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Extracts of Genealogical information


The Fingal Cemetery, located on part Lots 21 and 22, Con NTRE Southwold Township is “a gateway to the past”. The earliest stone is dated 1831; this monument is for Jane Donaldson and the Epitaph reads – “She was a constant Christian and a member of the Presbyterian Church”. During this era, many families buried their dead on farms and later moved them to the cemetery. The earliest known map for the Fingal Cemetery is dated November 16th 1860 and was made by Jesse P. Ball, Provincial Land Surveyor. Samuel Sampson was shown as “owner” at that time. The cemetery could have been known locally as Teetzel’s Cemetery* but there is no proof.

During the late winter of 1888 and early spring of 1889 an outbreak of smallpox occurred in the village. The village was quarantined. Those who died from the disease were buried within hours of their death. Some were buried at night. According to Fingal Cemetery stones, few deaths occurred during this period, causing one to believe that the burials were indeed done quickly and secretly.

In May 1892, a meeting of lot holders was held and the decision was made to form a Board for the Cemetery. The first meeting of the newly formed Fingal Cemetery Board was held May 13, 1892 in the Town Hall.

Chairman Daniel MacPherson

Vice Chairman Charles Newland

Secretary S. E. Burwell

Trustees Charles Teetzel, Levi Sutton, John Williams, John Culver, Denis Lawrence, Peter Stevenson, Benjamin Johnston, James Robb

Various improvements to the cemetery were made through the years and in November, 1927, a vote was taken to purchase four feet of property across the back. In 1954, more lots were added to the north of the property. In 1977 a donation provided the means to erect the Cemetery name over the front gate. On July 24, 1989 approval was received from the Township of Southwold to enlarge the existing cemetery by 100 feet x 270 feet to the north.

References: Sims History of Elgin County by Hugh Joffre Sims, Fingal Village – an essay by Hazel Lidster, 1952

Cemetery Maps, Records, & Minutes, Elgin Co. OGS stone transcriptions, June 1997

– Prepared by Pat Temple


——-OF THE —– –





Receipts from all sources …………. $341.25


Paid Risdon Bros. for fence 180.00

Paid A. McLachlin for cleaning grounds 12.00

Paid Edmonds for nails .50

Paid H. N. Gains, for painting fence 9.50

Paid John Culver, for work 1.00

Paid Page’s Account for paint, etc. 14.77 Paid John Farley, account for drafting rules and regulations 11.50

Paid M. Campbell for envelopes and postage 1.81

Paid Ezra Teetzel, accounts for work 5.25

Paid for Books, etc. 1.00

Paid D. Lawrence, for work 1.25

Paid C. Teetzel, Account 11.50

Paid Macpherson & Co., tie posts 9.95

Paid Ezra Teetzell, account in full 17.00

Balance on Treasurer’s hand this day 34.22



Fingal, May 5, 1893

At a meeting of the Trustees it was decided to assess all lot-holders the small sum of Fifty Cents each, for the purpose of making further improvements which it is most earnestly hoped will meet the approval of all, and that a prompt payment of the same will be made to the Secretary. S. E. BURWELL, Sec.-Treas.

