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VOLUME XV                ISSUE FOUR            DECEMBER 1996

Home Page

Since our last newsletter, there have been several developments in our branch. Through the encouragement of member Bruce Johnson of Ann Arbor/ Port Bruce, our executive began researching the possibility of setting up a home page with an e-mail address on the Internet. An Internet server was chosen and the proposal was passed at our October meeting. We are now in the process of setting up the material for our home page, which will be available worldwide!

HOME PAGE ADDRESS: http://home.ican.net/-bedmonds/ElginOGS.

Further details will be available in future newsletters.

It was also decided to submit our cemetery indexes to the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA), which is an independent site on the Internet.

All these projects are to make the distribution of our material more widely available to researchers and to make them available to ALL our members.

Work has been completed on the third volume of Elgin County Deaths extracted from the Ontario Vital Statistics Index (for Deaths) covering the period 1891-1900. See price and ordering information on the 2nd page of this newsletter. Extraction of genealogical information from the Aylmer Express newspaper has now been completed for the years 1907-1919, and is in the process of being typed. Watch for details about this new publication in the spring.

I would encourage those local members using our collection in the George Thorman room at the St. Thomas Public Library to remember that the branch receives newsletters from all other 27 branches of OGS, plug several other genealogical groups throughout Canada and the United States. The most recent issues are found in cardboard magazine holders, while the rest are in binders in the bottom cupboards of the cabinets. Take advantage of this under-used source when looking for information in those areas covered by the newsletters.

One of our founding members, Stanley Daugharty, passed away suddenly on 19 September 1996 in his 78th year. Stan served as chairman of the Elgin branch OGS during 1985-86, and had been corresponding secretary for several years. Our sympathy is extended to his wife Marg and family. He will be missed.

Our annual meeting and elections will be held at the 8th January 1997 meeting. If you would like to become involved in the operation of the branch, please contact the nominating committee- Don Cosens, Brenda Edmonds or myself The branch is always in need of volunteers, no matter how small the contribution!

On behalf of the executive and myself, I wish you all A Happy Holiday season.

Jim McCallum, Chairman

 Publications For Sale


Deaths in Elgin County: Book 3, 1891-1900. Cost: $15 + $2(P&H)


1901 Census Index Aylmer by M. Ryder. Cost: $7 + $1.50(P&H)

Index to the Thrombin Map, 1864, of Elgin County, alphabetical or by lot     and concession. Cost: $25 + $4(P&H)

1996 Publications:

1851 Census & Index – South Dorchester Township, Elgin Co. Cost. $2 1.00 +


Deaths in Elgin County: Book 1, 1869-1879. (Index to deaths extracted from the Ontario Vital Statistics Index occurring in Elgin County) Cost: $7.50 + $1.50(P&H)

Deaths in Elgin County: Book 2, 1880-1890 Cost:    $13.50 + $2(P&H)

1901 Census Index -Springfield; Compiled by M. Ryder. Cost $2.50 + $l.50(P&H)

1901 Census Index – Pt Stanley; Compiled by M. Ryder. Cost $2.50 + $1.50(P&H)

1901 Census Index – Dutton; Compiled by M. Ryder. Cost $3.25 + $2.00(P&H)

1901 Census Index – Vienna; Compiled by M. Ryder. Cost $1.75 + $1 (P&H)

Buildings Operations of the Past Year

Canadian Home Journal 25 Dec. 1874

Publishing dates: First part (25 Dec 1874); first section in Sept 1996 and second in Dec. 1996 issue. Second part (2 Jan 1874); first section in March 1996 issue of Talbot Times, second section in June 1996. – Jean Bircham, editor.

“We give below the record of building operations in St. Thomas for the year 1874 classified in Wards. In a town where so many new buildings are going up constantly, it is sometimes difficult to make a complete record for any one year; but we think that the following will be found pretty complete.”

