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VOLUME XII                ISSUE ONE            MARCH 1993


As we enter into a new year I would like to thank our Past Chairperson, Margaret Daugharty, and the rest of the Executive for a job well done this past year. I am looking forward to working with the new 1993 Executive.

The Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has accomplished many projects since it was established in 1982, such as cemetery transcriptions, numerous publications, assisted with 1871 Census Index, etc. A Master Index of deaths and burials for Elgin County is being compiled by various members of our Branch.     A future project for Elgin County Branch will be bringing the cemetery transcriptions up to date. I am sure that we will have many willing workers to help with this never ending task.

I would like to thank all members for your support in the past, and I hope you will find it possible to continue to support the branch in the future.

Lloyd G. Smith, Chairman


Past chairperson- Margaret Daugharty, #4341

Chairperson – Lloyd Smith, #11145

First Vice chairperson – Don Cosens, #747

Second Vice chairperson- Jean Bircham, #10334

Treasurer – Margaret Daugharty, #4341

Secretary    – Corresponding- Stanley Daugharty, #4340

– Recording – Frank Clarke


Membership – Norma Cloes

Queries – Norma Smith

Newsletter – Jean Bircham, James L. McCallum

Publications – Jean Bircham, James L. McCallum

Library – Jane Gordon

Cemeteries – Max Doan

Public Relations – Jeff Booth

Vital Statistics Collection    – Ruth Robertson,

  • Barbara Ferguson

Mystery Prize – Barbara Ferguson

Telephone – Carol Hall

Archivist – Doreen Herr

Policy & Procedure Manual    – Margaret Daugharty,

  • Jean Bircham

Social – Norma Cloes


List of Executive 1993    1

Chairperson’s Message    1

Financial Statement        2

Meetings & News            3

Found in the Paper        4

Queries                7


13 Jan. – The meeting was postponed until Feb.’s date due to the weather conditions.

10 Feb. – The annual meeting of the Elgin County Branch of The O.G.S. was held. A new executive was elected. Reports were given. Afterwards, a silent genealogical auction was held with the proceeds going to the branch.


10 MAR. – A panel of people who have published a family history will be available to answer questions about the process.

14 APR. – A CHANGE OF LOCATION! The meeting will be held at downstairs meeting room at the Belmont Library on Main St in Belmont. Westminster Historical Society will show slides and speak about the area. Everyone welcome!

12 MAY – Regular location. George Thorman will discuss his newly published book on the Chisholm family. The Chisholms have an interesting monument in the Old St.

Thomas Church cemetery and an intriguing family history. Copies will be available for sale.

9 JUNE – Do you have questions about the Surrogate Court of Elgin County records?

Marg Daugharty and Jean Bircham will try to answer them. Strawberry social to follow.

JULY & AUG. – No Meetings.


THE ARCHIVES OF ONTARIO has ended their genealogical service. Because of the enormous volume of search requests received, the lack of staff to respond to them, and the availability of the indexes, they are unable to process further requests for genealogical searches. They will complete searches on all requests received to date (31 Dec. 1992), and will acknowledge all correspondence with an explanation of this change to service.

The Indexes to Ontario Vital Statistics (with restrictions noted in their guide) are available at Family History Centres and from the Ontario Archives on inter-library loan.     A copy of the Archives Inter-Library Loan Catalogue is available at libraries. It includes listings of land records; census, assessment rolls & other municipal records; Surrogate Court estate files; Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace; Church & Marriage records; foreign language (published in Canada) newspapers. Please check for order information.


The Archives of Ontario WILL still photocopy wills for the public via mail. Not all wills are available on microfilm. The information in Newsleaf, Feb. 1993 Announcements, pg. 10 is incorrect Please inform fellow researchers.


Please order from the branch address. Included are some from other groups. Index to Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register for Elgin County & N. Dorchester – S18.50

Frank Hunt: Essays of Elgin county: edited by G. Thorman – $17.50

Loyalists: Hugh McCall and Aner Haviland McCall and their Descendants: by H. Pincombe _ $20.00

Various Census Indexes for Townships in Elgin County are NOW available.


