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Extracts of Genealogical information

Chairman’s Message:

My term as chairman is rapidly coming to its conclusion; I will let you, the membership, decide whether that brings joy or sadness! I want to thank the executive and committees for their hard work in operating our branch so smoothly during 1997. Our publications, programs, and newsletters have been excellent, and many other members have contributed to the work of the committees and operation of the branch that perhaps isn’t as visible. Without these contributions of time and resources our branch would not be able to function as well as it does. Thank you.

My two years as chairman was an experiment, since I do not live in Elgin County, but I think it proved possible to have a non-resident chairman. I would like to thank Marg Daugharty for hosting the executive meetings at her home for me. My appreciation also goes to our first vice-chairman, Ross Harrison, for attending the OGS Chairman’s Conference in October on my behalf. As well as representing our branch, it provided Ross with a chance to gain some insight into the workings of OGS, as he prepares to stand for election next year as our branch chairman.

The publications committee, assisted by other members attending, ran a very successful sales table at Norfolklore in Simcoe in September, and again at the Region I meeting in Chatham in October.

Next year will be an excellent opportunity for our local members to attend an OGS Seminar, since it is being held in London – May 29, 30 &31st. – at U.W.O. If you have never attended Seminar before, I encourage you to consider going. Further information and registration forms will be available in due course. Our branch is assisting the Seminar committee by coordinating the Wall of Ancestors project. Details on this project are on page 42 of this issue and I encourage you to submit your entries.

Our January meeting will as usual consist of a silent auction of genealogical/historical material. Please bring any unwanted items for auction to the meeting. We will also be electing our new executive and committees at this meeting. If you are interested in serving in any capacity on the executive or on a committee, please contact Don Cosens, Ross Harrison, or myself. Job descriptions are available if you are unsure what a position entails.

I look forward to continuing to serve on the executive as past chairman, and on the publications committee during the next term. Remember that “old chairmen never die, they just go through the motions!”

On behalf of the executive, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.  Jim McCallum


(June 22, 1888) Wm. Tribe was charged before Police Magistate Leonard at Vienna yesterday with violating the Scott Act. He was found guilty and fined $5 and $28 costs. Unless one half the fine and costs is paid tomorrow, Tribe will be committed.



(Sept. 17, 1886) On the 15th inst, by the Rev. D. W. Rowland, at his own residence, 72 Wellington Street, Mr. Eber Rice of this city, to Miss Ollie Oakes, of the Township of Yarmouth.


(June 25, 1886) – At Montreal, on the 23rd. June, by Rev. Louis H. Jordan, B.D., brother of the bride, assisted by Rev. James Harcley, M.A. the Rev. Dr. F. W. Archibald, of this city, to Florence A., youngest daughter of William Jordan, Esq. Of Halifax, Nova Scotia.



September 19, 1929

More Tablets Unveiled Sunday – In Old St. Thomas Church to Pioneers of Elgin, Two of Whom are Buried in Aylmer Cemetery. Flowers Placed on Grave of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Lewis in Aylmer, Following the Ceremony –

A very impressive service marked the unveiling of four more memorial tablets in the old St. Thomas Anglican Church, at the west end of the city last Sunday afternoon. The tablets honor early residents of Elgin County, and the service was attended by many from distant points as well as former parishioners and the citizens of St. Thomas, the picturesque old edifice being filled to capacity. The Venerable Archdeacon J.W.J. Andrews, conducted the service which was attended by the officers of the Elgin Regiment, officers of the Canadian Legion, members of the city council and officers of the Elgin Historical Society.

Colonel D.E. Gerrard, of the Third Brigade, unveiled the memorial to Captain Daniel Rapelje, and Lieut.-Col. F.G. Stanbury of the Elgin Regiment unveiled the table to Major Tisdale and his wife, Abigail Axford Tisdale. The tablet in memory of Eltham Paul and his wife, Mary Ann Richmond Paul, was unveiled by their granddaughter, Mrs. A.W. Austin, of Toronto. The fourth tablet, erected in memory of Lyman Lewis and his wife Mary Perry Lewis, was unveiled by their daughter, Miss E.N. Lewis, of St. Thomas, formerly of Aylmer, and their niece, Mrs. Harvey Firestone, of Akron, Ohio.

