Talbot Times 1991 June






BOX 416, ST. THOMAS, ONT. N5P 3V2 ISSN 0827-2816

VOLUME X                ISSUE TWO                JUNE 1991


In March Jean Bircham, Newsletter Editor, and I, as Chairperson, attended the Chairmen’s Conference held in Toronto. We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Communications for their financial support enabling the branch to send two people to the conference. Jean and I felt the week-end was a huge success and I am looking forward to the next one.

In April Elgin County O.G.S. hosted a very successful meeting of Region II with Angus Baxter and Timothy Dube as our speakers. I would like to thank all those who helped in any way with the meeting. Those branches and organizations that brought their publications for sale were a welcome addition to the day. I would also like to thank the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in St. Thomas for allowing us to use their building.

Plans are now being made for the summer season and I hope that you will find some important information that you are looking for.

Have a Great Summer.

Margaret Daugharty, Chairperson



held on 15 -17 Aug. 1991 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, within walking distance of the outstanding genealogical collection of the Allen County Public Library. For information write 1991 FGS Conference, Attn; Curt Witcher, Conference Chair, 900 Webster St., Box 2270, Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270.

NOTE: OGS is organizing a return bus trip for $125 to this conference; a $50 deposit is due by June 15 to the OGS office. Call there for further details.

1ST IRISH GENEALOGICAL CONGRESS will be held in Dublin, Ireland, 19-25 Sept.

1991, jointly sponsored by the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland, Irish Genealogical Research Society, Irish Section of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Military History Society of Ireland. For further information contact The Irish Genealogical Congress, c/o Genealogical Office, 2 Kildare St., Dublin 2, Ireland.

“NORFOLKLORE ’91, 15th annual genealogy fair in Simcoe takes place in Eva Brook Donly Museum, 109 Norfolk St. S., Simcoe, ON, N3Y 2W3 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Sat. 30 Sept. 1991, with some 30 exhibitors.

ANCESTORS is a series on family history that is being produced by KBYU-TV in partnership with Roots author, Alex Haley. The programmers will feature stories and storytellers with the ability to capture imagination and bring family history to life. We are encouraged to assist in this exciting endeavour by sending our interesting stories to KBYU-TV, BaBette Davidson, Project Director, Ancestors, C-302 HFAC, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602.

DAWDY REUNION is being held on 29 Sept. 1991 at the Ancaster Achievement

Centre, Alberton, Ont. Original family from Sussex, New Jersey, U.S.A went to Pelham Twp., WeIland county and now spread around Southern Ontario. All descendants are invited. For more information contact Jane A. Gordon.


The 15 Bezirkes (districts) are abolished and 5 Lander (states) created:

Mecklenburg- V orpommern: Landeshauptarchiv, Graf Schack Allee 2, Schwerin 02750 GERMANY (Bezirkes were Schwerin, Rostock, and Neubrandenburg)

Brandenburg: Landeshauptarchiv, Berlinerstrasse 98-101, Potsdam 01561, GERMANY (Bezirkes were Potsdam, Frankfurt, Berlin and Cottbus)

Sachsen – Anhalt: Landeshauptarchiv, Regelstrasse 25, Magdeburg 03-1- GERMANY (Bezirkes were Magdeburg and Halle)

Sachsen: Landeshauptarchiv, Archivstrasse 14, Dresden, 08060 GERMANY (Bezirkes were Leipzig, Dresden, Karl-Marx-Stadt-now Chemnitz )

Thuringen: Landeshauptarchiv, Marstallstrasse 2, Weimar 05300 GERMANY (Bezirkes were Erfurt, Gera and Suhl)

These are the head archives for each of the new Lander. Note that when writing to the old area of East Germany the postal code should be prefixed by the letter “O” (for Ost) and to the area of West Germany it should be “W” (for West). These changes were made because many numbers were duplicated between the two separate countries, and any other system would have meant re-numbering the whole unified country.