St. Patrick’s Ward

William King, a residence on Southwick St , Gothic style, with bay window. Cost $1,000. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

William Barrett, a frame dwelling on Stanley St at a cost of $900. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

Henry Thomson, a frame cottage on Elizabeth St. Cost $1,200. Ruthven & Lindsay, contractors. George Bennett; a frame dwelling on Elizabeth St. Cost $1,200. Rudiven & Lindsay, contractors.

Charles Whitwam, a frame dwelling on Eliza St. at a cost of S 1,400. Rudiven & Lindsay, contractors.

George Scott, a commodious two story brick dwelling on Eliza St. with a stone & brick basement, and cellar. Brickwork by Mr. Brooks, carpenter and joiner work by Joseph McConnell. Cost $4,000.

Dr. Luton has built a [ ] brick cottage on the corner of Queen & Centre St. at a cost of $3,000. W.C. Reid, contractor; brickwork by R Ching.

James E. Denison, a frame two story Gothic dwelling with basement on Elgin St. It is trebly sheeted; internally & externally with wood. The external sheeting is covered with tarred felting, which is covered by horizontal clap-board siding. The entire building is heated by hot air, supplied by one of Gold’s patent sanitary heaters. Each room is ventilated by one of Dr. Arnold’s patent automatic ventilators. There is a water closet on each floor, and a bathroom fitted up with hot & cold water, and with shower & plunge baths. On the ground floor is a lavatory, also fitted up complete. The kitchen is supplied with one of Van’s patent wrought iron cooking ranges, and each room throughout with coal grates & open fire places. The chimneys are finished with Grankirk tops from Scotland. Cost $6,8000. D. Oliphant, contractor.

Samuel Redman, a one & a half story frame dwelling for himself on Mitchell St. Cost $1,200. Thomas Barley, a frame cottage on Hincks street Cost $500. H Lindop, contractor

Mr.Idsardi, a story & a half frame dwelling on the corner of Southwick and Erie streets. Cost $1,600.

W.S. Taylor, a two story brick dwelling on Wellington Avenue. Cost $2,000. Win. Teetzel, contractor; brickwork by Charles Scrase, a two story brick dwelling on Wellington Avenue. W Teetzel, contractor. Cost $2,000.

Sturgeon Sharon, a two story brick residence, with basement, on Wellington Avenue. Mr. Bowie, brickwork; C. Ellwood, joiner work; D. Kilpatrick, architect. Cost $2,000.

Aaron Kilpatrick, a neat and tasty dwelling house for himself on Metcalfe street, of modern Gothic design. Cost $3,000. D. Kilpatrick, architect.

James Hutchinson, a two story brick residence on Metcalfe street, in American Gothic style. A. Kilpatrick, contractor, D. Kilpatrick, architect. Cost $3,500.

John Wyatt, a frame dwelling for himself on Metcalfe street. Cost $1,000.

William Beale, a two story frame dwelling on Elgin street. A. KILPATRICK, contractor. Cost $1,000.

St. Andrew’s Ward

G.W. King, improvements upon King’s hotel at a cost of $300. Cruise & Sterling, contractors. James Carrie, addition & improvements to brick residence on Church St. Cost $600. Cruise & Sterling, contractors.

The Aylmer Express

February 5, 1914

SALEM — Lloyd Graves has a happy heart now. He was born a slave in Kentucky seventy eight years ago and ran away and came to Canada when he was twenty years of age, and from that time until a few weeks ago, never heard from any of his people. By some means one of his sister’s daughters learned of his whereabouts and wrote to him and has sent him the likeness of his brother and sister, niece and nephew. They live in Battle Creek, Michigan, and the old gentleman is anticipating the good time he will have visiting them

February 19, 1914

SALEM — In the item in last week’s Express it stated that Mr. Lloyd Graves was in his 79th years, but since then he received a letter from a niece stating his age as copied from the old family register, which makes him 90 years of age on the 22nd of this month.   [NOTE: Early Canadian censuses consistently give Lloyd born ca 1837 in Kentucky  which would make him about age 77 in 1914- First article is correct-BCJ]