The following article was found in the St. Thomas Daily Times. [Jean Bircham]


This year of Our Lord 1888 is “Leap Year” when, according to ancient tradition, the privilege in extended to the ladies of asking their gentleman friends to accept of hospitalities at their fair hands, and even to go so far as to make propositions of marriage to their male acquaintance. In order that they may have all the information possible in making up their minds on this important step, the TIMES has prepared a list of eligible bachelors and widowers. Here it is:

ARKELL, THOMAS: Ex-M.P., ex-Mayor, and presently Alderman, is one of the most desirable widowers in the city. Is understood to ut of the marker, however, dame rumor coupling his name with a 500 acre farm.

ALLWORTH, A.J.: A widower worth angling for. Full of anecdotes, weather prophet of more than local renown, still handsome and always a ladies man. Liable to take a second chance.

BORBRIDGE, HENRY: loves a fine horse and has one, is a keen sportsman, a good looker, an inveterate joker, and the kind of a man the ladies are wont to set their caps for, but Henry seems disposed to trot single through the race of life.

BAIKIE, J.D.: has so long surveyed the feminine form that he is believed to have become hardened to all blandishments. Likes a game of euchre and is a good player. Very desirable catch if he can be induced to enter the meshes of the net.

COUGHLIN, D: another lawyer, is said to be heart free as yet, affable and genial. Would not allow pet dogs in the house as he is popularly supposed to have an aversion to dogs.

CRAY, THOMAS: is already booked. It appears to a sure case, eh!

CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD: civil engineer, has level designs to his head, but whether he has taken his bearings in the matrimonial market is a disputed point. He declines to divulge his plans for the future.

CROTHERS, DAVID: barrister, is not matrimonially inclined but for all that culture largely brought about through its might have a life partner before 1889 opens.

CLARK, ANDREW: deputy registrar, has a fine physique and a good education. He wears spectacles which make him look like what people think a literary man should look, and he is a master of the arts of satire and witticism. He got his education at Ann Arbor and New York.

COUSE, ALBERT: another lover of a stylish nag, a quiet, easy-going chap, who will be hard to induce to tie with his tongue a knot he cannot untie with his teeth.

GRANT, JOHN: teller in Traders bank, is bright and dressy. He has a good position, but needs a matrimonial distraction to keep him from working himself to death. He goes into society freely, but so far has not been caught by the female angler.

GRANT, ANDREW: deputy sheriff, helps manage the sheriffs office, has a duck of a moustache, is a slick dresser and has dodged many a cop set for him. Will be a lawyer some of these days.

DUNCOMBE, CHAS.,M.D.: was 23 last leap year, and must be near 26 now. He belongs to a couple of societies, has a pleasant practice, and a good bank account, but he has escaped so many fishers of men in the past that he may not be hooked this year.

GRIFFIN, WESLEY: senior partner of Griffin & Wright, dresses in the latest style, fair complexion, pleasing appearance and address, will visit England this year, and may have intentions abroad.

HEENAN, MICHAEL: special agent of the M.C.R., has been so long on the list of eligible that it will require a specially diplomatic woman to make him sign any treaty. He is 35 and has been for some years, has the name of having lots of money, and couldn’t be counted on to give more than half his time to his spouse at the beat, reserving the rest for his particular friends, the reporters.

JACKSON, W.R.: jeweler, is about 24 years of age, genial and polite in his address, and rather slender as to his physical make up. He is affectionate in his disposition, and the TIMES does not hesitate to guarantee that he will make an agreeable companion for the young lady who is so fortunate as to gain his hand.

KAINS, JOSEPH 0.: military gentleman, captain of Her Majesty’s ship, Prince of Wales, confirmed bachelor, useless for ladies to waste time or affection on the captain, as he is firmly wedded to the beauties of single blessedness.

KAINS, ROBERT,M.D.: is about as good looking a disciple of Esculapius as there is in the city. He could well support a wife, but rather prides himself on his ability in dodging the connubial knot

KING, GEORGE: aged about 40, has seen the world and would make a husband for some good looking girl who is a good listener and could occasionally bear to hear the same story twice, even if a trifle long. He has never been in love never has the blues, and is just as cheerful the next morning after a wine supper as the man who wasn’t there.

LINDOP, EDWARD:    flour     merchant,    has matrimonial intentions if he should happen to meet a right party, not too old, would make a good husband.

MANN, C.W.: organist Baptist church, should have charms to sooth the maiden’s heart, and if dame rumor is reliable he has only to say the word.

MURCH, W.H.: owns a bookstore, has travelled in Germany, France, Switzerland and elsewhere, and enjoys an income that would keep a small family circle in nice style.

