Talbot Times 1993 June




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VOLUME XII                ISSUE TWO            JUNE 1993


Submitted by C.F. Prong OGS #10990

Genealogy researchers who are interested in seeing on a modern map, where their ancestors lived, will be interested in the latest Ontario Transportation Map Series. This series of eight maps is drawn to a sufficiently large scale (1:250,000) to show, in addition to the standard road map features, the numbered lots and concessions of today’s rural areas in each Township of Central and Southern Ontario, Canada. They are a “must” for those who are either day-tripping or touring in search of farm or rural cemetery locations. They are also ideal if one wants to just sit and study the present surroundings.

Map features include: Highways, Roads, Kilometric distances, Surfacing, Railways,

Airports, Ferry Routes, Parks, Conservation Areas, Picnic Parks, Ontario Provincial Police Detachments, Hospitals, First Aid Stations, Carpool Parking Lots, Service Centres, Tourist Attractions, Travel Information Centres, City and Town Enlargements.     The Counties, Districts & Regional Municipalities shown or partially shown on each map are as follows:

Map 1 – Essex, Kent, Lambton, Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford, Haldimand-Norfolk.

Map 2 – Bruce, Grey, Huron, Middlesex, Perth, Oxford, Wellington, Waterloo.

Map 3 – Algoma, Manitoulin Is., Sudbury, Parry Sound.

Map 4 – Sudbury, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Muskoka, Victoria, Haliburton.

Map 5 – Simcoe, Grey, Dufferin, Wellington, Muskoka, Victoria, Haliburton, York, Durham, Halton, Peel, Waterloo, Oxford, Brant, Haldimand-Norfolk, Wentworth, Niagara.

Map 6 – Nipissing, Renfrew, Haliburton, Hastings, Lennox & Addington, Frontenac, Lanark, Ottawa-Carleton.

Map 7 – Haliburton, Victoria, Durham, Peterborough, Northumberland, Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington, Frontenac, Lanark, Leeds & Grenville.

Map 8 – Leeds & Grenville, Lanark, Ottawa-Carleton, Prescott & Russell, StormontDundas & Glengany.

The maps can be purchased for $6.00 ea plus taxes, from your closest Ontario Ministry of Transportation office. Check the blue pages in your telephone book for the phone number. They can also be ordered from: Ministry of Transportation, Map Office, Lower Level, East Building, 1201 Wilson Ave., Downsview, ON, CAN, M3M 1J8.

“What is so rare as a day in June

If ever come perfect days -”

First of all I would like to welcome all genealogical researchers from near and far to

Elgin County this summer. I wish you all success in your research. Elgin County Branch O.G.S. has its Library located, along with the St. Thomas Library’s collection of local history, in the George Thorman Room of the St. Thomas Public Library, 153 Curtis Street, St. Thomas. The Family History Centre of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 436 Elm Street in     St. Thomas  also    has a very     large collection of genealogical information available to researchers. Open Thurs lOam – 9pm; Sat. lOam – 3pm.

The Ontario Genealogical Society hosted a Chairman’s Workshop for Strategic Planning, held at the Cedar Glen Conference Centre near Bolton, Ontario – March 5 – 7/93.

Don Cosens led a panel discussion on the publication of family histories at the March meeting. Members of the panel, who had published books, were Don Carroll, Jean Griffin, Max Doan, Shirley Ewanick and George Thorman.

The April meeting of Elgin Branch OGS was held in the Belmont Library. The

Westminster Historical Society gave a talk and showed slides of the surrounding area.     I wish to congratulate Jean Bircham on becoming Director for Region II. I know her efforts will be appreciated.

Have a good summer searching your roots, see you in September. If I can help you please call me.

Lloyd G. Smith



9 June – Jean Bircham and Margaret Daugharty will talk about how to use the Estate Files of the Surrogate Court of Ontario for Elgin County. Social time to follow.

Summer Break – no meetings in July and August.