Revised List of Constables for the County of Elgin for 1873

Township of Aldborough

Dugald Lamont        Aldborough

Duncan McLean        Aldborough

Archibald McDougall        Aldborough

Archibald J Campbell        Wardsville

Bradley Johnson        Eagle

Philip Schultz        Eagle

Angus McLachlan        Eagle

Village of Aylmer

Edward Thompson         Aylmer

George Newal        Aylmer

Township of Bayham

Enos Hunsberger        Straffordville

Charles Price            Straffordville

John Crossett            Eden

Benjamin Stilwell        Eden

Sydney Dean            Eden

Willaim L Baldwin        Vienna

James F Wright        Vienna

Wulford M Putnam        Vienna

Wiliam P Williams        Bayham

Mason Hill            Port Burwell

Abraham Long        Port Burwell

Robert Jackson        Port Burwell

Township of Dunwich

Isaac Stoliker        Iona

Archibald McGill        Iona

James McLanders        Iona

Abner Sanders        Iona

Abraham Bowlby        Wallacetown

Timothy Williams        Tyrconnell

John McDonald        Erieau

John O’Brien            Tyrconnell

David McGill        Wallacetown

William Bobier        Wallacetown

Township of Malahide

Eli Caverly        Orwell

Henry Martin        Aylmer

Manley Matthews        Sarum

Sylvester Matthews        Sarum

Henry Percy        Port Bruce

Thomas Thomson        Port Bruce

Ezekiel Chute        Aylmer

Township of South Dorchester

Archibald Clunas        Springfield

George J Clunas        Springfleld

Lyman Westover         Avon

William Luton         Mapleton

Peter Charlton         Mapleton

Township of Southwold

Robert Patterson        Port Stanley

John Payne            Port Stanley

John Ellison, Jun’r        Port Stanley

Joseph Wilson        Port Stanley

Joseph Mitchell        Port Stanley

Benjamin G Willson    Fingal

John Schultz        Fingal

John Caleb            Muncey Town

Andrew Horton        Frome

Francis Warren        Frome

Joseph W Smith        St. Thomas

John Smith            Talbotville

Malcolm Campbell        Fingal

Town of St. Thomas

George Balsdon        St. Thomas

John Wyatt            St. Thomas

William Martin        St. Thomas

John W Hannan        St. Thomas

John Lockett            St. Thomas

Edward Langan        St. Thomas

Henry Thornton        St. Thomas

James Fewings        St. Thomas

Isaac B Haight        Union

Township of Yarmouth

Henry Wilcox        New Sarum

Nelson Whitesell        New Sarum

William Stacey        Port Stanley

John Hicks        St. Thomas

Thomas Warren        St. Thomas

Isaac Vansickle        Dexter

John Vansickle        Dexter

Hector Hughes        Yarmouth Centre

Jonathan Glover        Sparta

Minard Mills        Sparta

Alfred Joy        Sparta

Arsenius Osborne        Union

William Simpson        Orwell

City of London

Thaddeus Vanwalkenburgh London

Richard Wegniore         London

Henry Groves         London

Harvey Washington Babcock London

Certified a true list – James Farley, Clerk of the Peace, County of Elgin


Members are entitled to two free queries per newsletter. Printing & editing at editor’s discretion. Submission by e-mail is acceptable. Please specify if you wish to have your e-mail address listed.

ARNOLD/ANNETF – Interested in learning about ARNOLD family of Bayham Twp, Elgin Co. Edward ARNOLD – (1813-1894) m Jane ANNETT – (1819-1891). Lived Sombra Twp Lambton Co. Joseph ARNOLD – (1809-1851) m Louisa ANNETT – (1814-?) Resided at Battle Creek, Indiana. Were they brothers? Were they relation to pioneer settler Samuel ARNOLD? Census and records prts b in N.S. All info to Mrs. Helen Clark

TALBOTVILLE/F1VE STAKES – Looking for envelopes or letters showing Five Stakes or Talbotville address (perhaps via St.Thomas) and dated before 1855. Any info welcome; will refund cost of stamps and/or photocopies. All appreciated by Morley Thomas