[This information was supplied by Angus Baxter at Region II meeting 13 April 1991.]


The Registrar General is responsible for the administration of the Vital Statistics Act of Ont. It is responsible for the recording of all the births, deaths, and marriages, as well as the recording the divorces and changes of surnames.     Recently this office has moved to Thunder Bay from Toronto. In Toronto a large room housed the “records” of over 15 million pieces of paper. A programme was created to store this information on “optical platters” (The reproduction has been said to be similar to that of photocopying with a copier). About 250 of these platters contain the 10.1 million paper documents that are located in Thunder Bay.


birth records prior to 1896     death records prior to 1911

marriage records prior to 1921

For those time periods that office cannot help you.

The difference in the number of documents is to be sent to the Ontario Archives in Toronto. However, there has, as yet, been no date set for the official transfer of these records to the Ontario Archives. Ian Wilson, the Archivist of Ontario, has stated that the records are in “atrocious condition” and will need to microfilmed first before being of any use. Currently the Thunder Bay office has the paper documents for:  Births 1896 – 1930; Marriages 1921 – 1980; and Deaths 1911 – 1960. As each year goes by, another year’s records will go to the Archives. As of 11 Apr., Thunder Bay’s meeting night, Suzanne Desmoulin stated that things were still in the process of being arranged. Besides the move there are new employees learning the job. It is suggested that you hold onto your $21 fee for a while.

The office in Toronto now has just counter service, making sure the form is filled out correctly and the correct fee attached. This form is then sent to Thunder Bay.

An added note is that the office is busier prior to Christmas, prior to spring break, and prior to summer holidays. (I wonder why!)

Thanks to the Thunder Bay O.G.S. newsletter, Past Tents, May issue, for the above information. I tried to extract the pertinent information and will keep our members informed about the records.

Registrar General

189 Red River Road

P.O. Box 4600

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L8

In Watts # 1-800-461-2156

Telephone 1-807-343-7420

Fax 1-807-343-7414

We would like to welcome the newest branch of O.G.S., the Haldimand County O.G.S. The branch address is 8 Echo St., Box 38, Cayuga, ON.  N0A 1E0.


At Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, on Sunday, June 23, 1991, at 12:30 p.m.

Bring food, dishes, chairs.

For more information, contact Don Cosens.


March – Don Cosens did a presentation about the Welter – Hendershott murder case. It was accompanied by a video and by a slide presentation. Don also gave his grandfather’s diary entries re the case.

April – Bill Yeagher came from the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe and gave us an outline of their holdings. He encouraged everyone to visit the museum since new material is always being added. A reminder was given that the annual genealogy fair “Norfolklore” is being held on 28 Sept. 1991 at the museum. One of our members, Helen Pincombe, donated an original land deed of one of her ancestors who had settled in the Norfolk area to Bill Yeagher.

May – Alison Lobb, the president of O.G.S., came and gave us a most interesting talk on photography. She supplied handouts on hints for identification of unknown pictures, how to take copies of your own pictures and tips on how to use different methods to display your photos. An informal survey showed how few had recent family pictures of their own families.

Sept 11 – Helen Wright Clark will be the guest speaker and talk about the Zavitz family.

Oct 9 – Steve Peters will discuss the history of the St. Thomas Cemetery Company.  Also, there will be a Book Sale on this evening. Bring lots of money.


Came into the enclosure of the subscriber on the 24, of November last a Dark Brown Steer about 6 years old, open horns.  Any person, or persons, coming forward and proving property can have the same by paying charges.

David Wallis, Son

Southwold, Dec 6, 1832                7ft


Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber, on the 24th April, a Light Sorrel Mare, six or seven years old, with a Saddle and Bridle.  The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away.     JOHN COUSE

Yarmouth, April 26, 1832.