8 Sep – Chris Stire is speaking on his Stire Family and “Prizes Uncovered in Genealogical Research”.

13 Oct – Bob Moore will speak on his genealogical searches.

10 Nov – “Roman Catholic Records in Elgin County” is the topic that will be covered by Dennis Mulligan.


The members of the Elgin County Branch of O.G.S. are invited to send in FIVE (5)



and #. Deadline is 31 Oct. 1993 with publication in early spring. There will be no cost to enter the limit of 5 surnames. The cost of this publication will be determined later. SEND THEM IN NOW!!


“Good Things All Round”

The following is the continuation of the article” The Jolly Bachelors” found in the St. Thomas Daily Times 7 Jan.1888. This portion was published 10 Jan.1888.[Jean Bircham].

The list is a success. Already “progress”    is reported in several cases that have heretofore been considered hopeless, and negotiations are pending which will result in bringing together- till death do them part- two souls with but a     single thought, tow hearts that beast as one. The young ladies who have not yet struck anyone to their liking on the lists already presented need not despair. There are lots more eligible and another grist is ground out below:

BOUGHNER, DAVID, manager city hotel, well up in Oddfellowship, but by no means odd in disposition. Never known to have had any love affairs, but comes of a marriageable family and may yet be booked.

BRODRICK, JAMES, clothier. Girls, the one who is fortunate enough to get him will get a jewel.    He is pleasant and affable, besides being good looking. Several accomplished young ladies, in this and other cities, who know a good thing when they see it, have laid all sorts of traps, but “Jim” has cleverly evaded them. Too busy with his business.

BOWLBY, SAM, assistant chief of the Fire department is well qualified to adorn the “eligible”. He is a little past 30, stands about five feet ten, and his face is adorned by a heavy moustache. Sam is very popular among a large circle of acquaintances, but heretofore he has been rather too busy to give much attention to female society. Likes to play whist even better than to say his prayers.

BURNS, GEORGE, captain, is a strikingly handsome young gentleman with a military bearing which comes of long training in the ranks of the 25th. He is about 25 years of age,    and has a vivacious, genial temperament which makes him very popular among his acquaintances. He is by no means averse to female society, and wouldn’t be very difficult to “corral”. If the pursuer were a beautiful and attractive young lady.

CALVER, WILLIAM, livery stable keeper, has a good income, and could make a girl happy if he make up his mind to it. He flatters himself that he is a confirmed bachelor; but then one cannot most always sometimes tell, you know.

CHING, RICHARD, is a brick mason. Owns a handsome house, and the ladies say it is a shame he has not yet secured a wife to take there. Hard worker, and well-known among the boys.

CALLICOTT, JOHN, M.C.R. conductor, is a young bachelor, with a fancy for thoroughbred dogs, who has so far succeeded in evading Hymen’s halter. Jack is a neat dresser and enjoys a wide circle of acquaintances with the fair sex. He is a b-a-d man when he camps on the trail of an enemy.

COMFORT, HIRAM, widower, probably 60 years old, but 100 in worldly wisdom and experience. He classes with the confirmed widowers, with whom none but a widow need meddle, as he is partial to widows. A man of strong common sense and nerve, has made his way through the world and one a good job, has a heart as large as a town clock, is a methodical business man, collector of taxes and city assessor, and     ladies will therefore have a good opportunity to broach the subject while he is making the rounds.

DICK, R. J., is recognized as one of the nattiest men in the city, dresses in exceedingly good taste, sports a solitaire on his little finger, and enjoys driving behind a fast horse. Like the majority of men of his calling, is fond of the opposite sex, but thus far has escaped Cupid’s dart.

EMSLIE, ROBERT, has served one year as umpire, so may be considered     brave enough to face matrimony. Could not be relied upon to settle down in any one spot, as he loved the diamond too much for that. Earns fat salary and could keep a wife comfortably.

ELLIOTT, ROBERT, photographer, not more than 36, quiet easy going gentleman. Very bashful, prefers the lady to pop the question.

HOLLOWAY, THOMAS, a widower, not a spring chicken in years by any means, but still desirable. Always a hard worker and not to be sneezed at if    he was induced to believe    that    it would be better to trot the balance of his life hitched in double harness.

