELL/born June 16, 1885/died Sept. 26, 1969//J. EDWARD FREEMAN/ died Mar. 25, 1924/aged 66 years/ELIZA WILKINSON/his wife/died Aug. 17, 1940/aged 85 years/FREEMAN

OSS192 Red granite on grey granite base. Gone but not forgotten/
In/Memory of/NEIL McCALLUM/died Aug. 10, 1922/in his 66th year/ Erected by his wife/Mary McCallum/MARY McCALLUM/died Oct. 30, 1934/in her 88th year/McCALLUM

OSS193 2-piece grey granite.

OSS194 2-piece red granite on grey granite base.
JAMES McINTOSH/1778-1873/ISABELLA his wife/1793-1855/JAMES their son/1826-1898/McINTOSH//GEORGE L. G. McINTOSH/1820-1892/ANNE DOUGLAS his wife/1834-1872/LOTTIE their dau/1866-1885/McINTOSH

OSS195 White sandstone upright slab. (Tree)/
In memory of/MARGARET/  wife of/John McINTOSH/died/Apr. 16, 1855/aged 18 y’rs/ 2 mo 12 d

OSS196 2-piece red granite column on double concrete base, carved top.
In Memory of/MARGARET/wife of/John McINTOSH/died Apr. 16, 1855/ aged 48 years/7 mos & 12 days/JOHN McINTOSH/died Jan. 19, 1873/ aged 73 years/A native of/Inverness, Scotland//DUNCAN son of/John & Margaret/McINTOSH/died July 17, 1906/ aged 73 years/JOHN son of/ John & Margaret/McINTOSH/died May 29, 1907/ aged 65 year//ALEXANDER son of John & Margaret/McINTOSH/died Sept.. 7, 1895/ aged 55 years/ MARGARET dau of John & Margaret/McINTOSH/died July 10, 1900/ aged 69 years/McINTOSH

OSS197 2-piece red granite on grey granite base.
C/MABEL WESTLAKE/died Feb. 23, 1951/aged 68 years/wife of/JOHN A. CAMPBELL/died Jan. 8, 1954/aged 88 years//C/JOHN CAMPBELL/died Sept. 27, 1868/in his 77th year/JANE McPHERSON/wife of the above/ died Dec. 4, 1853/aged56 years/SARAH FULTON wife of/Dugald Campbell/died Sept. 20, 1910/in her 68th year/DUGALD CAMPBELL/died April 14, 1922/in his 86th year/CAMPBELL

OSS198 Tall pink granite column, urn at top, on double concrete base.
FS: Jennie, Grace, John, Father

LYDIA ANN/CAMPBELL/born/Feb. 6, 1850/died Jan. 10, 1919/JENNIE CAMPBELL 1859-1938/GRACE CAMPBELL/1862-1945//JOHN born/Mar. 15 1852/died/Sep. 5, 1855/MARY born/Jan. 5, 1858/died/Sep. 26, 1858/ DANIEL born/Mar. 2, 1855/died/Mar. 17, 1871/children of/J. & L. CAMPBELL/A native of Devonshire England//JOHN CAMPBELL/born/Dec. 6, 1821/died Mar. 6, 1892/aged 70 y’rs /& 3 mo’s/A native of/Argyleshire/Scotland/LYDIA wife of/John Campbell/born Mar. 31, 1826/died/Nov. 30, 1895/aged 69 y’rs & 8 mo’s/CAMPBELL

OSS199 Tall grey granite column on grey granite on double concrete, urn at top.
FS: Joseph, J. Baird

WILLIAM THOMPSON/born Sep. 24, 1787/died Dec. 11, 1863/A native of Fintry Scotland/ WILLIAM T. LAING/born Oct. 15, 1846/died Apr. 9, 1867//JOSEPH LAING/ born May 1, 1837/died Aug. 14, 1909/ELLA SPENCER/LAING/born Nov. 17, 1857/ died Apr. 14, 1929//JOHN BAIRD/ born Dec. 18, 1841/died May 30, 1918/ ELIZABETH B. BAIRD/born/Apr. 30, 1839/died Jan. 11, 1925//JOSEPH LAING /born Apr. 18, 1812/died May 4, 1891/A native of/Oldmachar Aberdeen/ ANN/wife of/ Joseph Laing/born Sep. 24, 1812/died Apr. 27, 1892/A native of/Fintry Scotland/ LAING

OSS200 Small white sandstone slab upright. (Hand holding flowers)/
In/Memory of/AGNES C./daughter of/Geo. S. & Christine/TURNER/died/ Apr. 30, 1878/AE 17 y’s & 2 m’s

OSS201 White sandstone slab on ground. (Flowers at top)/Affection . . /
JENNETT/wife of/Peter Anderson/died/Sep. 3, 1854/aged 15 yrs

OSS202 Small in ground white sandstone slab. (Thistle)/
In Memory of/DONALD/son of Archibald & Mary/LEITCH/died June 12, 1858

OSS203 Small upright white sandstone slab.
In Memory of/JOHN/ son of/Archibald & Mary/LEITCH/died Aug. 30, 1853/11 mos & 4 days

OSS204 Small grey marble block.
ADA McTAGGART/wife of Jesse Wooley/July 20, 1884/Jan. 28, 1932

OSS205 Pink granite on grey granite base.
FS: Florence

ROSEBELLA BROWN/wife of/Henry MacGregor/1855-1923/HENRY C. MacGREGOR/1853-1934/FLORENCE MacGREGOR/1885-1975/MacGREGOR

OSS206 Small red granite, slanted face.
JAMES FINLAY/1846-1921/LUCY B. INGERSOLL/his wife/1844-1931

OSS207 Red granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.
JOHN TURNER/1854-1940/his wife/FLORA THOMSON/1854-1937/JOHN A. TURNER 1884-1944

OSS208 Large grey marble cylinder on grey marble on concrete base.
JOHN LYLE/1851-1933/ELLEN wife of/John LYLE/died July 4m 1928/aged 72 years//ANNIE D./dau of/John & Ellen/LYLE/Mar. 8, 1879/Nov. 14, 1955//THOMAS HAY/died Sept. 29, 1896 aged 80 years/AGNES wife of the above/died Sept. 30, 1901 aged 84 years/Natives of Sterlingshire Scotland/ANGALINE wife of Thos Hay Jr./died Jan. 13, 1891 aged 44 years/born in Virginia U.S.//JEAN/dau of/John & Ellen/LYLE/died/ Feb. 2, 1901/aged 15 y’rs

OSS209 Grey granite marker.
BUTLER/LYLE V./1902-( )/MYRTLE E./1910-( )

OSS210 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: James


OSS211 Red granite marker.
Mother (on top)/ CATHARINE CALCOTT/died May 12, 1888/in her 41 year

OSS212 Red granite on double concrete base.
FS: Elizabeth

D/JOHN DICKSON/1799-1874/JANE DODD/his wife/1815-1897/MARY J./1860- 1917/ELIZABETH A./1863-1885/DICKSON

OSS213 White sandstone slab, upright. Gone to Sleep Rest in Peace/Hand/
ISABELLA THOMSON/died/Apr. 17, 1904/aged 43 years/At Rest/(illegible

OSS214 Grey marble column on grey marble on double concrete base, urn at top.
L/HENRY/LATHAM/1874-1963/MARY/STOTT/his beloved wife/1875- 1944/MARTIN//ISABELLA/MacPHERSON/beloved wife of/W. H. Martin/1865- 1930/WILLIAM H./MARTIN/Mar. 1, 1867/Apr. 27, 1935.