CLARKE/CLARK/KEILLOR/WILLIAMS/MARTIN/McINTYRE/McCOLL – Seeking info on pts of John CLARKE, wife Rachel HAMILTON, father of Elijah. Came to Dunwich Twp, Elgin Co from Cumberland Co. N.S. ca 1818. All info to Pamela CaIlum

CLARKE/CLARK/KEILLOR/WILLIAMS/MARTIN/McINTYRE/McCOLL – Seeking pts of Nancy WILLIAMS, w/o William KEILLOR, b 10 Oct. 1807 in Pugwash, N. S., mar 1826 Cumberland Co, N.S. d 30 Sept., 1865 in Iona, Elgin Co., ON. All info to Pamela Callum,

KNIGHT/MON(C)K/DECOU/FREDERICK/MARTIN/GLASSFORD – Seek desc of Samuel Henry KNIGHT (1801-1886) & Mary MONCK (1796-1879). Ch: Philip m Nancy DECOU, James m Gabriella FREDERICK, Dorothea Ann m? MARTIN, Elizabeth m John GLASSFORD, Richard m ?. The four youngest ch bapt at St. Peter’s Church, Dunwich Twp 29 June 1844 while fam living on Townline Road, Howard Twp, Kent Co. Desire Birthplace? Prts? Siblings? of Samuel Henry KNIGHT & Place of mar to Mary MONCK? Mary b N.Y. State, Where? Pits? Siblings? Date of Marr? Need Birthdate & Place of Philip KNIGHT? All info to Elinor R. Knight

HOUGHTON/SCOTT/BARBER/BARBOUR/JONES – Info needed on (1) John HOUGHTON, Sr. & Jr.  Sr- 1840? & Jr- b 1878, Cambridgeshire ENG. Both d ca 1882 Listowel, Perth Co. or ca Dungannon, Huron Co. Wife Elizabeth SCOTT HOUGHTON later mar (2) Charles BARBER (BARBOUR) (per 1881 Census) of Dungannon, Huron Co. Where? When? Bd Dungannon Cem but not bd with either wife. (3) Who was Charles BARBER’S first wife? Charles had at least one son by his first wife. (4)Albert Edward BARBER b 1871? & grandson, Charles Alexander BARBER 1885 living in Wiarton. (6) Louisa HOUGHTON b 1868 d/o John & Elizabeth SCOTT HOUGHTON BARBER mar Henry JONES prior to 1891. Where? When? Both bd in Dungannon Cem. All info to Mrs. Brenda Edmonds

WHITE/BARKER/PALMER/GIRDEN/ASSELTINE/JONES/BEDORE/BADOUR/ BEDURE/EATON/SICKLER/RICE/WHELAN – Looking for desc Mary GROVES WHITE b IRE, lvd Westport/Sherbrooke/Bedford area, North Crosby, Leeds & Grenville Co., d Westport 19 Dec.1914, (d/o James WHITE & Mary SCOTT) mar ca 1852-1858 to Enoch BARKER, s/o William & Bastian BARKER,(Enoch 18 yrs in 1851 Census) Ch: 1/John BARKER – 5 yrs 1861 census, poss mar Mary PALMER? Poss went west? Where? 2/ Sarah “Sary” A. BARKER, 4 yrs 1861 census – poss mar Alan GIRDEN. Sary d at Harvest Supper in Calgary or Edmonton. Poss Ch: Wilson, Luella, Benjamin & Gladys. Photo shows Wilson GIRDEN wearing clerical clothes. 3/William James BARKER 20 yrs 1881 census, mar Mercy Anna ASSELTINE & Almeda Almindwell ASSELTINE (daus/o Zady JONES & Thomas ASSELTINE) 4/Eli B. BARKER 20 yrs 1881 census mar Sarah M. ASSELTINE sis of above, poss lived Napanee area. 5/ Thomas S. BARKER l7yrs 1881 census poss mar ?BEDORE/BEDOUR/BEDURE? – went west? Died in accident, Where? Wife went to US. Ch may have been Mary, Thomas & Caverly 6/Martha BARKER13 yrs 1881 census – no info available.  7/ Mary Hughena BARKER pass mar Christopher EATON – lvd Toronto & Peterborough – no ch but he had dau by prev mar. 8/Harmonius SICKLER b ca 1865,pos s/o George & Louisa SICKLER. mar Anne BARKER in Westport, bd Westport, N. Crosby, Leeds & Grenville. 9/ Charlott BARKER b 1870 mar Nelson RICE lvd Westport Their Ch: Onetta May, Wilfred Spencer & Muriel Weldma (?) RICE. 10/ Enoch BARKER Jr. d from scarletina, 1871 census, where bd.? 11/Mary A. BARKER 8 yrs 1881 census, could have mar a WHELAN? All info appreciated by Mrs. Brenda Edmonds

