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VOLUME XV    ISSUE THREE            SEPT. 1996

For genealogists, the summer months can be either a time of travel in pursuit of information in cemeteries and distant destinations, or a period when our genealogy gets put on hold while we are occupied with other holiday activities. I hope that your summer was enjoyable no matter which category it fell in.

Our last meeting in June was quite productive with a good attendance for the updating of the Frome cemeteries followed by a strawberry social at Pat Temple’s home in Fingal. Thanks Pat! Mark October 9th on your calendar (our regular meeting night) for a speaker you won’t want to miss. Dennis Pearce from England will be giving a session of English research to our group as part of his south-western Ontario tour, which also includes meetings at OGS branches in London and Stratford.

Don’t miss the annual genealogical fair in Simcoe on Sept. 28th, 1996. Norfolklore’96 is always a great opportunity to purchase publications and meet fellow genealogists from other OGS branches and elsewhere, plus those from heritage organizations.

Our annual Christmas dinner, hosted this year by the Elgin Historical Society, is being held in the St. Thomas Christian Church, Wellington St. (beside the mall), on Dec. 11th, 1996 at 7 p.m.

Tickets will be available from EHS members.

The publication committee has decided that the transcription of the previously unpublished and uncorrected Elgin County censuses prior to 1871 would be a worthwhile project for our branch. Forms for extraction and instructions will be available from Jean Bircham, c/o the branch, if you wish to volunteer. If there are any out-of-town members who wish to get involved with a branch project, this is your opportunity.

The historical community of Elgin County lost one of its long-time enthusiasts on 3rd Aug. with the passing of Stanley J. Stephens, of Sparta. Stan was born in Malahide township in 1905 and spent the greater part of his life in Port Bruce. Besides his interest in genealogy, he published several books, including Port Bruce As I Have Known It in 1975. He attended several of our branch meetings during the past year, and assisted in the updating of Orwell cemetery at June ‘95.

Thanks to the work of Don Cosens, Carol Hall and Maureen McCormick, our branch has a display window in the Grand Central building on Talbot St. in St. Thomas. It features information about family history and the Elgin County branch OGS. We hope that you will stop and look at it.

See you in September.

Jim McCallum,


Extracts of Genealogical information

Buildings Operations of the Past Year

Canadian Home Journal 25 Dec. 1874

“We give below the record of building operations in St. Thomas for the year 1874 classified in Wards. In a town where so many new buildings are going up constantly, it is sometimes difficult to make a complete record for any one year; but we think that the following will be found pretty complete.”

Publishing dates: First part (25 Dec 1874); first section in Sept.1996 and second in Dec. 1996 issue. Second part (2 Jan 1874); first section in March 1996 issue of Talbot Times, second section in June 1996. – Jean Bircham, editor.

St. George’s Ward

W.E. Youmans, a comfortable frame dwelling on East Street with tasty wire fence in front, Cruise & Sterling, contractors. Cost $1,600.

Thomas Hay, a brick dwelling, story and a half, on the corner of Scott and Jessie streets, at a cost of $1,800. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

Thomas Arkell, a two story frame dwelling on Pearl Street, with wire fence in front. Cost $1,000. Cruise and Sterling, builders.

Mr. James McCrone, a millinery store on the north side of Talbot street. A neat two story brick building, covered with Churchill’s patent mica roofing. Cost $1,600. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

The Arkell block, a very handsome three story brick building of four stores on the south side of Talbot Street, between the Metcalfe buildings and the Merchants Bank. The east half of the block is owned by Mr. Thos. Arkell, being occupied by Cusack Bros. as a packing house and by Meek Bros. as a harness shop. The west half is owned by M.A. Gilbert and Hiram Comfort, is occupied by Ross & Thomson as a grocery, an by A & A McColl as a merchant tailor’s shop. The upper stories are fitted up for offices and private dwellings. The eastern portion was built by Cruise & Sterling and the western by John McIntyre,; brickwork by J. Heard & Son. D. Kilpatrick, architect. Total cost, $12,000.