Dr. Richard W. Travers was born in County Cork, Ireland, 1822. He started practise at Fingal about 1845. Here he endured all the hardships of the pioneer doctor. Due to his untiring devotion to duty, his health began to fail. He took a young doctor, Dr. Eliphalet Gustin, as an assistant.  Dr. Travers died on July 5, 1856, aged 34. He was the father of Dora and Lena Travers of St. Thomas, and also of Richard Travers. The doctor was buried in the Fingal Cemetery. (summarized from St. Thomas and Elgin Medical Men of the Past, by J.D. Curtis. s.l, s.n., 1956)

What follows are names taken from the records of Dr. Travers found in the Elgin County Estate Files. They are listed last name, first name, and the page number where the name was found. Those interested in more information are referred to the Elgin County Surrogate Court. Estate Files. No. 35.

Adzett, Henry, 1

Adzett, Henry, 16

Anderson, Wm., 3

Anderson, Wm., 4

Anderson, Wm., 14

Arkell, Wm., 4

Arkell, Wm., 6

Arkell, Wm., 6

Arkell, Wm., 8

Arkell, Wm., 17

Arkell, Wm., 1

Arkle, Wm., 1

Arnold, John, 1

Bake, Thomas, 2

Bake, Thomas, 8

Bake & Pollock, 1

Baker, Thomas, 4

Barber, P., 1

Barber, P., 2

Barber,  Phineas, 4

Barnes, Amos, 6

Barnes, Amos, 8

Barnett, John, 16

Bastedo, Mr., 17

Batt, John, 1

Batt, John, 16

Beaton, Mrs., 6

Beaton, Mrs., 6

Bennett, John, 1

Best, Elisha, 8

Bevis & Drake, 1

Bevis & Drake, 16

Bissell, John, 5

Bissell, Wm., 7

Bissell, John, 17

Black, Arch, 5

BIack, Malcolm, 5

Black, John, 7

Black, Arch’d, 5

Black, Arch’d, 14

Black, Malcolm, 14

Blackwood, Robert, 5

Blackwood, Robert, 5

Blackwood, Rob, 8

Blackwood, Robert, 17

Bobier, Henry, 3

Bobier, Hannah, 19

Bodine, Mahon, 6

Bolson, Mrs., 18

Bolton, Wm., 1

Bolton, Wm., 16

Brackett, Mr., 5

Bradden, Anthony, 17

Brady, Terrence, 7

Brady, Terrence, 18

Breen, Patrick, 3  Breen, James, 3

Breen, Patrick, 8

Breen, James, 14

Breen, Wm., 17

Breen, J.B., 17

Breene, Wm., 2

Breene, Wm., 4

Breene, Wm., 15

Brooks, J.W., 3

Brooks, John W., 6

Brooks, John W., 6

Brooks, John, 8

Brooks, J.W., 18  Brotherhood, Horace, 1

Brotherhood. Horace. 7

Brown James 5

Brown George 7

Brown James 5

Brown George 7

Brunt, James 1

Brunt, Ann 5

Brunt, Ann 5

Buarwell. Adam 6

Burke & Travers, 8

Burwell. Mrs. L. 6

Burwell. Adam, 6

Burwell Samuel. 6

Burwell Mrs. L. 6

Burwell Hannibal, 8

Burwell Wm, 8

Burwell Mrs. L., 18

Burwell Sam’1 Sr., 18

Burwell & Tubby. 8

Butcher Thomas. 5

Butcher Mrs., 6

Butcher Thomas, 18

Butcher Mrs., 18

Cameron Miss. 6

Cameron Miss. 18

Campbell Duncan 1

Campbell John 1

Campbell Dugald. 1

Campbell Arch’d. 3

Campbell John 4

Campbell Duncan 4

Campbell Duncan 5

Campbell Alex’r. 6

Campbell James 6

Campbell Angus. 6

Campbell Alex’r. 6

Campbell John 14