BILLINGTON/WIDNER – John BILLINGTON b USA ca 1824 mar Ann M. WIDNER in S Dorchester.  When getting record for son GEORGE BILLINGTON at LDS, ANN (his mother) was listed as Ann ELLISON! Was Ann widowed before her marr to John BILLINGTON. John & Ann bd in Necropolis cem, S Dorchester, Elgin Co. with S.A. WIDNER. My Bible lists the latter (S.A. Widner) as great grandma written by father! Was John s/o James & Cornelia BILLINGTON who resided in N Malahide Twp? John & Ann had at least one son, George, who farmed in S Dorchester for a short time. Did George have siblings? I have the will of James but John predeceased James & Comelia in 1854 so is not mentioned. James remarried a Susanna or Susan after the death of Cornelia! James bd in Aylmer cerm. All help would be appreciated by Mrs. Norma C. Smith 633-0993.

DUNCOMBE – Unanswered questions – 1/In the 1851 Can census Charles DUNCOMBE’s wife, Nancy, living with her dau, Eliza Jane TUFFORD in Brantford Twp, Brant Co listed as 60 yrs old. Not listed in l86l Can census Did she die in 1857? No record in Paris cem. Not on Tufford stone. No obit. No newspaper record of death. Wish death info. Nancy had 2 ch who lvd USA since their marr 1835: Maria marr Dr. Griffin SMITH; Catherine marr Daniel L. SMITH, lawyer. Did Nancy DUNCOMBE live with either of them? No trace in Lockport or Niagara Falls. Maria Griffin SMITH’s will lists sister Catherine, sister Mrs. Tufford in Paris ON, and 1/2 brother William A. whose res was San Francisco CA. Will probated 1899 Did he go to the Yukon gold rush and die there? 2/In California 1850 census, DUNCOMBE listed with wife, Lucy MILLARD. Where and when were they marr? Did they marry? 3/ DUNCOMBE d 1867. Will mentions Lucy, his wife; William Albert, their son, b 1858; Huldah MILLARD, sister of Lucy. Huldah first listed on 1860 census. When did she come to live with Charles & Lucy? 4/In 1869, Lucy DUNCOMBE, William Albert DUNCOMBE & Huldah MILLARD left Sacromento area CA USA. Where did they go? Lucy & William appear in 1877 in Oakland. Lived tog 1877-1899. Where was Huldah MILLARD? Lucy DUNCOMBE’s death certificate states she born Lockport NY, had been in CA for 50+ years. Huldah MILLARD’s death certificate also says she born NY. Where and When? Any and all information wanted by Mr. George Thorman

St. Thomas Journal


19 Dec 1879


By the Rev. J.A. McDonald, at the Manse, Wallacetown, on Dec. 9th, John McIntyre, Esq., to Miss Maggie J. Burns, all of Dutton


By the Rev. M.W. Gifford, on the 14th inst, in the M.E. Church, Ridgetown, Mr. Thomas Flint, of Oxford, to Miss Jane Walker, of the same place.


On the 14th inst, by Rev. C. Sinclair, pastor, Disciple Church, Ridgetown, at “Forest Home”, Mr. Arch’d D. McDonald, of Orford, to Miss Emaline Delong, of the same place.


At the Manse, Ridgetown, on the 9th inst, by Rev. Arch’d Currie, Mr. Frederick Nicholls, of Orford, to Miss Ann McGarvey, of Harwich.


