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June 1992


At the end of February Jean Bircham and I attended the Librarians’ conference, sponsored by OGS and The Ministry of Culture and Communications, at the Guild Inn in Scarborough. We both enjoyed the various sessions and the chance to talk to other members of the branches. Much information was learned and brought back to our own members. Jean and I would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Communications and our Branch for the financial assistance to enable us to attend.

Many genealogists will be traveling throughout the country to do research on their families this summer. I wish you all success. I hope that any of the researchers that are in the Elgin County area enjoy the visit and find the information for which they are looking. There have already been several members from out of town (Oregon, B.C., Washington D.C. and elsewhere) researching in Elgin County these last few months.     Some of the branch members will spend part of their summer working on future publication projects for the branch. Without the work that is done by these dedicated people, our branch would not be as successful.

In March the Elgin County Branch of The Ontario Genealogical Society celebrated the Tenth Anniversary. Presentations of certificates were given to Charter Members, Ten Year Continuous Members and Members who have donated their time and talent to the Branch’s success.

Have a great summer and I will be looking forward to seeing you in September.

Chairperson Margaret Daugharty


Change of address

OGS Toronto Branch

Box 518, Station K

Toronto, ON

M4P 2G9


Norfolklore ’92 will be celebrated on Sat 26 Sept. 1992 at the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe from lOam – 4 pm. Some 35 exhibitors with books and supplies coming. This is your chance to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends.


March – The March meeting featured Jean Griffin talking about the history and families of Yarmouth twp. After a business meeting certificates were presented to various members and others in appreciation for the work they have done.

April- Don Cosens and several others brought along some of their collections of scrapbooks about the city of St. Thomas, Elgin County, their own families and even one about the railway heritage of the county.

May – Jeff Booth of the Restoration Committee of the St Thomas Church (Old English) spoke about the history of the church. He had several pictures of the interior including those of the last restoration. He had some photos of people buried in the Cemetery and talked about them. He has put together a book with all the clippings, so far discovered, in it.


10 June 1992 – Alfreda Veenstra will provide information about “Publishing Your Family History “. She is the current editor of OGS’s NewsLeaf.

July & August – No meetings. 9 Sept. 1992 – to be announced.


The Old St. Thomas (English) church will be rededicated on Saturday Oct. 3, 1992 at 2:00 pm. It is located on Walnut St in St. Thomas. Honoured guest will be the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman.     Everyone is welcome to attend.


VANPATTER – Van Patter Family reunion to be held the second Sunday in July 1992 at Luton community Centre at 12:00 noon. Pot Luck lunch. Contact Frances Hindmarsh for more details.

VINT – Vint Family reunion is to be held at the Optimist park, Talbotville on 26 July 1992 from 2 – 4:30pm. Contact Vera Vint for more information.

CLOES – Cloes Family reunion will be held at Pinafore Park in St. Thomas on 23 Aug. 1992 at 1 pm. For further details contact Norma O’Sullivan; James or Helen Cloes.

NELLES – 8 Aug. 1992 at Queenston Heights is the site chosen for the Nelles Family reunion at picnic pavilion #2. Registration is at 11:00 am. with pot luck to follow at noon. Bring food (ready to serve), tablecloth, dishes, cutlery, napkins and lawn chairs. There are many descendants of the Canadian NELLES families who have moved away and their names aren’t even Nelles anymore but they are all welcome. More details available from William B. Jackson.


Extracted by Jean Bircham.

This record was found on microfilm reel Misc #001 at St. Thomas Public Library. It is a copy of the Rev. Richard Andrews’ diary of his voyage from England in 1831, marriage register 1840 – 1848, and school records from the St. Thomas area ca. 1835.     The biography of Rev. Richard Andrews is taken from the “100th Anniversary of

Centre St. Baptist Church, 22 – 29 Oct 1939”.

Rev. Richard Andrews was the first Elder of St. Thomas Church. He was born in Holdsworthy, Devonshire, England. He attended both Oxford and Dublin Universities with a view to becoming an Anglican priest but, after graduation, he became a Baptist. Rev. Andrews was a pastor at Bishops Storford and ran a school there. In April 1831, he came to Canada. From 1831- 1833 Rev. Andrews conducted an academy in St. Thomas. The lack of students made him take up farming and he settled on the 10th concession of Yarmouth Township. Richard Andrews died 30 May 1849 at age 55 years and is buried at Talbotville Cemetery. His wife, Mary, died 26 January 1855 at 46 years of age and is buried in the same cemetery.

