St. Thomas – West Avenue Section D and E

St. Thomas Cemetery

West Avenue

Sections  D & E

St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions

Transcribed O. G. S. Elgin Branch
July 1987 by Mary and Glen Ormerod
Data Entry Max Doan
Proof Reading Margaret Daugharty

Revised and formatted for the Internet 9 December 2002 by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

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Section DD-0001 Grey marble on grey granite base, Angel and cross at top.
In Remembrance of/our dear brother/James RUSSELL/born at Edinburgh/ Scotland/Jan. 26, 1891/died at Detroit/Mar. 27, 1916/aged 25 years/ Erected by/his sister & brother/Jeannie & WilliamD-0002 Red granite, slanted face on grey granite.
FS: Father, Mother, Samuel

COURTENAY/Thomas G./1862-1945His wife/Sarah A. COOTE/1862-1943/Samuel/ 1885-1914/Sarah A. wife of/Carson ARNOLD/1891-1923

D-0003 Large red granite on grey granite base.
3a Small red granite marker.
John A./1880-1953

3b Small red granite marker.
Loraine E./1899-1979

D-0004 Small grey marble, dove & cross at top.

Rhea V./WALKER/died/Apr. 27, 1918/AE 1 y’r & 10 m’s

D-0005 Large red granite on grey granite base.

ANDERSON/James ANDERSON/died May 21, 1916/aged 32 years/At Rest

D-0006 Black granite marker.

Sarah Ellen WOODS/born July 10, 1894/in Lancashire, Eng./died June 18, 1980

D-0007 Black granite marker.

Thomas Henry WOODS/born Nov. 29, 1913/in St. Thomas, Ont./died Dec. 4, 1980

D-0008 Small grey granite slab.

Alfred NUNN/died June 27, 1916/aged 47 years/late of/Highgate Eng./Thy be done//Edith NUNN/died Jan. 25, 1932/aged 58 years/Late of/Highgate Eng./Thy will be done

D-0009 Light grey granite on concrete.

Catharine VanWICKLAN/ wife of/George H. PARNELL/died Feb. 7, 1933/aged 85 years/Cecil/ only son of/Mrs. G. H. PARNELL/died Aug. 14, 1916/aged 29 years/ Annie J. wife of/Murdock McKAY/died Sept. 26, 1916/in her 81st year

D-0010 Small grey marble on grey marble.

Ellen/wife of Alfred TAPLEY / Mar. 24, 1879/Sept. 16, 1917

D-0011 Red granite marker.

A. John BAKER/husband of E. M. BEDFORD/1876-1962

D-0012 Red granite marker.

Ethel M. BEDFORD/wife of A. J. BAKER/1878-1917

D-0013 Large red granite on grey granite base.

John NEWTON/1859-1940/His wife/Nancy DURDLE/1866-1946/James L. DURDLE/ 1834-1917/NEWTON

D-0014 Black granite block.

KENNINGTON/W. Charles/Apr. 21, 1915/Jan. 5, 1982/ K/Marion I./Aug. 20, 1915/Grandson/Charles Wm. May 9-11, 1971

D-0015 Small grey marble, slanted face.

DICKIE/George R./CHILTON/1928-1932

D-0016 Grey granite on grey granite base.

LOGAN/Robert LOGAN/1883-1965/His wife/Christina LOGAN/1884-1959

D-0017 Large red granite on grey granite base.

William LOGAN/born Aug. 5, 1878/died Nov. 24, 1959/Ila M. NICOLLS/wife of/Wm. LOGAN/born Nov. 16, 1881/died April 4, 1940/NICOLLS// Woodmen of the World emblem/John Thomas NICOLLS/born Dec. 10, 1839/died Sept. 1, 1929/Eusebia J. BERDAN/his wife/born Dec. 10, 1841/died Sept. 3, 1930/Ethel R. NICOLLS/wife of D. E. PURCELL/born Feb. 17, 1876/died Oct. 26, 1933

D-0018 Tall grey marble pillar on double base. open book at top.

Margaret Leah/wife of/C. R. WELLS/died/Jan. 1, 1922/in her/29th year/dau of J. W. & Charlotte /KING/WELLS

D-0019 Red granite marker.

WELLS/C. Mel/1861-1939/Dorotha/1868-1948/Murray/ 1952-( )/ Dorotha/1918-1952

D-0020 Red granite marker.

McNABB/Hazel I. McNABB/1893-1954

D-0021 Red granite, slanted face on grey granite base.

Daniel B. FISHER/born 1879/died Nov. 9, 1953/his wife Maude/1890-1972/ Hazel I. McNABB/ 1893-1954

D-0022 Red granite, slanted face on concrete base.

BADGLEYThomas G. BADGLEY/1856-1913/His wife/Minnie CROSS/1857-1943

D-0023 Small grey marble, lamb on top, concrete base.

Audra Eleanor/SHELTON/died Mar. 28, 1922/age 3 y’rs 10 mo’s & 8 d’ys/  Suffer the little children/to come unto me

D-0024 Red granite marker.

Burton J. BAKER/1910-1972/son of John & Ethel

D-0025 Red granite marker.

Velma M. BAKER/1906-1971/wife of T. R. ROBERTSON

D-0026 Red granite marker.

Thos. R. ROBERTSON/1907-1955/(Masonic Emblem)/ Husband of V. M. BAKER

D-0027 Small white marble.

Elizabeth GRANT/1860-1928/Rest in Peace

D-0028 Small grey marble cross.

George/son of/S. & Z. GAFENKO/b. 1915 d. 1927

D-0029 Grey marble, slanted face.

Viola L. NUNNEY/wife of Charles WALKER/ Feb. 11, 1892/June 14, 1961

D-0030 Grey marble, slanted face.

Charles WALKER/Apr. 24, 1894/July 8, 1954

D-0031 Grey granite slab, cross at top.
FS: Blake

Corporal/JAMES B. ESSON/C.F.A. C.E.F./6th Nov. 1949/Rest in Peace

D-0032 Small grey marble marker.

Father/Thomas W. LEE/1854-1916

D-0033 Grey granite marker, cross at top.

Thomas G. COURTENAY/Lieutenant/24 Battn. C.E.F./8 Dec. 1951/aged 56

D-0034 Small grey marble, lamb on top.

Raymond V./son of/H. & J. MAYCOCK/ died/Aug. 16, 1916/aged 6 years

D-0035 Large light grey granite on similar base.
FS: Wilfred, Ethel

SMALE/1849 John H. SMALE 1915/His beloved wife/1853 Adelaide DORES 1935/ Their son/1875 Frederick J. SMALE 1927/His beloved wife/1880 Ethel M. GIFFIN 1971/Their son/1906 Wilfred James 1908

35a Red granite marker.

John H. SMALE/1849-1915/His wife/Adelaide M. SMALE/ 1853-1935

35b Red granite marker.

Frederick J. SMALE/1875-1927

D-0036 Red granite marker.

Clarence M. SEBURN/1873-1944/His wife/ Margaret S. OLSEN/1881-1955

D-0037 Small grey granite marker.

Mother(on top)/Susan GOODARE/At Rest

D-0038 Grey marble cylinder.

George HAYCOCK/died June 10, 1916/aged 28 years/ At Rest

D-0039 Grey marble block, slanted top.

John W./McMILLIN/1851-1933/ Julia A./WILLSIE/his wife/1863-1949

D-0040 Pink granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

Douglas Mackay/RICHARDSON/1922-1926/Robert Gordon/RICHARDSON/1893-1944/ // RICHARDSON/Robert RICHARDSON/1869-1916/Nora THORN/wife of/Robert RICHARDSON/ 1872/1922

D-0041 Small grey granite marker.