Following the unveiling and dedication ceremony, Rev. W.E.V. McMillen, of Ingersoll, gave a brief address, speaking of the great heritage left to the community by its godly and courageous pioneers.

Among the flowers in the chancel was a beautiful bouquet the gift of Mrs. Harvey Firestone, of Akron, which were later brought to Aylmer, and placed on the graves of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Lewis, who are buried here.”



June 12, 1930

Aylmer 50 Years Ago – Old Newspaper Reports the News About Town in the Good Old Days. Contains Review of Paper Published Here in 1869

A couple of weeks ago we gave a short review of a copy of The Express published forty years ago, which evidently proved most interesting to scores of our older readers who well remember the men and women prominent in the town at that time. We are now indebted to Mr. Earl A. Richardson of this place for a copy of “The Elgin Gazette”, published by J.C. Pankhurse on April 17th, 1880, more than fifty years ago. The Gazette was a Reform Journal and the subscription was $1.50 per annum.

Among the news items is an interesting article written by John M. Hale, now clerk of the

Township of Malahide, of a trip he had taken from Aylmer to San Jose, California. Captain Thompson had made arrangements to secure the pleasure steamer, Colin Munrow, for the use of pleasure seekers at Port Bruce. The directors of the Malahide Agricultural Society were to meet in the office of T.M. Nairn that day. The welcome rain of yesterday had delayed the appearance of the water cart on the street.

Aylmer and district was well supplied with hotels, The Brown House, Hiram J. Brown, prop.; Congress Hall, at the Air Line Station, W. McGeough, prop.; Mansion

House, Alexander McBride, prop.; Metropolitan Hotel, T.T. Kennedy, prop.; Mapleton Hotel, Junius M. Davis, prop.; Kingsmill Hotel, Stephen Widmer, prop.; Mt. Salem Hotel, T. Reavely, prop.; Orwell Hotel, Fred Smith, prop.

There were two railways: The Great Western and the Canada Southern. Also a number of stage routes to Kingsmill, Dorchester Station, Pt. Bruce, Luton, Mt. Salem, and Grovesend.

The churches included the Baptist Chapel, Rev. Robt. Holmes, pastor; Methodist Church of Canada, Rev. Geo. Richardson, minister; Methodist Episcopal, Rev. J. Ferguson, pastor, and Trinity Church, Rev. S.R. Asbury, incumbent.

The professional cards announce the names of Farley, Doherty & Bain, John Crawford, Thomas Edward Lawson, barristers; Doctors P.W. McLay, C. Sinclair, Thos. Cross and A. Williams. Dentists, O.W. Kennedy and J. A. McCausland. T.M.

Nairn, notary public; W.A. Glover, converancer; Jas. A. Hays, insurance; Wm. Campbell, issuer of marriage licenses.

There were two Masonic Lodges; Malahide No. 140 and Aylmer Lodge No. 28. Aylmer Lodge No. 94 and Aylmer Encampment, I.O.O.F. were evidently organized before that date, and the A.O.U.W. and Aylmer Mechanics Institute Reading Room and Library.

The following business houses carried advertisements: Bingham Bros.; Christie & Caron; Henry Arkell; Pierce & Swan, livery; G.I. & E. Walker, boots and shoes; Walker Bros., hardware; S.S. Clutton, woollen factory; E.R. Davis, manufacturer of window blinds; L.W. Whitney, saddler; George Newell, blacksmith; L.J. Gundry, druggist, jeweller and book seller; S.W. Land, boot and shoe repairer.