Mr. McElhone, a frame store on north side of Talbot street. Cost $700. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

Wm. Jackson, Talbot street, an additional story to his residence. Cost $200. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

A.F. Butler, improvement upon dwelling on East street. Cost $400. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

M.A. Gilbert, a flour and feed store on the south side of Talbot street, occupied by Mr. John Thomson. Cost $300.

George Wegg, Jr., a frame dwelling on Metcalfe street, at a cost of $900. E. McConnell, builder. John McLean has built the complement of the Free Trade buildings, consisting of two stores and an office for himself on the ground floor. Aaron Kilpatrick, contractor. Brickwork by O.P.

Harding, and painting by Austin Adkins. D. Kilpatrick, architect. Cost $7,500.

F.E. Ermatinger, a two story brick building on Talbot street, for Post Office. A. Kilpatrick, contractor. Cost $2,300.

Haggert Bros., a two story brick building for the Waterworks. Joiner work by Metcalfe, Morse & Oilee, and brickwork by O.P. Harding. Cost $2,560.

The M.T. Moore firm, a two story brick block on Talbot street, consisting of two stores, and halls for Foresters and Good Templars. One shop will be occupied by the firm as a leather store, and the other rented for retail business. Mr. Hollings, contractor; joiner work by W.C. Reid. Cost $5,000.

Henry Lindop, a two story brick store on Talbot street. Brickwork by George Ponsford. Cost $2,500. Also a frame two story dwelling on St. George street. Cost $1,000.

D.E. Stevens has built for himself a Gothic dwelling on Hiawatha Avenue. Cost $1,700. Metcalfe, Morse & Oille, a brick extensiion to their planing mills, 30 feet square and two stories high. Cost $650. W. Hollins, contractor.

John H. Green, an attractive two story brick dwelling on the south side of Talbot street. Joiner work by himself and brick work by W. Hollins.  Cost $3,000.

Duncan Zavitz has rebuilt the Elephant saloon, destroyed by fire last winter. James Meek, contractor; brickwork by W. Holman. Cost $2,000.

Charles Dawson, a cottage residence on St. George street. James Meek, contractor. Cost $1,500. G.T. VanNorman, a brick office on the corner of Talbot & St. Catherine streets. Joiner work by Lindop & brick work by W. Hollins. Cost $200.

M.A. Gilbert, a huge grain warehouse on Railway street. Cost $1,800. Frederick Price, contractor.

On Railway street, an engine house for Beaver No. 2 Fire Company. Built by W. Teetzel, at a cost of $275.

James Maginn, a frame dwelling on the corner of Scott & Mary streets. A. Kilpatrick, contractor. Cost $1,00.

William Cheasley, a neat two story frame dwelling on Hiawatha Avenue. A. Kilpatrick, contractor. Cost $2,00.

David Kilpatrick is building for himself a two story Gothic dwelling, with basement, on St. George Street. Cost $2,000.

St. David’s Ward

Amos Barnes has erected for himself four frame dwellings on Barnes street. at a cost of $3,000 or $750 each.

Samuel Sills, a frame dwelling on the east side on John street, south of the Beaver Block. Cost $900. Also, a paint shop on the same lot, at a cost of $250. Cruise & Sterling, builders. Jesse P. Freek, brick manufacturer, a brick residence on Wellington Avenue, with basement kitchen and Mansard roof. Cost $2,500. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

T.B. Dier, a brick extension to his store, 60 feet by 20 and two stories high. Carpenter and joiner work by Ruthven & Lindsay, and brick work by W. Hollins. Cost $2,300.

Barton & Schell have built a warehouse & office on the corner of

Forest Avenue & Myrtle street, at a cost of $250, & an addition to their block factory at a cost of $400.

John C. Burton, a two story frame dwelling house for himself on Wellington Avenue. Cost $2,000.

Dr. Corlis, a frame building on Talbot street. Cost $250. Burton & Schell, builders.