McCULLY, ROBERT: Alderman, owns a livery stable, ??ans money, worth considerable, stuck on horse flesh, susceptible to the charms of the fair, a widower, but said to be captured.

McDONALD, NORMAN: the lawyer, is an eligible fellow, but no clear title to his affections can be guaranteed, as it is understood that they are mortgaged. Speculators who think they can clear up the defects in the title must remember that he is a specially desirable piece of matrimonial property, sober in his deportment, and hail fellow well met with everybody.

McLARTY, COLIN, M.D.: is liable to lose his heart at any time, although it is at present claimed to be bullet proof. Colin is the ‘some’ of jollity and good nature. Mrs. C. McLarty will not be an unfortunate woman.

PRINGLE, WILLIAM: although “diligent in business” and a hard worker in the Merchants bank of which her is manager, is still quite a society man. He is fond of the dizzy waltz and of ladies’ society generally. Hunting is his favorite diversion, however, and he is a most enthusiastic admirer of this sport. Mr. Pringle {missing piece} blonde, about 36 years of {…} moustache and blue {…} .

{    , FRED.} : is a shining mark for the designing female. Still hovering about the early thirties, handsome, stylish, of fine figure, good habits and manners, he is a star in society. Fred is simply incredible when togged out in his paraphernalia and has that peculiarly winning way which so unerringly strikes a tender cord in the feminine heart. He has independent means and is the envied possessor of brilliant prospects and should be garnered by some worthy fair one before the year of special grace expires.

STEWART, J.W.: live society young man. Wears glasses the better to scrutinize the fair sex, and is willing to leave the ranks of bachelorhood.

SCRASE, CHARLES: is a keen business man, owns about houses, not bad looking, is an eligible widower and well worth a trial.

SANAGAN, EDWARD: Alderman, is “plane” sort of a gentleman, but if he saw his way clear to join fortunes with a female partner would probably accept.

TEETZEL, J.J.: drives a spanking team of pacers, enjoys a good business and is liable to make some fair one happy any day.

TURVILL, INWOOD: is well fixed, steady as a deacon, and enjoys the society of the ladies. But the chances are that he will never make the matrimonial venture.

WISEMAN, JOHN: dry goods merchant, might be mistaken any day for a minster, full of business, bound to succeed, a church man, liable to join the benedict shortly.

YARWOOD, E.M.: barrister. is a desirable catch. Is an alderman, has just fallen heir to a snug sum and will be rich some day.



HOWEY reunion on 4 July 1993 at the Community Centre at Straffordville, Ont. Potluck lunch at 12:30. All interested Howey descendants welcome. Contact Hugh Howey or Mrs. Marion Irwin.

LOUKS/LOUCKS will be held at Port Rowan, Ont. on the weekend of 31 July 1993. Ancestor charts, group sheets; especially Michigan, Vermont & Southern Ont connections welcome. For further info, send SASE to Bruce Thornley or Ross McCurdy.

NELLES FAMILY reunion to be held at Mohawk Park in Brantford on Sat, 7 Aug. 1993. Reg’n at 11 am & potluck at 12:30 pm. Fee $5 includes 3 newsletters. Contact Wm.B. Jackson.


Sessions with Paul Smart, Brian Gilchrist, Gordon P. Hillman to be held at London Family History Centre on Fri., 7 May evening & Sat, 8 May 1993. Cost $5. Contact Marie Turvey for further info. Limited number for sessions.


– Pt. Burwell Museum, illus. Karen Teeple, 1992.


Built in 1840. the lighthouse is Canada’s oldest wooden lighthouse. It stands 65 feet high underwent an extensive renovation in 1986. Although all the lumber used in the original structure came from the Big Otter Valley, the lamp mechanism had to be imported from France. The Sutherland family earned widespread recognition as they “kept the light” for over a century. After guiding many ships to safety and witnessing frequent shipwrecks, the light was put out of service in the 1950’s. Adjacent to the lighthouse are anchors from the schooner NIMROD which sank after colliding with another ship in the fog off nearby Port Bruce.


MORGAN James (?) – Seeking info on James MORGAN b 09,10, 1810, d 01,01, 1886, Southwold Twp, Elgin Co., poss b Birmingham, Eng., s/o George MORGAN and Sarah HART (?). James lvd Lot 10, South Side of Lake Road, Southwold Twp. Ch: Ann, 2, George, 3. Sarah Jane, 4. William, 5. Elizabeth m Isaac WILLSON 24 Dec 1872, Christ Church, Port Stanley, 6. Elinore, 7. James, 8. Tom, 9. Alice, 10. John, 11. Mary. Would like any names and dates for above (except Elizabeth) All info to Donald Willson.