OSS215 Tall grey marble on grey marble on double concrete base, carved top.
NICHOLAS MISNER/born/Mar. 24, 1817/died Dec. 7, 1903/SARAH HOBBS/ died Jan. 5, 1910/in her 83’d year/MISNER//In/Memory of/RICHARD MISNER/who died/July 17, 1867/aged/81 ys & 5 ms/HANNAH/wife of/ Richard Misner/died July 22, 1888/aged/87 ys 8 ms 15 ds//CATHARINE /wife of/Samuel Horton/died Dec. 31, 1880/aged 83 ys 4 ms 3 ds

OSS216 White sandstone slab broken up on ground.
(Book)/In memory of/CATHARINE (rest illegible)

OSS217 White sandstone slab on ground. (Thistle)/
In/Memory of/ JOHN McGREGOR/Elder, Yarmouth L.W./died/May 16, 1857/AE 80 ys 5 ms/& 8 ds/Native of Arglyeshire Scotland/Blessed are they who die in the Lord/John McGregor

OSS218 Red granite slab upright, on concrete base.
In/Memory of/MARGARET McGREGOR/who died/Oct. 28, 1886/aged 65 y’rs/A native of Argyleshire/Scotland

OSS219 Red granite slab upright, on concrete base.
In/Memory of/JOHN McGREGOR/who died/Mar. 13, 1878/AE 64 ys & 9 ms/ Native of Argyleshire/Scotland

OSS220 White sandstone slab, upright. (Clasped hands)/
In/Memory of/CHRISTENA/beloved wife of/James THOMSON/died Nov. 4, 1896/aged 35 yers/6 mo’s & 10 days

OSS221 White sandstone slab, upright. (Clasped hands)/
In/Memory of/JAMES D. THOMSON/died Apr. 27, 1915/aged 66 years

OSS222 White sandstone slab, upright. Farewell/(Clasped hands)/
In Memory of/FLORAH McGREGOR/wife of/Donald Thomson/died Aug. 8, 1895/aged 80 years/Our mothers gone to the mansion of rest/from a region of sorrow and pain/to the glorious land by duty blest/where she never can suffer again.

OSS223 White sandstone slab, upright. Farewell/(Clasped hands)/
In Memory of/DONALD THOMSON/died/May 21, 1873/AE 59 y’s/Native of Argyleshire/ Scotland/Our fathers gone to the mansion of rest/from a region of sorrow and pain to the glorious land by duty blest/where he never can suffer again.

OSS224 Small red granite, slanted face on concrete. (Masonic Emblem)/
JOHN G. CAMPBELL/1877-1939

OSS225 Red granite, slanted face on grey granite base.
WOODS/NATHAN 1890-1955/His wife/FLORENCE 1888-1977

OSS226 Small red granite marker.
ROBERT G. McDOUGALL/ 1932-1963/Stillborn son/SCOTT JOSEPH/Oct. 14, 1963

OSS227 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, Gordon, Daisy /

NEIL D. MacCALLUM/1857-1934/ANNABELLE his wife/1862-1939/ DAISY their dau /1908-1908/GORDON MILTON/their son/1900-1976

OSS228 Tall red granite column on red granite on double concrete base.
FS: McAlpine, McAlpin

In Memory of/CATHERINE/ wife of/John McALPIN/died Mar. 4, 1880/aged 57 years Also/ ANNA BELL/died Aug. 15, 1855/aged 7 years/JOHN McALPIN/died May 9, 1892/ aged 72 yrs//EFFIE McALPINE/died Oct. 10, 1888/aged 36 years/MARY McALPIN/ died Oct. 24, 1898/aged 51 years/McALPIN//CHRISTINA/ McALPINE/ died Jan. 28, 1942/aged 77 years//KATE McALPIN/wife of/J. Fitchett/died Dec.. 15, 1880/ aged 29 yrs/ERNEST B./FITCHETT/died May 21, 1932/aged 55 yrs/NEIL McALPINE/ died Mar. 20, 1927/aged 67 years

OSS229 Red granite marker.
SARAH ETHERIDGE/wife of/Charles Hopkins/1858- 1927

OSS230 Large red granite on grey granite base. FS: Daisy Etheridge
McALPINE/DANILE McALPINE/born Apr. 23, 1857/died Dec. 15, 1919/His wife/KATE ETHERIDGE/1860-1945//HARRY McNAMES/1883-1974/His wife/ VIOLA HOPKINS/1893-1977

OSS231 Brown granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father

DONALD O. FIRBY/1903-1979//FIRBY/CHARLES M. FIRBY/died Mar. 6, 1917/ in his 44th year/At Rest/MARY DONALDSON/His wife/died Aug. 8, 1940/ in her 65th year

OSS232 Tall grey granite column on grey granite on double concrete base.
FS: M. McAlpine, Mother, Christena, Hugh.

HUGH McALPINE/died/Jan. 19, 1916/aged 76 years//NEIL McALPINE/died/ Aug. 20, 1875/aged 86 years/native of/Kilmartin Parish Argylelshire/ Scotland/MARY/wife of/Neil McALPINE/died/Jan. 20, 1882/aged/83 years/McALPINE//MARY/dau. of/Neil & Mary/McALPINE/died/May 2, 1879/ aged/45 years/CHRISTENA McALPINE/died/Oct. 1, 1922/aged/86 years

OSS233 Black granite on grey granite base.
WILLIAM LIPSEY/ 1819-1881/His wife EMMA CURTIS/1821-1891/Their dau./FRANCES A./ 1851-1905/LIPSEY//JOHN C. LINDOP/died Jan. 2, 1913/aged 84 84 years

OSS234 Pink granite on grey granite base.
FS: Uncle, Madelyne, Father, Mother.

WILLIAM H. REID/died July 20, 1937/aged 85 years/ALVIN MANN/ 1899-1985/His wife/MADELYNE C./1897-1968//MANN/R. ARTHUR MANN/died Oct. 10, 1924/aged 52 years/MARY ELIZABETH/MANN/1873-1958/EFFIE A. MANN/1898-1981

OSS235 2-piece pink granite.
FS: Gladys, Florence, Percy, Mother, Father.

SANDERS/FLORENCE BUSBY/wife of/Alfred Sanders/1878-1962/ GLADYS H. SANDERS/1903-1972/wife of/Percy R. Sanders//ALFRED SANDERS /1871-1956/CAROLINE E. BEECHER/wife of Alfred Sanders/1874-1924/ Their son/PERCY R. SANDERS/1909-1984/SANDERS

OSS236 Tall grey marble column on grey marble on double concrete base.
In/Memory of/WM. SMITH/died/June 17, 1908/aged 88 years//In Memory of/SKENE SMITH/ died/Nov. 4, 1955/aged 80 years/EDNA BELLE/wife of/ Skene Smith/ born/ Aug. 22, 1882/died/Sept. 30, 1966/SMITH//In Memory of/DAVID SMITH/born/June 6, 1838/ died/Sept. 25, 1913/ELIZABETH/wife of/David Smith/born Aug. 11, 1849/ died Aug. 5, 1914//In Memory of/ JAMES SMITH/died/Arp. 11, 1881/ aged 88 years/ Also JANE/wife of James SMITH/died/Nov. 27, 1853/aged 54 years/ Our parents here underground/ The dearest friends we ever found/but through the Lord’s unbounded love/ we hope to meet in Heaven above.

OSS237 Red granite marker.
ROSA DOWNS/born 1886/died 1965

OSS238 Small pink granite, slanted face.

