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With the year almost half gone, the branch has had some great programs. Max Doan and George

Thorman showed some excellent military resources. Our branch would really to thank Marie Turvey and her crew of helpers at the London Family History Centre for allowing our members to use their facilities with personal help to us. What a great day’ April meeting had Wayne Vizniowski telling us how to use PAF for our family history and he got to demonstrate the branch’s brand new laptop computer. Thanks to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation for the grant, which the branch matched, to purchase this computer and a printer. May’s meeting date was changed to allow a special speaker from Ireland to come. London OGS branch joined us to enjoy and learn a great deal about Irish research.

Many thanks must go to all the people who help make the branch operate smoothly and successfully. Without you where would the branch be?

I, and the rest of the executive, would like to wish all a safe and successful researching summer.

Jean Bircham, Editor

Dates and Notes Canadian Census Returns

submitted by Donald L. Cosens

1851 Taken as of 12 January 1852. The age given was the age of that person on his/her next birthday after 12 January 1851.

1861 Taken as of 14 August 1861. The age given was the age of that person on his/her next birthday after 14 August 1861.

1871 Taken as of 2 April 1871. The age given was the age of that person on 2 April 1871.

1881 Taken as of 4 April 1881. The age given was the age of that person on 4 April 1881.

1891 Taken as of 6 April 1891. The age given was the age of that person on 6 April 1891.

1901 Taken as of 31 March 1901. The age given was the age of that person on 31 March 1901. On this census the actual date of birth is given.


On all of the censuses, although they were taken “as of” a particular date, it does not mean that the enumeration necessarily was performed on the actual date of the census (e.g. 4 April in 1881). The enumeration may have taken (and in most cases did) over several days or even weeks, but the information was supposed to have been “as of’ or retroactive to the actual date (e.g. 4 April in 1881).

On the 1901 census, where the date of birth is given for each person enumerated, there is often a discrepancy between this date and the age given. From personal knowledge I have usually found the date of birth for adults more likely to be correct than the given age. Adults seemed to remember their date of birth, which should have remained constant all of their lives, more readily than their ages, which, of course, changed each year. Arithmetic was often a problem. The calculation of ages by enumerator was often not any better than the informant.

This situation did not always hold true in the case of large families whose parents may not have kept factual records of the births of their children. In such instances, birthdates (or more often birth years) may have been fabricated (not intentionally) at the time of the census. For example, Mary is two years older than Tom who is two years older than John, etc., etc., and from this the parents (assisted possibly by the enumerator) would ascertain (hopefully correctly) the birth dates.

I have found that known birthdates, in the cases I have recorded, are remarkably consistent with those on the 1901 census.

Re: 1901 census – I have found several inconsistencies in the “year of arrival in Canada”. My grandfather and his three brothers, each give a different year as to their “arrival” date. All came as children, with their parents and at the same time. Only the eldest gave the correct year. I have found instances of this inconsistency of date in other families as well.

(correction in Sept 1995 Issue: 1851 Census – Taken as of 12 January 1852.  The age given was the age of that person on his/her next birthday after 12 January 1852.)

Do You Know

that the Elgin County OGS has a microfiche reader that is available (for a small charge) to its local members for home use. The branch also has the following fiche:

Ontario Archives Computerized Land Record Index – this index of two alphabetical listings: 1) by locatee 2) by township or town lists transactions of the Crown involving settlers who a) demonstrated an interest in settling on Crown land, b) were granted permission to reside on a particular piece of Crown property so they could complete their settlement duties within a stated interval and/or c) issued the PATENT transferring full ownership of a particular piece of property.


The information is derived from three groups of records: 1) the Crown Land Papers (R.G.1) 2) the Canada Company Papers (C.C.) 3) the Peter Robinson Papers (MS-i 2). (Ontario Archives information)


Natives of East Elgin, who have stuck together and made success of life

18 Oct.1931, St. Thomas Times Journal

The (above) picture is of the four Lindsay brothers from left to right: Ross H., Eric C., Earl H. and Bruce, all sons of Mrs. Lindsay and the late R. H. Lindsay of Aylmer. All four are in the Honey Dew and Orange Crush business in Toronto, forming the executive body of the company which was started nine years ago in St. Thomas. The Lindsay brothers were all born in Springfield less than fifty years ago. About forty years ago the family moved to a farm near Copenhagen, and later, when R. H. Lindsay retired, took up residence in Aylmer.