Gwen HARVEY/1906-1977

D-0042 Large grey marble on stone base.

Charles H. GOODMAN/died Nov. 1, 1921/aged 54 years/At rest/ /Elizabeth WALKER/1902-1971/Her son/W. Eveland//Gertrude E. BARNES/wife of Charles H. GOODMAN/died June 19, 1916/in her 32nd year/Gone but not forgotten/GOODMAN

D-0043 Large red granite on grey granite base. At Rest/

William C. PAUL/1858-1931/Mary Ann/His wife/1861-1946//Edith E. PAUL/ beloved wife of/William BUSTIN/died Sept. 8, 1916/aged 25 years/At Rest/ William BUSTIN/died Oct. 24, 1918/aged 33 years/BUSTIN

D-0044 Tall grey marble on similar base.

James/beloved husband of/Louisa WHITLEY/born Mar. 25, 1882/died June 2, 1917/Native of Rodley/Yorkshire England/Gone but not forgotten/WHITLEY

D-0045 Small red granite marker.

Annie Elizabeth/SHULVER/1845-1934/Native of Leeds/Yorkshire England

D-0046 Small red granite marker.

Father/Alfred SHULVER/1850-1910

D-0047 Grey marble on stone base.

Evelyn F. (on top) Loving wife of/Ernest H. R./ROOKE/died Aug. 24, 1914/in her 36th year

D-0048 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother, Father

R/Emily F. dau of/Chas. – F. E. READ/1896-1919/Sarah G READ/dau of Chas. – Florence/1900-1973//R/Charles READ/1869-1952/Florence E CURREL/ wife of/Charles READ/1865/1934/READ

D-0049 Black granite marker.

Together/COVILLE/Forever/Robert G. COVILLE/died Jan. 1936/His wife/Lucy J./DARCH/died Nov. 1936

D-0050 Grey marble slab.

Jane PARKS/wife of/Robert COVELL/died Dec. 25, 1917/ aged 50 years

D-0051 Red granite, slanted face.

MATTHEWS/James/1873-1945/ His wife/Margaret CUSHMAN/1873-1956/Their son Arthur/1907-1918

D-0052 Grey granite marker, cross at top.

L.A.C./Kenneth MATTHEWS/R.C.A.F./ 18 Sept. 1970 age 54

D-0053 Red granite on grey granite base.

COVIL/Rosetta E. SHINGLER/ 1885-1953/wife of/James H. COVIL/1884-1960

D-0054 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Arthur, Father

Arthur L. son of/Harvey & Inez NESBITT/born Oct. 5, 1917/died Dec. 25, 1 1919//Harvey L. NESBITT/1894-1970/His wife/Inez NESBITT/1899-1971//D/ Arthur DAUGHARTY/born Dec. 26, 1871/died Dec. 28, 1952/Mary L.CARTER/ wife of/Arthur DAUGHARTY/born Sept. 6, 1877/died Aug. 6, 1927/DAUGHARTY

D-0055 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

A.D.U.W./Chalres GRANT/1860-1920//Isabella A. HOPE/His wife/1871-1947// Wilfred L. GRANT/1896-1931/GRANT

D-0056 Red granite on grey granite base.

John Edward JONES/1885-1920/ //John JONES/1863-1926/Sarah J. LOWE/His wife/1863-1927/JONES

D-0057 Grey granite slab, leaf at top.

189925 Corporal John Edward JONES/ 91st Battn. C.E.F./30th Jan. 1920/ (Cross) /Greater love hath no man/ than give us his life

D-0058 Small red granite marker.

Larry D./PETERS/1953-1971

D-0059 Grey marble on concrete base.

FS: Tom, Flo, Edward, Rose

FOSTER (on top)/Thomas M. FOSTER/1895-1973/His wife/Florence M./ AUSTIN/ 1901-1982//AUSTIN/Arthur E. AUSTIN/1864-1923/His wife/Rose WHITEMAN/ 1864-1945

D-0060 Grey granite slab, leaf at top.

491293 Private/Daniel HAGGERTY/ 4th C.M.R. C.E.F./11th Dec. 1920/(Cross)/Eternal rest/Give to him O Lord

D-0061 Red granite block.

Father(on top)/Albert C. LAURENCE/1900-1947

D-0062 White marble block.

Florence A.(on top)/Beloved dau. of/Thos. E. & Lottie/BENTLEY/died Oct. 14, 1914/in her 23rd year

D-0063 Red granite on grey granite base.

Gone but not forgotten/ Daniel/GREENWOOD/1876-1943/GREENWOOD

63a Red granite marker.

Susan GREENWOOD/born Leeds England/died Nov. 1962

D-0064 Red granite marker.

Harvey JAMES/1875-1945/Father/ Edith/1868-1937/Mother

D-0065 Red granite marker.

Clarissa (CHIVERS)/LANE/1891-1971

D-0066 Large grey marble on similar base.

FS: Father

W/James D. WEBSTER/1846-1916/Elva M. PHELPS/His wife/died/Aug. 14, 1943 /in her 94th year

D-0067 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Husband

P/PETTIT//P/Charles M. PETTIT/died July 24, 1916/aged 63 years/ His wife/Mary Jane/1856-1924

D-0068 Pink granite on grey granite base.

ADAMS/Charles A. ADAMS/1864-1916/His wife/Nora E. ADAMS/1874-1963/ Tracey ADAMS/1894-1894

D-0069 Large red granite on grey granite base.

William D GRAY/1880-1971/GRAY//G/James GRAY/1841-1916/Native of Berwickshire/ Scotland/Margaret J. GILLIES/his wife/1851-1937

D-0070 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

William Arney/died Oct. 3, 1905/age 7 weeks/Doris Mary/died Sept 3, 1916/age 5 mos// Herbert A. HICKS/Aug. 4, 1872 – Dec. 7, 1961/Sarah L. SMITH/wife of/Herbert A. HICKS/ July 19, 1874 – Apr. 8, 1930/HICKS

D-0071 Large pink granite on grey granite.

FS: Iva, Grmother, Father, Mother

Fannie STRONG/1839-1923/Iva CHARLTON/daughter of/Miles & Isabel/1892- 1976/ CHARLTON// In loving memory of/Miles CHARLTON/born Aug. 8, 1844/ died Sept. 6, 1919/ Isabel STRONG/ His beloved wife/born Jan. 17, 1860/ died Nov. 23, 1944

D-0072 Black granite on grey granite base.
Frances Jean HUGHES/1914-1917/ //John M. HUGHES/1860-1944/Florence A. HUGHES/1877-1941/HUGHES
72a Small grey marble on concrete base.

Frances Jean/dau. of/John M. & Florence HUGHES/died May 18, 1917/aged 3 years

D-0073 Red granite marker.

Thelma B./(OSBORNE)/BENNETT/1910-1982

D-0074 Small grey marble on concrete.

Thomas GARDNER/ 1862-1927/of Preston/England/Eliza WILSON/his wife/ 1859-1941

D-0075 Large grey marble on marble on concrete.

In Memory of/(Gates Ajar)/ Viola Estella/RALF/born Aug. 6, 1883/died Oct. 28, 1919/Elgin Davis RALF /born July 26, 1875/died Apr. 29, 1927/RALF

D-0076 Small pink granite on grey granite base.

HORTON/Stanley B. HORTON/1888-1958

D-0077 Large grey marble on grey marble on stone.

Perfect Peace/Alfred ALLMAN/1888-1963/His wife/Mary Ellen/ALLMAN/ //JosephAlfredALLMAN/Sep. 23, 1914/Feb. 27, 1920//In Memory of/ (Gates Ajar)/Alice ALLMAN/ June 9, 1888 – Feb. 25, 1920

D-0078 Large grey marble on stone base.