OSS239 Red granite, book on top, on grey granite base. FS: Mary
At Rest/(Open gate)/MARY L. DRAKE/beloved wife of/Robert E. Knox/ born in Southwold Elgin Co. 1829/died 1906/KNOX

OSS240 2-piece large black granite.
FS: Charlotte, Emma, George, Bertha, Alice, Mother, Gr.mother, Gr.father.

KING/ MARY ALICE 1872-1939/BERTHA 1875-1943/GEORGE 1869-1933/His wife/ MARGARET E. HUNT/1869-1961/Dr. A. H. V.S. 1862-1902/CHARLOTTE 1864- 1874/EMMA 1864-( )/EDNA M. 1909-1964/wife of J. LEONARD SILCOX/ 1914-1946//KING/ABRAHAM KING/1797-1870/MARY ANN CORSAUT/His wife/ 1804-1889/DAVID KING/1825-1907/MARY V. POTTICARY/his wife/1841-1924
240a Red granite, slanted face.
A. H. KING/1862-1902

240b Black granite marker.

OSS241 Grey granite, slanted face.

OSS242 Grey marble column on grey marble on double concrete base.
FS: Father, Johnie.

In Memory of/KATIE J. McGREGOR/born/ July 25, 1872/died/Feb. 24, 1904/At Rest// In Memory of/ALEXANDER McGREGOR/died/Mar. 31, 1885/aged/41 yrs & 8 mo/ Blessed are the dead/that die in the Lord/McGREGOR//In Memory of/JOHNIE/son of/ Alex & Flora/McGREGOR/died/May 15, 1884/aged/6 yrs & 6 mo/Asleep in Jesus

OSS243 Pink granite on white granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, Mother.

GEORGE A. LAWTON/1847-1938/His wife/ROXANA CARR/1851-1926/Their dau. /EVA R./1877-1878/CHARLES E./1888-1915/JOHN A./1872-1940/JOHN LAWTON /1810-1881/His wives/JANE MISNER/1816-1850/ROXANA NOBLE/1821-1879// LAWTON/ANNIE BELLE DECOU/1884-1963/wife of/WM. LEONARD LAWTON/1879- 1964/God is love

OSS244 Large white sandstone slab, upright. (Tree)/
In Memory of/ CATHARINE / wife of/ Duncan McGREGOR /who died/ Sep.25, 1858 / AE 46 ys & 7 ms/(7-line verse illegible)
[Note – Weekly Dispatch 30 Sep 1858 gives Death notice for wife of Duncan McGREGOR]

OSS245 White sandstone slab on ground. (Tree & Monument at top)/
In/Memory of / DUNcn McGREGOR /died Apr. 23, 1868 /AE 63 yrs & 6 ms/A native of Argyleshire Scotland/ . . . peaceful is the grace/where life’s . . the . . home by / . . receives us all at last
[Note Duncan McGREGOR]

OSS246 Grey marble column on grey marble on double concrete base.
In/Memory of/AGNES S./wife of A. O. KNOX/born/at Hawich Scot./July 18, 1801/died/Dec. 19, 1883/A tender and true wife/mother and friend //In/Memory of/ADAM OGILVIE KNOX/born/at Hawich Scot./July 12, 1800/ died/June 11, 1866/Erected by/their beloved children

OSS247 White sandstone slab on ground broken.
In Memory of/MARY ANN/beloved wife of/James E. VANSYCKLE/died/1863/ aged 28 yrs 11 mo/As I am now/so must you be/Prepare for death/and follow me/ELIZA JANE/daughter of/James & Mary Ann VANSYCKLE/died July 8, 1863/aged 5 mo’s 21 d’s

OSS248 Red granite on grey granite base.
WILLIAM A. CURRIE/1872-1942/MARY DICKINSON/wife of/William A. Currie died/Mar. 24, 1917/aged 45 years/Also his wife/CLARA A. JOHNSTON/ 1883-1963/CURRIE

OSS249 White sandstone slab, broken on ground. (Clasped Hands)/
In Memory of/PHILA THETA/wife of/Oscar ALLEN/aged 51 yrs/5 mos & 13 dys/(illegible verse)/OSCAR R. ALLEN/died Sept. 13, 1912/aged 76 years

OSS250 White sandstone slab, upright. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord /
In Memory of/(Masonic Emblem in open book)/Rev. J. J. GUNDY/ Baptist Minister/who died/Jan. 5, 1872/aged 47 years/& 8 m’s/Also his beloved wife/ELIZA S. PRITCHARD/died Jan. 11, 1913/in her 90th year/At rest

OSS251 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, George, James.

WILLIAM GEO. LETHBRIDGE/July 29, 1851/Jan. 8, 1929/His wife CATHARINE/May 8, 1859/Nov. 10, 1954/GEORGE 1882-1955/JAMES 1879- 1963/LETHBRIDGE//ALEX. LETHBRIDGE/1885-1967EVA MAY SMILEY/wife of/ Alex Lethbridge/1893-1925/ALEXANDER KENNETH/LETHBRIDGE/1918-1978

OSS252 2-piece red granite.
FS: Frances


OSS253 Small grey granite, slanted face.
EARHART/ MELROSE-ELAINE/1950-1955/dau of/Melvin & Florence/EARHART

OSS254 2-piece red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Warren, Mary, George, William, Amanda, Grandma, Alma, Mother, Father

(Masonic Amblem)/JOHN DAVIS 1828-1871/ALMIRA HELEN 1832-1900/ALMA ADELAIDE 1861-1873/WARREN J. 1857-1906/WILLIAM L 1863-1921/GEORGE W. 1859-1939/MARY E. 1867-1952/DAVIS

OSS255 Grey granite slab upright. (Maple Leaf)/
Captain DUGALD McBANE/C.A.M.C. C.E.F./9th April 1920/(Cross)/died in Rainy River, Ont./Resting in St. Thomas/Mausoleum

OSS256 Red granite column on double concrete base.
McBANE/ NEIL McBANE/died Sep. 16, 1900/aged 64 years/NIEL/son of Duncan & Kate/McBANE/died Oct. 28, 1893/AE 11 yrs 8 ms/NEIL ROBERT/son of Dugald & Isabel/McBANE/born Feb. 8, 1885/died Mar. 25, 1903// ISABELLA/wife of/Dugald McBANE/died Jan. 28, 1898/in the 48th year of her age/DUGALD McBANE/born Mar. 31, 1845/died Feb. 12, 1919//In Memory of/DUGALD McBANE /Native of Argyleshire/Scotland/died Dec. 2, 1871/aged 75 years/Also/CATHERINE McCALLUM/wife of the above/died Feb. 4, 1890/aged 84 years.