HORTOP, THOMAS, is easily making money enough to keep his head above water could he be induced to plunge into the matrimonial sea. Is a great lover of horses, and is daily seen on the road behind a horse that shows a ’40 clip or better, his eye beaming and his face aglow as he speeds along past everything else on the road.

JOINER, J.G., is probably one of the most distinguished bachelors in St. Thomas. Though of diminutive stature, he is a Chesterfield in gallantry and toilet. He has long been waiting for a fair mistress and the ladies are all agreed that one ought to have married him long ago. It would be a crime to say that Mr. Joiner is in his forties- his locks of jet, rosy cheeks and    languishing brown eyes would resent such an imputation. But John George has been a young man a long time and can’t be much longer.

MOORE, ELIJAH, widower, hale, hearty, good natured, and at present not engaged in particular business. Has a large    but rather one-sided correspondence with numerous females, but no immediate prospect of marriage. The ex-alderman is magnificent specimen of physical manhood, and carries nearly three score years with ease and grace. The enjoyment of life amid the blooms and    fragrance    of the clover blossom, fanned by the balmy breezes of a rural residence are among the possibilities nestled with the prospects of Lige’s future bride.

MCINTYRE, DUNCAN, drifted into the    newspaper    business    and anchored there. He is a blonde of more than medium height and wears a high hat (among other things) and is regarded as somewhat of a hustler. He is not specially domestic in his habits or tastes, but with the proper influences he would make a dutiful and affectionate benedict. He is about 27 years of age, and his heart is free, so far as the Times biographer know.

MISSING- page torn.

MILLER, CHARLES, formerly one of the managers of the Elgin Loan Society, is worth looking after. Strong temper ( ) man, is of full marriageable age, no bad habits.

MAGINN, JOHN, printer, crowding 40, thrifty, studies the classics and is quite a bookworm, and is believed to be a confirmed bachelor.

SHEPPARD, SAMUEL, grain buyer, and widower, dabbles in futures, (some) profits on commissions, charters vessels, spends lots of money, makes lots more, and is a fish that more than one fair angler has vainly sought to land.

SCHULTE, JOHN, a man of multifarious trades and perpetual smiles. Most bashful young man    in town. Has a partiality for cigars; not sufficient confidence to choose his own; prefers others to make the selection. Does some collecting; never known to get mad at a recalcitrant debtor.

VANHOUGHTON, PERRY, engineer on the M.C.R., has a round salary and a domestic disposition, and is just the right sort of raw material to be made into the best sort of a husband. Will ‘coupled’ some of these days, it is believed.

VAIL, NATHANIEL, engineer on the M.C.R., wedded to the iron horse, must have considerable spare cash. Neat and natty in his dress, courteous in his demeanour and free from bad habits. Very desirable.

WADDELL, HENRY, understands the duties of a benedict, has never launched on the sea of matrimony, but sighs for the comforts that attend the venture. About 35, rather good looking, enjoys a good position and excellent health, very agreeable in ladies’ society, able and willing to be the proud possessor of a home and partner. Has a younger brother Fred, who is also eligible.

WHALE, JOHN C., artist, carries his 36 years easily, a shining, bright light in society and basks in    the smiles of fortune as well as those of eligible young ladies and designing mammas. He has never had his affections centred upon any feminine creations except one from his own brush and is as fancy free as a group of still life.



Home computer (IBM compatible)


Proximity to OGS office with typing skills

Needed to put manuscript for A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation, Volume 2 into computer. The job can be shared by several volunteers, who may be each located in a different place. It is hoped to have the manuscript published in time for Seminar ’94.

Contact: Donald Whiteside as soon as possible.