Fred 1913-1942 / Clifford 1917-1942 /sons of/ L. G. PAFFORD/killed overseas /George PAFFORD/1883-1963/His wife/Elizabeth/1881-1965/Daughter Dorothy wife of Harry WARFEL/1915-1983//In Memory of/(Gates Ajar)/Florence Rose PAFFORD/Dec. 23, 1893 – Feb. 26, 1920/PAFFORD

D-0079 Small grey granite marker.

Joan OAKES/1892-1968

D-0080 Small grey granite marker.

Frank COOK/1891-1968

D-0081 Small grey granite marker.

Helen HAMER/1894-1967

D-0082 White marble on similar base, top broken off.

In Memory of/ Mary Ann HAYES/died June 30, 1920/aged 64 yrs./Mary P. JACKSON/ died Apr. 2, 1913/aged 3 wks

D-0083 Small red granite, slanted face.

Mary Ellen JACKSON/McGILLIVRAY/ 1868-1924/My soul has found abinding rest/where living waters flow

D-0084 Small red granite, slanted face.

McGILLIVRAYWilliam Duncan/born Apr. 25, 1904/died Apr. 30, 1949

D-0085 Large pink granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

COTTERILL/Frederick W. COTTERILL/1887-1943/His beloved wife/Ruth BLOW/ 1904-1924/ Their children/James Martin 1922-1923/William C. L. 1924

D-0086 Bronze marker.

Rose ROSS ROBERTSON/1892-1965

D-0087 Bronze marker.

Finley Fraser ROBERTSON/1886-1962

D-0088 White marble on stone base.

LONG/Gone from us for awhile/At Rest/ Rowland G. LONG/1883-1920

D-0089 Small red granite, slanted face.

Thomas K. BARR/1860-1924 Maud his wife/1879-1920

D-0090 Black granite on grey granite base.

BELL/PONFRETHenry PONFRET/1862-1919/His wife/Ellen PONFRET/1860-1954/ //Alice PONFRET/1893-1959/wife of/Robert E. BELL/1889-1971

D-0091 Red granite marker.

OSBORNE/ Father/Frederick G./1888-1918/Mother/Ethel COOK/1890-1966

D-0092 Small grey marble slab.

Lela A. HITCH/wife of Geo. W. ROGERS/ died Dec. 22, 1918/aged 24 y’rs/At Rest

D-0093 Large red granite on grey granite base.

Gone but not forgotten/ James MARTIN/died Aug. 10th 1916/aged 76 years/Native of Glasgow Scotland/Elizabeth MARTIN/died Nov. 27th 1931/aged 74 years/ //Jennie B. MARTIN/died Feb. 3rd 1932/aged 50 years

D-0094 Dark grey granite on grey granite base.

In Memory of/Mary A./beloved wife of/Frank HALL/born Sept. 18, 1849/died Sept. 20, 1916/Frank HALL/died April 6, 1928 aged 81 yrs/Safe in the arms of Jesus/HALL//In Memory of/Mabel S. HALL/beloved wife of/Richard EDLESTON/Aug. 20, 1879-Jan. 9, 1949/Richard EDLESTON/Native of Lancashire, Eng./Oct. 18, 1881-Nov. 15, 1958/EDLESTON

D-0095 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Leah, Olive, father, mother

Leah May HANSLEY/1897-1916/Olive HANSLEY BERDAN/1904-1928 //John G. HANSLEY/1861-1938/Maria Jane SMILEY/wife of/John G. HANSLEY/ 1872-1934/HANSLEY

D-0096 Tall red granite column, urn on top.

FS: Joseph, Father

James GENT/1853-1937//Annie/wife of/Jas. GENT/1853-1917// Sarah JaneGENT /1891-1951/ Annie E./GENT/1878-1963// JosephGENT/ 1859-1945

D-0097 Small grey marble.

In Memory of/Eliza LONEY/ died Sept. 5, 1917/in her 85th year/Gone but not forgotten

D-0098 Grey marble slab on double grey marble base.

H/Ernest W. HOLT/ born Nov. 3, 1879/died July 3, 1920/Rosina M. HOLT/born June 9, 1914/ died Oct. 31, 1918/Ada K.HOLT/1872-1970/HOLT

D-0099 Grey granite marker.

Charles E. DIGNAM/1883-1969

D-0100 Grey granite marker.


D-0101 Grey granite marker.

R. V. DOOLITTLE/1897-1969

D-0102 Pink granite on grey granite base.

Sarah (MOSS)/BRAMLEY/1873-1929/Ida Jean BARON/1920-1920//BARONJames T. BARON/1890-1983/His wife/Rhoda MOSS/1892-1979

D-0103 Large brown granite on grey granite base.

Philip GLADING/1893-1981/Hilda GLADING/1894-1980/with Christ/ //TAYLOR/In Memory of/George TAYLOR/1842-1924/Elizabeth/wife of/George TAYLOR/Jan. 5, 1833/Aug. 10, 1920

D-0104 Black granite on grey granite base.

BENDELL/George Edward/1898-1961

D-0105 Small white marble on similar base, lamb on top.

Mother/Jean KIRKWOOD/CAMPBELL/1902-1951

D-0106 White marble slab on white marble base.

In Memory of/ Walter, son of/Walter & Mary/KIRKWOOD/died Sept. 25, 1920/aged 21 years/ Walter, son of/James & Ruby/KIRKWOOD/died Feb. 25, 1921/aged 4 years/ KIRKWOOD//Walter KIRKWOOD/born May 20, 1867/died Feb. 11, 1947/Mary MILLER/beloved wife of/Walter KIRKWOOD/born in Scotland/Sept. 29, 1868/ died Nov. 29, 1925

D-0107 Grey granite marker, cross on side.
In Loving Memory/ Frederick S./LAWSON/1898-1973/Father
107a grey granite marker, cross at top.

Frederick S. LAWSON/Private, 19 Battn. C.E.F./18 Nov. 1973/aged 75

D-0108 Grey granite slab, leaf at top, cross at bottom.

53753 Private/Percy WILLIAMS/18th Battn. C.E.F./22 May 1926/At Rest

D-0109 White marble marker.

Edna Pearl CAVES/wife of William H. ARNOLD/ 1886-1947

D-0110 Red granite marker, cross on each side.

McKAIG/Mary Jane/1865-1947

D-0111 Grey granite marker.

Tom GIN/1900-1968

D-0112 Grey granite marker.

Laura STRADER/1891-1968

D-0113 Red granite marker.

Ann CHAPMAN/1847-1920

D-0114 Grey granite slab, leaf at top, cross at bottom.

400581 Sergeant/Arthur HAWKSEY/33rd Battn. C.E.F./12 July 1920/For King and country/Lest we forget/Wife and Family [HAWKSBY – CVH & JM]

D-0115 Red granite on grey granite base.

Charles P. WEEDEN/1862-1920/Lillian WEEDEN/1863-1927/WEEDEN

D-0116 Small grey marble slab.

J. B. MARKS/son of/Mrs. J. LINDSAY/1879-1920

D-0117 Small pink granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.

RODGERS/Gertrude H./1900-1972

D-0118 Small pink granite, slanted face, on pink granite base.

O’BRYAN/James F. O’BRYAN/1860-1944/Ellen JAMIESON/wife/1872-1953

D-0119 Grey marble marker.

Edward WILSON/died Jan. 24, 1926/aged 70 years/At rest

D-0120 Grey marble slab on grey marble base.