On the 11th inst, by Rev. J.W. German, at the Parsonage. Mr. James Tweedale, of the Township of Howard, to Miss Annie Street, of the same place.


By the Rev. Manly Benson, on Monday, Dec. 15th, Mr. W.A. Howell, to Miss Sarah Anderson, both of St. Thomas.


On the 17th Dec, at the Wilcox House, St. Thomas, by Elder W. L. Beele, Mr. Trenum Shipley, to Miss Mary Jane Gray, both of Aldborough.

Aylmer Express

August 14, 1913

This poem appeared in the paper no doubt to coincide with the Aylmer Old Boys’ Reunion held in August 1914 – submitted by James L. McCallum


Some people love to tell us of the really good old times,

And how they saved their dollars and were careful of their dimes. And how they made the taffy, where the maples used to grow

Don’t you wish you lived in Aylmer, say 50 years ago?

But if you compare their shanties with the houses of today

You will wonder how the people then could ever be so gay

And when I hear you murmur that money comes so slow

I wish you lived in Aylmer about 50 years ago.

When they used to pay five shillings for a pound of tea

And the price of Muscovada was often one and three They seldom went to London then unless they had to go And they did not wear the hobble skirt some fifty years ago.

When they used to go on horseback for their flour to Catfish mill

And they used to wet their whistle on the old New Sarum hill

When it cost them one and sixpence for a yard of calico And the same for factory cotton fifty years ago.

There is indeed a wondrous change, cedar swamp is now all cleared

You seldom see a stumpy field, they sure have disappeared

To bind, sow, rake or harrow, around the field you ride

The cradle and the hand flail are long since put aside.

Your stylish stoves and ranges were things unheard of when

The people settled first in Malahide, they all used ovens then

And when they had a grist to grind, or trading then to do

Twas no such easy matter as it is today for you.

Pianos and bell organs in their homes were never seen

But they heard sweet old time music from the well worn violin

And in their rude log cabins by the hearth fire’s ruddy glow

They would visit up to midnight, just fifty years ago.

And then again, in those old days, we had husky pioneers

To hunt the coons and sing the songs received with hearty cheers

The people then as you must know, would act upon the square

Though some would beat you in a horse trade and never turn a hair

They lived the simple, blameless life, without our fret and worry

And made their mark on forests’ rank, without apparent hurry

And for the downright sympathy in times of grief and trouble

Our pioneers they have us beat, I’m sure at least by double.


Donations by Gordon and A Ruth Robertson were given to the Elgin County Branch of the O.G.S. in memory of Audrey (Garnham) Seymour of Straffordville, Ontario, who died on 25 June 1996 and in memory of Ruth’s uncle, Lloyd E. Slaght; who died in his 90th year. He was the youngest and last surviving child of nine children of Philip Wallace and Elmira (Hitchcock) SLAGHT.

Audrey Seymour was a first cousin of A. Ruth Robertson. Mrs. Seymour supplied the Tillsonburg newspapers for the clippings of the vitals statistics notices for the branch.

Donations in memory of Stanley F. Daugharty were received from Brenda and Charles Edmonds, Ruth and Gordon Robertson, Glenda Fenlon, and Jean Bircham.

Help Wanted for a New Publication

The branch is hoping a publish an updated version of

Biographical Sketches of Some of The Residents of Elgin County.

All help will be acknowledged. The editor reserves the right to determine what material and the amount of information to be published in this book. Information about the birth dates, marriage dates and to whom, death dates and burial places, their children’s’ birth dates, marriages, death and burial places are wanted for the following:

John & Isabella McLarty ANDREWS, Philip & Margaret Scanlan AVENT, Duncan Dennis & Mary Ann Rosher AVEY;