WHITE – RITCHIE – KEARNS – Info and details needed on Joseph WHITE b ? 1826, Ireland, d? 1912 at Jaffa, Elgin Co. ON. m # 1, Elizabeth RITCHIE, b ? d ? prior to 1862 somewhere “out west”. Ch: John WHITE b 06 04 1854 d. 30 08 1892 Jaffa, ON, bach.   James WHITE, b ? 1858, d ? 1937, Jaffa, bachelor. Mary WHITE b ? 1856 d 1941, Quebec but stayed out west c mother’s prts, m ? BYERS b ? d Quebec owned    Byers Trucking    in Quebec, no other info known. Joseph m # 2, 12 07 1862 by Simon Lerwilligar, Meth Church, Malahide Twp, Elgin Co.,    Mary    Jane    (THOMPSON) KEARNS, b 1837 Yarmouth Twp, Elgin Co, d ? 1922 Jaffa. Mary Jane, dau/o Samuel    and Catherine THOMPSON, her first hus was Robert Henry KEARNS b ?, d 21 10 1858. Mary Jane’s moth m Robert KEARN’s father. Ch: 1. William Henry KEARNS b ? 1856, d 20 01 1876, Jaffa, bach, bd Jaffa cem. ii. Isaac KEARNS b ? 1858, d 12 01 1878 Jaffa bach, bd Jaffa cem. Ch of Joseph and Mary Jane: 1. Mary-Jane “Jenny” WHITE, b 12 04 1863 d ? 1949 m 18 12 1889 in Toronto, William WEBSTER, b 08 04 1885 d 1929, bd together in Woodland Cem     Mausoleum, London, ON. No family. 2. Allan George WHITE, b? 1867, d 28 07 1937, Jaffa; m ? Velma SMUCK b ? 1870, d 1960 Niagara Falls. poss both bd Aylmer cem, Malahide Twp. No family. 3. Nancy Catherine WHITE b 12 06 1868, d 27 09 1943 bd Woodland Cem Mausoleum, London, mar but separated from Enos POUND, worked on railroad in St. Thomas & Detroit, one son d at birth. 4.Tryphena WHITE b ? 1874 d? 1934 bd Woodland Cem Mausoleum, m Henry Franklin WISMER b 1877, d 1955, bd Mapleton Cem, Elgin Co, Henry WISMER poss remar a Mary DIXON & mvd to Windsor, ON., one son, Joseph Andrew WISMER b 1903, d 1946 bd Woodland Cem Mausoleum. 5. Martha Ann WHITE, b 19 07 1871, d 12 02, 1934 mar Nelson A CLINE b 23 01 1867, d 28 11 1945 bd tog Aylmer Cem with one son d at b 23 09 1913. 6. Joseph Charles WHITE b 08 06 1877 Jaffa, d 1965 London, m ? Margaret Esther BEAUFOUR b ? 1879 d? 1959, both bd Woodlawn Cem – had 9 ch & lvd London. All info to Brenda Edmonds.

GUNN – PARTRIDGE – Ann(e) (Hannah) GUNN m Jno PARTRIDGE, 7 Jn 1834- St. Thomas. She d 1878 MN USA. prts of Geo., Francis B.H. Philip, Eliza, James & Richard. Wanted-any info on Ann(e) and prts. All info to Mr J.W. Bedell.

PARTRIDGE – MIZNER – Catherine MIZNER m Thos PARTRIDGE 31 Jan 1835, both of Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co. Mar St. Thomas Trinity by St. George Caulfield. Wit: John PARTRIDGE – Catherine BRADY. Any info    on Catherine and Thomas and prts of both appreciated. All info to Mr J.W. Bedell.

McGREGOR – McKELLAR – info needed on James McGREGOR b 1820 in Argyle, mvd to Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co. m Sarah McKELLAR d/o Donald and Ann McKELLAR who were m in Scotland in 1819 and came to Can in 183l. Family tradition says that James emigrated with two or three bros. Replies to Heather Davidson.

DAVIDSON CLAN (Canada) Newsletter is looking for subscribers and contributors from septs and & associated names including DAVIDSON, DAVISON, DAWSON, DAVIS, DAVIE, DAVEY, DAVY, DAY, DYE, DYSON, DEA, DEAN, DEANE, DEAS, DESY, DEASON, DAW, DOW, DHAI, MacDHAI, MacKEDIE, KAY, MacKAY (MORAY only), KEAY, KEY, KEYS, MacDIAD, MacDAVID, MacDAID, MacDADE, MacDAVITT, MacDAVETT, MacDAGNIE (y)SLORACH, SLORA, SLORIE (y). All replies to Heather Davidson.