The power of intelligent co-operation is illustrated by the partnership of the four brothers, Bruce is the oldest of the four. He is now president of the Honey Dew and Orange Crush companies. He farmed with his father at Copenhagen until 1917. He then came to Aylmer and later with his brother, Earl, went to Toronto when the Orange Crush company was formed. he was in the implement business in Aylmer for a number of years as agent of the Massey Harris Corporation. Ross, second oldest, farmed for a time and then went into the auctioneering business with his father. He went west and became interested in the soda water business of Winnipeg and Chicago. Four or five years ago he joined his brothers Bruce and Earl in the “Crush” business in Toronto.

Earl remained at the farm at Copenhagen until 1916., when he went into partnership with John E. Lindsay in the implement business and automobile sales at Aylmer. He and his brother Bruce really started the business which they are now running.

Eric left the farm when he was sixteen years old when he joined the st,aff of the Royal Bank at Springfield. Promotions brought him to the position of assistant manager of the heard office branch of the Royal Bank, at Montreal. Four years ago he joined his brothers.

The growth of the company has been quite phenomenal. Bruce and Earl started their business of selling a bottled drink called “Orange Crush” in St. Thomas in 1921. A year later they found it wise to move the company to a more central location and went to Toronto. Three years ago they bought the business known as “Honey Dew” and have operated it successfully ever since. While it is a number of years since the four brothers left Aylmer, they still make frequent visits to their home town. Their father R. H. Lindsay, passed away a year ago, but their mother is still living at her home in Aylmer on St. George Street.

[Bruce, Earl, Eric and Ross were sons of Robert Henry Lindsay (1851-1929) and his second wife, Comelia Jane Topping (1848-1930). R. H. Lindsay was a first cousin of my great-greatgreat grandfather, Robert James Newell.] – submitted by James L. McCallum.


From the Scott – Sefton Collection of photographic negatives:

Birth Certificate

  1. W. Ingram, dated 8 Nov. 1870, photographed June 1936.


Arthur William Ingram born- 8 Nov 1870

Sex – male

Place –  Woodstock, Oxford Co.

Father – John Ingram, Woodstock occupation – Minister of Gospel reg’n date – 14 Dec 1870

Birth Certificate

Reg’n District – Cuckfield Union

Birth in Sub District Hurstpiorpoint in the County of Sussex.

#341 date – 17 Nov 1865 place – Hickstead Twineham name – William sex – boy father – Peter Pierce Parsons mother –  Mary Elizabeth Parsons,

formerly Gremmett occupation –  groom reg’n date – 23 Dec 1865

true copy – 24 Nov 1921

Birth Certificate

A copy of entry at Somerset House, London: certified 10 Apr 1924.

Reg’n District – West Ham Union

Birth in the District of West Ham in the County of Essex.


date – Fifth of May, 1874 place – 9 Hermit St., Plaistow

name – John sex – boy father – John Jones mother – Martha Jones, formerly Searl occupation – furnace man reg’n date – 12 June 1874

Baptismal Certificate

57 – Parish of S. Michael, Cumor, Berkshire baptismal date – 21 Jul 1872 name – Elijah Edward parents – Elijah & Anne Baker, of Cumor occupation – labourer minister – W. Jacobs extracted copy – 26 July 1930

Family Bible

Birth record from page of family bible:

Southwold, Fingal.

Margaret Mcintyre and Robert Martin was married in the year 4 Mar 1869.

John A. born 14 Jun 1870

Robert James born 29 Jul 1872

Archable C. born 15 Jul 1875

Arthur A born 1 May 1878

Mary C. born 30 Dec 1880

Charlie D. L. born 18 Mar 1883

Birth Record #110 name – Peter Grant Martin date – 8th May 1871 at l0h am place – New Elgin, Elgin sex – male father – Alexander Martin occupation – ploughman mother – Mary Martin, M S McDougall 1861 Nov 16th Inverness

signed – Alex’r Martin, father (present)

reg’d 1871 May 23rd by James Allan, Register at Elgin, District of Elgin in the County of Elgin  QUERIES


SAXTON – Col. Alexander SAXTON 1800 – 1872, who 1st mar Elizabeth SAUNDERS 1803-1842. He was s/o Rev. John SAXTON U. E., 1758-1855, who settled in Malahide District ca 1810. Ch: Oleaf or Olivia “Leafy” 1826-1903, John H., Margaret, Hannah, George, Franklin B., Mahlon B., Charles. Would like to correspond with anyone with info on anc & desc of Elizabeth. David W. WILMA

SPORE/GRIFFIN – Seeking desc of the following, (1) Edna GRIFFIN SPORE (1895-1955) bd Straffordville Cem in GRIFFIN family plot. (2) Charles S. SPORE, Elmer V. SPORE, Enid SPORE, Lennie M. SPORE, Ronald SPORE, Susannah SPORE & Walter SPORE, all bd in Tillsonburg Cem. All info appreciated by Richard L. SPORE, P.O. Box 825, Lake Jackson, TX. 77566.