The St. Thomas Church was located on the northwest corner of William & Ann (now St. Anne’s Place) Streets. It was sold to Robert Blackwood 25 March 1880, used as a cider mill, and then sold to a Mr. Millman, a farmer from Dexter.

These baptisms are at the beginning of the diary.

Charles son of John (RINE) of the parish Breork, Cornwall, labourer and of Grace his wife, dau. of Oliver & Mary EDWARDS, born 11 July and baptised by me 28 Aug. 1823.- Richard Andrews

Thos. son of James DAVEY of Tregridel?, parish Lanteglas, county Cornwall, labourer, and Elisabeth, his wife, dau. of Rich’ d & Joan LOBB, born 31 July 1823 and baptised at Tregiddel? in parish and county aforesaid 17 Aug. 1823 by me.

Mary dau. of John LOBB. parish St. Kew, county Cornwall, and of Susanna, his wife, dau. of Thomas & Mary PHILP. born 12 Oct. 1823. baptised at Tregellis. parish & county aforesaid, 24 Oct 1823 by me.

John son of James PADDON. parish Holsworthy, labourer, & Eliz’th his wife, dau. of ??? Spetigue, born 1828 and baptised 6 July 1828 by me.

The following marriages appear to be from the Elgin county area.

Hugh MCINTIE, shoemaker to Ann MCQUEEN. spinster 23 Jan. 1840 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: A. GODY & Alex’r GUNN

Richard GILBERT, yeoman to Effey BROADY, spinster 23 Mar. 1840 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: Will’m ROSS & Arch’d MCINTYRE

Richard SMALE, yeoman to Catharine JONES, spinster 26 April 1840 at St. Thomas by banns. witnesses: Benjamin E. DOAN & Frederic COUSE

David N. (DOPP)?, shoemaker, Yarmouth twp. to Jamima DOAN. Yarmouth twp. 12 Nov. 1840 at St. Thomas by banns. witnesses: Henry SIMONS & William H. DOAN

John SELLS, yeoman, Southwold twp. to Maria LENORD. St. Thomas 30 Sept. 1840 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: Henry BLACK & Lyman LEONARD

(no longer giving authority of marriage, license or banns)

Andrew H. THOMPSON, school master to Mary LAWRIE, spinster 11 June 1840 at Yarmouth Twp. witnesses: John FAIRGRIEVE & James ALEXANDER

David HUNTER, yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Sarah Eliza (B)UFFER, Yarmouth twp. 2 Feb. 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Thos. MILLS & Randolph JOHNSTON

John MacGOUGH, Southwold twp. to Eliza KELLASTINE, Southwold twp. 6 Feb. 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Joseph HEERHOFF? & George KELLAS

Dennis BARNETT, Southwold twp., plasterer to Louisa REDMOND, London 11 Feb. 1841 at London. witnesses: Lemuel WHITE & Spencer VIRGINIA

William BARNES, yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Christina MacKENZIE, spinster 7 June 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Edward MILLAR & Joseph BARNES

Solomon THOMPSON, yeoman. St. Thomas to Sarah Ann BAKER 10 March 1841 at St. Thomas. witnesses: Elijah LEONARD & David BAKER

James PRATT, yeoman, Southwold twp. to Rachel THOMAS, widow, Southwold twp. 4 March 1841 at Southwold twp. witnesses: Michael CALKETT & John FERRIS

John LAWTON, yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Jane MIZNER, spinster 29 July 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Abraham KING & Andrew MIZNER

David J. ELLIS, yeoman to Jane MARR 22 Sept 1841 at Southwold twp. witnesses: Henry ELLIS & Isaac WALKER

Lyman Stone LEONARD, moulder to Atlanta CULVER 27 Sept 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Elijah LEONARD & William E. CULVER

Joseph TEETZEL, Orford twp., yeoman to Sarah EBERLIE, spinster 8 March 1842 at Orford twp. witnesses: William EBERLEE & Nathaniel MILLS