WESTOVER – KILMER – F/PROST – SMITH – Catherine WESTOVER m Thomas KILMER 1862 Malahide Twp, Elgin Co. Need proof dau is Agnes KILMER, can’t find in census, m a SMITH. All info to Donald and Marjorie Erkfritz.

PRATT – PARKER – THAYER – Edward PRATT m Nancy THAYER PARKER 1832, wish to correspond with descendants. Donald and Marjorie Erkfritz.

WATTS – CHICK – Seek place and date of death of William Mark WATTS b 28 Apr 1844, Harlem, Leeds and Grenville, ON, husband of Mary CHICK. Last known event was b of sec and last child Harriet Rebecca WATTS, b 31 Mar 1876 Rodney, Elgin Co, ON. William Mark WATTS d after 1876. All info to Don Watts.

ANDREW – WATTS – CHICK – Seek place    and date where Mary (CHICK) WATTS m second husband Gaven ANDREW. All info to Don Watts.

TAYLOR – CLIXBY – Info desired on George TAYLOR and Elizabeth CLIXBY b 1784 & 1790,. Lincolnshire, England; to Can 1810. Ch & desc who remained in Southwold & Dunwich Twp, Elgin Co: Elizabeth d 1885; Jane m     ALLEN; William m Eleanor FOSTER; and George TAYLOR. At least four other ch removed to USA: Thomas; Mary 1822; Sarah (ca 1827) and John (1834). TAYLOR & CRANE fam connected through John JONES fam, all remvd to USA. Will share. Info to Kathaleen K. Kichty.

CRANE – FINDLY – Info desired on George CRANE & Isabella FINDLY b 1771 & 1787 & ch and desc who remained in Dunwich Twp: William 1807; Peter 1810; Anthony 1812; Isabella 1814; Hannah 1818; Jane 1822. Two other ch Charles 1809 and Marie 1816 remvd to USA. All info to Kathaleen K. Kichty.

CLARKE – SMITH – McCOMBER – Info needed    on George    H. CLARKE s/o Lewis, m Julia SMITH s/o Abraham. Julia later m Ebenezer McCOMBER. George & Julia had five ch (listed in 1871 Census for S. Dorchester) All info to C. Fletcher Bishop Jr.

HOOD – LUNDY – Searching for info on Mary HOOD, w/o Charles of St. Thomas. Interested in ch: Mrs David LUNDY and Robert of St. Thomas. Mrs Alex LAW of Dutton, George of Toronto, William & Charles, also a grandson Carlyle HOOD. Contact Jan Morel.


Annual Genealogy Fair will be held on Sat. 25 Sep. 1993 at Simcoe’s Eva Brook Donly Museum. Speaker will be R. Fellows from new Brunswick. You are invited to come to see it all!


ANNETT – Descendants of Robert ANNETT & Sarah MINES will be held at Pinafore Park, St. Thomas ON, on Sun. 15 Aug 1993 at 12:30    pm. Contact Mrs. Bertha Rose.

CLOES – At South Pavilion at Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, on 22 Aug 1993 at 1pm. Potluck. Contact Norma Cloes.

DOAN – On Sat. 19 June 1993 at South Pavilion    at Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, with potluck at 12 noon. Contact Bruce Doan.

HOWEY – On 4 July 1993 at the Community Centre at Straffordville, ON. Potluck lunch at 12:30. All interested Howey descendants welcome. Contact Hugh Howey or Mrs. Marion Irwin.

LOUKS/LOUCKS – will be held at Port Rowan, Ont. on the weekend of    31 July 1993. Ancestor charts, group sheets; especially Michigan, Vermont & Southern Ont. connections welcome. For further info, send SASE to Bruce Thornley or Ross McCurdy.

