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VOLUME XIII            ISSUE TWO            JUNE 1994

Lots of luck with summer searching

Well, the year is almost half gone. We at Elgin Branch have had some excellent meetings and enrolled a few new members. Welcome to all!

In March, our Worthy Mayor, Steve Peters, gave us an interesting talk on the well – known ( in past years) Russ Brothers of South Yarmouth. In April, (through arrangements made by Elgin Historical Society president Don Carroll) we toured the new Dutton Dunwich Library. Following that, we were informed and entertained by our faithful member, R. G. “Bob” Moore who gave some ideas and hints of American research. One of which was bring a friend. In May, we were visited by Glen Curnoe, librarian at the London Room of the London Public Library, He told us what material is available to Elgin members.

We are looking forward to a work evening at Dunboyne cemetery on June 8th. This will be followed by our traditional strawberries and ice cream. On June 10th, a few of us will be travelling to North Bay for OGS Seminar ’94. It promises to a good weekend. A report will be given at our Sept. meeting.

Have a good and safe summer. Lots of luck with your researching.

Don Cosens, Chairperson


On Sat. 24th Sept. 1994, Norfolklore ’94 celebrates its 18th anniversary as Ontario’s first and oldest genealogy fair. It takes place at Simcoe’s Eva Brook Donly Museum form 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

West to Michigan is the theme. Special speaker will be Carole Callard, of Library of Michigan. Come and enjoy.


Chairperson’s Message    1

Norfolklore ’94            1

Meetings                 2

Notice of Motion        2

New Publications        2

Researchers’    Note        2

Charles Mellon: 100 yrs     3

Anglcian Church records     4,5

Correction             5

Queries                 6,7,8,9

Reunions                 9

Region 2 director        10

Executive                 10


8 June – A return to the transcribing of cemetery stones. Dunboyne cemetery is to be done with the meeting to be held at the Dunboyne United Church.

14 Sept – Joan Abele Griffin will talk about “People – To and Fro; Ontario and Michigan”.

12 Oct – Meeting at Family History Centre. St. Thomas. Topic: Resources at the Family History Centres. Early meeting time 7:30pm.

9 Nov – James L. McCallum will talk about Adoptions and How to find information.

13 Dec – Christmas dinner with the Elgin Historical Society as hosts.


To: All Elgin County Branch OGS Members

At the executive meeting on 25 April 1994, the Elgin County Branch executive voted to increase the membership fees in Elgin County Branch OGS to:

Individual: $10.00

Family: $12.00

Institution: $12.00

The increase will be effective for the membership year 1995. This motion will be voted on at the 8 June and the 14 Sept. meetings.


The St. Thomas Public Library will be closed from 1st Aug. – 6th Aug. 1994 inclusive and from 27th Dec. – 31 Dec. 1994 inclusive. These closures are due to the Ontario government’s Social Contract.

The Elgin County Library is studying the restructuring of the county library system. It may have impact on all library services. For more information, please call Elgin A. Wells, Chief Librarian, at 519-631-1460 ext. 135 or Harley Underhill, Personnel Administrator at 519-631-1460 ext. 125. Or write to either at County of Elgin, 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas ON N5R 5V1.

The London/ Middlesex OGS branch is moving their library as of 27th June 1994 to Grosvenor Lodge, 1017 Western Rd. London ON N6G 1G5. Please contact the branch for more information.


Index & marriage register of Rev. Rowland c1858-1890 $22.50 + postage

Index – Moedinger Funeral Home, Sparta, ON c1899-1911 $1.50 + postage

Census index – Southwold Tp.

1871 $20.00 + postage

1881 $18.00 + postage

1891 $17.00 + postage

If you would like an update publication list, please send S.A.S.E. to the branch.

Rodney resident is 100 years old: Charles Mellon congratulated by his friends who present him with an arm chair

St. Thomas Journal, 27 Nov. 1912. pg.6 Rodney, Nov. 26

About 50 of the friends & neighbours gathered at the home of Charles Mellon, lot 8, con 9, Hogg St., on Friday evening of last week, in honor of his father, Mr. Timothy Mellon, who has now reached the grand old age of one hundred years. With well laden baskets, they came, taking the good people of the house by surprise. The early part of the evening was spent in games & social chat.