Mr. Sluggard, a frame cottage on Second Avenue, at a cost of $300. Burton & Schell, builders. Mr. Clayton, a frame cottage on _______ street. Cost $250. Burton & Schell, builders. Rev. Mr. Griffin, an addition to his dwelling on Ross street, at a cost of $150. Burton & Schell, builders.

Burton & Schell, five cottages for their employees, on Second Avenue. Cost $300 each.

A two story brick schoolhouse on Balakiava street, of handsome architectural design. D.

Munro, contractor. Brickwork by O.P. Harding. D. Kilpatrick, architect. Cost $2,500.

C.O. Learn, one and a half story brick residence on Wellington Avenue; Gothic style. W.C. Reid, contractor; brickwork by R. Ching. Cost $2,000.

James N. Davis, a brick residence on Wellington Avenue; Gothic style. W.C. Reid, contractor.; brickwork by W. Hollins. Cost $2,000.

Mr. Henry Lindop has built three frame cottages on Anselia (Amelia?) street, at a cost of $1,200. Mr. J. Trenaman, a frame building on Moore street, to be fitted up as a handle factory. Cost $1,200.

Charles Putman, a two story residence on the south side of Wellington Avenue. Joiner work by Newman & Harrison; brickwork by R. Ching. Cost $1,800.

John Barton, a brick cottage on Moore street. W. Rollins, contractor. Cost $900. W.S. Taylor, seven two story brick residences on Forest Avenue, at a cost of $2,000 each. F. Price, contractor. Brickwork by W. Hollins.

A brick church, Gothic style, for the M.E. congregation, on the corner of Wellington Avenue & Moore street. W. Teetzel, contractor. Cost $3,000.

George Wilcox, a three story brick building on Talbot street, adjoining the Beaver Block, 20 feet frontage & 60 feet in depth. Owned by John Secord, and to be occupied by him as a grocery and dwelling. William Teetzel, contractor; brickwork by Charles Scrase. Cost $3,500. (to be continued Dec. issue)


Members are entitled to two free queries per newsletter. Printing & editing at editor’s discretion.

BUCHNER/LEMON/YOKOM/GREEN/JOHNSON/HUBBARD/PRICE/WALKINSHAW/ SILVERTHORN/GRIFFIN/DEMARE/ASHER/DELL/AVERY/MILMINE/TUTTLE/BOX / PRATT /KEEFER – Wish to correspond with desc of Lewis BUCHNER (1799-1858) & wives (1) Mary LEMON (2) Margaret YOKOM. Lewis, s/o Henry & Catherine (GREEN) BUCHNER had 14 surviving issue: Reuben m Susan JOHNSON; Henry m Susan HUBBARD; Jacob m Juliana PRICE; Wm m Ellen WALKINSHAW; Catherine m Jacob SILVERTHORN; Janet m Jacob GRIFFIN; Rebecca m Chester DEMARE; Esther m Alexander ASHER; Elizabeth m James DELL; Elsie Ann m John PRICE, Adorem DELL & Jeremiah TUTTLE; Phoebe m Thomas BOX; Mary m Oriel AVERY & MILMINE; Brock m Marilla PRATT; Jacob m Barbara KEEFER. All info to Ross W. McCURDY

McINTYRE /MCCOLL/MILLIGAN/McDONALD -John McINTYRE, s/o Jacob McINTYRE & Ann McCOLL mar Nancy MILLIGAN d/o Alexander & Mary MILLIGAN in Elgin Co 1864. Is this the same couple as the John and Nancy McINTYRE with ch: Eugene b 1863, Maud b 1865, Daniel b 1867, Alexander b 1869, Duncan b 1871, Charles b 1874 and Minnie b 1879 — found in 1871 and 1881 census for Dunwich Twp? Eugene & wife Catherine McDONALD in St.Thomas in 1891, missing in 1901. All other family members missing after 1881. Where did family go? Any info on any of this family & desc greatly appreciated by Mrs Marie MITCHELL