MANCHEN, MANSHION – Need info on Mina MANCHEN, m 27 Apr 1882 in Union, Yarmouth Twp, Elgin Co., also William MANCHEN (ae 34), b Eng., Elizabeth (ae 35), Eliza (ae 10) Alice (ae 6) and Ida (ae 1) as per 1881 census for Elgin Co.. All info to Ron Manchen.

WATTS, CHICK -Seek place and date of d of William Mark WATTS, b 28 Apr 1844, Harlem, Leeds and Grenville, Ont, husband of Mary CHICK. Last known event was b of second and last ch, Harriet Rebecca WATTS, b 31 Mar 1876, Rodney, Elgin Co., Ont. Info to Don Watts.

WATTS, CHICK, ANDREW – Seek place and date where Mary WATTS (CHICK) mar sec husband Gaven ANDREW. Mary’s first husband, William Mark WAITS, d after 1876. All info to Don Watts.

PARKER, WATSON, THAYER, PRATT, VAN SICKLE, DOWLING & RICHARDS George PARKER, s/o John & Nancy (WATSON) PARKER d 1838 Yarmouth, Elgin Co.. Ch: Nancy m Jarvis THAYER & Edward PRATT, George Jr. m Lydia VAN SICKLE; Wm m a Hannah ?; Mary m Peeress DOWLING; Francis m James RICHARDS: John, Patrick, Jesse & James. Wish to exchange info on all lines. Donald Erkfritz.

WESTOVER, HARRIS, THOMAS, NICHOLSON, SHINGLER, POWELL, STOVER, KILMER, P/FROST, HENDERSHOT – These names married into the WESTOVER line in Elgin Co. Ontario – 1843 – 1880. Wish to exchange info. Donald Erkfritz.

McINTYRE, DELONG – Need info on J. McINTIRE who m Alfretta DELONG of Orford Twp., Kent Co.. Living in the Dutton area, Elgin Co., in early 1900’s. Mr McINTIRE, poss James, wrote poetry which was published. Two daus. who were school teachers, one taught at Central School in London, ON. Any info appreciated by Mrs. Nancy Cameron.

McTAVISH – Need info on any McTAVISH fam living in Dutton or Rodney area and their relationship to the Orford Twp. McTAVISH fam. All info appreciated by Mrs Nancy Cameron.

GUNN,PARTRIDGE – Ann( e) (Hannah) GUNN m Jno PARTRIDGE 7 Jn 1834, St. Thomas. Ann d 1878 Minn, USA Ch: Geo., Francis B.H., Philip, Eliza, James & Richard. Need info on Ann(e) & prts. Contact Mr J.W. Bedell. PARTRIDGE, MIZNER – Catherine MIZNER m Thos PARTRIDGE 31 Jan 1835, both from Yarmouth Twp, Elgin Co., m at St. Thomas Trinity by St. Geo. Caulfield. Wit: John PARTRIDGE – Catherine BRADY. Need all info on Catherine MIZNER & prts and Thomas PARTRIDGE & prts. Contact Mr J. W. Bedell.

CAMERON, SINCLAIR -Duncan CAMERON 1813-1900 & wife Sarah SINCLAIR – 1816-1902, s/o Duncan lvd 12 Con Yarmouth, Elgin Co. Ch: Peter, Duncan, Rev Malcolm, Daniel, Archibald, Bessie, Barbara (Mrs A RUSSELL). Rev Malcolm grad Yale 1878. How did he get to Yale from Yarmouth Model School? All info to Janet Jabecki.

RINN, EMERSON, McCULLY – John RINN 1825 – June 1900 and see wife Mary EMERSON 1834 – 21 Apr 1902. Bd where? Lvd log cabin in Southwold, ON. Need info on sis Rebecca RINN of Vienna? All info to Janet Jabecki.

POTTS, SHAW – Seeking documentation on arrival date in Tyrconnell, Wallaceburg or Fingal of Edward POTTS, w Margaret SHAW from Eng in 1830’s reputedly from Hampton Court. 1851 Southwold    census states occupation “Teaching School”. Ch: all b in Can W. Mary ca 1836, Margaret ?, Edward 1841, Sarah 1843, Ann 1845, Joseph 1848, *William 1849, Henry 1850, Harriet 1853, Alice 1855, Charles 1857, Ada 1858, Ella 1865. * my grandfather. All info welcomed by M.E. Dunn.