Campbell John. 16

Campbell Mary. 16

Campbell Alex’r. 18

Campbell James, 18

Campbell Arch’d. 19

Canrad. Joseph. 5

Carmichel. Arch’d. 8

Carpenter. Daniel, 6  Carpenter. Daniel. 8

Carr, Wm, 17

Casey, James, 5

Casey, Mrs., 5

Cheney, John 6

Clare, Lawrence, 2

Clarke Joseph, 4

Clay, Paul, 3

Clear, Lawrence, 6

Coleman, Owen. 14

Collier, Wm, 3

Collier. Wm.. 16

Collier. Wm. 17

Collier. Wm.. 19

Conn. Atkinson, 1

Conrad. Charles H., 1

Conrad. Charles, 3

Conrad. Joseph. 5

Conrad. Charles, 16

Conrad, Joseph 18

Conrad. Charles, 19

Cornellus, Wm.. 17

Covenay. Michel, 6

Covenay, Michel. 18

Coyne. Isaac. 5  Coyne. Wm, 14  Coyne. J.G.. 14

Crandale. Jesse. 17

Crane, Adam. 1

Crane, Adam. 2

Crane, Peter. 4  Crane, Adam, 6

Crane, Anthony. 7

Crane, Anthony. 18

Crittendon, Mrs.. 17

Crosbie, John 1

Cugan, Mrs., 3

Culver, Timothy. 8

Darrach, Angus, 2

Darrach, Angus. 15

Darrach, Neil, 17

Davidson, James, 2

Davidson, James. 15

Davison, James, 4

Davison, James. 17

Delaney, Patrick. 5 Delaney, Patrick. 17

Denny, Baptist, 7

Denny, Baptist, 18

Dickersol, J.B., 8

Dingle, Richard, 7

Dingle, Rich’d, 18

Doyle, James, 6

Doyle, James, 18

Drake & Bevin, 1

Drake, Thomas, 2

Drake, Wm, 7

Drake, James,  7

Drake, Thomas, 8

Drake, Wm, 18

Drake, James, 18

Drake, Thomas, 18

Drake & Bevin, 16

Dubault, Nelson, 1

Duncanson, Duncan, 6

Duncanson, Duncan, 18

Eagan, Mrs., 19

Edmonds, George, 4

Elsley, John, 8

Ellis, E.P., 2

Ellis, E.P., 5

Ellis, E.P., 19

Evans, Rich’d, 18

Everetts, Henry, 3

Everetts, Henry, 14

Farrah, John, 1

Ferguson, James, 3

Ferguson, James, 4

Ferguson, James, 19

Filer, Isaac, 2

Filer, Samuel, 3

Filer, Isaac, 7

Filer, Isaac, 15

Filer, Isaac, 18

Filer, Sam’I, 19

Fillamore, Edward, 3

Fillamore, Wm., 5

Fillamore, Timothy, 14

Fillamore, Edward, 19

Fillamore, Wm, 2

Fillamore, Timothy, 3

Fillamore, Henry, 2

Ford, W. Thomas, 19

Fowler, Levi, 1

Fowler, L., 2

Fowler, Mrs. Ann, 4

Fowler, Levi, 4

Fowler, Mrs. Solomon, 6  Fowler, Mrs. Thomas, 17

Fowler, Mrs. Solomon, 18

Fox, George, 6

Fox, George, 18

Frank, Mrs., 6

Frank, Mrs., 18

Froome, Wm., 8

Fulton, Samuel, 5

Fulton, Adam, 6

Fulton, Adam, 15

Gaffney, George, 1

Gaffney, George, 15

Galbraith, Arch’d, 2

Galsworthy, Nicholas, 16

Galsworthy & G. K. Moore, 1

Gaylor, R., 3

Gaylor, R., 19

Genge?, Richard, 4

Gilbert, Albert, 4

Gilbert, Albert, 17

Gilchrist, Duncan, 6

Gilchrist, Duncan, 18

Gill, Joseph, 4

Gill, Mrs., 5

Gill, Joseph, 17

Glasgow, William, 4

Glasgow & McPherson, 8

Godfrey, Edward, 1

Godfrey, Edward, 15  Godfrey, Joseph, 17

Johnston, James, 17

Johnston, John, 17

Johnston, George, 18

Johnston, John, 19

Kains, Wm. K., 8

Kerr, George, 7

Kilday, Patrick, 8

King, James, 4

King, James, 17