UPPER/STOKES – seek info on desc of George UPPER & Mary STOKES – moved to Yarmouth from Niagara 1850’s? Was a wagon maker – had one son John – possibly more ch? where died & bd? All info to Leah RAMSEY

TOLMAN/MUNN/FLETCHER/MORRISON/MCTAVISH – seek info re James TOLMAN 1849-1881, butcher, & wife Effie MIJEN 1848-1908, area of Dunwich Twp. Dau Carrie – 1872- 1936 mar John FLETCHER 1862-1932, Dutton. All info to Leah RAMSEY

SCRIVER/WOLF – Wish for ancestors & desc of James H. SCRIVER & wife Miss WOLF. He d Aylmer, Elgin Co, ON. Had child Henry Harry SCRIVER, b 1875 Aylmer, Elgin Co, ON d 1963 Port Huron, MI. All help appreciated by Ernest MOSIER

SCHROEDER/SCRIVER – Wish to find ancestors of Hannah “Addie” Willimina SCHROEDER, b 7/7/1879 Aylmer, Elgin Co, ON. Addie mar Henry Harry SCRIVER 1897 Aylmer, ON. She d 8/8/1965 Oakland Co. MI. Their son Harley Henry SCRIVER b Aylmer, ON 8/23/1909. All help appreciated by Ernest MOSIER

BILLINGTON/HERRINGTON/HARRINGTON/WIDNER/ELLISON – John BILLINGTON b USA (d 25 Jan 1854 ae 30 yrs) bd Necropolis Cem South Dorchester, Elgin Co. John mar Ann M. d/o S.A. WIDNER. WHERE? WHEN? They had at least one son, George BILLINGTON, who mar Sarah Eleanor HERRINGTON (HARRINGTON) of Avon. Marr certificate states that George’s mother was Ann ELLISON! She must have been a widow before marriage to George! Can anyone clear up this info for me? Were there any siblings? George d from farming accident in McComb Co MI in 1888, bd H(E)ARRINGTON family plot in Avon cem. James BILLINGTON (ca 1794-1866) married Cornelia ______, bd in Aylmer cem, is he the father of John who was b in US? 1851 census for Malahide 1851 state that James b in N.Y. All info appreciated by Norma C. SMITH, U.E.

Isaac W. Stanley

Isaac W. Stanley first came to Kent County (USA) in 1850, locating in Wyoming Tp.  In 1856 he moved upon his present farm of 85 acres N. 1/4, Alpine tp. which he had bought some time previously. This land was covered by forest trees, was in an entirely wild state, 55 acres of this he has brought to a high state of cultivation, all being well fenced, with two-story dwelling, frame and wood outbuildings. Mr. S. is a Republican, was appointed Postmaster under President Johnson, and kept the same at his house up to the present time. He was born in the town of Bayham, Middlesex, Ontario, March 23, 1819, the son of John and Mary (Baker) Stanley, natives of Connecticut. Mr. Stanley was reared on a farm, and received his education at the common schools. He was married in Bayham, June 4, 1838, to Chloe Tracy, daughter of Samuel and Chloe (Polley), of Oswego, N.Y.   Mr. and Mrs. Stanley have a family of four children – Sarah E., now the wife of Jesse Smith, of Osceola Co.; Isaac W., who is married and lives at Case, Lake Co., Mich.; Rebecca, now the wife of Norman Harris, and living in Ottawa Co. Mr. Stanley’s wife died in August, 1853, and he was again married at Grand Rapids, in February, 1855, to Miss Ruth E. Root, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Simpson) Root. His second wife died two years afterward and he was again married to Lucinda Root, sister of his former wife; she died in 1877, and he was married again, Aug. 16, 1878, to Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, a native of Clearfield Co, PA. He is now living on sec. 18, Alpine Tp.

– submitted by Ross McCurdy

Elgin County O.G.S. 1996

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2nd Vice Chair – Carol Hall

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