In the editorial column of the Gazette appears the following most interesting write-up of a copy of the first issue of The Aylmer Enterprise, published in Aylmer in 1869. We were interested in reading it and no doubt many of our readers will be too, so we pass it on. Mr. Pankhurse wrote:

“We have before us a copy of the first number of The Aylmer Enterprise, published in this place on Friday, September 3rd, 1869. It is a little more than half the size of the Gazette, and was issued under the management of Mr. M.L. Aldrich. The local items are few and it is from the notices of births, deaths and marriages, and from the advertising columns that any idea of the place can be gained. Among the marriage notices we find those of T.T. Mann to Miss Eliza Jane McCausland; Mr. Alexander Weir to Miss Charlotte Mills; Mr. I. Partlow to Miss Mary A. Knight. The deaths include the wife of Mr. Stephen Yorke aged 61 years; Col. B. VanNorman, aged 70 years; Mr. William McIntosh, aged 74 years. The birth lists contains eighteen announcement, and includes several children that now attend the Aylmer School. The advertisements tell us who were the live business men in Aylmer at that time, of course there may have been others in trade but we find no record of them, and must conclude that they had not sufficient interest in the place to encourage the establishment of a paper. According to the cards on the first page, the physicians were Dr. Clarke Bros. and Dr. Foote, who was also Coroner; Mr. W.E. Hughes was the only dentist; Mr. E. Jansen, the auctioneer; and the only advertised hotel was the Commercial, kept by Mr. Amasa Lewis. The most prominent advertisement in the paper is that calling attention to the dry goods business of Mr. G.F. Clarke. T.T. Mann was the druggist and bookseller; G.J. Gundry kept the jewelry store; the photograph gallery was run by F.G. Carroll; Asa Caswell kept the tinshop; Daniel Stewart had a general agency office; G.I. & E. Walker were the cabinet makers, and also the hardware merchants; and Mr. William Dorling the tailor. Several advertisments from St. Thomas, Ingersoll and London firms also appear. Besides the ususal selection of light articles, the reading matter consists of, in addition to an introductory overture, an article on the Grain Market at Pt. Bruce; a letter from Rev. Dr. Davidson respecting the North West; the proceedings of the meetings held a month before by the Councils of Malahide, South Dorchester and Bayham. An account on the suicide of Mr. Henry  Putnam, of Yarmouth, who hung himself in his own house, on Sunday, August 22nd, 1869. A notice of a school picnic given the children of Section No. 1, Malahide, then taught by Mrs. Butler, wife of the present school inspector. Mention is also made of an accident that happened to Mr. W. Meston, who injured one of his eyes by coming into contact with a “sucker” on an apple tree. The Malahide Agricultural Show is announced for the 2nd of October; the only other local is devoted to the mention that Mr. A.C.  Brown was in Montreal purchasing goods for Mr. G.F. Clarke.”


In the March issue of this year featured an article about the disappearance of 200 paupers from Downton Wiltshire, England in 1835 and 1836. A further breakthrough in the case was made this September on the occasion of a visit to England*s Public Record Office in Kew.

A file containing correspondence with the Poor Law Commissioners was uncovered, and its contents chronicled the entire sequence of events.

Below is the story, as held in the records at the Public Record Office.

In 1835, Samuel Payne, Assistant overseer of Downton Parish describes the parish labourers thus:

‘Prior to the winter of 1831 the superfluous labourers of this Parish were generally employed on the Roads or in the Gravel Pits in congregated masses of from 50 to 100, the few industrious Labourers being thus brought into contact with the indolent, dishonest and profligate, the former then assumed the character of the latter, and theft rioting drunkenness became the result, passers by accosted with the most obscene language, and their general behaviour was of the most violent and daring description.

In consequence of which the Churchwardens & overseers finding it absolutely impossible to conduct Parochial affairs under such circumstances… 2*

In response, the parish decided to put labourers to work for individual tax payers during the times of the year when they were unemployed, and pay their wages out of taxes. This scheme seemed to allay the problem and was to continue until at least 1835.