Laing, Joseph, 1

Laing, Joseph, 8

Lawson, Wm., 2

Laurence, Willam, 1

Lawrence, Wm., 14

Lawrence, Willam, 16

Lawson, Wm., 7

Leader, Wm., 15

Leitch, Patrick, 5

Leitch, Dougald, 5

Leitch, Duncan, 6

Leitch, Dugald, 16

Levenay, Michel, 2

Lewis, C., 2

Lewis, John, 6

Lewis, Joel, 7

Llddel, Andrew, 4

Liddell, Mrs., 3

Liddell, Andrew, 15

Liddle, James, 6

Liddle, James, 18

Litch, Patrick, 18

Little, Ann, Mrs., 18

Love, Duncan, 4

Lower, Mrs., 6

Lower, Mrs., 18

Lumley, Thomas, 2

Lumley, Coughlin, 2

Lumley, Elock, 2

Lumley, John, 5

Lumley, Owen, 5

Lumley, Ephraim, 7

Lumley, Owen, 5

Lumley, Coughlin, 14

Lumley, Thomas. 15

Lumley, Enock, 16

Mack, Hampherd, 1

Mack, Hampherd, 16  Mahony, John, 14

Malloray, Stephen, 2

Malloray, Stephen, 14

Malony, John    3

Mann, John, 4

Mann, John, 17

Marr, David, 3

Marr, John, 4

Marr, David, 6

Marr, David, 8

Marr, Mark, 17

Marr, John, 17

Marshal, Wm. 0., 8

Marshall, Wm., 2

Mathewson, George, 2

Mathewson, George, 15

Mathewson, George, 17

May, Cap’n, 3

McAlpine, Arch’d, 2

McAlpine, Arch’d, 4

McAlpine, John, 7

McAlpine, Arch’d, 15

McAlpine, Arch’d, 17

McArthur, Duncan, 5

McArthur, Duncan, 5

McArthur, Arch’d, 17

McCahill, John, 4

McCahill, John, 17

McCallum, Angus, 2

McCallum, George, 4

McCallum, Angus, 5

McCallum, Peter, 6

McCallum, Angus, 5

McClaw, Wm., 17

McClay, Duncan, 3  McColl, Malcolm, 7

McColl, Malcolm, 18  McCormack, Mrs., 5

McCormack, Donald, 7

McCrae, Mrs., 17

McCray, Mrs., 5

McCugan, John, 5

McCugan, Arch’d, 6

McCugan, John, 15

McCugan, Arch’d, 15

McDairmid, Andrew, 7

McDonald, William, 5

McDonald, William, 17

McDougall, Alexander, 1

McDougall, Alexander, 5

McDougall, Alexander, 16

McDougall, Alexander, 17

McFarlane, John, 3

McFarlane, John, 5

McFarlane, John, 18  McGilveray, James, 2

McIntosh, James, 2

McIntosh, Duncan, 2

McIntosh, John, 5

McIntosh, J. & J., 15

McIntosh, Duncan, 19

McIntyre, Malcolm, 1

McIntyre, Malcolm, 2

McIntyre, Malcolm, 3

McIntyre, Jacob, 3

McIntyre, Donald, 4

McIntyre, Duncan, 4

McIntyre, John, 5

McIntyre, Malcolm, 6

McIntyre, James, 6

McIntyre, Dugald, 6

McIntyre, John, 6

McIntyre, Malcolm, 15

McIntyre, Duncan, 17

McIntyre, Jacob, 17

McIntyre, Malcolm, 18

McIntyre, Jacob, 18

McIntyre, Malcolm, 19

McKay, Angus, 5

McKay, John, 8

McKellar, Peter, 1

McKellar, Malcolm, 3

McKellar, Malcolm, 5

McKellar, Peter, 16

McKellar, Peter, 17

McKellar, Malcolm, 18

McKellar, Archibald, 18

McKellar, Archibald, 19

McKenzie, James, 3

McKenzie, James, 18



Elgin County Branch members are allowed two queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Additional queries per newsletter or queries for non-members are $3 per query. Queries should be submitted at least one month before publication.