George MARLOTT, yeoman to Caroline OSTRANDER 25 Nov. 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Abraham NEWCOMB & Daniel MARLOTT

Dan Webster NEWCOMBE, yeoman to Eliza HAWKINS 25 Nov. 1841 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Abraham NEWCOMBE & Daniel MARLOTT

W(ater) CLARK, yeoman, Southwold twp. to Jane McGOUGH, spinster, Ekford twp. 31 May 1842 at Southwold twp. by banns witnesses: Henry ELLIS & Dudley WADE

George McMICHAEL, Townsend twp., Talbot District, yeoman to Mary Ann BEST, spinster, Southwold twp. 4 Sept 1842 by license. witnesses: Samuel BEST & James WATSON

William BUCKRIDGE, wagon maker, Southwold twp. to Margaret Catharine CLARKE, spinster 17 Nov. 1842 at Southwold twp. by banns. witnesses: H. ELLIS & S.S. BERDAN

Duncan BLACK, yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Mary McALPIN, spinster, Yarmouth twp. 2 Feb. 1842 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: John BLACK & Angus GRAHAM

Francis GLOIN, Yarmouth twp. to Ann F(IRY), spinster, Yarmouth twp. 28 Nov. 1842 at Yarmouth twp. by banns. witnesses: Francis GLOIN & William John HEE

Andrew MILLER, yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Mary PENHALE, spinster, Yarmouth twp. 24 Nov. 1842 at Yarmouth twp. by license. witnesses: Samuel JONES & Walter WATSON

Henry MANN, yeoman, Southwold twp. to Eunice KNIGHT, spinster 1 June 1843 at Southwold twp. by license. witnesses: Charles KNIGHT & David GILBERT

Samuel ( )RONS, yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Ann LEONARD, Yarmouth twp. 11 Oct. 1843 at Southwold twp. by banns. witnesses: Dennis HARRIS & Winly BENTLEY (African Americans – ex slave research)

G(azany) ROSS, moulder to Milkey THOMAS, spinster 11 Nov. 1843 at Southwold twp. by banns. witnesses: James (SCOTT) & Abraham (SAYLER)

Nathaniel NICKERSON, yeoman, Southwold twp.to Caroline MANNING, widow, Southwold twp. 6 Feb. 1844 at Southwold twp. by license. witnesses: Nathaniel WOOD & John WOOD

Renoldo CLARKE to Catharine (HINGER) 16 Jan. 1844 at Southwold twp. by banns. witnesses: Henry Hinger & Will’m BUCKRIDGE

John WADKINS to Judith POPE 2 Jan. 1844 at Southwold twp. by banns. witnesses: Abraham SIKES & John DUNN

Lyman MANOR to M.A. MINER 26 Dec. 1843 at Yarmouth twp. by license. witnesses: M.S. MOORE

Thomas FOWLER, farmer, Yarmouth twp. to Eliza DOOLITTLE 6 March 1844 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: John HAMBRIDGE & Will’m FOWLER

Samuel KIRKMAN, cooper, Yarmouth twp. to Elvira LINCOLN, spinster 17 March 1844 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Daniel Webster NEWCOMBE & James OSTRANDER

Edward PAGE, Southwold twp. to Abigail REED, spinster 25 March 1844 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: Sam’l THOMPSON & Thos. BRADY

John VINNER to M. A. ELLICE 20 Nov. 1847 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: John GLOIN & Will’m VINNER

Matthew GILBERT to Jane CAMPBELL 26 Feb. 1846 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: Will ROSS & Colon MONROE

Alex’r McBRIDE to Mary CAMPBELL 26 Feb. 1846 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: Will’m ROSS & Colon MONROE

Arch’d McINTYRE. Aldborough twp. to Mary McCALLUM 10 March 1846 at St. Thomas by license. witnesses: Duncan McINTYRE & Job McINTYRE

Henry ELLIS to Mary McG(REGOR), Southwold twp. 21 Sept 1846 at Southwold twp.by banns. witnesses: John DAUGHERTY & W(eter) CLARKE

William JEWELL to Ann MARTIN 28 Oct 1847. witnesses: Thos. MARTIN & John MARTIN

Willoughby CLARKE, Yarmouth twp to Grace COLE. Yarmouth twp. 7 Oct 1847. witnesses: Will’m HEALY & Samuel COLE