At a convenient time Ex-Warden, Donald McLean, was elected chairman & after a few well chosen remarks, called upon various friends present for short speeches, which were given by John L. McIntyre, Peter McArthur, Albert Liebner, James Coleman & others.

At the conclusion of the program of speeches, Chairman McLean read a suitably worded address of congratulation to Mr. Mellon on having reached such a great age, while still blessed with health & strength.

The beautiful arm chair which accompanied the address was presented by Peter McArthur on behalf of those present. Mr. Mellon, who is in full possession of all his faculties, replied to the address, thanking all his friends for their kindness & the many good wishes they had expressed towards him.

Mr. Mellon was born in Ireland over 100 years ago & came to Canada with his parents when quite young, residing in Eastern Ontario for some time. Fifty-eight years ago he came to Aldborough twp & settled on the farm where he still resides. A year later he married a Miss Kearns of North Aldborough. She died some years ago. Peter McArthur, who was one of those present on Friday evening, was also at Mr. Mellon’s wedding reception 57 years ago, when the neighbors met at his home on the evening of his wedding day to meet his bride & have a social time together.

After all had congratulated Aldborough’s grand old man on his having reached the century mile-post, the assembled guests & household sat down to a table filled with good things, to which full justice was done. After more games & socialability, the party dispersed at a reasonable hour with hearty good wishes.


St. Thomas Journal Trade Edition – 15 Dec. 1894

George Searl occupies the 2 stores at Nos. 51 & 53 Catharine St., consisting of the whole of the ground floor & basement of the fine, large 3 story brick building, 100 X 46 feet in area. He is a very extensive dealer in staple & fancy groceries, provisions, fresh & salted meats, crockery, etc, & has been established in business for the past 13 years.     During that time he has built up the enormous trade he now enjoys, having gained a reputation for keeping none but the choicest & freshest goods. Mr. Seal is an Englishman by birth, but has lived here many years and has made a host of friends.


The following records are located on microfilm owned by the Elgin County Library and located at the George Thorman Room of the St. Thomas Public Library. The information was extracted by James L. McCallum. Part 1 in Talbot Times, March 1994 Issue, Part 3 in Talbot Times, Sept 1994 issue.


Names of Persons confirmed at St James Church, Malahide, by Bishop Strachan, 24 July 1845:

William Taylor, Malahide, aged 47

Benjamin Hale, Malahide, aged 17

William Taylor, Malahide, aged 37

Thomson, Malahide, aged 36

James Johnson, Malahide, aged 22

William Johnson, Malahide, aged 20

William Johnson, Malahide, aged 31

William Johnson, Malahide, aged 28

Silas Harris, Malahide, aged 29

Reuben Johnson, Malahide, aged 26

Reuben Johnson, Malahide, aged 24

Margaret Lindsay, Malahide, aged 27

Mary Ann Lindsay, Malahide, aged 19

William Hale, Malahide, aged 24

Robert MacKay, Malahide, aged 27

Robert MacKay, Malahide, aged 24

George MacKay, Malahide, aged 48

George MacKay, Malahide, aged 48

Mary MacKay, Malahide, aged 17

Matilda Lindsay, Malahide, aged 60

Charles Crawford, Malahide, aged 15

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at St. Matthews Church, Iona Mills, by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there 30 July 1845:


Mary Gibson, aged 35

Robert Storey, aged 48

Jane Storey, aged 18

Mary Ann Storey, aged 16

Margaret Storey, aged 15

Catherine MacDowell, aged 20

Mary Ann Langford, aged 15

Rebecca Elliot, aged 15

Duncan Kirby, aged 17

Edwin Kirby, aged 15

Henry Macrea, aged 15

John Elliot, aged 17

Eliza Langford, aged 17

William Henry Langford, aged 17

Mary Ann Langford, aged 15

Henry Wall, aged 25

Thomas Wall, aged 20

James McCabe, aged 50

John McCabe, aged 19

James McCabe, aged 16

John Wesley Langford, aged 18

Mary McCabe, aged 15

Jane Johnston, aged 22

Ann Johnston, aged 18

Oliver Bilton, aged 36

Thomas Bowbear, aged 15

Joshua Bowbear, aged 17

James Johnston, aged 22

[by] J. Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at Trinity Church, Howard, by Bishop Strachan at the confirmation held there, 31 July 1845:

Henry Ridley, Harwich, aged 22

Charlotte A. Humphrew, Orford, aged 15

George Boothroyd, aged 15

William Green, Howard, aged 25

Mary Ann Langford, Howard, aged 20

James Stewart, Harwich, aged 30

James Stewart, Harwich, aged 26

Oliver Stewart, Harwich, aged 35

Isaac Petit Bile, Howard, aged 58

Hannah E. Duck, Howard, aged 16

Wilson, Morpeth, aged 20

Richard Pearce, Howard, aged 20

Truman Green, Howard, aged 50

John Green, Howard, aged 50

John Green Junr., Howard, aged 30

John Green, Howard, aged 25

Richard Green, Howard, aged 26

Margaret Nelson, Howard, aged 15

H. Gesner (?), Orford, aged 45

Gesner (?). Orford, aged 35

John Gesner (?), Orford, aged 16

Brown, Orford, aged 25

Bury, Orford, aged 35

Miss Bury, Orford, aged 15

Ridley, Orford, aged 70

Miss Ridley, Orford, aged 18

Timothy Newcom, Orford, aged 41

John Johnston, Orford, aged 15

Miss Armstrong, Orford, aged 15

Frances Johnston, Orford, aged 35

[by] James Stewart, Minister

Names of Persons confirmed at Trinity Church, Mersea, by Bishop Strachan, 1st August 1845:

Eliza Coultis, Mersea, aged 18

Mary Jane Ambridge, Mersea, aged 23

Elizabeth Coultis, Mersea, aged 16

Jane Gearn (?), Mersea, aged 15

William Foster, Mersea, aged 17

Ralph Foster, Mersea, aged 15

cont’d Talbot Times Sept. 1994

Horrible Outrage of the Dead

27 Jan. 1858 – Barrie Northern Advance, Vol. V11. (from the London Free

Press) Submitted by Donna Longhurst. Printed in Talbot Times, Vol. XIII, issue one, March 1994.


The article states the name of the woman is PATTEN; a member stated that he thinks it should be PADDON.


Members of Elgin Co. OGS are entitled to 2 free queries per issue. Printing & editing is done at the editors’ discretion.

BOWMAN – Looking for info on William or Charles BOWMAN, lvd Caradoc Tp, Middlesex Co, ca 1851, poss father & son? Are they related to the BOWMAN fam of Burford Tp, Brant Co? Would like to correspond with anyone having into on this fam or other BOWMAN or allied fam. All info to Bill Bowman U.E.

CRANDELL/CRANDALL/CRANDLE – Seek info on CRANDELL/ CRANDALL/CRANDLE fam. especially looking for desc of Palmer CRANDELL/Deborah PALMER who are bd Salem Cem, Colborne, ON. Who was father? Born when & where? Would like to correspond with anyone tracing CRANDELL to exchange info. All info appreciated by Donna Bowman.

LlVINGSTON/WILSON – Dancey LIVINGSTON b 1831 farmed Bayham Tp, Elgin Co., m Mary Ann WILSON. Known ch: Albert b 1859, m Harriet HERRINGTON, Helena, b 1866, m Jacob CHRISTMAN, Agnes, b 1872, m Robert SPENCE. Can anyone supply any details on these people? All info to Eric Bowler.