OSS257 Tall grey marble carved archway on large concrete base.
In Memory of/ANGUS McINTOSH/born in/Inverness Scotland/Oct. 16, 1809 /died/Aug. 8, 1882/(illegible verse)//In Memory of/ALEXANDER/son of/ Angus & Sarah/McINTOSH/born Nov. 1, 1847/died/Apr. 5, 1865/A . mother . ./God . home . ./t’s hard indeed to part with thee/but Christ . strong and supported me

OSS258 Small white sandstone slab, upright.
In Memory of/ SARAH JANE/daughter of/Angus & Sarah/McINTOSH/who died/Aug. 20, 1855 aged 1 yr/2 m & 18 d/(illegible verse)

OSS259 White sandstone slab on ground. (Flowers/Tree)/
In/Memory of/DONALD/son of/Angus & Sarah/McINTOSH/died/Aug 17, 1855/ AE 3 y’s 7 m’s/& 16 d’s

OSS260 2-piece square grey marble, slanted top, on concrete base.
Gone but not forgotten/Open Gates/CATHERINE McINTYRE/1836-1899/JANE  McINTYRE/ 1850-1870/McINTYRE//ARCHIBALD McINTYRE/1800-1874/ RACHEL his wife/1810-1883/JOHN McINTYRE/1846-1904/

OSS261 2-piece red granite column on double concrete base.
FS: George, Frank, Millie, Father
E. WILBUR/HONSINGER/1873-1947/HONSINGER//GEORGE R./HONSINGER/Oct, 10 1863/Dec. 24, 1935//WAITE/HONSINGER/died Jan. 3, 1892/in his 65th year/FRANK W./HONSINGER/died Oct. 18, 1895/in his 30th year/MARGARET /DRAKE/wife of/Waite Honsinger/born Mar. 7, 1838/died Aug. 7, 1907// EDITH/URLIN/wife of/B. F. Honsinger/died Dec. 28, 1905/in her 49th year/BENJAMIN F./HONSINGER/died/Sept. 30, 1932/aged/74 years/

OSS262 White sandstone slab, upright.
Sacred/to the Memory of/ MARGARET/wife of/Benjamin DRAKE/who departed this life/April 2, 1838 /in the 20 year/of her age/(illegible verse)

OSS263 Small white sandstone slab, upright.
In Memory of/ SARAH JANE/daughter of/Benjamin & Isabell/DRAKE/who departed this life/Aug. 10, 1849/aged 1 yr 5 mos/& 8 days

OSS264 Small red granite, slanted face.
EARHART/JAMES STANLEY/1892-1957/Husband of/MILDRED SQUIRE/1896-1979

OSS265 2-piece large grey marble, urn on top, on double concrete base.
CARRIE/wife of/Dr. R. M. EGGLES/died/Jan. 6, 1884/aged 26 year/ EGGLES
OSS266 Large white sandstone slab, upright.
Sacred/to the/Memory of/ LOUISA J./beloved wife of/Noah DODD/died/March 23, 1886/aged 22 yrs & 5 mos/(illegible verse)

OSS267 2-piece grey granite.
In Loving Memory/ COULTER/DANIEL COULTER/1851-1940/his wife/ELIZABETH CARSWELL/1858- 1949/Their daughter/ERIE C. COULTER/1898-1982/
267a Grey marble marker.

267b Grey marble marker.

OSS268 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother

JOHN R. CAMPBELL/born Feb. 13, 1844/died May 16, 1925/FANNY HIGLEY/ his wife/born Jan. 12, 1851/died Apr. 12, 1944/CAMPBELL

OSS269 Small red granite, slanted face.
Roy HALL/1893-1964/his wife/Amy ROGERS/1888-1958/Baby Thomas J./1926

OSS270 Large black granite on grey granite base.
FS: Geo., William, Neville.

GEORGE A./died July 19th 1880/aged 1 year & 7 days/ LILLIAN/died July 29th 1881/aged 2 y’rs & 10 mo’s/NEVILLE/died April 21st 1839/aged 23 years/children of Geo. L./ Eva M. OILL/RALPH OILL/ died Oct. 7th 1903/in his 29th year//EVA M. wife of/George L. OILL/ died Aug. 20th 1896/aged 43 years/GEORGE L. OILL/1846-1929/OILL

OSS271 White sandstone slab, upright. Clasped hands/
In Memory of/ B. F. LYONS/died Apr. 9, 1872/AE 33 y’s/& 8 m’s/(illegible verse)

OSS272 2-piece red granite on double concrete base.
FS: Dan, Mother, Father.

ANDREW/son of/Abram & Olive NEWCOMB/died Dec. 31, 1857/aged 18 y’rs 4 mo;s/ & 13 days/EDNA/infant dau. of/Dan & Rachel/NEWCOMBE/ died/Jan 15, 1891 //D. W. NEWCOMB/died/Febu 24, 1871/aged 87 y’rs/& 1 month//ABRAM NEWCOMBE/died/Feb. 10, 1892/AE 81 ys 7 m 11ds/OLIVE/ wife of/Abram NEWCOMBE/ died Sept. 1, 1887/aged 75 y’rs & 2 mo’s/ NEWCOMB//DAN WEBSTER/ NEWCOMBE/1853-1925/RACHEL M. MARLATT/wife of D. W. Newcombe/ born Dec. 9, 1854/died May 29, 1905

OSS273 2-piece large grey marble on grey granite base.
FS: Mary J., William, Jane.

At Rest/(Open Gates)/JANE died May 17, 1873 aged 29 yrs/MARY J. died Jan. 18, 1895 aged 50 yrs/WILLIAM died Feb. 18, 1902/aged 72 yrs/HAIR

OSS274 Small white sandstone slab, upright. (Flowers)/
In Memory of/ AMELIA/dau of/Wm. & Almira/NEWCOMBE/died Aug. 19, 1871/AE 1 yr & 9 d/(illegible verse)

OSS275 Tall grey marble column, urn on top, on double concrete base.
SWISHER//In Memory of/ELLA A./beloved wife of/Marcus A./SWISHER/who departed this life/Oct. 11, 1893/aged/36 years/& 4 days/All our plans of life are/broken. All our hopes/of life have fled, coun/sel comfort and advi/ser Alas! Alas! For thou art dead/A precious from us has gone/A voice we loved is stilled/A place is vacant in our home/which never more can be filled

OSS276 White sandstone slab, upright, top broken off.
AMELIA E./only dauth of D. W. & Eliza/NEWCOMBE/died/Sep. 29, 1870/AE 26 yrs/One we loved hath left our ? for the dark and silent tomb

OSS277 Small white sandstone slab, upright. (Thistle)/
In/Memory of/ ALEXANDER S./son of William & Ann E./WATT/who died/May 20, 1855/aged 7 m & 13 d/(illegible verse)

OSS278 White sandstone slab, upright. (Open book)
ISSAC HOLLINGSHEAD/born/May 10, 1823/died March 5, 1860/aged/36  years 9 mo & 26 d’s/Dear as thou wert and . . /we will not weep for thee/one thought that death . . /it is that thou art free

OSS279 White sandstone slab, upright.
RHODA E./NEVILLS/wife of/Warren F. Davis/died/June 17th 1905/aged 78 years/& 9 months

OSS280 Pink granite, slanted face, on grey grey granite base. (Woodmen of the World Emblem)/
HECTOR GREENAWAY/1863-1928/EMILY HILL/ beloved wife of/Hector Greenaway/ 1866-1926

OSS281 Grey granite block.
HARRIE G. HALL/beloved husband of/Millie Hall/1885-1917

OSS282 Small white marble slab, upright. (Cross)/
PERCIE J. HALL/Indiana/Corpl/15S Depot Brig./February 19, 1924

OSS283 Grey marble marker.
MARY A. HALL/1863-1950

OSS284 Grey marble marker.
JOSEPH G. HALL/1857-1935

OSS285 Grey granite marker.
CATHERINE (LEE)/Nov. 22, 1889-Dec. 20, 1976/ wife of/John CALVERT

OSS286 Grey granite marker. (Cross/
JOHN CALVERT/Sapper/R.C.E./ 22 May 1983/aged 86

OSS287 White marble marker.
Father/LEWIS EASTON/1903-1968

OSS288 Grey granite marker.
SAM WATANABE/1904-1976

OSS289 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: George

GEORGE T. DYER/1886-1957/BERTHA ATKINSON/beloved wife of/George T. Dyer/died Nov. 25, 1931/aged 43 years/DYER

OSS290 2-piece grey granite.
In Loving Memory of/ LEWIS MUNROE/1892-1960/his wife/MYRTLE ATKINSON/ 1893-1956/ BALLANTINE

OSS291 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father

OSS292 Large red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, Gordon Cleve, Lottie.