NELLES FAMILY reunion to be held at Mohawk Park in Brantford on Sat., 7 Aug. 1993. Reg’n at 11 am & potluck at 12:30 pm. Fee $5 includes 3 newsletters. Contact Wm. B. Jackson.

MOORE    – On    Sat. 3 Jul 1993 descendants of Samuel Moore of Mass. & NJ will gather at Otterville Park pavilion between 11-12 for a picnic. Contact Donna Moore.

WILLSON – The descendants of Mordecai WILLSON and Rachel VanSICKLE are holding the 68th Reunion on July 11, 1993, at the Union Sports Club Hall in Union, Elgin County, Ontario. Bring a picnic lunch and lawn chairs. Looking for further connections to this family. For other info call Norma and Lloyd G. Smith.

ZAVITZ – Reunion of descendants of Henry, Jacob & Henry who came from PA to Welland Co. to be held at Lobo Community Park, Poplar Hill ON, on Sun. 29 Aug.1993. Contact Helen Clark #3516121.


10 May 1917


Conduct Sales anywhere in Ontario Farm Stock Sales a specialty:

satisfaction guaranteed; charges reasonable.

Arrangements can be made by telephoning T.M. Moore, or Austin Winter, Springfield; John Dawes, Belmont, or at The ENTERPRISE Office, Belmont.


The Region II meeting was held in Woodstock on 24 Apr. 1993. The election resulted in Jean Bircham becoming the new Regional Director for the next year. Jean became involved with OGS in Huron Co. and has continued in Elgin County. She works in Local History, Elgin County Library system.

Speakers for the day were:

Carolyn Gray – of the Ontario Archives, who spoke on MAPS accompanied by an excellent slide presentation.

Mark Jackman – of the Clarke Museum, Newcastle, presented a slide show with a difference and told some amusing folklore from his booklet “IN REPOSE: Victorian Funeral Customs & Practices    or Doctor Death and Travelling Funeral Show”.


I would like to thank the organizers and workers for the Region II Meeting. I would also like to thank Norma Smith for her work as acting Regional Director until my election. If members have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.     I attended the Annual General Meeting of the O.G.S. and the Board of Directors meeting at Seminar ’93. Louise Hope is continuing as the President of The Ontario Genealogical Society for the coming year. More information    will    follow in the next newsletters.


10 May 1917

It is the same old story-the cold, wet weather still continues, and seeding has been anything except an alluring task this spring, although most farmers have finished. There is practically no growth, and it is only within the last day or two that the leaves can be noticed opening on the trees. Fortunately, the roads dry quickly, and have not been bad this spring, and that is a thing the autoists are thankful for.


Past chairperson – Margaret Daugharty, #4341

Chairperson – Lloyd Smith, #11145

First Vice chairperson – Don Cosens, #747

Second Vice chairperson – Jean Bircham, #10334

Treasurer – Margaret Daugharty, #4341

Secretary    – Corresponding- Stanley Daugharty, #4340

– Recording – Frank Clarke

TALBOT TIMES is published quarterly; March, June, Sept. & Dec. Articles, news items, clippings, etc.. that would be of interest to our readers are welcome, especially if pertaining to Elgin County. All entries are subject to the discretion of the editor.

Submissions should be made by 15 Feb., 15 May, 15 Aug. & 15 Nov. Submissions should state what reproductions rights are. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information and disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Elgin Co. Branch O.G.S. or its executive.

Permission is granted to reprint any material from the TALBOT TIMES unless otherwise mentioned, provided that the original source is credited.

MEETINGS are held on the 2nd Wed. of the month in the Carnegie Room of the St.

Thomas Public library, St. Thomas, except Dec. which is reserved for a social evening. There are NO meetings in July & Aug. All visitors are welcome.

The ELGIN CO. OGS LIBRARY is located in the George Thorman room of the St.

Thomas Public library and is open to the public for the same hours as the public library. Information about MEMBERSHIPS in the Elgin Co. OGS and the OGS is available at the meetings or by contacting the Chairperson or Membership Co-ordinator