By 1835, the burden of the poor was so great on the parish that they decided that drastic action needed to be taken, since there was really no end in sight. Someone surmised that it would be cheaper to send a labourer and his family to Canada, than it would be to keep him on parish assistance.

In a letter to the Poor Law Commissioners dated February 13, 1836, the vestry seeks permission to borrow money to defray the costs of emigration of poor persons who wish to leave. Note the reference to the first group that went to Canada having sent back news of the favourable economic conditions.

In the letter Downton Churchwarden John Hooper states:

‘measures were taken to borrow 1000 Guineas of the Government under the 62 section of the Poor Law Act that being stated by Mr. Pinnock to be the sum necessary to defray the expenses of conveying these from Portsmouth to Toronto, on their way to the Bathurst district or Lake Erie, where they desire to join the relations and friends of many of them, who were sent from this parish last spring and have found constant employment and good wages 3*.

Additional supporting evidence of where the first group went is a letter received by Cornelius Bundy of Vienna, Canada West in 1853. It recalls the hard times at Downton, and asks about James Chalk and John Pracey, who seem to have ended up in the Talbot settlement4.

Shortly after receiving the go ahead from London, on February 27th, 1836, the following notice was published by the Select Vestry:

It was ordered that a notice be given in the church tomorrow for all fathers of families and all single persons that wish to emigrate to Canada are to attend a meeting of the Vestry on Monday next at three o*clock in the afternoon in order to have their names entered for the purpose of securing their sea passage and other necessary arrangements.

Two hundred and twenty people took advantage of the opportunity. Having heard about the emigration, the neighbouring parish of Whiteparish also sent thirty eight people. The Whiteparish list states that their people left the parish on April 8, 1836. The Downton list indicates that they left on April 7, 1836 by the ship King William.

Lloyds shipping register lists three ships of that name6, only one that would have been large enough for the voyage to Quebec. The King William was from the port of Whitby, and George Thomas was her captain. A crew list collected by customs officials upon her return to Bristol on August 1st, 1836 indicates that the crew joined the 380-ton ship on March 5th, and that they sailed to the port of Quebec7.

[Brenda, feel free to reword this last part in any way you want. I will let you word how Elgin Co. OGS wants involvement in this. As long as I get to see any correspondence we get on this, I am happy. I have already decided that another visit to Wiltshire is needed to look at the 1822 enclosure bill passed for Downton, and I also intend to chase Colonial Office Records ]

[KL]The names of the emigrants from both parishes are enclosed. The author is engaged in historical and genealogical research about the Downton emigrants, and would like to hear from anyone who can offer any information.

Downton, Wiltshire Emigrants April 7, 1836

Males                         Age     Married Females                       Age

Isaac        Barter         42        Married Ann            Barter         32

Frederick Barter           11                     Jane          Barter         8

Henry        Barter         6                       Hariet         Barter         1/1/02

John         Barter         4

James       Prince         47        Married Ann            Prince         45

Abraham Prince           16                     Kesia         Prince         11

Obiah        Prince         9                        Rosalinda Prince         3/1/02

John         Prince         6

William      Bampton     38        Married Sarah         Bampton     40

John         Poore         15         Son in Mary           Bampton     4


Charles     Poore         13         Son in Sarah         Bampton     2



Joseph      Poore         10        Son in


James       Bampton     6

Charles     King           26        Married Ann            King           30

Charles     King           3                       Letitia         King            1

James       Dredge       30        Married Ann            King           37

George     Light           49        Married Charlotte    King           18

James       Light           27                     Ellen          ?                4

Charles     Light           15        Married Eliza           Dredge       24

Henry        Light           10                     Mary          Light           42

George     Light           8                       Sarah         Light           13

Lazarus     Light           5                       Thursa       Light           3