At Rest/ADOLPHUS McCONNELL/died Feb. 16, 1932/ aged 69 years/HANNAH MANARY his wife/died Nov. 4, 1940/aged 76 years /McCONNELL//HARRY GORDON McCONNELL/1903-1948/H. CLEVE McCONNELL/ 1900-1966/his wife/ LOTTIE CLARK/1901-1982

OSS293 Grey marble marker.
FLORENCE/his wife/1893-1933

OSS294 Grey marble marker.

OSS295 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Father, Mother, Grand-ma.


OSS296 2-piece red granite.
HOMISTER/WILLIAM C. HOMISTER/1881-1940/EMILY VERA DUBOISE/his wife/ 1871-1942/MARIE ELIZABETH/dau. of Mrs. W. C. HOMISTER/1896-1934

OSS297 Small red granite marker.
FS: Mother.


OSS298 Red granite on grey granite base. (Masonic Emblem)/
FIELD/ FIELD/In Loving Memory/JOSEPH FIELD/1890-1987/His wife/ETHEL J. STONER/1893-1975/

OSS299 Red granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.
McKILLOP/DUNCAN A. McKILLOP M.D./1859-1944/GEORGINA J. WATT/His wife/1875-1950

OSS300 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father.

STONER/WILLIAM S. STONER/1867-1950/ANNIE VOWLES/his wife/1871-1949

OSS301 2-piece red granite.
CALPBELL/ALBERT E. CAMPBELL/born May 26, 1872/died June 27, 1924/IDA CAMPBELL born Mar. 10, 1872/died Apr. 15, 1955/At rest

OSS302 Red granite marker.
E. M. McNERNEY/ dau of/A. & S. Perry/died/Dec. 27, 1898/aged 23 years/At rest

OSS303 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Ethel, Madeleine, Stanley

JACKSON/ETHEL L. JACKSON/1891-1956/wife of/G. HAROLD JACKSON/1892- 1969//LEWIS/STANLEY C. LEWIS/1902-1953/his wife/DORIS MADELEINE/ LEWIS/1903-1964

OSS304 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: William, Annie, Grace

WM. H. LINDLEY/1870-1966/SARAH ANN FUKE/wife of/W. H. Lindley/1865- 1929/GRACE CLARK/1899-1934/LINDLEY

OSS305 Red granite on grey granite base.
GEORGE H. BEGG/1870-1930/ISABELL A. BEGG/wife of Cameron Thomas/ 1863-1932/BEGG//CHARLES BEGG/1829-1916/ISABELLA his wife/1841-1873/ CATHERINE BEGG/MACKAY/1865-1896/JAMES BEGG/1873-1914/BEGG

OSS306 Pink granite on grey granite base.
At Rest/(Tree) FLT links)/ Corp. WM. H. KNIGHT/1873-1926/Pte. WM. H. KNIGHT Jr./1898-1916/ ALICE KNIGHT/1903-1923/Pte. THOS. PARTINGTON/1885-1916

OSS307 Small grey granite on concrete base.
JOHN HUBBARD/1822-1901/MARY HUBBARD/1827-1889

OSS308 Red granite on grey granite base.
MARY E. HUBERT/wife of/Milton Hatch/born Dec. 25, 1869/died Apr. 12, 1927/ MILTON HATCH/1869-1963/LUCY SOWDEN HATCH/hihs wife/1868-1952/ HATCH// BURTON HUBERT/born June 4, 1834/died June 17, 1907/his wife/ MARY A/SHARP/ born Apr. 15, 1840/died Aug. 5, 1934/HUBERT

OSS309 Red granite marker.
HAUN/Father/GEORGE A./1892-1963/ Mother/LOUISE L./1901-1962

OSS310 Bronze marker.

OSS311 Tall 2-piece grey marble on double white marble base.
FS: Herman N.

RHODA A./BRETT/born/May 23, 1854/died/July 27, 1854/HERMAN H. BRETT/ born/ Dec. 29, 1887/died/Sept. 18, 1890//MINNIE L./BRETT/wife of/A. Milburn/ born /Feb. 25, 1866/ died/May 9, 1898//ROBT. N./BRETT/born/ Sep. 27, 1828/ died/June 29, 1904/ JANE MANN/born/Oct. 2, 1834/died/ Nov. 15, 1910/At Rest/wife of/ ROBT. N. BRETT/BRETT

OSS312 Black granite marker.
FS: Father, Mother. McBRAYNE/

FRANK M./1882-1962/(Flowers)/CLARA BELLE/1896-1984

OSS313 White sandstone slab on ground.
Our Darling Girl/(Flower)/ MARY LUCINDA/daughter of/John & Sarah SCOTT/died/Nov. 20, 1866/ AE 2 mo/(Rest illegible)

OSS314 Tall red granite column on red granite on double concrete base.
FS: Father, Mother, Lyman L., Sophia, Melissa

In Memory of/SUSAN/wife of/David CUTTEN/who died/Sep. 12, 1879/aged 61 years/ Gone to rest/CUTTEN//GEORGE O. CUTTEN/1844-1919/LYMAN L./ son of David & Susan/ CUTTEN/died/Feb. 7, 1886/Fullness of joy/ forever with the Lord//In Loving Memory of/ MELISSA CUTTEN/died Dec. 6, 1912/Don’t forget me/EDITH H. CUTTEN/ died Jan. 4, 1918/At Rest/ SOPHIA B. CUTTEN/LAMB/1840-1930/Gone home// Sacred to the loved/and cherished memory of/DAVID CUTTEN/who died/Feb. 18, 1892/ aged 77 years/A voice we loved is stilled

OSS315 White sandstone slab broken on ground. (Flowers/Hand)/
In/Memory of/ HANNAH O./dau. of Edith H. CUTTEN/a native of Nova Scotia/died Sep. 13, 1869 (rest of stone missing)

OSS316 2-piece grey marble on double concrete base
In/ Memory of/DONALD SINCLAIR/died in Yarmouth/April 27th 18872/aged 65 yrs 6 mos/ Native of/Argyleshire/Our father/If a devout and Christian . /may hope to . . a home above/ Then dear Father thine is certain/in the home where all is love/ SINCLAIR//In/Memory of/JANE/ beloved wife of/Donald SINCLAIR/died in St. Thomas/ July 12th 1882/ aged 66 yrs 4 mos/native of Argyleshire/Our mother/When angels with their harps of gold assemble for to sing God’s praise/our sainted mother there shall be/ with highest harp to chant/the day

OSS317 White sandstone slab, upright. (Tree/Monument/Tree)/
In Memory of/ MARGARET J./McCONNELL/died/Mar. 4, 1869/AE 14 ys & 4 ms

OSS318 Grey marble on concrete base.
LITTLEJOHN (on top)/ JAS. LITTLEJOHN/born Nov. 5, 1819/died Dec. 21, 1904/MARGARET J./ wife of/Jas. LITTLEJOHN/born March 1820/died Dec. 6th 1900

OSS319 Grey marble column on grey marble on concrete.
JANE WILLIAMS/wife of/George Hughes/1860-1942//GEORGE HUGHES/the beloved/husband of/Jane Hughes/born/in Wales 1851/departed/this life /Jan. 4th 1920/The Lord giveth/and the Lord/taketh away/Blessed be the/name of the Lord.