MACPHERSON, J. T. Chairman




Daniel McPherson, J. P. $ 5.00

Charles Teetzel 3.00

Edward Culver3.00

Wesley Waters 1.50

Mrs. Jane Gillies 2.00

Charles Benedict 2.00

Benjamin Johnston 2.00

Peter Stevenson 3.00

John Williams 5.00

Charles Waters 2.00

Sylvester Waters 1.00

Arch. Sinclair 1.00

James H. Best3.00

James Campbell4.00

John Mills 2.00

John Parks2.00

James Mitchell2.00

Daniel McIntyre3.00

Thomas Burwell3.00

John Dewar3.00

Dugald Baldwin2.00

James D. Campbell 2.00

Neil N. Campbell 2.00

Thomas Meek 3.00

Edward Harris 1.00

Hannibal Harris 2.00

Angus McIntyre 2.00

Mrs. Colin McIntyre 4.00

James Robb 3.00

Henry Timewell 2.00

Charles W. Glasgow2.00

Walter S Glasgow 2.00

John Stevenson1.00

Neil McLean 3.00

James Turner 2.00

Alexander Cattenach 3.00

Dugald Munro 5.00

John Munro, Sen 4.00

James Palmer 1.00

Charles Cattenach 3.00

Henry Palmer 2.00

MacNish Bros 5.00

John Culver 3.00

Charles and WH Newland 4.00

Dennis Lawrence 3.00

Phineas Barber 5.00

Charles Edmonds 4.00

Thomas D. Finlay 3.00

James Campbell 5.00

Caleb Smuck 1.00

John King 4.00

Amasa Wood 4.00

John McLaughlin3.50

Philip H. Finlay 1.00

Z. Teetzel 1.00

James J. Teetzel 1.00

William Teetzel 2.00

Joseph Barnes 2.00

Maggie McLarty 1.00

Isaac Welter 3.00

Levi Sutton 2.00

Henry House 1.00

Dugald McLellan 1.00

John McLellan 2.00

Dugald McArthur 2.00

James P. Finlay 5.00

Charles Couse 2.00

Jeptha Wilson 1.00

John H. Gray 2.00

Marshall Bodine 1.00

Boxana Bodine 1.00

Arch. McPhail 1.00

Jacob Fowler 5.00

Mrs. Jane Glasgow2.00

L. Neely 1.00

George Howard 1.00

Angus Campbell 3.00

Mrs. John Pearce 5.00

Angus McLarty 1.00

Fergus Cron 2.00

Mrs. Mary Lewis 3.00

Alexander S. McDiarmid 2.00

Joseph Norton 3.00

Joseph Jackson 2.00

James W. Miller 3.00

Mrs. Arthur Willims 1.00

John McDiarmid 1.00

Alexander R. McDiarmid 2.00

Orrin Adair 1.00

Donald Macdonald .25

Edwin Wardell 1.00

Charles Welter 1.00

J.W. McKay 1.00

Samuel Oliver 3.00

M. Wilson 4.00

Everitt H. Tubby 3.00

John Bissell 2.00

Nancy McLaughlin 1.00

George McLaughlin 2.00

Michael McLaughlin 3.00

Angus McIntyre 2.00

James Stevenson 2.00

H. Clay 2.00

Catharine McGugan 3.00

James Black 3.00

Malcolm Campbell 2.00

Peter Taylor 1.00

John Warren 1.00

Duglad Turner 1.00

Duncam Campbell 1.00

Arch. Turner 1.00

Neil McNish 2.00

Thomas McLaughlin 3.00

Duncan McBride 3.00

Mrs. A. McLaughlin 3.00

H. Davis 3.00

Reuben Ward1.00

James Bake 1.00

Mrs. May 3.00

Duncan McIntyre 2.00

Samuel Carmichael 1.00

Richard Warren 1.00

William Baskett 2.00

Dora Travers 2.00

Mrs. Joseph Barnes 1.00

Mrs. Henry Smith 1.00

Thomas Burtch 2.00

Mrs. John McLean 2.00

Neil Munro3.00

Isabella McLachlin 2.00

Alexander Darrach 5.00

Dr. E. R. Travers 5.00

William Page 1.00

Donald N. Campbell 3.00

Mrs. Eliza Williams 2.00

Henry N. Mills 5.00

Rev. D. D. Burtch2.00

Jacob P. Hovey 5.00

Mathias Hovey 2.00

Mrs. G. A. Bingham 3.00

Dugald McIntyre 3.00

Ewen McIntyre 1.00

Ira Pettit 3.00

E. Burwell 3.00

John Munro, Westminster4.00

Charles Graves 1.00

Mrs. Daniel Turner 2.00

Samuel Spitler2.00

J. Crocker 1.00

Benj. Wilson 1.00

Duncan J. Campbell 2.00

Hector Macpherson 3.00

Geo. E. Case, M.P. 5.00

John McKillop 3.00

John Elsie and wife 1.00

Mrs. Lavoina Burwell 1.00

William Singer 2.00

Hugh Cameron .50

John Warren 1.00

TOTAL $376.75

Still Unpaid 35.50



St. Thomas Times Journal

– November 14, 1893



Mr. W. H. C lay of Talbot Road west, Southwold, died at noon yesterday. The deceased, is well remembered, was thrown from his horse, which was killed at the time, in the ring on the Oneida fair grounds on Oct. 20th. He sustained serious injuries, yet for a time it was thought there was a chance for recovery. But he had received internal injuries, and on Sunday, Nov. 5th, took a turn for the worse and never rallied. Mr. Clay was well known throughout the township. Over 58 years ago, he was born on the farm on which he died and has ever since lived, and was one of the best and most successful farmers in that well-to-do district. He was a man who had many friends, and was highly respected by all who knew him… Three years ago he built one of the finest farm houses in Southwold, and a comfortable home. He was a Conservative in politics, a member of the Fingal Lodge, No. 21, A.O.U.W. His father, Paul Clay, died over 20 years ago. and his mother 12 years ago. They were U.E. Loyalists. the brothers of deceased are John, farmer, Illinois; Simeon, farmer, Michigan; Charles, farmer Scottsville, Mich.; while the sisters are Mrs. Speers, Michigan; Ms. Thos. Burtch, corner Scott and Hiawatha streets, this city, and Mrs. Lodge (widow), Southwold. A widow and four children mourn the loss of a kind husband and affectionate father. The children are Mrs. J. A. Cowe and Ernest, of Detroit; Maitland and Alva at home. The widow is a sister of Mrs. Thos. Burtch, this city, and Rev. D. D. Burtch, Villa Nova, Ont. The remains will be interred in the Teetzel Cemetery at Fingal on Wed. at 2 p.m., Rev. Mr. Wilson, of Iona, conducting service at the house. ‘

Teetzel Cemetery is believed to be the Fingal Cemetery.