PRICE/ROACH – Tyler PRICE b New York State & moved to N. Brunswick during American Revolution. Sometime after marriage to Mary ROACH he mvd to Bayham Twp, Elgin Co. Tyler d in Elgin Co 1869 ae 74. Mary d in Maidstone Twp, Essex Co., in 1881 ae 84. What is Lot No and Conc in Bayham Twp where Tyler PRICE resided? All info to Sharron Robinson.

PRICE – Tyler and Mary PRICE’s eleven ch married someone with the following family surnames: FRIAR, FERRIS, NICKERSON, GALLAGHER, ROACH, BAGLEY, MERRITT, STEWART, DUNNING, McCLOUD. Are any of these surnames connected to your family tree as well as the PRICE surname? All info to Sharron Robinson.

WESTOVER/KILMER/SMITH – Was Agnes KILMER SMITH the dau of Thomas & Catherine (WESTOVER) KILMER? They left Ont. for Sask. ca 1931. Known cousin of Adra WESTOVER, Aylmer. All info to Don & Marjorie Erkfritz.

LAME/ZAVITZ/YOUNG/FARRAH – Eliz. Jane LAME m Ira L. ZAVITZ 1866 Elgin Co., need her prts. John YOUNG m Emma FARRAH, lvd Delhi, Ont., need info on both. All info to Don and Marjorie ERKFRITZ.

GRAFTAN – James c 1823 – c 1900, farmer, with wife and eight children to Aldborough Twp c 1870. Recorded in 1871/81/91 censuses there.    Also Belden Atlas for Elgin Co. Seek any other mention of any member of this family particularly cem and marr references. All info to Lennox Grafton.

HELMKE/HELMKA/HELMKEY/HELMKAY – Henry ca 1810 b Markham Twp. to Bayham Twp c 1830. May have mar Sarah DENTON of Bayham or Nancy    ? of Markham Twp. Have little info about him. No record of him after 1833. May have migrated to USA or back to Markham Twp. Seek any reference to this family! All info to Lennox Grafton.

McKILLOP/McLACHLIN – Donald (McGILP) McKILLOP m Nancy McLACHLIN 1817 in Danna-na-claich, Argyll, Scotland. Nancy b South Knapdale Parish. Came to Dunwich 1851. Her brothers Arch, John, and Neil, also came to Dunwich. Looking for desc of the bros and the prts names. Info to Shirley Wilson.

McFARLANE -John b 1807 Kilcalmanell, Scotland. Mar Catherine CAMPBELL. Came to Dunwich 1874. One son John lvd on Shackleton St. Looking for desc. Contact Shirley Wilson.

HOUSE – Need any info about James HOUSE of Bayham Twp., b ca 1798. Mar Catherine. Ch include Isaac, Lewis, Maria, James Henry, Mariette. Contact John J. Garner.

WILLIAMS – Isaac, b ca 1802, lvd in Bayham Twp., Mar Mary _? Ch: Isaac, John, Albert, Elizabeth, Hannah. Info to John J. Garner.

BRIDE-FALLIS – 1875 near Palmerston, CARD-WILBEE 1875 in Elora area, CARD-BRODIE 1840. Geo. FALLIS m to whom? Son of James FALLIS and Esther SPENCE. All info to Sandy Allabach.

McKIEE/McKIE/McKEE – Looking for prts and sib of John McKIEE, b 16 Jan 1831 in Matilda Twp, Dundas Co., lvd Stratford early 1850’s, mar Eleanor JACKSON, Simcoe on 24 Dec 1854, d 10 Dec 1877 in Simcoe. Info to Wm B. Jackson.