OSS320 Grey granite slab, upright. (Air Force Emblem)/
271193 3rd A.M./ARTHUR T. DAVIS/Royal Air Force/26th Oct. 1918/ (Cross)/Gone but not forgotten

OSS321 2-piece grey marble on concrete base.
ARTHUR T. DAVIS/R.A.F. No. 271193/Oct. 20, 1897/Oct. 26, 1918/WALTER W. DAVIS/May 30, 1868/Jan. 17, 1928/his wife/SARAH MILLS/1870-1955/ DAVIS

OSS322 2-piece large red granite, large ball on top, on double concrete base.
FS: Sally B., Olievia.

In/Memory of/JOSHUA WARDELL/who died/March 3rd 1873/aged 81 y’rs/ WARDELL// SALY B./wife of/J. WARDELL/died July 25, 1835/aged 35 years/ also/ CHARLOTTE/wife of/J. WARDELL/died Oct. 6, 1878/aged 78 years// EDWIN S. WARDELL/ born July 31, 1826/died Oct. 28 1898/MELISSA wife of/E. S. WARDELL/ died Feb. 21, 1918/in her 96th year/OLIEVIA A./dau. of/E. S. & M. WARDELL/ died July 10, 1861/EMMA M./dau of/E. S. & M. WARDELL/died April 13, 1874 //SALLY C. B./dau of/J. & C. WARDELL/died Jan. 30, 1894/ JOSEPHIEN/ dau of/J. & C. WARDELL/died July 23, 1900/in her 63rd year

OSS323 White sandstone slab, upright. Gone but not forgotten/
(Tree/Open book/Tree)/In Memory of/DUGALD McBRAYNE/who died/June 30, 1870/AE 72 yrs/Native of Kilmartin Parish Argyleshire/Scotland

OSS324 Grey granite block.
CLUSKEY/ In Loving Memory of/LAWRENCE CLUSKEY/1864-1944/his wife/MARY MARIA LEGGETT/1872-1940

OSS325 Pink granite, slanted face.
HUBERT/ GEORGE A. HUBERT/1872-1947/his wife/EUPHEMIA J. STEWART/1877-1963

OSS326 Grey granite slab, upright. (Maple Leaf)/
611 A.
Corporal/WILLIAM A. KNIGHT/1st Battn C.E.F./22nd Nov. 1926/ (Cross)/Rest in Peace/Love the Brotherhood/Fear God, Honour the King

OSS327 Red granite marker.
JOSEPH F. CULLEN/husband of/Labelle Aiken

OSS328 Red granite marker.
LABELLE AIKEN/wife of/Joseph F. Cullen/1881-19-

OSS329 Grey granite marker.
EDITH ANNIE ROWLEY/wife of/George R. McColl/ 1869-1932

OSS330 Red granite on grey granite base.

OSS331 Pink granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.

OSS332 Grey marble scroll. Little

OSS333 Large pink granite cylinder on pink granite on double concrete base.
FS: Sarah.

MARGARET/MOORE/died/Sept. 27, 1922/aged 72 yrs/ //SARAH J. WAUGH/dau. of/J. & J. Moore/ died June 1, 1892/aged 47 y’rs/EALEANOR MOORE/DANCEY/died/Feb. 27, 1920/aged 74 yrs// JAMES MOORE/died Feby. 7, 1895/aged 84 y’rs/5 mos & 27 dys/JANE/wife of the above/ died Mar. 24, 1879/aged 69 yrs/& 3 mos//ISABEL MOORE /died/Feb. 20, 1890/aged 47 yrs/ DAVID MOORE/died/Apr. 16, 1895/aged 60 yrs/ELIZA/ADELAIDE/MOORE/1854-1940/ MOORE

OSS334 Grey granite marker.
HARRY THOMAS/1893-1972

OSS335 White sandstone scroll front.
CHARLES GRIFFIN/BENSON/born/ Feb. 4th 1881/God’s finger touched/him and he slept/aged 9 years

OSS336 White sandstone on concrete base. (Flowers at top)/
This beloved daughter of/E. D. & Elmira BENSON/has gone before/ //Our/CARRIE/PEARL/fell asleep/July 19, 1885/aged 2 yrs &/8 mos/ Jesus/hath gather’d this/PEARL BENSON

OSS337 Tall grey granite spire on grey granite, urn at top, on double concrete.
FS: Daniel/McMillan, Margaret/McMillan.

PETER MacMILLAN/Feb. 28, 1850/Mar. 12, 1946/His wife/MARGARET DEWAR/ June 1, 1867/Apr. 3, 1950//In/Memory of/BELLA McMILLAN/died/January 8, 1895/aged 55 yrear/RITA McMILLAN/died/Feb. 4, 1911/aged 15 yrs/ VIOLET McMILLAN/died Sept. 11, 1894/aged 3 weeks//In/Memory of/ DANIEL McMILLAN who died/Nov. 7, 1886/aged 73 years/& 6 months/My wife and children all from you a father, Christ doth call/ . . ./ to call my . your . . again/McMILLAN//In/Memory of/MARGARET/wife of/ Daniel McMILLAN/who died/Dec. 30, 1890/aged 71 years/Twas hard to give her up/but Thy will o God’s be done

OSS338 White sandstone, scroll front.
Memory of/JAMES D./ son of/John & Elizabeth/JONES/who died/Jan. 2 ys 2 ms & 7 days

OSS339 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mildred

L/MILDRED M. MacMILLAN/beloved wife of/William L. Longfield/born Aug. 5, 1897/died Feb. 2, 1922/LONGFIELD

OSS340 Red granite cylinder on double concrete base.
FS: Jonathan, Brother, Father, Mother, Father.

RUDOLPH BRUNST/died/Aug. 23, 1895/aged 75 y’rs//FREDERICKA BRUNST/died/Feb. 24, 1879/aged 55 y’rs//CHARLES BRUNST/died/Nov. 6, 1883/aged 30 y’rs/BRUNST

OSS341 Large red granite on concrete base.
FS: Father, Mother, M.S.R.

JOHN HEARD/died/Jan. 15th 1897/in his 74th year/A native of Devonshire /England /Blessed are the dead/which die in the Lord/MARIA PINCOMBE /wife of/John Heard died Nov. 1st 1900/in her 75th year/A native of Devonshire/ England/Asleep in Jesus/ Peaceful rest/HEARD// WILLIAM HEARD/1851-1927/ ELIZA ADELAIDE COUSE/ his wife/1856-1937/ LOTTIE IRENE HEARD/their dau. & wife of/Barlcay D. Hull/ 1890-1922// MATILDA S./ROBINSON/Lambeth, Ont./ Nov. 9, 1856/Battlecreek Mich./ Jan. 28, 1912/and there shall/be no more death/ Rev. 21.4//FLORENCE DAVEY/ wife of/Harry Heard/1892-1920 Matching Red granite markers
HARRY E./died/Dec. 1963 341b HAZEL O./died Apr. 1960

FLORENCE D./died/Feb. 1920 341d ELVA A./died Oct. 1984

NETTIE M./died/Sept. 1955 341f LOTTIE I. HEARD/wife of Barclay D. Hull/1890-1922

WILLIAM/died/May 1927 341h ELIZA A./died/Dec. 1937

OSS342 2-piece large dark grey granite.
FS: Mother, Father, Walter, Florence, George, Mabel.