STEWART/ESTLICK or EASTLAKELooking for info on Margaret STEWART b ca 1831, m Alonzo ESTLICK or EASTLAKE b ca 1831. Ch: William D. b 1854, Mary E. b 1857, Laura Jane b1859, Alex S. b 1861, Arthur b 1863, Louis A. b 1865. Believe fam lived Aldboro Twp, Elgin Co. although Alonzo d Ridgetown April 1903, bd unknown.  Contact Nancy CAMERON, 208 Michener Rd., Chatham, ON N7L 4W7.

CAMPBELL/DELONGLooking for info on Alphretta M. DELONG b 1860 & Lachlin CAMPBELL b 1855, mar Orford Twp, Kent Co., 9 Nov 1887. Believe they farmed in Rodney area. Alphretta d before 1897. Please contact Nancy CAMERON, above address.

GREAVES – Seek info re: John and wife Catherine GREAVES, Lot 20 Con BF Aldborough Twp. Present during 1851 & 1861 census periods. Census reports seven ch: Martha, Luvins, Sarah, Charlotte, Emily, Mary, Catherine, Alexander & Martin. 1851 census states they were from NY State. Appreciate any info on where they came from & where they went. All info to Jim YOUNG, Box 46, Site 5, R.R. #4, Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 2P2.

ABEL/ABLE/HOLT/WALTONWish info on Jane Annie Sophia TOMLIN ABEL/ABLE mar Samuel J. H. ABEL.  Jane’s sis was Ada HOLT. Jane d 1945 St.Thomas. Ada was alive 1945 & residing on Talbot St, St.Thomas. Jane & Ada both b Eng. Elizabeth ABEL b Eng d ca 1976 St.Thomas, mar Robert J. WALTON 1945. WALTON fam living Meda St, St.Thomas. Two ch: Edward (Ted) & Mary. Clara Ada Elizabeth ABEL mar Duncan TOPE. Clara d 16 Jan 1950 St.Thomas. All info to Mrs Pat Nesom

ABEL/SWINDELLSSeeking info on Sarah A. ABEL/ABLE – b 1877, England, d 1944, St. Thomas, ON. Mar William SWINDELLS who d St.Thomas. Son Jack W. SWINDELLS lvd 25 St. Annes’ Place, St.Thomas d Jan 5th, 1980. Son Harry SWINDELLS d July 1976 in Ottawa,ON. All info to Mrs Pat NESOM

ESSELTINE/ASYLSTINE/ALSTINE & variants – Research focuses on Malahide Twp, Con 3., Lot 12-22 area, starting ca 1810. I believe the ESSELTINES came from Albany area, NY, with other US emigrants. Settled in Mt Salem, Aylmer & Orwell areas. All info to Gail BENJAFIELD

PAGE/CHAPMANWish to find info re prts of John Kilman PAGE, b 18 Sept 1843, Pelham Twp, Welland Co. ON. Mar Jane Olive CHAPMAN 1 Sept 1867. This man would have been my gr-grandfather. Aaron M. PAGE b 2 April 1819 in Pelham marr 15 Dec 1849 to Mary Secord FROLICK, b 18 Mar 1820, d 21 Feb 1893. Is Aaron the father of John Kilman  PAGE? If not what is the connection? Daniel PAGE – what is his connection in this family? All info to Ross HARRISON

WHITESIDES/TOMLYN/O’BRIENSamuel A. WHITESIDES b 1818, d 28 Sept 1884, ae 66 yrs 4 mos 6 ds. Letitia TOMLYN b 1825 –  d 12 Mar, 1906, bd Aylmer cern, ON. William O’BRIEN, 1827-1888, his wife Sarah J. 1839-1922, also bd in Aylmer Gem. Any info on these people, my gr-gr-gr–grandparents, & their desc would be appreciated. R. Diane DEMPSEY