STEWARTErnest Henry/son of/Fred A. & Eva/born May 4, 1901/died Aug. 16, 1917/ Frederick A./STEWART/1877-1930//Hattie WILSON/died Feb. 19, 1921/ aged 65 yrs

D-0121 Large red granite on grey granite base.

Deffendeffer/ George DICKIE/1869-1954/His sister/Jessie DICKIE/MONTEITH/ 1871-1956/ William MILLER/1884-1945/his wife/Florence SMUCK/1889-1959- MILLER

D-0122 Red granite marker.

Allen DICKIE/1867-1948/his wife/Mary PALMER/1877-1948

D-0123 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

Jessie McLEAN/wife of/John LANE/1875-1941/1875 John 1959/LANEJohn MCLEAN/ 1845-1925/Wilhelmina/CORMACK/his wife/1840-1920

D-0124 Tall grey marble, 2 logs, slant faced block on top.

(A crown of life)/(Gates Ajar)/George R. DOWD/Aug. 30, 1891/Oct. 29, 1920/Dear Wife/ Grace May/Sept. 10, 1892/Aug. 20, 1956/DOWD// Ethel DOWD/1919-1920

D-0125 Black-brown granite on concrete base.

Rose WALKER/1889-1974

D-0126 Red granite on grey granite base.

Eva May Nov. 1949/Elizabeth Ann May 1951/Harry A. LUNN 1952/His wife Edith 1957//ORRILL/William W. ORRILL/1857-1922/His wife/Martha J. MOREY/ June 1950/

D-0127 Pink granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father

A/ARNOLD//A/ Francis Arthur ARNOLD/born Nov. 23, 1870/died July 5, 1925 His wife/Sarah Elizabeth SEXSMITH/born Sept. 23, 1871/died July 1, 1922

D-0128 Red granite marker.

Frank E./ROBINSON/1892-1971

D-0129 Red granite marker.

Mary M./SMITH/1888-1924

D-0130 Red granite marker.


D-0131 Large black granite on grey granite base.

Le Dieu a voulu. Je crois en lui/a ma fille/Cecile Caroline/beloved wife of/Nelson P. DURST/died at St. Thomas/16th June 1927/Blessed be the tie that binds/called to her heavenly home above/where, as on earth, she holds our love/DURST//(Cross)/A notre soeur/DIODORE

D-0132 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother, Father

Albert C. WALKER/1899-1978/Kenneth G. WALKER/died May 27, 1955/aged  2 mo’s//Henry E. STANSELL/1874-1957/Sarah Jane BROWN wife of/Henry E. STANSELL/1876-1947/Gerald A. WALKER/1933-1974/STANSELL
132a Red granite marker.

In Loving Memory/Gerald A. (Gerry)/WALKER/1933-1974

D-0133 Red granite marker.

In Loving Memory of/Annie A. EVANS/1886-1964

D-0134 Grey marble on similar base.

Thomas WARD/ born Jan. 25, 1860/died May 27, 1923/WARD

D-0135 Red granite marker.

George W./LOUCKS/1886-1962

D-0136 Red granite marker.

Ethel P./LOUCKS/1890-1984

D-0137 Red granite on grey granite base.

GRAVES/LOUCKS/ //GRAVES/Woodmen of the World Emblem

D-0138 Red granite marker.

 Stanley GRAVES/1899-1955

D-0139 Black granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother, Father

SUTHERLAND (on top)/Thomas H. M./son of/Thomas & Harriet/SUTHERLAND 1901-1923//Thomas SUTHERLAND/1868-1938/Harriet MORRISON/beloved wife of/ Thomas SUTHERLAND/1871-1923

D-0140 Large red granite on red granite base.
CRUMP/Anna J. CRUMP/1918-1925/Audrey M. CRUMP/1916-1961/beloved wife of Talbot KIRKPATRICK//George M. CRUMP/1894-1923/beloved husband of/ Florence M. CRUMP
140a Grey marble marker.

George M. CRUMP/1894-1923


Nina J. CRUMP/1918-1925

D-0141 Small grey marble slab.

Our Dad (on top)/Horace SHAW/1855-1925

D-0142 Light grey granite block.

Gladys GRAVES/wife of/K. D. MARSHALL/ and infant son/1896-1923

D-0143 Red granite marker.

Mary M. GRAVES/1868-1947

D-0144 Red granite marker.

Isaac W. GRAVES/1851-1937

D-0145 Bronze marker.

Nellie O./1897-1986/William E./( )/ In loving memory/HEAL

D-0146 Red granite marker.

Annie J. GRAVES/1871-1956

D-0147 Red granite marker.

William G./GRAVES/1868-1951

D-0148 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Clarence, Etta

BOUGHNER/Clarence A. BOUGHNER/1889-1952/Etta F./ WRIGHT/1892-1965

D-0149 Red granite marker.


D-0150 Red granite marker.

Fanny ROWE/1858-1922

D-0151 Red granite marker.

William H./ROWE/1858-1944

D-0152 Small red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother, Lillian

FIFE/M. James FIFE/1883-1974/His wife/Ruth E. J. JONES/1883-1964/ //Lillian M. FIFE/1921-1925

D-0153 Large brown granite, grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother, Percy, Eva

KNIGHT/H. Percy/1898-1981/His wife/Eva L./1894-( )/John/1866-1918/ His wife/S. Annie/1872-1929

D-0154 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Leslie, Mother, Father

Thomas McEWEN/1865-1927/His wife/Alma C. McEWEN/1876-1932/McEWEN/ //W. Leslie WILSON/1900-1950

D-0155 Red granite marker.

John Albert JENNINGS/1921-1980/Beloved husband of/Constance Mae/WILSON

D-0156 Red granite marker.

Constance Mae/WILSON/1925-( )/Beloved wife of/John Albert/JENNINGS

D-0157 White marble on similar base. Thy will be done/

Charles BARROW/1886-1970/His wife/Ann BARROW/1893-( )/Their son/ Alfred R. BARROW/1st Elgin Regt./1920-1944/BARROW//Alfred C. DAVEY/ 1882-1956/His wife/Flora DAVEY/1888-1977/DAVEY

D-0158 Red granite on red granite base.

Earl BARRETT/1904-1965/ His wife/B. Fern/1904-1982/V. Earnest BARRETT/1906-( )//Woodmen of the World Emblem/William BARRETT/1871-1934/Hattie S. J. his wife/1880- 1947/ BARRETT

D-0159 Bronze marker.

Ruth E./1927-( )/William H./1918-1970/In Loving Memory/LOCKHART

D-0160 Black granite marker.

CHARLTON/In Loving Memory/Lawrence R./(Butch)/ 1908-( )/Isabel K./WILSON/1906-1985

D-0161 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother, Daddy

Byron CHARLTON/1881-1936/his wife/Orlena SMALL/1883-1963/CHARLTON

D-0162 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

CHARLTON/Merritt CHARLTON/died July 12, 1935/aged 83 years/ Loretta, his wife/died Aug. 10, 1951/aged 94 years//Bertha CHARLTON/ died Mar. 1, 1877/age 1 month

D-0163 Large red granite on grey granite base.

COLE/Lewis COLE/1885-1974/His wife/Dora CHARLTON/1878-1952/

D-0164 Grey granite slab on concrete, leaf at top, cross at bottom

652248 Private/William R. HOPKINS/160 Battn. C.E.F./26th Oct. 1924/ Gone but not forgotten

D-0165 Black granite on grey granite base.

James R. WAITE/1912-( )/Helen I. WAITE/1920-( )//Thomas B. WAITE/ 1909-( )/Dorothy I. WAITE/1909-( )/Verlie I. WAITE/1901-1983/WAITE

D-0166 Small red granite, slanted face.