Richard MORRIS, Dunwich twp. to Catharine COLE, Yarmouth twp. 11 June 1847 by banns. witnesses: Willoughby CLARKE & Will’m H(EDGE)

John VEAL to Mary A. EVANS 10 Dec. 1846 by banns. witnesses: William TAYLOR & Ely G(OTTO)

William TAYLOR. yeoman, Yarmouth twp. to Mary Jane PORTER 17 April 1848 at Yarmouth twp by banns. witnesses: John PORTER

Charles EDMONDS, Southwold twp. to Mary MILLS, spinster, Westminster twp. 9 Sept 1848. witnesses: George EDMONDS & Rich’d MONK

Duncan McKELLAR, Westminster twp. to Mary WEARE, Dorchester twp. 14 Nov. 1848 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: John McKELLAR, Yarmouth, & Daniel McGREGOR, Dorchester

Dugald McKELLER to Effecy McKELLER 4 Jan. 1849 at Yarmouth twp. witnesses: none listed

Samuel HUGHES, Yarmouth twp. to Eliz’h SMAIL 1848 (no other information)

“FOUND IN THE NEWSPAPERS” – Aylmer Sun 27 Feb.1890

Miss MONCK, of Poole, is visiting in town, the guest of Mrs. Best

Mr. Chas. SECORD, of Crystal City, Man., is visiting friends in town.

The will of Catharine MILLS, who died in Detroit, last Dec., provides for John W. MILLS, son of John MILLS, formerly of Aylmer, $1,000 in cash in the bank and $1,500 in real estate.

James S. WADDELL, of Eden, on Monday pleaded guilty before W.A. Glover of Aylmer, of allowing cards to be played in his hotel, and was fined $10 and costs. Charles MALONE, of Aylmer, who also appeared before the P.M. and pleaded guilty to giving a drunken man liquor and was fined $10 and costs.

The residence of Mr. Caleb HUNT, in Malahide, was the scene of a happy event on Tues., when his daughter, Miss Elizabeth E., was united in marriage to Mr. S.W. TRIM, a son of Samuel TRIM also of Malahide. Rev. W. Fansher tied the knot in the presence of about 40 invited guests, and the presents to the bride were numerous and costly. The SUN and hosts of friends congratulate the happy couple.

Messers. Joseph BLAKE and H. JOLIFFE are leaving this section to take up farming in Iowa.


STURK – BENNER: By Rev. T.S. Baker, on the evening of Jan. 27, 1892, Mr. John E. STURK, to Miss Milla Ann BENNER, both of Malahide.

RICHARDSON: At Lowville, ON, on Sat J8O. 30th, 1892, Mary RICHARDSON, wife of the late Thomas RICHARDSON, of Malahide, aged 62 years, 10 months and 25 days.

On Thursday last Mrs. Henry CONNOR, one of the old pioneers of this section, and one of the most beloved and highly respected citizens of Springfield passed away to her reward. She has for years been one of the most useful and successful workers in the Methodist church in Springfield, and will be missed by that church and congregation.

She leaves besides her aged partner, six children, George, of Manitoba, Alex, of

Dakota, and Matthew, of Aylmer, Mrs. H JOHNSON, of Malahide, Mrs. COPELAND, of Dakota, and Miss Elenor, who is at home. The funeral took place on Sat and was largely attended. The EXPRESS extends its sympathy to the bereaved family.


Please order from the branch address. Included are some from other groups.

Index to Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register for Elgin County & N. Dorchester – $18.50

Frank Hunt: Essays of Elgin county: edited by G. Thorman – $17.50

Loyalists: Hugh McCall and Aner Haviland McCall and their Descendants: by H. Pincombe $20.00

Various Census Indexes for Townships in Elgin County are now available.

1891- Dutton – $3.75

1871 – Dunwich Tp. – $15.00

1881 – Dunwich Tp. – $19.25

1891 – Dunwich Tp. – $15.00

1881 – Pt. Stanley- $3.25

1891- Pt. Stanley – $3.00

1881- Vienna – $2.75

1891 – Vienna – $2.00

1881- S. Dorchester – $7.75

1891- S. Dorchester – $7.00

1881- Aylmer – $6.75

1891 – Aylmer – $9.00

1881- Springfield – $2.75

1891 – Springfield – $2.50

1891- Bayham Tp. – $15.75

1891- Malahide Tp. – $15.75


Elgin County Branch members are allowed two queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Additional queries per newsletter or queries for non-members are $3.00 per query. Queries should be submitted at least one month before publication.