SCRAM/SCHRAM – Lawrence, also known as “Loc”. Res of Walpole Twp d ca 1922. Marr Caroline HOWEY (HOWIE). Had six sh: Caroline d 1922. 1st child b 23 Sept 1852. Any info on SCRAM fam appreciated by Ruth ROBERTSON

McCONNELL – any desc of family of Jerusha PARKES & James McCONNELL, Pt Burwell area. Ch: Adelia, George Boadman, Lowell Cary, Ida Edith. Two sons d young, James Lloyd & James Melvin. Contact: Carol TAGGART

ALLEN – desc of Mary Jane PARKES & Richard ALLEN, Ivd Orwell area.  Known ch names: Ada, Allen, Florence. Mary Jane b 25 Feb 1851. Contact Carol TAGGART

All SLAGHT genealogists – I am urgently looking for John SLAGHT, Townsend Tp, b NJ 21 Feb 1763; mar in NJ 18 Jan 1787 to Mary?, b 1 Oct 1768. Ch: Job b 1787, Elizabeth b 1788,

Sarah b 1790, John b 1791, Mary 1795, William b 1797, Henry b 1799, George b 1803, Philip b 1804, Ann b 1804, Joseph b 1806, Miriam b 1810. Want all surviving desc to contact: Glenda FENLON

The Aylmer Sun

THURSDAY, May 22, 1890

In the Sun’s portrait gallery this week appears the physiog of one of the prominent young men of our town, Mr. T. Bruce Nairn, who holds several responsible positions. He is a general fire and life insurance agent, handling successfully some of the best companies, and is also agent for the Allan and Dominion lines of steamships. In addition to this he manages the Aylmer branch of the Parisian steam laundry, and is city reporter for the St. Thomas Journal (daily edition). After attending to all of these duties, Bruce still has time to wield a lacrosse stick and takes a keen delight in all kinds of sports, games, etc.


Doan Reunions

St. Thomas area – 24 June 1995

Registration:  10:45 a.m. Pinafore Park, East Pavilion

Pot Luck Lunch: noon

Contact:  Bruce Doan, 519-631—6751

Niagara Falls Area – 19 Aug.1995

Registration:  1:00 p.m. Home of Cohn & Marg. Krueger, 22533 SideRoad 26, Wainfleet Twp. Pot Luck: 4:30 p.m. Everyone with a Doan(e) connection is invited! Peter Doan, 905-892-3191.

Willson Reunion

The Descendants of Mordecai WILLSON and Rachel VanSICKLE (VanSYCKLE) will be holding the 70th Family REUNION in the Sports club Hall on Bell St. Union, south of St.Thomas ON. On Sun, 9 July 1995. we are still searching for twigs of all 16 children. If you think you have any connection with this family or with an earlier generation please contact Mrs. Norma C. Smith


Next meeting: July 29, 1995 at Pt. Rowan ON. Contact:  Marjorie Dechsel, 938 Mountain View Aye, Ottawa ON K2B 5G4; Wayne Louks, 5 Oldham Crs., Brampton ON L6Z 1W2; Ross McCurdy, 1 Forest View Dr, Cumberland RI 02864; Barbara Dundas

HOWEY Reunion

The descendants of Robert HOWEY U.E. and his wife Jane are having a REUNION at Straffordville in the community centre on Sun, 2 July 1995. Registration at noon. Potluck buffet dinner at 12:30 p.m. sharp. This is a celebration of Robert and Jane’s arrival in Canada 200 years ago, 1793. Plates, cups and beverages will be supplied but bring cutlery. Take your lawn chairs to sit outside. Bring pictures, family history info. Contact Hugh Howey

The HATHAWAY Family Ass’n of (North) America (since 1911) will hold the 82nd Annual Reunion for the first time in Canada during June 23, 24, 25 1995 at Stratford Ontario.

Descendants of HATHAWAYS, HATHEWAYS & HATH WAYS are invited. One need not be a member of the H.F.A. to attend. For information, please write to H.F.A.

Elgin County O.G.S. 1995 Executive

Past chair – Lloyd G. Smith

Chair — Don Cosens

1st Vice chair – James L. McCallum

2nd Vice chair – Carol Hall

Secretary – Frank Clarke

-Stan Daugharty

Treasurer – Max Doan

Newsletter Editor – Jean Bircham