Robert, son of/Frank & Edna/BURKE/died Nov. 27, 1924/aged 9 years

D-0167 Red granite marker.

GAIL HARRIS/daughter of/David & Florence/1944- 1950

D-0168 Large red granite on grey base.

Charles W. HARRIS/1876-1926/His wife/Georgina/1880-1953/HARRIS

D-0169 Large red granite on red granite base.

FS: Mother, Father

Ernest F. COHOE/1867-1927/Amelia J. SENSABAUGH/His wife/1869-1937/ COHOE

D-0170 Red granite on grey granite base.

REITHDuncan C. REITH/1884-1975/His wife/Gertrude COLE/1890-1965/ //Samantha C. COLE/1859-1931

D-0171 Red granite, slanted face.

COADE/ In Loving Memory of/William G./1901-1969/A. Grace/1899-1957

D-0172 Red granite, slanted face.

Henry MADDEN/1848-1932/Elizabeth MOORE/His wife/1856-1942


EN0001 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Percy, WilhelmineWilhelmine WHITING/1924/( )/H. Percy WHITING/1954/his wife/ Muriel /WHITING/EN0002 Small grey marble marker.
FOSTER/Lawrence J./1882/1898

ENOO03 Small grey marble marker.

EN0004 Large red granite on double base, one grey granite.
FS: Malcham M/Black; Roma/Black; Stuart M/Black; Father, Mother, Sarah J, Kathleen/ Black/Minor.

Malcham M./BLACK/born/June 27, 1865/died July 6, 1929/his wife Annie R./ CHAMBERS/born/May 27, 1869/died/July 14, 1956/BLACK//At Rest/ Stuart BLACK M.B.E./R.C.A.F./born March 3, 1895/died April 22, 1960/ Kathleen MINOR/born Jan. 23, 1906/died May 29, 1973/James BLACK/died/ June 2, 1892/aged 59 y’rs 4 mo’s/& 15 days/Sarah McBRAYNE/wife of/ James BLACK/ died/March 5, 1921/aged 82 yrs/8 mos 20 dys// Sarah Jennette/died May 24, 1874/aged 3 y’rs 9 mo’s/& 15 days/Also an infant/died Dec. 27, 1877/children of /James & Sarah BLACK

EN0005 Large pink granite on similar base.
FS: Charles, Wallace, Mary, Henry, Mother, Father.

Charles A. FIDLER/born Aug 29, 1866/died Jan. 29, 1889/Margaret DAVIS/ wife of/James FIDLER/born Apr. 16, 1834/died Sept. 22, 1898/Gone Home / James FIDLER/1836-1932/Wallace H. ABBOTT/son of/Henry & Mary ABBOTT/ 1893-1907/Henry ABBOTT/1857-1926/Mary FIDLER/his wife/1862-1942/FIDLER

EN0006 Large pink granite on similar base.
FS: Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt

In/Loving Memory of/William HOWARD/born Feb. 19, 1823/died May 22, 1894/ Susan L./wife of/William HOWARD/born June 19, 1827/died Nov. 4, 1912/ HOWARD//Samuel A./ANDERSON/Apr. 19, 1814/Mar. 3, 1889/Catherine H/ ANDERSON/Jan. 14, 1815/Sept. 5, 1904

EN0007 White marble on similar base. At Rest/
White Marble headstones
7A   Frederick E./SMITH/1885-1920
7B Carrie May/SMITH/1882-1970

EN0008 Small red granite block marker.
John L. SHERK/1846-1887

EN0009 Small red granite block marker.
Martha J. GILBERT/wife of John L. Sherk/1847-1922 Matthew GILBERT MAUSOLEUM (Located next to EN0009) Upper left
In Loving Memory of/John L. SHERK/born in/South Dorchester/December 5, 1846/died Sept. 16, 1887/I know that my Redeemer/liveth. Job 19.25

In Loving Memory of/Randall W. BALLAH B.A./Disciple Minister/beloved husband of May GILBERT BALLAH /son of J. & E. BALLAH /born in South Dorchester/May 29, 1857. died Mar. 13, 1920/Blessed are the dead who/ died in the Lord/Rev.14.13

In Loving Memory of/John Arthur GILBERT/only son of/Matthew & Jane GILBERT/who was born on Lot 12/S. Edgeware Road Yarmouth/Sept. 10, 1853. Died Oct. 15, 1900/For God so loved the world, that He/gave His only begotten Son, that who-/soever believeth in Him should not perish/but have everlasting life/John 3.16

In Loving Memory of/Matthew GILBERT/born in Devonshire England/January 29th, 1822/died June 29th 1907/I am the resurrection and the life./He that believeth in Me, though he/were dead, yet shall he live, and/ whosever liveth and believeth in/me shall never die/John 11. 25.26 Upper right

In Loving Memory of/Martha Jane GILBERT/beloved wife of John L. SHERK/ dau. of M. & J. GILBERT/born Feb. 5, 1847/died May 27, 1922/He giveth his beloved sleep. Ps. 127.2

EN0009 f
In Loving Memory of/Mary E. GILBERT/beloved wife of/Randall W. BALLAH / daughter of/Matthew & Jane GILBERT/born in North Yarmouth/Aug. 7, 1860 died July 12, 1928/The souls of the righteous are/in the hand of God, and there/shall no torment touch them.

EN0009g (Blank)
In Loving Memory of/Jane CAMPBELL/beloved wife of/Matthew GILBERT/who died April 20, 1897/aged 70 years & 7 days/A native of Lanarkshire Scotland/Yea though I walk through the valley/of the shadow of death I will fear no/evil for thou art with me. Thy rod/and Thy staff they comfort me./Psa. 23.4

EN0010 Large red granite 4-sided column with urn at top.
FS: Harley,

Our Darling J. Harley/TAYLOR/1895-1960//T/In Memory of/Mary Jane/beloved wife of/ James C. TAYLOR/died May 27, 1895/aged 24 yrs,/7 mos. 10 days/TAYLOR

EN0011 Large pink granite on double grey granite base, urn on top.
FS: Sarah, Henry E, Mother, Father, Mother, Father, George, Addie

GeoWESTLAKE/died Sep. 9, 1865/aged 39 y’s 8m’s & 22 d’s/A native of/ Devonshire England/Mary Ann/wife of the above/died May 29, 1904 in her 70th year/Henry E./died Aug. 29, 1855/aged 1 y’r & 13 d’s/Sarah/died Apr. 23, 1861/aged 4 d’s/Children of/Geo. & Mary A./WESTLAKE//James H. WESTLAKE/died Feb. 28, 1914/aged 58 years/Bessie GILBERT/his wife/died Apr. 25, 1939/aged 80 years//GeoWESTLAKE/Dec. 1865-Dec. 1932/  his wife/Addie WESTLAKE/Apr. 1872-Mar. 1955

EN0012 Large Pink granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father, Mother,

Father, Clarence, Ina. 1903/In Memory of/John GILBERT/son of W. & E. GILBERT/ 1857-1927/Also/Matilda J. LEWIS/wife of John GILBERT/died Aug. 16th 1926/ aged 66 years/ In Memory of/William GILBERT/died Sept. 21st 1937/aged 78 years/ Native of Devonshire Eng./Also/Elizabeth GILBERTASHTON/died June 14th 1913/ aged 87 years/Betty E. GILBERT/ELMS/1917- 1979/ GILBERT// GLOINClarence A./1898-1974/Ina GILBERT/1896-1971

EN0013 Large red granite 4 sided column with urn at top.
FS: Rebecca, Mother, Father, James, Herb, Mary, Father, Mother