Oran         Light           3


William      Edmonds    35        Married Hannah      Light           37

John         Edmonds    12                     Sarah         Edmonds    13

Charles     Edmonds    10

George     Edmonds    7

Henry        Edmonds    3

James      Biddlecomb 44        Married Elsey          Biddlecomb 41

George     Biddlecomb 17                     Hannah      Biddlecomb 18

Henry       Biddlecomb 12                     unreadable unreadable 6

Charles     Biddlecomb 6

James       Champ       36        Married Eliza           Champ       35

William      Champ       17                     Clarissa     Champ       13

Edmund    Champ        9

George     Champ        6

Arthur       Champ       1/1/02

James       Jennings     42        Married Rosanna    Jennings     40

Silas         Jennings     18                     Maria         Jennings     7

Robert       Jennings     9                        Mary Ann Jennings      month

Thomas     Small          34        Married Mary          Small          34

Charles     Small          13

James       Small          10

William      Small          4                       Martha       Webb         38

Willam      Webb         50        Married Rhoda        Webb         11

John         Webb         11                     Mary          Webb          4

Thomas    Pretty         34        Married Martha       Webb          4

Henry        Pretty         11                     Sarah        Pretty          37


Joseph      Dredge       31        Married Charlotte    Pretty          13

Henry        Dredge       9                        Elizabeth Pretty           7

William      Dredge       4                       Ann           Pretty          2

George     Pressy        38        Married Kesia         Dredge       31

Henry        Pressy        14                     Charlotte    Dredge       1

Phineas    Pressy        11                     Mary          Pressy        37

Frederick Pressy          7                       Ann            Pressy        4

George     Pressy        6


James       Goulding     33        Married Ann            Goulding     40

Henry        Goulding     4                        Mary Ann Goulding      9

George     Goulding     1                       Hariet .       Goulding     6

William      Bishop        29        Married Hariett        Bishop        27

George     Bundy         21                     Ann            Bishop        7

Thomas    Chalk          32                      Elizabeth Bishop         5

Charles     Chalk          8                       Clarissa     Bishop        2

Samuel     Bundy         60        Married Mary          Bundy         25

Cornelius Bundy          13                     Fanny        Bundy         5

Mark         Bundy         7                       Mary Ellen Bundy         3

Daniel       Bundy         56                      Ethelinda Bundy          1

Mark         Bundy         18                     Mary          Chalk          32

Jacob        Bundy         12                     Ann            Bundy         45

James       Weeks        22        Married Harriet        Bundy         19

William      Weeks        2                       Jemima      Bundy         10

George     Weeks        3                       Mary          Bundy         53


George     Barrow        28        Married Fanny        Bundy         22

Henry        Barrow        9                       Harriet        Bundy         21

Thomas    Barrow        2                       Martha       Bundy         16

Philip        Foe            45          Married Elizabeth Weeks          23

Edmond    Foe             6                        Elizabeth Barrow         30

Henry        Thorn         34        Married Ann            Barrow        4

George     Compton     6                       Sarah         Foe            40

Joseph      Higgs          55        Married Eliza           Foe            14

George     Higgs          15                     Harriet        Foe            18

William      Higgs          13                     Hannah      Thorn          30

Francis      Higgs          11        Married Mary          Higgs          43

Charles     Higgs          8                       Jane          Higgs          7

John         Light           21        Married Sarah         Higgs          3

Frank        Light           1                        Elizabeth Light            21


Silas         Webb         23        Married Naomi        Webb         24

James       Moody        40        Married Emily          Webb          8


Charles     Moody        17                      Elizabeth Moody          40

Henry        Gilbert        18                     Sarah        Moody        2

Henry        Poore         32         Married Mary Ann Poore           22

Joseph      Gauntlett     35        Married Ann            Gauntlett     35

Joseph      Gauntlett     12                     Ann           Gauntlett     14

James      Gauntlett     8                        Elizabeth Gauntlett      3

Sidney      Webb         21          Married Elizabeth Webb           22

Joseph      Jellyman     50        Married Frances      Jellyman     43

James       Jellyman     13                     Frances      Jellyman     12

Richard     Jellyman     10                     Mary          Jellyman     5


Joseph      Jellyman     9


George Jellyman 8                 Alfred Jellyman 8


Thomas    Allen           20        Married (blank)        Allen           19

Charles     Frampton    20                     Jane          Moody        69

Stephen    Swayne      20                     Louisa       Moody        17

Richard     Latty           17                     Hannah      Dale           40

Henry       Latty           19                     Matilda       Dale           11