ANDERSON/WILLSON/MENZIES Seeking info on ANDERSON & MENZIES fam. Henrietta MENZIES b ca 1 Feb,1828 Redgorton, Perth, Scot. d 1898, m Alexander ANDERSON, b 1825, d 1873. Ch(5): James 1854-1898, Alexander 1863-1935 m Mary WARREN, Prudence Aurelia b 1867, Celina Isabella b 1869, Hannah Jane b Dec 1870. One dau m Judson HAYCOCK. Henrietta’s prts : Robert MENZIES & Grace DUFF, m 14 Aug 1825, Perth, Scotland. Henrietta 1828-1898, eldest of 10 ch: William c 1830, Duncan c 1832, John c 1835, Isabella 1837-1928 m Thomas GOULD, Euphemia c 1840, Grace c 1842, Robert, Thomas & Margaret. Seeking info on Charles & Eleanor WILLSON of St. Thomas, ON. Does anyone know of a Geo. W. WILLSON residing with Charles WILLSON in St.Thomas ca 1965? All info to Jo-Anne Hendry.

CRITTENDEN/ARROL – Looking for any info on CRITTENDEN fam in Southwold Tp., Elgin Co ca 1840-/50. Julia Ann m William ARROL of Blenheim, Kent Co. 1854 Southwold. Wit: Thom. & Rebeccah ADKINS. Was Rebeccah Julia’s sis? In Tilbury East, Kent Co., Eliza CRITTENDEN m John PARDO of Raleigh in 1850. Among wit were Hiram and Rebeccah CRITTENDEN. Was Eliza a sis of Julia? A Rebecca CRITTENDEN lvd Lot 18, N. Talbot Rd E., in Fingal, Elgin Co in 1848; In 1871 census Southwold Tp Rebecca, 82. b USA, wid. Was she the moth of Julia Ann? Was Hiram her fath? Julia Ann b 1818, d 1881, bd Evergreen Cem, Blenheim, Kent Co. Please contact Rosemary B. Warlick. ARROL – William m 1st Susannah Jane ? who d 1852 ae 22 yrs., bd Shewburg Cem, Howard Tp., Kent Co. Names of stones nearby are BURT (Darius), Mallory (WM.), McKISHNEY, SHIPPEY. They had 2 dau, Mary & Julia Ann. Was Susannah Jane a BURT or MALLORY? Was she a younger sis of Julia Ann CRITTENDEN, (above). All info appreciated by Rosemary B. Warlick.

HILL/JOHNSON – James Carelton Hill b ca 1844 Walpole Tp, m 1864 Rebecca Jane JOHNSON in Yarmouth Tp., Elgin Co. Where did they live, where bd, any ch? Info appreciated by James L McCallum.

WOOD/HODGE/WINTER/CARTER – Rev Hill WOOD & wife Almira HODGE, lvd Walpole Tp, had dau Frances Jane 1859-1915, w/o George P. WINTER. Their son Jasper Wellington WINTER m Ida CARTER, who lvd Malahide Tp. Elgin Co., Ch: John, Frances, & Clarence. Another son Austin Carlyle WINTER m Zara THORNE in Malahide. Seek info on desc of any of above. Hill WOOD was executor for estate of John HILL (1796-1880) of Middleton Tp, lvd briefly in Malahide. What relation, if any, exists between Hill WOOD & John HILL? All info appreciated by James L McCallum.

FERGUSON/BALDWIN – Seeking prts of Calvin Abbot FERGUSON & Margaret BALDWIN, m 1848 Metcalfe Tp, Middlesex Co.,owned land in Metcalfe Tp & Malahide Tp, Elgin Co. Sold land & left Elgin Co in late 1850’s arriving in Iowa Co, Iowa in early 1860’s. Possible surname connections are ABBOTT, LOVEJOY, ELLSWORTH. Info to Doris Jones Rembold.

WALLER/FINDLAY – Seek info on Elizabeth A. WALLER, teacher, b Eng Nov 1850, mvd St. Thomas, Elgin Co. with prts William & Leah WALLER, m Robert FINDLAY, tilelayer, b Canada June 1852. Both mvd NY State ca 1888. All info to Charles J. Crawford.