ISAAC ALONZO BURNS L.D.S./ Niagara 1836/St. Thomas 1900/SALOME EEDSON, wife of Isaac Alonzo Burns/1838-1919//GEORGE E. BURNS/1863-1924/ WALTER A. BURNS L.D.S./ 1867-1937/MABEL A. BURNS/1870-1944/ FLORENCE BURNS/1891-1982

OSS343 2-piece grey granite column on double concrete base.
FS: Angus, Mother.

In Memory of/ANGUS/McKELLAR/died/June 30, 1890/aged 42 yrs/  McKELLAR///In Memory of/MALCOLM McKELLAR/who died/Dec. 31, 1870/aged /77 ys 5 ms/& 2 ds/A native of/Argyleshire/Scotland//In Memory of/ MARY/beloved wife of /Malcolm McKELLAR/who died/Apr. 12, 1888/aged/ 80 yrs/Our mother/in God’s . . mother doth call/ . once more a day of paradise//In Memory of/SARAH/McKELLAR/born 1843/died/Jan. 7, 1916

OSS344 Pink granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father.

COWAN/ WILLIAM COWAN/died Dec. 3, 1873 aged 81 years/MARIA COWAN/died Apr. 14, 1904 aged 97 years/DAVID COWAN/died Feb. 25, 1906/aged 64 years

OSS345 2-piece red granite block on double concrete base.
FS: Obed

In Memory of/Wm SMITH/died Mar. 16, 1862/aged 61 year & 8 mo’s/also/ MARTHA/wife of the above/died Dec. 12, 1872/aged 61 y’rs & 11 mo’s/ SMITH//In Memory of/G. S. SMITH/died Apr. 1880/aged 39 years & 7 mo’s//In Memory of/OBED H. SMITH/died Nov. 27, 1892/aged 47 year/ MARY JANE ALLEN/wife of/Obed H. Smith/1846-1924//In Memory of/RACHEL P. SMITH/died May 7, 1876/aged/39 years & 4 mo’s/ANN SMITH/died Dec. 3, 1885/aged 52 years

OSS346 Large red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother

H/MARIA dau. of/T. W. & E. HAWLEY/died Oct. 30, 1892/in her 59th year/ HAWLEY//H/THOMAS W. HAWLEY/died Oct. 31, 1883/in his 73rd year/ ELIZABETH/ wife of the above/died May 16, 1872/in her 71st year

OSS347 Red granite on double concrete base.

OSS348 Large red granite on grey granite base. FS: Verna
H/ELI HATHERLEY/1854-1945/ELIZABETH G. QUICK/beloved wife of/Eli Hatherley/1861-1938/CLARENCE A. HATHERLEY/1891-1945/His wife VERNA/ 1892-1957/HATHERLEY//Q/JOHN QUICK/died Mar. 26, 1872/aged 47 years/ JANE GAY/wife of the above/died Aug. 27, 1906/in her 79 year/QUICK

OSS349 Grey granite marker. (rose)/
RUSSELL/1875-1919/LINDORES/(Rose)/ HORNBY 1900-1953

OSS350 Grey granite slab, upright. (Maple Leaf)/
53700 Sergeant/THOMAS LINDORES/18th Battn. C.E.F./4th Feb. 1933/(Cross)/The call has sounded/bidding a soldier/his warfare cease/Rest in Peace

OSS351 Small grey marble.
ALBERT/son of Mr. & Mrs./J. BATES/died Aug. 28, 1917/aged 5 months

OSS352 White sandstone slab, on ground broken. (Tree/Open book in hand/ tree)/
In/Memory of/MALCOLM McKELLAR/who died/Dec. 31, 1870/AE 77 y’s 5 m’s/& 2 d’s/Native of Argyleshire, Scotland/(illegible verse)

OSS353 White sandstone scroll front.
LILLIAN FORD/BENSON/born/May 22, 1875/died/June 22, 1879/Suffer little children/to come unto me

OSS354 White sandstone slab on ground. (Clasped hands)/
In/Memory of/ ALICE M./dau. of/Thomas & Sarah/BENNETT/died May 16, 1879/AE 19 y’s 5 m/There is a bright . . love/We long to reach its shore/to join with the dear one welcome/not lost but gone before OSS355 ? ? . Mother/WATSON

OSS356 Grey marble slab, upright.
FS: Father.

In/Memory of/MARY/wife of/Walter ROBERTS/died/May 29, 1879/AE 29 y’rs/Safe in the arms of Jesus

OSS357 Red granite on concrete base.
FS: Father. MORSE/

ISRAEL MORSE/died Feb. 6, 1908/aged 68 years/ELIZABETH J. MORSE/ died July 10, 1917/ aged 76 years/KATHY B. MORSE/died July 25, 1914/ aged 46 years// MARY died mar. 9, 1865 aged 3 yrs/ELLA died Mar. 2, 1869 aged 6 weeks/ EVA died Mar. 12, 1879 aged 3 yrs

OSS358 White sandstone slab on ground. Abide in Jesus/
In Memory of/ JOHN W. SHORE/who died/Oct. 25, 1881/aged 32 years/and 21 days/ (verse ?)

OSS359 White sandstone slab on ground.
In/Loving Memory of/ ESTHER M. WHEATLEY/wife of/D. Watson/who died/Oct. 5, 1882/in the 59th year/of her age/Our mother . . illegible verse

OSS360 White sandstone scroll front. (Flower)/
FLORENCE/ died/July 3, 1885/To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die

OSS361 White sandstone slab on ground. (Vine)/
In Memory of/ DAVID WATSON/who died/Dec. 31, 1882/aged/68 years

OSS362 Two grey granite blocks on single concrete base.
DANIEL C. MUNRO/died/May 14, 1891/in his 29 year/a native of Argyleshire/ Scotland/ All the plans of life are broken/all the hopes of life are fled/counsel, comfort and adviser/ Alas! Alas! For thou art dead/MARGARET/MUNRO/wife of/Alfred Harris/ died/ Sept. 14, 1915/ aged 56 yrs/At rest

OSS363 Grey marble scroll front.
FRANK D./son of/Cha’s & Mabel/YATES/ born May 27, 1902/died/Aug. 16, 1902

OSS364 Red granite, cylinder on top, on grey granite base.
HUNSBERRY/JOSEPH G./died June 27, 1915/aged 83 years/CATHARINE/his wife/died June 19, 1916/aged 74 years//OSCAR HUNSBERRY/1864-1946/ MARY E. his wife/1872-1951

OSS365 Small grey marble, cross on top, on double concrete base.
CHARLES/HATTRAVERS/Sept. 15, 1842/Jan. 5, 1935//WM. STEVENS/died/ Dec. 1, 1891/aged 76 y’rs/A native of Creach/near Taunton/ Somersetshire/England/MARY A./wife of/William STEVENS/1839-1926

OSS366 Black granite, slanted face, on concrete base.
Father 1850-1887/Mother 1842-1902/Robert/1887-1887/HADDEN

OSS367 3-piece marble, open book on top.
WILLIAM HOBBS/died/Dec. 9, 1892/aged/57 year/Gone but not forgotten

OSS368 Concrete on concrete base, open book on top. (Open Gates)/
In/Memory/ of/ANNIE/wife of David CAMPBELL/died Feb. 16, 1894/aged 33 y’rs 10 mo’s/ CAMPBELL//FLOSSIE E./died/Jan. 6, 1893/age 3 y’rs/ROBERT K./ died/May 6, 1894/ age 3 mop’s/HAZEL E./died/July 4, 1894/age 5 mo’s/ Children of/David & Annie CAMPBELL

OSS369 Small white sandstone slab, upright. (Tree)/
In/Memory of/ ELIZABETH/wife of/John GIST/died/Mar. 29, 1868/AE 37 y’rs/A faithful friend companion dear/a tender mother lieth here/Great is the loss that we sustain/but hope in Heaven to meet again

OSS370 Pink granite, slanted face.
FRANK BATES/Jan. 1, 1915/Aug. 11, 1937/Gone but not forgotten

OSS371 Bronze marker.