MILLS/BEADLE/GRAHAM/WILLSON – Need info on following, births, marriages, deaths and property holdings for William M. MILLS b 18 March 1825 in Union, Yarmouth Twp, Elgin Co, Ontario s/o Cornelius MILLS and Matilda BEADLE, m Anna GRAHAM b 29 Jan 1827 in Union. William and Anna m 9 Feb 1845, where? Anna d/o Thomas GRAHAM who d 16 Mar 1873 ae 81 yrs 1 mo & Hannah WILLSON who d 2 June 1875 ae 75 yr 10 mos. Thomas & Hannah bd in Sparta Friends Burial Ground, Sparta, Yarmouth Twp, Elgin Co. Ontario. All info to James W. Kelley.

LOUKS/POTTS/STEINHOFF – Seek info/desc of Eusebia LOUKS b ca 1822? who m (1) 20 Aug 1842, Edwin L. POTTS of Charlotteville, (2) 24 Dec 1851, Levi STEINHOFF of Charlotteville. Info to Ross McCurdy.

TITUS/McDORMAND – Seek info/desc of Frances McDORMAND who m Isaac TITUS in 1814 & settled in Bayham Twp 7 sons & 5 daus supposedly. All info to Ross McCurdy, above address.

STRINGER/MANN -Searching for prts of Margaret STRINGER b 1819 in Southwold, Elgin Co. She m Hiram B. MANN 8 July 1835, Hiram b 8 July 1812, Had many ch. – George b 1841, m Jane McCULLY, John b 1849, m Hannah HUNT, David Henry b 1850, m Agnes WHITE, Mark b 1856, Edward Daniel b ?, m Mary SAVILLA, Allen Francis, Maria b 1861,m Alex HUNT, Mary b 1861, m Albert MILLSON, Sarah Emmeline, Lizzie Margaret d 28 May 1908 at home of Mary MILLSON in London, (my grandmother). Was Henry STRINGER of Southwold 1851 census her father or her bro. Margaret was listed as m at ae 35 from Westminster. All info to Margaret A Conway.

YOKUM/ELLIOTT – Interested in _?_ Yokum who m Louisa M. ELLIOTT, dau of Rev. John ELLIOTT and Elizabeth Ann ANDERSON of Vienna, Bayham Twp, Elgin Co. Info found in will of Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT. Another dau Nancy R Van Emuverg, dau Lois WEAVER and Lucien M WEAVER are also in will. Info to Mrs Margaret Nagy.

WESTOVER – Need any info on any WESTOVER in Ontario & Quebec, exchange. Info to Donald Erkfritz.

PRATT/PARKER – Edward PRATT m Nancy PARKER 1832, need info; Francis: Jefferson, Debra: Elizabeth Ann and Susan. Info to Donald Erkfritz.

COLE – Searching for desc of Daniel Dodge COLE, b Vermont 1787, d 28 April 1869 in Dorchester, Elgin Co., bd Burdick Cem, Malahide Twp. Elgin Co. Wife Roxannah COLE b Vermont 1792, d S. Dorchester 16 Dec 1872 bd Burdick Cem. Ch: Lydia Murdaugh (Murdock), James Cole, Elizabeth Sevey, Louisa Gillst, Orilla, Maria, Matilda and grandson Daniel D. COLE. Info to James E. Larsen, (GGGrandson). Any info appreciated.

DANGERFlELD/TRULL – Seeking info re prts, ch, desc of George DANGERFIELD and Sarah TRULL DANGERFIELD. Sarah b 12 Mar 1804, Uley, Gloucester, England. Mar George and had at least 7-8 ch. ..Emigrated to Elgin Co. area approx 1840-60. Baptist fam. Known ch: Sarah (1830-1927) John George (1835-1885) Jabez (1837-1872) all b England. Sarah d 24 Mar 1889. All correspondence to Judy Oldright Loebner.