In Memoriam/James Wm./son of/Joshua & Jane LEWIS/died Sept. 27, 1888/ aged 21 y’rs/& 5 mo’s & 15 days/Resting/Margaret Rebecca/dau of Joshua and Jane LEWIS/and wife of F. S. EMERY/died June 26, 1900. Aged 37 y’rs/ 6 mos & 11 dys//In Memoriam /Joshua LEWIS/died Feb. 23, 1911/aged 77 y’rs/& 11 mo’s/Jane wife of/Joshua LEWIS/died Nov. 30, 1890/aged 58 y’rs/5 mos & 12 days/At Rest/Mary PATTERSON/1875-1957/wife of Richard H. LEWIS/1871-1962/LEWIS//Joshua S. LEWIS/son of/Joshua & Jane/LEWIS/ died Mar. 22, 1935/aged 69 yrs/His beloved wife/Margaret W./FOLGER/ died May 13, 1949/aged 74 yrs//

EN0014 Large red granite with Church top.
FS: George, John E. Minnie

S/Geo. H. SHEPHERD/born April 12, 1841/died Feb. 9, 1911/A Native of Devonshire England/John E. SHEPHERD/born March 20, 1846/died March 11, 1915/His wife/Lydia Minnie STANFIELD/born March 26, 1859/died May 17, 1940/SHEPHERD

EN0015 Small grey marble marker
FOSTER /George S./born 1886/Killed in Action /in France /June 13, 1916

EN0016 Tall grey square column on double base.
FS: Lena

Minnie/wife of/A. W. HARRISON/Sep. 24, 1858/July 8, 1880/Mary Ann/wife of David PAULIN/died Oct. 22, 1889/in the 56/year of her/age/They desire a better country that/is an Heavenly; Wherefore God is/not ashamed to be called their God/for he hath prepared for them a city// Arthur W./HARRISON/Aug. 15, 1858/May 24, 1894/The memory/of the Just/ is blessed/Prov. 10/HARRISON//Eliz-Helen/Beloved wife of/Fredr. C. PAULIN/born/Jan. 22, 1852/died Sept. 9, 1898//PAULIN

EN0017 Large red granite on grey concrete, rounded top.
FS: Father

WmAlfred/son of/G. A. & T. PARLEE/died Jan. 8, 1894/aged 23 years/ Edith Lydia/PARLEE/1860-1928//Hattie PARLEE/wife of Martin KENNEDY/ 1865-1928/Thankful NEWCOMBE/wife of Geo. A. PARLEE/died Feb. 3, 1893/ aged 51 years/Geo. A. PARLEE/died Dec. 19, 1904/aged 72 yrs & 6 mos/ PARLEE

EN0018 Grey concrete, rounded top.
In Memory of/Cyrus TISDALE/who died/Feb. 28, 1893/aged 61 years./His wife/ Elizabeth McTAGGART/ 1844-1921/TISDALE//Andrew TISDALE/died 1944/ Wife Opal/died 1953

EN0019 Small red granite with slanted face.
FS: Mother/Simonds/Waterman; Grandma; Brother/Charlie/ Grandad. SIMONDSWATERMAN

19A Red granite headstone.
Estelle Rosalie/WATERMAN/1900-1981

EN0020 Small red granite with slanted face.
WHITEHEAD/William Dawson/1906-1954/His wife/Muriel Mary/1906-1953

EN0021 Small red granite with rounded top.
WALKER/Dorothy JANCEY/1902- 1955/beloved wife of/Nelson WALKER/ 1899-1978

EN0022 Small red granite with slanted face.
Donald Franklin/beloved son of/Frank & Helena/BILL/1948-1955

EN0023 Small red granite with slanted face.
William/NEISH/Nov. 3, 1903/ July 29, 1943

EN0024 Small red granite block.
Mary N. TAYLOR/wife of Elmo G. SHERK/1879-1950

EN0025 Small red granite block.
Elmo G. SHERK/husband of Mary N. TAYLOR/Dec. 14, 1879 Mar. 15, 1928

EN0026 Red granite with rounded top. Masonic Emblem
In Loving Memory Shriner Emblem EVANS/1889 Cedric Fryer EVANS 1974/ 1897 Vera V. WESTLAKE EVANS/Doris Roxabel EVANS/A.W.C.M. & A.R.C.T./ 1916 James Richard JOINER/ 1915 Thelma V. EVANS JOINER /1925 Robert George BUSHELL/1920 Donna V. EVANS BUSHELL

EN0027 Grey granite slab in ground
Colin MacDOUGALL/born March 3rd 1834/died October 25th 1901

EC0001 Tall reddish brown spire on concrete base.
FS: Father, William, Frances, Sarah, Harry, Leila, Henry, Aunt

Wheel Design/Francis H./WADDELL/died/Apr. 20, 1897/aged 78 y’rs/William J./ WADDELL/ died Feb. 7, 1927/aged 75 yrs/WADDELL//Wheel Design/Sarah/ Beloved wife of/F. H. WADDELL/died Feb. 1, 1888/aged 67 y’rs/Frances E. / WADDELL/ dau. of F. H. & Sarah/WADDELL/died Apr. 22/1889/Aged 39 y’s, 10 m’s/ Hold them O Father in Thine/arms/and let them henceforth be/ messengers of love between/ our human hearts and Thee//F. HarryBrowningWADDELL/1894-1945/ Beloved wife/Leila  B./WADDELL/1893- 1984// MariaBLOGETT/ died/May 9, 1899/aged 86 yrs/Henry H./WADDELL/died/Aug. 31, 1931/aged 77 yrs

EC0002 Black granite on double base, rounded top.
B/John M/Beloved son of/W. C. & M. BLACK/died Mar. 17, 1919/aged 58\ years/ Frederick BLACK/1860-1934/BLACK//Jean CURRIE/BLACK/born/Apr. 25, 1878/ died/July 9, 1949/Duncan E./BLACK/born/Feb. 6, 1869/died/Nov. 4, 1952/ B/ In Memory of/William C. BLACK/died Apr. 6, 1889/aged 54 years/ Margaret McNICOL/ his wife/died June 25,1920/aged 83 years

EC0003 Tall red granite.
FS: James

M/Mary McNICOL/died June 15, 1895/in her 79th year/Alexander McNICOL/ died Nov. 2, 1909/aged 62 years/Mary Ann McNICOL/died Aug. 20, 1916/ aged 69 years//M/Duncan McNICOL/died Nov. 30, 1918/aged 78 years/ James C. McNICOL/died Jan. 19, 1922/aged 71 years/McNICOL

EC0004 Large grey granite on similar base.
McNICOL//John McNICOL/1840-1918/Elizabeth SHILLABEER/his wife/1853-1940 Grey granite markers
4A  MOTHER/1853-1940
4B   FATHER/1840-1918

EC0005 Grey granite on similar base.
HUGHES//OSTRANDER//Janis Lila/dau of/A. E. & Mildred/SPRAGUE/1946-1949
5A Gertrude HUGHES/1887-1920
5B  Mary Jane/wife of/H. F./HUGHES/1847/1920
5C  Hector F. HUGHES/1843-1932
5D Clifton OSTRANDER/1872-1919
5E Lila OSTRANDER 1884 -1955

5F Small Angel/ Janis

EC0006 Large dark red granite with church top.
FS: Father, Mother

P/ Merinda WILLIAMS/Beloved wife of/Thomas PEARCE/born March 25, 1842/ died March 8, 1906/Thomas PEARCE/born March 25, 1833/died December 2, 1912/PEARCE