Stephen & Anne Storey BACKUS, Stephen & Elizabeth Burgess BACKUS, Andrew & Mary Jane Hamilton BACKUS, Robert & Jane Pearce BACKUS, Phineas & Susan Marr BARBER, Edwin & Nancy Smith BARNES, James & Margaret Currie BEGG, David & Euphemia Campbell BENNETT, Richard & Mary Atkinson BENNETT, James Henry & Christina McColl BEST, Duncan & Catherine Duncanson BLACK, John & Jane Wellwood BOBIER, Joshua & Mary Patterson BOBIER, Thomas & Margaret BRADY, Thomas J. & Margaret J. Chisholm BRADY, John & Sarah Lowther BROOKS, John & Mary Jane Dennis BROWN, James & Margaret Hunter BUTCHER;

Alexander & Grace Morrison CAMPBELL, Alexander & Catherine CAMPBELL, Alexander & Jane Carswell CAMPBELL, John & Lydia Robbins CAMPBELL, Ewen & Maria Williams CAMERON, Donald CARMICHAEL, John & Nancy Sinclair CARSWELL, James, Jr. & Margaret Megean CASEY, John H. & Mary Lock CHAPLOW, Freeman & Eliza Dodge CHUTE, Rhoda Ann Warren CHUTE, Elijah & Susan Jane Keillor CLARK, John Brightman & Eliza Rogers CLARK, Walter & Flora McArthur CLARK, Peter & Mary Willson CRANE, Anthony & Mary McVicar CRANE;

William & Sarah M. Potticary DAVIS, W. D. & Anne S. Millard DEDRICK, Neil & Catherine DEWAR, George & Ann Maria Allen DOBBIE, Horatio N. & Eldura Price DRAPER, Archibald & Lydia Patterson DUNCAN;

James W. & Hannah Ellis EAKINS, Helen Poustie EAKINS;

James J. & (2 wives) FERGUSON, Margaret FERGUSON, Sarah Heck FERGUSON, William & Jessie Davidson FRANCIS, William & Jane Dowling FRANCISCO, Daniel B. & Eliza Brown FREEMAN. Thomas, Jr. & Susan Northwood FUTCHER, John & Susan Gloin GILBERT, Phoebe House GILBERT, Archibald GRAHAM, John & Isabella Beaton GRAHAM;

Alexander & Francis Willis HAINES, Elijah & Emma E. McConnell HAINES, Charles & Mary Ann Betts HARE, Miles & Margaret Mitchell HOTCHKISS, L.L. & Eliza J. McCurdy HUTCHINSON; & Jane Smith JOHNSON, William P. & Nancy M. Halbert JOHNSON;

Charles K. & Christina Eliza Crane KAINS, William Trennum & Ruth Lumley KEILLOR, James & Mary Creech KELLY, Thomas & Nancy Byers KERR;

Daniel & Ann Jane Graham LANG, John & Mary Ann Mulholland LEE, William & Elizabeth Allen LIGHT, William, Sr. & Elizabeth Baker LINDSAY, William & Janet Kerr LODGE, Andrew & Isabella Tait LUNN;

Neil & Mary McALPINE, Duncan & Catherine McKay McARTHUR, Benjamin S. & Lydia Ann Hoover McCALLUM, Dugald & Mary Black McCOLL, Samuel D. & Elsie Ann Stilwell McCURDY, Alexander & Mary N. Dunn McGUGAN, Malcolm & Janet Gunn McINTYRE, Neil & Margaret A. Eaton McINTYRE, Malcom & Isabella Ferguson McINTYRE, William, Jr. & Jane Graham McIVER, Archibald & Mary McMurchy McKAY, Duncan & Mary McIntyre McKILLOP, Neil & Nancy Patterson McLARTY, Donald & Sarah Campbell McLEAN, Malcom & Isabella McLEAN, Laura McLEAN, Duncan McPHAIL, Alexander McPHAIL, Peter & Elizabeth McCallum McPHERSON, Archibald & Mary McMillan McVANNELL, Alexander, Jr. & Agnes McDonald McWILLIAMS;

John & Evangeline Spring MAHON, Elijah, Jr. & Almira McCray MANN, Robert & Jane Milton MARCH, John & Isabella MASON, Isabella Wade Miller MASON, Angus & Catherine McCallum MAY, James Jr. & Margaret Lodge MEEK, Judson & Hannah Griffin MILLIGAN, John & Mary Windsor MOGG, Robert & Elsie Weaver MOORE, William & Anna Campbell MOWBRAY, Neil & Veda Buchanan MUNRO, Malcom MUNRO;