1880 : Are you having difficulty locating a male ancestor’s place & date of birth for 1880? Do you have a male ancestor b 10 June 1880 but can’t obtain a Birth Certificate? Your ancestor may also be my missing grandfather who assumed a new identity after 1922. Please contact Diana Kelly.


NOTE: This material is available on microfilm at the St. Thomas Public library. These estate files list the people mentioned in the will, sometimes stating relationships. Each estate had to have an administrator or executor. Sureties (payment guarantees) were usually listed in these files.

Number 1: John STACEY, died Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, November 18, 1799.

  • daughter was Elizabeth Stacey
  • stepson was Moses Rice
  • wife was Maiden Stacey

EXECUTORS: William Cope, Walsingbam Township; Robert Munro, Charlotteville Township

  • will dated August 22, 1799. Witnesses were: Wllliam Culver; Joseph Miller; Joseph Culver

Number 2: Levi LUIS, died in Townsend Township, Norfolk County, September 13, 1799.

  • wife was Kaziah, who had left him a long time ago SONS:
  • Levi; Daniel; John; James, youngest son


  • oldest daughter was Hannah; Mary; Anny; Elizabeth; – Man?

EXECUTORS: John Berner; Jabez Collver

  • will dated September 11, 1799
  • witnesses were Jabez Collver Senior, Henry Beemer, Phillip Beemer

Number 3: W1lliam Benjamin HILTON, who died in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, September 28, 1801.

  • petitioner for administration of the estate was Levinah Hilton of Charlotteville

Township, William Benjamin’s widow

  • sureties were: Levinah Hilton of Charlotteville Township, William Benjamin’s widow;

Oliver Mabee Charlotteville Township; Simon Mabee, Charlotteville Township

Number 4: Abigail BARBER, who died in Townsend Township, Norfolk County, June 18, 1804.


  • Mathias; Miriam; John; Aaron; Moses; Elisha; Jacob;

Elizabeth; Daniel; Jane; Mary

EXECUTORS: Nisbett Collver and John Barber

  • witnesses were Job Slaght Senior, Job Slaght Junior, and W1lliam Pitt Gilbert

Number 5: George Cunningham, who died in Townsend Township, Norfolk County, November 18, 1804.

  • executor was James Corlis of Townsend Township, Blacksmith
  • wife was Mary
  • mention of Nancy Cunningham SONS:
  • Abraham; William; George; Henry; Andrew
  • witnesses: Benjamin Caryl; Joseph Lane; Champion Scovil



MISSES FRASER’S Classes for Young Ladies will open on the second Monday in August next.

Music            L 1  lO.O per term of 12 weeks.

French          1  10.0        ”        ”

Drawing          1    0 0                 ”

English branches

including fancy

needlework.      1 0 0                ”

Misses Fraser’s will receive a few Young Ladies’ as Boarders. Charge, L 50, paid Quarterly in advance.

St. Thomas, July 1855.    129-tf

Examination of Common School Teachers

The second quarterly meeting of the Board of Public Instruction for the examination of School Teachers, for the Western Circuit of the County, took place at the Court House on Friday the 13th instant.

The Examiners were, the Revd’s. Messrs. Caulfield, Shepherd, Frazer, and Rowland, Dr. Daniel, and Mr. Hiram Lumley.

Certificates of qualification were awarded as follows:

First class.

Laughlin McKinnon, Malahide; Francis B. Jones, Yarmouth; Christina Scott, Dorchester.

Second Class.

Colin McDougall, Aldborough; Henry Kayes, Malahide; Walter L. Brown, Malahide; Darling Smith, Malahide; Robert March, Southwold; Marsden Wardell, Southwold;  Wlliam Smith, Yarmouth;  Margaret Turnbull, Yarmouth; Sarah J. Smith, Yarmouth.

Third class.

Yarmouth – James Luton, Charles Bingham, Sarah A. Brush, Catherine Pettitt.

Aldborough – John McDonald, Archibald Campbell.

Malahide -W. E. Chute, Hannah Ward, M.B. McCausland, Sarah Haney.

Southwold – Sarah McQueen, Jane Stewart, Josephine Wardell, James Sutton, William Collier, David Mul1holland.

Dunwich – John Campbell; Norman McGregor.


Secretary of the Board.