NELLES (NELLIS) – Andrew (Andreas), from Herkimer Co. NY 1790, to Upper Can. Settled in Brant Co. ca 1803, owned land in Burford and Blenheim Twps, later acquired by Absolom SHADE of Galt. Mar Elizabeth WAGNER ca 1776. Ch: Joseph, Peter, Elizabeth (FINK), Andrew, John, Nancy (EAKINS) and Elijah? Many family members migrated westward after 1850. Interested in all desc. Info to Wm. B. Jackson.

WILLIAMS/CLAUS – need info on the prts of Isaac WILLIAMS b May 1802 NY, d 3/19/1868 in Bayham Twp, Elgin Co. Canada. Married Mary CLAUS b 1805-6 in Canada, d May 19, 1879 in Bayham Twp. Both are bd in Claus Cem., in Bayham Twp. Contact Linda Martino.

HUNT/KINNEY – Need info on the prts and ch of Hezakiah HUNT and wife Hannah KINNEY (b 1801, d after 1871). They came from Nova Scotia to live in Bayham. Info to Linda Martino.

WADDICK/TOWNSEND/CLOWRY/O’BYRNE – Michael, s/o Lawrence WADDICK and Margaret CLOWRY b 1839, d 13 Feb 1913, m Anne, d/o Thomas TOWNSEND and Dora O’BYRNE b 1847 d 9 Sept 1881. Came to St. Thomas, Elgin Co. 1880/81 from Deer Park, Enniscorthy, Newtownbarry, Ireland. Lived 204 Wellington St., St. Thomas. Issue: Lawrence, Margaret, James, Catherine m Roy PALMERSTON and Mary m John BURWELL. All info to Beverly Burwell Craig.

COWAN/THOMPSON/THOMSON/HOGAN – Seek info & desc of issue of Alexander COWAN and Melissa LOUKS who res at Tillsonburg in 1881 as hotel keepers. Issue: Alex, who had dau Florence b ca 1874, Jane, m 1874 Wm THOMPSON: Huldah m 1876 Thomas E. THOMSON: Sarah m ca 1882 Miles A HOGAN. All info to Ross McCurdy.

HARRIS – Seek info regarding the 7 missing sons of Francis HARRIS of Bayham. They are, from his 1847 will, Stephen, Nelson, Holland, James, Francis, Sidney and Joseph, also missing daus Eliza Jane and Charlotte. All info to Ross McCurdy.

DAVIS/SHERWOOD – Daniel DAVIS, b ? d ? m Adelia SHERWOOD, New York. Ch: Warren, Asa, Jane, Samuel, Mathaniel, Tacy, Stephen, Caroline, Augustus b 1829 Brant Co., Ont. Lvd Elgin Co. 1856-1870, m Mary MOORE; Ch: George Abram b 1858, Elgin Co. Would like to know info re Daniel and Adelia family. Contact Mrs. Bette Kellett.

DAVIS – Adelia, b 1837, Canada, dau of Daniel & Adelia DAVIS? First name Caroline? Emigrated to USA? She lvd Elgin Co. 1851-1871. Info to Mrs. Bette Kellett.

HOCKIN/BROWN – Researching the fam of Thomas HOCKIN, b Tintagel, Cornwall, England 1856, d Dutton, Ontario 1941, m Elizabeth “Bessie” BROWN (b Port Talbot 1861, d Dutton 1940) of Dutton, Dunwich Twp, Elgin Co. Thomas prts were Joseph HOCKIN 1827-1913 of Cornwall, England /Jane TINNEY 1830-1898 Kincardine, Ont., and Bessie’s prts were John BROWN 1827 or 1830-1911 and Mary Jane DENNIS 1838-1879 of Port Talbot. Will share any info gathered to date. Nora Hockin.

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