EC0007 Tall four-sided pink granite column.
FS: Mother, Father, Sam, Minnie

In Memory of/Samuel WILLIAMS/born Sep. 20, 1817/died Jan. 9, 1894/ Also/ Harriet/ Beloved wife of/Samuel WILLIAMS/who died/Oct. 3, 1889/aged 69 y’rs 9mo’s/& 1 day/Blessed are the dead which/die in the Lord from henceforth/Yea, saith the spirit that they/may rest from their labours and/their works do follow them./Rev. XIV13/ WILLIAMS// Mary CatherineMcKILLOP/1878-1959/wife of/Samuel Moorhouse/ PEARCE/1879-1972/PEARCE

EC0008 Large red granite 4-sided column with urn on top
William HEPBURN/died/Apr. 18, 1890/aged 76 years/A native of Perthshire/ Scotland /I know that my redeemer liveth/Ann DICK/wife of/  Wm. Hepburn/ died Oct. 10, 1892/ in the 79 year of her age/A native of Perthshire Scotland/Be of good courage and He shall str/-engthen your heart. All ye that/hope in the Lord// HEPBURN

EC0009 Large red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Samuel, Margaret, Edward, James, William, Annie

Masonic Emblem/ William ARMSTRONG/1862-1932/Annie ARMSTRONG/ 1865-1942/ ARMSTRONG//Edward ARMSTRONG/1867-1889/ James ARMSTRONG /1870-1903/MarthaARMSTRONG/1868-1948/ Samuel ARMSTRONG /1858-1898/Margaret ARMSTRONG/1856- 1891

EC0010 Small grey granite flat stone.
SPEIGHT/William H/1908-1971/Father

EC0011 Large pink granite 4-sided column.
FS: E.L.E., G.F.E.,

Annabell Florence A./ELLISON/WILLIAMS/1861-1931/ArthurELLISON/ 1870-1940// Mungo Donald/McCRIMMON/1879-1940/ His wife/ Clara Jane/ELLISON/1886-1948 //George F. ELLISON/died May 19, 1918/ aged 64 years/ Eliza/ELLISON/died Feb. 3, 1930/aged 70 years/ Anna Louise, dau of /G. F. & E. ELLISON/died Apr. 13, 1891/aged 3 years// In memory of/ Freeman ELLISON/ born/ April 13, 1824/died/March 12, 1889/ Sarah E. wife of/ Freeman ELLISON/ born June 2, 1833/died Oct. 24, 1912// Annabell/wife of/C. H. POILE /and dau of/F. & S. E. ELLISON/born June 16, 1859/ died July 19, 1890/ Frank H/son of/ C. H. & A. B. POILE/died/Nov. 20, 1890/ aged 4 mo’s/ELLISON

EC0012 Small red granite on similar base.
FS: Father

John A. TAYLOR/1864-1934/His wife/Emma GLASGOW/1878-1961/ TAYLOR// TAYLOR

EC0013 Large grey granite Cross with Angel.
Life’s Race Well Run/Life’s Work Well Done/Life’s Crown Well Won/ Now Comes Rest/GRIFFIN
Grey granite blocks
Joseph GRIFFIN/1839-1911 13B Ann GRIFFIN/1836-1918
[NOTE: Joseph GRIFFIN died in San Francisco May 18 1910 – CVH August 2007]

Matilda GRIFFIN/JACKSON/1863-1938

Fred H. PLEWES/1863-1890

Francis M. GRIFFIN/1861-1943 13F Isabelle GRIFFIN/1861-1946

Francis R. GRIFFIN/1897-1961

EC0014 Red granite on grey granite base
SANDERS/Edgar Charles SANDERS Q.C./1872-1957/Jane K. ILES SANDERS his wife/1878-1954//SANDERS

EC0015 Pink granite ground stone
KELLY/John/1884-1956/Father/Emma/1891-( )/Mother

EC0016 Large red granite 4-sided column.
FS: 4-illegible

Henry LOCKE/died/Feb. 22, 1901/aged 69 years 1 mo & 11 d’s/ Jane LOCKE/ died/ Nov. 14, 1905/aged 69 years/LOCKE//Osman Samuel/ died/Nov. 28, 1867/ age 11 y’rs/Selina Maude/died/Nov. 30, 1892/age 22 y’rs/Beloved children of/ Henry & Jane/LOCKE

EC0016A Small grey marble with Cross and dove on top
Charles F./Beloved son of/Frank & Nellie LOCKE/died Sep. 5, 1890/age 4 mos, 3 d’ys//Sleep in . . . . Babe/God gave thy rest/God called thee Home/He thought it best.

EC0017 Red granite in ground slab.
PERRY Russell A./1880-1965/Father/Maude M./1889-1963/Mother

EC0018 Large red granite 4-sided column.
FS: Eva, James, Norman, Ula.

Mother, Father, Calvin, Lorraine  M/James H. MILLS/died/July 29, 1896/Aged/41 years /6 ms, 17 ds / Eva S./ beloved wife of/James H. MILLS/died/April 8, 1891/aged 32 years/C/ Norman F. CLOES/ June 11, 1886-Nov. 24, 1956/His wife/Ula Bell MILLS/ Oct. 27, 1888-Aug. 4, 1976/ MILLS// R/In/Memory of/Calvin RUSS/who died Mar. 4, 1879/aged/70 years/& 6 m’s/ Isabella/wife of the above/died May 16, 1909/ in her/83rd year/Calvin RUSS Jr./died Mar. 16, 1914/ aged 48 years/Eda RUSS MARLATT/died Jan. 20, 1942/aged 78 years/RUSS// Alexander RUSS/born Mar. 16, 1856/died Mar. 10, 1946/Lorraine MEECHAM born Apr. 12, 1916/died Aug. 13, 1950//

EC0019 Large pink 4-sided granite column with urn on top.
FS: Donald, Flora, Margaret, Thomas, Willie, Edna, Mother, Father

Flora J. GRAHAM/born/Aug, 14, 1868/died June 8, 1892/A Faithful Friend Companion Dear/A Tender Daughter Lieth Here/Great Is The Loss That We Sustain/But Hope In Heaven To Meet Again/Donald GRAHAM/Feb. 29, 1872/ June 7, 1931/ Masonic Emblem//Fanny A. GRAHAM/born/Mar. 24, 1865/died Jan. 22, 1867/ Willie GRAHAM/born Feb. 2, 1888/died Feb. 14, 1888/ Edna LouiseGRAHAM/ born Sep. 16, 1889/died May 24, 1979/GRAHAM// Asleep in Jesus/Odd Fellows 3 Links/B. of R.T./Thos. W. GRAHAM/died/ Jan. 13, 1898/aged 35 years./Margaret/McCULLOGH/wife of Thomas W. GRAHAM/born July 7, 1864/died April 2, 1927//Donald GRAHAM/born/ Apr. 29, 1832/died Apr. 10, 1886/ A Native of Russ-shire/Scotland/ Elizabeth wife of Donald GRAHAM/died Apr 5, 1909/in her 81st year

EC0020 Large red granite with church top.
FS: Father, Mother, Roscoe, Irene, Lulu, Tommy

P/William PENHALE/born/Feb.20, 1844/died/Jan. 31, 1903/ Amelia H. BECHILL/ his wife/May 11, 1866-Feb. 24, 1933/PENHALE// Thomas/William PENHALE/ born Nov. 19, 1895/died Oct. 28, 1911//Roscoe R. PENHALE/Dec.24, 1898-Jan. 11, 1983/his wife/M. Irene BIRTCH/Aug. 26, 1905-( )Gordon D. PENHALE /Apr. 11, 1900-Dec. 29, 1983/his wife/Helen M. SUMMERS Apr. 24, 1904-( )// Lulu M. DENNIS/wife of/Roscoe R. PENHALE/ 1899-1926

EC0020A Red granite block slant top, star in each corner.
PENHALE/Gordon D./Apr. 11, 1900/Dec. 29, 1983/Helen M./Apr 24, 1904-( )/ Parents of William M. & Paula D.