St. THOMAS Friday, 18 November, 1853

The following appointments were made by the Magistrates assembled:

John Scanlan, High Constable — Thomas Brown, Crier


Peter C. Ostrander Bayham

Herris Austin do

Stephen W. Elliott do

George Silverthorn do

Jesse Anderson do

Sylvester Matthew Malahide

Alexander Sinclair do

Henry Martin do

William Keir do

Jonathan Thompson do

Peter Putnam S. Dorchester

Robert Cusack Yarmouth

Allan S. McCall do

John Caughell do

Daniel Drake do

Charles King do

John Vansickle do

John S. Smith do

Frederick House do

Benjamin G. Willson Southwold

Peter Wilson Dunwich

James Philpot do

Samuel Kirkpatrick Aldboro


John W. Dunn, a lad of about thirteen years of age was indicted for committing a robbery in the store of Mr. Andrew Blackwood, St. Thomas, in the early part of October last. It appears that Mr. Blackwood’s store had been entered a short time previously, and some trifling articles stolen, and being determined to catch the thief if possible, he prepared for his coming again, and took the prisoner in the very act of robbing him. Having pleaded guilty, Dun was sentenced to one month imprisonment in Goal. ‘

Thomas Perkins VS John Sells —

This was a prosecution for Assault and Battery; on the part of the prosecution, it was shown that the prosecutor, who is an old man of sixty years, was throttled and violently kicked by Sells, for refusing to continue work at Sells’ mill, where he worked as miller, having already worked from candlelight in the morning until candlelight at night in the month of September. It was attempted for the defence to destroy Perkin’s evidence, on the ground that he was not worthy of credit; however the Jury found the defendant guilty; and the Court sentenced him to pay a fine of £5 and costs. Mr. Stanton for the prosecutor, Mr. E. Horton, for the defendant. ‘

Ledger Accounts of Charles E. Edmonds, V.M., St. Thomas – 1908

January 1908

23rd Harvey Smith 4th Conc. to visit & med. Colt

February 1908


20TH Dave Barr Visit & med.

21st Tom Donly 7am visit & Med. Cow at farm

22nd – 23rd St. Thomas Horse Show – Fleet won 2 – 4th prizes

26th S. Shipp Attn. Horse & med. Shoulders

Cr. By straw $3.00 to cash $1.50

Settled by note.

Dave Barr Visit & med.

30th D. Barr Visit & Med.



TRUMAN- Seeking info re John Henry TRUMAN, b 1779 – to C.W. ca 1815 – d Bayham Twp 1862. Where born? Where did he immigrate from? Fam of 7 included, Moses, James, who else? Who was wife? Moses lvd Con 3, Malahide all his life, James in Norfolk Co. Where is John Henry bd? Dorothy ANDERSON,.

ESSELTINE / ASYLSTINE/ (or variants) Malahide Twp, Elgin Co. Was there or is there a BENJAFIELD name associated with the town of Fingal? Gail BENJAFIELD.

NEWELL / SUMERAL / LINDSAY/ WALLACE – Seeking desc of James NEWELL & Martha SUMERAL of Malahide Twp, Elgin Co. Bd in Burdick cemetery and connected fam of John LINDSAY and Martha WALLACE of Malahide. EVANS / HILL – Seeking desc of members of EVANS & HILL fam from Haldimand Co who settled in Malahide and Aylmer, ON. James L. McCALLUM

HUNTER – Arsey Charles HUNTER b 24 May, 1839 Ontario, Canada ( Elgin County) Presbyterian faith. Immigrated to U. S. in late 1850’s with older br, William. Listed trade as carpenters. Cannot trace into Canada or any info on prts or siblings. Sheila HUNTER


The following information has been gathered from an old Bible, obtained at a garage sale in Port Stanley The Penhales, Gilberts, Paddons, and Westlakes originally landed in Port Stanley about 1831 but this branch of the Penhales is unknown.

Pett Penhale was baptised 1 day of May, 1812

Mary Penhale was baptised 20 day of December, 1813

George Penhale was baptised 10 day of December, 1815

John Penhale was baptised 6th day of May, 1818

George Penhale the youngest was baptised 11th or 4th day of May, 1820

Ann Penhale was baptised the 4th day of March 1820 ????

Rebecca Penhale was baptised 12 day of Juneary (June or January?) ?, 1823

George Penhale’s name appears at the front of the Bible and is dated April 4, 1841

George Penhale and Ann (Anna-?) Penhale, his wife, Saft___ England 11 of April and landed in Newyourk (New York?) 3rd of June, 1841

Elizabeth ___ Penhale was baptised 12, or 22, of December 1827

Nora Penhale was baptised 1 day of September, 1837 – John Penhale was baptised 6th day of December, 1833

James Pett Penhale was baptised 9 day of October 1835.

If you know anything about this Bible or Family please contact Brenda Edmonds, R –