COWELL,CLARIS/GLARIS – Matthias COWELL was settled on North Side of Talbot Road East on Lot 18, present site of Fingal, by Col Talbot. Matthias appears to have d before 1824. Son, Moses, obt. Patent on Lot in 1837 when he prepared to sell to Levi FOWLER. Matthias wid. Martha. m Frederick GLARIS, widower, at Trinity Anglican Church 1 Oct 1832, both of Southwold Twp. Martha’s ch, Moses and Elizabeth were wit. Was Frederick GLARIS of the southwold fam of CLARIS? 1842 census has George T. CLARIS ae 40, merchant in St. Thomas, Christopher CLARIS, ae 37, in Southwold Twp. res in country 10 yrs.  All info to Mrs. Mary (J.L.) Knox.

STEWART, FERGUSSON – John STEWART b 1789 & Nancy FERGUSSON b 1896 brought fam to Elgin Co from Argyleshire, Scot. Who were John’s prts? Nancy’s? When did they arrive in Elgin? Canada? All info to Shirley Olsen.

MCLARTY,MCINTYRE – Duncan MCLARTY & Sarah MCINTYRE MCLARTY were farmers in Southwold, Elgin Co, ON, both b Scotland, poss mar there. Where, specifically? Sarah b near River Dee, Aberdeenshire, Where? When? All info to Shirley Olsen.


On Sat., 24 Apr. 1993, at St. David’s Church, Springbank Drive, Woodstock, ON. Time:    9:30am – 3:30pm.

Topics:    – Importance of Maps in Genealogy – Carolyn Gray, OA Map Dept.         – Victorian Births, Marriages, Deaths, & Funerals – Mark Jackman, curator at Clarke Museum.

Cost:    $10 including lunch before 12 Apr. 1993.


Send registration to Oxford OGS, Box 1092, Woodstock, ON  N4S 8P6.


Pictures of the Old St. Thomas (Old English) Church’s interior before 1967. Jeff Booth of the Restoration Committee would like to see any that are available. Contact him.


May 27 to 30, 1993

Toronto, Ontario

For more info: write to: OGS Seminar ’93

Toronto’s First Post Office,

Box 2

260 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, ON

M5A 1N1


On May 22, 1836. Archdeacon John Strachan conducted the first service at this colonial gothic church which was donated by Colonel Burwell to the Church of England. The front north east pew was reserved for the Burwell family. In 1909 thc box pews were removed and the interior was changed to look much as we see it today. In 1978 the spire was demolished during a severe storm.

The replacement spire is shorter than the original. Many of Port Burwell’s earliest settlers including some of the Burwells are buried in the adjacent cemetery that takes up only part of the original land deeded by the colonel to the church.


In 1908, the Port Burwell Continuation School was built in a contemporary version of the Greek Revival style. The principal William Walker had a staff of two, later three. In 1925 when a new school was built, the original building was moved across the street to become the Trinity Anglican Parish Hall. Recently threatened with demolition, this structure has been saved and renovated by dedicated members of the parish who appreciate the historic significance of this building to Port Burwell.

TALBOT TIMES is published quarterly; March, June, Sept. & Dec.. Articles, news items, clippings, etc., that would be of interest to our readers are welcome, especially if pertaining to Elgin County. All entries are subject to the discretion of the editor.

Submissions should be made by 15 Feb., 15 May, 15 Aug. & 15 Nov. Submissions should state what reproductions rights are. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information and disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Elgin Co. Branch O.G.S. or its executive.

Permission is granted to reprint any material from the TALBOT TIMES unless otherwise mentioned, provided that the original source is credited.

MEETINGS are held on the 2nd Wed. of the month in the Carnegie Room of the St.

Thomas Public Library, St. Thomas, except Dec. which is reserved for a social evening. There are no meetings in July & Aug. All visitors are welcome.

The ELGIN CO. OGS LIBRARY is located in the George Thorman room of the St.

Thomas Public Library and is open to the public for the same hours as the public library. Information about MEMBERSHlPS in the Elgin Co. OGS and the OGS is available at the meetings or by contacting the Chairperson or Membership Co-ordinator.