OSS372 Grey marble slab on similar base.
JOHN W. DAWBER/ born at Wigan/Lane England/Feb. 21, 1890/died/Jan. 26, 1920/At Rest

OSS373 Grey granite block.

OSS374 Grey granite block.

OSS375 Red granite on concrete base.
FS: Frederick, Christina

LITTLE (on top)/FREDERICK M. LITTLE/1882-1962/his wife/CHRISTINA McTAGGART/1880-1962/ELIZABETH McTAGGART/1855-1920

OSS376 Concrete tree stump.
In/Memory of/SOPHIA GURD/died/Sept. 8, 1919

OSS377 2-piece grey granite.
FS: Father, Mother

LUCY ANN/wife of/John E. BACKHOUSE/died Mar. 4, 1922/in her 63rd year/JOHN E. BACKHOUSE/1856-1946/BACKHOUSE

OSS378 Grey granite, slanted face, on grey granite.

OSS379 Grey marble on concrete base.
EMILY ROWE wife of/ George Trickett/died Apr. 26, 1920/aged 54 years/TRICKETT

OSS380 Red granite marker.
DANIEL POTTS/1872-1927

OSS381 White sandstone slab, upright. (Tree)/
In Memory of/ SARAH/wife of/Dennis HARRISON/who died/Mar. 14, 1870/aged 80 yrs

OSS382 White sandstone slab, broken on ground.
In Memory of/DENNIS HARRISON/who died/December 26, 1870/aged 70 y’rs

OSS383 No monument.
OSS384 Grey granite marker.

OSS385 Small grey marble.
GEO. HENRY (on top)/son of/ W. H. & E. A./WHEELER/born/Aug. 13, 1907/died Aug. 15, 1907

OSS386 Grey marble slanted face block on concrete base.
ANNA M. ORCHARD/wife of/D. J. Watson/died/Jan. 23, 1900/in her 50th year

OSS387 Small white sandstone slab, upright. (Rose)/
In/Memory of/JULIA E/ the beloved daughter of/David & Esther/WATSON/who died/Sept. 19, 1855/aged 5 y’rs/As an angel in a vision/so she passed away

OSS388 2-piece pink granite column, urn on top, on double grey granite base.
MILLER//ANDREW MILLER/born/at Fort Erie/Jan. 12, 1823/died May 9, 1893/Gone but not forgotten/His wife/ELIZA ANN/born/Sept. 14, 1839/died Oct. 31, 1919

OSS389 Grey marble slab.
In Memory of/JOHN GILBERT/eldest son of/ Edward & Mary TATE/born Aug. 18, 1878/died Mar. 1, 1894/Faithful unto death/ . give thee a/crown of life

OSS390 Grey marble square column, scroll top, on concrete base. (wheel at top)/(arch, open gates, two columns, Masonic Emblem 3 links)/
CHRISer L. ADDERMAN/died Mar. 5, 1894/in the 20 year/of his age.

OSS391 3-piece grey granite column, draped urn at top on concrete base.
FS: Brother, Mother

JOHN P. SMITH/died/Aug. 29, 1920/aged 81 yrs//PETER McNABB/died/Jan. 2, 1949/aged 84 yrs//ANGUS McNABB/died/ July 112, 1881/aged 18 y’rs/& 3 mo’s/MARGARET McNABB/died/May 20, 1924/aged 53 yrs//JOHN McNABB/died/Sep. 27, 1888/aged 62 y’rs/ MARGARET/wife of the above/died/June 29, 1894/aged 59 y’rs/7 mo’s & 2 d’s/McNABB

OSS392 2-piece dark grey granite, cathedral top, on double concrete base.
FS: Father, Mother, Father.

CHARLOTTE/wife of/John BEAVIS/ died/Jan. 8, 1919/in her/73rd year//MARY M./wife of/John BEAVIS/ died/July 17, 1894/aged 49 y’rs/& 3 mo’s/Her end was peace/JOHN BEAVIS/born/Feb. 3, 1845/died/July 10, 1928/BEAVIS

OSS393 Pink granite cylinder on concrete. W (on each end)/
WOODWARD/LILLIE CAMPBELL/beloved dau. of/J. & E. Woodward/born May 6, 1882/died Apr. 15, 1904/Her memory is blessed/WOODWARD/ELIZABETH wife of/John Woodward/died July 31, 1916/in her 67 year/At Rest/ Native of Devonshire/JOHN WOODWARD/died Feb. 12, 1923/in his 71st year/At Rest

OSS394 2-piece grey granite column, urn on top, on double grey marble base.
ANSON HARRIS/died/Jan. 19, 1915/aged 65 years//ELIZA J./ wife of/ Walter BOULDING/1863-1922/(Three links)/WILLIAM H./BRADLEY/1863- 1936/BERTHELDA/wife of/William H./Bradley/1864-1934/Their dau./ GLADYS P/1900-1965/BRADLEY//ESTENIA/wife of/Alfred Harris/died/July 2, 1895/aged/39 year/At Rest/ALFRED HARRIS/died/Oct. 30, 1927/aged 76 yrs/VALONA THOMPSON HARRIS/died Nov. 30, 1927/aged 73 yrs/HARRIS

OSS395 Dark red granite on concrete base.
FS: Mother

ARCHIBALD THOMPSON/1878-1958/His wife/GRAYCE SHEPHERD/1881-1966//At Rest/Woodmen of the World Emblem/JOHN R. SHEPHERD/1850-1933/MARGARET H./wife of/J. R. SHEPHERD/1854-1920/SHEPHERD

OSS396 Small grey marble marker.
Our darling/dau. of/E. & M. THOMPSON/ died Aug. 5, 1909/aged 7 mos./At Rest

OSS397 Grey marble marker.

OSS398 Red granite on grey granite base.
VENNING/ In Loving Remembrance of/THOMAS VENNING/Apr. 6, 1865 Feb. 16, 1931

OSS399 Grey granite, slanted face.
In Memory of/MARY ANN/1864-1937/ beloved wife of/WILLIAM G. HURRELL/1866-1942/and grandson/JACK BIRCHALL/1914-1918
[NOTE: Obituary for Jack BIRCHALL in St Thomas Times Journal, 26 & 27 May 1919, Page 7, c1 – died May 25, infant son of Samuel BIRCHALL – CVH & AP September 2011]

OSS400 Concrete slab, upright.
In Loving Memory of/VIOLET/died/June 30, 1935/aged 21/dau. of/H. & E. DENNIS /R.I.P.

OSS401 Small grey marble marker.
ALFRED H./son of/ Geo. & Louise/TATCHELL/died/Mar. 16, 1918/aged 1 year 1 mo.

OSS402 Small grey granite marker.
Baby/Our darling

OSS403 White sandstone slab, broken and part missing. (Tree)/
In Memory of/JAMES ROBERTSON/died . . ?

OSS404 Grey marble on concrete base.
In Sacred Memory/of/ L. EDWARD TATE/born/May 11th 1852/died/Feb. 27th 1936

OSS405 Grey marble on concrete base.
Sacred to the/Memory of/ MARY ELLEN/beloved wife of/L. Edward TATE/July 6th 1856/May 7th 1931/Requiscat in pace