STINSON/BARNES/DOWNING – William STINSON came from Ireland in 1820’s with wife, Sarah & 1 ch. At least 3 more b in Can – Robert c 1833, William c 1839, Samuel 1842. Resided Oakville, Halton Co. Sarah d mid 1840’s. William mar Eliza BARNES. Lvd Oakville until 1859, mvd to Rodney, Elgin Co.. Ch: Anne 1847, Mary 24 June 1850, m Isaac DOWNING, Ogle R. Gowan 23 April 1852, Ebenezer Harper c 1855, Eliza c 1857, Elizabeth Ann ca 1859, John ca 1861, Joshua ca 1863, Barbara ca 1866. Contact Mark Jamieson.

PETERSON/LOESCH – Seeking info on Robert Arthur PETERSON, b 15 July 1860 Uxbridge, ON, & wife Martha E. LOESCH; marr Windsor 1895, lvd St. Thomas area ca My father, Truman Ross PETERSON b St.Thomas, 1 Dec 1900. All info to June Robinson.

PETERSON/BEEBE – John B. PETERSON & wife Mary Jane BEEBE marr 1854, Uxbridge. First 4 ch Charlotte, William, Robert, & Ida Jane b there. Other ch: Ella, Myrtle & Jack. Were they in Elgin/Essex Co in 1900-1910. Does anyone have any info? Contact June Robinson.


WESTOVER Clearing House, welcome any info, will share all. Desperate for info on Moses & Hannah (HOPKINS) WESTOVER Jr., ch & spouses. Need info re desc of Harvey & Mary Ann (WESTOVER) HARRIS; William Henry WESTOVER; Benjamin & Eliz. (WESTOVER) THOMAS; Lyman WESTOVER; William & Thylina (WESTOVER) NICKELSON (NICKERSON); Wallace & Lucinda (WESTOVER) SHINGLER; Horace & Margaret (STOVER) WESTOVER; Catherine WESTOVER m 1st Tho. KILMER, 2nd Wm. P. FROST; & Joseph Martin WESTOVER. All info to Donald Erkfritz.

MILLS/HARVEY/HUFF – Drusilla H. MILLS b 1819, lvd Sparta, Elgin Co. Marr William HARVEY, settled Lapeer Co. MI. Want data on her prts who were according to death cert James MILLS b NY & ____ HUFF. All info to Joan Griffin.

McDERMAND/McDORMAND/McDORMOND/McDERMID – researching McDERMAND fam of Pt. Burwell, Malahide Tp, Bayham Tp. Came from NS 1820-40s. Fam includes Sydney McDERMAND M.P. East Elgin 1920s. Any info or anyone who has worked on this fam welcome. Haggan Papers material known. Will exchange all info gladly. Robert G. Moore.

TRUMAN, Moses – b 27 Nov 1811, d 23 Aug 1857. WHERE he was born? WHEN and WHERE he was married? 1 st marr Kate ADAMS, 2nd Phebe WEAVER. Info to Mrs. Dorothy (Truman) Anderson.

TRUMAN, John – father of Moses; b 23 Dec 1780, d 27 June 1862 Bayham Tp. Fam story says he came from Germany, to PA, then to CW. 1842 census: John TRUMAN, farmer, lot 25 Con. 4, Bayham Tp., Brit origin. Where born? Where did he live before Canada West? Whom did he marry? When & Where? How many children? Was his middle name Henry? All info to Mrs. Dorothy Anderson.

BENTLEY/MINOR – Rosina BENTLEY m Syrenus MINOR 1894. Want desc. & info on her sibs, James & Louisa BENTLEY. All info: Ruth Burger.


1/ Miller cem? Iona area? Records?

2/ House of Industry (now Elgin Manor) cem? story – burial of stillborn ch of a SMITH, hired man for Thomas & Marinda (Williams) PEARCE, of present day Pearce-Williams Christian Centre (south of Iona) took place by lamplight in 1890s?

3/ Willey cem? on Willey’s Rd & # 3 highway? prop owned Bray WILLEY, lot 19, con 8. Picture shows on con 7? Records? All info to Duncan C. McKillop.