EC0021 Red granite slab in ground.
MAILINGMorley C./1903-( )/Husband/In loving Memory/Edna M./1904-1985/wife

EC0022 Dark red granite, on grey granite base. Oddfellow emblem.
OVERHOLT/Charles Henry/1899-1972/his wife/Mary Ellen/1901-( )/Their daughter/Marilyn Grace(1930-( )

EC0023 Red granite in ground slab.
CARTER/Mabel R./1894/1970/Charles/1885-1969

EC0024 Grey granite in ground slab.
HAWKINS/Frank/DORRICOTT/1889-1984/Wm.(Harry)/1885-1970/Together forever/ Amy/1891-1982

EC0025 Small grey granite marker.
WmHenry PERRY/1883-1966/Uncle

EC0026Grey granite with scroll on top. Masonic Emblem.
G. W. SNYDER/died/July 27, 1887/in the 30 year/of his age/ He giveth His beloved rest. Ps. CXXVII 2

ES-001 Large red granite on red granite base.
F/S: Uncle.

All red granite slab stones
REVEREND/George ELLIOT/1858-1912

Mary KENNEDY/ELLIOT/1870-1942

George S ELLIOT/1909-1915

George Thomas/KENNEDY/1875-1976

Agnes GRIFFITH/KENNEDY/1873-1948

Jane AXFORD KENNEDY/1844-1917

Robert KENNEDY/1825-1897

Gladys Eleanor/ELLIOT/1896-( )

ES-002 Large red granite on double grey granite base.
F/S: John, Delle, Edna, Isabella, Gilbert E

At Rest/Archibald W. TAYLOR/died Jan. 21, 1923. Aged 85 years/ Gilbert E. TAYLOR/ died Jan. 1, 1941-aged 65 years/His wife/ Margaret Edna McINTYRE/ died Oct. 25, 1961-aged 75 years/TAYLOREllen S./MORRISON/wife of/ John G. TAYLOR/Feb 29, 1884/Apr. 7, 1942/John G./TAYLOR/Oct. 3, 1870/Feb 6, 1948 Ella McPHAIL/died May 4, 1939-aged 68 years/TAYLOR

ES-003Large red granite on grey base.
F/S Flora A/John/Euphemia

Leaf design at top./Gilbert TAYLOR/born Oct. 15, 1835/died  Mar. 20, 1908/Jane HYNDMAN wife of Gilbert TAYLOR/born Apr. 13/ 1842/died Feb. 27, 1919/Be Ye Also Ready/ TAYLOR Mary ETAYLOR/born Sep. 8, 1866/died Jan. 30, 1866/Hattie 1885-1889/ Leaf Design at top/John Paul McLARTY/born Nov. 16, 1882/died May 16, 1960/His wife/Euphemia TAYLOR/born Jan 11, 1886/died Feb 7, 1960/ Neil TAYLOR/born July 2, 1880/died Apr. 26, 1927/Thy will be done./Flora TAYLOR/ born Oct. 8, 1877/died Dec. 13, 1951

ES-004 Grey granite in ground slab
Charles Edward/GIBSON/1873-1930

ES-005Large grey granite on similar base.
All small grey granite slab stones
5A William E./1844-1929
5B Margaret/1852-1914
5C Helen HUGHES/1887-1961

       5D Harold/1882-1962
ES-0006 Small grey granite in ground slab
Erie B. BEVITT/1880-1968/wife of Roy C Kerr

ES-0007 Red granite in ground slab
Arthur E. BERUBE 1871-1941/His wife/Edna K. BEVITT/1876-1956

ES-0008 Large concrete stone on triple base, statue holding lamb on top
F/S Archibald/Mary C/Mary

In Memory of/Mary Caroline/wife of Dr. A. LEITCH/born 20 May 1848/ who died/5 April 1886/LEITCH/In Memory of/Amelia Maria/wife of Dr. A. LEITCH/ born 20 June 1849/who died/8 June 1900.
F/S Mother/Father

Angel Wings/In Memory of/DrArchibald LEITCH/born/25 Dec. 1846/ who died/9 Mar. 1927/In Memory of/Mary CAMPBELL/wife of Dr. A. LEITCH/born 29 April 1860/who died/20 March 1921

ES-0009 Large black granite on double base, urn on top.
F/S Mother/Father/Benjamin

Benjamin COURSER/died/May 20, 1848/aged 58 y”rs/Elizabeth his wife/died Sep. 5, 1888/aged 98 years/natives of New Brunswick/Benjamin/son of the above/ died/ Nov. 28, 1894/aged 64 years
F/S Sarah J.

/Sarah J. PARLEE/died/Dec. 9, 1872/aged 16 y”rs & 10 mo”s COURSER/ F/S Eliza J/Isaac/ In Memory of/Isaac COURSER/died Jan. 20, 1898/aged 81 y”rs/& 10 mo”s/ Eliza J./wife of the above/died Feb. 6, 1900/aged 73 y”rs 7 mo”s & 20 d”s

ES-0010 Tall round pink granite with urn on top.
F/S Sophia, Oddie,  Jane Ann/Alvina/Charlotte/Mother/Father

Sophia KENNEDY/wife of/Wm. J. Walker/died/ April 14, 1888/aged 27 y’rs/ & 14 d”ys/ Oddie KENNEDY/born/June 27, 1865/died/March 18m 1919/A Precious One from us is gone/A voice we loved is stilled/A place is vacant in our home/which never can be filled/ Jane A. KENNEDY/died/Mar. 23, 1889/aged 34 y”rs/5 m”s & 14 d”s/ Charlotte KENNEDY/died/Nov. 9, 1913/aged 54 years//KENNEDYJohn KENNEDY/ died/May 21, 1900/aged 82 years/3 mo”s & 20 days/ Isabella PEARSON/ Jan. 9, 1900/wife of the above/died/aged 74 years/ & 9 mo’s/He that doeth the will of God abideth forever

ES-0011 Large pink granite stone on similar base.

11A Small red granite in ground slab.
Herbert S/WEBB/1878-1964
Small pink granite slant faced stones
Maria MARLATT/WEGG/1847-1936 11C George WEGG/1839-1930

Charlotte S./1876-1915 11E John W./1887-1888

ES-0012 Large pink granite column on double base.
F/S Mother, Father

In/ Loving Memory of/John KILPATRICK/died/Nov. 5, 1887/aged/52 y’s, 2ms, 21 d’s/ He’s crossed deaths troubled/river/and waits for us in Heaven/Watch therefore for ye know/ not what hour your Lord/doth come/Matt. XXIV 42 Frances J/ BLEWITT/ wife of Mark W. KILPATRICK/1873-1948/Mark Wilbur /KILPATRICK/ 1878-1956/ Martha D./BROWN/wife of/John KILPATRICK/ 1847-1923/ KILPATRICK

ES-0013 Tall round column carved at top.
F/S Mother, Father, 2 illegible, Mother, Father, Nettie 1877-1964, Mother, Father

In/loving remembrance of/JasCATHCART/died/Nov. 27, 1882/aged 65 y’rs./ Also/Ann/wife of/Jas. CATHCART/died/June 24, 1888/aged/69 y’rs/L.B.C. Crest /James /son of/J. & A. CATHCART/died/June 14, 1888/ aged 31 y’rs/ Edward CATHCART/died/Jan. 20, 1903/in his 48th year/ John CATHCART /1844-1914/ Elizabeth FINLEY/ his wife/1849-1927/ CATHCART