William      Bishop        18                     Mary          Shergold     17

Johanthan Dredge       19

William      Mussel        16

Stephen    Harris         17

Edmund    Forder        21

George     Forder        22

William      Forder        15

Absalom Jennings       20

George      Alexander 17

Michael     Futcher       17

Edmund    Foe            22

John         Harris         23

James       Westcomb 17

William      Westcomb 19

William      Moody        16

Charles     Friar           19

Henry        Friar           20

Henry        Deere         18

Charles     Light           18

William      Noyse         17

Silas         King           17

Samuel     Eastman     18

Henry        Hudson       19

Thomas    Dredge       22

George     Futcher       18

John          Harrington 33

Thank you to Brenda Edmonds, Elgin County Branch of OGS for transcribing the Downton list, and for her encouragement over the past one and one half years to keep looking.

Whiteparish, Wiltshire Emigrants April 8, 1836 Males       Age Married Females Age

nathon                 34



             Sarah        32


eorge (George)? 8 Martin
hn (John)? Martin 2
                 Elizabeth 6


             Sophia        4


aac (Issac)? Deare 28 married Lucy          26


rank (Frank)? Deare 1
lham (Wilham)? Harnett 24 married Eliza          26


                Mary Ann 1


rge (George)? Wilshire 26 married Harriet        30 Wilshire
             Mary           3


             Fanny         2


mes (James)?      31


married Ann           31


mes (James)?      7


             Martha        4


omas (Thomas)? 2 Elsbury
chard (Richard)? 25 Prince married Elizabeth 38
arles (Charles)? 12 Prince
mes (James)?      9


omas (Thomas)? 1 Prince
homas                 33

(Thomas)? Amor

married Mary 32
mes (James)?         6 Amor
Maria Amor 3
eorge (George)? 1 Amor
Willham               21


ancis (Francis)? 19 Gutteridge
John Grish           15
James Bridle        26
Elizabeth 19 Penny
Keziah        19


George Cash       1



BURWELL / BEEMER – Eliza Jane BURWELL b 1842 d/o James and Clarissa (BEEMER) BURWELL. There are 3 James BURWELL’s in the census. Is this James a relative of Mahlon BURWELL? Can anyone help with this lineage?

POTTS / BURWELL – Peter POTTS b mid-Atlantic in 1813, m Eliza Jane BURWELL at Fingal, 0N Dec 1, 1867, d South Dorchester, 1883. Prts were John & Barbara, poss in Niagara area. Would appreciate any relatives contacting me.

WILLSON / BEATTIE – Benjamin / Gilman / Peter – line who settled in Tyrconnel, Dunwich. Does anyone know fam of Peter, b 1816, esp Elizabeth who later mar Joseph BEATTIE of Florence?

COOKE  / BLAKELY (BLAKLEY) – Joseph COOKE born Lincolnshire, England 1837 mar Elizabeth BLAKELY (BLAKLEY) b 28 July 1839. Joseph d 21 Aug. 1926, Elizabeth d 17 Jan. 1919. Bd Union Cemetery. Who were his Prts.. Any other relatives in Canada? Allan & Barbara CROSS

LAUR / DENNIS / KILMER / FIRBY / NEVILL Searching for info on prts and sib of John Henry LAUR & Hannah DENNIS – Mar 3 Jan, 1858. John b 16 June 1834 to Peter LAUR & Rosanna KILMER. Peter & Rosanna had son Peter LAUR who mar Mary Ann NEVILL 7 Dec. 1868. Hannah b 2 July, 1839 to Thomas DENNIS & Rose Ann FIRBY. Thomas & Rose Ann had 9 ch: John, Ester Ann, Thomas, Hannah, Elizabeth, James Firby, William Burton, & Joseph H. Who were Robert & Rosanna’sch? Their prts? What dates for all these events?