Richard & Marion McCurdy NEVILLS, George & Alice Hams NOTT, Henry & Fannie Brown OLVER; Jonas & Esther Hirons PAGE, Susan Dawson Swisher PAGE, Henry & Almeda Weaver PALMER, Josiah & Jane Ramsey PALMER, John & Rose McCorkindale PATON, John & Betsy PATTERSON, Margaret PATTERSON, Thomas & Marinda Williams PEARCE, John & Eliza Moorhouse PEARCE, Benjamin & Amanda Lynde PHILLIPS, Job, Jr. & Emily Streater PICKETT, Leonard & Ellen Fitzgerald PRANGLEN, Edward N. & Susan Ordish PRESTON, Frederick & Jane Chapman PRONG;

William & Jemima Bunday ROBERTS, Jabel & Caroline Barnwell ROBINSON, Mary Mines ROBINSON, Alexander & Jane Lumley ROSS;

John & Mary Tubb Earl SANDERS, Alexander & Hannah Haines SAXTON, Anthony & Eleanor Saxton SCEALEY, Henry & Hannah McPherson SHARON, Frederick H.A. & Annie Isabella Gregory SHARON, George & Hannah Lodge SILCOX, Hannah Clark SILCOX, Truman & Sarah E. Wilson SILCOX, Thomas & Nancy Malone SLOAN, James & Agnes Lackey SLOAN, Charles H. & Rachel E. Marr SMITH, Duncan & Catherine Morrison SOMERVILLE, Joseph & Jane Risdon SPACKMAN, James & Eliza Williams STEVENSON, Elizabeth Milton STEVENSON, David & Catherine Wilkinson STEWART;

William & Eleanor Foster TAYLOR, James L. & Eliza Rowe TERRY, Robert & Christina Morrison THOMSON, James & Margaret Corneil THOMSON, James & Sarah E. Dakin TIMMONS, William John & Julia Bowlby TRAVERS, John A. & Jane McGachy TURNER, James & Mary McKillop TURNER, John & Nancy McCallum TURNER;

James N. & Nancy Elliott VAN AMBURGH;

Benjamin & Elizabeth Walker WAGONER, Dugald & Catherine Montgomery WALKER, Duncan & Mary Munro WALKER, Wilson & Hannah Lowther WALLACE, Edwin & Melissa McQueen WARDELL, David James & Anna Orchard WATSON, Abraham & Mary McAlpine WAUGH, Violet Elizabeth Robb WAUGH, Henry A. & Lucene M. Elliott WEAVER,  Thomas E. & Tamar Haines WEAVER, Isaac, Sr. & Samantha Ann Dingman WELTER, John & Amy Force Best WILLIAMS, Robert & Rebecca Tribble WILSON.

St. Thomas Journal   

30 Mar. 1877

Mrs. Emma WEBB, of Irishtown, having gained a divorce from her husband, resumes her maiden name of Miss Emma PAGE.

3 Apr 1877

Miss Emma PAGE, whose divorce was noticed in our last issue, requests us to state she is a resident of St. Davids ward and not of Irishtown as our report.

Si. Thomas Daily Times

9 June 1887

Vienna – The Tredwell (sic) (TREADWELL) estate, offered for sale at public auction yesterday, was declared no sale, as the bids did not reach the reserve bid. The property was subsequently sold at private sale to Mr. Job. Wildren, of Tilsonburg, and Mr. Martin, of this village, Mr. Wildren taking the buildings and 15 acres (the homestead), and Mr. Martin taking the 10 acres on the east side of the plank road.

Elgin County O.G.S. 1996

Past Chair – Don Cosens

Chair – James L. McCallum

1st Vice Chair – Robert Moore

2nd Vice Chair – Carol Hall

Secretary – Frank Clarke

– Marg Daugharty

Treasurer – Max Doan

Newsletter Editor – Jean Bircham