St.Thomas Journal Trade Edition – 15 Dec. 1894

Strong & Co. is the firm name of the well-known undertakers, embalmers, etc, carrying on business on the corner of Talbot & Hiawatha St.. where they occupy the ground floor of a large 3 story brick building, 60 X 20 feet, having on hand a large quantity of caskets & funeral furnishings of all kinds with everything suitable to the sad occasion when their services are in request. The firm is the oldest & best known in Elgin County, & invariably give satisfaction whenever their services are required.


McCURDY Family Assoc. – 2nd biennial reunion of the Samuel McCurdy of Surry, NH, will happen at Belleville, ON on the weekend of 9 Jul 1994. Send S.A.S.E. for info: Ross McCurdy or Wayne McCurdy.

HAZEN – 2nd biennial reunion of Daniel Hazen, UEL, Family Assoc. will be held at Pt. Rowan ON on weekend of 16 Jul 1994. For info send S.A.S.E.: Ross McCurdy or Bruce Thornley.

McLARTY Reunion on 28 Aug 1994 at Canatara Park, Point Edward (Sarnia), ON. Pot luck lunch at 1:00 pm in covered pavilion. For info contact: Deloris Willerton.

Nelles Family – at the Parish Hall, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Grimsby, ON, on Sat. 6 Aug 1994. Registration from 11:00 am. Potluck luncheon at 12:30 pm. Introductions, brief business meeting, fun and games to follow meal. Please bring enough ready-toserve food, plates & cutlery for your family. Beverages will be provided. BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY!! St. Andrews Church is celebrating its bicentennial anniversary all year long (1994). It is located on land given by Col. Robert Nelles. Contact: Wm. B. Jackson.

REGION 2 DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Jean Bircham #10334

I attended the OGS Seminar’94 meetings held 15th Apr. and 14th May at Toronto. The final plans for a great Seminar are in place. There are interesting and informative programs and activities. For further information, contact OGS, 416-489-0734.     In addition, on 16th April, there was a Board of Directors meeting. Mary Ann Wright was elected as Vice-President of OGS to complete the term. Various pieces of correspondence requiring action were dealt with. Reports from the President, the Acting Office Administrator, the Ad Hoc committee on Administrative Organization, the VicePresident Finance and the Regional Directors were given. A committee to draft a job description and ad for an Office Administrator was formed. Alison Lobb gave us copies of the Strategic Plan which was then reviewed.

On 13th and 14th May, in Toronto, the Board of Directors met to briefly go over new business. The remainder of the time was spent reviewing the Policy and Procedures Manual. A great deal of time and energy has been spent to develop this manual to help our organization.

Next meeting will be at OGS Seminar’94 with the annual meeting of OGS. The new executive will meet on 24th-25th June.


At the Region II general meeting, Jean Bircham was acclaimed as Region 2 Director, and Norma Smith, as Region 2 Secretary-Treasurer for two year term. The program was informative and interesting. A Region 2 Council meeting will be held in Fall 1994.


Past Chairperson – Lloyd Smith

Chairperson – Don Cosens

1st Vice Chairperson – Jim McCallum

2nd Vice Chairperson – Carol Hall

Treasurer – Marg Daugharty

Secretary – Frank Clarke

TAlBOT TIMES is published quarterly; March, June, Sept. & Dec. Articles, news items, clippings, etc., that would be of interest to our readers are welcome, especially if pertaining to Elgin County. All entries are subject to the discretion of the editor. Submissions should be made by 15 Feb., 15 May, 15 Aug. & 15 Nov. and state if there are reproduction restrictions. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information but disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Elgin Co. Branch O.G.S. or its executive. Permission is granted to reprint any material from the TALBOT TIMES unless otherwise mentioned, provided that the original source is credited.

MEETINGS are held on the 2nd Wed. of the month in the Carnegie Room of the St.

Thomas Public Library, St. Thomas, except Dec; which is reserved for a social evening.

There are no meetings in July & Aug. All visitors are welcome.

The ELGIN CO. OGS LIBRARY is located in the George Thorman room of the St.

Thomas Public library and is open to the public for the same hours as the public library.

MEMBERSHIP information about the Elgin Co. OGS and the OGS is available at the meetings or by contacting the Chairperson or Membership Coordinator.