BETTERLEY / TAYLOR – Searching for info on prts & sib of Ethel BETTERLEY b 29 Sept. 1896 in Belmont, ON. Ethel & bro Allen ch: of George BETTERLEY & Anne TAYLOR.  Ethel mar Dennis LAUR 26 Mar. 1916 in St. Thomas. Were there any ch: for George & Anne? Jani – Lee FABIANO,

BROWN / BURDICK / HOYE – Samuel BROWN had 3 wives, father of 22 ch. 3rd wife was Phebe BURDICK d/o James BURDICK & Phebe CROAT. Phebe had marr to Joshua HOYE in 1793. Samuel & Phebe had 4 ch: Phebe b 16 Jan. 1807, mar ca 1827 to Timothy ABBOTT, Isaac b 10 Oct 1808 who marr 1826 to Harriet SMITH, Peter b 15 Aug 1810, marr to Rebecca SMITH 17 Oct 1832, & Emily b 26 Jan 1814, marr to Edward BOWEN ca 1834. All info would be welcome as I am 4th gr grandson of Phebe HOYE. Donald W. CARPENTER

KERR / McTAVISH – John KERR – 1784 – 1875, and wife Henrietta McTAVISH – 1785 – 1872 resided in Aldborough Twp, both bd in Old Pioneer Cem, New Glasgow. Would appreciate info on desc. Have much McTAVISH info to share re bros who settled in Orford Twp, Kent Co. Nancy CAMERON

HOWEY / SINGER / SCHRAM – Our ancestor was Robert Howey U.E.L. One of his sons, Isaac John HOWEY marr Nancy SINGER. who had dau Caroline HOWEY. Looking for Caroline and husband Lawrence SCHRAM. Need marr record for them ca 1848, Norfolk Co. We welcome any info. Glenda FENLON,

DRAKE – Joshua C. DRAKE b Long Point Bay, Canada, later settled in Lenawee County MI. Joshua was circuit – rider through out Canada mid-1800’s. He and wife had extensive family including several sons. Alvin T. b Oct 29, 1837, John W. b July 5, 1839, Thomas W. b Aug 18, 1841, James L. b Oct 14, 1843, & Joshua C. b Oct 23, 1845. James L. is my gr-gr – grandfather, and, with the exception of John, all were b in Aldborough Twp. Elgin Co.. John b St. Thomas, On. All info appreciated. James DRAKE

EDMONDS / BUNDY / KING – William EDMONDS b 1800 married Dec. 1821 Ann BUNDY b 1802 in Downton, Wiltshire, England. Immigrated to Canada in 1836 – ship’s list says he’s married but no Ann EDMONDS listed, what happened to Ann? Is it possible she died on the ship? William EDMONDS remarries Dec. 10, 1838, to widow Ann KING, Old English Church, St. Thomas, who probably was the same Ann KING on the ship’s list. If it was what happened to her husband Charles KING and ch Charles b 1833 and Letitia b 1835? Is Ann King EDMONDS the Mrs.  EDMUNDS buried in the Old St. Thomas Church Yard in 1839?

EDMONDS / HORSMAN / HINES – William Henry Edmonds b Apr 7 1833 Downton Eng. married when ? Maria HORSMAN. In 1861 Census ch George H. 4, & Charles T.1, also Samuel b1863 Eliza b1865. When did Maria HORSMAN die and where bur ? When & where did William mar Lozina HINES b1844 Vermont. Immigrated to Traverse City, MI. and had child Arthur J. b1881 What happened to Charles, Samuel & Arthur Edmonds’ families and Stepson – Fredrick Dohm ? Brenda EDMONDS